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File: 1676005423084.jpg (458.82 KB, 2048x1152, LzLs5eA.jpg)

No. 274808

HoYoverse's new space fantasy RPG. Currently in the final beta testing phase. Soon to be published on mobile and PC platforms.

Pre-register via the official website. Follow twitter for all announcements, youtube for character and story trailers, and twitch for new version livestreams.

Official website




No. 274810

here's the first trailer, "reveal trailer"

No. 274815

What's the ratio of male to female characters that we know are 'summonable' or however it works in this game?

I probably wont play this, don't have enough time for all the endless story gatcha games.

No. 274818

for now it seems like 30-40% male. slightly better male ratio than genshin's release numbers, i'm guessing from the characters introduced on the twitter account

No. 274827

here's a trailer with male characters in it. seems like their conflict will be interesting

No. 274828

File: 1676016120802.jpg (711.81 KB, 860x1860, p59LwGy.jpg)

here's a pic of two of them kek enemies to lovers?

No. 274831

The male characters look fine but the female ones are even worse than in Genshin Impact, Mihoyo just seems to be utterly incapable of creating female designs that aren't just a bargain bin rehashed Honkai coomershit. The playable male ratio seems to be closer to 25% than 40% too. The animations and the visuals look pretty cool though, if they just removed the waifus I would be interested.

No. 274833

File: 1676017550594.jpg (827.74 KB, 1200x675, jUDZe74.jpg)

tbh im planning on making husbando only teams. i agree that female designs suck ass, maybe some will have personalities that make up for it, but im tired of pretending the characters im looking at are not incel wet dreams lol

No. 274845

File: 1676021263963.jpg (750.63 KB, 900x674, Rs7SdFM.jpg)

100 more slots to final beta but the discord server is having a hard time keeping up with the spams kek

No. 274850

File: 1676023001337.jpg (137.11 KB, 1094x631, IMG_20230205_005344.jpg)

I'm gonna come clean, I have a crush on jingyuan. I hope besides the female mc, he won't be shipped with any other girls but that's too much to wish for… I also like yanqing, i hope they have a cute relationship

No. 274852

Girls who played it-is it better than Genshin? My problem with Genshin is sunk cost fallacy. I spent so much time on it and feel obligated to keep playing it because I already spent that time.

Honhon now that's a fine looking fellow. My laptop better be able to run it

No. 274870

Seconding this, how is it compared to Genshin? (Gameplay and lore-wise too). From the pictures the male charas look almost better than Genshin's tbh.

No. 274872

i wanna go in relatively blind so i didnt watch it fully but here's a vid with the gameplay in it. im not a fan of turn based games but maybe ill learn to enjoy it kek

>sunk cost fallacy

i feel this. i wont stop playing genshin and im planning on mostly logging into star rail during story updates instead of farming daily. iirc the artifacts have a 5-set bonus so not farming will cost me but kek i cant care too much

No. 274891

File: 1676036218573.jpg (420.09 KB, 1000x1481, dNjNNQR.jpg)

here's his introduction btw kek forgot to post

this official hoyolab post has his animations and all skill info: https://www.hoyolab.com/article/16249686?utm_source=sns&utm_id=6

he looks very pretty in gameplay tbh, im sick of genshin's rattails so it's so nice to see a beautiful ponytail on a long haired guy

No. 274894

>Thread #1
Very bold. Why did this even need its own thread that will die when it could have been discussed in the mobage thread?

The male characters look just as mid as the ones in Genshin. And Genshin characters are carried by being in a game with gameplay very unique from other mobile gachas. If you want a turnbased game with hot guys, don't waste your time with a Mihoyo game because there is a sea of superior options out there.

No. 274895

File: 1676038102598.jpg (748.85 KB, 900x674, dvIvryy.jpg)

first hate comment!

No. 274902

I will probably try it out, I likest most male designs. There are only a few females one that I like, some of them have a specific design element that female genshin characters also have (armpits out, thigh strap, knee high socks) that makes a bit irritated. Hopefully there will be more girls that I actually like. With Genshin I chose Lumine to play but for Star Rail I will probably choose the guy. I really don't like the skirt and thigh strap the fmc is wearing and I like to self-insert with female characters but I would never wear something like that.

She's one of the female character were I think the design is pretty compared to the others

No. 274916

Do I need a super advanced PC or something to play? I had to stop playing Genshin impact because they expect me to have a gaming pc to farm primos and look at my husbandos' bulges in a casual as fuck game.

No. 274919

File: 1676042882909.jpg (742.09 KB, 900x674, oUyu1UE.jpg)

star rail isn't open world and the graphics dont seem to require as much pc power (esl idk the pro terms kek) so i think you should be fine nonna

No. 275128

why are all the twtfags saying the male mc is ugly when he looks identical with the female mc, he just has short hair and wears pants(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 275184

Because they are all crusty moids who seethe everytime a pretty male character appears on screen

No. 275226

Invites have been sent out. How many people here got in? I don’t use twitch and wasn’t lucky enough to be chosen so I’ll have to wait.

No. 275385

Nonna, not every txitterfag is your ex from /v/. Moids in these games are lazy and uninspired. They only exist for some quick gachabux for their shitty storyline. Anyway, shit game. Not bothering playing this.

No. 275802

File: 1676392569888.jpg (400.7 KB, 1284x2778, BPlxjk7.jpg)

Sampo. His character intro: https://www.hoyolab.com/article/9132867

No. 275844

>that smug face
That makes him better and more original than 90% of HYV males. I hope we can bully him in game.

No. 275950

File: 1676444309627.jpg (204.61 KB, 1200x675, rUbUAtM.jpg)

news 1) we reached another milestone, so more rewards when the game is released

news 2) the discord extra slots event winners are announced on the discord "announcements" channel. here's the link since i forgot to add it to the op kek https://discord.gg/honkaistarrail

agreed nonnie i think too few hoyo males are anything other than calm/collected

No. 275986

here's a video of all bursts and skills. male ratio is about 1/3. 8 males and 17 females (excluding mc whose gender you choose). not bad for a gacha game, male only teams are not a dream lol

No. 275987

There already is a male only team - jbl (the lion guy - I don't know his name sorry, blade and luocha). has been op in cbt 2, in this beta not tested yet.

No. 275993

>not bad for a moid gacha game that wants to make a quick buck off female cucks on the side
ftfy, but still debatable

made in china fire emblem with less attractive dudes. AND it's tied to honkai impact, ebin. hope this attempt to cash in on the hoyofags genshit brought in fails miserably. op is a samefagging shill, plz ban again.

No. 276023

File: 1676486738761.jpg (131.67 KB, 1080x1080, Fo_HcavagAAKGTY.jpg)

I haven't actually counted recently but the last time I did it looked like Starrail does its character m:f ratio basically the same as Genshin, meaning the five star banners are approximately even but four stars are heavily skewed female

Anyway, I can see how anyone who's a lover of the genshin manlets wouldn't be looking at this game with much anticipation, but as someone who wishes genshin wasn't so full of very young looking guys, this game looks great for husbando collecting to me. I'm only really worried that the gameplay grind of it may be too much of a chore long term. I don't mind genshin dailies because I find genshin combat actually fun, but something turn based? We'll see ig

No. 276104

File: 1676519918325.jpeg (162.54 KB, 1004x1396, 8F6AA556-4115-441D-9C4B-503253…)

Suggest a better free to play mobile game then. I’m no Hoyo bootlicker but what gacha game isn’t trying to make a quick buck off people
Same for me but with Danheng. Unfortunately looks like he might get shipped with that Blade guy so I’m preparing to have all the tags blocked on release kek

No. 276155

I hope this flops and all the designers that migrated here from genshin goes back

No. 276219

mobile gaming is a massive market with thousands of entries, anon. I dunno your taste. we have an entire mobage thread on this very board you can browse, go skim through it or make a post there about what you're looking for to get some recommendations catered to you.

>no hoyo bootlicker

my ass. genshit is one thing but an unremarkable turnbased rpg gacha is not a groundbreaking, top of the line experience no other f2p mobage has done (better) before. the autistic urge to resist change is limiting your scope to the company that made your special interest game. I'll let you in on a little secret: most mobile gacha games are f2p turnbased rpgs! some have characters that don't look ai generated, some have a surplus of female writers resulting in a story that isn't dogshit, and some even pander to women exclusively, not to men with the occasional stiff anime nigel to tide over the cucked female playerbase once or twice a year. a novel concept, I know.

No. 276221

File: 1676578559925.jpg (64.52 KB, 800x667, JzC3Xyv.jpg)

even if it flops internationally it's not gonna flop in china obviously
get a job

No. 276263

Thanks for the suggestion but the majority of f2p turn based mobile games you’re talking about are just pngs gachas. You click a button and a chibi version of the character does a flip. This game at least has 3D models, nice official art, flashy animations, is open world etc etc

No. 276359

>Suggest a better free to play mobile game
>Thanks but I refuse to touch any other free to play mobile games because I've already decided they're all bad
amazing. welp, you and twitter-chan have fun taking turns bumping the thread with tired moid related discourse and infighting bait until you tire yourselves out bye-bye now.

No. 277470

File: 1677041240816.jpeg (193.25 KB, 1200x675, 24110AB5-EB73-4E69-842B-E8BBAC…)

Checked leaks and they keep adding hideous waifu coomer bait designs like pic as well as retarded lolis. Not to mention looks like they’re going to fujobait instead of self insert with the male characters which will make their fans all insufferable uwu “transboys” like prosekai. Maybe I won’t play after all kek

No. 277493

based, begone hetshipper

No. 277498

File: 1677054479327.jpg (326.59 KB, 2048x1152, wU832ox.jpg)

design complaints are valid but every gacha game has them. likewise, every fandom has those hetheys acting like theyre the headmasters of ships "because thyere literally mlms"
the fujobait is a plus though

No. 277539

>looks like they’re going to fujobait instead of self insert
Shouldn't you be used to this by now? Fujos are the ones with the fattest wallets, these companies are aware leaning further into self-insert schizos is a waste outside their dedicated otoge niche

No. 277577

>"we have the fattest wallets lololol KNEEL"
>also bitches about oppressive powerful yumes who force companies to delete yaoi fanservice in fujochan and fujo threads
Fujocels in a nutshell.

No. 277590

why are you here then? don't you have maladaptive daydreams about men liking your femcel ass to waste your time on?

No. 277596

>oppressive powerful
You're referring to a small, bitter group of people mass reporting things that make them seethe to the Chinese government, who has in the past gone as far as to arrest women for producing said content. Do you also believe Keffals is oppressive and powerful? Or the trannies who allegedly reported RedKatherine to the RUS Government? That behavior is coming from a place of not only jealousy over a fictional scrote but genuine homophobia and misogyny, no matter how strong your vendetta against fujos is it's disgusting to support or even simply feel vindicated by it.

And if you're going to throw the word incel around, I sure hope you weren't the anon who was shaming women for having boyfriends IRL in the husbando thread. Don't project your own femcel mental illness onto others.

No. 277600

Samefag, not to mention inadvertently admitting to lurking fujochan and the fujothread, hateboner in hand kek. That anon must be that pedo TIM who obsessively lurks every girlboard he can find and hates fujos, he has called himself a yume before.

No. 277613

Extremely based posts, thanks nonny.

No. 282630

File: 1678770493785.jpg (191.86 KB, 1000x1000, mNFI541.jpg)

White day? illustrations. Don't know why they're not detailed/dynamic like genshin's though

No. 282631

File: 1678770540491.jpg (208.62 KB, 1000x1000, 4meBUbS.jpg)

No. 282632

File: 1678770651757.jpg (237.02 KB, 1000x1000, J5JuIyW.jpg)

No. 282644

i dont play this game, but the idea of them personally putting ribbons on the presents and making it look nice is cute

No. 292301

So what do you guys think of the game so far? I enjoy the gameplay and the story seems fine. I'm going not pull on the current event banner because I really want to collect husbando's. This site has some good guides https://www.prydwen.gg/star-rail/

No. 292362

I went into the game expecting nothing because I wasn't really interested in getting into another waifu gacha, but I actually like it more than Genshin so far. The dialogue isn't needlessly drawn out and the female characters seem to have personalities beyond one autistic thing. And they finally stopped with the jelly boob physics, thank God. I'm pleasantly surprised.

No. 292479

File: 1682583091585.jpeg (195.13 KB, 915x1280, 596116.jpeg)

Thanks for the link! I thought it wasn't going to be that fun when I heard it's not open world but tbh it feels just like open world, just using teleport more instead of walking long distance. The combat in the livestream seemed complicated too but playing it, it's pretty to get a hold of all the character skills. One thing I dislike it how quickly enemy shields are regenerated but I feel like it's not gonna be a big issue once we start building characters. I like it so far and will probably keep playing it. The female characters walking around in their underwear is tolerable if we'll get good stories kek

No. 292480

File: 1682584356252.png (17.38 KB, 211x237, awd.png)

samefag, forgot to mention how adorable this dog is and how glad I am we can pet it

No. 292486

File: 1682588973023.jpg (222.08 KB, 1920x1080, 11222034.jpg)

So far from what I've seen, it seems to have better writing than genshin. Also it has some actually funny tidbits, like MC being obsessed with trash cans. In genshin the humour is very paimon-centric and we know paimon is insufferable, but here it has some really hilarious stuff, like the references to the metaverse kek. I expected march to be annoying, like paimon but she's pretty decent so far. Both her and danheng are very cliche and trope-y , but I can tolerate them and I enjoy the found family aspect. Kafka reminds me too much of makima tbh, but her design is cool. The problem is that most female characters don't look very memorable, I've seen some of the new leaked girls and they all look so boring and have cluttered designs just like honkai (bonus giant boobs). March, kafka and FEMC are probably the best designed right now. As for husbandos, i really like jingyuan, blade and yanqing but I'm not very interested in the rest (or any of the other leaked guys). I wanted to reroll for yanqing at first but since I can already get him at 300 rolls I decided to go with the first account I made where I got bailu. She's a strong healer so she's gonna be useful. The battle system is a bit tiring though and I don't have a lot of patience for it, not a huge fan of turn-based RPGs

No. 292511

File: 1682600045328.png (569.73 KB, 606x683, gepardblush.png)

Aaaaah my first 5 star is Gepard I'm so happy he is just so cute! i love his idle animation so much, pic related.

>They finally stopped with the jelly boob physics, thank God
Kek I noticed that too, they really toned down the animation. Some of the female characters designs I don't like, Bronya and Pela both look like they dont have any pants. However there are also some very cute female character designs. I really like Herta and Asta. The dialogue def is a lot better, it helps that we don't have a character like Paimon who just repeats everything and the female characters indeed have more personality then in genshin.

No problem and yeah I agree with the fact that enemy shields regenerate pretty quick. The dog is indeed so cute! and yes it feels like it's still openworld for me since the closed off worlds are just so bigg!

>like MC being obsessed with trash cans
Kek I really like how the MC has so much personality. I can understand that if you don't like turn based that it might be tiring to play this.

No. 292519

It might be random but anybody else find the size difference between the characters, specifically the women, to be utterly jarring? Its not my first mihoyo/honkai rodeo but its the first time im playing a honkai game on my pc and i couldnt stop comparing character models in the game and wheezing

No. 292521

not sure if this is what you mean but I think it's great that the short women model look like grown women actually. They're taller than GI model for short women/teenager. Only Herta's model stands out to me (and others who share her model if there's more, I dont have them yet) but I just take her robot thing as a child model anyway. I even like npc models way more compared to GI, they all have different clothes and all even though they share the same model. Even children look less uncanny valley kek and the playable children (Bailu) are the same size as npc children, they dont have the huge head syndrome GI has either. I think SR's models are a real upgrade to GI, can't compare it to Honkai Impact though.
Unrelated but I love how truly alive cities feel in SR. Npcs are just randoms minding their business as opposed to GI where if you can talk to an npc, they're just there to lead you to a game mechanic or say one specific thing about the city/world. I love the attention to detail, I was mesmerized when I saw/heard the guitar playing girl.

No. 292876

i can tell this game is gonna be grindy as hell bc so much is dependent on your TB rank and character levels….. and whay are there so few sources of EXP..?

No. 292922

File: 1682755890502.jpg (122.41 KB, 900x674, Fu0W9q3agAAtlg9.jpg)

What level are you? I feel like leveling one team is easy enough to meet the enemy expectations for now but I'm at level 22 now. I've been farming exp from the flower things and did mostly that other than skill and light cone materials. I think the game is not going to be that grindy especially with how fast the auto battle is on x2 speed. I'm satisfied with how easy it is kek but maybe it will become too challenging for auto battle later on

No. 292924

File: 1682756808951.jpg (229.09 KB, 1692x1080, 6282919112526.jpg)

as a tall semi-gnc girl stelle makes me incredibly happy, i've never seen a female protagonist like her in a gacha/any game that let's you pick between girl or boy

No. 292938

I just wish they had gaven her some kind of shorts under her skirt like what they did with Lumine. Don't click the reddit link if you don't want to see moids degeneracy but they are already taking panty shots of the female mc already. https://www.reddit.com/r/HonkaiStarRail/comments/132j8gl/funfact_characters_dont_become_transparent_while/
I really hate how just like the genshin sub reddit this one is filled with moids sexualising the female characters. I feel like the only place where it doesn't happen is here, so i hope this thread won't die. Do you guys know any other place for star rail that isn't filled with moids?

Once you are a higher level you can grind very easy for character materials. Unlike genshin where you have to wait certain days till a domain is open to enter it, you don't have that here. Also you can use the speed up and auto button so that in a few minutes you have used your "resin". This makes it a lot less grindy then genshin imo. My advice would be to focus on leveling a few characters that you like and raising there traces (talents). The relics you get in the beginning are very bad so its not worth to level them. With the light cones i would advice to level the lvl 4 ones and above.

These two are very cute together in the story! I'm still so surprised how well written the characters are.

No. 292939

>Do you guys know any other place for star rail that isn't filled with moids?
twitter is the only one

No. 292942

In my experience with genshin, twitter is its own hell, gendies have the rule over there and none of them even seem to be reading anything in the game (main story included), they just complain about what they see others complain about and sometimes thirst over their token female character while sounding like moids. There are still women who actually enjoy the game and wont attack you for your every opinion but they're hard to find, and I'm not sure if they're playing HSR at all. I hope this thread stays alive too because I'm gonna need help with builds and I dont want to dive into reddit to get tips kek

No. 292948

i think you can find a lot of guides on youtube for building, and i'm sure more people will post them outside of reddit. actually for genshin i never used reddit for any tips cause i know it's hell there

No. 293118

does anyone else feel like the designs are pretty lackluster here? the outfits feels so busy and all over the place. the only ones that look nice and coordinated are himeko, kafka, march, and F!mc.. maybe asta too. from the males, only yanqing and dan look good, but at least none of the boys look like they're wearing rags…

No. 293135

I really like Female MC's design except for one tiny detail which triggers me immensely, which is the retarded blue stripe on her tight (rant incoming).
I already dislike how mihoyo constantly forces most of its female characters at least in genshin to have an element of "zettai ryoiki" with stupid looking thigh bracelet things, but why the fuck would they make it bright blue in a character whose palette is completely made of black, grey and gold? I like female mc's design other than that and I really love the colour cohesion, so it peeves me so much why would they fuck up the colour pallete like that with such and obviously bad choice. It also fucks up the focal point, it's like you're being forced to focus on her thigh (gross)

I haven't had much issue with character design in star rail and tbh "busy design" is just how mihoyo designs every character so eh but this one particular detail has me livid

No. 293169

speaking of reddit…. has anyone joined the HSR discord and can report back the ..err… living conditions..?

No. 293230

yeah I would like to avoid the twitter community, I only go there to look at some art.

Eh I don't understand how you can only like fmc outfit when its legit the same as the male one. Only difference is that she's wearing a mini skirt with a belt wrapped across her thigh. I like most character designs except for the ones where it looks like the girls aren't wearing any pants (Bronya ect).

I have the same issue, also the thigh bracelete thing also has like no use? Like maybe if it was actually used for like holding a weapon or maybe attaching a pocket to it i would understand. But I hate it so much when they give a female character that useless thingie. Like you said its just there so that people are forced to look at her thighs.

If you mean the official discord, its mostly just 12 year old boys. The fan-creation has some hilarious bad art. Truely worthy to being posted in the bad art thread. But like I mentioned they are all kids so it's understandable it looks so bad.

No. 293284

File: 1682870375955.jpg (629.58 KB, 2852x4096, IMG_20230430_105810.jpg)

god i despise this type of fanart. we finally get one tall fmc with a very modest chest, but i have to now go through fanart where she is petite,stacked and sexualized. she's literally almost the same height as the male mc. and worse of all, this is fanart drawn by a girl

No. 293436

youre acting like the artist owes you drawing characters how you want them. if you cant stand it either block her or commission her to draw however you want. it saddens me to see women groomed into drawing women how moids wanna see it too but we have no say in what others can draw. better yet, you can spend time practicing drawing instead of whining about how not everyone will cater to your tastes and be change you want to see in the world

No. 293438

NTA but "people can draw what they want" and "people can express negative opinions abt said art" are not mutually exclusive

No. 293920

Is it just me or is the china area really boring? They tried so hard to make it elegant and pretty that they forgot to add in the humor from beloborg. Let me go through trashcans!

No. 294014

yeah it could use more humor, but i think this region is supposed to last through 1.2 or even 1.3. there's a lot of content left so im holding out hope

No. 294273

File: 1683233742131.png (1.81 MB, 1280x1280, gepard_render__honkai__star_ra…)

Been rerolling, got an account with Gepard- but he's the only 5* on that account, from the guaranteed pull. I don't know if I should reroll, he's super cute and looping his shield saved me in some hard battles.

No. 294276

It doesn't really matter. It's highly likely that all the characters are going to get powercrept in the future anyway (some even by themselves since this game is adding alters), so just go for husbando > meta. The only standard banner character who will stay S tier is Bronya because of her crit buffs, but she has a shit tier personality and forgot to put her pants on so who cares about her tbh.

No. 294278

Thanks nonnie! And yeah, I like a lot of girl characters in games but Bronya here just annoyed me with her permanent constipated look, lmao

No. 294290

i really want to know what they were thinking with bronya's design… just tights with nothing over them. seele too, her shorts are so short they look like panties. it really baffles me that some people find this attractive

No. 294297

All of the male characters in this game look so generic to me. Does anyone else feel this way?

No. 294306

it feels like they're putting the layers they took off female characters onto male characters lol people are coping calling sampo a whore design but he has twice as much clothing on him as any other female character, including the children. the ideas for males wouldnt look so generic if they didnt feel the need to make every inch of their skin covered. yanqing is the most eye catching design so far and if his head wasnt so pretty and he had the bulky build of tall characters he would look still look like one of the halal husbandos. not that every character should strip but it would certainly help if they didnt treat males like they come out of the womb with ugly generic pants and three layers of jackets on. somehow the fanservicy designs of women give off more personality than the boring male designs

No. 294315

yeah, blond guy is just King Arthur.

No. 294317

if you don't mind knowing leaks a certain leaked male 5* has a boob window and open back in his outfit so that's one thing to look forward to. hopefully they don't stop with just him tho

No. 294371

File: 1683291449823.jpg (30.85 KB, 382x385, FuoKvn1XoAAMSNa.jpg)

I'll save for him

No. 294387

he's literally why i'm playing this game kek. hopefully luck is on my side, but if i lose the 50/50, i'm pulling again until i get him idc

No. 294464

File: 1683343400503.jpg (694.67 KB, 1000x1465, ygMiLNZ.jpg)

I'm torn between him and Blade
>hopefully they don't stop with just him tho

No. 294473

File: 1683350089845.jpg (Spoiler Image,58.37 KB, 787x406, inDLWsX.jpg)

the in-game description of the "passerby of wandering clouds" relic set, from blade's POV. on a scale of 1-10 how fruity were they?

No. 294487

I don't know if I should believe they're really implying they were together or not. Normally I would say "oh they'll never properly imply a homosexual relationship" but I'm starting to think people calling ships in HI3 canon were not lying or exaggerating lol

No. 294529

the beloved is heavily speculated by chinese fans to be jingliu…

No. 294556

all the new units kits that we know so far are cracked, it's making it really hard to decide who to roll for as F2P…. I think silverwolf will be extremely useful for low spenders though so im definitely going for her. Cannot pick at all between the men bc they're all hot AND strong, this truly is the pits.

Who are you guys planning to roll for on future banners?

No. 294570

Luocha and Kafka really bait me with their designs. I will probably blow my savings on Jing Yuan though…

No. 294578

I'm definitely going for Luocha, I don't have Bailu so having another healer will be nice, and I don't have Welt so having an imaginary character will be nice

No. 294624

File: 1683434490359.png (684.57 KB, 2543x1382, thankwooooo.png)

Dailies in this game are so nice, we only get one and they actually have stories and are short but still interesting to read.

No. 294681

I'm sorry but I love the dynamic between kafka and blade. I love villain ships, especially when the female character just does whatever she likes while the guy is just there for the ride. Like Morticia and Gomez. It activates something in me. I honestly do not care if they are canon or not kek I just love them.
I know it's still mihoyi but I love it when they let female characters have their own ship tease instead of just being waifus for scrotes.

No. 294709

No. 294710

you guys can't let a character breathe for one second before you start with your dumb ships, good remainder to stop playing this game

No. 294715

Hope they have good content in the future. I feel like all three Blade ships have good potential despite not having too much content on him kek he's the loverboy

get off the thread

No. 294725

go to the couples thread this is about the game and characters not the ships

No. 294732

I ship myself with jingyuan and blade fuck all of you

No. 294733

Almost like we like the characters and enjoy sperging about them
Agreed blade/Dan works for rivals to lovers and blade/jingliu for the people who like angst.

No. 294760

Boo, it's nice to see a het ship once

No. 294765

with that coomerbrain character kafka? i hate her ass

No. 294766

omg mommy milkers kafka and her boy toy blade team rocket like shut the fuck up

No. 294768

Are you 13? It's just a fictional character

No. 294769

you guys are really just shipping shit for some faux feminism, multiple staff members are jerking off at kafka and she's waifubait with coom maxxed makima clone
blade was made for the female audience, so leave him out of this

No. 294770

no you are annoying, that ship is ass and kafka is an ass character

No. 294771

like why would you ship your husbando with another woman is BEYOND ME, and not just a random woman but with someone that's out of a playboy magazine i don't understand what's going on in your brain to enjoy that shit

No. 294774

>go to 4chan
>sperging and seething over male characters
>go to lolcow
>sperging and seething over female characters

No. 294775

Literally who are fujoshi?

No. 294777

also terminally coombrained, and they're also part of the problem however at least they don't fantasize about other women

No. 294778

This thread made me realize that I believed in only the best from other women, but some of you are trying extra hard to emulate neckbeard otaku who don't touch grass with their cuckposting and hatred of the opposite gender.

No. 294779

>hatred of the opposite gender
okay go ahead and claim i have internalized misogyny because i don't like seeing my husbando shipped with other women and i don't understand the appeal, especially with women who are made for the moid gaze. would you like seeing your irl bf with other women?? of course you wouldn't, does that mean you have internalized misogyny too? or are you a bihet/lesbian claiming that all women should be gay? i'm not allowed to fantasize in peace about fictional men without some of you ruining it just because you can't stop thinking about men and women having sex??

No. 294781

you have to ask yourself what's exactly so enjoyable about shipping hot 2d men with women who are completely unrelated to you, i swear i feel like i'm from another planet because this makes no sense. even yaoi is easier to understand because at least it's two hot men, but why would you fantasize about another woman?

No. 294784

aaaaand the thread's gone to shit. great job everyone

No. 294786

kek i'm surprised it didn't happen sooner tbh

No. 294797

File: 1683503820856.jpg (1.14 MB, 4096x2304, 1308019.jpg)

lol yeah disappointed but not surprised given the games proximity to genshin, that thread is always a trashfire

If you can't handle seeing someone post a stupid ship that's not whatever kind you like without devolving into a sperg rant you need to stay in a containment thread for whatever specific fujo/yume/het shit you like

No. 294802

LOL If discussion were about m/m, whole thread would eat that shit up, but as soon as wom*n is mentioned, the sperging begins. Just like in the genshit thread.

No. 294823

>let me do what i want
>but you cant do anything you want unless i approve
how do you all function in real life? do you even have conversations with people outside of imageboards? how do you compare a fictional character to a real boyfriend and not get whiplash from your own words lol move to the husbando thread and be delusional there

No. 294832

File: 1683524431741.jpg (Spoiler Image,76.33 KB, 1280x720, dfxvr03vv2wa1.jpg)

in the full descripton of the item it says "A slender yet strong hand once wore the other bracer. That owner, whose sharp spear glinted with a cold light and flourished like shooting stars, once sparred with the unnamed" den heng has a spear so thats why people assumed it was him, idk if this leak is accurate but according to it jingliu has a sword. maybe chinese fans have a different reason to think it's her tho idk.

No. 294846

File: 1683525068968.jpg (60.1 KB, 649x581, Kv5LTN3.jpg)

I thought the bracer was referring to this but Danheng's still wearing it, he might have forgotten its powers and it's how they found him/express maybe? Regardless of who it is I'm so ready for Bladie story though. Hopefully we get a personal story or something in the update

No. 294848

the one anon who's actually playing this shit chink game is samefagging up a storm in here. I don't believe for one second that the >fight that just happened even involved a second person. we are witnessing schizophrenia.(racebaiting)

No. 294851

File: 1683526213409.jpg (116.62 KB, 1280x1280, 0f1ba0f7cccd7e83821b42d7e9625b…)

>he might have forgotten its powers and it's how they found him/express maybe
that's an interesting idea, I assumed it's rather that he can't pinpoint his location with it anyway so den heng decided to keep the bracer as a suvnoiur or something lol.
and same, I hope they don't half ass his story to make it more palpable to players.

No. 294852

tbh blade/dan past is the only interesting thing that im looking forward to in Xianzhou arc. Right now it just feels so… impersonal compared to Belobog. I want to get emotionally invested in Xianzhou too but there isn't much going on so far.

No. 294867

Bump dont scroll down

I think so too, wasn't there a troon shitting up the genshin thread with discussions similar to this? Maybe it's the same troll

No. 294874

File: 1683532937446.jpg (465.23 KB, 785x2048, FvWAdPPagAAXnhF.jpg)

I also want to know Blade/Dan Heng the most because I like Dan Heng too but the other connections have potential to be written well to create his personality and motives. Why is he following Kafka around and obeys her? What's with his friendship with Jingyuan? Also I think the stellaron hunters' dealings in Xianzhou are interesting, and JY/Blade understanding each other's motives could be an interesting reason why JY let him go. I agree with the Belobog vs Xianzhou part. We'll likely get similar stories to "slices of life before the furnace" series which I adored. After the main story in XZ finishes though, which I don't know when it will happen

No. 294876

File: 1683534483280.png (42.98 KB, 1090x533, lore.png)

>Why is he following Kafka around and obeys her?
all of the passerby of wandering cloud item descriptions have some part of blades story although vauge. it's pretty obvious 'the woman in sunglasses' is kafka, the quastion remains what she offered him

No. 295026

maybe i just like the dynamic? i ship m/m too in other fandoms but none have interested me much in honkai except maybe male mc x gepard or male mc x welt and blade x dan. I like march/female/dan too. It's more about me liking how characters interact than anything.
i don't understand all the moralfagging related to ships? do you do the same with shipping tropes too like trying to say friends to lovers is more sophisticated than enemies to lovers kek. sounds very exhuasting. either way it's women writing all the fanfics and making the fanart.

No. 295229

spoilered for leaks

i've been looking at the leaked character roster and so far not a single male harmony character is slated, as well as not a single shielder or healer besides gepard/luocha… there also isn't much diversity in element coverage(mostly imaginary males) i hope we get surprise units and/or they change them before release, but so far its not looking good for husbando pullers in terms of team comp

No. 295255

File: 1683664047742.png (Spoiler Image,22.46 KB, 828x447, 62mt5cywbuya1.png)

it could just be hearsay but allegedly we'll be getting a male fire support at some point in the future, picrel, so i'm feeling cautiously optimistic on the husbando front, especially with that description of his appearance.

No. 295305

>facial hair
damn…I've always appreciated how most anime shit seems to share my hatred of it, crossing my fingers its on the minor side, like having some stubble

No. 295383

screaming, crying, throwing up, etc.

No. 295385

When it cut to him training Yanqing… I want to be Yanqing's step mom and give him siblings. Also the EN vid if anyone else finds his JP voice as off putting as I do. Apparently this type of promotion is not uncommon for Honkai series? Hopefully they put out more

No. 295446

Gepard is truely so amazing, im glad i got him i can literally clear simulated universe so easily with him. He just tanks everything, I hope that everytime I lose my pity i will get him. Gepard my beloved…

This is so cool! Good luck to all the nonnies who are pulling for him. I will get him for sure even though i have no idea what his kit is kek

No. 295466

File: 1683738398897.png (88.79 KB, 354x569, asswindow.png)

sage for dumb post since we all know that women's outfits in this game are somewhat retarded(see bronya)but i just noticed that natasha's back has an asswindow. as if seeing her front and her tits wasnt enough.wtf is this

No. 295468

I really like her as a character but her design is just next level retarded. it seems to be a clusterfuck of "which part of the female body do moids like to see?" without giving any thought to make a comprehensive design

No. 295861

File: 1683881995368.png (30.17 KB, 737x593, 2nzexx8oibza1.png)

saw this while browsing reddit (i know) and thought it was interesting. thoughts, nonnas?
i think the darker parts could have lended themselves to the ending of the Belobog arch a little better–considering Bronya's ultimate decision in regards to the Cocolia situation–but then i can see how rock cancer and hundreds of years of isolation, due to what i assume was the product of some flavor of religious zeal, could have been a little much for a game like this.

No. 295879

File: 1683887941447.jpg (126.05 KB, 1200x800, lWV9Ejh.jpg)

I like the more relaxed story to be honest. I think 10 years of the two parts of the city being sealed is a better choice because it would be too heavy to be solved so quickly if it was centuries. People actually remember each other the way it is now, otherwise it would be too complicated. The rock cancer reminds me of Arknights that has much heavier writing and actually has serious long standing conflicts in its story and yeah, it would be way too heavy for Star Rail imo. Add in the hatred being brewed for centuries between the citizens and it's just not a story fit to be told as your entrance to this magic world. We wouldn't be having the happy reunion cutscenes at the end because there would still be too many in-city conflicts and problems to be solved, which I think ended Belobog's story in a great note. Also I prefer Hook to be happy with her father. I think Mondstadt in Genshin was also more chill than other places, an easier introduction to the game seems to be working well to hook the player in without throwing you realistic political issues. The city would feel more hostile too and from my Genshin experience I still hate Inazuma because it feels so oppressive even after we fixed it. Also, again in the topic of Hook, she felt like a breath of fresh air and showed the life of the city. Children being children could be told as fun side stories because they weren't being treated as demons or seeing everyone die of rock cancer. I have a feeling Belobog will continue to be the place most players feel at home, other than the Express.

No. 295894

I'm unable to wait for my man Luo Cha. I want him now. I need him. How do I cope knowing it's a month away before I can see him.

No. 295914

i've found it easiest to while away the time by keeping myself busy. if you haven't already, you could start farming relics for a decent build and mats for his levels and traces, and begin planning your team.
outside of in-game busy work, you could engage with the fandom side of the game, if you don't mind wading through a lot of bullshit. you could collect fanart of him that you like, draw him yourself, or start putting together a playlist inspired by him. if you're a writer, you could write about him.
the waiting game is a hassle, but that doesn't mean it has to be painful, too. staying occupied will make the time pass more quickly, and before you know it his banner will be right around the corner!

No. 295980

These trailers make me want him so bad. In both ways. At first I disliked Yanqing being so young because I always find it weird that asian stories are obsessed with characters being the best and achieving everything at 13 but now seeing Jing Yuan interacting with him I feel like he's good to show us dilf JY kek

No. 296004

Doesnt matter since luocha is op, husbando team jbl is op and imaginary element is likewise op lol

No. 296005

perhaps i will go insane

No. 296378

I downloaded to test it out but I was really shocked of how unoriginal characters designs were, Serval looks like that main girl from my darling cosplay or w/e and Kafka looks like the red hair from chainsaw man and so on and so forth
The game is fun! Got Gepard and Yanqing, waiting for Jing Yaun like everyone here kek
Gepard and Serval being siblings made me forget her lazy design cool big sister ftw and Kafka's Chemistry with Villains did the same. This game really grew on me in the past week.

No. 296495

>lazy design
I felt like Serval's design was too creative kek I like the idea of her rockstar personality and her past personality both showing through her outfit but making it literal half and half made it seem too much. Tbh most designs, especially female, seem like random cool looking outfit parts thrown together without attention to comprehension. I'm hoping next few places we'll visit will have more thought put into the design elements and less random bullshit go mentality kek

No. 296503

File: 1684143568645.jpg (101.64 KB, 1200x675, My-Dress-Up-Darling-Episode-10…)

I like her lab coat thing side on her right and black Rockstar on the left, really cute and smart idea, but before I downloaded it and saw character splash art and thought it was picrel.
Ngl she grew on me and her character is sweet but I don't know if it's my fault for immediately connecting Hsr characters to other media or because they intentionally took likeness to drum up waifu/husbando people's hype. (can't say it isn't effective lmao)

Also Playstation sisters I heard it coming in patch 1.1, no JY but atleast you can get Blade and Luo-nice hair-cha.

No. 296716

nonnas should i save up for future characters (like blade, luocha, kafka) or just go wild and spend all the pulls i have rn on jingyuan. he looks so good, but i feel like i won't use him a lot\have a lot of fun playing him. same kinda happened to me with zhongli in genshin. i adore his story and design, but don't enjoy his playstyle…

No. 296720

i'd say test him out in the preview before making any final decisions, and if he still doesn't sit right with you after you get a better sense of his play style, go ahead and keep saving for a different fave. you can always scratch your JY itch by borrowing him from someone else as a support unit, if you ever want to fool around with him in the future.

No. 296728

that makes sense, i totally forgot about the support feature. thank u kind nonna!!

No. 296766

for all it matters, im glad that they changed the geomarrow thing. geomarrow causing cancer would have been too close to arknights and oripathy.

No. 296854

Are lightcones in Harta's store any good? I read the effects and they don't seem better then the 3 stars but I am still a noob so I was wondering whether to get one of them or buy 5 star rail passes

No. 296864

out of the three, i've heard the hunt one is pretty good. seen a lot of support Seeles with it, too

No. 296893

File: 1684345177977.png (22.2 KB, 1117x341, screenshot.png)

kek nice. have any nonnies pulled for him yet? what do you think of him so far?
i'm in the NA server (rip), so i still have a few hours before i can get my hands on him.

No. 296907

I'm in NA too and can't wait goddammit, prefarmed everything and ready for him and his lightcone, good luck nonna!

Sorry for bringing up Genshin in this thread but is it like Raiden's sales? I have some type of autistic interest in sales, hope we see approximate graphs

No. 296910

I tried pulling for him and I got Himeko instead. I didn't pull on the previous banner either, I have really bad luck I guess. Right now I'm grinding quests so that I can do more pulls. I'm not to worried because I'm pretty sure I have enough time to get him before his banner ends but still it makes me sad

No. 296914

i can't imagine he's that far behind Seele–she certainly didn't crash any servers like our boy did!–but hopefully we don't have to wait very long to find out. maybe if the sales are big enough, it'll finally incentivize Mihoyo to put out more male characters more often. a girl can dream…
:( my condolences, nonna. is Himeko at least a new unit for you? or is she a dupe?

No. 296919

Thank you, I didn't have Himiko before but I am a husbando collector so I would have preffered if I would have gotten a male character (that isn't gepard because I already have him. Atleast her design isn't that bad, she looks elegant imo so i might build her anyway.

>Seele–she certainly didn't crash any servers like our boy did

About her sales, they are high because they include all top ups including for the standard banner and the battle pass ect. Whales want to get all the standard characters so they drop a lot of money in the first patch, so those revenues are included in the random pictures that people have been sharing online about her supposely sales. So in summary her sales aren't actually that high in reality, so don't worry about trying to compare it since stuff like that is inaccurate. Sadly we have no accurate way of knowing how much a banner sales, but the fact that they made the server crash probably is a sign that indeed a lot of people are trying to get Jing Yuan!

No. 296959

ah that’s too bad… i’m the >>296716 and i registered a new account with an asian server today, demo-ed him, ended up liking his game play a lot, pulled for him from my main account and… got a second gepard lol & a bunch of 4 stars. it’s a shame but also it’s also fine, i think now i’ll just calmly collect more wishes and try my luck again on next banners lol. good luck with ur future pulls! fingers crossed u get him nonna after all!!

No. 296975

193 tickets later, i now have a Clara dupe, JY, and his light cone (that i was fortunate enough to get on the 40th pull). i have never felt poorer (in game currency) in my life kek. i'll be stuck in save mode for a long time after tonight, but i have him! by god, i have my husbando and it's so worth it!

No. 297094

Thank you anon, im sorry about your pulls and I also wish you good luck with saving and pulling for the future characters you want!

Congrats! I heard his cone is super good

No. 297187

Sage for rant

actual mental illness on display on both YouTube and reddit after JYs release. Literally every other video and post downplaying his strength and yelling about "DPS are all replaceable"… I even saw someone say E6 Serval is better than him (as if anyone has E6 Serval right now). funny how seele got praised to high heavens but this is the reaction JY gets… hmm i wonder what it could be that's different about them, real mystery

No. 297231

File: 1684477326655.jpg (298.77 KB, 1583x1111, CNTjyrK.jpg)

KEK never listen to any male youtuber. Sorry for genshinposting but since their fanbases clash so much I was already expecting this. They either assume everyone spends money with their dicks so everyone has every single fanservicy female character or just cant stand seeing a male character made for women be so good so now they have to get that character for meta purposes.

No. 297251

if they don't give a shit abt the character that's fine, but every time someone makes a positive or even neutral post abt jingyuan's gameplay or strength, there's a bunch of dudebros going "mommy kafka better" without fail, every damn time. like, nobody is talking abt kafka why the hell are you bringing her up??? they're even comparing banner sales like retarded kpop stans. honestly i think i just need to get off reddit, my fault for even looking at the main sub.

No. 297253

File: 1684485196703.jpg (23.83 KB, 654x408, Untitled.jpg)

sage for design character sperg but I found out why Clara is barefoot and it's the dumbest thing they could think of. I saw a theory saying that the reason she can walk around on snow no problem is due to her being experimented on by Vache for blizzard immunity which would at least make sense. But the reason is because "she isn't used to wearing shoes so she twists her ankles uwu" LIKE WTF. Just a fucking stupid reason to show a little girl's feet ig

No. 297256

they're seething because jingyuan had more pulls than seele and a lot of seele's sales come from whales trying to get the other standard characters lol

No. 297264

Source nonna? It's awfully quiet on my feed rec

No. 297285

kek i thought it was very interesting how there was a sudden upsurge of redditors complaining about other users–assumedly women–celebrating their pulls of JY by posting pics. as if every redditor and his little brother wasn't verbally masturbating about their Seele pulls until the very last minute of her banner. the absolute state of moids and their compulsion to dick measure when it comes to male characters doing well~ talk about jealousy! i'm not surprised at all that scrote youtubers are downplaying JY's viability, birds of a feather and all that.

No. 297326

lol nothing against gepard x stelle i love gepard but it looks like some fanartists are trying to recreate chilumi with a different flavour (i prefer the dynamic in my head) and i've seen literally no stelle x blade or stelle x jingyuan wtf

No. 297454

tbf MC spoke with jingyuan like. twice. and only briefly saw blade so there's very little to go off of in terms of dynamics

No. 297473

she barely spoke with gepard too, the mc x character interaction feels wildly limited. but the belobog quest just keep shilling mc x natasha for some reason…. i don't really like that

No. 297474

march is starting to act like paimon

No. 297524

it's a shame, but i mean, she is technically the mascot…

No. 297693

Kafka's fans are so annoying i hope her kit is trash so I can laugh while they cope

No. 297967

File: 1684760298450.jpg (59.67 KB, 481x680, FvTaolsaQAAy745.jpg)

This game has the worst customer service ever. I sent them my account number, username, screenshots, last login time and the code of my tablet on which I'm having a graphical glitch. They just copy pasted "sorry for your inconvenience uwu, please rate us~".
So I mailed them again about the glitch and they copy pasted the same.

My tablet can run genshin on highest settings btw, won't give star rail a single cent this way

No. 297969

what's the glitch, nonna?

No. 298060

Yes, she really messed up the tone at the end of the Belobog quest. I still feel Star Rail character writting is more entertaining than Genshin, but what the fuck was that about? You're supposed to be feeling sad about just seeing a character die and March doesn't wait a single second before going "that sure was some Trail Blazin heehee", ruined the mood with a single line

I still think March is miles better than Paimon though, because at least her and MC are allowed to be actual separate characters, instead of March being canonically glued to mc's ass cheeks for every single second

No. 298350

do y'all think blade was a silly goofy guy before he went axe crazy?

No. 298460

No. 298585

>>298350 probably not, it's very hard to imagine him as a silly goofy sampo\itto type of character. what gave u this thought nonna??

No. 298717

i love dan heng but god i hate his playstyle. hopefully his dragon form is more pleasant to play as

No. 298772

File: 1685107180886.png (33.05 KB, 1380x824, scrnsht.png)

EN stream is borked, stole this from reddit kek. apparently there won't be any new story in 1.1, which is a choice, but that explains all the events they're dropping on us.
thoughts? tbh i'm a pretty disappointed. guess i'll keep farming in the mean time sigh

No. 298827


No. 298913

his playstyle is just hitting. it's boring but there's nothing to hate lol

No. 299303

File: 1685309056733.jpg (Spoiler Image,140.17 KB, 829x1189, bxn80pqzhl2b1.jpg)

Hello, I am frothing at the mouth over the leak of this lightcone showing a knight diluc look-alike. Diluc's 3D model in genshin looks so wonky but I am hoping and praying this man's 3D model will look like the diluc of my dreams

No. 299472

File: 1685393984323.png (Spoiler Image,80.03 KB, 743x488, Screenshot_5.png)

same!! i'm super excited too!
spoilered my little annoyance rant & picrel to it too. oh my god it was (and still is) so annoying to witness the absolute shitshow on twitter over this leak. at first he was announced by leakers to be a woman, and ppl went crazy, with all the «its a win for the lesbians!!!» stuff but lets be real its hoyoverse… if he was a woman they would never leave her fully clothed unfortunately, at least her sholders would've been exposed… so yeah, now that all the reliable leakers said its a man, we got picrel and «its a they\she bisexual nonbinary lesbian»!!! god i'm so tired.

No. 299621

>calling a perfectly good bishie a coombrained degenerate who creeps on lesbians with his "girl dick"

Why can't they be normal? Why they always gotta be perverse?

No. 299651

Huh did they give her heels or something?

No. 299664

idk i'd rather have him be a female character we don't need YET ANOTHER husbando who has oneitis for a random girl

No. 299678

kek i feel you, nonna. i saw those female hands in his pic and lost a considerable amount of steam for his release almost immediately. shame.

No. 299685

Do they ever do this to female characters? Spoiler for Genshin rambling some female characters like Morax but it's never in an "Ill be your servant" way. Even with Signora they never actually showed her husband or even mentioned it in the main story, though they skipped her story entirely anyway

No. 299686

god, you're so right. I was in denial but they're really trying to cuck husbandofags but still expect money. in your opinion, who else has the itis? Does Luocha have it too? He's carrying a literal casket on his back and if a girl's in it I'm going to be sick.

No. 299695

ikr! so annoying.
ayrt and yes i am with u on that one, like, i'm perfectly fine with him being a man, but also honkai already has soooo many husbandos… so i just knew its not possible any other way unfortunately. i'm not hyped for kafka or any other upcoming female characters unfortunately too, though i really really wanted to be excited for them… its just sad to me.

No. 299696

>i'm not hyped for kafka or any other upcoming female
I feel this but for every character. I don't feel like any character has enough personality or story to be loved so far? Liked for their charisma or looks maybe but every time I like a character's design or personality I go to read their profile voice and stories and it's all boring. I don't know how they somehow couldn't manage to make any character feel like they're more than two lines of character info. Maybe it's just me

No. 299722

he's supposed to be one of the knights of beauty who worship a now dead goddess so my cope and hope is that the hands aren't any actual alive female character but supposed to be said goddess

No. 299743

i feel u nonna. i think they’re trying to do something with blade / jing yuan / dan heng in terms of a big story judging by hints and leaks, but i’m so upset there won’t be any major lore updates till version 1.2… all the female characters so far feel like they can be described with a character stereotype like “protective big sister with a quirky hobby”, “a princess who just learned she’s been adopted into the royal family”, and kafka just reminds me of makima who i hate with a burning passion. i feel like only obnoxious pornsick moids are obsessed with spoiler and her. and it makes me so sad. i feel the same way about voicelines too… hopefully they’ll add on more & the whole blade’s past story will make sense too.

No. 299777

not only is she dead, but she's a goddess too? i can't compete with that!
jokes aside, the fact we have to come up with a bunch of mental workarounds to reassure ourselves of the romantic availability of a shiny new husbando is ridiculous and stupid, and i'll die mad about it. male players don't have to deal with this nonsense when it comes to their precious, ambiguously aged waifus, so why do we? it's bullshit!

No. 299813

well luocha is pretty much just otto and his entire character is all about having oneitis for kallen, there's also welt who already has a wife in honkai and this isn't yet confirmed and i really hope i'm wrong but they keep talking about blade having a "beloved" and apparently they're using female pronouns and chinese fans were angry they're doing the same plotline again. not honkai but zhongli was implied to have oneitis for guizhong before they thankfully retconned a part of his backstory
it's kinda obvious that mihoyo writers just keep pushing the same trope again and again, apparently their writers think this is somehow peak writing and very romantic, even though the actual female fans made it obvious they are extremely tired of this shit

No. 299814

samefag but also i'm really annoyed by the fact that chinese female fans have told mihoyo times and times again that they don't want more husbandos like otto and mihoyo doesn't give a shit and constantly ignores them despite being one of their target audience. just because otto got popular thanks to his very special circumstances (being for a long time the only relevant male character in an all female game) doesn't mean it should be common for husbandos to have oneitis for other girls (who are always unplayable to not anger the male players kek)

No. 299848

read up in the thread, blades beloved is not jingliu. you all complain about your made up lore, nothing happened yet.

No. 299871

yeah i know it's not jingliu but they talk about a beloved

No. 300033

>not honkai but zhongli was implied to have oneitis for guizhong
Not to hijack with Genshin lore but no he didn't, the Guizhong shit was entirely a runaway fanmade theory and based on a few excerpts from an item description that mentioned them having been friends in the past. They retconned nothing, the people who assumed they were lovers just because Zhongli received a gift from Guizhong were setting themselves up for disappointment to begin with when she was revealed to be a lesbian. Zhongli is a benevolent figure associated with many figures from Liyue lore, he also saved Xiao from his previous abusive owner and again his life during the Chasm event.

One of the reasons why I really can't seem to get into HSR or Honkai in general is that the male characters exist to be generic handsome knights for the female characters and have canon wives and lovers and shit. A lot of my friends unfamiliar with Honkai are getting so hyped for HSR and I know their hopes will be crushed once they realize Mihoyo still doesn't give a shit about their female players and Honkai is entirely a waifufag-based property. I'm just hoping Genshin will be more fujopandering now that everyone has moved on to the HSR bandwagon and they need to find new sources of revenue.

No. 300118

If all of these husbandos have canon love interests/dead obsessions then what even is the point? The gameplay, environment, and other characters aren't enough to keep me interested and now they expect us to delude ourselves with taken husbandos when they wouldn't dare pull that with their incel players.

No. 300120

Yeah, they would not in a million years give waifu characters canon male love interests but for some reason they keep pairing male characters with NPCs and giving them dead lovers they can't get over from. Why? Do they actually think it's super attractive to have a bishounen lusting after a dead girl? Do they think female players find it appealing in some retarded "oh he's so devoted" way? I'm not even a yume but I find it ridiculous how much they don't respect the wishes of their female userbase and instead of giving them what they want they try to tell them what they should want. Or are the male characters actually meant as power fantasy self inserts for male players and they're given a dead girlfriend because it makes them super straight so that fujos can't ship them? Who knows what they're thinking.

No. 300154

>Do they think female players find it appealing in some retarded "oh he's so devoted" way?
The thought crossed my mind and there really be some truth in it cause it happens so often and it's usually played as a tragic romance with the male hero carrying a candle for a woman he can never have and no one else can ever match up to.
In can be a compelling device in other forms of media but not in my chinese gacha dammit. They could be stupid enough to believe female players want to be cucked.

No. 300192

I know some shoujos play with the reincarnation trope where the male love interest had a former lover who is now dead and he sees her soul in the new girl, but as corny as that trope is, this is a gacha game where a lot of stuff is kept vague on purpose. You can't heavily imply a husbando is hopelessly devoted to a dead girl and expect the audience to believe he'll also fall in love with the player/protag. And just because women like to see a tragic romance or one-sided pining in other media doesn't mean it's gonna work in a fucking gacha game where people just want to collect husbandos or waifus. It annoys me when honkaifags point out that the girls also have relationships, as if some fetishy yuri couples akin to cute girls doing cute things has ever threatened any waifufag kek. I do think there's some male self-insertion though, like dawei the ceo of hoyoverse dyed a streak of his hair white to look like welt and his favorite waifu has been himeko since forever. Although welt has a wife in another universe, he is put next to himeko in star rail. The company has female staff too, some in higher positions, and I lowkey blame them for this current husbando situation, since they probably gave the "ok" to other male staff that husbandos with oneitis are heavily attractive

No. 300193

File: 1685771992649.jpg (122.71 KB, 720x1115, 88885927.jpg)

well this explains some stuff…. but can the staff members stop self-inserting on gacha characters jfc for me as a player this is so jarring. also she and her character have a crush on otto but he's still obsessed with kallen, so what's the fucking point of it, girl just wrote herself as a cuck

No. 300196

1:1 life size doll… sometimes I forget the female weebs can be as obsessive as male weebs. If anything they become more obsessed with one character rather than making every character a simp for the self insert. No wonder this game feels like a bunch of ideas that people couldn't agree on so they put a little bit of everything and ended up with characters with no depth lol

No. 300197

that's why i never liked honkai, it's basically a mishmash of the fantasies of the staff and they're very shameless about it. there's nothing wrong to be self-indulgent but once you target a particular audience you need to put their wishes first. they were more professional with genshin and it felt more player oriented and not just a staff member begging dawei to add their self-insert like in honkai. now star rail is something in between honkai and genshin cause they're more vague about character relationships, but they still follow the tradition of oneitis husbandos and tired expies from the other games like why do we have to see 50 different bronyas??

No. 300589

>himeko is favorite waifu
He just took a photo with her cardboard cut out in bridal suit thats all. She is too old for him lul, da wei is a lolicon.
>dyed a streak of his hair white
On an interview the devs were asked if welt was intentionally made to look like da wei, they asked that no it was just a coincidence and laughed. I assume its a running joke among them rn.
Well some people are more confident than others and dont get jealous over some dead woman, especially since there was an au in the game where otto got over her and became a better person.

No. 300590

>some people are more confident than others and dont get jealous over some dead woman
Your whole post reeks of autism but this is the most retarded take you could make about us not wanting all the male characters to be obsessed with dead npcs lol I was wondering how people are acting like nothing's wrong with the game but I guess handmaidens make up excuses for the devs without being asked to

No. 300597

>On an interview the devs were asked if welt was intentionally made to look like da wei, they asked that no it was just a coincidence and laughed.
So he has enough self awareness to find how embarrassing it would be to admit that he's his self insert.

No. 300638

seethe lul

No. 300639

Sauce pls for da wei being a lolicon?

No. 300642

File: 1685982232222.png (142.51 KB, 599x599, himeko is over 25.png)

I think its pretty obvious. dw is around 30 himself

No. 300676

is loli used for late teens too? still gross though

No. 300738

loli used to include any teenage girl , but now that it's normal for otaku moids to openly lust after high school girls it's not "taboo" enough for the label

No. 300748

it would be fine if it was a dead woman at this point but blade has too much shipbait with kafka ugh so he's definetly a skip for me. i know he also has shipbait with danheng but his relationship with kafka is very anime tropey for my liking. and i'm also skipping luocha for obvious reasons

No. 301181

god blade & kafka just attract the worst ppl. i really want to love blade as a character and see his story with dan heng (who i love more so far), but god the crowd of their fanatics just pisses me off.

No. 301763

File: 1686492979297.jpg (102.13 KB, 1024x708, __sampo_koski_honkai_and_1_mor…)

Sampo is my husbando

No. 301764


No. 302716

File: 1686978922589.jpeg (720.05 KB, 2104x2531, IMG_4684.jpeg)

Luocha my babygirl can’t wait for his banner to be up so I can finally get rid of Natasha and her ugly ass design

No. 303329

Why does this game update so damn slow? I really don't think genshins 6 week cycle is gonna cut it in a turn-based game…

No. 303395

Agreed lol when I heard there's no main story in this version I didn't even update the game. Genshin had huge exploration to do while you were getting into the game, you can talk to every npc and do all the quests in like 2 weeks in this game.

No. 303432

yeah. since there is no exploration (the most time consuming thing in genshin) or coop (the best way to kill time in genshin) the current release schedule just doesn’t work. I somehow feel like the banners stay on for too long too. It feels like silverwolf has been up for eternity

No. 303615

>like why do we have to see 50 different bronyas??
I don't remember if this is rumor or legitimate but basically mihoyo likes Bronya's CN voice actor and she likes the character she voiced so mihoyo made many Bronya variations just for her

No. 303690

That sounds so stupid and that's why I believe that MHY would do it

No. 304040

same nonny
though I will be keeping Natasha in my second team for the Memory of Chaos challenges

No. 305507

File: 1688065593058.jpg (458.01 KB, 1500x2049, __luocha_honkai_and_1_more_dra…)

I blew everything and didn't get him
got fucking Bronya instead

No. 305518

File: 1688070049594.jpeg (196.89 KB, 1080x1122, da_wei.jpeg)

And yet Himeko is the one he considers as his wife. He said that because he understands how otaku/weeb culture generally is with different aged men.

No. 305529

That man needs to be euthanized no matter what anime girl he wants to stick his dick in, this is disgusting.

No. 305535

aw man i'm sorry, nonna… are you going to keep trying, or are you planning to save from here on out? the shop renews in a couple of days, so there's 5 easy tickets right there…

No. 305612

File: 1688120223481.jpg (969.32 KB, 2480x3508, __luocha_and_yaoshi_honkai_and…)

I'm going to keep trying, he's currently the most beautiful male in game so I need him. I'll wait for the 5 free tickets.

No. 305624

fingers crossed you get him early, nonna!

No. 306092

thank you nonna, I got him today! Not only that, I got extra lucky with a normal ticket and pulled Welt as well! Now to save for Blade

No. 306096

OH HELL YEAH! I'm so happy for you! ♥

No. 306604

File: 1688483165398.jpg (503.91 KB, 2560x1440, 9k14lnuwgv9b1.jpg)

5 star Dan Heng has formally been revealed! Any nonnies planning to pull for him when his banner drops?

No. 306627

I didn't play the game at all during this update but I'll download the next update for Blade and if he or new content brings me back to the game I'll definitely go for Danheng too. I don't like that they're making alters already but I guess that's Honkai

No. 306654

Yes, he's been my goal since he first got leaked….the wait is so long

No. 306661

I'm definitely pulling for him and for Blade no question

No. 309042

I hope you all got lucky with your Luocha pulls, now to add Bladey boy to the team.

No. 309753

File: 1689921301434.jpg (738.98 KB, 1065x3072, 9W5cdNt.jpg)

Got Bladie. I'm kind of scared to look up build and team suggestions on YT because the sister game's meta ccs left me unable to take any of their words seriously. Lots of talking out their ass or relying on assuming you have the best of everything instead of talking practically. Anyway, even though we got a huge lore drop and lots of action the story felt so short to me. Maybe it's that we still didn't get a conclusion. I don't know if it's just me who felt that way.

No. 309806

File: 1689946525122.png (251.47 KB, 1000x272, screen.png)

give Prydwen a shot, nonna. their build guides are succinct and well organized, and while you don't have to follow their recommendations to the letter, they'll at least give you an idea of what to aim for build-wise.
as for the story continuation, i liked it fine i guess, but i was really expecting more to come of the Dan Heng/Blade conflict. it's possible i contracted the hype bug from spending too much time in fandom spaces online, but i would have at least liked to see Dan Heng's sin described fully, instead of implied through an easily missed memory echo or whatever the fuck those things are called.

No. 309824

Got a general look and it looks fine nonna, thanks! I'll read the review. It's funny his budget team has a 5* buffer but I guess team comps are hard with so few characters.

No. 311062

File: 1690451418054.png (127.41 KB, 2298x205, cuck.png)

Why is this game obsessed with reminding female players that no matter their husbando, they're getting cucked?

No. 311177

File: 1690492301279.jpg (488.34 KB, 816x1000, F0buxc7aAAAv3hC.jpg)

why be negative when you can focus on his way more prominent ship bait with dan heng anon

No. 311242

another cultured person, renheng hatesex soon™

No. 311278

>getting cucked by a man is better than getting cucked by a woman

No. 311321

No. 311326

File: 1690571467293.jpg (160.78 KB, 668x1024, IMG_20230727_210048.jpg)

eh let's be fair now, blade and kafka get way more marketing. yes lorewise blade is obsessed with danfeng he doesn't care much about kafka but hoyo forces this pair more on everyone's throats because it's easier to sell to a normie audience (girlboss femdom x broody edgy guy is popular now). it's a weird move because kafka just reads as waifubait in game but outside of it they're pushing this and cucking the fans. also unfortunately, regardless of his past with danfeng right now he is glued to kafka due to being part of their organization and danfeng is also glued to march…

No. 311329

IT'S ANNOYING because hoyoverse saw they're a hit and there aren't a lot of complaints, genshin fans remember the homophobic yume meltdowns when haikaveh was pushed but here it's just crickets. they'll continue putting lame hetships in the spotlight and give us just some small crumbs of fujo pairings on the side to keep their fujo audience. obviously this would never happen to their beloved bronya x seele….

No. 311335

It's better just not to expect anything at this point. You know they only put out bare minimum crumbs for the fujos. The hetship marketing is absolutely baffling tho because the female characters are all waifubait outside of bronseele. Don't they know pairing females and males hurts the female characters more?

No. 311337

Unironically yes

No. 311341

they have the honkturd audience too which is known for disliking hetships so i'm not sure what's going but unfortunately whatever they're doing is working because blade is selling very well. i genuinely believe they brainwashed the chinese renheng fujos who are throwing big bucks right now, they're the most popular ship and giving them some crippled moments is apparently more than enough and then they can go back to shilling kafblade for normalfags and ""yumejoshi"" cuckeans who are okay with the fact that blade has no interaction with their mc as long as he's glued to a womanand pretend nothing happened

No. 311343

They know exactly who is making up most of blades sales and who will make up a decent portion of danheng IL's sales but they'll throw us to the wayside anyway. Im glad I only bought one express pass for this game, or I would've regretted it more. It's not like fujos ask for much anyway, all they needed to do was not make their in-game reunion so lame.

No. 311558

File: 1690664249565.jpg (91.37 KB, 975x478, F1Nf1s-aUAEwWds.jpg)

you're right in that they appear together more in the game but I guess I just don't care that much I just interpret it as platonic and go on with my fujo ways, I really don't get all the outrage, some anons here are way too obsessed with being 'cucked' although to be fair i'm a casual and didn’t spend a cent on the game

No. 311621

This game isn't good enough in anything it does to get away with making every single character depthless self inserts. Not even an apparently married gay couple can save it especially since we're not getting any proper content about this so called marriage even when the quest was about those two

No. 311694

in a way, I actually don't mind it because it means moids get btfo for a change since their "mommy" character isn't for them.

No. 311698

Except Blade is Kafka's dog who unquestioningly follows and obeys her while she feels or thinks nothing special about him

No. 311701

just like a simp x e-thot relationship
maybe it's because I don't really care for blade or kafka, so their relationship means nothing to me

No. 311731

people blew that whole "marriage" thing way out of proportion if you think they were married it was just one word that is also used to describe marriage ceremonies in one description, I agree that their interaction in the main content is very underwhelming, you have to read game descriptions and leaks if you want to understand their story fully but also we have to remember that the game cant be too overt in presenting them as a couple because of censorship.

No. 311744

I don't even want them to be a "canon" couple I just want their relationship to have some fucking plot relevance. I was really disappointed when the patch dropped and we learned absolutely nothing about their past

No. 311796

ayrt, I agree with >>311744 if they have such depth to their relationship we can see them actually interacting like close friends/whatever they are in those past echoes, no? We can have a proper scene of them talking instead of Blade retardedly trying to kill someone he knows isn't the person of the past.

No. 313815

catching up on the content, have you tried found some of the side quests including the hidden ones? found them pretty funny

No. 316009

File: 1692445818846.png (Spoiler Image,184.35 KB, 375x460, c5vdUsD.png)

while he is pretty, Argenti looks like he belongs in a different game entirely kek

No. 316630

File: 1692676722129.png (225.95 KB, 510x510, IMG_0192.png)

Started playing this game, I can't take any of the female designs in the ice world seriouslybecause their outfits are so incongruous with the environment. Seeing Clara run around snow with bare feet physically hurts me and I can't wait to move on to the next world so that I can let my Clara free in normal conditions.
I guess this applies to Sampo as well but honestly… He has such a "bully me" personality that I sort of enjoy seeing him in clothes that would make him suffer in cold weather.
In other news, I got Kafka! I was initially turned off by her design because the disappointment of her design in particular falling prey to MHY's refusal to put women in real pants was too great, but I was sold on her within the first ten minutes of the game… She's too charismatic. Gonna ship my female trailblazer with her and choose not to go on any Star Rail related social media since I can tell every post about her will be the same ugly coomer whine of mommy shit.

No. 316638

ugh I love his design, I think I have a thing for men with long hair kek I'll definitely pull for him

No. 316639

not twinky or feminine enough

No. 316645

>choose not to go on any Star Rail related social media since I can tell every post about her will be the same ugly coomer whine of mommy shit.
This is the best thing you can do, I had a few characters ruined for me because retards would show up in searched or even on my timeline even when I didn't search for any of their opinions… Every female character is coomerized and every male character is trannified

No. 316704

File: 1692712330122.jpg (130.16 KB, 850x1102, __kafka_and_himeko_honkai_and_…)

Kafka gets shipped with Himeko pretty often, which I am totally fine with.

No. 316706

File: 1692713331475.jpg (640.71 KB, 720x1280, __sampo_koski_honkai_and_1_mor…)

also I agree with you on Clara. It's so dumb they gave her a design with no shoes. It's even more ridiculous that her reason for not wearing shoes is "she doesn't know how to walk with them on".
And I love Sampo, I hope he appears in the story again later down the line.

No. 316719

I also got pulled in when I saw kafka. Her English va's pretty good too! Her ship art with the trailblazer is so little..I hate how moids have coomfied her they can't live without cooming everythingalso would recommend the character ai too she's so charming

No. 316740

Thanks for the recommendation! I've never used that site before, but since I'm evading other fan content I might need it to feed my yume love for her lol
That's cute! I can see the appeal, although I don't know much about either character yet.
So basically Genshin's fandom again, huh? I learned my lesson there even though I stopped playing pretty early, won't make the same mistake again.
He's really so fun, kek. I hope he turns up more down the line as well since I enjoy his shady goof antics.

No. 316742

Samefag but do you nonnas have any recs for gameplay advice accounts that aren't annoying? Trying to find out how I should build my Kafka was insufferable, the Youtube videos I found couldn't go a full minute without constantly dropping mommy jokes and zoom-ins on her ass. It doesn't have to be completely clean, but I just want reliable info without an endless stream of coomerism.

No. 316846

try Zy0x? his videos are split into chapters and formatted nicely so i can mute and skip around for the info im looking for without needing to listen to commentary.

No. 316854

File: 1692757530682.png (689.82 KB, 800x597, IMG_0193.png)

I'm having such a hard time obtaining Luka for my Kafka comp… I've got Kafka and multiples of the other 4*s but not a single Luka. Why, RNGesus, why?

No. 316894

File: 1692774163833.png (2.97 MB, 1925x1295, Honkai.Star.Rail.full.3963942.…)

I'm struggling to play the game simply because the female designs are so fucking bad. I came from Genshin and while people memed on those female designs a lot HSR went way further, every woman is wearing the most ridiculous shit ever. And it gets even worse in the China region, you get not one but two identical sexy fox girls. Kafka is possibly the only adult female character that's wearing real clothes instead of tattered lingerie and even she gets the mommy dommy treatment from everyone. It's like almost every female character is made around someone's fetish and sushang as that one female mihoyo employee's self insert like the aloof hacker lolis (two of them), foot fetish loli, elegant mommy bride, tomboy tsundere, ojousama, the engineer oneesan, literal dragon loli… I like the boys and the game in itself is enjoyable but god I feel like the only sober person in the room amongst those female designs. I guess the game's just not made for me.

No. 316923

File: 1692780331847.jpg (448.3 KB, 849x1200, __sampo_koski_and_luka_honkai_…)

I don't follow any accounts as I hate most peoples commentary, but I use this site which has been helpful for relics and stuff https://www.prydwen.gg/star-rail/characters

No. 316963

File: 1692789478281.webm (561.33 KB, 720x720, physics.webm)

I look at those physics every time I log in the game, thank you mihoyo you did one thing right

No. 316984

…pecs really shouldn't jiggle like that. They're muscle, not fat.

No. 316993

>trying to use logic in the gacha coom game

No. 317143

I like March 7th, Kafka, and Stelle's designs (an uncoomerish and tall girl design feels like such a rarity). It's enough to get me to stay. But it's literally only those three. I'd include Clara as well, but her being barefoot is so clearly a fetish thing… A waste of a neat concept as I AM soft for her relationship with Svarog.
Some of the designs are genuinely unbearable to just look at. Like, I wish I could enjoy Bronya/Seele but I hate looking at them.
I wish it wasn't so hard to find a gacha that doesn't suck shit at least 50% of the time when it comes to female character design. The only one I can think of might be Lord of Heroes.

No. 317145

File: 1692853508546.png (612.28 KB, 560x1350, NPC_Xueyi.png)

Its basically those girls for me too…i like himeko because she's pretty but her design is still on the pandering side. I really liked that robot girl from the Xianzhou story too. She looks unique and non-coomery, so I'll roll for her too. I think I'll mostly stick to rolling boys in this game.

No. 317146

File: 1692853579699.jpeg (49.28 KB, 640x360, IMG_0194.jpeg)

This is probably the train autist in me speaking, but Himeko's design is my most hated female design in this game. I want a cool conductor lady but what I got is a woman glammed up in an evening gown with a conductor's coat thrown on…? Pass. I do love Pom-Pom, though.

No. 317147

Samefag from >>317146 (sorry for dunking in Himeko like that immediately after you said you liked her… I feel bad now) but that robot girl is so cute! I haven't gotten to the Chinese area yet, I'll look forward to her.
I think Lynx is cute out of the upcoming characters as well. Meanwhile with Topaz I can't help seeing an inferior version of W from Arknights.

No. 317148

No that's cool. I know himeko is very male-gazey but I like her anyway. Lynx is also quite cute too. She's literally the only girl appropriately dressed for the cold. Overall the 4 star girls look better than the 5 stars imo. The limiteds are just too moid pandering to get me to roll for them. I think the only 5* girls I'll roll for are kafka and the eventual march alter.

No. 317153

I don't know anything about this game but this character looks fucking atrocious kek

No. 317155

It's a mihoyo game, we keep our expectations low

No. 317157

It's good for a Mihoy game, isn't that sad? I say this as one of the anons who said she liked her upthread.
It was already ibvious, but the gendered split in discussion over character designs in this game really drives home how drastically different designs appealing to men and designs appealing to women can be. Women fucking hate female character designs in HSR and vice versa for men.
On a side note, whenever I see female streamers like vtubers thirsting over female MHY designs, I have to wonder what planet they game from.

No. 317170

>On a side note, whenever I see female streamers like vtubers thirsting over female MHY designs, I have to wonder what planet they game from.
Women who unironically love coomer female designs perplex me. I can see thinking that they're cool and a female power fantasy being sexy and she's just like me if you squint really hard etc but how aren't they bothered by the obvious disparity between the sexualization of male and female characters? How aren't they offended by literally every female character being sexualized in some way, including little girls? Some of them are obvious NLOG pickmes who want to show they're not like those ugly fat feminists hating beautiful women and some of them are those weird ass mentally stunted yurifags who shit their pants in rage at the sight of a bishounen and only want more pornified moidgaze lesbians, but the people who don't fit either categories yet think Seele is peak female design are beyond my understanding.

No. 317276

Just got to the dream about Sampo at the end of the Belobog arc… I have to be honest, I'm not into men but if Sampo ever gets a 5* I'll be going in on it. The guy is too funny and I love how he's become a running joke in dialogue options.

No. 317343

File: 1692906347111.jpg (1.03 MB, 2000x3600, __sampo_koski_honkai_and_1_mor…)

same here nona, I really hope he gets a 5* version and comes back into the story at some point. he's such a goof

No. 317358

I think everyone hates seeles design tbf. What a hot mess. The designs that bother me the most are yukong, tingyun, and fu xuan tho. They are literally government officials dressed in rags it's so jarring. Yukong especially disappointed me because it's so rare to see a mother character (even if her kid is adopted) in gacha games…but then she has huge openings all over her clothes and you can even see the string of her underwear like…how is anyone supposed to take these women seriously? And fuxuans design is so ugly in general

No. 317365

Shaking hands with you, my fellow Sampo nonna. I want to poke him with my freezeing hands in his hip cutouts and hear his silly noises lol
Just met the Belobog NPC in the city campaigning to lynch Sampo and it made me laugh so hard.

No. 317435

File: 1692943301516.jpg (530.84 KB, 1920x1920, F4Gv8NbbAAAWI8J.jpg)

I actually like fuxuans design, for me it's one of the best in the if not the best for woman even if they don't fit her position. her outfit colors fit nicely (in compersion to seele for example), theres not too many details in it I think it's pretty cute over all.

No. 317438

I agree that it's a good, cute design. But as a waifufag I want adult women in fathomable clothing. So personally it's a matter of it falling outside my taste..

No. 317443

>as a waifufag I want adult women in fathomable clothing
well then I think this game just might not be for you anon… maybe except for kafka every other female design has infathomable clothing. I still play the game mostly for it's male designs and ignore the waifus.

No. 317447

I like a couple other female designs in addition to Kafka, it's just that the majority don't appeal to me. Honestly a better hit rate here than Genshin where I found every design boring.

No. 317454

>Yukong especially disappointed me because it's so rare to see a mother character (even if her kid is adopted)
It's so fucking hilarious that they pulled this TWO times in a row, Cocolia with Bronya and Yukong with her daughter, absolutely no shame. I guess they have to pander to the mommy fetish but still have to have the women remain virginal, and possibly have their daughter be fuckable as well. Honestly during the entire Belobog arc I was way too distracted by Cocolia walking around in her underwear to take her seriously as the "supreme guardian", and only facepalmed harder when Yukong came along. How the fuck come Jing Yuan is given an actually noble outfit showing his status and my lady Yukong is here dressed like a stripper with her thong out?

Her design would be so much better if she didn't have the traditional Mihoyo armpit&bared back fetish pandering.

Honestly most female designs in Genshin were boring but in HSR they're just unapologetically ugly. Designs like Serval, Seele and Asta are a hot fucking mess wearing the most mismatched pieces with no composition at all. It's like someone just pressed a "randomize" button.

No. 317480

File: 1692948923019.jpeg (130.89 KB, 736x736, IMG_0196.jpeg)

What percentage of HSR text do you nonnas actually read? Right now I'm steamrolling content to get pulls and there's just so much text that I find myself skimming… But then I inevitably see something that catches my eye and makes me regret not reading, kek.
Not to be that obnoxious Genshin comparer, but on average I do actually find the writing in this game to be much more interesting, both in terms of the actual lore and simple entertainment value. I was genuinely surprised the first couple times sidequests actually had me feeling something even if I only read bits and pieces of them. The underground fighter who whittled away his health after losing his family, just for the sake of donating to Natasha's clinic so that he could somewhat fill the void left in him, made me emo.

No. 317499

File: 1692951675081.jpg (250.53 KB, 1548x1978, __sampo_koski_honkai_and_1_mor…)

I found myself doing the same as you in the beginning, nona. I'd skim through most text because I was initially only interested in pulls. But now I wish I'd paid more attention to the build-up of the story. Moreso in the Space Station and Jarilo-VI, I didn't care much for the Xianzhou Luofu storyline personally. If I could continue to stay/progress in Jarilo-VI then I absolutely would.

No. 317506

File: 1692952218512.jpg (422.49 KB, 1482x2048, F1aGT3wXsAE9lX0.jpg)

ngl I skip most of the story unless a character I like is on screen

No. 317782

File: 1693023915259.jpg (86.22 KB, 850x534, __march_7th_dan_heng_blade_dan…)

I met him! He's cute!

No. 317806

Will Luka be added to the standard pool with the upcoming 1.3 patch or do I need to wait for the patch after that?

No. 317971

Yes, he should be in the standard pool next patch

No. 318013

Ty! I'll hold onto all of my newbie standard banner rolls in that case.

No. 318326

new anime short dropped? what do we think?

No. 318332

honestly, i usually prefer JP VAs because im more used to them and CN tends to be overdone and way less experienced than those in the long-standing JP industry, but i find that the CN VAs mihoyo pick to be more fitting and it really shows here. hearing the way it's supposed to sound makes it feel more regal? but might have to do more with the fact they still can't sync the lips to any language other than the original chinese kek. at least dan heng is still hot in either language and march is really cute here.

No. 318334

It's just because you're a weeb. JP vas are always cringe as fuck

No. 318335

I actually liked the English version better than the jp version this time around, even though I'm a huge JP VA fag. There was a lot more emotion in their voices

No. 318339

chinese voice acting is growing on me, but i think both the CN and JP have their strong suits. hope you don't blame me for being traumatized by old school chinese voice acting and how someone okayed a grown ass chain smoking sounding man to voice a child. mihoyo has opened my eyes to the progress in the chinese voice acting industry regardless. i do love english kafka though

No. 318493

File: 1693375088610.jpeg (150.68 KB, 850x986, IMG_0198.jpeg)

Kafka's banner has come and gone, and I now breathe a sigh of relief knowing that I can enjoy the story at my own pace without grinding out pulls on a deadline… I got her E1 and will krep holding onto my rolls to try to F2P E6 her whenever she reruns.
Good luck to all of the nonnas husbando-pulling! Sending you my strength!

No. 318494

Woah, I guess different strokes for different folks always holds true because I cannot stand Kafka's English VA–it feels like she's really forcing sultriness in her voice somehow?

No. 318496

I usually use either the Korean or the Chinese and have found both to be enjoyable. It's a nice change of pace when most of the media I consume comes with either English or Japanese voice acting options only.
I'm curious, what is everybody's favorite VA for Sampo? His performance varies a lot between the languages, and the English in particular seems to be polarizing with fans. I personally like the Korean the best, it has the right mix of attractive and pathetic sleaze to it for me. The English is fun in it's own way, but having heard him in the other three languages first it just sounds way too different for my ears to integrate as him.

No. 318498

Praying for everyone. I'm trying to hold back for a healer or something on but your picture makes me want to pull

No. 318503

i like the korean sampo best too. right balance of playful and suave. japanese version sounds like he wants to flirt and take all your gacha money which is exactly what he's there for. chinese sounds like a goofy salesman and captures his patheticness. the english version sounds the most different in terms of personality. i would not let him scam me. he also sounds kind of old in the english, and i saw that his actor was 65 so that's why.

No. 318507

File: 1693379766789.jpg (1.01 MB, 1920x1038, 612bb94b5529b999db307d6f3ddbec…)

Ahhh, i lost the coinflip and my entire savings were drained trying to get dragon boy so he's coping with the herta store cone. His stats are only slightly better than my jingyuan but he's much stronger. I'm glad they gave husbando enjoyers such a strong unit. Now if only we could get a male harmony…i really hope they release one soon

No. 318588

File: 1693415277685.jpeg (138.73 KB, 640x892, IMG_0199.jpeg)

Congrats! Enjoy your dragon lad!
Same, personally waiting for Huo Huo, because a) healer b) cute c) a girl who isn't doing the skintight/excessively exposed look.

No. 318612

File: 1693438559332.jpeg (187.67 KB, 2048x2048, F4ssW6YacAAYXLU.jpeg)

My Cold Dragon Young hits like a truck, even with his traces and relics only half built, and it's actually hilarious. He's making my fully built speed tuned JY look like a schlub kek. Rip cool grandpa, I guess.
On the story side of this update, I really feel like we could have gotten this last chapter in the previous patch. It was so short and we still barely have half an answer to any of the bigger questions surrounding the whole thing! MHY come on!

No. 318618

>The underground fighter who whittled away his health after losing his family, just for the sake of donating to Natasha's clinic so that he could somewhat fill the void left in him, made me emo.
>being moved by such a simple plot
do mihoyofans read nothing but their slop omg

No. 318619

yes. i will never understand why they're enamored with garbage. it might be because most of them are teenagers.

No. 318621

File: 1693443986538.png (360.9 KB, 512x512, Z7HeRxU.png)

No. 318651

>newfag tries to fit in by responding with memes that make no sense in this context
kek go back

No. 318652

nta but it makes sense. This meme is for retards that go onto threads just to shit on the thing the thread is about

No. 318659

File: 1693464548388.jpeg (233.34 KB, 1200x630, IMG_0200.jpeg)

Is the similarity in Yukong and Tingyun's appearances ever acknowledged in game…? Thry look like reskins of each other to me, and I kept waiting for another character to comment on it when the two were introducedin the story. Unless I missed something, it's never brought up. Am I insane for thinking they look identical?

No. 318661

Makes sense to me. You're the ones baffled over people enjoying a game's story in the game's own thread.
I'm never going to be somebody who calls Hoyo's writing good but man you need to find something better to do with your time.

No. 318726

>coming into a thread for a game by a company you actively dislike and shitting it up unprompted
kek go back

No. 318738

>They look identical
>In game people would notice that
No. They're used to seeing fluffy haired fox women around and if they're self aware enough to tell npcs and pcs apart, they know a certain group of female characters/people dress skimpy and almost identical because it's always the same fetishes. Tbf all characters have the same face except for eyes and to give them a foxy look they went with a similar shape.

No. 318968

It’s never acknowledged between the two of them no but they do acknowledge that all Foxians kinda look the same in the foxian beauty side quest.

No. 319105

Don't you have some 2deep4u games to play instead of shitting up the thread? You sound like a moid /v/ermin.

No. 321410

File: 1694723636676.jpg (2.01 MB, 2368x1332, __luka_honkai_and_1_more_drawn…)

anyone else dropped off this game hard?
The new event is so boring to me, it's mostly just dull text with not a lot going on. I'm also not a fan on how much they're dragging out the main story.
I loved the Space Station and Jarilo, but The Xianzhou Luofu is so dull. I really wanted to love this game, and I did for the first couple of months.

No. 321447

I think most players that are not into the turn based combat style are feeling the same as you. I played that transportation event (assuming you meant it) and even though it was funny at times to see npcs being quirky, they really went all out with the amount of text for no reason. We could have short conversations and still get the job done. It took hours just to get through the story and even the "gameplay" took longer than it should have. When it comes to the main story and worldbuilding of the Loufu, so far I didn't see anyone enjoy it as much as the other two. The million governmental bodies don't interest anyone. I also wish they just got its story done with. Hopefully we go to a smaller place next time and it gives a similar feeling to the first two where even talking to npcs felt engaging and fun instead of making me roll my eyes at all of them having one trait and not being memorable at all.

No. 321869

A lot of people had that honeymoon phase with HSR during the first few months and kept going on about how much better it was than Genshin but now they got bored with it, just like predicted. I feel like HSR has the problem of all games written by and for autistic men, instead of making the characters interesting (something you should do in a character based gacha game) they focus on a ton of worldbuilding that amounts to a subpar buildup but requires you to memorize so much fucking in-game politics, lore and terminology going into such small rambling detail that it feels like you're studying for a test. I'm a fan of turn-based combat but the one HSR has just isn't very good, not being able to use items is an issue since if one of your characters is instakilled, then you essentially have to redo the entire battle which sucks a cock because they take forever to finish and feel grindy. It's not even a hard game, the fighting system just isn't very satisfying or rewarding so it feels tedious. It's just pressing a button over and over again while other turn-based games have more character-specific skills and features to utilize.

No. 326511

Wow, Topaz was terrible. I love her.
Hoyo games (Genshin and Star Rail at least) usually have such clear delineations re: who is good/likable or bad/unlikable that it was refreshing to get a character who sort of sucks ass in such a real-world way.
I have low expectations of Hoyo writing in general so the discrepancies in her writing don't really bother me, she was fun. Will be rolling.

No. 330034

it's harder to level up than genshin and the rolls are terrible. it sucks cause they have better male character models

No. 334706

File: 1699667680776.png (492.65 KB, 1306x857, 5z0ge1nhxixb1.png)

They could have done literally anything with a space concept in this game but they just choose to release generic Chinese woman #1-100 for a year straight kek. I'm pretty much done with it

No. 334711

File: 1699670099660.jpg (161 KB, 1200x675, F7BFKFTXMAEPKx0.jpg)

>literally all the exact same silhouette
ugh it sucks because I really do love the male designs

No. 334723

Sadly they're not good enough to make up for the shit-tier female designs. They literally copy-pasted the same dress and re-colored it for so many girls, and we're getting even more xianzhou girls in the same damn dress. Billion dollar company and this is what they put out. It's honestly pathetic.

No. 334781

honkai is yumejoshi coded kek

No. 334782

leveling up in this game is just more tedious

No. 337117

Really? Its just autobattle shit, genshin is more tedious 100%

No. 342947

File: 1702791425456.jpg (1.45 MB, 1920x1080, ewDbcOE.jpg)

Male 5* for free. Apparently this is not Sampo?

No. 342958

What's the catch… I do not believe Mihoyo would be this generous

No. 342977

Apparently Honkai gives free highest rarity characters to celebrate wins all the time

No. 345233

i've been trying to get back into this game, i gave it a try when it launched but grew bored fast. i wanted to come back because my friend told me she expects inbibitor lunae to run again, so i decided to quest to save crystals for him but god the dialogue is awful and i don't get the main character's motives at all. it's like, something is missing from the game, it feels kinda soulless. idk, maybe i'm nitpicking, but i just cannot get into this even to i want to.

No. 345825

File: 1703989492869.jpeg (522.32 KB, 828x721, IMG_1658.jpeg)

ending my life if he doesn’t get more screen time

No. 358823

File: 1709052310322.png (633.72 KB, 2126x3543, GGeVbGaawAAnZui.png)

goddd the male characters in this game are so hot too bad I'll never play it

No. 358826

Saw clips of Dr Ratio and got really interested but when I wanted to play his story in the game it told me to play 936725 other quests and I had to give up. Now I understand why people want a skip button. I want to only play the parts where hot guys have ego trips. They started to make interesting male characters too late for a game with shitty story and no other saving grace.

No. 358829

Maybe there are recordings on youtube? You're right though, Hoyoverse storytelling is too boring and slow-paced to not have a skip button. Not to mention that the plot is usually not focused on the characters so sitting through hours of bullshit just to see a few lines feels like a total waste

No. 358831

File: 1709054494746.jpg (101.98 KB, 698x1024, GGQ6fbqagAAtjHe.jpg)

for me it's the gacha grind, I can tolerate a boring story if there are at least a few characters that I like, but the gameplay is too uninteresting to play it every day.

No. 359186

File: 1709182816954.jpg (136.77 KB, 850x1341, __sampo_koski_honkai_and_1_mor…)

So true, not even my all-consuming need to see Sampo get wrecked and destroyed can get me to endure the dozens of hours of performative nothing Hoyo games ask you to do for basic progression.

No. 359189

Aventurine is peak sex but I can't do it, I just can't open the game. It's such a slog to get through

No. 359223

In all honesty you can tell when the moid Honkai head writer took over when the story gets so fucking autistic and sloggish and turns into a boring ass space opera going absolutely nowhere and treating its characters as plot devices instead of developed personalities. Xianzhou Luofu was probably the worst written Mihoyo story I've ever read, on par with Inazuma, with a rapid fire introduction of a billion characters you never get to know, a ton of confusing shit happening at the same time and none of those substories came to a conclusion and everything was left open ended in a very unsatisfying way. Literally nobody that I have met could tell what the fuck was the point of that stupid story chapter and I think the writer had no idea either, he just wanted to show off all the "cool" concepts that he had in his mind. The event/interlude stories have been much more coherent and interesting and Penacony started off much better so there's still hope. I think.

The gameplay in Star Rail is so bad though. I'm glad they included the autoplay mechanic but what's the point in playing it when the games do it for you? The combat isn't rewarding because it's a pay2win scenario and the battles are so annoying to get through, especially for a husbando player since every single male character that gets released is Imaginary element and even for the waifufag in me I hate the female characters and how they all wear ugly lingerie instead of real clothes.

No. 359239

File: 1709200002626.jpg (640.71 KB, 720x1280, __sampo_koski_honkai_and_1_mor…)

same nona
I played the game when it first came out and instantly fell in love with this idiot.
I dropped off the game after about 2 months though because the 3rd area you go to is so fucking boring.
Supposedly Sampo has more screentime in the more recent patches, but I just can't be bothered.

No. 365867

I hate acheron and coomers spamming her literally everywhere. Eww

No. 365878

I don't play hsr but I play genshin and I find fireflyfags more annoying, wasn't she like teppei of hsr? why won't people shut up about her? also she straight up looks like loli

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