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File: 1538065232359.jpg (548.97 KB, 1984x1305, dreamy.jpg)

No. 11970

What it says on the tin. Let's discuss some more kpop, farmers.
>Who's your favorite band/group and why isn't it NCT? Who's your bias?
>What do you think of the weird kpop fandoms that are popping up and the crazy fans that come with them?
>Any comebacks you're looking forward to?

Previous thread: >>232763

No. 11971

Reposting from previous thread.

SM posted a highlight video for upcoming NCT 127 album. It sounds pretty good. Regular sounds kind of sexy, so I'm hyped for some cool choreography and shots of the group. I'm happy it doesn't sound too latin.

What do you NCT fans think?

No. 11972

What do you think about GOT7's comeback? I personally really liked it, most of the solos were good (except Party, what the fuck was that, Bambam). I'm a bit sad Lullaby wasn't more successful.

No. 11973

Sounds nice so far, I wonder if the other version of regular will be in Spanish or something. And yeah, I'm also glad they didn't go full despacito. Wonder what the irregular songs will be like…

Johnny's little lisp is so cute in that interlude btw

No. 11974

File: 1538066699826.jpg (122.28 KB, 635x953, got7_jinyoung_mark_1535988324_…)


I really liked it, too!
Somehow the vibe reminds me a little of older Shinee songs (but I think I just make that connection with any disco-ish dance songs in K-Pop).

Gotta say though, I liked Look better.
The solo songs are alright, I am not sure why Jaebum has so many highnotes again when he always messes them up live…

Did anyone pre-order the album?
What edition/photocards did you get?

I got Mark's edition but hoped for Jinyoung (rip)
Also I got a REALLY awkward photocard of Youngjae, it's so weird that it's funny again.

I'm trying to find someone to trade with but it seems like everyone hold onto their Jinyoung Editions and Photocards really well.

Wish me luck, anons

No. 11975

I'm new to NCT and listened to just some of their songs. There is this one guy, I really like his voice everytime I listen to The 7th Sense and I looked up who he is, his name is Jaehyun. Doyoung's voice is nice too. Can you guys recommend some other NCT songs?

No. 11976

Did you listen to Boss? It's the latest NCT U comeback. There's some nice vocals from Doyoung and Jungwoo.

I also really liked Yestoday, it's more rap but Doyoung sings the chorus really nicely. Jaehyun sings the chorus in Whiplash too.

For an actual ballad with both you should listen to "Without You".

No. 11977

Doyoung has such a sweet voice <3 I like him more and more lately.

No. 11978

Highly recommend checking out Jaehyun's song with d.ear. You might like Without You, Tende, Baby Don't Stop too.

No. 11979

Also don't forget Taeil. I'm sad SM doesn't take more advantage of their voices… this is a sing along but you can tell what a good voice he has.

No. 11980

samefagging, but damn. he's absolutely breathtaking in this video.

No. 11981

Yeah, this is beautiful. thanks for sharing, anon

No. 11982

File: 1538071380398.jpg (93.17 KB, 750x750, ns-R-ApFKuE.jpg)

Baby Don't Stop is so good, still my favorite thing I've heard in kpop. I hope there'll be more TaeTen content in the future.

Btw I love Ten so much, haven't really seen him discussed in the previous thread.

No. 11983

Jaehyun is so hot when he's on stage. I remember seeing this fancam and was impressed with the eye contact, damn. Also yes, kill me with that body wave 0:27

No. 11984

File: 1538071561780.jpg (221.84 KB, 720x1080, VWy81rUkKEc.jpg)

No. 11985

There's so little of him since he kind of disappeared after Seventh Sense for a while. I think he suits solo stuff more. I liked New Heroes but it was a bit lacking for me, nice vocals but too short and I didn't like the drop.

I was impressed he had such a nice voice, you can really tell on Baby Don't Stop. I think SM was a bit unsure what to do with him at the start since he was a rapper on Seventh Sense, then disappeared, now a singer but he doesn't seem to be a part of any particular unit. It's still in progress.

In any case he gets a lot more than other NCT members get, so he's a bit more lucky. Also he cute as well, just watch him on this Disney show they did as ROOKIES <3

Also pre debut Yuta with beautiful original chin :'(

No. 11986

I'm not one for the cute stuff, but this is so fucking cute and I urge everyone to see it. Doyoung is so sweet when he sings. Any other covers from him?

No. 11987

File: 1538073949642.jpg (82.04 KB, 1024x682, Dm-ynrVVAAA0vzN.jpg)

I just received it a couple of days ago! I got Jinyoung's version, he looks really good and the photos are really well done, he kind of reminds me of a prince. I was lowkey hoping for Jackson, although I got his lyrics card so it's okay. As for the photocards I got Mark, Bambam and Youngjae, he also looks awkward in mine lol.
Honestly I was very surprised, there were a ton of extras, I pretty much ended up with something from each member. I really liked the preorder postcards too.

No. 11988

File: 1538077719486.png (1.07 MB, 862x751, Joeseph Zeng.png)

Joseph Zeng from Take my brother away looks like a combination love child between Chanyeol and Sehun from exo, he's so damn cute. I definitely recommend the drama if you have netflix, the pic doesn't do his cuteness justice

No. 11989

File: 1538083546997.jpeg (601.84 KB, 1536x2048, 8EF4FDCA-04B6-4E1E-BA25-C1ACA0…)

gentle reminder to everyone that if you’re gonna listen to ‘without you’ you NEED to listen to the chinese version too!!! kun’s voice ♡

thanks for helping against my depression anon oh my god this is too adorable

doyoung is always so lovely and cute.

No. 11990

File: 1538085578608.gif (5.55 MB, 480x270, cutie.gif)

You're welcome anon :3 I also made a gif because I love him so much. How can you not?? I need to make one of Johnny in the fish head lol so random.

No. 11991

File: 1538086129352.jpg (60.22 KB, 539x786, 9145cd995efb62bffadc547a46242c…)

I want to see more of Kun, I hope they don't mess with his nose. I don't know if he already had surgery, but I like that it's bigger than most idols. I can just image the SM surgeons being like "ooh you would look perfect with a smaller nose". Please don't, he's a cutie already.

No. 11992

File: 1538088257254.png (201.91 KB, 325x483, Screen Shot 2018-09-27 at 3.43…)

I still liked it, but I thought the whole thing was put together quickly, the arragment of lullaby felt really off to me on the first few listens and the dance is too intense for the song. Youngjae especially struggles it seems. He's my bias but if the dance is too hard for the weakest dancer it brings the whole group down.

Also >>11974 >>301407
please share a pic of the awkward youngjae card if you can lol, i saw a really weird yugeom one but haven't seen any yj ones yet. He's so awkward sometimes idk I love him.

No. 11993

File: 1538090312447.jpg (1.13 MB, 3120x4160, IMG_20180924_150402.jpg)

I'm not sure if he's pouting or poking his tongue out or both but this card is so awkward that it's hilarious to me

No. 11994

lol this is such a strange picture. he looks like a fish with his arms out. Idk why they print some of the photo cards they do. ty anon

No. 11995

File: 1538090807516.png (1.3 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180928-012508.png)

I put up an offer to swap my album version and photocards and someone sent me a picture of a photocard with what must be the worst picture of Jinyoung that I have ever seen.

I've seen him live and I love him but maybe they shouldn't have been doung 70 photocards for this album if they didn't have enough decent photos of the members…..

No. 11996

Is there any newly debuted/about to debut boy groups that have caught you eye? I always find it hard to get in to groups that have been around awhile because they have too much content to go through

No. 11997

Not actually a boy group, and they are not pretty idols per say lol. It's a group of solo artists that get together, and they are super good. I included them on the previous thread.

There's 5 of them, almost all rap and sign. They have two other tracks that are really good Blah and Blind. Also they released Igoholic recently.

Regarding actual boy groups I haven't seen anything that caught my eye. I saw several new ones but they were pretty boring in my opinion.

No. 11998

Also Stray Kids. It's the only mayor one that is getting actually popular. They are pretty good in my opinion, they had a comeback recently but I didn't like it much. But they also released "Awkward Silence" alongside it and it was soo good, they are really cute.

If you like it check out their other MVs from this year. There's a lot considering they are new.

No. 11999

I remember seeing these guys and thinking they were really cute, at least on this MV. I'm not sure if they debuted already? I see a lot of dance performances, so I'm not totally sure what's up with them.

Here's them doing the EXO Growl choreo and they are really good. Maybe if you like it you can investigate further and get into them.

No. 12000

Oooh these guys JUST debuted, song is actually really cute. Maybe you'll like them.

Also, I'm the same anon that shared the last three videos lol sorry I have insomnia and time to kill. I'll let myself out.

No. 12001

Oh wow, i love this.
I like that they're not pretty plastic flower boys and are still independent, individual artist, it makes their interaction and group dynamic seem so much more genuine.
It's a breath of fresh air tbh

No. 12002

That's what I love about them, I've noticed more people reacting to them so I'm hoping they will actually start a trend of ACTUAL artists in groups in Korea. I still love boy bands and flower boys and cool choreo, but I also want good music.

Here's their latest comeback. I still like Blah and Hocus Pocus a lot better, but this one is really cool too.

No. 12003

Gaho is one of the members from PLT and he has such a beautiful voice. I don't really like ballads but just hear that high note at 1:38 wow

No. 12004

File: 1538127709744.jpeg (287.77 KB, 1242x1655, 2995EE1E-C78B-4B78-9221-C17DDB…)

mommy bun ♡♡♡

i love kun’s look so much; his features are larger and more ‘round’(?) if that makes sense but they’re still so soft. he just looks so cuddly. he reminds me of a teddy bear which is perfect because chenle does too and they’re like parent and child ♡

kun also has the best eyebrows in nct atm but xiaojun may be coming for his throne

No. 12005

File: 1538127872855.jpeg (56.36 KB, 639x638, 52FAC981-1151-412C-BAB0-344A90…)

please tell me the fucknuts at sm haven’t/won’t touch xiao’s face it’s perfect

more masculine bois pls

No. 12006

I hope sm doesn't touch any of the China trio's faces. Sm artists love to get ps touch ups before come backs and when they're on break

No. 12007

I hope the styling isn't the stuff from the teasers. Give me sexy outfits SM

No. 12008

File: 1538143207866.jpg (830.74 KB, 2000x3000, DnSlrUtVsAAwHiZ-orig.jpg)

Any Orbits here?

No. 12009

File: 1538147592129.gif (2.5 MB, 493x318, faf521c655d8d0aa55220d8165349a…)

not die-hard, but i've really been enjoying their whole concept. the sub-unit music they put out was great imo. i'm also a little in love with jinsoul

No. 12010

Irregular version posted. Comeback sounds good.

Are they saying "we make the wig go" on the Regular English version? Lol or is my brain broken by Twitter stans? I hope they are not saying that because ugh.. so stupid.

No. 12011

The asthetics were really cool on some songs, I really liked Eclipse especially. And I liked the idea of introducing one member at a time, I just think they should had done it in less time, a year it's too much to be debuting people. Maybe like 2 girls per month.

Also, I honestly think they didn't live to the hype. Their actual releases as a group were really boring and super crowded. I didn't like them much, but maybe it's not for me since I only liked the girl crush tracks and not the poppy ones. And they seem to go more poppy than "badass".

No. 12012

These songs sound a lot cuter imo! Hearing mark's adlibs will be a little cringe though. You're from suburban Vancouver, baby, not Atlanta.

>tfw taeyong will never ask me to get into his murder van

why live?

No. 12013

Yeah, I can go both ways in regards to girl-crush concepts or sugary tracks, so I liked their full debut but it certainly didn't live up to the hype. Considering the quality of the sub-unit concepts hi high was especially disappointing and generic

No. 12014

Lol I'm ready for another kinky TY track. He really likes to switch from sub to dom a lot lol his voice change on Baby Don't Like It is sooo fucking hot. Just murder me Taeyong.

No. 12015

NCT 127 is going to perform on some ABC special for the 90th anniversary of mickey mouse in November. I'm happy for them but am I the only one that thinks SM is coming on too strong with their promo? It feels like they barely learned anything from the groups with strong western fandoms and they're just repeating what they did with snsd again.

No. 12016

File: 1538167546334.jpeg (39.26 KB, 1024x580, 4309A5CB-9B6B-4DD1-B9FE-CFFA72…)

the china trio are so cute as they are i’m legit anxious sm will ruin them.

xiao is handsome in a refined but distinctly masculine way, yangyang is a perfect mix of adorable and handsome boy-next-door and hendery has the potential to be the doe-eyed twink of the century.

please sm keep your filthy ps surgeon hands off them i beg you

No. 12017

File: 1538167949458.jpg (136.52 KB, 779x1200, DoKxffnU4AEv4oE.jpg)

Lol I'm constantly afraid of that for ALL NCT members (especially TY). Every comeback is a possibility for going "what the fuck happened??" I don't think they'll touch the rookies for now. Xiao I'm not sure if he already had ps before to be honest, his face is kind of too good to be true. But he certanly doesn't need more.

Also saw a fancam of NCT performing, what the fuck is up with Taeil's hair?? Pure Ronald Mcdonald lol

I hate that they are going to appear on Jimmy with these looks, why couldn't they go with the Boss styling?? Uuugh…

No. 12018

honestly i lost all hope after they ruined yuta, boy looked so cute before. i wonder if idols have a choice or are actually forced to have surgeries.

No. 12019

File: 1538168101425.jpg (63.83 KB, 682x1024, DnQuSKsU8AEsNxb-orig.jpg)

Whaat? ++ was full of bangers.
Stylish and 'Heat' even had that girlcrush thing you two are raving about.

No. 12020

File: 1538168291907.jpg (408.1 KB, 2048x1535, w.jpg)

I wonder if SM actually learned anything after the Yuta debacle. They got a lot of backlash for it, hopefully they'll take it easy on the PS from now on.

It's always one step forwards, two steps back with NCT's styling. So many members have bad haircuts rn, ugh.

No. 12021

Unpopular opinion, I reeeally like Lucas's haircut. He looks so boyish and less feminine. Kpop is missing more manly dudes.

I really don't want them looking like clowns on TV like BTS does sometimes lol (sorry for the fans, but you can't disagree they look really bad lately). I hope at least their clothes are "normal".

No. 12022

I thought their debut was nice. it's different from their solo work but the debut song for each subunit was usually cute so Hi High didn't feel very different. I hope they put out a repackage soon.

No. 12023

File: 1538169026392.jpg (42.79 KB, 540x360, luwoo.jpg)

It's cute, but it looks lazy. If they had tried a bit harder, I'd probably prefer it to long hair lucas.

No. 12024

i still can't fathom how he looks six years old now, wtf is this optical illusion

No. 12025

File: 1538170053468.jpg (113.44 KB, 761x1200, Dmpa0NhXsAEV66s.jpg)

I like that it's simple actually, what would you do? Dye it green or give him frosted tips? Lol there's not much to do with hair that short. He looks really cute. I want idols to have more normal haircuts myself.

No. 12026

File: 1538171006024.png (603.75 KB, 540x810, tumblr_or8iletsB91ukm9l2o1_540…)

i mean, they could just chill for a bit and stop changing the hairstyles so frequently and let idols have the hair that suit them the most for a longer time. not talking about lucas, just in general. it's not convenient for a company to have constantly balding idols anyway.

btw i'm still waiting for goth johnny to come back

No. 12027

File: 1538171141652.jpg (49.46 KB, 640x413, img.jpg)

No, the color fine, it just looks… idk, rushed? He only got it cut for real men 300 anyways, it probably was.

But speaking of lucas looking like he's six, lol'd at pic related

No. 12028

File: 1538171252483.jpg (38.96 KB, 507x666, 07e40ad84dab26216c218893b3379d…)

I agree completely. I like idols that stick to one haircut or two and don't go overboard, like Jinyoung from GOT7 which I mentioned above.

Goth Johnny was the best. White haired Taeyong was incredible too, although he should stay away from the bleach for now lol

No. 12029

i miss goth bf johnny so much

No. 12030

File: 1538172223920.jpg (125.97 KB, 1500x1000, 97c088bb73839571d3f4664a610a4d…)

If we get Goth Johnny I want punk Jaehyun too.

No. 12031

File: 1538172428066.gif (2.67 MB, 268x360, original.gif)

How dare they? Taeil should have this haircut and no other haircut ever. He went from average dude to hot as fuck on Chain MV.

No. 12032

Just noticed it's the same haircut on all three lol I think anons like the shaved side haircut. SM stylist running out of ideas.

No. 12033

I honestly think SM rookies always look ten times better than what they look like a year or two later. So enjoy them now because they just ruin them as time goes by. Even in that Disney show >>11985 most NCT members look better than now. More natural.

No. 12034

10 had it too in 7th sense
>"wHeRe'S mY hAir?"

No. 12035

File: 1538173433432.gif (1.54 MB, 268x350, tumblr_o6edv8lXCL1t8sz1po3_400…)

So weird seeing Ten with that hair now that you see his personality more. He was so funny on that video, next to Mark just laughing like crazy. Doyoung's eyebrow movement :3

No. 12036

File: 1538173873371.jpg (380.58 KB, 1364x2048, CnCrhg3VYAA8CWu.jpg)

yes, i love nct for being edgelords and the undercuts really add to the edginess

No. 12037

I love Pentagon so much uff <3 Kino is charismatic ALL the time on performances. He's the one that starts the song for those not familiar with them.

No. 12038

LOL what is this? We have a new mullet king guys…

No. 12039

File: 1538199924351.png (606.04 KB, 1039x614, mullet.PNG)

Why is this trend coming back? Stop Asia… Seems like a Chinese boy group, they look kind of sickly lol also shitty dancers.

No. 12040

he looks like an irl anime, in a good way. Who is this?

No. 12041

File: 1538215313356.jpeg (52.88 KB, 1209x551, 2425B97E-5CB9-4C12-AD18-59DA95…)

everyone looked hot as fuck in the chain mv i’d happily let johnny saw me in half

why did the song have to suck so bad jfc

i ran into a ‘which male idol’s mullet is this’ quiz the other the day and i got 4 out of 5 got both proud and disappointed in myself lmao should be worried

No. 12042

**should i be worried

No. 12043

File: 1538238897327.gif (2.55 MB, 434x542, bf44768ee661234a1620a61937f870…)

Taeyong from NCT, he really is straight out of a manga <3 cherry blossoms and all.

No. 12044

Why anon? You don't like random machine sounds and boop boops? Lol, it was such a mess. But I still kind of liked it, especially Mark's part after the chorus. It was not an actual comeback so fuck it, we got some hot visuals and I'm cool.

You know, I don't get why so much love for Johnny? He's really popular with fans, but he's hardly at the front or singing. Was he very popular during ROOKIE era? Don't get me wrong, he's cute but I don't find him THAT attractive, and his nose is weird looking.

Still, foreign swaggers all the way. His Oh Daddy bit is the best lol

Imagine if he did the parrot on Jimmy? I would kill myself.

No. 12045

File: 1538239561171.jpg (69.42 KB, 550x739, 035e96b12a0453561b531dc1180e7e…)

Worst one was Young Bin in SF9. Toothpaste mint mullet.

Best ones are Minghao and maaaybe JB in Look. It looked kind of cool there, but not sure in real life.

No. 12046

Maybe because of nct night night? Sometimes his visuals are really nice too, plus his cringiness is endearing to a lot of ppl.

No. 12047

SF9 released their Japanese version of Now or Never. I'm stil salty they didn't get a win. Hwiyoung is so hot this comeback, I want more idols with longer hair. But no mullet.

No. 12048

File: 1538240070715.jpg (76.31 KB, 564x1003, 1c0bcca3f1b6a19a1de08883bc3a81…)

Yes please. It has longer bangs so I don't think it fits with mullet status. In any case he makes it work.

No. 12049

File: 1538243891422.jpeg (532.29 KB, 1312x2048, D92C4B36-5C91-48DA-9191-E7F0BF…)

>You know, I don't get why so much love for Johnny? He's really popular with fans, but he's hardly at the front or singing. Was he very popular during ROOKIE era?
from what i understand johnny was very popular from rookie days and fans essentially pressured sm into letting him debut + he had been training for maaaany years (since he was like 13? 14 maybe? idk) so people felt it was long overdue.

he reaches out a lot to fans through twitter (especially i-fans since he often tweets in a language they understand) responding to random comments and people become familiar with him through night night, so i guess he seems approachable and close to fans/easy to talk to which is definitely in his favor since a huge part of the whole idol thing is ~selling dreams~ and being ~bf/gf material~. ngl i fall for that shit hook line and sinker when it comes to him bc i love the guy and he just keeps growing on me. he’s also kind of the dad of the group and since nctzens are so protective of the members and /especially/ the dreamies that probably helps boost his popularity too.

not to mention him being such a fucking loser and cringelord so openly ♡

so basically instead of being popular because he gets a lot of lines/screentime, people demand more lines/screentime for him because he’s popular. hah. so kind of the opposite of taeyong, i guess. (who i love, no shade intended.)

No. 12050

Same anon you replied to. That makes sense, yeah no shade either I was just confused at to why he had so many fans. I like watching reactions online since I have no friends that like kpop, and I was confused as to why the love even on the first video I saw with him. I just got into NCT a year ago so I was not very familiar with things prior to that.

He really is endearingly cringe, same with Mark. He acts all swag but then I saw that video of him rapping on a Disney show lol so cute <3

I wish Taeyong had more interaction with fans, maybe he does with kfans I'm not sure. I'm so intrigued by him and how cutely awkward he his on interviews. It clashes a lot with his stage persona and past history, even though I don't think it was such a big deal what he did. He was suuuper young and who knows what family situation he had to do that. I saw that clip of him crying and I don't see him faking it. So it's sad to me he gets so much shade, he must be really shy and nice in private. At least I haven't seen clips of him being a bitch or anything.

I can see him being a bit annoying at the most lol on LA interviews the idiot wont stop talking nonsense on the background. He's so excited to talk in English, so cute <3

I watched some interviews and several of them do try to speak more English, so I have higher hopes for them on Jimmy.

No. 12051

Just wanted to share I saw this MV with a French producer and A.C.E. and the song is so tacky but I can't stop listening to it and I feel like a basic bitch now lol. MV is atrocious too haha

No. 12052

File: 1538261343960.jpeg (85.15 KB, 750x767, 161A67DA-521E-490E-90FB-34E170…)

image dump of nct responding to fans on twt bc i’m soft

No. 12053

File: 1538261358727.jpeg (89.59 KB, 750x766, E304B867-3C4C-496A-AF29-1A51E0…)

No. 12054

File: 1538261369501.jpeg (94.18 KB, 750x745, DFBBF3DB-137A-4044-AEB9-3965B0…)

No. 12055

File: 1538261381589.jpeg (114.47 KB, 750x763, 00F7D01B-8FEB-4911-B373-0EA807…)

No. 12056

File: 1538261392054.jpeg (102.07 KB, 749x749, 00FDC34D-2D21-45A5-B428-6BB2E1…)

No. 12057

File: 1538261404793.jpeg (105.25 KB, 750x768, B046CF8E-ABD9-4262-9060-857DB7…)

No. 12058

File: 1538261474750.jpeg (96.29 KB, 750x732, E7DE06B5-098D-4DD0-A94C-56756B…)

No. 12059

File: 1538270851277.png (672.8 KB, 1440x1818, ty.png)

These were so fucking cute

No. 12060

i love taeyong he's so different than what i first imagined him to be

No. 12061

Jinho from Pentagon is SO good. It's also rare to see an idol singing something from a rock opera! Those high notes damn, and his expressions… I really wish him a good career outside of kpop, I feel he being in a boy band must not be the best use of this voice.

No. 12062

File: 1538341162744.gif (797.56 KB, 268x350, 972d57d4865ae81ca891d400f10454…)

This pretty much sums up what we first imagined and reality <3 such a cutie

No. 12063

he has such a charming smile, it's almost painful to see because i'm jealous, how do you do that taeyong?

No. 12064

I'm jealous of his eyes, I think it's his best feature. I've never seen such big dark eyes on a guy before. He has SUCH a good stage presence.

He's so sweaty and hot on this video, I love watching his fancams.

No. 12065

File: 1538343873959.jpg (159.64 KB, 960x1280, fa81adc7d3adaeb95ba90cf7aff0e4…)

they are beautiful but they freak me out sometimes, why do they have to be SO big…
i'll also post his hands since i'm a hand fetishist

No. 12066

File: 1538344179400.gif (4.58 MB, 580x484, f64d06ac2c9e6560b6c477103718ff…)

They really are huge, but I looove them. He looks freaky on this gif lol I wonder if he uses contacts? I don't think so, since I've never seen any photo that made me think he uses something to enlarge his irises… and they do look the same on his kid photos.

Considering eyes don't grow he must have been real cute as a baby. Pure eyes lol

No. 12067

File: 1538345826658.jpg (62.78 KB, 613x757, BwejZe6CIAAHITj.jpg)

i'm happy they don't force eye lenses on him too much, i love dark brown eyes so much but many idols keep wearing these unnatural blue lenses that throw me off.

i forgot what his old pictures looked like and i've always assumed he's had his jawline done but it kinda looks the same, wow.

No. 12068

File: 1538346304295.jpg (37.63 KB, 507x642, a1c795566015b5a0f0550291b619ee…)

Taeyong is the only idol I feel may have had some minor details like fillers from time to time, but he never had ps and I'm sure of it. He gets a lot of hate from people saying he did his whole face, but he literally looks the same on his childhood photos.

But people really like looking for ps that is not there. I guess that's what happens when most of idols are fake.

No. 12069

File: 1538347217284.jpg (467 KB, 1365x2048, 033701.jpg)

sm have this stupid obsession with fixing faces that don't need to be fixed (you know who i'm talking about lol), ofc nobody would trust them.

i'm also jealous of those damn cheekbones now jfc

No. 12070

oops wrong picture but his shoulders are also nice

No. 12071

File: 1538347439401.gif (3.4 MB, 540x810, 7f5134f908f3bdd009dc7168bbb208…)

The cutest smile, bonus Jungwoo being adorable too.

No. 12072

File: 1538347790078.jpg (56.39 KB, 500x750, tumblr_p0v1rs5C5l1uk6h32o1_500…)

Yeah, I don't really blame people for thinking ty has had a bunch of ps when even multiple other nct members have gotten ps (jisung, taeil, ten, jaehyun, yuta, doyoung, johnny, lucas, jungwoo I think, etc.). He probably has had some ps.

No. 12073

File: 1538348250271.jpg (71.6 KB, 800x480, 1538168003619.jpg)

He probably has, but nothing mayor. He has a protuding jaw, and a bumpy nose, so those seem super natural and his own. If he did have ps somewhere, it's hardly noticeable. I think what I meant is that people want to say he did his whole face, when the dude was just naturally gifted with good features.

SM does fuck up faces, so I'm hoping he has enough self control not to allow them. But I really doubt it.

Korea's ps is a shit show, someone shared Lee soo-hyuk recent ps on the Critical thread and I wanted to cry. He was literally so good looking and I can't understand his decision to fuck up all of his best features.

Since this thread basically became about hot guys, is there any Korean actor that you guys like?

No. 12074

File: 1538348268515.gif (6.52 MB, 268x268, 24fc7c0236793.gif)

why do i have this feeling that they are the biggest bitches irl and actually can't stand each other

they are adorable anyway ngl.

No. 12075

I don't think they are bitchy at all, but I have my doubts about Jungwoo's personality. He seems super fakely adorable most of the time. And really goes hard with his fanservice, I don't like it much. He's probably a nice guy so no hate. It comes with being an idol and koreans love it, but I find it cringy.

No. 12076

File: 1538349053588.jpg (102.92 KB, 1024x1024, 5eb36e7550.jpg)

yeah, he's one of my favorites but i just don't trust him, idek why.

i looked for photos of doyoung and it turns out he's a completely different person now, oh my god. (i'm not hating on anybody, just curious)

No. 12077

File: 1538386720575.jpeg (103.68 KB, 800x1000, AA351C7F-4668-4691-97C0-E2EDCA…)

Doyoung’s eyes look massive too but I think it has more to do with the rest of his facial features being so small and doll-like and his face being quite slim. His eyes are also very round and doe-like. I definitely see the rabbit resemblance.

Idk apart from the jaw I think he looks quite similar (at least as far as predebut-postdebut idol comparisons go). He’s definitely had work done, I’m not delusional, but I could still tell that’s Doyoung from space. Also the upper left pic set in your compilation is super adorable

No. 12078

File: 1538386992739.jpeg (99.01 KB, 960x1440, AEB8123C-1C58-4A47-9A92-63DA3F…)

Samefagging just to add this because bunny

No. 12079

File: 1538408508166.gif (1.38 MB, 268x244, tenor.gif)

He looks the same but with a jaw shave. I kind of wish they didn't do it, just to see how he would look like with styling, weight loss etc. I think he would had looked very handsome.

Right now he's really cute but his face is a bit odd on the jaw. Like, it doesn't look BAD, but you can tell it's not natural. He looks sort of feline and I kind of like it.

Or like a bunny as Ten said lol

No. 12080

File: 1538409963003.png (356.79 KB, 1000x1500, original.png)

his jaw shave was the 2nd biggest ps mistake nct has had after yuta's chin imo. he still looks pretty despite it, but jeez.

guess johnny's nose would be third, then jisung's nose. no one else's ps is especially bad.

No. 12081

File: 1538410807565.jpg (61.22 KB, 600x906, cfd55bce170530a6bc9aab3a6f2fa1…)

Yeah, SM gets a bad rap for bad surgeries, but at least for now they still look pretty human lol they are getting more and more popular now and that's when shit hits the fan so I hope they stay as natural as possible.

Taeil is another that had a weird nose job, it's kind of small, but I guess it elevated him from regular dude to more "flower boy" to fit the idol image. Pre debut he was really average.

Jaehyun jaw shave is kind of bad too sometimes, the chin is so soft and loose I don't like it, but it does fit korean beauty standards, so it may be my taste only.

No. 12082

File: 1538410897571.gif (1.82 MB, 268x350, taeil.gif)

Taeil now for comparison. Is it anyone's favorite here? I like his voice so much, but he gives me creepy vibes, don't know why. Maybe his weird trio with Yuta and WinWin. I find it really odd and I don't know if there's something there or fanservice.

No. 12083

File: 1538410906989.jpg (152.05 KB, 1024x767, 646383.jpg)

they still haven't fixed junguwu's hair color and i'm mad.

i think jisung's nose will also look fucked up when he grows up, it's already out of proportion with his face.

No. 12084

File: 1538411261417.jpg (701.41 KB, 1547x2166, IMG_20180710_030758.jpg)

oh yeah, jaehyun's jaw shave was pretty bad. you can really see it in this pic. his nose job wasn't great either.

ugh… at least uwu still looks very qt

No. 12085

File: 1538411654475.jpg (105.07 KB, 800x1199, DnV5I87U0AAfNUi.jpg)

He looks so skinny there lol, it's very ken doll, not sure if photoshoped or he was skinnier at some point. But he never looks like that on selfies.

I don't think Jisung's nose is the worst thing ever, it's still a normal size, but the issue with most nose jobs is that the nostrils end up so much in view that it gives a very dainty feel to their faces. I really can't understand why anyone would do ps on a kid SO young. I hope for his sake that it turns out alright.

Taeil with that red hair may be the worst combination I've see as of now, god it's so ugly. Jungwoo at least looks cute sometimes, but nothing can save that Ronald Mcdonald.

Did anyone see this live? I don't really follow them, just watch funniest moments on youtube with subs later. I really can't understand watching when you don't understand anything they are saying lol

No. 12086

i wanted to watch it but they were doing fucking aegyo and i clicked out. i wish i could watch any content without cringing but i end up skipping those fanservice moments.
i'm ok with reading subs but sadly they're often incorrect or incomplete. why does korean have to be so difficult?

No. 12087

File: 1538412479552.gif (2.17 MB, 540x230, tumblr_pfxezjU6kn1vaozwio4_r1_…)

I'm more annoyed at the amount of content there is, like I really want to follow them and watch everything but it's TOO MUCH. That goes for all kpop groups, they really squeeze every second out of these idols. I'm old as shit so I guess that it's more suited for teenagers that have all day to browse Twitter lol makes sense. I have to work SM :(

I'm watching the onehallyu forum for snippets and there is quite a bit of aegyo which is awful, but then there's real cute moments that I love like Win and his blanket <3

No. 12088

File: 1538413473946.jpg (306.01 KB, 1000x1500, 215856.jpg)

whenever they decide to hide an idol's forehead with bowlcut, it always seems to be a bad idea. are there any idols that look good with it? i can't think of any.

No. 12089

File: 1538414081743.jpg (46.14 KB, 540x810, 342d0e619737d41717b0d4d2b09cd5…)

N from VIXX is the only idol I've never seen without bangs, I think he has a big forehead so it looks better with the bowlcut.

No. 12090

Apparently nct china's debut is going to be delayed… again. They won't debut until 2019. I'm pissed.

No. 12091

but how would they debut right now if it includes winwin?

No. 12092

Is it early 2019? Not a big deal, only a couple of months. I hope we get a few more pictures from the members since they introduced them so early. I would be pissed if they delayed it like a year or something like that.

No. 12093

I don't know, SM should've thought that through before getting everyone's hopes up. Cramming everything in at the end of the year was a horrible idea.

By the time they debut, Kun will have been in nct for a full year, yet the only songs he's only been in are black on black (ugh) and the chinese version of without you.

Idk, probably a month or so after 127 is back from their tour.

No. 12094

You're right lol Kun's fans must be pissed. He really didn't deserve to debut that way, I hope they give him enough screentime on the NCT China MV. Imagine if it's full of the rookies and he has like 2 lines lol the new Winwin.

Is there any video of Kun singing live or dancing or something that showcases his talent? I've only seen videos of him talking to the Dreamies and such. He's a sweetheart but I want to see how he is on stage. Also, no black on black fancam, poor guy is mostly standing on the background. I really hate that performance, I hope they don't do it on USA. I bet seeing it from far away it's super cringe, the dances are really dumb looking too.

No. 12095

I doubt they'll bring the whole gang to USA, just 127.

>Is there any video of Kun singing live or dancing or something that showcases his talent?

Yeah, they did without you live. There's a video of him playing piano on their twitter too. He's really been with nct for the whole run, it's fucked that they treat him so poorly.

No. 12096


Do people really not like black on black? I thought it was fun compared to cherry bomb which is too long and boring imo (would be better if they cut about half a minute of it) and touch which looks too forced and they look uncomfortable sometimes.

No. 12097

File: 1538421131366.jpg (72.08 KB, 564x846, 0676425dc3374e248a712735cca307…)

Cherry bomb is definitely repetitive, but they showcase every member of 127 and it's a really cool dance. Black on black looks cool with Korean camera work, but the dances look awkward on my opinion. Also, since they add all the members you hardly get to see most of them, they just act as background to the rappers and Ten's solo. At most you notice Jisung, Taeyong, Lucas, Mark, Jeno, Yuta and Ten. Don't get me wrong it's very well coordinated but not all members dance as well as the actual dancers, so you can tell by watching one or the other that it looks off.

I just don't get why it had to be done, it's better to see separate units performing.

The only thing I enjoyed was Taeyong's part and beautiful sparkly choker. He looked divine on the performances. The teasers were hot as fuck too.

No. 12098

File: 1538421291403.gif (2.92 MB, 268x350, tumblr_p7osdhPMPJ1vaozwio2_400…)

He looked like a fucking demon on some parts and I love him uff he acted the best on stage.

No. 12099

It's not that bad live, but the song is shitty and there's a lot of awkward standing. It has some really cool parts too tho, like when TY stands on the other members like a dictator.

No. 12100

File: 1538421430515.gif (1.93 MB, 268x350, tumblr_p7ln2qlnUD1x4tv9io2_r1_…)

That goddamn collar… wow.

No. 12101

File: 1538421900632.jpg (207.75 KB, 800x1199, c1fdd2461b93ed37a04035f2d211d8…)

this color is good on him, they should've kept it instead of the current washed out one.

also vivid colors look the best with his features

No. 12102

File: 1538423835226.jpeg (57.01 KB, 617x822, 88F76267-B4FC-4EED-8E89-3BFE7D…)

i actually find doyoung super pretty with his jaw shave lol. jaw shaves in general are a terrible idea because of the health risks but as far as aesthetics go doyoung is beautiful. there’s something so doll-like and ethereal about him.

like another anon mentioned he looks kind of feline and other anons in previous threads compared him to a barbie doll which i also think is quite accurate. yes it can be uncanny when he looks like a literal mannequin but overall he just looks super pretty and interesting to me.

>Is there any video of Kun singing live or dancing or something that showcases his talent?
there’s a cursed predebut vid of kun singing in some obscure mv or commercial or whatever the fuck i laughed for years

No. 12103

Boss and Yestoday are cool. I liked Jaehyun's voice in Whiplash's chorus too, he has such a smooth voice. Without You is really good, it might be one of my favourites by NCT so far.

This is soothing, his voice is awesome.

I like Tende, Baby Don't Stop is cool too.
Try Again is heavenly, I love it so much. Jaehyun kinda reminds me of Suho.

Sorry for replying late and thank you for your recommendations, I checked out everything that you guys have recommended. Most of the NCT songs I've checked out so far were nice, I like their live performances too

No. 12104

File: 1538425400874.png (272.02 KB, 600x800, 83D52F89-0378-4710-9ABE-EAE4C3…)

>It has some really cool parts too tho, like when TY stands on the other members like a dictator.
I fucking hate that shit. Yeah it looks cool but what dumbass decided it was a good idea to have Mark stand on Jaemin’s back?

Also I love Yongie but that part was kind of in bad taste. He’s already getting a lot of shit for hogging screentime and lines and then some shitfuck has the brilliant idea to have him literally stand on top of the others. It effectively boosts his retarded akgaes who view other members as props, pisses off fans of the other members by enforcing the idea that he’s the most important and fuels the antis who screech about how overhyped and ~favored~ he is. I get it’s muh dork aesthetic but it’s just such a stupid thing of the choreographers to do. Now both his antis and akgaes have fuel and fans of other members are reaching peak-Taeyong, congratulations.

my sexy broccoli boi

Predebut Taeyong will always be superior, though.

No. 12105

He's really pretty..

No. 12106

File: 1538426080694.jpg (67.62 KB, 564x1002, c61047d76ae7618220750bae57266f…)

Oh yes, that part with Jaemin was terrible. I'm glad they are not performing the song anymore.

Yeah, I hate people getting angry at Tae just because he gets so much screentime, I'm sure it's not his decision. But I still don't really hate it, he's clearly the leader even if there's no official NCT leader. The other members even state it. And he deserves it, the dude has a lot of charisma on stage. I do think the pyramid was cool but not fair to all, and stans really hate a member not getting recognition.

He did own that shit lol proud as fuck. I can't hate on him. A lot of people say he's a narcissist but I don't see it. He just really knows how to carry himself on stage, and SM clearly knows it. Hs the best one to grab new fans attention.

Dark haired Taeyong was my dream for this comeback, now I'm so sad he still has that horrible hair. Are they making him ugly on purpose? Damn you stylists.

No. 12107

File: 1538426243244.jpg (147.77 KB, 801x1200, DoMbWUQUYAAm1Ow.jpg)

Still beautiful, but please dye his hair SM. I would probably hate the mullet less if it was a cooler color.

No. 12108

They uploaded a really small video with some images from the MV, I think? Looks like we are getting weird as fuck dances again lol those jumps.

No. 12109

File: 1538427186931.gif (2.02 MB, 540x260, tumblr_p8erydWWsk1vaozwio4_r1_…)

he had a similar outfit with a choker in the chain mv, can he just destroy me already

No. 12110

File: 1538427359832.gif (1.42 MB, 540x200, tumblr_pfxm9rgLPt1vaozwio2_540…)

Some higlights.

No. 12111

File: 1538427380255.gif (2.53 MB, 540x200, tumblr_pfxm9rgLPt1vaozwio5_540…)

And the jumps lol

No. 12112

File: 1538427594992.jpg (63.34 KB, 564x846, e0f8999546947b97de81237a4a3dc7…)

I was also a big fan of the choker, fancy king. I'm intrigued by the dance for Regular, the first one makes me think like ballroom dancing.

Also Haechan with a tie hello there.

No. 12113

File: 1538427744173.jpg (13.01 KB, 286x313, i keep screaming but god wont …)

guess I'll go ahead and start mentally preparing to watch them do that horrible wheelchair jump dance on live television as taeyong's mullet glistens in the stage lights and jungwoo tries not to trip over his long skirt

No. 12114

hahaha is this firetruck again?

No. 12115

i apologise so much, because i'm new to kpop but i must see more of this man. He's so beautiful.

No. 12116

Just search for Taeyong fancam and you'll have more than enough to see lol he has a lot of them and I think I saw ALL of them.

His Boss styling is getting praise, but I just love this outfit and hair for Cherry bomb.

I'll give it the benefit of the doubt for now lol I've come to expect weird dances from NCT, so it will be pretty amusing. I just hope they don't style them too weirdly. At least on the MV they are looking more classy that the teaser image made it seem.

No. 12117

Those pants with white stripes on Johnny (is that him?) look pretty bad, a skirt would be better

No. 12118

Is it a skirt? I initially though it was like a longer shirt or fabric coming from the top and ending really long. Because I saw on another image he does have pants. Does it go all around the waist? Lol poor Jungwoo, orange hair AND a skirt.

No. 12119

Thank you so much, anon!

No. 12120

No, in that picture he was wearing a skirt OVER a pair of pants

No. 12121

Lol there's still hope. In the MV images they have pants and casual wear. No sight of the skirt, so maybe it was a horrible decision for the teaser images. Now if only they can control themselves and not give him one on Jimmy or the AMAs we're good lol.

Talking about that, they are attending the red carpet for the AMAs, but not performing. Thank god.

No. 12122

File: 1538429694542.jpg (461.4 KB, 2048x1366, 9i2rsG0WEtY.jpg)

I looked at the promo pictures again to compare and Johnny and Jungwoo look like goth clowns while others' outfits are relatively normal. Lol why

No. 12123

Recent English interview. Taeil looking a lot better with the hair parted that way. TY hair is looking better that way too. I figured he was going gray, it looked more and more gray lately. That makes sense that it took a while to do it.

Actually they all look better styled, so let's keep the skirts out please lol

Conversation is flowing, I think they will do well in Jimmy so I'm happy.

No. 12124

Oh my, Jungwoo looking surprised at Mark saying he's funny. That was so cute <3

No. 12125

Didn't see this one. Tae can't stay still lol and one of the comments made me laugh because I noticed it too.

>6:34 when taeyong said "it's me!" when she asked who was the funniest but then said "i apologize…" so cutely T_T

No. 12126

I know this thread is NCT central but I checked this guys out and they seem interesting. The dance practice is really good.

A lot of really obvious nose jobs though. I'm kind of intrigued by the rapper with the red hair, he has a lot of ps on his face but he looks even more feline than Doyoung and I kind of want to see more of him now.

No. 12127

File: 1538434365120.jpg (113.25 KB, 666x1000, ho_young_verivery_96233.jpg)

No. 12128

He looks primal here and i love it so much

No. 12129

File: 1538442486180.gif (1.69 MB, 177x250, tumblr_p7rl2ofGa41w7wsr0o4_r2_…)

This one too. What a face, he was even sexier than in Baby don't stop.

No. 12130

File: 1538443436094.gif (2.66 MB, 268x360, da6d1218b5cb157a09c0d8b08f9af9…)

He opens his mouth a lot more than other idols, and it looks so sexy. He's clearly not afraid to go all out.

No. 12131

Taeyong has such a strong gaze… I love when idols go all intense and shit lol Donghan from JBJ is really good too. He fucking death stares the camera the whole time on this video. He can pull off the sexy vampire look.

No. 12132

File: 1538480609615.jpeg (330.15 KB, 978x1295, CA42584C-D6A3-411D-8D1E-7E6482…)

>looks feline just like doyoung
awww their names even rhyme! might stan uwu

also @ sm give me nct china + smrookies news right the fuck now

No. 12133

File: 1538480625362.jpeg (422.05 KB, 2048x1365, 6F6F9423-F5A1-47F3-8812-64C30A…)

No. 12134

Same. brown eyes look so warm and nice on a lot of people. Forcing those freaky alien lenses on them looks awful

No. 12135

File: 1538487159368.png (838.24 KB, 720x802, Chengxiao stage.png)

Chengxiao is a goddess

No. 12136

no, anon. she's a queen.

No. 12137

this chenle erasure, smh

No. 12138

File: 1538497052599.jpg (47.42 KB, 750x624, dolphin.jpg)

chenle best dreamy

No. 12139

File: 1538500468392.jpeg (248.81 KB, 1080x1350, C9E03B3B-ABC0-42EF-BD14-F9C343…)

i know and i’m sorry. i was angry i couldn’t find a proper group selca with all of them and i was worried about cluttering the thread since it’s already 95% ntitty.

here have ferb!chenle looking ethereal to make up for it

No. 12140

lolol its fine.
china line is going to be a hoot. seeing renjun with kun and winwin in that vlive was great

No. 12141

His gaze is so intense and hypnotic.

No. 12142

No. 12143

File: 1538518075779.jpg (13.6 KB, 371x323, 20180922221430.jpg)

Johnny is a horrible person for letting him do this smh I bet he's always the one behind the camera

No. 12144

File: 1538518299948.jpg (738.73 KB, 1080x2160, 5.jpg)

lol jeffery what is you doing

No. 12145

Lol I love how fucking serious he is. What a dummy, someone bring this poor guy some milk

Jaehyun really is that guy that you can tell is the biggest sweetheart at the cost of being a total idiot lol

Does anyone here watch their radio show? I've never seen it. Is it entertaining or kind of awkward? What do they do? I've seen some that are subbed but when I want to watch them SM takes them down.

No. 12146

File: 1538520699975.jpg (39.39 KB, 564x846, e4ec55a7c12980a6ca015f6c4a473b…)

He's super cute too outside of the stage lol if you liked it there's like a dozen live stages of his debut song. It was not bad although I'm so used to big groups dancing that is weird to see one only, even if they have backup.

I kind of wished JBJ had a few more comebacks, they were really good together.

No. 12147

File: 1538520964393.gif (1.97 MB, 268x400, 367cf301319f29ef83df14ea5b6fde…)

Was anyone here a fan of History? Hottest idols, especially Kyungil. Not even the anons on Critical can say this dude is ugly lol god damn… I discovered them after they disbanded, so sad.

No. 12148

File: 1538521062694.gif (1.99 MB, 268x295, be68846845453942f8881e73887cfa…)

Dude was pretty much a stripper lol

No. 12149

File: 1538521264644.jpg (88.85 KB, 784x1024, g7fdH5vyUi.jpg)

when i first got into nct, i thought he was some serious nerd who behaves like a mature adult, his face just gives off that impression…

No. 12150

Also wanted to share my favorite MV from them. Damn it just hits all the checkboxes of hotness for me, touching their crotches and wanting to kill me. Yes please.

No. 12151

File: 1538521994154.jpg (17.54 KB, 400x300, 1517707_10153455517131179_2270…)

Bless these images

No. 12152

damm, this made my week. Thank you!

No. 12153

LOL yes please, Kyungil was so fucking hot. He's in the military now and he looks so god. You can see recent fancams of him in there.

He reminds you what actual manly men look like, not that I don't like the twinks too.

This is from their last comeback Queen. The other members were really hot too, especially Sihyoung.

No. 12154

It was so hot live too, sad that Kyungil didn't touch his crotch in the live stages lol too sexy for TV?

There's a part in the choreo where he pulls Yijeong's hair and the dude goes HARD. At 02:28, it's so sexy…

Yaoi fans went crazy for those two lol

No. 12155

I'm a fujoshit and this is everything. That hair pulling is beyond hot

No. 12156

I really like the eye makeup, but they're still really hot men. Like, damn. I miss the kpop days of dudes and not this twink era we're in.

No. 12157

File: 1538524392435.jpg (1.89 MB, 422x281, 09ed2b835daac265c37ef10afb69bc…)

The eye makeup was too much most of the time yes lol. The other members were cute too although Kyungil was the only one with the glorious abs.

I miss hot groups too, since older kpop groups looked so stupid with the outfits and styling. History was the last one I saw. Maybe VIXX? But they don't go full stripper feels.

So hot.

No. 12158

He reeeally enjoyed that hair grab. They also went super hard with the ship with fans. You can really tell on this let's dance. Yijeong almost looks like he enjoys it lol

Sorry for the fujoshit, I like it too.

No. 12159

Yeah, the first Vixx mv i saw was voodoo doll and I really enjoyed it.

No. 12160

File: 1538537379853.gif (1.74 MB, 300x420, 4d7ca5679c75d7db7c8382af42da0a…)

Ravi has a nice bod. Yeah, VIXX also has tall more masculine guys. Too bad I think they are not as popular as other groups? I'm pretty sure they'll disband eventually.

Monsta X have Shownu and Wonho but they look kind of short and the other members are still super skinny.

I want more manly groups, any rookies similar to History? I'm now mad at anon for introducing them to me since they disbanded kek

No. 12161

Performances in suits are my weakness. I would share NCT 127 "Good thing" live but the hairstyles are SO ridiculous lol even though I love the sparkly suits. SF9 released one recently and I want more groups to do it.

No. 12162

Are there any A.C.E. fans here? Don't know much about them, just saw this, the outfits look ridiculous but those thighs, damn.

No. 12163

I like them too! They are SUCH good dancers. Just look how quick they are on that relay dance! I suggest watching their dance practices if you like choreo.

I loved the hot pants lol they got a lot of backlash for it, but at least it was something different. On their latest comeback they used crop tops too, their stylist is kind of weird like that.

Donghun was such a cutie on their debut, he had braces the whole time. I love guys with braces <3

No. 12164

Also their latest relay dance, still showing leg ( ° ʖ °) They are really charismatic, even if (to be honest) they are not the "prettiest" idols.

No. 12165

i think they are gaining more popularity, their first two MVs were kind of weird and trippy though. One of the members called WOW (what a dumb stage name kek) is pretty cute, he was also on MIXNINE.

No. 12166

I agree anon, Seyoon is really cute! I love their fancams from meeting their fans, you can tell that they have a good time with them, and are super nice :)

Bonus Jun as Harry Potter in the background is everything

No. 12167

Anyone familiar with Noir? I think they debuted this year? I may be mistaken, I remember really disliking their first song. They just had a comeback and I'm intrigued now.

Like the song is super generic boygroup (and the rapper sucks) but I sort of like it anyway lol and that swaying, hands in pockets move it's kind of hot not gonna lie…

No. 12168

I'm so glad I found this image board.

I've been a fan of Suga since last year(?) His song, "The Last", was the reason I finally sought therapy. So of course I pay attention to him.

When I pointed out how dead he looks when Fake Love came out the fans were all "Well, you don't smile all the time either, do you"

His face looks so different now (he ruined himself) yet I didn't see a single comment about it. When I said I didn't recognize him in some of his newer photos I was attacked by the rabid armys: "OMG that's called not knowing what he looks like!" and "When did he have time to get any surgery, huh!"

I know how delulu fans can get, but I didn't know they were blind too.(wrong thread)

No. 12169

Please go to your nearest eye doctor and check for blindness.

No. 12170

it’s visual o’clock.

No. 12171

Damn, they look cute. Winwin and jungwoo look like 2 year olds playing dress up though. Johnny, jaehyun, and haechan killed it.

No. 12172

File: 1538676011571.jpeg (166.38 KB, 1920x1080, 4BD9AFDE-697D-4130-8CA2-B7C09D…)

they’re so beautiful.

No. 12173

File: 1538676485503.gif (1.68 MB, 540x290, bd9fdfc1-f87b-487.gif)

That gaze though, I like Yangyang in motion more than just in pictures. I wonder what image SM assigned to each of them?

No. 12174

File: 1538678251841.gif (2.83 MB, 540x230, tumblr_pg2y7x64UH1v7pzc2o4_540…)

I laughed out loud at Jungwoo lol, he really looks like a little kid. Taeil looked hot with the suit too. He fits the concept.

Taeyong with glasses is best <3

No. 12175

File: 1538678266302.gif (2.2 MB, 540x250, tumblr_pg2yn01EL41vaozwio5_540…)

No. 12176

File: 1538678389790.jpeg (187.11 KB, 1920x1080, 5F887EB6-929C-45A1-B14D-EBE860…)

okay but who went
>put together serious office daddy concept
>what a perfect time to put the frontman in a mullet

hendery probably has the cutest smile i have ever seen

No. 12177

File: 1538678421018.jpeg (98.15 KB, 1045x1079, 099227EF-2298-4ADC-82AC-432ACF…)

can’t get enough of his profile

No. 12178

File: 1538678451127.gif (1.48 MB, 540x250, tumblr_pg2yn01EL41vaozwio3_540…)

We're here again to bomb this thread with NCT lol I'm so excited for the comeback. The teasers always kill me.

I agree lol but he still looks good, it's pushed back so it's less mullet like.

No. 12179

I have a weakness for glasses in general. When History did the live ver of Might Just Die with the suits and glasses, it was a gift.

No. 12180

File: 1538678547852.gif (872.53 KB, 540x250, tumblr_pg2qsluxJx1vaozwio2_540…)

I'm getting new Jungwoo vibes lol

No. 12181

File: 1538678631931.gif (743.24 KB, 540x230, tumblr_pg2qfieKH51vaozwio6_540…)

Hendery is really cute, I'm hyped for their debut. SM is really making us wait…

No. 12182

Excuse me where? lol I've seen all stages of that song and never seen them with glasses. I need that in my life.

Do you mean Queen maybe? Two, three members had glasses on that one. I like the business man look.

I doubt they can grind on the floor sucesfully with the glasses lol

No. 12183

Posting just because they were so freaking hot in that stage, and it goes with the suit talk right now lol.

No. 12184

wew, he's got a really cute figure

No. 12185

File: 1538693553749.jpg (10.39 KB, 296x158, 1440059268404.jpg)

Glasses are my fetish

No. 12186

File: 1538694491644.gif (1.55 MB, 500x248, tumblr_inline_o6d9pjrtSs1r186q…)

Yijeong with glasses was too much.

No. 12187

Especially those frames. They suit him so well. Daaaamn.

No. 12188

File: 1538709226803.jpg (51.25 KB, 564x847, 5e587b7f127174af8a75776dfd93f9…)

I really liked Yijeong's eyes for some reason, I like guys with dark bags under their eyes. Is that weird? lol

Too bad he's looking super plastic on his Instagram… he kinda ruined his face. Nose and dorito chin combo.

You really can't crush on an idol because they will eventually ruin their face and it's kind of heartbreaking lol

No. 12189

The cuties seem to be having fun in LA :3 lol


No. 12190

Gah, they're adorable

No. 12191

No. 12192

omg they gave junguwu the spotlight, i'm so soft

No. 12193

File: 1538754748654.jpeg (146.33 KB, 2048x1152, A1C83AA6-BDF1-40C3-A277-C48614…)

how can this guy…

No. 12194

File: 1538754765118.jpeg (66.05 KB, 500x500, 2F6FDED7-6741-4AD1-8B29-1301D6…)

…also be tHIS GUY

No. 12195

File: 1538754908992.jpg (21.4 KB, 532x532, 294bb7ba-f05b-4eb9.jpg)

No. 12196

File: 1538757772509.gif (2.75 MB, 540x230, tumblr_pg4tjqYDB41vaozwio5_540…)

Oh no they look TOO HOT! Damn Taeyong with a gun and glasses lol yes please.

I know this is super "fangirl talk" but I'm really NOT ready for this comeback lol they are killing me.

No. 12197

File: 1538757787357.gif (2.59 MB, 540x250, tumblr_pg4sk9tPoH1rd83cko1_r1_…)

Damn Jaehyun…

No. 12198

File: 1538758023397.gif (2.89 MB, 540x280, tumblr_pg4ugdKqP01x7lc5jo3_540…)

I'm ACTUALLY angry that they look so good lol what the hell…

No. 12199

since when is mark lee best boy?

No. 12200

File: 1538767452544.gif (2.71 MB, 540x200, tumblr_pg4u5zNtL11w7wsr0o1_540…)


No. 12201

i felt something

No. 12202

i've just realized that winwin is making money by selling his appearance because he's lying on the printer (probably?). too lazy to figure out the rest of the video though. what's up with the sudden infantilization of mark? is it a reference to the dreamies lol

No. 12203

Glasses do so much to me. They all look so good.

No. 12204

for some reason when i enlarged the gif the first time it was in slow motion. highly recommended!

No. 12205

i think the toys are representative of his youth and the desk is like, adulthood
so he's shoving his youth away to be an adult? something like that

No. 12206

File: 1538775920885.jpg (81.1 KB, 1200x800, DdE_8mGVwAEhsXn.jpg)

Jungwoo looks so good, I'm glad he's finally on 127 where he belongs

No. 12207

File: 1538781855150.jpg (24.29 KB, 399x399, XX.jpg)

i miss him

No. 12208

File: 1538804628639.jpg (386.06 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_20181006.jpg)

ok but without ps and filters taeyong's mullet looks so much worse, what is this

No. 12209

File: 1538804934035.jpg (718.08 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_20181006.jpg)

johnny is so freaking tall

No. 12210

ty and taeil look ratty as fuck, yeesh

fuck it up, mark lee what a cute bitch. remember to iron your shit next time tho.

so do they only leave their hotel for clout? why are they all just walking around la in expensive clothes?

No. 12211

File: 1538807376583.jpg (156.1 KB, 750x1000, h5Fd4cHG0.jpg)

winwin and jungwoo have the best outfits, change my mind

they've met a ton of la artists already apparently but i've missed everything

No. 12212

oof, i didn’t think it looked so bad in the teasers but this is brutal

i think they might be filming stuff and taking pictures for their twitter too? still kind of a waste of time but it’s something

No. 12213

Yeah I hope they cut it a bit, and style it like in the teasers for promotion. It's limitless all ove… why ruin your looks like this TY? I guess every kpop idol has a bad hair era…

No. 12214

File: 1538861636699.png (1.65 MB, 1432x1563, 201810061613071.png)

His hair might look okay if he just cut off the back part. It's extremely damaged…

No. 12215

it seems like mullets are just back in style in kpop for whatever bizzare reason, hopefully it dies out fast

No. 12216

File: 1538906458786.jpeg (401.94 KB, 1365x2048, 0BB280C4-3094-40E1-B1EE-B914B9…)

guys someone called us ncthots in the other thread let’s adopt it

also what’s the deal with freeing jaehyun’s beautiful forehead in the trailers(?) but keeping the bowlcut for the teaser image? just why

No. 12217

First teaser for the MV is out. Also yeah teaser pictures were the worst.

LOL I saw that too, they went crazy about us liking "teens" when none of the members of 127 are underage. They really like to exaggerate things to the extreme… And for the Dreamies we usually talked about liking the older members that are also legal (18 years). When talking about Chenle or Jisung it was about how nice and brotherly they were.

Chill anons, nobody is talking about how hot a 12 year old is or something.

No. 12218

I miss the golden age of TVXQ. These ugly twinks all look like ripoff Jaejong.

No. 12219

File: 1538941090890.jpg (733.19 KB, 1252x835, dbsk4nd0.jpg)

New kpop fans deserve a Mirotic/Wrong Number era minus fug Junsu and Yoochun, these days I can't imagine a company choosing to fake tan an entire group though.

I'd take another KYHD/Before u go instead though, that was the true golden age for me because it was both sexy and exciting to see homin come back.

No. 12220

File: 1538941517130.png (520.24 KB, 639x858, jwoo.png)

as a nukpop fan/barely legal teen, all those guys look pretty ugly to me. manlets shouldn't bulk up. i'll stick with my lameass twinks, thx.

No. 12221

You must be 18 or older to post on this site. Go back to OH and twitter.
I completely forgot they were fake tanned, their tanned skin looks so natural in the music videos compared to nowadays' bleached BB cream skin boys

Speaking of homin, what did you think of Chance of Love? Bop of the year tbh, I love the swing jazzy feel

No. 12222

I took my sister to a BTS concert a bit ago since she'd been begging to go to one for years and her mom wouldn't take her. Blogpost incoming. Here are some judgements on the members from someone who doesn't really know/care about kpop beyond occasionally skimming the threads here and some stuff my sister has said.

>J-Hope: I thought he had a good attitude and was energetic. His solo performance was good too, but I don't remember it that well because I spent most of it trying to dodge the girl next to me who was have a ton of fun dancing and definitely would have elbowed me in the face. He is kind of weird looking but I don't have any complaints about him, I think that he did a good job and wasn't annoying.

>Jungkook: He didn't really do anything wrong, but he just not as good at singing as I thought he would be and was frequently off-tune. It means he actually sang live though right? (kek) I thought he put more effort into his english speech at the end than any of the other members did, and tried saying something more than "love you guys UWU" He's my sister's favorite but came off as pretty dull and uninteresting imo, though he seemed genuine
>Jimin: He was good at dancing and I was surprised at how decent his vocals sounded live since I heard a lot of bad things about his live singing in the other thread and from my sister. ….Up until the time when he didn't have his mic up to his mouth but his voice was still playing. I get that all kpop singers probably sing over a track, but I don't think he sang a single word live all night. He did seem embarrassed after this, but the screw up was one of my favorite parts of the concert! I loved being able to see a moment like that live. He also very noticeably would want to put his arm around/stand near/whatever the person who was currently singing their part (and therefore being filmed) for that sweet, sweet bonus screentime. I also thought his legs were looking kinda spoopy. Other than that, I don't think he's as weird looking irl as he is in his pictures.
>RM: Everyone says J-Hope looks super botched, but I think RM is getting there too. He looks like he has had a lot of work done, especially if you've seen some of his older photos. That aside, he was nice enough and I think he performed well. He put together a little speech about how they tried to make every show special or whatever, and I'm sure their fans liked it but it seemed kind of forced. I noticed that he didn't translate for the other members, but they had an actual translator.
>V: Even though I thought Suga is supposed to be the grumpy member, V seemed to have a really bad attitude! He didn't smile at all until the encore and I remember thinking that if I was his fan, I would have been kind of disappointed with how he acted. His singing was also quite bad, since he just kind of shouted. At one point during a slow song, he tried to do an ad lib part and it sounded pretty awful. At that point, I looked over at my sister and even she looked over at me and kind of cringed. His English was nearly unintelligible (does he have a lisp or is his accent just super strong?) but other than kind of coming off as a douche he actually does look great irl. His stage presence was not strong though, so he was kind of easy to forget about.
>Jin: I always thought he was the useless member from what I'd read, but he seemed to be by far the best singer in the group. I don't know anything about technique so by this I just mean he sounded the best to me. This surprised me because in the recorded tracks, he stands out the least in my opinion. I was actually very impressed by his solo performance. He sounded great in the couple of ad lib parts he did too. If he was lipsyncing as well, at least he had the good sense to not get caught! I don't think he was though. He didn't seem to have a strong personality, and didn't stand out much. I always thought he was on the unpopular side, so I was surprised to see that he was a crowd favorite
>Suga: Didn't really give off a rude or grumpy vibe at all, and in fact was likable. His solo performance was one of my favorites. I don't really know how to judge the merit of a kpop rapper, but I think he was pretty good. He didn't bother trying to speak english for the most part, but judging by the others' english "efforts" it was probably a good call. They had a translator for what he said in korean, and it was better than just hearing "love you armys XDDD" for the 17th time so I preferred that.

There was a ton of hard to watch fanservice. After Jimin accidentally exposed his own lipsyncing crimes, they all starting pulling up his shirt to…comfort him? Distract the audience? And then they did it to other members. Honestly very uncomfortable, but my sister loved it. Gross.
They actually danced a lot less than I expected them to, but I was happy that they played one of their songs that I like called "Run". Most of their music isn't my cup of tea though, and they had live arrangements that in general sounded much worse than the original CD tracks. It's like they wanted even their songs that weren't shitty EDM to sound more like shitty EDM.
The coolest part to me was the fan's lightsticks. They were controlled by an app, so they could to a ton of crazy stuff. They lit up in different sections making stripes, did a sparkly rainbow, waves and whatnot. At one point a member said something about how he loved the color purple, and the lightsticks all turned purple. It was neat. I'm glad I was in a perfect spot to watch the lightsticks.
Overall it was pretty fun, and I enjoyed it more than I thought I would be able to. It was awesome that I was seated right behind a mom and got to sit down the whole time and still see what was going on. I looked behind me at one point, and a whole row of people were all sitting down behind us. I'm sure it was the parents and chaperones row.
If my sister wants to go again next year or whenever they come back (and I'm sure she will), I'll probably take her.

Did any of you go to the recent BTS concerts and if so what did you think? Who is your favorite member? I think I liked Suga the best and V the least.

No. 12223

can u read? I said in my post that I am 18.

>Go back to OH and twitter.

I only got into kpop because of lolcow tho. I just want to ogle some actually cute azn boys.

No. 12224

File: 1538947215093.jpeg (252.07 KB, 2048x744, 3F53EC74-B437-441A-AAC9-A2AA7F…)

it’s funny how they whine and piss about us supposedly ruining ~the only place they can criticize kpop without rabid fangurls~ when they’re the ones who keep talking about us while we don’t bring our nctzenship over to the critical thread

anyway doyoung is super beautiful.

this pic is dated as fuck but yunho was so hot even with this styling.

No. 12225

im taking my sister to see them too anon, in london this week!

>His singing was also quite bad, since he just kind of shouted.

that's V's trademark lol. he's quite overrated in my opinion, but he gets attention because of his face.

>After Jimin accidentally exposed his own lipsyncing crimes, they all starting pulling up his shirt to…comfort him? Distract the audience?

lol anon. ugh i hate it when they do this, jimin is an absolute fanservice machine but i find it very hard to watch someone lose their dignity like that, acting or not. if they start ill have to take a quick bathroom break kek

>Who is your favorite member?

jungkook is my favourite and closely followed by jhope and suga. in contrast with V, i think poor jhope is quite underrated due to his busted face, he seems to be the best performer from what ive seen.

overall, im looking forward to the lights and show/dancing/costume design more than the singing honestly lol. although i am looking forward to seeing jk perform euphoria

No. 12226

It all comes down to them being overworked, I'm sure they'd give better performance if they didn't promote 24/7 all year. They just don't have any time to improve and Bighit gives zero fucks about their improvement. Jin and Jungkook have the most stable vocals but they are given songs that are too hard for them, I think. They debuted as a hip hop group with a supposedly strong rapline but now their songs have long singing parts and it does them no favors.

No. 12227

this is exactly how I imagined it to be.
I did notice they don't perform many choreographies anymore, which was the main reason why I started liking them since No more dream.

>Who is your favorite member

Definitely the dance line, Jimin, Jhope and Jungkook. I used to like the rap one but as you can see.. there is no much rap left but I anticipate their Tear performance.

No. 12228

File: 1538949599759.gif (694.41 KB, 540x200, tumblr_pg8i1fuEtU1vaozwio1_540…)

You don't usually see Doyoung with that type of expression, I almost didn't recognize him wow.

TY is going full trashy this comeback with the hair and the bling, and I can't decide if I hate it or love it lol we'll see how the actual MV is.

>it’s funny how they whine and piss about us supposedly ruining ~the only place they can criticize kpop without rabid fangurls~ when they’re the ones who keep talking about us while we don’t bring our nctzenship over to the critical thread

Yeah, the whole point of having a separate thread is for people to be able to fangirl withouth "bothering" the rest of the anons. We're pretty self aware so I don't get why so much hate. Someone even said we were saying lewd stuff, like lol only one person got pretty personal about Doyoung's chest on the last thread. It's usually only "this guy is so hot/pretty". Oh no, we like boys, sue me.

I also don't understand why so much hate about NCT's concept. It's not THAT hard guys, I learned all the members names in like half an hour and by seeing a couple of MVs of them. Why do people exaggerate so much? Reminds me of that Weekly Idol episode, I wanted to slap Doni so much…

Also I'm a 100% sure that fans on Critical are older fans of kpop that creamed their pants for the groups at the time, got over it and know are bashing new fans for liking newer groups. I refuse to believe they weren't fangirls at some point considering all the drama they know.

I enjoy the thread but the constant derails of anons being like "why do you know so much about this, why do you like this" are so fucking annoying. It's obvious we were ALL stans of at least one group at some point.

They act like we go to their thread and get angry at them for bashing NCT lol like fucking go ahead, I won't say anything. I even bash them a lot here myself kek

No. 12229

File: 1538950601349.jpg (113.85 KB, 682x1024, DoooFnZVsAEMoT0.jpg)

thanks for the write-up, anon! i really like hearing about other people's experiences at concerts since it's unlikely that i'll ever be able to go to one. having watched the fancams of the last few shows i'd have to agree with you about V's attitude. wonder what's up with that? i was also very impressed with what i saw from jin.

my favorite members are jimin and suga by far. i saw that jimin cried at the end of the citi field concert, and it broke my heart a little, though i imagine it was a happy cry

No. 12230

>jimin cried at the end of the citi field concert, and it broke my heart a little

i wouldnt feel too bad anon, its honestly probably mostly fanservice

No. 12231

File: 1538952094366.jpg (133.91 KB, 462x810, tumblr_ofvny9enHe1s70o1po1_540…)

I just saw them in Citifield last night. I became a fan in 2016 but last year/this year their musical quality took a huge dip so I didn't care for them as much anymore. However, my friend wanted to see them but we didn't get tickets to the Newark shows. I was glad to bring her so she could see them. And in the end it paid off because Citified had fireworks and was outdoors. We were on the highest tier but we had a good view of the stage and the lightsticks. A shame they barely acknowledged their old discography, I guess they're too cool for that now.

>Favorite members

Jin because he has fairly decent vocals in the group and I'm sad bighit pays him dust while the rest of vocal line is so popular. I feel like I barely saw him in the concert except during his solo, closing statements and a few shots here and there. I found RM cringey at first (and it didn't help with his old controversies) but I feel like his writing/blogs are insightful sometimes. I disagree with V's English because I remember it was worse last year. I could tell he really tried. I like Suga too but he should stick to rapping.


I went last year to Newark NJ with my friends and the experience wasn't so bad, aside from being in Newark, but at Citifield the girls sitting around me were so obnoxious. They were obviously teenagers and kept yelling I LOVE YOU over and over even when the members weren't on stage and screaming in my ear. On the way home these kboos were trying to hit on unsuspecting Koreans in an extremely cringey way but thankfully they got off the train before it could escalate.

I can't think of anything too memorable besides the lightsticks and Jimin crying (and J-hope with his Mets mascot hat lol). I mostly care about BTS' music rather than the members and the Wings setlist > LY setlist. I think they did harder choreography in that era too; they are so obviously overworked this year but fans continue to praise Bighit for "treating them well" like, okay, sure. They pretty much said flat out they're doing more stadium tours next year so maybe I'll go with a friend again, but I miss their older music.

No. 12232

File: 1538952880395.jpg (49.28 KB, 575x1024, c85838f89470937efc97ec4034fcd0…)

I really miss their old music anon, it makes so sad now, like what the fuck are they thinking?
I was really hyped with Her, even though it was really different from their previous albums.. but after that the whole LY series has been boring, the song fake love was actually good but that's it.

I really liked the YNWA aesthetics, it reminded me of I Need U era: simple yet beautiful. Now they look like clowns

No. 12233

> A shame they barely acknowledged their old discography

dang, really? i guess i shouldnt be surprised as its the LY tour. but rip, LY has been so subpar in quality for me.

No. 12234

Out of the pre-LH discog, they did a medley of Attack on Bangtan, Dope, Fire, and Funtan Boys/Boys with Fun and I Need U/Run/Save me. In different stops I heard the medley changed and there was rumors they'd do two at Citifield, but they did only one medley. But even with Wings I remember they did Blood Sweat and Tears, Danger, ect… they didn't even acknowledge Spring Day either.

Same. HYYH and Dark&Wild probably remains their best work. I might be in the minority with this but I wish they would stop doing solos. I think they work much better in a group even though rapline and Jin barely do anything in title tracks anymore. It's like Jungkook, Jimin and V with 4 backup vocals. Some songs in LY grew on me but I can't imagine their music will get better for their next touring cycle.

No. 12235

I saw one of their Canadian shows and had a great time. J-hope stood out the most to me, he had really magnetic stage presence and the most energy.

I can’t agree with what you said about Jin though, my friend and I actually laughed out loud during his solos.

No. 12236

wow, i guess I’m the only bts fan who likes their music more now. LY: tear is their best work. i still like their older music, but i can’t imagine them as grown men still trying to do the flower boy/bad schoolboy angle now. even though i don’t give a fuck about the ~deep lore. the HYYH/wings era ranged from decent to mediocre to me, music wise, but the faux deep lore and story to go with it was pure torture

No. 12237

>can’t imagine them as grown men still trying to do the flower boy/bad schoolboy angle now

Same about the schoolboy concept, but their sound was way more bold back then, it was wild and carefree, I loved that. Also the sad angsty flower boy can still be pulled, it¿s not like I need U was out of their age range anyways considering their youngest it's what, 21? Jin doesn't look that old so he is ok, perhaps V will have to double the injections in his laughlines

No. 12238

anon you seem like the most chill and nicest person on any of the kpop threads

No. 12239

File: 1538977747841.jpg (120.63 KB, 873x1200, jungkook DTvwH2YVoAAJWer.jpg)

Thank you very much for the write-up, Anon! I'm going to the Amsterdam show this Saturday. Even though my favorite members are Jimin and Jungkook, I'm looking forward to J-Hope's performance the most, everyone says he's the most impressive on stage. Honestly I'm a bit disappointed there's all this fanservice, but well they have to cater to the fangirls so I understand.
As for the songs, I really want to see Epiphany and Outro: Tear (which was my absolute favorite of the LY era). A bit sad they don't perform Not Today, the choreography is quite impressive IMO.

No. 12240

Where are my fellow Wings enthusiasts?

That's the one album that I'd call good in the entire clusterfuck of group kpop music

I like everything about it from the styling to the music videos and short films, the story and literature references, the real stories behind the solo songs, even the trailer for the Wings tour looked pretty great. And of course, the tour setlist itself was really fun compared to the LY one. The stage costumes, the choreographies, the live band. Even the performances during the award shows that year were really something. They'll never be able to top the Wings era.

No. 12241

mv for tbe english ver. of regular is out!

No. 12242

Was just about to post it lol, and I… mm… I don't like lol. I kind of like the chorus but the rest was weird? I'm not sure what I didn't like, it was just weird…

I didn't really hear the lyrics, that may be better lol

No. 12243

samefagging, the lyrics kinda suck! wish this was in korean!

didn't want to hear jungwoo rap tbh

No. 12244

I kind of dislike it, but NCT songs often grow on me. Like I hated Boss on first listen but like it now. I'll give it some time, but at most I won't completely hate it.

I don't like the MV much, it goes extremely fast and you don't get much time to appreciate the sets. I still kind of like trashy TY but I don't prefer him to his other styles lol.

I didn't really pay attention to the lyrics, but I heard "haters" and I cringed. Why do all kpop groups go with that angle for English releases? It comes across as desperate more than badass to me.

Is korean version getting another MV?

No. 12245

File: 1539018863295.jpg (55.04 KB, 832x750, 20180916083202.jpg)

The mv, the choreo, and the song are all pretty messy. I wish they'd spent a little more time on this. But I'm not into boy groups for the music anyways so as long as it doesn't make me cringe into oblivion it's all more or less the same mediocre shit to me.

better than touch/10


They really went full chigga this time around. If I'm being completely honest, having 127 be on jimmy was doomed to be a cringefest from the start. U or Dream could've pulled it off, but pretty much all the songs 127 perform are cringy and regular doesn't seem like an exception.

No. 12246

Thanks for sharing this, anon. I think this is such a good neutral concert review. Our opinions are very similar.

Wings was pretty good and I liked the concept they went for. I love the aesthetic of that era, and I think the video for Blood Sweat & Tears is their best music video alongside with Spring Day. My favourites from the Wings era are Awake, Mama, Lie.

Music-wise, I think TMBMIL pt.2 was their best, all of the songs in this album were so good, Never Mind, Run, Butterfly, Whalien 52, Ma City, Baepsae, Dead Leaves, House of Cards. I love all of these songs.

I think Love Yourself era was weak compared to TMBMIL and Wings eras. School Trilogy wasn't the best musically, but as someone who loves hip hop, I enjoy their music from that era. I like the concepts for the LY albums but the overall sound they went for isn't my taste. I tried hard to like them but I find DNA, Best of Me, half of the songs in LY:T, Idol, I'm Fine very weak. There are some LY songs I love though, Sea, Outro: Her, Outro: Tear, Just Dance, Epiphany

No. 12247

This reminds me lotto but with a bigger budget. I like the MV and the song but the lyrics are bad as usual. I'm just annoyed that there's still like 3 days until the full album comes out.

No. 12248

I'm Citifield anon. Wings was what got me into them! I also enjoy the school trilogy and HYYH series. The aesthetic, themes, styling, short videos and music video all tying together was so lovely. I remember watching the MV for the first time and it gave me chills. Integrating the Hesse book into the concept was a treat for me as someone who read it before I even knew about BTS. All the solo songs but First Love were strong to me imho.


A shame this was a hidden/CD only track. It's such a beautiful song and the fact the CEO wanted to cut it originally makes me so sad.

No. 12249

anons here bashed lucas' new hair and i kind of agreed, but after watching the new mv i randomly imagined what he'd look like with a mullet and i suddenly love his new haircut, sm thank you for not making more mullets, good job

No. 12250

please don't jinx it, anon. if he comes back from his hiatus with one i'm going to be so mad at you.

No. 12251

I love NCT and I'm one of the regular anons that post about them but this song god… I like the instrumental, but the lyrics are pure TRASH. I hate flexing so god damn much, it doesn't make you look cool, it makes you look like a complete jackass. Thanks for telling me I have no money and I'm a loser lol real classy.

Also, I highly doubt they even have any money considering how companies keep everything for themselves kek

I'm honestly going to skip this comeback, it's just pure cringe.

No. 12252

File: 1539046751745.gif (18.6 MB, 496x492, uwu.gif)

uhh so what happened to jungwoo in america?

No. 12253

I was honestly expecting to like it from the teasers alone but the release left me disappointed but not surprised that it’s another markjaeyong show feat. backup dancers. Lyrics were cringe but the instrumental sounds good, wished they never dabbled in an English version tbh…other artists didn’t need that to gain the US recognition that SM seems to be gunning for. Still have better hopes for the Korean version lol

No. 12254

maybe jungwoo and the caucasian crew got cursed by some stray soundclout rappers

>18mb gif file

damn, nctzens gotta learn how to compress their shit

No. 12255

lol sorry, it's the first time i've made a gif

No. 12256

File: 1539059819860.jpg (119.9 KB, 768x1024, IMG_20181008_233603.jpg)

During their performance on jimmy they made it rain fake money w/ the members faces on it lol. It's pretty lame, but I really want the winwin money

No. 12257

File: 1539059848156.jpg (375.6 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_20181008_233541.jpg)

and the jeffery money lowkey

No. 12258

File: 1539070115243.jpeg (205.15 KB, 2048x1152, A7981F7B-CEAA-46EE-9610-5A051C…)

I’m genuinely annoyed Johnny didn’t get more lines/screen time in the fucking English release. If they’re going to force an English version of the song at least arrange it so the members who actually do speak English carry the song. I was excited for this because no-line line was getting lines but this was letdown. Johnny isn’t even my bias but holy fuck. This should’ve been JohnJaeMark’s show.

Also yeah I’m gonna say it. Taeyong being essentially the main focus of this version was retarded and a slap in the face to fans who stan other members. I love Taeyong and I’m still annoyed. His English pronunciation was unintelligible and the other members basically just had cameos.

Honestly, fuck this era more than Touch era. At least with Touch we knew what to expect and it wasn’t a total slap in the face to the English line.

No. 12259

File: 1539071278167.jpeg (208.94 KB, 2048x1152, 101CE924-5DFB-4323-8CDB-7A25E6…)


No. 12260

Jfc this is pathetic. Shameless favoritism.

No. 12261

File: 1539097323185.jpeg (498.51 KB, 1536x2048, 2F540E62-45DD-4DA9-9DAF-100ED4…)

twt update from these cuddly babies i miss them

No. 12262

File: 1539097673471.gif (937.28 KB, 255x163, beat.gif)

fucking finally, I missed them so much. kun's sweater scared me though, it reminds me of that bug anon in the fashion thread. are those turtles? regardless, xuxi's fluffy hair is beautiful.

No. 12263

no they look more like regular holes. the dark brownish greenish shade of the spots is consistent with the color of his shirt. (it would've been cute if they were turtles tho ngl)

i can't wait for the new china line to debut so they get to fuck around with the rest of them and nct china can finally happen dear god

i wonder how their dynamics are gonna be, like who's gonna be close with who etc.

yes i sperg about the rookies a lot

No. 12264

I completely agree with this, it's kind of odd to see how much they disregard the other members. Also why even add Jungwoo if he didn't even sing? He kind of talk rapped a line…

I don't get too mad because I think the best performers ARE the ones that get the most screentime, and it seems logical to me.

I do hate this "I have money I'm cooler than you" era. I really wish it goes away and we get a completely different concept next time. I don't know why koreans think that douchebag swag is the way to enter American market, since BTS did the same shit with Mic Drop. They also kept at it and I'm worried NCT will do the same now. Once you go chigga you never go back? lol

It really is tragic but… I wonder if they care? Do you guys think Yuta, WW and Johnny really care about screentime? Like don't get me wrong, they are idols so I'm thinking they would like more attention on them, but do they want to be performers in the future? Not all idols actually want to rap/sing and be true "artists" (in kpop lol). Maybe they are happy were they are, just enjoying the ride. They have popularity but are not the main focus of criticism; Johnny has the radio job, is a DJ. Winwin I've seen excited about recording, but I never got any "passion" from him. Yuta I could see being pissed, but considering he's Japanese he could not had expected MUCH success on Korea, so…

I still wish they gave them more to do, but I don't really think they are having a bad time as some fans like to say. TY gets a lot of screentime, but you can just tell he really loves what he does and wants to go even further with it. So it makes sense SM "invests" more time on him.

I can understand the pissed fans though, and I do agree I would like less TY/Mark, but mostly so fans don't ultimately hate them for having more screentime than the rest.

Anyway, instrumental good, lyrics sucked, catchy as fuck though and got stuck on my head at first listen. Dance is weird as all hell and I can't make sense of it until they release the dance practice. Red velvet suits are tacky as fuck and I didn't like them.

No. 12265

they played us…

c'mon, sm. let them out of the dungeon for real. i care more about a new lucas/ten/kun selfie than i care about 127's entire comeback.

No. 12266

I was ready to defend the MV and the song, even though the line distribution is frustrating, but the choreo is so bad?? Why? The song is catchy but I don't like the performance at all… And I'm going to see TY with his mullet and in that horrible velvet suit in my worst nightmares. It helps that I'm not a native speaker, so I can ignore the lyrics for the most part, but I'd like it so much better if it was in Korean. "Haters gon' be mad" is something a 12 y.o. youtuber would write in his diss track jfc.

I never realized I liked Haechan's voice so much until now, that's not the kind of voice I usually like and he sounds kind of funny and endearing at the same time. I'd comment on Johnny's vocals because he's my favorite, but yeah…

No. 12267

File: 1539139040032.jpg (30.26 KB, 540x466, f0f88fe33c7314e8b4e6995aab81f0…)

We're entering the dark ages of neo cringe technology. I suddenly miss Limitless era, the kilt, and mark lee's do you love me challenge.

At least ncthotties have a shred of self awareness… Unlike /our guys/…

No. 12268

That pink straw hair

No. 12269

File: 1539140489560.jpg (121.15 KB, 1024x683, IMG_20181009_215835.jpg)

On a lighter note, Taeyong finally dropped the mullet and they looked pretty all night

No. 12270

File: 1539166386498.jpeg (96.69 KB, 1024x1006, 74389D79-F9B4-45E4-930C-8F031B…)

i want to die i don’t remember the last time i cringed so hard bring back do you love me challenge at least they weren’t interacting with normal people

also the fact that it’s in the us where no one knows who they are makes it 500% worse

the cringe line really out there claiming hyuck as their apprentice huh…

No. 12271

Shamelessly ripping off OP of >>12222 to do a writeup for the BTS concert in london last night. i went with my little sister. im a recent BTS fan who listened to a few of their songs VERY casually since about 2016 but got a lot more into them this year. i got into them during LY era but i prefer a lot of their old stuff.

the whole thing started with a big letdown because jungkook suffered a minor injury to his ankle in rehearsal and the medical team recommended he didnt dance to avoid making it worse. it was just an accident, not his fault, so its not like i held it against him, but at the same time, it did mean we got some odd-looking choreos, and for euphoria he just sat there and sang. it didnt help that jungkook is the centre a lot of the time, which left an odd gap thing in the performances. he sat on this stool on a wheeled platform, and three staff members were wheeling him on and off stage in between performances which was hilarious lol

aside from that, it was a good show.

jhope was great, he knew how to work the cameras and seemed to be having fun on stage. the only thing i would say is that his attempts at english were a little off, but they were appreciated all the same. after him, jimin was probably the best performer, and rapmon was okay at working the camera too, and interacted a lot with the crowd which was nice. it probably helps that he is the best at english. V and jin were utterly forgettable, stage presence-wise. i legit could have forgot they were there. jungkook was okay although it was pretty hard to judge since he was sitting on a stool basically the entire time. crowd-favourites, judging by noise, were jimin and V.

the vocals all sounded as expected for kpop really. i disagree with citifield anon - i think jin's performance was pretty mediocre, although i liked the way the stage was set up for his solo with a piano and smoke machine. actually, the stage settings and lights were great throughout. the best vocals were probably jungkook, but he was just sitting in a chair all night so that kinda makes sense. next was probably jimin, although he did sound a bit off during his solo - almost like there was a problem with his mic? V's vocals weren't bad all the time but they were wildly inconsistent, especially during the vocal line song, in which he shouted all his lines despite it being a calm slow ballad thing lol. they were okay in his solo though

rapline all sounded great live imo. their solos were performed nicely, despite jhope and rm's being pretty weak songs. suga's was great, and the choreo and stage design that went with it was really fitting and fun to watch.

they didnt do much fanservice, apart from this one bit where jimin and V hugged for no reason i guess. on the whole, the crowd was quite calm and restrained for a kpop concert, which may have been part of the reason. they were a lot less obnoxious than i expected. the girl next to me was a weird one though - she never sang along or even really spoke to the friend she had came with. instead, she stood up for every song and shook her army light stick mechanically, without stopping, like a robot. so that was a bit odd lol.

the speeches were a pretty nice touch. jungkook did his in korean because he was shaken from the incident with his injury, and did some apologising and stuff and then cried. i can understand why he would cry from the frustration/pressure, etc, but it was a bit awkward watching him break down. jhope made his speech next, in english, and shouted some stuff which was okay i guess. he was trying pretty hard to be the hopeful persona thing. then it was V, who also did it in english. his speech was actually pretty sweet and i could tell he put effort into it because it wasnt really simple english the entire time. jin did his speech in korean and honestly i dont remember anything he said. jimin did his in korean too, and it was mostly generic and then a bit about jungkook. suga's speech was also in korean and also sweet like V's. then rm did his speech in english, where he said some stuff about being happy to be in the UK charts because the UK and london have so many great musicians, which was nice to hear. then he reassured jungkook a bit which was nice.

overall, i think it was really good, although in the future id prefer if they have less solo stuff and more group choreos, which i think is what you expect from a kpop concert. however i can understand that that would make for a more taxing performance. also if i go again i really hope there arent any more injuries or complications, because watching the choreos with one member missing does look really odd at times, although BTS' crew did a good job of minimising the damage through good camera work.

sorry this got LONG AF, i tried to give a pretty thorough overview. overall i would definitely go again, and my sister says she would too.

No. 12272

Thank you for the writeup anon. I know it's not a serious injury but I was worried when I saw Bighit's announcement about Jungkook yesterday, and I was wondering how the London concert is going to be like. How was he throughout the show? I watched some videos from the concert and it made me happy to see the others supporting him during the performances, I hope he gets better soon.

No. 12273

he seemed okay through most of the show. he still wore the costumes and stuff, he just sat on a stool instead of danced. the camera focused on him during his lines. he did get upset during anpanman, where the other members were having fun on stage during the end of the show, but then jimin came over to sing with him and he seemed to cheer up. the other members also did come over to him quite a lot to make sure he was included which was nice. then he got up and walked around a little bit right at the end, although he didnt do anything strenuous or energetic ofc. im sure he'll be fine, it was probably just the additional pressures of it being their first european concert, and him possibly feeling like he let down the other members or the fans.

No. 12274

File: 1539205968278.jpeg (38.94 KB, 640x284, ADF0E60A-954F-4214-8F6F-50E612…)

i’m sorry but i literally cannot get over junguwu in la
and how
literally isn’t even an exaggeration

yes i’m a noob who can’t gif

No. 12275

Lol everyone is really surprised, I wasn't honestly. Sometimes idols stick to a persona that they feel is popular or the company gives them. I'm the anon that said I never believed Jungwoo's "soft" cutesy thing. It always felt super forced, and believe me, I've seen a LOT of idols that fake it but make it work for them. I believe the Jungwoo on that video a LOT more than the other one.


No. 12276

i wonder who else is different from their idol image in everyday life. didn't they say lucas is quiet? or am i thinking about the wrong idol

No. 12277

ncthots, our time has come.

No. 12278

I need a dance practice of this choreo my god I hate it so much lol I need to see how it actually looks because it' just… bizarre.

Also why does Yuta sound indian when he says his line in English? lol

TY looking good with the mullet pushed back, but Jaeyhun I think looks the best on this MV.

No. 12279

Yeah, they said he was in a recent lucky 3 interview.

No. 12280

why did they dress johnny like that? even jungwoo's semi-skirt looks a lot better.

No. 12281

It sucks kek you can see it pretty clearly in this performance

Apparently ty fell 6 times and limped off stage that night, poor bitch

No. 12282

No. 12283

File: 1539312512277.jpg (138.17 KB, 800x1200, DpRUF12V4AAJWC4.jpg)

They just went to an event full teaser look, with the suits and glasses. TY's hair is full grey know, I was so sure he was going for that look. He's so cute with glasses.

No. 12284

File: 1539312653136.jpg (109.73 KB, 800x1200, DpRhi7YUwAAN-i5.jpg)

Also Mark, he looks so good with this look and hairstyle.

No. 12285

File: 1539312788486.jpg (191.35 KB, 540x719, tumblr_pggjwvYydK1vtzx3lo1_540…)

He's such a weirdo lol

No. 12286

I was not familiar with VAV, it seems they debuted a while ago but are not as popular as other groups?

A lot of manly jaws on this video and I love it, let's move away from the dorito jaw please. They are really cute.

Also the song is REALLY good, I'm definitely going to check them out.

No. 12287

File: 1539335845557.jpg (96.37 KB, 960x720, h6gD4Tgj7.jpg)

i honestly don't know what to say about lucas's hair

No. 12288

File: 1539336655447.jpg (485.7 KB, 1280x1920, 0zdza4P3m1v0e7bwo1_1280.jpg)

He looks so much like Minho with this haircut.

No. 12289

Why is it so uneven

No. 12290

File: 1539338578520.jpeg (278.46 KB, 2048x1515, DC00C59A-9A01-4D4A-9836-07F9D1…)

i stand by my theory that he cut it himself in the dark with safety scissors.

anyway here have him being super adorable with nana ♡

No. 12291

File: 1539338940965.jpeg (242.87 KB, 2048x1422, B311916F-3186-4FC8-AD56-384D5C…)

No. 12292

File: 1539338958912.jpeg (411.04 KB, 2048x1483, FA4A113E-C6BB-4AFB-9758-6C6B0C…)

No. 12293

File: 1539338977188.jpeg (275.71 KB, 2048x1239, 1E185403-06C2-4A67-895C-20F09E…)

No. 12294

File: 1539354756717.jpg (165.51 KB, 2048x1536, IMG_20181012_092939.jpg)

these are so cute I guess I can forgive that botched haircut

No. 12295

File: 1539354872385.jpg (148.87 KB, 2048x1536, IMG_20181012_092953.jpg)

he posted this too. look at that fucking silhouette, gotdamn. so happy they're finally giving us more xuxi content!

No. 12296

They just had a comeback, latin vibes keep appearing on kpop what happened?

I will give them props, it actually sounds like something I would hear around here. So they got the vibe right, and it's actually a good song. Ten times better than the crap Suju released this year at least.

No. 12297

i almost choke when i saw those jumps at 3:28, wtf?

they're so cute and i feel bad for bringing this up because we're constantly nitpicking their looks here, but has his nose always been like that? or maybe it's the lighting/make up because it looks a lot like taeil's nose now. i remember anons here mentioning that johnny's nose is weird, but it looks much better in comparison >>12287

No. 12298

File: 1539361535374.jpg (1.23 MB, 2730x4096, 20180902181811.jpg)

I thought it looked weird in those pics too. It probably is the lighting/shoop, but I guess we'll find out once they post a few more recent pics of him.

No. 12299

File: 1539371176730.jpeg (103.57 KB, 750x959, 2AD10680-8D35-46C7-8104-E3D4CA…)

can we please talk about kun and that adorable smiley he always ends his tweets with (that looks just like him)??? i care more about him and nct china than nct 127’s entire comeback and i say that as someone who ults dojae

also xuxi and kun apparently took each other’s photos and you can really see their height difference in the camera work kek

No. 12300

File: 1539371213680.jpeg (291.93 KB, 2048x1536, 1FABE451-72E9-4FDE-9E81-322BAF…)

the full photo bc we need more kuntent in this thread

No. 12301

I really don't like the dance much but I'll be honest, I'm kind of liking the song lately. I still have problems with it, but I like the instrumental and it's super catchy once you get past the douchy lyrics.

I think the theory is that in teasers they were "boring office workers" dreaming of a rich life right? I wished they tied the MV more to the teasers. I was so hyped by them and the MV was NOT what I expected in visuals. They didn't even reference them going to sleep and such, or waking up.

I still need to check the album out. Did any of you listen to it?

No. 12302

File: 1539385171903.jpg (172.27 KB, 980x1470, 980x.jpg)

I like that theory. I'm still holding out for a bonus video of more footage of the regular/irregular office scenes. I don't care really much for either Regular MV but I like both versions of the song. The "Regular challenge" they're trying to push is giving me secondhand embarrassment.

I really like Come Back, Knock On, and Run Back 2 U so far. My favorite part of 127 is undoubtedly the vocal line. I'll never understand why they push Taeyong and Mark all the time while SM's idol rappers are subpar (I say this as a SM artist fan) continues to confuse me.

I miss them. Can't wait for China to debut. But as a past EXO-M fan I worry for their futures with SM. I can see them trying to compete with other Chinese boy groups active now though.

No. 12303

I listened to it, it's pretty cute. Really liked City 127, Replay, and the "I always love you~" part of Run Back 2 U (rest of the song was meh though (unless the cringey intro was johnny, then I liked that part too)) and I'm excited for the smtown superstar chart for Come Back but Xuxi would've done Mark's part better, just saying

No. 12304

File: 1539406596597.gif (17.01 MB, 332x916, 13.gif)

i dont care what anyones says joy is the unironically hottest member of red velvet now

like shes serving the best visuals of the past like..3 comebacks

No. 12305

File: 1539426585420.jpeg (74.97 KB, 750x426, B6EEF018-ADCA-4AEB-B43D-43F8BE…)

so someone uploaded this to weibo and i saw it on twt and thought it was real and almost had an aneurism

seriously just debut nct china already i crave the rookies

>But as a past EXO-M fan I worry for their futures with SM.
same. i hope sm learned something.

No. 12306

File: 1539428191031.jpeg (135.67 KB, 750x832, 2E9DA792-956D-461E-BAE4-83BB3E…)

samefag, but. is it actually real?

apparently chinese fans are freaking out…

No. 12307

Her skirt is so cool does anyone know where it's from?

No. 12308

i've just had a heart attack, but renjun and chenle aren't there so maybe it's fake?

No. 12309

there’s like a second long video too, i’ve seen it. it’s real. now i feel guilty for posting the pic on here since i can’t delete it…

it’s possible renle had a separate photoshoot, what with them promoting with dream and all. nct does that a lot with splinter pairs. everyone in the pic/vid is currently part of the jobless line. (winwin still doesn’t have lines and barely ever gets screentime, remember, so he probably hasn’t had all that much work either as far as recording and filming for the mv goes.)

No. 12310

lol i doubt sm will ever know the leak was posted on lolcow.farm, don't worry

No. 12311

File: 1539431082406.jpg (369.68 KB, 2048x2048, jgxitd.jpg)

Grey Yang double turtleneck T <₩99,000>
it's so cool, i want it now too

No. 12312

i copied the wrong thing, the skirt is from Maje, $295

No. 12313

ty for both of these anon!

No. 12314

damn, what a fucking line up. cantonese line snatched me bald.

No. 12315

they probably will be introduced into the unit later. cnetz are pretty angry rn and renjun/chenle were trending on weibo i think.
i'm sure the employee who leaked will get reprimanded or fired but i hardly doubt the release itself will get delayed. releases are on a tight schedule and sm seems to be pumping out content like there's no tomorrow. members facing consequences is also unlikely because they had no say in it? but idk its sm after all

No. 12316

I hope this isn't the official lineup. SM would stupid to debut nct china without chenle and renjun.

No. 12317

Goodbye mullet, hello beautiful grey haired TY! god he's so hot… I saw their live stage on Naver and Tae killed me. I love the harsh eyeliner they are giving him.


That photo looks super real and the rookies have the clothing from the recent teasers, so my guess is that they'll start to release mini teasers for the rest of the members like "Surprise they were on the photoshoot too!".

The final line up will be the ones from the photo. Chenle and Renjun will probably remain in Dream and maybe some of the China members will join Dream too.

No. 12318

File: 1539545649867.jpeg (241.73 KB, 750x909, 0EECAE74-3D35-436E-89B0-006716…)

on the topic of what the meaning behind the song, its variations and the music videos (+irregular office) may be i find this theory interesting (if basic):

No. 12319

File: 1539545667262.jpeg (212.64 KB, 750x909, E4C2026C-05C7-43ED-8864-810D99…)

No. 12320

File: 1539545700791.jpeg (77.29 KB, 750x410, 4D5515D4-5EE8-4429-BA1D-CB2AAA…)

sorry it’s split up. i’m on my phone.

No. 12321

File: 1539572765583.jpg (119.96 KB, 750x907, nut.jpg)


if this isn't bullshit, 116 is going to debut next month. I'm not going to officially get my hopes up until they release a teaser though, all sm does is lie. but pls god let it be true…

No. 12322

File: 1539597098798.jpeg (321.57 KB, 1242x1828, 516C79A5-9921-42FC-B3E8-317CBA…)

my soul is nutting give me winkun give me the rookies give me tenneth give me renle give me all of them but most of all give me cantonese line

in the meantime here have predebut johnny dicking around on social media:

No. 12323

File: 1539597121556.jpeg (216.03 KB, 1241x1718, 281CE26E-6111-4636-B042-9E0A8F…)

No. 12324

File: 1539597137795.jpeg (220.64 KB, 1241x1927, 8118EF16-8891-4C8F-9C38-DB9784…)

No. 12325

File: 1539621463382.jpeg (140.37 KB, 750x1003, E7C7E4A0-137D-44BA-84C3-BFC896…)

if they keep delaying it i swear to god

No. 12326

File: 1539684761264.png (1.09 MB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_20181003-013957.png)

Does anyone here watch Bon Voyage?

No. 12327

i want to watch it but i haven't seen it yet. how is it so far, did you enjoy it?

No. 12328

i enjoyed the first season back in the day but the second one threw me off completely… why did they try to script that shit, idgi. maybe it's also that they didn't have many activities in hawaii compared to european countries.

No. 12329

File: 1539707100284.jpeg (190.87 KB, 750x873, 2B9D9082-4DE4-4E12-818E-A4A334…)

model xuxi comin thru

No. 12330

File: 1539707138797.jpeg (135.19 KB, 766x1281, 24B3B029-53B1-43C3-83D9-E3FAE1…)

No. 12331

File: 1539707210840.jpeg (402.93 KB, 1365x2048, 27E442E0-206E-4550-93B9-765954…)

No. 12332

File: 1539707332252.jpeg (160.93 KB, 960x640, 80C9F619-0407-4F50-B379-7146FB…)

sorry for the photodump it’s just his proportions are no joke

(also this pic is super adorable to me lol)

No. 12333

File: 1539708275808.jpg (202.06 KB, 1366x2048, big.jpg)

a whole model

this is a little embarrassing, but I'm genuinely very, very proud of him. I hope he gets more work like this in the future. muh ult… muh oppar… muh big baby… I love him…

No. 12334

I usually hate niggas that dress like this but this is actually a very nice photo. Those arms mm

No. 12335

Usually all kpop guys look the same and not hot, this one is actually cute. Nice plush lips, face looks sittable.

No. 12336

File: 1539713182164.jpg (22.88 KB, 396x349, 2474090606.jpg)

his arms are reeeeeally nice

No. 12337

Ikr. I don't care for kpop at all but this might be my entry point if I get to look at him. Damn son!

No. 12338

File: 1539715210281.jpeg (585.88 KB, 1365x2048, A5E08540-E1CB-4A29-BEBF-DBB871…)

some idiot is shitting up the crit thread sperging about us again. yawn.

anyway, which rookie are you guys looking forward to the most? i’m already way too invested in hendery. looking forward to future cantonese line content.

No. 12339

File: 1539717569684.gif (4.41 MB, 666x750, IMB_HVlN88.GIF)

Tbh it seems like the mere existence of this thread severely rustles at least one or two of those anons' jimmies. You'd think they'd learn to hide it instead of pearl-clutching over the harmless fangirling itt.

>i’m already way too invested in hendery. looking forward to future cantonese line content.

Same! Cantonese line will probably being my fave in all of nct.

No. 12340

bts ex-stans remain triggered lol. how dare we enjoy another group's content.
honestly i'm worried about them going to china to promote and just…. staying there (i think someone here mentioned that) i'd miss having lucas, kun, or ten in the vlives.

No. 12341

File: 1539735881361.png (576.55 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181017-012042.png)

You do realize no one who used to "stan" anything would be freaked out by the fangirling in that post they screenshotted, right? Hide your hateboner better

Key solo coming up! Really excited to see what he'll do, I hope it's something unique and SM won't fuck it up. Taemin's solo work has been consistently wonderful so I have high hopes for Key too. If I can get a jam as good as Move from Key I'll be happy. Maybe we can even get a nice collab from Key and other SM artists? Like how Taemin had Kai on Pretty Boy.

No. 12342

Doubleposting but I need to get this out of my system: Jackson Wang is so fucking cute. Not even talking about his appearance, it's his entire being that's adorable even though that's not really what he's going for. Started watching some Chinese cooking show and he's a host on it and his goofy airhead ass is so endearing. I can see why he's a top variety show personality in Korea now despite Got7 being a bunch of "literally who?"s

No. 12343

im watching this season, but im a new-ish fan so i haven't finished the other ones yet
i wonder what happened to yoongi?

No. 12344

anon from post you replied, im just saying that people in that other post seem to be really salty about actually other people enjoying kpop and that those people tend to be bts antis. i'm not trying to start anything i promise :)

i'm starting to get into shinee after watching their mini series on M2. key made me laugh but i've never heard his solo stuff. any recs?

No. 12345

I love Taemin's solo work. He's one of the few kpop artists I can share with non kpop fan friends and not feel slightly embarrassed lol I don't know if he's the best singer but I love his presence and dances. Even if sometimes they look kind of odd kek

No. 12346

And of course Joghyun's Aurora is super good. He was such a good singer/artist… It's a shame how the kpop industry just takes and takes from idols.

No. 12347

Crazy is my favorite from Jonghyun. I also really like Elevator and Let me out, but they're just too painful after his death.

No. 12348

Same! Taemin and Dean are the only Korean artists I have ever shared with normie friends, and they all loved them. Drip Drop is a great song too! Unfortunately my other favorite song will never be released. He used it for solo dance in this dance battle with Jimin but apparently it can't be officially released due to copyright issues..but it sounds so good :(
Key doesn't have solos yet but he's debuting soon! And I agree, he's really funny. If you ever get the chance to catch one of his Instagram lives, watch it. He's fluent in English so he usually replies to the comments with so much sass. He's the type of person I wanna gossip with about other idols because it seems like he has all the dirty deets.
I think yoongi had to leave because of personal legal issues because he said if he doesn't go now he won't even be able to get a return ticket. Also, try to finish the first seasons first! They make a lot of references to them in this season.
Personally enjoyed but I can't tell if it's better or worse than the last 2 seasons yet, but it does seem like they have a lot more to do in Malta than the Hawaii season. I'm enjoying the Behind The Scenes bits a lot more than the episodes tbh, they're just chill and edited like a compilation of random funny moments.
The BT21 and LG ThinQ advertising is INSANE though lmao, it's turning into a huge ad and they're not trying to hide it at all

No. 12349

lol i was a dumbass a few weeks ago because i didn't know much about shinee but i knew about taemin and he just blew me away with move. i love him. he's what got me interested in the series in the first place.
and i find it hard to hear jonghyun now even after getting into them after his death. idk i just feel so sad for him. thank you for the recommendations!!!
i'll be keeping an eye out for his lives. i love a good gossipy sis.

No. 12350

I also loved this song from Taemin, it was really simple and beautiful with the dance. I really like how much he improved from Shinee debut days. He has such a good aura as a performer.

Anyone annoyed that the first thing people say when looking at most kpop MVs is "are they gay?". I've showed Move to a lot of people and it's always the first thing "this dude is super gay". I'm not saying if Taemin is or not (I don't care) but it's so annoying.

Am I the only one that got into kpop and tried to show it to some friends just to see how close minded a lot of them are? I get not liking it but they don't even give it a chance. I like posting here because its the only place I talk about it, since I figured best not to show it to anyone, but sometimes there's SUCH good songs like >>12346 Aurora and people don't give it a chance.

Let me clarify I NEVER shame anyone for not liking it, I don't give a shit, I'm not a die hard fan and most kpop songs are decent not the best thing ever. What I hate is that they don't even listen to it for a minute, or act like it's the weirdest thing ever.

No. 12351

File: 1539926440628.jpg (449.48 KB, 1396x2048, 201810191.jpg)

he's walking…!! also, winwin changed his hair so I guess nct china really is happening!


No. 12352

File: 1539926458235.jpg (558.52 KB, 1456x2048, 201810192.jpg)

No. 12353

File: 1539926474281.jpg (417.05 KB, 1464x2048, 201810193.jpg)

No. 12354

File: 1539926564673.jpg (31.34 KB, 473x389, 201810194.jpg)

No. 12355

weeeew, all these suit & glasses posts reminded me of the time PO wore glasses.

No. 12356

File: 1539946446899.jpeg (129.4 KB, 682x1024, 04FCF222-30BF-4D56-B40C-0F1700…)

No. 12357

File: 1539946462210.jpeg (113.51 KB, 682x1024, 5E07879B-2C77-4A0D-8547-967DE3…)

No. 12358

File: 1539946600727.jpeg (167.98 KB, 682x1024, 70583EBB-662C-4A69-8C5E-FCAA60…)

No. 12359

File: 1539946695912.jpeg (115.19 KB, 682x1024, 0B278E20-208A-4450-B6AE-5A7924…)


also >>12351 on the topic of winwin changing his hair and china finally happening: my heart is gonna explode

i have such an unhealthy thing for cantonese line already and i haven’t even seen them together yet

No. 12360

File: 1539962089493.jpg (285.05 KB, 1430x2048, IMG_20181018_212814.jpg)

same! and I think ten and kun were also seen wearing hats + hoodies, safe to say they changed their hair too

No. 12361

let's pray the newbies get to have sane hair colors at least to start with…

kunwoocas all got to start off with nice neutral brown hair shades so you really got to focus on their features from the start. jungwoo was only just now getting an experimental af dye job. (well, he had grey hair in the boss m/v but by the time they were promoting and we actually got to know him it was back to light brown, so.)

let's pray the china trio get to keep their rookie hairstyles+colors for debut too.

No. 12362

lmfao his ears

No. 12363

I love his ears, they are so elf like.

I love ACE so much, I'm glad they are getting more recognition. I've see more anons speaking about them. Jun just posted a clip of him singing Versace on the Floor from Bruno Mars.


No. 12364

Wanted to share this dance practice from VAV. They are a LOT less girly than other groups I've seen and it's sooo nice. No ridiculous makeup and exaggerated styling.

They are so handsome, I cant… I also LOVE the song. I really recommend you watch it, they are so good. I'm definitely stanning.

No. 12365

File: 1540016245215.jpg (146.32 KB, 856x1267, 201810201.jpg)

more modeling! these outfits are a lot better imo. don't want to flood the thread anymore, so I'll only post 3 pictures.

his lotj preview is up too

No. 12366

File: 1540017805466.jpg (230.71 KB, 1280x1708, 201810202.jpg)

No. 12367

File: 1540017820920.jpg (354.1 KB, 1453x2048, 201810203.jpg)

No. 12368

MonstaX had a comeback. I'm liking the visuals but the song… it's so annoying, they make constant "sounds" especially the rappers, and the WAKA WAKA is pure Pacman lol wtf…

They look super hot but too much makeup. Hwiyoung literally looks like a geisha with that white face kek

No. 12369

File: 1540219697081.png (562.84 KB, 858x429, Capture.PNG)

He looks so WEIRD, almost like an old woman with that makeup. I hate it.

The song is so try hard in my opinion. I'm kind of done with the whole "shooting" stuff. Can boy groups stop shooting people with their hands? Are they ten years old? They even go PAW PAW lol

No. 12370

They look good, I don't mind the makeup. However the omg we're such tough badboys thing is cringy.

No. 12371


No. 12372

No. 12373

this is different than what i expected, i like the song and the art style in the video.
i love the sound he went for in this mixtape, seoul and moonchild are my favourites so far

No. 12374

File: 1540235385008.jpeg (201.32 KB, 1200x675, DqH3M58X4AAVcU2.jpeg)


Tbh I expected the indie, rnb melancholy vibe but didn't expect the lyrics to be so depressing. I can't pick favorites yet but Badbye was way too short. The tracks with HONNE and Nell were really good too.
The MV for Forever rain has so mine nice shots, I love the artstyle.

No. 12375

File: 1540235489459.jpeg (34.86 KB, 854x480, DqH3xD7U0AAt0YT.jpeg)

Many* not mine

Couldn't help but notice his shadow turns to 7 shadows after he says "Not living because I can't die but because I'm chained to something

No. 12376

Did they do a live? I saw they released a relay already. Hyungwon's terrible look aside (not sure why he had two? the darker blonde was better than the pale blue eyed monstrosity) I'm liking the comeback because the dance seems really slick. Song is kind of meh, and it may have my least favorite rap from Jooheon and I.M…

Shownu with that popping at the start WOW he did that REALLY well.

No. 12377

File: 1540262382195.gif (1.8 MB, 208x224, 4a987c4dc7fe7.gif)

Happy mark lee monday

No. 12378

What did you guys think of the English version of Cherry Bomb? I though it was pretty well done and not too cringy, especially Mark's rap. Taeyong's parts where kind of weird though.. I wished they worked more on them. I really like how his voice sounds in English.

Generally I hate English versions, and they are not as good as Korean ones, but I hope SM keeps releasing covers for NCT and improve on them. Especially for newer songs.

Also the album was super good, I just wish they had more hard hitting songs.

Did you all hear the bonus track with all the members rapping? Lol it was so weird to listen to. Also, I kind of suspect SM increased the speed of the vocal line so they sounded better. It sounds weird and too fast paced. But maybe I'm wrong. Go off rapper Taeil kek

No. 12379

Song in question for anyone that didn't listen to it yet.

No. 12380

I’m new to kpop but I’ve been obsessed with blackpink lately. Love their collab with dua lipa but I’m a bit sad Lisa didn’t have more lines. What do you guys think about it? I wonder how well the USA is going to receive them.

No. 12381

Why does NCT keep making english versions of songs that already sound fine as they are?

No. 12382


Just because they can, I guess. Most of SM's English tracks have the cheesiest lyrics so I just listen to the Korean versions anyway but I prefer a group who tries to break the West with songs they've bothered to translate into English than a group who stubbornly thinks the entirety of the West should learn Korean to be able to converse with them.

No. 12383

Many English songs have become popular outside of Anglo countries even though the great majority of listeners have absolutely no idea on what they say

No. 12384

Yes even if I prefer the Korean version I appreciate that they are trying to cater more to English speakers. Like Regular track was not my favorite from them, but you can tell by hearing both versions that the original is clearly the English one, and they really tried to fit in with the language and style. So they did prioritize it instead of translating an already existing song from them.

A lot of anons though it was super cringy, but the song really grew on me now. I found it a lot more on track with what you see in America that what other groups did.

In any case, I still prefer the Korean songs and style BUT I did find it nice to be able to sing along to their newer one. Hopefuly they don't focus TOO much on America because the songs are not that important, regular people don't get into kpop because of prejudice or "these boys look gay lol".

No. 12385

NCity is starting to colonize

No. 12386

You sound unnecessarily pressed and that's the lamest excuse I've heard for shitty pandering so far

No. 12387


Keyword: Songs. Not acts. The fact is that an artist who cannot speak English will not become a consistent chart topper in the West, they will be a one-hot wonder no matter how good the song is.

No. 12388

ncthotties did you guys watch this? our adorable losers bless them

No. 12389

File: 1540647673195.gif (7.77 MB, 728x408, xwPKmUR.gif)

Is Loona popular? I went to check out the old vids of their predebut solos and they are amazing but only with 2-5 million views each.

I was pretty shocked.

No. 12390

i like their style, they've become kinda popular on kpop stan twitter with the whole stan loona meme but afaik they aren't that popular in south korea

No. 12391

What exactly is there style? I can't find anything special about them

No. 12392

i'm not a fan of loona and i think they are kinda overhyped but i enjoy their music videos and concepts

No. 12393

File: 1540910255124.jpg (2.39 MB, 1920x2560, 18-10-30-09-26-49-772_deco.jpg)

The SMtown halloween party is today! Hopefully we'll get some qt pics this year like these

Loved blackface winwin and his twinkhon gf <3

No. 12394

I usually roll my eyes at people using the term blackface, but that is legit BAD. Like, why would he ever do that? There's no reason to darken you face for Beast cosplay…

No. 12395

>Edward scissorhands

>no scissorhands


No. 12396

Overhyped? I thought everyone said they were a flop. I thought they were the most underappreciated group thats out. (although I think hi high is probably among their weakest tracks)

Now izone just released their new debut and will soon overtake loonas debut track in a week by how things are going.

Loona pretty much should just shut down until next year. 2018 just turned into izone rookie year.

No. 12397

They are overhyped if you count all the people that talk about them on twitter but when you look past all the stan loona spam they don't have that many hardcore fans. You're right about izone but idle had a better chance of roty anyways. I hope Loona's repackage song is good either way. November is going to be packed so I'm not expecting it to perform well.

No. 12398

Doesn't the Beast have brown fur? He's not trying to mimick a black person

No. 12399

I don't really take Twitter seriously at all anymore. It's not really a place for putting your finger on the pulse of anything, theres too many hardcore fans of everything, too many bots, too many corporate promotional accounts.

No. 12400

File: 1540939430300.jpg (110.04 KB, 806x385, Kriesha-Chu-639x800.jpg)

someone needs to organize a meetup between these three

No. 12401

File: 1540991554048.png (1.33 MB, 1147x1433, lol.png)

looks like jeffrey was the one with the agp gf this year

No. 12402

File: 1540992708454.jpeg (576.84 KB, 2048x1536, 60EE4DD3-0ECA-41E2-978C-B758F1…)

don’t lump junguwu together with those degenerate fucks

at least this one looks cute

No. 12403


Jaehyun's usually a bit too whitebread for my taste but he looks ridiculously good here.

No. 12404

File: 1540992793467.jpeg (376.13 KB, 2048x1536, C175CAED-7C67-4CC8-B518-B1C428…)

samefagging just to add that key as voldemort made me lol

No. 12405

File: 1540993205985.jpg (1.55 MB, 2991x3473, legend.jpg)

him and pennywise chenle were my faves

No. 12406

File: 1540993480149.jpeg (849.26 KB, 2048x2048, C5681FB3-C3A7-4F54-8139-D00B72…)

thorcas grew on me real quick

No. 12407

File: 1540993771582.jpg (128.17 KB, 1080x1043, IMG_20181031_083253.jpg)

Even though it's a shitty party city teir costume, he honestly does look hot as fuck lol

tony the tiger johnny was cute too

No. 12408

File: 1540993918112.jpeg (189.73 KB, 960x960, F48B588F-F366-457D-A88F-F0EE1B…)

this two look pretty great too

especially jaemin

No. 12409

File: 1540993939904.jpeg (182.51 KB, 960x960, CD6C89A2-9890-4930-8783-1EC880…)

flirt lmao

No. 12410

idk who he is but the guy in the link costume looks cute

No. 12411

File: 1540997987939.jpeg (120.01 KB, 960x960, 270361EB-6C61-47B6-BA55-BED5F6…)

that’s renjun and he’s supposed to be peter pan lol

No. 12412

File: 1540998039912.jpeg (486.49 KB, 1536x2048, BDE0E697-9FDA-4133-B7C0-D95653…)

ok but why do these two look amazing

No. 12413

lol my mind immediately went to link since renjun has blonde hair. nice look

No. 12414

File: 1541013114164.jpg (90.56 KB, 1024x768, cd2bf8919b6cad185d709156ef4bac…)

Oh man I was dissapointed at Taeyong's costume since it looked kind of boring, but then I realized my bias went as one of my anime crushes when little, Syaoran from Sakura Card Captor. So cute uwu

No. 12415

I don't listen to kpop and I don't know who this is, but he makes a fucking cute Syaoran, goddamn.

No. 12416

File: 1541014553735.jpg (104.96 KB, 1024x1024, 7281cbe0d4668ad761a11c83bf71be…)

He's the cutest. Also Chenle as the clown from IT is priceless kek

No. 12417

I died laughing at Haechan's MJ dance and Chenle Pennywise oh my god. I love our Dreamies.

No. 12418

NCT 127 version too. I can't with Johnny the Tiger…

No. 12419

These were really cute but I'm sad the unlucky 3 (lucas, ten, and kun) got shafted once again

No. 12420

File: 1541168619522.jpeg (38.2 KB, 800x400, 96EFB6AC-11EB-49AE-9880-E82715…)

don’t forget china trio. i’m so fucking salty they haven’t debuted yet, they could’ve been adorable at the halloween party too if sm had just gotten its head out of its ass but it’s november and china is supposed to debut this month and still nothing.

i can’t help but feel as if kun is being conspired against sometimes. he’s gotten the short end of every single stick nct has ever had since he debuted and now when he’s supposed to shine it takes forever. meanwhile ten’s had baby don’t stop and a whole solo song+mv+dance and xuxi’s been on multiple reality shows. winwin’s had stuff with u and 127 for ages but has still managed to have less time to shine than those two; it’s like sm shoves him into almost every comeback but also go out of their way to keep his screentime in the negatives. renjun and lele are being kept out of nct china altogether yet they’re probably treated better by sm than the entire rest of the china-line combined.

@sm just say you hate chinese members and go.

No. 12421

Agreed w/ this whole post

>i can’t help but feel as if kun is being conspired against sometimes.

Ikr? The fact that he's been with NCT since the rookie days (so, 2015) makes it even worse. If I was him, I'd leave.

>renjun and lele are being kept out of nct china altogether

Is this confirmed or were they just kept out of that one leak? I don't think they'll be kept out entirely. If anything 10 will.

There's a rumor (https://twitter.com/cloudvelys/status/1055077367876485123?s=0) they're going to call it NCT Vision instead of NCT China or 116 which is lame imo, but whatever. If they don't debut this month I'm going to be pretty pissed, SM has kept us waiting too long. Would it kill them to at least give the unlucky 3 + the rookies a fucking vlive? I'm so tired of 127

and I miss hendery…

No. 12422

Has to be their best comeback yet. Not even monster era was this fucking good. My dumb ass actually started tearing up at the harmonization near the end. The little squeaky noises are kinda annoying tbh, but the song and mv are pretty solid overall. Thank fuck for that

No. 12423

File: 1541183991072.jpeg (126.99 KB, 2048x1152, 62F9FD8C-E82B-4CB0-8DC6-9D5276…)

>Is this confirmed or were they just kept out of that one leak? I don't think they'll be kept out entirely.
oops i should’ve clarified- they will undoubtedly be added as they graduate from dream (it’s not like they have anywhere else to go) and taking everything including that shoot into consideration putting them china from the get-go while they’re still in dream does seem a bit much… flitting between two countries for promotions and all would be pretty messy and most of all vexing for them, especially considering renjun only has 1 year left in dream and chenle has 2. i was originally really annoyed by the idea them not being in china from the start but i kind of understand the decision now.

>If anything 10 will.

i’m genuinely hoping if he’s in china it will only be for the debut and he’ll drop out of and prepare for nct thailand or promote with nct u when renjun and chenle join. i love ten but he’s had so much focus and work already and the chinese members literally haven’t had shit so i want this group to be THEIR chance to shine. there are already so many of them in one group that getting proper lines and screen time for each will be tight, literally just let them have this one thing for fuck’s sake.

>Would it kill them to at least give the unlucky 3 + the rookies a fucking vlive?

literally the rookies being properly introduced as nct members and seeing them fuck around with the rest of the bunch is all i fucking ask. i think nct china is long overdue but i’m willing to wait as long as they get a decent debut. what i’m not willing to wait for any longer is the china trio becoming official nct members because not introducing them until the very last second before the unit debuts is just plain retarded and so unfair to them. give nctzens a chance to get to know them first so the three of them can get properly hyped up by fans like the other members.

>and I miss hendery…

he’s a large chunk of the reason i’m so angry sm is being such a nuisance about debuting them. i am highkey obsessed with this kid and so fucking sick of having the wait for him

No. 12424

based deafbro

No. 12425

First time I heard it I was cringing a bit at the chorus but I'm really liking it after a couple of listens. I'm not a big fan of the robot voice, it may look weird in lives, but it's still cool I guess.

I looved the light stage at the end, that was so cool. With Kai in the middle.

Also I'm an NCT fan and I'm a bit triggered at the amount of complains on China lol just CHILL they will come eventually. Why can't we enjoy the NCT 127 and Dream stuff without going crazy for the "new next thing/member". I want to enjoy NCT before it gets so crowded dammit… I like the rookies too but it's not like they were introduced 5 years ago, it was just a couple of months ago. Let them take their time to practice and shit, you think SM doesn't want to make more money as soon as possible? They will release them when they are ready.

No. 12426

it’s just that china has been delayed for ages and now that they’re supposed to debut this month the rookies haven’t even been properly introduced as nct members. of course fans are going to grow annoyed if they’re promised something and it keeps being delayed for seemingly no reason.

i personally don’t have a huge problem with nct china being delayed but there’s absolutely no excuse to keep the rookies out of the loop at this point. they’ve already been practicing for years and they’ve already become acquainted with the other members (at least the vision lineup) so the only thing that’s left is to be formally inducted into the group. then they can appear in v-lives and fuck around with the others and all will be good, and nct china can follow at whatever pace sm sees fit.

No. 12427

File: 1541214323961.png (385.55 KB, 1097x484, lay.png)

When is Lay coming back wtf, it's like he's being held captive in China. I get that he rakes in a lot of money for sm because of the Korea ban over there but as a fan it makes me sad cuz it feels like exo can never be complete. At least he's kinda in the mv and has 2 lines in the Chinese version, better than nothing I guess.

No. 12428

>the only chinese member left
>only two lines in the chinese version
i get he’s stuck in china but yikes

No. 12429

File: 1541264732638.jpg (5.59 KB, 192x129, sad jisung.jpg)

I just want kun and lucas out of the dungeon, dude.

No. 12430

File: 1541329687884.jpeg (86.39 KB, 657x807, 0481F1AD-AF93-46C8-82C5-B31722…)

No. 12431

He's still hiding his hair… I wonder what color it is. Maybe something weird like blue?

No. 12432

File: 1541408259226.jpeg (726.55 KB, 2048x1365, 042675F0-DEFD-43FA-B19A-82A7B8…)

i can’t imagine kun in anything but the teddy bear brown hair at this point idk what i’d do if it’s something weird not saying i wouldn’t be into it tho

what hair colors do you guy think they’ll end up having? are u hoping for any particular ones? i hope the rookies will stay at least mostly natural.

posting more hendery bc he’s the prettiest thing ever

No. 12433

File: 1541675930029.jpeg (400.25 KB, 1376x2048, 5AD5CBED-674C-41C7-AA25-0306D8…)

kun is blonde.

No. 12434

File: 1541676315121.jpeg (293.34 KB, 2048x1364, 02154ACD-A03B-4857-8D4A-3A5F4B…)

samefag, here’s a better pic.

No. 12435

File: 1541676722698.jpeg (585.22 KB, 1536x2048, 29E399DD-63BD-445E-B6CA-5F0F81…)

sorry i keep samefagging with pics but they just posted this and i can feel nct china incoming

No. 12436

Aww, it actually looks nice on him. Thank god we'll finally get some official news about vision's debut, if not today then tomorrow.

No. 12437

You know I usually dislike overly cute as much as overly "badass" concepts but I really liked this comeback from gugudan. I can't believe how nice it is to see girls with pants too lol even if some of the styling is kind of dreadful.

I noticed MV has very few views, I didn't know they weren't as popular as other groups?

No. 12438

Also wanted to add NO unnecessary rapping, god YES. I'm so tired of the force rap part in songs lately.

No. 12439

it hasn't grown on 100% me but I like the chorus. I love the b-sides though. The MV was posted on two different youtube channels so it's probably why it's so low. It's around 900k views on the stone music channel.

No. 12440

File: 1541791692929.jpeg (533.63 KB, 2048x1536, 344B9556-7509-4A29-8F69-2A1A26…)

we got another kunwincas selca today but otherwise no news. they may not have said a peep but posting a pic of the same three members two days in a row isn’t normal for them. hoping we get something actually tangible tomorrow.

No. 12441

File: 1541943433770.jpeg (588.76 KB, 1537x2048, 78965F14-728C-4541-8E63-9AE8E4…)

selcas from the rookies for pepero day!

No. 12442

File: 1541943460468.jpeg (314.9 KB, 1536x2048, 35B93BC2-BC9D-489E-9A55-FFA47B…)

hendery is so beautiful christ

No. 12443

File: 1541943491763.jpeg (437.25 KB, 1537x2048, 11DB75FA-339F-4442-9ACF-96C902…)

mayhaps i nutted

No. 12444

Hendery and Xiaojun are so good looking

No. 12445

Slight OT, but I love this hair color so much

No. 12446

File: 1541954762265.jpg (87.06 KB, 1080x1920, download.jpg)

He's super pretty

Guess I'll post Ten's NCT Vision lockscreen while I'm here. Kun has one too.

No. 12447

i don't know much about nct, who are the 2 guys that are singing between 00:42-00:58?

No. 12448

the first one is doyoung and the second one is jungwoo!

No. 12449

thanks anon, they are cute
i like the song too

No. 12450

The one who sings at 1:54-1:56 with the black hair so damn cute. His eyes are so pretty.

No. 12451

File: 1541976179671.jpeg (43.28 KB, 750x937, 0B9DA408-FD86-437D-BA66-2DCC6E…)

that’s doyoung! the team mom, basically.

No. 12452

Thanks, anon!

No. 12453

File: 1541989495233.gif (1.98 MB, 500x374, dycar.gif)

diff anon but here is my fav

No. 12454

File: 1542051116071.jpeg (391.39 KB, 1365x2048, 19131692-D614-4E8F-BFDB-278522…)

he’s ethereal.

No. 12455

boss was such a sublime era; totally deserved to have the most views out of all the music videos. a special bonus is that we got xuxi and junguwu with it too.

also this is the vid that got me into nct lol. i’ve lost count of how many times i’ve watched. sassy winwin is the best.

depressingly it’s the most screentime winwin has ever gotten counting p much all mvs and live stages. based on that leak i’m hesitant to have high hopes for nct vision as far as that goes.

No. 12456

They are so freakin cute here!! Especially Doyoung.

No. 12457

Winwin is easily the most popular nct member in china. Why wouldn't he get more screentime?

No. 12458

File: 1542143244596.jpeg (99.32 KB, 1280x720, F7ED4623-1607-4A03-A001-4334A0…)

he didn’t get any center time in boss even when there wasn’t even a need for individual lines to ‘justify’ it (jaehyun and lucas both get center time during the chorus towards the end of the song) it’s like the choreographers actively work against him

also not really related but vision will be the most good-looking nct unit. xuxi and winwin are already the most beautiful nct members as of now imo — xuxi being handsome and masculine while winwin is a pretty dainty twink — and the new china trio are all gorgeous. (kun and ten look great too ofc. no visual hole in sight.)

No. 12459

They are all very attractive. Wow

No. 12460

File: 1542145430239.jpg (354.95 KB, 1364x2048, 8333592266.jpg)

They really are a super good looking bunch. [Insert visual - vision joke here]. I think Nana is prettier than Winwin though (and all the other members besides Xuxi and maybe Hendery), he's so princely.

No. 12461

File: 1542187022243.jpeg (290.41 KB, 1200x1800, ABB60C2F-6AD7-4532-B151-B6CF9F…)

renjun is insanely pretty too, very feminine. probably the closest thing we have to luhan now (who to me was the prettiest male in all of kpop and the ultimate twink).

also yes about hendery, by far the most interesting twink i’ve seen in a while (appearance-wise). he really has such a classic beauty about him yet he’s still so distinctive (the person who compared him to audrey hepburn was definitely on to something imo). i’m also intrigued by the fact he looks like a different twink from every other angle lol.

No. 12462

File: 1542187203381.jpeg (135.99 KB, 750x1334, 044EE32E-72BB-47DF-A474-271AAC…)

hendery’s profile re: being a twink chameleon.

No. 12463

Vomparing a plastic chinese to Audrey, dont make me laugh

No. 12464



No. 12465

Good morrow, salty cracker #48932

No. 12466

File: 1542203948991.jpeg (1000.9 KB, 2000x2000, 27084542-73D1-45DE-A344-5A99D7…)

>being this butthurt about someone comparing a chinese person to audrey
wew calm down racist-chan

anyway the regular-irregular repackage is coming and taeyong’s mullet is longer than ever. and here i thought they were gonna get rid of it, that’s what i get for being hopeful i guess…

No. 12467

okay so people are spreading rumors about xiaojun being a scammer, this is the taeyong scandal all over again

No. 12468

File: 1542454358895.gif (2.5 MB, 540x241, tumblr_paw2erqYMe1x9rqbjo1_540…)

predebut taeyong selling fucking bootleg anime figures will never not be funny to me. we stan an untrustworthy weeb.

still wish he'd post his acnl dream code…

No. 12469

File: 1542461423659.jpeg (481.71 KB, 1365x2048, C6C23050-FC30-4439-AF41-049935…)

he looks so happy ugh so fucking cute

xj was supposedly scamming homeless people, so not as harmless as ty… though unlike with ty this seems to just be a random retard in the west running around saying it though based on a mistranslation so it seems fake. assuming it’s untrue i hope this won’t drag him down in the future.

in other news xiaojun being a manlet has been confirmed and genuinely hope it applies to hendery too

No. 12470

File: 1542461666617.jpg (240.25 KB, 1366x2048, CPHa7gO.jpg)

Why are people totally ignoring Yangyang in favor of Xiaojun and Hendery, anyway? I think Yangyang is just as handsome, if not more. Is it just me?

No. 12471

File: 1542462729935.gif (9.71 MB, 1150x920, 3E055DA1-BDF7-4ABC-9C20-0C26D4…)

i find him super adorable and i’m really excited for his debut. in xiaojun’s case he has a lot of content since he was on that talent show and hendery… i’m one of the anons who are obsessed with dery and to summarize: he’s insanely pretty in a really distinctive way that’s hard to define and he gives off a kind of mysterious vibe while seeming to have a really quirky personality. there’s just a lot of clashing things about him, idk how to explain. unlike the other two i don’t find hendery handsome at all, just really really pretty.

No. 12472


NTA but I find Hendery rather generic? He just looks like a slightly more defined Ten to me, I don't really understand the hype. Still looking forward to him and the other two joining NCT anyway, I'm excited to see how they fit in and interact with everyone else.

No. 12473


Ah, for me I'm excited for Yangyang not just because I think he's the most handsome but because he lived in Germany and I'm excited to see NCT gets its first European member. Plus German accents are cool.

No. 12474

File: 1542735294130.jpg (561.04 KB, 1280x960, poz19DjIGYc.jpg)

I am absolutely convinced Lucas is aging in reverse and is now 3

No. 12475

Also there's going to be a new MV and I'm so excited to see Winwin on screen for more than 5 seconds

No. 12476

File: 1542739287124.jpg (16.18 KB, 418x409, IMG_20181020_024832.jpg)

smh his hair was finally starting to look cute again and then they hit him with a marginally more palatable version of joshu's haircut. I swear, his styling since like october has been the worst he's ever had, even worse than the weird aryan aesthetic they tried to push on him for a while. his face looks cute right now, but his outfits, hair, and makeup have been so offensive that I can't appreciate it.

also, jeffrey looks really sexy in this video https://twitter.com/NCTsmtown_127/status/1064926845039038464?s=01
I wonder if he's dumb irl

No. 12477


The best description of Jaehyun I ever saw was "Harmlessly boring." He seems dumb and like the human embodiment of white bread, but nice enough.

No. 12478

File: 1542892670552.jpg (43.87 KB, 1215x540, IMG_20181122_070515.jpg)

>translation: [INFO] 181122 #WINWIN will not be able to participate in the broadcasts/promotions of ‘Regulate’ because he’s preparing for Chinese schedules/activities that cannot be adjusted/rescheduled.
I-Is it finally habbening?

No. 12479

y’all know what to do

No. 12480

File: 1542900546118.png (2.95 MB, 2575x1502, 1542900275496.png)

Winwin btfo once again

I've been missing ten lately

No. 12481

File: 1542903273168.gif (2.6 MB, 540x250, tumblr_pilp14PReB1vaozwio4_540…)

Chill, WW won't even be on the promo since they are busy with NCT China. You'll get your precious China boys soon you bunch of complainers.

I'm in love with the styling of the video sooo much. I still need to listen to the song a couple of times to decide what I think but the looks, the dance, the concept are spot on to me. So I'm super happy with this comeback over the Regular one.

Also bless the styling team for giving Yuta forehead finally, he looks awful with the bangs.

No. 12482

File: 1542910185835.jpg (36.31 KB, 500x276, IMG_4309.JPG)

the song is interesting, loved the styling and the whole video with the walking choreography and masks was creepy-cool but where the fuck were doyoung and jungwoo?

doyoung's my ult so of course i'll notice when he's only got like two lines but i deadass forgot jungwoo even joined 127 until he finally had his one and a half line towards the end of the song. taeil had it only marginally better and johnny and winwin never have lines ever in the first place but at least johnny got some seconds of peeping center time and we got to see a shot of win's face at least twice.

i love taeyong and mark just as much as i love the rest of the group but sm's retarded favoritism needs to go.

No. 12483

this is very, very good

No. 12484

File: 1542918519339.jpg (84.84 KB, 407x630, Gmp1jzedWtg.jpg)


i'm ready to acknowledge it whenever a public person i like does something disrespectful, but wtf is wrong with using other cultures in a non-mocking context? i don't understand. this person is an army i guess but i've seen long-term nct fans on my tl saying that this mv is disrespectful and i'm just like…..why

No. 12485

Notice how this person isn’t Maori or have any NZ connections, why do people jump at the chance to get offended on other people’s behalf so quickly? I would be interested to hear from an actual Maori on this

No. 12486

This is the first nct title track that I've loved in a long time. it's really noisy though so I feel like it'll turn a lot of people off. can't wait for the live stages though.

No. 12487

File: 1542921791537.gif (2.66 MB, 540x250, tumblr_pilp14PReB1vaozwio6_540…)

Lol they are just grasping at straws because of all the controversy that BTS had this past weeks.

I'm just waiting for people to try to say that Taeyoung is racist now for having a headwrap lol, you know it's coming…

You know I really don't want to sound super salty and I understand some fans wanting to see more of their favorites. But I feel you guys are sooo nitpicky. Yes, Taeyong and Mark get a lot of screentime but in this MV a lot of the other members did too. Haechan, Yuta, even Johnny had screentime. Also Doyoung and Jungwoo had lines, and they were really nice and stand out a lot. The bridge was really beautiful and actually my favorite part of the song.

Also as another anon mentioned Winwin is not going to be on the promo, why do you want him to have lines since another member will have to do them for him? lol

Do you guys listen to the albums? The last one had a lot of ballad type songs and vocal line shined on those. NCT 127 is known for hard hitting comebacks and main track will always have a lot of Tae and Mark presence since they are the best rappers in the group.

WW will have his comeback soon and hopefully more time to shine. They picked the guy up from China and I doubt he had much training as the others, I wouldn't find it odd if he was training for NCT China all along. Only member I feel sorry for getting less lines is Yuta and I've been noticing him more and more lately on songs, so I'm hoping they give him even more to do in the future.

I really liked the song and everyone was looking soooo good. Classic NCT 127 mess song and I love it.

No. 12488

No. 12489

File: 1543486139507.jpeg (137.25 KB, 1024x692, 523686A4-078F-4D56-B01E-E83573…)

xiaojun hendery and yangyang were apparently spotted at gimpo airport! flying back to china?

No. 12490

New station song with lucas just dropped, finally. Feels very bittersweet though… Don't quite understand why they chose to release it now when they have all this other shit going instead of back in June/July. It seems like a last minute decision.

Sort of salty about them not promoting this at all too. Pretty sure they didn't post about on any of the NCT accounts, not even a RT. They're handling everything regarding the vision members extremely poorly.

No. 12491

File: 1543495684340.gif (3.66 MB, 1000x1146, 36A051A3-F6AA-4A0F-9D85-90D30B…)

it’s like the fuckheads at sm go out of their way to mismanage chinese idols even though they’re just shooting themselves in the ass, it’s exo-m all over again

why even bother taking in chinese idols if you hate them so much you’re willing to waste money just leaving them in the dust instead of promoting them? not to mention chinese members are always the most beautiful and talented dance-wise

anyway more hendery bc he’s pretty and has an adorable twink bod

No. 12492

Chinese idols are definitely the most beautiful and talented.

Seems like such a waste to not promote them hard

No. 12493

File: 1543507414303.jpg (17.52 KB, 640x606, 037.jpg)

sm needs to stop fucking over their talented chinamen

No. 12494

No. 12495


Jin Stan going viral on tiktok.

No. 12496

File: 1544025539162.jpeg (268.74 KB, 2048x1366, 798A6CDA-74F3-45D0-B844-DC805E…)

xiaojun once again confirmed for manlet and yangyang is way bigger than i thought

no hendery in sight though :(

No. 12497

Wow XJ is super pale. I prefer guys with warmer complexions but the uwu ~pale skin + dark hair~ aesthetic looks really hot on him and Doyoung.

But, uh… i-is he growing a mullet?

No. 12498

File: 1544028003638.jpeg (385.7 KB, 1366x2048, C274FD06-5062-416D-9D19-5062DF…)

oh my god fuck i didn’t think of that

also in this pic it looks like yangyang has the bowlest bowl cut of all bowl cuts, the stylists are really doing them dirty from the get-go huh

if they’ve done something unholy to hendery…

No. 12499

I'm late but I have a mixed Maori friend and she said it wasn't disrespectful and most of the things in that thread were factually false. She said she really felt happy that they used the haka in it and that her culture was being represented or honored in some way by one of her favorite groups.

No. 12500

File: 1544283223773.jpeg (106.1 KB, 750x1125, D9E7B09B-16C2-4505-AD7A-E76DFA…)

hey thotties let’s all post pics of our ults/biases since this thread is kinda dead now due to the lack of vision news

mine’s dotokki; who’s yours?

No. 12501

File: 1544283806037.png (1.5 MB, 624x936, tumblr_p65xinjXeQ1uciwrso1_640…)

i love jaehyun

No. 12502

File: 1544284878433.jpg (156.62 KB, 1079x1919, oppar.jpg)

Lucas is my ult and shawty imma party til da sun down-chan is my EXO bias

No. 12503

cute. they both have no talent

No. 12504

File: 1544285450139.jpg (Spoiler Image,23.16 KB, 479x469, a9a18752-ccf0-4841-a040-99a1bc…)

please stop bullying my oppars

No. 12505

File: 1544293405340.jpg (233.16 KB, 795x960, IMG_20181208_131836.jpg)

Pls no judge
But Suga is my bias, I'm weak for the tsudere act (and it's mixed with the sad boy act)
I just wish he would've gone the khiphop route instead of the idol route so I could have some level of respect for him (although he probably wouldn't have been as pretty)

No. 12506

File: 1544376568851.jpg (175.64 KB, 1800x1200, DreumAcUcAAX7jU.jpg)

haechan is perfect

No. 12507

File: 1544384655890.jpg (117.52 KB, 800x1200, DWwegwWVwAA-Vq9.jpg)

I really like Jimin even if everyone bullies him in the other thread.

No. 12508

File: 1544387332869.jpg (56.09 KB, 800x1200, Dt_LZpbWwAA8rPI.jpg)

Yoongi 100%, I used to sort of solo stan him in 2015 bc I didn't want to become a kpop fan, but I caved in for BTS in 2017
His looks are exactly my type, some what baby faced and cute, but not a manlet (he's also still way taller than me). Although I can't really comment on his personality too much since he's an idol, he seems to actually be considerate of others, and has a true passion for music (but perhaps not the idol life so much). Every time I see him irl and see him smiling so brightly, it just reconfirms my ult for him lmao, I hope to become a fansite for him soon
No one else is sperging but fuck it

No. 12509

File: 1544387684016.gif (1.85 MB, 268x400, 0429b311d61de5348fb27e88d0aad7…)

while we're suga posting, I'd like to contribute this gif

I love his big boy kick in idol lol his body is cute

No. 12510

I know what you mean.He's the only one in K-pop I find attractive. There is just something about his looks. And if you do become a fansite take some pretty pictures for the rest of us.

No. 12511

Same if he stops with the ps.
His chin looked like a Doritos during the last comeback, though it appeared a bit more normal the last couple of months.
Another mixtape, or even a single solo, would be so nice. I miss his edgy rap.

No. 12512

File: 1544392354078.png (855.37 KB, 799x1200, DpZdsAHUYAAJ1DP.png)

this man right here

No. 12513

File: 1544392466770.jpg (45.05 KB, 564x752, f2f004e1cbb9c79dad23088f8b1d1e…)


No. 12514

File: 1544551385959.gif (2.99 MB, 540x479, c188b5ae289e4513292ef6d7528881…)

Same! I'm obsessed with him. And he has such a lovable personality too, I pretty much watch all the content I can find on him like once a week lol

This gif always leaves me flustered…

No. 12515

>not a manlet
he's 5'5 at most

No. 12516

File: 1544554122026.gif (1.45 MB, 268x341, asdfdsas.gif)

+1 on suga

No. 12517

I'm 5'4/5 and he's a lot taller than me whenever he walks past, so he's not that short at the least

No. 12518

what are shoe lifts? and how many times has he walked passed you?

No. 12519

File: 1545355812839.jpg (74.29 KB, 800x1200, Du4R9BoUUAAlWFj.jpg)

The mullet is dead. Praise the lord!

No. 12520

File: 1545355930616.gif (2.68 MB, 540x220, tumblr_pjxxyxMH6h1v7pzc2o2_540…)

So cute…

No. 12521

Really happy the red hair is back, it suits him so well. I'm sad that lucas, kun, and the rookies are still MIA though.

It's so annoying that all they tweet now is links to their boring youtube videos. I miss their selfies.

No. 12522

This comeback was sooo good. I really liked the choreo. I have to say as an NCT fan that I think Seventeen (as a group) dances a lot better, they are just SO good and in synch. I'm always shocked at their dance practices.

The video gives me NCT vibes as well and I think some of the fandom was complaining about that, so dumb considering they didn't invent the "bad boy" concept lol. I'm all up for it since I like that concept more than anything else, especially sugary songs.

Am I the only one kind of underwhelmed by the latest choreo in Simon Says and Regular? Like they are splitting the members into groups lately and I liked the cohesive dance where ALL members are dancing at the same time, like Cherry bomb.

Since members go in an out in latest ones it gets confusing and gives me a headache, it also looks really off in live shows since the camera doesn't know where to focus.

Red hair TY is back so hopefully next comeback will have better choreo. I just want another cool moment like that step where they all move slightly with their feet to the left in Cherry bomb, you know which one I mean lol

No. 12523

File: 1545413072122.gif (2.98 MB, 540x200, tumblr_orvsgj5DxG1vaozwio1_540…)

Found it…

No. 12524

File: 1545414317868.jpg (263.57 KB, 1225x2048, IMG_20181221_090907.jpg)

#no_winwin_no_nct127 was trending worldwide on twitter earlier. They're going on their first tour without winwin and SM still hasn't said a single thing about vision. It's been over a month since we've seen anything from the other vision members aside from ten.

No. 12525

File: 1545414375452.jpg (64.96 KB, 750x525, IMG_20181221_090305.jpg)

Other tour promo without winwin

No. 12526

Lol this thread just became a place to complain about China members. It's not like they are caged in a dungeon and SM will never release them. They will probably release Vision on January. Fucking chill for fucks sake.

I want to talk about other groups or even NCT songs, dances, etc. But every time someone has to be "waaah where is Hendery, where is WW, where is Lucas".

Like I get the annoyance since it is their first tour and fans of WW will be sad, I totally get it. It's just a pet peeve for me now that all talk in this thread devolves to complaining about NCT China.

No. 12527

No one is stopping you from posting about other shit… Quit bitching and ignore it if you don't like it. That's what I do everytime 127 is brought up :^)

No. 12528

Lol I get it, I just wanted to vent. It's like anons getting annoyed in the Critical thread about too much BTS talk. It can be annoying when you want to talk about a topic just for the next few posts to be about the same shit over and over.

Rant over, I'm not saying people can't bitch about it, go ahead. I'm just so over it already. I guess I will come back here when Vision releases something and you all cream your pants.

No. 12529

bitch hush, this isn't the vent thread

No. 12530

File: 1545421055264.jpg (110.44 KB, 682x1024, yuta.jpg)

It's probably more fitting for the critical thread but since all ncthots are here, is his chin making a comeback? He's been looking off to me lately

No. 12531

I understand winwin is missing since he's focusing on nct china but imo they should've just had him go on a complete hiatus from nct 127 until he can promote with them fully.

I tried looking at some pictures from earlier in the year and it didn't look that different but I'm awful at spotting plastic surgery. hopefully he isn't either way.

No. 12532

he never should've gotten surgery lmao

No. 12533

"he's focusing on nct china" is a pretty shit excuse. maybe it would be more believable if we had information on nct china that wasn't a leaked 3 second video. at this point it seems like sm goes out of their way to fuck over their chinese idols.

No. 12534

i've been noticing he's been looking a bit off! glad to know it's not just me. shame, he used to be so cute

No. 12535

File: 1545506326928.jpeg (599.35 KB, 2048x2048, CB3F6019-1778-4982-9E68-F4B9F3…)

sm didn’t reveal that winwin wouldn’t be part of the concert until all tickets had already been sold. they’re both using him because he’s one of the most popular members and leaving him and the rest of nct china in the dirt, disgusting.

it’s all very retarded considering there’s a shit ton of money to be made off chinese fans. if you didn’t know any better you’d think they care more about ruining the lives of chinese idols than they care about making actual profit lmao

i miss the rookies…

No. 12536

Why does SM keep messing with this dude's face? He was a handsome guy back when he was on Abnormal Summit.

No. 12537

File: 1545568870553.jpeg (605.18 KB, 1536x2048, 5E432601-8BA3-447D-87FB-71AB08…)

No. 12538

any kpop Christmas songs you guys like? (some of them tend to feel a little cash-grabby to be honest)

No. 12539

yah they're all pretty cheap and cash grabby which I think tacky christmas stuff like that is charming

imo the ideal christmas album is EXO's Sing For You. It's not directly christmasy but it's definitely wintery and On The Snow uses sleigh/jingle bells.

No. 12540

I wish this place were more active…

No. 12541

File: 1545951368617.jpg (216.3 KB, 1500x1097, jw_closer122518.jpg)

farmers are really weird about kpop. idk about the other anons but the annoying, insecure spergs from the anti thread discourage me from wanting to post about on lolcow now, both positively and negatively.

anyways… anyone know if jungwoo's nose has always looked like this? is this just a bad angle or did he get a botched nosejob?

No. 12542

it's like everyone disappeared.
well the kpop critical is dead for now at least.

on another note I can't wait for awards season to be over. I like the award show stages but the constant fighting is too much.

No. 12543

Are kpop recommendations ok to ask here?
I really liked Love Scenario and was looking for something with a similar vibe. Do you guys know of anything like that?

No. 12544

Shine by Pentagon gives me Love Scenerio vibes

No. 12545

File: 1545970122926.jpg (105.04 KB, 1024x1004, Du2WRg2WoAAVLku.jpg)

whenever i visit a chan that isn't solely dedicated to anime/2d culture (like nenpo, to give an example) i'm always surprised at the lack of kpop discussion.
i mean, you'd think this is the sort of the thing that would attract channers but i guess not.
i'm late but the carol bangs.
& dream dropped this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Px-Pi5UjB40 pretty recently, it's nice.

No. 12546

the carol is one of my favorite loona music videos. also happy one year anniversary to chuu.

candle light was cute. I actually kinda liked that yeri did with renjun, jeno, and jaemin.

No. 12547

I really enjoyed it, thanks anon!

No. 12548

I really enjoyed it, thanks anon!

No. 12549

I hope the whole edawn scandal hasn’t ruined the potential of pentagon. I really like their recent releases and they seem like a fun group, shine and naughty boy felt like a breath of fresh air. Hopefully they still find success.

No. 12550

File: 1546083516570.gif (8.89 MB, 1300x929, 5C3AD8A4-46B7-4DE9-B672-0EFD56…)

the spergs from the critical thread are obsessed with this thread, specifically ncthotties, it’s kind of funny. how dare other farmers like something they don’t !! meanwhile the husbando thread and 837282727 other animu threads are left alone.

i know we complain about the lack of vision/smrookies news all the time but seriously, where the fuck are they.

No. 12551

i find it funny how they keep talking about how kpop stans are crazy but as soon as someone disagrees with their tryhard edgy opinions they get mad

No. 12552

File: 1546220043145.jpg (259.6 KB, 2048x1152, IMG_20181230_193128.jpg)

I'm so excited I'm fucking shaking but wtf is that name and wtf are they wearing ahaha it's giving me idol vibes

At least lucas is showing some cleavage <3

No. 12553

Sorry for double posting but I can't believe they made Lucas the center, the absolute madmen. Ughhhh I'm so excited~!

No. 12554

I find it funny that despite how much they bitch about this thread, unlike them we don't have unabashed Koreaboos, newfags who refuse to integrate, pulltards, and underage twitter stans coming in droves to shit all over our thread. There's significantly less autism here.

No. 12555

they kind of ask for it with all the obvious baity edgy statements

No. 12556

anyone else here love namjoons anime girl tiddiea

No. 12557


No. 12558

This thread absolutely has unabashed Koreaboos and PULL tards anon

No. 12559

Where? kek

No. 12560

i’m literally trembling oh my fucking god

we made it guys

it’s finally happening

No. 12561

Still surprised neither Renjun nor Chenle ended up in the China subunit. Are they waiting for them to graduate from dream maybe?

No. 12562

not sure where else they’d go after they graduate, ppl who throw a fit over them need to chill.

No. 12563

File: 1546274070228.jpeg (194.68 KB, 1247x846, 65C1DB09-853C-4C44-8C2B-0B03EC…)

newly graduated rookies

No. 12564

File: 1546274094099.jpeg (191.88 KB, 1141x826, FB3AF66E-8336-4548-8B91-D84ACC…)

No. 12565

File: 1546274191330.jpeg (166.72 KB, 1239x867, C874B5C4-E42A-46C4-A69B-497274…)

No. 12566

No. 12567

File: 1546372133857.gif (4.76 MB, 850x453, 8BB2C67F-651A-4677-A56A-1DD59D…)

we’re all gonna die

still worried we won’t get much ot21 content that that the newbies don’t get to fuck around with the non-chinese members the way the other four have… let’s hope for the best.

anyway hendery is so pretty

No. 12568

File: 1546469512145.jpg (208.32 KB, 1536x2048, DvtHLiHUUAIx_oq.jpg)

he really is
i'm hoping he's not boring

No. 12569

I fucking am, but I'm even more excited for the flood of individual teasers we're about to get

No. 12570

File: 1546489092864.jpg (13.84 KB, 348x386, 1dd9bdc1a6f3ca4055648c71219dd7…)

Someone in the last thread mentioned a video where Jungkook flirts with an American interviewer and I'm dying to see that because I'm tired as fuck of the ~he's afraid of women~~~~ shit. Anyone have a link or know which interview that is?

No. 12571

i don't remember seeing an interview like that but yeah, i also find it dumb. people who say that usually come from him getting shy around women while he was 15 which is understandable since he was, well, 15. jk himself would probably cringe at this "he's afraid of women!!" thing now

No. 12572

File: 1546600858861.gif (Spoiler Image,6.99 MB, 600x338, wayv_lucas.gif)

spoilered because this gif is huge but I'm not even 5 seconds in and I already nut so hard

No. 12573


No. 12574

hendery has to be one of the most beautiful idols out there. and he seems to have such an adorable personality too.

No. 12575

File: 1546865661500.jpg (69.6 KB, 1668x802, IMG_20190107_064616.jpg)

winwin, yangyang, lucas, and hendery are so goddamn cute. I wish renjun and chenle were there isntead of ten kek

No. 12576

File: 1546877936865.jpg (127.36 KB, 764x1200, DwAJSACU8AAq2bt.jpg)

i recently got really into kang daniel, he's so charming and lovely i see why he's become korea's golden boy lol

No. 12577

hendery gets an a from me

No. 12578

File: 1546901401876.gif (1.64 MB, 800x515, 24E164B7-11C7-42D6-9C46-0B4F6D…)

so gorgeous.

No. 12579

Did anyone see this new group? They just debuted, I think they are from the same company as Mamamoo. I love the song, and the deep voice rapper is hott

No. 12580


No. 12581

I am so hype for this comeback! loonaverse is the first kpop group storyline i've enjoyed analyzing

No. 12582

I'm excited too even though it's like a month away. I hope the ldn noise collab is on XX even though it's unlikely.

No. 12583

File: 1547324402892.png (835.38 KB, 2408x1606, SM_hecks.png)

>SM has been planning to debut this subunit for over two years
>After numerous delays, finally happens
>They pull up with three (3) songs and two of them are recycled from 127
>No physical release either
Absolutely epic. Guess regular is the Skyrim of NCT songs except it's not even good or fun. L.

I'm sorry for sounding like a caricature of all the NCT China anons who constantly bitch itt but god dang. I am so distraught right now.

No. 12584

File: 1547471026947.jpeg (204.94 KB, 1080x1619, 46F660B8-EC0B-47C0-AE5C-A89D52…)

fellow bitchy china stan here and with the way those fuckwits operate you’d think they care more about screwing chinese artists over than they care about making bank

wayv seems like its gonna be the superior nct unit in terms of dancers and visuals so sm’s retarded management, no matter how xenophobic they’ve proven to be again and again, is still unbelievable to me

anyway to finish on a more positive note here’s hendery to bless your sore eyes

No. 12585

anyone else thinks this is totally hot?

No. 12586

File: 1547474960005.jpg (164.42 KB, 1125x1683, b071ec2e.jpg)

>Tfw no 18th-19th century gothic literature concept
It would suit him so well :(

No. 12587

i know of regular, but cfans are saying that the main post going around is an awkward translation. it means something totally different in chinese.

No. 12588

I'll also mention that digital only releases are the norm for Chinese boy groups

No. 12589

Can you recommend a good place to keep up with cpop if you can't speak mandarin? I'm really curious about what WayV is going to do.

No. 12590

File: 1547482422739.jpg (408.24 KB, 1364x2048, 12b1a9f7-cfeb-4ea0-b80f-0cd9a9…)

Even if you're right, that still means they're debuting with 2 songs and a cover after all this time. Sucks.

If the 2 songs are as good as the 2 nct U debuted with, maybe I'll be satisfied but judging by everything else nct has released post empathy I'm doubtful they will.

(pic unrelated)

No. 12591

>I'll also mention that digital only releases are the norm for Chinese boy groups
fuck me. for the first time in forever i was genuinely excited for a physical release with a photo album and cards and shit.

nta but there are twitter threads and accs going around that are supposed to help non-chinese fans with stuff like getting weibo and qq and the like. unfortunately only a select few countries are able to create an account with phone numbers and the only other option is registering with your facebook but of COURSE that function is broken. i'm so annoyed.

No. 12592

File: 1547485723973.jpg (137.91 KB, 1000x1041, DqNTJYzVYAAdxUj.jpg)

in what way?
winwin's part of wayv.

i can't, really. i usually get all my info just by searching what i want to find out.
both of these accounts seem useful though. . . + there's one who goes by 'xiao jun's wayv' but i'm unable to recall their @ right now, sorry pal.

No. 12593

>the superior nct unit in terms of dancers and visuals

How are you wayv stans so God damn obnoxious already

No. 12594

File: 1547489454507.jpg (458.36 KB, 2048x1366, 27a543d5-1499-4723-a01a-c382e4…)

The pic of him wasn't really related to my post though, I just wanted to share

No. 12595

File: 1547491405614.jpg (131.59 KB, 720x960, omg.jpg)

Also I hate to shill here, but crystal.cafe has a KPOP thread. Just putting that out there for the people who, earlier, said they didn't want to post here due to jerks from critical.

No. 12596

I don't want to post here because all you do is shill NCT.

No. 12597

Too many troons and not enough traffic. I'd unironically rather discuss it on pull or 4chins than cc.

No. 12598

File: 1547494537691.jpeg (499.12 KB, 1366x2048, 2DE9CF5C-91D6-4FFE-B08A-55D129…)

ten is considered one of the best dancers in nct if not /the/ best, winwin has absolutely insane credentials that no other member comes close to (that are never talked about because muh korean members are more important) and yangyang has an impressive track record as a street dancer back in germany not to mention sm is known for having exceptionally high standards when it comes to chinese idols and putting extra pressure on them because they’re xenophobic as fuck so all members will be well-rounded at absolute minimum.

their visuals speak for themselves, pic very much related.

>inb4 these opinions make me an anti of the rest of nct despite ulting korean members

No. 12599

>yangyang has an impressive track record as a street dancer back in germany
Yeeah imma need some sauce for that.

No. 12600

File: 1547495150168.jpeg (338.37 KB, 720x1038, 00FB04CD-5DE0-4B90-8588-3A0C75…)

first place

No. 12601

Dang, interesting! Was kinda hoping for him to be a part of vocal line but I mean I was never one to say no to some NCT choreo so

No. 12602

File: 1547495970524.jpeg (291.21 KB, 1366x2048, 66364524-B73A-4608-9F31-35ACE1…)

people say he’s gonna be a rapper which. if it’s true idk what i’ll do tbh

No. 12603

… oh please no. The banter on the timeline would be too much for me to handle. ~Brudi Yangyang~ is already so cringe. I just need them to deliver me some BOPS since they clearly got the dancing and visuals on lock.

No. 12604

I'd post there if the thread were more active since CC is cozy.

No. 12605

the teaser of the regular mv is up and i’m pleasantly surprised

it doesn’t look trashy and tryhard like the original version but the mv seems to be more like baby don’t stop mixed with simon says and black on black

No. 12606

File: 1547675061786.jpg (139.44 KB, 1080x1619, Dw3mA5uVsAENtOZ.jpg)

i won't lie & say i'm not disappointed at the re release, but whatever. hype for tomorrow! hope the chinese version adds something new to the song

No. 12607

I guess. I'm still more excited for the new song(s) and their appearance on that chinese variety show the day after tomorrow.

No. 12608

the time has finally come. any thoughts?

my pros:
>I liked this version of regular better than the others
>I think lucas got the most lines?
>dream launch was cute, hope they make more stuff like that in the future
>xiaojun riding that mechanical bull

my cons:
>2/3 songs were 127 covers after all
>the regular mv was meh, just made me feel like I was in a sephora or something and the styling was not great either. I prefer the trashy english mv
>ten and kun got the most screen time despite being the least attractive members
>winwin had less lines than he did in the other versions (rip)
>hendery got even less than winwin (also rip)
>I was hoping lucas would be the TY or at least the Mark of wayv but most of his lines were adlibs and the dispersal was even for everyone besides winwin and hendery

I have mixed emotions but overall I'm alright with this and I'm just happy they finally debuted. would've been nice if they had at least dropped an mv for dream launch instead of regular though…

No. 12609

WW still has no lines lol it's really become a meme at this point. is he tone deaf as fuck? What's going on? It's not that hard to "talk" sing some parts of the song, a lot of idols are worthless and they still get lines.

I'm really underwhelmed by it to be honest, cool visuals but the song sounds pretty much like the previous versions and I've already heard it so many times. English version is best to me, since it was obviously originally intented to be in English.

Also, I may get hate for this because I'm aware that idols are "manufactured" whatever and you all have such a major boner for china line, but it just feels like a rip off of Mark and TY's rap? They didn't really bring anything different, they just copied the style. I was really expecting something cool from Lucas and YangYang… Also the last person I was expecting to rap TY's part was Kun? Really odd choice.

Are they releasing another MV? Or do we have to wait for a comeback now to see something new? I feel bad for the group that they had to debut with a song from NCT, they should have their own track. I'm worried they will only get NCT songs and that's it.

>I was hoping lucas would be the TY or at least the Mark of wayv but most of his lines were adlibs and the dispersal was even for everyone besides winwin and hendery

I worry Lucas is more a visual than anything to be honest? I really like his voice so I hope they give him longer raps intead of deep voiced adlibs and things like that. Hope he doesn't get th same fate as Felix from Stray Kids lol

I also hope Ten is not a rapper in this unit, I prefer him a million times more as a singer. His part in Seventh sense is the weakest to me. He just whispers the whole time and it doesn't fit his image at all.

No. 12610

>it just feels like a rip off of Mark and TY's rap? They didn't really bring anything different, they just copied the style. I was really expecting something cool from Lucas and YangYang…
I agree, it was literally just a chinese cover with miniscule tweaks and marginally better line distribution. Same goes for Come Back. They gave us virtually nothing.

>the last person I was expecting to rap TY's part was Kun? Really odd choice.

I thought so too, that's weird as fuck. Never thought he would end up getting the most actual lines.
Anyways, Lucas's singing voice is cute too. Maybe his rapping will improve now that he's doing it in a language he seems to be more comfortable with.

No. 12611

File: 1547811573554.jpeg (81.51 KB, 877x493, FAD6C8FA-0A0B-4360-82C2-DA1FC0…)

i hated both original versions of regular and i know they’re supposed to be trashy but that doesn’t mean i have to like it. this version is at least somewhat classy, aesthetically pleasing and the visuals are nice.

but more importantly —

winwin had little screentime and basically no lines.

hendery had one line and barely any screentime.

and frankly, i don’t understand why sm had to shove ten down our throats this hard by giving him repeated singing and rap lines while also seemingly having him as the center. even without mark and taeyong, sm still manages to be complete and utter shit with their shameless favoritism and worthless line distribution. ten’s had baby don’t stop and his own fucking solo already.

sicheng and hendery deserved so much better than this, i’m so pissed.

No. 12612


my pros:
>MV was great visually.
>styling was great.
>all the new members are cute!

>Ten doing vocals, rapping and dancing is just too much. He simply does not have the range.
>None of the vocal parts stood out to me positively. I also felt like they kept some background vocals from 127 but maybe that's just me.
>The fact that sm rlly said u bitches better dance to this old shit on TWO out of THREE songs on the EP… no words.

All in all kinda meh.

No. 12613

Moving past the WayV fiasco, anyone here following Ateez? They are SO good, this latest live from them was incredible. They have such great charisma for a rookie group.

The Hala Hala performance video is so good too.

No. 12614

i caught their docu-series trip to LA last week and i really liked what i saw! i feel like they got a lot of support these last 2 months i'm so glad- they seem like good performers.

No. 12615

File: 1548164714025.jpeg (485.62 KB, 750x968, C963D96E-68A2-4059-A580-C20316…)

looks like we’re getting our dream launch plan mv after all !!!

No. 12616

Don't know if you're going to see this but it's probably this Hollywire interview. His body language is interesting, he does seem kinda interested in the girl and even put his hand on the wall right behind her for a second.

He also seems to be fixing his junk at 2:44

No. 12617

Any anons like Astro? I really liked their comeback with Crazy Sexy Cool. I'm aware that their company had some issues with the CEO and changed drastically after that one, it's nice to see that they are continuing and didn't have to disband but I'm really hating the styling of the last two comebacks. I actually like the latest song but they are giving them really flowery looks and I'm not sure what to feel about it. They were always cute but this is super feminine now. And it reads really generic to me don't know why. Anyone else feels the same?

At least I liked "All Night", but the previous one "Always you" was soooo dull. Nothing tops "Baby".

No. 12618

"Baby" for comparison. It's SUCH a good song.

No. 12619

File: 1548278481906.jpeg (541.1 KB, 1365x2048, A9641A6C-922A-4738-90B0-BE6CBC…)

hendery is so pretty.

No. 12620

don't know who he is but he has such cute cheeks

No. 12621

File: 1548284280977.jpg (Spoiler Image,46.07 KB, 717x1241, stummy.jpg)

nice. I wonder if they'll do something with the rest of the group too since everyone is back in Korea now (I think).

No. 12622

hey thotties

No. 12623

File: 1548387653443.png (1.34 MB, 2560x1440, 9b231fdb-83ef-4c78-8975-b4292c…)

the video was cute but this line distribution is starting to get ridiculous

No. 12624

i'm wondering how they make these decisions, are winwin and hendery's parents too poor or what

No. 12625

File: 1548456309965.jpg (141.31 KB, 1049x843, 1.jpg)

Oh man I'm getting into ATEEZ and San is wrecking me badly. He has such nice features, I especially LOVE his eyes.

No. 12626

He's so hot in this live, around the 1:50 mark. Sorry I had to sperg a bit about him lol

No. 12627

Anyone here follow BTOB? Seems like some of the members are away for service and Minhyuk had a solo debut recently.

I almost didn't recognize him, he went full hot anime vampire lol. Nice to see an idol with muscles (and my age lol)

No. 12628

okay i know this is pathetic

i am not really into shipping and when i saw extreme kpop shippers i would just laugh. you guys probably already have seen shipper analysis videos and i just thought that these videos were cringy as fuck. i am usually quiet about it but while talking to some fans the topic came to shipping, i just said what i actually think and 2 of them came at me like "it's because of your heteronormativity, you are homophobic. can't you see that their company is separating them? don't you want them to be happy?" and shit and i said that i would support them if they ever came out or whatever and they calmed down a little bit. now i feel kinda bad because i am not homophobic by any means and i don't want to come off as a bigot to other fans, i just don't see anything real about most of these popular k-pop ships. i don't fucking know

No. 12629

File: 1548790858492.jpg (66.64 KB, 300x400, 1545945867030.jpg)

lol wtf? all that shipping shit is fake and everyone who parrots that uwu bullshit is a friendless virgin. i can't believe you're even considering believing in it LMAO

No. 12630

Lol why did you back down?? Don't be a pussy anon, you're no different from delulu fans that want everyone else to like them so they spout the same shit and never say anything negative. If you think it's dumb as hell say it and if they call you homophobic fuck them because you know you're not. I'm guessing you're super young lol

No. 12631

Shippers who call people who don't ship "homophobic" are retarded. Fapping over gay fanfic isn't an act of pro-gay solidarity.

No. 12632

i'm not trying to get along with everybody, i didn't want to come off as closeminded because they were talking about homophobia in sk and their ships not being able to come out because of social pressure. for context, these 2 girls who got mad at me were kaisoo and vkook shippers and their arguments were "kaijen was just sm trying to beard kaisoo but jongin couldn't keep pretending to be straight so they broke up", "the way people around vkook act makes it so obvious, bighit always tries to hide their interactions" and they were dead serious. it sounds ridiculous but so many shippers actually believe in all this shit and guilttrip you when you disagree with them about anything

No. 12633

The 'Taekook is being separated by Bighit' thing is such a meme. Just because they didn't have 90% of the screentime together in one video doesn't mean Bighit is trying to hide their uwu relationship, they are still interacting like normal friends in concerts and get paired with each other in Run episodes. It's not like their own company can't realize what 16 year old fujos on Twitter can realize

No. 12634


im so sick of nct stans pretending as if winwin doesn't have an obvious speech impediment. guys please, he sounds weird as hell when he talks (both korean and chinese) so no wonder he doesn't get any lines.

No. 12635

Damn, is that why? It sounded like he had a lisp but idk either language so maybe it sounds more severe than that. Apparently SM really REALLY wanted him for the NCT project and approached him multiple times for it, but if he had something obvious like a speech impediment why were they so insistent he be in a band? Couldn't he have been a model or something?

No. 12636

File: 1548879917998.jpeg (196.25 KB, 720x960, BB8845B0-F363-434A-A5DE-1398DC…)

i was wondering if there was something like that but i don’t speak korean nor mandarin so i wasn’t really in a position to judge.

still doesn’t explain why they refuse to give him proper center time or screen time in mvs and refused him a shit ton of opportunities

No. 12637

Seonghwa on this stage absolutely ruins me

No. 12638

So does Sehun. I love him dearly, but his is so bad that anyone can immideately hear it regardless of what language(s) they speak and he was easily the weakest rapper in EXO on top of that. Despite those things, he had way more lines and screentime than Winwin at this point in his career even though he wasn't as popular.

Most people understood why Sehun never got too many lines after hearing him get them. If they'd at least let Sicheng bomb a song once, I'd shut up and accept his fate. I do hope he gets a "Tempo" moment one day though.

No. 12639

"There is also this video of Jungkook cornering a cute american interviewer lmao"

Sorry for dredging up an old post but this is have to see, can somebody dig this video up? The original links don't work anymore

No. 12640

I can't contain my excitement for sf9's comeback, and even more now that chanyeol helped promote them on his ig too!! this might be their year finally! the mythology concept is honestly so cool and something i never see done in kpop, sf9 are always going above and beyond and producing really unique work so i'm incredibly jazzed!

No. 12641

File: 1550818654328.png (Spoiler Image,175.59 KB, 1080x840, Screenshot_2019-02-22-12-44-43…)

No. 12642

No. 12643

lol really? As someone who's fav is SVT I always thought NCT had the upperhand when it comes to choreos and the execution.

I don't know anything about his speech impediment but if he had one how trivial would it be for SM to get it fixed?

No. 12644

He hasnt had the lisp since 2013. You tried it though

No. 12645

File: 1551384910633.jpg (234.24 KB, 1001x707, bts2jpg.jpg)

Is anyone going to participate in trying to get tickets tomorrow? I want £160 floor seating at Wembley, but last time at O2 I failed to get ga, so my chances of actually getting them are pretty slim

No. 12646

I am too, I don't care whether it's Wembley or Paris, secretly hoping for Wembley though.
Best of luck, Anon. I hope you get a ticket, I got to see them last year and it was really nice.

No. 12647

I'm an NCT fan but I think SVT have better choreos personally. Their choreos feel very unique and kind of witty, like that cute part at the start of Mansae where one of them pretends to wind another up.

No. 12648

Wtf Haechan is my bias now

No. 12649

takahashi juri from akb48/pd48 has signed with woolim and is re-debuting in korea. thoughts? still holding out for my bb miyu.


(also, shouldn't this thread have been moved to /m/?)

No. 18625

File: 1552558516082.jpeg (65.25 KB, 960x960, 1B6568FF-FB7B-4F9B-8939-0B19BE…)

we now have an official fanclub forum(?) for 127 and 127 only; the fuckheads over at sm have done it again

No. 18626

File: 1552558558026.jpeg (329.11 KB, 750x910, 07D37BF7-DC4F-4345-A9EA-DABE21…)

No. 18685

KEK why do they only ever shill 127? The dreamies get a little shilling too but they've earned it by being the best subunit.

I miss NCT U, they always have the best music. I'm excited to see what the lineup will be for their next comeback. pls gib at least 2 or 3 wayv members.

No. 18687

I've read someone's speculation that SM will make NCT 127 and Wayv fixed units and will put the rest of the dreamies into a new group, dunno how likely this is. I'd be relieved if they finally dropped their rotational bullshit tbh, it clearly isn't working.

No. 19064

File: 1552632588833.jpeg (213.87 KB, 1384x960, C02F0C6C-8CD4-49EC-82E2-10947A…)

i know this site is pretty much anti-blackpink central but i just saw this on my tl and lowkey want it… it’s so cute. wish they had one of rosé though.

No. 19070

I'm not into BP or K-pop whatsoever but that's such a cute and well-done figure! Would love to own something like this but based on my fave musicians.

No. 20354

Seeing as this discussion doesn't really fit into kpop critical, let's revive this thread and discuss actually good songs;
Eclipse: Kim Lip (loona)
love4eva: xxyx (loona)
Shadows: f(x)
4walls: f(x)
camo: BOA
i like it: BTS

No. 20398

I like boy groups mostly but I'm really digging this song.

No. 20430

I like your tastes anon

Here are some of my fave side tracks from the past year or so:

Loona - colors
Red velvet - taste
Loona - rosy
gugudan - pastel sweater
Lovelyz - daydream

Yeah I only listen to GGs, I like some male solo artists though like Dean (I don't think that really counts as kpop though)

No. 20490

i love colors and rosy.
my tracks that have been in high rotation for the past few months are:

weki meki- metronome
loona- heat
f(x)- love
heize- jenga
(g)idle- $$$
nine muses- whatever

No. 20494

piggy backing off of your f(x) recs: milk, deja vu, traveler, and papi are all good songs (4walls in general is fantastic)

other songs:
ladies code - galaxy
all of brown eyed girl's album basic
windy day - oh my girl
boy - exid
nega dola - boa
naughty boy - pentagon
shine - pentagon
now or never - sf9

No. 22142

Thoughts on latest Pentagon's comeback? I honestly don't even miss Edawn, what an idiot he had such a good thing going.

Wooseok is so cute. Good to see an actually tall idol.

No. 22143

Not sure if I love the song he released recently, but he looks fine as fuck in the MV. Is the other guy from Wanna One? No idea.

No. 22144

not a genre i would typically listen to, but i love this. imo they seem to be doing really well without e'dawn, don't really care about him but i forgot he used to be a part of the group lol.

might sound biased since i love wooseok but i agree, he's got a charming personality and good stage presence too.

and yeah, that's kuanlin from wanna one.

No. 22145

i wonder what the song would sound like with his squeaky voice lol. i really like it even though the mv is so-so

No. 22171

Anyone here going to watch Produce? I've never seen one and I'm intrigued. I watched a couple of the introduction videos from the members, and I found most of them really annoying and uncomfortable to watch.

I did like this guy, not because of anything in particular but I like his looks (more natural) and he seems like a chill guy. The little song was cute too lol

No. 22208

I hope they can do well with this song. I was really surprised to find out that they havent had any wins on a music show yet, not even with shine??

No. 22301

i think im going to watch it, but for some reason produce gives me weird vibes, i think its because of the thing first season when a producer called it healthy porn

No. 22781

I'm still kind of obsessed with this song. Shitty English aside I really appreciate how different it is from anything else in kpop. Especially recently I wish there was more variety in kpop releases instead of piggybacking off trends a year after they were popular in the US. I'm not a jpop fan but I do feel like it is better than kpop in that aspect

The only season of Produce I've watched was the very first one but I'm considering watching this just for the cringe tbh

No. 22807

How do you guys feel about IZ*ONE? I really like La Vie en Rose so I tried listening to the rest of their debut album but it was disappointing. La Vie en Rose had a more mature sound with strong vocals, but all their other songs sound overly childish. They have a lot of potential so I hope their next album is better than their first.

No. 22814

I liked la vie en rose but after hearing it dozens of times at the end of the year award shows I got tired of it. Violeta sounds good so far. I like the style they chose for izone a lot and I'm glad they didn't got for a super obvious ioi copy.

No. 23151

I liked O'My (despite the high pitched voices, it's got a good instrumental) and the songs from P48 (you're in love aren't you and as we dream), but I wish they'd have more songs like LVeR that straddle the line between being mature and cool without straying into age innapropirate territory for them.

I do think that their second mini sounds better than COLOR*Z from the audio snippets.

No. 25398

So…..did anyone else here think the new bts album was okay or do I have to go back to the kpop critical and pretend to hate it?

No. 26814

I didn't like it but I liked some of the songs on blackpink's newest album so I can't judge. I know I have bad taste though.

No. 28269

Anyone got some good songs to post?

No. 28270

No. 28271

No. 28280

No. 28282

No. 28285


No. 28288

No. 28289

No. 28296

Late but I was about to post this lol Astro and NCT Dream are the only boy groups I listen to.

No. 28297

No. 28298

No. 28307

yo are winwin and yuta in love

No. 28309

File: 1556158112030.jpg (53.16 KB, 812x1024, brainlet 58.jpg)

No. 28313

it's probably just fanservice

No. 28318

Oy vey. At least the thread is showing signs of life…

Yuta and Winwin haven't even interacted once since Christmas and SM will most likely keep WayV separate from the rest of NCT, that ship has sunk just like Luwoo.

No. 28320

honk honk

No. 28321

No. 28322

I like this song but I kinda hate hate Taeil's parts in it.

No. 28325

so this is sort of everything wrong with k-pop but i'm still bopping

No. 28328

Peak BTS before they went downhill.

No. 28331

File: 1556164151820.gif (2.68 MB, 268x330, 2a55c179-963f-4078-aeb6-ea448a…)

>tfw listened to https://youtu.be/pWVtB0ZNn0w in kpc last year, it got stuck in my head, and I ended up loving it
;w; i-it's fun and cute

No. 28332

that happened to me with black dress by clc.

unrelated but have any nct fans listened to the new songs they performed on their tour?

No. 28335

i clicked and thought i was listening to that elon musk song for the first few seconds. but i agree issa bop

No. 28499

Yeah I've heard some, not much though just a few snippets because I was pretty pissed
Lmao not in love stupid, but they were friends, I'm sure that much is true. They might've acted a bit more clingy for the camera…..or maybe not because from what winwin has said about yuta it seems like he acts like that all the time. Of course sm did try to profit of it for the sake of a 'ship' or whatever, but I think they liked each other for real (idk about now they haven't interacted for a long time)

One reason I'm saying this is because in this episode of nct life was the first time he actually met winwin and they seemed to like other right away (I guess yuta wanted to help out a fellow foreigner and winwin appreciated that)

No. 29115

Late reply but I actually like it quite a bit. Mikrokosmos is probably my favorite track.

No. 29758

File: 1556735687774.jpg (657.47 KB, 2314x4096, cumbacc.jpg)

if anyone cares, wayv are having a comeback

>inb4 "rock your world" and "I'm ready for take-off" are the only songs that aren't hand me downs from 127

the fact that both their album and superhuman are dropping on the same day guarantees it. would be nice if wayv could either be its own thing or be like one of the two shelved subunits that aren't trash instead of the one that is.

No. 29764

cheesy but it was one of the first kpop songs i ever heard

No. 29765

summer song

No. 29768

I'm glad sm is doing something different for them this time but I don't get why they tried to go the exo-m/exo-k route. also the amount of promo sm is doing for nct 127 in the US is crazy.
it's sad that most of the uploads for their early music videos are so low quality.

No. 29769

hopefully it will peter out after the tour ends. I don't necessarily hate any of the 127 members themselves but that sub unit can fuck right off, everything about it is and has always been shit. now that it's the only one being actively shilled it makes the rest of nct look bad too. feelsbadman.

No. 29770

only fromis_9 can cheer me up

No. 29776

127 is my favorite subunit but I can agree with that. I hate acting like a backseat manager but the way SM has been handling nct as a whole is awful.
it feels like it has been ages since that song came out. hopefully their next comeback is soon now that Izone is almost(?) done with promotions

No. 29780

for your enjoyment anons… the forgotton chinese version of Boy in Luv

No. 29813

this remix is how i wished butterfly sounded

No. 29816

Poor snuper… Happy sangil day

No. 29819

what do you mean?

No. 29820

i'm scared they'll just put most of nct into the basement as soon as they realize all this money they're putting into them will never pay off

No. 29821

I mean that I feel bad for snuper bc no1curr about them and it's sangil's birthday

No. 29822

that's actually pretty good
they'd probably just end up touring forever and get a comeback every so often like suju. judging from the sound of the new 127 song it seems like SM realized they have to start appealing to the general public so I'm curious how it goes.

No. 29829

honestly the number of good loona remixes blows my mind-

No. 29831

I like this one too

No. 29868

File: 1556790535738.jpeg (299.79 KB, 2048x683, 99D44694-FE6B-4E79-83EB-062DFC…)

who’s excited?

No. 29882

why does winwin get paid dirt by sm

No. 29939

Idk. Out of all the members SM might regret debuting, I'm not sure why Winwin seems to be the main one.

Lucas looks cute here

No. 29982

I like this track more than I care to admit

No. 29999

do you think any groups will go for a concept like this again? I know RV covered this early on and had Automatic but since then I've not really seen anything similar

No. 30117

Anyone else miss AOA… (Yes I know they're still technically around but… u know)

No. 30118

I miss this kind of music from them. short hair is their best title track imo..

No. 30135

i’d wager this is the best kpop song out there. any contenders?

No. 30139

>best kpop song out there
>by a boy group
>and it's not even nct u
I guess you'r entitled to your opinion

No. 30143

I can't pick just one so here is the best album

No. 30149

rip exid

No. 30150

No. 30152

at least they're getting a comeback before 'hiatus'

No. 30191

Anyone here know how to Gangnam Style

No. 30434

Total noob to Kpop here. I like some of the music and mostly unconcern myself with the stanning and drama, so my foray into the fandom has been limited.

I found myself really liking Loona Odd Eye Circle Max&match album, but it is fetching insanely high prices on eBay! Is this common in Kpop? Do many albums get a limited run, are they not restocked regularly like Western artists' albums? It kind of sucks that I can't buy this physical album (unless I wanna pay +$100, that is)…

No. 30441

I don't think it's that common unless it's a really old album. they might be waiting for loona to gain more fans so the demand will be there.

No. 30455

Very uncommon. I've heard Loona had some weird stock problem with one of their albums (idk if it was Odd Eye Circle though). I'd check on other sites like YesAsia and Kpopmart. Alternatively if you live near a Korean community sometimes bookstores carry uncommon kpop albums

No. 30888

No. 30889

Loved the video and looved the choreo. The song is a bit cheesy to be honest, not really my thing, very juvenile the whole "Take off" thing. The best thing about WayV to be honest is the high production of their MVs, they look really cool.

Winwin is really the most useless member ever lol at least other filler members get like one or two lines. Did he even "sing" anything at all?

No. 30895

I like the song a lot. Better than anything nct has released in a long time. Reminds me of exo in their glory days especially that guitar breakdown at 2:40. I hope they're profiting from chinese sales because these mv's look insanely expensive

No. 30900

I didn't mind the latest NCT comebacks, besides Wakey. That song was DREADFUL.

Also I want the anon that went to the NCT concert to give us more info on it. People in the Critical thread were so unnecessarily mean to her, calling her a bad mother and stuff. I hardly see people supporting NCT there but they still screech about fans defending their oppas itt when nobody is saying shit.

I can't even browse it lately because it's just full of crazy anons sperging about female idols. The jealousy is strong.

No. 30924

It's pretty cool. Agree with >>30895, it's the best NCT has had in a while. I like the song more than the video but the mixing could've been a lot better. Fits in nicely with other mandopop boy group music though.

The past few months have been very unfortunate for NCT. Everything they've put out since October has sounded like leftovers from other SM groups. I hope 127 goes back to having an identity of its own and WayV establishes one for itself in the next year. Until then Dream and U remain the superior sub units by a long shot.

Pardon my white knighting but this is the most lines he's gotten in a song afaik and he's more than twice as popular as any of the other members outside of Xuxi. He's hardly useless in WayV.

No. 30928

why did they ignore him so much? is it because he's not from a rich family or something? they tried to pull the same shit with wayv but ig they were forced to give him lines this time

No. 30929

Even though I like NCT and Taeyong, it's kind of funny how hard SM pushes TY yet Winwin, with all 0.8 of his lines in the NCT 127 and NCT U songs, managed to become one of the most popular members anyway.

This WayV song should have been their debut imo, rather than a cover of regular. That might have been SM's way to try and tie the group more to NCT though.

No. 30932

I get what you mean, but I think Winwin has a lot of fans just because kpop fans like to white knight "underdog idols". He's like the Jin of BTS. I have no problem with him, I really don't dislike any member of NCT but you can't really say he has more fans than Taeyong because he's more talented or likable, you know kpop fans like to baby him.

I would say Taeyong has a lot of fans too just because SM constantly pushes him down everyone's throat. I'm not giving him that much credit either.

No. 30936

Winwin is the most popular NCT member in all of china and has been for a while… He's pretty with features that are extremely popular in china, a great dancer who majors in traditional chinese dance, and has a charming personality which could easily be considered more likable than TY's. And I-fans are the only ones who go after "underdog" idols. It has virtually nothing to do with his popularity in China. The Jin comparison doesn't make sense here.

No. 30937


No. 30948

I liked most of their comebacks other than wakey too. ngl I wish they'd retire the experimental sound for awhile. or at least just use it for NCT U instead.

No. 30958

when I first got into NCT I had the impression that U would be more experimental whereas 127 would have more public-friendly releases. I think Summer 127 could have been a leading single honestly.
Hopefully SM figures it out cause I still think they have a lot of potential as a group.

No. 31334

Taeyong is so daaamn sexy, sorry not sorry.

Is this from the latest album? I really liked the track. Can't wait for their actual comeback at the end of the month. I listened to a bit of the song from fancams, but I want to see the actual MV first.

No. 31335

Who are the most popular foreign male and female idols in Korea? Got7 Jackson and tzuyu?

No. 31347

I really love the new weki meki <3 all three songs are good! but the picky picky mv is meh and and whatever u want turns into a ddr/pop'n music song at the chorus. that's not necessarily a bad thing tho.

No. 31382

Yea I liked Taeyong's shots best along with Yuta's. I actually would've liked Yuta to have more lines though, his little two words(lol) sounded nice and his voice would've fit the song really well. But overall it's a good track (well their b-sides are usually good)

No. 31384

I think they're still the most popular.
the title track is really good imo. I haven't listened to the b-sides though

No. 31475

Was expecting to cringe hard but they did pretty good! I think some parts at least where also live? Pretty great besides some choreo issues, Taeil fucked up closer to the end and froze up.

I agree with people in comments saying this sounds more like a SHINee song. I like it but sounds so out of place for 127. They've been really bizarre lately, I hope we get a NCT U comeback soon. Guess it's being put off because three members of the division are in WayV.

No. 31481

>three members of the division are in WayV
NCT U doesn't have a set line up, they just use whatever members they feel like using. Everything SM is doing right now points to them keeping WayV separate from NCT indefinitely so it doesn't look like any of them will be in it.

No. 31492

Not a fan of BTS, but I really like this song. Maybe it's because I hear it at work 3 times a day, but it's catchy and not bad at all.

No. 31496

it does sound like a shinee song but I kinda like it. I'm not a fan of that noise around 1:59 but I'll wait for the mv before I decide.
I didn't like it at first but I think it's good. halsey's parts aren't that bad

No. 31535

I know it's rotational but members like Haechan for example are not in NCT U. And now you're three members down, so if you start adding people from 127 that were not there before, it will just be basically the same unit but with a different sound. I think they've grown more accustomed to bigger groups so I don't know if they'll go with the ones that remain or not. I really liked the original NCT U lineup and it was smaller (but I guess Ten would not be there though).

Maybe they'll include some members from Dream? What's up with them? I'm aware Mark graduated and stuff but are they having a comeback or what?

No. 31540

Jeno will certainly be in it but Jaemin might focus on acting after he graduates Dream and Renjun will go to WayV.

No. 31542

a few weeks ago people were saying that SM was going to add new trainees to NCT dream but idt it's confirmed or anything.

No. 31551

I discovered a lot of good fancams from this thread: https://www.reddit.com/r/kpop/comments/bp1fnd/is_there_a_certain_kpop_video_fancam_etc_you

Turning me into an exo fan.

No. 31554

lol I was just reading that thread. I love that chen fancam

No. 31558

I find him really handsome, at least I prefer him over Kai to be honest. Kai does too many exaggerated faces when dancing, it puts me off. Same for idols sticking their tongues out and stuff like that. That's why I prefer Taeyong's dancing (not so much when he freestyles lol yikes), he's a lot more subtle and sexy, especially his gaze. I think I shared my preference on YouTube once and almost got crucified by an exo-l lol

We should share our own here. I think my top ones are all from Taeyong, but to give a bit more variety to the thread (a lot of nct fans here) I'll share this one of Rocky from Astro since he needs a LOT more recognition. Cheekbones for days.

I think I shared it in the idol pics thread but I don't go there often anymore, so sorry for the repeat kek

No. 31563

I don't have that many good fancams tbh but I really like watching this one of Hoshi from Seventeen. I also like watching some of Kang Daniel and Jihyo. I actually haven't seen that many NCT fancams other than a few that get spammed on twitter.

No. 31566

Oh man I have so many I like lol the latest ones are mostly San of Ateez. He just goes off so hard every time, his neck must hurt like hell. Wish I found a good fancam of him with the hat on too, so hot

No. 31568

this one is really good too. I just love his haircut for that comeback. I have such a mayor crush for him lately kek sorry for the spam.

No. 31570

Jihyo really goes off, no one can knock her professionalism. Imo Twice has really stepped up choreo-wise, their recent stuff is the 'hardest' of the Big 3 ggs currently

No. 31573

agreed. jihyo has stood out a lot since DTNA. Twice has come a long way from their earlier releases.

I like watching Chungha fancams too. some of her stage outfits look cool especially the ones from her most recent comeback

No. 31593

I like artifical love but the choreo and hip thrusts make me cringe. idk why but I feel the same about basically every boy group that does it, maybe because it looks forced?

No. 31780

I'm not a huge fan of Monsta X but this is the cutest lol. I do think they are one of the more likable groups and they do very well in USA. They are way more charismatic than other groups that have gone there recently.

No. 31793

File: 1558090080632.png (172.41 KB, 389x548, wbb1.png)

its pretty cute how this happened, too, Daniel Chong is the creator of the show


No. 31795

Wow she looks amazing here, like a grown woman.

No. 31820

aw that's cute. I'm happy for them

No. 31842

They're doing the male equivalent of ahegao faces.

No. 31845

File: 1558139483434.jpg (91.11 KB, 720x1123, 6255d51682ebd57146cdaceb32233e…)

dahyun is my true love

No. 31854

Any opinions on latest A.C.E comeback? I really liked it, the heavier rock sound was cool. I just really like their choreos and I'm anxious to see the comeback stages, they are such awesome dancers.

No. 31855

File: 1558153698405.gif (1.23 MB, 250x336, tumblr_prhkv9F4ai1vtzx3lo3_250…)

Taeyong is so handsome…

No. 31858

I didn't hate it but I don't know if I liked it either.. it's definitely interesting. the dancing looked good

No. 31864

first thing i heard from them that i liked tbh. but i also like those kind of concepts better in general

No. 31889

You didn't like Take me higher? I really liked it! It's such a cute song. I do think they change their concept too often, at least they had a clear one for the first two comebacks which was very techno sounding. Seems like they are still finding their style and I hope they get a first win because they've been at it for a while now.

No. 31893

i don't think it's a bad song, but the cute concepts are not really my cup of tea i guess…

No. 31935

I wish korea wouldn't sleep on ladies' code so much. their comebacks are infrequent but they're always solid.

only song of their's I've liked since 2015.

No. 31967

So I didn't go to any nct concerts but I've seen quite of few of different people's blogpost about their experience there. Like kpop mom in the critical thread, almost all of them said Taeyong and Yuta are the top two performers. I didn't really see anyone compliment any of the other members all round performance like they did with those two, especially yuta…

No. 32481

you mean especially taeyong? the only one who said anything about yuta's performance was the kpop mom.

No. 32521

2014-2016 was the Golden age of Kpop

prove me wrong.

No. 32544

>you mean especially taeyong?
Very funny, I was talking about blogposts from other sites, not just lolcow. I'm not going to say that unless I've actually seen lots of people say it

No. 32548

I rarely see people mention Yuta. Maybe the posts praising Yuta stand out to you more because he's your bias.

Honestly 2017 and 2018 weren't too bad either, but 14-16 were great.

No. 32558

No, I avoid biased posts for that reason. But the same could probably be said about you

No. 32559

Samefag. I tried to delete this post>>32558 because it sounds fucking stupid lol, but for some reason it wouldn't work. Anyways ignore it

So I guess what I really meant was that I try to stay unbiased when reading posts and whatnot. Maybe one of the reasons you don't see people mention yt is because you follow/read post of people who only like/care for the most popular members like taeyong and etc.? Idk

No. 32561

2015 is my favorite year but that's the year I started to get into kpop.
that's interesting. I never really paid much attention to yuta in the past but he's stood out to me a lot this year

No. 32562

No, I'm not projecting. Taeyong isn't one of my favorite members. Try harder to stay unbiased lol

No. 32570

Alright then lol.
Btw which members did you see mentioned a lot? And for what?

No. 32576

For their live performances? the top 5 would be like
>Taeyong for a lot of things, he's taeyong
>The Taemin-approved Ten for a lot of things, mostly dancing
>Renjun for great live vocals, professionalism
>Winwin for always looking genuinely happy to be on stage
>Jaehyun for sexy glares and good stage presence

No. 32578

No I meant just their concerts, not live performances in general…

No. 32580

Same anon because my computer keeps glitching and not letting me post normally, but this whole time I've been talking ONLY about the 127 concerts which was the whole point, not how the nct members are viewed in general all year round. Of course I know all the stuff you mentioned, that's "common nct knowledge" lol

No. 32990

so what do you think

No. 32993

Hard pass but the russia girl is hot

No. 32998

it looks corny but I can see how it would be appealing to some people. I don't get what the end goal is supposed to be tho

No. 33019

It wouldn't be S.Korea if they didn't exclusively choose light-skin girls. What a surprise lol

No. 33037

they're all uggo to me. i mean the generic blonde white girls lol
the USA one looks like Kota and it's weird as shit. Guess Korea doesn't hate foreigners when they're taking their money tho lmfao

No. 33064

File: 1558813821207.jpg (18.33 KB, 300x300, ab-sissel-image.jpg)

I think the girls here are quite cute.
White girls that actually get jobs in the k-industry have a very similar look, compare the girls in the vid with Angelina Danilova and Sissel. I'm being such a corny positivity anon but I think it's pretty

No. 33066

wew that fivehead

No. 33067

I was watching PSY's music video years ago and was like "holy shit". Then she shows up years later.

No. 33069

The girls are objectively attractive, the anons who deny that are nitpicking and/or jealous.
Call them cringy kboos all you want, but they're not ugly.

No. 33070

File: 1558814381719.jpg (121.46 KB, 750x750, hollow_knight.jpg.ed769161205e…)

Samefag from >>33064

I have my doubts about the actual marketability of nonasians in Korea but they're pretty for sure. This is Angelina

No. 33079

does asia have a different standard to whats considered the "ideal" caucasian face?

No. 33083

So are they forming a foreign k-pop group or what?

No. 33084

Can we not derail about this? I'm confused as to why such a blatantly gimmicky group is being discussed here instead of the anti thread in the first place.

No. 33090

maybe someone wanted to have a discussion that doesn't just spiral into calling all the girls ugly koreaboos

No. 33091

looks like it's going to be like Sisters Slam Dunk. A one shot.

No. 33093

i love how the girl in the black tshirt with the white long sleeves under dances, she's really good. the rest are … all over the place.
and i dunno where you guys live, but all the blonde chicks are barely average looking. (since someone brought up sisel, i don't think she's attractive either lol)
i know it's subjective but, i am surprised how low the bar seems to be for this thing. are they at least fluent in korean?

No. 33094

Why the american ones are always so doughy
The rest is pretty cute

No. 33106

the American one (Maria?) was on a singing completion show and seems to speak better korean than the others ("I can see your voice" I think). There's a clip of her ordering food for the other girls on the phone from the first episode on yt so idk seems more proficient than them maybe

No. 33110

oh i think i've seen her…she was really hellbent on being a singer in korea..idk why tho, girl has a nice voice, too bad she's a kboo. i don't get the obsession of "debuting" in korea but, at least their skills aren't completely tragic (like most kboos who try to go to korea are)

No. 33119

I found out mnet actually contacted several youtube cover dancers from all over. Apparently they were in contact with Brazilian and Mexican ones, but for some reason they didn't make the cut.

Seems to be required you have some level of Korean competency, and are willing to work on improving.

Some like Lexie Marie turned it down to focus on exams.

No. 33120

Yeah shes been in SK for a year already, shes basically showing everyone around. She's literally obsessed with South Korea.

No. 33684

CLC released their new song today. To me, the group's usually a hit or miss and this song was definitely a miss. The song could have easily been 3 different songs, as the verse, bridge, and chorus didn't fit into each other at all. Like everyone else, they're jumping on this insufferable trend of having a beat drop chorus instead of proper lyrics.

On the upside, the visuals were very good and I liked the ~vaguely European art~ theme! The color palette of the music video was very cute. I want to make wallpapers out of the whole video. It's just a shame that the song is so garbage.

No. 33685

I liked it but don't really love it. the only thing I disliked was the clapping(?) part in the bgm at 1:09

No. 33772

I found it quite boring, what a disappoinment. Why does YG insist on every artist having exactly the same sound?

No. 33806

unnecessary but obligatory rap verse and still doing tropical house in the year of our lord 2019. Ugh. Imagine finally being let out of the dungeon, and this is the mediocrity they want you to sing. The video is nice at least. I like her different hair looks.

No. 33871

What do guys think about wayv's dancing? And which group do you think is better at dancing, 127 or wayv?

No. 33896

(sage for OT) it's posts like this that make me realize K-pop general is providing better criticism than the actual K-pop critical thread.

No. 33897

Yeah, this post is absolutely amazing

No. 33912

so scummy that hes using his artists to cover up his sick scandals, i hope his company crashes and burns so that his artists get to go to a company that will actually respect them.

No. 33919

File: 1559320939344.jpg (53.23 KB, 900x722, 1558263786131.jpg)

soo-man pls gib red velvet comeback

wjsn and fromis_9 will more than tide me over til it happens but hurry up and make it happen wtf

No. 33921

le sigh

No. 33955

yg said he's giving cl a comeback to distract from his fuckups


No. 33965

How there's still people out there who claim that bts are the best is beyond me, I really don't understand why they're so popular. Exo's vocals are amazing, one would think they'd appeal much more to the american or international market than them.

No. 33966

I always had the impression that, unlike BTS, EXO never really tried with english-speaking markets. They always focused most of their resources on the Korean, Japanese and Chinese markets instead.

Also I just don't think the US market is really open to any "manufactured" boybands, the only market they can appeal to is ex-one direction fans. EXO would probably be able to widen their fanbase in america, but they wouldn't break into the american mainstream. Same goes to BTS, I think their US popularity is just loud ARMY support, no amount of public appearances and collabs with US celebrities will make them a beloved group to the american public.

No. 33968

sm groups in general tend to have better vocalists than other companies' groups because they actually take vocal training seriously. while i'm not a huge fan of exo, all of them except sehun and kai are decent singers. especially d.o and chen are pretty good.
i don't think people who see bts as the best mean their vocals are the best since it's obvious that vocals aren't their strongest point. the reason why they are so popular is because of their marketing and their social media presence. they are always keeping up with american pop trends and catering to their international audience while exo sticked more to their asian audience.

No. 33988

well one of the selling points for bts was that they have a stronger rap line so that probably made up for their vocals. like others said it's mainly because SM didn't really try that hard to promote them internationally.

No. 33993

Even Kai can sing - only Sehun is left standing around awkwardly.

I kind of had the impression that in comparison to their earlier days they use rap less and less the more famous they get.

No. 34259

File: 1559661083852.jpg (65.12 KB, 500x671, 111052889_01.jpg)

Holy shit do I wish Fei were as popular as Suzy in Miss A. Korean xenophobia (pls no race-baiting ban) did her wrong. I'm just getting into them now and I think Fei is so much better looking (I still think Suzy is pretty.)

No. 34396

I usually avoid boy groups because they're songs are terrible in regards to my tastes. I don't hate this though not entirely my fav genre but I can get behind listening to it, though I do not like the rap parts at all. Thanks for posting.

No. 34399


I am with you I hate the hip thrusts so much in any boy groups choreo. It always looks terrible. That's not even a good dance move dance wise.

No. 34469

File: 1559761045553.jpg (11 KB, 320x175, 6ce3c2b7ee8bb5427f4d053fa98941…)

No. 34474

super ot and I don't get the joke/reference but this is the worst meme to ever come out of spongebob and it annoys tf out of me

No. 34475

The reference is to Signal (Twice)
>this is the worst meme to ever come out of spongebob and it annoys tf out of me
I understand and respect that. I have pleb taste as already evidenced through being a once

No. 34482

So this is apparently a leaked Jungsis song that never came out.

But it sounds like f(x) to me? I feel like I hear Luna at the end of the clip.

No. 34776

File: 1559947056326.jpg (66.94 KB, 790x790, d213c3e605e4b2413d96ea201765f8…)

Thoughts on Somi? Are you guys ready for her debut?

I think she's super pretty and seems born to be an idol. Her raw talent is another matter… Hopefully her skills improved since PD101

No. 34779

File: 1559948455255.jpeg (93.04 KB, 686x686, F47501F4-7347-4696-B581-6517E3…)

Her title track is going to be produced by BP's title track producers. I hope it at least suits her voice

I think she would've really suited ITZY and shouldn't have left JYP in the first place, even being under a YG subsidiary isn't going to be good for comebacks, her debuts been delayed two times now? I think she shouldn't have changed agencies

No. 34780

it's a teddy song so my expectations are low. judging by the teaser from yesterday it might be on the cuter side though so maybe it won't be a total gashina/solo clone.
yeah even though I don't love dalla dalla she probably would have been better off at JYP or at least a small agency that would cater to her. YG has been letting everyone out of the dungeon since the scandal but who knows how long that will last.

No. 34782

At first I thought her leaving Jyp was a mistake made on her own accord, but now I tinfoil it was actually Jyp that cut ties for some reason (kicked her out?) Either way I really wish she'd have debuted with Itzy.

No. 34798

yeah I think Yuna is kind of "young" for the group. she was defs somis replacement, and it shows, somi fit the mold for them a lot better.

my own tinfoil- I'm wondering if something happened between somis dad and jyp, since matthew's a huge stage parent and probably wanted the upper hand over her contract, I fail to see why her being at yg would change that tho

No. 34806

File: 1559964137556.png (578.26 KB, 989x790, akpf.png)

Where do people post about kpop nowadays. Is everyone just on twitter/discord now? The only forums I've seen are onehallyu(rip) and allkpop forums that's filled with mess like this. somewhat related but I wish there were more places that discussed kpop gossip even if it's just dumb stuff like dating rumors. the only place it's really discussed is on those fake prediction accounts on twitter.

No. 34808

Have you ever been on NetizenBuzz? It's a fairly popular blogspot that posts articles translating K-Netizen comments into English. The articles are'nt always K-pop related but are for the most part. The real gold relies in the responses from site users.
There are other similar spots with the theme of translating knet comments, you could probably find those easily with light searching, but I and many others prefer NB.

No. 34809

yeah I go on translation blogs but I guess it feels too different? Most of the time rumors only get posted there once the agency makes a statement on it. I guess I'm looking for more of the low level stuff that comes from egg accounts on twitter. But I know it would never happen because it's pretty immoral

No. 35024

I can't say i recommend it because most of the posters are morons, but i follow r/kpop and a few smaller group specific subreddits to keep up with news and releases. It suits me as a casual fan who doesn't need to know every tiny detail.

No. 35161

Can someone enlighten me? What happened to Onyhallyu?

Also, what are we thinking about the comeback from Ateez??

Nicely done, imho. The B-sides are worth listening as weel!

No. 35175

last year one of the mods or admins made a post about restarting the site because of it crashing but I don't think they made a follow up to it. a few months ago they made it seem like they basically don't have a tech person able to fix it for them but idek at this point. anyways I liked Utopia the most out of all the songs. I haven't listened to much ateez though

No. 35192

The video is cute but I don't know about the song

No. 35232

OH's been dead for me for weeks, threads showing up google indexed but the pages refuse to load, even the "is it up" sites insist that it's up and running, it isn't. I think they posted on their fb / twt page that they'd fix it like a week plus ago and nothing has happened.

No. 35245

File: 1560210179702.jpg (216.64 KB, 886x1280, 1560196293910.jpg)

Somebody posted this to /ot/ and although I hate bts I can't stop myself from finding him so very attractive.
It's a shame that he's likely too conservative + not the brightest…

No. 35280

whats really a shame is that that pic was taken with a potato cam. still a god tier pic of v, fukken saved.

No. 35592

I recently discovered them and so far I like everything they have put out,this song included. I'm not the biggest fan of the mv tho

No. 35594

File: 1560414416166.jpg (133.82 KB, 736x1103, f3dc244d8a69202b94d6e1afa31960…)

Samefag but couldn't help myself to mention that San is too hot for his own good. His fancam is what got me into ateez in the first place