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File: 1662591104731.jpg (140.84 KB, 1200x1200, b2861f2a8c120a02c8b57d50aacf5c…)

No. 237062

A thread to post all things kirby! discuss theories, talk about the games, share some pictures, incoming new merch stuff, etc. You can also just dump cute images of kirby and co here.

No. 237079

oh, kirbyanon.

No. 237091


No. 237105

File: 1662598521237.gif (2.34 MB, 690x388, zyxx78tbgcb91.gif)

Has anyone played the new racing game? it looks super cute

No. 237110

File: 1662599602749.jpg (38.76 KB, 500x500, ef95ed2556ce47bb9a5bc6b1419d15…)

I bought this kirby plushie from nintendo newyork and I can't sleep without it. He has cured many headaches and comforted me at my lowest…I love you kirby plushie.

No. 237115

File: 1662601031826.jpg (228.55 KB, 2048x1466, IMG_4917.JPG)

Kirby is my most favorite game franchise ever. What are all of your favorite games in the series? Mine is Amazing Mirror.

No. 237117

File: 1662601333393.jpg (12.56 KB, 299x168, kirby.jpg)


I am still spellbound by it nonnies. What do the true Kirby vets think? I'm not a seasoned fan.

No. 237120

File: 1662602465832.png (240.02 KB, 600x550, NEW_WORLD(doting123).png)

Holys shit, holy shit, holy SHIT, I never thought I'd live to see the day a Kirby thread appear on this website. I thought I was the only mega fan of Kirby here, fuck I'm tearing up.

Kirby Super Star and Kirby Super Star Ultra are probably the best games in the series, it's the perfect entry point for beginners and a perfect game to play to unwind. An upcoming contender to this would be Robobot but I feel that may have begun to succeeded by Forgotten Land. Has anyone played it? 100% it? I've collected all the little wanyas but I don't think I have the energy to go for upgrading all hats and collecting all figures.

Did anyone watch the Anniversary Concert? It was amazing, The Knights' Revenge Medley was my absolute favorite next to King Dedede Fest

Posting my two favorite characters. Oh, and recently I managed to collect most of my must haves for my Kirby merchandise collection!

No. 237121

File: 1662602605780.png (680.85 KB, 887x801, kirbyandadeleine.png)

good thread

No. 237123

Most of them thought it was very good, I seldom saw any complaints about it when I was reading up on it. I think my only personal complaint is that I wish more characters were playable like Meta Knight, Bandee and Dedede.

No. 237151

I made the thread thinking about you dedede-chan! If you have art to share you can share it here.

No. 237163

File: 1662606713390.png (72.56 KB, 600x365, 183.png)

Aw, thank you Nona! Do you like Kirby as well?I'd be a bit embarrassed if this thread was made solely because of my, admittedly regrettable, tsim shenanigans. I wish I had some proper art to share but I've been a bit busy that I haven't drawn anything, I'll probably draw something within the coming weeks though.

No. 237166

>I thought I was the only mega fan of Kirby here, fuck I'm tearing up.
You're most definitely not. Unfortunately, the most recent Kirby game I've played is Triple Deluxe because I'm too poor to own a Switch and my PC isn't good enough to emulate anything past the NDS/N64. I used to be super into Kirby lore before it became a meme and Kirby became even more popular than before. So I stopped paying attention to new Kirby stuff.
Also I've never watched the anime and I'm not into Kirby fandom/shipping.

No. 237170

Thank God for that. What do you think of Tripple Deluxe, did you like it? Personally, I thought Tripple Deluxe was very good, I liked the whole fantastical setting and the whole background with Taranza was an interesting change of pace too. I'm sorry to hear that, though in my opinion other than Robobot, Forgotten Land and Team Kirby Clash Deluxe the more modern games are nothing compared to the more older titles. I was never really invested in Kirby lore to be honest, I tried to follow it but it just got too complicated with all the different threads and interpretations.

Fair enough, the anime is real hit or miss. I'm okay with it, Dedede, Escargoon and Meta Knight carried the entire anime though and to be honest I wouldn't call it a Kirby anime but a Anime with Kirby characters, that are poorly characterized no less, in it. If you're not a fan of the anime or want to get into derivative Kirby media there's always the light novels which are a very fun read. Can't really say the same as I'm super deep in the Kirby fandom but to each their own!

No. 237177

I made it because I like kirby too and I like your 'tism, lets be friends!

No. 237188

Aw, sweet! I'm happy to hear that, what is your favorite character and game nonnie?

No. 237196

Kirby 64, I don't really have a favorite character, but I dream of going to the Kirby Cafe!
if you have discord we can talk there too, leave it on the ff thread

No. 237207

Oh, hey, I remember you from another thread. Cool pic btw

No. 237218

I remember you, glad you stuck around! fuck genderspecials btw. Do you still like kirby?

No. 237241

He looks like a 2014 pastel goth tumblrina

No. 237390

Kirby 64 is pretty good, I don't re-play it as often as I should! I've always liked the whole Ability Mix gimmick, I thought it was so fun. As do I, I wish a Kirby Cafe would open up in New York already, they already have permanent establishments in Hakata and Tokyo. All of the food looks so tasty and being able to buy some sought afters without dealing with proxy fees would be nice. I only have a Kirby Café coaster I got from a bundle of Kirby doujinshi from one of my favorite Kirby doujinshi artist and two small sized matching Kirby and Dedede Kirby Café badges.

Nah, I'm a bit tuckered out from discord I'm fine talking here if you don't mind!

No. 237392

>Nah, I'm a bit tuckered out from discord I'm fine talking here if you don't mind!
what a shame. I want to see your kirby merch collection

No. 237406

Truly sorry about that Anon, if you want I posted it in the buyfag thread so you can check there. It's a bit old though. Do you have a Kirby merchandise collection, anything you're after?

No. 237480

yup! i preordered it and i love it so much. i highly recommend it although it’s better for 2 player in my opinion.

No. 237483

File: 1662702023467.gif (693.29 KB, 500x396, 89B0D00C-05C3-4B3F-85E1-2717F1…)

Kirby's so comfy and reminds me of my childhood. I can tell this will be a good thread.

No. 237484

All Kirby games are good. All Kirby threads are also good.

No. 237492

I love kirby so much!! My first game was epic yarn, and from there I played super star, 64 etc. Haven't played man of the newer games, but I'm thinking of getting robobot since it seems to be well recieved. Most kirby games are so easy it's a bit hard to go back to as an adult tbh but I don't necessarily think that's a bad thing. I remember playing Great Cave Offensive in Super Star over and over as a kid trying to get all the treasures, and I especially loved the rpg/computer boss! Posting one of my favorite kirby tracks, the music in these games is really something special ♥

No. 237517

You can post it here, it's on the OP

No. 238145

File: 1662914441154.png (239.47 KB, 566x393, tumblr_d1c2b8e39b9aaac65c337a6…)

>but I'm thinking of getting robobot since it seems to be well recieved
You should! Planet Robobot is really fun. If you like technological aesthetics and music it's definitely a must have in terms of Kirby, being able to ride a little mech is super fun. I like the second to main villian too, she's super cute.

No. 238534

No. 238535

No. 238559

File: 1663037291114.jpeg (359.3 KB, 1440x1800, 0BFA80EE-CF77-4AF2-8EEB-65CE56…)

Which Kirby do you choose?

No. 238562

Sleep of course

No. 238571

Normal, I'd be worried about the others hurting me or others.

No. 241821

Kind of, I would say a good healthy chunk of the fandom is very fragile…the type of bios that are made fun of here on the daily. I think it depends on what aspect of the fandom you are looking at rather than male and female (though there are clear differences between the two fans). I'm more so talking about the "Character Focused" side, like shipping, artists, writing, headcanons, etc.
Most Kirby fans from that section hail heavily from tumblr so you'll get the kind of stuff from that. I mostly stick to the JP side of the fandom, it's unhinged but I'd rather see a user make posts about Dedede having his period than another ultra passive aggressive hypocritical drama filled post because someone disrespected their ship.

It'd be a youtube essay teir post to go into the intricacies so I'll just list snippets from this side that I dislike
>Most fans are fujoshi, but not in the cool way, more of in the obnoxious Screech at the top of your lungs that Meta Knight is gay and get pissed if someone wants Meta Knight with a woman going as far as retweeting a post that states "Meta Knight hates women" with things like "He's so gay that's so cute", lying about a popular Meta Knight hetship to make it seem worse, or reposting that same FUCKING anime screenshot image of Meta Knight punching a demon beast that is a dopple ganger of JKR and then make jokes about how cool Meta Knight is for punching her, completely and routinely shit on a female character (Susie Haltmann) because she's shipped with him and the actions she's done to him that really weren't that bad (though this has stopped sort of) etc.
>Extreme woobification and infantilism is accepted and encouraged. I've seen people unironically depict Meta Knight as a full blown mentally disabled man and call it cute.
>People don't know how to separate media and moral puritism is absolute. Kirby has existed as games, novels, anime, and manga amd every character is different in each media. However, only in the Anime is Kirby depicted as a child, well more as a talking zygote if we're being technical. Outside of the anime, Kirby is depicted as "young". Because of the anime, everyone on the ENG side will screech if you depict Kirby in a ship with anyone else but the 'allowed' set of characters. They're unable to comprehend that Anime Kirby =/= Game Kirby, unlike the JP side which understands this. So you'll have ENG Kirby fans shit on JP fans for shipping something that's always been shipped like MetaKirby or MahoKirby since the early 2000s. All ships on the ENG side must be super wholesome, bonus points if M/M, and if it's not either of those you will be lectured or scrutinized for having an "icky" ship
>Smut of any kind can get you cancelled or witch hunted, it's happened several times
>Most Kirby fans are sensitive or unhinged so if you join a Kirby discord or deeply interact with the community prepare for trouble and make it double because you will witness so much ass kissing, drama, unchecked mental illness, ego-trips, pedophilia, passive aggressiveness, underaged zoomers, hypocrisy, double standards, keyboard smashing, elitism etc. If you are someone who doesn't know how to "socially adapt" to these types of enviorments you will not have a good time (Speaking as someone incredibly socially inept so take that as you will.). To me the Kirby Fandom is better enjoyed with individuals rather than groups. Honestly, if you want to have a group type experience with the Kirby fandom that's decent I suggest /kdg/ on /vg/
>Extreme ship patriotism is a thing.

The "Game Focused" side is absolutely dandy with the occasional argument over which game is better and such.

Male fans are either super cool or are busy masturbating to the singluar female child in the games' feet… so about your usual.

No. 242815

File: 1664265549441.jpg (378.5 KB, 2048x1152, 20220927_025539.jpg)

There's a very impressive Dedede statue releasing. I know F4F is known for being super high quality and worth its price but still way out of my budget. I love him tho

No. 242828

What do you find attractive about Dedede?

No. 242886

KEK I'm not the dedede anon, he's not my husbando. I was actually hoping to see if she'd seen this yet

No. 242887

KEKK now everyone who posts dedede is dedede-anon

No. 242892

I'm going to buy kirby's dream buffet even though I know I won't play it that much.. unless?

No. 242899

File: 1664288727218.gif (793.16 KB, 498x498, kirby-headphones.gif)

headphones kirby. love this dude

No. 242901

its a good game! I loved it

No. 246361

File: 1665504563339.png (103.63 KB, 539x476, 1665437982084993.png)

I was re-watching the Kirby anime and I finally got to the episode where it's a parody and celebration of J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter, dubbed Pappy Pottey. They even put her, named Rowlin, in the episode too and she's adorable. It's a cute episode and I like how it shows everyone in Dreamland, including Dedede himself (who we learn cannot read), gets caught up and enraptured in the book finding it to be the best thing ever and when the real Rowlin shows up everyone is a fan of her.
I also, find it extremely poetic and aged like wine that the demon beast of the episode was a monster who dresses up and skin-walks JKR and Meta Knight punches him lmao

No. 246371

File: 1665507419487.jpg (167.3 KB, 1152x1343, payaso.jpg)

I found picrel on a store and bought him. I had forgotten how happy these games make me, it even was what made me start drawing. And now that I'm getting back into kirby, it made me start drawing again, funny how that works. Even if you have no skill like me, drawing circles with happy faces is therapeutic.

Anyways, I haven't played since Robobot (can you believe it has been 6 years since it already…?) and would like to get one of the switch ones, should I get Star Allies or Forgotten Land first?
Taranza and Drawcia are my favorite Kirby characters so it looks fun to be able to play as him & as one of Drawcia's little sisters, but I'm also curious about how they handled a full 3D kirby game.

No. 246374

File: 1665508091228.png (1.57 MB, 1280x720, DreamFriends.png)

Oh! I have the Dedede version of that one, I want to collect the Meta Knight version. Kirby is definitely fun and easy to draw with, especially since every character is made of simple shapes.

As for switch games. I would suggest Star Allies if you're used to the general 2.5D style of Kirby games and want something you're used to and simple. Star Allies is more of a celebration type game rather than an actual game, it has almost every popular character spanning from Daroach from Squeak Squad to Susie Haltmann from Robobot to choose from pic related. Main game is extremely easy but that can cause it to get kind of boring, at least the boss rush challenges are harder though.
Forgotten Land is better if you want to play something completely new and unlike any other past Kirby games, it's completely 3D and I enjoyed it a lot and unlike Star Allies it's rather long and has good amounts of re-play ability and goals to complete like rescuing all the Waddle Dees. To me, Forgotten Land has a bit more difficulty and challenge to it compared to Star Allies.

No. 246386

File: 1665509780354.png (1007.29 KB, 1000x1000, dcoc7pg-898a2ce0-3965-4f85-a18…)

I was pleasantly surprised by how long the new kirby game demo was I got to play like 4 different levels. I think I'm going to buy it this weekend

No. 246421

File: 1665513061781.png (1.69 MB, 3720x3120, kirbymarx.png)

I didn't know Daroach was on KSA too! He's another one of my faves Spinni is cuter tho, we love a ninja girl. I think I will start with it then, the easy difficulty is a bonus for me, my favorite thing about Kirby is to just walk around looking at all the details they put into the bg/characters and listening to its music, I find it very relaxing.

Yeah, the characters' simple shapes are the best! I started doodling them in class because of how easy they were to remember. I started drawing again in august and did this when I bought the plush, since it's hard to mess up drawing kirby, it motivates me to continue learning/drawing.

No. 246709

File: 1665569608342.png (61.23 KB, 598x764, merch.png)


It looks like HAL is looking for people to bring more merch outside Japan.
With plushies, manga, artbooks, picture books and such we have been pretty spoiled over here in the recent years, I'm glad the merch they brought overseas seems to have been doing good enough for HAL to see it profitable and recruit more employees.
I wonder if they will consider opening an online store like pokemon; I guess certain series won't be able to release overseas due to them being collab with japanese brands, but it would be cool to be able to buy the other series without having to rely on proxies.

(Screenshot below the tweet is a machine translation of the page HAL linked)

No. 246752

Finally! I knew one day Hal would recognize the possibility for overseas merch selling. I hope they start making official translations of the novels.

No. 246764

I hope! I'm not sure about the US, but where I live the children picture books got translated. Also it seems in france they started to translate the novels, so there's hope!
I'm glad HAL has been more open to sell stuff outside japan lately, even people who don't play Kirby buy merch because the characters are too cute! That's actually how I found about it, because I was gifted a kirby plush when I was little and later I looked into it.

No. 249773

File: 1666514243120.gif (182.44 KB, 500x442, aAaA.gif)

No. 249781

File: 1666514758034.png (241.27 KB, 640x640, important.png)

No. 249932

I love scientist kirby

No. 253735

File: 1667799880936.png (119.54 KB, 400x400, zzz.png)

Being raided again…

No. 253736

File: 1667799936398.png (174.52 KB, 400x400, hert.png)

No. 253737

File: 1667799963355.png (195.25 KB, 400x400, lv.png)

No. 253738

File: 1667799996157.png (160.52 KB, 401x401, hap.png)

No. 253739

File: 1667800032989.png (390.67 KB, 685x563, big.png)

No. 253740

File: 1667800064203.png (159.33 KB, 400x400, hertt.png)

No. 265777

File: 1672443589549.gif (341.38 KB, 600x853, kirby__white_wafers_by_paperli…)

Dedede is looking at you in the eyeballs

No. 265780

Stop staring at me with them big ol' eyes. Kirby Return To Dreamland Deluxe is coming out soon, in like fifty days if I recall correctly. I don't know if I'm going to get it.

No. 266019

File: 1672552286066.gif (1.73 KB, 34x33, kirby-fat-kss.gif)

No. 266020

File: 1672552542672.gif (2.14 KB, 26x30, kirby-spin-kss.gif)

No. 266021

File: 1672552564835.gif (2.02 KB, 55x36, kirby-inhale-kss.gif)

No. 266060

File: 1672592786104.jpg (87.12 KB, 452x767, 1654277724491.jpeg.jpg)

CP bump

No. 266063

File: 1672593177347.png (870 KB, 800x800, A18C01FE-D9B4-40C5-9500-F3115D…)

No. 266067

File: 1672593719222.png (177.92 KB, 600x600, 58123668_p0.png)

They hate to see a girlboss winning please HAL bring her back don't let her fade into non-existence

No. 266810

File: 1672762324678.jpg (134.41 KB, 1280x720, 142432.jpg)

Any other Amazing Mirror fans here? It's always been my favourite Kirby.

No. 266817

I think Amazing Mirror was fun, if not a little confusing at times.

No. 266839

I actually played it for the first time not long ago and loved it! As much as I love Return to DreamLand, I wish they had given the remake to Amazing Mirror instead. It doesn't need one but I feel it would make most of it rather than a game that was already in 3D.

My only complaint about Amazing Mirror is that most worlds/levels feel so small compared to World 1. It took me a good chunk of time to explore every nook and cranny in W1 and then finished the other ones pretty fast. But other than that, it was very fun to play and the pixel art is amazing.

No. 266906

File: 1672817090000.png (4.75 MB, 1904x1499, E17PHGsVUAEQvHQ.png)

Agreed, levels like Mustard Mountain were kind of lame and small compared to how big Rainbow Road and Cabbage Cavern were.

I really love Candy Constellation though, I can't complain about that one.

Also don't scroll, cp ahead

No. 266930

File: 1672831400208.png (33.43 KB, 113x112, obesitykeeby.png)

I finally pulled the trigger and bought The Forgotten Land and it's so fun I have to say it's in my top 3 Switch games of all time
>mfw powering up the fire to lava for the first time

No. 268859

File: 1673650038023.png (46.51 KB, 314x277, sandability.png)

No. 268870

File: 1673653907015.png (548.14 KB, 826x738, FmO33XaXEAAm3C3.png)

Sand is so cool. Though I'm more excited for the Mech ability, you get a goddamn mech suit.

No. 272312

hello kirby nonnas i come in peace, i finally have stable income and wish to finally engage in kirby like i wanted to as a kid, are there any games/content that u think would be best to try out first for someone new to kirby?

No. 284480

File: 1679408834392.jpg (29.8 KB, 460x325, FrNkrX0aEAAPahD.jpg)

Have any of you bought the KRTDL remake? I wasn't impressed when it was first announced, but after playing the demo it really felt like they put lots of love into it, the graphics are even more beautiful and the new abilities are fun.

I would buy it in a heartbeat, but I bought the original one relatively recently, so I don't feel like spending another $60 on a similar game. I will get it as soon as the price drops/I find it second hand though. The Magolor epilogue looks pretty interesting and I want to know what's going on.

I'm glad HAL keeps putting lots of effort in the great majority of their games, I feel if it were another company, they would've just done the bare minimum to port KRTDL and call it a day.

No. 284482

Oh, I did, I loved it! While I love it, and find it to be a wonderful remake it really is sort of a game you kind of want to get when the price drops. As the only truly new things are the Epilouge and Merry Magoland (A whole lot of minigames that makes me think we'll be getting a Mario Party esque game later down the line) otherwise, besides some fancy new graphics and revamped OST there's not much separating it from the original. So if you played the original RtDL you wouldn't miss out too much by being late to playing RtDLD. I only bought it day one because I have an urge to play the games as soon as possible and I love to support HAL. I will warn you, while Magolor Epilogue is really fun to play and it's pretty interesting lore and story wise…it's unfortunately very short.
Play Kirby Super Star/Ultra

No. 293597

Make him more bald

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