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File: 1585069609396.jpg (26.44 KB, 369x408, 191780.jpg)

No. 80402

Previous thread >>6604

Post cute, beautiful boys.

No. 80404

File: 1585069677855.jpg (644.51 KB, 1550x2000, 1565365311152.jpg)

No. 80409

File: 1585070959438.gif (1.8 MB, 480x720, adrien sahores.gif)

No. 80415

File: 1585071141464.jpg (143.16 KB, 850x567, tumblr_oyga6hvD7H1s6d7dto1_128…)

No. 80416

No. 80448

File: 1585083117103.jpg (11.89 KB, 480x360, sandropanseri.jpg)

No. 81236

File: 1585678781500.gif (770.06 KB, 290x223, tumblr_n0y6m7FTrm1rpvebao4_400…)

No. 81237

File: 1585678882261.gif (995.62 KB, 500x352, tumblr_p0k0atkAgO1wj9cl2o3_500…)

No. 81239

What is this from?

No. 81241

nta but I think it's Adam Ant in Jubilee

No. 81256

File: 1585684992568.jpeg (42.99 KB, 500x307, FB52B1D9-C6F3-4037-A2A3-A5A554…)

No. 81257

File: 1585685050042.jpg (32.86 KB, 431x635, 40ea438ccedb1f2588c2106eee06ee…)

I thought it was him. Adam was such a hottie in the 80s.

No. 81262

File: 1585686994843.jpg (32.15 KB, 367x367, unnamed (1).jpg)

My boi Anakin tho

No. 81271

File: 1585690571424.jpg (63.85 KB, 736x541, 1575682414628.jpg)

His boi Luke tho

No. 81273

wait so is this a young adam ant? he was so cute omg

No. 81460

File: 1585806851914.jpg (28.06 KB, 477x480, ac0f254cfed489a8e76904702ce6f8…)

No. 81461

File: 1585807237450.jpg (44.23 KB, 337x604, a5cf318c4cabf87990b7104a497553…)

Young Johnny Depp will always make me weak

No. 81465

File: 1585808066581.jpg (69.13 KB, 800x800, 95e8cf7b9e4fc142d8a35dbb1cb2cf…)

He was amazing, his aging is an offense on par with Leo's

No. 81470

Agree, I also hear Depp has awful hygiene.

No. 81473

File: 1585813250573.jpg (118.74 KB, 500x555, tumblr_ozew9mIgHT1vk8814o2_r1_…)

obligatory river phoenix

No. 81481

File: 1585818363465.jpg (55.53 KB, 502x762, e4f213a8db9b8c7111d7f67d5b1cc1…)

young robert downey jr is such a dreamboat

who is this anon? we should really get everyone to add the names of the guys they post lol

No. 81482

File: 1585818422756.jpg (33.37 KB, 564x725, 610a314644efc718a174e329e4d430…)

he looks hot in glasses too

No. 81501

Jesus christ how can they be the same person? How did he hit the wall that bad? You can barely recognize him from these pictures, he actually used to look cute and then turned into a literal hobo. what the fuck

No. 81511

Alcohol, drugs and being an angry shitty person probably helped.

No. 81536

File: 1585866651968.jpg (369.29 KB, 2000x2833, tom.jpg)

Tom Welling was so hot and adorable

It's Adrien Sahores

No. 81540

File: 1585867654850.jpg (50.91 KB, 616x895, sato takeru.jpg)

on some pics he looks bad ngl

No. 81544

File: 1585868606529.jpg (18.19 KB, 415x233, GYS25BAXMRGNLH3XXMQLKACECI.jpg)

No. 81545

File: 1585868645597.jpg (79.95 KB, 883x883, 850fdeac16bdd950767d519f5a7f0a…)

Sen morimoto

No. 81558

Wasn't he the main actor in the Rurouni Kenshin movies? he's so cute

No. 81561

File: 1585879710145.jpeg (122.32 KB, 667x1000, 2DAB7F10-1849-4300-BAD6-7F3835…)

No. 81567

File: 1585880971135.jpg (62.42 KB, 1029x879, D2AY7GMW0AAm4HL.jpg)

No. 81577

File: 1585888934440.jpg (48.07 KB, 500x750, 50dad9b4ad6b65578caed73c2aa56b…)

>tfw when no sexy cute boyfriend to croon to you

No. 81578

File: 1585888985226.jpg (75.51 KB, 489x750, 8cfb823da1eb4f73e91e385fb7d4bd…)

unffff i love this fucking show off

No. 81609

File: 1585928068523.jpg (114.95 KB, 548x808, Luke_Pasqualino.jpg)

No. 81610

File: 1585928216551.jpg (24.78 KB, 250x377, adam_ayadi .jpg)

No. 81719

File: 1585993866069.jpg (48.81 KB, 500x700, pic1.jpg)

If Aaron Taylor Johnson looked like he did in Nowhere Boy forever the world would be at peace

No. 81748

File: 1586009989699.jpeg (120.12 KB, 712x950, 9C679A17-5485-49C5-9CFA-93D3AD…)

No. 81752

just saw my first river movie yesterday and he was so cute in it

just out of interest, everyone who is posting these boys are you attracted to them or do you just appreciate their beauty? cause so many of them in these cute boy threads are stunning but I don't feel sexual attraction to them

No. 81768

personally I'm attracted to them too idk about other anons

btw since no one answered >>80416 and I was curious myself,the guy on the OP is Igor Keblušek.The cap is from the only movie he was in in the early 80s

No. 81791

He was very cute, but I think he was 15 when that was filmed. Apparently he hated everyone thinking he really was a gay twink because of the character he played and he really embraced aging out of it.

No. 81847

Watching this rn and he's gorgeous. Much cuter than John Lennon kek.

No. 81854

File: 1586048166074.jpg (334.8 KB, 1280x1425, tumblr_pyvvbiS53a1vs631co1_128…)

I just cannot wrap my head around this.

No. 81855

File: 1586048630392.jpeg (373.49 KB, 1540x1540, 859E1045-07D2-404D-BE0D-CD5FD1…)

I know right? He seems badass and full of wisdom these days, and tbh he’s still good looking in a cool grandpa kind of way (lol). If I could interview anyone, I would choose him. I bet he’s got tons of crazy stories.

No. 81861

yeah straight men don't really like being cute as much as women love it

No. 81863

It wasn’t just “he didn’t like being cute,” Bjorn was annoyed as fuck because the director of Death in Venice literally paraded him around gay clubs so the men would ogle him. He originally went to school to be a musician but once he got famous for that movie people completely disregarded his skills as a musician and assumed he was just looks. To top it off a woman used his photo on a book that promotes pedophilia.

No. 81888

that's fucked up. i never saw the movie but seeing the premise and the pics it looks like a pedo's wet dream, hope i'm wrong

No. 81889

No, that's pretty much Death in Venice. Novel and film, no idea how the opera turned out.

No. 81930

lmao no, get out male(hi scrote)

No. 83167

File: 1586648874070.jpg (178.3 KB, 1080x1329, 1080full-frank-rossi-(ii) (1).…)

Some Frank Rossi spam to bless this thread

No. 83168

File: 1586648896499.jpg (236.6 KB, 1080x1349, 9a15b2836410126aea1a215492f665…)

No. 83169

File: 1586649021347.jpg (37.61 KB, 540x673, 540full-frank-rossi-(ii).jpg)

No. 83170

File: 1586649201143.jpg (111.24 KB, 1080x1349, 1080full-frank-rossi-(ii).jpg)

No. 83173

File: 1586649383589.jpg (21.16 KB, 300x300, frank-rossi-6.jpg)

No. 83175

File: 1586649574359.png (1.38 MB, 1280x1280, tumblr_ncvfgfDgxM1sl272so1_128…)

No. 83176

File: 1586649812240.jpg (172.42 KB, 960x1200, CmjHJxpXEAAHU0x.jpg)

No. 83179

File: 1586650054344.png (656.7 KB, 857x1280, original.png)

No. 83180

File: 1586650192937.jpg (261.77 KB, 1280x1629, 094bd599016d84679d4428ab4f26a1…)

No. 83181

File: 1586650755039.jpg (437.69 KB, 1280x1920, tumblr_o3cik80cxp1tda2omo1_128…)

No. 83182

File: 1586651006406.jpg (373.18 KB, 1280x1920, tumblr_o3ejitXVA01tda2omo1_128…)

No. 83193

Well, I never actually said 'he didn't like being cute', I just didn't remember what you added in your post and wanted to avoid accidentally making things up.

No. 83454

File: 1586830391619.jpg (230 KB, 1080x1183, IMG_20200413_221002.jpg)

No. 83455

File: 1586830418535.jpg (271.56 KB, 1080x1061, IMG_20200413_221019.jpg)

No. 83487

Who is that? So handsome.

No. 83496

Noen Eubanks

No. 83693

why must he be a typical tiktok eboy… wish I didn't know

No. 83853

File: 1587063131798.gif (965.61 KB, 500x350, original.gif)

No. 86139

File: 1587850414009.jpeg (4.75 KB, 201x251, images (5).jpeg)

Tbh he's still cute. His wife is also 20 something years his senior which makes me fall for him even more (the bar…)

Reviving the thread with Emile Woon

No. 86174

why are twinkish guys with super deep voices so hot?

No. 86334

File: 1587999872399.jpg (64.92 KB, 500x375, unnamed.jpg)

I'd take both of them

No. 86337

File: 1588000904564.jpg (73 KB, 500x594, haruma miura.jpg)

No. 86343

File: 1588006948596.jpg (50.89 KB, 564x705, 87446e2fd5dc32ce7109bd71d05c46…)

No. 86347

File: 1588011123136.jpg (42.13 KB, 640x865, 69640658_2554916551227034_4837…)

I had the biggest crush on him in Last Cinderella but he's aging so badly. I was shocked when I saw his latest pictures, totally unrecognizable from his younger self. And dude is only 30…

No. 86348

File: 1588011276289.jpg (490.4 KB, 726x958, 330396_original.jpg)

Compared to back then

No. 86351

nayrt, I still think he looks cute as hell there. >>86348 is his prime, though.

No. 86360

File: 1588022008449.jpg (182.16 KB, 626x1024, gettyimages-1181782742-1024x10…)

that's just a bad pic. but what's the white stuff in his suit?

No. 86413

File: 1588136141296.jpg (37.3 KB, 564x564, 097bff388e4aaff86a7f52458ec2e7…)

I can't believe how perfect Aidan Turner is…..Irish, sexy piercing eyes, beautiful dark hair, sharp jawline, ugh he's so damn gorgeous he makes me cry

No. 86436

File: 1588165597257.jpg (37.8 KB, 500x425, 54366b419754fc84630d8f2d205764…)

I only like him as a sexy dwarf. Oh to be that elf lady.

No. 86472

He looks so much older than 30. I swear, dudes actually hit the wall at 24/25

No. 86794

thank you

No. 87067

File: 1588553740603.jpg (48.45 KB, 304x454, qt.jpg)

No. 88158

File: 1589261420247.jpg (96.31 KB, 666x1000, MV5BNTFmZGYzYWItZjAyYi00ODI3LW…)

I don't understand why I have a crush on him

No. 88159

File: 1589261447827.jpg (613.36 KB, 1240x1834, pic4_0.jpg)

No. 88701

File: 1589466388481.jpg (48.53 KB, 640x640, a138a1b8df985ccb5bc842d91900b2…)

The guy who played Even in Skam is so qt imo.

No. 90461

File: 1589983796424.gif (4.33 MB, 500x269, 87975FA3-525D-4024-9D26-531303…)

Bumping thread to post Orville Peck. Even though he hides his face, it somehow makes him more attractive imo…

No. 90696

File: 1590004150355.jpeg (72.52 KB, 500x500, A53E7EAC-642D-421E-8E16-34217E…)

I love his music!

No. 102461

File: 1596477029490.jpg (481.93 KB, 1184x1600, 3dcb6df8ae238addbe6509f4446ffe…)

No. 102587

who's that?

No. 103109

File: 1596884286725.jpg (32.42 KB, 488x666, d91f981ff1ff7f9e0618b7d8353113…)

brb going back in time to fuck hot ass young alan wilder

No. 103111

File: 1596884628479.jpeg (56.4 KB, 658x800, Francis_Alexander_-_Charles_Di…)

brb going back in time to fuck this cutie

No. 103523

File: 1597138233183.jpeg (54 KB, 584x680, D39B001F-5BEC-45A6-B62F-6E7258…)

No. 103524

File: 1597138262284.jpeg (73.06 KB, 750x1090, 7F437923-E9D4-4043-85FA-F5E4EF…)

No. 103658

File: 1597190036606.jpg (104.88 KB, 460x800, 4849347095_8f09a5d117_c.jpg)

I'll save you thr trouble of finding his name. Its Devin Oliver
He used to be so cute back in the early 2010s but he's an absolute trainwreck now

No. 103662

best taste anon

No. 103667

File: 1597197075761.jpg (205.54 KB, 1200x1200, hofmann_dark_netflix_serie_1_c…)

No. 103668

File: 1597197108151.jpg (90.82 KB, 1000x1250, 483a831a584802293bdfc1a49586b1…)

No. 103669

File: 1597197134728.jpg (1.02 MB, 1400x1356, wTLM_Louis-Hoffman1.jpg)

No. 103670

File: 1597197173046.jpg (47.17 KB, 940x530, A015_0951091-940x530.jpg)

No. 103671

Excellent taste

No. 103672

File: 1597197227712.jpg (115.25 KB, 1024x768, wp6656229.jpg)

No. 103673

File: 1597197278734.jpg (164.86 KB, 1120x708, schuld-online1.jpg)

thanks! two more pics …

No. 103674

File: 1597197306717.png (856.32 KB, 1000x666, 65a747538e01aca1af3e62c3e4ee92…)

No. 104462

File: 1597497844150.jpg (112.58 KB, 770x1134, tumblr_pla2euPQAB1rkq0xyo1_128…)

I've always thought 60s Bob Dylan was really handsome. He's got that nice fluffy hair

No. 104479

File: 1597504442108.jpeg (587.92 KB, 828x1031, 05D830F9-CA3E-400E-8577-DD46D8…)

No. 104498

File: 1597518289573.jpg (105.04 KB, 759x960, 4f9db8f02d20842759e451f728ced1…)

Yes! I'm such a sucker for curly hair.

sometimes though I see pictures of Bob Dylan and instead see Eggman

No. 104509

File: 1597525363948.jpg (110.49 KB, 720x1080, EbkPXMMXYAA9v1_.jpg)


No. 104511

Who’s this

No. 104514

huang shixin, it’s for chanel beauty

No. 104959

File: 1597791281908.gif (1.18 MB, 420x315, THANK.gif)

No. 104978

Who's this?

No. 104979

File: 1597808323510.jpg (28.91 KB, 600x460, Jack-Schlossberg.jpg)

i've had a crush on him for years

No. 104980

File: 1597810542199.jpg (146.95 KB, 904x1000, babe.jpg)

Timothée Chalamet has probably been posted more than once, but I think he's fucking adorable. Maybe because he reminds me of the teenage heartthrobs of "my day," like Aaron/Nick Carter, Leo DiCaprio, etc.

No. 104986

File: 1597814352043.png (299.12 KB, 460x517, cMCe0P1.png)

Omd, Min Kyunghoon!
More Korean boys :)

No. 104995

File: 1597823335462.jpeg (92.94 KB, 1058x719, 3D64AC05-38D6-43F0-8D98-C41033…)

No. 105007

Anon wtf, how can that twink remind you of Leo or Nick? he wishes he was as hot and manly as those two (Aaron on the other hand……..)

No. 105022

There’s an idol spam thread btw. If you’re going to post cute East Asian guys here they should be actors or models. Or even just normal musicians lol.

Right? Timothee is scrawny and has weak bone structure.

No. 105028

Why is everyone hating on Timothee he’s cute

No. 105044

File: 1597849227138.jpg (427.46 KB, 948x1401, tumblr_of0aw1RP0i1uzcbk7o1_128…)

more acchan

No. 105053

File: 1597853212365.jpg (683.05 KB, 2289x2289, PicsArt_08-19-11.07.34.jpg)

How old are you guys? Leo and Nick were twinks once too.

No. 105070

File: 1597861911097.jpg (69.02 KB, 960x641, bright.jpg)

>>104959 is a rock band vocalist tho lol

No. 105088

I've noticed there's a bit of a hateboner for him on this site. It's funny tbh even as a fan

No. 105116

Oh ok my mistake lol. He's really cute btw

No. 105265

Probably because of the STDs.

No. 105278

As if he's the first or last actor to get them and spread them, lmao. Everyone in Hollywood is fucked up he ain't special

No. 105304

File: 1597974056328.jpg (80.66 KB, 720x900, C05RTo5WEAA0L1q.jpg)

He was too pure for this world tbh.

No. 105333

Is that the guy who was in that pedobait Rodney Dangerfield movie, I doubt something darker wasn't going on behind the scenes with these

No. 105335

I havent seen that movie but the guy in the pic was Jonathan Brandis. He was in a lot of movies back then. Unfortunately , he committed suicide in his 20s.

No. 105348

Yeah I knew that, but still look at this scene and tell me it's not pedobait

No. 105352

File: 1598011135013.jpg (59.67 KB, 497x738, 1401096543.jpg)

It's really saddening, he seemed like a great guy. RIP

No. 105358

damn WTF. Ive never seen that shit, disgusting. Im sure he def got abused, like Corey Heim etc etc. So sad.

Word. He was great in IT.

No. 105359

Like no normal human being would let this scene into a childrens film, it's made purely for the satisfaction of the pedophiles

No. 106967

File: 1599311981197.jpg (52.87 KB, 720x939, b901b6f5615d5.jpg)

No. 106972

God I remember that scene and movie(last time I prob watched it was like 15ish years ago) and the pedo talk clearly went over my head as a kid, and teen.

The premise of the movie is the coach which is his uncle I think, has him join the girls only soccer team so they can win(harmless for movie besides that scene)

No. 108144

File: 1600243032116.jpg (237.04 KB, 1024x1280, 4f6279d0c86536f052639574e33af6…)

No. 108724

File: 1600813736851.jpg (1.54 MB, 1176x1162, 1508846158378.jpg)

No. 109551

File: 1601475160454.gif (1.76 MB, 500x270, tumblr_o5fat5kd4R1rol0uno1_500…)

It's more about the character of Frodo than Elijah Wood for me…look at his cute cherub face and curly hair. I just wanna kiss his head and hug him and protect him forever and make him soup lmao

No. 109713

it doesn't hurt that Elijah is a genuinely sweet person.

No. 110026

File: 1601879088412.jpg (51.26 KB, 500x500, artworks-000313080510-acn19c-t…)

No. 110027

File: 1601879117055.jpg (17.22 KB, 320x400, 115800484_595722868047918_3566…)


No. 110029

No joke, my former supervisor looks just like him and I wanted to tell him on solo many occasions but I couldn't out myself as a fucking nerd.

No. 110041

Elijah is so wholesome. He plays animal crossing. So cute and sweet.

No. 110075

who is this dude i recognise his face but i don’t know where from

No. 110086

Face model for V in DMC5

No. 110089

I looked up his name just now and found out he committed suicide back in July. Can't really say anything about it without feeling so disrespectful …his spot in this thread is not undeserved.

No. 110100


Steven Suptic of Sugar Pine 7 and Sourcefed

No. 111500

File: 1602528307877.png (359.38 KB, 500x750, 4fa64bd74dfb34ba07ad9404deea91…)

No. 111501

File: 1602528390249.jpg (44.67 KB, 640x640, 12976261_268876960111786_11383…)

No. 111502

Oh yes I love him! I remember watching the good son as a kid and having such a big crush on him for ages. What a cutie.

No. 111507

File: 1602534440683.jpg (18.96 KB, 475x475, 592.jpg)

No. 111518

Very cute. He makes me think of an actually attractive R Pattz lol.

No. 122796

File: 1611065807281.jpg (57.91 KB, 453x604, 722e6dbe729e052b9f10e5170ff7c5…)

Evan Peters
Such a fucking cutie, especially with brown hair. I'm even considering rewatching AHS just for him lmao even though I've grown out of the show

No. 122819

File: 1611078574270.jpg (186.62 KB, 1066x1600, 79ce74090add1f75680205e6e6954f…)

No. 122947

File: 1611157501635.jpg (171.86 KB, 1600x1067, 148259_2301.jpg)

This the guy that got beat up by emma roberts right

Lol is he wearing blush on his nose? That's some e-girl shit right there

No. 123153

File: 1611283143862.jpg (27.59 KB, 752x440, ahs-apocalypse-752x440.jpg)

The gothic satanic stile makes me wet

No. 123282

File: 1611364654396.jpg (116.39 KB, 1160x1424, 78bb9f8edd7fdd2001ebdc69622ee5…)

non eboy photos of him exist heh

No. 128876

File: 1613863291219.jpg (56.23 KB, 740x740, 36j3oLW.jpg)

The guy who plays Arisu in Alice in Borderland on Netflix is way too hot

No. 128880

I love him, he was at his cutest in season two of ahs imo. I enjoyed his appearance on wandavision too (spoilered in case someone might be watching the show)

No. 128946

I liked the blonde guy but he fukken died

No. 141251

File: 1620676729269.gif (1.95 MB, 300x245, tumblr_nw35b1ldF01soqif2o2_400…)

No. 141253

File: 1620676974229.gif (8.03 MB, 540x360, Tumblr_l_72529363491154.gif)

No. 141256

File: 1620677982903.gif (2.95 MB, 268x151, Tumblr_l_72466797131125.gif)

No. 141275

File: 1620687690173.gif (1.05 MB, 500x250, tumblr_mjd60pbdg21rnrp3qo1_500…)

I'm SO mad about how he aged

No. 141278

tbh he was never that cute in the first place

No. 141279

File: 1620688857367.jpg (27.85 KB, 425x778, f07a124e94ee51870251cdc592eb42…)

yeah, I mean…

No. 141303

same it’s his personality for me… I find him infuriatingly endearing I never WANTED to like him

No. 141306

File: 1620714497457.png (1.64 MB, 1334x1122, D_JbFeLXYAA6MpC.png)

I love how Joe Keery actually managed to look cool in the same hideous suit Harry wore. Harry looks like a colorblind person trying to do a Joker cosplay.

He's just trying to do a pathetic skinwalk of David Bowie but lacks the necessary amount of talent. He will forever be That One Dude With the Stupid Hair from That Shitty 2010s Boyband.

No. 141308

File: 1620714778470.jpg (62.3 KB, 770x962, 988a4eb6209cfb62f23436e2f5648b…)

Everytime I hear or see anything relating to him this picture comes out from the depths of my brain & hits me like a freight train

No. 141309

I don't even understand tf happened to him after he left one direction? He always strikes to me as a straight man trying to LARP as gay friend. Most of his outfits are complete shit and afaik the only people who care about him are OD stans, or fans of someone else but only when they interact

No. 141310

Why does this picture exist what the actual fuck, this isn't even nice in a ~fashion is art~ kinda way, what a fucking eyesore

No. 141312

File: 1620717541193.jpg (161.64 KB, 786x853, 1155644.jpg)

This is exactly what I mean when I say Harry is failing spectacularly at skinwalking David Bowie. Bowie would pose for pictures or go onstage in weird outfits all the time, but they weren't just random bullshit he picked because ~weird~. In addition to having actual aesthetics he was trying to emulate like kabuki, he worked with costume and makeup people.

Also, I'm including pic related for reference, not because I think he qualified as a "cute boy." Bowie was always sort of ugly and leaned into it.

No. 141374

That yellow dot near the crotch looks like a shit stain

No. 141453

File: 1620805039100.jpg (336.91 KB, 730x1095, Adrian-Boksz-Tatiana-Lebo-03.j…)

No. 141455

No. 141456

It’s cause tailoring is a lifesaver. Joe’s was tailored, Harry’s wasn’t kek

No. 141551

File: 1620841413589.png (1.44 MB, 719x1280, 5515f18fdc6fd2ac082d57966fc6de…)

It's also because Joe is the better looking guy lmao (though that's a pretty low bar to clear).

No. 141615

File: 1620891397983.jpg (421.93 KB, 2000x1348, image.jpg)

No. 141705

File: 1620953677694.jpg (181.73 KB, 950x684, harry-styles-italia-landscape-…)

Still better than Harry Styles and his fivehead

No. 142930

File: 1621487741623.jpg (396.36 KB, 850x1195, Brian_Molko_in_the_European_Pa…)

Brian from Placebo is pretty cute.

No. 142935

no need to fight laid ease they're both fug

No. 142958

I agree but sadly, he was… used to be crazy for him

No. 145344

File: 1622042562410.png (428.7 KB, 517x502, switzerland - Copy.png)


No. 145348

he looks like a buttered potato

No. 145369

He looks like a cutie potato.

No. 145377

i know he had a spoiled brat look and danced like a retard but he is cute as shit.perfect for the thread

also the anons calling him fat wtf

No. 154804

File: 1628073359492.jpg (28.78 KB, 460x612, 1787ae004843fa6ec463fabb5b7981…)

Michael Angelakos from Passion Pit

No. 161751

File: 1632556049540.jpg (47.98 KB, 648x531, -257.jpg)

I'm posting this here since I don't think it fits in any other thread about men.I saw google's tribute to Christopher Reeve and I remembered how good looking he was in a classic yet unique way.How his life turned around always makes me sad.

No. 163607

File: 1633823239627.gif (1.88 MB, 245x260, Tumblr_l_117256846361050.gif)

Found this on tumblr. Forgot how hot Johnny Depp used to be

No. 163616

the fact that he was born with that face structure and seemed to be aging decently for awhile is so sad. the things drugs do to a person…

No. 163672

File: 1633866486477.jpg (85.55 KB, 500x571, 20cc5b00831342546bba25225d0bc9…)

Here to submit THE cute boy- mid 90s Leonardo DiCaprio

No. 163674

why did he age so terribly reeeee

No. 163679

File: 1633871953634.jpg (63.07 KB, 564x837, 186fcae275f8d5de312414454547e8…)

I'm not usually into blonde guys but he indeed was a cutie

No. 163681

His recent lovers must cry themselves to sleep thinking about how he used to look

No. 163705

File: 1633895267632.gif (5.53 MB, 480x480, jhjhkjhkj.gif)

No. 163706

File: 1633895367309.gif (1.99 MB, 450x338, kjnkjnk.gif)

No. 163707

File: 1633895478795.gif (480.77 KB, 220x224, kjlkjl.gif)

No. 163708

File: 1633895569060.gif (1.81 MB, 251x258, kljlkj.gif)

Enough Albarn for today

No. 163719

I miss britpop style so much

No. 163721

File: 1633900820671.jpg (97.08 KB, 663x960, finger me.jpg)

No. 163722

File: 1633900972996.jpg (65.33 KB, 445x632, main-qimg-f0b4e51378c27d7e8586…)

No. 163724

File: 1633901133662.jpg (30.87 KB, 474x338, fsdfs.jpg)

No. 163738

File: 1633905139225.jpg (25.92 KB, 438x594, Jimmy.jpg)

Learning that he's a pedo was so sad

No. 163926

For real anon. But it's not very surprising

No. 167274

File: 1635338445462.png (1.77 MB, 1278x849, brett .png)

Not sure whether to post here or in the unconventional male attractions thread. Currently crushing hard on young Brett Anderson.

No. 167937

File: 1635678174718.jpg (37.01 KB, 360x359, tumblr_pmo0mp94j71tlr4fz_400.j…)

He's so ugly and cute

No. 175420

File: 1640300918851.png (1.05 MB, 750x1110, Keanu.png)

surprised he didn't get posted yet.
Keanu looks adorable here. He's still kind of cutie nowadays too, in a more mature sort of way

No. 175463

the new matrix movie was so bad. but least we got to see keanu

No. 175465

File: 1640324161821.jpg (76.42 KB, 600x600, DzYcbJnX0AAJzAq.jpg)

aaron kwok

No. 175470

File: 1640324415384.jpg (93.68 KB, 640x849, 4W91lpLF7gCfmTRXS8lGQW9ugp4U0N…)

I don't know if I love any character in SFU as much as I love him!

No. 295225

File: 1683654486440.jpg (13.37 KB, 680x321, 141.jpg)

No. 295226

File: 1683654832677.jpg (67.54 KB, 750x745, ee8f24d2baf346023a1ea6ff991d1e…)

No. 295227

File: 1683654928939.jpg (75.19 KB, 828x804, d541792e943330fdcf6808f5a7b9a9…)

No. 295312

File: 1683685783780.jpg (76 KB, 550x586, mozbed.jpg)

No. 295580

File: 1683772099534.jpeg (39.08 KB, 510x525, A9EDDE3A-7AFA-40ED-9146-2D64E4…)

No. 295607

OKAY NOW I GET WHY THE FUJOS ARE ALL OVER HIM. Does he look like that in the show, too? I have never seen Breaking Bad, yes I am a pleb, shh.

No. 295699

it's not from breakin bad afaik

No. 295783

The actor is Aaron Paul who plays Jesse Pinkman in Breaking Bad.
This specific screenshot is from Season 1 Episode 10 of Criminal Minds, "The Popular Kids", where Aaron Paul plays Michael Zizzo. Sadly, he is only present and hot for a single interrogation scene

No. 295942

Asian Leon

No. 295945

File: 1683920541870.gif (1.75 MB, 540x350, 640a22002cea84607b2b836a6a5244…)

No. 300928

File: 1686114600681.jpg (45.25 KB, 480x556, 3d1749da9518a734fba34363ad8aa3…)

No. 300930

File: 1686114790463.gif (1.69 MB, 400x311, tumblr_4088418c36fa157f0dd7792…)

No. 303213

File: 1687197391694.jpg (38.34 KB, 495x700, 1489354775131.jpg)

No. 303214

File: 1687197445284.jpg (37.17 KB, 660x989, 5707bf801d9a3c25997eef15e45e75…)

No. 312698

File: 1691134619039.jpg (54.24 KB, 500x750, 7e21d4b03e83e91ed797a066eceea6…)

No. 323139

File: 1695557278020.webm (4.95 MB, 720x1280, leland_fraser27.webm)

Brendan's redhead son is a qt. Holden is pretty too.

No. 323143

I like thin guys but this is too much, I think he looked hottest when he was at the Oscars.

No. 323495

Late but that looks like me lol

No. 323497


No. 330424

File: 1698359955297.gif (8.73 MB, 700x500, tumblr_54c024e47f37ad5cc616f47…)

No. 330425

File: 1698360014567.gif (8.4 MB, 700x500, tumblr_506115c0fac01204bdf0f45…)

No. 330426

File: 1698360144449.gif (8.23 MB, 700x500, tumblr_307e4797f5936fbb556f614…)

No. 356343

File: 1708019381925.png (2.28 MB, 1536x2048, nlOpKE3.png)

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