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File: 1669649915183.jpg (47.43 KB, 470x491, nana-komatsu-1.jpg)

No. 258787

A genre marketed towards a 18+ adult female audience.

Thread to talk about josei films/series, anime, manga, manhwa, manhua etc.

No. 258788

You cab also talk about problematic josei media or things you hate about josei.

No. 258790

File: 1669650668425.jpeg (96.79 KB, 750x468, E244A609-5C1F-4A5D-A96E-083038…)

I recommend reading Oishii Kankei. It’s been a long time since I’ve read it, but I remember the heroine being very inspiring and cute.

No. 258804

Terrible OP, Nana is a shojo manga, not a josei.

No. 258810

the themes and ratings of the show are josei but it ended up in a shojo magazine.

The show could be considered either shojo or josei depending on the person due to the rated-r themes in the show.

No. 258813

I saw Mars in every mangashop for years and considered it ugly because of the weird albino covers. Then many years later I happened to have the chance to read it because someone else owned it and enjoyed it a lot actually. I am not a fan of shoujo besides magical girls series but Josei is mostly great.

I am just sad it's the genres with the lowest amount of anime adaptions since the joseai crowd doesn't seem to be into anime I think? They never sell well so nobody adapts them which is sad, I loved that one Josei with the ghost husband and the flower shop a lot that aired 10 years ago or something.

No. 258833

It's not the person who decides, it's the publishing company and Nana's publishing company decided to market it to teenage girls instead of grown women.

No. 258841

Josei is not a genre

No. 258848

yes it is.

No. 258850

Nta but it's not, it's a target audience, genre is romance, fantasy, drama…

No. 258855

it takes 5 seconds to google to see that most people call it a genre.
I agree its not correct, but Op is not wrong considering most people call it a genre.

No. 258861


I wonder if this thread was inspired by the nana discussion in the anime thread…

No. 258876

>it takes 5 seconds to google to see that most people call it a genre.
Most people are retards. If most people decided to jump off a cliff because it's funny you'd do it too? Josei is literally one of the words for "woman" in Japanese so it's the target demographic for these manga. Of course they're going to give similar vibes overall because all these manga are for the same audience, adult, grown women but still. Shit like this is why we have weird shit like Black Butler being published in a shonen magazine when it's clearly attracting way more female readers and it would have been classified as a shojo manga in the 90s instead. Now the target audience of a manga isn't always the actual audience like how Gintama is a shonen manga but most of its readers are adult women but that's another topic.

I wouldn't be surprised. Anyway, fuck Takumi, fuck Reira the pedo, fuck Shoji and fuck Sachiko.

No. 258879

most people are wrong

No. 259048

Some josei series?

No. 259080

I came here for josei recommendations and all I got was infighting

No. 259097

Can anybody tell me why the hell shitty hentai material for men keeps on getting tagged josei even though its obviously made for men to consume.

Its so annoying having to see that shit when scrolling through josei.

No. 259115

Rakugo Shinjuu, manga by Umino Chika (Honey and Clover, March comes in like a lion), Kuragehime
I think anything that has a 25+ office lady and isn't "mommy/milf" porn gets tagged by josei because I guess they think that'll interest adult women? I can only guess, but that's the type of shit I see appear under Josei sometimes

No. 259122

Could it be that it's published in a josei magazine or are you talking about random manga reading sites where users tag on their own? Because if it's the latter, I have no idea.

No. 259144

IME most josei porn is just an self insert office lady with a pornstar body and no personality being fucked by some handsome scumbag moid. I guess Japanese women eat that shit up, the only difference from male-targeted hentai is that it's a bishounen instead of some faceless mob guy abusing her.

No. 259145

I swear it wasn't like this 10 or 20 years ago!

No. 259147

im talking about manga sites, its like this on every manga site.

No. 259174

>Rakugo Shinjuu
An actual 10/10 right up until the last episode. Fucking age gaps man I can't stand it, it was such a spectacular series overall but it left the worst taste in my mouth.

No. 259270

Ugh, same. It was my favourite anime right up until that. I choose to believe that Konatsu just said that to troll with the reporter because otherwise it pisses me off too much. So much time was spent emphasising the father/daughter relationship between Konatsu and Kiku, so to reveal that is just revolting and infuriating.

No. 259515

its kinda fucked up that the most popular josei story is about a father/daughter relationship which emphasizes him raising her the whole series and then they become romantic at the end when she realizes they are not related……japanese women need to learn to love themselves.

No. 259520

File: 1669831960773.jpg (687.12 KB, 1448x2048, 1467719609801.jpg)

It felt like even more of a betrayal because of the heavy, heavy fujobait. Actually I think calling it fujobait does it a disservice, it would have been a legitimately poignant and believable plot point to have Kiku in love with Sukeroku one sidedly. Fuuuck I'm so mad but I still loved it so much.

No. 259523

oh damn and here i made my post >>259515 because i thought you were all talking about bunny drop. But it looks like you are talking about another pedo josei manga.

Japanese women….please learn to love yourselves.

No. 259536

One of my favorite stories I've rewatched a lot because it was like the only dubbed anime I like on our channels, Honey and Clover, also ends the same way, where her guardian (blood-related) figure "wins " in the end against her two age-appropriate suitors, because she's hospitalized and needs his endless support, and he confesses he's in love with her. Although Hagu herself is a really fucking weird character, a literal "legal loli" with the sensibility of a little kid, so it's pretty weird. But there are so few non-coomer anime in the college setting, especially about artists and proper male-female friendships, that I'm happy to at least have this.

No. 259563

Usagi Drop was way worse imo like I was offended by Rakugo Shinjuus end but it didn't feel like as much whiplash from cute and wholesome to gross, it was always a bit of a sad dramatic story and it was a sad dramatic way to end it.

No. 259588

Gokusen >>259576
Nodame Cantabille
Ristorante Paradiso
Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu
Petshop of Horrors (never read it myself)
Also I just found out that Shirokuma Café is josei!

No. 259621

Even with the gross reveal, I do still think that the tension between Kiku and Sukeroku was intentional and that Kiku is canonically supposed to be in love with Sukeroku, since the mangaka does mostly do BL. If anything, I could see Kiku being Shinnosuke's father as just some fucked up roundabout way for Kiku and Sukeroku to have a child, since so much attention is called to how similar Shinnosuke is to both of them. Of course, the same effect is achieved just by leaving Kiku and Konatsu as a purely familial relationship so that Konatsu is the metaphorical child between Kiku and Sukeroku, which she was already established to be anyways, and Shinnosuke is like their grandson, which he was already established to be anyways. Ugh, at this point I'm just grasping at the straws to try and justify the ending because otherwise Rakugo Shinjuu is the perfect josei anime, but fucking srsly, what was the point of that disgusting swerve? It undermines pretty much everything about the show.

No. 259674

Petshop of Horrors was a favorite of mine when I was young. Nothing too deep, but interesting nonetheless.

No. 259912

Hi, nonnies, is there any relatively recent fantasy Josei? Preferably one that is still running because I miss having something to look forward to.

No. 259938

So glad you found out how great Mars is! It's a work that will always stick with me. Btw, what's the name of the josei with the ghost husband? I'm into that shit.

No. 264418

File: 1671325912199.jpg (333.3 KB, 1146x1801, 6b2cfcc7-7830-43f7-95a2-5a4cce…)

Reading this cute manga and vicariously living my dream of being a ceramist through the characters.

No. 264420

Samefag, the name is Ao no Hana Utsuwa no Moriif anyone cares.

No. 264424

I do care anon, thanks for the rec I was looking for a cute josei to read

No. 264440

I'm so jealous of ceramicists I don't know why, it just looks fun. I will be reading this thank you

No. 268255

nana is josei

No. 270669

File: 1674142341745.jpg (19.97 KB, 360x480, tumblr_6e2a37a1aaa7f31c825dd17…)

I'm late but I have to sperg about Usagi Drop. Daikichi hates the mom but she herself said that the grandpa convinced her to keep the baby and then started resenting him for it. She never wanted the kid. It was always the disgusting grandpa moid manipulating a much younger woman. Also I haven't reached the ending yet. Currently at chapter 20

No. 270674

Please don't. the ending is not good..

No. 270684

I would say its best to watch animes ending (the anime creators went as far as changed it because they didn't like it) over manga one, but honestly you are free to try both. Its still a nice title.

No. 273262

Is it worthwhile to have a separate thread specifically for josei given that many magazines are now 'female-targeted' without breaking it down into shoujo and josei?

No. 273263

File: 1675466311584.jpg (426.07 KB, 697x1000, 9781421558776_manga-Ooku-The-I…)

I recommend this one, although it might have too heavy themes for some.

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