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File: 1584336178526.jpeg (41.38 KB, 468x655, images (59).jpeg)

No. 79211

Discuss about your favorite ship(s), vent about sinking or sunken ships or rant about ships that you hate from any movies, tv series, animation, books, games, so on and so forth.

Or just some nice art of them couples you enjoy.

-No ship wars derailing.
-No "I ship character with myself", that's what the husbando and waifu threads are for

No. 79214

File: 1584339143705.jpg (193.51 KB, 736x1032, e5005bc953a3a1dd5fad7509389f03…)

This one has been growing a lot on me

No. 79215

File: 1584340521151.jpg (Spoiler Image,127.24 KB, 1280x720, pd4e5i88rhf31.jpg)

sylvain x felix from fire emblem three houses is cute. CUTE.

(pic has text spoilers from their endgame support)

No. 79231

For a second I thought this was a discussion for actual ships…

No. 79236

same kek

No. 79240

File: 1584360395696.jpg (182.05 KB, 900x900, 455475.JPG)

I am no longer a fan of BNHA after obsessing over it for so many years, but I still really like their dynamic and I refuse to throw out all the BNHA merch I have collected over the years, especially my huge Bakudeku shrine.


I know. But I don't care. Izuku the fag still kept chasing after Bakugou after all of that though. They're the best BNHA ship. The rest is either too cringy or just straight up garbage.

No. 79253

File: 1584372784433.jpeg (37.38 KB, 671x457, images (68).jpeg)

Does anyone know the artist? Reverse image searching on my phone was a bitch and lead to nothing.

I don't even ship it, but this pic is so hot.

No. 79256


Op here, and the idea of this actually happening came through my mind while doing it, but I just wanted a neutral image so it wouldn't be biased towards any ships

But that made me chuckle, so thanks kek

No. 79264

File: 1584384132517.jpg (183.45 KB, 798x798, 51721337_p19-9035.jpg)

jotakak is one of the most shit-tier ships of all time, but I still love it because there's so much cute art of the two of them.

No. 79265

File: 1584384329101.jpg (93.17 KB, 700x990, 80ee9cb9df48c8749d25efded3c79a…)

one of my OG straight ships so the thread doesn't get to fujo-y

No. 79266

File: 1584384643868.png (447.9 KB, 640x552, 90A5DA8B-82C4-4045-9A3D-4B753D…)


No. 79267

File: 1584385355672.jpg (50.1 KB, 527x604, 8fd3e70a8a3a147b486b2955ff759f…)


Anon, are you me?

I couldn't care less for their relationship romance wise (it doesn't even make sense, the closest thing to a romantic moment they had was Jotaro removing the flesh bug, and even then that's a bit of.a stretch) but there's so much nice art/doujin of them together.

I must say though it does annoy me and gets me out of the mood if Kakyoin is just too OOC - like being turned into a defenseless damsel in distress or having an almost kid like personality/body, ew. He too was a big man, is just that Jotaro is a mountain.

I wish tied up/subdued Jotaro was more popular though, the anime teases this scenario sometimes and the fans didn't deliver as much as I was expecting

Sage for quite literally JoJo fagginess

No. 79271

File: 1584386366129.png (632.83 KB, 800x600, Fata.Morgana.no.Yakata.full.22…)

I like all the couples in House of Fata Morgana, but these two are just the best.

>tfw i will never read a VN as good as this

No. 79275

File: 1584387335318.jpg (2.34 MB, 1988x3056, 738ee496-2ea5-46a3-8597-7f4b08…)

These two are the absolute sweetest.

Jfc anon, you don't need to be so defensive. This isn't Tumblr.

No. 79279

omg restrained jotaro is top fucking tier anon. supreme taste.

No. 79305

File: 1584413523047.jpg (62.68 KB, 500x498, 26f7d858ef8b0ee1cda9fd33a8bf99…)

the original pairing for me.

No. 79341

catra and adora are chaotic lesbians enemies to lovers trope dont @ me

No. 79344

File: 1584453576818.jpg (173.69 KB, 845x1200, EQfXi9lU8AAEOhb.jpg)

I'm not that interested in the manga anymore but for me it's Levi x Hanji.

No. 79346

File: 1584455204654.jpg (228.78 KB, 1039x705, 548565.jpg)

eruri nation make some noise

No. 79357

File: 1584461127300.jpg (181.95 KB, 1200x839, qiying.jpg)

For me it's Qiying.

No. 79360

File: 1584462434605.jpg (93.09 KB, 986x1268, 622e4d98d4a4f849010aea9ced4df0…)


I once got stoned on a fb group for saying that I love Catradora. No shame, though.

I also love ScorpiaxCatra

No. 79367

File: 1584466642495.jpg (54.79 KB, 564x939, snarry.jpg)

Absolute OTP is tanking the sole reason being new "antis" shitting up our tags/spaces with their SJW crap. RIP Snarry

No. 79368

Thought this was Eren x Levi and was about to go suicidal

No. 79385


Asian ships are always superior to Western garbage.

No. 79404

File: 1584481717627.jpeg (2.16 MB, 2037x3056, 6D4A9C30-339A-433C-BD24-8B6176…)

No. 79433

Why? Get us woke on some sailing ships anon

No. 79449


Royai FTW

If Mulder and Scully ended up together, I know in my heart of hearts these two did too

No. 79460

File: 1584509739668.jpg (102.61 KB, 600x516, 66644611_p4_master1200.jpg)

Let's talk about a ship that's really based

No. 79462

File: 1584513193696.jpeg (321.87 KB, 1346x1822, EHGWmrrXUAAjdz8.jpeg)

I am looking forward to all the warm and fuzzy feels my OTP gives me yet at the same time I am horrified at witnessing That Scene with realistic graphics and getting my heart broken all over again It's unbearable how the party feels wrong and empty without her. Their story sort of had an uplifting ending in the end, so I will be not surprised if we get some kind of epilogue where Aerith comes back, at least as a Lifestream ghost. Kinda cheapens her death but ehh.

No. 79464

File: 1584513755631.jpg (125.38 KB, 703x1000, 09a264489cb61e3edcb52a58618c00…)

also pic related was my first OTP. I used to love reading tragic fanfics about them. I wish I could get into BotW Zelink but despite the game having one of the best written Zeldas and some strong hints they truly may love each other (well it's confirmed in Zelda's case and hinted at in Link's) I could not get emotionally invested. IDK why. I miss being crazy about Zelda romance fanfiction!

No. 79472

Where are people going for their yaoi/slash content nowadays? I used to follow some people on tumblr who retweeted ship stuff, so I could just log in to get my fix. Now I have to google like a caveman, and all I seem to find is het or ultra nasty fanart.

No. 79504

Mostly twitter. Pixiv has some good stuff if you can afford to filter out all the lolicon crap. There's also a fujoshi discord that was posted in the yaoi thread and the ladies on there share some nice stuff.

No. 79527

I have never used twitter actually. Do you follow specific accounts that post/retweet things or just search for stuff?

No. 79531

I really thought this thread was made to discuss real ships like the titanic or the bismarck. Very disappointed.

No. 79534

File: 1584563590418.jpg (77.07 KB, 686x460, riker-worf.jpg)

This is probably the weirdest ship I have. It actually started as a crack ship and suddenly I was legit shipping it.

A bit of both

No. 79567

File: 1584591059845.jpg (107.82 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Here's a ship I don't quite get: Johnlock

I started watching Sherlock after readng some fanfiction. I've seen a lot of hype of this show and ship for the last decade, really. But the show isn't nearly as homoerotic as I thought it would be. Sherlock acts crappy to John, including drugging him up. It seems abusive and demeaning, not romantic.

Also, I'm not sure why there are so many fics of submissive Sherlock in a BDSM relationship with John. Don't get me wrong, I like the idea, but it's kind of hard to see from the show. I guess a there's a lot of people like me who want to see Sherlock be put in his place.

No. 79568

File: 1584592180820.jpeg (126.52 KB, 711x1000, B0F145F6-FF06-48AB-B022-8168D1…)

hands down, the best type-moon ship

No. 79569

Not a fan of BNHA but Bakudeku is adorable.

No. 79570

File: 1584597470123.png (1.27 MB, 1200x1860, 819b21993ab9ee99a29952d55e40eb…)

Haven't played Tsukihime yet, I'm currently a fan of saber x gilgamesh for type-moon ships though <3

No. 79589

It's not Tsukihime, it's Kara no Kyoukai (proto-Tsukihime), a series of books and movies.

No. 79599

I assume you enjoy bread sandwiches and that your favorite color is khaki brown.

No. 79601

Jojo looks like such fujo bait. I want to start reading it just for the shipping potential. Can I just jump into the newest season of the manga?

No. 79602

I know this isn't what this thread is about, but her tiny feet and hands are so funny.

No. 79603

Their VAs are also married!

No. 79614

Do everyone a favor and don’t bother reading it. You have no idea what you’re talking about.

No. 79629

File: 1584635126052.png (174.75 KB, 500x685, jojo-isnt-gay-jojo-is-just-bi-…)

Why are you so defensive, anon? kek

I wouldn't call it fujobait, but there are some pretty gay stuff in there (mostly the designs, since Araki is a fashion fan and his clothes can get really.. unique. You'll notice a fondness for male crop tops and earrings kek), especially in part 5, but other than that it's usually played for laughs.

It's a wacky shounen, and it's pretty fun if you don't take it too seriously and ignore some inconsistencies lol
If you wanna see gay shit I'd recommend you to start by part 5 and if you like it, watch or read the rest. But beware that part 1 and 2 have a very different tone from all the others.

Sage for ot

No. 79630

Araki doesn't care about fujos, he just really really love fabulous men.

No. 79631

File: 1584635686923.png (255.18 KB, 540x764, 5806F89E-000B-4710-9EDC-5ED45E…)

No. 79632


No. 79633

it's honestly not terribly gay at all. The mangaka just really enjoys fashion and fabulous men. Kakyoin and Jotaro aren't even that close. I agree with the other anon that part 5 is possibly the gayest. I would of course recommend that you start with part one and watch all the way through but each season is about a different character so it's not entirely necessary.

No. 79680

JoJo's fandom is half of why I never watched it. They spoil everything.

No. 79693

File: 1584669049121.jpg (43.61 KB, 433x604, a74891731d165bee16c9b0320ac125…)


Just enjoy shit and ignore the fandom, anon. Every fandom has its gutter.

No. 79695

>they spoil everything
The series is over 30 years old

No. 79700

Aeris dies in ff7 too, anon

No. 79701


I thought it was "spoil" as in make things shitty, not telling how the story ends. Could be wrong tho. Saged

No. 79703

I meant it in both ways. They're really cringey and argumentative, and also have no respect for spoilers.

The series may be thirty years old, but new episodes are being released now, so I think it's fair to ask that people not spoil new episodes even if they adapt old material.

No. 79711

File: 1584680719897.jpg (81.5 KB, 564x848, 3107159a994dc166edf663455e8406…)

For non-anime, Katniss and Peeta. I love how they support each other and bring out the best in each other, they got such an equal and balanced relationship and its so nice seeing it grow and mature throughout the series

No. 79714

This is such a throwback! I like how Peeta represented optimism and peace, even after he was mentally tortured in one of the later books

No. 79717

File: 1584683182018.gif (2 MB, 500x278, 93BF1A26-46F1-49A0-967E-AA8B1B…)

it's shiki and mikiya from kara no kyoukai like the anon mentioned but i can see why people would mistake them for tsukihime lol. the series is really good though, you should check it out if you have the time!

yesss, it makes me believe that the chemistry was always there

No. 79718

I was a kid. Sorry that I wasn't cool enough to have some bizzaro ship.
you asshole, I spoiled that part in case someone doesn't know the story and wants to enjoy the remake.
It was nice to see such a balanced relationship with a guy that had most of the qualities that are stereotypically expected out of women (compassion, vulnerability, interest in art if I remember correctly, baking skills)
How did you feel about the ending? Some people read it as Katniss being coerced into a pregnancy she doesn't want

No. 79726

File: 1584694099377.jpeg (69.73 KB, 1280x749, bubbline-adventure-time-113170…)

This was my first OTP.

No. 79739

File: 1584710608088.jpg (105.56 KB, 668x960, de55a3eb81cc72a5b6b6933500e675…)

When I was little, this was my inuyasha otp of choice lol

I'd ship them because I thought Kagome was annoying/too loud and I liked their ~somberness~ or whatever.

No. 79784

File: 1584751533570.jpg (44.36 KB, 1136x640, 10893b4ff7ed744a655287e0bc78d4…)

Durarara!!x2 is a mess but it gave me precious moments

No. 79791

Never watched the second season but god I ship them too. It feels like such a fever dream. Headless ghost grim reaper biker rider x A completely ordinary scientist dude

No. 79839

File: 1584840631963.png (636.19 KB, 784x590, Screen Shot 2020-03-22 at 10.2…)

excuse me ma'am but this is the best ship from Inuyasha.

Kagome/Kouga works too. Actually Kagome anyone works except with that loser Inuyasha.

No. 79862

File: 1584873071580.jpg (56.77 KB, 1280x720, cry.jpg)

the only eva ship that matters

No. 79874

Shippo wrote this post

No. 79999


No. 80020

File: 1584901710722.jpg (268.59 KB, 1280x1015, 5wkisSn1uizp4ao2_1280.jpg)

Kakashi and Guy are by far one of the most interesting Kakashi ships. The only reason it isn't as widely recognized is because Guy is not a bishounen. IN THIS ESSAY I WILL

No. 80021

How did an image just heal my soul?!

No. 80026

kek. Never thought about this before but you've opened my eyes. I ship it now.

No. 80085

File: 1584921337296.jpeg (655.25 KB, 1350x1929, B36ACAD2-50BE-46A3-8B82-810C70…)

This was my very first ship and now I’m into VicYu / Victuri more then anything. My fetish is love, tenderness and unwavering support I guess.

No. 80087

they aged keith up 2-3 years and made shiro gay anyway why not with each other? god damn

No. 80094

I was oddly invested in their relationship.

No. 80099

File: 1584929446948.jpg (588.15 KB, 1177x1754, tumblr_paudmxNA9P1qg556ao1_128…)

I'll vent. I feel like a dumb autist, but finally a place I can sperg about this weird book I read as a kid. The overarching theme was about complex relationships and all their drama, so it makes sense as an adult, but as a kid it was torture.
>2nd book starts with MC original ship getting stolen by villain, he never wins her back.
>MC's steals his friends crush, of 5 years, even with warnings from his friend to avoid drama. Rejects crush
>MC has a harem of women friends, 4 iirc, doesn't hook up with a single one of them
>MC's clone, memories and all, rejects MC's original ship because he dedicated is life to yu-gi-oh
The book says ages 9-11, but it was a fucking roller coaster

No. 80197

wtf is that insanity. Is it the thing in your pic or something else?

No. 80242

File: 1585000863897.gif (3.82 MB, 443x250, PlayfulSoftLcont-size_restrict…)

I hate myself for kinda shipping this, but it's more in a platonic way?

Like I think Trish has a slight crush on Bruno, and I think it's cute how he reassures/protects her, but I don't want them to actually go through it - especially considering their age gap.

Guess I'm projecting a bit into Trish though lmao

No. 80245

File: 1585005260901.png (2.85 MB, 1280x1280, H1qg1e00.png)

There's a great episode of a podcast called Decoder Ring where a Slate journalist basically tries to get to the bottom of and explain the whole Johnlock disaster. Highly recommend, it really just highlights the absurdity of the BBC Sherlock fandom era (and kind of just shipping in general). The episode is called "The Johnlock Conspiracy".

I feel like oddly my fallback is ScoRose (Scorpius Malfoy x Rose Weasley). Which feels weird because I never gave a single fuck about shipping any of the characters in HP growing up. Maybe it's just because the feel like such blank slate characters fic writers can just project whatever different personality on them? I can usually find something to suit the mood.

(I say all this having never even bothered to read Cursed Child, just seemed like too much of a dumpster fire).

No. 80267

I will die on this gay ass ship and you cannot stop me
This series is full of arousal and I have never felt so alive in my life watching it. Hannibal's portrayal by Mads is amazing. Everyone played their part but his natural sex appeal and calm made it for me. It was more dramatic seeing their toxic relationship grow. I felt betrayed and attacked during certain arcs. Was worried the Red Dragon arc would be like the shitty ass movie but it turned out okay

No. 80268

File: 1585025652252.jpg (169.35 KB, 1280x1707, ks.jpg)

Shipping rant: I don't particularly ship this or read it anymore but the hate Sangwoo with Yoonbum got was so fucking annoying to me. It was obvious nobody actually saw them as a relationship you should idealize, everyone who liked and made content for the ship just liked the 'yaoi' aspect of it. I feel like everyone who called out artists or fans of the comic in general just wanted SJW clout points for calling out 'the ABUSIVE SHIP!!' This is so fucking apparent in ship culture in general now where shipping two fucking drawings will be you normalizing abuse. I feel like if Naruto came out now, the NaruSasu ship would have been treated like the Bakugo/Midoriya ship.

No. 80284

I'm trash who liked this comic and the hate was so unwarranted. Like stupid sjws don't understand this is a fake comic and the author was even like this is my fantasy and nothing more. No idea why some people don't get guilty pleasure fics or comics are just that and don't represent a real gay relationship

No. 80287

People STILL discourse over this comic? I hated both characters and thought they were disgusting but the story was good, yet I never understood why people were sperging the fuck out over how it's ~glorifying abuse~. First of all it's fiction and secondly how the hell can you claim it's glorifying it when it's so very clearly showing it in the most unflattering light possible. You're supposed to see their relationship as sick and twisted with little to no sanity, that's really not glorifying. And even if it was, it's only fiction. whatever.

> I feel like if Naruto came out now, the NaruSasu ship would have been treated like the Bakugo/Midoriya ship.

Basically yeah. Also pedophilia because they're both 12. Imagine going back to 2005 to let every narutard fujo know that they're fetishtic pedophiles romanticizing abuse for shipping Sasuke and Naruto, people would think you're insane. I wish that was still the case.

No. 80290

>don't represent a real gay relationship
SJWs who bitch about gay ships not being a ~realistic~ representation of gay people or being heteronormative with feminine bottoms etc are the fucking worst. Like, obviously a fantasy relationship written by women, for women, is going to be unrealistic (as any straight fictional romance is likely to be) and their best point of reference will be their own experiences. It's not like your average teen girl writing fanfic or w/e will have intimate knowledge of gay men's relationships, she's just going to write what she knows even if it's a projection of her own sexuality and nothing like irl. They ain't writing it for gay men and gay men don't give a fuck what girls fap to or fawn over in privacy, they're too busy being realistic homosexuals with their open relationships and grindr hookups.

No. 80354

the ultimate ship. that is all

No. 80382

Seriously. And i dont give a crap if fujos and women want to write bl for other women. Let them. In the end, it's still fiction and they can write whatever. Killing stalking started off really good imo, but both art and story got awful once the artist realized she was on a tight schedule. There was legit entire CG kitchen at one point. Like windows 97 bad. and honestly, that's what killed me interest in the story. Also, the ending was awful. I would like to read the beginning bits again but so many sites have taken it down and im not paying for it

No. 80386

at this point i'd like to think that the story did not end that way and i even made up my own ending in my head lol i really liked it when it first came out and now people STILL bash on it and those SJW faggots use it as a reason "why fujos are harmful to the gay community" like … calm down this is literally fiction no one is telling anyone to go kidnap a bunch of people and stalk their crush. fiction =/= reality

unrelated but this kinda reminds me of all that "boyfriend to death" game drama that was everywhere when it first came out. people would literally shit their pants over a FETISH game made by fetishist. the creators even put a warning on the game and all that, but people still were going batshit crazy over how "harmful" it is

No. 80399

what is it with this ship that makes tumblrettes froth at the mouth? all their bs about it being incestuous makes no sense

No. 80467

File: 1585091817439.jpg (100.82 KB, 1000x848, EGX3ca3UEAEqAU1.jpg)

I'm a big fujo but Obamitsu is my favorite Kimetsu no Yaiba ship, they're so cute.

No. 80481


Anon ily, i ship you and me

No. 80531

File: 1585143958410.png (228.82 KB, 940x558, dcolh0z-cd9d883e-35ac-464a-aa5…)

I wish my otp became canon. Classic queerbaiting, hate this shit so much

No. 80532

Wtf, the show never implied that Bojack and Mr. Peanut butter had that kind of relationship.
When the hell were they queerbaited at all?

No. 80544

File: 1585157953163.jpeg (249.06 KB, 1124x1342, 305D6B8F-9854-4439-BFFF-491964…)

Teenage-me's OTP. About to reread everythursday's fics while quarantined.

No. 80545

it shouldn't surprise me fujos would like these shit tier characters but here we are

No. 80548

Leave the rest of us out of this. I don't even watch Bojack.

No. 80552

loved this ship so much omg. still have a soft spot for it.

No. 80554

File: 1585165624438.jpg (33.05 KB, 250x285, 1209749.jpg)

they are perfect

No. 80555

The kiss basically. They would be so good together. Their relationship was stronger and more interesting than with any of their female love interests. I can't believe that Bojack was meant to be a 'progressive' cartoon and yet it had zero LGBTQ romance. Fakeass shit.

No. 80951

File: 1585440918775.jpeg (25.39 KB, 480x551, 202007531125.jpeg)

Why the fuck would one ship Josuke x Jotaro

Why is there so much good art of a pedophilic incentuous couple reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

No. 80952

I kinda feel you. I definitely sensed she had a bit of a crush on him, but she never had a father figure and was going through a confusing stressful time. I definitely don’t think it’s actually a good ship though lmao

No. 80965


Yeah, it isn't lel but glad I wasn't the only one that noticed her crush.

Also, if it was Trish herself the one Bruno told about giving the house in the little city and such instead of Doppio… If I was Trish I would've melted on spot.

No. 80967

you're right and you should say it. sometimes i think riza is too good for him but its still a good ship

No. 80987

File: 1585472375899.jpg (106.01 KB, 435x711, ugh.jpg)

farnese and guts.

No. 80995

File: 1585486483543.jpg (452.75 KB, 1200x1698, Jean.Havoc.full.88838.jpg)

deep down, i always wanted this…

No. 80996

Bojack has literally never once implied that Peanut Butter and Bojack were a romantic item, nor did they ever hint it.

Fuck, if anything there was more hinting at Todd and Bojack than PB and Bojack.

No. 81001

Agreed tbh

No. 81008

File: 1585498332963.png (821.1 KB, 700x972, CUa3qloUsAAJD-c.png)

No. 81011

File: 1585498759810.jpg (113.73 KB, 687x1080, berserk___isidro__schierke_by_…)

No. 81013

File: 1585499005015.png (13.99 KB, 265x190, download.png)

found this out of nowhere, more like canon

No. 81016

File: 1585500689648.jpg (338.22 KB, 1000x1000, 60799652_p35.jpg)

Marin & Melan hit me unexpectedly hard.

No. 81018

File: 1585504860676.png (256.09 KB, 516x584, 37261401_p1.png)

These two assholes are hilarious.

No. 81035

File: 1585517547250.jpg (29.05 KB, 500x543, tumblr_obrgtwxX0T1vod4qlo1_500…)

utterly problematic but i love it.

No. 81053

File: 1585526947233.jpg (77.96 KB, 720x705, 3e524c5e6231e900e7750afd1e01a0…)

fuck yeah my dumbass 17-year-old self loved Nathan, I used to ship the hell out of Caulscott

No. 81072

File: 1585543263912.jpg (43.64 KB, 500x667, tumblr_p3andtvNsm1w4rg28o1_500…)


OP here

Caulscott is far superior than any other LiS ship in my opinion

No. 81079

File: 1585545587868.png (1.99 MB, 1280x1024, tumblr_ocj05jq9SU1ucngbxo1_128…)

i know there's no canon supporting it but a girl can dream

No. 81089

oh fuck anon, i hadn't even thought of these two since like 2015 but you just revived all the intense passion i had for this ship…

No. 81094

File: 1585566069207.jpg (40.64 KB, 564x569, 712745be604a3581bccf76387ff2ed…)

Sirius and Remus aka Wolfstar because they're cute af and better than Sirius/James

No. 81098

I thought this was 50 shades of gray lul.

No. 81101

OT but damn anons, you reminded me of those countless dreams I had about Nathan. Best game character ever

No. 81102

How the fuck did you bitches even arrive at this ship

No. 81103

File: 1585570391781.jpg (241.6 KB, 1279x1244, original.jpg)


Its the biggest broken bird / hurt comfort fuel i've ever seen tbh.
Nathan is a cocky douchebag with deep emotional issues.

No. 81104

he's a tsundere

No. 81144

Okay but why not Victoria or even Kate Marsh?? They’d make the perfect storm kind of ships. Max is too bland and righteous to fix him. But I guess it makes her good for self insert.

No. 81146

File: 1585603014912.png (155.01 KB, 800x800, 34479224_p0.png)

I was never really into shipping, and I stopped caring about Naruto at the end of the Pain arc, but these two's relationship managed to capture my attention again, they are a shining beacon among the shitstorm that is the final arc.

No. 81149

File: 1585604031990.jpg (34.72 KB, 398x349, lily_s_art__madara_and_hashira…)

Madara and Hashirama, right? It was a good ship, one of my Naruto faves

No. 81153

File: 1585605798140.jpg (689.66 KB, 725x1189, 43681008_p0.jpg)

Yep, they complimented each other so well, even my brother considers the ship canon lol.

No. 81155

File: 1585605998959.jpg (116.47 KB, 915x1280, 3cd0461fe3affddffa46c231f9d828…)

shame? never heard of it

No. 81163

File: 1585610682784.png (131.62 KB, 400x368, tumblr_inline_o0jaqpzkJq1sdizy…)


Max tries to fix everyone and everything the whole game,heck thats even the moral of the save arcadia bay ending, that she cant fix everything even with powers, she just doesn't do it with Nathan because she has no screentime with him.

No. 81177

File: 1585629438642.jpg (125.79 KB, 700x990, 1554120297407.jpg)

Leon and Ada Wong

No. 81178

File: 1585629568401.png (356.96 KB, 500x706, tumblr_nxx2sg1buo1qayrlio2_r2_…)

it's been a long time but i love this game

No. 81181

File: 1585629833141.jpg (738.08 KB, 684x977, South.Park.full.1712560.jpg)

south park ships man

No. 81216

I shipped butters x kenny so hard when I was 14 kek

No. 81226

File: 1585670753172.jpg (58.3 KB, 750x750, 1585670670692.jpg)

this is canon (at least) by the end of mgs4 and you can't tell me otherwise

No. 81260

YESSSS supreme taste anon

No. 81296

File: 1585715321792.jpg (47.12 KB, 575x700, 1c3cef4cd8b65ad324ddf9efd57dcb…)

they canonically raised their adopted together(sunny)

No. 81299

Awww, yes! I love Sunny too. I always think of her when i'm making fried eggs and laugh. MGS4 was the last GOOD and true Metal gear game.

No. 81349

It's like Kojima wanted them to be a gay family but decided to give Otacon another love interest (who is dead by the end of the game as per tradition) so there is a plausible deniability. I can imagine the shitstorm that would happen if Kojima made it clear that those two 'heterosexual' heroes of a superpopular game series are fucking lmfao.
I guess they could still be in an open relationship during 4 (so Otacon doesn't end up alone when Snake dies?) but I wasn't aware of such degeneracy when I played the game for the first time and it's not how I would like to see it now.
Anyway, Snake's last word in MGS4 is Otacon. Think about it.
I love her as well! I loved it when she was giving Snake shit for smoking. Amazing. I was so impressed with those fried eggs, they looked incredibly real! Like it was a film and not CGI.

No. 81358

I mean this is gay as shit

No. 81385

File: 1585765058709.png (3.83 MB, 1276x1920, 467DAB3D-7441-4C2E-9077-433EF3…)

No. 81387

I think Kojima is shit now, but it would have been ground breaking, almost in the same way Louis and Lestat from the Vampire chronicle series were a canonically gay family with Claudia in the 1970s.

I think that Kojima knows how gay Otakon and Snake are, but refuses to make them canon even though we know they are. I blame the fact that the game has a huge dude bro male following. they're shit

No. 81388

RIP Pete burns before he destroyed his face entirely. Good music taste btw, anon

No. 81726

>I blame the fact that the game has a huge dude bro male following. they're shit
Agree, that's exactly what I think. Feels like Kojima put as much gay content into MGS as he could while staying under the radar and avoiding backlash. I don't think there is any MGS without someone acting suspiciously homosexual toward someone else or just being gay. Looking at Snake and Otacon, Big Boss and Kaz and whatever goes on between the protagonist, Kaz and Ocelot… feels like he would like to have a gay relationship between the heroes, but had to be satisfied with "look, he's evil and homosexual! what a degenerate" and "haha what if BB and Kaz went on a beach date and fucked in a cardboard box? just kidding, just kidding… unless?"
Was there homo content in Death Stranding? I don't remember

No. 81738

13 year old me rising from the ashes to praise you for posting best ship

on that note how funny that craig/tweek, one of the more "crack" couples, just… became canon. simply for the meta joke

No. 81769

I also think Kojima knew what he was doing with them for the mere fact that Big Boss/Ocelot is pretty much canon and obvious despite it just being subtext. I don't have the picture right now but an MGS3 commentary where he commented every cutscenes and some gameplay features, he legit described the first scene where they meet as both of them genuinely falling in love at first sight but Big Boss being too retarded for understanding his own feelings and Ocelot wanting him to praise him because of his dumb teenage crush so that's why he switches to revolvers like Snake told him to. Even Eva pretty much tells Snake that he's stupid as fuck for not noticing that they're into each other.

>"haha what if BB and Kaz went on a beach date and fucked in a cardboard box? just kidding, just kidding… unless?"

I'm pretty sure the MGS Peace Walker drama CD is full of fanservice between these two too, there's the scene in the sauna at least. I'm not talking about Paz narrating their naked fight from one of the tapes in the actual game, it's something else.

No. 81846

File: 1586042716331.jpg (73.47 KB, 825x1024, 018dd6641ac98b5cc180702c8428ee…)

No. 81898

fuck I'm still thinking about hannigram to this day anon. The serie wasn't perfect but the way they handdled this two characters was so great.So glad that it is canon.

No. 81899

File: 1586078255654.png (918.26 KB, 1078x1600, Chapter_072.png)

I'm sorry

No. 81984

perfect ship, everyone must stan

No. 81990

File: 1586172061125.jpg (148.5 KB, 1734x1081, IMG_20200405_120308.jpg)

These two

No. 83089

File: 1586567940123.jpeg (120.47 KB, 639x632, 1FD37CE5-9E34-49A2-8413-7BBCBF…)

No. 83126

god bless you and everything you stand for anon

No. 83234

File: 1586716368197.jpeg (208.08 KB, 1065x1920, F72DB4E9-06CB-4B8E-859B-47425F…)

My anons of taste and culture

No. 83245

File: 1586726430530.jpg (100.39 KB, 640x640, 52688863_147700709594226_32547…)

thank you bb

i know right? wish more people liked them but everyone's into the tododeku garbage

they're both cute, have a huge size difference and hate endeavor. perfect couple

No. 83276

File: 1586742416254.jpg (98.47 KB, 520x736, 8db13b37a2a41f7c9c05340da1e717…)

I wish this pairing was more popular just cause I think they look good together. I bet the doujins would be very hot.

No. 83279

File: 1586742831723.jpeg (154.12 KB, 1000x1311, B2CD9181-5BFD-43B4-9536-10109F…)

Tododeku / bakudeku are unbelievably basic and stereotypical.
Though sometimes Dekutodo is kind of fun. Little genki tops are too rare.

No. 83297

same, bitch

No. 83320

File: 1586784574174.png (592.69 KB, 1000x711, 1711B5B1-E9C3-4799-A972-368701…)

inatodo best ship for both of them

No. 83321

File: 1586784606662.png (303.46 KB, 1056x1496, E9B3DAE8-99DC-4451-A404-FE8D4B…)

No. 83322

File: 1586784723215.png (Spoiler Image,149.49 KB, 818x956, D50B7982-1CA5-4460-8263-A6133A…)

No. 83323

File: 1586784843180.png (Spoiler Image,283.08 KB, 1112x1522, A1B44DD7-544F-4CE1-908B-5CE7EA…)

No. 83324

File: 1586784985363.png (211.88 KB, 1046x784, 48299A48-4FC4-4ABA-AAA5-04E66C…)

No. 83325

File: 1586785142011.png (Spoiler Image,670.22 KB, 800x1054, 8E7266D3-852D-4BCC-BB98-BA3262…)

No. 83343

File: 1586789854815.jpg (52.26 KB, 500x420, tumblr_mvkm7k6pSQ1ry0uppo1_r1_…)

No. 83351

File: 1586794845962.jpeg (222.66 KB, 2046x1586, 89F7BB7C-1CC5-4DCA-8B7D-734D78…)

While we're at it…

No. 83377

File: 1586805346765.jpg (30.02 KB, 480x326, robron.jpg)

Any Britanons still hung up on these two?

No. 83385

Is that Hitch? A part of me hopes they'll end up together, but I know that won't happen.

No. 83425

File: 1586818849517.jpg (97.77 KB, 904x740, 27beec340fb899392815a7cc79c5aa…)

Yes it is Hitch! Honestly me too. They would be so cute together.

This is another pair of mine that I like. Wish they were together too. :(

No. 83471

File: 1586843322703.png (2.4 MB, 2250x1650, luminerik.png)

admittedly, i got dqxi because of this ship.

No. 83481

Tell me more anon

No. 83525


Robert/Aaron ship from the British soap Emmerdale. There was four years of this but it came to an end recently when one of the actors left the show. Shame, they're super cute/angsty and the actors had loads of chemistry.

No. 83664

File: 1586938735680.png (567.15 KB, 816x1190, fewswefgerert.png)

I like mercy moira best

No. 83685

File: 1586959826523.jpg (8.3 KB, 600x360, Hannibal-Lecter-and-Clari-010.…)

Only true answer

No. 83690

Sauce please

No. 83719

File: 1586977205554.jpg (122.07 KB, 1280x683, kawoshinpiano.jpg)

my otp of otps, kaworu is best girl

No. 83724

File: 1586983537280.jpg (48.72 KB, 660x371, 64377483_64377293.jpg)

It's destiny bitches. I'm still mad about the ending tho.

No. 83734

File: 1586991399483.jpg (44.86 KB, 680x405, EVo3DSuU4AAWMSQ.jpg)

Never seen this show but I'm a huge sucker for knight/mage duos

No. 83736

oh my god this show. i still can't envision King Arthur and Merlin as anything other than BJ and CM

No. 83737

original artist was @mabu_eaglet but something happened to the account.
can find the translated ones over at:
https://twitter.com/moicy_tl/status/950934993013964800 moicy_tl, here's one so you don't have to dig

No. 83752

File: 1587006143622.jpg (2.16 MB, 2832x4256, MV5BMWY5N2RhYWItNmUwOS00NjQ4LT…)

maybe, but as a black woman Arthur x Gwen was the one thing I had, so fight me

No. 83753

I think they got together irl so she won twice

No. 83770

File: 1587018818925.gif (2.2 MB, 400x237, 924476801.gif)

I can't tell if I actually ship this or if I'm just horny

No. 83773

Where is this from wow

No. 83779

Stranger Things. It's Billy Hargrove and Steve Harrington.

No. 83780

File: 1587022290683.jpeg (421.89 KB, 1080x794, 6D073AE7-7B4B-4B08-9216-38F065…)

No. 83851

based anon

No. 83875

Oh hell yes, anon

No. 83876

That actress was such a fantastic Gwen too. I really miss BBC's Merlin so much. I have it all on DVD and i'm tempted to binge.

No. 83878

>mad about the ending
Oh, we ALL are. It was the worst, most rushed and incomplete ending to an otherwise fantastic take on King Arthur

No. 83920

File: 1587104241036.png (444.78 KB, 1650x970, 9746888aacc303cbb7d07da9afd1b7…)

Come on, Square. Let him reunite with his boyfriend already. Even if its just the Mii costume.

No. 84005

I've been rewatching all the seasons while in quarantine, good to see other Merthur shippers are still invested!

No. 84015

Thank you!

No. 84021

File: 1587148707439.jpg (97.89 KB, 1239x858, seiusa.jpg)

I've shipped these two for most of my life.

No. 84055

File: 1587160482243.jpeg (387.87 KB, 833x1280, 82D5F6D6-0ECF-4827-8D11-23E68C…)

I shipped them more than the main couple lol

No. 84077

god, seiya was so much better than mamoru

No. 84090


Yeeessss to this! I really think they match better and Seiya is way more interesting personality wise, I find Mamoru so fucking bland and forgettable.

No. 84114

Agree that anime Mamoru is boring AF but manga Mamo-chan is great. So sweet and supportive. Loved his relationship with Usa

No. 84129

File: 1587235602318.jpg (37.5 KB, 640x360, tumblr_3fe105e838046823d94f098…)

these bois

No. 84139

File: 1587246056536.jpg (80.23 KB, 650x400, mr.jpg)

No. 84149

File: 1587250915838.jpg (159.47 KB, 1200x1200, DQ2bvKqWsAUuuCR.jpg)

Same here. CloTi 4 life

No. 84152

File: 1587251194767.png (Spoiler Image,451.62 KB, 942x724, disgusting.png)

>rant about ships that you hate from any movies, tv series, animation, books, games, so on and so forth.
Cannot even look at it. I hate it so much. It makes absolutely no fucking sense. Everything about it is just one sided love.
Will spoiler it before I end up having an anger fit.

No. 84161

File: 1587256088821.jpg (44.5 KB, 800x561, dd26f32d541748a34bf1cb319eadc1…)

Also dislike this couple, it reads like badly written fanfiction. Pic related is the only ship I've always loved since classic Naruto

No. 84189

File: 1587273846020.gif (2.34 MB, 400x259, destiel.gif)

I haven't watched supernatural for 5+ years but I still ship destiel like burning.

I never got into this show but it seems like there is still a lot of fan content being made for it given how long ago it ended and the fact it's a british series that isn't doctor who or sherlock. I get recommended newly made youtube videos about it sometimes.

No. 84190

File: 1587275143911.jpg (11.64 KB, 225x225, download.jpg)


good taste

fuck aerith

No. 84193

File: 1587276264814.jpg (58.78 KB, 640x776, e3646daa231f27acacb66c5be86481…)

I live in rarepair hell.
I have the fandom to thank for producing consistent, interesting, and compelling content. Unlike Blizzard.

No. 84200

File: 1587287738185.png (238.88 KB, 730x521, DBKoHbZVYAA_Haq.png)

I live for them

No. 84202

File: 1587290784558.jpg (307.56 KB, 1280x1549, Clerith_by_earth-n-sky.jpg)

Hehe me too anon, not that I mind Tifa, but the heartbreak of these two is just too good.

No. 84204

File: 1587291745484.jpg (129.82 KB, 1171x636, tumblr_a691f4d99dccd1e98c34636…)

TBH the compilation kind of softened the heartbreak. Never understood people saying Cloud has to move on from Aerith especially since irl you can't talk or hug your dead significant other. It was not a problem woth Aerith though. According to some obscure short story, she was able to come back just like Sephiroth but didn't want to fuck Cloud up even more (makes no sense to me tbh lmfao).

I wonder what they plan for FFVIIR. I've read speculations that Aerith's death may not necessarily happen this time around or there will be a way to bring her back. Guess we will see!
I adore all the new Clerith content. The entire Wall Market sequence is golden!

Personally not a fan of Cloti but I like how they fleshed out Tifa in the remake. She has more spunk to her and her relationship with Cloud is healthier and overall less needy. While she's not my fave, I can see why some people adore her to pieces. I also adore her budding friendship with Aerith! It made me smile so hard when they planned to go shopping together.

No. 84205

File: 1587293661653.jpg (64.63 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault-2.jpg)

cloud is a broken traumatised man who needs someone who can kick his ass into being functional

only best girl can do that

No. 84206

love this ship, the 'opposites attract' dynamic is perfect.

No. 84213

File: 1587297814228.jpg (170.26 KB, 773x1000, tumblr_fb7103d6c6f05893231f6d3…)

best FFVII parents

No. 84219


Hell yeah

No. 84220

File: 1587301581258.jpg (88.37 KB, 1227x721, 82b1aab264a717fa26dc104451e500…)

I know I'm a basic bitch for this, but this is the only OTP of Naruto for me. Not a fan of Sasuke, but oh well.

No. 84222

File: 1587303069488.jpg (18.21 KB, 300x300, 151114cdc328ed02331074620784.j…)

I've always hated how fans of either pairing pit Aerith and Tifa against one another. Honestly, if they were both in love with Cloud and he picked one of them, neither character seems like the type to get petty and jealous, they'd probably be genuinely happy for the couple and remain friends. (Aerith x Tifa has some adorable fanart too)

No. 84274

File: 1587323021130.png (179.93 KB, 600x900, RN6Dnwl.png)

i hear you

No. 84292

File: 1587333583635.jpeg (746.77 KB, 1100x1100, by temari_AM.jpeg)

i love them

No. 84311

File: 1587342734162.jpeg (192.83 KB, 2047x1006, 25EFDDEB-D0BC-4DFA-97EC-C47BC3…)

love to see good ship art for crack ships

artist's twitter: https://mobile.twitter.com/kianamaiart

No. 84319

File: 1587345773752.jpg (189.52 KB, 1213x1920, 1c76163514613e164885b1f4b373e5…)

Best ship ever, anon, A+ taste

No. 84340

Show us on the doll where Sakura touched you, anon

No. 84621

File: 1587421463071.jpg (48.01 KB, 360x600, tumblr_n54cy3d5gf1tq51u8o3_400…)

Meanwhile people fight to death over who's the best ship between MakoHaru and RinHaru (even tho I have a soft spot for MakoHaru), I choose to believe that Haru is just aqua-sexual, therefore these two cute bois just have to bang each other. Yes.

No. 84647

>aqua sexual
I love it. rofl

But honestly, i love all the ships in Free. Makoto is wholesome af and i would ship everyone with everyone if i could. It's a good series.

No. 84653

File: 1587424368648.jpg (213.18 KB, 1608x1300, they.jpg)


No. 84656

File: 1587425103515.jpg (127.43 KB, 1200x803, ENw6AOUXsAANAD9.jpg)

I mean they both can't kill each other

No. 84669

>but as a black woman Arthur x Gwen was the one thing I had, so fight me
wait why does being a black woman matter so much for this ship and how was it "the one thing" you had ?

No. 84676

She could probably relate to the character thus became more attached to the ship, also black women are uncommon as important characters in fantasy shows

No. 84680

okay, but Gwen was a secondary character who was a servant to Arthur, I'm not sure if that's positive representation for black females

No. 84701

Why does it matter to you so much? not even that anon, but i think it's cute that the other anon really likes Gwen and Arthur. Gwen starts off as a servant, but becomes Queen.. so–??

No. 84703

>Gwen starts off as a servant, but becomes Queen..
glad i never watched this shitshow. even fantasy needs some historical accuracy kek

No. 84704

a black female servant marrying a elite caucasian male who is basically her master isn't my Idea of romantic, in fact it has very problematic implications of events happened that IRL(necessaryspeed4 racebaiting)

No. 84707

Maybe you shouldn't be deciding what a black woman identifies positively with? Just a thought.

No. 84708

If a black woman identities with a character that is subservient towards a white male who is her master, that's something that should be addressed

No. 84717

fucking why though, why are you taking it so seriously. anon probably just didn't often see cute fantasy romances in media between black women and white men, I don't think she was drawn to the show because it was a bastion of positive representation. let anon enjoy her ships in her stupid fucking wizard show lmfao.

No. 84718

File: 1587449262500.jpeg (33.37 KB, 690x388, jpg.jpeg)

me trying to figure out in which way i want to ship these 3 that day

No. 84728


who the fuck cares who she likes? So by what you are saying, no one born in South America can like/ be in a sub/dom relationship with someone from Spain because their past?

If I say Sesshomaru is my 2d husbando, would that make me a furry?


Seiya>>>>>> Cuckmoru. Periodt.

No. 84744

>>84292 same.

No. 84746

>Seiya>>>>>> Cuckmoru. Periodt.
preach it anon

No. 84773

Seiya was too good for Usagi

No. 84774

This is the only correct answer

No. 84863

File: 1587491672830.gif (2.24 MB, 268x150, ezgif-7-ec1da30e319f.gif)

Patrician taste anon.
Tifa needs a man as strong as she is so that she can count on him to kick ass alongside and support her when she needs it

No. 85886

File: 1587606985235.png (790.68 KB, 685x520, sam x max.PNG)

The fact they actually confirmed them grows my crops.

No. 85904

File: 1587620227663.jpg (93.04 KB, 575x603, midnighter apollo.jpg)

These two are so fucking sweet. It still pisses me off that DC undid their marriage.

No. 85905

>DC undid their marriage.
excuse me they did WHAT? these two were literally the most popular gay and well liked ship in comic history, you can't just cancel that

No. 85907

File: 1587621885380.jpg (475.13 KB, 826x1280, midnighter apollo3.jpg)

Don't even get me started, anon.

New 52 rebooted the whole DC universe (which the Wildstorm characters are now part of, apparently.) Everyone was made younger, all of the marriages were undone, etc. There's this old retarded truism among comic editors that heroes can't be married and have families because it makes them "seem old" and "less cool." That's why these retcons and reboots keep happening, particularly in DC (although marvel does it too, but usually in the form of plot contrivances instead of retcons.)

But what really fries my bacon about Apollo and Midnighter being retconned to the point of literally not knowing each other is that the characters were married with a fucking daughter before DC even bought them! But now they're just dating and living together (which of course took forever, and before that they portrayed Midnighter as sleeping with a bunch of random men.) Plus Jenny's entire backstory had to be changed, since the retcon meant she wasn't raised by them. Wildstorm didn't have any problems with readers perceiving them as "old" for being married, and in fact were praised for representation.

And to add insult to injury, the solo comic DC gave Midnighter got cancelled after only two short volumes.

No. 86258

File: 1587952206503.jpg (116.07 KB, 848x864, what_i_wanna_do_in_my_vacation…)

My first OTP,they were my life when was a teen. It also takes me back when I looked up slideshows of these two on YouTube. It brings back sweet and cringey memories.

No. 86694

File: 1588389135620.jpg (99.48 KB, 1000x853, 58096011_p0.jpg)

I love this pairing
>shipping all three of them
Patrician taste, anon.

I'm REALLY into a couple of ships from this game, but finding likeminded people can be rare.

No. 86697

File: 1588393437201.jpg (9.51 KB, 164x306, index.jpg)

im getting back into medustein again i really wished okubo explored their dynamic abit better

No. 86699

File: 1588397403919.jpeg (51.83 KB, 1024x521, EVg8KxyWsAUEx-k.jpeg)

Damon and elena were and are still my otp although i need to rewatch tvd

No. 86712

File: 1588403869392.jpg (76.98 KB, 518x612, Narumitsu.jpg)

the reason i almost descended into fujo hell

No. 86755

File: 1588433878989.jpg (138.55 KB, 1050x600, TWD-10x06-01.jpg)

No. 86760

File: 1588440689706.jpg (246.16 KB, 989x863, sasunaru.jpg)

Forever want to strangle Kishimoto for making them say gay stuff like this but then forcing them to marry Hinata and Sakura

No. 86776

File: 1588446942265.png (591.07 KB, 1150x686, 1570917734226.png)

Didn't even like them that much as a romantic couple I just thought they were really cute together

No. 86777

ily anon

No. 86788

Agreed anon, Naruto, and Sasuke read as gay for each other. Kishimoto is so incompetent in writing female characters and romance that he managed to write Brokeback mountain ninja edition.

No. 86802

I think the worst part was that there were instances (though rare) where Sakura was an actaully good character and seemede to have some chracter growth but her development was almost non existant and at every turn in the story she was given a chance to prove she was able to do something big, they took her chance away by making her get her ass kicked or someone save her or she just fails. She had the potential to be a powerful lead character in Shonen. Could've been right up there with Naruto and Sasuke. But she was never given chance

No. 86804

that's why naruto fanboys circlejerk each other with spamming "useless" in everything sakura related

No. 86809

File: 1588473753120.jpg (92.64 KB, 450x600, OTP.jpg)

They kill me in the best way.

No. 86820

>>86809 honestly same but i'm still a bit uncomfortable given the fact that elias' human persona looks like he was in his 40s and Chise's in her teen years. And he bought her.

They are cute but there are things in the relationship which makes me reluctant, sometimes, to ship them.

Also, haven't read the manga for a very long time though. So I don't know if Chise aged throughout the years but also I'm interested with the author's other pairings within the manga though, the women, more or less, have a dominant oriented attitude towards their relationship and the dudes are cute twinks.

But god, I was miserable at the old guy and the fairy in his garden. She loves him and he has only seen her twice and the last time was in his death bed. They were my favorite.

No. 86825

A classic. I find it funny how Kumiko Suekane was only credited as a character designer and just designer in general for the first game and was in the special thanks in the credits for AA2 and AA3 when she's pretty much also a co-writer and made Phoenix's and Edgeworth's backstory so gay.

No. 86850

File: 1588496661245.png (501 KB, 716x523, tumblr_pp9rt7gLkM1qegyh3o1_128…)

I'm not a huge KH fan, but these two are perfecto

No. 87087

exquisite taste

No. 87129


No. 87267

File: 1588646051672.jpg (139.93 KB, 804x1147, 3fd1fbbffb2e4c60d869aa45e15649…)

Prince Tserriednich and Theta. I still want him dead tho. Whyyy aren't new chapters being released, Togashi's so lazy

No. 87275

File: 1588650724194.jpg (92.09 KB, 868x1196, Nana-and-Nobu-nana-18742669-86…)

feel like pure shit just want Ai Yazawa to bring NANA back from hiatus even though she destroyed every single one of my ships

No. 87297

File: 1588678856776.png (530.04 KB, 959x539, 80dac600-1b2d-4089-ba4c-d2ba24…)

These two got me crying in the club

No. 87302

same, so adorable!

No. 87313

File: 1588689240100.jpg (36.43 KB, 484x245, Large (1).jpg)

>tfw this will never be endgame

No. 87345

I would read Nana today if you told me it was about the pastel gf and goth gf being end game.

No. 87572

File: 1588822686437.jpg (344.75 KB, 650x941, 25194335_p3.jpg)

All the Persona talk in the fujo thread got me feeling some kinda way. This is the canon P4 pairing tbh

No. 87575

File: 1588824337967.jpg (62.42 KB, 1067x749, nu1p2mavzbr21.jpg)

i know cloud x aerith is a big ship, but does anyone else like the original couple zack x aerith? if they really do intend to take a different approach with the remake, i hope we get to see some new interactions with these two. crisis core wasn't enough for me LOL!

i didn't know i need this in my life anon

No. 87577

It's in hiatus hell so we will never know. I was going to say you should read it since it's not entirely impossible for them to become a thing but at this rate it'll never have an ending so yeah.

Me too, posting about the incomplete Yosuke romance route is making me super nostalgic.

No. 87580

Did you play ff7 crisis core? It's explored there and has a shit ton of lore. I do ship them, they're both equally tragic characters.

No. 87585

They look so good together. I want to see stuff like this in the final installment, at least.

No. 87632

>since it's not entirely impossible for them to become a thing
Y-You think so? This gives me hope

No. 87715

File: 1588898323842.jpg (217.06 KB, 1195x1104, Ouf51x45hm5o1_1280.jpg)

I love them
they're the only dbz thing I care about

No. 87764

File: 1588928195969.png (1.13 MB, 774x971, b7ret90et2s01.png)

I love them too! I feel like it's weird for Cloud to be with Aerith when she was so good with Zack. I hope we see flashbacks of the two in the next installment of the remake.

No. 87825

Same. I wish I had the patience to sit through the series again for them, but I really, really do not.

No. 87830

When they were all playing baseball and he got jealous of Bulma talking with Yamcha hhhnnngggg tsundere king

No. 87852

File: 1589028202371.jpg (86.86 KB, 500x500, 4555691_p0.jpg)

They complete each other so well and I love their chemistry in the recent movies! Vegeta was actually my first husbando, I was kinda jealous of Bulma lol.
Personal headcanon is that she pegs him

No. 87869

Take your degenerate fantasies back to /g/

No. 87878

your post was cute and then it went downhill, wtf

No. 87880

you are right and you should say it, sis.

No. 87882

File: 1589041894009.png (471.52 KB, 660x597, 6968486.png)

No. 87884

Sasuke and Hinata would make a cute couple

No. 87886

sasuke the psycho would literally end up murdering her
they also look like distant relatives

No. 87888

Didn't he try to kill sakura a few times too?

No. 87893

he did lol and now they're your typical bad guy x sweet girl couple

No. 87953

File: 1589113968302.jpeg (12.41 KB, 220x229, redalert.jpeg)

Problematic as fuck tho. Now with the new series coming out focusing on Sesshomaru and Inuyasha's kids, everybody is wondering WHO is the lucky lady. I ship this but I wouldn't want it to be canon.

No. 87963

File: 1589122168312.jpg (26.85 KB, 432x243, RinTori_Hair.jpg)

this ship didn't stood a chance against the others. it's sad nitori was the only one who can stand rin's angst in season 1 and admire him for his skills at the same time. i guess rin has started to see nitori in a different view once he got his head pulled out of his head but it didn't get to shine that much afterwards considering rinharu is one of the biggest ship in the series and sourin was introduced in s2. Also nitori has been pushed to the corner even more.

this is one of the two ships im clearly have the energy to write an essay. tf.

No. 87964

>>87963 ass not head. head pulled out of ass.

No. 87966

File: 1589123733861.jpg (85.58 KB, 905x883, tumblr_mwd8nxk6g01sj727no1_128…)

I'm a basic bitch, so my Free OTP was Reigisa. Also Rei is a bottom and you can't convince me otherwise.

No. 87967

>>87966 they're like midorima and takao. the energetic short dude and the serious, analytical but also goofy tall guy with glasses but we know who takes it from the ass.

No. 88007

Rei is definitely a bottom bitch, but midorima is without a doubt the one topping takao

No. 88014

You arent wrong. Rei is absolutely the bottom.

No. 88024

File: 1589171464917.jpg (115.46 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Aw, I loved this ship. So cute.

No. 88062

File: 1589203309256.jpg (290.74 KB, 1199x943, DpSf0ulU8AIsuoJ.jpg)

Oh yeah, they were really sweet. I wished better for them, even if I didn't ship them

This reminds me how many ships are there in BNHA, you can practically ship whatever you like

No. 88064

File: 1589204283685.jpg (98.31 KB, 540x805, 99bacbf197b0f6e8d59ccfeb5850a4…)


What?! i didn't hear about that!
Not gonna lie, I shipped him with Kagura like crazy, but those are not her kids for sure so I can die as well.
I've read the manga very long time ago- did Sesshomaru and Rin have any romantic feelings for eachother? Sure, people shipped them, and she was one of few females he tolerated. but i don't remember him being really love-affair guy. I'm kind of dissapointed

No. 88142

I feel like this ship deserved better. And maybe i'm biased because they were my #1, but i guess you're right - they didn't stand a chance with main boys. That's why 50% of fanfics are angst

No. 88183

File: 1589285324598.png (464.5 KB, 640x794, tumblr_cd365f6e8c2d64792d62992…)

Friend told me to read Beasters, because "the story is cool and main couple is cute". So I did: and thanks, I hate it. I absolutely hate them together.

No. 88184

Legosi and Juno or bust

No. 88185

I tried watching this but I just couldn't get past the art style. I don't know why it bothers me. I just don't like it.

No. 88188

I seriously just don't understand how can main couple be so.. unromantic. Every chapter with them together was dull and I wanted to scream

No. 88197

they were also my #1 ship from free and nitori was a character i favored the most aside from makoto tbh within the series. I stopped watching after s2, maybe because I knew nitori wouldn't be there or will be namedrop from time to time and that's not smth i'm waiting to happen.

nitorin deserve better.

No. 88203

File: 1589295325496.jpg (53.01 KB, 500x281, makoharu.jpg)

it's been ages since i thought of free but i distinctly remember these two being so, so precious

No. 88216

They are friendship goals. So wholesome. Also, i loved Free so much and watched it the season it premiered. This just makes me sad and miss Kyoani as a company after the horrible fire and murdering piece of shit dude.

No. 88230

File: 1589305595277.jpg (75.1 KB, 979x700, 880e085e37bc3b1bcf18e41fca9f63…)

Uh oh

No. 88237

Not only unromantinc but also straight up disturbing. I've seen predator-prey dynamic used in a way that could be perceived as thrilling but here I just felt really uneasy as their relationship progressed.

No. 88262

Ugh MakoHaru, my whole world. Their relationship is just so pure.

No. 88264

File: 1589312195625.png (153.71 KB, 767x786, 26.png)

I live for this ship.

No. 88369

File: 1589371332236.jpg (84.87 KB, 700x594, 037bbe7e0ec586e57ae0bcb89d333b…)

i never thought of this ship until i read enough fics to like them

No. 88386

File: 1589383087599.jpeg (218.2 KB, 1920x1080, 9C7498B0-AC9F-4F16-B5B4-486E60…)

I know I probably shouldn’t ship them but I really really do.

No. 88390

Who is this..

No. 88393

fuck yes omg. In the new anime she looks like Ouran's Tamaki ( I havent watched it but ive seen clips on youtube).

No. 88436

File: 1589392911327.png (871.47 KB, 714x714, 45681947_p22_1-8418.png)

top-tier, anon.

No. 88470

File: 1589396779115.jpg (289.33 KB, 1583x750, ERjDKrXUUAE4_1t.jpg)

I thought I'm done with shipping but getting into JJBA I can't help myself but really vibe with this one. Good combo of friendship + adventure + sad ending

No. 88550

File: 1589405630522.jpg (113.19 KB, 500x750, 8c84165b7d6fde2a6a6e1513c37e63…)

Probably my favorite jojo ship, the chemistry between them is amazing

No. 88561

File: 1589406880818.gif (546.97 KB, 340x198, Bonnie_Damon.gif)

bonnie and damon belonged together, I will never understand why they were never a couple. the sexual chemistry between them was Insane

No. 88590

Nta but looks like Snape and James Potter from Harry Potter

No. 88601


I'm the anon that displayed (?) the picture and you're correct it's james potter and severus snape from harry potter. I'm sorry for the late reply.

No. 88602

I mean look at this scene and tell me they don't have feelings for each other

No. 88621

Damn I expected this to be some HP fanart of two cute anime boys.

No. 88634

sorry to disappoint you…

No. 88643

We need a HP anime with lots of cute, indulgent character designs so it can replace the ugly actors in my imagination. And in Snape's case, the ugly descriptions of him. I like the idea of Snape/James but I can't get past it.

No. 88669

File: 1589449591650.png (1.45 MB, 809x1200, EWZgi92XYAAtgtS.png)


I used to hate it because it's literally everywhere, but what can I say, I'm weak for fucked-up love/hate dynamics. Maybe that's why I ended up enjoying BakuDeku too?

No. 88690

>>88643 while i do enjoy rickman's interpretation of snape in the films. I agree with you. I can't exactly imagine a younger version of the man in my head, and I usually have a more 2D imagination than a 3D one. So yeah, so it'd be nice to get a more stylized, animated version of the characters than 3D ones as it's more or less appealing to look in a less, innocent scenario.

I was only introduced to the ship like last year when I accidentally clicked on a fic with snape/james as one of the pairing. Mostly to entertain the what ifs in my head rather than full on interest tbh. But I slowly welcomed the pairing considering I wanted to know more about their dynamics as romantic partners with each other even if it's more of a headcannon especially whenever James has a redemption arc and is trying to see past his arrogant and asshole to fully witness the consequences of his actions towards Snape.

No. 88932

File: 1589534971379.jpeg (74.05 KB, 640x632, 05CC30F8-BDBC-4662-BD34-C0A5B9…)

My first ship

No. 89050

File: 1589599849249.png (Spoiler Image,214.36 KB, 400x233, 64A09140-4299-4BD1-ADC7-6402E3…)

They said I Love You…

Thank u netflix

No. 89079

Im all about same sex pairing but OG She-ra wasn't a lesbian, wtf.

No. 89081

wow, they actually went there
she also wasn't ugly AF yet here we are

No. 89109

It was clearly end-game. Love them.

No. 89153

File: 1589659616538.png (208.6 KB, 500x605, catradora.png)


you know also what 80s she ra wasn't?

a good show lol

die mad about it

No. 89155

I'm not mad, I don't care about either Shera. I do find the art in the new one ugly AF tho.

No. 89167

Bless, based anon.

No. 89431

File: 1589777414286.png (518.33 KB, 1280x720, original.png)

In the later manga Elias takes the form of a woman about Chise's age. Plus, it dives a lot more into their dynamic and things start to equalize between them a bit more. It's really good, I recommend sticking with it!

No. 89452

>In the later manga Elias takes the form of a woman about Chise's age.
NTA and I only read the beginning of the manga but it sounds even more uncomfortable/creepy tbh. Why is he doing that?

No. 89692

It was entirely the anime staff pushing it. Rumiko didn't intend for it to be romantic, as she would express in interviews like this one. The new anime is entirely by the anime staff too, she has no part in it.


No. 89861

File: 1589882116407.png (425.38 KB, 593x1146, 82832EBB-4710-4052-B34D-3E7797…)

The fact it didn’t end with them dating each other is a travesty

No. 89865

Girl it didn't end at all.

No. 89889

File: 1589891525641.jpg (55.37 KB, 540x687, bfe2a8485bb79d5c83c40cd688ac52…)

i really love reyna to be with jason. i almost cried at the scene of aphrodite confronting her and tell her to back off from jason and ignore her crush for him since he was "fated" to be with someone else. And it sucks that piper and jason end up together despite the foundation of their relationship was based upon on hera's placing false memories of them together. they didn't really put into depth of whether their feelings for each other was credible or not and just jumps on in announcing piper his girlfriend when finally arriving at camp jupiter for the first time after leaving. everyone in camp jupiter practically knows about reyna's feelings for jason except jason.

i know this pairing is from a children's book but it really crushed me, as a middle school kid, when reading the first and second book of the olympus series. to the point i can't stand when it's time to read jason and piper's perspective.

No. 90013

In the beginning he took the form of Simon because no one had met him yet. Once everyone meets Simon he's like oh maybe I should pick someone no one knows. So he chooses this form, we don't know why he chose it other than the person that it's based off is dead so no one will recognize them.

No. 90233

Please don’t remind me

No. 90834

File: 1590030330753.jpg (46.86 KB, 500x252, danipelle.jpg)

I got weirdly into these two during Midsommar

No. 90852

Same, their connection was unexpected I'm used to horror movies not being all that competent at emotional tension, which is probably why A23 is killing it right now. Her boyfriend had the emotional range of a piece of cardboard so it was hard to feel anything for him, which made it easier to accept Pelle because he wasn't an idiot and actually understood the gravity of her circumstances but it didn't feel unnatural at all.

No. 90853

wow you literally missed the point of film, her boyfriend may have been trash but the Pagan Nazi cult were taking advantage of her

No. 90858

Lol, I actually understood the point of the film perfectly, I just don't need to spoonfeed you a disclaimer and assume that the person I responded too is also not a moron who understands that the swedish death cult is what makes this movie a horror movie. We can talk about the dynamics of the relationships without a 5 paragraph disclaimer explaining that we understand nuance.

No. 90871

File: 1590040446117.jpg (64.63 KB, 370x544, tumblr_pcowr41PhF1trudplo2_400…)

I fuckin love these two together and I have no idea why.

No. 90879

this is my guilty pleasure ship… even though, I wanted endeavor to suffer (like a lot of suffering inflicted by basically everyone) before going back to rei, once more.

No. 90892


Honestly… it's not even guilty pleasure for me (tho I love Endeavor so I don't have rights) I just LOVE the dynamic and live for the headcanons about Hawks pining for Endeavor since his teen years

No. 90908

im always wary with expressing my interest with endeavor as a character. and i do love hawks being this "independent" sugar baby or power bottom kind of person whenever i imagine him with endeavor. I wouldn't be so quiet about this headcannon if it weren't for endeavor being someone's pairing moreso to hawks.

I also have wishful thinking that endeavor would go back to wife, if ever rei forgives him. Maybe im projecting my family issues to the todoroki family considering it's almost close to home with the dynamics between all of them. I think rei being with endeavor is more of a guilty pleasure than hawks x endeavor considering the history him and his wife. Maybe both ships are guilty pleasure because of endeavor.

No. 90913

File: 1590053301094.jpg (228.59 KB, 1600x1200, code-geass_00268788.jpg)

ahhhh i am scum. i ship him with C.C. too. they'd be a cute poly couple. i am a degen unfortunately cause i think being poly can be a legit thing.
I'll just tell myself to kys so no one has to kek

No. 90922

File: 1590058366213.jpg (492.43 KB, 1080x1483, 20200521_125329.jpg)

i'd like see them fuck. embarassing

No. 90947

File: 1590064756625.jpg (40.59 KB, 480x447, 15595f441abc7473105155f10a6364…)

No. 90960

Yes! Wholesome!

No. 90969

Why is Bakugo rarely ever shipped with the one male character he has a good relationship with

No. 90991

>rarely ever shipped with the one male character he has a good relationship with
Let me introduce you to Kiribaku

No. 91000

File: 1590077880977.jpg (108.87 KB, 832x1024, IMG_20200508_205420.jpg)

Maybe i'm reaching but I think it have something to do with Toko's very original character design. I seen someone on /a/ saying his design is no problem for his popularity, and i know it's really great, but I think if he had hot human head we would have more shipping content for sure

No. 91008

File: 1590079335072.jpeg (266.39 KB, 750x625, 608AA3A3-F346-46BF-8C1E-5696E0…)

Based taste anon. I literally started watching the show because of this ship.

No. 91028

File: 1590082557375.png (1.54 MB, 1920x1080, kirishima.png)

Fucking based. Kirishima and Bakugou are actually friends, and their powers compliment each other because Kiri is resistant to Bakugou's explosions. Plus the first time Kirishima used his ultimate move, thinking of Bakugou's compliment is what made him achieve it. And also Midoriya said that Kirishima was the only person whose hand Bakugou would take during the rescue, because Kirishima is one of the few people Bakugou respects and considers a friend. Kirishima is a big dumb cinnamon roll and he's really patient with Bakugou. I like that he supports and respects Bakugou while also acknowledging Bakugou's bad behavior (Kirishima often chides him for being rude.) Also I know the movie isn't strictly canon but they shared clothes! And Bakugou chose Kirishima to be his plus one on the trip to the island!

This ship is so fucking based, you guys. Any ship with one happy go lucky dumb person and one cranky emotional character is based. I rest
my case.

No. 91032

File: 1590083134172.gif (2.95 MB, 540x271, kiribaku.gif)

Doublepost but also pic related. Kirishima protected him and Bakugou was worried about him and then thanked him. My heart. He also protected Bakugou in the show when he got attacked by the meatball guy.

Even if you don't ship it, you have to admit it would make a lot of sense for Kirishima to have a crush on Bakugou.

No. 91083

Departing from the subject; I hate when shippers say "you have to admit that…" it just starts a shitshow

No. 91084

File: 1590087567392.png (581.63 KB, 750x713, 70759993_p8.png)

No. 91105

Who's this?

No. 91108

File: 1590089440929.png (807.25 KB, 700x681, 75223045_p4.png)

Heat and Serph from DDSAT

No. 91298

I'm gonna sound like a gross fetishy fujoshit for this but honestly I've reached the point of not caring anymore. Anyways I would like this ship more if kirishima was the uke. Usually in kiribaku doujin he's always the seme and I'm not interested in that.

No. 91334

Shit, I'm not a fan of bakuships in general but i noticed he's uke in lot of works? Why is that? Everytime I see that it looks kind of out of place

No. 91338

Good taste. I wish all the Quantum Devil Saga novels were translated because I've heard through Japanese blogs that a lot more things happen between them than in the games. I won't say more, since it's potential spoilers.

No. 91340

I've noticed this too. I like Bakugou/Uraraka and Bakugou/Toga and he's always submissive to them in art and fics. Which I do like, so I'm not complaining, but I've noticed he's always the bottom in Bakugou/Midoriya and Bakugou/Todoroki too.

I guess it's like the gap appeal, since he's such a loud and bossy character people like the gap appeal of him being submissive in bed.

No. 91341

File: 1590143404522.jpeg (121.95 KB, 900x783, F2D0FB30-69A2-42C5-BFB4-B07CD2…)

I tried getting into Kiribaku and at first really liked it too, but now I'm more obsessed with Bakudeku than any other BNHA ship and also have a small Bakudeku shrine in my room lol.

No. 91343

a lot of people enjoy someone or a character whose personality is the opposite to their bedding position (?), I guess. Like Bakugo could easily be a top due to his personality (loud, mean, aggressive, dominant) but it turns people on when they see him as a bottom. It also gives people a sense of power or authority over him, even if it's in the bedroom or in a ship where he's the supposed submissive.

No. 91345

>>91341 same. love bakudeku. i like it when midoriya is the seme though, but im fine with him being the uke from time to time.

No. 91347

File: 1590144128889.jpeg (59.2 KB, 1024x768, 588EEA1B-3E0D-47E7-982F-520922…)

Midoriya being the seme in Bkdk is very nice

@/wengwengchim on Twitter always portrays Bakugou in such a soft way (also has a lot of Uke!Bakugou art), it makes me forget how much of a loud bastard he actually is

No. 91350

>>91347 thanks anon, gonna look it up in twitter. i was scarce on bakudeku

No. 91351

File: 1590145078022.jpg (34.22 KB, 400x400, 54ca1172800e51d339b3bee586a89d…)

um, yes. i love these two together… and the fact that this ship is so underrated as hell makes me depress.

No. 91353

I don't get this, why ship characters who have abusive relationship dynamics, when a healthier ship clearly exists

No. 91359

File: 1590146513144.png (1.74 MB, 892x1288, Screen Shot 2020-05-22 at 20.2…)


No. 91366

did you get lost on your way to the weekly anti-shipper meeting or what

No. 91368

They aren't real, they're cute together and I like their dynamic more than the "healthy" ones

I am also a sucker for bully x victim troupes in fiction

No. 91373

File: 1590150531633.jpg (173.57 KB, 600x750, 20200522_142907.jpg)

Aw such a waste of shipping material

No. 91376

ok but how do they kiss

No. 91382

At some weird angle. Or just everywhere else

No. 91383

they're so cute and i love them so much but it pains me that tokoyami will never get to eat bakugou's ass. :(

No. 91407

who knows if tokoyami has a long tongue.

No. 91414

i like how you think, anon.

No. 91415

Thank you anons for mentally scarring me

No. 91420

improvise and adapt.
no problem it's what i do best.

No. 91424

File: 1590157729176.jpg (50.32 KB, 493x278, tumblr_static_tumblr_static_e7…)

went back to this ship and have been reading fics on ao3…

No. 91450

File: 1590160590284.jpg (64.46 KB, 480x620, 1688459864ca86c46e2b49561a8d3c…)

It must have been my first gay anime ship

No. 91453

kiribaku 4 lyf

No. 91464

Who is this? Looks like Gintoki on the left but I don't watch Gintama

No. 91470

Gintoki and….Okita? WTF?!?

Gintoki+Hijikata or GTFO

No. 91473

I'd understand Okita/Hijikata but not this

Gintoki/Hijikata is the real stuff

No. 91479


No need to be mean. GinOki is as valid as every other fun ship in this thread

No. 91481

to be fair Okita is nicer to Gintoki than to the rest of the population so I can see it even if I don't care for it. I like Okita/Kagura and Okita/Kondo more though.

No. 91489

File: 1590167566905.png (47.8 KB, 567x445, sad-ichiruki.png)

i still have no idea what fucking happened. i thought it was obvious as naruhina yet it wasn'

No. 91491

Welcome to unpopular ship hell

No. 91493

File: 1590168259159.png (522.98 KB, 1280x720, 22711ADB-6C60-4CF5-ABAC-9DD6BA…)

I am sad

No. 91499

Ew, the Crybaby version.

No. 91521

File: 1590179643530.jpeg (76.98 KB, 1280x720, 39B418DD-C7D2-4D2E-83C8-760A6E…)

Take that back right now, anon.

No. 91533

File: 1590182686777.jpg (128.55 KB, 998x1200, bronzs.jpg)

One of my first ships. I miss this fandom.

No. 91537

File: 1590184356899.jpg (92.44 KB, 1102x623, 1428292306919.jpg)

Agree, they seem to get along pretty well, it's cute when Okita calls him danna and not everyone wants a hostile ship like Gintoki/Hijikata or Okita/Hijikata. I think it's fun to ship Gin san with anyone though, I also like him with Zura.

Now here's the real ship. Never forget the time a Jump protagonist canonically fucked a dude.

No. 91540

File: 1590185178991.gif (960.74 KB, 500x377, tumblr_n1t8nv2oDN1qmencro1_r2_…)

Seriously. I cant stand the Crybaby versions, especially of Ryo. It's OG or nothing.

No. 91541

File: 1590185418218.gif (975.45 KB, 500x281, tumblr_me2m05szLQ1.gif)

anon, I wish I could express how much I love you right now. When I got to play these games, my ship sailed with these two. Heat is my favorite. Ugh, such a great game! Atlus sucks so much now. They havent released anything good since P3 and Devil summoner.

No. 91545

File: 1590187028649.jpg (210.44 KB, 737x1100, tumblr_ng6b1irAAg1sgntb0o1_128…)

Far too invested in a irrelevant ship from a dead slightly obscure vocaloid project from like 7 years ago. Why am I like this

No. 91550

File: 1590188062479.jpg (70 KB, 890x694, 58f25a5fe0155d98f80dc544cc676e…)

Don't get me even started on how ugly everything in Crybaby looks

No. 91557

Bakudeku was already posted. Also you guys should read your own comments sometime. The shit about shrines and semes and shit is cringey as hell.

"Unhealthy" ships are fine imo so long as people don't act like everything is sunshine and roses. I have a lot more respect for people who embrace the "problematique" stuff than I do for people who try to defend/minimize it.

Honestly the kind of things people ship can be really revealing about their psychology. There are a lot of sheltered femcels out there who think it's possible for a nice person to "fix" an asshole. There's also the self-insertion, bad boy element. Legbeards are into the idea of "bad boys" like Bakugou, so they self-insert as Midoriya.

No. 91563

i don't care for bakudeku, but plenty of people don't necessarily want "healthy" ships. people ship dynamics they find interesting or exciting, and for some people what they find exciting in their fiction isn't two well-adjusted people calmly talking over their issues in a coffee shop.

No. 91568

File: 1590192967249.png (360.9 KB, 512x512, Z7HeRxU.png)

No. 91572

File: 1590193320333.jpg (72.7 KB, 900x599, 58472df31a6aff36baf00fb8c6c3fc…)

i hate this ship and their fans are even worse aka acting like chuuya is dazai's long lost lover and his only purpose in the series is to be his small short-tempered yaoi boyfriend

No. 91585

I enjoy boys lives possibly more then anyone here, especially if its between characters who are established as friends and whom care for each other, however I sometimes ship characters who have barely interacted

however If incest, rape and pedophile are involved, I immediately stop reading, so regarding this call me an sjw or moralfag if you want but I think bully x victim ships are kinda offensive and problematic

No. 91587

We get it already.

No. 91594

File: 1590201299711.jpg (34.61 KB, 500x500, 1455933663774.jpg)

>since P3 and Devil summoner
How dare you say that when SMT4 and its sequel exist? To stay on topic, here, have best boy and his fujo girlfriend.

No. 91599

SMT4 was okay but I don’t think any of its characters stood out compared to other Megaten games

No. 91601

File: 1590202639987.jpg (217.35 KB, 800x600, d4bs487-f878f33c-370a-44a8-8b1…)

They gave me happiness but also pain

No. 91604

Is this that yaoi VN

No. 91609

File: 1590205768534.png (221.41 KB, 500x673, 84fde007cc6c8949b7b633f836347f…)

It'll forever weird me out that the ship with the 15 year old protag and manlet in his thirties is the most popular ship in the fanbase

No. 91611

i hate ereri with a passion

No. 91640

>Unhealthy ships are fine but they say a lot about the people who ship them
>REEEEEE no fun allowed11!2!!1

No. 91648

Some of you need to step outside of your fandom bubble and realize that all shipping is weird and cringe to normal people, you don't get a pass because you chose the cartoon characters you want to see fuck each other with care. Moralizing about the issue just makes you look like an even bigger sperg.

No. 91650

That sounds like cope to me, even normies lowkey ship characters( however its usually hetero) but also those ships are also usually healthy

shipping siblings, adult men and children and abusers and victims is wrong regardless of the gender or whose the seme or uke

No. 91651

File: 1590225085329.jpg (86.12 KB, 540x531, tumblr_inline_osmyzrN6HV1u6yix…)

they're the reason why i have a phase on wanting to be an attorney.

No. 91657

Yeah, it's Togainu no chi (also anime and manga)

No. 91664

I think there are two reasons why people ship (or are invested in fictional romantic relationships). Because they are confused with each other, it leads to misunderstanding and needless controversy.
The first one is
>they are so perfect, I love them and their relationship, I wish I could be one of them!!! Relationship goals uwu
the other is
>I find this fucked up relationship interesting from a psychological point of view. I like to explore it for that reason. It may help me to cope with some personal shit as well. This stuff should not happen irl, but is fun to work with in fiction.

The problem is that some people assume that the second shippers are the first type and get offended.
Of course there are also some people that think that abusive ships are goals uwu, but more often I've seen retards on tumblr assume that having interest in a 'wrong' ship means you must be glorifying it when you can enjoy it like a nice thriller.

No. 91666

Or you know, people find the relationship between characters interesting and choose to make their own scenarios that are not depicted in the source material to expand on it

You are all taking this way too seriously

No. 91678

My problem with shipping is that two characters can't be friends and not be pushed as a couple by fangils
Friendship is also a form of love not everything has to be a love story
Also shipping real life ppl… just no.

No. 91690

I agree, but, anon, you're in a ship thread. I know your point is relevant with the discussion of shipping but I'm not sure if this is the right place to talk about it.

Also, I agree with shipping people irl and sadly it's popular in certain fandoms, one I could name is kpop which is already dark place but becomes intense when shipping is involve. From what I can see and had extreme due to knowing kpop fans irl.

No. 91695

I agree with all those points, also not to sound too tumblry but it also inadvertently perpetuates toxic masculinity in society, It is sad that genuine affection amongst men is sexualized like this. Just like it is creepy for men to sexualize female friendships, this is creepy too. I do think its sexist to assume that affection, or emotional closeness between two men or a group of men must somehow be homoerotic. No issue with homoeroticism, but if some guy was drooling over female friendships as part of some lesbian fantasy it would be gross.

No. 91709

I didn't want to cut in but shipping friends is rather better than ship abuser and their victim. Yet it's just for fun. Of course they can be friends, but why can't we ship friends?

Shipping real people is different, whatoever I think if you have fun it's your choince and I don't think it's so bad. Short fanfiction? Why not. Cute fanart? If you want. Just don't act like they're really madly in love and don't harass them

No. 91737

how is that not in line with what I said?

No. 91741

Regarding the last part, this vid and the comments are good examples of the mentality you're describing, people 100% convinced that 2 characters showing moments of vunrabality with each other as sings of them being gay, and the cast getting and writers getting annoyed

No. 91742

Your post says that people either self-insert or only like shipping “fucked-up” relationships.

No. 91753

File: 1590257192638.jpg (46.94 KB, 512x512, 5e9df687bfcfff0dc67445f137950a…)

No one is "pushing" anything or forcing you to interpret the story the way they do. If two characters being friends is the canon state of things, fanart doesn't change that. Just blacklist the name of the ship on whatever site(s) you use if it brothers you that much. Shipping is just how some people relate to and have fun with a piece of media. It's not a conspiracy against friendship, ffs.

I agree about shipping real people though- that's inappropriate. It's a type of unhealthy parasocial relationship.

The problem isn't that people ship the characters, though. Most people who are into shipping don't care if the ship is "canon" or not. The people who make videos like this are just entitled little twats. For every ten people who like shipping, there's one person who takes it too far and creates conflict. Just because you hear a lot about those people doesn't mean they're representative of literally everyone who likes shipping.

You're being willfully ignorant about the nuances in this situation. Lesbians being sexualized by straight men is way more widespread and harmful than straight women sexualizing gay men. Which happens more often– straight men sexually harassing lesbian couples, or straight women harassing gay couples? You're basically using a different version of the "reverse racism" argument. When two groups have different levels of systemic power– in this case men and women– the same action is going to have different ramifications based on who is taking it. A bunch of nerdy women writing fanfic about two fictional men is not the same as well-known male directors and writers reducing lesbians to sexual objects in their mainstream films. You know damn well the playing field isn't level here.

If you take issue with shipping as a concept, hide this thread instead of derailing.

No. 91758

You are nitpicking and taking it too literally. Did not mean to imply everyone is necessarily self-inserting.

No. 91760

do you guys get off to this or

No. 91763

File: 1590259017218.jpg (24.11 KB, 352x264, 1572408304139.jpg)

it was only a matter of time until the moralfags found this thread and started policing people's interests and fictional ships as if it's real life

No. 91764

that guy looks like my paternal grand father

No. 91765

tell him shipping isn't real and shouldn't be taken this serious

No. 91766

yea idgaf but do you get off to it or not i just wanna know

No. 91767

yes i get as hard as a wurtzite boron nitride and even start hallucinating and it doesn't stop until i turn my phone off

No. 91769

what a fucking nerd

No. 91770

No. 91776

File: 1590261815336.jpg (299.65 KB, 1456x1092, 4 (1).jpg)

The suffering

No. 91805

what manga is this anon?

No. 91813

nta but looks like koi to uso

No. 91856

File: 1590285445106.jpg (292.81 KB, 685x700, full.2122468.jpg)

Same anon, throughout the whole series it was portrayed that they were gonna be the endgame

No. 91888

File: 1590293606381.jpg (56.96 KB, 1200x909, ETamnGHWAAAHP8B.jpg)

this scene was the giveaway anon

No. 91958

File: 1590321683049.jpg (63.34 KB, 1280x720, 1a846b0963d18cf33f4a7875a2ca13…)

No. 91959

Shut up because now every time I mention it people are like "why can't they be just friends?!" Nooo, come on, they were in love
I totally tricked myself and I'm the stupid one I guess

No. 91961

File: 1590323658642.jpeg (130.82 KB, 965x471, 65094165-11F6-4A93-948F-C7FA16…)

I love genji x mercy so much.

I might be a bit biased since it kind of reminds me of my relationship (I’m aussie/European and my partner is from Tokyo). First gift he ever gave me was Swiss chocolate lol. But yeah, the voice actors seem to ship it too which is cute

No. 91980

File: 1590334785765.jpg (193.55 KB, 1223x893, tumblr_nl7o4ipmW01ts6jcao1_128…)

they deserved better

No. 92028

Oh man! They were my favorite couple in all of FMA

No. 92047

This post made me suffer so much. Their story is so beautiful, I just wish it was less rushed. Still happy Cooper and Audrey wasn't a thing

No. 92055

kek ngl I shipped the fuck out of Coop and Audrey (though I was seventeen when I watched Twin Peaks to be fair) but it made me happy they didn't wind up together. It was the right move for Coop's character.

No. 92067

File: 1590355039165.jpeg (192.4 KB, 2048x1593, EYIk6HcWkAAVuF7.jpeg)

Finally catched up to it and I'm so happy. Despite all the "Catra is abusive" assholes not shutting up for 2 years we still won so hard. Maybe there is hope, afterall.

No. 92100

they are wholesome. and i love how they got together because sig and izumi bumped to each other with a bear on izumi's shoulder.

No. 92200

File: 1590420219102.png (1.64 MB, 1585x874, 1b2a618e9527e709042aaca11549ff…)

I have no regrets

No. 92201

File: 1590420283832.jpg (275.04 KB, 726x512, 20200525_172412.jpg)

and I like those panels because it reminds me I ship to feel pain

No. 92209

i was so young for that show to remember most of it but yes, you're right. especially when simon got older, wew.

No. 92211

File: 1590423776410.jpg (65.95 KB, 1279x640, Tiger_and_bunny_cover.jpg)

when bunny confessed that he practiced cooking fried rice just for kotetsu was the scene that finalized my love for this ship.

No. 92220

File: 1590427920927.gif (1.98 MB, 268x301, 495d7d2ea5c0f199ffd8d7c76f376f…)

So nice to see some support for Coop and Annie. When I first watched TP 10 years ago, the tiny fandom obviously hated Annie (As well as Heather Graham and Laura Flynn Boyle) for not letting Coop/Audrey happen. I agree that it was not right for him to date a high school girl related to the case that he came investigate. The scene when he lets Audrey down gently is so sweet, what an amazing man.
Anyway I related hard to Annie, her mental breakdown and awkwardness. It was so amazing to see her come back to life with Coop.
I haven't seen season 3 yet (rewatching the classic now in preparation) but I've heard Annie got written out of the story by the tie-in novel and I'm so fucking mad

No. 92235

I can't find anything related to this right now but at the time, there was a rumor that it was related to an experience working with Heather Graham that no one wanted to relive.
Heather simply said she wasn't asked back for season 3.

No. 92333

File: 1590449656527.jpg (312.21 KB, 701x600, 21329544.jpg)

Lockon x anyone is good but the novels had me really appreciate these two.

No. 92392

File: 1590469566702.png (322.82 KB, 501x708, keisara_yttd.png)

I'm always a sucker for NL size difference.

No. 93078

Ace, Sanji and Zorro are the only reasons I watched this show

No. 93110

File: 1590654476925.png (518.48 KB, 500x600, ee414c9d40b7d01e2d5fd765abf14f…)

God they're so frickin cute together. The best couple on Community by far (I also don't mind Annie with Troy but she's just too perfect for Jeff in the end lol)

No. 93194

File: 1590676982893.png (423.82 KB, 838x474, LockonTieria.png)

Lockon and Tieria was legit my main ship from Gundam 00 and I'll never forget watching it when Livejournal was still active. It was such a great era for social media for me and i thank you for bringing me back!

No. 93285

File: 1590687231236.gif (256.7 KB, 338x188, 0a762ce3-793f-4922-a238-f5b01b…)

Fucking based.

No. 93357

Pedo taste anon

No. 93456

this was creepy as fuck.

No. 93542

>using the word pedo for a relationship with two grown adults with an age gap

now where have i seen this before

No. 93550

big agree, anon.
i still ship them and i'll die shipping them.

No. 93572

Same. I would have been more than fine with one banging sesh tho. Not even dating.

Annie was a lame-o.

No. 93618

banging would be even more immoral than dating imho. It would be so out of character for Coop.
It was also nice to have a fictional man with morals.

If Audrey was older, I would have no problem with the ship (though I still prefer Annie, despite her flaws).

No. 93660

File: 1590757734470.jpg (22.94 KB, 453x500, c1933260ac386463ede61c65d64c60…)

Only valid community ship.

she was 18 in the first season as well as being mentally ill and a recovering addict. Jeff was nearly 40 and manipulated people for a living. The show went out of its way to make creepy sexualised jokes about her age. It was gross.

No. 93664

This is super autistic, but I've been rewatching Scrubs with my fiance lately and I ship Jordan and Dr. Cox so hard. I never shipped someone before, but I even made a super cringy playlist for them lmfao

No. 93784

embarrassing. Annie was a cunt, and Allison Brie has default Sim face

No. 93997

File: 1590851169417.jpg (154.44 KB, 1568x1351, 1590842750434.jpg)

It will never happen, but still…

No. 94012

why tf does this thread show up twice

No. 94042

File: 1590876082168.jpg (43.95 KB, 500x725, 8c239b5f574d44d89ea2bae3e96982…)

Troy and Abed are so cute and pure

I need to rewatch Scrubs, it's been a long time and I know my older self will be much more appreciative of how Dr Cox has a thing for dominant women

But on that note Turk and JD are another cute and pure ship.

No. 94071

I recently started this show and I'm hooked. It's weird bc I usually avoid cartoons, just never been a huge fan of them…

I don't really get Adora's appeal but Catra has me fuuucked up. I love her so much and I want her to have whatever she wants. Seems like she gets Adora in the end?

No. 94084

File: 1590928026008.jpg (73.13 KB, 500x740, e25f3b2f370004425e342588d820bf…)

Uh oh

No. 94092

>>94084 wow, anon. same. i feel nostalgic now. thank you.

No. 94150

File: 1590970799967.jpg (99.44 KB, 1557x1214, EYf0HGqU4AAtzyf.jpg)

Catra's the best girl for sure, anon, but Adora gets more likeable as the shows goes on. They do end up together, thankfully. Hope you enjoy it!

No. 94346

File: 1591105557025.gif (3.46 MB, 480x270, 65eb95ff37b07eda02a96c7b501093…)

They were really cute

No. 94633

File: 1591263759567.jpg (465.64 KB, 982x1181, 20200604_114003.jpg)

Based in every form

No. 94635

File: 1591267056888.jpg (53.03 KB, 680x401, 571486d798d9fd7e44111e57f02be9…)

>>94633 the art is so cute, especially misty's new design and hair which i appreciated a lot.

but this ship though…

No. 94637

omg this is the best

No. 94655

>red talking
Trash take

No. 94656

He literally talks in first person in some very small parts of Red/Blue/Yellow though. Him not talking after that is just a meta joke.

No. 95082

File: 1591543501965.jpg (73.58 KB, 717x643, 8eb885e867eb35da0efd516c852c19…)

I prayed he would stop killing and become a good husband and stayed Shinobu

No. 95084

File: 1591543848009.jpg (246.86 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

No. 95111

I wish too. was honestly hoping for that as well

No. 95199

Honestly thought I was crazy for shipping this, considering what he is and the fact he doesn’t deserve her but man that would’ve been such a cute end for their stories.

No. 95261

File: 1591639611723.png (218.12 KB, 656x334, Bez tytułu.png)

It's a first time 'm actually upset that hetero characters won't be together
I mean- their confessions were more romantic than in most bl's i've read

No. 95267

File: 1591644171542.jpg (336.42 KB, 1242x1920, tumblr_myhnndAntr1qhmfh4o1_128…)

i have to admit that I'm still very much into Hannibal and Will Graham dynamics, even if it's a whole mess, but I'm really into a ship with a killer vs someone slowly being aware of its own demons (Killing Eve is pretty good as well but not as dramatic as Hannibal used to be)

No. 95281

File: 1591647424965.jpg (216.8 KB, 1280x905, 23a7e2f28b2ca20cbfc06c996e6573…)

I didn't want to bring up BNHA ships anymore, But I was looking for Geten fanfics and in 90% of them he's a girl. I hate it, just let him be a boy goddamit

No. 95336

>the closest thing to a romantic moment they had was Jotaro removing the flesh bug

I got vid related in my recs and the first thing I thought about was this post kek

No. 95889

File: 1592110977760.jpg (321.49 KB, 1447x2046, 52723e3014818b6e11c0ed2e93b68b…)

No. 95904

File: 1592122620915.jpg (31.08 KB, 400x560, afa11f5e7d7b6289e603ba10b56fe7…)

anon i…….. this really brought me back in time. back when all i had to worry about was homework, and i would browse deviantart and read fanfics for fun. this was one of my top ships that i absolutely adored. I remember getting mad over everyone calling him blue when I called him green. I still don't know but I don't care as much anymore lmao
I still love them though

No. 95907

File: 1592125120063.jpg (456.61 KB, 1388x2000, 81c4adfb084bd7d94d6b5bb90c6a12…)

Okay since I'm on the topic about my 13-year old self's ships -

No. 95950

File: 1592159845996.png (175.15 KB, 500x750, tumblr_p4t8ervGej1up4qa5o1_500…)

i wonder how the canon shippers feel knowing that this is better than anything they'll ever have
He's still in denial about his own gay feelings

No. 95956

This show and it’s characters are all so bad lol

No. 95963

all you guys are so annoying

No. 95968

File: 1592169951507.jpg (456.64 KB, 690x750, 1.jpg)

what do you ship, anon?

No. 95972

I haven't watched naruto since I was like eight so no one

No. 95973

That's not Naruto, i just meant in general

No. 95975

Nothing really from non romance media. I had one before I was really invested into but it was so hard to see discourse on discourse when looking for art so now I only very occasionally read fanfiction. I'm not gonna tell which one it is, though.

No. 95976

File: 1592171832404.jpg (38.69 KB, 564x564, 51cec7149f0b9d498353061ceaae95…)

You're missing out. Ships from non-romance media are the best ones, and the ship wars are the most fun.

No. 95989

File: 1592178746958.jpg (Spoiler Image,511.6 KB, 1604x2048, EYhH_ABVAAAUrb5.jpg)

All the Naruto talk made me remember how much I used to love Sasori x Deidara and tbh I still do but not as much as I used to. This, Sasunaru and Gaara x Lee are one of the best fujo ships to ever come out of this show.

No. 95995

File: 1592180555977.gif (1.43 MB, 540x300, a7067132d369e94353a2458bc296f7…)

you're forgetting one

No. 95997

File: 1592181431502.jpg (75.81 KB, 500x507, tumblr_peg5wkisSn1uizp4ao1_500…)

Forgive me.

No. 95998

I've never considered this ship until now. This is cute. Based anon.

No. 96003

Do you know who the artist of this pic is? I really like their style.

No. 96005

No. 96018

File: 1592190416898.jpg (73.02 KB, 600x475, 01.jpg)

the only reason i gave up on this one was the age gap, but they have a lot of chemistry and weather is not a creep like anasui.

No. 96019

File: 1592190556996.jpeg (55.18 KB, 1200x533, D40577D5-EA17-44C5-921B-58933C…)


No. 96026

File: 1592193601072.png (1016.32 KB, 1043x1391, 011.png)

I've never had two characters touch me in such a way that I need them together. After 20 years of animu and manga, they're my one and only ship.

No. 96042

File: 1592198264510.jpeg (122.08 KB, 1080x1349, 20F1D9EB-D87A-4632-82FC-63FF2A…)

I feel like kind of an autist with how obsessed I get with ships sometimes. I’m working on a slow burn fanfic of a semi-niche ship for a long time now.

Old post but congrats anon.

No. 96043

File: 1592198593715.jpg (620.62 KB, 960x960, built the dinosaurs.jpg)

same but aw I want to read it. I love these two

No. 96050

If you wanna find it it’s on ao3 and I’m up to chapter 7. Should be within the first few pages, I updated it a few weeks ago :-‘)

No. 96058

Who are these two??

No. 96063

File: 1592206035373.jpeg (79.63 KB, 800x445, F89C4835-9A2F-4CBF-8FE2-5625B0…)

You ain’t see Heathers anon?

No. 96130

Nope! But also I thought the drawings had lesbians in them, no longer interested lol.

No. 96133

File: 1592274699022.jpg (40.06 KB, 600x800, 30732712f8fc1def34c121f895df01…)

awe, love me some kakashi ships! wanna mention another one.

No. 96143

File: 1592285174661.jpeg (137.23 KB, 1100x773, 85A9C823-9037-4B97-A7E8-F34A7A…)

No. 96146

What is this? It looks cute!

No. 96152

nta, but its barakamon

No. 96163

I usually don't rps but these past few days people interacting cutely a lot really be testing me. I know they're all doing it for the show but I'm just happy shipping my faves on the sidelines.

No. 96165

>>96163 may i ask who are the people you are talking about, anon?

No. 96175

File: 1592318653480.jpg (75.89 KB, 680x383, kyungchul let us love each oth…)

excuse my cancer
they dont belong in the same group and they just work together in one show but the show really hypes their bromance and I'm here to consume that content

No. 96181

File: 1592323140189.png (100.69 KB, 340x226, 7E52AF94-7DE9-4325-BCDA-0BE7E2…)

My OTP since I was 10: A Shattered Dreams Production

No. 96182

File: 1592323375736.jpeg (325.39 KB, 1436x2048, 895DB22D-3C81-4544-B3F7-4C85C1…)

They’re cute together guys, and they admire each other !

No. 96184

honestly I don't even ship them but I feel your pain, my heart goes out to you. i will be sending a floral arrangement to your home that says "sorry for your loss

No. 96187

File: 1592327418349.jpg (50.74 KB, 510x421, 8ca929287974b09fe3cca807a57194…)

I knew it would never be canon, but I still cried, rip

No. 96198

File: 1592329722916.jpeg (30.5 KB, 352x550, 186B69AA-EC3C-4E5F-8090-E77C43…)

Heathers can be very gay if you want it to.

No. 96202

As everything else if you are delusional/dedicated enough. Still wouldn't rec it to someone looking for gay feels

No. 96235

I honestly thought this was Miguel and Tulio from Road to El Dorado at first when I was scrolling down really fast.

No. 96242

i can't lie, i temporarily entertain this ship because i was curious, and idk if it's a good thing that there's barely any fics of them in ao3 or not.

No. 96244

File: 1592396884844.jpg (36.08 KB, 352x550, tship2.jpg)


There's a few good ones on fanfic.net. My old guilty pleasure.

I don't know whether I prefer the canon or the YGO Abridged version of these two. Both have good potential.

No. 96265

In another reality Nejiten is real and they’re happy together. Just not this one.

No. 96273

This was my favorite YGO ship! Yess

No. 96295

File: 1592428537301.gif (812.05 KB, 500x292, thS.gif)

the dynamic kinda reminds me of kiribaku

suigetsu looks literally like he could be kirishima's cousin too

No. 96463

File: 1592527935259.jpg (Spoiler Image,87.47 KB, 600x600, 7a0ba043f18617992cd417f456cc34…)

I'm extremely picky with ships but this is an OTP
Idk how I've never seen this before, it's so accurate even as a sn/bkdk shipper.

No. 96485

I'm really sorry if this comes across the wrong way but would you mind selling me on the appeal of Bruabba?
Like, I can see it on a one-sided Abbacchio->Bucciarati kind of way but that's as far as I can get on my own apparently.

No. 96587

sorry for the late reply anon. i really don't have strong feelings over this ship, like i dont search for fanart, doujins, or fanfics. most often time, my infatuation just starts and ends with the memes especially with "bruno is the wonderful mom in the family and abbachio is the gothic dad that pisses in teapots kind of memes." but maybe that's my own way of shipping this ship.

i think people like bruabba because bruno is the only person abbachio truly respect and they are both in the same age. bruno helped abbachio get away from his past and in return abbachio doesn't question bruno's judgement and is loyal to him. bruno was also heartbroken when they come across a dead abbachio, even more when abbachio finished the task of finding what boss looked like.

honestly, abbachio was bruno's right hand man, his friend, and someone he can relate to when they feel deep into corruption but in diff settings like bruno's time in the mafia as to abbachio's phase as a policeman, regardless how passionate they were in doing opposite from the beginning like bruno wanted to join the mafia for his dad and to stop drugs and abbachio wanted to be a cop for justice.

that's all i can think of.

No. 96594

Good taste

No. 96631

File: 1592658072842.jpeg (33.29 KB, 641x409, DDA88E0D-9760-41CB-BF85-AE5BF0…)

mods are asleep post teen wolf
slow burned throughout 6 seasons and my adolescence

No. 96634

you just reminded me of them, barakamon was great

No. 96637

File: 1592661216694.jpg (845.32 KB, 954x750, 167415867_p0_master1200.jpg)

I know what you mean, I feel like I'm an edgy teenager all over again when it comes to this show kek. I want a season 4 so much. I still think that this serie ( while very imperfect) was a bit too ahead of its time and didn't find enough of the right public at the time. Hannibal the serie did right everything that BBC Sherlock did wrong.

No. 96638

File: 1592663584000.jpg (28.31 KB, 355x350, 81LkDahCIuL._SX355_.jpg)

No. 96659

File: 1592690582251.jpg (49.17 KB, 1280x720, [JacobSwaggedUp] Sakamichi no …)

I never hardcore shipped them or anything but it's a travesty that it wasn't canon. But nooo, gotta give the male protag a boring ass female love interest who I literally cannot remember a thing about at this point. Actually that said, an unrequited love would still have been very suitable for the series, as long as it was actually canonically stated to be so.

No. 96672

yeah. also i really hated how all of the main characters (and side ones) are in this big love pentagon. it was very annoying. i wish the show was more about jazz, the history of japan at the time and, and just two boys being subtle with the sexual tension around them.

No. 96695

File: 1592736475524.jpg (Spoiler Image,272.91 KB, 631x840, 52644168_p9.jpg)

I fucking love childhood friends trope sad that the author separated them in the new series I refuse to acknowledge it as canon

No. 96703

File: 1592746531387.jpg (242.12 KB, 900x1061, tumblr_nwoh9xjJtl1tz1p0co2_r1_…)

Thank you so much anon for this gorgeous fanart im absolutely in love
also totally agree, a season 4 would be a blessing, you can tell Fuller had many projects for them, it's great also to have many great artists and fic writers in the fandom

No. 96704

File: 1592746819964.jpg (155.74 KB, 1200x846, 21051412.jpg)

the childhood friends trope is the only reason why I watched free!, like this anime was lackluster without any real plot but man tiddies and fanservice for fujos for real, but makoto and haru were so cute

No. 96705

File: 1592746961315.jpeg (35.65 KB, 400x225, 5C1D6A1E-5645-4E6C-9E60-981B0B…)

Their dynamic/her character >>>>>>>>> Teruhashi

No. 96706

File: 1592747369685.jpeg (24.98 KB, 478x400, BC3445ED-9F3E-44CC-973E-0FF34B…)

Unpopular but I love them

No. 96707

File: 1592747425506.png (957.39 KB, 1280x1684, 6F967937-2B9A-49B7-9CD4-16306F…)

You can’t convince me that they’re not percent for each other

No. 96709

File: 1592747798489.jpeg (103.08 KB, 698x985, FFA99D23-02B2-4B4C-8B47-98EE00…)

I’m just happy that they both got the happy endings they deserved

No. 96710

other than nitori, makoharu and makoto are the reasons why i even watched free.

No. 96714

Omg now I have to finish watching this, I haven't seen that girl yet. Teruhashi is mostly why I stopped watching

No. 96727

I thought this was Mikasa drawing Ino

No. 96736

I love Babs so much and she deserved better. (Not meaning Nightwing, but i mean her being in a wheelchair forever because men cant write women ever. She's too good for everyone in Batman universe)

No. 96737

Anon, are you me?
Great taste. Neji's my boy

No. 96892

File: 1592929382367.jpg (584.64 KB, 600x923, 165636001_p1.jpg)

I really like the fanart that you have posted too anon! there have been rumors of a fourth season produced by Netflix. I really hope that it's true. As you said in your first message we still have Killing Eve to wait. I cannot stop comparing the two series every time I'm watching them kek!

No. 96922

I'm glad I'm not the only one who considers Killing Eve gender swapped Hannibal kek

No. 97153

File: 1593130337028.jpg (301.35 KB, 1115x1724, tumblr_7c4ef861c082feff5d7b274…)

feel like pure shit just want 2015 kylux community back x

No. 97782

File: 1593576178337.gif (1.97 MB, 245x245, tumblr_o0ni78zSsC1rbp7sqo4_250…)

So I watched all three High School Musical movies just for the hell of it (I've seen the first one a looooong time ago) and guys please help me I'm fangirling over Troy and Gabriella like a twelve year old. Their relationship is so damn cute and innocent and they support each other and have you seen the way Troy looks at her? It helps that the actors were together in real life because the chemistry they have is literally insane. Their dance on the rooftop in the last movie actually made me cry lmaoooo why am I like this

No. 97787

File: 1593578899473.gif (2.17 MB, 500x194, AFAD72D8-5FA3-41C3-8C24-89FE2C…)

Kek, I went from thinking they're cute to boring. Besides, this is the best HSM ship.

No. 97789

Didn't these characters switch clothes at one point?

No. 97796

the sexual tension in this song is palpable, even as a ten year old i was like do they wanna kiss or something???

No. 97798


Lol for real though, it was one of the gayest things I've seen. The song was basically just an excuse for them to flirt and check each other out for 5 minutes

No. 98011

File: 1593771403822.jpg (55.15 KB, 500x695, 24aac157a2ee7362f2995c0874848f…)

No. 98045

File: 1593800356777.jpg (475.95 KB, 1144x1604, sdfghjkl.jpg)

I never understood if they were actual fiancés or if they were just dating. In the French localisation they're full-fleshed fiancés so Maya would have been Godot's sister-in-law, but apparently in English they're just dating? So what's the truth? It's been nearly 10 years since I got into Ace Attorney and they still make me depressed, fuck Dahlia.

No. 98188

afaik, they were dating. there wasn't any mention of them being fiances in the jap subs either i think. or else the tiny community of diego/godot x mia shippers i have found would have exploit it to the ground.

No. 98197

File: 1593944074221.png (85.46 KB, 500x299, tumblr_opbyxnq7dd1soegjko1_500…)

i've been rewatching inuyasha and tho they're the farthest from canon, the thought of sesskag really makes me feel some type of way.

No. 98389

File: 1594159967439.jpg (128.46 KB, 1215x658, 620439.jpg)

i'm waiting for big non-bl/yaoi/shounen-ai manga to have actual gay ending. maybe it's silly, i know community hates gays in their shounens, but we already have a few (at least 5) canon gay couples so- why not. delusional? Yes, i'm.

and don't say "why can't friends be just friends?" because that's not the point

No. 98391

They were one of my first ships, they’re so tragic I still cry just thinking about their dynamic. I wish the anime didn’t start to suck so much.

No. 98395

File: 1594163245634.jpg (200.84 KB, 720x1057, 7ca5fcd15f5012de5770b7dfb583e8…)

It's pathetic how much their ship not being canon triggers me to this day.

No. 98400

Didn’t that just happen with Ao no Flag?

No. 98401

It really sucks.
>make men the best written characters
>give men the deepest, most complex and emotionally driven relationships
>have a huge audience of invested shippers who would be overjoyed if it became canon
>completely disregard the chemistry and suitability of a romantic relationship solely because the characters are male

I'm pinning my hopes on Gon/Killua, Togashi is the only madman with enough freedom to make it canon.

No. 98413

File: 1594176991837.png (469.8 KB, 353x763, ECzXcCEU8AIzLPv.png)

I just finished season 1 of HxH and I think the way they interact with each other is so cute

No. 98419

File: 1594182632067.gif (629.57 KB, 500x223, Leopika.gif)

same, anon. been shipping this ship for years but it kinda sucks that it's been overshadowed with kurapika x chrollo.

No. 98430

File: 1594199880722.jpg (81.15 KB, 500x592, chropika.jpg)

I like both ships, tbh. But I read Chrollo x Kurapika when I want something spicy.

No. 98431

This shipped is so messed but i also ship it. great taste, anon

No. 98441

File: 1594212340032.png (577.15 KB, 601x670, 1590693104121 (1).png)


Yeah, it did, but at the end, and we didn't even see them getting together. I didn't /feel/ it.
I want to see characters like Kaneki and Hide, like Shinji and Kaworu, like Samurai Flamenco and Tiger & Bunny.
And I don't mean that I want whole plot to be only about romance, because I don't want it to be some bl story, I just want to feel their feelings.
I know I shouldn't conplain, but I will.

No. 98445

I think Promare pushed the envelope a bit further. Not going to spoil the ending despite the movie having been out for more than a year at this point and 5 months since the bluray rip but during a Q&A session the creators definitely said that "if the viewer wants to see it as romantic, then it is romantic" which is essentially "yeah it's gay but we don't want to piss off our homophobic fanboys just yet". It definitely had a lot of subtext too that I didn't catch until my second viewing of the movie. Hoping that we'll break the big final wall completely soon because I have a feeling that it's near.

No. 98448

Yes yes yes. but we all know Hunter x Hunter won't stop soon. he really is a madman

That's what I noticed; the biggest problem are homophobes who don't want their fav manly main characters to be gay, because they woudn't be able to 'identify' with them.
But even creators(more like the studio) of Yuri on Ice didn't want to put stupid rings on their fingers because "it's too much!".
Clamp woudn't let Yukito and Touya call each other boyfriends but they obviously were fucking together.

No. 98456


Saying shit like 'they can be gay but arent gay but do you wanna do ' is such a cop out. They have no issues having heterosexual couples in shonens or whatever. Why are they so afraid of gay ships. It's disingenuous

>Clamp woudn't let Yukito and Touya call each other boyfriends but they obviously were fucking together.

This will always make me the saltiest of salt licks

No. 98460

>Clamp woudn't let Yukito and Touya call each other boyfriends but they obviously were fucking together.
I'm butting in just to say that I was reading CCS when I was learning how to read when starting primary school, and that was when it was on tv in my country as well, and even as a 6 years old girl I knew Yukito and Toya weren't just friends, it was that obvious. But it's weird coming from CLAMP, didn't they say that Kamui and Fuuma in X1999 were obviously more than friends and not just rivals in an interview?

No. 98471

File: 1594237502544.jpg (123.74 KB, 736x981, jane and edward.jpg)

english lit, signing in

No. 98495

No. 98500

I honestly don't know if it's only trying to avoid pissing off homophobic fans or a cultural thing because in Japan the historical nature of homosexual relationships was more like "life partners" and/or "lovers" than being in a heteronormative boyfriend relationship. I mean obviously when it comes to shounen shit or something they don't want to ruin fanboys selfinserting power fantasies but I just see no purpose in a circle like CLAMP pretending like Yukito and Touya weren't fucking when they created Tokyo Babylon and Kurogane&Fai in Tsubasa Chronicles.

No. 98506

File: 1594246563560.jpg (95.66 KB, 1920x1080, [HorribleSubs] Yuri!!! on Ice …)

I really think it's conservative higher ups limiting the creative choices of the writers, esp in anime/manga. Sometimes it's so obvious the writers want it to be gay, eg YOI - I mean, it's basically canon, but even then they couldn't explicitly show the kiss. It's obviously a kiss, that was clearly the intention of the scene, but they can't show their mouths? I absolutely think it's just interference from bigwigs ensuring there's a sliver of plausible deniability because they're homophobic and also care too much about the opinions of a homophobic audience.

On the other hand, I think there are plenty of writers (esp in the west) who feel giving in to shippers would damage their integrity as writers. I think the more the audience pushes for it, the more resentful and reluctant they get about the idea. They might stuff a series full of bait but ultimately they get very attached to the straightness of their characters, even when they have nothing to lose by making it canon because the audience is overwhelmingly into it.

No. 98540

I'm salty. I'm tired of the argument that having a canon gay pairing = pandering. I think that the same way a heterosexual couple can be written, or heterosexual romance, the same can be done for same-sex and it doesn't have to be shoe horned in. I think YOI did an okay job, even though the show wasnt super great. I even say that Free did a nice job expressing Rin and Haru having deep feelings for each other. Just let people be gay, Japan

No. 98556

File: 1594269910438.jpg (23.38 KB, 411x164, IMG_20200705_013237.jpg)

I'm so weak for DabiHawks lately. Give me that hatefuck goodness. Honestly, the worst thing about DabiHawks fandom is that it tries to make a fucked up dynamic seem fluffy when the problematic hatesex dynamic is what MAKES the ship so good.

I'm down for KiriBaku when I want fluff and unproblematic friends to lovers. Don't need it in my DabiHawks.

No. 98583

File: 1594292720067.jpg (40.6 KB, 564x606, 267c5b32f7e814afeaba15168a9d61…)


Haha I love Hannigram too. I wouldn't say I exactly "ship" them, but I just find their relationship really fascinating and interesting with so many layers and facets to it. It makes me feel slightly like an edgy 15 year old lol but their dynamic is strangely hot in that twisted erotic sense; I would find the imagery related to them of blood and murder/gore to be gross in any other relationship but with Hannigram it's just perfect. Messed up and psychological romances are definitely my weakness

No. 98632

Absolute amazing taste anon came here to post this chefs kiss

No. 98641

I live for problematic hate-sex. I hate people who try to insert romance into couples or pairing where there is none. Just let the hate fuck it out

No. 98643

I agree with this. Characters don't have to be in a fluffy romantic relationship to fuck. Hatred combined with raw, animalistic attraction is hot. It's also good when the characters acknowledge it and have self-loathing.

No. 98674

File: 1594330351836.jpg (119.02 KB, 600x776, captive_by_a_monster_by_shibak…)

Absolutely agree 100% with you anon, on Hannigram and on your take on the twisted erotic imagery that has something fascinating.

I want to add that in the same way, I was VERY much into this pair in my teens when i first read the manga Monster for the exact same reasons

No. 98691


10/10, you have god like taste anon!

No. 98729

File: 1594376410955.jpg (47.11 KB, 500x743, tumblr_mhjylnJzOl1rdybsoo1_500…)

Thank you… here is the panel that made my edgy 14 years old goes "ohhhhhhhh

No. 98746

I started searching up fics of characters who were enemies because I was so desperate to just read some raunchy hate sex. I started reading some ganon/link shit and people are still out here making Ganon nice? Like what the fuck lmao. Are we playing the same LoZ games???

No. 98747

ngl, i did the same thing because i wanted to know how ganon/link shippers write their fics.

No. 98749

I used to read some Ganon/Link stuff and there wasn't that much content but now all the content is primarily is just troon/sissy-porn stuff and it just disgusts me

also If you are looking for some Link fics try LinkxVati or LinkxDark Link, even his straight ships are nice

No. 98750

I found one decent fic that I like to reread, but the writer makes Ganon too nice so I just pretend it's the writers OCs with the same character names rather than actually Ganon and Link lol.

I'll check those out, thanks anon!

No. 98754

File: 1594392612916.jpg (14.21 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

Seriously if you want some hate sex Link cornet that isn't degenerate sissy stuff then try Link x Dark Link
its the best malexmale ship in Zelda

No. 98762

File: 1594399839351.png (504.04 KB, 640x532, 5113E706-B6BC-4071-B498-53FAC9…)

Im rewatching ATLA and these two.
Specially considering how much of a shitty husband and father aang turned out to be as an adult in korra (leaving katara, bumi and kya alone to raise only tenzin in airbender ways, bumi and kya are obviously angry at his neglect), zuko would never.

No. 98763

I feel you anon, Zuko is so perfect, I love his character arc and what a nice guy he turned out to be. His kind of old-man-moe in the Legend of Kora too. Best firelord.

No. 98764

ok super off topic but this was a discussion I had with a friend of mine a while back and something everyone here might understand, its regarding straight ships in fandoms and its relations to how flushed out and well-written a shows female characters are

in media where the female characters are actually well-developed and get a lot of screen time the more straight ships in the fandom exist – as you posted Zutara (which was the most popular Avatar ship) or how Dramione was more popular than Drarry for a very long time, How Buffy/Spike is so popular, and so on. The more a series tends to respect its female characters, the more female characters are in focus, the more fanfiction statistics tend to skew away from slash. Consider the differences between the Star Trek TOS fandom and many of the later works and especially the Star Trek Reboot fandom: the original slash pairing is super popular now with more works being created than ever, but Spock/Uhura has a foothold because Uhura is now a character of interest, overtaking where there was once a popular spot reserved for Spock or Kirk with some sort of Ensign Mary Sue, where the original series never had any really interesting main female characters.

No. 98770

>Zutara (which was the most popular Avatar ship) or how Dramione was more popular than Drarry for a very long time, How Buffy/Spike is so popular, and so on.
Those are just cliché "good girlxbad boy" pairings. That's why they're popular.

No. 98774

kek UhuraxSpock became 'popular' because KirkxBones is big in the reboot fandom, and UxS are the leftovers

No. 98777

Reylo 1.0

No. 98778

The point I'm trying to make is that there does seem to be a coralition between the number and popularity of straight ships in a fandom and how well devoleped it's female characters are

No. 98783

Katara and Zuko are a billion times better characters than anyone in star wars lol
I also agree, if Katara wasn’t such an amazing and well written female character AangxZuko would’ve been a major thing.

No. 98787

And then you used reboot star trek as an example. It's a bad example

No. 98800

And many m/m ships are just good boy x bad boy.

I do believe that het ships skew younger though, with appropriately immature taste in tropes. I think a lot of young teens aren't immediately interested in or comfortable with gay ships and gravitate towards self insert-y, indulgent het. When I was little I liked Dramione and I was absolutely in it for the 'Hermione had changed over the summer' fantasy of becoming hot and getting the bad boy. That said, I think this applies mostly in older fandoms, like when ff.net was big and people would warn for gay content because they expected other tweens to flip out over it. These days I assume young girls immediately get into whatever gay ship is big on tumblr.

No. 98816

File: 1594428731349.png (1.77 MB, 1920x1080, Illumi_and_Hisoka.png)

Just no!

Hisoka and Illumi on the other hand…

No. 98817

File: 1594429007682.jpg (125.21 KB, 1040x720, Joestar Brando.jpg)

Same anon, same

No. 98819

This ship always brings forth fuzzy feelings that I thought I long since got over.

Second favorite ship I will ever acknowledge.

No. 98823

The female characters of new start trek actually are pretty decent

No. 98824

eh mixed bag, ff.net and wattpad are now filled with either lazy self insert straight ships right now, only mxm ships that make it the front page are mostly kpop related

No. 98829

i agree 100%

No. 98830

File: 1594437039846.jpg (70.91 KB, 1180x842, 2327537f-4d9f-4ba3-97ca-7ea234…)

percival x credence, despite not showing the real percival in the movie, i still ship it for some reason. it kinda sucks we don't know where the real percival is being hidden, whether or not he's dead, when grindelwald had managed to overpower one of the most powerful wizard in the police task force in america. that fact should be significant enough. but i have no hope for the movie/s, it wasn't that great and the second movie was awful and with the recent controversy with rowling and ezra miller, i don't think they'd continue with five movie series for the fantastic beast franchise.

also colin farrell is a great actor, managed to capture the allure he does with the character of grindelwald. and idk why i even chose god is a woman for this ship's song but i keep listening to it on repeat whenever i read a fic about them.

No. 98839

File: 1594437842816.jpg (85.23 KB, 540x448, P5R.jpg)

I ship these two so hard it's not even funny

No. 98851

File: 1594445135240.png (716.42 KB, 800x1056, e60ec7546400c22166d74ca9f19a19…)

Sexy best ship WORLDWIDE.
First best ship is me and Akihiko

No. 98852

I'm not even going to erase my comment, I meant to say second best ship. Both applies. Ban me, faggots.

No. 98867

girl. same. I'm fucking obsessed with them and it's ridiculous. Royal just made it worse.

No. 98870


No. 98873

Something about the way Akechi talks to the protagonist in Royal is so angry/horny I just can't…
I love it so much, the developers did a good job.

No. 98882

File: 1594475676041.gif (2.96 MB, 500x280, harringrove.gif)

The homoeroticism in this scene threw me for a loop

No. 98885

YES and the 'don't cream your pants' one too kek

No. 98889

File: 1594484464359.jpg (Spoiler Image,164.92 KB, 686x912, tumblr_2aaaeb85ea3332b2824906a…)

10/10 tastes

No. 98891

Good shit anon, thank you.

No. 98896

File: 1594491882191.png (1.04 MB, 1000x1089, tumblr_p7d0tkcHCW1v1v5dqo1_128…)

Great, now I need to play P5R.

No. 98915

Big agree. Him being a snappy tsundere bitch just drips of horniness and it drives me crazy.
>mfw no detailed DLC CGI scene of them hatefucking all night long

the fuck you wasting your time on lolcow friend grab that P5R immediately and get to it, you won't be disappointed

No. 98918

File: 1594510255800.jpg (1.63 MB, 1056x1200, 76508357_p8_master1200.jpg)

Gonna be real obscure with this one, but I really love Zen x Ryo from Zanki Zero. They just have a lot of good elements come together that I like in ships, sort of enemies to lovers, partners in crime, height difference, etc. The game also let's you ship anyone with anyone and the in game content of it makes me happy, but I'm really starved for more fanart with the size of the fandom.

No. 98919

i thought this was dazai and chuuya from bsd i nearly gagged

No. 98951

>tfw I've literally had P5R on my shelf for months and I just haven't touched it
ok ok anons I'm convinced I'm taking the shrink wrap off right now

No. 98954

Be aware that the GOOD shit starts later in the game (70 hours in maybe?), so don't be discouraged if the game seems to be a little slow at the beginning.
In my opinion the way they reworked Akechi in royal is wonderful. Also bless Robbie Daymond.

No. 98997

File: 1594589500353.jpg (Spoiler Image,241.01 KB, 800x1220, Heart-Conduction-038-MRM.jpg)

Just remember, you need to advance Councillor arcana to rank 9 before november 18, if you don´t, well you will be playing P5 vanilla again and be carefull with Akechi confidant.

No. 99011

File: 1594603336600.jpeg (181.93 KB, 600x821, E963409E-3969-4A62-A7DA-E06A31…)

These two, from dunkirk it’s my guilty pleasure, I know they suffer through the whole movie but, fuck it, they’re cute and Gibson deserves anything good that could happen to him I’m still trying to get some will and inspiration so I can write that extremely embarrassing 500 chapter fanfic with 100 pages each about how they have a happy life and how Gibson comes out of the water and kisses Thomas before punching a nazi I’m truly a sucker for these type of ships and settings.

No. 99023

File: 1594615564918.jpeg (150.34 KB, 528x723, 68AC433B-FD90-4229-B10F-F69C93…)

gawain x gudao/ritsuka, i think they're cute as hell

No. 99031

i haven't seen a dunkirk ship in SO long, omg. these two never ceased to put me in my fuckin feels. and

this is making me realise how much i fuckin miss them ( and my dunkirk ships in general !! ) so excuse me while i go watch it a million times again jfc.

No. 99095


Ahhh dude, there's some beautiful stuff under the Gibson/Tommy tag on ao3

No. 99101

I had never even considered this before but now your post made me interested. Thanks anon.

No. 99148

glad to know! i wish there was more fancontent of them in the west but they're so popular within the japanese fandom that it makes up for it.

No. 99173

File: 1594726726343.jpg (75.25 KB, 900x600, 3f845b34f336718d98482a5ab2e3be…)

>Tiger & Bunny

They will never find girlfriends, doesn't matter how much you want it, my stupid homophobic friends. Why? Because they gay

No. 99360

File: 1594833944780.jpg (324.93 KB, 506x631, 1594529272354.jpg)

You will forever be relegated to third rate stories with no satisfying conclusion, fujos

No. 99365

idec about this thread but i was browsing /m/ & happened to see you using that same pic again… and I've gotta say, you might want to consider changing up your roster of reaction pictures bc it's dead easy to spot you across different threads lmao

No. 99417

I get not liking fujos but actively hating mlm pairings is nasty

No. 99437

You're embarassing yourself, coomer.

No. 99491

sauce 2 image?

No. 99493

Idk who drew it but the characters are Chie and Yukiko from Persona 4.

No. 99505

Lol, was about to say the same thing. Petty bitch gonna see this because she always has to come back to see how everyone responds.

Anon, stop embarrassing yourself. You're not edgy or quick-witted, you just look stupid.

No. 99506

Neck yourself homophobe-chan, you've been ban evading and shitting threads up with your gay bashing for days

No. 99519

File: 1594951155703.jpg (69.37 KB, 1280x720, 8ff661246b5e9fd24ceb5b7a54e11e…)

Even as a filthy fujo, I love me some wholesome ships.
>Kaede will never have 2 dads.
Still hurts.

Also as a side note anyone else have this weird tic where if your ship isn't canon, you end up liking it a lot more?

No. 99532

Always. Shipping and fandom as a whole for me is a game of changing as much as I can from the original while it keeping it recognizable, and in some cases straight-up rebelling against what's there. Things that aren't canon are simply more fun to play with.

No. 99551

i love nodame cantabile, the anime was good with great ops and eds. honestly, chiaki has some guts to pursue a relationship with nodame who is the worst hoarder with an awful hygiene habit.

No. 99580

Nodame was a really interesting protagonist as far as shoujo and josei series go. She had a lot of hidden depths. Don't really get to see that in other series.

No. 99628

File: 1595038443274.jpg (414.81 KB, 1080x583, 20200718_041402.jpg)

Stay mad

No. 99630

>I'm pinning my hopes on Gon/Killua
>Togashi is the only madman with enough freedom to make it canon.
I can't help but feel that, at best, we will get canon Killua->Gon and that's it.

No. 99634

The artist deleted all their old works (including that image) but their Pixiv account can still be found here

No. 99785

File: 1595201015919.jpg (7.49 KB, 300x250, 1589961335812.jpg)

>Kamina lite being gay for Lio
Somebody explain this meme to me. Am I just dense or do I need to wear fujoomer glasses to get this? I never once thought not!Kamina wanted to ground and pound Lio. If anything, I thought the movie went out of it's way to make sure not!Kamina was straight by having that ice skating scene with not!Yoko.

No. 99881

File: 1595269174461.jpg (25.94 KB, 384x171, hfrj9Tbe1spkgcro1_400.jpg)

this was so cute and unexpected! It feels like that time when people started shipping together the two girls from the "me vs other girl" meme.

No. 99937

File: 1595299137876.jpg (184.25 KB, 650x569, d3c3zq4-2c080c3f-d756-47f7-acf…)

I'm not sure if I've posted this on this website yet, but boi, SessKik was my #1 OTP back in the day. Who cares how impossible.

No. 99954

They will always be Kaede's two dads to me, anon. I honestly think Tiger and bunny could have easily been a canon ship. Hurts.

No. 99975

I don't know, the giant flaming heart they make when piloting that mecha thing together at the end seemed like a hint.

No. 99981

This is such a bad bait with the predictable "they were just brahs" reasoning that I rate it only 1 out 5

No. 100000

File: 1595322575327.jpg (21.48 KB, 413x289, original (1).jpg)

I feel like I'm cheating since it's canon and the entire series revolves around their relationship, but I love Yukino and Soichiro's relationship. It's so fucking cheesy and an ultimately dramatic, nearly rarely ever happens type of relationship, but I just love it so much.
KEK I have firm belief Kenny Ortega knew exactly what he was doing having that moment directed.

No. 100885

Yes, best girl with 2nd best girl.
And people still wonder if the doll, the teenage mess or the drunked pedo are best girls.

No. 100889

Oh hell yeah, a woman of taste I see.

No. 101034

Zutara deniers are ALL delulu contrarians. It took them one minute in a cave to have more chemistry and history than the whole damn show where Aang just ran around acting like her mentally retarded kid brother.

No. 101042

>Aang just ran around acting like her mentally retarded kid brother
He's literally 12 years old.

No. 101051

I just dislike katara tbh

No. 101065

File: 1595805085124.jpg (67.97 KB, 640x640, 61537890_1645361768929203_3329…)

And Katara is 15, already makes it weird them being together, on top of that Aang is an entitled nice guy that the show creators self insert as fuck.

This scene alone should've made Kaatang go to the bottom of the ocean, what a horrible message, just push a girl boundaries until she accepts you.

No. 101066



No. 101094

File: 1595820424498.jpg (17.42 KB, 400x300, grossplskillmenow.jpg)

wtf i've been rewatching atla and was literally just thinking about this today. I fucking hate the romance subplot between them, it's nasty and so forced. What 15 y/o girl wants to get with a TWELVE year old boy? It makes zero sense and detracts heavily from my overall enjoyment of the show. I can understand a one sided crush subplot bc we all have crushes as kids, but when katara starts reciprocating it gets uncomfortable as fuck.

I remember feeling this way even as a child watching it– I hated the ending to the cave episode where they kiss in the dark, i'd always turn off the TV before that scene lol. pic related

No. 101099

ugh that scene made me so uncomfortable as a kid, even back then it gave the same vibes as a teenager trying to explain to her little brother that Spot isn't coming back from the ranch lmao.

No. 101130


I don't like Aang x Katara but Zuko x Katara is also not it. They don't have any chemistry IMO and their ship is based around bad boy x good girl tropes and both of them being conventionally attractive in season 3. I feel like the show could've been great without any romance, at least not romance with Aang involved. The Suki x Sokka stuff was okay. It is very weird that they shoehorned in this romance and kissing scene with this actual child. It's a reoccuring issue in ALOK where the romance subplots seem forced as hell.

No. 101235

File: 1595876142662.jpg (89.49 KB, 500x596, xemsai (2).jpg)

I have a thing for m/m ships with weird power dynamics

No. 101254

I don't think any atla ship works, tbh. I get the urge to pair two of the more attractive characters with some spicy OPPOSITE ELEMENTS theme together but it's flimsy.

Speaking of which, Draco X Hermione is also completely lacking in chemistry. The two characters have like 3 scenes together and they all involve Draco calling her a slur basically. At least Harry and Draco go through some similar struggles together and share more scenes while also fulfilling the Good X Bad requirements. I feel like Dramione shippers just need their ships to be straight so they force her with a racist guy that has nothing to do with her.

No. 101277

> It's a reoccuring issue in ALOK where the romance subplots seem forced as hell
THIS. Both Makorra and Korrasami were forced as hell. I did genuinely like Varrick/Zhu Li though.

No. 101291

File: 1595897588064.jpg (1.04 MB, 1844x1855, kagehinasupremacy.jpg)

they are soulmates you cannot change my mind

No. 101292

File: 1595897620244.png (133.2 KB, 500x392, AAAAAAAA.png)

all of the haikyuu ships are so good and pure

No. 101294

File: 1595897751344.jpg (77.08 KB, 749x419, 482848448.jpg)

the childhood best friends trope is so cute!!

No. 101316

File: 1595901601666.png (197.87 KB, 360x450, TsukkiYama1.png)

tsukki! tsukki!

No. 101349

File: 1595920404488.jpeg (41.24 KB, 640x480, 5ef633385af6cc7fb046a396.jpeg)

I feel like they secretly want to hate fuck each other.

No. 101379

File: 1595936030454.jpg (529.32 KB, 744x1053, 54597687_p0_master1200.jpg)

they're perfect i don't need anything else

No. 101605

Good taste. But where does Zucc fit into all of this?

No. 101621

he's the cuck that watches from the closet

No. 101634

shut the fuck up did corona finally catch up to you and make you lose your taste GOD DAMN what the fuck is that.. levi and jean? LEVI AND JEAN? shut up

>i don't need anything else

you need a noose

No. 101635

Is this killing stalking?

No. 101638

it's attack on titan. the black haired guy is levi, the other one is jean. i might add that levi is 30+ years old and jean is about 15, soo…

No. 101682

File: 1596095334155.jpg (51.42 KB, 571x366, DhRg79XWsAApEzV.jpg)

Better attack on titan ship imo. I swear all I did in 2017 was read yumikuri fanfic, look at yumikuri art, watch amvs, etc.

No. 101700

damn anon this is exactly how i feel about eren/mikasa ship

No. 101702


based. and then fanboys have the audacity to say that ymir was a creepy lesbian preying upon the uwu hetereo queen historia and historia is into eren anyway!1!1!!1!!!

No. 101717

File: 1596114029826.png (197.39 KB, 450x600, 20131223_929117.png)

Dude, you need to calm down. It's not my fault you have no fun

No. 101718

same anon, but i guess i agree on age thing. It's a problem. But it never stopped Ereri fans before and noone is giving them crap about it. Eren/Jean is better then, because they at least the same age

No. 101723

File: 1596118047978.jpeg (411.21 KB, 1440x2048, CA8BA5CF-5A12-4E06-8491-371121…)

No. 101739

File: 1596130676654.gif (9.99 MB, 480x473, 61beb197-92a0-4c84-b46c-eae6e2…)

I used to ship them ironically just because i hate the people who fight over cloud x aerith and cloud x tifa. But honestly they have such cute moments in the remake and there is so many cute fan art of aerti that i really ship them now.

No. 101741

Best attack on Titan ships



Yes, I always hated this too. Tbf 12 and 15 aren’t that weird, it was the way the characters acted that made it weird. Katara was so much more mature, while Aang was so immature, which made it disturbing. It would have been a lot less creepy if they had got together after the show when they were older. And I agree with the other anons, Zuko/Katara had much more chemistry and they should’ve been the ones to get together if anything.

No. 101742

File: 1596132526835.jpg (393.76 KB, 648x900, Attack.on.Titan.full.1847983.j…)

you cannot simply list best snk ships and not include erwin x levi

No. 101743

I don't think Zuko and Katara are that great of a ship. Tbh i don't see that much chemistry with them, i think its like >>101130 said, Katara and Zuko are just the most attractive characters and thats why they get shipped together

No. 101744

File: 1596132818765.jpg (23.11 KB, 692x530, 00b214c466b973b942844ccd828c81…)

Garak and Bashir from Star Trek DS9 got me back into slash after having exclusively shipped femmeslash for years.

No. 101755

I ship Zutara because I like when she’s mean to Zuko and him being all apologetic uwu

No. 101756

Best Hanji ship is Hanjixreader actually
Please no, you’re gonna make me spam Eruri all over this thread

No. 103162

File: 1596903045275.gif (3.1 MB, 480x270, giphy copy 6.gif)

You can't tell me that gaara and fuu from naruto had sexual tension during that one scene where he fist bumps her. I'm sad that kishimoto killed her off.

No. 104505

File: 1597522474489.jpg (63.74 KB, 1200x675, CmLy1ilVEAEudPU.jpg)

This is the only pair I will care about ever

No. 104508

incredible taste anon, their scenes were so good

No. 104684

Good shit

No. 104685

File: 1597629604638.jpg (134.64 KB, 1199x823, 1556146331440.jpg)

This ship just hits all the right buttons for me

Same anon, I knew it would never happen but it would have been great.

Good taste. Great headcannon

No. 104864

I know I'm late, but I really recommend Rosemary for Remembrance on FF.net (it's old af and not canon compliant anymore, but great nevertheless).

No. 104869

I hate Cloud and Aerith shippers with a passion. This is the only person Aerith should be with. Zack is A+ boyfriend material for a million reasons.

No. 104870

Why does it always hurt. I love them so much

No. 104917

File: 1597772006565.jpg (359.55 KB, 863x750, 8900797_p0.jpg)

My first yuri pairing/OTP. They still mean the world to me.

No. 104941

too bad Aerith doesn't want Zack anymore kek

No. 105387

File: 1598035035932.jpg (48.78 KB, 1600x900, syphatrevor.jpg)


No. 105398

File: 1598038621030.jpeg (72.25 KB, 923x701, CCEACDFB-E47D-49F3-87A6-F50DA6…)

No. 105400

File: 1598039809806.jpg (727.3 KB, 1270x1005, Oq5qQEp.jpg)

Fujoshi showing once again they have one collective brain cell. Can't even let a regular ship thread be without being pissy at the girl for being in the way of their twu wuv. Despite the fact Netflix Alucard is bisexual and open to threesomes and could very well be end game

Anyways Aerti is one of my favs for Aerith I love her with Zack too. I ship her with almost everyone but Cloud TBH.

No. 105402

you sound way more pissy tbh unless this is bait?

No. 105403

I don't think she was being pissy, just expressing she prefers a different ship lol. Personally I love Sypha but I think their relationship came out of nowhere and she's too good for Trevor's whiny ass. He and Alucard could brood together and also work out their sexual tension-laden rivalry.

No. 105410

Lmao I’m not even a fujo relax I just think they’d be hot together

No. 105457

die mad about it bitch lmao

No. 107241

File: 1599544295217.png (424.74 KB, 600x558, 600full-30-rock-photo.png)

Just on that first season but i cant help it. They are so cozy and sassy with each other, it's cute

No. 107243

Noooo this blasphemy. Liz is a subordifriend and that's what makes them so great.

No. 107246

I know!!! I can't help it

No. 107377

File: 1599598574961.jpg (712.87 KB, 2835x1914, __kaito_meiko_kaito_and_meiko_…)

Seeing them together makes me feel so warm and happy idk why. OG vocaloid ship.

No. 107899

File: 1600018127669.png (528.86 KB, 800x900, da6j0d9-e1edd056-2016-4be2-ae6…)

Does anyone else here (still) ship Marcus and Wrench from Watch Dogs 2 or did the fandom die in 2017?

No. 107900

Wtf I never cared about them when I was a teenage weeb but suddenly I love them, that image is so cute

No. 107978

File: 1600111273969.png (469.34 KB, 876x642, tumblr_oj9ssjB4DR1w0wriyo1_128…)

these guys keep me going
i also ship them as servant and izuru
i quite like komamiki too, but only because i can self-insert

No. 107990

File: 1600121197449.png (576.9 KB, 1280x720, 0288BA92-CE27-4A4E-95A7-8AEAFF…)

I don’t think there’s been a day since my black sails binge two months ago where I didn’t think about this scene

No. 107991

File: 1600121233975.jpeg (89.07 KB, 720x540, 42015032-031B-4D11-A40C-811689…)

And these three are just so… valid

No. 107992

File: 1600121283727.png (1.16 MB, 1920x1080, 0E485AE4-5010-432E-B162-1F81BE…)

Honourable mention to this show’s terrible CGI, cried when the ship went down regardless

No. 108012

File: 1600127352206.png (910.59 KB, 640x1136, A7196CF5-3335-4187-A4D6-3F49E6…)

Good taste anon, my favorite Danganronpa ship is Sakuraoi, Sakura deserved a happier ending.

No. 108056

File: 1600167603295.jpg (Spoiler Image,44.68 KB, 406x400, uvv67juapt.jpg)

Hard agree. Sakura deserved the world. Those two are my fav les ship fwiw!

No. 108309

File: 1600361020248.jpg (243.88 KB, 800x1600, b37beb7b8ad89171eabdb7c9308021…)

It's me again, sorry but I found some really cute art of my boys

No. 108311

File: 1600361083017.jpg (42.2 KB, 552x388, 116274055_208109927308819_8544…)

No. 108312

File: 1600361146022.jpg (97.64 KB, 1080x1028, 84492451_174838670601724_45108…)

I just want good things for them

No. 108322

based, they're both fucking cuties

No. 108443

Same they're my favorite since age 13 and their chemistry/angst/layers go deep. I love that they eventually ended up on good terms after all

No. 108445

File: 1600493392338.jpeg (139.19 KB, 1200x885, CC38F474-B0A8-4306-B7A8-BEB525…)

same as last anon, heres a funny one I have saved

No. 108462

File: 1600514803744.png (399.07 KB, 600x789, tumblr_o4yik9oVJj1sim5sto1_128…)

yesss hello fellow komahina simp, thanks for sharing that's really cute

No. 108463

File: 1600515100398.jpg (56.41 KB, 1000x783, d05466e8d3b01c5d40d893331028d4…)

and that's it, it's the complexity of their relationship and the fact that they fundamentally clash in their worldviews but even in multiple realities/simulations they're always magnetically drawn to each other. it makes me cry thinking about it

No. 108518

File: 1600576082189.gif (4.11 MB, 500x324, theseidiots.gif)

I've fallen hard into the Kiryu/Majima ship. It's so goofy but their dynamic is just plain fun, fights definitely included. Doesn't help that I read one hell of a good fic for 'em (well I liked it anyway..)

special mention to Ocelot/Big Boss from MGS because apparently I have a type

No. 109015

File: 1601073260431.jpeg (18.46 KB, 312x240, 5027BD4F-1445-43EB-B36E-DB9EE4…)

Joanne why didn’t you make this canon?

Also Ginny should’ve been a lesbian.

No. 109016

Joker and Yosuke

In the dancing game I sometimes pair them up and pretend they are boyfriends

No. 109018

File: 1601076669258.jpg (2.18 MB, 1000x1500, 83123904_p96.jpg)

If this is not endgame i will be so fucking pissed.

No. 109022

Ah. I see that you are an anon of culture. Daniel Radcliffe and Evanna Lynch had great chemistry in the 5th movie.

Also Ginny was so useless after Chamber of Secrets.

No. 109024

File: 1601079564730.jpg (89.93 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

its just… so good.

No. 109028

Kyoru is the goat. Fuck I love them so much.

No. 109033

Ginny was the school bicycle, you'd have to rewrite her entire character for her to
1)be gay
2)not be obsessed with harry
because that was all there was to her, an aspiring Harry groupie coping with her obsession by smooching every dude around her.

Luna was cool, though I prefer Harry with Hermione. Gay luna would have been partician tier.

No. 109039

lmao would that even be a bad thing? She’s awfully boring, even the actress acted had the emotional range of cardboard.

My personal taste is that Hermione ended up someone else, im partial to Krum myself, because I prefer a found family sibling dynamic between the trio, the whole oh no Ron and Hermione like each other little drama was also very very boring.

No. 109051

It wouldn't be bad, though at that point may as well wish for a whole new character and not Ginny at all.

Krum was extremely sweet to Hermione, I wish she had stayed with him. I see what you mean with the preference for platonic love between the main trio. I also think it would have been a stronger dynamic. Harry was a frustrating and dense character to see the story through the eyes of tbh, I wish Hermione were the protagonist.
>intelligent and actually interested in magic unlike Harry
>inquisitive but not vindictive like Harry
>rational unlike Harry
>not speshul snowflake
>muggleborn so still fish-out-of-water, we can still discover the world through her eyes
>she wouldn't have had anything like those weird scenes that Harry had with Cho
et fuckin cetera

No. 109064

Always wanted Draco to be with Hermione at worst or Harry at best

No. 109085

Hermione's an annoying self insert.

No. 109090

All authors self insert. I will give you annoying.

No. 109102

Excellent taste,anon.

No. 109117

File: 1601150824723.jpg (42.52 KB, 600x338, EA9Szu9XkAIvRwP.jpg)

>not being Yukiru chad
tf are you 12

No. 109147

File: 1601162295938.png (672.44 KB, 849x437, damian wayne jon kent.png)

In like a wholesome puppy love way though

No. 109288

File: 1601263546313.png (232.56 KB, 600x600, 1598517303668.png)


No. 110310

File: 1602083110793.jpeg (441.88 KB, 1000x563, EcB9ac5UEAEn39N.jpeg)

I miss them anons. We need more smart older woman/dumbass younger man representation imo

No. 110314

who are they?

No. 110335

File: 1602101531009.gif (2.32 MB, 569x250, MadeupFirstElephantbeetle-size…)

totally not because i'm self inserting onto Jacqui or anything, I swear

Takeda really should have been in MK11, but at least he got mentioned.

No. 110372

Nta but Roman and Gerri from Succession. Good shit.

No. 111522

File: 1602549087259.jpg (170.24 KB, 1198x939, Fruits.Basket.full.3058211.jpg)

>not being Yuchi chad
Tohru just isn't the right girl for Yuki-kun

No. 111525

File: 1602549641131.jpg (96.36 KB, 736x606, b732eedfb62b0358ec24605b3ad7e4…)

I absolutely love these two.

No. 112226

File: 1603089891292.jpg (58.39 KB, 564x777, 1bac1864d57673fb7695f519fa2516…)


Omg I finished season one and I squealed when she kissed him in the last episode. I love their dynamic so much, they're almost like partners in crime

No. 112227

God, this takes me back. 12 year old me was so extremely salty about the end of Fruits Basket and Tohru breaking Yuki's heart, it made me hate Kyo with all the rage only a pre-teen can have towards fiction. I wonder if I'd still be salty if I watched the remake lol

No. 112430

File: 1603215973908.jpg (193.63 KB, 1334x1334, b185e91ba110fb872b6fed9baae0fe…)

Probably one of the most bizarre ships I've ever stumbled across… I present you Mothra and Godzilla

No. 112433

File: 1603218066092.jpg (77.39 KB, 720x900, 9be2116d77e82a6ca972017a4d3e9e…)

It's canon that when they have a shared goal, like protecting the planet, then they have a close symbiotic relationship so it makes more sense than some

No. 112436

I… I think this is cute. God help me

No. 112438

I know its been a month but god damn it! I ship Joker and pancake man so badly! why wasnt he a dating option on royal, Kasumi is such a basic bitch they hyped her so much but at the end it just fizzled out. Goro and Akira are the real deal!

No. 112441

I just think it's funny that they are both literal kaijus yet somehow people can make that a romantic relationship
The art is cute tho

No. 112452

File: 1603230659625.jpeg (40.1 KB, 190x227, E2875E5B-D3BC-4E7F-8A5C-A13F9A…)

don't have the guts to name it, but my ship is weird. gets a "wtf" reaction. It kind of hurts but it's understandable. like other anons, I prefer ships that are not canon and may even be deeply implausible. It's not like they don't interact, so it's not random. It only makes me look insane to ship it. The people into this ship put a lot of love and hard work in, they don't deserve the rude comments. I love ships that I find interesting, with as many layers as it can get, and that can mean unusual ones

No. 112474

File: 1603234063991.png (1011.67 KB, 1552x873, 482309843645.png)

This is the internet, did you really believe it wouldn't be a thing? Rule 34 my dear nonny

No. 112490

File: 1603234828988.png (98.31 KB, 338x276, Rig-eil.png)

You gotta post it now, I won't judge unless its pedophilic or incestuous

Here's another one I forgot, didn't like him at first but it's sweet that he got better & improved for her

No. 112535

You reminded me of my fav ship in middle school, elricest.
I do not recant,
I do not repent,
6th grade ships last forever,

No. 112544

As long as it's not RPF, shit may be weird as hell but it probably isn't hurting anyone.

No. 112887

File: 1603552728571.jpeg (100.81 KB, 1200x659, 17E3A794-BB54-4282-8027-539D9F…)

Back in 2012, I was completely obsessed with the show motorcity and the relationship between Mike and Chuck. I just felt like they complemented each other in each and every way. Plus they’re both so supportive of each and loyal to each other that it’s not even funny. I just loved how they interacted with each other haha.

No. 112889

kek same anon

No. 112932

File: 1603584330023.jpg (1.54 MB, 1500x1000, 83123904_p32.jpg)

at least they're together in heaven…

No. 112933

i love that art omfg

No. 112958

File: 1603614815266.png (685.34 KB, 1192x670, kYEMRkt.png)

I adore Gency, but for me


No. 112977

File: 1603639941889.png (323.31 KB, 1056x900, 253657756.png)

Replayed Sun/Moon recently, I have to agree She def dommes him

No. 112982

No. 113074

File: 1603759446646.jpeg (28.08 KB, 792x538, flatten.jpeg)

Shinji isn't homosexual, he isn't even one of those "I had bf in college" type of bi-guys. He's pureblood heterosexual who's only looking for affection. Shinji didn't go out of his way to meet guys, Kaworu just roped him and entangled him in his web. Shinji gets to act naturally around him while Rei/Asuka create this tension.

In short, Kaworu was just taking an advantage of Shinji.

Everyone knows Asuka fits Shinji the best. There are 20 episodes in Evangelion with Asuka and Shinji being together and people just lash onto the one episode about some gay angel. Get a grip, I can't wait for 3.0+1.0 to finally sink that phantom ship.

No. 113076

Bpd fag defending her queen

No. 113079

>There are 20 episodes in Evangelion with Asuka and Shinji being together and
But they hardly get along, they just amplify each other's flaws. If they dated each other it would be a very unhealthy relationship.

No. 113083

Everyone in that series deserves anyone better than shinji. Even shinji himself deserved a better himself.

No. 113087

>In short, Kaworu was just taking an advantage of Shinji.

What an odd take, go rewatch the ep plz. Kaworu is the only character to give unconditional love to Shinji, that's why he gravitates to him so much despite not being written as gay. While there's a subtext it doesn't feel exactly romantic so I can't stand with the shippers, but it doesnt read as Kaworu taking advantage of Shinji.

No. 113094

>that pic
Aw yeah, what a healthy relationship. Shipping goals! But Kawoshin is apparently coercive and therefore abusive kek.
No matter how many times you reread Re-Take, it's not canon.
honestly this
It's a shitty take and as old as time. All the evageeks retards that can't handle their self-insert being even slightly homo or not balls deep into Asuka spread it.

No. 113150

> No matter how many times you reread Re-Take, it's not canon.
I’m an Asukafag but I genuinely don’t get re-takefags, why would you want this shitty combination of the anime and manga with stupid baby god to be canon? Shinji pretty obviously belongs with Kaworu and rebuild made Asuka belong with Mari.

No. 113152

>but I genuinely don’t get re-takefags, why would you want this shitty combination of the anime and manga with stupid baby god to be canon?
scrote wishfullfilment where literal God tells Asuka that Shinji fapping to her is not degrading but a sign of true luv uwu
>Shinji pretty obviously belongs with Kaworu and rebuild made Asuka belong with Mari
Honestly, in original continuity I don't think that Asuka belongs with anyone (since there is no Mari). Rebuilds may be sequel to TV+EoE but to me they are still noncanon to original Eva. Mari and Asuka do make the most sense out of her ships and finally she's not miserable due to her love interest.

No. 113160

Imagine using bpd as an insult, for most people and their partners it's just an mild inconvenience at worst.

No. 113164

File: 1603823509159.jpg (378.84 KB, 1551x2003, EMTMM9AUEAAEKXx.jpg)

I love them together with all my heart, I don't care if it's basic.

No. 113256

Okay, who are they? It really looks like Mephisto and Amaimon from Blue Exorcist.

No. 113282

Shuichi and Ouma from danganronpa v3

No. 113324

File: 1603898595265.jpg (260.79 KB, 900x942, Touhou.full.902087.jpg)

>click on thread out of curiosity
>everything is gay
I love you all.

Adding the OG tragic ship.

No. 113329

EW an Asushin faggot in 2020???
Imagine #actuallybpd lmao

No. 113333

File: 1603901558621.jpg (2.18 MB, 2830x4209, CODE.GEASS .Hangyaku.no.Lelouc…)

…Honestly all of CLAMP fujo ships shaped me as a person

No. 113334

File: 1603901665307.jpg (1.84 MB, 2965x4200, Tsubasa .RESERVoir.CHRoNiCLE.f…)

No. 113335

File: 1603901875949.jpg (799.95 KB, 1493x2084, Kamui-Shirou-and-Fuuma-Monou-X…)

No. 113338

>mild inconvenience at worst
the cope

No. 113339

File: 1603903110414.jpg (60.27 KB, 512x384, unnamed.jpg)

and to think some retard dared to call their work fujobait
Anyway, you are missing this iconic and relevant ship so I am adding it.

No. 113342

File: 1603903658871.jpg (3.35 MB, 2218x3200, cardcaptor-sakura-full-64588-1…)

Nonono they're just… HOMIES anon

No. 113349


Is it bad if I ship Lelouch with both CC and Suzaku? Sexy stupid bisexual Lelouch.

No. 113351

He is a man with duality after all!

No. 113361

ot but looking at CLAMP's art is making me want to read some of their manga, it's so pretty

No. 113362

File: 1603911851725.jpeg (150.21 KB, 822x822, 620344EC-C355-4233-AC20-95895C…)

Ah classic touhou ship, I think Reimari is still my favorite for the touhou ships however.

No. 113369

File: 1603916994743.jpeg (227.5 KB, 850x601, F8DCA7C4-AD46-4168-B58F-14793A…)

I barely know anything about touhou but Patchouli and Marisa are adorable together, ever since I saw the locked girl video, I ship them.

No. 113370

File: 1603917455239.jpg (820.76 KB, 877x1240, yande.re 194610 cirno hakurei_…)

This thread is now Gensokyo central.

No. 113371

File: 1603917820282.jpeg (255.83 KB, 1377x1000, 1C86FE65-ABCB-43E3-BEA5-F750CC…)

I want to make CLAMP art spam thread now

No. 113378

What's this trend of calling canon gay couples in shojo manga and anime fujobait nowadays?

No. 113380

To invalidate its (female) creator. God forbid women couldn’t straight out write butt sex when working under a major publication in a homophobic country, must be a queer baiting fetishist!

No. 113393

I would not mind a CLAMP thread just for the spam. I love looking at this shit.

No. 113401

Count me in

No. 113412

Got recommendations for the Push Buttons n Talk LP for the Ace Attorney games over the weekend, made the mistake of watching some, and just like that I'm back on my Wrightworth aka Narumitsu bullshit on AO3, sigh.

Apparently 2020 is so overwhelming that my brain (such as it is) wants nothing more than to read about some stupid gay lawyers in love, circa 2008 style. Sigh.

No. 114262

i hope you're happy, anon. kisses.

No. 114361

File: 1604762130248.jpg (117.13 KB, 600x433, Watanuki-e-Doumeki-3-kimihiro-…)

Talking about Clamp, fuck Yuki's pedo behavior, Watanuki belonged with Doumeki and nothing can change my mind

No. 114446


A bit late, but I made one >>>/m/114445

No. 115763

File: 1605858183352.jpeg (59.02 KB, 555x553, 783645D8-5B76-4513-B4FE-0F282A…)

You’re my better half, fated by the heavens!!

No. 115764

Is this Nezha?!

No. 115848

File: 1605913760393.jpg (174.61 KB, 1000x858, 6292b4c618234a45c1be607221a5ba…)

Hell yeee, Nezha is liiiit
Pretty bitch Ao Bing

No. 115862

File: 1605926841162.jpeg (270.24 KB, 749x1075, 91815419-A033-4874-90B6-485440…)

I don’t really like Kemono Jihen that much but I keep reading it for the two fox detectives, they deserve more fanart and a spin-off.

No. 115863

File: 1605926952713.jpeg (338.27 KB, 750x1045, 5BC73F0C-1389-4D84-A9F9-9910B4…)

No. 115884

File: 1605952018746.png (206.03 KB, 583x702, 67906756_p25_master1200.png)

they deserve the world and more

No. 115921

File: 1605986074789.jpg (445.72 KB, 849x1200, dsadad.jpg)

the latest chapter really sold these guys for me

No. 115928

Patrician taste. Their relationship progression throughout the manga is just so good.

No. 115930

omg it's always seemed like kind of an obscure ship so I'm surprised someone not only knows it but feels the same way lol. I just love their dynamic so much.

I'm a little scared they're gonna wind up facing off against each other or something though, that look tsukishima gave koito in the latest chapter was pretty menacing, but it came right after tsukishima literally abandoned orders to save koito's ass so I feel like Noda just did that to maintain readers' uncertainty so that it can be dramatically relieved after tsukishima finally comes around and drops his blind loyalty to tsurumi. That's what I'm choosing to believe for my sanity anyway.

No. 115939

File: 1606002705958.jpeg (4.31 KB, 275x183, zomg my otp.jpeg)

was anyone here still holding out for these two to finally make it official before supernatural finally ended?

well it did and we kinda got canon destiel? cas told dean he loved him, dean didn't really respond and then cas went to hell. I don't watch the show and haven't in years but tumblr has come alive again like it's 2012 to talk about the show finale… which was shit apparently.

I used to live for this ship. sad to think we never truly got these BOTH admitting their feelings to one another. canon or not, I still believe in their love……….

No. 115942

my sincerest condolences

No. 115943

They're a really popular ship in the Japanese fandom at least! I've seen tons of fanart on twitter, mostly from jp/korean artists.

But yeah I 100% think that there's gonna be a real test of loyalty for both tsukishima and koito orchestrated by tsurumi (since he clearly knows something is off). Especially since this was literally the second time that tsukishima ignored direct orders to go after/capture asirpa in favor of saving koito, despite his self proclaimed dedication to seeing Tsurumi's mission through to the end. I'm optimistic but also idk if I trust Noda to let tsukishima be happy for more than like 5 minutes at a time lol.

i'm always itching to talk abt gk so if you want to chat on discord, I just posted my info in the friendfinder thread!

No. 115956

I haven't watched spn since season 8 but I was obsessed with these 2 when I was a teenager. I heard the ending was a total joke and there was no real resolution with them so I'm kind of salty on behalf of my past self. God, did the writing in that show get /bad/.

No. 116069

File: 1606095912775.jpg (91.53 KB, 1074x871, 7208f0b015e02496413ab4b3f63748…)

they deserved better. my preteen self is rising from the ashes to proclaim Destiel Deserved Better. only good ship in a longtime dumpster fire

my contribution is my P5 (rare?)pair

No. 116070

File: 1606097250556.png (1.11 MB, 1366x768, Saimatsu_Hand_Hold.PNG.png)

I think them together is really cute and neat but tbh i feel like some 12 year olds will brak at me because shuichi and kokichi belong together uwu

No. 116095

File: 1606132640189.png (663.07 KB, 800x800, New.png)

I really love these two ships, I'm pleasantly surprised to see them posted here.

I personally love Kokichi and Himiko together, and their dynamic.

No. 116101

File: 1606136497604.jpg (172.15 KB, 719x999, sample-e7af48fbf462d333b680b74…)

i love them so much

No. 116105

Thank you for blessing me with this ship. I will love it forever.

No. 116106

File: 1606140599705.jpg (218.7 KB, 1060x1485, ERsMCglUUAIS9q2.jpg)

welcome to the club
here we appreciate Nessa and her farm himbo

No. 116108

Huh, never considered this ship but now I'm thinking about it
it's cute

No. 116110

Great taste anon

No. 116114

I think they're cute. they also reminding me of my other ship, which designs look identical

No. 116125

Tbh i would have nevwr expected this ship but looks cute by art wise

No. 116175

disney better not fuckup my forever otp. i live for my babies

No. 116339

File: 1606355521921.jpg (57.72 KB, 500x659, 8fa64df7fd73fc9f823b4b284ba87e…)

who /mormor/ here? for a ship the literal half of which has been made up by fandom it's great. some real nice fics and artwork for it out there.

No. 116347

File: 1606363750989.png (1.56 MB, 1080x1500, makaiouji.png)

These two have lived in my head rent free since high school

No. 116384

>smug Solomon
I love William but Solomom bumbuzling was always so good.
I can't believe Devils and Realist is over.

No. 116530

File: 1606501476836.png (507.91 KB, 900x1010, 84066298_p20.png)

Kinda wish there was more of them in game (since they are very cute) aside from that scene in chapter 3 and the exisal part in chapter 5. Still better than Tenmiko aka the game's token sexual harassment ship however.

No. 116531

File: 1606501842140.jpg (392.27 KB, 2000x2000, 64cb16de-1652-49ff-a6b7-8f5d31…)

I won't accept a "no" in this case. Wouldn't call myself a fujo, but damn Mihoyo fires up this ship with Zhongli's Trailer…

No. 116576

They're fucking married I swear

No. 116637

File: 1606577549212.png (815.81 KB, 939x670, CE649046-42D1-493B-A8F4-4F4655…)


No. 116645

File: 1606585837971.jpg (6.21 KB, 300x168, piece_of_shit_for_ants.jpg)

Tomoya didn't deserve Nagisa and Nagisa parents were shit as parents and as grandparents
>muh I tell my affection deprived granddaughter that she's forbidden to cry because she can only cry in her deadbeat daddy's arms
Fuck Tomoya and his trauma.

No. 116649

File: 1606586611877.gif (5.05 MB, 540x304, 454541119.gif)

Fourteen year old me would have lost her shit over this new Adventure Time special. Forgot how much I loved this pairing. Also I feel like the episode had a really positive message for children about healing from trauma and accepting your flaws.

No. 116670

I don’t like either of them, the only characters in clannad I liked were Nagisa’s parents and Sunohara.
Tomoya was a huge dickhead and Nagisa was borderline retarded.

No. 116675

>Nagisa was borderline retarded
I mean yes, but it's not like it was her fault she was retarded.

No. 116677

Was it the dangos fault?

No. 116700

lol yes

No. 116761

File: 1606659555417.jpeg (31.34 KB, 500x211, F2F838A4-3772-4775-8FAD-65F275…)

Sorry. I'm so embarrassed.

No. 116768

File: 1606662599393.jpg (5.01 KB, 303x167, rt.jpg)

Like Ship him with Rob if you want a gay ship, I don't get why fujos have to go for the most degenerate and unhealthy ships, like you degenerates will ship children with grown men who abuse them

No. 116781

Get off your high-horse about coomer LotR

No. 116783

>REEEEE abuse
Nta but they're not real people you autist

No. 116869

Same, anon! Hopefully they'll show up in the anime

No. 116903

File: 1606812238664.jpeg (358.71 KB, 891x1000, 920756DB-2C39-4F97-A8B3-3DBF06…)

Will I get bullied off of Lolcow for liking Soukoku

No. 116904

Is this got? I like the books but haven’t watched the show yet, who are these two? I wanna know what got other anon riled up kek

No. 116914

>Is this got? I like the books but haven’t watched the show yet, who are these two? I wanna know what got other anon riled up kek
the one on the left is Ramsey and the one on the right is Theon(Reek), If you've read the books I'm sure you know why its fucked up to ship them

No. 116921

File: 1606833680693.jpg (92.16 KB, 1024x705, kirino_ranmaru_and_shindou_tak…)

They baited us

No. 116922

File: 1606835451684.jpg (166.05 KB, 1240x1328, Ei8OkLqWoAMypXD.jpg)

no i love soukoku, babe is that you

No. 116924

File: 1606839524464.jpeg (290.88 KB, 1266x1266, A7288E37-6C4D-483A-95BA-BBF374…)


No. 116930

>can’t handle a little mindbreak and CBT
Quick! call the ship schutzstaffel

No. 116931

File: 1606848766327.png (370.94 KB, 500x473, 73538b5f046e69123e2ce20ea21ef0…)

itoi should have been even more of a madman and at least hinted at Jeff reciprocating

No. 116992

File: 1606912595319.jpg (160.46 KB, 800x1129, 7c0bde9c7adc261637318469c6bf77…)

I still can't believe my man ruined everything just for some pussy.

No. 117159

File: 1607048581386.png (290.29 KB, 500x680, B4345DED-AEE5-42C9-AA49-6FED6E…)

Dimilix. I can't believe some twitter wokes called it abusive, it's like they never played their route or think about their childhood together. Well, it's popular anyway. Obviously most shippers want them to work things out. I like how much angst and emotion the ship has. Felix is the biggest tsun…
I know it's not top tier but it has a lot of interesting qualities. childhood friends, "betrayal," one-sided frenemies, "hate" but it's really out of caring, sadness/angst, mourning, mental illness, dark edginess, but they can still wind up happy. Just have a lot of work to do. lack of good communication that would solve things seems to be a staple in my ships

No. 117160

I always knew they were together due to subtle hints over the years implicating such. I was so happy to see their relationship fully represented and fleshed out because they are one of my favorite ships and I've always loved the dynamic between them.

No. 117220

File: 1607103598223.jpeg (55.66 KB, 1035x828, 4FF7C6EF-F8EE-49E0-9BD7-DFE80A…)

I thought they were cute as a kid, I still think they’re cute now.

No. 117254

File: 1607134877953.png (464.11 KB, 1166x1316, 23942345.png)

ive recently been really into goku/vegeta (i know, i know) but it feels like i've hopped onto the train 10 years late and all the cool artists into dragon ball have gotten into other things. all my f/f ships are really rarepair too. feelsbadman

No. 117255

oo anon whos the artist?

No. 117257

tomboyhusband on twitter

No. 117260

File: 1607139400680.jpeg (121.09 KB, 592x970, E1B4365B-7B52-455F-A235-F02EB7…)

playing through p5r again so here’s my contribution. my softie heart gets a little softer every damn time because of them.

No. 117261

Anon great taste!i feel like them being together seems more realistic

No. 117275

File: 1607151605524.gif (814.39 KB, 498x278, yes.gif)

apparently nobody watches this, but fuck it. rock and revy from black lagoon

No. 117278

File: 1607153832352.gif (1.36 MB, 400x224, 9a8bd66f022fc291395392fb288c1d…)

Hell yeah anon, that cigarette kiss was something. It's also the only anime I can say the official english dub is leagues better and wittier than the jp

No. 117285

i didn’t think anyone would agree tbh so i’m happy my tastes are shared!!
i def agree with them seeming more realistic too. they just have a natural vibe to me and work so well together.
and the way she says “you’re my light” to him? chefs fuckin kiss.

No. 117290

Omg I can't believe someone else watched black lagoon lmao it's only ever moids I meet who have seen it. And yes the dub is great and works perfectly since most of the characters aren't japanese anyway

No. 117292

File: 1607160394401.jpg (101.89 KB, 600x726, bda56c9d427681b7abd487d11236d8…)

Balalaika and Sawyer are my waifus.

I don't really give a fuck about shield hero but, for some reason I can't help but ship the incel and himbo together.

No. 117309

Black Lagoon has lots of female fans in Asia though they're mostly oldfags like me. Makes sense since the female characters are diverse and more well written than the men story wise

No. 117482

File: 1607289175086.png (739.5 KB, 600x850, 82908078_p8.png)

They're both hot and have similar personalities, so its a win/win.

No. 117495

File: 1607298193723.jpg (553.36 KB, 2587x1590, them.jpg)

I just think they're neat.

No. 118729

File: 1608176823222.jpg (153.38 KB, 1576x740, UwU.jpg)

I'm so intrigued by the story between these two characters and where it's going, it's hard for me NOT to ship them.
I never thought I'd be so hung up on a ship between two characters from a glorified pedometer, but here we are.

No. 118751

there is a story between them? When did you find the lore? I'm still playing Pokemon Go (or at least was like a month ago) and I have no idea what is this about…

No. 118776

File: 1608220412942.png (398.53 KB, 1500x1500, they.png)

Niantic does a shit job at maintaining the leader stories, only putting them out via Twitter and confining them into some blog entries from Willow you'd have to dig through the website updates to find. Fortunately, Bulbapedia does a great job at archiving that stuff between their character pages w/links to everything:

I'll sum it up:
- They were both members of Team Valor, rivals, and close friends
- Arlo left not long after Candela became leader
- Because of the almost 1-2x a year story updates, we still have no idea WHY he left; his story is still fairly vague compared to Cliff and Sierra. There are obvious and not-so-obvious reasons
- The way Pokemon treats rivals is almost always some of the best ship material

Since next year is a milestone for both GO and Pokemon, hoping we get a more robust story. And thus, more ship material for me.

No. 118781

File: 1608226795163.png (781.9 KB, 512x1416, this.png)

No. 118814

ANON!!!!!!!!! i've just come to realize them as superior. every layer of that show…
gerri and roman from hbo's succession

No. 119774

File: 1609263010574.png (189.55 KB, 367x371, 5LYzTBVoS196gvYvw3zjwCRezlPQmV…)

Most wholesome couple ever, their whole story is a rollercoaster. The manga is called Sangatsu no Lion btw best manga!

No. 122124

Katara is not 15. She's 13/14, Zutara stans, stop making your headcanons canon.

No. 122125

File: 1610702064156.jpg (105.59 KB, 799x1200, Ks7u68H.jpg)

Adult Aang and Adult Azula going through transformative post-war character arcs is my OTP.

No. 122126

So 2 years age gap like with Zuko? Don't be a ship police faggot and just keep shipping 12 yo boys in silence.

No. 122127

I don't ship Kataang. Zutara shippers are annoying, can't just sit down and read their fanfics. Always writing think pieces about Aang/Katara.

No. 122128

Not as annoying as you, gb2 twitter if you wanna be a stick in the mud, eat shit

No. 122129

File: 1610703026713.jpg (147.83 KB, 817x810, 348a713f7d6be0eb459c3b33679afd…)

No. 122130

File: 1610703067668.png (780.18 KB, 780x845, 16545646854651.png)

No. 122131

Ntayrt but I don't see why they aren't allowed to do what nearly every other ship community does. You're on a gossip website and on one of its boards arguing about fictional characters and who they would or wouldn't kiss, anon. Please.

No. 122132

File: 1610703243268.jpg (17.05 KB, 474x490, awfemCn.jpg)

You're calling people shits over pixelated couples. Seethe zutara cultist. Sokka/Azula and Sokka/Zuko is your ship without the annoying fans.

No. 122133

I always felt repulsed by this teen and this picture just brought back all those memories. I still remember how it felt to come home from high school and wait for the premiere of the latest episodes and this one was just horf. Aang always annoyed the shit out of me; Ugly, constantly overly self righteous, and like the pussy that he was he couldn't just murder the fire lord after getting any information he would need for Zuko's mom or whatever. Sure, yeah, let's keep the genocidal fucktard alive because that somehow makes us uwu better dan da haydurs

No. 122134

Every ship community nitpicks other ships but they don't have to get facts wrong

No. 122135

File: 1610703789095.png (126.13 KB, 480x267, ZvpysSN.png)

I hate this ship. Ron + Kim are better as friends and Ron already had a good love interest. Ron's kinda of a loser too…

No. 122137

She settled so hard

No. 122138

It's not over couplings, it's you literally starting shit in a comfy thread when the rules said to not be a retard, go back to twitter for your autist discorse, I'm gonna ship Zutara specifically to spite you

No. 122140

I'm convinced this ship is pick-me propaganda. Ron is such a "nice guy". Kim was supportive of his relationships but when she was interested in someone else he got all jealous.

No. 122148

The fact that he waited for her to be adult to make child with her….. what the fuck

No. 122160

Fuck off back to twitter

No. 122162

nta but what's your problem?

No. 122182

>ship without the annoying fans.
I want to live in whatever reality you came from.

No. 122202

not reality per se, just brainworms from masturbating to her favorite combination of cartoon teenagers

No. 122252

I remember when this ship used to be super popular. Along with Jack and Rapunzel.

No. 122253

File: 1610791835357.jpg (73.56 KB, 1280x1680, p3m6YTf.jpg)

In the beginning, I wasn't interested in these two character's dynamic. But as the show went on they way they had each other's back made them wholesome

No. 122255


No. 122559

File: 1610920639724.jpg (165.66 KB, 1200x652, D04UtBJ.jpg)

No. 122562

File: 1610921128489.jpg (369.22 KB, 2048x1152, 6r0iSIl.jpg)

No. 122564

File: 1610922377124.jpg (57.16 KB, 368x512, 864606875.jpg)

I just want them to be happy.

No. 122565

File: 1610925168829.jpg (95.33 KB, 703x676, daf0f7b950a8f933e829d391c61aba…)

They barely get any screentime but at least it's obvious they will end up canon…

No. 122566

I liked this anime but I don’t think I ended up shipping anything, I guess cutthroat x swindler was okayish.

No. 122579

Yes anon I'm glad someone else ships them as well. I want to see more of them in the story

No. 122595

I’m so glad other anons read this, they’re very cute together !

No. 122620

File: 1610969534666.jpg (422.52 KB, 2048x1698, 20210116_205043.jpg)

Sebaciel is the quintessential ship for that authentic late 00's fujo experience

No. 122623

And one of the main reasons why everyone hates us fujos tbh

No. 122624

That's a very cute picture anon. I don't mind the ship at all, though to me they're just cute and Sebastian feels more like a demon father/older brother figure. You know Yana's into sebaciel though.

No. 122634

Ew. Spoiler this pedo shit.

No. 122645

File: 1610982790792.png (357.75 KB, 500x512, tumblr_mgy9n5FiRH1r3r6jeo2_r2_…)

the actual patrician choice is Ciel and Lizzy, cute, healthy, romantic, no disgusting age gap and it doesn't end up with Ciel being sad

No. 122647

File: 1610983067114.jpeg (100.58 KB, 600x800, 90336EBC-163D-4917-B81F-FCF8D9…)

My trio ship is what we needed but not what we deserved. I just love them so much.

No. 122651

You forgot to read the last arc of the manga or you're only talkong about the first season of the anime?

No. 122653

self-inserting otomefags need to leave

No. 122654

sorry about your creepy fujo ship

No. 122657

File: 1610988176218.jpg (280.49 KB, 1724x1863, 20210117_185544.jpg)

Lizzy is such a shit character I can't believe she just turned around and sold out our ciel to the fucking police all for a walking corpse
>doesn't end up with Ciel being sad
Implying ciel is capable of feeling happiness at this point

No. 122659

I stopped reading the manga a few years ago because honestly it should have ended a long time ago and its just too depressing for me now

>as Lizzy
as if, anon, pls

No. 122660

The current arc is way too long and slow so wait until it's over, but Ciel/Lizzy isn't the cutesy ship it seemed to be anymore. I love that personally, and while I'm a fujo I've never understood the appeal of Sebasciel.

No. 122663

oh, I'll keep tabs on it, anon!! thank you! kind of sad it's not as wholesome anymore, all I want is for ciel to be happy really

No. 122671

According to the novel spoilers it's is true!!

No. 122678

I like that ship as well, they are cute together and I love Elizabeth to death. As that anon said, the ship is not as wholesome as it was, but I think this is for the best and in the end it will help Elizabeth develop her character.
I really like how she's always thinking about him, trying to become a good fiancée, even though she seemed like a spoiled brat at first. Ciel telling her it's okay to be herself and that he could never hate her is peak wholesomeness. I also hope they can have a happy ending…

No. 122679

where are they from?

No. 122681

File: 1610999743784.png (358.49 KB, 500x428, tumblr_09a38e9fee36a9694bf3ad3…)

A webtoon called Suddenly I Became A Princess. It's pretty good fluff, I recommend it, the art is beautiful and it's not even that much about romance but about family, but the "main" couple picrel is super cute

No. 122698

Shiiii fuck it guilty as fuck. You may take me to jail now.

No. 122703

File: 1611010685246.jpg (59.69 KB, 644x428, jc23.jpg)

Am I a bad person?

No. 122717

File: 1611017272222.jpg (50.01 KB, 480x523, 465aa4fb45d0456f6a9d91191f327c…)

Because they're lovers, okay????

No. 122718

File: 1611017402308.jpg (80.52 KB, 1200x871, superior.jpg)

the superior kim possible ship

No. 122719

And everyone knew it

No. 122734

but he doesn't swing that way

No. 122741

I dunno, man wearing Oppai shirts just screams homo cope to me, at least robosexual

No. 122760

File: 1611043472409.png (2.82 MB, 1280x1707, tumblr_nzi38w89um1v1bvfro1_r1_…)

Kek I know, I just find their whole domestic vibe really cute. I'm a sucker for odd couples.

No. 122764

My child self, even with homophobic parenting knew this on instinct

No. 122897

I love them

No. 122900

The only way this ship can be even a little bit palatable to me is in fanart that ages them up to at least their mid-20's and the artist makes Aang look like an attractive asian man (instead of the ugly white guy we got in LoK).

I also liked Aang's personality MUCH more when he was just a cheerful kid with hints of trauma below the surface. He had a precocious crush on the first pretty girl he meets and their connection is significant, but the show at least implied he had a lot of maturing to do before his dynamic with Katara could evolve beyond maternal/familial.

Then they threw any hope for a believable romance out the window by ignoring organic character development and replacing that with Aang's quest to get out of the friendzone. I couldn't stand him when the writers decided to focus way too much on the bullshit relationship drama, especially the complete douchebag he became in the comics.

No. 122901

File: 1611117535803.png (516.86 KB, 778x498, Screen Shot 2021-01-19 at 10.3…)

Love Farscape, love this ship.

No. 122905

File: 1611119859440.png (294.2 KB, 642x470, goliath-elisa.png)

I'm not sure if the show intended these two to be love interests at first, but it worked somehow

No. 122906

File: 1611119981999.png (406.41 KB, 686x510, 7456532430.png)

babby's first OTP

No. 122914

I'm dying at your caption anon thank u

No. 122920

File: 1611137377452.png (189.9 KB, 500x269, tumblr_ma3nl2rWYW1rxroezo1_500…)

i am very late to this

No. 122921

Ciel is garbage anyway, Alois is better.

No. 122926

File: 1611139856979.jpg (135.25 KB, 1200x958, DsaSpXtXgAActmY.jpg)

kind of weird ship, but i can't stop thinking about the fact that they casted Michael Caine as Horatio because he looked gay

No. 122938

ok but as a child I had an issue with this ship because I was very convinced that it should be Amy and Sonic no question

No. 122971

File: 1611171506807.png (562.69 KB, 1050x1400, shinkami.png)

I love this stupid ship so much, I'm so weak for this type of dynamic

No. 122972

Anon thank you for introducing me to this seriously its so good I am addicted!

No. 123030

slightly off topic but does anyone know where i can find a place to talk about fandom and ships thats female only? like no stupid pronoun intros or enbys or kinnies and genderspecials that get their feefees hurt if you call enstars arashi a guy yknow stuff like that? does such a utopia exist? i really just dont wanna deal with that crowd ever again anymore

No. 123031

I'd kill for a time machine back to the 00s for this, anon. Getting tired of the characters in my favorite ships being headcanoned to be asexual and/or nonbinary/transmale. It wouldn't be an issue if they didn't insist, attack, and argue about it.

I feel like Fannexus might be the place when it gets up, in that you'll be able to filter out/avoid tags with that shit. That might be as good as it'll get. If I never have to accidentally read "front hole" again in a fic, I'll be happy.

No. 123043

you know whats good anon, (incoming blogposting) i was thinking more like discords or something since most ive been in are ripe with annoying non identifying girls that are 'literally shaking and crying right now' if someone calls them a she or dumb 'ace' faggots complaining about their (non)oppression and how 'they totally lgbtbbq+ too guise!'
i just want safe space with other normal women to ship yaoi or whatever the fuck and share drawn porn without 'fetishizing mlm minors and making child porn'
im too old to put up with this new clown trend anymore

No. 123214

File: 1611327131311.png (854.73 KB, 1398x1080, Screenshot_20210122-224815.png)

Love the way red girl giggles at I so pale girl…. I want a gf

No. 123215

preferably a space that also doesn't tolerate shota. i don't give a shit about people shipping an 18 year old and a 22 year old or even drawn or written porn of 17 year old Jotaro Kujo or other mature looking guys, just nothing involving obvious child characters like sebaciel

No. 123221

I truly don't understand how fujos can be so degenerate and yet still get shocked when people call you out on it, yes its fucked up to ship grown man(or in this case demon) with a child just cause you have some you have some irrational fear of male/female parings and I know "but muh men are degenerate so it's completely okay for me to made porn of two underage siblings fuckings" but please you're just as bad as male degenerates and I know from experience cause you'd rather erase healthy m/f relationships sometimes featuring under-represented woc characters in favor of some nonsensical m/m pairing

sage for vent but fujos are awful and from my experience racist

No. 123223

it's so funny how fujos who bash female characters and m/f ships because "het is gross!!" (yet none of those who claim not to hate women and only prefer gay shit over straight shit could care less about f/f, hmmm) also more or less heterosexualise the pairing by flanderizing the characters to reduce them to obvious stereotypical top/bottom (usually male/pseudo-female) roles, sometimes even giving the bottom a whole coochie (fakebois and a/b/o tards i'm looking at you)

t. technically a fujo but who despises fujo culture

No. 123225

Why do fujos love grown men molesting children so much?

No. 123226

one fujo excuse that i have seen them often use is just pair up the remaining female characters, usually it's never explained or given any detail, just "two random female characters are now paired up so now you can't accuse of being sexist now back to my sibling fucking ship

No. 123229

I struggle to believe fujo's claims about "just caring too much about female characters to want to bother with the poorly written ones in… every piece of media they choose to consume" or "she's a strong female character, she doesn't need a man!' when you can choose the media you consume, and the most common ways of developing characters within fandoms are ships and fan content- which they never seem to actually make about the female characters they just care about too much to ever ship or talk about or not throw under the bus for their uwu gay relationships

No. 123232

>shota/loli exclusionary ship thread
You can have that space on lolcow, I believe? I don't think any farmhands or admin expressed anything on the contrary. You can make that thread today if you wanted.