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File: 1703915421200.jpeg (673.64 KB, 828x1391, IMG_1925.jpeg)

No. 345693

Have you seen those stupid ass short comics that people make and are unfunny as fuck? Of course you have, they're all over social media. Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, DeviantArt, they're the bread and butter of unskilled artists and writers. Unfortunately, there's a ton of these bad short form comics floating around the internet (and people who make a living out of them, as perplexing as it is). Post the hilariously bad, terrible, lukewarm, mediocre, lazy infuriating, and most annoying ones here!

You can post
>Short comics
>Multiple pannels or illustrations
>4koma/4pannel comics
>Abstracts from a bigger comic

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No. 345696

could you have posted the werewolf edit instead

No. 345737

File: 1703949248579.jpg (348.1 KB, 800x1050, Tumblr_l_829427369412897.jpg)

No. 345770

File: 1703960093222.png (1.05 MB, 828x1391, IMG_1922.png)

ah shit you're right. my bad

No. 345790

File: 1703965627911.jpg (57.04 KB, 508x600, 412912776_933236758161181_3526…)

No. 345792

It's a mediocre comic. but not awful.

No. 345831

wow op, i like deer furries now?
derailing but i wonder if it's true, are moids biologically more resistant to cold?

No. 345860

Have you never lived or worked with males in your life?

No. 345862

Yes, it's because of the muscle mass.

No. 345863

yeah there's about a two degrees Celsius difference between how men and women perceive the cold. a bunch of reasons have been hypothesized: muscle mass, metabolic rate, hormones etc.

No. 345882

you're right
thanks nonas, i had no idea

No. 345905

i think the concept of people in heaven making bets is funny, but ofc the moid that made this had to make it porn-related

No. 345915

File: 1704057420242.png (406.46 KB, 975x5275, 1704057382648331.png)

No. 345917

what the fuck is happening?

No. 345920

made me laugh

No. 345936

lol why is it a flower? He's gonna like crush it

No. 345938

KEK, samefag, I'm reading the whole thing and I'm laughing so hard. What the hell. The carrots unironically made me laugh

No. 345944

File: 1704069688684.png (32.34 KB, 600x600, 1e9.png)

Is this supposed to be a weird coomer version of this comic or what? nonny please give context for this
dropped the image the first time woops sorry

No. 345949

Bigger people retain body heat better than smaller people. That's all it is.

No. 345987

File: 1704097435173.jpg (72.43 KB, 540x1000, 1000006768.jpg)

More jago dibuja. This has definitely happened

No. 346006

File: 1704108746254.jpg (32.17 KB, 653x502, E0OfAN_UUAczZlc (1).jpg)

They actually think womanhood works that way. They think our biggest hardship is being told to smile.

No. 346021

>retarded comic about women being told to smile
>coomer artist
Of course he thinks women being told to smile is the only issue they deal with, he's a porn addict and never touches grass.

No. 346024

Isn't this the same guy who made the comic implying that the self insert ties himself to his bed every night so he doesn't rape the female characters that live in his house?

No. 346060

the emo-looking guy in these comics is attractive to me

No. 346152

Shit taste

No. 346178

File: 1704200550785.jpg (2.62 MB, 1536x11118, 1704193583538.jpg)

No. 346181

the fujo-to-fakeboi pipeline remains undefeated.

No. 346193

File: 1704206599035.jpg (3.12 MB, 4096x5120, InCollage_20240102_154441329.j…)

Bill Dickey would have a field day with this gal

No. 346194

Such important problems!

No. 346195

This comic makes me irrationally angry. You can just -smell- the incredibly insufferable personality of the author.

No. 346197

when you're so much of an nlog you have to out-nlog for the nlogs

No. 346199

This is my favorite Jey comic. No teenage anime boy yaoi allowed in art school waaaah! And love how she draws herself looking so Ghibli-Asian at every age. The only thing it’s missing is muh mom whining.

No. 346208

Ironically this comic does a great job demonstrating why women should never compliment moids.

No. 346221

Trans Jigen is the stupidest TiF headcanon I've seen in a while.

No. 346233

These people take everything as a personal affront to their identity, like they expect everyone they meet to memorize their labels and pronouns. People are just going to go with what's intuitive. In everyday life, that means people will address you based on whether they see you as male or female. In trans spaces, people make assumptions based on whether you're "presenting masc or fem" and maybe if you're wearing a pronoun pin. But when you're literally female and dressed feminine, why would anyone assume to call you he/him? You're just setting yourself up to feel persecuted when everyone gets it wrong.

Also, kek at the "hyper-masc" little nerd kid

No. 346265

File: 1704255342084.jpg (267.65 KB, 1029x2048, 415017183_337662585699673_8661…)

hello from facebook

No. 346271

Kind of baffled that art school is depicted as the big bad place where she didn't fit in when this is basically the average Sheridan student kek

No. 346277

>bowties are cool
>goodbye dresses

No. 346352

>the adventures of heroes who looked nothing like me
retard who tf looks like Sailor Moon or Goku? this is such a narcissist's viewpoint.

No. 346354

I know, right? She definitely was surrounded by her people in art school, no doubt. These "but muh style" students were insufferable and I'm sure their population has tripled these days. Imagine bitching and moaning about being forced to learn art fundamentals at the 40k a year college you elected to go to, lol. "weeehhhh I had to go to figure drawing class instead of drawing Naruto" like fuck off.

No. 346388

File: 1704317709869.png (134.38 KB, 612x719, tumblr_myylhgL5V71satxdbo1_640…)

i'm pretty sure this is the specific png that made her troon out

No. 346604

File: 1704417066377.jpg (731.72 KB, 2342x2975, intellectual_disability.jpg)

No. 346609

Typical narc tranny trying to dictate what people draw kek. Stay seething hon

No. 346612

at this point, the g morphed into gendies instead of girls. Do these people ever go for a walk outside of their coomer caves?

No. 346623

this art style is so gross

No. 346652

“They’re the same picture”
Most embarassing. Sissy crossdressers aren’t REAL trannies because I SAID SO

No. 346659

That's pretty embarrassing, since this looks like shit. Do you think she'll eventually identify as a double amputee who is missing both hands, too?

No. 346675

File: 1704458237918.png (115.73 KB, 1080x1080, Fogato_and_Celine.png)

It's usually troons themselves who draw these characters and love them to death.

Pic unrelated.

No. 346712

what's up with the fujoshi to lesbian pipeline

No. 346720

Kek. The one in the very middle is pretty much Rebecca Sugar trying her poorest to explain how gems in Steven Universe are not female, but they kinda are, but they're really "non-binary women" in a nutshell

No. 346733

Jailhouse gay.

No. 346735

Why are they all in jail?

No. 346740

war crimes

No. 346745

Did you think I meant "jailhouse" literally?

No. 346746

Come on, reply with something funny like horny jail at least

No. 346751

The other anon already picked the only correct option for that.

No. 346783

My schizo theory is that yaoi/BL is a genre in which the characters might look male but they act like women (Yes, even the seme/top), so it ends up appealing to all kinds of women, including lesbians.
And I think some of these fujos are bi or lesbian and they realize that the closest thing to the emotional intimacy of yaoi is to bond with another woman.
Anyway I don't think these sjw types are really into women, they just say they're lesbians because it's a cool identity to have in their online circles and because to them it's a way to say they're not attracted to men (false because they probably date polyamorous transfem enbys).

No. 346804

That doesn't happen to women outside actual prison. Men are stupid whores who will fuck anything with a pulse, finding a boyfriend is easy no matter how autistic you are if you keep your standards realistic.

The word you're looking for is polilez aka half of /g/. Every zoomer girl on twitter and tumblr since 2014 has had a fake lesbian phase. Blame the lesbian masterdoc, Steven Universe, and the rise of cottagecore. It's an awful social contagion rife with grooming, typically ends in the girl going trad, becoming dangerously dick hungry after suppressing her sexuality for years, or getting a npdfag boyfriend she refers to as her "partner" and starts to feign interest in yuri and TIMs on social media.

No. 346816

society is a prison… read foucault…

No. 346867

I don't fully understand why not making the characters female though. Like even very talented lesbian artists still stick to BL when making their own thing instead of making it women

No. 346884

I guess it's having internalized the idea that any NSFW material that has women in it is "for (straight) men" ? Probably also why femgaze m/f is so rare

No. 346937

>It's an awful social contagion rife with grooming, typically ends in the girl going trad,
Fuck so true. I know so many girls who went from self-proclaimed lesbianism to a husband and kids within a year or two.

No. 346938

>my schizo theory
That's the mainstream moid theory.

No. 346948

yuri content is full of male fetishists and so you'd gain a following of males no matter how "fem gaze" it is. yaoi keeps out men, and specifically straight men from their communities, by nature.

No. 347269

i wonder if whichever teenager decided to draw troon adventure time for the tumblr updoots back in 2014 knows she's personally responsible for a woman getting her breasts amputated. terrifying

No. 347562

File: 1704850056633.png (2.71 MB, 652x4096, IMG_4342.png)

Retarded tranny fantasy with embarrassingly predictable punchline.

No. 347563

File: 1704850162279.jpeg (110.43 KB, 591x625, IMG_7248.jpeg)

No one was stopping you from wearing a skirt before you decided to go outside your lane and womanface 24/7, faggot

No. 347568

she went to college and still draws like that? jesus christ

No. 347571

you can tell this was made by a woman because men would never act like that, they would make fun of the tranny at best or beat the shit out of him at worst

No. 347574

Not just any college but Sheridan.

I like how she is just explaining how she fell down a degeneracy spiral and tanked his art skill and mental health because of her fetish and now . The exact same comic without any need for edits can read as a cautionary tale.

No. 347575

Yeah the creator is a TiF. Her female socialization is showing.

No. 347577

yeah, to not engage in dumb tumblr faggotry. It's amazing how fujos in japan go to art school and become amazing animators and artists, but when western women do the same they get brainwashed into troondom. sad.

No. 347590

Is the Calarts meme dead? Art collegefags are known for hideous tumblr art. I'm pretty sure RCDart went to Calarts.

No. 347871

Please explain the bill dickey thing

No. 347929

File: 1704993501109.jpg (204.78 KB, 1080x1252, Screenshot_20230620_215337_Twi…)

No. 347933

File: 1704995445666.jpg (2.59 MB, 3560x9899, fourleafisland chameleon chame…)


No. 347934

File: 1704995690419.jpg (2.38 MB, 5088x7074, fourleafisland chameleon chame…)


No. 347936

File: 1704995784995.jpg (2.9 MB, 3560x9899, fourleafisland chameleon chame…)


No. 347937

File: 1704995879430.jpg (2.51 MB, 5088x4716, fourleafisland chameleon chame…)


No. 347939

File: 1704995925832.jpg (71.2 KB, 680x593, 5a1.jpg)

This tranny is unable to make his self inserts even remotely likable.

you might have seen this one because it became viral but, all his shit is like this. He has another one supporting shoplifting that was also heavily memed on

No. 347941

File: 1704996056499.jpg (2.21 MB, 5088x7074, fourleafisland chameleon chame…)


No. 347942

File: 1704996165388.jpg (178.81 KB, 464x1280, tumblr_inline_p4f0dfM1tn1r7r8u…)

Dobbo, gone but not forgotten

No. 347944

File: 1704996552617.jpg (42.25 KB, 250x250, tumblr_720d7ab0f89182bd6712129…)

No. 347945

File: 1704996863701.png (814.86 KB, 999x1016, sadads.png)

The fat cannuck tranny that draws this shitty webcomic is also a diaperfur who draws porn using traced from photos of real children

No. 347955

he really was the most stereotypical male feminist.

No. 347957

it really creeps me out his main characters are always children, for what? it's a grown ass man writing and drawing this shit

No. 347958

That's the troon that also draws diaper babyfur fetish art, do the math.

No. 347966

This was posted in a previous thread. But yeah, it's horrible.

No. 347977

Because his target are "trans kids" to "help them to understand their trans childhood" even if his characters do not act like kids at all. They're just midgets parroting TRAs shit.

No. 347996

File: 1705015648173.jpeg (27.68 KB, 400x297, IMG_7304.jpeg)

girl you just changed your clothing style and stopped wearing makeup, it’s not that deep. Just holy shit imagine being around someone so dramatic, self-centered, and decadent. Completely made up problem.

No. 347998

Is there any ideology that doesn't think their opposition talks too much and should shut up?

No. 348000

I love this artist's works and aesthetics but I hate that she's a they/them snowflake. Seeing shit like this makes me cringe.

No. 348012

ok i just posted this in the tif thread but i was thinking about it. i always felt this comic was sus. "real boys"? i can see a guy jokingly saying "real men don't get cold" but no adult calls himself a "boy". makes me wonder if the convo even happened. troons are so obsessed with calling themselves "boys" and "girls".

No. 348014

I'm 90% RCDart drew this back when she went by "Rorpie."

No. 348015

This post omits the fact that half of the artists who draw that kind of crap are trannies themselves.

No. 348016

Now this is the kind of Blobby content I like to see: cartoon fish stonefacedly spouting social justice non-sequitur in inappropriate situations.

No. 348017

He's a pedophile, duh.

No. 348051

Pictured: A woman who, for some reason, couldn't name patriarchy for what it is and just twister herself in a pretzel overcomplicating things lol.

No. 348118

File: 1705079458708.png (519.16 KB, 700x700, GDlQqg5WEAA5pBn.png)

No. 348121

>more people regret getting a harry potter tattoo than gender affirming care
Source: my ass.
>if gender is biological, why does it need a police state to enforce it
Hilarious self-own considering this pedophile ogre polices people calling him a man.

No. 348165

wtf did she even mean by this

No. 348180

She is so terminally online that even going out to experience the world could not break her out of the confines of her own mind.

No. 348199

it was so fucking funny when it was revealed he was larping as a teenage lesbian into inflation

No. 348201

>gender isn't biological it's a feeling
>uwu i need hrt to biologically alter my body so i can be the right gender
which one is it, guillaume

No. 348230

Literally nothing is stopping them from drawing fujoshit in their offtime just don't put it in a portfolio kek.

No. 348292

My first lolcow ever, he is what led me to KF, I miss him so fucking much.

No. 348307

His parents saved him from likely trooning out and ruining his life.

No. 348309

that would have been hilarious to witness

No. 348311

i am crazy curious to know wtf really happened to him.

Maybe he trooned already and is somewhere online under a different alias posting his shit takes and lesbian fetish art, just waiting to be re-discovered. There's also a non-zero chance he killed himself.

He is a true cow , if he ever comes back it would break the internet.

No. 348316

What a shame, it would have been delicious milk for years to come, pandemic Dobson would have been so fucking hilarious.
It's a real mystery, especially since his disappearance was so sudden and unexpected (he was still arguing with teenagers on Tumblr the day before). Given the autism of KF users I'm pretty sure they already searched for any kind of obituary or police report around the time he disappeared. Maybe he only has private accounts made with burner emails, no identification mark and zero art anywhere so he is basically invisible, but given how terminally online, argumentative and vitriolic he was I find it hard to believe he'd have the self-control to become a lurker. His parents grounding him is the least unlikely outcome.

No. 348317

its really weird since he would be the last person who'd you think would pull it off. Then again shmorky also managed to dissapear and as far as i know hasn't been spotten online again either.

No. 348319

>if you aren't willing to accept your kid isn't born in the wrong body don't have kids
>doctors using leeches to drain patients of blood is older than hrt, stop calling it "experimental"
>Harry Potter lives rent free in your head, you've made the franchise even more successful by trying to cancel it
>if gender isn't biological, then why do you want to change your biology to match your gender?
there i fixed it

No. 348356

>if gender isn't biological, why does it need a police state to enforce it
Did they steal this from the similar quote that's like "if women's
submission is innate, why do so many sermons need to remind them" or whatever it was? Maybe that argument has just been around for a while.

No. 348536

his popping comics on deviantart traumatized me as a teenager kek

No. 349487

File: 1705577702863.jpeg (198.57 KB, 1080x1049, IMG_7408.jpeg)

I’d bet money this is gamer moid cope and he doesn’t read, draw, or play music

No. 349488

He had to draw enough to draw that comic, to be fair.

No. 349489

Dang that’s actually true I feel retarded. Still a faggot

No. 349490

It's funny because most people either think that the muscle dude is or very disciplined or uses drugs to be so ripped.
Moids truly are the cattiest beings in the world, yet he had to use a girl as the voice in the comic because all he gives a fuck is about being liked.

No. 349491

no, you'll be a saggy post-wall scrote with a pancake ass and receding hairline, that too in 10 years rather than 50.

No. 349492

she thinks being adventurous and loving to travel and admiring scenery is boy thing i guess

No. 349494

File: 1705580790144.png (126.46 KB, 372x240, cringilicious.png)

the nervous expression on his face is probably meant to hint towards his earlier signs of troonacy but it just makes it look like he was victim to locker room rape

No. 349508

still more attracted to the gym bro

No. 349516

The creator is a woman

No. 349521


No. 350234

File: 1705805017420.png (Spoiler Image,751.58 KB, 720x841, IMG_20240120_204010.png)

No. 350239

why do the nipples look like that

No. 350243


Ew. The comic, the art… why is it always a combo of ugliness?

No. 350260

she's a person of gender tier npc and seeing a beautiful, primordial, and ancient thing like that couldn't break her programming. she considers gender to be the peak of spirituality so while in a spiritual state, her mind flew to it

No. 350363

I know this is a a fetish comic,I just know it.

No. 350440

This comic is what I always think about when I see the phrase "terminally online." Like, how many people are really going to know who "that millionaire gamer-bro douchebag" even is, even immediately after it happened? Like read the room. The comic makes it look like the guy is dumb just for not immediately realizing who PewDiePie is, which nobody IRL would give a single shit about.

No. 350467

File: 1705875289259.jpeg (293.53 KB, 1524x1521, GEV3ZYsXMAAgz8M.jpeg)

>Once you get past the nonsense fear of that whole autogynephilia thing, you realize that actually transitioning is really really fucking hot

I diagnose you with "fetish".

No. 350498

Jfc is that Sanji from One Piece!?

No. 350526

sadly, yes.

No. 350884

File: 1706069582182.jpeg (Spoiler Image,696.44 KB, 1536x2610, IMG_7807.jpeg)

I fucking hate the boomer Japanese/anime faces and gestures he draws. They’re chibis but of course he cannot spare any detail when drawing himself so it’s always just so hideous.

No. 350885

File: 1706069770510.jpeg (Spoiler Image,770.77 KB, 1536x2568, IMG_7806.jpeg)


No. 350887

I can't even get mad when I see One Piece gendershit, it's just hilarious to me.
Inb4 somebody tries to bring up OP gender drama again: I've been a weekly reader for a decade, I've seen it all, I know about it. It doesn't change the fact that it's the most tonally hilarious shonen to do this to.

No. 350891

I think it’s more of the idea that feeling connected to ancient civilizations and the development of mankind throughout the millennia is a masculine thing no woman could ever do or understand. i.e. the meme about moids always thinking about the Roman Empire.

No. 350899

it's not hard to build muscles, just requires consistency. Newbies think what bodybuilders and athletes do is the standard and freak out over their routines.

No. 350903

But to be fair I've never met a gymbro who isn't a sexist absolute brainlet. This comic is somewhat true to life.

No. 350904

the vibrating asshole with a happy face made me laugh

No. 351048

I REFUSE to believe Crocodile is a tranny. REFUSE

No. 351720

I don't want him to be a TIF either, but I can sort of see it making sense - like if Crocodile was the biological daughter of Whitebeard, and Whitebeard, who famously doesn't allow women on his crew, was like "No Crocodile, girls can't be pirates, go clean the kitchen or something" so Crocodile was like "FUCK YOU DAD I'm gonna get a magical sex change and become the most powerful evil man ever just to spite you." Honestly, it's pretty in line with the rationale that causes so many IRL women to TIF out. I think if Crocodile ends up in fact being FTM it would be worth it if his character arc concludes with him realizing that he can still be evil and powerful as a woman and he gets Ivankov to detransition him. The TIF seething on Tumblr would be delicious.

No. 351826

File: 1706470008600.png (107.99 KB, 497x360, dvKgsmO.png)

people always chop off the first 3 panels because of how much they weaken the point the comic is trying to make

No. 351838

isn't the writer of the comic a tranny now?

No. 351839

i am not sure of how to phrase it but it's always funny to me the way tifs sexualize and demean themselves. i mean even as a joke so many of their punchlines are reducing them to having pussies. but they get mad when you say "only women have a vagina". i dunno what i'm trying to say here

No. 351845

All moids are sexist. But going to the gym or doing some other kind of consistent workout is good for you, so the coping fat moid is still wrong.

No. 351870

File: 1706480277757.jpg (593.4 KB, 1437x588, s2y7prizn7s41.jpg)

>He has another one supporting shoplifting that was also heavily memed on

No. 351874

File: 1706480753379.jpg (81.17 KB, 680x542, tumblr_76346e4bd35e69f541f1cdd…)

Samefag. Here's another from the same artist.

No. 351881

This is so embarrassing. Imagine lacking an interest in other women unless they cater to your autogynephilic lesbian larp.

No. 351886

File: 1706484443922.jpg (122.02 KB, 800x860, iphonefag phenotype.jpg)

No, Matt Bors hasn't trooned out. too bald i guess

No. 351902

>nonsense fear of that whole autogynephilia thing
>transitioning is really really fucking hot

Pick one. Can't have both.

No. 351908

NGL, that one's kinda funny.

No. 351909

Trannydom is 100 percent a fetish to these men. Gross

No. 352353

File: 1706683618633.jpg (991.15 KB, 1650x2550, Tumblr_l_996705540483186.jpg)

No. 352355

ugly bitches

No. 352383

This comic doesn't seem bad to me
3rd panel he lost his hair color

No. 352551

File: 1706755731634.png (159.3 KB, 500x532, IMG_2312.png)

her comic is so fucking autistic.
half the time it's "i did this and then i did that. i like this. i didin't like that. "
completely pointless, 0 punchline. jsur a self-absorbed retard who doesn't know how comics work blogging about her day.

No. 353638

File: 1707114667383.png (1.99 MB, 1278x2000, ds7GTca.png)

No. 353641

imagine being 40+ and drawing on the level of a 15yo

No. 353645

They really tell on themselves all the time kek

No. 353745

>girl, not even woman
Why is the foot so emphasized in the last panel? Is he a footfag? And why is bunny treated like the next level after "becoming" a girl kek

No. 353748

>Figure 8A. An illustration by a male patient suffering from terminal stage porn addiction. (c) International Journal of Sexology.

No. 353751

>Fat, old, hairy probably balding moid with bad skin
>Transitions late in life and becomes a cute skinny girl
Ok. Now draw how you actually look.

No. 353783

File: 1707156358028.png (Spoiler Image,4.11 MB, 1536x2048, GzBytz5.png)

and this is what he looks like IRL.

No. 353940


This dude has been drawing porn and comics and porn comics centered around lesbians since like 1999. Completely unsurprising he chose this fate
You chose a flattering photo, kek

No. 354233

File: 1707290193846.jpg (373.04 KB, 596x1920, tumblr_oq8ran3O941r8ttoto1_r6_…)

No. 354243

I didn't understand why you posted this until the last two panels pissed me off, kek

No. 354261

Wtf is this even trying to say? She thinks she's bi? She's insecure about other girls and mistaking it for attraction? Wtf is this.

No. 354263

NAYRT, I think it's the stereotypical wrangling with feelings of internalized biphobia.

No. 354274

I don't get it. Why did the last two piss you off?

No. 354281

I didn't understand a single fucking panel of this stupid comic, especially the last two, do they have anything to do with the retarded diatribe above?

No. 354290

Dunno anon. My iq is 80 but I'll try decipher it
>retarded unrealistic premise where bi girl sadvents about sexy women on her friends blog directly to said friend
>bi girl rambles about her struggles that come from how she might find women sexy (theme is biphobia)
>married to a man
>doesn't consider that wanting to fuck women is unfaithful
>last two panels are her showing a woman she finds sexy to her husband and smiling when he agrees
>actually le unicorn chaser
I didn't notice the hair styles of the husband or shawn the sheep at first and thought since the woman is smaller and they get into bed at the end it must be a gendie committing pedophilia.

No. 354310

these people are insane. the couple in the last panels holda special mourning time every year because back when they were like 12 and online dating/friends the guy chatted with some other girl in some sonic fanforum or some shit and that was traumatizing cheating.

No. 354313

File: 1707313738954.png (2.59 MB, 2000x2666, 1497657673756.png)

also the artist has a piss fetish and has drawn comics about her cat characters pissing on each other/each other's clothes and so on but her equally fucked up husband surveys the internet like a bloodhound getting those deleted from everywhere they are posted

No. 354315

File: 1707314114091.jpg (1.39 MB, 560x6440, pisscat.jpg)

No. 354336

"Being bi is a sin unless my husband is into it" also men acting like their attraction to women is the same as female attraction to women is eternally gross.

No. 354377

No. 354429

This isn't exactly what I thought when the other
anon described it. Still, so many bafflingly dumb things going on.

>Dude had a fight with his gf so he immediately leaves in the middle of the night to go to a female friend's house and lay in bed with her.

>Outside of medical issues, how hard is it to just hold it for the few seconds it takes to get to the toilet? In the time it took them to deliberate she could have gotten there already. Besides, I'm sure the piss would have gone through the scarf anyway.
>She's wearing a shirt so the immediate assumption is that cat dude is just…naked this whole time.

No. 354489

pickme comic with piss fetish, wow

No. 354645

File: 1707445923445.png (76.51 KB, 684x734, IMG_5405.png)

Having fat thighs this was relatable to me until I realized it was made a a TiF with severe BPD.

No. 354646

File: 1707446095692.jpeg (Spoiler Image,680.07 KB, 2457x2079, IMG_5408.jpeg)

No. 354647

What the fuck

No. 354667

>"That's zoophilia (bestiality)?"
>"No it's furry"
Same thing, degenerate.

No. 354668

That poor cat, what the fuck

No. 354694

Did she stab herself or something Jesus Cristo

No. 354695

The funny thing is the left outfit also looks feminine. Men don't dress like the left anymore, they were pants that reveal their ankles a bit to show off their shoes.

No. 354700

the blood shown doesnt look characteristic of a serious injury. looks like she cut herself superficially and flailed around a bit kek and maybe spilled/splashed some water on it which spreads it out more.

No. 354704

Wow forgot all about BCB. You could probably fill this entire thread with it though I did enjoy all of the Mike bullying.

No. 354736

Men also don't wear hairpins either. I think it was common for japanese men into street fashion back in the 2010? But that was the minority of men and it's waaaay more rare now adays

No. 354763

i like how she added graphics to the tees even though they contribute nothing to the message of the picture

No. 354774

these kinds of decent artist girls in dire need of psychiatric help are usually chill to be around when they're not posting self harm pics, I always feel bad for them and wonder how they ended up that way.

No. 354849

Girl has some serious trauma. Making she should seek help instead of drawing furry porn and slicing herself and posting it online.

No. 354873

One thing I'd like to mention is how in the first drawing she accessorises the hair, puts a black collar on her neck, wears a black shirt that would look good with the collar and create contrast with the neck and some gloves. She also puts much more emphasis on the folding of the pants in order to make it look more appealing. In the second picture she chooses a random shirt that wouldn't really match the pants, has a pose that emphasizes her thighs and doesn't bother putting on accessories. She doesn't even try to make the other outfit look good, of course she doesn't like it. I get that it's a vent drawing but the way things are drawn can reveal a lot about a person. There are ways to make your body look better wearing clothes but honestly with the second image of her cutting I don't even think her thighs are that big, she just probably has lots of dysmorphia.

No. 355025

File: 1707626459481.jpg (7.75 MB, 967x15964, whoissuperman.jpg)

Not the worst comic I've read, but still…

>Self-insert Lois Lane interviews Superman
>Thinks being a superpowered alien from a dead planet and being an immigrant are the same thing

No. 355030

File: 1707628332976.jpg (71.47 KB, 714x610, siegel-and-shuster.jpg)

nonna, superman is meant as an immigrant story, the creators of superman were the sons of Jewish immigrants, it's been an aspect of his character for a while now.

No. 355033

Former cutter and that's definitely self harm spray

No. 355392

>superman is meant as an immigrant story
Is there somewhere where they actually said this?

I'm not saying its impossible but a third of the American population were either immigrants or children of immigrants at the time. If you include foreign grandparents then it was two thirds of the adult population.

Were they really trying to show a story that was already intimately familiar to most people in the country? Or were they just explaining why he's the only guy with super powers?

No. 355476

File: 1707785183887.jpg (104.05 KB, 500x673, GGBabrya0AAJGrM.jpg)


No. 355479

I never really paid attention to how fucked that house looks until now kek. Also why is the mean gatekeeper character trope always a lesbian?

No. 355491

house looks like a church

No. 355510

I like how the house doesn't have a lesbian flag either.

No. 355511

I'm so confused, is that Sebastian from Stardew valley? Who are those people?

No. 355539

Why are they getting stamped based on their kweer leanings, is this a concentration camp?

No. 355684

No. 355696

Kek ofc the TiM is tiny and cute. Typical TRA realism levels.

No. 355793

go look at the lesbian thread here and ask again. a lot of you are insane even in your own ranks with the "gold star" shit. do you think gay men care about gold stars?(infighting)

No. 355794

what? whatever tranny drew the comic didn’t make the lesbian a big meanie gatekeeper because of goldstars. he drew it because lesbians = terfs who won’t fuck him

No. 355804

The lesbian is right. Demisexuals need not apply

No. 355878

File: 1707894480343.png (3.2 MB, 2048x2048, CjLJQoy.png)

No. 355894

could be funnier but why sex lube

No. 355965

sex funny ha-ha

No. 356382

File: 1708029132970.png (720.77 KB, 1080x1085, KE2Zyht.png)

No. 356390

File: 1708034733124.png (335.45 KB, 529x529, IMG_4107.png)

This is literally just the 2020s version of fanarts like this, where people drew their favorite characters converting to Christianity.

No. 356529

File: 1708073449400.jpg (1.3 MB, 2048x7544, mwcilkhQ.jpg)

No. 356530

i think i'm having a stroke

No. 356531

Is this satire? Please

No. 356532

Anybody can be a lesbian according to these retards but nobody dare say shit about a gay male because the handmaidens fag defenders don't have the same love and patience for same sex attracted women as they do for men

No. 356539

File: 1708077456256.jpg (1.34 MB, 2000x8000, Timcomic.jpg)

Bimbofication fetish… No wait that's trans positivity UwU

No. 356540

File: 1708077522292.jpg (415.91 KB, 2048x2731, Tumblr_l_8173416589897.jpg)

What he looks like btw

No. 356547

You can tell he fetishises alt girls. Transitioning is such a bizarre externalization of a pornsick males psyche.

No. 356552

The shaky dirty eyeliner and the fucking blue fingers KEK

No. 356555

File: 1708082430504.jpg (2.84 MB, 1280x13248, Tifdipper.jpg)

This is so well drawn. Is it troll art or high quality autism?

On the topic of cartoons and troonism. This shy blushy dipper is completely ooc. You can tell the (tif) artist is self-inserting.

No. 356558

>This is so well drawn. Is it troll art or high quality autism?
it's AI dumbass

No. 356560

File: 1708086115769.jpg (286.66 KB, 768x3072, Not a fetish.jpg)

Oh. Pardon my retardation.

No. 356562

this style is so bad

No. 356565

asscrack right in the middle of the face, must be rough living like that

No. 356660

I definitely prefer the christianity/9/11 tribute stuff era than the tranny era.

No. 356725

File: 1708167145442.jpg (57.66 KB, 480x743, 428340999_848392870632593_6081…)

No. 356726

this is good

No. 356727

Trannies and Palestine really are the new Christianity and 9/11. Time is a flat circle etc etc

No. 356733

File: 1708180041169.png (31.65 KB, 400x300, kenny buttface.png)

reminds me of picrel

No. 356806

File: 1708201465058.png (833.33 KB, 1080x1080, YxW6XGj.png)

"so quirky"

No. 356850

This is some animal behaviour shit

No. 356955

Oh this one is vietnamese

No. 356957

File: 1708271510029.jpeg (766.42 KB, 1170x1152, IMG_6306.jpeg)


No. 356960

File: 1708271741505.jpeg (Spoiler Image,939.06 KB, 1170x1867, IMG_6304.jpeg)

Artist posted these as well. Not sure if I should spoil but it is a nipple

No. 356964

>damn did I make some good art from it
Where is it?

No. 356978

File: 1708280145546.jpg (173.49 KB, 717x495, 1000011315.jpg)

I'm willing to bet that this loser took inspiration on something like gau-chan.

No. 357035

These are so painfully 2010s in the worst way imaginable

No. 357083

File: 1708325794223.png (223.72 KB, 493x639, 1702678759122.png)

No. 357087

why is this in this thread? the artist knows she was being retarded

No. 357089

It's still a bad short comic I guess

No. 357105

the comic is horribly formatted and her grammar is confusing, i had to reread multiple times to understand what was being said

No. 357120

perhaps you are just retarded(infighting)

No. 357580

File: 1708537640954.gif (888.32 KB, 998x3560, 20040521.gif)

No. 357732

File: 1708624972938.png (522.65 KB, 749x569, 1708624948647.png)

No. 357773

lmao the right one is cutting off the branch she's hanging from

No. 357792

i thought those are both guys

No. 358064

File: 1708715854161.jpg (264.19 KB, 1331x2044, 1000008691.jpg)

No. 358069

the person who drew this is a pedophile.

No. 358070

Wait I thought the account creating these comics was a treat of people? Makes the pedophile stuff and the bad art look worse

No. 358072

Cringe comic but I rather think he was raised similar the way N did.

No. 358086

anon… this comic is referencing that disgusting vaporeon copypasta

No. 358093

File: 1708726428404.jpg (Spoiler Image,946.72 KB, 2433x2434, 1000004294.jpg)

No. 358102

So her discharge is maple syrup?

No. 358103

Is this supposed to be funny?
Its more strange and gross than funny.

No. 358108

I know and I'm aware of that. It's revolting and borderline zoophilia but I rather see this in another perspective.

No. 358111

File: 1708734311138.png (15.53 KB, 460x1360, IMG_5420.png)

Why are they all like this

No. 358117

I'm probably retarded, but I don't get it.

No. 358142

has anyone on the other boards done a deep dive on halimede? for some reason i sincerely doubt that "she" is a woman.

No. 358146

File: 1708757235304.jpg (464.59 KB, 1689x1387, GCcmsp3XoAA-zeS.jpg)

No. 358163

who tf is halimede

No. 358166

>harm myself (has barely eaten today)

No. 358398

File: 1708882541690.png (4.7 MB, 2321x4096, B7jZWvH.png)

No. 358404

I just know this tranny is the most clockable scrote ever

No. 358460

I'm shocked they don't scream at the woman at the end or even get angry. It's all very…mild. And what would be the point of using it as a subtle signal if you just blurt it out anyway?

No. 358491

File: 1708931590005.png (870.67 KB, 584x854, SO6jEh8.png)

No. 358493

God I wish this comic was archived, it was just something else, I could give a summary based on memory if anyone's interested.

No. 358495

Post the summary if you can please, I'm intrigued

No. 358499

File: 1708937704070.png (731.77 KB, 600x855, PfwdaqI.png)

So this was from a 2010's webcomic called Dreaming of Utopia, The setting of the story is in a world where furries are not just regular furries, but a persecuted etho-religious group, facing parallels to the persecution experienced by Jews, black Americans, Asian-Americans, and gay people. They escaped to America to avoid extinction in Europe and played a part in building the American railroad. Despite their contributions, they face persecution and adversity. They are beaten, robbed, and called slurs by everyone, and gangs constantly murder them without facing justice. The author has deleted all traces of the comic, but you can find the first chapter online, although the remaining five chapters are not available.

No. 358510

Iirc the author was a KF member (I remember seeing him in the Andrew Dobson thread wayyyyyy back then), maybe he posted the comics there.

No. 358516

Was it made ironically? Or genuinely?

No. 358517

could be the story of a horror movie tbh

No. 358931

halimede is 100% a tranny, you don't need to do a deep dive. just search tranny related terms on his profile and shit will ping

No. 358938

nta but iirc the author made it clear he didn't believe irl furfags were oppressed. the furries in his comic are a kind of imaginary religious group rather than based on the irl furry fandom. and it was basically a "what if" scenario. but the comic itself wasn't ironic, it was a pretty grim depiction of societal oppression
then again i read it once forever ago so take it with a grain of salt

No. 358971

File: 1709112069721.jpeg (191.31 KB, 828x1440, 7A023AE6-2F28-4873-8767-28AF9F…)

No. 358977

Clockable by pfp alone kek.

No. 358980

Is it bad that this one made me laugh

No. 358997

Now draw what you really look like

No. 359012

Is it the TIF who made that Boyfriends webtoon?

No. 359037

no, just has one of the characters as her pfp.

No. 359089

File: 1709149501700.png (1.59 MB, 2332x1066, k8ihh5xouyt11.png)

I'd eat it

This shit is picrel but with foxes instead of bats

No. 359092

i thought they were really anthropomorphic animals but they really are just human larping as animals, this is so weird

No. 359097

wait so the mother in the fursuit always wears a dress on top of it, while the father gets to just be a naxed fox?? KEK

No. 359203

File: 1709191113452.jpg (1.27 MB, 878x5530, 1692622364313.jpg)

No. 359242

pick a struggle lmao

No. 359362

File: 1709236672226.jpg (265.3 KB, 1080x1990, tumblr_c9ade937b98a3d1b3419852…)

No. 359372

what does her flag mean? vegan?

No. 359373

it's all just mental illness

No. 359386

KEK nonnie, it's the aromantic flag, she feels victimized by lgb people wanting to date because…….she doesn't want to date.

No. 359391

File: 1709246831848.png (476.21 KB, 720x907, Screenshot_20240208-232704.png)

Apparently if you zoom in on the earth it looks like a hand making the "okay" symbol. You know that game where you can punch someone if you get them to look at your hand doing that or something. It's extra dumb because it's the upper left corner.

No. 359398

KEK. I love how they let their homophobia go completely unchecked in this one. I mean, it's not like straight people ever talk about romance, huh? Or culture in general - movies, books, music, etc - are generally obsessed with romance. Loser ass virgin.

No. 359405

File: 1709251593361.png (167.92 KB, 1280x548, tumblr_5959be780a4e8a0c285918b…)

Not even trying to hide the homophobia. aroaces should just create their own communities instead of forcing themselves into lgb ones. This reminds me of picrel except the artist of the aro comic wants us to sympathize with the character who demands to be let into exclusive spaces not meant for them

No. 359418

i don't get it. why would a space about sexuality need to be inclusive of people who lack a sexuality? also a ton of these "ace" people i've seen still express finding people attractive in a completely hetero way, so like. why would GAY AND BI spaces also be a space for "people who aren't gay or bi but don't have sex like ever"???????

No. 359664

File: 1709391097341.png (410.64 KB, 640x640, alltimsaremisogynists.PNG)

I’m so tired of male troons and their retarded comics.

No. 359764

women is when emotional and men is when stoic, ha ha, please let me in your bathroom fellow ladies

No. 360340

File: 1709662541072.png (983.58 KB, 2048x1691, MZiFOlh.png)

No. 360346

she’s right tho

No. 360348

go love fat men somewhere else.

No. 360349

that's not fat, it's a weightlifter type build, and those dudes could easily break your dehydrated cod-diet gymbro over their knee

No. 360350

you know that's not a "powerlifter", that's a "dad bod" moid i.e obese male they've meme'd themselves into liking.

No. 360356

File: 1709665160305.jpg (41.8 KB, 951x589, noka.jpg)

no gaslighting into liking piggies on lolcow

No. 360358

Imagine liking fat, porky, gross motherfuckers. I hate fat men sm all men should be in shape

No. 360362

these type of women are so annoying, they think liking piggies is a personality trait and not something you should be ashamed of. >>360349 case in point.

No. 360363

File: 1709666275986.jpg (26.62 KB, 400x378, s-l400.jpg)

why did she draw herself as a lego?

No. 360364

shes not that kawaii

No. 360366

File: 1709666508303.jpg (21.15 KB, 354x319, 1701388502871.jpg)

No. 360368

ntas but projection? you're the one vouching for landwhale cock

No. 360369

you didn't need to samefag 4 times in a row saying the same thing over and over like you were triggered nonita

No. 360371

ignore her, she's clearly a twitterfag.

No. 360373

i'm nta(s), not samefagging

No. 360378

your samefagging is blatant lmao(infighting)

No. 360383

File: 1709669956639.png (685.71 KB, 986x1318, image_2024-03-05_212123929.png)


nta, but i think this is the body type they are talking about

No. 360386


No. 360391

I can sort of get the appeal. You get someone who is soft but can throw another person across the room.

No. 360398

kek I hope men see that tweet and seethe about "muh unrealistic standards". It still takes work to maintain that physique and there are a bunch of gross schlubby men who think they have dad bods.

No. 360400

I don't think the man in those pictures are meant to be on HRT though.

No. 360402

I don't see where he is taking HRT in either images.

No. 360403

Fat increases estrogen production. They’re not literally injecting it, but the fatter a man is, the lower t and higher e he has

No. 360404

Then he is not on HRT. He is simply low T.

No. 360405

File: 1709675444805.jpg (261.88 KB, 1249x726, 1644745973370.jpg)

i love lolcow
anyways, i miss dobson so fucking much. We missed his tranny arc it would have been so funny to see his drag queen transformation

No. 360407

>responding to bait

No. 360408

Jesus Christ, it was some banter. Good job on outing your autism levels though, I can't ever beat that.

No. 360416

He got off the ride at the best possible moment, had he stayed on the internet just one more year he would've 100% trooned out. His lesbian fixation, that he larped as a girl online and his perpetual loser status made it seem like his transition into a gender ogre was inevitable, I hope he treats his parents like Jesus because they truly saved him from crossing the point of no return.

No. 360419

The second one is the best because it's the most normal. The other two feel like the kind of things bara fetish artists would draw. Overly exaggerated muscles are too cartoonish to be sexy, and obesity isn't sexy period. People who are into the last one are just TiFs looking for ways to hold males to lower standards imo.

No. 360426

File: 1709678547478.jpg (99.05 KB, 750x781, tumblr_5bcc16dec21bd468a0894ba…)

No. 360429

Yeah yeah, we get it. You're special and different than other girls.

No. 360447

Literally anyone ever could say this shit because there's no such thing as "feeling" like a woman no matter what gendies tell you. What, like, "I experience deep thoughts and actual emotions unlike other women!"

No. 360471

is this destinytomoon

No. 360496

cannot wait until posting something like this results in the ridicule and bullying it deserves

No. 360537

Waste of space? Get it? Since there's stars and such, space. And she's a failure. Hehe, I'll see myself out now… Sorry about my retardo momento.

No. 360675

File: 1709827996700.png (459.35 KB, 466x1049, oDEflVg.png)

No. 360681

Trannies are so retarded, it's insane.

No. 360684


No. 360687

File: 1709833313893.png (1.36 MB, 1280x1280, Ua3nUjJ.png)

posting new blobby comics

No. 360688

File: 1709833342632.png (1.33 MB, 1280x1280, iOAQOdv.png)

No. 360691

This kind of shit is “i’m running away from home” for petty millenials who “can’t adult”

No. 360692

File: 1709834285295.png (1.38 MB, 1280x1280, 8OQgJgb.png)

No. 360693

File: 1709834636783.png (1.38 MB, 1280x1280, XyNtIYb.png)

No. 360695

File: 1709834967117.png (1.44 MB, 1280x1280, BVhShAP.png)

No. 360696

File: 1709835328626.png (1.28 MB, 1280x1280, 55dU5IS.png)

No. 360754

Muscle girl, I will save you from these blobshit comics

No. 360768

Blobby got downgraded to a shirt design

No. 360793

Actually a good example of how delusional trannies rewrite their past in their head.

No. 360819

this means that the girlfriend wears mens shoe size while her boyfriend is a fetishist about to troon out

No. 360821

File: 1709895091928.png (804.14 KB, 1346x1806, we-just-want-to-be-left-alone-…)

i know i am cheating by posting stone toss

No. 360828

Notice how the women's "achievements" are based on being a good mommy bangmaid while the man gets to be successful both at work and art.

No. 360899

File: 1709923279875.jpg (395.14 KB, 1745x2048, FbHkrgkUUAILp2j.jpg)

No. 360915

This is so retarded and goofy I feel like it's satire or something.

No. 360916

>oh go off?
Made me cackle unnecessarily loud

No. 360951

this made me kek ngl because of that one episode where one of ben’s alien forms give birth so this is not too far off

No. 360995

Lesbians written by straight or "bi" people never like dykes they always like the most ultra femanine women.

No. 360996

Impressively retarded even for him, comparing the people who you're paying to protect you with your own goddamn tax dollars to foreign invaders who rape and murder people. Also, kek at the horseshoe theory of this; stonetoss is being anti-cop just like people on the opposite political extreme. Like, redraw this comic in Blobby's art style and it would do numbers on lefty Twitter. Incredible.

No. 361981

funnier the the comuc.

No. 362183

>why do people keep accusing us of acting like a bunch of pedos

No. 362189

she skinned him

No. 362300

File: 1710339088265.png (585.4 KB, 800x800, Ema155K.png)

No. 362311

he got doxxed and is fat and ugly lol

No. 362343

File: 1710353317137.png (2.1 MB, 1284x2669, 1710331532824.png)

No. 362357

She's an evil little gremlin for this (also still drawing herself looking totally fem kek). Also pretty sure I know exactly who the two detrans people are meant to be.
The girly leg pose is sending me. Also kiddo you're gunna have brittle bones and be more of a manlet than your average woman. Ig you should've read the totally honest and factual side-effects info that >>362343 was talking about.

No. 362362

Noticed that! Apparent a woman is only successful when she is married or a mother. They can't see their own sexism

No. 362363

No men wear heels. Unless a faggot or a Troon. So she's a beard?

No. 362398

>will it give me a big wiener

no it will give you cancer you idiot.

No. 362409

He is also Puerto Rican with a German name kek

No. 362538

Whole thing is just depicting scenerios in the most disingenuous way possible and victim blaming. "Your body was destroyed by doctors who failed to safeguard against the turbulent identity searching of youth? Ummm sounds like you're just a dumb bitch, should have read the waver calling you a freaky faggot"

No. 362756

Good post. It's taking every fibre in my being not to A-log at her.
>When taking testosterone, you're literally just going through male puberty.
When taking testosterone, your literally messing up your female body's self regulated hormone chemistry. She doesn't mention it but a girl who took puberty blockers is still a girl who delayed her body from growing. A woman who took T-shots is just a woman who self induced hormonal imbalance kek.

No. 362820

File: 1710506405066.jpeg (Spoiler Image,461.63 KB, 750x855, IMG_7553.jpeg)

No. 362822

anthony fantano's secret account?

No. 362863

File: 1710520799277.png (324.47 KB, 1080x1080, ELiw5KO.png)

No. 362864

Wtf does this even mean

No. 362867

Kek these people don't know that if they have to write out who is he bad guy it's not good storytelling? Besides it makes no sense, I'm not even sure what it is trying to tell me as trannies are the ones constantly skin walking us and treating womanhood as a costume you can simply take off when it's convenient

No. 362875

there's a whole lore on this webcomic, but all you have to know is that, it's a TIF with a fetish having sex with some desperate man whose convincing himself he's not gay for fucking her.

No. 362879

this is so fucking funny

No. 362896

>PIV sex
>not straight
I know we know tifs are delusional, but seeing it portrayed outright is so ridiculous.

No. 362923

No. 362924

At least it has some purpose!

No. 362935

LMFAO. I was under the impression it's a TIM who lured in a straight man, so the man is telling himself it's not gay to fuck another man who looks feminine. But the order of the comic and the dialog made me confused as of what's going on.

No. 362951

is there a lore reason why the tif appears to have zombified flesh with worms coming out of her skin

No. 362956

she's a TIF possessed by another TIF

No. 362975

It's a webcomic called Vivian's Ghost. I'm not ayrt but I posted this in the What Happens Next webcomic thread a while ago.
>Among other things, a teenage TIF's ghost possesses a gender critical writer's body and forces him to have sex with another TIF who has a "misgendering kink" AKA likes to be called a little girl while fucking. The joke is supposed to be haha he's so gay because he's having het sex with a TIF, I guess. There's also a detransitioned woman character with a kink for being a puppy (???) who becomes a tradwife, gets pregnant, has hallucinations of Jesus, and shoots the same gender critical writer in the head at the end. Oh and there's a flashback scene where the three TIFs of the story are teenagers and have a threesome in a bowling alley (iirc) bathroom stall, one of them fists the other, it's fucking nuts.

No. 362978

> a teenage TIF's ghost possesses a gender critical writer's body and forces him to have sex with another TIF who has a "misgendering kink" AKA likes to be called a little girl while fucking
so he is raped. like there was no need to write it that way, sh could have her power fantasies by just writing the character meeting such a goof looking tif that he can't help but want to have sex with her, but she didn't. she chose to write the guy being forced, that's her fantasy.

No. 363068



No. 363072

File: 1710609621258.jpeg (195.22 KB, 726x1101, Gsnrt25.jpeg)

>Born to Be Alive(Sequel to the Zootopia Abortion Comic)

No. 363073

File: 1710609752963.jpeg (443.66 KB, 748x1135, gQOgrmy.jpeg)

>Never Say Goodbye - The end of the trilogy(this is the one where Judy gets shot like John F.Kennedy)

No. 363074

File: 1710609837009.png (121.45 KB, 164x300, lmao.png)

>otaku pumba

No. 363113

Damn I never knew I would end up relating so much to the Zootopia abortion comic of all things lol. I guess I should find myself a gf too.

No. 363202

File: 1710650875543.png (1.57 MB, 1755x1328, basedbunny.png)

This one was great, it pretty much amended the first part. Debating reading part 3 or continuing blissful ignorance with happy ever after lesbian small mammals.

No. 363204

File: 1710653004272.jpeg (551 KB, 748x1135, FTu0Vge.jpeg)

the third part is kinda sappy but the end is a real WTF moment.

No. 363207

File: 1710654240031.png (713.25 KB, 964x976, tuNAjTE.png)


No. 363284

File: 1710686336697.png (562.5 KB, 640x640, GMXx6Ex.png)

So TIL the guy who made the original "Don't worry babe, he's just a nerd" comic is still active to this day and they are exactly what you expect them to be like, also he must be in his mid-40s.

No. 363286

File: 1710686387399.png (595.48 KB, 640x637, 5jaDKDw.png)

No. 363287

File: 1710686445736.png (527.36 KB, 640x640, lh3YV84.png)

No. 363297

The first two are cringe, but this one doesn't seem that bad. (And kind of has a point).

No. 363301

once again men show their asses by thinking a woman "wanting attention" is the worst and most evil thing on earth

No. 363384

This feels very reminiscent of the boondocks.

No. 363464

File: 1710726226406.jpg (Spoiler Image,214.81 KB, 726x1101, s2lckr060w081.jpg)

There's another ending to the shooting here, but apparently it was done due to the backlash the real ending got (the first few pages shown are kind of gorey just a warning)

No. 363488

File: 1710734236394.jpg (122.39 KB, 902x1280, 13938186_1116162841800735_1837…)

Does this count?this one's extremely old

No. 363491

Anything you think fits the thread can be posted no matter how old

No. 363492

I think the bad part is blaming white people for the decline of hip hop.
In a bad way or good way? Because there was an episode where the grandpa finds a good woman but breaks up with her because he's too insecure and thinks she's too good for him, which is true because he's old, fat and ugly.

No. 363496

It’s so funny how both would get shitted on probably equally at first. But bottom would die down after like a day maybe even get a redemption arc and then be forgotten. but top would be used as a meme for years to come.

No. 363548

>bottom would die down after like a day maybe even get a redemption arc and then be forgotten.
you are severely underestimating how aggressive fat-activists are. the only dying down they're doing is from their own obesity

No. 363549

almost none of the music publishers, including for rap, are owned by blacks is the point, and it is true. It's mostly owned by white/jewish investors

No. 363589

Whats even funnier is that Rebecca ended up revealing that the character of Rose was just skinny Pink Diamond pretending to be a fat gem; yet no one got mad at her for that.

No. 363598

File: 1710781390135.png (2.44 MB, 1471x2170, 1692062800807.png)

No. 363599

I get wanting to see you in fiction but that is a weird ass way to express that, especially with this gimli/legolas thing. Also bet the "partner" is ugly as sin, are they also "queer" by any chance?

No. 363614

i wanna see the couple irl kek

No. 363615

>Rebecca ended up revealing that the character of Rose was just skinny Pink Diamond pretending to be a fat gem; yet no one got mad at her for that.
When it happened she was praised because it meant "Rose chose to be fat because she thought it was beautiful"

No. 363618

File: 1710787618212.png (278.64 KB, 746x801, 1710232817304.png)

some variation of picrel.

No. 364002

File: 1710878238120.png (1.62 MB, 2048x1515, RafBHlN.png)

No. 364004

File: 1710878487370.jpeg (184.74 KB, 850x1275, rvv0PB1.jpeg)

No. 364007

File: 1710878606465.png (900.67 KB, 2048x977, yYwRyLQ.png)

No. 364046

what the fuck is this about kek

No. 364050

File: 1710887934157.png (472.14 KB, 928x1806, PIGMAN-AND-DAISY-BLACKS-COMPAR…)

I could fill the entire thread with this guy's ugly comics. They are hilariously bad, and I love how he's doing the exact same thing that everyone associates with lefty comics where it's literally just a multi paragraph textpost

No. 364051

File: 1710887965936.png (124.19 KB, 936x634, PIGMAN-ROE-v-WADE-26-JUNE-2022…)

No. 364052

this has to be satire of bad anti sjw comic… right? nothing can be this hideous unironically

No. 364055

I have never seen a pig fursona before

No. 364064

these are the "school shooter OCs" of desikeera, she originally drew Ben 10 yaoi but then made her own version of Kevin 11 but made him a school shooter and then somewhere along the line she was just cloned the actual columbine shooters.

No. 364068

unfortunately i love this

No. 364072

she also draws mother son incest porn btw.

No. 364073

well that's gross

No. 364082

File: 1710895261017.jpeg (481.9 KB, 1164x1792, IMG_0068.jpeg)

Girl is when animals cute and cries a lot

No. 364083

i thought hair clip was a bald spot kek

No. 364085

So the voluntary hormone imbalance is imbalancing his moods wow what a shock.

No. 364098

I read this as "pre-shirt" and "post-shirt" and was confused at first.
I thought it was cat ears kek

No. 364120

Why do troons always insist on using 'girl'? Real women don't talk like that. It's so tryhard and if I see anyone using it unironically I assume it's a troon by default

No. 364240

when I first saw this comic, I thought this was some obscure anti-SJW comic from 2014, but I lost my shit when the date came up, like I still can't wrap my head around how people like this exist.

No. 364242

File: 1710958129295.jpg (1.14 MB, 2048x5086, mM6g.jpg)

No. 364329

Idk who makes these comics but that feminist strawman is pretty based

No. 364376

I can't hate weird women. I just respect it.

No. 364405

men are so stupid they think a man with a medically induced hormone disorder is the equivalent to a woman, pure misogyny

No. 364600

File: 1711107886311.jpeg (143.31 KB, 704x880, 1IBrAXU.jpeg)

No. 364601

File: 1711107907203.png (321.27 KB, 991x711, VARqgph.png)

No. 364607

Holy shit I hate Xkcd so fucking much, it's peak smartass reddit tier "humor" while being the unfunniest shit ever created.

No. 364902

File: 1711197576384.png (1.35 MB, 960x971, IMG_7046.png)

No. 364910

I can’t stand this fucker

No. 364961

idk nonny this one's kinda good

No. 364975

File: 1711222526579.jpeg (236.28 KB, 909x2048, tqWzUBV.jpeg)

No. 364977

File: 1711222658704.png (98.77 KB, 601x572, degree_off.png)

Here's the full comic.

No. 365220

To be really fair, a lot of Americans are like this in regards to the civil war, especially in the southern cities that huff tons of copium and try to romanticize their loss

No. 365231

same, nonna. being a stem major it always felt so awkward when your prof pulled up one of these in class and the entire auditorium would burst out laughing but you're struggling to locate the punchline beyond "hahaha this word we just learned is mentioned"

No. 365525

File: 1711387260639.png (1.77 MB, 1542x1330, XQiwg2k.png)

No. 365650

File: 1711430011735.jpg (4.54 MB, 3188x6057, thenib_bakla_escobar_1-2.jpg)

No. 365652

File: 1711430040662.jpg (4.56 MB, 3351x5821, thenib_bakla_escobar_2-2.jpg)

No. 365674

>"Trannies did Stonewall"
>"GNC people in the past were all actually trannies, they just didn't know it"
>"POC nations weren't homophobic and loved trannies until the huwhite nation invaded"
>t. diaspora who has always lived in California
>Full, uncensored use of the word "faggot" in a supposedly gay-positive comic
>"Centering our understanding of sexuality on spiritualism and regressive concepts like femininity and masculinity is a good thing ackshully"
>"Homosexual is too ~limited~ and dehumanizing, queer is much better"
Jesus Christ, it's like the specimen who made this was actively trying to be the stereotypical ignorant TQA "activist".

No. 365683

File: 1711456511184.png (876.69 KB, 1280x1280, ED53E853-FD40-4297-98CC-AEA911…)

No. 365685

I like this one

No. 365688


No. 365697

i like the shapes, the colors, the expressions, and the joke.

No. 365749

this one is good

No. 365815

I hate that these online hsts propaganda have invaded my country. You will never be opressed and seen for your display of femininity the same way women are for their biological reality.

No. 365819

this guy got cyberbullied so hard by radblr that i almost felt sorry for him

No. 365822

No. 365827

File: 1711517725237.png (487.2 KB, 1536x2652, IMG_0774.png)

Is it just me or is your mom giving you otter toys because you told her you fuck fat hairy ugly men really weird. Faghag mom

No. 365829

I've said this before but this is why I understand the stereotype about how hotter gay men are, it's untrue every time.

No. 365843

When women say that they are talking about the hot young twinks not the morbidly obese post wall ''bears''

No. 365847

those moids are usually beyond tacky though.

No. 365849

there is a difference between james charles and your run of the mill cute twink that looks like a well groomed fit man

No. 365852

and most straight men in the past were like that as well, my point is that the claim that gay men are so much better is basically an outright lie.

No. 365853

>and most straight men in the past were like that as well
the point is that only gay men take care of their appearance nowadays

No. 365861

I don't think it's as true nowadays but wasn't the term metrosexual made specifically because it was so out of the norm for straight men to take care of themselves kek

No. 365879

Maybe the mom just didn't know what the fuck her son was talking about. Maybe not, but that idea sounds funnier to me.
>What the hell is a bears community?? My weird son says he's an otter??? Uhh I guess that means he likes otters? Mmm, I'll just start giving random otter stuff, I'm sure he'll appreciate that

I think it's weirder to talk about cartoon animal drawings like a spiritual self discovery thing.

No. 365916

File: 1711562872830.png (988.54 KB, 760x3040, Shen 1-2.png)

No. 365917

File: 1711562915463.png (823.07 KB, 760x2280, Shen 2-2.png)

No. 365921

This sounds like when people used to talk about their "spirit animals". It's basically a reinvented version of them down to picking an animal that speaks to you and trying to embody the traits you associate with the creature like a guide. All that's new is gay men using animals as a way to cope with being fat and the bordering zoophilia at best fetishization of it.
"I'm not obese, I'm a ~bison bear~. Also please ignore the number of dildos based on dogs I have"

No. 365940

wonder if he is a burger because his current fursona is an invasive species that ruins things just like furries

No. 365973

File: 1711582521581.jpg (157.16 KB, 875x1221, 1000009913.jpg)

It's weird seeing how moid fetishism and racism mix

No. 365995

File: 1711590418554.jpeg (700.14 KB, 1729x2048, IMG_0806.jpeg)

This artist doesn’t want people to fetishize lesbians but all her stuff is about horny anime girls. I think it’s an actual woman but the comics are so male.

No. 365996

File: 1711590445429.jpeg (438.33 KB, 1259x2048, IMG_0805.jpeg)

No. 365997

File: 1711590798283.png (33.78 KB, 203x212, Screenshot 2024-03-27 185614.p…)

No. 366011

Seems like a troon

No. 366032

I suspected that but I saw her being happy over her tranny fans celebrating a tranny character without blabbing out that she herself is one so idk.

No. 366039

NTA but I'm pretty sure he is one based on the tranny goth character he self ids as iirc

No. 366055

File: 1711611796960.jpg (1.69 MB, 3430x6750, plpbo3aah81b1.jpg)

How does anyone write and draw these without wanting to shoot themselves in the head? This person's only knowledge about lesbians is exclusively from scrote hentai
I always thought it was an MTF making these but the lack of uwu girlcock mentions is throwing me off. I find it hard to believe that an actual woman thinks like this but I can believe being brainrotted enough to do it for reddit transbian updoots

No. 366060

god this is exactly how troon cow andrea ritsu acts, except he of course looks male as all hell

No. 366137

File: 1711641062836.png (254.99 KB, 684x990, AUGeLUu.png)

No. 366145

I always thought it was a TiM as well, I feel like I've seen it explicitly stated before.

No. 366146

the creator of that one is a tranny, if he's the same guy who made the other two comics then yes they were made by a tranny.

No. 366206

The upwards/hentai eye-line in the last panel screamed troon to me.

No. 366401


It's made by a troon. These comics got talked about in the MtF hate thread.

No. 366718

File: 1711889148044.png (204.78 KB, 480x520, eSmBRhx.png)

No. 366724

Why would you post this in the bad comics thread?

No. 366746

It's boomer shit. If you find it funny I feel bad for you.

No. 366757

It's funny, stop lying to yourself.

No. 366811

File: 1711922278332.jpeg (444.48 KB, 1170x1130, IMG_0135.jpeg)

When has the right scenario ever happened. The blurred icon is environmental storytelling. Do not check the blog it’s all homestuck porn

No. 366813

File: 1711922593423.jpg (122.28 KB, 1200x925, boomer-humor-1-1580153602502.j…)

It's just one step away from being a typical "funny" boomer comic where the punchline is just a man complaining that he got married and that he has to become a responsible adult. You're just blinded by how it tries to take pity from female readers by also making it about the wife's beauty instead of simply calling her fat and ugly and possibly also taking her out of the husband's life.

No. 366814

When has either scenario ever happened?

No. 366827

This retard probably got outed for being a degenerate and now they're coping with this.always funny seeing a coomtard seething like this

No. 366828

File: 1711927697940.jpeg (102.21 KB, 720x403, GHmkDgVWgAAIXYS.jpeg)

Kek why do you think so? There will always be people who distance themselves from those that make content they disagree with, especially when it's something they deem degenerate. But if you want an example there was actually some drama in early march because a group of bitter gay porn artists was blacklisting peers. The original doc has been deleted but there are screenshots in the replies

No. 366830

tbh, this punishment is in fact reserved for women. see: the coffin of ash and leyley or whatever that game is, how the creator was harassed off the internet for endorsing fictional incest. meanwhile men like gooseworx are allowed to have a massively popular shitty cartoon while posting actual fetish art on main of girls being drilled in the head and and talking about "corrupting minors".

No. 366831

Ugh, I hate these kind of 'jokes' so much. Boomer, watercooler humor.

No. 366892

his art style has degraded so much what the fuck. also I am betting he's gonna troon out before the year ends

No. 367275

File: 1712092370857.png (729.89 KB, 600x2352, WV7WSEG.png)

No. 367277

What an annoying comic

No. 367293

Wait until you see his infamous bike cuck comic

No. 367480

File: 1712138521541.png (2.49 MB, 1712x2048, 7vGGlLb.png)

No. 367482

File: 1712138883124.png (2.66 MB, 1715x2048, no2KjJz.png)

No. 367514

These SCREAM made by a tranny, they're are soooo obsessed de ith women's only places

No. 367552

File: 1712165352499.png (1.2 MB, 2173x2069, rP7WBU5.png)

No. 367557

i'm the guy in the first panel. will never recover from this

No. 367565

Unironically electro swing was such a great time in indie music KEK I don't care if it's cringe it's fun as fuck and good music to listen to while getting shit done. when I was in school I'd listen to youtube electro swing mixtapes while studying and writing papers KEKKKK

No. 367576

Not only are trannys obsessed with women only spaces, they have a romantized version of this bs. "the goths, kawaii jfashion and the emos all hanging out! tee hee" i hate men

No. 367588

File: 1712173468316.png (635.8 KB, 526x782, GJkul6MacAAsQDN.png)

No. 367590

File: 1712173871444.jpg (110.81 KB, 1200x1154, GJOhOsVXsAAj9Vv.jpg)

No. 367591

…does this work…..

No. 367592

No. 367593

No. 367596

It really does, i was taught it as a "secret technique" by an older posh woman kek she wanted men to never hear her fart. It's like whistling, if you make a tiny hole you can make a whistle sound by blowing air through, but if you keep you mouth wide open it's just a silent breath.

No. 367597

lmao yes because the fart sound is made by air going through your cheeks. if it's just open then no sound

No. 367628

This is kinda funny ngl

No. 367635

love how the characters are just assets that flip around. this tim's so lazy kek, he doesn't even bother to draw mouths.

No. 367656

Why does the right guy grow a beard and the cashier changes hair?

No. 367670

nah it's bullshit, some of my most loudest farts were when the cheeks were spread wide apart

No. 367725

it's not the cheeks, it's the hole nona kek

No. 367748

It's an alternate universe

No. 367832

File: 1712255837371.png (96.9 KB, 2500x2591, 1712252338917199.png)

Just troon out already

No. 367841

File: 1712257745132.jpg (37.27 KB, 546x631, xkcd-2855-empiricism-v0-tw51fl…)

these comics are funny as shit idc what you say and i love when my professor shows them in class. some of these are hard to get or outright unnecessary but id be lying if i said i didn't laugh at any

No. 367844

his beard looks like cat whiskers, he's too far gone

No. 367868


No. 367893

He needs an intervention.

No. 367902

It's uncanny how much his art already looks like every MTF artist's style ever.

No. 367905

with a hammer

No. 367949

I still can't full understand why men become obsessed with lesbians. Irl all I ever hear is moids saying they're ugly or masculine.

No. 367950

It's the ultimate carrot on the ultimate stick basically.

No. 367951

because lesbians dont need male attention and it infuriates them, they want to attain what they cant get so they either troon out to pretend they are and try to date actual lesbians

No. 367956

but this thing >>367590 is spreading its cheeks..how do you spread open the hole without doing goatse?

No. 367962

I'm sorry that your freak hole doesn't work like others… Built different…

No. 367964

and the comments are like
>shen never beating the egg allegations!!
>shen should try estrogen!
they're just admitting that mtfs are failmales obsessed with lesbians

No. 367999

File: 1712319908951.png (561.02 KB, 1178x1458, UPeDEcD.png)

No. 368002

>where trannies pretend they are not one of the worst type of incels

No. 368039

Why do they always make up the strawman that "if you think you need to have x to be categorized as y then you must think that y is only x!!! Bigot!!". Like, no?? If I think women need to have two functional x chromosomes with possibly naturally developed female organs to be categorized as women I'm not saying that women are just walking vaginas. Biologically that's what a woman is, but I still think of women as people. This never happens with the term "man", if I say men have to have natural penises to be men no one fucking thinks I'm just thinking of men as walking penises and balls (even if I should but that's beside the point).

No. 368047

this guy NEEDS to stop watching porn
hes cut off.

No. 368479

File: 1712440081864.png (813.84 KB, 1280x1280, ZhlD6Br.png)

No. 368586

they don't actually care about palestinians anyways they just treat it like a trend lmao. prior to this past year they just brushed it off as "third world problems" lol

No. 368591

fuck happened to this faggot… his comics were decent back in like 2017 and now all he posts are those retarded ass university girl comics. his art has gotten so bad too. it's unbearable at this point, hurts my fucking eyes. someone tell him that he can't do an abstract, stylized style.

No. 368678

File: 1712504156877.jpg (29.67 KB, 696x290, Bike_Cuck_-_Stop_Calling_Me_Bi…)

I think the bike cuck bullying broke him.

No. 368693

the worst is that women think like that more often than men

No. 368711

File: 1712517683814.png (182.19 KB, 2500x2589, GKLIdfXXMAMHahb.png)

He didn't even bother making the inside of the letters white.

No. 369040

File: 1712585474759.png (4.88 MB, 2606x2737, TFlbRIq.png)

No. 369046

Really? I only know this guy for making like a dozen forced memes. Did he used to be genuinely funny?

No. 369056

>asexuals can be in relationships
As true as
>women can have a penis
sorry, it just irritates me so much, especially since the relationship in question is just friendship if there's no sex going on

No. 369059

bonus 5th panel
>asexuals are hideous

No. 369077

Blazing saddles would be 100 percent unfunny if they made it today. What

No. 369093

You're right, if it came out today it'd be American Society of Magical Negros, which if it was made in the 90s starring Will Smith would have been fantastic.

No. 369220

They're also annoying attention whores that want to be an uwu victim like actual homos since they're more boring than plain white toast and want to be speshul in some type of way without any of the drawbacks (like experiencing actual homophobia).

I wish these so-called "aces" be deported to bumfuck countries where being LGBTQIA can either get you executed or corrective raped. They drop the label like a hot potato and never look back.(a-logging)

No. 369223

File: 1712653371875.jpg (1.82 MB, 2048x2732, GKrD7GZaoAE_EEb.jpg)

Not the whole comic since it's long and full of pretentious talk about gender but my fucking god they can never talk about their twans experience without pulling out the "I didn't want to wear dresses as a toddler and I didn't want to be a meek submissive fucktoy slut (aka woman in their heads) so that means I'm totally a man" argument. Tims do this but they say they played with dolls and like makeup so they're totally women. These people are so deep into this gender/sexual role bullshit that they forget what female and male really mean and instead it's about dolls and dresses or not being meek.

No. 369242

Nothing wrong with not wanting to have sex. Not everyone wants to be special for that. I agree the queer shit is awful and they're mostly attention seekers. I hate how they impose that this should be recognised as "orientation", have a flag etc. because this is stupid and pointless. But also as someone who has been groomed by the queer propaganda believers a bit when I was a teenager, fuck you. I agree the comic is cringe but there is no reason to wish for other women to get raped. Go back to 4chan faggot moid.
So are yaoists for example.

No. 369252

true on both points.

No. 369253

File: 1712667875817.jpg (301.42 KB, 1535x2048, 20220714_142525.jpg)

I really can't tell if she's semi-self aware or just hiding her obvious school shooter/murderer fetish with a veneer of irony.

No. 369254

how old is she?

No. 369269

Woman-hating pickmes are also extremely disgusting.

No. 369289

I thought the guy on the shirt was Leon Kennedy, kek.

No. 369291

but she started drawing Kevin 11 over a decade ago, she might have been a teenager back then so at youngest she might in her mid 20's

No. 369300

File: 1712679721382.jpeg (171.94 KB, 1535x2048, IMG_6312.jpeg)

Kek the moment I saw this pic I knew it was gonna be tranny shit. Good to see people calling this bs out in the (hidden) comments

No. 369303

Why is she so obsessed with the weird eye shine?

No. 369304

Why does she even draw herself with a shiny eye?

No. 369305

People with no sexual desire to their partner very much do exist tho, so people who have convinced themselves they're ace for various reasons have relationships of some kind too

No. 369313

File: 1712682398663.jpg (382.57 KB, 2048x2732, 20240409_084728.jpg)

I bet is a reference to Oshi no Ko

This comic is just sad, she would be a tomboyish girl now if she was never abused as a kid and never have grown up in a traidtional household. She says being sexualised as a young child, she says how her acid reflux made her voice deeper (and how that's a good thing), she says not being able to afford a binder because she lives in a third world country. Like this is just tragic, her internalised misogyny goes deep seeing as she thinks being a woman is being "meek and obedient".

No. 369321

File: 1712682780538.jpg (2.05 MB, 2048x2732, media_GKrEIvXaoAEYUZ3.jpg)

Samefag, here's for the ones who don't have a Twitter account so you can read the whole thing https://nitter.poast.org/leotelier/status/1777449464191688789

No. 369329

>Like actual homos
>I wish these so-called "aces" be deported to bumfuck countries where being LGBTQIA can either get you executed or corrective raped.
Someone's disgusted that other women don't want to fuck men constantly and be sexualized in a hyper sexual world that thrives on commodizing and degrading women. Hating women, bad mouthing homosexuality threatening women with corrective rape, calling for their rape and shilling for fucking males. I can't tell if you're a brain rotted male shilling pickme or an actual male calling for rape. The lines are so severely blurred.(infighting)

No. 369332

Thanks for the link, but I refuse to even give her views on her tweets.

No. 369346

I doubt her voice is so deep that she seems like a man. It's sad that she likes having severely damaged vocale cords just because it's different from a normal woman's voice. She hates women so much.

No. 369348

File: 1712686312029.png (1000.71 KB, 1022x764, jesus palestine.png)

No. 369353

very obviously meant as a shitpost

No. 369354

File: 1712687494504.png (283.36 KB, 600x337, 1675044988730.png)

did she also make this? or was it some other edgelord who fetishes school shooters.

No. 369355

File: 1712687655355.jpg (116.07 KB, 746x752, stop drugging.jpg)

No. 369356

File: 1712687680115.jpg (92.71 KB, 825x660, whyt.jpg)

No. 369357

this is made by a well known mentally ill troll.

No. 369358

i think it was lacryboy that made this

No. 369359

File: 1712688287506.jpg (218.45 KB, 960x623, soverenty.jpg)

His aboriginal tho

No. 369360

you fagtard dogisaga's a woman

No. 369362

Dogisaga is a treasure. I genuinely feel bad for her

No. 369368


She is a schizophrenic from Perth and she is white.

No. 369369

His a pale aboriginal originally from NSW

No. 369374

File: 1712694446276.png (326.07 KB, 416x482, Screenshot 2024-04-09 at 16.26…)

why are the flames kawaii noodles lmao

No. 369380

File: 1712695250417.jpeg (129.31 KB, 1280x885, A7F320E9-8FC1-4437-93ED-CA98BC…)

thats his thing

No. 369383

Stop calling her a man, I will post one of her schizo videos from her youtube channel if you keep doing that

No. 369385

File: 1712695957128.jpeg (219.89 KB, 1125x822, F223C1CA-81AE-4F32-A229-8F68CA…)

he has a tiktok you know

No. 369388

File: 1712696155437.jpg (176.49 KB, 1258x824, 20240409_222814.jpg)

I believe it's made by doros3, which is in the same circle of artists with school shooters OCs

No. 369391

Do you think she's a guy because she's fat and has short hair?

No. 369393

such a hideous beast for making such a cute bunny avatar

No. 369398

Last time I have seen a picture of her was 10 years ago on Krautchan

No. 369408

File: 1712699850713.jpeg (94.62 KB, 679x580, 48CFDB23-0996-4272-A319-4F27D1…)

his drugged against his will give him a break(unintegrated)

No. 369410

She trooned out I think

No. 369414

she's on another plane of existence I'm not even sure it matters what we call her

No. 369415

TIFs are women

No. 369418

I just know mgong would love her considering how much dogusaga looks like her fat oc, they are the same both in their matching schizo rants and artistic "talent" although mgong is a pedo so I'm not sure

No. 369421

pussy if youre gonna lust after real life mass killers mention them directly instead of making ocs based on them

damn she still looks like a woman on drawn form

i love this kek

No. 369466

ah i was wondering if she lived in melbourne, i saw some truly bizarre aboriginal-themed graffiti in the city recently that made me think of her very unique psychosis kek
kek i love how shes aboriginal now
will the mods permit me just one hi cow plz

No. 369515

>they are the same both in their matching schizo rants and artistic "talent"
no way, mgong is actually talented.

No. 369537

File: 1712744834880.jpeg (1.24 MB, 2048x8196, MTFQk9I.jpeg)


No. 369538

File: 1712745148333.jpeg (1.63 MB, 4096x5464, an2gCHV.jpeg)


No. 369540

File: 1712745470492.jpeg (2.34 MB, 4096x8196, vqOX0bm.jpeg)


No. 369543

File: 1712745779055.jpeg (1.46 MB, 4096x5464, upp8g5b.jpeg)


No. 369544

She did all of this thinking and never once came to the conclusion that she could be herself and express herself any way she chose, while still being a woman. Never occurs to her that the reason she thinks about herself the way she does is because of indoctrination and misogyny. It's really fucking sad.

No. 369545

the dude on the shirt, which school shooter is this a reference of?

No. 369546

>people keep treating me like shit for not being "ladylike"
>so now i'm going to pretend to be a man, take that patriarchal trad household!
what a bonafide retard, i also grew being told to behave more "womanly" in a country with similar values to Indonesia guess which one of us doesn't have the hormonal imbalance or mental illness?

No. 369548

Dylan Klebold, one of the columbiners.

No. 369550

she doesn't hormonal imbalance either, she's not hormones and doesn't ever wear a binder.

No. 369553

Someone should call her out for obsessing over a deceased 17yo who committed mass murder, but attention whores gotta attention whore

No. 369565

>Conventionally feminine girl with a brash personality and lower voice
>Grows up in patriarchal culture with strict gender stereotypes
>Abused by her parents
>Clearly just wants to be male to escape misogyny
>Gets asshurt when trutrans online admonish her for being girly
The sheer number of TiFs who love feminine shit but view it as bad purely because of its association with "boring" girls is staggering. Like they want to be speshul and yooneek, not a basic Becky who fits into gender stereotypes. It's so transparent.

No. 369568

in a better era, they would have just been goths or alt and then grown out of it.

No. 369592

There's a anon in the writers thread in /ot/ who was writing about fiction of a raped girl obsessing over a school shooter moid. What difference does that make from this? Moid worship by idiotic women comes in all shapes in forms in media creation.

No. 369604

She wrote a convoluted essay on being a glorified tomboy. I'm not the biggest fan of troon shit but I would understand why trannies would be peeved about her joining the community when she's not one in the first place. It's like joining a knitting club but you have zero interest in knitting or trying it.
And if she was serious about being a troon, she would of set up a gofundme on helping her get binders or whatever. But its for the best because troon surgeries have never gone well and its just cosmetic surgery.

No. 369625

This girl is so fucking retarded and I feel sorry that I almost don't even feel bad for her.

No. 369628

god it annoys me that most of these chunks of text end with the words boy or man in a different color and italics, we get it. the comic is so hard to follow too, you know it's bad when an essay on the notes app would've given the same result.

nitpick but i think it's an amalgamation of both dylan and eric harris, since harris was the one to shoot himself through the roof of his mouth. klebold shot himself on the side of his head. but does it matter?

No. 369925

File: 1712934761801.png (1.21 MB, 2048x1619, pdKohqt.png)

No. 369935

>40 minutes

Just very Lesbian activities. Teehee.

No. 369936

Weirdest yaoi I've ever read

No. 369938


Of course.

No. 369941

Kekkkkk this has to be satire.. I love how he tried to make it sound like 'lesbian sex lasts for an hour' jokes but it just amounts to admitting his dick doesn't work

No. 369942

>sph (small penis humiliation), cbt, and AGP listed as kinks
>ex is named lilith
>erectile dysfunction
>history of psych wards

I know it's satire but they're really telling on themselves here.

No. 370126

asscheeks on a bird is something I never needed to see

No. 370361

File: 1713036734266.png (1.49 MB, 1080x1319, gzDfst9.png)

No. 370423

File: 1713041169457.png (559 KB, 1117x772, image_2024-03-29_163326687.png)

No. 370442

No. 371038

File: 1713209398530.png (369.19 KB, 1280x1280, EO72yDp.png)

No. 371047

They really think terfs think women are just their sexual organs? tf. I havent heard this one before. One wants to protect women from the men, the other are the men who provoke violence (incels and trannies)

No. 371051

I hate the fact that men are so obsessed with lesbian sex. It's so pathetic

No. 371067

Bottom two panels should be a banner.

No. 371224

File: 1713254873549.png (200.42 KB, 1280x658, 1713209398530.png)

tried my best.

No. 371227

I don't get why vegans are always like "drinking milk is so gross and weird" my sister in christ i will also straight up murder the cow, mutilate it by cutting off its actual flesh, and happily eat that. Drinking milk which was actually literally produced for consumption for other creatures is not the weirdest part about this kek

No. 371229

Milk is a growth hormone produced for the consumption of the children of that species. No other animal drinks the milk of another species. Not to cause a fight but it literally is unnatural kek

No. 371231

>drinking human milk is seen as weird but drinking animal milk is not

Eating human meat is also weird and eating animal meat is not, who would've thought

No. 371240

I know I'm getting into a shitty argument but no other animal also builds cars to drive in or wears clothes out of its own volition so might as well quit those too.(derailing)

No. 371243

nta but you are aware not even all humans drink milk right? it's just white people and arabs?(derailing)

No. 371245

nta but it takes guts to admit to being this retarded(infighting)

No. 371247

No. 371248

Okay, sucking it straight out of the cow is crazy

No. 371254

>No other animal drinks the milk of another species.
So? No other animals grows crops or cooks food, you better just be eating raw flesh and plants with that mindset. Gulp down a live fish straight into your throat like a fucking penguin, don't forget to throw it up into your children's mouths to feed them later since you think you need to eat like other animals kek
>Okay, sucking it straight out of the cow is crazy
Nobody is sucking milk straight out of a cow though, the fuck

No. 371258

This is what milk does to your brain. Glug glug you little cow.(infight bait)

No. 371264

Speaker announcement: Another vegan is loose in the thread! We've given it some leaves to snack on to calm down for now. I repeat, we have a loose vegan over here! If you've lost a vegan please come collect it at the counter, thank you. Over.(infighting)

No. 371274

"unnatural" is a stupid denotation. just because other animals do or do not do something doesnt make that action ethical or unethical. male animals regularly forcibly mate with females, ergo rape is natural, but just because animals do it it doesnt make rape ethical. chimps regularly slaughter entire other populations of chimps, that doesnt make genocide ethical. the rise of dairy consumption in humans was essential for feeding whole populations, you can feed far more people with the dairy produced by one cow or goat or whatever over its life than the meat of one animal. its a genius move that gets essential nutrients to huge amounts of people.
oh, i see, youre just retarded(infighting)

No. 371285

Fun fact: The word galaxy comes from the Greek word for milk, the same word that was used to name the simple sugar galactose, which is half of a lactose molecule. Drinking milk literally gives you galaxy brain.

No. 371306

This is such a retarded argument anon - humans also do things that animals don't - for example mass producing sexual imagery of women for casual consumption, would you say this is natural? Humans chose to do it, ergo it must be human nature? It's a good thing to reflect on your own decision you know - especially what you put in your body. You should have higher standards.

No. 371335

File: 1713292471014.png (3.42 MB, 4010x2384, r1IzBYR.png)

the vast majority of the world is lactose intolerant though.

No. 371339

File: 1713293227769.png (793.43 KB, 800x2251, 1637459508366.png)

No. 371340

File: 1713293257388.jpg (160.48 KB, 724x350, 1656848326045.jpg)

No. 371341

>Nobody is sucking milk straight out of a cow though
The comic says breastfeeding though

No. 371342

How is dude misgendering kek
>my clit hurts
Hope it is dying.

No. 371345

But nonita, I can relate to this. You may not like troonies in movies, but you can't deny we have way more interesting female characters now

No. 371355

File: 1713297647685.png (457.23 KB, 839x596, 4isa2jm.png)

No. 371356

They do a better job of ridiculing their lives than we do, don't they.

No. 371403

are you lost? what's wrong with a comic promoting staying natural over getting plastic surgery to "correct" perfectly normal features?

No. 371421

it seems like fetish content tbh

No. 371427

I hate Lainey but it definitely isn’t fetish content.

No. 371429

Some people deserve mental illness

Women don’t tell randoms that their clit hurts kek.

No. 371433

tbh when i watched love actually i was grossed out. it aged like hell

No. 371434

This needs to be a lc banner.

No. 371436

ntayrt but imo it feels like female characters are getting even more sexist nowadays just with a fake-progressive disguise over it but it's too off topic to elaborate here

No. 371439

File: 1713331917189.png (295.22 KB, 717x348, en ole mies.PNG)

>How is dude misgendering
The original is in Finnish where he uses the words that literally mean 'man' and 'old man.' Anon translated it after it was posted here.

No. 371444

File: 1713334647394.png (603.83 KB, 1170x1033, whocares.png)

this one is in his 40s still living with his mother

No. 371445

KEK her stuff is still so funny unhinged

No. 371497

I hate it when comics are 90% text, this one is especially egregious, just fucking tweet at that point

No. 371503

File: 1713356415347.png (2.55 MB, 2859x2574, T77OvW6.png)

No. 371523

He's mad Patreon is banning rape porn? Am I understanding this right?

No. 371622

File: 1713398541551.jpg (112.48 KB, 932x238, Untitled.jpg)

this is what he's referring to specifically

No. 371775

File: 1713448971996.png (262.69 KB, 601x551, 1664806860283.png)

No. 371783

That doesn't seem onerous at all, especially since it includes "affirmative action" as a form of explicit consent.

No. 371787

It’s like every gender dysphoric woman has never attempted to wear a sports bra in their life.
>inb4 implying any of them exercise

No. 371900

Why do TIFfies always use the "I hate my boobs lel" as some sort of sign that they're true and honest men deep down inside? What about cis girls who are flat-chested? Or men with moobs–that's so fat phobic omg, in this essay I–

No. 371998

File: 1713532927253.png (126.66 KB, 1280x534, tumblr_pjmvteD1pp1y0t36wo1_128…)

No. 372003

Tbh real

No. 372005

>cis girls
The ride never ends.

No. 372349

I recognize the others but who is the pink G guy suppose to be?

No. 372364

don't forget
>in this essay I-

No. 372391

I feel so bad for the lesbian.

No. 372472

>who is the pink G guy suppose to be
I think gumroad

No. 372491

It's like she tried to include as much retarded zoomer speak as possible in one post.

No. 372531

"i hate my boobs"
>is fat/chubby
well… there's a better way to make them go away

No. 372756

File: 1713778343538.png (934.43 KB, 1012x1020, e3pdxv6.png)

No. 372856

File: 1713803372160.jpg (626.84 KB, 1996x2080, GLxiWlOXsAArKrj.jpg)

I used to like these comics

No. 372883

I don't understand how I never fell into the gender hole despite being an autist and massive weeb. I just don't care about gender…that doesn't mean i'm going to go on hrt.
What the fuck. It's kinda funny people wouldn't respect her pronouns when the trans community considers it lifesaving.

I had to stop myself from commenting on more because my reaction was just 'wtf' over and over.

No. 372889

Can the fairy teach her(?) how to draw?

No. 372891

this goes hard, you should seriously submit it as a banner

No. 372896

is that jerma

No. 372905

it took me forever to get it was a troon comic

No. 372919

it's a she and she is a massive coomer-pandering whiny cow
its author trooned out recently
didn't gumroad ban porn tho? >>368711
xx hairclips kek

No. 372959

Fucking hell he actually did troon out lol, one hour and a half of him saying how he's an AGP freak https://hausofdecline.com/episodes/1/1837552

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