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File: 1546981366033.jpg (59.5 KB, 1200x675, DF0Vaw0WAAEmZGB.jpg)

No. 7318

last thread >50546 is about to lock. post the best boys.

No. 7319

Severus Snape. Or really Alan Rickman. RIP.

No. 7320

File: 1546985524735.jpeg (112.9 KB, 750x881, 291083E3-5709-4278-92AC-38DBB0…)

Yes. Jason Isaacs too.

No. 7321

File: 1546986837731.jpg (99.75 KB, 750x1000, jin-kazama-tekken-mobile-2017-…)

You plebs, not real people. Husbandos.
Jim Kazama can pin me down and do whatever he wants. I'd love to hear him talk dirty to me. I want him wear the gloves too.

No. 7322

Severus Snape is not a real person, unless I have been misinformed. If we're talking 2D media men though…

No. 7323

File: 1546989654167.jpeg (534.98 KB, 1922x2001, 05B38154-7A96-42BF-9B21-7CA48A…)

Uhh, well I bought dead by daylight two weeks ago and honestly… I didn’t think I would consider anyone my husbando….but Micheal Myers happened.

No. 7324

File: 1546990644539.png (92.69 KB, 175x486, Leon_S._Kennedy.png)

Leon Kennedy but only from RE4

No. 7325

File: 1546990714374.jpeg (65.58 KB, 278x400, Lars-Alexandersson-298695-full…)

I love his edgy devil form and his sweet half uncle

No. 7326

File: 1546990898998.png (1.07 MB, 1280x1294, 63f0b455-bfd8-47dc-aba2-d27351…)

I see a lot of people who dislike his looks in the remake, but i think he's pretty hot

No. 7327

File: 1546991568843.png (363.33 KB, 900x675, terry_bogard____ngbc_victory_p…)

No. 7328

File: 1546992084177.png (178.78 KB, 350x358, blake.png)

Probably the most obscure one on this site

No. 7329

definitely not the most obscure from what's already been posted. do you want brownie points for reading edgy fanfic-tier webcomics or what

No. 7330

>Pact is a webcomic

No. 7331

you know what I meant

No. 7332

>most obscure
I raise you my husbando being a character I created.
Peak husbando-ism, doesn't get better than that.

No. 7333

he's a qt its just not the same face model that first charmed me

No. 7334

File: 1546997802003.jpg (114.48 KB, 850x581, Spider-Man_IntoTheSpider-Verse…)

i would die for this man

No. 7335

File: 1547006596357.jpg (72.23 KB, 1041x1355, 5f37835c5945093bea56be5867376a…)

look i know voltron is a shit-tier fujoshi magnet but i just really, really want to dom lance

No. 7336

File: 1547006650434.jpg (64.56 KB, 743x1076, keithics___voltron_x_ffxv_by_s…)

also keith is cute too

No. 7337

File: 1547008180470.png (110.01 KB, 500x486, tumblr_ob0l2tgGvU1rhyck2o1_r2_…)

Spark is soooo hot

No. 7338

File: 1547009605733.jpg (7.68 KB, 480x360, humanshrek.jpg)


No. 7339

File: 1547011533328.png (681.13 KB, 675x1200, tumblr_o2k1czLOm11r2yje9o1_r1_…)

I love Maccready…I have way too many husbandos, might make a chart showing my top ones when I'm not lazy…

No. 7340

File: 1547011726475.jpeg (818.8 KB, 1125x2155, F59166CA-5F02-4222-AEE5-34204F…)

Vasco is so cute I love strong teddy bear men

No. 7341

File: 1547012350126.gif (2 MB, 640x480, fry.gif)

i've had a thing for him since i was a little kid and i still think his dumb face is adorable.

No. 7342

File: 1547019927779.png (1.2 MB, 1174x667, akiyama.PNG)

I want Shun Akiyama to fuck me with his clothes on while being tipsy. His breath smelling like cigarettes and whiskey. His slightly hairy chest dripping with tiny beads of sweat as he pulls up my skirt and fondles my breasts from behind me… god, that five o clock shadow rubbing against my cheeks…

No. 7343

File: 1547030184972.jpg (96.04 KB, 632x663, Miles.jpg)

Edgeworth has been my number one husbando for 10+ years and no man will ever take his place in my heart.

No. 7344

God-tier taste

No. 7345

I lol'd

No. 7346

File: 1547059832496.jpeg (70.52 KB, 519x618, fullsizeoutput_2ba.jpeg)

a+ taste anon

No. 7347

File: 1547067633798.jpg (424.41 KB, 1280x1771, tumblr_pedjfbjHVs1utnjhmo7_128…)

I'm so fucking ashamed but I've been thinking a lot about Levi. I recently started reading Attack on Titan again (I dropped it when the coup arc started) and as I expected it's a trainwreck and at this rate I'm only reading it for him.

No. 7348

File: 1547069051658.jpg (68.95 KB, 424x512, c74d978029a9ba06fdd0d18e39c0c0…)

I want him to handle me the way he handles his 86. I want to live for him.

No. 7349

File: 1547074664280.png (243.56 KB, 512x496, Fernand_Echoes.png)

I'm not even sorry.

No. 7350

File: 1547095428920.jpg (789.21 KB, 1080x1298, Screenshot_20181217-203604_Ins…)

No. 7351

File: 1547096132967.jpg (55.17 KB, 587x839, c1683c002cc73ea999fc622a2fe847…)

I wouldn't mind me doming me hard, ngl. I love him so much, kek.

Maybe Encyclopedia Dramatic was right about my husbando. I wanna do kinky stuff with him.

No. 7352

File: 1547130558803.jpg (145.49 KB, 958x638, wallendrance.jpg)

I wish .hack was more popular, forever crying about lack of merch or even fanart/fanfiction.

My heart cannot go on like this, I need more of him in my life

No. 7353

File: 1547131775619.jpg (273.83 KB, 730x730, _tarot_card__solas_x_sariah_la…)

my canon is solavellan but let's be real. Cullen is best boi, best romance 10/10

No. 7354

File: 1547138254985.jpg (21.26 KB, 300x400, ,3.j.jpg)

No. 7355

File: 1547138645793.jpg (634.75 KB, 800x711, 9274620174639.jpg)

Well, actually I'm way too old for this vampire shit. But I'm digging him so hard. fml

No. 7356

File: 1547139241195.jpg (18.86 KB, 425x240, Crisis-Core-Final-Fantasy-VII-…)

hurt me

No. 7357

I want to hurt him in an unsexy way.

No. 7358

Same kek. TBH Genesis and Angeal were also unbearable, CC is a piece of shit and makes me very worried about the FFVII remake

No. 7359


I'm sure plenty would want to. Idk what it is with pretty faces and cruel personalities. Kadaj and Loki do the same to me.

No. 7360

CC would have been better with no Gackt self-insert.
There is defintely a huge risk that the remake could be wanky and have none of the original spirit - if it ever comes out.

No. 7361

File: 1547145114045.jpg (59.91 KB, 960x544, 1781915_481396691970290_927524…)

Lmao me too anon, it's a guilty pleasure of mine. I like listening to the CD dramas too…reji is my favorite haha…ayato is hot too though

No. 7362

File: 1547155499222.png (358.73 KB, 602x959, XY_Wikstrom.png)

Pokemon has so much sexy guys

No. 7363

File: 1547164080243.png (345.95 KB, 495x1054, Steven_artwork.png)


No. 7364


My one true husbando and soul mate. I relate anon.

No. 7365

File: 1547166176920.jpg (194.61 KB, 770x1037, pizza_time_by_sassygreninja_dc…)

God damn it anon I came in here to post him.

No. 7366

File: 1547170061810.gif (2 MB, 500x540, tumblr_nfprg8RWHr1qatcfzo1_500…)



No. 7367

File: 1547179591286.png (122.12 KB, 454x288, Travis Moe Transparent.png)

I love this stupid loser.

No. 7368

File: 1547179965135.png (2.66 MB, 1936x4662, chara.png)

#1 husbando for so many years

No. 7369

I nutted so hard when i first saw reji. love me a good asshole with glasses guy. 10/10 taste in vampires anon.

No. 7370

File: 1547181767005.jpg (518.47 KB, 1920x1576, sweetdaddyholyshit.jpg)

He looks his best in TEW2 with the face scruff. I fucking love ragged looking dads. God i just want to ride his face in to the sunset.

No. 7371

File: 1547188983059.jpg (78.92 KB, 700x421, red-dead-redemption-2-5af01147…)

john will always be best boi

No. 7372

File: 1547206478760.jpg (173.58 KB, 620x617, 859431433085943.jpg)

>love me a good asshole with glasses guy.

I used to hate shitty anime glasses guys, but I guess I'm a convert as Ichinomiya is my husband now. The type make great subs.

No. 7373

All you have are a few sound clips of him orgasming. You barely know what he's like, how is that husbando material to you?

No. 7374

I never got the animu husbando thing despite being a fan of embarassing fluffy otome CDs, but after listening to his Stockholm syndrome story I thought hey, that's a guy I'd marry. Feel free to judge me massively, kek

No. 7375

File: 1547291032481.png (837.02 KB, 889x1218, Godot_Portrait.png)

Godot can slurp my coffee anytime

No. 7376

Good taste, anon.

No. 7377

File: 1547296620894.jpg (728.85 KB, 1000x1806, Nikkari.Aoe.full.2144438.jpg)

My love. Too bad he isn't real. Just in 2.5D.

No. 7378

File: 1547308879169.jpg (103.27 KB, 900x1240, 267a2d5103fc5535acc38016b9d7eb…)

These two are a couple of hotties but for some reason I also ended up crushing on this spiky haired dork and no one ever talks about husbando-ing him (from what I've seen).

No. 7379

File: 1547322190714.jpg (55.64 KB, 600x600, Vaas_3.jpg)

I'm still not over how they did my boy(friend) dirty by killing him off so quickly. I could listen to his crazy tirades forever.

No. 7380

I'm not familiar with your husbando but his character design is very pretty.

No. 7381

File: 1547351166474.jpg (434.56 KB, 842x631, Kyoya_Ootori_with_a_drink.jpg)

Always been a big fan of shitty glasses guys. Kyoya Ootori was my first at 12 kek. Also what is that fine collection of lines from, I'm not up to date on weeb shit.

No. 7382

They just said. Its from an otome cd

No. 7383

File: 1547397182766.jpg (130.24 KB, 596x811, ilikeike.jpg)

He's so strong and sexy

No. 7384

File: 1547398191629.gif (1.76 MB, 540x635, 687474703a2f2f7468656861736874…)

tell me how you got all those scars

No. 7385

File: 1547399039149.jpg (80.89 KB, 600x842, 0e75deb55ba2cce8dd1ba435977f41…)

He is Nikkari Aoe from Touken Ranbu. A dude manifested from a sword that can cut down ghosts. And also short, cute, horny AND cool if you ask me. Here is an official pic of him chilling in winter.

No. 7386

yes daddy

No. 7387

File: 1547428593912.png (1.25 MB, 1080x964, JIN.PNG)

I really don't like many older scruffy looking men but Geralt is an EXCEPTION. I love his sense of wit.

Also I want to sperg about Jin Kazama again, he looks so good in this outfit. I want to unbutton it for him while we make out.

No. 7388

File: 1547489322981.jpg (431.98 KB, 1100x632, dazai.jpg)

I'm embarrassed

No. 7389

He is cute though, too bad about the suicide obsession.

No. 7390

File: 1547500015398.gif (1.78 MB, 500x444, tumblr_o39jhc7bmC1svkfqgo1_500…)

I love him… He loves his friends and family and yearns to be connected to people. But one thing I hate is that the fanbase portrays him as the perfect chad all from just one scene.

No. 7391

File: 1547502673849.png (1.17 MB, 1095x1500, tumblr_nj5ab2VTcy1r3qiawo1_r2_…)

That's just the western fans though. It's like when they portray the p3 protagonist as an edgy emo when he's a teenage boy with depression for very good reasons who actually can be sassy or happy, or when they constantly portray Yukari as a hateful bitch when she's one of the least stupid characters of the game.

No. 7392

File: 1547506988510.jpg (321.64 KB, 650x690, 25194335_p0_master1200.jpg)

Yeah, you're right. It's also the same fans who usually want to deny the fact that Yu and Yosuke don't have deeper feelings for each other than friendship. Why not accept both the bromance and possibility of a romance?

No. 7393

File: 1547510174633.jpg (53.1 KB, 478x521, 147f754da6911f1f265929589920.j…)

… please don't ask

No. 7394

File: 1548171654778.jpg (85.46 KB, 473x477, strade.jpg)

Where my mentally unstable bitches at?

No. 7395

File: 1548177418934.jpg (455.61 KB, 1080x1440, 20190122_181610.jpg)

Same, He was the only reason that I started playing RE4 (but I kept playing for the cool story…the castle part with Salazar is fantastic imo). I've always think that he looks like a younger version of David Bowie.

No. 7396

File: 1548181027571.jpg (40.06 KB, 301x497, 32093255303_79bc428722_b.jpg)


>tfw none of the CGs look as good as the sprites

No. 7397

Ikr. We'll never get a decent view of him killing us. I want a part 2 with polished artwork.

No. 7398

File: 1548189464922.gif (1.3 MB, 245x365, dbced633-c81f-4065-9616-a33593…)

For a second I thought that was Bigby lol

No. 7399

The gore was really the best part imo, and the perspective wasn't bad as far as the setting/room. But playing the whole route being shown this fit-looking dude with a nice jawline, good proportions, and then you get to an ending and he just…doesn't look the same? I felt like it didn't match up with what had already been presented, I don't know how to describe it. Kinda took me out of it. /sperg

No. 7400

File: 1548193561039.jpg (55.57 KB, 356x659, 831b65b375c0d3cfdac1ddfad08901…)

Would let Bigby tear it up, tbh

No. 7401

dont let shuwu see this

No. 7402

File: 1548199438697.jpg (104.26 KB, 500x500, tumblr_n4gxuzkhJS1tzo6qmo1_500…)


I don't keep up with shoe. is she so delusional as to somehow believe her anthro-potato-sack of a boyfriend compares with the walking, talking, chainsmoking bicep that is Bigby Wolf?

No. 7403

I’ve had a crush on Fry since I was a teenager. Despite being really dumb and apparently having bad hygiene, he’s really sweet and fun. His love for Leela also warms my cold, black heart. Most guys aren’t like that.
This pic set reminds me that Emma Watson’s mouth really bothers me, for some reason.

No. 7404

File: 1548205248192.gif (2.78 MB, 540x468, majima_goro.gif)

I don't usually like older men but damn, he can get it.
(And also Majima no matter what age but that's because hes…Majima) <3

No. 7405

I fantasize about being captured by him and he rapes and kills me on camera.
Either that or he puts the shock collar on me and I get to stay in his house forever.

No. 7406

I fucking hate majority of MAJIMA fans because most of them are fujos, but they can never make me stop loving him. It's too strong.

No. 7407

>Majima fans are fujos
This is news to me. In what circles? Tumblr?

No. 7408

mostly twitter and tumblr. i'm glad you haven't run into the worst of the fandom.

No. 7409

File: 1548226164695.gif (2.98 MB, 295x370, 06708D37-4491-4148-BA1F-4993EF…)

i love this Cowboy Game Pixel Man™ way too much.

No. 7410

File: 1548238582538.png (971.51 KB, 805x1136, hc1.png)

he's like the kind of husbando you want to beat the shit out of, but you also love him so much.

No. 7411

He's a dream come true! That uniform, ginger, the pure raw power that radiates from him. I reverse searched and he's from star wars. Can't believe I'll watch the new star wars just because of him.

No. 7412


until you figure out he is a complete useless idiot

No. 7413

File: 1548264928507.gif (2.22 MB, 500x298, tumblr_p840ye9Hjs1rsntc8o1_500…)

same anon same
I would die for arthur
and I haven't finished my first play through yet (on chapter 6 but I accidentally spoiled myself so I know the ending ugh) but im so excited to start my second play through already

No. 7414

i love yakuza 0 majima the best. i would die for him
i don’t like him in the rest of the games, tho. majima goes from being literal perfection to a tokyo cringe compilation

No. 7415

True. I still like him in the other games because he's so retardedly insane but I wish the personality gap was better explained in some lore or something. I guess it can be chalked up to he's free and just doing whatever he feels and/or he put on a persona that's a little bit based off Nishitani's personality.

No. 7416

File: 1548304316262.jpg (68.72 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (1).jpg)

In Yakuza 4 and 5 he starts to mellow out compared to 1 through 3. I liked seeing his soft side in 4 the most. He was mysterious, but definitely had a set plan.

Minami though…

No. 7417

i'm the anon that posted the pic of hux and >>7412 is kinda right, lmao. they built him up decently in TFA but in TLJ he was cast aside as almost a comic relief character. we got reason to believe he's going to make some big bad comeback in the next film but i wouldn't get my hopes up.

he's a stupid idiot shithead but i love him for it.

No. 7418

File: 1548389819055.jpg (85.84 KB, 1280x720, Space-Dandy-Essential-06.jpg)

did someone say stupid idiot shithead?

No. 7419

File: 1548490792097.jpeg (133.25 KB, 1000x1340, F111A259-EF4B-41E5-937A-5DA836…)


No. 7420

Never thought I'd see my dickhead ex's art posted on here.

Oh Arthur… I'm not used to seeing him with hair but I loved him with a shaved head and mutton chops!

No. 7421

who is your ex? I thought this was concept art

No. 7422

Yeah he did concept art for the new NMH game and some other shit. A quick google will find him.

No. 7423

Damn I liked the art too. Sorry he was shit

No. 7424

File: 1548526890814.png (329.59 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2019-01-26-19-18-36…)

damn is he onision or what? good riddance anon kek

No. 7425

Haha yeah. Pretty funny and really quite cringe. Happily away from it all now. Soz for derailing. Get back to posting hot husbandos.

No. 7426

File: 1548588702953.jpeg (272.2 KB, 1754x1241, 99489316-7BDF-46FF-83BC-843E72…)

not sure if this counts but here is my husband (female)

No. 7427

File: 1548673401358.jpg (446.49 KB, 800x1200, 54530662_p1_master1200.jpg)

Oh shit, I'm not the only Lonely Driver!~

No. 7428

Fuck ikr

No. 7429

where does that come from ?

No. 7430

We have a thread for female characters too.
Drama CD called Namidame.

No. 7431

File: 1548680228261.png (163.26 KB, 316x400, wocky.png)

I like him the most in his younger (Dahlia-era) and older forms.

I've been replaying the games again and the whole series sure is an excellent husbando factory.

No. 7432

Omg ily, anon! Great taste! Keisuke is top tier husband material.

No. 7433

File: 1548817403216.png (3.7 MB, 1160x2510, Hercules_Character.png)

Best Disney husbandos?

No. 7434

File: 1548821557519.jpg (127.64 KB, 500x464, eugene.jpg)

Eugene for sure

No. 7435

This is the only acceptable answer.

No. 7436

File: 1548837129807.jpg (41.99 KB, 650x488, HADES.jpg)

This hunk.
I used to pretend to have sex with Hades as a child and imaginary Hades had 4 pillows to support his head while I made out with him.

No. 7437

4 pillows? thanks anon for a good laff, very cute

No. 7438

File: 1548873237682.gif (913.45 KB, 500x281, tumblr_oasvbkraLq1sn85r2o1_500…)

No. 7439

i hate AoT and its fans so much, have never touched any part of the series, but yes, Levi is such a hottie and it kills me.

No. 7440

The first season was pretty cool when it came out, nothing amazing though and I wouldn't bother watching the rest at all. If you're a little curious about Levi, giving s1 a try wouldn't hurt. He's got a real hot scene in one episode too.

No. 7441

noooo anon please tell me which episode

No. 7442

Here's the scene which has a much bigger impact if you watch the series and have some context but I hope you're sub/masochistic. Unless you like domming doms lmao

No. 7443

this is perfect holy shit
i dont know if i want to dom him or if i want him to dom me

No. 7444

File: 1548935480051.jpg (125.29 KB, 1143x1061, taboo boy.jpg)


No. 7445

File: 1548940300277.png (145.03 KB, 397x386, Demyx_B_5★_KHUX.png)

Now that Kingdom Hearts 3 is out, I'm reminded of my favorite Organization XIII member, Demyx. I love his stupid mullet.

No. 7446

God I love this sweet sweet boy I don't want to spoiler anything but plot wise I thought he was going to have more involment into the story after that announcement

No. 7447

File: 1548945909761.jpg (16.67 KB, 500x278, Izaya's_Switchblade.jpg)

Help me I feel like I'm 14 again

No. 7448

can't help, dude's hot as fuck.

No. 7449

he looks like a 14 year old kid drawn by an edgy weeaboo.
I don't get how you can be attracted to characters who are drawn in a style this shitty, but to each their own

No. 7450

lets see your husbando.

No. 7451

Already posted and he's not an 3edgy5u doodle

No. 7452

Honestly I don't care about his design, it's the character himself that's hot.
But yeah he's the living definition of edgy.

No. 7453

is this like the weeb version of "only dogs like bones" or whatever?

"real women don't like doodles!"

No. 7454

File: 1548951088996.jpg (193.14 KB, 1620x2160, 99bb6ebbf44846df1da906bdbc2f1d…)

No, I am repulsed by the chara design in Durarara and the character's personality in general.

No. 7455

>spyderco blade
Noice. Your husbando is shit though.

No. 7456

File: 1548966088262.png (1.25 MB, 1366x768, Shizuo_Heiwajima008.png)

shit taste

No. 7457

agreed anon, shizuo best

No. 7458

File: 1548971585252.png (725.23 KB, 1180x941, Shinra-Kishitani-Ep04.png)

You're both wrong.

No. 7459

No. 7460

File: 1548983929256.png (901.23 KB, 985x1509, Shadow_the_Hedgehog_Archie_pro…)

I've accepted it at this point

No. 7461

File: 1548991332351.jpg (119.52 KB, 674x672, 1526782647372.jpg)

but why

No. 7462

Best durarara boy

No. 7463


No. 7464

File: 1548992724760.png (408.19 KB, 800x450, 62AB501D-8D92-4240-A982-5E7A5E…)

No. 7465

File: 1549001529204.gif (1.03 MB, 500x280, 3602EFDA-C2B1-40B4-8C81-71DBDE…)

First and still best husbando

No. 7466

File: 1549001828052.jpg (85.77 KB, 1280x720, Hyouka-06-houtarou-smile-misch…)

No. 7467

File: 1549001987620.jpg (82.13 KB, 850x1200, 38a015db331609bdc1d8545d791b1c…)

No. 7468

File: 1549002742783.jpeg (345.66 KB, 2390x1702, 0417015A-F646-43B3-8489-965690…)

No. 7469

File: 1549015464994.jpg (15.67 KB, 300x250, tumblr_pf0n2aND3N1umbop0_540.j…)

No. 7470

File: 1549019340723.png (636.38 KB, 853x1067, Kovu.png)

I had a huge crush on Kovu when I was a kid.
I sure am glad it didn't turn me into a furry though.

No. 7471

he is cute, shame the anime was so fucking boring tho

No. 7472

File: 1549046832030.png (208.29 KB, 500x500, 5b2.png)

id let him manipulate me

No. 7473

Lol no shame Kovu is handsome

No. 7474

Simba was my choice when I was little. I had this big stuffed animal of him and would pretend I was having sex with him but because I didn't know how sex worked yet, I would just kind of lay on top of him and pretend we were doing it anyway

No. 7475

File: 1549049318582.png (650.11 KB, 900x1285, tumblr_mxcscoMzKj1s79rkko2_128…)

it's fucking 2019 and i'm still into him

No. 7476

Did you grow up to be a furry?

No. 7477

No I always thought that shit was weird, same boat as Kovu anon. I was just retarded as a kid

No. 7478

Anon what the fuck, same

No. 7479

I want him to bother me the way he bothers Kiryu. What a fun guy

No. 7480

I mean, why ?

No. 7481

nta but it's kind of disney's fault for trying to make people want to fuck animal things. this and the fucking robin hood movie are to blame for all that mess. the lion king movies were really confusing as a kid…

No. 7482

Based anon

No. 7483

Characters in costume at disney = fursuits
Disney originated the whole thing. i agree in all seriousness

No. 7484

cooks well, can be funny and badass at times, considerate, polite. other than being a perv he's a great guy

No. 7485

File: 1549419298714.jpg (29.77 KB, 480x480, sangwoon.jpg)

say what u want about killing stalking but murderous chad dom is a hottie

No. 7486

File: 1549448312643.jpg (25.51 KB, 317x292, large.jpg)

this has to be the worst one. Anon what's hot about a rapist that will chain you up and break your legs?

No. 7487

Sorry anon he has ugly eye bags.

No. 7488

>the worst one
But theres another husbando posted in here who rapes you in his basement and horrifically mutilates you in multiple ways for his snuff films

No. 7489

I was hoping it was anons from the bad art thread being ironic.

No. 7490

He's been posted here for years. He's cute too so why not

No. 7491

File: 1549496649908.png (1.52 MB, 1059x1059, Garrus.png)

Being a teenager was confusing times.

No. 7492

File: 1549502622555.jpg (347.28 KB, 1920x1080, garrus1.jpg)

Fuck, you have no idea how excited I was when ME2 made that a real option. I was always disappointed with the fact that we couldn't in ME1…boring ass romance options.

No. 7493

I'm sure he has a nice personality, but looks difficult to kiss.

No. 7494

File: 1549504113259.png (39 KB, 848x470, Iimage.png)

No. 7495

Cute. And he has two batmans on his chin.

No. 7496

File: 1549506059671.jpg (85.62 KB, 450x640, Yuri.Lowell.697824.jpg)

Playing Vesperia since it just got remastered for PC. I live for long haired cuties

No. 7497

File: 1549508758082.jpg (101.47 KB, 1280x720, Connor.jpg)

Cute android husbando

No. 7498

File: 1549509012212.gif (726.68 KB, 500x258, tumblr_o19zswxJ9x1uyku5so1_500…)

I really wish Joker was a romance option

No. 7499

File: 1549510273182.jpg (159.86 KB, 1200x800, 221ad9695e769e2e836daf0537e1bd…)

Ugh, so did I!! Good taste, anon.

No. 7500

I really liked Troy Baker in that role. Good taste, anon.

No. 7501

Wym these anons just have to succ on his < shaped mouth

No. 7502

File: 1549557855180.png (142.07 KB, 420x420, 2017e54439f0938eaff65018fa5791…)

This degenerate shitter.

No. 7503

File: 1549583945485.png (588.65 KB, 520x472, 1221.PNG)

i like joseph but old joseph has the biggest daddy energy

No. 7504

Fight me

same tho, he’s my favorite muppet

No. 7505

>having the hots for a cheater


No. 7506

File: 1549631514135.png (365.68 KB, 900x918, DAHQi7XUwAAK8wc.png)

Stupid sexy hairy purple cyborg aliens.

No. 7507

File: 1549633641856.gif (721.31 KB, 500x452, EC530AE3-74FA-48A3-8FAA-0A610B…)

I’ve been into anime since I was twelve and I’m ashamed to admit that Mirai Trunks is the hottest character in all of anime to me

No. 7508

File: 1549653270406.gif (499.29 KB, 500x200, lvjj84npQI1qgwjmxo1.gif)

skyrim bae
still kinda butthurt that he kept ignoring me after i finished the quest line. bethesda, why can't i marry him????

No. 7509

I had a dream once that I met him, he was a car mechanic specialiing in classic cars from the 1950s. He let me pet his fur and it was incredibly soft. Good choice of husbando.

No. 7510

File: 1549673380303.png (515.63 KB, 700x735, C-A5XW_VYAArPnJ.png)

I know you. You are lucid dreaming anon. I envy your Sendak dream.

Good luck trying to score with Lotor in your dreams, by the way.

No. 7511

File: 1549673837719.jpg (9.75 KB, 307x228, DBZGSM4.jpg)

same. also gohan when he was the great saiyaman.

No. 7512

I see we've crossed paths before! Thanks for the encouragement, I hope every girl here gets to pet her husbando in a dream somenight.

No. 7513

Yeah, we've chatted in the Voltron threads before. I've had Sendak dreams before, but I don't remember getting to touch his fur. One day…

No. 7514

I like your taste anon. Seungbae is starting to grow on me as well.

No. 7515

i won't lie, i read the whole of what's out so far in one day. i'm ashamed but i came for the porn then stayed for the story tbh. stoked for the finale even though it's undetermined

No. 7516

File: 1549713342010.jpg (37.02 KB, 397x639, 4603808-5515011646-44414.jpg)

Good taste

I don't know how snake/big boss hasn't been brought up yet.

No. 7517

>>7494 his life is bittersweet but the fact he never stopped being optimistic caught my eye and he loves his daughter to know end is admiring too, he made me open or extend my preference to older men who are good with children…

No. 7518

Kek when I first started reading KS I read all of the available chapters in one day too. I know it’s just supposed to be edgy yaoi but the storyline is actually interesting.

I’ve never played MGS but Big Boss is one of my favorite vidya men

No. 7519

File: 1549756321564.png (408.33 KB, 540x550, morgan.png)

i know he's already been posted but i finished the game and i will say it: i would die for arthur morgan.

No. 7520

I was about to post this anon, forget John…

No. 7521

File: 1549848945038.jpg (73.6 KB, 1200x628, 0_Fh-rR5Ea166IBs1__.jpg)

I've always had a small thing for Dean from The Iron Giant.

No. 7522


Fucking A+ taste there anon

No. 7523

>>7519 anon, he's hot!

No. 7524

File: 1549902165947.png (514.06 KB, 453x584, leonbelmont.png)

Beautiful, noble and in need of a new wife.

No. 7525

Great taste slurp

No. 7526

File: 1550033030375.png (488.95 KB, 760x1000, tumblr_on186xsTeT1rl0s2xo1_128…)

He's pretty obscure but I'm quite smitten with Artemy Burakh/The Haruspex from Pathologic

No. 7527

File: 1550077646835.png (5.49 KB, 322x25, garrus.png)

ok which one of you is this

No. 7528

File: 1550177888660.gif (3.41 MB, 250x250, tumblr_pldsfbHyea1qh1qauo3_r1_…)


No. 7529

Ick, not in that form

No. 7530

He's cute here too, you guys are just mean

No. 7531

He looks botched as fuck and nothing like he did in 4. It's pretty bad.

No. 7532

who's that

No. 7533

File: 1550193312726.gif (156.27 KB, 600x369, leon.gif)

he's a cutie, don't see how he looks botched.

I do miss his RE4 face model though. Doubting it will be brought back since they're moving on to motion capture.

No. 7534

File: 1550196551244.png (211.06 KB, 930x930, Souda.Kazuichi.png)


ntayrt, but google says it's Souda from Danganronpa

No. 7535

What is it about him that looks so off-putting, I know it's there but it's hard to put into words? Hyper realism? It seems like every company is doing that and it fucking sucks.
There's something about RE4's Leon that is irresistible to me. I think it's how smoldering his eyes look. That and the high collared shirt.

No. 7536

File: 1550218258146.jpg (66.64 KB, 1280x720, resi-4-1.jpg)

The hyper realism is a valid complaint. I think saying Remake Leon looks botched because of his facial contours is picky AF but the hyper realistic textures are a more reasonable criticism IMO. I think it is more noticeable with Claire though. I suppose enough people will disagree with this but I like my games to look like videogames and excessive texture and detail isn't appealing to me

I thought Resident Evil 4 had really nice skin textures on all the (normal) human characters. Very soft and matte looking, and I prefer the muted color palette they used for Leon's skin and hair. He also has more tired looking eyes (which I like).

No. 7537

File: 1550224513263.jpg (104.2 KB, 1280x720, 521c8495-fac3-45f4-805a-711851…)

I think they did their best to make leon look realistic yet similar to the previous games.

My only complaint would be that remake's hair color sometimes looks straight up gray

No. 7538

Nta but he looked realistic in 4 but now they just made him ugly. I mean why completely rearrange his face? He looks gross now.

No. 7539

File: 1550226467411.jpg (110.56 KB, 800x504, leon.jpg)

The one place I think they really messed up on is the lips. His new lips don't have any texture, reminiscent of lip injections. In 4 the fullness of the lips is concentrated in the center while in the remake the whole perimeter of his lips look fuller.

Interestingly though the face model looks pretty damn close to RE4 Leon (but younger). I wonder why the in game model doesn't look more like 4's game model given the real actor looks close.

No. 7540

File: 1550232168629.gif (999 KB, 245x250, giphy.gif)

Looks nothing like each other to me. The first thing I noticed that was different was the nose, face shape, and eye area. Ah well, I'll choose the merchant over leon at this point

No. 7541

>tired eyes
To be fair it would make more sense for him to look more ragged at that point, whereas in RE2 he is a rookie and just getting introduced to Umbrella’s BS

No. 7542

I would take him to pound town

No. 7543

Hey now the merch can get it, he's always prepared, is mysterious, has a deep voice.

Imagine the merch dramatically opening his coat to reveal a plethora of sex toys

No. 7544

Mm MMM I'd like to see him in hd ;^) just woke up n im already horny

No. 7545

File: 1550430861263.png (1.27 MB, 1200x800, junkrat.png)

not sure why

No. 7546


No. 7547

File: 1550445653977.jpg (163.22 KB, 668x885, 65749179_p6.jpg)

Hendrik is cute! Cuuuuuute!

No. 7548

File: 1550459978965.jpg (42.99 KB, 700x396, oh god oh fuck.jpg)

i relate to this to a lesser extent, but i love roadhog more.

something about roadhog makes me think he'd be a sweet boyfriend. i don't even care if he's got a scarred-up face underneath that mask, either - if anything, that just makes me love him that much more.

No. 7549

File: 1550481190580.gif (1.77 MB, 268x150, e44c1fc8bbe3d471a163b332b7eaf5…)

Why the FUCK hasn't Prince Sidon been posted?

He's the husbando to end all husbandos.

No. 7550

He’s the type of dude that would semi fuck you and then say “you can do it” once you pull out the dildo to finish the job bc he’s that useless

No. 7551

File: 1550508772351.png (274.24 KB, 750x778, rayman.png)

I've had a crush on him since I played the first game as a kid in the nineties.

No. 7552

What, because he didn't go into Vah Ruta with Link? It only happens that way for meta reasons and you know it.

It's a video game. You're supposed to do in alone. Remember how annoying it was when the Zora princess "helped" you with the Jabu Jabu dungeon in OoT?

Anyway, Sidon would be super generous, come on. Do I need to bring up the two dicks thing?

Also, people have non-sexual reasons for liking characters. Sidon is really sweet and earnest? He's so excitable, like a golden retreiver. Also I love his sharp teeth abd cat eyes.

No. 7553

i love sidon so much. my favorite part of botw. top tier taste anon

No. 7554

No. 7555

File: 1550516156296.png (1.21 MB, 1580x1200, 742d549ac12843994ef71765848120…)

had a dream we were getting married

No. 7556

File: 1550525309648.jpg (147.23 KB, 1128x640, yusuke.jpg)

Impeccable taste, anon.

No. 7557

File: 1550527700294.gif (265.25 KB, 872x632, 1496956188426.gif)

oh, stop it you

No. 7558

I never really cared for him but this pic is making me sexually frustrated. I need some anime lips to eat me out rn fam

No. 7559

File: 1550568030423.jpg (77.69 KB, 710x1000, 7ef81d8732b24e82da5353a1b4307b…)

i unironically like his pretentious dub voice better than the japanese
i'm so sorry sugita, i just can't stop thinking of gintoki

No. 7560

File: 1550985411184.jpeg (54.14 KB, 630x438, B6638C9D-B2EF-4AEA-B070-214E9A…)

No. 7561

Who is this?

No. 7562

Looks like John Redcorn from King of the Hill

No. 7563

I have such a stupid crush on him. RE4 Leon was my first crush but he's not bad either.

No. 7564

File: 1551036189034.jpeg (83.63 KB, 1080x768, 0D64E847-C1FB-48F1-8982-1424FB…)

Aww yeah anon

No. 7565

you get me

No. 7566

File: 1551123567892.jpg (214.84 KB, 529x810, dokuga.jpg)

I hope the anime won't suck

No. 7567

Me too. God tier taste anon.

No. 7568

File: 1551126213800.jpg (44.67 KB, 1280x720, Okabe.jpg)

I hate myself for this

No. 7569

File: 1551126524750.jpg (15.58 KB, 736x311, help.jpg)

have had a crush on him since i watched the movie. it hurts.

No. 7570

File: 1551126649096.jpg (354.43 KB, 1920x1090, ohno.jpg)

a more recent crush. he's from a comedy anime but his personality is just… adorable

No. 7571

Native guy loving anons, is this you? From the fetish thread?

No. 7572

Nah, I'm not in that thread (yet, anyway), I just had a huge crush on little creek as a kid.

No. 7573

File: 1551210614313.png (244.91 KB, 565x683, Chapter_Cover_003.png)

I love Hoozuki because he doesn't judge a woman by her looks and says traps r gay and he is handsome and so on
very nice. I hate that Teruhashi girl, the show would be better without her.
Also the chuunibyou kid is qt as well.

No. 7574

Oh, kaido! Yeah he's adorable c:

Teruhashi is annoying, but useful for my secret self-insertion because she's entertaining when mad abt it uhuhuhu

>inb4 im a degenerate

i already know

No. 7575

File: 1551215071355.jpg (45.59 KB, 225x350, kaido.jpg)

woops dropped the pic

No. 7585

bitch wtf the thread got yeeted, are we just gonna keep splintering the categories?

No. 7590

Would it be "yeeted" or "yote"? "Yate"?

No. 10566

File: 1551355926520.jpg (46.8 KB, 1080x608, 50485545_355522468368444_15233…)

I admit that KH3 turned out to be pretty fucked up in the end, but Axel/Lea in HD blew me away. I've always had a thing for him, but now he's just .. oof. Beautiful.

No. 10625

File: 1551419592622.gif (2.93 MB, 450x268, tumblr_pki2vy0lcG1w1vq2jo8_500…)

Machine Connor…

No. 10626

File: 1551423028340.jpeg (214.41 KB, 1000x1186, 8CE91B65-5B09-4D14-B2F9-1D8557…)

I would do fucking anything for the iron bull and if you wouldn’t do the same you’re a coward and a fool.

No. 10627

File: 1551423151887.jpeg (79.1 KB, 500x760, 9A56E41C-1689-4CA8-8278-CECDB6…)

Doubleposting, but Sado is also walking sex and would also take care of your pets. A

No. 10631

File: 1551429178709.gif (1020.83 KB, 500x294, died.gif)

Vincent from Catherine.

I don't know why I'm so autistic about the combo of fluffy hair + chin scruff. even SHAGGY has it going on imo

No. 10633

>I don't know why I'm so autistic about the combo of fluffy hair + chin scruff. even SHAGGY has it going on imo

ah, i see you're a woman of culture as well.

No. 10634

dear god anon are you me

No. 10636

GOD I have such a huge fucking boner for Sado, I want him to break me in half… but like, in a sexy way.

No. 10653

>>10626 god, that things he can do to me is beyond my mind's limitation. A loving but rough lover in bed, kind, loyal and strong and very appealing to the eyes… what more can a person want?

No. 10659

File: 1551458094216.gif (2.69 MB, 540x282, 1514821758_tumblr_oxu8268shh1v…)

ok i know he's a damn robot but i'm absolutely crazy for cayde-6

No. 10662

File: 1551459423058.jpg (385.83 KB, 1920x1080, Turian_Ark_Not_Dead_Yet.jpg)

He is so cute, the light flickering on his cheeks almost looks like he is blushing. I love masked/alien faced characters like this, like Turians from Mass Effect, I didn't even play that game but they are so cute. I love their faces, especially their mouth shape. Also they wear cool armor.

No. 10664

File: 1551460142814.jpg (46.53 KB, 455x400, Nihilus.jpg)

While we're being weird Darth Nihilus has got some really nice meat on him despite being a gaping wound in The Force.

This picture isn't the best but he's got really beefy arms and shoulders. Every other guy in the game looked misshapen and dumb so of course those were the ones that hit on you.

No. 10666

File: 1551463289341.png (183.66 KB, 1109x832, screen-shot-2018-04-11-at-9013…)

he is a qt3.14

I've got it bad for the Netflix Lost in Space reboot robot even tho i've never watched it haha whoops

No. 10680

File: 1551489645191.jpg (243.55 KB, 1100x832, Adachi Smoking.jpg)

Adachi has been my one and only husbando for 6 years straight and I have no plans to change that.

No. 10689

Me too anon,,

No. 10690

File: 1551505344916.png (1.81 MB, 1258x2100, Link-the-legend-of-zelda-38939…)

Link was my first 2d crush, and I'm still thirsty for him after all these years
Especially TP Link

No. 10699

File: 1551537006932.jpg (71.3 KB, 368x558, Zedd2.jpg)

I used to think Lord Zedd was hot

No. 10702

File: 1551547148009.gif (2.82 MB, 409x409, 32344492_379218599263267_66520…)

Seconded. Link is a fucking snacc. He's the perfect mix of butch and femme.

No. 10703

anon wants to slurp that soda

No. 10705

File: 1551552171848.gif (816.83 KB, 500x367, 1496342997_Spik Spegel.gif)

Best man

No. 10725

File: 1551572998353.jpg (49.84 KB, 1272x530, tumblr_messaging_pnrjpn17kg1tz…)

Watched the movie 5 times because of this douche

No. 11906

File: 1551715515052.jpeg (27.55 KB, 178x200, AEF31BF3-6042-4BB9-A5A4-C1B3FB…)

Forever my husbando, we’ve been going strong since 2013 <3

No. 11909

File: 1551715624609.jpg (92.33 KB, 540x540, tumblr_panf5mgeMP1rpl94uo1_540…)

I knew about all the Reigen thirst BEFORE I started watching Mob…but here I am falling for it…I am ashamed.

No. 11921

File: 1551718624801.png (181.6 KB, 500x437, GOODSHIT.png)

Best boy tbh

>I am ashamed

Anon pls don't be he's a good character

No. 11922

deadass thought this was a Guy Fieri edit

No. 12683

File: 1551741668978.jpg (62.95 KB, 600x750, IMG_920.jpg)

I can't help myself, I'm so in love with him…

No. 12702

File: 1551744901770.png (105.4 KB, 300x300, thumb_large_33cac5c83d6ae3f35e…)

the fact that i actually end up listening to those cd drama like asmr of him is a huge sign of desperate and thirsty… it's less cringy than reading a reader x him on wattpad… god, no.

No. 12706

>>11906 he's basically my criteria to what I seek and always attracted to with the men irl, anon.

No. 12713

File: 1551745779920.jpg (63.37 KB, 1170x658, syndrome_the_incredibles_3.jpg)


No. 12720

File: 1551746100772.png (232.56 KB, 400x400, 9EB113DF-17DF-464F-A39A-21959B…)

Same here anon. He’s so sweet and everything I wish guys were lol …tall, fit, loyal, handsome as fuck, likes cats as a bonus

No. 12746

I struggle to understand this one

No. 12768

File: 1551763608386.jpeg (57.66 KB, 513x768, 5389F79E-75EF-4853-AD9E-E7C53F…)

Going on 10+ years
I know he doesn’t have much of a canon personality but it’s hinted at just enough for him to be exactly my type.

No. 12794

Leon seems to have been many a girl's first crush.

I'd be interested in seeing if they'd ever remake RE4 with updates textures on Leon's RE4 face model.

No. 12869

Tiger is a super qt!
I don’t know anything about T&B but let me tell you that everyone I’ve met who ever liked that anime was always pleasant to be around.

No. 12902

File: 1551809578837.png (889.05 KB, 1400x700, Hirata.Akihiro.full.2442704.pn…)

I rarely get into husbandos but damn, this one with the long hair, quitting smoking really got my heart.

No. 12932

File: 1551814055320.png (1.98 KB, 156x156, rando.png)

He's so pure

No. 13036

File: 1551857724894.png (280.95 KB, 500x469, tumblr_nm434wsWdM1tpfyz5o1_500…)

i actually think watching cowboy bebop at a young age gave me a smoking fetish
thank god it doesn't extend to real life

No. 13056

>>12768 matt deserves the attentions he gets… too bad for a character that would have potential in the anime

No. 13067

File: 1551885648576.png (77.6 KB, 483x455, tumblr_pldwlnYZXK1rcbkkgo1_128…)

Best boy. Absolutely adorable in-game as well.

No. 13119

I save him every play through

No. 13195

What game is this?

No. 13201

Dark souls.
praise the sun

No. 13268

File: 1551991243554.jpg (2.5 MB, 3264x3264, husbandoss.jpg)

i obviously have a type as you can see from the pics.

I get so obssessed with male characters that look like a real manly man but are VERY KIND, witty, respectfull and would never hurt or think bad about woman(exactly like Ethan chandler from penny dreadfull).

I sometimes get so fucking depressed because i know i could never find a man like this in real life.

No. 13311

ugh yes

No. 13321

File: 1552020192138.jpg (56.51 KB, 630x630, 2113535_1.jpg)

14-year-old me or so was legitimately in love with Zoro

No. 13322

File: 1552020444146.jpg (452.75 KB, 1016x1485, Family.jpg)

Tamahome from Fushigi Yuugi, too. Teenage hormones are one hell of a drug

No. 13323

File: 1552020908088.png (35.28 KB, 256x256, Roronoa-Zoro-icon.png)

I just remember being embarassed about it and that it just happened that I fell in love with the grass-haired man. I think I was even embarassed in front of him because he was so cool and I just a lame teenager

No. 13335

Good taste anon, who is the one in white?

No. 13416

File: 1552055600082.jpg (46.22 KB, 466x466, 51VsOhJchxL._SX466_.jpg)

That's the actor Charlie Hunnam playing Arthur.
The pic is from the movie King Arthur: Legend of the Sword.

No. 13425

File: 1552059072741.jpeg (98.2 KB, 612x868, C643937A-8C97-4EE6-AC96-FE3407…)

Step aside plebs this is the best boy from the entire series

No. 13448

I hate the finale of Penny Dreadful for what it did to Ethan and Vanessa. Good show, bad end.

No. 13455

Oh god same I think he was my first husbando ever. But after getting further through the series he got pushed to second place by Trafalgar Law lmao

No. 13468

Another anon, and agree completely. FUCK that ending! Vanessa deserved better.

No. 14719

Shit and basic taste, we all know best boi is Aizawa

No. 14759

Shit taste Bakugou is only good for mob doujins.

No. 14776

File: 1552139318033.png (960.62 KB, 852x772, nice.png)

yeeeeeeees. Origami Cyclone is so qt as well despite his weirdo eyebrows

No. 14813

Catch these hands you condescending thots

No. 14833

Go back to /b

No. 14834

File: 1552164009887.png (570.27 KB, 540x610, vdmc5.png)

Has anyone married V and his pussy pillow lips yet?

No. 14835

File: 1552165176303.jpg (408.86 KB, 1262x1290, 1548282705104.jpg)

Kek it's ok to have basic taste anon, no need to get angry

Honestly, can't go wrong with Parker

No. 14836

File: 1552165954316.jpeg (252.75 KB, 750x405, FAB77972-2BCD-4940-B743-12D1FB…)

my favourite misunderstood edgy boi. i’m still pissed that the kh3 creators completely ditched the backstory they wrote for him

No. 14838

File: 1552171915683.jpg (93.39 KB, 620x947, 2g21nzxtr8x01.jpg)

Supposedly hes based off this guy

No. 14843

File: 1552177726162.png (682.95 KB, 868x678, kano.png)

Really looking forward to seeing this nasty asshole getting his ass kicked again

One of my top husbandos tbh

No. 14926

File: 1552192352489.jpg (257.92 KB, 776x1080, 1551587303435.jpg)

I want vergil to judgement nut inside me

No. 14943

Looks like he wants to listen to Atreyu and play tony hawks underground and gives no head. Sorry anon

Looks like he'll give head. Noice

No. 14946

No. 14955

I have and I'm not even into Devil May Cry

No. 14958

What are you basing this on? Anyone who thinks Vergil is a good lover must not be a DMC fan or blinded by his looks
I mean, who wouldn't want to make babies with this ideal father of the year? Kek

No. 15482

You're right. I'm definitely not a dmc fan lmao. Still looks better than the emo kid

No. 16866

File: 1552370976716.gif (3.73 MB, 500x278, tumblr_pmpk26v0yl1qzhf3uo2_500…)


I would normally agree but this particular edgy emo kid did something to me

No. 16888

There is a reason why I think V would be a better partner than Vergil. Read if you want the entire game spoiled: V is a manifestation of Vergil's human side after he split in two to become 100% powerhungry demon. V actually bonds with Nero while Vergil doesn't even know that he is his adult son, just ripped his fucking arm off

No. 16954

File: 1552406282036.png (78 KB, 261x500, The Ghoulfather from Yo-Kai Wa…)


No. 20073

File: 1553018243760.jpg (47.02 KB, 922x1199, DdOk1yyU8AE23fz.jpg)

I think about him all the time

No. 20324

File: 1553065826982.gif (2.66 MB, 500x417, 424.gif)

I fucking love this cutie. I haven't had a crush on a vg character in years but DMC5 basically reawakened the crush I had on Nero back when I was like 12.

>hwn love and protect you and turn to you for advice in his time of need

>ywn go on devil-hunting adventures with him, only admiring him from afar because he's in a long-term stable relationship
why live

No. 20325

File: 1553066467392.jpg (98.76 KB, 900x900, photo.jpg)

Was in love with this fuck when I was 12. I'm almost ashamed.

No. 20329


I wanted to be kagome so bad lol

No. 20418


No. 20641

File: 1553250886190.png (366.6 KB, 595x1038, 7QxW7jc.png)

Am I a furry now?

No. 20660

File: 1553265724033.jpeg (40.64 KB, 512x458, DB7C0BED-E426-4066-A8FB-0DFE69…)

his thicc eyebrows and menacing expressions make me feel things

No. 20662

I like thicc eyebrows. Who is it?

No. 20669

File: 1553274198757.png (1.52 MB, 1366x768, 1552745307721.png)

Same here anon. I have never played a DMC game but after seeing how fucking cute Nero is in 5 I couldn't help but start. He was cute in 4 but god this smug, chad look does something for me. I also love how he is so edgy around everyone but becomes sweet and awkward around Kyrie. What a perfect boi.

No. 20671

File: 1553277439218.gif (429.14 KB, 500x458, ikNNNvX.gif)

Makoto Hanamiya from Kuroko no Basket
Not a major character, but appreciated every second of his screentime

No. 20680

Thanks. Too bad I don't like basket.

No. 20681

File: 1553280754549.gif (1.54 MB, 540x372, 9d628053-be4a-4aa2-877f-12aa40…)

Same here lol

Him and new Leon are super cute

No. 21639

File: 1553292888320.jpeg (133.14 KB, 1280x770, 5D086A88-2309-4E50-8CB2-1CB5B4…)

God this render has me in some type of way.

No. 21648

Hell yeah, such a rare pick but it’s true. Hendrik a cute.

No. 21680

File: 1553323089049.jpg (97.08 KB, 449x640, aomine.jpg)


haikyuu is actually my fav sports anime, although kuroko isn't bad, it's by the same studio and even if i dont like it as much as haikyuu i cant deny that its entertaining - plus great character design and animation

also love aomine

No. 21691

File: 1553332374836.png (219.64 KB, 1012x1557, 0002 - x2.png)

Thanks for the reminder to post my own basketball husbando.

No. 21693

File: 1553334309720.jpg (9.03 KB, 225x225, index.jpg)


The og best boi. Even though I've always been a Sendoh kinda gal.

No. 21695

File: 1553334797134.jpg (583.74 KB, 1920x1080, 1420226684801.jpg)

Inoue draws such beautiful characters, I think the majority of them are husbando worthy based on art alone

No. 21698

File: 1553335364265.jpg (67.67 KB, 930x680, e3f48cad8d8bb6b2e704e92183a23b…)


Agreed. He's an incredible artist.

No. 21715

File: 1553349268205.jpg (23.07 KB, 225x350, 311594.jpg)

mob is qt
he recently dethroned my husbando of 8 years, karkat

No. 21726

File: 1553362468777.jpeg (1.46 MB, 1920x1080, 6263B346-A2E4-44A4-8BFD-D6A992…)

Harry’s cute fucking emotional abusive ass from Outlaw Star. He was my first ever husbando and the reason why pretty boys are my weakness.

No. 21751

File: 1553377609874.jpg (75.26 KB, 500x445, tumblr_owgt3jvOh41r3ydbpo1_500…)

I would have sex with both of these men. I love how elegant and erotic they look. Inoue is one of my favorite artists.

No. 21752

File: 1553378579341.jpg (230.03 KB, 861x1236, 71TY7kJBo9L.jpg)

Thanks for posting this artist anons, I've been looking into his work and enjoy how elegant yet still masculine his male characters are.

No. 21758

Shota anon, is that you?
I wish Mob was an adult character because I'd feel the same if his age didn't make me feel squicky.

No. 21766

File: 1553389105429.png (2.22 MB, 1130x1476, a116fb71-9452-4850-8915-19cf7d…)

I love mob as a son

Reigen is mad sexy though. I read a post about pegging him and now I keep thinking about it…

No. 21769

File: 1553390802191.jpg (304.52 KB, 750x1103, Vagabond v01 155.jpg)

Conveniently enough he's also amazing at writing, Vagabond and Slam Dunk are among the best manga ever.

No. 21771

File: 1553392908122.jpeg (103.58 KB, 743x780, 1CC569E3-32AF-4332-A83E-6DB1C7…)

This probably explains my trash dating life, but I still can’t get over Kaiba. Especially after they made him ripped in Dark Side of Dimensions. This cocky, tall freak has my heart but he would probably rather fuck the pharaoh

No. 21777

Hnnggg me too Anon, ugh imagine Kaiba begging you for it… My first husband -heart eyes-
Reigen can fucking get it, love this sleazy motherfucker

No. 21781

File: 1553401334233.jpeg (971.62 KB, 3840x1600, v.jpeg)

I want this edge lord to fuck me up something fierce. Nero is my boy but god damn I can't stop fantasizing about V.

No. 21790

File: 1553407653501.gif (2.54 MB, 500x280, V-devil-may-cry-41806786-500-2…)

yes anon. I was worried I'd hate him based on the first trailer I saw him in but he's edgy in a fun way. His scan model is a total babe, Capcom chose well.

No. 21809

File: 1553414588409.jpeg (192.96 KB, 750x963, A344E6F1-AEA5-4366-821C-77B6B5…)

speaking of TEW

No. 21814

>worried I'd hate him based on the first trailer
same here anon. I remain pleasantly surprised by how much I adore this character. I wonder if there are any good smut fics about him yet lol

No. 21830

File: 1553438394749.png (936.63 KB, 1243x855, JBVAL.PNG)

I had the biggest crush on these idiots when I was a kid, especially Jhonny

No. 21849

File: 1553452486895.jpg (155.64 KB, 1200x1200, 1553149312277.jpg)

Looks like everyone and their mom wants the V. I don't blame you.

No. 21863

File: 1553458547867.jpeg (62.7 KB, 640x822, B6E95F9E-60DB-4DB9-A397-6C332E…)


No. 21869

nah shota isn't really my thing, occasionally i'll find myself attracted to teenage characters but i just pretend they're older so i don't feel as weird about it

No. 21909

File: 1553486163306.png (927.24 KB, 615x764, Lucien_Lachance_Card_Art.png)

Yeahhhhh…. Still obsessed years later

No. 21911

File: 1553486461002.jpg (2.01 MB, 2560x1707, trump-win.jpg)

my nibba trump(husbandos are 2D)

No. 21915

File: 1553500536474.png (226.21 KB, 392x371, 002f7b4049e547b8c23e340e270cef…)

haha I was aware of ffxv years ago but i recently had taken interest on the game but fuck… this man took my heart and ripped it into shreds, especially in his thirty year old look… and i cannot lie, i'm jelly on luna. She dig that man in the afterlife.

No. 21918

I love his voice, and how goofy he is.

No. 21942

File: 1553527005015.jpg (60.42 KB, 1024x576, 1553500941651m.jpg)

No. 21973

Shit anon, that's beautiful. Where did you find it?

No. 21982

On a dumb thread on /v/

I couldn't just keep it to myself

No. 22004

File: 1553561078847.jpg (84.13 KB, 511x710, DGJTc2ZUQAAvVNL.jpg)

I wish it weren't, but the Soulsborne series is like a husband factory for me.

No. 22007

File: 1553562914824.jpg (80.16 KB, 1000x600, 21654d25e512ea9ae5ad984ec94715…)

kyrie's a lucky woman.

hell yes anon, Alfred is such a qt

No. 22009

File: 1553563144997.png (1.17 MB, 1280x817, tumblr_ostg2w5FCf1r099vio1_128…)

No. 22014

File: 1553566817563.jpg (126.44 KB, 869x1200, DsrO9vSW0AI0Y-s.jpg)

Nice. I really like how polite and innocent he is despite all that homicidal rage bubbling underneath. I also like characters with martyr complexes like him.

No. 22075

File: 1553616362683.png (120.27 KB, 471x750, tumblr_p9pxnrCgxO1ro5yi5o2_r1_…)

damn you stupid sexy doctor
wish he wasn't a fucking sadist

No. 22105

File: 1553637294859.jpeg (63.39 KB, 360x520, 518C5D17-86A9-4F76-8533-046C4C…)

Slightly embarrassed about this because he doesn’t even have any facial features in most of the official artwork lmao. Still find him attractive even after all these years since I first played OFF though.

No. 22110

File: 1553641350705.gif (890.7 KB, 500x281, oof.gif)

Been picking husbandos since I was like 5 years old but spider daddy is the strongest one so far.

No. 22112

File: 1553644491000.jpg (179.29 KB, 1080x1080, tumblr_pozff8sBns1rduu1vo1_128…)

A little (NSFW) treat for the other V fans in the thread.
It's some of his breathing and grunts compiled together.


No. 22113

File: 1553645017164.png (99.2 KB, 300x204, 300px-Vash-the-Stampede-Trigun…)

i binged the anime like 5 times. 99% it was his fault

No. 22114

File: 1553645025146.jpg (261.02 KB, 826x1200, 69862530_p0_master1200.jpg)

girls is it weird to wanna fuck your own cells?

No. 22117

damn his VA did not have to go in like that

No. 22122

File: 1553653519052.png (600.21 KB, 1051x802, b5962eddcc00a8fc46e2fc578c4fa6…)

Basically all non-cdi links are cute but oracle of seasons/ages link and link's awakening link are tied for my fave links and botw is a close second

No. 22125

File: 1553662085980.png (179.74 KB, 850x478, 39465547675_39e83cc82c_o.png)

Please God let me kiss Majima

No. 22215

He's so perfect and unique. I've never seen another man like him

No. 22245

File: 1553771797050.jpg (397.57 KB, 750x1000, 2-2.jpg)

If you don't stop talking shit about my idiot husband living his best life I'm going to find you IRL and fight you

No. 22256

File: 1553775229948.jpg (17.13 KB, 236x330, 547458282024b20a7beb97a9eabb72…)

Makes two of us then.

No. 22303

File: 1553794204984.jpg (24.64 KB, 428x494, 8e9feb98b41a90cf4cb2ed1b5ab251…)

this is a hot take but…possibly the best boy in existence

No. 22310

isn't he underage here?

No. 22329

it was in the latter parts of shippuden, so i'd assume late teens?

No. 22331

why does it matter? he ages in the series.

No. 22333

the only adults into naruto are people who watched it as kids, so calm down. there's nothing wrong with looking back fondly on a childhood crush.

No. 22356

File: 1553833390891.jpeg (96.79 KB, 1000x570, CAD301ED-F209-4BDC-ADCD-EFC69E…)

middle aged widower still got it

No. 22377


Omg I love Ryotaro Dojima, best dad (and daddy).

No. 22447

I usually hate daddy/older men types and I didn't notice how attractive he could be at first but as time went on, I found myself looking at him more. I think it's his voice actor that sells it for me and the fact that I'm aging lmao.

No. 22500

I didn't used to be into a lot of older husbandos, especially the more grizzly and masculine ones until I aged either, anon. When I was like 15 I was purely into bishounens but once I hit 19-20 I began appreciating the older, masculine spectrum of husbandos.

and voice is a big factor for me too. if a character has a sexy voice in addition to what I see as a sexy appearance it's a selling factor for me

No. 23229

File: 1554131739906.gif (1.76 MB, 500x500, tumblr_pmz9qjSlel1xgxpzko1_r1_…)

>tfw no hot powerful elf mage bf
why live

No. 23252

File: 1554143121501.gif (791.42 KB, 473x293, tumblr_ntxvhgVJrq1u1ry24o2_500…)


No. 23254

I used to have a thing for him too especially his OoT and SSB:M incarnations.

No. 23400

File: 1554226358339.gif (1.2 MB, 435x250, IdealShinyCreature-small-1.gif)

fuck I love his don't give a fuck attitude

No. 23422

File: 1554233144516.jpg (497.83 KB, 1280x1163, waifu.jpg)

I just find something about his voice so adorable.

No. 23475

File: 1554249413887.png (226.95 KB, 400x400, 04597897-C8A5-4200-9A45-100A4F…)

underrated haikyuu jerk
he even has a tongue piercing

No. 23484

File: 1554251888449.jpg (38.33 KB, 540x635, f82d649689b19556a8e4c416814d34…)

He's tied with dulse for my favorite SuMo pokedude

No. 23493

File: 1554255102991.jpg (89.45 KB, 477x355, 2019-04-03 03.31.21.jpg)

No. 23504

He is the son of a shepherd!

No. 23505

…Why? Isn't he in like middle school too

No. 23522

File: 1554285079917.jpg (101.77 KB, 1280x720, wbc.jpg)


White Blood Cell is sweet and a hard worker dedicated to protecting you. He is also hot and already inside you uwu

Him and Red Blood Cell are super cute together though NGL. Its not the deepest most developed romance but no potential pairing haw made me 'awww' so hard in years.

No. 23583

File: 1554310862981.png (53.85 KB, 512x384, 51-Trauma_Center_-_Under_the_K…)

Tyler Chase from the Trauma Center series, specifically his Under The Knife art… idk. just handsome

No. 23616

He's a fucking snack in breath of the wild

No. 23617

Yess hes hot af. Too bad he gone

No. 23618

Kovu was my husband. I'm glad it didnt turn me into a furry either lol. I actually named my current cat after him

No. 23926

File: 1554459384186.jpg (53.1 KB, 780x768, 4f579b429aa0aa946b232872367708…)

I've had a crush on him since I was SIX. Absolutely no reason for me to be having these feelings toward a psycho dragon-fucker but the heart wants what it fucking wants I guess.
>tfw you will never be a huge wise powerful dragon with a cute psycho human bf
why live

No. 23927

You played/was allowed to see that crazy game when you were 6?!
Agree though, Caim was handsome and Angelus was cool.

No. 23928

lol yeah, my mom liked playing it actually, and when I was too young to really get much out of actually playing it myself I would watch her play. I have many fond memories of her leaning over and covering my eyes during particularly gory cutscenes lol.

No. 23930

Those giant maneating babies were fucked up to watch even as an 18-year old. You were a pretty metal kid.

No. 24273

File: 1554602582195.jpg (48.92 KB, 500x800, 3f35c69adee0ce7c3ba2902065fc71…)

Faba is my favorite husbando from Gen 7

No. 24277

File: 1554603821305.png (760.27 KB, 1200x675, 2015-10-11-10_41_29-The-Witche…)

yes papa, leave me in our big manor to ROT

No. 24288

File: 1554608457365.jpeg (116.03 KB, 1280x722, 83547DD9-FFA3-454C-AB86-2224CF…)

I actually prefer Mori when he's in shaggy doctor mode over his vampire cape ensemble with the ponytail. He's hot either way but he looks more natural like this. I wish they'd kept him looking like this for longer than a few scenes.

Most of the Bungou Stray Dogs guys sans Akutagawa (yikes) are unfairly hot, tho. It is a treasure trove of attractive bishies.

No. 24298

File: 1554614823436.jpg (105.21 KB, 300x250, 1190076.jpg)

I didn't really like the anime but i watched every episode cause i thought he was cute lol

No. 24420

File: 1554673890375.jpeg (144.45 KB, 635x865, F0B18A50-A6B5-4274-B9DC-CC1AE6…)

Good taste anon!
Not a Tokyo Ghoul fan either but the manga and anime are full of wasted design potential on a husbando and waifu level.

No. 24818

File: 1554852477342.png (1.43 MB, 1334x750, 6E3B5E81-57D7-4410-B92C-F6990B…)

I had the biggest hots for Shigure, Hatori, Kyo, Hatsuharu, and the rooster guy from Fruits Basket when I was like 12-13, it's still one of my fav manga of all time. I'm so happy to see it getting rebooted with an updated art style oof, bout fucking time

No. 25432

I want to bully him

No. 25442

File: 1555096126927.png (436.29 KB, 834x834, 20190412_210848.png)

Dropped pic

No. 25513

Me too anon, me too.

Also, pretty fucking excited for Bloodlines 2.

No. 25543

File: 1555145174025.jpg (30.96 KB, 500x281, tumblr_m98eroucTe1qjlwa8o1_500…)

I was just watching an art restoration video and this scene from The Girl who Leapt Through Time popped into my head. Chiaki's whole deal made my heart hurt.

No. 25544

File: 1555145382145.gif (970.21 KB, 500x244, e8bf99124c7ba7e324c250cc4b9b9d…)

No. 25629

File: 1555181587071.jpg (69.74 KB, 551x1003, D24p1DPVAAAxWxo.jpg)

YES. I'm not even into Devil May Cry and I'm thinking of getting the game just for V. He is basically my 2d dream man.

Thank you anon. This is truly a blessing.

No. 25632

anon that pic is adorable
>tfw no demon panther friend

No. 25651

No. 25735

File: 1555219172559.jpeg (531.38 KB, 2048x2048, F0797BBF-3155-4527-B97D-2234DA…)

Red rich orc is my #1

No. 25807

File: 1555243644620.jpg (104.15 KB, 801x547, a17a95b35833861959377219bb30bd…)

garou from one punch man.. i cannot wait to see him in s2

No. 26143

File: 1555357096878.jpeg (125.07 KB, 1280x720, 0E04C14E-575C-43FE-991E-31AB68…)

I think I have a weakness for floppy brown hair

No. 26244

File: 1555412092936.jpg (1.43 MB, 640x960, cXCyaCY.jpg)

I'm so fucking thirsty for all of em

No. 26256

File: 1555423413404.gif (938.32 KB, 500x500, 414609e054d5d80165db9290119590…)

rin okumura is too underrated

No. 26296

File: 1555433560616.png (181.7 KB, 872x632, F83CC13D-D07F-4304-A576-2C6704…)

my thirst for many the adult men in persona is real and tangible

No. 26358

File: 1555468091394.png (176.24 KB, 850x550, sebastian_by_hillary_ravenian-…)

Cutest husbando coming through (Sebastian from Stardew).

Does anyone know any other cute goth bois? There's not a lot in fiction, the closest is usually just generic edgy villains and stuff.

No. 26400

File: 1555490311765.gif (97.78 KB, 500x718, tumblr_ncoaz8jlvP1rpsmato1_500…)

>tfw I will never enslave a cute fairy demon twink with a bowlcut and a cool scarf
Cu Chulainn is cute too and great in battle but I don't like to let best boy evolve ;-;

No. 26435

File: 1555493510682.png (173.42 KB, 267x385, 27E647C3-0214-407C-A872-AB483C…)

moana’s ancestor made me feel things when i watched the movie - strong, kind, good leader, fine af…

No. 26436

File: 1555493544134.jpeg (229.1 KB, 612x380, 2FF4F1EA-7D31-4C04-8886-6D1DF4…)

No. 26455

Wait who is this? He's cute.

No. 26462

File: 1555514555368.jpg (12.9 KB, 300x195, C_Chulainn2.JPG)

The demon Setanta from the SMT series

No. 26472

Yan Qing is the biggest fgo snacc

No. 26541

That's true but I wasn't talking about fgo lol

No. 26594

File: 1555559495223.jpeg (63.99 KB, 465x566, 5FFAB731-E189-42C7-90CE-D1BD39…)

need myself a JJ anime

No. 26682

Oh whoops lmao. Idk why I glazed over smt been playing too much mobage.

No. 26754

File: 1555626056394.jpg (267.87 KB, 1066x1600, 0057-001.jpg)

metal bat is the only man i need

No. 26802

Garbage taste, don't see how he is husbando material for you. The only thing he has going for him is his interesting character design. I can only imagine his nasty coffee breath smelling as foul as his awful personality.

No. 27070

File: 1555723400877.jpeg (7.43 KB, 225x225, 21047651-8D00-439D-982A-850992…)

I will never find a man who looks and has a personality similar to makotos and that makes me emo.
there wasn’t enough of him in s3 and I will never forgive Kyoani, hopefully s4 will be better

No. 27184

File: 1555776912312.jpg (97.03 KB, 736x1102, a75e337ed7751cac0e13eebec5ea1b…)

I kinda hated myself for thinking so, but he was the hottest guy in YOI. Imagine being married to this level of ego though.

No. 27215

>tramp stamp
what a tacky hoe

No. 27216

You have no idea, kek.
Those are his initials!

No. 27273

The only guy in all of anime that genuinely looks like a white fuckboy lmao

And that tat…why

No. 27441

Yeah the combination of thick brows + tan skin + blue eyes really made him stand out among the others. to me his ego is great and makes him even better lmao

No. 27604

File: 1555896688987.jpeg (106.77 KB, 589x684, A07AF78C-D540-4132-A3E4-49A784…)

Not what I conventionally go for, but I love his vampiric look. The fact that he got a small shirtless scene is icing on the cake.

No. 28359

File: 1556186149105.gif (2.01 MB, 250x313, tumblr_ovkwswn79n1w5qrkwo4_r1_…)


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