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File: 1662557672238.jpg (657.91 KB, 1080x1080, posterboah.jpg)

No. 286016

>What is this thread
By popular demand, we have created the retarded shitpost thread /g/ edition, which of course, talks about husbandos and horny shit
>Why was this made / what is the difference
The difference is that here you can be retarded about your fictional 3D and 2D crushes so you don't clog the other retarded thread. Post memes, be frisky, whatever.
>But why
Farmers are some horny bitches
>Examples of posts that go here
-I want the Jojos to gangbang me raw
-I love me some man tiddies

The retarded hornyposting thread now includes pairings.
For real 3D men hornyposting, refer to: >>>/g/193846
For other /g/ related shitposts just use the current /ot/ thread. Thank you!

Previous horny: >>>/g/273807

No. 286019

Thank you for the new thread! Also the filename kek

No. 286022

Remember to vote for your husbando in the poll!

No. 286024

survey is still open until Saturday 12PM UTC btw

No. 286028

Who is Patches? if a layman cannot easily find the character just by googling the name at least include the name of the series they're from!

No. 286029

samefag I'm going to assume the Dark Souls character?

No. 286031

I'm hanging up on you nona

No. 286033

File: 1662560213563.jpeg (77.19 KB, 500x722, 484C0DE8-D4CD-4354-9A99-8F9B97…)


No. 286040

File: 1662561301298.png (1.37 MB, 1920x1080, 1461781676.png)

I want to officially thank the anon that posted about Brett in the last thread, it made me check out the cartoon, and now I love him as well.
He's perfect.

No. 286058

File: 1662564121830.jpg (50.19 KB, 549x709, __chris_redfield_resident_evil…)

I love my new tiddy mousepad of him so much. I feel healed every time I touch him.

No. 286063

File: 1662564420935.jpg (84.06 KB, 630x840, FadPoriagAAGa-c.jpg)

I just know that he has a nice and well-kept pink bush and a large (but not too large) beautiful dick with a tattoo saying "Saddharma Pundarika Sutra" on it. All of him looks beautiful and that is why he wants to prance around naked all the time. The tragedy is that we will never see him fully nude.

Wow lucky! Can you post a pic of it?

No. 286070

I've been reading every one of these threads saving anime, movies and games based on all of the husbandos that pique my interest. Just letting you nonas know that I'm in too deep, and I love you all.

No. 286071

what have you got into so far from these threads?

No. 286075

How fun, how big is your list/what's on it?

No. 286077

File: 1662565481451.jpg (400.45 KB, 1707x2048, 20220721_113719.jpg)

I just NEED to design and manufacture my own plush/keychain/whatever before the year of the tiger is over. The sketches are there, I just need to stop being so lazy…

No. 286108

Which response has been the funniest/most unhinged so far, poll anon?

No. 286109

File: 1662568337681.jpg (115.57 KB, 600x881, FZFKNtqUEAMrEtz.jpg)

Hhahaah noo don't shoot yourself in the head.

No. 286114

Nothing that out of the ordinary really, even the non-humans are quite… regular-ish (at least appearance-wise, didn't bother to look into all of those characters' plot lines). I hope that neither of the Sanswives was ironic, nor the Spamtonwife. There's also Shadow the Hedgehog (how could there not be?) and Megatron and some Cookie Run cookie, some monsterfuckers but conventional by monsterfucker standards I guess? Yeah, nothing particularly unhinged or funny really yet.

No. 286116

Mmm, gunnilingus.

No. 286119

File: 1662568926245.jpg (378.36 KB, 990x646, xRrZB2q.jpg)

A fellow intellectual!

No. 286127

File: 1662569408298.jpg (109.77 KB, 962x1178, FQjcOQlaIAIYsi_.jpg)

Wait does it count as monsterfucking if I wanna do Mahito?

No. 286130

no it doesn't, you can't sit with us

No. 286136

OK, thanks now I feel normal.

No. 286139

File: 1662570054023.gif (9.8 MB, 540x300, d2b6037f8112435f4287baa457ac0b…)

I can't pin point what it is about him that is so attractive to me, he's not even the most physically attractive dmc guy to me, I think Vergil and Dante look hotter but who cares! His body language and the way he speaks and the emotionality and his cute and genuine personality? He's got this boy next door essence despite the edginess. I can't watch any dmc v playthroughs anymore because I have to pause constantly to swoon

No. 286142

Sorry anon, he's for my eyes only but I appreciate the interest!

No. 286147

File: 1662570834455.png (987.96 KB, 1580x1280, hp79j7y.png)

Hey Chriswife, have you seen this statue?

No. 286158

Oh gosh, the list feels never ending so here are some highlights I'm super excited for!
Yakuza—literally any game—it's a smorgasbord of potential malewives! RDR2, Resident Evil (zombie games scare the hell out of me, but I was playing RE4 with a friend and I want Leon and Helena to crush me between them), and beautiful, precious, angel baby Raiden from MGS. Also, Touken Ranbu cause of course.
Captain Harlock and the movie from 2013 looks especially amazing. I'm getting melancholic BlackJack vibes and I heard he respects women so what more do I need? Kengan Ashura cause of the himbo, Land of the Lustrous, that beautiful familiar from Vampire Princess Miyu, Outlaw Star, Saint Seiya, Beyond the Grave, Wolf's Rain, BNA: Brand New Animal, Dororo, Space Battleship Tiramisu, and there are many more, but my mind's at a blank and my bookmarks are across multiple folders. I've got 2 more threads to go so I'm adding more to the harem as we speak.

No. 286159

With a heavy heart I regret to inform y'xll that surveymonkey does not let me see more than the first 40 answers unless I give them monies.

No. 286160

It's so cute when anons call others "x-wife"

No. 286161

How much?

No. 286162

File: 1662571631074.jpg (24.36 KB, 750x750, ce9c684f-e5bb-4bc0-a3f7-d37459…)

I wish she had more non coomer style figures. Too bad as soon as she had a kid she stopped being cool.

No. 286167

File: 1662571780750.png (58.17 KB, 1522x605, sorry not worth it.png)

too much.

No. 286170

wait, i already saved the responses separately, if i delete the existent ones would it allow me to view new ones? we can only try.

No. 286171

ok, it does work.

No. 286175

File: 1662572996170.png (85.32 KB, 899x691, FD-gsjuXMAIWdZC.png)

You're welcome! So glad to see someone else who also loves Brett! He's just the sweetest handsome sunshine around.

No. 286176

Are there other anonymous polls? I’d love to see the results of everyone’s husbandos

No. 286177

I had the biggest crush on her when I was younger. I’d draw me and her hanging out because I didn’t know exactly that it was a fictional crush haha

No. 286178

So the poll continues?

No. 286180

File: 1662573599958.gif (686.33 KB, 400x300, crybabymylove.gif)

I'm really bad at not being self deprecating about it when I'm not being a total major sperg about him. Please pray for me, nonnas.

No. 286182

File: 1662573754714.jpg (348.73 KB, 1181x1202, 2G879GIXQ.jpg)

This made me chuckle. For an "odd" husbando, he sure is popular. When Shadow is shown at conventions the cheers get noticeably higher in pitch.
I'm really happy to see a fellow Shadow appreciator here. Shadow deserves lots of love and care, and I just can't get over how nice that fluff on his chest looks. I want him to read me a dictionary with that nice voice of his.

No. 286184

not her but, kek, Shadow never made me go feral but I've felt some type of way about him for probably over a decade now.

there's just something very charming about him.

No. 286193

That's so cute Nonna! I wonder just how many of us had crushes on female characters when we were younger but couldn't understand our feelings at the time.

No. 286194

File: 1662576137509.gif (982.31 KB, 500x333, tumblr_m3ma4tyeFw1ruehg7o1_500…)

No. 286195

Toriyama has the very old Japanese man habit of turning every single cool female character into a background housewife after they get hitched

Bulma >> beautiful billionaire genius and one of the protagonists in the first part of the story >> Trunks' mom, manlet's wife and sugar mama
Chi Chi >> Cute warrior princess >> Country bumpkin tiger mom and wife to an idiot who probably just loves her as a friend
Android 18 >> Stunning, literal living superweapon >> another manlet's wife
Videl >> Adorable badass who could've been an awesome Z fighter in her own right >> Housewife of the one Z fighter who doesn't even want to fight

No. 286197

I don't even like Sonic games that much, but I always had a soft spot for Shadow. Maybe because he has the most personality out of all characters and has a very cool design. He is very edgy, maybe too edgy for a Sonic game, but I never thought it was bad, more so bad, it's good way. And I don't mean it in a bad way.
So, great taste, Nonna. Hope you are happy being together with your husbando.

No. 286199

File: 1662576989511.jpg (181.85 KB, 765x600, SV223_biohazard_chris_main.jpg)

I have not, dear lord, thank you anon! This one is priority for me at the moment though. I recently had the courage to put up my giant Chris Village statue on top of my desk and it's so funny to see a whole ass man right next to my Pokémon and Sanrio plushies.

No. 286200

it sure does, up until Saturday 12PM UTC!

No. 286201

I really envy your courage and genuinely hope he brings you so much happiness to look at everyday, Chriswife.

No. 286205

I'm jealous, I wish my husbando got a figurine like that.
Is it your desk at work?

No. 286206

File: 1662577769631.png (90.83 KB, 741x592, No_more_heroes_godhand_edit (1…)

No. 286208

Thank you anons! I feel a little guilty having a mini shrine of him on top of my desk when my number one husbando doesn't even have so much an official keychain. But he makes me happy. And it's my home desk but it doubles as my office/studio since I sell art on the side.

No. 286210

File: 1662578283594.jpg (189.6 KB, 850x1063, 1645376978303.jpg)

I love this deranged, absolute madman terrorist. He attacked the Americans, that's husbando material enough for me!

No. 286212

File: 1662579100600.gif (2.61 MB, 400x222, preach.gif)

Moral of the story: women have never needed marriage to be their best selves, but men certainly need them.

No. 286214

It just occurred to me that they gave that line to the villain even though she's absolutely correct.

No. 286215

ot but I loved that movie as a kid, should watch it again someday

No. 286219

Who is Viktor? Please give full name and/or source material!

No. 286221

should've used google forms and tell nonnies to open in a private window smh

No. 286222

File: 1662580072448.jpg (556.02 KB, 2048x1700, IMG_20220907_144713.jpg)

Oh to have my two favorite himbos serve me a refreshing beverage on a hot summer day

No. 286223

read the messages below, you can still fill in

No. 286226

File: 1662580502152.jpg (463.02 KB, 2560x1920, 81u7pPdBDGL._RI_.jpg)

>Space Battleship Tiramisu
wtf I didn't know this existed. How is this so female-gazey? I'm gonna watch it now.

No. 286233

Supreme taste, love that fanart, love them

No. 286234

think about him very day. wish he'd blow smoke in my face

No. 286236

File: 1662581734991.gif (1.39 MB, 498x220, blaze'd.gif)

my retarded ass didnt add the file

No. 286243

He respects women too much to do that, and that makes me like him.

No. 286245

Epic list nona. Are you going play the touken ranbu browser game or switch game or both? The switch game is really good.

No. 286250

If you aren't a gay man don't use that faggy term that conjures up images of femboy traps.
And If you are a gay man, gtfo.

Probably Yuri on Ice.

I really should finish watching this, the last in season anime I watched.

No. 286251

The blond guy is cute, is the show any good?

No. 286252

NTA, I agree with the sentiment but I think you're being a bit too aggressive.
Anyway I think a better term to use is husbando or househusband, personally

No. 286257

File: 1662584384033.jpg (156.83 KB, 400x320, househusband.jpg)

Househusband has the better je ne sais quoi in English, but doesn't work in the varying contexts like Husbando does.

No need to be so aggro, just assume she's ESL or something. Nonna's clearly so ecstatic making lists of potential guys for her future harem, I'm happy for her.

No. 286258

Art that has Ogata's undershirt showing always feels so scandalous

nta but chill. I like the term malewife it's fun and gives a different vibe than husbando. I never relate it to femboy traps moreso to subservient men who are otherwise very masculine like >>286257

The aggression from anons and paranoia of gay scrotes in the husbando threads is getting tiring, ngl.

No. 286261

I don't like the term myself, but I also don't mind other anons using it in the context of fictional men. Also, the Yakuza guys aren't feminine at all, so we know that anon didn't mean it in the way gay scrotes say it.
Imo it's like "pinkpill", because when we say it, we mean "the truth about males", and when incels use it they mean "becoming AGP and cross-dressing to lose your virginity to a man out of desperation".

No. 286266

Kek I didn't expect this anime to be like… This.

No. 286268

File: 1662587594659.jpg (381.95 KB, 1800x1300, Dark.Magician.full.3134120.jpg)

god I want to fuck him. time to rewatch yugioh

No. 286272

I want to be friends with Dedede-chan
Dedede-chan pls reply if you're here

No. 286274

File: 1662589157127.gif (1.29 MB, 320x213, A46I4w.gif)

I shouldn't watch this, my heart doesn't have room for yet another silly cartoon husband

No. 286275

File: 1662589693861.png (169.14 KB, 504x326, traintistic.png)

No. 286279

File: 1662591415631.jpg (605.7 KB, 960x1050, tumblr_7be0056fd9597c9591b3ebe…)

Thanks to the nonas for being so nice about it. I didn't mean malewives in the gay moid way, but as a loving, doting guy assuming the traditionally female roles as caretaker and emotional support. I just felt like it fit and that it was cute.

Also! I don't feel like I'm worthy to call him my husbando, but Elrond from the world of Tolkien is it. He's just so wonderful in every way, even his few flaws, and the way he's overcome so much, yet has created a safe haven for those around him like—what mortal man could ever? I'd never want to meet him, I don't even want him to know of me because I think he'd be able to see even the most unlovable parts of me at a glance. The thing is, I think someone like him could even find something lovable in me and that's why it's hard not to admire this warm and noble spirit.

And I play Touken Ranbu on web browser and forgot the game came to switch. I just remembered that Cheer Danshi is on my list and I wanted to share in case any nonas were interested in cute cheerleader husbandos.

No. 286280

File: 1662592006034.jpeg (520.48 KB, 1443x2048, E--7pc3VQAMS8qW.jpeg)

>Art that has Ogata's undershirt showing always feels so scandalous
Why is this so true though

No. 286281

Geez sensitive much, should I have said please.

That's still bad, instead of being faggy you're just being misogynistic. Why can't a husbando be kind and doting, why does a kind man have to be a wife.

No. 286285

its not that deep nonna. its just a memey term.

No. 286289

File: 1662595575325.jpg (42.38 KB, 600x578, a30.jpg)

You must be one of those bitches that doesn't take out her tampon when shitting that shitposting mentioned; you've got something stuck way too up your cunt, calm down a tad.

I wanna see more cute speeches from nonnas like >>286279 and less stupid in-fights because of moid paranoia from elsewhere on the site.

No. 286294

Misogynistic?? Topkek anon it's just a term of endearment get a grip.

No. 286311

Scrotes are shit at being parental figures or romantic partners. I feel like mothers are way better at having both the traits of a mother and father personally

No. 286312

this is just objectively correct

No. 286313

I love Chaos. I love his design. I love his voice. I love his theme music. I love his personality. He's so cute and mysterious and dangerous and whacky. I love Happy Chaos!!!

No. 286317

Whatever you're getting at has nothing to do with fictional characters.
I'm just saying, I don't care what dumb reasoning you have 'malewife' is still a trashy meme word that shouldn't be used by a woman.
And I wasn't ripping anybody's throat out, lol, do I have to use tone indicators miss I saw that deleted post.

No. 286323

File: 1662606271483.jpg (60.25 KB, 510x680, FbKqfR-VUAAPEwj.jpg)

To me, husbandos reign supreme over irl moids because they have aspects that we wish irl moids have but will never be capable of having, along with the comfort that they will never do you dirty or act out of line.

No. 286326

File: 1662607293165.jpg (592.85 KB, 576x1024, 73503488_p6_master1200.jpg)

There's all of the appeal of the violent guard dog type of guy with none of the actual danger of being at his whims or being caught in any crossfire.

God, I'm so in love with my dumb monkey eared Italianio. I love everything about him, including his imperfections. Maybe even especially his imperfections.

No. 286327

No one cares, it has nothing to do with this thread. fuck off

No. 286333

File: 1662611414516.jpeg (217.52 KB, 700x1292, F7076D0D-542F-496E-B2C0-BF3917…)

not the anon you replied to but narancia is so sweet, I love how he was so nice to trish and empathized with her
I miss the part 5 boys so much I wish araki would make a oneshot with them or something

No. 286343

>I love how he was so nice to trish and empathized with her
Yes! I like how he admits that he doesn't understand girls but still figures out that Trish wanted to be asked if she was ok by Bruno. I hate how he's reduced to a retard in memes when he's actually really intelligent, he just didn't have any proper schooling.

>I miss the part 5 boys so much I wish araki would make a oneshot with them or something

Same, sis, same.

No. 286344

File: 1662612971023.jpg (155.77 KB, 1161x1292, EmbLKP8UYAAnTGR.jpg)

My image didn't post, sorry nonnas

No. 286360

File: 1662615632465.jpg (60.3 KB, 437x600, Kaneki.Ken.600.1752923.jpg)

My first husbando and one of my inspirations to become a writer. I just want to make him happy, keep him safe, drink some coffee and have gentle femdom sex.

No. 286361

The chapter where he and Touka have sex is so sweet, but goddamn am I tired of anime ending with the main girl getting married and popping out a baby. I'd rather it be Kaneki than anybody else though. He deserves a calm life after the torture that was his early adulthood. I kinda have a husbando from Tokyo Ghoul too, but I'm way too embarrassed to say who it is.

No. 286362

File: 1662617413095.jpg (338.09 KB, 2048x1500, B5F[1].jpg)

It really was sweet… I like how it was a more loving and less vulgar depiction of sex, it sucks how most people just view it as "Lol the manga turned into a hentai XD" instead. I personally don't mind Kaneki having a kid, because his relationship with Hinami was adorable and I actually see him becoming a good father, but I don't really like the ship between him and Touka, it feels more like something that happened out of obligation than a natural thing. In my case, I'm not a fan of that kind of ship dynamic.
Don't feel shame nonna! A lot of unique husbandos get posted here, no judgement on this thread

No. 286363

File: 1662617421572.jpg (138.68 KB, 937x937, 04c68ab9f31a5837157bf5ca3a2d1f…)

Share, nonna, at least I won't judge you.

No. 286364

Thank you nonnas. It makes my heart really happy to see other people who think he's cute too. I am happy, I've loved him for around 8 years now.
Husbando's imperfections are part of what makes him perfect, in a sense. I completely agree with you there.

No. 286365

File: 1662618332172.jpg (590.61 KB, 1269x2216, Barney.jpg)

Who is Barney? From now on any other answer that is not painfully obvious will be discarded.

No. 286375

100% agree with Kaneki+ Touka. It seemed to me that it went from 0 to 100 real fast, real soon. Kaneki didnt really show attraction towards Touka, more like shame and embarrassment for stuff he or she would do, but there was never any sexual tension whatsoever. (just have to mention my opinion comes from the manga since I never watched the anime)

My TG husbando is Arima. Oh god his type of character (serios/stoic/silent etc) make me go crazy. Extra points because his hair was white and most of my fave husbandos have white hair

No. 286377

Thinking about that time I drew all my husbandos + my celeb crush at the time as ponies once, with me in the middle of my harem

No. 286379

File: 1662624709576.jpg (207.46 KB, 1375x978, abbacchio.jpg)

true he is pretty clever throughout the show
I'm personally in love with the grumpy goth wino kek but narancia is super adorable too so I can definitely see why you like him so much!

No. 286380

File: 1662625577032.jpg (95.05 KB, 1055x622, D_KVE7jU4AAhTL6.jpg)

Arima was so handsome and cool! I liked Nishiki a lot too, his relationship with Kimi just really touched me.

Thank you, nonna. You have such great tastes too.

No. 286385

File: 1662626636935.png (470.39 KB, 1024x574, image_2022-09-08_034505991.png)


No. 286386

with yourself as also a pony or human?

No. 286388

No. 286389

File: 1662627857672.jpg (188.12 KB, 850x557, 3.jpg)

aw thanks narancianon!

No. 286396

File: 1662629846894.jpg (53.18 KB, 594x840, c87b99a40c613fd640173dc5121872…)

Stoic/silent types are really good, they often have a very mysterious vibe. And goddess taste for liking white haired husbandos, it's a really nice detail in many characters. Also, I'm mostly going by the manga too, since it's more complete, so don't worry!

No. 286400

I don't like that term either but I enjoy how passionate your posts are nona.
Never heard of Cheer Danshi, it looks really cute!

No. 286409

Omg I NEED it. Either that's from 2001 or someone's printing new stuff, either way I'm happy and also touched to be remembered aaaa
Sorry if I accidentally ignored anyone, I've been banned for no reason and I'm posting from another computer so my time on LC is pretty much done when lurking itt is a lot less fun than talking to people…

No. 286418

File: 1662637151279.jpg (88.21 KB, 960x959, 1591747679402.jpg)

Posting about him again because this man will be the death of me. His smile is so soft, I want to pet his hair and shower him with kisses and affection so badly.
Amazing list nona and glad you want to check out Kengan Ashura because of him. Now I'm curious of what your reaction will be.

No. 286419

I ate cheese before bed and I dreamed of my husbando. He was holding an umbrella by the door because it was raining outside and I tried to keep him inside by pushing him onto a bed. But he really wanted to go out in the rain and he looked so cute with a red umbrella so we went out and walked in the rain together. I feel like my mind is telling me to stop being so horny

No. 286443

i'm joining the leagues of anons complaining about the lack of quality fic on ao3, specifically for my husbando. there is exactly one decently written, non-rapey fic and while it contains some truly excellent fluff, it stops just short of the spicy stuff. i may just have to write my own because this fucker has the perfect 'duplicitous bastard who desperately grovels when in genuine danger' personality that's just ripe for all sorts of femdom (in the proper sense) scenarios. fuck it, i will do it and it will be cringe but i don't care.

No. 286444

File: 1662645032440.jpeg (147.51 KB, 768x1024, tumblr_micuouygSy1rikc2ro2_128…)

So I've been on an Ace Attorney kick lately, and I've just discovered there were originally "dark" versions of Phoenix and Layton during development for the VS game that came out on the 3DS. Picrel is dark!Layton's concept, and the variant on the right captured my heart immediately. Ever since then I haven't been able to shake him off my mind or daydreams, it's ridiculous. I already love the original Layton because he's so sweet and gallant, but he never made me outright lustful like THIS. I'm literally fussing over a vapor husbando that doesn't exist and I almost feel retarded for it

No. 286445

I'd love to be friends outside of LC Vincent anon! Do you have a Discord?

No. 286446

That sounds promising, I wish I could read your fic nona.

No. 286447

I like that the cheese was a vital player in this narrative

No. 286454

File: 1662646870686.jpg (217.54 KB, 748x759, Tumblr_l_79255978716899.jpg)

This is Barney, I love Barney Calhoun, he is my husband, and we have been married for a while now.

No. 286461

I'll read the manga before the anime! He's so pretty and truly pure of heart dumb of ass. The female characters I saw also had defined personalities and good looks so let's goooo!

No. 286464

Fair enough (I love him too), but how was I supposed to know you were talking about him in particular though?

No. 286470

File: 1662649057163.jpg (381.96 KB, 856x896, 155300512582838.jpg)

Oh wait, you were talking about the survey, right? I didn't post in it, I thought the Barney the dinosaur post was a strange shitpost and I randomly replied to it, sorry for the confusion nonna. (Though I imagine the anon that posted that name in the husbando poll also meant him, since I don't know any other characters named Barney. Whoever you are, the other Barney-anon, I love you, you have great taste.)

No. 286471

LMAO surveynona i am so sorry, i put in barney and sephiroth because i'm retarded and wanted to make you laugh. And yeah i meant barney the dinosaur though i love that someone else had an actual other barney, K i'll just see myself out now

No. 286472

yeah, someone mentioned Barney with no last name or source material so I was unable to properly identify the character. I did now count that answer as Barney Calhoun, if that is not the case, anon is free to reply so I correct.

No. 286474

lmao! you could at least have said barney the dinosaur so i could easier figure out it was a shitpost lol pwease be pashient i hab autism

No. 286475

also tbh sephiroth did throw me off because he is a very very common husbando even though he hadn't been mentioned before in this survey

No. 286476

I support you, sexylaytonanon. I can't decide whether i like him better with the cigar or the wine. The rose on the lapel is great

No. 286478

Ayrt, i wanted you to have a mental image of barney and sephiroth smiling at you at the same time to make you go wtf and laugh. But hey you can put in sephiroth actually, he was one of my firsts and i still take him out for walks. My traditional staple husbando

No. 286480

Cheese always gives me insanely vivid dreams kek

No. 286481

what kind of cheese

No. 286484

File: 1662651462407.jpg (74.23 KB, 319x340, 1661456005619.jpg)

>still take him out for walks
ily anon

No. 286486

Not even a Sniperwife, but this is obligatory because of the cheese dream discussion.

No. 286491

Need to grab my husbando and sniff him from his hips to his neck. That is all.

No. 286517

damn that sounds exactly like my type. we're together in the fic starvation.

No. 286522

File: 1662658288681.gif (2.89 MB, 498x280, Sigh.gif)

I don't even care about winning anymore, I just want to see him on my screen as much as possible.

No. 286523

Yes the female characters are great, and also you should read the four panel comics that are at the end of various chapters. They're really cute and also it's where the dorky side of the characters really shine. There's a collection of all of them on imgur, but some are related to the story so I won't spoil anything.
Hope you will enjoy reading the manga!
Go for it nona. I started to write fics fairly recently, and even if they're cringe or badly written it's better than waiting forever for a good fic about your man.

No. 286529

Saiyans are so HOT.

No. 286532

File: 1662662627679.jpeg (176.81 KB, 750x1061, 02B7FF77-2072-4582-96FF-B6D972…)

No. 286533

File: 1662662658288.jpeg (155.87 KB, 736x1040, A265186C-5949-4962-B566-575FFB…)

No. 286534

File: 1662662679318.jpeg (71.52 KB, 680x454, 355679A5-44EA-4199-B4F2-5A8824…)

No. 286535

we were all ponies

No. 286536

Nayrt but thirded I shall go get myself educated in English so I can write fics for us

No. 286544

SSJ4 Gogeta is such a specific husbando, do you only like this transformation or are also into the other forms?

No. 286569

File: 1662674039689.png (1.09 MB, 946x1020, export202209081654176250.png)

Who cares he's hawt

Monkey man makes me wanna go ape kek

No. 286575

File: 1662676890097.jpeg (Spoiler Image,163.57 KB, 600x858, A6A897D0-7BF4-4A82-97F9-6CD803…)

absolute perfection

No. 286576

What is this? The one with the black hair and red fuzz(?) is especially hot. I think he has some sort of eyeliner too. I saw him once before but I thought it was someone's OC because it looked too good to be an actual dragonball character. You're telling me this is Goku and Vegeta mashed together then evolved four times or some shit? So conflicting because neither of those characters are attractive to me. Anyway damn nona post some more

No. 286577

File: 1662678223089.jpg (160.23 KB, 705x1000, images to make anon cry.jpg)

i think the gap moe a tired faux-ojisan can provide is some of the strongest and most erotic material known to womankind. i really hope the recent trademarking of sidem means there's a console game in the works.
he's so gorgeous. one day i'll manage to pick up his figure

No. 286594

File: 1662682177325.jpg (133.58 KB, 900x1200, tumblr_ptifgbXoZn1wf6ia9_1280.…)

I really want to get back into fic writing, it's been difficult because of various of irl things, but one of the last times I was able to I was really deep into writing a Narancia/Reader. I'd say it's half complete or more, but I'm also a ridiculous perfectionist. But now I have a second major problem, nonnas: I can't read my own fic to proof read it or write more of it. I get so overwhelmed that I turn into an anime schoolgirl caricature. I'm in my twenties jsyk. I'm talking a fully red face, sputtering to myself, hyperventilating, unfocusing eyes, I've even walked into things after getting up to remedy myself. I can't make any progress because my brain fries and drifts off into my fantasies, then snap hours have passed. I should probably just work on a ship fic, but this is like a feat that I need to accomplish for myself now. Please find some humor out of my utter patheticness and wish me luck in the future.

No. 286596

File: 1662683318376.gif (4.05 MB, 640x360, dragon-ball-fighter-z-gogeta-s…)

The black haired one is actually goku in super saiyan 4 (ssj4) form. And yes he has red eyeshadow for some reason.
The red haired one is ssj4 gogeta,the fusion between ssj4 goku and vegeta. They're non canon because they come from dragon ball gt but that doesn't stop ppl from loving them and they're in the dragon ball spin off media like heros and the video games (pic rel is db fighterz).

I like the normal and sssj4 versions of him and vegito. I'm a sucker for the fusions but ssj4 gogeta is my main husbando. He's just so nice to look at.

>tfw no furry buff monke boi

Why live?

No. 286598

File: 1662683864309.jpg (227.39 KB, 1087x1551, IMG_20220905_234626.jpg)

i miss him so fucking much its not even funny. i have actually cried about how much i miss him.

No. 286606

File: 1662687767602.jpeg (108.52 KB, 400x300, mcnulty.jpeg)

I want McNulty so bad

No. 286647

No 3DPD in this thread please.

No. 286648

to be fair McNulty is a fictional character. 3D is allowed as long as you're talking about characters from live action movies and shows, not the actual actors or other real life people.

No. 286652

last chance to answer if you haven't already

No. 286655

File: 1662709612568.jpeg (371.66 KB, 850x1200, 974A1A7D-D663-4273-9CFF-404D8E…)

I can fix him.

No. 286657

File: 1662709710929.png (111.25 KB, 1024x1024, king_dedede_portrait_by_madmay…)

I legit want to be friends with her and now I'm fucking sad. I want her to tell me about all the kirby and dedede stuff in her mind because I love passionate people and I love kirby.

No. 286662

Folks shit on people with weird waifus/husbandos a lot, but as long as said waifuists are sane people I don't mind it and fully support them. I mean, I was a Starscream bitch back in middle school kek.
At least it's not a waifuist with an anatomically correct Squidward doll (yes, fully modeled if you catch my drift) or that one weird lady who had deformed Hapsburg king as husbando. Now this is creepy.

No. 286668

I shit on her sperginess and avatarfagging, actually.

No. 286669

Can you post "nta but" next time? Not all of us do that.

No. 286670

File: 1662717229974.gif (190.11 KB, 214x262, 1662181060486.gif)

I really like her, I like when people tell me about the videogames they like and play. I like when people tell me about their collection. I like when people sound knowledgeable. I like weird people as long as they're innofensive. If she ever posts her discord or email on the ff thread, I will offer her my friendship. I don't care how autistic she might actually sound on a voice call, I think she's neat. As long as she isn't a racist weirdo like parappa anon though.

No. 286672

You can talk to her on the Kirby thread though!

No. 286673

File: 1662718907279.jpeg (95.11 KB, 680x1077, aa711e6418b3f644647f3bee4e885f…)

Oh god I need rule 63 medic to dominate me so bad

No. 286675

I like her design, but that jaw… with a jaw like that she looks like a tranny. Sorry, nonnie.

No. 286676

NTA but shut the fuck up, It's a drawing. What's more, the original character has a much stronger jawline.

No. 286677

yeah, maybe a little, but imo the character design just looks better with a strong jawline and sharp features rather than a soft moeblob face. To each their own.

No. 286678

medic without sharp features is just not medic, even in rule 63 form

No. 286679

Why would I write "NTA but".if the op wasn't responding to anyone, though? That's not how it works.

I get where you're coming from, but not only is she breaking rules but also she give me some bad vibes for lack of a better word like an autistic moid. I don't know how sane one has to be to write a detailed description of Kirby characters' genitalia and sex

Most people don't have a snow filter v-line, anon. Maybe you should lay down the phone a bit

No. 286694

>she give me some bad vibes for lack of a better word like an autistic moid

No. 286695

i still don't see how it's against the rules to have uniquely recognizable husbandos. snape wives like to write passionate essays too but it's suddenly ok because there are multiple of them? also this thread wouldn't be the same without the turbo autism and do you really want that

hey, i'm still a starscream bitch! i loved him in tfp.

No. 286698

>this thread wouldn't be the same without the turbo autism and do you really want that
Yeah, this is actually what the thread was conceived for.
I don't understand why posting about some weird husbandos registers as male? it's autistic sure, but male?

No. 286707

Maybe dededeanon is just taking a break kek who cares let her post but in god’s name not every hour

No. 286708

Now that's a rare husbando, good choice! I just finished Black Mesa for the first time last month with HL2 and it surprises me how well 2 holds up and is still fun with memorable characters without outstaying its welcome and being milked to death like all the modern AAA titles today.
Yeah, should I give my tag in the friend finder thread? Would be funny if we already added each other.

No. 286722

Highly recommend drawing your husbandos fighting over you. I want them to work for my love!!!

No. 286723

I'm not against the turbo austism, I love the snipewives and their fanfics. I have no idea who they are outside of this thread though because they are not avatarfagging. The thing is that the Kirdedeanon is very easily identifiable in other threads, especially on /m/, and it's pretty annoying and kinda attention-whoreish.

It's not about having a "weird husbando" that I find scroteish (like shadow or that deltarune dude), it's the weird and explicit sexualization of a pink blob, like the weird bunny suit drawing on /m/ as well. I only knew scrotes irl that would draw stuff like that and they were pretty weird to say the least. But I know she's just an autistic female though, but she could curb her autism a bit, I guess now she can keep it on the Kirby containment thread.

This is getting too OT now, I'll stop.

No. 286724

I've always loved a lady with a nice jaw.

No. 286725

File: 1662733981211.jpg (1.22 MB, 1230x1523, Tumblr_l_4400652060364.jpg)

There is absolutely no content of this man and I am dying. Street fighter has some good husbandos

No. 286727

Haha, that's a great idea!
Who is he?

No. 286729

>it's the weird and explicit sexualization of a pink blob, like the weird bunny suit drawing on /m/ as well.
which one? I haven't seen that, it's not on the kirby thread

No. 286734

File: 1662735878204.gif (806.92 KB, 540x304, knifewag.gif)

NTA but that's Remy from Street Fighter 3.

Or for you. Top 10 Best Fantasies.

No. 286735

File: 1662735903415.png (555.67 KB, 430x1200, kof2000.png)

I'll say. King of Fighters had them be downright gorgeous.

No. 286739

You're damn right.

No. 286740

File: 1662736398604.gif (67.22 KB, 79x125, received_1764439707235376.gif)

Yeah like the other anon said it's Remy. I love this win animation kek
I was thinking about playing more KoF but I need to now

No. 286741

File: 1662736608363.jpg (83.05 KB, 470x1200, kof00-k.jpg)

I've never played it myself, but I stumbled upon the treasure trove of old artwork from the past games. I love the style and the pretty male fighters.

No. 286743

Now that's an excellent win animation.

No. 286744

>tiny papercut chimpanzee lips
le sigh

No. 286746

You gonna be kissing his lips when his chest is right there like an open platter?

No. 286753

He’s too flat for me.

No. 286762

zac efron is that you?

No. 286774

I wish someone would make a 2000s-esque pixelart husbando VN again

No. 286778

File: 1662744805503.jpg (Spoiler Image,120.05 KB, 736x1379, 826aa062619666578202f6ad793516…)

Nonnas, I'm so fucking obsessed, it's not even funny. I feel so embarrassed that I jumped on the bandwagon when everyone is thirsting for him but he's just really special to me, okay? I've always loved metal and I didn't dress like I wanted to in high school because I was cripplingly shy but I had a three year crush on this one guy who (TBH wasn't even that cute, but) was the only vaguely metalhead-presenting guy in the school. I never said anything because I knew I was ugly and not even his type and he probably had a girlfriend anyway, but I'm sad that teen-me was so sad and lonely. Watching the show made me happy because I would have been over the moon if such a cute guy into music I like would have been in my school. He's way too much my type: dark hair, big brown eyes; I don't care about the actor himself (lol, his real hairline), but I love my husbando.

I… usually don't have a problem 'sharing' fictional crushes or husbandos. But I've been reading self-insert fanfics and it pisses me off when the writers' inserts don't have anything in common with him?? They don't enjoy D&D, they don't listen to metal, so many writers don't even keep up with classic nerd things like high fantasy. I don't get why they're attracted to him, and the fics feel weird 'cause it's like why would a guy like that fall in love with a self-insert if they don't share any interests? People can be into whatever, I'm not actually gatekeeping but it would be nice to find a fic where it's just him and the self-insert character actually bonding over mutual likes without making him OOC or the self-insert a Mary Sue that comes to school dressed straight out of a heavy metal album cover. Where are my fellow girls who camouflaged their weird interests to not stand out!?

But anyway, he has motivated me so much to be better. I keep on having this (dumb) hope that if I reach my goals then maybe guys like that would find me attractive. Of course, I'm not a child anymore so most of my goals are set because they will make ME happy in the end, but I'd like to think that if I could ever meet him or if we would have ever been friends (or more hnnnnggg), he would be proud of me. Proud that I'm exercising, that I'm back in school and making my own goals, proud that I'm powering through my anxieties. But in the end, a lot of the times I'm sad because I feel like if he met me he wouldn't be attracted to me, just like every guy that I've crushed on. I'm not ugly-ugly just really plain, and alternative guys don't really go for plain girls, do they…

No. 286792

>having a "weird husbando" that I find scroteish (like shadow or that deltarune dude)
The fuck does this even mean?

No. 286794

File: 1662747734609.jpg (602.34 KB, 2048x1163, Tumblr_l_931866110580239.jpg)

i need him so bad. some days he really is the only reason im alive. i wake up happy to see more art of him on my feed. the only escape i have from my shitty reality is imagining a life where its just both of us vs the world.
i would do anything to make him happy. i would love to bare his children and raise them in a small but comfy home. no one understands how badly i crave domesticity with this fucking war criminal

No. 286796

NTA she means that non-human husbandos are NOT inherently scrote-ish and she gave Spamton and Shadow as example as non-scrote non-human husbandos

No. 286797

Who's this? picrel hot as hell

No. 286798

So basically you hate it if someone seems too much like themselves instead of blending in?

No. 286799

tartaglia from genshin impact

No. 286800

>But I've been reading self-insert fanfics and it pisses me off when the writers' inserts don't have anything in common with him?? They don't enjoy D&D, they don't listen to metal, so many writers don't even keep up with classic nerd things like high fantasy. I don't get why they're attracted to him, and the fics feel weird 'cause it's like why would a guy like that fall in love with a self-insert if they don't share any interests?
I wouldn't mind if people who didn't have anything in common with my husbando fell in love with him tbh. It would just make me happy to know he's popular with many, and I wouldn't even mind if they make the character fall in love with their self-inserts because hey, that happens in real life and in original fiction too. But on the other hand, it would also piss me off if those same people wrote him OOC in fic so he fits their own personality or projecting themselves onto him (when they have no shared interests) and turning him into a completely different person. It's almost like they're not interested in the actual character and just writing about what they wish he was like based on their impression from few traits that they liked about him. I don't think most of them are intentionally trying to change him though, it's more that they're bad writers.
>a Mary Sue that comes to school dressed straight out of a heavy metal album cover
kek ok that's really lame, Ebony Dark'ness tier shit. Why do girls have to portray themselves like that? Though it might be fun to become whatever you want in fiction, you're under no obligation to imagine yourself as a hypersexualized woman just for a fictional male to fall in love with you. It should be the other way around tbh. I think you're right on this one. Also it's more satisfying if your husbando falls in love with your real self but unfortunately I don't think many fanfic authors are aware of the concept.
>a lot of the times I'm sad because I feel like if he met me he wouldn't be attracted to me
>and alternative guys don't really go for plain girls, do they…
No, don't think like this, your husbando isn't real and you can easily imagine that he's into you, plus in real life people fall for the most unexpected people all the time. Be more confident in yourself. Also, I don't watch this show, but I happened to skim his wiki article yesterday out of curiosity (thanks to another thread here on /g/) and correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't he care deeply about people like you? So I don't think it would be impossible for him to notice you, nonna!

No. 286801

this is an anonymous imageboard, that's the point

No. 286802

Which VN are you talking about?

No. 286805

>Also it's more satisfying if your husbando falls in love with your real self
NTA but I always felt the opposite of this because I have too much mento illnesses, but it also just feels more enjoyable to create a persona. even irl The one time I tried making a self-insert more similar to me it ended up being too depressing and realistically couldn't lead to romance kek.

No. 286806

File: 1662750834659.png (Spoiler Image,373.6 KB, 930x523, Tiseba Walkthroughs - Katsuya …)

I miss his sweet ass

No. 286809

>It's almost like they're not interested in the actual character and just writing about what they wish he was like based on their impression from few traits that they liked about him.
>you're under no obligation to imagine yourself as a hypersexualized woman just for a fictional male to fall in love with you.
Your entire post is well said and I agree with you, nonna. A lot of them are bad writers and/or young, so depth tends to go over their heads as well as not having the skillset (or life experience) to communicate things or set things up effectively. Or, worst case, they agree too much with their fandom's misinterpretation of your husbando. It's also infuriating when the reader doesn't act realistically in the situation they're put in, especially when you can otherwise ignore all of the other flaws of the fic.

I like using personas/OCs instead of directly imagining myself too. Ignoring the general disinterest and hate OCs get, I wish more would take it "seriously" and develop interesting and flawed OCs, but that means making a plotfic too.

No. 286811

Nta but it's kind of hard to blend in while sperging about your husbandos. And that's fine imo.

No. 286812

There's a point where making a fuss about it is just catty, though. Would have forgotten those posts if not for the drama. Trying to pin someone down another person and then police them (even when they clearly haven't been around for a while) is really odd behavior for an anonymous IB, too, especially when the behavior isn't fucked up.

There's a few anons that are very obvious here and I think it's cuter than anything.

No. 286813

>There's a few anons that are very obvious here and I think it's cuter than anything.

No. 286814

ayrt, honestly as long as they do not avatarfag in multiple threads i personally don't think it's a big deal either

No. 286815

File: 1662753380763.jpg (466.23 KB, 2303x2303, turtle.jpg)

Oh yeah, anons, any recommendations for cute masked husbandos? Looking to get into new games, stories, etc, and have a weird thing for men who cover some or most of their face.

No. 286818

File: 1662755798175.jpg (65.74 KB, 375x572, EkYj0qQU8AEm-iz (2).jpg)

God, I want to make him my pet. I want to have him at my mercy. I want to break his spirit just enough to make him obedient but still keep all of his feral fire. I wanna step on his face till its all scuffed up and then dote on his injuries and give him whatever he wants.

No. 286823

You're missing the point a bit. The problem is not sperging about it itt like many do, but avatarfagging in multiple threads outside of this one.


It was on the art critique thread, but it's been deleted. You can still see anons' reactions though

No. 286826

That's hot.
Would posting your husbando in another husbando thread like the ones in /m/ count? Or are you talking about behaviour like those 3 that shall not be named.

No. 286827

File: 1662757011696.png (195.61 KB, 562x202, unknown.png)

He doesn't need fixing. He is fine the way he is.

No. 286833

They all exist in seperate universes with seperate versions of me for a reason.

No. 286836

That's fine, but I was rather talking about the tendency of some self-insert fic writers to make their character shallow but very sexualized and solely defined by that. I agree with >>286809 in that they could at least make an interesting OC.

No. 286840

This is the usual I've been having fun with a couple of AUs lately. The possibilities are endless!

No. 286850

File: 1662761875197.jpg (54 KB, 354x600, 10007040.jpg)

Hello there! How's everyone been doing? It's me, the Postal nona.
I've been slowly going back to drawing and its so fun to invest time in doing all kind of sketches of my husbando.

I recently been daydreaming how we would work together, being completely the opposite in terms of lifestyle: he being a shabby trailer dude, and I being the more quiet, homely type of lady. Even imagining about small details like his height (6'8"). It's so nice to have a giant husbando.

No. 286866

File: 1662764804876.jpeg (78.27 KB, 500x492, 4605961A-40F0-489D-BE13-D3D4C1…)

cedric nona, you should know that i miss you immensely

No. 286870

File: 1662765334522.jpg (96.78 KB, 994x1383, IMG_20220909_161547.jpg)

why is he the only thing i can think about today?

No. 286872

I rarely see avatarfagging around the site, if at all, so I'm biased tbh.

No. 286873

If srs then maybe you're ovulating, nonna, it happens to me.

No. 286877

perfection incarnate is a good thing to be thinking about

No. 286883

when you have a really bad day or are feeling super down, how do you imagine your husbando comforting you or trying to cheer you up? does it help you feel better at all?

No. 286887

weirdly i never imagine my husbandos comforting me (i hate being comforted), but thinking of him helps me get distracted, so he helps just by existing in my imagination. if he got me a small gift or did something cute and funny i'd forget all about my problems

No. 286893

He would totally be attracted to you anon. Trust me.

No. 286896

When I'm having a bad day I always picture him trying to cheer me up by being affectionate. I don't even like affection irl but it's comforting to think of someone who cares about me so much that he won't leave my side until I'm feeling better.

No. 286897


We walk in peaceful places from my life, often that I may not be able to go back to irl. Then we lie down and he wraps me in his arms and coat/whatever you'd call his clothing. He caresses me a bit, treats me tenderly. I feel his deep voice rumbling when he speaks softly to me.

We rest in the sounds and smells of nature i love, just us.

No. 286903

File: 1662775065987.jpg (37.68 KB, 564x412, 7d691bf15fe580f3c068059d2ec263…)

AYRT and OMG nonnie, thanks for your kind words. You're right, I should be more confident but sometimes it's easy to blame yourself for some things you wanted but never got, you know? But what you said has made me happy and really motivated to be more hopeful and kinder to myself, no joke it means a lot.

>Also it's more satisfying if your husbando falls in love with your real self

Agreed on that. While I prefer inserts like that, ultimately it's best when the insert has an established personality that isn't outlandish and feels engaging to step into. That's kind of what I meant to say. A convincing self-insert that's fun to read about definitely isn't an easy thing to write, but the times I have found fics like that I've been amazed at how easy it was to slip into the role and become immersed. It's a line to balance for sure, if the writer's goal is to write an engaging fic and not just put down their thirst on paper.

No. 286920

I'm glad my post made you feel better, nonny, also your love for your husbando is adorable. Would you try writing your own self-ship fics? It might also help you create a fantasy where he would fall in love with you if you don't have any yet.

No. 286932

File: 1662791678986.jpg (374.59 KB, 374x526, 85594-Tartaglia-Wig-from-Gensh…)


No. 286937

File: 1662795458860.jpg (234.14 KB, 720x1064, 74056103_p5_master1200.jpg)

POV my cooch after he nuts
[strike]I'd make an exception for his babies.[/strike]

No. 286947

File: 1662801366924.jpeg (5.75 KB, 250x141, Ezri_xWX0AIjNIr.jpeg)

Ok hear me out omni man is fine as hell and idc if he blew up a planet and idc he called his wife a pet, its honestly kinda-

No. 286948

File: 1662801460966.jpeg (55.94 KB, 442x650, images (5).jpeg)

Ling Yao, my beloved, probably my first husbando ever. Remember watching FMA:B when I was younger and hating Lan Fan for no reason other than the fact that he was close to him kek.

No. 286950

I'm so fucking angry right now. I didn't know there was a tumblr sexyman poll until now and didn't get to vote in it

No. 286951

File: 1662804317892.jpg (88.17 KB, 1920x960, Fb72ZB9X0AA1tbK.jpg)

forgot pic

No. 286952

No. 286953

How do you have secks with Wheatley

No. 286955

The fucking clock from Don't Hug Me I'm Scared? Really?

Anyways my vote goes to Reigen.

No. 286956

make him vibrate teehee

No. 286959

File: 1662806792593.jpg (58.24 KB, 700x541, 80a.jpg)

Same! I hardly even go on Twitter. Sure Sans won the #1 Tumblr Sexyman but Reigen will always be the internet sex symbol. Congrats on him winning second place! Ily Reigen!

No. 286960

You could've helped Reigen win nonny..

No. 286961

I find husbandos fighting over me a bit dumb because they come from different medias and it would look so fucking stupid, also whenever I hear about men fighting over a woman it reminds me of an extremely silly scene in My Immortal kek.

No. 286965

Hey what the fuck. All of a sudden I'm thinking one of my OCs is extremely hot. I think I succeeded too much in creating husbando bait.

No. 286966

Based. He will always be totally yours, completely and utterly. I'm drawing mine shirtless.
By holding me and letting me bury my face in his chest while he likes to rest his chin on my head because we both like putting our heads on each other.

No. 286967

It's weird because I usually think of my OCs as my children don't laugh and more cool and cute rather than sexy. I guess this is good news since it means other people will definitely want to fuck him which is the reaction I want

No. 286973

why would an anime guy be the ultimate tumblr sexyman, that kinda defeats the point

No. 286974

Reigen is too conventionally hot for that. Sans deserved it fair and square.

No. 286978

That poll is ridiculous. Too many men that are obviously twitter's sexymen. If it was actually tumblr-accurate Loki would never get beaten in a second turn, or Night Vale's Cecil. Like, come on.
Ultimately though, justice won because Sans is indeed the one

No. 286980

what defines a tumblr sexyman?

No. 286981

samefag, forgot about it but also Onceler losing in first turn? What?
Basically characters that were revered on tumblr specifically, to the ridiculous extent; at least this is how i understand it

No. 286982

onceler is outdated

No. 286983

again, loki and Cecil are also outdated, who tf still cares about wtnv anymore

No. 286990

While Loki's golden years are far behind, wasn't his TV show from last year successful though? I saw some TiFs be super into it

No. 286996

>Turbo from Wreck It Ralph

No. 286997

File: 1662823587067.png (155.45 KB, 254x585, 1531071966772.png)

No. 286998

Kek anon I literally wrote a reader insert fanfiction about taking my oc's virginity. I am in too deep

No. 287000

lolcor sexy(wo)men survey officially closed, i centralised all the answers (including yours truly's) in one excel file. all the characters mentioned in the answers are posted in descending order by number of total mentions, both primary (current favourite, entered in the first field) and secondary (second field)
the file can be downloaded from here

No. 287001

Has this just become a thread of nemus?

No. 287003

nta but holy shit I need to do that too

No. 287004

pls post a picture. I'm too paranoid to click on any links here.

No. 287007

File: 1662825188808.png (262.78 KB, 1258x4273, lolcow sexy sheet.png)

No. 287008

Ty nonnie!

No. 287009

I'm in a sour mood today because I was dreaming about my husbando last night and I'm so mad I forgot to turn off my 5am alarm because I'm not working today and could've slept in dreaming of my man.
I rarely have dreams of him. Please dream goddess give me another one soon.
Bless u nonnie!
Ngl I was expecting alot more husbandos based on what gets posted in these threads.

No. 287011

Indeed, there were certain characters I expected to see but I did not see, not everyone who posts in these threads answered the survey. It seems there were also people who hardly ever post here if at all who did answer.

No. 287012

Whoever put “dracula. From anything with dracula.” is my idol. Idk why. that’s just so fucking good lol

No. 287013

Thank you for putting the poll together anon, this was fun to look through! I personally didn't vote because I already feel like I single myself out enough in these threads, and I was right since my husbando is not listed here. Surprised to see some on the list while others are absent or not as prominent as I thought. Thanks again for your hard work!

No. 287014

File: 1662826656836.jpg (211.29 KB, 540x623, tumblr_dc6e3c1a16954426b20e1bd…)

you're telling me there's another benny enjoyer here? show yourself right this moment we're gonna crucify him together

No. 287015

I was in a hurry to post this so I forgot to include a few of mine, maybe there would have been overlap?

No. 287020

Thanks nona! Interesting also that we are 71+ people using these threads. So it's not just me and like 2 other nonnies!
Well the survey was only up for a few up days and maybe not everyone who visited saw it or they didn't want to answer.

No. 287021

File: 1662828019940.jpg (171.93 KB, 735x1012, 4fb078545803175f7b62fcc5a3a5fd…)

Very fun! I got 2 of them on the top 5.
Now, shouldn't Ogata come first since he's the top husbando of 2 anons? Then, Reigen tied with Leon.

No. 287022

Guess I should have thought of adding another level to the sort, my bad.

No. 287023

No prob anon, it's all for fun anyway.
Also I guess Majima is also tied with Leon and Reigen, forgot to include him

No. 287024

Microsoft Excel is my passion.

No. 287025

File: 1662828445618.jpg (34.83 KB, 564x617, e4a5a58cdb4fdb0a2051334f4f933c…)

In the top 3! I'm proud of my boy.

No. 287026

Thanks, poll anon! Hey Izuru Kamukura enjoyer, did you play Danganronpa S yet? His interactions with Kaede were pretty cute

No. 287031

thanks nona!

No. 287035

File: 1662830836943.jpg (2.72 MB, 1406x1898, Tumblr_l_931931421034589.jpg)

the love of my life. my sky, my star, my sea. i love him so much

No. 287036

>it's not just me and like 2 other nonnies!
I don't participate a lot in this thread because my husbando doesn't generate discussion like other guys, he's even been called ugly in some other unrelated threads so I'm a bit reluctant to post about him lol, I prefer answering generic questions.

No. 287040

File: 1662832086598.jpeg (601.39 KB, 2047x1432, FS3uLQIaIAAk1ih.jpeg)

Oh yeah and he also won as twink and dilf supreme. Funny that he doesn't fit either of those but somewhere in between.

Ok you're right on that. Was feeling a bit salty that Reigen didn't win and disappointed for missing out on voting my husbando on something eventful involving 2D/fictional men. The whole thing was pretty crazy and hilarious. Now what if there's another tournament but on Tumblr instead?

Thank you nonnie and wow 4 ties!

No. 287047

I would literally rather die than be pregnant irl but I can't stop thinking about my husbando impregnating me

No. 287054

File: 1662835737348.png (Spoiler Image,979.63 KB, 800x891, Bondrewd.full.2225142.png)

I'm sorry for infantizing you anon, but that's adorable.
You could always spoiler the pics.
I caped for Dedede-anon though, so take me being so permissive with a grain of salt.

Also I missed my chance to vote but wanted to make a spiritual one for Bondrewd. Mostly because he seems like a tumblr Sexyman, he's just in disguise and probably some kind of furry which…yeah.
However, I like the idea of him being in compromising positions and being somehow powerful enough to be the one bullying him.

No. 287055

Also, lol, I wish the spoiler image was different. Why does it have to look like a fetish costume of a schoolgirl?

No. 287059

the same reason why we have a board named /pt/

No. 287063

Lol dang we are reaching this era of lolcow now huh

No. 287069

It's being ironic doesn't erase what it is.

No. 287070

I have thought of that too and have to scrolled away from the spoiler pic in case someone thinks I'm looking at panyshots. I suggest we should change it to Elsie holding a spoiler sign or something.

No. 287071

Oh my, that'd be adorable. Wonder if it could get any traction in meta.

No. 287076

I actually love this idea, some drawfag draw it now

No. 287089

Shadow doing so well makes my heart happy.

No. 287092

Thank you nona, good work!

No. 287094

File: 1662847797812.png (696.51 KB, 1366x768, image_2022-09-11_001120893.png)

I am suddenly 13 years old again and I NEED to fuck Axel

No. 287095

File: 1662847818374.jpg (240.5 KB, 2000x3000, jim.jpg)

The movie night convinced me. Jim can get it

No. 287112

I have clicked "hide" on the spoiler pic and apparently that hides it every time it's on a post

No. 287114

When he’s in control of the entire facility he can basically do anything he wants with all sorts of machinery and robotic parts. He also has a pleasure center that is activated by making you test. I didn’t understand how he was a TSM either until I played Portal 2 recently and now I get it.

No. 287117

>2 Sniper
>1 Snape
>1 Toki
>1 Cedric
>1 Flug
This doesn't feel right, it seems that a lot of nonnas didn't vote in this.

No. 287118

File: 1662854151187.jpeg (104.43 KB, 996x1000, 661D882B-E2F9-4D69-A2E0-1CB3FD…)

I knew I wasn’t the only one!

No. 287128

why this guy from made in abyss?

No. 287129

>he's even been called ugly in some other unrelated threads
post it coward

No. 287130

Happy that I did not participate in this. My husbandos will never be known.

No. 287132

File: 1662856424298.jpeg (506.4 KB, 1125x1335, B941CB79-6942-47A7-BA94-0A89BB…)

God I wish I was that horse

No. 287135

File: 1662856726335.jpeg (200.02 KB, 850x609, EF3AE2D7-9EA6-44C1-8E23-68C6AB…)

>mad scientist that experiments on people
>sexy voice
>sexy tail
>totally driven by scientific progress and is weirdly proud and happy for the characters who best and defeat him

No. 287139

post him

No. 287144

File: 1662859540278.jpeg (517.7 KB, 1199x1166, 98EC42C9-F609-4F95-AFEF-6E36A9…)

Oh and I forgot his hot outfit. I love it so much. It’s like a weird, sexy lighthouse keeper mixed with an aristocrat. I love the boots and gloves and the long coat. I bet the heavy fabric is so warm. I want to be wrapped up in his coat with him.

No. 287147

File: 1662860549751.jpg (213.92 KB, 869x1234, hol up1.jpg)

Checking in with that nona to let her know that Ohma isn't disappointing. He's so unnecessarily pretty in every panel he's in and I thank the mangaka for their passion.

No. 287149

File: 1662860679336.jpg (218.4 KB, 869x1234, hol up2.jpg)

Yes, he's homeless and squatting in a haunted mansion, but at least he can keep us fed with homemade stir-fry and he'll be my own little security system. Will I have financial and economic stability? No. But at least I'll have Tokita Ohma so who's really winning?

No. 287164

Hey somebody else wrote in Adam, thumbs up!
But see the other guys are only one vote, so I don't really post about them unless I'm really feeling it. And I didn't name my one character who is basically an OC.

No. 287178

and do you watch made in abyss just for this guy…?

No. 287179

Nta but do you have a problem with MiA?

No. 287183

oh and to add, I love him and I started watching/reading the series many years ago before he even existed. Fun surprise.

No. 287187

No, but I would be lying if I said he wasn’t a big draw for me.

No. 287188

ntayrt but i'm guessing it's because of the weird fetishy scenes with loli/shota characters and the author also drawing porn of such characters

No. 287189

Why do you like Made in Abyss? I try to stay away from it.

No. 287191

NTA but doesn't MiA have a lot of pedoshit? At least according to the anime thread, it seems that it has excellent worldbuilding but the child torture is too much

No. 287195

Oh no, I'm aware. I asked that anon that cuz "just for this guy" was a weird, standoffish ?.

For the first year or two I loved it I wasn't aware at all (I have a naive streak)–then a friend destroyed me by linking a panel I had glossed over. Stared for 10 minutes. Then, boom, dread. Dread that probably lasted for a few months. But after a while I got numb. Yep. That's it. Dumb isn't it?

Unfortunately for me, a lot of the other stuff is what I imagined would be my dream story when I was growing up. Yes, I was a messed up kid, kek.

No. 287196

Same, we are elusive husbandofags

No. 287200

I tried reading MiA after a friend gushed about it and Bonerewd, but the first chapter had the little girl strung up nude in very sexual-looking rope bondage as some sort of punishment and I was like "Yeah, no."
I guess the lolishota is easy to overlook if you're not looking out for it, but in retrospect, there are pedo vibes from the first chapter on. Like the nipples through her clothes and the almost-upskirts. The camera assumes you are a lolicon and it distracts from the story being told. From what I've seen the robot boy is just as sexualized if not more.
If the main characters were 3-4 years older it would be less obvious. Still creepy, but it could be written off as anime bullshit. I hear a lot that the story and worldbuilding of MiA are so good it's easy to overlook the obvious pedo aspects, but to me, that's like watching Kodomo no Jikan for the plot.
Even still I see women who are head over heels for Bonerewd. I've always wondered what was going on. Is there some sort of cognitive dissonance? Or do you separate the character from his source material? How difficult is that considering he's a canonical child murderer? I don't want to derail this into a discussion about the ethics of liking characters from pedo anime, I'm just curious.

No. 287201

File: 1662877964829.jpeg (539.8 KB, 1125x1047, 70B3DD88-4EB7-4C18-9ACD-52C64D…)

Hmm well we all have our husbandos

No. 287202

File: 1662878409366.jpg (83.57 KB, 800x566, HD-wallpaper-danganronpa-danga…)

Thank you so much anon! This was really fun. Shadow being high ranked on the list is quite nice.
Hi! Exactly for his interactions with Kaede I was excited for the new game; I didn't expect them to be so cute together, but she was more memorable than Chiaki in my opinion. I actually have posted about them on other threads, but I'm too shy to stick out too much due to it being a rarepair, kek

No. 287206

thank you nonnies these are all really cute, it makes me happy your husbandos can bring you some sense of comfort or cheer you up

No. 287224

File: 1662883902134.jpeg (730.91 KB, 855x1000, FDPAUKRaMAEO9CW.jpeg)

He's not even a sexyman or some weird shit like Dedede, he just has a very particular design and his original illustrator's style is very hit or miss (I personally love it but whatever), he's also a gigantic asshole, which is why I've seen people really disliking him in some /m/ threads.

No. 287226

I've only seen art of this character half-naked and sexually bullied, so I approve kek

No. 287229

Oh he's hot

No. 287231

Idk, I've always had a high capacity for compartmentalization because it was one of the few coping mechanisms I had in life and probably what kept me naive even through bad things. Also about the stuff you noted, this is going to sound embarrassing but I didn't even notice at first, I'd probably still not notice 99% of it if I rewatched it even if I now know it's there. It's nuts, I know.
Also, I'm an old villain fetishist. It started young and I laughed when my favorite character killed my friend's fave (shh, he we revived anyway). Stuff like. I also fantasized about some really…weird things.
I never really hated villains or viscerally experienced what they did as atrocities unlike real life, which I am very sensitive to bad things. What happens in shows never actually seems to affect me deeply unless it feels very, very raw/close to home. MiA feels extremely dreamy and distant that it helps me freakishly disassociate.
And yes I suspect that maybe something is off about the way me and other people parse MiA. Maybe the people that like it are simply more desensitized, maybe a smidge more antisocial than usual, or more likely to be weirdos. Who knows.

Anywaaaay that's it. Sorry if it's a bit garbled. Sleep deprivation setting in. Again, I don't recommend this series at all and am aware I have dug my grave.

he's cute, it's just his design feels like an existential crisis, plus makes me feel bad because I vastly prefer the jester side and wish all of the design was it.

No. 287232

Understandeable have a nice day

No. 287233

I strongly agree on villians. For me, it's an excitement towards something dangerous. Idk, like I would never date a person who is like my husbandos in real life, but I enjoy evil/fucked up characters. It's like looking at the fire, you like watching it burn, but you surely wouldn't put your hand in it. Same with husbandos. I just like the fact that they are not real, because I can enjoy them but they wouldn't hurt me in real life. Maybe it's a shitty coping mechanism but I don't know how to deal with it. I'm that type of woman who is drawn towards toxic scrotes because I think that I can fix them. My husbandos keep me acting smart since I can have my fix of terrible people in fiction.
Anyone here who feels the same?

No. 287234

File: 1662887852547.jpg (401.33 KB, 1024x1000, Bakura-bakura-41589290-1024-10…)

>Anyone here who feels the same?
I like bakura and do not give a single fuck about the morals of liking villians, yolo swaggy ayy

No. 287242

I do not care if my husbando kills people. In fact he should kill people. I want to see my husbando covered in the blood of our enemies.

No. 287243

File: 1662889994225.jpeg (163.37 KB, 600x857, 49B334CE-92DC-48E4-94A8-00D32F…)

Same except I don't have any draw to irl bad scrotes, I hate them. Always loved fictional villains and don't believe it needs fixing. As long as our feelings toward real life are solid, who cares. I've never wavered in my reactions to atrocities and their perps. So for me it's a non-problem.
Based. I like when they are evil. Villains are fun, simple as

No. 287244

File: 1662890161927.png (1.01 MB, 1000x815, D2D5ECB7-F263-4D83-AC7A-A8661C…)

I’m the other Bondrewd anon, and I agree. I love villains. Evil, violent, dangerous, monstrous inside and out, give it to me. It’s the complete opposite of what I like in real life. That’s the fun of fantasy, in my opinion.

No. 287245

I think the Cedric count is just right, but the Snapewives do seem indeed underrepresented.

No. 287246

Yep, always loved villains, even as little kid I wanted the villains to win in the dumb cartoons. The only difference is I don't want to fix them, I want to become evil with them.

No. 287247

File: 1662890252150.jpg (166.51 KB, 1102x942, FQKSG5AVUAIiGlH.jpg)

Moral of liking villains? Where are we, tumblr?
I love Mahito like I love wild cats. Cute, fluffy hair, the dilemma of wanna pet but shouldn't because it would probably try to kill me.
also I wanna dom him like I wanna do all villains

No. 287248

He's too much of an evil asshole for me to husbando him, but he is hot and can be amusing and he apparently loves me because I rolled NP3 of him easy with the new summer event.

No. 287249

NTA but I remember there used to be at least 2 cedricfags earlier this year.

No. 287250

This thread is faster than I remember it being a few months back.

No. 287251

More new famers? Old farmers getting hornier and more retarded and weebish? I'm the latter

No. 287252

How do I induce sex dreams? I try thinking about what I want to dream about before I drift off, I sleep with a pillow between my legs, I try eating cheese before bed. I just want to be with him.

No. 287253

Why would cheese help. Does the calcium make you horny?
Thinking about characters alot during the day has sometimes made them show up in my dreams. But it's very random.

No. 287254

I’ve heard other nonnas say that works for them. I wake up without any dreams at all.

No. 287258

I don't dream at all and usually have nightmares if any. I envy nonnas with normal/interesting dreams.

No. 287259

Same here. I once had a nightmare where one of my husbandos killed me. It was very in character, but still, god damn it. Still woke up horny though.

No. 287261

I can get the feeling of wanting to fix guys when they're the dame oyaji drunk idiot type.
But I'm Neutral Good at heart so I can't love evil. Even in fiction.

No. 287266

i wish real life sleazeball types weren't always cheaters and rapists as well, because i love that type of entertainingly immoral villains in fiction.

No. 287271

mm I don't mean sleazy villains though, I mean the kind of western hero type that drinks and smokes a little too much because they hate life but they're a good person underneath it all. I could totally be their dream girl and make them quit/tone it down.

No. 287272

Aw anon, they’re a cute pairing! Definitely makes more sense than Chiaki, since they don’t ever actually canonically interact with each other… in fact I don’t even remember Chiaki interacting much with Hajime or Izuru in S, which is kind of odd. Not complaining though, Chiaki has literally no personality. Kaede at least brought Izuru out of his shell, and I got a little bit sappy when he was kind and complimentary to her. I ship it too!

No. 287274

File: 1662902456405.jpeg (Spoiler Image,70.39 KB, 1280x720, 76617BBB-BDB9-4DD0-875B-B9BFA8…)

He smells of raw onion and piss and his cum probably tastes like cigarette butts but I’m still going to slam. No doubt syphilis has rotted what was left of his brain at this point in the arc, to the point that he undoubtedly foams at the mouth and shakes like a chihuahua. Nonetheless, I’d take the inevitable BV, UTIs, and yeast infections from his pestilent ween in a heartbeat. I love you, my disgusting little emo baby

No. 287275

I've noticed that I only dream about them when I'm stressed out. If I have a really bad day to the point that I have trouble falling asleep when I do finally fall asleep I dream about them.
Which sucks because I'm trying to reduce my stress. I need to figure out a way to induce husbando dreams without being frazzled.

No. 287276

the animation company that's supposed to be making a new movie with my husbando is so lucky i'm in a different country, i'd be mailing bombs to their hq by now because they're so!! fucking!!! slow!!! give me my husbando already reeeeeeee

rip to you but i want him to stay a horrible person and be nice to me only

No. 287289

File: 1662908545583.jpg (405.33 KB, 1450x2048, IMG_20220908_070835.jpg)

waking up to another day of loving him.
when will this obsession end?

No. 287295

Try a digital detox?

No. 287307

It's pathetic but that's like 90% of the reason I even have a husbando. It's nice to have someone who you can at least pretend is always going to be there for you, unlike real life moids. My husbando will always brighten my day.
If only I had started to entertain the idea of husbandos sooner, it could have saved me a lot of grief.

No. 287308

Kind of! I imagine I am my husbando and that it’s all part of my narrative. It feels better if I’m not me anymore, I’m sexy and troubled and desperately loved.
I can’t picture my husbando comforting me because he’s kind of a tragic case himself but at least if I can BE him, then I’m temporarily not pathetic and unloveable anymore.

No. 287320

I feel like this is one of the reasons Aidens become kinnies

No. 287323

If it's any consolation, I defended him in another thread

>I never really hated villains or viscerally experienced what they did as atrocities unlike real life, which I am very sensitive to bad things. What happens in shows never actually seems to affect me deeply unless it feels very, very raw/close to home.

It's the same for me. It's fine to criticize a character's actions or hate them yourself, but for me, it's crazy that some people will actually attack you if you dare like a villain character who did horrible things that don't even seem familiar to us because of how far removed from reality they are, or how they're presented. It's just a fictional character in a fake story, characters are ultimately just tools to tell it.

No. 287331

Ayrt and now that you mention it, it’s a Venn diagram that is probably almost a circle. I’m terven but can definitely sympathise with delulu Aidens trying to escape their situation through fantasy.I wish they’d stop pretending they’re anything but fujos though kek

No. 287356

File: 1662935825935.jpg (110.92 KB, 667x1000, __majima_gorou_ryuu_ga_gotoku_…)

ya think he can self suck?

No. 287358

Do you think he would try?

No. 287363

When Saejima AND Kiryu were in prison AND also divorced from Mirei what could he have done?

No. 287378

File: 1662941879032.jpg (523.46 KB, 3840x2160, red_dead_online-4748894.jpg)

Bump do not scroll

No. 287397

Ohmacanonicallyknowswhatsexis.Ohmacanonicallyknowswhatsexis. He asked Akiyama if she was wet for him and I'll never fucking recover. If it was any other guy I'd be FUCKING FURIOUS by the nerve, but he's dumb as hell and pretty so all's forgiven. I'm dickmatized by the insinuation of dick and my dignity is nonexistent rn. It's still early days, but I think there's a spot for him in the harem.

No. 287403

What's wrong with a guy asking if a girl's wet for him kek?

No. 287407

The panel's drawn in a way that it looks like he's staring at the reader and I got shy. I literally held my breath and paused.

No. 287414

File: 1662953382196.jpg (403.01 KB, 800x811, 1655355190247.jpg)

This pic never left my mind since a based nonnie first posted it.

No. 287442

did u know that cats have penises covered in hooks/barbs? sex with catboys would probably turn u inside out.

No. 287443

Catboys aren't furries, the only cat parts they should have are ears/tails and maybe fangs/eyes. Also four ears bad.

No. 287453

I’ve never minded the double ear thing. If they have a hairstyle that doesn’t cover their ears, it would look weird for them to have none.

No. 287455

We don’t live in a dream world where we can all just pick and choose which parts of a catboy are cat and which are man I’m afraid, nonny.

No. 287457

File: 1662977917400.jpg (770.81 KB, 960x1280, 88131598_p8.jpg)

Agreed, catboys aren't furries, they're still at least 85% male. & 4 ears doesn't bother me.

No. 287481

File: 1662989337266.jpeg (57.21 KB, 661x464, 1662989356290.jpeg)

I did know, yes. What this anon said >>287443 plus the fact that they will be clearly fucking each other and they don't seem to mind getting bloody that much anyway.

No. 287500

File: 1662994946937.gif (14.97 MB, 926x489, hatetokillthesuspense.gif)

how much of their budget did they spend purely on making axel as sexy as possible in every cutscene he's in?
I hate myself so much, why did this cringe game pop back into my head as an adult

No. 287505

File: 1662996848632.jpg (1.13 MB, 3004x4096, IMG_20220912_042902.jpg)

every beat of my heart belongs to you, every ray of sunshine comes from you, and every whiff of air that I breathe, I breathe for you

No. 287522

File: 1663002902423.jpg (64.76 KB, 640x608, c0f58c8aca0b9fcb380588285f5fa4…)

I think my friends have finally realized I'm serious about being a husbandofag because they're sending me memes like pic rel. I regret nothing.

No. 287539

File: 1663008583567.jpg (90.48 KB, 1280x720, ranpo.jpg)

If I were Ranpo the detective dog from Lost Judgment I would not know how to act. I'd keep trying to sniff every grown man's crotch area all the time and make them all feel so awkward. I'd also love to go to the Yokohama Liumang HQ to sniff Zhao's and Tesso's balls, or even hope to randomly happen to run into Ichiban Kasuga to sniff his balls. It's not like they could punish me too harshly because I'd be a cute little detective doggie and no one would think a dog is intentionally perverted, that's just how dogs say hello!

No. 287541

I agrrr with the Zhao part nonnie

No. 287544

File: 1663010924010.png (136.49 KB, 425x425, Tokita_Ohma2.png)

Welcome to the edgy himbo club nona. Once you enter you can never come back, but I assure you that you won't regret it.
Seriously though thanks for checking in because your comments made me laugh and actually made my day. It's great seeing someone who enjoys the same things as me. Also I agree, this man is a blessing and as the drawings get better he gets even more eye candy.
Have fun reading on.

No. 287630

what level of brainrot is it if you set out to write a borderline whump fic about bullying your husbando and then you feel so bad for him you end up composing a multi-chapter saga of your self-insert being too emotionally retarded to sort out her feelings for him without resorting to canon-typical violence?

No. 287632

File: 1663043625153.jpg (8.65 KB, 236x236, ymp2xc0nqoc51.jpg)

Hey nonnas, im really embarassed about this but i really gotta get this off my chest here, im majorly crushing on this popular streamer and i keep accidentally meeting people he knows. I accidentally met one of his best friends while on vacaction and people that moderate for him keep following my art account. He laughs at my jokes in chat sometimes and i know its super dumb but i was wondering what you all think i should do?

No. 287633

File: 1663044385388.png (31.2 KB, 104x116, n.PNG)

Acceptable if it's making you happy while also working on your related skills.

No. 287634

File: 1663044416273.png (499.61 KB, 500x740, tumblr_p8yrw29dvq1vs6d3bo1_500…)

>Cutely stabs an apple in his horns

No. 287641

thread is for characters, use the other one

No. 287660

May I have a bite sir?

No. 287668

File: 1663064087181.gif (1.47 MB, 268x154, ryuji snarl.gif)


No. 287690

anon are you me? i have some kind of complex about having power over my husbando, and would totally beat the shit out of him to avoid facing my feelings. i'm not good with words either so i'd just tell him to kill himself when in doubt. but i'd also want him to feel safe and protected with me.. it does sound retarded

No. 287712

File: 1663078846689.png (264.23 KB, 600x730, F57640A2-930D-48F9-A41F-F60824…)

i’ve been trying my hardest to resist him because he has a canonical love interest/girlfriend who’s a very sweet lady, but god, i just want to have hot, sweaty, baby-making sex with him so badly

No. 287715

The thread for IRL husbandos is literally linked in the OP of this thread. what's with all these idiots posting 3DPD on here lately? Are they all newfags?

No. 287716

File: 1663079265764.gif (338.26 KB, 498x280, yes-yakuza.gif)

>Are they all newfags?

No. 287819

File: 1663115441594.png (3.14 MB, 1140x2536, 1663114090308.png)

Posting this here so nonny makes the lolcow husbando tier list

No. 287825

This chart sucks

No. 287841


No. 287842

If you care, you make it. It's gotta have customizable tier names though.
There's probably pictures of most characters from the poll in the past threads.

No. 287843

File: 1663122551826.jpeg (Spoiler Image,969.91 KB, 1610x1520, Fb-lny_agAASfkE.jpeg)


No. 287845

this is so fucked up. how could someone hate megamind.

No. 287847

Big ass head

No. 287848

I agree, how could they hate him so much while loving idk Hazama and Adachi?

No. 287850

OP of the tier list here
I actually prefer Jin (as I’m a fujo) but Hazama is also very very cool and has an excellent design, as does Adchee
As for why I don’t like megamind? I don’t like dreamworks movies/ dreamworks face in general.

No. 287859

File: 1663128262432.jpg (129.77 KB, 838x1152, IMG_20220913_191422.jpg)

what a whore

No. 287860

File: 1663129142074.jpg (391.18 KB, 1793x2044, FYCNvAMXEAQXx4g.jpg)

I just want to make him suffer.

No. 287863

I want to see my husbando covered in bruises and telling me that he desperately needs my help.

No. 287867

who's behind him i need to know

No. 287869

File: 1663131668669.jpg (247.13 KB, 1804x1962, Ejc-c6zUcAACAu1.jpg)

You and me both, nonna.

No. 287882

Who ever you want anon. All I know is that he secretly loves every single of this but is embarrassed.

No. 287961

I wish whoever made this would explain. I doubt anyone even thirsts for half of these. I know there's a grand total of 1 artist shipping herself with manny pardo and she basically draws him as a different person

No. 287972

>ryo asuka
>kaworu expy
Zoomers should be forbidden from spreading information.

No. 287997

"Today I had a great day with my husband. Even if he's not the type to oversleep, he was pretty tired from a chaotic, long day of work, so he slept till mid day. He does so much for me, even in the direst conditions, he's always there to assure everything will be fine. I couldn't resist and I made sure to give him plenty of love this time.

I cooked his favorite meal, since he skipped breakfast, I knew he would wake up starving. It's gratifying seeing your loved one smirk and let out a small hum while they eat your food.

We spent the afternoon watching his favorite movies. I know, at some point, we became distracted, as we cuddled and caress each other, completely letting ourselves go out of reality. I listened to his gripes and frustrations of yesterday, conforting him as he poured his heart out for me. He exclaimed of pain in the back, and I volunteered to do a bit of massage.

He isn't the burly, muscular type of guy, but, his body is robust. I started from the lower back and traveled my hands upwards, gently pressing my thumbs and feeling the shape of each muscle. He held back his voice at the beginning, but, as I kept massaging, he became relaxed enough to purr and moan at each touch. I notice he shivered a little once I touched his nape, choking on his own voice — I think I found out a new sensitive spot to explore.

Since it was night, I decided to prepare a bubble bath for the two of us. He told me the back massage was enough, but I said "You deserve a day of rest. This is my way of retributing." We spent our bath time chatting and teasing each other. He couldn't resist but to touch me at any given opportunity. I could feel him becoming more agitated and needy at every second. Thank god I was prepared, cause I knew the night was still young for the two of us, and once he's determined to take things further, he becomes a wild beast."

Sorry, but I just had to write my daydream somewhere. I've been wanting get better at writing, but its so hard when you're a ESL dumbo + having a bad day.

No. 287998

who is this about

No. 288001

File: 1663147948166.jpg (45.78 KB, 800x800, 5f07950fefbfc3e1e1228dd32827e1…)

I want you all to stop bullying Dedede-chan because your hatred and mockery made her shy away from posting her husbando, when she's one of us and adds flavor to the wonderful world of lolcow husbandos. You all should be ashamed, now she's too shy to post him. I thought you all encouraged retarded husbando husbandoposting, hell there's even someone who likes Bondrewd from Made in Abyss here, let her post Dedede in peace.

No. 288004

What happened to that nonna whose husbando is the bear from Club Penguin anyway

No. 288006

File: 1663148431072.jpg (15.92 KB, 500x500, s-l500.jpg)

also you all post the same husbando literally all the time accross lolcow, how is it different from her posting about kirby?
>b-b-but she's retarded don't you see??
Everyone in this thread is supposed to be retarded, that's the gimmick, that's how the thread is called, we're all here to have a fun time. Dedede is a cute and valid husbando.

No. 288009

Don't know much about the poster but people getting mocked for having unconventional husbandos is sad. Who cares if it's a human, or a penguin, or a skeleton, or a hedgehog, or even a dorito? The love is valid either way, and we should all bond over the feelings we share for our loved one.

No. 288014

You are objectively wrong about G-man. No, I will not explain myself further.

No. 288016

I'm not the one who made the thing, just reposted it from an anon in /ot/, lol.

No. 288026

Not going to lie, I would fug give or take about 20 of these characters, and a few of them I do consider husbandos or close to it.

No. 288033

No. 288039

G-man is downright scrumptious in Half-Life: Alyx for a transdimensional mastermind entity doing a not-so-good job of masquerading as an old white human male in a business suit. Thank you Source 2.

No. 288040

Bondrewd is an evil bastard, but at least he was human once. Not a cartoon penguin.

It's 'retarded' as in 'oh so dumb lol' not in the 'I literally am autistic and/or mentally disabled'.

And really, you seem more interested in starting drama or tying to turn her into a personal cow or something with the way you keep posting. Remember this is an anonymous website, she doesn't have to be your friend just because you keep asking, and she doesn't post for your personal amusement. Post your own husbando or shut up.

Well there are more than 20 humans so as long as it's that side. I still sorta love Connor but he doesn't deserve to be squashed in with so many wierdos.

No. 288042

>as long as it's that side
I recounted and it’s at least 11 who would be considered some form of nonhuman or inhuman. Also, I love Bondrewd in his blessing form. I just love monsters.

No. 288043

>Bondrewd is an evil bastard, but at least he was human once. Not a cartoon penguin.
I think you forget a lot of anons here are either monsterfuckers or have similar husbandos.
>at least he was human once
…You're the bondrewd anon huh
>And really, you seem more interested in starting drama or tying to turn her into a personal cow or something with the way you keep posting. Remember this is an anonymous website, she doesn't have to be your friend just because you keep asking, and she doesn't post for your personal amusement. Post your own husbando or shut up.
Anon, judging by your typing style, you were one of the first ones to create drama by bullying her. Literally no one else cared, also liking bondrewd is literally the same type of retarded as liking dedede. At least dedede doesn't murder children in a manga about sexualized guro loli fetish porn. Kek.

No. 288045

Why do you hate dedede anon so much? Is she taking your spotlight or something? Why do you insist on keeping the husbando purity calling other's fictional crushes "weirdos"? You're the one ruinning the vibe here. You're all the same at the end, fixating over literal cartoons. Chill the fuck out

No. 288046

lol no I'm one of the few here who -doesn't- like villains. I only watched the TV anime anyway it didn't even get to his part of the story.
I just hate furries, it's ingrained in my old internet brain ok. Even 4chan used to hate furries with a fiery passion, when did the internet forget that.

No. 288047

>It's 'retarded' as in 'oh so dumb lol' not in the 'I literally am autistic and/or mentally disabled'.
Newfag go back to the first thread and see for yourself.

No. 288048

Nta, I’m (one of the) Bondrewd anon(s). I don’t involve myself with any of this, I just want us to all have fun hornyposting about our husbandos, whether they be hot bishies, weird monsters, or cute cartoons.

No. 288049

NTA but Dedede doesn't even register as a furry to me and I'm sure it's the same for other anons. Kirby exists outside of the scope of furries for the most part.

No. 288050

>caring this much about someone's husbando
>literally saying autistic shit yourself about "le epic 4chan"
>also has a problem with villians
I hate furries too with a passion but won't bully someone like kirbanon when everyone else here is the same. You sound like you like pearl clutching a bit too much for your own sake anon.

No. 288051

Imo, the way men sexualize anthro cartoons is vastly different than the way women sexualize nonhuman characters. I agree with and understand the ire for male furries, but I don’t think we should gatekeep this space from nonnas with husbandos who aren’t 100% human. Teratophilia is a very female-specific fetish, for example.

No. 288052

File: 1663154917699.png (1.58 MB, 2800x3264, ASP665.png)

>Sans (still cannot decide if sexual or not)
>Majima (♥)
>Shadow (non sexual ONLY)
>Wheatley (again non sexual ONLY)
>GLaDOS (this one can be sexual)
>Wesker (♥)
>Megamind (maybe?)
>Handsome Jack
>Nick Valentine (♥)
>Lady Dimitrescu
>Miss Pauling
Not including Sasuke because I feel I've definitely outgrown him but also I'd like to give a special mention to Trevor Philips despite him not being there.
What do I win?

No. 288053

All husbandofags are ridiculed and misunderstood literally the same way by the other (normie) half of this website because newsflash liking and obsessing over 2D characters is not normal and comes across as autistic. You're not special and liking a humanoid husbando does not spare you from looking retarded. Now let's all keep the peace and learn to enjoy, this is not your echo chamber where everyone else has to agree with you and have the same taste as you.

No. 288054

I've been here since then, do you want to be seen as mentally disabled or something? This isn't an autism safe space.

Just because a woman does it doesn't make it better, you know she talked about sexualizing kirby, it isn't just a cute thing.

No. 288055

>do you want to be seen as mentally disabled or something?
This thread is already mentally disabled. Look into the mirror sis

No. 288056

>you know she talked about sexualizing kirby, it isn't just a cute thing.
Did she or are you being le epic 4chan troll and making shit up?

No. 288057

You really have to be truly miserable to fight over husbandos on the husbando thread, literally why?

No. 288058

It was apparently in the bunker threads and has been brought up in other threads before, and I saw the bunny suit pic so I believe it.

No. 288060

Well I've never seen her posting those drawings here, and as long as she doesn't do weird shit she should be allowed to post her own husbando. Seriously this is such a retarded fight, it's like fighting over someone posting Sans or Shadow. Literally the same thing, Shadow IS a furry too

No. 288061

What in blazes is a kaworu expy
Tell me why I just spent a good few minutes going through this to find my husbando, knowing full well that I would just get jealous if/when I found him. Hurt my own feelings.

No. 288062

Just means some cool and smart but a little emo guy with a hopeful side and (probably) some shade of white or gray hair

No. 288063

>This isn't an autism safe space.
It literally is though. Are you pretending that talking about fictional characters that you want to fuck as if they were in a relationship with you doesn't come across as autistic and retarded as fuck to most people? kek. Wanting to feel superior over having a "less autistic" taste in husbandos is pathetic
NTA but yes, she talked about it first in the bunker threads, it's the "kirby slit" people mentioned a few times in other threads. In all fairness though, other people kept asking her about it.

No. 288064

>This isn't an autism safe space.
>It literally is though.
Yeah it was cooler when no one made fun of other's husbandos and encouraged them to post more. It had a cool supportive vibe.

No. 288066

>it's the "kirby slit"
Ewgfh I don't know how to feel about that. If she can just stick to posting Dedede and not that shit then it's all fair. I guess?

No. 288067

Do you guys just expect the people with non-human husbandos to NOT sexualize them or something?

No. 288068

>non-sexual ONLY

No. 288070

sorry for not being a furry

No. 288072

File: 1663157931801.jpeg (121.59 KB, 1250x724, E2fGjaaUcAYcfF4.jpeg)

What the hell is going on here, let's enjoy our husbandos in peace, schyzos go touch some grass.

No. 288074

File: 1663158436474.gif (1.72 MB, 320x179, tumblr_1da494870ae21dc334b8d2f…)

You know what, this has emboldened me. I was afraid to put him down on the poll, but I will say it now: I love Bowser and I would marry him.

No. 288075

File: 1663158820639.jpg (100.14 KB, 433x480, sip.jpg)

Nonna's gonna hump Wheatley like a washing machine.

No. 288077

File: 1663159505033.jpg (338.74 KB, 1200x1191, EXwTlLjXgAA7Y6W.jpg)

Bowser is handsome and cute.

No. 288078

"coward" anon, wheatley is just too round and dumb and british to be fuckable

No. 288079

Although Dedede and Kirby sex makes me deeply uncomfortable, the problem with her is not the weird husbando, but the avatarfagging. And the fact that you recognized her in the art critique thread and came rushing to whiteknight her here is proof enough of that. Maybe if you buy a penguin suit she'll suck your clit sooner

Here's your spoon-feeding >>>/g/245179

No. 288080

File: 1663161241468.png (32.37 KB, 349x372, dedediscraceful.PNG)

PLEASE STOP! Can you please stop? I've just read through this thread and the latter half of the last thread and I honestly have no words. It's really creepy and you're annoying others, I'm sure. The posts in which you say things along "dedede-chan please be my friend!!!"- or "stop bullying dedede-chan!" or "dedede-chan is so interesting!!!" is really weird and creeps me out like your someone obsessed talking about their favorite anime character. I'm not interesting, I'm like any other person I just like Dedede. You're only annoying others, and making other Anons probably more hateful of Dedede's wonderful visage by using his face and name in such a way. If you wanted to be friends, that's fine I LOVE making friends with others who're interested in the things I'm interested in, but to semi-spam the thread over with that kind of stuff puts me off and if it's like >>288040 where you just want to be friends because you see me as some autistic cow you can laugh at your own personal ranch I want absolutely not a part in it. I stopped posting Dedede because of two things.
1. I was very very embarrassed after I posted that huge fucking spergout to komeada-chan and everyone, and rightfully so, laughed at it or felt uncomfortable.
2. I realized that Dedede isn't like other husbandos, he's not a human, he's goofy looking (still super cute though), he's not particularly sexy or conventionally attractive to the average nonnie so I decided to keep my worship and thirstposting to myself.
I wasn't bullied or pushed off of the thread, I did it out of my own violation, you don't need to do this. I'm sorry if I sounded rude but please stop. I'm sorry, I'm so sorry, I'm really really sorry.

No. 288083

samefag but I admit to avatarfagging, primarily because I have no reaction type pictures other than Dedede or Kirby related pictures. I've begun to fix this as I've begun downloading images off of google and lolcow as much as it hurts to do so. I'm sorry about that.
I also completely admit to the slit post, I do not deny it, it is true. I truly thought in the moment someone was interested in the intricacies of Kirby and Dedede's reproductive organs and sex. Truly sorry about that.

No. 288089

I had a crush on Wheatley back in 2011, but I replayed Portal 2 recently and holy fuck… he is so annoying, I want to crush this little shit against the wall and then stomp on his remains.

No. 288092

early 2010s tumblrinas had huge ovary exploding lady boners for bongoloid males and he just happened to fit in nicely because of the accent. now that we don't fetishize bongs anymore he kinda lost a lot of his appeal.

No. 288095

File: 1663165897613.jpg (78.43 KB, 736x736, 0008c19370afcb174c2e1a16a8cee6…)

One good thing about Cyberpunk

No. 288104

File: 1663166906362.jpg (1.27 MB, 1500x2500, IMG_20220912_043025.jpg)

another wonderful morning loving him

No. 288110

File: 1663169322026.jpg (153.21 KB, 567x1022, 831174db536c6166ee202576c6aac9…)

I was complaining about your avatarfagging, but despite the tism you seem to be pretty level headed and able to take criticisms to better yourself. Kudos, and sorry for being somewhat harsh. May your special interests keep you happy for a long time.

No. 288112

File: 1663169993823.gif (Spoiler Image,423.63 KB, 212x318, 9EFFD9E2-4EFF-4FCE-A40C-80CB63…)

Fingers in his slit
Fingers in his slit
King Dedede likes
fingers in his slit

No. 288130

File: 1663175208839.jpg (157.53 KB, 600x784, 20220914_120403.jpg)

I want to see him wear glasses!!! My old man!!

No. 288139


I don't wanna spam my husbando here, bc I'm not feeling too comfortable yet. I already shared it before but I don't wanna be annoying

No. 288145

>where you just want to be friends because you see me as some autistic cow you can laugh at your own personal ranch
That really wasn't the case, but you really hurt me now, so I don't want to talk to you anymore.

No. 288147

Take your time. We're all spergs here and I'm sure you won't be any more annoying than the person that was harassing Dedede-chan.

No. 288150

samefag I can't believe I defended you and now you're being rude to me like this. I really don't like you anymore, so goodbye and good riddance.

No. 288160

File: 1663184750250.png (3.75 MB, 1280x1277, unknown.png)

older link looks nice

No. 288165

File: 1663185031327.png (1.05 MB, 1366x768, image_2022-09-14_145154682.png)


No. 288166

File: 1663185058237.jpg (9.17 KB, 193x261, download.jpg)

No. 288168

File: 1663185312482.jpg (96.28 KB, 740x990, 09928b730f4791185e36e801464b58…)

No. 288176

I don't think she needed to be defended. That is why she found it off putting, especially the entitlement you're showing.

No. 288183

not her but while your posts seemed innocent at first, it's starting to sound creepy now. i think her reaction is becoming justified kek

No. 288185

Anyway, did everyone's husbandos just happen to them? I have others, but my number one meow meow of my heart just hit me like a truck one day and it's to the point that whenever I see some cute fanart of him my hp is restored. He's from this shitty game that I don't even like but I can't delete it because of him and it's like he's a captive princess in a tower and I'm the only one willing to overcome every obstacle to save him #and give him true love's kiss cough#. I'm undeserving of Elrond and characters like Ohma are too cool for me, but I know I'm exactly what my #1 husbando needs.
And us husbandofags/yumes deserve the world so I really might fuck around and draw self insert fanart of my harem. Maybe that'll finally get me back into drawing and rid me of that "not good enough" at drawing feeling if I'm purely drawing for fun and self indulgent purposes! You nonnies have done me a lot of good. I'm never leaving /g/. I'll post a semi thesis on my #1 when I get home from errands, cause I have feelings that must be shared. Love you all!

No. 288186

Repost with an edit cause I butted in unnecessarily.

No. 288190

File: 1663189210319.png (79.16 KB, 849x698, FcXiOtraUAAUmFA.png)

Fuck, I'm so intensely and genuinely in love with him. The way his hair falls onto his face and nape, the way he looks like a gorgeous statue crafted with the blessings of only the purest goddess. The small subtle smile and light in his eyes as whatever he's listening to, looking at, or thinking about brings him such happiness. I'm enraptured by every minute detail and it brings me to tears, I could die happy in this very moment. If I could hear him call me his amore, my heart would surely burst in a nanosecond.

No. 288191

This. I think I'd be a little weirded out if someone kept mentioning me over and over in increasing frequency raving over wanting to to be me friend in such a way that Anon was. Honestly I just feel bad for the Dedede anon, I think she's scared off now.

No. 288193

maybe she'll be a little quieter, but judging by her room she will not stop thinking about dedede's slit

No. 288195

File: 1663190448582.jpeg (Spoiler Image,789.17 KB, 1125x1122, 5515A402-9A16-4F7C-B2F7-B669B4…)

Why did nobody tell me that there was a Danganronpa stage play? I’ve never been really been attracted to 3D men but this picture is like a lightning bolt to the clit.
I’m starting to think that you could dress a mop in a parka and tell me that it was suicidal, and it’d probably be enough like Komaeda that I’d try to fuck it.

No biggie, let’s move on.

No. 288202

hnng this fucking brain leaking bastard looks great with anyone

No. 288205

File: 1663196539260.jpg (Spoiler Image,183.07 KB, 1842x1454, FJaYkvoVcAMivGE.jpg)

I love (fictional) men that activate my savior complex. It's the trend with most of my husbandos. They are either struggling or tortured, or just kinda incompetent in some way. (I'm not saying Solaire is incompetent btw, he's very competent, and I was referring to other characters I like with that.)
My savior complex is partially why Solaire is my no. 1, since there is no way to truly save him, it makes my monkey brain go crazy. We don't even spend that much time together in game, but the time we had meant a lot to me ♥

No. 288209

File: 1663198138524.png (3.3 MB, 1280x1294, BFFEDB27-8EC5-4233-88F7-FEAFBC…)

I love your love for him nonna

No. 288210

Nah, she wasn't rude, you're just a bdp-chan that can't deal with rejection for being insistent, she never needed your protection.

No. 288213

File: 1663198693839.jpg (591.44 KB, 1280x993, fluff.jpg)

I don't want to creep you out (I was one of the anons that said that people should just move on and wanted to get the heat off your back), but want to say I understood your love of King Dedede and want to post this. best wishes to you, stranger.

No. 288224

I relate to what you wrote here and i'm going to join you. I'm going to draw myself/my self-insert with all my husbandos. It's overdue. We have nothing to lose nonna godspeed

No. 288225

Samefag, looking forward to your essay

No. 288228

File: 1663203806160.gif (5.69 MB, 500x282, 716A6CE9-6B9A-4E20-BDDD-DABF14…)

oh no

No. 288231

YES that was my reaction when I saw him. he's so cute

No. 288232

File: 1663205057510.png (633.54 KB, 896x768, FcoHRyiagAE3Gy7.png)

Not that fond of modern AUs, but this is an exception

No. 288237

File: 1663208798941.gif (2.67 MB, 640x360, 604654DE-4543-4459-A151-A9EA55…)

Oh anon this whole game is full of husbandos! I love how the female characters aren’t put in any kind of sexual light and there’s a nice broad range of handsome male characters. You’ve got the quirky-but-wise pretty boy Sholmes; the twitchy cutie Ryunosuke; the troubled, sexy, and strangely gay (picrel) van Zieks; the principled and elegant Hosonaga; Enoch, the creepy goth with the sick moves… Even Susato dressed as a male student looked cute. It’s a happy place to be

No. 288242

nayrt. I fucking love this proto-edgeworth vampire and his leg but I didn't know the other cutie anon posted was from the same game. I am 1000% more interested now

No. 288249

File: 1663212202970.jpeg (57.1 KB, 540x664, 0881C023-6AFB-4D56-9B73-15DBA9…)

>>288232 I’d let him shoot me

No. 288250

File: 1663213068481.jpg (64.69 KB, 735x526, 2370e81ef6191830164642b3e150d6…)

I want to believe it was Vasily saying that and with that expression as well kek
Not even a big VasiO fan either but they go really well together in a modern sniper scenario

No. 288251

Ew is this school shooter fan art? Please be mindful of what kind of moids lurk here and how retarded they are (they’d assume that they can look even more badass than your husbandos)

No. 288254

Please tell me you're joking

No. 288260

I'm pretty sure anon has to be joking, GK characters get posted way too often for her to miss it.

No. 288274

you really think some lurking kiwiscrote would do a mass shooting just to impress some farmer who posted sniper Golden Kamuy fan art and try to be her 3D Ogata (as if!)

No. 288282

idiocy: the post

No. 288293

File: 1663238663636.jpg (274.42 KB, 1254x606, 1661884255192.jpg)

I hope you're not kidding so your post can be even funnier

No. 288303

File: 1663244447226.jpg (1.32 MB, 2667x3594, dan-eder-tdw285.jpg)

If you're gonna post a delicious photo nona please post the full version and not the ones for ants

No. 288308

Is Link on Steroids?

No. 288313

File: 1663249013214.png (517.33 KB, 2048x2048, FStN9H3UcAEiYVq.png)

Thank you, nonna. God bless, and tysm for more art for my collection. ♥

No. 288326

bishie face on muscular body, when pulled off well, is a scrumptious combo. this is such a case.

No. 288331

don't you have to join the chaos servant covenant and use the shortcut to get there before he finds the sunlight maggot?
That said, Solaire is the objectively superior DS1 husbando but I must have brain damage because I'm unhingedly obsessed with Patches (though I will admit I slightly prefer his character model from DS3).

No. 288348

File: 1663261833381.png (1.96 MB, 1092x1637, Kae_Serinuma's_body_pillow_Sti…)

Have your freinds never fell in love or is attracted to a fictional character? Or do they preferred 3D men? It sucks that some of them would find it weird and sad but 3D men are such disappointments and can't compared to superior 2D/fictional guys.

No. 288361

File: 1663267992948.png (292.59 KB, 640x560, e3b86ad9-6caf-4182-a158-fb6468…)

They all have Nigels now so they think I just need to find "the right man" and then I'll "grow up" and stop loving my husbandos. Joke's on them I know I'm way happier than they are because they always have to vent about some shit their Nigel did and even though I'm outwardly sympathetic, in my head I'm laughing.

No. 288367

I don’t know, maybe I’ll change my opinion when I play, but this is a “what did they do to my boy” moment.

No. 288368

>Have your freinds never fell in love or is attracted to a fictional character? Or do they preferred 3D men?
It's been about 50/50. Relationships with people that are as spergy or are just understanding of it are deeper, but as I've gotten older it's harder to find them.

Hate to report that I have a Nigel and am still absurdly in love with my husbandos, so you can have both. You're right though; he typically ruins whatever happiness I get from them. If I could self sustain or move to live with a friend, I know my choice.

No. 288372

File: 1663271874555.jpg (31.49 KB, 542x566, a2592b5b29f721ec739018829adf53…)

I have a Nigel and husbandos too

No. 288373

Ayrt, it's fine if that works for u or other nonnies, I'm strictly talking about my friends who I know are unhappy with their moids even though they want me to get one.
They all act like I'm just immature when really it's because I know moids won't add to my life so I'm sticking with 2d.

No. 288376

You should absolutely draw fan art of you and your husbando if you feel inspired nona, years ago that was all I drew and it was fun, even if the drawings were far from the best. unfortunately I met some untrust worthy people that deterred me from doing it, and I still haven't gotten over the fear of "not being good enough". So I hope you don't think too much about it like me and just do it.
Also I feel you, with my husbando it was love at first sight. I didn't even know anything about him, I just felt that spark. by the way I'll gladly read your semi thesis, I love people talking extensively about their husbandos.

No. 288397

File: 1663278881031.png (773.76 KB, 487x673, solaire_342788374.PNG)

from one solaire nonna to the other, i love you! i also daydream a lot about what it would be like to save him…he deserves the world. he just needed someone to support and truly believe in him.
patches girlies are always so fun, i support you noni

No. 288428

File: 1663289572320.jpg (42.6 KB, 499x481, when-youre-in-love-with-a-fict…)

Please write ur husbando thesis Nona! I love reading what you guys post about ur husbandos, the longer the better.
I can relate to suddenly being hit with an infatuation for characters out of nowhere. It doesn't even make sense because I never really liked the series they're from (I like about half of it) and they're not in the show for any long period of time. Not too long ago I was going through a really rough time and became cloistered at home for a bit. In that time I was just watching shows and playing video games to take my mind off things, but for some reason out of all the characters in all the media I was consuming at the time I became infatuated with my husbandos. But I can't complain, they make me happy. When I get a new figure I'm the happiest person on earth, and whenever I see them my mood improves. I'm having keychains made of them so I can take them with me everywhere.

No. 288432

no offence, but how does having a nigel and a husbando even work? The thing is with me personally, is that my number 1 husbando has qualities i know it 100% impossible for me to get in an irl scrote and I know I will never be sexually attracted to scrotes who don't resemble my husbandos in some way. Everyone who has a bf always seems to constantly make so many adjustments to themselves or make so many sacrifices and compromises.

No. 288438

>how does having a nigel and a husbando even work?
I can still get merch, collect fanart, and I have my own mind to myself. But if he's an annoying scrote, he'll be a fucking nuisance about it and dampen the fun all the time. If you're a homemaker or similar, it's easier to have the time to enjoy yourself alone.

>my number 1 husbando has qualities i know it 100% impossible for me to get in an irl scrote

>Everyone who has a bf always seems to constantly make so many adjustments to themselves or make so many sacrifices and compromises.
Yes, exactly. It's called settling and it fucking sucks. Don't do it if you don't have to, nonna. &b42dark, just saying not everyone gets to feasibly live alone.

No. 288439

File: 1663291720726.png (991.66 KB, 1366x768, hashihime-of-the-old-book-town…)

ngl, I get weird vibes from their behavior. see, it'd actually be one thing if they seemed very happy and didn't have to vent and just gushed, but it seems like they're trying to justify their own neuroticism about their relationships by belittling your propensities. it's like a stressed mother that is being cheated on/abused by her husband going around and berating single women over being single and childless.

also you are patient asf anon. if a friend ever pulled that 180 shit on me I'd say "ok then why do you vent about Mr. Perfect? Is this what maturity looks like?"

No. 288441

Another anon put it more eloquently than I in the devote yourself to your husbando thread, but my boyfriend sees my husbandos as an extention of myself and knows how important my daydreams are to me. In my case, it also helps that the series that my husbando is from was kind of introduced to me by him, I was already interested in it but knowing it was his favorite game when I had a crush on him encouraged me to play it and it ended up being one of my favorites too. But even before I met him, I always had husbandos my whole life. Ladies, don't change yourself for anyone. A good person will love and accept these parts of you. Only change if that's what you want and it benefits you.

No. 288445

My nigel is and always has been aware of my fictional crushes. He used to get a little prickly over it, especially because he doesn't do the whole waifu thing, but it's gotten to the point where he openly jokes about them and sends me saucy artwork he finds. He's more insecure about some more than others, but overall he isn't too bothered.

No. 288451

File: 1663293723172.jpg (2.08 MB, 1752x1913, Tumblr_l_931337647593201.jpg)

my friends send me fanart of my boy often bc they know it makes me happy.
my mom, even though she doesn't like my husbando (she thinks he is "undercooked" and "looks too immature") is supportive of it, she even gifts me merch. the most she does is poke fun of me and my "boyfriend", but its purely just mother-daughter banter.
part of why she supports it is because she is also very distrusting of moids

No. 288452

please don't bring the purity testing of husbando stuff here. other communities are insufferable because there's a weird social enforcement on what levels of autism are too "normal" to belong despite being in love with a cartoon being autist behavior in the first place

No. 288455

File: 1663296502303.png (377.41 KB, 626x477, myshowison.png)

I just wanna tune out! No thoughts, head empty, pussy take the wheel please!

No. 288457

this, it happened in the other thread, thank fuck it didn't escalate further but that's precisely why i prefer these threads, because there's no shitty gatekeeping and incel-like resentment towards "normies"

No. 288460

Did you not read the title of the other thread? Of course if you not 100% devoted you would not be welcome there or else it wouldn't be anything different from here. I think it's perfectly reasonable for some gatekeeping to happen on that thread. Now that I have read the responses from the nonnies from nigels, i don't really see this thread as much different from the hot/unconventional men/women i'd like to fuck threads aside it being about 2d characters, not that it's a problem.

No. 288461

Idk we've been friends for years so I don't really wanna cut them off even though our lives don't go in the same direction now that they have nigels and kids. And they do say nice things about their nigels don't get me wrong but because they trust me not to automatically take the man's side in any dispute whenever they have problems with Nigel they tell me and I usually try and help.
Now that they know I'm actually serious about being 2d only they've been "concerned" about my wellbeing and it's "unhealthy" to be in a relationship with 2d men and I'm "immature". That kinda hurts ngl, if I was so immature why do they keep coming to me for relationship advice? And I've already told them I don't want a "real relationship" anymore because I've been in real relationships and I don't want to deal with 3dpd anymore.
Sometimes I feel like I should be smug when they inevitably come to me with a complaint about their moid and say something like "MY husband would never do that".

No. 288473

Please call them out on asking you for husband advice. Women who do shit like that need their asses handed to them. They need to leave you alone. Maybe considering getting different friends might be the way to go if they continue to be annoying and rude.

No. 288493

File: 1663309571296.jpeg (111.22 KB, 579x963, FcvxhlGaUAIVRsd.jpeg)

Look at this nerd. So cute and handsome I wanna kiss him.

No. 288495

lolcow (handshake emogee) tumblr (handshake emogee) twitter (handshake emogee) the whole world
Reigen sexi

No. 288499

File: 1663310469618.gif (750.22 KB, 600x338, castlevania-netflix.gif)

Late to the party, but that's me lol.
And it's true, I can't choose which version I prefer, in that case I think I'm lucky compered with other husbando fags, if I'm in mood for something more romantic, I have a lot of movies and books to choose, if I want something more violent, historical, sexy or even funny, I have infinite material to enjoy, and if I want to go to the monsterfuckery route, I have Nosferatu for that kek

And since I'm a goth nobody blinks an eye when they see me buying figures, merch or differents editions of Dracula, everyone is like "that's what's goths do, right?" kek.

No. 288501

the perks of having a public domain husbando

No. 288507

When you're husbando is on-screen and you can literally only stare at him to not miss a millisecond of his screentime

No. 288509

When your husbando is on screen and you’re watching with other people, so you hope they don’t notice your face turning red and the sweat beading on your forehead.

No. 288510

Me when I watched my husbando's anime with my then-boyfriend kek

No. 288526

When my parents wanted to watch me play Resident Evil 4 so we spend more time together

No. 288530

NAYRT, but for me my boyfriend is sweet and gentle and the perfect man for a real life relationship.

All my husbandos are insane, abusive, self-destructive or other stuff that is hot in theory but not in practice

No. 288586

File: 1663344977551.png (98.14 KB, 500x522, having-a-boyfriend-or-girlfrie…)

>Tfw ur husbando only shows up in one or two episodes of an entire series
You don't even blink so u don't miss a single second of him

No. 288592

Are you me?

No. 288597

On the bright side, if you have an obscure husbando, you can keep him all to yourself and don't share with anyone.
My current husbando is literal D-lister from a comic book, but I still treasure him dearly. I would say I'm his biggest fan, but I saw at least two other people who love him and now I feel jealous.

No. 288602

Lol that’s so cute. That reminds me of how my brother loves to try to get me into all his favorite game series, and I secretly end up lewding the characters almost every time. I hope he can’t tell.

No. 288660

Nona, I bought this game because of your post! I have never played an Ace Attorney game before. I'm just at the first court case but there is already a cutie - Kazuma. Looking forward to meeting Mr Legs.

No. 288663

File: 1663558589468.jpg (45.28 KB, 640x359, internet-strangers-that-became…)

I missed you guys and this thread so much.

No. 288666

File: 1663559331730.jpg (329.58 KB, 750x794, 20220914_120200.jpg)

Welcome back, anons!! I missed you!

No. 288667

File: 1663560123875.jpg (2.58 MB, 2691x3245, IMG_20220918_165531.jpg)

i've never been happier to express my love for him than i do right now.
welcome back everyone!

No. 288668

File: 1663560453154.jpeg (134.89 KB, 420x1026, FVR4vofUEAAA6rd.jpeg)

dead no longer unlike sidemoba.

No. 288669

File: 1663560524726.jpeg (27.58 KB, 400x220, 1588453260670.jpeg)

I missed you guys sm. Never leave me again!

No. 288674

File: 1663563732219.jpg (288.26 KB, 1280x1174, heflankedme.jpg)

I'm going to make a toast to to unknown husbandos. May they assassinate many asses.

No. 288677

File: 1663564933512.jpeg (48.11 KB, 519x525, C3A41B56-937B-413C-BC9E-B0F306…)

Show ended two years ago and I still want him so bad

No. 288682

File: 1663566360854.jpeg (114.47 KB, 829x1024, reigen thicc.jpeg)

saw this and instantly thought of the reigen nonas kek

No. 288683

why would we cancel him for having a nice ass

No. 288684

File: 1663566861083.jpg (30.13 KB, 472x451, 1be5ee9f40b2f55ed50040081e5cdd…)

I missed this thread so much, nice to see you nonnas.

No. 288685

does newt scammander or whatever count ???? not trad nerdy but def when he opens that gorg mouth xd

No. 288687

File: 1663568256568.jpeg (84.33 KB, 995x1372, FPmBQA2VIAMa0g-.jpeg)

I'd pay him good money to sit on my face.

No. 288688

File: 1663568390592.jpg (285.8 KB, 1920x1921, re2_remake_leon__mr__x__pinup_…)

Missed you too nonnies! This is the best thread!

No. 288690

wrong thread newfag lol

No. 288693

File: 1663573437785.jpg (182.94 KB, 600x657, Kamukura.Izuru.full.1873358.jp…)

an izuru anon!! hes so cute

No. 288699

dear god i missed you nonnies

No. 288700

File: 1663576631815.jpg (129.19 KB, 439x781, 2c231b60889801c4aa067c2b69e761…)

He is a good boy, I'd like to pet him.
>Tfw no middly autistic human experiment bf

No. 288706

File: 1663581553861.jpg (158.73 KB, 1080x807, Screenshot_20220919_120207.jpg)

I missed you nonas so much, glad to see you all back. This thread makes my day.

No. 288710

File: 1663582697911.jpeg (31 KB, 293x384, 119550BA-816F-4103-B03B-9254BF…)

I want to peg him but I’m afraid it’ll awaken something in him as if he isn’t already an overt homosexual

Love you and missed you lots, nonnies ♥

No. 288713

do you see him as a male-leaning bisexual?

No. 288714

Yes I do! I think he’d be absolutely smitten with anybody who showed him a scrap of kindness and shared his ideology. His self-esteem is in the toilet so I imagine he’d grovel at your feet for a crumb of affection and love you unconditionally, regardless of whether you’re a man or a woman.
What do you think?

No. 288716

honestly i only know him from tje memes so i cannot properly comment but as long as he is capable of being into you and you love each other then sure

No. 288718

File: 1663584389550.jpeg (222.3 KB, 814x1018, 0F90FBA7-4924-405C-9621-8C1D60…)

Rejoice nonacitas

No. 288720

File: 1663586074962.jpg (22.41 KB, 396x600, f46586f5e8907e1694c95c8c858ce2…)

I want him to run his thick, rubber covered fingers inside my mouth. I always liked how it feels during dental examination, but if it's medic I would be soaking the fucking chair.

And hello again ig

No. 288721

i'm usually not into white men with no lips, but i make exceptions for the tf2 mercs (well demo already isn't even included in this category so no need to even make an exception for him kek), i wouldn't have them any other way

No. 288726

NTA, why is it important for your husbando to be into you and in a mutually loving relationship? Mine hates me and wants me dead

No. 288741

Nonnies, do your husbandos match the personalities from 3DPD/IRL moids you are attracted to? One of my husbandos is Gilgamesh but I absolutely would despise some scrote with same personality as him

No. 288743

My husbandos are Vulpes Inculta and Eobard Thawne (comics version, not the show one). I would run away asap if I met them in real life. I just like psychos but only fictional ones.

No. 288746

Oh, nonnie, Vulpes is one of my husbandos too

No. 288751

ok then at least mutual sexual attraction

No. 288757

i have several different types for my husbandos and i'm usually attracted to men who resemble the more mellow, wholesome ones. i'll never admit it out loud but i'd love to find a guy who's exactly like my number 1 super toxic husbando and if by some miracle it works out in the end, because our personality disorders cancel each other out or whatever

No. 288766

File: 1663601432181.jpg (409.8 KB, 1402x2048, IMG_20220919_082800.jpg)

knowing you is the greatest thing that happened in my entire existence.
I never realized how happy and complete I am with you by my side, you don't even need to do anything. The thought of you staying by my side reassures me
and gives a whole new meaning to my life.

Every sound of your voice is like music to my ears, a serene lullaby that lulls me to sweet daydreams. When I gaze into your soulless eyes, I could see a brighter tomorrow. The soft whispers of your enchanting voice lift my empty spirits and calm my weary thoughts. Your beaming smile chases all my worries and uncertainties away. Your warm embrace puts me in a trance of sweet lullabies and melody. The moment that I hold your hand, I know right away that you are the one that I want to spend the rest of my life with.

No words could ever express the glee that I'm experiencing right now. I couldn't even start to fathom how blessed I am to have you in this life. In any other lifetime, I'd still choose to fall in love with you. I thank God for bringing you to my life. You gave a new meaning to my existence and I could not imagine a life without you in it. You and I were made to be together, forever. Loving you was the most special thing that ever happened to me. You have a very special place in my heart and no one could ever replace that, be it in this lifetime, or any other lifetime. When I'm with you, everything feels so right and I feel really blessed. I cherish every single day that we spend together.

No. 288773

If bsd Dazai was real he'd be your insane codependent ex who steals your money for drugs and slashes your tires if you don't respond to his suicide bait. Good for a one night stand but absolutely not dating material God I want him so bad

No. 288788

File: 1663605987531.jpg (147.84 KB, 1000x728, EDecCU8U0AArO6a (2).jpg)

I missed you, nonnas. This is my favorite thread on the site, glad I got over my hesitation to join in the postings. I hope you're all having a great day.

No. 288791

File: 1663606603596.jpg (118.54 KB, 1000x652, 6ea263b0dcdbc551168e3f1fc1fd4a…)

So glad and happy to see this site back up! I missed you nonnies!

Was bored, played SSBU as Mii Brawler Reigen on online tourney for fun and as a joke to the Tumblr Sexyman Competition. Sadly didn't win though.

No. 288802

File: 1663611004975.jpg (188.93 KB, 945x692, 20220919_130919.jpg)

I am going to ride his face and he is going to like it.

No. 288807

Greetings, fellow medicfag. He's very fucking hot, indeed

No. 288808

File: 1663611769054.jpg (130.8 KB, 810x1080, ichiban_kuji_greatest_saiyan_p…)

I've been looking for this for a long time and now I finally have him! The seller was halfway across the world but the box made it all the way here undamaged. I'm so happy I could die.

No. 288809

Congratulations nona, he looks great! Where are you going to put him?

No. 288822

Sometimes when I'm drunk I want to post my self-insert art here but I'm glad I always hold myself back. Keep creating for you, ladies!! I'm so stoked to be back.

No. 288823

File: 1663615519201.jpg (27.17 KB, 569x568, FH-Xtz6XwAEjbjF.jpg)

Yeah you can do that, I just meant that even if you do save him, he's still depressed about his life goal being impossible. Also, it was reveled in an interview with Miyazaki that Solaire will link the flame and sacrifice himself in his world. Which ends in him still dying, but at least he's probably satisfied. That information is from the game no shokutaku interview.
Patches is great too! I love his voice, the VA managed to make it so sinister but also strangely charming.
I completely agree, it might be speculation on my part, but Solaire seems like one of the most knightly characters in the first game. Even though he might not even a real knight, all his gear is self-made, including the sun symbol that he painted himself (so cute). His story actually kind of sounds like a classic legend, of a kind hero, coming from humble beginnings becoming strong through hard work. The description of his shield even says that “As it turns out, Solaire's incredible prowess is a product of his own training, and nothing else.”
He's honestly a pretty mysterious character as well. Before the nameless king, there was that theory about Solaire being Gwyn's firstborn, but now we don't even have much to go off, but I actually kind of love that he's just a dedicated guy on a quest. There is something sweet about him being simply a kind human.
>he just needed someone to support and truly believe in him
Absolutely, it breaks my heart that the chosen undead is a mostly mute protagonist,I wish I could say something to him in the later parts of the game and give him support.

No. 288837

File: 1663617274132.jpg (191.13 KB, 2048x2042, __solaire_of_astora_dark_souls…)

i absolutely loved the firstborn solaire theory, even if it ended up getting debunked he will always be a prince to me

No. 288849

File: 1663619107700.jpeg (569.21 KB, 834x1226, 6B842483-F129-4147-9B9F-64F95C…)

Tummy tummy want to rubby BLUSHES VERY DEEP

No. 288862

File: 1663622468383.jpg (61.95 KB, 564x882, 2c05ea9fc6be2bb0cebe8c3f0268d3…)

>Saving art of my zodiac husbando
>Now all my inboxes are filled with zodiacal readings

No. 288864

I'm trying to get a display case with lights to show all his figures off. He'll be the centerpiece

No. 288892

File: 1663625709844.jpg (61.92 KB, 506x733, DrHR2jRWwAA_3gN.jpg)

luv ritsuko, luv her rebuild design as it made moids seethe, luv her ship with maya

No. 288916

>why is it important for your husbando to be into you and in a mutually loving relationship
Why is this even a question, it's just common sense. Not all of us are masochists.

No. 288927

kek no they're the complete opposite, my husbandos are either grumpy, lazy, or crazy (or a combination of those) and would be a lot of effort to get to know/date if they were real
I have a nigel with the complete opposite personality from most of my husbandos but I still love my grumpy 2D men

No. 288935

File: 1663633834451.jpg (Spoiler Image,39.77 KB, 480x342, 1649749259258.jpg)

The other day I decided to sleep on the sofa so maybe I could imagine that I was at the lab
In retrospect it was actually such a retarded idea that I don't think I'll do it again
The sofa's pretty comfy tho

No. 288936

File: 1663633901109.png (932.96 KB, 800x720, GoodSmile_King_Dedede_Nendoroi…)

My husbando has both a Nendoroid and First 4 Figures figurine stature coming out, I probably won't buy the F4F figure, too expensive and I'm iffy about the face, but I am going to get that fucking Nendoroid. He's super cute, comes with his hammer. I like how he resembles his Super Star Ulta model, chunky and compact. Dedede seldom gets any figures at all so I'm very excited! I'm pissed because ALLSTAR ended, and a doujin-artist who was doing a doujinshi focused on Dedede sold out, so no mail order. Another one is opening mail order for another doujinshi focused on him but that's not until October, I hope I can snag it in time. Have anyone else seen or got any good merchandise finds of their respective husbandos?
I was once attracted to a guy who could do a semi-decent impression of his voice but that's as much as it will ever get. I don't have any interest in dating as of now and the last guy I date dumped me for my tsim, it's too much and I find this way more pleasurable and re-warding.

No. 288938

File: 1663634452273.png (1.57 MB, 1534x1079, youwannafuckwithmeHUH.png)

I wanna lick every single ab of the angry italiano man, map every inch of his smooth toned chest and stomach with my tongue. I've never been envious of sweat or shower water before.

No. 288947

File: 1663638874484.jpg (141.95 KB, 514x514, 1663638405686.jpg)

Omg its back! although I'm a bit late to the party but shhh
How's everyone doing?

I thought this place was gone, and just when I had found a place I could sperg out about my husband. I was anxious for it to come back.

At least I could find some solace being by his side and be comforted after a long day of work.

No. 288948

File: 1663639579785.jpg (20.06 KB, 373x469, 2gbp54i37qr51.jpg)

netflix and nasty pedo Henry Cavill did him so dirty. scarred up, gnarly looking game Geralt is everything

No. 288954

File: 1663641222447.png (124.88 KB, 184x440, strm_ch_body037_0.png)

he's so cute I just want to draw him and hunt for pictures of him all day. i made a shrine for him on an online game last night and it was way too much fun. i want to scalp him just so I can wear his hair it's so pretty HE'S so pretty. My god.

No. 288961

File: 1663643018620.jpg (668.41 KB, 2408x2709, fVprCHB.jpg)

I know we're all about loving our husbandos here, but does anyone have a fictional ex?
Whether it's someone you've fallen out of love with over time, had ruined for you by a fandom or ruined by the source material, does any other nonnas have a character they were at one time head over heels for but not any more?
I don't mean to turn this comfy thread towards negativity, I just wanna know if I'm alone in this or not.
I used to be enamored with picrel. All it took was a single comic to completely ruin him for me. Call me weak, but I couldn't get rid of the negative association. I guess that's what happens when your husbando is from a game where the self insert characters are kids. I'm glad he isn't in the new game.

No. 288962

this is so cute to me, nona!

No. 288963

File: 1663643897794.jpeg (100.83 KB, 500x499, 4E88704E-5EF2-4938-A4F1-C6F868…)

My legit fictional ex is Megatron, I fell in love with him when I was 17 years old, and I was very, very into him until I was 25 years old, hell, my best friend would even send me megatron pictures and such because I sperged about him in Uni and everyone knew me as the robot fucker.
It's awkward as fuck, sometimes I just think about him and such but I don't know, I'm not that into him as I was back then.
It's funny because I have a longer yume relationship with Link, and I still love him a lot, but with megatron it was like I don't know, maybe it's just that my autistic fixation died or something.

No. 288968

Another fictional ex haver reporting in, I was really obsessed with my ex-husbando from when I was 13-15 but then it just gradually faded away. He helped me through a relatively tough time, and I'm grateful for that even though I don't feel any form of attraction towards him anymore. I don't really associate any negative stuff from that period with him either, and I like to think that we parted on good terms.
He was kind of an autism pick anyway but it's fun to go down memory lane and poke fun at my younger self

No. 288973

File: 1663649393406.jpg (64.69 KB, 717x681, 811b75df0f31428600308d663e3474…)

This fucker.
When I was 13 he became my first fictional crush but it was only for a year or so, as I got older I guess I grew out of it.
I didn't get into the husbando lifestyle until recently but now looking back I wonder wtf I ever saw in him, and thanks to yashahime I actively hate him.

No. 288976

Yashahime looked at Sesshoumaru and said "Just fuck my shit up fam". He's hot, but not hot enough to overlook canonically breeding with the closest thing he's ever had to a daughter. There should be a support group for husbando widows lol.

No. 288981

If the sofa's comfy you should do it again! Nothing retarded about it, it's like hugging a pillow when you sleep to imagine you're hugging him.

No. 288984

I didn't know she looked like THAT in the rebuilds, she's so hot

No. 288993

File: 1663657994305.jpg (110.58 KB, 1024x1101, 1659553969449319.jpg)

Shadow's got a large amount of good looking merch, and I've got a decent amount of stuff like plushies and keychains. Maybe someday I'll be able to afford one of his F4Fs.
When I was little (think elementary school) I had a crush on Knuckles and turned red if I had to talk about him. It's nowhere near what I feel now though.

No. 288994

shadow the salaryhedgehog

No. 288996

Because it's called husbando not enemy.

No. 288997

File: 1663659236456.jpg (177.96 KB, 751x1064, Envy_by_alienmaskedcreature.jp…)

Yeah, I have a lot of former husbandos, most of them I still like as favorite characters of their shows but the one I'm definitely embarrassed about is picrel, I don't get what I saw in him. Granted I was in middle school, my taste just changed, and thankfully I had no money so I didn't buy any merch (and it was pre-Brotherhood when the only things available were very shitty quality).

No. 289008

File: 1663665674563.jpg (40.3 KB, 475x802, nagito my ex husbando.jpg)

I used to be obsessed with nagito komaeda for quite awhile
dunno what made me stop loving him, I think it was the combination of seeing the extreme edgy cringe in action from other komaeda/danganronpa fans on twitter plus having other less canonically insane husbandos that I love more

No. 289009

File: 1663665864910.jpg (51.64 KB, 564x398, f2be384b0ceb4c02f264869ef8e33a…)

I'm not ashamed really, I was in love with Shinji when I was like, 12 or 13 years old, if I remember correctly, and it lasted for quite some time. He just has a lot of things that makes me happy. While I was bothered with how the fandom treats him, I kinda got used to it, since even to this day, many of my husbandos go through the same treatment. Our thing stopped due to age actually; I don't want to cause a huge discussion, I don't judge people for their husbandos, but personally there's something that makes me feel weird about liking him the same way I did as a 12 year old than… well, as someone slightly older. I was already getting called a creep even when I was underage, so I don't want to come across that way anymore.

I still like him a whole lot tho, but more of a "favorite character" sort of way instead of a crush.

No. 289017

File: 1663669481640.jpeg (73.4 KB, 1323x912, mr new booty.jpeg)

never wanted to worship man ass until seeing Kaito in Lost Judgment
and i just know he'd get very flustered if anyone tried to

No. 289020


No. 289021

he's still a Japanese man after all

No. 289050

File: 1663682624047.jpg (465.31 KB, 1638x2048, IMG_20220919_093421.jpg)

they say God has created someone for everyone and that someone for me is you, darling. words are not enough for me to express my feelings for you. just like you cannot count how many stars are there in the sky, you have endless qualities within you.

No. 289054

File: 1663687510252.jpg (77.97 KB, 540x704, tumblr_ccd1bc1cf781d63edb3519f…)

Met a moid who did a good impression of him and was as into the source material as me, and he ended up ruining the character for me before I even knew it. All of my friends and some anons here knew me as Sans' wife; for years I got birthday & Christmas presents related to him, like, Sans was MY thing. They even drew divorce fanart after the subsequent fallout, kek.

I still really like him, don't get me wrong. My autistic ass will never truly shake my love for him, but I don't really think it will ever reach its peak again. I've never felt that sort of intense burning love for a fictional character before, and when I initially stopped liking him, it really felt like a breakup of sorts. Trying to repair the relationship now but it's not really the same.

No. 289099

Does your husbando have any fetishes or preferences when it comes to sex? If not, what fetishes and or preferences would your husbando have?

No. 289108

File: 1663703036190.jpg (124.87 KB, 1080x749, EwMxp4kU8AAelH-.jpg)

Apparently some nonnas were trying to find the source for this black haired vampire anime boy? I found this manga called The Blood of Madam Giselle I believe it's where he originates I also believe it is porn with a plot

No. 289116

File: 1663706943626.jpg (175.05 KB, 1500x1500, EbHtSdhU0AArUBS.jpg)

>Does your husbando have any fetishes or preferences when it comes to sex? If not, what fetishes and or preferences would your husbando have?
Praise kink and lots of BDSM kink shit, especially the dotting aftercare - motherly women probably turn him on super hard. As much as I love dom Narancia, the boy is such a sub and that's just even better. I'm a total S. All the damage he shrugs off and inflicts on himself in canon fuel me so hard. He needs and likes to be told what to do; stroke his head or comb fingers through his hair and praise him when he's good and slap, whip, taze, burn, or cut him when he's bad, and all in collars, cuffs, and other miscellaneous leather garments. Lotsa gear that restricts his movements, but no blindfolds or gags. I can see restrictive sensory play upsetting him from what he's been through, and his eyes are just too beautiful to blindfold, especially because they tear up so adorably, and I can say the same about his cute mouth and cries with gags. Getting his favorite meal or something warmly homecooked after being patched up would probably make his night complete. I feel like I'm embarrassing myself. Answering this improved my day. Thank you for the question, nonna.

No. 289119

File: 1663707306678.png (216.42 KB, 540x409, tumblr_pjf18ewUY61qg12lmo1280.…)

I still love Undertale to this day but back when it was pretty new I would eat up everything that's Mettaton including the trannyshit and cringe western art. I still like him as a character and find him attractive in some arts but I grew out of the husbando obsession with him as I got into other series/franchises and husbandos. Same with Sans too.

No. 289125

File: 1663710756528.jpg (61.44 KB, 985x1676, 11e6f86df7ac3444178d79515802c6…)

>Builds things for ya
>Will defend you from other moids
>Will defend you from zombies on the apocalypse
>Doesn't bitch, just does his thing and takes care of you
>Actions over words
>will teach you how to use a weapon
>Cool as fuck

No. 289126

File: 1663710887807.jpg (31.76 KB, 745x1200, 989940dab704db01c13f99dd162694…)

she's even hotter hell yeah

No. 289127

ISTP men <333

No. 289129

File: 1663711477958.png (1.17 MB, 1585x2048, FF17a2KWQAgUn5z.png)


No. 289135

She’s a queen

No. 289137

no but let's be friends nonnie. who is your favorite crazy husbando??

No. 289140

>Met a moid who did a good impression of him and was as into the source material as me, and he ended up ruining the character for me before I even knew it
Sadly the same thing happened to me. How common is this?
>They even drew divorce fanart after the subsequent fallout, kek.
I wish I had friends like that, although I did have a friend who would print posters of my husbandos for me on my birthday.

No. 289180

I want his dick so bad anons. I'm so mentally ill I had a fantasy about taking the clothes off of the plush I have of him to snuggle with to sleep and maybe I'd wake up with him life-sized and naked in bed with me.

No. 289182

File: 1663733506152.jpg (177.5 KB, 1100x1000, 63580506_p13_master1200.jpg)

Nice, best wishes your collection grows well! I'm trying to build up my collection more since my collection is Kirby in general rather than Dedede himself. I'd like to get some more keychains and badges since they're my favorite. He has some cute figurines which are nice but I don't have the space, I need to invest in a shelf!
Hmmm, that's a hard question. King Dedede has no official information about having any sexual preferences or fetishes. If I had to go by how he is in the games, I would say he'd be into praise, worship, and probably something food or hypno related. For me personally and what I'd like to do with him, I like seeing him put into positions in which he is knocked down a peg (No pegging though, that is a bit much). Throughout the games it is commonly shown that he puts on an arrogant prideful front that can easily be broken and reduce him to tears like a crybaby, he's immature, boisterous, and spoilt. Which is endearing. Basically I want to make him serve instead of being the one being served! I want to tame his bratty nature so stuff like obedience training would be good, light humiliation is good too! Forcing a collar on him and making him learn basic commands while he huffs angrily in embarrassment, engaging role reversal type roleplay, body writing, etc. Also, going by the official LNs, I would also like to see him in various sexy outfits.

Unfortunately my husbando is cursed with being associated with some horrific fetishes. So much so, that I've completely given up looking at western porn of him and stick to JP art or draw/write it myself.

No. 289186

File: 1663735360985.jpg (391.27 KB, 2048x2048, Ejo3Q_IUwAA3BAQ.jpg)

Acquire a second plush and achieve half of your dream, nonna.

No. 289187

That pic is not good for my heart!!

No. 289197

It's good for my pussy though.

No. 289199

File: 1663742736562.jpg (1.81 MB, 1920x1080, matt.jpg)

me with this idiot for the longest time

No. 289200

File: 1663742787251.jpg (51.55 KB, 500x342, tumblr_72da9573cc8411f9eb89625…)


No. 289214

File: 1663759993917.jpg (165.12 KB, 786x851, 1610725266988.jpg)

>run his thick, rubber covered fingers inside my mouth. I always liked how it feels during dental examination
A nonna after my own heart

No. 289216

File: 1663761935359.gif (993.99 KB, 500x262, 1384237867494.gif)

It's so hard to choose.
Anime: Russia (after him would be Bondrewd)
Cartoon: Toki Wartooth (after him would be Dr. Flug)
Live Action: Jason Voorhees (after him would be all the other masked slashers)
How about you??
Jason has a very complicated relationship with sex. I like to think he definitely still wants it but hates that he does. Also he must have some form of a mommy kink. He wants to be called a good boy while you wear that cable-knit sweater. Toki canonically got a boner from being a domineering control-freak, so he's probably into that. Russia seems like a straight-up sadist. Dr. Flug I suspect is into being choked, abused, and belittled. He probably gets fear boners. Bondrewd… I feel like he would be willing to do anything as long as it advances his research. Like I can see him letting a slime monster have its way with him as long as he's gaining knowledge from that.

No. 289222

File: 1663763790069.png (1.62 MB, 1560x720, FBE577D5-CA84-49D5-92EA-C7DECA…)

Anons with husbandos from gacha games, how much do you spend on them? I dropped 120USD for this card as a Christmas gift to myself. And that's just one "gift to myself" kek

No. 289224

I've been meaning to ask but, how far do you nonnas take your fantasies with your husbando?

I actually enjoy not only imagining, but chatting as if he's there by my side, and I can hear his voice clearly in my mind. Although, my rational side doesn't always glorify him to the point of becoming a somewhat ooc experience.

I like to maintain a image that's closest of the original source, so he isn't sweet, lovey-dovey or gentle. He's sometimes coarse but if not bothered too much, he can be calm and patient, thank god the original creators that made him that way, but still I don't go wild since I've build an image of him with the few cutscenes from the games.

So, how far is your husbando's image compared to the og source? Do you try to keep it as authentic as possible, or do you nonnas prefer the ooc aspect?

No. 289229

80 bucks on 2 commissions, wish i could comm more but finding artists that draw male characters is really hard.

No. 289235

File: 1663771091946.jpg (1.11 MB, 1200x1200, 97173548_p0_master1200.jpg)

It's so good to be back !!

I want to go for a nightfall stroll through the city with my husbando, watch the moon rise and see the windows light up and feel like we're two angels watching over the world for a short while. It's cold and a bit misty and we're holding hands (and also he's wearing the long coat from the concept art)

excellent taste

No. 289236

File: 1663771400073.jpeg (334.02 KB, 1168x1712, 3C41DD46-20D7-4070-84A4-989BC8…)

I’m so hornknee for himm hngggg~ plsplsplsplspls I want u so bad babeeeey Ughhh

No. 289237

I finally had a full dream about my husbando. It feels like we had a date lol albeit a very unconventional one

No. 289241

File: 1663772177674.jpg (19.59 KB, 474x340, kazuma.jpg)

WELP. Actual story spoilers
First I fall for this guy and then he dies in the second chapter?! WTF!! I'm in denial. He is too handsome to die, and so soon too. As if liking Kai from YTTD wasn't enough.

No. 289244

File: 1663772516279.gif (79.03 KB, 650x650, Eridan_riding_lusus.gif)

I was obsessed with him for like four years,I even wore rings every day and pretended like we were married. I'm honestly mortified to admit this kek

No. 289245

Kek I've never felt so connected to an anon in my life. I carried a fucking bike horn around with me when I was 14 and pretended Gamzee gave it to me, and went out of my way to only buy purple underwear in his honor.

No. 289249

File: 1663774105272.gif (15.91 KB, 75x90, A5250BCD-1D8E-4BD4-9EE0-02AB04…)

oh my god NTA but that's a fucking riot anon, bless. does he still hold sentimental value for you?

No. 289252

File: 1663774815422.jpg (185.28 KB, 1707x2048, IMG_20220920_091228.jpg)

even if I write for 10 pages it won’t be enough to justify my love and affection for you. it is like counting how many hairs someone has on their head. the moment I saw you I knew you were the one who could handle me with proper care. The way I found you never want to lose you. I promise I will never do something that will cost me your absence. my day starts with you and everything seems beautiful with you and only with you. even the clock seems to have life when I am with you. I don’t know what happens to me when I look deep into your eyes while holding your hands; I just start getting butterflies all over my stomach. wherever I go I start to think about you all the time.

No. 289263

Who is he? What is it that made you love him so much?
Sorry if this sounds sarcastic, I'm actually curious

No. 289270

He is tartaglia from genshin impact

No. 289274

Definitely! I still really love clowns, and he was the beginning of that for me. Getting over Gamzee removed the cause but not the symptoms you could say. So many years of trying to hunt down Faygo in stores without realizing that it isn't sold in my country… kek

No. 289279

I've imagined them so much that to me they're basically real at this point. I keep that relegated mostly to when I'm at home but I will think of them when I'm feeling stressed or something. Like if I'm working out for instance and I'm pushing myself to make it to the end of a set I can see them cheering me on.
They don't get alot of screen time in their respective shows so I can basically imagine them to be any way I would like them to be. Perks of having a non main character husbando.

No. 289282

I try to keep it as authentic as possibile, but canonically my husbando has never been in a romantic relationship, so it's inevitable that something might be a little out of character when I fantasize or write about him. However I think the fun of having husbandos who have never been in love is imagining how would they behave and feel when they fall in love with you. I love it and I think it's so cute.

No. 289286

Most of mine are at least a little ooc because they're villains from a franchise that is notorious for rewriting backstories and contradicting earlier editions. One is significantly ooc because he's monogamous and completely devoted to me and that would never happen in canon because he is unquestionably the most infested fuckboy sleazebag in both his universe and others.

No. 289287

File: 1663782229533.png (511.58 KB, 480x600, grabbing his hair wings.png)

Not much other than merch, actually. Never spent on Sidemoba so I don't have much regret now that it's dying, announced on his birthday no less. I've spent a few bucks on GS trying to get the limited for one of his unit members since I wanted their full set. Jiro himself has been really nice in pulls, and I already have a spark ready for when he's due for a limited in Feb-Mar. I really, really hope that the recent trademarking means that SM is getting some form of console game. I'm so tired of gacha.

No. 289293

but what if your husbando is the hottest when he's a hater

No. 289294

Hazama lol.

No. 289299

Nona wen I was around 13 I used to be obsessed with him too and even got my grandma to knit a scarf like the one he has so I could wear it every day kek.

No. 289306

That is adorable. I was in love with Dave back in the day kek.

No. 289312

Op here and yes that's exactly the point. He's only sexy when he's mad

No. 289331

File: 1663789871977.jpg (118.66 KB, 800x1000, sample-4258e1a7207f2a53cbbdfbb…)

want to fuck him so bad my soul is screaming.

No. 289332

File: 1663790029238.jpg (209.39 KB, 850x1094, perfection.jpg)

>i hope soukoku doesnt become canon
agree, chuuya deserves better than that disloyal and cliche waste of bandages

No. 289346

File: 1663792376291.jpg (826.6 KB, 1100x754, meowmeow.jpg)

>do you think he drowned for real?
i hope not, not only because i adore chuuya, but also truly adore soukoku as platonic partnership. on the other hand, if he drowns the salt from the shippers will be an amazing thing to behold

No. 289347

File: 1663792385987.jpeg (167.22 KB, 840x1050, FNL0pX1VUAAVvHM.jpeg)

He is finally coming out on the NA/EU server in a few weeks, and while I've no plan of spending actual money on the game because gachas are not real, I currently have a stash of 2030 SQ + 650 worth of unclaimed SQ in fragments, I'm going to be extremely upset if I don't get him but the odds are in my favor (also my previous husbando is from FGO too and I managed to NP5 him without spending anything). I prefer buying real stuff like goodies or doujinshis.

No. 289351

File: 1663792787107.jpg (27.49 KB, 385x591, 51M9KDmX8IL._AC_UX385_.jpg)

what happens if you go to the gynecologist and your pussy gets wet while he's inspecting it

No. 289354

File: 1663793011780.jpg (47.73 KB, 1200x675, EYoJ5XzU0AElZ2b.jpg)

who the fuck is this? no 3DPD allowed unless it's specific fictional characters in live action media. imagine TF2 Medic being your gynecologist and wearing that tho (picrel Medic feasting on your menstrual blood)

No. 289359

File: 1663793505356.jpg (58.2 KB, 540x764, tumblr_inline_pglt7ootT01snd0d…)

I was an Akutagawa simp some years ago. His design is an absolute eyesore in the anime though and it saddened me. I still have the big phone strap with him, Kyoka and Atsushi in fancy clothes in front of a candy apple, I cherish it because it's just so cute.

The BSD posters ITT are making me want to catch up on the manga hehe

It's all over the place but I love this character design so much, wish it wasn't from a gacha game.

No. 289362

File: 1663794774411.jpeg (163.62 KB, 749x1048, F438195F-C0F4-4239-B46E-B82320…)

I want Flags to gangbang me raw. Like it's poker night and I'm the prize but they're all crazy insane hormonal young men so even though there's a clear winner, they fight over me and nearly kill each other in lust and rage before Pianoman makes everyone calm down and take turns.
Iceman (picrel: leftmost for the non BSDfags) is my favourite. I love the tall, strong, silent, broody, dangerous types, so I'd work really hard to get a reaction out of him. Though he is technically part of Flags I don't want to fuck Chuuya, even though he's my favourite character. Unlike everyone else here I actually ship SKK kek SKekK? Ok I'll see myself out now but I do agree that Dazai doesn't deserve him.

No. 289364

File: 1663794955146.jpeg (78.43 KB, 749x720, 50380E70-D32F-4E35-AF26-F62323…)

Also Adam. He should put that high precision android dexterity to use rubbing me off.

No. 289365

I'm not being rude but a lot of these look like tumblr husbandos. Like the ones that were famous among fan communities on tumblr years back. I dunno half of these dudes since I always ignored it but I think it's interesting that it seems like a lot of nonas here are from that specific culture?

No. 289370

That’s the whole point of that chart lol

No. 289371

File: 1663796280431.jpeg (122.55 KB, 750x750, 9EB05CCE-946A-4160-8E35-2BE987…)

Hard agree. Personally I prefer Verlaine because he's got that existential crisis type evil going on but I'd love to coerce amnesiac Rimbaud into hot sex to "warm him up". He can keep the gloves and earmuffs on, I don't mind.

No. 289372

File: 1663796355670.gif (5.01 MB, 498x498, FA571938-C58E-4FA8-A362-5378FC…)

i just like cartoons

No. 289373

Hi Reisis. I've spent an ungodly amount on Enstars in general. 200 just this last month for a special event of my beloved.

No. 289376

Well there's weeb husbandos sprinkled in there too

No. 289378

Can we go ahead and make a lolcow husbando chart?

No. 289379

it's literally called the tumblr sexyman tier list
> it seems like a lot of nonas here are from that specific culture?
or maybe a lot of women's tastes overlap with what's popular on tumblr? you don't have to be a tumblr user to find those characters appealing.

No. 289382

I didn't know that's what it was called no need to get so aggro jfc most of lc nonas we're on tumblr at some point in the past

No. 289383

That's some interesting takes. Since some husbandos comes from sources were romance is not the focus or is nonexistent, having a bit of an ooc perspective is bound to happen.

In the previous thread, one nonna said that one aspect she hates about most fanfics is how prople write characters completely ooc when they have an established personality in the original source. I was curious how many here followed the same style of self-shipping that happen with the fanfic writers from AO3 and other places, be the nonnas writers or not.

But I'd admit that I also fall a bit on the ooc side once in a while for my husbando, but mostly out of a combination of personal preferences and the main source being extremely inconsistent and the creators' complete lack of responsibility for the character, to the point that they follow the philosophy of "it's canon if you want it to be canon."

No. 289385


No. 289386

File: 1663799583351.png (1.57 MB, 2048x1623, 1634600139692.png)

Do you have spooky husbandos? Horrorbandos perhaps? Do you find yourself gravitating towards them even more strongly as Halloween approaches?

No. 289406

File: 1663806133039.jpeg (67.6 KB, 680x563, D6539385-C3B6-49BF-9EF3-819DB0…)

No. 289416

Have him hate/get mad at other people? It doesn't matter how sexy he is if his personality is horrible.

No. 289426

He is actually a really great guy, very understanding, and only retaliates under extreme pressure. In order for the daydream to be satisfying I need to be the one to apply that pressure and suffer the consequences. Really you're making a perfectly rational argument where healthy fantasy is concerned but I'm insane and get off on being tortured killed and abused. It's actually a huge problem.

No. 289449

File: 1663819142572.jpeg (56.77 KB, 540x260, A39997AA-1878-41DD-BBCE-E5A858…)

Yay anon I’m so happy you’re playing!!! I really hope you love it. I’m just reaching the final chapter of the second game now and it’s been a pretty epic journey. Major plot spoilers so unspoiler at your own peril but that’s not the last you’ll see of Kazuma!
You’re not far from Mr. Legs (teehee) so you have much to look forward to ♥

No. 289484

File: 1663833717473.jpg (661.89 KB, 1200x750, 66987968_p1_master1200 (1).jpg)

Stop the presses nonas, I finally had a good husbando dream, and with none other than Severus Snape, yay! There was lot of dream nonsense and some kind of war situation, but:

He finally had enough "screentime" so I got to see him a significant amount of that dream. He had a picture of me on his desk and he told someone that "This is my girlfriend". Also there was a moment where we walked together through dream-version of Hogwarts and there was a old-fashioned elevator which we took, and once we were alone he stood really close to me and placed his hand on my waist and sort of pet me through my clothes. Sadly the elevator stopped and we had to quickly act normal before anyone came in, things were getting quite interesting! (I think I was 7th year student in that dream).

Hehee I'm so happy, thank you Sev for making my day even before it began! Love you so so much!

No. 289490

File: 1663835139146.jpg (123.84 KB, 500x707, 11570919_p1_master1200.jpg)

>The BSD posters ITT are making me want to catch up on the manga hehe
They're lighting a fire under my ass to finally give the anime and manga a shot too. BSD has been on my backlog since the Durarara anime adaptation concluded and I noticed a lot of fujos/fans moved to it. I figured if I love DRRR so much, I'll probably love BSD. Shizuo was my long time #1 husbando before Narancia bumped his spot, hoping for another one of my type.

So happy for you, nonna! I hope your day continues to go well.

No. 289494

I want him so bad, everyone in that show is so god damn FINE. I’m ashamed but I can’t think of a single character I wouldn’t let pulverize me.

No. 289504

tbh I find the anime art style to be a poor interpretation of the original drawings in general. It's like they found the manga too unattractive and tried to turn it into eye candy while keeping some of its unconventional aspect, but it still ended up looking pretty soulless. At least the ambiance and overall quality is still somewhat good and the character songs are bangers. But still, huge waste of potential.

And yeah, Akutagawa looks like a whole different character in it, probably because the way he is drawn in the manga is a huge part of what makes him interesting, but the anime smoothed over his facial expressions and gave him shiny eyes (and somehow they managed to make his haircut worse).

I don't care that much about ships (it's hard being the only non-fujo in this fandom kek) but I kinda wish he'd end up with Higuchi because we are sisters in shit taste and I feel bad for her.

I dropped the manga at some point in the first half of 2019 so I have no doubt a lot of interesting stuff happened. I'll probably have to start over though, my memory is shit.

Go for it nona, I'm sure you'll enjoy it since you liked Golden Wind (never seen DRRR though)

No. 289531

File: 1663852831235.jpg (105.49 KB, 405x443, fadc772e8808058a6d658534b5f358…)

Samefag update
I'm really fucked, aren't I, ladies? I have super specific tastes in 2D men and I haven't stopped saving panels because he's so appealing to the eye, and suicidal tendencies to boot.

I only glanced at some gifs, but I really see what you both mean by the animation being a poor interpretation of the manga's art style.


DRRR's plot definitely lacks, but the appeal is really in its characters anyway. Since some of the major themes are the twisted relationships people have and struggling to bond with those around you - the plot is just the edible glue to make it all stick together neatly and wrap itself up. All of the highlights are within the character development, character introspection, or philosophical conversations between characters. Glad to know that the BSD plot is going to be good throughout.

No. 289548

File: 1663860438520.jpg (242.87 KB, 1281x1522, IMG_20220921_093536.jpg)

loving you is something I just can't stop. there is no controlling my heart. it has yearned for you for so long, the only song I sing is of you.
in every cell of my body; in every corner of my being my love for you fills me.
whenever I am with you, it is like having my emotional batteries recharged with joy. your smile radiates into me. your touch sends little shivers through my body. your presence pleases my mind and your soul pours peace on mine.
I love you … madly, sincerely, completely and with no reservation, in a way that is blissfully wonderful.
I love you for being yourself, and I love you because of the person you made me become.
how blessed I am to care so deeply and more so to be loved as deeply in return.

No. 289570

He feels like the kind of guy who would be into that and I don't know how to feel about it. also I'm on my period and hormonal as fuck rn. I'm craving medick

No. 289577

Snape Nonny, my beloved. Im veru happy for you! Did you do anything to get to dream about him or did it just happen? I want to dream about my Husbando so badly

No. 289578

File: 1663867770505.jpg (163.34 KB, 1300x1600, __nishitani_homare_ryuu_ga_got…)

proto-Majima was so sexy. need me some Omi Rengo pingas fr

No. 289580

Thought this was William Afton for a split second.

No. 289581

File: 1663868466401.png (6.58 KB, 161x271, Purple_man.png)


No. 289597

idk what is happening but I'll blame tumblr.

No. 289599

Don't insult Homare Nishitani like this ever again.

No. 289607

Yeah I met him now! He is so handsome! Can't wait to make him sweat while I dominate him in the courtroom

No. 289608

which franchise?

No. 289619

File: 1663880173724.jpg (33.26 KB, 610x343, yakuzakiwam2_5F00_610-1.jpg)

glad he's back!! hopefully better screencaps of his will emerge

No. 289625

you got me so hyped up until I realised you were probably talking about his Ishin lookalike! Not that I'm not happy to see him again but I still want the True and Honest Kansai Dragon back. I don't even care if it's "pointless fanservice" or completely ass-pulled plotwise!

No. 289629

File: 1663882331811.gif (2.49 MB, 244x154, thinking-pondering.gif)

I dreamt that I had sex with one of my husbandos last night and I can't stop thinking about it because I have no idea how or why it happened. I have pretty much no libido and I've never had any thoughts about him like that, or anyone else for that matter. I didn't do anything differently recently so what happened? Where did all that come from? It wasn't a bad dream but it felt way too real at the time and I just don't know how to feel about this because it's never happened to me before.

No. 289645

>Where did all that come from?
probably the influence of this thread kek

No. 289649

I think it's the reverse for me, I constantly think about fucking my husbandos and I never dream about it, it's so frustrating.

No. 289654

File: 1663887644955.jpg (88.52 KB, 950x1000, b92300b9f0d24bcec00b292834474e…)

>did a few practice sketches of my husbando
>found a cute video of my husbando being voiced in English by someone doing a 89.5% accurate impression of husbando from one of my favorite games, re-dubbing a cutscene
>saw new variant of husbando's merch that looks cool
>finally managed to begin working on plot outline for comic focusing on my husbando
>new artist I've been following allows me into their priv-twitter
>found a new artist to follow
>found some cute merch for cheap that I'll be able to get later.
Today was a good day! His figurine is so fucking cool, and slightly sexy. I'll probably draw it sometime, I have to! By the way, do any of you nonnies draw your husbando?
I believe the most important thing to a husbando is his character, personality and background. Yes, a good attractive face and body is good but personality, quirks, ideals, demeanor, etc. is far more important and what I feel is the core attractiveness of ones husbando.

Headcanon is fine and all but if you change it up too much the that the original character is destroyed and becomes a husk or woobified version of himself and isn't really him any more is just plain bad in my eyes. To make your husband so ooc that he's no longer him is an act of disrespect in my eyes, a show that you don't love your husbando for who he is and what he stands for but simply superficial reasons such as only his looks which is moid tier thinking. Canonicity is important as it is what makes your husbando him.

No. 289668

Not a husbandofag but I love you, Dedede-anon. Whenever I pass this thread and see a post of yours, a smile forms on my face.

No. 289673

>By the way, do any of you nonnies draw your husbando?
I want to but I can never bring myself to. Maybe I'll try to for his birthday or something…

No. 289675

You're probably right. I've been in these threads since the first one so maybe over exposure to hornyposting caused it.
I have zero artistic skill so I leave that to ppl who actually can. Fortunately there's a particular artist who does fan art of them I really like so I just wait for new pics. When I get some money I'll try and commission some art from them.

No. 289691

File: 1663898941766.gif (3.17 MB, 400x346, tumblr_9e38d31224687d970604a0f…)

oh nonna, let's be friends.

I've only ever had one husbando, Severus Snape, until I happened to watch ST4 just out of pure chance.

> "I feel so embarrassed that I jumped on the bandwagon when everyone is thirsting for him but he's just really special to me, okay?"

I also feel embarrassed by how endlessly I adore him. I think for me it feels so odd to see someone who is very much my 'type' be popular when I was bullied about it for years. Metalhead men are just the best, and he has good taste (Dio is also my favorite) plus the LOTR references make me smile.

>"I don't get why they're attracted to him, and the fics feel weird 'cause it's like why would a guy like that fall in love with a self-insert if they don't share any interests?"

I feel this, I genuinely have no idea why people are so obsessed with him when they don't listen to metal or enjoy fantasy and fundamentally misunderstand his character? I see a lot of Sadist!Eddie and I'm so confused? What about that man screams sadist? Why is all the self insert fic about a popular girl and he getting together? Or the whole Chrissy thing which I kinda get but not really, like what do they have in common? In my opinion Eddie represents the "bad" guy with a heart of gold, the ideal metal head guy that allows normies to live out a different kind of fantasy. That's just my thought though.

>"the self-insert a Mary Sue that comes to school dressed straight out of a heavy metal album cover."

Felt that. I wear a lot of pink and hyper feminine pieces and based on his interaction with Chrissy it feels to me, like he'd be into a more 'feminine' woman, but that could totally be just my interpretation. I just can't look at any of the self insert stuff honestly, it's just not very enjoyable. It feels like people who want to live an 'alternative' lifestyle but lack the commitment to do it.

I think for me the whole thing just feels bad because the people who are crushing so hard on him were the people that bullied me for being weird in high school or make weird comments to me when I'm out in public. It's just people who want to LARP being different, but aren't actually different and weird. Maybe that's just my take, but I feel very similarly. I'd want to talk in depth about LOTR, who is his favorite character? Did he read the Sil? What other bands does he listen to? Does he like Venom or Bathory? What is his favorite genre of metal?

I feel you…esp about his actor too lol. Have no idea why everyone is simping for him.

No. 289701

File: 1663902807370.jpg (14.67 KB, 474x439, flhl;.jpg)

NONNIE… Are you joking, of course I want to be your friend!I hugged my phone so hard when I saw your post. I'm gonna post my contact info in the friend thread if you do wanna connect, but no pressure, ILU for posting this anyway. I'm so happy someone who shares my husbando gets it! All those things you said, 100% yes to it. On one hand, I love that there's so much media to consume because he's popular, but the downside is a lot of that content gets his character wrong.

>I see a lot of Sadist!Eddie and I'm so confused? What about that man screams sadist?

Right!? I don't get the whole 'dom daddy Eddie' phenomenon. I mean, I get it because erotic fanfiction is fun but I don't get why that trope is inserted into plot-driven fics. Just because of some handcuffs he has? It's weird and a lot of fanfiction like that reads as being porn brainrot, anyhow.

>Does he like Venom or Bathory?

FINALLY. When authors do put in stuff he likes, it's usually all surface level, like Megadeth, Metallica, and Dio. What about the more underground thrash bands? How does he feel about other subgenres? Would he have listened to metal progenitors like The Crazy World of Arthur Brown, Uriah Heap, Budgie etc.?

They also make him way too heroic, which I find weird. I like that he's a normal dude who gets scared by Upside Down stuff and I like that he's not Steve-levels of brave despite caring for his friends. Just because someone is into alternative and horror stuff doesn't make them immune to fear when they're presented with an actual horrifying situation. I don't think that character flaw needs to change.

That being said, I have mixed feelings about the way they decided to write his death and I like to think of alternative scenarios or rewriting the sacrifice method itself. Obviously I don't like him dying so I don't do that in my fantasies, but still.

No. 289726

File: 1663909178851.jpg (40.48 KB, 564x564, 21c39773299c09834c5562bcb42780…)

I'd say yes, in real life I'm not a very expressive person in general, so usually men who are too energetic are tiresome for me. Most men I like, both 3D and 2D, are often the introverted type.
Cookie run is not a very hard game, so I don't find myself on the need to spend money, and I'm already saving my resources if he is the next character to get a costume. However, I'd like to get some merch for Christmas, since I was gifted some money for my birthday, but I'm yet to decide
>By the way, do any of you nonnies draw your husbando?
Yes, I like to draw and write about my husbandos. I'm okay with writing everything, and very shy about drawing "provocative" stuff, but I'm slowly getting more comfortable with the idea. However, I've been in an artblock of sorts for a while, which sucks because I also have some drafts to finish, some which are gifts for other waifu/husbandofags. I'M SO SORRY, I DIDN'T FORGET MY PROMISES, BUT MY BRAIN DOESN'T ALLOW ME TO PUT DOWN MY THOUGHTS ONTO WORDS OR PAPER

No. 289734

File: 1663913341388.jpg (136.03 KB, 850x850, narancia_ghirga_jojo_no_kimyou…)

Me too, nonna. Life's so unfair.

>To make your husband so ooc that he's no longer him is an act of disrespect in my eyes, a show that you don't love your husbando for who he is and what he stands for but simply superficial reasons such as only his looks which is moid tier thinking.
I don't wanna quote half your post, but you captured my opinion too, Dededewife. Happy to hear that all of the stars are aligning for you too.
>By the way, do any of you nonnies draw your husbando?
Sadly, I'm only a writingfag.

No. 289754

File: 1663931650655.jpeg (61.87 KB, 550x825, 87DEDD86-BDF1-4304-94BF-DF989C…)

>do you want to fuck him or do you want to be him?

there are not enough pictures of him dribbling and sweating. those are his sexiest habits. i quite like it when he looks knocked about though ♥

No. 289758

Are you an Aiden?

No. 289763

File: 1663934233527.jpg (42.67 KB, 736x736, 61896d6d2f99778519976fe52c44b2…)

why is it an insult though

No. 289773

is that a canon design or a tumblr sexyman humanization?

No. 289777

I'm not a FNaF fan so I'm not sure but i think it's just a fanmade version, I like it a lot though that POV art of him eating you out hhnnng

No. 289782

Absolutely not! Just a kinnie

No. 289783

No. 289785

Same flavor of cringe

No. 289788

https://desu-usergeneratedcontent.xyz/aco/image/1646/56/1646562009435.jpg you can find all the femporn threads on archiveofsins /h/ and desuarchive /aco/

No. 289791

I post regular unhinged hornyposts about Nagito Komaeda and have a reputation on the board for tasting my own discharge and you think the kinnie part is the cringe bit? Kek

No. 289794

Nta but yes.

No. 289798

File: 1663946385118.png (358.99 KB, 950x1200, 65498462_p35.png)

I want him to press my entire body against his fluffy pudge and minimal chest. He's adorable, he's amazing. I'd imagine he'd cry if someone felt him up, I want to be the one who feels up this blue penguin. I also had a dream where I was living with a mini version of him and he accidentally broke my TV.
I like writing and drawing too. Writing is fun because you can get out an idea or story in a short but efficient amount of time depending on what you're writing. I find drawing more energy using and tasking than writing to be honest. Sorry to hear you have an artblock, that's never fun! I understand the feeling. I'm undergoing an artblock and I'm tempted to just open commissions so I have something to draw so I don't get rusty in the slightest. What drafts are you working on other than the other anon's waifus and husbandos?
>I don't wanna quote half your post, but you captured my opinion too
Yeah! I don't know why but I just find people who woobify their favorite character, husbando or not, into a soul-less husk with the absolute bare minimum of their archetype just…degrading in a way. Even if he's not real, I have some form of respect for him.
Writing is cool too, in fact, writing is probably the best! You can do so more in less. I should get back to writing to be honest. I've had ideas and such.

No. 289799

File: 1663946581272.jpg (Spoiler Image,174.89 KB, 1364x2048, IMG_20220921_222056.jpg)

my love, you have this power over me, this indescribable, undeniable, unmistakable power. you consume my mind. you are always invading my thoughts. you are the ruler of my dream world. you bring a smile to my face, a sparkle to my eyes, and a tear to my cheek.

your voice is like a sweet song I heard for the first time. You take my breath away with the simplest words your lips utter. you make me feel weightless, as though I could float up and touch the heavens above. you make me look at life through new eyes, eyes that have never seen the light of day until now. I feel as though I am using all my senses for the first time and, suddenly, everything I once knew is now unfamiliar to me. you fill every cell in my being with joy, love, and happiness. you make me want to stand up and scream at the top of my lungs, "I love you, more than words can say." you make my heart soar, like a bird in flight. but most of all, you are you, and I love you.

No. 289801

Your posts are very reconizable across boards you know

No. 289803

Hard agree. Getting tired of the constant need for attention this person seems to have. Also side-eyeing the number of suspiciously similar posts all stanning this person when the attention isn’t on her for all of five minutes.

No. 289804

You think only dedede poster finds you annoying? kek. Judging by your posts in other threads you clearly need to go touch grass.

No. 289806

I feel like this only counts for 3D moids.

No. 289807

File: 1663947708974.jpg (664.55 KB, 2500x3000, 98146462_p0.jpg)

>why do you feel entitled to be smug towards others husbando lovers for being ''shallow
No, no, no, I didn't mean it like that! What I meant, is when people will take a character and completely strip said character of his personality, thoughts, background, and anything else and then completely re-build it with headcanon and paper thin archetypes to the point it's an OC wearing said character as a fleshy suit. I don't mind if you love your husbando purely for his body, that's fine. I just find it distasteful when someone will say she loves a character deeply but will then completely strip what makes that character himself. Like, if I took a character who's super strong, serious and smart to a fault but has a slight sensitive side, but then made him a ultra soft, uwu-levels of sensitive, and a extraordinarily dense to the level of a himbo. That's personally what I do not like. I'm sorry, I must've worded it wrong.(stop avatarfagging )

No. 289809

ntayrt but why are you caping so hard for somebody who is shitting up the board culture?

No. 289810

Smells like samefagging. Also this is the husbando thread. I also think having a cartoon penguin as husbando is extremely weird but if there is one thread this tism and the amount of her dedication fits into, it's this one. So let it be already.

No. 289811

Wrong about the samefagging, actually. I don’t care about the nature of the husbando, I care about the avatarfagging and weird self-posting and general lack of integration

No. 289815

What, I've never posted porn on this site. That's against the rules.

No. 289816

nta but her having an unconventional husbando isnt the problem, we have many nonnies here in this thread who do and theyre wonderful, but straight up preaching about the way other, REAL (!) women enjoy husbandos, going as far as calling it moidbrained is just weird.

No. 289818

Are you happy now? The thread’s devolved into shit again because you’re so desperate for attention.

No. 289819

>against the rules
so is avatarfagging ffs

No. 289820

What the fuck where in that post did I defend her at all? I just found that poster's shitty aggressive attitude annoying and she's been making posts like that in other threads which is also annoying. If anything the one that's ruining the thread it's whoever keeps judging others for their husbandos. The Dededechan stans are annoying and I'm also suspicious of them but I'm also sick of this "you are disgusting and too autistic for this thread" sperging. If your problem with her is the avatarfagging outside of here then call her out when she does that, not when she's being on-topic.
Also, I'm going to actually defend her here and say that her post didn't come across as elitistic or smug, what she was talking about is the same thing that others have already discussed here, there are several other anons in this very thread who have agreed that they're hate it when a character's personality is changed so much that they're unrecognizable, exactly the same thing Dedede poster said. At this point you're just making things up to have an excuse to attack her. Like I said, if your real problem with her is poor integration then call her out outside of this thread where she avatarfags, not here where everybody is welcome to sperg about husbandos.

No. 289823

I Love Nero.

No. 289824

>there are several other anons in this very thread who have agreed that they're hate it when a character's personality is changed so much that they're unrecognizable
thats fine, theres nothing wrong with that and i agree to an extent. i just disagree with calling other women moidbrained for doing it and antagonizing them, just to defend the hypothetical integrity of a fictional man.

No. 289828

The hypocrisy reeks. Why are you so personally bent out of shape about this? Suspicious. You’re a strangely vocal and butthurt minority here.

No. 289831

Wtf are you talking about, how is she not integrated here or "self posting"?


I know, but this isn't the bunker thread,this is the husbando thread where nonnas post husbandos and write about them.

No offense but I agree with her there. It's not moidlike but bending and woobifying your husbando to the point it's not even the same character anymore is cringe. I especially hate that stuff in fanfics.

No. 289835

File: 1663953081588.jpg (113.87 KB, 1191x839, cab60e6a64ceaa517b294253f691e0…)

I'm gonna pretend I don't see what's happening in this thread and just post about my husbandos.
I can't believe my life has gotten to the point that I have his figure on a payment plan. Everytime I say I'm done collecting husbando figures I find one that's too pretty to pass up. I was supposed to stop at 4 but now it's 16 and counting. Pray for me nonnas

No. 289836

I fully support you nona, I've never had a husbando with a lot of figures but if there's any they always get snatched up by me. Make your shrine!! You both deserve it!

No. 289841

Please just report bait/infighting.


Valid headcanon, but to me he seems more the type that sleeps with random women for a place to sleep and disappears before they wake up, along with whatever alcohol was in their fridge, kek

No. 289866

File: 1663961660058.jpg (Spoiler Image,551.9 KB, 1200x826, 74797023_p23_master1200.jpg)

It hit me last night that I've had husbandos before and did all of the typical obsessing and sperging at length about them, but I've never really had that intense lovestruck feeling for any of them like this before. My heart feels both genuine compression and like it'll burst. I just wanna cry and flail from the overwhelming love and joy I feel for him. I crumble and don't know what to do with myself besides incoherently sperg about it, nonnas. I'm blessed to have such kind and encouraging friends about it, because I feel so obnoxious about it.

No. 289879

File: 1663965848973.png (609.3 KB, 1200x682, 6iOHHA4.png)

for me, it's husbandog

No. 289895

File: 1663968917600.png (523.42 KB, 772x662, FMia65NaIAERiTP.png)

I agree, that's why I'm less willing to do drawing requests or comissions. If I'm not fully vibing with a drawing I just keep re-doing it over and over again without caring about time. Besides, I already got somewhat harrassed by an angry male because I wasn't writing fast enough kek
>I'm undergoing an artblock and I'm tempted to just open commissions so I have something to draw
Good luck in your way nonna, I've seen your art on /m/ and you have a pretty cute style.
>What drafts are you working on other than the other anon's waifus and husbandos?
I'd like to do more art with the cookies in general, both the Cacao update in Kingdom and the recent ones in OvenBreak had a nice traditional korean feeling; I was already working on a korean OC, so I'm on the mood to go on a deeper dive about the culture and draw from that, and just draw cute boys too.
AYRT, I love his relationship with his daughter, he is highly underrated.

No. 289896

File: 1663968988373.jpg (Spoiler Image,80.14 KB, 735x1322, c3ba794a6d9f9bbf3f1c1be2c3f313…)

possibly one of my favorite pieces of dante fanart ever.

No. 289897

File: 1663969051475.png (Spoiler Image,536.9 KB, 695x900, 99a946303227c47a279f8ee57eb937…)

No. 289902

File: 1663970595915.jpg (403.2 KB, 1033x1200, 82325315_p0_master1200.jpg)

> If I'm not fully vibing with a drawing I just keep re-doing it over and over again without caring about time.
Same here. At least with commissions there is an incentive to actually do the request in a timely manner. Money. But when it comes to requests it can be a bit difficult since it may not be something you personally like or adore, the request doesn't speak to you so it feels boring to draw, it doesn't feel right so you need to change it. etc.
Sorry to hear that. Been there to be honest.
Eyy, thank you very much! I'm not a super fan of Cookie Run but I've always found the designs and creativity behind the Cookies super cute, I like the Knight Cookie! If you're comfortable with it, I'd love to see your art. Oh, I get that. Whenver an update comes out and it has something new visually like a costume, especially if it pertains to your husbando, it makes you immediately want to draw it in the moment! Good luck with your oc and drawing Korean culture themed art, that stuff is always fun. They released a Re-Make of Kirby Return To Dreamland so I'm drawing my husbando in the new-revamped Ninja-Dojo Minigame costume. It's super cool.

No. 289908

File: 1663975384890.jpg (183.68 KB, 1840x992, Paprika-221.jpg)

Out of the way, imposter.

No. 289915

I feel so overwhelmed with love for my waifu, it straight up makes me feel like I'm floating

No. 289918

No. 289921

File: 1663977915131.jpg (127.09 KB, 1262x1461, upa.jpg)

Kek, anon, now you're giving me ideas. I wanna get the upa pillow or something. (yeah, it belongs to Mayuri but it's part of the setting)

No. 289922

File: 1663977973566.png (Spoiler Image,46.68 KB, 181x322, lmao.png)

samefag, as I was looking for the picture of the upa pillow to post this game up and I'm fucking dying

No. 289924

File: 1663978888785.jpg (249.84 KB, 505x757, 75972876_p1_master1200.jpg)

Aw thank you! Hope you have a fun weekend with your husbandos as well!

>Did you do anything to get to dream about him or did it just happen?

It just happened, and I still can't believe how lucky I got. I will treasure that dream in my heart forever.

Wonderful news nona, congrats on a new husbando! It's always a great feeling when you realise that there is something special about a character. Not to mention all the new stories to think about! Eddie was easily the best character in the new season, excellent choice!

No. 289929

I need to play with my husbando's hair or I will die

No. 289931

File: 1663980296216.png (620.85 KB, 640x609, 4CC0A752-6E74-4DE1-B416-B63CAD…)

there are no words to describe how much arthur ruined my fucking life but god id let john do disgusting things to me, love this feral greasy motherfucker

No. 289932

File: 1663980423956.png (3.03 MB, 2560x1440, ily.png)

Was feeling down lately so I made a little Reigen edit to cheer me up.

No. 289935

No. 289936

my hands would get so greasy and gross from it… i want it so bad.

No. 289947

It counts for self-inserting too, It's why I don't have a Genshin husbando. Some are hot, but none have a personality I like.

No. 289950

No. 289952

File: 1663987490861.jpeg (305.29 KB, 1639x2048, FANBnXQUcAY5oqv.jpeg)

Some Raspberry for the soul.
>Eyy, thank you very much!

>I'm not a super fan of Cookie Run but I've always found the designs and creativity behind the Cookies super cute, I like the Knight Cookie!
Indeed, they do have very cute designs. There's something charming to me about how simple they are yet there's certain "science" on how they look. Knight cookie is a cute guy, he is actually really comfortable to play with and he had fun interactions with Princess on the Tropical Soda Islands story.
>If you're comfortable with it, I'd love to see your art.
I don't think I should, since I often post my stuff in a little friend server. I highly doubt any of them go to the farms but still, kek. But thank you so much for the interest though! You are really nice.

I also wish you good luck and have fun with the ninja-dojo custome art. While I'm not that familiar with the Kirby franchise, I love how visually appealing the games are. The characters look so soft and squishy.

No. 289954

I've been wanting to play in my husbando's hair so badly. His hair is 50% of the reason I'm attracted to him

No. 289958

File: 1663991114522.jpg (152.36 KB, 604x587, 6z7OjGWDlVA.jpg)


That's so good nona! I was able to understand better the feelings I have with the ooc dilema with what you said.
Whenever I see posts or fanfics that completely describes the character doing something you know they would never do, it feels insincere and selfish.

I guess the raw character is what should make you like them, not just their looks.
Hell, you can see that when nonas here post unusual husbandos, or just ones that could be considered ugly and unnapealing, they enjoy describing about their personality, rather than appearance.
Not saying excessions can't happen btw, some like the nasty bits, and I won't judge, since I have a husband that eats floor pizza and has a musky smell from wearing a trenchcoat during summer, but I love him more for his zero-fucks-given attitude

>By the way, do any of you nonnies draw your husbando?

I'm going back to drawing, still to nervous to actually show anything because I feel its not good enough for other people, so I keep it to myself, bc it's good enough for me.
Also bc I'm doing it for my husband, even if he's not really that great at showing appreciation except for being extremely straight-foward instead of giving flowery praises.
But I like honesty anyway so that's a win for me.

No. 289959

I used to be really into Dark Choco since Ovenbreak but the Dark Cacao update just won me over. There's something about Cacao's somber yet virtuous personality that just charms the pants off of me. How does a cookie manage to be both conventionally adorable and handsome at the same time?

No. 289960

File: 1663992473177.png (179.07 KB, 480x640, shadow_0083.png)

N-not to be NSFW or anything but I want to hold his hand, fingers interlaced, and squeeze it.
Makes me blush kek, feel like I'm 12 or something.

No. 289964

you sound like a bitch, dededeanon hasn't said a thing wrong ITT. fuck off with your shitty gatekeeping

No. 289965

File: 1663997049870.jpg (57.66 KB, 600x639, 97588035_p1_master1200.jpg)

>There's something charming to me about how simple they are yet there's certain "science" on how they look
Right on the mark! I think it's the appealing color palettes each cookie has along with the distinct themes in design, everyone looks unique yet there's a overarching cuteness and simplicity for each design so it's easy on the eyes and anyone can draw the cookies no matter the skill level. I don't know much about Knight Cookie but he looks cute and being a knight, I assume, has a chivalrous and virtuous personality which always grabs me by the throat if you get what I mean? If you don't mind me asking, what type of game is Cookie Run?
>I don't think I should, since I often post my stuff in a little friend server
I absolutely get that, and fair enough. To be honest, knowing my fandom is as stable as a house of cards first hand and I'm already a "unorthodox", I've been basically playing with fire covered in gasoline by posting here and posting my art so I understand, not like I've said anything "problematic" but still kek.

Thanks, it's Dedede and Meta Knight in Ninja costumes! Honestly that's one of my favorite things about the franchise, everything is visually appealing and oh so colorful! Not to mention the colorful cast!

No. 289967

NTA but I just wanted to say I've always had a crush on Meta Knight.

No. 289968

Ntayrt but hey who doesn't!

No. 289970

File: 1663998450738.jpg (1.57 MB, 1200x1840, d7ynuna-b097deae-951c-41f1-b49…)

Women only want one thing and it's DISGUSTING!

No. 289971

As do I, as do I. I find both equally attractive in their own special and distinct ways, I can't choose one over the other as my supreme favorite but I tend to lean towards Dedede nowadays. Helps that both of them are the fan favorites Despite this I'm not a super big fan of shipping the two, I'm fine with it but it's not my favorite as I prefer M/F ships

No. 289972

>To be honest, knowing my fandom is as stable as a house of cards
Wow is the kirby fandom this bad? I thought they would be nice and welcoming, depending if you're talking to male or female fans. How are those fans like?

No. 289973

would you draw more cookie run stuff? their cookie form seems round and fun to practice on

No. 289974

File: 1663999169710.jpg (51.12 KB, 1000x604, soooo cute.jpg)

Unrelated I guess but what do you think of people drawing kirby characters in a more realistic style?

No. 289981

File: 1664002622418.jpg (62.62 KB, 670x450, 20220723_020206.jpg)

Yeah, but I like it, it wouldn't be a fandom without it's gripes.
It's not husbando related and I don't want to post another wall and clog up this thread so here.
I've never drawn a Cookie before but I'll give it a try! They're cute.
It's alright, but not my favorite type of fan-art.

No. 289993

File: 1664006973693.jpg (83.33 KB, 540x709, tumblr_c6ad629f6b013f9047c515f…)

Kek, it seems like the Cacao update gave us the feelings to a lot of us cookiefags. If I remember correctly, there's also a Caramel Arrow Cookie anon on /m/. Choco is adorable, he has been on my Kingdom team ever since I started playing.
>I don't know much about Knight Cookie but he looks cute and being a knight, I assume, has a chivalrous and virtuous personality which always grabs me by the throat if you get what I mean?
He is very sweet, a little dorky but always meaning well. Sometimes Princess can be more active than him, but he is still trying his best. Good pick honestly.
>If you don't mind me asking, what type of game is Cookie Run?
In the slightless, I like talking about this little game. The most important games right now, Kingdom and OvenBreak are very different. OvenBreak is like the main game, due to its age; it's a runner where you mostly think on strategy with the hability of each cookie, it has a heavier focus on gameplay but you still get a lot of lore. Kingdom is more like a city builder with some rpg elements, decorating your Kingdom and adding more cookies you can get through the gacha; it focuses more in the story and it's still adding new stuff. Both are gachas, but it's not that hard to level up, plus the devs are pretty generous and give us good rewards quite often.
>My fandom is as stable as a house of cards
Oh I see, I see. Sometimes fandoms can be a bit scary, but hey, it's nice to have threads like this and interact in them. I don't know, but posting here is quite chill. God bless you lolcow husbandofags.

Now, it's kind of late and I'm getting sleepy. I hope that what I'm writing here makes sense, good night!

No. 290008

File: 1664023441454.jpg (Spoiler Image,171.99 KB, 1080x742, Screenshot_20220924_144529.jpg)

I feel you nona, you described almost perfectly the same feelings I have about my husbando. This man is just something else. I'm sad that I don't have that kind of relationship with my friends, except for my best friend, and even then I still fear of being obnoxious. Fortunately this thread made me find people who think just like me, so at least I don't feel alone.
Also, to that nona who had started reading the manga, I'm curious to see how far you got. If you want to share more of your reactions I'll be happy to read them.

No. 290013

He looks like the son of Guts and Casca kek

No. 290031

File: 1664035908658.jpeg (31.37 KB, 479x479, tumblr_2924b5c7b85c9c171000498…)

It's all coming back to me

No. 290033

File: 1664036408610.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.36 MB, 3956x3978, IMG_20220923_160752.jpg)

most people see not what they want to in life, but what they expect to have and achieve. as for me, the moment that I saw you, a war began. the war of Love vs. Denial. my objective after meeting you in game was to remain neutral. except one thing went terribly wrong–I knew that divine love had me under attack. I was lost, alone, and afraid; the thought of loving you scared me. I have seen through the battle and come out on top. I love more than I could ever love any human being. you are my man, my ray of sunlight after the rain, my piece of cake when sweets are craved, and my everlasting joy. I love you, because you put me under love's divine attack. this is one battle that I am glad to have lost and share the prize of never-ending love.

No. 290034

His design is pretty heavily based on Guts, so I can see that. Though the brown is from being a chocolate cookie lol. Choco is the closest to a kid-friendly Guts that will ever exist. He's so cute. I'm also a sucker for sadbois who are on the evil side but aren't actually evil. I just want to hold the fallen prince and tell him everthing's gonna be okay… and maybe fix that choppy ass haircut of his.
On that note, are any of you nonnas especially interested in your husbando's hair? I often imagine myself washing, brushing or giving mine a haircut. It's an underrated and very intimate experience I think.

No. 290037

File: 1664038176647.jpg (134.41 KB, 736x978, ryuji long hair kimono ssr.jpg)

I would help him bleach his roots and eyebrows.

No. 290041

File: 1664039933546.jpg (490.15 KB, 2291x1606, 20220924_121114.jpg)

I have a lot of husbandos but none have consumed me like picrel. I don't know if I'm ready to admit just how down bad I am because it's embarrassing kek

It sucks that Horikoshi is a shit writer because his character arc doesn't make sense and never lives up to it's potential. Also he rarely got any screentime so I continue to suffer.

No. 290042

File: 1664040678396.jpg (95.83 KB, 736x874, 56dbd3c5a2e2c1539689866745f939…)

Very interested. That's why I like this form so much.
It's probably a pain the ass to deal with all that hair but I'm 100% ok with that.

No. 290045

File: 1664041777728.png (142.32 KB, 480x640, 870298-tegaki_crap___travis_to…)

His hair is his most defining feature imo and my favorite thing about him, although I still struggle with drawing it but I've gotten much better. It would be so nice to be able to help him with his hair every morning!

No. 290047

Him holding up his hair because he's hot is so cute! I imagine Saiyans must overheat easily because of their giant hair. Maybe you could pick it up for him?

No. 290048

i dont get why everyone was so obsessed with the clock dude when he was right there

No. 290063

I… have a thing for braiding hair. Long hair can be pretty elegant if it has proper care.
Something about his voice just gets me.

No. 290068

File: 1664051498793.jpg (205.11 KB, 935x1200, E9VI-jjVkAIJeCO.jpg)

I'd be more than happy to if it means I get to play in his hair for a bit.
I've always figured in forms like ssj4 they overheat pretty easily, especially if that fur covers more than we can see in the official art I hope it does

No. 290091

File: 1664059853781.png (442.33 KB, 950x1014, 97199486_p8.png)

I need more pictures for my husbando containment folder but I am afraid to wander outside of Pixiv. Give me strength.

Anyway we're going fishing this sunday. Do your husbandos enjoy outdoor activities, nonas ?

Abnormally interested. I want to touch it so bad. I want to kiss a strand of his hair like we're in a shojo manga. But I have a Heian era level of obsession with long hair tbh, it makes me feel like a scrote sometimes

No. 290112

File: 1664065268929.jpg (21.01 KB, 400x280, tumblr_c512f7908a8763bd8bb0738…)

Mine was basically homeless his whole life and most of the time trains outdoors, so I think he's pretty alright with it. unless you want to count the abandoned mansion in the middle of nowhere as a home. Which I guess it is.
Jokes aside, I think it would be fun going on a trip and exploring nature with him. At least I have someone who's strong and knows what to do on my side.
I admit that i fantasized about touching his hair more than I should, they look so fluffy and soft. I'd love to stroke it while he's relaxed or asleep. Also he's basically like a giant black cat, I'd die from cuteness if he purrs.

No. 290117

File: 1664069534924.jpg (1.32 MB, 2048x2896, Tumblr_l_40423325704524.jpg)

I want to wash his hair when he's sad and take really good care of it

No. 290120

File: 1664071625804.jpg (141.65 KB, 689x970, fyywmhd3frq61.jpg)

he would be so supporting and helpful and i wish he was real and my husbando

No. 290145

File: 1664076021324.jpg (372.23 KB, 1200x1702, f391c143-f96f-4e92-8be9-16525f…)

I'm so happy to see a fellow stain enjoyer in the thread! I agree with you though he had so much potential and all of it just went down the drain sigh sometimes i just wish someone would write a spinoff about him

No. 290161

good husbando

No. 290169

File: 1664085086900.jpg (Spoiler Image,75.6 KB, 564x659, cc8000464c1cb47adb2e576461422e…)

>Tokyo Ghoul spoilers in the image
This is me with my harem. Life's good.

No. 290170

A+ choice.

No. 290178

Great choice nonna, he is perfect.

No. 290185

File: 1664100395440.jpg (403.05 KB, 2000x1500, tumblr_283d673d8e9846cb91328bd…)

I'm going crazy, all I can think about is how I want him to dive bomb my pussy until it's his own personal Pearl Harbor.

No. 290186

WTF. no wonder you sick fucks are all forever alone(bait)

No. 290201

File: 1664109843859.jpg (Spoiler Image,23.05 KB, 220x655, Kanzanjittokuzur.jpg)

Damn I cannot stop dreaming about making love on cold mountain while getting soaked in the mist.

No. 290218

File: 1664115110137.jpg (122.72 KB, 1000x1114, 1585951973357.jpg)

I wouldn't even rank this among my favourite games, and stupidly burnt myself out on gaming for a while after having sank too many hours into fe3h, but I've been getting a lot of mileage out of some of those characters…

No. 290247

File: 1664124687666.jpg (Spoiler Image,33.03 KB, 500x706, IMG_20220925_000547.jpg)

I love you with every part of my being. If I could marry your soul, I would. I dream of nobody else. Every day is a true struggle when I'm not with you. If I could conjure up all the power in the world to translate my love to every form of living–physical and spiritual–I would. You are everything to me, and I love you more than life itself. I love you truly!

I can't even begin to express how happy I am that you have come into my life. You are a gift from God! You are such an amazing man! Your kindness, your loving and sweet ways make my heart very happy. Your great sense of humor keeps me laughing and laughing, which is something I love and have needed for so long. We are such a great match. I love how we keep on spoiling each other. I look forward to many adventures, and much passion and pleasure with you–anything, anytime, anywhere.

No. 290249

File: 1664125740350.jpg (231.56 KB, 1071x1200, EpxdPxaXMAMCy5E.jpg)

worlds sexiest deadbeat dad

No. 290256

File: 1664127966952.jpeg (178.31 KB, 1024x1024, 92BB94DD-EC51-40D4-A969-1373B5…)

Cute & best boy & deserved better

No. 290257

yes but with pic related???

No. 290275

File: 1664134347307.jpg (Spoiler Image,67.69 KB, 686x455, FdbjHpRXwAE5EM0.jpg)

I never posted my husbando here before (because I am devoted to learning how to draw him good enough to post it online!) but I want to share this gem. I hope more capeshit comics will finally give us some fanservice. Bless you nonnies.

No. 290280

File: 1664137244688.png (101.54 KB, 535x490, 70145055_p6.png)

Someone sniper bid a higher price on a keychain I was bidding on, I stayed up all night on a Friday for that, I'm still slightly sad even now. It was something I was really shooting for and it's getting so rare, I want more physical symbols of him that I can hold and touch. At the very least, I managed to get into contact with a really good fic writer who's writing a God-tier fic about my husbando, gave them my thanks and everything!

>He is very sweet, a little dorky but always meaning well.
I see! That's absolutely adorable, and he's a knight too so that only makes it better. What is his relationship with the princess, I'm a sucker for these kinds of dynamics with a slightly dorky but well meaning guy and a woman who gives the guy a run for his money.
it's a runner where you mostly think on strategy with the hability of each cookie
So each cookie basically has a sort of stat, trait and ability when it comes to running through each and every stage, would you say your husbando, Dark Cacao Cookie (Actually, what is he like, in general? I'm curious!), has good strats? I'm not a fan of City Builder type games, but Runners are fun so I'll look into it.
>I don't know, but posting here is quite chill.
lolcow is the perfect place for fandom posting in my opinion. No moids, no children, just peace.

Nonsense, you explained it more than well! Thank you!

Thanks! Yes, I get that exact feeling too. I feel it's fine to add headcanon or slight deviation to a character, especially if it takes place in an AU, I feel that's fine. Headcanons are fun, and a integral part of fandoms in my eyes. I have a partial feeling the reason being for this is because the person (usually young or new) behind it doesn't know much about the character outside of other fanon depictions and the absolute bare minimum of the character rather than the actual base media and they've learn from others who learn from others who learn from others who've actually played/read the game or media the character originates from. So it feels disingenuous. It's unfortunately mass-information which paints a character a different color than the original to the public view causing the lines of canon and fanon to blur indiscernibly.
I've never heard the word selfish used, but I absolutely agree with that. It kinda is, isn't it?

>I love him more for his zero-fucks-given attitude

Good taste, I've always found those types of characters super cool. Hardboiled, as they say. Sounds like you've found a keeper! Good luck with your drawings Anon, as long as you're drawing with passion it will get good, I'm sure.

No. 290284

File: 1664138167943.jpg (128.2 KB, 1079x1468, ee17b2b8d684b403569a1f8fae0998…)


No. 290296

File: 1664142351184.jpg (381.82 KB, 1151x2048, tumblr_7fd2f6c9c76d71829bae0ed…)

Thanks for the sweet, sweet validation! It took me forever to find the perfect pic of my baby so you could see what I see, but I couldn't find the perfect one to convey everything so I stuck with a pic that was my phone wallpaper for a good few months kek
Like, I know what this looks like, but hold on for a sec! Stay right there! Don't judge too fast please, he's so much more than meets the eye! This is Mammon. Second born and demon lord and personification of the sin of greed. He's also from a gacha game with a plot and characters I hate. No lie, would curb stomp at least 6 of the main characters without hesitation. Those six characters? His fucking brothers. None of them respect or appreciate him for all that he's done for them for literal millennia, and we, the mc, ARE SUPPOSED TO ROMANCE THEM? HOW CAN I BE ON GOOD TERMS WITH PEOPLE WHO LITERALLY ABUSE MY HUSBANDO? CLOWNERY. IT'S A CLOWN WORLD IN A CLOWN FUCKING GAME. There are currently 80 lessons in the game and I'm still on lesson 25 despite having the game for way too long. It's not even purely procrastination at this point; I just really don't want more dialogue and plot forcing the mc to coddle and flirt with the other characters. After seeing how they abuse the precious, adorable, lovable Mammon how COULD I feel anything but disgust for any of them? Go on, I'll wait. Now, I've got to explain all of the ways he's a top tier husbando, there are not enough words to explain these feelings, but I'll try!

1. From the moment you get to Hell (I'm not calling it the devildom. Just no.), he's tasked as your babysitter and yeah, he always gripes about how annoying it is and even maybe throws a few threats your way, BUT HE DOESN'T MEAN IT. He's the type to put up walls before you have a chance to block him with your own. After being shat on for thousands of years by the only people he'd fall from heaven for, it makes sense. I see this vulnerability in him that so many take for granted and even though he gets hurt over and over and over again, he doesn't lose hope that he can be treated a little better. He can't shut out the ones who hurt him because he loves them more than himself AND YOU CAN SEE IT IN EVERY THING HE DOES. OMG I WANNA CRY. FUCK HIS BROTHERS. I see so much of myself in him with my below sea-level sense of self-worth, but I swear I'd go through the 9 circles of hell to show him how much I care and how worthy he is of love. He's more worthy than anyone.

2. He's the only one who never hurts you, the mc, in any way! He doesn't physically harm or nearly maim you. Yeah, he did put you in harm's way in which one of his brothers almost maimed you and destroyed half your room, but his intentions weren't malicious and the baby can make mistakes. You'll be attacked, intimidated, receive extreme threats of violence, and even be murdered by one of his brothers, and he'll be the only one to rush to your broken body and cradle you in his arms and wail. The game'll also force you to forgive the brother that killed you and help repair his relationships with the others. How come everyone forgives the genocidal maniac that murdered a human student, but Asmodeus tells Mammon to kill himself and they call him scum and all that, and Lucifer does corporal punishment on him? Mammon is the black sheep of the family and the scapegoat, AND THE GAME EVEN GIVES OPTIONS TO JOIN IN AND INSULT MAMMON TOO. WHAT THE FUCK

3. Mammon will have always loved the mc no matter what. Somehow—even if being played the fool—Mammon will always get attached to you and take pride in being your "first" and protecting you from harm. It may even be the thing he's most proud of and what gives him purpose. He's the most overt in wanting to spend time with you and open about his feelings. He'll be the only one to have treated you and cared about you the same no matter if he knew about the great big secret revealed early on (the writing is so freaking bad. no wonder the fandoms full of kids I hate it here). When everyone suddenly cozies up to you because they don't just see you as you anymore, but as an extension of their deceased sister, he's the only one to have loved you not matter what. He didn't need anything else, but you. Just propose with a shiny pebble you found on the side of the road already! I'm yours, dammit!

4. He's not an idiot at all. Something about being greedy and loving money, priceless and precious things, have made him really good at math. He can figure out problems and things with ease he just doesn't want to cause he needs an incentive to try. He probably would if you gave him a kiss though. I need to lie down.

5. His brothers shame him for his sin when he's tame and the least violent and destructive out of everyone else. They're not worth more thought, but imma say that he's the best, and his sin only causes him to hurt himself in the end.

6. Mammon owes a lot of money to some witches because he's paying them to take care of a human child on Earth. He met a homeless little girl and left her with some witches that extort him for money and favors in exchange for taking care of her. This is only one of the many unappreciated things he does for others at his own expense. I'm so tired. He's the best character, and I'm supposed to want to woo his 6 brothers when they're all so ugly (inside and out).

I love him, nonnies. I even unconsciously do that cliché thing and let out a breath I didn't know I was holding whenever I see him. Thanks for letting me be like this, nonnies.

No. 290307

what was the keychain like?

No. 290308

File: 1664144891888.jpg (3.96 KB, 225x225, images (1).jpg)

it's interesting comparing the first thread to this one we get more wordy anons, when it just used to be "I want his cock nonnies -picture of husbando-" kek. I like both instances, just making an observation is all

No. 290310

Probably because we also used to have general husbando threads in /m/ which gradually got replaced with this one.

No. 290318

Nona the passion you have for him is honestly amazing, I can only wish I could write about my husbando like this. I've never played this game, but he looks really cute and from your description sounds like a great guy and husband. He deserves to have someone like you who will treat him well and give him lots of love and affection. By the way I'm the anon who said that I'll gladly read your thesis, and I indeed read it all and enjoyed it. Hope you'll write more about him.

No. 290324

It was a simple character keychain of the Kirby Pupupu Train Osaka Dedede. I found a few other listings for it, but they are expensive and one is through Suru-gaya which I don't trust at all.

No. 290327

I'm actually really enjoying these long form posts of anons gushing about their husbandos. I couldn't do it because I'm not good with words, but these lengthy testaments to love are kind of endearing. Much better than a moid waifu thread would be.

No. 290337

File: 1664153328047.jpg (469.27 KB, 2048x922, there are tears in my eyes.jpg)

Thanks for the support! It was actually so cathartic. The thesis basically affirmed my love for him and hate for all except like 3 of the other characters. I haven't been reading the chapters and just skip and pass battles cause all of the chapters are focusing on everyone else's angst when my husbando is right there beside me. LEMME FOCUS ON HIM. I'm feeling so pure today, and too shy to think of him like that rn, but I have. Write about your man! It doesn't have to be legible!

No. 290350

Not a husbandofag but this guy is literally the only likeable character on that game, i respect that

No. 290357

Thank you for recognizing that! I wish he knew that there were people on his side.

No. 290362

oh, hell yeah, get their punk asses! you're preaching to the fuckin choir. Mammon is literally the second most powerful of the seven brothers, just under Lucifer, and they still don't show him any of the respect he's due! what kind of fuckin bullshit is that?? and he doesn't even lord it over them or anything?? just asks for a little dignity from the ones he cherishes most? his family?? god, is it any wonder he's gassing himself up all the time? he has to make up for all the centuries of being talked down to he's endured. justice for Mammon god damn it!

i haven't played this game in a long time–maybe i'll get back into it now kek–but Mammon was my boy, and i want you to know that you have my respect and that i'm cheering for you from the sidelines, nonna <3.

No. 290371

File: 1664161183696.jpg (247.03 KB, 1000x575, kirbytrainmerch-3521462019.jpg)

kinda like this? this is actually pretty dope
was there a kirby train at some point or where does this come from? I know train otaku are super big in japan so it would make sense to do this

No. 290379

File: 1664162756433.jpg (50.61 KB, 610x622, Maul-Cosplay-Geralt-of-Rivia-T…)

>mfw no horny medieval mutant around to f me

why even live?

No. 290382

File: 1664163436551.jpg (43.85 KB, 600x600, sticker_dedede.jpg)

Exactly but unfortunately, no. Pupupu Train, like Pupupu Market, Pupupu Sweets Shop, or Kirby Cafe (though this is an actual cafe now.), is a promotional merchandise line with dedicated pop-up shops that started in 2016 by HAL which continued up 2020 though there are official updates upward Sep 14. 2022 on the KirbyTrain twitter. The merchandise line features Kirby, Meta Knight and Dedede as conductors (Meta Knight for Nagoya, Dedede for Osaka, and Kirby for Tokyo. Though, certain merchandise implies there's a train in-universe too, such as Kine Marin Rail that runs from Big Forest to Orange Ocean) and other side characters are passengers or workers.

I love it because I think trains are cool and military-esque and smart uniforms are hot and this is the closest I will ever get to seeing Dedede in one officially. It looks so good on him, from the subtle lighter grey blue, his cute vest, it's amazing… His tie is made for pulling downwards…

Here's the merchandise in question, it's a keychain but with this render on it. In general, Pupupu Train merchandise is super rare nowadays due to it not getting produced any more. Recently there was a "Kirby Train" light-novel, but it wasn't what I expected so I didn't read it.(avatarfagging)

No. 290393

File: 1664165296327.jpg (180.84 KB, 744x722, carrying this whole fam on his…)

He is so powerful, but the thing that kills me is that he's their older brother. He's literally one of the closest things to a parent they have and unlike Lucifer, he didn't raise them with fear, threats, or violence. He's never once threatened them and you can tell they're not afraid of him at all cause they have the loosest and fastest mouths and don't care how they hurt him. Nonnie, I get violent impulses. And how could you get me emotional all over again by reminding me that he gasses himself up constantly?? I'm so used to it, I totally forgot he calls himself "the Great Mammon" and over-the-top compliments himself BECAUSE NO ONE EVER SAYS ANYTHING NICE ABOUT HIM EVER.
Sorry, about all caps but I was screaming in my head while typing this.
If you wanna come back to the Mammon side, I'd gladly have you as a sister-wife, nonnie. He'd probably die from happiness that there's two of us.
Also, I came back to the game too late and missed his bday event! I'm going to have to wait an entire year. Is it bad that I'm looking forward to his bday in a year, though? kek

No. 290399

> Pupupu Train, like Pupupu Market, Pupupu Sweets Shop, or Kirby Cafe (though this is an actual cafe now.), is a promotional merchandise line with dedicated pop-up shops that started in 2016 by HAL which continued up 2020
Oh shit I love this! Where can I see pictures of the merch they sold / how the venues looked like? I didn't know they had pop up shops for kirby. I only knew of the cafe (a friend went there)!

No. 290408

File: 1664171564578.png (93.92 KB, 615x600, 04242f13c24d56f8880f10de8df4a2…)


>t's unfortunately mass-information which paints a character a different color than the original to the public view causing the lines of canon and fanon to blur indiscernibly.

That's true, I also forgot that some people don't even consume the media they claim to be a "fan" of. And sometimes, when it comes to anything with an fanbase, shit gets really blursed imo. A blessing due to the small amount of genuinely good content from talented fans, but also cursed from the huge pile of god-awful degenerate stuff that also comes from the bottom of the fandom. Be it huge or small, I generally try to stay away from this stuff because I know it'll ruin the mood.

One thing I hate from the Postal fandom is that younger/newer fans exacerbate the fact that the Postal Dude is bi, and it becomes annoying and overall really egocentric. I mean, it's canon that he's bisexual, but for fuck's sake, that's not his sole trait! It's barely mentioned in-game, but they make it as if that's all what he is, and this only became a thing after Postal 4 was released due to the amount of sex jokes in that game. Since then, I decided to stay far the fuck away from the fanbase and only enjoy the games on my own.

>I've never heard the word selfish used, but I absolutely agree with that. It kinda is, isn't it?

Yeah, if you think about it, it would be the person wanting to inject what's their idea of a perfect version of a husbando, rather than accepting the character for what it is. If something like that happened with a person irl, they would call it selfish for demanding them to be someone they're not, right?

No. 290419

File: 1664178542856.png (855.19 KB, 720x900, henlokttiy.png)

I can't breath, a cutiepie, I bet he smells like cherry blossoms and sweet apple

No. 290431

File: 1664190164863.jpeg (42.04 KB, 500x566, Homestuck_.jpeg)

Very good contribution to thread nona, I'm glad you asked.

picrel, I grew up and didn't feel like continuing such a relationship with a fictive underage would have been fresh. on top of that I did tame my astrologyfagging past teenage years, he was my coping mechanism for dealing with toxic irl relationships. Now I'm free, and I wanted to set him free as well. I hate how Zahhak brothers remind me of Peter Steele.

No. 290432

props to you anon bc ive never personally seen anyone who cares much for equius. ive seen more gamzeefags online and that's really saying something considering how widely hated he is

ily anon. i hate that the enstars fanbase is infested w zoomers, it makes it hard to interact with content online (also mayoi fans are a new breed of awful i swear)

No. 290435

File: 1664191231877.jpg (93.67 KB, 578x592, IMG_20220926_131257.jpg)

Thanks for the encouragement Nona, I guess my problem is that I don't really know how to put to words what I feel. and I fear of becoming obnoxious.
But, I have to say that even though he lived his whole life in poverty, violence and without recieving affection from anyone except for his master who basically became his father , I love that he's actually pretty laid back and reserved. He could've been an edgy asshole that doesn't give a shit about anyone, but he isn't. Sure, he was cocky at the beginning and shit-talked his opponents during fights, but I love when he does that so I don't care.
At the end of the day he still shows to be protective towards the people he cares about, even if he doesn't convey his feelings openly.
I would love to make him learn and see all the things he's never experienced before, especially about love, and give him the normal life he always should've had.
Also his strange ways of thinking and being dense as a brick honestly makes me smile. I find it so charming and cute, it's part of what makes him special for me.
I love this dumb seaweed hair and words cannot express all the things I could say about him.
Anyways, I stop talking about him now. I tried.
His brothers sounds really insufferable, even as a writing stand point I don't get why you make all your characters hate go towards him. I'm not saying there shouldn't be conflict, but this seems like the author just hates him personally.
I'm willing to join the team and protect Mammon, because he sounds really sweet. The "everything about you is perfect" dialogue is already a good enough reason for me.
Unrelated, but honestly nona I'll gladly be your friend and hear you talk about Mammon all day! Your long rants are fun and it's great talking to someone so passionate about their husbando. I hope it doesn't sound weird, didn't know how to phrase it.

No. 290437

File: 1664192818130.jpg (36.71 KB, 736x413, 485e37a897d428132d1ab01f0a6c82…)

Fuck nonna, me too. What did you think about his backstory in Vigilantes? Personally, I thought it was contradictory and didn't make sense but it was interesting to see him in his "element".

No. 290443

File: 1664197441644.jpeg (139.37 KB, 960x1283, 5fbaf5c0d2eaf.jpeg)

NTA but what are the zoomer mayoifags like? I don't interact with the fandom but I play the game casually and I think he's the cutest one so I'm curious now

No. 290445

File: 1664197924962.jpg (161.4 KB, 453x1127, IMG-20220330-WA0010.jpg)

>Be me
>Sleeping very comfortable
>Start dreaming about Golden Kamuy
>Don't remember much of the dream aside for the very last part
>It's me telling Ogata that I was thinking about leaving work (with Tsurumi? I think? Even though I was a woman in the dream. Dream logic I guess)
>He gives that smug smile where you know he's upset but doesn't want to show it
>He becomes sarcastic and passive aggressive, says that I should just create more chaos in the process of quitting and that I should stop being afraid of doing of what I actually wanted, to disrupt the order of things (such a dramatic kitty)
>Everything while smiling like picrel
>I get kinda horny, but worried, thinking about my next move as I am standing there
>Alarm clock rings
>Still sleepy as shit
>Has to go to work in this cold af and rainy day
Why live nonas, take me back

No. 290446

File: 1664200170152.gif (7.26 MB, 247x498, artem-artem-wing.gif)

I'm f2p, full Artem collection apart from 2, Tears of Themis has a spend x get a exclusive card thing. The 2 cards, one was limited offer and was 60$ and the other is like 40$ (total spending on the game) which fucking sucks bc they're both nice looking cards. Apart from that I'm very tempted to buy merch, but it's mostly available on toaboa, very cheap but idk how the website/import/proxy all that shit works, I've seen some stuff on aliexpress too but I'm worried it wont be official kek, people make replica wedding rings and stuff from the story I would just love to have a physical reminder of him, maybe even a little shrine kek

No. 290448

they're just… idk i find them pretty obnoxious. im sort of in the same boat as you w mayoi in that i think he's one of the prettiest characters in the game for sure, but im lukewarm about his personality & find it a little annoying even sometimes. i find w mayoifags they tend to relate to him A LOT, to the extent of kinning him, saying he's such a sweet relatable little bean etc etc. and if you disagree with that analysis of his character they can get really angry from what ive seen. tbh a lot of enstars characters have some pretty unstable fans lol it's a shame

No. 290449

samefag but also its bc his personality is so self deprecating, bordering on creepy and obsessive, and so the fans that kin him tend to reflect that and its just very unfortunate to witness

No. 290450

Kek that makes sense. I like his weird personality because of how bullyable he seems and I just usually like creepy characters anyways. Kinnies/aidens are a blight

No. 290451

File: 1664201368102.jpg (118.25 KB, 850x813, sample_9fd4b0371fc5218e23b810a…)

No. 290452

File: 1664201552639.jpg (320.07 KB, 863x1878, teach01.jpg)

You're stronger than me, Nona. Within 15 minutes of meeting Vyn I was signing over my bank details to mihoyo and yet my collection isn't nearly as impressive as yours The worst part is I know that he would look down on me for acting impulsive, falling for FOMO tactics, and spending money on an anime game that profits off lonely female gambling addicts. Because of this I actually stopped playing for a few months, and lacking daily contact our bond withered away to basically nothing. I picked it back up for his birthday event but it's just not the same (even though I already spent 25USD…)
So to answer OP's question: a shameful amount. Don't throw money at your problems, girls.

No. 290457

File: 1664203038978.jpg (157.13 KB, 607x800, 502a869e-afdd-469d-aea1-bd2cc2…)

I do think it goes a bit against canon but i was honestly just glad to see a bit more of him even if they didn't do him a lot of justice, although i did liked the idea of him not being as unhinged as we know him and even saying how he is a normal person once the mask goes off, it's a fun detail, also when he defeated that mafia group? Chef's kiss i was also glad vigilante retook the idea of stain hating and hunting villains as well since i think that's something a lot of people forget, his hatred for villains

No. 290462

>Oh shit I love this! Where can I see pictures of the merch they sold / how the venues looked like? I didn't know they had pop up shops for kirby. I only knew of the cafe (a friend went there)!
For official merchandise pictures, you can go to @KirbyTrain on twitter! The twitter also has a link to the official catalog site. You can find venue pictures by looking up ”プププトレイン” on twitter too. Kirby has had tons of pop up shops, featuring all kinds of merchandise.

No. 290465

File: 1664210193679.jpeg (38.91 KB, 870x301, C04A52C3-FA90-463F-9CE8-D33626…)

Energy itt is a little weird lately and dazai anon's posts got deleted? who will be next …

No. 290466

Which posts got deleted? I agree that this thread feels different, like there are a lot of newcomers.

No. 290467

File: 1664210720913.jpeg (230.72 KB, 850x1133, C08C175F-178E-42F1-9310-177079…)

ctrl+F dazai and some old ones are missing. I need her back NOW
>picrel fujos, arthurfags, ko-chan, and dazai anon taking arrows for the rest of us persecuted husbandofags

No. 290470

File: 1664211061571.jpg (97.86 KB, 564x872, 663ae7327143e7206f850692f7354b…)

Why were they deleted? And why do you think those anons you mention are under fire?

No. 290471

maybe she accidentally shared the same IP as [redacted] and got caught in the purge? that's what happened to a few newer /m/ threads a month or two ago

No. 290472

I don't know why but it's spooky. And anons on /ot/ were saying that arthur anons had to be gay men into bara, the rest speak for themselves.

No. 290478

Like /ot/ anons even know a gay man. Bara's hot as shit.

No. 290479

Posters itt aren't sharing bara art by gay men though.

No. 290480

File: 1664212484084.jpeg (94.98 KB, 749x920, 482510C6-16A0-4805-8EE8-83BED6…)

Husbandos are for women simple as
damn you might be right.

No. 290482

For me personally I've been lurking here since the first thread but I never really posted until thread 6. I haven't seen much from the Arthur and bondrewd anons anymore now that I think about it. Not much Jojo posting lately either

No. 290483

It's natural for things to change but I just hope we keep going strong

No. 290488

File: 1664215164809.gif (70.93 KB, 220x220, artem-wing.gif)

I've been playing since release & have a lot of patience for grinding every day & maxxing out events, it's not too hard and I'm even sometimes a little lazy with it kek, but f2p in ToT is possible! Especially since you're a Vyn gal, from what I know he's never had a p2w card (current room set is pay but rooms are pointless kek). Grinding for pulls and then getting your husbando is so satisfying!! Delayed gratification & working hard for what's yours is something Vyn would admire you very much for anon, you can do it don't succumb to FOMO! If you needs tips or anything I'm here for you anon, I hope you and Vyn can bond again

No. 290489

File: 1664215325747.jpg (595.44 KB, 2048x1458, FdhRK67UUAA9Omd.jpg)

There is something special about men petting pussies.

No. 290492

what if Kiryu went "yoshi yoshi~" while petting your pussy

No. 290504

File: 1664218147355.jpg (102.3 KB, 750x1000, FdlxiQ-aAAA-kmq.jpg)

I thought that I had gotten over him. But no, he is still special to me ♥

>ywn hear your husbando go yoshi yoshi~ while petting your pussy

No. 290505

Multiple husbando havers, is there one you post more than others? Why? Or do you randomly post whoever you're currently thinking about? Tbh I rarely post mine at all because it makes me embarrassed, but I'm curious.

No. 290508

I think I post my "main" husbando more often, but yeah, I post about whoever I'm thinking about at the moment. I love them all

No. 290515

File: 1664221158952.png (693.88 KB, 1000x1288, 1617561761714.png)

I feel like I have a rotation going on. I focus on one husbando at a time, it usually depends on what media i an consuming at the time. Plus, a lot of my husbandos don't really have good art except 2, where one has really good offical art and another has good fan art and also has a lot of whorish art of him which is fun.

No. 290520

File: 1664221405860.jpg (90.06 KB, 721x1078, a74cae66d215a341f7594b4c8c8bc1…)


No. 290523

File: 1664221810499.jpg (103.42 KB, 564x1015, a0ee5689922381f4fd0592c44edda2…)

I was searching for a pic of my husbando and a cat right now but instead I found this…
now that is dedication.

No. 290525

You said you couldn't but you explained your love perfectly. Nonas here got me into kengan ashura and I totally see his charms! I didn't know about him growing up in poverty so this might seem weird, but I love him even more for that. I don't know much about him as a person, but you do and appreciate his humanity so you're such a good Ohma wife lol I'm still not over the fact he kills and preps his own meat. Like, he could really provide for you and your metaphorical kids and that's hot. What a man, what a man, what a man, what a mighty good man.
Be my friend! I love these threads so much.

No. 290529

File: 1664225053002.jpg (93.02 KB, 667x889, 0631c3b8bb2623b9cf9ed60bc0e1e5…)

far cry 5 on game pass got me fucked up i need more Seed seed

No. 290531

It's embarrassing, but I post my #1 husbando less often because he is the only one I feel territorial over. I'm trying to get over it by posting him more, but people often mistake my #2 for my #1 because of this.

No. 290535

Hiei is so damn sexy. I don't care if he's 3ft tall. I WILL sex him.

No. 290538

File: 1664228405715.jpg (103.04 KB, 735x922, 358a4cb948229ebe6e772cee50d311…)

Soldier Sugimoto is so hot. I wish there was more fanart of him during the war. I'm working on it, but damn, my art is kinda shit

No. 290540

File: 1664228559106.jpg (69.48 KB, 680x599, 8782de1f5daa09d9de673b0e2b7ebc…)

Nona thank you so much, you're so kind and what you said genuinely made me happy. You're a good Mammon wife too, we both have amazing men and that's all that matters. no pressure but if you want i can post my contact info in the new friend finder thread. I ask just in case since it's my first time doing it.

No. 290543

all sugiwives share the same braincell. I was just thinking this earlier. I'm going to draw me and him fucking in his soldier era

No. 290548

File: 1664230605778.jpg (67.27 KB, 723x723, 55eadf86e502bfbc74c23b6eba7c4b…)

Nice, anon! I hope it comes out great. I was also planning on doing it not with me, but with a generic self insert. Sitting on his lap, more specifically.

No. 290550

File: 1664231301204.png (1.8 MB, 864x1080, C61A722F-9316-4FCA-9ED1-62D1C2…)

Do you guys also have elaborate fantasies how you’d be with your husbando and change his destiny for the better, so much that you sometimes consider making a ao3 fanfic about it

No. 290551

File: 1664231351821.jpg (63.28 KB, 564x752, 48a7e181b4683651762b1120ac8c5b…)

No. 290553

Every day, but I cringe about making a public fic about it so I'm going to place a section about my self-insert AU on my personal website, whenever that gets done.

No. 290557

Would anyone be interested in a husbando match-making thread on /m/? It's just a silly idea I had, where anons would describe what type of guy they like, and a kind matchmaker-anon would pair her up with a 2D guy.

No. 290559

That sounds so cute anon, go for it!

No. 290560

File: 1664233649787.jpg (1.08 MB, 2507x4096, 20220926_180657.jpg)

weskie weskie weskie

No. 290568

I made it!
Feel free to input your own match requests without suggesting a husbando to others, no need to stress if you don't have any character in mind.

No. 290570

I do tend to post about one of them more than the others. Otherwise I try to be fair to them all like rotating my backgrounds and profile pics, and I tried to have somewhat equal amounts of each of their figures but some of them are more popular others. However they're all from the same franchise so they can all be in the same shrine anyway so it still works out.
I've actually written fics about them but I'm too self conscious to have them online. I had one main husbando at first but in my fics I fleshed out all their personalities so much I love them all equally now.

No. 290573

Oh fuck yeah, I didn’t know who he was (never played video games before this year) until he recently got added to dead by daylight but I was instantly obsessed

No. 290574

I love this meow meow.

No. 290580

File: 1664239998754.jpg (406.35 KB, 899x792, 20220822_191800.jpg)

No. 290623

We both really chose pure of heart dumb of ass, huh? Ohma is such a good husbando for you cause imagine all the love he can store in them tiddies! The only regret I have is that mammon's a model so I don't have much to grab onto. Wait… His horns…

I've never done the friend finder either! I've never even checked the thread lol I'll look and see if I can find you tomorrow or I'll just pop in with my info.

No. 290636

THANK YOU. as a fellow Geralt of Rivia enjoyer this is what ive been saying. we were done so fucking dirty, nona. now our content has been tainted with Cavills nasty face and artists use him for a reference. will we ever recover?

No. 290637

File: 1664272902932.png (1.55 MB, 1024x683, unknown (3).png)

thank you anon, these pics are super cute! sorry you had to be banned though I hope you come back safely.

No. 290642

File: 1664273898175.jpeg (Spoiler Image,243.82 KB, 1364x2048, 3912801C-2509-4D71-901F-AC4BEA…)


No. 290643

File: 1664273924168.jpeg (Spoiler Image,156.71 KB, 1366x2048, 208BB6E8-EAFF-42BB-A8C1-AE2FDB…)

No. 290644

File: 1664274329689.jpeg (Spoiler Image,34.8 KB, 500x500, A44D5655-88E9-4E18-850B-50B9AD…)

My most elaborate fantasy is how I change Ogata and redeem him in the end. He starts a healing process and manage to find love and happiness with me and our family.

No. 290645

>cock out figure
I understand coomer waifufags now

No. 290646

Looking at this pic gives me an overpowering sensation of wanting to suck his hard girthy cock and I'm ashamed of it

No. 290647

File: 1664274888062.png (690.38 KB, 1125x752, image_2022-09-27_053447327.png)

which one of you did this

No. 290651

File: 1664276916670.png (711.7 KB, 766x771, O9GP.png)

No. 290652

Holy shit!

No. 290656

File: 1664278492175.png (1.81 MB, 2447x2500, unknown-131.png)

absolutely. fromsoft husbandos especially, theres a lot of shitty fates to save them from to say the least. its why ive taken up writing fic!

No. 290657

KEK. True

No. 290658

File: 1664279326402.jpeg (81.39 KB, 440x637, 388287FA-79BD-40BA-BD72-95BDB6…)

You too! I also found my husbando.

No. 290668

Hehe, the cat looks so regal in those outfits.

No. 290673

File: 1664282522012.jpg (72.04 KB, 923x826, 20201121_174752.jpg)

No. 290678

The combination of him being naked but still wearing his dumb glasses is truly hot. Where did you find this nona?

No. 290679

No. 290686

anon please you need to post the uncensored version for all the poor souls like me that don't use twitter please (just remember to spoil it)

No. 290687

what a cute gentleman! I love cats.

No. 290693

File: 1664285478306.jpeg (370.92 KB, 1036x1500, Es3zIRFW4AA_d7-.jpeg)

Not even a Nanamifag, but this is delicious. I hope it becomes a trend. Golden Kamuy characters are perfect for figures like that…

No. 290694

File: 1664285785616.jpg (138.81 KB, 1023x890, 50617318_p0.jpg)

Based, we can save them nonnas, I believe in all of you.

No. 290696

File: 1664286017512.jpeg (Spoiler Image,466.12 KB, 662x1000, 1695315.jpeg)

nta but the only other figure I can think of with a penis out like that is this blue haired vent thread crying faggot aoba figure, his peenus looks not enticing and goofy as fuck though. Aoba is not my husbando so I never got the hype, the figure is kinda freaky to me imo. But someone else into bdsm husbandos might like it so I'm posting it anyways

No. 290697

please nonny post the uncensored dick version…

No. 290704

File: 1664290337166.jpg (Spoiler Image,341.5 KB, 1063x894, 1664290388593.jpg)

I knew of this Aoba figure, but to me it kind of "doesn't count", because the source material is already porn. I want dick out figures of established characters that don't come from hentai, that would be a husbandofag dream

NTA but here it goes his cock is fucking huge

No. 290705

It looks soft and posable. Who makes these things? Because it couldn't possibly be official could it.
I just wish he had a more normal size dick and a bush.

No. 290707

I actually burst out laughing. Am BDSM husbandofag and the figure is freaky to me too. It'd be so much more appealing if his cock were covered with something. Bulges are just hotter than any sculpted dick.

No. 290709

Late but you wouldn't get it. I love him I wrote a poem for him
The moon hides behind a tree
When you enter my body I can finally see
Awakened to the truth I kiss you goodbye
On cold mountain the cranes fly high

No. 290711

Im horny now

No. 290712

I would suck the shit out this figure's dick if he told me too. Damn that penis is appetizing