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No. 299164

For all big robot discussion. Anime, manga, cartoons, games, comics, novels, live action - all media welcome.

No. 299251

File: 1685284596717.jpeg (216.67 KB, 2560x1438, 44344C73-F9E8-487E-BAC8-41A847…)

i love aerial

No. 299254

File: 1685287371745.jpg (27.55 KB, 640x355, eri.jpg)

Don't you mean eri?

No. 299258

File: 1685293424256.jpg (162.7 KB, 640x1920, 1339269929868.jpg)

I hate both the show and its main character.

No. 299338

No I love the mech itself. Eri is cute, but I love Aerial.

No. 299379

File: 1685345046489.jpg (437.89 KB, 1120x1471, Full.Metal.Panic!.Invisible.Vi…)

Season 5 never.

No. 299732

File: 1685554001830.jpg (415.7 KB, 822x1728, gandamu.jpg)

Can't believe I read a reasonable opinion about a meme show on ANN forums in 2023. I don't give this oldfag much time before s/he gets either banned or logs off for good due to disgust by all the REEEEE from the dogpiling-happy crowd (mods included).


No. 300468

No. 306744

No. 306790

File: 1688585731686.gif (208.34 KB, 500x700, tumblr_mt4attYmsd1s5oxc0o1_500…)

which mecha show has the SEXIEST robot? thank you.

No. 306794

File: 1688588804104.gif (751.02 KB, 500x335, 1573734335939.gif)

I love cute girly robots, but I hate that due to mecha being made and enjoyed mostly by moids, they tend to get drawn in perverted ways, especially when it comes to giant ones like Aphrodite Alpha and Nobel Gundam.

Does anybody else feel this way?

Also I wanted to be a RAcaseal from PSO as a kid.

No. 364241

File: 1710958088420.jpg (331.44 KB, 900x1272, 1710087840776.jpg)

Bravern is already AOTS for me.

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