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File: 1690389415320.jpg (62.49 KB, 620x413, jersey-shore-cast-2009-mtv.jpg)

No. 310896

A thread to discuss America's favorite guido/guidettes. Includes
>OG Jersey Shore
>Family Vacation
>Snooki & JWow
>anything related to the cast members

No. 310897

sorry if the thread is shitty nonnas I just wanted a thread. What's everyone's thoughts on Family Vacation?

No. 310903

can't we have a 2000's reality tv thread in general.

No. 310904

Vinny has always been a momma's boy and it's no wonder he's single if he still is right now.

No. 310908

I thought about that but I think JS is so big because it's still airing rn. I think a separate thread would be better
He's looking for someone to be his mom and his woman but would still look down on them and compare them to his mom. honestly its super embarrassing–he became the thing he told mike he never wanted to be in S2 kek

No. 310928

I thought we did? I don’t feel like checking the catalog though.

No. 310948

ntayrt but we do indeed have several:
reality tv general: >>186669
bad reality television: >>63805
2000s-2010s reality tv: >>128522
obesity/weightloss shows: >>262903

No. 310949

It's retarded but I still think he would've been good with Snooki.. lol.. but instead he fucked it up with the flip flopping. He deserves to be alone.

No. 311105

File: 1690473265659.jpg (226.3 KB, 828x1314, h2etbibl3eeb1.jpg)

oh dear.

No. 311136

I can't with Angelina's face kek

No. 311142

People still give a shit about this?

No. 311202

For some reason, ya.

No. 311287

YES I'm so happy this was created! I'm only caught up to Angelina's wedding on Family Vacation, I have to say that Angelina is a lot more entertaining of a character these days than jwoww or deener.

No. 311333

She def creates the storylines. I hate watching FV because it makes me like the people I hated on OG and hate the people I liked on OG. Also then theres all the plastic surgery…

No. 311370

File: 1690590124949.jpg (185.3 KB, 475x559, Jen-Harley-mugshot.jpg)

Jen is my Jersey Shore waifu, I LOVED how she gave Ron a taste of his own medicine. If only she got one more car dragging in before they broke up.

No. 312022

Omg I love her mainly bc Ron met his match and karma. Tbh she made family vacation interesting !!! After her tho, it became boring and fake storylines. I know Ron is a domestic adviser but was it with her?

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