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File: 1662514283759.jpg (116.77 KB, 724x1024, FZ4W2PLagAAipck.jpg)

No. 236756

Post books, movies, TV shows, manga, etc. that are about women in love! Or even just nice art and artists that create good F/F content. Original content is also welcome!

>Discuss the current state of lesbian media. Is it getting better or worse?

>Talk about F/F character dynamics you like
>What kind of stories do you wish you could see?
>Which tropes do you wish were featured more in lesbian media? Which tropes do you dislike?
>Formative media that made you realize you like women or helped you become more comfortable with your identity
>Do you consider it difficult to find lesbian media that you like/relate to?
>Would you consider yourself a himejo?

Old thread >>>/m/1764

No. 236772

Himejoshis rise up!

No. 236821

File: 1662537743258.jpg (61.19 KB, 350x508, 59067126.jpg)

i just finished Her Tale of Shim Cheong i love the story the dialogue is a bit weird in some places or maybe that's the translation but i would really recommend it, basically this poor girl saves the life of another girl that is supposed to get married to the minister and they end up caring for the minister together and fall in love. there's also magic, prophecy and stuff like that it's really well written and i'm bad at summarizing

No. 237081

File: 1662595044005.png (750.71 KB, 497x797, Screenshot 2022-09-07 195821.p…)

I had no idea the term himejo existed but i guess i am one. Drake was my sexual awakening kek

No. 237134

A while back I read this oneshot where the MC would get a new piercing for every partner she had, and asked her new (stoic, emotionless) gf to give her one. I totally forgot the name, does anyone know what I'm talking about?

No. 237233

File: 1662617701342.png (367.56 KB, 1055x1500, 096.png)

I usually don't go for historical but I've been looking for the right time to just sit down and read this in an entire sitting, it looks very pretty

Cat & Piercing by nekomura?

No. 237246

Hey nonas, does anyone have any lesbian band or singer recommendations? Preferably those who are a bit obscure, I'm trying to widen my music taste, honestly it doesn't have to be a lesbian artist so long they sing about f/f I'll take it

No. 237280

File: 1662642637644.jpg (128.06 KB, 396x810, tumblr_81b537c6a22ae5e21dfd752…)

I ended up not finishing this one (Opium) but I'm interested in going back if the ride is worth it. Anyone read it through?

No. 237302

File: 1662646928602.png (171.54 KB, 836x1200, EUZtDW9XQAgJkOz.png)

I reeaallyyy love the art in this, and the story's so sweet it hurts it's so short. Plot; A nerdy lovesick virgin dates a gyaru in high school. They lose touch after graduation, but when they reunite a lot of complicated shit is stopping them from being together again.

No. 237304

File: 1662646999995.jpg (509.72 KB, 1725x2456, 81sTvcOUiJL.jpg)

Sorry I'm retarded the manga's called Run Away With Me, Girl.

No. 237436

is there any lesbian media that's made for an older audience, most yuri/manga does nothing for me.

No. 237443

This pairing had its flaws but overall looking back I think we were lucky to have them when we did

No. 237456

File: 1662695740751.gif (Spoiler Image,8.22 MB, 540x570, 05342243aa65957e285ca88f99618b…)

I want to recommend The Haunting of Bly Manor, I loved every second and I'm getting emotional just thinking about it.

No. 237457

File: 1662696366093.jpeg (166.2 KB, 400x560, D2C22687-8B35-4924-B5B2-9D2B25…)

Great threadpic from great manhua (Tamen De Gushi)

No. 237529

Same, nonna. It was so beautiful

No. 237593

Where can I read this manga, nona?

No. 237596

It's such a sweet story. Too bad it won't continue.

No. 237598

No. 237607

File: 1662739418943.jpeg (48.09 KB, 610x324, 5B1E2E99-56F4-4CB7-B218-B00936…)

Have you read any books by Sarah Waters? Her stories are really good and usually have a twist, plus they almost always include a lesbian relationship.

No. 237610

File: 1662739538238.jpeg (91.96 KB, 1000x667, 05AE98D1-9B2F-42FE-917E-6D0058…)

Btw, I haven’t actually watched The Handmaiden yet, but I know it’s based on Fingersmith. Can anyone vouch for how good the film is?

No. 237619

File: 1662739853667.jpeg (191.97 KB, 800x800, DEEDF47A-27FC-427E-A5A1-5B194D…)

Still this nona >>237607, another author I enjoy is Lisa See. Her books are not about lesbians exactly, but female friendships that last throughout the characters lives and sometimes get a little closer. I really like her writing because the characters feel so much like real women and their relationships are the main focus.

No. 237706


I'm definitely going to check this out, I love nerd x babe type ships. Thanks nonnie

No. 237708

It's been a while since I saw it, but I remember it being good!

No. 237745

File: 1662776754619.jpg (86.87 KB, 400x587, 201601280634088ef.jpg)

Any recommendations with handsome androgynous boyish girls? Currently reading Kase-san and it's so cute I love it. Will watch the anime after finishing the manga.

No. 237809

File: 1662796980772.jpg (44.72 KB, 563x628, tumblr45.jpg)

If you can ignore the god awful sex scene (not quite yet in the Blue is the warmest color territory but we're aproaching kek) it's a beautiful film imo. I also find the cinematography and the costuming absolutely wonderful, I would recommend watching it. I don't know how it comapres to the book though

No. 237861

>men writing lesbians
No thanks.

No. 237863

But isn't it based on a novel by Sarah Waters, an actual lesbian?

No. 237874

Yeah, that’s what >>237610 was saying. Nayrt but it’s true I wish it was directed by a woman.

No. 237885

still don't like it since men don't film women the way women do, and the person who posted it says it has a gross sex scene

No. 237902

Yes! Their romance was so beautiful and heartbreaking, I can't recommend bly manor enough. I still think about that ending and get emotional too.

No. 237918

Men writing women in general. I made a resolution to only read books written by women this year, one of the thrillers I picked up was getting cringier by the second (8 months pregnant with twins detective out in the field fist-fighting baddies type of cringe) and then when I googled the author it turned out that 'Alex' is actually a guy. It was so painfully obvious. Men can't write women, we're complete aliens to them.

No. 237924


imo dynasty scans is pretty good for finding GL manga although my main gripe with it is that a large bulk of it is just scrote tier shit but theres also some pretty good stuff on there by women mangakas that I guess you just have to be able to wade through the garbage to find.
it ends up being pretty easy to tell after a while tho from things like art style and general themes which is which and what's worth reading though I guess I've been surprised a few times as well

No. 238033

File: 1662864582170.jpg (348.69 KB, 2048x1476, 20220910_214709.jpg)


No. 238051

File: 1662869579084.png (357.84 KB, 624x626, SORA HAENA - photo #11176803.p…)

Sora and Haena was such a sweet dumb young love story, not to mention every important character is a woman. Even the background characters are lesbian couples and a few androgynous ones. I loved the side couple as well and even if one little side plot was too weird for me, I'd reread it for Sora and Haena.

No. 238056

File: 1662872732194.jpeg (483.18 KB, 1500x2138, DE010862-43E2-4B9C-B44D-4BFBB3…)

Idk if this is objectively any good but I loved it as a teen anyway

No. 238059

Aw, do you know why?

No. 238061

China censorship

No. 238094

This was very good, i liked it more then the "first season".

nta but fuck that makes me sad, i really like this comic

No. 238255

>every important character is a woman. Even the background characters are lesbian couples
Huh… Is this your first time reading GL? Every story is like this. Of course women would be the main characters in a story about lesbian relationships

No. 238297

Same, I read this one together with my highschool GF and it brings back fond memories, haven't reread it in ages though. I did read another Milk Morinaga manga recently, Hina and Hana After School, and thought it was cute, though I think I'm getting too old for highschool stories to hit the same way.

No. 238346

Late but that's it, tysm nona

No. 238589

File: 1663051924677.png (598.19 KB, 1496x1018, renai-joshika.png)

Office Romance: Women's Division has several couples and two tomboy/femme pairs that are really cute.
Akuma no Riddle has a very boyish MC, I'm personally not a big fan of the writing but I really like the MC and her knight-like role with her love interest.
Also it's very trendy right now so you might have already read it but The Guy She Was Interested In Wasn't a Guy is very cute and funny.
I'm also looking for more couples like this, if anyone else has any more butch/tomboy/reverse-traps they like in GL pls rec

No. 238752

File: 1663092367834.jpeg (242.8 KB, 2048x1026, 498EC97F-53A1-422A-B3BE-8775E7…)

No. 238900

Did anyone else watch the show Exes and Ohs when it was on? I remember watching it on logo in like 2008 and really enjoyed it. I had wanted to get into The L Word but there were soooo many seasons so that show filled a void for me.

No. 238992

old ass reply but ayrt and I've read fingersmith… feel like there's a lack of lesbian media that doesn't end up feeling very young adult novel-ish

No. 240588

File: 1663678821359.jpg (418.29 KB, 2048x2228, tumblr_a7edc20ba3f2c91cc15ee92…)

New Locked Tomb book has been out for a few days now, anyone else reading it? I'm annoyed that it's about a "new" character I anticipate Nona to turn out to be a soul vessel or some shit for Gideon, some contrivance like that of 19 years and her literal 14 year old posse of children friends. The setting is cool but Tamsyn is allergic to writing about anyone adult, despite the story being adult and not YA. The bits talking about Jod's origin are interesting, I've grown to love that character since HtN. I'm expecting the book to ramp the fuck up and go bonkers soon, I'm 38% through so far.

No. 240616

File: 1663686840289.gif (3.49 MB, 540x540, tumblr_de19220e8f77599479af9e3…)

Recently watched The World To Come, you can't tell me Vanessa Kirby isn't one of the hottest women alive. The movie itself wasn't that good but I loved the lesbianism. Something about lonely housewives connecting drives me crazy.

No. 240618

I legitimately thought this was a ya series. I'm sorry anon but it's completely unreadable for me I don't understand the hype of this series at all.

Adult lesbian fiction when ?

No. 240622

character on the right seems like a muscular young man rather then a woman

No. 240629

NAYRT same, i tried reading the series so many times but i genuinely couldn't fucking stand it lol

No. 240634

t. skelly Ianthe coping

No. 243316

does anyone have any recommendations for unhinged weird possibly kinky lesbian romance written by an actual woman and not a troon? i already know the gideon the ninth series

No. 243386

File: 1664436069975.jpeg (90.02 KB, 576x409, 58402291-3B01-428B-A2B7-7C3155…)

I really, really fucking adore Maria-sama ga Miteru

No. 243406

Is it worth watching?

No. 243466



3 chapters from this anthology (cigarette kiss, refrain kiss, heart on sleeve) has the same tomboy MC

No. 243467

this is my first yuri omg i read it in highschool

No. 243469

Yes, very much so.

No. 243502

Very late but thank you nonna!

No. 245912

File: 1665345247157.jpeg (123.73 KB, 622x896, B68E1668-8699-4620-955A-AB2377…)

No. 245914

Is that really a woman to the left? Hips and shoulders look male.

No. 245916

nta but that’s hamletmachine’s micky + jessica. it’s okay, and yeah micky’s a woman.

No. 245920

File: 1665347369405.jpg (129.8 KB, 1087x1241, 33212f196f2444acf5d3f827482b8d…)

>person makes gnc character
>Is tHaT eVen FeMalE
zoomers these days

No. 245927

nta still doesn't look female in the least

No. 245934

nta, I also thought it was a man because of the male body proportions and jaw. Doesn't hamletmachine mainly draw m/m stuff? So maybe it's a Michealangelo situation. But tbh Michealangelo's women still looked more female than that. Cute character design though.

No. 245944

Looks like a biker jacket? To give the benefit of a doubt, those usually have shoulder pads

No. 245947

sorry youre confused bc you grew up in a generation that thinks tomboy = trans male
her jaw doesnt look any different from the more feminine character

No. 245948

File: 1665353865975.jpg (81.51 KB, 978x1112, E7eSH1ZWUAY_1lM.jpg)

there fixed for this thread

No. 245981

No. 246026

The body proportions were suspect, not the character being butch, you genius.

No. 246615

Thanks for the rec, I really enjoyed the whole anthology.

No. 250358

Read "My Female Friend Comes Home to Me Every Now and Again" by the same author as "The Guy She Was Interested In" and felt so sad that there was only 2 chapters. I really liked the characters right off the bat, even as someone that usually doesn't like stories where one of the women is already in a relationship with a man. I wish there was more, this mangaka writes such appealing women.

No. 250385

File: 1666681729856.jpg (220.15 KB, 850x1200, 82407955_p10_master1200.jpg)

They probably didn't deserve happiness but I still wish they had it. Unpopular opinion but I find they're the only actual lesbian couple in PMMM that isn't just coomer bait. 100% Homura is into Madoka but I just don't see the evidence Madoka likes her back in that way and their story is probably gonna end horribly if Magia Record's ending is any indicator of where the writers want to take things

No. 250386

I thought these were the Happy Sugar Life characters at first and was so confused.

No. 250388

File: 1666682288088.jpg (65.88 KB, 412x599, 412px-Extra_story_oriko_kikira…)

Nah, they're Kirika and Oriko from Puella Magi Oriko Magica, a spinoff from Madoka Magica.

No. 250389

>the only PMMM lesbian couple
>is actually from a fan-made manga
honestly i have only sad predictions towards the new movie, because the gacha spin-off was a complete shit and nothing but ad for the said gacha (english version of which was closed quickly).

No. 250390

File: 1666683045776.jpg (523.08 KB, 1200x1072, 82407955_p26_master1200.jpg)

Agreed, anon. The gacha anime was bad to meh to begin with with one or two decent fights then went completely off the rails at the end.

The gacha did these two real dirty too, I just try to pretend it doesn't exist.

No. 250391

>fan-made manga
Nta but Oriko Magica is an official spin-off

No. 250402

People going "b-but that looks like a male!!!!!" are giving me autistic amounts of rage, it's just a fucking drawing. You can't make out skeletal differences like you could in real life. You legitimately sound like gamergaters crying about Aloy "looking like a man" because she doesn't have slender and fragile features.

And on a related note, are there any recommendations for manga/webtoons with butch/femme or butch/butch? I've searched high and low and the best I can do is a "character counts as a tomboy because she has short dark hair and doesn't roll up her school skirt".

No. 250435

Let it go, jesus.

No. 250740

what is the source on this please

No. 250824

File: 1666820331636.jpg (Spoiler Image,103.33 KB, 774x399, 1666722118618.jpg)

Crosspoasting from /g/ horny thread to trigger fem4fem anons.

No. 252804

There’s ButchxButch but idk if it’s out or not, I can’t find it anywhere

No. 252806

File: 1667497179604.jpg (72.14 KB, 600x700, b66f5a6ac78b.jpg)

>Which tropes do you wish were featured more in lesbian media?

No. 252816

I can upload a mega of this when I'm done with work. It's super cute, I really liked it.

No. 252827

File: 1667505039601.jpeg (71.06 KB, 739x415, 631D36EB-964E-4402-A650-F22DD6…)

Please do the concept sounds so based

No. 252836

File: 1667506446990.jpeg (315.28 KB, 1293x1045, 3734E464-775A-4C36-84E9-897FDC…)

I was looking at the artist’s list and well
This world is a dark and bleak place

No. 252838

File: 1667506490667.jpeg (661.3 KB, 1203x1047, 3977791F-9843-43F9-8D7D-16223C…)

Clown world

No. 252889

File: 1667513276679.jpeg (380.8 KB, 600x2402, 3A9D31C5-0ABD-4976-A719-65A5AA…)

This is so confusing to read and the way it started actually caused me to put it down for a while. I picked it up again because of this >>237596 comment

No. 252899

This is giving me lots of "Boyfriends" comic vibes. Wonder which one is trans, then.

No. 252901

omg thiis!

No. 252905

the person writing a lesbian manga is trans!? what the fuck?

No. 252910

File: 1667519834231.jpeg (535.72 KB, 1737x1021, 5DBD8B9C-8676-4B48-899F-3742C5…)

no that’s just the twitter account for the manga. There are 10 different mangakas working on boyish squared/butchxbutch. I noticed that some have the trans flag next like >>252836 here and picrel . It caught me by surprise but the world is a global village now.
I’d still like to read it but I guess I’ll expect weird gendie nonsense which is a huge shame.

No. 252920

It's disjointed and weirdly formatted for a while because it was more meant to be connected one-offs than an average full story. It's on the older side so it kinda got big before the real boom of asian webcomics so the format can be confusing now, but it's a classic GL to me at this point. I love both of the girls so much, it physically pains me to think about it not continuing.

No. 252937

Fucking seriously? Wow. Nothing is sacred.

Anyway, to the anons who did still want to read it, here's the link. Normally I'd encourage anons to still support but with that flag in the Twitter description… maybe not. https://www.mediafire.com/file/9bhi5748c2ljhqo/Boyish2_English_Edition.pdf/file

No. 252942

Idk about it being discontinued. I saw screenshots from twitter on manga website talking about how the artist got so much shit from the Chinese government but then I went to another manga website and the comic was last updated in November this year.
I’m reading it here

No. 252991

Based, thanks nonnie.

No. 253027

File: 1667566642495.jpeg (117.52 KB, 1080x1039, 77519456-A4EA-4EDD-8BAE-09C06E…)

Where is this from

No. 253033

It's probably a fakeboi and not a male. Almost all the young masc lesbians these days are trans but still identify as lesbians.

No. 253061

No one is triggered by this because it's hot and actually shows her female body.

No. 253064

>you can't make out skeletal differences like you could in real life
Just draw better wtf

No. 253065

ah, ofc it's fujo art

No. 253067

That explains it, she is used to drawing mostly male bodies then.

No. 253115

ashamed to say I was reading a webcomic that started off with an abusive sub/dom relationship and kept reading it despite one of the characters becoming obsessive and practically blackmailing and molesting the other woman. It became more mutual over time but it really did feel like a yandere bl for the first thirty chapters. I'm embarrassed to even say what it is because nonnies would absolutely roast it if they knew what it was about but at least all the relationships in were between two actual women

No. 253206

you've piqued my interest, namely because I've never seen a "problematic" lesbian comic. if you post a disclaimer about whats in it, its fine imo.

No. 253404

Canon lesbians got added to the idol-adjacent game D4DJ. As someone that played a lot of Love Live as a teen and fell hard for a lot of yuribait, seeing two characters lovingly announce they're dating feels like a dream. I've never played this game and the only time I heard about it was actually from an anon in the waifu threads here, but I think I will start playing it to show support.

No. 253428

File: 1667674379269.jpg (1.24 MB, 700x1380, wish that were me.jpg)

You definitely should play it!
I had to delete it due to lack of space, but it's one of the most fun mobage music games imo! It has a TON of different note kinds which is what makes it fun for me, but if they overwhelm you, they can be disabled to only normal tap/long ones.
URs are also easy to get, and the music is pretty varied with lots of anime & game songs. Yeah it's probably one of the gayest idol games, I can't believe some of the cards they got.

Haven't kept up with it since I uninstalled but I'm happy to hear there is a canon couple now. Picrel, before them we had Tsubaki who got a crush on Aoi but since she's clueless about love they aren't dating yet.

No. 253469

File: 1667683953434.png (742.44 KB, 1230x856, mitsaya.png)

what do you guys think of this manga ?
>Title: The Guy She Was Interested in Wasn't a Guy at All
i think its cute, but i mostly tend to avoid stories with highschool elements because i feel like an old geezer creep, and i can barely relate. but i actually found myself identifying with some moments from mitsuki's perspective and wishing something like that would have happened to me when i was that age. ah…
overall it's pretty cute imo

No. 253503

I really like it! The artstyle is very cute.

No. 253504

It's cute and has a lot of flavor, it's really lovable for such a simple concept and it stands out amongst a lot of really boring highschool dramas.

No. 253587

It's more because the story is about shapeshifters in a war but nonnies would just look at like it was furry stuff & there's abuse and violence in it. It's called On a Leash if you want to find it, now I keep following cause I'm invested in the plot

No. 253593

thanks nona! anthro style doesn't bother me so I'll give it a read

No. 253622

It's very cute, but I wish it was a story with a normal lenght. I'm not into the short chapter format type. I rarely remember these type of stories exist and I end up forgetting to check out new chapters.

No. 253628

File: 1667760635212.jpeg (237.39 KB, 1400x1963, B350D154-FBB3-4577-B7D7-F06B4D…)

My friend recommended this ages ago I never finished it. sharing it in the hopes others might like it

No. 256383

Recommendations for some western lesbian media? I am a bit new to all this. I just finished Blue is the Warmest Color in graphic novel form and I was disappointed by it. What are anons general opinions of the novel outside of the movie?

No. 256679

I think I've come to the conclusion that I just hate "lesbian media" it's either some romance/school girl yuri shit which I just cannot get into or on the flip side with hollywood movies and tv shows it always end up devolving into like being a lesbian is that character's only attribute… the entire story revolves around it. That would be fine if it weren't so common and there were more variation. I just want a show or movie where the character happens to be a lesbian why is that so hard to find. I've found a couple with minor lesbian characters but it's never protagonists. I've found a couple novels that manage to do this alright

sorry this turned into a vent

No. 256772

I like Emma much better in the novels than in the movie, I really dislike the " womanizer butch " trope. For Adéle is the opposite, though. She's better in the movie.

No. 256830

I enjoyed haunting of bly manor it may not be as good as the hype but it was still enjoyable

No. 256832

there's also a lesbian character in hill house but it's not as prominent in the story as I recall.

No. 256833

File: 1669075762497.jpg (94.53 KB, 1200x675, FAAlpE8VgAc6I-M.jpg)

actually speaking of hill house and such I really liked this character and thinks she's hot from Midnight mass. They seem to have at least one lesbian in each show they do lol

No. 256864

i love this character, she was so badass at the end

No. 256897

File: 1669080963683.jpeg (296 KB, 1200x1722, 6E3CCB9D-8350-44A0-8B41-F1E18B…)

Did anyone read she loves to cook, she loves to eat? The premise seems unusual and it’s not a high school setting
The art style is super cute I plan open reading it soon

No. 256921

File: 1669084448051.jpeg (242.22 KB, 900x1300, 8F30902D-6B03-4731-A435-707B91…)

Unsure if any of this artist’s other comics are translated, but she has multiple stories about psychotic or yandere OLs, some less comedy focused that others. She also exclusively focuses on adults.

No. 256970

File: 1669094800441.jpg (29.31 KB, 253x400, hopey and maggie.jpg)

wanted to rec my favorite lesbian couple (ish?) hopey and maggie from love and rockets. they comics tend to revolve around and ensemble of characters

No. 257049

No, but why does it look like… that.

No. 257066

Fuck I'll have to check her out. I love yandere stories I don't care.

No. 257161

did you also see that tiktok about it anon? i read a couple of pages, i think it's okay and a nice premise although im not too invested

No. 257656

Yeah that’s how I found out about it

No. 268576

Finished up Sarah waters books looking for more recommendations! I'd prefer to avoid YA fiction

No. 272579

File: 1675203812941.jpeg (89.36 KB, 749x524, 7CC29F36-5A44-4072-8BFF-A18D90…)

No. 272580

File: 1675203874346.jpeg (296.54 KB, 1284x1797, C1F8A156-2687-46A9-9EE0-6A841A…)

from phryne magazine

No. 272735

Does anyone have a link to that other japanese artists comic about being a butch lesbian in Japan? (not My Lesbian experience with Loneliness)

No. 272749

>she's a butch bottom
Based. The art is so cute

No. 273432

File: 1675551112198.jpg (307.58 KB, 800x1127, 89b9ce07-54e8-4523-a454-f79c51…)

You mean Mieri Hiranishi ?

No. 282760

File: 1678822128331.png (2.8 MB, 2480x4847, manga.png)

I know how hard it is to find good lesbian content so I wanted to put here some stuff I've been reading lately just in case someone shares my taste. Some of them are unfinished though. If anyone is interested, I could also make a huge list of all the artists I follow who draw gl/lesbian stuff ? I'm also always on the look out for gl actually made by women and for women but it's unfortunately so hard to find.

Black & White - Sal Jiang
So so good ! I highly recommend it if you support women's right to fight, have crazy sexual tension and be insane while being perfect corporate professional.

Lit a Light - Sorakura Shikiji
Mafioso (mafiosa ?!) women falls in love with a kombini employee, very cute !

The Guy She Was Interested in Wasn't a Guy at All :
Kinda nonsens plot but beautiful art, cute, ridiculous and fun to follow.

From the same author I like even more :
My Female Friend Comes Home to Me Every Now and Again

If It Rains Next Week - Murasakino
Very cute, gorgeous art too !

Goodbye, My Rose Garden - Dr. Pepperco
I've only read the first tome so far and I've been having a really good time. It's a dramatic historical love story, I highly recommend if you like victorian literature.

Sumika - Sagami
Adding this because while if it could be interpreted as not gl it has absolutely amazing art and atmosphere imo.

No. 282772

Thank you nona, gonna check these out!

No. 282795

Thank you for reviving this thread! I've been meaning to read Goodbye My Rose Garden for some time.

No. 282816

File: 1678857718914.jpg (104.88 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (1).jpg)

Anyone else watching Gwitch?

No. 282819

wtf, i'm absolutely certain top right author does/did NSFW golden kamuy doujinshi. I'd recognize that style anywhere. I used to like her early fan work of it but her topic choices and stylization got so weird I stopped keeping up with her art kek. Just recently threw out one of the doujinshi i ordered a couple years ago from her because i moved in with my parents and my mom snoops (and also not that into the series anymore). anyway sorry for blog, this just threw me for a fucking loop.

No. 282822

samefag, her constant obsession with putting one of the characters in porny OL garb is making a lot more sense now lmfaoooo. I'd attach a picrel if it wouldn't kill the vibes of this nice lesbian thread to see a roided turtle man in a tight office skirt kek.

No. 282849

Kek nonna, I quicky checked her other stuff before making my post and it seemed like all of her other works were normal fantasy/action stuff. This is extremely funny to me though, good for her for getting that fujo money. It's true that the garnments are very unrealistic but it's already so much better that what men usually draw that I felt confident enough to recommend it her. What's her other pen name by the way, I'm very curious to see how her stylization got weird ?

No. 282927

File: 1678908978992.jpg (298.29 KB, 980x1400, 18.jpg)

My favorite yuri manga just decided to drop some het romance to a woman who was in love with another woman, along with a sudden bomb of it finishing in 2 chapters. Arranged marriage to break a gay couple & they even end up happy despite that, really…?
Considering the rest of the manga, the main girls will most likely end up together, but it still sucked to see this, specially when (if I recall correctly) there wasn't a single mention of men during all the manga & it pretty much felt like a female-only society where being lesbian was the norm.

No. 286817

It's what you deserve for reading this infantile bullshit anon.

No. 296857

File: 1684320793391.jpg (61 KB, 399x600, hmph.jpg)

I just started watching the L word and I hate this creepy fag groomer so much and the Moira/Max shit is tedious with Jenny being like "oohh turns me on making you more of a man" VOM. However the rest of the show is an absolute wild ride and I'm loving it

No. 296872

Infantile how, it's just your average chessy romance story.

No. 296876

It's so good, I stayed up all night reading it

No. 296973

I remember watching the L word in 2016 and it was such a wild ride. I hated the whole trans bullshit that of course had to be included in the show, but some of it was pretty okay in general to watch. I liked Shane of course, cuz i'm boring and predictable.

No. 297084

I really like Shane too! Not just cause she’s hot but she’s written like she’s actually being herself. Jenny is becoming soo annoying with her pretentious bullshit comparing herself to Monet and acting like a petulant child

No. 297424

Jenny is literally the worst character and I kept waiting for her to vanish. She was annoying to the end and never seemed to grow as a character.

No. 299479

File: 1685398327053.png (206.99 KB, 581x1055, ough.png)

Thanks for the rec nonna, I binged the entire series and the spinoffs today. Not a fan of how some of the characters look like men with boobs, but Haena is cute (and big) as fuck

No. 303589

I see plenty of manga recs to check out but does anyone have recommendations for some books with lesbian characters, i'm open to any genre, i haven't read any as i don't read much fiction, i looked around for recommendations elsewhere, but they all mention shit that turns out to have trannies or theythems. Should probably ask this in the general books thread but books about or featuring deep female friendships would be nice too, preferably not high school based stuff but i could probably read one or two like that about girls figuring stuff out too i guess.

To add something to the thread, has anyone watched the ultimatum: queer love? surprised it was free of trannies, though two of the women were not using female pronouns.

No. 303636

Have you read any Sarah Waters stuff? Her books are usually a mix of historical romance and mystery and the majority have lesbian protagonists and relationships. They’re a bit older now so no trans stuff but very good stories.

No. 303643

no i haven't, thank you, i'll check her out

No. 317098

Is Killing Eve a good show? I don't want to waste my scheduled free time on subpar content.

No. 317127

It's ok but I don't really think it's worth the watch. It doesn't even focus on their romance if that's what you're looking for. It's more like a killer drama/thriller.

No. 317231

File: 1692885315507.jpeg (489.01 KB, 1350x1920, 807ßß7ß.jpeg)

Oh fuck I forgot a yuri thread existed otherwise I would have posted this >>317027 here yesterday.
The post is about "Haru Tsuzuru", the latest emotional yuri manga I stumbled upon that I enjoyed.

The story legit made me tear up, something that rarely happens to me. Has any of you read this manga and maybe enjoyed it as much as I did?
It's currently being released in Germany so maybe out in some other countries as well. I said in that other post, but I can only recommend it and it's only two volumes long, in case that you would be interested in buying it or if you are in the mood for a quick binge-read on Mangadex.

I wish there was more yuri content with adult women out there tbh.

No. 317235

The first 2 seasons are good, 3rd is mid, 4th is really bad. And the romance is more of a simmering background complication in the first 2 seasons than the focal point. It's worth a watch if you want a cat-and-mouse crime thriller with a lesbian spin.

No. 317262

>I wish there was more yuri content with adult women out there tbh.
read korean/chinese gl.

No. 317569

I can't get into those phone scrolling comics to be honest.

No. 318455

File: 1693357536810.jpeg (595.6 KB, 1170x1283, 0279A13B-CC61-4BA0-9160-5F4C12…)

I thought you were exaggerating because I only know one character that fits what your describing.
I don’t mind it, the artist is probably attempting at portraying andro women.

No. 353981

File: 1707219112968.png (472.87 KB, 640x640, z37nO3I.png)

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