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No. 28299

A thread to discuss all things metal! All genres welcome. Post videos, albums you love, pictures of metal heads, thoughts on the scene, or anything your sweet black heart desires.

No. 28301

I’ll start us off! Have y’all heard Darkthrones’ new track? I’m loving the doom influence on it.

No. 28302

i finally got to see these guys live last year and i got the drumstick after the show. still one of the coolest things i own.

No. 28494

My music taste is quite mainstream, but i really like this cartoon metal band Belzebubs, based of comic with the same name.

Characters are made by Finnish comic artist JP Ahonen and the vocals are from the lead singer & bass player in melodic death metal band Insomnium.

No. 28495

Their first music video is also very nice and the band have album called "Pantheon of the Nightside Gods" coming in very soon.

No. 28555

Has anyone watched it

No. 28619

Have some pretty af doom.

No. 28620

File: 1556286380091.jpg (29.07 KB, 355x355, 71LOzB4CpQL._SY355_.jpg)

Highly recommend this album and their other one. All their songs keep getting taken down by the record company off the internet everywhere but if you search hard enough, you can still find it. It's my personal fav metal album of all time.

No. 28656


No. 28686

>sees there's a metal thread
>time for me to post pallbearer
>scrolls down a little and sees this post
fuck yes anon, god bless you

No. 28718

And you too. Godspeed, friend.

No. 28722

I can't believe I haven't seen this thread earlier!
I really like listening to Batushka but after the inner fights between band members, I can't enjoy their music as much as I used to, it's like the magic's a bit gone.
I also wanted to order some shirts from Batushka's store but I've read that the store owner sends out literal trash or rocks instead of actual packages which sucks because I love the art.

Anyhow, I've been listening to Mgla on repeat. Also, I ordered a few more shirts from bands I like to add to my metal band shirts collection.

Btw, does listening music on vinyl sound that much better?

No. 28754

I’m such a sucker for some trve diabolical black metal, but here’s a more scenic and peaceful black metal jam for you all to enjoy.

I can’t believe I’ve never listened to these guys before, thank you for the suggestion anon! Loving this album so far.

No. 28766

Np, glad you enjoy it! Their label is preventing people from discovering their music and it's such a shame.
Please listen to their other album Paegan Terrorism Tactics. The song Venus Blue has the most ultimate 90s vibe!

No. 28832

I hope no one minds me posting this but this album was created by a woman and it has elements of metal, but it's not entirely a metal album.
My favorite track is the catacombs, the mood is amazing.

No. 28839

No. 28842

No. 28843

Okay, I'll stop spamming this thread.
Any of you go to concerts?
There are frequent concerts in my town but I don't have anyone to go with.

No. 28877

I've heard Ihsahn randomly before, but some time ago I properly listened to his stuff and I'm really starting to like it. Especially the last two albums, Arktis and Ámr.

No. 28935

Doom w a female vocalist. Beautifully haunting

No. 28936

Posting best Gwar album

No. 28937

No. 28938

Existential crisis: the album

No. 28939

No. 28941

No. 28942

No. 28943

No. 28944

No. 29208

No. 29350

Rammstein is awesome (music video is NSFW by the way)

No. 29754

Exiled From Light are severely underrated. Unfortunately they're not making music anymore, but their whole discography is a DSBM masterpiece.

No. 30598

Music video sucks anyway

No. 35697

anyone else hate myrkur? lol i wish there could be a thread on her but no one cares and there's no milk. she's pregnant now and really milking it for nordic pagan trad points. also she's naming the kid Viking.

No. 37328

Found this today and really enjoyed it. Maori metal! I can't believe this band is just a trio of teens.

No. 37337

This mongolian band is interesting mix of their traditional music and heavy metal elements.

No. 37348

That's everything I never knew I needed. Thanks, anon

No. 37365

Mongolian music is literally the coolest.

No. 37426

Do you know a lot about mongolian music?

No. 37464

Oh my God, they're so cool.

No. 37516

They were playing this at my cinema. I'm so glad I searched for it on SoundHound, it's rad.

No. 37527

Too bad, that they have only few videos on youtube..

No. 37800

They rock and the long-haired guy Jaya is my new crush. I bet they're a bunch of manlets too, cute.

No. 48640

File: 1568019340916.png (628.57 KB, 500x716, 8BD64912-EC81-4C1C-9000-35E00A…)

What did y’all think of the new Tool album?

No. 48699

No. 48700

No. 48701

No. 48702

No. 48704

No. 48705

No. 48706

No. 48757

current fave album

No. 48818

No. 48819

No. 48820

No. 48874

Since I didn't leave comments on these, I'll say something -

Eyehategod are one of the key sludge metal bands, maybe THE key one besides Melvins (who someone else posted), though bands like Acid Bath (also above), Down, Neurosis, Buzzov*en, and Dystopia are also significant. EHG are my favorite for just communicating pure misery. They wanted to sound like "if Black Sabbath was a punk band," though there's also a strong southern blues element.

Behemoth are an amazing semi-mainstream death metal band comparable to bands like Gojira. If you like their style but want something more underground, I'd also recommend Archgoat and Beherit. This isn't the best Behemoth video, but I wanted to promote House of Strombo, George Strombo's new music/talk show (he's a great journalist).
Napalm Death are actually a fascinating band that gets underrated for how thoughtful they were. They had their roots in the Crass-centered anarcho-punk scene and were very influenced by early crust punk, but they tied in major Celtic Frost and Slayer influences to their sound, spawning grindcore. They're connected to lots of other major bands, like Carcass and Godflesh/Jesu. As time went on, they became more and more death metal, but always with a noisy avant-garde edge.
Martyrdöd are a really great band that fuses melodic death metal and crust punk, with a little black metal. They have their roots in the band Skitsystem.
Dawn Ray'd are a solid black metal band with references to peasant revolts, paganism, and revolutionary themes. Sorta like the Rage Against the Machine of black metal. They're notable contemporaries of Panopticon.
Celtic Frost are one of the most influential extreme metal bands ever, and they were a huge influence on both black metal and death metal. They're connected to the bands Hellhammer and Triptykon.
Rotten Sound are a great, really heavy, really crisp grindcore band.

This is a great album

Yes, it's hilarious, strongly recommended.

No. 48893


No. 48926

I can't believe I forgot to mention Crowbar for sludge

No. 48992

This is my favorite thing right now

No. 49820

I primarily listen to Nordic folk music though I have never really liked Myrkur… I dont hate her either, just kind of neutral towards her. But the fact that she's naming her kid Viking is beyond cringey. Not to mention it doesnt even make sense because the word Viking is actually an English word and vikings didn't call themselves vikings. They did call themselves drengr, you'd think shed name her kid that.

No. 50017

I'm digging Witherfall lately… I think they're progressive metal but I'm not really sure.

No. 50039

If anyone's interested in more Mongolian metal, check out Tennger Cavalry (they're from China but it's Mongolian inspired)

No. 50140

I love a lot of metal but most of it is by men. Can you anons recommend some good bands with powerful female vocals? Not pretty singey shit, actually powerful vocals.

No. 50141


Arch Nemesis, Shadow, Sinergy, Kittie, The Agonist

No. 50144

Thank you. Shadow sounds great.

No. 50163

Jinjer (a Russian band)
Arch Enemy (especially with their previous vocalist)
The Agonist
New Year's Day- who tends to be more poppy metal but I still like them
I know there are more, but I can't think of them sorry lol

No. 50228

No. 50232

>Misandistric doom
Found the ultimate metal genre.

No. 50236

No. 50325

No. 50378

I had to post this

No. 50452

No. 50564

One of my favorite records.

No. 50565

Sonata Arctica came to my country a few years ago and didn't play Wolf and Raven live reeeeee

No. 50673

I'm just so happy that Mgla released their new album. I'm surprised it wasn't mentioned here already. Needless to say, I've listened to it countless of times ever since it came out a week or so ago.

Their lyrics are absolutely fantastic and the drums, the drums!

No. 52449

thorr's hammer
this shit is heavy as hell, and that is a 17 year old girl singing. even the growling, absolutely insane.
also female vocals on this, and liz buckingham from electric wizard was in this band. really eerie and heavy.

i actually hate female vocals in metal especially if it's really feminine with high notes. but these bands are so fucking good, i'm very sad they didn't release more.

No. 52499

Now this is special. Not exactly strong vocals, but worth listening to.

No. 52602

It's still cool you got to see them. Nice

No. 52970

Even though I mostly listen to metal, I feel weird calling myself a metalhead because the bands i listen to aren't the "staple" metal bands like metallica, megadeath etc. And are a bit more on the obscure side and also tend to be hybrid genres like folk metal and symphonic metal. Do any of you feel the same way?

No. 52990

Kind of the opposite. Whenever someone says they listen to Metallica or Rammstein, I don't consider them a metalhead. But that's just my opinion and I usually keep it to myself.

No. 53018

I would say a metalhead is someone who mainly listens to metal and is into more obscure and heavy bands.

No. 53020

Oh and you need to have excellent headbanging skills.

No. 53048

>and is into more obscure and heavy bands.

You mean obscure and heavy bands that were born trying desperately to copy metallica and iron maiden?

All genres of heavy metal are an offshoot of those big bands from the late 70s and 80s that everyone knows. Liking obscure bands doesn't give you extra points, you are still listening to riffs ripped off from megadeth. In metal everyone just changes the tempo a bit and calls it a new genre.

No. 53055

> You mean obscure and heavy bands that were born trying desperately to copy metallica and iron maiden?

nta but you couldn't be more wrong. There are tons of subgenres within metal and a lot of them are completely different from the mainstream metal that it would be hard to tell they even belong to the same genre if it weren't for the umbrella term.

No. 53058


>all these flavors of the pentatonic scale and megadeth riffs are completely different

I love metal but you are just very naive, Black metal for example was born because a bunch of kids could not play iron maiden properly. All metal has branched out of those 80s bands and the influence is obvious. Genres and subgenres mean aesthetic changes but it all sounds like metal and anyone would recognize it as such, its the silliest thing to call any of that "true metal" over the actual originators of the sound.

No. 53141

>Copying Metallica

Like Metallica haven't copied everything. They wouldn't exist without Black Sabbath and other obscure British metal bands.

They used to play covers and pretend they were Metallica songs!

No. 53158

Is everyone here good at headbanging? Or do you just dance like this to your fave songs?

No. 53175

This is one of my new fave bands.

No. 53246


Yeah, but i´m not saying metallica is not true metal because of it, or any of the bands from other genres that copied metallica, its all metal anyways regardless of aesthetic changes. If you are a fan of any of it you are a metal fan, no single subgenre has exclusive claim of the label, specially when its all mutually influenced and cross bred across the board.

No. 53296

I'm >>53018 and I agree with you, it's the term "metalhead" that brings elitist meathead guys to mind.

No. 53323


>its all metal anyways regardless of aesthetic changes. If you are a fan of any of it you are a metal fan

This so much.

That's why I love this thread so much because I like to check everything farmers are posting here because metal has so many faces that makes me discover stuff that I didn't considered to listen to before.

This makes me wonder: What are your fave metal genres?


>Is everyone here good at headbanging? Or do you just dance like this to your fave songs?

It really depends on my location during a concert. If I have enough space for banging, then yes, I love to do it but when no, then I just dance and jump around or joining the pit for a bit because banging while not having too much space sucks bc I always end with a stiff neck after that tho lol

No. 53687

Going through a major Panopticon phase rn

No. 58267

>What are your fave metal genres?
This is a hard question because I think most of the bands I listen to are mixes of genres. I think the ones I listen to most are power metal, symphonic metal and doom metal. Like one of my favorite bands is Blind Guardian, they're power metal but a lot of their music is very symphonic too. I also like any metal that incorporates a medieval/minstrel sound to it, or doom metal that has symphonic mixed with it. I also love progressive metal but my ex boyfriend was obsessed with Opeth and now listening to them just makes me think of him and I can't find other prog bands that I like.

I feel weird liking power metal though because people always say it's "the most masculine metal genre" and "women don't like power metal". I feel like I can't share that I like power metal because people would think I'm weird.

What are your favorite genres? and also, what genre would you say Lacuna Coil is? They are always labeled symphonic metal but I don't see what's symphonic about them.

No. 58299

File: 1571432166126.jpeg (144.14 KB, 660x342, alcest-kodama.jpeg)

What are other bands like Alcest? First metal group I love. I also enjoyed Sunbather a bit but didn't listen to it as much

No. 58305

Les Discrets, Amesoeurs, Lantlos.

No. 58306

I didn't know about that. It's funny to me because it's the only metal genre I like.

No. 58307

No. 58308


Not quite the same but you can try with tool, Opeth, Porcupine tree and Deftones.

No. 58320

not quite metal, but try their labelmates 1476, alcest is a huge inspiration to them

No. 62115

Not a strictly metal band at all, but the latest King Gizzard album is thrashy as fuck and I absolutely love it

No. 62485

Nwn is dead where do you guys go for dumb metal stuff now?

No. 66204

Man, I just love black metal so much. I took a short break from listening to metal because I felt kind of bored, which is crazy when I reflect on it. I listened to a lot of death metal when I first got into metal and I guess after listening to a lot of classic albums and loving them, I wasn't too impressed with a lot of newer death metal stuff. I felt like it didn't pack as much of a punch or I found myself lost in a sea of cannibal corpse rip-offs. I don't particularly care for ultra clean production in death metal either, i feel low-fi production does help add that extra layer of grit. Sometimes anyways.

I also want to say that Paracletus is hands down one of my most favourite albums of all time and rekindled my love for metal again. God bless this thread. You all have impeccable taste.

I kind of feel the same way. I tend stick to black metal for the most part.

No. 66363

Found this after listening to the new Mgla album, loved it!

No. 66401


I absolute hate myself for not checking it out much earlier because I just bought it this sunday because I've come across this so many times but a review about best metal albums of this year made me finally check it out and oh my god it's on non stop heavy rotation. Absolute perfection imo.

No. 66402


also currently digging this classic

No. 66428

I know it can sound ridiculous but at the same time I'm so into black metal I'm also christian and constantly have to check the lyrics to see if it's satanic lol
I don't look for christian bands, but if I like one, cool, don't judge anyone's taste in black or white metal
It's just unconfortable to listen to stuff that goes against my beliefs

No. 66531

I think that's so cute! I'm not Christian but I think I've heard of BM christian bands. I don't like them tbh but it's out there.

No. 66549

Are you sure lol

No. 66731

No. 66835

Kinda close-minded thoughts

No. 66923

Yeah they just seemed kinda butthurt that Christians are making black metal.

No. 66960

orgasmic doom/stoner

No. 67038

This is pretty funny. Although I kind of get where they are coming from, to me, black metal is all about atmosphere and I don't see how far fetched it would be to incorporate traditional sermons or whatever into black metal.

No. 67546

bit late but deafheaven finally released an actual black metal song

No. 68302

progressive metal recs other than opeth?

and can anyone recommend me german metal? (as in metal that's actually in german, not a german band singing in english)

No. 68379

Here is some german black metal I found a few days ago, I don't know any other, sorry. Also one of the songs' beginning sounds exactly like the song hier kommt alex https://mavorim.bandcamp.com/
Also I found a cool german punk band today, I hope that is ok to post https://pisse.bandcamp.com/

No. 68471

I rarely listen to this song ‘cause I’m a Christian

No. 68482

Does anyone know bands similar to Fister, Primitive Man, Vermin Womb, Teeth? They are sludge bands I guess but when I search for sludge I rarely find anything similar, I like the super heavy slow filthiness rather than black sabbath vibes

No. 68585

>Black metal

No. 68727

File: 1577050881447.jpg (68.7 KB, 960x634, DogAraya.jpg)

Looking for bands or albums that are similar to Death, early Slayer and such? Idk just some nice energetic metal that has some brutality going on? I don't care about any sub genre, just the feeling must be fitting.

And if it's the right place to ask: How is it the best way to get into Napalm Death? Where do I start?

No. 68728

File: 1577050972107.jpg (45.76 KB, 599x400, wufTO9C.jpg)


here a second pic because I find them very wholesome.

No. 73323

Thoughts on Architects?
I like them because they remind me the not-so-old BMTH.

No. 73334

Try Sepulcher - Panoptic Horror, they're like Slayer mixed with old school death metal. Great stuff, also beautiful album cover.

No. 73385

I love progressive metal

No. 73492

New Thy Catafalque album released 2 days ago, I just randomly looked it up yesterday and was so surprised to see a new album.
I'm not sure if this is fit for this thread because it's an amalgamation of various genres but Tamas himself labels his project as avant-garde metal. It's very interesting, I think everyone should check it out. If you like it but prefer a bit heavier music you can check his albums Meta and Rengeteg.

No. 73512


Thank you so much for this, anon! I'm loving it so far!

No. 74788

I just learned this subgenre or whatever is called blackened sludge. I love it
oh this is nice! Thanks anon, if you are still here did you like the Mgla album? My favorite is still With hearts toward none
I don't think the vocals fit the rest of the music, I have this problem with most djent bands. I like the part when he goes BLAGH though, iconic

No. 74956

No. 75001

New video from Nightwish.

No. 75012

No. 75015

No. 75496

No. 75520

Getting back into progmetal

No. 75521

No. 75574

Ah this brings back some memories

No. 76147

An old favorite of mine

No. 76670

Let's get some kind of discussion going (a first for me).

I'm curious to know how did you all find yourselves becoming either metal heads or liking metal in general? I tend to find that many metalheads nowadays seem to exclusively get into metal because their parents like metal or it was present in their childhood.

I'm probably the most unlikely metalhead ever. I never knew anybody who liked metal and I am a black girl. I grew up listening to regular normie pop music and made some attempt to be in the know of what songs were trendy. One day, I wanted to develop myself as a person and develop my own interests and the best place i felt to start was with music. I stumbled across old school death metal and fell deep into a rabbit hole of appreciating i guess more "unorthodox" styles of music ever since, across all genres in general and being open minded with all forms of art.

I was curious if anybody else had any similar stories to share.

No. 76697

what does being black have to do with your music taste? Not being sarcastic here

No. 76753

Nothing. Vast majority of metal heads are white and because of that alone, the chances of being exposed to it is greatly lower, especailly more obscure stuff. I thought it was an obvious observation.

No. 77108

>I tend to find that many metalheads nowadays seem to exclusively get into metal because their parents like metal or it was present in their childhood.
That's exactly me, my brother was a metalhead, he liked Metallica a lot. I never really particularly liked any of his music but I think it accustomed me to heavier music so when I listened to other heavy music I didn't find it weird/scary, and I eventually found what I liked. I have to confess the first music I actually liked was from Slipknot…
I don't know how my brother became a metalhead since nobody else in my family was. I think maybe because of Guitar Hero lol

No. 77291

I got into metal as a teenager through people posting about the 90s Norwegian black metal scene on tumblr lol. I followed some people who would post pictures of Euronymous, Dead, Varg, Fenriz, Faust, etc. and i was intrigued by the ~aesthetic~ and evil mystique surrounding the scene so I checked out some Burzum, Mayhem, Darkthrone, etc. and fell in love. Black metal is still my preferred subgenre and since I came into it through an extreme subgenre route and not the heavy, thrash, or nu-metal route it seems like most people take I’m still mostly drawn to black and death metal. For me it went black > thrash > death. I was into stuff like Swans and Nine Inch Nails before too but I don’t really consider those metal.

I don’t know if I would consider myself a metalhead though since I don’t really participate in anything IRL. Went to one Slayer show and that was it. I wish I had more friends into metal.

No. 77331

File: 1582945762869.jpeg (92.8 KB, 720x791, ER4omB-WsAE8nTG.jpeg)

I grew up on a Rez/ trailer parks and there usually full of metalheads and juggalos, but my true awaking came when I was still a kid and I found the one slipknot -psychosocial monster truck/ gravedigger video and I rewatched that to death
same anon… our tastes have matured lol
black is by far my favorite and its what I listen to the most, also the memes, its either fangirls or really weird and specific

No. 77398

File: 1582995868454.png (907.15 KB, 450x1060, 1bd38ce53440d94562288b8cba4e42…)


I did make my first steps into hard rock with the help of my uncle, yes he likes metallica (the black album to be specific and that's about it) but mostly you well known hard rock acts from the 60s-late 80s. I really went into rock when I was around 17 but at some point I didn't felt like it was enough for me so I got inspired by the osbournes to listen to Black Sabbath (not the solo ozzy stuff) and really liked the music and overall aesthetic so I dig around and endend up listening to obscure psychedelic/doom/occult metal bands.
As the other anon here mentioned here, I also got exposed to black metal through tumblr, because I also liked the visuals of it but did not listened to it because I was way too much of a pussy at this point so I stayed in my lil witchcraft inspired metal thingy. I also loved pentagram next to black sabbath and other stuff that I can't remember now. But at some point I was like, I need to look deeper into the metal genre and got into thrash and death metal (which is waaay to extreme for my uncle, since I like to share my music discoveries with him but for example the early metallica stuff is already too hard for him. I still tiptoe my way around black metal lol

No. 77704

Awww now I wanna film a silly video with my friends, it looks like so much fun

No. 80969

This song makes me want to kill people, in a good way

No. 81059

powermetal is magnificient! I truly pity those who are too cool to embrace it.

rhapsody for example did music with fucking saruman, imagine being at a powermetal concert and he’s there, dressed in a fancy robe with his god tier opera voice

No. 81068

RIP christopher lee

No. 81410

Sorry for the late response, I liked Mgla's new album. I'm pretty new to them so I don't really know which one I like the most.

My brother is a metalhead, he liked symphonic metal and owned various band shirts. One day when I was like 10, I searched for Nightwish on youtube and liked it so much, then went downhill from there. He even gave me a Nightwish shirt too, I still have it, it is so small and doesn't fit me anymore.
Then I heard every possible symphonic metal till I became tired and started to explore other subgenres. Today what I like the best is (still don't know what to call it without generating discussion) blackgaze like Deafheaven, Alcest, etc. I'm a big BMTH fan too.
As a metalhead, sometimes I feel ashamed to say that I like some emo bands and other artists who aren't metal at all. Not ashamed to like, it's just that feels like other metalheads will judge me but whatever, right?
I wish that I had more metalhead friends too.

No. 81887

me every time I go through a break up

No. 81909

Easily my favorite album of 2019, they have been my fave modern black metal band for quite a few years. Their live shows are pretty good as well.

No. 81921

File: 1586105242160.jpg (43.24 KB, 597x596, pic2.JPG)

No. 81922

File: 1586105362560.jpg (52.78 KB, 479x598, pic1.JPG)

No. 81923

File: 1586105465770.jpg (74.12 KB, 600x575, pic3.JPG)

No. 82039

Yikes, weeb. Neither of those are metal. They're fusions of it.

No. 82767

No. 82770

For sure, fam. I love No Quarter, Dyer Maker, Over the Hills, and Goin to California. What about you, friend?

No. 83096

File: 1586571599926.jpg (1.29 MB, 800x1200, 1354-female_silhouette_autism-…)

anyway protection is beautiful and I am so glad I got to see them before covid-19 fucked everything up

No. 83281

anon is a hater, love protection and kodama too.

No. 84216

I was linstening to this super orthodox black metal album and suddenly there is this techno black metal song and wtf I love techno now
I really recommend the rest of the album as well

No. 84251

I was in middle school, when I received my very first iPod as a gift, but I didn't had a PC, so I asked a friend of mine to fill it up with whatever music he wanted to. His brother listened to a lot of music, so there was a couple of System of a Down songs.
From that moment on, I dug futher into metal throught all of my youth.
When I moved to university I quit listening to metal because I'm fucking stupid and thought it would be fine for me trying to get into other genres. I explored, found very cool stuff, but quickly lost interest.
Until recently, I started talking again with a friend who's a metalhead, felt nostalgic and got back into metal. Result is, after more than a year with no music (besides japanese music) I now wake up wanting to listen to music and discover more and more.
Once a metalhead, always a metalhead.

No. 84275

randomly bought it a while ago and freaking love it! Does anybody know something similar? Any recs?


>Once a metalhead, always a metalhead.

very true

No. 84318


No. 86355

Another huge favorite of 2019 is the latest Midnight Odyssey record (atmospheric BM). I still get teary eyed when listening to "From a Frozen Wasteland" from the previous album.

No. 86458

All Altarage releases are free to download on Bandcamp today! https://altarage.bandcamp.com/

No. 98283

I am a dwarf and I'm digging a hole
diggy diggy hole
diggy diggy hole

No. 104047

This album is how I imagine literal hell sounds like

No. 104458

I can't tell whether I made this post or not. I'm a huge Midnight Odyssey fan but in case it was another anon, I just wanted to say hi!

No. 104661

If this upcoming album by Anaal Nathrakh is just half as good as A New Kind of Horror, then I'm sold

No. 104686

No. 104765

fuck yeah, sodom.

No. 104766

Slayer - Live Undead'84

Absolute favourite, especially hearing the people going mental during "Show no mercy".

here the playlist link: https://youtu.be/wAYZ876UiZ4?list=PLqytfNFx9Ghxi4YhfA5nf8fQz3VxnTcTe

No. 104768

Also really digging this album at the moment.

No. 104769

Love the whole "Grand Morbid Funeral" album but this song is the best thing about it tbh.

No. 104773

Other anon and fellow Midnight Odyssey fan, hi! I can't wait to hear the follow up to Biolume (Forever Silenced was the jewel of the album imo), and here is their masterpiece.

No. 104788

Anyone here familiar with Author & Punisher? This dude is such a painfully underrated musical genius, and I am aching to sperg about him w/ someone, but no one fucking knows about him

No. 104793

Underrated live album. The crowd going wild in every song adds to the chaotic vibe of early slayer.

No. 104799

I wish I knew you. irl all the people I know listen to regular metal, dad rock type of thing. Finding someone who listens to BM is hard and it's even harder to find someone who likes atmospheric/cosmic BM.
Shards of Silver Fade is my favourite album of his as well. I also love his experiment album, Converge Rivers of Hell. Did you listen to that one?
He's honestly a genius for a one man band to create such great albums.
Have you listened to the recent Mesarthim album? I thought you might like it.
Sorry for pestering you with my questions, but I don't get to talk about BM a lot, irl or online. I would love to know more about which other bands you like.

No. 104861


speaking of underrated slayer albums: I hate how much slayer itself and many fans tend to overlook and ignore Divine Intervention. I mean sure, it's the first album without Dave and King absolute hates the sound mix of it but damn I love it. It's heavy, aggressive and dark and imo the last "real" slayer album. It was also released in the mid 90s and the state of metal at this point was ugh not the same as it used to be in the 80s. Prefer it over "South of Heaven" tbh.

No. 105158

File: 1597917416420.jpg (61.51 KB, 640x640, fdaa29563fe52bf3ac8274b6357f86…)

Do any anons here have battle jackets? Because I tiptoe around the idea of making one for a very long time now but at the same time I feel like I'm not "true metal" enough to wear one lol. I find them super cute (I know, not THE reason why you should make one kek) and I love the idea of broadcasting your taste in metal music on one piece of cloth but at the same time I feel like it belongs to the half human and half bear type of metalhead than somebody like me. Are they too corny to wear? Thoughts?

No. 105163

Only ever saw this on borderline inbred racist scrotes in school but go for it if you wish to

No. 105172

Please listen to this song. From the moment I heard the first riff I knew I would love this band, so I want to show it to you all, someone might love it like I do.
I don't know what to think about them, it definitely looks dumb but it's amazing to see a jacket covered in patches because it takes lots of time and money. And it's also good because you can show what you like and maybe make friends who like the same bands. I think it looks best though if you get just one huge patch and put it over the back of the jacket. Or you could put them on a bag/backpack, I've seen some people like that, it looks a bit cooler than a jacket in my opinion
This is really nice I love the guitar sound, I wish the vocals were all screams though
Nordland I and II are the only worthwhile Bathory albums change my mind

No. 105173

Yeah I love Kriegsmaschine. You will also like Mgla. Those bands make the best BM. Their drummer is just amazing.

No. 105176

Hell yeah, I loved mgla first and then I found out they have another band, now I love kriegsmaschine even more than mgla, the overall feeling is just completely nihilistic. Their drummer is like a god, sometimes it sounds to me like he is just banging randomly but he's drumming the same pattern over and over, it's just too complex for my plebeian ears. Like how does he do this, I can't even tap 2 different rhythms with my left and right hand.

No. 105185

I want to start listening to metal more and you anons seem to have really good taste. What albums/artists would you recommend? I currently listen to a lot of post punk and darkwave if that helps.

No. 105188

> I currently listen to a lot of post punk and darkwave if that helps.
Hey me too. I really like Looking for Semblance by Death Comes Crawling, a darkwave/dark synth album. It was made by the same guy who does atmospheric black metal under the name of Midnight Odyssey so definitely check him out. I keep shilling him everywhere but I truly think his works are great.

Here are some others that I like:
White Ward - Love Exchange Failure
Путь - Песни смерти
Midnight Odyssey / Igric / Aeon Winds - Ardorem
Ofdrykkja - Gryningsvisor
Selbst - Relatos de Angustia
There's also Mgla and Kriegsmaschine that were mentioned previously, Panzerfaust, Batushka, 1914, The Ruins of Beverast (check his Exuvia) and these are quite popular in BM circles.

No. 105221

Hey thanks anon you’re a doll! Gonna check this all out.

No. 105329

Thanks, you too! I hope you enjoy.

No. 105697

Guys, I'm overjoyed, one of my favorite bands of all time, Elend has announced a new album (they are not metal but only metalheads listen to them afaik)! They hadn't released new material in 13 years and for the past two or or three years they've hinted the release or something new, and there we are, new album by the end of the year with remasters and vinyls of their previous albums. You have no idea how happy I am about this!

Same, I have like two IRL friend who I can talk music with and only one listens to BM, and I don't frequent online communities like RYM because they are pozzed with woke shit.
I think Biolume will become my favorite album of his with time, the melodies and atmospheres are more of my taste, more intimate and diverse. I haven't listened to his other project. I have not heard of the band you posted, but I really liked it!
In BM, I love Schammasch, The Ruins of Beverast (Rain Upon the Impure is actually my favorite BM album), Hail Spirit Noir, Blut Aus Nord, Nokturnal Mortum, Summoning, Pensées Nocturnes, Glaciation, Deathspell Omega (only the trilogy) and a few others. I don't like 90s norwegian BM, I prefer more modern stuff (but not shitty American bands like Deafheaven), what are your favorite bands?

No. 105746

File: 1598333209207.jpeg (61.76 KB, 349x349, BE6C664C-4641-422F-9397-44B020…)

No. 105750

Do you know of the amazing black metal scene on Iceland? If you don't, here are my recommendations:

Sinmara, Svartidauði (they sound sort of "standard", not in a bad way, but in the way that everything else on my list I compare to their sound, I would recommend them to anyone)
Misthyrming (their first album is in my opinion one of the best black metal albums, ever)
Endalok (sounds like being trapped in an icy cave)
Naðra (this is a bit more "rock and roll" if that makes sense)
0 (it' s more doom than black metal, like Naðra but very slow; it's hard to google so here: https://0000000.bandcamp.com/)
Skáphe (this is 50% icelandic but I want to mention it, sounds like literal hell, I posted it above.)
Almyrkvi, Andavald, Wormlust, Abominor (less angry pummeling and more atmosphere)
Mannveira (sounds dissonant and distorted and real angry)
Martröð (international band, all the members are very skilled musicians for example Wrest)

Most of the bands here share members and sound similar, so if you like one of the bands you will probably like the rest, so I ask of you all to check just one of these, and if you have to listen to just one song, try the one I embedded. There's so many more bands besides these. Can you believe that there's so many amazing black metal bands there though?? Iceland has a population of only 360 000.
Also a bonus: half of these bands I listed have their albums free to download on bandcamp.

No. 105752

>Only listen to Reggae and Dub
>Hardly feel anything while listening, just chilling
>Then listens to Black Sabbath after 10 years
>Feels like a spiritual awakening

No. 105761

File: 1598361160506.jpg (47.83 KB, 481x595, dave.JPG)


Hell yeah, Black Sabbath! They got me into metal and therefore have a very special place in my heart.

What's your fave era and album?


Ty, will def check them out!

No. 105763

File: 1598361743801.png (295.57 KB, 800x803, 117940899_2737871776312385_487…)

I found a similar meme

No. 105766


makes me wonder how this timeline would look like, if varg never happened to the black metal scene.

No. 105773

No. 105844

Ozzy is the best singer ever to me. Also Sabbath Bloody Sabbath and Paranoid

No. 105855

> I don't frequent online communities like RYM because they are pozzed with woke shit.
Neither do I. I have a few select YT channels like Black Metal Promotion which I follow and Metal Archives. That's pretty much it. No drama, no personalities, just pure BM music and discussion.
> I think Biolume will become my favorite album of his with time, the melodies and atmospheres are more of my taste, more intimate and diverse.
I like Biolume too and can't wait for the second part although, personally, nothing tops his "Converge rivers of Hell".

> I don't like 90s norwegian BM, I prefer more modern stuff (but not shitty American bands like Deafheaven)

Yeah me too. I never saw the appeal. The modern BM music is so much better and diverse.

> what are your favorite bands?

Also The Ruins of Beverast, Blut Aus Nord but then Kriegsmaschine, Panzerfaust, Mgla, Imperial Circus Dead Decadence (it's japanese and I'm not sure how BM it is), The Great Old Ones, Aeon Winds, Mesarthim, Karg.
I also keep finding new bands through the aforementioned YT channel Black Metal Promotion. It warms my heart when I see countries from other places in the world outside of Europe producing great BM music.

No. 105856

Also, it goes without saying that Midnight Odyssey is my favorite BM band.

No. 105860

File: 1598457552096.gif (3.72 MB, 400x300, Natalie_Cole_Whitney_Houston.g…)


I'm the anon who asked and this is the answer I was hoping for because I agree 1000%. Ozzy era is best Sabbath era and SBS and Paranoid are god-tier.

No. 106083

I saw some mentions of Panzerfaust above, they just released a new album! https://panzerfaust.bandcamp.com/album/the-suns-of-perdition-chapter-ii-render-unto-eden
I've seen them live last year, it took me 15 minutes to notice the vocalist. He was dressed in a black cloak and he was standing in the back behind the drummer. He was like 2 metres tall. I wouldn't have noticed him if his microphone cable didn't shimmer. It was so weird

No. 106232

I remember Angela Gossow getting me into metal. How could I ever abandon it? Hi thread

No. 106233

File: 1598734670905.jpg (53.11 KB, 500x750, 1992_artist-e1395092433664.jpg)

heart goes doki doki

No. 106235

think this gig might be better still

No. 106774

I think the thought that metalheads are only white is a misconception that African Americans have. Metal is an international genre, there's loads of metalheads in South America, the Middle-East, South-East Asia, Japan, Africa, Europe etc.

No. 107889

I clicked on Panzerfaust's website linked in their bandcamp and this is that I got lmao

No. 107976

No. 108058

Uwaa Angera-chan sugoiii
Arch Enemy with her as singer were great.
I wonder what she is doing these days?

No. 108747

she's managing bands desu

No. 108878

I never liked Uada much but they are making a new album and this new song sounds nice actually; I'm excited for the whole album now. I admire their dedication to the album arts with the planet above a figure even though they look bad.

No. 108880

lmao I just noticed the lyrics, they're cringe as usual

No. 108923

No. 109831

I can't wait til winter again so I can walk in the snowy forest and listen to this as the sky turns purple

No. 109844

No. 110216

don't mind me dumping very random music from nostalgia trips here

No. 111193

she did guest vocals here

No. 112806

I'm listening to this, I really like it so far, it's almost as good as Bell Witch's Mirror Reaper. Can anyone recommend me similar good funeral doom albums? These two are really the only ones I truly like.

No. 112810

File: 1603484258736.jpg (75.8 KB, 500x498, IMG_20190430_130108_297.JPG)

also I may have posted this already

No. 112815

Cool thread, maybe some of you will be into this black metal from Canada

No. 112816

is this a selfpost?

No. 112824

No, just a band that I saw perform once at a festival, I was rushing to post and I didn't have time to find a youtube link. Dumb choice, I can see how that looks like a self post.

No. 112964

I am this anon, I just listened to the full album:
I like it, it's my favorite of Uada's albums so far. Each song is different, unlike on the previous albums where I think they all sounded the same and forgettable. The style is a bit different, it's sort of more rock'n'roll but I like it. The vocals I like better than before because the vocalist isn't changing his screams style every five seconds like in the past, which I mean props to him to be able to do that but I found it annoying. The first two songs are a bit boring, but the rest are interesting, especially No Place Here, Forestless and Between Two Worlds. The middle part of Between Two Worlds is especially nice, it's sort of doomy.
Just don't read the lyrics because they ruin everything, holy shit. Honorable mention:
>Individualism versus collectivism, what is free will if the will cannot be free?
Well… If you don't read the lyrics it's alright because you can't really decipher any words out of the screaming.
Overall I recommend it, but not if you expect something like Mgła. If you didn't like the previous Uada, you might like this and vice versa.
Thanks anon I really liked that. It's like a mix between black metal and punk music. I checked out the newest album too and I liked that one better. nice

Also I would like to recommend this album I linked. It's black metal but with sort of industrial or something sounds? I'm not well versed enough to describe it accurately. Anyway the drums sound powerful, the guitar melodies are wonderful, the production is great and the songs are very interesting, I wish I had heard of them sooner because they are good so I wanted to tell you all about them too.

No. 113003

Have had my eyes on this thread for a while so here's my first contribution.

No. 113021

It's officially Type O Negative season.

No. 113155

Can anyone recommend bands like Agalloch or Lifelover? Something kinda dark ambient vibe.

No. 113157

It's always Type O Negative season!

Blind Guardian put out a new album recently and I haven't really dared to get into it, a lot of their recent stuff has been pretty ehhhh and I don't want to be disappointed yet again. Anyone listened to it yet, is it worth the time?

No. 113307

I'd recommend checking Misþyrming, they're one of my favorite bands when it comes to atomspheric black metal.

No. 113308

Nahtrunar are great as well, one of my favourite ambient metal projects.

No. 113310

I love misthyrming too. I hope to see them next year, I don't care if I get sick. But their frontman is triggered by the phrase atmospheric black metal kek
I recommend Drudkh but you probably know them

No. 113504

tfw no metal bf to dick you down to polish black metal

No. 113533

I do know drudkh, it's my first time knowing about what Misþyrming's front man thinks lol, I usually just focus on the music and never bother to learn about the bands/artists.
My rec for you is unreqvited if you don't listen to them already. it's a solo post black metal/ atmospheric black metal project, I find the music moving and I enjoy their music a lot.

No. 113857

No. 114250

I missed the new Gojira song, shame on me; I am sharing it in case you all missed it too. The video is great
Thanks, unreqvited is great, but it sounds a bit too pretty for me.

No. 114252

kek I just noticed Mario is without a shirt as always

No. 115053

I'm not crying. I'm not!!

No. 115056

I wish I've discovered Darkspace sooner. Their music is fantastic. Also, one of the band members is a woman which I had no idea at first. Pretty cool.

No. 115073

Thanks anon that was really good. I like their futuristic corpse paint. It reminded me of Strigae; the sound is different but the feeling is the same to me. (just skip the first one and a half minute)

No. 115144

Fenriz teaching about Black Metal pt.1

No. 115145

Fenriz teaching about Black Metal pt.2

No. 115160

Shut off the goddamn water faucet while you're wiping the board Fenriz smh

No. 115619

I tried to listen to this before but I didn't like it. What was I thinking??? this is amazing
>bare feet, let your hair down like the mist across the pond
quorthon had a foot fetish confirmed

No. 116173

feeling nostalgic

No. 116338

File: 1606355409985.jpg (49.53 KB, 425x424, 0074KBdTgy1gge74usfd0j30bt0bs0…)

Hello metal anons please recommend me your noisiest metal with clean vocals. Album recs are preferred but song recs are welcome too. I would like to listen to more metal but I only know a few songs from power metal bands.

No. 116362


No. 116381

I assume you ask this because you don't like growling vocals, how about no vocals at all?

No. 116393

Can anyone recommend similar bands to Sulphur Aeon, in regards to the whole cosmic horror/Lovecraftian theme?

No. 116410

If you like power metal, check out Blind Guardian

No. 116503

Wow that sounds great! I haven't heard of them before, very nice. Portal has those same themes but the lyrics are indecipherable and the music is a bit hermetic.
I haven't seen a video of them playing until now, I can't stop laughing at the singer. What is that thing on his head?? Is it part of a grandfather clock? Isn't it heavy? How is it staying up? We will never know

No. 117110

Okay can someone recommend me some prog metal bands that are not Opeth

No. 117161

Queensrÿche, Dream Theater & Amorphis

No. 117167

Any other Within Temptation songs that sound thrashy besides this one?

No. 117181

probably everything from the same album lmfao

No. 117186

How about the devin townsend band/project

No. 117187

Nta but I never understood why Queensrÿche was classified as prog metal. Don't get me wrong, I love Operation Mindcrime, easily in my top 10 albums, but to me it's just regular heavy metal.

No. 117213

A bit late but maybe you could dig early slayer

Atheist and Death from 4th album til the last one

No. 117231

Likely a stupid question, but how do you get into metal? I like some of what I've heard. It began with Melvins (went to a concert before corona, it was awesome) and I'm enjoying this thread. But I want to know if there's a good online community or something to better keep up so I can be "in the know"? Listening to random albums/tracks is fun but I'd like to discover in an orderly way. Don't wanna miss out or be oblivious to things most would know. Some anons mentioned tumblr, that could be a start?
This is stupider and not important, but would anything 'bar' someone from liking metal? What I mean is, I see a lot of violence and nihilism in lyrics. I don't care about that and it seems cathartic actually. But It's hard to tell how much is for the aesthetic. Those of you who enjoy it, does it take a toll on your outlook? I have depression but I feel like it could also be like I said, cathartic, a means of release from these emotions. I felt that when I listened to some and can fall asleep to heavier, slower stuff. A lot of the imagery is captivating like a story as well. So, maybe I'm thinking this for nothing. Sorry I know I sound dumb as fuck but I don't wanna be a fool. Thanks

No. 117234

File: 1607121324295.jpg (96.32 KB, 1080x570, 122018278_2492215321084569_655…)

>how do you get into metal?
As mentioned, tumblr is still a good place to get into specific community. it helped me back in the day a lot when I just started to get into "classic rock" and shit because I found a lot girl around my age that were interested in the same bands. But I also know that there is also a huge metal scene, especially when it come to specific bands like Metallica being obv the biggest one and stuff like.

Another thing that helped me when I got into metal was last.fm because I just browsed through the genre tags and listened to the radio stations they had which recommended you similar artists, which then again made you check out more bands. Like here is the thrash page with artists that all in the genre: https://www.last.fm/de/tag/thrash+metal/artists

It also had this handy event planner thingy, which helped me to get in touch people who also went to shows in went. Idk how it is today because stopped using this page years ago and I know it went through some changes.

Then I like to click around on youtube with stuff that looks interesting? Idk, just seeing this one band name and thinking "yeah" I could like that" lol That's another way I found bands I would've never found otherwise.

>Those of you who enjoy it, does it take a toll on your outlook?

No, not really. There songs where I maybe first thought "fuck this is fucked up" but at the second time around it is just a song I enjoy. Maybe it is because it's over the top brutal and idk ugly because otherwise you have not a chance to enjoy those things? I found metal to be very relaxing in some moments for so maybe you have to find something that works for you. Metal as a whole has A LOT to offer so I'm pretty confident that you will find something fits you!

Pic unrelated tho lol

No. 117268

you are always going to like what you like, don't be intimidated by outward appearances, 97% its just people putting on a show, being edgy for humor. metal does have some edgy elitists who are assholes, and everyone is annoyed by them. everyone likes what they like and you shouldn't feel embarrassed by fucking 666kvlt_i_hate_xtsians666 getting mad at you because your favorite band isn't some obscure tape recorded on a dishwasher in 1997 and is on spotify.

i also have depression and i feel like listening to metal can be really therapeutic, music is just an outward expression and if i for example listen to MGłA, exercises in futility, it really just encapsulates how i feel and makes me feel less alone. Metal is in incredibly diverse genera, you have anything from doom, stoner, psychedelic to thrash, death, black, and alternative and don't forget all the cross-over that happens in genera all the time.

it can be intimidating at first ngl but overall your going to find a music that you love and a community of people that like the same things as you. alot of metalheads were in your shoes once so don't be embarrassed!

No. 118026

Texas represent!

No. 118302

I love Oathbreaker, having a female vocalist can be tricky because many just do what male vocalists do and can be weird but Caro Tanghe does it perfectly, she puts her angelic voice to good use but also can master the black metal shrieking just as well, the music itself is refreshing and enjoyable.

No. 118308

No. 118312

Sorry I didn't see your post until now. Thanks for the recommendation! This band is fucking awesome.

No. 119605

any recommendations for middle-eastern metal (or metal with a middle-eastern sound)?

No. 119609

recently I've been very into Myrath, is that the kind of sound you're looking for?

No. 120907

What good albums were released in 2020? I didn't follow any news and I don't think I listened to anything released this year except for Triptykon's Requiem.

No. 120999

best song off the album

No. 121332

No. 121335

I really like this one, its very calm and meditative.

No. 121804

Does anyone know bands that sound like Blood of Kingu, relentless and occult? Please

No. 121806

Besides drudkh of course

No. 122185

Have you heard this mgła song? I love the guitar sound in the middle, it sounds like horns. Or maybe it is actually horns and I can't tell because of the quality

No. 123085

I might have become too accustomed to cacophony but the first part of this song really sounds like a lullaby doesn't it?

No. 124210

How do I get into metal (any subgenre?) So, way back in ye olde 2005, I was your typical emo/scene teenager. I loved Coheed & Cambria, MCR, and The Used. These days, now that I'm "grown," I'm much more into music like Tame Impala and Mac Demarco, but occasionally revisit my teen favorites. As for why? I think metal in general is cool.

No. 124295

Do you like raw black metal? I just found this album, it's really good, I bought it as soon as I heard the 3rd song
I think you need to find just one band you like, and from then it'll be easier to appreciate others you might have not appreciated at first because you'll notice the similarities to the one band you like. At least, that's what it was like for me. The first band I truly liked was Gojira so I really recommend their music. If you don't like it, just look around more. I think progressive metal in general is accessible

No. 126911

I've been listening to the latest TRoB on repeat for the past few days and I really have no idea on what to think of this album, it's puzzling me. I cannot identify its themes or subjects, even Blood Vaults (a very subpar album imo) has stronger atmospheres. I need to listen to it many times I guess, it took me a long time to get into Rain upon the Impure and it's now my favorite BM record ever, but I'm far from convinced yet.

No. 137332

This is kinda cozy

No. 140022

File: 1619764402563.png (37.59 KB, 611x471, raAAAAAft.png)

The new Gojira album is here, I urge you to listen to it

No. 140033

File: 1619771850737.webm (257.52 KB, 1920x1080, joe duplantier says cringe.web…)

I love this album there's so much pew pyyyeeew sounds

No. 140040

Coheed and mcr are just dad rock worship so u could listen to Pink Floyd or queen it would scratch that itch and u could say ur into metal lol

The used r more interesting, the 2005 album still had obvious ~real emo~ influence and a member of coalesce, a respected metalcore band did backing vocals so it u liked that given them a listen and try get into metal via the core route

always think it’s weird when people try and get into this stuff as adult ngl, if it didn’t catch your attention as a kid why would it as an adult

No. 140380

It's got it's moments (upon first listen I like Sphynx and Grind particularly) but I'm overall pretty meh on it. I know bands change and that Gojira has moved away from the heavy shit for the most part, which I have nothing against, but a lot of it just sounds like boring radio rock upon first listen. I'll give the album a chance though, it might grow on me. Some of the softer songs on Magma weren't my favorites before but I really like them now, like Low Lands for example.

No. 140444

I agree mostly with what you said, but I don't find it boring at all. I think it's very interesting and beautiful, but I do miss how songs used to be longer and more.. full of sound but I can always go back to listen those older albums. I like it much, much better than Magma; I love the themes of the songs and the variety. And that humming in Fortitude and the Chant has been playing over and over in my head since I heard it

No. 145658

I love Chrch. Also their singer is a woman. Do you also see a woman in a band and think "OH they have a girl!!!!!!" because I do

No. 145660

yes, lol. thanks for the rec

No. 145665

Here's another one if you like mathcore type music

No. 146072


No. 146107

yessss i love her

No. 146641


No. 149155

Would literally kill to be able to growl like this

okay, not literally, but still..

No. 149171

I'm really amazed by people who can switch between singing nicely and growling, and her growl is so impressive too!

No. 149173

Me too, I've tried but I sound like a frog
I love showing my friends that video

No. 149856

A new Thy Catafalque album, I still haven't recovered from the last masterpiece and already a new one is here

No. 149918

noisy atmospheric black metal goodness? i'm absolute shit at identifying genres but this shit is so goooood.

No. 150793

I've been so disappointed with TroB's latest album that I prefer listening to the split he did with Icelandic band Almyrkvi.

No. 150797

I would love Akhlys if the vocals didn't sound like that, but I guess it's an acquired taste so I will listen to it more. I think you would like Guðveiki, if you like it the entire record label Mystiskaos has similar music, it's run by Alex Poole and H.V. Lyngdal, members of Guðveiki. Actually I think they are in half of the bands on Mystiskaos, Iceland is a small country.

No. 150798

Why don't you like The Thule Grimoires?

No. 150799

It's nice to see a fellow Thy Catafalque appreciator here.

No. 150800

It's not that I dislike it, I just don't feel anything listening to it, I don't get the atmospheres and the themes which are usually the band's strongest points, even Blood Vaults gives me stronger emotions (mostly of boredom though). I keep coming back to the album and I never manage to fully immerse myself in it, which leaves me frustrated especially how lauded the album was at the release. Maybe if I hear some of the songs live I'll change my mind, but the last time I saw TRoB it went pretty poorly so I don't have much hope about this in a post Corona world lol.

No. 150801

I am glad there is more of us. I remember when I first heard Thy Catafalque, I was in high school sitting in the hall with nobody around, I clicked Rengeteg which was recommended on youtube, I was blown away by that first song and I was so angry at myself for not having heard it sooner. And then a friend came along so I had to talk to him instead of listening to the rest of the album, I was really pissed. Good times

No. 150808

i-is cheesy böömer metal welcomed here?

No. 150842

Ha! You call that cheesy? I will show you cheesy. Space submarines dude

No. 151016

Some classic Absurd tune:

No. 151063

Good Iron Maiden Cover Band:

No. 151082

I feel like I just walked into a tornado
Ah nice, also have you noticed how all german black metal sounds somehow the same (I don't mind)

No. 151107

Thanks for the rec. I feel the same way about Guðveiki's vocals as you do about Akhlys. Granted I'm still relatively new to metal so it might just be our own journey through the genre differing. Don't mean to sound offensive but are you Gen X/Millennial by any chance? That might have something to do w/ our different likes in vocals. I'll keep listening to this though and I appreciate the label recommendation as well!

To stay on-topic, been really enjoying Churchburn lately. Dave Suzuki's guitar solo @ 4:22 took me completely off guard when I first listened to this and it turned me onto his work. I'm usually listening to metal for the drummer but this blew me out of the water.

No. 151118

Anons you gotta hear this guitar sound near the middle of the song. It's like weweewewewewewewewewewewew I love it
That was wonderful, the guitar solo is completely out of place but it works, anyway I don't think I am a millenial (I had to google) I was born in 1999, but I live in a place where american trends arrive 5 years later.

No. 151345

Yea you're right but it's still fun. Btw I wouldn't really call Absurd pure Black Metal. Very early Absurd is Garage Punk with growling, while later works are more pagan metal/rock with Black Metal influence.

No. 151384

Opinions on the new Darkthrone album? I thought it was amazing, the old school/doom direction they've been taking for their last 3 albums is working out really well.
Also, I need to say it. I love Fenriz. He keeps making good music and remains the most chill dude on the BM scene.

No. 151815

give me your angriest metal recommendations

No. 151827

Blood of kingu blood of kingu blood of kingu blood of kingu blood of kingu blod of kingu blood blood blood

No. 151880

Blood of Kingu takes the cake but if you want a little groove for the anger, NAILS is my go-to.

No. 151881

I love it, even the title "you'll never be one of us", this is the soundtrack for alogging trannies

No. 151888

cringe but ok lol glad you dig them. They're super fuckin good.

No. 151892

kek I knew it would come across as tryhard but I stand by my post, it's the first thing I thought of

No. 152556

Is it just me or is Conan good fucking music? Share your sexy-time album favorites that make you wanna shag nonnies.

No. 153971

What's your favorite album this year so far? Mine is this one. It's not groundbreaking but the melodies are so wonderful, the guitar sound is so interesting and the vocals are nice and unobtrusive. I could listen to it all day, I've listened to it three times today.

No. 154047

I really liked this song by Chevelle that came out earlier this year
>>153971 I haven't heard the entire album yet but if the other songs are as good as this one, probably will be a favorite.

No. 154057

I used to get made fun of for saying I wanted to fuck to music, lol. I swear I used to have a ton of songs I wanted to fuck to and now I can't remember them. but one of them was beneath the howling stars by cradle of filth

No. 154058

also some songs from therion's french album, this one is called la maritza

No. 154059

mon amour, mon ami

No. 154060

j'ai le mal de toi

No. 154093

File: 1627554748537.jpg (Spoiler Image,99.05 KB, 800x640, 0120frontveneris.jpg)

Cool stuff. The album uses art from a 19th century erotica artist I posted in /ot/ recently. A small world.

No. 154464

Epica's new album. I didn't know if I would like it or not after I heard the first song, but I listened to it and it's really good.

That's cool, I was not aware of that. I thought they just made it to look like old art.

No. 154840

Unexpectedly the new Midnight Odyssey, it's a bit less good than the first Biolume but still great. I haven't listened to much this year though.

No. 154860

Another anon of great taste! I'm not sure which part of Biolume I prefer more. It's such a joy whenever Midnight Odyssey delivers.
Like that anon said, Midnight Odyssey's Biolume or Dy'th Requiem For The Serpent Telepath by ESOCTRILIHUM.
I also have to mention Amenra's De Doorn even though it's not BM I think many BM listeners will enjoy it. I've been listening to it a lot ever since that album came out a month ago.

No. 155000

I adore this album. If pressed I think I'd call it my favourite of all time.

Sorry if it was posted earlier, but I'm revisiting Bergtatt by Ulver for the first time in years and it's so beautiful, I love it.

No. 155142

I can't stand Ghost but ngl I love how Papa Emeritus covered the Well of Souls at this random Candlemass live, I wish Leif Edling had hired him instead of the original singer.

No. 155803

does anyone have recommendations for online forums/message boards that are about metal? I know there are several but I don't know which one(s) to use

No. 159008

Man, I miss The Agonist's old music so much. I wish Alissa never left. Their music is still okay now but it's just not as good, at least to me. I don't think she's as good in Arch Enemy either, the Agonist is where she really shined.

No. 159009

This is some weeb shit but I got into metal again because of this one.

No. 161030

I used to have a Slipknot necklace I bought in 2015 that I wore almost every day for like a year lol. I would totally wear it again if I could find it. Call me an edgelord if you want, I have 0 shame in liking them.

No. 161031

File: 1632046951919.jpg (19.77 KB, 500x500, 5e2dd5ad487fcac5f8416520a62d66…)

Samefag, it had picrel as a metal pendant on a black cord. I liked it because it was subtle, you couldn't tell it was Slipknot if you didn't know.

No. 161124

It looks really cool, I hope you find it again

No. 163204

>>28299 hey bad ass nonnas, Can anyone help me find music for hard workouts? Metal powers me through.

No. 167254

Late reply but I definitely recommend Fleshgod Apocalypse for that

No. 168467

Wait I didn't notice Portal put out two albums at the same time. This one is noise so click for hell sounds (I mean regular portal sound like hell already but noise portal is literally recordings of a factory in hell where they rip bodies apart and grind them to mush)

No. 168543

File: 1636047116404.jpg (31.04 KB, 368x406, 8781.jpg)

Any of you edgeladies doing Nothing But Black Metal November this year? I'm on day 3 (started late) and I've been having lots of fun revisiting some of my old favourite albums from high school and finally listening to classics like picrel I'd missed back then.

No. 168570

I haven't heard of that, it sounds fun, I would do it too but I'm a few days late and I've been only listening to rage against the machine nonstop lately and I'm not ready to give it up yet. I will try it next month. If you find any albums you really liked please post here. It's kinda dead in here

No. 168760

Hell no. I'm not missing out on my sludge and groove metal.

No. 168761

Not metal. GTFO.

No. 168932

File: 1636234060647.jpg (220.41 KB, 1200x1200, a3666772161_10.jpg)

sure thing, nonna

Starting off with an album of solid meloblack bangers from China, Enthrone in Blizzard by Midwinter
Highlight tracks: Pestkrieg, Thunder Lord

No. 169105


Next up is an undisputed classic of the meloblack subgenre, Storm of the Light's Bane by Dissection. The lead singer may have been a deranged Satanist who was convicted as an accessory to the murder of a gay man and who later offed himself as part of a Satanic ritual, but this album still slaps!
Highlight tracks: Where Dead Angels Lie, Soulreaper(lolcow.farm/info )

No. 169263

Year late reply, but which album do you mean? Their last regular album came out in 2015. Their latest album is completely orchestral with Hansi's vocals. I haven't listened to it yet. I think it's probably still good but I prefer the metal sound and it's like 2 hours long.

No. 169299

This is my jam lately. The cold and short days make me want to listen to black metal.

No. 169331

Can I get some recs for stoner metal/doom/sludge, but it's got to have a groove. Anything from Black Sabbath up to Swans in terms of brutality, as long as its something I can swing my hips to.
Vidrel is a prime example of what I'm getting at (Electric Wizard)

No. 170139

This is the first time I've heard french metal vocals and it makes me think of asterix and obelix movies for some reason, that really shows how cultured I am
I like Dopethrone, obviously they are inspired by Electric Wizard so maybe you know them already. And also Stoned Jesus
Oh that's gooood

No. 171429

I was walking outside, by an old abandoned church with broken windows, and somehow I felt that it looked just like the song I was listening to. It was so nice and I was eating chocolate with cookies too but anyway I really recommend rattenfaenger, it's the same members as drudkh and blood of kingu and precambrian etc etc. It sounds like blood of kingu, if blood of kingu was medieval and not sumerian. And I think the cover is kind of cute. Doggy priests

No. 172115

I didn't notice Frontierer released new music last month, it's so good, it's like they went to buy new instruments from outer space (and borrowed the laser pew pew gun from Car Bomb), but at the same time the way the sounds are layered makes it more easy to make out what's going on, it's more groovy; when listening to previous albums there was just so many sounds all the time that it all blended into noise. It sounds darker and more refined than the previous albums, I haven't listened to the entire album yet but I'd say they've gone beyond the label of mathcore this time and I like it very much. Sorry, I'm just writing an essay for no reason, I just really really like this music. And it's free to download on bandcamp.

No. 175031

Blind Guardian's new song.

No. 175138

I’m glad to see another nonny with excellent taste! I like the new song actually. What did you think of their long long hyped up orchestra album? I wasn’t a fan tbh i do need the power metal!

No. 175156

Formerly all-female death doom. One of my all time faves that don’t get nearly enough attention imo. Scrotes tend to ignore them for obvious reasons but this record is insanely heavy and Sharon’s vocals are evil as fuck. I truly worship the ground they walk on. If you’re like me and can’t stay away from greasy disgusting metal guys asking if they like this band is a good test

No. 175285

Not her but it fucking bored me to tears lmao

No. 175337

I like it a lot! I'll probably need to hear the full album to better appreciate it, when "Twilight of the Gods" was first released I found it meh, but "Beyond the Red Mirror" ended being one of my favorite album of them, easily in the top 3. Also I can't believe how good Hansi's voice still is.
Blind Guardian is my former favorite band (I don't like them less, I just fell in love harder with another band) so seeing them here warms my heart, I feel despite their longevity and successes they are kinda underrated, I think they are very popular among the metal crowd (a lot of black metal people like them weirdly enough) but have zero mainstream recognition.

No. 175633

ayrt, I didn't actually listen to it lol. I wanted to, and thought I would like it, but it's 2+ hours long and I started getting bored just in the intro.

No. 183898

John Goblikon interviewing Tosin Abasi, it made my day

No. 183902

HOLY SHIT!!! MESHUGGAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOLY SHIT

No. 184866

Get down motherfuckers!!!!!!!

No. 184882

Fucking classic

No. 185072


good shit nona, finally some patrician choices itt

No. 185816

For Whom the Bell Tolls but better
Good shit

No. 185899

Thanks nonas

No. 185903

Posting this masterpiece. The guitar in the live version is so much more killer than the studio version. One of the best metal bands of all time and one of the hypest bands stage performance wise.

No. 284374

File: 1679339081183.webm (5.98 MB, 1280x720, hjo3SKfvNOKWTeAf.webm)

From a Kublai Khan TX show

No. 286874

underrated band, also I like this album cover

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