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File: 1665989556510.png (1.16 MB, 850x1314, hsthread.png)

No. 247993

>Homestuck is an Internet fiction series created by American author and artist Andrew Hussie in the first half of the 2010s. Its plot centers on a group of teens who unwittingly bring about the end of the world by installing the beta version of an upcoming computer game, Sburb.

A thread to discuss Homestuck, Hiveswap, and other MSPA stories. Try to limit discussion of the drama surrounding HS^2. It's bad, everyone knows it's bad, let's focus on the good stuff instead. Or the less bad stuff. It is Homestuck after all.
Starter questions:
>Favorite characters? flashes? songs?
>Fanfic recs/fanventure recs
>Opinions on the vriskcourse?

Homestuck^2 /snow/ thread: >>>/snow/981279

No. 247997

File: 1665990386216.png (105.15 KB, 850x850, rezi.png)

Starting off. I feel like I'm about to be banned for bringing up Homestuck.
>Favorite character?
Jade and Terezi have always been my favorites since I read it in middle school. Hussie has many faults but at least his female characters are allowed to be weird as fuck, I honestly think seeing Terezi eat chalk at my young impressionable age altered the course of my life somewhat. Probably for the worse.
Caliborn's side of Cherubim, and all the Tensei tracks.

No. 248006

File: 1665997592980.jpg (699.5 KB, 862x862, BbSMDfin2.jpg)

I remember MSPA being discussed in the western comics thread, but I think it got lost during the /m/ wipe. Also, it was mostly for capeshit and I imagine the capeanons didn't like having to share a thread with Homestuck spergs. Anyway.

>Favorite character

Dirk. I could write an essay about the ways in which the post-canon garbage screwed up his characterization.


Another Jungle or Infinity Mechanism. Ugly Betty and Umbral Ultimatum, too.

>Fanfic Recs

Detective Pony by Sonnetstuck, Promstuck (because it's a classic.)


I'm bland, I generally only like things that were hinted at in canon. John/Roxy, Dirk/Jake, Dave/Karkat, Rose/Kanaya. Used to hardcore ship John/Karkat when I was like 14.


Uuh I can't really think of anything off the top of my head, aside from intentionally offensive joke ships like Dirk/Kanaya or John/Dad or whatever. I wasn't thrilled when Gamzee/Terezi became canon, but that's mainly because I fucking hate Gamzee.


Dislike 90% of what they did with her in act six. I really liked her before that, though. Honestly, the real discourse these days isn't Vriska, it's the retcons.

No. 248007

I don't think so. For pespective, here are some threads that jannies have allowed:
>Husbando Smell Identification Thread
>Capybara Worship
>Ideal Penis Size
>People Who Have Punchable Faces
>The Game Thread
>How to Summon a Hot Demon Boyfriend?
>Ex-Lesbian Thread
>Jermafag, Paul Dano, and Adam Driver threads
>Am I a Munchie?
>Femdom Weeb Thread
>Lolcow Prayer Requests
>Attractive Guerrillas Thread
>How Do I Know If I'm a Lolcow?
>2D You Fap To
>Why Children Should Rebel
I think if those threads are allowed to stay, we can have this one, anon.

No. 248021

omg i miss capybara worship…

anyway to keep on-topic, i like homestuck and was at one point obsessed with it but its something i categorically can't recommend to anyone. it's so unique, has some amazing characters and concepts and there's nothing else like it, but can i genuinely sit there and say its worth reading the whole thing? quality wise to me at least it drops off some time after the beta kids are introduced

No. 248022

aw this is nostalgic.

>favourite character

echoing >>248006, was a huge dirk fan (and cosplayer and essentially kinnie). also loved rose, vriska and terezi. was a bit of a solluxhead earlier in the comic.


suburban jungle, umbral ultimatum, CRYSTAMANTHEQUINS.

>fanfic recs

theatre of coolty.


vrisrezi numero uno


dirkjohn always struck me as retarded and ooc. any polyship. rosejade.


ghost vriska sucked outside of canon vriska gay activities. endgame vriska was wasted (my dream vriska endgame: she should have used hussie (after defeating him in the collide fight) as a mind control flesh pawn to deliver the suicide bomb juju to lord english, then killed gamzee in an extremely boring and unimpressive way (think single stab wound to the chest). then i would have wanted her to have married terezi, and then to have gotten divorced from terezi, and then to have remarried terezi, etc). nearly all of vriska pre act 6 was swagg

its genuinely not worth reading for your average joe, tbh. its an incredible, unique, bizarre piece of media but i think the time to read it has past, if that makes sense. i dont mean just in the sense that theres not really a fandom anymore, though that definitely contributes. its something more intangible. in my opinion youre better spending your time doing something else these days.

No. 248025

File: 1666009755490.png (1019.6 KB, 966x1150, Screen Shot 2022-10-17 at 11.1…)

*passed not past. mfw time. anyway picrel vriska and terezi both alive and married watching an innocent thunderstorm on earth 2 together. couldnt be fucked changing vriskas outfit and anyway i like her hair as alternate vriska better…

No. 248027

File: 1666010098573.png (1.25 MB, 1280x678, FE4832C5-6BC9-4DF4-8A5E-051111…)

>Fav char?
I used to really relate to and self-insert as Karkat for some reason. My reading comprehension was at an all time low in my Homestuck years, so I can't actually tell you if my preteen self was at all similar… but I really liked him! I still think he's cute and funny, I love fanart like picrel where he looks fluffy and soft.
Davekat of course, I'm a sucker for enemies to lovers. I stopped caring during the Gigapause so their relationship becoming canon didn't do anything for me, but it was still nice to see! Meanwhile my crackship was Dirkkat just because I had a crush on Dirk kek. And I was one of the four people (total) who was obsessed with Erikar. I had every single piece of fanart of them saved in a folder I hid in my program files.
>Fav flash?
[S] Descend still gives me chills. I also love the Saviour of the Dreaming Dead portion of Cascade, probably because….
>Fav song?
…. Saviour of the Waking World, hands down. After seeing it in the flash, I looped it for months. Also Pumpkin Party in Sea Hitler's Water Apocalypse, Snow Pollen, Love You, and Princess of Helium. The One Year Older and Mobius Trip and Hadron Kaleido albums as well.

No. 248028

SF, does anybody remember Horizon? I used to love these covers.

No. 248030

rex duodecim angelus. that is all

No. 248059

I need more homestuck fanart that isn't memes

>favorite character

Aranea. Smart, talkative, and a bookworm, but her ego led to her downfall. She's one of the most memorable characters in the comic. Tied with her is Caliborn because he is gut-busting funny. I hated the second half of the comic, but these two characters improve it.
>favorite flash
Game Over, funny and heartbreaking.
and then it got reconned so it didn't really matter..
Anything after Homestuck's ending is not cannon. I hate how the wiki integrates that stupid fanfiction.

No. 248060

There's something really comforting to me about acts 3-5 of Homestuck. I always wanted to go and hang out on one of those planet lands when I was a kid.

No. 248061

>I could write an essay about the ways in which the post-canon garbage screwed up his characterization.
please do!
I would have loved to see your vriska rewrite in the comic, that's something she'd totally do. But no we have to have an out of place animated cliffhanger ending

No. 248071

I also self-inserted as Karkat a ton. It wasn't something I'd ever done with other media, and I haven't done that since.
DaveKat was also the closest I'd ever come to being a shipper. Maybe I was just the perfect age for it, but I have never felt so strongly connected to a character since, either.

Man, there really was something special about Homestuck. I had watched and drawn some fanart for MLP:FiM before, but otherwise Homestuck was my first fandom.
I tried to get into Steven Universe and some other smaller fandoms after Homestuck kind of died, but I never found anything that actually made me want to engage with the increasingly shite state of fandom.

When I was in 8th grade, I made a civil war reenactment music video set to that song.

No. 248081

>I need more homestuck fanart
may i introduce you to the MSPA Booru. it's heyday is long gone but theres still a few active users uploading and the archives go back to 2013 or so.
>When I was in 8th grade, I made a civil war reenactment music video set to that song.
KEK we need more embarrassing middle school stories. in 7th grade me and a friend changed all the computers in the apple store of the mall to the homestuck front page. i feel so so bad for the workers, i know i'm going to hell over it.

No. 248083

File: 1666030689160.jpg (136.5 KB, 1185x1200, Eem-l9dXsAE5H4A.jpg)

Here's a question: are (or were) you more into the human kids, the trolls, or both equally?

I was always partial to the humans, and as I get older they're the characters I remember most fondly. Karkat is the most "human" of the trolls, which is probably why he's my favorite.

No. 248090

File: 1666031595907.jpg (547.53 KB, 1280x1488, Homestuck.full.1363922.jpg)

I read HS during the height of its popularity while I was in highschool, but I admittedly skimmed the majority of it to get to Act 5 to meet the trolls and therefore only had a surface level love for it just so I could be a part of the fandom. At the end of 2019 I decided to sit down and really read all of it, and it's genuinely something I've come to love (I half jokingly/half seriously try to push my friends to read it lol) and it makes me sad I missed out on all the good early fandom days. I'm really sad I got rid of my Heir of Breath hoodie now.

>fav character

For humans, all of the beta kids (and Dirk) are my favorite. For trolls, I used to like Gamzee but as an adult I really like Nepeta and Karkat. I hated Tavros before and I still hate him now.

>fav songs

Moonsetter, Derse Dreamers, Hier Transparent, Beatdown, Unite Synchronization, Ascend (credits), and probably a couple of others I can't think of off the top of my head right now. Pesterquest has a lot of good songs too, I love the kid's themes and Dirk's ultimate theme.


Dave/John, Rose/Kanaya, and Gamzee/Karkat are my top favs. I do not acknowledge the epilogues or H^2 lol.

I didn't really care about Vriska during my first read through (only cared about Gamzee tbh kek) but during my second read through I really wanted to like her. She's basically a textbook example of the type of character I like, very selfish and a huge asshole, but she was just… ok.

No. 248091

File: 1666031662860.jpeg (116.23 KB, 840x563, E747F8AE-A1C7-419B-88A3-687C67…)

Here's another cringe story of mine:
When I was 14, I found a Baby Dave taped to the wall of my high school. I fell in love with the idea, so I drew a bunch of Baby Daves on the backs of printouts I didn't need so I could post them around the school too.
Here's the kicker: I didn't own a pair of scissors, so I used a ballpoint pen to trace over the outer lines over and over and over until so much ink seeped into the paper that I could just tear the baby out. I did this in every class every day for over a week and probably left around 30-40 somewhat demented-looking baby daves around my school.

Also, I was far from being the cringiest homestuck kid at my school. I knew these two girls who would cosplay John and Davesprite (body paint included) on random Fridays and "gaybait" very publicly during lunchtime. Surprisingly, the Davesprite cosplayer turned out pretty normal, but the John ended up trooning out and has been a neet since graduating.

No. 248093

File: 1666032670289.jpg (91.15 KB, 858x930, 37ffc65b7165327045f7b96f993eba…)

This thread is making me want to go full cringe retard and cosplay godtier Jade.

No. 248094

File: 1666032758551.jpg (688.29 KB, 2220x1080, Screenshot_20190731-003451_Hiv…)

Any other friendsim fans here? Original Homestuck is still where the core of my love for this series is, but I was pleasantly surprised at how fun the friendsim mobile game was, I loved the overarching meta plot and a lot of the characters were fun (yes a lot of them are woke-bait I'm chosing to ignore that right now). After reading all of the routes I tried pesterquest but it felt weird to see the og characters in that sort of content, so I only read John's and then never touched the rest of it. I think it was a good idea to have more Homestuck that WASN'T a continuation of the original; there is so much interesting lore and worldbuilding, the original cast has their ending, it was more fun to see extra content of Alternia in a fresh way.

No. 248096

File: 1666033715609.jpg (52.97 KB, 500x500, artworks-000147994836-j4sza9-t…)

>Favorite characters?
Sollux, Eridan, Karkat, Meenah, Mituna
>Favourite songs
Cherubim, Love You and Hate You, Crystalmethequins, Clockstopper
>Fanfic recs/fanventure recs
Dunno, I was more of a cringe RPer who wrote myself than a fanfic enjoyer, so much fanfic was too ooc for me to enjoy
I'm Erisol and Crotuna trash. Johnroxy was nice, Davekat was neat but so was Daverose. I didn't like Arasol or Solfef and Crokri was the one tag I blocked back in the day out of sheer hatred
>Opinions on the vriskcourse?
I thought Vriska was a neat, flawed charatcter until Vriskagram. Then I hated her and I still don't like her to this day. That's still by far my most hated flash, nothing else compares. But then I never read HS^2 so there's probably a lot worse by now.

No. 248097

I cosplayed Mituna a year ago for my lazy day 1 of con and people loved it still. You will get lots of praise if you do it, people are just afraid of embracing their cringe.

No. 248098

I can't decide, both are really good in their own ways. The beta kids make me feel really nostalgic but I like the dynamics that the trolls had with each other, and it opened up a lot of interesting worldbuilding (by which i mean opportunities for ocs and self inserts)
>Opinions on the vriskcourse?
I think she was an interesting character, but if she were a man then everyone would be falling over themselves to pity her and her tragic backstory. I think they exploited the discourse around her too much in all the post-Homestuck media and that's when she became more annoying than anything.
I played a few routes back in high school and I liked it! They were silly and low-stakes and I think that's what made them work. It's unfortunate that HS went in the direction it did when there's so much lore left to explore, we still don't really know what the fuck a mage does for example.

No. 248102

File: 1666035763560.jpeg (179.18 KB, 1200x674, 202510_after.jpeg)

The Friendsims are better than the Pesterquests imo because they're doing their own thing instead of butchering established characters. Tagora was my favorite. Something about him felt very classic Homestuck in a way most of the other characters didn't.

Dirk's Pesterquest route is the only good one because it actually has the audacity to point out how incongruous garbage Ultimate Dirk is to normal Dirk. Like even the mouth-breathers who wrote the Pesterquests know how bad the Epilogue sucks lmao.

No. 248108

Not trying to be rude here anon, but I never understood people who skipped to the trolls, or for that matter people who used to say that "it gets good at the trolls." The comic "gets good" when John enters at the end of Act One. Arguably before that if you like character-driven comedy.

Maybe I'm just biased though, because I never read the comic for the trolls to start with. I saw a bunch of cute Dave/Jade art and wanted to know more about the characters, so my friend cajoled me into reading the comic lmao. Like I said upthread, I prefer the humans to the trolls.

I always assumed that mages we're the male equivalent to Seers, since Sollux predicts the apocalypse (doom.) They could also be enablers or harbingers of their aspect, since he coded the virus that "summons" Lord English (although much like every plot point in Homestuck, LE appearing is "caused" by like five different things at the same time.)

No. 248113

File: 1666037763137.png (24.96 KB, 300x250, QH9M5HL7zp-2.png)

None taken. I think it was a couple of factors that made me want to meet the trolls so bad. I got into it not too long before Cascade dropped, I think it was specifically just before Gamzee's murder spree, so things were crazy in the fandom and I wanted to be in the know. Everyone on tumblr (and my irl friends who were into homestuck) talked mainly about the trolls, so I got more exposure to them and didn't care about the kids as much. I also really liked Gamzee (for reasons even I don't truly understand) and really, really, really wanted to meet his character kek. I would go so far as to say that I didn't really want to meet the trolls as much as I just wanted to meet Gamzee.

Rereading it well after it had ended and died placed a lot less pressure on me to meet any specific characters, and I'm sad I missed out on how great the beta kids really are. I did like John and Dave back then to an extent, but I really got to love them (as well as Jade and Rose) during my second read through.

No. 248116

File: 1666038860287.jpg (155.97 KB, 765x551, spms.jpg)

picrel started off as a crackship for me but it's not a joke anymore, i love them so much. sn0wman/crowbar is pretty good too. i admit i skipped most of the intermission the first time around, but on rereading it it's one of my favorite parts, the whole shitty detective noir atmosphere is great.

No. 248120

After Collide dropped, I remember people being pissed off that Ms. Paint ended up with Bec Noir Jack instead of Spades Slick Jack.

Yeah. In addition to DaveJade art being my gateway drug, the friend who got me into it was very adamant that I not skip anything. It was a bit of a slog the first time through, but I'm glad I listened to her. Over a decade later, I've read the comic in its entirety several times, and like you I've come to appreciate the "less interesting" parts. Literally every interaction involving Rose is hilarious.

Also speaking of shit I don't understand, why do so many newbie fans latch onto Gamzee? He's the JarJar Binks of Homestuck.

No. 248123

File: 1666040034111.png (231.29 KB, 453x464, johnroxy.png)

I liked both the kids and the trolls, though my favourites ended up being the trolls. Even though it was just window dressing the troll lore and potential for stories in their universe was just too interesting. I found the Act 6 to be too much of a slog for me to really get attached to the Post-Scratch kids. I didn't dislike them but I just didn't like them as much as the OG kids.

No. 248126

nonny i feel the same. i remember when i heard homestuck had finally finished i binged the whole thing (id tried reading it a few times over the years but gave up each time), and i remember when i finished it i felt this gaping void in my chest and i was actively seeking out fanfics to fill the absence of all these characters id grown so fond of. ive never really felt that since. i think it's because it's such a long story, starting when they're kids, and the story is just so expansive and multi faceted that you cant help but get attached.
this is why hs will always be special imo, even if its pretty easy to point out its flaws and shortcomings. id love to find something else that recreates that feeling for me some day

>the jar jar binks of homestuck
KEK. i can see why he might be popular w zoomers but yeah gamzees popularity was always bewildering to me too. and this is coming from an eridanfag. just….. what exactly is there to like hes literature a juggalo, no redeeming qualities whatsoever

No. 248127

File: 1666041220526.jpg (93.7 KB, 700x800, tumblr_mb46shOtD11rgxaz6o1_128…)

>Over a decade later, I've read the comic in its entirety several times, and like you I've come to appreciate the "less interesting" parts. Literally every interaction involving Rose is hilarious.
Same here. I think Rose is a character that is more easily understood the older you get, reading Homestuck as a teen, a lot of her personality and inner workings didn't click with me, but now that I'm older I love her a lot more. She's incredibly funny and also very human. Her relationship and feelings about her mom are a deeply underrated part of Homestuck imo.

No. 248128

> I've come to appreciate the "less interesting" parts
Whenever shit hit the fan I really found myself missing the beginning when all the kids were just figuring shit out. All the whacky hijinks with Rose fucking around John's house and just fun banter. The slow moments really felt like a moment to breathe and I came to really crave those lulls in the story because I just wanted the kids to have fun and chill out with each other kek.

No. 248131

File: 1666041579746.jpeg (129.7 KB, 637x412, 29E7FE25-53A3-4A3B-8562-FD455D…)

Kids love edgy shit and the idea of people losing their minds, plus hehe weed jokes. That being said, like the speedreading anon, I didn't start reading until a little before Cascade. Was he popular before he went edgy?

What really baffles me is how many people were hopelessly attached to Tavros. I'm might offend some nonnies here, but I generally got the feeling that he was the self-insert character for people that weren't likable and weren't good at anything.

No. 248133

>What really baffles me is how many people were hopelessly attached to Tavros. I'm might offend some nonnies here, but I generally got the feeling that he was the self-insert character for people that weren't likable and weren't good at anything.
Oh absolutely. On my first read I LOVED Tavros, as someone with a lot of anxiety and general neuroticism as a child that later got bullied a bit, he was the ultimate "comfort character" and I think a lot of kids felt that way. I hated Vriska with a passion because of how she relentlessly tormented him. To some extent, I think both of those views are still valid, it's okay to relate to a character whose struggling and to hate the one hurting them. But I think a lot of people missed the complexity. I think Peter Pan ended up being a really good thematic comparison for Tavros, in both the good and bad aspects.

No. 248134

tavros is a very weak character. like he's generally inoffensive but really, i'm not sure he serves any purpose other than character development for vriska. it's a shame because as a taurus i really wanted to love him

No. 248135

I can see why people liked Tavros. Like >>248133 anon said, a lot of kids are mercilessly bullied and love the idea that they could one day get stronger and stand up to their abuser. It sucks that they did him dirty by having Meenah hijack his offscreen convincing of so many ghosts to fight Lord English. I was never really into his story, I thought several other trolls were far more interesting, but he didn't really bug me either.

No. 248138

Anyone here still reading Homestuck? What happened to it once the Epilogue shit started going? Has it improved or is it still dogshit tranny pandering?

No. 248140

>Favorite characters?



savior of the waking world


vriska x terezi


rose x kanaya. sorry to all the actually cool rosekan fans but there were so many uwu sapphic kinsey 1 bithets that stanned this boring ship, i couldn't take it anymore

>Opinions on the vriskcourse?

vriska is an immoral asshole and an entertaining fictional character

No. 248163

File: 1666049501460.png (254.68 KB, 500x500, 78D9BDA2-3152-494E-85D2-2BEF76…)

In my case, the question "when does Homestuck get good?" had more to do with being bored and confused. As another anon said kids like the idea of people going crazy; that kind of story development is pretty In Your Face and easy to understand.
But then I reread Act One a few years ago and I was blown away by how funny it was. All the jokes had gone completely over my head as a kid, so it was refreshing to realise that Homestuck was actually a comedic masterpiece all along. Even now the scenes that stick most in my mind are the stupid silly hijinks where nobody knows what's going on. The difference is on my first read I was just as lost, so to me it wasn't funny, just frustrating. I couldn't tell you shit about anything plot relevant but I have a photographic memory of the Lil Cal antics before Dave enters the game.
This actually helps a lot. I've always thought Tavros was severely unlikable, boring, and ugly, and I couldn't understand what people saw in him. Now I think I get it! But I still hate him and think he's annoying.

No. 248168

File: 1666052588110.png (244.75 KB, 616x1024, mmmm yes.png)

when I got into Homestuck I was 18 in 2012. A little late but whatever. One of the things I can appreciate is how simple and iconic the character designs are. It did not take much to make the characters but they look so good and are memorable. It's been over 10 years and they hold up so well.

No. 248172

File: 1666053405150.jpg (317.27 KB, 1600x721, ANIME-PICTURES.NET_-_269245-16…)

I loved how much creative freedom it gave fanartists. I miss the days of homestuck fanart and various -stuck AUs. Mookie's millions of designs were also pretty iconic (and to this day I want to cosplay some of her dreamer designs). It was an endless treasure trove of content that just kept giving and giving and giving. Even for cosplay you could add so much flair or fun details to a character's simple costume.

Oh my god I think I followed this artist's birbdave/john ask blog!! I think I asked someone a long time ago here in LC if they knew who the artist was but nona couldn't find that person's blog or something. She didn't have her main blog linked to her ask blog so I never got to follow it, but I looooved her art so much.

No. 248188

File: 1666056964880.gif (8.8 MB, 703x824, tumblr_93ea8aae56d754ac786656a…)

Fortunately, it appears that the HS^2 project was shelved. New Hiveswap chapters are still in the works, with the animators streaming new artwork for Act 3 only a few weeks ago. It looks like the quality of the artwork has stayed relatively consistent as well, unlike HS^2.

Last year, Hussie finally moved on to creating a new IP, Psycholonials, which was basically just an outlet for all his feelings about internet fame and groupthink. It was alright, but not as good as Homestuck or PS.

No. 248200

File: 1666061932185.png (718.43 KB, 1280x1500, conflict.png)

Tavros is one of the few characters where both his pre-retcon and post-retcon iterations had good resolutions. His pre-retcon self mustered the ghost army, and his post-retcon self found a kindred spirit in Jake, who he ended up living with in the new universe. I honestly really like Tavros's friendship with Jake, and one of the many, many things I disliked about the Epilogues was how they just completely forgot about the existence of some of the sprites.

Like if the Nannas were around, there's no way they'd let Jane turn into a fascist. They'd nip that shit in the bud, hit her with rolling pins and pie her in the face the second she started being power-hungry (although Jane being power-hungry at all is horrifically ooc in the first place.)

Pic unrelated.

No. 248201

>(although Jane being power-hungry at all is horrifically ooc in the first place.)
Of all the character assassinations in the epilogue/sequel, I actually like Jane's the most.
Of all the kids, she was the most sheltered and privileged, even moreso than John because of being the Betty Crocker heiress, if there is anyone to not understand the weight of her actions it would be her. In the original she probably had the least personality of the humans, and definitely the least of the Alpha kids, so I think her being chosen as a villain was more fun for her. Rather than being power hungry, I read it more as her being ignorant to the issues around her (which is also true in Homestuck og). Plus, she's basically been victim to batterwitch brainwashing propaganda her whole life, it could maybe even be argued that she was permanently corrupted after the literal brainwashing that happened with the crown thing.

I don't blame anyone for hating literally anything about the epilogues/sequel though lmao.

No. 248204

Another thing I like is that the names of the trolls are super thought out, like how Terezi means "Libra" in Ukranian and Turkish, and also sounds a bit like Teiresias, the blind prophet. Obviously a lot have to do with their zodiac signs but it's also interesting how they mirror the rest of their personalities and character arcs.
>hs^2 shelved
kek good riddance. It always seemed to me that they were deliberately writing to make their audience mad, which is a strange choice considering that the fanbase was already dying out when it dropped. Maybe they saw all the fan drama and discourse HS started and assumed that more discourse = more engagement, when really discourse is a natural product of a huge fandom made up of mainly 12 year olds, and not the causation of said fandom. That's my tinfoil at least. I just hate when remakes are made to spite people, it's very mean spirited. People latched on to the original because despite all the drama it made them happy, not because they love getting into drama so much (at least normal people lmao)

No. 248206

File: 1666066140637.jpg (492.68 KB, 1280x1920, 567897343.jpg)

Jane's problem in Homestuck proper was that she had motivations but did nothing to accomplish them. Much like John early on, her main goal was to save her dad. But unlike John, she doesn't do anything to save him, aside from poking around in a tomb for a little while. In the end, her dad ended up just saving himself (which raises questions as to way he didn't just break out sooner, but I digress.) The brunette kids are all pretty passive characters, but Jane's character doesn't develop away from or to that point like the others do.

Epilogue Jane has the exact opposite problem. She's an active agent in the story, but she has no motivation. Why does she want to subjugate trolls suddenly? What does she intend to use all this power for? Why, if this is the result of lasting influence from the Condesce, would she be doing the opposite of what Condy would've wanted? It seems like she's just doing these things because it's fun to be rich and evil. I don't necessarily mind the characters being morally grey, but it would help to actually see their descent into villainy instead of just skipping to a point in the story when they're already Hitler 2.0. It's also very difficult to suspend my disbelief that literally no one took her to task about it, Roxy and Dad in particular (or Nannasprite, who may or may not exist post-canon because Hussie apparently forgot about her.)

It's very obvious that Hussie (and/or whoever the hell else wrote the Epilogues) sat down and thought, "who can we make into a villain? Ah, let's use Jane! She's boring and no one cares if we ruin her." Also, they clearly wanted to shoehorn in some kind of dated Trump analogue, because he was elected right before they started writing the Epilogue.

The original 12 trolls and beta kids were all named by fans via the suggestion box, jsyk.

Not to take away from Hussie's character writing, because it was really good especially in the first half of Homestuck, but once you read a lot of capeshit, you realize how heavily inspired Homestuck is by it. Terezi is basically just female Daredevil, for instance, and Sollux's powers and lusus are a reference to Cyclops from X-Men. Terezi's coin thing is stated outright to be a reference to Two-Face. There are several character who have one eye and one robotic arm, which is reminiscent of Cable from X-Force.

There are also just a shitload of movie references beyond just the obvious ones like Con Air and Hook. Trolls' grey skin and orange horns are an homage to Howie Mandel's character in Little Monsters. This is a lot more obvious when you see the poster in color (in the comic, it's in greyscale.)

No. 248215

my friend named equius lmao

No. 248261

Are we seriously discussing Homosuck in 2022?

>Favorite characters? flashes? songs?

Caliborn, Aranea, Dirk, Meenah, Roxy… Caliborn gets the top because he redeemed A6 with his on-point self-inflated moid antics, Roxy because she's fun, nerdy and kinda desperate, and the rest because I could remember some good moments that didn't want me to slam the comic in the dirt.
In terms of flashes, Game Over for the absolute fuckery, Cascade for the thrills, Collide for the action-packed moments and Jade: Enter since it's the point where everything goes to shit.
Music-wise? Toby Fox, Tensei, the whole Prospit & Derse + Medium albums.
>Fanfic recs/fanventure recs
I don't read fanfics but Keshastuck was wild
I used to be very fond of DirkJake back in early A6, and some Davekat.
>Opinions on the vriskcourse?
Vriska is a joke-to-mary-sue pipeline thus making her worse than Gamzee. The only way she gets a lot of appreciation is because of every single BPD troonbian needing a waifu self-insert.

No. 248275

File: 1666094839656.png (227.24 KB, 500x550, 5DB888BB-57F0-45E4-8D1B-FCB8FA…)

The artist is nymphicus! She has a tag on mspabooru linked upthread.

No. 248302

File: 1666104498962.png (641.64 KB, 602x1137, tumblr_m9c9pk6dJq1r04zjzo1_r1_…)


No. 248304

thanks for posting this sweet gentle heartfelt fanart anon. now im sad
based and also unfortunately true re: rosemary.

No. 248305

File: 1666105756056.png (478.03 KB, 850x588, red_blue.png)

dumping fanart

No. 248306

File: 1666105798804.png (1.08 MB, 900x623, jadekat.png)

No. 248307

File: 1666105896778.jpeg (98.82 KB, 850x675, terezi.jpeg)

No. 248342

>But then I reread Act One a few years ago and I was blown away by how funny it was. All the jokes had gone completely over my head as a kid, so it was refreshing to realise that Homestuck was actually a comedic masterpiece all along.
I had the exact same experience. It's so funny, and the pesterlogs are such a good way to convey personalities. I'm really surprised that lengthy chatlogs haven't really caught on as a more common storytelling device.

No. 248559

File: 1666160615815.png (196.01 KB, 480x640, fad512d4909ff6997f9b77564fb8d2…)

Rumminov (picrel) also used to create a lot of fancytier designs as well (I think she might actually have been the person who started that trend.) I'm just going to dump some examples of artists I loved in the fandom (and whose artwork greatly inspired me to improve as a teenager tbh.)

No. 248560

File: 1666160869318.jpeg (162.02 KB, 850x963, sample_549e87e53419515f7a1b28c…)

Akitsu-47 was one of the biggest Dirkjake artists, though a lot of her stuff isn't on the booru because it's nsfw (it was all really tame iirc.)

No. 248562

File: 1666161325429.png (414.76 KB, 646x992, cf509ed689087e1e57c5e5c62935b7…)

Happyds was just really good in general. Even as an adult, I still like her work (though there was a bit of an issue with sameface.) She used to draw a lot of Jake.

No. 248565

File: 1666161657207.jpeg (573.05 KB, 650x692, 579aeeae39edbe6726a4aaf8b05545…)

Fleinne was known for drawings of the alpha kids (and porn.) She was probably the most popular Meenah/Aranea artist.

No. 248568

File: 1666162000801.png (240.64 KB, 500x396, 1404aea1c720559720756a6516b446…)

Yummytomatoes was very prolific, and drew tons of Karkat and Karkat ships, most notably Davekat, Karezi, and Gamkat. Also, she always drew everyone with big chunky skate shoes for some reason.

No. 248570

harry potter with a bald spot?

No. 248571

File: 1666162545498.jpeg (427.95 KB, 700x864, 8b921e647272423b350f98634751b8…)

Hamlet didn't make a ton of Homestuck art, but I think her popularity in the fandom helped her own webcomic (which was basically just yaoi smut in a sci-fi setting) get off the ground.

No. 248577

What's her webcomic name? Her username is hard to search for.

No. 248581

File: 1666166321350.png (245.06 KB, 500x408, tumblr_inline_o0qlw3ogD91qa7vi…)

Fruitegg is still in the fandom after all of these years. She was born the same year as me and I die a little inside when I see how great she is. Inspirational though.

Starfighter. Have fun.

Its one of his horns anon…

No. 248583

File: 1666166394104.jpg (116.57 KB, 500x684, b687e1b917a7b94d3d0a5e07169c52…)

Last one for now. Emily Hu/ Averyniceprince was a decent artist, but she was mainly known for her shitty coffeeshop AU Gamkar comic, 4Chords.She was also apparently a lolcow, and actually has a super old thread: >>>/snow/65138

She seems to have grown out of being a cow at least superficially, but back in the day, she was basically the Alythuh of the Homestuck fandom. She refused to interact with people who weren't "fandom famous," constantly posted heavily shooped thirst traps in her Jade cosplay, LARPed being poor/working hard while also taking expensive vacations, etc. Seriously, her and Alythuh are functionally the same person.

After like five years of doing jack shit, mommy and daddy paid for her to go to an art bootcamp in LA, and immediately thereafter she began working for DC. As far as I can tell, of all the artists I've posted, she's the only one working for big-name companies.

No. 248601

I found LC years ago because of her thread. I found out about her because I liked her Persona 3 art and I remember trying HS and finding it very funny until the trolls were introduced, then it became convulted and serious as fuck. It was back in 2012 or 2013 when kids on tumblr were saying that you could skip everything until act 5 and not read dialogs I'm glad I never listened to them.

No. 248632

can we talk about retarded theories/headcanons?

i remember some discussion post about how the trolls would talk irl and there was a concerning amount of people who thought vriska would "say every 8-adjacent vowel for 8 seconds"

No. 248655

File: 1666186548810.jpg (43.97 KB, 484x600, Dave.Strider.600.1045211.jpg)

She was such a huge inspiration to me at the time, 4chords was so fucking bad though lmao. Literally the only reason it was popular was the art. I met Emily at a con around this time and remember gushing about her Honestuck fanart and she was nice about it, even if she is a cow it was a good memory.

LenYan was another favorite and big inspiration at the time for me. When I think about beautiful hs fanart she's the first to come to mind.

No. 248668

File: 1666191550454.png (124.67 KB, 463x550, 613E086D-DDE2-4F9B-A7A8-AA63EB…)

How has nobody mentioned sweet bro and hella Jeff yet?

No. 248719

File: 1666201860611.jpg (209.52 KB, 850x1004, based.jpg)

god, fruitegg is such a legend. i love her so much, shes really nice too.
fleinne… her aranea… influenced my taste in women.
bunping this with some femdirk art i want to reminisce about stupid fandom theories

No. 248727

File: 1666202841687.png (311.37 KB, 1009x731, 1649811412353.png)

wow so. i'm still obsessed with homestuck. it's like the only series i even bother reading fic for these days; even so, i rarely touch newer stuff. too much of it is saturated with wangsty sadstuck shit/tranny (hs2) nonsense/doesn't quite get across the whimsical, silly vibes the earlier acts possessed. anyway:

>Favorite characters? flashes? songs?

rose, terezi, gamzee, john, jade, vriska…just to name a few! flash wise, i often return to this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7RDLgIgcAD8. it's extremely hype watching the scourge sisters dance at the strings of their ancestors.

make her pay is also incredible (the flashback portions, anyway).

jade entering the medium…etc., i could continue but this post is already massive.

>Fanfic recs/fanventure recs

i'll rec three fics.


lost teeth like white jewels; strong found family vibes. which i love. everything by urbanAnchorite is so fucking good though, i wish she'd bulk publish her scraps and drafts and whatever else…


Distortion Party; gamzee and porrim run into one another in a dream bubble. excellent writing and character study.


take me to the astral plane; funny john/dave chat fic. john tries to lure dave into shitty ghost shenanigans. feels extremely ic, which i adore.


my otps…i'd be here all day. will just say that i love lalonde/strider/dersecest & gamzee <3< terezi. the only hard notp i have is davekat. all davekat shippers i've seen have been annoying shitters for one reason or another.

>Opinions on the vriskcourse?


No. 248735

File: 1666203351649.png (12.62 KB, 677x273, EUpbQxdWoAErgK7.png)

wait i need to recommend karkat goes to a convention: https://mspfa.com/?s=27317 this is funny as hell to me.

i'll also go ahead and cry over the reality of modern hs fandom: i have nooo fucking idea why it's so saturated with zoomers. how did they even discover homestuck. have they even read the og comic. how did they get past all the non-pc jokes of the early internet (how did they handle the constant usage of the word "retard" without exploding into a million angry pieces), i just don't get it.

No. 248754

>how did they handle the constant usage of the word "retard" without exploding into a million angry pieces
For starters, seldom do they actually read the comic. They usually just read the wiki and watch LPs of Pesterquest.

For the rare ones that do read it, a tranny made a "mod" for the Unofficial Homestuck Collection that censors out all of the things that would harm the zoomers' delicate sensibilities. God forbid any of the morally ambiguous characters say the word "retarded," lest some AGP's ears shrivel up and fall off.

Next, somebody should make a "mod," that gets rid of all of the blood, or that makes Vriska nice. Or fuck it, let's start doing that with everything now. I want to see a G-rated re-edit of Pulp Fiction, and a version of To Kill a Mockingbird with no systemic racism. Apparently preserving the feelings of entitled morons is more important than being respectful of other peoples' artwork.

No. 248782

File: 1666214242229.gif (14.1 KB, 650x450, 0002.gif)

I remember that one, I really liked it but kind of lost interest in the mid-game. Register lady was great though.
On the topic of fanventures, I don't know if I like Homestuck ET AU (HSETAU) genuinely or to laugh at the weird idpol shit it gets up to. Spades Slick ends up in a trailer park where all the humanstuck trolls reside and property destruction ensues. It gets pretty over the top, at one point humanstuck karkat has a mental breakdown and starts crying over abuse at the hands of his father… all because he learned how to flip his sprite.

No. 248785

Oh Jesus, where to even begin with this? Trolls with tails is the probably the headcanon that annoys me the most. I don't like when people give Jade a dog dick (a retarded degenerate headcanon that shouldn't have been acknowledged even in "dubious" canon.) I don't like purring trolls, which was weirdly common years ago. Horn-rubbing is mostly a meme now, but it used to be played straight, which was bizarre given that horns are just keratin. I'm also not a fan of hermaphrodite trolls.

I also dislike tranny headcanons as a whole, but that's a given.

No. 248787

File: 1666215287082.jpg (347.58 KB, 600x624, fb479a9640fb62390efae338137824…)

Well, here's some fem!Dirk by Fleinne.

No. 248793

I ordered a shirt from Hussie with the car comic but the print was so thick it made me get sweaty under it, had to throw it out.

No. 248805

File: 1666217047567.png (10.63 KB, 611x452, sadstuck.png)

God, I hated the erogenous horns thing. The Jade dog dick thing too, keep your retarded coomershit away from my best girl. Also any art where they try to make the trolls look non-human, I don't think I've ever seen an alien troll design that actually worked well. I don't mind race headcanons for the kids, I've seen some art where it works, but I hate the slapfighting around it, it's fucking annoying.
Picrel are my favorite kind of shitty headcanons, theyre so angsty it's hilarious

No. 248807

I remember one person I followed on tumblr hated her but he was some random gay moid. I liked her lorax art and 4chords even if it was bad

No. 248827

best spinoff ever. for a few years the website never updated but in recent memory there were a few new pages and i was legitimately ecstatic. haven't checked in forever tho

No. 248834

File: 1666226055632.jpeg (157.47 KB, 640x960, A7EB0940-389C-40BA-9671-89CCA8…)

Kek remember this goof? I wonder what happened to him?

No. 248838

Is this Octopimp?

No. 248845

File: 1666227628176.png (19.24 KB, 434x537, 48C6D181-E1CB-4688-B3E8-03E7FE…)

It’s Joey the cosplay elitist. He’s responsible for this copypasta.

No. 248846

I heard of Homestuck first as this esoteric, mysterious internet thing that people had a lot of opinions on. Then I came across AMVs on youtube that had some amazing fanart. The characters (mostly trolls) looked kind of cool so I started the comic, and…though it was not anything like I thought I pushed forward.

I came across a youtube channel where the comic was voice acted for every character so that was an enjoyable way to "read it". I thought it was interesting, but I dropped off after the new batch of trolls came into the picture.

>Favorite character?

I initially liked Equus because all I saw was fanart of a long haired troll guy. Then I saw him and he was…weird. But I enjoyed his friendship dynamic with Nepeta. Nepeta is my favorite troll. >>248120 Gamzee can die in a fire though. I hate him and cannot fathom why anyone would like him a single bit. And he's my zodiac to boot. He also killed the two aforementioned trolls. Rose and Kanaya are also nice, I like the shipping of them.

One thing that Homestuck instilled in me was a sense of existentialism. The toying with life, death, eternity and immortality touched me in ways that probably affect me today. I'm not saying the comic is that profound, but it makes me want more media that delves into that kind of stuff.

No. 248853

Holy fuck this one was buried DEEP in my memory

No. 248866

File: 1666230735949.jpeg (307.56 KB, 1280x808, CECF3B56-E914-4330-A7E2-D67701…)

Anons, what's your classpect/godtier?
Im a Witch of Rage.

No. 248881

I read after it was complete in 2016, but I started it originally in middle school on my ipod which didn't have flash and hadn't realized all that I was missing. I was stupid and had to refer to the wiki often to keep up with everything kek. I haven't read it again and think I will only do so for it's 10th anniversary of being done in 2026.
>Favorite characters?
The mayor, Dad, Karkat, John, Rose, Terezi, Kanaya. I didn't like the alpha kids that much, though Roxy was fun she was dragged down by the rest of them.
No big attachments to any of the flashes I can recall.
Really love the music and when I'm in the mood I get sucked into listening to it. Sburban Jungle takes me back, Pumpkin Party in Sea Hitler's Apocalypse, Hate You and Love You, Moonsetter (and other songs with same leitmotif, it's my favorite song and I loved to cry to it), Eridan's Theme, Karkat's Theme, Black and Liquid Negrocity and others I can't remember now. I like the music from the new game soundtracks too, Karkat's theme is so good.
>Fanfic recs/fanventure recs
I never got into the fandom or fan content but I liked knowing how chaotic and… interesting the fandom was in the background. I've liked the idea of fandom as a place people express themselves and make connections but never really engaged in it.
I don't care much about shipping, I liked the friendships between the characters more than anything. John and Rose's friendship was probably my favorite part, and I liked how Karkat's relationship with the kids changed over time too. Davekat is cute but seemed kind of weak to me. Terezi and Vriska is good, and Kanaya and Rose are a nice solid couple I liked them too. Maybe I'd say I'm a Karkat and Nepeta shipper but why did she have to die!
>Opinions on the vriskcourse?
I find it annoying and don't care about Vriska as a character, I liked her ghost self being able to be happy for a bit but then had that taken away.

No. 248890

please read this if you haven't! https://archiveofourown.org/works/171924/chapters/250985 it's so cute. heed the content warnings though

No. 248908

File: 1666240542682.jpeg (111.3 KB, 700x700, 3B6313D7-EEC6-4FAA-9CC1-5C86C0…)

KEK I was heavily into the fandom at its peak and I have no idea who this is, sounds par for the course for cosplayers at that time though. I remember there was this poor girl who was doing a makeup test for a Meenah cosplay and while she had done her face irl she left her ears clean and just photoshopped them grey. Cue MASSIVE spergeout from 14 year old home stuck fans that accused her of lying and trying to manipulate people, saying she wasn’t a real cosplayer, and even death threats. This was a massive fallout in the fandom at the time. I remember being extremely anal about accuracy in cosplays and I have no idea why. I want to say it was the cosplayer in picrel but I’m not sure.

No. 248909

wow shes just like me fr
omg, annoying fucking headcanons. furry adjacent ones usually fucking suck, although i did always think giving the trolls hands that are kind of paw-ish was cute…
heir of light!

No. 248911

File: 1666241714956.jpg (119.63 KB, 1280x1539, tumblr_oodfqmEHmx1sz83zjo1_128…)

does anyone remember captaincrunchcosplay? stumbled onto her again, she's still doing hs cosplay here and there. her terezi was always my favorite.
maid of space! im afraid to take the classpect quiz again if i got something else i would probably undergo ego death. as for sign, i think my true zodiac was cango.

No. 248912

sylph of time

the irony of sperging on how well-done a cosplay is for a comic that looks like shit (lovingly)

No. 248914

File: 1666245141588.jpg (129.06 KB, 500x375, im-not-too-sure-though-hetastu…)

For the life of me I need to talk about the Hetalia vs Homestuck fandom wars specifically regarding an incident supposedly in the early 2010s. I first heard about it from finding a screenshot post along the lines of, "Remember when a hetalian pepper sprayed a Homestuck cosplayer" I did some research and Ive seen that the situation was talked about in depth by some homestuck tumblr accounts but I was never able to confirm any details as to what happened as all post regarding the situation where locked off and again the incident was a few yrs old it at that point so any other links were dead or deleted and me not ever having a Tumblr account as a teen was only able to see the preview of posts that still survied at that time. I learned that it had been an Hetalia America cosplayer who had pepper sprayed a homstuck fan but the rest of the details and it was apparently a lot of details was barred off from me.was Since then Ive recently have remembered this and come to find that all information regarding this incident has been wiped from the internet. So does anyone know???

No. 248963

File: 1666252241265.png (144.52 KB, 1280x1671, tumblr_mhxf40CucM1qlx1apo1_128…)

i don't remember any of that but goddamn kek. you did make me un-repress fandomstuck so thanks for that

No. 249000

Honestly the only thing I care about homestuck at this point is Vriska. I find the modern fandom(on tumblr) annoying as fuck.. I also hate every Tavros fan because he is the worst character #vriskadidnothingwrong
Knight of doom!! I think classpecting is really fun.. I had a so many fantrolls
I REMEMBER HER I thought she was awesome, based my terezi cosplay off her
I don't know the drama but I got into homestuck in 2014 because i was a hetalia fan first and saw hetastuck shit LOL

No. 249012

Apparently the music used for Karkat's Pesterquest was stolen. Instead of coming up with his own piano cover of Karkat's theme, the dumbass just stole one off of YouTube and remixed it without crediting the pianist. Classy.

No. 249072

I never figured this out but I just took a quiz and it said I'm Heir of Life. Sounds about right kek.

No. 249197


Still one of my art inspirations.

No. 249206

File: 1666306910117.png (585.52 KB, 700x800, daf84ih-730492c4-6c05-413e-8da…)

Can't mention Homestuck art without ikimaru. I remember I tried to emulate her style so hard as a kid kek.

No. 249210

File: 1666308572395.png (205.87 KB, 1280x610, 73FEF440-3802-4625-8088-D94DC9…)

Was anybody here on the Gigapause site? It doesn't exist anymore, so it's extra nostalgic now.

No. 249219

File: 1666311753831.png (3.87 MB, 2048x1536, sports.png)

kek the artist I tried and failed to copy was Xamag.

No. 249225

File: 1666316416938.jpg (44.01 KB, 600x436, tumblr_lruopxXAMB1qzgamco1_640…)

adding to the good artists. i always adored milkmanner.

No. 249226

File: 1666316487478.png (372.54 KB, 390x668, tumblr_mahc9bsTKR1qzgamco1_128…)

No. 249245

File: 1666322189658.jpeg (272.07 KB, 700x1108, 428927A0-59DD-4201-A83E-43BB52…)

Do you guys remember averyniceprince? I remember she was always causing drama and was so deeply hated for the human fujo comic she did. She was one of the first “problematic” internet figures I remember tumblr users would call each other out for liking kek.

No. 249246

holy shit, saw this on the front page and don't even follow homestuck anymore (nor this thread). but the nostalgia is intense. didn't she get hired by some big company?

No. 249249

File: 1666322792200.jpeg (1.13 MB, 1284x1639, 79D24B50-F137-4962-BF89-5CEE93…)

I have no idea tbh. I wouldn’t be surprised though, her art still holds up. I think people nitpicked her a lot because they were jealous kids. 4 Chords was kinda cringe but it definitely didn’t deserve the levels of hate it got.

No. 249253

I never liked her art, even as a Dirkjake shipper. It always struck me as very lazy and sameface-y.

No. 249261

File: 1666325137675.png (228.36 KB, 249x585, 3678990.png)

I can't tell if this is just Dave and Jade or if Emily literally just drew herself and her loser boyfriend (both way too flatteringly I might add) in cosplay here. I think it's the latter, because tits-out-Jade and Chad-Thundercock-Dave (with square sunglasses?) are the sort of shit I'd normally expect of an artist who know dickall about the characters.

Yes, she's worked for DC, Marvel, and Dreamworks. I mentioned it upthread.

I was there at the time, and the art was never what people were making fun of, anon. It was just the notoriously meme-able dialogue. Case in point, I specifically remember "Can't sleep without holding onto a motherfucker," being a minor meme at the time.

Also she was a spoiled queen bee type. There were plenty of equally good if not better artists in the fandom back then that did not get the same level of backlash she did.

No. 249270

I know everyone hates the epilogues but them adding "can't sleep without holding on to a motherfucker" into it was hilarious to me.

No. 249276

I was also there, I wasn’t a big fan of her either but the way fourteen year old kids would absolutely foam at the mouth was more cowish than anything. The dialogue was lame as hell but for some reason that turned into blinding rage and people having massive spergouts over any mention of her. She was barely even a snowflake at best and ten years on it’s weird anyone would still be mad over it kek.

No. 249338

File: 1666364538332.jpg (184.9 KB, 563x960, 86691-77fc03c7a0852855c71303ff…)

I remember finding her because of 4 Chords and I actually really liked 4 Chords kek. I stopped following her for a while because she stopped using tumblr but I found her on twitter a few years ago and she mostly just posts about her dogs and shit now. She seems like a pretty chill person now.

Does anyone remember this one Dave cosplayer, I think her name was Rose or something? She also did a lot of Hetalia cosplay, specifically of Prussia and I think she has a tattoo of the coat of arms of Prussia. I think she was a friend of Emi/AVNP since they were both relatively notable figures in the fandom. I remember going to a meetup where both of them attended too kek. I'm not sure if picrel is her (I don't think it is) but the bottom half of the face looks similar.

No. 249348

File: 1666366027870.png (407.11 KB, 457x690, e1b8ff5e3d22a3b1135ee94953c750…)

Ok it took me half an hour but I found the person- Lindzar kek. I forgot she also did Bro/Dirk cosplay too. I remember having the most massive crush on her.

No. 249351

She has a thread on here but she hasn't done anything that attracts drama in ages. She has definitely chilled out at this point and got married and everything. Last I saw, she was working as a storyboard artist at an animation studio.

No. 249356

oh i spent so many days on that site :((
omfg i had forgotten her name, thank you so much anon
screaming. i was so besotted with her(:(()

No. 249364

It looks like a lot of stuff connected to Lindzar is now gone and it's hard to find her current socials. Damn lol.

No. 249382

God I had such a crush on her too.

No. 249394

No one is still mad about it, anon. I'm still in the fandom and I don't even remember the last time someone brought 4chords up.

I also don't remember anybody foaming at the mouth about it. Maybe it was just someone you followed in particular who had some spergouts, because I personally never saw anyone get legitimately angry at 4chords. It was mostly just people cracking jokes about it. I didn't even know people considered Emily a cow until I saw that she had a thread here. The impression of her I got at the time was just that she was a good artist who happened to be a little spoiled.

No. 249404

File: 1666377026510.gif (341.58 KB, 601x429, severe. mental illness.gif)

great being in this thread triggered my autism thanks everyone. mfw i cant show anyone this ever irl.
i wanted to do an alanatroll through a fenestrated wall too but icant waste more time on this.

No. 249410

kek anon i love you, im saving this and treasuring it forever

No. 249424

File: 1666386289216.gif (341.1 KB, 601x429, mento_illness.gif)

thank you nonny. god bless. edited to make troll will's face better.

No. 249431

this is random but does anyone know what happened to the artist who wrote and drew these cringe(but hilarious to my 13 year old self) comics?

i think they also did like incest ships between the beta kids

No. 249436

No answer for you nonna but just wanted to say I was obsessed with her godtier John/Jade comic and would read it ravenously. HS really had too many good incest ships, it was like something out of jp media. I wonder where she is now too.

No. 249438

thank you nonita

No. 249486

Currently at waldensteiner on tumblr. After fandom started becoming more woke people came after her for the incest comic and at some point she came out with an apology saying that she was groomed into liking incest or something similar and completely disassociated herself from HS. Looks like most of her recent art is about her original comic.

It's wild how much fandom has changed, even though John/Jade wasn't popular at all, that comic was EVERYWHERE. There probably were people who hated her for it at the time, but it felt like a lot of people were relatively chill with it.

No. 249924

File: 1666540553107.jpeg (158.86 KB, 1455x828, F903FBCD-5381-428A-A340-D64FB7…)

reliving my childhood in the most autistic way imaginable
derangement prize to the first anon who recognises this

No. 249929


No. 249941

your prize is 5000 pretty princess points

No. 249992

File: 1666565405118.png (Spoiler Image,2.06 MB, 1280x960, 1342212935861.png)

Did anyone else browse /hsg/ on /co/ way back when? I'm remembering events like when halftruth/softowl/Rachel lost her shit over 4chan and also when they sent Andrew pic related. I didn't care about the bigger Tumblr fandom but I found /hsg/ entertaining.

No. 250123

Finally a thread to unleash the hidden undercurrent of autism within.

The annoying moid fag mentioned here: was completely obsessed over sperging out over the artist at the time and had a lot of people harassing her. She got a lot of hate over being a fujo and not over the fact that she was just annoying at best.
Lmao yes, they also sent him a USB drive with a large message/greeting thing on it with custom wrapping paper. I spent waaaaay too much time on /hsg/ back in the day.

No. 250124

Forgot the link: >>248807

No. 250274

File: 1666649565890.png (Spoiler Image,185.13 KB, 500x352, tumblr_inline_p7n1glo5gG1qih8w…)

The horse dildo actually made a cameo in the comic. Someone also send Hussie a handmade Lil' Cal, and I think he might have also ended up with that weird Denver Broncos painting? He's definitely accumulated some weird crap over the years.

No. 250286

Hope I don't away my identity by saying this, but I actually know the author who works on that fancomic personally. He's kind of intense, but a decent guy on the whole. He says he intends to see the comic finished no matter how long it takes.

Honestly, the MSPFA community is easily the most pleasant Homestuck space online I've ever been in. People are mostly focused on making art and sharing ideas, and not on arguing about Twitter bullshit.

No. 252378

Necro but I only care about homestuck because of fem dirk's potential. None of the retards on tumblr get it and neither do they deserve her anyway

No. 253531

File: 1667712532424.png (578.24 KB, 971x1176, HS 1.png)

Does anyone remember this artist called "dename"? They went under other aliases (denkagu ame, den-ame, den-x-ame, and amedasu) but I remember them mainly for their HS fanart. I tried to search for other social networks of them, but it seems that everything is deleted.

No. 253544

File: 1667715576040.jpg (380.53 KB, 800x522, Tumblr_l_3315868744693.jpg)

I'm sure there exists an IP out there with a character that is ostensibly female Dirk. What do you like about him, though? Because you're not likely to find a female character who is identical, obviously; he's a gay machiavellian prodigy who likes robotics and hates himself. Do you like how his interactions with his splinters reveal his insecurities? Do you like his sense of humor and overall demeanor? His aesthetic? Because I can definitely think of female characters that have certain things in common with him, but not everything.

Roxy herself once described Rose as "girl Dirk," but I think she was mostly referring to how Rose was smug and analytical. She's certainly not as self-hating or socially inept as he is.

No. 254150

AYRT since there are no existing female equivalents in other media the appeal of fem!Dirk to me is how she would 'fulfill' this niche as a female character that hasn't ever been seen anywhere else before. Mostly I like to think about how her neurosis would be exponential if you add in her baggage about not just being gay but also a woman to boot, and since she would only have pop culture left behind to understand her place in the world it would be interesting to see her absorb the remnants of the world/ process her interest in philosophy (given its long history of deeming woman subhuman) and come to the conclusion that she should have been better off as a man and watch the NLOGisms ensue. Ult femdirk I feel would lean into this notion harder.

No. 254301

I absolutely do know you

No. 254393

File: 1668141327572.jpg (20.25 KB, 301x450, 2a4.jpg)

Please don't cancel me for posting on lolcow, anon…

No. 254750

File: 1668315724855.png (929.69 KB, 850x697, what does this mean.png)

caption this

No. 254826

>Did anyone else browse /hsg/ on /co/ way back when? I'm remembering events like when halftruth/softowl/Rachel lost her shit over 4chan
I used to be a namefag there, I was one of the ones in the Skype group who unfortunately had to sit and listen to Rachel bitch and moan about 4chan and how she was going to sue 4chan and have the website shut down (kek).

No. 254836

The Agnew Clinic but the body woke up

No. 254873

I didn't really frequent it back when it was /hsg/ but I remember the homestuck threads that were around when it was finishing up in 2016 pretty clearly. A lot of anons couldn't accept davekat's canonicity so an old regular who was friends with Hussie made a vine of him writing 'davekat is canon' on a piece of paper. Honestly I don't like davekat and thought most of the endgame ships (and the ending itself) fucking sucked but it was pretty funny how mad everyone got.

No. 254909

tells tc
they're being forced to read homestuck^2

No. 254957

File: 1668388906631.jpg (928.1 KB, 1950x1745, Tumblr_l_178345418631712.jpg)

Even as someone who shipped Johnkat, I never liked OrangeLemon's art (though she seems like an alright person). It's like she's trying to imitate EEnE's art style, but only applying it to the faces of the characters, so everybody has the same silhouette and body type, but weirdly exaggerated faces.

She mostly draws Naruto fanart these days, so went from drawing Dave like a Happy Merchant to drawing Sakura like one. Also she hasn't improved in ten years. I gotta say, as ugly as this style is, it works a hell of a lot better for fanart of Western shit than of anime.

No. 254959

File: 1668390163137.jpg (11.29 KB, 250x250, Vriskagram28.jpg)

The chimpout /hsg/ and Reddit had over Davekat reminded me a lot of the Free! and YOI asshurt on /a/. It's not my favorite ship either, but I wasn't mad about it, and certainly not to the autistic degree most male Homestuck fans were. And yeah, the screeching was coming primarily from scrotes who self-inserted as Dave and had Jade or Terezi as their waifu. It was so obvious that they idolized Dave and we're outraged at the idea of him dating another dude, crying that it was "out of character."

Thing is, it's really not hard to look at Dave's frequent jokes about asses, dicks, and gay stuff and interpret him as repressing his interest in guys, especially when the comic also makes so many jokes about him making Freudian slips. A lot of people did interpret it that way long before Davekat was a thing in canon. If you go back and read Dave's first conversation with Karkat, it's weirdly flirtatious and kind of comes across like he's projecting.

I remember being displeased about Gamrezi being canon because I despised Gamzee, but a black relationship between them does make some semblance of sense when you consider that the characters represent chaos and justice, respectively. I also super disliked Meenvris because of the uncomfortable age difference (and I preferred Meenah with Aranea) but again, I could see the logic. None of the canon ships in the original Homestuck struck me as arbitrary or OOC, honestly. Dubiously Canon is another story, but I'm not going to get into that.

No. 255350

Based. Do you happen to still have the screenshot where /hsg/ was wishing her a happy birthday and she completely loses it? Tried finding that but couldn't.

No. 257783

No, unfortunately despite being here I don't hoard screenshots, but I really wish I had. She was a dumbass.

No. 259486

File: 1669823149453.png (32.29 KB, 638x318, 1461901003161.png)

No. 262432

im 19 and read the og website version. right before flash fucked off and died actually. lucky me i guess

No. 272389

So I'm late to this thread but I want to say that I also loved Tavros when I read back in 2011. I shipped him with Gamzee back then and they were my OTP. But I never finished the comic back then, so I decided to reread it from the start (I'm almost finished) and honestly, I feel like Tavros got super fucked over. I don't like him as much now because he basically doesn't do anything. I still prefer him to most of the Dancestors and like, Feferi, but I wish Hussie would've done more with him because I find him so cute and dorky.

And as for shipping him with Gamzee, I can't for the life of me figure out why I enjoyed that ship back then. Gamzee is batshit and horrible, and the two have no chemistry at all and little in common. Most things I enjoyed about the ship were headcanons I'd somehow convinced myself were canon over the years of not reading the comic. It was a fairly popular ship too, and I don't get it.

Now, reading as a mid-20s adult, Davekat is my OTP and Karkat is my favourite troll.

No. 273237

File: 1675460108316.jpg (330.66 KB, 1000x861, shaihulud.jpg)


No. 279328

File: 1677654339347.png (468.15 KB, 1280x1280, tumblr_1dc6360cf83a65002fbda7f…)

wish i'd never experienced homestuck sometimes. nothing else has come quite close in terms of characters, etc.

and if i'd known how cancerous modern hs fandom was going to be well, i'd have held on tighter to my friends from that time.

>track some of them down

>they've all trooned out somehow

kill myself

No. 279761

File: 1677811248431.png (118.84 KB, 548x565, ef7f1cbc6eb768490f2d9345ac4887…)

Holy shit, same. I'm still casually involved in the fandom and it's so hard to avoid the troons. Let's be friends nona

No. 279878

this thread reminded me this video exists

No. 300700

File: 1686000769792.gif (4.23 KB, 650x450, sausage.gif)

>Favorite character
Tavros Nitram, regrettably. There's a lot of projection going on there. Anyway, Dirk is the best character.

>Favorite songs

Moonsetter hits me in the feels and Dualscar's theme is just cool.

>Fanfiction reccomendations

Black Sails, Black Romance by mtjester…


4LL 7H3 Y4015. But yeah, Vrisrezi, because how could you not?

I like how the story played out, but I think there were definitely avenues I wish Hussie would've explored. Feferi, supposed ruler-to-be of Alternia, gets zilch in the plot? Additionally, had she not charged at Eridan and instead ran away, there would've been easy stories for both the characters. I don't even know what to do with Nepeta. Etc, etc.

Also, I loathe the sausage lips (picrel).

No. 301149

File: 1686219665515.jpg (53.57 KB, 400x704, 455e53a5a8f7b2659f7310aaf3ed12…)

I think I'm gonna read Homestuck all over again. It has been 8 years since I found it, and I never got to finish it because I stopped keeping up with the updates.
I don't know if I have talked about this already (if I did I'm sorry for being retarded), but sometimes I randomly think about how well developed the Classpect system was and it makes me think that maybe Hussie had ghostwriters since the beggining? (Also, the Quadrants!! Such an interesting concept, I know it was probably a parody of "shipping culture" but idk, pretty original!)
I also always think about how there was a perfect 50/50 ratio of female and male characters for a Western comic. To me it never felt weird how the female characters were treated, (I'm talking about the part before the dancestors, obviously) they were allowed to be ruthless, murderous, intelligent, cunning or even walking disasters, just like the male characters. How can a moid come up with that… and of all them, ANDREW HUSSIE? Sure, you could say there are some male authors out there that have done interesting pieces of fiction, but all of them always end up thinking with their dicks, either putting the female characters in secondary roles or turning them into their "perfect uwu waifus". Or if they write them as villains or anti-heros, they use them as shitty commentary about how a "perfect woman" should be.
For me, it's like Hussie's personality/attitude didn't fit with the webcomic and its characters.
I kinda believe he did have ghostwriters that helped him with certain things, like maybe the Classpect/Quadrant system, and when it came to writing certain characters. Thougths on this? As I said, it has been 8 years since I last read this, I was 15-16, so my perception of the characters and the story might be distorted.
(I also never searched MSPA forums, so I don't know if maybe the people that interacted with the webcomic there played a big part on how the webcomic was created.)

No. 301183

File: 1686239389449.png (842.91 KB, 850x850, sample_72b18f7698ee094ab9d14bd…)

There was tinfoil about ghostwriters, particularly towards the end of the comic, but as far as I can tell, Hussie wrote it himself. I think he just payed really close attention to the fandom, particularly the MSPA forums and Tumblr, and I think the feedback helped him with certain ideas. For instance, fans named the beta kids and the original twelve trolls. Also, there is stuff that he's said outright was ghostwritten (the epilogues) and there's a noticable drop in quality. I think he's a genuinely talented guy who just got burnout and irony poisoning.

In any case, if you're re-reading, use the unofficial Homestuck collection (it preserved the things that were broken when flash support ended) and do not read the epilogues. They're a complete waste of time and they're not even "canon."

No. 301190

File: 1686244409365.png (96.22 KB, 600x1200, tumblr_ma1sq2FUzV1r15lebo2_640…)

>I think he just payed really close attention to the fandom, particularly the MSPA forums and Tumblr, and I think the feedback helped him with certain ideas.
AYRT, I binge-read the Homestuck^2 thread on /snow/ to see if there was any new interesting drama and I found this post made 2 weeks ago >>>/snow/1832946 which I think supports your point.
>inb4 you were the one that posted that
kek sorry

>use the unofficial Homestuck collection

I didn't know about this, so thank you so much anon, will do!

No. 301209

File: 1686255751239.png (46.65 KB, 500x500, ddd.png)

very controversial of me but i miss ipgd's art a lot

No. 301230

File: 1686262640966.png (12.37 KB, 500x205, 3567999.png)

This… isn't IPGD's art. This is ket3's art, she just reblogged it making fun of it. IPGD can't draw as far as I know, she just writes (which she also sucks at.) Not she if she was friend with Hussie when she wrote this, but brain ghost dirk literally calls Jake his boyfriend later in the story, and because BGD is a manifestation of Jake's own mind, yeah, I think it's fair to say that Jake changed his mind about wanting to break up after actually getting dumped.

No. 301231

File: 1686262961599.png (188.38 KB, 840x840, a96156501d098438c1f0f516ffa5dd…)

Doublepost but also yeah Ket3's art was really nice. It' a shame so many of the really good Homestuck artists DFE'd after they stopped being into the comic. I've never personally done that and I don't understand why other people do it. My cringey InuYasha fanart from like fifteen years ago is still up on my old Deviantart, I don't care.

No. 301245

Oh man. Now I want to reread homestuck. I remember trying to make a fanstory with my friends back in the day. Maybe I'll brush up my old fantroll's design for fun.

Old post but I did the baby Dave thing too! As well as paint a sweet bro and Hella Jeff face on the wall in one of my classrooms (the teacher gave us permission to do so, I just got "creative" with the subject matter). I remember seeing a younger student post about it after I had already left the school. Who knows, maybe it's still up there.

>Favorite characters?

Back in the day I really liked Dave, Rose, and Nepeta. I remember not really liking Terezi for whatever reason, but I've really come to like her in recent years. She was such a weird wacky girl character that I haven't seen since. I also thought Aradia was cute.


Cascade will always be special to me, I remember waiting for that update and getting chills watching it. The music was good, the art was good, the way the screen expanded and shit was so fucking cool to me, it felt so big and dramatic and exciting.


I don't ship anymore but I really liked Karkat/Nepeta back in the day, I just thought Nepeta was so sweet and I wanted her to be happy so badly.


I used to really like Rosemary but looking back on it it was kind of a boring ship. I also wasn't the biggest fan of Davekat being canon, I was never a big fan of the ship but I always thought it was cuter imagining it as an unrequited thing, with Dave being too cool to admit it and Karkat being a loser too proud to admit it. Idk if that makes sense. It just felt weird, like seeing two of your good friends who don't seem to mesh well romantically kiss in front of you. Also Equius/Aradia just made me mad.

No. 301286

Oh fuck I misunderstood thanks for the correction

No. 301336

i love this piece of jake fanart!!
i agree with you about davekat, i know it does kind of make sense like another anon mentioned with daves homoerotic fixations and their awesome dialogue chemistry but i genuinely did find it a bit out of left field. i always preferred johndave and johnkat kek, but im really a sucker for close friends to lovers. i like rosemary even though its pretty boring, definitely second fiddle to based vrisrezi though

No. 301418

They definitely seemed more like friends that flirt to me than friends that would actually work out as a couple. In my mind Dave is a sex/loveless being purely due to incompetency

No. 301626

File: 1686423407760.gif (61.01 KB, 650x450, 02447.gif)

I posted this in the Homestuck thread on snow, but I realized it might've been better here.

These two characters deserved better.

No. 301649

yeah youre right.
eridan used to be my favourite character, but even if you hate him (as most people do) you gotta admit he got a pretty raw deal. he dies
doesnt get brought back, and gets forgotten essentially. no forgiveness arc or anything (even gamzee aka the one guy most people hate more than eridan got more of a redemption kek)
but a lot of the trolls deserved better – honestly most of them did. hussie essentially wrote off most of the trolls & focused on his handful of favourites.
i think a lot of fan content took the role of fleshing out relationships between eridan sollux & fef for example bc the story kind of abandoned it

No. 301693

File: 1686446972127.png (880.94 KB, 864x1107, a2ddb899f5fb5642475f5147d6473f…)

I would really liked to have seen the interactions between Jane (another character that deserved better) and Fefeta, because I think Jane and Feferi have a lot in common. I also wish Jane had been given more to do, specifically mystery-solving type stuff because that was originally part of her theme. I thought it was really lame when Dad Crocker just punched himself out of jail. Jane should've been the one to save him as part of having a character arc.

No. 301694


a million years too late but they’re da-wa-wa on tumblr or da-wa-wan (i think) on twitter. no homestuck art anymore

No. 301697

Nah, I think anyone who says Eridan deserved better is completely missing the point of his character. He's a rich kid who friend-zoned himself because he was too much of a bitch to admit to Fef he didn't want to just be moirails and thought she would just fall in love without him ever saying he wanted more, and even then he was emotional dead weight in their relationship (also viewing it as transactional - I help feed your mom, you be my gf and listen to everything I want). He's disgusted by people lower than him (can be interpretted as real or just an act of what society expected out of him, I personally think its both, adding depth to his character), entitled to women and other people's sympathy, and is too stupid and bloodthirsty to build a real moral backbone. He kills the girl he claimed he love out of pure jealousy and entitlement. To me, there is no "deserving better" for him, he's a cautionary tale of narcissism and male rage. If he were a human kid, he'd be Elliot Rodger. I like him as a character, but I will never understand people who think his story shouldn't have ended how it did, he is the perfect example of a product of his environment that mirrors real life young men who have his mentality. Wanting better for him is to want him to be a different character entirely, imo.

No. 301706

I'm not sure what anon meant by "deserved better" but I assumed she just meant that the characters were interesting conceptually and deserved to be fleshed out more. Eridan in particular could've had more of a comeuppance instead of just dying. Imagine if instead of wasting our time with the retarded Dancestors, Karkat interacted with dead Eridan and realized the parallels with how they were possessive of Terezi and Feferi respectively. I like the idea of characters being humbled be death, y'know? We know that there are timelines where Feferi and Eridan somehow reconcile (the GT pair that saved WV for instance.) I understand not every characterhas to have depth, but in a story as long as Homestuck, there's really no excuse for them to have introduced new, superfluous characters when there were plenty of established ones to flesh out.

No. 301734

I'm one of the ones you responded to and this nonna explained it better than I could; >>301706
Him and Feferi were just written off, when their characters could've been so much more. Especially Feferi considering her relationship to her other and her blood, but no, it was all cast aside for… dancestors and alpha kids. The alpha kids were a mistake, imho.

No. 301740

I agree. Her character could have been explored in so many different avenues, but no, it's about Jake and his dumbassery. Blah, blah, melodrama. Ugh. The scant times she does get narrative focus is when she's under the Condense's control. It's a shame. I really enjoyed her whole gumshoe shtick. Also, the life aspect by itself is interesting. The healing thing also means that a character could infinitely harm themself and/or others, but I'm getting ahead of myself.

Jane, heir of the Crocker corporation, and Feferi, heir of the throne to a whole goddamn planet, should have been friends. But no, I guess. Why have characters that have things in common interact? In fact, why not just add more characters, because that's definitely what the audience wants. More characters. Yeah.

Mituna is literally and figuratively retarded. I don't get why people like him so much.

No. 301798

I'm a Mituna fan and ultimately it's because I'm a bit edgy and liked that he was an unapologetically open filter douchebag plus I like his backstory. But I'm also a tinfoiler who thinks he was being mindcontrolled by Kurloz into being retarded, so maybe I'm just stupid. I understand why he's grating to people, I think that was the point of the character.
I also think Jane had a lot of wasted potential. She was kind of treated as the generic girl rather than leaning into her fun quirky traits like her love of baking and detective fascination. Part one of act 6 became all this lame Jake melodrama that I just was not interested in.

No. 301917

Confession: Whenever I listen to Geronimo by Sheppard, I always think about this specific MEP from 2014. I actually got into Homestuck because I watched one MEP and fell in love with the cool fanart of the characters.

No. 301958

Vidrel ruined Break Ya Neck for me. To this day, when I hear that song, I think of this AMV.

No. 303295

Homestuck was a ton of fun and reading about that 4/13 cafe event got me to reread the comic after many years. Are there any worthwhile fandom spaces left for it, or not really? Seems pretty dead.

>Favorite characters? flashes? songs?

I liked all of the beta kids a lot, but Rose was my favorite and that flash showing her cat's funeral made me cry as a teen. The song Endless Climb still gets me every time I hear it too.

>Fanfic recs/fanventure recs

I wish I had anything to rec, but I think I've read all the big fanadventures and none of them gave me that same feeling as Homestuck did at its best (sadly neither did Homestuck itself in the latter half of the comic)


High school me started reading specifically because of Johnkat and DaveJade fanart lmao. I remember being horribly disappointed in the aftermath of Cascade because my favorite ships were both broken up for three years. Even though Rose was my fav, I didn't really ship her with anyone and was more interested in her individual character arc and feelings about her mother.

Rereading as an adult, I found myself a lot less invested in shipping in general and looking back I'm not sure why a mid-30s guy opted to write so much teen romance.

>Opinions on the vriskcourse?

I felt bad for her but never got to "she did nothing wrong" levels of stanning. I thought Terezi reluctantly killing her to save everyone else was more or less the perfect ending to their shared arc and I didn't like that the retcon undid it.

No. 303335

>I'm not sure why a mid-30s guy opted to write so much teen romance
I think it's because a lot of the fans were pushing for it. Also, I think the invention of the complicated troll romance probably came from a place of fun autistic alien worldbuilding and then spiraled out of control. These are pretty good faith readings of it though, who knows what he was actually thinking.

No. 303373

Started reading hs recently. im a little obsessed, acts 1-4 were awesome. I'm about midway through act 6 and it's definitely going downhill but honestly i'm still enjoying it
>favorite character/flashes/songs
I love all the beta kids, but dave is defo my favorite in the whole series. Some of the earlier flashes are awesome. Seeing their little sprites animated like in dave: abscond is really cool! Doctor is probably one of the best songs imo, but it's hard to really say since there's so many i like a lot
>Fanfic recs/fanventure recs
sburb done quick and karkat goes to a convention
I'm not much of a shipping person but davejade is cute.

>Are there any worthwhile fandom spaces left for it, or not really? Seems pretty dead.
i don't think so, which is kind of a bummer. you can try the hs discord, but there's a lot of zoomers and mtfs talking about twitter nonsense. If there's anyone wanting to make something, i'd be down to help, I would love to actually have some people to talk about homestuck to lol

No. 303389

the modern homestuck fandom is basically sadstucks/shippers that skipped to the trolls. many of them haven't even read homestuck, they have only read hs2. or they aren't into hs because it's hs, they just want their queer rep kek. total cesspool everywhere barring the very very very rare hs thread on /co/ and here.

No. 303822

Quick question for your nonnies, which one of you used to roleplay on trollmegle and did any of you gain new headcanons or ships through it?

Personally; because of a particularly good RP, I ended up shipping EriKat. It's not really a good ship, but that RP was good.

No. 303837

I didn't use Trollmegle but I did use MSPARP and Cherubplay. No headcanons but it was a good time.

No. 303870

File: 1687386845738.png (52.49 KB, 1154x1036, f55420e0997d3f65f3c27374212a1f…)

Nah, I was never into roleplay. I'm kind of autistic about characters being written OOC, and when you're writing on the fly, I think it's hard to have time to actually think about a character's distinct voice, so the result was predictably a shitload of people playing either fanon versions of characters, or just themselves with characters' quirks and catchphrases peppered throughout. I was definitely more into fanfic, fan comics, and fan games.

No. 303874

I never found this thread as I don't really look at /m but fuck I feel seen haha. I often have conversations with people where I bring up my past hs obsession for whatever retarded reason and then have to try and explain what it is – how have you all dealt with that if you've ever had to? lmao
Fav chars were always terezi and dave, and yes I did ship them, and it was so self indulgent, but this was all long ago now, I haven't known what's going on with hs since like 7 years ago. I don't care enough to revisit it right now but i get really nostalgic about the tumblr fandom around it at that time even if it was often gross/grim.

No. 303875

File: 1687388141288.jpg (54.21 KB, 700x453, cd12880a4a5f43e5a0e6377c2a015d…)

>the modern homestuck fandom is basically sadstucks/shippers that skipped to the trolls. many of them haven't even read homestuck
Lmao this is pretty much always how it was, just add cosplayers. Back when I still cosplayed, I met so many people who just thought the meetups were fun and hadn't actually read the comic in its entirety. A lot of people just like the feeling of being part of something, and don't actually want to invest the times it takes to understand or even fully read/watch the source material. "Skipping to the trolls" was practically a meme back in 2011.

I just tell people that it's a comic about a group of internet friends who play a video game that creates universes. I think Hussie also once described it as a creation myth.

No. 303882

>after 10 years I still immediately recognize the wwalks into thread image
thanks for the war flashbacks lmao

anyway I’m another old fan who’s been slowly rereading. haven’t touched the epilogues or hs^2 or the visual novels but it sounds like I’m not missing much. I stopped paying attention originally around the time of the credits and the snapchat stuff I think? I remember around that time there were a lot of theories about how the post-retcon writing and the ending were unsatisfying on purpose because there was going to be a big twist where it was revealed that Caliborn wrote that part or something like that. I assume that’s not what ended up happening.

>Favorite characters?

probably John and Rose, I’m basic
Vriska and Dirk were the most interesting to analyze. I bet people are still writing lengthy essays on whether or not they’re redeemable.


WV: Ascend was peak feeling of exploration, blew my mind the first time I saw it
Cascade and Synchronize/Unite are also good


Candles and Clockwork, Sweet Dreams Timaeus, most of the Cherubim album, anything using the Showtime leitmotif

>Fanfic recs/fanventure recs

Mr. Tambourine Man, a John-centric alternate ending that diverges when they go to open the door to the new universe. Incomplete but really in-character and sweet.


I read a shitload of Rosemary fanfics but was kinda underwhelmed by it in canon. tbh that’s how I feel about most ships that get made canon in any media though - the infinite number of fanfic scenarios people can come up with to get a ship together will usually be more interesting than the one thing that actually happens, especially if romance isn’t the main focus of the story.

>Opinions on the vriskcourse?

surprisingly neutral. I liked trying to figure her out and reading all the meta posts about her, but she didn’t make especially angry

No. 303957

UGH anon I love Tambourine Man too. Strong recommend for any anons look for a FA to read.

No. 368778

File: 1712537000103.jpg (117.34 KB, 388x600, Homestuck.600.930226.jpg)

Sorry to bump, I've been wallowing in nostalgia from my homestuck phase recently. I remember thinking the fandom was so cancerous at the time but in hindsight fandoms can be much worse in different ways IMO.
I really miss the cringey pseudo-anime art. More recent fanart is either stereotypical tumblr art that's headcanon central and barely resembles the characters, or the exact opposite, stylised and very close to the comic designs.

No. 369050

i RPed on msparp a little here and there as dirk, rose, sollux, mituna, eridan, and others sporadically. yes i have mental problems. one acquired headcanon for me was that mituna was particularly socially awkward pre-accident and prone to migraines (generally i RPed alive, pre-accident, dancestor session, vaguely-sensing-incoming-doom mituna).
depressing, its such a fun story. sadtuck/shipper types know not what they do
oh my god, this art gave me such a rush. how i miss those innocent days pre-vitilligo and obesity headcanons.

No. 369263

File: 1712670129389.png (146.05 KB, 454x500, 1000005391.png)

Wow this image hit me like whiplash

Thanks for bumping, I've been having a huge nostalgia surge too. I miss couple of artist like yummytomatoes. I loved that the character were always drawn in some clunky ass hightops.
I was never much of a Gamzee fan until I found yt's.

No. 369274

Can I say something? I honestly miss MSPARP. It went to dogshit when they added new fandoms to it.

No. 369277

Y'all remember snowthesaltqueen the incest cosplayer? And how she got arrested for murder? KEK

No. 369416

File: 1712702278470.jpg (180.96 KB, 600x600, 61117.original-289.jpg)

I was one of those contrarians who would claim the intermission and midnight crew parts were the best bits of the comic and the trolls were boring, ackchully. I'm not sure I really believed it but I did have a slight obsession with the green moon as a setting.
The idea that it was the last planet at the end of the universe and it was this noir city full of 1930s gangsters. I would 'borrow' the setting for my own daydreams often.
In the era of galaxy print everything Snowman's design was also very cool. I was mad Hussie never finished that paradox space comic about them all.

No. 369455

File: 1712720077479.jpeg (47.12 KB, 500x500, 4e7075fcb050a3b8419769c056556a…)

Honestly, the Felt and MC stuff would have made a great spin-off. I always felt that their storyline was a little rushed, and also poorly timed in the way it interrupts the main story. Imagine living in the timeline where there was a whole midquel comic dedicated to the MC instead of the godawful post-canon garbage we got.

No. 369456

Yes, she has a dead thread in /snow/. Use the search function.

No. 369458

File: 1712720497346.png (708.72 KB, 723x800, zoo.png)

She has a carrd:
But she's not very active online anymore. For several years, she drew a lot of cute art of her dogs and her sona, but most of it has been deleted.

No. 369459

File: 1712721029826.png (388.88 KB, 1280x1053, gross.png)

>oh my god, this art gave me such a rush. how i miss those innocent days pre-vitilligo and obesity headcanons.
I wish there was someone I could complain to about how much I despise all the recent art that depicts Dirk with breasts. It just strikes me as homophobic, taking the one homosexual male character and making him blatantly female like that. I have friends who are still into Homestuck, but I don't dare vent to them about it because they're woke and would rake me over the coals for criticizing it even a little. Christ forbid you judge low-effort TiFs for insisting that all gay men in media also be portrayed as low-effort TiFs who constantly have their tits out.

I hate this. I want some non-woke female Homestuck friends.

No. 369463

the only good "dirk with breasts" fanart i have seen was homesmut of sis strider (a true genderbend but still with short hair, no makeup, the ideal genderbend) getting eaten out lol.
as i said in response to this same artist (im pretty sure) previously, this would literally be based if jake was drawn as a thick butch latina. they could call it t4t mlm still idgaf as long as their situation was obviously still homosexual.

maybe i should get a new tablet and go back to drawing homestuck fanart, be the change etc

No. 369467

I used to use msparp and cherubplay.
Lol anon what the fuck I also used to rp as Sollux and pre-accident Mituna. Guess we're both mentally ill.

No. 369499


There's a tumblr archive of her old art too. Some of the old hs art is there.


No. 369509

File: 1712735043915.jpg (65.03 KB, 606x680, Tumblr_l_11528578000548~2.jpg)

Yeah, unfortunately it's not actually a genderbend, it's a trans headcanon. I'm pretty sure these annoying artists would chimp out if someone tagged it with "genderbend." Also, because these TiFs are straight and they self-insert as Dirk, they pretty much always depict Jake as biologically male. They also make him dumpy and obese for some reason, even though he's described as attractive in the comic. Typically, he's an AMAB theythem because he cried in canon and is therefore Not A Man in their eyes. How progressive!

To me, Dirk in canon gives off strong AskGayBros vibes, i.e., he's pretty macho (some would say straight gay) and dislikes the idea of gayness as a personality trait. As much as I dislike post-canon, I can absolutely see why they decided to depict him basically as a "TEHM."

No. 369566

I'm playing through Hiveswap and it's very fun albeit unpolished and kind of buggy, especially act 2. Both Joey and Xefros are really cute and I like their interactions but I'm kind of disappointed that we probably aren't going to see Jude and Dammek do anything, especially after they set up all the monsters and weird cult shit happening on earth. Anyways I hope we get an announcement other than that Requiem Cafe event on 4/13

No. 369614

yeah this
>because these TiFs are straight and they self-insert as Dirk, they pretty much always depict Jake as biologically male
is the biggest thing that bothers me about this fanart and others like it. where my other obnoxious horrible lesbian dirk self inserters at. controversial and arguably retarded opinion but i dont think you can really understand dirk's character unless youre gay, which is why straighoid tiffies always misinterpret and woobify him.

No. 369711

What a cool art! I am recently obsessed with Swampland videos, and thinking should I play Snowbound Blood or not.

No. 369723

the discourse these days is crazy. modern fans revealing their intense latent racism by saying gamzee is a mockery of black people, amongst other things kek

No. 369748

Sometimes I forget that juggalos aren't as common as they used to be. Tbh I was kind of expecting a revival what with clown world and everything going on.

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