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File: 1577190844796.gif (1.09 MB, 480x270, twerk.gif)

No. 68958

Any guilty pleasures anons? Reveal your darkest bops.

No. 68959

Samefag but here is mine lol

No. 68961

No. 68967

No. 68981


No. 68986

Whenever I listen to Lonely Hearts Club or just the Electra Heart album in general, it takes me back to when I was 14/15, lol.

No. 68987


No. 69003

guilty as charged

No. 69010

I hate myself for liking this.

No. 69012

The entirety of Mindless Self Indulgence oh my god I couldn't even pick a song because I ended up relistening to so much of their garbage

No. 69014

are you me

No. 69020

I want to go back bros

I'm glad i'm not alone god

No. 69023

samefag. also I listened to all the songs here. Most of them brought back some buried memories

No. 69027

I used to listen to some songs by brokencyde, felt guilty about it even back then. now I actually can't stand it lol so glad I grew out of that.

No. 69069

I still unironically listen to 3!OH3

No. 69072

2000's house/dance full of naked women

No. 69073



I don't care what people say, but Butterfly from crazy town is absolute perfection lmao

No. 69074


also this one

No. 69075


and this

No. 69076


and … ugh this one.

No. 69136

I like their other song Movies more.

No. 69139

Here are some early 2010s eurovision jams.

No. 69140

No. 69141

No. 69142

No. 69144

ooh shit anon, I love Eurovision. This was my this year's favourite

No. 69201

No. 69332

No. 69381

my guilty pleasure since I was 9

No. 69384

I follow this Japanese artist that makes some really good music, but with really macabre and sexual lyrics. I know it's cringe and i rarely mention it to anyone but he makes such good bops i can almost ignore the lyrics

No. 69487

No. 69551

I love this kind of stuff, it makes me nostalgic.

No. 69663

Porn visual novels how some jamming intros

No. 69779

Jesus anon listening to this took me back to when I was 12 so hard I got whiplash. God Youtube was so much fun back then. I specifically remember watching an anime speedpaint with this song on it.

Related was my favorite DJ Satomi song back in the day.

No. 69935

I get a big kick out of gender pitch remixes, 80s remixes and
major key songs edited to be minor.

No. 69936

No. 69937

I'm also partial to cupcakke/kpop mashups

No. 69938

No. 69939

No. 69940

No. 69943

omg anon I love you, alien ant farm brings me back lol

No. 69977

this was every breakup where I got ghosted/dumped

No. 69996

I still listen from time to time

No. 70005

this is so much better than the real song wow

No. 70058

No. 70129

talking about guilty pleasure esc jams…

No. 70146

No. 70147

No. 70148

No. 70149

No. 70150

No. 70157

Absolutely based and same

No. 70164

I remember when esme got featured on youtube around christmas 2006. I was so excited for her when she got signed. Ugh, fuck the music industry.

No. 70167

Something about being the most awkward nerdy 13 yo but feeling like a hoe ass bad bitch on the inside

No. 70189

Her first album is my least-guilty guilty pleasure. It's genuinely good and I still listen to it if I want something laid back and nostalgic to listen to. She was my favorite when I was 10.

No. 70194

No. 70201

Thank you anon for coming through with an absolute classic!

No. 71288


No. 71364

No. 71365

I really liked demi's pop rock era.

No. 71466

No. 72005

No. 72347

It's so cringe but catchy as fuck

No. 72353

anon thank you for posting this. i was so obsessed with this song when it came out i cant believe i forgot about it

No. 72354


wtf. i haven’t heard this song in years but i still know all the words.

No. 72527

i've never heard this, but i'm hooked. thank you for posting!!

No. 72529

Love this!! They did an amazing job giving it that 80s vibe and also making it a good song.

No. 72670

Maybe not the most traditional choice but my guilty bops lately have been pop punk/emo shit. I feel like it's a severely underrated genre for straight up bops. You KNOW if you put on Sugar We're Going Down or Misery Business people will lose their gotdamn minds.

Dance Dance is one of the greatest bops of our generation fight me
>I only want sympathy in the form of you crawling into bed with me

No. 72690

Absolutely true and don't forget this banger

No. 72695

I'm sorry but this song makes me so happy
The lyrics are cute too

No. 72697

Bopping to a song about accidentally getting a girl pregnant sang by a Japanese program is vocaloid culture

No. 72708

Under the cork tree had such good hits. I still have all their early albums on my phone. My favorite jam is probably from Infinity on high though. Bang the doldrums is so catchy.

No. 72713

Fuck yeah anon this song and the whole album gives me massive nostalgia. Honestly I still have periods where I shamelessly go back and listen to all the great FOB tracks, their albums were so good up until around American Beauty which is just a mess. Folie a Deux is their masterpiece imo

It’s weird but even when I was an edgy teen I was never that into pop punk but for some reason I loved Fall out boy and Panic at the Disco

No. 72715

No. 72728

Post 00s anime openings anons.
Rewrite is honestly pretty good on it's own merits but I'd be kind of embarrassed telling people I enjoy it because of how I heard it and the fact that I associate an animu with it.

No. 72730

Lonely In Gorgeous by Tommy febuary6 from Paradise Kiss.

I also really liked Franz Ferdinand in the 00s and I nearly had a heart attack the first time I watched parakiss and Do You Want To came on at the end.

No. 72738

YES anon. that song still makes me cry more than a decade later. maybe I just associate it with the anime but there's something special about it

No. 72753

I used to love this song even tho I never watched the anime. I have realized now that the singer does not have the voice to pull it off lmfao

No. 72754

this is still beautiful. I also loved I Hear You Everywhere from the same anime ost

No. 72755

This plus Air and Clannad After Story opening (don't even like Clannad but the song was lovely. The Dango Daikazoku ending was also veru touching).

I have so many more but I'm gonna stop for now lmfao. Funny since I mostly read manga tbh

No. 72758

File: 1579419973654.jpeg (17.44 KB, 300x300, 47369800-D532-45CF-985C-130544…)


No. 72792


fucking classic

No. 72835


No. 72947

(direct onision link)

No. 72959

This will always be my favorite Bleach OP ever. Everything this band does is so damn catchy

No. 72980

Get out

No. 72987

No. 73039

No. 73040

I appreciate these hypersexualized videos because they are so riduculous to see as a adult when you just heard the song as a kid

No. 73041

No. 73042

No. 73043

You never saw those pervy music vids as a kid? Lucky you. I was ashamed for liking a song with such a gross video lmfao

No. 73044

My mom attempted to shield me from these types of videos. This did not stop me from being a degenerate, unfortunately.

No. 73045

Your mom was obviously doing her best.

The most embarassing media-related memory was being 13 on a school trip and hanging out with a friend of a friend and being caught by a teacher watching vid related (prepare to have your brain melted)
>come on girls, we are leaving the restaurant
>okay, but let us finish watching the video first
the dumbass straight admitted we were watching gyrating half-naked women in a trashy mv lmfao I wanted to die

No. 73311

No. 73553

Porcelain and the Tramps - Fuck like a Star

No. 73667

This just gave me war-flashbacks from my scene-phase.

No. 73985

I love this song but the high pitched noise in the background gives me a headache.

No. 74032

This song is a desperate, low effort attempt to stay relevant in pop, but I always find myself singing the chorus to myself.

No. 74168

Lol same.

No. 77888

No. 77976

No. 78593

I could never listen to this song in public

No. 78594

I know the lyrics like the back of my hand and it's ok

No. 79004

No. 79005

No. 79027

No. 79039

No. 79044

No. 79052

No. 79054

Not proud

No. 79056

No. 79085

I can groove to this

No. 79371

did i get emotional while listening to this? perhaps.

No. 79467

it's the sound of a lost youth

No. 80180

please confiscate all my electronic devices

No. 80230

I owned the album and crushed hard on them lmao

No. 81025

No. 81156

No. 81486

I've had this fucking song stuck in my head for a week

No. 81487


No. 81495

I fucking love this song. Miss my emo phase.

No. 81512


me too, anon, me too. rip

No. 81556

Anon ily for this, Shawty Wanna Fuck is a masterpiece

No. 81962

Nicki is trash, but I'm a trash for her music. Issa bop

No. 82712

It’s a guilty pleasure because of the weeb energy. She’s Indonesian but is singing in Japanese. Still cute though.

No. 82724

MGK released a couple of songs that are really reminiscent of mid 2000s emo pop punk, I'm here for it.

No. 82789

Same, Anon.

No. 82894

same, but it's really not a bad song. kind of not one you should feel guilty about imo. i hate feeling like a lonely slavic sugar baby stuck in south beach while hearing it tho

No. 85095

No. 85606

I also thought sounded great and it was pretty qt! I wanna save the song but there's also a part of me that doesnt because its a bit cringy and a ~nippon girl~ didnt sing it kek.

No. 87411

I'm a metalfag and this song is my guilty pleasure

No. 87415

half of my music taste consists of department store pop and emo music that no one else wants to admit still slaps, and I've come to fully embrace that

No. 87416

myspace war flashbacks

No. 87430

No. 87432

No. 87433

everybody gangsta til i pick this song for karaoke

No. 87435


No. 87445

I'm not that guilty about it

No. 89293


No. 89294

>understands absolutely nothing

No. 89334

Let me guess, you’re a fellow europanon who is bummed out that the esc got cancelled this year.

No. 89341

Perhaps, perhaps.. it could've been so good this year.. who knows how many bops they had :(

No. 92457

loving this at the moment

No. 92526

Emo vietnam flashbacks for this one oof

No. 92806

No. 92807

Just because most people find it really dorky and odd

No. 92819

Ahh you're my kindred spirit anon, I used to like Within Temptation a lot when I was a young teenager and even then my Edgy Friends that were into "real stuff" like Nightwish would consider it embarassing. I still kinda enjoy it, even though it really is tacky. In a fun way tho!

No. 93437

Thank you

No. 93625

Samee it's so catchy

No. 93808

File: 1590774333416.jpg (105.21 KB, 380x500, unnamed.jpg)

their music is like audio version of pic related. It's kitschy, but so enjoyable! I love to listen to them from time to time, seen WT live as well and it was awesome

No. 94018

hell yeah

No. 94299


No. 94317

my stripper song

No. 94319

i hate when meme songs are legit catchy

No. 94320

I know the lyrics like the back of my hand

No. 94321

No. 94322

No. 94365

I have a lot of nostalgia for mediocre pop/dance songs of the mid 00s, which is weird since middle school was the shittiest time in my life.

No. 94367

There's something really compelling about it.

No. 94369

unironically i think this is a god-tier song

No. 94409

No. 94892

No. 94893

No. 94896

Have to add this one too.
My 7 y/o self could not handle the serve and I still can’t.

No. 94952

Kinda wish she wasn't a crazy cunt because her music honeslty slaps

No. 94974

It used to. Her recent stuff sounds so amateur, like she alienated every contact who knew anything about production and mastering.

No. 95603

No. 96650

this fuckin slaps

No. 96661


her first ep absolutely slapped

No. 96662

Only guilty bc of her personality.

No. 96685


But do they slap

No. 96809

would you rather we go back to using "bop"?

No. 97199

No. 97205

and trollz

No. 97207

I'm not even sure I feel guilty tbh it's a bop

No. 97247

you are lying if you say you don't find this catchy

No. 97712

God, I'm ashamed.

No. 97753

when I'm in a shit mood I like to have it on repeat while doing stuff.

No. 97760

me too anon. why must we suffer this way

No. 97779

Guilty because it’s so basic bitch and I only listen to this when I miss my ex.

No. 97815

I love whiny sadboy music, i dont know why but i relate to fuckboy music a lot. When I'm sad or depressed it just makes me feel better

No. 97863

LMAO when i used to follow kitty on twitter i remember once she was bitching that riff raff didn't remember her

No. 97921

looking back to this i can't help but cringe a little ("I'm a kung fu masta, no I'm not Jamaican, but yes I'm a Rasta", the whole video itself) but 8 year old me really thought this was like the coolest song ever when it came out

No. 98025

hello fellow romanian
that song used to scare me when i was little ngl

No. 98198

looool i used to think the guy with the eyebrow piercing was cute then i found out he was an abusive piece of shit so no wonder he's talentless

No. 98474

I still don't get the whole fiasco with that timothy person unless someone with at least three braincells explains it to me very slowly. have listened to it shamefully every once in a while

No. 98476

No. 98479

Oh, anon, thank you! So nostalgic.

No. 98651

any other uk anons remember jls? me and my sister still blast this song in the car together.

No. 98652

any other uk anons remember jls? me and my sister still blast this song in the car together.

No. 98838

Peaches holyshit!
Another classic

No. 98931

I almost exclusively listen to goth music, but early-2000's Jpop is so catchy.

No. 98939

No. 98981

No. 98988

No. 99463

I am not a Joji stan but this song is like a drug to me

No. 99679

No. 102710

No. 103597

I know they're/he is technically a (boring) lolcow, but I keep going back to this one song and performance.

No. 108169

No. 108219

I'm very close to liking this but goddamn I hate how overproduced it is overall. His voice is actually pretty good and I'd like to be able to hear it without 20 other effects going on lol.

No. 108228

idk, his real singing voice is very nasal and flat. Before he blew up he had a disaster of a live streamed debut show. Honked his way through original material he never recorded and a cover of Wonderwall when the club audience began to disperse.
>yo y'all fuck with Wonderwall???

No. 108250

Can you link it?

No. 108251

No. 108264

It was a Boiler Room show and he had it pulled down pretty quickly. You can find anons in an old Cancer Crew thread discussing it as it happened.

He was signed a few months later iirc. I didn't realize all this happened in 2017.

No. 108265

File: 1600339186538.jpg (24.55 KB, 843x474, a rocky start.jpg)

No. 108268

I'm sorry but I really like Lady Gaga's Stupid Love. Part of it is also the costumes and aesthetic of the music video. I like the version she sang at the MTV awards with the guitar even more.

No. 108351

No. 108361

y'all remember ashlee simpson?

anon don't apologize gaga is unironically based. have been blasting chromatica from my shitty sedan with the windows down all summer

No. 108367

This song is SO catchy goddamm

Ah yes, I used to be obsessed with her songs L-O-V-E and pieces of me

No. 108375

ahhh memories…the popular girls in primary school used to dance to girl aloud songs in the playground and i thought they were so fucken cool

No. 108376

This slaps, I've forgotten about this song but rediscovered it about 2 years ago and it's still a bop

No. 108377

This was my favourite song by Ashlee Simpson (Outta My Head); I never understood why Jessica Simpson was so much more popular when Ashlee was actually way prettier and her music was more interesting.

No. 108393

Unironically this

No. 108398

Oh shit, I guess the production is good then if it made me think he actually had talent
>Honked his way through original material
Crying at "honked" lmao

No. 108399

Damn anon I wish I had a sedan I could blast the whole of chromatica in.

He sounds good in Run but everything before that is kinda weird. He should really get rid of that mumbling vibrato he does. Also he still can't hit high notes well, when singing live Run at the Jimmy Fallon show he had to tone it down.

No. 108403

No. 108539


No. 108541

And this. Been playing it nonstop. Fergie's so gorgeous here

No. 108573

I don't know if this counts but I unironically still listen to nightcore from time to time.

No. 109435

Have to count this one as a guilty pleasure because of the title/only lyric, not to mention the video…

No. 109469

I don't like the original but I'm ashamed to admit that I really like this remix.

No. 109484

Outgrew GG and NSP but every now and then I still jam to a few tunes

No. 109487

this is such a fun and catchy song. Me and my husband bump this is the car. Lmao.

No. 109492

Absolute Shit taste
Breathe is the best prodigy song

No. 109495

No Good says hi.

No. 109764

i'm a sucker for good mashups

No. 109773

Some of their old shit gets stuck in my head, which makes me sad. It used to be good stupid fun, but Dan's head is too big because of Game grumps fame.

No. 109830

this song makes me h*rny

No. 109838

No. 109872

vid related is honestly part of my personality at this point


yeeesss anon, this such a blast from the past! Remember coming across this song because she was featured in a weeb magazine about lolita fashion and I looked her up because I loved her style and idk for some reason remember it up to this date. Good shit!


best prodigy song aaah

No. 109918

Posting this here because

>Ed Sheeran

But I honestly really like this song, and I'm not even that much into rock music

No. 109940

this is so dumb i love it

No. 109956

No. 109962

Good shit

No. 110030

Megadeth and pop music just don’t mix well, however…

I love this song and the entire Risk album kill me

No. 110036

Are you me? I hate that I enjoy this song because I don’t want to support Die Antwoord and I know I could just listen to the original Aphex Twin song they sampled from

No. 110039

No. 110040


THE guilty pleasure tbh. Her voice is so awful… she only had bops due to being on the Ed Banger label and having great producers

No. 110074

i love this song and it makes me miss nnd dance videos

No. 110265

>cleaning your tiny ass kitchen with sporadic Fosse choreo

No. 110345

This sounds so trashy and the lyrics are so disgusting, yet I can't stop listening

No. 110373

fuck yeah ayesha

No. 110377

The only troon I’ll ever go hard for

No. 110379

No. 110381

No. 110387

I've never watched the anime, so why do I know this song? Is it a meme or something?

No. 110388


Korn were honestly iconic, they are almost underrated in a way

Also check out their remix of Rihanna's Bitch Better Have My Money, didn't expect it to sound so good

No. 110389

I fucking love this shit. Early 90s romantic music. My grandma used to play music like this when I was a child. It's so sentimental, but it also sounds based as fuck. I love the drum hits, just everything about the way this song sounds is soooo good.

No. 110390

lmao, my friends and i started unironically listening to limp bizkit these past few weeks and now none of us can't stop talking about the literal hits. have you paid attention to the guitar licks by wes borland? or all the experimental breakdowns in most of their songs? good shit.

No. 110393


The only real cringe thing about Limp Bizkit is Fred Durst tbh, the other members are actually quite talented, especially Wes Borland

No. 110395

No. 110396

The lead vocals just ruin it for me.

No. 110409

The amount of DDR music i have in my pc is ridiculous.

No. 110433

Ayrt and that song is tits. My mom was actually super into limp when they were really popular too so their music gives me nice memories of being in the backseat singing with her lmao. They definitely get way more hate than they deserve.

No. 111050

No. 111184

There's nothing guilty about Believe, anon.

No. 111296

This is a great song to dance to and noone can change my opinion

No. 112273

Everything about it is awful

No. 112384

dancing to this drunk at 3am alone in my room pretending there's another person dancing with me. Corona sucks.

No. 112385

No performance more iconic than this, I love how ridiculous Eurovision is sometimes. Breaks my heart it was cancelled this year (understandably so ofc)

No. 112387

No. 112389

i love soft cell, i’d dance with you anon

No. 112394

I never had a phase centered around this type of music when it was most popular, so discovering it in the year of 2019 was a whirlwind. I never looked back.

No. 112395

Same anon, but this song too.

No. 112396

can i tell u something that means literally nothing to anybody else?
my supervisor was the drummer for soft cell before they became soft cell. he's such a square at work (in a nice way) and lives a very domestic life now, but he's a really cool dude. he does jazz drumming as a hobby now. ok i'm done

No. 112407

No. 112422

Found this song after years of not knowing the full version from a Newgrounds game… I honestly dig this style of music. Sounds like shit without headphones tho, I can't find a version in higher quality

No. 112440

this is unironically my favorite song ever

No. 112550

I was rewatching moral orel awhile ago for some reason and came across this song and it hits hard because I’m clinically depressed ..like the worst I have ever been and am coping in very unhealthy and self destructive ways.

No. 112579

No. 112580

File: 1603290896497.gif (1.38 MB, 160x160, tumblr_inline_n6vyj23Mw11soma0…)

best song

No. 112582

Moral Orel is what introduced me to the Mountain Goats way back in the day. The song can hit pretty hard for me too. Hope you feel better anon.

No. 112610

I found this in my local record store a couple years ago. No guilt at all, this is a really fun track that can still blow up on a dancefloor

No. 112628

this unironically. even 5 y/o me could tell they were gay as fuck

No. 112629

No. 112631

Best breakup song 4ever

No. 113666

Cringe if you want but this song and old Avril Lavigne music in general are my guily pleasure. Fuck I love this song.

No. 113671

wtf i saw this as i was listening to under my skin and i barely listen to avril

No. 113698

Kynda Gray & RIN - Ayo Technology (prod. Alexis Troy)
Idk, this kinda slaps.

No. 113699

Why all you bitches so depressed nowadays. Give me some earworm serotonin boosters.

No. 113700

No. 113701

These 2009 white boys cute af

No. 113744

you rang

No. 113748

Alright, anon.. I'll take your A-Teens and raise you B*witched.

No. 113816

this is good, i love the 18th century french courtier theme

No. 113831

for you if you're out there, italo disco anon

No. 113837

I see your 00s teen pop throwbacks and raise you this

No. 113846

right here. i didn't know this song preceded "passion" by the flirts, pretty cool.

No. 113852

The writer/producer, Bobby Orlando, made that one song a few times. I'm not really mad at any of the clones.

No. 113913

that's hilarious. i'll return the favour with an italo track that i love, you might already be familiar with this one

No. 113922

i’m here anon, love u

No. 113925

I wasn't familiar! This is great, anon.

No. 114452

4ever 2009

No. 127072

this is such a dumb bitch song but it's so catchy

No. 127074

surprised that bimbo tiktok girls haven't discovered this yet

No. 127084

it's probably because the singer is norwegian so it would be a pretty random find.i somehow saw it on tv ober 10 years ago and im from a totally different country

No. 127101

I wish you all a happy cringe

No. 127170

same, this should be there anthem

No. 127171

wowzers, where was this all my life??

No. 127209


who put locomia in the quilty bops thread?they are iconic even thought mostly forgotten.

i have to admit stumbling upon locovox was almost life-changing

No. 127559

i lowkey bopped to this, it's not that bad!

No. 127753

I unironically enjoy this

No. 128177

Brendon Urie is a loser but this song goes hard

No. 129337

the amount of times i've listened to this song since i discovered a month go is embarassing

No. 129936

Never thought i would admit to liking a song that sings about necrophilia, but here we are

No. 129968

i really like the cars even though they should so fucking cheesy I really like this song and the guitar riff

No. 132445

This and iCarly.

I already knew what song it would be. Her discography is too addictive.

No. 132449

No. 132581

No. 133279

this song is leagues better than anything corpse husband has ever made

No. 136639

Makes me proud to be British honestly

No. 136672

fuck dan schneider but this slaps

No. 136674

No. 138337

No. 138387

His music is great tbh

No. 138586

No. 139180

loved listening to this at 11 y/o while driving in the car with my parents

No. 139181

No. 139185

No. 139335

don't ask me how I know about this song

No. 139374

this video awakened my bisexuality lol

No. 139375

>that thumbnail
I know how anon

No. 139392

Stop watching weird porn anon

No. 141017

why does soundcloud incelwave slap so hard

No. 141948

I find her persona annoying as shit and I don't care for most of her music, but this one caught me for some reason. I have no excuse

No. 141979

She is really hot and this song slaps.

No. 147287

I'm relatively indifferent to BTS but their fans make me hate them so I generally refuse to listen to their music. I heard the first line of butter because someone added it to their instagram story and like the fucking earworm that it is, I couldn't get it out of my head. Now I can't stop listening to it on repeat, fuck.

No. 147328

I like the grandpa drill rappers too

No. 147330

My kpop guilty pleasure

No. 148269

I don't feel guilty for listening to many songs but for this one I definitely do kek

No. 148433

No. 151319

blackfishing shit aside I hate that I dig the house beat

No. 151341

No. 151380

From car accident awareness ads

No. 151385

And here I thought it's gonna be vid related, kek. Fun fact: it was considered the best song on Battle For The Sun by many, even though it was specifically written for a car crash awareness ad and therefore pretty 'commercial'. Or more commercial than every other song on the record, if you want to nitpick.

No. 151387

I had no idea they did a road safety PSA, it feels like they came full circle from this song title which everyone pre-internet thought was a failed advert for Levi Jeans

No. 151391

I couldn't find the spot or the mention of it anywhere, so for a moment I was worried I hallucinated the whole thing and gave you wrong information. Luckily, Ashtrayheart wiki cleared that up for me:
>The song was originally written for a UK drink & drive campaign. It did not come to fruition so it was added to the album.
Explains why I never saw the ad lmfao.
>it feels like they came full circle from this song title which everyone pre-internet thought was a failed advert for Levi Jeans
Holy shit, that would be one hell of a commercial:
>You're the one who's always choking Trojan
>You're the one who's showers always golden
>Spunk and bestiality well it's an Assisi lie
>It's ahead of me
>You should close your fly
Unless it would only use the instrumental? I could see that working, yeah.
OT, but I've been wondering forever what was the whole story of the girl who was an inspiration for My Sweet Prince. I still hope a bit that Brian writes a biography/memoir someday.
Video very much related to the thread. The band has never recovered from Molko writing the lyrics and especially the opening line.

No. 151435

Ever since hearing this song once I have to play it at least once a day and I have no shame.

No. 151440

No. 151704

As much as I want to like this band, Brian Molko's voice is basically nails on a chalkboard to me

No. 151812

I really like this song musically but I fucking hate the lyrics, they're so scrotey

No. 151829

Personally, his voice was always one of my favorite things about their music. I completely get you though, it's rather unconventional and can see how it could get irritating. I used to feel like this about Emilie Autumn.

No. 152458

This zydeco song is my current confidence booster. The rap 2 minutes in always has me bopping

No. 153072

Honestly, I still love the soundtrack to "Jump In!". One of my favorite CDs as a kid.

No. 153480

Vid related feels like getting a hug from my 12 y/o self every time I listen.
Love her debut album.
One of my fave songs from her, too!

No. 156629


No. 156649

Ever since I found this on /f/ I get my dose every once in a while

No. 156660

I hate to say it, but me too

No. 159466

something about her lyrics and manner of singing makes me cringe quite a bit and I feel like I shouldn't enjoy her songs, but I like music and general mood I guess and also atmosphere of some of her vids

No. 159468

this one's quite hypnotic too, and I like the way she looks here

No. 159502

No. 159508

but anon, you aren't even posting the real cringe.
there's so many russian songs that i know are objectively bad but still i do quite enjoy them. this one in particular reminds me of my mom's best friend screeching along to it in her car.

No. 159522

>that title
is that a theme song of russian lolcow hornyposting threads???

No. 159535

File: 1631142077875.jpg (225.2 KB, 1200x1200, graphic design.jpg)

This is the best and now I can't stop imagining someone's mom shrieking along to the car stereo.
Natali has some truly stunning album covers too.

No. 160992

No. 161753

this sucks so bad, why do i keep listening to it

No. 162431

No. 162784

File: 1633273257754.gif (4.97 MB, 240x426, a wrinkled puss.gif)

It's something about her enunciation.

No. 163325

It’s like, so weird when non-weeb music adds weeb shit, but I like it.

No. 163892

Honestly I think this entire album was full of bangers. His production team knew what they were doing with those songs.

No. 163904

I personally love One Time and I have no shame. In fact i recently danced around in my kitchen singing to it

No. 163934

Has this been mentioned yet?

No. 164083

No. 164085

Yes, I'm fat but this bops

No. 164381

No. 165507

No. 165629

Kek I went into the comment section expecting a shitton of innuendos but it was surprisingly wholesome. Very cute and catchy song

No. 165671

This song has a lot of incorrect grammar in it, it also just seems kind of cheesy. I love it though. Also this band kind of sounds like Abba with metal instruments.

No. 165894

fuck weezer or whatever, this is the true yellow fever anthem

No. 165896


No. 168404

No. 169158

Anyone remember when this was a meme

No. 169160


No. 169162

I miss this period of time

No. 169178

I fucking hate the music video though

No. 169180

Yeeeeah, Carrot Top you go beyond the garden and beee the queen that you know you're destined to be

>pony music to krump to

No. 169185

No. 169187

I love that song, along with every other "we made it"-themed trap song. Idk, I think they do a really good job of capturing the feeling of being less poor than you used to be.

Related, one of my favorite examples from the last couple years.

No. 169194

My favorite "we made it" song is this one with Busta Rhymes and Linkin Park. Like, what a pairing. Iconic. Hilarious.

No. 169211

absolutely based, love it so much too

No. 169233

My contribution. These songs are the only time when bragging feels relatable.

No. 169244

No. 169245

I think this is my favorite bragging song. I really like the video too, makes me feel so nostalgic for the aesthetics of the 2000s.

No. 169261

better than the original song tbh

No. 173999

I'm a full on terf, but 10+ years later I still like this song, that and "Just JB

No. 174233

I got into vietnamese hip hop for some fucking reason, i dont listen to much else these days, i have never even met a vietnamese person

No. 174330

post some recs, I'm curious

No. 174459

Can't listen to anything but them these days

No. 175891

I'm not guilty for liking music like this since I grew up with it but it doesn't fit the other threads

No. 176025


No. 176870

i'm not even albanian

No. 176910

No. 177064

I've had this occasionally stuck in my head for about a decade. Usually before I'm about to have a mental breakdown of some sort.

No. 177413

No. 177731

my god the fucker really sampled tomoko aran

No. 177847

It's probably the fact that he won't sit down and have a week off, maybe get a pedicure and scarf down some Rollos, but fuck am I sick of his whiny voice. So of course there's a new album.

No. 178035

I listen to heavy music but this is pretty good and aged well. I think it's quite unique as well, considering none of their other albums sound like this one.

No. 178102

This is such a bop. I fucking love Paris.

No. 178107

I’m a metalfag but this fucking song just gets me. The music video is good too for no reason at all just seeing these guys dance all goofy in the rain is just strangely wholesome.

No. 178124

I think because I’ve heard the original so often this song sounds strange to me, I like sampling in music usually

No. 178195

KEK AT LEAST YOURE HONEST i love his music with guilt. i know he is an asshole scrote, but he puts out bops

the original isn't on streaming, right? or region locked. maybe the sampling will encourage jp record companies to loosen up their restrictions and realize there's marketability for more city pop streaming in the west (give me chisato moritaka on spotify you heathens)

No. 178829

I’m in Europe and it’s on Spotify for me, I feel like it’s a missed opportunity if they don’t try and make it available worldwide

No. 178843

It's so obvious a moid wrote this but it's so catchy

No. 178844

The better edition

I agree

No. 178848

american spotify only has the english cover version of it. but we also don't have chisato moritaka here either. or earlier ann lewis.

No. 179087

No. 185336

No. 185392

my daddy and my mommy and my daddy and my mommy

No. 185403

the dollar store kpop copy of kazaky had comebacks in the past 2 years and this one especially is a bop

No. 185451

No. 185468


No. 185473

movie night remembers
I have only truly imagined the Art Work album, but this one and Sharp Objects are wonderful

No. 185480

sorry for music sperg but how is this a guilty bop? unironically a 10/10 album. great lyricism given ryan ross was 19 when writing it and the melodies of each song go the fuck off. pretty. odd. imo isn't as memorable comparatively but it's still a fun and overall good album. there's a reason panic lost everything that made the band great with those first two albums and it's because ryan wrote basically every single song and then quit. brendan is just a pretty boy front man with little to no talent outside of his voice

No. 185500

thank you for this nonna. i wish i could go back in time and kill brendon urie brendon urie before ryan ross had a chance to leave panic.

No. 185505

Probably because it just used to be seen as an emo kid album.

No. 287017

File: 1680384356766.webm (3.62 MB, 640x800, tumblr_qpvpxe6naF1xddfa0.webm)

I'm ashamed because I absolutely hate the lyrics. I always come back to it because the dj is just so fun to watch also the version that she performs here is much better than the original

No. 287018

just realised that I have necroed a 1 years old thread to post my stupid post, I'm very sorry everyone

No. 287054

You're forgiven cause I like this thread and wanna post

Rejected a boy when we were 13 and he sent me this, unfortunately bops.

No. 287145

It's a banger, such a cool beat, cringe lyrics are forgiven. Do you have a link to a full set this comes from?

No. 287180

love this though not the guiltiest bop

No. 287251

I think this song falls into the trap that many eng vocaloid songs do where they are unnecessarily long and much of the song's runtime is just a very boring, uninteresting instrumental playing. The lyrics also has a "baby's first song" feel to it with stupid rhyming and contradiction lyrics, though that might be a deliberate stylistic choice I dunno. That being said I really love this cover of this song. This girl just puts so much emotions into it. I love how scared she sounds in some parts and pissed off in others. I legit love the "bullshit liar" part. You can tell she really poured her heart into this cover and it's fun to listen to

No. 287255

samefag I also like this remix of this song. Apieceofonion has made great remixes of some Morning Musume songs which I used to be obsessed with some years ago so I was surprised when I saw he had made an official remix for Exorcism and it sounds greatthough I'm kinda disappointed he omitted the "bullshit liar" part but I doubt it would have worked in the remix anyway. All in all I like all the versions of this song except for the original lol. Anyway that's enough of my Exorcism sperging

No. 287276

LMAOOO that rules

No. 287280

Belladonnakillz songs in general but especially this one is a guilty pleasure. it's so stupid. I listened to it without really hearing the lyrics until one day I was like "…did he just say Faye Valentine and Saya from Blood+?"

No. 287287

I found her from this thread(that's miraculously back!) and I have to announce she has other two guilty bops so far

No. 287813

here you go nonna, glad you liked it, I highly recommend the last song from this, another banger with questionnable lyrics kek

No. 288278

No. 288296

No. 288343

Entire set is so good I listened to it a few times already, thanks!

No. 291675

drain gang music. makes me feel like a 16 y/o white boy but i can't help it

No. 291690

is this what people mean when they call men their babygirls

No. 291902

what did you mean by this?

No. 295234

i aint got no panties on on the dance floor


No. 295317

this song is so fucking good idgaf

No. 295340

This slaps so fucking hard I still listen to it

No. 295342

still embarrassed by my middle school nu-metal phase nonnies, kek

No. 295346

Damn this shit is good, I wish I could add this version to my playlist

No. 295381

No. 297132

No. 297135

I'm pretty guilty for liking this considering that a 12 year old girl was made to sing it with other young girls and then got bullied for it. The video was pedo material and idk why the fuck no one stopped it before it happened…but the song slaps

No. 300470

The hook and production are actually insane (I'm also a sucker for early 10s dance) GET YOUR UMBRELLAS, ITS RAINING FELLAS!

No. 300538

Ayesha Erotica, hyperpop icon in hiding, has so many guilty pleasure songs (she did that Emo Boy song too).

No. 300540

Isn't this one a >she or was that just a rumor

No. 300569

yeah he's a tranny but admittedly many of his songs slap

No. 310314

Coomer song but I imagine of my vidya husbandos instead

No. 312071

I’m sorry but this generic ass EDM song with Calvin Harris and Ham Smith slaps so hard

No. 316622

No. 316623

Same kek but it's Outside with Ellie Goulding for me. Calvin Harris makes the best generic beats

No. 316682

The best Bizkit

No. 316777

I hate Justin Timberlake but this song slaps so hard, especially

>The damage is done so I guess I'll be leaving

No. 317087

Randomly heard this and I really like it. I'm not sure if this would be considered a guilty pleasure, but this guy was like the Justin Bieber of the 50s so it probably is.

No. 324524

it's jovial and cute but it's also nsync

No. 325498


No. 325509

this song is so dramatically cringe but I still love it all these years later

No. 325797

I really like this zodiac song, the actual music video is so cringe (women are zodiac cars in a car show, extreme male gaze from a female artist), but the song is just so sensual and fun to work out to.

No. 325811

My guiltiest guilty pleasure

No. 325814

File: 1696698455355.jpg (162.2 KB, 736x736, 9adc5490e144f1cc50ddb2a187355a…)

"Naaaah, I see the fake love nooooow
Chose the wrong side, now your tеam sittin' ooouuut
Should've stuck with me, I know you see you missin' ooouuut
Good loyal thots sittin' all around the hooouuusе"

No. 325957

No. 328449

No. 330280

this song is so much fun, why does it have to be called cum junkie

No. 330281

sonic has a lot of great osts, no guilt at all

No. 330454

Let me have my hyperpop with actual women singers, I don't care if it's tiktok goofballs anymore. It's going on my workout playlist

No. 330455

god she's butchered

No. 331050

i only listen to lil peep when im sad

No. 331232

Why guilty? It's good.

No. 331236

No. 335705

No. 338039

Found out about Chanmina from this post, I love her now. Been jamming to vidrel recently.

No. 338612

No. 338862

Hated it when this first came out, now I unironcally love it. It’s catchy I’m sorry

No. 338887

I was not expecting David Spade of all people to be in this vid wtflol

No. 338900

Dollar, dollar bill, come get her
Even your man know Nickis do it betteeeeeerrrrrrrr

No. 339012

This guy is like some kind of Russian Marky Mark or something. My favorite lines are
>You're a vampire, I'm Blade 2 (in the first one he didn't have a gun)
>And she cries cries, like in the song "Cry Me a River"

No. 340195

sometimes i secretly listen to DOAXVV music and this track always comes to my mind when i think about my husbando, sorry

No. 340303

Still love them

No. 341152

No. 341218

I'm so glad someone else got nostalgic recently too! there was a rerelease of an old song of hers on spotify that I've been playing a lot

No. 341413

embarrased to still like their music

No. 343106


No. 343158

thinking about Miguel O'Hara

No. 347033

No. 347237

No. 352428

No. 352429

No. 352477

No. 352699

Posted this group's stuff a few times here. An album about being terminally online…
I just like this trashy metal. Forgive me nonas.

No. 353044

No. 353495

No. 353686

This song's lyrics are pretty gross but I love it, would never play it on speakers though

No. 353971

No. 355389

No. 355447

No. 355449

No. 355483

No. 355528

No. 355538

>being ashamed of liking kyary
the weakest link

No. 355580

kyary is amazing, don't let creepy moids have her to themselves

No. 355725

are you ashamed because she was outed as a pedophile?

No. 355760

No. 355762

No. 356193

No. 356476

No. 356506

this post made me look into it and yeah…definitely weird. Kinda disappointed because even if it's the language barrier and she was joking, it's still weird.

No. 356511

her being a shotacon only made me want to support her more, reol too

No. 356524

reol is a shota?

No. 356548

shotacon = someone who likes shota, which applies to her even more than kpp

No. 356625

badly wrote it but i was actually asking if she was a shotacon which i didn't realise

No. 358535

90s and 00s eurodance is my guilty pleasure

No. 358536

No. 361448

No. 361454

Doitsu is love
Doitsu is life

No. 363767

I used to hate pop music but this song feels so much better if you take it with a yandere tone

No. 363788

No. 364302

This mashup is kinda cringe but it's addictive as hell.

No. 364843

No. 367733

No. 367754

No. 367760

No. 367761

No. 367808

File: 1712251096164.jpg (28.66 KB, 600x459, CybuEaUVIAAF_HV.jpg)


No. 367883

"I’m like a mouse, and he’s like a house
I love my boyfriend he is so much bigger than me"
I have a soft spot for parody music and joke songs and I can't get this out of my head.

No. 367896

i’ve been obsessed with this song since it came out

No. 369635


No. 369672

Found this song because I've never liked Arin Hanson

No. 369755

Great post anon. I've unironically loved this song since it came out. Shame that Arin started to get boring when Game Grumps fame got to his head. The music he makes with Danny is lame as shit, unlike this fun track. I wish we could go back.

No. 369780

File: 1712863973830.jpg (329.85 KB, 800x556, kittymusic.jpg)

Nonitas please recommend me your favorite upbeat/happy pop song, it's ok if it's super famous already

No. 369799

No. 369813


No. 369819

Lol you beat me to it, I kept meaning to post that song here

No. 369826

Based margarita anon

No. 370041

basically any songs by the pogues

No. 370119

why guilty?

No. 371048

No. 371200

The lyrics to this song are crazy and I can’t tell what they’re saying half of the time but I love their music so much

No. 371795

anon who posted her a long time ago I hate you. Shit like this gets stuck in my head. I hate whatever she is doing with onlyfans and her attempt to start pimping girls but her songs are fun and catchy

No. 371809

I'm like this but with this shelley duvall looking girl

No. 371824

I used to have the Kung Fury app on my iPad until it stopped working

No. 371855

No. 371901

No. 371975

kung fury had BOPS. it sucks the second movie is stuck in post-production hell and all that legal bs.

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