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File: 1567202043865.png (788.41 KB, 736x742, 1980s barbie.png)

No. 46717

This is a thread for discussion of fashion dolls including Barbie, Disney, Wild Hearts Crew, LOL OMG, She-Ra, DC Super Hero Girls, Living Dead Dolls, Licca-chan etc but not BJD.

Other toys considered dolls as well as girl collectable toys that are related to dolls or can be used as accessories to dolls are also welcome such as LOL, Capsule Chix, Shopkins, Polly Pocket and the like.

Questions to generate discussion:

If you're a collector, What dolls do you collect?

What's your favorite doll?

What's in your wish list?

What's your opinion on new doll releases?

No. 46766

Monster high was what got me collecting. I like older Barbies very recently, GI Joe, 3inch Polly pockets, Lottie, and a bunch of other random ones.

LOL OMG freaks me the fuck out, I think it’s really messed up.

Nearly all of the new toys from the past 5 ish years seem to be trash. I just now started with Barbie but apparently it’s been going down hill for at least 10 years.

No. 46802

I used to collect G3 MLP, but then they rebooted. Then Monster High got me into collecting hardcore. Started with a couple from the fusion series because of their highlighter colors, and then I found out they had cats. The addiction definitely spawned from my love of horror and vibrant colors. And I'm so disappointed they discontinued them. First the questionable reboot, then just dumping them. I also have way too many of the minis.

I like the DC girls dolls - mostly because i just love their forearms. I wanted to get some Marvel Rising dolls besides Squirrel Girl, but I just can't handle Hasbro's knee joints (SG is double jointed on the knee, so that's what swayed me to get her, plus the thicker body sculpt).

My wish list includes getting some Catwalk Kitties heads to try out customizing with MH bodies.

For new dolls… I haven't seen anything that's really grabbed my interest. Mostly, I just glance through the toy aisle and see if there are any cute cat tie-ins for main lines.

No. 46836

File: 1567264843233.jpg (85.36 KB, 600x800, 522411.jpg)

God, I loved Monster High. I ended up gutting my collection and holding onto my favorites. Same with Ever After High, which I started to like even better than MH near the end of their reign. It's a damn shame both got rebooted and stripped of everything that made them amazing in the first place. I get Mattel was (and still is) struggling, but there had to have been better ideas than making both so unappealing to any collector that they swan-dived right into the trash.

I'm half-convinced that between LOL dolls and the Poopsie shit, someone at the top of MGA is unapologetically a DDLG deviant who should be taken out back and shot.

Anyway, after MH and EAH went bad, I started getting into expensive Japanese brands more like Pullip and Pureneemo. Also eventually want to add at least one Licca-chan doll, her old shoujo aesthetic is so cute but I haven't bit the bullet on that one yet.

Pureneemos are my favorite at the moment. They feel really wholesome and their outfits are incredibly lovely and well-made.

No. 46839

I really hope that this won’t turn into another weeb mercy clone thread like the other toy thread. I was hoping this one was just for playline type “normal” toys.

>I'm half-convinced that between LOL dolls and the Poopsie shit,

Which one do you think is worse, LOL or LOL OMG? I can’t decide…

No. 46841

File: 1567266136238.jpg (13.33 KB, 412x412, GGV78_01.jpg)

Sorry fam, there wasn't anything saying weeb shit was excluded, only that BJD weren't allowed. I'll try to limit my talk of them, lol.

>>Which one do you think is worse, LOL or LOL OMG? I can’t decide…

I think LOL is worse just because they're described as "baby dolls" and released in weirdly sexy clothing. At least with LOL OMG dolls, they're framed as older even though the proportion of their faces is kind of frightening compared to the rest of them.

One of the newer released lines I like is Wild Hearts Crew. Seems to be Mattel's "edgy" answer to replace Monster High. I don't forsee myself collecting them personally, but I like what they have going on.

No. 46844

You collect toys for actual children and are trying to be elitist against 'weeb' dolls…

All my poor old barbies are in a landfill somewhere naked with drawn on lingerie.

No. 46846

I’m not trying to be elitist I’m just saying that someone literally just made a toy thread a week or two ago and there’s nothing but weeb shit there so what’s the point of a new thread if it will just be the same

>One of the newer released lines I like is Wild Hearts Crew.

I have the doll in that pic. She’s the only one I like. Her jacket is nice and I love that you can take the cassette out of the player, but the printed on front only/printed denim shit they keep doing with dolls is not doing it for me.

No. 46853

File: 1567269778970.jpg (78.66 KB, 1100x1100, 10599571a.jpg)

Kinda have to blame OP for not making a distinction, they even included Licca-chan which implied other dolls of Japanese origin would be okay. Considering Japan has a thriving doll market, many doll collectors inevitably have at least one or two weeb dolls in their collection.

Someone can always make a Japanese Toy thread or a Western/Non-Weeb toy thread since these threads always seem to derail over it, lol.

No. 46857

I thought that Pullip and pureneemo were BJD, or does it not count if they’re plastic? (Idk I’m not into BJD)

Licca Chan might be weeby but at least it’s playline

No. 46866

File: 1567273951088.jpg (179.45 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (1).jpg)

I kind of like the WHC dolls, the line reminds me of My Scene. On the other hand, I don't think I like them enough to buy any doll from the series.
Is anyone else really tired with the blind box dolls like LOL, Hairdorables (Jesus, they have such ugly faces - they look like imps or mean fairies)? The only thing that I find worse are social media themes dolls like Snapstars. This is pure cancer (even tho the photoedit app is kind of neat).

No. 46871

Yes, I’m sick of blind dolls. It’s too expensive and wasteful and sometimes I only want one out of the whole line. It seriously needs to die, but I have a feeling once it does, that will pretty much be the end of toys like dolls.

Snapstars are not only bad influence and buying more into beauty/social media guru bs similarly to the surprise dolls, but they’re fugly as shit and I can’t believe anyone thinks they’re cute

Also agree that hairdorables aren’t even cute (also just the same face over and over), the only one I like is the red-headed soccer one bc somehow the braids make the proportions look less retarded and the outfit is cute

No. 46897

I mean, if I may, I let anyone talk about anything in that thread because lolcow's other toy threads were dead and I didn't know how many farmers liked what, not enough to for lolcow to have its own /toy/ general and I happen to like all sorts of shit.

I know everyone is not like me and some people just want a doll space and not other types of toys but some of you have a knee-jerk reaction to anything Japanese or looks like anime and I assume that's because you associate it with stereotypical "weebs" so much that Japanese shit = weebs completely seriously and that's a little sad, not all of us are obsessed waifu collecting mouthbreathers.
Poor Licca fans, it's like they're in limbo because BJD spaces don't want non strung dolls, doll spaces focus on (((western))) fashion dolls and toy spaces don't want girl toys.

No. 46901

File: 1567282983804.jpg (339.74 KB, 1024x761, Dawn Snapstar (9).JPG)

I agree that hashtagSNAPSTAR are ugly as hell. They look like Liv's retarded cousin.
Little girls shouldn't be interested in social media, so I hate that there are so many dolls like those or Hairdorables with the retarded internet speak and internet personality characters.

I also dislike dolls that are focused on shopping. Boxy dolls are horrible on all levels possible.

No. 46921

File: 1567291324796.png (791.27 KB, 738x470, Untitled.png)

Not him, but I think LOLs are ok. LOL OMGs look all wrong because they have baby heads on adult bodies.They also have fuckall articulation, so I'm not getting any even though I love dolls.

No. 46922

File: 1567291647985.png (144.83 KB, 266x508, Untitled.png)

Jap toys are ok as long as they're not BJD. Licca is ok because she's not full weeaboo style despite being Japanese, she's essentially a Barbie with a different face.

No. 46923

File: 1567292078058.png (242.76 KB, 328x444, Untitled.png)

Japanese bodies/other doll Hybrids are ok too. They seem to be the only way to give toddler dolls articulation, for instance.

No. 46925

File: 1567292587378.png (2.76 MB, 1063x1315, Untitled.png)

Is this the sexiest Ken doll ever released?

No. 46926

File: 1567293446493.jpg (209.84 KB, 560x800, BJH33_Ever_After_High_Hat-Tast…)


Ball jointed dolls are named as such because most of their joints are actual balls which you pass elastic string through to keep the entire doll together. Pullip and Pureneemo have hinge or swivel joints which use a peg and socket system, etc. to achieve articulation. You will also see this style used by western poseable fashion dolls.

No. 46927

File: 1567294213820.jpeg (34.21 KB, 580x320, 144686.jpeg)

I agree, I hate how deceptively cute the art is for so many of them. I have no idea how they translate the illustration to doll so poorly.

One doll line I wish got off the ground was Novi Stars, they were super cute and creative even if they didnt have full articulation.

This is the coolest Ken I've ever seen, never knew he existed.

No. 46928

I still have a giant ass box of monster high dolls I should definitely sell. People always call me weird for owning them.

No. 46930

File: 1567295429753.jpg (62.54 KB, 480x320, ever-after-high-show.jpg)

I'm a huuuuge Ever After High fan and collect EAH but I recently got my first Monster High doll and I'm obsessed they're absolutely stunning.

I think unlike EAH, they look as good as their concept art does. I love EAH more than most things in life but I wish the dolls were as pretty as the concept art/ cartoon designs.

No. 46932

I love the art for EAH, but it's their face sculpts I can't stand. They're just too wide and circular. I have a couple of Cerise, but only because I really like her clothes and found them for about $5-10.

I wish Novi Stars took off, too. By the time I found out about them, they were too expensive for me. Even moreso, now.

Those things are ugly as shit. Who approved that?
The only time I'm ever slightly okay with blind boxes is if there's a way to cheat with a stamped code. The only reason I got into collecting the MH minis is because there was a really good spreadsheet online that had the codes and corresponding figures. They should just toss blind box figures loose with a ton of others in a bin - saves on packaging and the annoyance of getting one you don't care about.

No. 46951

File: 1567305654525.png (2.3 MB, 1300x1104, Untitled.png)

They really do. They're very detailed, too. Skelita Calaveras has a skeleton body, Luna Mothews has an insect body and compound eyes, Operetta had scars on her face.. it's all just really high quality.

No. 46952

File: 1567305822541.png (572.88 KB, 906x500, Untitled.png)

I miss Bratzillaz.

No. 46953

Lol why do people keep copying and pasting my intro on every site? Make your fucking own.

No. 46955

File: 1567306695660.jpg (75.06 KB, 500x373, c52be31f-da91-418d-8c82-ba35c7…)

Personally, I've never been a fan of EAH there's lots of fairy tale dolls so they never really stood out for me.
Novi Stars are so adorable and the one pictured is my fave.

No. 46964

Pullip is actually ball jointed, though

Novi stars are seriously gorgeous, I’m so sad that I wasn’t into dolls then and never saw them in store

I also liked Star Darlings, too bad they released the same exact dolls but 4 different times and killed the line

No. 46969

Im not even sure we sold them in Canada tbh or else I woulda collected. Just monster girl dolls in general are my fave.

No. 46973

File: 1567314124668.png (434.15 KB, 669x771, wydstar.png)

I get so disappointed when I find a doll that looks neat, but costs more than I'm willing to pay for next to no articulation or half its clothing is just a body mold.

No. 46977

This is what I think about EAH dolls. They have such round faces with a bitchy/unpleasant look. Never could get into them for that reason.
Monster High was slightly better in that regard, but I hated the retarded character names and diaries pushing shaving legs on little girls. At least the dolls were high quality in the beginning.

Oh, I own this Barbie cause I found her on sale for $2 or something. I do agree that her plastic clothes are a nightmare.

No. 47058

File: 1567353614699.jpg (34.02 KB, 700x541, jungle-in-my-pocket-carrier-w-…)

I have fond memories of Puppy in my Pocket. There was also Pony in my Pocket, Kitty in my Pocket, and Jungle in my Pocket (pic related).

The giraffe was my favorite.

No. 47059

File: 1567353675332.jpg (34.02 KB, 700x541, jungle-in-my-pocket-carrier-w-…)

I have fond memories of Puppy in my Pocket. There was also Pony in my Pocket, Kitty in my Pocket, and Jungle in my Pocket (pic related).

The giraffe was my favorite.

No. 47067

File: 1567360483488.png (1.35 MB, 1276x740, ghostsquad.png)

Wait, how were the diaries pushing shaving legs on little girls? Half the MH girls had no body hair to begin with due to being dead.

No. 47070

File: 1567360994482.png (400.79 KB, 593x449, Untitled.png)

The articulation issue could apparently be fixed by using Picco Neemo or Monster High bodies.

No. 47072

File: 1567361105359.png (277.33 KB, 438x640, Untitled.png)

here's a novastars head on a picconeemo body

No. 47074

Clawdeens diary talks about shaving her werewolf fur legs. And the little web series they made for the dolls is kinda fucked

That body is ugly as shit

No. 47079

File: 1567362979437.png (1.47 MB, 672x968, lammily.png)

If you want a more feminism friendly doll, there's Lamily. She's kind of ugly though. I'm not sure if they did a body hair set but they do have stretch mark stickers, pimple stickers and menstrual pads.

No. 47081

these dolls are all vapid as fuck super feminine glorification of beauty to begin with. of course they would shave, they're beauty obsessed. reeing about shaving just makes you seem retarded.

No. 47083

what piconeemo body are they claiming this is?

No. 47084

File: 1567364105576.png (1.44 MB, 1082x638, Untitled.png)

No. 47091

File: 1567365442741.jpg (55.12 KB, 680x874, 182ca566a68ee25fdd4b8dd4fe0301…)

I'm still mildly sad Curvy Girl dolls didn't get funded.

No. 47094

kek whoever keeps linking lolcow on radfem reddit should be shot

No. 47096

>She's kind of ugly
How? She's literally just Barbie with stretchmarks.

No. 47100

Boring face, boring clothes, she looks kinda fat but not fat enough to feel "different" from Barbie. Idk, it just doesn't look right to me.

No. 47104

File: 1567367149578.png (614.68 KB, 800x533, azonecompa1.png)


When EAH first came out, a lot of people didn't like their moon faces, myself included. The aesthetic eventually grew on me, though. Plus they sort of addressed that criticism by giving later releases sharper features.

>Pullip is actually ball jointed, though
But they aren't. Unless there is some version of Pullip bodies I'm not aware of, they use the peg and socket system, not elastic and ball joints.

They also released Marisol Coxi, a bigfoot character with hairy legs. MH was about being yourself, which is going to include characters who don't like their body hair and those that do.

That's the Picconeemo D body which is used for Azone's Lil' Fairy line.

No. 47111


No. 47114

File: 1567368499837.jpg (40.17 KB, 600x744, Lammily-vs-barbie-via-justforf…)

Lammily is such a joke. Her proportions are atrocious, I wish I could find the image I saw years ago where someone correctly proportioned her and it was like night and day. The guy who made her had no idea what he was doing, it's like he took the median measurements of the entire "average" sample he was going for and didn't make any adjustments, resulting in Lammily's awkward body. Even ignoring that, her clothing was like middle-class suburban mom attire. Completely uninteresting.

After Mattel released their Fashionista line, Lammily really has no leg to stand on.

No. 47115

Try not to get offended anon. People acknowledging that certain things about some dolls aren’t the best role model isn’t reeing and isn’t going to threaten the existence of your toys.

No. 47116

File: 1567369014570.jpg (152.09 KB, 960x699, tumblr_pszu4bvYqg1xa0fdyo1_128…)

No. 47122

File: 1567370718364.jpg (32 KB, 550x550, DP0616201417135942M.jpg)

This now a Jasmine midriff thread

No. 47126

File: 1567371779603.png (86.42 KB, 306x468, Untitled.png)

It is pretty shit how Disney is actively trying to censor her midriff in most recent dolls. They're not doing the same to Moana or Ariel for some reason.

No. 47153

that's all fine but Mattel's CEO at the time was shilling Monster High as this franchise promoting being yourself and accepting your flaws cause everyone has them. That's peak hipocrisy when your characters are obsessed about shaving their legs and popularity.
This is a good article on the issue with MH:


Didn't hear about Marisol, that's nice though a bit late. Mattel's character writing was based on typical retarded American teen movie cliches, which us a shame. They created characters that are related to famous monsters and decided to write them as typical look-obsessed plastics? That's such a shame. It made me like the line more because I hated how obnoxiously vapid the characters were. Personalities left to imagination would be better imho.
I wouldn't bitch about Clawdeen shaving if pretty much all the core MH girls weren't obsessed with their looks. If Mattel was going for anime style character marketing
they failed hard.

I am also salty! This particular doll is so beautiful, I love her face and body. I also like the fat fashionistas but she is even prettier.

Please tell me you are not the Jasmine obsessed creep from /toy/…

No. 47156

Lmao, I always love it when an article writer clutches their pearls over "the dolls are so skinny!!' when they're so stylized only the braindead are going to see a stupid fashion doll as thinspiration. Oh no, Skelita is an actual skeleton! What if the children start removing their skin?

Speaking of which, the article also fusses over Skelita not being Hispanic enough when the designer of her doll is Mexican-American and based the doll off of her family background. Nice research there, Callie.

For all of Monster High's faults and admitted shallowness in the earliest iterations (all the freaky flaws criticized in the article are literally the first release characters), they later on made more of an effort to be inclusive and diverse within their silly, pun-filled universe. It isn't perfect, but at the end of the day, it's a fashion line about a monster high school. Not everything is going to be an after school special.

No. 47158

File: 1567380929287.jpg (8.75 KB, 246x205, Sexymidriff.jpg)

>Jasmine creep
Yeah, and?

No. 47159

I know my feelings aren't universal but I never got the "insert fashion doll here is too skinny it'll make kids anorexic and hate themselves!" I struggled/struggle with ED and my former therapist was CONVINCED I was in denial about dolls being the reason I hated my body.. when it was never like that. Even as a kid I just.. didn't think about it? I was too busy loving their clothes or pets that came with them lmao

No. 47162

File: 1567382272441.jpg (268.94 KB, 1024x1024, 32655929861_824c0bb221_b.jpg)

I don't collect dolls, I just wanted to say that my friend and I always having my Erika and her Anneliese barbie sing together is such a wonderful childhood memory. That movie and Swan Lake were so precious…

No. 47164

I’ve never seen ‘ED’ before but I’ve read it four times today in various places. It’s quite worrying though seems to be another online fad such as OCD and anxiety for attention. Unless you’re talking about erectile dysfunction..

No. 47166

File: 1567383093639.jpeg (247.85 KB, 750x893, B11E18C7-7B0B-4C44-BACB-8041E3…)

I mean, anorexia has been a fad since.. forever. pro-ana is usually the term for it. People love blaming dolls for it even though it's mental illness.

Sorta related but I love moms freaking out over how MH look like trashy anorexic dead prostitutes, it's the Bratz shit all over again. Even Neil Patrick Harris jumped in on it.

No. 47167

no one's offended, anon being concerned by one aspect of the doll being stereotypical is just retarded, it's literally the entire doll.

No. 47169

>>47164 boomer confirmed.

No. 47170

File: 1567387871574.png (96.85 KB, 206x500, operetta.png)

People actually care about the "personality" given to dolls by the company? I thought people typically made up their own.

"I don't want her to be some whore in kidergarten. I don't think anyone will get that it is Monster High. They'll just think she's a goth prostitute."

Lmao has this soccer mom ever even looked at MH costumes for kids? They don't look slutty at all.

No. 47171

Lmao so true

No. 47178

I will say this for the reboot MH dolls: They started including some flaws on the doll sculpts. Hairy arms and legs on the wolf characters, and Cleo had molded wrappings on an arm and leg and her torso. And I think they also bulked up their torso in general. Granted, not a whole bunch.

No. 47189

When I was a kid my Barbies or My Scenes didn't tell me to exfoliate or to shave my goddamn legs. I don't get why should little girls get this message and think it's what being a teen girl is all about. The early MH brand storytelling was really unpleasant.

MH was attempting to market those characters (beyond the diaries, there were also webisodes, two book series and countless movies), so it's fair to criticize the attempt.
Back then it made me reconsider buying the dolls because I was lowkey disgusted with the shallow corporate attempt at creating relatable characters while pushing unhealthy messages on kids. I feel the same with #Snapstars and Hairdorables.

I love those dolls and the movie even though the CGI could be better. I used to relate to Erica a lot and the movue cheered me up. Good memories.

Glad to hear that later on things changed a bit.

No. 47191

what's exactly wrong for hairdorables? Unless you just mean the idea of a doll having an image blog

No. 47192

File: 1567404827088.png (363.63 KB, 598x400, Untitled.png)

When you were young did Barbie tell you that girls can't do math, or that you had to stop eating to be thin?


No. 47193

File: 1567405071610.png (762.13 KB, 858x506, lindseylohan.png)

My Scene taught me to do a lot of drugs.

No. 47198

File: 1567413648313.jpg (26.29 KB, 652x364, 37841033992_1ded591676_b.jpg)

No. 47200

I personally don't like the social media angle, but that's my opinion.

Do you think I was born in the 50's or 60's? This is ancient controversy and therefore irrelevant. No doll in the 90's or early 00's that I have seen had those kind of messages (unless you count lack of body diversity, but that's a different topic).
Teen Talk Barbie was shitty, but at least it was just one doll out of hundreds and not a whole franchise. I was born too late to be affected by the controversy.

Holy shit! I've seen this movie as a kid but completely forgot about that… that's creepy as fuck

No. 47202

Variety of sculpts and inclusiveness is nice and all but are we really buying dolls so that we can relate to them and feel better about ourselves?
I want impossibly beautiful, creative dolls that are nice to look at and more of an escape than a vessel to project my real self onto.

I also think Lamily is ugly and kinda frumpy. I wouldn't want a doll like that as a child or as an adult. You can have a more realistic doll without them being so blah looking, real people can be beautiful too.

No. 47204

I agree with you. Lammily has the most bizzare proportions (she looks like she's wearing a diaper…?) and a rather ugly face. The Mattel fashionistas are amazing, they have diverse body types and lovely faces. The clothes are neat too. I honestly love them. I have 2 chubby ones but suddenly I want more.

Men are not allowed on lolcow.

No. 47207

File: 1567420070618.jpg (221.98 KB, 900x1571, 09-Teen-Talk-Barbie.jpg)

I now got reminded how pretty teen talk barbies were

No. 47212

File: 1567423406985.jpg (128.5 KB, 794x1059, il_794xN.1397649734_x2gg.jpg)

Barbie Superstar mold is iconic.
I also have a soft spot for 90's Sindy. Love those big violet eyes.

No. 47223

Brats are just not cute. The clothes and accessories from the older ones are cool and detailed, but the dolls themselves are so fug I can’t get into them

No. 47257

>Men are not allowed on lolcow.
That's funny, the OP of this thread is a man lol(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 47268

File: 1567445466259.jpg (266.07 KB, 1600x1204, Tree Change Doll Before and Af…)

Do y'all remember the Tree Change Dolls that made a buzz a while back with crunchy moms. I thought Bratz were the coolest when I was a kid, so I think it's wack that she changes them into little farm girls.

I think stuff like this and Lamilly dolls just show a deep misunderstanding of how little girls think. I would have been pissed if I wanted a Bratz/Barbie and my mom got me this instead.

No. 47278

I prefer the farm doll over Brazts tbh, Bratz have exaggerated, weird ass facial features.

No. 47281

Even when I was a kid I thought Bratz were ugly as fuck, and hated that their whole ass clown feet come off with their shoes

No. 47282

Banned because? It is a man, he's was kicked out of 4chan's /toy/ board and has come here instead.

No. 47284

And where does it say that in the rules? Given this entire website was founded by a man I doubt that is true. I think you're just stupid.

No. 47285

Is an unspoken rule Newfag, men started to get banned because most of the time they come here to troll and be nasty.

No. 47287

A rule that is not written any where nor is spoken yet a new person is supposed to know it? What kind of dumb logic is that? Also it's pretty obvious about 40% of posters here are men (or outspoken lesbians) so it ain't working is it.

No. 47290

>A rule that is not written any where nor is spoken yet a new person is supposed to know it?
Lurk moar newfag, its pretty obvious if you were here at least 2 or 3 weeks
>Also it's pretty obvious about 40% of posters here are men (or outspoken lesbians) so it ain't working is it
It's totally working, that why this chan (unlike others) isn't a total shithole yet.

No. 47291

It's called lurking, dumbass. Learn to integrate.

Also, it's pretty easy to tell the difference between a lesbian and a man or tranny. Mostly because you guys don't know how to integrate and are perverts who can't go five minutes without posting about sex/fetishes or whining about misandry.

It doesn't surprise me that OP was a newfag scrote. The dumbass made this thread despite there already being two toy threads.

No. 47293

>isn't a total shithole yet.
Eh.. I guess you haven't stepped foot in to /snow/, just people bitching and whining and fighting with each other.

No. 47294

Again, why would lurking help when it is UNSPOKEN? Geez(ban evasion)

No. 47295

>Mostly because you guys don't know how to integrate and are perverts who can't go five minutes without posting about sex/fetishes or whining about misandry.
Totally, if they were good at integrating here there wouldn't be that much of a fuss (it isn't that hard, you just need to be, you know, normal), but they always out themselves doing weird shit that's just how it is.
Its a shithole, but 4chan is a hellhole, /b/ and /pol/ are way more horrible than /snow/ could ever be
Well sometimes people here mention it or just ask about it (also, considering the outstanding difference between this chan and others it's obvious there are almost no males here (that implies banning, since they would predictably try to come here over and over)

No. 47299

File: 1567451097698.png (849.87 KB, 1004x668, blingbling.png)

Agreed. The heads are kind of ok, but the bodies are abominations. The feet in particular are annoying, even as a kid I hated them.

Headswaps can fix that though.

No. 47302

OP here, I've got a real vadge. I'm pretty sure speculating about people's genitals is off topic though.

Men are allowed, they're just not allowed to flaunt their gender. For all we know Jasminefag is a girl.

No. 47304

Oh so you were calling yourself a guy and letting people call you 'him' for years and now you come here and have a minge all of sudden.. yeah of course you do sweetie.

No. 47307

Where did I call myself a guy? And I've been posting in doll threads for less than a year lol.

No. 47308

Sage your posts for fuck sake, stupid newfag.

No. 47309

You're obviously the salty other OP who got their thread deleted on 4chan because you wanted lewd doll pics. Why would a girl be interested in that shit?(ban evasion)

No. 47311

File: 1567452438339.png (33.92 KB, 836x380, Untitled.png)

This is my last post on the topic. Men are allowed here so long as they do not announce themselves. Now let's get back to talking about dolls instead of shitflinging, shall we?

No. 47314

File: 1567453145927.png (570.36 KB, 628x440, Untitled.png)

What triggers me the most about tree change dolls is that their paint jobs are always horrible and they always look bored. A doll with no makeup could still look glamorous if done properly.

No. 47318

There's something off with their faces (especially the blonde one), it's actually very uncanny

No. 47320

Use the other doll thread >>>/m/43388

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