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File: 1706252555047.jpeg (117.06 KB, 640x640, IMG_0405.jpeg)

No. 351323

By popular demand, the Vivziepop thread! Discuss the shows, shorts, and comics of internet famous artist Vivienne Medrano.

No. 351326

Beat me to it, nona but hopefully this thread doesn't succumb to weird infighting

No. 351330

File: 1706253655513.jpg (133.34 KB, 1085x866, cover5.jpg)

i'm ready i'm ready nonnies!

No. 351332

I honestly have a hard time understanding what exactly about Alister was ruined from the episodes tonight. Characters who have an uptight personality and snap have been a trope for forever. He's no differently written than other characters Sebastian from Black Butler. He's proprietary, like everyone else in Hell and he didn't want someone insulting his hotel or getting close to Charlie and fuck up his long-con to make a deal with her.

No. 351333

File: 1706253868550.mp4 (7.97 MB, 854x480, character assassination.mp4)

Reposting this so new people don't have to go over to Western Animation cows to sperg about it

No. 351335

I wonder how the charlie/alastor shippers feel about this one kek

No. 351336

i just know some Alastor simp is going to make this scene in fanart with him going "you can always call me DADDY"

No. 351339

Don't put that image into my head
It's mostly a case of slow character assassination- the way Alastor acted in Episode 5 was completely different to how he'd normally act and it was the straw that broke the camel's back for me. I mean he was always supposed to be a narc but he was also supposed to be charming and a bit enigmatic but now he's getting pissy at everything and acting like a dickhead for no reason.

No. 351341

File: 1706254608715.jpeg (369.12 KB, 1024x1056, IMG_0409.jpeg)

Viv’s art style and design philosophies have grown on me a lot tbh. They’re still not all to my taste but I’ve grown to appreciate them, especially how they stand out in the world of adult animation. Adult animation really took a nosedive aesthetically at some point in the 2000s it’s not even funny. Not all shows of course but so many shows that come out are just so artistically uninspired. Like look at this shit it makes me wanna die.

No. 351343

He's still charming imo, but he's not trying to make friends and he openly admits he hangs around Charlie because he likes talking to her. Imo, just seems like he didn't want people fucking around with his long term plans and there were too many people at the hotel suddenly between Mim and her bullshit [which he was still composed for in the end before she ran off] and Lucifer, possibly taking Charlie's attention away from all he's done for the Hotel just because daddy could make a call to Heaven.

No. 351347

Indifferent. Vivzie made it clear she hates the ship, I knew she would be doing everything possible to attempt to torpedo it.
It doesn't change that Vaggie is a nothing character that Vivzie is failing at making compelling

No. 351348

Not an alastorfag and not really a hazbinfag but I don't get what's ooc or wrong about him in the episode? He didn't seem that much different from the pilot to me. I think people probably made up a fanon personality in fics and fanarts and now are upset because he doesn't hold up to that.

No. 351350

File: 1706256590714.jpeg (247.28 KB, 1170x1571, IMG_0416.jpeg)

lol i agree

No. 351351

kek, idk, I'm not quite an alastorfag either (it helps I never saw the pilot) and just like him. however, his peacocking slap fight with Lucifer and the janky kaiju moment now makes him feel a lot more like a typical frivolous creepy demon than some threatening yet refined eldritch entity. I mean, he was always was made to be a tumblr sexyman but at least before there was more mystique.
that's interesting considering how much the daddy scene felt like fanservice. does viv actually write all the episodes?

No. 351355

File: 1706259197176.jpeg (435.99 KB, 1290x2656, Image.jpeg)

Sorry for sperging but I’m the Alastorfag who suggested the HH thread in the animation thread and I need to speak my mind. THIS and him swearing made me so sad. I rewatched the pilot right before watching episode 5 and was so disappointed. It’s like they’re totally different characters. Also hate how they made his design so pointy. In the pilot he does have the same sharp smile but there are moments in which it falters and that made him more likeable imho. The new one is just weird and makes him seem kinda two dimensional. Same for Niffty sort of

No. 351356

Episode 6 is out on vumoo.
I honestly didn't expect to kind of like this show but I agree with >>351341 that the style has grown on me, even the overuse of red. It stands out a little bit unlike most of the ugly Rick and Morty style shitshows. I'm so looking forward to the mainstream animation style to finally change.
Ngl that's a catchy song

No. 351359

Why would he be above swearing?

No. 351366

File: 1706265240026.jpg (402.67 KB, 1660x1125, tumblr_a2faa6f23e7a27c81d70027…)

Anyone else think Charlie has chemistry with Emily or just me?

No. 351367

The gentlemen persona he had before doesn't go well with crash language. It's also a shame they wasted him swearing on a throwaway line like that - he acted more sophisticated and educated than the majority of bottom-feeding demons around hell and THAT is what made his personality unique. I can understand why people are upset, now every character just speaks in the the same edgy, crude way. It's boring and flattens them all even more.

No. 351369

They work well together. I just hope this isn't going to devolve into a love triangle thing with Vaggie

No. 351370

if she wrote the daddy scene in an attempt to extinguish charlastor shipping she is retarded, it will have made charlastor fags a million times more obnoxious. now featuring disgusting incest DDLG kink!
actually, could feasibly be some 4d chess given her viewerbase. within the next few days i guarantee there will be charlastor discourse about it being a predatory kink that glorifies incest kek. clearly the aphobia thing couldnt get enough people to rage against the ship so…
certainly more than her and vaggie kek. though i was thinking, i dont doubt some of the motivation for the vaggie fallen angel thing is an attempt to brute force some hurt/comfort angst in the most beige sexless pairing ever committed to canon
i found it disappointing for the same reasons anon. it also doesnt make sense that he would be so openly aggressive toward one of the most powerful beings in hell. it would be more interesting to have him undercut lucifer and charlie's relationship more subtly while asskissing/placating lucifer on the surface, trying to manipulate him into granting favours and shit like that. i wouldnt have thought it would make sense for a sophisticated and dangerous ex psychopathic public personality to happily and immediately burn the bridge to someone more powerful and important.
but to be fair, this is expecting interesting character writing from a team of broadway autists…

No. 351371

also im mad because from the screenshots of e5 i thought charlie and alastor would have a cool duet expanding on his specific abilities, maybe with him offering to "puppeteer" (through his voodoo) the residents of the hotel into behaving, persuading charlie in a way that has her on board at first, but realising by the end of the song that free will is important to her project (which would have been a nice tie in with lucifer).
i really wanted a spooky jazzy i have friends on the other side type number. sigh. seems like theyre staying away from actually mentioning voodoo explicitly at all, which i guess makes sense for avoiding audience shitflinging, but if theyre already appropriating the symbology they may as well make it interesting and tie it in properly instead of it just being there for aesthetic reasons.

No. 351373

I don't like how they are handling Lucifer. He seems out of place. All the other Seven Deadly Sins are powerful and respected. Like it's a big terrifying deal when they show up in HB. No one seems to care with him. Alastor disrespecting him doesn't make Alastor seem badass just makes him feel like a Mary Sue.

No. 351374

File: 1706267519824.jpg (161.2 KB, 930x1080, posion ivy.jpg)

Probably late but this is all I can think when I hear Vaggies new voice

No. 351377

File: 1706270810828.png (846.15 KB, 767x815, lute.png)

Getting Raven from Teen Titans vibes from maskless Lute

No. 351381

File: 1706271782373.png (649.93 KB, 1004x1000, 1706267043206442.png)

She's a huge pick me but she's cute not gonna lie.

No. 351383

File: 1706274366375.jpg (Spoiler Image,68.08 KB, 1080x587, IMG_20240126_100802_666.jpg)

So what did you all think about Vaggie being an Angel?

Personally I thought her Angel design is super cute, but her arc was super rushed. Like, we learn she's a angel, how she went to hell and Charlie learns Vaggie is an angel all in the same episode??? I know pacing is a problem as a whole in this series as a whole which is a bummer, because it could've been great.

No. 351384

Hey don't shit on the likes of early CN and Nickelodeon. They actually had shows with distinct and recognizable art styles. I'd say something like Gravity Falls and Rick and Morty were the two shows that signaled the downturn of the current climate. Almost all shows have some of its DNA in their art, almost never in a good way.

No. 351387

I hate how Vivzie really shot herself in the foot by wrecking the pacing and trying to cram in as much plot as humanly possible out of fear of getting shitcanned after one season. That being said I like how Vaggie's pilot outfit made an appearance in the flashback.
Iirc Flapjack was pretty much ground zero where a lot of the modern calarts animators like Pendleton Ward and Alex Hirsch got their start.

No. 351388

I know alastorfags hate his new personality, but i love how he made my manlet husbando seethe.

No. 351389

File: 1706280282697.png (942.9 KB, 1351x739, crabs in a bucket.png)

same. I have always defended vivzie sparkle dogs for being unique. I remember when the pilot dropped all of the failed artists trying to ''fix'' the designs by turning it into generic calarts shit.

No. 351390

agree, I really don't see what the big deal is, and a pilot is a pilot, anything in them is subject to change once the show gets picked up. Maybe it's because I don't know the deepest canon lore, but I don't think I have seen the Alastor his fans here are talking about kek

It was a little odd, but I think Lucifer in HH is supposed to have had more of a 'soft' fall and is still very much an angel rather than a demon, and therefore doesn't mesh with the rest of Hell. It's neat imo that a lot of Charlie's bubbly personality seems to stem from him, while her power/more demonic form looks to come from her mother.

No. 351392

>It's neat imo that a lot of Charlie's bubbly personality seems to stem from him, while her power/more demonic form looks to come from her mother.
I am glad i am not the only one who shares this opinion. People reacted so negatively to lucifer being short rather than some humongous hunk edgyboy. I enjoy the twist to the status quo, he's my favourite character and its also nice to have a manletXtall woman couple that isnt some roger rabbit ugly manletXbig tall mommy cringe.

No. 351393

I like it. The episode's pacing for it was very awkward, and unfortunate, but hopefully the fallout from it will get more time now that everything else has been rushed through. Really starting to feel the series' condensed episode count.

ah, hazbin redesigns, one of my favourite genres of bad art kek

No. 351394

File: 1706282086841.png (880.08 KB, 1299x1080, image_2024-01-27_021429793.png)

I found her second go at this particularly grotesque.

No. 351396

This is so much worse. They all look like they belong to different shows.

No. 351397

Vaggie looking like Amethyist from Steven Universe and Angel's tiny ass always in view KEK

No. 351398

I think it's sweet that he's a pocket prince, and has a relatively tame design compared to the other denizens of Hell. Lucifer being obviously attractive or acting seductive is pretty common, so idk it's kinda nice to see a take on the concept that's more of a displaced dork than domineering, powerful ruler of Hell.

Oof. I actually kinda like the way Angeldust's face is drawn here, but the rest of these designs just fall apart. None of them match, and I hate how they just turned Vaggie into Amethyst… Charlie's face also just looks… off kek

No. 351400

File: 1706284840907.png (2.84 MB, 2000x3000, seraemily.PNG)

Huh, I just noticed she got changed from her design in picrel. I preferred the short messy mane(gives a cute and playful feel) but oh well.

Also I saw they switched up the voice actors vs the description. Emily is played by an Indian woman (Shoba Narayan) while Sera’s played by a Black woman (Patina Miller). I think they switched the sisters’ skintones because of that too? Not sure why that’s necessary kek, but whatever. Their voices sound good and fit them I think. Bringing this up because I remember anons having an issue with the VA description in the other thread.

No. 351402

I think Lovesart23's design keeps a lot of HH's eye catching elements and even slight eye seering ness while making neater. I'm shocked at the general lack of more "edgy" designs overall but ig Viz doesn't attract that crowd.

No. 351403

File: 1706286414836.jpg (205.89 KB, 1270x1784, lute.JPG)

For some reason something about her looked off to me, and I just realized it’s because she looks so normal compared to the rest of the cast kek. Like her normal nose vs Charlie’s cat nose and other characters’ no-nose. Also more normal-looking eyes, hair, and no freakishly large mouth. Might be intentional? She kind of reminds me of Amity from Owl house lmao.

No. 351405

I’m still struggling to figure out the intended audience for this show. Ik it’s been a subject that people have criticized since the pilot came out but now that it’s on a major streaming platform (and it’s trending at #2 if that means anything) I can’t imagine a normie adult sitting down and watching this past the first episode. Lucifer's “take that depression! XD” felt so much like a children’s show line. I do hope it ends up attracting a bigger audience because even though I’m still unhappy with some of the VA changes I definitely wanna see more in the future.

Their designs are so beautiful but I couldn’t handle seeing them sideways because the shape of their heads reminded me too much of MLP kek

No. 351406

It ends up feeling a bit like a teen show with too much cussing because Vizie and whoever she hires I feel can't really write for Adults. Not a bad thing if she leaned into, but I think she clearly can't ence lack of a "normie" audience ( plus niche subject and blah blah hot topic issues like lukewarm takes on christianity)

No. 351416

It feels like the target audience is edgy teenagers who want to feel like they're watching an "adult" show and also very online adults who still have edgy teenage sensibilities. Vivzie is not afraid to make her stuff inaccessible to normies and nails the 2012 Tumblr autist humor quite well. I just don't know how self aware she is about it. Does she know? Is it intentional?

No. 351417

The one million question right here, I can't be arsed to tell since I think there's nothing particularly tongue and cheek about the show so-

No. 351426

It does make sense though, are a lot of you dense? It just seems like there's a bunch of anons adding in personal headcanons of how a character should act based on previous material when this is marketable through Amazon and thus things had to change. Alastor swearing isn't random and he was being challenged by the lord of hell. I honestly don't understand how his persona should overtake his motives. Honestly think he's trying to get Charlie on his good side and to trust him more than her shitty father and in order to do that, he can't have other people butting in. I have a feeling he's trying to take over hell.

No. 351432

Clearly yeah, I also do think it would make him stand out if he didn't really swear at all. Although it fits with the setting he does, even if others think it's a bit lame.

No. 351433

It's not like he went on a swearing spree like Angel or Husk. He said "fuck you" when things got super heated and got tired of being isulted and attempted upstaged [obviously wasn't upstaged], but I totally get the frustration between Husk acting like he doesn't know why Mim is there, then the dad coming in when Charlie should rely on him instead of her father because it is his hotel and then the dad comes in and fucking insults it and makes fun of Charlie for it? Like, yeah. "Fuck you" to Lucifer. He didn't flip out, he said it sternly and then took all the anger built up from that on Hush when Husk tried being insulting as well. I'm sure Alastor has a breaking point. Mim is lucky to not have him snap at her and instead just use his height and voice to tell her off. He can't just do that to someone like Lucifer, the best her can do is say "Fuck you". He said it so gentlemanly too, like he slapped him with a glove for one check and then back for the "you".

No. 351439

totally, their relationship is just a 1:1 rip-off of Harley and Ivy's relationship, except even more poorly handled.

No. 351440

ngl this is probably vivzie's best song this season.

No. 351443

They are in now way the same relationship lol besides both being women and the voice actor has a low pitch. It's just a manic/calm dynamic, it's not specific to Harley/Ivy in the least bit.

No. 351448

File: 1706298485499.jpg (207.47 KB, 1280x1280, go3yhlgq5gaa1.jpg)

I don't why, but I kinda like these two together.

No. 351453

As I said I get what they were coming from, I'm neutral on it but I can see why everyone thinks it sucks lol.

No. 351454

I really was hyped from watching the pilot years ago. It's a shame burecracy took a hold of it and unions replaced independent voice actors. I think the pilot shows a lot more vigor and style than the show.
The show really kind of comes off as theater kid.

No. 351461

File: 1706299802307.jpg (102.65 KB, 900x506, owlhousebitmojiset.JPG)

Honestly same. The style’s still not for me but I can see the charm. Even ignoring the bleak state of adult animation, modern cartoon styles in general have been so soulless and bland that I welcome anyone shaking things up a bit despite the hate. If vivzie can make it then hey, maybe there’s hope for more new shows with unique styles

No. 351469

Hazbin Hotel popped up in my Amazon recommended. How bad is it anons? Should I waste my time on it? I'm one of the people who's actually always enjoyed Viv's art style

No. 351475

It's a solid 6 or 7 to me, not a bad way to spend the time.

No. 351476

As long as you're not an Alastorfag it's not the worst thing to watch. Most of it is mid with some okay parts mixed in

No. 351479

Is it better than Helluva or worse?

No. 351481

AYRT, I actually think 2000s KIDS cartoons had great aesthetics and were quite varied. I’d never shit on them for that. But I was referring to adult cartoons, where in the late 2000s you had Cleveland Show, American Dad, and Family Guy all with the same style on at the same network. I guess I should’ve clarified late 2000s? Because I looked over the adult cartoons from the era and was shocked that 75% seemed original while 25% were Family Guy inspired. I think “cal-arts”/“sjw” style is a different issue that started closer to when you’re talking but they do have a lot of overlapping elements, especially after Rick and Morty came out in 2013.

No. 351482

Helluva is worse no question, hazbin is actually pretty good with the main flaws being the pacing is super rushed and angel dust isn’t likable or sympathetic but the show clearly wants you to view him in that way.

No. 351490

Samefag, yes I do know that CS, AD, and FG are all by the same guy lol, even if Seth probably barely worked on any of those 3 by the time they were all airing together. But it’s like, Futurama may have the same art style for organisms as the Simpsons, but the shows have completely different color palettes and are made differently, Futurama employing CGI since it’s very beginnings to create its world. Even though I think all the Seth shows are distinct in their writing from one another, aesthetically? No they’re pretty much the same. I feel like American Dad has better character designs though than the other two, I can just look at a character in the Smith household and pretty much know what they’re about.

No. 351498

File: 1706308040068.jpeg (422.86 KB, 1862x2048, 2XKPPLv.jpeg)

something that bothers me about HH is that almost(?) all of the female characters are almost entirely humanoid, while male sinners have a far greater diversity of designs (moth, spider, winged cat, snake, object-headed like Vox)
I think this is most obvious with Velvette. her design looks very uninteresting next to Valentino and Vox. I know it's been discussed a lot on /snow/ that Viv is a misogynist and lavishes far more love onto her male OCs than her female OCs, and I think it definitely shows in the designs. I'd love to hear other opinions on this because it's been bothering me while watching, especially after Mimzy and Cherri appeared.

No. 351499

The whole "Poison" music video (cringe lyrics aside) would've been more powerful if it was about a woman especially in this OnlyFans-tolerant climate. But Vizzie is too much of faghag and self-misogynist to do that.

No. 351501

>Viv is a misogynist and lavishes far more love onto her male OCs than her female OCs
I really think its just that she's into guys who are weird looking creatures and she's straight or heavily straight leaning so her girls end up much more normal in comparison. think of it as the gender swapped version of women being half naked with hentai proportions and men being fully clothed and average in anime.

No. 351505

Honestly, it's not as bad as I was expecting. The episodes are short and easy to watch, I'd say give it an episode or two, you don't have that much to lose. It's fun for what it is.
If Vivzie was a significantly better writer who was trying to make something politically important, maybe, but she's not. The point wasn't to be "powerful," it was to make sure we know Angel Dust is sexy AND sad. Female characters have already gotten this treatment for years, and it always undermines their arcs because their sadness still has a sheen of glitz and glam. I'm sick of seeing eroticized violence towards women across all media, and I wouldn't trust Vivzie to write anything better for a female character, so I hope she continues torture porn'ing the sad spider twink instead of any of the women to be honest.

No. 351506

File: 1706310091885.png (123.84 KB, 500x281, IMG_0426.png)

I hadn’t even noticed this, but yeah, you’re right. It’s funny, on Helluva which is usually deemed the more sexist show this is less of a problem. Loona, Stella, Octavia, Beezlebub, Deerie, Keenie (those two are angels but point still stands), all have animal-inspired designs, and even the imps of both sexes are much less straightforwardly humanoid than the women of Hazbin, barring background characters. I personally love Velvette and her design but I agree it is objectively the least interesting of the three you mention, she’s just a girl in a cute outfit with a fantasy skintone basically.

No. 351511

I think you're probably right, you've put it much better than I could have done. still, it's a real shame, since the designs of sinners are supposed to give insight into their sins and lives before death, which I think is sincerely lacking with the female sinners. at least there's that one dinosaur overlord (although the design is really more of another scene dog than a dinosaur, her snout is all the wrong shape)

No. 351512

It's ok. I does some things well and other things badly. I think the execution could be better but at least it's something very different than what else is coming out today in adult animation.
It vibe with my teenage emo girl phase. If you were that back then you'd probably like it.

No. 351513

I like Helluva better but that show had a smaller core cast and much more episodes to flesh it out. Give it time idk.

No. 351514

I don't think it was unions but Vivzie wanted to get in more with the broadway crowd. You can see it in Helluva. Ozzie and Fizz are getting a lot more focus since they are in that scene.

No. 351516

File: 1706311596635.jpg (99.42 KB, 720x910, X.jpg)

It annoys me how the writers show their cards instead of holding them close. Since it was let out of the bag that even heaven doesn't know the criteria for making it in, this will allow for Roo(t) to be the true big boss. Already alluded to her in the first episode with that narration.
Like >>351514 said but here's a tweet by Michael a few years back.

No. 351517

File: 1706311697839.jpeg (446.29 KB, 1290x2478, Image.jpeg)

Poison reminded me so much of Oh My God by (g)i-dle. there’s probably no relation whatsoever, but the lyrics (not necessarily the topic itself) plus the fact that Oh My God deals with religious imagery too caught my attention. it’s stupid but it’s been plaguing my mind every since i watched it. please tell me im not the only one

No. 351530

I always thought this was so cute

No. 351532

idk looks pretty generic to me, so i guess it has that in common with poison kek

No. 351534

It's cute and I'm happy Kesha did a cameo on HB

No. 351551

No, thank you. I would rather see a gay spider than a woman being abused. If it was a woman moids would jack off to it.

No. 351552

This, anons calling viv a misogynist are insane. I like that there is one show where the women are cool while the men are shown as literal dick sucking hoes. Vivizie is just a furfag so she will make the male characters more furry-ish than the women.

No. 351556

>I like that there is one show where the women are cool while the men are shown as literal dick sucking hoes.
Good point actually. Agree.

No. 351564

The women from her shows are all terrible.they have little to no personalities as well as not having screen time compared to her male characters,how exactly are they cool???

No. 351568

i genuinely don't understand what alastorfags saw in the pilot that is so different from the actual show. the moment he steps in he flexes his powers at charlie and vaggie and makes tv glitch effects happen.

No. 351569

cool af designs

No. 351572

kimcartoon for shitty 480p uploads, piratebay for HD ones

No. 351613

I think you and I are seeing completely different content.

No. 351624

File: 1706352000787.png (972.87 KB, 2187x1397, most satisfying cancellation i…)

i just like the designs a lot. When you are used to shit like this in western animation, or soulless crap like the shera reboot, vivzie's designs become a breath of fresh air.

No. 351639

I would agree with you if she didn't write a whore/cunt/bitch joke every two minutes (the same doesn't happen for male, tranny or gay male characters). And if she didn't water down their characters just to lift up her sad gay boy ships. I'm a fujo so I understand wanting to focus on male characters but she doesn't need to slander all her other female characters that way. If she really wanted to focus on what she likes as a straight woman then she should have just left female characters out.

No. 351662

NTA but I don’t see how ian jq giving every woman in OK KO an hourglass figure is that far removed from viv giving every character the same slender twig figure either. idk different strokes for different figures. her designs are so busy too but maybe that’s “good” to you.

No. 351666

The reason Charlie and Emily seem to have so much chemistry for the 5 minutes of interaction they get is because Emily actually supports her unconditionally which is something Charlie doesn't get from anyone else, not even Vaggie. It is also why it feels like such a forced relationship, the whole story is about Charlie converting sinners so they can go to heaven and whenever she talks about it she literally gets shut down by everyone around her. and even if Vaggie looks supportive it is only superficial, she is constantly trying to talk Charlie down. She goes along with it but often times seems to do so reluctantly, She has a whole song about supporting Charlie but she does not actually believe in Charlie's idea and that makes her come across as condescending. pair that with the fact she has kept a pretty big secret from her this entire time and it makes Vaggie look like a pretty shitty girlfriend.

No. 351672

She didn't say good she said cool

No. 351673

Vivziepop is a shit writer but I'm not sure if writing shitty female villains constitutes as being a misogynist. Are there more damning examples that pinpoint her as such?

No. 351693

Yeah, it's pretty ridiculous. Vaggie comes across like Charlie's wrangler who only goes along with her plans to humor her, whereas Emily is actually fired up and angry about the denizens of Hell being executed and is putting herself at risk to support her. It's inexcusably bad writing because Vaggie should absolutely be on Charlie's side given that she was an angel who had a change of heart and agreed the execution was wrong. If the idea was that Vaggie is hesitant to support Charlie because she already knows something Charlie doesn't, it just makes her seem even shittier because she's hiding really important things about her past AND information about Charlie's dream like >>351666 said, it makes her seem like a horrible girlfriend from every angle. Unfortunate since their relationship could've been handled much better. They could have telegraphed Vaggie's disdain for and ideological opposition to Heaven, Adam, Lute, etc. more clearly so it doesn't seem like she just thinks Charlie is retarded. Or she could confess that she was an angel BEFORE they go to Heaven, or even seem like she's about to confess in previous episodes, but keeps getting too scared because she doesn't want to lose Charlie. Maybe have her float the hypothetical to Charlie in a previous episode, like "What if one of the angels wanted to be redeemed, could you forgive even them?" to indicate that Vaggie wants to tell Charlie. As of now, it just seems like Vaggie wasn't supportive of Charlie's plan, had zero qualms about hiding her past, and was willing to let Charlie's idea crash and burn without ever warning her about the reality of what she'd be facing. Sorry for sperging, I just can't believe she fumbled this when the drama is practically packaged and ready to go. "Protagonist wants to redeem sinners to protect them from genocidal angels and her gf who's helping her is hiding that she used to be one of those angels" should NOT be this boring.

No. 351694

We haven't really seen any female villains aside from the one who hangs out with Adam. She's barely made an appearance, otherwise there's Mimsy, but she isn't really a villain. Could help if you gave some sort of example of a female villain who has been "fleshed out" or gotten a lot of screen time who is still bland and boring.

No. 351697

I read that Helluva Boss has Stolas' wife, Stella, which anons kept pointing at as an example of Vivziepop's misogyny.

No. 351734

eh, this show isn't any more misogynist than usual adult cartoons, it's just people hold her to 10x higher standards because she's a woman with a face and public presence attached.

No. 351758

Tbf her male characters exceptionally well written either so it makes no sense for her female ones to be so ( even tho that would be based)

No. 351760


No. 351767

Ngl I think she's hot. I have terrible taste in women. Ruin that man's life!

No. 351772

File: 1706434486117.png (1.1 MB, 3460x4050, Stella_by_EsmeCakes.png)

No you're right, I also think her design is pretty

No. 351773

I wonder if she is going to be a middle hero. It's probably just the bird look, but she gives me Rue from Princess Tutu vibes.

No. 351774

I love her design and tbh I don't mind that she's a raging bitch, it is funny. Her character would work just fine if Helluva didn't have cringy, forced 'real sad drama' sections inbetween the comedy. Stella would be top tier if she was in the right show.

No. 351778

Yeah and I don't get how a woman being abusive and violent is seen as bad in hell when everyone from the main cast were shown to admire violence and shown abusive traits in the first like 6 episodes. Helluva then changed to make everyone woobified and empathetic but it's too much of a tone change and now it's very confusing. I bet that if Stella was one of the main cast she'd be the same but seen as a boss bitch while Stolas like a comedic relief weak character, Vivzie really can't decide if violence is bad or not in hell.

No. 351793

We could have had a funny """mutually toxic"" wedding situation with Stolas and Stella but Vizie just had to write (bad) drama

No. 351819

Viv really ruins it with the sad "deep" drama. Something that would work is making the pacing and comedy like Brandon Roger's older popular videos, just jokes and random shit with a tiny bit of lore sprinkled in. He even made a short video with HB puppets once and it seemed a lot better than the usual episodes with pointless drama no one cares for. Viv wants her show to have comedy but also have long sections of sad dramatic moments (and songs ugh) and imo it just doesn't work.
Speaking of songs, two songs for every episode is wayy too much. Most of them are boring or just bad, idk why she insists on having multiple pop-sounding repetitive songs every single episode.

No. 351820

File: 1706468290483.png (187.19 KB, 589x235, Screenshot.png)

So currently, Charlastor is the top trending ship on the shipping wiki. I really don't know if this is what vizei wanted, cause if she disliked this ship, she had to know that the wrong would make it exceptionally worse and be like blood in the water for the ddlg fetishists.

No. 351824

Gosh, they're so fucking hideous especially Alastor.must be a pain in the ass to animate and color all of that…I truly feel bad for the animators

No. 351828

why does a shipping wiki even exists, i will never understand why people are so obsessed with shipping

No. 351832

I love her no matter how much the show wants me to hate her lol
I think Helluva works best as an episodic action-comedy. I wish if they wanted to keep the lore, they’d pace it better. Maybe like one lore episode a season?

No. 351843

Samefag, I realized I worded this in a retarded way. Show basically is episodic and is mostly action-comedy, so I more mean the angst rather than the lore. I just don’t think this show balances angst and comedy well, I’m not finished with s2 yet but so far it feels off in comparison to s1 because of that. So much goddamn angst. Also going more and more off the original idea when the side plots are significantly less interesting than the actual original concept for the show.

No. 351860

File: 1706478143377.png (1.48 MB, 2048x1788, malecharactersvsfemalecharacte…)

It's just more of picrel

No. 351863

is this a fan animation or the actual show? it looks so messy and jerky, i can't really tell what's happening(newfaggotry)

No. 351864

Yeah that's actually from the show, Angel Dust's background episode. The animation tends to be jerky. There's not that much to follow though. Angel Dust is a prostitute and wants out but his pimp owns his soul (literally) so he's trapped.

No. 351866

I liked Ozzie and Fizzaroo orwhatever his name was in S2 because they're cute, but all of the drama overall was very contrived. Mostly because, as >>351778 says, everything is just about framing since everybody is shitty.

No. 351882

AYRT, I actually agree to some extent, I just finished the show up until this point. I think part of it is for me at least was that the Fizzarolli episodes came right after Unhappy Campers, which I thought was definitely the worst episode of the show so far IMO and actually had me questioning my past judgement of “the episodes where they do their job tend to be better than the ones where they’re just fucking off”. And no it’s not moralsperging about the incest jokes, they are tame compared to what adult swim have put out over the years pertaining to that subject kek. It was just an annoying episode, the one time I really preferred the subplot of Blizto digging into his history over the main plot which was just “guy getting jealous of wife doing better than he is” which is such a tired sitcom plot no matter how they dressed it and the none of the jokes landed for me either. So the Fizz episodes, while off topic as all fuck like a lot of season 2, was welcomed with open arms by me because they didn’t get on my nerves.

No. 351904

I have to apologize to Millie for this because she IS pretty cool but I actually could not care less for Moxie or any of the couple's feature episodes (by way of him featuring heavily in them).

No. 351941

Nah. Vivizie's male characters are clearly meant to be hot for her and her audience. And the female characters arent just hour glass figure bimbos

No. 351943


Why does this song has the same beat/sound like the spinel song from steven universe?

No. 351944

They are inspired by the same style of music.

No. 351952

Anyone else think Alastor/Lucifer is a way more interesting ship than Charlastor?

No. 351954

File: 1706526978707.jpeg (188.12 KB, 1125x1124, IMG_9763.jpeg)

Don’t care for Chalastor ship but just keep the fujocooming to Helluva

No. 351962

God no

No. 351984

yes, chalastor is ddlg shit

No. 351988

I'm not especially into either, but I've really never understood the appeal of Charlastor. Even less now. But even before Vivzie made did the father/daughter thing, there didn't seem to be much chemistry with Charlie and Alastor. Charlie doesn't even have chemistry with her actual girlfriend though, so kek. Also there's a Hazbin thread on fujochan where you might get a more positive response if you want to talk more about Alastor x Lucifer.

No. 351996

I like that the relationship isn't in everyone's face, it just exists. Not every couple in a show needs to have it blatantly thrown in the viewers face. They act like couples that don't run around showing off mass amounts of kissing and hugging and PDA. They are just a normal couple.

No. 352047

File: 1706559054146.mp4 (16.95 MB, Ts24We483G.mp4)

One thing we can acknowledge is that Hazbin is much better in terms of toning down the swearing compared to HB. While it is still excessive, it's not as prevalent as in HB, where swearing sometimes makes up 90% of the dialogue. I am genuinely grateful for it.

No. 352052

juststop made another hazbin essay

No. 352055

Charastor has exsisted for ages, and was based off the chemistry Charlie and Alastor had in the pilot as well as playing off the contrast in their ideologies. Obviously it doesn't work now and devolved into being weird as fuck within canon, but like it's a old ship that won't die kek.

No. 352056

This plus I don't doubt there is/was an element of the audience self-inserting as Charlie and wanting Alastor.

No. 352069

File: 1706565521248.png (267.22 KB, 707x695, Screenshot 2024-01-29 215846.p…)

I didn't know that tumblr had a vocal minority of people who clown on Vizie's shows

No. 352070

Literally who? And fetishizing male targeted abuse is based so why should I watch this video

No. 352074

I don't think I've ever seen a hazbin hotel fan post on tumblr to be completely honest

No. 352076

Tumblr has been obsessively shitting on Vivzie for years now. Very fascinating since her work should theoretically be like catnip for them.

No. 352084

I’m in a groupchat with tumblr gendies who talk about their hatred for vivzie constantly and I think one of them even reblogged this

No. 352088

The target of Hazbin Hotel is girls who want to fuck NiGHTS, Reala and Balan with the hat on, duh.

No. 352090

Yeah I was watching HH pilot included and was like, “y’know, I think this whole cursing thing people bring up about Vivziepop seems pretty exaggerated, yeah they curse but whatever”. But then I watched all of HB and then I got it completely. I think Hazbin is definitely better at writing unique character dialogue, so many Helluva characters speak like sailors and I’m not offended by it, it’s just not very interesting and they start to blend together.

No. 352107

File: 1706580449663.png (182.98 KB, 500x514, tumblr_8d296767601cf11014a8e64…)

They hate Viv because she drew fanart/supports Blaire White and Sh0eonHead. Objectively if she was a real terf she'd be based but she's that pseudo-flavor of gender critical, considering in Helluva Boss, the trans character still retain the horn coloration of their biological sex, something gendies seethe over.

No. 352111

Is this really what started it? That's so funny. I don't think Tumblr gendies even know why they hate her anymore, they just do because it's court mandated at this point. I'm sure this is one of the many crimes she's apparently guilty of (if callouts are to be believed, she's committed crimes of transphobia, misogyny, racism, homophobia, she killed JFK, etc.) but I truly believe they just hate her because she won't troon out despite running in their circles and having the same fandom interests as them. If she trooned out, she could just claim muh dysphoria and get away with 99% of the things they complain about.

No. 352116

The big thing I kept hearing was that she was a pedophile who had drawn child porn, but IIRC that as a wild extrapolation based on a teacher/student pairing from her webcomic comprised of 19/18 yo characters.

No. 352123

Did anyone here read Zoophobia, her old webcomic? I kept up with it as a teen and it's so interesting how she's made it in ways very few of these other webcomic creators and artists ever will. I remember next to nothing about the characters or plot, mostly that I found her art fun to look at.

No. 352126

From what I've seen she just hates TIFs but likes TIMs like a typical fag hag kek.

No. 352131

File: 1706597855242.jpeg (1.53 MB, 2480x3508, Untitled13_20240129224352.jpeg)

The one character was actually 17. Viv confirmed that on twitter. https://twitter.com/vivziepop/status/1128064633166712832 She actually created the character of Addison when she was around 17 herself, based on looking at her post about the character on her old blog. I found this by looking at the wikia page for the character, they had a citation that linked to it. Note the time of post. Viv was born Oct 28 1992. She’d be around 17 around this time, turning 18 in the fall. However, she drew the weird drawings of him when she was 19. However, she addressed this in her big tumblr apology. https://vivziepop.tumblr.com/post/179705403534/im-only-going-to-say-this-once Personally, like… she was a teenager who drew retarded drawings of her oc she had since she was an even younger teenager. Whatever, it’s funny when her antifans have this as a gotcha when most industry creators have created far worse at far older ages than what she did lol. Some of it even being in their shows for christ’s sake. How any of these people like any cartoon at this point, especially an adult cartoon, is beyond me.

No. 352132

The black halo is a cool design idea

No. 352141

I was a Charlie x Alastor shipper since I read the fanfiction "the taxidermist" which can be a standalone story that you can read without watching the pilot first (it was made before the show started) and it needs one more chapter to be finished. It was masterfully written and all of the characters were portrayed accurately to the pilot and greatly. I don't know if Charlie x Alastor would work in the show but it worked there. I shipped them because Vaggie sucks ass as a character and as a love interest especially. As for that moment, I hated how Lucifer was handled in general and the fact he is regularly around in the first episodes instead of mystery built around him. I think Alastor swearing could be fitted for a better moment. And he could be a bit more… Restrained in general. But Lucifer is really destroying that shit for me. He's so powerful and yet he's handled so badly. Look at him, he has the same damn expression those villains in Helluva Boss have when something doesn't go their way. It's like those soyjaks where the one you're supposed to hate is more wimpy or ugly or not as strong or whatever. They make him look bad because they can't make the characters look good on their own. They have to make someone worse to make someone else better. Why did they have to put him there so early? And why did they have to make him just some guy instead of The Lucifer? In the pilot with the way Charlie sings about her parents not accepting her dreams and she looks at that painting where they're all together and she phones her mom without us ever hearing a voice, it built a mystique to who they are. By portraying Lucifer in this light, they don't live anything for the reader's imagination. Same thing with making heaven appear so early on and giving the angel's awful designs. In the pilot, they were shown at the song creepily and not much was known about them. Really it seems as if the character's Viz or whoever writes those plots are as a black hole and the space (aka plot and other characters) is curved around them to accommodate their existence. Same happened with Stolas and Blitzo. He's the favorite so he gets special treatment. And it's understandable for this to happen, some characters are more special than the others, but it needs to look good while doing it.

No. 352144

Don't think with your vagina/dick when you make a tv show, why is it so hard for cartoonists to grasp?

No. 352151

a lot of current creatives come from a fandom (or otherwise heavily online) background where being openly horny for the subject you're creating for is normal as a motivator, so they don't learn/realise to either tone it down or keep it out of their work. Their fanbases can then encourage this, as it caters to their own horny interests with canon material.

No. 352154

Admittedly Charlastor was an intruiging thought based off the pilot because of the previously mentioned contrast. I really don't understand where the sudden pearl clutching over it being 'ddlg shit' is coming from though, since the song with the dad line is very obviously Alastor trying to manipulate Charlie and piss off Lucifer. I really doubt he genuinely feels that way and if they write him ending up like that it'll just come off like an ooc cope from Vivzie because of her endless malding over the ship. Alastor is just as generically 20 something as the rest of the cast, not including Husk, so it isn't even like he comes off as exceptionally older than Charlie. Charlie's retardation aside, she acts like an adult when the plot needs her to.

No. 352169

File: 1706614177671.jpg (157.74 KB, 412x397, 99886351.jpg)

to all the alastorsisters that got banned in the animation cow thread like i did, thank you for your service.

No. 352173

I genuinely don't understand how Vivzie is a "misogynist faghag" for giving the role for the sad hypersexualized prostitute to a male character. I'm so fucking sick of seeing this done for female characters for obvious male coom, like other anons said let her torture the gay spider. Just say you hate fujos and be done with this concern trolling about misogyny.

No. 352177

I binged the show yesterday and I'm really enjoying it. I was surprised, because I was fully expecting a pile of steaming dogshit like the pilot. The bar is in hell for animation, but it's leagues better than other animated shows I've watched recently. One that comes to mind is Castlevania. HH shines in comparison for at least having a coherent art style and good voice work (which I think is the hard carry here)

No. 352182

It's the issue of creating what is essentially a female character and pretending it's male.

No. 352183

I feel like it's getting better with each episode, and the songs are all pretty good. Except the 'hell is forever' one cuz that VA's voice annoys the shit out of me. I'm baffled at the level of hate this show receives tbh.

No. 352185

So you would prefer to see a female character getting abused instead? No thanks. Go watch the million of other media with female abuse victims and let hazbin stans keep their one male victim.

No. 352187

Twinky gay men get roped into prostitution and abuse too, it's not some essential female experience exclusive to women. And even if it didn't, it's still fucked up to be so mad about wanting this horrible shit to happen to a female character specifically after it's been done since the biblical times.

No. 352191

this, can't believe that anon saw him getting gang raped, bound, and choking on dicks and thought "why is this not a WOMAN?"

No. 352192

This is not at all what I mean. Yes, gay men do experience abuse in the porn industry, and no one here is denying that. However, the way it is portrayed is something that mostly affects female porn stars. Along with how Angeldust is depicted, everything about him more like a highly fetishized heterosexual portrayal. he is a male character identified by pronouns and nothing else.

No. 352193

Oh brother. Go back to soapboxing about ~fujocoomers~ in the kiwifarms vivzie thread.

No. 352194

File: 1706622878673.jpg (57.27 KB, 500x369, 4252c689da8f91bab4744b1bf8e224…)

The only vaguely female-looking thing about him is the tuff of hair on his chest that some people draw as boobs. He's a pracing lala homo man in just about everything he does. Even his story reminds me of those basically horror lives of gay men who lived in the world of unprotected anal sex, drugs and the search for higher kink heights. All he needs to have to be any more stereotypical is AIDS.

No. 352198

Japanese do the same and the anime industry is thriving while the western cartoon industry is in the shitter.

No. 352199

File: 1706623485122.jpg (340.05 KB, 1753x1280, 1645563236658.jpg)

Extremely unpopular opinion but i love vivzie's designs. Its been a while since a western cartoon inspired me to draw fanart just because the characters look really fun. They are so colorful and detailed, I am having a field day drawing them.

No. 352201

i hate this stupid ugly cartoon but vivzie is based for abusing male characters and being loved for it tbh

No. 352202

In Japan saying you like anime = saying you like cartoons. Shonen anime such as Demon Slayer, Attack of Titan, Doraemon, Pokemon, One Piece is popular but that's like SpongeBob, Avatar, Simpsons being popular. There are some odd scenes in SpongeBob, but I'm sure most people watching this will see and think "Wtf are the writer's smoking" like how you see a fan service scene in shonen anime. It will be there, sometimes, but it's not they will like… Anime with lots of sexy scenes is something few people will watch. It's niche like how Hazbin Hotel is niche or idk what's popular nowadays. The anime industry is thriving because a lot of people outside of Japan like it. If it was only inside Japan, then it wouldn't be as popular. American shit would be more popular if it wasn't all comedies like Rick and Morty and the Simpsons for adults or something for children only. And honestly those comedy adult only shows would be much better if they were something like Friends, for example, instead of eccentric humour not everyone will get. The popular anime is for young and big audiences and it's action (who doesn't like action?). You know what popular Disney + Pixar movies are, it's because they did Romance and Action. So many kids and adults alike loved Spiderman, Cinderella, Puss in Boots etc.

No. 352207

is this a chatgpt response?

No. 352214

>However, the way it is portrayed is something that mostly affects female porn stars.
and it's happening to a male character and it's a problem…why?

No. 352218

>he is a male character identified by pronouns and nothing else.
what do you want then? an episode devoted to getting close ups of his male bulge? ofc he doesn't resemble a male, he barely resembles a female either, if it weren't for his multiple arms and character lore and wikias no one would be able to tell he's meant to take after a spider either, he looks like a thing.
i think your deal is that you inherently view certain characteristics and roles as being for women, hence you think Angel Dust is "essentially a female character" that Vivzie only pretends is male.

No. 352220

that anon is the ''ukes are just women'' retard

No. 352223

Yeah, I agree with you. It's really the whole 'I'm trapped in an abusive relationship with a powerful male' that feels odd in the context of Angel Dust, as well as the highly feminized outfits and chest fluff boobs. Either way, I prefer that a pseudomale character is who gets his story instead of a female character, Vivzie doesn't possess the tact or interest to write a sympathetic female prostitute.

No. 352235

>highly feminized outfits
you mean feminine outfits, also it's a prancing lala homo manwhore, he's gonna wear feminine clothing.
>chest fluff boobs
they were always annoying, in concept sketches, they were more obviously fluff taking after fluffy spiders, then on it evolved into pseudo-boobs, were they're just there and the pilot's already out so there's no changing 'em, and they're easy to incorporate into a drag appearance.

No. 352248

She/he wants to see a woman character in her "woman role" (whore) instead of a male victim and that's it. Plus anon really hates fujos and believes they want to be raped because they write angsty homo shit. What do you expect from a smelly antisocial pussyless kiwi farms poster?

No. 352249

This.I agree, I really like them. Kudos to the animators for going alone with so much detail without just using patterns and sliding the animations around.

No. 352306

File: 1706660472292.jpeg (114.02 KB, 892x1200, IMG_5526.jpeg)

Nona he’s a fucking spider, neither men nor women look like that. He acts more like a stereotypical fag than a woman. I don’t understand why you’re mad that it’s happening to a male character

No. 352315

File: 1706663193825.jpeg (300.59 KB, 1500x1498, IMG_4768.jpeg)

The new sneak peek is so off to me if a man touched me like that and jumped in my bed I would have thought he was making moves on me such a odd scene to make

No. 352321

while he did touch charlie's face in the pilot, this is on a whole nother level. maybe with context it's not so bad but yeah it probably is. it will probably ruin alastor more for me.

No. 352332

I don't get what Vivzie is even trying to do with him. This comes off creepy and predatory after the Dad thing and obvious telegraphing that he's manipulating her.

No. 352336

File: 1706676141594.jpeg (138.57 KB, 907x707, IMG_5537.jpeg)

Didn’t he do the same to vaggie too ? Maybe he’s just weird like that smh

No. 352340

Yeah he's always been touchy-feely, he literally slaps Vaggie's ass in the pilot. This is not new behavior for him.

No. 352346

always strong.

No. 352348

This looks like it's part of a song, so I'm not going to read in to it more than just overdramatic movements for emphasis. I don't see the creep factor.

No. 352356

Nope. Not that it’s really relevant whether he’s a weirdo or not, but here’s the full clip. Teaser for episode 7, happens at around 1:02

No. 352361

So your problem is that he doesn't "look male enough" when every character in that series looks like a triangular shape barely resembling anything but a vaguely humanoid character? Nonna I will bet my bottom dollar that your real problem is that your damaged ass hates fujos and every trope associated with them including effeminate twinks so you're coming up with these weird takes about how it's actually misogynist that it's not a woman choking on a dick while being gangraped. You're entitled to your opinion but at least be honest, everyone sees through you.

No. 352365

Yeah, this isn't weird imo. It really seems like people are putting personal headcanons into a character.

No. 352368

the jump straight from
>"poison would've been more powerful if it was about a woman"
>"w-well obviously I was talking about how he's literally female in all but pronouns already and you self-misogynistic faghags are twisting my words!"
was hilarious. it has to be that one weirdo from kf.

No. 352369

Can somebody please explain to me what Alastor fans were expecting him to be like and why what we got is so disappointing? I've read the thread, and I'm still not sure. I don't interact with the fanbase at all and haven't really thought about the show between the time I watched the original pilot ages ago and watching the show now.

No. 352374

I think it's a mixture of the pilot plus headcanons people have created over the years that stuck. The pilot made him seem gentlemanly, collected, and mischievous. But in the series he's just more cringy bc he's flexing his powers and getting worked up/easily flustered by so much stuff. Like in episode 5 he screams "IM THE RADIO DEMON" or some cringe shit like that and just starts eating people bc he got upset. The pilot made his character seem much more restrained. So it's a bit of a contrast to what some were expecting based on a short pilot. But this is unfortunately what his character was intended to be though bc he was created by Viv and none of her characters go beyond being a 14 yr olds OCs that never improved. I think fanart/fanworks made him out to be a bit more interesting than what he actually is.

No. 352388

File: 1706705284419.jpg (29.65 KB, 670x446, swole11.jpg)

He's too OP. Calm your ass Goku-stor

No. 352392

>The pilot made his character seem much more restrained.
ntayrt, but this was my personal gripe about him, the pilot makes him seem more self-assured in himself and his powers and the way Vaggie described him made him out to be this odd man that came out of nowhere to establish himself as one of the most powerful demons in Hell.

No. 352430

File: 1706721954921.jpg (264.53 KB, 1638x2048, 20240131_111210.jpg)

I hope we get to see Lilith chain up Alastor. I don't necessarily ship them but it would be so hot. And it's what Alastor deserves.

No. 352434

based take

No. 352436

Definitely canon. He is bound to a stronger being, it can only be her

No. 352438

hell yeah, the demon that's the incarnation of lust vs "asexual" demon, need to see this happen

No. 352440

speaking of, she's already got a tiny section on the wikipedia page for Lilith kek

No. 352453

I expected him to be powerful in his weight class but against the heavy weights like Lucifer he should be using his smarts rather than openly clowning on Lucifer. Mammon or Ozzie would have smacked his shit for talking to them like that. He should be more wily and clever about his position.

No. 352458

File: 1706726345462.png (2.19 MB, 2308x1027, adam-my-beloved.png)

I don't know why and it makes me a bad person but Adam is genuinely my favourite. He's such a lovable complete asshole. I hope he makes it into season two. I like how he draws a little doodle of himself on his proclamations.

I might need therapy.

No. 352459

File: 1706726565987.jpeg (136.22 KB, 900x1100, IMG_7858.jpeg)

I'm 4 episodes in and my biggest complaint thus far compared to the pilot is the change in some of the voice actors, the breakneck pacing, and the lack of tuning on Alastors voice. Nitpicky I know, it lacks the crackly radio quality and the static it had in the pilot. I don't understand why this season is supposedly 8 episodes instead of a fuller fledged 12 for better character development.

I always loved Viv's designs so seeing them animated by a professional studio delights me.

I love him and Lute's designs and that there's this biblically accurate angel edge to them

No. 352460

It could've been paced better if the pilot wasn't public. So now they have to reintroduce the eight characters at the Hotel, then the antagonist three overlords and two angels in first couple episodes.
They could've removed Ser Pentious, mixed his part with Angel Dust arriving and let Nifty and Husk work in the background like they did with Charlies goat sidekicks. It would've been much smoother.
Helluva Boss started with five mains and slowly added more. This just constantly flings new people at you.

No. 352461

Husk and niffty where never side characters and the story needs husk to help angel out

No. 352462

File: 1706728206430.jpg (105 KB, 682x1024, 20240131_125438.jpg)

like I just can't get enough of art depicting this. I hope she treats Alastor like her own little pet and puts him in his place.

No. 352464

File: 1706728716783.jpg (127.8 KB, 1024x768, 1itoun.jpg)

Going to throw out some wild theories here just so I can link back and say I was right.
>Adam is the progenitor of imps with Lilith. The horns look exactly the same and even use the same gender pattern. Lilith fled to Hell because she knew Heaven would kill them.
>Lilith ascended to heaven because of her selfless act and was killed by the angels
>Charlie's real mother is Eve. She assumed Lilith's identity on ascending to keep Hellborne spirits up. She's a sinner because of apple eating.
>Blitzo will show up in the finale in a line or two cameo. His VA is listed as another role but I don't think she showed up yet
>Cameo by an Ars Goetia member in the finale too. He's working with or enslaved by Alastor which explains how Alastor is so strong. Ars Goetia member will be a new recurring character on HB
>I don't know why but I'm feeling there's something with Alastor and Emily. Maybe she was one of his victims and when he pulls his big bad thing she'll forgive him and it will be like a whole sappy ending

No. 352465

One more
>Lute is called Lute because Adam picked the name for his number 2 and it's short for Lieutenant

No. 352470

that sounds really possible.

No. 352493

If the alleged story leaks are accurate then you're right about "Lilith" actually being Eve. But the leaks also said that Rosie is actually the true Lilith, and she's basically a background nothing character at this point so I take the leaks with a grain of salt.

No. 352507

Vivzie on a live stream with Amir and Erika said someone was going to die in the last episode drop, but that it wouldn't be Angel Dust, and that it would be 'obvious'. https://www.youtube.com/live/UIVA5AgiBgU?si=2s4-6LVDfAsSAOoR&t=3221(learn2embed)

No. 352511

Gonna go with Vaggie. Sacrifice thing.
Leaked song list has Sir Pentious fucking dies but that is defo a fakeout.

No. 352518

It sucks seeing so many people come up with better plot ideas and character building because I have so little faith in Vivzie to do anything anywhere close to that.
Having Charlie's mother actually be Eve and the whole idea anon suggested >>352464 would be less predictable than Eve only recently disguising herself as Lilith and holding her hostage because? She's evil? I want to believe Vivzie isn't so misogynistic/bad at writing that she'd actually make Adam an angel and have Eve nowhere to be found and/or the root of all evil, but I will be pleasantly surprised if that turns out to not be the case. Regardless of what happens with that whole plotline, I wonder if seeing other hypothetical executions of her characters makes her realise what a clusterfuck she's made.

No. 352532

One thing that is quite funny on the livestream they did today is that Amir speaks so positively of fans who "do their own interpretations" of Hazbin characters while Vivzie is still liking passive aggressive tweets shitting on people who do redesigns

No. 352534

share screenshots it’s a image board

No. 352540

File: 1706752781372.png (372.98 KB, 604x621, hazbinhomotel.PNG)

As you wish. The youtuber being insulted here (Mad Munchkin) is one of those old brony/cartoon review channels

No. 352544

Lmaooooo he sure is bold to criticize Hazbin Hotel designs when his youtuber avatar looks like THAT
Most of these redesigns are not reinterpretations by fans, they're done by Hazbin Hotel haters who think they can do better, that's why Vivziepop hates them.

No. 352558

Vivzie is kind of retarded and it's unprofessional of her to like petty tweets, but I honestly understand why she has no patience for this shit anymore. The nerve to criticize anyone's work with an avatar like that is crazy kek

No. 352591

pretty sure the point of Adam is that he's only an angel because he was literally the first human to go to heaven, not because he has any redeeming qualities (other than maybe obeying his original purpose as being the first man, unlike Lilith who 'failed' by making her own choices), and that the standards for getting in or being barred from heaven are either arbitrary or completely/fairly unknown to both parties (aside from obvious things like murder being hell-worthy etc). That's why the question of redemption being possible or not has to be asked (and currently has no answer).

It's not going to be a deep or nuanced take on any of these ideas, and will likely culminate in a childish resolution of some kind, but it's pretty straightforward so far so maybe she'll be able to pull something off.

No. 352597

File: 1706774741922.png (150.36 KB, 499x600, medium.png)

>Lmaooooo he sure is bold to criticize Hazbin Hotel designs when his youtuber avatar looks like THAT
MadMunchkin is a woman, but agreed. She's one of those bronies who can only design ponies well.

No. 352612

honestly? based. All of the people shitting on vivzie's designs cant make something better. They either turn them into corporate calarts blobs or make them 10 times worse and more unoriginal.

No. 352637

Her ponysona is cute

No. 352659

It already has a foreign dub?

No. 352665

They got some Euro languages, Japanese and some squiggly stuff I don't recognise. Probably a requirement from Amazon. Netflix tends to release all languages at the same time too.

No. 352669

It has japanese, spanish, german, french and italian dubs.

No. 352679

I know it wasn't the point of your post, but Emily's mop hair is driving me insane. She would look so much better with that back part cut off.

No. 352681

File: 1706815120806.jpg (573.55 KB, 1095x991, dgs7e8n-80bf378c-7e4e-4fa7-be3…)

I agree. It weird with her wings. They seem to switch being in front of them or behind them based on the shot

No. 352693

After listening to leaked songs Alastor may be the one who gets killed off, but it's a fakeout death
Also the final two episodes should be leaked in a couple hours.

No. 352695

You think? I'm in the Telegram group that leaked the first 2 episodes and the songs but they haven't gotten anything other episodes early

No. 352707

File: 1706820023861.png (97.77 KB, 956x502, image_2024-02-02_074114140.png)

This message was sent yesterday and the perso running it has sent leaked songs corresponding to the episodes prior to their release, so there's a good chance imo

No. 352709

Oh I saw that earlier and I thought that that meant Friday. Timezone weirdness lol

No. 352731

File: 1706826217041.png (Spoiler Image,44.54 KB, 1629x292, 8758716578.png)

Post made on 4chan before eps 3 and 4 were out. Spoilered it.
The songs are up on the other farms. Page 368 of the HH thread

No. 352732

File: 1706826537512.jpg (Spoiler Image,20.32 KB, 308x204, 5659942-7c6fdfa0b2d9cfb39666be…)

Post made somewhere else about who dies. Again spoilered.

No. 352742

Funny if true.

No. 352753

am I the only one who finds those chaifootsteps and helluvareciepts people kinda creepy? like al they ever post is viv they stalk her likes and her insta . plus theyre linking people to leaked content
like im not a vivz super fan or anything but idk jf ive ever seen so many people just ok with shit like this happening, its really creepy

No. 352773

File: 1706836074032.png (217.64 KB, 431x512, image_2024-02-02_121001784.png)

No. 352778

File: 1706836401475.png (Spoiler Image,1.4 MB, 1210x815, velvette.png)

Just finished watching it. Pretty fun finale, really enjoyed it but…

>The music did not vibe well with Carmella's ballet thing. Should of have had something slow and classical beat so she could work with that. It was too sharp.
>Velvette's PJ outfit was cute. Pic related.
>Annoyed Adam is dead. He's a fun absolute wanker antagonist. Let him lose an eye or arm or something and spend the next season being reckless to regain stature. Now you're only have left Sera and Emily and they are quite reasonable. It's gonna be hard to twist them into a villain.
>Don't like on Nifty finishing him off. It feels like no one around would do it so they picked her to move the plot. Immo Lucifer should've done it. Have a thing with Charlie being mad at dad for killing in cold blood.
>Neutral on Ser Pentious dying. I think he should've got a better last stand.
>I would like Alastor to lose a lot more on his gamble with working with Hell's higher ups. Let him be wrong for once.
>>352464 I got it wrong on everything. My semester of film study was a complete waste

I really hope they fast track this. I can not do another do a three wait like they did with Invincible.

No. 352803

Damn. Okay, this all actually turned out much better than I expected. Not perfect, way too rushed, and there are a few plot points I wasn't into, but still.
Dying to know more about wtf Alastor's deal is. It wasn't really that satisfying to see him get knocked down a peg because the narrative never seems to know what to do with him. Like it can't decide how he fits into everything, but I guess they will address this more in-depth in the next season. I am definitely curious.
I didn't like Sir Pentious' death until the ending, kek. I think it's actually a good twist/a good way to move the plot forward. But I'm honestly going to miss him. I guess he was the most expendable of the main cast aside from Nifty and is the one who most obviously morally improved, but he had fun chemistry with everyone. I also was hoping he'd end up with Cherri, they were a funny pairing in theory.
Lucifer grew on me a lot. I liked Charlie's battle outfit, as impractical as it was. I really liked that they actually addressed Vaggie and Charlie as a couple and also individually.
I want more of the Vees. I've warmed up to them as a trio. Vox being a retarded heckler was funny, I like how Valentino and Velvette just ignore him half the time kek. But they seem to have plans, and it's a good plot setup to make sure there's still intra-conflict in Hell and it doesn't devolve into a Heaven vs. Hell thing.
I'm kind of sad it's over, to be honest. I didn't expect much because HB was such a disappointment, but I would gladly watch another season.
Completely agree it would've been better if Adam lived but was just severely injured. I get they're trying to make Lute the primary antagonist now, but I will miss Adam as the asshole. And Nifty being the one to kill him was such a strange one-off joke in this context, but oh well. It could be interesting to see Lute develop without him, but they'd have to really commit to making Lute more than she is now.

No. 352805

watched EP 7 and it was pretty wonky, especially the scene with Carmela fighting vaggie.

No. 352806

File: 1706840764072.png (Spoiler Image,439.05 KB, 564x601, emily.png)

episode 7 was my favorite, had the best songs tbh and I loved seeing Vaggie

The final was very fun to watch. even though Lucifer was a bit deux ex machina One thing I don't know if I got it right isif Alistor actually an Angel? Like, Lute told Lillith "her brother" is threatining hell. That meant Alistaor, right? And if the theory is right "Eve is actually Lillith and Lillith is Eve" that would mean "Eve" is the one who made a deal with Adam?? And why is Alistor under her control? Interesting plot points. Can't wait for season 2

picrel is Emily seeing sir pentious arrive heavens which is just adorable.

No. 352807

I feel if we had a few more episodes they could develop Lute a bit. Like show she was militant in life as a nun or something and sacrificed a lot to be good enough to get into heaven. It would make her hate of sinners much more understandable.
I would've liked season ones boss to be the Vees but keep Heaven in the background as the big bad. However I guess with streaming you don't know how much you're gonna get so Vivzie had to get as much in as she could.
I don't mind HB I think it does better development. It does drop way too much into Blitzo/Stolas and now Ozzie/Fliz relationship stuff. I would love to see more Millie she seems to be pushed to the back a lot

No. 352810

>>Annoyed Adam is dead. He's a fun absolute wanker antagonist. Let him lose an eye or arm or something and spend the next season being reckless to regain stature. Now you're only have left Sera and Emily and they are quite reasonable. It's gonna be hard to twist them into a villain.
I suspect he's gonna have a redemption arc.

No. 352811

File: 1706841884819.png (Spoiler Image,1.91 MB, 2064x1040, lilith.png)

>Eve is actually Lilith and Lilith is Eve
I don't think they are the same person but something is very suspicious about the woman who raised Charlie. They never show her face but the hair is all different. I'm thinking Lilith is Charlie's mom but Lucifer had an affair and Eve raised Charlie then dipped to protect her or something

No. 352815

He seemed pretty brown bread. It would be fun to see him in the hotel though.

No. 352817

considering viv's strong shipping tendencies, I think she won't let Adam die until he has some sort of resolution with Lute

No. 352828

File: 1706846013446.png (Spoiler Image,1.94 MB, 1536x864, 1706844160525011.png)

Bye Dazzle hardly knew ye, at least you get a statue

No. 352835

File: 1706846732125.jpg (16.31 KB, 226x223, last ned.jpg)

It literally looks like Hugo from the ps1 games

No. 352845

Lute told Lilith she (Lute) was now in charge since Adam was dead, her (Lilith) deal is done, and Lilith needed to stop Charlie if she wanted to stay here. Has potential and it remains to be seen if Eve is posing as Lilith considering the ominous aura surrounding Lilith in the flashbacks plus the supposed leaks. Pentious getting annihilated like he did honest to god made me laugh. It was so ridiculous, I couldn't help myself especially since Alastor got to slink away. So the egg dudes are just dead then I suppose? Figured Luci would be a deus ex machina, but liked how he transformed during the battle. I thought it was fun. Wish they didn't show what Adam looked like.

No. 352850

File: 1706849265737.jpeg (133.48 KB, 1010x1529, GE4OQRMXgAAiIss.jpeg)

Why the hell is Charlie so pathetically weak? I expected her to fight way more her more "demonic" design sucks ass it's just Charlie but more redder with some girly ass heart on her tail I thought she would have some final form so freaking disappointing how is she the princess of hell when she can barely fight back or win?also when she almost fell down to her doom couldn't she grow some wings?Her dad Lucifer has them why couldn't she have them too???this shit is lameee feel bad for the losers who spent money watching such meaningless garbage.

No. 352862

File: 1706851513997.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.2 MB, 2266x1290, IMG_5576.jpeg)

I loved the last two episodes.
Carmilla's song was really good. Vox and Lucifer made me laugh a lot too, and seeing Adam’s face was cool ig. The one thing that bothered me was that it was kinda anticlimactic in a way. Throughout the episode, there’d be a buildup and then the character would get knocked out instantly (Pentious, Charlie's beast thing, Adam sort of). Pentiousfags how are you coping?

No. 352865

Ultimately I think it was a really messy and weak show if you take it seriously. But it was fun and hype at the right moments so it fulfills its requirements as entertainment? Looking forward to S2.

No. 352868

I mean, he's still alive sooooo

No. 352876

In the finale song he said “one side figured out how to unclip my wings”. Maybe I’m looking too much into it but considering wings were mostly associated with angels throughout the show (except for Valentino, etc) I don’t think I’d write it off as random wording I really wanna know what’s the deal with him, really looking forward to season 2
True but I’ll miss seeing him with the OG group. Hopefully he still gets screen time

No. 352878

[]Carmilla's song peaks. I love her fighting style.
I hated Adam's design and thought someone just added yellow and grey to the average imp design at first so it's decent seeing him actually have a human face.[
The only correct opinion here

No. 352880

File: 1706854866133.jpg (81.14 KB, 1080x1279, GFSx0Z7WcAAe3NN.jpg)


No. 352881

Alastor thinking he could take on Adam was either stupidity or just stalling time using emotional manipulation. Probably the latter, but it would be funny for the former. At least snake guy is okay.

No. 352882

do you all really think there will be a S2? I hope so tbh, I think it was a dumpster fire but it's easy to see why it got so much attention, it was quite entertaining.
yeah, still weirded out that this was even allowed, stuff like this REALLY should just stay in freakish fanfic…

No. 352888

Before the season aired they announced a season 2 in a promo video on the twitter account, my guess is that hazbin hotel was bought for a certain amount of episodes officially as a first season that they split into two seasons, it's a common loophole in animation to cut costs

No. 352889

I thought it was funny, but to appease the general public they should’ve just left it at I’m having sex with everyone here!” and cut to the next scene.

No. 352900

File: 1706858100989.mp4 (Spoiler Image,5.73 MB, 1920x1080, Inappropriate-timing-spongebob…)

Forgive me for the outdated meme but my dumbass couldn't stop thinking about it. Spoilered for obvious reasons.

No. 352910

File: 1706860751852.png (58.02 KB, 828x450, 1706603423221562.png)

…I'm not doing ok. Pentious was too cute. He didn't deserve this. Hopefully someone makes a daki cover of him…

No. 352911

>The one thing that bothered me was that it was kinda anticlimactic in a way
I honestly expected that tbh, like I expected the end fight to be on par with Harley Quinn and it mostly way with certain exceptions, Alastor vs Adam and Adam's death

No. 352912

>do you all really think there will be a S2? I hope so tbh, I think it was a dumpster fire but it's easy to see why it got so much attention, it was quite entertaining.
It was already confirmed for a second season. most shows are given two seasons to "prove themselves"

No. 352914

File: 1706862120510.png (570.37 KB, 1021x539, 6XWJanA.png)

one thing that I'm glad for compared to Hazbin, is that I like that the characters genuinely like each other, that goes for everyone in the Hotel(which though rushed was good to see) and the villains, cause even assholes have friends.

No. 352919

When Adam made that chasm, it would've been more badass if Vaggie saved Charlie using her new wings rather than Luci. Still nice though.

No. 352920

Lute said brat, not brother but that choice of wording in the song is interesting

No. 352922

His face looked exactly like what I expected it to for a garden variety narcissistic misogynist.
I agree that Carmine was peak.

No. 352931

really surprised me that they didnt go with this
he looks like a gamergater

i was kind of surprised that sir pentious keeps his demonic design in heaven, just recoloured. and what do you guys think are the implications of him winding up in heaven after being annihilated by adam? considering based on what we were told his soul should have been destroyed.
anyway it was overall silly and rushed but i liked lucifer's fun personality and transformation ability, even if it was a deus ex machina cop out. i also liked charlies firework magic

No. 352935

No. 352940

Demons only die from angelic weapons. I'm assuming Adam's kill power doesn't fall under the weapon category necessarily.
Saw a headcanon thing that one's new appearance is based off their last dimension's one. So if you were last on Earth and you went to Heaven then your Heaven design is based on that, but if you were last in Hell and went to Heaven then it would be based on the Hell design etc

No. 352942

you're salty because she didn't turn out to be a perfect mary sue? it's only the S1 finale, and she very briefly became much more monstrous than that when Adam when he attacked Lucifer and Adam was terrified–hell, she even let out an animalistic roar. I'm pretty sure she will have her time to shine next season.

No. 352943

File: 1706877701272.jpg (134.53 KB, 1000x1800, ezgif-1-74c68ee919.jpg)

Makes sense. I don't know so much about animals like you'd think Alastor would be a predator instead of a deer but Nifty has splotches on her dress that look like bullet holes.

No. 352944

how funny would it be if pentious did something stupid in heaven and got sent back to hell 0.2 seconds later
either way time to do a sex in his honor.

No. 352946

You put it into words well. He looks like he has anger issues instead of being smart about things.

No. 352948

File: 1706879561873.jpg (157.62 KB, 518x600, IMG_20240203_001446.jpg)

Apparently your heaven design is based off the virtue you had when you died. His hat eyes are now hearts so I'm assuming love. That's cute.

No. 352950

Yeah and him squaring up to Adam seemed dumb. Even if he was unsure about Adam's power level, once he broke Alastor's shield Alastor should've known he was outgunned.
Rather than being suave or whatever Alastor just seems to be someone getting reckless with a bit of power. Swinging around like the hard lad.

No. 352952

agree, and I think it was too soon for her to do much more than she did in the finale, it's good that she still has room to grow and come into her own power as a leader

maybe that's how he'll get kicked out, by doing a sex. it's like poetry.

could Alastor's recklessness be partly motivated by him being desperate to get out of his deal/whatever? he also does just seem pretty cocky in regards to his power level in general though so eh

No. 352954

I hope he gets sent back for trying to sneak the egg boys in. I love those little guys.

No. 352956

File: 1706881586436.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.78 MB, 2266x1290, IMG_5589.jpeg)

Oh, they like each other alright
He’s so cute…I’ll do a sex in his honor too o7

No. 352957

File: 1706881685105.png (425.25 KB, 1122x672, Screenshot_46.png)

I was kind of so-so with alastor earlier in the season, but I actually really liked seeing him breakdown and show real vulnerability, it was really unexpected and I'm sure he'll become as powerful as an eldritch god next season anyway. plus tumblr sexyman aren't supposed to be perfect.

No. 352959

tbh him being non-all powerful was a smart decision.

No. 352961

it's also neat that the first character to get to heaven from hell is a serpent

No. 352962

That would be clever if it was on purpose but I doubt so.

No. 352965

I liked Rosie! The anime-tier battle in the last episode was kinda trashy and the animation was a little too jumpy for me to enjoy but overall it was entertaining. I don't know if Alastor's "you lack discipline" line was a meme reference or not.
Also I still don't get why or how would Lilith be posing as Eve and vice versa. Clearly something is weird about Lilith (and is she the one controlling Alastor? Or is it Eve?) but the show itself doesn't really give us hints for now.

You're telling me that's not a poodle silhouette on her skirt?

No. 352967

The idea of there being less Pentious even just in the background makes me wonder if it's worth watching S2. He's genuinely the only good thing about HH because he's so simple and unserious. Though, I'm sure we'll at least get an episode where he gets up to his silly antics in Heaven and Emily has to teach him that he can't do those things there. It'll be funny and cute and then he'll likely fuck off for the rest of S2 until the middle or end.
I'll also say that his death scene was fucking STUPID. I laughed and I do think it was funny as a gag, but the instant tonal shift from him getting vaporized in a nanosecond to all the characters crying was so, so bad. It should have been played more for laughs imo.
Kinda also wish last episode was Lucifer's debut instead. The 6th (I think) episode where Lucifer and Alastor had a stand off or whatever was childish and boring with some of the worst pacing the show has to offer, and I don't understand why with so few episodes in the season there was what felt like so much filler? I don't even remember what happened in that ep, it was so forgettable. There were a lot of unlikeable writing quirks in general too, like with Vaggie being revealed as an angel twice in one episode. Why not just write it so that the whole ep leads up to one big reveal that comes as a shock to both Charlie and us as the audience?

No. 352972

First of all, these people obsessed with redesigning Vivzie's characters always suffer of a severe case of Dunning-Kruger and usually make an attempt at upstaging her by making their own Hazbin OCs instead of pointing out design flaws and what could be improved within the given framework. Secondly, they never stop to consider that the designs are fine as they are for what it's going for, it's doing the 2005 sparkledog hot topic emo aesthetic, and for what it is, it nails it perfectly. Just because you don't personally like it doesn't mean it's a "bloated mess", that's just how it's supposed to look like. I mean I don't like the aesthetic at all and never did, but I still find the designs fascinating, distinct and memorable. I was able to memorize them with only one look and I could describe them in a few words. That's a successful design in my books, even if I think the style is ugly.

No. 352973

Vaggie's VA is so fucking bad. I keep hearing Mirabel from Encanto (unsufferable character) with her nasal annoying ass voice but now it's even more forced because she has to keep it low to fit the character. She struggles too much and at times it sounds like she can't fucking speak right, like something is stuck in her nose and she's about to cough or something.

No. 352974

The show needed more episodes. 10-12 most probably.

No. 352985

Sir pentious…. More like sir re-pentious.

No. 352987

No. 352988

he's truly a gift that keeps on giving, bless

No. 353000

Wait so technically he’s blonde now? His hood was kind of his hair right ? This is a retarded question but I’m just curious

No. 353004

No. 353006

hmm… he's a snake, so saying blond feels wrong, so if we want to get technical (and autistic), maybe he's now somewhat leucistic or dilute kek

No. 353011

I don't get how Vaggie got her wings back. Is it a typical trope of "love can do magical things"? From a physiological perspective it's a bit confusing.

No. 353024

Viv really missed the opportunity to make Adam a beautiful angelic-looking bishie under the mask. The shit unhinged personality combed with the super pretty face would have been such a fucking tumblrina and twitterfag magnet, griffith style.

No. 353027

Yeah, I don't really need to see another tumblr sexyman with a personality that shit. Sorry Adamfags but if you can overcome his personality I'm sure you can overcome his uggo face too.

No. 353029

File: 1706901074179.png (316.65 KB, 624x594, y4aWapS.png)

I think he's kinda cute

No. 353031

He looks like that Dream streamer

No. 353036

File: 1706903187406.png (204.67 KB, 260x384, IMG_5590.png)

He should’ve looked like this. But I don’t think being a bishie would’ve fit his personality or vocabulary lmao

No. 353038

Lateish I'm pretty sure Alastor being a deer is reference to him being a serial killer in life, like deer are often underestimated because they're prey animals but stags are fucking psycho (also deer will voluntarily eat meat, even from another dead deer)

No. 353045

Idk if it’s been mentioned here but I’ve been reading on the HH subreddit that he’s a deer because he was confused for one while he was out burying a body, hence why he has an X on his forehead. It kinda makes sense but also, why would he be burying a body if he was a cannibal too? Was he burying the remains of what he didn’t eat? Sorry I don’t even know if this is related to what you were saying anon kek

No. 353047

Ohhh yeah I forgot about that. I mean there's parts of a human body that you generally can't eat (e.g liver and kidneys) so he was probably burying those parts

No. 353059

I'm salty because she's just another bland Damsel in distress. princess of hell?what a fucking joke can't even fly lamee

No. 353062

He looks like your average internet famous douchebag youtuber who has a chip on his shoulder because he was never popular in school and knows that his current popularity only stems from other disafffected 20 something incels and delusional 4ch teen girls.

No. 353065

so, right, you wanted her to be a Mary Sue. kek.

No. 353066

I think he's more meant as a 2000's dude-bro.

No. 353073

Dude I am unironically so hyped for season 2

No. 353074

File: 1706912092872.jpg (34.15 KB, 640x480, sddefault.jpg)

I mean,she is supposed to be the princess of hell, literally the daughter of Lucifer so making her a Mary sue would have made more sense to her character sooo yeah I'd rather have a demon princess win because she's a demon from hell than someone who needs saving.shes literally the second powerful demon after Lucifer but couldn't even save her own ass to defeat and kill Adam.stop defending this badly written shit already it's getting boring.

No. 353075

I actually think Adam is a fraud

No. 353079

you do know she will probably have her final form in the next season and that she isn't fully potentiated yet? I also suspect there is a chance lucifer will die too before then. it's fine if you hate the show for other reasons but this is a very autistic hill to die on.

No. 353090

File: 1706916140728.png (3.69 MB, 2022x2433, pic rel it's me and my bitch.p…)

No. 353092

File: 1706916559666.jpeg (427.97 KB, 1500x1498, IMG_4896.jpeg)

Looks just like the voice actor

No. 353104

File: 1706921478765.png (2.4 MB, 2048x1842, 1706900800270793.png)

>Adam dyes his hair

No. 353120

The sexyman Bill Cipherification of Adam

No. 353136

Can’t be unseen now. Thanks I hate it.

No. 353152

File: 1706946752723.jpeg (195.81 KB, 2000x1248, 702CE866-ED65-4EB5-BC1D-16F924…)

i normally hate the redesign trend because it's full of idiots flaunting their shitty art but this design of adam genuinely lives in my head rent free.

No. 353154

KEK amazing, what a choice to make him a thumb with dbz hair

No. 353155

Looks like a faggot

I enjoy the colors and shapes here but is he fat?

No. 353158

probably, you can't have liver and kidneys like the other nonnie says, and the bones have to be rid of somehow. Maybe the victim's clothes and belongings too.

No. 353159

Shit takes aside, the dude is really talented. Doesn't matter if he is or isn't gay. He's also straight.

No. 353161

This is what I thought too but supposedly the cast just started recording for the second season?

No. 353174

I thought that this was a poorly drawn ponysona of Adam at first glance before I properly parsed the thumbesque chin-neck situation.

No. 353175

I wasn't going for his talent nor his sexuality anon, it's just imageboard lingo. I just think he doesn't look good and I always think it's shitty when characters are made to look like their VAs (not sure if it was intentional here though).

No. 353176

I just watched Hazbin as a casual fan (only saw the pilot when it came out and didn’t think about it for years) and I liked it more than I thought I would, the hate is overblown and the show was overall fun and enjoyable even for a non fujo like me. I don’t like how any of the male characters look, like aside from the bartender cat they mostly look ok, but a lot of the female characters are just so much more interesting looking. I think Emily, Nifty, and Rosie are so cute, and I love Sera’s entire look. I also liked how Vaggie looked with short hair so much better, same with the angel next to Adam- I also really like her lmao. Emily especially is so cute, I’m obsessed with her kek. The only thing I really dislike is Charlie’s redesign, I feel like they gave her red eyes to contrast with Emily’s when they were singing next to each other but it detracts from her overall look. There will probably be more scenes like that.

Anyways I don’t really see why people are saying she doesn’t like her female characters, designs aside I think there was a pretty balanced focus on them vs the males. Aside from her obvious bias towards Angel Dust, but I’ve seen many creators give their favorite special treatment or immunity.

No. 353181

It's mostly because of Helluva Boss where she has as far as I can tell complete and utter creative control there and in that show there's not much focus on the female characters and when they are the focus they are very 2d dimensionally evil or just helpful. Even in a Loona centric episode, Blitz was the focus for example. I had higher hopes for HH because of executive meddling and Outsider influence and it did pan out more or less as I was expecting ( kind of cringe but leagues better and yes having better female characters is a plus.)

No. 353185

I like that it's keeps him chubby. He's got way too much skinny face in the show.

No. 353188

File: 1706969892594.jpg (129.61 KB, 1080x1080, 1000001693.jpg)

I really think Velvette had one of the best redesigns out of the cast but I kind of wish they could have kept some of the Lolita aesthetics without her looking like an ita.

No. 353202

File: 1706981028827.jpg (103.02 KB, 600x847, 1706788912696.jpg)

Spot the difference

No. 353209

Because people need a "noble" reason to justify seething at her work when most of it is genuine jealousy of how she succeeds in drawing cringe hot topic emo shows that everyone else got bullied for in middle school. Accusing female creators of misogyny is a popular crutch because it's subjective enough to pass pretty much any interpretation as such.

No. 353224

Nah. You can't really ignore her treatment of female characters in Helluva Boss (either ignoring them in their own focus episodes, or making them evil bitches) and her IRL seething about TIFs while routinely worshipping TIMs. It's cope to pretend it's jealousy rather than recognizing she has the habit of being a faghag to the detriment of female characters. No ones jealous of poorly executed cartoons kek.

No. 353229

Thank you, exactly!I was gonna say this lol

No. 353259

This is one of the few times that executive meddling likely resulted in a better show. I wasn't a fan of the first four episodes but it got better in the second half. It still has massive flaws such as poor timing of some of the musical segments and annoyingly forced drama but I was expecting way worse. I was seriously expecting Alastor and Angel Dust to overshadow Charlie and Vaggie based off Helluva Boss's piss-poor writing.

No. 353280

File: 1707007206730.jpeg (204.46 KB, 1200x1600, IMG_8068.jpeg)

god I wish Vaggie had gotten more screentime.

No. 353285

kinda applies to adam honestly

No. 353303

Husk looks like somebody's deviantart Cat in the Hat OC

No. 353337

>No ones jealous of poorly executed cartoons kek.
Disagree, I think jealously plays a huge part in this. Her fellow tumblr fujos have always been pretty obviously pissed that her cringey OCs have their own show and their cringey OCs don’t. I don’t think they’re necessarily jealous of her show itself, but the fact that she got the opportunity to produce it in the first place.

No. 353358

I mean it's not really jealousy to realize she has problems. Not that no one would be jealous of a retard being given money to make their ocs, just not what anon was talking about (everyone who criticizes her for xyz is just jealous) as she obviously has issues regarding the topic at hand.

No. 353359

Anyone wonder what Alastor is going to ask of Charlie with that favor deal? He said she won't be hurting anyone, but something like "abdicate the throne of Hell and give it to me" would also fall under that sort of thing

No. 353360

Of course, her content has glaring issues but so does a lot of the media her critics fixate on. They’re just more willing to let things slide when the show/movie/book/etc doesn’t have that air of “that could have been me!” attached to it

No. 353361

The jealousy shines through with the numerous "redesign" attempts. People think their cringe OCs are more deserving of a show than Vivzie's cringe OCs, that's why they're making these designs to show how much more talented they are in comparison. It's very reminiscent of old PULL and art cow thread mentality, users would just seethe at some successful content creator and basically remake their work as a cope fantasy to convince themselves of how much better of a job they would've done if given the opportunity.

No. 353362

tbh, while there are some aspects to her writing that could be reasonably described as misogynistic, I feel like a lot of the claims towards it are really more people being ticked off that the story/given character isn't going the way they would have wanted it to than any actual form of inherent misogyny. Similar with the anon upthread who was mad that Charlie didn't get to have an overpowered Mary-Sue moment in the finale, even though that would jarringly go against all that we've seen of her so far- that not happening wasn't necessarily bad writing, it just didn't cater to that anon.

Both HH and HB have plenty of technical issues with their writing and pacing within the context of what each show is trying to achieve, we don't need to tack on more just because the shows aren't doing what we'd like personally.

No. 353363

Tdlr, it's just kind of cringe but has enough potential where I can see where the rewrites/ redesignd could happen as there is plenty of room to improve. I think we'd just had better results if it was made as a labor of love or at least vague appreciation rather then spite it seems. Maybe there is jealousy or just frustration at mediocrity being rewarded which is understandable in itself but it's definitely awkward to watch because like Vizie finding her niche and pandering to it is just what artists tend to do, even if its lowbrow.

No. 353364

Anon seemed to be saying that all criticism was just jealous which I disagreed with. That's all.

No. 353369

File: 1707040295879.jpg (225.25 KB, 853x1280, IMG_20240204_065026_970.jpg)

I didn't know the redesign fandom was so fucking bad kekk it's full of pretentious gendies who think their literal shit is better than vivzie's sparkledogs

I feel like if viz was a man she wouldn't get near the shit she gets as a creator. And if the show came out in 2008 it would've become a massive hit instantaneous kek

No. 353370

NTA but this 'artist' draws ageplay to the surprise of absolutely no one.

No. 353374

Exactly. And maybe some of them would have made a better show if given the opportunity, but they weren’t given one, Viv was. They can argue all day about whether or not she got her show by having connections, rich parents, whatever, but that doesn’t change the fact that in the end she has a show and they don’t. I imagine the fact that she was once their “peer”, posting her sparkledog ocs and furry comics on deviantart and tumblr right alongside them has to make it sting even more. Sour grapes.

No. 353383

File: 1707042811245.png (707.54 KB, 1600x1200, i26JGmu.png)

Adam has abs, and I will not hear otherwise.

No. 353385

Watching this show because it's pissing off the Christian moids who seethe about wokeness and feminism on Twitter and I'm proud

No. 353386

why are they all fat, trans and furries

No. 353387

its made by a 14 year old most likely

No. 353390

That seems like too obvious of a thing for a schemey boy like Alastor. He'll probably ask Charlie to grab something that seems mundane from Lucifer that's actually secretly important. That or ask her to help break his contract.

No. 353392

File: 1707045660344.png (179.73 KB, 613x531, AFcHKLQ.png)

No. 353393

This'll piss off all the fujo fat fucks making headcanon porn ITT, nicely done. Specify that the scar is from the rib contributed to create Eve, not a zippertit homage, that'll really infuriate them.(infighting)

No. 353400

They're 24.
Weak bait.

No. 353403

how one can turn 18 and keep drawing this type of shit is beyond me

No. 353406

I wish they'd just name stuff instead of the flags. I know the pride and trans ones but the rest are just random colors. What is black, white and purple supposed to mean?

Also Nifty being Japanese? She's clearly a take on 1950s American trad wife

No. 353407

The dubs are surprisingly decent. Also I don't know about the other lanagues, but the Hindi/Urdu dub isn't really that vulgar (for obvious reasons). like Instead of Alastor saying "fuck you," he says "eat cow shit," but we have a word for "fuck you." However, it's considered super offensive and rude to say.

No. 353408

I think it's canon that Nifty is japanese. Iirc Viv's story was that Nifty was involved with dangerous gang members and died in a related accident, which is why she's into "bad boys" in the show.

No. 353409

>However, it's considered super offensive and rude to say.
then, in the show about shitty people in shitty people jail, why do they not say it?

No. 353410

Ask anons in this thread that like the show kek.

No. 353412

damn, i actually like the Hindi dub, the different way Lucifer gives the "i guess that's why Charlie called it the "Hazbin" Hotel" line in Hindi it's pretty funny what he says means "if you were going to hire such people then it should've been Dustbin and not Hazbin"

No. 353413

>then, in the show about shitty people in shitty people jail, why do they not say it?
Here's an example, it would be like saying nigger or gook or some other slur that's considered super offensive in the west.
I think most prime properties do get good hindi dubs.

No. 353414

Then how can it be an equivalent to "fuck you"? If it's a slur like the n word, then it doesn't mean "fuck you" does it?

No. 353415

It's considered super vulgar, but's it's still used by low class IRL though/

No. 353417

human liver and kidneys are fine, the former may be a little high in vit A but nothing too crazy. brain is the only real no-no (bc kuru)

No. 353418

black white and purple is asexual, green grey and black is aromantic. angel's ones are genderfluid (i think) and the toothpaste one is "mlm"

No. 353429

Somehow this is more repulsive than most Garbage Pail Kids art, also
>naming the character voiced by a black guy Spade

No. 353431

Hazbin kinda grew on me by the second half, no matter what you think of the show you have to agree it really shows how much better Viv's work would be if she had a decent co-writer. Maybe it's the 14-year-old emo kid in me that refuses to die or the fact that it sticks out from other adult animated shows but I really like her style, and her concept ideas (both HH and HB) are quite good but she just shouldn't be allowed to have creative freedom. Imagine how good her stuff would have been if she just learned to take some goddamn criticism and allow herself to grow instead of throwing fits.
I wonder if it's the studio that kept Brandon from having any bigger roles, he only had a couple of cameos as the newscaster and we know how obsessed Viv is with him.

No. 353434

Been a fan since the pilot and watched the final episodes and I like Hazbin more than Helluva but like too much stuff. Ya know? It's too much. They need to stop adding so much stuff. Overstuffed kek.
Im hoping season 2 is soon. Adam is weirdly hot whatever hes out. Serpentus is also super cool I hope he does more stuff. bleh

No. 353441

What people interpret in her work as "misogyny" has always come off to me more as people being angry that their favourite character didn't get the resolution that they felt they deserved as you said, but also try to pin her personal tastes as being born from misogyny rather than her tastes aligning more with the tumblr sexyman sadboy trope. To me it's like saying you're misogynistic if you prefer boy bands to girl bands when you're just drawn to a different aesthetic, energy and style that the other side is more based on. It sounds such an insincere and petty hill to die on.

No. 353449

There's more musical numbers than there are episodes and that's the one thing that annoys me.

No. 353452

ntayrt but I only started watching this for the musicals. I don't think I would have cared as much if not for the songs.

No. 353455

nta, but considering the few number of episode and shorter run-time, I think at least half of the songs should have been scrapped.

No. 353462

I have a feeling that whatever it is it is going to be so that he can control hell or it has something to do with fucking up the link between heaven and hell.

What are the fucking chances that he and Lilith had a thing and somehow Charlie is the link for Alastor to see her again? I'm big into tinfoiling over stuff like this because I'm so used to show going all the way out to left field. This is why I don't hold stakes in characters and I think anons acting like Alastor saying 'fuck you' is a headcanon problem and not a story problem.

No. 353465

This show has many pacing issues, wonky bits and plot holes but I think it's hilarious how fujo-brained Viv with her cringy deviantart tier sparkle ocs was able to make a better villain song bit (talking about Alastor's part in the finale especially, but stayed gone and the dad song also have great lyrics and sound) than fucking Disney with their soulless pop songs written by ai.

No. 353470

You're still watching the story play out, just in musical form. The runtime is still there.

No. 353485

File: 1707068789485.png (126.14 KB, 1089x514, Screenshot.png)

tbf, it's not as if she writes them herself. For example, the songs you mentioned were composed and written by the guys from the The Living Tombstone.

No. 353487

Adult animation is becoming increasingly ugly and/or soulless in its art style, I actually appreciate the fun stylized art of HH. The dynamic cartoony expressions were my favorite, I especially liked Angel's in Poison and Vox's in Stayed Gone. I've felt for a while that modern shows couldn't give a shit about animation and view it as a means to an end, with HH we at least know that the creator and a lot of people behind the scene actually like drawing/storyboarding and do it on their free time. The show has its problems and Viv is annoying in her own right, but I appreciated a project that was passion-driven and niche and not afraid to be cringe. It stuck out to me in a sea of inoffensive reboots. Hopefully its success can lead to more interesting unique shows instead of the millionth Old Franchise: Rebooted.

No. 353490

Aren't those credits right there for who sings in the song, not who writes them? Those are all actors/singers.

No. 353491

songwriter names go first, Sam Haft
and Andrew Underberg have basically written every song for both Hazbin Hotel and Helluva Boss

No. 353499

File: 1707072969470.png (112.95 KB, 269x339, Hell-is-Forever-Hazbin-Hotel-W…)

NTA but on the wiki all those songs say Sam Haft and Andrew Underberg are the composers, picrel.

No. 353509

I thought she supervised? If she didn't my point is the same though, it's insane how studios like these can hire people who can actually write good songs while big ass companies like Disney can't for some reason.

No. 353510

That's because Disney has managers who kill all personality off the songs so they can be as sterile as possible and follow a predictable pattern so that people won't feel threatened or offended over it. They don't take risks at all and want to give people what they paid for - a paint by numbers disney schlock.

No. 353559

File: 1707089156522.jpeg (206.3 KB, 1774x844, FUjEKXCUcAAPG1p.jpeg)

picrel is the only redesign I like tbh. I really hate vaggie's clashing/unfitting red shirt in the final designs

No. 353621

sage for blog. just finished hazbin today. was sick and binged the whole thing. it was fun- simple and not very deep, which is fine. songs were catchy, hell is forever was my favorite. not sure why charlie was the main character though she had no personality whatsoever. angel was annoying as shit and i just wanted him to shut the fuck up tho his song was a banger. i’ll watch season 2 if i still remember the plot when it comes out. i don’t get why this show has some crazy haters and fans though. it’s just a simple animation, reminds me of early star vs the forces of evil. makes me feel nostalgic somehow, not sure why.

No. 353659

Show's alright. It's so funny seeing conservative moids throw mantrums at it though. "Lilith is the patron demon of feminism and boycott Amazon Prime because it's promoting Satanism! Women belong as subservient wives. The WOKE feminist agenda is creating shows like this!"
Makes me want to become a diehard stan of the show.

No. 353666

Vaggie's biggest re-design need is a name change kek.

No. 353667

I wonder if her full name might be Evangelina.

No. 353676

Isn't it Vaggatha?

No. 353679

She should rename herself now tbh because Adam named her

No. 353709

Pentious called her that and she said it wasn't her name. I think it was her name in the pilot era but that was retconned

No. 353723

at this point i'm just happy that modern piece of media connects lesbians with vagina somehow

No. 353754

My issue with the musical numbers is that they're very good/well composed from a music theory perspective, but the build-up with the sound production makes them sound jarring. It's like they take you completely by surprise rather than being slowly built up with anticipation.

No. 353790

Oh so there is a chance it's Evangelina due to her being a fallen angel. That would be neat. I don't see the issue in Vaggie. I just don't read too deep into stuff like that. I'm not a 10 year old boy.

No. 353792

What’s great about this one is that it doesn’t disrespect Vivzie’s designs. It just slightly alters some colors, patterns, and small details without changing everything that made her characters hers in the first place. Every other redesign I’ve seen is just disrespecting her work.
Yes. I was pleasantly surprised by the lack of gendie pandering in HH. The closest we got is a man voicing a woman, which is not uncommon for animation. Bob’s Burgers has two lead female characters who are voiced by men but aren’t trans.

No. 353798

Same anon here, I just finished watching HH, it was more fun than I expected it to be! I liked how unabashedly cartoony it was and I didn't feel like it took itself too seriously. The best episode in my opinion was Masquerade (ep4), I thought the Poison sequence was good and I like the imagery of the contracts being a literal chain around Angel and Husk's necks. Also Vox was very funny and I liked his design, the visual effects of his brainwashing was cool and I'd like to see more of that. Niffty was cute and I liked Lucifer.
On the negative side of things, as others have said the pacing is off weird throughout the show. Unlike others I actually preferred the first half, it had some nice character moments and background while the last half was dedicated just to the angels' invasion. There were a few characters whose importance I didn't fully grasp - Vox and Valentino are obvious powerhouses in Hell with Vox controlling the media and Valentino controlling the porn industry. I guess Velvette controls the fashion industry but her inclusion didn't feel as relevant, certainly not enough to make me think she holds as much influence as the other two. Same for Mimzy. Plus some of the designs are confusing - Angel is a porn star who dresses in… a business blazer and biker shorts? It's carried over from his original mafia design but it feels random. Lastly I cannot being myself to care about Husk/Angel or Vaggie as a whole - she is so boring. Still, I'll watch season 2 when it comes out.

NAYRT I wasn't sure since Adam said "I named you after the best thing in the world" or something like that. That made me think her full name was Vagina lol.

No. 353826

i'm a charlie/alistor shipper but what gravitated me toward it in the first place was how empty charlie/vaggie felt. i can't get into it and their relationship feels forced. i'm glad to see i'm not the only one who sees it that way because it's really disappointing when fandoms try to accuse you of hating lesbians just because the straight ship has a cooler dynamic.
the music has been awesome though.

No. 353834

I think they recognized that Charlie and Vaggie needed more development, and I definitely felt their relationship made more sense in the last 2 episodes, but I'd like to see more actual chemistry between them. I think the problem with a lot of lesbian pairings in media is that the writers are deathly afraid of making them "toxic" and flatten them into being boring and lifelessly wholesome. I wish Vaggie had done something more meaningful to win back Charlie's trust and their relationship had been more believable. Even a few minutes of showing Charlie nursing Vaggie back to health and Vaggie having angel angst over lying to Charlie would've made me buy it. It's not surprising people will ship Charlie with the only other viable character she has any screentime with if they don't make her canon relationship all that interesting. And I say that as someone who never "got" Charlie/Alastor.

No. 353838

Velvette is supposed to control social media as a whole, she's kind of the bridge between Vox's TV/media and Valentino's porn. I don't know if it was entirely intentional but I found the social commentary about social media leading to degeneracy semi-interesting.
I'm the same, Vaggie was a plank of wood in the pilot and Charlie and Alastor had a fun dynamic. I still think Vaggie sucks and Charlie/Alastor is a thousand times more interesting than it but I have a fondness for Charlie/Emily now. I don't think it'll happen in a thousand years but I hope Vaggie gets dumped.

No. 353884

Charlie/Emily having way more chemistry than Charlie/Vaggie after like 2 seconds of screentime together was so frustrating. I think what's missing from Vaggie is a feeling of geniune passion and righteousness that matches Charlie's. Alastor can at least be Charlie's polar opposite and that can lead to interesting character interactions, but Vaggie is just so boring.

No. 353925

i wonder how big role sir pentious is going to have now that he is in the heaven, will he be able to stay there and will others even know he got redemption? will the angels try to hide it from charlie so that they wouldn't try to get more lost souls redempted

No. 353932

I like Vaggie (she and Charlie deffos need more fleshing out of their relationship and backstory in S2) but dare I say I wouldn't mind if Alastor weren't asexual canonically and actually drove a wedge between her and Charlie. Rustle up some conflict! Even if he is a psycho who can't really love, it'd just be another one of his games to chase Charlie for leverage.

No. 353948

Vaggie's name being that is good. Tumblrinas will cry about how it's lesbophobic or something, but I think perpetuating the truth that lesbians don't like dick is beautiful

No. 353949

I think all Charlie/Alastor shippers just see themselves in Charlie, while simultaneously having the hots for Alastor, so they use her as a subconscious self-insert

No. 353973

I really want to ship Charlie and Emily together and Vaggie with Lute in a tormented angsty way, but I don’t want to get crucified for splitting up Charlie and Vaggie.

Ngl I agree with you, after rewatching the pilot I think they had some chemistry then but it got toned down for the actual show. More power to the shippers though, I’m not a fan of Charlie x Vaggie myself. It really feels like a “they got together because they were there and single” than because they had real chemistry couple.

No. 353979

File: 1707218887837.png (472.87 KB, 640x640, z37nO3I.png)

Does anyone actually like Vaggie x Charlie?

No. 353985

I liked them, but I'm not very interested in shipping/romance in general so I prefer canon couples that are already established before the start of the story, so I can see why they might not appeal as much as a pairing if you are into those things. I thought the dynamic was fine and honestly refreshing in how it wasn't in your face all the time (both as a contrast of all of the other relationships in the show/the show's general vulgarity, and also because I'm tired of the weird 'look!we've got lesbians!!! aren't we cool???' thing that's been in quite a few cartoons in recent years), but it was still obvious that they were a couple and cared for each other. Their biggest problem imo is that a lot of their more important relationship beats felt pretty rushed thanks to the short season of episodes (and everything else going on in them), and I guess because we don't get to see the build-up to their relationship or a lot of PDA between them they might feel lacking in chemistry.

No. 354008

File: 1707230389840.jpg (68.12 KB, 750x402, RDT_20240207_01253223997363850…)

niffty is a terf i stand on this hill

No. 354015

File: 1707232589486.jpg (11.06 KB, 347x316, 1499586801672.jpg)

Does liking this show make me a furry? Spider slut is my favorite character.

No. 354025

not a furry but I assume many furriers will be born watching this.

No. 354026

File: 1707235199149.jpg (955.26 KB, 4096x2304, 893497g5.jpg)

I didn't think I would enjoy this show but it's been a pretty fun.

No. 354042

My friend

No. 354051

Nah, you're out of touch. Naming the lesbian character Vaggie is supposed to be comedic, but taking it as something good is just… It's like naming your female dog "Bitch". It's true, but an insult. You know how people will call you gay, and if you are gay you might think "HA! Joke's on them! I am gay!" y'know they didn't mean to call you homosexual, right? They meant to insult you and belittle you, because they see gay as something to be ashamed of or maybe it's just an insult they use, like how calling someone asshole doesn't mean a literal butthole. There's a thing called autism that makes you bad at recognizing when someone's being literal or not…

No. 354060

get a sense of humor also

>There's a thing called autism that makes you bad at recognizing when someone's being literal or not…

yeah you suffer from it(infighting)

No. 354067

It wasn't worth a standing ovation, but net gain, the songs were catchy enough to make up for the sheer overwhelming amount of them. It felt like it needed to be 12 episodes to make up for the pacing and spontaneous musical diarrhea.

I appreciated that Husk and Angel didn't bang and hope they develop a genuine friendship in S2.

I've seen a lot of speculation about Lilith's reveal and relevance but am throwing my tinfoil hat into the ring that there are a lot more contextual clues that Rosie is Eve, and that she and Alastor are so close because Lilith fucked them both over for her ticket to Heaven … That and their mutual tastes for things that are… forbidden.

Since Viv won't kill off both of her favorite VA's characters in one episode I think there's a good chance that Good Boy Pentious was swapped for CHAdam in S1 and I would love to see Rosie take advantage of that, even if it's in (haha) poor taste.

TL;DR I love cannibal bae and RIP Egg Bois, I hope Pentious isn't too depressed without them in Heaven I'll look forward to season 2 but I'll not pay for it because fuck Viv.

No. 354118

No. 354119

that's the most cursed picture i've seen this year

No. 354122

File: 1707256226699.png (252.77 KB, 448x692, dlMWnJz.png)

So I know this is a book that Viv will never hear about, let alone read, but one of my favorite books that reimagines the story of creation is to reign in hell by steven brust. In this retelling God(Yahweh), Lucifer and Michaels are all beings created from raw chaos and heaven was created as a place for them to dwell, the book deals with their creations and eventual war, I'm not going to spoil the rest of the book, but this version of hell and heaven is actually quite close to Viv's version. It's a longshot, but I pray that she takes some more inspiration from the book somehow.

No. 354150

I loved it, as a heterophobe I felt very comfortable with their relationship knowing that there will never be a canon male character for scrotes to selfinsert as Charlie's hubby. Eat vaggie and die, coomers.

No. 354205

That’s cool nona, I like the show more than I thought I would since I hate Helluva Boss, but I still liked Viv’s overall concept of hell/heaven. I was wondering if there was anything else quite like it.

No. 354223

nope. it's mostly because vaggie is so boring to me. I enjoy charlie because I like that she's a borderline Disney princess surrounded by chaos and degeneracy. the execution might be poor but the concept is just really fun to me.

No. 354229

you're the autistic one here. anon made a pro-terf joke in the energy of this site and you had to go full redditor, didn't you?

No. 354260

One of the most based posts I've seen on this site

No. 354291

I can't believe someone spent 50k on a fan animation of a character as mid as Charlie.

No. 354300

was the guy actually that wealthy or just insane though? I thought he bankrupted himself with it or something

No. 354339

he wasn't, that's why it's so fucking stupid.

No. 354341

This channel covers the dubbed songs, and I was genuinely surprised by the high quality of each dub.

No. 354349

Iirc he used money from his patreon to pay for it instead of producing content that his fans would actually want to see

No. 354357

My argument with this is that patreon is also a livelihood for people and they can use their money however they want. Who knows if he saved for it. Criney yes, but so overblown.

No. 354419

does helluva boss get better? i watched the pilot and the next 3 episodes and holy shit it’s so bad. the humor is just plain bad and everyone is unlikable. i liked hazbin so i thought i would like this one too but i guess not.

No. 354424

I watched most of hb a while ago and didn't like it at all. my opinion never changed. I still can't really pin down why I liked hazbin a lot more.

No. 354435

It gets worse. It's prime hate-watching material though if you do decide to stick with it. I keep up with it only to talk shit about it with my friends.

No. 354585

It's pretty crazy how different the song Quality between of Hazbin Hotel is to Hellua Boss. I can't even remember a single HB song other than striker's song(maybe because it was Norman Reedus singing it) Other than that, I can't remember a single lyric from any other songs. Compared to HH songs, which I've been listening to on repeat for days now. What's weird is they have the same songwriters and show runner who commissioned them.

No. 354593

File: 1707429391581.jpg (249.8 KB, 1929x1674, dgal9mr-48a3e701-a3bd-4835-8fe…)

It's more of the same but moves into relationship drama more halfway through season 1. I think the songs are worse but they are more varied than HH.
There's a lot more genuinely evil people in HB like Mammon. If it wasn't for that Vivzie's Hell just seems like California but red.

No. 354724

File: 1707498181547.jpg (491.9 KB, 1320x1571, 1707493549604158.jpg)

I hope there's more Lute in season 2. She got a bit side-lined with always having to be around Adam.

No. 354747

I also liked Hazbin a lot more. For me it was because there was a clear goal throughout the episodes while giving us a hint of the characters' backstories here and there. In Helluva there's… nothing. It's just a bunch of situations, there are only a lot of arcs that never get a conclusion (like moxie's dad, stella, striker, the cherubs, the humans, stolas getting hurt, octavia, belzebub and mammon). It had the "hit job of the day" theme for like 5 episodes and then they dropped it for pointless drama. Also the characters are a lot more diverse, likable and fun in Hazbin imo. In Helluva you've got a bunch of annoying imps (blitzo especially is extremely annoying and grating) and the same flavor of "gay demon in love but in denial" characters over and over. Asmodeous/Fizz are literally just Stolas/Blitz again. In Hazbin you've got the gay twink, the cute/creepy maid, the mysterious powerful demon, we have various overlords that do different stuff, there's Sir Pentious that's fun, Charlie is a bit dumb but still likable, Lute is interesting, Rosie is also very nice but also mysterious. Overall it's a lot more interesting and idk if it's because Vivzie had someone watch over her writing or not.

No. 354764

Season 2 just got confirmed on a livestream.

No. 354770

I liked the show up to the MIB episode. My favorite song is in that one. After that it takes a steep nosedive and isn't worth watching.

No. 354824

samefag, the only one whose actually vulgar in the Hindi dub is Adam, also I don't if this was intentional but he speaks like he's from the 1980's, no one speaks like that anymore except when people are impressions of 80's Indian movies.
did the dub in your native language have any funny quirks like that?

No. 354830

in the Italian dub, Vox has the same voice actor as King Julien from Madagascar, while Alastor's voice actor gave his voice to Donkey from Shrek. The two voice actors are also brothers

No. 354835

Holy fuck the japanese one is awful

No. 354943

really, I thought it was fine.

No. 355032

File: 1707628847730.gif (2.13 MB, 600x338, hazbin-hotel-hazbin-ezgif.com-…)

I fucking love charlastor idc

No. 355061

I watched the first episode (yeah, I'm late, I know) and here are my thoughts:
>I like Vaggie's new design. I thought the asymmetrical socks she had at the beginning were annoying. I saw some spoilers about how in later episodes she appears with white clothes when she falls from heaven. Her design changing to red and black show how hell is starting to be her new home. Also, the shirt and skirt are a contrast to her hair, before it looked kinda odd. And I like her new voice too and the fact they made her design sharper. I also started liking her more, in the pilot she was kinda boring to me but she's more interesting now. Also it makes sense Vaggie would hate men if the first man was Adam.
>I like Charlie's new outfit but I hoped they kept the black pants instead of the red ones. I also loved her song, sounds straight out of Disney. The songs are very good in general and memorable.
>Angel Dust is the same as always.
>I loved Adam. I saw some people who though he was annoying, but I honestly loved him. He's an asshole for no reason and has a huge self esteem but I think he's hilarious. I liked him the second he got on screen. Him, Angel Dust and Sir Pentious are my favorites so far.
>Alastor annoyed the shit out of me. He's even worse of a villain that whoever they're going to have for this season (and he'll probably be the end game villain) and he's purposefully trying to ruin the hotel just because he's "bored". There's more motivations behind him, surely, but he's still very suspicious and I'm just waiting for him to show his true colors. I hope he gets beat up or his shit eaten at some point.

No. 355081

keep watching and tell us your thoughts.

No. 355095

I want the disney princess girl to get her pussy eaten by one of the scariest "asexual" demons.

No. 355097

I'm on episode 5 right now. I thought Lucifer and Charlie's personalities were very similar. Like father, like daughter kek. He also likes animals, used to have a dream that got crushed, has family problems (that he desperately wants to fix, like how Charlie wants to fix other's problems instead of their own) and even his reaction when he picked up the telephone after charlie phoned him was something I'd see her doing. I actually liked his portrayal because why would Charlie be so kind if she didn't grow up with someone who's at least remotely nice? She's in hell. Yes, an angel, but still in hell. In the past Lucifer may have been even more like Charlie but after his dreams got crushed he turned out like this.
And I have a question. Why does Alastor have such huge beef with him? Does he simply want to be the most powerful person in the room? I feel like he wants to sabotage the hotel and he knows that Lucifer's appearance will effect the hotel positively so he's trying to ruin Lucifer's and Charlie's relationship even more so she won't want his help. I think Alastor wants to make a deal with Charlie to get her powers somehow and in order to do so, he wants to convince her she's nothing without his help.

No. 355102

Episode 1 (some additional comments)
>I like to image that the reason Adam is this way is because he's supposed to be a representative of mankind as a whole but he's God's favorite so he gets special treatment. He is a bit of an idiot, huge asshole, selfish, likes food, only cares to have fun and loves music (particularly rock). In his first dialogue, he randomly starts talking about his weekend, his previous relationships and other stuff like that. He seems like a stereotype of a frat boy from the 2010's. We have the same music taste so we're cool.
>I didn't like Katie's new voice at all. This one sucks. Her old one was perfect.
Episode 2 (my 2nd favorite)
>Title is a reference to the song "video killed the radio star", the first music video that played on MTV. Already starting so well.
>When Alastor becomes a villain I feel like Vox might join Charlie's team. Although he's an asshole, he will probably be redeemed. They completely hate each other and are copies of each other. Both of them wear the same clothes as each other but different colors. Blue and red are big contrasts of each other. Both are fake. When Vox goes up to the reporters his face immediately changes from angry to happy and he starts giving a speech. His speech is the most corporate thing ever, referring to his company with "us" and "we", speaking like what I imagine Mark Zuckerberg speaks like and when when he promises safety to the people, he immediately starts showcasing his product. Doesn't care at all about the wellbeing of his customers, just wants to sell his stuff and have good reputation. It's hell so there's bound to be evil, but the Vs are all evil in a realistic way.
>On that note, the Vs all showcase consumerism well, as they're the fashion, social media and porn. With Velvette, they could have showed that aspect more because compared to the other Vs hers is more… eh. Valentino's and Vox's relationship, especially them dating, shows the strong relationship between porn and the internet.
>I am very happy that Sir Pentious entered the hotel. Aside from being cartoonishly evil, he truly meant it when he said sorry. He doesn't deserve to be in hell at all.
>That scene where Angel was checking his phone and Valentino sent him voice messages, one where he was being nice then in the next he was rude, it hit very hard… The whole 4th episode hit hard (my favorite).

No. 355103

Episode 3
>Nifty is fucking crazy. Only Husk knows what's wrong with her and that's why he hates his life. She's also so funny and energetic. If you can't tell I love comedic relief characters. Even Shaggy fears her when he's using 100% of his powers…
>"Sometimes I kill bug mothers in front of their children so it will be a warning to others"
>"Yay! Pain!"
>I loved Vaggie's singing voice
>I hated the overlord's designs especially that huge green wolf thing. What the fuck was that for? And why did this random lady who killed the angel have crab hands?
>The episode was called scrambled eggs so I assumed the eggboys would die, but I'm so glad they didn't. I got sad when they left Sir Pentious side, but then happy when they returned.
Episode 4
>This episode was the best portrayal of the porn industry I've seen on TV. They made the pimp so accurate. I hated Valentino so much, especially when he slapped Angel dust. It was accurate the whole dancing montage, the fact he treated Charlie nice but abused Angel instead because of something that Charlie did, the scene at the end where Angel is at the balcony and how Val also fucked Angel. The poison song was addictive. Also that guy from the black car at the pilot is the director and Angel's real name is Anthony!?
>Husk was great as a character and his relationship with Angel Dust is amazing. His song was also really good. He is realistic and realizes how sympathy is much better than empathy. Charlie is naive about the way he'll works so she can't really help Angel Dust, he needs someone who understands the way he feels.

No. 355105

Vaggie was an angel!?

No. 355107

Nah why'd he have to mess with Vaggie, my girl, I hate him now

No. 355109

I'm glad you're having fun with the show nonnie kek

No. 355110

When Charlie swears once, they immediately get angry at her. But when Adam swears one million times per millisecond, they excuse it. Very hypocritical.
Yep it's very fun

No. 355111

I love seeing someone entertained by this show, it's so cute. I love you anon

No. 355121

who is your favourite anon?

No. 355133

File: 1707673239215.png (1.12 MB, 1080x743, Screenshot_20240211-193939.png)

I'll write a huge comment instead of small ones. Episode 6:
>I don't understand why Vaggie was so hesitant to reveal to Charlie she used to be an angel. Charlie is very accepting and all about redemption, why would Vaggie hide this from her?
>Cherri is a bad influence on Angel Dust. If you noticed, the moment he started getting more chummy with Husk, he started improving significantly. He was hesitant to get drunk and wanted to ensure Nifty's safety. With Cherri, he was afraid of being seen as a wimp and did risky things he would otherwise not want to do. FOMO is a bitch. I'm glad Angel has a better friend now and he stood up to Valentino.
>"Do a sex with me"
>Little did he know… she didn't do a sex with him
>Why was Alastor absent from this episode and episode 4? Where even is he?
Episode 7:
>"How come everytime charlie speaks to heaven we get to even deeper and deeper shit" I'm wondering the same, Husk!
>Now Charlie made a deal with deer Bill Cipher… That's not good at all. I hate how he waits at just the right moment to manipulate people, when they're their most vulnerable. On another note, I noticed he's friends with some random old ladies. They probably go and have tea parties in the garden while talking about how youngings are addicted to those damn phones while waving their sticks at birds passing by and if someone calls them old they cannibalize him/her.
>Charlie be respectful to meemaw… She won't give you biscuits and cake.
>I like how that lady overlord (forgot her name) tries to teach vaggie how to fight better. Although she's not explicitly going to help her win the fight. She's very smart, that's why she survived so long in hell. I liked that. She's trying to teach Vaggie that being blinded by hatred will not help her win fights, but her love will. That's why I assume that in the fight with Alastor (yeah I'm still thinking about that fight, it's obvious he will be the endgame villain) the fact that he doesn't care about other people will be used against him. He is strategic and strong, but what's holding him back is his pride and arrogance that will cost him greater in the end fight. I like how Vaggie was the one who met that overlord. The moment I saw them in the duet I knew they'd meet each other later on. They're a great pair and Vaggie can learn a lot from her.

No. 355139

Thank you. I love you too.
I'm not sure, I have a lot of favorites because these characters are just so likeable. If I had to choose, I'd say Vaggie. I'm surprised about it because when I watched the pilot, she was my least favorite. Compared to everyone else she was plain. In fact my favorite used to be Charlie before! I fell in love with her the moment I saw her and by that I mean literally. I saw the pilot when it aired and she was a big crush of mine, so I can understand why Vaggie also likes her. There was criticism about Vaggie's characterization and the writers must've heard it because in my opinion she's improved significantly. I realized I liked her so much when I saw the way Adam treated her, my opinion about him flipped. I had to pause the series and call my friend to tell her how angry I was. I wouldn't turn against another electric guitar player without a reason. We're playing the same instrument, it's like we're playing the same battles. Only one time this happened was when me and my band (one of my friends also uses lolcow is in it) were playing and this one guy who also played electric got so drunk he started beating up everyone he saw. Couldn't let this slide. Anyways I love Vaggie.
I also like Angel Dust because he's the most well written of all. But it's not like I care that much about him, I just have to give credit where credit's due, because I appreciate good character craftsmanship. I also like the comic relief characters like Nifty and Sir Pentious because who doesn't want to have a good laugh? And Vox, he has a nice design, sang a good song and his relationship with Valentino is interesting to me. Plus he's a type of character I like.
My least favorites so far are Valentino, Adam and Alastor.

No. 355154

I think most of the issues can be traced back to the length of the series, it needs at least 2 more episodes.

No. 355179

Episode 8 (last one)
>"If you see an angel, stab him" Then Nifty proceeds to chase around Angel dust and try to stab him… Well, at least she took it seriously
>Pentious crush on Cherri is adorable. I'm glad he finally confessed and I hope I see them again together in the next season. He selflessly sacrificed himself just to save the others. He's such a good snake. Although Adam got rid of him with the snap of a finger, he didn't fight for nothing. I also liked Vaggie's and Charlie's kiss.
>"I'm going to give you one million heaven dollars. How does that sound?" I try to hate him, but he makes it so difficult kek
>Seeing Alastor getting beat up was very satisfying. I was waiting for this moment. Though I have to disagree with Vox's statements and enthusiasm. So, Alastor's power lies in that cane? That's fascinating. I'd be interested to see how that works.
>What Vaggie told Lute was very badass. "No, live. Live so you'll know that you live just because I let you. A failure." Deserved. Lute was the one who blinded Vaggie in one eye and left her to die. I think that injuring someone greatly and letting them live after is a much worse fate than simply killing them and ending their misery immediately.
>Lucifer came to save the day Deus ex machine style. And it turns out that Adam was wearing a mask after all. He looks different from what I expected, but I don't care. "Your first woman liked what I had" OUCH, that burns. Yet again you're divorced now so whatever you had she didn't like as much as you think!
>Nifty ended up being the one who killed Adam. I knew something was off with her… I wonder why does she act so weird when a camera is pointing at her? Is Vox going to use this later on? He seems to have an eye on her.
>I'm annoyed at how Alastor left the last second and returned later when everything was fine. He didn't even try to save the others, he only cared to save himself. Though he seems to be controlled by someone else. Lilith maybe? Lucifer is definitely a better dad than he is though.
>And Sir Pentious, I was sad about his death, but he's in heaven now! That means Charlie's hotel works and demons can be redeemed. Emily was so happy when she saw him.
So I'm done. I can't wait for season 2, even though it will probably take 2 years.

Music: excellent
Characters: excellent
Designs: could use some work for background characters
Pacing: good
Best 3 songs: Poison, Stayed Gone and Loser, Baby (still love Addict the most though but it's not in this season)
Best 3 episodes: 4th, 2nd, 7th
Strongest villain: Nifty
Most memorable quote: Do a sex with me

No. 355187

File: 1707684447533.jpg (98.61 KB, 894x894, hazbin_hotel_adam_by_pinkcherr…)

The only good nepo baby.

No. 355250

File: 1707705281923.jpg (680.4 KB, 1524x1142, lute.jpg)

I wasn’t expecting to find Lute cute or for her to be my favorite, and more people seem to be into Adam but she really does have a lot of appeal. The show was okay and I didn’t really care for it but I want to watch season 2 just to see how the story develops her.

No. 355252

Loved your review posts nonnie, glad you enjoyed the show and had a lot of fun with it kek

No. 355276

File: 1707711029661.jpeg (421.11 KB, 2048x1448, GFgw1VjaMAAIbTP.jpeg)

There's no way this ship wasn't intended to be canon, or something like that.

No. 355278

wasn’t alastor originally dating minzy? the whole asexual thing was added later to cater him to tumblr teens which sucks we are never getting lover boy alastor

No. 355288

File: 1707716760961.png (1.47 MB, 1850x1356, DVH6674.png)

No. 355289

File: 1707716833984.png (617.03 KB, 1125x1118, VVWVFwV.png)

No. 355290

File: 1707716982897.png (240.47 KB, 458x443, xmbALj3.png)

No. 355293

File: 1707717083300.png (939.42 KB, 2000x1616, rmPII5k.png)

No. 355295

File: 1707717349168.jpg (111.73 KB, 498x1187, 5xvy22h4dy241.jpg)

Nah, I love these

No. 355310

ngl i feel like they added it bc she doesn’t want him shipped with charlie. she should have just made her a lesbian instead of bisexual and left alastor alone, people could still project onto alastor/mimzy or rosie or lucifer or even lilith

i like when people draw alastor cute, it’s funny to me

No. 355315

File: 1707721664783.png (773.21 KB, 891x499, why-alastor-not-being-gangbang…)

That's what confuses me. It seems like Viv doesn't care for the ship, then goes to say on the livestream that Alastor only said the 'dad' stuff to piss off Lucifer, which is the impression I got. All of the touchiness with Charlie while he supposedly "hates people touching him". Likes Alastor "your daughter calls me daddy too" art on twitter.
Then there's this clip of Charlie saying her ideal man is "dark and mysterious, can sing and play the organ", while Alastor is the only character said to play and own a furby organ.

I'm conflicted on whether she actually hates this ship or not. Is it going to amount to anything or it's all just troll? I'd kinda like to see Alastor/Lilith become a thing if not.

No. 355327

I've personally never gotten the hint that Alastor and Charlie are a thing and I appreciate the not in your face PDA that she has with Vaggie. It's most realistic to how most couples act when they aren't high schoolers and full of hormones. Also, the relationship not being full of PDA and sexual innuendo constantly is a nice refreshing unmoided ship. Alastor just seems like a Puck character, just with a lot of pride and egotism. He's like a meddling pet who's actually keeping everyone else as a pet.

No. 355328

File: 1707726900784.jpg (69.67 KB, 420x595, GF2eVbEacAAvRTj.jpg)

Fanon charlastor ideas are so adorable.

No. 355382

viv 100% knows what she is doing.

>"good girl"

>"isn't she a little young for you?"
>charlie has a praise kink
>experienced man doing everything for naive girl trope
>your daughter calls me daddy too trope
>alastor "sees potential he can guide"

it's literally just lite ddlg.

No. 355398

>praise kink
You mean trying all season to get people to put some trust in her idea and when someone says she's going good? I haven't seen any praise kinking from any interaction with her. Being happy you were acknowledged for your hard work is not the same as a praise kink.

>alastor "sees potential he can guide"

His whole thing is getting control of Hell, he wants to even one up Lucifer. He had a whole dick measuring contest too about it. If he can get Charlie on his Overlords team, he has a foot in with royalty. There's no DDLG anything going on, the fuck are you watching?

No. 355410

File: 1707760375037.jpeg (39.02 KB, 640x470, funniest-moment-in-the-finale-…)

(no contribution)

No. 355415

nta, I don't even ship charlastor, but even I realize how much the show is pandering to the ddlg crowd.

No. 355418

This is when I feel people read into things way, way too much. You see what you want to see, I guess.

No. 355424

I feel like pickme characters can be handled in really fun ways. In a lot of fiction, once the pickme realizes she was never going to get picked, she turns on the moid who she used to seek approval from, which could be extremely funny if Adam ends up at the hotel and this just makes Lute double down on exterminating demons. Excited to see what they do with her. I think she's really cute too.
Same, Charlastor never occured to me until I saw all the fandom stuff of it, but it's not surprising because a lot of straight women can self-insert as Charlie. Plus, the two of them have very contrasting personalities, which is like catnip for shippers. I'm too disinterested in M/F for it to appeal to me, but I can understand it. I also like that Charlie and Vaggie feel like a more mature, established couple, but I wish there was more tenderness between them like in the final episodes.
I get what you're saying, and I think people can stretch a lot when talking about ships, but I also feel like Vivzie is entrenched in fandom enough to know how the "Dad" thing would be received by people like this. Fandoms and especially shippers thrive off reading way too deeply into character dynamics. If Vivzie didn't anticipate DDLG women flocking to Charlastor, she's even more disconnected from M/F shippers than I thought.

No. 355428

She can't control what people ship but like I said, I don't see that happening at all, I never even got a hint of DDLG anything because Charlie doesn't act infantilized at all. A preppy chipper attitude is not the same as being a little and she's a lesbian too. He has the same attitude as the voodoo doctor from Princess and the Frog, the whole point of his character is alluring charisma.

No. 355450

New Valentines merch
>The throwaway shark character and Millie's troon brother have multiple items
>Nearly every male character is crossdressing, Moxxie and Fizz look like femboys in most of them
>There are exactly 4 Hazbin items, 2 of "asexual" Alastor, 1 of Vox, 1 of Angel (the only one that fits)
Okay I guess? Can she not make merch of Hazbin or something? Because a lot of characters would have fit better than the fucking troon or the ugly shark

No. 355456

she definitely has some kind of fetish for dads. the owl faggot from hb is a dad. Lucifer was clearly written to be a sexyman. Alastor was definitely written that way too.

No. 355460

charlie is not a lesbian, she's bi. if you can't see the ddlg pandering youre definitely delusional. that ship aside, vivzi has been known to show daddy kink pandering in the past.

No. 355466

I genuinely enjoyed watching this show and i thought i would hate it… helluva boss sucked so bad i was not expecting to enjoy it. I wanna draw fanart of it even…Sir Pentious is cute.

No. 355480

File: 1707788007337.jpeg (357.96 KB, 2048x2048, GFK_uThbMAAV5lN.jpeg)

It is weird Charlastor shippers get called "self inserting" when at least the dynamic between Charlie and Alastor has interesting and controversial themes to work with. Meanwhile, Vivzie failed Chaggie horribly. It's bland, there's nothing to work with, everything happened offscreen. Sounds to me like lesbians self insert as either Charlie or Vaggie to cope with the fact no one can write a fun sapphic ship even in 2024. Both are plain as white bread.

No. 355500

"Reminder to all: Not to MESS with the radio demon!

Holy fuck, that was so cringe. That's the best they could do?

No. 355529

File: 1707801750336.jpg (624.53 KB, 3500x3500, GF1gPkQbcAEwCIi.jpg)

> straight women can self-insert as Charlie
Based. They deserve their insert's pussy ate by a hot guy idc.

Ironically, Vaggie is a very good character, I disagree with those who said she was bland even in the pilot. I loved her scenes especially in Out for Love. But her relationship with Charlie doesn't have an appeal to me. I think I saw fan art with more chemistry than the show kekk. Personally, I think a lot of nonas just have an ick on straight women straight shipping.

No. 355542

I'm a huge Charlastor shipper and I think Chaggie is cute. But Chaggie will always have suffered from being an established relationship. It's just not interesting to watch. There's really no reason to fangirl over it. Shipping, to me at least, is fun because you get to interpret all their little moments together and fill in the blanks. If season one had shown them as best friends who had obvious crushes on each other that the rest of the cast commented on and teased them about, and a huge cute love confession during the finale (as opposed to the lame Sir Pentious and Cherri Bomb one), it would've been waaaaaaay better!

It also doesn't help that Chaggie didn't even get their own duet. They got a reprise of Charlie's song with her DAD. Yuck.

No. 355553

File: 1707815596848.jpg (605.77 KB, 1080x2126, Screenshot_20240213_100624_Sam…)

So back in december of 2023, a HH/HB fan got cyberbullied into suicide. Sharing it now because apparently a google doc explaining the whole story is making rounds on social media, picrel being a screenshot of it.

No. 355556

File: 1707816074589.jpg (281.89 KB, 1384x1600, unnamed (1).jpg)

wanted to feed the pentiousfags, sorry.
the fuck? I don't understand why people are such psychos about ships. poor shay.

No. 355566

what the fuck!

No. 355570

did anyone else think pentious’s design looked stupid at first, he really grew on me and i like it now kek

No. 355574

File: 1707817071507.jpg (1.03 MB, 1080x2139, Screenshot_20240213_103155_Sam…)

Kek some schizo on /x/ thinks Alastor is real

No. 355588

People really need to fucking step outside for a moment. And I'm sorry but I can't really take seriously someone who committed suicide over a cartoon ship. A cartoon. Ship. It's ridiculous, I feel sorry for her obviously but many people like her need to realize that they can just fucking step away from their computers/phones or ignore strangers on the internet harassing them over cartoons.

No. 355630

I thought he was ugly and annoying at first, but yeah he really grows on you and ended up being one of my favs. I hope he fucks up in heaven so he ends up back in hell with the main cast kek

No. 355664

I prefered Helluva AT FIRST until it became the sad gay owl show

No. 355692

I feel retarded that I laughed at this

No. 355732

File: 1707847095099.jpg (917.12 KB, 1080x1435, alastorslines.jpg)

No. 355770

fuck, i wish alastor would torture me in my dreams too.

No. 355776

UGH WHY did they have Brandon Rogers do Katie Killjoy's voice? The voice actress was so perfect and snarky in the pilot and she actually sounded like a news anchor.

No. 355782

I assumed the character is a tranny now.

No. 355786

He has a character on his sketches that's a news anchor so I guess that's why they put him there. He's the main writer on Helluva so this was Vivzie trying to get him an in on a proper show.

No. 355789

Ugh never gonna get any good Adam and Lute merch

No. 355819

File: 1707871603953.jpg (679 KB, 1080x1950, Screenshot_20240213-133103_Chr…)

I think this anon summed it up well lmao.

No. 355823

lol sorry I don’t buy any of this. Not a single screenshot of any of the supposed harassment.

No. 355834

I'd support her, if true. I wanna see that edgelord fluster and cry.

No. 355849

File: 1707884579734.jpeg (555.37 KB, 1170x1162, IMG_1751.jpeg)

this is such a reach imo: she just made him ace to ponder to themlets and threw in a single lesbian couple amongst 30+ gay ones from hb/hh so she doesn’t get called out for it, and you can tell she is not feeling them as a couple at all. I’m pretty sure her actual dream bf was the early flirty bisexual version of angel that was dating vaggie.

No. 355853

File: 1707887123009.jpg (129.6 KB, 800x1135, GFq6QR-bAAEP8SS.jpg)

IMO Charlie and Emily have more dynamic for the same reason Charlie and Alastor do. Both characters have strong opinions with Charlie's ideals. Emily is the same archetype as charlie but started up from heaven. Both of them feeling betrayed by others because of their naivety. Alastor (in the pilot) believes it's impossible but it would be really funny so he supports it. Alastor in the series is vague about it, he seems to want to make a deal with Charlie specifically and supports Hazbin hotel enough to kick out Mimzie who just wants a safe place to crash in because she didn't want to be redeemed.

No. 355862

This reads like a skitzo rambling about gangstalking kek. None of this has any basis in reality. Angel has always been her pet character, not Alastor.

No. 355864

This video is always gonna confuse me. Why is Charlie's ideal man Alastor? And why animate Vaggie of all people to ask her that lol. She's literally describing him

No. 355873

This is kinda hot

No. 355917

Such a moid-brained reach

No. 355954

File: 1707921322677.jpg (118.09 KB, 736x736, 1bab8ec16c47d3f430e918f578e06d…)

I wanna see this in the series so bad. Either Charlie or Lilith taming Alastor when he tries to overthrow them.

No. 356034

File: 1707940110251.jpg (622.91 KB, 2048x2048, 1707899375576808.jpg)

Can we post cool fanart here?

No. 356036

File: 1707940187957.png (3.55 MB, 1080x3669, 3o8zxm5tfk181-imageonline.co-m…)

No. 356038

File: 1707940237702.png (3.15 MB, 1080x2758, image.png)

Part one

No. 356039

File: 1707940276867.png (2.36 MB, 1080x2576, 1707939220433495.png)

Part 2

No. 356042

This is much hotter than the ddlg bullshit. I do hope Charlie starts taking less and less shit from the demons around her now that she's stood up and repelled the angels once.
Baiting the Charlastor shippers or she didn't think through the implications. It wouldn't be the first time a writer didn't think things through.

No. 356070

I do recall her saying some of this about Alastor. I was surprised to hear her now favorite is Lucifer she never said she had a thing for Angeldust she said it was about her past kinda of a self-insert I think some people are getting the shipping ideas cause Viv does have some type of daddy kinks is all I’m not sure why maybe someone here knows more about psychology and why someone has certain kinks?

No. 356137

It's probably no deeper that her favorite characters changed through the decades. The Ace thing with Alastor was likely because she just hoped it would stop people from lewding him ( it failed needless to say lol) or it was an awkward in universe justification to why this murderous sociopath may not bat his creepy demon eyes at some gal or guy after she shafted Mimsy/ Alastor ( whom he still has chemistry with lowkey)

No. 356141

Hilariously outside of charlie/ Alastor his two other biggest ships seem to be Alastor/ Angel and Alastor/ Husker ( this two may have cooled down with Husker/Angel clearly being set up to become a thing somewhere down the line, but I was aware of their overall popularity) so if Vizie wanted him to remain Chaste in Fandom then she failed massively lol.

No. 356142

This is so cute.

I really do think anons who saw ddlg are tripping. There's a good mix of charlastor fanworks that isnt parent/kid teacher/student.

No. 356144

I do think the ddlg stuff is pushing it. It may just be a very light "dominant" kink baiting. I think Alastor has remnants of that type of personality in spite of "asexuality", but that's my opinion.

No. 356165

File: 1707963241272.png (1.85 MB, 1874x1079, QLkZQyi.png)

I really agree. there's something indescribably lame about the lack of attempt to write old-timey and genuinely unique dialogue for Alastor, even letting him slip into the usual HH/HB egregious swearing and current slang ("clout-chasing", "that's the tea")

it's also shockingly disappointing that his monstrous form in that scene was merely a larger, kaiju-like version of himself. it was more like some vore fetish fanart than an interesting 'demon form' design for Alastor–it would have been so easy to make him transform into a creepypasta-esque deer monster, or anything mildly more interesting than 'Alastor but bigger and with tentacles'

(sorry if I'm repeating what has been said earlier in the thread, trying to catch up.)

No. 356172

Agree, I feel like people harp on her way too much about 'changing' characters - or look too deep into the reasoning why. Characters changing from their original concept is very normal.

I don't she cares about people shipping Alastor, she likes a bunch of ship art with him on twitter. I could be wrong bc I don't keep up with all her sperging but she doesn't seem like the type to care about people shipping the 'wrong' things. Making him aroace of a representation thing or whatever. Also possibly because there were no plans to put him in a relationship and fans would get pissy.

No. 356188

That's a good point yeah, we may never know the true reasons why and it's not too relevant anyways unless u care about shipping stuff and staving off the " reee u can't romance or have him be sexed up, the poor aroace bby deer"

No. 356189

File: 1707965651301.png (584.01 KB, 500x647, 1a962b911968193b34f51b6b8a1bc3…)

Alastor would never harm women. Yes, he slapped Vaggie's ass/back in the pilot. kek
It's hard not to see the kink with his chains, I guess.

No. 356194

File: 1707967413334.jpg (46.91 KB, 640x361, 4pr8ed2efc1.jpg)

idk I disagree. recently I had the Dad song stuck in my head ALL DAY so I thought meh I'll go watch it and pay attention to the visuals. I'm partial to believe her intentions were to bait with the daddy kink thing between alastor and charlie

alastor says some stuff in the lyrics like "remember when I did this for you?" "we've built such a bond!" "I'm your guy, your right hand man" and charlie obviously feels happy since it's related to her dream & bringing everybody together under the hotel so she starts going "aww :)" "that's true!". then al starts caressing her face with bedroom eyes saying stuff like "you're like the daughter I wish that I had" looking at lucifer as he drags out "you could almost call me dad" and straight after he says the daughter/dad stuff she goes quiet, no longer agreeing. lol I thought it seemed very kink baity the way the scene is played out. it's showing alastor pissing off lucifer ofc but he's also manipulating charlie by reminding her "btw I'm your support, your provider, basically your sugar daddy" while there being no real paternal affection from him, just over-touching her. then ofc 2 eps later he calls her a good girl and rosie says she is too young for him

No. 356197

File: 1707968301503.jpeg (552.09 KB, 1831x2048, GF6RtKBWgAEilws.jpeg)

I feel like the asexual thing was actually just her ticking off boxes and not anything deeper than that
nta but I've heard that she doesn't like that ship so some took that as her trying make their relationship obviously platonic. if you have a ddlg fetish then ofc you would read it like that but I don't think it was "intentional bait" or purposeful at all especially since he was just trying to make lucifer think he was being replaced

No. 356209

he doesn't want Charlie relying on her dad. If she can rely only on Alastor then that means Alastor has an easier get-in with the princess of hell and thus his ruling hell/ruling the overlords. trying to sexualize it is so fucking weird of watchers.

No. 356220

It's fine to disconnect for a while and feel the grass under your feet.

No. 356263

I honestly just thought it was a funny moment of Alastor being a troll and doing dad lines to piss off Lucifer. I didn't interpret it as sexual at all idk. It's funny how you go from "I'm your support" to immediately "I'm your sugar daddy" like… your thought process is interesting, he did imply he's her support in the song and the dad parts were trolling, it wasn't a sexual domination kink thing. ven the "bedroom eyes" kek it's literally just him doing a shit-eating grin.

No. 356267


No. 356273

File: 1707994644712.jpg (382.54 KB, 1080x1460, Screenshot_20240214-113051_Chr…)

someone on 4chan tried to summon Alastor with her blood

No. 356282

File: 1707998122148.jpeg (109.86 KB, 1201x542, GFXVxZcaoAA9bW-.jpeg)

Isn't vivzie known for having a daddy kink and liking ddlg stuff though? It probably was intentional so Alastorfags can self insert as his good girl

No. 356286

File: 1708001333728.png (280.55 KB, 706x478, EfV5dXrUYAIKtM9.png)

No. 356292

More people will listen to you if you have more words to describe your thoughts beyond self-inserting and ddlg.

No. 356303

I think people are overthinking Alastor just acting like an obvious creep. I think the dad thing was meant to be seen for the vaguely gross/ Manipulative thing it was. It likely doesn't reflect Viz or any writers fetishes, but given how the internet works ofc the dad thing was gonna be misconstrued lol

No. 356315

File: 1708011908742.jpg (128.89 KB, 793x618, Screenshot_20240215_104513_Sam…)

real, like he's literally staring at her dad when he's saying most of that shit too. do people actually think alastor cares for charlie like a daughter? or at all tbh. i see why it's spawned some fanon fetish stuff but that doesn't change that it clearly wasn't the intention.

No. 356320

I think the daughter stuff was just to troll Lucifer, but it's kind of a reach to say he doesn't care about her at all. He sees her as a good investment, he said as much to Rosie.

No. 356323


No. 356325

on other hand you do see the characters visiting kinky clubs in the show so honestly seeing ddlg stuff in what alastor says isn't that farfetched because kinks are an inuniverse thing, though if ddlg wasn't such a trendy meme kink i don't think people would think about it at all when seeing those lyrics.

No. 356331

I've watched a bunch of psychoanalysis takes on Alastor and I still don't really understand his motives. Vivzie said he doesn't want to take over the hotel/Hell, and that he has no love for anybody, which means he isn't doing this shit for ultimate power, and it's not for love/friendship, so…it's just because he is a control freak narcissist? Does anyone have a theory? It makes him look so much less scary if he's just there to 'guide' Charlie to become a better leader with no other reason. Why would a psycho wanna mentor her if he didn't have a bigger plan to take over?

Also why is Vaggie so fucking stupid. She didn't know angelic weapons could hurt them… bitch you lost your fucking eye and then walked out scared shitless on your GF when she needed you. I hate Veggie so much I hope Charlie/Emily becomes a thing in a later season.

No. 356344

This. That's exactly what he was doing. If Charlie needs something, Alastor wants her to use the demon that she has at her disposal that can make it happen, hopefully big enough to make a deal to solve the issue. This is how people get you to rely on him, there's no DDLG or kink fetish shit hidden in the show between them and it's so weird to see anons assert there is.

No, Alastor is using Charlie and being nice, wanting her to rely on him rather than a the ruler of Hell. That's it. There's no much else. He wants her trust that he can solve all her issues without daddy coming in and fixing it so she relies on him. In the end, Lucifer is still more powerful than Alastor could even imagine. He's no where near being able to take over the Overlords, let alone hell yet. I'm pretty sure this is also why Alastor is friends with so many factions in hell that aren't overlords. Eventually, he will use his ties to try to overthrow Lucifer and get up to Heaven to destroy it [that's where I think the story is going tbh].

No. 356364

According to some leaks, Lilith is the one who has Alastor on a leash and she sent Alastor to watch over Charlie and keep her safe. He's basically her babysitter. This falls in line with what happened in the show so far. It would explain why he was unhappy with Lucifer showing up, why he felt the need to assert that he was the one protecting the hotel, and why he told Mimzy to go away.

No. 356372

Tbh anyone who's even able to connect the dots would find the fact both Alastor and Lilith being gone for seven years to be very coincidental. Maybe S2 will give even more clearer hints outside of leaks.

No. 356378

Charlie is clearly uncomfortable with him on the other hand, she looks uncomfortable through the whole song and when Rosie makes a comment saying "she's too young for you" to alastor Charlie looks offended with her even implying it, then she hears he's an "ace in the hole" and immediately goes back to a normal face (episode 7)

No. 356379

Where did you find leaks?

No. 356388

even if it wasn’t leaked people have been theorizing this since the last episode came out. also would like to know where the leaks are from too

i hope so too but they’ved churned out so much official chaggie merch i don’t think it will ever happen

anyone saying it’s ddlg daddy kink is projecting hard. ship them if you want but the ddlg nonsense is not there, he’s just making fun of lucifer for being a useless dad pre-show

No. 356392

apparently charlie rolls her eyes at the "too young" comment because charlie is actually older than al lol like by 200 years

No. 356394

It's an odd comment because Alastor himself doesn't look or sound like a day past 22 given art style and direction lol

No. 356399

i saw the youtube palylist i dont even care, i love angel dust too much

No. 356410

If you had to rework this season to be the first act of a 3/4 hour musical how would you do it? With all the Broadway talent it seems to be Vivzie's end goal.
I would focus on Charlie as the A plot and have a sinner as the B plot. Merge Sir Pentious and Angle Dust's stories.
What numbers would you keep in or leave out?

No. 356411

The leaks are from 4chan and correctly predicted the entire finale at least a month before the show even aired. So it's someone at A1 or on the team leaking out of spite.

No. 356428

a lot of shows that stream on streaming services become available months ahead and considering hazbin’s popularity i’m not surprised leaks happen tbh

No. 356443

This is such a weird angle of this character, I can see his sexy tumblr man appeal, but man this frame is ugly

No. 356505

File: 1708065796155.png (590.18 KB, 811x689, alastorpog.png)

I like all the silly mouth movements.

No. 356554

File: 1708082348958.jpg (518.12 KB, 1080x1830, Screenshot_20240216-110317_Chr…)

alastor blood summoning is back

No. 356561

He got the Karen cut

No. 356616

File: 1708110135268.png (13.87 KB, 381x144, alasigil.png)

Reminds me of when schizo anons were making blood sacrifices to Ebola-tan and a few were on the headlines of local news when their shrines were found. That said, that anon isn't alone in wanting to summon her wendigo husbando…
There's a very vocal femanon on /co/ who proudly fantasises about getting vored by Alastor too. Maybe they're the same poster?
As much as I can understand the appeal of him, I don't think getting into voodoo is a good idea somehow.

No. 356681

Unpopular opinion: I just watched episode 4 and I…actually kinda like the Poison song, im sorry

No. 356683

not salt or anything but got this video in my recommended. it's kinda cute to see some of her hh characters appear in it. there's two other even older videos but had mostly zoophobia stuff

No. 356689

I wonder if these schitzos know about tuplas, or did that shit die out years ago?

No. 356717

With all the baggage that comes with helluva and hazbin, and maybe cringey writing here and there, she's still honestly so inspiring for artists with ocs from teenhood like me lmao. I hope helluva's success carves off a niche for adult cartoons for women like this.

No. 356719

Unpopular? Everyone loves that song.

No. 356732

Maybe for normies, I thought the consensus here was that it was a mid version of Addict.

No. 356734

That dude is gushing over her work. Though she does have a really good and consistent sense of style.

No. 356760

File: 1708189677495.jpeg (323.85 KB, 1500x1498, IMG_5405.jpeg)

She’s definitely still thirsty for alastor

No. 356768

How do you think the characters died?
>Angel dust: drug overdose (canon)
>Tom Trench: During WWI
>Katie Killjoy: Cracked her neck
>Cherri Bomb: was bombed
>Husk: alcohol poisoning
>Niffty: shot by a gang
>Sir Pentious: factory related incident with the eggbois
>The eggbois: they were his child slaves and died in a factory related incident
>Alastor: hunting accident
>Valentino: in a fire
>Velvette: killed by obsessive fan
>Vox: seizure

No. 356778

I saw another anon mention that Nifty's death by gang members was canon as stated by one of the creators or from a leak, but my personal little theory/headcanon was that she was a 50s housewife driven to drugs, alcohol, and a very unstable mental state from the pressures to be a perfect housewife (and keeping a spotless house… as reflected in her sinner personality), and she was lobotomised. her cyclops design might reflect how one of her eyes was destroyed by a botched icepick procedure, and her generally unhinged, very childlike demeanor was the result of the lobotomy. you could even say her fondness for sharp items reflects the icepick lobotomy, which perhaps was what killed her. that's my silly little theory.

No. 356782

That's a very nice theory, nonna!

No. 356852

Helluva Boss really grew on me. It took a really long time and I used several episodes as background noise to fall asleep because they were boring, but I ended up really liking the characters. The clown shit was awful tho.

No. 356873

File: 1708219878060.jpg (1.05 MB, 2182x1937, 1000001756.jpg)

I always assumed that Husk wound up at the bottom of Lake Mead after losing one too many bets.

No. 356883

File: 1708227542322.jpg (126.45 KB, 1280x720, 1000013369.jpg)

i finally figured out why lute's design doesn't click with me.. she looks like something out of equestria girls.

No. 356903

File: 1708239939089.png (1.22 MB, 1138x1050, MJKJcMY.png)

No. 356911


No. 356986

autismo tinfoil about Cherri bomb, just gonna assume with her accent/wardrobe (the name alone) the bombings in Australia late 70’s early 80’s. Never thought about Vox’s death being seizure related but that makes sense.

No. 357064

I wish they'd chosen an actual Australian VA for Cherri Bomb rather than someone trying desperately to mimic an Australian accent kek

No. 357157

yes kek i cant enjoy her character at all, she sounds south african at times lol

No. 357335

File: 1708442878503.png (2.81 MB, 1689x2048, UAKABYX.png)

No. 357344

tbh you can say that for pretty much every Australian character, they're rarely voiced by actual aussies- it's always someone doing an awkward strine/broad accent and using random slang they googled kek. All shrimps on the barbie, Crocodile Dundee and Steve Irwin.

(not saying it's necessarily a bad thing btw, good VAs should be able to play characters with multiple accents obvs)

No. 357346

God damn it I can't get the Hell's Greatest Dad song out of my head it's been like 3 days

No. 357384

I thought it was canon that Alastor was mistaken for a deer and shot while he was in the woods burying one of his victims

No. 357572

I mean, same
YES! You’re so right, I kept thinking she looks like she belongs in a different show

No. 357671

File: 1708596883900.jpg (266.25 KB, 1077x1803, Hazbin.Hotel.full.3253626.jpg)

Does anyone else think that if Charlie & Vagatha were boys this show would have better writing or would become in "Helluva Boss Ver. 2.0" or am I just delusional?

No. 357674

No you're not delusional because Vizzie always prioritizes her male characters over her female ones. I'm also saying that as someone who likes some of her female characters. Vizzie has so much dramatic potential with Charlie and Vaggie because the whole fallen angel thing, but she never really went deep into it. Vaggie's angel reveal is shown to us, but Vaggie and Charlie never talk about it. They talk to other characters about it instead. We only see the resolution and as a result the arc feels hollow. I'm hoping Vaggie and Charlie have more characterization in season 2, because I want their relationship to be written well.

No. 357678

I feel like Vizzie is just mostly straight or a fujo so it's clear she prefers guys and knows what she and her fanbase want, so she's better at writing them.

No. 357706

File: 1708619617879.jpg (426.62 KB, 2153x1002, 1687215247268.jpg)

If the cast was genderbent the male fandom would be completely insufferable. Alastor would be the new "dommy mommy" of the year.

No. 357888

Oh god, I shudder to think about what that would be like. The fandom would be screaming about how Alastor is actually trans or some shit

No. 358152

File: 1708761401159.png (432.74 KB, 800x800, ddq81s7-141f2831-32fa-44be-b61…)

OT but Male Vaggie and the same Charlie and Alastor would read like your typical lancer childhood friend and new hot evil guy dynamic kek

No. 358291

They could call him "Dickie" lmao

No. 358310

File: 1708837503599.jpeg (271.21 KB, 1912x1633, GGjNIBUbcAAvA46.jpeg)

I actually like Chaggie, I don't get the hate for it.

I also feel like if Charlie/Vaggie were men and literally nothing else changed fans would be all over it. People go crazy over the most boring m/m ships. Which is also why I like HH, but can't stand HB bc of all the shipping/fujo pandering. HH has some cute moments for shippers but it actually focuses on some sort of plot too.

No. 358379

File: 1708869073857.jpeg (161.98 KB, 1280x1280, GG7qrFxbsAA6jx3.jpeg)

I was excited for chaggie, but it was extremely disappointing. I'm not really surprised viv put so little effort into them, I mean she wrote the main ship of the show to have met in front of a fucking dumpster. also feels like vaggie deserves better, she started the hotel together with charlie according to the comics and yet alastor and charlie parade around as business partners.
"charlie and I started this hotel together and we'll show it off together" alastor said this right in front of vaggie's face and charlie said nothing.
I just don't wanna support lazy wlw ships tbh. vaggie/carmilla had more appeal to me.

No. 358391

just finished helluva boss, ended up liking it more than i expected. the humor grew on me and i found myself invested in the characters. moxxie is my favorite and i fucking hate fizz so i hope we no longer get fizz focused episodes and start focusing on the main trio again. i still prefer hazbin but hb is still enjoyable while waiting for s2.

No. 358394

Same, I hope the Fizz arc is finally over now. That competition episode was nearly impossible to sit through kek why is he such a stupid bitch

No. 358395

Fizz is so unlikable. The whole clown stuff is awful, I really that it's part of the show. His relationship with Asmodeus is also gross to me.

No. 358434

File: 1708896748524.jpg (462 KB, 1407x2000, 1000001770.jpg)

Did Vivz ever explain why all the circus imps have that symbol on their forehead?

No. 359661

I came across this Arabic and watching it is very confusing. Idk if Anglo nonnies would feel the same way but the Arabic used in most dubs is very formal and I associate it with cartoons but hearing them using words like hell and demon/devil in Arabic is so jarring.
Like imagine listening to Spongebob being vulgar.

No. 359743

Kek that’s probably by design. Like how the first song is Charlie singing this Disney princess style, “I Want”-type of song with a very sweet, musical theater voice and it’s funny and unexpected to hear her swearing.

No. 359823

An Arab nonna explained that most Arabic dubs use "a classical way" of speaking, like something out of the King James Bible, so maybe that explains it.

No. 360472

File: 1709704168972.jpg (747.45 KB, 3000x1688, weirdal.jpg)

Nonnas, who do you think is the cutest character? For me it's Alastor I refuse to accept the asexual thing

No. 360548

I actually think I like all the characters except that black and white striped sword lady. Whatever the fuck her name is. Camille?

No. 360561

Non-english speaking nonnas, what do you think of the dubs? I had watched the original first but I was curious so I recently rewatched all the episodes in my language (italian) and I just appreciated the whole thing a lot more. It's very well done imo, I liked Vaggie more because her voice isn't forced and monotone like in the original, Angel's va is way too invested in it, Alastor's va sounds like he's having fun and he's less cringy (the original is super good but he had those "don't mess with the radio demon" and "I will end your fucking life" moments), he still says the same lines but not in that cringy way (in a way he reminds me of pilot Alastor) and the insults were funnier because they could be more creative with them (this is a language thing). The songs are better in the original of course but the adaptation is still very good. Idk anon I didn't expect it to be this well-made but apparently the directors were fans of the pilot so they worked hard on it. Excuse me for sperging kek

No. 360564

i really like the dub in my language, they did such a great job in most songs too. cursing hits different in one’s mother tongue lol.

No. 360586

File: 1709773183248.jpeg (Spoiler Image,271.83 KB, 1923x2048, alastor.jpeg)

Shameless Alastorfag here. I also refuse to accept the asexual thing, and I choose to believe that he would be absolutely delicious in bed. Fuck the naysayers, kek

No. 360619

I think the Hindi/Urdu dub was really well done, just weirded out there was so little swearing, considering other prime Indian shows are quite vulgar.

No. 360701

File: 1709837792784.jpeg (53.35 KB, 386x646, IMG_1805.jpeg)

I like all of them, but I have a soft spot for Nifty. I also really like Mimzy even though she’s a minor character because i feel like her design makes stand out from other female characters, and I love her little beak nose. I was also surprised at how much I found myself liking Vaggie, maybe because I find Charlie so endearing I can relate with Vaggie’s desire to protect her. Also she has her funny moments. >>360561
I think it’s the first time I enjoy the Italian dub of something (that I didn’t first experience dubbed as a child) as much as the original!

No. 360709

Nifty was hilarious in the show, I liked her more than I did in the pilot. I laughed out loud at the end of "It Starts with Sorry"

No. 360782

Alastor is who I would choose for sexo, but Angel is the character who I want a happy ending for.

No. 360797

nta, but I love her too and her voice actress. She's in The Boys and voices in MLP. She's so adorable and can sing.

No. 360900

File: 1709923409833.jpg (562.82 KB, 1164x2048, ddjmmf9-4b314e2e-bcc2-4549-b3b…)

Cutest as in "aww so cute"? Sir Pentious. I loved him since the pilot, his funny moments, his sacrifice, his relationship with the eggboys, the club scene, the moment he's wearing the Napoleon outfit, what he does in the background, I loved it all. I want to see his past and his relationship Cherri in season 2 so much.

No. 360909

I think Sir Pentious, Angel and Husk are a cute chaotic trio. I also can't wait to see Pentious in heaven and possibly Adam in hell.
Also not cute but I like Valentino idk, he's trash but he's so stupid.

No. 360953

File: 1709939706650.jpeg (1.76 MB, 1248x1860, IMG_1867.jpeg)

i need the next hb episode like right now. after all those boring fizzaroli episodes i miss him so much nonnas why would viv torment me like this

No. 361174

File: 1710019310150.jpg (41.32 KB, 600x338, f3887b653229c6004174c0ee1607c7…)

Mimzy deserved better. She has a lot of lore/iterations like Alastor. I was thrilled to finally see her show up and her song. I hope she comes back again and has a more integral part of the story.

No. 361252

File: 1710042364446.jpeg (3.12 MB, 2160x2918, IMG_3865.jpeg)

Sir Pen was so funny and captured my heart at “Who, MEEEE?” during Charlie’s little team building sketch, kek. He’s my second favorite character after Alastor

No. 361265

I feel like all the voices completely amplify the characters too. It's a really, really good casting. I know some people were traded out, but that could also be due to scheduling and other priorities.

No. 361267

I feel much shame for saying so but I never used to understand what people meant by a character being moe before I met Sir Pentious. he's just so adorable. wish he was a regular on a longer series.

No. 361328

I like Valentino because I love seeing Angel get whumped. The scene where Valentino pulls the chain around his neck and yanks him closer was the best. The only thing that annoys me is his inconsistent accent, he's meant to be Hispanic and speak with an accent right? Half the time he sounded Eastern European or something to me.

I think the reason he's loved so much is because he feels like one of those harmless, "terrible at being a villain" villains we grew up watching in kids cartoons. He was really endearing to me too!

No. 361343

Husk since I can't resist cats. Pentious and Emily were super cute too.

No. 361345

Not to be that person but Kimiko Glenn isn't in the Boys afaik. I think you might have her mixed up with Karen Fukuhara (who plays Kimiko).

She's in Orange is the New Black and Spiderverse though!

No. 361378

I ADORE Kimiko Glenn. She voices the lead in Centaurworld, very worth a check out if you like her voice work.

No. 361583

Watched all of Hazbin. I didn't find it funny or interesting and the songs were pretty bad and Angel Dust is ugly and his voice is retarded and Vaggie was just a tard wrangler. That being said, I need Val's evil cockenheimer…

No. 363313

File: 1710693707661.png (5.1 MB, 2048x1535, IMG_4122.png)

I love this fan art of Vox and Alastor, it just works so well and it’s great that they kept vox’s head square-shaped, kek. I hope they’re styled similarly to this if we ever officially get to see what they looked like when they were alive, I’m worried they’ll fuck up Alastor’s human design somehow

No. 363332

this is AMAZING

No. 363404

I only with Vox had his little hat and Alastor was holding a microphone stand. Just to make sure there are elements to actually more recognize the characters. Otherwise, these are so cute.

No. 363408

File: 1710714926704.jpg (26.65 KB, 581x454, 299542219d9c01b712439b7f954442…)

Wow first Vox humanization I like. Seems 24-28 years old somewhere, square face shape and hair strikes fit cool. Kinda reminds Spamton.

No. 363412

Oh no human alastor is hot

No. 363413

I hope s2 will give more screentime and a sort of redemption arc for Vaggie because she absolutely deserved better. Come on Viv please don't botch her like this

No. 364536

File: 1711083444002.png (1.44 MB, 1722x864, Screenshot 2024-03-21 at 9.42.…)

I just rewatched the Hazbin pilot again and I realized I kinda miss the pilot episode version of Alastor. I know they're not that different, but he just felt both more threatening and charming at the same time and I was intrigued by his exuberant personality and singing punctuated by creepy moments. I also loved the stronger "radio filter" on his voice with the background sound effects and laugh tracks. I think all 3 of the voice actors did great, but Edward Bosco and Gabriel Christian Brown really made him sound more like a charming radio host from the 1930s. I still love the character but he just seems "sassy" and bitchier now, idk

No. 365029

i honestly hated the pilot episode of hazbin when i watched it years back. thought it was cringe as fuck. i prefer the show on every aspect. it’s much more dynamic and fun than the pilot in my opinion.

No. 365919

JustStop Cartoonshi and Dumbsville released their Hazbin essays where they say the same exact things(this is an imageboard)

No. 366829

File: 1711927955644.jpeg (733.73 KB, 1170x659, IMG_4536.jpeg)

I rewatched Hazbin again and was thinking of my favorite songs, my top 3 are probably:
- Stayed Gone
- Hell’s Greatest Dad
- Hell is Forever

I just love Alastor’s rivalries, and loved how Stayed Gone starts strong as Vox’s villain song and ends with a complete switch of power in the second half when Alastor takes over and we get to see his distorted demon form.
Hell’s Greatest Dad is catchy as hell and an homage to Friend Like Me (one of the best songs of all of the Disney classics), but Mimsy completely ruins it at the end.
Hell is Forever is the song that got me hooked on the show, it gets stuck in my head on a regular basis and Alex Brightman’s Adam was comedy gold.

No. 367012

File: 1712001315239.png (66.49 KB, 872x346, Screenshot 2024-04-01 at 12.49…)

you were totally right about this one

Turns out this wasn't a fakeout either

Oh shit what if the reason Rosie and Alastor were so willing to help Charlie is because they're planning to take over Hell together themselves? And Charlie would have to hold up her end of the bargain for whatever "favor" he wants, with the caveat of Charlie not physically hurting anyone directly.

No. 367016

Curious, what's your least favorite song from HH, I would say Hell's greatest dad is a lot weaker then the rest.

No. 367019

hell’s greatest dad is like the best one, our tastes must be so different nonna, lol. i think my least favorite is either whatever it takes or welcome to heaven.

No. 367024

your right, welcome to heaven is way worse, like I get some part of it is meant to be bad on purpose but it's actually bad(thankfully it's short)

No. 367119

What! Hell's Greatest Dad is the best. Whatever It Takes and Out for Love are two that I usually skip.

No. 367462

File: 1712134727297.jpg (71.93 KB, 1075x1344, b61b84599f93c71bc10727467ae105…)

Some "Dickkie" (Vaggie genderbend) for the thread.

No. 367510

out for love, more than anything and welcome to heaven

No. 368633

File: 1712483294526.png (206.14 KB, 964x1052, my-take-on-how-our-sinners-loo…)

More human versions of the characters

No. 368635

File: 1712483389557.png (198.66 KB, 964x959, my-take-on-how-our-sinners-loo…)

No. 368897

These are great, I love Alastor and Vox here and Sir Pen is cute kek. Who’s the one on the right?

No. 369005

It's velvette

No. 372253

File: 1713599149680.jpg (988.32 KB, 3075x1804, hh.jpg)

Saw HH on Freevee, however, only has the first EP.

No. 373068

Okay? Get Amazon Prime then.

No. 373282

I found it strange that a show that has been out for about 3 months has an episode for free on a free streaming channel. Technically could be a marketing ploy to get more people to pay to see it but again just seems odd to me. I don't recall any new show doing this but I could be remembering incorrectly.

No. 373344

That's exactly what it is. Tons of shows have done this, including YouTube specifically. Amazon is known for doing this for other platforms. Meaning it can be an HBO show and you get the first episode for free, but need to add on HBO after to watch the rest of the series. This is common in streaming. it only stood out to you because its HH.

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