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No. 40244

Not to be confused with anti anime.

No. 40247

File: 1563129053273.jpg (203.31 KB, 1024x768, 1368103653706.jpg)

Fucking thank you anon.
Love the thread pic as well. Perfect choice.

So, anons, what anime has recently disappointed you? I mostly like seinen so I usually stick to reading manga but sometimes I am tempted to watch some original series. I need to have really good reason to give it a shot cause most hyped anime series either end up having retarded characters, pandering scenes, shit pacing or all of above and some pedophilia mixed in for a good measure.

I would love to watch a recentish (or super old and obscure) original anime that is not crap, any recs?
From my side I loved Ima, Sokoni Iru Boku when I watched it a few years back, though I need to warn any farmers willing to give it a shot that there is an abortion related scene you might not agree with (though IMHO it makes sense from the main character's limited point of view, it still slightly irks me).
It's a tragic anti-war fairytale that gets quite heartrending.

No. 40249

File: 1563130083968.jpg (96.88 KB, 1000x600, Araburu-Kisetsu-key-1000x600-1…)

Araburu Kisetsu no Otome-domo yo, i give it a try and at fist i like it, the animation was good, the girl look normal and not sexual, but then with all star wint the sex talk,is was okay, they are girls and they will talk about sex and wanting to do it, but for some reason i feel gross out the more into the episode i was,it was uncomfortable for some reason, i'm only in episode 1 but for what i have seen o the rest i don't think i will continue is uncomfortable in some many areas, maybe is becase even if is nromal for girl to talk about sex and all that i know thet men will be ther fantasizing boute teen girls fantasizing to have sex or maybe i'm been to dramatic i really don't know

No. 40250

I love Mari Okada anime, but I'm getting kind of tired how she kills or fucks with all of her lesbian and gay characters. You'd think that as a lesbian herself she would try not to over use the tragic lesbian troupe over and over again. I'm looking at you Darling in the Franxx.

No. 40251

I was waiting on someone to make it yesterday, but when no one did and the posts about it started getting buried, I decided to do it myself. Apologies if the thread opener isn't the greatest, everyone.

No. 40252

I read a couple of chapters of that one and kind of dropped because of the weird relationship between the writer girl and her teacher.
If you want some nice manga about girls dealing with life, sex, relationships and comming of age I think Takako Shimura's "Musume no ie de" does it better.

No. 40253

File: 1563130448549.jpg (772.13 KB, 2560x1920, 911d5AdE4pL._RI_.jpg)

It really pisses me off that this could've been so good, but the author chose the pedo route.

No. 40259

File: 1563130774271.jpg (99.83 KB, 1024x678, 5ccaed886d6e1-autore-made-in-a…)

it was pedo from the start anon, the art was a major give away tbh.
I mean, it's uncomfortable as fuck to spot some of the weird fetishes hidden in the art and writing but I'm not dropping it yet because there's some legit interesting concepts and body horror. But yeah, the artist specially is a huge pedo and fuck that penis shaped mascot character introduced in the moth village.

No. 40260

It is beyond me that every fucking season is crapier and crapier. Fire Force is so fucking bad written I want to rip my brain off from that stupid screenwriting. Characters are so boring. It's so disappointing, considering how good Soul Eater was. The author totally lost his sparkle in this one.

No. 40261

I mean, you can't really wait for much from shounen, specially if it's from a male author.

No. 40262

I guess I had just assumed the characters were younger than they are. Then, all the weird sexual tension shit started happening and made me feel disgusted. I mean, there was absolutely no need to give a robot (presumably) child feelings of sexual curiosity. Would've been way better for Riko to exhibit just a cute, innocent little crush on him and he not understand any of it. I agree that the world is quite rich and I thoroughly enjoy seeing the changes to the environments the further down they get. And I'm totally interested in what civilization there might be at the bottom. I'm not reading the manga btw, so I have no idea what's going on currently, beyond what's been shown in the anime.

No. 40271

File: 1563133106476.png (400.24 KB, 686x972, Maainfos.png)

>penis shaped mascot character


No. 40272

File: 1563133200217.jpeg (732.02 KB, 1132x1500, 7ABE400B-6F54-4269-A861-949DD6…)

I just want to bitch about manga for a minute. I used to collect physical volumes (english) but I’ve been turning to pirating digital copies because so many series are out of print. It’s really annoying that I have a bunch of series I can’t finish collecting because scalpers charge outrageous prices for the books.

More series are getting officially translated which is nice but the translations are dropping in quality, so I don’t buy a lot of new stuff either. Dorohedoro and Kimetsu are perfect examples of awful translation.

No. 40273

have this thread is just weebs giving recs, rather than criticism. can you guys fuck off back to your containment thread.

No. 40274

File: 1563133473024.jpeg (407.1 KB, 1280x720, C63ED882-452F-4591-AB8D-4ECE04…)

>what anime has recently disappointed you?
Everything that could have gone wrong with 7seeds went wrong.

No. 40275

Where do you think you are even? There's plenty of critical content on the posts above. Obviously people will compare works, since you can't be really critical if you don't actually enjoy the medium, otherwise it would just a a hatting thread. Don't try to derail the thread, go on /ot for that.

No. 40276

File: 1563133765117.png (618.46 KB, 1369x763, bsd.png)

I want the anime industry to chill and draw as normal facial expressions as possible.
WTF is this.

No. 40277

File: 1563133784397.jpg (642.46 KB, 1079x1442, Screenshot_20190630-074436_Net…)

I can't say that I'm surprised. I'm the anon that posted this hilariously bad art that Netflix used in some thread a while back.

No. 40286

why does netflix like to green light shit series?, it looks like a amateur proyect, and the face of the girl in the back lord

No. 40297

I know that anon above whined about recommendations but actually I would really love a farmer created Anime Golden Standard list. It's helpful to know the good shit so that you can recognize crap more easily.
In the spirit of this thread, I also think that an anti-recommendation list would be cool, especially if it touched on highly shilled anime and why not to watch them.
There are not that many places on the net where women are able to share their unique outlook. Most of them are also very SJW so their opinions will not align with farmers perfectly, I think.

No. 40300

File: 1563142605788.jpg (59.25 KB, 350x493, wolf-girl-and-black-prince-627…)

Worst anime I've ever seen goes to "Wolf Girl and Black Prince"
> MC is a girl who lies about having a boyfriend to her friends. She accidentally uses a pic of a hot guy who she later finds out goes to their school, and then has to beg him to keep it a secret that they're not dating. Hot guy becomes an actual abusive jerk, calls her his dog and demands that she do whatever he wants in return if he goes along with it. She does his errands reluctantly until she starts to ~love~ him and then does everything he wants gladly while he makes fun of her and demeans her. She literally confesses that she loves him multiple times and he laughs in her face and calls her an idiot. He buys her a necklace as a "collar" and she cries…of happiness. MC clearly has no self-respect.
I got through like 7 episodes and had to stop. The secondhand embarrassment was too much.
I'm usually into shoujo animes but this one shouldn't even exist because it could serve as a terrible example to young girls as what "love" looks like.

No. 40301

Would be interesting to see what we can piece together.

No. 40306

Has anyone read the reviews on this site? I just found it and haven't dug very deep into her catalog yet to be able to tell if this is lib fem shit or nah.


No. 40307

File: 1563143537179.jpg (195.24 KB, 1079x791, Screenshot_20190714-173220_Chr…)

Never mind, I've answered my own question.

>muh twansphobia

No. 40322

Why is there so much shoujo where the male lead is an abusive turd and the girl has no spine? I like shoujo but this trope seriously gets to me. I instantly drop anything where the male lead is an obnoxious twat from the get-go.

No. 40326

File: 1563147523189.jpg (81.77 KB, 379x600, mayushit.jpg)

It's okay, anon. You can say Mayu Shinjo.
Just kidding, 80% of shoujo is like that. She's the worst offender though.
Saged for mango in the anime thread.

No. 40328

Blame Hana Yori Dango I suppose. the fans ate up the abusive asshole so much the mangaka ended up setting him to win at the end instead of the nice guy. I guess it was very influential for shoujo and romance.

No. 40329

Imo this was a bigger trend in the 00s rather than in today's manga? It seems like nowadays male leads are more tsundere than anything. But to be honest right now the only shoujo comics getting translated are chinese or korean webcomics REEEEEEE. And shoujo anime adaptations are so rare in general. What's airing right now, Fruits Basket, and that's it? A lot of great shoujo manga will never really be popular based on the fact that they don't get an anime.
While we are on the topic, the isekai otome trend has to die as soon as possible. It's only marginally better than its shonen counterpart.

No. 40331

Hana Yori Dango is considered a classic but does anyone ever actually think about how fucked up it is? This guy causes her so much mental and physical distress, even has her almost get raped, and she gets with him in the end. The fuck?

No. 40333

File: 1563149091612.png (746.44 KB, 745x891, justyouraverageshoujomanga.png)

Samefag but I had to dig up this scene I remembered from years ago where they literally tied her up and dragged her behind a car because they thought she was cheating on the dude from F4.

No. 40340

what the actual fuck… this is so real, this shit happen to women all over the world, how can this pass? was this a men how mede this? jesus this is sick

No. 40353

>this shit happen to women all over the world
In what fucking world are you from

No. 40428

From what I've seen japanese girls seem to really like that trope.
I think it's why characters like Bakugou Katsuki and kokichi Ouma are so popular, they just really love mean psychos.

No. 40438

This. It has to do with Japan's shitty social (pun intended) issues. All the dickhead characters get voted as the hottest in all sorts of media there. They love bad boiz

No. 40439

I still can't believe people are praising pop team epic and calling it the anime that will save the anime industry. Pop team epic is just an edgy family circus. It's just a bunch of random jokes with no punch line.

No. 40443

not even just japanese girls. I was going to catch up with an old friend until I saw her social media was full of shippy stuff and fanart about Bakugou (we're murican). Bitch is 23 lmao. I think girls in general have a tendency to like asshole characters in fiction and especially anime where they can explore the "i'll be the only one he loves it'll be us against the world uwu~" fantasy without it actually harming them (provided they don't pursue these relationships irl, which of course some of them still might).

No. 40444

people saying that are retarded as hell. the comics are pretty good, but the anime just tried to emulate the material and fucked it up. it's not going to save shit.

No. 40459

File: 1563247371950.jpg (27.31 KB, 500x375, tumblr_pq8es4xxJ41qendyvo7_500…)

funny how now and then, here and now was literally an isekai but done decently. i think the problem with most isekai anime is that most of it is TOO wish fulfillmenty. i think twelve kingdoms is also considered isekai, but i've heard people say it's good.
i love abelia's design

just watch kimetsu no yaiba

No. 40464

File: 1563252581272.png (304.01 KB, 760x694, killlakill.png)

Inspired by comments from /ot/

Kill La Kill just isn't that good. The characters don't really have satisfying arcs or depth, they are exceptionally thin characters. Satsuki is the closest to having real development but its quite slight. The animation is good but the fight scenes just aren't that good by contrast. The characters don't really get a chance to be clever in how they fight, they don't interact much with the environment, don't get to experiment or strategize much. The fight scenes have lots of flashy movements and swooshes but that isn't the same as having tight choreography. The conflict of having to get over the embarrassment of wearing such a skimpy outfit to unlock their powers isn't just stupid, it's boring and robs the characters of more interesting quandaries. Being skilled at fighting is about screaming harder and getting nuder. That could be OK for an ecchi but people were praising the show as being intelligent. The physical conflicts don't have intelligent solutions. The environmental design is bland and the sound design is likewise. The soundtrack isn't bad but it is very repetitive and there are times where I don't think it's mixed well with very abrupt transitions (I'm thinking they had time constraints).

And yeah I haven't even touched on the themes that people actually defend as deep. Kill La Kill has as much depth as a tea saucer. The show is an exposition dump that is unable to communicate its themes with nuance. The conformity and tyrannical hierarchical nature of their world is shown in a cartoonish way while treated with utmost seriousnes. The underlying story (life fibers being parasitic aliens) is just stupid.

The show would have been a lot better had it not tried to justify it's absurdity with faux-depth and just embraced being a cartoonish action ecchi comedy.

No. 40466

File: 1563254750588.png (1.59 MB, 862x862, fooly.png)

Another 'overrated' anime: FLCL (Fooly Cooly)

It isn't overrated because it is a bad show but because people carelessly recommend it not being aware of how the show is more impactful if you're a young teen boy. I watched it as a teenager and thought it was alright but I could tell it was more affecting for guys. I rewatched it as an adult and my position has just strengthened. I really just cant recommend FLCL to an adult that has never seen it. You need to be a teen to really appreciate the show and it is magnified if you are male. I don't think it's a very coherent story and in fairness I don't think it is trying to be, its strengths are more in successfully evoking certain feelings and capturing the spirit of a particular point in time and emotional/physical development. I just don't think it will succeed at doing this for anyone older than say, 20. Its overrated in that people rate it because they saw the show at the perfect age to enjoy it and they recommend it to people who are past that window of time. I won't begrudge a 15 year old boy from enjoying it and might recommend it to him but I don't think it is worthwhile recommending it to a 24 year old woman by contrast, basically.

No. 40468

Agreed that (like many other popular anime), it's overrated because men relate to it and what they enjoy is always lauded as the best. But even ignoring that, I disliked it mainly for stylistic reasons which other people loved.
>excessive frenetic visuals and overanimated to the point of visual assault on the eyes (eg the manga scenes)
>Haruko's obnoxious VA in both languages
>same noisy rockband for the entire OST (good songs but no fucking variety)
>lolsorandumb humour
>fanservice will always bother me even if the series is literally about puberty

I can admit this comes down to taste but god I just found the whole thing obnoxious. I don't mind crazy styles to an extent, but I just think it was trying too hard and went over the top… this scene exemplifies everything I hated about it.

No. 40469

>i think twelve kingdoms is also considered isekai, but 've heard people say it's good.
It is extremely good, and it is isekai by definition. It just lacks all the shitty cliches and tropes now associated with the genre, having a based femc makes all the difference.

The only criticism I have to make is that the series is unfinished and I desperately wanted closure. And I guess it's a bit slow to get into, but I loved it from the start anyway.

No. 40473

This reply is a reminder of why this anime is so hard to critique, because I completely agree and yet I don't think it's a bad show. It is probably one of the most subjective series I can think of. When rewatching it I didn't particularly enjoy it and the story was still batshit and yet it was still pretty evocative. It is as popular as it is because it aired on Adult Swim and is one of the only pieces of media that was airing at the time I can think of that treated the core theme (about the transition from childhood to adulthood) in a sincere way. Most anime utterly fails even though most is aimed at the same audience of teen boys. And I don't think there are many good live action alternatives either. But it's just too kooky, too spastic, and simply not very funny to me.

Does deserves a reputation for being heartfelt? Sure. Does it deserve to be considered great? Absolutely not. DIVISIVE is probably the adjective it deserves best but I rarely hear it described that way.

No. 40475

this isn't an unpopular opinion but naruto's first part was significantly better written than naruto shippuuden. they dragged shippuuden out so much that the story became all over the place. it would've been a way better story if they ended it with akatsuki.

No. 40495

File: 1563285682069.jpg (18.32 KB, 354x308, 1484247436018.jpg)

Ii read the 5 first volumes of the Twelve Kingdoms novels and they're great. I don't think the anime is too different from what I've been told, except a few details. So I guess I can recommend this series too. I also like Vision of Escaflowne, it's also "technically" an isekai, but there's a real plot. There's a love triangle between the heroine and two of the main guys but it's really nothing fanservicey or important. Speaking of 90s anime and fantasy, Slayers is great as well. It's not an isekai though, but it's obviously inspired by JRPGs like Dragon Quest like many modern and trashy isekai, there's a plot, it's funny, there's action and again, not that much fanservice compared to modern anime even though it was fanservicey at the time. And the main character, Lina, is really good.

No. 40497

File: 1563287465390.jpg (337.88 KB, 1400x2008, download.jpg)

I got that same feeling from 'Good night punpun', 'neon genesis evgalion' and 'welcome to the NHK'. These works are OK to the average viewer, but if you're the intended audience, depressed goalless teen/young adult, it's amazing. The problem comes when people try to recommend stuff like this, as you said, to the non intended audience. It comes off as lame and overhyped.

No. 40501

I don't think it's bad, but it's just utena for scrotes. At least its not full of irritating filler though

No. 40503

I fucking love all of those, dunno what it says about me. Any more recs like this? Personally I would add Aku no Hana and anything by it's author.

>it's just utena for scrotes. At least its not full of irritating filler though
Filler or no filler, Utena is still god tier anime, especially when compared to a fanservice infested turd like Kill la Kill.
Personally I didn't enjoy the surrealist comedy in Utena that much, but it can be argued that even those 'filler' episodes revealed something about characters.

No. 40514

File: 1563303394334.png (1.72 MB, 707x889, 7667062489088.PNG)

I know it's been said 1,000 times but My Hero would be so much more enjoyable without Mineta. He's a shitty creepy character and the fact that he's a self insert makes it even worse.
Makes me happy to know that majority of fans hate him and it makes scrotes that defend him seethe.

Yes, exactly! I hate it so much.
I get liking characters like that as a joke because they're just so ridiculous, but wanting a relationship with a character like that? Nah.

>I think girls in general have a tendency to like asshole characters in fiction and especially anime where they can explore the "i'll be the only one he loves it'll be us against the world uwu~" fantasy without it actually harming them (provided they don't pursue these relationships irl, which of course some of them still might).

This too! Doesn't help when mental illness gets involved.
I think Japanese girls have more of a tendency to do this than westerners. But I've definitely met my share of westerners that love characters like that lmao.
Hell, I've seen dudes doing questionable voice acting skits for characters like Bakugo. Through the majority of the damn thing it's him calling the listener stupid,a dumbass, etc.. but teens/adults in the comments eat it up.
It's all a very bizarre scene.

No. 40520

Honestly this, I thought NGE was boring and pretentious when I watched it as a teenager, but re-watching it as a young adult it really hit hard. I could empathize with Shinji and the other characters' struggles a lot and it was a really amazing experience portraying how it feels like to have the weight of the world on your shoulders and not feeling loved. I somewhat get people saying that it's overhyped and incoherent because they most likely can't relate with the message at all.

No. 40523

Lolcow needs to make an anime recommendations watchlist for depressed people lol.

No. 40528

This isn't exactly anime critical, but more anime critical adjacent. Pause & Select (one of the more serous/pretentious anitubers) made a 30 minute video on how the anime community bastardized and refuses to look critically at the word 'isekia'. If you don't want to watch the entire video you could just read the pinned comment and get the gist.

No. 40529

File: 1563315624958.jpg (126.66 KB, 736x1177, c345b242c440c40d64efc7be9be3d3…)

Tbh I like an asshole anime boy and have a shrine for him. So I am that weirdo.

I would say he's attractive to me, but I certainly wouldn't date a person like him irl, since he's really fucking mean.
But his meanness was what attracted me to him. He was impossible not to notice because he was just an unrepentant sadistic prick. In an anime about teamwork and power of friendship full of cookie-cutter shonen stereotypes, he was a breath of fresh air. Characters like this attract attention. You either love them or hate them, there's usually nothing inbetween and it's probably the reason the more vocal fans of "bad" characters are that much noticeable.

I often gravitate towards assholish characters just because for me they are more interesting to observe. I really like Kokichi Oma, for example, there's never a dull moment with him. But I think if I knew him irl, I would have bashed his head in.

What I don't get is abusers/assholes in romance manga/anime. They're good for a rival character or a villain, not someone you should lust after.

No. 40537

i couldn’t finish dangan ronpa v3 because the translation was too full of memes, it was unbearable

No. 40538

you probably wont like the ending then

No. 40540

what happened? i spoiled myself for some of it and know why they’re there and that the mc changes

No. 40556

as a teen I was definitely in the "lol get in teh robot shonji" camp. as an adult with a slew of genuine failures under my belt I realized I had no room to talk because I had refused to "get in the robot" at least a hundred times and without ever having anything as rational as giant monsters to fear.

No. 40580

Eh. I like memes. I think they fit into DR fairly well esp considering how the third game played out in the end. A big shitty meme.

MAJOR SPOILERS. Like, the entire game spoiled.
It's actually 53rd Danganronpa game in-universe, they live in the world where killing games became hit reality TV and a group of "DR devs" takes killing game fanboys and brainwashes them into new personalities and having talents. All the characters actually wanted to participate, but had their memories changed. Junko is nowhere to be found, there is 0 connection to the overall plot, Kiibo kills himself to save others, Tsumugi is the mastermind. Also it's implied that they're in simulation either way or that they're fictional and it's the players fault that killing games continue since we made Danganronpa series popular. Basically "you are all shitty fanboys and terrible people for wanting to play a game about teenagers dying, fuck off, we're not making a next one"
I find it so fucking hypocritical when the creators shit on their fans.
"We're tired of makinf the same thing because you like it" - well, no one forced you really?
"You are a bad person for liking bad things" - well you made them in the first place?
Also like, we pay you. Literally help you stay alive. So shut the fuck up. Just make a different game, you're popular enough that people would buy anything from you.

The same shit happened with Kojima, but he kept making games every time. I doubt he'd stopped with MGS if not for Konami. That fake posturing makes me sick.

No. 40587

>I realized I had no room to talk because I had refused to "get in the robot" at least a hundred times and without ever having anything as rational as giant monsters to fear.
This really speaks to me anon because it's exactly how I felt re-watching the series over a decade after I saw it the first time. I watched it first when I was around 12-13, then the second time when I was in my mid 20's. As a kid I thought Shinji was so fucking annoying and selfish and just didn't get why he'd rather sacrifice the half-crippled girl than get in that goddamn robot himself, but as an adult I really felt the panic, fear and disgust Shinji had for the whole situation an only felt anger towards the adults pushing these poor kids over their limits.

I really want to unspoiler this because I haven't played DR3 (only the first two) and I've heard people talk endlessly about what a big fuck you the ending was to the fans but I don't want to spoil myself, is DR3 worth the trouble? Maybe I'll just watch a playthrough.

No. 40591

Not going to lie, I don't mind dickhead male characters, if they have some level of substance to them beyond being a dickhead and are well written, the only problem is that thus far, bakugo isn't well written at all and has made no strides towards improving his anger issues (at least as far as I've seen). I'd be able to respect the character better if he had development and improvement but I honestly don't think he's changed enough to warrant that. A lot of antagonistic (not villains but dickheads) or downright villainous characters (actually villainous) at least for me tend to have aspects that make them interesting to me, bakugo has none of those. he kind of reminds me of izaya orihara who i also fucking hated (an annoying ugly edgelord who all the fangirls cream their panties over for some reason) and never understood why the fandom made him out to be a good character, he's pretty substanceless overall and that's in a massive ensemble cast of characters who don't all get their due screentime and development, and in fact many who get less screentime than the guy but manage to be less insufferable and more interesting… the only one I fucking hate more than bakugo is mineta lmao

No. 40593

File: 1563352090766.jpg (82.47 KB, 720x706, vGDpH221rrc.jpg)

Well… If you like the mechanics, sure, go for it. It adds a very interesting twist in the form of perjury and it was kinda difficult for me to figure it at my first run, so even a dangan veteran would be interested. Minigames are also much better now, more fair. There are also minigames in-story and though they're completely optional, they can be a nice timekiller/training for trials. But don't expect great plot or resolving any plot points from before. It's a completely different plot in the same universe, there is no connection besides a couple of callbacks to Junko and Remnants. Murders are still interesting and hard to figure out in their insane complication, characters still have great chemistry and interactions, but the overall plot is mostly contrivance and 4th wall breaking. Some of the characters are still scrappy though, even those who get to live for a while, but it's a problem in any Danganronpa.

Also the characters in the 3rd game are even more over the top than before so that might not be your cup of tea. Especially Miu Iruma and Kokichi Ouma get a lot of hate for being fucking obnoxious game-ruiners for many. They were confirmed to be written this way though and I didn't mind. Miu is a sadomasochistic degenerate and Ouma is Komaeda on even more crack basically.

Still, Izaya is the only character from Durarara I remember, because the rest of the cast was extremely bland to me. So he has a point in existing.

No. 40745

God knows why light-hearted shows suddenly dive into edginess and shock factor like Madoka Magica and Made in Abyss. It fucking irritates me; I feel nothing watching your cheap Gore or whinge fest. The worst parts is that they think they can throw actual plot development and character development out the window. Fuck off.

No. 40765

i used to watch anime, but i just can't get thru anything at all. it's so fucking slowpaced and i would rather just read the manga. nothing has felt fulfilled to complete, since i watched soul eater and ao no exorcist as a cringy 16y weeb. perfect blue was the only thing i could get thru. and little witch academia… tokyo ghoul was fucking awful, bnha is a cringefest, snk is the worst shit i have seen ever and i never got the hype around naruto, bleach, one piece and fairytail??? nge is only good the first time you watch it and shoujo anime is awful … i don't understand why shitty anime crap get so popular all the time …. like yoi was fun until it got too popular and ppl started to shit up everything.

No. 40770

File: 1563463367457.jpg (47.56 KB, 624x351, _107925598_mediaitem107925597.…)

So, a crazy arsonist just burned KyoAni's studio and caused the death of 33 people.
This is so sad, the industry might lost one of the best studios out there and the victim family and friends must be suffering a lot.
There's no details as of yet for his "motives" but
>"He seemed to be in pain, irritated and suffering, but also angry as if he was resentful. I heard him saying something like 'you copied it'," a neighbour said.
>The Asahi Shimbun newspaper quoted a 61-year-old neighbour as saying she clearly heard the man shout: "You ripped me off."
Wtf, he's probably just a psycho but even if someone did copy his work that doesn't make that kind of vicious crime justified.

No. 40773

Damn, what a shame. They've produced some of my favorite series over the years. I hope they start a global GoFundMe thing so I can make a donation for all those episodes I watched on kissanime.

No. 40774


I never got the hype around that show. Gave it a chance, watched like 4 episodes but couldn't get into it.
I found it to be so boring even though I'm a huge fan of sports animes and ice skating in general. The fanservice also got old real quick. The fanbase also didn't help.
Having a show with canonically gay characters participating in a flamboyant sport is a recipe for attracting a fanbase full of crazy fujos and fundas.

Just saw this on twitter jfc it's so sad.
I've seen people offering donating sources to help them rebuild again at least.

No. 40776

https://www.gofundme.com/f/help-kyoani-heal Organized by Sentai Filmworks
https://twitter.com/FWAsteria/status/1151736326154096640 You can also buy digital goodies on their site

No. 40777

this is so sad wtf. I've heard that they're one of the few animation studios that treats their workers well, too.

No. 40778

Yes, they are also famous for employing a lot more of female animators.

No. 40779

I absolutely love shows like Little Witch Aca. It was the only anime I finished completely. I like some anime movies too, but I'm not sure the ones I'm thinking of are counted as anime and are just animations.

BNHA is too cringy for me to handle. Ppl praise it for being new when it really isnt.

YOI. Is a fujoshi shitfest. I 100% understood it's popularity being praised as an openly gay anime. It's so easy to see with a huge male cast, the pairings and noncon fics are endless. AO3 keeps YOI alive.

No. 40781

I feel like the appeal with YOI is that you have a bunch of plot twists so you can only really appreciate it if you have no idea who the characters are and what happens. It's known to be that one gay ice skating anime but when it started airing nobody knew what to expect with Viktor and thought it would only be like Free!! in terms of fanservice. Many people thought Viktor had horrible ulterior motives as Yuri's coach like him sabotaging his career to promote his own, or some other crazy shit from old sports shojo anime so the kiss was a legit shocking twist. Now people only know about the kiss and the characters' actual motives, just like how everyone knows that the protagonists in Romeo and Juliet die. The hype was definitely justified back then but not anymore.

No. 40784

I confess that I don't give a flying fuck about BNHA like any shonen anime/manga (well, except for Innocents Shounen Juujigun, but that's a fucked up seinen posing as a shonen manga to play with the typical tropes).
I am so tired of hearing about BNHA everywhere and everyone constantly recommending it. Why do people assume that everyone must like shonens if they like manga/anime?

No. 40787

If you sit down to watch YOI just as "fujopandering bullshit" it's probably hard to convince you otherwise. However it was one of the best animes I've ever seen because it realistically portrayed the pressures placed on you when you're at the top and lose your inspiration and enthusiasm. The relationship between the two main characters started out meme-worthy during the first few episodes but it's one of the most heartfelt ones I've seen and they had a ton of very organic moments treated with respect despite being a gay couple.

YOI was definitely worth the hype and I absolutely hate it how it was branded as just le cringy yaoiz xDDD because small minded people judged it on the premise. I have a semi-professional hobby similar to figure skating and I very much felt every sense of emotion Yuuri and the other skaters felt during the competition because I had been there. It's a sports anime first, romantic drama anime second and gay anime third.

No. 40788

i first watched the ova a few years back and i cried so much, then the movies came out and then THE SERIES???????? all female cast 2 seasons and the animation was fucking wonderful. i haven't felt something like that in fucking years

No. 40793

File: 1563478039880.png (295.08 KB, 459x284, observingthetruth.PNG)

>BNHA is too cringy for me to handle. Ppl praise it for being new when it really isn't.

Explain pls
Not to sound like the anti anime thread but even as a weeb I think watching anime in general is cringry. That's just me though.

nta but
I think people recommend BNHA specifically is because not only is it very popular atm, but because it's about super heroes/action which is something most people can get into.
Especially, if you're from the US. Super heroes are very popular here with nerds and normies alike.

>If you sit down to watch YOI just as "fujopandering bullshit" it's probably hard to convince you otherwise.

Whoa hang on there. I watched YOI assuming it was going to be really hype and exciting because so many people liked it. I think it could've been better but the fanservice really cheapened it imo.
I will say the YOI opening and endings songs went hard tho.

No. 40799

I'm the anon you've responded to. Initially, I didn't view YOI as fujopandering bullshit when I first viewed it - that happened over time lmaoo. Definitely the portrayals of certain things, such as anxiety, figure skating as an art and sport, and the relationship btwn Victor and Yuri were things I could respect, but you would be lying if you said the fujo pandering isn't the reason why YOI is still alive and kicking today.

BNHA is praised for all its originality when I view it as any other shounen, including all of its cliches. Yes, midoriya is different from your typical shounen protagonist - demeanor and all, but watching I couldn't help but notice similarities with many shows it shares genres with and all the moments where midoriya has his kamehameha texas roadhouse shit. Plus the vast array of side characters I don't give a shit about. Maybe it's just me not liking shounens and preferring animes that actually subvert expectations like Mob Psycho and One Punch Man.

Same anon. Just talking about it makes me wanna rewatch everything.

No. 40801

File: 1563482444543.jpg (1.31 MB, 2126x1500, 1477548957770.jpg)

The banquet twist is legitimately one of the best romcom twists of all time. It was executed perfectly - everything made sense without it, but made even more sense with it, and completely changed your perspective on the characters and their relationships. People are way too blinded by the 'fujopandering' (aka an actual gay romance written by women who made it as canon as the higher ups let them, which would never be doubted if one was a woman) to recognize how good so much of it is, by any standards. I'm a sports-animefag and I've see/read a lot of it, and YOI is way up there. I've always said that adult characters at an elite level elevates a sports series to new heights thanks to higher stakes and more variety than just repetitive highschool games, and YOI proved it beyond a doubt.

And yeah as shit as /a/ is, watching YOI with them was one of the most fun experiences I've had watching anime. All those theories about Victor being hitler and then switching to Yuuri being hitler were hilarious. They're always gonna be Baldfat to me.

No. 40820

> but you would be lying if you said the fujo pandering isn't the reason why YOI is still alive and kicking today.
Even though it's true that the gay tones contributed to its popularity I really dislike it when people think the plain existence of gay characters is "fujo pandering" and it's not fair to dismiss YOI as such. They were more tame about their relationship than most shitty heterosexual isekai harems or school romcoms. There's fujo pandering and then there's gay representation, fujo pandering is baiting girls to ship two pseudo-gay male characters by putting them in compromising situations for chiney tingles, not actually exploring a real romantic relationship the characters have. I feel it's important to have well-written gay characters because, well, gay people exist and they often don't get a fair representation in the media. You get fujo pandering series all the time in anime and none of them made it as big as YOI did, so there's definitely something more to it.

I should know, I walked into the series already being angry about retarded fujobaiting and pandering and instead got an amazing experience with one of the best written romances I've seen in an anime. I still get chills thinking about the ending, goddamn.

Christ anon, are you me? These are my exact thoughts about the series as well. The sheer idea of having actual adult characters (Everyone nearing or over their 30's) dealing with their situation as a critically acclaimed professionals was like a breath of fresh air after all the high school sports dramas with the zero to hero settings.

No. 40827

File: 1563491479020.jpg (113.3 KB, 516x324, 1480371454809.jpg)

>that screenshot
Damn, it takes me back. The theories on /a/ were crazy and I seriously expected the anime to be some crazy intense shit like Attacker You! or Glass no Kamen since the intended audience for YOI was young teenage and adult women. You know, these shojo sports anime where everything was super dramatic and the protagonist would become friends with her teammates until one of them seemingly stole her boyfriend or put thumbtacks in her shoes? I expected this shit with Viktor. Remember when people speculated near the end of the series that Yurio wanted separate Viktor and Yuri not because he wanted Viktor to coach him but because he had a crush on Yuri? Shit was crazy.

And yeah, having adult protagonists was a nice change. I don't really read manga all that much or watch new anime anymore because I started getting bored with teenage protagonists. Or I found them more and more annoying.

No. 40833

I unironically like animefeminist.com

No. 40835

I agree with punpun and NHK but not evangelion. I think eva has wide appeal. I loved NHK and was only mildly interested in punpun though.

No. 40842

I check it out because there is nothing better that I know of (the only other feminist anime website is the Lady Love And Justice tumblr, which is sort of spergy) but it could be better. I am glad the website exists though. Wish they had more contributors and editorials on different topics than the latest anime.

No. 40862

File: 1563536333659.jpg (236.52 KB, 950x1197, CI_4041.jpg)

I know this is an anime made for scrotes but I've seen my fair share of girls liking it.
>the only cool characters are the MC and the tomboy
>almost every girl has a mental age of 5
>dumb drama the girl the MC picks dies but it's all a dream

Old Key is a shitfest.

No. 40875

see I hated izaya, shizuo, and mikado but liked the rest of the cast lmao
plus his design was fucking ugly and animated badly in all the seasons idgaf what anyone says that guy was fucking hideous and anyone who calls him a sexy bishounen deserves scorn, god izaya is uggo

lwa was a great series, although I wish they'd had more focus episodes on sucy and such since she was my favorite character. I like how wholesome a show it was and that the girls were cute but more realistic and less stereotypical (and I love weird goth girls like sucy), my only complaint was that some of the other characters became out of focus in the second half. the only thing that bothers me is that like most shows with a nearly all female cast I'm not a fan of the yuri shipping fandom, then again that's how I feel about fujoshits in male dominated shows (cough free!fandom haikyuu!!fandom cough)

No. 40885

File: 1563558063437.gif (342.77 KB, 400x238, tumblr_mjqh46hExE1rbyttso1_400…)

Dark times, gao.

No. 40896

File: 1563562040161.png (1.28 MB, 1440x785, saint-seiya-netflix-images-4.p…)

What the FUCK, Netflix? The new Saint Seiya is so ugly.

No. 40897

Idk, I remember crying over this when I watched it as a middle schooler. Thinking about it now though, how old is the protagonist? Isn't this pedoshit?

No. 40898

Apparently anime studios cant have buildings that pass western fire codes. Too bad it happened to the most feminist animation studio, but i blame them for making their office a death trap.

No. 40901

Is Shion a woman now? weren't women supposed to wear masks (???)

No. 40902

for the last time. the arsonist blocked the fire exits. get it though your thick fucking skulls.

No. 40903

Oh, I also remember Air making me cry when I was 13, but yeah, the VN is pedo af, because I'm pretty sure Yukito can fuck all of the girls (including the youngest one that looks like 10?) And he has to be like 20.

No. 40907

Apparently she's 16-17.
I have played the visual novel (as a nostalgia trip as I also watched the anime as a young teen) recently and while I enjoyed it, I felt uncomfortable with the relationship between Yukito and Misuzu (and the other girls, though I didn't care about them much TBH) because it reminds me of child grooming so much. She's a lonely, isolated teenager from a lowkey abusive family with a maturity of an 11 year old and Yukito's this 21 y/o man that becomes her best friend and lover/sweetheart.

Kanon is even worse, because the fox girl is a loli and don't get me started on Ayu who's a ghost of a 6 year old walking around in a teenage body When I was with my online pedo bf I hardcore idolized Ayu and wanted to be adorable just like her, so that he would love me. Barf.
For some reason, I still like those series, but that's mostly to ill-placed nostalgia and comfiness. I cannot deny they are fucked up.

there are no sex scenes for Michiru (the bratty kid). Again, Kanon is much worse in that regard. Each girl does have sex scene, including the kid fox girl.

No. 40909

>there are no sex scenes for Michiru (the bratty kid)
Ah, okay, thanks for clearing that up. I never played the VN, I just remember hearing back in the day that there were some H-scenes in the original version of the game.

No. 40916

Yeah, and there's all of the people you'd imagine lashing out over queer erasure.

No. 40917

Go block the fire exits, light a fire with over 10 gallons of highly flammable and explosive gasoline in ANY small building in the west, start slashing at people with knives while throwing more gasoline at them and see how fast people make it out alive. The "hurrr shitty japanese fire codes they essentially murdered their employees!!!" discourse is so fucking retarded it blows my mind. People using the worst mass murder in the modern history of Japan as some sort of a piggyback horse to hate on the Japanese and the anime industry. I'm speechless.

The more I see these "Netflix animes" I'm starting to believe the tinfoil hat theory about Netflix trying their best to ruin anime to get competition out tbh.

No. 40935

Nta but even Japanese tv right now is talking about the building's layout which helped to worsen the spread of the fire. It's not just Westerners on the internet who think it was an issue.

No. 40937

File: 1563589440411.gif (297.15 KB, 220x148, tenor.gif)

>his kamehameha texas roadhouse shit
Good point
I personally like all the side characters tho.

On another note, all you YOI fan anons are adorable and your passionate reasons for liking the show have convinced to maybe give it another chance. You can't convince me that the dog isn't the best character out of all of them though.

No. 40940

With my own eyes I see the total lack of fire escapes in the building. The roof was locked. There were no sprinklers. The blame is on the company.

Also I'm not hating on anime, I like kyoani. But this is a critical thread where you can say uncomfortable negative things isn't it. This was an abject failure by the authorities, both in the government and in the company for allowing such an office to exist.

No. 40978

File: 1563635580540.png (2.05 MB, 1280x720, Killlakill24.png)

As someone who loves Kill la Kill, I fucking hate it when people dig and dig for the dEePeR mEaNiNgS of the show instead of just taking it for what it's supposed to be: an over-the-top pile of clichés, puns, and stupid humor. I always perceived it as both a satire and love letter to the tropes of anime, playing its ridiculousness completely straight (as anime often does) while still dialing everything to 11 in one way or another. It's fun, stupid garbage and there's nothing wrong with that. I mean, for god's sake, the very conception of the series is based on a play on words. It ain't that deep.

It really speaks to the almost obsessive nature of current fandom that you can't enjoy something as-is and you have to analyze everything for more profound, "hidden" meanings and parallels.

No. 40983

Not only that, but the local authorities ignored the arson threat emails that the studio was receiving since a month ago.

No. 40993

that building looked like a jailhouse. it had ZERO fire escapes or any way out the building besides the only exit that was blocked. The windows were small and cramped . I doubt it even had a sprinkler system. where were the firefighters when it broke out? it's all a mess of fire escape laws and safety escapes being non existent.

No. 40994

I love Saint seiya and i hate that netflix is basically monopolizing EVERY ANIME NOW. It's like, i enjoyed shit strictly on crunchy roll because it was all in one place, but now netflix just buys everything out (dont get me started about Eva) and i honestly think it's shitty. They need to stick to movies and strictly movies and leave anime to crunchyroll, where it belongs.

No. 41004

the roof wasn't even locked. stop spreading misinformation. most modern buildings don't have fire escapes. i realize your shitty flyover state probably does, but the US doesn't even require them by law.

No. 41005

fire escape, anon, if you're still around. research more into them. they're literally not used anymore.

also gasoline fires are not standard, and the water wouldn't have even helped.

No. 41039

I'm gonna try to not rustle any jimmies here but I recently rewatched Cowboy Bebop as an adult and it just really…isn't that good? The scenery is good, the world is good, the music is good…and then they waste it on these undeveloped characters. Spike imo is the worst offender of them all. His motifs were hardly explained beyond "u murder my maybe girlfriend" and it was frankly irritating watching him try to kill himself every other episode. He's a dumbass and somehow presented as this 2deep4u man in mourning. I feel like the side plots were WAY more interesting than the Spike backstory garbo and the series would've been better as a villain of the week space bounty hunter squad like it actually looks like on the cover and not dumbass Spike chasing a dead woman for the entire later half.

No. 41040

Meh, I could never get past the first episode. I guess it's relatable for male wannabe alpha scrotes with all the brooding over a dead women while killing everyone cliche.

No. 41041

The movie was better than a lot of episodes of the show imo. I still like the show but I acknowledge the flaws of it, I definitely wouldn't rate it 10/10 best thing ever like a lot of ppl have. Maybe because the movie had a more interesting villain, I didn't really care for Vicious but I liked the guy from the film. I like spike but I would prefer him without all the uwugirlfriend shit, and the movie had him fixating a lot less on that, I preferred the episodes of the show that didn't have him fixating on the uwugirlfriend shit.

No. 41045

Cowboy bepop is rightly seen as garbage in japan.

No. 41048


[citation needed]

No. 41068

File: 1563749991002.gif (1.22 MB, 500x375, 25235.gif)

like a lot of anime, I feel like it's one of those shows you'll like a lot more if either a) you can relate to it, or b) you can get some kind of power-fantasy satisfaction from it (like I assume a lot of people who watch it get). It's got fun fight scenes, a """cool""" main character, etc., so a lot of people are gonna be drawn to it.

that being said, I could relate to spike in a way. Yes he's a bit of a power fantasy, and sure the girlfriend shit is kind of cliche but the point is less the girl herself and more the fact that he just cannot get over her, or any of his past. He's aloof, indifferent, lazy; it's part of his personality to not get excited about new things, to not like things or people. He is always complaining about people he can't stand and things he hates, things he wants and can't have. As a result he has no choice but to remain hung up on the bad things that happened to him – his past is an indelible part of his worldview because he is simply not present in the present (exemplified by his having one eye that sees the present and one that sees the past). In this way he's the opposite of a power fantasy because it is far from empowering to never find satisfaction in life – to have people who love you and never appreciate their love because they don't match up to the bullshit standards you've made up for yourself. To have no fear of death, not because of courage but because you are too cowardly to live. When you live like this for too long, you don't fear death in a way (or at least, you think you don't) because you feel like you never got to live in the first place, and now, for reasons real or perceived, it's "too late" for you to live. The thing in my past that I can't get over is very different than the things tormenting Spike, but like Spike my past trauma colors my interactions and relationships, and sometimes I think death is preferable to living because I'm hung up on the idea that the woman I might have been if not for my trauma is dead, and the "me" that replaced her is an unworthy stand-in. It's not cool, or badass, to live under the influence of such a cowardly hopefulness.

sorry for the spergy wall of text lol. I didn't even really experience any of these emotions or connections while watching Bebop, or even like Spike that much – they're just conclusions I came to in hindsight when I couldn't stop thinking about the show days after watching it and was trying to figure out why. I still wouldn't put the show at a 10/10 because I think it tried too hard to be cool sometimes.

No. 41069

File: 1563750383889.png (138.66 KB, 1266x690, asshole.png)

>shun is now a women because we are woke // we won't use the amasones becase how care about them lol

>Seiya voice actor is noob and can't even do his job

>shit 3d animation

i'm not going to lie i was happy at fist but since the shun is a women now fiasco (imanage related because this man is the whiter, answer why He didn't use camaleon june in the reboot) , i can't wint untel this is over so the fandomes dies once more urgh for what i know is 19 episodes ??

No. 41070

amazonas or the female version of the saint HAVE to use mask,because they are women and what not,Marian still have hers but Shaina only use some ugly purple make up, and shun is now a women he is supout to use a mask but doesn't , is all a mess

No. 41072

File: 1563755233583.png (185.1 KB, 300x300, 3522037e9bb94a9e94750f72a9fd29…)


Honestly, the style and world of Bebop was enough for me to like it. Its a great mix of styles and influences and i appreciate that, even more know that all anime takes place in the same isekai fantasy world.

The characters are all noir archetypes so by design they feel kinda cliche, but I did loved Edd though.

Also, Yoko Kanno´s ost is amazing and she deserves de praise she gets for it. She made some of my favorite anime´s osts.

Personally, i like Samurai Champloo much better, all the same reasons as Bebop + the main the characters are more iconic for me too but always enjoyed Bebop too.

No. 41074

I feel similarly. It's so good stylistically, but I just wasn't into the characters. And I almost never enjoy episodic action series, I don't like action for action's sake so without an overarching plot driving it, I can't get emotionally invested and tend to find it boring.

No. 41081

Both Bebop and Champloo are such good series with great characters and soundtracks. Great tastes, anons!

No. 41086

File: 1563767372696.jpg (63.21 KB, 600x400, 23345.jpg)

>BNHA is too cringy for me to handle. Ppl praise it for being new when it really isnt.

Yeah, could not handle the loudness, everyone is screaming or crying loudly ALL the time, its overly melodramatic and overacted even for anime. Also the female characters are all used for fanservice and its way too on the nose.

But i get why is popular, Is nothing new but its the current shounen action thing, its pretty much DB or Naruto but for a newer generation, it has all the tropes fanbois like, the pretty girls ethots like cosplaying as and decent sakuga and fight scenes.

Personally the only current show i like is Mob Psycho . also One Punch Man , have not seen S2 of OPM but i´ve heard is dissapointing and much lower quality production wise which is sad.

Before those the only one i remember really loving was Ping Pong The animation.

No. 41106

File: 1563799170269.jpg (32.03 KB, 500x500, mobby.jpg)

No wholesomeness in my anime critical.

No. 41107

BNHA was interesting at first because it was the first real shonen a while that didn't move at a literal snail's pace– but its novelty wore off real quick. I think the fandom kind of killed it for me. I don't even watch it now but I know everything that happens because I see it everywhere.

No. 41111

Shit I love champloo.


No. 41120

File: 1563813001866.jpg (802.76 KB, 1280x960, 531187.jpg)

This anime is perfect, don't @ me.

No. 41135

honestly looks like shit i wouldn't watch so i'm so curious now, what is it? convince me

No. 41145

That's like saying someone has good taste for liking Breaking Bad and the Sopranos, or good taste for liking Dostoyevsky and Mark Twain.

No. 41151

You should watch attack on titan if you want a shounen that's basically the exact opposite of all the problems with BNHA you pointed out.

No. 41152

File: 1563832586657.jpg (104.76 KB, 600x428, 2c12673cba8d897a1422cc13b8943f…)

It's just old. Aria the Animation is from 2005. If that bothers you, the manga is beautiful.

No. 41153

File: 1563832607515.jpg (156.49 KB, 1079x504, Screenshot_20190722-165608_Chr…)

No. 41157

Actually sounds cute & cool, i'll give it a try.

No. 41159

Did farmers like a place further than the universe.

No. 41191

File: 1563860229757.png (566.89 KB, 1047x639, Screen_Shot_2019-03-22_at_5.33…)

Please tell me you're taking the piss with this

SNK has literally all the same problems anon described with BNHA. It's full of overacting and screaming. What else are you going to reccomend? Fucking Fairy Tail? Kek

No. 41209

I loved it Beautiful show! It was my anime of the year last year.

Any recommendations for shows with similar vibes?

No. 41218

Interesting and unique premise but boring. I dropped it a few episodes in. In restrospect, I might give it another shot but it was very slow at the beginning.

No. 41220

>It's full of overacting and screaming.

Nta but isn’t that most animes

No. 41238

Anyone here have an AniList/AniTrend account?

No. 41266


Some like HeroAca. are particularly loud even for anime standards. Which says a lot.

No. 41289

File: 1563948630853.png (261.36 KB, 500x500, 744C4C5E-BCED-4444-8BB6-86434B…)

does anyone else loathe that how they use the gross big titted woman with the most unrealistic and ugly body to predate upon the shota kid in dragon maid? People think it's ""funny"" because she's and woman predating on a little boy but it's just fucking gross. Never understood why anyone can consider that ""funny"". I can't stand seeing the nasty shit that involves older person predating upon younger person in pretty much any media and it's not suddenly "attractive" when a woman does it to a little boy or little girl, it's fucking nasty. I don't get how the shota's unfortunate situations with Pedocoa supposed to be appealing to scrotes at all and what demographic they're even trying to target with it.

Oh, and the forced and creepy sexualization of Kanna and her classmate trying to make two 10 year olds a goddamn couple. They're ten year old girls. That's clearly pedo scrote bait.

The only character who's worth jack shit is the glasses MC because she's actually kind of endearing and one of the less degenerate characters, followed by Tohru, and Fafnir. It sucks because the animation production thus far has been top quality (not fully done watching), and I really don't want to shit on Kyoani's name given the circumstances of what recently happened to them. They're one of my fav studios but I simply can't overlook how glaringly gross and obvious some of Dragon Maid's characters are, or rather, the situations they're put in.

It sucks because some of the segments weren't so bad but there would sometimes be really awful and uncomfortable situations that cropped up. To add insult to injury I heard the author of the original manga? does shota porn on the side, which is a big yikes.

No. 41291

I moved to anilist after MAL had that big downtime.
I only use it for keeping track of things though, the community isn't that great. And anidb usually has more detailed voice actor info.

No. 41293

dragonmaid is gross tbh. there are comfy shows that don't have sexed up kids in it. when you need to say a show is good other than the loli/shota shit then it's not really good is it.

No. 41368

Everytime I see someone talking about how 'wholesome' an anime is, it's always dumbass moe lolicon scrote shit. This trend of sexualizing children and calling it wholesome really needs to die.

No. 41383

This take isn't critical, it's just kind of stupid. Bakugo and Izaya don't really have much in common, he has more similarities to Shizuo than to Izaya. Izaya is a literal sociopath, while Bakugo is a kid who suffered from the big fish small pond syndrome who was woke the fuck up with starting at UA that he wasn't actually the best ever, then had to deal with the jealousy and realization of hard work that came with that. Which is very realistic, so many people go through that daily. I think why Bakugo is so unbearable to people is because he's a very real world mean and has realistic development. Many gifted students can relate to that arc, when all your life, you're told that you're "gifted" and naturally talented and you go to college with people who are at the same level of gifted and talented as you, but they actually learned a work ethic along with it, so many are actually better than you, and you can't deal with the crisis that comes with it that you were never that special to begin with. On top of that, the pressure placed to be the number one hero, to be the best in the industry, to be perfect and without weakness…

I really get floored when I see Bakugo hate that's like this, saying he's a terribly written character and doesn't have development when he has some of the best development of the entire animanga. He's interesting to people not because he's perfect and always does the right thing like the bland shonen protagonist, but because of his flaws which he struggles with. His personality is the main drawback to his herodom, while Midoriya's was his self injury (priory) and his late start. I get that Bakugo isn't the most likable character, he WAS a bully after all, and has a very eccentric angry personality that can get annoying in anime. But, he's also a complex character that is realistically written and does undergo development (even if it's more "subtle" and involves changing his attitudes about things rather than curing anger management issues, which is a hard thing to do once you learn to expel anger as your only emotional output, which Bakugo has because of his perfectionism since childhood and unwillingness to appear weak due to this, I could go on about the psychology of this but it's not an easily realized or fixable thing) so "badly written" is just not objectively correct.

No. 41395

File: 1564009575302.jpeg (711.97 KB, 1228x633, 46321125-2C78-4C0B-819C-BAD4C1…)

It sucks because Kobayashi and Tohru's relationship is actually ok, the segments with them are the best parts. If it just focused on them and didn't have such overt child sexualization… it'd be nice to see a lesbian or women leaning bisexual coded female character who doesn't fit the conventional standards of attractiveness for anime girls (kobayashi) in more anime.

And kyoani's version is a toned down version of what the manga entailed. The manga was even worse when it came to sexualizing Kanna, Kanna's classmate, and the shota kid. Kyoani actually did the series a service by not sexualizing it so hard.

I'm not going to say it's "wholesome" but I'd like to see a "normal" bi or lesbian adult character like Kobayashi in more anime. The reasons I see why non scrotes like it is at least the existence of her and Tohru's interactions, it's the only reason I'm still watching.

No. 41407

I loved hana iroha. Fun comfy show with only mild drama. I don't know if its similar though.

No. 41442

Fucking spot on anon. I don't even like MHA but one of my pet peeves is that characters like Bakugo are misunderstood so much because "HURR HURR HE ANGERY AND MEAN I DONT LIKE ANGERY AND MEAN!!!!". I would actually enjoy the series a lot more if HE was the main character because a lot of people are able to relate to the "big fish in small pond thrown in the ocean" sort of situation and it hasn't been observed that much in shounen. It allows so much development because you have to practically re-learn your life all over again.
>which is a hard thing to do once you learn to expel anger as your only emotional output
Especially this. It's actually really common for people to learn unnecessarily hostile anger as their go-to reaction for anything and it's hard to shake it off.

No. 41464

I skimmed over the TV tropes page for it… yeah how is this show considered “wholesome”?

No. 41482

I can't for the life of me find it, but I read an essay about a normie anime fan (if such thing exists) went with their friend to a Kobayashi-themed convention and they found out that the creeps that like the series claim they like it because it's comfy and about family. I don't buy it. You can find better wholesome and comfy content (even anime if you look hard enough) that doesn't have fucking disgusting lolicon fanservice. The author of the essay came out convinced that while he doesn't get the series, it has some merit beyond being a pedo cringefest, but I don't buy it.

No. 41488

Jumping off of this post, are there any anime or manga that had a big effect on girls and young women compared to boys and young men?

Kare Kano, Fruits Basket, Inuyasha, Full Moon o Sagashite, pretty much the popular shoujo titles.

No. 41491

Sketchbook ~full color's~ is the most wholesome anime I've ever watched. It's been a long time since I've seen it, but from what I remember, there was zero fan service. Just some girls that love art. Of course, you'd have to watch it to judge for yourself. Maybe there are some creepy, out of place, pedo moments that I didn't notice because I was a kid at the time.

No. 41492


Sailor moon, ouran highschool host club, nana, escaflowne.

No. 41494

File: 1564078229879.gif (968.94 KB, 500x374, tamakieatingramen.gif)

>Ouran will never get a season 2
Why live?

No. 41496

I couldn't get over the ep when one of the guys pretended that he was gonna rape the mc to teach her to be more careful (like dude you could just use your words)or when all the guys dressed up like trannies to show her that she didn't need any women in her life just them.

No. 41500

Kyoya is objectively worst boy. I always thought that scene was edgy and stupid, just like him. The tranny episode was funny though. It was weird how the mangaka had an obsession with trannies before trannies were even mainstream.

No. 41506

Still salty Haruhi didn't end up with Mori as originally intended by the mangaka.

No. 41514


For me, Card Captors Sakura and Inuyasha were probably the 2 big ones.

I also loved Reena from Slayers and Vision of Escaflowne.

No. 41535

wait WHAT?! please ellaborate on that, anon!!

No. 41537

File: 1564105125303.jpg (143.54 KB, 1079x475, Screenshot_20190725-203808_Chr…)

From the tv tropes page (What Could Have Been.) https://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Trivia/OuranHighSchoolHostClub

There was also an author note about it in one of the tankoban volumes, iirc.

No. 41549

that would've been a super qt pairing…

okay I'm a dumb bitch but I despite the moral qualms lc anons seem to have… i like kyouya, he's my #1 because I like douchebags, and I shipped him with haruhi foremost throughout my Ouran phase, my edgelord self still hasn't outgrown him and considers him my fav ouran guy into my twenties (I'm so sorry, any other kyouya stans here?). mori would definitely be #2 on my rankings tho, i really would've preferred him end up with haruhi to who actually ended up with her.

No. 41557

aaaah that woulda been so cute! i love tamaxharuhi BUT i'm also super weak for pairings where the quiet, "cold" type is actually super romantic and protective over the other. haruhi and mori would've been an amazing pair to develop!!

(although i would've cried rivers over poor tamaki having his heart broken)

No. 41586

The referenced chapter 7 is what made me love them together in the first place when I started reading the manga, but I already knew the ending, of course. It really rubbed some salt in the wound to later find out that MorixHaruhi was the original pairing. Oh, well. I'm used to the pairings I like never ending up as canon anyway by now.
Sorry to anyone else who also ships EreHisu. It won't happen because I ship it.

No. 41638

File: 1564165640153.jpeg (73.03 KB, 425x531, 3C598523-DDBE-4714-9C9F-F7571B…)

i think revolutionary girl utena was really big for me as a kid

i watched it over and over again because i was raised in a really conservative family and the whole thing was… ehhh… validating? lol

its pretty popular in queer female spaces. the show had a really shitty budget, but i think they made pretty good use of it

No. 41652

i love utena too! it's prob my favorite anime ever, i love everything about it.

i love the artstyle, the duel scenes, how goofy and unhinged everyone is even for anime standards, how nonsensical it can be at times; i love the characters (except for Saionji, fuck him), i absolutely love that it has a female protagonist that isn't sexualized except for the last bit of the anime w/Akio but let's not talk about that and is very much gnc for anime. Utena and Anthy are my top 5 of anime pairings.

it's a fantastic show, i could talk about it for hours. i wish more anime was like Utena.

No. 41663

for me it was tokyo mew mew, digimon, kare first love and ao no exorcist.

No. 41677

I really wonder what's going on in Ikuhara's head, it's just teen-tier "he seems gay but he isn't!?!?" lol. I mean, there was that interview where he talked about a girl who rejected him and he described himself as feeling 'alien' in regards to dealing with the unfamiliar feeling of heartbreak, but then he went off on a tangent about UFOs.

Then he makes some homo anime fun for the guys AND the gals, and he made the ending of his own movie about a lesbian who turns into a car, he really knows how to make them bishounens and he's cross dressed as Sailor Mars once or twice. Those pictures were leg/10. I haven't heard anything about him being a relationship besides a rumor that he's already married (to a woman no less) but that's 100% hearsay. I don't even know why I think the way I do when I've just typed a load about his focus on female characters. IDK???

No. 41683

Tumblr ruined everything, now i can't think of Sailor Moon , Utena or Ranma as anything other than tranny fodder reeeeeee

No. 41687

among my first animanga were Kare Kano, CLAMP manga, Fruits Basket, Tokyo Mew Mew, Shugo Chara, etc, and those were all kinda definingly shoujo for me at the time, I was very into that mahou shoujo shit, I've mostly outgrown a lot of that but Furuba and Kare Kano are still close to my heart and my two fav shoujo manga of all time

No. 41700

Thought the kare kano anime was amazing as well. Yet to see another shoujo that well directed tbh.

No. 41703

since fruits basket is being readapted I'm hoping there's the possibility that Kare Kano will get a full animated adaptation of the manga, it's 20+ vols so it's a stretch but if fruits basket can get one now all these years later I'm hoping that Kare Kano will get a full adaptation onscreen

No. 41711

Kare Kano getting rebooted would be a miracle. I really want to see
how they'll portray the part with Arima's father.

I swear for a hot second tranny's hated Ranma

No. 41725


If they'd think it through they probably would find reasons not to latch onto it but most are not that self aware and won't go past "omg boy transforms into dangerhair waifu, muh dream come true, literally me

No. 41782

Just saw this article. https://www.animefeminist.com/feature-nichijou-everyday-epics-high-school-girls/

Maybe I should take another look at nichijou. I always thought it was too dumb for me.

No. 41784

i once saw a dumbass tweet by a TRA that said "if ur a terf ur not allowed to like sailor moon or utena". utena had a vajayjay and was a cis lesbian, die mad about it handmaidens.

No. 41785

It's absurdist slapstick. Absolutely great.

No. 41786

File: 1564265681648.gif (3.17 MB, 480x270, tenor.gif)

Asobi Asobase is probably the funniest anime I've ever seen. Never laughed so hard at any animated show before.

No. 41789

Was kinda skeptical but I looked up some clips on YouTube and it actually looks hilarious, I'm definitely gonna check this out so thanks for the rec anon!

No. 41797

Watched the whole anime and then decided to read the manga, and even though the manga has the same jokes it still made me laugh as much as the anime did, outloud trying to contain myself laughter, 10/10

No. 41812

>It allows so much development because you have to practically re-learn your life all over again.
This is exactly what happens to Bakugo through the course of the series! Seriously, he isn't an "ANGRY AND MEAN HRRRR" character for no reason, Horikoshi made sure to create realistic development for how he learned that anger and how he developed, and now how its all being deconstructed. And he's realistic in his character development too, it's slow and subtle but it makes a big difference. Sure, he still has the exaggerated angry outbursts, but it's still anime so you learn to expect that kind of thing.
>It's actually really common for people to learn unnecessarily hostile anger as their go-to reaction for anything and it's hard to shake it off.
Word, I see a lot of that with my dad especially. It's actually extremely common with men to learn anger as a means of an "acceptable" emotional reaction since sadness or insecurity, etc. are seen as weak and often laughed at. Of course a character who is deadset on being strong and never being seen as weak and suffers from perfectionism that he's been groomed into and catered to since CHILDHOOD would learn that emotional pattern.

No. 41816

I liked the show but it started to do a bit too much moe fanservice for my liking. Some scenes were clearly for neckbeards and it turned me off.

No. 41817

yep same. watched the first episode after reading the positive comments in this thread, and left it feeling kind of grossed out. It has the bad parts of shitty slice of life moe.

No. 41860

It does unfortunately have a lot of male fans and some fanservice with the girl with the anime boobs, but I do like how they took regular tropes (breast envy) and reworked it to be more about the comedy than the actual boobs. It ain't perfect but it gets by on it's comedy without always using it's female characters sexually.

Plus the series is an all girls school which is great due to the volume of unsexualised, regular highschool girls.

No. 41861

Wow that's some weird sense of humor.

No. 41886

File: 1564340605641.png (2.05 MB, 1920x1080, funny ha ha ha.png)

hum… how is this funny?

No. 41891

Right? Idk what kind of bitches here are watching anime about anime girls and think this is funny. Go watch something cool and not for lonely neckbeards.

No. 41919

Lmao we're all girls, but this is anime critical, an opinion thread sooo discuss I guess?

One thing that is pretty well agreed on is that the voice actress for Hanako is very talented.

No. 41928

the jokes aren't that funny and the fact the most of them are pedo jokes make all the anime feels gross in my hopinion, like this one >>41886 how are you as a women feel confortable wiht someting like this?
the anime star super good, i like it but then….

No. 41929

It's like some pervert watched nichijou and went "hmmm this needs 500% more scenes I can masturbate to."
If I as an audience member have to look at a schoolgirl's tits for any allotted amount of time, even for "comedy" (though that excuse doesn't hold up when it's the third fanservice scene in the episode), then I'm tapping out.
Watch Nichijou if you want this kind of comedy without the fanservice.

No. 41939

Ok we're discussing how you're probably some nasty ass dude who's fapping to this boring ass show. Watch something cooler.

No. 41968

File: 1564393199787.jpg (426.7 KB, 1280x1476, JoJo_no_Kimyou_na_Bouken_Ougon…)

But what are you saying Anon, we girls never talk with each other about our breasts or make sexual jokes, it HAS to be male pandering. Kek.
I liked it so, so, so much because it reminded me of actual girl friendship in that age. It made me feel as I was a middle schooler again and had so much nostalgia.

On a different note, I am so happy that garbage of Vento Aureo has ended. The final two episodes weren't even as cringe as I thought they'd be. It was just anticlimatic and boring. It's over me how any person would like something like that, it's so bad even Araki hates it and its popularity.
Hopefully,Stone Ocean will be slightly better.

No. 41972

I haven't seen more than clips here and there of Asobi Asobase but I do know the manga was written by a woman. Stuff like this >>41886 seems creepy out of context but she's speaking to another girl her age and the "tool" in question is a Kewpie doll lmao. The very nature of the medium means that any jokes of a sexual nature (which is not at all unusually among teenage girls) is going to become fanservice-y whether the creator intended it or not (not that there wasn't intentional fanservice in the anime adaptation as well, seeing as it was directed by a man).

I have a lot of problems with Stone Ocean but the anime made me actually give a shit about Vento Aureo so I'm hoping Stone Ocean is the same. There are some really fucking bad stand battles in Stone Ocean.

No. 41979

> I do know the manga was written by a woman
tbh this basically fixes the concerns for me. Thanks anon.

No. 41990

just because it was written by a woman doesn't mean it wasn't necessarily pedo pandering. kodomo no jikan was also by a woman…

No. 41991

Are we sure the author was female and it wasn't just a pen name?
I remember a case when a misogynist author was taken for female.

No. 42008

I haven't read kodomo no jikan but my impression of it is that it's not popular among pedos, it's written like a shoujo. There's plenty of loli hentai for pedos that want to be catered to.

No. 42018

>it's so bad even Araki hates it and its popularity.

wow is this true or are you make it up?

No. 42020

File: 1564425959095.jpg (209.22 KB, 600x400, Watashiya_kaworu[1].jpg)

yes pic related is her. she's appeared irl many times.

omg no. hell no. this has to be the most innocent think i have ever read in my life.

No. 42021

File: 1564426019381.jpg (33.92 KB, 633x349, 8aed97d456ce656d0b3053350ce99b…)

pic related is pretty tame for the series apparently.

No. 42022

File: 1564426191932.png (Spoiler Image,298.71 KB, 848x480, tvmf1.png)

stuff like this is an actual screencap from the show.

No. 42023

File: 1564426306539.jpg (Spoiler Image,24.25 KB, 500x282, mouths_do_not_work_that_way_24…)

this too.

No. 42024

sage for samefag but she also draws hardcore BL too.

No. 42032

God anime looks so retarded. Her face is like one big cavity.

No. 42043

I've read some horrible shit written by women just because they exist in the culture of japan and face extreme internalized misogyny. Angel Sanctuary (and pretty much anything Kaori Yuki writes) is hot garbage and there's a shitty rape scene there that is supposed to explain the main antagonist. it's all shit

No. 42044

I'm excited for Stone Ocean just because it means a Steel Ball Run adaptation is closer.

No. 42050

I read a manga that was written and drawn by a woman but it contains a rape scene where the victim “enjoys” it and becomes obsessed with her rapist. I can’t remember the title but I’ll post if I find it.

No. 42058

I'm not mad about stuff like this. I can enjoy it as guilty entertainment without doing a think of the kids thing. I only get mad if it's a scrote pander.

No. 42100

>rape victim obsessed with rapist
>not robot pandering
pick one.

No. 42119

File: 1564511070910.jpg (49.53 KB, 640x480, misato letter to shinji.jpg)

Who the hell mails a 14 year old kid something like this?

No. 42121

It is pretty unrealistic, including her perving on him in the end. Clearly fanservice for oneesanfags and /ss/fags.

No. 42125

Friendly reminder that women are not a hivemind.

Saiki K is pretty good, not a lot of female characters tho, kinda makes up for it because when an anime has more than 3 female characters with a male protag, it magically becomes a harem.

No. 42142

That's disgusting. Yeah, women writers in Japan aren't any different than guys half the time because of that brainwashing, hyper sexist society.

No. 42146

Misato is a pedophile lbr

No. 42150

God bless Hiromu Arakawa.

No. 42152

>Hiromu Arakawa
Trully the best of the best.
Her beefcake men are great and her milkcakes always badasses so it evens out the sexism.

No. 42159

honestly why the fuck are weeb men such trash?
them complaining about the "censorship" of ugly useless garbage like senran kagura is laughable but it's also really fucking sad

No. 42163

i mean i'd be pissed about censorship too (just don't release the fucking game if it needs to be censored), but i also don't play shitty games that are just porns in denial.

No. 42169

I mean if they're going to plan porny games you'd think they'd at least play something that's got plot with the porn (like visual novels), instead of borderline softcore shit, whatever you'd call it

the problem with certain weeb games is that they almost solely exist for pandering to men who are too pussy to fap to actual porn or play visual novels or anything that's got plot (coughsenrankaguracough) or difficulty to it. there's a lot of games with fanservice elements in there and its almost impossible to avoid, so why not play something with actual difficulty or interesting content as opppsed to something designed almost solely to get their dick wet? It's pathetic.

actually that could sum up my problem with men who like ecchi as well, they're degenerate dweebs who are too lazy to fap to actual porn and substitute it with softcore crap, and it really boggles the mind how a bunch of openly misogynistic degenerate losers have qualms about fapping to real or drawn porn

No. 42183

File: 1564553320000.png (948.32 KB, 1190x612, Otomedomo.png)

Anyone watching/reading Araburu Kisetsu no Otomedomo yo / O Maidens in Your Savage Season? I want to like it because I like the idea of a show abt nerdy girls exploring their sexuality in a non-fanservice way but the teacher/student romance really puts me off and in the manga one of the girls is apparently groomed by a pedophile director guy and it's barely handwaved as "oh yeah that's bad" ???? IDK it really bothers me that pedophillic romance is portrayed as ~just part of being a teenage girl~ but maybe I'm thinking about it too hard

No. 42204

I've never really understood ecchi. It's like so half-baked, so borderline. Why not just go and fap to actual porn with actual nudity and sex? It's always distracting to watch an anime that has plot and then it randomly has to remind you that it's scrote trash and that the industry hates you by putting in panty shots and boob physics.

No. 42221

It's politically wrong because of the power dynamic but saying it's not sexually common is going too far.

It's worse than that. They want to pornify everything, including general stories. They want to make everything they come in contact with an escapist power fantasy servicing their fetishes, otherwise they would melt from the reality of their loserdom.

No. 42229

i try to watch it but even in the fist episode it make me feel gross out, like is normal for girls to go out and thing about ther sexualitys and bodys, but ther is someting off some how, maybe is becase no matter what the girls will become some pedo waifu

but the problem is that people like to thing is part of been a teenage girl, because we are curious so "we ask for it" , when men are the one that take advantages of us in that age

No. 42235

Anyone else disappointed by the mom isekai? Mom main characters in video game related shows are so rare. It's a chance to get moms into video games and I would've loved to watch a mom isekai with my mom if only it wasn't a disgusting otaku piece of shit.

No. 42237

i'm not it was clear for the star what she was going to be

No. 42241

I would have been fine with it if it had addressed the power dynamic in a realistic way, bc you're right that it does happen, but one of the couples is treated in the standard "shoujo school teacher romance" way except more explicitly sexual, and the other is kind of casually handwaved despite being cut and dry Lolita-esque grooming … Also the fact that it's not one but TWO of the couples of the 5 main girls. Maybe not the subject matter so much as the way it's approached

No. 42247

It comes down to a cultural difference. If someone is woke and consume a lot of related news then she would see grooming as a major problem and the impact on society argument would be a very powerful one. But Mari Okada probably did not have such an environment and probably sees the whole thing as a distant and harmless fantasy. Sort of how I see Breaking Bad as brainless entertainment while someone living in Colombia or Philippines might be angry at the glorification of drug lords or something.

I agree that the subject isn't approached in a manner that properly addresses the seriousness of the problems that it broaches. I'm generally able to ignore that because I think intent matters. Mari Okada probably just doesn't care and wants to write something dramatic and taboo, same as the reverse gendered teacher romance from last season. It would be different if it was some kind of pedo apologism or something to get degenerates rocks off, which I don't think this is. I would probably think this is a problem if teacher-student grooming is actually a real issue in real life in japan, which I don't think it is.

Just read animefeminist https://www.animefeminist.com/review-summer-2019-three-episode-check-in/ on it and the guy there basically says what you said and makes it out to be an issue with links to a couple of news articles. I don't really agree with it but wanted to share someone who basically thinks the same as you.

No. 42273

during my peak handmaiden phase i gave monster musume a try. i only got halfway through the very first episode before deciding to drop it off of the face of the earth forever.

ecchi is mind-numbingly BORING. i tried, i really, really TRIED sitting through various acclaimed ecchi anime just to see what the buzz was all about, and not only were they all exactly the same, but they were also just. so. BORING!!!! nothing about them was funny! i felt myself becoming more and more retarded every second i didn't look away from the screen. the existence and popularity of ecchi proves how dumb and basic scrote otaku are. and they have the fucking GALL to call us women "stupid" when they spend all their neetbucks on merchandising for a show that's literally just about anime girls with big tits doing fuck-all.

No. 42285

Why did you even watch it when it's obvious that you wouldn't like it and it's not being made for your demographic anyway?
Just ignore it, it's pretty easy to tell just from a synopsis what it is.

No. 42314

I don't understand the appeal of yaoi even as a former fujoshit (not a big fujoshit at that), frankly I don't see what's so attractive about gay men fucking one another up the ass. It's not as if I hate gay men, if anything the yaoi genre is riddled with stereotypes that demonize gay men and reduce them to nothing but "top" and "bottom".

There's the occasional yaoi I did read when I was a fujo that wasn't filled with sex stereotypes and rape… now I honestly can't stand the genre as a whole and avoid it. Shit like Junjou Romantica's romanticizing rape makes it one of the worst offenders (plus the hideous art style) for me, and unfortunately there's many many yaoi that are like that. I still have a friend who's a crazed fujo that keeps giving me "recs" for shit I don't wanna read and I don't know how to tell her to fuck off and that I hate the genre now.

Does anyone know any good yuri that I can watch? As a bi woman I am obviously going to find that a lot more appealing.

No. 42318

Not many good yuri anime, you would have more luck with manga. Most yuri anime is a scrot pandering trash (Maria Sama Ga Miteru, Strawberry Shortcake, Citrus, Kannazuki no Miko etc).
Watch Utena maybe? I would also recommend Oniisama E if you like oldschool psychological shoujo with plenty of drama and complicated relationships between female characters.
Apparently Sasameki Koto and Aoi Hana are okay, though they are about schoolgirls, so yeah…
The recent anime about a teenage asexual figuring out she's a lesbian after all might also be worth giving it a shot. I don't remember the title though.

No. 42320

Utena, Oniisama E and Rose of Versailles (RoV has brief yuri but it's an amazing watch) are my main picks for yuri.

No. 42331

I was disappointed by how lesbophobic Oniisama E ended up being. Sure it's interesting female melodrama but be aware. everyone ends up with men or dead

No. 42348

There's a yuri thread in /ot/, go necro that. Yuri is 90% made for scrote fap fodder and sexualizing and stereotyping lesbians way more than any BL series does to gay men. If you thought yaoi was evil and rapey, wait till you get into all the yuri that's all about "comedic" breast groping and sexualizing girls under 16.

No. 42351

There is a lesbian media thread here in /m/, I would recommend checking out Western tv-series instead of yuri anime for the reasons previous anon wrote.

No. 42355

This is something I've read often and I just don't get it. What character development ???
I'm anime only so maybe it didn't happen yet or is clearer in the manga but Bakugou has not change at all since ep 1.
A lot of manga readers hyped up the bakugou and deku fight in season 3 as "bakugou's redemption" and I thought hah maybe he will finally apologise to midoriya or something. But nothing even close to that happened.

Bakugou's popularity is so strange to me because everybody hates endeavor but him and Bakugou are so similar ?? They are both abusive assholes who only care about being number one.

I would have loved bnha to be about Midoriya becoming a quirkless villain because clearly their society is fucked if students like Bakugou can be pro heroes.

No. 42359

Women barely have anything in the media as it is. I hate people who say yaoi is a BAD REPRESENTATION OF GAY MEN.

>if anything the yaoi genre is riddled with stereotypes that demonize gay men and reduce them to nothing but "top" and "bottom".

Who cares. It's all fantasy bullshit and it's harmless.

Men get actual rape fantasies and disgusting real life porn and women just wanna read their stupid cartoon drawings and books.

No. 42394

Don't bother anon, she already explained herself that she's a sperg, most likely very young, who's annoyed over her fujo friend and embarrassed of her own fujo past because she only read oldschool D- grade shit BL like Junjou Romantica and now has to get it out of her system everywhere. There's no need to argue, it's easier to let her have her "yaoiz is oppressing and demonizing muh gay men I don't get what's so appealing about buttsex lmao!!!" fit and laugh about it.

No. 42409

You don't have to sperg out just because someone wanted yuri recs instead of yaoi recs, stay in your fujo containment thread and chill.

No. 42441


I don't read the manga anymore, but I remember getting to a point where everyone liked Bakugou and said he was changing just because he wasn't smashing his head against Izuku 24/7.
I don't really buy that. I will always remember how Bakugou literally said to Izuku "you should kill yourself, it would be better for everyone haha sucker". That scene was too much for me, I thought the story would get a dark turn after that moment, but nope.

So yeah, totally "husbando material".

Btw, don't you think Momo's superhero outfit is very creepy? Like, she's 15 years old, yet she keeps being sexualized. Same with Invisible Girl, who runs around naked… Like, really, they are 15. It's fucking creepy. I get it's shounen, but the author is on his 40s and there's a lot of adults following the manga…

No. 42443

Why does Western media depict little to no women, but Japanese media depicts more women but with the personalities of a rag-doll? Why the discrepancy?

No. 42451

The ideal woman in Japan is a Yamato Nadeshiko, ladies should be seen and not heard sort of woman. This is why all of the popular female character polls in Japan will return doormats like Hinata from Naruto as best girl and the shy demure type continues on.

No. 42471

Western society is misogynistic and only values manliness and women who fit into a manly role.

No. 42499

Her post is a fitting reply to the post before so she can stay here.

No. 42501

>b-but men get gross porn!

how about no one get gross porn, or porn at all.

No. 42546

Damn anon, you're going to trigger some anime nerds with that harsh statement.

No. 42586

>you are not allowed to like something I don't like

No. 42587

It's anime, if you don't want to see women being sexualized then you might want to pick a different media to consume…

No. 42588

or you know, not read or watch shounen and go for Josei or shoujo? There's plenty of manga made for women where they are not sexualized.

No. 42589

I think maybe I'm desensitized to people telling eachother to kill themselves since I've been on the internet for over a decade, that it's really not the ultimate insult anymore. I like Bakugo, not because he's a moral character, but because he's an interesting one. He doesn't need to be redeemed for me to like him.
But with Momo, I can understand her outfit because of her quirk. Same with the invisible girl. I also don't think mangakas necessarily include fanservice in their works because it gets them off, but because adding things like scantily clad women and violence makes teenage boys excited and continuing to buy the manga. I could definitely be wrong and Horikoshi is jacking off to his drawings of Momo, though. By that logic though, he's probably jacking off to Kirishima and fantasy!Bakugo.

No. 42590

That's true, anon, I should have said it's shonen instead of anime.

No. 42676

Too bad there's only like 2 shoujo and 3 girls friendly show every season next to 15 shounens and 5 seinens.

No. 42678

Actually it's not as bad as I thought. I just went and counted and I see 5 shoujos this season and 5 more women targeted shows like shounen-ai that I initially ignored. So these shows are about 1/3 of the whole output this season. Too bad I find idol boy shows unwatchable.

No. 42694

checks out

No. 42697

The problem with Japan is that unless it’s for literal girls, female characters exist to tickle the flaccid penises of their NEET audience.

No. 43156

You're right, my favorite.

No. 43161

Oh my god I love it, I can't watch the last episode because I don't want to finish it. It is 100% wholesome and cute, with great relationship betweet the characters and great music.
And there's some cute references to Aria (same studio)

No. 43360

Glad you love it, anon! It sparked my love for the simple slice of life genre.

No. 43665

Oh look one of the people I'm subbed to actually did it. Absolute cringe.

No. 44601

File: 1565791627278.jpg (100.02 KB, 400x593, 222274.jpg)

Is Texhnolyze worth seeing if I loved Lain, Haibane Renmei and liked Niea_7?
Also rip Despera, I am still salty we will never see it. Need more ABe anime

No. 44605

File: 1565795735952.jpg (367.81 KB, 2000x2448, 56987486_p0.jpg)

Texhnolyze is fucking magnificent, anon.
It's kind of slow for an action series and it's not as deep as something like Lain, but. It's a very mature action series with deeply disturbing themes. It's more similar to Ergo Proxy probably that ABe's works, but it doesn't make it bad at all.
It's downright morbid and extremely creepy, especially if you're into dystopias and transhumanism. It is thematically kinda similar to Lain, having plot points about an internal conflict of a mechanised person with what actually is being a human (with a dash of "tech eats your soul") and another character who kind of serves as an omnipotent god-like antropomorhic personification.
It's very, very slow, but also very, very dark, but if you're into that, you're going to have a great time. Well, you won't, actually, you probably won't even enjoy it in a regular sense of the word. But it's good.

It also has one of my favourite anime characters - Haruhiko Tooyama, even if he, sadly, appears for not many episodes and isn't explored deeper. Hell, he isn't even mentioned among characters most times, but I am such a sucker for him. His whole deal is that he endured rape at the hands of his own father and cut off parts of his body so he would have less association with it and less genetic connection to his parent. (Not a big spoiler, but maybe you want to avoid it anyway.) That. Holy shit. Touched me to the core. He's also a sick-ass sword fighter, strongly implied to be homosexual, but not at all less badass for it.

Other characters are great too, since no one, and I mean no one is a good person or morally superior at all. Even Ichise, the main character is so gray he might as well be grimdark. He gets a bit better. A bit though. He's a very unusual main character for an action series, getting through everything through sheer will to live and having nearly no redeeming qualities to him otherwise. He's a good fighter, but he can't control his rage, he's a good looking guy who nearly all women in the series want, but he couldn't care less about it. Or anything else really.

It's extremely depressing through and through and there is not a single shred of hope in it. You won't get a happy ending and you won't get anything remotely feel-good on the journey to it. There's zero empathy found in any of the characters and it's really hard to relate to any of them if you're looking for that kind of experience. I managed with Haruhiko, but my life experiences are unique enough to allow it, hah.

tl;dr: it's a grimdark series with a bad ending, but it's complex and deep and watching it is an experience. Not necessarily a "good" or "enjoyable" experience though, but still somehow 100% worth it.

No. 45152


I agree with this anon. Please give it a watch. Although there are hiccups here and there with the animation, the general direction for its animtion/art is good for a 20+ ep anime. I dont usually rewatch animes, but I'm planning to rewatch this one.

No. 45238

File: 1566298949130.png (22.77 KB, 592x142, kek.png)

I kind of want to rewatch it now. I watched it when I was 15 and was impressed by the mature style but frustrated by the lack of sympathetic characters and the downer ending.

No. 45258

File: 1566312187726.jpg (221.36 KB, 1920x1080, love-live-school-idol-project-…)

Why do i feel like the love live series could be more to it rather than having such brainless and run-for-the-mill characters? Hell, all of the girls even look the same, where's the character development? I know its a comfort anime but even comfort anime sometimes put their mc in challenging situations. The music and costume is boring too…

No. 45260

LL didn't have much going on, so it's not like the characters could have archs or anything. i personally like the music, and the story was fine but i hated nozomi and the focus around her. the only thing i took from her "story" was that no one else really liked her since she begged to be part of the group but then flipped it like it was all done for her. female characters that japanese girls like tend to be annoying as hell.

LLSS was abysmal with the characters just being weird frankensteins of the already boring originals. and my tinfoil between that and the 1st season plus the movie is that honoka went into a coma when she got sick and nothing ever happened, and everything we're watching is a fever dream. SS is just her brain degrading more so she mishmashes everyone together.

No. 45297

watch wake up girls if you want a tiny bit more reality to your idol animes. it's still fluffy, but it goes into how cutthroat some idolshit is.

No. 45347

It's literally designed to appeal to the lowest common denominator of otakus who will jack off to any character who's passably cute, sings and they can spend tons of money on.

No. 45406

Actually LL has way more female fans than male. It's not im@s or some gross shit.

No. 45422

Whats wrong with im@s? not a fan, im just curious

No. 46317

NTA but iirc, im@s has a lot of loli pandering and super sexualized characters.

No. 50484

File: 1568740289794.jpg (Spoiler Image,52.01 KB, 1024x576, 89ec1ce50fac3f23ebf9e00a38d45e…)

I wish there was some way to have a universal warning label for softcore loli porn scenes. Fuck you, Food Wars. I love slice of life anime and I like cooking, so I thought it would be a nice show for me to watch. KEK My fault for not looking more into it, I guess.

No. 50495

lol All I've seen about this show was that it was basically porn and looked like shit. AKA almost all anime.

No. 50524

I read the manga instead and I have to admit, it was somewhat redeemed by hot that artist's male characters are. The ecchi shit is gross but I can't say I felt shafted overall.

No. 50530

I watch anime casually, don't really frequent any spaces with anime discussion (more or less only here,) so I had no idea. I took it for what it said on the tin on Hulu. Pretty disturbing.

No. 51509

I hate the face of anime these days. Or maybe it's always been shit and I'm just getting older? Everything looks so inbred and soulless and I'm starting to get bored and hate it like I hate cable television. I thought I'd try Kimetsu no Yaiba but I saw a clip that was supposed to be sakuga and it looked like… overdramatic shit when the VAs scream their lungs out while the camera goes nuts at 60 FPS and for some reason it really put me off. Too many anime do that and people get overwhelmed thinking lots of movement = impressive when I think it should be done more sparingly. Even though I've been a weeb since my teens I've become less tolerant of Japanese humor/acting (don't know how), everything is so broadcasted and unnatural to me as a westerner. And you know what, I'm fine with growing out of it because I don't want to be associated with the stunted people who need anime to live. I'm also sick to fucking death of magical high schoolers.

No. 51539

File: 1569194864379.png (1.25 MB, 1920x1080, 460E190B-12EC-489D-81BE-C4047E…)

kiznaiver should have had two seasons. i miss it dearly and the ending was rush and they fucked with the characters and their relationships. certain characters got more development than others and i'm just so mad it's been years and i'm still not over it. grrrr.

in other words please give dungeon meshi an anime adaption oh my god maybe then people will actually get into it. it's one of the best mangas i've ever read.

No. 51544

A good scene isn't just sakuga though. A good part of it is your emotional investment in what's going on. Technical things like storyboard directing, music score, VA performance, animation quality itself are secondary imo. Kimetsu no Yaiba is overhyped and monster of the week for the most part but I do think it does shine when it needs too, technically and narrative-wise. I also like that it's supposedly shounen written by a woman so none of that tasteless fan service and incest shit.

No. 51659

My partner tried getting me into Dr stone but it's so fucking boring and all the girls look like sex dolls.

No. 51695

>Technical things like storyboard directing, music score, VA performance, animation quality itself are secondary imo
To me, those are primary instead and kind of got disappointed when I saw some scenes of Kimetsu no Yaiba. I can't stand how everything was… Just too much. I kind of like the aesthetics of it, but to me its not enought to deliver a good anime. Combat scenes gave me the Land of Lustrious vibe where everything is just mediocre CGI, stupid ass fighting and bad characters, but everyone loved it because of CGI use. I think BBK used CGI better than Land of Lustrious and I'm afraid it will be the same for this one.

No. 51698

Do you otherwise like shounen? Why not stick to stuff that's not for literal 12 year olds.

No. 51715

I don’t think there’s a single anime I’m going to watch in the fall.

>watched a clip of Kimetsu
So you watched a YouTube video about that one scene in episode 19. Maybe try watching a full episode or two or just find something else to watch if it doesn’t suit your tastes.

No. 51866

>Technical things like storyboard directing, music score, VA performance, animation quality itself are secondary imo.
Imo those are vital to a show for me to be able to become invested in the first place, if they're not good then an anime won't be good.

Did I piss you off? All I'm saying is that the screaming shouneny scene it had made me realise (again) how dumb that is in general, otherwise I have no opinion of the show. I was actually going to give it a try because I heard positive things about it but overall I don't feel like watching anime because it has so much of that.

No. 51876

I wish there were more adaptations from story-driven 80's bl instead of so much idol shit. Next Banana Fish tier anime when?

No. 51911

I really need a quality Tokyo Babylon and Clover anime tbh

No. 52380

I fucking hate KLK and my boyfriend doesn't understand it at all and actually gets mad at me. It's not this amazing feminist show ffs it doesn't even do it's "message' well. It sexualized teenagers, ugh. If they were of age it'd be whatever. Fucking Shadow the Hedgehog: Pedophilia addition

No. 52407

KLK is just animators having fun the show

No. 52429

clover was fucking sick.

No. 52473

More like pedophiles being pedophiles, but okay

No. 52489

i mean if you mean pedophiles having fun doing sexual shit in the name of "animation" then yeah sure

No. 52507

I cant believe anyone in their right mind would call KLK feminist and be serious. that's seriously what happens to warped people who watch too much anime and think rape and pedo shit is normal.

No. 52527

File: 1569567468415.png (4.88 MB, 1656x1668, Capture.PNG)

I have a lot of anime I really love that have a special place in my heart. But modern anime is so shit. It's all just fanservice crammed into a shitty plotline about magical lolis or whatever. I wish anime like pic related was still being made.

No. 52647

I feel you anon. Sometimes I think I'm being too nostalgic but when I go bad and watch old moody anime with good animation it confirms it more.
What's the one in the middle?

No. 52652

File: 1569597060781.jpg (67.4 KB, 1200x675, 1522784088515.jpg)

The middle is still being made.

No. 52683


No. 52684

I remember when KLK was airing and people were desperately trying to say the show was feminist and/or a “parody” of generic battle shonens, when it’s still barely more than fanservice with slideshow animation. Trigger keeps shitting out shows with half assed stories and animation, but I guess some things don’t change.

This is probably bait, but maybe you shouldn’t be watching anime if you don’t understand target demographics or if teenaged characters bother you so much.

It seems to me you really like seinen. Do you just prefer anime to manga? I know Naoki Urusawa still writes and draws manga, they just haven’t been adapted to anime.

Legend of the Galactic Heroes

No. 52748


With anime one has to cherry pick, theres only a few of really good ones each decade but there are like a million of them being made each year. I used to think all anime was this amazing arthouse stuff because a local tv station only broadcasted the very best of the best from the 80s, 90s and early 00s, but i didn't realized that i was seeing the selected peak of the artform from each generation and i already had seen the best from the best few directors, i only realized how terrible anime as a whole truly is when i got the internet and saw the deluge of worthless bullshit that comes out each season.

No. 52754

You lost me at
>It's all just fanservice crammed into a shitty plotline about magical lolis or whatever
>implying that older anime aren’t chock full of fan service, shit plots, shit characters and even shittier animation, even within the ones listed
Make effort to look for something that’s not shitty then? also don’t take this personally but you have taste of a 30 yo white male unpopular anituber lol

No. 52755

File: 1569614683470.jpg (50.29 KB, 236x293, 845.jpg)

It wasn't better, it is just you who picked the best of past decades, pretty much the same as music. There are still good shows every season, you just have to look for the best and not what's trending.

No. 52762

I fully support being critical and holding the medium to a higher standard so, one day, we may stop getting flooded with isekai softcore porn, but you love 9 shows out of how many that were made during those decades? Everyone else is correct. There are good anime series being made now, they're just not front and center most of the time.

No. 52763

Survivorship bias makes it seem like the past had better anime, when it reality it also had plenty of shitty series that were forgotten over time because they are… shitty. Though it's true a typical season these days has far more series and therefore far more garbage, it's not like it was non stop art back in the day and there are still the occasional recent series that I'd consider top tier (imo the most recent 'masterpiece' is Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu from 2016).

And like, LoGH is literally being remade right now, Utena's director has a brand new series, Fukumoto and Urasawa still write popular manga that are/could be getting adapted. A Kaiji spin off aired in 2018.

No. 52764


Branching from that topic, what would be some recent anime from the last few years or current running shows that will stand the test of time? Theres a few recent ones with superb animation like demon slayer and the fire brigade one but they don't come across as very remarkable or memorable otherwise. Just well made.

The only one i can think off is Mob Psycho, both seasons have been amazing and the story and concept is memorable enough that if it remains that way its going to be right there with the goat.

A lot of people mention SnK but that show is way over rated, never understood why normies who don't even like anime love it so much over pretty much every other anime series.

No. 52792

Honestly I would be happy to be proven wrong, so if you have any suggestions that would be good. I know you have to be very picky with anime but it seems to be getting worse overall. The last recent anime I enjoyed was asobi asobase and I suppose space patrol luluco.

No. 52794

I'll check that one out ty anon

No. 52799

Yeah unfortunately I don’t think Kimetsu no yaiba (which is so-so imo) or Made in Abyss or even Mob Psycho would be remembered decades from now. But that is not a good indicator of good/bad franchise either. Like with cinema, many movies hailed as greatest of all time are essentially unknown and forgotten by the general public. One Piece and Naruto were so fucking long that they instilled themselves into the public’s subconscious culturally but those are objectively more often bad than they are good… people are already forgetting Bleach lmao

No. 52805

Samefag but I do think part of it that it’s too much of a shounen world. No one talks about cultural impact of Clannad or Cardcaptor Sakura or K-on within their respected genre except for people with the affinity for those genres. They get dismissed for being moe and girly and >no l33t sakuga, on lolcow they’re pedo pandering kek. I blame men for this, they ruin everything they touch with lewding everything. Sad people get way too focused on what’s topping the charts (read: popular with hormonal teen boys), which is most of the time shounen.

No. 52835

They are though wtf are you talking about. I can easily make a grid like that with recent shows.

No. 52837

NTA, but which ones are good? I've been looking for good (recent) shows.

No. 52840

If I'm understanding right, the anime that OP like are edgy seinen with thoughtful themes and unfolding mysteries. I would recommend from the past decade:

My favorite show / sci-fi of all time:
From the New World

This show is the best piece of writing I've ever experienced in sci-fi. Yet almost nobody has seen this. The wider anime community hated on it for months because of the existence of male gay characters in a seinen show.

The rest of the shows I don't think are as amazing but I think they fit the criteria.

Attack on Titan
Kara no Kyoukai
Sora yori mo Tooi Basho
Houseki no Kuni
The Tatami Galaxy
Knights of Sidonia
Vinland Saga

Not as complex but might still be enjoyable:

All by one edge writer:

No. 52855

I feel Bleach fans are going through a small wave of nostalgia even though we universally loved to shit on it because of THE HEART and Kubo being Kubo. But damn his designs could be stylish.
I thought anime/manga was for everyone but this genre creep reminds me of how video games became a distinctly male hobby due to marketing and less female devs being hired (I wish I had the link to the documentary I had in mind)

No. 52870


Best movies from each decade are well remembered, they may not be on the collective mainstream all the time but everyone can google the "best of X years" and they will show up, some good movies are not going to come up, sure, but the most iconic will always remain as case studies. Also the "test of time" is not so much about them being remembered, it takes for granted that their popularity ended, is more about them still being considered great even after all those years.

A lot of awful movies are still remembered by critics but are hot garbage, like everything made by Passolini.

I think 20 yrs from now people will still regard Mob Psycho as a great show, just as people still think the original FMA series was great and among the best representative of its time.

No. 52891

Shin Sekai Yori is so fucking good. I think it's not that underrated anymore, I see it recommended often.

If I was to add other series from the 2010s, mostly early yrs unfortunately as I've fallen out of anime a bit,
>Ping Pong the Animation
>Jinrui Wa Suitai Shimashita
>Mawaru Penguindrum
>Uchouten Kazoku
>Akagami no Shirayukihime
>Already recced Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu further up thread

Some other comedies which probably aren't good enough to be classics but are still funny enough to be great
>Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki Kun
>Osomatsu San
>Saiki Kusuo no Psi-nan
>Daily Lives of highschool Boys
>Arakawa Under the Bridge

No. 52973

Good taste in comedy anon! I hate that when I look for comedy, I deadass have to blacklist the “action”, “harem”, “ecchi”, or even “romance” tag, for results to not be filled with garbage. In what world is seeing some faggot accidentally grab a tit for the 1000th time funny…
Here’s my own short list:
-Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei
-Asobi Asobase
I also love comfy fluffy slice of life contents!

No. 53104


Ping Pong was really good, i second it hard.

No. 53122

File: 1569830324264.jpg (59.99 KB, 480x600, 3e626c6e616a4fab7556d3a42d94a1…)

Seinenfag here. Thankyou for giving me some recommendations, this looks like a good place to start.

No. 53957

I was going to watch promare, until an anon in the annoying thread said it's for fujos. Damn.

No. 53977

Literally any series with two boys can be considered for “fujos”. That’s a really weak reason not to go if you wanted to go before.

No. 54004

I'd rather not if there's going to be any actual BL content. I have a hatred for pandering. Although, I guess BL is better than pedobait loli shit.

No. 54025

File: 1570224344952.jpg (40.78 KB, 600x424, Lio.Fotia.600.2481101.jpg)

ngl, when I first saw Lio my first thought was "wow trigger actually made an androgynous female character nice" I ended up being so disappointed it was a pretty dude that my interest in it plummeted lol.

No. 54046

Oh my god, I thought I was alone in this. I saw the poster in the theater (was seeing it mostly to hang out with some friends) and was immediately more intrigued…..and then when his helmet cracked and the shock was "it's a kid!" instead of "it's a girl!"……I lost interest. It was fine, but man, I wish I hadn't even built up that hope.

No. 54073

File: 1570236320058.gif (462.34 KB, 500x281, giphy.gif)

I would never proclaim KLK to be feminist, but I honestly never thought about viewing it outside of a satire lens. It's so over the top and ridiculous that watching it at face value is nowhere near as entertaining as the alternative: that they deliberately took common tropes to extremes while playing a lot of it completely straight as satire. It's not like the characters are going to give a knowing wink at you whenever the show is making fun of something. You're just supposed to get that when someone stabs another person and it literally rains blood, maybe they're mocking how often animes imply there are 50 gallons of blood in a human body.

And I'll give Trigger credit, as overt as the fan service is for the female characters, they also sexualize the male characters in equally comical extremes (even if there's less of it).

KLK is most definitely a YMMV ordeal and I'm not here to change minds. I just find it strange someone would watch it without seeing it as at least partially parody/satire.

No. 54084

>they also sexualize the male characters in equally comical extremes
Except the male characters don't get molested.

No. 54151

wait, wasn't it the girls who do that? Like they were mad a poor girl was with one of the big 4 dudes.

fr tho yeah, that manga/anime was fucked up, a guilty pleasure, but still, I cannot deny how fucking shitty it is in terms of plot/girl stuff.

I was a fan in the early series when it shows the most beautiful/popular girl being genuinely nice and wanting to help her tho

No. 54155

yeah same when I first looked up the designs out of curiosity without reading the premise and glanced at fanart I thought the char was a flat chested cute girl and I was very shocked to learn it's a guy

kinda disappointed that trigger didn't make the character an androgynous/tomboy looking girl instead of a fujobait guy

No. 54164

>Being this superficial and "ew fujobait!!!"
I feel sorry for you anon.

Literally reminds me of the lowkey homophobic dudebros who screech about a series being "ruined by fujos" because two guys were vaguely implied to have feelings for each other or because it has a beautiful bishounen male character in it.

No. 54173

>that post being remotely comparable to homophobic dudebros
Fujos are so flakey

No. 54175

File: 1570266875849.jpg (Spoiler Image,374.25 KB, 2482x1716, IMG_20191005_111347.jpg)

Sushio is uninspired as fuck, a waste of great animator skills and experience.

No. 54189

I don't have a problem with anime gays, but I definitely don't like gay men irl because they're actually misogynistic af, even moreso than straight men. It's mostly just disappointment between what I thought the movie would be vs. what I now have heard/assume it will be.

Sage for pinkpill shit, sorry.

No. 54249

> Shin Sekai Yori is so fucking good. I think it's not that underrated anymore, I see it recommended often.
Nobody's heard of it. The fact that >>52527 this post exists proves my point. It's so sad that after making loads of money on haremshit A1's attempt to make a decent show ends up being an immediate commercial failure. And then you have losers like pic related.

No. 54250

NTA but should I read the original light novel or jump straight into anime?

No. 54266

Don't read it, the author is a creep and the NTR is much weirder and fetishy in the books.

No. 54289

I was following along with the translation 5 or so years ago and it wasn't done, maybe it's done now. But it's not a light novel, it's a proper novel that won a literary award, I think it was the Japanese equivalent of a Hugo.

Wait what, what NTR? Do you have a link that explains what you're talking about.

No. 54291

light novel is the japanese equivalent of a YA novel basically. they're proper novels, but the terminology in japan is different.

No. 54293

Yes, I'm aware of what a YA/light novel is. But it's not a light novel, it's a proper adult novel.

No. 54297

>Wait what, what NTR? Do you have a link that explains what you're talking about.
I watched/read it years ago, but I remember the book having [spoiler]two characters having sex while thinking about the third one, also some things seemed oddly fetishy to me but it's been like 7 years[\spoiler]

No. 54298

Did you read it in Japanese? The book wasn't translated 7 years ago. Are we talking about SSY and not SAO? SAO is a light novel with NTR.

No. 54300

Seriously anon, SAO? That suggestion is plain retarded and doesn't even make for a joke.

No. 54302

I only read the first handful of chapters of the novel due to it not being translated at the time. I'm satisfied with just watching the anime completely, from comments online it accurately and completely adapted the novel.
That does sound like something that could happen in SSY. Calling it fetishy is an interesting takeaway. I don't think NTR fits because all the characters were engaged in casual sex with one another. The main character also misses the guy who she had a crush on after he died. In the end she moved on. I don't think NTR is the correct term there either. The novel did have a lot to say about sex and society. I'm curious and want to know what you found fetishy about it.

Sorry no offense meant. >>54249 If you look at the video in the post you were replying to it compares SAO and SSY so that's the reason for the suggestion. There was the possibility of miscommunication because well, your initial description did fit SAO, and parts of that series was creepy for sure.

No. 54306

File: 1570301308788.png (Spoiler Image,433.72 KB, 2160x1080, Screenshot_20191005-204448.png)

I looked up the English translation and some things are better than expected, but there's still awkward sex and the author not understanding how hymens work in an earlier chapter. NTR is a memey word for this scene, but if you consider who just went missing and what happened it's out if place.

No. 54307

File: 1570301358811.png (Spoiler Image,277.5 KB, 2160x1080, Screenshot_20191005-204517.png)

This is around page 306 in the translation, as a teen I probably found it more gross lol

No. 54308

The relationship between these two was better in the anime.

No. 54313

The novel is more explicit. The anime didn't go into such depth but I still got the same general sense of the crushes.

I get what you mean by NTR now. They both had a crush on the same guy who died. Dead guy was the first choice of lover for both of these people. I liked it though, major pathos.

No. 54330

Sometimes i just hate it when anime sexualize kids and incest so much to the point where there was a period of time i was too afraid to watch any anime because i dont want to encounter those kind of fucked up shit anymo.

No. 54410

I get the feeling that everyone knows SSY and that it's good, but they sleep on it.
I was in quiet agreement with >>52527 (even though they got dragged lol), and then someone mentioned Shinsekai Yori and I was like "How did I forget? Squealer should have won".
Actual good anime gets shoved to the wayside for garbage, and I think that's part of the problem.
As for the video you linked
Strike 1
Strike 2
>uploader's squeaky, disgusting voice
Strike 3
Shitty bait, I regret giving a view.

No. 54457

Just watched the 1 ep of „this hero is invincible but too cautious”(hate there f long names) its a isekai thats is aware what a bullshit isekai is

No. 54461

yah that video is total junk, i only posted it to show how stupid the mainstream anime community is.

No. 54701

There is an anime general thread or is this supposed to be a criticism.

I watched the ep after this comment and it was surprisingly watchable. The guy is already boring and getting on my nerves, the girl should be the main character, but I know she's not.

No. 54739

My boyfriend truly doesn't understand why I hate isekai.

No. 54745

Dump him, get with someone with empathy.

No. 55576

I feel like mineta is a horrible addition to the mostly likable cast. he's like every uncle fan who watches young idols sing live and thinks his creepy behavior is okay.

No. 55581

would have been way cooler as a female character,but we can't ever have nice things in anime.

No. 55583


Yeah, i remember the scenes when the male characters are getting sexually harassed, oh wait–

No. 55618

At least 2 isekai for women this season.

No. 55623

if the design isn't overly sexualized and looks confident its gonna be a dude. anime sucks like that

No. 55729

This isnt super horrible. Japanese novels in general have odd translations

No. 55730

You and me both. I didnt watch any anime besides One Punch man, MHA and Mob pyscho for a long period of time. There's been a huge raise of harem and isekai, which is now the same genre at this point.

No. 55731

Which ones? The last isekai i watched was 'I was reincarnated as a slime' and actually liked it

No. 55752

I messed up. I thought Bookworm might be after reading this review https://www.animefeminist.com/review-ascendance-of-a-bookworm-episode-1/ but I think it's a seinen.

No. 55758

The only good isekai I have seen is Kyōso Giga, with an actual adult couple with a wonderful family and the teenage character is an actual teenage and not an oversexualized child.

No. 55765

My guilty pleasure is escaflowne and SAO

No. 55766

Whoops meant to spoiler not bold oh well.

No. 55826

File: 1570723850988.png (406.38 KB, 722x553, 3882rtsy1ruy.png)

I hope this post doesn't make me sound like an isekaifag oof
I watch very few isekai but Slime was great. It's comfy relaxing watch, if you can ignore the designated pair of tits and the legal loli of course. I preferred the ogres old designs waaa. Over Lord is similar kind of wholesome too. I think it's something about the MC-kun not being a smug bishie faggot that makes it more tolerable.
I would enjoy Youjo Senki wayyy more if it didn't remind me that it's a salary man in a loli body like that reads too much of a troon fantasy.
First season SAO wasn't THAT bad, was mediocre. Mine is DanMachi ss1. I watched it when I was bored and fully intended to shit on it, but I actually had fun lol

I've been following this isekai manga/novel called Kumo desu ga, Nani Ka? where a JK got isekai'd as a spoder lol I heard it's getting an OVA. Supaaa cute!

No. 55915

File: 1570736249801.jpg (815.12 KB, 1674x2500, Nakajima.Youko.full.1031985.jp…)

Huh, I never actually thought of Kyousogiga as an isekai, my fav has always been Twelve Kingdoms. Totally unsexualized in general, and the female MC gets amazing character development.

No. 55987

File: 1570740657366.jpg (112.05 KB, 960x720, 398079_321767014596119_1475640…)

Escaflowne is legit the only isekai i've ever love. Good taste!! The Opening song will always be in my head

No. 56028

The ending song was better.

I loved the 12 kingdoms back then but I only read the first 5 volumes of the novel series. Is the anime good?

No. 56040

You sound like an isekaifag. But since resident expert is in town can you explain what the appeal of overlord is. I watched 2 episodes and got totally bored.

SAO was actually kind of good (first season, never watched any of the others). The industry saw what elements made it work and refined it into super pandering crack that shitted on the legacy of SAO, at least that's how I see it.

> Kumo desu ga, Nani Ka?

I heard that there's a really bad twist in this one, not sure if it's true.

Thanks! They really need to do a remake, especially since isekai is sooo in vogue now! I think it would make big money. It was originally slated to be 39 episodes but they ended up cutting it due to budget that's why so many plot threads are so barebones. I would love to see a fully fleshed out version that fixes all those issues.

Anatolia Story is the first isekai I ever read, I loved that too. But like escaflowne it has a damsel in distress lead and doesn't have 2 key ingredients of post-SAO/modern isekai, leveling and OP protagonist. I really want a modern isekai in a Escaflowne-esque setting and see how characters like Van would react to a girl that quickly grows to become stronger than them. Does anyone know any manga or LN like this?

No. 56067

I only read a bit of the novels ages ago so I can't compare that accurately, but it's a great series. Just sucks that it's unfinished and I was so gd attached to some of the later characters who didn't get resolved plotlines.

No. 56126

>Just sucks that it's unfinished
The author’s still working on it, with a new book coming out soon. There wasn’t a lot of info about it until the preorder came up


No. 56617

I need something warm to get over Nana's depression.
What is a good romantic comedy (not a fucking harem please)?
Bonus points if I don't have to wait 50+ episodes for the main couple to get together

No. 56638

Today's "otaku stuff I'm tired of"

1. Watched this video and it's pretty obvious how all the crazy gore isn't carried out on characters in general, but specifically on young girls for the purpose of fanservice, most male fans decide to ignore that aspect though and some call it cool

2. Been told for years how pure love live is compared to idolm@ster - cue characters groping each other and gratituous male gaze shots of thighs, asses, all that stuff in general from early on while im@s actually has competent direction (see "Promise")

No. 56644

Idol culture is specifically male gaze culture, and I say so despite I actually like 2D idols and I'm ashamed of it, such as Tokyo 7th Sisters and Idolm@ster.
The only good idol anime I have seen is Wake Up Girls, the music was a bit too cheesy for me, anyway.
I agree with you, Anon, Love Live was a wreck since the beginning and the music is just mediocre or plain out bad. New group is utterly cringe.
Im@s on the other hand has good music, and I'm glad the brand experimented a lot with Cinderella Girls (letting out Chiaki Takahashi and Asami Imai Radio), there is a wide variety of music spacing from actual metal to traditional japanese music. Shiny Stars is promising well with Hōkago Climax Girls.

Love Live, on the other hand… is giving us this

No. 56656

File: 1570887038464.jpg (1.33 MB, 2448x3264, 1535166081168.jpg)

Is the game easy to get into? I'm kinda tempted, Queen of Purple songs are cool but while the gameplay was fun I didn't bother learning a new event system when I tried it.

Back on topic,
>I actually like 2D idols and I'm ashamed of it
Same, it's a guilty pleasure for me. While there are obvious male gaze things, embarassing fanservice and self insert aspects in idolm@ster, in a bizarre twist ""waifufaggotry"" leads to more fun female characters compared to the usual sidekicks in most mainstream series.

No. 56723


Was Isekai a meme at that point? I only remember Escaflowne from the 90s, all the rest like Hack Sign and Digimon were from the 00s . Escaflowne was really good and no one was as nauseated with the concept back then like we are now.

No. 56771

I highly recommend Ore Monogatari!!
It's very wholesome and cute.

No. 56838

Modern isekai started with SAO, before that it was just a trope but not a genre. Escaflowne is a guilty pleasure because it's a harem.

Post SAO isekai is shit because it's generally distilled wish fulfillment. Worse is the revelation that one of the things that males wish for is sex slaves.

No. 56876

Modern isekai is shit on because they all follow the same setup of some loser salaryman/neet/student getting hit by a truck and reincarnating into a fantasy land which they immediately figure out how to manipulate because it has the same setup as a videogame. And of course all the women want to suck the MC’s dick.

No. 56908

File: 1570952592563.jpg (127.71 KB, 500x496, VICL-37292.jpg)

To me, the game is unapproachable. I have followed here and there, lives and so on, but afaik they did like three games because they can't do a proper one.

>leads to more fun female characters compared to the usual sidekicks in most mainstream series

I was totally mesmerized by the amount of adult idols DereSute has.

No. 56948


>Escaflowne is a guilty pleasure because it's a harem.

>SAO is shit because its a harem

I mean, i agree SAO is liquid shit, but is the same trope. It just wasn't that dulled down and overdone in 1996 and Escaflowne is more female oriented but still has the cool mechas and fantasy action scenes, that is something i liked a lot because i usually can't stand a plot that is just about romance and nothing else is going on.

No. 57097

File: 1571028181749.jpg (141.38 KB, 900x901, IMG_20191014_062547.jpg)

For some reason I can never get into idol/dancer/actor games targeted at girls. I don't know if it's a gender bias because I can enjoy some silly idolshit, while the guy casts in comparison seem a bit more unusual.

When it comes to manga though I'm totally open to shoujo and josei and enjoy them way more. It's just that when it comes to games, something seems more forced/fabricated, created by a team based on popularity data.

No. 57098

Also pic related character isn't even weird compared to others.

No. 59038

Do you have trouble separating fiction from reality? Also, something hurting your feelings doesn't mean it shouldn't be depicted in fiction at all.

No. 59044

File: 1571876456866.png (132.88 KB, 450x628, A2FD9B22-AC72-4330-937B-18AF9A…)

The trailer for Netflix’s Ghost in the Shell anime was released last night/today and everyone is seething about the terrible CG and Ilya Kushinov’s sameface redesign of the Major. The twitter announcement and YouTube video are filled with comments in Japanese and English shitting on how bad it looks.

No. 59046

No. 59053

That CGI looks like it belongs in 2002. Gross. Can we stop this shit entirely? No more CG in anime. Personally, I also didn't like it in Houseki no Kuni and that's considered probably the best example of "good" CG.

No. 59069

they did the same whit with saint seiya lord, netflix is trying to shit all anime it seems

No. 59101


sometimes its used well when it complements or enhances good 2d animation, rather than just cutting corners. Princess Mononoke and Spirited Away have CG , they used it kinda like they did in disney tarzan and it was great and unnoticeable

As for fully cg anime, Gantz:o was also pretty cool.

>Ilya Kushinov’s sameface redesign

Is it literally from him? i haven't seen it but now i won't even look it up, can't stand his stuff, so dull.

No. 59105


nevermind, i watched it. Hard pass, even Jimmy Neutron looked better than this, i swear, it someone told me is fan made by an art student or something, i'd believe it.

No. 59137

File: 1571940506603.jpg (714.97 KB, 2895x4096, EHiA1BmUEAEssqm.jpg)

is not ugly but as any of Ilya Kushinov’s works is the same petty girl face, same make up, eyes, just boring

No. 59141

It looks good tho, waaay better than Kemono Friends or Houseki no Kuni. Ilya Kushinov's girls are pretty, even if it is same face. And let's be honest, most anime have a bad case of same face syndrome.

No. 59199

The poster doesn’t even look finished, it’s like he pasted the leg on to make it look like something besides a drawing of her face and torso.

No. 59213

Kemono Friends was made on no budget though, story-wise it was pretty enjoyable (at least the first season)

No. 59229


Even the poster looks cheap and souless

>Ilya Kushinov's girls are pretty

you say girls, in plural, as if there is more than one. Ilya's girl is personified blandness and basicness.

And, its GiTS, look at the original manga, the movie or the anime adaptations and teel me this cheap 3d version is not a total downgrade. Stand alone complex anime already had cg tachicomas, is not about just them using cg, ut about how cheap and low effort it looks specially coming with such a high standard and stylish franchise.

No. 59242

File: 1572014632432.jpg (95.63 KB, 650x505, motoko-kusanagi.jpg)

If Major doesn't look like a grown woman with nice buff thighs I don't want her.

Also, Kushinov is an untalented hack.

No. 59299

File: 1572051657490.jpg (129.43 KB, 1280x720, e3d09a04789a6351791900fa5ed306…)

I hate the infantile designs that are so popular right now. Big eyes, small face, non-existent nose and lips, etc. At first I found it endearing, but man, now you just can't escape from it. I feel like the moe sameface completely takes away any personality from most characters. I can't believe they fucked up major so bad.

No. 59304

i like some moe stuff but only in certain genres. also the show the girl is from is hot steaming shit. the plot in the 1st ep was super confusing nonsense and the 2nd ep started with sexual tension fanservice

No. 64880

File: 1575051567190.jpg (93.18 KB, 1280x718, non binary japanes boy.jpg)

Sorry to necro? this thread but i want to know other fanmers opinoons on "hoshiai no sora" a new "lgtbq+" anime, the only thing i have seen of them is on twitter (yeah i know) and how they are progesive becase they therms like "non binary" , but i feel is kinda pandering to the wester lgb somehow not sure

No. 64937

>non binary

I'm already cringing so hard.

No. 65770

In all honesty it wouldn't bother me as much if it wasn't literally every show and everywhere. I used to love these really generic-cute anime girls because like you said, it was endearing, but there is no variety available anymore. I'd like to see an anime woman that looks over 12 for once. What ruined it for me completely though was realizing that it was men who this is supposed to pander to, my 15-year old self would be so heartbroken.

I love this image lmfao

No. 68529

Can we talk about the prevalent problem in shonenshit where the female characters do nothing at all and it only focuses on the guys?

Good examples are every Naruto girl, most of the girls in My Hero Academia, Fairy Tail, Seven Deadly Sins, etc.

No. 68535

If you don’t like series for boys focusing too much on boys stop reading/watching them. You’re not the target demographic.

No. 68584

Demographics don't justify poor writing.
Besides if shonen is meant mostly/just for teenage boys, how will you explain the constant fujo pandering? 'Shonen is created for boys only' has been debunked.

No. 68589

nayrt but media aimed at, and consumed by, boys should have strong and well-written female characters.

this aspect of anime never fails to freak me out. you have female characters that are overly sexualised, but their personalities remain under developed and one dimensional. such characterisations seem to genuinely make people (see twitter troons) view real women as these mythical creatures whose sole purpose is to please/entertain/support men.

No. 68593

Emma from Yakusoku no Neverland is quite good female MC for a shonen anime.

No. 68599

>how will you explain the constant fujo pandering?
Give some examples that aren’t from Zero Sum and Monthly GFantasy.

No. 68611

Naruto and Sasuke.
A lot of Naruto was homoerotic.

No. 68722




On topic of actual shonen manga demographics:

>On top of WEEKLY JUMP celebrating it's 45th anniversary this year, it can also boast that it has a 50/50 male to female readership, making it one of the most gender-neutral manga magazines.


No. 68723

I really like Emma a lot! Been reading the manga too.

No. 70546

Seems like most people find Rina cringey but I actually really like the new direction Love Live is going in! The new game is really fun and I like that the new group is somewhat unique. New group also has some really amazing voices.

I think Idol Master would be so much more popular if it had an eng translation. That's the only thing that's stopping me from getting into it. I get headaches from navigating in the new LL game (doesn't have a WW release yet) and only play it because I'm already similar with LL.

No. 71666

File: 1578635849196.png (3.88 MB, 1920x1080, OEw8ij5.png)

just watched the 1st ep of Jibaku Shounen Hanako-kun

i went in blind as i haven't read the manga, and i'm hooked.
it's funny and cute and the art style is just.. chef's kiss

No. 71686

The manga turned into shit, good thing the anime ended earlier.

The whole point of Ouran High scholl Host club was to make fun of shoujo cliches, sadly it went from laughing at those cliches to sincerely use them.

>My OTP was almost a canon
Fuck this gay earth

>that would've been a super qt pairing…

>It really rubbed some salt in the wound to later find out that MorixHaruhi was the original pairing
I'm in the same place now…

No. 71839

File: 1578791394864.jpg (79.83 KB, 720x1024, 1578700029849.jpg)

I've liked it too! Quite a few really fun anime came out this winter, I'm glad to see something different this season.
That being said, was anyone else slightly weirded out by some scenes/imagery with Hanako-kun? I wish the series didn't have those slight sexual undertones, even if it was refreshing to see something more appealing to "female gaze".

No. 71923

men's fantasies condensed: dying and then receiving 40 horny anime virgins.

No. 71931

Nayrt but I feel exactly the same way about the sexual undertones. I knew nothing about the manga or the anime and really didn't expect those questionable parts in the opening. The thing is I would have been less weirded out by it if the characters didn't look so young. They are children to me so it was just a really weird 1st episode. It was super pretty but the animation was also really lacking (like that fight at the end ??). Don't think I'll continue.

No. 71966

For some reason a lot of kinnies love this manga, so that turned me off of it. The art style is nice tho.

No. 96416

Watch claymore and fullmetal alchemist & hellsing. They have good female characters
Other shonens i cant stand them for that reason. Female characters are just trash (although i love hinata from naruto because im shy and introverted like her).

No. 96422

I always thought that the female character in hellsing is really boring, uninteresting and always stands in the shadow of alucard. Mainly because his dumbass never tells her shit and she is therefore left to wander around aimessly. I even forgot her name. I only watched the original series so maybe shes different in ultimate

No. 96452

There are plenty of shy female characters who are a lot better written, anon.

No. 96522

so fucking what? doesn't mean op can't have a soft spot for Hinata.

No. 98018

File: 1593777646870.gif (966.86 KB, 270x216, tumblr_me3mjpYsc91qc1ee2540.gi…)

Since I saw someone in this thread praise Rose of Versailles, did anyone else find it extremely disturbing that Andre flat out attempted to rape Oscar and she still fell in love with him? Nobody seems to talk about it but it ruined the entire series for me and kind of soiled Oscar's character. And no, I don't ship her with Rosalie.

No. 98121

As someone who was never invested in the Oscar & Andre couple it didn't soil the show for me. I see it as kind of being the point that the characters (all except for Oscar) live within their own morality and rarely give thought to how their morals affect others. It's divine law that the nobility can spend as much as they want, that Oscar can't be Andre's beloved without being subservient to him (hence he snaps), etc. Oscar doesn't hold it against Andre as she doesn't hold the nobility's actions against them, as she was born and raised in the system that fostered their beliefs.

No. 98127

Tbh I didn't mind it when I read the manga. Could be related to what anon said >>98121 but IMO it doesn't have to do with the historical setting but with the fact the author is Japanese and the 'your love is so strong you can't control yourself' trope is a common thing in anime, I'd even say it's something cultural. If you watch closely you'll identify this shit in every shoujo and yaoi out there.

No. 98152

I remember that scene and honestly, while it was vile on Andre's part, I remember feeling for Oscar who basically saw that in the true eyes of her best friend, she was still seen as a weak woman, despite being one of the best characters in the entire series. I just think animes/Japanese shows handle sexual assault extremely poorly and this is just another example of that.

No. 98153

Fantastic explanation, anon. It really makes me wanna rewatch Rose of Versailles. It's one of the few series I honestly loved.

No. 98969

Digging this thread up, because I found an interesting article about the gross origins of loli trope in the 70s and how it prevails to this day as a low key disgusting undercurrent in modern day anime. Also, how it initially emerged as a “fuck you” to female yaoi fans who were a significant part of doujin scene.

I see the loli debate resurface in various threads on /m/ every now and again, so I thought some anons might find this article interesting too. It seems well researched.


No. 99009

Thanks for the great and informative article. I wish lolicon was something that anime fans could discuss critically more often, it's one of the main reasons why I rarely watch anime these days. Unfortunately, most anime discussion forums are filled with men, many of whom enjoy lolicon themselves and deny that it could ever be problematic in any way. Even women on lolcow will insist "It's just art" "It's not real" and so on.

The fact that one of its original purposes was to push women out of the anime scene is disgusting but not surprising. 90% of anime is way too male-gazey for me. Even things that look innocent at first glance, like fantasy or action anime, will have moe/fanservice/lolicon/generally useless female characters.

I also feel bad for Hayao Miyazaki. I always loved his female characters, who I think act like realistic young women for the most part.

No. 99492

Thank you for that anon. Very interesting and depressing read. I had no idea Lupin's early character was depicted that way jfc I'm glad they changed him. Who would've thought some sweet anime character would've sparked such degenerate shit.

>Unfortunately, most anime discussion forums are filled with men, many of whom enjoy lolicon themselves and deny that it could ever be problematic in any way. Even women on lolcow will insist "It's just art" "It's not real" and so on.

imo I think the reason for that is because no one really likes or bothers to look into the origins of these kinds of things. There's nothing more buzz killing than finding out the shit you've been consuming for years was made to hurt people/is hurting people.
Also it's really hard to argue with coomers, especially now with the whole "anti-anti fiction=/reality" arguments that plague twitter going around.

No. 103677

File: 1597199631256.png (190.2 KB, 615x840, C_strelizia.png)

I love mech anime. Tried to watch this. Was disgusted and immediately dropped it. Why does a robot even have titties? It's just so ugly

No. 103679

File: 1597201548076.jpg (88.27 KB, 1280x720, ew.jpg)

The part that got to you was the robot tits and not the fact that the male pilots doggy style mount the female copilots?

No. 103683

I posted about this in characters we hate thread but the entire thing was just poor man's EVA but what pissed me off the most was the one nice couple being broken up for her to immediately want moody already had 1 break down asshole. Just ruined any investment I had though it quickly went down hill after that. I'm almost certain they really had no idea what story they wanted to tell just that it was their attempt at EVA.

No. 103684

I've read a lot of degenerate shit, but the fact that Happy Sugar Life exists and was successful enough to sell some manga in my small ass town bookstore makes me feel so exhausted.

No. 103861

I didn't even make it that far, tbh. I didn't even finish the first episode. I ended up seeing the mech elsewhere and noped out. The fanservice in the lake thing was cringe as fuck, but I was hoping it would be a one time thing to hook viewers or something. Oh, well. Trash anime, as is common today, I guess.

No. 103928

What is it about? A yandere lolicon?

No. 104411

I've watched all of it while it was airing and I hated it BUT I really liked following this trainwreck with other weebs because everyone agreed on how confusing and weird it became. From the moment we first see the almost naked blue alien loli I knew it was going to be a disaster but the story got so bad that I just had to know how they were going to end it. The final fight with the giant bride mecha doing absolutely nothing was comedy gold

No. 138650

File: 1619027871489.jpg (89.38 KB, 639x960, waita_uziga_73231.jpg)

Is this thread alive? Anyway Eversince I heard of what Mai chan's Daily Life is and read the ED of a certain scene regarding a blender I cannot believe people get off to that shit let alone make it. Waita Uziga is one sick fuck that I hope rots in hell. His audacity to also make a work based from the tragic case of Junko Furuta. Deciding to sexualise the torture of a female is so degrading and disrespectful. Anyone who is in support of work like deserves nothing but to experience the same type of torture since you think its so "cool".

No. 138664

The cover of happy sugar life looks relatively innocent. It was probably either bought by edgy teenagers or a normie who thought that this was an innocent, cute comic story and then burned the book after reading it.

No. 138671

Happy sugar life wasn't even that weird. Like yeah the plot was fucked and it had violence but it's not like they were having sex or anything

No. 138794

File: 1619095247823.jpg (402.04 KB, 1877x2560, 81vpI3GVHbL.jpg)

Wtf is this? My friends were all talking about it and I thought it was gonna be about a girl teasing a boy who likes her in a soft way. In the girl kept acting like a crusty bloated balding male . This is not cute wtf. She's disgusting. There's nothing romantic about seeing someone being borderline raped. Just gross.

No. 138796

The mangaka started out making literal fetish hentai, to answer your question. Some men are praising him as some kind of aspirational god who started out with hentai and now has a widely known anime adaption.

No. 138797

>In the girl kept acting like a crusty bloated balding male . This is not cute wtf
tell that to scrotes, it's their fantasy

No. 138799

Half of /a/ seems to think it's hot and the other half thinks it's pathetic and degenerate. It's so funny. Meanwhile they continue to rage post about how women are ruining the anime and manga industry. Gentlemen…

No. 138825

Personally I enjoyed it because I like seeing guys getting bullied and that kind of content is rare (unless it's shota garbage, which is fucking gross). I can see why people here would hate it though. I kinda wish Nagatoro sexualized herself less when she teases him, because that just screams scrote pandering to me.

No. 138833

>that just screams scrote pandering to me
Cause that's exactly what it is, sadly. Maybe one day we will get a shoujo manga with a similar premise

No. 138845

File: 1619113190901.png (2.2 MB, 1412x1456, cggs.png)

I don't even know where to begin with this. Sperg incoming, I guess. I just finished rewatching Code Geass with limited memory of events and oh boy is it WAY more of a train wreck than I remember it being. What starts off as a show about the disenfranchised(the Japanese) rising up against their oppressors (the Britannian's) turns into such a cluster fuck mess of sucking Lelouch's dick and making Suzaku the most dislikable character in media history. It's like in S1 they saw how much people liked Lelouch's over the top, god-complex actions and just completely decided to make that the sole focus of S2. None of Suzaku's actions made any sense, he was just a hypocrite from start to finish. Euphie and Suzaku met exactly once and had no right being treated like some altruistic "made for each other" couple. Did Euphie REALLY have to go out in such a retarded ass way? "Haha, what if I ordered you to kill all the Japanese, haha." Why do they keep referring to Nunna and Lelouch as "political pawns" even though they are never shown to actually be of use. Why are their identities undercover to begin with. Why doesn't Charles just kill Lelouch? What was the point of the episode with Mao and Shirley? I feel like we could've just completely skipped that entire thing and end up at the same conclusion.

Does everyone just skip over the fact too that entire plotlines, hell CHARACTER DESIGNS, and EPISODES are just straight up ripped from Gundam Seed? I know they are both made by Sunrise who is infamous for reusing Gundam character designs and plotlines but damn they didn't even try to hide it with Island of the Gods. Exactly the same situation as episode 24 of Gundam Seed where Athrun and Cagalli get stuck on a deserted Island together and in the end both sides "trade" captives.

Anyway, C.C. is best girl and too good for this show.

No. 138897

So how about that attack on titan ending huh?

No. 138902


I actually didn't hate the ending reveal itself - but I probably understand it differently than other people did, so I can "comfortably but with disappointment" accept it as canon.

However, the fact that it completely negated/wasted many characters' development kinda burns me in the wrong way. Especially Eren's.

No. 138906

I agree with you in general but
>Did Euphie REALLY have to go out in such a retarded ass way? "Haha, what if I ordered you to kill all the Japanese, haha."
was an amazing, iconic, hilarious moment.

But yeah fucking hell I hate Suzaku, as soon as I hear his name my brain automatically goes 'reee fuck that bootlicking dog of the empire' even though I'm otherwise not emotionally invested in the series.

No. 138955

File: 1619156542263.jpg (2.92 MB, 2971x4211, 425633.jpg)

I always confused Code Gayass with Infinitre Ryvius and S-Cry-Ed. Goro Taniguchi is the culprit, but funny enough he didn't touch Gundam SEED at all.

No. 139534

*battle shonen not shonen. shonen's not a genre.

No. 139742

Isn't it though? People use it to refer to a certain type of anime and manga all the time. I would agree that subcategories are useful though.

No. 140259

I finished watching it for the first time today, I was cheering when Euphy died.
Genuinely some of the worst written romance I’ve seen in an anime in a while plus the fanservice was disgusting.

No. 140260

File: 1619903999238.jpg (54.84 KB, 500x367, 9a4997b95e1e6aa1f1ffffd0c70297…)

to be fair, SEED is a 0079 rehash. every Sunrise original mecha can be traced back to Tomino. But it's also true that when Geass was airing, people made SEED comparisons all the time–and frequently would call Euphie, Lacus 2.0.

& since you're talking about SEED clones, I just finished the first season of Aldnoah Zero, and it is so obviously a SEED clone, but way shittier and with the most unlikable MC. I watched one episode of season 2 and then just turned it off, no thank you. Not even any good homobait like CG or SEED.

No. 140276

Lol at your pic. Was he supposed to be psychopathic or something because that was the impression I got, aside from just being annoying.

No. 140287

I'm probably the only person that loved Inaho, but then I love robots and kuudere types. And any sympathy I had for Slain was lost after that first season finale.

No. 140295

I watched this anime when it got released and a part of my brain just deleted it. But a friend of mine rewatched it not too long ago and she told me that she read something about him being actually autistic. I can only find random pages saying so, but it could be just a headcanon that got too popular with the munchies era.

No. 140602

It's just a demographic for a magazine. People use it because shonen jump has become the face of shonen manga. They forget about slice of life, romance and all the non-action shonen manga

No. 148905

File: 1624025826624.gif (2.36 MB, 512x512, 1622584204252.gif)

when the anime character goes insane

No. 148910

wtf I knew this had to be crap

No. 148917

>Old Key is a shitfest.
I love how OP implies that new Key is any better when it's still the same turd, only more polished and with some more tropes to recycle over and over and over again

No. 154772

Euphie is a far worse Lacus considering Lacus actually has character development and talent(singing, piloting etc) whereas Euphie was just some spoiled idealist princess.

No. 154796

File: 1628069941393.png (2.11 MB, 1850x916, ahno5imeoqi11.png)

Are there any recent-ish anime original series that are actually worth seeing? My taste roughly aligns with pic related (I don't like everything in it though, and even my favorite series have their downsides, so please don't pester me about specific scrote shit that you hate)

No. 154807

File: 1628074385052.jpg (130.71 KB, 1200x675, Devilman-Crybaby-HD.jpg)

Devilman Crybaby, it's excellent and aligns well with your taste imho. It's based on a manga but afaik it's not a straight adaptation, just taking parts of it and interpreting, so kinda falls inbetween original and not.

No. 154833

Oh, forgot to mention that I've seen it already! I enjoyed it, even though it wasn't perfect and I don't obsess over any character. The manga was laughably bad in comparison.

No. 154905

Ah too bad then! I struggle with finding anything good lately too tbh, everything that actually is, is based on some older and good mangas (like Dorohedoro or Beastars). You could maybe try Great Pretender? It's not anything groundbreaking but a fun, chill watch with pretty visuals.

No. 156369

File: 1629233239111.jpg (265.39 KB, 1017x1147, 983a3c7c82fa0f3844973095d267_0…)

I have noting to say kek, I'm just morning "older" character design. I was rewatching ghost in the shell the other day and I kept thinking about how beautiful it was, also the women looked like adults

No. 156370

File: 1629233472361.jpg (72.56 KB, 616x353, capsule_616x353.jpg)

Those were the days

No. 156373

I fear no man….but that thing…it scares me

No. 156375

I'd die for literally any pug, but the more modern anime design trend, the worse it is. Facts.

No. 159805

What the fuck is wrong with weebs

No. 159807

jesus, I hate them so much. I remember they once talked about how they didn't like Miyasaki. Their brains are fried, it's disgusting

No. 159818

File: 1631294890413.jpg (440.35 KB, 1500x1061, 007.jpg)

I know whatcha mean, fren.

No. 159821

they are the biggest coomer retards on yt

No. 159828

They don’t even have good coomer knowledge, one of them claiming thigh-highs were made popular by anime… clearly forgot how they’ve been a lingerie item for decades now. And the way he says “because let’s be real, Japanese girls don’t have thighs”, I could have vomited.

No. 159829

What kind of breed of pick-me do you need to be to willingly become their girlfriend? Those scrotes are pathetic esp. this Joey scrote is the biggest coomer ever and reminds me of h3h3's dad Gary who also liked a bunch of porn on twitter. This is beyond humiliating and him trying to justify himself with "uwu my twitter hentais are art" and trying to normalize it when that one scrote called him out is super pathetic.

No. 159841


I had to stop watching this podcast once they brought a literal porn star on as a guest. Surprisingly, Connor, who is the least coomer of the 3 and the most normie is the only one without a long-term girlfriend…. Aki and Sydsnap are also degenerate.

No. 163058

This trope is so fucking gross, what's wrong with japan romanticizing being abused.

No. 163071

this was by far the most disgusting part of horimiya. if they were adults it would be not good but i could look past it but they’re literally teenagers. gross. the stupid masochism skits took up too much valuable episode time

No. 163077

>the stupid masochism skits took up too much valuable episode time
All the while other parts of the manga that were way better and deserved more spotlight than this were completely ignored. Honestly, the anime was a disappointment overall, and I'll just pretend it doesn't exist.

No. 163084

This scene alone makes me not want to watch the anime. The main girl seems really annoying. He's much better as he is normally.
Most romance anime/even VNs are awful. Do Japanese women just have awful taste in men? Why are the guys almost always assholes?

No. 163085

Gigguk is so fucking ugly

No. 163261

Stopped watching the anime a couple episodes in because… the romance just didn’t feel right. Glad I didn’t waste my time

No. 165017

File: 1634579786648.jpg (887.05 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_2021-10-18-19-55-27…)

Will we finally see the end of lolicon and shotacon? Japanese harem mangaka coomer is seething

No. 165019

Oh God, yes please.

No. 165021

I wish

No. 165025

Wouldn't get my hopes up, from what it seems the article he linked is just about the goals of the JCP and what they want to achieve for women's rights, nothing about a law reform.

No. 165026

File: 1634581625949.png (516.02 KB, 1060x507, 549038540937543674.png)

I hope this happens but I actually do agree that it would be nice if there was legislation that directly protects children rather than looking at their representation in media first. The age of consent in Japan is thirteen

No. 165029

OMG that would be amazing. Pedophiles coping and seething worldwide. Sad that probably nothing will happen, though.
No it isn't, read a wikipedia article on the topic instead of repeating scrote propaganda. I would elaborate but this has been discussed so many times that I'm too mentally exhausted

No. 165082

it's 18, not 13…

No. 165189

There are fair criticisms to he made about code geass but your post is a bigger trainwreck that geass ever was. You didn't even get the premise right.

No. 165191

File: 1634618690973.jpg (253.57 KB, 1000x1500, 1626526910210.jpg)

Holy fuck this show took itself way too seriously

No. 165194

Only edgelords or teenagers love this show

No. 165205

Interestijg, the art style looks the opposite of edgy. Very childish. Never saw the anime but I had a scrote tell me that if he was a tutor of a storywriting class, he would show HxH as an example of both masterful storytelling and of a complete trainwreck (in the latter parts)

No. 165227

>a complete trainwreck (in the latter parts)
Interedasting, Hxhfags praise those parts as the best parts in the show.

No. 165417

Which parts exactly ?

No. 165674

File: 1634806356939.jpg (8.54 KB, 177x285, download.jpg)

Hahahahahahahaha How The Fuck Is Involuntary Social Ostracization Real Hahahaha Nigga Just Cut Your Hair Like Nigga Grab A Pair Of Scissors Haha

No. 165677

File: 1634810361127.jpg (9.62 KB, 175x165, 1407655694076.jpg)

The latter parts are a pleb filter, also an anime-only filter.

No. 165678

I like HxH and even the Chimera Ant arc, I think the main problem is the overly serious and repetitive OST that plays over people pondering split second decisions, it's waaaaay too much.

No. 165680

Most of the issues people have with the arc is how it translates to screen imo. The manga feels much faster, the slowness is intentional and is a recurring theme (like time slowing down before you die) but you can physically read at a quicker pace. And yeah the music isn't affecting the experience, the narration feels more natural, the arc is super long and basically feels like it's own separate series so if there's anything that bothers you about the style/format it's gonna really bother you by the end.

No. 165681

Okay hxhfag

No. 165891

Always found this one boring af, the theme song is nice though.

No. 165977

File: 1634989029917.jpg (1.23 MB, 2896x3994, kny.jpg)

extremely overrated and overhyped series. i know the mangaka is younger but the writing makes me think they're actually a conservative boomer because for some reason every character is obsessed with marriage. also the ending was a fucking disaster, the main charas have an extreme case of plot armor meanwhile the hashiras die like flies. zenitsu is extremely obnoxious and shouldn't exist and it still pisses me off that he ended up with nezuko. no, in fact most of the ships are bland, uninspired shit, inosuke ends up with a girl he talked once, kanao is a super traumatized girl who falls for the first guy who is nice to her, the tragic love story between mitsuri and obanai was forced. shinobu was interesting but her interactions with giyuu make her come across as an annoying mean kid who doesn't know how to get her crush attention

No. 165978

I'm so butthurt that this piece of crap became so popular.

No. 165979

I still think they shilled it so much in japan because it's baby making propaganda

No. 165980

File: 1634992040817.jpeg (86.41 KB, 446x400, 68E6B5C9-BCC0-4B99-ABA2-2E7D33…)

It’s baby making propaganda?

No. 165983

the core theme of the story is that "life is ephemeral so create your own family". mitsuri's main concern is that she can't find a husband because she's "too strong"….

No. 165988

Jesus Christ, why is Japan so obsessed with people having kids? As if anime watchers are in and shape or condition to be decent parents.

No. 165989

Because their population is declining

No. 165990

they have a very low birth rate and demon slayer was very popular with kids so they're the target. the series is also ultra nationalistic if you think about it (the rising flag), even their prime minister praised it

No. 165995

>ultra nationalistic
>strong women can't find a man
>everyone must make babies
Really disappointed to hear this about Demon Slayer. I never watched it but it's clearly incredibly popular.

No. 165997

File: 1634999407168.jpeg (239.59 KB, 1200x675, 8004FC15-1703-41E2-BB82-940341…)

At least be correct before you start saying things. They’re based off the flower hanafuda card. Not everything is political. Also where did the PM say this? I’m calling bullshit.

No. 166010

File: 1635006326738.gif (508.57 KB, 540x540, tumblr_oaow8umcl91qhmfh4o1_540…)

you are right and you should say it.

No. 166018

File: 1635008199340.jpg (107.88 KB, 750x1048, kny2.jpg)

come on now

No. 166046

its also very stupid because she's pretty. Imagine being buttmad because you're pretty

No. 166049

Eh, it's just a mediocre shonen. The only thing that makes it stand out is Ufotable's animation. This shit really is early Naruto level but with much nicer animation.
I've only seen the anime but I don't remember anything particularly nationalistic or anything about making babies. Just saving people from an oni epidemic and the importance of being there for your family.

Zenitsu is the best character of the series. It's too bad you can only find him funny if you understand japanese.

No. 166170

Where does he praise it for using the so called “rising sun” earrings? A PM being a fan of an anime doesn’t mean anything.

No. 166345

> Zenitsu is the best character of the series. It's too bad you can only find him funny if you understand japanese.

Please explain because all of his screaming is the main thing that irritates me. It’s like he’s just yelling all the time. The cry baby shit and Miroku shit wouldn’t even bother me as much if he would dial back the banshee shit by 100.

No. 167536

>I don't remember anything particularly nationalistic or anything about making babies.
NTA and not a KnY reader, but don't most shounen series end with all the characters paired off to make babies anyways?

No. 167852

I mean characters getting married and having a family at the end happens in most media and stories. It would be silly to say that's propaganda.

No. 300478

File: 1685909780716.jpg (2.35 MB, 6446x4074, 697325.jpg)

Even more vapid than Frontier.

No. 300512

The short format and super fast pacing makes it really hard to get attached to the characters and they just don't have any time to develop at all. You just barely get to know them and it's already time to say goodbye. Plot wise, it also sounded like a rushed recap of a story that should have been longer, everything felt like it came out of nowhere.

The songs are really good, but it's completely useless to have five people singing them especially when the near totality of lines go to Mikumo and Freyja anyway. There is no point to them being a group of five, Makina and Reina are so uninteresting they could have just not been there.

ALL of the Windermerean short lifespan lore shit was retarded to a point that it just ruined the series entirely, and Hayate was annoying as hell too. I want to watch the movies but I'm scared.

No. 302778

I swear, 80% of what comes out each season is based on LN trash. This leaves me with 1-2 shows at most to watch.

No. 302822

File: 1687028543698.jpg (53.44 KB, 564x377, 3b7a347f5aea02c4ed0f2af41d62dd…)

sorry for sperging about it 1 year late, but I will also have to agree, the palace invasion is insanely good in the manga imo. I do think it's a bad idea to present hxh as a super deep story though (I'm saying this as a die hard fan of it), much better to start it without any expectations.

No. 302829

The palace invasion is so frustrating and so satisfying. Time slowing down was kind of a theme of the arc and gets mentioned several times and it sure did feel like that sometimes kek but the way it all comes together is amazing. I watched the anime first and remember thinking "wtf all these new characters, no way I'm gonna care about them all" but I was so invested by the end.

The manga is even better because you can control the pace yourself and Togashi's panelling is god tier.

No. 319310

It seems to be well beloved on here, but I just watched the first two episodes of PSG and I don't think I can do this another ten times. I guess the animation is objectively great but it feels like some sugar rush induced sensory overload. The dirty, in both senses, potty and sexual, humor is little more than eyeroll worthy, too… I love the ending though, has been one of my favorite songs for years and is one of the main reasons I wanted to watch this. Just a bit disappointed overall, but maybe I'm at fault for having hyped it up in my head that bad lol.

No. 319314

i will never understand the hype around this show. everyone around me treated it like god's gift to weebs but i watched the first episode back when it aired and it was just vulgar edgy tryhard potty humor. shit like hazbin hotel gives me the same vibes and ofc all the friends who hyped psg also love hazbin hotel now.

No. 319317

I think most people who are into it are cartoon/Western animation fans, since it mimics that artstyle/animation form. In the end, it's derivative because South Park and a myriad of its copycats did it better.

No. 319326

It owes its entire success and its current "classic" status entirely to its art style and OST. I personally appreciated that it had entirely unique characters that somehow managed to be caricatural without being just tropes or a subversion of a trope, idk how to say it, but it's like a parody without an original. It spit in the face of everything without trying to. This being said - I was 14 so poop and sex was very funny.

I believe there's a good overlap between "grew up with Cartoon Network" and anime watchers, even those who are weaboos since birth make an exception for PPG, Dexter's Lab or whichever one they grew up on (and then another exception for Invader Zim kek). So anime x CN classic thick lineart artstyle makes an appealing combo. VivziePop was also not yet a thing. I fail to see how it's similar to South Park in any way though, the tone is completely different.

No. 319349

Is it just me or has anime become less fanservicey lately?
This season alone with Undead Girl Murder Farce, Dark Gathering, Helck, there's much less fanservice (UGMF does still has some, but compared to its panty shot manga version its more tame.)
It's actually funny when it comes to some shows, there was an isekai last season that was 99% three guys traveling around, with a goddess asking for offerings sometimes. They don't even meet each other and the advertisements and threads were grasping at her like a lifeline.

No. 319369

It was quite "unique" back in the day because it was one of the first stances I remember seeing trashy, messy female characters (in the style of western celebrity culture) being main characters in Japanese media, it was basically keeping up with the Kardashians for Otaku and weebs. I personally love the characters and the music, but I only sat through the show once or twice because yeah, the writing was whatever

No. 319378

We can only hope so.

No. 319398

lol no way, its definitely just you

No. 319405

It's a shame I didn't watch this when I was a teenager because from what I've heard and read about it, it seems like as an adult, I'd roll my eyes at the humor too and lose motivation to keep watching after one episode.
It's probably just you mistaking a slightly higher amount of non-fanservicey anime for a decrease in degenerate content overall.
>there was an isekai last season that was 99% three guys traveling around
Which one? I' curious

No. 319930

File: 1693985359580.webm (1.77 MB, 1920x1080, Tondemo_Skill_de_Isekai_Hourou…)

Tondemo skill. It's pretty cute.

No. 359480

File: 1709285311182.jpg (447.69 KB, 1458x1077, DON'T.jpg)

I hate how there is less and less stuff for me to watch each season. It's either isekai LN adaptations (won't touch ever), some mobage adaptation, school/office romance, another sports series, season X of a long-running shounen. I'm lucky if I have 1-2 shows to watch.

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