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Previous thread was filled with words >>>/m/186682

Post your current reads, what you want to read next, reviews, recommendations, etc.

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Mansfeild Park by Jane Austen. I read it because I heard the endgame was two cousins but also that they only got together on the last page.
I normally read Korean webtoon/comics that are adapted from stories that are so poorly written that Mansfeild Park was a breath of fresh air.
In any of those webcomics Fanny would have ended up with Henry but it was just so pleasing to see her tell him to fuck off and he stayed fucked off. Maybe because I was rooting for Edmund and Fanny but I actually enjoyed their little moments even when Edmund was full SiMP over Mary. I like to think Julia and Yates ended up happy together and joined the circus. I don't understand how some people harp on about slavery. Like maybe i missed something but it wasn't important at all and it seemed like some people just keep harping on ot. I liked finding humor in some scenes like
>Edmund and Fanny commenting the Rushworth home chapel
>Mary insults it
>Julia loudly announces that Edmund wants to be a churchman
>Mary suddenly backtracks
>Fanny gives a soliloquy of the longest string of words she said the entire book about the beauty of nature
>Mary wasn't even paying attention
I'm also very upset that I've yet to find a good adaptation, but thats subjective.

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I know the spam hid the thread but we already do have one up here

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Oh shit, didn't see that one. Maybe this one can locked until later?

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