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File: 1565701333690.gif (4.11 MB, 317x320, 1565271291880.gif)

No. 44372

Rant about Kpop, its creepy fandoms, and/or its fucked up industry. Or just nitpick some idols.

· Don't sperg, complain or pick fights.
· Don't racebait.
· Don't derail about dumb shit. If it doesn't directly have to do with Kpop, don't post about it here.
· This thread is not about shipping or fangirling. Save that for the general kpop thread here: >>>/m/11970 or the spam threads here: >>>/m/1166 (boys) >>>/m/14862 (girls)

Previous thread: >>42262

No. 44374

Lmao i almost forgot about that cringey gif, now i'll keep being reminded as long as this thread is still on

No. 44376

suprised jihyo hasn't offend herself yet. i would if i had to interact with sausage finger incels

No. 44378

File: 1565704130038.png (3.36 MB, 1800x900, 2AC461EE-10D6-4555-95B2-8A90BF…)

Why does Hyuna look so awful now compared to the past? I can’t figure out what happened in the past few years (minus the ridiculous lip fillers). I thought it was the weight loss, but she was relatively thin in Bubble Pop and didn’t look so awful. Is it just bad styling, or just years of plastic surgery making her look so haggard?

No. 44380

tinfoil i think she's been using drugs ever since 2017. that's when she really started going downhill.

No. 44381

File: 1565705501536.jpg (26.28 KB, 583x526, images.jpeg-7.jpg)

The left pic, when was it taken? Her styling/makeup looked really good. I used to think she was awful and trashy during Trouble Maker (circa 2011), but at least not vampire-scary tier.

No. 44382

the replies on this article reminded me of that one anon threads ago who said they thought jihyo was mixed. appearently knets also think she's part middle eastern.

No. 44383

File: 1565705872562.jpg (30.52 KB, 600x422, images.jpeg-8.jpg)

Right, especially with childhood pics like these. She looks turkish to me. I know a half Korean-Egyptian woman, and her features are similar to jihyo's.

No. 44384

File: 1565706134608.jpg (80.28 KB, 1080x602, cc57951d93277a28e4760ef4954d25…)

Samefag. Her family look 100% korean though. If anything, it's her father that might be mixed (based on his features) but it could be wrong too. She looks different from the rest of her family.

No. 44385

I think for a while she might’ve been using fillers (or circa Bubble Pop, her natural youth and babyfat) to hide the gaunt features of an underweight person. With messy injectables and repeated yoyo dieting to a sickly bmi, and a team she’s probably paying for out of pocket instead of daily brand and aesthetic management from cube, it shows now in a way it wouldn’t on a teenager. Those Karen Carpenter cheeks!

No. 44386

to me she just looks like she has her mom's face and her dad's eyes, so yeah her dad might be mixed. the girl behind her (her sister i'm assuming) looks just like her

No. 44387

Seems like jihyo's mom fooled around

No. 44388

how? her 3 kids look just like their dad. the eyes are the same.

No. 44390

I know it's only like 10 seconds but the second teaser song for the Red Velvet ’Day 2’ sounds like crap. ’carpool’… Something about Seulgi’s voice turned me off from it.

No. 44391

Around 2014 when Red was released, I think it was part of the teaser photos

No. 44393

i listened to the clip and it just sounds like a normal pop song lol

No. 44394

I'm surprised they haven't given them the f(x) treatment yet, considering it's their 5th year and f(x) was 5th when they unofficially disbanded lmao

No. 44395

probably because red velvet are making them more money

No. 44397

red velvet is the 2nd top girl group after twice. sm is going to hold onto them as long as they can. that's probably why they haven't debuted their new girl group yet and female trainees keep leaving.

No. 44398

I cant believe k-tards like Chungha are praised for their 'hard work' with dancing when this (a tween pop song) is 10x more intricate than any routine I've seen any of them do

No. 44399

Wasn't f(x) one of the top groups too back then? Even after sulli left

No. 44400

nah they were famous for being in sm. red velvet has multiple hits.

No. 44401

Personally, I don't like Chungha song so her dance as well. But I don't mind the praises she got though, she might really work "hard">>44398

No. 44402

I don't even know who Chungha is but Britney was a dancer above all else fyi. She's not just some random "tween popstar"..

No. 44403

her sister who in glasses gives away her mix-race though, why Koreans mind it so much that idol comes from mix? Half of the celebrity in my country come from mix and no one gives away their bad name. I'm not mocking here, I'm genuinely curious.

No. 44404

Agree. I live around the Britney era and hate to say even Dua Lipa, Billie Eilish or whatever their name now yet to dethrone her. The girl who tried cover Womanizer has been a better dancer than Chung han dance video, and she's not even a dancer..

No. 44406

f(x) were overshadowed by not just SNSD and 2ne1 but also KARA, T-ara, Sistar and Miss A.

Red Velvet is only slightly behind BP and Izone in album sales and is neck-and-neck with Twice in digitals. Either way the Korean GP considers them a top group, which they never did to f(x).

Britney was a great dancer with excellent stage presence, 99% of Kpop tarts could never come close to having her it-factor

No. 44407

File: 1565715980499.jpeg (193 KB, 750x1334, fullsizeoutput_13d8.jpeg)


No. 44408

I was just typing the answer to this question but afraid it might come off as racebaiting lol

No. 44410

File: 1565716460918.jpg (272.06 KB, 805x1383, IMG_20190813_131153.jpg)

Koreaboos are so ignorant lmao

No. 44411

File: 1565716489992.jpg (274.45 KB, 829x1386, IMG_20190813_131215.jpg)

No. 44412

File: 1565716512485.png (178.61 KB, 630x402, 1565625811-wonho.png)

>Just recently during a performance at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, MONSTA X member WonHo startled MONBEBE and even his fellow group members.

>During the performance, the group members noticed that some reddish and pinkish liquid substance dripping from his head down to his face.

>Could it have been blood?

>Thank heavens no.

>MONBEBE will be relieved to know that it most definitely wasn’t blood, but instead, his hair dye.

>Some fans and netizens have stated after discovering that it was hair dye and not blood that he still looked cool and had a vampire-like aura.

Lmao what kind of cheap hair dye did they use that it actually wear off like that. Embarrassing.

No. 44413


I strongly suspect she was victimized somehow and her bizarre behavior is a form of acting out (see meltdowns of former Disney and Nick kids for similar cases in the west). Sulli is probably in the same boat.

No. 44414

It's probably those wax dyes that you rub on your hair. Idols I'm sure bleach their hair and then dye it with wax multiple colors for certain performances. If not they would just go bald going from pink, to green, blue, etc.

So it's understandable it would drip since they are sweating so much. Probably a bad choice but the best way to avoid ruining their hair completely, not that they already do lol

No. 44415

lol please elaborate anon!

No. 44416


F(x) only ever had one real concert tour in 2016 when they were well past their prime. Red Velvet to date has had two successful tours (including a North American leg where they were in venues of 3-6 thousand capacity, pretty damn good for any kpop group that's not BTS).

F(x) is from the era where girl groups didn't even have full length concerts unless they were huge like SNSD and Kara.

No. 44417

Ariana could hold the note, while Jimin still yet to hold anything. Dua has been standing statue on stage but BP actually kiss her asses to have collaboration with her. Which of which is worshipping and lazy actually? None of the current performers better than anyone else, when will this Koreaboo learn at least in matter of talent, is just simply half true and half wrong? And a lot of great performers not coming from US alone, I recommend her to go outside to learn more about the world.

No. 44418

agree. At that point back then and now, F(x) almost mentioned in honor for them to be part of second girl group generation and gives different color than SNSD/Kara at that time. But for SM it's shame that they could only manage 1 girl group now and later only promote the rest of their female singer as a solo artist–as if that back up plan to make them still relevant in the industry now

No. 44419

What the fuck did you just fucking say about my son Eric, you little bitch? I’ll have you know he graduated top of his class in the Cre.ker auditions, and he's been involved in numerous secret raids against Big Hit and TXT, and has over 300 confirmed whips and nae-naes.

He is trained in bad rapping and is the 2nd top rapper in the entirety of the yeah yeah The Boyz you got it right jigeum my time. You are nothing to him but just another target. He will diss you the fuck out with rap skills the likes of which has never been seen before on lolcow, mark my fucking words.

You think you can get away with saying that shit about my son over the Internet? Think again, fucker. As we speak I am contacting my secret network of Cre.ker employees across the deep web and your Anonymous posting history is being traced right now, so you better prepare for the storm, ARMY. The storm that wipes out the pathetic little thing you call your shitposts. You’re fucking cancelled, kid. I can be anywhere, anytime, and I can make call-out posts about you in over seven hundred ways, and that’s just with my bare hands.

Not only am I extensively trained in oppa ass licking, but I have access to the entire arsenal of the LOEN Headquarters IU comeback fund, and I will use it to its full extent to wipe your miserable posts off the face of lolcow, you little shit. If only you could have known what unholy retribution your little “Ew.” comment was about to bring down upon you, maybe you would have held your fucking tongue.

But you couldn’t, you didn’t, and now you’re paying the price, you goddamn idiot. I will shit The Boyz all over you and you will drown in it.

You’re fucking D.D.D.ead, kiddo.

No. 44420

Jimin could barely hold himself together lmao

No. 44421

Not sure which one is cringier
This post >>44407
Or this post >>44419
Or simply anyone who knows who is being talked about

No. 44422

Isn't this means his name is Eric and coming from The Boyz and he's position is rap based on this: >>44419

No. 44423

Jimin needs to eat more lmao

No. 44424

Sage for no milk but yo im high af right now and Ive been reading this thread for months and i just now made the connection that kpop tarts is a play on the words kpop and poptart. Yall are so cute and creative!

No. 44425

WHAT? Can you please learn english before posting? No one knows what you're talking about.

No. 44426

Are you talking about grammar or else? I only point out the fact that makes the other anon confuse jfc, maybe you should see which reply that I reply to

No. 44427

f(x) was a one hit wonder with hot summer. they never managed to top that song. their concept was too tomboyish and it turned people off. amber just being in the group turned people off from them. red velvet basically took f(x)'s quirky concept, but made it cute so men would like it.

No. 44428

Everything about your english is dogshit, dude. You need to learn how to sage too.

No. 44429

F(x) song…. is okay I guess. Again, what is it with Koreans and their obsess over cute and submissive concept? The only member that I liked back then in F(x) was Amber and she barely can sing… well…

No. 44430

i always thought she looked middle eastern/south asian/indian as well and i always think about the time some idols have said there are mixed/non koreans in the industry that arent "out", because they look at race and even nationality very differently than someone in the west would

asians are notoriously xenophobic and nationalistic

No. 44431

I'll sage whenever I want to. Well, you still can reply and questioning my English sure you're not the one with the mismatch interpretation? Read my former reply anon, why you're so ignorant? Done explaining yourself? Good, begone anon.

No. 44432

ever since she was 15? 16? when she debuted with wonder girls she was pushed as the sexy one. she's always had this super sexual image and it wouldn't surprise me if she was abused by someone at jyp or cube.

No. 44433

What's with the sudden influx of people with beginner level english?

That's not how lc works…

No. 44434

File: 1565722605601.jpg (223.19 KB, 1600x1322, hayoung.jpg)

i remember people saying hayoung looked middle eastern when apink debuted. i wonder how many idols are actually mixed and lying about it.

No. 44435

4/8chan /mu/ users fleeing to other chans

unfortunately i feel a lot more of that is going to be happening soon
all those people initially came from onehallyu, twitter, soompi, soshified and various sea sites so its going to be rough

No. 44436

excuse you, I'm Asian and not nationalistic nor Xenophobic. If anything my country suffers from severe low self-hating their own race for centuries. It just something to do with most Koreans and also Chinese as a large group, I guess?

No. 44437

Most 4/8channers have good english and not even /mu/tants care about kpop/petty internet drama like this. The eslfags in here are probably SEA tards or something tho.

No. 44438

Is this sarcasm…?

No. 44439

remember tiny g? one of the girls was thai or something and she got really popular but allegedly one of the other members was like…half euro or half latina and when the rumor started floating around, she left the group and claimed it was because she got too tall to be in the group lol

thats just one i remember off the top of my head but there have been rumors for several idols

also dongwoon from BEAST is another i remember there being articles where he was forced to deny he was half white

No. 44440

nta but i think its genuine autism

No. 44441

lol who linked you to this forum anon? please go back

No. 44442

Nah, I'm serious. SEA, South, and West Asians issue differ from East Asian, especially the Koreans and China. Taiwanese reach different level now because they just announce same-sex marriage. But other than that, not all of the Asian country clearly loyal to their own I guess

No. 44443

File: 1565723278371.jpg (47.51 KB, 720x479, lol.jpg)

i just googled who that was to see if he looked white and i found this picture lmao they edited his skin so white that he could pass for a fully white man

No. 44444

Hey dude, while we're being autistic, can you stream this full comeback when it comes out?

Thanks. Deoboijeu hwaiting.

No. 44445

File: 1565723480443.jpg (49.37 KB, 500x666, 140627-myungji.jpg)

Myungji is allegedly the former tiny g member who isnt fully korean.

Ironically, the Thai member was the most popular member if you dont count Dohee who was more famous as an actress.

No. 44446

well, I'm here to add another thing about Koreans and also misinformed issue about Asia in general. While Kpop quite manufactured, other songs and artist from other regions quite genuine and talented. It sucks that most people only know the Kpop/Jpop part though

No. 44447

Dumbass, everyone knows about the asian race hierarchy and most farmers lowkey agree with Japan's version of it

No. 44448

what's japan version of it?

No. 44449

this is a kpop critical thread, not a pro asia college course thread so you're clearly here for the wrong reasons

No. 44450

I don't like The Boyz. Stream Eclipse instead losers

No. 44451

and let all of you talk non-sense from clearly bad sources? sorry anon, time to slap some knowledge as well if you want to start "critical" about kpop

No. 44452

oof, i cringed pretty audibly reading this kek

No. 44453

File: 1565723863934.jpg (100.81 KB, 637x1024, 1.jpg)

Definitely in the minority here but I don't think the lip fillers are that bad now that they've settled, plus she's dressed quite nice on the right and she's not wearing her terrible blue contacts. I don't mean to sound like an incel but I think the normie/conservative Korean girl style suits her a lot more than the bombshell thing she's been trying to pull off for the past decade.

No. 44454

>While Kpop quite manufactured, other songs and artist from other regions quite genuine and talented
kek do seafags and chinks even believe this meme?

No. 44455

I do actually. They could do better without trying to go to west for west validation. Too bad.

No. 44456


No. 44457

and you were the anon I was replying to I assume, correct?

No. 44458

I think hyuna has always been a bit…overrated physically tbh.
Makeup and styling did wonders for her the first few years of 4minute. But without the makeup and styling she just isnt very pretty and never was.

Honestly just a heads up, trying to convince people of whatever it is you're trying to(and not doing a very good job at it), is only going to get you reported for OT posting. This is a kpop critical thread. And this isnt Allkpop. We have rules here.

No. 44459

Garbage, boring and bland. Sort of.. like…. undercooked mash potatoes.

No. 44460

ugh his voice is so annoying how did he get a whole solo song

No. 44462

so several threads ago people talk about what koreans do and generalize asians, I correct it and well, I'm not trying to convince people about anything and of course just to make sure that at least if you want to be critical let's not change the basic problem in kpop itself coming from Koreans. Other Asian country doesn't deserve to be drag out from it because well.. compare to my country, Koreans really visible on their sexism and misogynistic.

And good luck banning me. It's obvious people here also quite severe less-knowledgeable that their self believes into.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 44463

File: 1565725416558.jpg (60.83 KB, 520x437, 38541_13298_5724.jpg)

I will never understand why Suzy got so popular.

Her face is bland, her body was less than mediocre during the time of her big breakthrough and it's not like she's super talented either - not as an idol, not as an actress (plus koreans often write the she seems to be a bit dumb, judging by the way she speaks or writes).
There are many talented idols who fit into korean beauty standards, so why her?

No. 44464

DKDKTV says they are suing all the ratmies who doxxed them
The "critique" that caused this shitstorm was mild af btw

No. 44465

miss a's debut was a big hit and she was the prettiest member. also she starred in some really popular dramas. that's really all there is to it.

No. 44466

Because he's the oldest there? On the other hand, YG is really declining, huh?

No. 44467

she also famous because she's pretty without ps, which has been something to proud of back then

No. 44468

yg himself was always a cow it was bound to happen. he fucked over his own artists so many times and even married one of them.

No. 44469

tbh his former group also trash. remember seo taji? he married before his group peak in SK and later divorce the girl when his group success. the girl was 16 back then…

No. 44470

The pic I posted is from her first drama - and she looks pretty bad tbh. But instead of people "cancelling" her, she got famous because if it, that is pretty strange. Plus you could argue that Fei is more attractive than her.
Besides, there are so many pretty idols with popular songs, yet nobody ever reached nowhere her level.

No. 44471

who allowed this to happen?

No. 44472

File: 1565726138319.jpg (646.33 KB, 1022x1682, Screenshot_20190813-215403_mh1…)

No. 44473

it's not weight gain people. it's filler. and botox as well.

No. 44474

File: 1565726713143.jpg (52.75 KB, 460x663, 3327a55409f80a984c48a7743a7aa9…)

maybe it has something to do with how they sexed her up. she was 17 at the time of this picture.

No. 44475

File: 1565727147032.png (802.69 KB, 537x800, GyuriMarch2016TheCelebrity2.pn…)

I heard a rumour that Hayoung had a Filipina grandmother

f(x) stans crying over Red Velvet "stealing songs" is hilarious because a) those original quirky songs were picked out for both groups by the same table of old grizzled executives b) Hot Summer, their biggest hit, is a remake of a German song. RV don't have a messy member like Sulli and are all native Koreans so there will be no "chinese traitor" controversies like Victoria, obviously SM would care a bit more about their success as a group since they're easier to manage.

2ne1, Miss A, SISTAR and Wonder Girls weren't typically cute and submissive and did just fine. SNSD dropped the submissive concept after Oh!. fx just had nothing interesting going for them apart from a tomboy member and screechy noise music ripped from 2000s Europop

KARA's Gyuri (pic) has always given me European vibes for whatever reason. Could be her carefree confident personality on variety shows, but her face is also very striking and not at all like a typical Korean's.

No. 44476

Britney is my queen but I think footwear and musical composition these days is why choreography is so limited. Plus Korean taste is really basic and they'd rather have a cute dance than something intense like BOMT. I know Sonamoo debuted with 'harder' choreography and even they succumbed to the cute concept because female idols doing anything besides basic sexy or cute dances doesn't sell.

Koreans only like what's popular in the first place. Miss A's debut was a hit, and Suzy's face was one of the supposedly better looking ones among the handful of popular girl groups at that time. Imo she's not much better looking than most idols.
MY OPINION but Arin from Oh My Girl is crazy pretty and even she is barely heard of compared to bland ass Irene, who has shit proportions and an old-looking face but still gets a ton of CFs because RV is popular. You can say the same for other prettier visuals from nugu groups as well.

No. 44477

Can we get a quick rundown of the drama?

No. 44478

File: 1565727261290.png (8.78 KB, 488x58, IMG_89575.png)

That's not fair. J Lo can't sing and stole other people's songs, but she was a great dancer

No. 44479

Gyuriiii my Queen. Call me salty or whatever but I love her attitude in variety and still very upset knowing she barely known now

No. 44481

at least J-Lo song bearable. Chungha song on the other hand…

No. 44482

Yes, where is she now? She and KARA as a whole just disappeared after disbandment. I haven't heard of them doing acting or modelling work either

No. 44483

apart from Hara assault case, I agree, I wonder where the hell the rest of KARA now

No. 44485

File: 1565729061919.jpg (96.33 KB, 640x960, oh-my-girl-arin-5.jpg)

arin's face is super bland, irene is definitely prettier than her even if she looks "old".

No. 44486

File: 1565729088492.gif (1.16 MB, 268x180, tumblr_inline_o2j7enIHA91tda9k…)

>Arin is crazy pretty
>Irene is bland ass, has shit proportions and an old-looking face
Whatever you say pedochan… Not all of us are into 14-year-olds.

No. 44487

File: 1565729510773.jpg (150.26 KB, 1200x800, arin.jpg)

speaking of arin anyone notice how she lost a lot of weight in the past year? everytime i see her she looks tired and like she might be sick. i wonder if she has an ed or she's got some kind of illness.

No. 44488

her company probably put her on a diet. the rest of the girls in her group seemed to have lost weight too so that must've been some motivation

No. 44489


She was the epitome of girl next door "attainably pretty". She also kept her plastic surgery to an appropriate minimum (fixing a few things before debut and not going overboard). She blew up in an era where extremely plastic looking girls who looked different every comeback were common and Suzy pretty much looked the same from 2012 to now except with some weight fluctuations

No. 44490


Korean nationalism made sure Fei never got more popular than Suzy (also to be fair Fei's Korean wasn't the best at debut).

Koreans will exalt mediocre Koreans over talented foreigners. You see it all the time in groups with non Koreans.

No. 44491

File: 1565731822112.jpg (25.05 KB, 540x540, 201908131709220410_1.jpg)

>[+859, -37] Can we please stop getting update articles on Samuel Jackson..
Lmao, why did she do this

No. 44492

such a shame tbh. in a matter of dancing and stage presence, Fei less awkward than everybody else yet they picked Suzy.

No. 44494

can her company at least give her DIRECTION on how to promote/branding herself? This pretty fucked up if her company itself suggest this.

No. 44495

File: 1565732101980.jpg (37.65 KB, 480x482, download (16).jpg)

Daniel looks so bad here, seems like he's already aging hard

They don't care, she's basically irrelevant now

No. 44496

he looks like young Shindong? I have no idea anymore

No. 44497


We'll never know what really happened but when she left the Wonder Girls the fact that there was a conspiracy theory that she was pregnant tells you all you need to know.

There was all kind of shady shit with the Wonder Girls that people have forgotten now. JYP left them with R. Kelly at one point. Shady as hell.

No. 44498

File: 1565732650975.jpg (286.24 KB, 1080x1710, IMG_20190813_234210.jpg)

It's kind of dumb if poor unpopular groups refuse gifts, but yeah…
>EXO Lay, D.O, Xiumin, Chen, Sehun
>Lay was the one who was the earliest in refusing fans' gifts
>D.O, Xiumin, Chen, Sehun later said they wouldn't receive too
>1. [+116, -7]
Huh so what are the rest of EXO members doing?? So one part is receiving and the other part is not receiving..??

No. 44499

File: 1565732687236.jpg (31.35 KB, 390x492, Fxh7Prf.jpg)

Min with flattering styling also looked better than Suzy in my opinion.

One wonders if they sabotaged her so Suzy would look better by comparison.

No. 44500

Min had nice boobs as shown in your picture, but nah her face was just average. Though she had tons more talent and stage presence than Suzy for sure - Suzy was literally the most boring member somehow boosted to goddess status by being the only native Korean with acceptable visuals.

No. 44501

Is this for a drama or why tf are they wearing mini skirts when it's fucking snowing? being a female idol is sometimes (or most of the times really) so humiliating. Men wont die from seeing girl groups in pants for once ffs.

No. 44502

It's from her drama back then called Dream High. That's why IU is behind her

No. 44503

File: 1565733047937.png (53.25 KB, 691x283, Screen Shot 2019-08-14 at 04.4…)

maybe the whole reason because of this:

No. 44504

File: 1565733173564.png (72.9 KB, 699x336, Screen Shot 2019-08-14 at 04.5…)

I'm sorry, it's clearly off-topic, but this is really funny

No. 44505

File: 1565733305395.jpg (248.17 KB, 1216x2160, wen.jpg)

her and jia always got the worse styling in miss a. i wonder what it is with companies giving the "ugly" members of the group bad styling. it would make more sense to dress them the best. red velvet had awful styling in zimzalabim, but none of the members got fucked over as much as wendy look at this mess.

No. 44507

File: 1565734824047.jpeg (35.83 KB, 640x480, images (6).jpeg)

I don't think they really ever stop accepting high end gifts tho. Every now and then i see fansites postings pics like this one above. They wouldnt be buying if they didn't manage to actually deliver it to the members.

No. 44508

Min was pushed a lot in the beginning, jyp wanted to make her the it girl, put her on tons of shows, but sh never made it. She really wasn't treated unfairly, she was just too "ugly" or not likeable enough.
Instead Suzy gained huge popularity basically on her own.

No. 44509

File: 1565736245795.jpg (60.7 KB, 540x540, 201908131709220410_2.jpg)

Eww straight hair looks so disgusting and ratty in cornrows. She's trying way too hard to seem more interesting than she actually is

No. 44510

Surprised that ITZY has already stopped declining gifts. They're always seen wearing LV bags with their name engraved… i suppose they all come from money

No. 44511

uh she does know the only reason the korean pop industry exists is because the korean govt needed a way to finance the country because korea has very little world exports? lol

No. 44512

File: 1565739482944.jpg (42.62 KB, 430x350, x2.jpg)

I think the reason koreans hype up some visuals has a lot to do with proportions and how they look in real life. Even if Suzy doesn't look flashy, she's got better proportions or whatever, and she looks natural (inb4 "but she isn't natural1111" yeah I know, i said "LOOKS" natural)

No. 44513

File: 1565739647130.gif (1.46 MB, 420x425, g.gif)

Samefag just to add that koreans like to use "real life" pics/gifs to see if certain idol can be considered pretty or not
This is taken by a fan I think. I think she's fine

No. 44514

sometimes the stylists have personal grudges against certain idols, SNSD's stylist has publicly insulted hyoyeon for instance

No. 44515

Stylist BP also treat Lisa like Hyoyeon's treatment in SNSD

No. 44517

i think that's because she's SEA

No. 44518

she also wore Jennie's back up dancer clothes. I don't know if it's true or not, but if it is true, no wonder she's seems anorexic…

No. 44519

File: 1565743685705.jpg (206.19 KB, 1080x1068, IMG_20190813_204448.jpg)

This nct kid's (jungwoo) recent predebut pics surprised me a bit. His eyes especially were completely different

No. 44520

File: 1565743714423.jpg (41.01 KB, 338x600, IMG_20190813_204503.jpg)

Sorry but I wanted to post another pic

No. 44522

is it bad that i think he looks like taemin in this picture lmao

No. 44523

File: 1565744259734.jpg (58.26 KB, 347x400, 20190814_075810.jpg)

>Makeup and styling did wonders for her the first few years of 4minute.

No. 44524

File: 1565744371114.jpg (44.99 KB, 500x489, images.jpeg-4.jpg)

Samefag. This was quite unfortunate.

No. 44525

Meh I see nothing interesting there, it's only a hair style who cares.

No. 44526

i'm surprised 4minute lasted as long as they did. their songs were soo bad and their styling was hideous too.

No. 44528

Jesus, she makes them look so bad… I thought Joy is very pale too?

I always wonder how Red Velvet looks so skinny on stage, yet so stumpy irl.
Does anybody else also feel like a Yeri receives special treatment? Her getting added to the group itself was weird already but sometimes she's also given outfits that make her stand out more. She has the worst body in the group yet wears something short (she always wears very short stuff) and red while the others wear long pants and all black

No. 44529

he always looks like taemin.

I found it so creepy that sm sought out a taemin look-alike and a minho look-alike for nct and made them do a ton of gay fanservice with eachother last year. that was weird as shit.

No. 44531

being tall helps people like Joy (though she's like 5'6", but when you're in a group with everyone else near 5 foot you will look gigantic)
being skinny helps when you're like 5'4" like Seulgi
The other 3 I think are like 5'0" - 5'2":
Irene is SM's favorite so they never show bad angles
Wendy yo-yo's like crazy but for now she's "almost" as small as Seulgi (for the time being)
Yeri is unfortunate because of her box body but her legs take up more room then her torso so she has that going for her

But what really helps them is that they give the tallest member the shortest/ no heels and the shorter members supper high heels, so they match up in high sometimes.

No. 44532

kind of off topic but cornrows on straight hair tends to make it break fall off. especially when their hair is damaged. plus, she's kind of a dumbass to wear a hairstyle that comes from black people when she's called samuel l. jackson by knetz kek

No. 44533

They probably stretch the video on tv cameras. Their styling makes their limbs look long, plus the short members wearing 4 inch heels.

No. 44534

i actually thought yeri suited that styling more. considering the fact that she has a box body, that top gave her upper body a "shape".

now i dont see the "special treatment" thing going on for her because all the songs after bad boy has yeri looking ghastly. all styling given to her emphasized her unfortunate body shape and i guess her styling in bad boy is the best she's ever had.

No. 44535

File: 1565747181601.jpg (26.87 KB, 452x678, images.jpeg-7.jpg)

SM is trying to push her as the sexy younger sister after Joy even when it doesn't suit her.

No. 44536

samefag. i meant "peek a boo" (not bad boy). tho she also had decent styling in bad boy as well.

No. 44537

File: 1565747431098.jpg (66.76 KB, 302x414, 20190814_084949.jpg)

She looks like Ursula (The Little Mermaid) here lmao

No. 44538

lmao love the arrow pointing to her cleavage. twice is going to burn out hard when they start aging and jyp throws them away for itzy like we know he will.

No. 44539

They're going to have a seriously hard time after disbanding. I don't think that jyp pays them well and not a single one of them will have a chance solo, not as a singer, not as an actress, not even as a model.
And Nayeon is already 24, how much longer can she play the pedobait…

No. 44540

File: 1565748898367.jpeg (154.93 KB, 1200x912, 96190D76-32E1-4AF7-9254-46A284…)

I wonder how they feel when they see that they're basically being replaced by somebody who was modelled to look like a younger version of themselves…

No. 44541

I'm surprised they haven't even given the supposed "most talented vocalist" in twice aka nayeon and jihyo a solo when taeyeon had her own solo (for a drama) just a year after snsd debuted

No. 44542

File: 1565749004634.jpeg (48.97 KB, 532x512, 7A8971FE-89DC-4A64-A960-D4A9F4…)


Because no amount of autotune could save that

No. 44545

god she used to be so cute i HATE when idols pull this shit
she looks so shit now

No. 44546

wtf that's creepy
taeyeon is a way better singer than anyone in twice and she has the biggest individual fandom in snsd. jihyo isn't popular enough in twice to get her own solo. nayeon would probably be the only one with a chance of a solo. i don't think it'll ever happen while twice is still an active group though.

No. 44548

ugly then and ugly now lmao

No. 44549

seriously its like jyp is being completely shameless right now with having them show off their tits at fansigns, and asses on stage in super short dresses and big tops with short shorts that make them look like they're not wearing anything under

i see you jyp and you're disgusting

No. 44550

I'm surprised they still had f(x) perform, seems like Victoria is still MIA with China stuff, don't blame her tbh

No. 44551

it's like when itzy debuted he decided twice were too old for pedobait and it was time to go full prostitute

No. 44552

File: 1565752416590.png (821.29 KB, 720x1280, wp2451449.png)

She has the "worst" body by knetz standards but I actually think she looks pretty, she's never been scary skelly and she's not fat. I think she suits more edgy styling a lot better personally, she has big eyes but with her body and general facial features I don't think the cute thing quite works.

No. 44553

Taemin-copy looks like him but this other one looks nothing like minho lol but i dont doubt that sm was going for that

No. 44554

I know JYP pays them poorly and they have to do a lot of "free events" BUT when the kang daniel thing came out wasn't she driving to his house with an expensive car??

No. 44555

Who the fuck goes to these concerts? She's STILL struggling to hold a note while dancing. Should've stayed in sm

No. 44557

I know the yg's wife thing has been discussed many times but this particular part hasn't:

>Yang HyunSuk stated that he was interested in Lee EunJu long before they began officially dating. He caught a glimpse of her washing the dishes on TV when Lee JaeJin was giving a tour around his house. Lee EunJu was in her middle school years at the time.

>Yang HyunSuk stated “The camera showed her for a brief moment, for around I think three seconds? I saw this little girl washing the dishes and I went, huh?”

So he got interested in his wife just from a 3 second clip of her washing dishes (when she was still in middle school) then proceeded to admit her into his company and sabotaged her career just so he could fuck her? It's so damn gross

No. 44558

File: 1565755159084.gif (Spoiler Image,1.57 MB, 430x257, tumblr_nyrarhuamw1r5c02zo1_500…)

No. 44559

File: 1565756911821.gif (1.31 MB, 493x370, tumblr_inline_o4pwanpxn21srvvm…)

ew keep yg away from the middle school he might get ideas for his next wife

No. 44561

File: 1565757250155.jpg (1.39 MB, 1199x1507, 001946.jpg)

lmao she looks like this male idol in drag (vixx's hongbin)

No. 44562

what sk thinks is a sexy woman is so funny to me

No. 44563

Their last come back "Fancy" try to show them as mature woman honestly but the song was so…. let down. I don't follow Twice, RV, Itzy, or any of gg from third generation but I feel like a lot of them failed to deliver one/bearable song to hear for me. On the other hand, I feel blessed when I heard Apink come back and so far, they're the only bearable one..

No. 44564

In 5 years time Twice BP and RV will also be revered as untouchable perfect goddesses. The 2nd gen groups used to get plenty of shit from knetz when they were active too.

No. 44565

I don't mind her singing that much, but I can't understand a single word she's saying.

No. 44566

Lmao so we need to wait 5 years first to see how age like fine wine, are they? Nah, I think in my opinion, their longevity will last more because of how young they debuted but will never really reach the peak career like the second gen have. I might just be salty though, but I hope I'm wrong

No. 44567

Is US gp really like her song, though? Is it charting well? Bold of her to make concert bases on how her popularity alone back in SK

No. 44569

File: 1565760527746.jpeg (141.95 KB, 636x890, 728DE251-1294-4C08-B80D-3F4E33…)

Seems like a lot of things happen lately.

No. 44570

File: 1565760626733.gif (1.72 MB, 336x250, tenor.gif)

Jang Wonyoung and the likes will become irrelevant in the next 2 years and they will only be 16 by then. It's Somi all over again. How sad.

No. 44571

Pretty sure her fans are soshi's leftovers living in the US

No. 44572

I'm kind of confused how Tiffany is able to tour so much. Her songs have been universally garbage and the american gp doesn't care about her. SNSD has been irrelevant for years now so I don't know how many fans she still has at this point.

No. 44579

Can't believe users didnt point out the most important reason!! She has got dat white white skin that korrans froth their mouths over. That rrally is the key reason.

No. 44580

She's spending every last penny she got from SM for this diva shtick instead of investing in real estate or something. Can't really blame her though, she's got actual talent, just pretty bad at executing it.

No. 44582

I think her having talent is pretty debatable. I'm pretty underwhelmed by her live singing especially compared to the other singers who have done these types of videos.

No. 44583

I swear this song sounds so good in the studio version, but her pronunciation is shitty and she's always out of breath singing live. She was definitely one of the top female vocalist of 2nd gen though, before all this US debut.

No. 44584

i don't get where these stone age sone seafags are coming from - how bad is one's music taste they listen to tiff's solo songs studio songs yikes

and even during her snsd days her voice was croaky and nasally so don't kid yourself

No. 44586

I thought that the comments would mostly consist of "It's not oppars fault, the chinese government forces him to do that!", but it seems like even his fans realized that he's just a money-hungry cunt who very likely gives shit about exo.

No. 44587

File: 1565778193513.png (159.78 KB, 1030x652, Screenshot (32).png)

No. 44588

File: 1565778432197.png (307.06 KB, 1025x905, Screenshot (34).png)

No. 44589

File: 1565778549915.png (226.59 KB, 1024x897, Screenshot (36).png)

Didn't he try to do stuff in the US as well (I think they were a few interviews)? Doing this will surely kill any chance he's ever had.

No. 44590

He only stays in exo for international clout, no1curr about him outside of china. He should fucking leave. Sm needs to go back to treating all their chinese idols like shit.

No. 44591

File: 1565785719803.jpg (144.39 KB, 540x1080, 0002948074_001_201908141914232…)

Jackson posted this too and he is from Hongkong. Does he not give a fuck about his family, friends and neighbours at all? Is getting sweet yuans so much more important?

No. 44592

I prefer to stay out of a discussion from this. it's not just Lay, Jackson the GOT7 dude, and also some China celebrity that attends Versace FS leave the show once she notices Versace address HK-China differently. This sudden patriotism towards mainland kind of turn me off. They clearly don't want to get on mainland bad side

No. 44593

I think it's safe to say that country truly controlling much more than Trump controlling their white supremacist

No. 44594

Regular people are risking everything while protesting, meanwhile celebrities only care about their wealth.
China is not North Korea, famous people not supporting the chinese government wouldn't put themselves in any danger, they just like benefitting off of being part of the propaganda machine.

No. 44596

It's almost like China isn't a democracy or anything. Come on, Anon.

No. 44597

Right but Lay is worse about it than any other idol, he literally works for the government. He just dropped an advertising deal with Samsung because they haven't outwardly supported the one-china garbage.
It's disgusting that he's going out of his way to post the propaganda on Instagram where all his international fans are as well. At least keep that shit on Chinese bootleg twitter.

No. 44598

Do you even notice that China and NK both are communist party? They can't have choice,China is not US/any democratic country where celebrity can express their political views comfortably. On contrary, this one of the action that they do to ensure their families safety. Stop being ignorant.

No. 44599

And for Lay, even SM can't do much because he's part of Communist Youth Ambassador, China clearly put him on tight spot. Again, China is not UK/US/EU/SEA, you can't fuck around with mainland.

No. 44600

>there are more oppalogists on lolcow than there are on allkpop
monumentally disappointed in this thread. and it looks like the SEAnogs speaking in broken english are back today too.

No. 44602

They can get kidnapped and tortured like Fan Bingbing if they don't say they're pro China. Idk about Lay, I'm disappointed as fuck in him.

No. 44604

obviously they are being forced to post. china isn't democratic and i'm pretty sure his pro independent hong kong. it's either post your 'allegiance' to the mainland or disappear like the other citizens who act out.

all of you fuckers who aren't from hong kong or don't even keep up with what happens there should shut up. this isn't an oppapologist situation.

No. 44606

>i'm pretty sure his pro independent hong kong
…In your headcanon? Jackson and his parents have a track record of being pro China.

No. 44608

I think it's 2 things not wanting to get exiled from China, that also puts their families at risk and the chance of getting kidnapped or threatened.

No. 44616

As if he'd care if he loses support from international and Korean fans. Dude is one of the biggest and richest celebrities in China. It's crazy how much these brainwashed celebrities have influence over brands. They boycott every brand who doesn't support that "one china" bs, forcing them to apologize cause no one wants to lose the Chinese cash and get blacklisted. I also see them trying to push their artists (like lay) into American mainstream media for propaganda purposes or whatever. It's scary and sad, especially since they deep down know china ain't all that cause almost everything they have is copied from some other country. For example, in terms of entertainment, Korean groups are still more popular than most of their own groups, and so are Korean celebrities and dramas (90% of their variety shows are also copied from or inspired by Korean ones).

No. 44618

He isn't being forced to do shit, he just doesn't want to lose those Chinese $$$.

It's better having no income in Hong Kong than in China.

No. 44619

No one is asking them to outwardly support the protesters, anon. All they had to do was stay silent on the matter and lay low. Some rando kpop idol isn't going to be tortured for not shitting on HK.

No. 44620


No. 44623

Do you hear yourself? Regular people in Hong Kong with much less money and much more to lose than some spoiled celebrities are risking their lives to stand up against the government. They don't have families to lose? Or do they not matter as long as your oppas are safe?

No. 44626


>she's got actual talent

>Tfw you have so much "talent" your group mate rips her earpiece out as soon as you open your mouth

No. 44627

lmfao i piss myself everytime

No. 44628

Maybe it's because I'm esl, but I can't understand any words in this song other than "running on empty chasing the heat of the nignt" and "i couldn't leave you right now if i try." Her enunciation is so shitty holy fuck. She's not that talented. The only thing she has is that dance the night away song and making the cut for SNSD and that's it.

No. 44629

everyone who trained at sm around that period said that yeri was the best female trainee they had, even though it was common knowledge that she was super green and unready for debut. if she was the best they had, I’m assuming she was also all they had (maybe everyone else was too young or maybe they had a Chinese ratio of male to females and legit had nobody around).
It seems like she’s generally treated by everyone, including her seniors, like they feel bad for her, know she’s super fragile, and like there’s a team effort to disguise her flaws born from guilt…
like, even with all the “perks,” she still gets shit on more than every other member in a profound way and is obviously out of her league

No. 44631

oh dear lorrrrdt WHAT is that dance!! I can't stop laughing

No. 44632

>Some rando kpop idol isn't going to be tortured for not shitting on HK.
Exactly, China is not a democracy, but it's not that dangerous either. Fan Bingbing got in trouble because she commited a legit crime, the only thing in danger is Lay and Co.'s gigantic income.

In other news, Areum of T-ara is getting married to some normal office worker.
Does anybody know what the other members are doing now? I remember Jiyeon being so popular, and then their scandal happened…

No. 44633

File: 1565815674641.jpg (88.87 KB, 1026x616, 2BVunQo.jpg)

Faye Wong hasn’t said a peep about 1 China for years, and I’m sure she’s being pressured more than Lay could ever imagine, especially as a Chinese born HK immigrant pop star with a massive Canton-specific fan base. Her silence is loud and admirable.

But I suspect the govt is pressuring SM directly instead of just specifically targeting idols like Lay; SM is terrified about being pushed out of the CN market. When k-pop isn’t literally banned, they make a fuckton of money touring and doing endorsements there, and a massive % of Exo’s rich saesang fans buying thousands of CDs and expensive gifts are spoiled Chinese teenagers.

No. 44635

itzy's song icy seems to have a "better" version called 'itz summer'. it isnt as messy aside from the squealing and screeching from time to time. the choreography seems to be better too. one thing i notice about their songs is a couple of them sound like a remake of each other. sage for no contribution to current discussion

No. 44637

what i never could understand is why do kpop groups need so much time to “prepare” comebacks, since the song and choreography is delivered to them.Learning the dance and recording the song,performing it at like 10 music shows max, does it all take like half a year when you have all that team and stuff to back you up?

No. 44638

Chow Yun Fat has been pro-HK for years and is still alive.

It's one thing to post a generic "One China" statement and quite another to post words specifically supporting the brutality of the police and armed forces towards HK citizens, like these celebrities just did. Nobody forced them to do that.
Besides, Jackson's family originated from the mainland and he's been pro-China for years while Lay has been a government ambassador even before the Nine-Dash Line controversy. So they definitely endorse and support the CCP stance of their own free will. Fuck them.

It takes at least a month to learn a dance, a little more if you're practicing choreo for B-sides. Plus recording songs isn't a one-day process; I used to sing professionally and even recording the smallest inflections and harmonies can take up to 5-6 hours. All that time adds up even when idols don't eat or sleep.

No. 44639

According to that one ex-Crayon Pop member on youtube they waste a lot of time doing useless shit like practising facial expressions and poses. And they without a doubt also have a lot of pr training.

No. 44641

By best they probably mean best looking. I can't find the video now but before she debuted with Red Velvet she performed with the other SM rookie girls at some show and she was by far the prettiest there. The remaining trainees are average at best and probably won't be let out until they get enough surgery or SM gives upon NCT entirely, whichever comes first.

All this talk of promoting as an American artist and yet she banks on her Kpop fame and SNSD name to score shitty gigs that will go nowhere. Joji used to eat vomit and hair cakes on YouTube and somehow turned that into a legit music career, what's her excuse?

No. 44642

>>44629 yeri wasn't the best, however she was the most comfortable with the camera, looks like a bastardized version of irene, and lee soo mans fav. the other girls were too young (2000 and under). and the other girls were foreign/foreign looking (yiyang and some hidden trainees).
learning 1-7 dances with 4+ people and being somewhat in sync takes over a month. along with producing and recording the song, pr training, and shooting music videos.

No. 44643

File: 1565820334608.jpg (431.12 KB, 1200x600, herin-koeun-hina-sm.jpg)

>The remaining trainees are average at best
I really don't understand why, SM always prided itself with having the prettiest idols. If you train under the big 3, you won't have to work off debt, so I don't think that they couldn't find better girls willing to sign with them.

Some of them are already too old and nearly all are foreigners, so I highly doubt they will ever debut, especially not with nowadays political tensions.

I don't know her name, but the trainee who danced with Taemin for his solo is rather pretty.

No. 44644

File: 1565820462511.png (85.52 KB, 250x250, hina.png)

She's a 2nd Umji

No. 44645

preparing how to perform for a camera so you get the best gifs that'll be posted on pann

No. 44646

…is that supposed to be the one that's "rather pretty"?

No. 44647

Obviously not…

No. 44648

Wow what happened to Sm's standards? At least they can patch them up with more plastic surgery right?

No. 44649

File: 1565828207441.jpg (71.1 KB, 733x733, 66683402_161789861646988_12648…)

Apparently Jun from Seventeen was scouted to be a model for Versace but Pledis being the shit company that they are never replied.

No. 44651

File: 1565830364096.jpg (189.71 KB, 668x393, seo-herin-instagram-cover.jpg)

Herin already left SM and fucked off back to the UK and looks like an IG thot nowadays

No. 44652

This is old news anon.

No. 44653

I know, that anon just sounded like they thought she was still with SM.

No. 44657

She could actually sound decent when not trying to reach high notes. She has a good voice, but not necessarily good techniques. Saying she has zero talent is a reach tho. She's definitely not on momo's foghorn voice-tier.

No. 44658

File: 1565840967180.jpg (516.71 KB, 1080x1316, 20190815_104948.jpg)

>was originally in the lineup to debut with Red Velvet

She looks like momoland's daisy lmao

No. 44659


Be Gone Sone

Did we watch the same video sis sounds like shit. She just can't sing man. It's okay to admit it. She's not going to sue you or something.

No. 44662

File: 1565844442682.gif (1.65 MB, 500x249, onehallyu.gif)

No. 44663

samefag but kek

No. 44665

Yeah it's not like I was wking her. It's funny to see your reactions over something trivial.

These samefagging only show your autism

No. 44668

this is going to sound weird, but tiffany gives me disney channel star vibes lol

No. 44669

Bro I'm just >>44659 not >>44663 or >>44662

Nobody said you were wk you're just deaf or something. That's all.

No. 44670

why do these people even become kpop idols if they're soo loyal to china? why not become chinese celebrities? they all leave their groups eventually to promote in china anyway. exo-ls who stan lay or talk about him coming back are so stupid.

No. 44671

He'd probably refuse himself seeing how Versace labeled Hong Kong and China as separate countries

No. 44672

SM considered putting something that busted in a group alongside the likes of Irene Seulgi and Joy? Now I completely understand why Yeri made it in kek, her body and voice is tragic but I've always thought she had a pretty face

She always sings like she has something stuck in her throat and it's so annoying. Sunny was a better singer than her

No. 44673

File: 1565851130030.jpg (61.36 KB, 960x960, Sm trainee.jpg)

I think OP is talking about this girl. She was Taemin's backup dancer in a recent song

No. 44675

There's something different between made-in-china celebrities and chinese celebrities who started getting exposure somewhere else in the world. Like lay, kris, luhan wouldn't have been that famous if they didn't start as kpop idols. People tend to look down on Chinese (mainland) entertainment because most of them are poorly made/packaged. The famous Chinese celebrities/Mandopop artists you see are mostly Hkg-er or Taiwanese

No. 44676

Samefag. In conclusion, they want to spread their propaganda through these celebrities. If they didn't make it outside china then they wouldn't have been able to spread their influence into a wider audience/the world.

No. 44677

>tortured like Fan Bingbing

Lmao at the retards getting shocked and upset over this. Only kpop fans would expect a bunch of idols to martyr themselves for a political cause.

No. 44679

Wait, I take that back. They'd be sacrificing themselves for nothing at all.

No. 44680

File: 1565853986070.jpg (540.53 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20190815-142700_Sam…)

No. 44681

Anything more substantial than a tweet, numpty? Kpc is becoming worse than akp

No. 44682

Yes, I've read the news.

I'm asking where you're got this torture shit from.

No. 44683

What "peak career" do the 2nd gen even have left? Hyuna, Suzy, Sunmi, Hyolyn and the SNSD members are the only ones still in the public eye.

All members of KARA, T-ara, half the Wonder Girls lineup, 3/4 of Miss A, Secret, everyone else in 4minute are all irrelevant now. Idols are disposable and having an impactful career is the exception, not the rule

No. 44684

Koreans never liked him.

No. 44685

twice is the top girl group right now, but their impact is not the same as snsd and wonder girls was. during the 2nd gen there wasn't nearly as many groups debuting. the competition wasn't as bad as it is now. groups come and go so quickly now in kpop. i imagine in only a few years twice will lose their popularity. i believe they have a mostly male fanbase which isn't good for longevity of a group

No. 44687

File: 1565859790715.jpg (62.09 KB, 650x433, a5d8dae7d496be3ee662951fca47e6…)

The shows Sunmi plays are super small and Hyorin is singing in literal malls lol

I find it so shocking, I remember how popular T-ara, Kara, Secret, 4minute, Wonder Girls or Sistar were just a couple years ago and now they completely disappeared.

And those idols back then were also popular individually, they were sent on variety shows alone (e.g. pic) which is not something that Jyp does with Twice.
If the public knowing and liking you is not enough to keep you afloat after disbanding, then they really stand no chance.

No. 44688

Just watching this makes me uncomfortable…

No. 44690

File: 1565863988788.jpg (43.57 KB, 273x806, Capture.JPG)

If the Forbes Korea Celebrity rankings are any indicator, they already seem to be declining somewhat. #21 is pretty low considering the hundreds of comebacks and constant activity they keep having.


No. 44691

>BP over BTS

No. 44692

Red Velvet over EXO? Well Forbes Korea is known for putting out whatever with no evidence so take it with a grain of salt

No. 44693

a grown woman doing a mature concept makes you uncomfortable?

No. 44694

I've seen the MV before and the ass dance move is disturbing. You can't just busk with that song lmao, especially with kids watching.

No. 44695

Forbes is not very reliable since they get paid off easily. some of these are straight up ridiculous and obviously payola. I don't care for Exo but how are them, along with Red velvet and Twice under Kang Daniel the flop?

No. 44696

In 2019 that kinda makes sense actually. It's been awhile since EXO's last comeback and RV are the one doing constant promotions and comebacks.

No. 44697

File: 1565870046465.jpg (115.25 KB, 1200x800, d6001af6-0e38-11e9-85d9-37db0e…)

>a mature concept
Anon, she dances like some nasty hoe.
Exactly, it's gross.

People always act as if kpop is superior because it's more "pure" than western music, but this is just cheap and nasty, no matter if it's an american or a south korean woman doing it.

Her voice is really nice, but just like CL she's too obsessed with being "sexy and badass".
This is how she performed at a drama award ceremony.

No. 44698

File: 1565870165682.jpg (83.02 KB, 1000x500, hyojpg.jpg)

And needless to say koreans didn't like it.

Somehow despite having made so much money for them, SM is giving Exo the f(x) treatment. I really wonder why.

No. 44699

File: 1565871075397.jpg (81.76 KB, 800x1111, uee.jpg)

She looks so scary, I wouldn't even have recognized her…

No. 44702

blackpink is newer and has more traction from it’s still desparate fanbase, while bts reached it’s sixth year and the hype is dying down,especially in sk

No. 44704

at least she isn't pretending to be a child for the uncle fans

No. 44707


No. 44708

at least her butt is relatively perky and not disgusting and sagging like hwasa's ~

No. 44710

It's a forbes list, wouldn't be surprised if YG paid to have BP be placed at #1. BTS is likely there due to international success not domestic.

No. 44711

Tbh I think most of the guys in this list are pretty ugly as well and I have no interest in anything produce but that's beside the point

>Why are they all so ugly?

Lol like we didn't see the pictures of those produce 101 kids before their extreme plastic surgeries

Meanwhile the koreaboos in the comment section:
>I went to japan and all the guys are so ugly!

No. 44712

it seems like they've all had bad plastic surgery. how many damn produce shows is there going to be? they already had the chinese one. is sea coming after japan?

No. 44713

>SM is giving Exo the f(x) treatment. I really wonder why.
Because despite relentless promotions, NCT hasn't hit big yet and Exo has yet to begin declining (second to BTS is still bigger than everyone else).

SM is hoping that Exo-Ls will lose interest in them and move on to NCT if they don't get any comebacks, but all that's doing is making the fans hungrier for whatever crumbs they get, like Blackpink. I doubt Baekhyun would have sold 500k albums if Exo had constant promotions

Because Exo was pretty much silent throughout 2018. Red Velvet had Bad Boy and the North Korea performance in the first half of the year which gave them a lot of international attention. Twice has maintained their fame but they're not exactly growing at the same pace they did in 2016 plus they have no Western clout. Kang Daniel is well-liked by the Korean public for whatever reason, idk either. I'm guessing BP getting the Coachella gigs and mentions from Ariana Grande/Will Smith/Little Mix helped boost them to #1 over BTS, especially since it seems like the celebrities mentioned them without being harassed by their fans online (unlike Armys)

No. 44714

I'm surprised that Minghao even spoke out about it since he's probably one of the most liberal of seventeen.

No. 44715

exo aren't rookies of course they aren't going to be as active as nct. also red velvet is sm's only active girl group so that's why they get promoted a lot. exo were overworked like crazy a few years ago, i don't think any of them want to be busy 24/7 like they used to be.

No. 44716

Speaking of F(x) what's going on with Amber? I she still in the closet?

No. 44718

>exo aren't rookies of course they aren't going to be as active
yeah…. they’re lucky to have one comeback a year now.but at least oppas aren’t being overworked right, they barely have any work now

No. 44720

No she's not out for some bizarre reason. I saw her at a café in LA once with some woman, looking super butch. They weren't being affectionate or anything but it seemed to me they were probably ~gal pals~

No. 44721

File: 1565888217267.jpg (117.43 KB, 582x1131, 1565771401417.jpg)

>exo aren't rookies of course they aren't going to be as active as nct.
But this doesn't make sense seeing as they would bring in a lot of money if they were allowed to be more active. Baekyun's solo sold over half a million copies, why isn't SM milking their fame more? They're letting a huge chance of making money go to waste - money that could also be used to further promote nct.

Lmao, how would you know that? That's only wishful thinking anon.

Jackson is going completely overboard with his love for china's money now. Most international fans have already cancelled him.

And this is an interesting read for everybody who's claiming that not posting pro-china shit will literally get you killed…

No. 44722

File: 1565888254274.png (157.6 KB, 816x1516, 1565771407176.png)

No. 44723

Damn he really is a bootlicker

No. 44724

It's kinda a shame cause I found Jackson likeable but I knew he'd turn out like that the second he started promoting in China. Must be a slap in the face for his fans in Hong Kong, same with that talentless w1 dude who's actually from Taiwan.

No. 44726

Seems like he fooled everybody by playing nice…

No. 44727

It's nice seeing him and the other bootlickers get cancelled by koreans and int fans as well.
They deserve all the backlash they can get. Hopefully it affects their pockets too

No. 44728

>Hopefully it affects their pockets too
I wonder just how much they earn in China seeing as Lay wants to terminate his contracts with Calvin Klein and Samsung despite risking hefty penalty fees.
This model might have to pay 22 million for doing the same thing.

No. 44729

Agreed. But of course most twitter stans are rolling with the "if they don't support police brutality they will be kidnapped, subjected to hours of torture, and assassinated!! y'all are just looking for any excuse to cancel my oppas/unnies and it's disgusting ;_; they didnu nuffin" argument. Not a shred of sympathy for HK or the fans who are understandably very upset about this.

No. 44730

Wow, sellout to the next level…how disgusting. I'd always see kpop stans speak about him being a great guy and whatever lol, it's interesting when an idols true nature gets exposed

No. 44732

T-ara's Jiyeon also does youtube now, but has barely any subs… she's probably desperate for an income.

No. 44733

~80% of his major revenue is from china. he'll be missing out on millions of dollars by losing his fame in china, especially since many exols in korea hate him now

kpop stans equate being a solo stan to supporting one china. they don't actually care about these issues unless they are actually from china/hk.

No. 44734

and she used to be the it girl too lol

No. 44737


wow this is actually sad. she used to be at the same level as suzy pre-scandal but unlike suzy she can actually act really well. Imagine if the T-ara scandal had never happened. Along with TVXQ not breaking up it's one of the biggest 'what ifs' for Kpop.

No. 44738

Fans have been attacking unhappy fans from China, HK, or Taiwan as "fake Chinese antis stirring hate". Or they say bullshit like "do you live in China?? dont speak if you dont know what its like to live there" as if Chinese people aren't the biggest population in the world and thus more likely to have vocal online critics who know what they're talking about

No. 44739

I was a fan ages ago and watched some show that followed them around and their schedules really were insane, their management was one of the worst (video is them having to perform while it was -18 degrees).
They aren't good singers, but they did work hard, it's not like they're as lazy as many nowadays idols, their downfall wasn't their own fault.
Jiyeon debuted so young that she likely doesn't have any kind of education either, her only hope is probably marrying some rich old guy.

No. 44740

all i hope is that idols who debuts young like her get a GED. Not everyone can score a rich old man these days.

No. 44741

watching this video is like watching torture, they really couldn't cancel this performance?

No. 44743


Koreaboos love to call Japanese men ugly but once they meet one they start sexually harrasing them and try to act like animu girls. I know from experience of knowing some unfortunately. They think that the Japanese guys don't understand because they'll say sexual stuff to them in English but they get visibly uncomfortable. I no longer speak to them but it seems to be common practice to indulge in Korean nationalism.

No. 44746

File: 1565902531453.jpg (143.42 KB, 603x574, 235409.jpg)

the shit that ratmies report for "hate speech" lmao

No. 44747

File: 1565907742560.png (72.31 KB, 1217x341, dsccscx.png)

I love how armys and other i-fagzz are calling Matt Healy a piece of shit and an Islamophobe (lmao) for kissing a male fan in Dubai. Yet none of the k-pops (except Sunmi in Poland) have remotely put their ass on the line to support gay rights. I didn't see this energy with BTS performing in feminist activist beheading Saudi Arabia

No. 44748

How does kissing a male fan even vilify islam when islam vilified itself by being shit? rofl this is so ass backwards.

No. 44751

Something about a person with the twitter @ "sanasgirlfriend" ranting about how offensive it is to the entire religion of islam for a man to dare to kiss another man is so funny. Being gay is literally vilifying the entire religion of islam, they should probably change that username

No. 44752

File: 1565909733032.jpg (470.65 KB, 1500x1950, 1565908757899.jpg)

No. 44753

That's messed up

No. 44754

Even Yuqi man… she has a Taiwanese bandmate lol
I'm sure Taiwan supports Hong Kong

No. 44756

Yikes, isn't lucas from Hong Kong?

No. 44757

Ten didnt post that garbage yet all his group mates did? king

No. 44758

SVT's and WayV's timestamps are interesting
He's the only WayV without a Chinese citizenship

No. 44759

Yeah he is which makes it even worse.

No. 44760

Yup. It's only natural that he'd have to do it since one member of wayv has already been under fire for having siblings who are pro Hong Kong and he probably seems a little too proud to be Hong Kongese in the eyes of mainlanders.

No. 44761

the fact 3/7 of wayv members are not even from mainland china yet they have posted this is just sad.

No. 44762

File: 1565914503804.jpg (491.03 KB, 1592x1953, 1565914449303.jpg)

Xiao Jun reposted it, too.

No. 44763

there are quite a few pro one-china hkers and taiwanese people. but i'm pretty sure they didn't even post this and that their managers did. idols usually never speak up on politics

No. 44764

you forgot kyulkyung from pristin. she reposted the one about the flag AND the police one.

idols (celebs in general) usually never even run their own sns accounts. you can tell by their posts that those nct members dont.

No. 44765

kyulkyung is jieqiong's korean name

No. 44766

oh heh nvm then, my bad

No. 44767

>you can tell by their posts that those nct members dont run their own sns accounts
How can you tell?

No. 44768

Nta but members of the same group post at the same time

No. 44772

this made me scream lmfao wtf is she doing? trying to twerk?

No. 44774

Areum was engaged before. Iirc she also dated MC Mong for a short time when she was recovering from mental illness way back in like…2014ish. I was obsessed with her for a bit after she got kicked from the group because i felt for her since she was obviously dealing with with being mentally ill in a country and industry that doesnt handle that very well at all. She made it very hard to keep track of her wherabouts and was making multiple fan accounts of herself and talking to herself at one point. She was a lolcow if i had ever seen one. Glad to hear shes doing well now.

No. 44775

she always reminded me of demi lovato for some reason

No. 44776

File: 1565924343088.jpg (101.22 KB, 468x466, a5.jpg)

i feel for her, she was torn to shreds when after school first debuted for being fat
after she started crash dieting and being sponsored by diet pill brands, bekah was singled out as the "fat one" and got kicked from the group for it

No. 44777

good lord so its every single chinese kpop idol lol…

No. 44779

yep, seems like the China vs. HK shit is reaching a tipping point so I wouldn't be surprised if these idols were promised the world seeing how successful former Chinese kpop idols have been.

And as much as Koreans hate them they will still keep picking them and debuting them because, money talks. Must be great to be them kek.

No. 44780

what?? uee was adored for her honey thighs. your pic happened years after debut, during the bang era.

No. 44782

That's highly embarrassing

No. 44783

>Those who have posted support for the HK police and/or the "HK is part of China forever" thing
Victoria [f(x)]
Lay (EXO)
Guanlin [Wanna One] (Taiwanese, but mainland supporter)
Jun (Seventeen)
The8 (Seventeen)
Kyulkyung (Pristin/IOI)
Zhou Yixuan (UNIQ)
Wang Yibo (UNIQ)
Li Wenhan (UNIQ)
Cheng Xiao (WJSN)
Xuanyi (WJSN)
Meiqi (WJSN)
Sally (gugudan)
Luhan (former EXO)
Kris (former EXO, born in the mainland & grew up in both the mainland and Canada; has dual Chinese-Canadian citizenship)
Tao (former EXO)
Zhoumi (Super Junior-M)
Hangeng (former Super Junior)
Wang Xinyu (former Varsity member)
Hui (former 24K member)
>Those who have only re-posted the "flag bearer" post
Yuqi (G-Idle)
Jackson (GOT7; HKer, but family is from the mainland)
Tony (Produce X 101 #20; splits time in both Canada/Korea and the mainland, and is speculated to have immediate family living in the mainland)
Xiaojun (WayV)
WinWin (NCT 127/WayV)
Hendery (WayV, Macanese)
Kun (WayV)
YangYang (WayV, Taiwanese, moved to Germany when he was 11 and lived there for 6 years)
Lucas (WayV, HKer)
Cao Lu (Fiestar)
Yanan (Pentagon)

No. 44785

serious question, are there any chinese idols who haven't posted in support of china?

No. 44786

K-pop communities everywhere is such a shit show over this Hong Kong fiasco. I love it

No. 44787

>>44785 apparently Fei and Jia haven't but who knows their real feelings about this. they are mainlanders too

No. 44788

These people are disgusting and I wish their Korean agencies would kick them all out. I remember what they did to tzuyu who was a teenager but had grown men spreading hate towards her in the media.

I know we, rightfully, shit on the Japanese and Korean entertainment industry but the Chinese one is also disgusting in its own ways.
You have a bunch of extremely overpaid actors and singers who most of the time lack basic talent but are worshipped for their looks by rabid fans who will attack everyone who criticises them or dares to be a fan of someone else. (it's almost like kpop fans but on a larger scale and way crazier).
And everything these celebrities do is so obviously fake and rehearsed, there's absolutely no authenticity there. Even on social media all they do is to say how much they love china and post heavily photoshopped pics.

It's no surprise that Hong Kongers and Taiwanese celebrities are posting this when uyghur celebrities have always posted how much they love china and shit when their people are being held in camps and live in fear everyday.
It's all fucked up.

No. 44790

she should start doing BJing since a clip of her getting her undies off or something is out in the public and pretty well-known anyway - it will deffo give her more attention that she is craving

No. 44796

File: 1565947267063.jpeg (604.43 KB, 1500x1498, 5A3333B6-88CE-42F4-8A98-819F08…)

sage because it’s unrelated but this shit made me laugh

No. 44799

ot but why is LC obsessed with that historical royal family, I had never heard about it before coming here.

No. 44800

>Taiwanese, moved to Germany when he was 11 and lived there for 6 years
B-but Oppar had to do it, otherwise his family literally would have been killed!

Has anybody else also thought about just how weird it is for somebody from gigantic China to move to a small country like Korea for a career in the entertainment industry? It would be the same as if somebody from France or Germany moved to Finland or Iceland to become a singer, or an American who tries to debut in Cuba lmao. The Chinese try to fight against the stereotype of them only being able to copy, but if you don't even have your own successful music industry despite over a billion citizens…

>I had never heard about it before coming here.
Then it's a you-problem, because most people know about them.

>1.[+174, -9] Her face is one thing but the things that make me the most jealous are her height… her legs and her pelvis
>her pelvis
What pelvis? She's a lanky kid. Gross

>1.[+289, -181] They didn't rush to release those posts supporting China, the members were probably told that their families would be dead if they didn't do something like that and received death threats over it, so I wouldn't necessarily feel the need to swear at him
Seems like Koreans are just as dumb as ifans on twitter and allkpop

No. 44801

Their korean agencies have absolutely no problem with them doing it if it will get them extra money.

No. 44802

koreans tend to have small hips and wide waists/shoulders. her hips are slightly wider than her waist, but i don't know why knetz are actively looking at her body like that

No. 44803

Yeah, it's sad. Virtually every single thing in chinese media is either a shameless rip off of pre-existing non-chinese media or something that actually came from somewhere overseas be it HK, KR, JP, Taiwan, US, EU, etc. etc.
Even some SEA countries have more interesting entertainment industries than that shithole. They'll never fight that stereotype because copying really is the only they can do.

No. 44804

File: 1565958231010.jpg (352.66 KB, 900x1350, 51c611ba73e86849ea62da70441728…)

wonyoung is rose/lisa level skinny
honestly she may be even skinnier

No. 44805

Wonyoung reminds me of Sowon from Gfriend, they both have fucked proportions

No. 44806

Chaeyeon is definitely the uglier sister, she straight up looks like a child's drawing of a witch

No. 44807

girls her age above 5'4" tend to be lanky and awkward like that

No. 44808

Agreed, Sowon is definitely taller than she claims to be and because she weighs less than 50kg she looks freaky. Wooyoung is just 14, she likely fills out later, many girls that age are still super skinny.

No. 44809

I guess Tzuyu had a choice, too.

No. 44810

>Seems like Koreans are just as dumb as ifans on twitter and allkpop
there were only 2 posts on that whole list that wk'd him and they got down voted to hell

No. 44811

Taller than 173cm?

No. 44812

not OP but imo she’s probably around ~175cm tall

No. 44813

if she fills out she's going to get so much shit
like most idols most of her appeal seems to be centred on how she look

No. 44814

Can they'd stop talking about her and other minors bodies?
This will just make their companies want to sexualize them even more.
Go fucking rave about an adult woman.

No. 44815

I can't believe the much prettier woman in this video wants to look like Nayeon. What the fuck?

I feel like this video outlines why TWICE are so successful despite their lack of talent though… they're all pretty matched in appeal and everyone seems to have a different favorite, the opposite of Miss A

No. 44816

>I can't believe the much prettier woman in this video wants to look like Nayeon. What the fuck?
beauty is subjective

No. 44817

how about you learn how to sage, newfag

No. 44818

No. 44819

reminds me of this

No. 44820

Go back to /kpg/ scrote

No. 44822

this was recommended from yt sage bcos obviously no1curr anymore and very Old milk but people actually believe this shit? I thought the editing would help make her look pitiable lel but it just made the whole point of the video all the more ridiculous. The comments make me wonder if devoted kpop fans actually talked to or let alone knows how a real person acts like. Its just so… Obviously fake ugh

No. 44823

Lmao twicefag. Anon didnt even say Nayeon is ugly, just that the woman in the video is prettier. Read the comments section, even your fellow onces admit that.
Also I felt bad for her cause she is literally a model and would rather look like a chernobyl bunny. She needs to love herself.

No. 44824

This video is ridiculous and looks like it was made by a 13 year old. You can't just diagnose someone from a few-minute-long video or claim that they must be dealing with severe issues.
Maybe she does have health issues, mental or physical but maybe she's just awkward in that video or is going for a mysterious/edgy concept here.
If you watch videos from blackpink you'll notice that she touches her hair 24/7 while looking at herself to check if it looks alright. Their fans keep making shit up.

No. 44826

nta but kek this is why everyone hates this thread

No. 44827

that anon was shocked someone had a different conception of beauty

No. 44828

Nta either but it's funny how sometimes anons get away with swooning over an idol, even if they're unpopular itt and sometimes you get attacked from multiple anons for something that they (sometimes purposely) misinterpreted/misunderstood and then they accuse you of being a stan.

Would be more fun and more suiting for the thread if all current stans/fans left the thread and only those who aren't into kpop anymore and just read stuff about it or are casual listeners remained.

No. 44830

Apparently some guy started masturbating during Red Velvet's Power Up performance today and came on the girl sitting in front of him.
What in the actual fuck is wrong with people?


No. 44833

NO - saying stuff like nayeon looking like a "Chernobyl bunny" is exactly the top kek stuff that makes us love this thread (and no i am not the OP of that lmao)

No. 44834

doesn't look like cum to me

No. 44836

File: 1565977843567.png (1.37 MB, 1536x2048, Image3.png)

Kang Daniel is selling those cheap, generic and single-use glowsticks for 10 USD kek

No. 44837

right, the cringy retards in this thread get a real kick out of it. I was talking about everyone else who uses this site lol…

No. 44838

He should just ask Jihyo to pay for some quality stuff

No. 44840

Boy seems greedy af. Maybe he knows the idol life doesn't last long so he wants to milk out from fans as much as he can. He's already good at networking so he'll do fine for now. But to me he doesn't seem like the humble, good guy every one thinks he is. I can tell he's gonna get into a few controversies in the future.

No. 44841

He seemed like a snake on Produce, he was always putting people and their skills down so he could talk about how much better at rapping/dancing/singing (lol) he was. Mnet's edit didn't linger on it and usually went out of its way to make whoever he was insulting that week look bad, and people fell for it hook, line and sinker.

No. 44844


I remember some other Produce trainee whose name I've forgotten was struggling during the singing lesson because he was a rapper and Nayana is a very high-pitched song that even the actual singing trainees struggled with. You could see Daniel stood behind him smirking while the coach told the guy off.

Then he came forward, sang almost as poorly, and made some smug remark about how idols should be good at everything, and that's why he's such an amazing singer.

If any other trainee had done that they'd have been evil edited to hell and back but Daniel was Mnet's golden boy so of course it got edited like he was an amazing triple threat.

The trainee he was nasty to got into some scandal very soon after (can't remember what it was now but it was bad enough he had to leave the show) so everyone just automatically started acting as if Daniel hadn't acted like a moron that time.

No. 44845

I didn't notice the "putting people down" part, but he went out of his way to get this "protective dad" image towards one of the younger trainees to make himself look more caring - that trainee has said their closeness was exaggerated by Mnet.

No. 44847

Sounds like Hyewon from pd48 with the Japanese trainee girl, Minami or whatever. She was angel edited to hell and back because of that, wonder how "genuine" that was.

No. 44848

Why do mid-tier IOI castoff groups and nugu groups always have stupid fucking group names or song titles like 'AlohaLaLa' 'PoopyLoopy', 'Ugu-Uguuu~~', 'Wankanakaaanakaaakanan', 'Bubblegum KkukFIST', 'funwith____Scissor18' or whatever? I mean TWICE and Red Velvet have some dumb songtitles but that's not all of them. These groups even do it when they're trying to do dark concepts

No. 44855

File: 1565995392553.jpg (49.63 KB, 1000x562, bts-jimin.jpg)

>Fan: annyeonghaseyo (hello)
>Jackson: I am Chinese, okay?
What is wrong with him?

There's a singer who's a Jimin lookalike and of course ratmies can't stand the fact that their lizardboi actually looks rather similar to another chubby midget.
>[+367, -42] You guys really think that only the minority of fans are swearing at Don Spike when he mentioned it himself during the interview that he received a lot of swears?
Int ratmies also always claim that only a few of them are bad, "the loud minority!"…

No. 44857

probably not the best idea given her underaged sex camming history

No. 44858

>That Jackson video
Ngl he’s so attractive to me but his China shilling recently has been awful. He should just solo debut in China if he gets offended by people speaking to him in Korean when he’s in a k-pop group.

No. 44859

she got a main role in a KBS drama right now, I don't think she's that desperate

No. 44860

yulhee is pregnant again, kek

No. 44861

File: 1566001011817.jpg (229.95 KB, 1500x1500, IMG_20190816_201735.jpg)

No. 44862

That and won't he mess up his career in Korea? There's some cultural sensitivity between China and Korea and him saying it like that can easily be spun into headlines saying he thinks he's too good to be spoken to in Korean real fast. I'm not saying it should be I'm just saying it could be

No. 44864

File: 1566002363682.jpeg (18.02 KB, 320x320, ECEKV1cU0AAv50M.jpeg)

First dating, now tattoos… Their uncle fans will leave them soon.

It's just plain rude to that fan.
He should go into acting, seeing as he managed to fool everybody into thinking he's nice and laid-back for years… I never listened to any of their songs yet always thought that he's known as "the funny one".

And isn't he friends with Amber? How do an american lesbian and a money hungry commie go together?

No. 44865

He didn't sound like he was offended in the video to me.

But you, on the other hand…

No. 44867

nta and I usually find the stan accusations annoying but fuck off aghase or however that stupid fandom name is spelled. I swear, got7 has some of the most dedicated whiteknights in existence.

No. 44868

He sounded rude and dismissive to me

No. 44870

I've literally never listed to a single got7 song kek

Keep telling to everyone who disagrees with you to fuck off though. You're so much better than the Twitter stans.

No. 44871

>O-oppar was just joking!1!1

No. 44872

Not being offended isn't the same thing as joking, ESLfag

No. 44873

chaeyoung is the least popular member in twice so i doubt uncle fans even care about her getting tattoos

No. 44874

File: 1566005549709.jpg (64.72 KB, 762x653, IMG_20190817_032922.jpg)

You're in the minority anglofag

No. 44875

there are so many exofags and shineefags in this thread who have no shame in their stanning

No. 44877

Case in point much?

No. 44882

Since both are currently being discussed in this thread: which do you guys think are worse: creepy male/uncle fans, or rabid oppalogists?

No. 44885

Uncle fans ofc they are two steps away of mass murder or sexual assault

No. 44886

Male fans are way way worse. They're either old as shit or disgusting incel tier fucktards who probably wank and jizz during shows all the time. I definitely don't think that guy at the RV show is an isolated case. Old men lusting over teenage girls will always be disgusting. Female fans are way less gross, unless they're literal pedos or psychotic sasaengs.

No. 44887

uncle fans definitely. they're disgusting. oppapologists are usually young girls so i don't mind them.

No. 44888

To be fair, Got7 tends to be a lot more playful and casual with their fans and it seems to me to be just that. It’s part of thing to mess around with their fans like that but it does seem pretty weird if you don’t keep up with them. I think their music is terrible but they’re pretty funny.

No. 44889

>To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand got7. Their humour is extremely subtle, and without a solid grasp of theoretical physics most of the jokes will go over a typical viewer's head. There's also Jackson's nihilistic outlook- his personal philosophy draws heavily from Narodnaya Volya literature, for instance.

No. 44890

This is pretty stupid. I honestly believe that whole lazy Jennie phase was due to heavy restriction for weightloss and not being on uppers whilst restricting, and whenever she's in a situation where she can't manipulate her weight she acts like a crybaby. But who can blame her when she's in a group with ana queens Lisa + Rosé, probably watches them starve themselves after eating for the camera and figures she can do the same too.

(Sage for huge tinfoil)

No. 44891

I love that we can discuss things in this thread without someone getting triggered because someone said something remotely positive about a group. In this thread, we genuinely find points to criticize instead of just blindly hate anything that has to with Korea.

No. 44893

it's called the kpop critical thread dipshit, there's a whole other thread for stans

No. 44894

Unfortunately it is not an isolated incident. I remember just a month ago there was a story about a male fan masturbating at a Momoland fansign. It wasn't a Korean fan though, I believe he was Mexican.

Also, while I'm not denying that male fans can be awful, I feel like female fans can be just as bad sometimes, what with all the cases of attempted kidnapping, break-ins, stalking, sexual harassment/assault, etc.

No. 44895

Right, that means only negativity here, dipshits. We wouldn’t want this asshole to get trigged by someone contributing to the discussion by not being 100% negative. Criticism is only allowed to be negative in this thread.

No. 44898

Unpopular opinion: rabid female fans are much worse. They're the ones who are actually out here poisoning idols, attempting to kidnap idols, getting people fired for saying anything even remotely negative about their idols, legit stalking idols, etc. They get way too into it and they're even more inceloid on average than their male counterparts. This isn't like jpop, generally the worst male kpop fans ever do is get horny.

No. 44899

oppalogists tbh. the only things male fans care about are hq fancams and pics of their female biases in lewd outfits. most of them don't even buy physical albums. 99% of kpop companies' revenue comes from 13 year old fangirls who beg their parents to buy them 10+ copies of the same album and ridiculously overpriced concert tickets. if it weren't for them kpop would've been dead a long time ago

No. 44900

Male fans like the dude who tried to kidnap Taeyeon on stage, the dude who followed one of the snsd members to her house, this video of one of the itzy girls who is super young https://twitter.com/JlNSWRLD/status/1162444646854877185?s=20, that's not even on the level the AKB girls endure with dudes who stabbed members or the girl who was almost assaulted in her apartment.

No. 44901

I found the clip of the snsd member

No. 44902

File: 1566024808369.jpg (96.64 KB, 960x951, jpcgjjklohg.jpg)

This is apparently the cover for the next Black Pink Japanese single.
Is it just me or did they deliberately try to make it look like Jennie is the thinnest one? It looks like a combination of shoop and dressing the others in unflattering outfits, plus maybe a corset for Jennie?

No. 44904

i roll my eyes evrytime they do a group picture bcos even tho it's no surprise, jennie was obviously made to look better and "sexier" and while the other two are anaqueens, stylists will still cover up two thirds of their whole body. the favoritism's plain to see.

No. 44905

File: 1566028834071.jpeg (120.15 KB, 640x815, ADFA9976-7972-4F1C-93D0-8B0240…)

No. 44906

File: 1566028910495.jpeg (251.58 KB, 640x929, 2A17D29A-633C-4FD6-B5F8-E7EDD6…)

No. 44907

File: 1566029446121.gif (2.63 MB, 250x345, tumblr_pvkcmpAKIN1s2vcg0o4_r1_…)

this has been mentioned in the previous thread, but there's actually something weird with dahyun's head. im assuming she had a shave because her chin suddenly looked pointier. (it could also be just the ~styling~ or ~weightloss~ kek but her head was the first thing i noticed when she appeared.

No. 44908

It's so obvious…Jennie is probably not even 5'3 but somehow looks taller than their tallest member lol but ok that's so it doesn't look awkward but then it's always her at the center too and she get the clothes that make her stand out from the rest.
YG doesn't care that fans are pissed cause even their stylist knew what fans think about all of this.

No. 44909

she looks stumpy as hell next to them otherwise so i doubt anyone will be fooled

No. 44910

File: 1566035482214.png (1.85 MB, 817x1500, Unbenannt.png)

She does have a very nice body, but she's not the ana model with the face of an 8-year-old she claims to be.

This is why I like american shows, at least they reveal "the truth" lol

No. 44911

File: 1566035508407.jpg (137.04 KB, 1024x683, 190212-abc-gma-blackpink-3.jpg)

No. 44912

Jennie is apparently the heaviest BP member at 110lbs but I always feel like Jisoo looks heavier at 100lb.

This profile information also seems so weird to me because Jisoo, Lisa, and Rose are all 99~100lb whole Jennie is usually placed around 110~115lb. She doesn’t look 10lb bigger than the other girls, why wouldn’t they round her down?

No. 44914

I never trust the listed weight for kpop idols online. Its obvious whats true and what isnt. Jisoo maybe heavier than jennie (compared to the others, her appearance has a healthier approach since her thighs are fuller from what i see in the recent images of them ) but at the same time, jennie isnt as thin as rose and lisa. Online it says she's a centimeter taller than jisoo, but that cant possibly make her heavier right? Could be so that the sexy image would be projected on her, making it seem as if she's the curvy one in the group. (fans believe it thanks to padding)

No. 44915

It's not like the police are gonna find anything. YG got rid of all evidence months ago


No. 44916

true; they should question people instead. there are a lot of ex yg employees. maybe one of them has a hard drive full of info.

No. 44917

Not everything has to be a shave. It’s probably derma fillers in her chin/jaw.

No. 44918

lisa and jisoos outfits make me sick

i dont understand this "sew pieces from 10 different outfits into one" kpop fashion trend from the last few years

so retarded

No. 44919

The pattern helps alot to make her seem like the skinniest member.
What bothers me more is how unnatural she is standing. I don´t even know who is supporting her… i feel like Jisoo, since the head tilding and her missing left arm seems to be holding Jennie.
Lisas outfit is shit. The outfit of the other two looks like they already have worn them. But Blackpinks overall style is so reused, everything looks the same to me.

No. 44920

Well you can thank the West for that. They mostly wear Italian and French brands for shoots like this.

No. 44921

I'm disappointed in Jun and Minghao. I thought they were better than that.

No. 44922

Also wasn't he caught cheating?

No. 44923

its sad that they also make lisa and rose look bad everytime. jisoo is the least popular member right? but she always gets the second best outfits after jennie.

No. 44924

disappointed that they don't support protestors blocking the airport and creating ruckus at 3 am?

No. 44925

jisoo is the second most popular in korea and is portrayed as jennie's side kick in a sense. she still gets hand me downs and reuses outfits like lisa and rosé tho

No. 44928

I'm genuinely surprised by this one. I remember before he debuted he got flack because one of his sisters was pro-HK independence so I just assumed the rest of the siblings were the same.

No. 44930

Its starting guys….sperm is really happening


Lmao how embarrassing, didn't they learn from "new culture technology?"

On the other hand, I wonder if this sperm group will be actually be successful, even this short teaser has already gained a lot of views quick. People seem to looking forward to it

No. 44933

it will be as successful as tiffany

meaning people who already liked kpop might like it and a few random celebs and youtubers will ~react~ to it and claim they like it or want to collab, and some american brands will POSSIBLY force them a little bit by doing 5 minute interviews with them because SM approached them and is willing to pay for promotion and thats probably the extent

No. 44934

the most popular group involved is exo and exo fans seem to be upset about this whole thing. i think it depends on how their songs and marketing are going to be like.

No. 44935

i thought the hashtag was a reference to their senior group H.O.T… If not that's just fucking cringe. Most of the views are from people who are already fans of exo shinee and nct. I don't see their appeal to the US since they are skinny and look a bit faggy. Especially when they don't have good english.

No. 44936

Fuck off CCP shill

I hope and pray BTS makes a comeback around October so any buzz around this group will be dead and buried this is embarrassing

No. 44938

yeah that's what I meant. I don't think they are going to gain any "new fans," I was referring to people who are already kpop fans

> I don't see their appeal to the US since they are skinny and look a bit faggy

lmao they'll probably gain a couple of new gay male fans at most

No. 44939

why is everyone here so full of themselves(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 44940

because you googled some kpop shit or were cowtipped and are obviously new to the board and dont belong here

go back to twitter or allkpop

No. 44941


Is it just me or is the teaser simply boring as hell?

If find it funny how they marked the u in the end… as if it would change anything. Still sperm.

No. 44944

File: 1566062257308.jpg (63.92 KB, 705x467, 55D4FF1A-651D-4223-93F5-AF7B4F…)

Lol. Some things will never change

No. 44946

clueless menopausal roasties general
it's always funny to see you talk about music or plastic surgery(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 44947

File: 1566064419885.jpeg (Spoiler Image,127.86 KB, 720x900, 67FAE36C-256E-42AF-BC62-058F50…)

i know we already talked about this but they look so bad without the extensions and korean filter*
the balding and thin hair are really telling

No. 44948


I saw part of their A-nation performance and Rose's body scared the fuck out of me. I could never be a kpop idol.

But yeah, Jennie in pronounced green, the rest in various shades of white or close to white. I really wonder what it's like to be in this group. I feel like Rose is probably the one who hates Jennie the most only because I feel like Jisoo is chill and knows she's got an acting career ahead of her (plus she's Jennie's sidekick) and Lisa probably has a lot of self-hate as an SEA working in the Korean industry and is too scared to step out of line. Rose seems to me to be the one who keeps trying to get attention and increase her standing but fails every time.

Now I'm wondering about the dynamics in all the top ggs and bgs…who hates each other? Who's a toady for who? Not enough tea gets spilled this generation.

No. 44949

Kpop milk is so diet this generation. It can be so boring when the only scandal is a company orchestrated PR relationship. Burning Sun didnt even really involve anyone from this generation either so its not the same. Back in the last generation there was so much good milk. SNSD, T-ARA, Kara, Apink, Secret, 2ne1, After School and some of the boy groups idk I never paid much attention to them kek. Lots of juicy scandals though it was a good time for it. Now the well is running dry and we just have to discuss shitty plastic surgery and delusional BTS fans.

No. 44951

File: 1566065994535.jpg (448.8 KB, 1080x1065, fantasy vs reality.jpg)

Lol what he edits himself to look like vs what he really looks like

No. 44952

is he wearing that bland brown eye makeup female idols wear or is it just that he put so much bb cream on his face and forgot to put it around his eyes too

No. 44953

This was asked before but, since there were no clarifying answers: how is it possible that idols starve themselves and still have the energy to perform? I undertand if they're teenagers but the adults? Seems so unrealistic
I remember once, in a variety show, Sooyoung was talking about how she thought Jessica was naturally skinny because she ate normally, but then she talked to Jessica's fitness trainer who said she would exercise to death. Isn't that more likely with adult idols?

No. 44954


I remember that back in the early days, idols were pumped with IVs and uppers and pushed out on stage. Hangeng, former Super Junior member before running to China basically said one time before going on stage for an end of year performance, he had to go to a hospital and get his IV drip - the manager was annoyed at the slow pace of the drip and tried to speed it up and flood his system to get him back out on stage again. It could have killed him. That was the earlier days of Kpop, but I doubt much has changed.

No. 44957


Easy access to prescription drugs. I can't imagine some of the concoctions they are on though. Ga In admitted to taking morphine to sleep/for mental issues.

No. 44958

Jisoo is 2nd best known in Korea after Jennie and got a lot of attention for a small cameo role on some TV show, she still has a shot at a successful acting career since Koreans like her visuals. Lisa has her rabid SEA fans who will eat up anything she does, if nothing else she can always go back to Thailand and get the royal treatment.

Rose on the other hand, truly has nothing to bank on when BP inevitably get replaced by a fresh crop of 12-year-olds. She probably hates Jennie's guts kek

No. 44963

I feel conflicted on this. On the one hand I like everything that hurts bts, but on the other hand I also don't want to give nctstans a reason to feel even more entitled.

>lmao they'll probably gain a couple of new gay male fans at most
Who will be the next Jimin? Bj-lips Taemin or one of the nctwinks? kek

Judging by the teaser they seem to mostly focus on dance, Baekhyun seems so out of place in this. And most of the retweets are still only exo fans being angry that Kai doesn't get a solo instead of this.

No. 44964

File: 1566078970557.jpg (140.27 KB, 750x738, IMG_20190817_175603.jpg)

this made me shrivel up

No. 44965

No. 44967

lmfao fucking femcel

No. 44968

File: 1566080510539.jpg (858.32 KB, 1475x1052, 1421035217_chrissy-zoom-c3d64a…)


No. 44970

File: 1566082779752.jpg (224.11 KB, 860x601, IMG_20190818_005851.jpg)

I never got the hype around Bomi. Imo she's one of the ugliest idols, she always does that weird laugh that makes her looks like she's crying.

No. 44971

>high school took my dna
What is this even supposed to mean?

No. 44972

she's not hyped up because she's pretty, it's because of her "charms

No. 44973


Rose looks like an ikon member.

No. 44975

i mean in bts we know everybody probably hates V. also wasn't there an nct member who talked shit about taeyong to a saesang?

No. 44976

whoever that guy is has awful proportions

No. 44977

>we know everybody probably hates V
??? it's obvious suga doesn't like him, but the rest?

No. 44978

File: 1566092628389.gif (690.26 KB, 250x250, original.gif)

I kind of feel like Jin is the most hated, I could even imagine him getting downright bullied, judging by the faces the youngers make when he does something unfunny once again.
No matter what, ratmies will always play anything off as just fanservice, even if it's something that oversteps all boundaries of what normal friends would do.

No. 44979

i'm just assuming everybody hates him because he's the most unlikeable member in bts

No. 44981

>nct member who talked shit about taeyong to a saesang
stans insist that it's not true but I heavily doubt that. He allegedly said something like:"Taeyong has a great face but who cares when his personality is so terrible." Kek seems legit to me, especially since the other members don't seem to like him all too much

No. 44982

kpop was a fucking mistake my god

No. 44983

i always thought she was cute but it was mainly personality
most idols that do the shit she does make me sick though that fake ~autist~ shit
i also think she kind of looks like one of those really famous japanese porn stars, who name escapes me

No. 44984

Nah. Jin may be useless but i bet all of them giv at least some amount of respect just because of the age hierarchy they have to follow.

Its safe to say v is the most hated, since he doesnt know how to control himself most of the time. (the rat mus hate him the most bcos he spazzes evry interview and envies his face kek)

No. 44985

nah rm and v are close

No. 44986

Haha i cant help but think he hates him bcos of that one interview where rm reads questions from papers (its an english interview) and doesnt giv v a chance to answer. I cant help but feel second hand embarrassment for him lol. Idk i think it seems that way bcos v's the weakest in english.(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 44987

I'm not gonna touch on her looks but she's a decent dancer and my eyes immediately go to her when I watch an Apink performance. I also saw her as a recurring character in a drama and she was actually good unlike most idol actors. Idk how knetz feel about her acting in particular but I respect her for those reasons. Apink is actually kind of decent imo because they grew up with their concept and aren't doing cutesy stuff so much anymore but also not sexy either. It's a shame about the Naeun and Namjoo 2-for-1 nose job situation but I think they're actually one of the 2nd gen girl groups that has aged fairly okay otherwise.

No. 44989

I should say *desperate sexy like AOA or something. I know that Apink is going for a more mature concept now but I think it actually works for them surprisingly.

No. 44991

File: 1566099886311.jpg (76.51 KB, 500x500, 201452220404e4vqshj_T5_79576.j…)

>I think they're actually one of the 2nd gen girl groups that has aged fairly okay otherwise.
They never were good looking to begin with, in comparison to other gg

No. 44995

I can only speak for bts because they were the only group I ever followed heavily enough to pick up on their dynamic, and idk if their dynamic has changed at all because I don't follow them anymore but I know a year or two back Suga seemed to dislike Jin because Jin would pull hierarchy on him a lot (like saying "I'm speaking right now shut up" if Suga accidentally cut him off, that kind of thing) and Suga seemed to hate it (but it could have been embarrassment rather than resentment idk). I can think of two instances of him doing it so it probably happens all the time in private.

Aside from that and the obvious ones mentioned in the thread I get the feeling JH and RM don't like each other. They were born in the same year but over half a year apart and JH probably expects RM to use honorifics (which he doesn't). That plus the fact that RM is or at least was arrogant about being a ~~rEaL rApPeR~~~ despite being less talented than JH leads me to believe they don't like each other.

No. 44997

What the hell. This is the blatant-est thing ever.

No. 44999

File: 1566106760756.jpg (422.22 KB, 750x706, TB2VECkbVgkyKJjSspiXXcwBpXa_!!…)

I always wonder why there's something called a "hairline-filler" in korea, no other country has invented that (cmiiw). Apparently their youngsters really need that, especially jennie and jisoo lmao.

No. 45000

Drugs and multiple espresso shots. They crash hard after concerts and look like shit after a few years.

>manager was annoyed at the slow pace of the drip and tried to speed it up and flood his system
kpop stylists and managers are bottom of the barrel

No. 45001

hair powder is sold in the west too, it's just not sold by big brands because it's not trendy lol

i too would feel pissed off if i had to deal with useless jin pulling rank on me when he can't even pull his own weight

No. 45002

Judging by that video in which rat says something super racist abt V and Jhope he's probably the most hated one. That video just shows how low he will go when they fight. It must not be pretty. Also he clearly thinks that he's a prodigy and better than everyone else in that group so yeah…
V is def disliked by the older members. They dont even try to hide, they downright say he acted like a fucking retarded before but that now they think that he's just dumb and autistic.

No. 45003

File: 1566113857063.jpeg (503.09 KB, 1869x1669, 5D84A6F0-167C-421C-9520-C2D4B1…)

rosé looks so sick it’s unsettling at this point. also kek at that gigantic cameltoe going on in jisoo’s shorts, what the fuck is their stylist doing

No. 45004

File: 1566117494632.png (244.87 KB, 600x337, blackpink-kim-jisoos-camel-see…)

I think the stylist hates her the most lol. This isn't the first time her camel toe is showing, it was even on the news
Her body looks unflattering too, not sure if it's always like that or just the styling

No. 45005

i don't know what normal person would want to become an idol manager/babysitter.
imagine if blackpink had twice's busy schedule. would rose even be able to perform at her weight? she's a few skipped meals away from her bones popping out.

No. 45006

File: 1566118002218.png (39.26 KB, 300x300, jeongyeon.png)

jeongyeon really aging herself with this new haircut. also do you guys think mina will end up leaving twice?

No. 45007

They absolutely have no idea how to dress girls who don't have "good" proportions and those whose bones aren't protruding. Yeri is another example of that.

No. 45015

jennie looks unfortunate as hell

No. 45017

File: 1566139265277.jpg (34.51 KB, 449x683, images.jpeg-9.jpg)

Eunji's transformation was the most surprising to me (in a bad way). Makes her seem desperate for a new face or something when she actually landed a role in a pretty successful drama (reply 1997) with her old face.

The two girls at the bottom look like twins, i recognized namjoo but not sure of the other one. Did they have the same surgeon or something? Kek. I guess people give them a pass for looking average at best since they debuted long before the beauty standards changed and they are the only gg from the 2nd gen still standing.

No. 45018

File: 1566141269429.jpg (107.89 KB, 1280x720, naeun.jpg)

naeun was never that pretty for me and i didn't understand the hype over her ~visuals~. i honestly think she looks prettier with the botched nose job.

No. 45019

she looks like a gangnam unnie now

No. 45021

She looks like a friendly version of Jennie in the first pic.

No. 45022

File: 1566151967630.jpg (55.36 KB, 510x647, DwNv4V_U8AAB77o.jpg)

They've made Naeun into a Jennie clone because of her small head and hacked at her nose, but her features are more mature than Jennie so it looks weird.

God only knows what they'll do to that Ella Gross girl

No. 45023

it always make me laugh how female idols with broomstick bodies are given hip pads and waistlines that are too tight cutting into their flesh to give them curves

No. 45024

The fans that believe padding is actual curves are delusional too.

Blinks genuinely think Jennie has boobs and onces really think Jihyo has massive anime tiddies - she's slightly bigger than average but that tit size is 70% padding.

No. 45025

lmao i didn't think much of it until i looked more carefully at the person in the picture.

No. 45027

Tbf i used to be kpop fan for a long time but didn't know that these ass cutlets and shit existed until recently. And I think, aside from hardcore fans or koreaboos, many people are oblivious to the existence of these or at least don't assume it's a popular thing in kpop.

No. 45028

File: 1566154015864.png (66.9 KB, 592x322, Screen Shot 2019-08-18 at 2.45…)

What are people's thoughts on fansites? A seventeen fansite just got exposed for sending a fan to the hospital for hitting her repeatedly on the head with her camera.

No. 45030

and just to clarify, this fansite is a confirmed saesang and has violated multiple rules.

No. 45031

File: 1566154187864.jpeg (225.9 KB, 1440x1800, ECQAlQyU0AApJUQ.jpeg)

Jimincel looks so retarded and photoshopped into this picture

No. 45032

koreans dress so tacky. brand names and logos everywhere.

No. 45033

his face is so puffy, new fillers or just hitting the carbs while he's on his break?

No. 45034

Who is this dude next to him?

His face was always puffy since predebut. He propably has the type of face who looks puffy when he is not anachan-level skinny.

No. 45035

this photo just reminded me of something i wanted to mention on this thread: 4/5 of all kpop idols are so fucking ugly. some of them are average/pretty but most are so fucking ugly. compare any kpop idol to a list korean celebrities and korean celebrities from the west. they look like humans meanwhile kpop idols are dead fish eyed robots

No. 45039

american singer Alec Benjamin https://twitter.com/i/events/1163133204871540736

They're pretty obsessed with brand-dropping from what I've seen

No. 45041

they're obsessed cause their country used to dirt poor. it's so tacky and ugly they'll wear things that don't go together for the sack of the logo

No. 45042


No. 45043

So true. Watched monsta x on buzzfeed I think it was, and was genuinely surprised at how ugly they were. I don't know what kinda filters they use in korea but buzzfeed should have used them.

No. 45045

Some idols are so embarrassing with their blatant new money fashion.

No. 45046

How much does BTS really weigh lol

No. 45047

So which idols are genuinely beautiful? Or are there any?

This is probably why Koreans go crazy over 'actor visuals' and look down on idols so much

No. 45048

no point in asking this in the kpop critical thread
how would any of us know this? we don't even know their real heights

No. 45049

Monsta X are only known for being buff and having that one faggy looking twink who gives "sassy" reactions.
Working out and taking your shirt off shouldn't count as music or "art"…

No. 45050


Taehyung, Tzuyu, Minho, JinSoul, and Nana are ones I can think of that are genuinely good looking. At least two of them are actively fucking up their faces with filler though so it seems it won't be for long

No. 45051

I meant they aged in terms of concept well, anon. They'd look weird doing cutesy shit now that they're in their mid 20s I believe.

No. 45052

they're shorter than their advertised height so fuck knows anon

No. 45053

File: 1566167912126.jpeg (Spoiler Image,53.34 KB, 516x560, 8E817464-5F60-4279-9576-24ECDE…)

jinsoul looks like this emoji she is not good looking

No. 45054

File: 1566168492067.jpg (273.37 KB, 1200x1800, 22ede61ac101d980af7eda66fd55d2…)

She looks like she's had a shitload of ps.

Nana really is beautiful. V also looks good, but not enough to outweigh him being a nationalistic and sexist retard.

They're shorter than they claim to be and I also don't believe that any of them, or any male idol in general, weighs less than 60kg, that's just completely inrealistic for a normal adult man, no matter how slim.
Even some of the produce 101 girls weighed close to 60kg despite being female and much shorter.

No. 45055

Go look at some and be the judge of that yourself. Why would you even ask these deluded femcels a question like this? Do you unironically trust their judgment?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 45056

Yeah this thread is mainly used for "tell me she's ugly TELL ME SHE'S UGLY" , "tell me the group I hate cause they rival who I stan sucks TELL ME!" and then the occasional interesting conversation about racist kboos , the industry although people get it wrong a lot and idols that genuinely are awful people like big bang and bts. Also a lot of derailing consisting of "ur a stan no ur a stan no u r " for about 10 posts minimum.
It's interesting to read for a multitude of reasons but all kpop idol girls are considered ugly unless they are ~Lana~ in this thread.

No. 45057

Lee dae hwi is 51kg or 113 lbs at 5’8” (173cm)

No. 45058

Also Suga looked that light pre weight gain

No. 45059

Anon, he's obviously lying, how can you be so gullible

No. 45060

No. 45061

no he actually looks pretty thin. he has a sticks for legs. tzuyu from twice is about the same height as him and weighed ~53kg with the same sized legs. it's pretty realistic.

No. 45062

>the industry although people get it wrong a lot
You mind explaining how?

No. 45063

It depends on the topic. These threads have been around for awhile so I can't remember specifics unless it comes up. Typically its about how western artist are vs kpop artist since both industries are more similar than people think. People's opinions on things and being able to talk about kpop without having to worry about being doxed because someone wants to protect their uwu oppars is still pretty interesting though. I kinda just scroll real fast when anons start fighting and skip till I see a new picture.

The YG situation seems to be getting worse so I wonder what Blackpink is gonna do. Jennie/ Lisa might be fine but idk about Jisoo/ Rose if they suddenly loose the Blackpink name.

No. 45064


I think it's Rose most at risk. Lisa can go back to Thailand and do well, Jisoo will pretty much aim for acting roles and her family is rich. Jennie's mom might struggle but IIRC her dad's rich, so she'll probably be fine although I think work will dry up for her.

No. 45066

In general I think korean actors are much more attractive than idols. I think actors have a more conservative amount of ps while kpop had an obsessive with a "youthful" " appearance that lands people into uncanny valley very quickly.
I guess if I had to answer I'd say Doyeon, Nana, and Joy are pretty. Honestly can't think of a hot male idol off the top of my head.

No. 45067

pretty sure most idols don't care about singing/music they just want to be famous. they know they're not handsome/pretty enough to be actors and actresses so they become idols. they get botched surgeries and starve themselves all for the attention of young girls and old men. korean actors and actresses are usually naturally good looking or get minor surgeries to enhance their looks and are usually good at acting unlike idol actors.

No. 45068

i never got the hype over jinsoul's looks. her jaw shave is so distracting, her hair looks so damaged and blonde just does not suit her.

No. 45069

File: 1566180082021.jpeg (39.67 KB, 377x512, 71BB8180-4251-4FF6-9E78-151D2E…)

Jinsoul looks good in her edited predebut pictures not irl

No. 45071

File: 1566181902186.jpeg (18.24 KB, 480x270, 1DB636D5-0BB6-4538-8FA7-38DDB5…)

She looked better with dark hair, don't know why bbc makes so many of the Loona girls blondes

No. 45072

File: 1566181963114.jpeg (151.29 KB, 900x1125, 3294774D-4168-447D-A9FE-38AC76…)

No. 45073

File: 1566182259450.jpg (220.92 KB, 1080x809, WBxbNZD.jpg)

This is from bp's guitarists's instagram, his back view of the girls. really puts into perspective how skinny these idols are

No. 45074

jennie's broad shoulders lel

No. 45075

Rose looks like she is on the verge of death. I'm surprised she even has enough energy to dance and perform and hasn't fainted on stage yet or ended up hospitalized.

No. 45076

File: 1566182995493.png (1.01 MB, 656x1080, profile.png)

No. 45077

Nana, Irene, Joy, Jisoo, and Mina are pretty imo. tbh I think a lot of female idols are cute tho. I can think of a handful of male idols I find cute but I feel like peoples' definition of male attractiveness widely differs and I don't feel like getting dunked on right now lmao.

holy christ rose. she looks so spoopy.

No. 45078

i agree except for joy. imo she's ugly she just always has nice styling, hair and makeup. i think she might be sm's favorite of red velvet.

No. 45079

electronics? cars?

No. 45087

nta but in the 90s, Hollywood had a significant share of the SK film market (I wanna say like 75%?) and Hollywood's revenue in Korea was rivaling that of Hyundai which was one of SK's biggest companies, so they started throwing money into their cultural output and kpop came about as a result of that. their biggest exports now are cars and electronics, but it wasn't always that way. Also, it was mentioned in an earlier thread but Korean pop focuses so much on visuals because whereas Western and some Eastern pop culture developed around the radio, theirs developed around the television due to their very recent cultural development.

No. 45089

Korean movies are a bit more lenient on the "typical" visuals compared to dramas and actors doing movies get the most public respect and recognition, but most idols will never reach that standard of acting anyway. The only decent ones who successfully crossed over are DO, Suzy (though I personally think she's a shit actress, her movie launched her to superstardom) and Im Siwan

No. 45091

Since no one has answered for the male idol yet, I'd say Taecyeon

No. 45094

Siwan did a great job as an actor that people practically forgot he's in a kpop group (i even had to do a quick search if the group is still active or not lmao)

No. 45096

File: 1566195721228.jpg (9.33 KB, 300x250, superthumb.jpg)

Wow more idols should have normal jaws like his

No. 45097

File: 1566198565885.jpeg (499.62 KB, 1536x2048, 00481618-A1EA-4455-A4F7-F335F7…)

Oof. Zoom into Rat's face. ARMYs always gas his unflattering/ugly pictures up… has nobody told him he doesn't look good in these?

No. 45098

His head is comically too small for the rest of his body. Is he trying to look tough or something. I can't stop laughing

If this was a female idol, knetz would have shit on her already because mUh bOdY pRopoRtIoN!!

No. 45099

File: 1566200429708.jpg (234.27 KB, 1247x1786, hyungwon-new-hairstyle-4.jpg)

Why does he look like a lesbian

No. 45102

small heads are a good thing in SK….

No. 45103

Wtf is that Nayeon?

No. 45104

File: 1566204554413.png (322.29 KB, 595x470, rigged.png)

Not sure if anyone is surprised .. or even care.

No. 45105

Joy in back, Tzuyu in front.

No. 45106

I was waiting for this

No. 45107


holy fuck I thought this was heechul. this is not a good look.

No. 45108

why are the police investigating? don't they have better things to do

No. 45109

they had paid votes so mnet essentially scammed people because it was rigged from the beginning

No. 45110

File: 1566218624611.jpg (148.73 KB, 1350x1687, hyungwon-new-hairstyle-2.jpg)

According to this news
He had planned to have the hairstyle for a long time. Not saying he looked good before (he didn't), but this is just ridiculous.

No. 45112

I always wonder if that band they're with isn't sick and tired of playing the same six songs or something, and then also having to endure their voices.

No. 45113

File: 1566222183980.gif (5.08 MB, 550x720, i16451867932.gif)

there's a good number of really pretty idols, you don't need to be a kboo to think that

No. 45114

Nana is the only female idol that got praised for her acting I think but I watched the drama she was in and I didn't understand the hype. She just had a small role and her acting was just whatever.
I can't seeing im siwan and d.o for some reason so I avoid their works but lee joon is decent as well.
The worst idol acting I've seen so far must probably be from baekhyun, v and Minho (feel free to add more).
I don't watch dramas anymore but I get why viewers are upset. It's frustrating to see these people's attempt to act as a lead when the vast majority of them are just plain terrible.

No. 45118

IU is godawful as well.

No. 45119

WTF happened to Red Velvet seriously… this sounds like the soundtrack to a kids tv show

No. 45121

She looks mediocre/normal to me.

No. 45122

No. 45123

She looks like that after a lot of touch-ups, so it really doesnt count. Also, not THAT pretty. Pretty for me is for example, Kim Taeri: simple features yet natural(?), also pre-botched Nana and Doyeon.

No. 45124

I feel bad for them, especially since they're all already in their mid-late 20s (?) except for yeri. It's like SM is trying to create something like red flavor with every title track they release.

No. 45125

File: 1566230263224.jpg (190.67 KB, 1002x1200, ECVgH7mVUAADAMU.jpg)

In one of the most bizzaro kpop world controversy, Infinite's L got caught copying lines in his letter (i think he wrote the letter due to leaving his company) to fans from other idols' letters. I am very invested in this, and any other controversies where it is revealed just how much of dumbfucks kpop idols are (like the AOA history scandal… Chef's kiss )

No. 45126

this is way less juvenile than their successful summer tracks. have you heard rookie, or red flavor? i appreciate that the chorus is actually decent and not just a lazy beat drop breakdown, or mindless repetition of words the entire time.
their last two title tracks (zimzalawhatever, and rbb) sounded nothing like red flavor and were wildly unsuccessful with the general public and charts
seems like they released this to make up for the trainwreck zimzalabam was and regain public flavor.

red velvet are being shafted next year in favor of sm's new girl group in the works, so the whole 'reve festival' thing is basically their last hurrah before being put on the back burner because sm can't seem to manage 2 girlgroups at once

No. 45128

File: 1566232190608.png (227.42 KB, 590x356, Screen Shot 2019-08-19 at 12.3…)

I never realized how ugly ateez was until I watch the kcon livestream

No. 45129

Sounds like it belongs in High School Musical

No. 45130

wow this song is so boring. it's red flavor lite.
really trying to get those international fans i see

No. 45132

iu really lucked out in life. all the dramas she stars in do really well despite her bad acting. also her music is boring yet koreans love it and she always charts high. the fact that she didn't come from a girl group either and made it as a soloist is surprising.

No. 45133

old milk but idols claiming their companies prohibit them to have plastic surgeries is the most laughable excuse a company could make

No. 45134

She’s honestly super pretty. Even if she had some work done, it’s probably only worked to make her look better. Not everyone want to look like their high school self forever.

No. 45139

Just saw a video of Jhope letting that dog they have lick the inside of his mouth. I feel disgusted.

No. 45140

Finally a public friendly song. It’s basic as fuck though but will probably do well.

Why is Yeri missing in the second half of the video but there are a million close ups of Irene? Lol

No. 45141


Yikes when they had to answer in that English interview about the song writing process and were floundering to make up some bullshit. Then in the German interview when the girls basically had to admit they were captives of their company. Idols, man.

No. 45145

File: 1566237928609.jpg (247.71 KB, 1500x1000, 1563509915362.jpg)

>She looks like that after a lot of touch-ups, so it really doesnt count.
Such as?
And naming Nana when you have that criterion is kinda funny.

No. 45146

I always thought both of them are way too skelly, but while Lisa isn't that much skinnier than Jennie and Jisoo, Rose is on a whole other level…
Care to explain why an autotuned rapping gg needs a band…?

Does anybody too think that bts' break is just a pr trick? They announced it everywhere, even saying stuff like "plz leave the boys alone if you accidentally meet them, they deserve to rest", but now that they continue doing those livestreams everybody kisses their asses for being so dedicated to their fans that they even spend their break making content for them. "They love their job, they love army, we're a family!"

It's V's dog but "all of the boys love him!!!“.

No. 45148

>Does anybody too think that bts' break is just a pr trick?
seems true, i avoid everything related to bts but now they're somehow discussed everywhere

No. 45149

Lisa and rose have similar heights and weight but rosé’s frame is just smaller allowing her to look more skelly

No. 45154

yeah lisa has thicker legs so she doesn't look as skelly as rose, but pretty sure she's starving herself just as much

No. 45155

lisa's legs are only thicker cause she has more muscle and bigger bones. if she didn't dance as much she'd be just like rosé.

if i were jennie or jisoo i'd die seeing rosé and lisa everyday. also, why do blinks not notice rosé wearing hip pads @ the japan concert (pink dress one)??? it's obvious af since she's consistently had hip dips and a triangular shape since predebut all the way to coachella.

No. 45156

most female idols wear hip pads and no one says anything.
you can see jennie's hip pads under her jeans here

No. 45157

i didn't know hip pads were a thing until i found this thread and anons pointed out nayeon's hip pads. i don't think most kpop fans know that hip pads are a thing.

No. 45158

Nta but they have a band for concerts I think. They just add a little to the existing instrumentals. Probably to make the few songs they have sound more interesting/fun.

No. 45159

File: 1566248086985.jpg (56.33 KB, 370x268, IMG_20190819_224914.jpg)

No anon, Lisa is definitely still a bit "healthier". Plus people with larger frames would look bony quicker than people with small frames. Only her arms are on par with Rose's, the rest of her body isn't as extreme.

My little sister told me that they are on a break yet instead of going on a vacation still post videos, so their average (pre)teen fans definitely fall for that. Their marketing team is doing a great job.

No. 45160

Rose looks like she's turning into Eugenia Cooney. What the fuck. I'm predicting a "health-related hiatus" for her soon tbh. And I hope I'm right. She needs a break

No. 45163

i don't keep up with blackpink, how busy are they? i assume they can't be that busy since they only have a comeback once a year. she probably has plenty of time to rest.

No. 45165

>At this point, it's SM to blame ㅋㅋ they're the ones who have been backstabbed all this time but they still keep debuting Chinese members. Who else can you blame than yourself? ㅋ
I kind of agree with the comments, why are agencies dumb enough to continue casting foreigners? Sm's female trainees are mostly non-Koreans too - and korean fans hate that.

Do you think that Lay is really brainwashed enough to think that China is the "good" one and right about Hongkong or is he just doing it for the money? He seems so normal and "modern" in interviews, it's really difficult too believe that he's such a hardcore communist.
I guess I'm falling for propaganda, but that's not how I imagened the puppet of some semi-dictatorship would act like.

No. 45166

lol he's not a communist and neither is china

No. 45167

He seems dumber than a bag of rocks and being that he was born and raised in that shithole, he's been hearing propaganda his entire life. There's no way in hell he doesn't side with China. Don't be naive.

No. 45168

>There's no way in hell he doesn't side with China. Don't be naive.
I know that he's sides with China, I was asking why.
There are several idols who definitely only post pro one-China stuff because it helps their career, but many Exo fans claim that he doesn't care about the financial aspect and instead genuinely agrees with the chinese government.

No. 45174

>many Exo fans claim that he doesn't care about the financial aspect and instead genuinely agrees with the chinese government.
They're probably right. It's not like it matters if he or any of those other celebrities believe it deep down or not anyways. The damage has already been done, and both reasons for doing it are equal bad.

No. 45175

>why are agencies dumb enough to continue casting foreigners?
they can pay them less and abuse them more

No. 45177

>Do you think that Lay is really brainwashed enough to think that China is the "good" one and right about Hongkong or is he just doing it for the money?
Mainlanders are told that most Hong Kongers actually support the CCP (Chinese news report 476k for the pro-police/"anti-violence" demonstration, 128k for Victoria park) and the state media puts a lot of effort into "debunking" Western media. I wouldn't be surprised if he and other mainland idols who work oversees are still extremely dismissive of the Western perspective.

No. 45178

Ik it's old news but is anybody else super bothered by bts world? I've tried it on my cousin's phone and couldn't continue after 5 mins because it felt uncomfortable to treat actual real life people as your anime ~husbando~ in a dating sim, the real life pics further amplified this issue. Even my cousin (who's a mild armyfag) admitted that it's kinda cringe.

No. 45179

This thread needs to stop painting foreign idols as eternal victims. Hangeng happened over a decade ago, do you really believe Sana, Momo and Co. are getting "bullied"?
Most of them are even dumber than korean idols (and more often even more well-off), they know exactly what they get themselves into.

No. 45180

i'm not a faggot, why would i play that degenerate shit?

No. 45181

i think it was sorn of clc who said foreign idols get paid less than korean idols. we know how nationalistic koreans are. we know they have issues with both japan and china and they look down on SEA. it's not crazy to think they get treated worse.

No. 45182

You are really naive if you think intelligence matters here.

No. 45184

That's probably cause he goes above and beyond with the propaganda and is an ambassador for the communist party or something like that.
I'm sure he 100% believes the shit he's spewing

No. 45185

koreans think they are the superior race so ofc they will treat foreigners badly. especially if that foreigner is younger

No. 45186

>i think it was sorn of clc who said foreign idols get paid less than korean idols
that's not because of racism… it's because of how the korean artist system handles royalties… see sorn's explanation in vid related

>So basically the Federation Of Korean Music Performers (FKMP) collects a royalty fee, but they do not pay it out until the country that the idol in question is from signs an agreement with them. That essentially ends up making the earnings loss for foreign idols permanent if the countries cannot come to an agreement. Thus, this is not on Cube Entertainment at all as it’s an industry problem, and Lisa of BLACKPINK, BamBam of GOT7, and other foreign idols (like Elkie) also deal with the same thing.

No. 45189

No one said anything about them being victims. Pointing out that Koreans are racist af and idols aren't immune to their bs is just an observation, but go off I guess.

And (at least some) foreign idols DO get paid less, some kind of law or some shit, idr. Whether it's just Thai idols or all foreigners, I'm not sure.

But if both of those are true, it's a damn good reason to keep foreign idols around.

No. 45190

File: 1566256943837.png (121.85 KB, 326x418, 4985651615321.png)

and you only ever see mainland chinks bitch about raycism too, it's never japanese, cantonese, or even sea. maybe they should fuck off and try to get famous in their own big ass country instead of countries like korea and japan where they're hated more than literally any other race for reasons we're getting a glimpse of right now lul(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 45195

There’s also been a wave of kboo idols who come to the country without understanding Korean and get taught the language by their company and handlers—all idols enter with the expectation that training will be some version of hard, and I can’t think of a more perfect way to groom and domesticate someone who expects to be abused and is desperate to become a celebrity

No. 45200

did you miss that Momo-Sejeong and #respectLisa stuff?

No. 45204

File: 1566260421386.jpg (423.97 KB, 1080x1754, 20190820_071750.jpg)

He's trying to gain so much fortune so that his future children won't have to. Probably also explains why he's shilling china so hard.

No. 45207

I mean, I can't blame him for that, but he also said he'd encourage anyone who wasn't his child to become an idol and I'm like… uh

No. 45208

See guys? Lay HAD to post propaganda to his millions of fans, many of whom are very young and impressionable, so that his potential future kids can be spoiled NEET losers! He's the hero in this story after all, future dad of the century.

No. 45209

>instead of going on a vacation still post videos
idk I see people saying OMG THEY SHOULD BE RESTING!! all the time but just because they're still doing stuff doesn't mean they aren't on a break. Now they can just do whatever they want with no official group responsibilities. Idk why people think that vacation means they need to be on bedrest or otherwise cut off from the public lol

apparently Jimin's eating disorder is mentioned when you do his storyline kek. Supremely fucked up, but ultimately nobody's going to hold bigshit accountable.

No. 45210

>apparently Jimin's eating disorder is mentioned when you do his storyline
it's amazing that koreans treat eating disorders so lightly. it's a completely different attitude in the west. i remember having to watch a video about eating disorders in middle school.

No. 45211

Kek this is interesting
>Lay also strongly emphasized this when the interviewer asked what if in the case of a daughter. He said he would discourage even more so if he had a daughter and she was trying to get in to the entertainment business.

No. 45216

File: 1566267844705.jpg (110.4 KB, 900x590, 2121_900.jpg)

yang hyun suk is now not allowed to leave SK kek

>when you're connected to rapes and assaults and bribery but you only go to jail because you gambled

No. 45217

cause they don't expect abuse. a lot of kpop stans don't even see how idols are treated as abuse and after being abused for a while, you start to convince yourself it's fine or okay, especially if you are just a 13 year old like many trainees. koreaboos are annoying af and retarded but it sad that companies manipulate them for a quick buck.

No. 45218

cause female idols are treated like ass. he saw how f(x) and 2ne1 ended up.

No. 45219

"Sm's female trainees are mostly non-Koreans too"

I thought SM got rid of most of their trainees, or was that YG? I saw one of their Chinese trainees on some Chinese talent show with Tao last year.

Oh yeah and remember when YG was supposed to have some girl trainee version of Treasure Box this year?

No. 45220

File: 1566268655664.png (234.78 KB, 1074x1477, g3H6JMP.png)

No. 45221


It's naive to even believe that either Seungri or YHS are going to end up in jail. They'll get off scot free.

No. 45222

this has to be satire, most of these performances are wack and are overridden by thousands, and i mean thousands of other bad performances out there that prove the point of people who rightfully think kpop idols have no stage presence 99% of the time, i know some of them are good, but im sick of those stans trying to "oWn tHe HateRs" with clips of idols doing what they're supposed to do/the bare minimum. lmao at OP classifying V's retardation as "stage presence" and jimin screeching at 4:00

No. 45223

>rehearses every facial expression so many times that you can't go outside of what you practiced
how is this stage presence? american artists at least can spontaneously switch things up

No. 45224

yg got rid of their trainees. sm trainees left because nct was flopping and taking up a lot of sms time. the foreign trainees were stuck cause sm wouldn't pay for them to go home

No. 45225

Western artist also practice facial expressions. It's to make sure you don't look strange on camera. You basically practice in front of a mirror and watch what your face looks like when you sing. Smiling and winking is also practiced too. But you shouldn't be focusing on it for hours on end either. It's best to do it when you're already practicing singing or dancing or both. Then film yourself to see how it looks like on camera as a screentest. It's basic performance training for pop artist but kpop does seem to focus on it too much since ex-idols have said that they take hours just focusing on camera testing alone. But then again they rely so much on idol videos going viral it might make sense I guess. It also should come naturally still, even though you practice it it should be something that comes from within you you just gotta make sure you don't look crazy.
(Most western artist aren't the best performers nowadays either tbh it's a lot of standing, poor attempts at twerking, blinking at the camera with a Magikarp face and reliance on stan Twitter to call them legends)

No. 45227

i didn't watch the video, but there's no point in comparing kpop idols to western artists. kpop idols are selling themselves as the perfect boyfriend/girlfriend for fangirls/fanboys to obsess over while western artists focus on the music and making songs people will remember them for. of course idols spend so much time on things like facial expressions and making the performance memorable. that's how they lure in the fans.

No. 45230

The chorus of rv's song reminds me of another song. I just don't know what song it is..does anyone have an idea?

No. 45236

it remind me of holiday by snsd and the graduation song in high school musical for some reason.

No. 45239

I immediately thought of SHINee's Breaking News when I heard it

No. 45246

I've heard of nana but never saw her til i read these threads. Anons mentioned earlier that she had a jaw shave. It may not have taken a toll on her looks but she definitely looked better with her untouched jaw.

No. 45249

File: 1566302944981.jpg (62.97 KB, 510x513, art_1387954724.jpg)

No. 45250

File: 1566303349150.png (Spoiler Image,47.2 KB, 540x180, ABlinkLoveszimzalabimOwO.png)

I know SM releases whatever shitty song they can give RV til they chuck em in the bin, but imo if they released umpah umpah earlier instead of continuously putting out flops like zimzalabim and rbb, i wouldnt think rv's downfall is about to happen so early. The song is as decent as their previous releases, but we know sm wants to rake in all the cash he can before rv's kicked out.

(pic related i was reading the comments and saw this kek. If blinks loved zimzalabim then that xplains why they can listen to bp's songs even if they're so unbearable)

No. 45251

File: 1566304521139.png (678.07 KB, 960x540, 35677356.png)

lmao easy anon. I was talking about the pic in the middle, bottom row. Her jaw looked wider/more square so i assumed she was ~all natural~ in this pic kek

No. 45252

the girl you posted is Bona, >>45249 is Nana

No. 45253

I didn't even know these songs but..wow ..how can they all sound so similar?
But it wasn't those.
I have an (older?) English song in mind. I'll post it when I can think of it/ find it although now I know that they took "inspirations" from these.

No. 45254


Ok my mistake. searched nana up and she looked pretty similar to bona after the ps. Thx for the info

No. 45257

File: 1566311461849.jpg (44.92 KB, 600x446, tae3-jpg.jpg)

Does anybody think that Taeyeon and Baekhyun's relationship was also fake?
She unironically looks manlier than him (and I mean that in a positive way lol) and she's quite successful, so I have a hard time believing she wouldn't just go for a model or an actor instead.

No. 45262

Well there were a lot of rumours going around at the time that Taeyeon was gay so a lot of people think this relationship was set up by sm to shut the rumours down

No. 45264

I really don't like this woman but I do think it was real.
Faking for what? And why would she comply if she was already a huge star? That "scandal" got her so much hate, and for someone who's dealing with depression and all, I would assume she wouldn't even consider doing such things.
On top of that she doesn't seem like the type who'd silently accept a company use her for fake dating scandals.

No. 45265

I was surprised to find out that Zimzalabim actually charted worse than Really Bad Boy which was also a huge flop. SM are probably shitting themselves that not only are NCT a massive failure, so is their only girl group

No. 45267

Isn’t this the same for all idols though?

No. 45270

File: 1566316909801.jpg (63.02 KB, 550x825, 201908201944517073044_20190820…)

This just in, CL is still fat

No. 45272

File: 1566317041671.jpg (213.84 KB, 808x1080, s-MnqeBJ1zU.jpg)


He's not even wearing anything that's too feminine like skirts or dresses jfc

No. 45273

does he even buy or pick his own clothes lol

No. 45275

>And why would she comply if she was already a huge star?
It's no secret that SM treats her like shit, think of that airport incident.

Or maybe he's too short and ana to be able to wear western male brand clothes?
Male idols often wear female clothes, but I don't think it's intentional.

No. 45276

I hate how some parts of SM's songs sound cool but then juvenile shit that sounds like Disney is shovelled in and it sounds like a fucking trainwreck. Like don't they think having Irene sing shit that sounds like Sharpay Evans is really disrespectful?

Like if you merged the best parts of this, Zimzanalbanalam and Power Up together it could sound decent. I know no one liked RV's 'Velvet' side but I wish they'd gone down that route more often

His agency probably told him what to write, they all have pre-prepared bullshit like robots

Why is this remotely 'praiseworthy'? Little Richard did this in the fucking 1950s, and it wasn't even a society wide trend then to be effeminate like it is in modern Korea

No. 45277

File: 1566318847304.jpg (332.84 KB, 720x846, 20190820_123419.jpg)

fansite editing is so hideous what the hell

No. 45278

Can someone tell them that their woke genderfluid king can still be a sexist, misogynistic asshole even if he wears pink?

This is also pretty common with male idols as their stylists like to experiment around and all.
Those clothes aren't even feminine.
If he was wearing pink crop tops or something then I'd understand this post.

His fans still don't know how insecure he is with his masculinity and the fact that he constantly tries to overcompensate because most of his stans think he's a cute twink rather than a "manly" man.

No. 45279

how do fansites white wash idols? i know you can lighten skin on photoshop but what they do is on another level. she looks like an albino rat here.

No. 45280

Sounds kind of like S Club 7. Around that era. It reminds me a lot of late 90s, early 2000s pop. This was just the generic pop sound back then though.

No. 45281

i remember taeyeon posted the bisexual pride flag on her insta so i don't think she's a lesbian and she could have dated baekhyun for real. she has a lot of dating rumors with other male idols under sm.

No. 45283

I found it. It was rock dj by Robbie Williams.

No. 45289

sage for ot but I heard this song at a friend's house a couple years ago and could never find it again so thanks for posting it anon lol.

No. 45293

File: 1566335674093.gif (2.46 MB, 540x300, nana.gif)

i know it's been discussed before, but i just saw this gif of nana and i was surprised at how different she looks. she's not ugly, but that jaw shave or whatever she did changed her face soo much.

No. 45295

Thought that was plain Suzy for a hot second… She looks better in pics.

No. 45296

They're getting paid for this shit…thought it was taekook vids

No. 45298

I kind of want her to just lean into her weight at this point and start dressing like lizzo. The knet tears would be delicious.

No. 45300

I honestly don’t think she looks that bad, if she managed to make a comeback like this it would be pretty interesting to see how Korea would react, though I doubt YG would let that happen…

No. 45301

this is sad
she always said she was okay with her jaw… oh man

No. 45302

she said that when she was at the peak of her career.

No. 45303

It’s similar to how you whiten teeth in Photoshop.

No. 45304

>if i were jennie or jisoo i'd die seeing rosé and lisa everyday
Not everyone has an eating disorder like you anon lol

No. 45305

She also did something to her eyes. So unfortunate.

No. 45306

I don't follow BTS, do you have any examples of Jimin being a sexist/misogynist?

No. 45307

farmers tend to asume every man is one except maybe former r9k user reviewbrah

No. 45308

nta but I think that anon's point was just that someone isn't a genderneutral barrier-breaking king just because he's narrow-shouldered enough to wear women's clothing and you can't assume he's "praiseworthy" regarding gender based on which section of the store his stylists order clothes from. not that he actually is sexist.

No. 45310

I"m pretty sure they put male idols in women's clothing so that their fangirls will buy the clothes for themselves. Since it's clothing for women the fangirls would definitely buy them because they get to wear exactly what their oppars wear. Makes sense

No. 45311

yg is known to fatshame his idols. knetz fat shame idols. if i were an idol with pressure to stay thin and saw those two i'd die. just putting myself in their shoes you dumb fuck

No. 45312

This, do idols ever get to choose their own casual clothes? Or is it all decided by their stylists?

No. 45313

When he wears a girl's plain white shirt hes a non-binary icon, but he wears a political shirt of the Japan bombing and it's "the stylist's fault! He doesn't even choose his clothes!" How fucking blind are they

No. 45317

I havent seen her in years. How did she get so big? I think she looks fine tbh, but you know how crazy Korean beauty standards are. I remember her ex band mate Minwo or whatever was pissed she couldnt be as thin as CL, and here we are.

No. 45318

Some times yes sometimes no. Same with western artist. Some have some input some just wear whatever their stylist tells them to wear. Some copy other celebrities who are known for their fashion and act like they came up with it (even something as simple and common as a pony tail becomes a ~singature lewk~ purely for attention and PR) and they attempt to force them to become "trend setters" when it's really all a lie and a person being paid is behind it all. There are still times when they dress themselves though.

Jennie seems to pick her airport and festival outfits and at times it seems like the other 3 are trying to keep up with her since, even though anons here hate her, the way she dresses gets the most attention. She wears a lot of crop tops and lower cut necklines that Korean stylist typically shy away from for non-stage outfits even though she wears things that many other young adults wear. It might also just be apart of her more "western" image but with how comfortable she looks in them it's probably her actual taste. The members of red velvet seem to dress themselves often for airport/festivals too but none of them seem to really have a fashion identity. So do Twice at times and moreso recently. At this point all of SNSD do. EXO seems to to. BTS not so much since they keep up the "newly rich forgein exchange student from Asia look" even off stage

Sorry this is a lil long.

No. 45319

What type of mental illness is that? V.i.ps are on a different level of disgusting I swear.

No. 45320

i think most idols pick out their casual outfits or they wear pieces that brands send to them.

No. 45321

>man rapes and drugs women in clubs

>I know we all make mistakes, oppa!! it's okay. we are cheering you on.

jfc, this is disgusting

No. 45323

File: 1566353435853.png (614.18 KB, 925x436, twicetagram.png)

twice posted pictures of mina on their instagram with the other members. i guess this means she's better?

No. 45324

Who the hell knows exactly when that pic was taken. What I'm sure about is jyp wants the fans to think she's all right.

No. 45325

It looks so bad, she probably regretted it kek

No. 45326

They wear what brands send to them and their stylists go over everything they wear, even little accessories.
I've seen an idol mention this before btw. They said something along the lines of: " [a certain accessory] is the only part of my wardrobe that the stylist didn't choose themselves, but when I put it on the stylist liked it and approved of it."
It wasn't even a popular member so that just goes to show how important the outfits they wear are to them. Also the more popular an idol is the more brand clothes they'll be wearing, since it'll sell better of course

No. 45328

you're right. i scrolled down further on their instagram and found pictures from june of momo wearing the same outfit with the same background.

No. 45332

kek at their posture

No. 45337

I know you've already answered your own question, but this song reminds me so much of "pumpin' up the party" by Hannah Montana, no wonder it sounds so juvenile.

No. 45339

apparently this is a girl group and not a boy group…

No. 45342

who cares? whats weird to me is that they're debuting in korea when they're all chinese. this group isn't even new, they're redebuting.

No. 45343

all I heard is that they were "censored" in China and trying to redebut on the Korean market, but with all the nationalist faggotry from Chinese idols right now it's not the best time for them to redebut

No. 45348

OT (hot pockets aren't deleting/public banning the previous OT posts ITT and so in fairness mine should be safe too?) but Jesus Christ, I’ve held my tongue on this for days but this time I really need to get it out of my system. Any Chinese national with a good head above their shoulders would obviously side with China over this matter. You guys as well as the protesters are even more fucking stupid if you're genuinely of the belief that if HK ever gains ~true democracy~ their sovereignty would be sustainable.

HK’s situation is comparable with Singapore's a few decades ago: both more or less city-states and both have a much larger, stronger neighbor (China/Malaysia). Singapore did incredibly well under LKY's soft authoritarianism, despite the vulnerable geopolitical situation that they were in, because LKY was competent, did not have to share power or balance conflicting interests etc. etc. On the other hand, democracy doesn't have the best track record at being an efficient, responsive system because power is decentralized and the interests are often vastly different if not conflicting. An “independent”, democratic HK would just be a HK that’s greatly disadvantaged and/or more likely, subject to heavy US influence. At the moment the US is trying their best to maintain their presence in the Asia-pacific region and would obviously jump at chance like this. In response China would try their best to ward off the US influence and if they ever decide enough is enough, military force is in order. Bottom line is: HK would get a democracy that you retards probably did not expect and it’s going to be at the cost of a much tenser political atmosphere, with the threat of economical/military conflict hanging over them every single day.

As for the Chinese perspective, the reason behind Chinese people’s lack of sympathy for the protesters isn’t due to CPC propaganda as much as you’d all like to think. There are quite a number of mainlanders who have directly experienced discrimination or outright resentment from HKers (e.g. service workers refusing to serve or making fun of mainlanders or pretending to not understand Mandarin, and even when mainlanders are communicating in Cantonese or English). The fact that a lot of HKers’ superiority complex from stems from their colonial history also disgusts a large share of mainlanders. For a Chinese person, there is no plausible reason to feel sympathy or kinship towards a group of people who already enjoy more privileges and are demanding ones they’ve themselves never had and actively looks down upon Chinese people in general. And there are even less reasons to put the these people’s interests at the expense of China’s national interest as well as their personal interests.(derailing with autistic political rant t. hot pockets)

No. 45350

File: 1566380874544.png (77.26 KB, 974x631, 6576576765754.PNG)

i was about to stop watching when i saw pic related, but skimmed through til the middle and honestly, do kpop stans even know what stage presence is? most of it was just ~choreography~ and most of the performances felt very dead on stage. i couldn't believe this isn't satire

No. 45376

0:12 I thought lipsyncing isn't allowed at radio shows?

No. 45379

begone, inferior mainland shill. fuck you and your entire shithole country.

动态网自由门 天安門 天安门 法輪功 李洪志 Free Tibet 六四天安門事件 The Tiananmen Square protests of 1989 天安門大屠殺 The Tiananmen Square Massacre 反右派鬥爭 The Anti-Rightist Struggle 大躍進政策 The Great Leap Forward 文化大革命 The Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution 人權 Human Rights 民運 Democratization 自由 Freedom 獨立 Independence 多黨制 Multi-party system 台灣 臺灣 Taiwan Formosa 中華民國 Republic of China 西藏 土伯特 唐古特 Tibet 達賴喇嘛 Dalai Lama 法輪功 Falun Dafa 新疆維吾爾自治區 The Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region 諾貝爾和平獎 Nobel Peace Prize 劉暁波 Liu Xiaobo 民主 言論 思想 反共 反革命 抗議 運動 騷亂 暴亂 騷擾 擾亂 抗暴 平反 維權 示威游行 李洪志 法輪大法 大法弟子 強制斷種 強制堕胎 民族淨化 人體實驗 肅清 胡耀邦 趙紫陽 魏京生 王丹 還政於民 和平演變 激流中國 北京之春 大紀元時報 九評論共産黨 獨裁 專制 壓制 統一 監視 鎮壓 迫害 侵略 掠奪 破壞 拷問 屠殺 活摘器官 誘拐 買賣人口 遊進 走私 毒品 賣淫 春畫 賭博 六合彩 天安門 天安门 法輪功 李洪志 Winnie the Pooh 劉曉波动态网自由门

No. 45386

File: 1566401102206.png (556.19 KB, 501x632, A085EA99-4859-41CD-86C7-0E8565…)

No. 45410


so sorry that HK doesn't want to be bullied by your precious shitty mainland china, anon. abloobloobloo. come back when you live in a country that's guaranteed an entire sociopolitical upheaval.

No. 45418

File: 1566414486955.jpg (43.92 KB, 540x359, jJoH3in.jpg)

I know mamamoo for sure pick their own outfits like 90% of the time.
And at the airport they dress in actual potato sacks lol, no stylist would choose pic related

No. 45423

I think girl groups are starting to die. Everyone is falling off the charts and osts/ballad keep occupying top 10. Plus girl group releases have been ass all year. Such a shame.
its allowed if you pay the hosts enough money
calm down guys everyone can have different opinions. plus, at this point this discussion about hong kong isnt even on topic its just derailing.

No. 45424

>everyone can have different opinions
are you reading what the OP said? seriously, don't call these posts out and ignore the actual issue.

No. 45426

there is an issue, however this isnt the place to keep discussing it. this is a fucking kpop thread, not a political thread. half the dumbasses here get triggered and have heart attacks over someone saying that their oppa does drugs or has gotten surgery so i dont think having a political discussion here is necessary, especially when it doesnt ahve much to do with kpop.

No. 45427


quit the fucking unsaged minimodding

No. 45428

also ffs the critical thread is political, retard.

No. 45429

The question is what has Jimin done that proves he is feminist or anything that ratmys claim 24/7? Wearing women's clothes doesn't count

It's a fair expectation given the circumstances. Unless you're a ratmy of course

No. 45430

nah that's just a shitty stylist. that style is very popular in sk rn.

No. 45431

I think it's mainly the case of Hotel del Luna's popularity.

No. 45432

all the posts are retarded but im mot gonna sit here and scroll all the way up ffs
critical=/=politocal unless it relates to (thread's title) kpop. but it doesnt at this point. half of these anons are talking about china and the us, not even korea at least. im gonna end this here keep replying if you want to.

No. 45442

>>45432 shut the fuck up and report the derailing then? Goddamn sperg.

No. 45459

File: 1566430664676.jpg (41.78 KB, 640x960, 4teSCMl_d.jpg)

Sunmi looks awful on the promo pics of her new single.

No. 45460

File: 1566431800307.jpeg (559.8 KB, 2048x2048, DD79A111-538C-4CED-A053-5C9C24…)

her posture in this is so bad, who approved this pic? the other ones are so low quality, she mustve ran out of money when noir flopped

No. 45461

File: 1566431843666.jpeg (Spoiler Image,439.27 KB, 1080x1620, 2AC95B1C-E7AB-4CEF-BFFB-1D864B…)

more shit promo photos incoming:

No. 45462

File: 1566431864943.jpeg (Spoiler Image,395.9 KB, 1080x1620, A67CEF00-D285-4C8F-BFA5-CDB518…)

No. 45463

File: 1566431901614.jpg (51.14 KB, 427x640, ul66SMjl.jpg)

is she trying to copy billie eilish?

No. 45465

it's just 2016 tumblrcore

No. 45466

File: 1566432044516.jpeg (Spoiler Image,284.63 KB, 1080x1080, F2B4424E-7734-49A5-8420-51103D…)

No. 45467

are you being paid to promo her? go put this in the kpop general thread

No. 45468

Why do you keep spoilering these?

No. 45472

No1curr sunmifag
Just post 1 pic next time

No. 45473

File: 1566436773812.jpg (273.98 KB, 1080x1225, Screenshot_20190821-211948_Ins…)

So an agency in China is trying to get 2 billion won out of Jessica Jung from SNSD but it sounds like they were the ones who actually owed her money and tried to flip the script? I can't really tell because all the translations I've read are really bad.

No. 45475

File: 1566437365026.jpg (417.52 KB, 1080x1242, Screenshot_20190821-212404_Ins…)

I found a more clear post about it. It seems like they purposely allowed Jessica's contract to continue during the performance ban or whatever is keeping Koreans from being able to be celebs there so that they could sue her for not completing her contract even though she legally couldn't. If that's true that's horrible. Idk why they are trying to sue Jessica when it should be the company if they feel wronged in some way but I also think they might be suing BOTH Jessica and her entertainment company in Korea. I still don't know cause these translations are a bit funky.

No. 45476

You'd die because you have an eating disorder, not because you're capable of putting yourself in their shoes. Don't bring up YG or knetz as an excuse and learn to sage before your starved brain completely rots

No. 45477


Is Jessica's sunglasses line doing okay? Cuz if so I dunno how much money she has left from her Soshi days to afford splurging 1mill USD. Then again I know the Jungs were originally quite rich. Maybe Krystal can pitch in with some cf money.

No. 45478

sunmi's ~i'm so quirky~ concept is annoying. it was fun with gashina, but she keeps making these basic songs with weird music videos.

No. 45487

her flagship store in manhattan closed a while ago kek. Her brand was always basic and irrelevant so I'm not surprised

No. 45492

this shit is actually considered good dancing

No. 45493

I wonder how people find this kind of shit if they're not actively looking/stan twitter themselves

No. 45494

File: 1566453773755.jpg (55.61 KB, 799x451, TXT-moa.jpg)

TXT's new fandom name sounds stupid, so does the previous one. You'd think they'd learned English by now after "Adorable Representative MC of Youth".

No. 45495

SEAmonkeys think this is dope(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 45496

lol, I was hoping someone would post it

No. 45497

>moments of alwaysness
they can't keep getting away with this

No. 45499

File: 1566459052002.png (73.37 KB, 584x420, Screenshot_1.png)

No. 45501

>tfw I'm ugly and can't sing or dance
>tfw neither could Jin
hold my English to Korean Dictionary, anons, I'm going in. anyone have recommendations for soups I can eat while I'm recovering from my jaw shave? thanks in advance.

No. 45502

Jokes aside, I think EVERYONE could become an idol. An average looking face is enough. You just need to somehow impress the company and if you don't possess any talent you can act quirky and shit so they'll let you in and debut you because they rely on you for variety shows and stuff.

Twice is a good example. Lets look at dahyun for example: average looking, can't sing, can't dance…nothing.
The only thing she'll ever have to do is to fast-talk for a few seconds in every song.

No. 45503

ratmys are seething

No. 45504

They're probably using the fact that Source is there to justify it. "Oppar won't even be in the same building!" Also I really fucking hope this group has a white girl to piss of Ratmys

No. 45507

>Also I really fucking hope this group has a white girl so I can self insert like how seafags do with lisa and half of this thread did with lana and somi

No. 45508

Lmao i was about to say the same thing

No. 45510

It'll probably be some shitty group prepackaged to appeal to retard wokefags like LOONA, Mamamoo and Sistar. There will probably be loads of faux-lesbianism, exploitation of mental illness and one 'melanin queen' (Korean with fake tan alongside a bunch of plastic ghosts)

If Bigshit is smart that's what they'll do because otherwise ratmys will 100 percent tear this group apart. Ratmys don't even like TXT

No. 45511

File: 1566480688533.jpg (57.09 KB, 500x772, 20190822_1630880.jpg)

wow, Simon Dominic has lost 20 pounds but gained 20 years.

No. 45514

File: 1566481001224.png (292.69 KB, 400x400, tumblr_pwi68hbf001wjget6o1_400…)

dren from splice looks good

No. 45522

jesus christ that's frightening

No. 45524

File: 1566487955383.jpg (211.1 KB, 900x1200, ECfg-BqUYAEoGjo.jpg)

sugar's spoopy ana legs and coke bloat face

No. 45525

nightmare fuel. she looked so much better during produce

No. 45526

Im black but go off fag. Itd be boring as shit if this group was just gfriend 2.0. No milk

No. 45532

his legs look normal wtf are you on

No. 45537

File: 1566497599109.jpg (23.4 KB, 340x330, 1535666870056.jpg)

Twitter is getting so fucking annoying with the fancams INFESTING every tag now. Most of the time they aren't even funny or cute they're just retarded.

No. 45538

>ana legs
They look normal here tho

No. 45540

They look photoshopped, he's at least a foot shorter lol

No. 45543

File: 1566499736282.jpeg (95.9 KB, 828x889, FC75C340-7556-461D-9ADD-EC6F79…)

Don’t understand how everglow gets so many views on yt yet doesn’t chart on any Korean charts or any American ones either??? I know they have paid for ads but I suspect bot views as well

No. 45544

They bought ads for sure. Even a 5-second watch counts as an ad view. Their view rate doesn't match up with their like-dislike ratio, plus they sold like 3k copies of their album and haven't charted anywhere. They have no fans to speak of

No. 45545

I got recommended a video of them like yesterday and it had over 10 million views in just a day - but I've never heard of them??? Are they like a 2nd loona, hyped up online, but irrelevant irl?

No. 45546

Even worse than Loona tbh - Loona does have an international presence. Everglow aren't even that level

No. 45549

his legs aint ana, but his weird swollen face does not match with his body kek

No. 45550

File: 1566500828664.jpg (137.56 KB, 1080x1061, IMG_20190822_210706.jpg)

Fans write it off on youtube freezing views, but it really is very suspicious…

No. 45552

ads. its what loona and itzy does

No. 45554

>coke bloat

Anon this is Seoul, not LA. The hardest stuff you can find is molly lol. It’s probably bulimia cheeks.

No. 45556

Not the same anon you’re replying to but there is coke in Korea lol

No. 45558

Obviously…there’s coke in every country. I’m saying it’s not as prominent in kpop as it is in the western pop industry. I sincerely doubt any of these idols are on anything besides uppers and weed.

No. 45561

the hardest thing these idols can get their hands on is an opioid, but most of them are probably too scared of getting caught. adderall and weed it is

No. 45564


I think this has been posted before but I don't remember anyone discussing it

No. 45565

samefag but he provides drugs for celebs there, including idols

No. 45568

Old news, it's been discussed

No. 45572

>I sincerely doubt any of these idols are on anything besides uppers and weed.
Kek, based off of what? Your opinion? It’s not hard to find coke in Seoul. Js.

No. 45584

Huh? It’s well known that Korea has one of the lowest drug abuse rates in the world. Of course you can find hard drugs at any party scene, but I’m talking specifically about the kpop industry vs America. These people have managers and fansites hounding them 24/7, weekly health checks, and all their activities are much more strictly regulated than your average Disney star gone wild. ffs Bigbang almost landed themselves in jail for smoking weed, it’s not difficult to understand why a lot less famous people would be snorting coke at parties than you’d expect. In the interview with that former drug dealer he even explains that idols mostly use weed and pharmaceuticals and they’re still mega paranoid about it. I’m done derailing about this, you can keep flexing your “I did coke in Seoul” muscle if you want tho.

No. 45585

>lowest drug abuse
>alcohol abuse is rampant
>korean men often go to red light district and government only recently just moved them to discete locations where no foreigners would see
I wouldn't be surprised if drug abuse is under-reported tbh

I think CL and several other idols did too. I wonder if random people see that and get annoyed enough to dislike the video lol

Cursed image

No. 45586

idols do stuff without people knowing all the time. do you think bts stays cooped up in their expensive houses all day long?

No. 45587

Lisa's new dance video shows how uninspired her technique is and yet it was #1 trending ww on youtube. How sway?

So much mediocrity gets awarded in kpop

No. 45588

Kek I heard she didn't even choreograph it herself

No. 45589

Cheshir Ha choreographed it.

All I can look at are her fuckin ribs.

No. 45590

also samefagging but anytime a choreographer releases their own video of a kpop choreo it just shows how shitty a lot of kpop dancers are. If you compare vid related to the ateez dance practice video they seem SO sloppy in comparison. Especially little things like the footwork at 26 seconds – looks super clean in the Anze video, whereas in the Ateez vid not a single one of them does it right.

No. 45591

ateez vid for comparison

No. 45593

It's probably under reported like in most countries. As for cocaine specifically anon is right tho. Cocaine is mainly produced in South America. Muggling it to East Asia is a fucking nightmare. That's why Japan has the most expensive gram of cocaine in the world. So yeah… your average kpop idol most likely isn't a cokehead.
It's just more logical that they're abusing opioids since Asia has been poppy farming for centuries. What I find odd is the lack of ODs from it tho.

No. 45594

this choreo is stupid as shit and i fail to see much difference lmao, nitpick harder anon.

No. 45595

Yeah but that's also valid for western pop artists tho. Aside from Ciara, Chris Brown (ew) and maybe Tinashe, there aren't singers with remarkable dancing skills these days.

No. 45596

Well, I mean I would hope professional dancers are better than idols who also have to sing, look good, be entertaining and personable, etc. Dancing is never gonna be the sole criteria an idol gets picked for. No idea who Azteez is so not caping for them but in general I always expect backup dancers, choreographers, dance teams etc to be better than idols.

No. 45597

deadass can one of yall audition and get in for some milk these threads have been dry since after the burning sun incident. im a nigga so we already know i'm not getting in kek

No. 45600

I think the choreo is stupid too, I was commenting more on the execution.

sure, I don't expect every member of a group or even the lead dancers to be as good as pro dancers. It just puts it in perspective I guess. I know it's nitpicky I just see so much praise for kpop dancing I felt like venting kek. every time someone hypes up a kpop dancer as being amazing I watch a video and just feel underwhelmed.

No. 45601

File: 1566548059673.jpg (102.2 KB, 512x663, 20190821503465_201908210942076…)

Ratmies and koreans are so dumb for believing this…

No. 45602

traumatic flashbacks from his terrible acting in the samurai movie

No. 45603

For a group with so much hype and popularity they can't even do shit themselves. Most other girl groups (even the nobodies) are to some degree involved in writing, producing, or the dances.
These girls are served everything on a silver platter and still suck.

No. 45604

File: 1566548871243.gif (2.41 MB, 420x272, 3b5001a8cbfc71e878966a0d4126bf…)

What?! Seeing Oppar die didn't break your heart, anon??

It really is ridiculous how comically bad actors in Korea are allowed to be…

No. 45605

File: 1566549066033.gif (3.21 MB, 500x278, 16e9f917e80981c89cbb3be5131c53…)

No. 45607

He was so utterly horrible in that drama, holy shit.
I hope now that all eyes are on them, they won't ever touch anything with acting again.

You really can't expect someone like him to understand and read layers of emotions lol

No. 45608

It didn't used to be like this. Then 2009 happened with all the idol shits and Korean acting went into the fucking gutter

I'm not going to stand around pretending the state of western pop music is very good but k-popfags subject any western artist to much harsher standards (ESPECIALLY singing, considering people like Jimincel sound like dying rats) and in any case they tried to 'cancel' Tinashe numerous times. I even saw some ratmys calling her a shit dancer

LMAOOOOO they are fucking garbage

No. 45609

Is everyone in Bts under 140 lbs lol

skinny legends

No. 45610


they are built like boys

No. 45611

I can't imagine being a grown man built like suga

No. 45612

I don't even think that they look small individually, but next to american men they simply look like kids. In their videos Jungkook seems somewhat tall and muscular, but irl he resembles a skinny 15yo.
I think it's save to say that the average ratmy fangirl weighs more than them kek

There really isn't a single exo member who didn't say shit about dark skin or being gay, Baekhyun and Chanyeol being the worst.
(I'm sure it would be similar with bts, but even just calling them out is a "crime".)
One would think that darkskinned fans would feel so hurt by this that they cancel them, but appearantly Oppars are allowed to do nearly everything.

No. 45613

Jungkook is average 5'10 ( 178cm) ( maybe a lie i don't know)

and he is like 150 lbs (70 kg) when he heavier but that would still be skinny in the US

No. 45614

File: 1566559684513.jpg (63.93 KB, 612x453, gettyimages-1040815454-612x612…)

Anon, just because he claims to be this tall, doesn't mean it's true. They all look small as hell, next to men and women alike

No. 45615


Idol had some questionable fashion

No. 45616

this photo made me realize how short they are and how much botox they have in their face. the news anchor with the red shirt is like 5'10/178cm. they all gotta be 176-170cm tall jajajaja theyre short ugly twinks

No. 45619

Yes East Asians have a smaller build overall… your point is, Hitlerfag? Kek

No. 45620

My point is, ratmy, that worthless scrott manlets need to bend the knee.

No. 45621

who thought these suits were a good idea

No. 45622

File: 1566567706870.jpg (188.23 KB, 1500x1500, rj13l4xb5sxz.jpg)

>calling us hitler-chans
>hitler was a manlet
perhaps you should direct blame elsewhere

No. 45625

File: 1566571020873.jpeg (164.8 KB, 750x892, 0A3DE5E2-2BD3-4971-9A1C-807CA0…)

istg chungha is becoming the new park bom, her face looks rock solid

No. 45627

File: 1566571762114.jpeg (82.11 KB, 900x600, F37E0374-2F7B-4501-8215-425491…)

hard to believe this is the same girl from produce

No. 45628

She already had a completely new face by the time she went on pd 101 so I wouldn't be surprised if she got addicted to ps.

No. 45631

Kek as if I would care for Ratmon & Co fiasco. Just don't use kpop criticism to lowkey racebait lol.

Also Hitler wasn't considered short for his time due to malnutrition, the state of medicine etc. Maybe educate your rac1st ass?

No. 45632

File: 1566575155732.jpg (94.33 KB, 1200x675, CfJea9PWwAMd1pH.jpg)

Why do idols get surgery like this? I understand the need to get surgery if you're average or uglier than average like Chungha was but this is too much, she looks worse now. If she had half of the stuff she's had done she wouldn't be looking this bad. I wonder if their surgeons fuck up their surgeries on purpose so they come back and get more or if they just start pushing surgery and cosmetic procedures down idols throats to make money.

No. 45633

File: 1566575247920.jpg (142.51 KB, 640x800, tumblr_b8888303f6b5017bc230c55…)

park bom must be her inspiration. she clearly has problems for getting so much done to her face.

No. 45634

bts are short and fugly lmao

No. 45635

people praised lay as the best exo member even after he said some homophobic and i think misogynistic things. i don't keep up with exo-ls, but they're probably still praising him after the china stuff.

No. 45636

people praised lay as the best exo member even after he said some homophobic and i think misogynistic things. i don't keep up with exo-ls, but they're probably still praising him after the china stuff.

No. 45637

I don’t get why fans don’t tear her apart for her abusive plastic surgery use while Bom was shamed for it every second. Chungha’s face doesn’t even look human

No. 45638

I legit thought this was Bom for a second lol. Chungha starting to look like the protagonist of Antz

No. 45640

i don't get what they have against facial features or faces like her original one

jung chaeyeon and irene are the only ones not to be bogged by very extreme levels of surgery and i'm honestly not sure how

No. 45641

irene and chaeyeon have been non stopped praised for their faces so of course they would be too scared to fuck it up with unneccessary surgeries. i don't think chungha has ever been considered that pretty. it's her good dancing and stage presence that people like.

No. 45644

How strict are Korean beauty standards anyway? Chungha's old face seemed pretty enough to me

No. 45648

File: 1566583101486.jpg (46.8 KB, 766x413, suga.jpg)

You are asking how strict a country with one of the highest PS-numbers in the world is?

Anyway… saging for beating a dead horse, but I don´t get what Suga is doing to his face. Is it really bulimia, how someone before claimed?

No. 45649

jungkook looks fucking greasy

No. 45651

nah i think he gained weight. he talked before about how he gains weight in his face and belly.

No. 45652

File: 1566584200265.jpg (427.71 KB, 1723x2048, IMG_20190823_141617.jpg)

what kind of eyebrow shape is this? he looks like a hot mess

No. 45654

?? he's just not wearing makeup. male idols have to have their eyebrows shaved and plucked and then filled in with makeup.

No. 45656

He for sure did gain weight, I agree, but I feel like the bloated face is not just because of that. Without knowing him and his career I would guess he is an alcoholic, but I highly doubt that would be unmentioned, so who knows.

No. 45657

well normani just came and changed that. sage for OT

No. 45661

i think it's because of his new jaw that his face doesn't know where to put fat

No. 45662

File: 1566590304047.gif (340.39 KB, 177x177, B17AD8C1-14F9-4FC6-AA0F-7A74CD…)

This is so sad. I used to think she was one of the most unique-looking idols before her terrible jaw shave. She definitely already had work done in her ioi days but it was tasteful imo. Definitely not everyone’s cup of tea even back then, but I thought she was stunning in this Etude House ad.

No. 45663

Suga was(?) an alcoholic, that has been implied by him through his mixtape and other members. This is also an open secret among karmys and hardcore/old fans.

No. 45664

so alcohol, bulimia cheeks, weight gain, AND a failed jaw shave? just sad

No. 45665

alcohol doesn't make people randomly bloat over night and then permanently

No. 45666


he has been since he let his hair grow, but particularly now bc it looks so unwashed

No. 45667

The camera in the first video moves with the choreo while the camera in the ateez video remains still. Having even the slightest camera movements in choreo videos makes the choreo and dancers look better than they really are, which is why most k-pop performances look lackluster when they don’t have their typical Korean music show camerawork.

No. 45668

At this point they should just call themselves Jungkook and the background dancers. He stands out way too much, he's allowed to grow his hair while the others will still be stuck with lame pastel bowlcuts at 30, even Jimin and V get pushed aside for his sake.

No. 45669

bight switch between which of the 3 younger ones they want to feature. atm it's jungkook, i wouldn't be surprised if v has his remaining hair dyed some weird colour when they finish their break and all of a sudden he's focused on. they're seeming to understand that jimincel is fucking ugly now

No. 45670

Judging by the views they get on individual videos it's been Jk for a long time already. Only american twitter stans hype up Jimin or the others (Who's the one with the X hair?!)

No. 45672

File: 1566598321773.gif (4.17 MB, 500x429, c87b398495f8b9e6ee6cbdc1a73127…)

I will never understand why Do is so popular, he could backhand the other guys and fans would still claim "he acts savage but is secretly a big cinnamon roll uwu"…
What if the chinese members left because the koreans ones couldn't contain their xenophobia?

No. 45673

File: 1566599113687.png (801.86 KB, 550x796, kca2019.png)

This isn't really in response to anything, but any time I see kpop people at western events where the photographers use high-def cameras and no photoshop, they always look so different. The fansites can't save you now.

No. 45674

if they did, im sure they wouldve said it. theyve dragged sm and havent said anything negative about the other guys, id drag them if they were dick heads irl. kyungsoo just seems like a dick, idk if its some retarded fan service or something but i dont know how they put up with that, especially the older members.
you can see how stressed and tired they are and how ghostly white their make up is. they look fucking awful lmao

No. 45676

Who is he beating?

No. 45677

tao maybe? im just guessing from skin tone + hair

No. 45679

File: 1566607964945.jpg (30.7 KB, 450x800, xdipyqA.jpg)

After the nugu boy group MYTEEN disbanded, the two who were on Produce X were announced as a duo…then suddenly a photo of the most popular one (I think) with his girlfiend, Sohee who was on Produce 101 S1, got leaked.

One of his fans wrote this:

""I closed my eyes when you went on you drew your girlfriend on broadcastㅋㅋ you said you had stuff to do overseas, but you went their to play with your girlfriend and I closed my eyes on it tooㅋㅋㅋ I endured all of this, but I just can't endure the fact that I'm dreaming of oppa, just go and be happy for your a thousand yearsㅋㅋ I'll be less mad if you were dating publiclyㅋㅋ

No. 45680

jungkook got lucky debuting in a group full of ugly and unlikeable guys who are less talented than him. i find jungkook to be so boring personality wise, his singing is boring too and his face is average. overall he's nothing special, but because he debuted in bts he's the most popular and praised member.

No. 45681

i think d.o is popular because of his voice being the nicest to listen to in exo and he's kind of ugly where fangirls think they might have a chance with him. also isn't he a good actor? i don't watch kdramas, but i always heard good things about his acting.

No. 45682


Jimin is more popular than JK in Korea I think, not sure about overseas. But he's always topping the brand rankings monthly. Not sure to believe those things though.

No. 45683

he is definitely the most popular. non kpop fan korean girls constantly do makeup tutorials to recreate his looks for one.

No. 45690

File: 1566614396006.jpg (42.16 KB, 699x439, images.jpeg-14.jpg)

He never had a career to begin with, both as a soloist and in a group. Now he's ruined his only chance. I'm more surprised by the fact that they let him keep his jaw intact.

No. 45691

Why does it seem like Jungkook is the best at everything in BTS

No. 45694

I remember he used to rap at one point

He would probably be better than ratmonster and suga he continued

No. 45697

because he actually practiced during the training period. also he's a perfectionist.

No. 45698

i see that the retarded jungkookfags are back again. who tf linked lolcow in their autistic akgae community??

No. 45699

if he's such a perfectionist why does he sound like a dollar store chris brown?

No. 45700

i never said he was talented but it's hard to deny he's the most talented in bts

No. 45702

File: 1566621754357.gif (1.09 MB, 238x320, tao-8.gif)

If you are gonna fangirl at least fucking sage

Thanks for this anon. I didnt know there's a whole series of Tao getting his ass beat by korean members kek i feel a bit bad for him even though i'm laughing at the gifs

No. 45703

File: 1566621869185.jpeg (201.03 KB, 1242x818, 80427582-4A4A-46D5-A688-3195EF…)

potential milk

No. 45705

Is this crazy days and nights? If so I'm gonna take it with a grain of salt cause their blind item are pure fanfiction these days

He's mediocre at best in a variety of stuff and excels at nothing kek if I were to pick someone as the most talented it would be one of the main dancers who actually had formal training and not some idol bootcamp bs

No. 45706

that bi is pretty old and has shown up in prev threads. i dont trust them but i wanna say bts are either sheltered losers who do nothing but starve all day or are actually in a drug and hooker scandal…

but bighit pays dispatch so we ain't getting shit til then

No. 45707

this has already been posted like 3 times…

No. 45708


This generation of kpop has been so boring. They're all paying to sweep milk under the rug. TMZ should open a SK branch and expose all of those spoiled bottom tier celebrities

No. 45711

Jimin was never that popular in Korea in the first place. Actually, none of the BTS members other than Rat Monster are known by the general Korean public. Literally only fan girls even know the other members’ names or how they look like kek. You all like to debate on who’s gonna be the first to break out as a soloist and think it’s gonna be JK or V, but trust me, the only member we’re ever gonna be hearing about in 5 years is Rat.

No. 45712

??? RM is literally one of the least popular members in korea. Jin is more popular than him. all of his solos were flops.

No. 45713

When are these is pathetic idiots gonna learn that these men don't care and that they will continue to live their lives? I don't know if these people deep down know that idols are selling a fantasy or if they're really that delusional.
I wish this culture of fans protecting grown people, dedicating their entire existence to them, purchasing all their shit and buying them expensive gifts would stop one day.

No. 45714

He is a flop, but the anon isn't wrong when they said South Korean GP do know his name… as "Rap Monster". In fact, they're all flops if you ignore the armys hiking up their brand rankings and streams. BigHit as a company seems to prevent the members from forming identities outside of BTS seeing how they constantly drop solo works with 0 promotion or performances.

None of them are gonna make it as soloists. The only one who has made actual strides in the industry is Suga with his mediocre production for Korean indie girls that the GP love.

No. 45715

Brand rankings are largely inflated by mentions on social media and such. For example, Jihyo never ranked in the top 10 for female idols until her dating scandal, because news outlets began talking about her then.

Armys camp out on twitter mentioning BTS all the damn time so of course they rank high, but the GP probably have no idea who they are as individuals.

No. 45717

He was bullied by some of the other Chinese members too iirc. Kinda tinfoily but I think they just disliked him because he’s obviously gay (or at the very least, the most flamboyant and feminine member). I used to feel bad for him too, but he’s insanely rich now so whatever.

No. 45718

File: 1566634724257.gif (2.91 MB, 320x205, a95eb9f380e4e393470f499967a54f…)

I know that it technically could be retarded fanservice, but I would never treat my friends like this…wouldn't you at least smile when you playfully hit somebody?

It seems to be that Baekhyun is the worst and he always gave me mean queen bee vibes, so I kind of believe it. I once saw a video there he imitated the way their translater spoke, which just seemed like an asshole move to me.

No. 45719

File: 1566634787302.gif (2 MB, 165x247, 1.gif)

No. 45722

lmfao that asshole

No. 45725

Poor tao lol…I was into exo during the first few years of their debut and it always seemed like they all had one person they liked and …hated the rest.
D.O obviously has anger issues, and Chanyeol, baekhyun and kai always seemed like smug assholes who'd look down on certain members.
The only one who seemed somewhat close to Tao was sehun. They would hold hands and shit so fans kept shipping them.
I don't know about the rest but overall they seem like people I'd never want to be around with, let alone be in a group with.
The shitty and dysfunctional dynamics would be enough of a reason to leave the group.
And I know that kpop groups aren't all like families and shit like they advertise but with this group it's just too obvious.

No. 45727

Why are they so against makeup that matches?

No. 45729

File: 1566645780313.gif (1.13 MB, 282x320, TaoBullying3.gif)

No. 45730

Funny cause i was just thinking about this the other day for some reason. Do has always given me such a mean vibe, like there's too many instances where he just snaps and acts violently towards the other members. Not even in a joking way, like he legit looks angry like in this gif. he seems like he has a bad attitude and short temper, really the only thing going for him are his good vocals, there's certainly nothing charismatic or charming about a guy who hits you for playing around. His fans are stupid

No. 45731

There are gifs of Sehun hitting him too.
I had the impression that they all seem to get along well now (minus do) - but only because they drove away everybody they don't like.
Is there a korean member who got bullied as well or not?

I absolutely agree, no idea how he keeps getting away with this.

No. 45732

His fans probably think it's oh so cute and a quirky personality trait that he gets irritated easily. Wasn't there a specific joke that he could murder you with just one look or something? They eat that shit up as something funny, when he clearly has some anger issues

No. 45733

File: 1566647138262.jpeg (641.23 KB, 1242x1045, 5BA29B6C-0C26-4A4E-A3EF-08132F…)

Wendy looks like she’s crying.. her face is so fucked now

No. 45734

LMAO he's like a low discount mingyu knock off. sad

No. 45736

File: 1566650254854.jpeg (139.81 KB, 753x914, F2B970D6-2706-4DD7-A939-44C857…)

~now that’s an edgy shirt you got there~

No. 45737


I have no idea what you guys are talking about, the dudes in exo blatantly hating each other was the most entertaining shit and is the only reason to get into them lmao

No. 45741

I know this post is super old but this image looks like someone photoshopped Make Up onto Ryan Gosling, I can’t

No. 45742

Then tell us more

No. 45744

The only thing I've heard related to this is that they bullied all the chinese members to the point they left the band, but they seem friendly with each other. (I think they like poking fun at Do though just to get a reaction out of him) Can you elaborate a bit more? I'm interested in this tea now

No. 45746

Nta but lay looks like wants to die every time he's with exo. It became so obvious to me during mama 2015 where he looked like he was at a funeral.
The others might get along by now but he's just an outsider which probably partly his own fault.

No. 45748

Lay was always low-key miserable and quiet whenever he's in Korea

even at the beginning he was miserable, just check out exo's showtime lol his ass was sad as fuck

I don't blame him for dipping though, he always got hate from koreans, even compared to the other chinese members

No. 45749

Oof. Looks like jennie wasnt the ~depressed~ one after all

No. 45752

File: 1566656941339.jpg (62.72 KB, 700x393, recommend_d8cde480864034a607cd…)

Rosé's sister is surprisingly pretty

No. 45753

File: 1566657114921.jpg (54.72 KB, 640x640, 67545459_728635207594287_30700…)

Wow this is weird as hell. 10/10 will flop very soon.

>Lalary is a seven-member co-ed K-Pop idol group. They are scheduled to debut on August 29th, 2019. The group consists of members from South Korea, China, Vietnam, and Mexico.

No. 45754

And their teaser is hilariously bad

No. 45756

this group will flop definitely. no one in korea will stan a group with a foreign fag like that guy with the red hair. and wasnt he on some sort of produce type of show?

No. 45758

I'm surprised they didn't have bullying scandal like T-ara.

… no, in fact I'm not surprised.

No. 45759

Friends can get kinda rough with each other for fun. But not one gif seems like a fun siutation, just pure bullying to me. I never followed or liked Exo, since everyone seems like an ass or just… stupid.

What exactly is the aim of this? Don´t get the slave concept with that guy on the bottom.
But funny, how even the photoshoped to hell and back teaster can´t hide that none of these girls is up to the korean beauty standard.

No. 45760

idk they might have a fighting chance considering South American kpop stans are as desperate for self-inserts as South East Asians are. This might be a new Lisa-situation.

No. 45761

t-ara didn't do anything as bad as this yet they got cancelled for bullying. boy groups can get away with anything i guess.

No. 45762

now baekhyun and kai have the chance to bully nct members in sperm lmao they must be happy

No. 45763

oh my god. is that eddie ??? ew he's friends with edward avila. GROOOOOSSS

No. 45764

it's a nirvana song title, they probably picked it based on that. like how jennie always wears rolling stones shit. i doubt she actually chose it

No. 45766

jesus the absolute state of this thread
he probably had a sweaty hand

No. 45767

File: 1566661969216.jpg (86.61 KB, 560x704, IMG_0264.JPG)

Not saying she's isn't but it seems like that face has undergone A LOT. I can already see that those eyelids don't look natural.

I saw some pictures of rosé pre debut (?) and I thought she was the prettiest one but turns out she doesn't really look like that. Probably photoshop combined with different style. At least she seems nice enough.

No. 45769

File: 1566662416014.jpeg (34.11 KB, 500x576, 1A46B7EF-E988-4472-B5BB-77994C…)

i found rosé pretty pre-botching, not sure where all this hate on her more ~natural~ looks is coming from. i get we’re shitting on people’s looks but she’s the only one who gets it bad when jennie looked like this predebut

No. 45770

File: 1566662424619.jpeg (142.54 KB, 1334x750, 6CE62227-4057-47B4-9C1A-DE216F…)

No. 45771

where can I get this top

No. 45774

File: 1566663920181.png (168.87 KB, 400x384, 14bed81a07452a91947f5b227dacc3…)

you have horrible taste

No. 45776

I'm not surprised that baekhyun and teayeon ever got together,both of them have egoistic personalities who underestimate their mediocrity and both are bullies.
Chanyeol also looks ugly as fuck without makeup.

No. 45777

File: 1566664758666.jpg (44.82 KB, 599x709, BcBF5lBCEAAzgF1.jpg)

Chanyolk needs to be put into a ''power of makeup'' compilation because…..
Baekhyun also looks plain without the right makeup and hairstyle, baekhyun looks like your average shut in loser neet if he isn't glamed up. Same goes for all the exo members except for kai who is genuinely the only good looking one.

No. 45778

Chanyeol looks ugly as fuck right now because he has the least flattering haircut imaginable. It gives his weird goblin ears nowhere to hide.

No. 45779

Do you have any stories of Taeyeon being a bully? I’ve heard she hated Jessica but I love a bit of SNSD gossip

No. 45780

He debuted as a visual… how the fuck. It's probably just because he's tall

No. 45781

Lmao i appreciate the concept of gals hanging w their pet gay friend BUT they'll flop for sure it's a no brainer. To begin with they are fucking self funded lmao.
The mexican is the gay member and he's uggo… sorry no latino cookies for you

No. 45782

File: 1566666791807.jpg (29.07 KB, 559x462, IMG_20190824_191200_131.jpg)

Yeah you immediately get attractive points if you are tall in a group.
Even if you do look like a plastic Frankenstein

No. 45784

I don't give a fuck about bp but damn, koreans are so racist and xenophobic it's gross.
SEA have absolutely no self respect obsessing over these people when this is how they see them.

Pathetic from both sides

No. 45785

But oppa himself would never say bad things.

That koreans don´t get tired of their own shitposts is a true mistery to me.

And who on earth finds this picture charming and sexy? Both look like kids dressing up in moms clothes and trying to be provocative for the first time, because oh so rebellious.

No. 45786

lmao @ jennie's butt pads

No. 45787

jfc, does this uggo ever wash his face? his skin is disgusting

No. 45788

These pics are 5 years old anon

No. 45791

That's not how normal people react to accidentally touching a clammy palm you autist. And this obviously just one of many incidents. Your oppa is a xenophobe and a bully, deal with it.

No. 45793

File: 1566672124496.jpg (180.99 KB, 1080x1338, IMG_20190824_202932.jpg)

Funnily enough, Baekhyun supposedly shat on Taeyeon predebut. http://kpopkfans.blogspot.com/2014/06/k-fanss-reactions-baekhyun-and-taeyeons.html?m=1

Probably too lazy to use the million won products he gets for free.
Both him and Chanyeol look like rats, but they perfectly fit Korean beauty standards: tiny head, feminine face. Chanyeol at least has his body going for him, but those dumbo ears… Baekhyun is just a manlet with an insanely huge ego.
As far as I know, them plus the other members of exo cbx are the most popular.
But I find Suho to be the most pathetic, he tries so hard, yet is just not funny or talented enough. Even nowadays he pays for the other members like some doormat.

I want to know more about which members supposedly hate each other. Also is it true that they like pics of luxury goods they want on insta, so that rich fans buy those for them? Is their proof?

No. 45795

File: 1566672466866.jpg (335.75 KB, 1080x1928, IMG_20190824_204701.jpg)

No. 45796

File: 1566672530434.jpg (46.29 KB, 412x464, tumblr_inline_pm31f8TF6k1w5o9q…)

>your oppa
the state of this thread

No. 45797

>the state of this thread
How about you fuck off instead of repeatedly posting this?

No. 45798

I'm not surprised tbh. If baekhyun was not famous he would have been the typical ugly shut in neet.
Now that he is famous he has to be pretend he is a decent human being but his real personality sometimes shows especially how he bullied tao.
Also I'm pretty sure that baekhyun wanted to fuck all those women that he was trash talking about.
I remember that exo and taeyeon were doing a interview and baekhyun was smiling like a creep while looking at her.
100% the relationship was started by him,he was probably hiting on her all the time.

No. 45801

File: 1566675827165.jpg (59.49 KB, 540x383, IMG_7585485.jpg)

she looks exactly the same just sans bleach and weighing 50lb more

No. 45802

>Hi cock man
what did he mean by this?

No. 45803

He probably meant ''dickhead''

No. 45805

Netizenbuzz is so smart. She'd translate any random article just for that one comment that says something racist/bad about SEA just to stir shit up in the comments. Don't get me wrong, I'm absolutely not siding with those commenters but it's just interesting how people always take the bait.
There are beautiful people in SEA just like there are beautiful people anywhere else; it's really ignorant and hurtful to make them a synonym for ugliness. But then if SEA kpop fans truly cared they'd stop being so obsessed with Korean culture. Why would you still support them?

No. 45814

No. 45818

Im waiting for when jungkook and jimin come out of the closet.

No. 45820

File: 1566691500170.jpeg (667.59 KB, 582x1879, FB5541B0-3082-404B-90BB-28CC00…)

theres an asian junkie post about it

No. 45821

File: 1566691525103.jpeg (752.37 KB, 575x1873, F06F05D4-F8B5-4E01-9BB1-16D5EB…)

No. 45822

File: 1566691563388.jpeg (203.08 KB, 575x629, 29E81F62-1BE7-4DB5-9B52-AC61EC…)

sorry for the saged spam

No. 45824

soyeon's flow and voice are both awful, she legitimately sounds retarded and she looks like it too

No. 45825

I see no problem with that,I’d milk all those crazy bitches if I were in his place.Even if it’s morally wrong,if you’re an adult (cause I don’t there are that many crazy rich teenagers out there) and you choose to spend your money on this shit it’s on you
Materialistic af and all but their fandom doesn’t seem to have a problem with that

No. 45826

File: 1566692519316.jpg (18.01 KB, 554x381, BUd9zcVCYAEsxqb.jpg)

Are you saying that if this effeminate man didnt have plastic surgery and was not famous he would be a pathetic incel who would rage and burn pictures of female idols who are feminist, and would become a gaijin hunter who would sleep with ugly desperate foreigners?

If so you are correct.

No. 45827

The state of you tho

No. 45828

Zgirls flopped what makes them think this'll be better lmao

No. 45829

and then they claim MYTEEN and another trainee (Suhwan) leaked the pictures.

No. 45830

my sides kek

No. 45832

zgirls weren't allowed to perform on music shows though I think because they didn't sing or really speak Korean. Lalary actually sings in Korean. Tbh I hope they get to perform on music shows if only for the potential milk.

No. 45834

>They werent bad until it was eddie's part and then i busted out laughing.

No. 45835

kek I know, It's fantastic. I really don't have a problem with non-Koreans or even non-Asians in Kpop groups but everything about him is so contrary to what people find appealing in male idols. I can only imagine how bad he must sound live.

No. 45836

This is a publicity stunt, i mean why post it on social media even if it is private. Everyone knows that no matter how much irrelevant and a flop you are in kpOp there will always be this this one crazy saesang trying to find private information anyway possible.

No. 45837

he literally can't hold a tune. I'm not sure how he got on a korean reality show in the first place without speaking korean

No. 45839

With so many foreigners caring more about K-pop than actual Koreans, groups like this were bound to happen.
Its good to see these people get the chance to ~~live their dreams ~~ but K-pop was a lot more fun when debuting felt more exclusive and competitive. You know it's a free-for-all when groups like these are even given just a chance.

I guess that's how Cube likes their female rappers. Hyuna and CLC Yeeun have a similar voice, don't they?

No. 45843

I mean they're some kind of kickstarter project without an actual label aren't they? It's not going to last very long kek

No. 45847

reminds me of james charles

No. 45848

he really gives off the exact same desperate gay guy cringe

No. 45859

Lol this is Rania/EVOL all over again but on steroids. The one on the left looks like a chubby Sera from 9muses.

No. 45860

LMAO seeing those people in the comments crying saying "how dare they make fun of him not speaking Korean". You're on a fucking korean competition show. He shouldn't have gotten this far without speaking the fucking language. Cancerous.

No. 45863

What are you talking about? It’s a bad screenshot thumbnail of a crappy moment in time
She looks better than what she had pre-2019.

No. 45864

nta but no lol
shes destroyed her face her new nose and mouth is repulsive

No. 45865

File: 1566704359896.jpeg (55.03 KB, 720x897, AA3CEEFD-E0D0-44FC-9DDD-582310…)

I don’t even like the bitch. I used to complain about her face all of the time! I thought that her face had made considerable improvement RBB era. There was this one time where they were dancing in the streets to promote. Can’t find it rn.

No. 45866

I don't get why these same people complaining in the comments are the same types to demolish other foreigners for not speaking Korean. Are they just SEAfags self inserting?

No. 45867

Are they even allowed to perform on music shows if they're not attached to a real company?

No. 45868

File: 1566704850810.jpg (35.91 KB, 530x662, 201908241814777439_5d61028d4ae…)

knets straight up calling jennie thai. i know her parents have been proven to be korean, but she does look a little sea.

No. 45869

It was this date.

I was like, ‘wow. She actually looks okay.’
I guess my point is that she looks a lot more tolerable nowadays. I used to have to wonder what was going up with her face prior to rbb.

No. 45871

File: 1566705267344.jpg (17.41 KB, 300x300, akidearest-5.jpg)

one anon a few threads back said jennie looked like anorexic akidearest (who's filipino) and I haven't been able to unsee it

No. 45873

File: 1566705585941.gif (839.45 KB, 500x280, tumblr_moh99toLsI1raxi1ro1_500…)

taeyeon is so see-through. i used to be a sone and i never liked her. there are a lot of moments where she publicly snubs jessica and it never became a scandal because she's the golden member of snsd.

No. 45874

probably not, I didn't realize at first that they weren't with a company. sad, the videos of nonplussed koreans reacting to him would've been great.

No. 45877

With that kind of personality, she and baekhyun are a match i guess

No. 45878

File: 1566708922151.jpg (67.24 KB, 900x624, Group-900x624.jpg)

Another soon-to-flop co-ed group. At least they look better than lalary though. They have been around for a few years, but will only debut this September.

>K-Tigers Zero is an upcoming twelve-member co-ed group scheduled to debut some time around September 2019. K-Tigers are one of the world’s top taekwondo demonstration teams. They incorporate dance and music in to their performances.

No. 45879

This kind of thing is something people might enjoy on youtube but i'm not sure about debuting as actual idols

No. 45882

not @ me actually liking this lmaoooo their choreo is mesmerizing

No. 45885

can any of them sing or rap?

No. 45886

all this talk of co-ed groups has got me thinking. do you guys think produce will ever come out with a co-ed season?

No. 45888

produce learned that it's only worth debuting male groups cause girl groups have creepy uncle fans who only watch them but don't actively support the group. So if young girls are the target I don't think it would be smart to do that cause they'd go batshit if female trainees dance and converse with their oppars.

No. 45890

Makes me wonder why she constantly spoke about being lonely and depressed when she treats her ‘friends’ like this.

No. 45891

This is also a good video that shows Taeyeon bullying Jessica

No. 45892

they are the most stereotypical fuckboys anon what makes you think hey are gay

No. 45893

is stan twitter having the "kpop made by and for asians!!" memtal breakdown over this? probably not, because he is a gay man.

No. 45894

Absolutely. If they already treat their own members badly, just imagine how much they hate nct who are much younger and who are indirectly at fault for sperm happening.
Also, does anybody think that Taemin comes across as very fake too? He often says questionable things, but get's shielded because it's just the precious uwu maknae being "savage".

I could honestly never accept something so pricey. Pretty ironic that it's the two most useless members, the "rappers" who are greedy enough to do this. And Sehun als has his sugar daddy on top of his regular earnings and that.

No. 45897

Taemin's entire "artiste" persona has been fed to him by SM executives, he was 14 when he debuted so I doubt he's ever gotten the chance to develop a personality of his own which is why he acts so autistic at times.

No. 45901

of course not, he's not straight and he's not white so it's fine. their oppars are safe and they can probably kind of self insert with the uggo girls i guess kek

No. 45902

No. 45911

Idk. It's no use if they can't sing/rap well, plus they certainly won't be able to sing without sounding shaky with all those taekwondo moves. They should just do dance covers.

No. 45915

File: 1566744984972.jpg (22.5 KB, 640x359, tumblr_static_tumblr_static_fi…)

Jimin is a thot who flirts with everyone no matter their gender so there is no way he is straight.
Jungkook has been lowkey supportive of lgbt people since he was 15,his love for troye sivan. That gay GCf, or the fact that he behaves so strange with jimin to the point where the other bts members are weirded out.
Also why is jimin constantly asking jungkook for them to go on private vacations together seems weird.

No. 45916

even if they like men it doesn't mean they are dating

No. 45917

I never said that. For all we know they are secretly in a relationship with a woman/man right now.
But jimins and jungkooks relationship is super weird.

No. 45918

Are you honestly dumb enough to fall for blatant fanservice?

No. 45919

>Jimin is a thot who flirts with everyone no matter their gender so there is no way he is straight.
You're brain dead if you think that obvious fanservice is "flirting"

Also, he asks a friend to go on vacation with him cause he probably doesnt have many other friends apart his groupmates.

No. 45920

Are you like what, twelve? Do you still ship Larry or something? Grow up.

No. 45921

Do you know what i mean by everyone?I mean everyone.
Also why are all of you taking a theoretical opinion so seriously shesh.

No. 45922

You sound like someone who has a jikook account on twitter. Go outside.

No. 45923

idk that much about the details of their relationship but everytime fans think an interaction between two members of the same group is romantic or sexual, it's always stuff that can easily be interpreted as fanservice, joking around or something else. what's an interaction you find weird?

No. 45924

they act like typical idols that do fanservice. she's probably just an underage army, ignore her

No. 45930

if i was going to put any money on whom in BTS is gay i'd say j-hope. jimincel mocked him for 'really liking men'

No. 45931


i had a good laugh reading that
larries dont deserved rights

No. 45932

Pls someone bring onehallyu back so all these stans can go back to their natural habitat.

No. 45934


Jimin is definitely just a fuckboy who would do an kind of fanservice for a little bit of attention, but it wouldn't surprise me of Jungkook was gay/bi. He's not really that fanservicy for what I can tell (he spend half his time rejecting Jimin's desperate attempts). But I saw tweets about his last spotify playlist and literally all the songs he recommended were LGBT+ related. Or maybe he's just pandering idk.

No. 45935

V also claims to love Call me by your name, they know exactly what they're doing, acting like fags brings in fans, the chances that any of them are really gay are very, very slim.
They likely have people translating the latest woke twitter trends to them, so that they can cater perfectly to that.

No. 45936

Conclusion: Stop it with the "Jimin is secretly gay for Jk teehee" bullshit. If they were allowed to, they'd be fucking whores like any other rich men as well.

No. 45937

they probably are, they're just good at hiding it.

No. 45939

tbh jungkook could announce his marriage to a man and release a gay sex tape and part of me would still think it's fanservice lol. when Jonghyun openly cried on camera or talked about his depression people were like "nice marketing technique fag". it's hard to take idols seriously when there's a curated wall of fake surrounding them, especially in BigHit's case considering they're actually and blatantly using mental health and equality as a marketing technique.

No. 45940

Jungkook isn't even the most popular member. Jimin tops the brand reputation ranking in Korea and I suspect he is the most popular in other countries as well and Taehyung is undoubtedly the most popular member in Japan.

No. 45941

There is something mentally wrong with twice fanboys.
So I was having a conversation with some people and the convoy had nothing to do with kpop and this white incel looking guy shows us a picture of twice dressed in skimpy clothes for no reason.

No. 45942

So while I was looking for milk, I found out that that old video posted here a few threads ago about a black girl dating a idol was first spread around as fake, but found out now that it's real???

No. 45943

File: 1566753718989.jpg (88.09 KB, 754x947, lol.JPG)

No. 45944

why is the standard for supporting lgbt so low in the kpop fanbase ? liking a song by a queer man and a movie and that’s it?
The words “I support the lgbt community” never came from their mouths, all they ever said is vague shit like love is love,or that one time they said they “don’t have girlfriends or boyfriends” which to me is just pandering to their shipping-driven fanbase.

No. 45945

The only idols who I actually believe are gay is Sehun,Hechul and Jokwon. The rest about other idols is all rumors by horny fangirls.

No. 45948

group's name is rionfive

No. 45949

>that one time they said they “don’t have girlfriends or boyfriends”
i saw a clip of that, ratmon was saying something like "we get sad when we don't have a girlfriend or boyfriend but the important thing is self love" (the usual kek), we obviously referring to people in general and not specifically bts. he uses gender neutral terms in his speeches probably because he lurks stan twitter and knows he'll get woke points. like you said, the words lgbt or gay never came out of their mouth. people say sunmi is just pandering but at least she actually went on stage with a gay flag. bts are pussies.

No. 45950

>V also claims to love Call me by your name

source? there's no way he would recommend this movie openly. his Korean fans would get pissed.

No. 45951


Now that I think about it, I can´t really remember a situation in which BTS shown open and very concrete support for LGBT+. Liking a song or a movie doesn´t mean shit to me. But taking into consideration, that SK is such hypocrite country regarding sexuality, there is not a lot of choice.

Quick google search, anon.

No. 45952

someone Asian needs to go audition or something, I need more milk.

Are there any updates on the burning sun situation?

this is news to me

No. 45953

That video of them kissing was posted like 2-3 threads ago. Old news

No. 45954

> that SK is such hypocrite country regarding sexuality, there is not a lot of choice.
It’s their choice to stay put and kiss the knetz’s ass and then pander to ifans for woke points ,let’s stop blaiming a first world country for that.Not going against the public opinion means they don’t care about it that much of a deal.

No. 45955

That clip was so fucking cringey…as if they've somehow accomplished something by kissing some random unknown Korean boy group member.
Why does it all have to be documented anyway?

No. 45956

File: 1566758246597.jpg (501.45 KB, 1080x1079, Screenshot_20190825-142913_Ins…)

I don't mind Blackpink but I have a very hard time believing that this is true. Why do we live in an era where people are pushing for those who don't deserve it to be called legends. They do it with Ariana Grande and Taylor Swift and pretty much every artist that wouldn't make it if they had to compete with actual legends and would've been laughed out of the industry for even suggesting that they should be promoted as such to their PR team. Lisa's dancing is okay. She always looks like she's counting , she's a bit stiff, she tries too hard to give face, and her being as thin as she is tends to be distracting. And this is coming from somebody who is natural thin and usually rolls their eyes when you people ree about someone being "anorexic uwu".

Maybe these western/Korean artist being pushed as legends or above average when being completely non- deserving of such a title is just a huge pet peeve that's unique to me idk. Actual dancers have to learn dances quickly, especially during auditions. Why would a choreographer who does this for a living and probably has been since they were a literal child be in awe of someone learning a dance in a few hours to begin with?

No. 45960

If she's such a dance prodigy why can't she choreograph her own dances?
And I agree with you. I can't stand seeing her dance; it's not appealing at all. Her underweight body is distracting but the dance moves are also kinda not smooth and natural at all? (not a dancer so I don't know how to properly explain myself). She's not the only though, I've seen this try-hardness and awkward attempts at looking fierce in almost all idol solo dances.

No. 45962

the kids on dance moms had to learn them in an hour or two. they were 8 to 13 kek