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No. 28299

A thread to discuss all things metal! All genres welcome. Post videos, albums you love, pictures of metal heads, thoughts on the scene, or anything your sweet black heart desires.

No. 28301

I’ll start us off! Have y’all heard Darkthrones’ new track? I’m loving the doom influence on it.

No. 28302

i finally got to see these guys live last year and i got the drumstick after the show. still one of the coolest things i own.

No. 28494

My music taste is quite mainstream, but i really like this cartoon metal band Belzebubs, based of comic with the same name.

Characters are made by Finnish comic artist JP Ahonen and the vocals are from the lead singer & bass player in melodic death metal band Insomnium.

No. 28495

Their first music video is also very nice and the band have album called "Pantheon of the Nightside Gods" coming in very soon.

No. 28555

Has anyone watched it

No. 28619

Have some pretty af doom.

No. 28620

File: 1556286380091.jpg (29.07 KB, 355x355, 71LOzB4CpQL._SY355_.jpg)

Highly recommend this album and their other one. All their songs keep getting taken down by the record company off the internet everywhere but if you search hard enough, you can still find it. It's my personal fav metal album of all time.

No. 28656


No. 28686

>sees there's a metal thread
>time for me to post pallbearer
>scrolls down a little and sees this post
fuck yes anon, god bless you

No. 28718

And you too. Godspeed, friend.

No. 28722

I can't believe I haven't seen this thread earlier!
I really like listening to Batushka but after the inner fights between band members, I can't enjoy their music as much as I used to, it's like the magic's a bit gone.
I also wanted to order some shirts from Batushka's store but I've read that the store owner sends out literal trash or rocks instead of actual packages which sucks because I love the art.

Anyhow, I've been listening to Mgla on repeat. Also, I ordered a few more shirts from bands I like to add to my metal band shirts collection.

Btw, does listening music on vinyl sound that much better?

No. 28754

I’m such a sucker for some trve diabolical black metal, but here’s a more scenic and peaceful black metal jam for you all to enjoy.

I can’t believe I’ve never listened to these guys before, thank you for the suggestion anon! Loving this album so far.

No. 28766

Np, glad you enjoy it! Their label is preventing people from discovering their music and it's such a shame.
Please listen to their other album Paegan Terrorism Tactics. The song Venus Blue has the most ultimate 90s vibe!

No. 28832

I hope no one minds me posting this but this album was created by a woman and it has elements of metal, but it's not entirely a metal album.
My favorite track is the catacombs, the mood is amazing.

No. 28839

No. 28842

No. 28843

Okay, I'll stop spamming this thread.
Any of you go to concerts?
There are frequent concerts in my town but I don't have anyone to go with.

No. 28877

I've heard Ihsahn randomly before, but some time ago I properly listened to his stuff and I'm really starting to like it. Especially the last two albums, Arktis and Ámr.

No. 28935

Doom w a female vocalist. Beautifully haunting

No. 28936

Posting best Gwar album

No. 28937

No. 28938

Existential crisis: the album

No. 28939

No. 28941

No. 28942

No. 28943

No. 28944

No. 29208

No. 29350

Rammstein is awesome (music video is NSFW by the way)

No. 29754

Exiled From Light are severely underrated. Unfortunately they're not making music anymore, but their whole discography is a DSBM masterpiece.

No. 30598

Music video sucks anyway

No. 35697

anyone else hate myrkur? lol i wish there could be a thread on her but no one cares and there's no milk. she's pregnant now and really milking it for nordic pagan trad points. also she's naming the kid Viking.

No. 37328

Found this today and really enjoyed it. Maori metal! I can't believe this band is just a trio of teens.

No. 37337

This mongolian band is interesting mix of their traditional music and heavy metal elements.

No. 37348

That's everything I never knew I needed. Thanks, anon

No. 37365

Mongolian music is literally the coolest.

No. 37426

Do you know a lot about mongolian music?

No. 37464

Oh my God, they're so cool.

No. 37516

They were playing this at my cinema. I'm so glad I searched for it on SoundHound, it's rad.

No. 37527

Too bad, that they have only few videos on youtube..

No. 37800

They rock and the long-haired guy Jaya is my new crush. I bet they're a bunch of manlets too, cute.

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