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File: 1670320197884.jpeg (596.03 KB, 1920x1080, 1670231988376.jpeg)

No. 261231

Genshin Impact is a free-to-play action role-playing game developed and published by miHoYo/Hoyoverse. The game features a fantasy open world environment and action based battle system using elemental magic, character switching and uses gacha game monetization for players to obtain new characters, weapons, and other resources.

>Redeem codes without having to login

>Check your spiral abyss data


>Wish simulator (feat. old banners)


>Damage calculator


>Build simulator


>Database filled with pretty much everything found in game


>Build help


>Character guides


>Interactive map for overworld item locations


Previous threads:

No. 261234

File: 1670320594101.jpg (63.46 KB, 564x645, 944f8c7c1a90658c3d697fe7edee04…)

All scaraether stans are cute and valid

No. 261251

File: 1670325692753.jpeg (286 KB, 1885x1651, 475BF54C-9CD3-416E-95D7-188DF7…)

the one thing that actually united us and stopped the infighting

No. 261259

File: 1670328947172.jpg (442.95 KB, 1117x2048, d3dce56eb19d57f44063ed953a7cce…)

Yay new thread thank you op nona

A thread can't start batter than thisInb4 oneeshotafag appears
Lumine yumejos (or w/e it's called) are also welcome here since I can't get enough of fanart kek

Anyone doing a wishing ritual btw? I'm thinking of doing something with Raiden Shogun

No. 261287

File: 1670335098529.jpeg (469.34 KB, 2048x2048, 22C097D2-0EA1-4B46-A75A-FB96A1…)

>Anyone doing a wishing ritual btw?
Yes I will! I won’t involve anything with Ei though, feels like Scara would avoid my pulls if I do kek. I made him his own area in my teapot! He likes bitter tea so I made a seating area for him to drink the with Aether

No. 261298

I thought of throwing Raiden to her death from top of the Venti statue as in bye bye electro hello anemo but you know what, you're right he'll probably come at the 180th wish because she's in my party kek

But I really love your ritual I think I'm being inspired (also read: stealing) by your idea and add all the anemo characters I have around that table
I hate being in the Europe server because I don't have time to play going straight to work so hope you post the results here and good luck nona!

No. 261300

NTA but im also from eu and i really can't wait for tomorrow when i get home to pull for him, i hope i can leave early

No. 261306

File: 1670345518483.jpeg (26.17 KB, 343x362, B35AC077-F8AB-43A5-BF5C-47BBBE…)

I’m going to sacrifice all of my anemo characters on Venti’s statue. I have most of them except Xiao.

No. 261322

File: 1670350922698.jpg (822.71 KB, 1736x2456, 220534b38e913.jpg)

I only have enough pulls to take me to one hard pity… Wish me luck nonas, I really need it. I'm glad Sumeru is finally giving us more husbandos but man, it hasn't been easy to decide to who skip and who to pull for these recent patches.

No. 261338

I so regret not being with the Scara wanters a year ago. I could've prepared for now! He's so freaking cute I'm punching grass rn.
Great art and there ship dynamic would be so cute!

No. 261356

I’m the anon you replied to and I’m also on the EU server actually! So I’m guessing we’ll be doing the pulls tomorrow at the same time as eurofags! Good luck anon, hope you also post your pulls!

No. 261365

File: 1670360157659.jpeg (847.95 KB, 811x1281, 3B9089B7-F6EA-4F25-91B7-BFF618…)

30 pity, 50 rolls saved, no guarantee. Wish me luck nonnas, I hope I get scara or at least tighnari if i lose the 50/50

No. 261375

I've sacrificed all anemo and electro characters on top of Venti's statue. Don't have Ei but Sara is such a bootlicker it was fitting to execute her. Nobody is allowed to be revived until I get Scara. lol

No. 261379

I'm not throwing my Razor off shit, but Sara, Sayu, Fischl (sorry bb girl), Jean, Beidou (land on your feet, my queen), Sucrose, and who ever else I'm forgetting? They can walk the plank.
And you're so right. Imagine Sara gladly falling as she would feel she's sacrificing herself in Ei's place. Splat kek

No. 261393

File: 1670368109555.jpeg (207.02 KB, 1543x2048, 4D788AC9-A337-45F9-9355-284AE5…)

4 hours left! Good luck nonnies!

No. 261398

File: 1670369711675.jpeg (277.88 KB, 2048x2010, 9F31E368-83F9-442F-BF9A-77518B…)

I hate waiting for the maintenance to be done.

No. 261416

File: 1670376312126.jpeg (442.64 KB, 960x1442, 5076605D-2129-4312-A98E-8B32EA…)

Here’s the code

No. 261417

>no gems
shove it

No. 261426

really? they are making us redeem codes for sweet madame now?

No. 261436

Am I just impatient or is this maintenance taking too damn long?

No. 261440

We've got less than 10 minutes, nonnie! I'm excited too!

No. 261441

I'm fucking hype. Lets hope they update sooner.

No. 261442

got fucking jean. i hate this game

No. 261451

RIP, I'm sorry, anon

No. 261453

I lost my last 50/50 so im pretty much guarantied to get Scara right anons

No. 261455

Samefag got him first 10 pull i am so happy

No. 261460

well i guess alhaitham it is. i was kinda sad at first but i'm over it now. definitely gonna try again for scara when he reruns though

No. 261462

Good morning EU nonas
My sister updated the ps for me and I lost to Diluc by got him at freaking 157 wishes, Alhaithem funds where art though
Hope your luck is better than mine honestly

Of course same to-other-regions nonas!

I just feel so bitter and so idk how to play him. I'm used to playing Kazuha and Venti but not sure how to get him to be infused with element?

No. 261467

I just finished the quest and it was sooo good. More outstanding than the last two. I named my scara after the spider lily Higanbana. He always reminded me of one for some reason. You do get the option to change his name if needed though.

No. 261471

That’s such a cute name, very in theme for him. Haven’t done the quest yet but planning on naming him Aldebaran, because his new outfit is giving me space vibes

No. 261478

I like Scaramouche and he is fun but definitely does feel weaker than my other DPSes currently. Still going to triple crown him later anyway.

No. 261486

File: 1670401179480.png (2.14 MB, 1625x1972, FhxhbAWakAYAIWe.png)

Got him and then Mona early right after with a standard banner fate. It was clearly meant to be.

Good luck to anyone who hasn't gotten him yet!

No. 261500

File: 1670406024589.jpeg (309.51 KB, 1500x1000, 906B9D03-7161-49EF-A0F1-E77E0E…)

Okay wish me luck Scaraether nonnies I just woke up!

No. 261501

Aw im sorry it took you so long to get him, i got him in 20 pulls but also i was already pretty close to pity.


No. 261503

I’m new at playing Genshin, can any nona please tell me if it’s okay to wish right after you get a wish or save it only after you get enough for a character? I googled it but I still don’t understand. I get that there’s pity and I understand how that works but does it matter if I spend the wish right away vs do 10 wishes vs do 1 wish many times after having a lot of them?

No. 261505

Scara doesn't know who Mona is and only has a crush on the traveler, blame Mihoyo for making it canon

No. 261507

scaratraveler, chiscara and kazuscara all got content and NOTHING for scaramona cope and seethe

No. 261508

Good luck nonna! You can do it!

based and truthpilled

No. 261511

Some players like to save up to multiples of 10 before they wish but that’s just personal preference, you can do single pulls only and it won’t affect the 4 or 5 star guarantee

No. 261513

The bastard came home. Gorou still escapes me though.

No. 261519

Chiscara actually exists?! My two favourite characters nice

I'm sorry traveler/scara, Kazu/scara, Mona/Scara and Chi/scara(if you gorls even exist kek) but Scaramouche\his old colors are the one only otp
I'm joking in case someone mistakes this as serious but like can we get his old colors/design? I played his quest and the vieled curtains thing on the back of his hat are so cool I wouldn't mind paying for a skin. The blue design is too calm compared to his bratty behavior

Also hoyo-kun where the fuck is my Alhaithem drip

You can wish at any time you have enough but beware of exchanging your primo gems for the blue wish since it is not worth it. Happy wishing, hope you get him.
And since you're new you have tons of quests and definitely will have enough funds to get him!

No. 261538

File: 1670422484252.jpeg (2.53 MB, 3508x2064, 464D1B65-F6D8-4ABF-B245-9E55C2…)

Thank you nonnies I got him and even won the 50/50! I’m so happy!! Playing the quest now too, this day can’t get better

No. 261544

File: 1670423672053.jpeg (204.9 KB, 1250x1021, 019C303D-BE4F-4893-ADF9-A16FC4…)

Chiscara is a huge ship, it has existed since the very first time Scara had an appearance actually

Honestly it is sad that Childe has no memories of Scara anymore. The interlude quest fucked up the dynamic between the harbingers

No. 261545

So…. I really dislike the 3.3 plot.

I also dislike Scaramouche's backstory. It sort of feels like they had one backstory in mind when they plotted out Inazuma and then changed their mind when they were writing Sumeru? The lore of Katsuragi telling him to hide his connection to Raiden seems pointless. The lore of Nagamasa telling him he has be dealt with in a certain way because he's neither man nor machine is also pointless. It sounds like everyone at Tatarasuna knew his connection to Raiden and knew he was a puppet all along. Instead of being complicated characters who purposefully decided to pursue a dangerous goal because they wanted to appease Shogun, "Inazuman blacksmiths were totally all innocent and it was all Dottore this entire time!!" is a total copout. Also. Why even bother making Scaramouch have all these connections with other characters just to erase it after? Total bullshit.

No. 261549

fatui bad, everyone else good
it's always the bad fatui. elementary level writing

No. 261550

Yeah anon I agree. They should have made sure the memories and past was inserted back into the Irminsul. As a way to acknowledge that the past has to exist for him to move on. Making Scara remember everything while he ceases to exist in the past events is just tragic? So the little boy never met Scara and died alone? Like wtf no way in hell Scara would want that. This also just creates so many plot holes. Dottore is so skillful now because he experimented brutally on Scara for years. Now there is no plausible reason for his great experiments if he never met Scara.

No. 261558

File: 1670425941084.gif (74.62 KB, 498x498, 6E632A7F-A807-43FE-93D8-2F9AFD…)

Sorry for the samefag but I'm fuming.
They fucking removed Scaramouche from Ei and Childe's voicelines. Gonna kms now

No. 261565

Oh my god nona you have an awesome eye for fanart thank you so much I accidentally saved it twice
Now I have no choice but to dive in pixiv and Twitter for content


Funnily enough I am rooting for them because this shitty writing is making alot cooler/deeper than the good guys.

Exactly but they'll pull a "actually doctor is different and his brain blah blah" to cover for bad writing. What was the end goal of this decision anyway, do one of these spooky breaking the 4th wall by messing with meta stuff like removing lines? Pft

Ignore this Canon, it sucks

No. 261567


That part really confused me. Did new events happen after Scaramouche deleted himself and replace the true events? Or did the same events happen and got remembered and recorded differently?

Scaramouche said he wanted Raiden Gokaden descendants/Kazuha to know the truth. What happens when he or the Traveler tells Kazuha the truth? Is that going to be consider corrosive/forbidden knowledge now?

No. 261569

File: 1670427591883.jpeg (384.98 KB, 850x1159, 9A233D22-ADC6-42CE-8F03-D9DE3D…)

Me too! Which is good because I only had 20 fates to spend. I love his kit so much.

No. 261571

what did you guys name him?

No. 261575

I see so many people complain about wanderer’s gameplay on reddit and tiktok. Many people say that it feels like his kit is “incomplete” and feels like they are testing a new gameplay style to use more in the future. I have also heard people complaining about ult animation being too long. Ngl, all these complaints make me feel a little better about losing my 50/50, however damn, is he that bad? I’m a husbando>meta type of player but still i feel like there are way too many complaints about scara’s kit

No. 261577

I HATE THE IRMINSUL DELETION PLOTLINES SO MUCH. STOP CREATING BOMB ASS CHARACTERS JUST TO NUKE THEM OUT OF EXISTENCE MIHOYO god i’m so pissed. Whoever invented irminsul fuck you. Ei’s kunikuzushi line is fucking gone. I hate this. If one more character gets nuked by the irminsul im leaving this game AAAAAAA

No. 261579

The only thing I agree with is that his burst feels way too long. There is an awkwardly long moment right at the end of it that should be half a second shorter or something. Other than that he is incredibly fun imo. Honestly, all the shitting on him might just be moids coping because Scara is ridiculously popular.

No. 261593

He's just not what you would expect, he's good and can be a really good dps but I think the huge building up of teasers, previous story stuff and all of that made him look underwhelming now
If he's your fave try to get him! But as a dps? Eeeeh Itto, Ayato and Raiden are better especially if you have Kazuha for the last two, but you know husbando > meta soo (I knew he'd be slapped around mid air several times and die but still got him kek)

After testing some artifacts Shimenawa proved to be much better than his new set, or any halves.
And don't even think about rolling on the weapon banner nonas, remember to save for Alhaithem!

No. 261597

I think his controls may take some getting used to? With most characters, I normally hit E as soon as it becomes available so I still accidentally cancel his flying state all the time.

No. 261598

I really like his kit, I am playing him in overworld doing those weekly bounty missions ect even tho he is only lvl 60. i'm currently using him with XQ, Thoma and Yunjin. I dont worry about fueling his burst since you can spam his E since it has such a short cooldown. I saw some people complain about staggering but i have had no trouble yet, but then again im playing with a team that has good shielding. His auto attack has really good targetting btw so he pretty much doesnt miss (side eyeing Yoimiya right now).

Im also running Shimenwa right now but theyre all lvl 0 kek. Do you know if i should build him EM or Atk? Currently have some atk% on him but i think EM would be pretty good to.
>And don't even think about rolling on the weapon banner nonas, remember to save for Alhaithem!
To late for me kek, but im not f2p so i will get Alhaithem for sure.

I keep forgetting how to go straight up, however since i play Childe i do not spam his E.

No. 261602

Don't tell me what to do + Alhaitham is ugly and boring. I got Itto and Scara's weapons to make them look cooler and they do. Ushi hits for over 120k with Gorou now.

No. 261608

Congrats on weapon and congrats on future alhaithem!
%100 ATK
I tried both since I thought create a taser driver but he's just like Xiao, loves his attack and crits more than harmony with others
I'm thinking Him+Frauzan+Zhongli+Albedo will be my next try in abyss (fuck those dogs)

Congrats to you too! Your Itto is now officially aestheticly pleasing (As if I need more temptations to roll on that banner. But no more spending on gacha for me kek)
Now I'm curious, if Alhathoom is ugly who is your ideal husbando?

No. 261612

Oh my god the alhaitham hater anon strikes again. Among all genshin characters why are you beefing with alhaitham nonna. He is just green diluc

No. 261618

File: 1670437675497.png (1.75 MB, 1714x2048, Fg_1ANHXwAAnAns.png)

The vase breaking thing was meant to show that the original events still happened, the tree just erased people's memories of the truth. The god that's probably Istaroth said as much, that the flow of time can't actually be changed and any attempt to do so is as insignificant as a squirrel running into a tree.
Based Zhongli told us as much as he could without breaking his contract as soon as the Traveler asked. Those who are meant to witness will witness. Those who are meant to remember will remember.
I'd like the old outfit as a skin too. The colours were just really striking on it. I don't hate the new outfit anymore but the old just looked really cool and suited Scara better.
Y'all get so mad over dumb shit. No ships are canon and everyone wants the Traveler, calm down.

No. 261620

File: 1670437971588.jpg (1.51 MB, 3856x2165, IMG_20221207_202545.jpg)

Samefag sorry for boomering with camera it up idk how to take screenshot in ps4 and get them on mobile

Anyway does this appear the same for anyone else? Her ascention materials are Henna berries but in the trial it's Cyno Scarabs
I definitely did not waste 20 mins looking for scarabs haha

No. 261629

>Y'all get so mad over dumb shit. No ships are canon and everyone wants the Traveler, calm down.
I don't see any other character asking to hold the travelers hand (and actually holding it) twice. Ship whatever you want of course but the anons are right, the other ships have a lot more canon lore behind them. Even the scaramona fan art sucks unfortunately.

He is not bad at all actually. This is doomposting from moids again, don't believe it too much. Scara will never be S tier but for a catalyst he is good. His attacks are super fast and quite strong.

No. 261630

File: 1670438938429.jpeg (186.66 KB, 1317x2048, FjO9ut7XwBQRC75.jpeg)



>canonised because sex slavery
Top fucking lel

No. 261633

>He is just green diluc
Thats a bigger diss than anything I could come up with kek

Thank you! I wouldn't call any guy in genshin my husbando but my favorite is gorou

No. 261638

Anon to be fair Dottoscara is uncanonized too, Dottore doesn't remember the hot torture he did to Scara anymore

No. 261640

cope, your ship was built on literally nothing at least the rest have lore

No. 261650

The scarabs are an error, it's listed on the to be fixed page in game.

No. 261653

>tfw I never even considered dottoscara and now I can't get it out of my head
Fuck this thread you're causing me to degenerate by the minute

No. 261672

Careful what you search though, nona. Alot of fakebois see themselves in Scaramouche, so you're bound to find alot of trans ScaramouchexDottore… or even by himself, ugh.

No. 261673

My only issue is that he's another shield shill character really, which is just the curse of hypercarries. My closest comparison since I didn't have Ayato is Yoimiya, and she needed a shield too or else she felt a lot worse. Otherwise I really do enjoy him even if anemo DPS is a meme because his buffs at least want other elements in the party which gives him neat teams unlike Xiao who was limited to Zhongli and Albedo for forever.

No. 261678

He's not at all bad. He's extremely fun to play as and his hovering mechanic breaks the exploration aspect completely. People are just coping hard, anyone who calls themselves a metafag should own Zhongli anyway so that takes care of the shield issue. So far playing with him I haven't had problems with enemies knocking him around though.

No. 261702

Much easier and more fun to dodge and recover with Scaramouche than with Yoimiya though. I am slowly learning to lessen my dependence on Zhongli.

No. 261705

File: 1670448253905.jpeg (295.74 KB, 850x644, FEFDC6DE-F5D5-42A0-BDF5-501676…)

Gorou is easily my favorite too, nonnie.

No. 261707

Same. I don't really like having the shield slot be mandatory. I'll have to see what I can get away with when the abyss rotates because this one isn't it.

No. 261709

I'm the Scaraether fanart fag from last thread, if anons are interested I can gather some of my favorite chiscara, kazuscara, scaraether and dottoscara fanart here and do an art dump later? It's okay if I shouldn't, I get that it can get spammy and not everyone likes ship art.

No. 261712

Fuck the mona simp, dump as much of those as you want

No. 261719

is the ballerina in scara's teaser meant to represent lumine? i don't like how aether is only used in the waifu trailers… i'm glad genshin doesn't have a marriage option cause it would be just another fire emblem with gender locked relationships

No. 261721

my mom works for mihoyo and she said it's supposed to be aether

No. 261723

While I like Scaralumi and like the ballet AUs that spawned from it, no. I didn't think she's supposed to represent Lumine? I thought that was just their portrayal of a generic, dainty ballerina.

No. 261735

I'm so over stoic and brooding characters. We've already got Diluc and Zhongli who still manage to be a little soft, but the only things Alhaitham has going for him are being tall, tiddies, and being 1/2 of a new gay ship. Stoic men are just too boring to me right now. More power to whoever wants him, though.
>canonised because sex slavery
Wait, wut? Is this in his new story that was released this patch? I'm really really behind so I'm missing thing, and if this is true, adding that with Collei's torture, I want Dottore's head on a stick and his brain fed to Timmie's birds.
Scaraether and Scaralumi please!

No. 261737

obviously there was no mention of actual sex slavery. but he let dottore perform brutal experiments that nahida called torture and that signora considered worse than expeditions to the abyss. hardly a stretch to imagine he'd let dottore abuse him in other ways too

No. 261738

Alhaitham isn't stoic, he's hilarious, sassy and the right kind of autistic. I can't wait for his interactions with Kaveh.

No. 261740

I usually go with darker themes and that seems reasonable, but does Scara seem like the type to allow someone to sexually abuse him? It feels like he has too much self-worth for that (despite the going through all that shit for his plans). I'm just feeling too soft rn, and I feel bad after everything he went through so I'd at least want that to not have happened to him, y'know? (But Dottore probably would to him and Collei because at this point what wouldn't he do?)
Since it's not officially canon I'm going to ignore the possibility kek

No. 261741

Exactly lol I’m convinced that some of the nonnas here don’t bother reading the story because alhaitham is not stoic at all.

No. 261749

Alhaitham appreciation squad. I loved the fight between him and Kaveh. They’re in love.

No. 261757

File: 1670461775025.jpg (32.83 KB, 620x603, 1560203669270.jpg)

It's fun playing the card game against other characters. I'm challenging Benny cause I want his card and he said "Sure! I was starting to think no one wanted to play with me."
I swear I will murder everyone in Mondstadt!

No. 261776

Why do you anons give a fuck about what she ships

No. 261778

Most likely cause it's het.
This fanart's cute! I wanna draw my self insert and husbando in it.

No. 261799

File: 1670477851108.jpg (1.58 MB, 2048x2048, Fia_58caUAEZisY.jpg)

Post whatever you want to, anon! It's the Genshin thread, might as well fill it with Genshin art.
Your anger just amuses me.
We could really use some more good shielders. A Hydro shielder would be neat. For now XQ is probably best since he at least gives resistance to interruption.

No. 261801

File: 1670479440702.png (465.43 KB, 563x597, 9EEB02B2-46B8-444F-BEE0-CEF6C9…)

The twins are actually royalty of Khaenri'ah. That’s why they’re referred to as such by abyss members. it could also explain why the unknown god targeted them specifically. I feel like dain fucked with irminsul somehow.

No. 261808

Because Mona sucks and it's a childish spite ship like Ayato and Yae to begin with. I would accept Scaralumi better because at least it has basis in lore but Scaramona is literally hetshippers making shit up just for the fun of hetbending everyone but thinking they're above the self-insert yume protagonist.

No. 261813

File: 1670484334940.jpg (342.89 KB, 1438x2048, 134863775_162531605648432_7880…)

Lol what? Just calm down bro. Touch some grass, liking one het ship doesn't mean you hate gay ships or whatever.
Also, I'm by no means above shipping Lumine, I just ship her with Zhongli or Enjou.

No. 261815

cool story, fujosis

No. 261817

That doesn't answer my question though. You're saying why you don't like it, you're not saying why her liking it bothers you so much.

No. 261818

That's not how sexual abuse happens, bozo

No. 261819

It's literally explaining why but I'll spell it out. Because the character is an ugly coomer waifu whose literal existence annoys everyone and because it's a spite ship born out of a compulsive need to assign a nonsensical girlfriend to every popular male character and the juvenile "if you hate it so much then I'll just ship it more" mentality. It's like admitting you find ketchup on white bread delicious in a culinary thread, you have to except people to think you're a retard for your taste and willingness to be open about it. It is what it is.

No. 261821

File: 1670485864723.jpg (290.83 KB, 1470x2048, 1668024408532701.jpg)

Scaramouche is literally the embodiment of a submissive fuckdoll fetish.
A boy who is ready to follow any commands and is willing to suck hundreds of cocks if told to. Signora almost literally called him a slut in the framework of PG-13.

Like, he is a harbinger only because he is ready to perform fucked up tasks of Piero and give his body to the service of Dottore in experiments that mere mortals will not survive.
If that fruit seller asked him to work in a different way, he would obediently agree.

Your thoughts?

No. 261824

File: 1670486994277.jpg (68.12 KB, 720x565, Screenshot_20221205-013350_Chr…)


>literally a sentient doll

>was property to a man with a literal harness on his chest

What did mihoyo mean by this?

No. 261825

>Signora almost literally called him a slut in the framework of PG-13.
Wait what?

No. 261827

File: 1670488638919.jpg (423.31 KB, 1448x2048, 3988784225188658a997c2cc17674d…)

Fucks sake whether it's yaoi or het ship let it be both are finding their ships hot/neat its no personal attack on either side if the opposite side does it. Just stop doing things out of spite and have fun (please)

Fatuis numba one fan here, Chiscara and Dottorescara for me, I really liked your taste btw!

This thread for slowly making me like submissive Scara more than asshole Scara*
*Keep those hcs coming, making me like his blue design more now

No. 261829

No but wanderer without the memories had no reason being soft a d submissive like that. Awakened something in me I think

No. 261832

Can I ask where you guys find all this genuinely cool Dottore fanart? The only stuff I come across are some cringe Pantalone x feminized bottom Dottore crap or straight out ugly portrayals. I've seriously gotten all of my resources from this thread alone because I'm a dumbass who can't use the internet I guess.

No. 261833

personally i just really dislike mona, i hate astrology and posh tsundere characters and her clothes are simply hideous. if you like scara you obviously wouldn't want to see him with an unlikeable girl
but too bad some of you have shit taste

No. 261834

also the scaramonafag is definetly posting out of spite because she saw the others anons enjoying scara x traveler

No. 261842

Scaralumi was also posted there (which counts as Scaratraveler). It's just a ship. No need to be so autistic about it.

No. 261843

this sounds like weird tranny fetish headcanons they always make kek

No. 261845

File: 1670494992225.jpg (377.52 KB, 1200x2660, d401d71d46214e7526b6c10db861e2…)

I stole that and this from gelborou. Yes it's a coomer site but also has a fair amount of sfw art
(not that I mind nsfw dottore that I see there hue hue)

I used to scour Twitter and pixiv for these but the art isn't that good. Now with the wake of this interlude chapter I hope we'll see more works!
(I too use this thread to increase my folder sizes, thanks sharing nonas)

LOL you do have a point, especially with the amount of "afab Scara" and top surgery scara I found jfc kill me
But I miss the days where these headcanons were property the fujo/yumejo side and not the trannies.

No. 261846

However, unlike the tranny headcanons it's actually hot and based.

No. 261853

i was talking about scaramona being shit, what's scaralumi got to do with that?

No. 261871

I played in JP. His Wanderer voice was so cute, soft, and submissive. Shame we won't hear it again anytime soon.

>It's fine. Let them stab their blades into my chest if they so desire. …Maybe that's how it always should have been.

The dialogue between him and the traveler at the end about the Raiden Gokaden makes me think he'd totally let Kazuha take him sexually as 'punishment' too.

No. 261873

>It's fine. Let them stab their blades into my chest if they so desire. …Maybe that's how it always should have been.
He's talking about his non-existent heart, not his ass. Everyone got so horny so fast

No. 261874

Goddamn anons it's been like less than 24 hours, could you spoiler his story quest plot points for at least the first few days?

No. 261877

It's brainrot. It went to hell the minute the Mona hate and submissive and breedable Scara talk started.

No. 261880

I legit don't understand why there's shipping arguments in this fandom. They will never make anything canon because they will try to cater to as broad of an audience as possible. Why even bother caring about whether something 'makes sense' or not or if it has any basis in lore? Nothing will ever be confirmed one way or the other.

No. 261881

Nice try but I'd rather have the story spoiled than allow Mona simps to exist. Literal bottom of the barrel waifu.

No. 261884

I don't have a dog in this fight but it's getting stupid.
>nice try
You sound paranoid and like it's time to log off if this ship stuff is getting too real for you. I'm not trying to sneakily convert you.

No. 261885

…take your meds

No. 261889

all of you are retarded

No. 261896

File: 1670512322822.jpeg (863.18 KB, 1542x922, 55388D7B-39F0-4F43-B9B3-12534D…)

This sucks I just wanted to talk about lore theories.

No. 261907

Why didn't they up the tree sigil limit by 10 this update

But I'm happy knowing the next update is the final update for the dendroclus and tree (and aranara puzzle) . Unless the leaks lied and the rainforest update isn't in 3.4

No. 261912

no the plot is ass go somewhere else to avoid le spoilers

No. 261925

I thought the rumor was 3.4 and 3.6 were more desert updates? I hope it's actually more rainforest though. Desert is pretty but a real pain to traverse. Probably my least favorite region so far for exploration.

No. 261926

I want to cry at this image fr

Agree, desert is so painfully desolate and running across it takes an eternity, I've been dragging my feet exploring it because it's just not as exciting as the rainforest.

No. 261931

I hate the curved structure of the desert structures and pillars too. Hard to properly climb up and the four-leaf sigils aren't always placed in an accessible location.

Scaramouche made it a lot easier though.

No. 261933

The source is trust me bro level of credible but if you unlocked the final images (14th and 15th) in find-the-chest Album you'll see two images of Aranara in a place like what would seem Genshin's style of a rainforest that says sonmething along the lines of "this area isn't open yet" so I'm pretty sure it's the next area

I wish everyone here was like you
Can you imagine replies not wasted on infighting about ships? It's never about theories or anything fun, each suprisingly are respectable to each's opinion, but muh ships? Kek

What do you gorls think about the TCG? If any even played it. Can't tell if Hoyo wants to make it a physical game too or not since I saw the game's gold box, like buy physical booster/boxes, get highest rarity etc. Similar to Yugioh/MTG

No. 261936

Oh thank god. Forest terrain is so much better than desert.

No. 261937

File: 1670520544948.png (3.06 MB, 1441x2222, 43b4i5h345.png)

I was ready to dunk on TCG and flame HYV for making a pointless gamemode but I actually really enjoy it. The countless primos they shove up our asses for playing a silly little card game are also very nice.

No. 261950

File: 1670524390774.jpg (209.12 KB, 1827x1303, FhDw0egWAAkCNon.jpg)

I thought the sibling was a clone since that would line up with them being in Irminsul and not the Traveler but now I don't know what to think if Irminsul can be fucked with to give everyone false memories.

Is it weird that I think the gods might not have been the ones to punish Khaenri'ah though? I have a suspicion that they might have fucked with the tree and cursed themselves somehow, but they think the gods did it because of tree fuckery.
I haven't tried the TCG yet, is it more like Magic or like Gwent? I like both of those but am pretty meh about other card games. What I saw from spoilers reminded me of Legends of Runeterra and kinda turned me off from it. I don't like games with attack order bullshit much.

No. 261958

>Can't tell if Hoyo wants to make it a physical game too or not since I saw the game's gold box
doubt. chinese games just love to implement tcgs as shitty easy filler things, like the fishing system we don't talk about. this one is considerably bad even within that realm. if they were going to try to make it its own thing they would've made it a separate app.

No. 262009

The gayme awards are tonight. Let’s hope Genshin wins so we can get our primos.

No. 262034

File: 1670551080320.png (2.33 MB, 1920x1080, 20221208204623.png)

finally got my son.

No. 262036

Very nice pic!

No. 262041

File: 1670553269070.jpeg (275.68 KB, 850x850, BE1C3906-F95D-434B-9F25-59A09E…)

Kaveh is pretty. I like his design.

No. 262060

File: 1670558533194.png (2.34 MB, 1920x1080, baby jesus.png)

here's a better one

No. 262064

File: 1670559663392.jpg (1.02 MB, 750x1899, 1670559389606515.jpg)

No. 262065

File: 1670559869033.jpg (132.88 KB, 474x1200, 1670559621156458.jpg)

And he brought Yaoyao (and a big plushie?) with him

No. 262069

holy fuckign shit. oh my god. there he is. there he fuckign is. glad i waited until his drip before pulling for wanderer because i need him in my team.

No. 262081

Help I though this was Ai art and he got breasts hanging low. No more browsing without sleep for me
(beautiful art now that I've really seen it)
He looks mighty fine

This forced leg showing on all little girls is getting on my nerves. They all have the same length of skirt and if they don't show the leg then it's the stomach. Why can't we have just one normal little girl that I won't feel bad using

No. 262093

Literally all little girl characters look exactly the same. Yaoyao, Klee, Qiqi and Nahida all have the same design with the dress but just in different colours and all of them have bare, disturbingly shapely legs. I thought I would hate Dori for the pedobait "adult in a kid's body" shtick but it was so refreshing that she actually talked like an adult, I'm so sick of lolis because it's the same annoying as fuck cutesy baby talk retardation every time and unsurprisingly Yaoyao just seems to be a dendro Klee.

No. 262117

File: 1670580360644.jpeg (578.38 KB, 2048x1938, FiffvB1XoAEDnH4.jpeg)


Canon facts about Scaramouche -

- he is literally programmed to obey any commands given to him. It was Ei's intention to make all her puppets prone to submission, to prepare them to be under her control. Its why the Shogun rebelled after as long as 500 years. Ei knew that he was basically a cumslut and a dog, so she put him to sleep in the domain so that nobody could control him. Not even her; she said so herself; its literally the whole reason why she put him to sleep. Dottore is smarter than that, though, with a little bit of manipulation the dumb bitch was looped around his finger to become his forever BDSM fuckdoll

No. 262118

File: 1670580412598.jpg (309.52 KB, 3840x2160, 20221205_014522.jpg)

- Its also why Scaramouche is a bitch to everyone else. He has to keep his internal guard up. His past betrayals is a source of betrayal for him because his programming makes him so obedient. Calling people worms and disrespecting them would make it harder for them to figure out that he's actually a bitch-boy intimidating them. The dawning realization that he is basically a princess-acting slave is too satisfying, though, because he hates it when you make him obey you.

No. 262119

File: 1670580508053.jpg (71.88 KB, 660x583, Screenshot_20221205-013548_Chr…)

- He got hog-tied in his stomach one day, with the rope passing through his asscrack, a sharp scalpel vigorously looped around the rope and inserted into his anus. One move and the scalpel shifted. Five hours of pure disaster. He left with significant tearing, which made shitting absolutely excruciating for the next weeks. And then there were Dottores other kinks. Boiling tea. Acid. Bath full of ice. Blow torch. Forcing his penis in a beehive. Poison incense. Cleaning chemicals. Letter openers. Baseball bat with nails hammered in. Pepper spray and deodorant. Wax in his eyes. Thousands of beetles on his body. Burning hot lightbulbs up his anus. Spiked gags. Hammering nails on his hands. Waterboarding. Rotten eggs up his nose. Sensory deprivation refrigerator. Coal in mouth and then lit. Spiked shoes. Coal bed. Legs covered in lighter fluid and lit. Staple gun on frenelum. Sharp metal rulers. Freezing his nipples than biting them off. Purified capcaisin onto his anus and frenulum. Prostate torture and milking. Whippings. Bondage. Cock ball torture. Bestiality. Sounding with purified nettle powder.

No. 262120

File: 1670580570284.jpeg (383.44 KB, 2048x1536, FhizBPFWYAINjYp.jpeg)


- Scaramouches medical experimentations were insane: after visits to the Abyss Scara would return completely destroyed to thr point where he'd had to be medicated by Dottore. This was excruciating. He'd go to the point of immobility. Crawling to the bathroom would nearly take him an hour. Urination, defecation, would be excruciating. He'd be deaf and blind, the regular beatings would cause his face to swell so much that mountains of flesh would obsuficate his eyes from sight. He'd vomit out everything fed to him, provoking more beatings. He was deeply bandaged, stitched, nailed, wired, and the experimentation became so frequent they happened every night and day. Chemicals that burned his stomach; electrocution of the prostate to extract his semen; the panicking decrease of anesthesia during the procedures; lotions that would burn his skin off; limbs torn off and exposed to radiation, destroying the internal DNA, and then replaced; electric stimulation applied to his brain that would make him scream. Dottore would connect his consciousness to the automations, attempt to transfigure him into hillichurls and turn him back, try to find the cure for Eleazer with him, and other various fucked up shit. A light touch of a segment would send him to panic. His brain had atrophied so severely that the doctor had to repair it by further electric stimulation, attempting to restore the damaged neurons. His hair would fall off from the stress, turning grey at some parts

No. 262122

I get you like these themes but since he's a puppet he doesn't need to use the toilet at all

No. 262125

File: 1670582185210.webm (8.52 MB, 854x480, alhaitham_gameplay_rip-efuy17q…)


anyways alhaithams kit looks like doodoo. rip to the anons who were writing essays to defend cyno from the keqing clone allegations becasue this time alhaitham is undeniably a convoluted dendro keqing clone. their kits are more similar than xingqiu and armpit ladys.

No. 262126

Did you just copypaste this shit from somewhere?

No. 262128

File: 1670582766286.jpg (98.22 KB, 1067x1059, 20221208_044646.jpg)

anyone else not impressed by characters that have no practical use outside few or single target battle anymore? unless you can fly, fast go, show me materials, save stamina, or at least pull a cow out your ass, I don't want you.

No. 262129

Why does his kit "look like shit"? It's looks pretty basic and passable to me. Is everything that isn't groundshakingly gamebreaking supposed to be doomed over now? The only actually failed characters in the game are Shenhe and Yoimiya, every husbando has been fine so far, theorycrafters have retarded standards.

No. 262130

Oh my god it's literally Keqing.
I mean in reality I'm glad it's easy to infuse his normal attack with dendero but I don't know if I like his burst animation tbh the last move is nice but wish he'd have Keqing's ninja agility or something I don't know what to think about him yet kek.
Thabk you so much for this nona.

Me honestly, I've even meta'd and 36 every abyss and characters are proving to be boring/useless unless it's for the reason you posted

I think anon means that it's not new or creative
Otherwise I think he'll be really great with Raiden

No. 262131

I dont give a fug about theorycrappers. its boring mechanically and visually, offers no utility, and is recycled from a hated 1.0 standard banner character. doesn't go well with my other characters either because no male electro supports, only boobahs and that annoying turd fischl who I refuse to build simply to make him not be doodoo.

imo a woodchipper would be better with her (in it)

No. 262134

Unlike Cyno it does look similar to Keqing but being dendro instead of electro it has a lot more usage than Keqing has since we don't have a lot of viable options for dendro yet. This thread shits on literally every male character that is about to be released because they don't fit their impossible standards (which seem to be "main DPS AND a top level applicator") and it's jarring because I play with my husbandos just fine and never meet the issues anons complained about 2 months before their release. Only Cyno's long burst locking him to field with no proper support was a legit complaint that I met but I've found that he can just use the certain elemental enemies to pass application around without a support or just play in co-op. Sometimes I feel like people just don't know how to think for themselves and figure out different strategies than forward vape go boomboom.

No. 262138

see >>262131. and imagine playing co op genshin in current year… shudders

>foreward vape

playing since 1.0 and I don't have a single fire type built except bennett. I'm a "wind faggot go nyoooom" type of girl. if you're going to be a one trick pony male dps, be op with male supports or get skipped. the ogre will never be topped.

No. 262139

What exactly were you expecting..? We already knew he's dendro and a sword user, he seems to be doing the best you could do with that combo, i.e. dendro damage with the sword and the burst you can't really see the effects from that video alone. It's too early to say anything conclusive. If anything it seems to be more accurate to say it's "Keqing if she was actually fun to play as".

So you weren't going to roll him anyway kek, what are you even complaining about?

No. 262141

Who to put with him then? Fischl's skill is shorter than Raiden's and Beidou needs her burst for that
Pretty early for this talk I know but I really want to try Alhaithem, XQ, Tartaglia and Nahida now switching between the two, infinite bloom
I still can't believe I wished for Nahida so Cyno can be op

>wind faggot go nyoooom


Honestly? For me I wanted his burst to be more flashy/unique. I know Tarta/Zhongli/Diluc…etc. aren't that special but they're "unique" (I'm using that term loosely here) that sit out of the box is onpar with character but I want something flashier
Even Ayato has more flare in his burst. But all in all I will get him regardless kek and then wait patiently for Baizhu (please be healer)

No. 262142

if he had any redeeming qualities besides the leona voice I would've been happy to. his kit doesn't look any more fun to play than keking, thats the cope speaking. he has slower, chunkier animations.

the same people as keking and tighnari - fish hole, pedo chan, a heal/shield or kazuha, don't really know since I don't use those teams. I know that because of how those dendro electro reactions work those three are interchangeable, but them all wanting the same supports also means you can't have good teams on both sides of abyss if you were hoping to use more than one of them as dps. tighnari is meta because hes kawaiier with fun kit.

No. 262144

I really need a translator for your autistic screeching, but you realize it's a beta kit right? Changes will eventually be adjusted.

No. 262145

forgot to add to my last reply -> fish hole is better than raimid in any situation where raimid is not specifically the main character on field. bird duration doesn't matter when she auto recasts him with her burst.

No. 262146

lrn2read pls. & good luck with those beta changes kek how much you want to bet they'll give him a couple number and ~demdro apeification~ tweaks and call it a day?

No. 262148

File: 1670589335140.jpg (264.12 KB, 1117x1757, c5b8ba29435ab2b94506b36d49c832…)

I'll try fish princess next, I think she even generates more energy for Cyno. I really regret not wishing for Tighnari thinking I'll get him losing 50/50s. Qiqi and Diluc love me so much it seems

>can't have good teams on both sides of abyss

True pain tbh

I'm willing to bet my Alhaithem funds (2 wishes) that they'll nerf him so when you use spread he doesn't powercreep other characters

No. 262152

To each their own I guess, I hate playing as most of the characters considered meta because they're annoying and clunky to me. But the fact is that it's way too early to say anything conclusive because every 5-star that ever gets released is shat on immediately until release when people suddenly realize they're fine as they are and stop bitching kek.

No. 262154

Nice picture and congrats on getting him!

>Congrats on weapon and congrats on future alhaithem!
Thank you! I haven't bothered building faruzan tbh, but i might try him out with venti and mono geo then.

It has to be a pasta kek.

Eh these animations have to be placeholders right, they dont look as cool as i imagened. I dont mind if his playstyle is a copy of keqing since i wont use her anyway kek. I also dont mind if he is an on field dps since i think Baizhu will be offield.

i've been 36 every abyss for so long now even when i was still f2p and i only use male dps characters, i really just go for husbandos only. People who pull for "meta" because they cant clear abyss must serieusly be very bad at the game.

They changed some animation of Wanderer during beta so they might do something like that again.

>very 5-star that ever gets released is shat on immediately until release when people suddenly realize they're fine as they are and stop bitching kek.
This legit happens everytime, its so annoying

No. 262155

File: 1670591800561.jpg (231.78 KB, 1080x669, Screenshot_20221209_143902.jpg)

Judging from the name "sandworm" the next update will be more sand, not rainforest. fudge.

Iirc they didn't really "change" anything about wanderer's animations in beta, just made it the transition between frames smoother and they didn't add sfx or expressions until later because it was playstyle test.

No. 262156

File: 1670592102738.jpeg (612.33 KB, 2048x1744, FB41F41C-DF3D-4067-990C-769B3C…)

Keqing was my only main dps for months early game. It was traumatic. Alhaitham seems to have her same issues, pushing enemies back, the strong hit being at the end slash of his burst. Made me a bit disappointed BUT he will be amazing overworld. Nothing better than a male dps who isn't burst reliant when playing in the overworld. Other than that he seems to be pretty solid kit wise. Just like how Keqing is a good unit damage-wise now that dendro is out, Alhaitham will do good damage too with electro aggravate or hyperbloom teams.

No. 262159

The camera angles of his burst changed and they gave him a little head tilt too.

I'm not sure if fandom complaints made any difference but it seemed like a lot of Chinese fans hated his first burst animation and are a bit more pleased with the second.

No. 262165

not placeholders, the official beta started today

>Nothing better than a male dps who isn't burst reliant when playing in the overworld
ackshually there is: a male with a skill that makes traversal or fighting the spread out mobs that plague the overworld less of a pain. alhaitham would make the latter more painful. dendro characters feel like dead geese in overworld party if you keep 2 wind fag in team for the running speed boost like I do.

No. 262170

File: 1670597634903.jpeg (299.22 KB, 1645x2033, 705D5550-3C18-4D46-97E5-F9FC0C…)

I’m not a metafag but TBH I’d rather play as Alhaitham than kekkin. The burst animation is a step up from kek’s because hers takes a while and only targets one enemy. Why play as the god obsessed fake cat girl when you can be a muscly man who’s snarky? I rest my case.

No. 262172

Giving us a dry run for your fanfiction?

No. 262184

As someone who plays genshin mostly for exploration, I agree. Pulling for kazuha was tbe best think I have ever done, and nahida is a close second because that picking flowers passive is just amazing
yeah that’s very disappointing, taking back what i said about not rolling for wanderer, i’m gonna go roll for him instead because his kit is at least interesting

No. 262186

File: 1670606056143.jpeg (67.7 KB, 600x415, 89E093FF-22D9-46AF-A321-087975…)

The nice thing about Wanderer is he has infinite stamina. His flying stamina doesn’t get consumed by charged attacks and his regular stamina gets replenished while flying. Basically you can get away with spamming his charged attacks.

No. 262187

i hate you genshit fags and you're fucking shitty gacha game and you're ugly ai generated characters. ugly bitches each of them, i only like kaeluc porn and seeing that one artist that draws small tops all the time. KYS genshitfags ahahaha i hope your fucking generic fantasy game explodes

No. 262188

File: 1670606931331.png (130.57 KB, 877x478, 82733.png)

No. 262197

Fucking kek
I called him green diluc but turns out he was green keqing all along. Another skip.

No. 262199

File: 1670608183120.jpeg (349.8 KB, 960x1249, E7BC72DB-A655-49BB-AFA7-50D7E7…)

Is somebody mad that sonic lost the players voice award?

No. 262204

File: 1670609137200.jpeg (764.01 KB, 2048x2048, 12D9F581-E0AF-4751-81D4-2DF722…)

>Judging from the name "sandworm" the next update will be more sand, not rainforest. fudge.
Yeah we knew this since 3.0. Still sad though because the desert world design sucks. Here’s a leak from the current beta. There will be tiiiiny rainforest area expansion though. (Last pic)

No. 262207

This is a different award than the one on 4th shouldn't it be 1600? Because let me tell you they didn't win this award because of pure satisfaction, just players wanting more primos.
I know me stopped spending money on genshin and throwing it somewhere else won't make a difference to them but at the start I thought they were genuinely a poor indie developer, now the more money they make the more greedy/cheap they get. Even if those 10 wishes will %99.9 get you shit it's still something nice from them, I guess.

Dont ask why I'm disappointed a corpo being a corpo, I'm just retarded.

Oh God more desert exploring. But this means it's the final piece for that Aranara picture book? And last denderoculus'? Yahoo if so.

Come on now don't be shy show me what you last saved of them.

No. 262210


No. 262214

File: 1670611709095.jpeg (106.25 KB, 1000x1000, 1C7A230E-12DB-4A84-9329-65608B…)

Truly tragic, you can do this nonnie! Open every goddamn chest in sumeru, do all the hangouts, play the card game and do a bunch of world quests! Hopefully the primos from the award shows will help too!

No. 262216

Thank you, nonnie! I've been grinding the card game super hard (it's fun playing against characters and npcs but real co-op may kick my ass), and I've saved so many hangouts for this moment! It also helps that I'm behind on the main story! I'll show you the fruits of my labor if or when I bring him home!

No. 262222

Yeah it’s because they won a different award. I think they’ve been a bit more generous when it comes to primos lately. Haven’t spent any money in forever and I have all the 5 stars I wanted. Genshin is just a huge fandom so it’s no surprise they’d win,

No. 262236

File: 1670613940985.jpeg (452.98 KB, 1920x1080, F4E8071C-D665-41E1-BFB7-75280B…)

Do we have any 5 star husbandos after lantern rite except Alhaitham? (If Kaveh really is a 4-star)

No. 262239

and despite being a huge fandom, genshin was losing the vote in earlier rounds because the vast majority of the fandom did not actually give a shit

sonic could've won if those their fans just kept their heads down instead of spewing racism and drawing fanart of them beating up Lumine

No. 262240

Baizhu, possibly?

No. 262241

based sonic fans kekkkkk

No. 262244

File: 1670615007909.jpg (745.88 KB, 885x1273, fc50fe447aa63653e7b996936ebfa6…)

Correct me if I'm wrong nonas but I'm pretty sure they also won this award last year and sent 1600
The one they sent 800 few days ago was related Playstation, not game awards
I'm suprised that they got this award tbh, with how every area/domain loads slowly in Playstation. I wish they'd give us a graphics option like PC and mobile

Only Baizhu as far as leaks go, in 3.6 and I think they also mentioned Kaveh was a 4 star? I wish Dottore would be announced in 3.7 but this is just beyooond wishful thinking kek

Even if Alhaithem is hot! Don't forget your first husbando nonas!!

No. 262248

ew literally chris-chan level of autism
On ps5 the game and areas load insanely fast though

No. 262252

I am an idiot and forgot to put "4", sorry kek
In Playstation 4 I have to wait like 13-15 seconds for challenges, domains, details and even abyss to load. Which yeah sure I know the obvious thing is to upgrade but I don't play anything but FFs and Genshin and don't really see the need to buy a console just for it,you know? But I know both mobile and PC have graphic options to run better, why don't they add that to Ps4?

The worst thing is that I can't teleport to some high places since my character will hit the ground and die because the area hadn't load yet kek (I'm looking at you, Qingyin Peak's statue)

No. 262267

I'm on the King Deshret and the 3 Magi quest and the only future character I can see myself interested in is Dehya. Her feelings regarding the people of the desert and the akademiya and her compassion and astute nature is v endearing to me.
Wanderer, I still need you to come home, though.

No. 262361

Not even heizou or aether? tuff

No. 262371

File: 1670631059943.jpeg (266.13 KB, 2048x2048, 5A419577-DD9E-496E-858B-C94925…)

Alhaitham's idle animation shows him holding these keys!!! Literally crying nonas the lion keychain is the symbol for Kaveh's field in the akademiya. The idle is a direct reference to Alhaitham locking Kaveh out, they're such a cute tsun tsun couple

No. 262374

I'm grateful that I at least have Aether, but he's more fun as dendro to me. All these anemo boys—ALL THESE ANEMO BOYS—and I keep getting Jean.

No. 262382

I love these two so much kek, they're perfect boyfriends.

No. 262390

He will never be Leona Kingscholar

I can't get into those two ngl. I look at them and see hamfisted pandering between two of the blandest male characters they've written yet. They make me feel like I'm watching a commercial, or two sad girls making out at a party to get attention.

No. 262393

File: 1670636226190.png (2.98 MB, 1920x1080, 20221209200134.png)

I love their dynamic so much kek

No. 262396

THANK YOU. No hate to the shippers at all, but it's like they only exist to be shipped together and that's their whole appeal. It's giving sassy old queens who've been "roommates" for over 20 years.

No. 262401

Personally, I wish I could get into them because Kaveh is really pretty and I want to ship him, but Alhaitham is so boring and completely not my type so I can't.

No. 262403

File: 1670638616326.jpg (63.06 KB, 540x426, cynonari.jpg)

i cannot get into them because i'm not sold on their relationship. cynonari is superior

No. 262410

Agreed. I can get behind an intelligent man but his being so stoic and arrogant is just so boring. The way he was considerate towards that one girl in Aaru village (Sanni?) was sweet, but not enough.

No. 262425

More leaked footage of alhaitham

No. 262427

>Standing during his burst runs
I hope they add like a move he does when the hits end, kinda boring ngl

I'm also really glad everyone is seeing how obvious Hoyo is with these two, bringing them as this region's yaoi.
Whether it's Kaeluc, Zhongchi or Ayatoma all of the individual characters were introduced first and shown a bit about themselves THEN their interactions. None of these these ships are Canon but bear with me, they were shipped by everyone because 1. They show a bit of character 2. They interacted
We saw Alhaithem but what the hell is Kaveh? A builder? What's his personality and why does he need to be roommates with alhaithem? I was paying attention to the story and Alhaithem did not seem to be the type that allows roommates with him, unless I missed it?

I guess the joke is he's a soft bully like Ayato that pretends to want roommates so idiots will accept and he looks them? Does he keep Kaveh for repairs? Idk they seemed kind of desperate with this reveal.
I don't like Ayato a even but I think Thoma bring an independent character at the start of the quest, then Ayato in his quest was way better than this case

Good god I'm sorry about the autism

No. 262428

All I know is Kaveh is Alhaitham’s roommate and does stage magic as a hobby lol.

No. 262434

Here is a Yaoyao leak, I don't usually have a lot to say about the loli characters but something about her normal attack leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Which is a shame because her other attacks are kinda cute.

No. 262436

How do i know you ship alhaitham with dehya? LOL

No. 262440

If you read the bulletin boards you'd see that their relationship isn't hamfisted and they actually have way more chemistry than zhongchi wished they ever had (what chemistry do zhongchi even have in the first place?) and their arguments make sense. Kaveh is an idealistic and very compassionate person so he can't stand alhaitham's cold individualistic attitude. If you don't like alhaitham's character, that's fine but saying they're cheap yaoi reads to me like you've taken your opinion from other moid genshin generals who are seething because of kaveh. We don't know yet why kaveh has a debt because he wasn't released and we need more info on him but that's the reason why alhaitham lets him live with with.

No. 262442

File: 1670655761546.jpeg (42.58 KB, 450x600, 5A25CD89-7DC5-4687-BE80-849CFA…)

Why can’t yaoyao pull up in an outfit like this? I wish they stopped giving the kids such short outfits.

No. 262444

Keep your genshit shipwars in tiktok comment sections, fag. We don't care. I happen to despise het, yuri, and yume but that doesn't mean I'm going to blindly consoom whatever crappy fujobait a company sets out for me. They are conveyer belt yaoi made to snag some quick fujobux.

Dehya and Alhaitham would make a couple too ugly for me to ship even if they had chemistry. People simping for her have gotta be blind, she looks like that unfortunate cat girl from the calarts Shera reboot got hit by the vtuber ray. Together they'd look like barf gijinka.

No. 262449

I fail to see what's crappy about them, two characters bickering is a common ship trope

No. 262456

I really hate this if you x then you're a moid/taking opinions from moids rule. Wanting to know more about a character before liking him/shipping him is normal not evil or asking too much
I have only consoomed the story quest to judge their lack of chemistry and lack of Kaveh's character so there wasn't much to know. Which bulletin board did you read this on?

Actually accurate description of Dehya. I love claymores but She's Xinyan 2 rather than a new character
Are hoyo actually running out of ideas? Was Mondstadt/Liyue their best?

Moids can't coom to that because adult women also wear that so no way kek

No. 262465

>If you don't like alhaitham's character, that's fine but saying they're cheap yaoi reads to me like you've taken your opinion from other moid
This. It's all weirdly defensive and dismissive, like this time around they can't outright deny it and make fun of people making things up since the game is shoehorning them like crazy so they just decide to poo-poo over them altogether. Their last interaction together combined with character voicelines confirming how close they are and bulleting board mentions around Sumeru offered more material than any other ship (except maybe Xingqiu and Chongyun). I wouldn't care otherwise about people seething over a gay ship but it's so obvious they're going out of their way to complain about one of the only couples that actually work off of each other and have had cute interactions and complain about how bad they are as characters when logically they wouldn't even give a shit if that was the case. Stay mad that the hot tittyman is gay I guess?

No. 262466

I didn't even want to offend the Kaveh and Alhaitham shippers but here we go kek.
This idea would automatically get cut because it doesn't show thigh. You expect the moids to beat it to loli ankles alone? Like degenerates?

No. 262473

If you're calling a popular ship "hamfisted" and that it's "between two of the blandest male characters they've written yet" and how they make you "feel like you're watching a commercial or two sad girls making out at a party" people are allowed to retaliate, anon. If you want to scream into a void with no opposition, go make a blog.

No. 262477

File: 1670663273251.jpg (352.97 KB, 1660x2048, 7e51b5dffc20381c4c3caa2737f25a…)

Notto disu shitto again

So anyway
Any new hotto dottore fanart you gorls got?

No. 262478

Yeah that's why I retaliated it seems weird to single out kavetham as the cheap yaoibait when it actually looks like they put more effort into writing their dynamic

No. 262480

>Almost every Sumeru character that mentions Alhaitham or Kaveh in their voicelines talks about their relationship
>Bulleting board messages detailing their life together and them arguing about how things in Sumeru should be arranged, showing off their opposite personalities and Kaveh trying to reach out to Alhaitham
>Kaveh getting a scene with Alhaitham in the Archon story showing them bickering like an old married couple after Kaveh desperately tries to get his attention
>If you return back to the room after the scene you can find them together again
>Alhaitham's idle animation portrays him with Kaveh's key that he took accidentally, hinting once again how integral he is to his character for having this joke/reference included
>Alhaitham lets him live with him despite them fighting all the time, further proving that he actually cares for him despite being a bully
But yeah just "cheap yaoibait" of "two sad girls making out at a party". They single them out because they can't really refute them otherwise.

No. 262486

File: 1670668604842.jpeg (82.17 KB, 839x828, E12A2943-890D-4CD9-9D61-E7DBD0…)

>We saw Alhaithem but what the hell is Kaveh? >A builder? What's his personality and why does he need to be roommates with alhaithem?
Nahida explains that Kaveh is an artsy romantic who understands true knowledge. True knowledge being more than just what the akademiya says, it's everything from dreaming, dancing, understanding people etc. So she says that Kaveh is the closest to what she believes to be true knowledge. Kaveh even does stage magic during his free time. As for Alhaitham Nahida says he is individualistic and only cares about the rational aspect of everything. He rarely cares about emotions or people. This is according to Nahida not true knowledge, even if Alhaitham disagrees.

Kaveh himself is Sumeru's most famous architect. He is even more famous than Alhaitham it seems, since Alhaitham is describes as being a bit more behind the scenes. Kaveh built that palace in the game for “The Lord”. The mentioned lord is Dori. She scammed Kaveh when building it and he got broke. Because of him being broke he had to be roommates with someone, to the NPC's surprise he ended up being roommates with Alhaitham. Alhaitham seems to be paying most of the things but we can see on the bulletin board that Kaveh's relaxed attitude about money annoys him, since he for once didn't pay Kaveh's tab but left it for Kaveh to handle.

Lastly as for why Alhaitham let Kaveh be his roommate? They knew each other before since they both are the top people in the akademiya. So it makes sense that Kaveh might have asked to be his roomie when he went broke. Alhaitham might have taken pity on him or just wanted someone to pay rent. Now this is from the drip marketing while the rest is in-game but Alhaitham is described as not really caring that much about his Scribe job. He just wants to live comfortably. This might be another reason as to why he wants rent money. Also, the only point where Alhaitham isn't as stoic and shows some aside from anger and annoyance is when he found Kaveh's keys in his pocket. He chuckled. It seems to me that Alhaitham enjoys teasing Kaveh which also adds another point to why he keeps Kaveh around.

It seems to me that you haven't really payed attention much which might be why you feel this way. I'm not going to try to convince you, you're of course entitled to your opinion. But each one of your point has an in-game explanation already.

No. 262488

Based lore dumper anon, there's so much we already know about their relationship and Kaveh himself in the game an drip marketing but people willingly choose to ignore all of it because they brag about skipping all of the dialogue in the game and never exploring the world.

No. 262490

File: 1670670170474.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 65.01 KB, 706x937, fe75b5d3c1d4befc7c538670369c11…)

>It seems to me that you haven't really payed attention much which might be why you feel this way. I'm not going to try to convince you, you're of course entitled to your opinion. But each one of your point has an in-game explanation already.

My queen calm down. I'm not an evil mother fucker trying to destroy your yaoi, chill. I wanted to know more but there wasn't any "more" when I played the story and I paid attention. I don't even remember the option to ask Nahida about Kaveh or alhaithem it was all about either Scaramouche or decenders unless you're talking about this new interlude chapter? Didn't have the time to play it yet to ask Nahida if there are the options which I guess makes it my bad.
Also I haven't even shit talked alhaithem why are projecting other anons on me kek
Thanks for the lore btw it's cute and funny.

I just wish the genshin side would calm their tits and chat our of interest not spite. Not everything is an attack on your fave chara or ship.

I found this image when I was searching for Diluc references and wheezed so hard, I had to post it.

No. 262495

File: 1670673691584.jpeg (612.06 KB, 1444x2048, CEB0D089-6747-4AD0-96AD-8C6E61…)

>My queen calm down
Didn't mean to sound like I was attacking you, not my intention. I really just tried to address every question you had. Because every single one of your questions actually had an in-game answer.

No. 262496

If only the asses in game were this fine…

No. 262499

got lucky and got scaramouche's weapon
now waiting patiently for the weekly mats for the crowns

No. 262503

Or you could just accept their opinion and move on. I thought we were grown women on this site, why fight over something this stupid?

No. 262509

File: 1670679654982.jpg (242.63 KB, 1000x1000, IMG_20220705_053337.jpg)

I guess it doesn't matter anymore since you went out of your way to explain everything so thanks!
Also I realized I am a retard for thinking these came from Nahida's quests and not Nahida's about others section, just listened to it.

I think the only accurate one of these is Zhongli's kek

Congrats nona!!

Image not related to anything just think it's cute

No. 262513

Scara just became the third most selling banner on CN mobile and he's the top selling male banner now. I wonder how much he's selling in Japan, he's been trending on twitter regularly there for years.

No. 262537

The 4 stars on this banner are a scam, 200 wishes wishes and only C4 Frauzan
Scara does great damage without any benny or Faruzan buff like 10k per normal attack and 17k for charged but I want big pp damage to have him, Frauzan, Venti and Kazuha slaying everything in light green numbers
But screw it, I'll have to save for Alhaithem now and hope to get her randomly like the Beidous and Xinyan's I got kek

Yay, let's hope this inspires hoyo to release his old clothes as a skin

No. 262546

I am just going nuts anons, I want to know the 3.4 banners so badly. I haven't pulled since JULY, I will have ~800 pulls saved and I just want Hu Tao to be with either Alhaitham or Yelan for the weapon banner, but I bet she will be with Shenhe or Xiao, and then there's talks of Ayaka being there too. Do you nonnas think they would really do 6 banners in 1 patch? It's keeping me up at night.

A bit disappointed with how much they are recycling mechanics and animations for Haitham and Yaoyao, it's somewhat less annoying when they are recycling stuff from Honkai since I don't play it, but in this case it's almost copy pasting other Genshin characters, I hope they don't keep doing this ("[old character] but [different element]!") esp for long-awaited charas instead of coming up with new interesting playstyles. Still gonna get Haitham though!

I'm very into TCGs so I had low expectations. I am happily surprised! There are some problems as it is now, mostly low amount of synergies and many combos are too slow to set up (like Kaeya's ult, seems very fun to pull off but takes so many rounds and cards that it's not worth it). It should be better once they add more cards, hopefully they will do that every patch or two to keep it fresh. It's also a bit too slow but I see people complaining about that everywhere so they might add an option to speed/skip animations eventually (not holding my breath). I hope they add more music options, like literally why not just add the teapot music player in there… and I wish it wasn't timegated until Monday, but it may be a good thing otherwise I wouldn't have gotten anything done this week.

No. 262548


Preddit smegshits crying, pissing, screaming, shitting and writing suicide notes right now

No. 262550

File: 1670693310639.jpeg (20.77 KB, 527x125, 4F6DD717-F947-4DDC-A59A-95B521…)

If anyone wants Yaoyao we should be able to get her for free. I’m going to get my last Yanfei constellation if I don’t by lantern rite.

No. 262551

File: 1670693533291.jpeg (134 KB, 713x1253, F4AFC72D-CC4A-4FF1-9641-3F3F8F…)

Sketch of what leakers think Lisa’s skin looks like judging by animation rig leaks.

No. 262552

npc vibes. why do mohoyo refuse to put any effort into their skins.

No. 262565

It's sumeru researchers + Nilou outfit

I don't know who still uses Lisa, but I think the coomers who use her for climbing will %100 get this

YES. All my Liyue's are C6 except Yunjin so maybe her, or Yaoyao if she's not in Alhaithem's banner. Guess this makes Alhaithem's banner on the second phase, right?
6 banners?! I'd love to but No way they'd do that if it took them forever to do dual banners,maybe when there are alot of 5 stars? By Natlan maybe?

No. 262587

File: 1670699216222.jpeg (172.13 KB, 1272x666, D8509B19-FBFA-42B5-B652-1B3EF4…)

I use Lisa in overworld. She’s easy to build and good at c2.

No. 262600

Does anyone ever feel repulsed by something because of how obnoxious the fans are?

No. 262603

Literally me. What's on your mind nona? What's the last thing that repulsed you?

No. 262613

Literally a character from this game. I didn't care about them at first, but when people get so intense and stan-like it turns me off completely. For a lack of better words, their behavior's cringe and the character's now marked with a scarlet letter and not even for anything scandalous or fun. I'm also on my cycle so everything's annoying and everyone's feelings are giving me whiplash, but I think I'm right about this.
What repulsed you, nona? Do tell!

No. 262617

He actually doesn't push them like keqing, it was tested out
That seething about dehya though… take meds

No. 262626

Get glasses, eat carrots, etc.

No. 262629

>One of the only two non-waifu female characters with butch undertones in the game gets called ugly in a schizo word salad post calling anons fags like it was an edgy /v/ thread and irrational hatred for one of one of the most developed m/m couples while claiming to "despise het, yuri and yume" while seething about the company "pushing fujobait" and "conveyer belt yaoi"
I mean I'm not trying to imply anything but..

No. 262632

Checking in to tell that nonnie that he came home! AND this is the first time I've ever won a 50/50! Now, I can spend the rest of this update grinding for primos with the archon quest and hangouts I've had backed up.

No. 262633

File: 1670708695777.jpg (21.07 KB, 304x304, 3e16e9424b9a8c6861e75e3e4e2646…)

Congratulations nonny! You did it!

No. 262634

>One of the only two non-waifu female characters
There isn't a single female character in the game that's not a waifu

No. 262646

Really starting to believe that it was honkai writers who wrote the story for sumeru. Not only the story is better and has the same vibes (like that sudden animu pic when that girl whose guard is dehya talked about her encounter with nahida + samsara bullshit which is rampant in honkai), they also are incapable of writing good ships, so they similarly shill them instead kek
>ayato in his quest was better
No offence but anyone genuinely liked that filler quest? It was literally the overworked waifu quest of husbandos. Worst male character personal quest by far imo. Especially if you compare it with itto's who was released only a little bit earlier than him.

No. 262648

BASED Dori fucking kek

No. 262651

Wyd kaeya ult is op. It's better than xq for sure since it procs after character uses a skill which means a guaranteed reaction (unlike xq which procs after a normal attack ew) and good synergy with diluc (who is one of the top dps in tcg given how broken wolf's gravestone is). The first deck they gave us is pretty based tbh. The only unit I changed was sucrose (I swapped her for benny).

No. 262655

File: 1670712604046.jpg (612.81 KB, 2048x2048, its dangerous to go alone.jpg)

Thank you for believing in me!

No. 262657

not just this thread but i noticed a lot of genshin fans have no reading comprehension

No. 262658

But seriously, it's always people here talking about skipping all dialogue without reading it, never paying attention to the lore, never reading the character voicelines they unlock and never exploring Teyvat to find worldbuilding tidbits and then they go ahead and call the plot and characters shit while admitting they know nothing about them and instead blame the game for not spoonfeeding them everything like a kindergarten picture book (since they wouldn't read it anyway). If someone actually paid attention they would know who Kaveh is, what got him into huge amounts of debt leading him to bunk with Alhaitham and what his exact merits and personality are like. My god, I don't care if people think it's ~cringe~ to be invested in the game you spend time playing beyond Spiral Abyss autism but at least they shouldn't pretend to know what they're talking about.

No. 262659

I honestly think it's more cringe to not know what the fuck is going on in a game than playing it and actually paying attention to the shit that's on the screen.
I just can't even imagine playing a game that I don't give a fuck about, it's such a braindead idea, and if anyone has gotten this far on this game and haven't even read the important shit of the lore then that's seriously pathetic.

No. 262663

File: 1670716584408.png (9.69 MB, 2048x2732, 98350667_p0.png)

I just made it to the 3 magi quest and wanted to ask: Will the Kaveh/Alhaitham and other character info become more prevalent from here on out? I have a bad habit of multi-tasking when playing so I don't fully absorb what's going on but I'm working on it. Also, just witnessed some actual Alhaitham snark when he said he was more likable than Shani and I had to pause because what did that poor girl do lol The game can be so much fun if you play like the discourse and competitive moids don't exist.

No. 262664

Nonnie I do the same thing when it comes to Genshin. Ignore the fandom and you’ll never have to worry.

No. 262666

alhaitham will get his own character quest and kaveh will probably get a hangouts so you can learn more about them later.
Also it's easy to be distrcated while playing genshin because there is way too much dialogue that brings noting to the table, i wish they would just get to the point instead of creating plot lines revolving around boring npcs like teppei, dunyarzad, shani etc.

No. 262668

that's the fate of any gacha game nowadays. some people will be there just for the character designs (so they can search up for porn) or making rolls/gambling.

No. 262669

this burst gotta be a beta version.. right? we will get an updated one when he comes out like wanderer… right???

No. 262670

I think that's a reason why some players here, including myself at times, claim to skip dialogue. I put off archon quests cause they seem to always start with npc quests that drag and exhaust me before we actually get to the meat of the issue. Wanting to meet Nahida and the other playable characters (and to try to catch up ofc) is what made me buckle down and play the archon quest. I realized I need to turn off the bg stuff I multi-task with when I paused it for once and listened to important dialogue and the plot, voices, and characterization actually moved me. Like wow, this game can be immersive when I'm not being scorned by npc fetch quests Kizari and Ruu are the only ones who ever mattered or bummed out by annoying number talk.

No. 262671

The lorefags are no less of a minority than metafags. Many people don't care at all, and many others find it bad or boring and there's nothing wrong with that. There's a lot to like about genshin outside the plot and the combat. I can at least speak for myself when I say the more I know [about genshin lore] the less I want to know. If it was a VN/had little gameplay and mostly focused on the plot it never would've taken off, never in a billion years.

No. 262672

A lot of players just want to speedrun everything the day new content comes out after rushing through acts 1 and 2 and never getting a solid foundation of what the world in Genshin is like and what are the important things to focus on, so they smash the new story chapter together in 2 hours only to complain about how shitty the writing was not being able to understand even the basics of a big catalyst featured in the story. I could bet half of the people complaining about the "bad writing and stupid characters" couldn't tell me any of the key plot points in Sumeru, much less elaborate their views on them that aren't aped straight from leddit.

I'm sometimes guilty of zoning out during long speeches myself too which causes me to miss something important and not being able to backtrack the dialogue via a log feature makes it hard to catch up, but that's pretty much a problem with my shitty attention span and the lack of a game mechanic found in almost every story heavy game these days, not so much with the writing.

If you're not interested in the story or the combat, what in the world are you playing the game for then? Gacha addiction?

No. 262673

>what in the world are you playing the game for then?
Exploration and anime boy collecting, the games main focal point… Are you slow?

No. 262675

Do you just run around picking sweet flowers all day long or something? Exploration is pretty story heavy since everything you come across rewards you with tidbits of the story. As for anime boys, why do you collect them if you're not interested in their background and how they interact with the world they live in? I genuinely couldn't imagine giving a shit about a single character if I wasn't interested in their portrayal and purpose in the story, if I just wanted pretty soulless pngs to ogle I would play the numerous idol games around instead.

No. 262677

>to be fair, it takes a very high IQ to understand the ploooooooot and the loooooooore of gayshit simpact
this genre of players, coomers, and metamoids all need to start bathing regularly

No. 262679

Kek actually all it takes is basic reading comprehension and paying just a bit of attention, that's the point. But I understand that's a huge stretch for coomers and they naturally feel called out for it.

No. 262682

>Exploration is pretty story heavy since everything you come across rewards you with tidbits of the story
Oh, well that hasn't been my experience.

>why do you collect them if you're not interested in their background and how they interact with the world they live in

Because of the way they look or how fun they are to use. I usually get disappointed when I find out their backstories and will then make up a new one by myself or pretend they're characters from stories I like, it's fun.

Basically I don't care (about the plot and world of Genshin Impact). Ugh I know, I know!!! I'm sorry!!! It's just I don't like it is all. LOL

No. 262683

kek nonna playing dollhouse in genshin. i dig it actually. you rock nonna.

No. 262684

File: 1670722695033.jpg (195.72 KB, 932x1255, ExkiSXPVoAInDb4.jpg)

I don't think it matters what reason we all play the game. It could be for husbando collection, lore/exploration, etc., but all that matters is we all share playing the game in common.

No. 262685

File: 1670722726685.gif (593.68 KB, 378x302, bear-chicken.gif)


No. 262687

>I usually get disappointed when I find out their backstories and will then make up a new one by myself or pretend they're characters from stories I like, it's fun.
Just… why? I really, really don't understand this mindset. Why wouldn't you rather play something that you actually like and enjoy? It's one thing to play pretend with a property you don't even care about, but why come to a Genshin thread and start sperging about how everyone who cares about the lore or meta are "a minority" when that's what a lot of the discussion even here focuses on? Why come to the thread at all when you clearly don't want a shared experience based on the game canon everyone knows instead of some alternative universe based on your personal headcanons? Is this some terminal zoomer behavior or something? I just don't get what a community could offer to someone who gets genuinely disappointed and upset about finding out that the character doesn't correspond to their own made up version. It honestly doesn't make sense to me but it explains a lot about anons just complaining about the characters and the story when they're just wasting their time playing something they don't appreciate.

No. 262688

has it ever occurred to you that there are people out there who have read it, understood it, and still thought it was bad?

No. 262689

Question! While in Aaru village and figuring out what the akademiya's doing to the village keepers, Alhaitham continues wearing his terminal. Can't that give away everything he's doing to the akademiya?

No. 262690

the terminal doesn't really read your brain and your every move, plus alhaitam knows how to manipulate terminals, you will see more on that later, i won't spoil it for you

No. 262692

The issue isn't that someone thinks certain aspects of the game are bad. Genshin has had really atrocious blunders, the entirety of the Inazuma archon quest was a mess and nobody in their right mind would defend it and the entire fandom collectively shits all over it unrestrained. But the issue is when people act all smug talking shit about the game like they have any idea of what they're talking about and come dropping all the hot takes when they clearly weren't paying attention, if they even gave the plot a chance at all.

And of course if you think the story is just dog shit from start to finish, I really doubt you would sit through hours and hours of the archon quest no matter how hot your husbando of choice is to you.

anon >>262690 was faster in typing than me but this, the terminal can't read your thoughts and they wouldn't be able to monitor everything happening either. Otherwise their plot would've been foiled from the beginning. They tracked Cyno due to predictions based on the analysis of the data collected on his previous behavioral patterns, not by monitoring him in real time. That's how they were able to fool the Akademiya with their ploy, by going against the predictions.

No. 262695

Oh, that gives more to look forward to then. Thanks!
>their plot would've been foiled from the beginning
That makes sense. I just got the the part where Alhaitham explained that Cyno was monitored and his habits were uploaded to the terminal. Can't imagine how fucking invasive this is and how he feels about such a revelation. This whole shared knowledge thing, and it still being heavily restricted and monitored, is such a creepy concept. Good job, hoyo, you made another fucked oppressive entity in the game. I don't think I've met a single scholar in-game I've liked.

No. 262697

I do play those games! But sadly most don't have a lot of gameplay to begin with (VNs) or I've done all there is to do in them so I'm constantly looking for fun side games to keep things fresh. An open world to explore with cute boys that remind me of the characters in those stories I like is a unique experience that drew me to genshin, and it alone has been enough to keep me playing. Sure, it'd be cool if it had a more interesting plot and characters too but it's nice to just chill in a game and not be invested in the plot for once. None of the genshin players I know care about the story/lore either beyond a super surface level so I don't feel very shameful about playing the way I do. It's suffice to say a lot of players feel the same way.

It's okay if you don't understand, anon! You probably can't help it.

No. 262699

File: 1670725667038.jpeg (59.14 KB, 719x540, 25FAFA60-EC55-460B-88AC-573C8E…)

Inazuma had some good concepts but everything was executed poorly.

No. 262703

>tries abyss after not touching it in months
>misses 3 stars by 1 seconds
i remembered why i stopped doing abyss

No. 262716

File: 1670733697598.png (792.58 KB, 764x1691, PNJ_Dehya.png)

>"butch undertones"
>catgirl with tons of exposed skin and heels (bodygaurd btw)
>is a walking tomboy that secretly wants to be girly trope
? Dehya is a god awful design. Dark skin is not a masculine trait.

No. 262746

Considering the fact that there are literally no other good game featuring 3d bishies that actually look good aside from genshin it’s very understandable that someone would play it to just ti run around with bishies. Remember the 3d touken ranbu game? Yuck
And you are also boosting male banner numbers so that’s a plus for me

No. 262756

It's really not her design, it's the fact that she has traits not traditionally associated with femininity. She's a heavy drinker, does physical labor, works on her own being a mercenary, flirts with women, beats up men with no effort, speaks out her mind in a very blunt way and so forth.

No. 262760

File: 1670756558803.jpeg (496.05 KB, 1242x2016, 26A8D40B-23FD-46A6-99C6-8D9042…)

I’m going to be honest, other than stuffs related to my husbando I’ve consume most of Genshin’s lore from other people’s theory/summary post rather than actually finding and reading them in-game.
A lot of interesting stuffs are hidden away in artifacts & weapons description, some hidden world quest, or character profile, something you would easily miss when playing blindly and didn’t know what to look for. How are you supposed to know if the La Signora’s whole backstory are available in an artifact set, when you never farm for CWoF? Or how Shogun puppet is inspired from Art of Khemia if you never roll for Raiden?
Also those limited time events. It’s a crime how they drop some important plot point or character development and proceed to make inaccessible to access in game after a few weeks. They’s not even letting us who do managed to read those event replay it in the future. Like Albedo’s first event for example, where it’s supposed to be played alongside his story quest. While his story quest is permanent, without the extra part with the Whopper-flower it became a bit bland and removes some context of Albedo’s character and the whole not-really-a-human foreshadowing, though it’s not exactly a secret if you have him since it’s right there written in his profile.

TL;DR I think Genshin has some nice lore and decent characters, they just have a really REALLY unpleasant way of presenting a lot of their ideas.

No. 262763

I'm a bit confused, Kaeya's ult procs when you switch characters, not when using a skill. That only works if you have Shenhe card in hand and you'd still lose 1 proc switching from Kaeya to someone else, so it can only react once (unless you use keqing's stiletto card), and if you didn't pull shenhe card, then it takes 2 turns to do 1 reaction). It takes so long to set up, needs too much RNG to pull the right cards and the effect is way weaker than other teams (freeze team seems strongest right now) that it's not worth it except if it's just for fun. Maybe I am doing something wrong. I'm not too concerned about meta anyway, I just try to pull off fun combos, but it's not always ideal with the card options we have right now.

No. 262776


God she fucking ugly

No. 262785

Just described Eula like anyone would bat an eye if that little rant was directed at her instead. Neither of them have "butch undertones," I strongly disagree with whichever Twitter thread you got that idea from.

No. 262790

File: 1670774357570.jpeg (100.31 KB, 472x718, C1943945-6C3F-4509-9D97-E8B04C…)

Kek holy shit you’re right. The only difference is Dehya has story involvement while Eula was shoehorned in later on.

No. 262794

Scara came home on the second pull! I managed to get two in one. I've been having shit luck in pulling so I'm happy.

No. 262796

Homegorl please, just because isn't a Nilou doesn't make her "butch".
Also I don't remember her flirting with any girl? When was that?


Congrats nona!!! Hope Alhaithem comes as easy as Scara! (assuming you want him)

No. 262821

File: 1670782479414.jpg (311.53 KB, 1364x2048, dehya.jpg)

(nta) I feel bad for liking an obviously coomerish design, but I just love her design and personality. IMO she's a lot more interesting, cohesive and aesthetically pleasing than e.g. Shenhe, or Kuki (who I'm building for abyss right now but I don't enjoy staring at her tramp stamp and weird-ass colour/design). Dehya reminds me of Beidou (who I also love), they do have that "strong woman, one of the boys" trope which is a bit cringe but at least it's a change from the waifish work-wives. She's too stylish and cool for me to dislike based on coom alone.

No. 262825

File: 1670782935468.png (350.84 KB, 1319x1600, CatraDebutHQ.png)

I just don't see that. to me she's about on the same level as or below kuki who I'd throw in the lowest tier of gsn designs. even putting the coom elements aside that girl is offensively ugly.

No. 262829

File: 1670783228602.jpg (105.12 KB, 735x720, cbf5b65cae8b33ea003dd78aaf5d74…)

The only part about Dehya's outfit that I actually hate are the heels and I wish she had proper boots, but otherwise even though she's showing skin it's a pretty cool design. She was really interesting as a character too, once Mihoyo allows their female characters to have plot relevance and an actual role in the story instead of being just a collectable cutesy waifu it actually turns out good. I fully expected Dehya to be another booba mommy for the moids but at the end of the archon story I couldn't get enough of her. It was great that she was able to interact with all the male characters as their equal and her selling her favourite claymore to help Dunyarzad out was really wholesome, she had severe lesbian energy going on all the time and I loved it. Hate all the fanart coomerizing her though.

No. 262830

When she asks traveller for a smile as payment it made me so happy.

No. 262839

I fell for her personality too! She's just so dynamic! She's deeply empathetic and patient, and possesses an intelligence that akademiya people are shocked that someone from her roots would have (I fucking hate them so much) and she sees and understands injustices without letting the frustration cloud her better judgement. I almost cried when she was about to let her arm be chopped off.
She's going to be the first lady I pull for and it's such an honor.
Also, not at you ofc, but for that other anon: calling a tough non-traditionally feminine woman butch is just so archaic. Women can be tough and more phys resilient without having whatever lgbt term pasted on.

No. 262840

Unrelated but Obsessed with that image. Thank you

No. 262841

I'm sorry your perception's rotted by shitty reboot designs.

No. 262842

Nonnas do you think I can get Scaramouche without spending any more money before his banner ends? At 55, guaranteed, still have like 10 days of welkin. I want the fucker bad but I lost pity to jean and he is being difficult and I’m broke (already topped up once) never rolling for a character i haven’t saved up 150+ pulls for ever again

No. 262848

I'm sorry yours is rotted by the other female genshin designs lowering the bar to hell, nona. Dehya still found a way to crawl below it idc.

No. 262849

Ya all you need to do is be lucky

No. 262850

I have two questions,

1. How do anons feel about Genshin fans who interpret any character having any positive/negative interaction with another turning them as a forever,totes Canon ship?
I've been getting out of Genshin communities (except this one) because it's starting to piss me off how characters can't be discussed as characters, only lovers,lovers, fucking, fucking, like enough I want to talk to people about lore, their character or even sfw art/fiction but no one is interested. One normal sentence in a normal conversation then "yanno, X totally is totally homo because he/she were nice to X but hoyo can't make them official because they're Chinese" and go deep about nfsw details, as always. I sometimes think these people never had friends kek.
I really like this thread because there are all types of people and most are mature but I wish it was some real community like a forum or something to continue a topic

Sorry for the question-turned-vent but didn't want it to mistaken as an attack to anyone just in case.

2. I have all husbandos except Ayato and Alhaithem is coming, my funds are only enough for Alhaithem and idk if I should skip him for Ayato or skip Ayato? I shan't gamble because I always get my charas at 150-160 wishes.

No. 262853

>Sorry for the question-turned-vent but didn't want it to mistaken as an attack to anyone just in case.
I don't know anon, seems like a thinly veiled complaint about people going nuts over Alhaitham and Kaveh due to the very recent leaks and demented Alhaitham husbandofags being on suicide watch over it.

No. 262854

idgaf about shipping, i always ignore it aside from good fanart i might come across.
i personally dislike ayato's design, it looks ugly from the behind, which is the angle you will see the most, plus there is childe as a hydro husbando. if you don't have nari then alhaitham could be your dendro husbando

No. 262858

that happens in literally every single fandom

learn to live and let live and move on

No. 262862

Even when I added this disclaimer, I still got misunderstood.
No way, so far the chillest shippers have been Alhaithem x Kaveh-ers. Do you think I was complaining because I want to fuck a fictional character and got turned off because of people's ship? I take that "people here are mature" part back kek.

!! That was exactly why I skipped him the first time. Wish I had Tighnari but this makes perfect sense thank you! His icon in character archieve will remain blacked lmao.
Also same, love the fanarts.

I'm in several fandoms(Ygo, dmc, ff… Etc) but Genshin is the only one where there doesn't seem to be a place for sfw lore/character nerds.

No. 262865

there's a whole lore subreddit and several lore-theorist youtubers? I don't recall running across shipping discussions in those places.

No. 262867

>I'm in several fandoms(Ygo, dmc, ff… Etc) but Genshin is the only one where there doesn't seem to be a place for sfw lore/character nerds.
Even in this thread people discuss the characters and their relationships, the lore and the story all the time (and then ironically get told they're gatekeeping nerds for caring too much about canon) and there are numerous discussions on almost every platform ever about Genshin's lore. Do you hang around only teenagers on Tiktok or something? I'm huge into shipping yet I'm just as interested in the story and dissecting the characters, and a lot of people over 16 share that sentiment.

No. 262868

nta but kek

No. 262882

unfortunately what other relatively normal forum is there to consistently discuss it on lol this one is easily baited into sperging out about shipping, femboys and struggle sessions if someone likes a female character. 4chan is full of turbo autists and coomers, tumblr's lore discussion starts and stops with which character is a demisexual aceplatonic fluxgenderboi, tiktok and instagram are full of 13 year olds and they're not really forums. where else is there? time for a livejournal renaissance?

No. 262898

>time for a livejournal renaissance?
actually….. we kinda need one

No. 262904

honestly i was kinda serious I do miss it, indie_exchange especially was pretty fun, I got some rare bootlegs there and I liked seeing the crazy closet posts on egl. not sure if that internet atmosphere itself is dead or if a revival could bring it back. anyway sorry for the derailing, I'm actually excited to roll for Alhaitham since I hate keqing but like messing around her weird teleport thing, plus he's hot obviously and dendro has been a fun element

No. 262924

>how do anons feel about Genshin fans who interpret any character having any positive/negative interaction with another turning them as a forever,totes Canon ship?
I don't care about what other people ship. When they sperg about canon I usually just ignore them, no ships are canon.
>I have all husbandos except Ayato and Alhaithem is coming, my funds are only enough for Alhaithem and idk if I should skip him for Ayato or skip Ayato? I shan't gamble because I always get my charas at 150-160 wishes.
Try them out in the character trial and choose whichever you like playing best. Both will come back around eventually.

No. 262978

Do you think the new trend with 5-stars will be then reusing some mechanics and animations from older characters. Alhaitham and Keqing, Cyno and Razor etc

No. 262987

piggybacking this to sperg that the "dendro keqing" as a derogatory take is fucking retarded and the fandom jumping the gun as usual, he has a mechanic similar to Itto with stack accumulation building up burst damage, the burst damage can be increased scaling from elemental mastery and his ascension stat is increasing dendro damage. He's a dendro melee DPS which we still didn't have and despite having a kit similar to Keqing they added features to make it more interesting to play. Of course if people don't want to use Yae or Fischl they don't have a lot of options (yet), but I'm personally looking into trying out Thoma with him.

As for your question I'd rather have a recycled "dendro keqing" or a 5-star Razor than gimmicky and/or hard to grasp mechanics like Nilou and Yelan. The latter being fucking impossible to control without a PS controller. Or an extremely niche kit locked to one or two characters like Shenhe.

No. 262990

I sometimes read stuff there but it being reddit I have never participated, thank you for the neat suggestion though!

Funny because when I want to steer the subject back to characters or lore or whatever they ask me to talk to kids on discord since shipping has "sexual" themes and I might be a prude baby. Really hate how everyone takes anything I say like a personal attack, I just like lore to inspire me to draw fanart jfc.
I don't like talking to kids and most communities are infested by trannies so I'm kind of limited on spaces with adults interested without them being moids (%99.9 coomers). Leaving the last one yesterday I wanted to see if it's a mutual issue is all.

I miss livejournal so much, and yes, we do need a Renaissance nona. And an ugly, clunky and abandoned forum with low res banners and subforum icons kek.

Always thought about the reruns, but seeing banners taking almost a year or more for a rerun is too much. If only Ayato had a better back design, I'd whale.

Most definitely. But the "new" thing in these kits is that theyre fixed. Alhaithem won't scatter enemies and Cyno's burst is alot more satisfying and less clunky than Razor's.

I think Raiden is better than Yae or Fischl? Since her skill activates with hits and lasts for 25 seconds. Pair him (glided dreams) with her and either Xingqiu or Yelan and Another dendro (deepwood memories) and everything is deleted. Really early for this team composition bs but I'm excited for the dendro sword guy!

I haven't farmed for the new set yet, but is it better for Cyno than glided dreams?

No. 262991

Yeah sorry forgot to mention Raiden because I don't have her myself (and because like everyone else here I hate her) but that aside it seems like putting him in a party with Xingqiu and Raiden would make him unstoppable.

No. 263003

How is Yelans skill at all difficult to use? You just run in a circle around all the enemies.

No. 263005

It shit to control on keyboard or mobile. You have to hold one key while moving around with others, and on mobile it's laggy and hard to aim.

No. 263006

Unironically your problem if you can't move around with WASD after holding E for 1 second

No. 263008

Maybe if she didn't look like an ugly Honkai prostitute I would be motivated to try harder.

No. 263009

>too retarded to use a ridiculously easy skill
>"Hurr it's because the character is ugly"

No. 263010

Kek, and? With an ugly coomer character like her anything that requires more than just pressing E once is asking for too much.

No. 263013

Just admit you suck. It isn't that hard to navigate around enemies and I'm on mobile too.

No. 263023

Came across this channel where it model swaps adults with kids and vice versa and made me question why hoyo hasn't released a little boy character yet? Needs some eye fixing but it's doable. and why Nahida looks better as an adult.
On the subject of model swaps videos; things seem to change flawlessly with each character so why does Hoyo have a problem with Tarta's bow burst animation where it always shows his starter bow?

No. 263028

Alhaitham is dendro Kekking with improved combat. We all knew power creep was going to happen eventually. Rather than improve characters they’ve taken notes and threw it on new characters. I wouldn’t be surprised if they made a Yoimiya copycat lol.

No. 263033

>why hoyo hasn't released a little boy character yet?
Because they have a large male pedophile audience that wants little girls. All the little girl characters are made for lolicons, that's why they're always showing so much legs and belly and why they talk with that kawaii uguu retarded voice.

No. 263035

>is the new set better
prob since cyno works better with hyperbloom

No. 263044

I don't think we need to worry about powercreep for a while. They've been a lot better about it in Genshin than in Honkai. In Honkai, old characters are completely obsolete and new competitive content is centered around the newest valk releases. It gets impossible to keep up while using old characters, even if they are hyperinvested (they might have improved this since I stopped playing a year ago, idk). AFAIK only the "archons" equivalent (herrschers) stay somewhat useable. So far in Genshin, old characters that were good are still relevant (national is still a top team) and we're getting the opposite treatment, where old characters that were useless before become meta (e.g. revival of electro). Even when Venti use % fell off because of heavy enemies, they eventually fixed that with abyss lineups + reducing chasm enemy weights and he became a top pick again. Alhaitham doesn't powercreep Keqing because they are different elements, and dendro actually made Keqing more useable. You could say Layla powercreeps Diona, but they're still different enough that Diona fits better in some teams over Layla. Plus I couldn't pull for Layla because I have guaranteed Haitham and I'm sad/malding about it. Anyway, people were doomposting about powercreep when Genshin came out because they assumed it would be the same as Honkai, but we don't really have a reason to think that anymore. However, we can worry about them recycling a lot and being lazy with designs and broken kits for sure! I wonder if this (cyno and haitham) is a result of them rushing due to missing 3 weeks of work and then patches being 1 week shorter.

No. 263055

File: 1670865419264.jpg (299.78 KB, 1886x1698, 94669121090e51075a3b84c2f2c9a2…)

Wowee so %140 boost in dendro grenades which are op to begin with vs %14 atk increase (if the same element is there) plus 50 e
EM for different elements in party?

I hate the fact that they dropped this domain after finally getting god-like artficats for him. Now to farm forever for ems with crit substats reeeeee.

No. 263212

File: 1670936108623.jpeg (249.81 KB, 1677x1524, D2A756A9-2E56-4690-91C6-E7D393…)

I couldn’t give less of a fuck that he’s better than Keqing. Never play for meta anyways. What I don’t like is reusing the same animation style. The burst being so similar to Keqing is so boring and takes away from his character. I wanted him to be unique.

No. 263218

So can we see the people gave to thier wanderer? Every profile I clicked only has "wanderer" in it, is it like because they haven't the quest yet or the personalized name never shows?

Seeing this side by side makes me hope his burst appearance is still in beta because Keqing's looks cooler with her silhouettes.

No. 263229

His burst looks like a dance club. Wth is mihoyo thinking

No. 263237

Yoimiya's issue isn't numbers, it's that arrows can miss. To powercreep her in a way anyone would want you'd have to make a new character's numbers Eula-level. And even then there's certain playstyles people just don't like.

No. 263260

File: 1670953281149.jpg (1.51 MB, 2677x2699, idontshipthemitsjustcute.jpg)

I agree 100% with that, my reply was because you used the word powercreep (means that new characters make old characters useless/weak, essentially replacing them) so I misunderstood your post. I also think it's very sad and disappointing that they're giving recycled kits to highly anticipated characters. If they really had to because of time constraints, they should have dumped those on 4-star characters or make another Eula-tier filler character, and take proper time to give A-list 5-stars more original kits. I'm pretty underwhelmed with the Sumeru 5-stars so far, I hope Dehya isn't a 5-star Xinyan like some people theorize.

No. 263266

File: 1670954969658.jpeg (160.58 KB, 934x1200, B8E74260-12ED-4AFE-A0CB-960086…)

I think it would be cool if they had fan design contests. It would bring something new to the table and fans could get what they want.

No. 263272

File: 1670955644060.jpg (1.65 MB, 2400x2500, a9d7e0611147d88528ab404241a2b0…)

>or make another Eula-tier filler character
I fear for Dottore's future. There is no way they'd screw his kit, right? Since claymore is the least versatile weapon you either Unga bunga or end up like Xinyan.

Fan design contests are always a scam to the designer, the reward for the design would probably be 1600 primos while they get all the cash kek
But yeah it is kind of odd they don't make them. I sometimes see they have some contests in the hoyo app for the sake of activity.

No. 263281

No, you can't ever see the name other ppl gave him in coop or profiles

No. 263334

People only theorize she's Xinyan 2.0 because she's tanned and dresses in an edgy style. They're negative idiots tearing down a character we haven't even trial ran.

No. 263354

Oh no I totally get it anon, sorry I should’ve clarified I was not the anon talking about powercreep that you replied to before me.

The A-list 5 star thing is so true. I’m honestly okay with filler characters like Eula and Yelan being boring, since they’re obviously not important to the story. But Alhaitham was a huge part of the story in Sumeru. He was apart of ever single part of the main archon quest. Such a disappointment how they handled his kit and animations. (Also omg that xiaoven pic is so cute)

No. 263436

File: 1671011564112.jpg (81.76 KB, 1024x734, 7ab108568fa9202f91279230ff66d0…)

Nonas, I'm about to sink my 37 resins on one of these domains to make Scarara my best dps, please recommend me one of these (or others):

>Desert Pavilion Chronicles

%40 atk and %10 speed boost after charged attack
>Echos of an Offering
Normal attacks has %36 chance to up the damage of ONLY normal attack to %70 attack boost and if boost doesn't trigger each next hits will increase the odds by %20 (CD is 0.2)
>Shimenawa's reminiscence
For 15 energy boost normal/charge/plunging damage by %50

The description of EoaO makes it seem better than Shime and new set because it works with his A4. I don't have one piece of this set to test it and havent entered that domain once kek but then again I'm not sure if only boosting his normal attack is enough compared to the rest. Currently he has 2 ATK%18+ and 2 Anemo Atk%18+

No. 263447

I really dont understand the ult comparison, like the only thing they have in common is that they both visually have lines which Yelans ult also has.

Desert Pavilion Chronicles is his best artifact set so you should farm for that. Dont farm for Echos since it has a bug where if you don't have good ping it doesn't consistently proc. Also the Desert artifact set 2pc gives anemo damage where as Echos 2pc gives atk%, imo you want the anemo damage. Good luck with farming nonnie, kqm also had made a quick guide which might change because they are still testing stuff but its a good guideline

No. 263537

Thank you so much nona! I almost went to that EoaO domain. 16 resins and so far crap BiS but great drops for the elemental mastery set that I forgot it's name.
and thanks for telling me kqm exists! For some reason my brain read the name in OP's post and thought it's only for Keqing mains, safe to say my IQ is as low as my current resins kek

No. 263539

File: 1671044453259.png (249.33 KB, 850x566, 92DD335D-A1FD-4186-B196-B22F2C…)

>crap BiS but great drops for the elemental mastery set that I forgot it's name
Nta but same anon, it’s been almost a week now and I have had the exact same shitty luck kek. Good luck! Also keqingmains is definitely the best and most reliable theorycrafting website, super useful!

No. 263543

Samefag but i did it nonnas. I farmed exploration and achievements and he came home at 69 pity like the cringe mf he is. I love him so much

No. 263563

I fucking hate twitter, followed an account for Kavetham smut and then the artist randomly did nahida cp art. Not a single complaint in the comments either, I feel sick

No. 263571

the liyue mob one? she's extra gross for the futanari nahida comment, fucking shameless

No. 263574

It won't happen because the legal issues with using designs from a non-Mihoyo employee would be a nightmare for them.

NTA but the same happened to me too kek, I followed that account for the Kavetham smut and suddenly I'm slapped in the face with loli porn and vile futa Raiden. What a waste.

No. 263575

it's so funny how she's literally having a meltdown because people rightfully called her a creep

No. 263577

A more high quality beta Alhaithem gameplay.

The arrows follow his attack are nice I can't tell if it's from his weapon or burst. And not to sound like a whiney anon but I really want more flare in his burst, I don't feel speshul with him just standing there.


I feel like an idiot for not knowing her.
>she's extra gross for the futanari nahida comment
Nevermind I'm glad I have no idea who she is.

No. 263582

Well shit, I guess it's time to build my Kuki.

No. 263584

Yup. It literally came out of nowhere I feel like, so gross.
>>263575 I’m glad people are calling her out properly now

No. 263724

People are merciless kek

No. 263726

I wonder if they were planning to release Alhaitham much later in the spring after Dehya but had to switch schedules and were under time constraints, which is why leakers were at first saying that he's not on the roadmap. He's been super popular and anticipated so it feels weird that they would just recycle assets.

No. 263728

Actually HD slo-mo vid oh his burst animation. It looks flashy now but kind of lazy. Maybe it will make more sense after his story quest. like Zhongling's could be considered lazy aswell as all he does is fold his arms but with the context oh him being the Geo archon is makes more sense and fitting.
Let me copuim in peace kek.

This makes much more sense.
>which is why leakers were at first saying that he's not on the roadmap.
Even Baizhu was leaked to be in the road map before Alhaithem and he's in 3.6's update. But the question is why? What changed?

No. 263731

The only way to make his burst animation look even cheaper would be making him t-pose during it lmao. This truly says something about the effort put into him and his kit.

No. 263732

but i think his burst suits his character?

No. 263733

I think the only way I can explain my Alhaithem isnt-cool-enough-yet autism is that his Gacha illustration is the exact same as his burst. Take for example Itto, his illustration his him doing the oni thing pose but in game its a different angle, looking at enemy instead of us.. etc.
Wanderer, Nahida, Nilou, Cyno, Tighnari, the 5 stars of Sumeru all have official gacha illustrations than is different than the burst animation. If I wasn't away from the computer I'm sure I can put him on his burst and would match even in angle.

It seem ridiculous to point the above out I know, but Genshin specifically concentrates on the waifusim/husbandoism aspect alot and they kind of slipped with what's supposed to be a highly anticipated character. No one would care if it was Kaveh because we kind of didn't spend as much time with him as we did with Alhaithem, you know what I mean?

No. 263737

He was actually leaked to be in 3.4 as early as 7 months ago (I couldn't find the reddit post again and the uncle database was taken down, sorry!). I was surprised to see it because I thought the earliest predicted was always 3.6 for him. I do think they decide on banners and reruns somewhat short-notice (like sometimes only a patch or two in advance), maybe the leaks switched to 3.6 because HYV was thinking of delaying him, but opted not to in the end because of his importance in the main quests. HYV definitely make weird decisions at times, that don't make sense even from a corporate or financial point of view. Perhaps they have a lot of turnover of staff (i.e. rumours of original writers quitting after liyue, honkai or newbie designers being brought in for eula and others), but in any case they definitely need to communicate more between departments (and fucking communicate with us, the players!).

No. 263738

Fan contests aren’t new. There would be contracts in place to prevent legal action being taken by the winner. My husband won a design contest for a huge video game franchise and that’s exactly what they did.

No. 263740

I don't want to sound like a femcel… but what you guys have husbands??

No. 263745

File: 1671121702187.jpg (465.83 KB, 1331x2048, twittermumu_vosp.jpg)

NTA but my husband hates hearing about genshin so I have to come here to vent about leaks and husbandos. I am sure you, too, will find love that is irritated by some of your hobbies someday, nonna!

No. 263758

File: 1671123850165.jpg (430.24 KB, 1548x2174, IMG_20220221_065311.jpg)

I wonder what happened to the anon that promised me some Chiscara

>rumours of original writers quitting after liyue
I believe this one, I started playing when Inazuma just dropped so I don't have "old is better" bias but both Mond and Liyue archon stories were more fun and had soul. both Archon's idea of loving their people was actually wholesome, especially Zhongli wanting his people to be independent I think alot of people agree Inazuma's wasnt that good and Raiden sucks.
Awww I'm so happy for you Nonna! He has taste not to fall for Genshin's waifus kek
Wish you your husbando materializes and becomes your husband(somehow) hashtag femcels unite

No. 263763

It’s the exact same way for us too, nonna. Genshin fans are so young on Twitter but I’m thankful we have a space online to talk about it. My husband doesn’t like the fact I have an Itto mousepad kek.

No. 263773

File: 1671125883571.jpg (138.78 KB, 1152x1507, E2-0kTNVoAAsxr6.jpg)

>tfw me and my girlfriend play Genshin together and sperg about the boys being gay and share ship art of them with each other
>and then we fight over the last remaining merch/doujinshi available

No. 263774

File: 1671125949060.jpg (45.83 KB, 360x480, Ataraki-itto_genshin-impact_mo…)

It just hit me, we don't have a tall Anemo male character. Where is my Anemo and Electro bishies Hoyo?!

Be honest, is it the one with the 3D tiddies?

No. 263783

File: 1671127096116.png (120.06 KB, 275x233, D3F93DD6-C700-4993-A0F2-FACD17…)

Yeah my desk was posted in the battle station thread. I think mods deleted it for some reason.

No. 263798

I need this himbo. Where did you buy him from?

No. 263838

Anyone has an idea whether Alhaithem will be in the first or second phase?

Either search "itto 3d mousepad" or "itto oppai mousepad" and you'll get tons of results and pick your trusted website.

No. 263845

As much as I want him to be in the second phase, it would make sense he's first because the desert expansion also drops with 3.4.

No. 263849

No. 263869

thank you, nonnies!! I'll pick out the Itto I like best. the one from the etsy store in eu is tempting, even with the shipping cost.

No. 263875

That's the one I wanted cause of the nipples!

No. 263944

Is Dottore even gonna be playable at any point? I was playing the quest and the way they're building him to be the ultimate villain, they won't suddenly turn him into a "good" guy after getting Genshin's
"everyone is frens!" lobotomy, right? I tried comparing him to Scara and Childe but this guy kind of did alot of crimes
I really want this mofo but the more I play the more weekly boss only a la Signora vibes I keep getting. Give me copuim and say he'll be playable

No. 263948

He's been datamined to be a claymore user, whereas Signora was only ever classified as a monster in the game files.

No. 263961

Leakers are saying that because he is datamined as a playable character and already has an assigned weapon (claymore) in the data, he is more likely to be playable than Signora who always had a monster/npc code.

No. 263962

Samefagging but also, they can easily solve his evil personality and rid him of all his crimes by just creating a separate Dottore clone who is “good”.

No. 263969

File: 1671182106399.jpg (244.36 KB, 1146x1569, 565127edab6e1ca4077616646b4a66…)

Thank you so much now I can simp in peace and have his summer themed bedroom in teapot ready kek

You're brilliant nona! Of that's the case he better keep his personality like Scara did

No. 264166

File: 1671276343952.jpg (141.59 KB, 1080x800, Screenshot_20221217_132324.jpg)

The source is mid but I'm willing to believe this one, Shenhe bros rip'd.

No. 264198

File: 1671290818273.jpg (459.94 KB, 1540x2048, whyismywholetimelinejustxiaove…)

This is the best banner ever for me, I didn't even dare to hope for it because it seemed too good to ever happen. I will finally get Homa and Ganyu's BiS, after saving for so long. I don't even get baited by Haitham's weapon because I already have PJWS and Haran is like his 4th BiS. It's perfect!! Although, sorry for nonnas who were hoping for something else! I think 3.5 will have Dehya/Eula (with Mika), then Ayaka/Shenhe, but that's just my best guess. Kazuha was rumoured but I kinda expect he'll be rerun later with the edgelord. Plus Dehya being with Eula or Shenhe gives me hope her weapon won't be garbage, even though I won't have enough to roll for it yet.

No. 264227

I want Yelan but I hate Yelan's design.
Guess the only solution is to wish on her banner and if I get her; good, if I dont; good so that Baizhu is guaranteed now.

Btw what do nonas who do abyss runs think of this new abyss? I found this one to be way easier to 36 than the last.

No. 264249

Geo wolflord is one thing, but then having to clear the second half of 12-3 with the low synergy team I use for wolflord is doing me in. I might try again with different setups but it's honestly not worth the hardship for 50 primos. What teams do you use nonna? I do think 9-11 were easier than usual.

No. 264258

I went with different teams for each chamber and restarted each time for the ultimate peace of mind kek. And I %100 agree the 50 primos aren't worth it, but the 60k mora is then burning the 50 primo for another resin for more mora
Childe international, Mono Geo that deleted 12-3 second half, and Cyno hyperbloom.
The Wolflord mofo finally died quickly with autoaim Scara + Raiden + Nahida + Amber Ningguang for heals and mini wolves.
Compared the previous I finished 12th floor in less than an hour.
What are your teams and stuff btw?

>I do think 9-11 were easier than usual.

Farmed the one with Hydro and Pyro slimes with Dendro samachirl for the burgeon achievement kek

No. 264310

File: 1671308437780.jpg (1.07 MB, 3000x4000, wandie.jpg)

is c1 wanderer good nonnas? i accidentally got it while rolling for faruzan constellations kek i wish i lost the 50/50 instead

No. 264317

File: 1671309998990.png (1.63 MB, 1080x2107, Screenshot_20221217_144145.png)

what, no itto? cringe! finished the whole thing in 25 minutes with no resets baby

No. 264319

Why use a character you hate looking at let alone waste gems on them?

No. 264325

File: 1671312343782.png (1.67 MB, 1466x1466, B694AD41-51A8-4F28-B793-6FD7BB…)

>I wonder what happened to the anon that promised me some Chiscara
So sorry anon, got busy with uni! I'll do my Chiscara art dump now and the Scaraether + Dottoscara art dump later! Here it comes!

No. 264326

File: 1671312372829.png (468.83 KB, 877x560, 9FA81E94-3C73-4674-8E05-51EDCF…)

No. 264327

File: 1671312399419.png (6.35 MB, 2048x2928, 7DC17B8A-8BD2-4543-B594-A2AE38…)

No. 264328

File: 1671312435003.png (3.29 MB, 1440x1800, B2D7E17D-3630-4D48-9631-1D6A86…)

No. 264329

File: 1671312457445.jpeg (1006.72 KB, 1242x1884, A7167295-197D-4617-A8B1-81F6C0…)

No. 264330

File: 1671312479659.png (4.85 MB, 1582x2048, 06CF47F2-E421-41D1-A45D-DADA6C…)

No. 264331

File: 1671312506830.png (1.14 MB, 1511x1178, 29A8BCF7-A5CE-4699-8882-A342ED…)

No. 264333

File: 1671312565613.png (2.12 MB, 2048x2356, 57D1F218-5C73-403B-8395-FE84C9…)

No. 264334

File: 1671312589802.png (5.5 MB, 1875x2048, AE03AD7D-49C4-4D4A-839A-185782…)

No. 264335

File: 1671312624468.jpeg (313.42 KB, 1618x2048, B4DEBAFB-908F-424E-AB09-ACFD82…)

No. 264336

File: 1671312659085.png (1.6 MB, 1200x983, 39AE9CD0-3E82-4BA7-A9B7-1E867B…)

No. 264337

File: 1671312689919.png (5.75 MB, 2048x2048, 904B456A-A706-409C-9701-3ACFBB…)

this one is so cute

No. 264338

File: 1671312723322.png (6.26 MB, 2048x1584, 860A4878-06B9-4F7B-B211-85A50E…)

No. 264339

File: 1671312753100.jpeg (306.65 KB, 1323x1554, F669541B-D4B4-4C24-A51D-E71E95…)

No. 264340

File: 1671312780380.png (1.19 MB, 863x1009, 3C7B6369-FACA-44E5-873F-6B10A9…)

No. 264341

File: 1671312802925.png (5.83 MB, 1758x2048, DA487E17-F8AD-4A82-A7FD-ACDD9B…)

No. 264342

File: 1671312825974.png (545.71 KB, 682x792, B520EB62-09D2-4001-AC35-CDCDB8…)

No. 264343

File: 1671312867371.jpeg (657.93 KB, 2048x1369, 7A24B68F-1255-4201-8649-96D19C…)

No. 264344

File: 1671312888042.jpeg (356.28 KB, 2048x1884, 3E4356FC-D393-4FC1-AD5F-C079E1…)

No. 264345

File: 1671312919706.png (3.58 MB, 2048x2650, D92E7692-88AE-45AB-8BAF-4866FF…)

No. 264346

File: 1671312947685.png (6.71 MB, 2048x2460, 870E196F-CBA8-4D96-8F66-ACCCBF…)

No. 264349

File: 1671313058241.png (7.16 MB, 2048x2460, 6AD07B04-5113-47BD-96DE-7487E0…)

No. 264351

File: 1671313115898.jpeg (549.18 KB, 1500x2000, A241C382-EF42-4FFE-B3C1-B14FC6…)

No. 264352

File: 1671313161410.jpeg (816.75 KB, 1638x2048, C201CD78-2101-4314-8D10-E84D84…)

No. 264355

File: 1671313219004.jpeg (244.5 KB, 1664x2048, FEFE1ABE-5757-4B3C-8CEC-66EF9A…)

No. 264357

File: 1671313240735.jpeg (516.75 KB, 811x1200, 084D195E-76B1-4F2A-B0CB-8B60A4…)

No. 264358

File: 1671313279841.png (931.05 KB, 1395x908, 667CF5A1-7043-45FE-B5F0-684B27…)

No. 264359

File: 1671313344914.jpeg (744.42 KB, 1444x2048, F619EFF2-7480-445E-B0A4-F5528D…)

No. 264360

File: 1671313434246.jpeg (211.32 KB, 1077x1229, CD0935EC-3F75-48DF-AA00-97D4D4…)

No. 264361

File: 1671313487790.png (639.22 KB, 691x858, F3904C3B-7F33-40C2-8A57-A44A24…)

No. 264362

File: 1671313553030.jpeg (139.75 KB, 1244x1226, 445A15B3-2168-4C8B-B9EB-0168B6…)

No. 264363

File: 1671313631974.png (325.62 KB, 1659x2048, 7EF6D17B-8B98-4F14-A0C0-B0EE3E…)

No. 264364

File: 1671313683274.jpeg (523.27 KB, 1669x2048, D6377656-1DB0-4CA7-B3FF-E92357…)

No. 264365

File: 1671313727998.jpeg (754.44 KB, 2047x1746, DEC91B4C-8EAF-472B-81BC-90451C…)

No. 264366

File: 1671313788074.jpeg (234.2 KB, 2048x1302, EE9307F7-C880-48EA-8F01-6D310E…)

No. 264367

File: 1671313855221.jpeg (211.8 KB, 1392x908, 2CA88957-85C8-4E0B-8C3A-96FDCF…)

No. 264368

File: 1671313896079.jpeg (185.12 KB, 1418x915, D63ED483-D6EC-49A3-8904-B3BDE5…)

No. 264369

File: 1671313926114.png (1.76 MB, 2048x2650, 7BBA56DA-FD18-488C-B7E4-4A80E3…)

bonus Teucer

No. 264370

File: 1671313989443.jpeg (421.68 KB, 1974x2048, 02B907CC-AF4A-408F-BC9F-43F574…)

Last one! I think I even have some more if I search around on my computer but this is it for now! Hope you enjoyed chiscara anon!

No. 264372

File: 1671314601598.jpeg (339.33 KB, 1780x2048, 4602B8C2-430A-4137-ABF4-973506…)

okay last one I promise

No. 264385

Oh my god nona I'm the one who's sorry I was just joking in that comment, but thank you so much for remembering to pose these which are feeding my starving Scara ships folder holy shit ILY
>Scaraether + Dottoscara art dump later!
YES. But after resting and uni of course.

Need her hydro application in the second team since Xingqiu is with Cyno. Sucks that alot of good characters have crappy/coomish designs

No. 264431

And why not use a different team with characters you like instead? You're dipping into the retarded and unnecessary degree of meta playing.

No. 264464

File: 1671356768560.jpeg (309.23 KB, 2048x1885, 0E174514-8CEF-427F-9E8F-F2DC68…)

no worries anon haha you're so cute, I enjoy posting the art dumps! My irl friends are normies so it's always fun when I get to share my scara fan art stash.

No. 264642

File: 1671422506826.jpg (374.17 KB, 1818x1818, 20221218_220109.jpg)

Happy birthday to Layla

No. 264723

Dear lord the birthday art quality is getting worse.

No. 264741

They just mega nerfed alhaitham. I'm so sick of this fucking company I'm thinking in dropping it. They obviously dont want icky females playing their game

No. 264742

>>264741 female players*

No. 264743

What did they do?

No. 264748

Nta but look at the leaks subreddit, they basically halfed his damage multipliers. Some comments are saying this took him from Hu Tao/Ayaka tier down to Diluc/Keqing. I hope he will get some adjustments and I don't understand why they would do this, even male players will spend money on him if he's meta

No. 264751

Looool I knew it because Keqingfags were complaing about him doing more damage than her even at lower talents and level. So no need for her electro with dendro, instead they will have to use his dendero with electro and waah not a male character! Can't play with those.
Hoyo has been nerfing characters because of those fucking beta testers are so good at playing the game, they utilize everything even going for dragon strikes and do immense damage and then the low IQ company think all players are this pro and nerf characters.
Didn't they do the same with Scara?

No. 264753

Why the fuck would they do that? Jesus christ, I was really hyped for his damage multipliers. Does this have something to do with him being too good solo without a shilled support? Or the asspained weibo schizos who got mad over him being gay with Kaveh and reporting them to the government? Or waifufags whining about him upstaging Keqing? God fucking damnit I need to stop following leaks so that I don't get my hopes up ever again.

No. 264756

File: 1671471914526.png (47.45 KB, 533x629, fuck mihoyo.png)

I swear if this isn't some fake news psyop by leakers seething over a male DPS I'm going to implode. There's no other reason for this kind of nerf than pure spite. 705% EM to 282%? 437% to 175% on his burst? Fucking christ we already have Tighnari to fill the role of a mediocre dendro DPS, what were they thinking?

No. 264759

I really want to say it's Keqingfags but honestly I think it's so that ge becomes reliant on other units like electro for spread since he can't be better than Nahida.

>705% EM to 282%? 437% to 175%
Wtf atleast reduce them by small numbers not hundreds what is wrong with them. And you know there is no need for the nerf it is EM not attack so it's the original value isn't so high wtf. Why did they even add those numbers from the start?

No. 264760


No. 264762

File: 1671473048334.jpg (263.02 KB, 1000x1416, 13a096b6d52c45f3f28b5f256afeee…)

Shizo-chan I missed you so much it has been a while since you posted here.
>being so shizo doesn't realize fujotrannies were shipping them before any were playable.

No. 264764

god, fuck mihoyo. I saw some coping comments in the leak sub that the nerf was to avoid powercreep, but it's not like the original numbers would've put him at a new dps ceiling, it just would've made him an actual T0 male dps, and ofc we can never ever have that. Honestly I had been coping for a while that we just hadn't had a proper top tier dps guy from bad luck but we were just about to get one and he gets nerfed to hell…so it really is intentional, huh

No. 264773

*fixed typo
A more detailed explanation on how hard they fucked up.
Also lol some comments are also noticing the bias towards female characters in game

No. 264774

A lot of male players were hyped for Alhaitham too because he's such a likable, cool character and his kit seemed great so they're acting all bummed out finally realizing Mihoyo's unfair treatment of male DPSs. Not all male players are complete degenerate waifufags like Tectone, a good share of those most interested in meta are only interested in the game mechanics but everyone's been living in denial denying that there's a conscious bias against particularly tall male characters. It's bittersweet, on the other hand I'm pleased that people finally woke up to this bullshit but I'm beyond pissed about the nerf that they're 100% not going to backpedal on.

No. 264788

have they ever boosted stats in beta after nerfing them? it's still pretty early. tbh i know it's disappointing but it doesn't bother me as much as it used to, this game is easy as shit and it's not like you get more rewards for beating spiral abyss in 10 seconds or doing 1mil damage in the little events. that's why those dps obsessed whales were having such a tantrum when the card game came out as "endgame content". every time i see people sperg out about damage and shit it just feels like cope from them lol male banners are still making money and female banners can still flop big like nilou. stop looking at leaks and social media if it's affecting how much fun you're having with the game

No. 264790

It's about the principle. For those female players who want to play husbando meta it fucking sucks and it's completely unfair that women who play the game are told to settle with being a casual explorer in almost every combat based game there is despite them often making up at least 50% of the audience. In this case it's especially shitty because his damage multipliers were very promising and people were getting their hopes up for the dendro male DPS only to get served a big pile of shit. I don't care about spiral abyss or meta but I still want there to be a balance between characters.

No. 264792

You bet dehya will be a T0 pyro off-field solely because she's a waifu. Why do I even bother with this game, even if the writers and the art team loves the male characters, the developers and the beta testers will always be biased

No. 264799

I and alot others want to delete the 12 floor in 10 seconds with 1 mil damage. It's like there has to be an opposition everywhere when we ask for tall male characters kek.
Easy as shit or not, variety is needed even for male players who "don't want males". Electro, the newly revived element doesn't have a tall male character, and anemo the element of short boys (expect 3 girls) doesn't have a tall male character too.
>Nilou banner flopped
If I had a cent for everyone who said that I'd be able to buy Mihoyo. Nilou is Niche, just like Shenhe. Shenhe sold better than her because she straight up looks like a sex doll. And it's up to you whether or not to take me on my word, but a large percentage's word on characters are from people who don't even play the game. Nilou is popular af with coomers even now because she's the belly dancing waifu and that's the only way Mihoyo can drum attention to the game and attract new people that either will play or drum more attention and so on so it didn't really "flop".

If her speciality is burgeon then I wouldn't think so, but an off-field pyro? She will definitely be at the top with Raiden and Nahida. Or even Xiangling replacement?

No. 264800

Apparently dark eula is a fourth ranking harbringer. And Capitano is a "strongest individual". God when will mihoyo stop with the retcons? First changed the dendro gem description to shoehorn the loli archon, now powercreeping gods/archons so they could continue baiting people with their 3rd rate story, since they can't make people exited with it otherwise. Just add a skip fucking button already I am done with that garbage of a story.

No. 264801

No scara was left untouched, only faruzan was changed. and that's why scara is so good lel

No. 264802

God almighty does anyone here even play the game. Or you all just listen to braindead ccs and genshintwt?

No. 264803

Shenhe flopped. Most of pulls on her doble banner were for xiao kek

No. 264804

Yelan is a very unpopular waifu (yes even with coomers) and yet she had the best selling banner just because she's xingqiu 2.0 with a cooler skill and more numbers

No. 264805

File: 1671481665717.jpg (140.93 KB, 1024x569, 20221219_142143.jpg)

the sleeves on that one look ai generated. do they only commission the most bland moeshit artists they can find because they'll accept payments in gems instead of money? picrel doesn't fit genshin's theme of course, but it's official commissioned art of an upcoming character from another gacha game showing that there are artists that don't suck that are willing to work on these.

No. 264807

I swear it's a pain being someone who pays attentions and searches for lore. What is the point if they'll change anything at will and akshully me to death.
My memory is foggy as hell so I'm probably wrong but wasn't his normal attack speed nerfed?
You're right kek I forgot she was in a dual banner. No wonder she hasn't had a rerun yet
The answer is yes. They might even do it for free to add it to their CV that worked for Genshoon impact. But I am a huge sucker for art like this, which game is this?

No. 264811

its from onmyoji, the black haired boy and white haired boy form sp ungaikyo

they're voiced by the same dude as venti despite how depressive they are kek

No. 264814

no I get it, i've dropped gachas where female players get shafted and of course it's frustrating to feel like you're getting thrown dps crumbs while randoms like yelan come out with crazy multipliers or whatever. but I really don't think he's as bad as everyone's doomposting about, you're writing like we aren't going to be able to use him in any combat events or spiral abyss. he'll be fine with a team supporting him and good artifacts like literally every other dps. spiral abyss is not that difficult, I barely use hutao and xiao at all anymore and they are some of the dps characters people never shut the fuck up about. of course I'm also disappointed with this treatment but in terms of just gameplay I wouldn't worry about not being able to use him, for those saying oh he's unusable etc I think it's going a little overboard and this always happens with leaks. like i literally remember this getting said about raiden and memes getting made about her getting buffed like zhongli after her release, and now she's another character no one shuts the fuck up about

No. 264827

No one in this thread is saying he'll be ~literally unusable~. There's no excuse for taking a character from strong but not overpowered to weak to protect their gross waifu meta… IN A PVE GAME. Not everyone has weeks to spend on min maxing a character to reach the point they should've been woth far less investment all along. I wouldn't want to use him because I'd never be able to get over that. The devs are incels, I'm glad I quit spending money on this shit game ages ago.

No. 264828

This. Of course he will still be usable but just like every other male dps (sans Itto) he's forced down to mid tier, this time it's just double offensive because he got nerfed so bad. It's the beta testers getting mad that he's reaching waifu levels and sabotaging his kit since they let shit like Yelan fly and Raiden and Ganyu keep being ridiculously overpowered with nothing to contest them, while Venti gets nerfed with enemies that are immune to his burst.

No. 264832

I know male DPSes have a bad rep but this is some retarded leaps of logic here I'm witnessing. Alhaitham is a male. Moid logic says he should get priority first. The only compelling argument I could see is milking money from his fags.

No. 264834

What are you even talking about?

>Moid logic says he should get priority first

…What? Are you confusing video games with real life? Because the only characters moids care about are the female ones. They mald over anything that pleases women (male characters).

No. 264835

>Alhaitham is a male. Moid logic says he should get priority first.
My god anon do you have any idea what you're talking about. He isn't real, he's a manufactured fictional character designed to appeal to women.

No. 264836

the discussion was about him being unusable in combat shit like spiral abyss etc specifically. i don't think anyone LOVES grinding for artifacts to "min max" for weeks but it's a big part of the game if you want any character to do damage that's why they have that stupid resin system… regardless I don't disagree it's a dumb nerf so whatever. the male ego is unbelievably fragile, it's like when they got mad when tighnari did charged attacks "like ganyu"
i know this is baby's first gacha for a lot of you but christ how hard is it to understand when you see the character designs in this game? female characters are made for the coomer moid demographic and male characters are made for the female player demographic

No. 264837

Please don’t be a retarded newfag, don’t reply to the obvious scrote. Seriously.

No. 264842

Alhaitham is popular with moids, sweetheart. I know it's hard to accept facts here because you believe in the same twittard bubble thinking "X waifu is made for sapphics" or "Y trashmoid is made for yumejos/fujos", but everybody was equally disappointed by the nerf.

No. 264845

No matter how popular he is as a character the grand total adds to "men hate him the least", not "men love him and want him to success as a DPS. That's gacha game 101. Just look at the scrote sperg upthread gloating about how "fujotrannies btfo'd", that's the real face of male players. Sure they were disappointed by the nerf but the psycho waifufags afraid of their sex dolls being powercrept will always be a force Mihoyo will bend a knee to.

No. 264848

>using one random comment from a schizo troll who's most likely a nonnie taking the piss from other nonnies
Youtube and Reddit are saying otherwise. We can all come into an agreement that Alhaitham was undeservely shafted regardless if you're a waifufag or not. The Shenhefags are all but a loud minority (some of them are girls too btw).

No. 264849

Oh come on anon. Nta but we all saw that discord of all the top leakers talking about tricking female players out of the fandom by making fake leaks of male characters. And the thousands of CN men who sperg for months about feeling abandoned by mihoyo because of the focus on male characters

No. 264850

Just what kind of a next level "n-no it's not biased towards waifus" cope is this? Can you explain then why all of the most overpowered DPSs in the game are female? Or why there are five 5-star cryo females and 0 male? How about explaining why the only Abyss tier male characters are supports? Why did they release Yelan, a completely random character out of nowhere that's basically just a better replacement for Xingqiu complete with the same haircut while we will never get a male Raiden, Eula or Ganyu? The only reason Zhongli received his buff was because he was the China region god, not because he was male and men liked him. Chinese scrotes hated Itto, the only good male DPS capable of big numbers, because monogeo was reaching the damage output of their waifu teams. They also hated Tighnari because he had a special charged arrow mechanic. Mihoyo is absolutely biased towards waifufags and there's no amount of "b-but some women like shenhe too" bullshit that will change it.

No. 264854

Based and true

No. 264856

You could make the same point and wonder why Hoyoverse never makes up Anemo girls withba sad past and a dead friend. Or no 5 Geo girls. Or making a 5 Noelle who's overall a more promenient character who's worth remembering. Also Yelan pretty much qualifies as sub-DPS and the last most wanked female unit aside from Nahida (Archon). Not even Nilou got so much shill.

Besides didn't Hoyoverse take into account CN female fanbase's considerations by censoring 4 coomer outfits?

No. 264857

File: 1671490794633.jpeg (155.97 KB, 1280x854, 1C83535D-0F2F-4B80-9523-007765…)

Literally another example of male player-favoritism, the beta that nerfed Alhaitham gave Yelan nails. They redid a part of her model, without doing a skin. Now how many years have female players asked mihoyo to redo parts of Albedo and Diluc? Even Itto and his arms. Who actually gave a fuck about Yelan and her nails except moids and who did mihoyo decide to actually listen to? Moids.

No. 264859

Yeah nevermind I think I got baited good here. This would actually be hilarious as a parody of an obtuse waifu shill.

Meanwhile Albedo still has that drag wig hair.

No. 264860

Yeah same I think it must be the schizo moid from before. He probably will lurk around here and bait for awhile.

No. 264861

>Chinese scrotes hated Itto
It's not just Chinese I swear every male player I talked from different region (and discord) all hate Itto and say "despite him being strong, his retarded attitude pisses me off" bitch isn't that majority of Genshin's waifu's traits? I'm always suprised by how much they hate him despite him doing nothing offensive? Even his arms are offensive, why hate the wholesome Dumbo guy? Ugh I'm so glad this place exists
This always bewildered me, they succeeded with 4 Mond girls but Shenhe isn't touched? Hell even Xiangling has the same butt line Amber had.

No. 264862

Literally where am I shilling the waifus? You sound paranoid. Yelan is flexible in a lot of team comps and the Hydro resonance being reviewed since 3.0 makes her even more OP as a sub-DPS. It's not up for debate.
Seems like you're cherrypicking because normalfags love him. Unless you're exposing youself to anti-Ittosaras headcanoning him as an abuser.

No. 264864

Remember that schizo moid who used to post here a lot was obsessed with Yelan. Ignore his posts, he's talking out of his ass as usual.

No. 264866

The censorship was performative as fuck too, you can still use the original outfits outside of China since Mona's ass only got censored for the Chinese servers. Both Yelan and Candace got released post-censorship without any issue so that's a moot point.

No. 264867

Nah girl in the online communities (and locally in uni) whenever a banner drops we ask each other who will you get and all that, all moids hate him and call him an annoying retarded and they are normie enough that I never got it, like is that even a reason when most's fave waifu is Eula?
I mean since I am speaking from my experiences with the average Genshoon fans it could be cherry picking? But idk their hate for him confuses me–
>anti-Ittosaras headcanoning him as an abuser.
Wait what. How is he an abuser according to them?

No. 264868

There are no limited anemo or geo female dps not to any benefit of male characters, but rather because they are objectively not ideal dps elements due to not having access to reactions. Itto, Xiao, and Scara can put out good numbers with enough investment but they are absolutely not meta, largely due to their elements.

Also laughable you think hoyoverse censored anything because of their female playerbase, they did the bare minimum to get the CCP off their ass

No. 264869

Eula is still relevant? Last time we saw her she was still with Amber in the festival in 3.0.
These people claim Itto abused Sara when nothing in canon stipulates this. It's from my TL.
I've either heard feminists or CCP taking action not only against Rosaria's uggo boob shape but also against the outfits the next year so idk.

No. 264873

why do you think the clothing censor had anything to do with chinese women's opinions? i assumed like the other poster said it was to get the gov off their asses like every other videogame in china with skimpy female outfits or skeletons in it, so I'm wondering if you had actually read that from like chinese social media or something? just interested.
also i have some male friends (sorry) that really like Itto but they're all gay lol maybe that makes a difference for if males like him or not

No. 264969

File: 1671876583808.jpeg (475.44 KB, 1488x2048, FkkytVCakAA5WGX.jpeg)

Not gonna lie I will still pull Alhaitham even if he has been nerfed. This is because I really want a male dendro character, I still haven't gotten Tighnari so I will go for Alhaitham. Also I really want a male 5 star cryo.

Eula hasn't had a rerun since over a year right? I don't think she's that popular, last event she was in was the dragonspine one with Albedo I believe. Coomer outfit aside her vengeance act can become tiresome, its funny the first few minutes after that its annoying.

In the beginning there were rumors online that a chinese feminist group caused the censors. But like I said those are just rumors and make no sense because no company or goverment take these feminist group seriously. Second part why it's probably the goverment is because even tho they censored Amber and Jean they still released Shenhe after which has a far more coomed design. I think they got a warning from the goverment and so changed the female Mondstad characters you meet first. I actually really like the censored outfits, except for Amber which I think is to red. Also Mona would have probably looking cuter with a skirt but it's still a lot better then her old outfit.

No. 264970

fuck i fucking hate noodle men disgusting foul creatures literally jealous of a bunch of pixels that THEY created oh my god ohmygod OHMYGOD what have they DONE? WHAT HAVE THEY DONE? They DESTROYED Al haitham first they made him a mayo then they made him a tranny faggot then they made him a fucking tranny faggot cuckass damage dealer fucking HELL oh my FUCKING GOD THEY RUINED HIM!

No. 264972

I missed this place so much.

Eula isn't relevant in banners but in coom discussions, fanart abs such she's pretty popular alongside Raiden and Miko.

>still released Shenhe after which has a far more coomed design

When she first released her navel was showing and then they censored it. I don't know if this specifically was the feminist group or the government.
Also call me reading too much into the coom science, but I'm pretty sure Miko was supposed to have side-boob line to her armpit originally. The black top(?) under looks like Candace's breast cover aswell. The only area the government doesn't seem to mind is legs it seems.

What did you gorls think about the new event?
Thought it was cute that we could talk to other characters but the story itself was such a disappointment. Legit had my hopes up for a little scare or sadness.

No. 264976

haven't even started the new event, I honestly couldn't care less about it. I'll log in until I get to ar 60 10 days from now and then I'm gonna quit.

No. 264979

File: 1671908102507.png (975.63 KB, 673x897, ittogorou.png)

I missed this place too, CC genshin thread is pretty much dead. Yeah I also think Miko was supposed to have a side boob.

>What did you gorls think about the new event?

I liked Gorou and Itto, the event was kinda meh but I was glad to see them. Like you said it was cute but pretty much filler.

No. 264982

The event was such a snorefest. The lore of the ghost was laughably bad. Only good thing that came out of it was Heizou getting the spotlight.

No. 264987

File: 1671930822741.jpg (1.24 MB, 2500x2500, 20221220_220828.jpg)

Happy (very late) birthday to Dori

No. 264993

I feel you honestly, opening genshin has been a drag for a while. But why are you quitting?
Loved seeing them two! Since they're always in my team but the fact the subject was Ms. Hina, again ugh, kind of pissed me off, even though it was less offensive than I though it would be kek
Which sucks because she looked like a vengeful spirit or something that would've been cool to fight pissed strong monsters, instead we got somewhat ping pong event.
Finally, they commissioned someone good with colors

No. 264995

With the hide and seek event i lowkey just go afk on both sides. I just want to get the event rewards.

Yeah I don't like the Ns. Hina joke either.
>ping pong event
The mini games of this event was super boring imo. Not gonna lie, the only events I like are the dungeon ones. Especially the one with Childe and Xinyan was fun, I hope that one returns soon

No. 264998

after I pulled scaramouche I quickly realized there's nothing else I'm anticipating in game and thus no reason to continue playing unless they add something I'm interested in down the line. it hasn't sparked joy in ages, time to let it go.

No. 265003

honestly, i understand where you are coming from. i play this game for exploration personally, after we get the desert expansions i will probably take a break too. doesn’t help that the last few events were very forgettable. i’m still pissed that there is no albedo/dragonspine even this year

No. 265014

>No Albedo/dragonspine event this year
What? Why? Dragonspine is literally the winter event, what event are they doing this year? I can't play anymore because my graphics card is shit, but I still care about my favorite boys.

No. 265021

I know right? I’m so pissed that they are breaking the tradition this year.
Also nonna have you tried cloud gaming via geforce? You need to wait on queue to get in but you can play for an hour once you’re in. I was able to play thru it while my laptop was repairing.

No. 265022

I think Albedo is one of the best designed characters with neat backstory and as far as I know alot of people who wished for him don't even use him but just like the character.
The lore surrounding him is really good with whole several Albedos, Khaerineah(or however it's pronounced) his dragon brother, like do much good stuff and no Albedo event? I think I'm agreeing with nona who's gonna quit, I'll do the same thing too before February.
Genshin reached the point for me where now it's like every other game with no "end game", wait for chara, run around with chara then rinse and repeat. All these bastards had to do was add an Albedo event and I won't be disappointed ffs.

That was the best one for me too, Xinyan and "big bro" Childe had the cutest interactions and dungeons were challenging enough to be remembered. Even the place had a great design in the boss area.

No. 265024

We are already 4/7 into the nations but the story/lore of Teyvat still feels very lacking to me. There is still too many things we don’t know. 3 chapters for each nation, how are they gonna be wrapping the whole thing in 9 chapters? Ok let’s say that we get some extra archon quests or maybe additional 3 chapters for kaenriah. The story still doesn’t feel developed enough considering we’ve been through so many nations already.

No. 265028

If that’s the case I fully expect Miko to show up halfway and lore dump like she did last time lol.

No. 265029

I'm a lorefag and was always willing to read through the pretentious writing for a crumb of anything interesting, but now it's repeating the same point 3 or more times before going to next point like
>"Candace asked us to go to the village, what was it called?"
>"Aaru village is where Candace wants us to go to"
>"The village where Candace lives is not that far from here"
^not a literal example but this is how I feel it's going for a while, and unfortunately I think I'm losing interest before we get Dain's quest/banner/whatever.

No. 265036

Nta but that's what I hate about the dialogue so much. I've played a lot of text heavy games and I normally don't feel the need to skip dialogue but genshin's is SO long and tells so little. I don't even know how it manages to stretch out sentences and concepts so much. They really repeat the same shit three times before moving on and then do it again. Now I skip most of the dialogue even in the main quest and I still know what it's about, you can really just skim through it and you'll get the same amount of information.

No. 265072

File: 1672118030857.jpeg (389.08 KB, 2250x2250, 502B6E62-84AA-4102-B227-3BC486…)

This is supposed to be 10/10 accurate drawing of Ayaka skin.

No. 265073

Ayaka simps are freaking out about it being ugly. Good.

No. 265074

File: 1672118782640.jpeg (434.28 KB, 1332x1332, 13584F10-0CE5-4AC3-82EC-18BB4F…)

I think it’s really cute. This design is clearly for the girls. Guys just want Ayaka in a sailor uniform.

No. 265075

>>265074 (nta)
>clearly for girls
>boob window
whatever you say, nonnie

not sailor uniform coomershit =/= not ugly

No. 265076

if they want to do something """"clearly for the girls"""" how about they give a fucking male character a skin instead of the 500th eyesore waifu skin? bonus points for not giving it a $30 pricetag

No. 265077

File: 1672120389804.jpeg (312.26 KB, 1280x1784, 1E64F894-1C87-4E87-B85B-853E76…)

I’m no Ayaka fan myself but we’ve got 50/50 chance of no boob window because this was released later in the day by team China.
Would be cool if a 4star male character got a free skin. It should be Benny or Chongyun.

No. 265078

This look like light mode Yunjin kek
I wish Childe would get himself a no jacket skin, that belt thing under his chest is kinda hot not into bdsm I swear

No. 265083

They did it last season with Diluc you tard. I agree with >>265077 that we need at least a 4* Kaeya skin. Praying for next season to happen.

No. 265084

Maybe i just don't like this one because the art style is creepy.

This one is pretty cute, i hope that hat will look nice in game.

You guys are so right about the dialogue, to much repeating and Paimon is the worst offender imo. It feels like everything she says is filler or just repeated dialogue but dumbed down.

No. 265085

It would be great to get a skin for Benny. No one would complain about a skin for Benny, everyone loves that guy, both metafags and story enjoyers.
If it was "for the girls" it would be an Ayato skin, not an Ayaka skin. Do women even like Ayaka? Obviously can't speak for everyone but I find her so dull and boring.

No. 265094

She already said
>bonus points for not giving it a $30 pricetag
Because Diluc's is the most expensive one so far, so she knows. Maybe a normal priced one?
I want a Kaeya one too, but with how they are a hit or miss(mostly miss) keeping the original character essence they will most likely fail him. I thought I'd like Diluc's skin but his head somehow doesn't fit his body, like his body is too skinny for his head… or the head is too weird on it. Idk I know nitpick alot but anyone know what I mean?

I get what hoyo mean by this, some girls like wearing cute dresses, right? So it's for girls, doesn't matter if alot of them don't even play Ayaka, as long as she isn't showing alot of skin = for girls.
I agree with you btw, if they want to give us something, let it be Ayato or Thoma. But that won't be for a while since they don't want to "fill" the skin shop with guys, that would threaten the average moid similar to how we haven't got a little boy character yet. And probably never will.

No. 265098

Cp bump

No. 265099

I said it’s for the girls because it’s a ”cottage core” inspired outfit.

No. 265106

Pretty sure it's one of those Lolita dresses famous with asians, not cottage core

No. 265117

Actually hold up one second, how does this skin even fit Ayaka's personality/design? If you showed me thud I'd tell you it's fanart of a Vtuber
I don't like Ayaka tbh but some things in her design fit the Japanese theme and she looks she belongs in Inazuma, but this?
I think to an extent all of the previous premuim skins fit thier characters one way or the other but I don't really feel that one. I think even Lisa's will be fitting being a sumeru researcher and all that.

No. 265118

Those cringe "for the girls" comments honestly remind me of your parents buying you Barbie dolls instead of G.I. Joe action figurines because it's so pink, full of fashion and makeup, so for girls.
It's a stale and autistic conversation, implying every woman comes from the same mold.

Anyway the Ayaka skin is cute and I wouldn't mind spending bucks on it.

No. 265124

File: 1672158546538.jpeg (343.77 KB, 634x1024, 5FE40775-1437-429A-BE01-C5EE4F…)

It’s Meiji style dress which is just western inspired.

No. 265126

This is literally how hoyo sees it though and releasing it for "girls" (trannies most likely kek) because it doesn't have a boob window. But I digress, it's a cute dress and a cute bow it just doesn't for Ayaka supposed 24/7-too-busy

Wow I never saw that before, kinda hideous. no offense to Japanese nonnies if any are offended
But I still think it's closer to one of those Lolita dresses to appease than an actual history reference

No. 265167

I desperately need a benny skin. He is fun but he is so damn ugly. I know it fits his character or whatever because he’s an orphan and wears hand me downs but this is a gacha game. Give me bishie benny or give me death

No. 265168

Nonnas help I am addicted to TCG i’ve been cooping nonstop the past 2 hours. I can’t stop.

No. 265178

Bishie benny? What sort of clothing would he wear?
If memory serves Kaeya taught him how to use a sword so maybe something Kaeya-esque? I've been using benben for more than a year and got used to his design. What kind of design is on your mind nona?

The most important thing is that you're having fun. I still can't get into it kek.

No. 265187

Oh i am having fun alright. too much fun. now I still waste time on Genshin even after using up my resin so it’s bad for my time management. Mihoyo has me on a leash fr

No. 265237

Anon who didn't pull since July, I just wanted Haran and I was prepared for the worst case scenario, but I ended up getting 4 5-star weapons within the first 30 pulls (including 2 Haran, 1 EL and finishing on an off-banner) so now I can guarantee everything else I want from 3.4 and 3.5. I've never been this lucky and I don't think I'll ever be this lucky again. I wish you blessed pulls, nonnies!

No. 265284

Yeah this is my main issue with Genshin's dialogue. I think the lore and the story is really interesting and I want to learn more, which is why it's such a nuisance that the dialogue has been made hard to follow due to the amount of repetition. First someone explains a thing, then Paimon repeats the thing, someone confirms the repeated thing, then you get distracted by stupid in-jokes about Paimon being dumb and suddenly they drop lore on you and you accidentally miss it because you were skipping all of that filler and there's no way to backtrack. I genuinely think Paimon ruins all of the dialogue in the game, every time there's a scene where she's not present the dialogue becomes much more straightforward and easier to follow.

No. 265322

File: 1672244058959.jpeg (1.04 MB, 2480x3508, CCB7DE1F-2DCC-45F9-818B-DCAA52…)

So happy I finally found a way to return to lc. I pulled both Scara and Ayato and couldn’t tell you nonas, truly traumatic

No. 265330

File: 1672247674588.jpeg (282.06 KB, 1536x2048, F97535FC-28C0-48A6-8270-C236E3…)

No. 265331

File: 1672247702771.jpeg (2.68 MB, 2028x3261, 444EA0AD-ECD3-4ACC-8AF5-95E8DD…)

best boy

No. 265458

Happy birthday tighnari! I'm still so salty I didn't get him, I hope that the next time I lose pity I will get him.

Congrats on getting them! I'm enjoying Scara so much and also got his weapon, I planned to get redhorn but I didnt mind getting his weapon instead. Right now I'm not sure if I should pull for Ayator or save for Alhaitham instead

No. 265469

File: 1672270727942.jpeg (367.03 KB, 2048x2048, 05B3FB38-72AE-4ABE-B19D-DAD05E…)

Thank you! I’m really not good at building characters but Scara is genuinely so fun and strong for me too! With skyward atlas I’m at around 10k per charged attack with him with shit artifacts which surprised me! I have a harder time figuring out Ayato though. A crit slash is like 6k which felt a bit low. Seems like his f2p weapon options were worse than expected.

No. 265478

For big numbers you need to put him with Xiangling, vaporize gives big numbers.
Source: my experience with Childe kek

No. 265495

File: 1672286530590.jpg (406.77 KB, 1818x1818, 20221228_220031.jpg)

Happy birthday to Tighnari

No. 265502

Omg actually good art? This looks like same artist did his drawings/photographs in his quest
art nonas is his head placement wrong or my eyes playing tricks on me

No. 265507

THE BESTEST BOY looking forward to the day when i lose 50/50 and he blesses me with his presence <3

No. 265522

Ayato's all about lightning fast attacks rather than big boy burst numbers. I personally like to use him in freeze teams rather than trying to vape with him. There's enough cryo units that make a big freezing circle that you can easily hold enemies down and go to town on them with his E.

Some people like using him in electro-charged teams too, but I've always found that clunky without a healer personally.

No. 265567

Almighty nonas
In Ayato's first banner I skipped him for Venti and now I want him for the bishie Harem but want Alhaithem too (for the same reason)
I have exhausted 51 wishes close to either winning or losing the 50/50 I have:
>12k primos approx
>3.5k crystals

Do you recommend I go wishing until I get 5 stars? If I lose pity then good Alhaithem guaranteed but if I get Ayato, will the future primos be enough for a potential loss of a 50/50 before alhaithem?

No. 265619

File: 1672357512569.jpeg (190.69 KB, 763x944, 4992279D-22B5-4C3D-B9FF-81D259…)

Oh okay thanks anon good to know! Who do you put in his freeze teams? I just tried Ayato National and now I see the bigger numbers.
It's almost 1 am and I'm tired so this might be wrong kek.
Okay so you need 30 more pulls. If you lose the 50/50 on Ayato banner that's gonna be another ca 80 pulls at worst to get him. So if you hit hard-ish pity and lose the 50/50 you'll need 100 more pulls in total to get a guaranteed Ayato.
>12k primos approx
>3.5k crystals
That is 75 wishes + ca 22 wishes = 97 wishes/pulls

So yeah if you're unlucky you'll have enough for one guaranteed 5-star. Let's say you're lucky and win the 50/50 at 80 wishes in total on Ayato. Then you would have 67 wishes left for Alhaitham which would not guarantee him or even grant you the opportunity to reach 50/50 if we imagine that you need to hit 80 for hard-ish pity.

No. 265627

I don’t like the new wind trace. My disguises don’t work anymore.

No. 265633

I’ve been using whatever is smallest and hiding in a bush. Works on a lot of maps.

No. 265639

Windtrace doesn’t feel the same anymore. Idk if it’s just me being bored of it after 2 years but it’s been particularly dry this time and there have been so many afks and people that throw on purpose.

No. 265641

I see, thanks nona! I'll ignore Ayato again for Alhaithem since Childe can fill the hydro part and I don't have Tighnari like every functional human being kek
I guess with Welkin + new map exploration + 20 days of his banner filled events and such I think I can get him… I just wish this game would pity my wishing, it has been a year and a half since I played and never got any 5-stars before 70+ pulls, like I want to see a 5-stars at 50 or something, but nah no early 5 stars for me.

I think wind trace is only fun when you're constantly moving and playing cat mouse with the hunter
Ive been having fun protecting my teammates from hunter favors

No. 265642

It's just hide and seek, there's really not a lot of ways to make that exciting.

No. 265646

It was a lot more fun when they let us use alternate sprints and stuff

No. 265672

File: 1672388636260.jpg (212.12 KB, 1920x1080, dBEbXUr.jpg)

cant wait for hu tao - one of the few female designs that dont assault your eyes. even though moids still sexualise her in every fan art out there

No. 265785

This ended up being a rant but I really share the same feelings as some anons pointed out before. Now that I've got Scaramouche there is nothing that really makes me hyped about genshin anymore. At this point I only care about the characters introduced early on/maybe even only pre-inazuma. Of course I look forward to see how Kaveh's gameplay is etc but the game itself feels boring now that I have the character I longed for (scara) and I've seen how they wrapped up his story. I feel done. The only thing that might have saved me from this feeling was if they made an Albedo dragonspine lore bomb event again but since they're skipping that this winter there is nothing to look forward to?

Like for fucks sake Venti literally says that we've already met him before and that it's all a loop. Childe and Scara have been to the abyss yet we have no questions to ask them about how it is/how to get there? Fucking Albedo knows Gold and Alice who can create life without and know about life in other worlds outside of Teyvat. Kaeya being royalty in Khaenriah got revealed in Diluc's skin event of all things as if that isn't a huge thing the traveler could ask about. A good example of how fucking tired this is getting is by looking at the story quests. Venti, Zhongli, Childe had intriguing story quests that revealed so much about Teyvat and was relevant to the traveler. Now what did we gain from Nilou's story quest?… The game loses its spark the longer it drags everything out.

No. 265801

File: 1672450115580.jpg (399.02 KB, 2047x1447, IMG_20221230_175713.jpg)

Oh my god this is exactly how I feel.
I don't think they want to work hard, add or link any lore because they saw their money comes from retarded waifu chasers so why bother? I am fucking salty there is no Albedo/dragonspine lore event and maybe alot of nonas will disagree with me but the Scara story sucked ass, I wished there was something more to him.
A year ago I thought sunk cost fallacy wouldn't let me ditch the game but what always pulled me back is the Mond/Liyue's character lore and since Shenhe dropped with the interlude quest I feel things are lacking, even sumeru. I'll give this game one last chance with the lantern rite event, if it's wholesome I'll stay but if not I'm ditching it (but staying for the fanart).
Sorry for the rant, I'm just disappointed.

No. 265810

File: 1672452116751.png (88.8 KB, 400x400, PinocchioShrek.png)

Nta but agree anon, Scara's story was awful and my standards have been in hell for hoyo since day one. As much as I love the bitch shota trope, it doesn't even make any sense for a character like him to act the way he does after all that. It feels like he originally had a different backstory planned but they had to gut it after the botched Inazuma arc and give him a rushed new one that would line up with that, but didn't give him a personality change to fit his new story so that they wouldn't piss off the people who wanted him from the get go. The story still ended up ruining most of the things I liked about him, including his design-he looks like picrel now. Genshin's story has become soulless fanservice to an obnoxious degree.

I swear Sumeru was only hyped up for it's story because Inazuma's was so bad it looked good in comparison. People hyped up Liyue's after Inazuma too like it wasn't a shitshow in its own right. My sunk cost fallacy mindset has finally worn off too, even if I haven't wasted money in game in forever I now need to stop wasting my time with it too.

No. 265824

And I never cared about Scara and am more interested in what Varka's going to look like.
I just play to self-insert as Lumine the hero and have fun exploring.
The Abyss is just generic evil darkness shit and I doubt they'll have a good explanation on why they're being evil besides the gods are worse or something.

>it's all a loop

When did he say this?

No. 265832

File: 1672459386121.jpg (679.11 KB, 2500x2500, 20221230_220023.jpg)

Happy birthday to Zhongli
Seems like the year's about to end, have you enjoyed 2022 Genshin?

No. 265834

File: 1672460672442.jpg (204.27 KB, 1200x1200, 1FNoM5VAwj6UQNMIdP-8Q18fle0IxY…)

My mother has the same wallet lol
But what kind of a birthday art is this? Kinda dull, Last year's looked cuter

>Seems like the year's about to end, have you enjoyed 2022 Genshin

Nope for me, how about you?

No. 265835

No. 265849

File: 1672467673028.jpg (811.31 KB, 3000x3000, 20221230_220059.jpg)

It is a little dull this time around, his birthday quote is just him offering to tell you stories. Anyways, I have been enjoying Genshin this year. The Sumeru quests are much better than Inazuma's and the new regions look nice. Also Alhaitham is hot

No. 265853

Nvm I realized his anatomy is wonky as his arm is huge compared to his head and shoulders, I'm guessing the artist's original intention is to make some sort of foreshortning pose but changed their mind and draw the hand normally? For real look at the arm and you'll see how wrong it looks
I don't know what is it about this games' birthday art that triggers my autism kek

>him offering to tell you stories. Anyways, I have been enjoying Genshin this year

I'm happy for you nona, fo real.
>Also Alhaitham is hot
Preach, I'm logging in daily to claim my primos just for him

No. 265866

>Return to the Genshin thread after Lolcow's long downtime
>Man I missed all the nonnies and their quips, can't wait to talk Genshin with them again
>Another "everyone is writing walls of text about how they hate everything about the game and want to quit it but one husbando they have a parasocial relationship with is keeping them addicted" evening
Yeah I think I was better off without this place.

No. 265880

You didn’t like the complaining in the thread so you decided to complain in the thread. Let anons have their discussions and bring up some other topic you rather discuss if you want the thread to move into another direction retard.

No. 265881

I don't get why you're bothered tbh, do you even know how this works? Post something and others will interact with it
>returns to genshin thread after lolcow is gone
>God knows what her favorite subject she is expecting but didn't find and we should have remained silent until she posted
>calls finding hot fictional character hot Parasocial relationship
Absolutely ridiculous.

Other than that, my mono geo team is great but has energy problems since artifacts blessed me with crits and Zero ER, will Gorou's performance drop as Itto's booster if I farm him the emblem set?

No. 265882

File: 1672489967408.jpg (115.23 KB, 1080x1044, y6e0jv4oe59a1.jpg)

Ayaka skin, its a 5 star skin so in game her animations will look different. Not sure how i feel about it, I will have to see it in game to fully judge it

Happy birthday Zhongli!

No. 265883

File: 1672490031600.jpg (111.52 KB, 1080x995, i634f9d9l59a1.jpg)

Lisa student sumeru skin, it's fine imo. i like the hair, the silhouette is pretty much the same

No. 265884

this is just green lisa lol but the hat is better so maybe ill put it on her

No. 265886

I love how they completely changed her hair from the ponytail to twintail braids! It’s more of a change than even Diluc got. Hopefully this means that characters like Albedo get a hair makeover when his skin comes out eventually

No. 265888

Kind of removed the Ayaka personality from her and made her look like random V-tuber BUT if they ever released a similar skin for Ayato I'll buy them both so the siblings look cute in my teapot.

No. 265894

I like this more than her actual outfit
I still don't like lisa

No. 265895

Did the leakers mention whether these will be tied to an event or just thrown to shop?

No. 265899

They both look really cute, but once again the 4-star skin is much prettier than the 5-star one imo. Is anyone really gonna buy that Ayaka skin for close to 30 bucks? That said I like the braids on Ayaka a lot more than the ponytail, it adds more character to her. Also it's a pleasant surprise that they didn't show cleavage or armpits for once.

No. 265903

The lisa skin is not cuter, it's not cute at all. She looks like an NPC with extra cleavage.

No. 265910

her outfit looks AI generated kek

No. 265912

It's honestly exhausting to discuss anything in this thread because no matter what you say anons will only try to pick a fight and bitch and moan about everything like the discussion regarding the outfits upthread. I get complaining about Alhaitham's damage multipliers being nerfed or retarded coomer waifus being shilled but compared to disasters like Yelan and Shenhe that Lisa skin is relatively classy, and being a free 4-star event reward skin I wouldn't expect anything too flashy. Liked an event? Anons will call you retarded. Enjoyed the newest story chapters? Anons will scream at you how shit the writing is and other games do it better. You're fine with the upcoming male character's kit instead of posting doomer theorycrafting? You're a Mihoyo bootlicker who doesn't know how to play the game. I sometimes wonder why half of the people in this thread even play the game when they obviously don't find anything enjoyable about it besides putting PNGs in their teapots.

No. 265916

I get what you're saying but what they did to alhaitham's kit was disgusting and anons have all the rights to complain about it

No. 265917

Yes, that's why I said it's understandable. I was pissed about it too. But the negativity gets out of hand in places where it's not really called for, at least not to the point a lot of anons take it to.

No. 265920

I think a lot of people use this thread to rant about various things they dislike about the game, that's why it looks so negative but most of us still enjoy the game

No. 265926

It's an ugly skin anon… "Don't complain because it's free" is a piss poor excuse when other games' free skins look better than Genshin's obscenely overpriced 5* skins on average. If you like it good for you but you don't have to imply everyone who doesn't is a debbie downer looking for something to bitch about. This isn't a positivity-only thread.

No. 265930

I feel like the site going down was a good thing in some regards. Prior to it, this thread was so ugly with anons bitching at each other over the smallest things you mentioned. You were really damned either way no matter what your opinion was because how dare you have an opinion on anything regarding this game. I think some anons forget that someone having a different opinion to them isn't a personal attack on them and doesn't need to be
addressed every time they see one.
Imo the problem with this thread isn't the anons who complain about the game or the ones who don't mind some things about it, it's the anons that bitch about them. Retard's been thrown around a lot and it's too scrote-like. Makes me think of reddit every time.
I wasn't even one of the original Scara wanters but I fell for him a bit before he was released. Now that I have him, I don't really see myself being interested in future characters? I feel like I got the ones I care about and any future ones may just feel like Eula filler lmao there's something about Mondstadt and Liyue characters that feel more like home. And do you think the writers forgot about those plot points you brought up? I feel like they don't keep up with these precious crumbs they drop because the story and interactions could be way more worthwhile if they did.

No. 265931

>Retard's been thrown around a lot and it's too scrote-like
newfaggotry overload. did you find lolcow through these genshin threads or what?

No. 265967

Lisa her outfit will be available free in an event just like the other 4 star outfits. Ayaka will have to be paid for ik an event but just like Diluc her skin will be part in a story event.

>Is anyone really gonna buy that Ayaka skin for close to 30 bucks?
I mean people did the same thing for Diluc (I'm people kek). But also you have to remember if you buy the monthly welkin you already have a lot of those blue currency to immediately get the skin. I did that with Diluc so I didn't have to recharge any money for when his skin arrived.

I think you are being to sensitive, who cares if other people don't like the skin. If you like it you can buy it, also it was only a few anons who dislike the skin

No. 265978

File: 1672526869328.jpg (362.01 KB, 1432x2048, IMG_20220709_033713.jpg)

You're being overly sensitive and retarded, any community has positive and negative points and the fact we called a shit event a shit event or nerfed character a nerfed character bothering you than you missed the point of a fan discussion. You still didn't mention what would be your favorite subject, is it whining about us whining about the game? Come on, drop a sentence and a Pic already (I'll love you too if it's Dottore, Thoma or Kaeya too kek)

>having a different opinion to them isn't a personal attack on them

Happy new year nonas! May all your wishes come true and win these wishes' 50/50 kek

No. 266040

File: 1672574765270.jpeg (174.91 KB, 1889x2020, A6551EB9-6468-421B-8227-7ACAE4…)

Lolcow is not your personal hugbox. Your opinions and feelings will be challenged. This is the way it always has been. Either accept it or leave.

It doesn’t even bother me at all, I like Lisa’s scholar skin and Ayaka’s spring skin. Now if anons think Lisa’s skin is low effort, I can definitely see it too even if I like it. They’re entitled to that opinion and I really like seeing different perspectives. That’s literally what a discussion is. What you describe is not a discussion, it’s everyone agreeing with only positive comments.

No. 266073

File: 1672595309613.jpeg (1.3 MB, 4096x2304, 8AF1DFDB-E28C-4866-9981-5F03D8…)

Official new year art 1

No. 266074

File: 1672595436779.jpeg (292.89 KB, 1720x967, 9E0A13CE-BE61-4900-BEEE-D0F4E1…)

Official new year art 2

No. 266075

File: 1672595492692.jpeg (708.65 KB, 2048x2048, 467A5592-8BD2-4BCB-8FF0-440720…)

Official new year art 3

No idea what Kaeya is doing here with the pyro 5 stars kek

No. 266078

Did they just hire 3 random artist with no knowledge of the game? The artist style is so different, the Ei and Yae is the worst drawn imo. The last pic makes no sense, these characters have no connection to eachother. I understand Yoimiya because of the fireworks but why the others? Also Kaeya is the only male in the new year art and hes in the background too…

Also i get why Shenhe and Ganyu ard together but Yanfei is only there because she's adepti? I don't understand, atleast they are drawn in a pretty artstyle. Is this also the official Chinese new year art? Because I'm not impressed

No. 266081

This makes literally no sense.
>thousands yard stare Kaeya, hanging out in inazuma when he never even talks about it, he's wondering just why is he there and what's he's doing with his life that it made him sit there with these random girls.
>Yoimiya is okay, she's having fun with these bunch of random people and trying out her new fireworks.
>Hu Tao somehow in inazuma hanging out with Yoimiya who is a literal who to her.
>Dehya wondering just how the fuck did she end up at inazuma when she's supposed to be doing important shit.

No. 266085

File: 1672600956641.jpg (13.59 KB, 402x178, yys_20221217190250.jpg)

>b-but this game is still primarily femgaze guise i pwomise
i need them to hurry up and drop totk and that open world nikki game i'm so sick of this gay coomer kusoge

No. 266094

File: 1672607128635.jpeg (516.86 KB, 1920x1080, genshin new year.jpeg)

>b-but this game is still primarily femgaze guise i pwomise
I mean sometimes it is though. The white day art of male characters and stuff. I just think that when mihoyo hires random artists to do the art the artists are coomers who end up choosing to draw the slutty characters.
I don't know about any official chinese new year art, all I know is that they have a huge fan art project that the official account is promoting in China celebrating the chinese new year/another year with genshin. Pic related is the key visual. This one >>266073 was exclusively posted on Genshin's Japan platforms though. The rest >>266074 >>266075 were released globally.

No. 266099

>thousands yard stare Kaeya
I laughed harder than I should, he looks too dead inside.

But honestly, would it kill them to post a male-centered piece? I really like these artstyles and would loved to see Zhongli in one of them, since it's Chinese new year and all of that.
Or Childe being Hoyo's "" "" favorite "" "" Child

Cute background but the characters look wonky.

No. 266100

>white day
white day is all male characters because white day is traditionally when men give chocolates to women. valentines day is all female.
>and stuff
such as? kek some of you are so high on cope you'll convince yourselves anything mihoyo does that features a male character getting a fleck of attention for once is "femgaze"

No. 266101

I had a ton of fun, but I’m easy to please because I’m a casual on and off player, and games are not one of my main hobbies. I really liked Sumeru and a bunch of the events this year.
If there’s anything I really want it’s more interesting and numerous new skins, and I also would ideally like more Zhongli content during lantern rite, that would be my dream. I don’t care about Keqing or those “this girl is working too hard” stories but I liked the other lantern rite stuff.

No. 266103

File: 1672609283654.jpeg (1.06 MB, 960x1492, FF8936B1-08D4-48E8-8C50-9508FE…)

I hope Zhongli had a good birthday. Saw this on the genshin Reddit and reminded me of you girls.

No. 266108

for a moment i thought lumine only had 1 leg kek

the commitment

No. 266109

File: 1672610889041.jpeg (181.92 KB, 600x1096, 03C3CCEF-56E0-4484-975D-5FD4F5…)

She goes by Yaoihyper/ruisen on Reddit/Twitter. Love to see fully committed husbando fans.

No. 266148

Incoming late autism but it's really not about making a "hugbox" rather than having some basic conversational standards, some anons rarely offer any real interesting insight on things like the writing and instead make low IQ "this totally rips off x" claims because of some vague similarity after revealing they barely even read the dialogue/story, blogpost about wanting to quit the game (seriously, why don't they?) and aggro all over other anons over their positive opinions, ironically enough taking someone else liking a thing they don't as a personal attack themselves and demanding their own crybaby hugbox.

The amount of dooming over Cyno's and Scara's kits in this thread was baffling especially since everyone shut up immediately post-release, it prevents actual discussion and possibilities of utilizing them and misleads anons who get discouraged and refuse to pull for the character they were hyped for. When Heizou was revealed anons were throwing tantrums over how they hated his design and attacking those who just commented on how cute they find him. The same happens with literally every male character that gets released and the absolute tard rage over them makes it hard to believe that I'm supposedly interacting with other women. Being so aggressive towards people who are just having a good time and enjoying things is /v/ tier incel behavior that makes nobody look as smart and edgy as they think they do. I encourage opinions of all sorts and I have my own gripes with Genshin and Mihoyo but it's embarrassing to invest so much emotion on a game you despise.

No. 266156

Ntas but while I shut up about Cyno, I also never used my Cyno after I pulled him. He's still level 50 kek hate his playstyle. Scara on the other hand is fun and wasn't ~doomposted~ much at all gameplay wise here, nor was Heizou.

The anons you replied to were still right, you're an annoying autist and very reddit. No discussion is invalid just because you don't approve of it, and women are under no obligation to immediately fall in love with whatever boy of the month hoyoverse shit out. The discussion isn't impeding anything either because if you haven't noticed, the only time the thread is active is when people are fighting or complaining. No one is coming in here to sperg about team building with you, sorry. It's pointless in a game this easy. Throw your favorites together and go.

No. 266161

Nona I… don't get what do you want exactly. You really do want a hugbox where everything is going as you want which isn't a bad thing, but this works better in a forum format and not an anonymous image board.

Again, part of being in a community is seeing all types of fans, including doomposters, is Genshin your first fandom? Post what you want to talk about, ones who are interested will reply to you and you do your part if someone is being an ass. I'm one of the people who are upset by Alhaithem nerf and "" doomposted "" about him but will still get him, like other gorls what did you want me/others to do to be on your good graces and "good fans"? (not saying I will kek but what you're complaining about is absurd)

How many posts were wasted by complaining instead starting your fave subject? Girl get on with it, and get into other fandoms to get used to it.

Same with Cyno, Which sucks because I really like his design.

No. 266164

File: 1672621497612.jpg (227.76 KB, 1893x1080, 20221225_151702.jpg)

I'll keep playing the game once per patch and complaining about the low quality experience of my 5 minute login itt until I sinply don't feel like it anymore. Negativity is a core part of the farmer experience.

No. 266179

I thought this was Childe and immediately saved it kek, who's he?

No. 266211

Same anon I pulled for Cyno immediately since his design is so cute but his long burst and lack of suitable supports made me completely abandon him kek.

No. 266216

File: 1672626592903.jpg (227.24 KB, 1500x840, EYDr61BUcAA1n6t.jpg_large.jpg)

Doppo from hypmic, the only workaholic waifu I like desu

No. 266376

>his long burst and lack of suitable supports
Yea this blows, they made him janky as fuck. You feel it the hardest in the overworld, he's horrible there even when you compare him to other burst locked characters like Xiao Razor Itto. At least his bf is fun even tho I don't have any electro supports for him either kek.

No. 266379

You know what would lessen my Genshin complaints by %95? If we could have the option to level characters by beating monsters not just using books. I feel it'd make me play more - > complain less kek.

Why did they do my boy dirty like that. It's a shame both are DPS otherwise they could help each other.
I know no one likes Raiden here but her skill with Tighnari made him a machine gun

No. 266660

File: 1672680577298.jpg (194.85 KB, 735x1040, 18fe2759c64c1dc5e356887c25e19b…)


His whole backstory is him basically being trafficked at a young age after his own mother left him homeless and vulnerable to exploitation instead of caring for him. His whole complex surrounding him being a puppet instead of a human is probably what an AI or a sex-doll would feel if they were thoroughly dehumanized and left traumatised. Pretty great backstory desu; the best one we've probably seen yet.

No. 266687

File: 1672688205574.jpeg (316.92 KB, 1024x2048, 1667228445446.jpeg)

Nta, I whole-heartedly love that part and how creepy Dottore was, it was really well written. But what comes after is what bothered me with how meh he was? I didn't want him to be cringe-vengeful of course but I expected more to his character after he remembered who he was after that setup, basically we meet him again, fight his mecha boss then talk for a bit then it ended.
I really wanted just a bit more angst, him interacting with Kazuha in any way (while Kazuha having no idea who he is) and hearing Dottore next plan/promise to fuck shit up and I would've been a happy gal.

And I know I'm beating a dead horse by now but I'd really love to see his old skin be purchasable or something, I love the design elements of his current one but the colors are bothering me, too much blue and white.

No. 266694

File: 1672693677950.jpeg (267.42 KB, 2048x2048, C2FCD0F8-FA64-4ECD-8AD7-4F74D9…)

Knockoff Bayo and little witch Klee skin leaked.

No. 266695

File: 1672693969389.jpeg (418.92 KB, 1429x2048, FEAF082D-1B70-42C2-8CCB-FA3696…)

Scara's birthday in Japan rn, incoming birthday art spam to honor best boy

No. 266696

File: 1672693999622.jpeg (280.45 KB, 1228x2048, 087D284C-0FF9-43D5-8C61-A16909…)

No. 266697

File: 1672694143148.jpeg (202.93 KB, 1230x2048, 11337B3D-52D0-4F10-95D1-08E730…)

No. 266698

File: 1672694249761.jpeg (231.72 KB, 1228x2048, 145DE03D-15EC-494C-A70C-2023BE…)

No. 266699

File: 1672694296813.jpeg (849.98 KB, 1638x2048, AFC270A7-9D0D-49E5-BC30-C9C3EA…)

chiscara birthday cake

No. 266700

File: 1672694328712.jpeg (518.71 KB, 1455x2045, 3CB3EB54-BB5A-4B62-8F8D-8D4FBC…)

No. 266701

File: 1672694400791.jpeg (376.26 KB, 1250x2000, D111AD88-277D-4F39-9FFD-695F63…)

No. 266702

File: 1672694548455.jpeg (587.13 KB, 973x2048, 9FBD8FA4-E89A-4537-9188-5DEE10…)

No. 266703

File: 1672694849841.jpeg (393.11 KB, 1778x1000, 95ABFB87-1B4F-407F-A8F2-339A94…)

January babies are the best

No. 266704

File: 1672694979985.jpeg (402.82 KB, 2048x1367, 244EA7C3-278C-417B-A14D-9B95DD…)

Might spam more when the western fandom has drawn some art too. I can’t wait to see the official birthday art, crossing my fingers it’s good

No. 266722

File: 1672705249899.png (1.12 MB, 1242x2688, 201FCF59-4DA2-4871-BDE4-E310FA…)

The bayo woman is Cloud Retainer according to the leaker. However Team China (leakers who leaked all the 3.3-3.4 gameplay) claims that these sketches are fake leaks.

No. 266723

File: 1672705302287.jpeg (422.17 KB, 1242x2439, E56C6379-4CC4-45B5-AD40-AE9C5D…)

Cloud Retainer info, might be fake but we will see during lantern rite I guess.

No. 266731

File: 1672708355021.jpg (239.13 KB, 1557x883, Screenshot_20230103_030958.jpg)

Do you girls remember the moonchase event? There was this character in the last cutscene that no one knew who she was but all thought it was either young Madame Ping or human Cloud Retainer, any news on her since then?

The bayo lafy leaks reminded of this mystery from like a year ago kek

No. 266737

Ok the Zhongli skin will come out in like 7-8 months probably, I can save up until then kek. Kaeya too I’m so excited. Honestly Kaeya needed an update his animations looked a little outdated

No. 266753

File: 1672718541504.jpg (426.24 KB, 1818x1818, 20230102_220158.jpg)

Happy birthday to Wanderer

No. 266758

You can't just drop this without any source or details, please share nona.

Oh my god finally, some good art. This is the same last year's Xiao/Venti/Thoma/Bennet artist, right?
(His bday message was also cute)

No. 266762

File: 1672727283545.jpeg (126.27 KB, 960x521, 9BB396ED-B913-475D-BF1C-6F7CB4…)

kek sorry i thought this was already posted

No. 266764

I hope the leak is fake for the bayo cloud retainer. Such a boring design literally Shenhe but with glasses and black hair. Klee does look cute tho.

Happy birthday Scara! Very pretty art and thank you to the nonnie who shared some cute fan art.

I want those Kaeya and Zhongli skin rumors to be real so bad. If it would be Archon and Khaenri'ah related.

I do remember, I was convinced back then she would be playable since she wears no pants and has no weird features like different body type.

No. 266765

The comparison to an AI or sex doll is spot on yet hurts my overly sensitive heart, nonna. The implications that he could've been sexually abused along with the other horrible shit that's all Ei's fault just hurts. Who knows the extent of all he went through in all these years. I repeat, why the hell does Ei get to get away with it all?

No. 266768

File: 1672733807034.jpeg (83.25 KB, 828x653, C7C8EAC9-F123-4558-BEE3-BEB81B…)

No. 266769

File: 1672733964328.jpeg (442.94 KB, 2048x2048, 07244DA1-D5FA-4A99-95C2-BB3881…)

No. 266778

File: 1672750471544.jpeg (194.54 KB, 1600x1550, 40C359E4-BF11-4DD0-9B16-3280EB…)

Splash art leak

No. 266779

File: 1672750632306.jpeg (546.93 KB, 1920x1673, 222E0FB8-1135-48EF-BDFE-638A93…)

No. 266781

File: 1672750961473.jpeg (557.2 KB, 1919x2313, 8C6DFE59-E9CD-40E1-8FA7-46986A…)

Now this one is a more questionable leak. Kaeya skin. The source is not as reliable as the splash art leaker.

No boob window but his braid is pretty

No. 266782

His face is so cute kek. Is he a cryo catalyst?

No. 266783

No he's a cryo polearm

No. 266784

File: 1672751250677.jpeg (221.02 KB, 1920x1080, 1DDE37B7-8E0D-4EBC-94A1-0433C2…)

That's the weird part. His data says cryo polearm. Looks like the book might be a burst thing only. The book seems to be the bag on his back.

No. 266790

He is super cute
Mid as hell. Yae pose xinyan bg. Seems like Scara Heizou pose wasn't a singular occurance
Looks like another Raiden situation

No. 266803

He looks so baby and cute! Too bad I won't get him since he's on Dehya banner, and you know what they say about wishing for 4 stars on a banner. Damn it Mika why aren't you on Baizhu's.

I don't want to seem ungrateful for the Kaeya skin, but boob window >>>
Scara's Shoulder peek

I honestly love Xinyan and her design and thought I'd get Dehya because she's close to it but ehhh, is this pose part of her burst? Like Alhaithem? If she dances/fanservices in her burst I'll ignore her banners for life. Some leaks are not trusted but those say she's a 5star Xiangling which would've been nice to have.

You missed the start of the thread where some Nona started her fics about it here.
>I repeat, why the hell does Ei get to get away with it all?
You know why kek.
I think this is why they didn't go super serious with quest and blamed it all on Dottore, their main waifu would get insulted and that's a fat no no.

No. 266804

Is he debuting on Dehya banner, I didn't know? i'm sure we will be getting him eventually. I don't think the splash art of Dehya is finished yet, the pose is really weird yeah and I don't hope she does a dance that would make no sense for her character.

No. 266807

Yeah some other leaker said that the Dehya splash art was so early and not finished that whoever sent it to the leakers is losing his job at mihoyo.

No. 266812

more like 5 star fischl. ppl just want to replace xl in international so much they cope that dehya will be capable of it.

No. 266813

I'm surprised the art isn't her slamming her claymore into the ground. Didn't the leaks say she turns her claymore into a "grave" that buffs the team?

No. 266818

File: 1672764016625.jpg (100.87 KB, 300x300, IMG_20220806_052213.jpg)

I did it. I finally got free, I'm not playing this game anymore. No more scrotes talking about how their waifus are so much better than the male charas, no more unsolicited porn images of their waifus in every community or server, no more Abyss, no more artifacts, no more saving for charas that wont be at the same tier as the uwu waifus, no more!!!!
Been playing the game for 2 years, hoping that someday female players would be treated fairly. Yesterday, I spent all my 190 pulls on standard in a fit of rague. Now, I have no savings. You win mihoyo! Good job!
I was addicted to this game, which was causing a toll on my mental health, not gonna lie. It may take time for my brain to get used to not playing everyday religiously, but I think this is for the better.
I might play from time to time because I like a lot of characters, events and the story is interesting. But I'm tired.
Hope someone reads this and thinks about taking a break if they are adicted. Try playing other games (been playing nuzlocke Pokémon, Fire Emblem and Dreamlight Valley), you might realize you don't have to suck mihoyo's cock to get some entertainment. Unlike some people think, this is not the only action/RPG game oriented towards female players. I, too, have huffed that same copium, but tbh it's not like that. Go see greener pastures, nona! There's a whole world out there for you! Cheers.
sage for retarded blogpost.

No. 266819

The 3.x leakers who posted the correct until now roadmap said he will debut with her and Kaveh in 3.6 so could be wrong but I think both of their leaks coming together means it's most likely true.

Holy shit what a dumbass, why was he so excited to leak this artwork when it's not even her final look, does he think we haven't seen her already?

I just want to run 2 internationals man, one for Ayato and the other for Childe but pyro applies are so bad other than Xiangling. Wish Thoma was more AOE but hey if she's like Fischl than that's great.

Congrats nona!!! You're %100 correct on the obsession thing. Thankfully never fell into that blackhole because I play other games which yeah definitely frees you from Hoyo's pp sucking and pointless anxiety. (the only worthy thing to stay for is the hawt boys fanart if you're into that kek)

No. 266822

Yeah, I was here when that anon was doing that and almost left the thread cause she was so disgusting. His tragic backstory is tearjerking but I don't want to see trauma porn about him. Anon was disturbed.

No. 266823

File: 1672766337689.jpeg (134.17 KB, 850x999, C29E5CD4-E085-459B-A1A0-06EC90…)

Congrats, Nonnie!! I’ve been playing for about two years as well and I have to admit I’m bored as well.
Here’s some tips for nonnies:
If you’re playing for 10-30mins daily take a break
you’re bored in game take a break
you have no quests or events to do take a break
If doing anything feels like a chore then it’s time to take a break.

Work on projects, clean your dwelling, see your friends etc. then come back to Genshin if needed.

No. 266826

File: 1672768580449.jpg (73.54 KB, 720x1280, fwhl15o4qu9a1.jpg)

Why would they do this to him

No. 266828

Well done waking up from gacha hell. I only play games you pay for once now.

No. 266833

Based anon. I'm 2 weeks clean myself kek.

No. 266836

Look at me in the eye and tell me genshin devs aren’t sexist. They made him uglier on purpose and for what

No. 266837

Do skin designers even know who they're designing for? Diluc, Jean, Ningguand, Lisa and Keqing have different skins but they still look like something that character would wear, but this? Question mark quest mark lol

This looks like all the Kaeya fanart when they draw him as a bely dancer in their Kaeluc AU smut. I know things look better in 3D since it's moving and all that but this is just hideous.
They don't even fit him help can they put a female skin designer?

>Inb4 suck it up buttercup aren't you happy they're giving u something!!
I gave up on them not being sexist kek, I'll sit with my limited reverse Harem and hope Zhongli's skin atleast fit him.

No. 266844

Tell me this is fake. Please.

No. 266847

This is so weird, at least let him show some belly if you will dress him up like a belly dancer, I don't mind the black nails and it's nice that we can look at Kaeya's feet, but the pants are yet again some frumpy ugly ass pants that he could use as a parachute and that make no sense because he's supposed to hop on horses all of the time (even if horses don't exist in the game) And covering the boob window is the most retarded idea anyone could've gotten, that's literally Kaeya's main point of interest, it's like taking off goat bitch's horns or making Kekking have a flat hairstyle without the retarded hair horns.

No. 266848

You solved it nona. He SHOULD show some belly. Isn't he from the same place Aether from? Aether shows his belly, why can't he?
Even from a design stand point showing skin in the upper mid area will relieve the details tension and then his xxxl pants will go well.

But no they'd rather die than give us something good.

No. 266851

At least his shoulders are showing a bit… sigh

No. 266852

Isnt he khaenri'ahn? Why the sumerian look?

No. 266855

Keeeek this is ridiculous

No. 266856

File: 1672779418814.jpg (246.56 KB, 720x1280, kekimsorry.jpg)

You know what I think I made him shittier, but hey belly, shoulders and tight pants as Genshin-y as possible lmao

No. 266857

Much better anon, still don't get the Sumeru outfit but this suits the character more

No. 266861

Take off his shoes, take them off, please, give him black nail polish for the feet as well, and he could walk around with stirrups.

No. 266879

This is infinitely better, anon. I'd take this over the other one in a heartbeat (even if he does look a bit like Baizhu)

No. 266944

I really do not like those pants and I miss the boobwindow. Maybe it will look better on 3d?

You are so right idk why they made a sumeru skin for him when it has nothing to do with his lore.

I like your edit!

No. 266954

Ok i may be the anon at >>266852 but I actually like his outfit. Its Indian dhoti plus kameez which as a desi person fills me with much serotinin. Its like theyre finally acknowledging his indian roots (name plus skin) which considering the fucking trash bin the sumeru region was is a relief. Literally the only skin that looks remotely SWANA beside Cyno
The edit the anon posted was p bad ngl kek

No. 266955


I still dont understand why he doesnt look khaenri'ahn but since i wanted khaenri'ah to be african instead of the same European-inspired cultural setting (I swear Europe is very small area-wise all those regions are blurring together) im not complaining if he looks non-Norse

No. 266971

He's probably gonna visit Sumeru and get an outfit based on his trip or something.

No. 266974

That's be worse if that was the case. I'm no Desi/Indian but I remember studying all about it uni and fell in love with it and this design? It's doing the bare minimum of appreciation to said culture.
Than again I might be nitpicking since they do take one proper cultural elements and then Genshin it up. So good on you if you love it nonnie!! atleast genshin it properly you mofos and give him his boob window back

Now I'm afraid for Zhongo's skin.

No. 266980

dehya is fucking ugly

No. 267025

Thanks nonas!!
I'd post a shoeless edit but I can't draw feet yet kek.
But you know what? Him showing skin in his leg area would look good and made think that they haven't released ONE TALL MALE CHARACTER with his legs showing. Either loose pants or tight pants. What are they afraid of exactly?

No. 267035

File: 1672887764347.png (Spoiler Image, 792.53 KB, 1280x521, 1923871289732.png)

Leaker said this character is the Hydro Archon. Thoughts?

No. 267036

If she wore pants she would be a 10/10 design to me. Besides the shorts I really like her.

No. 267037

Kinda liking it but it's pretty boring to look at

No. 267039

File: 1672890336551.png (31.87 KB, 300x600, FFXIV_SH_Alphinaud_(Trust).png)

I swear this is the hinkai team designing her.
I really hate this limited use of color and it's always mostly white, little to medium black then one color, it really gets boring.

She looks like Alphinaud from FFXIV

No. 267042

The second rate Vtuber curse continues. If she was at least a boy I'd be more interested. The archon gender ratio is the most disappointing thing of all. Also, the thigh straps are gross.

No. 267043

File: 1672896666693.jpg (1.13 MB, 2694x4096, IMG_20230105_002801.jpg)

No. 267045

File: 1672897871729.jpeg (78.54 KB, 537x432, images (8).jpeg)

Literally no one gives a shit about the archons and their lore now that theyre confirmed female. Women by far are the majority of fan-artists / stans. Sure men theory-fag a lot but you can actually FEEL the excitement over the archons die in the female and thus more dominant side of the fandom once the majority of them were confirmed to be waifu coomer baits.

Imagine how much hyped the fandom would be if the tsaritsa was actually a honkai expat of Kevin Kaslana? Everyone would be going insane over the smallest leaks for him. Thered be art everywhere and discussions about him and lore. And yet Ive seen more stans smothering over Varka and pre-release Heizou than I have over these whores. No one gives a fuck anymore

No. 267046

File: 1672897924000.jpg (166.63 KB, 1279x1033, ae422b1bcdf328c18eec43f2aa8a68…)

Nonas with 10k+ fanarts saved, do you have more like Picrel? I have a huge crush on 3rd phase tarta with broken mask or something like the Pic but I have no idea what to search, I either get normal Childe or 3rd phase fully masked.
It's a really niche part of Tarta fanart but it really looks good with his hair like that and a serious expression.

No. 267047

File: 1672900520553.jpeg (1.44 MB, 1920x1080, 79ACC43B-715E-4900-A69B-E30006…)

This is so ugly. Unlike most nonnas here it doesn’t bother me that the rest of the archons are female since I enjoyed both Ei and Nahida as characters but god this design is so bad it should be a crime. Makes me wanna drop the game ngl like. You can’t tell me this clown is a whole archon. We have amazing designs like Cyno or Ningguang that give of ethereal vibes and they are just common people and this bitch was supposed to be divinity? She looks like a background character. That one girl that dies at the first episode of a survival anime. Goddammit. I guess they weren’t lying when they said all the good designers moved on to the new Honkai game (look at picrel, he’s glorious). I refuse to believe that the designers that gave us Zhongli is behind this shit. Oh my god. I’m so pissed

No. 267049

File: 1672901527534.jpeg (1.55 MB, 2252x3132, F03EF5A2-04AA-41E8-8A1F-C3D2B2…)

it’s cute but feels like a fatui fan design. If they leaned into a more lady Oscar outfit meets steampunk I’d be over the moon. Her character might be sus like Kaeya because her eye is covered.

No. 267050

>enjoying Ei as a character
among many other questionable takes in that post (your picrel is bland and forgettable at the very best, not one thing about that design is glorious. the tree hard carrying.)

No. 267058

I'm genuinely curious hearing your positive opinion about Ei and why you like her.
My problem with female archon isn't that they're female but they're a moid's idea of a female and this lameass design shows.
The art style is neat ngl but if you read a couple of manhuas or followed few Chinese artists you'd see that this design is exhausted. It's as common as guys with long ponytail kek.

It doesn't help that the best stories of an archon and their people were male archons. Ei was a disappointment and Nahida is good/eh? Nahida wasn't insufferable but there wasn't something else to think about like with Venti we had Nameless bard, Jean and Diluc's ancestors to add the extra layer of depth and how they care about Mondstadt in thier own way, Liyue gave us the fatherly-like love from Zhongli to people of Liyue by making them depend on themselves and gave the extra layer of Adepti and how they still care and want to protect Liyue.
But Sumeru? Nahida? I hoped we'd get something from King Deshret(sp?) for the extra layer from Cyno and co. but there wasn't anything to think about just her and how that guy locked her. I feel Cyno (one of my faves) was useless in the grand scheme of things and Alhaithem/Dehya would've filled his position in the story which sucks. In his story quest it was better but that's not saying much, my boy Cyno was dealt a bad hand both in playability and role.
Sorry this kind turned into a rant/vent about Cyno kek

No. 267064

I kind of like the performer outfit, but it feels like a fanmade design. It doesn't seem like the clothes someone who's a goddess of justice might wear… well, unless she's an Ace Attorney character kek.

No. 267066

File: 1672908310643.jpeg (181.79 KB, 1080x638, 647D6647-124C-4FBE-8E2B-D9CBF1…)

Thought this could be useful to anons wanting to plan their pulls. Seeing this, I’m saving my guaranteed for Baizhu and no other character

No. 267067

Yes Cyno and his story is so underdeveloped. All of the characters in the Teyvat trailer thus far had their own buildings like the Dawn Winery, Jade chamber and Kamisato estate. Except Cyno. We also got barely any king deshret info and we barely got to explore why Cyno dresses the way he does (king deshret priest outfit)

No. 267073

not bad, she looks like a femboy

No. 267074

File: 1672911960277.png (626.44 KB, 640x1138, 5EFD148D-CD09-4BEF-AB86-2478C6…)

Another (Fontaine?) character leak!

No. 267075

now this is the most generic design i've ever seen kek, i hope the white haired girl is the real archon not this boring coomerbait

No. 267076

File: 1672912100805.jpeg (164.93 KB, 828x825, C0ABD18B-4DEC-4AA5-887B-CF86D1…)

Lyney and Lynette don't same to have changed too much, Lyney still has his whore-shorts and garters

No. 267077

File: 1672912257785.jpeg (295.71 KB, 1195x1343, D0640776-2533-453C-9E44-857721…)

Yeah I hope so too. She has cute face details

No. 267078

File: 1672912482462.png (2.42 MB, 2000x2500, 1672907377526.png)

Bumping because of cp on /m be careful noonas

No. 267080

yeah i kinda like her, she has an androgynous vibe

No. 267081

focalors is easily the best female archon design we've got so far
>not a loli like nahida
>not a mommy coomerbait like ei
>looks slightly androgynous
>fully covered besides legs (could put her outfit on a femboy and no one would notice)
>has an old school anime vibe, like rose of versailles

No. 267084

if tsaritsa was kevin the hunger for her leaks would be even worse than for ayato ones lol. seriously i want a kevin expy in this game a lot though, he is super hot

No. 267087

File: 1672915273099.jpg (380.89 KB, 2048x1207, abonpzeqx4s81.jpg)

nta but how about this guy then

No. 267088

That isn't a great feat when the other two are not only two of the weakest designs among archons but the weakest designs among all genshit characters. There is no old anime vibe to speak of here, these characters have very modern and generic looks, very Honkai Impact. They share so many elements they could all be skins for the same character.


No. 267089

cuck character tbh

No. 267091

yeah she looks honkai-esque but the only honkai character with a steampunk/french theme is a coomerbait with monster tiddies and an overall worse design. meanwhile focalors clothes look like something yana toboso would come up with, she has a bit of ciel inspiration and i think it suits her character of a bossy goddess of justice

No. 267092

again hard carried by the background - remove it and you're left with an ai-generated looking snoozefest. is genshin the first series you've gotten into that features disposable anime boys to ogle? I can't see how else you can be impressed by these.

No. 267093

like i know actual otome protagonists who look way more coomerish than focalors

No. 267094

well this is otto so canon
post good designs then. seriously what the fuck someone like you even considers "good"? already sensing some super mid garbage btw

No. 267096

>these characters have very modern and generic looks, very Honkai Impact
something tells me that people here have never even played honkai (or ggz for that matter) and just use it as a codename for every moid pandering thing they dislike. honkai designs have always been >>>>> than genshin ones.

No. 267097

Now, I need you to take Yana's name out of your filthy dirty mouth immediately… All your comparisons to things that actually look good due to being created by women aren't convincing me, it sounds like cope. The closest comparison I can give besides the obvious v-tuber dig is a Snow Miku contest entry from 2017-18, it's gaudy like one of those.

No. 267098

File: 1672917767750.jpg (2.7 MB, 4096x3276, 0230102047930.jpg)

the fuck are you on, it's literally the same outfit and genshin has a ton of female artists too
quick, what's coomerish or "moid-like" about focalors? how is she more coomerish than let's say the protagonist of code realize lmao mind you that's a female oriented franchise

No. 267099

File: 1672918498876.jpg (2.34 MB, 4096x3276, 02301033429969.jpg)

No. 267100

I like her for those reasons as well. Her coat is really cute and she doesn't have any retarded coomer armpit or booba window or thigh high shit going on, it's refreshing. I could do without the weird leg straps but I still like her a lot overall. It's funny you say that she reminds you of old school anime because I immediately thought the same when I saw her.
Anons who are whining about her not looking like a "real" archon need to realize that we have gotten that complaint for literally every archon so far kek.

Star Rail has some of the blandest, most forgettable designs I've ever seen. Love yourself and play games that have male designs other than "guy in a suit".

No. 267104

>it's literally the same outfit
So I was dead on with the cope part kekkk you really don't have to bend over backwards to shill whatever tacky bullshit you like as some sort of uwu femgaze girlcoded princely sapphic situation type deal. It's a bit cringe.

>we have gotten that complaint for literally every archon so far
And it's been true every damn time too. Venti and Zhongli at least have ~lore~ excuses for their lowkey designs, and for some reason still look more like what you'd expect from an archon than the others despite them.

No. 267105

File: 1672920022877.png (1012.08 KB, 640x789, hnujuyhi3l671.png)

Nahida also has a lore excuse (she's basically wearing her PJ's since she isn't allowed to leave her prison) and Ei honestly looks very beautiful and godly from the back. She just looks like a retard who forgot to put on her pants from the front.

No. 267106

I actually like her design.

Agreed, it seems like it's illegal in Teyvat for girls to wear pants kek.

>Likes Ei
>this bitch was supposed to be divinity?
How can you say that while liking Ei, Ei her design is so bad and doesn't even look like a shogun. Also the hydro archon seems to be involved with the law in Fontaine a lot, even joining in the court room. I think her outfit is appropriate.

I don't want to sound like a negative nancy but I think Fontaine will be like Inazuma waifu 2.0. I hope that atleast we will get more than two 5* male characters.

Looks like male Jean

I understand what you mean nonnie, the big difference is just that she wear shorts. i don't think that Mihoyo will ever let a girl character wear shorts that go below the thighs or pants that are baggy.

No. 267107

you still haven't answered my question, what's coomerish and moid like about her? please give me an example of a female anime design you like

No. 267108

yes her outfit is appropiate, she looks very formal and rich kek meanwhile ei looks like she works at a brothel

No. 267109

Ugh why can't we get a male character with this kind of princely vibe? She looks nice but I just know she's gonna be some tsundere girl with an unbearable uguu voice.

No. 267110

File: 1672922806469.png (82.56 KB, 580x580, 347skin1.png)

>what's coomerish and moid like about her?
The booty shorts + thigh straps that have no purpose other than to appeal to guys who have that fat spilling fetish, something like 20 other anons have pointed out, nonnie. Get with the program.

>please give me an example of a female anime design you like

Idk there are a lot that I like. The ones off the top of my head aren't going to be great examples… Dark bobo for the memes? This frumpy scammer fujo? Kikyo?

No. 267111

Coming from the front page, thought this was a new touhou character at first.

No. 267112

Not all 2hus are ugly either (even though most are). When there are that many a couple are bound to be cute. Whats that saying about the monkeys and the typewriters? Mmm.

No. 267113

I would wear focalors outfit, besides the thigh straps, the shorts look fine and they actually match her outfit. also you can't even see any ass because of that massive cape behind. you're clearly reaching for scraps and you just posted a loli, so it's weird you have such a vendetta against focalors

No. 267118

She's a grown fujo comic relief character inspired by shojo protagonists like Sailor Moon, even has a hot love interest that she groomed (based). Doesn't look any younger than folklores, don't project your own reaches on to me, nonnie. And I think it's less me having a vendetta, more you having a boner for her because she's like the first female character they've released since Hu Tao that didn't have her tits out kek.

No. 267119

NTA but that's not a loli and I also have vendetta against Focalors, her design is at the same time really generic and really overdesigned.

No. 267120

ah you're a shotacon of course….

No. 267121

if you guys hate the designs of genshin characters so much why don't you simply fuck off this thread? you're not allowed to like a single female character here without someone else sperging how it's for coomers. you even called yunjin coomerbait and she's dressed like an average lolita and you clearly hate any flat-chested character

No. 267127

Lolcow was never a hugbox what the hell are you going on about. People aren't even that negative, just saying their opinions. Maybe you get off this thread if it upsets you this much?

No. 267128

girl this has been going on for months, no one is allowed to say anything good about a female character without getting 10 replies about how wrong they are

No. 267130

File: 1672930757891.jpg (72.34 KB, 736x798, 99408ae5566ab006b2a6e7c8496640…)

No male archon no curr

The only thing i know is that the characters exist and some bronya slut wants chess pieces

Skipping all dialogues from archons now desu

No. 267131

File: 1672931035653.jpeg (45.92 KB, 592x518, images (2).jpeg)

No. 267134

So, so close to a good design. She just needs pants or at least leggings like Jean then she'd be great, no armpits or tits out.

Whoever's been leaking everything all of a sudden is a madman.

No. 267137

That's because every female character in genshin has something to please the coomers. Yunjin is cute but they made her skirt fly around while moving so you can see her entire ass and even a bit of her waist and anons are allowed to complain about it, just like they were complaining about the shit male skins. The new archon's design is cute but again she didn't really need to have her entire legs exposed, and obviously her characterisation will suck anyway.

No. 267138

File: 1672933328349.jpg (39.73 KB, 579x463, nclle8zbs9aa1.jpg)

Again the yellow lady but this time with more details. I like her colors, hair, hat, corset and the back of her dress/skirt. She has been cursed with the Ei stripper shorts tho and is forced to show her armpits.
I do think longer pants would have suited her better but in genshin female characters design standard she is not coomerish at all. Also they are very short shorts but not booty shorts imo and she doesnt have the big thigh spill as Kuki it seems. The character you shared has a very cute design but I don't we will get ever something like that in Genshin. I just kinda accepted the fact that female character will either wear thights, short shorts or dresses that will reveal panties very easily because of messed up animations. It's sad i know but I just have lowered my standards kek.

>you even called yunjin coomerbait
No one did that, people were just dissapointed about the stupid upskirt animation that she and Ayaka share.
You are honestely more annoying then the people who just say they dislike the design…
There only seems to be about 2 or 3 people who dislike it and i think they can have that opinion and have a valid point. Please just leave the thread if you can't handle simple discussions.

>Whoever's been leaking everything all of a sudden is a madman.
It's insane, I wonder if it's like an fired employee who just decided to go rogue?

No. 267139

Ughh it's the color scheme that bothers me, just add another complimentary color in a small area to break the monotony and I won't complain. I can't be going crazy right? Genshin has a huge amount of blue character Im starting to miss other colors.
But if her she's a great support (like other archons) I'll get her regardless.

>Rose of Versailles

Sorry I can't find who mentioned it (mobilefag) but isn't Jean closer to RoV than this girl? I have to say she does look closer to Ciel lmao

No. 267140

they almost had her, but the front of the outfit ruins it, especially the thigh highs. The back looks beautiful however.

No. 267141

>Genshin has a huge amount of blue character Im starting to miss other colors.
You are right about that, we have lots of blue characters and a lot of the skins are also blue

idk what this is supposed to say, why is it so badly edited i can see the other text behind it kek

No. 267142

I think her outfit would be cuter if she had a full skirt instead this annoying half skirt/bustle thing going on. I'm sick of seeing thighs.

No. 267146

This also to me seems overdesigned but for some reason ending up looking generic. Same with the new Kayea clothes before the 'reee you only hate on female charas' anon gets triggered.
I think Genshin really has a problem of the characters having way too many not cohesive details, it looks like player-customised characters instead of properly designed ones.

No. 267147

I heard this isn’t her final design so hopefully the problems are fixed.

No. 267149

File: 1672940348522.jpg (184.16 KB, 1080x907, Screenshot_20230105_193815.jpg)

These type of videos get on my nerves so fucking much. I block a channel, 3 pop up, block those 3, 80 pop up wtf.

No. 267151

I like the new archon design. But like other anons i think that it is way too much blue. I hope they dont coomify her outfit even more and ruin her like they did kokomi

No. 267153

File: 1672942697005.jpg (165.91 KB, 810x1755, 74211069182c167d0d2e21d5a44a51…)


??? I googled "Raiden mei" and this is what appears. Top design indeed kek

I always thought Raiden's design was vulgar but next to this shit it even looks dignified.

No. 267154

File: 1672943004536.png (Spoiler Image, 1.31 MB, 810x1080, outfit_acc_dolphinwhale_acc_87…)

Many Honkai designs are fucking disgusting, especially the skins. Genshin obviously has fanservice-y male gaze in it but it's honestly really tame for a gacha game, and any anons ITT who say that this game has better designs than Genshin are out of touch with reality. At least Genshin wouldn't make a swimsuit skin for any of the loli's unlike this yurishit coomer game.

No. 267157

Yuck, just yuck, didn't know it was this bad. When I used "just like honkai" I didn't mean the coomer element, but the design one. See how most have the black/white/color distribution on all designs? Compare this to like Gorou that has 3 main colors but extra small elements with other colors to make it fun to look at. Kazuha is monotone-y aswell but has the orange sleeve and chest piece thing to break the boring look.

Either nitpicking or tinfoiling but I feel that not only the original designers that made me love alot of characters are gone and so did the original quality control. I feel majority of characters are soulless, seeing the characters in the quest I didn't feel excited to get them like Jean,Venti, Diluc, Zhongli, Childe, Signora (LOL) Ningg, Beidou…etc. The only one I want is Alhaithem and that's only because I have a reverse Harem in teapot kek. Though I'll have a bit of optimism probably it would be fixed with a good story or something.

No. 267161

if you can't handle seeing opinions that differ from yours why don't you fuck off back to reddit or twitter where you came from? you're the problem here

No. 267191

File: 1672958624014.png (421.01 KB, 1140x490, my-image (1).png)

Felt like doing this for the female characters since they've become a hot button issue again.
(I haven't played since before the release of sumeru.)

No. 267193

File: 1672960042752.png (592.04 KB, 1140x488, my-image (16).png)

No. 267196

File: 1672961019407.png (588.75 KB, 1140x568, my-image.png)

No. 267199

File: 1672962140413.png (159.62 KB, 1140x326, my-image.png)

I turned this into ideal family instead kek

No. 267201

i like her even if her outfit is goofy and a bit on the overdesigned side. wish she had tights or something instead of the weird leotard-like looking shorts though :/

No. 267203

File: 1672964148585.jpeg (206.42 KB, 935x890, 62FB0242-BBF2-469C-9AD9-E24F69…)

No emoticons on lolcow. Lurk more.
Turns out there will be 2 factions in Fontaine. This lady is a geo tall female model who belongs to the Light faction. The dark/desolation (whatever they will call it) faction is this hydro girl >>267077

Pic related is a translation of a leak that was posted before the leak flood. Turns out everything they said came true, so as for now we might have good reason to believe the character gender inequalities with a measly 3 male characters out of 11. Time to doompost kek.

On a funnier note, the leak floods happened because of retarded team China, the ones who leaked the Wanderer gameplay. They wanted to create a huge leak as the famous one with all the characters in 1.5 but wanted to drip feed us with it. Someone in Team China went fuck it and leaked it all as a dump anyways kek. I’ve never seen such clout hungry leakers in any other game

No. 267204

File: 1672964364969.jpeg (644.13 KB, 1242x1400, 08A5F587-D94A-4EB1-A6CB-A86309…)

Proof of the faction thing. Leak is Icarus the team China secret leak forum

No. 267205

Gayops? From Genshin impact leakers ?? What a time to be alive lmao.
Any more lore on their conflict that got one to leak all?

No. 267208

File: 1672967862643.png (3.03 MB, 2795x1226, tierlistgenshinladies.png)

I didn't mind Noelle before the hangout event but the hangouts made me so frustrated with her. Dori's only so high because she'd be a perfectly good character if she had the teen/short woman model rather than the loli one.

No. 267241

File: 1672995422546.jpeg (249.04 KB, 1788x930, 8E9F0CAA-F2A6-44A3-A02F-86F591…)

Kek all I know is that the leak flood was initiated like pic related describes.
Some leakers have come forward and said that the leaks still have identifiable things on them and that it's dangerous to spread it for the leaker's safety, as if we care.

No. 267247

>Star Rail has some of the blandest, most forgettable designs I've ever seen. Love yourself and play games that have male designs other than "guy in a suit".
Based. People always gush over the guys in Star Rail but their designs are so fucking bland, I'd much rather enjoy the Genshin designs that are way more memorable than whatever Star Rail has.

Anyway, Fontaine having EIGHT female characters to 3 male characters makes me want to kermit but 2 tall males sounds promising. The female characters will most likely all look like those generic steampunk strippers with a one-note personality and no story relevance like was the case with half of the Sumeru girls. Who the fuck even remembers Layla anymore?

No. 267250

HSR and Genshin's designs don't look that different to me kek

No. 267255

What are your hopes for baizhus kit anons?

No. 267260

>1 boy
I hope they mean 1 boy beside the twin that we already know of.

No. 267269

File: 1673014376284.png (1014.5 KB, 877x854, ayakaskin.png)

Banners next patch will be:
-Alhaitham and Xiao (Yao Yao as new 4 star)
-Hu tao and Yelan

Primo codes:

Remember to redeem them today since tomorrow they will not be redeemable anymore!

I want him to be offield and be good in applying dendro. I hope his ult or skill has something to do with his snake. If his kit would include healing that would also be pretty neat. When will we get him, dendro is finally here yet i have heard no leaks for when he will be playable

No. 267270

File: 1673014429870.png (810.58 KB, 632x843, lisaskin.png)

bottom half of Lisa skin looks weird since it doesnt seem to match the top if you get what i mean?

No. 267271

File: 1673014687271.jpg (106.44 KB, 1600x720, Screenshot_2023-01-06-21-08-30…)

sorry to samefag as much but i also want to note that Ayaka skin is 4 star since she does not have any different idles or animations. I like the way how the back of her outfit looks

No. 267272

Her grandpa panties are weird.

No. 267275

she really does look like an npc with a wicked cameltoe… -3/10

>2 tall males
its just the obligatory regional fujobait you dorks will eat up even if they're both ugly and boring

No. 267278

>obligatory regional fujobait
It's such a shame that this is what Kaveh's entire character turned out to be. He has such a beautiful design but he is shackled to Alhaitham who is absolutely 0% my type.

No. 267280

kek keep seething

No. 267281

Isn't her skin just a lowtier 5-star skin? Jeans summerskin was also without new animations and such.

No. 267282

yeah same I can't get invested in a couple unless I like them both and alhaitham is boring in looks AND personality. kaveh is little more than his bitch boy, so I don't give a shit about him either now.

No. 267283

jeans skin is considered 4 star. only diluc's is a 5 star skin.

No. 267285

5* Dendro Bennett would be the dream, but I don't see that happening. So really just an offield healer of some kind who can apply a lot of dendro and doesn't have stupid high energy costs. I hate that we have no dendro healer and no real male healer besides Benny, I hate Barbara and Kokomi and Kuki is situational.

No. 267286

My bad! Confused it with one 4-star and one 5-star character getting skins but not always 5-star character = 5-star skin.

No. 267288

A 5 Bennet of any element would be a dream come true but after the first batch of 4 released we never got any 4 and barely 5 that could fill their roles. Let alone males.

No. 267290

>let alone males
but the only really strong 4 star since then was male (the dog boy)

No. 267293

As much as I fucking hate Ei I have to admit that she looks gorgeous from the behind, but then she turns around and it's just a mess. We've picked apart her design multiple times in this thread before so I won't repeat what everyone has said before but she's so far the only Archon who hasn't had to hide in some way yet they made her look like she's wearing undergarments.

I really don't want to doompost because I hate it but I have a creeping fear of Fontaine being Inazuma redux, as in only waifu characters being released and a power struggle between two opposing forces being the central theme. Sumeru was such a huge upgrade from Inazuma and got me hooked in the game again because the story was actually compelling and Nahida was interesting as a character, I hope they don't fuck it up again.

>Doesn't like Kavetham
How does it feel like having no taste nonnies? Oh yes, I don't care if it's shitty fujobait and people seething call Alhaitham ugly because he's gay, I love them, eat it up and ask for seconds.

No. 267300

>How does it feel like having no taste
you need to be asking yourself that question, not only for lapping up the lamest genshit bl ship but for thinking ei looks gorgeous from any angle. people don't say alhaitham is ugly because he's gay, kaeya is the gayest in the game yet also the best looking. it's because he's ugly in the same way as those star rail characters posted up thread.

No. 267307

File: 1673025732430.jpg (261.78 KB, 1444x2048, IMG_20211019_222409.jpg)

I don't mind nonas bl fight but could you be so kind to post pics from time to time atleast while reading the same words I can see new hot 2D men to add to my collection thanks heart emoji.

Original Lisa skin looks more dignified than this kek

Seeing this I wonder what's the bl trope they'll give to fountine guys, predictions?
>Mond had sworn brothers
>Liyue had friend and foe/spy
>Inazuma had rich guy and servant
>Sumeru had tsundere with kind bully
apologies for retarded names idk what these tropes are actually called

What if, the next one is something forced? Like one in each faction but one is caught by the other? I swear if they actually go for that trope I'll C2 both of them lmao

No. 267313

File: 1673027739928.png (582.49 KB, 950x488, my-image.png)

I don’t care what anyone says

No. 267315

I know but sadly he isn't as universally usable in teams as the others.

No. 267316

File: 1673028420779.png (735.02 KB, 1140x556, my-image.png)

This my tier based on design only. If it was also about personality/character I would probably change some positions. For example I like Shenhe her story so I would place her higher and probably would drop Kokomi some tiers.

Yeah you can only use him with Itto

No. 267317

File: 1673028816160.jpeg (109.42 KB, 1080x1080, 495026B6-9404-4976-9D6E-977E19…)

Yeah it’s a hate crime they never had kokomi come with us to enkanomiya. Her lore is so intertwined with the Vishaps and of course the country itself.

No. 267319

File: 1673029134949.png (610.13 KB, 950x565, my-image(1).png)

Actually glad to see klee rank highly in almost all of these because even though seeing little girls in anime games usually makes me uncomfortable klee is adorable

No. 267324

File: 1673031753375.jpg (455.72 KB, 1920x1080, siblings.jpg)

Klee's a child who actually acts like a child without being irritating about it. I wish they'd give her a kit overhaul so she was less clunky to play.

No. 267329

I will forever fucking despise Mihoyo for dangling the possibility of Kokomi descending from literal water dragons right in front of our faces and never following through with it. Even the Enkanomiya event was just about some event NPC and barely anything was revealed about Kokomi herself.

No. 267331

Yes I really like her design but I was dissapointed with just her story in general. Like you mentioned I thought she would be more involved to enkanomiya and also as a mastermind war tactician she didn't do much in the Inazuma war imo. I wanted her to overthrow Raiden together with the help of Ayaka so bad, but alas.

Klee both her design and character are cute. I however do not have her since I simply don't like her gameplay. I feel like she's kinda clunky to play like you said and I prefer Yanfei more as a pyro catalyst user.

No. 267336

File: 1673036168626.jpeg (43.16 KB, 640x376, DE43D0AB-4620-4B6B-939B-D7E869…)

It would have been easy to include her. Even the Enjou fight would have been a test run for kokomi. I think it would be cool for the lower ranking Vishaps to fuck off after they realize who kokomi is. Whereas the big ones would be offended she even shown her face in enkanomiya after water dragon dipped. She could even find out about her people’s past the same way traveler did and maybe apologize to tsumi lol. Idk the possibilities did seem endless.

No. 267346

File: 1673037055434.jpeg (348.4 KB, 1000x2000, FhcrZweVIAAG_3d.jpeg)

So we officially have 8 fontaine fems and 3 mascs

Confirmed ones so far-

- sandrone
- arlecchino
- focalers
- second-grade isekai slut
- lynett

And mascs
- lyney


No. 267348

File: 1673037585949.jpeg (925.77 KB, 1092x1256, 61E0FE66-FD7A-453B-8B8B-F845B8…)

any baizhufags here?

No. 267352

Thanks for the pic anon I love it

I'm a baizhufag but… have they redesigned him already? If not I hope they keep his exposed belly and overall color scheme.

No. 267358

File: 1673039254961.jpeg (346.65 KB, 2048x2048, FD38B794-4D84-4E76-9CA2-99E4FC…)

no redesign yet unfortunately. funny how the fontaine waifus already leaked and yet still no baizhu. its really easy to tell that leakers are predominately male at this point

No. 267362

>fems and mascs
? is this some kind of tranny shit?

No. 267363

File: 1673040761700.webm (2.95 MB, 640x360, Lisa_Walk.webm)

It looks a lot better in motion, but I agree that the panties look weird.
I'm not hating this skin though, it fits lore wise and I like the sumeru aesthetic.

No. 267364

Integrate, newfag.

No. 267365

Me x100 I love him so much and his care for Qiqi made love him even more. I'm really curious about his story, I can't believe we're getting him finally.
You mean there is a possibility he'll be in lantern rite cutscenes redesigned? Or will it be like Scaramouche, story first then redesign?
I identify as get the fuck out of here with your trannys shit, respect my pronouns plz.

No. 267367

Leakers have said he's getting his outfit censored for China, in-game data seems to suggest the same thing.

No. 267368

That was kinda obvious already, all they care about is their waifus (speaking of which I think the geo fontaine girl has to be the worst female design so far, bland colors and she looks like those vintage strip club girls). I can't wait to get him nona, I've been saving up for him and I really hope he's a healer or that he works well with Cyno.

No. 267369

File: 1673041475646.png (27.33 KB, 1047x148, 224412.png)

>his care for Qiqi
Qiqi doesn't like him because she feels like he's insincere though?

No. 267370

What?? What is there to censor? Shenhe's literally dressed like a hooker and most of the other girls are wearing underwear, why would they want to censor Baizhu? If it's the belly then Aether is showing even more (and it's not even lewd) and he's fine.

No. 267373

>implying leakers care enough about your tastes to do it on purpose
Your meds, nonna. It's basic maths being applied there.

No. 267374

Admittedly I'm not that deep in the lore yet about him, it's just every time those cutscenes in limited events, and last year's moonchase he was answering Qiqi's question like a big brother would and I'm a huge sucker for type of relationships (like Albedo and Klee).
Thank you for that btw, didn't know he was "insincere". Does that mean he's related to/is Pantalone?

I don't know if you noticed, but no tall male shows his leg either. For the longest time Baizhu always annoyed (male) fans because he looked feminine and potentially liking feminine guy = "am I gay?!?!??"

No. 267375

>REEe how dare you not like my waifus it's not true leakers prefer them even if they don't leak male characters reeeee meds meds MEDS MEDS NONNA

No. 267376

Don’t spread shit that’s not confirmed at all by leakers.

Baizhu’s data had "costume wic" added to it. Wic was used to Mona and Rosaria when they got a censored outfit. However, we should not assume Baizhu got censored. Wic could literally just be something mihoyo says for redesigned outfits.

No. 267378

First rule of leaks: male characters will never be leaked at the rate female characters are. It's been established that most leakers are men and intentionally want to fuck over female fans (such as with the troll rumors they have put out just to mess with them) so no need to doom over all the waifu reveals and those regarding male characters should be taken with a grain of salt.

There were literally screenshots of their private chats saying that they were doing it on purpose. Go contribute to the statistics, Y-kun.

No. 267381

Statistically it makes sense. There's an unfair female-to-male characters ratio so it makes sense they release more girls than boys.
>There were literally screenshots of their private chats saying that they were doing it on purpose
I'd like to see the source on that. Just because some nonnas aren't into cockmacing doesn't mean they're moids btw.

No. 267383

41% asap, Blaine

report and ignore, anons. this is the schizo troon who normally shits up /meta/ all day.

No. 267396

We don't know if Baizhu is related to Pantalone or whether they even know each other, but he's basically using Qiqi because she is an immortal zombie and he has some type of illness that he thinks could be cured by studying her - that's why he keeps her around. Tbh, I have a feeling that HYV is going to try to walk back on the implication that he doesn't care about Qiqi at all because it does come off as pretty creepy and weird instead of wholesome like the more recent scenes he has had with her during the limited events you mentioned.

No. 267401

It's like they intentionally avoid making anything cool. Will male players get insecure if the female characters are a little bit more capable or have a cool backstory?
I hope they do change that whole insincere part because I remember some event scenes of them together and the energy seemed so harmonious and slightly nurturing. It'd be so fucked if this grown man was using this poor, little dead girl for study and the whole time hadn't developed any care for her but only saw her as a means to an end. He'd just be another gross, psychotic scrote to add to the pile.

No. 267415

I just want to say the new "" event "" is probably the shittiest one yet, zero fun, totally useless, adds nothing and just wasting time. I'd have more fun if it was aiming at balloons rather than chase them in the blandest way possible, what were they thinking?

My dumbass thought this event (from the illustration) was the one with setting a bunch of gears that the fountine guy introduces but nope kek.

No. 267430

File: 1673081135185.jpeg (675.69 KB, 1242x1745, 5845C3A6-F82A-45B6-B880-0C9171…)

The 2 tall men turned into 1. So Lyney and one more dude. That’s all we’re getting. Pull for all the husbandos before 4.0 nonnies, cause it’s gonna be a husbando drought.

No. 267434

Lmao what? It's not just one tall male but also ONE short male? I hope this is a troll leak and not the real deal

No. 267438

Fontaine really is Inazuma 2.0 with waifus only. Gonna go for Ayato and Alhaitham then since it will take a while before we get a husbando banner. Atleast if we get any male re runs i can get some cons.

No. 267440

File: 1673085658104.jpeg (434.81 KB, 1647x2048, F4FC55A9-D895-4F83-B4F5-74A37D…)

Yeah, Ayato Alhaitham and Baizhu. Then I guess they might introduce Lyney in 4.0-4.3 since he’s (and his twin) the poster boy for Fontaine. Other than that who knows when we’ll get the next male. Spend your primos nonas

No. 267442

>2 male characters vs 8 female characters
This can't be for real what the fuck. I was so excited for Fontaine but guess I'll either spend 4.0 rolling for cons from reruns or fuck off from the game altogether. It's bad enough everyone looks like prostitutes in a steampunk bordello but 4-5 short females and a loli vs 2 males? Or 1,5 if it's true that Lyney and Lynette are one character? Fuck Mihoyo.

No. 267443

>Will male players get insecure if the female characters are a little bit more capable or have a cool backstory
Scrotes hate it when female characters show a little bit of agency or personality. Might explain why most short female characters are nothing but one note personalities.
What's with HYV and December? Every year it's the same thing: we had a couple of full patches with interesting events to look forward and every x.3 version is a total black hole that is just asking to be skipped for the Lantern Rite.

No. 267445

8 female characters and you know they're all going to be like >>267138, which is pretty sad honestly because she looks so ridiculous. If the leaks are true she's supposed to be the chief of a faction in Fontaine and I just can't take that seriously if she's dressed like a prostitute. Actually giving her a long-ish full skirt would have looked great opposed to >>267035.
I'm kinda curious about the bottom right character here >>267076 too.

No. 267448

Yeah but we don't know when he arrives, i think it will take a while since we also have to get Dehya and then Fontaine will arrive soon. Idk where he fits, will he arrive before 4.0?

No. 267449

this is just inazuma 2.0, in inazuma we had 3 males in the archon quest, thoma, gorou and kazuha, but after that they introduced itto, ayato and heizou (and you can say scara is still inazuma). and kazuha is more relevant to the plot than most waifus
sumeru actually has less male characters than inazuma, only 4 cyno, tighnari, alhaitham and kaveh so i wouldn't worry too much. waifus are usually treated as filler that's why they release more of them

No. 267454

File: 1673095923344.jpeg (121.57 KB, 990x557, 6C94CD93-50FD-4CBE-BB2C-E2062E…)

Leakers have guessed 3.6 for Baizhu for a couple of months now.
>sumeru actually has less male characters than inazuma
Yet sumeru feels so much more focused on female players starting off with a male character focused story and male banners. Inazuma had fucking Ayaka and Yoimiya dates. Fontaine gives me bad vibes with 2 factions that are filled with girls rivaling each other. Since mihoyo can’t write female characters in an interesting way, it’s gonna be as surface-level and retarded as Inazuma.

No. 267455

it mostly sucks because i wanted more husbandos with a steampunk/victorian aesthetic rather than whatever culture mishmash was sumeru supposed to be. following this pattern it means natlan will be more husbando centric and they'll have ugly aztec clothes instead…

No. 267457

File: 1673098605251.jpg (203.4 KB, 850x1132, sample_9b94ca8040d3219381a90ab…)

No. 267463

those cockeyed nipples. looks like he got a boob job.

daily reminder to stop wasting money on this gay game to any whale nonnies~ maintaining full boy collection is viable f2p just be patient

I fucking HATE steampunk and panic at the disco so I welcome another reason to skip all the fontaine characters

No. 267469

File: 1673104735342.gif (6.41 MB, 640x396, rap-zelda.gif)

Why his breast so big

>daily reminder to stop wasting money on this gay game to any whale nonnies~ maintaining full boy collection is viable f2p just be patient
But anon how else will I let mihoyo know that we want more male characters unless i waste money on every male character that appears

I really hope that Baizhu leak is true because all leaks around him have ended up false

No. 267471

File: 1673106670884.jpg (177.18 KB, 987x1220, IMG_20210930_112821.jpg)

I'll cry if he isn't in 3.6
Im not interested in Dehya or any rerun girl that I haven't gotten already and waiting until 4.0+ is painful.
It wouldn't be so painful if these mofos can write female characters properly other than diet yuri and same three personalities over and over but alas, I was attracted to this game through fanart and if I quit it I'll still stay for the fanart kek

Webtoon/manhuas ruined a generation of female artists, look at those Korean yaoi tits and how wrong pelvic area is smh. Poor aether getting the worst of it, look those hips dayum

No. 267473

you simply won't get them regardless because half the dev team are male coomers that only want to churn out more eyesore waifus. they'll make a bunch of money off whatever they release regardless, they don't care about your cuckbux.

No. 267475

>Yet sumeru feels so much more focused on female players starting off with a male character focused story and male banners.
I'm glad I'm not the only one who sees this, it's like they handed writing duties to female staff for a moment because all the characters were really compelling, Dottore was the most menacing villain yet, the female characters actually had plot relevance, the archon wasn't a selfish fucking retard like Ei etc. It felt like a different game. Inazuma was just a waifu showcase with a convoluted wartime conspiracy plot only some autistic fanboys would come up with.

Right? They could have all sorts of cool princely Victorian outfits and from what the leaks have shown and what you can make out from the shitty pixelated images it's just female Honkai rehashes.

>But anon how else will I let mihoyo know that we want more male characters unless i waste money on every male character that appears
This is why I time all my purchases during male banners regardless of if I'm going to roll them or not kek.

No. 267476

Sorry nonas, I still don't like baizhu. Everything from his color palette to asian grandma yoga pants is sore to the eyes. Also dehya looks like shit too, and I don't see a lot of hype over her outside of western communities either

No. 267479


No. 267481

I know you're the same nona who sperged because other people liked ei and focalors, so you must accept that not everyone finds baizhu's hideous ass attractive

No. 267483

Baizhu is most likely 3.6. The early game build leak we got months ago said we're getting Soutine (blue steampunk) in 3.8 as a preview for Fontaine. We don't know what we're getting in 3.7, it could be all reruns.

No. 267488

>other people

No. 267489

Honestly? I wouldn't mind if Baizhu is an evil bastard like Dottore.
Qiqi deserves better (and she's a poor baby) and so whoever Baizhu possibly hurt assuming that he is evil because there aren't any characters to hate, at all. Only Dottore is asshole enough to hate lore wise but who else? Every single evil character is redeemed or has a reason to be forgiven. It's like I want to hate some more, give me more options lol

No. 267490

Everyone in this thread hates Ei except for the moid.

No. 267491

hasn't hu tao attempted to have qiqi incinerated (forgot the word for when you burn dead people) several times? throw that strange bobble head child in the ground. nahida too.

No. 267492

I would actually like Baizhu to be a Dottore-esque bad guy using Qiqi to study for a cure too, we already have a wholesome big brother dynamic with Klee and Albedo so it would be a great opportunity to mix things up and make him a morally grey character. Also I don't like Qiqi or think she's cute so I guess I'm biased to not giving a shit what happens to her.

No. 267497

Get better taste nonitas

No. 267499

File: 1673117253355.jpeg (11.59 KB, 130x305, 9BC49A94-4708-4C9B-867C-144C5B…)

True and based

Another Fontaine girl. Just like you nonnies said, it’s fucking tragic how even with a steampunk princely set up, they still made honkai looking shit

No. 267500

File: 1673117293626.jpeg (73.36 KB, 744x788, 9AB10578-8E39-44BE-A366-9522EB…)

Samefagging for another leak. Gates from Khaenri’ah in 3.6

No. 267502

mihoyo is based for not listening to the crybabies and leaving alhaitham's idle with kaveh's keychain as it is. people will cry about the fujobait, but we know the female staff loves it kek

No. 267506

Are they all fucking blue?

No. 267511

>Only Dottore is asshole enough to hate lore wise but who else?
Ei. I'm never gonna let this go, never gonna forget the pass, never gonna not want this bitch in the ground.
Why party city steampunk in a French inspired nation? They really couldn't have done a google search? A quick search showed me Louis XVI fashion and they could've gone with that + reasonably sexy and not dime store Moulin Rouge they're trying to give us. Add well-placed decadence, take some rococo inspiration—This could be the region you have the most fun with fashion, but no!
They ruined my fave color.

No. 267516

>I'm never gonna let this go, never gonna forget the pass, never gonna not want this bitch in the ground.
Based. If you really think about it, Ei is actually the most villainous and evil character in the entire game.
>Egoistical, gloats about her body being "the noblest and most eminent of all in this world"
>Doesn't give a shit about her region, lets Makoto take care of everything including the cataclysm which led to her death
>Killed Orobashi for trying to protect his people from Celestia
>After Makoto's death, panics over having to actually take responsibility and act her part as the Archon
>Creates tons of sentient puppets killing them off until she creates the one she leaves in charge while she escapes to her safe space to "meditate" for all eternity
>Throws the prototype of the puppet into the wilderness to die there without a purpose because "he was too kind" like a psycho
>The puppet is confirmed to act exactly as she would so it's actually Ei committing genocide across Inazuma by taking away visions (confirmed to be connected to a person's whole being) and letting people be exploited by the Fatui handing out Delusions to manipulate the ongoing civil war
>It's confirmed that she was aware of this happening but just didn't think it was that big of a deal
>Once called out for her shit still doesn't learn her lesson about eternity never being possible but instead starts thinking of other ways to preserve it
>But it's okay she shut down the hitler puppet we're friends now!!
Like fuck people thinking Dottore is the worst, at least the story acknowledges him doing awful stuff but Ei we're just supposed to forgive and like with no repercussions coming her way.

No. 267529

Yup you're right, it's treated like a joke "Hutao chasing Qiqi with a shovel" bit kinda sad lol.

I don't even like her as a Qiqi but just find her tragic; dead kid who obeys orders and forgets everything? Poor kid.

Of course Ei is shit but you know what pisses me off? We're not allowed to hate her lore-wise. She totes redeemed herself guise, she drank Dango milk with MC guise doesn't matter what happened in the war we were in lmao oh and stopped the puppet or whatever shit they defend her with so we ought to love her now.
The fact that she's still painted positively after Scara quest when all of his troubles existed because she ditched him is just ridiculous.

No. 267531

File: 1673125633558.jpeg (740.67 KB, 2178x1990, AA882FDE-7971-4CE8-A155-9CBC51…)

>We're not allowed to hate her lore-wise
Oh yes this makes my blood boil. Traveler still dislikes Childe and goes around warning Yoimiya not to get close to him because he’s a fatui when they’re literally just playing with kids. Our last conversation with Scara is also the same way. Traveler still dislikes him since Paimon literally says "I still don’t like you" to Scara’s face as he replies that they hopefully won’t need to see each other again. I get that both Childe and Scara have killed good people and that the traveler is against that but it becomes so hypocritical when the game forces us to love Ei.

No. 267570

File: 1673140145531.jpg (273.76 KB, 1043x660, IMG_20211017_032057.jpg)

This is why I like both tbh. Going hard on characters that did wrong is great for story-wise morals and character development.
Actually, would it hurt them to do to Ei what they did to Childe? Just the scene in the dungeon weakened by his 3rd form added so much to personality. Despite all the moralfagging on Twitter on how "problematic" characters are, Childe and Scara get away even with those types not only because theyre attractive characters but they are great they don't even want to apply Twitter rules kek.
I actually don't know why I sperg when we all agree on our hate towards Ei
very beautiful Pic nona, tyvm

Oh yeah! Remember when we thought Dehya's splash art pose was a sketch? Turns out it's the real deal, saw it in a leaked channel but quickly deleted a bit after. It looks cleaner with some ribbons moved but same fanservice-y pose.

No. 267595

File: 1673153823931.jpg (323.18 KB, 922x2048, IMG_20230107_235538.jpg)

With Liyue's lore and character designs seeming so much more well researched and inspired than those of the other nations, a part of me wishes Mihoyo had based the entire world off China. You'd have Manchuria as the cyro nation, the southwestern forests for dendro, a silk road inspired pyro, the possibilities are endless. I'd just be worried about nationalism/one China stuff creeping in.

If Yae was really as smart as the writers kept telling us she is, Ei would have been made some sort of figurehead and had her duties handed over to Sara/Ayato/Kokomi/literally anyone else. I wouldn't trust her with running a hotdog stand after the shit she pulled, let alone a country (and it would tie into the themes previously established by the story too).

No. 267600

File: 1673155520347.jpg (156.08 KB, 885x1042, IMG_20230108_072252.jpg)

Samefag, compare this to

No. 267616

>praises liyue character designs
>ignores shenhe and yelan who are dressed like actual prostitutes and look worse than ei and yae
girl what are you on

No. 267617

also ningguang is annoying, has zero depth outside of "used to be poor" and looks like a generic dragon lady. and don't get me started on keqing and ganyu

No. 267621

File: 1673165424833.jpeg (85.92 KB, 936x1081, B99C6A32-75ED-441D-B9B1-5B6E8B…)

nta but retarded take

No. 267622

File: 1673165768104.jpg (1.28 MB, 1200x1200, IMG_20211009_115026.jpg)

I think the best part of Liyue is the teens(?) not the adults. XL, XQ and Chongyun are such a cute trio, Hutao, Xinyan, Yunjin all are adorable characters despite the crap they're put it (fanservice), if they ever (they never will) make an event about the Liyue's teens I'd die a happy gal. XQ and Chongyun being friends with Xiangling but not Xinyan infact she kinda pisses them off, both are annoyed by Hutao, XQ gushes about Yunjin, Yunjin is BFF with both XL and Xinyan and XQ teasing Chongyun is adorable af. I swear you can milk so much content out of them.

No. 267623

seethe your waifu is shit

No. 267634

File: 1673173356572.jpeg (47.65 KB, 386x636, 31D941D7-4C81-4153-8DB2-F25B25…)

No. 267635

File: 1673173387149.jpeg (10.96 KB, 100x400, 773E5B17-852F-4505-A244-C1B60D…)

Is this a guy with thigh highs?

No. 267636

File: 1673173563433.jpeg (12.93 KB, 148x328, 79CE5BF2-8AA9-4396-9E95-C2AC74…)

No. 267638

File: 1673174009243.jpg (66.5 KB, 596x831, ezgif-2-e951cc050f.jpg)

So are we just supposed to assume that literally every design coming out will be a, as one anon eloquently described, a party city steampunk outfit? This looks so fucking uninspired I would fully believe it to be a fanmade fake leak.

Yes, it's Lyney. Like Cyno he was revealed during launch when they made the chapter preview video.

No. 267641

Where did you find this leak?

She was already posted >>267138


No. 267643

Facebook, daily life of Genshin player page. It usually has quite reliable leaks but take it with a grain of salt.
Oh yeah, she was posted, that blue tint in the photo threw me off so I didn’t realise it was the yellow girl.

No. 267644

I hope this is fake because it's so damn boring. Lyney's a good change since it's a guy with tigh highs. I hate that they all have silly hats though…

No. 267645

Ain't no way in hell Hoyo is releasing Lyney with the weird child prostitute get up but then needs to censor Baizhu

No. 267646

They're not gonna censor Baizhu, his model will just get an update since it's so old.

I haven't seen that leak anywhere else so thats why I'm not sure if its real

No. 267647

Why didn't they give her a more badass pose instead of this dainty "I almost stepped on dog poo" one? Dehya was so cool and I loved her in the story but Mihoyo is actually allergic to letting their female characters fully embrace having a personality outside of coomer pandering.

I doubt they're going to "censor" Baizhu but instead update the design/model. He came out in 1.0 which was 2.5 years ago, the models have been getting gradually better since then.

No. 267649

File: 1673182496234.jpeg (45.56 KB, 466x659, images (1).jpeg)

I like how lyney is the sluttier one of the duo. We could have gotton trash like this

No. 267650

Yeah I checked it more and it is a fake leak. Sorry anons.

No. 267662

File: 1673194221167.jpeg (220.49 KB, 1080x1934, E0B56570-ED1A-40FD-AA99-0588E1…)

Very reliable leaker. The character Neuvilette we’ve been hearing so much about is actually a tall male! Might even be the only tall male. He’s important to the story and has a high position of power. He dislikes the corrupt hydro archon.

He’s another blue character so I wonder if he’s hydro too.

No. 267665

File: 1673194960450.jpeg (192.36 KB, 2732x601, 5D1C6280-ED6F-4198-9B33-0BEA8F…)

Samefagging with more info. Basically another Zhongli/Ayato situation.
>his body is all covered not showing any skin
I think I’m done after Sumeru. This isn’t even fun. The now confirmed hydro archon gets to have booty shorts but we can’t even see a neck. >>267035

No. 267668

So if this guy is from Fontaine, why is his clothing style completely different from the hydro archon, lyney and the yellow girl? I can't tell what kind of aestethic they're going for. He looks like he could be from Sumeru or a Fatui.

No. 267670

He looks pretty but he does look very Sumeru

No. 267674

File: 1673198296365.jpg (416.94 KB, 2048x1536, IMG_20230108_121451.jpg)

You don't have to personally like Ningguang, I was just using her as an example of a character with a well researched design. Her finger guards, hairpin, pipe, cheongsam, they were all chosen with intention and reference to Qing dynasty China. You could replace her with Zhongli/Xiao/Yunjin or someone else if you'd prefer, idc. My main point was that they took inspiration from China on more than a shallow aesthetic level, which is more than can be said for the Epcot pavilion level mishmashes that are Mond/Sumeru/now Fontaine (leaving out Inazuma because Mihoyo is full of weebs, which is reflected in its design). I'm not just talking about character design, either. It's not even surprising, they're a Chinese company after all.

No. 267675

File: 1673198698503.jpg (44.99 KB, 736x575, 06a01f735eb38665b577cf811936af…)


He do be dressed like a nun


Ideal cultures for all genshin regions

Monstadt - Europe (misc)
Liyue - China
Inazuma - Japan
Sumeru - SWANA (misc)
Fontaine - South East Asia (misc)
Natlan - LATAM (misc)
Snezhnaya - Central Asia + Russia
Khaenri'ah- West Africa (misc)

Or if they were to the stick to Central, East and SE Asia:
Monstadt - Tibet
Liyue - China
Inazuma - Japan
Sumeru - central Asia
Fontaine - Polynesia
Natlan - SEA (volcanic regions)
Snezhnaya - Siberia + Mongolia

Post yours anons

No. 267690

Liyue is a borefest and so are the overworked waifus of Liyue.
Monstadt - Germany
Liyue - China
Inazuma - Japan
Sumeru - persian empire, didn’t feel like the Egypt desert part was necessary
Fontaine - Industrial revolution England
Natlan - Inca period
Snezhnaya - Russia, tsar era
Khaenri'ah- more emphasis on the already existing Norse vibes. Scandinavian Viking era

No. 267695

I think so too, I think even if they moved studios they'll still be pressured to censor the 'sissy boy' and honestly I have no idea what was going through their head designing him.
Showing shoulders, showing thigh close to crotch, corset and tight leggings idk despite wanting equal sluttiness(?) for boys and girls in genshin this doesn't make me comfortable. Maybe be because he looks like a kid? Maybe the model will look older.
I think the only legging male character is Venti and fucker got femboy'd to death by moids, I don't Lyney to get this shitty treatment too kek.

Okok I'm the anon who complains about black/white/color honkai-esque color combo they're fucking my brain with but enough blue already! Yeah it's the common color for hydro and cryo but the amount of blue without any other complimentary color is killing me. It's fine to do colors that are different than the color of the element, like Itto sure he's Geo but has red, purple and dark grey more than yellow, freaking Childe is hydro and he's more grey and Red with barely any blue. Like you can't tell me they aren't failing character design aspect.

Sumeru screwed my brain, it has themes from Persia, Arab countries, Sri Lanka, India and the whole South East Asia in general which I don't mind, but why mix and match? Liyue is China obviously, Inazuma is Japan, duh, Mondstadt is German as everyone can notice but sumeru? Good god it's like they liked random elements and slapped them together instead of being independently one place that inspired them like the previous three.

No. 267705

File: 1673204968809.jpg (646.87 KB, 848x1300, 1657183591429.jpg)

Ngl I'd be okay with most of these steampunk designs if they were allowed to have long skirts or pants. Even a skirt with a slit like Ningguang has.
I don't understand women who hate Ningguang or Beidou. I assume they're nlogs ngl.

No. 267711

I'm glad I'm not the only one who is uncomfortable with Lyney's design. I think it's because he feels like really obvious pedobait instead of just normal fanservice like Cyno or Gorou.

No. 267720


No. 267722

File: 1673211885128.png (673.91 KB, 1738x1000, 8FDEF78B-D269-4991-B367-D0E2AB…)

To make it worse it’s the same exact pose as yae too

No. 267725

ntayrt but damn that's crazy cuz that's how I feel about women who like them. a bland yuribait couple, one with a coomer design, the other with a generic chinese rich lady look you've seen done better 100 times over if you've ever consumed other chinese media? I'll pass. not even the people who claim to like them actually like them beyond a super surface level i.e. reposting fanart that all looks the same. even confirmed nlog eimiko fans act more invested in their pairing.

beigguang is a pairing no one would care about if it weren't for the weird political nature of western fandom spaces. it doesn't have enough going on to give you a reason to dislike it and with that fandom obligation to support wuhluhwuh gaslight gatekeep girlbosses, you get nlogs pretending to care about beigguang once a year then going back to the bl ship of the day.

No. 267728

The people I see hating Beidou and Ningguang, not even as a couple but generally, tend to be the ALL WOMEN ARE GARBAGE fujos who think you're a moid if you dare say you don't hate all the female characters. Like what you like and dislike what you dislike I guess, it just reeks to me of nlog when even elegant, tasteful characters like Ningguang get hate.
It's funny you say Beidou is coomer too because yeah, she exposes a lot of skin, but I don't really read it as all that coomerish. She's on the ocean so she's wearing a swimsuit. It's a lot better than crap like Shenhe, Ei, and Yelan to me.

No. 267729

That's how I feel but with yaoi ships. They're all bland and all involve the same boring copypasted twinks we've seen over and over. I can't get invested in them because of how bland the guys in this game are.

No. 267730


Yaoi is only gopd for gay porn. Shipping culture is shit in general

No. 267744

Most Genshin fujos that I come across like Beidou and Ningguang or at least remain fairly neutral or indifferent to them. Because it bears repeating as the scrote always comes in guns blazing sperging about "fujotrannies" in this thread, exclusive husbando collecting isn't synonymous with being a fujo. from what I've seen it's mostly the kind of female players who hate every female character, even the rare good/inoffensive ones, just out of principle because they're taking space and resources away from their potential husbandos and then the actual homophobes (both female and male) who simply hate the characters because of the lesbian implications. The latter is more likely to hate only Beidou though since they consider her a "nasty dyke" and ship Ningguang with Zhongli.

No. 267746

I don't disagree but the yuri ones are worse since moidhoyo can't write female characters to save their lives

>The people I see
well yeah like I said fandom climate. if you don't at least pretend to like the boring animu wuhluhwuhs, nlogs will call you a womanhater. the only ones brave enough to do it anyways are a few edgy ftm troons who tbf do hate them just because they're female kek. hating male characters/couples as well as the women who like them for any reason however is halal in nlogland.

No. 267758

I wonder why the former never fucked off to other games like the Love Nikki shit if they're unhappy with the ratio because obviously the game isn't for their oversensitive asses.

No. 267761

What does Love Nikki have to do with anything? Instead of wanting more male characters in Genshin women should just shut up and go play a dress up game?

No. 267770

File: 1673227539328.jpg (248.59 KB, 1085x1425, IMG_20210919_010233.jpg)


I feel sorry for girls who can't ship their fave characters and have to hide it behind 5 flags and 6 lines of they/them PTSD type of bio otherwise they'll be terrorized by trannies, so sometimes I give them some slack. Then I regret it 10 mins after kek

>Mfw love Nikki isn't available in the middle eastern region

No. 267792

File: 1673236253375.jpg (2.66 MB, 1286x1800, 95525474_p0.jpg)

Jfc, this is it. This is it. She did literally everything that could be done wrong. Like you mentioned, we could even argue she's the reason the good twin died and because she was such a fucking slacker, when it came time to rule and guide her people, she gave it all up and ran away. Imagine doing everything in your power to avoid doing some work that you create sentient beings either to destroy or throw them away and never mention them again. And then when she finally creates a doll she likes, her dumbass didn't make a power kill switch to shut it off. How did she, a god, make a doll that's too st