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File: 1670229246580.jpeg (583.06 KB, 1000x820, A01B6139-05A0-4532-BF89-E522FD…)

No. 260895

A thread to talk about all the Nikki dressup games - Love Nikki, shining Nikki and the upcoming Infinity Nikki ( >>>/m/259751 )
Feel free to post your coords!

No. 260899

File: 1670231890216.png (250.29 KB, 506x502, thumbs up nikki.PNG)

Thanks anon for the thread! I didn't know that farmers play this series as well.
How come they're already making a new game? Did Shining Nikki's sales tank or something?

No. 260900

i miss hello nikki so bad

No. 260904

File: 1670233526706.png (1.37 MB, 750x1334, 789DC6E8-1D2A-49C4-8785-060493…)

i'm obsessed with chinese fashion and nikki delivers. here's a coord i slapped together yesterday

No. 260919

The sanrio collab in SN is so cute, i got the my melody suit. I don't care much about the other suit tbh but i might just get it also since it wont rerun.

>Did Shining Nikki's sales tank or something?
I think its the opposite, love and shining niki are really popular right now and the paper games has grown a lot because of it. They probably now think its a good time to take the next step to a bigger game since they have the funding and a bigger team now.

I never played it before, did they take the servers down?

Pretty! I stopped playing LN when SN came out. The art in LN is pretty and the suits are gorgeous, they can also be more extravagant compared to SN since they aren't so limited to 3d modeling. I stopped playing because i just had collected so many suits which i didnt even looked at anymore and i didnt pay attention to the story. My fave nations are Lilith, Wasteland and Pigeon.

No. 260923

ty! I play both but i like the LN art style way better. I feel there's much more versatility with the background items etc.
im not as competitive as i used to be in LN (was a megawhale from 2017 to 2021) but i still enjoy the possibilities a lot.
SNgot boring fast, especially since the gacha aspects are much more prominent. IMHO there's parctically nothing to do except buy the latest suit over and over

No. 260926

>They probably now think its a good time to take the next step to a bigger game since they have the funding and a bigger team now.
Oh, that's good to hear. Usually game companies push out sequels after the game is in life support. Releasing a new Nikki game right after they published int version of SN seems odd to me, it's a sure way to kill the previous game usually.

No. 261078

File: 1670277675485.jpg (526.99 KB, 1018x1644, LNgorillaWarfare.jpg)

yessss I love LN! I actually read the lore and think some of it is entertaining for such a game. Wish the translation wouldn’t suck so much lol. I can’t get over the fact that this game has like over 20k individual items, I would be lost without custom folders.

No. 261082

My dumb ass thought this was a thread about Yume Nikki and its fangame spinoffs.

No. 261089

I'll join you gals in this thread once the new game releases

No. 261098

tbh the translation is aprt of the charm to me. but then again i'm used to chinglish lol
love nikki (which was released internationally in 2017) is still going strong despite shining niki having been out for a while (a year ago internationally, several years ago in china) so i think there isn't too much concern for now

No. 261101

hello nikki's english servers went down a long time ago, it was basically just the alpha version of love nikki but I liked that about it. think the arena system was slightly different too?
would be nice to have that as a thread, love me some yume nikki fangames

No. 261128

Kek what even is the context for this screenshot (I don't play these games sorry)

No. 261274

the nikki games have a long and complicated lore but basically there's a war going on and your character in her frilly pink dress goes around meeting mercenaries and warlords and shit
there's plenty of interesting characters tho. and the women get to be generals, engineers, business leaders etc

No. 261301

File: 1670341658121.jpg (251.98 KB, 1133x1920, tumblr_0e058bd49658e04d72fabfd…)

What are some LN/SN suits you are waiting for? I really want picrel.

Like >>261098 said, SN has been out in CN for some time now but LN is still popular both in west and CN servers. Also i do think that the new openworld game will bring a new audience, i dont hope it will atract to many moids.

No. 261304

Oh my god this is the waifu that my old crush posted on Twitter that I was mystified by. It's just a dress up game? Wtf.

No. 261346

I'm literally laying in bed moping because I can't play SN. It sucks running out of stamina and chances for things in the game, but I refuse to spend any money because it can be such a trap.

No. 261909

File: 1670515795074.jpg (81.27 KB, 690x920, Guangs_wish.jpg)

What is everyone's favorite nation and outfit associated with it? For me it's North and it's gotta be Clair's wish with Snow Wolf in second.

No. 261921

Pigeon - Night Toll or Arctic Aurora

No. 261932

Are these games any good to fill the Style Savvy void in one's heart? I'm not into gacha but I miss big dress up games.

No. 261947

File: 1670524025649.jpeg (77.22 KB, 360x640, 981DDED1-6362-4C21-8208-073F3F…)

for me it's cloud empire 4 lyf. fave suit is always and forever underworld lord

No. 261948

File: 1670524144450.jpg (583.7 KB, 897x1300, Soft.Season.(Miracle.Nikki).fu…)

They do have a variety of nice outfits and management, however Shining Nikki is gacha based, meanwhile Love Nikki (the 2D one) tends to have set prices in most events with the suits, however the company that handles it tends to treat english players worse than the chinese players and slog with QOL updates.

No. 261968

File: 1670529844649.jpg (471.62 KB, 2000x1379, kH97cUI.jpg)

It has deep lore and a huge story, and even some rpg elements. It's not a typical dress up game.

No. 261969

File: 1670530118718.png (11.47 MB, 2088x2428, nikki.png)

Maybe I'm basic but my favorite is Cloud. I love the variety of the outfits inspired by traditional garb and the blending of the historical and fantasy elements. These are some of my favorite suits, however my overall favorite suit in LN is the $100 dark bobo recharge. I wish I could afford it but I'm a lowly v0.

No. 261974

File: 1670530552737.jpg (583.29 KB, 690x1227, tPqElC.jpg)

I can't wait for Realm of Swirling Foam on LN! The suits are stunning and relatively cheap.

No. 261984

File: 1670535168321.jpeg (1.25 MB, 2048x2048, 67A33CFA-712B-4E46-A171-1B640F…)

My favorite is probably Pigeon (I’m basic), but I always miss or can’t afford the Pigeon suits I want, or end up not liking the ones I splash out for. I think the nation that I have the best suits from is Cloud, though I like suits from all nations. My favorite suit in the game is a Wasteland suit, actually - Desert Jewel. It’s not really versatile at all but it makes me so happy to look at. Here’s a pic of my favorite suits I own…

No. 261986

File: 1670535314314.jpeg (1.3 MB, 2048x2048, DFE21F0F-6E15-4649-8A67-F0B838…)

…and here’s a pic of my favorite suits I don’t own. I excluded story suits except for the minor suit Covenant Servant. Some of these are available for crafting and I’m working on them, but they take so many Dias that I never seem to have to spend

No. 262005

File: 1670538759247.jpg (181.27 KB, 690x920, Nebula_Echo.jpg)

Do it during dia consumption events, I always spend for crafting during those, it's so fun to just craft those suits you've been waiting for months or years. Just because they're always there and they're not event suits doesn't make them any less cute or beautiful.

No. 262008

File: 1670540948953.jpg (276.09 KB, 1024x1024, EM-RCOeXkAggVSl.jpg)

Get Luster of the Tides as soon as it comes back for crafting, it's an amazing suit and goes with most other water themed suits. Dazzling Heartbeats on the other hand is kinda useless but the wings, makeup and hair are worth 3k alone. Great substitution for the Miku colab makeup imo.

No. 262010

That plot sounds sick. Are any of the games on Steam?

No. 262011

Yeah, dazzling heartbeat isn’t my typical style, but I need a good ruin suit as I only have a few that aren’t from clearing the levels (I rarely choose to spend dias on them) so even if it’s not versatile it fills a gap in my collection.
Sly Angel was one of my first “beginner suits” that I really liked, so I love Peachy suits! I still love the Sly Angel makeup and use it all the time, it’s a somewhat unique expression imo and it works well with casual outfits

No. 262012

They're all mobile games nonny. You could play them on pc with an emulator like Nox though.

No. 262556

File: 1670695881385.png (1.17 MB, 673x799, screenshot-preview.redd.it-202…)

New ruin event is coming! Along with an Abyssal Island suit. The format is a pavilion. All three suits come with posed gloves. Will you be participating?

No. 262557

File: 1670695988501.png (1.52 MB, 868x870, screenshot-preview.redd.it-202…)

Abyssal Island suit is Oceanic Mirage, and you can get it for around $5.

No. 262558

File: 1670696187950.jpg (64.91 KB, 540x1110, JcZQHjj.jpg)

New Christmas suits were also spotted in the gallery, event format is unknown.

No. 262559

File: 1670696229697.jpg (57.82 KB, 540x1110, C67072O.jpg)

No. 262563

File: 1670696339789.jpg (58.93 KB, 540x1110, gLJGJB1.jpg)

No. 262564

File: 1670696456606.jpg (78.25 KB, 540x1110, XHSqHLy.jpg)

No. 262568

First two are rumored to be event suits, last two are recharges.

No. 262622

File: 1670706344779.png (1.83 MB, 1000x955, fleetingdream.png)

Pigeon is my fave nation, i also really like some Lilith and Wasteland suits. Im not sure if Fleeting Dream is an "official" Pigeon suit, but in the lore it refers to Queen Elle and Pigeon so it might count as one anyways.

these are so cute, i kinda want to play LN again but i already play to many games.

No. 262638

i'm nor relaly into ruin suits so i'll be skipping this event. my wallet needs a rest from the hell event anyway

No. 262661

File: 1670715828890.png (46.02 KB, 579x485, momo.png)

I was really into love nikki back in like 2018 but haven't touched it since. Looking at all the suits here has made me redownload it.
I've never left a mobile game alone for so long before, I have no idea what I'm looking at on the main screen, I can't even remember if they're things that used to be there or if I just forgot them.

No. 262693

File: 1670724078168.gif (3.13 MB, 480x272, CA20C6A2-647F-406D-BC23-91548F…)

I’ve taken a break from LN three times since I started playing mid 2019. It’s not that hard to come back from a break tbh, I’m two months back from a 6 month long break and besides my association basically shutting down since then I only missed 3 suits I really wanted and one I wanted came back for crafting so it’s not a bad thing to leave for some time!
Honestly, the art pulls me back in every time I go on a hiatus. I get to thinking about it months later and I can’t help but go back even to just see what they have made since I was gone. I just love the creativity they put into the suits and how beautiful they can be!
If they shut down the international server for good I’d be so sad tbh, I’m really glad SN hasn’t dented LN’s userbase too much bc SN’s 3D art is unappealing to me personally and I’d probably just play it for the story and forget it if LN died

No. 262696

Sorry for the absolute noob question, but I got this game thinking I would love it but I was just confused. I don’t really understand the gameplay. I just want to play dress up and mix and match outfits and stuff, does Shining Nikki have that or is there a better game for that sort of stuff? Picrew is cute of course, but I’d like some better clothing/styling options.

No. 262726

File: 1670738622451.jpeg (516.85 KB, 663x1400, 80E0535A-BCE7-4E39-8DA9-84E71F…)


No. 262728

It's just trying to scout your gender. Non-binary option was probably added since you'll be referred with the pronouns you indirectly choose.

No. 262735

she is asking why gendie shit is even an option

No. 262737

Unfortunately for Love Nikki, you have to play to get outfits. It’s great for dress up even with a limited wardrobe but a lot of the fancy outfits here require diamonds (in game currency) or real money. You can gain outfits for free by playing through the main story, completing tasks, using the “mystery house” pavilion pulls, and joining an association and getting outfits through playing chapters there and the association store. I still recommend it for dress up because it has absolutely everything, but ultimately it’s more of a grindy dress up game and other anons can pitch in for better dress up games for people who just want to play around with clothes

No. 262759

The trailer for the movie they will make, this was announced during the anniversary concert. They really must be making bank if they will release a movie and a new open world game

The non binary option is new, when i played it you only had the option to choose you are a girl or boy. They probably added it for the internal server for the wokies, just like how they added different skin colors when they added the international server. Now you can let Nikki do black face or lighten her skin kek.

No. 262762

To get clothes you have to complete the chapters, participate in events, craft suits, join a guild or buy them with money. You can get something like 80% of total clothing items for free, but it takes time and you have to be an active player. It's really confusing for new players to get into and I would suggest watching a youtube guide. Also DON'T SPEND DIAMONDS ON ANYTHING!!! Not until you have a good grasp on the game.

No. 262766

File: 1670760959083.jpg (26.25 KB, 250x375, tumblr_8d5dbbc4d18e75f92e61b0a…)

The TV head tempts me so much…
They added it after people on discord kept complaining, it didn't exist in the beta and in the first month of global. I'm a beta player and one of the most suggested features was that as well.

No. 262777

File: 1670765699169.jpeg (181.35 KB, 750x1192, 4340F021-A149-4CDD-8720-249986…)

because all the retarded zoomers on the official discord keep throwing shitfits about shit in the game not being woke enough

No. 262795

There is new stuff. I'm not sure exactly when these arrived but Dreamweaver, Around the World and Wishgate are new additions. Dreamweaver gives you items that boost your skills. You go through a characters story and evolve the items. You also donate resources every day to get materials which allow you to play through the stories. Around the World is largely useless, but in short you can get backgrounds from it for free. It seems complicated but it's just a waiting game. Wishgate is where you can participate in old hell events that ran three times. You buy a ticket to open an event, and then you have a few days to participate in the event. There's also some smaller stuff like Abyssal Island but I'm a v0 so idk, how it works.

No. 262807

I really want the TV head too, sucks that it isn't a pick and choose event.

No. 262876

File: 1670794346804.jpg (5.01 KB, 274x184, 1610773085620.jpg)

>TFW you'll never use Hall of Oath's pose because shitlex refuses to give our server recharges for free
I hate this company so fucking much
They're cute, but I don't use Ruin suits, so I'll skip

No. 262886

Recharges always have the best glove and leg poses and it makes me seethe so much. They're usually cheap too but I refuse to give Elex money out of principle.

No. 262893

File: 1670797784659.jpg (139.3 KB, 1280x720, 4gods.jpg)

Elex is so shitty, I'm so mad that we had to wait that fucking long for 4gods not to mention the 2 years wait for the HD update, or the 90+ free suits that never came, or the binding options… I moved on to shining nikki after the subreddit drama, I just couldn't take the cycle of boycotts and nothing ever changing every few years.

No. 263067

I might be the last to noticed but you do not need to have social media to get the item you have to share in shining nikki.
Just go on the Twitter button and let the site get up and press back on your phone.
then you will get the reward.
I could have gotten so many stuff if I had found out earlyer.
I feel stupid.

I still like Love nikki more than Shining nikki. The 3D makes it look a little stiff for me. So the Dresses in LN are more elegant in my eyes.

I really like it, maybe I will get it.

I think every nation has some really beautiful dresses. So I can not decide.

No. 263085

Is it worth getting into shining nikki now? I play a lot of gacha games and my logic is just "hurr girls pretty", but I'd prefer a side game rather than grind

No. 263192

File: 1670918158937.jpeg (139.34 KB, 576x1280, photo1670918040.jpeg)

i got all of these for around 1500 dias! and i got 100 back exchanging the free dias and collecting the suits. These are kinda weird in the sense the concepts are so bizarre and unusual, but they are cheap and they come with separate possable arms and very cute makeup. I have no idea how to style them tho. Also, i love how stupid easy it is to save in this game, probably the reason why LN is the only smartphone game i still play after so many years.

No. 263279

It's grindy in the sense that there's a lot to do every day, but I don't think getting in late would really change anything. Try it for a few hours, see how it goes. I prefer Miracle/Love Nikki because there's way more free stuff, less gacha elements and less daily tasks.

No. 263711

File: 1671099682575.png (928.34 KB, 686x767, starsea.png)

Reminder that Nikki tomorrow is there official clothing brand. Pic related costs around $1470.15 USD btw kek. The official website is pretty shit but they got some cute clothes https://shop462333526.m.taobao.com/

No. 263716

if it actually looks like irl like in the pic then i can see it being 500-800 but 1400 is a insane over the top price.

No. 263718

The price is high but could be justified if the materials are good imo. If you look at it as art/merch.

No. 265191

File: 1672214295731.png (689.39 KB, 800x450, s.png)

So dissapointed we are not getting Little Twin Stars for the Sanrio collab. The suits they're bringing for the event are so dated at this point, chapter evolution suits look better.

No. 265193

Sadly it is not in english. But I would really buy some dresses or skirst, they look very nice.

No. 265194

why does the EN server hates us? i was saving for the twin stars suit

No. 265200

I think the post mentions this as round 1 Sanrio collab so we will probably get the Twin Stars pav at some point, or maybe even a debut suit. I'm mad at the devs too but licensing can be tricky so it's not entirely their fault. I'm more pissed we never got the Miku/Luca pav.

No. 265202

ah, that makes more sense, i though they completly scrapped the pav. Gives me time to save a bit more and hope we get a keroppi suit too.

No. 265206

Between the Glinda pav, xmas event and the upcoming hells/events I need more time to save up too. A keroppi suit would be adorable! What's on your wishlist nonnie?

No. 265990

Has anyone rolled? I am really tempted but i only have 1k dias
A keroppi and a melody suit are a must! Also i am surprised we didnt get a my melo or kitty suit yet, so i am hoping you are right and there are several waves. What about you?

No. 265992

File: 1672534096308.jpg (997.22 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20221231-214725_Lov…)

Ended up yoloing, big mistake these parts are UGLY. Learn from my mistakes and dont pull.

No. 267179

File: 1672952407138.jpg (219.95 KB, 1024x1024, tumblr_fa00f3f1164551f4ed24bbe…)

I haven't, apparently the pity timer is fucked and some people had to spend 7k to complete 1 single suit. No thanks. I'm ITCHING for the new hell event, with the whale/lighthouse suit. And the girl with the pearl earring, she's so cute and cheap. Because hells/hell reruns have been so sparse lately i'm sitting on 31k dias just patiently waiting…

No. 267350

File: 1673037867564.jpg (215.38 KB, 640x1191, 58lp6bsaufaa1.jpg)

They should give the Sanrio sets to people who already spent diamonds enough to get them, but weren't able to. Imagine only noticing such a big error in the last day of an event that won't return. Elex is so fucking incompetent.

No. 267353

Agreed, the compensation is nice and I'm surprised they're doing anything at all but many people missed out on the suits that will never return. Though I guess their hands are tied due to this being a collaboration.

No. 267392

Wtf that's such a huge error, how did they only notice it now. This is the reason why I stopped playing LN. They are so lazy with the english server

No. 267419

People kept pressing them through fb and discord because their costs were insanely high. They wouldn't have noticed or done anything otherwise.

No. 267736

File: 1673215581002.jpg (159.59 KB, 540x960, tumblr_ed786d6945c0050d664427b…)

After 84 years, we are finally getting the updated Star Sea and the recolor!

No. 267738

File: 1673215707068.jpg (1.44 MB, 2000x2000, Z2sqnGE.jpg)

The next update also comes with the new co op suit!

No. 268026

File: 1673288016074.jpeg (542.64 KB, 2000x2000, RNfK7k.jpeg)

The new hell event for CNY is a node pavilion. They literally combined the worst features of both formats into one dumpsterfire event. I hope chinese players riot, this is getting really stupid. And the suits aren't that special either. Winter has similar pose and composition as Agata's suit from Arcane Astrolabe, Spring is too busy, Summer is pretty but we have enough washed out pastel cloud suits. Autumn is actually nice but way too simple to be locked behind 80 pulls. Looking at other final hell suits it pales in comparison.

No. 268060

File: 1673293790190.jpg (58.69 KB, 341x312, IMG_20230110_011504.jpg)

The format sucks, the suit is basic and boring, but… I might still get it for this squirrel.

No. 268063

18k dias for a squirrel? In this economy?

No. 268104

Kek yes, because I really like squirrels.

No. 268206

File: 1673350310859.png (2.44 MB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20230109-204138.png)

I love the event dress in shining nikki right now, but god I hate the designer.
I got flashback from the little boy in love nikki, was it the maior?
Who impersonated his dead sister.
Both are annoying and have an unlikable character.
sorry for venting.

No. 268223

I think Yueniang was a villain in one of the previous chapters? But like was like omg I can't do this so is now just one of those 'pops up occasionally' characters. I don't really like him either but he's not gonna show up often.

No. 268394

Oh thank you nonnie, I am not far in the story and happy to hear he is not really important part of it.

No. 268837

Can a nonna talk me in/out of getting a monthly card? I feel stupid for spending real money on pixels in a dress up game but the current recharge suits have really nice hand poses…

No. 268847

Don't do it, anon, they could pull the plug anytime, like how the gacha Madoka game got the North American servers deleted completely with the only way to save your game being joining the Japanese server. Do you speak Chinese? If you don't, then don't spend money on the game.
Also, they could just suddenly delete the whole game any time, and that's it, like how tinierme got deleted, sure, they came back again after a few years, but all of the collaboration items just disappeared from existence because they lost the rights to use them probably.
Unless you're sure that the game will stay there forever, or for at least a year, then don't spend money on it, you could end up losing your money that you could've used to buy some nice food or clothes.
I personally prefer buying physical stuff, maybe try finding some nice, official love/shining Nikki merch, you will support the creators/company and you will have something physical that you will be able to choose to throw away or keep around.

No. 268869

I know I know…but it's just $5. I spend that daily on even stupider shit. I would never recharge again, I just have a mighty need for that archer suit.

No. 268876

Tbh, in that case I don't see why not, just don't make it a habit.

No. 273583

File: 1675609107059.png (2.46 MB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230203-112123.png)

Nonna, did you get it? I got the other glittery one but won't finish the ballet one.

Anyone here on server 3 want to trade IDs? picrel, me playing with 3d background

No. 273610

I did get it yes and I also got the echo so I'm going to get the recolor also. The glittery one is so pretty but I only have 10k dias left and I'm saving for a few hells. Sadly I'm in server 2 so I can't add you, that picture is so pretty! I don't often use the 3d background

No. 273652

I'm still experimenting but thanks. I hope we get another 3d one for free at some point. I just finished part 1 of the story today! I'm not f2p though I started that way…but I don't really spend on entertainment (no streaming services, not really ordering food or anything) so I set a limit for what I'll spend and stop after that. It is entertaining me and reducing stress so I justify it that way.

No. 274769

File: 1675992985504.jpg (37.71 KB, 680x907, a42.jpg)

I made a CN account, Elex is never going to have my money again lmao

No. 274811

Sorry for the stupid question, what does cn mean?

How can you nonnies handle the gem need in Shining Nikki?
I had the feeling in Love Nikki it was much easyer to get the dresses you want and save some gems.
Maye because I have no luck in random pulls.

No. 274915

I'm vip1, i think i once bought like a 1 euro outfit but that's it kek. I don't think it's a bad thing to spend money on the game as long it's not to much and you make sure to write it down. Gacha games have the tendency to slowly suck you dry because it are small amount of money you pay in a long period of time.

Cn means chinese, so anon is playing on the chinese server now.
I actually feel the opposite, I had a hard time saving dias in LN. There are a lot of outfits in SN that I skip because they're not my style, it's actually mostly SSR suits I like so I mostly manage to get the ones I like. Best advice i have for you is skip the outfits you don't like and craft a lot of the free suits!

No. 275088

Is there a tutorial on something? I would like to switch to CN too at some point, if we keep getting shafted. and I wanna have a backup acc in case the western server goes down.
That's how I justify it too. I've been playing LN for 4 years and don't see myself stopping until elex/paper pull the plug. However, I think it's good to set a limit, especially on the smaller recharges. They can add up quickly and like this anon said >>268847 you never know when it's all going to end and then you're left with nothing.

No. 275206

File: 1676150905980.jpg (85.19 KB, 439x439, information-cn-cloud-sword-lad…)

I was planning on skipping events until we get Foam of Mystery (mainly to save dias, partly because I didn't like them that much to begin with) but the new event is too cool dammit. I'm a sucker for white hair and makeups with beauty marks so I'm definitely going to get the scorpion girl. I just wish she had a separate leg pose like the other girl from the event.

No. 275210

File: 1676150998340.jpg (612.46 KB, 2215x2000, information-cn-cloud-sword-lad…)

Btw here's how the entire suit looks.

No. 275223

File: 1676157213373.jpg (784.71 KB, 2000x2386, information-cn-girl-with-a-pea…)

I love her makeup but I'm skipping personally. Can't wait for the Girl With the Pearl Earring suit tho

No. 275229

>Is there a tutorial or something?
Search for " How to get the CN server reddit ", the first result is what I followed to make my account.

No. 275250

File: 1676170312913.jpg (491.28 KB, 1800x1800, information-cn-gemini-zodiac-s…)

>I'm skipping personally
Ayrt and honestly, I can't blame you kek. Although I love the hair and makeup, the overall suit is kind of generic. And ngl the Girl with a Pearl Earring suit is gorgeous, I like the unique perspective and pose. Personally, I'm currently waiting for 多变双子/Variable Gemini the most.

No. 275282

Yes, I love the perspective! It's kinda genius how unique it is, but it still has a normal non tilted non 6head makeup. Ah the zodiac suits are so pretty! But I despise the format, I never have luck with it. Hopefully rng gods will be kind to you!

No. 275283

Maybe this is a well known technique but if you have gold to spare I highly recommend buying 'styling shopping' hair and decomping. It has to be the best way to quickly get dias, apart from opening comp boxes. Around 1000 hairs gave me 110 diamonds.

No. 275426

File: 1676236615180.jpg (609.58 KB, 2000x2000, information-cn-valentines-day-…)

I just love the background item from CN's valentines day event this year. Sucks that we didn't get anything like this for valentines day.

No. 275929

File: 1676435032967.jpg (365.7 KB, 1080x1173, IMG_20230215_095314.jpg)

I have a room in my LN home called 'classroom' it's cloud-themed and filled with furnitures I love the most in this game, but I just kept feeling like something was missing.. Like it felt soulless and dull. Today, I added a panda and realised exactly what that 'missing' thing was — animals, it was animals casually studying in the classroom, sitting alongside kimi and nikki chibis I got from the momo wish court. Idk, it's just cute and I have too many animal items I never used. Now, I'm surely going to expand the room and add more animals students in there.

No. 275962

It sucks but this event is so expensive! Almost 4k dias for two suits.
This is such a cute idea nonna!

No. 275963

File: 1676451122747.png (68.02 KB, 496x642, screenshot-www.instagram.com-2…)

There is a new fan art contest! You have to draw your dream makeup and it might end up in the game if devs are ot be believed? And get this, you get 100 dias and 7 days of daily diamond card if you just participate! I'm not an artist but I'll cook up something in photoshop just to get the rewards.

No. 276498

File: 1676671827232.png (473.25 KB, 1080x1080, dreamweaver-comeback-deers-whi…)

FINALLY! we're getting a comeback of this deer dreamweaver

No. 276500

File: 1676671916239.jpg (72.82 KB, 1080x1080, 331583411_518678910352196_8805…)

Along with this permanent penguin dreamweaver.

No. 276552

File: 1676684708968.png (819.62 KB, 720x762, IMG_20230218_041607.png)

I wonder when they are going to return this fucking event or the suit for crafting. It's been years.

No. 276637

ugh this was the first event I ever had and of course I didn’t finish it! Makes me salty that it never returned so far. It’s pretty old by now.
finally another dreamweaver, the suit that comes with it is super cute too! I wish we got those more regularly.
I caved too because I always looked forward to the metal bird suit. next events will be skipped for sure (I hope)

No. 279364

File: 1677666815524.jpg (269.88 KB, 800x900, 64476890216462.jpg)

NTA but I didn't realize the bird suit had posed leg/bottom. Now I regret not getting it.
What pieces have you gotten from the Wilton Night event? I had just enough for makeup, couch, coat, hosiery and the ring. Sidenote, anyone else find the new chapter suits really ugly? It's like with every chapter the quality goes up but the designs get worse somehow. Pic rel is a mess.

No. 279369

File: 1677667761042.png (2.77 MB, 828x1792, 6CE3538E-A2F6-4AC7-956B-FC4761…)

i got the whole suit because i love snake-thzmed stuff lol. i put it on my avatar immediately
i feedl you re chapter suits tho, i think that in general a lot of dresses are getting really overdesigned

No. 279375

My dumbass spend money to get 10 pulls for the last day of the CNY hell event in SN and I STILL have not gotten either reflection or any of the big pieces.
Nonnies please remind me to never spend money on Nikke games again

No. 279376

File: 1677676217470.jpg (794.19 KB, 1782x998, u27w74748.jpg)

>What pieces have you gotten from the Wilton Night event?
everything. At first I intended to get only the bg items and makeup but I love the pose. This one is a really good and cheap one with a simple and sleek design.
>the quality goes up but the designs get worse
Agree with this on some of the chapter evolution suits (looking at you sweet berry) and some newer suits in general especially ruin suits, some of them are hard to look at because they’re so overloaded with unnecessary details. There are lots of overdesigned suits in the game in general but if they have good individual parts I forgive them. picrel, I need to rant about some of the ugliest suits to me that have everything I dislike about new ruin designs don’t mind me
>head item looks like it can’t decide if it’s a frilly bonnet or a fastfood chain service worker cap, absolutely disgusting
>the color scheme, plus the teal bows above the weird cyber limes doesn’t match in an uncanny way
>cyber fries.
>purple and yellow again just WHY

No. 279384

they've had a lot of suits, esp ruin ones, with aboslutely baffling colour choices like bright teal, or terrible colour combinations

No. 279396

I love your avatar! The makeup and hair go perfectly with the pose.
RIP, this is why I abandoned SN, it's so much more of a money sink imo
Sweet Berry gets a pass from me because I like the headdress but I detest Wild Berry Garden. The weird hair tendrils, huge puffy top, the skirt that's just a bit too short, the peep toe and the tiny hat make me irrationally mad. It's not all bad (Moon Water Lotus is really pretty imo) but the OTT trend ruins what would otherwise be a cute suit idea. Ruin suits are definitely the biggest victims of overdesign and nonsensical themes. However, I'll take lime and teal over black/purple/blue color scheme any day.

No. 279406

File: 1677689092045.png (1.7 MB, 1281x721, q44jjfh1kwA.png)

New event dropped, I'm going to skip personally. It's just not my style.

No. 279718

File: 1677790324503.jpg (102.29 KB, 738x800, To_This_Event.jpg)

This event is so boring. I wish they'd just give us Foam of Mystery already.

No. 279852

It looks like they're saving it for anni unfortunately

No. 280909

My association got a lot of new members and they're mostly annoying zoomers. One of them has been spamming the asoc discord with stupid messages and complained that we aren't active enough. Like we are supposed to be friends kek we just made it to coordinate coop more easily.

No. 280968

All the event outfits including hells have become so repetitive and boring imo. recharges are the only place where i see interesting outfits but i refuse to give money because of the treatment of my server

No. 281050

Agreed. And until CN whales complain nothing will change. And they probably won't complain because recharges are still nice.

No. 281880

File: 1678505294383.png (616.92 KB, 1080x1080, new-diamond-consumption-event-…)

We got this new Diamond Consumption Event and it'll take around 999 dias to get the complete suit. Not going to lie, I'm in love with the tiny round fox with a calligraphy brush, but I hope they bring along some good event (yes, I'm once again begging for Foam of Mystery) because I don't know what else to spend my dias on. I don't really have a suit I want to craft either.

No. 282117

File: 1678567927770.png (310.53 KB, 504x1138, reeeee.png)

looks cute, will get.
my condolences
Agree with some of the hell suits being repetitive, but imo there are still good and unique ones coming that aren’t recharges plus it looks like they really stepped it up with the international server since so many players rightfully complained. I just want them to stop with the weird anatomy and posed items that don’t match with other items due to having extremely long legs or disproportionate size because what the hell, pic related
love the red haired suit but the other one is a pass, I plan on not cluttering my wardrobe further with suits I dont really want so I hate tiered events

No. 282204

I think FOM is not coming till the anniversary. If they bring FOM now they would have to give us the 4 locked pavillions hell for the anniversary which would cause outrage because it's would be way too soon for a new hell and especially one that is super expensive. There are a few events we don't have yet(girl with the pearl, retro girls, gemini), so they'll most likely bring one of those. Evernight hell is returning to Wishgate so you could spend your dias there? But I'd check the subreddit for crafting ideas, there are a lot of cute suits in the 1000-2000 dia range. You could craft DST makeups or maybe buy parts for Grice?

No. 282207

The length of the legs is what stopped me from getting this suit, it looks awful with most things. I don't get how the anatomy got worse over time.

No. 282611

File: 1678744106459.jpg (133.98 KB, 720x1259, IMG_20230314_031232.jpg)

What do you all think about the makeups that won? personally, I hope they'd give us the other makeups too that didn't rank first since I'm not really a fan of the 1st makeup (I prefer the ruin-inspired dst makeup with purple cracks over it). It looks gorgeous in the picture but there's too much going on around the cheek area, so I feel like it might not look the best in the game itself. It's not terrible though, I'm still happy as long as we'll get it for free kek.

No. 282612

File: 1678744176424.png (796.26 KB, 2048x2048, fan-art-contest-winners-redeem…)

>I prefer the ruin-inspired dst makeup with purple cracks over it
I was referring to picrel

No. 282640

I doubt they'll put it in the game. CN had a similar comp a while ago and afaik they still haven't added it.

No. 282746

File: 1678816253902.jpg (274.45 KB, 2048x2048, 334029830.jpg)

They are cute, but I can't believe this makeup didn't make it.

No. 282747

File: 1678816482216.png (106.28 KB, 640x640, 334146327.png)

This one is beautiful too.

No. 282753

File: 1678818577171.jpg (96.52 KB, 640x1058, IMG_20230314_235639.jpg)

Oh, thanks for letting me know nonnie! Guess I'll have to wait a lil longer then. Hope it indeed comes around anni and isn't delayed any longer than that, I want to have the leg item from FOM's pond girl so bad, since I can use it to create a legless/floating ghost.

No. 282931

File: 1678909462388.png (708.13 KB, 1080x1080, return-for-crafting-garden-sec…)

Does anyone know how many dias it takes to craft 'Dreams in a Dark Night'? I actually wanted to craft 'Destiny of Begonia' but unfortunately, I need to craft this first to have that.

No. 287900

File: 1680820663628.png (512.13 KB, 1080x1080, dreamweaver-comeback-night-pre…)

The new login gift is so cute

No. 288180

File: 1680906519633.png (620.22 KB, 1100x1100, new-login-event-return-for-cra…)

Woa, it finally returned for crafting. We'll also get FOM in the next update I guess.

No. 293619

I hope you were able to take advantage of last night's $0.99 1000 vip exp glitch! I got to v5, finished the event and got both recharges.

No. 294668

The new CN hell literally looks like the last anni hell..wtf is up with Paper? Another light colored frilly floating suit, another green cloud suit, more twins and yet another ugly red suit with weird makeup and random metal decorations floating around.

No. 294670

File: 1683450355363.jpg (741.81 KB, 2000x2000, ezgif-3-748fe44f2f.jpg)

Fire and air

No. 294671

File: 1683450410073.jpg (993.86 KB, 2000x2000, ezgif-3-59f0cfff1d.jpg)

Cloud girlies

No. 294672

File: 1683450495756.jpg (821.93 KB, 2000x2000, ezgif-3-574d517eae.jpg)

Go girl give us nothing

No. 294673

File: 1683450532347.jpg (599.08 KB, 2000x2000, ezgif-3-22ae482675.jpg)

Live2D suit

No. 294675

I apologize to anyone who likes these suits but IMO they have really lazy, boring, derivative concepts and the execution isn't there either. All of the makeups look awkward. The green cloud suit has slenderman proportions. Live2D is cute but kinda simple.

No. 294698

agreed. they look really messy and overdesigned. and you know you won't even be able to use them in your avatar or comp entries bc they're so big they'll always be halfway offscreen

No. 295024

File: 1683599741702.jpg (144.17 KB, 618x1181, IMG_20230509_080517.jpg)

>The green cloud suit has slenderman proportions
Kek ikr, she looks like an anachan.

No. 295221

File: 1683652970354.png (1.48 MB, 941x940, rapid star trip.png)

I fucking hate this god awful ugly suit so damn much. If that fucking propeller appears in Competition I always vote against it.

No. 295243

The makeup is giving ayy lmao
I'd actually argue green cloud lady and fire/air are under designed. The green cloud suit could be a welfare and the fire/air suits look like a 2k event.

No. 295244

File: 1683659547808.jpg (1.78 MB, 3264x3264, BeFunky-collage.jpg)

Recharges that will come with the hell event on CN

No. 295272

Don't all anime girls look like anachans?

No. 295289

the weiqi player is great. i'd like the first one more of her outfit had different colours. this shade of blue sucks

No. 296028

File: 1683987034648.jpg (504.36 KB, 2828x1485, fheuodusa4za1.jpg)

Here are all upcoming events for the global server! What are you saving up for nonnies?

No. 301804

File: 1686517126357.jpg (496.1 KB, 1080x2270, Screenshot_20230612_021826_Lov…)

It's finally here! I should've used my free tries but impatientass decided to complete it on the first day anyways. It took me around 2k with 7-800 more dias I think? But I'm in love with everything about this suit, I've been styling and creating cheesy stuff ever since I got my hands onto it. So, well, at least the extra dias I sacrificed for no reason were worth it kek since I don't regret getting this suit at all.

No. 301806

File: 1686517749889.jpg (505.12 KB, 2000x2000, information-cn-childrens-day-2…)

Out of these, I've been eyeing Virtual Butterfly and Stylish Shopper so far. Maybe I'll get the cloud suit from 4 seasons hell event or the right girl from Cloud Pharmacy too only if I can afford them I guess, there's also picrel that I like a lil bit because of the cute bk items. What about you nonna? Which ones are you most excited for?

No. 306052

anyone playing SN and excited about the anniversary? I stopped spending entirely awhile ago but let myself buy the discount pre-sale pulls since they were cheap & I had a gift card for Play Store anyway.

I think I want Glow… vidrel included demos of the two UR suits

No. 306648

File: 1688504055640.png (2.92 MB, 1080x2238, photo{0} 2023-04-24T11.28.31.p…)

I still think this is one of the most successful stylings I ever did, but I prefer to show more of the outfit than this image shows. I didn't submit in time for this week, sad.

No. 307587

File: 1688936774909.jpg (98.05 KB, 1108x972, q40mwp4jadq71.jpg)

I want this dreamweaver so bad. Wish the devs would release it soon.

No. 307950

Sorry Nonnies I have to whine a little.
I played both LN and SH for years religiously every day. But suddenly I have no energy or the want to open them.
Which is so weird because I really liked them.
It is so strange.

No. 323635

Anyone else bored by latest events? I hope we'll get something cute for Halloween, even the upcoming hells are kinda ugly.

No. 353055

File: 1706906301190.jpeg (232.62 KB, 828x1331, 1706906160352.jpeg)

I hate this shit with a burning passion, did they suddenly hire a furry or something? Could've gone with so many cool and fresh concepts but nah, now we have a suit with a fucking furry in the background. Honestly, I wouldn't have even disliked her as much if it weren't for the fact that this has 'a moid drew it' written all over it, judging by all that gross sexualisation and goddamned tits jumping out of her top.

No. 355080

Calm down, plenty of actual suits have tits jumping out the tops and weird ass descriptions too. It's awful but it's funny.

No. 359997

Enjoy those anthropomorphic tits then? If you can't tell the difference between women with tits and a furry with tits, there's a very little chance of anyone being able to have a normal conversation with you.

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