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File: 1660594791915.png (350.7 KB, 1197x898, guybrush.png)

No. 231080

Adjusted for inflation edition

>what are you playing?

>what are you looking forward to?

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No. 231084

File: 1660597966931.jpeg (111.04 KB, 750x762, FCF3D269-22EC-411A-AC67-5EFB54…)

i hopped back onto Destiny 2 again this weekend after i took a month-long break and it feels like coming home, sappy as that is. :') the new season starts next week and i'm really looking forward to it! Bungie has been doing pretty well with the story the last handful of seasons, so i'm excited to see what they have planned this time around.

No. 231088

Oh no, it's next week already? How long do I have to catch up with the current season? I sunk into FFXIV and completely neglected my Destiny gaming routine…

No. 231091

File: 1660600336315.jpg (4.03 MB, 4128x3096, 20220805_192015.jpg)

I'm playing dragon's dogma again and this is my character with one of the dragons of rotunda of dread glitching on one of those pillars after I killed it while it was flying. He fell off the pillar after I accidentally bumped onto him when I tried to jump back to my pawn to leave the place.

I'm looking forward to many games I won't be able to play anytime soon because no ps5, but especifically that harry potter game I hope it won't suck

No. 231118

I always like not spoilering myself and just waiting to see what happens when I log in. Hope they bring back Asher soon after that Splicer easter egg.
Spent time this week grinding out the last challenges/triumphs. Still have to do some more Sever runs.

The seasonal story/triumphs should be available for a few more months. Not sure about the challenges.

No. 231132

from how i understand it, the only time sensitive stuff being cycled out for season 18 will be the season pass, seasonal challenges, and the seasonal artifact mods. anything regarding the current season's story should still be available, but like with season 16, it and its currencies will probably take a backseat to whatever new offerings are released for 18.

you have until next tuesday (aug 23rd, 1pm est) to get any of what you deem a priority done in the mean time. good luck, nonna!

No. 231250

Electronic Arts buys off Maxis, is greedy, marketing strategy is monopolistic rip-off. Its games become ever more shit and ever more expensive because they don't have to try.
A challenger appears! Paradox Interative outcompetes shitty overpriced EA easily. They flourish, they grow, they become big.
They start getting traded publically. They adopt a new marketing strategy - monopolistic rip-off. Its games become ever more shit and ever more expensive because they don't have to try.
The circle continues…

No. 231284

I have the urge to play Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask. I don’t have an n64 and I have MM on the 3ds so… nonnas have tips on how I can get OoT on my puter

No. 231286

Playing Xenoblade Chronicles 3. I loved 1 and disliked 2, and I feel like Monolith Soft have atoned their sins to me. I'm having a blast questing and exploring. As is tradition though, the dialogue is still pretty cringe.

No. 231290

File: 1660660702702.jpg (111.17 KB, 616x353, cotl.jpg)

Anons, please play Cult of the Lamb. I'm amazed by how good it is. For those who aren't sure about getting it because it's a roguelike, I'll say that the game is worth the money based on the cult management sim part alone. The roguelike segments are honestly pretty secondary to your duties to the cult, and I find myself fulfilling cult followers' requests and performing rituals and sermons more frequently than I battle. It's like Binding of Isaac meets Animal Crossing. I play on normal difficulty and it's been relatively easy so long as I'm focused; there are other difficulties (easy, hard, and extra hard) that I haven't played either.

Will warn console players that there are a few softlocks to be cautious of in the early game. I play on PC and I haven't encountered any on my run, but it seems like those on Xbox and PS5 have had to restart a few times. Anyways, sorry for the sperg, play it!

No. 231293

Definitely exceeded my expectations based on the lukewarm response my moid friends had. Got it anyway, glad I did. My gf watches me play sometimes, my first follower was based on her and I unlocked the resurrection ritual so I can keep her forever. I even married her and we smooch irl when the game characters smooch… This game is as cute as it is edgy.

My problem with the roguelite segment has been that the more you advance the combat-related tree, the worse the options get because it opens up your weapon pool to things that may not suit your playstyle. I hate the slow weapons and a bunch of the curses but I have no way of "speccing" into any kinda build. Is there a build-focused feature later down the line? I cleared the first two dungeons and am on the last stage of the third one and if I get the super slow hammer I just wanna ragequit lol.

No. 231295

Download RetroArch, a multi-emulator program, then install a N64 core, I believe it's called Mupen64Plus. Configure the emulator's controls to your liking.
I would recommend Project64 which is the emulator I grew up and I'm most familiar with, but the devs have turned it into nagware now (the donation message you get every time you open it becomes more and more annoying each time) and I forgot which was the last decent version. Something like 1.7 I think.

Step 2 is finding the game. I recommend getting it from no-intro's N64 collection.
Also play the original MM, the 3DS version changed a lot of things for worse. In the last thread some people mentioned how one of the most fun parts of the original MM was Zora Link's swimming mechanic. There are other frustrating changes like Twinmold being near invincible when it shouldn't (iirc).

No. 231297

Here you go: https://emulation.gametechwiki.com/index.php/Nintendo_64_emulators

IIRC the N64 emulators aren't the easiest to use. If you want a graphical interface, looks like m64p is your best bet. Reddit is cancerous but I'm sure if you searched for OoT emulation on Reddit you'd find some setups that work. You can also probably find a place to download the game itself if you don't have a copy on your computer. Also, avoid any website that claims to let you play the game directly in your browser. Have fun!

No. 231308

File: 1660665808883.jpg (131.71 KB, 1091x614, hero.jpg)

Has anyanon played Wytchwood yet? I don't really play craft sims but it looks pretty and relaxing.

No. 231380

Great OST too

No. 231506

It's not really a craft sim imo, it's more quest focused, with a side of combat. But it's comfy.

No. 231819

File: 1660809589599.jpeg (732.92 KB, 2400x1350, hero.jpeg)

I didn't even know what fun was until I played this game. Holy shit I am endlessly entertained.

No. 231837

Has anyone finished Xenoblade 3? If so, is it great? I loved the first one but X was meh and I won't even speak about 2.

>>231293 >>231290
Thanks for the reviews nonnas.

I finished almost all zelda games and it's my least favourite. I'm glad others are able to have fun with it and I can even understand why but I really hope Nintendo get their shit together for the next one. It was a good game but a bad zelda.

No. 231838

I feel you about Breath of The Wild. Which Zelda is your favorite?

No. 231847

File: 1660816976770.jpeg (540.81 KB, 828x1327, 06B932A0-58A2-4364-8734-6CCC08…)

I was just going to say! When I read this tweet I was surprised. He did awesome.

No. 231860

Minish Cap and Wind Waker, they are both so pretty and fun to play. I also loved Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks. But honestly I couldn't even rank them. I love Zelda because I love puzzles. Breath of The Wild has puzzles but they are everywhere and too easy which makes them boring and annoying. The dungeons like the world felt giant but empty. When I finished the first dungeons I couldn't believe I just finished 1/ 4 of the game. I won't even speak about the final boss since he becomes ridiculously easy by finishing the dungeons. Just why?! The story and the lore were so bare too. Everything that could have been interesting happens in the cinematics. It felt like they finished the map and had Link running around and someone at nintendo decided it was good enough for an open world game. I was extremely confused when I saw the reviews and I really hope they try harder with the next one.

What's your favourite nonna?

No. 231879

nayrt and I loved BotW but I def have grievances about it with the things you said too. The dungeons in previous games were all themed so well and here it was just more of the same kind of puzzles with like zero theming, just giant shrines basically. I hope the bring back legitimate dungeons for 2. I greatly enjoyed the overworld though, I could explore it all day just because it’s fun to run or climb to new areas, but sometimes I wish there was more to do. I felt this in Elden Ring as well (not that they’re super comparable but since people were doing it anyway all over the internet). You’d get excited to explore an area that looks like it will lead to something only to be found with nothing, sometimes not even an item. I don’t understand the point of creating an area that looks like it will payoff only to give the player no reason to.

No. 231934

File: 1660847770397.jpg (150.43 KB, 1280x720, attempt38.jpg)

Anynonny play Cleo: A Pirate's Tale? It's this cute pixel adventure mystery that just came out, I loved playing it but have mixed feelings about it after I finished the game. It's entertaining and has great story beats but I disliked how our player character, a fourteen year old girl, gets blackout drunk on no fewer than three occasions during the latter half of the game. There's also the story's end where she goes back to work at her dad's bar and doesn't tell anyone about her adventure. Instead, she "learned to listen" and tells stories of all the moids who shaped her journey so that they can remain conscious in the afterlife. That one left a bad taste in my mouth and was enough to make me think this one of the few games that would have been better with a moid protagonist instead of a girl. But I still recommend the game if you want to kill an afternoon with some silly and obtuse puzzles and don't mind the unfortunate implications.

No. 231957

Got it based on your reviews only, and I'm enjoying it a lot, thanks nonnas !

No. 232200

File: 1660961454797.jpg (111.09 KB, 372x660, Pilot-TheAuditor.jpg)

Started playing Brigador. The destruction mechanics is so fun and satisfying. I vent my frustrations by blowing up mansions and skyscrapers

No. 232269

Just been plaything through this myself, I'm only at the tail end of chapter 1, but I'm adoring it so far. I grew up on old adventure games so it's entirely my jam.
Love the acting and artwork, the humors been very fun, a few questionable parts but nothing that doesn't give it a hearty recommendation.

No. 232365

File: 1661038382375.jpeg (632.67 KB, 1170x857, C25EC2A2-D645-483E-A7DD-7ACD19…)

Does anyone know of female retro game (stuff like sega saturn/dreamcast, ps1/ps2, arcade) vloggers? I’ve only seen moids/troons cover that kind of stuff and it’s pretty alienating.

No. 232367

i dont have any recs but i know how you feel anon. i dont even bother looking anymore. i feel like its a perpetuating cycle of us feeling outcast by the fandoms for this stuff being like 95% male, and the ones you think might be fellow women are just trannies. i think we tend to keep to ourselves.

No. 232368

i just googled this since idk anything about brigador and i am fascinated by this character. what a cool idea for a game's "easy mode".

No. 232378

I only know of a Twitch streamer who plays retro games but I've already posted about her in the female creators thread

No. 232403

I'm finally getting around to playing psychonauts 2 and there's a themmie in it. It took me forever to notice because both the character design and voice are obviously a woman. I assumed all the usages of "they" were referring to multiple characters

No. 232425

File: 1661058263675.png (3.8 MB, 1876x1044, Untitled.png)

playing character creation demos for fun

No. 232429

File: 1661059723799.jpg (34.82 KB, 263x467, Marie_locke.jpg)

I just really like her design. Her easy mode thing is just a bonus kek. Also the game has cheats you can turn on like invincibility and infinite ammo if you just wanna go ape and shoot stuff for a while in freelance mode.

No. 232474

I wish this series wasn't so raunchy, I love super detailed character creators.
Really hoping Starfield meets my expectations.

No. 232476

What? There are about a billion shrines to complete, how did finishing some of them feel like a quarter of the game was over? That alone is hours of entertainment. There are a billion side quests and shrine quests also. That being said I have never played any Zelda before BoTW so I'm an ignorant fool.

No. 232484

>That being said I have never played any Zelda before BoTW so I'm an ignorant fool.
Yes, you are and that's fine. I'm glad you are enjoying it. But the shrines in BoTW made me feel like the game was designed to be played by a monkey. I can't even call them puzzles.

No. 232485

I guess I just don't understand how completing like 60 shrines feels too quick for you. That seems like a healthy amount of action for a quarter of the game. Did you just do the shrines and beat the Calamity beasts and call it done?

No. 232486

Samefag and I just realized how retarded it is to only list 2 things as 100% of the game when you clearly said the shrines were 1/4 of it but idk.

No. 232584

My wife keeps telling me to play this to which my response is always "mehhhhh" because I have the 'tism and playing new games feels weird to me. I love watching her play because the art style is great and it has a nice chill atmosphere but I've never really "got on" with Zelda games before. I liked Wind Waker most because I just spent my time looking for treasure at sea. One day I'll get around to it.

I liked Saints Row 1 & 2 when they first came out as I was heavily into sandbox games then but the third one ruined it. It was always a jokey franchise but it was total overkill with the sex jokes and everything else. "hurrr dildo penis boobies farts durrr". I bought the 4th one for peanuts in a PSN store sale and I mainly just use it for the character creator, kek. I keep telling myself I'm gonna complete the game but I only do stuff to get the money to go clothes shopping.

No. 232607

Glad I'm not the only one who hates saint row 3. It completely fucked up the "serious but still dark humor" tone of the first two. Saints row 4 was a good superpower sim game tho. I used to waste time in that game ignoring the plot and just running around with the super speed and climbing buildings and shit

No. 232609

SR3 is so loved and I just… don't get it? Even if you overlook the atrocious writing it's just not that fun. SR2 will forever be my favourite of the series and potentially top 10 material. But yeah, it is fun running around in the 4th. I lost like two hours collecting those little blue thingies lol. It's such fun to collect stuff with superpowers. The gameplay actually reminds me a lot of Crackdown which is what saves the game for me.

No. 233093

So we're pirates this season. Well, more Mithrax and Drifter is fun and we gotta see our Guardians face again! Well, maybe Vex next season…
Also was maybe a little worried Lightfall would be dark, I'm not watching the reveal, but the preorder thing being so synthwave made me feel a bit better that it wont.

No. 233132

It makes me lonely how Crow is missing whenever the fallen are the focus of a season. I just want to see him interacting with them or hanging around the last city. I wonder if we'll get some kind of acknowledgement from him about Spider later on in the season.

No. 233175

It makes sense he wouldn't want to fight the pirates, but I really want some reaction from Variks.

No. 233251

File: 1661346087311.png (62.04 KB, 256x192, 16-1.png)

I want to buy my bf a Nintendo Switch (Lite) for Christmas. He is an extremely talented gamer. Which new-ish (last 5-10 years) Pokemon game on the Switch is the most difficult? He's playing Pokemon Reborn right now and enjoying it, if that helps at all.

No. 233252

> He is an extremely talented gamer
anon kek sorry but i laughed at this

No. 233254

He is! He's high rank in the games he plays. But still lol fuk u (jk)

No. 233407

Oh nonny. This has got to be a troll post ("extremely talented gamer"? Wtf).
But just in case you're serious, Pokemon Reborn is a fangame made on RPG Maker, and for PC. There are no "difficult" Pokemon games on the Switch, there hasn't been one in ages. Especially compared to fangames that are specifically created to be challenging. Maybe you could wait until the new game Scarlet/Violet comes out and buy it for him just so he can see for himself how shit it is. But if he's one of those super loyal Pokemon fans and not fed up with the quality of recent games (doesn't sound like it tho), he's going to love it.
I'd recommend getting him a game from a different franchise, one that's actually challenging. But be careful not to buy him a commonly recommended game that's actually a port of a game he has already played on another platform, like Dark Souls or Cuphead. Maybe some difficult Japanese RPG since your boyfriend seems to like JRPGs that are hard to progress through.

No. 233529

Thank you for the advice nonna! I should have just left the part about my bf/his skill level out completely as to not trigger everyone kek. How the fuck else do you convey skill level. Anyways I will probably just let him choose a game after I give him the Switch bc I can't find a straight answer and so many Pokemon games seem to differ. I don't wanna waste money on a game he may not be into. He hasn't played a Pokemon game since Gameboy (besides Reborn) and some of the newer ones are apparently still kinda for kids. I don't see how it being a PC game factors into this but thank you for your consideration nonnington.

No. 233636

File: 1661453088296.jpg (614.91 KB, 800x1107, Jade_Empire_Limited[1].jpg)

Finished Jade Empire, I think it's the first time I ever played a RPG where you don't have equipment. Also one of the shortest, and certainly the most dynamic Bioware RPG (you can do rolls, jump behind the target and 1 click = 1 hit). Very original overall, 25 different fighting styles, fun side quests, fun companions (one never fights and just throws alcohol at you to make you drunk box), and there's even a top down shooter plane minigame between levels
Not a big fan however of the dog shit character customization (you have 6 models to choose from, you can't change clothes, that's it) and of the very unfortunate wardrobe choices for female characters that make you flash your panties whenever you roll

No. 233835

File: 1661525288247.jpg (694.07 KB, 1403x827, ss_06e4512f3c3f494a621b0a2894e…)

Any nonnas used/use RPGMaker? I used to play aroud with it so much as a kid, RPG Maker 2000 was my shit. I got VX Ace the other day but I can't channel that magic anymore. I used to make custom sprites, download music from forums, all that good shit. I miss being a creative teenager…

No. 233841

I wanted to, but I never found a free version and at that point in time I've already killed my computer one too many times to carelessly click at links and download stuff for free.

No. 233843

ayrt, I'm BR and played a free fan translated version. It was a blessing, actually, because I would have never been able to afford it. Coincidentally, the fan translation site had a cow theme.

No. 233846

I want to get into it to make a little game for myself just for fun but no computer. I used to play so many free rpgmaker games, fun times, but never actually used rpgmaker cus at the time I couldn't find a free version.
Maybe when I get a computer again.

No. 233848

samefag still playing XB3, at the end of chapter 5 currently. The amount of sidequests in this game is exhausting me now. I keep having to force myself out of them to get on with the story. I felt this way about BoTW too, never reached Ganon because I was trying to do all the side content first before I burned out. I feel like I'm getting old or something, are games making shorter campaigns and making up for it with side content now?

No. 233916

Aren't you supposed to take your time with side quests? I'm not interested in XB3 at all, but I remember that in XC1 most quests were just "gather this number of items" or "defeat this enemy from this area" and once you did that you automatically received exp and money so you would just do that without even trying. But I was also burned out from the side quests in XC2 (which I liked way more overall) because while they were way more interesting as a whole and there were less quests, they were way longer and you had to go to a bunch of areas and talk to the quest givers afterwards. I stopped doing the blade quests and just beat the last boss at some point and started the Torna DLC because of it.

No. 233940

File: 1661555592180.jpg (14.46 KB, 300x168, download.jpg)

Downloading Skyrim again, can any nonas recommend some good graphics mods?

No. 233968

If you need a fun switch game to play coop locally the new wario is really great. I have a lot of fun with it with my bf. I love all the different characters and the soundtrack

No. 234005

Nona has been sharing her fav mods in the TES thread >>225157

No. 234056

Oh man, I loved this game when I was younger. I remember trying for a threesome with the two female protagonists but fucking it up because I didn't follow a guide and they both left me, KEK. I slept with the guy in blue instead, I didn't want my character to feel lonely. It probably won't hold up too good today but it's on my to-buy list for when I get an OG xbox for the sheer nostalgia of it. I absolutely loved the design, it was a refreshing setting and I think they did good mixing in Chinese folklore and mythology.

No. 234062

Bless you and her both

No. 234269

File: 1661667632892.png (472.89 KB, 640x360, splatoon-3.png)

Anyone play the Splatoon 3 demo? What team did you pick? What did you think of the new weapons, specials, and the new tricolor battle?

I played on Team Rock and alternated between the Aerospray and N-Zap. The new Reefslider special is fun and the Tacticooler is neat but a bit OP, especially if your other teammates have the same special. If you time it properly, you can stagger them and have instant respawn constantly. Initially, I didn't like the tricolor battle but the more I played it, the more I started to like it. I still prefer the regular mode over it though. I imagine that it's pretty annoying to be the defending team. I've seen so many Team Scissor players complain about it lol

No. 234294

I was also on team rock! I used the splatana (really fun, definitely maining it when the full game comes out) and splat dualies. I think the issue people have with the tricolour battles has less to do with the mode itself but rather the map they used for it this time around. The defending team is pretty much stuck in the middle the whole time with no real chances to ink the enemy sides of the map. Hopefully this will be resolved in future splatfests.

No. 234296

File: 1661693536920.jpeg (22.47 KB, 788x389, images - 2022-08-28T213045.508…)

Nonnas what's your favorite puzzle games? I have a lot but recently been playing baba is you. It's such a cute game with a simple premise but difficult levels.

No. 234297

File: 1661694483748.png (1.66 MB, 1236x927, the wwitness.png)

My favorite puzzle game is The Winess! It's absolutely amazing, I have sinked so many hours into it and it's still feel full of secrets. I was actually about to make a long post about it before seeing your post. I swear to god I can't stop thinking about it. Also, you just reminded me that I need to try baba is you, it looks very fun!

No. 234304

File: 1661696589230.jpg (69.44 KB, 616x353, capsule_616x353[1].jpg)

I found nothing that got quite satisfying as finishing a Spacechem level, but since solving them takes as much brain power as solving real-life engineering problems I haven't finished the game yet…

No. 234308

I dislike puzzle games and never play them. I guess i'm insecure because i think i'm too dumb to get through them, when i watch other people play them and resolve things i'm like "yup, would have never guessed it".

Also i love RPGs too much and need to feel a world filled with life and interactions, and most of these games feel very lonely to me. I could overcome that feeling though, i can enjoy platformers, hack and slash, and many other genres even though they are often devoid of "life" as well.

I'd like to one day enjoy one, just as character development you know.

No. 234311

You could try point and click games first, they're basically RPG worlds with puzzles

No. 234358

I got this free with PS+ and I'm glad I didn't spend any money because I couldn't get into it at all. I guess the whole point of the game is not giving clear explanation s and wanting you to figure it out by yourself, but it was too obtuse for me.

No. 234364

File: 1661712431206.png (2.37 MB, 1648x927, the witness2.png)

>the game is not giving clear explanation and wanting you to figure it out by yourself
yeah, that's one of the best but also sometimes most frustrating aspect of the game. There is one complicated rule all across the game but you only see one specific cases at the time, and you have to figure it out zone after zone. It's like slowly learning the language of the island and everything including the environment is a puzzle! Do you remenber at what place you were stuck, if you want I could give you directions (without any spoiler) of some of the best zone to start the game? If you like puzzle game, it is really worth trying again imo, it's such a rich world!

No. 234377

I only finished the Symmetry area in the beginning, but I already decided it's not for me. There's no point looking up guides to the puzzles when that's the whole game and there isn't any story besides dumb philosophical monologues.

No. 234404

I love cyan games the most, Riven is my all time favorite, I liked Obduction and I'm really looking forward to Firmament. Quern was ok, the story is garbage and terribly written but the puzzles themselves are pretty good. Painscreek Killings was pretty good too (though the ending kinda ruined it).

No. 234405

it's a shitty game with boring, bad puzzles. you're not too stupid, the puzzles are stupid.

No. 234411

Sounds like someone got filtered

No. 234412

File: 1661722240497.jpg (774.82 KB, 2000x1000, Machinarium.jpg)

Still on the topic of puzzle game, has anyone played some of Amanita Design games ? They look stunning but I don't really know if I should start with Machinarium, Botaniculla or Samorost.

>there isn't any story besides dumb philosophical monologues
I'm a philosophyfag so I genuinely loved that part kek, oh well, different strokes for different folks I guess.

>the puzzles are stupid
Do you have exemples? No hate, I'm genuinely wondering, apart from one specific area, I think the puzzle were fair and just the righ level of difficulty.

No. 234416

I just bought a bunch of DLCs for 3DS games and downloaded patches because today is the last day when you can buy anything. I have Bravely Default and Second and want to try them soon, I started files and by default you get long cutscenes with some English dub, and I can only switch to Japanese voices afterwards. Isn't there a way to change that setting before starting a new file? Because that's really annoying, I don't want to hear the same 3 American voice actors in my JRPGs.

No. 234418

i personally play puzzle games to be stumped. there's a frustrating joy that comes with solving something that took you hours to solve lol. Completely understand what you mean though. People play games to be immersed and if puzzle games doesn't do that for you, then it's best not to force yourself.

No. 234421

File: 1661724854946.jpg (181.53 KB, 926x1500, 8194T6OatxL._SL1500_.jpg)

i started playing katamari again, i forgot how much i love that game. i haven't played any of the others, are they good?

No. 234433

I've only played We Love Katamari, but it's a lot better than the first game imo. I wish it would get a Reroll

No. 234459

That's a tough one anon because unfornately like >>232367 said, the market for this kinda thing is heavily skeweed as male. I would've suggested PushingUpRoses but she's not a vlogger and she hasn't done a review for games in years as she moved onto doing tv shows. It sucked because she covered a lot of PC and SNES games .

No. 234471

I've played this, We Love Katamari and Katamari Forever. We Love Katamari will is my favorite, it has the best soundtrack and the best levels. But it's 11/10 while the other two are 10/10.

No. 234488

any other anons here play mmos completely solitary, i have tried to play with others but men dominate the playerbases and are so selfish and cringe to play with, they have no concept of team work. its kinda lonely

No. 234506

File: 1661757284263.jpg (115.27 KB, 828x560, tumblr_731c631d600ea0688d45867…)

I've thought about playing MMOs solo for a long time. I never have the guts to do it because it seems like it wouldn't be viable for bosses or raids or whatever. Do you ever struggle with difficulty while playing alone or is it alright?

No. 234594

Machinarium was pretty charming but the goddamn last puzzle was a pain in the ass. Didn't try the others though

No. 234599

File: 1661795462629.jpeg (19.43 KB, 280x285, 2B748F17-8665-4790-AB4A-3C7C20…)

tfw you preorder hogwarts legacy on steam but your friend list is full of tras

No. 234683

> because today is the last day when you can buy anything
The eshop doesn’t close until March 2023, you just can’t add funds to your 3ds account anymore. However if you have your switch and 3ds accounts linked then you can just use your switch eshop funds to buy things.

No. 234686

File: 1661813115775.gif (1.02 MB, 245x300, tumblr_olb78iEpl51sg75a4o1_250…)

I played and loved all of them. I played Machinarium the last but I think it would be the best introductory game. Samorost games are wacky off the wall adventures and my favorites. The first game is super short though and you can actually play it online, or you could, not sure if flash being dead makes it impossible to play now. Botanicula didn't make a huge impression, it was cute however!

No. 234687

I already couldn't anymore before that though, I had to add money through the nintendo website on desktop to buy more stuff.

No. 234701

KEK. Same. Don't give a fuck.

No. 234758

What's the silliest reason you stopped playing a game you should have liked? Sakuna seemed perfect, but I couldn't get over (chapter 1 spoiler) how you end up in the situation because of the stupid humans, and then you're stuck with those idiots the rest of the game. I stopped playing after less than 5 hours. I kept getting annoyed by it.

No. 234771

Get rid of them ew gross

No. 234776

How many times must people be told NEVER PRE-ORDER GAMES.

No. 234777

samefag but I think the Hogwarts legacy game is gonna be good but I'm not pre-ordering because cyberpunk seemed like it would be good too and we all know how that turned out. I just can't trust modern games to be playable at launch anymore

No. 234853

You could add funds directly with a nintendo gift card but not a credit card.

No. 234855

File: 1661859709813.png (102.25 KB, 270x301, 1592202598828.png)

From the way it was explained in my language on the Nintendo website I thought you couldn't add funds either way starting from today but if you had codes to download specific DLCs or games you could still add them and download them. Maybe it's a mistranslation. By the way, I bought Pokemon Blue and Gold on the 3DS because my GBC is all fucked up thanks to my youngest sister fucking it up when she was still young, and I think the internal battery of my Crystal cartridge needs to be replaced because it can't save progress anymore. Would that be stupid if I also bought Yellow and Crystal? I had all the versions for gen 1 and 2 at the time because they were dirt cheap if bought second hand when I was a kid so if I can still add funds I still have time to do it. What do you think? I got Gold because my baby daughter, pic related, isn't in Crystal.

No. 234874

I stopped playing destroy all humans right in the beginning because they wanted me to hurt a cow and I couldn't stomach it, I only wanted to destroy all humans!

No. 234893

Stopped playing Daggerfall after I realized that the whole game was going to look like that

No. 234939

Have you tried Daggerfall Unity?

No. 234982

I stopped playing a Harvest Moon game (Animal Parade?) because I didn’t want my farm animals to die.

No. 235053

which silent hill should I play first? I haven't played any yet. I've heard 3 is the best and to start with that but I'm not sure.

No. 235062

If you can tolerate PlayStation 1 graphics, you might want to start with Silent Hill 1 because it's story is directly connected to 3.

On the other hand, Silent Hill 2's story is unconnected to the other games, and a lot of people consider it the best one, so that might be a good place to start too.

No. 235152

I've stopped playing multiple RPGs because my character didn't feel "believable" enough to me or fit into the story in a way I found satisfying, and also Grand Theft Auto V because I was trying to roleplay as the three protagonists by making choices I thought they'd make and completing missions in a "realistic" way. I'd also do stuff like dumping every car I stole in a remote area and pouring petrol over it so I could blow it up because muh realism. Yes I have autism and yes it has a stranglehold on me.

No. 235185

Oh my god yes nonnie i've been playing MMOs alone all my life and the few times i had to group with moids for a specific quest or something, i HATED it and often lost interest in the game quickly after because the higher level you are, the more you have to interact with other people. They really don't understand teamwork, subhumans pieces of shit.

I so wish there was an easy way to find other women, a filter or something. I'd love it so much but as of year 2022 i think troons would find a way to ruin this as well. I'd go back to FF14 if i could filter men out when doing a donjon or a particular quest.

No. 235190

Wait, are there JRPGs you even like? Most of them aren't very believable, even when taking into account the rules in their respective settings.

No. 235209

I don't really like JRPGs. The last one I enjoyed was a remake of the first Final Fantasy for the PSP. I don't mean believable as in their circumstances because video games will always be extraordinary for obvious reasons. I mean believable as in "does the character I've created feel like they would do this". I've got a terrible habit of writing a novel in my head about who my character is and their motivations, beliefs, etc and then I remember there's a game world I've got to fit them into, lol. I now use a test character to get a feel for a game and then write my "real" character around the events of the game I plan to take, the companions I wish to use, the playstyle I like, etc.

No. 235221

So you prefer RPGs with silent protagonists then?

No. 235230

I tried many times, but it takes waaaaaay too long to accomplish things in the mid to late game usually. Raids and late game content are also a pain, you basically need a guild to do anything.

No. 235239

Sis I just might

No. 235240

I'm just not too into JRPGs, idk why they just don't click with me. I don't mind voiced or silent protagonist, like the Mass Effect series is top ten material for me, and at the moment I'm working on figuring out my character for Fallout 4. I can't say I have a preference either way, as long I enjoy the story and can control my autism I'm good to go.

No. 235286

That's kind of a bummer but I guess it makes sense. MMOs are meant to be social after all. I guess I'll stick to single player games to get my fix

No. 235350

I recommend ffxiv for you nonnie. You can solo dungeons with npcs and the raids you get automatically partied with people and they wont even talk to you aside from a 'hello!' Or 'nice game!'

I am in ffxiv hell right now and it's a fucking pain to wait for party members as a dps but aside from that it's a fun mmo you can solo

No. 235394

black desert online is the most solo mmo i've played. I'm in a guild because it provides a daily payout and passive skills but I don't interact with the people in it despite being a member for 4 years. there's some group content in the game, dungeons and things that have come out in the last couple years or so but you can gear up and achieve most things in the game solo.

No. 235452

Has anyone played ooblets and what’d you think?

No. 235512

I played Ooblets a bunch when it first came out, and stopped playing around the Port Forward update. It's cute and I liked it but there's definitely some downsides when I played
>Repetitive button presses during farming, hurt my hand
>Some Ooblets, dance moves, and Plenny's orders are unbalanced. Spent too much time growing zinookas and making blue goo pie
>Frustrating early quests like growing crops for someone that take 7+ days to grow, and you can't raise friendship with that townie until it's done
It's got a lot of personality, which is great if you like tumblresque quirky humor and less great if you don't. The devs might have patched some of these complaints already, but the game is nice regardless

No. 235749

Only just now heard about this, how good is it? I've heard it's like Rune Factory (which I love) but can you do shit like… customize anything? Not that it'd dissuade me, but it'd be the icing on the cake. The art style's cute, iif a bit CalArts-y.

No. 235755

I could never finish Jade Empire because my character would cartwheel everywhere and I'd get physically ill from it

No. 235756

Yooo can we be Steam pals so I can leech off your pawns?

No. 235795

File: 1662168165581.jpg (68.35 KB, 1024x768, f84f33796415ac594d096c8d2c9386…)

I'm looking for a game that's like Flicky but like, not arcade.

No. 235812

File: 1662172684241.jpg (852.18 KB, 1280x917, 7090274_p0.jpg)

baba is you is so cute! I had a lot of fun with it, but I felt so incredibly stupid playing it, it filtered me extra hard kek. My favorite puzzle games are anything in the Layton series. They're not hard by any means, but the art style, music, and stories are really well-made and very relaxing.

No. 235827

File: 1662178290064.jpg (190.79 KB, 1280x720, 7e179905-c6dd-4926-9bf7-65be3a…)

Does Sonic 3D Blast count?

No. 235851

File: 1662189469786.jpg (377.45 KB, 402x1200, MTBILav.jpg)

I did the same thing but I took an even longer break than you did (I dropped D2 before Witch Queen launched by a few weeks) the monetization of the game and the time repetitive nature of the game drove me away.
I used the free week to my advantage and absolutely fell in love with the game again, I wish I snagged a copy from my friend earlier but I was on the fence about about it. The Witch Queen campaign was so good and FINALLY bungie made the game difficult without the use of champions! Last time they did that was when you could replay some red war campaign quests. It goes without saying that the story was also so satisfying I hope the Witness doesn't become the new "it was Savathun all along" or another redemption arc, I'm aware that the witness have existed in destiny's concept art since the beginning.
I wonder what they're going to do after Lightfall, hard to imagine this game going on without the big bad hive gods/goddesses and the witness.
FFXIV filled the void in my heart that D2 left but something about it just couldn't replace it, the gameplay/mechanics felt so boring. I reached Heavensward and I'm on the fence about buying the game + subscription shitty conversion rates is making me regret waiting on the game also something about how not paying the subscription means I lose access to my account rubs me the wrong way.
I feel like I've been really bad at staying away from spoilers since certain characters deaths were spoiled to me but oh well.
I always played multiplayer games on my own. You don't really need communication but I guess it becomes necessary when you reach endgame content. Give it a go and try to find clans/guilds/groups that are dominated people at least in their 20s.

No. 235862

File: 1662200080920.jpg (93.12 KB, 941x941, AfDpj0a[1].jpg)

What the hell I was expecting it to be the worst RPG ever but it was good! I mean it would have been great without EA fucking around and making Bioware do a game in 1 year when they did the previous one in 7 years, but the gameplay was much better than in DA:O and when it got released it probably had the best companion interactions in a WRPG
Also I believe there's some material that came from Neverwinter Nights expansions: Varric is a male version of Dorna Trapspringer from Shadows of Undrentide, Aveline looks like Aribeth and the parts where your companions can betray you feel the same as the ending of Hordes of the Underdark (both written by David Gaider)

No. 235864

I'm 90% sure we won't get rid of the Witness or the Darkness in Lightfall and there's stil Xivu to deal with. They'll somehow manage to stretch it out and I'll keep playing because I love the art direction, music, Variks, My Warlock, and Crow.

No. 235865

Wait Varaiks? Out of all the characters why do you like him??

No. 235866

He was my favorite character in the first game. He just gives off these gap moe old man vibes that I think are really cute. If he wasn't a scary alien guy I would totally husbando him.

No. 235876

File: 1662205513369.jpg (118.77 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (34).jpg)

Nonny, what PC games would you recommend similar to Danganronpa and ESPECIALLY Ace Attorney? I had a lot of fun with both of the franchises. I also played Aviary Attorney but its an indie AA-inspired game with a bunch of bugs.

No. 235880

File: 1662208534041.jpeg (60.51 KB, 451x680, images - 2022-09-03T203234.742…)

not a pc game but you should try ghost trick!! The same creators from ace attorney. It's gameplay isn't the same as the two but it's story is honestly worth jumping into. It has the same obnoxiously exaggerated charm of aa

No. 235881

File: 1662208879974.png (115.72 KB, 250x191, 919DC81B-CCB3-4CB8-B528-5C51EB…)

How about Your Turn to Die? You can find the English version on vgperson's website.

No. 235896

How about nonary games or wtv? I don't play those type of games because I am a pussy.

No. 235947

Been playing this and it is really fun. Love the combo of roguelike and life sim and the characters are so cute. I love the little follower voices and expressions.

No. 236958

Is Here Comes Niko a troon game?

No. 236959

File: 1662569732080.jpg (91.88 KB, 616x353, capsule_616x353.jpg)

Dropped pic

No. 236977

File: 1662575671917.png (202.34 KB, 250x445, nikodev.png)

Yes. And it tries really hard to make the mother of the enby child whose run away the villain.

No. 236978

Nonny, it's the most boring game you will ever play, not worth it.

No. 237045

Not surprising. It definitely gave off the vibes. I thought if it was made by a normal person it might be cute but if it’s also boring like >>236978 said then that gives me two reasons to pass.

No. 237312

File: 1662649010698.jpg (305.6 KB, 1920x1080, FUvvTtcWUAMLug7-1920x1080-1.jp…)

has anyone gotten dreamlight valley for the switch? is it worth the money? i really like disney but i'm unsure whether i should get it because it seems like some weird farmville x disney crossover… also i really hate shit with microtransactions/pay2win.

No. 237337

from what I've seen it plays more like animal crossing however it apparently runs like shit on the switch

No. 237338

I love the Layton series with all my heart!

No. 237352

Nta but not really ab animal crossing. It has a lot of quests you can do for which you dont need to wait 24hours. Imo it seems like a good game but its full of bugs at the moments and its…disney

No. 237396

So puzzle games are my favorite but im very picky. I like the "we were here" series but only the last on "we were here forever" is worth it if we are talking price and game length.
I also liked escape simulator. But we got through it fast.
Right now we are playing escape academy and its pretty good now that they added the split screen option.
I mostly play the multiplayer coop puzzles because my boyfriend and i love playing them together. Lol need more coop puzzle game recommendations!

No. 237696

File: 1662760267733.jpg (253.56 KB, 1600x900, 20220909223236_1.jpg)

Played Brigador thanks to your post, the gameplay is fun but I really love the lore. Almost makes me want to give Mechwarrrior a try…

No. 237764

File: 1662781969655.jpg (39.2 KB, 864x506, EKybA7vUYAABuZ1.jpg)

has anyone gotten a steamdeck yet? I ordered it and it should be coming soon.

No. 237824

Glad you liked it nona. The lore is so unique I love it. There's supposed to be a sequel coming eventually but it's been in dev for years now

No. 238078

File: 1662886218101.png (121.96 KB, 234x378, BotW_Korok_Model.png)

To this nonna, I'm the anon you replied to and I now know exactly what you meant. The boss fights aren't even really difficult for me, and I'm no seasoned gamer. I think in order for it to be more challenging you have to buy the Master Mode DLC, which admittedly really sucks because that is extra $$. Like I said before I've never played Zelda before BOTW but I am assuming it was/can be more difficult in the past. Maybe the sequel coming out in 2023 will be harder. Rip
Also… I feel bad when I electrocute the Lizalfos… They are so cute. I also hit a Korok twice with a rock and when you do that they get scared and start shaking and it makes me want to kms.

No. 238079

Omg let us know how it is! I want one so bad.

No. 238105

File: 1662898924463.png (76.54 KB, 350x117, vqhef0t_5.png)

Has anyone played Board Game Online? It is so retarded but I got pretty good at it a while ago. I haven't played in ages.

No. 238113

File: 1662902691317.jpg (124.34 KB, 1402x936, b04.jpg)

Ayrt, based on both of these posts I found a used copy of we love katamari pretty cheap online and I love it! For some reason I assumed the other games wouldn't be as good but it's nice to not replay the same levels over and over

No. 238118

>I am assuming it was/can be more difficult in the past
I think its pretty colloquially agreed upon that botw is the hardest Zelda in terms of combat, they're all extremely easy. Genuinely cannot think of a single enemy in the series, boss or otherwise, harder to kill than a botw Lynel.

No. 238187

Ayrt & yes the Lynels are really difficult! And you need parts from them to upgrade armor. A little embarrassing to admit after 200 hours I'm only just now learning the importance of strafing, blocking, and dodging lol. Interesting to learn that BOTW is relatively more difficult! I'd like to play Link to the Past on the SNES emulator (?) on my Switch at some point. I played for a few minutes and it's so cute.

No. 238251

This game is so fun I miss it so bad. Where do you find people to play with? It used to be more popular a while back and it's been years for me

No. 238262

Link to the past is great and the 3ds sequel to it is even better! Minish cap and links awakening still win in the cuteness category for me though, and wind waker too

No. 238266

Yes! How do you think the soundtrack compares to Damacy? I think most people prefer Damacy's but I love the huge variety of genres in the second game. This song in particular makes me really nostalgic

No. 238298

I would say I definitely prefer the damacy ost, but I think that nostalgia may play into that as well. Everyone loves lonely rolling star but I think the prince and the moon is the superior track. Also the main theme for damacy is just too good.

As for we love katamari I love angel rain too! Also this song makes me nostalgic for early 00's jpop

No. 238315

File: 1662945442060.gif (644.08 KB, 284x284, dance-dancing.gif)

Sure nonnie, I'll give a quick review as soon as I get it. It was a bit expensive the 256 gb one it cost me around 600 cad so hopefully its worth it. I do enjoy my switch for mostly lying in bed and playing games.

No. 238318

File: 1662945753969.jpg (13.05 KB, 232x217, index.jpg)

If you could download a ds emulator I can recommend touch detective. Have you tried the Zero escape series or AI somnium files?

No. 238369

File: 1662970838581.jpg (288.71 KB, 1920x1080, 623282eb-c89e-4964-85b7-cbebc6…)

Any anons here following Overwatch/Overwatch 2 news? Will you play OW2? I was a lot more interested before the recent news dropped that new heroes will be locked behind the battle pass. I also do not care for the PvE and I find it a shame that OW1 had to be butchered for this.

No. 238483

There's most of the good Star Wars games and Lucasarts point and clicks for ten bucks on the humble bundle right now

No. 238577

I forgot about OW2 lol. The battle pass thing pretty much guaranteed I won't be playing it. I had nothing against paying $60 for a game once, but I guess the free to play model probably makes them more money. Also all of the new heroes look like Fortnite characters kek

No. 238703

I just saw the new Fire Emblem trailer without sound on and I never, ever, EVER want to hear anyone complaining about Awakening and Fates being "too anime" again. EVER. I also hope the people shitting on f!Byleth's design will boycott that one because at least Byleth doesn't have toothpaste duochrome hair color. The more time passes the less I'm interested in new releases from series I've liked for a long time.

No. 238713

This is how I found out you'd have to grind for new heroes. The battle pass model really makes me not want to come back, that and the zero news about the story mode they advertised so hard in the beginning. I just wanted to play campaign mode with my old ow buddies and see all the new skill variations they came up with

No. 238718

File: 1663084666525.png (6.36 MB, 2400x1350, engage.png)

You're so right, damn. The female player character is pure moe bait combined with OC donut steel Vtuber tier of character design (both of them are this, really).
Also what the FUCK is this logo? So soulless.

No. 238722

I am so excited for this! I love the fact I can marry other women, have new marriage candidates and grow old in the game just wish it came out in January instead of the summer, Lucky Japan.

My only hope now is they remake Harvest Moon Animal Parade!

No. 238728

The only intrigue I have for this game is seeing Ike and Micaiah rendered in 3D for the first time in nearly two decades. Other than that, it seems that Intelligent Systems is going to ride or die with the Avatar feature, which I absolutely fucking detest. This franchise is near-dead to me. Wake me up when they remake either Elibe, Magvel or Tellius.

No. 238732

I started with Awakening so I'm used to Avatars but I disliked how they made Byleth a nonsensical self insert instead of an established character you can customize a little like in Awakening and Fates. But now with toothpaste-chan it looks like they stop giving a shit entirely.

No. 238734

File: 1663088281210.jpg (46.62 KB, 851x851, 6666732760e539edf95b91889a89f6…)

>the toothpaste hair
Im actually shitting myself, are they doing this because the switch is blue and red or something? It looks so fucking ugly and totally agree that both the female and male players are fucking ugly.

It looks cute!

No. 238739

Oh my god I just noticed that they also have heterochromia. It just keeps getting worse kek

No. 238743

Everyone should apologize to Kozaki Yusuke right now.

No. 238751

File: 1663092283856.png (849.36 KB, 912x756, colgate looking mfs.PNG)

double posting, but that explains it. Instead of hiring normal, competent character designers as usual they went with a random internet famous "illustrator" who only knows how to draw generic looking guys and kawawii ugu waifus to sell worthless crap during comiket. We went from Kurahana Chinatsu, a woman who already knew how to draw armors and high fantasy inspired outfits for a fucking gay porn game and otome game for mobile before working on FE, to this.

No. 238758

this person has the audacity to call themselves after Picasso while creating characters that look like they were designed by a 10 year old I was obsessed with that color palette back then lol
Also that hand is fucking atrocious. It's such a basic thing to draw, I can't believe this is the quality standard in second-party Nintendo games now. Pokemon is another example.
>otome game for mobile
C'mon nonny, UtaPri was on consoles way before the mobage came out.

No. 238770

>can marry other women
omg you're right! I was excited for this game but AWL's bachelors sucked so knowing that we can marry other women is great! I just love Celia so much. Who do you like nonnie?

No. 238777

I was thinking about Otome Yuusha when talking about the otome mobile game, I know Utapri started on the PSP. I used it as a specific example because of how the characters are dressed, since it's a heroic fantasy story from what I've been told, unlike Utapri which happens in our world and era so the characters war normal stuff or stage costumes.

No. 238782

File: 1663097592028.jpg (606.15 KB, 1920x1080, 19062512121260.jpg)

>Otome Yuusha
Oh wow I didn't even know an otome RPG like that existed. Cool, thanks!
Just out of curiosity, what's the BL game with fantasy armor that she drew for?

No. 238787

i don't even remember other harvest moons besides magical melody. it really was my favorite i hope they upgrade it in the future

No. 238788

File: 1663099358050.png (439.46 KB, 579x1000, 85BAB943-EE92-4949-82D8-FC39CD…)

What possessed IntSys to hire someone who designs vtubers? It seriously looks like shit.

No. 238789

this new MC is so fucking ugly i cant. not only do they have the multicolored hair but they also have heterochromia. just bring back the character customization that Awakening had. i wanna see myself fight alongside Marth and marry some husbandos.

im guessing they chose the subtitle engage because of the ring motif (the ring is the centerpiece of the image) they really could have put a ring somewhere in the logo design. the retard in the design room chose a sans serif font for the subtitle needs their design credentials revoked.

No. 238792

File: 1663099880127.png (696.38 KB, 1024x1154, b99aa624.png)

Mika Pikazo only knows how to design one type of character honestly

No. 238793

I loved Celia too but I've heard rumours they're bringing in the DS candidates as well so I'd love if Flora became a marriage choice!

No. 238794

File: 1663100256725.jpg (248.44 KB, 762x1100, lamento.jpg)

For the BL game, I was thinking about Lamento but they're just regular heroic fantasy clothes and not armors. The characters would fit right in next to the bunny girl in Awakening and the werewolf and the fox guy in Fates compared to this fucking abomination from the new FE, yet it's completely unrelated gay porn kek.

No. 238795

Kozaki said during this year's Japan Expo in Paris that he was super busy with a shit ton of projects he can't talk about because of NDAs, and I'm guessing that's also the case for more competent artists. Kurahana may or may not be an expensive freelance artist on top of that according to some tumblr I found randomly years ago in a post about utapri. Not sure how accurate this is but that would explain why the thoroughly incompetent art director did all the in-game portraits in 3H and why someone else made the in-game illustrations.

No. 238797

File: 1663100907500.jpeg (1.45 MB, 5000x5000, E3208BBE-82CB-476C-8DBA-9B4753…)

These look straight out of a shitty gacha game, fml. I hate the way the female characters look.

No. 238813

wtf i thought this was waifu impact

No. 238814

I'm coming to dislike this baby-faced, cluttered, Genshin Impact-ish art style that's becoming so ubiquitous in eastern titles nowadays. I think it's slightly less worse than 3H (sorry to any fans but IMO the portraits are drawn so stiffly and the dead stares are really creepy) but that doesn't save it from being so boring and cookie-cutter. I like that the UI is more dynamic and interesting but that's the only real praise I can give.

No. 238824

The guy who did the portraits in 3H is still working for IS so don't speak too soon or we'll see his ugly as fuck art even more.

No. 238825

Who the fuck greenlit this? Of the countless Japanese doujin artists that are available for hiring, couldn't they have picked one with an art style that looks like it fucking belongs in the FE universe?

No. 238829

File: 1663107458348.jpg (335.41 KB, 767x696, 122136d3e9bea65b674f1a33e7cac6…)

Have you ever judged a book(in this case game) for its cover and then regreted it? I never played Half Life before because it looked like the most generic western shit ever but recently started playing it because it came in a bundle with portal 1&2 and i am having a blast, the atmosphere is genuinely creepier than most modern horror games and shooting things in this game feels really satisfying.

No. 238996

The glowing purple triclops is the only one that isn't hideous holy shit kek

No. 239077

I think the cast looks really bland instead of just ugly (except the MC of course), they all look so forgettable. No wonder that guy will look more interesting by default compared to the rest. And even then, maybe he'll just show up for like 5 minutes like the clown girl in 3H kek.

No. 239089

File: 1663158951574.jpg (173.64 KB, 810x1265, e65d1e52cf93954abce4d9f215e1b7…)

I recently got my hands on A:MR through the EA game pass and I finally feel like a fucking gamer KEK I've been a major fan of the game series for a long time, having played the original game very early on in my life and then having the game files saved on my PC, so when I needed an icon for something, I'd just go into the game folder and grab whichever picture of item/thing fit. I've also started from the beginning with the Fleshmaiden (picrel) skin because it's my all-time most favorite outfit in any video game I've ever seen, like, fucking look at it! It's AWESOME! It's CRAZY! It's a girl having a GOOD time with her EYE on a chest!
The only thing that weirds me out is knowing that the creator of these games is a male. And the games are about a mentally ill, constantly suffering, young woman (iirc she's 18 in A:MR) and the pain she's being subjected to, yet she never fully escapes it. It all feels like glamorized suffering of a quirky, witty dream goth girl who someone would love to fix. Thank God most of the fanbase I've encountered is women who relate to her, but I've also seen 3D model edits and fan art of Alice clearly made for nonces…

No. 239094

This is disheartening to look at

No. 239095

American McGee had a fucked up childhood, he stated he took that as inspiration to make the Alice games. The Alice universe was probably picked up because it's public domain and easier to market than a brand new IP

No. 239171

Playstation exclusive for a year

That would be nice nonna but I'm on xbox 360, thats why my pic looks shitty

No. 239199

File: 1663177172502.gif (239.72 KB, 435x472, giphy-1617654075.gif)

Half Life 1 and 2 are amazing games. I wish more games were like this. Exploring is genuinely fun, shooting things is satisfying (probably because the hitboxes are generous) and it is creepy! Hitting things with the crowbar is very fun. No wonder people were shitting themselves for a Half Life 3.

No. 239213

File: 1663179322911.jpeg (265.89 KB, 1280x720, E3CE6DED-5AB7-4642-87F4-A11119…)

Any nonnas in the FGC? The scene is swarmed with moids/trannies and I wanna sperg with other women.

No. 239216

Not a part of it but I play a lot of tekken and super smash bros and im pretty decent so for split second I thought it could be fun but then I remember when I went to CEO and had every man look at me like I was lying when I talked about the matches

No. 239229

wow i guess he always draws characters with an ugly design. I wonder what the JP community thinks of his designs?

I guess that kinda explains it but are there seriously no artists who are not shit at character design?

this looks really bad, reminds me of genshin but even worse somehow.

No. 239243

There are a shit ton of artists who could draw for FE games if we're just talking about skills, but the devs only hire freelance artists for that. So there are several issues such as whether the artists even want to draw for this kind of big projects with dozens and dozens of characters to designs, portraits to draw, complicated armors, etc., whether they would have enough time for that compared to their other projects/contracts, how much the devs are willing to pay for their skills and work, and on the other side, the devs will probably want to hire someone who already has an established fanbase to advertise the new game to. Which is the case for the new character designer who is an ok illustrator, a piss poor character designer, and somewhat enough of a newbie to not be too expensive compared to Chinatsu Kurahana for example, and that artist has a shit ton of followers on twitter.

As I said, Kozaki is very busy for projects he can't even talk about, and Kurahana was suspected of working on a BL game that's not released yet under a pen name, and was replaced by someone else for the in-game art specifically after catching covid but besides that we don't really kno, what she's up to. There are some very good artists who are regularly doing art for FE Heroes for pre existing characters but we don't know if they could potentially all be good for designing new characters with complicated armors and medieval/renaissance like clothes. And given who made the art for the OOC donut steel for book 2 and 4 in FE Heroes it's not the first time they hire retarded designers anyway.

No. 239249

right!! they're such great games. still wishing for half life 3

No. 239251

I would like to get into the FGC, or at least the very tiny part that is all women. But I don't have a lot of time these days to practice. I only ever reached a below-average level in the games I played since most of the time I couldn't play with someone more experienced to teach me.
>I went to CEO and had every man look at me like I was lying when I talked about the matches
Scrotes gonna scrote

No. 239498

File: 1663244883883.jpeg (89.56 KB, 800x800, w990.jpeg)

I used to be part of the Skullgirls community, but then I just kind of fell out of it when I realized no one liked the game for the things I did (the unique art style, smoothness, well-animated choreography, etc.). I can still pull off some of the combos from way back then, but I was most active pre-mobile game, so it is what it is. Any other SG nonnies?

No. 239537

Feel you nona the fandom is so full of coonbrained scrote like don't get me wrong i get why, but it still sucks. I don't play SG anymore but i still listen to it's OSt

No. 239538

*coombrained, typo

No. 239578

File: 1663265484171.jpeg (Spoiler Image,591.37 KB, 2007x2048, DAD0D24B-A00B-4487-8197-6540BE…)

Congrats to Capcom for not making their renders look like shit anymore kek

No. 239601

File: 1663269315501.jpeg (540.47 KB, 1500x1500, Fcn95iSaIAAX6dQ.jpeg)

Happy 7th Anniversary Undertale!

No. 239602

File: 1663269410218.jpeg (150.31 KB, 1200x1193, 56DFE5E3-E336-46D4-B616-C4EBFC…)

No. 239603

I can't help but headcanon Sans' voice as Jonathan Davis from Korn. Especially considering Jon's purple sequined Adidas tracksuit.

No. 239607

File: 1663269967919.png (748.56 KB, 1413x733, NZmBDQa.png)

Turns out you won't have a choice lmao

No. 239609

Goddammit why is this the first thing posted for an anniversary celebration?

No. 239615

cant they at least refund peoples money?
on top of that i remember there was a big craze over mercy's pink breast cancer-related skin, tf are these people gonna do with that lol

No. 239617

Tf2 didn't offer refunds when it went f2p, so it's very unlikely Activision does it

No. 239620

TF2 could get its groove back by letting us sex the Medic

No. 239622

No. 239630

crap, isn't there some law thing about how when someone buys the game they're buying a product and thus by shutting down the servers they're taking away the product and.. well.. that's illegal, no? i wish more people remembered that companies can just take a game and shut down the server and all the money wasted into the game goes poof.

No. 239632

That's why I will always encourage piracy at least for archival purposes but that doesn't work on multiplayers

No. 239633

Unfortunately most mobage that get their servers shut down are gone forever because there isn't enough interest in reviving them through piracy/fan servers and such. I usually don't care for mobage shit but there's a few otome games I wish I could've played. To be honest I don't know exactly how mobile game archiving works, if at all.

No. 239639

if Android I guess by extracting the APK, iOS is probably screwed tho

No. 239640

Well technically buying a game really is buying a license to use the software privately, which you still very much can do, except that the official servers you were able reach by using the software won't be able to be reached (private servers would still be an option)
Now refunding games when official servers shut down is absolutely not in the economic interest of game developers, since that would mean refunding would have to happen every time servers are shut down for a multiplayer game. For instance, it'd mean that Gearbox would have to refund the price of Battleborn to every player who bought it, which could completely bankrupt a developer as shutting down servers usually happens when a game isn't commercially successful. Multiplayer games being generally a risky venture, if this kind of mass refund was possible only the biggest game studios would ever dare create multiplayer games, or they would never do official servers. Those two options are neither convenient for the developers nor the players, which is why no refund is the current way to deal with the situation
Furthermore in the OW1 case, skins are transferred for free to OW2 and there's no additional charge for OW1 players to play OW2 (it's f2p), so players can't argue that they were robbed of them. Gameplay changes aren't enough for a refund. And if you still decided to sue Activision, well, you'd be suing a multibillion dollars company for… not being able to play OW1 while being fully able to play OW2? That's not going to get enough traction to create a serious class action lawsuit, and since Activision is based in California no judge is going to be foolish enough to pronounce a sentence that could stir shit in the silicon valley

No. 239661

File: 1663281319753.jpeg (71.17 KB, 894x894, 0702EB09-3D3D-4DDA-9781-9223BA…)

Been meaning to get into Resident Evil. Is there an optimal order to play the games? (gameplay-experience wise, idc for chronological plot)

No. 239664

They're all chonologically numbered, Leon is in 2 and 4.

No. 239669

Play Resident Evil Village and Resident Evil 4, then Resident Evil 7 and Resident Evil 2, and don't shy away from checking Resident Evil 1. Those are the best in order for me personally

No. 239670

I also loved the artstyle and smooth animation, I legit wanted to get into it when it came out, it looked super cool. Too bad it was full of coombrained men. They always ruin shit.

No. 239676

i told a friend (male) that the best way to get into the Zelda series is by either Ocarina of time or Breath of the wild, not sure how true that is but all i know is that link is so fuckin cute!!!

No. 239677

Leon is also on 6 but it might not be worth buying it if you're only going to play his campaign.

No. 239694

File: 1663291317171.jpg (286.81 KB, 2048x1152, 693c80d16696d34b3131a6191e6f7c…)

I'd say start with the remake of Resident Evil 1. It gives you plenty of Ammo and healing items on the easier difficulties, it's less action focused than the later games, and it has fantastic atmosphere. It has fixed camera angles but you'll soon get used to it.
If you do try it, you might want to play as Jill instead of Chris because she has more inventory space(which is very precious in this game).

No. 239695

I got into Skullgirls precisely because the animations and artstyle were so cool. I haven't played in years tho.

No. 239796

I'm just waiting for Bayonetta 3 now. This is my only goal in life. I literally just look forward to this and nothing else.

No. 239813

File: 1663323618991.png (5.26 MB, 2560x1440, machinarium4.png)

Thank you nonnies, I had a great time with machinarium! I also got stuck super long at the last puzzle because I have no musical ears at all kek

No. 239815

File: 1663324836542.jpg (219.18 KB, 1920x1080, 374537435.jpg)

Yes! The early reviews are sounding good I'm so looking forward to it!

No. 239816

This happens to me every time when there's a musical puzzle in a game. This happened in Machinarium, Sanitarium (no relation), The Witness. You'd think this'd be some toddler-intended square-shape-in-square-hole puzzle, but apparently I too just can't determine whether a sound is sightly higher or lower than another

No. 239819

Suikoden 1&2 remaster announcement!!!

No. 239821

I think I'll even preorder it. I just put the release date in my calendar just in case I would forget it. I'll spam the thread with screenshots of my husbando Luka if he shows up often enough once I get the game, he seems more relevant here than in Bayonetta 2.

No. 239822

I know emulators exist but seriously fuck Nintendo's exclusivity faggotry.

No. 239828

In Bayonetta's case, nobody else wanted to fund Bayonetta 2 except Nintendo so that makes perfect sense imo. Bayonetta 1 is available on several consoles and on Steam iirc, so that's not too bad, but I understand how frustrating it is.

No. 239876

Posting again because we finally have the full theme song for Bayonetta 3. I wonder who the lyrics are about? It's either about Bayonetta and Luka because she won't stop calling him Cheshire to fuck with him maybe they'll become a couple? about Viola and her demon Cheshire, or about Viola and Luka because they seem somewhat related. As for the last option I'm 100% sure Luka is Viola's father at the very least, there's even some sort of physical resemblance, he had freckles just like hers as a kid and yes I did play The Wonderful 101 DON'T play it, it's garbage, and Luka's mother from TW101 is also blonde iirc. So Viola doesn't just have the same fashion sense and mannerism as him. Don't even tell me the Luka in TW101 isn't the same one as in Bayonetta, his mother's full name is Margarita Redgrave.

No. 239880

File: 1663342779997.jpeg (Spoiler Image,85.56 KB, 376x546, 56A34787-804B-49F6-961D-50F195…)

>maybe they'll become a couple?
pls no. i know this is au bayonetta but her and jeanne’s relationship is one of the flagships of the franchise

No. 239889

File: 1663343838901.gif (66.22 KB, 500x530, luka redgrave.gif)

I truly don't have a preference, I like both pairings equally. It does seem like Luka will be way more relevant now than in Bayonetta 2 so expect him to have some big role related to either Bayo or Viola at least. Kamiya definitely likes him enough to make him important again, half of The Wonderful 101 was about him despite him becoming a playable character only in the epilogue and when you redo chapters after beating the game.

No. 239908

File: 1663344958834.jpeg (Spoiler Image,254 KB, 1170x707, 2DC55367-1CCD-4E2A-8A2D-7CF495…)

Luka’s definitely going to get a bigger role in 3 though I doubt he and Bayo are going to be a couple.

No. 239911

We'll see how it goes, I consider that anything is possible since there's that thing with the multiple timelines and several Bayonetta from each timeline or whatever the fuck is happening. I'm very curious about Viola, she's often compared to Nero from DMC because of her fashion sense and how young she is compared to the rest of the cast but I doubt she has the same personality. I really like her so far.

No. 240049

I'd say those are excellent suggestions, along with A Link to the Past and Wind Waker. And agreed about Link being cute. I'm so fucking hype for seeing him as a scarred up mess in Tears of the Kingdom. Literally counting the days over here and more excited than I've been for anything in years kek

No. 240133

No Mans Sky is coming on the Switch. It looks but but tbf so did the first one, and how did that go? Kek. Honestly it does look like there was effort fixing it and I'm really tempted to buy it. Anyone else thinking of buying it?

No. 240165

i don’t know if any anons here are interested but did anyone hear of the grand theft auto 6 leaks? take two has already striked a lot of clips showing unfinished scenes but there’s quite a few still out and about.

No. 240166

I did and I think it's fantastic. Rockstar has been beating GTAV like a dead horse for about 8 years now. They even made a gambling element to it. If they want to fuck around like that and take advantage of their own customers then they shouldn't be surprised when the customers hit back. I'm convinced the same thing is going to happen to Elder Scrolls eventually because they keep releasing Skyrim like twice a year

No. 240167

The annoying thing about Rockstar is that they're absolutely capable of being the single greatest videogame company but they just won't do it. Look at RDR2 for example, that is probably one of the best open world games ever. The attention to detail is phenomenal and the story, characters, graphics, and fantastic. Imagine what Rockstar could do if they weren't channeling all their resources into using GTAV to suck up money. They're ruining their own rep, even their fans are calling them a scam company on Twitter kek

No. 240169

i just feel sorry for the developers who are apparently upset about it. take two/rockstar though can get fucked. they definitely have been beating a dead horse for too long and the “definitive” edition they released for iii/san andreas/vice city was piss poor and clearly a quick cash grab banking on nostalgia.

No. 240171

you’re absolutely right. i played gta 4 recently and i really liked some of the stuff implemented into it that seemed to show back then they cared about immersion and attention to detail that gta v/online didn’t have, but rdr2 had some neat little details like hair growth (i don’t remember what else because it’s been a while since i played). if gta vi had a mix of the things that made these three games great then it would be fantastic. too bad the company has gone to shit already.

No. 240172

It's sort of cool one of the protags is a woman. But I don't really care. I don't like to play games where you're forced to be the villain even if I like the idea of the whole open world city setting.

No. 240173

File: 1663587660139.jpeg (487.99 KB, 1125x1581, 0E3A0CFE-B878-488A-A465-0F2CB1…)

>they forgot how horny girls make them
not even an ounce of surprise about how there was an uproar about a woman being a playable character and suddenly now seeing comments about how the girl is hot. like there aren’t a ton of guys running around as custom made girl characters in gta online.

No. 240179

if they coomify Lucia (if that stays her name in the final game release) on the level of 2B or Lady Dimitrescu I'm gonna be so pissed.

No. 240181

i like how she is. i’m hoping she isn’t overly sexualized either, but sadly either way scrotes are gonna find any way to just because she’s a woman. i’ve seen guys online say how they like playing girls because they just like to watch her ass while she runs. i do like the idea of having a female protag though and i hope she’s a fleshed out character and not placed to exist for coomers or to be eye candy.

No. 240185

yeah, even if she does turn out to be a well written fleshed out character the pornbrained males, many of whom likely won't even play the actual game, will probably still turn her into a coomer caricarture to the point that she is only recognized by most people as that

No. 240198

2B and Lady Dimitrescu were the biggest marketing assets those games had, so I would not be surprised if they did

No. 240217

it's been a few days since this was posted but i'm so gd depressed about this game. there's no way the fire emblem team didn't know people have been clamoring for another early FE remake for years. these horrifying busy overly saturated character designs make my head hurt and i hope everyone forgets about this game like they did tokyo mirage sessions

No. 240221

File: 1663597368924.jpg (395.2 KB, 1442x2048, ElNXb6CXgAA74Km.jpg)

Not playing yet but there is so fucking much great art of Disco Elysium getting flooded into my timeline that I have to start it now.
Everytime the artists I follow start retweeting a series or game in masses it turns out to be great because our tastes align well.

No. 240274

I like how the character looks, she isn't pornified, she's just normal looking. Plus everyone knows how the GTA women look anyway. They all have thick ass necks and just look..odd. I can't describe it.
However, she looks fine

No. 240289

Have fun nonna! Would love to hear about what your Detective is like once you've had a chance to play

No. 240302

Posted here awhile ago asking if it was worth playing. Picked it up not too long after and absolutely fell in love with it. Have fun with it, its a fantastic game!

No. 240409

i agree but as mentioned guy are going to find some way to pornify any woman that makes it to the forefront of any widely anticipated game. at least i don’t feel that rockstar is designing her specifically to make her seem like a coomer fantasy but scrotes are going to do their thing regardless sadly.

No. 240474

I got xenoblade chronicles 3 recently. Haven't played the other ones, and I usually love jrpgs, but this game reeeeeeally isn't doing it for me. Tbh I think it sucks. The world exploration and robot designs are the best part by far, but everything else is really boring. I just unlocked the second forms of the interlinks, so maybe I'm just too early into the game?

No. 240549

You are pretty early into the game, I'd say at least give it a go just for the main story? If you don't like the rest of the content I think the main story is pretty good, my favourite parts are exploring the world and sidequesting though. Unfortunately you are in tutorial daycare for the first ~15hrs, after that it gets much better I think.

No. 240623

File: 1663689902742.jpg (171.12 KB, 774x774, 999_game.jpg)

Anyone has played 999 on the ds ? I have mixed feeling about it. I absolutely loved some aspect of the story but the plot holes and the very convoluted story was also annoying at times. I think it's still worth the time and effort because some of the gameplay ideas were genuinely fun and original imo. I'm debating if I should play the second game from the series. Did anyone try it ?

kek I know exactly your pain nonnie, I was defending the witness with my life up thread but godamn the music zone was hell to me. It's so embarrassing because you can see that they are treating it as something super easy. I prefer it when the game allows to rely on some form of logic even for those musical puzzle, it feels quite unfair otherwise.

No. 240633

File: 1663692279357.jpg (128.39 KB, 960x544, Virtues-Last-Reward-Cast.jpg)

I really enjoyed the sequel but it does have the same problems you've described about the first one. The time travel stuff gets much more focus than it did in the first game, which may be a good or bad thing for you.
It also has the kind of plot twists that seem clever at first but make less and less sense the more you think about them.

Having said that I still had a lot of fun playing it, and if you liked the first game you'll probably enjoy it too. Just be prepared for some somewhat bullshit explanations at the end.

No. 240636

I played 999 on the Vita, so with the jp voice acting and with the flowchart, but the very last puzzle is apparently different from the original one because of the lack of dual screens. I loved it, I live convulted shit where everything makes sense once you get all the endings but I heard that the third game of the series is complete trash and retroactively shits on the story and characters of the first two games so I didn't even dare play the second one despite also having it on the Vita. I'm not sure I'll keep my Vita so I got a copy of the DS game just in case I want to replay it because I loved it that much. I also liked AI the somnium files from the same director/writer and I'm going to order a copy of AI nirvana initiative.

No. 240652

File: 1663694702527.png (1.03 MB, 900x506, unknown-1[1].png)

It was a bad dream all along

No. 240659

Honestly, I first played this in the middle of the night during a family holiday so I think the vibes of the area I played in made me ignore any problems other may have had. Love the series but have not had the chance to play the third game.

Fair warning if you plan to play the second game, the 3DS port is incredibly buggy to the point where on one puzzle stage I had to rotate the room very slowly or it would freeze. Save frequently.

No. 240661

The clothes are still ugly as fuck but at least the hair looks normal on both characters in this edit. I'll still pretend that this game as a whole doesn't even exist though, just out of principles.

No. 240662

I recommended BOTW to a friend who had no interest in the Zelda series previously, and sold it to her as a "do whatever you want" game and she loves it kek. It's her first Zelda game and she was hesitant to play it without playing the others, but now she wants to play the other games! It's the same for some other friends and even myself. I love it because there's no wrong way to play the game. You can play it "normally" i.e. just fighting everything and progressing like normal, or you can be a terrible anxiety ridden fake gamer girl like me and turn the whole game into one big stealth mission and avoid fighting everything possible. I have a lot of fun exploring in the game. It might be why I haven't enjoyed the other Zelda games like WW and OoT- because I can't get out of the fights kek.

I'm a shitty gamer overall but I looove BOTW. I love the freedom kek. I'm excited for TOTK!

No. 240767

They look so much better holy shit why didn't they just do this in the first place? I agree with the other nona thoughtheir clothes are ridiculous and I hate her face because it looks like generic gacha moeshit instead of a Fire Emblem game

No. 241118

File: 1663807554853.png (411.55 KB, 700x800, 1522030650388.png)

I have a shameful amount of hours on splatoon 3 considering it just released but it's so much fun! If you can get used to motion controls it's seriously one of the best multiplayer shooters right now, and the art is so cute. I'm kind of jealous of how hugely popular it is in japan because over here it's mostly seen as a kids game

No. 241161

Nta but oh my lorddd I cannot wait for the sequel!!!

No. 241173

I wanna play it so bad with all the splatoon nonnies
if there's more splatoon nonnies out there maybe we should make a group

No. 241208

I despise multiplayer shooters and I love Splatoon. I know people are bitching about no voice chat in the game but I think I love it because there is no voice chat so I don't have to listen to retards screaming when they loose.

No. 241212

I’m so glad to see there are other anons who enjoy splatoon!

No. 241219

File: 1663845768290.png (571.05 KB, 958x698, 44F3C8CB-9EEF-47DB-809D-70F7BE…)

I really enjoy VNs for the amount of niche and interesting finds but the fucking cesspool (which is 65-75% of VNs) you need to go through like the top comment in the pic suggests, you have go through coomer pandering bullshit it leaves me sick to me stomach, I even saw one relating to snuff.

(Was looking for a keygen for cyanotype daydream just in case it was coomer shit but it doesn’t seem likely)

it’s extremely pretty and concept is interesting and the only people I’ve seen dislike it is because it censored the unnecessary nudity and moved the character ages up so they’re no longer high schoolers.

Now I’m just wondering should I buy this or the CLANNAD VN…, if anyone’s played either or both and can tell me that would be awesome

No. 241223

Clannad isn't coomery (in opposite to the Tomoyo After spin-off), but it's cheap moeblob drama. Personally wouldn't recommend unless you like sappy, unrealistic bullshit. It's also super long, so you cannot consume it quickly like VN junk food.
The short VN Planetarian is better in that respect, if you need to play something from Key I love Kanon and Air due to nostalgia but they are kinda shit too, idk if you can get an all ages version

No. 241443

File: 1663903204219.png (1.65 MB, 1450x1856, purplemoonpredictedit.png)

It totally just dawned on me that a fucking GIRL'S GAME predicted the infamous Mass Effect dialogue wheel. So I made this.

No. 241446

I haven't seen blue and red slapped together so poorly since Pokemon Sapphire came out

No. 241448

Why the fuck would you still support Blizzard after all the vile shit they've done to women and their female employees?

No. 241536

File: 1663930689067.jpg (38.53 KB, 303x328, soap.jpg)

Don't judge me too harshly, nonnas, but I've been dabbled in the new(lol) Call of Duty beta. I notice they make some change to try slow down things in multiplayer (I hate how it's gotten more and more stupidly fast-paced in recent years) so I guess that's one plus. Other than that, it's a run run shoot shoot samey type of shite game that will probably take #1 best-selling as usual.

No. 241538

There's a visual novel thread >>191784

No. 241550

File: 1663933096051.png (1.23 MB, 997x802, mybaby.png)

I think I have a crush on my daughter

No. 241583

File: 1663941032621.png (1.48 MB, 1332x896, nocapitalchemists.png)

Anynonny pick up Potion Permit? It came out on general release yesterday and so far I love this game. Legitimately cannot think of the last time I played a new game for a day and barely have any complaints. I adore how the townsfolk start off even more distrustful and icy compared to other farming sim games. There's no marriage option in the game, but you can romance some of the townsfolk. If pirate lady doesn't steal my heart first, I'm taking the town witch doctor who supremely hates the chemist.

No. 241584

Is she marrying the prince? :D

No. 241608

File: 1663946949578.png (1.74 MB, 1185x890, queenmariage.png)

Unfortunatly for my girl I got the queen marriage ending, I'm so sorry my dear Flora.

No. 241636

I love this game!! My first ending was when she became a writer.

No. 241700

File: 1663961467863.jpg (584.61 KB, 1920x1080, BaW_the_beast_of_toussaint.jpg)

Hey nonas I'm looking for a new Switch game and wondering if anyone can help me out with recommendations. I'm a huge fan of open world games, my favorites being BOTW and Witcher 3. I'm really looking forward to Red Dead Redemption and Tales of Symphonia being re-released on Switch later this year, but until then I'm looking for something else to fill my time. Any recs?

No. 241732

Immortal fenyx rising is pretty good for a ubisoft game. Monster hunter rise and of course the classical masterpiece Skyrim kek.

No. 241767

Ah I remember trying to emulate this game and getting a virus. Good times. secret ending is creepy as hell though i hate scrotes

No. 241770

>win 1st game of splatfest on Splatoon 3
>game freezes
>connection error (yet a-fucking-gain)
>get booted to main screen
>when reconnecting the game locks up entirely
>you are banned for 5 minutes
>didn't even register my win

Fuck you too. These connection issues are getting ridiculous.

No. 241777

File: 1663984180827.jpg (973.54 KB, 1220x1817, Screenshot_20220923_204924.jpg)

Really enjoying this. Has blips of pronoun retardation but it's easily ignored and comes up almost never.

No. 241778

what is it about?

No. 241779

100% best princess maker. wish I could find the next best one.

No. 241780

the only people who want voice chat are men because they're absolute retards who want to screech and make shit ugly and disgusting for everyone else. That's what discord is for though, literally why are they acting like adult babies if they already have an account there.

No. 241782

File: 1663985181166.jpg (185.72 KB, 1280x720, 3807047-2021030500021800-f07d2…)

mafia style deduction game, except with aliens that delete one person each night. you loop over and over with different people being the aliens/killers aka gnosis and slowly learn why its all happening. you have stats and level up with wins and can improve stats that let you sniff out lies or lie better…if you prefer to play as the gnosis kek (not my screenshot)

No. 241784

Wow this sounds cool! so the game doesn't end in one go right?
how do you lose the game?

No. 241785

im on loop 30ish and your role determines the win requirement for that round. if Im crew, we vote each day who to freeze. if we freeze all the gnosia, crew wins. If gnosia make up half the people (by killing off crew and convincing people to freeze innocents), they win

No. 241786

>im on loop 30ish
woww how long is each loop?

No. 241787

depends on how fast you die/lose lol, longer rounds are at least 10 minutes and give more xp

No. 241788

thanks anon, I'm going to check it out and see where it goes!

No. 241815

I'm playing xenoblade chronicles 3 and man, Noah and N are so fucking hot. I love them. Husbando material. I fell in love with sappy anime hero #327 way in the beginning in that scene where he jumps into the lake. He's so cute. And N has such beautiful long hair, the long bangs do things to me. Also he's cool and badass. No spoilers pls I haven't finished it yet, I'm starting chapter 6.

No. 241824

I got it!! Im loving it so far, I love that is had all the elements of a farming sim without the farming. I love all the characters and I also like that you actually have to earn their trust. Im so excited to see what updates they add!

No. 241851

I’ve played it on the Xbox and really enjoyed it. There’s not a whole lot of guidance/pressure to follow quest lines beyond the initial starting tutorial and I liked just being able to explore the universe and take in the atmosphere of each planet. It took a while for me to get out of the mindset of needing the game to tell me specific objectives, but once I got over that it was kinda nice to just wander around and pick and choose what I wanted to do. It’s the kind of game I’d play for a week straight then leave it for months, then come back and repeat the cycle.

No. 241884

File: 1664027599542.png (108.3 KB, 220x231, Catherine_Cover_Art.png)

this game seems super scrote pandering, is it as cringey as I imagine?

No. 241886

tbh i liked it.

No. 241887

I liked the story a lot because of the suspens and mysteries that get solved little by little. Think of it as Sex and the City with guys and as a horror story.

No. 241908

it's mostly about a loser guy being a loser

No. 241916

this game made me uncomfortable even when i was a mega nlog pickme. my moid friend at the time played it to show me and went with the Catherine ending and it was gross. (Ending spoilers) No joke you have sex with Catherine right next to her dad in that ending, and he's just sat there complaining about it. The mystery and suspense in Catherine is great tho

No. 241917

Not at all cringy, as other anon said it's a horror story first and foremost. There are multiple ways the story can go (8 endings in the OG game, 13 in the new version) and the puzzles are really, really good.
There are four Catherine endings and the one you talk about is supposed to be gross imho the fact she's a succubus and her father is the king of hell kinda changes the context of what you're describing

No. 241928

File: 1664042269607.png (2.4 MB, 1142x1196, stardom:starfollowertranslatio…)

stupid question can you buy and play a game not in your "preferred steam language" I don't care I won't be able to read it without translation, I just want it to run on my computer
The game in question is Stardom 2, which is in chinese. It looks to be like a princess maker styled game about become a rising star alongside having some otome/dating sim gameplay #I found it in the otome category#. I think the artstyle looks so cute and nostalgic which makes sense since it's an older game. My plan is to have my phone/tablet with google translate up since it shouldn't have fast text. I've attached images of the translation, it's not perfect but it's tolerable
>ignore all the UI on the translation side it just looks like that because I hit take a picture due to wanting the photo to be steady enough
I won't be purchasing it now since I have a lot of other games in my library that I haven't played yet, but maybe someday I'll buy it

No. 241934

If you can see it on the store page you can buy it and play it. Steam only restricts games you can buy based on legal concerns, not just because they have a different language

No. 241944

okay, exactly what I thought thank you, it's just every time I tried typing games in other languages on google, it showed articles of people trying to change the language

No. 241949

I just bought this, does anyone know why townsfolk get question marks over their heads and start huffing and puffing away from me? Is I because I started a conversation and pressed back to exit?

No. 241953

what do you consider the next best princess maker?

No. 241965

I think they do that when they're trying to walk somewhere and the chemist is in their path. iirc Stardew Valley does something similar with their townsfolk.

No. 242113

princess maker 3 (the remake is faery tales come true) > princess maker 4 (only a rough translation available) > princess maker 1/refined > pm5
if you like classic dating sims you might like the style of princess maker 5 tho

No. 242137

File: 1664096052692.jpg (170.2 KB, 561x960, tumblr_f366cdf644537671b4c3821…)

Is there a top-secret BDO guild for farmers in the EU server? I'm a total noob and need help

No. 242175

Found out about Coven, which is an indie gory boomer shooter where you're a cannibal witch. The game's not out yet but the demo is available on Steam

No. 242204

interesting, I'll keep that in mind for later, thanks you anon

No. 242220

Lol or you could just play Hexen.

No. 242270

You can actually play both! But if I had to choose between the two I'd rather play a game made this century where you can do things like jumping or looking up

No. 242271

>I'd rather play a game made this century where you can do things like jumping or looking up
Ha! You're practically asking for the moon, next I suppose you'll want voice acting

No. 242460

If the game isn't built around needing those options then they're just fluff. You one of those types that needs to jump everywhere because you think it's marginally faster then running.

No. 242546

Dragon prince >>> human Prince btw
Also for all the anons that like princess maker 2, I would 100% recommend Monster Rancher 2. Exact same levelling mechanics to grind to being an S rank monster breeder and you pit battles against your monster to win money and level up your own monsters. Watched Jerma play it and immediately loved it as much as PM2 probably even more.
Trust me it’s so fun.
Princess Maker 2 is fun too but it made me feel gross sometimes with the choices it would give to me I felt this video highlighted it all. Still like it but I don’t enjoy all the elements in good faith.

No. 242552

Forgot to add I think that pc-98 art is better than the Steam version and that I wish the evil endings were harder to get, they all look so cool (pic is crime boss ending)

No. 242554

File: 1664198902423.gif (58.55 KB, 640x400, F8DD19DB-C61C-4EE2-8DDC-0606CA…)

Ok I’m fucking stupid, couldn’t delete my post, refreshed, and couldn’t delete the comment because the password changed the pic is an “unknown file extension” so here’s a pic of the princess of darkness ending. Just ignore the comment above pls

No. 242570

File: 1664206888309.jpg (390.35 KB, 1280x1774, Okami-hd-artwork-2.jpg)

I just finished Okami and I'm so mad. The storyline completely shit the bed after the first 1/3, arguably first half, of the game. Why would you make an otherwise incredible, unique, genuinely fun game and just ruin it with THAT ending after making the plot badly organized? Damn dude

No. 242589

You can actually jump in Hexen. I tricked you!

No. 242597

Can I ask you what's wrong with PM5? I was interested in that one because the daughter looks adorable and a bit tomboyish, and plus you can play as a mother instead of father.

No. 242599

File: 1664212913361.jpg (1 MB, 1000x1600, FdggXDtaEAAggwQ.jpg)

I never played any Wild Arms game but it's getting an unofficial reboot with Armed Fantasia and even if I don't have a PS5 or any Xbox at all I really hope the devs will receive enough money with the kickstarter thing to get a Switch version because I want to see this guy on my screen. He's my type. I WILL fuck him.

No. 242607

mostly taking place in modern day + the big art style shift away from the usual style + schedule system changing to be almost identical to every other advanced dating sim. i think its a fine interation it's just not to my tastes and too far from what princess maker used to be imo

No. 242753

Hah, well the only old shooters I've played are the Marathon trilogy.

I really should get back to my playthrough of the first game, but I got to a point where I have to grind to beat a boss and completely lost interest.

And Crow got some cute lore this week, I love Glint.

No. 242819

File: 1664266339258.png (61.6 KB, 1445x960, ZTMC.png)

Easily the cutest Zelda game ever.

No. 242870

yes, i want a remake so bad

No. 242880

Maybe a port. But there's no point in a remake. Higher res sprites? They wouldn't put enough effort into the 3D to not kill the charm in the process.

No. 243053

File: 1664313613587.jpeg (63.74 KB, 638x316, D4C41022-F3ED-4356-85CF-A4EF8C…)


No. 243074

this game was cute, good music, lots of charm AND I like Vaati being the villain… bring him back

No. 243092

File: 1664324499274.gif (1.48 MB, 360x201, 3b4r4q-665005205.gif)

as if the link's awakening remake isn't the second cutest zelda game. if they gave minish cap a remake in that art style i'd cream, the toy-like look suits it perfectly.

No. 243149

I kept giving updates on what I play and how the games are before the /m/assacre and I noticed that since then I'm less motivated when it comes to beating games in my backlog. Should I start Bravely Default or keep playing SMT5 on easy mode?

No. 243158

Every update they post about this launch is worse than the last
I think finishing your current game is best before starting a new one (unless you don't like it)

No. 243159

I'm a bit disappointed in SMT5 because of the level scaling absolutely fucking up the fact that in other games you can be underleveled and murder everything in your path if you adopt the right strategies, and the fact that you can't save everywhere like in SMT4 and 4A isn't very convenient but I don't entirely dislike it either. It's just that I play it in small doses and slowly when I usually play JRPGs fast if I love them no matter how long they are. Bravely Default reminds me a lot of retro FF games so I know I'll love it but I never had enough time to play it and it's frustrating. I'll focus on SMT5 then, beat the game once, and try the NG+ after playing more games.

No. 243161

Have fun anon!

No. 243162

yes, please nintendo, remake minish cap in the links awakening style

No. 243168

Thanks! I made a twitter account to post screenshots two years ago and motivate myself to play more despite all of this and my lack of free time, I need to use it more as well.

No. 243192

Nonnas, is building a cool battle station worth it? I'm the kind of person who likes decorating and personalizing everything but I worry that having the space cluttered will just let random dust accumulate in places I womt notice and get inside my consoles

No. 243194

It's nice to have a comfortable space for your hobbies but the ones that trend online are always overkill to me. It doesn't need to be covered in merch to be a 'battlestation'

No. 243201

> I'm the kind of person who likes decorating and personalizing everything
Yeah honestly go for it. Making your own little space sounds really fun and chill tbh.

No. 243210

I've seen the ones you mean. Idk how tf they even concentrate on the game with rave lights going on around them

It looks so fun. I think I want fake plants because real ones release moisture, but I'm also very wary of the fake leaves gathering dust so I had an idea for gaming themed mini terrariums

No. 243249

you can have a battlestation that has good equipment but isnt a cluttered plastic rainbow LED den. Mine is a simple setup with a powerful rig, white pc case and accessories,wood and glass L shaped table, very comfy chair and succulents & fake tulips on the side table with a few other sentimental items. It feels fresh esp when theres breeze coming through the window and I still get shit done. I splurge on the comfy chair and table and ignore things like neon wall lights or whatever.

No. 243253

Keep playing SMT5! You promised!

No. 243267

I don't have a PC I have a flat screen and 5 different consoles so I'm not working with a desk situation per se, it's like a large TV stand so I have a lot of space to fill in and I'm particularly interested in doing something with the wall around the TV . I'm probably over complicating things when I brainstorm ideas (you should see what I'm like when I try to make a scrap book) but I gotta think kinda big here. So far I know I wanna have a large fake plant somewhere and maybe fairy lights that are curtain style

No. 243274

"Battlestations" are cringe.

No. 243286

File: 1664389572121.jpg (48.09 KB, 568x489, Fdr5NTTXoAEX-2j[1].jpg)

This is getting worse every day
ur cringe

No. 243299

Is that even legal?

I know I did but I'm so lazy.

No. 243300

File: 1664393548999.jpg (220.78 KB, 720x1080, apps.7878.71510837884329922.e0…)

Downloading Spyro Reignited for my Switch but it's taking like 20 years to download. I used to be a huge Spyro fan as a kid, hell I even had a little flimsy Spyro handheld game from a McDonalds Happy Meal I loved to death. I'm going through a weird time in my life and I'm trying to cope by getting in touch with my younger self. I'm really excited to play it

No. 243301

Have fun with it! I also loved the games as a child, it was very nostalgic

No. 243302

Ayrt, thank you nonna. Funny enough I haven't touched a Spyro game since about 2010 and I don't know why. I had Dawn of the Dragon and New Beginnings on my DS lite, then I tried to "mature" myself into """proper""" games (I was literally 11 and I felt like I had ti grow up and for some reason that meant I had to play Skyrim kek)

No. 243313

I've seen this taken out of context multiple times now. What they will do is take a recording of voice chat, transcribe it into text (via software not human), and immediately delete the recording. The text gets checked over for any gamer words and then is deleted within 30 days. Not 100% sure but I think this only happens if the player was reported for abuse in voice chat.

No. 243323

Go with bravely default, I hated smt 5. Smt turned into generic brand fgo when kaneko left. Terrible plot and butt ugly new demons for the most part. One of the other main demon designers is an autist about tokusatsu/power ranger trash and commissioned demon designs from tons of crusty old tokusatsu artists for smt4 and now 5 has even more of that hideous tokusatsu influence.

No. 243329

I love these games. I was in the middle of the second game when my PS VITA started drifted. i gotta get a replacement analog stick before I can continue.

No. 243332

It's a ton of fun and the puzzles are based. I loved it.

No. 243337

You're talking about Doi? I think Kaneko is retiring slowly but surely. I think the tokusatsu shit is only really noticeable in SMT5 with the MC but since it's the MC it's impossible to avoid it. At least he has pretty hair… I'll try to beat the game anyway because I'm halfway through the game, hopefully it'll get better. SMT4 had some obvious flaw but it was still one of the best games I've ever played, I love it.

No. 243344

File: 1664408972623.gif (7.75 MB, 640x640, waddafugisthis.gif)

Not doi, yamai. But doi isn't without his own sins, most of his designs are just as bad if not worse without the heavy tokusatsu influence.

>I think Kaneko is retiring slowly but surely

He's kinda been retired. He hasn't had anything to do with the smt series starting with smt4. 4 was alright, I loved the demon collecting and fusion but the other aspects of it didn't do anything for me.

No. 243372

thinking about trying the King's Quest games since it's a classic series and designed/written by a woman. is there specific one I should start on?

No. 243382

iirc Kaneko worked on SMT4 a lot in the shadows especially on the story, characters, setting, lore, etc. but didn't work on SMT4A, so I'm never too sure what's going on with him. And I thought you were talking about Doi and not Yamai because of the guest artists in SMT4 working in tokusatsu most of the time, but I'm not sure who took the decision to invite them. Eh, at least Medusa looked really cool in SMT4A I guess. I think the biggest appeal in Megaten is that most of it is urban fantasy involving normies being fucked over by fantastical characters and elements so I don't want it to verge on dumb shit like Power Rangers that make the humans less relatable or whatever the fuck.

No. 243383

I've never played an SMT game besides getting filtered by Matador, but don't be insulting tokusatsu like that, powersuits are really cool.

No. 243385

nta but they really clash with what you usually see in Megaten as a whole. In an another franchise it could potentially work but here it's just out of place. I think Aogami looks goofy in SMT5 compared to the other characters for example.

No. 243418

Yamai took that decision. I know for sure kaneko did no art or writing specifically for 4, but I don't remember how much he had to do with anything else. It didn't feel like much of note either way, especially regarding the characters. Agree with you on the no power rangers point, the human characters have already gotten less relatable with every game as it is. Heard soul hackers 2 was terrible about that, and that it flopped super hard. Didn't even make enough noise for the designs to make it to the bad character design thread, hmph.

It's corny

No. 243433

I didn't know that about king's quest games, now I'm more interested to play them

No. 243438

File: 1664446344314.jpg (344.56 KB, 1920x1080, EbWHa0_XsAAWHRU.jpg)

I think I don't enjoy playing videogames anymore nonnies…

No. 243442

File: 1664446615062.jpg (722.95 KB, 1920x1080, ss_ac673b05786cd600d3fb726e602…)

Awh, I've gone through phases of this but always seem to come back. Hope you enjoy your other pastimes anon!

No. 243463

>soul hackers 2 was terrible about that, and that it flopped super hard
Good, that's what they get for trying to replace cool designs like Nemissa and Hitomi's with that abomination called Ringo. Deserved. They even managed to fuck up Viktor from what I've seen in the first trailer, an already established character.

>I know for sure kaneko did no art or writing specifically for 4

He participated in the writing but didn't design anything new. But even then it was indirect. I think it's info from a guidebook or artbook that was recently translated. In that interview it was also explained that the story was going to be way longer and an entire chapter would have been some sort of "flashback" where you play as the previous incarnation of Flynn, with Kiyoharu, Akira and Kenji being very important. They reused a bunch of backstory in SMT4A instead. I don't remember the source but I'll look for it once I'm done with work.

No. 243493

Imo the phone part is worse

No. 243497

Iirc they're absurdly hard, like "if you missed picking up that small thing three levels ago you can't finish the game" hard. Now if you want a more modern (not that modern, it was released in the 90s) point and click series made by a woman I heartily recommend the Gabriel Knight games
I find the best cure for that kind of feeling is either to take a break for a little while or to find an indie game with a great atmosphere

No. 243499

Why are people so peeved by the phone number requirement? I'm kinda unphased because you need one for a lot of signups now, also I don't really multiaccount so it doesn't change much for me. If the phone number is used for security checks for suspicious login attempts, even better. Is it a privacy thing or something else?

No. 243507

File: 1664470105894.jpg (1.71 MB, 2055x1333, 08_kq6.jpg)

The main issue with most King's Quest games is that they're nearly impossible to get through without hints or a guide. They have "Dead End" puzzles, where you'll be unable to continue because you didn't pick up an item you needed earlier in the game, forcing you to reload an earlier save.

If you want one that's more modern in design, I would recommend King's quest 6. It's considered the best in the series and it's much more forgiving than the other ones. There's also fan remakes of 1-3, but I'm not sure if those count as true King's Quest games.

No. 243511

Yes, it's a privacy thing

No. 243516

Understandable tbf

No. 243548

i have never heard of this game but seeing that its fully voice acted and the protagonist is voiced by tim curry makes me really want to try it
i like exploring niche old games so I am up for the challenge, but i will definitely keep hints on tab to be safe. i saw gameplay for kings quest 7 and thought it looked cute, so starting with 6 sounds like a good idea. thanks noni

No. 243549

File: 1664484023784.jpg (44.01 KB, 402x463, 1605149091565.jpg)

Just one month until Bayonetta 3 is released… I can't take it anymore anons I want my copy right here, right now.

No. 243559

Just started As Dusk Falls, any other farmers play it?

No. 243689

File: 1664547954644.png (142.73 KB, 1080x971, 42624634.png)

I hope you're in the UK anon!!

No. 243717

The fun part about Gabriel Knight is that all 3 games look completely different. 1st one is a 2D adventure game, 2nd one is an interactive movie, 3rd one is 3D
Just noticed that 2 puzzles from the 3rd game actually have wikipedia pages, what the hell??

No. 243748

No but I'm close enough that I could also order a copy of Bayonetta 1 online. The copy of Bayonetta 2 I have is from the UK and I have Bayo 1 on Switch already but the downloadable version takes a lot of space and I don't feel like getting an SD card just to be able to download a few DLCs on top of having that game.

No. 243750

Whoops I misread that tweet thinking its about 3, my bad

No. 243776

kek the mustache puzzle is funny, reminds me of the rubber duck puzzle from the longest journey

No. 243934

When I was younger I kind of had this stupid idea that all future pcs and consoles would be backwards compatible for all past games but that's just not possible. Emulators work for a lot of stuff but not everything. Some games are just literally unplayable now unless you own some old PC/OS/etc to play them on. The un-ending march of progress is annoying as hell.

No. 243970

Finally finished Xenoblade 3. Pretty good story. Kinda tired out to play more, beat superbosses etc, but the game was fun and I did get a lot of hours on my save.

No. 244408

File: 1664768395233.jpg (143.44 KB, 500x500, artworks-000583717121-uvlc9s-t…)

Anybody knows where I can get the full version of Your Turn To Die/Kimi ga shine? It's only early access on Steam and I can't find it anywhere else. Doesn't have to be in English.

No. 244428

This one pretty appears on the first page when you search the name vgperson.com/games/yourturntodie.htm

No. 244763

What 3ds games should I buy physical and download digital before the store closes next years ?

I was mostly thinking some of the Bravely default, Fire emblem and Shin Megami games.

No. 244768

I liked Pokemon XY and Sun/Moon, but I don't recommend USUM if you already have SM or plan on getting SM soon. They're too similar, don't make my mistake and think that USUM is a sequel like BW and BW2. And when it comes to SMT go get SMT4 and 4 Apocalypse at least they're great games. There are some spinoffs as well like Persona Q, Devil Survivor 1 and 2, Soul Hackers, etc. FE Awakening and Fates are good games, but I hated FE Echoes and still feel scammed despite buying it for just 20€ and selling it later. At the very least for Fates, get the base game version Conquest and Birthright. Revelation is the third route, it's not the best version and feels like a better ending at first but the writing is half assed. However you'll get all the playable characters in one route so that's cool, especially for multiplayer shit. There are some Zelda games including N64 remakes but I haven't played them yet, same for Bravely Default.

No. 244769

And still for Pokemon, download the Pokebank and Poketransfer apps/games. You will be able to use them for free to transfer pokemon from previous games once the eshop will be dead. And go get FE Fates NOW if you want to download DLCs and routes because the way the game works is stupid: you can download the routes only after you've finished the tutorial (first 6 chapters iirc) and the games will be removes from the eshop before everything else because of that. I have physical copies of Birthright and Conquest and got the DLCs later so I found this info by chance, be careful about that.

No. 244779

both ib and witch's house are so cute, with just the right amount of spooky. replaying them always gives me cozy memories of halloween

No. 244797

anyone else playing bear and breakfast? I like it a lot but I wish I would have played it on PC instead of switch. There are some weird loading issues and its crashed on me twice which i've never experienced with a switch game before.

No. 245100

Found out devs put the whole To kill a Mockingbird movie in the game The Darkness lol

No. 245769

I finally went back to SMT5 after more than a month of not touching it because of how busy I was. I was annoyed by the boss fight against Yakumo that I expected to die every five seconds again since that's when I stopped playing to go on holidays somewhere. But I actually beat a few more bosses and mini-bosses way more easily on normal mode, cleared the Chiyoda ward, and now I can start a new dungeon/area. I'll try to go through the whole new area tomorrow and move on so I can beat the game before I receive my copy of P5R on the switch. I'd say so far the most bullshit bosses in that game are Nuwa, the last fight against Lahmu and Yakumo, who's supposed to be a normal fucking human being.

No. 245896

File: 1665338708773.jpg (13.8 KB, 251x396, Minsc[1].jpg)

There's now a humble bundle where you can get all enhanced editions of D&D RPG games (from Baldur's Gate 1 to Neverwinter Nights, including Planescape Torment) for $9, or for $20 with the latest Pathfinder

No. 245967

File: 1665361089934.jpg (1.34 MB, 1770x1600, RDT_20221009_17101456352192948…)

Sad splatoon will never have cute male inkling/octoling idols because it would make japanese scrotes seethe and protest the game. And if they did, western fans would just trans them anyway so meme-y male idols it is I guess

No. 245968

I pray for Agent 8 to be back in the eventual DLC so I can see him again… closest thing to a male idol we'll ever have

No. 245988

why won't it? i assumed splatoon having a crusty coomer fandom was not based in reality, are the devs actually pandering to them?

No. 245998

File: 1665373800118.png (141.53 KB, 275x275, 5621361E-A877-43A6-A037-5BC965…)


No. 246011

Idk if the Splatoon devs will actually pander to them but jp moids and well moids in general have a history of babyraging over fictional pretty boys because apparently that means their game or whatever no longer caters to them. Splatoon does have a sizeable female player base so there's still some hope. Also, I hate how many disgusting coomers are in the community

No. 246047


> moids in general have a history of babyraging over fictional pretty boys because apparently that means their game or whatever no longer caters to them

Reminds me of that Raiden fiasco kek.

No. 246074

Idk anything about splatoon but that character looks like a child ew

No. 246076

Same. That was such a mess. Imagine not enjoying a good MSG game because looking at Raiden's ass makes you 'gay' somehow, even though Snake was the hottest ass in the game. It's my favorite MGS game too besides 3, so I'm always extra bitter at moid rage.

No. 246083

I played MGS1, 2 and 3 in 2015 for the first time and was shocked by how normal Raiden was in MGS2 compared to his reputation. He's the most heterosexual character in the whole series, he just happens to be in his 20s, pretty, and he has a faggy voice in English only. He sounds deeper than Snake of all people in the original voice acting, I wonder if just having a similar voice in English would have helped, since the male fans are so shallow and think Ocelot is straight.

No. 246086

nta but the last part is missing?

No. 246087

Can anyone here recommend me any light action RPGs like Cat Quest? I recently finished it and absolutely loved it. I hate that so many RPGs boast about being a bazillion hours long as I have ADHD. Cat Quest took me like 10-12 hours and it felt like the perfect amount of content for my attention span. I already have the sequel that I'm about to play but would love to try out any similar games you guys might know of. I have a PS4 and a Switch Lite.

No. 246089

the characters are children in this game

No. 246112

Yeah he's the only straight one and yet he's gay because long hair and cute

No. 246130

I haven't played any of them so sorry if I'm wrong but since you played Cat Quest I, maybe try II I'm sure they're similar, there is also Kitaria Fables which has a cat protagonist in a game of animals, I've heard it's like Rune Factory but without romance and is shorter

No. 246259

File: 1665461387855.jpg (229.89 KB, 1893x964, 20220928100635_1-1~2.jpg)

has anyone else tried backpack hero? i love roguelikes, organizing and resource management games, so this game hit a sweet spot for me. you fit items in your backpack and try to make a sustainable build with the items to survive the whole dungeon. its really fucking hard and not tuned right yet cus its early access, but I can't stop playing. think the game is made by enbys but idc because the gameplay mechanics are pretty solid despite the early access bugs, and there's no mention of a gendershit. not a lot of games keep me playing for over 40 hours, the gameplay is addicting and soothes my organizing autism like nothing else lel. you can play the demo on their itch.io webpage, its practically the full game rn but without the side characters

No. 246757

File: 1665580210331.jpeg (Spoiler Image,68.78 KB, 1080x1450, received_3366333293596960.jpeg)

I know street fighter has always been coomery but they're really crossing a line with this on the character selection screen. I really should not have to see explicit fetish content front and center in a fighting game

No. 246761

I hate Juri so much, so repulsive.

No. 246763

God, is that really the character selection screen? I dont play street figther, but I saw her trailer back when it came out and though she was cool if you ignored the obvious fetish. They really should've picked another pose…

No. 246766

Jesus Christ this is too much. Let's take back 3rd Strike while the freakfreaks oggle feet.

No. 246773

Did you read my mind nona kek I absolutely love 3rd Strike

No. 246788

Read it and parried your super, kekeke~
For real though 3S is so fun! I've been sittin here trying not to geek out too hard but next to CvS2 it's my favorite fighting game to play.

(also shouts out to to Remy-anon in the husbando thread from a little while back I hope you're having a good day wherever you are)

No. 247137

Aw I don't want to be a little husbando avatarfag by posting a pic but that makes me happy, thank you nonnie. I hope you have a good day too! There's something so charming about fighting games released around the late 90s/early 2000s.

No. 247201

Just two more weeks until Bayonetta 3 is out. I'm so ready for it. My manager approved my days off for the release date and october 31st because november 1st is a holiday over here, so I'll be able to do nothing but play Bayonetta 3 for hours.

No. 247248

I bought no man's sky recently and Holy shit this game is fucked. I had bugs happen with almost every aspect of it in my 20 hours so far. It'd not unplayable by any means, but it sure as hell is frustrating.

No. 247253

I hope you got it for a low price nonny

No. 247261

You sure it's completely up to date. Not missing a patch?

No. 247269

I hope so, I got it on steam on Sunday.

Ish. It was like half price.

No. 247693

File: 1665855215626.png (184.04 KB, 477x599, image_2022-10-15_113243016.png)


Hellena Taylor is claiming she was removed as Bayonetta 3's VA because she refused the insultingly low offer of $4000 to voice the whole game (presumably including all the different Bayonettas).

I won't be buying it now. I don't see why she'd lie. I'm sure Nintendo just wanted to replace her for Jennifer Hale and offered her nothing on purpose so she'd turn the game down.

No. 247699

File: 1665856104912.png (22.82 KB, 587x227, hkamiya.PNG)

And Bayonetta 3 director tweeting this, definitely in response, even though he did not address it directly. People are so underpaid in vidya industry I believe her and really hope boycott works. She brought the character to life and is offered 4k now, it's unbelieveable; glad there's more light shed on it instead just being left as "scheduling conflict" as it was said earlier

No. 247716

It's also Platinum Games who decides that, not just Nintendo. It's weird they're proposing such a low pay for the main character's iconic voice actress.

No. 247753

Bayonetta was the only character she ever voiced, which means this is more a side job to her than her career. The producers gave her an at most B list VA pay because they knew that this was going to be the only job offer she was going to get this decade, and that they didn't have to bid for her against other game studios (like with Jennifer Hale). She probably overestimated her importance and tried to get paid more than for the previous games, they refused and decided to hire someone else

No. 247755

>overestimated her importance
You sure typed a lot of words to lick a corporation's boots. Platinum isn't going to fuck you.

No. 247782

File: 1665880261863.jpg (59.72 KB, 639x807, 41d595c43c7ae4d7075626ade382c8…)

Admittedly I'm a couple of years late to the party but I've finally played Detroit become human and it's such an incredible game. Some of the writing choices in the other routes were cringe-worthy but conner's was the best, no wonder he's such a fan favorite I get it now

No. 247784

My first experience with Detroit Become Human was watching Two Best Friends Play when it first dropped. They fucked up Connor's route when they played twice.
First time around they never got Hank's son's name, so during the fake vs real Connor sequence Hank shot the real Connor.
Second time around they gave less of a fuck and went android Connor route, leading to Hank's suicide, which was tragic…

I finally played on my own this past year and got the good ending. I teared up at the end when Connor and Hank hug. I honestly hate when people ship them. What they have is a pure, father son bond in my eyes, especially after you learn about Hank's backstory. I try to push what Tumblr Aiden's have done to the game out of my mind and just focus on that kek.
Glad you enjoyed it nonnie!

No. 247786

& i agree with what you said about hank & conner Nona. also man that sounds frustrating to deal with, I can never stand playthroughs of games that are as heavily dependent on choice as dbh but I'm glad you managed it to play it on your own i got the good ending first and I agree it's amazing, I'm in the middle of my second game trying to get the machine conner + revolutionary Markus route but god it's so fucking difficult keeping a hostile relationship with hank I remember replaying a whole chapter because I picked the wrong dialogue option and I wanted him to like me so bad

No. 247805

File: 1665892193895.jpeg (88.01 KB, 900x537, 6AF560D5-D7D0-4D3A-8105-9DBC46…)

Hanks son wouldn’t be near as old as Connor appears (he looks 40) so I’ve never understood seeing them as a father / son either. I can’t imagine Connor with a sex drive tbh, they’re more like deep friendship with a few jokey innuendos

No. 247823

Esp since conner's a grown ass man. making them father/son just didnt feel right idk why that interpretation was so popular even
though hey're better off as close friends

I mean age-gap friendships esp in the workplace aren't that uncommon tbh

No. 247850

File: 1665911112057.jpg (134.28 KB, 891x1200, 1441662846933168130-FAFHByXUcA…)

>She probably overestimated her importance
I wouldn't be surprised, she's a minor part of the game's development and from what I get American voice actors think they should be paid more for reprising roles each time? Like David Hayter being replaced in MGS5 because he asked for more money than a literal Hollywood actor. I won't lose sleep from Bayonetta having a new voice actress but I wish she stayed just for the sake of consistency. Yusuke Hashimoto leaving Platinum Games is way bigger news since he produced the first game, directed the second one (which is less good btw but that's another topic) and he designed the demons and angels from both games, and when that was announced people were way less outraged or curious about it.

No. 247851

Honestly if the entire game was just Hank and Connor solving crimes involving deviants with Connor eventually turning deviant himself I would be so happy. Their dynamic and every scene with them was amazing.

Reminds me of this fan edit where Connor turns deviant because he doesn't want to hurt or kill Hank. Might be a bit cringy, but I'd definitely have a moment like this be one of the storylines in my Hank/Connor only version, kek

No. 247852

You guys have to be kidding me with "she overestimated her importance", she was the main character of this franchise for years, and there's no way Jennifer Hale being the biggest name in american VA industry has a pay this low. As far as we know Yusuke Hashimoto left on his own accord which is very common after being with one company for so long, if it was because of being disrespected and underpaid I'm sure people would be outraged as well.

No. 247853

She's not even American. $4k is a joke offer and it's obvious Hale did not work for that much. So they had the budget, they seem to not want to work with Taylor specifically.

No. 247855

That's not cringy because I 100% agree, I love them so much I'd run the risk of a shitty unwanted sequal to this game if it meant more of these two

No. 247857

If she got fired for asking more than $4000 she objectively and unambiguously overestimated her importance. Was anyone not going to buy Bayonetta 3 because she wasn't the main VA anymore? That's why she decided to go public with the news and ask for a boycott: because she realized that if she didn't do it herself nobody would care that much about her absence. I heavily doubt it'll have any effect

No. 247858

>she was the main character of this franchise for years
Sure but what does that mean? Recording lines for a few days for Bayonetta 1, then for a few days for the second game, then maybe for an afternoon for Smash, and… that's it. For a niche video game series that was barely saved by Nintendo's funding the second game. So notoriety isn't a criteria here at all. I can't find the video but she did state that recording her lines for one of the game took 4 days. Or 4 afternoons. I'd get the equivalent of 4000$ in my first world country by working in my currently qualified job for 3 months full time, so I don't think I can bring myself to feel totally sorry about the low offer. It's business as usual, she's not an employee and she could have tried to negotiate and see if they could offer a bit more than that if necessary. I wouldn't be surprised if the whole thing was an excuse to indirectly kick her out of the project, in that case that's scummy, especially because there are more Bayonettas talking to each other in cutscenes in that new game. but I've dealt with so much worse than that in my own career that I can't bring myself to be outraged, she won't sleep under a bridge for this, she'll live.

>As far as we know Yusuke Hashimoto left on his own accord

We don't know at all. He's a Japanese guy in a Japanese company so don't expect to ever know. But I brought him up because he's responsible for a lot of the visual choices and most of the enemies in the games which is way more important than voice acting in a short game that has a few cutscenes as a pretext to make you fight enemies. The change is already VERY obvious in the very first trailer of the game, meanwhile I didn't notice the VA changed until someone told me.

No. 247862

There's over 3h of cutscenes in Bayonetta 2 and even more lines outside of cutscenes, you really think recording that is few days of work? Of course it's a complete ignorant defending $4k pay.
>I'd get the equivalent of 4000$ in my first world country by working in my currently qualified job for 3 months full time
>but I've dealt with so much worse than that in my own career that I can't bring myself to be outraged
You're very underpaid and mistreated then, doesn't mean everyone has to be dragged down to that level. Maybe if you respect yourself more you wouldn't be upset others respect themselves too.

No. 247863

>you really think recording that is few days of work?
It's not what I personally think, it's what the voice actress herself said. I'm not making assumptions here.

No. 247866

File: 1665924672922.jpg (166.09 KB, 800x600, splash_025.jpg)

Reecently finished Arcanum: Of steamworks and magick obscura and loved it! It is an isometric RPG set in a world with magic during an industrial revolution. It was made by the same creators who made Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines.

Does anyone know other games that have a steampunk setting? Preferably older ones because my PC is shit

No. 247867

Fatal Frame 4 is coming to Switch and PS4!!!!! Looks fricking amazing, love this game so much, I feel like it's so underrated

No. 247868

The Thief series have a similar mix of steampunk and magic, Bioshock Infinite and Dishonored are more regular steampunk

No. 247879

I don’t care about this whole VA argument but if you’re seriously taking home $3/hr in a first world country you need to get out of that job and stop being taken advantage of.

No. 247884

I was talking about my monthly salary after taxes. I usually get around 1600€ a month after taxes and that's just slightly below average for my qualifications (masters degree) and job so it's not that shocking. Although, I know I could do better than that. It's absolutely not equivalent to 3 dollars an hour unless something happened to one of our currencies a few hours ago.

No. 247885

File: 1665941003428.png (64.8 KB, 596x669, kamiyalol.png)

Hideki Kamiya's Twitter's gone entirely. Either Platinum made him delete it or he was banned.

No. 247886

Wtf does that mean?

No. 247888

David Hayter was replaced because Hideo Kojima hated him, not because he wanted more money than Kiefer Sutherland. Even before Sutherland replaced Hayter he was made to reaudition every game because they were looking for someone to get rid of him, they just failed to do so until they got Sutherland on board.
Bayonetta 3 has multiple Bayonettas, there's no way voicing multiple characters wasn't going to take more time to record than a singular character in 2. It sounds like Platinum wanted to pay her a flat rate too, and not the standard hourly rate. Platinum wanted to be cheap or Kamiya is a two faced snake who lied to her face about liking her, it's obvious.

No. 247889

Maybe it's something like the account is banned but if he appeals it he can get it back, like what happened to Azealia Banks' account when Elon Musk said he'll buy twitter, she got her account back without even asking for it. Once Hideki Kamiya replied to Japanese fans who misspelled Platinum Games in katakana with "it's spelled Platinum Games" in Japanese and he did it so often so fast that he was also suspected of being a bot just like what happened yesterday when he blocked a shit ton of people. But he wasn't straight up suspended.

I don't disagree with you because I also mentoned it earlier but
>a singular character in 2
She voiced both Bayonetta and Rosa in the second game and gave Rosa a deeper voice, but Rosa obviously has less lines than Bayo. I'm expecting each of the alternate Bayos to have just a few lines and for the main one to have way more screen time in a similar way.

>Platinum wanted to be cheap or Kamiya is a two faced snake who lied to her face about liking her, it's obvious.

We'll never know because that's internal info but I wish we did. I don't remember Kamiya's role in the development of the game, he's not the director or the producer this time but I think he still has an important role. It also depends on who takes care of budgeting everything, and Nintendo funds the game so for all we know they're maybe partly responsible for this too.

He got so sick of English speaking fans spamming him years ago that he at some point posted that he'll block everyone who @ him tweets in foreign languages. I understand him for that one tbh, Americans in general are retarded and his fans are even more retarded than usual.

No. 247892

Nta but that is a based part tbh, I am happy that my anime game franchise doesn't want anything to do with the western fanbase. Anime and gaming communities nowadays are insufferable, especially with twitter. He is still a douchebag.

No. 247917

Man, all this talk of D:BH has got me tempted to buy it. I used to be a big Quantic Dream fan after playing Fahrenheit (or Indigo Prophecy if you're in the US) on the PS2 and being blown away by the branching narratives. I pre-ordered Heavy Rain on the PS3 and played the shit out of it, even got the platinum trophy for it. Then the one with Ellen Page was announced and it just… didn't interest me. Idk why, I guess I grew tired of that pretentious faggot David Cage and realised there's much better story driven games out there. Fahrenheit and Heavy Rain still hold a place in my heart, and I got them both on PS4 for nostalgias sake, but I rarely touch them so I passed on D:BH (and the fandom full of Aiden's put me off a bit too kek). But I'm so tempted now after reading what you nonas have been posting. I've just checked Amazon and I can get it for around £22, I just might take a chance on it.

No. 247918

I can't tell you whether it's worth your money or not because it's very dependant on personal taste, it's a story-driven game after all.
But with that said I still really recommend it! The game's popular for a reason and a good one at that

No. 247929

File: 1665956335273.jpg (50.87 KB, 680x521, 20221016_233611.jpg)

In other news, BH Connor voice actor replied to >>247885 in Japanese in order to avoid block.
I loved Heavy Rain, the only Quantic Dream game which I was obsessed about before until they released Detroit. I husbandofagged about Connor for a few years because characters like him are my type… I would recommend this game, I enjoyed its storyline alot and the fact how you can affect everyones stories differently. I am not sure if I can rememvee that much about it now, but as a fellow Heavy Rain enjoying it was a great ride. I recall I couldn't play Beyond Two Souls because it was lame (Ellen Page game).

No. 247930

pass me the husbandofag torch, nonita
it's my turn

No. 247937

File: 1665959709318.png (25.03 KB, 512x512, 1009951.png)

Here you go. Please, take good care of Connor, nonnie!

No. 247942

File: 1665960921439.jpg (65.75 KB, 1200x801, 2182514.jpg)

I commend you with my most sincere gratitude, nonnette…i will cherish him

No. 247943

Thank you for making my evening nonnie. Hope you are doing well! ♥

No. 247944

You are both so adorable. You made my day brighter.

No. 247946

File: 1665961435324.jpg (705.99 KB, 2397x1600, PicsArt_10-17-02.01.32.jpg)

OK hold on this is more accurate
Also np <33!

No. 247962

My only complaints about Detroit: Become Human, aside from them going very heavy on the themes sometimes, is that once again the female character had to take on the mother role for perhaps the most bland kid character ever written. We've got more games focused on fathers as well (God of War, Last of Us) but the kids in those are also fun and endearing. Plus in those games the father figure goes through a struggle phase of whether they want to be a parent or not. Kara is just right away written as doting mother or a heartless asshole if you decide not to care for the child.

No. 247977

Insane how it's all interconnected the ways of the universe are so fascinating

No. 247979

After recently playing DBH I deep dove onto the wiki and learned that the game was supposed to be even longer. They apparently axed a 4th character's story arc and then split her character into like two other characters you'll see in the game, and barely gave her any airtime or relevance. Check it out after you play. I was reading that the people who worked on the game said it was the best route in the story. I hate reading things that get cut because it makes me so sad they'll never come to light.

No. 248018

File: 1666007300767.png (255.2 KB, 1151x447, jedtyjry.PNG)

I was VERY into DA for the longest time, now I am so ootl though I completely missed there has been a trailer and some Netflix cartoon trailer??

I truly love the lore and shit, I really want to get into it again but god I am worried for the next game being a pile of shit with a tranny flag on top

No. 248050

File: 1666019236592.jpg (486.79 KB, 1200x1600, dbd.jpg)

Curious since I see DBD mentioned here and there on lolcow. Anyone play Dead by Daylight? Do you have a main? Who's your favourite killer to play/go against?

No. 248052

I main Feng as survivor and everyone hates her for some reason to the point of being ridiculous. I personally love the stealth killers since those can be quite scary still, Myers and Ghostface in particular. I like playing as wraith and doctor because I’m bad with the first person vision and lose people easily lol

No. 248053

File: 1666020202094.jpg (724.49 KB, 2048x1408, CunoEIg.jpg)

new apex legend is a tranny, i couldn't have possibly guessed that!

No. 248067

Wait, why was Hayter disliked, what's the tea?

No. 248074

ONLY complaints? Girl, Marcus was insufferable and his plot was shit. The game should have been 100% Connor/Hank (with an optional romantic two man friendship content). Everything else sucked, with a special mention of robot holocaust, Kara and North (who had strong NLOG vibes to me, but the biggest problem was how easily she handled over leadership to Marcus despite being obsessed with ending humans).

No. 248076

nta but I've seen some people shitposting out of context at the time, saying that Kojima was probably jealous that Hayter works for Hollywood and he doesn't. I've seen others saying it's because of Hayter's fucked up chain smoker voice after MGS3, which he did because of Snake turning into an old fart in MGS4 and he never stopped doing it in next games with Big Boss.

No. 248079

Glad I never liked the game!

No. 248100

File: 1666035241391.jpeg (44.4 KB, 474x478, 98842115-1C59-48AC-841D-832D84…)

>Conner husbandofagging
Not surprised to see this on a forum with a history of lusting over Adam Driver and Paul Dano but sheesh

No. 248101

Kek he looks like a try-hard goth guy with moobs

No. 248107

crazy how they perfectly captured the average transbian in a single character design isn't it? my only solution to staying sane is believing a secretly peaked artist did this on purpose

No. 248109

What's wrong with Connor?

No. 248112

I just like cute robots and detectives, simple as. Danofags are the cute anons. I miss Driverfags too.
Wow, no wonder my PC stopped handling this game after they added this tranny to the game. Bless my TERF PC. This design is hideous too. At least you can still tell it's a man kek.

No. 248141

File: 1666043705375.png (762.12 KB, 597x917, xime1x9cil871.png)

No. 248146

File: 1666044908860.jpg (55.15 KB, 828x715, zw49ia4iqot91.jpg)

Pic unrel. Has anyone downloaded the full sims 3 from g4tw recently? Is it a good torrent? How big is it? Does it run well?

No. 248147

File: 1666045292299.jpeg (28.91 KB, 400x400, 1105B783-CC54-48EA-AC49-938E56…)

Idgaf about Paul Dano and his Humpty Dumpty-looking face and beady hamster eyes and I have no idea who Adam Driver is but I feel like his face looks like a mangled nailgun.
Do not lump in my new boytoy Conner with the disease that is real life moids

No. 248165

so glad i stopped playing

No. 248232


I fucking love doing memes with Myers. Something about him brings out the silly in survivors, kek.

No. 248243

I want the next Mass Effect NOW rreee

N7 day is soon though, I hope we get more info! I'm really worried, I love the game so goddamn much I want it to succeed so so bad

No. 248245

Eeeeew liaracel on preview

No. 248246

I hope she dies in the next game and they stop pushing her down our throaths

No. 248257

I watched his intro cinematic or whatever and damn they are really unsubtle about his trannyness, I thought outing your characters like that was some kind of cardinal sin? Wonder which troon voice actors they went with.

No. 248262

If only. I hope so too, but she's a bunch of Bioware moids their favorite little writer's pet. so really unlikely. >>248246

No. 248289

File: 1666100599615.jpg (99.73 KB, 887x870, 84674564.JPG)

Went to check reddit for Bayonetta updates and of course it all boils down to twans wights

No. 248361

File: 1666113551986.jpeg (841.97 KB, 1170x1441, 2893EA53-7616-439D-A2E8-7D1152…)

There are rapist VAs that still land big roles and they cancel a woman for being a normie centrist. Pathetic.

No. 248411

Hilarious considering Hale believes vaccines cause autism.

No. 248465

File: 1666126374070.jpeg (880.25 KB, 1170x1968, 1D3E50BB-326C-4501-A871-6FE745…)

No. 248485

See? I called it, I was right about the number of recording sessions. People didn't seem to realize that Bayonetta games are short with a few cutscenes, and the VA only get their voices recorded instead of also doing motion capture on top of that. If this is true, and not some lie from Platinum Games, then she fucked up really badly.

No. 248486

I used to play it a lot and mained feng, my fave killer to play was huntress but my old laptop can barely handle it so I was really bad and eventually gave up

No. 248519

No. 248553

Any recommendations for JRPGs with good female characters? I'll even take just their designs not being too distractingly sexual. Bonus points if it's an older (pre-2010) game.

No. 248556

She didn’t technically lie she just meant per session. I knew something was up when she didn’t mention past rates etc. 4K is still super low for the main role in a video game.

No. 248557

It makes sense to me. Bayonoetta is the main character of a niche franchise, people calling her iconic are either normies who heard about her thanks to Smash or are very into video games. Said franchise flopped nearly twice and that's why Nintendo's funding the two sequels. On top of that in Bayonetta 3 she's not even the only main character, there's also Viola who's playable and the new game will be most likely be as short as the past ones so that means what, 3 to 4 hours of cutscenes except she won't even appear in all of them this time. She's not like a hollywood actor either, she's absolutely not the selling poiint of these games, it's the gameplay and the characters' lines themselves. She's not doing mocap, she's not being scanned to make Bayo look like her so that also means less work. Some anons talked about the main actor from Detroit become human shit talking Kamiya but didn't this guy do mocap and had his face and body scanned for the role? And iirc that game is a fully voiced very long visual novel with 3D models? Because his work on that game is NOT comparable then.

No. 248603

That's the thing, she made a tearful confession and lied by omission by not saying it's per session. Almost everyone thought it's for the entire game, she never corrected herself, this is the reaction she wanted and now she can hide behind "well, I meant per session!"
I supported her and defended here on LC and now I'm feeling really embarrassed

No. 248608

Surprised to see so many fans here since bayonetta seems like such a male gaze game. I know that people have said it’s really good but one of the trailers (i think? Or game cutscenes i don’t remember) really turned me off from trying it, so much ass shots.

No. 248617

Bayonetta 1 can boil down to being a game about female revenge. It's the story of a woman finding out who she is and deciding to kill her father because he led the genocide of her clan and betrayed her mother. All through the game she can put her enemies (who were all males in the past, even the female-looking ones, because they are born from the souls of dead priests) through the same tortures witches were put through history. The story and symbols are also laced with esoteric meanings. For example, her first outfit is full of symbols tied to the moon and womanhood.
It's still a game laced with fanservice because it always shows how sexy and provocative she is, and it has some uncomfortable and sometimes tasteless sexual humor (Joy torture, losing to Rodin).

The sequel softens this revenge angle by making her father a tragic hero who gets possessed by the androgynous god of chaos. It's honestly a worse game but still an enjoyable story and I am glad her dad was actually not an asshole.

No. 248619

lmfao I knew it had to be a troon from the very first frame we see it. an overly manly looking "woman" in a circle of new age crystal karens crying about their moon, then it opened its mouth and you hear that obnoxious tryhard "feminine" hrt voice. they didn't even have to shoehorn that "transition" line in, it was so obvious. it honestly makes me kek the only twans representation is the most stereotypical you can get.

remember when the queers applauded respawn for characters like gibraltar and bloodhound for being lgbt without being walking stereotypes and having it be their entire personality? rip to that

No. 248620

File: 1666177727652.jpg (167.71 KB, 1024x718, 2_bayonetta01-1024x718.jpg)

Bayonetta was also designed by a woman. It's true that there's quite a bit of male gaze elements in the game, her design and relationships with women in her life (Rosa, Jeanne) are the more important things to me.

No. 248623

why is spongebob there
is spongebob a terf

No. 248624

I've always thought the coomer game accusations were overblown, before playing it I thought there would be constant tits and ass shots and sexual innuendos on every cutscenes but it's very mild actually, it's a fun action game first and foremost. Maybe it's because I generally have a high tolerance to fanservice shit, but Bayonetta is far from being the most distasteful media I've seen.

No. 248626

>It's honestly a worse game
I agree, not because of the story but because of how you HAVE to rely on witch time and umbran climax to do damage. It's fun on a first run but Bayonetta 1 is way more fun when you replay it.

No. 248629

It's ok for me because Bayonetta and Jeanne are fashion icons and Mari made sure that Luka looks cute and fuckable in the first game, that's all that matters to me. His face looks a bit weird in the trailers of the 3rd game but he looks important now so I'm looking forward to it.

No. 248633

honestly, bayo isnt even a coomer design. at least in 1. her outfit is skintight and shows her back, sure, but a lot of normal outfits do that? her boobs aren't bursting out, they're not unrealistically huge, and she's also not wearing an infantilizing outfit like so many japanese men like to sexualize. i guess some people are also mad about the heels but i think they're cool and funny

No. 248646

The reason why her back is visible is because she's dressed in black so seeing some of her skin makes her model way easier to see on screen, especially in the middle of battles. that's also why her hair is tied in the first game (except during boss fights) and short in the second one, it's mostly just because of practical reasons and because Mari Shimazaki found it fashionable and not because of the devs being coomers.

No. 248672

god the trailer is so shitty lol it's a cool girl gang and he's the token TIM that gets uwu brought out of his shell by a cool punk girl way out of his league. I wonder what the ~identity~ of the designer is!

No. 248677

File: 1666195319557.png (1.14 MB, 924x1094, screenshot000292.png)

Knowing Konami, they'll find a way to fuck it up somehow. What do the rest of nonnas think? Anyone feeling optimistic at all? Personally, I'm waiting to see what's actually announced, but I'm prepared to be disappointed.

No. 248679

More pachinko?

No. 248680

Honestly I just wish they would remake the older games with better graphics and such. I'd love to play through Silent Hill 2 and 3 again for the first time. I don't know if in this day and age they'd manage to make a Silent Hill game that will match those in style and feeling.

No. 248685

She has a coomer camera following her, unfortunately, literal male gaze

No. 248686

Any proof besides corporation's and payed journo's "trust me bro"? They have as little evidence as she has plus more power to promote their version, why the hell would you trust their word more.

No. 248687

Ff6. Few of them tbh, but they are good and the most important to the story of all protagonists (Terra and Celes).

No. 248688

I'm guessing they wouldn't want to reveal such things unless forced to, but yeah there's no other source than that and Kamiya's twitter account has been nuked. I think in that case it's better to not even think about any of this and just order a copy of the game based on whether you're into action games or not.

No. 248689

Because Jason Schreier is a paid professional and she's fishy as shit

No. 248690

It's obvious but any Pokemon game starting from Crystal (gen2) to gen 7 included. Persona 3 Portable is good too. Sword of Mana on the GBA.

No. 248712

File: 1666201281085.jpg (132.89 KB, 800x630, toe-meredy-03.jpg)

FF5, FF6, Tales of Destiny and Destiny 2, Tales of Eternia. Warning about Eternia the gameplay has kinda aged badly and the early game is hell but it vastly improves as soon as you go to the other world.

No. 248736

I forgot about FF10 and 10-2 on top of that, sorry.

No. 248740

File: 1666205753715.gif (4.91 MB, 414x360, 628BC586-840D-4D32-8E65-97063C…)

Or just pirate the game when possible and there’s nothing to feel bad about.

No. 248750

No way, I want to play in handheld mode and I used a shit ton of vouchers in my favorite video game store to preorder it, I didn't spend a cent on it.

No. 248762

It leaked already

No. 248763

File: 1666211059660.jpg (111.67 KB, 649x628, MV5BZjg1M2Y2ZTQtMjY1ZC00ZTY3LT…)

Valkyrie Profile. I love Lenneth!

No. 248774

This. This was actually the biggest critique I heard about the game, not the design of her.

No. 248776

Like this

No. 248789

Is Red Dead Redemption 2 still worth playing? I have a copy where I haven't played past the tutorial yet, but I just finished Cyberpunk and want another RPG to play. I have this weird thing where I feel "behind" playing stuff after the hype has already died down, like there's no point if I already know certain spoilers or nobody is talking about it anymore.

No. 248797

It is. It's so rich, full of little Easter eggs, with lots to do, beautiful scenery. If not for the story, at least for the gameplay.

No. 248806

That post was obviously not aimed at someone who's getting the game for free. Also homebrewing is easy, you can play whatever you want and however you want.

No. 248813

File: 1666218659161.jpeg (62.83 KB, 1248x935, AACF018B-D9FE-4CE4-93F9-BAD123…)

Presented without context

No. 248814

File: 1666218853900.jpg (193.17 KB, 1212x1031, IMG_20221020_003316.jpg)

No. 248815

File: 1666218901407.png (286.62 KB, 587x398, silenthill.PNG)

Anyone else excited for Ryuukishi07 writing new Silent Hill? There are a lot of questionable things in Higurashi but the horror parts of it are excellent

No. 248817

I am, his work may be excellent when he is not allowed to write shitty lolrandumb slice of life scenes

No. 248818

Ew, it's going to be one of those ugly western remakes à la Demon's Souls, right? I don't see the point of remaking this game, the gameplay is dated but otherwise it's still iconic and can easily be emulated, I see that creative bankruptcy has reached the video game industry as well.

Ryukishi hasn't written anything good for the last 10 years and is getting more embarrassing with each new 07thExpansion announcement, he will never reach the level of Higurashi and the first half of Umineko again.

No. 248819

I liked it, the online too, before Rockstar stopped supporting it.

No. 248820

It's cool and all but I can't help but wonder why now? And why another attempt at a remake? I'm such a pessimist when it comes to Konami

No. 248821


No. 248822

He looks like a victim from a creepypasta.

No. 248823

awesome thanks nonnies! I'll fire it up tonight

No. 248824

I remember having an argument with a friend that the creepiest thing in the game was James himself and my friend was "no you dont understand-" wont go on bc I dont want to spoil it for those who havent played but will be interesting to see if this one is different.

No. 248833

Bring those hard polys back. Actually seeing James face is uncanny.

No. 248836

File: 1666226190013.jpg (16.65 KB, 780x438, AA13ac5J.jpg)

I'm still excited for the game, even if it's gonna be a dumpster fire.

No. 248837

James "Keanu Reeves" Sunderland.

No. 248839

File: 1666226860527.jpg (9.36 KB, 560x313, silent_hill_230656_1_original_…)

He looks like as if they based him on Mads Mikkelsen without actually checking what Mikkelsen looks like and they just worked from memory kek. Mary also looks generic. Why the fuck did they do this

No. 248840

so fuckin greasy, god I hate ultra HD games. he is not even close to the original autistic guy cihi therefore it is WRONG

No. 248841

File: 1666227147113.png (5.75 MB, 2872x1560, ddd0fe00-4ff0-11ed-bbbb-19004c…)

They gave Mary such an uncharacteristic face as well. Ugh

No. 248842

I would love to hear how the rest of this played out! Maybe spoiler the text and put a warning?
How dare you insult my irl husbando
also with this update they got ride of that creepy easter egg that James is looking at the viewer first through the mirror before doing the whole hand face touching bit.

No. 248843

I meant characterless, sorry I'm ESL and tired

No. 248844

Holy shit, you're right. I remember first discovering that easter egg and having chills down to my spine.

No. 248847

File: 1666227952809.png (1.07 MB, 1920x1080, Screenshot (15).png)

He only shows up at the very end to appease the fans. Which includes me. I hope we get more photos or gameplay later on.

No. 248852

tw for my trypophobia ladies out there.
Here's a video for the trailer. No deets on the music producer tho. Anyone familiar with the work of kera? Never heard of them before

No. 248867

File: 1666231260794.jpg (304 KB, 2400x1080, Screenshot_20221019-215805_You…)

God almighty, Konami is going hard on the silent hill revival. They're even making a silent hill 2 movie, there's no footage yet. Only concept art/storyboards.

No. 248870

Baten Kaitos 1 and 2. Some of the most female-friendly games I can think of, unironically.

No. 248871

Shadow Hearts 1 & 2

Also recommending BK. Both of these series had a woman working as the illustrator/character designer

No. 248872

What do you mean, nona? Do you mean his character model, or…? Him being Mary's murderer, that is. Your post made me think of those random bodies of James in Silent Hill. Like there is one watching tv in the Apartments. Low poly was REALLY great for this because it wasn't as obvious those are supposed to remind you of James
I told my friend that he looks like he is made from plastelinę, but greasy is the word I've been looking for, thank you. 100% agree with you about Cihi kek. The characters should look like in the cutscenes in original SH2, not whatever the fuck bloober made us look at. This is as wrong as the new voiceovers in the HD collection.
BTW, I hated the voice acting too. Like the monologue from before the Double Pyramid Head boss fight. So bland and emotionless! The original voices were great because they sounded like everyone was sleepwalking, which is exactly what was happening. Also there is no SH2 without Angela's iconic "LoOoOoOost?" line.
I'm more excited about it than the SH2 remake for sure

No. 248882

im the opposite, more excited for SH2 remake even though it probably wont capture the same feel because SHf looks so… not silent hill? it's not even going to be taking place in silent hill, it's in feudal japan, why is it named silent hill.

No. 248892

Imo, I think konami didn't want to make a new IP so it's easier to slap the silent hill name even if it relates not so much of the silent hill series.

Also a bit unrelated, I did noticed a feudal japan trend in the past couple years. Like sekiro and that one pokemon remake. So maybe if it doesn't sell much overseas, maybe it will in japan? Idk, don't mind me. Just talking out of my ass lol.

No. 248893

oops, meant to reply to >>248882

No. 248916

>I did noticed a feudal japan trend in the past couple years
Not just for the Japanese market though, Ghost of Tsushima (Western IP), and upcoming also new Assassin's Creed set in Feudal Japan and even Ryu Ga Gotoku Ishin remake this time with worldwide release on PS, XBOX and Windows (which SEGA/Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio literally admitted they wouldn't have even thought of remaking if it hadn't been for Ghost of Tsushima's success)… Definitely a trend going on kek

No. 248918

I hope he still has a big booty

No. 248919

Agree with the voice acting thing, they sound too…alive? The slow, sleepy voice acting in the original added to the creepiness

No. 248926

So I have no idea what's going on with Konami but I found 2 more trailers?? This one looks to be another SH game being made by No Code and Annapurna (They made Stray). Wtf is going on??? Is this an attempt at a huge cash grab bc all of these partnerships can't be cheap.

The other trailer is for Accession which I think is more of an interactive show

No. 248930

Anon was right, Konami be slapping that Silent Hill name on anything and everything they can kek

No. 248931

Some games just don’t need to be ultra high graphics, a lot of creativity is heightened when you need to present atmosphere through simpler art style. I’d rather have the original than they just copy and make everything look as realistic as possible. I live in real life so I know what it looks like, give me some fucking style. It’s like the last of us being rereleased 3 times. I’m always skeptical of remakes when the original silent hill 2 still holds up so well and is iconic.

No. 248932

3 times? There was the PS4 remaster, I assume a PS5 upgrade too, and the other one?

No. 248934

My bad, I meant those two times. It’s wild to me to buy a game you’ve already played for more money just because they put more details in graphics.

No. 248935

At least it's not the Skyrim or GTA5 amount of re-releases kek

No. 248936

This. There was no need for this remake, feels like a complete cashgrab. The original is iconic enough, there was no need to change the characters' looks or the voice acting

No. 248993

File: 1666256221967.png (434.33 KB, 1080x1440, Screenshot_20221020-035615-902…)

Apparently one of the tranny devs for the upcoming dragon age game pissed off people on twitter by making rape joke or something. It's so fucking funny seeing normies get mad about troon behavior yet still call the guy "she"

No. 249002

It's three people total tweeting about this, and neither for them provided any screenshots lmao, good attempt at harassment campaign

No. 249004

>another SH game being made by No Code and Annapurna (They made Stray)
Annapurna is a publisher, not dev, they've never made any game. Stray developer is BlueTwelve Studio

No. 249009

File: 1666260265563.jpg (202.44 KB, 1200x675, Fatal-Frame-4.jpg)

Anons, which should I do: buy a new videocard for my PC, buy a Switch or buy a PS4?
I don't play games as often as I used to but would love to be able to play new games every now and then, new titles as well as old favorites and don't know which to pick. I love the Fatal Frame series, the older Final Fantasy titles, the Silent Hills and action RPGs like Bioshock, Dishonored and the Elder Scroll games. Also played Cyberpunk. Don't really care much for farming simulators or games that have an overly anime style to them (although also interested in the Shin Megami Tensei games). Would be verry eager to play Bloodborne. I also enjoy chill point and click adventure games like Syberia and looking forward to the new Wolf Among Us. Not sure which option would be best for me - upgrading the PC would be the most convenient, I guess, because that's how I played stuff mostly. If something I was interested in came out on console, I emulated it (this was on a gaming laptop that I recently sold). Bloodborne I'd be able to play through a streaming service with a subscription I think? The PS4 I'm considering because the last console I owned was a PS2 and most of the games I like and liked came out on the PS. The Switch I recently tried in a game bar with my bf and had a lot of fun playing Super Smash Bros and also like the portability aspect of it. I'm a Eurofag so the three would be around the same price, the videocard I'm eyeing is an RTX 3060

No. 249015

Good, trannies should be harassed no matter what.

No. 249018

Is there any screenshots of the rape jokes?

I'm so fucking worries they just focus on lgbtqbbq shit on DA4, and not on the lore

No. 249019

I think since you already have PC it would be the smartest to just upgrade it, you have the biggest choice of games on PC anyway. Switch library is actually pretty limited and maybe it's just me, but imho the majority of Switch games that are "worth it" are best played on big screen, so the mobile aspect of it is completely lost.
A lot of people sell used PS4 given PS5 is out for a while now so that actually would be the best option for you money wise, if that's something that matters to you.

No. 249032

Making James hideous suits his character perfectly tbh, ugly face for an ugly man. This is unironically a good change lol.

No. 249045

I was thinking this as well. They also aged him like 10 years. Must be intentional

No. 249046

this is a sad fact of modern video game voice acting; it's too good. back in the era of sh2 it was rare for any game company to have a recording studio, so voice actors would be selected and then just mailed their scripts. its part of the reason conversations often sound so stilted and unnatural in games of this time. it would be cool if they tried to emulate that again but idiots would complain about the "bad voice acting" since that shit is so prestigious now.
ok this is becoming as little cringe now

No. 249047

bioware fans deserve to suffer

No. 249049

I legit thought it was an artistic decision to add to the atmosphere

No. 249050

not that i know of. i'm just guessing because like, every single game of that time sounded weird and awkward too, and i've researched it bc i am fascinated by old video game voice acting
hey i just noticed that the left side of the helmet looks like fabric? with something stuck in it? interesting

No. 249061

I want to be excited, but he really showed how much of a hack he was with Sotsu and Gou. What absolute trash.

No. 249065

The real brain behind the When They Cry series was BT anyway, which is why people look back so fondly on Higurashi, nobody cares about Ryukishi's newest projects except for diehard fans for a reason.

No. 249085

It's sad he ruined the series BT poured his heart into just to be a fucking sellout. Way to honor your dead friend. Fuck Ryukishi.

No. 249102

From what I’ve heard he changed his dn to “broodmommy” (why are troons obsessed with being called mommy… yuck). If you’re not familiar with DA broodmothers are women forcefully impregnated by the monsters.

No. 249104

File: 1666287193982.jpeg (139.08 KB, 1125x1213, 6D7EB9B2-DD34-455A-967E-08B8EB…)

I don’t have the original screen caps but this is his “apology” kek

No. 249114

New GPU would be the best choice, but be sure to check if it's compatible with your motherboard first

No. 249128

File: 1666292059946.jpeg (829.46 KB, 1170x1833, A24D5F41-3AFA-471B-B9B2-BD0606…)

Late reply but you left out the VA’s cringe commentary

No. 249131

File: 1666292256398.jpg (132.9 KB, 1200x1474, silent-hill-2-remake-james-com…)

The old James looked like he was a likeable weirdo who might be on the spectrum, new James looks like he's clinically depressed and ready to hang himself at any given moment. Also it might be just me but the original looks better? Like his bone structure and faceshape is something you might see on a real person, the new face looks a bit exaggerated and cartoonish

No. 249132

>james sunderland

No. 249134

Delusional, James stans are ridiculous. He was always an ugly man with an ugly character, literally the point of the game is revealing that to the player

No. 249148

I like both. It feels like they tried to not make him look like all the other generic male video game protagonists we've got and failed, but it would be stupid if they tried to change him a lot from the original anyway.

I kinda just wish they released the old games to Steam and gave more people access to them, but I really don't mind this remake even for a cash grab, especially since we're getting it beside new content as well.

No. 249151

James was never hot but I like his new model because yeah he looks severely depressed and suffering like he should be

No. 249157

the new james doesn't even look depressed at all, he looks remus larded up lupin doing a constant pity-me fuckboi smoulder

No. 249161

Cry more tranny. Dragon age games haven't been good since the first one

No. 249178

He looks ugly either way. Newer one has different lighting

No. 249187

>I think konami didn't want to make a new IP so it's easier to slap the silent hill name even if it relates not so much of the silent hill series.
This is how they wound up killing the Suikoden franchise

No. 249212

Ok not used spoiler before so hopefully this works (spoilered for silent hill 2 ending)
so I havent got all the endings but the first ending I got was the one where he says to Maria when shes coughing "we need to take care of that cough" in a kinda sinister, threatening way.

Anyway had a discussion with a friend about Leon and James and said I preferred Leon because hes not a creepy murderer like James and friend was like "but you dont understand he needed to end his wifes suffering hes actually a good guy and really remorseful" and I was like "nah" and mentioned the ending I got and he said that I misheard/was putting my own interpretation on it and I was like no, it was meant to come across like that. One thing I remember (it was a long time since I played this game) was that while not all the voice actors were great I thought James was very good.

There was more to the convo but that was the main point. Also TY nonna nice to find someone interested in talking about this, I like silent hill 2 as an experience, gameplay wise I personally dont think its that great so im glad the characters are interesting even if I overall dont like them.

No. 249216

No offence but your friend has shit taste, Leon is obviously superior in every way.

No. 249229

leon… kennedy? why are you comparing james sunderland and leon kennedy

No. 249238

both horror game protagonists and James kind of looks like an ugly Leon but that's it lol

No. 249251

>Like his bone structure and faceshape is something you might see on a real person, the new face looks a bit exaggerated and cartoonish
Because the original James was based on Guy Cihi, an actual person that did mocap and voice acting for him. All SH 2 characters were based on their actors.

No. 249260

Real talk why do these remakes keep trying to make Leon Kennedy look ugly as fuck? His original design in RE 4 was so hot. Now they keep giving him greasy emo hair and a butt chin. Were men scared that we finally had a hot guy in video games?

No. 249263

I'd watch you play this nona. We can listen to the comfy music together and maybe cuddle…

No. 249269

File: 1666327611153.jpeg (407.07 KB, 1920x1080, 1E619B9E-5F97-49DE-9C48-9989DD…)

Eh I’ve seen worse. Majority of real men are ugly so it’s difficult to get a decent actor kek.

No. 249273

I’m most offended by the buttchin

No. 249282

I don't think the face model looks ugly at all, but that haircut specifically doesn't suit him. The issue is that it's Leon's haircut, so it's not like you could change it just for him either.

No. 249301

File: 1666345008256.jpg (115.94 KB, 736x736, 5348537356.jpg)

As long as you pay no mind to me playing to explore over trying to win

No. 249315

Can you or anyone else explain why Higurashi and Umineko are so good? I tried reading summaries after hearing people freak out about this writer and all of it sounds like standard goofy VN fare. Why is it so highly reviewed as being super fucked up and well written?

No. 249316

I've only played Higurashi, it is very well written imho, fantastic pacing and tension build-up, the way the mystery of the village slowly unravels is really fascinating; for this reason it's my favorite horror VN. But unfortunately sometimes it takes forever to reach the horror parts, which is great for the pacing but sometimes really tiring; it's not the case for every part of the game but sometimes it kinda goes into lolicon-ish territories which ofc it's hard to swallow if you're not a degenerate.

No. 249318

He was cute with the buttchin in the RE2 remake. I have hope.

No. 249320

Hey, about Syberia, somehow I have Syberia and Syberia2 because I think they were free, but Syberia won't launch properly on PC. Any ideas? I tried looking it up but didn't really find the exact problem.

No. 249359

Are you running it on win10? Might be a resolution issue, changing the resolution fixed it for me at least. Either that or running it in compatibility mode?

No. 249385

File: 1666369433258.jpg (63.46 KB, 800x800, 09424594.jpg)

Platinum Games put out this (non)statement about the Hellena Taylor situation. No docs or anything will be released because NDA, and the game is still selling out in a lot of countries. Hellena does not seem to be making any more statements, apparently she wants to put this all behind her. If she indeed lied, how did she think she would get away with it?

No. 249386

Reading Umineko and participating in the explosing speculation threads that appeared everywhere after every part was one of the most enjoyable media related things I have ever experienced so I am in for this.
Taste plays a role so be aware of that but Umineko in particular had one of the best OSTs of any anime/game IMO which made the already creepy atmosphere even better. The lack of pics helped too, a lot of the game is just edited dark photos of that old mansion with some silent hill tier BGM which made it work as horror imo. And when the red text part starts it's just a joy. Imagine reading arguments for hours but being excited regardless. The endless little hints it gave us made the guessing game enjoyable and everytime you have a theory a new hint is given that brings a twist that gives all of what you know a whole new meaning.

It's hard to explain. It it's unadaptable too. Half of the VN are just hours long debates about whodunnit and the possible existence of magic and the other half is looming horror without much happening and almost nothing you actually see (and if you see a thing it's usually not even what actually happens, the unreliable narrator is strong in this one). An anime adaption would just be 5 episodes of talking or someone walking through dark rooms and pondering their existence.

No. 249390

I think his face is ugly now. They made him look like an emo loser who sits in his basement in the RE4 remake. What's up with the new bowlcut and dark shadows on his eyes? And yeah…that buttchin.

No. 249415

File: 1666381745378.jpeg (128.63 KB, 1920x1080, E040E1A8-9CE4-4253-AC69-AFC54D…)

Why are his lips purible

No. 249418

She probably thought no third party will ever see the contracts because of NDA so she can say whatever

No. 249423

he ate blue candy

No. 249439

File: 1666391348545.jpg (58.48 KB, 850x900, 20221022_002737.jpg)

Gotham Knights…

No. 249440

I'm so jealous anon I'm STILL trying to get my hands on a ps5 and now I'm staring helplessly at my preorder of this game

No. 249441

File: 1666392095327.png (289.85 KB, 331x650, Screenshot (147).png)

No. 249472

No you're right and I agree

I wasn't, he was, and its because of what >>249238 says, I was saying that playwise RE is a better game but he brought up the comparison saying that James was a better character because so deep and Leon is just a pretty boy made for girls and gays to drool over (and if true so what? whats wrong with that?!)

No. 249483

File: 1666401181591.png (452.38 KB, 648x555, Nona (2).png)

Praying on survival

No. 249490

Spoiler this shit

No. 249502

File: 1666407981676.jpeg (67.89 KB, 795x949, 30332F11-D742-481B-A7C3-FF3012…)

His alt costume looks like shit

No. 249505

Why make a silent hill 2 remake before a silent hill 1 remake. I hate James not only for wife murder but also because his standalone game keeps hogging the spotlight from the more superior 1-3 storyline.

No. 249517

Pretty sure because pyramid head is in that one and he’s the most recognized symbol of the game to the average person

No. 249526

It's pretty neat, but breeches should be short and worn with stockings or tall boots.

No. 249531

No. 249537

ok that explains it.
>just a pretty boy made for girls and gays to drool over
as if there aren't so many female characters that are just pretty girls made for straight men to drool over

No. 249563

I agree with you, but if you don't hate James at the end of the game you're either a man or did something wrong, kek. The amount of men who love Silent Hill 2 because James is apparently such a deep and "relatable" character is just… what? I look forward to see him suffer in high quality graphics.

No. 249567

Higurashi is fun because there's an element in it that is a huge spoiler and very original, that I don't think has been done anywhere else and certainly not in western media
Umineko is in fact a VN about murder mysteries and how to solve them, so every time you read a murder novel afterwards you will think about Umineko

Mind however that the original versions of both VN were very ugly, and that Umineko loses some of its charm if you don't try to solve the mysteries (you're supposed to take notes, and some of the mysteries aren't explained at all). I myself was a bit disappointed by Umineko because my friends told me it was the BEST thing EVER WRITTEN, and I understood later that a lot of their enthusiasm came from the fact that they simply hadn't read much enjoyable books before, so I found it good and a bit too long but not perfect

No. 249579

You don't need to be a man to find James sympathetic or relatable, all you need is to be a caretaker for life for one of your loved ones. You also are basing it on one of the endings where he succumbs to the town's demons and misery. In the good ending he accepts he is his wife's killer and moves on with his life instead of constantly wailing in his own misery.

No. 249582

og RE4 Leon is the best but idc i will still simp for asschin Leon

No. 249585

Please read what you just typed

No. 249588

I'm finally starting P5R on the Switch but I haven't beaten SMT5 yet. Soon though. I'm gonna play both at the same time. I actually played P5 on the PS4 at a friend of a friend's place but he was annoying as fuck, didn't want me to download the Japanese voice acting DLC for free because he didn't believe me when I said there was one and he accidentally deleted my save file when I started Makoto's dungeon. Anyway, playing on handheld is so much better.

No. 249601

so… are you saying that caretaking loved ones is so terrible that it's okay to murder them because you're unable to have sex with them anymore?

No. 249624

kek I remember how Ryuji was not allowed to swear in P5 in English and he would say "effing" all the time but since P5R has more translations I'm playing it in French and he will just not stop swearing. If I take a drink everytime he says "connard" I'll die of alcohol poisoning before reaching the first boss fight.

No. 249638

Nonnies ever since I’ve gotten my ps5 I’ve just been playing genshin on it which feels like such a waste. Any recommendations for ps5 games? I feel like there is barely any out

No. 249665

No, I am saying that taking care of the people you love who are very, very ill can be a vexing and tiring experience, and I'm both saying this from firsthand experience and from knowing people who dealt with similar situations. I never killed anyone and I always treated the people I took care of with respect and love, but it was not pleasant at all.

James is a bad person but also he is a videogame character. He is not real, so I'm not going to treat him like a real person or see him as such.
He is a cautionary tale of mental illness, stress and depression. The game makes it clear that what he did was wrong but the game also, at least from my interpretation, it shows that those who commit the worst sins must learn to forgive themselves and not wallow in their own self-pity and despair.
OBVIOUSLY you don't need to kill someone to find a message you relate to in James' story, Angela's story, Eddie's story, etc, and to find their characters sympathetic.

No. 249674


NTA you're talking to. At the risk of blogging I all I'm going to say is my father was exactly like James and if being a caretaker really drives you to that brink of despair and selfishness you are a bad person. It sucks to take care of people who cannot care for themselves. But the victim shouldn't have to pay for your failings. Not trusting people like him has legitimately saved my life irl regardless of if they are changed now.

No. 249682

Well, yeah, I'm not saying James did a good thing or that he is a inherently good boy widdle lost soul… if he were just that he would not be in Silent Hill.

I'm saying that there are aspects in his flaws that people outside of annoying men might find relatable or sad in a way that hits close to home: it could be the situation he got in, it could be his guilt, it could just be that being a caretaker sucks, what have you.
You don't need to be exactly like him or be a bad person to like him or find him relatable: he's a fictional character and he especially was made to be up to interpretation.
I don't forgive James for killing his bedridden, intensely ill wife, but I still found his character relatable and interesting for various reasons: his caretaking situation hit close to home, but also his depression, his guilt, his willingness to fight his stagnating mind and escape from the demonic influence of Silent Hill were all interesting facets of him, and in general it was refreshing to see a game that treats mental illness without demonizing it or turning it into thriller schlock.

He is meant to be flawed, that's the point, that's why he is in Silent Hill. That does not stop people from feeling sympathetic. It helps that he is a character and not a real person.
For example, I found Angela the best and most relatable character in the game. That doesn't mean I will trust women like Angela or that I have killed my father or that I have been raped. We engage with fiction through its hyperbole and its suspense of disbelief, and not all of us are going to see fictional characters exactly like we would if they were real people.

No. 249685

anon you dont need to actually sympathize with protags. humbert humbert for instance is a horrible piece of shit who does feel guilt for raping dolores. doesnt mean he is deserving of sympathy ever. finding any "relating" to james is weird.

i like him as a character because hes an utter piece of shit, i like disliking him. its ok to do that too.

No. 249686

>Well, yeah, I'm not saying James did a good thing or that he is a inherently good boy widdle lost soul… if he were just that he would not be in Silent Hill.
you dont need to be a murderer to go to silent hill either tho

No. 249704

Why wouldn't you trust Angela? Because she's a bit unhinged?
I agree with you about James. I love SH2, it's a masterpiece. Not looking forward to the shitty remake, though.

No. 249706

>Why wouldn't you trust Angela? Because she's a bit unhinged?
She seems incredibly unstable, however now that you mention it I think I'd be safe around her because she doesn't seem to kill women.
>you dont need to be a murderer to go to silent hill either tho
You know what I mean tho, the reason why he is there is because the town wants to trap him like it did with Angela and Eddie, and the reason why it can do that to him is because he killed his wife.

No. 249726

she may have killed her mother though… I don't think that she would be dangerous to another woman who wasn't involved in her sexual abuse

No. 249923

File: 1666538314562.jpeg (158.77 KB, 1731x1145, Silent-Hill-2-Silent-Hill--Res…)

Huh didn't notice

No. 250102

File: 1666601087190.jpg (134.09 KB, 678x1294, hrp0ihxszov91.jpg)

Hellena responds, with new figures that are different from what she said in her original vid. Seems like she got a fair offer but didn't like it?

No. 250111

Why can't these people just be paid a standard hourly rate like the rest of us peasants? I know it will never happen but it would save a lot of trouble.

No. 250112

File: 1666603396019.gif (2.24 MB, 498x283, ffxii-final-fantasy-xii.gif)

I don't know what it is about the game, but I swear I am bound to Final Fantasy 12. I've been playing it since it first release on PS2 in 2006 (I was nine years old!!) – I played it for months straight in 2009, then played it again from scratch (and completed it) in 2019 during my brief NEET phase. Now I'm starting it again, and I totally forgot how the Zodiac Job System works, despite playing that version last time – so I get to re-discover the Zodiac Job System!

No. 250113

Note how she's not denying that she asked for 6 figures, she's only denying that she asked for $250,000
An hourly rate tends to make the work drag on, since the slower the contractor works the higher they get paid

No. 250168

File: 1666626206808.jpeg (Spoiler Image,97.78 KB, 1125x632, 1209E3F3-C087-410F-BD13-10258D…)


No. 250171

File: 1666626695212.jpg (510.8 KB, 3840x2160, FezeZbAXEAEa2eB.jpg)

To all D2 fans, who is this character supposed to be?
Is anyone else worried about the aesthetics of Lightfall as well? I was already kind of worried that the art direction in D2 was getting a bit uninteresting or boring compared to D1 but witchqueen killed any of these thoughts.

No. 250181

What is this from?

No. 250182

Gotham knights i think?

No. 250193

Wtf he looks like he had cleft palette but on the bottom

No. 250226

Is that nightwing? I stg the batfam is unintentionally the most female gazey, objectifiable pieces of male meat I've ever seen.

No. 250243

Nice, I completed it on the PS4 and have a copy of the Switch version for another time. (and why not the pc version someday for the mods lol)

No. 250266

Who else would it be

No. 250375

A new disciple? Some other new chara? Sloane!?. I'm trying not to get spoiled cause it's more fun that way.
It looks like they're going vaporwave, it looks cool to me. They're always trying out different themes.

No. 250454

File: 1666720470166.jpeg (Spoiler Image,104.35 KB, 500x613, 9587184A-4640-42BF-9F98-42FF8E…)

bayonetta 3 story leaked. bayoluka is canon i’m burning my copy.

No. 250474

Hey Nonas it’s >>248789 again, I just wanted to say thank you for telling me to give RDR2 a shot! I’ve been playing it for the past week and it’s hard to put down. This is one of the most visually stunning games I’ve ever played, and the first game I’ve played that truly feels open-world. Other than random encounters with animals or bandits, I’m pleasantly surprised with how relaxing it can be during quiet rides out in the wilderness. I’m impressed, thanks again frens

No. 250476

Fuck you, you should have put a warning so I wouldn't hover the spoilers. Give me your copy right now instead of burning it. Luka is cute.

No. 250478

ayrt i don’t hate luka i just think a romantic relationship between him and bayo undermines her character development and the series theme. at least i can cope by reminding myself this is an au.

No. 250480

I always thought they'd make a cute couple, B2 is the one game where Bayo seems to not give a shit about him. Now I'll pretend I never read anything you posted and I'll wait until Friday to get my copy. I swear to god if the shop where I preordered my copy will tell me to come back on Saturday I'll lose my shit.

No. 250668

File: 1666778042440.jpg (245.02 KB, 1200x903, FQddt1AakAMQ1Ik.jpg)

So nonas, I finished Ace Attorney Chronicles and really loved it. What game would you recommend me to play next? I haven't played the other AA games.

No. 250670

Play the other AA games

No. 250671

The first game is the perfect version of the game. Short, sweet, fun, touching. We Love Katamari is like an explosive celebration of everything incredible about the first game. The creator had no involvement beyond those, so I haven't tried them. (He actually didn't want to make any sequels, but signed onto We Love Katamari when Namco told him they would make it with or without him.)

No. 250672

File: 1666778858316.jpg (31.42 KB, 705x940, 98345734.jpg)

please say syke I don't wanna play the game if that's true

No. 250673

Do I need to play them in order? Also are there other games like this?

No. 250681

>Do I need to play them in order?
Yes, the first three are a trilogy and you can't skip any of those. I forgot to what extent AA4 is connected to the OG trilogy and if you can play it separately or not, but I'd recommend playing it after the first three.
Dual Destinies and Spirit of Justice were made without the involvement of the original creator of the franchise (he later made DGS/Ace Attorney Chronicles) so they're considered lower quality in terms of writing by some fans and personally, I hate the direction those games took and haven't even played SoJ, but you might enjoy them too. Anyway, they are considered part of their own trilogy together with AA4, plus you should play the OG trilogy before playing DD and SoJ, so, to answer your question, yes.

>Also are there other games like this?

There were two spin-off games about Miles Edgeworth called Ace Attorney Investigations. The first one was officially localized, while the second was never released outside Japan and got a fan translation. These games focus less on the trials and more on the "investigation"/detective part of cases.
Shu Takumi (the creator) also made a completely unrelated puzzle/mystery game called Ghost Trick. You might like that one as well.
I haven't played other game franchises with similar themes and gameplay as AA, but I see people usually recommend the Zero Escape series, Hotel Dusk, Aviary Attorney, and Professor Layton.

No. 250700

Never play AA6, if you dislike the direction AA5 took you'll want to throw yourself off a cliff if you play the last case of AA6, especially if you liked AA4.

No. 250701

Please don't tell me you play Bayonetta for the story. Please. Love yourself.

No. 250702

I've evolved past ooga-booganess enough to appreciate something for more than 1 reason, I play them for the story, characters, as well as the gameplay. (story spoiler) Bayo getting together with Luka is almost enough to ruin the character for me though, I'm obviously still gonna play it but man what a bummer

No. 250703

File: 1666786615637.jpg (178.24 KB, 960x720, cheers.jpg)

Thank you very much for you reply anon! Wow I got a lot of games on my list to play now!

No. 250705

File: 1666787473956.jpg (1.01 MB, 635x749, 7LtaLGc.jpg)

It's the enbie flag
Bungie has been putting a lot of cosmetic genide things in D2 but nothing really related to the game outside of maybe this 1 lore piece but it's a result of a fucked up experiment by Clovis

No. 250706

kek, thanks for the warning, nona. I refused to play it until I started to get curious about the characters, so maybe one day I'll play it. I already consider DD and SoJ to be non-canon anyway so I can separate them from the rest of the series in my mind

I hope you enjoy the other games! And enjoy the guys too hehehe
Also there was a Phoenix Wright / Professor Layton crossover game but I've heard it wasn't very good. The artist for that game was the same as AA4 and DGS.

No. 250707

File: 1666789459693.jpg (325.68 KB, 567x1033, 20221026_150403.jpg)

NTA but I finally played the layton/ace attorney crossover last year and loved every bit of it, I think most critiques comes from people who have only played one of the series (AA fans said the story was too farfetched, which is the vein of Layton games, while Layton fans thought the court sections were too long and investigating was on a second plane). Layton took a bit of protagonism, specially towards the end, but in general I thought it was pretty balanced.

This game is pretty much the predecessor of DGS/TGAA and it was pretty fun to play it after finishing DGS and look onto their similarities. Apart from the writting and design (same guys as DGS), the court system is very similar to it too.

No. 250708

That's great! I should play Professor Layton before trying that game, then.

No. 250709

Oh ffs, I guess most of that was already known or isn't really important(Drifter pan?) Hope this new character isn't that important or preachy.
At least they keep the emblems out of eververse so I only see them when some shitter tranny kills me in PVP.

No. 250758

nta but this character will probably be a vendor and we'll have to see it 50% of the dlc. i just know the voice is going to be so grating and the dialogue retarded. its why i wasn't able to finish tiny tina

drifter does seem like a screw anything including aliens type so pansexual might actually be accurate (fiction only). i wonder why crow and osiris weren't on there

No. 250783

That doesn’t make sense at all to me. Kamiya himself clarified Bayo only toys with Luka and there’s no real love between them. It isn’t about ship wars or heterosexuality or anything. We’ll see how it goes down - it’s too early to jump to conclusions.

No. 250807

File: 1666817367307.jpg (85.51 KB, 540x510, tumblr_f41db0571f123a2abb68772…)

>At least they keep the emblems out of eververse so I only see them when some shitter tranny kills me in PVP.
It's kind of ironic how even when someone uses the trans emblem or has pronouns in bio when I'm raiding with them literally everyone refers to them according to how they sound like and very very few put effort in their voices
except maybe on this one discord lfg server but most of the time everyone is muted because of anxiety
lol same I would have been surprised if Drifter wasn't pan
I doubt people will care about the character's pronouns unless a huge deal is made about it. I remember back when I used to run DSC everyone referred to Atraks as a man

No. 250816

I'm confused why Osiris is not there but what's there in the lore about Crow's sexuality?

No. 250830

You're right anon, let's wait and see ourselves

No. 250870

Wait nvm it’s as bad as I’ve imagined. Let’s suffer together nonnie. The gameplay looks promising though.

No. 250876

I feel like Drifter being pan is half a joke because he like to eat everything that means he would fuck anything too. Even though the eating thing is because he starved to death a bunch of times after he was first revived.
And it really feels like they're pushing the Eris x Drifter thing lately.
Osiris is a package deal with Saint so they just didn't want two rainbows. And Crow is straight, he has a crush on Holiday, Uldren and Jolyeon were just sworn brothers/really good friends too.

No. 250904

File: 1666859879194.jpg (10.31 KB, 312x296, 35996564.jpg)

At least we got gameplay…

No. 251129

I just got my copy of Bayonetta 3! I'm downloading some data for it and it's taking time though, does anyone know what it's for?

No. 251318

File: 1667034338903.gif (1.08 KB, 35x32, tumblr_liqazsdc3t1qb7h7x540.gi…)

Hi nonnas! What are your favorite / the best retro games (or old games in general)? I realised I am having a lot more fun with older videogames than the current new ones (unless they are indie).

No. 251340

File: 1667042721244.gif (834.77 KB, 500x342, 143e1115171dad8bc23a058bdc95a2…)

Anybody else here played Sailor Moon: Another Story for the SNES? This is the first time I'm emulating an old game like this my computer is very weak so I don't play much vidya in general and it took me a while to get used to it because not only do the enemies not have any health bar but the boss fight difficulty is weirdly irregular. The first boss in the second chapter was a DRAG to get through and made me fear for the next bosses but then the next bosses are way weaker. At the point I am it's easier because one of the potential party members (after you find her accessories) is ridiculously op it's sailor Saturn sailor Pluto also has a really op ability. Some people enjoy challenges, but I find it funnier to steamroll the enemies.

No. 251407

Can you be more specific? I don’t know what genres or console era you might be interested in.

No. 251432

File: 1667071607290.jpg (675.43 KB, 1920x1080, egs-newtalesfromtheborderlands…)

Anyone played this yet? How is it? Personally I find that the quality of the stories for the Borderlands games has decreased with each iteration, except for Tales, but that one was Telltale not Gearbox, the New Tales is also Gearbox but with the Telltale-esque gameplay it seems.

No. 251448

File: 1667076336191.jpeg (751.52 KB, 1170x642, 6DADA3B7-7EB1-4AD0-89DC-010046…)

I haven’t been in the loop with Borderlands in years but got excited when I heard there was a new Tales game. I thought it was a sequel with the OG cast but it’s a whole new story. The protags look like Cyberpunk 2077 rejects and according to reviews it’s on par with BL3 writing. Pain.

No. 251453

>The protags look like Cyberpunk 2077 rejects
Come on, that's how every single Borderlands character looks like lmao
But yeah, writing being on par with BL3 is definitely bad news

No. 251467

Fallout 1 and 2.

No. 251486

I like the look of the woman on the left tbh

No. 251525

File: 1667101169136.jpg (Spoiler Image,140.61 KB, 1242x1006, huh.jpg)

Sorry I know this is a few days old but I follow videogames on twitter and theres been a lot of talk about this and how some fans arnt happy. Also the original VA is now being called a terf by some LGBT people on twitter. I've not played the game but remember there being a segment on an NHK gaming programme and I really dont see how she was ever interpreted as being "queer representation" after hearing the directors comments about her, pretty much came off as being aimed at horny men.

No. 251532

Wait, how is she a TERF? I thought the controversy came from her weird financial demands and her opposition to abortion. You can't be a radical feminist and pro life, that contradicts one of the main tenets of radical feminism. TRAs need to stop saying TERF when what they actually mean is "non-TRA."

Interesting how TRAs are so eager to lump as many people they dislike in with radfems as possible, then turn around and accuse us of affiliating ourselves with those people. From their perspective, everyone who isn't on their side must be conspiring against them.

No. 251541

Someone on twitter asked her to say trans rights and she avoided saying it (don't have the cap)

No. 251545

File: 1667120008556.jpg (120.11 KB, 488x359, 1552856378529.jpg)

>I really dont see how she was ever interpreted as being "queer representation" after hearing the directors comments about her, pretty much came off as being aimed at horny men.
I can tell you why, it's very stupid. I wish I were joking but I'm not.
>Bayonetta 1 gets released in late 2009, has the reputation of a sexist video game because the MC is a hot adult woman doing stupid, sexy poses on purpose
>some gay guys who like video games play the game, find it fun, find the MC fun and joke that she's so over the top and girly she might as well be a gay icon, because yaaas queen, slay!! (think Madonna, Beyoncé, Britney Spears or Lady Gaga's popularity with gay guys)
>lady gaga played the first game on the Wii U or the Switch and posted about how obsessed with it she was on twitter
>the MC and her rival/childhood friend have a very close friendship and in the second game Bayonetta saves Jeanne from hell and jokes about giving her a wake up kiss to wake her the fuck up so she doesn't die
>and the two characters are roommates after Bayonetta 1 is over
>autistic queer, spicy straight people who never played the games and only watched playthroughs on youtube and read wiki pages about the characters take all the "gay icon" jokes literally and run with it
>confuse jokes on twitter by the devs for actual canon confirmation
>these people are then upset that Bayonetta is straight and likes Luka, the guy she's hinted to fall for in the first game because they did NOT play these games

No. 251549

Cap is here

No. 251558

File: 1667125576588.gif (972.47 KB, 480x324, lady gaga.gif)

I hope Lady Gaga is enjoying Bayonetta 3 and will post about it again.

No. 251560

I tried it once as a child, and let me tell you, even the first boss is a joke if you raise Mercury up a level or two.

No. 251576

Ah what a classic, gamers imagining and making up things about a game and then becoming offended actual creators who have never intended for these things to be true don't pander to their expectations. I hate the entitlement customers have in this industry

No. 251594

Does anyone know any good female indie developers? It seems like every female dev I see online is either a tranny or is just making a visual novel.

No. 251597

Are you looking for someone single handedly making their game? There's not a lot of devs, male or female, working completely alone so most of indie projects even if female-led have male team members

No. 251599

lmao and that was from 2019

No. 251603

Female-lead teams are fine too, provided the women on the team do more than just story or artwork, and the game isn't some sort of dating sim or visual novel.

No. 251605

imo your best bet would be to look through itch.io. lots of troons, but lots of solo projects by women too. and also maybe look for niche projects, like fangames.

No. 251609

File: 1667145838465.jpeg (Spoiler Image,259.92 KB, 1170x339, FB339BAA-EBAA-4D87-B7A8-AFC614…)

Bayo isn’t a lesbian but in regards to your spoiler kek

No. 251621

why do "famous" people even respond to this. i never would. lmao.

No. 251631

Idk if I were a voice actor and someone asked me this I would recite the YWNBAW copypasta

No. 251632

Yeah I remember that tweet. It's still kind of obvious in the first game imo. It's way less obvious in the second game though, since Luka just exists to write his journal, throw away the pages for you to find and baby sit Loki for a few minutes. I consider that if it's not the actual games, whatever the devs say is more their personal preference or a potential idea for a sequel because they can change their minds anytime.

No. 251633

i legit just wouldn't reply. my livelihood would be based on if i supported "trans rights". and since idgaf, i'd just pretend i never saw those comments.

No. 251652

Kek you know they’ll still suspect you for not replying

No. 251688

File: 1667185014447.jpeg (106.04 KB, 675x675, BB1CAEC2-10AC-4378-945C-D88497…)

Anyone else here play PSOBB on Ephinea? It’s mostly dead nowadays unfortunately - the gameplay still holds up as far as MMOs go.

No. 251694

Nonna I know this is late and you already got some great answers, but I want to mention a couple more. Another nonna mentioned Tales of Destiny + Eternia. I think Symphonia is worth mentioning here because of Raine Sage, who is one of my favorite heroines in existence. (The main girls in the game, while I love them, do have some stereotypical flaws.) Tales of the Abyss also has solid female characters throughout, even though I didn't find any of them as incredible as Raine. And though this is more of an SRPG, the Fire Emblem Tellius games (Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn) from that era have good female characters too.

Not an older game, very new, but after Xenoblade 1 and 2 could be iffy with its female characters (many armor choices in 1, the…entire deal with 2), Xenoblade 3 has really great heroines as well! And only one of them has a cleavage-revealing outfit! (Although the dub apparently made one of the characters a "they" for some reason, you wouldn't know it by playing the game, I only know because I decided to look up her character art once. This character is very obviously female.)

No. 251743

File: 1667205670529.png (324.29 KB, 600x500, 33138093_p0.png)

Ok so I'm done with the main content in Bayonetta 3. Spoilers ahead. I don't like playing as Viola, parrying is bullshit because you'll play most chapters as Bayonetta and use ZR to dodge and activate witch time, then you're given a few chapters with Viola and she activates witch time by parrying, which is done with R and not ZR. And her witch time sucks ass, it's way too short. Aside from that the game is fun and I need to unlock more stuff and find all the umbran tears. Jeanne's minigame was annoying as hell. Visiting Tokyo and Paris in the game was weird as fuck because they looked way too accurate, I could guess with shops irl where in which scenes sometimes.

As for the story it's fun for like 90% of the game, then it shits the bed in the last chapters. They butchered my boy Luka by turning him into a supernatural fairy creature thing despite the entire point of the character being that he's a normal human and can still keep up with what's going on. I'm guessing he's half fairy instead of half-demon because Capcom would have sued everyone and everything at Platinum Games otherwise, since Luka was always Dante as a human before that. Jeanne and Bayonetta die except they don't. But no they do. Because some of the damage caused by the villain are cancelled or some shit but it's super vague, unlike the end of Bayonetta 1 when she gets out of her casket and acts all sassy and shit. The final boss really reminded me of the one in Astral Chain that was cool. And I loved when Mysterious Destiny started playing. But anyway, the writers tried too hard to make the game look super serious and sad but it failed and the end looks melodramatic as fuck. Baal is the cutest demon idgaf what anyone else says.

No. 251766

Best option would be to not have any social media tbh

No. 251835

File: 1667232851699.jpg (106.89 KB, 250x354, Persona_5_cover_art.jpg)

I was so looking forward to playing P5R because many people with similar taste recommended it to me and I loved SMT5 so much, plus I was really excited about the life sim aspect. I'm not sure if I'm missing something but I'm disappointed with the writing of the story so far even though I'm early in. I'm finding the first storyline with the abusive PE teacher really creepy and hard to play and I'm just getting something like a scrote or unsettling vibe overall. I feel retarded or like I'm missing something because so many people love this game and it's supposed to be one of the "best RPGs of all time".

No. 251843

File: 1667236579025.png (20.53 KB, 423x200, futaba2.png)

It's a very fun game to play thru and the music and aesthetics are wonderful, but the story is pretty lacking imo, especially since it wants to make a strong statement but is scared to do so, so all the arcs and game end up half-baked to not anger anyone.
The first castle is hard to play thru, but the rest are just cartoon-level villains (at least the new arc they included in P5R was wonderful). Unfortunately you're right with the scrote vibes, these games bank on fanservice (it's specially bad on P4 and P5), you will get a not-so-nice surprise about how they treat Ann & Ryuji later on. I liked most of the social sim stories though.
I feel most of the people that praise it so much it's because P5 was their first contact with a more story-based game kek. Overall, it's a fun game and I don't regret playing it, but it also isn’t the best game of all time like people claim. I think it's one of these games that is more fun to play when you have someone besides you to make fun of the game/characters with.

No. 251847

The first palace feels tedious and endless during the first playthrough, it's a thing every new player experiences in P5. I think it gets a LOT better after it, and 40 hours in the game is where the story starts to get interesting imo. Like the other anon said, the new things they added in P5R are brilliant.
As for the fanservice, don't forget that this is a japanese game so there's going to be scrotey moments but as far as I remember the SA theme and creepy teacher thing end with the first dungeon and rarely gets brought up afterwards. Definitely push through if you feel like it nona, it gets better.

No. 251852

Given that male PE teachers are usually fucked in the head and more likely to be disgusting perverts with their female students compared to other male teachers, I'd say the whole thing was uncomfortable because of how believable it was, aside from the supernatural elements of course. I played like half of the original game and I'm in the middle of that arc too in P5R, but I'm taking my time playing it. The next arcs didn't interest me nearly as much story-wise, and btw I'm 100% the arc with Yusuke and Madarame was directly inspired by the Butterfly of Death arc in Kindaichi Case Files, that arc fucked me up when I saw it on TV as a kid but it was great.

No. 251859

The only good thing about P5 is Akeshu. Terribly overhyped mediocre game.

>the SA theme and creepy teacher thing end with the first dungeon and rarely gets brought up afterwards
Yeah, they move on to sexually harrassing Ann themselves kek

No. 251880

I've never played P5 myself, but isn't the abusive teacher plot intended to be creepy? The teacher is a villain you need to defeat, right?

No. 251886

File: 1667249219027.png (123.12 KB, 1315x830, news article.PNG)

Yes, the whole point is that you have to make him confess to everyone, including the police, that he'd routinely beat the fuck out of his students and that he molested Ann's friend to prevent him from doing it again. Japanese schools take their sports club way too seriously, it's not even a super exagerated scenario: https://japantoday.com/category/national/student-commits-suicide-after-being-beaten-by-school-basketball-coach

French and Italian anons who remember the Attacker You! anime while also remember how the coach kept beating the fuck out of the middle school protagonists for not being good enough or for giving their own personal opinions so it's not invented by P5 specifically.

No. 251891

Sorry nonnies, I don't think I explained myself well. I don't have a problem with creepy stuff or dark themes including realistic depictions of abuse. It more feels like how it is handled creeps me out. Why put a story involving abuse at the very beginning of the game in the tutorial so you can hear children screaming as they are being whipped while Morgana tells you that you can save in a safe room or whatever. It just feels really off to me and it doesn't seem well written or sensitively handled so far. I don't particularly mind fanservice either but same thing as above. It's possible I'm just triggered and being retardedly picky about the writing. I'm going to keep playing anyway since I really want to like it. I'll reserve any more judgement till I get past the abuse part.

No. 251900

The writing isn't very subtle, that's because it relies a lot on obvious, over the top symbolism in the entire series. Actually, that's the whole point of the series, it's inspired by Jugian psychology or whatever it's called. It has it's good and bad sides.

No. 251930

I mentioned I was enjoying Bayo 3 to my friend and the only thing she has to say to me is "I heard they made it gay ugu" I'm so fucking sick of her

No. 251931

Why does he look like he belongs in Soul Calibur now? This is hideous

No. 251969

kek, if only she knew…

No. 252011

Akeshu is shit and barely existed in the OG game

No. 252049

I only know writers: Jane Jensen and Roberta Williams were pretty prominent in the 80s/90s

No. 252050

I played 65 hours of this and then dropped it because I was bored to tears and didnt care about any of the characters

No. 252051

File: 1667309564152.jpg (78.71 KB, 1280x720, 392873e65474fc3b85dd4b03e5e26a…)

What is everyone's opinion on the Medium? I haven't played it myself, only watched gameplay videos but it seems like a walking simulator that drew inspiration from the Silent Hill games?

No. 252165

File: 1667336340020.png (147.96 KB, 385x216, 1347-1657198020-1423405383.png)

No Kiwis in a nocturnal animals pack, what the actual fuck Frontier? I'll have to use mods now. I don't care about Halloween decorations which are only fun for 1 month of the year. At least they added the Wombat to make the Oceania animal list a little less pathetic, but still.

No. 252167

But this is P5R and it exists. Akeshu is the only interesting and fun thing in the game.

No. 252188

Was that the fanzine ship? Like the one where someone took hundreds of dollars to spend on a genshin characters

No. 252192

Why do you hate kiwis so much nonna?

No. 252312

You read that incorrectly. I'm upset they DIDN'T include them! I'm literally going to mod my game to include them. They only added Least Concern animals, usually they add at least one threatened or endangered animal. The Kiwi was PERFECT for a NOCTURNAL dlc. Yet they added raccoons, red foxes, skunks, bats and wombats, but no Kiwi. The game has an abyssmal selection for Oceania and while the Wombat helps, I want my damn Kiwi! And emus, echidnas, Tasmanian devils etc. But no Kiwi in a nocturnal dlc is CRIMINAL.

No. 252371

Ahah I have no idea how come I read it wrong, the image with kiwi present right there confused me maybe. I love kiwis, they're so dorky and bizarre, is there any chance they'll add it later or is that usually it once the dlc is out no more thematically fitting animals will come?

No. 252375

File: 1667387087136.jpg (117.58 KB, 1080x608, 8yhnu5k9obq81.jpg)

From the looks of it they look at suggestions from Reddit, so it's an idiocracy and the packs are very pandery. They already released an Australia pack, idk if they see enough reason to release a New Zealand pack. The Twilight (nocturnal) pack was kinda my last hope. Or they would maybe do some troll thing like "flightless birds pack" since everyone is asking for aviaries. I can't really think of any other way they're still going to include the Kiwi. Or maybe an endangered animals pack? They at least added the platypus in the wetlands pack, my absolute favorite bizarre animal, but kiwis are a close second!

No. 252815

File: 1667500058462.jpg (276.08 KB, 980x560, moidsmad.jpg)

Was looking at Mass Effect 2 mods and someone made a mod that changed the stupid boob-cup battle lingerie chests to actual proper armor. And of course all the scrotes were seething and/or lying through their teeth.

No. 252825

>I'm not trying to hate on a preference for mods to give FemShep smaller boobs
then shut the fuck up you stupid moid, there are thousands of seemingly pointless cosmetic mods made because the creator just wanted different textures, and countless coomer mods for hundreds of video games that are completely unnecessary and no one (especially your retarded XY asses) ever questions that. God I really didn't need to be reminded of scrote retardation today, now my day is ruined

No. 252857

File: 1667508092348.gif (157.28 KB, 256x224, Hamelin_no_Violin_Tamaki_(SNES…)

LOL fuck I'm sorry anon. Here, have some cute old Japanese game art.

No. 252888

Kek I'm sorry nona, I've been a little spergy today.
I wish there was a bigger presence in modding communities of women who fix the mistakes made by sexist moid developers.

No. 252928

File: 1667525265554.jpg (Spoiler Image,81.97 KB, 1080x810, FgL_LRdXkAEE37-.jpg)

Sorry to be tardy to the party
Shoulda capped at the time, cant find the thread now but apparently some time ago a fan asked her if bayo supports trans rights and hellena didnt answer saying its not her character so she cant speak on her behalf. But theres no actual evidence of this. Also yeah never met a terfs whos anti-abortion.

Um, no. If you are talking about the guy I think you are its because he said of the apparent nudity, stripper scene at the end not because shes a "how adult woman", most people seem to like her design. I agree that its peoples own fault though for the conclusions they reached on the story.

Agree, but it sounds like it was an excuse to like a controversial thing. Like a lot of these people who wrote off the sexual stuff because "its FOR THE GAYS" are now writing hit pieces about how sexist this game is and how it panders to men when tbh that was always the main audience, shes very popular with typical gamer guys like pic attached.

No. 252968

>If you are talking about the guy I think you are
No clue who you're talking about, in both cases I was talking about a lot of people at the same time.

No. 253068

File: 1667578262207.jpeg (387.6 KB, 838x2048, FBEE9E8E-2D18-445E-A059-004764…)

Yoshi-p was interviewed on the upcoming FF game and one of these questions popped up. I don’t know why people ask devs who would never go for diversity for diversity instead of supporting devs who do - the whole thing seems awkward.

No. 253070

File: 1667578565340.jpg (172.76 KB, 740x429, discoelysium.jpg)

I got Disco Elysium on sale because my friends kept raving about the "gorgeous" artstyle and how great the story supposedly is. But I'm sorry this shit is ugly to me. I get that it's good art on a technical level, but it's just so… male coded.

No. 253071

Yeah. The whole thing seems catered to dudes who listen to breadtube.

No. 253072

File: 1667578834036.png (1.36 MB, 1060x815, uglybastard.png)

No. 253076

What a long way to say no kek

No. 253079

And how do you find the story?

No. 253080

I'm at the very begining and I find some of the writting cringy, I din't like the "tell me more about my ex wife" line, it's reeks of a nerdy bro addicted to youtube's humor. I am curious to see where it goes thought.

No. 253109

File: 1667589898427.jpg (7.44 KB, 320x180, cunoesse.jpg)

Hey nonna, I am playing Disco Elisyum too! not too far from the very beginning either, only finished the first day, took a long time as I was exploring a lot.
I agree that a big chunk of things feel extremely cringy, especially the 'lol randumXD' bad answers that you can choose, they all center around choosing your character to keep being a raging alcoholic and an extreme pervert, talking about sex crap or sexuality. It also makes me feel like as if the games political part is kind of trying to force you to think in their own way (not that i am a poltard) if that makes sense. But i am a sucker for detective cases and i enjoy the VA, plus i cannot refund the game anymore so I am staying with it. I feel like Ace Attorney will forever remain to be the best detective game in my heart.
I hate the picrelated kid. The way they wrote this characters dialogues make me extremely uncomfortable and nauseous. I really like Kim, but I can only hope we will see a decent female character other than 'a random rich woman in a boat'.

No. 253118

It's not gorgeous, it's just all the men who play it have never looked at art history, or anything other than digital art.

No. 253120

Maybe Im putting too much faith in the Sonic team but I really hope this is good

No. 253121

>male coded
what the fuck does that even mean in this case

No. 253139

Means nonna is ignorant about art, let's let her be

No. 253146

It won't be

No. 253164

It means it's the kind of ugly digital art men enjoy, technically good but aesthetically trash.

No. 253182

File: 1667603375157.jpg (66.43 KB, 708x860, 8e7354ada08a76412cda6be35984b5…)

Women have different tastes though and judging by twitter fanart there are a lot of women who are into this. The designs don't make me horny but I liked how the game looks like, it gives off a different vibe. I am usually not a fan of isometric games.

No. 253185

I like it tho, it fits the tone of the game. Nonny, I don't know if you're aware of this, but not every piece of art has to make everything look beautiful, perfect and clean or else it's devoid of substance.

No. 253194

File: 1667606080707.jpeg (84.09 KB, 600x600, 0362536E-EE19-4F31-BE13-320A40…)

Anons Strange Horticulture is awesome! It’s so relaxing and cozy yet engaging and mysterious. It’s perfect rainy day game where you’re a shopkeeper selling various strange plants to strange customers while strange happenings going on. I especially love the collecting and categorizing of plants, makes my brain so happy 10/10

No. 253200

File: 1667608392814.jpg (16.68 KB, 374x303, ErMzoKWVcAA89cp.jpg)

let me pretend

No. 253209

Thanks I never heard of this this sounds unique enough to get me interested. Will buy this on steam maybe after I fished the two games I am currently playing!

No. 253397

Thanks for the rec anon, putting it on my list to play!

No. 253405

god i wish that were me

No. 253430

File: 1667675346133.jpeg (270.74 KB, 1131x1867, BC7C60DF-C8E9-40A3-ADA9-1FC7C6…)

I wanna play this game soon but ugh

No. 253431

Honestly as long as they don't force the "they" I am okay with it. Seems like you will only see it if you choose it when you create your character.
I hate seeing it in longer texts because it's confusing.

No. 253441

Didn't Nintendo of America do that for ACNH and it didn't exist in other translations of the game because of grammatical genders being rigid in languages like French, German and Spanish? I'd like to see how it will go in other translations of that game, the option will be entirely removed I suppose.

No. 253451

I thought japan didnt give a fuck about gender?? I'm so confused

No. 253452

From the leaks… it isn’t looking great. At least, not good enough to live to the hype

No. 253456

Big companies like SE or Capcom try to appeal to the west as much as possible because the Japanese market isn't enough for them, especially for big budget projects. It really depends.

No. 253497

Read your post about Strange Horticulture an hour ago and have been playing since it finished downloading. This game is so atmospheric and has such a nice pace; Labeling plants tickles the 'tism and it's lovely. Thank you nonnie, haven't even finished out my first day and this game already rocks!

No. 253501

omfg I just noticed that your cat's eyes follow your cursor. Nonna this game is the tops.

No. 253512

> it's just so… male coded
It has a large female fanbase so clearly not, just because it doesn’t have a cutesy art style doesn’t mean that it’s a ‘male game’.

No. 253516

I’m happy you’re enjoying it anon ♥ Give Hellbore all the pets! I didn’t expect there were choices and different endings to the game either.

No. 253517

Was looking up mods for Rimworld, I started typing in "Rimworld mens" for "men's hairstyles" and then autocomplete gave me "Rimworld menstruation mod". Guess what? A coomer scrote made a menstruation mod for "Rimjobworld". God I want to fucking kill all men.

No. 253518

Aaaand this is where I vote with my wallet by not buying and endorsing this shit.

No. 253523

frankly speaking, the writing is not that good. in fact it reads to you as the same crap as the first life is strange. it has a big fanbase mainly because of its freedom of choices and artstyle, and quirky 'haha funny' ways for you to destroy your character, and most of the people enjoy le homophobic route where your mc can keep screaming about being a faggot and sex.

No. 253527

It's a tranny, isn't it? Slightly OT but I'm so sick of troons in video game communities. I would rather see a bunch of sexist moids than a bunch of sexist moids with some coomer dudes in drag pretending to be "gamer girls" and everyone addressing them as real women.

>it has a big fanbase mainly because of its freedom of choices and artstyle
Well, those are good things, aren't they? It sounds fun
>most of the people enjoy le homophobic route where your mc can keep screaming about being a faggot and sex.
I'd never heard about this before (I haven't played the game) I just know there are a lot of options.

No. 253564

Really enjoying Harvestella. It's scratching a RF4 itch for me that RF5 didn't. I like the simple and flexible gameplay loop and the story/side quests have been decent enough. I wish there was more customization (you do get different outfits for different classes) but it's been so hard to pull myself away from the game so I'm happy with my purchase.

No. 253565

Are you talking about the Homo-Sexual Underground Thought anon? iirc the whole point of that route was for Detective to stop obsessing over his and other people's sexuality. But because this is Elysium he goes about this in the most obnoxious and backwards way possible and obsesses about it for eight hours straight anyway. People like that route because it opens up extra dialogue with Kim and you learn more about him at the end of it (vidrel).

No. 253566

Yeah in the spanish version it just says "How do you want others refer to you?" and the little icons for boy & girl, is there are 3rd icon in the english version?
I don't mind this gender nonsense too much as long it's not forced onto you like the other anon said, but it's so evident they include it just for US politics points, most of the languages games get translated into don't have gender-neutral nouns.

No. 253567

I'm honestly shocked seeing this opinion, had no idea it's even possible for Disco Elysium to be perceived like this.

No. 253571

Same. I hope this game tanks. It's obviously they are trying to be AC or Harvest moon.

No. 253572

What does any of this have to do with what I said?

No. 253573

Let it go and learn to sage, faggot.

No. 253574

Don't have to sage in off topic boards, retard.
Glad you're enjoying it anon! I played the demo for a bit but it didn't hook me. Good to know it's lacking customisation because now I know I'm not missing out on my favourite part of modern slice of life games.

No. 253676

File: 1667778791721.jpg (9.46 KB, 450x250, PZ-family-care-about-zoo.jpg)

I bred and released 600 piggies (also foxes and monitors), collected 100? reward animals. Got lots I would've never been able to afford unless I make whole factory farm zoos for conservation credits. Which I'll probably have to do anyway if I ever want lions or other popular animals. Though this was for the 3 year anniversary challenge. My brain is too fried to sleep. I did also create the perfect piggie with perfect genetics. And nobody gives a shit about the zooS I make and animals I keep except me. The digital equivalent of a mandala.

No. 253678

my nigel got me to play dota 2 with him for the first time and it was actually kinda fun, I played juggernaut and liked being a carry
I also want to try puck and winter wyvern next time, do any dota nonnies have favorite heroes?

No. 253683

That’s awesome anon! It is such a fun and rewarding game. The community can be extremely toxic so make sure to mute and report any jerks when they start getting pissy. I’d say to start out learning easy carry heroes like Luna and Wraith King, Wyvern and Puck are hard for newcomers. Walk before you run! Get your Nigel to support you. Watch some videos to learn more. Purgegamers has some great intros, although some are a little outdated because of old patches, the fundamentals that he teaches are great to learn. Good luck in your games!

No. 253688

yeah he said a lot of the other players are rude so I didn't even bother looking at the chat during any games kek right now he tells me what items I should buy and what to do but I'll learn those fundamentals so I'm not always relying on my nigel, I guess I'll hold off on puck and wyvern until I'm more familiar with the game
thanks nona!

No. 253695

Rude is an understatement, the community is honestly one of the worst of any online multiplayer game. It’s also hard to talk in game as a woman because you often get the grossest comments as soon as someone hears your voice. Don’t get me wrong though, the game itself is fun as hell, but be prepared to mute.

No. 253709

>the writing is not that good
If you aren't hopelessly cackling at some crazy scrote who was trolled so much by his own sense of authority that he stuck his thumb up his bum in front of his fellow detective and the entire public in the name of "honor", I can't help you.

No. 253710

honestly that doesn't surprise me, I never use voice in any game due to being harassed by moids
luckily my screen name doesn't give away that I'm a woman so I should be ok

No. 253832

File: 1667839392302.jpg (95.04 KB, 1024x474, disco_elysium_logo-.jpg)

I've read that the Disco Elysium and it's devs have sort of a pro-communism stance. Apparently the devs said they were inspired by Karl Marx?

Is there any truth to that or are people just taking things out of context? Like is it actually a critique on communism that just went over peoples heads?

No. 253838

The devs are communists and that's pretty fucking obvious if you play the game (from the screenshots I've seen).
They thanked Karl Marx and Engels at the Game Awards. If that bothers you, simply don't play the game. I remember hearing that /v/ loved the fuck out of it until the Game Awards happened lmfao

No. 253956

You can align with different political stances (communism, facism, capitalism and liberalism) and they all are presented in a way that has its merits and all are - in my opinion - equally mocked in the end. The authors spoke about Communism Manifesto on some awards show, but they're aware it's a flawed, utopian ideology and has no right of existing by itself in the current world, at least that was my impression from playing the game.

No. 253979

"Sort of"? Did you not watch the VGAs?

No. 253988

Isn't there a communist doomer character in the game?
>The authors spoke about Communism Manifesto on some awards show
Not exactly. They literally thanked Marx and Engels for their political education (and a couple of Soviet artists). 5:18

No. 254003

Yeah that's what I meant. Still, game is not coming across as in favor of communism I think, at least the way I've played it

No. 254017

>you do get different outfits for different classes
seems like that is only in dungeons though sadly.. everywhere else you run around in the default outfit. I'm really hoping they add more cosmetic stuff like they did in RF. I'm sure plenty of ppl would pay for that. I'm still absolutely loving the game is super cozy ♥

oh dang are u ok? Prayers up bro

No. 254091

File: 1668031872273.jpg (79.16 KB, 600x337, gameboard.jpg)

anyone here plays Cultist Simulator? i like it, it has a very unique vibe and is relaxing (like all card games), but i always die of dread before reaching an ending
looking forwards to their next game, the Book of Hours.

No. 254096

File: 1668032726613.gif (4.67 MB, 640x640, ogre-magi-dota2[1].gif)

Back when I used to play my fav was Ogre Magi, he's great for beginners
>absurdly high hp for an int hero
>3rd highest base damage at the start of the game, great for LH/deny
>braindead easy to use skills
>can kill underfed carries by himself
>surprise multicast fucks up the enemy team's plans
His late game is weaker but he's always useful

No. 254097

Yeah same. It's either little edgy shits who are 12 and act like it or adult dudes that can otherwise even be chill but since they are desperate "buhuu no gf" whining-fags they will believe you would fall in love with them for some reason, especially if they know you have no partner which I never had and won't lie about but the fact that I was never interested in romance before should tell them there is no chance but it doesn't.
Funny enough it was a rightoid who was the first recommending me that game and he said the same thing but also said that it was the best game in ten years and that he loved the devs, so make of this whatever you want.
I bought it since everybody else that shares my taste in manga/games is into it but I didn't play yet, afaik you can be whatever you want in the game, so the devs seem to be fair at least and in this case I honestly don't care much. I just don't like it when a game or movie is obviously trying to shill the writer's beliefs in the stupidest ways like a lot of widely popular US movies openly do.

No. 254099

I enjoy some of the Wadjet Eyes games a lot, mainly Gemini Rue and Technobabylon. Shiva was also great even though it was more simplistic and I am really looking forward playing the newest game they published, Excavation of Hob's Barrow.

No. 254133

File: 1668049163011.png (245.54 KB, 265x374, Final_Fantasy_XVI_Key_Art.png)

I had no idea there was a new FF game in the works. Just saw the trailer and it looks boring as hell. Straight pompous medieval theme with kingdoms but no other aspect to give it flavor. Also I saw no women in the trailer which irks me since 15 also had no women.
What's up with that, squenix?

No. 254139

So, persona 5 royal is out on steam, but it's 60 dollars, which I'm not willing to shell out. Dunno if it'll go on sale ever, but I'm not too desperate. Also really want to buy the Rimworld DLCs because I love Rimworld, but each DLC is 20 dollars and they never have huge sales, so it's gonna be the 20 dollars. Since there are 3, the total cost of the DLCs would add up to 60 dollars, again, not willing to pay that. I might buy just one of the DLCs, but I really hate spending all that money, even 20 dollars. Not like I'm struggling, I just never feel right spending money on non-necessities. Mainly just gamer salt with me. Want something to play over winter break maybe.

No. 254227

File: 1668095284910.png (99.05 KB, 902x483, pSFv6oH.png)

It's out, apparently hardcore Sonic fans hate it and normal people love it

No. 254366

i have seen gameplay and cutscenes, it looks addicting and fun, something i never thought i would say about a 3D sonic game.

No. 254369

File: 1668131213157.jpg (44.44 KB, 1200x675, FFXVI_MediaKit_01-jda5jlukq.jp…)

It's honestly looking slightly more interesting than most other FF games of after FFX to me. I hope it will be a bit edgier again and have less k-pop faces.

I miss the times when new FF games could legit excite me like hell. I cannot even tell you what exactly most of the new ones were missing, just that nothing did it for me anymore. I wish they would do something like IX again though, maybe as lower priority project. I just think that IX was one of the best, certainly had the best OST and the landscapes and cities were exactly how I want fantasy games to look like. I also think that FF Tactics was awesome and wish they had made more handheld games like that.
I haven't played FF Origins yet though, that looked so stupid but in a good way that I absolutely want to give it a chance at least.

No. 254425

I'm so angry the new Bratz game is bad

No. 254436

Just pirate them nona, single player games are easy to pirate and you can find them with all dlcs installed

No. 254437

it has denuvo and it has yet to be cracked

No. 254447


No. 254449

Not gonna act like I'm above ever pirating a game, but I usually only do that for triple A games, I actually really like Rimworld and wanna gib money, though P5R I might plunder because why not, though I'd have to get an emulator first, unless maybe the port rom is already available.

No. 254451

not cracked yet

No. 254473

It somehow looks worse than the old games. This makes me so fucking sad because I loved those games as a kid and was excited they made a new one. I should have known it would turn out shitty.

No. 254474

If you got a PS4 I often see it for $20-30 when it goes on sale. I don't use Steam, does it have black friday sales? If it does, you could wait for it. Where I live the switch/ps5/xbox ports already got a sale (for $40) a few days ago, so I guess digital discounts will be a thing too.

No. 254476

That's what I do with my hacked switch.

No. 254517

Watching a stream and it's open world BoTW/Genshin with mini puzzles scattered everywhere, but the puzzles are Sonic rails and jumpy springs, with the occasional normal Sonic level challenge. Very strange, no wonder it's polarizing. The music's nice and chill though.

No. 254541

File: 1668208738032.jpg (74.79 KB, 616x353, Eastward.jpg)

any anons playing Eastward? I finally bought and started it and I love it so far (about 5 hours in). The graphics are beautiful and the characters are all really fun. it's a very whimsical game, and if any anons like the mother series it would be right up your alley

No. 254546

Really late reply but nonnies your turn to die isn't finished yet. Its entirely made by one guy and he takes about a year or so to finish each chapter. We have 2 more left iirc.

No. 254622

File: 1668261745822.jpg (155.35 KB, 1280x720, digpsy.jpg)

Nintendo nonnas, is it better to buy a digital copy over physical? Which one do you prefer and why?
I am thinking of getting physical copies of otome games on Switch (if i would like some of their cover arts for example, but i think generally it's nice to have them physically), but i feel like the reward system screws up A LOT of physical copy buyers. Having a switch is already expensive enough, but a big chunk of my desired games are way too overpriced. Eg i plan on getting Splatoon 3 too but i am going to get a digital version most likely.
I tend to feel paranoid over owning a digital game lately as a lot of corpos pull weird shit with randomly deleting their games off store pages, etc. Feeling pretty puzzled, because i dont want to overspend on games.

No. 254623

File: 1668261857028.jpg (356.35 KB, 1552x1600, ImgW.jpg)

Samefag, I also wonder if anyone plays Nintendo Switch Sports. I was always interested in this game as i already have Ring Fit Adventure, but I wonder if it's worth it? Gameplay wise it seems to be lacking a lot, but my interest grew only because i saw picrel being sold.

No. 254624

I buy a physical copy because then I can resell it in the future if I get bored with the game.

No. 254626

I usually buy physical 2nd hand (unless the digital version got a crazy discount); it's cheaper since it's not re-tail price, you get to see pretty box art (and something you can touch, not just data), can always re-sell if you get bored and you won't be screwed if your console suddently dies.

No. 254627

Same for me. I resold a bunch of games before and it quickly adds up. And I sometimes lend my games to friends or to siblings.

I prefer physical copies, but Nintendo does interesting sales for their first-party games more often now than on the 3DS so downloading games isn't a bad idea either depending on what you want. Some games have so many patches and updates that physical copies aren't always complete games like on the 3DS either, and your saves will be in the consoles or sd card, not in your cartridge like before as well. If you're the type to travel a lot and you want to play on the go without risking losing cartridges it's good too. However I think physical copies are better to preserve games even after online stores are closed.

No. 254632

I know this isn’t the question you’re asking but if you’re into “exercise games” I recommend JustDance (+ getting the controller holsters that strap onto your hand). The UX & pricing model sucks but it’s an easy and fun enough way to bang out a quick cardio sesh that it’s worth dealing with Ubisoft’s bullshit.

No. 254726

I kinda wanna try hacking mine eventually but can you hack the switch lite? I've only seen guides for the big boy

No. 254727

Unfortunately, there are no known hack for the lite. Only specific serial numbers of the first generation switches are hackable.
If you're lucky, you can find a unsuspecting person on Facebook or whatever you use selling their first gen switch for cheap.

No. 254738

ntayrt, but which JD would you suggest? 2021 or 2022? I'm wondering if I should wait for the next just dance that is coming out this month

No. 254829

File: 1668350854014.png (99.67 KB, 245x400, 1367009879711.png)

I am falling down the F:NV hole again and I miss this game so fucking much. It DESERVES a remaster/remake.

No. 254833

I strongly disagree, I think it's perfect the way it is

No. 254835

Gonna attempt to mod Skyrim again today. wish there was a nonny-approved modlist. Years ago I saw an armor dress on the steam workshop and it was one of the few female gaze armor mods ive ever seen, magnificent full coverage battle queen dress. Need to make a list of these.

No. 254837

No. 254846

>perfect the way it is
>potato graphics
>crashes every 10 seconds
>ragdoll effects
>stiff animations
>completely unfinished faction

No. 254847

File: 1668358860291.png (102.58 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault-2481228272.png)

>potato graphics
I love the graphics, it adds to the aesthetic of the game and the wasteland feel. If it was yassified it'd feel less gritty
>crashes every 10 seconds
Heh, not for me
>ragdoll effects
>stiff animations
They're fine
>unfinished faction
Which one

No. 254849

The only valid problem you pointed out is the incomplete factions. Everything else is either a limitation of the time it was released and can be fixed with mods, or personal preference (like the ragdoll thing which I like)
But it does deserve a remaster.

No. 254850

I love how all the New Vegas DLCs are connected to each other to make one big Courier 6 saga. But I strongly dislike the map because I like to mainly explore in open world games. An empty desert is still an empty desert, nuclear apocalypse or not.

No. 254853

It's better to pirate everything

No. 254855

I got all of my consoles jailbreaked and pirate most of the games I want, but you all are so annoying tellings others to just pirate every single time someone asks a question instead of providing an actual answer.
If that person don't mind hacking her console to get games, she would've done so already, you're adding nothing to the conversation.

No. 254858

File: 1668361614600.jpg (23.58 KB, 488x337, 1665776959035.jpg)

How do I hack my nintendo switch and will nintendo find me and kill me if i do…

No. 254863

You can only hack a first generation switch. You also need to manually modify the hardware. There is always the risk of bricking your console because of your own mistake, or Nintendo catching you online.
Also why are you asking here when the very first search engine result will tell you everything you need to know? There are 4,000 resources on switch homebrew, just start reading. Cute Elsie pic though! Hope this helps.

No. 254864

File: 1668362812065.jpg (681.28 KB, 1920x1080, Tumblr_l_63974827202990.jpg)

It would be so good but I feel like Bethesda would absolutely fuck it up entirely somehow in terms of plot or performance. Imagine seeing picrel in better graphics without the game shitting itself and randomly crashing every 3 hours. God I wish Obsidian had more time in the first place.
I love the game too and I would probably hate a remake/remaster even if they did it because it is hard to create perfection twice. I still want one just to see though. It could turn out good. Like >>254850 said, the empty desert feels terrible but it could be remedied by modern graphics/hardware allowing more detailed landscapes and objects in general. I would love more world building and story with all of the factions.
Also, anyone else fucking HATE Ulysses? That was the shitiest dlc and most annoying self-inserted character ever. Best DLC for me is Old World Blues for plot and characters. I do really love the aesthetic of Dead Money, but the game play just annoyed me. Honest Hearts really needs to be remade and given more time, story felt unfinished but I loved Joshua Graham as a character.

No. 254871

I just want another Fallout! But I don't trust Bethesda to make a good one! It isn't fair

No. 254872

How would you fix this though? The Mojave map in New Vegas is already way smaller than the real-life Mojave. If they shrunk it down to just the Towns, caves, houses etc. it would destroy the illusion that you're wandering through a large world.
Personally I kind of like the feeling that you're travelling through a desert.

No. 254875

Why is he so attractive?

No. 254876

When I say potato graphics I don't mean that they need to yassify it, but the low-res textures are an objective downgrade. Just cuz the game doesn't crash for you doesn't mean it's not notoriously horrendously coded and it crashing is so frequent its a meme.
>ragdoll effects
>they're fine

The Legion was unfinished, there's some mods that put the cut content back into the game that they didn't have time to finish, not to mention the JSawyer mod that he finished privately. There's a SHITTON of stuff that was supposed to be made for this game that didn't make it in because of the time constrictions. I don't really want the game to be re-done. I want the same iconic voices and no stupid re-writing, but I'd love to see the game with better graphics, running better and have all the cut content/missing content in the game.
Plus, that'd make it possible for them to make side-content for the game, like comics, short stories, and so on, which this game never got.

No. 254881

There are likely a bunch of great mods for the graphics. I personally think the game looks beautiful, especially at night when you're facing New Vegas. Also what would you prefer if not ragdolling? Specific death animations?
>unfinished legion
Not the answer I was expecting, I also wish cut content from all the games could be re-explored. I didn't know the Legion was missing more content

No. 254887

File: 1668368169653.jpg (273.39 KB, 1280x1845, tumblr_ootz6fCmpQ1rtf1y6o1_128…)

I think the graphics are…fine? Like yeah, it's an old game and some mods will fix it, but because of the issues with bugs and the crashes, cramming mods into the game makes it more unstable too, sadly. I mostly want the game to run better.

As for the ragdolls… they do have their charm, but it'd be nice if this game wasn't tied to gamebryo and all the shit that comes with it. I always mod my game so things don't ragdoll and clip because it can cause crashes.
The wiki has some info on the cut content:
And some info on the Legion's cut content:

Honestly, I don't know if I trust Obsidian either, since only JSawyer works there now. Gonzales, who is the main guy behind the writing and lore, has left, and Avellone is gone too. I want Bethesda to have NOTHING to do with the second west coast game or any remakes/remasters. Since Microsoft owns both Obsidian and Bethesda, we can at least get one, but I dunno… I feel like no remakes or modern sequels have been as good as their predecessors. I am so ambivalent on modern takes on old classics, but I still want some new life into the game because I love it so much.

He makes every morsel of feminism in my body just evaporate.

No. 254897

File: 1668370267879.gif (3.98 MB, 480x270, Tumblr_l_71122000474847.gif)

I love masked men. I guess his bandages count as one for my smooth brain. His voice is so hot. Even with Fallout's aged graphics I want him so bad.
I wish we could have more about him or see some interaction between him and the Legion. I didn't want to finish the dlc because we never see him again. I didn't even particularly like Honest Hearts, but he was such a good character with nuance despite obviously being extremely Mormon kek. Maybe his conviction or his eloquence is what does it, plus the rage in contrast with being so religious?

No. 254901

I have only read about an SX Lite modchip you needed to make that work but never looked much into it sadly.
Yeah I got mine from a rando from ebay. He sold it for 120 or something right during the craze when Switch prices exploded everywhere, but I got it, hacked it and it works perfectly. If you have steam and a Switch you can basically play 97% of all games out there even the "exclusives" will come to switch or steam at one point.

No. 254903

No nothing with the hardware if you have the old serial numbers. It's just about putting programs onto the switch and establishing a connection with the PC basically the only physical thing you need is a "jig" that you have to connect with your right joycon rail to access the recovery mode that you need to modify the firmware and such.
Check your serial number, there are lists that show you which ones are hackable. If it's one of them you should find a lot of step by step tuts for hacking. And no Nintendo doesn't care. The worst thing that could happen is that you play an online game and they notice it and ban you. All it does is that you won't be able to play online games it has no effect on your switch itself or any of the single player games.

No. 254907

okay, my switch is unhackable but thanks anyway. maybe my DS?

No. 254910

I'm replaying all the chapters in Bayonetta 3 right now. Replaying as Viola is easier now that I've gotten used to her, and I'm trying to get all the witch hearts and moon fragments to upgrade Bayo and Viola and try to play on hard mode later. I think I don't mind the ending anymore because rewatching some of the cutscenes makes me realize that all the witch didn't get killed, just absorbed by Singularity so Jeanne should be fine and the storybook could probably get a sequel with a free or paid DLC later. I realized I've spent more hours on this one than on Bayonetta 2.

No. 254912

File: 1668374223517.png (592.37 KB, 700x1000, tumblr_nxhk6dhtqe1tlkjlio1_128…)

Maybe we should move to the husbando thread because I could talk about this one particular man for the rest of this thread if you let me. I totally agree with you, I hate religious nutjobs, but something about him makes me wanna get on my knees and praise jesus.

No. 254914

Wish they'd make another good game, set on the west coast of course, that features Joshua somehow. Need more of his lore/

No. 254915

I don't know if you did this, but I used to visit the FNV kink meme on LJ DAILY to get my fill of this man. Part of the reasons why I want a resurgence of FNV is so we can get more fic and art content. I miss this fandom. I've only seen a handful of fics that I feel really GET him anyway though, you know? Most are way too porny.

No. 254918

File: 1668375939319.jpg (976.41 KB, 2000x1270, god of war ragnarok.jpg)

Just finished this game and I'm exhausted. I think I loved all the different character interactions and stories the most. So many earnest moments that weren't interrupted or brushed off with comedic puns. I enjoyed it.

No. 254922

File: 1668377249722.jpg (167.64 KB, 1200x675, bring-me-the-head-of-alfredo-g…)

>I do really love the aesthetic of Dead Money
I think it's been inspired by the atmosphere of the movie Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia, if you want more of it
His face is hidden, so your imagination fills the blank

No. 254928

speaking of switches, is there a noticeable difference between releases? I bought my switch on release day and some newer games like splatoon 3 are running like shit, are the slight hardware improvements on later releases actually worth rebuying the console?

No. 254943

All I know is that at some point Switch consoles with better batteries got released, they're the ones you can find in stores nowadays. Mine can last 4 or 5 hours before I need to charge it, my sister got one from 2017 second hand and it lasts less than 3 hours. The OLED model is only interesting if you only play on handheld mode more often than not, the only difference is the screen iirc for that one.

No. 254945

I could listen to him tall all day every day. Obisidian not giving us a romace option for him is a crime

No. 254950

No. 255019

File: 1668425816769.jpeg (495.7 KB, 1486x2048, FhROKHmXoAAn8cQ.jpeg)

I started playing Blasphemous after not touching a joystick in years, probably not the best game to get back in business but I love Metroidvanias and the art direction is amazing. I'm struggling a bit but I'm having so much fun!

No. 255214

This game is gorgeous! Have fun nonnie! Would love to hear your thoughts about it when you finish.

No. 255844

File: 1668718992899.png (98.16 KB, 697x783, FhvEZo7WQAETGvy[1].png)

All Blizzard games are now unplayable in China lol

No. 255871

This is the female gaze.

No. 255873

Also Deacon from fo4. I was so fucking pissed when I realized there would be no dating him. Fuck me I love him. I love Deacon from fallout 4 by Bethesda softworks.

No. 255903

Haven’t finished it yet but the side stories are so well written and the characterization so consistent. It’s been a long time since I’ve played a game that’s gotten so many varied emotional responses out of me. There was the usual sadness and relief but also anger and betrayal, always tempered by Kratos rational responses. It’s been a wild ride and I’m both scared and excited to finish it.

No. 255906

very autistic rant. i just got back into minecraft and was looking for youtube videos to learn how to do things. all the videos are so ADHD and clickbaity. the titles took a page from SEO and all read like "i survived 100 days on hardcore superflat"; "67 minecraft things you didn't know"; "i terraformed this massive mountain in hardcore", "i built a mega dragon zen temple in hardcore." i don't fucking get the emphasis on doing things the excrutiating way in hardcore if the purpose is creative construction, what does it fucking matter, just switch to creative and build it. it's a waste of time for the makers and for me. and all the intros the makers do have the f5 view of their sprite doing weird squatting gestures and bending over. the game itself is loaded with so many features i feel like i dont know how to do anything in it, but the videos are so fucking weird and annoying it's hard to watch them.

so far i'm just connecting villages with rail lines and upgrading them in creative, then switching to survival to actually play and kill mobs. i don't actually enjoy wasting my time strip mining.

No. 255924

Isn't it weird that GoW is participating in the game awards despite being realesed on the same month as sonic frontiers while sonic frontiers isn't participating, despite being realesed a week before GoW

No. 255930

That's because sonic frontiers isn't that good.

No. 255949

File: 1668757737861.jpg (133.25 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

nonas is the new ace attorney game (I guess not super new but newest) worth getting? I want to play another and was thinking about it

No. 255965

I'm assuming they're gonna self-publish or something, after all they were pandering to China in the past

No. 255976

It's absolutely worth it, just avoid spoilers at all costs.

No. 256043

I had never played this series before until I got it thanks to the husbando thread and it's a lot of fun. A plot with a lot of twists, likeable characters, nice visuals and music.

No. 256046

Absolutely, specially if you've played the previous ace attorney games. I followed the fan translation and was hooked to the game for 4 years, the ost and characters are wonderful.
I have to say the second game (…arc? I haven't been able to play the localization yet) is a bit weaker than the first because due to the original game selling poorly, they had to squish the story of 2 games onto a single one (it was supposed to be a triology), but it still holds ok.

No. 256048

File: 1668791881434.jpg (1.14 MB, 2000x899, E46Q8GKUcAAbzyb.jpg)

Are there any other nonas here into Hades? I didn't think I would enjoy a roguelike game but it's so addicting! I've escaped countless times yet there is still so much to do. Like learning how to play the lute.
My question to any veterans here is how do I re-unite the Olympic and the underworld gods? Do I max out the relationships with everyone with nectar or what?

No. 256050

It was never meant to be a trilogy, it was supposed to be one 3DS game, except the plot got longer than planned so Capcom agreed to make it two games instead.

No. 256053

I wouldn't be surprised if self publishing is forbidden for foreign companies in China. Since Activision is one of the biggest game companies ever they probably wouldn't have made any deal with a chinese publisher if they could have gotten away with not using one

No. 256054

File: 1668796580747.jpg (56.88 KB, 500x618, baby.jpg)

It will take me a while to find it because the tumblr account where I saved these is gigantic, but I'm pretty sure I read a few years back an interview with Takumi where he said his original plan was to make a new trilogy, that's why the story is long. Not sure if Capcom agreed on that idea, but they weren't happy with DGS1's sales, so DGS2 was pretty much a "gift" to Takumi so he could end the story.
It also would explain how DGS1 is so slow-paced compared to DGS2 and why some stuff is not explained (also there are numerous complains in the artbooks about the lack of budget they were given for DGS2, and how because it and time, they weren't able to add some ideas they had planned)

(In the meanwhile, you can have an estimation of baby Iris' heigh I made years ago. If we think that's a small pet mouse of average size, that would make her around 56cm)

No. 256060

File: 1668799631626.jpg (623.86 KB, 1600x2392, blasphemous_key_art_2_by_nerki…)

I just started this too.
I love this shit. The aesthetics, themes and the atmosphere. I was hyped for this the moment it was announced but then forgot since it took ages to come out but it's so good. I will forever be grateful to the Souls games for making armors popular again.

No. 256188

Why do I always wait till the last weeks of the season to grind ahh, it isn't even important…

No. 256193

A lot of the events leading into DGS' creation are covered in detail here: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=KOSb3kNcEnc
A good watch for Ace Attorney fans in general.

No. 256195

Any Trails series fans here? How intolerable does the waifufag pandering I've heard about get as the series goes on? Currently only done with the Skies trilogy.

No. 256460

File: 1668944408514.jpg (96.88 KB, 689x496, 60352930_p0.jpg)

I miss him so much I am about to re-download the game just to play this goddamn expac.

No. 256482

It's weird how he's the best DLC character but is in the worst DLC

No. 256501

Do any anons here have the steam deck? if so, would you recommend it?

No. 256511

File: 1668965972828.jpg (286.18 KB, 1200x1280, tumblr_o9ac3isFUI1vt3l3qo1_128…)

agree holy shit i hate HH. everything about it. but joshua is the best character in the game, imo (and definitely top 5 in the whole series).

No. 256576

File: 1668979801568.jpg (220.11 KB, 1920x1080, 20221120173121_1.jpg)

im already on it

so, would you say he's… A Light Shining in Darkness?

No. 256606

File: 1668984958020.jpg (264.04 KB, 1558x2048, DbkiewaVwAEDLBJ.jpg)

You know what's funny? In Xenoblade 2 the main female characters are treated like they're total sluts obsessed with the MC when they're actually fully developed characters who just happen to wear short clothes and whose arcs don't fully depend on the MC (which is especially obvious in the DLC), meanwhile Zeke, Mikhail and Malos literally exist in the same game.

No. 256771

File: 1669061157738.jpg (53.36 KB, 496x689, 1496768636998.jpg)

nonnas, I wanna hear your other takes on F:NV, is there anything else about the game that you remember particularly and want to speak about? I would love to hear.

No. 256794

ED-E > Arcade/Boone > Cass/Veronica > Raoul > Rex > Lily

No. 256803

No it is Veronica > Rex > Boone > ED-E > Raouol >Lily > Boone > Arcade > Cass

No. 256812

File: 1669070564952.jpg (373.3 KB, 1050x751, Fantastic[1].jpg)

To me the two most memorable NPCs from recent Obsidian games are Fantastic and the Gelato man from Alpha Protocol. They're both wildly incompetent yet are guarding extremely important systems, they're just glitches in the bureaucracy that you're the first to uncover
Also my favorite weapon is the Abilene Kid BB gun, because it secretly has very high critical damage, which means it's one of the best sneak attack weapon in the game (and can be acquired as soon as you reach New Vegas). I use it to sneak kill patrols and caravans in the desert, since it doesn't make you lose reputation or karma if it's done discretely
Also you can win guesses in the hacking minigame if you click on the parts where there are similar opening and closing brackets, like () [] <>

No. 256826

boone fucking sucks. i hate him. tell me why i shouldn't hate him.

No. 256829

He has a theoretical degree in physics
Boone has a cool hat. He is ugly though.

No. 256845

boone is really a whiny ass bitch. i dont understand why he has such a huge thirsty fanbase. i guess its girls who want to fix him. i just think hes ugly and annoying. he is just manpain: the character.

anyway my fave fonv characters are joshua (duh), ulysses, beatrix, yes-man and vulpes

No. 256879

I mean I'd be a whiny ass bitch too if I just found out my wife and unborn child were sold to slavery by my neighbours because they didn't like her

No. 256882

Just continue escaping with him and you'll get it.

No. 256883

He had a hard life and the Legion 100% deserve to be murdered into extinction.

No. 256891

File: 1669079568899.png (2.67 MB, 1650x2000, 72138117_p20.png)

I have a soft spot for grumpy/cold characters and Boone is not that good looking for sure, but he has all the rights to be so bitter (out of all the enemies he could be involved with, he got the most dehumanizing one)
I remember feeling very frustrated too because he wouldn't have emotional progress, but when he died in my playthrough and i read his letter he just felt much softer than what i knew him for and i started crying, felt so sorry for him and the fact that he would have never been able to go back to better days

No. 256911

File: 1669083063453.jpg (50.18 KB, 492x689, af3c46546bebde0871b77a582075d2…)

Joshua best boy and all

>tfw youre trekking across the desert with your companions and you get jumpscared by the random kill cam when they kill an enemy you didn't see


>that OWB stealth suit pranking you

No. 256912

pathologicanons i just started playing pathologic 2! very confused so far but i've played lots of games that were a doozy to get into so i'm here for it. been meaning to play this one for years.

No. 256950

ok anon. you made me not hate him as much

No. 256954

File: 1669091781279.jpeg (153.24 KB, 480x630, 7715c6053690dfd0cd85789d4fe386…)

all good, it's not like anyone has a chance to surpass Joshua anyway

i loved Dead Money, it felt so haunting and immersive which is why i love NV in the first place. Ghost People are so cute and the only mod i ever used was one that would let you have a Ghost companion.

Vault 22 will scare no matter how many times i explored it

No. 256955

found that old interactive fiction game i was trying to find in an old thread. dont know if that nona who also wanted to know is still here. it's called Improbable Island.

No. 257050

File: 1669132630138.jpg (77.92 KB, 1200x675, GGS-Sin-Kiske.jpg)

I wish I had something smart to say but I don't, I'm just so happy I'll finally get to have at least a semblance of fun playing Strive. Finally, some good fucking food (that isn't spiked with estrogen)

No. 257119

File: 1669149354817.png (127.24 KB, 621x881, 8877f3f6670cf12edc456047884bc0…)

I'm playing Persona5 for the first time (not Royal) and I can't decide which girl Joker should date. As a lover of romance, which route gives the best romantic content? I've been looking up who's the best and all I can find are creepy scrotes on gamefaqs being weird about Futaba and the teacher. I did the Hawaii date with Hifumi which I thought was super sweet, but I'm a bit sad she's not in my party. So yeah, which option who's not an adult or a literal middle schooler is more romantic and has good chemistry with Joker?
I just started Haru's father's dungeon for reference.

No. 257121

im a big persona fag and i honestly never hated the romance routes more than p5.
out of the party members, futaba can be endearing at times but sometimes its weird yeah.
makoto and haru are fine but they hardly feel romantic at all
ann's route becomes so nlog and annoying to me kek, but when theres actually romantic parts the chemistry is good i think.

i thought the best girl was hifumi by far, but unfortunately it seems like both the game and the fans kinda forget about her the most

No. 257127

The girls' routes aren't the best in p5 (not to be a fujo but honestly some of the boys' felt more thought out and serious at times). The ones I could tolerate were Ann because I like her character and Haru. Makoto is awkward and Futaba smells of incest (plus she acts really childish) so of course it would attract creepy gamer incels. Hifumi's nice too but as you said she doesn't have much involvement beyond her confidant route.

No. 257187

I don't think any of the routes in Persona 5 are particularly romantic, especially in vanilla P5. I usually end up doing either harem because why not, or choosing Haru or Hifumi because they're pretty and I like them as characters (sorry, not very deep at all).

You might like Royal more for the addition of Kasumi – or even Akechi's new confidant scenes, if you're a BL fag like me.

No. 257346

should have been my husbando venom but alright

No. 257363

File: 1669229877162.png (1.62 MB, 1500x1479, whoa nigga.png)

I'm looking to play a mobile rhythm game like Ensemble Stars!! available on iOS. I don't care about the story, the graphics, or even the language as long as the game itself meets the following criteria.
>Doesn't punish me for being good
LLSIF, for example, starts you off with 20LP, and it costs your entire energy bar to play one song on expert difficulty. This makes the early game extremely slow and boring, as it takes forever to grind to a point where I get to play two songs in a row.
>Meanwhile in Enstars
Each song costs exactly 1BP no matter the difficulty. I'm guaranteed 10 songs/~30 minutes of gameplay no matter my skill level. I'd love it if there were no "energy costs" at all like in console games, but these are mobile titles designed around microtransactions, so that's probably asking too much.
>Doesn't punish me for being bad
LLSIF, Bandori, Puroseka and many other rhythm games have mid-song fail states, so if I perform poorly I get kicked out of the song AND lose whatever LP I spent to start it. I hate this because it makes it near impossible to challenge myself with a higher difficulty. How am I supposed to learn if they won't let me try?
>Meanwhile in Enstars
They let you play the entire song before telling you that you failed. Even if I fail miserably, I still have a chance to maybe get the hang of it and, more importantly, enjoy the song.
>Has a fair amount of content and/or is fairly difficult
I loved Dankira! Boys Be Dancing for a lot of reasons, but in the end I dropped it because it was way too easy. It had only 4 lanes, a small song selection, and– worst of all– no expert level.
>Meanwhile in Enstars
It has dozens of songs of varying difficulties, and if necessary I can adjust the speed of the notes for an extra challenge. It helps that they're always running events and adding new songs, but as long as a game has 3-4 songs I really like, new content doesn't really matter to me.
>Uses lanes like LLSIF, Utapri, and (ofc) Enstars
This is the pickiest thing and therefore the flimsiest criteria, but I like games that have 5-7 lanes and circular notes. There were other reasons I couldn't get into DEEMO or CYTUS, but one of the main obstacles was just disliking how they play. Games with vertical, rectangular lanes like Bandori and Puroseka are kinda OK I guess. Whatever they were doing in the Hypnosis Mic game was too whacked out for me. Also I prefer to play two-handed in "landscape mode", so "portrait mode" games like Show By Rock, Tap Tap Revenge, or Piano Tiles don't do it for me.

Sorry for writing so much. Does anybody know of a game that I might enjoy? I haven't tried Idolmaster or the new Love Live games, so maybe those? Also I'm unfortunately very out of the loop when it comes to joseimuke so if there are any still-active rhythm games (RIP Utapri and SideM) with cute boys I'll try those too.

No. 257440

File: 1669251469685.jpeg (193.86 KB, 1920x1080, HARVESTELLA_P5_Quietus header-…)

I love everything about the Harvestella demo except the speed of the days (incredibly fast). Is this less of an issue in the main game since it isn't timed (you get 15 days for the demo)? I feel like I'm being chased the whole time playing this game and it's really stressful but everything else about it is so good. Do you just get used to it? It feels like I can't wander, explore, or talk to townspeople at all, I'm just racing from one task to the other as quickly as possible and even taking a wrong turn or something is stressful.