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File: 1661170175375.png (1.84 MB, 1500x1000, COMP-KS-SEXPISTOLS.png)

No. 232717

ITT: Just talk about weird casting decisions where the actor just didn't fit the role or didn't match the look of the character that they were supposed to be portraying, you can even post examples of odd castings that at the end of the day surprisingly worked well

No. 232721

File: 1661170515408.jpg (50.62 KB, 426x600, LouisPartridge.jpg)

picrel is 6'0, well developed, fit and clean faced 19 year old Louis Partridge as fucking Sid Viscous in the Sex Pistol mini series, they literally ugly'd him up with fake scars, pimples and hid his abs throughout the series

No. 232722

Good for us. We shouldn’t have to be subjected to pizza-faced uggos in movies, as if we don’t have to deal with them enough in real life. Inaccurate casting? Sure. Bad casting? Hell no.

No. 232732

File: 1661179169111.jpeg (26.44 KB, 645x475, images (3).jpeg)

I haven't watched Control and people seem to have a positive opinion of it which leads me to believe the actor they casted to play Ian Curtis did it well, but I can't stop thinking they don't look much alike.

No. 232738

I don't think there'll ever be a 100% accurate casting since actors/actresses are not exact clones of the people they're playing. It just isn't possible, even when it's close there's still complaints over the tiniest details.

No. 232740

okay but casting a tall handsome young man to play a short weasel looking dude is a weird casting choice

No. 232742

all the short haired ugly moids they cast as elves in that amazon lord of the rings travesty
but ESPECIALLY that wrinkled old piece of bollock skin they chose to play Celebrimbor

No. 232743

File: 1661183905912.jpg (474.55 KB, 982x982, 1661182202695.jpg)

Michael Cera should've been Kickass and Aaron Taylor Johnson should've been Scott Pilgrim. I believe there's a universe out there where they did the right casting for this

No. 232817

File: 1661202855566.jpg (62.56 KB, 764x766, q056YZC.jpg)

Alexandra Ship as Aaliyah just doesn't fit her. Ana de Armas can't even bother learning an accent to play Marilyn Monroe

No. 232819

sid was a scrote who murdered his girlfriend. is it really a win for us that they made him look cooler and hotter?

No. 232834

What do you mean bad? He’s Sid’s 4/10 looksmatch. In fact that guy looks less of a mouth breather.

No. 232849

File: 1661217888415.jpg (14.88 KB, 319x361, Clipboard01-1.jpg)

I watched Lords of Chaos last night and overall I enjoyed the movie, but I hated who they cast as Varg and the murder scene with Euronymous was so bad I actually laughed out loud. Rory Culkin was a perfect fit for Euronymous though so it kinda made up for it.

No. 232850

That whole movie was a dumpster-fire, though. Who on earth let Wendy Williams produce a movie and why was a movie on Aaliyah even on Hallmark?

No. 232859

This guy is supposed to be Varg?? Wow

No. 232867

Ian is unconventionally attractive at best. The movie Ian is more conventional.

No. 232869

yeah, when I first saw him in the movie I had 0 clue who he was supposed to be. When they actually said his name I was like wait…no?

No. 233488

File: 1661399269204.jpg (544.97 KB, 1935x1350, Daemon targaryen.jpg)

whoever is responsible around this deserves to be shot

No. 233489

ngl I find him kinda cute but couldn't they at least get a more sociopathic looking long haired dude to play him?

No. 233490

Kek I watched it the other day with my mom and all she could say was "that guy is so ugly" everytime he was on screen and I took a while to realize it was matt smith, he looks so old too. Weird ass casting choice.

No. 233497

he is cute, he just isn't a good Varg. Honestly his cute looks were one of the things that threw me in the movie, it just wasn't a good fit. He would have made a better Toki Wartooth if there's ever a live action Metalocalypse kek

No. 233508

Matt Smith is so repulsive

No. 233514

Matt Smith is hideous but he does have that slightly inbred look fitting for a Targaryen

No. 233521

But this specific targ is supposed to be handsome and good looking, not some anglo with a bad wig

No. 233546

On one hand I agree it's a terrible casting but on the other hand Varg was so pissed off that the guy who played him was chubby and Jewish, seeing him sperg out so much was worth it imo.
Iirc they were inspired by young Varg for Toki's design, time really is a flat circle.

No. 233563

>Matt Smith

No. 233646

File: 1661455923868.jpeg (79.62 KB, 1024x1024, 108E0A9F-E285-4004-BEAE-BD506E…)

I wish we got book accurate ex-rockstar-looking hot Sirius Black with long straight black hair. I hated Oldman as Sirius when I was a teen. He seems creepy to me and Sirius was my favourite book character.

No. 233648

B a s e d

No. 233662

Based and true. Oldman was totally wrong for sirius. Also hate that they got a granny to play based McGonagall

No. 233727

I can't believe you just referred to maggie smith as "granny"

No. 233738

maybe a dumb question but is it worth making a thread for good casting choices?

No. 233751

Not really, I think those should be allowed here as well

No. 233767

Kek, I had a feeling Varg would throw a hissy fit over that casting for those exact reasons

No. 237082

File: 1662595137695.jpg (334.07 KB, 1552x1155, you're a pedophile, harry.jpg)

Daniel Radcliffe as young Allen Ginsberg in kill your darlings, I remember Tumblr going wild over this

No. 237269

Because he and the other dude looked like Drarry kek. I couldn't get over how the movie romanticised pedophilia. The monologue near the end about loving or belonging or something made me sick

No. 237273

File: 1662639870362.jpeg (82.37 KB, 640x627, 7654334690.jpeg)

This neckbeard potato version of Beetlejuice in the musical adaptation.

No. 237275

File: 1662640042350.jpg (7.56 KB, 259x194, download (4).jpg)

I think musical beetlejuice is too conventionally handsome tbh. I wish he looked grubbier. Where the fuck are his black eyelids ala picrel?

No. 237277

He looks like he has a shitty mua youtube channel (and a gaming side channel) and exclusively shops at killstar. As >>237275 said, they needed to pluck some goofy guy who had been rolling around in a dumpster and cast him. I want to see flies buzzing around this fella and green stinky waft lines coming off him.

No. 237306

File: 1662647793276.png (638.63 KB, 900x474, my-visual_49721666-e1602592202…)

>conventionally handsome
>this guy
the problem is that they got a fat soyboy to play him, Beetlejuice is supposed to be like a sleazy car salesman brought back to life, he's supposed to be grimy and gross, not whatever this is

No. 237328

File: 1662655441765.webm (Spoiler Image,1.65 MB, 1280x536, 1601598831305.webm)

>Tumblr going wild over this
>Because he and the other dude looked like Drarry
well, I hope, the gay sex scene lived up to all their fantasies

No. 237358

File: 1662668318704.jpg (431.56 KB, 1080x863, Screenshot_20220821-083917_Chr…)

No. 237369

The thing is, even though physically Alex Brightman doesn't match Beetlejuice whatsoever, vocally he's one of the few people who can sing Beetlejuice safely because he has some mutation that allows him to voluntarily manipulate his false cords to do the growly voice so that he doesn't damage his vocal cords

No. 237373

Beetlejuice on the left would blow coke into my asshole without even asking my name, Beetlejuice on the right would try to give me bad unsolicited advice about how I was doing my eyebrows wrong.

No. 237374

Does the mutation keep him fat as fuck? Porky could have lost a few pounds at least.

No. 237417

Nta and i agree, musicals tend to work like that. However, they could put him in a wig at least.

No. 237465

He actually is wearing a wig. The character designer for whatever reason just decided to go in that direction for the musical version's appearance

No. 237467

Targ casting tends to be kinda bad, since they're meant to be incredibly attractive. But yeah, this is definitely one of the biggest fuck ups, dude is hideous. Unless, of course, they were going for some "lol they inbred so they must be ugly, fuck the books" thing.

No. 237472

Whyyy? they made him a Tumblr sexyman

No. 238050

File: 1662868407709.png (4.02 MB, 2100x840, 9q3eeponjln31.png)

>since they're meant to be incredibly attractive
its 50/50, plenty of targs look like regular people just with the lighter hair and purple eyes, and the non-inbred one's are often indistinguishable from common westerosi

No. 238053

>they made him a Tumblr sexyman
The original was already a tumblr sexyman kek

No. 238057

File: 1662872865810.jpg (109.23 KB, 800x450, Beetlejuice-First-Look-1200x45…)

What the Fuck are you talking about, in no reality is this a Tumblr sexyman, he's not thin or gross enough, only thing he has going for him is his voice

No. 238096

this guy is so fucking ugly

They made all the adults far to old on the movies, Harry's parents where supposed to be a lot younger when they died like beginning 20s but they fucked up in the first movie. I believe i read somewhere that they aged up everyone because they casted Alan Rickan for Snape.

that file name kek

No. 239643

this is actually interesting. i guess that explains it. still, he could have worn eye makeup

gomen nonnie i'm a lezbo he looks like any celeb dude to me

No. 242202

File: 1664118284823.png (947.78 KB, 1185x673, global_saturation.png)

Lance Reddick as Albert Wesker. Seriously? I like Reddick a lot, btw. He would make a great evil/cool Umbrella scientist, but he isn't Wesker. Frankly everything that could go wrong with that show, did go wrong. They butchered my husbando

No. 242207

I don't care about race swapping but video game characters' most important features are their designs, Wesker included, this is just stupid. The Milla Jovovich movies were terrible but at least the canon characters were recognizable.

No. 242318

I'm not into RE but does the actor at least has a similar haircut or the sunglasses? Because Leon in that series isn't a white guy but he's still a bishonen, has similar clothes and his hair is kind of similar, just a bit too long so even someone like me recognized him.

No. 242320

I know this is a month old, but I'm still angry ugly ass Matt Smith got this role.

No. 242327

Makes you wonder how he got the part…

No. 242331

They're really just doing this to piss off RE fans.

No. 242394

I feel that they had a CW-tier zombie script (with lots of woke cringe and zootopia porn references) and then slapped the Resident Evil branding over the top to get some of that recognition/hook the audience.

No. 242395

Matt Smith is a shovel face

No. 242973

sympathy fellow wesker-nonny. when i heard the next tv show was going to have wesker as a good dad I was in disbelief because there is no way for that to work without him being written OOC as fuck. the show he's just a decent dad chasing after his vegan daughters that escaped from the set of euphoria, the only similarity is his name. idk why the writers decided to take a scumbag antagonist with racial purity delusions into a nice black guy. its a really fucking weird and tonedeaf choice

No. 249597

File: 1666456917301.jpg (187.94 KB, 1280x720, Cowboy-Bebop-Live-Action.jpg)

How do you choose a 50 year old 5'7 actor to play a guy whose whole thing was being young and impulsive and also having a distinctive tall lanky build

No. 249598

They get away with changing the race of characters all the time. So we are at a point where none of it even matters

No. 249600

as a RE fan since the 90s, i thought this was hilarious and lance reddick is awesome. the show is bad and fun to make fun of. wesker is a silly character anyway, i don't trust people who take him seriously.

No. 249602

spike was fine for me tbh. you could tell he's having fun and he embodied the character pretty well. same for the other two. I had to skip vicious scenes.

No. 249603

File: 1666457731689.jpg (45.67 KB, 667x1001, 1630689733264.jpg)

it’s also fucked up how American studios looked at Faye’s status as a chinese singaporean woman in the original show and thought ‘WELL two types of Asians is too much! Let’s make her Latina’ as if that was at all cool.

No. 249711

double funny cuz spike isn't even asian in the original so they racebent an actual asian character just to turn a different character asian lmao i swear to god netflix did all of that to purposefully piss people off tho i will say im honestly still ticked that they didn't even try to get a brown brazilian girl to fucking play ed

No. 249738

That's a white woman isn't it? Latina or not I mean. So Netflix whitewashed a pre-established Asian character and nobody cared? You'd think they would be called racist for that but I guess the people praising the adaptation for being diverse and inclusive didn't truly give a shit about the show.

No. 249743

they don't care because burgers are dumb and think all latinos are inherently "poc" even those like pitbull or guillermo del toro

No. 251641

every casting decision in this show was awful, I'm really glad that they didn't show more of Ed

No. 251642

Nightmare fuel

No. 251648

the real tragedy of a live action Cowboy Bebop, is that it really could've worked because it isn't too anime. There's no power of friendship and dragonball screaming, it's a space western that takes a deep look at human behavior. If it was in the right hands, it could have been great, like its wild to me how the Netflix show is more cartoony than the anime

No. 251649

i had a crush on him in the books, movie sirius ruined it lol

No. 251660

After all the memes, this scene has gained a "so bad it's so good" appeal to me, tbh. Cringe kino

No. 251661

Why do CRAZZZZYYY female characters always do that voice? The borderline Cookie Monster voice?

No. 252076

File: 1667324288494.png (616.72 KB, 849x624, fleur.png)

I don't understand how they failed so badly with casting Fleur in Harry Potter. Her main trait is being stunningly beautiful yet they cast (and I do feel slightly bad saying this kek) this incredibly ugly to average woman to play her. They could maybe have gotten away with it, but they can't when all the supposed nerdy and plain looking girls in the books are played by people who are way more attractive than her. I just can't take the movie seriously when everyone is treating the literal ugliest girl in the room as the prettiest girl alive.

No. 252225

File: 1667348423837.png (123.45 KB, 350x205, gaussiangirl.png)

Casting the "most beautiful" girl alive is always going to be difficult because beauty is so subjective. The only way to make it work for the movie would probably to have given certain filters when she was present like how og Star Trek used to do soft filters on women to give them an aura, but it would be hard to do that without it looking weird.

No. 252228

File: 1667348812632.jpg (672.65 KB, 2560x1709, diggory.jpg)

Samefag but you reminded me of Robert Pattinson being cast as Cedric Diggory. I find Pattinson repulsive-looking so when he was Cedric even as a kid I was grossed out. This is not the poster boy for 'boyish charm', casting crew.

No. 252249

I think she is pretty. It's been a while since I watched the movie but I do remember that the actor carried the role well and did have the body language of someone who was confident which plays a big role in attractiveness
ngl that's weird. Women are capable of being beautiful without having a filter. Who cares that some people are going to find the actress ugly? It's not a filter that changes any facial features but still blurring someones face is weird.

No. 252298

File: 1667359620288.jpg (363.7 KB, 1600x900, l-intro-1606245127.jpg)

you picked kind of a weird photo where she is in motion. she has really nice features, symmetrical, and with incredible skin.

No. 252333

I see what you mean but she is actually a subjectively beautiful woman. Like >>252225
said you can't convey "most beautiful" to a large audience without special effects. They needed like a blur and flowing hair and sparkles, etc., it wasn't the actresses fault lol. Even if they cast the hottest, tallest, most lithe beauty…. the camera just records an image and the magic is lost without editing. Literally "movie magic" is making you believe in a fantasy and they def botched it but I don't blame the casting immediately.

No. 252363

idk, she's very beautiful to me. If anything Emma Watson was way too pretty for plain jane nerdy Hermione. I believe even Rowling said this.

No. 252377

This is dumb. I hate comparisons like these because the supposedly more beautiful book version is always just featured with extremely heavy and filtered makeup. This is such a male take on what beauty is. The book doesn't describe her as wearing heavy makeup. It describes her with naturally beautiful features and most importantly, the fact that there's something about her beyond her looks that attracts men like the veelas.

No. 252382

I agree with OP in a way, Clemence Poesy is a beautiful woman for sure but I hoped to see someone who will really stand out, as the character was described; extras casted as the rest of Beauxbatons students are just as pretty as her. Of course with beauty it's always going to be divisive because everyone has a different idea of beauty but simple tricks as for example getting an actress that would be a bit taller and modelesque (even if it meant she would look somewhat unique as a lot models do, that would still work well for a part-veela character)

No. 252385

File: 1667391034602.jpg (2.36 MB, 4096x4096, avatar cast.jpg)

the (almost)full cast of Netflix's Avatar: The Last Airbender was released a few days ago, seems like the characters in the fire nation are going to be played exclusively by east asian actors, earth nation seems to have more diversity and the water tribe characters are played mostly unknown native actors of various tribes

No. 252387

Don’t see how any of this is bad/inaccurate casting?

No. 252389

This looks like a really good cast to me, put next to their characters they all seem to fit very well… it feels like you dislike it for racial reasons only

No. 252392

File: 1667391892225.jpg (159.93 KB, 1200x1200, E8I4AGsVIAcwyqH.jpg)

samefag there is some controversy regarding the casting of sokka, many on twitter are claiming that he's just a white guy who was pretending to be native, its actually a bit more complicated, he is from a partially recognized tribal organization that has a history of allowing people that had less then valid claims of entering the Cherokee nation, his native american ancestor whom he claims descent from was a Willaim james Hicks, a mixed race cherokee confederate soldier
one thing for sure is that he isn't the full dreaded "white man" twittertards are trying to make him out to be, like he's clearly mixed

No. 252393

The real casting mistake here is Hakoda

No. 252396


No. 252400

I don't like Zuko's actor and why would they put Danny Pudi in Avatar of all things… Imagined Yue to look different too. Other than that, doesn't seem too bad.

No. 252407

File: 1667396768925.jpeg (40.39 KB, 396x594, 067318E4-1A33-421F-A8C5-2C8769…)

Dude looks more indigenous than Taylor Lautner ever claimed to be. A lot of natives auditioned for Jacob Black but turned it down once they realized they’d have to cut their hair.

No. 252411

and ozai. the dude they cast isn't nearly hot enough. they didn't do the avatar dilfs justice

No. 252412

The actresses cast for Mai and Azula don't seem to fit at all but I'm willing to wait til I see them in action before I make any judgements. Zuko also straight up looks like a Kevin Nguyen in this casting.

No. 252414

I like how Katara and Sokka don't even look like they belong to the same ethnicity, let alone like they're related kek. Plus the baby faced Zuko. Otherwise this looks like pretty good casting to me? It's all in line with the cartoon: Fire nation is obviously based on Japan, Earth kingdom is inspired by China and neighboring regions, and the Water tribes are inspired by indigenous tribes of alaska and stuff.

No. 252418

File: 1667401549616.jpg (260.95 KB, 1200x1800, 5d40ebeafbaaecb982b73b23eaa739…)

They didn't need to cast the objectively most beautiful girl in the world, all they needed was a pretty actress who was on the same level (or prettier) as the other girls casted. They failed to even make her the prettiest Beauxbaton, most of the girls we see from there would have made a perfectly fine Fleur. I know it's a touchy subject to criticize a woman's looks and people are always going to reply "but I think she's pretty!!!" but I'm not saying her acting is bad or that she's a hideous wretch - just that I think she is unfit for this role in these circomstances.
Of course I'm going to pick a pic of what she actually looks like in the movie most of the time rather than the one or two shots she looked nice in.
I think she subjectively has a slightly masculine face, and that she would look cool in a tough tomboy role.
Again like I said she looks bad compared to the other girls who are pretty but supposed to be plain. It's not fair to say "well it's only because the other girls were super pretty" when that's the whole point - they only had to cast someone who looked good relative to the other cast members.

No. 252419

aang, zuko, katara and bumi are meh casting, but yue and hakoda are just plain wrong. jet's actor looks perfect tho

No. 252421

File: 1667402052214.png (354.69 KB, 620x413, Rings-of-Power-Galadriel-34a4e…)

The book version was just an example, the makeup is irrelevant. Picrel for a role with a very similar description in an actionshot ("no makeup" natural look) with someone I think would have been 10 times for suitable as Fleur.

No. 252430

your hatred for that girl is autistic, and it's kinda hilarious that you take rings of power as an example when most of it was spectacularly miscast compared to the source material.
the film doesn't match book descriptions al all, but that's just how adaptations work most if the time. book mcgonagall wasn't supposed to be an old lady either

No. 252441

read the name of the thread

No. 252461

File: 1667411735178.jpg (650.57 KB, 3324x2000, sgvsQwi6QXnoQqi.jpg)

ozai was never supposed to be hot, he was a generic end boss that anng had to overcome, daniel dae kim is a great actor with the right bodytype to play ozai

No. 252480

That still doesn't explain why they didn't do any of the makeup Michael Keaton originally wore. No bald cap, no pale foundation, no dark circles, and no mold/barf around the mouth. In the film, he looked like a zombie alcoholic used car salesman. In the musical, he looks like a fat gay guy who browses Reddit.

Honestly, I hate the whole concept of turning non-musical cult/classic movies into stage shows. Particularly when it involves ruining something Winona Ryder was in.

No. 252543

You should have chosen a better picture then instead of calling it irrelevant, kek, but I get your point. I think she looks nice as Fleur as well, but she's not more special or interesting looking than the one they cast, though.

No. 252726

File: 1667469438681.jpeg (94.61 KB, 1045x522, 79BA1ECA-C9D5-4404-8BB9-5BC96C…)

>Prince Edward
Why so ugly.

No. 252728

I would torture this man in a shipping container for up to a year

No. 252750

I've never seem someone describe Ozai has hot.

No. 252783

File: 1667489542690.jpg (418.75 KB, 1280x1280, 1663640831387.jpg)

these 3 literally look like the same person

No. 252788

File: 1667493195790.jpg (203.29 KB, 1500x604, MV5BZjVkMjQzNzUtM.jpg)

Lizzy and Momona are kinda similar but only on stills, not at all in motion; and Thalia looks nothing like them….

No. 252798

All of them when it comes to live action adaptations of animated media, I hate this trend of making live action adaptations for EVERY FUCKING THING so much. By the way, would this thread also include bad voice actor casting?

No. 252807

I guess it should, /m/ barely gets any activity in the first place and we don't really need another useless thread

No. 252808

Where have you been? Ozai was very much considered a DILF back when his face was revealed

No. 252809

NTA but ty for posting this image, this shows there faces better. Imo ty lee and mai look wel casted. Not sure about azula, her face is to soft (not sure how to describe it)

No. 252810

mai's facial features are the total opposite of her actress, former is angular and the latter is rounded. was the actress only casted because of the bangs kek

No. 253000

honestly not mad at this casting. there's a couple I'm eh about but this seems mostly okay

No. 253883

I've been thinking this for a long time. She's pretty, sure, but gorgeous like described in the book? No way.

No. 253885

File: 1667851043056.jpg (30.92 KB, 355x494, fleur.jpg)

This is probably who I'd cast as fleur.
Just someone with 100% halos and no failos, in the other Fleur she does have certain halos but some failos like nose/facial symmetry.

No. 253895

File: 1667852505734.jpg (8.96 KB, 318x159, annabeth.jpg)

Controversial ofc. race swapping preexisting characters has to be the worst idea modern media has had. that way we can't get upset and complain about a movie and inaccurate casting. they know what they're doing though.

No. 253982

>bad voice actor casting
This made me immediately think of the one time I tried to watch Marvel's What If…? for like one or two episodes just to see how it was like. I remember thinking Sebastian Stan, even though he was casted as Bucky like in the live action films, was atrocious when it came to voicing this same character in animation. I simply think he's bad at it. They got a replacement to voice Captain America in the show kek. Bucky should have been replaced for this one too if that was the result.

No. 254004

>failos and halos

gtfo with the incel slang please

No. 254069

Looks ai generated if I'm being honest

No. 254729

File: 1668301538405.jpeg (160.22 KB, 1024x759, B0933E22-0496-4056-BE4A-B133EF…)

there are a lot of issues with the new season of the crown but i particularly hate dominic west as charles. not only does he look/sound nothing like the real thing but he's not even consistent with his depiction in the previous seasons.
it's so bad i can't even suspend disbelief

No. 255044

File: 1668441649833.jpg (147.1 KB, 588x828, percy-jackson-and-the-olympian…)

I wouldn't have been excited for a adapted tv series a decade ago but right now I'm scared
I'm telling you the entire PJO is the most annoying hyper woke fandom in the world I have seen, I don't want to see that virus spread and also If their using child actors I'll be worried about the potential exploitation, the rabid fujos who will likely draw/write disgusting porn of the underage characters fucking and now aydens who will IRL trans headcanon Nico's actor

No. 255048

the absolutely rabid fanbase sucking their own dicks about how unproblematic percy jackson is compared to harry potter and how rick riordan is a saint compared to evil terf jk rowling has killed any interest i had in ever reading these books or watching the tv show. he’s pumped out so many books i doubt they’re that good either. and even though he’s written problematic things i just want him to step out of line and get cancelled like jkr but that’s unlikely to happen given that he’s a man and men are always given the benefit of the doubt and coddled

No. 255053

I mean the first five books in the series are genuinely good and they meant a lot me as an autistic over imaginative kid

No. 255064

File: 1668453017024.jpg (35.25 KB, 640x300, 9364.jpg)

2012 movie adaptation of The Man Who Laughs by Hugo. Didn't even watch it tbh, and it's not even about casting itself but more about the makeup. This one is supposed to be a hideously disfigured character, with all his teeth exposed and all, with a scar from one ear to another. Wtf?? It makes the story don't make any sense. The same goes for 2004 Phantom of the Opera, where Gerard Butler has a face that's just smoked a bit on one side. So basically he can just cover it up with that little white half-mask and look kinda hot otherwise? Just live among people and explain to them he was burned or something instead of living in the basement and acting creepy?

No. 255098

who is that? looks kinda like hoffmanita before she botched her face

No. 255128

he fell of the wagon after those ones, not sure what happened to him

No. 255152

to be real… by the time you hear about the authors' politics you're probably too old to enjoy either franchise, they're kid books.

No. 255398

File: 1668592341725.jpg (51.99 KB, 596x467, netflix_winx_club_adaptation.j…)

I hate race swapping when they're claiming to make a real life adaptation of something. The only reason I want to watch it is because I want to see what those exact characters would look like irl, I don't want to see them redesigned and unrecognizable. However if it's a reimagining or something that is frequently adapted I think it's cool and am all for it. Usually disney characters are already reimagined from fairytales so I usually don't mind those being race swapped tbh. I've seen 50 different Cinderellas, make her whatever you want at this point.

Picrel is the WORST casting I've ever seen (especially Flora- sorry I mean Terra) but that show was so incredibly off the mark and terrible that it's almost cheating to pick this one. Breaks my heart that they messed this one up, would have loved a good winx adaptation.

No. 255401

File: 1668592707125.jpg (1.18 MB, 1920x776, pain.jpg)

Cast in their movie attire compared the source material.. just bleak.

No. 255420

wtf is stella wearing?

No. 255429

Wtf is any of them wearing? How do you take a show whose appeal is colorful girly fashion, each girl with their own colors and styles, and turn it to this frumpy, unfashionable, dull, same color for everyone mess?

No. 255726

File: 1668675939817.jpg (56.3 KB, 818x488, nat-wolff-paper-towns-light-ya…)

this was just oof

No. 255731

Light is considered attractive in the manga/anime and they chose a literal manlet with no chin for him?

No. 255734

Winx is the prime example of "not everything needs a live action remake" because sometimes it just makes no sense. The netflix adaption was a pathetic nostalgia cash grab because winx and flashy early 2000s fashion were extremely popular during the height of the pandemic, but they couldn't even get that right. Everything is dark, dull and soulless, the girls are dressed like edgy college students from 2016, the casting is a mess…It does not have a single redeeming quality. No wonder it flopped HARD.

No. 255764

File: 1668689349785.jpg (875.04 KB, 1796x2245, barbie.jpg)

I know it's not out yet, but the upcoming Barbie movie did it right by keeping the exact same aesthetic. I wish they had done this for winx and it could have been good

No. 255765

the casting for katara and zuko are bad. And like a other anon mentioned the actors they casted to be brother and sister dont even look like they are the same race kek. They should have casted a native woman with light eyes to play Katara.

Also they made Zuko ugly by casting that actor.

No. 255770

fuck her smile is scary

No. 255788

>cast post-wall fat retard so the neckbeard scrotes won’t get jealous
Tale as old as time. Also why I never pay for movies.

No. 255791

What the fuck is a “failo” you schizophrenic retard?

No. 255792

Oh okay, I guess I won’t watch this one either.

No. 255802

you have a point but tbh i don't think this particular uggo ever had a pre-wall phase. probably smashed right into it at birth

No. 255971

Speaking of cartoon to live action, what would you nonas think of cosplay kind of casting? There are so many cosplays that are really accurate to the character and they take the time to change the face fully with makeup, unlike regular acting where they just keep their own face so to speak. I've seen live action versions of anime where they don't even do the bare minimum of having the right hair colour and it just doesn't feel the same to me.

No. 256007

Sounds great in concept, usually looks silly in practice in a way only kid shows can get away with it. This I mean when said media has costumes instead of just regular outfits.

No. 256021

Every nation in Avatar got a mix of inspiration. The names in the fire nation are Japanese but there’s a decent amount of Chinese influence as well.

No. 257475

File: 1669267952742.jpg (51.64 KB, 1200x630, 1664043520.jpg)

such a bad choice for gomez addams… I was willing to give him a chance but it's just a completely horrible fit.

No. 257490

Idk I'm just so sick of the "hideous guy with hot wife," trope, I feel like it encourages women to have low standards (when straight women already have abysmally low standards to start with.)

The casting is actually pretty accurate to the original New Yorker cartoon, although I don't like that they gave the actor angry Spock eyebrows when Gomez's eyebrows emote and move around normally in the comic.

No. 257494

I wouldn't mind the casting if he could actually pull off the role given how the source material everyone is supposed to be a bit unusual it maybe could have worked

but yeah I agree hot wife ugly husband is getting so tired. At least Raul Julia had swagger

No. 257963

Just here to say I have the biggest crush on amber midthunder and I'm going to absolutely sob when she turns into the moon.
I also think suki looks very accurate. Sokka looks a bit funny but we will see the acting skill

No. 257967

Ugh this makes me so angry. I haven't watched yet but the whole point was to portray a sexy and healthy relationship between two people who care about themselves and each other. Is gomez going thru a midlife crisis? Why is he so ugly? I don't mind luis but not as gomez ffs

No. 257968

This is was too tiktok pout tbh. She's going to go out of style in like 10 minutes

No. 258177

what about awful dubbing?

No. 258203

Some people were justifying it by pointing to the original comic but honestly he just doesn't pull off the role well to begin with. He has no charisma. I don't love Catherine zeta jones as Morticia either tbh

No. 258221

I don't know what you are talking about anon, this is a masterpiece
the voice actor's throat must have hurt so much after the recording session

No. 258654

File: 1669606777945.png (260.07 KB, 500x800, cd2d0f561644e4b5f350760c4af998…)

That is literally what he looks like.

No. 258660

it's "comic accuracy" when it's a man, but wednesday looks nothing like her comic iteration.

No. 258664

Why is he phoning it in so hard? He basically retired to spend time with his family in their cozy home in Vermont and only comes out for big-money roles when he wants to.

No. 258686

That wasn't the point I was making, I think he was poorly cast because his acting wasn't great as the character

No. 258700

Nta but this is just classic moid producers at play, caring about "accuracy" only when it helps them ruin what little female gaze had manage to sneak itself into that franchise.
Throughout the years the character of Gómez had turned into that of a good looking and adoring husband, absolutely devoted to his wife. Now it's conveniently some ugly simp with a wife out of his league.
They're full of talk about it being "accurate" to the original comic yet Wednesday is supposed to be like 6 to 10 years old, like the whole point of the character is that she's a funny creepy child, as opposed to the societal expectation of a sweet little girl dressed in pink. But what the fuck is this yassified 20 year old tiktoker-looking woman. To me it's as if they'd yassified Matilda, like iirc Mara Wilson and Christina Ricci were both like 9 when they played these characters. I also hate that the gave her that basic-ass e-girl fringe.
It bothers me how they blatantly sexualize the women and uglyfy the men and then dare to try to pass it off a progressive lol. As if they couldn't just cast a hot latino dude as they should have. Like, I'm literally latina myself, born, raised and currently living in Latin America, and even I think this casting is absolute shit, no wonder the whole series is a cringefest if the people who made theses awful choices are in charge of it.

No. 258897

>"jkr is such an antisemitic bitch for making the goblins greedy bankers"
>in the first chapter or so in the first percy jackson book, it is said that hitler was the son of hades and that everything the nazis did was just evil magic bullshit or something

No. 272217

File: 1675004850650.jpg (95.32 KB, 1232x506, Lind L. Tailor.jpg)

From the Japanese live action film

No. 272247

hahaha omg

No. 273537

Cally Kwong as the singing voice of Ariel in the Cantonese dub of The Little Mermaid. In my opinion she’s the worst Ariel out of all of them, her voice sounds weak and way too old. She just doesn’t suit Ariel at all.

No. 273554

not a bad voice in itself, but certainly not for a young girl

No. 279765

File: 1677812558779.png (3.01 MB, 2309x745, file.png)

For what reason

No. 279769

I know right? Why they couldn't find a pretty guy for Leon.. they already made him a retard, should at least be a good looking retard.

No. 279772

File: 1677815157433.jpg (35.4 KB, 621x640, avan-jogia-young.jpg)

I think Avan Jogia is an attractive guy in his own way, he's just way too old and doesn't look the part

No. 297603

File: 1684608339985.jpg (388.9 KB, 1117x1608, FVkaWEvRnVkUXp.jpg)

Ariel and her sisters, their meant to represent the 7 seas

No. 297619

I know they're all wearing fake hair but holy shit the wig on the white mermaid on the left… it looks so egregious god damn. Why'd they decide to give her and only her fashion colored hair when all the others have natural looking hair colors. Her mermaid top doesn't even match her tail; she looks like she was stitched together from the discarded concept art of the other mermaids.

No. 297631

Something about this looks completely off to me.

No. 297669

they are all so ugly and over-designed. In the original they were simple, wich made sense because they arent the fucking focus of the story. They overdesuigned them so much that ariel looks like she's some secondary character now.

No. 297671

How the fuck is Disney producing such garbage? It looks like something you would find in a deep dive in 2000's Deviantart .

No. 297677

yeah i really don't understand how anyone can be into this. it looks so soulless and, as you said, way the fuck overdesigned. i don't care about the black ariel discourse but this just looks like garbage. a lot of people are really excited and i don't get it

No. 297721

They don’t look even look related.

No. 297734

Their meant to represent the 7 Seas, Arctic, North Atlantic, South Atlantic, North Pacific, South Pacific, Indian, and Southern

No. 297738

Triton is a whore, that's why.

No. 297743

I think they almost got it right. Having her sisters represent the 7 seas and all be different races is imo perfectly whimsical and fun, it allows for fun mermaid doll merch and for little girls to see themselves as a mermaid etc… the problem is the live action movie couldn't decide on if they were going for realism or cartoony and ended up with a terrible mismatched mix that looks terrible.
I think if they had gone all in on the cartoon nature they were trying to adapt from it could have been great, but since they decided to make it so dark and muddy and washed out of any colour it loses that fun whimsical factor that would have let it all come together. Taking away Ariels signature bright red hair is insane, I have no idea why they decided to do that.

No. 297744

Lmao I was about to make this joke.

No. 298640

For manga adaptations into JP LA you'd have to search hard to find a GOOD/ACCURATE casting decision actually.

No. 298641

I can smell this picture.

I was fine with him. He was supposed to give off 'unwashed psycho' vibes in the 3rd film.

I hate when media promote promiscuity.

No. 298643

File: 1685036166501.png (482.41 KB, 1500x750, Johnny-Depp-as-Grindelwald-in-…)


No. 298644

He looked so out of place compared to all the characters but on top of that… Can you imagine Jude Law and this toothless alcoholic having chemistry on screen? They should have hired Mads since the very first movie, him and Jude actually looked like they wanted to suck each other's dick in the third one.

No. 298657

File: 1685039079958.gif (5.52 MB, 540x450, shounen anime #5430663.gif)

>They should have hired Mads since the very first movie, him and Jude actually looked like they wanted to suck each other's dick in the third one.
Guess which pair made tumblr explode with content.

I don't even know how Depp was cast in the role and who gave him such cringy, unfitting for his character outfits. He is an American too, can't have him use any quirky European accents.

No. 298659

kek, they really were blasting kamehameha at each other in the last battle. It truly was a canon and real old man yaoi. God bless JKR for that.

No. 298765

he's #NotMyLouisXV either, he looked like an old tranny
then again there was nothing to expect from a film by maiwenn, the biggest pickme in cinema

No. 298840

File: 1685137378278.jpeg (265.04 KB, 1638x2048, POKEMON GOTTA CATCH THEM ALL.j…)

Depp suing The Sun in the wake of the Amber Heard scandal was a blessing in disguise. Another reason to avoid casting American actors - they live in the Land of the Sue.

No. 298930

yeah and now it's Ezra Miller's turn to be in trouble with the law so who knows if we'll get a sequel.

No. 298959

File: 1685182520982.jpg (391.89 KB, 2048x2048, 97547762_p0.jpg)

His character was almost written out in the last film (terminal illness), so I see no problem just handwaving his disappearance.

No. 298964

Late af but is it a joke? Do people really care if that random dude who dies immediately doesn't look like his manga self?

No. 298971

Yeah but can you imagine if there's a new movie and dumbledore shows up, casually says "oh no my nephew died off-screen… how sad. anyway!" and only focuses on the other characters? The movies are kind of a mess because of lawsuits against the two apes and some of the actresses getting pregnant and not being able to work.

No. 298976

File: 1685192753621.gif (3.04 MB, 250x250, SOON YOU WILL BE EATEN.gif)

>"oh no my nephew died off-screen… how sad. anyway!"
Wouldn't surprise me in the slightest. Also, the HP franchise is not new to recasting actors (the first actor who played Dumbledore died). It's easier to replace him with another emo, tbh.

No. 299143

Old men with long beards are all identical. They could have recast Dumbledore every day of shooting and no one would have noticed.

No. 299145

File: 1685223261001.jpg (70.57 KB, 500x670, 3rfgka.jpg)


No. 301160

File: 1686226950214.jpg (135.61 KB, 2425x1080, httyd.jpg)

They chose a black mixed girl to play the blonde and blue eyed nordic viking girl. It's not the actress fault of course, but they really couldn't just have found a nordic person to play her? ANY nordic person? Why is cultural accuracy only a thing people cry for when it's not white people's cultures? Because woke Americans can't fathom white people being different and having their own cultures, language and history?
So "it's just a cartoon omg why do you care" for vikings, but the same people will go "how fucking dare you consider a non-asian actress for the Mulan movie it has to be 100% respectful of Chinas history". Yet both are fiction based on real peoples cultures.

But we really just want fucking accuracy to the characters we know and love, are they going to take this black mixed actress and literally white-wash her to look white to fit the role? Is that LESS racist than just hiring a white woman to play a white character? Or is Astrid just doomed to be a brown eyed, dark haired girl now? And as a result the movie will look worse and the actress will get hate for being such an inaccurate portrayal of the character. It's bullshit all around.

No. 301164

Holy shit you mean vikings actually rode dragons??? Dragons are real??????

No. 301166

It's because it's a marketing tactic to get people to watch.
>cast black person in what was originally a white person's role
>people get mad
>people get mad at people getting mad
>people sit down to watch soulless remakes to make the people who got mad even madder
>i.e. the corporations got their money

No. 301167

nta but you know what we're talking about, wakana is made up as well and just as unreal, but it is clearly based on west african history and culture, same with burk. This is very clearly as some sort of statement or to cause some controversy

No. 301170

Is this a Netflix reboot/live action?

No. 301171


No. 301210

She's barely a quarter black. If you give her a straight blonde wig, I'm sure you guys wouldn't blink twice at her.

No. 301224

Same shit can be said about Mulan, it also had dragons and spirits in it, so I assume you'd be fine with a black or white person playing Mulan in a life action movie then

No. 301226

So you think them whitewashing her is the way to go and that will keep people silent and happy?

No. 301229

No, but she was bound to have a blonde wig if she's playing a blonde character retard

No. 301235

Not necessarily, Disney didn’t make the actress wear a red wig for the Ariel remake, I don’t think Universal is gonna make her wear a blonde wig.

No. 301272

Screenshot this, she’s going to have braids

No. 315391

File: 1692218239767.png (302.4 KB, 601x579, capture.png)

No. 315536

i can't imagine a worse meg

No. 315548

that weird sultry image that ariana has going on doesn't suit megara at all. I haven't seen her in any acting roles though so maybe she is able to pull a role like megara off. But her voice is super annoying imo there is no way she would be able to sing I Won't Say I'm in Love with the right attitude. Megara has always felt more "mature" compared to other disney girls so casting a singer who is known for her pseudo lolita image is odd.
I have no idea who that man is but he looks too old and ugly to play Hercules

No. 315579

Isn't Hercules supposed to be young? Like just out of his teenage years?

No. 315648

Please no. Just because she wears a ponytail majority of the time doesn't mean she should be Meg.


No. 315650

>I haven't seen her in any acting roles though so maybe she is able to pull a role like megara off
She won't, her most well known role is playing an airheaded ditz in a tween sitcom while speaking in a retarded baby voice.

No. 315664

kekkkkkkkkkk this reminds me of the german super mario bros supershow song

No. 317123

File: 1692837955565.png (120.35 KB, 1306x396, Capture d’écran 2023-08-24 à…)

not only did they cast a mouldy old 48yo scrote two decades too old to play napoleon during his ascent, they love their age gaps so much they had to cast a cast a woman 13 years younger to play josephine
josephine who was famously older than her husband
everyine involved in this decision should die

No. 317167

File: 1692862810850.png (229.53 KB, 475x374, 1677249034313415.png)

Grow up.

No. 318028

>zoomer hair in the 1940s

No. 318036

File: 1693140638014.png (137.9 KB, 800x434, 2023-Jeanne-du-Barry1.png)

Speaking of pick mes, like one anon has already said, Maïwenn looks hideous as Mme du Barry. She looks like a malnourished skinny raw vegan when irl Jeanne had really soft features and large eyes. And what with Junkie Debt looking more and more like a zombie

No. 318041

He's so ugly. he literally looks like an ape

No. 318156

I want Ridley Scott's ugly fingers away from my boy. After Kubrick didn't make his Napoleon biopic everyone else should just give up, it's not like they would do better than him.

No. 318164

I hate it when they do this because they just expose the actresses (who literally aren't doing anything wrong) to racism from reactionaries who think there's a conspiracy to eliminate white people. These companies know exactly what the fuck they're doing and I hate it so much that people keep falling for it and adding to the pointless retarded controversy

No. 318198

Not the fault of the actresses that disney and other big corporations choose to hire them because they know the controversy will create buzz. And they know the actors will be blamed instead of them. Sometimes I want to believe it's really some older aged person who just discovered the social justice movement and legit think casting a tan snow white is going to end racism… But they probably pat their own back thinking they're so inclusive for letting a poor not white person get to take part in their holy white people roles. And that's also why people with dwarfism weren't allowed to play the dwarves on snow white, they can't force those poor disabled little people to play a disabled role! That's ableism!
In reality I think the highest ups do it for the controversy, so they hire some newly indoctrinated sjw and pretend they're doing it for inclusion.

No. 318200

I'm just sad that current corporate america that controls a lot of western media is convinced that white people "don't have culture", and that IF you celebrate unique aspects of america you're a kkk-nazi-racist-redneck (unless you do it through a non-white person).
As a euroanon it's easier to travel and see how unique and different people here are despite all being "white". Their language, clothes, religion, folklore, environment and nature, trends… everything is unique and worthy of attention and celebration. But corporate america just goes "it's all just white people, so they're the same as white americans and their non-existing culture doesn't matter either lol". But it does, there is so much cool shit in pretty much every country on earth. The people are TRULY different, not just LA vs New York different.

America too, you have your own unique quirks that are interesting to the rest of the world. "White" americans have their own folklore, history, modern "corporate" halloween started there (like with pumpkins everywhere, and cosplay rather than just scary costumes), hamburger/fastfood culture started there. That's culture too but corporate media america doesn't seem to actually value it. They'll exploit it for money, but they don't think it has cultural value. As a result they devalue ALL white cultures, while hiring "native experts/advisors" to make sure movies like Moana is a respectful representation of that culture while still having fantasy elements.

No. 318307

I find it curious that Disney didn't learn anything from Frozen, their most successful movie, even though it was based on Scandinavian culture and very "white" in general (unless someone is retarded and thinks Sami aren't white). I think part of what attracted such a large following worldwide was people from other cultures being fascinated with a take on the part of Europe that wasn't as well known as, say, France, UK or Italy.

I didn't see Frozen 2, so I don't know how they followed that act, however.

No. 318309

>I didn't see Frozen 2, so I don't know how they followed that act, however.
They didn't. A ton of black people were added in Arendelle, made the grandpa a racist, made the dead mom an indigenous woman, and said indigenous tribe looks like Inuit instead of Sami

No. 318312

Most major holidays in the US are european in origin like halloween and christmas and everyone who's white knows this. This isn't an american issue.

>not just LA vs New York different

This doesn't even make sense since these are not only worlds apart (making them hugely different) but also have incredibly diverse, mixed communities. And I live in both america and europe. I agree with you but you sound like a weird sperg with little knowledge.

No. 318321

same with Moana, people want to see different cultures and people's that aren't just a variation of modern day LA and New York.

No. 318350

>made the grandpa a racist, made the dead mom an indigenous woman, and said indigenous tribe looks like Inuit instead of Sami
Frozen 2 sucked ass so bad, they had a beloved super popular movie and they made the sequel so shit in all sorts of ways. I can't think of a single good decision made for that movie. I hope they never make a live action of Frozen but I feel it's inevitable due to how popular it was, and with their racist take that Elsa and Anna are half sami and that sami people aren't white (and seriously insisting they're not white is REALLY fucking creepy levels of racism to us in Scandinavia) they'll probably make edgy casting choices for Elsa and Anna and I'm not looking forwards to it. Maybe if we're lucky the woke race-bending disney era will have ended by then.

No. 318352

>Most major holidays in the US are european in origin like halloween and christmas and everyone who's white knows this. This isn't an american issue.
The modern popular traditions of halloween are from the US, even though they originally brought it from Europe. Pumpkins are SO synonymous with halloween that we don't even question it now and it's all because they started carving them in the US where they were natively growing. They didn't exist in Europe, the pumpkin carvings were unique to America. Same with the costumes mentioned. Scary costumes were the tradition, the US turned it into "any" costume. To this day in my country if you wear a non-scary costume on halloween people look at you funny. Furthermore my country has 2 halloweens, one is the original native/local European version of halloween which is simply for remembering the dead, with local folklore surrounding it. The other we literally call "halloween" (in English) and is American halloween imported because we suck up to the US and want to do that fun stuff we saw in hollywood movies. It's literally seen as 2 different things here because of how different they are.

It's the same for all holidays, just because they all shared the origin story doesn't mean they're not all unique and blended with the local culture. For example Siberia apparently has 7 Santas. Central and Eastern Europe has the Krampus, a demon goat creature that punish or kill bad kids. Northen Europe instead has a nice demon yule goat that brings children presents instead of Santa. And all of it is obvious to the people who live there. So a Siberian would look at American Christmas confused to why there's only one single santa, and an American might be in shock over the casual holiday portrayal of children being eaten alive by a demonic goat. That's what I'm saying, they're not the same at all anymore but corporate America assume they are.

No. 318428

File: 1693341067262.jpeg (94.67 KB, 540x786, IMG_6244.jpeg)

i know. it's like scrotes think a guy can't be a great warrior while being a skinny 20something woth long hair so tbey always make naps an ugly old scrote to feel better about themsleves. the asscreed shit was bad enough but this is even worse, especially while having a younger woman play jo. absolute travesty, give us back yung naps

No. 318535

File: 1693392291636.jpg (286.23 KB, 1574x2036, tonks.jpg)

I always hated Natalia Tena as Tonks in Harry Potter. I always thought she was supposed to be a cute but slightly edgy/punky girl but they made her more of a dirty goblin faced washed up grunge, she looks like she smells.

No. 318536

every single casting in peter jackson's lord of the rings movies except for saruman and galadriel. i guess gandalf was okay too. other than that, just horrendous.

No. 318537

My father actually commented on that when we were watching an action film on Netflix. He said that most legendary soldiers and commandos are usually young men in their twenties with fit bodies that most people wouldn't ever suspect are commandos and he ex-special forces himself, so I believe him.

No. 318539

idk she looks like the first description to me. sometimes there's an overlap between looking punky and dirty kek.

No. 318550

I just think she's kinda ugly and man-faced while Tonks was supposed to have a cute heart shaped face with twinkling eyes, and to me the outfit is "normie trying to make something punk and failing" rather than actual punk if that makes sense. The dye job on her hair is so bad too, it's yellow at the top

No. 318604

Who are some actors you would have picked instead, nona? Would you rather they kept Stuart Townsend on as Aragorn? I think they did pretty good, I especially liked the casting choices that made me laugh, like Hugo Weaving as Elrond. Didn't care for Legolas or Eomer personally but they grew on me.

No. 318782

File: 1693502883713.jpeg (105.72 KB, 720x1000, 07437-4258795038-award winning…)

In my mind Tonks looked more like this, she was supposed to look young and cute with spikey hair rather than a washed up wannabe punk with a bad dye job
Sorry for using a dumb AI image but I didn't want to use a real person as an example

No. 351759

The real Sid was 6'2 and much skinnier then that guy.
I like Sid (even if its obvious he did kill Nancy. It gets on my nerves when people say otherwise. And everyone should read Nancy's mom book before having a child)
Sid was also very charismatic, smarter then he let on and elegant in a rough way. I haven't seen the sex pistol Disney show because the idea just seems so wrong and tacky. I understand why John Lydon sued to stop the use of the songs.

No. 367189

File: 1712053134436.jpg (86.56 KB, 900x720, richard-winters-and-damian-lew…)

No. 367204

File: 1712060927429.jpg (111.19 KB, 1500x1000, jarkhaakon.jpg)

They casted a black woman to portray a historical real life existing white nordic man. Like what the actual fuck? Didn't even change the male name, what kind of Dylan Mulvaney shit is that?

It also sparked a bunch of "were there real black vikings?" debates. No. No, there were exactly 0 black vikings. Just like there were no white mongolian warriors. No turkish samurai. No egyptian inuit whale hunters. Nobody wants this DEI shit anymore! Only a handful of whiny annoying people wanted it in the first place, and they've moved on to sucking the aformentioned Dylan's troon dick anyway, they're done pretedning they care about black people's "inclusion".

It would be one thing if the series was claiming to be a full on fantasy with a wide range of races from the start, but to use real people and misrepresent them and claim it's a take on real life history is so insidous. It's like they're saying there are 0 interesting black females in history so they simply have to force give them roles of white men, since they're oh so boring on their own! Like fuck off. Not to mention whoever wrote and casted her will get basically no backlash - but the actress will. She's going to be the one everyone angrily goes after, she's the one who will have her reputation tarnished from this.

No. 367206

as I stated in the fandom thread, it's always funny how wokies care so little about local people's, like none of them give a single shit about Inuit people and their history, it's only American identity politics.

No. 367290

File: 1712096571569.png (1.24 MB, 1170x1393, BUS4SCC.png)

No. 370045

Late as fuck reply, but is this supposed to be Varg? It looks NOTHING like him. I started watching that movie then quit when I found out it was made by vice lol, I've always wondered if it was actually worth watching. I'm guessing not lol

No. 370114

Nobody looks like their real life counterpart in this movie, except for the Attila Csihar cameo since he's played by the guy's son.

No. 370844

File: 1713166127881.jpg (239.78 KB, 1200x799, de6e813.jpg)

No. 370863

Yeah, the actor who played Dead looked nothing like him either and was even shorter than Rory culkin when euro was like 5’5 and dead was over 6ft and lanky. He had a big neanderthal jaw too not a tiny little elf head like that actor. I think rory was passable as euronymous, he's at least short (albeit doesn’t have his chubby little girl face).

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