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File: 1694538261568.jpg (90.47 KB, 513x600, Pokémon.600.2739550.jpg)

No. 320917

Pokemon is a japanese media franchise consisting of video games, animated series and films, a trading card game, and other related media. The franchise takes place in a shared universe in which humans co-exist with creatures known as Pokemon, a large variety of species endowed with special powers.

Pokemon Day List of Updates: https://serebii.net/

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No. 320918

File: 1694538830963.jpeg (182.19 KB, 900x1200, IMG_4093.jpeg)

Ice Miku

No. 320919

File: 1694538895285.jpeg (281.65 KB, 1920x1080, IMG_4094.jpeg)

I have no idea why they went with Lapras and I’m still like how is there only one good design(Psychic) and one decent design (water) thus far?

No. 320920

File: 1694538895394.jpg (738.18 KB, 2611x4096, necky.jpg)

Awww the op art is adorable!

I started to wake up every day excited to bully the new Miku in here

No. 320922

File: 1694539219683.jpeg (2.95 MB, 3223x2415, IMG_4096.jpeg)

For some reason people are sucking them off super hard in a server I’m in and getting upset that I’m calling them ugly haha
Their reasoning is literally ‘BECAUSE THEY’RE SO CREATIVE’
I don’t even think most of the designs are that creative, they’re just overdesigned.
People have mentioned this but the fan designs are honestly much much better.

No. 320925

File: 1694539871159.jpeg (240.81 KB, 800x1130, IMG_4098.jpeg)

I’m not always a snow Miku fan but just Vulpix having a matching cape makes it better than the majority of these new designs
I’m assuming these new designs are for twitter kids

No. 320927

File: 1694540119923.jpg (29.66 KB, 475x475, 8dc46-16303854743965-800.jpg)

I liked water more than psychic. With psychic, meloetta and miku look fine by themselves but they don't look good together and they don't scream psychic. Water is cohesive and cute.

>I have no idea why they went with Lapras

It's a stretch but I assume it's because lapras is known for perish song? Muh 'tism can't handle how poorly Miku matches the Pokemon in most of these, they're utilized horribly.

>that hair
>…with lapras instead of one of the billion ice type pokemon made of ice to match
The outfit is a little cool at least (besides the shoes). They should've given this ugly fuck his time to shine, he'd look nice with her. Or regice, avalugg, glalie, anything besides a poke most people forget is half ice. Glastrier was the dream…

No. 320928

Yeah that's another thing they had a billion snow miku designs to go off of and a pokemon who can fill the role of her bunny perfectly. I think limiting themselves to pokes associated with music was a set up.

No. 320929

Even ‘music related Pokémon’ feels like a stretch for a lot of these
Like…the fire crocodile thing from the new games has what to do with music exactly?

No. 320935

File: 1694542562823.png (201.7 KB, 245x342, SV02_EN_37.png)

he sings for the dead or something hence his name skele-"dirge" https://www.pokemon.com/us/pokedex/skeledirge

No. 320950

>I have no idea why they went with Lapras
Lapras is associated with singing, not much but since there are no better obvious music themed ice type they went with it. It's gmax form has ice "music notes" floating around it.
>how is there only one good design(Psychic) and one decent design (water) thus far?
Because Megumi Mizutani made most of them and her current taste is Bad (she did make the water type tho)

I like the ghost type drawing for halloween creeping closer!

No. 320953

This one is straight up neither pokemon nor Miku? Too masculine to really look like Miku, and pokemon trainers don't have literal ice for hair so she doesn't belong in the pokemon world. The fact that her hair and shoes are made of the same ice makes me think he's just wearing a dumb wig. It looks like a shonen anime rival to me, he has a cold personality and butts head with the main character who's a fire guy with red hair

No. 320957

kek that is literally how you compliment a kids drawing when it's kinda shit. Sorry for asking but are they gendies? Like the kind where making themselves into ugly af goblins is the goal because "being unique" is the only thing that matters, and they call trans women brave and stunning when they objectively look disgusting? Because idk but it's the vibe these designs give me, that only people who have memed themselves into liking weird things because the weird thing is "oppressed" and need to be defended and loved.

Have you showed them the rotom fan design as an example of what is actually good and us haters like? It incorporates the pokemon itself really well, Miku matches the theme and it's still unique and fun without being a weird mess.

No. 320961

File: 1694546588168.gif (4.13 MB, 540x304, skelederp.gif)

>Like…the fire crocodile thing from the new games has what to do with music exactly?
Oh boy I love that I get to sperg about how shit skeledirge is! It has a living bird fire ball on it's nose, (not a pokemon tho somehow) and the bird can stretch the "leg" out and become a mic.
Skeledirge is a croc, a flat fuck on the ground, so they did the obvious thing of making it checks note awkwardly stand up on its hind legs for a second to "sing". It has to stand up to reach the bird mic - except the bird mic is normally not stretched out and could literally have stayed near the ground to let it sing from the ground?
And that's not even mentioning that it has ugly clown hair and a bald head. I'm like the opposite of a genwunner, I think gen 1 is one of the worst gens but I still think gen 9 is worse.

No. 320963

>I started to wake up every day excited to bully the new Miku in here
kek nona
I really badly WANT to like the Mikus because I love both her and pokemon but I just genuinely hate the design direction pokemon has taken the past year(s)

No. 320966

File: 1694547053597.png (139.83 KB, 502x643, the channel is called salt and…)

>Sorry for asking but are they gendies?
Just looked it up, yes they are all gendies kek.
>Because idk but it's the vibe these designs give me, that only people who have memed themselves into liking weird things because the weird thing is "oppressed" and need to be defended and loved.
Agreed, one of their reasons for it being 'above criticism' is because they were done by the artist, even though I mentioned liking Lisia's design and her artist is working on the project? It's so weird how these people attach their entire personality to a multi billion dollar company and if you point how weird it is that they're obsessively caping for them they immediately go 'N-NO THE ARTIST'
>Have you showed them the rotom fan design as an example of what is actually good and us haters like?
I mentioned it and mentioned it being on danbooru, but I don't think they looked it up.

It actually does kind of track that the designs are made for gendies though. They're obsessed with that 'Miku made minecraft' meme after all.

No. 320969

File: 1694547603753.png (136.95 KB, 688x634, baaaaw you're so mean for sayi…)

Seriously though pokemon fans will cape for literally anything and take any criticism of the world's highest grossing franchise as a personal attack on their character, it's kind of amazing.

No. 320973

She looks really cute here, I love her hair and outfit. Ice and electric have been my faves so far

No. 320976

I’m sorry, but she is so ugly.

No. 320977

honestly yeah she looks kinda iffy

No. 320981

>Just looked it up, yes they are all gendies kek.
lmao you really can clock gendies on their poor taste alone, tragic
>one of their reasons for it being 'above criticism' is because they were done by the artist
Not to dox myself but I am literally a professional artist and I think a lot of the shown designs are bad (or at least average, which in this context makes them bad). Taking and giving criticism is important and any good artist and designer knows that criticism of their work is not a personal attack by any means, and it is to be expected. To be like "but it will hurt the artists feelings!" is super childish, and frankly mean and unproductive because then you're saying you don't want to be honest with them and help them improve. Pity is not a compliment, it's an insult.
Especially when you're poiting towards their other works saying you like those, you know they're capable of making better designs which you are openly complimenting. That's the opposite of being mean to the artist.
>Seriously though pokemon fans will cape for literally anything and take any criticism of the world's highest grossing franchise as a personal attack on their character, it's kind of amazing.
Eh I think it's just that pokemon is SO big that there are a lot of obsessive people. I see the opposite opinion a lot, that "all pokemon fans do is complain".

No. 320985

kek, same nona. the designs are all so bad and uncohesive. i almost forgave the rotom one bc it was inoffensive. i cant believe all the artists are flopping so hard, they shouldve brought their A-game for international star Miku
i could appreciate the corporate boss concept if it weren't for those fugly neon green and pink accents and the total mismatch to lapras. theyre so contrasting, it looks like miku's about to close a deal that would drive lapras out of their habitat and make them endangered again

No. 320988

The ice toes are… a lot.

No. 321006

File: 1694562900650.png (44.51 KB, 300x300, mimikyubusted.png)

honestly i think picrel is perhaps the greatesg pokémon in terms of design. just the right blend of creepy cute, has personality, and the designs really ties in with its combat mechanic. even the name is adorable. perfect little critter right there

No. 321021

Playing the new DLC and there's a gender neutral bathroom in the community centre in the first village you visit… not even the games are safe from genderspecial shit anymore sigh

No. 321051

Fuck this one is so ugly. I like most of the pokemon miku designs but this one is just horrible

No. 321056

>it looks like miku's about to close a deal that would drive lapras out of their habitat and make them endangered again
omg nona lmao
you're right tho

>Playing the new DLC and there's a gender neutral bathroom in the community centre in the first village you visit…
I told everyone before the SV launch that the games seemed woke and troony and people said I was exaggerating… yet here we are with gender neutral bathrooms, no female/male options, ugly gendie looking npcs all over… pokemon GO has had an enby team leader for many years now and it's one of their most profitable games ever. (Not that most people are even aware Blanche is a troon but still, I openly misgender her and people don't react kek)
Funny though how as soon a franchise touches the gender stuff the designs go to shit, like clockwork. Can't wait for the trans medical scandal that is mutilating children gets exposed.

No. 321143

File: 1694623655946.jpg (153.62 KB, 1200x900, F55bvurWwAACRS_.jpg)

Rock Miku. This should have been the ice design, but at least it's not a total disaster like the ice design was.

No. 321146

>official art mogged by fan designs
it's so over

No. 321150

File: 1694624741030.jpg (1.16 MB, 1920x2167, F55chwTWUAAOcde.jpg)

The concept art made me like this one, finally a design that looks like Miku. Not a fan of the ice parts though, but the rest is nice.

No. 321151

Aww, it's cute that she's a jester that Aurorus turns into a princess.

No. 321157

damn megumi mizutani is redeeming herself with this one, actually cute and brilliant concept with the court jester and princess theme. wish she had kept this energy for all of her mikus

>Not a fan of the ice parts though, but the rest is nice.

given that it's the rock type I think it's rock/crystals and not ice

No. 321164

File: 1694626799942.jpg (165.98 KB, 1002x562, 2022.11.28-07.16-boundingintoc…)

>ugly gendie looking npcs all over
god the one buff female NPC type pisses me off, they literally look like hulking men with wigs kek

No. 321168

Oh my god we finally have another design that isn’t complete trash
I’m not crazy about the like, rock pigtail ends but you can’t even see those in the main design anyway.

No. 321170

I haven't played gen 9 yet and thought that the fire starter was the more normal looking one but I guess not. I don't know if I'll ever play it but it seems like if I do I should just put whatever starter I will pick in the PC forever.

No. 321178

File: 1694627800244.jpg (97.49 KB, 969x916, 1693761750200009.jpg)

Did it look like the bathroom was done on purpose to be woke or is it just Game Freak being lazy? If the story takes place in a school again I understand tbh, we had gender neutral bathrooms in primary and middle school and I remember being harassed by my male classmates who always tried to force themselves inside to see me and the other girls without our underwear… Anyway it's not like it would be the first Japanese video game company trying to appeal to Western TRAs who don't play video games as opposed to their loyal costumers who don't care about that shit. I remember some Capcom leak a few years ago about that for all their upcoming game (before all the current RE remakes and the Great Ace Attorney remaster got released) and Square Enix always tried too hard to appeal to the West while alienating JRPG fans like with Nier becoming a middle aged albino looking gorilla in the original release of the game instead of staying a bishonen or the fucked up English localizations of the recent FF games.

No. 321188

I can't find the tweet again, but someone posted a pic and they added 3 bathrooms, the gender-neutral one flavor text says "This bathroom can be used by anyone"

No. 321191

Jesus fucking christ, it's over. Western JRPG fans are officially the most oppressed minority on earth. It's a joke, for the autists out there.

No. 321234

File: 1694635625894.jpeg (356.05 KB, 1176x1500, F45F8OHbQAAUIFV.jpeg)

Mimikyu is adorable! A very creepy-cute rag doll. I wish to make a plushie of him one day.

No. 321237

>god the one buff female NPC type pisses me off, they literally look like hulking men with wigs kek
I haven't started the DLC yet but I will find it interesting to see if they'll have the troon npc's in Kitakami, a Japanese region, or if they're specifically a western thing to them. I have this suspicion that the uglier npcs is just how they see western people and that they'll make the Japanese inspired people more "normal" in comparison. (I'm sure they'll reuse some models though).

No. 321238

>Did it look like the bathroom was done on purpose to be woke or is it just Game Freak being lazy?
They specifically point out in the story that "the bathrooms are to the left!" so that you'll check them out despite there being NOTHING there other than doors (that you can't enter). If you press A they say "for girls", "for boys", "for anyone to use".
They really thought they did something there. Good job game freak you ended twansphobia. Whoever the troon chaser at game freak is I hope they get fired.

No. 321313

File: 1694677056772.jpg (43.6 KB, 716x346, fanmade_mikus.jpg)

I wish ice Miku had been this instead. I don't care if an ice skater is "predictable", there's no ice skater trainer yet so it would still be unique for pokemon

No. 321319

File: 1694681594853.jpg (195.89 KB, 1280x720, F536UkOakAANXNF.jpg)

Found a pic of the bathrooms again, they also made the men one red & women one blue (not that it matters, but I guess it adds to them trying to be progresive).
Though now that I look at it the "gender neutral" room has a double-sized door so it may be a bathroom acomodated to wheelchair users and such, they're 1-for-all over here as well. I wonder what the jp flavor text says.

No. 321324

>they also made the men one red & women one blue (not that it matters, but I guess it adds to them trying to be progresive).
Pretty sure even in japan that is the opposite of the color tradition, usually blue is for men and red for women so it's definitely some intentional gender bs. It wouldn't matter otherwise, like a static door doesn't change anything obviously, but the fact that they proudly present it to you in an effort to seem woke and inclusive is gross and performative. It confirms the "muscle woman" NPC and mannish female NPCs were probably intentionally made to appeal to western gendies and not just "body diversity".
I fear the next gen will be way worse, unless the mass-peakening hits so hard in the next 2 years that they silently remove it before the games have even been released. The only hope is that countries like China would get pissed off and maybe ban the games which would hurt their sales too much.
I wish there was more public outrage of this, not like "reee the gender devil made it, save us jesus" but just like people rightfully rolling their eyes and mocking it openly because it IS dumb, and the designs are ugly.

No. 321327

I wish the bigger bathroom could just be for families, where they can take in a baby stroller and change the diaper. At least make it functional instead of "Anyone can come here!"

No. 321328

Is anyone familar with the staff who work at game freak? A lot of them have twitters and social media, I wonder if it's possible to find the gendie(s) at game freak who keeps pushing for it to be in the games (since they have to be terminally online to catch the social contagion) they have to be pretty high up/influential to get it this far

No. 321329

samefag, not to dox them or anything, i just feel like they're probably into sus content and would make a fun lolcow to watch

No. 321331

File: 1694695354009.jpg (186.93 KB, 900x1200, ground.jpg)

Ground Miku

I like this one a lot (still doesn't look like Miku at all though)

No. 321373

Not a terrible design but looks literally nothing like Miku, also …crocs…?

No. 321389

Ground is definitely my favorite so far. Personally, I don't really get the issue with these designs not looking like Miku when there's already plenty of song-specific Miku designs that don't look like her. Project Diva has a module where Miku has curly purple hair as an example. Or another example is the Raspberryism Miku. It doesn't look like her but it's still a cute and memorable design.
I'm glad the artists for this collab are trying different things instead of playing it safe.

No. 321395

The thing for me is most of the designs are just kinda ugly and underwhelming, they are still playing it safe but in a different way. Like did giving Miku crocs for shoes really improve on the design, or are they just kinda ugly and off-theme meme shoes for the lolz?

No. 321397

>Personally, I don't really get the issue with these designs not looking like Miku when there's already plenty of song-specific Miku designs that don't look like her
Miku not looking like Miku in a Miku project isn't an issue and instead kind of expands on what Miku looks like in her own brand. Miku not looking like Miku in a crossover renders the crossover completely meaningless. There's no point in having Miku there at all if she's not there as Miku.

It's like if McDonalds did a collab with your favourite ice cream place and you couldn't wait to see what wacky burger ice cream flavor they'd come up with, and they're like "we put ice cream on a pizza, enjoy!!" like ok that's cool I guess because pizza is nice, but where is the McD burger theme and why is there a pizza, this is not at all what anyone came for or wanted from this collab this isn't pizza hut

No. 321480

File: 1694774096651.jpg (55.79 KB, 686x386, hq720.jpg)

You have to be kidding me in saying these designs are on the same level as Project Diva. Project Diva works because they use Miku's exact face and bodytype (rounded eyes, no eyelashes and her pupils) so with any design you can still tell it's her. These designs change her entire face, hair shape, hair color, clothes, even skin color like this Ground one.

These are more akin to the Mikusonas DestinyMoon made trend in that they're basically OCs trying to attach themselves to the Miku brand, except not trans, obese and black.

No. 321520

File: 1694790623233.jpg (148.62 KB, 900x1200, 20230915_132004.jpg)

Flying type, I like this one too

Agreeing with all of this post. These aren't Miku, they're just OCs

No. 321627

File: 1694814021402.jpg (97.17 KB, 1280x720, 20230915_174227.jpg)

I saw one female hiker on one of the mountain trails, but the rest of the npcs are entirely new and normal looking. you may be right kek

absolutely adore this one, kannu hit it out of the park here.

No. 321773

>I saw one female hiker on one of the mountain trails, but the rest of the npcs are entirely new and normal looking
I'm pretty sure the hiker was the one with alolan pokemon, making it so she's clearly a tourist and not a real Kitakami native. Most NPCs there have Japanese names as well (except the siblings you interact with since they're main npc characters who always get translated names). I've not seen any hideous npcs at all, so the theory that game freak are being kinda racist ans making white people into caricatures is still on lmao

No. 321787

File: 1694864990800.jpg (315.75 KB, 1280x1920, _ai_art__perrin___pokemon_scar…)

Bump because of moid post

No. 321797

>These are more similar to fat black obese tranny Miku by Twitter zoomers.
Nona quit smoking crack at least the Pokemon designs are still cute.

No. 321800

File: 1694875953853.jpg (29.9 KB, 566x370, ew.JPG)

I hate this moid so much, he was annoying all DLC and kept punching walls and acting like a little school shooting freak. Of course the whole story has to drag because the moid needs to be coddled. Also I felt like his sister Carmine had a thing for the protagonist, kinda cute.

No. 321801

I loved him kek I love angsty characters and I love how they're setting him up to become an antagonist.

He thinks he's owed something because he was rooting for the bad guy all along (the fact that the bad guy was actually good was purely coincidence, he liked the ogre as a bad guy). But he's clearly set up to be wrong and bad for thinking so, I feel like that's refreshing. Usually this kind of "tortured male" will be presented as just a poor victim but we see protag + his sister care but him closing himself off and making things worse. I'm assuming in part 2 he'll go nuts but turn around at the very end.

No. 321804

It was obvious that he'd become an antagonist from the very start, his design is clearly creepy just like that one blonde lady.

No. 321901

File: 1694917012326.jpg (64.28 KB, 1200x675, featured-pokemon-scarlet-viole…)

words can't describe how much i hate this thing

No. 321923

Aw why, I think she's cute and I like the mask gimmick

No. 321926

Her face is so cute, but I don't understand the rest of the design. Why does it looks like she has a horseshoe around her head?

No. 321956

She's wearing a cape/poncho over her head, that's the collar

No. 321967

i dont like humanoid pokemon. it looks like a loz or splatoon character

No. 321980

>i dont like humanoid pokemon
I don't mind ogerpon's level of humanoid where its basically just "bipedal litte goblin", but dear god do I hate the disgusting furries we get as starters these days

No. 321987

Looks like a Kirby character. Cute but doesn't feel like Pokemon.

No. 322249

Ladies, living dex anon here with a style question for you all: would you keep the same ability through a line, or would you try to showcase the different abilities a line can have? For example, a or b:
Fletchling: Big Pecks
Fletcinder: Flame Body
Talonflame: Gale Wings

Fletching: Gale Wings
Fletcinder: Gale Wings
Talonflame: Gale Wings

No. 322251

I'd make it different ones to have as many as possible available if I ever "need" them (I won't lol). But if I don't care enough to diversify I'd pick what I consider the most iconic one for the pokemon, for example clamperl having Shell Armor over Rattled because it's literally in a shell so it makes more sense to me

No. 322253

File: 1695119592805.jpg (167.25 KB, 900x1200, fairy.jpg)

Fairy. I love this one but I bet the troons are already trying to claim her because of the colors. Thank god Miku is a known female character.

No. 322256

File: 1695121613196.png (255.4 KB, 600x600, 4580736403680RESIZED_600x600_j…)

Woah this one is adorable (and Wigglytuff is my favorite pokemon, so points for showcasing her pre-evo). The design actually looks like Miku, it reminds me of her prize figures.

No. 322273

i love this one too but you know the ftm “femboys” will claim her and so will tim troons irregardless of facts

No. 322274

Who cares what scrotes do? Shes cute. Reminds me of the fairy type trainers in XY

No. 322285

File: 1695134416918.jpeg (296.62 KB, 1920x1080, IMG_4241.jpeg)

I like the heart shaped pokewalker

No. 322286

Troons have been trying to claim Miku for ages. Who cares, she’s cute and they don’t matter.

No. 322288

Thank god they didn't disrespect jigglypuff with an awful looking Miku.

No. 322308

File: 1695142030407.png (748.54 KB, 1080x1060, eb2d609742d4d3b5b9da06aacc9da4…)

Reminder: Having pink, white and sky blue colors doesn't make it trans. Pastel colors are just appealing and cute.

No. 322391

That's obvious to most people, the problem is the troon cult loves their flags and will turn every conversation to a troon topic and no one is allowed to criticize it. Doesn't help that game freak is attempting to appeal to them now by erasing feminine coded things to make it "gender neutral"

No. 322409

File: 1695206747196.png (2.99 MB, 1334x750, IMG_4372.png)

Just got done watching a playthrough of the DLC
Why did they make Kieran’s sister such a humongous cunt? She pretty much is either being a bitch to everyone or rubbing it in her brother’s face that his autistic hyperfixation hates him and likes the only friend he’s ever made more.
The writing legit made it seem like she just hated him having any friends at all and purposefully wanted to fuck with him, left a bad taste in my mouth honestly.

No. 322411

File: 1695208044427.jpeg (151.39 KB, 1200x900, F6ddYiXbIAATMEH.jpeg)

Today’s bug type Miku reminds me of Gakuen Alice. It must be the pigtails.

No. 322412

Ok tier design, I could do without the butterfly wings combined with the arm sash things
Not terrible though

No. 322420

File: 1695212481068.jpeg (249.31 KB, 1920x1080, IMG_1140.jpeg)

Character sheet

No. 322425

I love that she’s a choir girl. An actual music related Miku. So might be the best for me so far, if not Rock.

No. 322427

This one's my favorite so far, so cute!! I used to love Kricketune as a kid bc we both played/made violin sounds. I love how the artist made them match, and the arm sash and wings look like something a kid would really really want their mom to add to her clothes despite it not looking super cohesive or good… Ok that last part is cope, I just like Kricketune.

No. 322431

Glad I wasn't the only one thinking she was pretty bitchy KEK. At times the way she treated her brother felt unnecessarily cruel, like she was trying to humiliate him or something. The writing for both Carmine and Kieran felt kind of off though. I guess it's better that they're different than the NPC's from the main storyline that are all happy go lucky and automatically love the MC right from the get go otherwise the DLC story would end up pretty stale.

No. 322448

Mandatory "looks nothing like Miku" comment. Other than that, as a not-Miku pokemon trainer I actually love it because it's a take on a bug type trainer we've never seen before. Love the multiple sashes that look like wings/extra arms like a bug

No. 322454

I'm not very far into it yet, but it was very funny to me that the first thing she does is basically yell baka gaijin at the MC despite studying in a foreign school herself the rest of the time…

>I guess it's better that they're different than the NPC's from the main storyline that are all happy go lucky and automatically love the MC right from the get go
IMO they sound like they're obsessed with the MC right from the very second they meet. They have a different flavor of autism for sure, but it sure as hell isn't a milder one. Guess I'll wait and see

No. 322455

File: 1695235502696.jpg (328.52 KB, 1621x1920, 1695099399898.jpg)

I actually love Carmine and Kieran's rocky but caring sibling relationsip, they act EXACTLY like (some of) my friends did to their siblings as kids. Siblings fight ALL the time, I'm sick of only seeing moe "onii-san uwu" shit all the time. They're both unnecessarily mean to each other at times while you can still see they care a lot for each other, but often in misguided ways becuase they're dumb kids who don't act perfectly and have their own issues. And still usually the second they stop fighting, they're "friends" again. This is a very normal and realistic sibling dynamic. I'm glad they didn't half-ass it and made her actually quite bitchy because it's more realistic and funnier to watch as a player.

The few people I've seen complain are ones who hate all the mean rivals and love the friendly ones (I see more men hate Carmine though since she's female and females have to be good little girls at all times). Personally I greatly prefer the meaner rivals to the cookie cutter nice ones who are just your friends, so this kind of friendly-but-mean rival middle thing was MUCH better than Nemona and Penny who I find boring as fuck. (Arven gets a pass because at least his relationship to his parent was interesting)

>rubbing it in her brother’s face that his autistic hyperfixation hates him and likes the only friend he’s ever made more.

You're exaggerating, she's literally telling him she gets how he feels but that he has to consider ogerpons feelings. And to be fair, his fixation on the villain who attacked the village and killed their heroes IS weird. He's the kind of guy who thinks the Joker is justified and it's the world who's wrong, you know? He said he likes the ogre because it's so powerful it killed the 3 good heroes on its own, he didn't care about the real sweet innocent ogerpon at all - and that's why it didn't like him.

No. 322465

Yeah I don't mind the change, I just wish the game didn't basically ignore that she's a bitch and expect you to like her for…basically no reason?
I don't have siblings so maybe that's why I don't get it, but by the end I was more like 'Kieran is my sonfu why is she being so mean to him!' and I was annoyed that there was no option to not lie to Kieran and be kinder to him.
>The few people I've seen complain are ones who hate all the mean rivals and love the friendly ones
I guess I mind it less when they're being mean to the player character since the player character doesn't really react? Like in HGSS you get kicked around and forcibly stripped by Silver but the protagonist doesn't really seem to care (due to being silent), meanwhile Kieran basically gets mindbroken which could have been avoided if his sister didn't pull the 'IT WANTS TO GO WITH YOU PROTAGONIST' right in front of him and that Ogerpon was scared of him despite him desperately trying to get it to like him.
> his fixation on the villain who attacked the village and killed their heroes IS weird.
He's a kid who gets bullied by his sister and has no friends, so from the start he pretty much considered Ogerpon to be a reflection of himself and wanted to be friends with it because of that, it's pretty normal stuff for kids and I don't think it's on the level of being a Jokerfag teenager.

No. 322525

i love her

No. 322568

>Kieran basically gets mindbroken which could have been avoided if his sister didn't pull the 'IT WANTS TO GO WITH YOU PROTAGONIST' right in front of him and that Ogerpon was scared of him despite him desperately trying to get it to like him.
Was she wrong though? She wasn't doing it to spite Kieran, she was doing it to uplift the player and ogerpon, while suppressing her own complex emotions about it (she doesn't like outsiders, doesn't want their village legend to go to someone else, is also sad for Kieran because she knows he wants it too etc).
Why should she be mean to the player AND ogerpon and instead insist her little brother's unhealthy obsession with getting the strong murder pokemon means he should take it? Or the other option, not learn from her earlier regret of not telling him and just make you take ogerpon later behind his back instead?
>He's a kid who gets bullied by his sister and has no friends
>I don't think it's on the level of being a Jokerfag teenager.
Siblings making fun of and annoying each other is not at all the same thing as school kids bullying each other, which I'm not sure someone without siblings get. It absolutely is the same as the joker-stans, Kieran's an outcast "by choice". HE sees himself as weak and weird - but others don't. And ultimately that is what turns him into an actually bad outcast at the end. There are plenty of times Carmine tries to be considerate to him, even right from the start she calls him really strong and HE's the one who denies it. They both point out each others flaws while also revealing how the other is being considerate in secret. They both know how the other acts and that their "bullying" conceals kindness. It's why I love both of them, they're complex and realistic.

No. 322618

NTA but you're spot on. Kieran is a typical self-defeating beta.

No. 322628

Adding that Kieran overhears Carmine (and protag) hearing about ogerpons true story, and he hears Carmine wanting to tell him about it - but the grandpa being the one to stop her (and protag), and he still blames the two of them even though they just did what they were told despite not wanting to. He's immediately mad at protag being all "why did you lie???" even though he literally heard the reason why. Why did HE lie and pretend he didn't overhear the story when he could easily have mentioned he heard it all? He forces protag into an uncomfortable position where you have to lie to him, and then he's mad that you lied.

No. 322699

File: 1695350688181.jpeg (218.93 KB, 900x1200, ECE60EE4-AA41-4C9E-ABC9-3EE006…)

This is the furthest away from Miku yet, isn’t it!

No. 322700

File: 1695350746881.jpeg (352.29 KB, 1920x1080, A02A9408-5B85-4977-9C8F-6C0CA3…)

No. 322702

File: 1695350887625.jpeg (308.22 KB, 1920x1080, 33EBD266-A19C-4CF3-8E1E-D4BDC7…)

No electric guitar or anything, sad.

No. 322703

Batshit crazy miku looks fun, but doesn’t look like miku at all tbh.

No. 322738

Wish she had a guitar or something, I feel like this one misses the point of toxtricity. Honestly it's too overdesigned for pokemon while as usual not looking like Miku at all either. Massive fail imo.

No. 322740

One of the worst things about the Miku designs for me is that they keep treating the hair as if it's not hair and instead make it look like a big solid lump of… something. It cheapen the designs by a lot. Pokémon may not be known for the most detailed hair but at least it's usually not just a weird lump of plastic or ice or literal thorny vines.

No. 322746

File: 1695367172521.jpg (61.91 KB, 1000x741, 81-QTao4WDL._AC_UF1000,1000_QL…)

Maaaan we had a couple good designs in a row and now we're back to the shitty ones, my immediate thought when I saw it was 'why is she wearing moon shoes with plastic bags around them'

No. 322749

I assume it's like a lab thing where you have to wear that ugly plastic over your shoes to not drag in dirt all over, but it's such a stupid detail in the context of an insane scientist who works with toxins when the shoes themselves should just be protective gear then.
And wtf is up with the jacket? Are we supposed to pretend it has protective function at all or that it's just quirky fashion? It's team star level garbage

No. 322757

File: 1695372767978.png (643.15 KB, 1280x690, Alolan_Muk_webp (Imagen WEBP, …)

Quirky fashion I guess. It reminds me of alolan muk, so it may be a reference to it.

No. 322758

Just like the normal type one, alolan muk is having a fashion moment huh

No. 322763

Haha hair being not hair is something I really have a hard time suspending my disbelief over, too. I imagine hair just…becoming rock at the ends in real life. How it would tug down and swing around so stupidly.

Also, Miku’s trademark teal would fit well with this design. But yeah just make her hair multicolored goop with no teal in sight. #different

No. 322764

I think more of these designs have baddie eyes that angle down or are flat on top than designs that have Miku’s actual round genki eyes.

No. 322775

File: 1695381701120.jpg (151.6 KB, 900x1200, F6nwqKVacAACDic.jpg)

Ghost type.
Pretty simple, but gets the job done.

No. 322777

File: 1695381727998.jpg (227.9 KB, 1920x1080, F6nwuyYbUAAbPzI.jpg)

Ref sheet

No. 322781

File: 1695384230463.jpeg (68.3 KB, 646x475, B728E9D4-7A29-49E8-BC6B-047424…)

Neat detail with the shape of the cut-out on her back!

No. 322795

No. 322796

File: 1695388717763.png (551.59 KB, 965x915, tumblr_da468a84c7c450a8e404019…)

forgot to sage, have art as apology

No. 322818

I think it would be so cute if in the next game they made, they would add a Miku that would be chosen by voting on a poll, that winner Miku would be a gym leader and in the gym she would be singing until you fight her, she would abruptly stop singing and then the battle would begin like any other gym battle. Sage for autism.

No. 322823

Finally a Miku that passes the Miku-vibe-check. I like this one, this one actually looks like the theme they set "what if Miku was a ghost type trainer". This looks like Miku is both ghost type herself and a trainer kek
We've seen ghosts floating around in some of the mainline games so it works in pokemon canon too, the glitch feels like a missingno ref which is cute imo

No. 322824

I saw someone point out the hair thing when ice Miku was revealed and I can't stop thinking about it when I see them now because I agree so much. In SV they even switched to highly detailed hair on the models, the Miku models would mostly look like shit because the hair is so "lumpy"

No. 322827

That's similar to the poison type gym in BW2 isn't it? I liked that each gym had its own remix of the gym theme.

No. 322829

this is a really cool and clevver design, make sense that ghost type miku would be based on a glitch. her poke could have been missingno

No. 322877

It would be cool if they did that and finally added "Sound" as a type. Having Miku as the first Sound gym leader would be awesome.

No. 322944

I know some people like the idea of sound type but I can't say I'm a fan. We already have "sound inspired" pokemon and they're fine as they are. I just find sound as a type to be a bit boring on its own. I love that they can make toxtricity and obstagoon have obvious ties to music without that being their whole personality/type.
Maybe it's just me but I feel like if you make one group like sound into a new type you kind of have to do it to other groups too and then suddenly you have 25 types to keep track of. Like why should sound get a type when there are plenty of food inspired pokemon like slurpuff and smolive that could get a food type? Or an "enchanted object" type for all the object based pokemon like klefki and magnemite?

I feel this way about most fan made suggestions for new types, the only one I've seen that I can get behind is maybe a space type of some kind (be it cosmic, star or universe type) because space is its own unique environment so it would affect the pokemon living there.

I wouldn't have minded if they had made a "prehistoric" type that included all the fossil pokemon, but since they've been doing them for so long without it they feel fine as they are.

No. 322983

File: 1695485238950.png (8.8 KB, 174x437, Screenshot 2023-09-23 090716.p…)

i don't want any new types until we get every other type combo filled out. and we have a LOT to go.

No. 323137

File: 1695556077253.jpg (313.76 KB, 2325x1554, 1c5cafbbe5eb9103a2564c76063df6…)

Does anyone follow/watch pokemon creators? Like artists, youtubers, tiktokers, cosplayers etc
I'd like to see more fan made content.

I'm not huge on battling/competitive pokemon and prefer laid back stuff

No. 323147

File: 1695561956148.png (192.62 KB, 588x398, 87635.png)

Yisuno, I love the mods he's doing on the DPP remakes. Almost makes me want to get a PC so I can play it when the full mod comes out. I also follow Lewtwo for the official art/conent archiving, they're interesting.

No. 323149

File: 1695563274172.jpg (415.85 KB, 1077x1374, Shinycatherine.jpg)

If you're into shiny hunting, I like Shiny Catherine! Just a warning she does have a bit of a tumblr-y heckin doggo sense of humor but if you can get past that the videos are usually pretty fun.

No. 323254

I'm not a huge pokemon fan myself but this design has given us such good fanart already, and it's so cool.

No. 323353

File: 1695623237823.jpg (1.02 MB, 1200x859, 111975117_p0_master1200.jpg)

I found ghost type trainer Miku so interesting because while some of the others generated some fanart this one in particular just flooded my social media with fanart. It just happens to be the one that actually looks like Miku. Because what people wanted from a Miku collab was Miku, not just "random pokemon girl with twin tails".

The only reason I complain about the pokemon franchise is because I love it and want it to do better, and I really think this is just another case where they dropped the ball on what people wanted. As cute as some of them are they should just have given us cute Miku-looking designs from the beginning.

I was complaining about one of the designs on twitter not looking like Miku and some Miku-stan replied with a snarky "she can look any way they want her to because she looks different in all of these things" with 4 pics of unrecognizable Miku designs. And yeah sure they CAN do that, but the trade-off is that it loses all brand-recognition, people who like the standard Miku get disappointed, and no one is interested in general. They could also turn pikachu into a naked molerat but no one would buy that it's pikachu anymore.

No. 323400

I think it may have to do with her typing as well, the Fairy design flooded my TL probably since it was one of the most anticipated types, along with Ghost and Dark. Bug and Flying look like Miku too and they didn't generate as much fanart.

No. 323412

File: 1695640661354.jpeg (166.8 KB, 900x1200, IMG_1161.jpeg)

Her hair is technically teal just a darker shade. Not overly fond of this one.

No. 323413

File: 1695640685562.jpeg (220.97 KB, 1920x1080, IMG_1162.jpeg)

No. 323415

File: 1695640821523.jpeg (199.53 KB, 1920x1080, IMG_1163.jpeg)

No. 323416

That doesn't look miku at all wouldn't a more rockstar look been better?

No. 323417

>Bug and Flying look like Miku too
lmao no, they really don't. ghost type miku looks like miku even if you've never heard of pokemon or had no knowledge about the collab.

I love this dark type miku, she still doesn't look like miku of course, but it's a great dark type trainer design. and I much prefer this artists style where miku looks older than 14 (unlike most of the other drawings we've seen)

No. 323418

Weirdly I'm glad they didn't do a rockstar because it's almost too obvious and overdone at this point given obstagoons inspiration. I feel like you would find her hanging out at an underground sketchy jazz club for rich people, and obstagoon is her personal life guard. I wouldn't have minded a rockstar, but I'm also content with this one.

No. 323419

File: 1695642145260.jpeg (216.62 KB, 1280x720, IMG_1164.jpeg)

She reminds me of eclipsa butterfly and globgor

No. 323420

File: 1695642253631.jpg (101.13 KB, 1500x1000, rUHUBi1.jpg)

No. 323421


No. 323426

Maybe I just got too used to this collab's weird designs that now anything that keeps her blue pigtails looks Miku enought to me kek

No. 323427

Only complaint is the moon hair. Like I said earlier in the thread I hate imagining what all these Miku’s hairs look like irl.

No. 323428

kek even better

No. 323429

File: 1695650590976.png (486.81 KB, 900x1200, grass type.png)

guys they're doing bonus Mikus, what do we think kek

No. 323430

File: 1695650628599.png (613.46 KB, 900x1200, ice type.png)

I like alolan ninetales, good pokemon choice

No. 323432

File: 1695650667316.png (513.42 KB, 900x1200, psychic type.png)

This Miku is pretty cute too kek
ok i'm done

No. 323468

This art is sooo beautiful

No. 323470

“She uses the gorgeous ball, because it’s gorgeous”

No. 323471

this is my favorite one so far. it actually looks like miku + a magical mirai design

No. 323481

File: 1695679805970.jpg (51.5 KB, 1000x1000, poster,840x830,f8f8f8-pad,1000…)

When someone pointed out it looks like the dark symbol it made a lot more sense. Cool detail, plus lownine is an amazing artist. >>323415 is stunning even if youre not keen on the design itself.

No. 323482

File: 1695679806865.jpg (1.17 MB, 1920x1080, F6pEZLmWEAAS07F.jpg)

yessssss i can finally main her

No. 323498

One of the first female Poketubers I subscribed to. She doesn't upload much but her content is enjoyable.

>Tama Hero

Another female Poketuber I also subscribed to. She doesn't upload much either but her content is enjoyable too.

>Jaiden Animations

She's one of the most well-known YouTube animators who does animated story times but she also does some Pokemon content.


He does playthroughs and randomizer nuzlockes that are pretty entertaining to watch. He also does Pokemon speculations and news and I like that he goes through in depth detail about them and making interesting points.

>Lockstin & Gnoggin

He does educational Pokemon content like explaining details, designs, orgins, etc.


I hardly watch his videos nowadays but I still subscribed to him because he was part of the Filthy Frank group. He does Pokemon merch though it's pretty chaotic.

No. 323502

i adore this one

No. 323508

pikasprey makes really funny and absurd softlock scenarios

No. 323566

>Tama Hero
I used to watch her but after following her on twitter it turned out she was super whiny and annoying and it turned me off her content.
>Lockstin & Gnoggin
Also seen him act like a dick to people on twitter before. It was years ago but I think it's indicative of his true character so I still stay away.

I might try out mimikyu too!

No. 323577

File: 1695723708659.jpeg (179.58 KB, 1200x900, IMG_1174.jpeg)

Miku with Jirachi

No. 323578

File: 1695723743800.jpeg (269.13 KB, 1920x1080, IMG_1175.jpeg)

I’m conflicted on this one.

No. 323583

I don't mind this one, although it's almost weird how even when sticking to a blueish color palette she doesn't know how to make Miku resemble Miku in the slightest

No. 323586

File: 1695727690127.jpeg (123.81 KB, 850x1200, IMG_1177.jpeg)

I still think psychic miku is my favourite because she actually looks like a trainer.

No. 323588

I was harsh on it being "too casual" when it was revealed but in hindsight at least it looked realistic to the pokemon world and had Miku's hair.

No. 323591

Fuckin sausage hair.

No. 323598

This one is really cute! Maybe I'm biased because Jirachi is her partner Pokemon and I love Jirachi, but I think it's one of the better designs so far. At least it features some callbacks to Miku's original design whereas some of the others it could literally be an OC

No. 323605

That's what, 10 designs by Megumi Mizutani? She's cute and I get that she's an in-house artist, but part of me wishes we were seeing more guest work and variety. Plus her character sheets always feel a little bare in comparison

No. 323609

It still means her hair suddenly juts upward nonsensically midway down the ponytail. It’s my fave design but that part sucks, like almost all the Mikus hairs.

No. 323611

I wish all of them had been finalized by the same person, but that person had to stay with real Miku's proportions so they all have the same body, face and eyeshape etc. I think that would help with making them feel like Miku and not just random trainers

No. 323769

File: 1695812230486.jpeg (187.4 KB, 1200x900, IMG_1187.jpeg)

Today’s miku is fighting. Yes, she’s a jojo reference.

No. 323770

File: 1695812257546.jpeg (298.22 KB, 1920x1080, image0.jpeg)

No. 323773

omg leek miku

No. 323774

File: 1695813517800.jpg (470.07 KB, 1719x1669, cd28747c87a65d9d940358954576f9…)

I actually really really like this one!

No. 323776

I wish her weapon wasn't literally a leek, other than she's cool

No. 323801

Takes designs have consistently been the best, this ones terrific

No. 323803

Do you think she uses her hair as a weapon?
Maybe she grabs a piece of her hair and uses it as a weapon.

No. 323847

File: 1695843885530.gif (2.38 MB, 320x240, IMG_1190.gif)

I want them to be like this

No. 323931

the samurai angle is a bit weird to me. don't know how it relates to steel aside from swords being steel? idk, i like the design besides that.

this is great

No. 323932

File: 1695868861694.jpg (211.04 KB, 400x733, poison2.jpg)

i really like poison miku, but i wanted to see what she looked like with more miku-y hair and a bit different color palette. do you guys like it? i'm not even into miku but i like her design, and i wish the poison design had a bit more of a "miku" feel. a lot of the colors in the original are a bit unsaturated and gross looking so i made it more saturated too.

No. 323961

File: 1695885351206.jpg (165.89 KB, 800x533, 七夕_19545533256.jpg)

>the samurai angle is a bit weird to me. don't know how it relates to steel aside from swords being steel?
I'm guessing it doesn't, but since they went with a very culturally japanese pokemon the artist just chose a matching cultural japanese concept for the design

No. 323977

File: 1695887430767.png (319.64 KB, 482x733, miku poi.png)

i went a step further (sorry about quality, not good at editing) tried to give her more normal hair and a more limited color palette

No. 324008

File: 1695895592277.jpeg (211.06 KB, 1200x900, IMG_1192.jpeg)

Dragon type miku. We’re at 18/18 now what’s your thoughts about the lineup?

No. 324019

File: 1695896845505.jpeg (327.4 KB, 1920x1080, IMG_1193.jpeg)

No. 324020

It's so weird that they pushed for only music related pokemon until the very last ones where they ditched the concept for a leek and "ai" i guess?

No. 324021

I kind of hate it, but it looks as cringe as dragon types trainers usually do in pokemon

No. 324023

File: 1695897018121.jpeg (509.26 KB, 1170x1672, IMG_1194.jpeg)

No. 324024

File: 1695897039722.png (801.62 KB, 948x724, serebii scrsh.png)

huh the miku for the music video here doesn't seem to match with any of the designs… I assumed they'd be related lmao this is so stupid

No. 324026

well fucking duh that was obvious
it makes sense for miku, it just doesn't match the music theme they had going on

No. 324048

do you know what jirachi and sirfetch'd have to do with music btw?

No. 324049

from the Sapphire pokedex entry "Jirachi will awaken from its sleep of a thousand years if you sing to it in a voice of purity. It is said to make true any wish that people desire."

I think sirfetch'd is just because of the leek.

No. 324050

File: 1695906525939.jpg (514.54 KB, 1659x1242, meeks.jpg)

miku's cute but i hate that stupid motorcycle pokemon. they should have saved altaria for dragon, or, hello, noivern???

anyway here is my tier list

No. 324052

one of miku's earliest viral songs was ievan polkka where she spins a leek. she's been associated with leeks ever since. I can't believe vocaloids are so old now that so many people don't even know miku's associated with leeks anymore. ugh.

No. 324053

Ariga illustration is pretty cool but Ohmura is a mediocre designer and theres too much going on here. A little bit of a disappointing end but ghost was far away the best for me

No. 324055

lol i'm probably older than you, i just don't know anything about miku.

No. 324058

This + the hair from your prev attempt would be perfect for me tbh.

No. 324067

No. 324070

is she really a jojo reference? just seems like sukeban attire

No. 324082

File: 1695913148531.png (1.07 MB, 1500x1285, mikutierlist.png)

I decided to make one too after seeing yours, sorry for shit quality

No. 324087

You both put fire dead last where it belongs. Someone told me it was their fave and I was frankly disgusted with their shitty taste lmao

No. 324091

I agree fire is the most forgettable and boring.

No. 324093

File: 1695916996630.png (447.73 KB, 1140x553, my-image (1).png)

Here's a list of all Mikus: https://twitter.com/jerdieh/status/1707153258047762518
There's also a tier list maker for those who want to join! https://tiermaker.com/create/miku-x-pokmon-project-voltage-16213550

No. 324096

File: 1695917487470.png (457.04 KB, 1140x465, my-image (2).png)

I don't even go here, I don't play pokemon.

No. 324098

File: 1695918143169.png (440.91 KB, 1140x461, my-image.png)

I love jirachi so much, and I almost love that Miku but I just don't get the hair. It looks like a solid tube. Whoever said it was sausage hair was right.

No. 324099

File: 1695918340997.png (450.49 KB, 950x647, IMG_0862.png)

most of these look like OCs. i wish they resembled miku’s base design more

No. 324100

File: 1695919174596.png (458.37 KB, 1140x465, e0dd3c96-6dd3-4366-b6b5-1adc7f…)

around B is when the designs felt more like OCs to me. personally i gave the flygon one a bit of leeway bc that design reminded me of Sand Planet

No. 324103

File: 1695920111982.png (465.78 KB, 1140x556, my-image.png)

fire type at the bottom gang unite

No. 324105

i judged them "neutrally" as pokemon designs on their own, but as a whole I honestly think this miku collab was a flop. maybe the songs will make up for it though

No. 324135

File: 1695929973984.png (479.02 KB, 1140x464, bJzVLkK358hvtHxSXsBiGhg41Ppgox…)

The ones in B are like 'I like the design but this just looks like an OC'

No. 324163

File: 1695937932512.png (461.43 KB, 1140x465, my-image(2).png)

i feel bad for puttting my buddy lapras in tier c since it's one of my favourite pokes but the attttached miku is terrible

No. 324244

>i feel bad for puttting my buddy lapras in tier c since it's one of my favourite pokes
the artist should feel bad for making the design so bad even lapras fans don't like it!

No. 324245

What pisses me off most is that you could randomly pick 8 of these and they'd all make cooler gym leaders than the trash Paldea got

No. 324564

The most autistic Pokémon character is definitely Cyrus. Lysandre is probably second.

>I don't even think most of the designs are that creative, they're just overdesigned.
Yeah, it looks more like they threw random shit at it to see what would stick, which seems to be the default design philosophy for many professional character designers these days. There's very little effort and thought put into them.

No. 324919

Opinions on the first miku song?

No. 324924

Had me until the chorus. It’s kinda boring. Then from there is it not all over the place? idk I didn’t make it to the end lol.

No. 324946

Miku shouldn’t be used to make songs for companies, It just feels wrong, the only good Miku songs are those made by speds into music with obscure as fuck channels and videos with only 50 views and 5 likes.

No. 324947

File: 1696266395262.png (449.71 KB, 1140x556, my-image (2).png)

No. 324955

File: 1696269477398.jpg (47.48 KB, 1125x1015, xgy5ovtsh0q31.jpg)

Stupid question, but I think this is the right thread for it. If you're playing HeartGold and you picked cyndaquil as the starter, what should the rest of your team look like?

No. 324956

There is no "should", you pick the pokemon you like the best and then overlevel them and win lol

No. 324957

Curious what about miraidon you don't like? I wasn't a fan either

No. 324958

Pokemon games are easy so you can pick anything you like, the first time I beat HG I did it with a single pokemon kek.
You should have the obligatory water & flying pokemon for surf, waterfall and fly. I find Lapras fun to use, it pretty much only learns water/ice moves but with HMs it can have a diverse movepool. For flying types, I always end up with either Crobat or Noctowl because I'm too lazy to look for others lmao.

No. 324959

Suicune tends to be my water slot (something you should have) because it's essentially a free catch, but apart from that and a slot for some kind of Pokemon that can fly pick whatever you want. Pokemon's pretty easy.

No. 324960

Thank you all, I sometimes watch competitive pokemon battles so that made me overthink this game lol

No. 324961

Just follow your heart and don't overthink it, and keep in mind that a bunch of gen 2 pokemon are only available at the end of the game and very rare. The only boss that could give you some trouble could be Lance if you don't have an ice type move but that's it. I beat Crystal with the worst shitmons as a kid just because I found them cute.

No. 324963

File: 1696272461898.gif (1.98 MB, 498x261, pokemon-furret.gif)

5 furrets, one with surf

No. 324968

Annoying sounding…

No. 325081

File: 1696326443905.png (2.06 MB, 1200x2300, fuckrjpalmer.png)

Sorry for reposting from another thread but it's more of a pokemon discussion so I want to see what pokemon nonas think

>I'm a pokemon fan so sorry for sperging out but RJ Palmer ruined the live action movie for me with his super shit gritty "real life" takes on pokemon that completely miss the fucking point of the designs and what makes pokemon appealing. He even influenced them to male squirtle act like a stupid waddling toddler and treecko a motionless gecko staring at you through the window. That's not how those pokemon look nor act, they're agile intelligent fighters like wtf I swear he's not even a pokemon fan and hiring was a huge mistake. he's the embodiment of pre-sonic of the sonic design controversy

RJ Palmer was being called out for having commissioned coomer porn art in another thread btw

No. 325130

something should never be live action.

No. 325135

They look like drug addicts

No. 325139

What's weird is that when people try to draw pokemon BUT REAL they make them ugly as fuck but the animals they're based on don't look nearly as horrible and can even look very cute.

No. 325140

File: 1696355296352.jpg (484.23 KB, 1080x1551, Screenshot_20231003-194328_Sam…)

They remind me of these artworks that showed how dinosaurs are drawn wrong by doing the same to living animals. They all look so incredibly ugly
Exactly this! I personally think real geckos are adorable, don't know what the fuck they did to treecko, why does it walk like a monkey and where is the neck??

No. 325141

I honestly hated how they looked in the movie. Even the cute ones were unsettling and wrong.

No. 325159

I strongly believe only moids of a certain kind like that kind of "realistic gross" design direction. I never see women butcher designs like this

No. 325212

File: 1696398539478.jpeg (339.74 KB, 1110x1070, IMG_5650.jpeg)

Is anyone here into shiny hunting? If so, what are you hunting for at the moment? I’m currently soft resetting for a shiny Rowlet in Ultra Sun, so far I’m at about ~900 resets, so still well under odds.

No. 325221

File: 1696404299633.jpg (2.08 MB, 4208x3120, dondozo_shiny.jpg)

I like to shiny hunt, but I exclusively hunt using in-game methods like egg hatching, poké radar, friend area, outbreaks etc. So no resets for me. Currently trying to get the new paldea shinies without looking up what they look like because I love the thrill of finding a "new" pokemon this way. I'm begin casual about it and only check outbreaks with some sandwiches added if I can be bothered.
Dondozo shocked me with how striking the change was to white + yellow so I'm very happy with that catch (not my pic).

No. 325237

File: 1696410627765.png (482.77 KB, 1055x1243, tumblr_oly7g6WeFK1s4sukgo1_128…)

I am! But only in Gen 2 to vanilla Sun/Moon (all without shiny charm), I find the odds in the past 2 gens too high and they kind of ruin the fun to me, even Gen 6-7 are too much already with some methods.
I'm playing thru my backlog right now, but I have been thinking of picking up Pearl when I finish the other games and resume my shiny Pachirisu hunt. I have been hunting it on and off since 2009…! I never got the hang of the pokeradar method in Gen 4, so I haven't had luck yet, but I'm determined to find it this way and on their native region.

No. 325272

>I find the odds in the past 2 gens too high and they kind of ruin the fun to me
I'm a super casual shiny hunter, what is it that make the better odds less fun to you? Personally I don't like having to wait literal weeks or months between shinies and think it's more fun if I can get my target of the weekend during that weekend I set out. But I'm also the kind of person who hates "wasting time" so even just regular gaming for too long makes me anxious about all the other productive things I could be doing instead lol

No. 325274

File: 1696442098234.jpg (106.71 KB, 1170x1150, sizes.jpg)

samefagging but with the addition of marks and sizes it's now harder to get a "perfect" shiny so I think you shouldn't give up on the new games! Like sure maybe you can find a shiny pachirisu relatively quick. But can you find a jumbo sized pachirisu with a specific rare title mark? That's way harder than finding a shiny in the old games!

No. 325294

The luck factor is what appeals me rather than the color or anything else, it makes them more special to me, guaranteed or very-high odds shinies mean almost nothing to me.
Is the size thing from SV? I havent played that one yet, but it does sound like a fun thing to add to shiny hunting.
Also I totally get you with the wasting time part though, I used to shiny hunt all the time when I was young since I had no responsibilities, but I'm not able to do it as much anymore because of how time-consuming it is (luckily for me in these years I catched pretty much all the shinies I like, so now I only have to hunt for like… 3-5 new pokemon I like in each gen). My usual shiny hunting method is the Masuda one, so I usually do it in the background while working on another thing at the same time, but still….

No. 325316

Sizes are new in SV (and legends arceus). I like it a lot, even when me and a friend find the same shiny they've been different sizes so they still feel unique

No. 325348

Hyperactive as fuck and they decided to make Miku's voice as nasal as possible for some reason

No. 326341

File: 1697014309480.png (174.99 KB, 1744x949, fave_mon_template.png)

Feel free to fill out nonas (graphic design is my passion sorry lol)

No. 326342

File: 1697014342098.png (1.26 MB, 1744x949, faves.png)

Here's mine! I'm a Kalos girlie at heart

No. 326349

File: 1697018142412.png (1.48 MB, 1744x949, 1697014309480.png)

I only see hate for Lyra because she replaced Crystal in HGSS and it makes me sad, she reminds me of Hello Kitty, I love her so much for that kek

No. 326351

I love Lyra too! I don't mind Kris but Lyra is a billion times better. All your choices are cute nona

No. 326365

File: 1697030000114.jpg (128.73 KB, 1192x453, Untitled.jpg)

disliking rj palmer aside (i'm sure it's valid but i don't really know anything about him), the problem is that they combined hyperrealism with cartoon proportions. i think his original realistic pokemon art is fine, and some designs are even brilliant with how he tries to translate odd designs into a real animal, but the movie fucked it up. same thing happened with sonic until they fixed it. either go for full cartoony or full realism, don't try to mix them.

No. 326373

Lyra is very underrated. I know she is usually depicted as a cheerful girl, but when I was playing HGSS, I pictured her as a smart and perceptive girl with a no-nosense attitude and I can't stop thinking about it now.

No. 326391

File: 1697037259114.png (718.34 KB, 1013x788, shiny_cutiefly___ribombee_by_w…)

currently resetting outbreaks in SV for either a shiny cutiefly or ribombee before continuing on with my dlc playthrough but i'm having zero luck kek. i've spent time the past few weekends and have yet to have a single outbreak of either appear on the map

No. 326400

>disliking rj palmer aside (i'm sure it's valid but i don't really know anything about him)
Personally he bothers me because he's openly thirsts after big anime tiddies and commissions porn from other artists. He's just a gross moid

No. 326446

File: 1697051442882.jpg (348.62 KB, 1000x544, me.jpg)

very fun, thanks anon!

No. 326534

File: 1697103466021.jpeg (193.1 KB, 1243x676, IMG_6160.jpeg)

Very cute, thanks for the template! I’ll never get why Espeon’s shiny is so hated, the green is really pretty. >>326446 Great minds think alike.

No. 326542

File: 1697106680957.png (921.79 KB, 720x975, 1696673138502.png)

This is the only true way to make Pokemon more realistic

No. 326543

Why do I feel like some /vp/ moid made this picture to be creepy? Anyway I think the bigger Gardevoir is the more intimidating = better.

No. 326544

File: 1697108139972.png (234.05 KB, 500x451, pokemon sizes.png)

autist moid level humor

i think they picked the most waifu pokemon for a reason but it's not inherently creepy imo.
>I think the bigger Gardevoir is the more intimidating = better.
i generally lean towards preferring larger pokemon because in my mind they've always been big and rideable and it always disappointed me to know you can't actually realistically ride ponyta or even charizard unless you're 5 years old. the inclusion of sizes has fixed this problem for me, one of the best changes they ever made kek

No. 326598

File: 1697131358119.png (203.23 KB, 1809x436, biggest mindfuck of my entire …)

Today I found out PL was mariotehplumber and not some retarded guy
I have received the biggest mindfuck of my entire life.

No. 326602

I have literally no idea what any of this means anon

No. 326613

Literally who

No. 326615

Very long story short
There was this guy who went by mariotehplumber who originally did a larp in the early youtube era where he would break video games and rant about modern sonic, pretty much stuff you would expect. He later came back in the smash 4 era to buy every single Rosalina amiibo in his area because his mariotehplumber character deeply hated her for being 'hentai' or something. He spent about 4000 in amiibos I think?
He was also then well known for the grinch leak which was a leak during christmas for smash bros ultimate which turned out to be fake (I didn't actually know that he did that one until today).

But that leads us to preciousleaf. Preciousleaf is well known for having over 40,000 tweets and uncountable amounts of discord posts and hours spent making MMD videos about his wife Leaf, his videos and tweets are often bizarrely worded to the point where it's hard to tell what he's saying and he's best known for starting fights with people for the shitty gacha pokemon masters and hating Lillie for taking attention away from Leaf. He has a shit ton of Leaf merch, some of it incredibly rare like magazine scans and had spent at least a couple of grand on pokemon masters.
It turned out that Mariotehplumber and preciousleaf were the same troll and he had been keeping up the PL act on 4chan, discord, twitter, youtube, etc for at over 4 years.

No. 326619

File: 1697139972261.gif (93.42 KB, 285x864, __lyra_and_morty_pokemon_and_2…)

I like the pokemoa interpretation of her
With that being said she's my favorite pokemon protagonist.

No. 326655

oh fuck… i remember seeing the leaf autist and i honestly thought it was a girl for some reason. like a severely autistic homeschooled girl, idk why. anyway kinda sucks to learn they were just a troll. wasn't really a funny troll either, just mind-bogglingly weird how obsessed they were.

No. 326662

If thats the real story then this guy is already just as mentally ill as the persona. Sucks because there were people looking out for him on Discord trying to help him with his day to day living and they wasted their time

No. 326701

File: 1697176835185.png (392.39 KB, 1231x661, I kinda wonder how his wife li…)

He said that it was about half accurate and he just exaggerated it, he is genuinely obsessed with Leaf apparently. But yeah it sucks since people were trying to help him since they thought that he was legit some retarded guy getting taken advantage of and he still harassed a bunch of artists off of pixiv by dogging on them.

Moid autism kinda be like that in general, even when they're 'trolling' they're still actively ruining people's days.

No. 326782

Says he didn't spend money like he wasn't the Rosalina guy scalping her amiibos and spending 4k in the process
He definitely was receiving gifts and money from people on Discord so I wonder how they feel about that now

No. 327020

the moids wont do shit, i only ever see women organize to get their scammed money back, moids are too retarded and full of pride to admit they spent money on something stupid

No. 327453

File: 1697444224779.png (277.16 KB, 1757x865, troon_upset_by_pokemon.png)

Reposting from troon thread because it was funny kek
His based pokemon are deadnaming him for all eternity, we love to see it

No. 327583

File: 1697488795103.jpeg (34.12 KB, 456x238, IMG_8010.jpeg)

the level of fragility is hilarious.
>"Oh no my pokemans are actively personally misgendering me uwu" good. based terf pokes strike again

No. 327624

File: 1697496214839.jpeg (1.12 MB, 3464x3464, 5DF9D2DD-3B9F-40DA-9AC2-B2614A…)

Been making some Pokémon themed coords today

No. 327625

File: 1697496252857.jpeg (1.12 MB, 3464x3464, B97C8E75-E947-44CE-8B67-270491…)

No. 327645

File: 1697501941089.jpg (617.15 KB, 3464x3464, 300890E5-FCB1-4BEF-B6EB-4A7FCE…)

No. 327663

>Azumarill line being terfs
Based as always

No. 327677

File: 1697513009498.jpg (692.08 KB, 1390x1089, a.jpg)

super cute!

kek was this meme made here?
have a silly edit of a stupid pro-tranny meme i saw when searching "terf pokemon" lol

No. 327682

Nonuchka your mind. I love how carefully thought out these details are.
>striped socks representing the tail
>fur-topped boots representing the wool
All of them are super cute and mindfully coordinated but because of these details Flaafy is my fav. Would you please make and share some more? Do you take requests? Id love to see a Pachirisu one, or Dedenne, or any of the electric type rats actually (they're my favourites)

No. 327685

File: 1697519932442.png (100.65 KB, 584x436, IMG_8164.png)

indeed terf queen azumarill is a lolcow original, here's the og post
damn the chandelure fit is incredible. love all the little callbacks to the pokemons' designs

No. 327697

I like the cords nona, very cute!
This is so true tho, real punks ARE against troons because troons are the forced establishment that media is pushing

No. 327757

Omg nona, do you use a website or make each manually? I still miss Polyvore…

No. 327921

File: 1697584969673.jpeg (839.81 KB, 3464x3464, C4E523AC-010A-4D2D-8F4F-C14BB0…)

>Do you take requests? Id love to see a Pachirisu one
Pachirisu done! I’m up for more requests since they’re pretty fun to make!
I used picsart (phone app) it’s a lil annoying to use and they nag at you to upgrade to premium non stop but it’s closest thing I’ve got to polyvore type thing.
Thank you! Already tempted to make a coord for punk Azumarril now haha.

No. 327964

it’s so pretty… I want a braixen one

No. 327984

>Already tempted to make a coord for punk Azumarril now haha
Oh please do some punk coords too!
Requests (not punk, just a general one): greavard and steenee

No. 328140

Holy shit I didn't expect to find this autist on here. Tbh I was debating myself on posting him in the autism thread because his was off the charts kek. But apparently Leaf is meant to be his girlfriend's self-insert (he has a girlfriend I think, ther's a pic of them together on Twitter)? If so, that's honestly kinda sweet. Unless of course he only got a girlfriend to make her RP as Leaf which would be straight up deranged.
I didn't know about the Twitter or Discord, jesus christ that's insane. I only ever knew about his Youtube channel which I stumbled upon by accident.
>routinely recorded himself screaming and crying and posted images of fake medical records and damage he did to his living space
ok I think I'll take back what I said, that man is clearly insane. I don't care if he faked it all, for what purpose though? I mean he even used a mod for Pokemon RBGY (probably Yellow) to have Leaf follow Red around, it's in his Youtube channel
>He later came back in the smash 4 era to buy every single Rosalina amiibo in his area because his mariotehplumber character deeply hated her for being 'hentai' or something. He spent about 4000 in amiibos I think?
kek I remember that
>he still harassed a bunch of artists off of pixiv by dogging on them.
piece of shit
Nonna he said he did spend money and that he did not do it just to troll but because he's legit invested in the game

No. 328808

File: 1697831971615.png (205.35 KB, 658x1127, IMG_4785.png)

>I'd rather make sandwiches for the rest of my life than date you
>hmm? A date with you…you mean? You pay per hour right? Did you really think I would date you for free?
>Today’s date I’ve been thinking about it. How about I spend it in a cave and you spend it at home?
>You have a talent, a talent for making me and my pokemon uncomfortable.

Daaaamn they’re all ice cold

No. 328895

File: 1697856143642.jpg (92.33 KB, 736x826, f5e567af573ea90b3568b168df76fd…)

KEK very cute, thank you nona.

No. 328922

File: 1697862389575.png (32.76 KB, 256x168, download.png)


let's make trainer cards for your world of pokemon adventure, anons!

i'm a former ace trainer tryhard who has settled down and runs a herbal poke-medicine shop

No. 328974

File: 1697890124067.png (61.12 KB, 245x171, 7793cb0f-a94a-47fa-8f2a-cc1f0b…)

If it's based on my first pokemon adventure when I played Pearl as a child. After beating the elite 4 with a lvl 100 Empoleon (my English was bad so I didn't know how to switch pokemon kek). I focused on collecting Spinda's with different patterns and trying beauty contests with Pokemon I thinkn are cute.

No. 328993

File: 1697897965130.png (26.33 KB, 248x171, IMG_1259.png)

this was my most iconic team in y. gengar's movepool is diversified enough to beat the league btw

No. 329012

also i'm a former ghost type specualist who runs ghost pokemon sanctuary. these are my rescue gengars and most of them have unfuxiably stupid names due to being traded

No. 329024

File: 1697906038638.png (21.87 KB, 248x171, 7a0f5027-a6d0-456c-b680-b7306d…)

She's just a humble farmer who likes to be informed of local gossip.
Based as fuck

No. 329041

>I focused on collecting Spinda's with different patterns
Modern games saves every caught spinda form in the dex so I would catch a bunch just for fun

No. 329042

kek love it nona

No. 329044

File: 1697911049646.png (29.79 KB, 256x168, terfette_trainer.png)

Trainer Terfette, she hates sexual predator males who pretend to be women and travels from region to region to stop and punish them with her pokemon.
She also travels with her fellow terf bestie who's a butch lesbian trainer (open request for a nona to make her!)

No. 329057

File: 1697915132934.png (17.71 KB, 406x107, download.png)

based anon. i made this, but others should feel free to make their own

No. 329059

also shes in a feminist biker gang and ONLY uses female-only pokemon

No. 329066

File: 1697918216203.png (24.32 KB, 245x171, bawwww.png)

love your elsie trainer card teehee

No. 329069

File: 1697919569443.png (23.87 KB, 256x168, terfina.png)

Elsie, Terfette and now on a similar note Terfina: the azumarill punk witch trainer who beats up troons because they will never be women

No. 329161

File: 1697951438574.png (58.31 KB, 245x171, IMG_6560.png)


No. 329162

yay! raichu appreciation
incommensurably based

No. 329194

What are some unpopular opinions you guys have about pokemon? Mine is that I don’t want voice acting, I have a bad feeling that it is going to suck hard no matter what language it is in, mostly due to these games being developed in only three years. If it does happen in the next games, I want to be able to turn it off.

No. 329198

Same, I don't want any voice acting in the games. Having cutscenes is already annoying enough, imo mainline pokemon games should just give you skippable tutorials, very simple stories and should let you play whenever you want without interrupting too often, like gen 1 to gen 4. I never understood why everyone praised BW so much for its story because it wasn't anything special, whenever I wanted to play I'd get some stupid character harassing mine for 5 or 10 minutes before I could go back to exploring routes, caves or towns. Gen 7 and 8 are even worse. With voice acting these scenes would be even longer because you would have to wait for the characters to be done talking on top of waiting for the animations to happen which is already annoying if you read fast. I've been told that the ending song in SV is by Ed Sheeran, that's already too much for me kek.

No. 329217

File: 1697980761430.png (61.09 KB, 245x171, miner trainer.png)

I love these so much, they're so cute!

No. 329241

File: 1697989543991.png (592.12 KB, 403x825, Screenshot 2023-10-22 084605.p…)

idk if it's unpopular but i'd rather have a whole gen full of new forms rather than new pokemon entirely. there's too many pokemon. just give new forms to the existing ones.

secondly, there's too many legendaries. we don't need a trio every time. legendaries no longer feel special or powerful.

thirdly i hate that the coolest type ever (normal/ghost) went to a furry favorite mon. i hate zoroark. a lot.

No. 329340

File: 1698008070668.png (48.68 KB, 256x168, download.png)

a beautiful and well-liked lady who kills men sometimes and never gets caught

No. 329389

File: 1698024402367.png (28.08 KB, 256x168, IMG_1281.png)

lol anon you beat me to it

No. 329396

Seconding this. The "new" Pokemon designs I've liked have generally been regional variants. I still love Alolan Marowak.

No. 329426

>What are some unpopular opinions you guys have about pokemon?
Agreed, NO voice acting please!
No real life singers like Ed Sheeran making songs for the game (I could go on a whole rant about it lol)
No more furry starters, I'm begging on my knees. Keep them in the game, just not for starters.
Not unpopular on lc, but in general: no more gender ideology shit in the games please, no more "gender neutral" (aka no female options) clothes, no more non-binary characters or meaningless pandering with bathrooms

Most controversial opinion though: In general old and new pokemon designs are equally good/bad. I don't care for most of the paldea mons, but I also wouldn't mind yeeting a ton of gen 1 pokemon out of the games so it's pretty equal over all.

No. 329488

File: 1698069174511.png (28.35 KB, 256x168, ourple.png)

Purple pokes are my favorites ♥

No. 329763

File: 1698134752667.png (24.81 KB, 248x171, milky.png)

tried to make a lolcow as a trainer

No. 330305

File: 1698307265706.jpg (32.32 KB, 400x500, palpitoad.jpg)

Challenge to nonas: try to find cute fanart of a pokemon you DON'T like (or that you're at least just lukewarm on)

Picrel I don't really like palpitoad but I find this artwork pretty goofy-cute

No. 330770

File: 1698492422307.jpg (44.76 KB, 603x396, snorlax.jpg)

I have a love hate relationship with snorlax

No. 330807

File: 1698509152145.jpg (70.51 KB, 1097x826, tumblr_1850f1e15b5dc382e195928…)

i hate conkeldurr, so this was difficult

No. 331245

File: 1698614564151.jpeg (161.89 KB, 828x969, IMG_1375.jpeg)

pokego sperg but i fucking hate when retard place weak ass useles pokes todefend a gym. there's inly 6 slots so all they do is take up space.
what the fuck is your level 1 crawdaunt gonna do? my poor magnezone is going to have to carry the while thing

No. 331634

I tell myself it's probably just small kids who innocently do it, to not get too upset lol (in reality I think it's mostly people who are speeding by in a car who have to pick their most recent catch)

No. 331635

File: 1698744979811.jpg (231.1 KB, 1080x756, pokeween.jpg)

post cute halloween art/fanart if you've got any nonas

No. 331639

I think it comes down to two factors, first one being the fact that you "waste" way less resources, because in most cases if a weak pokemon faints, you don't really bother reviving it and healing it. Additionally, if you put weak pokemon in the gym it incentivizes more people to take over it, which may be a good or a bad thing depending on how popular pokego is in your area.
I used to defend gyms with stronger pokemons but then they would take days to be knocked out of the gym (because people were feeding them berries) and I would usually not get my 50 coins on a daily basis. Ever since I switched to weak pokemon, not only do I get my 50 daily coins more consistently but also don't have to worry about running out of revives or healing potions.

No. 331727

isn't the point to get your pokemons knocked out of gyms daily for coins? are there benefits of defending a gym for a long time? this is a genuine question, i recently started playing pokego again so i'm confused about a lot of stuff

No. 331754

you level up the gym badge if your pokemon stays there longer, and you need it to be there for over 8h to get your daily 50 coins

No. 331955

File: 1698859130046.jpeg (271.38 KB, 675x900, IMG_4022.jpeg)

No. 331959

File: 1698863388031.png (215.05 KB, 1126x779, Screenshot 2023-11-01 113021.p…)

No. 331962

File: 1698864199743.jpg (586.8 KB, 1600x1520, Corsola.jpg)

No. 331967

File: 1698865027558.png (192.54 KB, 1013x766, Untitled.png)

this is cute. i wish i had gotten my favorite pokiemon tho

No. 331969

File: 1698866118618.png (313.45 KB, 1317x870, shwoom.png)

Wow I'm amazed at the thoroughness of this quiz! It was very fun to take and it looks like there are dozens and dozens of potential results. I'm quite pleased with my Shroomish, I think she and Breloom suit me. New fav personality quiz. like of all time
What's your favorite?
Thanks so much for the Pachirisu coord nonna, it's absolutely adorable. I love how you incorporated the single blue stripe on her tail into your choices, and how the yellow accessories are worn one on each side to mimic the symmetrical yellow cheeks. 10/10 would wear to a tea party in Hearthome City!

No. 331980

question 1
>"how do you view your identity"

No. 331984

I got Mudbray, which I’m not familiar with because it’s newer, but I liked its description and its evolved form

No. 332180

I got vulpix, stupidly closed it before taking a screenshot but it's a pokemon I love so I'm happy

No. 333426

File: 1699290196477.jpg (249.1 KB, 1280x720, tumblr_7ba4b95eff11daef683311f…)

What's your dream pokemon region (like what country/place should it be based on)?

I think a south asian island region would be cool, but it would have to be like Hoenn rather than Alola, so that you can actually explore all the water inbetween islands. You'd also have dive to explore under water. Maybe there's even an atlantis kind of underwater city or something. I'd want it to not be fully open world like gen 9, but to have open routes/areas instead so I guess more like PLA but without a "town hub". I still want it to be an "open" map you can travel on. The water graphics would have to be way better than what gen 9 had though lol I like the snap graphics more so maybe something like that

No. 333476

File: 1699301638091.png (13.84 KB, 246x172, tc.png)

former trainer that quits and runs a pokemon rehabilitation centre for injured wild pokemon

No. 334042

File: 1699449293640.jpg (82.74 KB, 700x350, IMG_20231108_151441.jpg)

Do you guys remember smugleaf? Gosh I remember really hating some of these ancient memes, but now I'm feeling a bit nostalgic for an era lost in time

No. 334353

I'd take the name smugleaf over weedcat any day. I hate the furry cat sprigatito turns into but weed jokes are so retarded and painfully unfunny

No. 335624

File: 1700003598519.jpg (325.19 KB, 1760x1350, hatenna.jpg)

No. 335691

File: 1700024139655.png (528.95 KB, 648x1280, FD743048-43B5-4514-947B-368023…)

Looks like it's unpopular opinion here but I absolutely hate Lyra's design in HGSS and wish they put in a revamped Kris instead. I hate her stupid hat worst of all. Usually I only like to play the girl character 100% of the time but I wiped my original Soulsilver save file just because I hate her design so much even the overworld sprite looks bad to me. Now I'm just going to rebuild my save file up again as Ethan pretending I'm playing a really boyish/androgynous girl who everyone mistakes for a boy.

No. 335720

Nah, lots of people despite Lyra for replacing Kristal.

No. 335724

Same. I was so looking forward to the remake and when Lyra's design was showed I decided to just play as the guy just like in Pokemon Golden. I loved Kris in Pokemon Crystal, I was so happy that I could play as a girl instead of pretending Red was a tomboy in gen 1 when I was a kid.

No. 335906

The Pokemon Concierge trailer is out.

No. 335908

This looks really cute.

No. 336286

File: 1700217937940.png (8.87 MB, 5120x2880, no_boys_allowed.png)

Hard disagree, Lyra is one of my favorite female protag designs and I especially adore the cute hat lol and Kris is one of the ugliest dressed ones imo. I like the thought of the two of them being friends tho. And one thing I do like about Kris is that she has blue* hair, I wish they'd go back and give protags more fun hair again. It's so boring that npcs can have batshit insane hair like Ryuki, but we're stuck with basic black/brown hair. I know we've got character customization now but it still bores me that all the artworks and merch etc uses the basic designs.

*it pisses me off that (just like with hatsune miku) people's brains malfunctions as soon as something is blue-teal-green and they literally can't make up their mind what color her hair is. She straight up has green hair in some official artworks and blue in others.

No. 336289

You know what, I actually hate the current trend of keeping the Japanese names for characters in English dubs. They ALWAYS butcher their own names and it's so cringe to me. Just use a localized name, it's fine! Call her Hannah or something. "My name is Ha-ruew" suuuure it is. I don't think Americans realize that it sounds just like when a Japanese anime goes "herro i amu furomu amerika, my nameu is Bobu Fureedomu". If you have even minimal knowledge about English you can tell it sounds wrong, just like the butchered Japanese names sound wrong. Besides I always think it's fun to see what cute names different langauges chose for a character and how they relate to it. For example since Haru means spring you could go with Flora or April.

The show looks cute tho.

No. 336299

Haruka, the female MC in RSE, is already named Flora in French, so you had the same idea as the French localizers 20 years ago. I think she's May in English?

No. 336356

I don’t like the name Kris because it literally means "crisis" in my native language lol it never made sense to me as a kid

No. 336365

>They ALWAYS butcher their own names
The solution is hiring more competent voice actors, not changing the original setting

No. 336398

There's like 2 voice actors in the US who can pronounce Japanese names. Pokemom ALWAYS had translated names for the characters, didn't need to be different this time.

No. 336419

File: 1700249323414.jpg (223.11 KB, 1920x1080, MV5BYmYxOTkxMzYtMDdkMy00MjAzLW…)

ironically the voice actress is japanese herself

No. 336536

She speaks Japanese herself, it was her first language at home iirc. I think she was just directed to pronounce the names that way

No. 336700

No. 336701

They just need to teach them how to pronounce the names. Japanese names arent even that hard. I dont like the trend of changing shit up instead of just teaching people how to say it. It feels lazy af, like the donut situation on 4kids early pokemon cartoons.

No. 336824

Even more, rather than the VAs, isn't it on the voice director to keep this kind of thing in check?

No. 336832

File: 1700383783385.png (136.61 KB, 684x513, Galarian Ponyta.png)

She's one of my favorites and I'm happy to have her as a partner!

No. 336841

File: 1700387120055.jpg (320.02 KB, 637x1506, Screenshot_20231119_104054_Sam…)

Good for me, Empoleon is strong and we'd win many battles.

No. 337002

File: 1700440376940.png (25.98 KB, 256x168, ffff00c6-4dd1-422a-8aae-b2506f…)

Yumejoshi and her reverse harem of Pokemon who love and vow to protect her at all costs especially from flithy moids.

No. 337011

File: 1700442200161.png (120.28 KB, 208x396, pokemon_lyra_kris_remake_by_ze…)

we could have just gotten a kris redesign. it's so bizarre how gold gets updated but kris is completely replaced with lyra. why? we were robbed.

No. 337024

Absolutely based. I daydream a lot about having an overprotective gallade as a partner pokemon

No. 337033

File: 1700447030675.png (12.01 KB, 246x172, 84A67DC9-1CE0-4455-9FF4-2249D2…)

I only get as far as the first gym because it's the easiest gym to win, loserproof by design, and Roxanne's civic duty as gym leader and trainer school teacher is really encouraging but I don't work up enough nerve to actually leave home and I don't actually have an affinity for training and battling so I just go back to school and get a regular joe job and my pokemon stay unevolved pets kek.

No. 337041


No. 337107

>The solution is hiring more competent voice actors, not changing the original setting
I think localized names are cute personally. Pokemon names and locations and such are localized too. You actually lose meaning when you keep the original names because people don't understand it. The characters aren't real, it's not integral to the plot or the character that someone is named "Haru" (to use the example mentioned earlier) the creators may just have wanted the audience to understand the character through the name "spring" - she is having a fresh start, inexperienced in this new adventure but is ready to grow into summer, she's got a light and kind personality. Her name isn't important, but the meaning is. Translation is an art form in of itself.

No. 337111

So they're essentially localizing names by butchering them on purpose, oof. I guess that busted the "just hire better voice actors" theory. I think I'd still be team name localization even if they said the names right though. None of that "jelly filled donut" shit though lol
I like Lyra a lot better but I still agree. There was no real need to replace Kris. I wonder why they did it. Did they think her blue hair was too unnatural?

No. 337215

File: 1700523561608.png (46.92 KB, 256x168, 5a80327a-2870-4dc7-be86-691d0c…)

A kind hardworking sweetheart who runs a cute cozy cafe tending to all her customers and regulars but if there's a nuisance going on, she would do her best to resolve it and keep the peace. If it's getting out of hand, her Pokemon wouldn't back down from a fight even as a last resort.

No. 337321

cute nona, i'm weak for pokemon cafes

No. 337592

According to one of those Did You Know Gaming videos (I know kek), allegedly the lead designer just… forgot about Kris and designed Lyra. Really is a shame, I prefer both GSC player designs to HGSS. Ethan and Lyra (her especially) are a little too cutesy. Vidrel is the source iirc

No. 337600

File: 1700687071007.jpg (383.79 KB, 2048x1485, 550d6bcd7dc0cb877cbbe32b84a47e…)

Because Kris is ugly, the only time she looked cute was in pokemas (suicune alt) over 20 years later.

No. 337611

File: 1700688311372.png (271.66 KB, 700x535, 7290b9bc1e9f826bb1a6b59e9c8e2a…)

>Ethan is meant to be a ninja
lol cute.

No. 337619

File: 1700689873987.jpg (252.73 KB, 848x1200, f4318f81e74e3aa3d8392e83a222d8…)

Jynx is beautiful, she's the queen of Pokemon.
The world will never understand.

No. 337655

File: 1700704802482.jpeg (74.26 KB, 400x582, 88eb0ed46bc66ea928f7702a56d4e1…)

i've always been annoyed by her design because i feel like it could be improved by removing the boob plate and changing the lips into a beak or something. idc about the "racism" kerfuffle
you're ugly

No. 337714

File: 1700728807169.jpg (342.06 KB, 683x537, pokemon-trading-card-game-068-…)

I don't mind jynx at all and never have, but I'm not a burger so I had to be a teen and have muhricans explain what made it "racist". I've learned more about american racism now, but at the time it was utterly bizarre to have people say "it's ugly and racist because it looks like a black woman!" and I had to sit there confused like "you're saying it's ugly… because this (blonde purple faced pokemon) looks like a black woman to you? Who's racist again???".

I kinda hope they give her an amazing undeniably cool evolution that forces everyone to accept her, if nothing else they could let her be "the awkward middle evo".

No. 338018

File: 1700869618938.png (28.84 KB, 489x491, e5bc62deb0b579652d44c2eded4930…)

I think the perfect Jynx evolution would have bigger lips, ganguro makeup and accessories

No. 338038

File: 1700877766437.png (390.21 KB, 666x339, Untitled.png)

this is why americans thought jynx was racist. we have this terrible shit in our history. it wasn't because "jynx looks ugly like a black person". also jynx didn't used to be purple.

No. 338045

So it's basically Americans' own fault that they think Jynx is racist kek

No. 338051

No. 338055

File: 1700885495687.jpg (83.36 KB, 850x850, rkgk.jpg)

thinking about fighting type miku

No. 338057

Burgers really do think they are the center of the world.

No. 338102

File: 1700910598558.png (2.37 MB, 1920x952, jynx_opera.png)

In my eurofag country those kinds of racist caricatures only ever existed in (old) comic books with equally ugly, steretypical caricatures of every race, including the majority of characters who were white people. To have people point to one single character and say that one is not ok while the rest are fine when you have literally no context as to why that is, is very confusing to say the least! I think Japan is similar. Even if there were American racist caricatures around that they directly copied to make jynx, I honestly don't think they would have known the context of it. To them it would just have been a silly cartoon drawing, like it was to us eurofags too. I don't think that takes away from Americans being offended though, cultural differences exist and that's fine.

My own personal take on jynx (when I was a kid) was that it was the "fat singing opera viking lady", because she was a blonde fat "woman" who was ice type with breast plates, and who sings. So in my child self's eyes it was a stereotype of the whitest white people, rather than black people. But in reality yuki-onna and ganguro style, both very tied to Japanese culture, are the (alleged) real inspirations for jynx. Cultural differences really change how you see it!

No. 338131

I think the valkyria is also one of the inspirations behind Jynx, since she's known to have a beautiful singing voice

No. 338136

ayrt, i never implied japan made a racist caricature, i was just correcting the person who thought americans hated jynx because "it was ugly like a black person" which was an extremely bizarre thing to say. i also got the viking/opera angle.

No. 338173

Kek I wish I was as creative and perceptive as you as a kid because when I (eurofag) saw jynx I just thought it was a jynx. It didn't look like anything in particular other than maybe resembling a pekingese dog because of the long hair and dark face kek.

No. 338193

Ayrt I didn't mean to say you implied Japan made it racist "on purpose", that's just a common thing I've heard surrounding the jynx debate (from Americans) so I was talking broadly and speculating on how it might have gone down. I think the issue >>337714 had was Americans/people explaining it poorly because it went similarly for me and my siblings as kids. It's worth mentioning that the people who explained it to us were also kids so in hindsight I don't think they really grasped it either. They really said something very similar to "jynx is ugly… and umm that's like racist because it looks black". They were kids trying their best to be righteous but they for sure didn't word it in ways that would hold up to scrutiny. As kids we'd just go "oh ok" and move on without follow-up questions because we basically didn't understand what racism even was lol

No. 339019

Been having a blast playing Pokémon Legends Arceus! I got a pre-owned one at my local game store for only 40 bucks, and I think that's a fair price for what the game offers. 60 bucks it's just too much.
I'm at rank 3 already, and I still haven't got the first mount, kek.
I think it's the first time I'm so excited about completing the Pokédex, I love that you can make as many pokéballs as you want without spending money and that you can catch Pokémon without having to engage in battles all the time. If they make another game like this one, I might bite the bullet and buy it on release.

No. 339045

Glad you're enjoying it! I loved the game too but I actually missed trainer battles, to me it felt kind of pointless to train up my pokemon to battle - only to not have anyone to battle! I'd be more fine with it if they had made trainer battles in SV more interesting, but they instead made the NPCs ugly mfs standing alone in a huge field waiting for you to approach them or they wouldn't even talk to you. But I digress lol.
Legends arceus actually had some challenges I didn't beat on the first try, which is refreshing since main games can be beaten easily by over leveling almost any pokemon team.

No. 339141

File: 1701438561478.png (431.25 KB, 1984x2624, 1701427380528.png)

tag yourself i'm the genwunner (except i love all objectmons)

No. 339152

File: 1701445712001.png (267.54 KB, 585x371, done-with-it.png)

Pissed off that "autist" suits my actually diagnosed with autism ass the most kek

No. 339158

File: 1701449135162.jpg (441.81 KB, 1080x1920, akari.jpg)

I guess I don't mind that there aren't trainers in this game, cause I only saw them as xp fodder for my mons in the main games, lol.
The only trainers in the main games that made me sweat were the ones on Victory Road and then some Gym Leaders and all that. Aside from that, it's not like they were memorable to me, sometimes they were even annoying because of having to stop every two steps in order to battle.
Plus, I'm already used to spin-offs with no trainer battle mechanics, like Pokémon Ranger or Mystery Dungeon.

No. 339159

File: 1701449146894.jpg (209.03 KB, 620x800, tumblr_oqjuufloCH1uw57pto1_128…)

straddling the line between ok fan and autist

No. 339161

File: 1701449704503.png (1.98 KB, 56x57, snorlax.png)

Genwunner and Autist
I played Gen 5 until badge 8th were you get the lucky egg and I quit the game on the spot and never touched it again. Because it took me so much work in Gen 3 and Gen 4 to get one.
Still triggers me to this day and won't touch a Pokemon Game after Heart Gold/Soul Silver and I haven't actually, I only play the GBA/DS Pokemon Games.
While I like some of the newer designs I don't really care about them, since they're non-cannon to me.
Yep I'm literally a PokemonBoomer, for always stuck in 2004-2011.

No. 339173

"Ok" fan, I met my current friend circle through Pokémon but we don't really keep up with it anymore, we did play s/v but didn't go for the dlc yet.
I met a strange specimen irl once. This guy in my uni class overheard me express knowledge of Pokémon to another guy and just barged in on the conversation. He pulled up a list of all the new s/v Pokémon on his phone and rattled off what he thought about each one completely unprompted, most of the opinions being "it's bad it looks weird I mean idk what they were thinking." While he was pulling it up I saw that he had a whole bunch of notes he wrote about fakemon he made up and fanfiction and other stuff that indicates that he thinks a lot about Pokemon. I asked him if he played the new games and he said he doesn't play Pokemon games, lmao.
What's the deal this these types? This isn't the first time I've met an autist who was heavily invested in a game he'd never played either, in the same room I talked to a guy who was obsessed with Halo but admitted to literally never touching a game when I started talking about playing.

No. 339176

I get it. Gen 5 is weird compared to the rest of the series to me, it's hard to explain. If gen 5 was only BW2 though I wouldn't find it so barren and off putting. And yeah imo the most important part of the main series is from gen 1 to gen 4, everything else is just a bonus to me.

No. 339574

I think it's because BW is the first gen they didn't give you any of the old pokemon at all. Gen 5 is also one of the uglier gens in terms of pokemon designs so that made me miss old pokemon more, I think gen 9 is the only gen that's managed to out-ugly it.

No. 339777

File: 1701690558299.jpg (110.62 KB, 1116x664, Ww6qQxy.jpg)

Was moving to an open world the right choice for pokemon?
Did you prefer not-fully-open legends arceus, or fully open SV?

No. 339779

This is such a minor nitpick but I hate it when people complain about pokemon being "the worst/most toxic community ever". It really isn't, not even close - any male dominated franchise has a toxicity level a thousand times higher which most females who's been in them could tell you. Pokemon is genuinely one of the tamest communities I've seen, it's just also so big there are of course going to be a few bad eggs. But it also means you can easily block them and find a hundred nicer people in a second, which you can't do as easily in small fandoms.

No. 339830

File: 1701722646071.png (1.09 MB, 1140x1107, my-image.png)

post your fave legendaries! i didn't rank ones that i just don't care about
holy shit i am a hater

No. 339831

how can anyone say this in earnest unless they've never participated in another fandom

No. 339848

File: 1701735392697.png (301.61 KB, 600x600, sexually harassing the sexy ol…)

The 'OK' fan, but I'm also a Zoroark fujo.

No. 339849

File: 1701735823764.jpg (441.54 KB, 1400x1200, 1694294724968159.jpg)

I should probably explain the Zoroark thing now that I think of it…

No. 339887

No. 339899

File: 1701753472153.png (198.27 KB, 1206x762, typical day for ghetsis.png)

N's mom is thirsty

No. 339902

N's mom is a zoaroak?

No. 339904

File: 1701753817255.jpg (147.16 KB, 1280x720, wow.jpg)

Sure is
People like to meme that he has a knot dick because of that.

No. 339914

I'm an anime fan of Pokemon more than anything else but unlike the guy in this I'm a normal person

No. 339931

File: 1701761414710.gif (134.35 KB, 92x83, volcarona.gif)

autist but I used to fucking love going on smogon and showdown

No. 339938

File: 1701762106889.png (5.96 KB, 57x249, Screenshot 2023-12-04 234234.p…)

i still do (and this is after a reset)

No. 339946

arceus was superior imo
also sv may have ben fully open but since there was no level scaling it was wasted, since there were places where the pokes had such high levels you had to avoid until later in the game. ot was stupid to go "you can do gyms ijn any order you like!" except you couldn't really since some of them had way higher levels

No. 339947

i love that you put galarian zapdos in the top tier, i love that runny birb

No. 339948

File: 1701766186549.png (1.11 MB, 950x1381, my-image.png)

marshadow & yveltal best pokes idc

No. 339974

After some point in gen 1 and 2 you could beat some of the gym leaders in whatever order you wanted as well. Does SV give you this sandbox feeling when playing it? Gen 7 and 8 felt very linear compared to previous games so I'm curious, I still haven't played SV.

No. 339993

File: 1701784481181.png (1.39 MB, 1140x1472, my-image-2.png)

never realized how ugly and over designed a lot of newer legendaries are until i did this kek

No. 340016

File: 1701799109642.png (260.66 KB, 963x864, ih9gxyfzk5g41.png)

all the galar birds are amazing, i do not understand the g-zap hate. it's so cute! angry roadrunner! i love how in the cinematic that introduced them it just charges up to g-molt wanting to fight

No. 340142

>never realized how ugly and over designed a lot of newer legendaries are until i did this kek
just the newer? I always thought legendaries were some of the worst ugliest designs in any game, too busy and try hard and often failing to look cool. I've gotten used to most of them now but as a kid I didn't get how anyone could like palkia or dialga at all

No. 340305

i'm the fanartist crossed with the OK fan

No. 341088

i just posted this in another thread but posting it here too for my pokefriends to enjoy. gardevoirfag gets his shit wrecked

No. 341091

>Regis are mid
Holy moly. Pretty good list otherwise

No. 341095

SV was a good skeleton of a game. It needed more side things to do. Would have also been nice if the world changed depending on how much you did, so for instance if you did the bug gym last she'd have a full team of high level Pokémon. Legends was just not fun for me at all. The focus is on catching Pokémon, but there are only 3 types of Pokémon (aggressive, shy, indifferent).

No. 341147

sounds fake tbh

No. 341149

>SV was a good skeleton of a game.
Pretty much how I feel. Saying "it was rushed" doesn't seem fully right but it feels too empty. I can't imagine they started out thinking buildings should be unenterable and every town should have the same sandwhich ingredients in 5 different shops and pretty much nothing else.

I really wonder how the workforce distribution looks, they could have stellar teams not working on gen 9, but instead on an as of yet unannounced new legends game, while a third team worked on gen 10 since that's a big anniversary number of a generation. Ok gen 10 is a stretch, but at least another legends game being worked on seems like a fair bet to me. Especially since the ending left questions and it was very well-received by fans (sorry you didn't like it though!)

No. 341203

have you ever encountered an autist in the wild? this is so real it hurts

No. 341251

Literally the only "pokemon" thing about the video was him wearing a giant ass gardevoir, which is sus and makes it seem fake because why would he be allowed to wear it during work hours to begin with. He doesn't even seem autistic, he seems like a regular young dude cracking "jokes".

No. 341646

File: 1702410417329.jpg (135.57 KB, 736x659, transphobes.jpg)

i'm worried the DLC will have some more explicit gender bs in it, like a they/them or some shit… they already added the gender neutral toilets in part 1 and GO has a had an enby for years. i can't make more from the children mutilation cult

No. 342352

File: 1702599253769.jpg (97.25 KB, 850x1000, __eri_pokemon_and_1_more_drawn…)

I'm so excited to see again the Team Star, specially Eri, she is like a pokemon Sakura Ogami and I love her. Light spoilers, nothing much I already saw her in some pictures, it's so strange to see her with brown hair, but she is always adorable

No. 342600

File: 1702685581981.png (536.2 KB, 674x924, 1702685518193971.png)

>Kieran trades you an Applin
That is actually adorable.

No. 342601

you must never go outside if you think that video is fake. cry more gardefaggot

No. 342620

I like how that anon tried posting that video in multiple threads and the only reply it ever got was someone saying it looked fake and gay kek and she's still bitter about it days later

No. 342861

File: 1702762458925.jpg (29.07 KB, 1200x675, main-4.jpg)

the video was years old too, maybe the supposed 12 year old girl grew up and is now lurking these boards, posting the video with her old vendetta for gardevoir-kun, she is still embarrassed about her period to this day (for the autists this a joke do not take it seriously thank u)

No. 342894

File: 1702771329871.jpg (100.51 KB, 1148x550, 20231217_010219.jpg)

>Clay is 40+
>Elesa is 21
Please let it not be real

No. 342895

File: 1702774289665.jpeg (211.3 KB, 2048x1425, GBPknviW4AA-YX9.jpeg)

No. 342896

finished kitakami dlc today and carmine really grew on me. i reared up during her goodbye speech even though i already have indigo mask downloaded and i will be seeing her again shortly im sure kek

No. 342902

File: 1702776389843.jpeg (746.24 KB, 1416x937, B7211158-193D-4545-9E7D-66EF6C…)

any other anons like shiny hunting? when i’m feeling down i like to horde battle spinda and find unique ones

No. 342998

I like to shiny hunt sometimes. I prefer pokéradar in DPPt and XY, but I also like SOS and hoard battles. I hate shiny hunting in SV though because I already didn't like breeding that much and they made it even worse and more boring than before. And for outbreaks you need a shiny sandwhich to make it worth doing it, and those are hard to make if you don't like doing hard raids for hours (i don't). And the sandwiches being on a timer makes it stressful instead of relaxing. I also refuse to ever soft reset for shinies, that's the worst method of them all.

Allister's name in japanese is literally Onion so I cannot approve of this lol

No. 343163

It has been debunked already, dw nona. That line was made-up by some 4chan scrote

No. 343197

i posted it here and in the autism thread and someone said they appreciated it. stop being obsessed. are you mad because you like gardevoir or something?

No. 343206

File: 1702909495277.jpg (281.31 KB, 1080x680, sips_tea.jpg)

ngl it's a little bit funny an anon posted a socially inept gardevoir autist to make fun of him, just to then turn into a socially inept autist herself when no one gave a shit about it kek

Anyway how's the DLC going nonitas? I'm loving the new features, it makes mark hunting so much easier and I love getting to catch starters in different pokeballs. Currently catching all the water starters in dive balls(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 343352

File: 1702942896407.jpeg (86.94 KB, 640x480, IMG_3003.jpeg)


No. 343478

File: 1702979890302.jpg (923.14 KB, 3226x2419, gyarados bait.jpg)

I still love the siblings, their dynamic is so much more fun than the main game rivals. Carmine being a smug bitch and Kieran hating your guts because you're stronger than him is exactly what I want from a rival, I miss the Blue/Silver era in general. Beating your sweet friend into the ground isn't as fun as beating an overconfident asshole.
I love that every spinda variation you catch is saved in the pokedex
and coping and dilating, and whatever else anons do over a week later when their posted videos were boring as fuck

No. 343496

Wild that you just called two people “socially inept autists” while you’re here obsessing over the video and frothing about how it’s totally not funny and you can’t move on from it, I’m assuming because you love Gardevoir and you’re too much of a sperg to let it go. You’re still talking about it days later. Were you homeschooled?(infighting)

No. 343506

File: 1702992758742.png (Spoiler Image,571.99 KB, 633x502, Untitled.png)

ywnbaw and you will never fuck a pokemon(infighting)

No. 343557

stop posting unspoilered retarded coomer images jfc

No. 343559

File: 1703009607670.jpg (1 MB, 1500x1000, carmine.jpg)

>Carmine being a smug bitch and Kieran hating your guts because you're stronger than him is exactly what I want from a rival
Carmine has become one of my favorite female characters in pokemon, she is strong, bitchy and rude, but caring towards those she likes and does not have a sexualized design. Nor is she overly villified, she is just allowed to be a teenage bitchy rival which is rare in games (especially from Japan). Her hair is a little bit stupid lol but I can live with it.
People called Kieran a future school shooter after part 1 which was hilariously accurate to his character. Of course pokemon would never go THAT dark, but still

No. 343637

Can you stop shitting up our thread already? Move on.
Unfortunately I find her design (especially her hair) really annoying, cute fanart or not.

No. 343731

>I find her design (especially her hair) really annoying
They really went into the 2-colored anime hair this gen. Overall it's not a bad thing if they keep it a gen 9 thing, like this is just the current fashion of the Paldea region (and the attached dlc parts). It makes it seem like a cultural thing, so if a character with 2-colored hair shows up in gen 10 or other gen remakes you know they're most likely from Paldea.
I'm worried it's just their new design direction and they'll be yu-gi-ohing all the hair from now on

No. 343753

legendaries are so completely uninteresting these days. why do all the trios need a master? why do we have so many legendaries at all? makes them feel less special

No. 344178

File: 1703236110647.jpg (218.16 KB, 650x763, dawn.jpg)

I like to draw and would like to follow more pokemon fan-artists, do you guys have any favorite artists? Picrel by namface on tumblr

No. 344217

File: 1703255048806.png (120.67 KB, 475x475, 715.png)

No way, noivern ears are a legendary now.

No. 344260

Kek that's so ugly.
Legendaries stoped being special long ago, ever since they made them your friends and/or have a super high catch rate. At least no other gen has topped gen 4 on number of legendaries, they went crazy on that one, but you're right the are too many now. I think box legendaries & cutesy event legendary are enough for each gen, maybe 1-2 more hidden in post-game.

No. 344295

yeah every fucking game now needs the two box art legendaries, a trio, a master of the trio, and one or two random other ones that get thrown in later

No. 344365

I mean it makes sense, does it not? You get them as cool post-game story content to entice you to keep playing after finishing the story (which a lot of casual players simply don't do). And they're allowed to be stronger and have wacky abilities so it adds to the competitive meta, which is one of the largest parts of post-game players.

What do they need to feel "special" to you guys? They get cut scenes and story around them, there's only 1 per playthrough. I see legendary pokemon as ones that just happen to be so powerful humans made up l legends surrounding them… they're not literally gods just because some humans worship them as if they were.

No. 344688

File: 1703499785285.jpg (210.77 KB, 1024x1307, doujinshi_vs_anime__red_by_kis…)

Damn what a mary sue

No. 344689

That's red though, not ash.

No. 344691

File: 1703500200462.jpg (209.71 KB, 880x1255, 111-MRM.jpg)

Yeah and according to this AU Red fucked Ash's mom.
Which is just OOC, if they wanted to truly be accurate he should be a mute autist and gay

No. 344696

back to the HIV zone.(bait)

No. 344697

what in the autism

No. 344700

Gen 1 and 2 did the right thing by not centering the games/stories around legendaries and just making them unique, very strong pokemon that aren't mandatory at all so once you actually look for them, find them after going through a dungeon and catch them it feels rewarding. I never use legendaries in the other games, I'd rather use cute shitmons I grew attached to.

No. 344706

File: 1703512500418.jpg (213.52 KB, 1280x1366, Fef7YeZXwAYPn7G.jpg)

love this pairing

No. 344707

Gen 2 was pretty legendary focused though. Although I would like more lore/mysteries around normal pokemon, like the ruins of alph or volcarona in gen 5, or even just thr fossil pokemon not being catchable in the wild.
>making them unique, very strong pokemon that aren't mandatory at all so once you actually look for them
They're kinda doing that now, but mostly for the post-game ones. It's just the cover legendaries (+ third one) that get the story treatment. What else would be the center if not rare powerful pokemon when that's the only unique thing about the francaise?
You didn't need to catch the galarian birds, or regis, or returning ones like keldeo. And the 4 ruins pokemon in Paldea aren't part of the story at all. They're just hidden away and you'll have to seek them out yourself just like you wanted.

Yet despite all that I kinda agree with you. I think my personal problem is that I miss "dungeons". Maybe it's just nostalgia, but it just feels so much cooler to find a hidden cave and have to go through some puzzles (especially when you half way through realize you didn't bring the right HM so you have to go back lol) and at the end deep into the cave or at the top of the tower you finally find it. This is its domain, an area just for this pokemon to reign over. If kids these days are too lazy to go through a light challenge then honestly fuck em, let them play another game. They can play pokemon GO or cafe remix.

No. 344933

File: 1703614928899.jpg (178.09 KB, 736x1024, 246795.jpg)

I love him but I hate how he has no personality aside from being famous and a tsundere about his mom

No. 344940

File: 1703616462943.jpg (638.31 KB, 2508x3541, these two are though.jpg)

They're cute but not really one of my favorite ships.

No. 344955

I wish we had gotten more development between the two

No. 345643

File: 1703893879757.png (572.68 KB, 720x722, Screenshot_20231229_174618_Chr…)

This series is so cute, the Pokemons translate well to the stop motion style it's pretty charming.

No. 346015

i thought i'd dislike it because im not typically a fan of sm but i actually love everything about it

No. 346583

I got the new DLC and struggled so much against Drayton I felt like such a tard lol. It took me 4 times to finally beat him and I survived with just one mon left.

No. 346660

File: 1704446641136.jpg (83.91 KB, 1200x675, PokemonConcierge_7__1_.jpg)

The Pokemon are so cute in this! I wished there's more episodes since this series is pretty nice.

No. 348005

File: 1705023507956.png (166.43 KB, 570x570, 0310Manectric-Mega.png)

i miss megas. they should have kept megas forever

No. 348492

What did you like about them nona?
I liked them in theory but when I look at them I actually find about half of them uglier than the regular form, and the ones I do like I'd want to stay in that form for longer so I could play with them outside of battle.
I was also put off by reading their dex entries, most of them would say things like "the pokemon is in pain during this form, it hates mega evolving" so I could never bring myself to do it to my poor pokemon.

I actually love that they started doing different gimmicks for each region, it allows them to make infinite forms for each pokemon (mega, gmax, tera, regional and so on) without even increasing the total dex number while also keeping the meta fresh. They can choose to focus on another pokemon that needed some love and attention. But I wish they overlapped just a tiny bit more, I would love it if in the post game of scarlet and violet you suddenly got visited by trainers from Kalos who mega evolve their pokemon. It worked perfectly when we got remakes in the same generation with XY-ORAS, but they haven't done that in a while so sadly we might never get that synergy again. I really miss having 2 games/regions each gen. Even with the DLC letting you visit new places it's just not the same.

No. 348881

File: 1705345344692.jpg (37.47 KB, 686x386, mochi.jpg)

Did you like the new mochi DLC nonas?

I liked it, but at the same time the whole mochi dance thing just reeked of "make this into a trendy tiktok dance for free publicity for us please". Paired with the woke bathroom I think game freak watches too much tiktok in a "how do you do fellow" kids way

No. 348923

File: 1705351152463.jpeg (1.41 MB, 1200x1552, GDUL8CVb0AAwSxZ.jpeg)

Anons, if this was the last DLC I'm glad of the fun had but I'll miss this generation so much. The future/past gimmick was interesting and seeing some of the older mons' adaptations to it was quite funny (Scream Tail is my favorite). I grew attached to the characters and will be waiting for them to appear in the anime some day, the amount of series that came out during this time was a surprise, it's being a long while since I watched the pokemon anime so all the different animations for this gen was pleasent. Ogerpon became my favorite legendary, she is just a loveable little creature. Overall I'm content with this experience, some great moments for me.

No. 348954

I'm glad you enjoyed it so much! I feel the same about Alola, that region has my heart captured. My first gen was gen 3 so I'll always have a soft spot for it but something about Alola overrides even nostalgia for me.

No. 348956

so weird how they made sure to show where the furry's hips are

No. 349013

I don't want to shit on op's happy post but i still think the paldea starters are terrible coomer material except for the croc, that one is just an ugly mess. I pray gen 10 will have good starter designs again.

No. 349070

same. i fully support anyone being happy for a generation and liking it. i just fucking hate the furry pandering designs. i don't think they're going to stop.

No. 349079

File: 1705421595622.jpg (Spoiler Image,28.27 KB, 680x560, barf-bird.jpg)

>i just fucking hate the furry pandering designs. i don't think they're going to stop.
Spoilering the image, it's a "sexy" quaquaval cartoon drawing.
Sad to say I agree. Game freak thinks that little kids prefer humanoid designs for their first partner pokemon so they started leaning into it more and more. It's insane to me that they think kids actually prefer a sexually dancing big-butt bird over a mighty dragon like charizard. Even little kids who didn't grow up with gen 1 at all STILL prefer charizard.
GF have deluded themselves into thinking people who were into incineroar were 1 kids, and 2 liked it because it's a beefy man with a tiger face. In reality teens/adults liked it only because it was really good in the competitive meta. And kids didn't care about it, all they wanted was to pick the cool/cute little black kitten as their partner and it just happend to grow into a human man. And even back then the whole internet was memeing how badly they wanted litten to NOT grow up bipedal. Then they did it again with sprigatito, but made it a coomer waifu instead of a beefy man. It's like a furry designed both specifically to make edgy cat-furry porn of the two of them.

No. 349181

File: 1705462700323.jpg (598.6 KB, 1300x1193, justice.jpg)

yeah, genuinely nobody likes the coomer designs except for…. coomers. no one's like "wow, i love incineroar, what a cool concept" (except one of my female friends kept insisting she "liked it" but she refuses to ever say anything bad about pokemon and claims to love every design bc she's annoyingly anti-complaining)

every time you see a fan redesign people say it looks better than what we got.

No. 349237

All of those are better except for cinderace which is literally just the same but hunched over.
My friend once put it as the problem is that they kinda went from designing starters to be "a loyal pet" to instead trying to make them be a kids "best friend". Best friend as in human who does human things like play with toys and sit at the table and eat with you and wear human clothes. That's why they now have patterns that look like they wear clothes, they eat our human sandwhich and curry instead of pokeblocks and pokepuffs, and their designs are based on human professions.

I'd actually be curious to take the fake incineroar design and the real one and do a survey on which people like better, and do it across all ages. And then take incineroar and compare it to charizard asking which they prefer of those.

No. 350625

File: 1705930872726.png (1.14 MB, 810x1100, file.png)

Will the male player characters start appearing in the anime now that Liko is the anime's main character instead of Ash?

No. 350663

File: 1705949764095.png (398.49 KB, 640x480, The_Legend_of_Thunder_Part_1.p…)

wdym "start"

No. 350737

Was that even canon? It wasn't part of the main series.

No. 350744

File: 1705992370040.jpg (104.6 KB, 724x1024, e3e6faa65922384b6b2a882e22a610…)

inspired by a post below, what's a pokemon you like despite it being abused by coomers?
i love salazzle, i think it's cute and fun and i hate how weirdos made 50000 porn pics of it

No. 350746

File: 1705993347575.jpeg (91.79 KB, 900x887, IMG_2408.jpeg)

My queen. I played ruby as an 8 year old, I thought she was the coolest. Her lore read to me as this badass, dedicated knight to her trainer. Absolute sigma female, stoic to the point of sacrifice to repay her trainer. This plus her intrinsically feminine appearance, making her look like a princess, god, she’s just so cool to me then and now.
Her badass lore and being a female only Pokémon made me happy as a young girl to see female characters with such agency, even if it’s a little Pokédex entry.

She’s doesn’t even have a female body, if anything I like that she’s this little alien blorb. Coomers giving this little alien blorbo tits and a vagina just prove how depraved moids are. I’ll never forgive them for what they do to my little blorbo meow meow everyday. This sophisticated young lady. How dare they. I will always white knight her. She was my badass female representation, but the moids will never cease.

No. 350748

Nonna, I like Salazzle too (savior of my poison nuzlocke) but this is like claiming horny men made Lopunny weird in absence of anything odd in its design.

No. 350749

File: 1705995145784.png (94.98 KB, 475x475, IMG_0607.png)

Maybe not what you meant, but for me it's Incineroar. I love thinking about how whatever kid picks a Litten and ends up with an Incineroar probably thinks their Pokemon is the coolest and baddest thing ever.

No. 350750

File: 1705996772639.png (806.18 KB, 1280x720, Lucas_anime.png)

It's a main series movie so it's canon, it's just not focused on Ash. Other male protagonists have been popping up in the background, they've just never really been the focus. But as far as just "appearing" they've been doing that for more than a decade.

No. 350751

>what's a pokemon you like despite it being abused by coomers?
Every pokemon mentioned so far lol salazzle, gardevoir, lopunny… love them all. I'm a sucker for feminine pokemon in general so tsareena, hatterene, gothitelle… they all get coomer memed to various degrees. I am also a big fan of zeraora, I think it's a humaoid cartoon cat done right but of course that one gets claimed by coomer furries…

I hate that just mentioning liking any of the pokemon above to a male makes them go "here's a porn meme of them lololol isn't this funny" when it's really not and just feels like sexual harassment every fucking time. I even avoid mentioning mr mime to males because they all go "mr mime fucked Ash's mom!!!1!" every time.

No. 350753

>I love thinking about how whatever kid picks a Litten and ends up with an Incineroar probably thinks their Pokemon is the coolest and baddest thing ever.
Funnily enough I rarely ever see kids (in particular girls) who are into starter evolutions, I honestly just see them disappointed they're no longer cute and they wish they could have their cute little starter back. I know if I was a kid and I had a female litten and it evolved into that male atrocity I'd be super disappointed.

No. 350767

My friend picked up SUMO as her first Pokemon game since Ruby/Saphire. She went completely blind and I will never forget the look on her face when her cute Torracat evolved into that monstrosity keek
What >>349237 is completely right, the direction change when it comes to starter designs ruined it. I don't mind humanoid designs (Lopunny is my favorite pokemon after all), but I wish starters went back to be a loyal pet instead of your football coach.

No. 350769

starter evolutions are the only pokemon I spoil myself on every new gen because I've come to expect at least 2/3 look like pure shit. If I'm lucky 1 is ok. Amazingly they keep getting worse! How on earth did we go from a cool dragon to big butt chicken? And I know it's kinda been pointed out before, but how many people dislike charizard enough for them to want to change direction in the first place? It just doesn't make sense to me.

No. 350780

Same. I picked Pokemon Violet and will put whatever starter pokemon I'll pick in a box because they're all ugly as hell. Gamefreak seems to forget that Pokemon is short for Pocket Monsters and not Pocket Cutesy Mascots and Furries. Even in gen 4 and gen 5 when the starters started so have "themes" associated to them they didn't all look like Disneyland cast members wearing costumes, it was subtle and associated with the real life species they were based on (like emperors and penguins or the fire/fighting monkey being based on Sun Wukong). You'd think they would get it given how Charizard and other early starters are insanely popular but we're talking about tards who still don't know how to fucking code 30 years after they started working on the first game.

No. 350814

File: 1706030182599.jpg (99.42 KB, 736x736, fakemon-random.jpg)

you'd think a clue would be that every fucking fakemon made is the opposite of the furries they are making, and every fan that sees the fakemon goes "yo this is better than the real ones". When fans make those they are saying "we want THIS", why can't game freak just listen

No. 350840

None of my faves aren't coom mons so I never really ran into the issue.
I guess the Eeveelutions though? I wouldn't call any of them my faves but people sexualizing literal magic cats is creepy as fuck.

No. 350841

File: 1706044949699.png (975 KB, 718x1535, pzKzVCz.png)

>being a female only Pokémon
Gardevoir isn't female only though? In fact it's literally 50/50 gender split wise.

No. 350865

File: 1706059772785.jpg (36.86 KB, 492x520, goodra.jpg)

Picrel because of the same single guy who ruined goodra for countless others. IYKYK

No. 350866

i liked my male gardevoir for roughly the same reasons. gallade was too ugly and blocky for me

No. 350869

Zoroark to be honest. I don't see anything to dislike about it, it's really cool to me. I don't know what's so broken in moids' minds that they find something to sexualize about it though.

No. 350874

File: 1706064883399.jpg (122.54 KB, 850x1200, __gallade_and_mega_gallade_pok…)

im weak for knights, so i really love gallade

No. 350877

Gallade is super elegant and cool

No. 350910

Like >>350869 I like zoroark and similar pokemon that get disgusting furry art made of them like lucario, zeraora and lycanroc. It pisses me off that moids make everything sexual no matter what.

No. 350912

File: 1706089140393.png (96.21 KB, 640x640, 7913wz44xz8b1.png)

>I guess the Eeveelutions though? I wouldn't call any of them my faves but people sexualizing literal magic cats is creepy as fuck.
This especially with Vaporeon. It's so damn annoying to see the same unfunny copypasta spammed a million times by coombrained moids whenever Vaporeon is being mentioned and it only started popping off like 4-5 years back. Vaporeon was never like this to begin with other than a cute fish-like cat/dog/fox creature that's loved by Pokemon fans. I bet those degenerates have jerked off to real life bestiality and thought of fucking their own cat or dog. They need to stay away from pets and from using the internet.

No. 350972

he'd be great if it weren't for that weird pouch thing at the waist kek. i've always hated that it's a male only race too, female gallade/male gardevoir would be cool

No. 351007

Anyone else annoyed by retards online defending palworld ripping off pokemon designs and taking their game assets? Apparently they even stole fanmade designs, that's how lazy those fuckers are. I can't imagine any other game getting blatantly copied getting laughed at and the thieves getting praised for it. But beause it's happening my friends and I have taken to calling it troonworld - a cheap copy that's overtly violent, created by stealing and lying, and defying common sense people praise and defend it and instead of calling it out for the bullshit it is. Sounds like a troon to me.

No. 351017

I agree with everything you said, but there's one little detail that makes the gender exclusivity of Gallade even more irritating: Gardevoir isn't female-only. Both female and male Kirlia can become Gardevoir, even after the male-exclusive Gallade was introduced.

No. 351033

palworld will drop off in a couple of months (if that) once the hype dies, i don't really care. if they stole assets from nintendo they're going to fry and won't last long anyway.

No. 351045

I accidentally stumbled upon Palworld trailer few days ago, it looks like a really bad bootleg ripoff with guns, as if someone made a parody of a game. I understand Pokemon fans are sick of what Gamefreak is doing, but supporting this abomination ain't it.

Also your comment reminds me of when TemTem got released and devs made some NPCs non-binary and trans so people started calling the game "TheyThem" lmao.

No. 351108

Froslass is female only while glalie is 50/50, they clearly experimented a bit with the gender of pokemon in gen 4. I bet if they could they'd make gardevoir female only but they can't do it now that male gardevoir exists and individual pokemon can be brought to newer games

No. 351111

I hate how people online think disagreeing with someone makes anything bad happening to them justified. "I didn't like their latest game so they deserve to have their assets stolen and used for profit" is such a depressing take and I've seen it from so many people. It's not a noble Robin Hood story, it's just lazy opportunistic thieves stealing from others (some are small fanartists) and claiming it as their own.

No. 351174

File: 1706189760217.jpg (862.16 KB, 3792x3000, PajGCiF.jpg)

Yeah his waist is kinda funny looking but I like to think that he swallowed a dawn stone. Still love him though. Female Gallades would be great but I hate to imagine coomers making yuri hentai with Gardevoir or making Gallade as a big titty "tomboy" with thicc ass and thighs. Heck, maybe Gallade would've been more sexualized if they were female too. For picrel, I think the gender difference designs is pretty neat.

No. 351265

The art is good, but I don't like the concept. It's irritating when female is conflated with "femininity". Female Gallade should just look like a normal Gallade.

No. 352159

An underrated thing about the pokemon "community" is that it's so big that it's possible to engage with thousands of fans fully devoid of coomers. People have always told me the coomers are everywhere in the pokemon community and the fans are the worst of any fandom, yet I grew up in it through all my teens and it was extremely rare that I saw any coomer stuff and everyone was always nice and respectful. And when I saw it, a simple block and move on. That's never been possible with smaller fandoms i've been in because that's all you get - you can't block and move on because then suddenly half the fandom is gone and they're mad at you for blocking them.

No. 352826

File: 1706845877828.mp4 (1.8 MB, 640x368, jMHvJYO.mp4)

Why can't be Pokemon be more like this?

No. 352829

yeah i mean, it's the highest-grossing franchise of all time, you can find every type of human from every walk of life into pokemon.
the most normie subset is of course pokemon go players, bless them.

No. 352918

I love the local GO grannies, they're wholesome and cute and have kept playing for years

No. 354980

why is it okay and kid-friendly to have little creatures fighting each other in a video game but when people do it in real life it's considered animal abuse? like what the fuck?(dumb bait)

No. 354983

do you not understand the difference between reality and fiction?
also in the pokemon world, pokemon willingly fight each other if they want to. some don't. pokemon are like more intelligent pets

No. 354992

>the animals have super powers
>they can heal with magical fruits and sprays that removes any bruises
>the animals can just leave and be free
>the animals get something out of the fight: other powers and strength
>they basically never bleed so it's not gorey like irl
>you never see guts or eyeballs out their respective places
>the animals are highly intelligent, have societies, tools and rules

No. 354994

cock or gtfo ghetsis-kun

No. 355013

so it's like boxing then

No. 355018

File: 1707622598819.png (1.07 MB, 1280x916, IMG_2509.png)

my best buddy is a 19ft dark vulture phoenix that shoots death lazers out of his wings i couldn't make him fight if he didn't want to
it's fiction, dummy

No. 355046

File: 1707636493119.png (673.38 KB, 640x640, PokemonPrism.png)

Nonas, share your favorite pokemon romhacks. I want to spice up my life. Bonus points if it offers some form of player customization.

No. 355054

I haven't played it in years but Pokemon Gaia hit the spot for me

No. 355078

KEK nona
wish i had answers but i'm also interested in finding some fun fanmade games, the few times i get interested they're always just 50% done and i never know if they'll get finished or not so i lose interest

No. 355136

File: 1707673467633.png (3.69 KB, 160x144, 2223titlescreen.png)

i always just replay rbygsc over and over so i like the basic romhacks. this version of pink is fun. you play as kris and your starters are jigglypuff, pikachu and vulpix. it's exactly r/b version, but dark and steel types are added and they are given sprites from g/s, plus certain bugged attacks are fixed.

No. 355380

File: 1707749729365.jpg (180.19 KB, 1280x720, fakemon-gen10.jpg)

Any nonas think gen 10 will be revealed this upcoming pokemon day? My friend seems convinced but I'm 50/50 on it.

No. 355384

No, it’ll be another remake or spinoff like Legends. They’ll usually have a couple remake/spinoff games per generation. Gen 8 got bdsp and legends for instance

No. 355385

File: 1707752604119.jpg (236.24 KB, 1440x900, pokemon-scarlet-pokemon-violet…)

Nothing is really stopping them from giving us a release date for a new Legends Kyurem or whatever, while at the end they show off just the 3 new starters for gen 10 with no other info given. That's pretty much how they revealed gen 9. Although I also think they're more likely to show off just a new spin-off and save the big reveal for another time.

No. 355847

Man yurifags will ship anything.
Everyone knows Ash's mom doms mr mime anyway.

No. 357268

I love this.

No. 357322

jessie is 14…

No. 357326

Don't reply to the furry-baiter nona. Also Jessie has no real canon age, there's anecdotal evidence placing her and James between 15-26

No. 357327

I mean cute idea, but it's such an obscure video I suspect this is a selfposter

No. 357363

Nah, it was just in my recommendations

No. 357375

Higher than that if we're talking about the anime, which is what the video was about– they're confirmed a couple times to be 20 at minimum. The only time they're younger than that is in the games where they're supposed to be the player character's age.

No. 357427

>they're all ugly as hell.
Wrong. Sprigatito is adorable.
>starter evolutions are the only pokemon I spoil myself on every new gen because I've come to expect at least 2/3 look like pure shit. If I'm lucky 1 is ok. Amazingly they keep getting worse!
It's true, though I kinda thought this gen they improved a little. But god am I tired of them making everything fighting type.

No. 357442

wait really? i thought jessie and james were said to be 14 in the anime. i had always assumed they were adults but i read them being 14 somewhere, i dont remember where, so it grossed me out to ship ash's mom with some kid.
if they aren't then whatever who cares

No. 357526

sprigatito is cute (hate the name tho) but the final furry it evolves into makes me barf because it was clearly designed for men to coom to. The big butt bird makes me want to stab my own eyes out so at least it's not the worst one. Gen 9 is the fugliest gen overall.
>though I kinda thought this gen they improved a little.
I have to respectfully disagree! I hate inteleon, but dear god do I prefer a cringe slinky spy lizard to a sexy coomer bird twerking in my face. I found cinderace lackluster, but skeledirge is an overdesigned mess with a bald head and clown hair. Meowscarada is straight up shameless human furry bait and not even a cat anymore.

>it grossed me out to ship ash's mom with some kid.
Most people think she is a teen and that's why they ship it, it IS still gross.

No. 357556

File: 1708525028828.jpg (85.37 KB, 505x833, Untitled.jpg)

what are some of your favorite shinies, anons?

No. 357562

File: 1708530512993.jpeg (54.84 KB, 360x354, IMG_2637.jpeg)

shiny gengar is a bit too lowkey but he turns ghost-white as a mega evo and that looks so cool

No. 357565

File: 1708534195613.jpg (80.68 KB, 600x848, Meowscarada.600.3901178.jpg)

>clearly designed for men to coom to.
Meh I don't see it. I think men are just degens and like to sexualize anything, but especially more anthro mons. I much prefer my cute cat starter becoming a jester than a huge muscle wrester moid lol but thats just me.
>dear god do I prefer a cringe slinky spy lizard to a sexy coomer bird twerking in my face
Kek I actually thought the design was ok until I saw how it moved none stop in battle and it ruined it for me too lol
I really wish they would redo some of the older shinies since a lot of those suck so much.

No. 357603

File: 1708552019079.png (126.65 KB, 475x475, roserade.png)

>Meh I don't see it
It has a pixar mom booty and thighs, mini-shorts that put emphasis on the crotch, ears(?) that look like human hair instead of cat features. It also looks more like a playboy bunny than a cat, if I didn't know it evolved from a cat I wouldn't have known it was one. You're right that males will and do sexualize anything, but this one seems to be designed by/for a coomer male. Compare it to roserade who has nearly the exact same inspiration (feminine grass type with a face mask and smug expression) but still manages to not look coomery because the proportions and features are less human.
They had the option of making it less human or less coomery but they chose to make it this way. Especially paired with quaquaval being a literal festival dancer shaking its big butt to look sexy, and including an actual fucking loli character in the game, it's clear they just went for it with the coomer department. They KNOW.
>I really wish they would redo some of the older shinies since a lot of those suck so much.
Me too! And it makes me so mad when they make shitty new ones like paldean tauros, like come on!

No. 357926

>It has a pixar mom booty and thighs, mini-shorts that put emphasis on the crotch
I really don't see it nonnie,I saw it more as a tuxedo mask type male figure. I will say I wish it wasn't anthro. I would have loved a badass panther type final evo.

No. 357948

I'm glad it doesn't bother you nona, but you're definitely in a minority. Don't look up fanart unless you wanna have your illusion ruined.
I'm so mad the whole internet raged and memed about how litten should stay on all 4 paws, then did the same with sprigatito - still they keep making them humanoid in the worst possible way! Meowth is a perfectly acceptable level of humanoid while still looking like a cat but they just have to make them hunky men or sexy women now.

No. 357983

File: 1708693225326.png (9.72 KB, 198x255, images.png)

Oh trust me I've seen it. I just thought it more degens being degens than intentional. Lopunny is one I always felt was coomer bait even though I really like lopunny. Maybe it's just curse of being seen as a more female mon… But I also think of poor Vaporeon which is just a cute mermaid cat dog thing and the freaks have to make the same awful tired copypasta joke. I hate males, they ruin everything they touch.
>still they keep making them humanoid in the worst possible way! Meowth is a perfectly acceptable level of humanoid while still looking like a cat
Agreed. I wonder what Japan fans think. I feel like maybe they just don't give a fuck about American opinions. GF in general has issues not listening to fans.

No. 357989

BW remakes will be next

No. 357997

just speaking with no biases, i love lopunny's design. but it has been completely ruined for me by coomer moids. you can't even say "i love lopunny" in a pokemon fan space without some guy saying "UMMMMMM SUS, THIS ONE RIGHT HERE OFFICER!" or "SHE KINDA THICC THO???" we need to secede as a gender

No. 358039

File: 1708708937728.png (505.75 KB, 918x918, beefly.png)

I always loved lopunny as a kid, it was just a cute bunny to me. Like you with meowscarada I just couldn't see it as intentional and blamed the furries for ruining it. Then mega lopunny happened, and it having litteral ripped tights made it so obvious that it was actually intended to be coomer bait all along and that made me sooo heartbroken. It's not a new thing, they've been making coomer bait pokemon all along and I hate it. I still like lopunny but I can't bring myself to use it or say it in public.

>GF in general has issues not listening to fans.

I can't decide which it is. Somehow obscure animals that were memed hard with "omg this should be a pokemon!!!!" turned into a real pokemon soon after, like the picrel bee fly post was going around hard for a few years before Alola came out and had cutiefly in it (sorry for shit quality, im not gonna find the og post). And a few years before Alola, regional variants of pokemon were HUGE on social media. Everyone was doing fanart of it. Gen 4 remakes happened even though game freak didn't want to do them anymore, so they outsourced. They ARE clearly listening on some level.
But then they make shit designs that the entire internet scream at them not to! I think they just know coomer designs make them a lot of money and attention, as well as some designers being coomers themselves (let's be real if they're an artist in japan, they've seen it all…).

No. 358061

>just speaking with no biases, i love lopunny's design.
>I still like lopunny but I can't bring myself to use it or say it in public.
Don't let the coomers win, Lopunny is cute and doesn't have to be sexual. A part of me truly thinks the original design was made to appeal to girls anyway. Moids just ruined it like they ruin everything else. Especially if it's female coded.

I also really like Goodra and nothing about it seems sexual at all and moids still gotta ruin it. They are incapable of keeping things innocent and pure. Nothing cute is safe from them.

No. 358122

File: 1708740032370.jpg (1.19 MB, 2048x1186, tumblr_b23acc43cb580c77d633c40…)

holy fuck. goodra. goodra is absolutely adorable and i love it so much. google images shows fetish content as the FOURTH FUCKING RESULT on an incognito window. can you imagine all the children trying to find cute pics of a pokemon they like and being inundated with literal pornography all over the internet? the y chromosome is a fucking terminal illness. you have to have a severe mental defect to want to fuck pokemon.

No. 358148

Kinda wish google worked like some social media and you could flag results as sexual/inappropriate for kids and that it would just hide them forever. Even turning on safe search generates coomer shit.

No. 358175

It's really sad because that's what happened to me as a child, and I'm pretty sure safe search didn't exist yet. Nothing has really improved. If you google princess peach or any female cartoon character, you're guaranteed to see weird shit.
You can report stuff still, but idk how useful it really is.

No. 358389

File: 1708874575843.jpg (99.88 KB, 1200x1145, DviSlXMXcAEPDI6.jpg)

Agreed, I love when people make art of different "copies". It would be interesting if GF actually implemented something like that.

No. 358421

File: 1708891031354.png (823.09 KB, 676x759, french people be like.png)

The official art from the XY quizbook is some funny ass shit.

No. 358422

File: 1708891077271.png (779.63 KB, 502x745, kyaaaa.png)

No. 358424

File: 1708891400831.png (1.14 MB, 786x772, ohohoho.png)

No. 358427

File: 1708891725141.png (2.53 MB, 1280x923, 1623365952278.png)

No. 358459

File: 1708910470627.jpg (426.05 KB, 1814x2048, E_f-8z8WQAEXeXv.jpg)

i love that stuff

No. 358492

Damn is that Calem dressing up as a girl to sneak into a female only space? Seems like they've been into gendershit for longer than we thought!

No. 358754

File: 1709029797114.jpg (4.2 MB, 2578x1716, crocs.jpg)

Happy pokemon day nonas! Just a few hours left, any last minute speculation on news? I want another legends game!

No. 358758

If the next main Pokemon game doesn't give me my customization and cute outfits back, I will rage. Being stuck in that hideous school uniform with accessories that don't match was hell.

No. 358775

File: 1709044092599.jpg (124.8 KB, 1920x1080, GHWXWZoXoAA-phD.jpg)

Pokemon Z being real after over a decade was not on my bingo card this year

No. 358776

You got your wish, nona!

No. 358777

fuck yes! but is it set in the future or current day? it looked like modern day lumiose city, which is a bummer becuase i love the gimmick of being in the past. still happy though!

No. 358791

It's going to be about thah weird nuclear war isn't it?

No. 358793

Why did they have to choose the one main series game I’ve never played? Not fair. I support unovafags seething but I guess I’ll have to wait a few years for an alola legends game

No. 358797

Assuming it'll be in the past it might be post war, since iirc the mega stones are related to the ultimate weapon being fired

No. 358800

Samefag oh my god I just was informed mega evolution is back I’m on board for this now

No. 358804

You didn't miss anything, XY is probably the weakest Pokemon entry despite all the great stuff it added. That's why people wanted a Pokemon Z back then, to fix the bad story XY had (it barely had any story to beging with, and the little it had, was boring. AZ was the only good thing about it).

No. 358819

A pokemon game not having a story is a net positive imo. I want to play, not have long tutorial and unvoiced cutscenes with long animations interrupting me eveey 10 minutes, it's not even like the stories were ever interesting on their own. I will always hate BW for trying this shit.

No. 358821

fucking FINALLY
x:y were my faves ever. they better not fuck this up

No. 358827

Anon, this is Game Freak, they will fuck up.

No. 358834

File: 1709056066083.jpeg (948.19 KB, 1273x1920, IMG_2815.jpeg)

eh, legends arceus was great. they just messed up s/v but hopefully that will serve as a lesson
i"m just glad my boye zygarde is finally getting his turn in the spotlight.
the z game will likely have outfits since it's based on x/y which made a big deal of trainer customisation.
agreed. i never gave a shit about the story or any npc. i'm just here for the critters.

No. 358837

I'm hyped, I really like the Legends format for the games and always hoped mega evos would come back so hopefully they learned some things from Arceus and SV and give us something great this time. At least it seems like they've given themselves more time to create a polished product rather than rushing it out for the holidays this year

No. 358840

>Assuming it'll be in the past
they literally show a modern city though, the city which is apparently the only area we'll get to be in
>You didn't miss anything, XY is probably the weakest Pokemon entry
take that back nona, I adore XY!!! The story is better than at least Kanto and Johto
>this is Game Freak, they will fuck up.
nta KEK true, but I still love em

No. 358841

FINALLY we get megas back. They never should have drifted from them, I can't wait for the new mons. Ladies, are there any you're hoping to see?

No. 358849

basic bitch answer, but sylveon!

No. 358869

i only care about one thing and that's having my shiny mega gengar back

No. 358870

>they literally show a modern city though
I saw the news here in my workplace, couldn't watch anything at the time so I stand corrected. Now I'm even more curious.

No. 358874

begging for the aron line to come back, it hasn't been in any new games since SWSH

No. 358899

Even though I loved PLA and I'm excited for more of that style of gameplay I'm scared there's gonna be tranny NPCs and barely any customization like in SV…
I say assuming because I have a feeling it's based on Haussmann's development project in Paris but the trailer is pretty vague. Not sure if we're building it to modern day Lumiose or making Lumiose more futuristic. Either way it would be post war

No. 358922

File: 1709083028890.png (149.15 KB, 764x223, Screenshot 2024-02-27 171835.p…)

very excited. also /vp/ is a shithole of animal fuckers and child rapists but sometimes there's funny posts in reaction to news

No. 358946

I know it’s not likely, but I want more eeveelutions. The last one we got was in xy, so maybe possibly they could give us a little crumb in the xy reboot and give us at least one new one

No. 358952

>I'm scared there's gonna be tranny NPCs and barely any customization like in SV…
I hope they don't make "gender neutral" player characters again by removing all the female clothes like in SV. I honestly think there will be at least one troon character because someone at GF seem to have drunk the gender coolaid.

No. 358994

Laughing at delusional fanboys defending leakers who promised so many thigns were definitely coming on pokemon day, only to have none of it be true and legends Z-A wasn't mentioned by the leakers at all.
"B-but look he once hinted at a legends set in ancient unova and even though it's not in the past nor unova that was just a hint and he totally meant modern day Kalos!"

No. 359371

File: 1709243093497.gif (471.61 KB, 500x375, Rplm.gif)

listening to a nostalgic pokemon ost playlist while doing school work made me reason how much i miss being a kid and playing pokemon.

i want to kms, i miss being an innocent child obsessed with pokemon.

No. 359382

well nona good news
i'm an innocent adult obsessed with pokemon
i am cringe but i am free

No. 359410

File: 1709254459023.jpg (497.96 KB, 1200x1244, tumblr_pocm8h37Wu1vw1ceco1_128…)

i want to kms every time i think about how the pokemon world isnt real, i am dead serious. i would give up everything i have and everyone i know to go live in it

No. 359419

Hopefully when we die we can get to go there lol

No. 359428

File: 1709265651284.jpg (58.78 KB, 612x467, gettyimages-51665010-612x612.j…)

What type would you want?
God it hurts…
I used to wish this all the time as a kid.
I hope

No. 359445

File: 1709273319726.png (291.23 KB, 881x675, Untitled.png)

not that anon but i'm curious about how they'll handle eeveelutions that aren't based on special elements. like all the eeveelutions rn are based on types typically associated with special attack (even though some like dark and water are pretty evenly split.)
i'm personally most curious about how they'd handle bug, steel, and fighting since those seem difficult to create to "embody" an element or type. here's some cute ideas i found

No. 359457

I sold my Switch as I wasn't playing anything on it and SwAH and SV were so shitty I never even finished them and now you are telling me they are finally making Pokemon Z, set in my favorite region? ? Noooooooooo

(Also I miss we will never gave a new pokemon game on a small portable device again. Switch is more like a tablet, it does not feel the same)

No. 359460

Excited to see how they manage to make Lumiose tolerable to navigate LOL
I felt the same as you until I migrated to the Switch Lite… whatever the new Switch is like, I'll likely hold on for the cheaper handheld only version this time. It's the only way I like to game.

No. 359464

I love how big of an autist you are about pokemon nona kek. And me too, I'd love to be a pokemon trainer for real. But I live in a world where the games exist and I get to play them as much as I want, that's pretty nice too!
My honest thought is that they won't make new eeveelutions again, unless they really need to sell more games and are trying to bait fans out of their last pennies. There's this idea that "surely they'll make all of them some day" but that's honestly unlikely. Eeveelutions are my favorite pokemon and I'd love to see more, but at this point I don't think it will happen and at best I expect a mega form like how they gave eevee a gmax form.

No. 359466

I've had friends do the exact same thing and I just don't get it! You know new games come out all the time, and it's not like it sitting on a shelf for a few months costs you anything. I don't even read my favorite books yearly and I still happily let them take up space on my bookshelves, and I don't expect my ice skates to be useable for more than a few days a year but I keep them for when I want and need them. This mentality of "I don't use it RIGHT NOW so it's meaningless to keep it" confuses me, but maybe I'm the hoarder who should get rid of old things who knows

No. 359468

>Excited to see how they manage to make Lumiose tolerable to navigate LOL
People kept saying this and not to attack you but it was just so easy to navigate but big enough that exploring was fun, and even if you couldn't do that taxis that let you instantly go somewhere were all over the city. I was always thrilled to have a pokemon city that actually felt like a big city. I loved how it had secret passages with daily trainers to battle, how you could work at the hotel daily, and lots of shops and restaurants that made it feel like you were actually on a little shopping spree. It's one of the best citites they've ever made, I can't believe people prefer 3-building towns over it.

No. 359519

File: 1709304744008.jpg (9.02 KB, 299x169, bd5d629ffb47fdc96e8135f1c62e14…)

I really want a dragon type but agree with >>359464 I doubt they will but if they did a Fairy I don't see why they couldn't do a dragon type.

No. 359523

woah, that's a nice pal.(bait)

No. 359577

There's a lot of rumors going around that the Switch 2 will be released in 2025 so if you're going to buy something, might want to wait for that. It's highly likely that Pokemon Z will be a cross gen release if that's true

No. 359587

File: 1709329498131.jpg (444.26 KB, 3072x1200, new-eeveelutions_concept-fan-a…)

Let's be real tho, game freak wouldn't even be able to make an eeveelution this cool/pretty lol. I think IF they tried to make one they'd try hard to make something fanartists haven't made before, so ones like what you posted that are obviously inspired by Haku are all out. And I think for them to make one it would likely have to reflect some new feature, umbreon/espeon was to represent the new day/night feature, glaceon/leafeon was kind of to show off environmental changes in pokemon (I think it was a precursor to seasons which they did the next gen, as one is summer and one winter), and then sylveon showed off the new fairy type.
I think if they make a new eeveelution, it will be to use it in "advertizing" something new, and thus fit that theme.

No. 359647

File: 1709375173472.png (164.79 KB, 488x805, screenshot.png)

>Let's be real tho, game freak wouldn't even be able to make an eeveelution this cool/pretty
The designer for most of eevee's evolutions is a woman (Atsuko Nishida) and she has done lots of iconic pokemon, so I have faith she will do a great work if we get a new evelution and they hire her again, she is one of the best designers at game freak right now. Picrel are her credited pokemon, lots of them are favorites of mine.
Regarding that dragon eeveelution, while it's very pretty I think it's too over-designed considering how simple they prefer to keep the other evos. I can see them making a similar one but with smaller wings/whiskers tho.

No. 359649

>while it's very pretty I think it's too over-designed considering how simple they prefer to keep the other evos
I agree, but on the other hand sylveon is very overdesigned comapred to the other ones and that was the last one we got. I actually don't like that sylveon doesn't match the other eeveelutions, I wish they'd change the eyes to the cute cat eyes the others have.
I also think leafeon is a huge missed opportunity, it's honestly a pretty bad design.

No. 359662

Aw, why don't you like Leafeon? "Leaf for ears/tail" is a pretty basic concept, but I think it works pretty well for it.

No. 359663

If GF wanted a dragon type eevee they would have made one forever ago. I think the fact they skipped it for Fairy means they had every intention to market Sylveon. It reminded me of sailor moon where a lot of kids in Japan loved chibiusa because she’s cute and pink. Sylveon has these giant eyes and makes me think of bug type LOL.

No. 359672

File: 1709395572310.jpg (272.34 KB, 780x780, Tumblr_l_228437904389990.jpg)

>I also think leafeon is a huge missed opportunity, it's honestly a pretty bad design.
I fucking love Leafeon kek. Sylveon is overdesigned but I still love it tbh. I hate when trannies try to claim her cause she's pink and blue.

No. 359673

Her designs are literally some of my favorite pokemon.
>Regarding that dragon eeveelution, while it's very pretty I think it's too over-designed considering how simple they prefer to keep the other evos. I can see them making a similar one but with smaller wings/whiskers tho.
I don't mind either way, I just want a dragon type even if it's highly unlikely.

No. 359691

File: 1709400097111.png (8.48 KB, 1518x854, EkYBCOvU8AA1hcC.png)

>I also think leafeon is a huge missed opportunity, it's honestly a pretty bad design.
Wrong. That would be its beta design. The only thing bad about the eeveelutions are half of their shiny colors. Oh how I wished Leafeon has autumn colored leaves for its shiny. It's a huge missed opportunity.

No. 359694

File: 1709401465383.png (136.02 KB, 342x400, tumblr_pjqpjodXS31u428k9_400.p…)

>The only thing bad about the eeveelutions are half of their shiny colors.
>Oh how I wished Leafeon has autumn colored leaves for its shiny. It's a huge missed opportunity.
We are the same nonnie, that or a sakura color

No. 359698

File: 1709401986396.png (225.66 KB, 468x468, leafeon-glaceon-mix.png)

>Aw, why don't you like Leafeon? "Leaf for ears/tail" is a pretty basic concept, but I think it works pretty well for it.
Compared to the others it lacks cute "fluffy" qualities because the tail and ears are flat and have vein-like folds. The onion-hairstyle somewhat makes up for it, but I just don't like what it does for the head shape.
I think the pale yellow that takes up 90% of the body is kind of… off. It's not exactly "ugly", but I think it makes it look like dried out grass rather than a vibrant lush grass type (and we already had a yellow electric type, we didn't need another yellow one).
Then the green leafy parts look so off to me… like they've been randomly glued on. Especially the one on the chest looks kind of gross to me, they come across as sharp thorns. I just want to cut them off and make the fur look nice and even!

It's impossible to find exact fanart of what I think would have been better but picrel is a fusion of leafon and glaceon that fixes most of my problems with it. It's a bit overdesigned and looks like it might be ai(?), but it gets the point across.

No. 359702

File: 1709402895018.jpeg (395.7 KB, 1600x1200, IMG_1276.jpeg)

What if Leafeon’s leaves were soft like Lamb’s ear?

No. 359705

>I fucking love Leafeon kek
samefagging to my >>359698 post above but I love that you love leafeon even though I don't. I want every pokemon to be loved so if I can't be the one to love this one I'm glad you are! The fanart you posted is also really cute, good fanart can make any design look better.
>Sylveon is overdesigned but I still love it tbh. I hate when trannies try to claim her cause she's pink and blue.
GOD same. I hate them so much for trying to claim a cute color combo in general, even more so when it's a pokemon that clearly had NOTHING to do with them because their stupid ass ideology didn't even exist to most people yet, except for a few degenerates online. To say a pokemon stands for mutilation of children is so disgusting!

>and looks like it might be ai(?)
I grabbed that because it was the first thing I saw that looked ok but the more I look at it the more obvious it is that it's definitely ai lmao oof sorry about that
but there's surprisingly little fanart for leafeon considering it is an eeveelution… sadly I think that might prove that more people agree it's one of the weakest eeveelution designs

>What if Leafeon’s leaves were soft like Lamb’s ear?
Would have been kinda cute tbh lol

No. 359712

File: 1709403672790.png (193.95 KB, 375x599, 375px-Ditto_Collection_Sylveon…)

i love sylveon but it would look perfect if it had just one bow. two with ribbons makes it look a bit cluttered. i like the idea of the ribbons being weird little feelers and the color combo is so lovely. i don't mind the blue eyes because umbreon broke the mold first by having red eyes. anyway it's one of my fave eeveelutions, fuck trannies, a japanese woman designed it for girls.

No. 359727

File: 1709411189820.jpg (189.69 KB, 1080x869, Prices .jpg)

In my head thats how it feels lol
>I think the pale yellow that takes up 90% of the body is kind of… off. It's not exactly "ugly", but I think it makes it look like dried out grass rather than a vibrant lush grass type
Personally I like the creamy color because it feels more natural. Like a neutral earthy tone. I like that it's not all green all over.
>I love that you love leafeon even though I don't. I want every pokemon to be loved so if I can't be the one to love this one I'm glad you are!
That's how I feel about the mons I don't like too. I don't mind hearing the reasoning people dislike it. It's interesting to see what appeals to others and what doesn't. A lot of people like Glaceon but the thing on top its head always bugged me and made me more ambivalent about it. I don't think it's bad, just meh. She's still cute tho.
>there's surprisingly little fanart for leafeon considering it is an eeveelution… sadly I think that might prove that more people agree it's one of the weakest eeveelution designs
Ive seen a lot of fanart for Leafeon but I do think it's one of the less popular ones. I feel kinda cringe saying this cause I'm a grown woman kek but when I order plushies from Japan (better quality) Leafeon seems to always be priced lower than the others. Vaporeon, Umbreon, Glaceon, and Sylveon all seem like the more popular ones based off resale plushie prices. I can see that based on amount of fanart too. I honestly think all the eeveelutions are good, the ones I care less for still look nice to me. Their arent any I look at and utterly despise.
I agree but would you remove bow on the chest or bow on the ear?

Somewhat related but does anyone else hate how the ratio of females is lower for a eevee? They do that with the starters too, and idk it just kinda annoys me. Why isn't it 50/50?

No. 359739

File: 1709415609786.png (122.04 KB, 475x475, 700.png)

i think sylveon would look best with the neck bow removed, the ear one is cuter and fits "bug-like feelers" a bit better imo. here's a quick edit i did

No. 359740

File: 1709415864528.png (71.21 KB, 213x237, Arcteon.png)

oh also, glaceon is horrible, nothing can make that stupid "ice hair" look good. all the fan designs look better. why couldn't it have a crown of icicles?

No. 359750

Pokémon inherit their species from their mothers, so having a species be predominantly male makes breeding them slightly more difficult. This increases their rarity as species and promotes trade between players.

No. 359755

Oooh ok that makes sense. I usually don't care about gender but sometimes I want a female version of a specific eeveelution/starter.

No. 359757

OH I really like this. I see what you mean, it would look really good. Too bad they can't redo their finalized designs. Maybe they could make a gender difference with the bow tie/chest ribbons one gets removed on the girls and vice versa for the boys.

No. 359763

i might be getting this wrong, but i think that female pokemon also have a higher chance to be shiny? so i think those "mostly male" pokemon are designed that way to not only be harder to breed, but also more difficult to obtain a shiny of.

No. 359853

>but i think that female pokemon also have a higher chance to be shiny?
yeah and mew is under the truck, and if you smash B and A at the same time while trying to catch a pokemon it actually increases the odds of catching the pokemon!

No. 359861

File: 1709469066358.jpg (607.25 KB, 1080x2408, Screenshot_20240303_122319_Pok…)

Not sure if trading is allowed here, if not then sorry jannies.
Does anyone have a Celebi? I need one, traded via one of the games since you can't trade mythicals on HOME. In exchange I can give:
>max IV lvl 100 shiny Azumarill
>any starter from gens 1, 2, 3, 4, 8 and 9
>Mew, Mewtwo, Jirachi or Manaphy, though I'd rather not if possible
If anyone is interested, please drop your friend code and let me know which you want and in what game

No. 359862

File: 1709469636192.jpg (322.53 KB, 1280x720, motostoke.large-1307051929.jpg)

Not sure if anyone else felt this, but in Pokemon's transition to 3D and especially on the Switch lots of the open world style cities felt so flat and boring to be in, spending more time endlessly running around than engaging with anything. The worst offenders were the ones in SwSh like picrel. It improved in PLA with Jubilife, but then I was disappointed again in SV where some shops didn't even have interiors.

So for ZA I feel excited it's set only in the city, so it kind of has to be rich and engaging. Well you'd hope anyway kek

No. 359879

No. 359918

So cute I love that idea

No. 359925

idk why you got so angry when shiny is literally calculated based on stats but okay anon!

No. 359939

Attack used to affect Shiny values, so the anon is correct and you are wrong.

No. 359941

I thought SWSH did it ok, but SV having cities be solid boxes you can't even enter is below all standards. There is no "inside" of Paldea other than a fucking school. Heck, we don't even get cool gyms!
The problem with SWSH routes for me though was that they felt small and narrow. Like you go in a straight line and then it's all over. Nothing to actually explore or get lost in. I was also a bit disappointed in SWSH that there were so few places to go into in the big cities… give me a pokeball store, give every town a clothes store, give me little daily events… I mean if you show us a shop then let us buy from it, even if it's like 1-2 mostly useless items. I feel like they just keep making towns more superficial every generation and SV hit the lowest peak yet.

No. 359942

File: 1709495567622.jpg (38.79 KB, 600x721, gengarpartyhat.jpg)

nona i'm genuinely worried for your mental well-being if you think there's even a hint of anger in that post, I don't think lc is the site for you if THAT is too much anger for you
>Attack used to affect Shiny values, so the anon is correct and you are wrong.
And this was an accidental quirk from over 2 decades ago…? also literally anything I can find on it says it was harder or even impossible to get a female shiny of certain pokemon, so. Literally the opposite then.

No. 359955

i'm a little concerned about how Z-A will work since a lot of the beauty of arceus was wandering around with very little NPC interactions. don't know how that's going to work in a bustling city. something about the cities in 3D games has always felt shittier to me, like, they always worked in the original games because they were quite small and you could imagine more since that was a product of the engine at the time, but they feel dead and empty in newer games and yeah, you can't even go into most of the buildings.

No. 359973

I think PLA had a nice town, even though that was kinda it apart from the two small villages. You could enter almost every house, villagers all had names and actually left their houses and would be in different locations during the day. The little quests made going around the same town more fun with new world building and dialogue. Overworld changes were visible and permanent.

I won't mind if npcs are around. I actually think this might bring me the urban big city pokemon experience I've been lacking in other games! I admit I still prefer wild nature over a city kek but this feels like such a fresh idea that we haven't gotten before.

No. 360227

This is so cute! She posted a part 2 two weeks ago

No. 360280

File: 1709627791206.png (Spoiler Image,2 MB, 1200x1400, tricoomerwi.png)

I don't know how many of you are into pokétubers but I like to watch them from time to time. I used to watch a female called trickywii who had a cute sylveon avatar, I fell off for a while only to find her again and was shocked to see she's now just a big-titty v-tuber instead as seen in picrel.

It's just so heartbreaking that it seems every single female content creator decides to go down the coom route. It's already annoying enough to be a female fan, when we have the few visible women turn to sexy coom material it's like they're telling the males "this is what women really are like and what you should expect from us" when we're already being treated like sexual objects. I hate the message it sends.

No. 360331

maybe in 10 years we'll have female streamers who act normal and don't feel the need to do this

No. 360343

File: 1709662835770.jpeg (833.37 KB, 828x1479, IMG_9298.jpeg)

speaking of poketubers / crafters, i really like complicatedknots. she isn’t necessarily focused on pokemon, but she has a couple of series going where she plays the games with a randomizer, then crochets whatever she catches. also a big fan of miscellaneousmao, who makes pokemon-themed foods!

No. 360393

pretty sure trickywii is also culturally appropriating and fetishizing egyptian women by turning their culture into a slutty anime avatar and directly calling it egyptian when she's not even egyptian herself, i guess people don't care though since she's not white

No. 360394

i also love misc! i sometimes feel the urge to bake cute pokemon treats, but my issue is i'm already chubby and don't want to eat it all by myself (and i would) so i end up never really making anything

No. 360511

File: 1709730437003.jpg (281.19 KB, 677x935, Tumblr_l_401048720671071.jpg)

I know this sounds stupid saying this in a pokemon thread but I really am so tired of this type of anime style everywhere. It's so boring and unoriginal. Gigantic tits 10inch waist. There is a reason AI can replicate it so easily. IT ALL LOOKS THE SAME. Not that their can't be beautiful anime style art (pic related) but it's just this same coomer shit everywhere. I just am so done. And then women fucking play into it too. I'm so tired. How can I take what you say seriously when your avatar looks like this? It's like men can't watch anything especially with a woman unless they have giant tits in their face.

No. 360549

It's either a sexy coom avatar or they start an onlyfans, I'm so tired of women shilling selling their bodies as something empowering and good, especially when they are/come from making pokemon videos and they know kids watch those! No wonder girls troon out to escape that shit.

No. 360825

File: 1709897063626.jpg (1.55 MB, 1444x1425, Tumblr_l_244512796656777.jpg)

Is it ok to just post cute pokemon pics in this thread? Saged just in case.

No. 360840

Idk either what's allowed either, but I would personally love for people to share cute pokemon pics here!
Is the one you posted supposed to be a regular or shiny alolan raichu? It's kind of a midtone between orange and brown so I can't tell which it's meant to be

No. 360913

File: 1709928546513.jpg (275.44 KB, 1269x888, Tumblr_l_163558934958699.jpg)

I think regular, I didn't draw it myself.

No. 360938

File: 1709935685895.jpg (47.12 KB, 555x552, images-1.jpg)

Nonnies what are your favorite generations depending on the context?
For me, Gen 1 to 3 are my favorite when it comes to the anime, Gen 1 is quite cozy and gives me japanese 90s nostalgia.
But when it comes to the games, I really feel like in terms of quality Gen 5 was the peak and Gen 6 was very hype as well. How about you nonnas?

No. 360939

Yes it is ok, not everything has to be discussion

No. 361001

I have nostalgia for gen 3 anime, but my favorite anime is gen 6. It was peak adventure and Ash was more mature and cool than in any other season. I hated the new slice of life direction it took after that.
For the games I think gen 5 had the best story and world (seasons and all that) but I'm not a fan of the dex. Peak pokemon designs are gen 6-7 for me.

No. 361079

I shipped May and Drew so hard as a kid kek

No. 361087

File: 1709987371340.png (826.87 KB, 1200x1702, tumblr_a94bc38502de97ad49da630…)

I never played gen 5 when it first came out, but I have a copy I bought a few years ago just never got around to playing it. I've only heard huge praise for it. And really liked some of the mon designs from that game and also like the trainer designs too. But at the time I was a teenager and even though I still loved pokemon and played heartgold at its release secretly, it was considered uncool unlike now thanks to pokemon go it's ok to like it outwardly again (still a little bitter about getting bullied kek).

I can't pick a favorite Gen of games tbh. I guess gen 1 and 3 anime I have most nostalgia for, but the new one, Pokemon Horizons is actually really good. I like it has a female lead and no Ash. All the characters are super respectful to each other. Just seems like a cute and wholesome show with all interesting side characters and stories.

No. 361089

>All the characters are super respectful to each other.
i hate it, the OG trio bullying each other was peak comedy kek

No. 361101

File: 1709993430652.jpg (949.14 KB, 1383x1975, Wedding.Peach.full.23581-22900…)

I love the first gen it had so much character lol. This is why I want to check out picrel too, made around the same time with the same director and I've heard the humor is similar

No. 361103

Ngl it is funny af as a adult but if you have a show aimed towards kids, they don't understand satire and repeat that behavior irl

No. 361115

What's wrong with misty bullying ash though

No. 361126

Nothing that was based.

No. 361284

>if you have a show aimed towards kids, they don't understand satire and repeat that behavior
The show wasn't "satire" at all though? Did you mean sarcasm?
Either way it's not true, everyone watched it here growing up and we were perfectly able to understand the snappy and sassy humor, it was very much the comedy style for kids at the time. Watching Misty scream at Ash over a broken bike didn't make girls scream at boys, even kids get that's exaggerated and funny. Shows these days are just lame af because otherwise parents will write angry letters to the creators. It used to be a fun adventure for kids, now it's an informative class on friendship (with adult characters around to keep an eye on the kids) for parents, so they'll let their kids watch it.

No. 361543

i think i only ever watched indigo league, and maybe a bit of the orange islands, but they both mean a lot to me. regarding the games, while the handholding in xy & sumo was kind of annoying, i really loved those games, overall! pokemon design-wise, my favorite is probably the round blobby friends of gsc (ex: hoppip, natu, etc)

No. 361596

gen 3 and 4 are my favourite!! I love Dawn. gen 6 anime is growing on me tbh.

No. 361634

File: 1710131683251.jpg (101.45 KB, 850x1014, __pikachu_charizard_friede_and…)

this guy looks like such a whore i love him

No. 361684

File: 1710157634943.jpg (284.63 KB, 800x568, 38c.jpg)

Anime gen 3,4 and 6 are the best because they have contests and performances. I'm so pissed they scrapped that both from the games and the anime when it was my favorite part, I'm so so so in love with the idea of pokemon performances! They don't even have to be cute/beautiful, they could be doing sick rock performances like Ryuki and Roxie. I wish they'd do like a separate anime series just for performances (and also add it back to the games)

No. 361889

I dont watch poketubers but i recently discovered them and i really like her videos.

i shocked she did not mention the clefairy moon dance event.

No. 361893

>5 hours ago
Selfpost? Well, she has a nice voice, but kind of rambles. Not bad background noise I guess.

No. 361896

nah, im subbed to her and this was her most recent video.

yea, i think to listen to her while doing chores or homework.

No. 362021

File: 1710248806080.jpeg (46.59 KB, 401x542, public.jpeg)

Ok fine nonnie you're right, I just find him hot and want to justify watching it kek.

No. 362052

File: 1710254669023.jpg (178.8 KB, 1200x915, pokeani.jpg)

nona you don't need an excuse to watch hot anime guys, we fully endorse you

No. 362060

File: 1710255941768.jpg (827.75 KB, 1600x900, chara_correlation_large.jpg)

I wanna ask everyone who watches the new anime what you think of all the characters? Any you dislike or like?

I think the villains are all really fun and I like their designs a lot. I love that they didn't go with team star, they're so ugly and boring. I expect Amethio to turn around and eventually become a good boy in the end kek

I think Liko kinda sucks tho. It's dumb that her name isn't Riko in English when that's her "real" name. I'm also deadass tired off main female characters who are lame as fuck boring insecure girls who barely even like/deal with pokemon, while the boy(s) are all adventurous and fun. We had Lillie (arguably the most central anime girl in the plot of Alola), followed by Chloe (worst one), and now Liko. And that's excluding the mini series where they also have a main girl whose shtick was being unsure of what she wanted to do.
It's like insecure girls in anime/cartoons are the new "token pink girl", they're there because the creators cannot imagine females not being a stereotype. I'm ranting a bit now, but I was a very insecure kid and the last thing I wanted was to identify with the lame insecure female characters… all that did was reinforce my internalized misogyny that girls (like me) were lame, and it made me want to be the fun confident boy instead. Imo it sends the opposite message of what the creators probably intended. A young kid isn't going to grasp that her multiple season character arc takes her from insecure to confident 2 years into the anime.

No. 362068

You put it into words perfectly. I hate Lillie, I hate Liko. I wanted a girl version of Ash that was adventurous and fun but she takes a backseat to the fun villains (who are male and not even an equal fun male female duo like Jessie and James). They are so flat and worthless. Misty and May and Dawn weren't like this. Soul Eater Not (spinoff with female main characters) was the exact same way. All the leads are insecure retards who doesn't move the plot forward at all and do nothing fun or interesting (only the male characters do anything worthwhile) and just passively has plot happen at them. It's way more sexist than just having a male lead. It's so patronizing and obnoxious. No little girl who likes pokemon is going to self insert on the pathetic retard who can barely interact with them.

No. 362089

>Misty and May and Dawn weren't like this
Most other female characters have had bouts of feeling insecure but they overcame it within the same or just a few episodes. That's literally exactly how you do it and get the message out to kids! And if you're aiming at insecure overthinking teens… they're just not going to identify with the 10 year old cartoon kid who is younger than them because they've simply aged out of her. They're going to simp for someone like Amethio, who is a troubled misunderstood edgy villain teen.

So far I've only seen (a few) adult women (around 30+) say they relate to Liko's overthinking, and yeah of course you do because you're a boring adult with adult anxieties who also thinks it's great when you get to skip those violent battles in the games, that game freak might as well get rid of the story because it's so weak anyway, and you were thrilled SV was finally set in a school so that those kids finally get an education and that the main character not going to school was a bad influence on kids playing the games, that pokemon should just be converted into nintendogs pet caring games. These people honestly just do not like pokemon very much other than on a VERY superficial surface level. Pokemon concierge was already made for these people, they should just watch that instead.

>No little girl who likes pokemon is going to self insert on the pathetic retard who can barely interact with them.

Exactly this! Whoever is in charge of the anime is someone who thinks girls aren't actually into pokemon, but simply watch it sort of by accident because their brothers and boy classmates are into it. They think all girls only have surface level (dis)interest, like the women mentioned above.

No. 362244

File: 1710319085446.jpg (9.65 KB, 168x300, bangsonly.jpg)

I hate Roy's stupid hair with a passion. I know it's a cartoon and the hair doesn't need to be "realistic" but it doesn't even have the semblance of a real haircut and that annoys me so much, it really reads as picrel at best

No. 362324

File: 1710346216827.jpg (182 KB, 620x877, nemona 8 smol.jpg)

>I love that they didn't go with team star, they're so ugly and boring.
God yes, that whole storyline about a bunch of autists in cosplay made me cringe so hard. Glad they made interesting villians for the show.
>I think Liko kinda sucks tho
I don't think she's that bad, but I get you're point. I actually wish she had a personality more like Nemona.

Side note I fucking hate how you can't google any female character from something without coom shit showing up, even in safe mode. I hate being a woman so much.

No. 362348

File: 1710355111654.jpg (36.69 KB, 480x360, teamstar.jpg)

>God yes, that whole storyline about a bunch of autists in cosplay made me cringe so hard.
Seeing them out of costume and back in normal clothes in the DLC made me laugh because it means it's canon they all just had a cringe phase that they quickly grew out of after their hissyfit was done. But as someone who is actually alt fashion to some degree it's also frustrating to have it played as a silly thing rebelling teens do when I'm just chilling with my fashion because I like it and it's fun. Also find it funny that they "fixed" Giacomos balding hairline from the concept art, it's like the modeler thought "surely he can't be meant to be THAT ugly" kek

>I actually wish she had a personality more like Nemona.

God how I wish they'd give us a confident female anime girl who loves to battle the way Ash did. If Nemona wasn't already a well established champion she would have been great for the role.

No. 362676

File: 1710458909137.gif (984.88 KB, 500x375, 642b2f9f59c945b6aeee06a3ddb690…)

idc about the anime but im assuming liko will have an arc where she gets a spine? very typical for all stuff aimed at kids really. also, is she fucking up like ash? ash may have been more adventurous and fun but he was also constantly mocked for being a fucking idiot. i remember most kids i grew up with in the 90s hated ash and called him stupid. he was also continually called incompetent in the show and that was the running gag despite him eventually becoming champ. i know what you're saying though.

No. 362679

File: 1710460183712.jpg (30.26 KB, 450x600, Pokémon.(Anime).600.2880686.jp…)

>God how I wish they'd give us a confident female anime girl who loves to battle the way Ash did.
I miss Iris

No. 362780

File: 1710492794590.png (907.7 KB, 560x630, champ_iris.png)

The fandom shits on her a lot, her "fault" was her catchphrase of calling Ash "such a kid" (while also being a kid seemingly the exact same age) which I honestly also wasn't a fan of. I'm not sure what her original japanese catchphrase was but I think if they had just translated it to "you're so childish" it would have worked better as I've never heard a kid call another kid a kid as an insult so it's stand out as extra stupid.

It's a shame because I think she has a banger design, she is adorable and fun, is one of my favorite game champions and I love having a dragon type focused protag in the anime

No. 362784

File: 1710494248025.jpg (94.37 KB, 625x903, ash-being-a-lil-bitch.jpg)

>idc about the anime but im assuming liko will have an arc where she gets a spine?
I assume so too, but like >>362060 said:
>A young kid isn't going to grasp that her multiple season character arc takes her from insecure to confident 2 years into the anime.
I mean if you start watching when you're 8 years old you're not gonna remember all those details 2 years later when you're 10 because it's such a massive potion of your short life. There's a reason kids shows are typically following a "character/story of the episode" formula. And personally as an adult watching it's boring as fuck to watch a kid be insecure for that long, like get over it already lol

Ash wasn't seen as an idiot where I live, he was like any other cartoon protag where they sometimes fuck up for comedic value, but who pulled through when needed. I think the difference is his fucks up were framed as silly and funny, where today Liko's problems are framed as serious and dramatic. Yet it doesn't come off as a more serious show, it just comes off as if they've ditched the funny comedic parts. I actually think it's doing a disservice to kids to portray their mild insecurities as if they are actual real serious problems, it's teaching them to keep ruminating in their problems which leads to poor mental health.

No. 362876

i feel my pokemon autism coming back again, i want to continue full odds shiny hunting in the 2D games and collect pokemon cards.

No. 362881

I just pulled a nice full art TCG card, I love the itch of pulling cards kek

No. 362893

ooh which card nona?

No. 362897

File: 1710532564456.jpg (243.52 KB, 736x1024, 517029.jpg)

This nidoking! I love the "gen 1 sugimori" style of the card

No. 362898

Oh, I had no idea… I watched in Korean and it was more along the lines of calling him childish than outright calling him a child. I really love her and when she came back as a champion in Alola arc I was over the Moon.

No. 362912

nice pull nona! the 151 set has so many good full arts

No. 362996

File: 1710583932657.jpg (55.51 KB, 600x349, yokaimon.jpg)

I think it's cute how many early pokemon had "king/queen" in their name. Nidoking/queen, seaking and goldeen, slowking, kingler, kingdra, and magikarp is "koiking" in japanese.

I have a theory that in the early days real animals were meant to exist in the pokemon world, and these monsters were kind of special versions of them. So seaking was the "king" of normal goldfish. I feel like that fits in with japanese yokai lore where you have stuff like normal foxes, but if it lives long enough it beomes a kitsune, a magical yokai being. So the names then reflected that, while in later gens pokemon are instead the "animals" of the world.

No. 363098

>I have a theory that in the early days real animals were meant to exist in the pokemon world
iirc this video confirmed that this was planned, but I watched it long ago and don't remember where in that video it's confirmed. The original backstory was that pokemon were discovered in France or some shit (not Kalos obviously we're talking about when gen 1 was being developed) just a few centuries ago.

No. 363157

File: 1710640437549.jpg (14.85 KB, 294x171, images.jpg)

where do you live? in the states i didn't know anyone who was an "ash fan" except autists on the level of chris-chan growing up. there were also a lot of "kill ash" and "i hate ass ketchum" type immature sites in pokemon webrings i remember lol

No. 363184

Does anyone like any Pokémon fan games or rom hacks? I tried Uranium but didn't really like it. I wish someone would make a game where you get to be a gym leader, battling trainers in sucession like the battle facilities.

No. 363188

Idk about that anon, I love how cringe and dumb they looked and it's funny to me. They are dumb teens anyway kek

No. 363240

Hating a cartoon character that much is what is autistic as fuck. Nobody was an Ash superfan or anything, I just didn't see any dislike for him at all from the kids who watched it. Only teen boys who were clearly not the target age would make edgy autist shit online despite not even watching the show anymore.

No. 363241

I remember trying out a rom hack where you play as a gym leader. Can't remember the name though, and I quit early because I made the mistake of picking ghost type and only getting ghost type moves, they have you battle trainers with normal pokemon early on meaning I literally couldn't do anything against them. If I find it I might pick it up and switch type.

No. 363242

>I love how cringe and dumb they looked and it's funny to me.
But are they really supposed to look cringe? I think they're meant to look cool but I don't know many people who actually think they do.

No. 363414

File: 1710715238400.jpeg (1.85 MB, 4000x2333, 1710713888138534.jpeg)

do you nonas like megas? if megas were to return…what pokemon would you want a mega for?

No. 363416

anon we're talking about kids growing up with the cartoon hating ash lol. they did in my area, idk what to tell you, i never thought he was cool and neither did anyone i knew.

No. 363422

I want a mega Sylveon. I know it's unlikely cause it's only one of the eeveelutions, but I think it'd be so cool. I also wouldn't mind megas of a bunch of gen 5 pokemon like Unfezant, Stoutland, Musharna, Zebstrika, Swoobat, Scoliopede, Garbodor, Cinccino, Emolga, Jellicent, Braviary, Mandibuzz, and Durant (maybe even more gen 5). Obligatory starter megas.

No. 363440

File: 1710721531125.png (532.25 KB, 800x792, 8219-Mega-Magcargo.png)

i want a mega of something considered kind of useless/forgettable/weak. mega parasect, mega seaking, mega octillery etc. i like when megas turn irrelevant pokemon into ones that people want to actually pick.

No. 363441

File: 1710721756754.jpg (14.19 KB, 260x240, Ledian.jpg)

Mega Ledian could be cool. I'd like a mega dragonair too but would settle for a dragonite that actually looks more like dratini and dragonair.

No. 363527

I have a love/hate relationship to megas. I think many of them have cool designs (some are ugly af though) and the concept is cool enough. It just annoys me that I cannot interact with them outside of battle, especially since they're in the games with amie where you can pet, feed and play with them. I don't feel nearly as salty about it as I used to though, I used to see it as a "instead of" scenario where getting a mega meant they'd never get a real evolution. Now I think game freak are willing to throw evos at anything lol Similarly duraludon had a gmax form despite not being fully evolved (which we didn't know then) and only later did it get a real evolution. But to be fair in duraludons case we also had unevolved pikachu, eevee and meowth with gmax forms so it wasn't unheard of. I also dislike the fact that so many dex entries state that pokemon hate being in their mega form due to how painful it is, while on the other side the story is pushing that it's a sign of friendship. It's like they're willing to suffer for me because we are friends, but I don't actually want them to suffer…

No. 363858

File: 1710841697272.jpg (602.48 KB, 1500x428, pokemonfemales.jpg)

What's your favorite female player design? I was talking to my friend and we both agreed the latest scarlet and violet design is the ugliest. My favorite is Serena, and my friend said hers is Gloria because she loves knitting kek

No. 363878

File: 1710853768227.png (623.4 KB, 900x639, 56601965_p0.png)

gloria probably has the best overall design, being practical and stylish and not too coomery. i have to admit i LOVE hilda for the sort of punky biker look, but i hate how so much fanart made her a "slut". and i love kris due to nostalgia, despite her design being super dated, she was our first girl.

least favorites are rosa and dawn because they look dumb

No. 363888

File: 1710856606543.jpg (214.26 KB, 873x1200, F4a3aDZbkAAMml9.jpg)

Probably the original May design. Something about the way she looks just makes her seem like the most believable as an animal trainer and hiker of all the female game protagonists to me, and the idea of her camping out with her Pokémon is very cozy. I'll admit that her hair is silly, though. She would look so nice with a more standard shorter hairstyle, rather than the boomerang cut.

No. 363889

File: 1710856612186.png (479.05 KB, 947x838, HeartGold_SoulSilver_Lyra.png)

I'm pretty fond of Lyra because she reminds me of Hello Kitty kek

No. 363891

File: 1710857678044.jpg (74.99 KB, 500x649, rosa-mei.jpg)

Rosa from bw2! Her outfit isn't the best just based on looks, but I love that she and Nate are wearing wetsuits under their clothes and I love the subtle beach/sport aesthetic that fit the region. Most of all I'm just a sucker for her big hair buns, I think they're adorable and fun!

No. 363914

File: 1710862289542.jpg (332.03 KB, 1269x1920, Pokémon.Diamond...Pearl.full.3…)

Dawn has the worst design for her region. How tf did she brave snowstorms and hike mt coronet wearing nothing but a mini skirt, tanktop and uggs? Glad Platinum gave her a coat I guess.

My favourite main girls are May and Kris.

No. 363916

The deep snow segments in DPPt are painful to play on their own, but thinking about how cold Dawn must be just adds insult to injury.

No. 363934

File: 1710871444337.jpg (77.38 KB, 336x500, japanesewinterfashion.jpg)

I love her design tho, and that is actually how "fashionable" Japanese girls dress in winter so at least it's accurate lol

No. 363935

File: 1710871580484.jpg (2.84 MB, 4000x4000, dawn-chim.jpg)

Just choose chimchar, it will keep you warm!

No. 363941

File: 1710872175866.jpg (94.04 KB, 675x1000, 2b6944b7ef691880f40f3bdaf3ba69…)

Kris. She's ready to go on an adventure. Hilda is probably second. I don't think any of them are bad bad besides Lyra, Selene, and the Scarlet/Violet girl.

No. 364065

dawn, may, and serena are my favourite.

No. 364066

it always bothers me how the girls have their legs exposed, but then i think about how in japanese culture it's completely normal and not seen as "flirty" or "sexy" to have legs exposed like in the west. or maybe im just coping.

No. 364088

Best: May and Dawn. May is so sporty and cool and Dawn has such a Pokémon unique design yet still stylish and cute. I like Serena and Gloria but they look too "normal" imo.
Worst: Rosa… she looks so stupid with those weird yellow shorts. Just give her black jeans or something. Worst boy design is also the B2W2 boy. The SV designs are ugly but that entire game was shit kek.

No. 364091

File: 1710897141029.png (512.78 KB, 1008x1008, IMG_7169.png)

I just think she’s neat
Serena second place for me.

No. 364093

>weird yellow shorts
i always forget those are fucking SHORTS. not that a yellow skirt would be better but it looks like a skirt. also the way there's a dumb little dip between the shirt and the shorts that coomers hyperfocus on as "proof that pokemon panders to them"

No. 364094

Eh, I think Hilda’s design is the only one I would really consider bordering on coomery.
I think Rosa’s design fits pretty well with the era her game came out with her basically looking like she’s about to do some yoga. No defending Nate’s design though, he looks like a hot mess.

No. 364096

File: 1710897920143.png (1.05 MB, 509x1848, IMG_7170.png)

Brendan and May actually look kinda better swapped…

No. 364099

Hilda looks pretty cool!

No. 364100

I’d change the sneaks to pink to match her bag and hat, but otherwise I like it!

No. 364102

Leaf's outfit looks really cute. Also Brendan looks like he was always meant to wear spats. I legit had to do a double take cause I didn't realize there was something off about him

No. 364109

all the girls look better and brendan looks fine

No. 364114

Lyra, Dawn and Rosa look pretty strange in my opinion.

No. 364126

how does dawn's outfit look weird compared to her actual outfit. a skirt with no leggings with a tank top, scarf, ugg boots with long socks and knit hat? she looks retarded. like a little kid got into their big sister's closet

No. 364136

File: 1710909683799.jpg (5.27 MB, 2350x3324, 64a75fa31effaab9ff99b68abff933…)

Not saying her original design isn't strange (I like her one in Platinum though) I just think the pants also look weird.

No. 364163

>in japanese culture it's completely normal and not seen as "flirty" or "sexy" to have legs exposed like in the west.
Yes this, I've seen a lot of western people go to Japan (And S. Korea) mention that showing any clevage, shoulders or even your back is seen as slutty but for some reason you can have the tiniest skirts and that's all fine. The same people are horrifed the girls go our with seemingly bare legs in winter, although these days there are a lot of heated and padded tights and leggings to help them keep warm while looking like their legs are bare.

No. 364167

File: 1710921922182.png (884.42 KB, 651x1195, rosa-meloetta.png)

I get that people don't like the look but I'm >>363891 and I like Rosa a lot kek I prefer skorts to a real skirt. Also it's a type of beachwear shorts that you would pull over your bikini (in this case over a wetsuit/wetsuit pants) and you can also see the bow she's wearing under her shirt at the top is also from a wetsuit/bikini top. I think it's cute how it's implied she just threw something on over her wetsuit, like she's sporty and ready to go diving any time.
Oh how I wish we'd be able to have cute hairstyles like Hilda and Rosa again, the customization options are always too "natural" and don't let you create a cute fun anime character despite the entire franchise being full of NPCs with funky hair and clothes.
This is a fun image kek but I honestly think all of them look a lot worse and/or boring except for Hilda who can at least pull it off. Also you can tell the post is old as hell becuase the replies aren't all full of angry troons screaming it's transphobic kek

No. 364169

>she looks retarded. like a little kid got into their big sister's closet
kek I actually think Dawn is really cute and one of the best designs, but I did grow up watching her on tv so I'm a bit biased. "A skirt no leggings" must be a regional thing because that's not something anyone here would ever comment on being odd. But this is still from there era when the creators admitted to avoiding making the protagonists look "too cool" because they wanted them to be "relatable" kids.

No. 364397

File: 1711009235402.jpg (104.23 KB, 1155x664, theboys.jpg)

It's only fair we now do round 2! Favorite male player design?

No. 364398

File: 1711009856073.jpg (51.8 KB, 720x622, brendan.jpg)

Forgot to say mine, Brendan and Hilbert. Hilbert just looks alright to me and Brendan has a good quirky pokemon look, especially his emerald clothes.

No. 364410

File: 1711022462081.jpg (69.36 KB, 960x608, 64e.jpg)

Gold, both versions. USUM Elio is also very cute with his bucket hat…

No. 364411

File: 1711025285021.png (295.19 KB, 620x700, IMG_1473.png)

Hilbert! His design just seems so comfortable and practical for a trainer.

No. 364413

>"A skirt no leggings" must be a regional thing because that's not something anyone here would ever comment on being odd.
i worded it weird, i was mostly just saying it's weird she has a skirt along with a scarf and knit hat as if it's cold but then it's just a skirt and bare legs, but she oddly has uggs and long socks. it's like she's 1/3 dressed for summer and 2/3 for winter
red, gold and hilbert

No. 364448

File: 1711041060825.jpg (543.54 KB, 2962x3353, paldearedesign.jpg)

I kind of have this image of what a pokemon trainer "should" look like and it has made me unsatisfied with most of the newer protagonists, despite the fact that it's literally their designs to define. I guess my mind is stuck in some kind of 90s-early 2000s shonen anime aesthetic or whatever, but fanmade redesigns like picrel look sooo much more like pokemon to me than what we actually got

No. 364464

I've had a hard time accepting the player trainer designs ever since customizability was added to the games. They lost distinctiveness and personality around that time, although I could see XY at least being in-between these two camps. I can't even clearly recall what some of the newer boys look like off the top of my head.

No. 364465

oh wow this looks so much better. the protagonists have felt so lackluster lately.

No. 364466

File: 1711047110108.png (3.58 MB, 2411x2377, ryuki.png)

>I've had a hard time accepting the player trainer designs ever since customizability was added to the games.
I agree, they definitely made them a lot more "normal" and boring around that time. XY was the first game you could change clothes in and imo still have the best clothes options (hair only had like 5 shades tho). I don't get how the entire pokemon world is filled with gym leaders and npcs with wacky clothes and hair but you as the player is still expected to only wear fairly regular boring clothes and have normal hair. Why can't I look like this cringe motherfucker???

No. 364468

File: 1711047646223.jpg (85.64 KB, 500x570, tumblr_lp5esfl50R1qeibvzo1_500…)

I like isshushipping and how his design is kind of the reverse of Red's.
I like Calem's design too but it's a bit too similar.

No. 364470

File: 1711048004446.png (737.97 KB, 1000x793, 414770b3b7fcc0e2e3dd51e8eb1225…)

But his name is Ethan…or Hibiki if you're a weeb

No. 364481

And how does the customizability keep getting worse? SV's dogshit customization is a travesty.

No. 364573

>And how does the customizability keep getting worse?
LC is the only place I can admit this openly but I honestly think it's because they put a male in charge of customization instead of a female, or someone who at least talks to females. The reason XY had more customization options for the female characters is because they know overall females are a lot more likely to care and find options to dress up fun. There are dress up sections on every "girl game" site yet never any on "boy" sites. Of course it's not EVERY female and males like it too etc etc… but it's been true for all my friends, all the females are the ones changing their character up for fun now and then and the males pick a basic black shirt and then never care for the rest of the game, unless they're meme-ing and want to wear the dumbest hat of the game.

It's not just that Paldea has a lack of options, they're also distinctly ugly and unfeminine. There is no way someone who has even a basic understanding or interest in Japanese fashion wouldn't make more feminine-typical options - be it just for the female character or unisex options. At least I hope so, because otherwise they just went woke on purpose thinking along the lines of "it's sexist to think females want cute fashion in games and not just gray socks".

No. 364790

File: 1711149235121.png (477.28 KB, 640x783, mxqv4ete1spc1.png)

speaking of horrible customization

No. 364852

I love LC because you're real for this

No. 364879

Why did her waist go boxy, is it a troon option?

No. 365571

File: 1711407027338.png (333.55 KB, 800x831, PaldeanMan.png)

Pokemon has become a lot more "body positive" this last generation

No. 365573

File: 1711407516144.png (867.65 KB, 1280x720, 1669351389452.png)

No. 365591

File: 1711410341852.jpeg (80.73 KB, 828x1079, IMG_3151.jpeg)

Where did you get the second pic? my pokego app is up to date and my girl still looks like the model on the left

No. 365599

File: 1711412180364.jpeg (61.54 KB, 500x288, IMG_9442.jpeg)

it’s been for a while, unfortunately…

No. 365665

This wasn't troon pandering, this was clearly a joke made on trans(/trap) people's expense but for some reason they took it as "positive rep" because they're dumb as fuck. The troon pandering started years later with pokemon GO having a woman non-binary they/them leader and the pokemon company international (not game freak, not japan) initially pushing for it. Then tPCI informed the japanese parts of how super good and important being progressive is (for their image). It's also why tPCI also now donates big money to social causes. I'm praying gen alpha grows up to be aggressive cancellers of all the harmful troon shit that got pushed.

No. 365666

It's funny how posting this to pokemon thread we all agree it's fugly and troon-like, but I remember seeing SV npcs in some "bad design" thread an anons arguing against it and instead saying they look cute and that we have pornrot for wanting better looking female characters…

No. 365698

File: 1711465679406.jpg (61.3 KB, 736x1110, hiker_usum.jpg)

Seeing >>365571 and >>365599 next to each other in terms of art is so depressing, the npcs used to be so cute and had a nice balance between anime/cartoon but since going to 3D they just keep looking worse and worse and more ugly cartoony.

Maybe this is too much of a tinfoil but the hiker class that >>365571 is has been a 100% male trainer class present in pretty much every generation until SV where there is only this "female" hiker and no male variation… It's possibly meant to be a literal troon y'all.
I'm sure I'm just a bit blackpilled rn but… idk.

No. 365700

File: 1711467333313.png (1 MB, 2100x1334, female_npcs_mistaken_for_males…)

samefagging but this made look up the other trainer classes in SV and it seems the classes cook and musician also went from only male to a female, although in those cases there was only 1-2 previous instances of the class. But I think I (hopefully) overreacted.

But another interesting find… bulbapedia mistakingly lists female trainer models under "male" and I'm dying over how funny/tragic it is. Game freak made them so ugly and unappealing that it's been over a year since the games came out and no one has noticed the biggest and most global wiki-site lists them as male. Looking at the file names they are named "m" instead of "f" so they didn't even just place them in the wrong place, people really looked at them and thought they were obviously meant to be male trainers kek

No. 365714

Lol did they really assume there wasn’t an equal ratio of male to female student trainers in SV. Like I know it’s hard to tell because of the shitty gender neutral uniform but come on. There’s 22 models, logically there’d be an even split of male to female and not 13:9 split they chose.

No. 365737

File: 1711478122354.png (860.17 KB, 1144x686, uggo_npc_in_sv.png)

To be fair they're also missing at least a few models, and the only reason I know that is because when the games were new me and friends shared screenshots of "students" looking so god awful I'll never forget their faces. Picrel has one of those models in the background

No. 365826

File: 1711516203750.png (569.81 KB, 763x766, volo time.png)

No. 365844

File: 1711532995890.jpg (75.38 KB, 1038x576, pkmn-easter.jpg)

Idk if anyone else collectes pokemon merch but I think easter is always the cutest. I'm a sucker for pastels lol

No. 365845

High functioning autist with one of the greatest grandchild of all time, you're ok you crazy boi.

No. 365848

It's quite cute but I don't like any of the mons they used…

No. 365869

File: 1711545383870.jpeg (80.8 KB, 850x601, IMG_3159.jpeg)

best pokemon villain imo. unhinged, cool design, and a togekiss main

No. 365892

File: 1711552773018.jpg (539.19 KB, 1169x842, Volo_concept_art.jpg)

>cool design
sorry but i hate his true form so much, his hair is so stupid and ugly. his merchant disgusise is so great, why did they have to ruin him like that

No. 365901

his true form is absolutely hilarious to me. imagine gelling your hair into oblivion just so you can cosplay arceus. what a lad
tbh i believe that pokémon is at its best when it truly embraces the ridiculousness, but that's probably an unpopular opinion

No. 365905

Completely agree, he's just a slightly more effort version of pokemaniacs, double points because even arceus found it cringe. Cynthia bloodline stays 10/10

No. 365927

File: 1711565193850.jpg (223.18 KB, 850x956, 1711341041604512.jpg)

wish i could teleport to the pokemon universe…

No. 365930

File: 1711566318382.jpg (209.25 KB, 1000x835, 16473906_p0.jpg)

Same nonna. I want go out on cool adventures with my Pokemon

No. 365938

I always play Pokemon to fall asleep, and sometimes that means I have dreams about it. Those ones are the best.

No. 365939

Do you guys think Pokemon Z will be able to salvage anything remotely as entertaining from its dryass original gen material as Volo? I feel like Lysandre has some memeable potential but at the same time I'm tired of seeing him and Sycamore shilled to me as more interesting than they actually are by tumblr fujos. (Watch me fall for it hook line and sinker if they give either of them a genderbent counterpart though)

No. 365961


i wanna get into drawing again so i can draw my poke ocs going on silly adventures around the pokemon universe. peak escapism.

No. 365968

File: 1711579788060.png (1.71 MB, 3300x3160, 29704396_p0.png)

I miss PokéStar Studios. I miss Pokéathlon. I miss Pokémon contests.

No. 365978

pokeathlon was so good. pokemon contests had a lot of potential tbh,

No. 366038

File: 1711603069768.jpg (150.83 KB, 850x369, __oshawott_tepig_nate_and_hugh…)

I've always loved this kind of immersive landscape art of trainers. Please post more, nonnas!

No. 366051

File: 1711608210132.png (2.22 MB, 1140x1744, most of the pillow punchers cr…)

No. 366054

File: 1711611150171.jpg (42.21 KB, 640x360, 14.jpg)

>tbh i believe that pokémon is at its best when it truly embraces the ridiculousness, but that's probably an unpopular opinion
strongly disagree, these guys make me dislike swsh on their own

No. 366063

File: 1711614967731.jpg (208.95 KB, 702x960, trainer_oc_johto.jpg)

>peak escapism
yes me too, i do this!
i know it might seem like a narc thing, but who else is going to spend hours drawing me and my pokemon out on adventures kek
>I miss PokéStar Studios. I miss Pokéathlon. I miss Pokémon contests.
I do too, REALLY badly. As previously discussed I feel like the latest gens have removed features that specifically appeals more to females. I don't know a single male who was that into contests but I have several female friends who were obsessed with it. To this day anytime pokemon comes up we end up talking about how much we miss it and want it back.

No. 366064

Disagree with a lot:
Kabu and Allister would NOT "punch a pillow". Allister would curse you and tear your soul out. Kabu is literally a pro athlete, he could break your skull with a punch.
Also Jacq punching holes in the wall? The man is soft as all fuck, he if anyone would punch a pillow.

No. 366168

It's gonna be made by a separate team than the ones making these dry modern characters so fingers crossed.

No. 366190

File: 1711653576246.jpg (255.33 KB, 827x1169, legendsA.jpg)

It's gonna be made by the same legends team, and imo legends had a great set of characters. Even just seeing who they were related to from past games was fun. The world looked very bland in terms of color tho so I hope they've improved there.

No. 366193

How similar is Legends in terms of gameplay to Scarlet/Violet? It’s the only pokemon game I’ve never played and I really loved the gameplay for SV.

No. 366195

Aside from the open-world leaning nature of both games, I think they're really different. To me, SV felt like a step in the right direction for the mainline games but filled with bloat. Legends is the better game but its combat is way less traditional and the game overall is more linear. The exploration-pokedex filling gameplay loop was addictive.

No. 366213

File: 1711658188786.jpg (41.37 KB, 640x360, hisuidex.jpg)

What I love about legends is that you're incentivized to catch many of the same pokemon to fill out the dex pages. It feels like you're doing actual realistic research on each species!
I also LOVE quests. I've always wanted them in the main games. They don't even have to be called quests, to me it just makes the world feel more alive when a character asks me to help them or find something for them. It lets random villagers show their personalities too.

I really missed trainer battles though. It makes sense for the story since pokemon trainers didn't really exist yet and there are still a few of course. And it felt WAY worse in the let's go games where battling wild pokemon didn't even exist, you could literally only throw balls at them. I think it would have been ideal for me if through the story of the game more humans became trainers following you, and you'd then sporadically find them out in the wild to battle them if you wanted to.

I also missed abilities! I'm ok with them not existing in battle (since there are so few battles anyway), but so many of them are fun and quirky and tied to the pokemons design. Like imagine a komala that isn't asleep, or a kecleon that can't change type - it ruins the fun. In fact I think it would be great if they incorporated features of the rangers games and pokemon with different abilities made it so you could interact with the environment in different ways. Imagine if having a luxray on your team made it so you could see through rocks and find special items (since it has x-ray vision), or if a cherubi could help you find berries near trees and bushes. Or make it more basic, so that every fire type is able to burn old twigs for you to find items, or every water type lets you surf on it.

No. 366257

what is some fun stuff to do when replaying old pokemon games? i'm not that into the new generations, i grew up with platinum and the gold/silver remakes, but i don't feel like starting a new game

No. 366267

basic nuzlocke is fun

No. 366268

File: 1711669084665.jpeg (284.64 KB, 2000x2000, GJryuTwbEAEVqe4.jpeg)

i am a shiny hunter, so i like to do dream teams or badge quests. if you arent into that you can always do nuzlockes, using pokemon you never used before, or do mono-type teams!

No. 366272

There are two types pokemon game, mainline and side games. All the main games are similar, they'll have different in game gimmicks and styles depending on region and time they came out but the core of the game and the gameplay loop is the same.

Side games, which includes legends are all unique (unless they're in the same subcategory series) and do not compare to the main games, Legends is not similar to S/V.

On that note, really hope they make an explorers of sky remake.

No. 366368

>Side games, which includes legends
Incorrect actually. Legends is a main game too, it's just different than most other mainline games. The Let's Go games are also mainline and yes this has been confirmed by the creators.

It seems if it's a "remake" it's still mainline even if gameplay differs (let's go, legends) or even if not made by game freak (BDSP).
I think broadly if you play as a regular pokemon trainer who catches and battles with pokemon they consider it a main game. I don't think it's true for all the oldest side games/spin offs, but it's been true for about 20 years.

No. 366395

Didn't know that thank you, hopefully and it does look like it, it means they're gonna treat it with more respect because side games don't get enough.

Pokemon sleep developers though, very generous for a pokemon app.

No. 366396

File: 1711708306424.jpg (306.09 KB, 1024x768, tumblr_l32bhb6RXQ1qaw90jo1_128…)

>hopefully and it does look like it, it means they're gonna treat it with more respect because side games don't get enough.
True, I'm a big fan of PMD and I wish so badly they'd do more with it. I think it could do well as an "animal crossing" mix, where you'd build up and decorate a town slowly (similar to gates of infinity having paradise) and to do so you find resources on your missions/get them as rewards. That would make great post-game PMD content. But GTI had the weakest story and least amount of pokemon so it's always seen as the worst PMD game so they might never do anything like that one again… In general I really think pokemon should make something in the same ballpark as animal crossing (but not too close so they're not direct competitors) to capture that part of the gaming market.

And speaking of side games, I'd love to see them develop a new style of ranger games, I always found those very charming. I get that the whole gimmick of spinning the stylus to catch pokemon isn't gonna work on switch (despite it also being a touch screen) but surely they could just make up a new method for the new rangers? Button combos or something?

No. 366398

File: 1711729578833.jpg (71.35 KB, 540x358, f3c246bff027825f34b3214ce1ffed…)

I love a good living dex, forces you to go outside of your comfort zone looking for Pokemon and how to obtain and evolve them

No. 366461

Yeah it's kinda sad that ranger just straight up doesn't work on switch, it really risks becoming dead since Nintendo likes making its older Pokemon games very hard to play and it kinda needs a touch screen console. It feels like no alternative can fully capture the core gameplay of ranger.
When even was the last time they appeared in true ranger form anime wise? 2007? Does Pokemon even have incentive to bring it back?

No. 366483

File: 1711773658920.png (51.03 KB, 1920x1080, GJRpxjlWgAAWlhV.png)

How are we feeling about pokerogue?

No. 366488

File: 1711778007612.jpeg (Spoiler Image,55.2 KB, 777x437, IMG_7999.jpeg)

pmd is such a cool concept but they really need to zhuzh it up a little imo. the story is nice and all but you finish it to quicly and then you just end up doing repetitive ass dungeons with 99 levels. the ac-style stuff you suggest sounds way cooler
never heard of it
getting a living dex (or even just a full dex) is much harder in older games so that can be a fun challenge. that and shiny hunting

also i recommend trying out pokemon unite on the switch. it's free to play and it's tonnes of fun, and you get silly costumes for tour pokes (s/o to punk azumarill)

No. 366566

Interesting, definitely more suited to players into the competitive scene, not personally for me but a lot of work put in so far.

I feel like PMMDExplorers was top tier PMMD, it had a lot of difficulty, great story and characters, and was not short. Grinding felt important too, I remember always having to do a tonne of guild quests before Amp Plains because I chose Mudkip.

No. 366584

I did this in 2007 before I even knew what a living dex was, I was annoyed by people asking me for pokemon and only being able to provide a fully evolved one.
The hassle I went though was worth it, especially on Emerald since I could simply clone them in the Battle Zone.

No. 366586

Oh, TERF Azumarill, it's been a while kek

No. 366599

Professor Oak Challenge, No Items Challenge, No PokeCenter Challenge, Living PokeDex Challenge, Nuzlocke

No. 366600

File: 1711833559847.jpg (70.17 KB, 791x622, tumblr_bb0e71ea1a31f82d25e2d31…)

those 99 level dungeons are INSANELY hard too, not afraid to admit it's the most difficult thing in all of the pokemon franchise for me. i dread trying to do them

No. 366611

File: 1711836528667.jpg (150.42 KB, 1035x1337, 1711641363225382.jpg)

Does the TPC hate Pokemon Colosseum and XD? I don't think there is a single spin-off that has as much demand for a remake, sequel, or at least being ported on the Switch as the Orre games.
I also find it weird how much other gen 3-4 spin-offs got shilled in comparison. 3 of Rangers protagonists (Solana, Kellyn, Ben) show up in the main anime, and the Manaphy movie was also about the Rangers. PMD had anime shorts.

No. 366622

>I don't think there is a single spin-off that has as much demand for a remake, sequel
Huh? Why would you want modern Game Freak to ruin such good old games?
You know that Pokemon Colosseum, Pokemon XD and Pokemon Battle Revolution were made by Studio Genius Sonority and not Game Freak, right?

No. 366634

File: 1711842422118.jpg (3.68 MB, 8016x5296, d25b888547f76787d84433e5fb0787…)

I didn't say anything about game freak, though. I said TPC (The Pokemon Company).

No. 366644

Pokemon Colosseum, Pokemon XD and Pokemon Battle Revolution barely sold over 3,3 Million copies worldwide all combined.
Why would TPC try to revive a "dead" video game series if it doesn't make any money?
The first Pokemon Mystery Dungeon game almost sold double as much as the 3 games named above.

No. 366679

NAYRT Pokemon Colosseum didn't sell that poorly looking at context, it's in the top 10 best-selling games for its console kek. Looking outside of Pokemon, it did better than The Thousand Year Door which is similarly beloved and spawned further installments from Nintendo down the line. It's not really fair to compare it to the sales of handheld spinoffs as Pokemon has always fared much better there. It'd be better to compare to Snap for the 64, which wasn't in the top 10 for the N64 (although it sold more units as the 64 generally had better sales), and DID get a modern installment.
I wouldn't go as far as to allege TPC hates the game or anything the way that first nonna is implying as it's easy to see why the ranger and PMD games got more installments, but you're getting way too pressed and being unfair lol. In present day where the split between home and handheld consoles no longer exists for Nintendo, it wouldn't be insane to give the Orre games another shot.

No. 366771

As a kid I felt those dungeons were impossible, but I loved going into them and using escape orb to get the rare starters to join my team. Finally beating the dungeons as an adult sure felt good!

No. 366774

Hello nonnies. Do you know or recomend any female poketubers? I love watching those stupid "hardcore monotype nuzelock challenge" video, but they seem to be all made by males!

No. 366807

>the game nintendo infamously memory holed from practically the day it released up until 5 minutes ago
Nintendo and friends are shitty to all their gamecube titles besides Zelda

No. 366865

File: 1711944141042.jpg (133.77 KB, 1500x1500, GGPfahpbwAATscf.jpg)

i dont know many but i do have a tiny list.
Kotatsu in Unova
alyo; makes a whole bunch of pokemon related videos.
Pumpkin Plushness

wish there was more female poketubers, if nonnies know many more. please let me know!!

No. 367050

File: 1712011801453.jpg (201.91 KB, 1125x1118, a5c98218b00972327cc781421a72b4…)

there is this one >>361889

No. 367056

please don't stab me where it hurts the most kek

No. 367211

File: 1712066489089.jpg (40.04 KB, 373x521, amoonguss.jpg)

>Kotatsu in Unova
this youtuber posted her first ever video 11 days ago and it's the only one uploaded… self-promo?

No. 367214

NTA, but I mean the video has 60K views. It's not unlikely that nonna was recommended that video if she watches other female poketubers.

No. 367223

File: 1712072762335.jpg (36.93 KB, 686x386, detectivepikachu.jpg)

She listed the very few ones she watches tho, none of whom are related to that one. Seems sus to me to list someone you're not even a regular watcher of as your first choice. Might not be her though, could be a friend helping a friend with her brand new channel lol

No. 367254

File: 1712088153414.jpg (211.59 KB, 1280x720, Pokemon Legends Arceus (4).jpg)

Cyllene is a confirmed terf!

No. 367357

i just listed all the female poketubers i know lol. i like her so far, so i decided to put her on my list. there is not many female poketubers anyways so.

No. 367366

File: 1712116268857.jpg (142.36 KB, 523x506, 51fkfT2v2pL.jpg)


No. 367373

Next threadpic please kek

No. 367376

no please. there's a sea of cute pokemon art to choose from and these threads move slow, crappy mspaint edits born out of your autistic obsessions with trannies can remain shitposts.

No. 367380


No. 367392

I half agree with both. If we're gonna do a terf edit make it of some good fanart instead. But I would like to see it!

No. 367439

File: 1712130778143.jpg (526.01 KB, 1192x1094, __red_and_blue_oak_pokemon_and…)

Next threadpic

No. 367445

File: 1712131571126.jpg (96.57 KB, 720x720, erika-terffette.jpg)

It took us half a year to get to 700 posts, we're months away from needing a new threadpic y'all

But for fun, do we know any other characters that could be called terfs like >>367254 ? I'd argue Erika is also a terf icon for having a female-only gym

No. 367504

File: 1712142608946.jpg (85.24 KB, 600x536, Tumblr_l_561018882658954.jpg)

Ooh I love Erika. I vote Erika.

No. 367620

File: 1712183663147.jpg (166.92 KB, 1320x900, __gardevoir_gengar_celebi_emol…)

I hope we get an Explorers of Sky remake eventually…

No. 367624

We got the rescue teams so fingers crossed, feel like pure shit, just want Grovyle back x

No. 367637

File: 1712187970429.jpg (105.72 KB, 850x706, __azumarill_and_azumarill_poke…)

Let's just use cute art of terf azumarill

No. 367641

No. 367647

File: 1712189641257.jpeg (102.57 KB, 640x634, IMG_8857.jpeg)

aw yeah this is too cute
also i main her in UNITE and she's actually rly good. her critical rate is boosted when in 1v1 and you can just mow down virtually any enemy player that strays from the group. she pounces upon them with play rough, it's adorable.

No. 367654

Is unite easy to get into? Ive always been curious but never tried

No. 367658

Yes please!!! My favourite Pokémon game tbh.

No. 367663

File: 1712192851613.gif (7.23 MB, 640x576, Tumblr_l_561186472824099.gif)

I just wanted to add this gif kek

No. 367667

I love this kek

No. 367668

Someone edit this with a lolcow terf manifesto on the second panel please

No. 367669

No. 367674

File: 1712197196217.png (475.27 KB, 900x720, __archie_giovanni_lysandre_max…)

I wonder if we'll ever get something like Rainbow Rocket in a newer game that isn't Masters Ex. I liked battling them in USUM and seeing them using the legendaries.

No. 367738

File: 1712224225819.jpg (41.1 KB, 600x378, Hatterene.600.3674244.jpg)

I think every pokemon species that is female-only is automatically terfs. All male is automatically GC. All genderless pokemon fully reject gender ideology.

I'm surprised more weeb troons haven't argued pokemons "gender" should be renamed "sex" since they argue they're "not the same thing" (which they are). Just kidding, I'm not surprised, they still conflate the two whenever they feel it benefits their agenda.
It's actually pretty fun to look at pokemon gender differences. Like female venusaur is the one with a big seed aka "the one with the large gamete" which sex is based on even in plants. Rattata has shorter whiskers as if it has "less facial hair".

No. 367740

I wish Sylveon was a female only evolution

No. 367756

Is hatterene just a small white thing piloting a big body?

No. 367768

Always has been

No. 367792

yes but it becomes infuriating. i was super into it for awhile and loved it but i cannot stand idiotic plays by other people, plus if you lose twice you get forced to play with bots which is extremely boring.

No. 367822

File: 1712253914642.jpg (162.85 KB, 1280x720, maax.jpg)

I got competitive for a while and had the same issue, I got SO annoyed when another player entered my jungle lane to steal my exp, like what the fuck bro?! I NEED those to evolve quickly or we might lose the entire game!!! You CHOSE bottom lane so STAY there!!!

But after falling off for a while and coming back I enjoy playing with my noob friends because they're so silly and fun. I wish they had more silly quick arenas, I love the conveyor-belt one the most. I'm glad I can just enjoy the game now without getting angry!
The only thing that infuriates me now are all the stupid ass menus. I hate the UI with a passion.
And the prices are outrageous too, but it's not like you actually need to pay for anything… but I like cute outfits on my pokemon…

No. 368058

File: 1712342150628.jpg (977.9 KB, 1000x888, __bounsweet_and_steenee_pokemo…)

What is GC?

No. 368060

Eh, it would be kind of stupid to me
I like that Sylveon is actually majority male.

No. 368220

File: 1712362220255.jpg (159.11 KB, 737x1024, 241.jpg)

Rika please. Trannies can't have her!

No. 368235

I only say that because trannies try to claim it as a trans rights pokemon.

No. 368302

Is anybody else unable to look at goodra without thinking about that multisite psycho who insists Goodra is a 100% female pokemon for totally not sexual reasons?

No. 368340

This thread could do with a no man speak rule (other than the characters ofc) because male pokemon fans are fuckin gross and talking about them detracts from how cute and fun pokemon is.

No. 368352

GC stands for gender critical. It's terf but without the "radical feminist" part.
Troons literally can't imagine a woman isn't a pink girly girl stereotype, hence why they insist Rika is a troon of some flavour. She would just laugh at their ignorance, she's a cool tomboy who gives zero shits about troon feelings. Terf confirmed.
Seems excessive imo. One of my long time pokemon fan friends is a man who loves making jokes about troons with me, nearly everyone else around us is woke af. Also I think we should be allowed to complain about male pokemon fans here because there are so few places where women are actually allowed and able to complain without having males attack them for it. As long as it doesn't get too out of hand I don't see the problem with it.

No. 368374

I get that way of thinking, your male sounds great but most aren't as you say everyone else "woke af" whatever that means outside of males arguing about marvel. It's just the way to convo is going at the moment >>368302 is completely unnecessary addition to an innocent picture of goodra but >>367663 is funny asf.

Anyway, back to the pokemon.

No. 368393

File: 1712419281327.jpg (59.8 KB, 429x599, 429px-AlcremieRebelClash87.jpg)

ayrt I actually don't like comments like >>368302 either, but it's not that many so I ignore them if I need to.

How about we all discuss what the best female only pokemon is? My pick is alcremie just from how many cute variations there are

No. 368397

File: 1712420210951.png (606.89 KB, 627x389, chansey.png)

Mines Chansey, although I really wish Audino was a female only Pokemon.

No. 368419

File: 1712424357604.jpg (2.03 MB, 1660x2030, __froslass_pokemon_drawn_by_ye…)

I've loved her design and vibe since I first saw her. Plus her pokedex entries about preferring to eat the souls of men and specifically attacking misbehaving men.

No. 368447

File: 1712432845757.png (385.2 KB, 1101x726, Xerneas.png)

Two Xerneases because XX chromosome and they give life. Funny how Yveltal is known as the destruction Pokemon just like how moids are usually destructive and sucking the life out of everything.

No. 368459

Same. I love Froslass, she's my favorite female-only mon.

No. 368476

Hilbert, Red, and Calem

No. 368530

I love most of them but I'd love to drink green tea and gossip with lilligant. She'd like /w kek

No. 368550

File: 1712453893167.png (158.09 KB, 500x520, tumblr_mrovz8PZjJ1rwudczo1_500…)

i will always love kangaskhan! i love the "big protective mama" trope and she's always held sort of a mystique being a very rare and hard to catch pokemon. plus, best mega ever.

No. 368580

File: 1712464602774.gif (1.89 MB, 540x321, vespy.gif)

No. 368622

File: 1712479681537.jpg (51.23 KB, 356x505, cresselia.JPG)

I love Cresselia, so cool and pretty and I love anything to do with the moon

Based, she's also one of my favs

No. 368686

File: 1712507665907.jpg (115.1 KB, 850x808, __latias_and_bianca_pokemon_an…)

Latias. Pokemon heroes made me love it

No. 368978

That's actually really cute! I always loved xerneas the most of the two

No. 369212

File: 1712651894769.jpg (2.41 MB, 2700x2000, blaziken.jpg)

Post cool/cute fanart of your first ever starter fully evolved!

Megas didn't exist back then but mine was blaziken, her name was Toto kek

No. 369250

File: 1712665972115.jpg (42.42 KB, 512x512, Empoleon.full.469648.jpg)

My Empoleon was named Pingu

No. 369255

File: 1712668543232.jpg (135.39 KB, 850x1157, __blastoise_pokemon_drawn_by_h…)

I didn't even know how to read properly when I started playing Pokemon so my Blastoise was just Blastoise kek

No. 369267

File: 1712670514203.jpg (145.44 KB, 675x1200, FKKH1yAUUAg9TSY.jpg)

Nonas I started playing legends arceus for the first time after beating scarlet and violet and I'm just shook at how much better and more finished LA is. I haven't beat it to be fair, but so far I'm amazed at how fresh and new they made the series feel. I actually was engaged with the story. The controls are intuitive, it's easy to navigate the menus. The damn pokedex is better than s/v. The game isn't glitchy, the environment is beautiful. Everything about it feels like the old pokemon I loved as a kid but with new life.

Don't get me wrong, I still want mainline mechanics and stuff. I like the auto battle and having your mon out with you. Tera battle raids are interesting too. I just think LA did so many things right while SV did so many things wrong. I get the switch has limitations and it affects their attempts at making a fully open world. But damn man, SV has ugly ass npcs, ugly ass environments, stupid ass story, glitchy ass fuck, and most of the future/past pokemon are so damn stupid looking.LA the hisuian versions look cool. And the game actually has some challenge to it. Not to mention the outfit you get at the start looks cool too.

No. 369301

File: 1712679938921.jpg (182.1 KB, 1200x943, primarina.jpg)

My first fully evolved starter was Primarina. Prior to gen 7 I only ever go to the second evolution before I either boxed it because I thought it was ugly or just stopped playing the game.

No. 369302

kek nona I agree with everything you said! It's always so fun seeing people react to PLA!
As a kid I wasn't as bothered by ugly final evolutions of the starters, but now as an adult I'd rather die than use 9/10 of the latest starters. I smash B and slap an everstone on them.

No. 369551

File: 1712749281666.png (498.36 KB, 747x834, 50c901793d96a165d4fa99ee0cf98a…)

Similar to this nonnie >>369255 I played red and yellow before I could actually read and just put jibberish as the names lol. But Im counting Leafgreen as my first since I could actually read at that point. I always would name my pokemon after my childhood pets. Leafgreen my bulbasaur was named after my guinea pig and Emerald I got a female torchic and named her after my first cat. Man it makes me a little sad to think about.

No. 369620

File: 1712784835445.jpg (92.75 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

What the fuck…

No. 369621

File: 1712784868622.png (739.03 KB, 1090x799, R.png)


No. 369623

File: 1712784983798.jpg (239.92 KB, 1203x963, tumblr_977a6bfaca8f12d758c5170…)

No. 369624

I love latias so much sometimes I cry a little when I realize she isn’t real and isn’t my best friend nonnie

No. 369641

File: 1712793078305.jpg (157 KB, 438x1072, 1712419281362.jpg)

No. 369644

the lolcow pokemon

No. 369699

They're technically different characters… but then why put "manga" Green(/Blue in japanese) in the game and leave out Leaf who is actually in the games? Bulbapedia even lists her as "introduced in LGPE"

No. 369700

pyroars are the pick-mes of the pokemon world

No. 369725

File: 1712837122925.png (1.44 MB, 853x1280, UNITE_Trainer_Showdown_Green_B…)

I think it's so obviously that they meant to just have the female player character in both Let's Go and Masters but they couldn't agree on a name. It's like how they gave Red a Venosaur in Let's Go, but a Charizard in Masters.
Bulbapedia considers her two different characters because they need an official source proving that Leaf and Green are one and the same. The proof is that both are paired up with Red and Blue.

No. 369760

File: 1712857189474.png (919.82 KB, 854x868, 1-c0b07977e8.png)

i hate her design. it's like they tried to combine the game and manga version and it looks like shit

No. 369782

File: 1712865085626.jpg (55.89 KB, 600x378, Greninja.600.3674293.jpg)

I had a greninja nicknamed Ninja (i'm not very creative kek) and I loved my stupid frog boy a lot

No. 369977

File: 1712949438627.jpeg (60.18 KB, 597x685, 562aee8a3fb5513ec9cf9d26fa11cd…)

No. 369992

File: 1712952663193.gif (217.72 KB, 540x405, tumblr_6ae42069b9fea15fdcc1edc…)

Her voice is perfect!

No. 370006

oooh i love her voice. we winning

No. 370022

File: 1712963224162.png (797.81 KB, 581x1000, 2ae5dd65b1bacbc58a98da7de13a28…)

I also had an Empoleon! his name was lucky

No. 370033

Fuck that waterfall man, all i can think after the 8th gym is oh here we go that fuckin waterfall that I have to replace a move for, probably easier now in bdsp but still.

No. 370052

At least it's not like ruby/sapphire/emerald where you need to learn surf, dive, AND waterfall.

No. 370129

File: 1713006357339.jpg (214.98 KB, 1369x2048, 1635270286701629444_1.jpg)

Using secret KGB techniques to remotely explode brains of all gendies trying to claim her.

No. 370451

File: 1713046654232.jpg (165.12 KB, 937x1286, aa9cceccdb765bdacd39fe4bcd4793…)

Same thing here. I loved Brendan ever since I played Emerald as a kid, and even more so after reading the manga. I think his ORAS redesign looks fine, it's just that his official Ken Sugimori artwork makes him look so goofy.

No. 370456

File: 1713049677850.jpg (93.32 KB, 736x736, 1000018436.jpg)

I loved my blaziken, I actually stopped naming my Pokémon after a while because I thought it was cringe of me to do so (my cousins and my brother would make fun of me a lot) so I didn't name him anything in particular, but I would've named him something like "golden" or "chili".
I've always been the kind that picks fire starters because when I was a kid, I would always get bullied so I liked the idea of having a cool Pokémon that could just pick me up and take me back home kek.
I used to always "pair" him with a gardevoir that I would always make sure was a girl so they could be a cute couple.

No. 370463

File: 1713052073557.jpg (2.63 MB, 2000x1500, 31e0ff98b1328f6c42b33d607bd360…)

He is very cute isn't he? I like his ahoge in the manga.

No. 370605

File: 1713097433545.jpg (882.24 KB, 1897x3372, 1712435462085.jpg)

Gardevoir was supposed to be female-only at first.
But that's an issue you have with Gardevoir, not Gallade.

No. 370606

File: 1713098920038.webm (2.14 MB, 1280x720, hrzns3.webm)

Cute part from the new anime intro

No. 370849

So cute! I love dewott (hate samurott tho kek)
>Gardevoir was supposed to be female-only at first.
Where was this stated?

No. 370871

>Where was this stated?
beta dex entries. bottom right corner of that image.

No. 370887

>beta dex entries. bottom right corner of that image.
Those are for a bug type pokemon listed as being "black" in color so I don't think gardevoir was meant to be all female, I think gardevoir as we know it is a complete "redesign" altogether that replaced the other pokemon. I mean the japanese name is even "sir knight", that hardly sounds like it was intended for an all-female species

No. 370952

File: 1713202799594.jpg (542.74 KB, 928x928, 08c767bec78de7368a32af3b453f7c…)

Unpopular opinion…HMs should have never been removed.

No. 371092

Even though I made the waterfall post I agree to be honest.
I think it's just because I'm an older gen lover. I liked having a HM slave, a pokemon existing for non-battle reasons, especially if it had a secondary + like zigzagoon with pickup.

I like fly as an ingame thing though, pokemon taxi's are cute.

No. 371223

Very cute artwork nona!
I really loved HMs, I miss them to this day! They made the overworld seem more intractable and made me appreciate pokemon who could use the HM I needed in the moment. I always hated how gross moids invented the term "HM slave" and the fans just accepted it. To me it was the opposite and you had an extra powerful partner who could clear the way for you and you'd literally be stuck without it. But of course moids think someone helping you means they're your "slave".

No. 371244

I half agree cause I enjoy that it's MY pokemon helping on the adventure. But I also hate having stupid moves like cut or rock smash. Stuff like that should be like legends Arceus where any of your pokemon should be able to do that. Fly and surf are not bad moves so it didn't annoy me to use them. I miss feeling like my pokemon were helping me thru my adventures. I mainly just want to ride my pokemon in the water or ride my pokemon that can fly me.
It's more that it's annoying to have cut or rock smash fill up slots for a good move. Or having to teach pokemon 3 different water hms. Maybe if it was like now where you could easier switch out pokemon from pc it wouldn't be so bad.

No. 371262

>I half agree cause I enjoy that it's MY pokemon helping on the adventure. But I also hate having stupid moves like cut or rock smash.
I agree! I don't want to ahve to rely on rental pokemon or wild ones, I want to use MY pokemon. I've spent a decade telling everyone all I want is for HMs to be like assigned special powers to use, not actual attacks. They kinda did it in rangers so surely they can do it in the usual main series games… It's extra annoying when I can for example in legends arceus ONLY ride the special wild wyrdeer but not my own cooler alpha shiny wyrdeer that I've trained the whole game.

No. 371450

File: 1713340030446.jpg (134.49 KB, 240x356, venus.jpg)

Watched a moids youtube video on the "ugliest pokemon of each gen" and he started by picking venusaur as the ugliest of kanto. Venusaur?! It's not that ugly and there are plenty of worse ones in gen 1. Clicked off the video after that, moids have shit opinions.

No. 371479

File: 1713350946397.png (295.1 KB, 640x480, Blaine_Magmar.png)

Jynx, lickitung, fucking ass faced MAGMAR?!? Like come on, so many uglier ones. Leave my grass frog alone.

No. 371480

File: 1713351709044.png (502.38 KB, 1200x1200, 01ac5afbcb7ee4372c5e519881f8b7…)

I really love Venusaur, but come on.

No. 371481

File: 1713351809132.jpg (60.14 KB, 650x650, df1d4a7a97489651e77e017b7c6699…)

I always loved ivysaur and bulbasaur and wished venasaur was cuter, but it's far from the ugliest of gen 1.

No. 371483

File: 1713352560389.jpg (308.36 KB, 1643x2000, Tumblr_l_98418279132246.jpg)

Flygon appreciation post

No. 371487

File: 1713353330019.jpg (704.91 KB, 659x920, Venusaurex3PokémonCard151.jpg)

I like toads and dinosaurs so I think it's cool, and the flower is objectively pretty with fun colors too.
Meanwhile geodude is literally an ugly gray face with arms, mr mime is a bald clown, jynx is wearing black face, magmar is called boober in japanese and has boobs on his face, exeggcute looks like a pile of skin balls, gloom is literally drooling, muk is a pile of sludge, weezing a floating smelly ball with a parasitic head… venusaur isn't "cute" but it's not ugly, or at the very least not uglier than the others I mentioned.

No. 371488

>I really love Venusaur, but come on
Just for the record I also skimmed the video comments and the guy also picked smoochum (which I think is very cute) for gen 2, and mimikyu for gen 7 (mimikyu is ugly?!) so it wasn't just venusaur that made me stop watching it

No. 371490

File: 1713354064680.jpg (1.09 MB, 1920x1080, file.jpg)

I haven't watched a poketuber in a long time. Most of their content is reused and many of them sound so cringy.
Smoochum is really cute what the heck?!

No. 371493

>Most of their content is reused and many of them sound so cringy.
Really depends on the person, I really hate youtubers that scream "HELLOKIDSWHATSUPPPPPPLETSGOOOOO!!!!" into your face the second the video starts and for some reason those are the ones that make it big because I assume little kids like it? But most of them are normal calm adults

No. 371499

>neither a flying type nor a bug type

No. 371504

Can learn fly though. Checkmate.

No. 371513

and charizard isn't a dragon type and psyduck isn't a psychic type! can't believe people don't know about this, there should be outrage!

No. 371515

File: 1713361167848.jpg (655.06 KB, 1800x1900, 1708525778478.jpg)

This pokemon that had no reason to be branded as "legendary"

No. 371518

Why not? It's stronger, looks are on the same level as mewtwo and relevant to the game plot, and it's not even the first legendary to have a split evolution

No. 371524

I was looking around at the list of pokemon by gender ratio