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File: 1438957672659.gif (834.31 KB, 400x225, tumblr_n15rrhnu0N1ql5yr7o1_400…)

No. 63805

Any of you bitches like bad reality tv? Bad Girl's Club? Love & Hip-hop? Real Housewives? Mob Wives? 16 & Pregnant?

No. 63806

oh, fuck me.

No. 63807

Lifetime's Big Women: Big Love is HILAROUS

i watch this as I dislike fat people and they are all delusional and attention whores. I recommend A+

No. 63808

Sister Wives is my ultimate guilty pleasure tbh

No. 63809


omg mines is like 19 kids and counting, too bad the oldest one was a child molester.

No. 63810

Bridezillas, Cheaters, & Celebrity Wife Swap are my current guilty pleasures.
I also enjoy Bad Girls Club occasionally (although there's too much squawking for dominance and not enough drama imo)
I also went through a 16 & Pregnant stint but it's a little more troubling than it is enjoyable. most of the girls are so fucking stupid, but I can't hate them for it because they're also really young and haven't fully matured.

Uh, I also watch way too much Dr. Phil…although I kind of hate him more than his guests for the most part, especially whenever he does a 'sugar baby expose!!' episode which basically is just him shaming women for wanting a dude with money.

No. 63811

>which basically is just him shaming women for wanting a dude with money.

they deserve to be shamed imo. i find it really gross. i have a much higher opinion of prostitutes fucking guys in the street than gold diggers who just want to leech off of someone successful. even if the guy wants to.

No. 63812

I'm dance mom's trash. I've even cried during some episodes.

No. 63813

Any recs for good episodes to start? I watched a trailer and there's so much JIGGLING jesus

No. 63814

if you've ever been broke, down to the point where you can't even buy medicine for yourself, then you'll understand how important money is.
it's not the cash that they're after, it's the security that financial stability brings.
the ones who use their money on brand-name bags and shit like the are fucking idiots, but the majority of sb's use the profits to pay off debts, fund their college, or afford rent.
dr. phil just picks the most scandalous examples to feature because he wants higher ratings.

it's also really weird to me that you place streetwalkers on a higher moral ground than sugar babies, because it's not as though sugar babies don't deal with the same kind of dangers.
the men who hire them are basically the same as johns, they just have more money to protect themselves with if they do something really horrible. they can afford to pay bail, hire the best lawyers, etc. they get off scot-free while the woman is villainized for being a 'gold-digging slut'.

No. 63815

I love it man, jerry springer used to be my guilty pleasure, now I watch bad french reality tv 'to learn french'

No. 63816

Like what? I tried to get into french tv to practice my french too.
Really hard to find something though. Recently watched "Les Revenants", it's superb, not reality tv btw.

No. 63817

tellement vrai and confessions intimes is pretty good

also les anges de telerealite but ONLY the seasons with nabila/debila kek

No. 63818

I watch all the reality tv- Dance Moms, the Leah Remini show, basically anything on TLC; almost everything on Lifetime. Because Lifetime is Real Women. lmao.

That fucking polygamy movie/show thing on Lifetime, though, that was hella crazy.

Fuck yes, bitch. That shit is so terribly horrible. And wonderful. Abby Lee Miller is such a cunt.

No. 63819

File: 1439654458878.jpg (56.37 KB, 490x312, ad9ey.jpg)

thank you! looks a bit like the kind of reality tv we have here.

does anyone watch catfish? anyone think it might be scripted?

No. 63820

If anyone saw the episode with the foot fetish guy I can 100% vouch that he is exactly like that irl.

No. 63821

some of them have got to be scripted
o m g

No. 63822


Abby is the worst, omg. And I miss Cathy, even though she was just as bad.

No. 63823

I kinda miss Bridezilla. I really wish they could show us an aftermath and one last episode after all of these years.

No. 63824

he rubbed my feet irl i'm in his book of names.

No. 63825

No. 63826

I used to watch the Bret Michaels love competition, charm school, america next top model, surreal life, and the brady bunch guy married with that lanky woman.

im a guy btw

No. 63827

Right on.

I fucking loved ANTM, before it got all weird and shit. Good stuff

No. 63828

>a couple of girls from school thought i was weird because they showed up at my house while i was marathoning it

i stopped completely watching it when they did a season of only shorter models.

No. 63829

In the UK there's a makeover show like this called Snog Marry Avoid, and they had this one episode with this really cute couple that wore lolita and basically insulted them and put them in really boring outfits. It was infuriating as hell.

No. 63830

That's because lolitas look like retards :^/

No. 63831

They made the girl look way worse. Wtf that outfit looks like bad 80s or 90s fashion

No. 63832

File: 1439710335545.jpg (27.81 KB, 357x231, oh shit.jpg)

for serious?

i loved to watch antm too, but tyra is so annoying, along with the other judges. watched a bit of the current season and it is so fucking strange. they got some little indian guy who had blue-eye surgery and the judges believe it's real?? then there's a dude who legit looks and cries like an alium.

No. 63833

In that same vein, can anyone recommend russian-language TV?
Something like украина говорит or maybe good documentaries? I bet there's some good stuff out there, that I'm just unable to find :(

No. 63834

File: 1439711645122.jpg (114.71 KB, 610x405, 06-flavor-of-love.w529.h352.2x…)

I just started watching flavor of love but the first season is hard to find.
I love watching people fight.

No. 63835

File: 1439711956458.gif (586.45 KB, 500x226, tumblr_mef7d9CIMn1rc2fgbo1_500…)

There is a a new season of bad girls club but i'm not sure if i'm going to watch it.
I think the best seasons were season 2,4,7 and 9.

No. 63836

I have been meaning to watch the real world but i'm not sure where to start.
Can anyone give me a recommendation?

No. 63837

I'd watch it if you've got the time. Who doesn't love a good girl-fight? Trash TV is the greatest.
Anybody watch The Housewives? I live for those dumb bitches.

No. 63838

I love
My Strange Addiction
Supersize vs Superskinny
Secret Eaters

Any recommendations? Know of any other non US shows that cover these sort of topics?

No. 63839

Try true life

No. 63840

File: 1439716990855.png (722.51 KB, 1280x720, 1437555834554.png)

>Supersize vs Superskinny

was the first to get me into watching people eat

No. 63841

Ooh we love the same trashy shows. I wish I had a trashy show club like a bookclub, where we just watch trashy reality show and gossip because I honestly love doing that.

No. 63842

Um I would do this tho. If you post a stream link and set a time that might work out!

No. 63843

do you guys watch little women:la? that is my shit lately. these bitches are total assholes despite being the size of cocker spaniels

i feel so much better about my life while watching it. it's such a mood lifter.

No. 63844

i'm ashamed to like that i love jersey shore, jerry springer, and occasionally maury povich or wifeswap.

i can also tolerate the occasional toddlers and tiaras episode

No. 63845

*ashamed to admit. what the fuck did my brain do just there and why-

No. 63846

Charm School. Holy shit. Memories. Did you watch Flavor Flav's competition too? It went on for like three seasons because he could never find the right woman to wear his clock.

Oh, shit. And Luck & Chance? Was that their names? The rappers from the early '00s? They had one. Yeah.

I miss Charm School, that was some good shit. Safaari better have won that shit.

No. 63847

I watched one ep the other night and fuck if they don't have small dog syndrome.

No. 63848

I would kill for more Jersey Shore.
Like kids these days won't know of "stawp rahn". Pure gold.

No. 63849

File: 1439794820537.jpg (77.75 KB, 500x283, tumblr_lqzi1zGgFl1qldsld.jpg)

No. 63850

No. 63851

mfw sammi was always the biggest bitch and unlike angelina she fucking stayed on the show

mfw i actually prefer angelina to sammi because if i were on jshore i'd bash sammi's fucking face in

No. 63852

My nigga

No. 63853


No. 63854

Pawn stars is my favourite. Four fat, stupid fucks ripping off whoever comes in to sell shit. It's beginning to feel a bit too scripted though. Even if it always was, it's more obvious now.

Honourable mentions:
Meet the Kardashians
>Ace of Cakes
>Pimp my Ride
>Ru Paul's Drag Race
>dance moms
>toddlers and tiaras
>Jeremy Kyle etc

Are those channels on sky? Where'd you find them?

No. 63855

File: 1439891378989.jpg (84.99 KB, 623x342, f5f371067e60414ad0482b21c0c748…)

My 600lbs life
just can't get enought of it

No. 63856

holy fukken sheet what are those blobs

No. 63857

I love Total Divas. it's so bad though.

No. 63858

For the Love of Ray??? I think that's what it was called, but fuck it was entertaining. VH1 reality shows are great. I'm watching Dating Naked rn.

No. 63859

I like Big Brother, but this season's cast is so terrible I can't even love to hate anyone, just hate hate. Everyone just sucks and has no idea how to play.

No. 63860

I can't be the only one who loves Eastenders? I can't lie, it's so tacky but I love it.

No. 63861

Its OK but I prefer hollyoaks

No. 63862

rock of love was best reality tv show (outside of jeremy kyle type shit), period.

No. 63863

Man I love Jeremy kyle

No. 63864

File: 1440002002879.gif (3.77 MB, 320x240, evildick1.gif)

the US big brother seems really fake to me. is it scripted? i only liked season 8 (mostly due to pic related). apart from that, i like big brother UK, because the social/psychological component plays a big role there. seems partially scripted too though.

No. 63865

File: 1574402979385.jpeg (15.26 KB, 250x247, 10CFEF4D-8C3F-4FDE-8FDA-13ABB8…)

Bumping this old thread to say that the Real Housewives are my ultimate depression show. I watched NY last year when I was in a slump and I’m in a similar slump now bingeing Atlanta and I just love it. I need anons to discuss it with!

No. 63866

Ive only watched housewives of OC and swedish hollywoodwives sorry anon-! So good though

No. 63914

BBUS used to be great because there was a great social aspect that they other versions didn’t have (The contestants voted each other out instead of the public doing it). Plus while it’s always been scripted to an extent, there has been some lolzy drama that was caused by the contestants on their own. It totally sucks now though. They usually just get the most vapid and unlikable Chads and Stacys to fill up the house then call it a day.

Also Evel Dick was a misogynistic asshole so fuck him.

No. 64005

RHO New Jersey is my favorite trash season, especially now that Joe Guiduce (sp?) has been indicted!

No. 64006

File: 1574504393349.jpg (430.92 KB, 1077x811, Screenshot_20191123-021911_Goo…)

Please tell me someone else understands why I find Teresa's hairline & three-head so hilarious.

No. 64066

Her hairline has always bothered me tbh, it looks like a wig lmao

No. 64075

>>64006 iirc that's after getting some work done to it. Tragic.

No. 64268

i love My 600-lb Life. most of the people featured are trainwrecks so it's great to laugh at how delusional and gross they are. though very rarely there will be a person who is humble and ends up making a great turnaround, so it can also be enjoyed in a more genuine way from time to time.

i'll never forget the episode with that one awful guy that went OWH MAH LAYG all the damn time

No. 64526

File: 1574876763473.gif (3.66 MB, 480x480, tenor.gif)

I fucking love Hoarders and I have no idea why.

That two hour episode where the gay guys buy a hoarded out mansion and have to get the crazy old lady out? I've probably watched that like five times.

I have a super high threshold for being grossed out. I've seen every episode, even the melting cat corpse one. Even the lady with a gazillion piss jugs in her house. Even the guy who hoarded rats. I don't know what's wrong with me, but I can't look away.

No. 64592

Hoarders is great, I'd say my holy trinity is toddlers and tiaras, dance moms and extreme cheapskates though.

No. 64642

>even the melting cat corpse one

I've only seen a few episodes of hoarders but was that the one where the old woman put her cats in the freezer when they died? they had been there years and I don't think the freezer had kept them 'preserved' cause all that was left was dead cat goo everywhere. very upsetting tbh

No. 66113

I love the one with the lady living in complete filth to the point where she can't use her toilet anymore so she uses a bucket and just throws her piss and shit outside her house.
I normally think this stuff is disgusting as hell, but the way they portray them on Hoarders it's tolerable and hilarious.

No. 70979


No. 70981

Why is this kind of a common thing with old ladies? Why do they hoard cats and not rid of them when they die?

No. 71085

File: 1578239555077.gif (410.36 KB, 220x220, tenor.gif)

No. 71243

>tfw I love 90 day fiance and really want to watch the live stream every week but I live in European time zone so it airs at like 4 am for me

No. 71304

No episode tonight. sadface

No. 71357

File: 1578383979838.jpg (93.78 KB, 1136x640, IMG_5268.JPG)

real housewives of atlanta is my shit anon. i do not understand how stupid these bitches can be. like they have their bullshit on tape and they still out there lying about the dumbest shit

No. 71489

anybody else start watching the circle on netflix? it's super dumb and i'm so hooked.

No. 71548

I think Atlanta is the best one. I binged a bunch in my teen years, but Atlanta was my favorite

No. 71569

I'm watching Season 3 of RHOA right now! I love that so much of the franchise is on Hulu.

No. 81469

I used to feel this way up until I think the season 8 or 9 reunion with Shaedra being exposed as the one who made up the rumors about Kandi. Holy shit that was a ride, but I just didn't have a reason to continue watching atlanta. I'm sick of nene and ashy.
New York is now my favorite series because the new york girls have a unique quality to them, maybe it's old money vs new money but it's like watching a real version of sex and the city. I haven't gotten tired of the current cast at season 7 onwards either.
A blog for anyone into housewives, I think this ranking is pretty accurate.

No. 119373

File: 1608789411754.png (1.41 MB, 1096x885, shelly.PNG)

I wanna know what happened to this lil shithead. I'm curious where she ended up.
Anna Nicole Smith's cousin Shelly.

No. 119471

File: 1608906292972.jpeg (56.59 KB, 683x384, 2469EB1A-689E-490C-8A10-CBA94C…)

I forget which Real Housewives it was, but the one that has the meme of what’s-her-face and the Hilton relatives, the crying finger pointing, etc…

Well I was really into watching it up until that point, where the blonde woman’s abusive husband Russell kills himself and then they continue to film like, what, 3 more seasons?

The dude had defrauded his business partners in order to (among other things) appear richer than he was for TV.

I wound up reading some academic stuff on the nature of reality television and how producers are so involved, and it’s so dark to think that a cast of constantly manipulated and manipulative rich fame-hungry shallow people had this suicide occur partially because of the nature of the show and they kept filming. It turned me off from RH so fast. However… I still like RHONY because Bethany is my spirit bitch.

No. 119473

File: 1608909360681.jpg (659.08 KB, 2000x1333, Sean-Lowe-Season-17-of-The-Bac…)

Anons, is The Banchelor / The Banchelorette worth watching? If yes then which seasons would you recommend? I want to try watching some new Trash TVs but i don't know where to start, got sick off TLC with their million spin offs and same storylines.

No. 119803

Russel killed himself because he was going to be hit with fraud charges. Before being on the show both Taylor and Russel pretended to have Ford family money, the Russel thing is super dark but I don't think it was ever intended. I don't even think anyone was going to mention the abuse until it became extremely obvious on camera when Taylor showed up with a blackeye under makeup. That's why LVP mentioned it in her talking head when asked.

No. 119813


sorry anon I love u but hilarious typos

No. 123750

File: 1611631271841.jpg (105.52 KB, 1280x967, Velma.jpg)

Has anyone else been watching Teen Mom 2 on Netflix? Who's your favorite and least favorite mom(s)?

I'm only on season 1 right now so my answer might change as I continue watching the show. So far I don't really favor any of them, but for some reason I have an attachment to Kailyn. I can't stand Jenelle and Leah, but Chelsea is okay… The fashion and bad makeup in this show makes me feel so nostalgic.

Spoiling my thoughts for people who haven't seen the show yet.

I just want to say that Chelsea is real fucking stupid for choosing Adam over her best friend. It really pissed me off watching Chelsea watch Morgan pack up and leave THEIR (not Adam's) house. She's so sorry for that.

I adore Jo's mom for being so helpful, but hated how she let Jo disrespect Kailyn those several times.

I can't stand Leah because she seems like she'd abandon or be cold to Ali if she does end up having a disability. But we'll see.

No. 123784

if lolcow was trash tv feat tranny jannie

No. 124856

I figured out why I have an attachment to Kailyn and it's because she's a Pisces like me… lol.

No. 127939

Samefag. I finished season one and have started season two. I wonder why Netflix doesn't have the rest of the other seasons. I'm going to have to form another unhealthy parasocial relationship.

I knew there was a reason I didn't like Leah. Of course she cheated, she's young and retarded, but I am surprised she loves Ali so much. She proved me wrong and I'm pretty happy about that.

Jenelle is a dumbass. That's it. I hate when she starts crying. Just shut up. Shut. the. fuck. up.

I now have two favorites and it's Kailyn and Chelsea! But I read somewhere online that Chelsea had a jewelry business and scammed her customers??? The hell. So I have mixed feelings about her. Supposedly her dad, Adam, and her block anyone who comments about it.

I feel like a retarded seal, but whenever Jordan comes up on screen when the spotlight is on Kailyn, I get all giddy.

I can't wait to see what's going to happen in season two.

No. 129540

File: 1614281183895.jpg (641 KB, 1200x630, ayto.jpg)

Anyone watch Are you The One, it's a super juicy matching/dating show. Season 8 especially puts a bunch of bisexuals and one FTM in a house and it's so fucking chaotic.

No. 129557

I loved season 8, I wish they've made more bi seasons but considering it was least popular one (I honestly have no idea why) they probably will cancel the entire format altogether…

No. 129583

Least popular one seriously?? With such scenes like the fivesome… and the FTM nonbinary garbage drama. Literally every person in the house is such a huge hoe, I'd say it's the most amusing season yet.

No. 130060

Kailyn started with the most stacked against her, and she's such a fucking bitch she now has a completely split/shitty family situation that FOUR kids have to endure. Disgusting.

Fuck Kail, she's petty, files PFAs and then claws back at the worst fuck buddy she could've picked to father 2 kids from.

No. 132321

File: 1615895237889.jpg (16.43 KB, 467x508, rhwat.jpg)

Finished season 2 and just what the fuck.

Fuck Adam he's always coming in when Chelsea is doing good for herself and her daughter.

Kailyn is a nasty stupid bitch. The fact she cheated on Jordan, who was such a good boyfriend, with her lizard-looking baby daddy pissed me off. Then she had the audacity to get mad at Jordan for being mad at her. It gave me great satisfaction when Jo didn't take her back. THEN SHE GOT A STD FROM JO AND GAVE IT TO JORDAN LIKE WHAT???

Leah is just as skanky as Kailyn. Jesus. Their story is fucked. Now I understand why Kailyn and Leah seem close, and it's because they're both cheaters.

No words for Jenelle.

I plan to binge watch the rest of the seasons on Paramount+. I have a free trial for the month, so hopefully I finish it before my time is up. Right now I'm watching their episodes on 16 & Pregnant and I don't know why, but it depresses me because I know what their future is like. If that makes sense.

I understand your dislike for her.

No. 138599

I haven't finished the show and I don't know if I want to, tbh.

No. 148434

I've been fucking mainlining RHONY the past 2 months and I'm scared by how much I fucking love it. Tempted to make a RHONY thread.

No. 148448

The pixie cut woman in the middle is incredibly hot holy shit.

No. 157248

I miss them. :(

No. 157515

On this first episode now and I just got to "you're not into piss play? You're boring." I love bisexual disorder. Hope to cure mine someday.

No. 157643

I don't really watch reality TV or the show.Came across it while browsing Youtube. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UMtV90uzkEA

No. 172091

File: 1638296905037.jpg (625.23 KB, 2560x1920, 91qAbU0NRfL._RI_.jpg)

I'm watching Big Women Big Love and it's such hot trash, I can't look away

No. 172140

File: 1638345848243.gif (444.81 KB, 400x185, tumblr_lte9aiXEiJ1r4ghkoo1_400…)

oh my god I used to watch this video almost every other day at one point. jersey shore is a true gem.
Pauly D is still active, he tours around the country just playing music. I have a friend who worked at a venue he toured to and he was very specific about getting only Italian products. He said multiple times he specifically needed San Pellegrino, one of the staff members had to go out of their way to pick up a case. Once everything was over, he didn't even touch the San Pellegrino.

No. 172192

File: 1638377740887.jpeg (409.04 KB, 960x1440, Watch-Dallas-Cowboys-Cheerlead…)

Have any one of you ever watched Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders Making the Team. It's a reality show on CMT that my mom and I have been watching on and off since 2006. Kelly and Judy are the director and choreographer and that so fake but we keep watching. They'll bring in girls for 6 weeks and keep giving them chances, and then other times they will just cut a girl after weeks after never speaking to her and helping her. Then they'll say "Aww we liked her" They're so fake, but my mom and I keep watching. Judy is blind as a bat and she's always squinting some times they'll give her glasses or she pretends to see. I remember in 2007 they told some girl she had stripper nails and to get rid of them. It is interesting watching the team change as the years go by. When ever I hear about French Onion Soup I think of the episode where they took the girls to go eat some to make sure they could eat it like ladies and not swine

No. 172207

This show sounds like a trip. Why are they teaching cheerleaders table manners?

No. 172209

tbh they haven't done it recently, but I guess because they are representing "Dallas and the Cowboys

No. 172590

File: 1638559063927.gif (5.09 MB, 606x341, 4_MVP_Meatballs-1587478551.gif)

I just rewatched all of Jersey Shore before starting family vacation, and I have to say I still love Pauly and Vinnys "bromance" and still team meatball. Also, like how Mike became a better person.

JS will prob always be one of my fave reality shows.

No. 172938

There were parts were they were evil and straight up retarded, but that's what made the show what it is.
>Once everything was over, he didn't even touch the San Pellegrino.
kek of course.

No. 175648

File: 1640443508081.jpeg (305.74 KB, 1280x1920, 3757A674-D53D-4971-A1CA-E472C4…)

If you’re not watching cartel crew you’re not watching anything

No. 175666

Please don't recommend narco stuff, Narcoseries are a very big threat in my country

No. 175668

…Or do, but just so you know, these things indoctrinate kids and teens in my country into wanting to grow up to become narcos and then they get approached by actual criminals at age 11 and they give them guns and drugs and become tainted forever

No. 175715

Nta, but the show is about breaking away from cartels.

No. 176164

File: 1640750790020.jpeg (117.52 KB, 1200x653, A0688A66-CFE2-491A-8D65-40C92F…)

Please please please tell me you guys saw this weeb on 90 Day Fiancé.

No. 176174

We were discussing her in /ot/ the other day but the thread derailed into race-baiting

No. 176181

Pretty much only watch reality tv for live action stuff, don't tell the bride is probably my current fave for binge watching currently.

No. 176208

Which thread, anon? I’d love to read it.

No. 176214

File: 1640793837125.png (1.5 MB, 1064x1064, trunchbull-1.png)

damn, miss trunchbull changed

No. 176216

No. 176229

Don’t it’s full of race sperging autists might as well keep it here. Tell me more anon! Is this season on Hulu?

No. 176284

I think? I have Hulu Live, so I get access to more series than the regular premium Hulu. It’s the 5th season of 90 Day Fiancé Before the 90 Days.

No. 176299

I’ll watch it just for you nonnie

No. 176388

I was reading the 90 day fiance subreddit (I know) and I was so sad about how people were reacting to her compared to the other Americans. People can handle male autists obsessing over women from 3rd world countries but lose their shit when a female autist does the same thing. Sad!

Honestly, I think weeb-chan and her boyfriend actually have a better shot at a healthy relationship than most of the other couples this season. The fetishization is mutual, she seems pretty sweet, neither of them would be relying on the other for financial support, and they're roughly in each other's leagues, appearance-wise.

No. 176620

>I've always been rilly into cosplay
>Today I am a soul reaper
>I'm here to… reap your soul
She's on tv right this minute, bless her.

No. 179074

Is anyone watching the new season of Cheer?
The Jerry episode omg.

No. 179081

she is a subversive queen and not a convicted criminal. i stan.

No. 181797

File: 1643233575425.jpg (61.75 KB, 1200x670, hbvd6r7jbrd81.jpg)

alina seems like a clout chasing shithead but this uptight ugly protein powder loser needs to stop being shirtless on my tv

No. 181798

File: 1643233804295.png (836.87 KB, 1280x720, dmjnxy1weqd81.png)

No. 183042

File: 1643730039064.jpg (113.59 KB, 1400x700, memphis hamza.jpg)

I'm bumping this thread bc I would've sperged about 90 day if I saw the two previous posts, anyway here to say that there's rumours Memphis had a baby with this manchild and if it's true I don't know whether to feel bad for her due to her rough childhood and the obvious issues it gave her, or whether to be annoyed because how many times do you as a grown woman need to get impregnated by deadbeats before you figure it out. In general her wanting to marry Hamza before he even meets her kids is not a good sign

No. 183045

memphis is a MESS. she says american men cant keep up with a good morning text for more than two weeks. it's such a weird metric for judging a healthy relationship that i feel like it reveals a lot more about her. i think these women go to men in these muslim countries for the same reason western men do, they have this idea that because divorce is looked down on/illegal in some areas that it will make their marriage safe and the man wont cheat on them or leave them. so now shes banging this complete fucking idiot in his mom's house while only being able to say "sexy time" and "poop" to her boyfriend. When she got mad that she couldn't read his diploma because it's NOT FUCKING IN ENGLISH I laughed really hard though. also hamza seems dumb as shit, this guy is even stupider than asuelu.

No. 183053

Anyone here watch that I Am Shauna Rae shit? Lol

No. 183063

Anon lmao I was laughing right along with you when she asked for his diploma then was like "I can't read this??" yes what did you expect moron. Hamza seems like a complete airhead who depends on his mother for everything and just wanted to have "sexy time". It's clear that what he thought he was getting out of this was sex and the opportunity to go to America and find a job to help support his family.

Also his mother and sister are so gorgeous.

No. 183070

File: 1643734560603.jpg (584.86 KB, 2500x1668, 35459fce-8cc6-4209-9b26-0e5408…)

I watched that fake feeling Netflix show Twentysomethings: Austin. It was one of the most boring and strange reality shows I've ever watched. Like 0 drama and really fake feeling cast, even the "crazy" girl on the show felt like she was written to be hateable. But I hated the cast member, Michael more than Abby. Michael felt like he was trying to LARP as a nerdy, bumbling, "nice" guy but you can tell he's a douchebag. He was fake with the older woman he was on a date with, Raquel, and was so wishy washy with Isha. It felt so inauthentic. Also, Abby was so hypocritical and odd, with her possessiveness over the other cast members and their romantic decisions to her forced aggressiveness (not cute like she thinks she is). Also she seems fake bisexual. The rest of them seem like down to earth and balanced people, just sucks that so much time was spent on characters that were a drag to watch. It almost felt like AI generated a bunch of episode plots and they just trudged through it occasionally trying to spark something but none of the cast had any chemistry

No. 183079

I think they were trying really hard to go for Terrace House vibes, where the very point is that nothing happens and relatable people interact, but I don't think this format can work in the west

No. 183115

I watched some of it and quickly got sick of “haha she looks like a kid so let’s make her do age restricted stuff to prank people.” It’s like the TLC-ified version of the Andy Milonakis Show.

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