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File: 1710455993744.png (563.61 KB, 736x441, idoljigoku.png)

No. 362650

Idol Hell e Youkoso!

A thread to discuss 2D idol franchises. Talk about the games, the anime, the live shows, the music, seiyuu, characters and shipping, nostalgia, and anything else to do with 2D idol and idol-adjacent media.

Franchises include but are not limited to:
>Idolm@ster Branches
>Love Live! Series
>Bang Dream! Girls Band Party
>Project Diva
>Project Sekai
>[insert dead franchise]

Please take Ensemble Stars posting to its designated thread: >>>/m/336426

No. 362662

File: 1710456775471.jpg (1.07 MB, 2591x3624, GCMTEumbIAAvEwv.jpg)

I don't play these anymore but I'll always hold Love Live in a special place in my heart as it was one of my first idol games and introduced me to Maki-chan. I look back on those memories so fondly.

No. 362663

Post bangers

No. 362664

Does revue starlight fit here? I used to play the mobile game on the EN server but I fucked up rolling for a Futaba banner with only free gems and then I stopped playing all idol games since out of rage kek
I want to get back into Deresute at least
I wish OG SIF was still online…I miss those memories too

No. 362665

if miku's welcome is it safe to talk about her and megpoid the music here? this game SUCKS but it might be my favorite vocaloid game of all time. the stupidly perfect tracklist, the most retarded UI of all time, the scuffed 3d pvs and outfits, the fact that it's a vita exclusive, the legend of the gameplay being so bad they had to rework it from scratch, it just oozes SOVL. IA is so precious to me. I still listen to these songs to this day and sometimes cry about them.

No. 362666


No. 362667

>I wish OG SIF was still online…
I quit playing years before it went down but it still hurts, like that was my childhood memories game. I still have so many screenshots clogging my gallery. So many cards that juked me…RIP in pieces SIF
Immaculate taste nonna. Umi's and Eli's singing voices are my favorite

No. 362670

No. 362673

Thanks for the thread, nonna! I've wanted something like this for a long time. Plugging one of my favorites while I'm here.
I like most idol media, but Pretty Rhythm will always have my heart for being one of the few female idol series I know of that are willing to get as stupid and wild as some of the male idol series.
I've always been curious about Revue Starlight, is it a series with a lot of heated drama and intense relationships (which is what I gather from hearsay)? Might pick it up if true.

No. 362677

I don't think I need or even want other idol franchises to give me women like this but Pretty Rhythm really is the only franchise that would give us women like Hibiki Shikyoin toxic masc extraordinaire and I love it for that.

No. 362690

File: 1710463346934.jpg (763.75 KB, 1967x1473, __hanayagi_kaoruko_and_isurugi…)

I've only watched the anime so far so I can't comment on the movies (iirc they're recaps?) but it's a melodrama with action, lots of rivalries with homoerotic vibes and surreal imagery.
There's stage plays and unlike most franchises that tack them on later the series actually started with them first, and they're pretty good.
I'd ramble more but I don't want to spoil.

No. 362691

File: 1710463351585.jpg (40.61 KB, 279x280, -l5btb7.jpg)

I have played so many accounts over the years it's insane. I've gone through like 3 SIF accounts, 2 SIFAS accounts, 4 bandori accounts, 3 mrst accounts, 1 drst account, 1 shinymas account, 1 starira account, and another account for a seiyuu raising game that i forgot the name of. I am literally addicted to cute singing anime girls I'm deranged. I'm not even counting the non-idol gachas in here but I've played a bunch of those too. I'm cured now though, just keep up with the characters tangentially

No. 362692

AYRT Sounds like great fun, I'll check it out.

No. 362693

Oh revue statlight… The hours i wasted on that game. Who was your best girl?

No. 362696

The drama tends to be very lukewarm. They don't let the discussions escalate enough out for fear of ruining Someomes Waifu™,that was one of my problema back in the day. Arcana Arcadia is as dramatic as it gets on the game
No, Rondo Rondo Rondo is a recap. But the Movie is the true ending.

No. 362698

>The drama tends to be very lukewarm. They don't let the discussions escalate enough out for fear of ruining Someomes Waifu™
All I want is a female idol series that has the stupid levels of toxicity and drama between characters that Ensemble Stars has. Why are moids so boring.

No. 362699

I'm pretty sure it's predecessor Ensemble Girls was like that, but I only know that from word of mouth, I never played it myself to confirm

No. 362701

I thought the series was alright but the movie for RS changed my life.

No. 362703

File: 1710465018108.jpeg (98.29 KB, 750x916, FnIgQNrXgAErq5o.jpeg)

NTA but I'll love Claudine forever

No. 362704

File: 1710465256350.jpg (155.95 KB, 850x992, __aijou_karen_shoujo_kageki_re…)

Amazing taste nonna…I have autism that makes me oshi genki MCs so I liked Karen. Hikaren forever

No. 362705

File: 1710465336744.jpg (290.28 KB, 586x708, 1567044661689.jpg)

Picrel because you can't have one without the other
Claudine's pretty good too
Didn't know Ensemble Girls was even a thing. It feels wrong seeing it knowing that Enstars exists, like in another timeline that was big instead

No. 362706

Man today is the day of clicking the wrong replies I meant >>362693

No. 362709

File: 1710466856898.jpg (130.04 KB, 821x1000, 1535872827250.jpg)

Ah, Revue Starlight is great. I was actually expecting Revue for almost a whole year after its first animated PV got released. I knew I was going to like it from the military-inspired uniforms, and also because some nip stage play director that makes GL stage plays was shilling the Revue stage plays on his twatter. The stage plays' music is great too. I have a fuckton merch of this, and even spent money on the gacha. I also wish bnn would fucking rape me.

No. 362715

And it died… Moids hate kino ig

No. 362718

Anons were talking about it a bit in the other thread but proseka has a serious mixing problem with their covers which is why I could never get into it completely, especially compared to bandori covers which actually re-record the song with new instrumentals

No. 362877

File: 1710526459899.jpeg (119.46 KB, 943x420, IMG_3734.jpeg)

Thoughts on new im@s franchise??

No. 362884

They made another one? What's it called? If this is official art, I don't really like the art style

No. 362888

File: 1710529384772.png (503.63 KB, 1600x1600, cachedImage.png)

It’s called Gakuen Idolm@ster, but the games not out yet, only 4 character bios have been translated so far. I agree that the art style looks pretty generic but she looks interesting

No. 362890

Wish they made more male idol franchises i liked. Only ES feels like a genderbent of female franchises, the other ones feel so sterile and boring. Anyways, I am not into female idols anymore, but i always go back to listening to IM@S songs because they are fucking awesome. This song is very special in my heart as a tokufag, because it was the last song composed by Chumei Watanabe, the main composer for the Super Sentai franchise. You can actually hear the similarities between this song and the opening of J.A.K.Q. Dengekitai, my favourite super sentai OP. Ofcourse, Hikaru Nanjo is my oshi.

No. 362892

i wanted to get into revue starlight so bad, but the designs are too generic for my taste. Banana is by far the most retarded kek, sorry. I agree the music is awesome though.

No. 363474

File: 1710730828210.jpg (212.69 KB, 1080x1440, 1624481925053.jpg)

>Banana is by far the most retarded kek
Until you actually watch the anime and movies and realize she's fucking handsome.

No. 363502

File: 1710736524272.jpg (2.57 MB, 3264x3264, oshis.jpg)

Post your oshis, nonnas. Bonus round, favorite ships

No. 363505

File: 1710737643480.jpg (3.19 MB, 2122x3000, MV5BZjMwOWJmNDQtNWRkMC00ODhjLT…)

Anyone watched picrel? What do you think of it? I personally really enjoyed it and it made me tear up numerous times. The songs are very nice as well, except the emo loli's song, she was annoying and her music sucked, but her plotline was interesting.

No. 363514

File: 1710741915548.jpg (1.8 MB, 1920x1920, favorite_love_live_girlies.jpg)


>Nico Yazawa

No bulli for my taste please, I just really like her bratty personality.

>Mari O'Hara

Was a hard choice between Mari and Yohane, but decided to go for Mari because I like mischievous "big sister"-like personalities, that, and her Engrish was pretty entertaining.

>Kasumi Nakasu

Same reason why I like Nico, kek. She also has the prettiest voice of all the groups.

>Keke Tang

Literally just a superior version of You and a Kotori with a backbone. Best MC BFF.

No. 363517

File: 1710742919403.gif (615.41 KB, 450x250, download.gif)

>No bulli for my taste please
One should never apologize for loving the #1 school idol

No. 363540

File: 1710748724134.jpeg (1.94 MB, 3211x3264, IMG_3805.jpeg)

>Favorite ships

No. 364531

Mahiru is my little sad loser, she has such self-esteem problems and imposter syndrome that she memed herself into being a third wheel lmao, Irl she would fall into those werid polycule relationships. Yet in the end she snaps out of it and finds some backbone to flourish into the beautiful woman she's meant to be ♥ i love this little nerd

No. 364543

I liked it, enough to check on the writing duo's new work despite, well what it is, but the songs weren't all too memorable and the ending could've been better. The robot companion cube was super cute.
One day I'll read the accompanying novels.

No. 368331

File: 1712393703203.jpg (4.2 MB, 3264x3264, hhhhhhhhhhhhh.jpg)

Bless this thread, I've never had anyone to sperg about these franchises with irl. Do D4DJ and Project Sekai count as well?

Hard to choose only four faves, I kind of wanted to include more but it ended up looking really cluttered and I wasn't sure about including D4DJ girls. Hurts to leave Lanzhu out because she's the only character I actually can sympathize with but other than that, she falls just a bit short from Shioriko. Maki was my first fave so she's close to the top. I used to like Ai and Kotori a lot but for some reason I don't at all anymore.
Fave ships are YukiLisa, KaoChisa, MasuRokka, DiverDiva and LanShio…

Browsing the old cards for the faves collage was a blast, I feel surprisingly sad that og LLSIF and SIFAS ended services, they had the best cards and I had all my faves…What are your fave card sets or themes? From any game or franchise.

Give Revue Starlight a try, I ended up really liking it!

>The drama tends to be very lukewarm.
Kind of, yes, but at the same time it was somehow fulfilling, idk how to explain it lol.

this, banana is the best

No. 370687

What series has the 2nd best music after im@s?

No. 370697

File: 1713120152909.png (180.67 KB, 512x720, 909NicoCleanURIdolized.png)

I miss LLSIF so much. I remember being a kid and pulling this card and screaming so much I almost threw up. I cannot believe they got away with having a gacha with .00001% UR chance and no pity. I even managed to get my friends into the game and we would cosplay and do terrible dance covers that are thankfully lost to time kek. Nico will always be my #1!! ♥ I play pjsk now but it's not the same

No. 370708

File: 1713122576639.png (2.61 MB, 1400x1439, FfkldatWIAAzH-6.png)

I always hated the concept of Love Live until my friends started cosplaying it, then i saw this and the valentine Nico card and fell in love with her. I had crazy luck in game, played almost daily and save all my gems to spend for her birthday.
When they made All Stars and that was her first UR i actually cried, sorry for the waifu derailing but i really love the first SIF game a lot, i loved how colorful it was rather than the washed and clean look of modern idol games now.
Sometimes i revisit this site which emulates some things but it's not the same. https://card.llsif.moe/live

Also this Eli costume was so gorgeous

No. 375855

File: 1714665287423.png (3.07 MB, 986x1556, rinrinrin.png)

I love how Rin had the most basic haircut an animu girl can have yet they didn't hold back from giving her fun hairstyles.

No. 375883

File: 1714670250232.png (163.17 KB, 512x720, 556idolizedHanayo.png)

LLSIF had some of the best outfits, it's too bad the entire franchise basically died after Aqours. I was so obsessed with this card back in the day, had it as my icon on everything kek

No. 375904

File: 1714675275491.png (828.45 KB, 1024x720, march.png)

I also love the concept of UR pairs so much. Hunting down a card and then hunting down the girl she was paired with was always so much fun. When they stopped doing paired cards that's when I knew the game was going downhill.

No. 375907

File: 1714675504204.jpg (397.82 KB, 1280x900, KanonMari.jpg)

>died after Aqours

No. 375934

File: 1714678629316.jpg (3.95 MB, 3264x1842, cards.jpg)

>What are your fave card sets or themes? From any game or franchise.
I have a lot but I had to narrow it down. I like it when games do unique outfits and card compositions more than generic pretty dress #999.

No. 375973

I don't mean this in a negative way, but it really surprises me that there are adult women who like this franchise.

No. 375992

File: 1714688372371.webp (123.49 KB, 1080x762, D9571122-FC7B-4D07-B916-65CF08…)

Weirdly enough, I’ve been enjoying the Superstar!!/Liella group a lot. Their song lineups are pretty good, and the characters are fun. Niji was too much for me to follow in comparison. Too bad about the app dying though kek.

I can try to explain, especially as a homo lol. The designs are cute and the characters don’t get ogled by men, or are made to be pair-bait for men in the show itself, and the cast is usually made up by female fans of the older seasons who also liked the series. The character personalities also tend to be zany/cartoony and much more than “girl likes guy/wants men to like her” you normally see in anime, which is refreshing for anime girls in general. If anything, if there’s a girl like that, she usually wants to impress another girl or be fawned over by other girls. So the series tends to be labeled as “safe” for female viewers and fans. Despite the skimpiness of some outfits in the cards, which is par for the course in gacha games, the series itself is pretty far from being coomery.
Also afaik the main writer for the series is a woman who’s written yuri, which is likely why characters are not as annoying and actually have aspirations and generally just down-to-earth relatable issues, instead of “I just want to marry a boy someday” dialogue you normally see written for female idols like in im@s. Honestly, LL! is pretty entrenched in yuri especially in the manga/games where characters will talk about promising to marry their designated ship pair—I even recall a magazine scan of Nozomi and Eli in female/male wedding attire with each other, or talk about how they are attracted to women specifically. The latter especially started a huge shitstorm with the app translators years back when they tried removing the lesbian remarks from the game to replace them with more vague “they could like guys!” type dialogue. They reverted that after backlash and kept the lesbian stuff intact, thankfully.

TL;DR: It’s probably the “safest” idol series for girls since the main writer is a woman.

No. 376001

File: 1714689597773.jpg (506.59 KB, 2714x1920, f3575vv6yan41.jpg)

Cute girls, cute dresses, cute songs, healthy dose of female friendship drama that doesn't go overboard and stays mostly wholesome, and like >>375992 said, yeah there is fanservice, that's par for the course in male-targeted gacha but it's on the tamer side of the scale. The lack of a a male self-insert character (or any male characters at all) gives room for the girls to personalities and human emotions. Plus, there's a lot of nostalgia attached for us with love live specifically I'm assuming.

No. 376004

File: 1714689688950.webp (51.42 KB, 1024x576, EDB8EFAC-70AF-4486-9825-AE4B78…)

Forgot to add: males are hardly ever shown in the series, so bi/les women who tend to like yuri flocked to it too. Men are either only shown from the back, dead, an animal or a toddler. Even then a lot of the animals tend to be female too. Nobody has an older brother, and the characters tend to only talk up/look up to mothers/grandmothers even. The only exception I remember is Maki from the OG group but that’s because her dad wants her to take over his spot as head doctor of the hospital he runs one day.
Idolslop is far from feminist, but LL! is palatable for what it is. It’s one of the few modern anime where characters talk about wanting to be doctors or deans, instead of being housewives—and when they are, it’s usually in relation to a girl they like and is jokey. It’s also the only idol anime I know where they’re encouraged to see the idol stuff as a temporary thing/a way to make friends with other girls in school—with it almost sports anime style/cheerleading or dance school clubs with competitions—instead of being a career thing.

No. 376006

File: 1714689820794.webp (70.08 KB, 512x720, 380Cotarou.webp)

Lol, there is one named and shown male in LL, Nico's baby brother

No. 376010

File: 1714690068175.jpeg (31.08 KB, 223x243, B93A1250-0BEE-4F85-B0B9-0F59B8…)

Lol yeah it’s either this or someone’s male pet. Manmaru, Kanon’s pet owl, is the only other named male I remember. The other pets I remember were female kek.

No. 376019

>males are hardly ever shown in the series, so bi/les women who tend to like yuri flocked to it too.
Nta but isn't that something straight men would also find appealing? Like there's no male characters on screen to sully their precious virgin waifus or for moids to compare themselves to.

No. 376026

Yes. The primary audience is male, but there are other things in the series that helped attract a loyal female fanbase too

No. 376034

File: 1714692305099.jpeg (169.71 KB, 1280x720, 929700A8-10BF-46C6-AE61-9C9AB2…)

I don’t think it’s the same. The thing is men still want a hint of them still having a chance with the girls, or a hint that the girls will give their lives up for a man. They still want that whole “I want to be a housewife” dialogue exchange instead of having aspirations. That’s why harem and isekai anime are the most popular with them. Even in things like im@s, seemingly-tomboyish Makoto’s while deal is wanting to be seen as feminine so she can get a boyfriend. There’s nothing like this in LL! at all.
I feel like LL! does these things pretty differently since the girls actually grow and have actual issues ranging from familial loss, alienation due to high tiger family style expectations, or even childhood trauma from seeing an animal die (Rin’s backstory with the dead kittens in the manga). The main writer, Sakurako Kimino, did the same tactic in her yuri series Strawberry Panic! where men aren’t shown, not to keep the girls “pure,” but so the girls can actually be characters, and even show interest in each other. In that series, there is one side character named Rokujo Miyuki whose fate was to be married off to a man after she graduates and it’s written and shown as a legitimately very dark and sad situation. So yeah I don’t think it’s done similarly in comparison to something just for male appeal. It’s done so characters can actually have personalities like >>376001 says.

No. 376038

File: 1714692596548.png (3.16 MB, 1757x1686, 186Konoe-Kanata-It-s-my-turn-n…)

I can only speak for Love Live, it's the only idol franchise that actually interested me but side confession: i never watched the anime or ovas.
I'm the same as >>370708 so in short: i was weirded out by fictional idols > my friends started sperging about it with me > got into the mobile game > enjoyed it (also i was in my early teens)

At first it was something like Animal Crossing, i liked to log in, have fun with the rhythm game as i realized that it is actually very fun and cute. Got into the cards, characters and stories a bit later on and it made me realize how much i actually enjoyed it, even tried other idol games but they felt more flat to me.
I also liked how they avoided showing guys since i was a homo too kek, so it was easier for me to self insert my silly crush or find the characters more relatable.
I really just liked it overall, i loved how the events would work too, the backgrounds, collecting the cute titles, every costume set, it was always something that made me feel happy.
Picrel was a side character that i liked a lot in the first game, just for existing, and when she became one of the main idols out of the trillion other characters i felt so proud kek, too bad that at that point it was already going stale.

No. 376039

File: 1714692820729.png (203.55 KB, 444x850, 520AF770-02F4-4BBA-94E0-FBFA9D…)

As a lesbian, I also liked the blatant yuri in LL! especially the comics you could read in the old app (RIP).

No. 376042

File: 1714693448210.png (5.43 MB, 1378x2039, 76507700_p1.png)

KEK i remember this, if i didn't touch love live i'd be put off by this nowdays (even if she's cool) but i just trusted it as i went deeper, i also like it when it's silly like this sometimes, sure complicated feelings are fine but i also enjoy the simple ones, it's an idol series and not Romeo and Juliet after all.

No. 376044

File: 1714693530117.png (199.9 KB, 444x850, tumblr_097e30e40668e1372a0cc14…)

My N girl ship of choice was ryo/koyuki. Is there anywhere online we can find the rest of the 4komas?

No. 376047

File: 1714694291555.webp (37.09 KB, 444x850, 870C1F25-A60F-4407-A59E-E1184D…)

No. 376053

File: 1714695292691.jpeg (105.39 KB, 575x419, IMG_1286.jpeg)

does anyone here remember idol master sidem?? i remember playing growing stars before it’s shut down. they still make new songs and shit but no new games kek. SEM was always my favorite especially jiro

No. 376060

File: 1714696537552.jpg (104.82 KB, 640x800, PierreR13.jpg)

I never got into sideM but the frog fag was cute ngl

No. 376079

File: 1714698310609.jpg (31.08 KB, 320x400, he took off his pants.jpg)

jiro was so peak it's unreal, he's everything I want in a bottom. lord knows if they'll ever make another game and how many months it'll last before it gets nuked again. but I'll take anything as long as it means resurrecting the fandom and getting a stable flow of new content.

No. 376094

i always found the designs incredibly fucking ugly

No. 376095

File: 1714701053819.jpg (222.03 KB, 1024x720, DhFvhPbVAAESdsH.jpg)

nta but I swear the art quality for the cards in sif fell off hard after awhile especially when they were trying to juggle muse and aqours in the game. Aqours got the better artist when they were newer but then they all started to have a weird look imo. Maybe it got better but seeing the stiff looking event SRs used to kill me.

No. 376096

How are they any worse than ensnores or pjsk?

No. 376098

I played the rhythm mobage game when it first came out and it wasn't very good, it didn't last long on my phone

No. 376102

>confession: i never watched the anime or ovas.
You really should. At the very least, the original muse anime is a hood classic

No. 376636

File: 1714888643328.jpg (40 KB, 593x630, koume.jpg)

NTA, I was always turned off by LL!'s chara designs but you convinced me to give it a try. I gravitate towards im@s (just looking at fanarts and such, picrel is my fave girl) but i'd hate the husband developments. Thanks!

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