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File: 1527426858243.jpg (133.36 KB, 1000x600, 024534842.jpg)

No. 9044

Post QR codes and dream codes, trade items or even villagers if any of yours are moving out, or just talk about your favorite villagers, memories with the series, and anything else related to animal crossing! ♡

No. 9045

File: 1527427482128.jpg (40.5 KB, 400x240, tumblr_oorruvSmSt1tvspvio1_400…)

To kick things off, does anyone have a spare T-rex tail? I've been missing it for months, I'll trade any of the sanrio furniture for it.

No. 9046

i haven't played NL in a while but maybe i will if there's enough people ITT wanting to bum around.

i just want a new game to be announced!

No. 9047

File: 1527427963194.gif (168.13 KB, 500x384, 099809R3NNF.gif)

I remember being so disappointed when I played NL for the first time, but I can't remember why. The game is very good and I've tried going back to WW, it didn't age well at all.
Sadly my little cousin deleted my town so I haven't played in a loooong time, this thread might motivated me to start all over again tho.

I think I liked WW better because it had a lot more different dialogues.

No. 9048

NL feels kind of rushed, and i think treehouse has been going down in quality more recently, but that's just me.

No. 9049

I want my bedroom irl to look like that

No. 9050

File: 1527429430749.png (181.37 KB, 497x494, Aurora_NewLeaf_Official.png)


>i just want a new game to be announced!

With E3 just being around the corner, do you guys think that it will be announced?

I mean around this time you get tons of rumors popping up here and there about various games being announced by Nintendo but AC is kind of a thing that many, many people are super certain of that 2018 will be the year that Animal Crossing is coming to the Switch. Thoughts?

No. 9051

I have literally been praying for an announcement for months now. Bought a switch for it (played other games in the meantime of course but I'm convinced AC is coming our way).

I have a really long commute to work and all I want is to relax and build a cute town!

So yeah, very confident we will get a switch AC - it's the perfect platform for it and it's been over 5 years since NL.

No. 9052

File: 1527433733592.jpg (60.22 KB, 550x366, (16).jpg)

>it's been over 5 years since NL.

fuck man

No. 9053

File: 1527435606800.png (37.78 KB, 540x309, 2008716_0.png)

honestly if a switch animal crossing gets announced i will drop the money to buy the console. new leaf was the final push that finally made me buy a 3ds. of course i'll wait to see what the new ac is like but it will for sure push me to buying a switch

No. 9054

File: 1527435978072.png (146.65 KB, 400x240, tumblr_ogaotbl0Ts1qeg6edo1_400…)

Me too, it's one of the only games I want one for. BOTW looks great and being able to play gamecube games on a portable console will be neat, but all I really care about is animal crossing.

If nintendo E3 is just smash, metroid, and yoshi i'm gonna kms

No. 9055

File: 1527436404684.gif (73.83 KB, 250x350, 84be8241193e71d1fd7fff157aab45…)

hopefully nintendo will be smart enough to realize people will drop some cash for a new AC game. new leaf was fantastic in my opinion and building up improvements on it will be so great. i realllllyyy hope the next AC will let you have more control over buildings….like having an unlock list for public works projects rather than having neighbors suggest them to you because that rng sucks so bad. i also want the ability to decide where your neighbors build their houses because ive had too many areas ruined by some asshole wolf moving in right where i had a garden or where i planned to place a public works project

No. 9056

>ive had too many areas ruined by some asshole wolf moving in right where i had a garden or where i planned to place a public works project
Seriously. I'm usually against cheating, but I ended up using a save editor to move those dickhole villagers' houses out of my way. I've had so many villagers move directly in front of my bridges, completely blocking the paths.

Also, fuck rocks

No. 9057

NL actually fixed that after the welcome amiibo update. any patterns on the ground are recognized by the game so no one moves in on them or anything anymore. so now if you have spaces you want to reserve, just put cute decorative gardens in that area!

No. 9058

File: 1527439167982.png (271.08 KB, 500x300, tumblr_opjlp75N1Z1vyzjcso1_500…)

Do natural paths count as patterns? My path is just dirt from me running on it, like pic related

No. 9059

I sort of want to get Home Designer, but it feels like it might end up being an impulse purchase (like 3DS Nintendogs, Mario Kart, etc). Plus I don't see copies with the amiibo reader included anymore, which is part of the appeal, especially with the Welcome Amiibo update in NL.

>i think treehouse has been going down in quality more recently
Do you mean how so many of the conversations in CF and NL were just about food, when WW was more diverse? (Not sure about the original Gamecube one, since it's one I haven't played) I might be mixing this up, but apparently Treehouse took a lot of liberties in localizing WW, when the original JP version had a shit ton of food conversations.

I'm reaching, but I feel like the backlash against localizations with massive changes is a reason why they've (likely) stuck to the Japanese script for recent titles. Hopefully the Switch game departs from the current trend…

No. 9060

I'm honestly still upset there was no main game on Wii U. I got a Wii U specifically for the New Animal Crossing, only to be given a mediocre party game. I'm glad we got Pocket Camp as a little setback, but I'm ready for a console release.

I recently tried getting back into City Folk, that game wasn't that great either. I hated how there was no Gamecube controller support.

New Leaf is still entertaining, but the charm died down for me after a couple months since I already had a bunch of stuff unlocked.

No. 9061

city folk aged baaaaadddd. to me revisiting the gc game and wild world is still fun, but whenever i replay city folk i only end up playing for 15 minutes before i get sick of it. i dont know, the graphics just look so weird in that game looking back.

No. 9062

I hate the crafting feature in Pocket Camp so much. I hope it doesn't return for AC Switch. PC in general sort of sucks. I hope AC Switch is more New Leaf and less PC

No. 9063

File: 1527462687834.jpg (1.34 MB, 2854x1752, 20180527181103.jpg)

I could never get into CF as a kid. Making custom designs wasn't fun, fishing/catching bugs felt weird, and talking to the animals was the worst in the series. I remember having an insanely hard time making money too, the wiimote made everything even more inconvenient.

Also, Coco is moving away from my town in NL on the 4th. Does anyone want her?

No. 9064

Ooh your natural pattern looks nice, I was never really a big fan of placing down paths, as much as I thought they looked cute it was always just a hassle to make sure it fit the season and look nice

No. 9065

Oh that's not mine, I just saw it on tumblr and thought it was cute kek. Mine is the post above yours, you can kinda see it. Dream code is 4C00-0041-0351 if you want to check them out.

I could never get into patterns either, even though natural paths are just as tedious. The patterns look janky when you have diagonal bridges

No. 9066

File: 1527511121363.png (501.3 KB, 800x480, 3221114851_2_14_B3jczl4r.png)

I'm so excited for AC on the switch, but I wonder how we can share patterns now since the switch doesn't have a camera to scan QR codes

No. 9067

Ahh anon this outfit is so cute!! Do you have any other QR codes you could share?

No. 9068

what are those logs?? I think I've never seen theses before?

No. 9069

it's bamboo axed down after being grown for a day

No. 9070

File: 1527555372655.png (449.04 KB, 803x482, gyaru vest.png)

I have been playing new leaf on off for like a year, in fact i got a 3ds (which is also the 1st console I've ever owned) for my previous birthday just for acnl and pokemon haha. On one hand I'm excited for a possible switch game on the other mega salty because spending money on frivolous stuff makes me feel guilty and it took me like 4 years to finally buy a 3ds lol

Anyways! I'm quite found of making clothes because I like pixel art and the limitations make it even more fun. Pic is jap schoolgirl inspired vest I made for villagers (looked real nice on Annalise before she decided to change into some uggo crap)

No. 9071

The price of sanrio amiibo cards rn is fucking terrible.
Why didn't you release them in america nintendo?

Same, I need to save money tho

No. 9072

If you're looking to get the Furniture sets, I got them from a seller on Etsy for under 5$. I'll send the link if u want

No. 9073

wow, that's a rip off. reminds me of the people who sell shiny pokemon/legendaries/6IV dittos. you could edit your save and get them for free.

hell, if anyone wants any special furniture hmu

No. 9074

or if you don't mind pirating buying from someone else to do it, get some ntag215 cards from amazon and get any amiibo animal crossing character you want.


But anyways, I really hope a new animal crossing comes out for switch and is announced at E3 this year. I just want new features and everything already!!!

No. 9075

You can just trade with other users in game. Some people are still giving away the sets for free

No. 9076

Gahh i wish i could hack my town but i have to buy Ocarina Of Time in order to be able to use Homebrew now.
Why did I wait so longgggg

No. 9077

If I'm remembering correctly, you need powersaves for the oot exploit too. Might just want to buy ssb or see if you can use one of the methods that don't require spending money.

No. 9078

No AC in E3… I'm so disappointed. I was so sure they'd announce it too…

No. 9079

File: 1528826262356.jpg (11.59 KB, 307x164, DfgWI3dXcAAXW9f.jpg)



No. 9080

Disappointed but I'm not surprised. I'll still have a little hope until the end of the year.

No. 9081

If any of you guys play pocket camp you can add me with ID 0588 2957 958
I'll water your flowers and give you kudos

No. 9082

File: 1536879435883.jpg (66.13 KB, 600x572, AN.JPG)

No. 9083

I'm still squirting. What the fuck took them so long tho?

No. 9084

fucking FINALLY.

No. 9085

No. 9086

what. i wish i knew this sooner lol. i stopped playing about a year ago because i was getting frustrated doing villager resets all the time. please tell me they updated villager dialogues too.

No. 35310

Here it is!

No. 35311

File: 1560275681864.jpeg (103.57 KB, 1211x709, D8y6nKBUwAArOSG.jpeg)

We've got the release date too, had to be delayed so they can work on it more. A little upset about that, but if it means a better game then I'll be patient.

No. 35313

I'm so fucking hyped. The delay sucks but I've been waiting years for this and I can wait a few more months.
I'm so excited about the crafting system, seems like a lot of people are complaining about it but I've been wanting a crafting system in AC for a while and I think it could really spice up the gameplay. Can't wait to see more footage of the game!

No. 35314

Treehouse gameplay

No. 35318

I can finally make the beach house of my dreams. I feel like there won't be any more qr code outfits which makes me kinda sad. excited for the game overall

No. 35320

File: 1560283940350.png (116.76 KB, 213x228, 1557872985482.png)

I want it now, Nintendo. Man, I almost feel like throwing a tantrum like a tiny child because of the delay. This is for the best, though.

No. 35321

still a little frustrated that i dont know whether there will be an ac switch bundle or not! I've been waiting to buy the switch so i really hope they announce one soon if there is one

No. 35325


The last time they announced a special switch bundle, they did it right away when they did a bigger presentation on the related game. I think when the switch smash bundle was announced it was done at last year's E3 when it was mainly about Smash, so if there would be a AC bundle to come, they would've announced it by now - in my opinion.

But I also hope that there will be one or at least some Joy-Cons because if there is something I hate about the Switch it's the lack of cool designs like we never got a Zelda one. I want the same kind of variety as the 3DS(XL) had.

No. 35338

Hate to be negative about this but this looks like animal crossing with all the life sucked out of it. The instagram filter look on it looks like an eyesore and the minecraft mechanic is way out of place. If I wanna play minecraft or stardew valley, I will. Hope it's not as bad as city folk.

No. 35347

I agree. I couldn't stand pocket camp because of the annoying crafting mechanic (and the microtransactions). I am just not really looking forward to this as much as I want to. I thought the "island package" was some sort of DLC, not the actual game. I hope we still have a river at least?

No. 35359

Not sure how I feel about crafting, just yet. Being able to craft furniture might make the decoration/housing aspect of the game more satisfying, but the tedium of it (especially if the real-time aspect means waiting days for resources to replenish) might not be worth it. I'm trusting the development team, though, after they gave us Splatoon 1/2.

There's rivers prominent in the trailer.

No. 35454

File: 1560357864614.jpg (91.38 KB, 1024x576, D80Ow4MWsAAe6NV.jpg)

Current Mood

No. 36384

I personally just wanted more customization and a lot more work on the personalities of the villagers. Maybe each villager having their own specific dialog rather than just personality types, for instance. More events, more collections and maybe a better way of showing them. Maybe some kind of shop mechanic where you run your own store. Stuff like that.

Crafting doesn't do anything for me. It's a negative even.

The variety in foliage looks amazing however and I'm looking forward to decorating outdoors as well as indoors. Grinding for bells then spending them to unlock shops then grinding more for each clunky town upgrade etc sucked for me so I won't miss any of that if they exclude that shit from the new title entirely.

I love overgrown looking towns and I hacked the fuck out of mine to get the layout and feel I wanted out of it in ACNL. This new game looks like it will let me achieve that nice lush look without hacks and I'm into that! Animal Crossing has always been about escapism and relaxation for me so if the crafting system isn't too obnoxious I'll probably still enjoy the new title.

No. 36437

i don't get people bitching about the crafting aspect, the entire game is collecting and selling shit, the crafting just cuts out the middle man, like collecting 3 pieces of wood to craft something, rather than having to sell 3 fish. i personally like the idea of not relying on expensive beetles to decorate my town/house. and i'm especially excited about being able to just make tools! plus it looks like you can just buy stuff outright from nook anyway but we'll see.

the annoying stuff about pocket camp is that there's no more game there. the crafting is annoying because of how limited it is to push the microtransactions. but either way, i think the demo was just super limited since the devs didn't want to really show much.

No. 36438

>thinks the only way to get money is selling beetles.
No one wants the crafting, dude. This shit needs to go, there's plenty of other games for people who want to craft. It's a huge timewaster, not a replacement for making money.

No. 36501

I think the real issue was that the beetle->money->furniture loop itself is also just really boring. Crafting isn't going to be less boring.

I said it earlier but I really think the new game should have introduced more minigames in the form of "jobs" to the game. ACNL had that cute cafe and I liked getting even that tiny bit of minigamey interaction between my character and the NPCs. A more robust system where you can run a store, work as a barista, design clothes or homes, etc. would be amazing. Animal Crossing is about decorating, experiencing the comfy seasons, and interacting with the cute animals.

Crafting is a step in the right direction as opposed to the old bell loop but I think a job system would have made it far better.

No. 36504

I agree. While I don’t agree with additional crafting elements - that’s half of the reason why I stopped playing PC - I realized through PC that I wanted more mini games to break up the monotony. I can understand the logic behind it though.

No. 36630

>The only AC game I ever played was new leaf

No. 36636

C'mon, anon. They played pocket camp too! :^)

No. 36647

>gatekeeping a game for 5 year olds

No. 37187

God, the more I watch videos about the new game the more impatient I get about it. The fact that you can customize and craft really so much really gets me. I also get the impression that you can make a much bigger progress from the beginning to create your own town, so it really depends on yourself how much time you invest into it. Also the fact that you can tell villagers where they can move is just such a wonderful thing! I'm so excited about the shops that you can built in your town, so can basically built your own shopping mile on this island or even a small town with everybody included fuck yeah.

The fact that we have to wait around 9 months for this game to be delivered is kind of like we all expecting it like our own child lol

I'm just really excited.


No. 37188

File: 1561286838358.jpg (659.21 KB, 1452x997, mood.jpg)

No. 37189

It's so cute, god I want it now. I understand why, but I'm sad it got delayed. I need something to brighten my mood these days desperately these days.

No. 37316

no one liked being nooks work horse and you know it.

No. 37334

Hmm the colors feel a bit dull. Kinda wish they'd use a more vibrant PPE set up.

No. 37463

Stop bitching and use a cheat code then like everyone else did.

No. 37551

>bypasses mechanics
>still defends the mechanics she didnt even like

No. 37564

I recently started playing New Leaf again on a modded 3DS and have been using cheats to make cute/themed towns. It's so relaxing and I love filling my town up with villagers of my choice.

No. 37575

File: 1561434805669.png (488.29 KB, 1216x652, my-image.png)

this was discussed in the unpopular opinions thread a long time ago and i started thinking about it again so i made a tier list. you can make your own with this: https://tiermaker.com/create/ac-villager-species-131254 (there are some villagers of the same species because i couldn't pick just one representative)

cats are still objectively the best

No. 37651

In the new one I really hope they give the player the option to pick who moves in. I get the idea that some villagers would never get love if they weren't forced on the player but like… maybe don't make ugly and annoying villagers then? Each villager has someone that likes them at the end of the day anyway.

No. 37688

File: 1561489664587.png (162.06 KB, 355x599, -Lobo_-_Animal_Crossing_New_Le…)

Which villager do you share a birthday with?

For me it's Lobo.

No. 37692

File: 1561490584534.png (88.8 KB, 720x1118, Screenshot_2019-06-25-21-21-48…)

I am so happy

No. 37725

File: 1561501488286.png (158.67 KB, 306x599, 4A12BCB0-AC25-4017-883D-693619…)

Chief! I was actually unaware even though he’s one of my favs.

No. 37732

File: 1561504928237.png (776.28 KB, 640x1136, acbday.png)


No. 37747

File: 1561511435237.png (114.66 KB, 230x322, Amiibo_122_Lucha.png)


No. 37748

File: 1561511870230.png (195.89 KB, 437x526, Bertha_NewLeaf_Official.png)

Bertha omg why

No. 37760

File: 1561526954208.png (143.16 KB, 331x538, Lucky_-_Animal_Crossing_New_Le…)

I'd kill for Lucky OML

I remember resetting my town several times just for him.

No. 37774

File: 1561554159993.jpeg (2.53 MB, 3264x2448, 619C9D8F-CA93-4BDE-8554-DC580D…)

Me too, anon!

No. 37813

File: 1561572236170.png (60.44 KB, 140x300, stefan.png)


Stinky lol

No. 38063

File: 1561704281159.jpg (9.3 KB, 167x234, latest-1.jpg)

Astrid the snooty kangaroo. I remember she was in my New Leaf town on my birthday. I really hope in this new game we can celebrate with more villagers/ get new rewards for our birthdays.

No. 38065

Your should automatically get the villagers that shares your birthday in your town imo

No. 38820

Please no mine is an ugly hippo

No. 73158

File: 1579730716498.jpeg (86.68 KB, 641x550, EC61696B-687E-47C3-B5F5-DB4473…)

Target is offering a special journal which includes a 2020 calendar with New Horizon preorders!

No. 73161

y'all know if the bonus comes if its an online preorder?

No. 73237

Random question, but do you girls make your player character look like you, or just make them look like however you want them to?

No. 73242

I try to make mine look as cute as possible so i try a bunch of different styles and colour combos! I don't try to make her look like me but she is me? if you know what I mean. I use my full name and respond how i would when villagers ask me stuff but i dress her up with loads of different items!

No. 73243

File: 1579805083913.jpg (365.19 KB, 2048x1267, xm334481u7c41.jpg)

it looks so cute. i wish they'd drop more visuals for the game

No. 73276

File: 1579838645862.png (1.5 MB, 790x978, nintendo-dream-scan-january-an…)

dumping some stuff!

No. 73277

File: 1579838682683.png (1.47 MB, 790x978, nintendo-dream-scan-january-an…)

No. 73278

File: 1579838774513.png (1.35 MB, 790x978, nintendo-dream-scan-january-an…)

No. 73279

File: 1579838877496.png (1.29 MB, 790x978, nintendo-dream-scan-january-an…)

No. 73280

File: 1579838988576.png (1.44 MB, 790x978, nintendo-dream-scan-january-an…)

No. 73281

File: 1579839111786.png (1.46 MB, 790x978, nintendo-dream-scan-january-an…)

No. 73282

File: 1579839187634.png (462.99 KB, 685x445, unknown[1].png)

closeup of new flowers!

No. 73283

File: 1579839237323.png (407.99 KB, 544x721, unknown[1].png)

new noses!
standard triangle

No. 73284

File: 1579839294349.png (375.47 KB, 496x722, unknown[1].png)


No. 73285

File: 1579839359398.png (343.73 KB, 517x686, unknown[1].png)


that's all i have for right now i think. will post more if i have more.

No. 73287

I make mine kind of look like me hair wise but other than that I just choose what I think it cutest
I love how the villagers now have long sleeves and other different clothes types. melba's dress is adorable
this new round nose is so cute! tbh this villager has been my favourite from the ones in the promo pics. I'll probably try and make my character look similar to her

No. 73291

Oh man, that controller is so cute!

No. 73292

ohmygod, this design is so cute. I'm so hyped for the new game to come out soon.

No. 73293

omfg I can’t wait to be a hippy that discriminates against pietro and pietro only

No. 73299

High-key very happy you can choose the skin tones. I'm definitely buying a switch just to get this. I haven't played since New Leaf and I'm super excited!

No. 73301

File: 1579848647346.png (717.62 KB, 790x420, animal-crossing-new-horizons-b…)

new horizons switch case

No. 73302

File: 1579848685416.png (2.04 MB, 1811x1350, IMG_20200122_152523[1].png)

hi-def new controller

No. 73303

File: 1579848734502.png (1.96 MB, 1812x1349, IMG_20200122_152525[1].png)

other controller design

No. 73307

That round nose is so cute !

No. 73309

what is wrong with you

this post was made by pietro gang

No. 73310

I support this movement

This post was made by not-ugly animal gang

No. 73322

File: 1579883320711.jpg (24.91 KB, 708x472, pietro-animal-crossing-pocket-…)

if this was available in my country I think I'd have to get it, I love KK

what's wrong with pietro? he's just a happy little clown

No. 73342

who's everyone's fav villager?

No. 73343

ketchup and punchy

No. 73344

the gyroid bunny is cool too

No. 73353

File: 1579900665500.png (136.99 KB, 750x650, 5.png)

pietro is cute, u are weak

No. 73355

Pietro was my bff in my original New Leaf town, he's easily the least annoying smug villager and just wants to do his clown-best.

No. 73356

Vesta is my og favorite villager. also have a soft spot for Gala because she’s my best friend in my currentl NL town heehee


No. 73360

I wish I knew where to get this in the UK, its adorable!

No. 73366

thanks for proving my point that he’s clapped and deserves to get kicked off the island right away!

No. 73378

Man shut up

No. 73381

File: 1579937936187.png (Spoiler Image,32.23 KB, 150x236, Blanka.png)

punchy. nah, it's actually Blanca

No. 73383

File: 1579942229484.png (140.8 KB, 327x558, Chester786434.png)

Chester, love his dopey little face.

No. 73384

I love pandas but his fish mouth freaks me out

No. 73390

File: 1579955221914.png (53.11 KB, 167x234, BB2A7739-16FA-4196-A0C5-A75F8F…)

I have a huge soft spot for cranky villagers, love his design and in my New Leaf town, he never ever moved out - even when I didn't play for 2 years!
I'm going to reset my New Horizons island over and over until I get him

No. 73393

File: 1579968403857.png (73.35 KB, 340x340, Erik_HD.png)

i love how cozy he looks

No. 73395

File: 1579968883182.jpg (15.77 KB, 185x259, vlad.JPG)


vladimir is the best boy. I've put extra lots of work into his house interior, since it's originally super fugly but I managed to make it look decent. I also love aurora, she is just freaking adorable. I hope I will get them both in NH.

No. 73421

File: 1579981181888.png (160.74 KB, 287x599, 5D06E8FD-CE3A-4EA4-9560-5CE107…)

Curt…he’s just so cute and grumpy

No. 73422

File: 1579981392129.png (30.52 KB, 488x488, Mira_HD.png)

No. 73476

File: 1580033844900.jpeg (130.72 KB, 569x728, tumblr_n68r8cVotV1tvwq10o1_640…)

clown boi

No. 73477

File: 1580037081802.png (140.5 KB, 340x369, wendy.png)

No. 73481

He was my bullying victim in my NL town.
Whenever my friend came over we'd hit him with our nets repeatedly and because we were dumb teenagers at the time, we made up this story of him stalking the other villagers and being a general creep and that our player characters were sailor scouts that had to stop him, lol.

Now, ironically, I look at Kurt fondly because of those memories with my friend.

No. 73487

File: 1580050561068.png (114.61 KB, 230x322, Amiibo_146_Rodney.png)

Punchy and Rodney. Punchy is always my number one, but Rodney… I can't describe how much I cherish him and his stupid neckbeard personality.

No. 73490

File: 1580050995433.jpg (270.78 KB, 1080x2160, ozqF3qG.jpg)

Not my pic, but Fang is my favorite because I love winter themed stuff and he was the very first villager I ever became friends with in my town. I remember sitting next to him under a fireworks show and he finally opened up to me! He's such a sweetheart. I always put his house next to Diana's because I love her too and they always get along.

No. 73528

is this thing inspired by cwc like that one sonic boom anteater?

No. 73531

File: 1580071633352.png (31.64 KB, 230x322, mabn.png)

He was in my wild world town from the beginning and stayed for the 3 years I was playing. Love him and his design (especially the shape of the red markings above his eyes)

No. 73540

File: 1580077667526.png (56.18 KB, 175x287, 175px-Lucky_NLa.png)

Lucky is my favorite, followed closely by Muffy and Cole

Kabuki is my favorite cat. They need to put him and Ankha in pocket camp already.

No. 73559

fucking shit i didn't even make the connection. does japan know about chris chan?

No. 73641

On one hand, I highly doubt it. On the other Rodney has unnerving resemblance to classic Chris chan to the point I don't think it can be coincidental…
>those greasy bangs
>that derpy face
>the fucking striped shirt
I'm unable to see Rodney as anything but CWC in Animal Crossing world.

No. 73655

File: 1580145684117.jpg (350.49 KB, 2340x3616, tyqIovQ.jpg)

stole this from reddit but the character on the top right looks cute. I'm gonna be disappointed if it's just an npc

No. 73659

I think it will be, unfortunately. If it was a new animal type I feel like we'd have heard by now.
Love the lil blue and purple bear though.

No. 74208

No. 74348


250 new renders were leaked, not to sound like a consoomer but I need this game x_x

No. 74357

File: 1580665150445.jpeg (66.1 KB, 428x283, 891ACC23-01A7-40D3-99DF-4F8519…)


No. 74360

It’s probably going to be Nat’s nephew or something that’s going to take over the Bug Off.

No. 74362

I'm really excited for this game, I just hope that it kind of recaptures that casual campy feel of the originals. New Leaf was great with offering new customization to our towns but people kind of became obsessed with having a perfect town full of the same 'cute' villagers over and over again. Back when I did some online play someone literally thought I ruined their town because one of my villagers moved into theirs and didn't fit in their town's astethic. The whole point of AC is to kind of escape with your own little town and meet new villagers. I hope these games are more relaxed this time around.

No. 74363

File: 1580667871558.png (318.23 KB, 790x790, 245_200131_NSW_Animal-Crossing…)


Damn anon, you have beat me to it lol. People also speculated that it means that there will be a return of the cafe because of the coffee cup in the back.


My girl Aurora is looking good awww
But the lack of vladimir makes me a bit nervous, I need my problematic fave to be confirmed lol
But all those renders look so good! The upgrade and all those little details damn guys I'm hype!

No. 74372

Nah, with outside furniture, stairs, new flowers etc. the aesthetic town obsession is going to get x100 worse. Obvs doesn't stop everyone else chilling with their town though.

No. 74373

I think the opportunity to begin a new game will help. ACNL has been out for so long, people who have been playing it for so many years have very little to do other than continue refining their towns to be "perfect." But with a totally new game it should keep a more chill atmosphere on average for a while.

No. 74375

the sheep still look weird to me but I'm glad they get clothes like everyone else

No. 74379

I really hope in the upcoming game that you'd be able to change the players face after the first time as I ALWAYS seem to make seemingly cute character only to want change them because they are either A) ugly or B) creepy

Also the rendering of the outfits are quite good where you can see the seams, embrodriy and villagers get to wear clothings that does become tank tops

No. 74380

>embroidery and does not become tank tops

No. 74390

I have a really random question that I can't stop thinking about. If you have an animal in your town, and you visit someone's town with the same animal in, what happens?! What if you visit that town regularly?!
Please answer this is hurting my head oh gosh

No. 74398

They have special dialogue for that. I think it's either something like "I don't think I've ever met you before but you look familiar…" or they recognize you like normal.

No. 74399


I'm pretty sure they don't act diffrently unless you had that specific villager move into the town you're visiting. If you visit a dream adress with them they'll reconize you. In the older games like WW they'll send mail asking how you liked their new town.

No. 74459

No. 74506

File: 1580825071170.jpg (38.64 KB, 714x433, screen1.JPG)


Dropping some screenshots from this spot.

No. 74507

File: 1580825267818.jpg (33.07 KB, 686x425, screen2.JPG)

No. 74508

File: 1580825363762.jpg (39.56 KB, 748x454, screen3.JPG)

No. 74509

I didn't check yet the last posts itt properly but I'm so excited aaaaaa

No. 74510

cute as fuck aaaaaaa
btw is it retarded to get a switch lite? if the controller thingies doesn't work anymore you basically have to invest a whole new one right

No. 74538

Nintendo has great customer service. I bet if they stopped working, you could send it in and they’d fix it. Not sure tho

No. 74566

File: 1580855491660.jpeg (54.15 KB, 1000x665, 0C48F90F-CD7E-4721-93C5-D6C29D…)


No. 74567

File: 1580855520614.jpeg (69.85 KB, 520x650, 1B967FD2-DF38-4565-802D-A557A5…)

No. 74571

File: 1580858011437.png (142.62 KB, 608x483, unknown[1].png)

there's a map too

No. 74572

File: 1580858035531.png (283.35 KB, 658x533, dW8Y39J[1].png)

No. 74573

just remember the lite's can't be docked to play on your TV/monitor

No. 74574

there are rumors we could be getting 2 directs this month, a normal nintendo direct and one specifically for new horizons. the rumor is the animal crossing one will be on the 20th, a month before release!

No. 74623

I'm honestly excited about the new game, but holy shit they're hasn't been much news about it. Is this just a new norm for games? Where majority of the info is revealed during the last month before release? I swear it used to be at least 3 months beforehand. IDK maybe I'm just too ready lol. The game looks like the tutorials will be a breeze to go through. I wish they at least focused on a new character and their personality.
Do you think any new personality types are going to be revealed? I do wonder how many new villagers are going to be in the game and if any old villagers they took out in previous games will come back.

No. 74630

File: 1580909404056.jpg (92.78 KB, 680x515, EP8EIiPW4AAhFqN.jpg)

No. 74631

File: 1580909469031.jpg (329.58 KB, 1280x898, EP-NtmNXkAAkdIj.jpg)


some magazine scans

No. 74632

File: 1580909535089.jpg (520.55 KB, 1280x1809, EP-NtmOX0AMAUQ4.jpg)

No. 74633

File: 1580909627281.jpg (327.84 KB, 1280x899, EP-NtmMXsAAUUH1.jpg)

No. 74634

File: 1580910053309.jpg (76.64 KB, 585x623, acnews.JPG)


and I thought that this was important to know that you CAN't transfer your AC data to one system to another. It was also stated that "Animal Crossing: New Horizons will be compatible with amiibo and will take up to 6.2GB of storage."


It will prob make sound like a salty fan girl but Smash and ugh Pokemon get their directs all the time, why not Animal crossing? And yes, we are almost there and all I know are theories from AC fan youtube channels and a bit here and there confirmed information from Nintendo. I really hope that we get an AC direct because if Smash can get one to broadcast the same fight animation for 10 minutes, so can AC and show us a bit more than we know now. I don't want to get the game and know nothing til little how to do proper progress in the game idk I also hope that ALL characters are coming with us, even the ugly ones. I hope that they don't pull a pokemon here and say at first that they couldn't put all characters in the game but then come back and let you know that you can get your characters but with paying some $$$ to them have them all.

No. 74635

I think they've confirmed all the past Amiibo cards are compatible with the game so Sanrio, Splatoon, and Zelda villagers are possible.

No. 74651

nta but I'm salty about it too lol. I'm sick of zooming in on blurry screenshots trying to find out new information. and that transfer thing is so stupid I hope they really don't ship the game out with zero ways to transfer the game.

No. 74662

>Do you think any new personality types are going to be revealed?
it's been confirmed that there's no new personality types.

>any old villagers they took out in previous games will come back.

they've added back the welcome amiibo villagers

No. 74668

Anyone else too poor for a switch so they stand in best buy for a couple hours playing mk with the broken controllers

No. 74669

we're the same person

No. 74702

I'm contemplating getting the AC Switch. I already have one and my boyfriend and I share, but he barely plays with it so it's probably not gonna be a big deal when I start playing daily. I'm not concerned about the battery life, majority of the time I play handheld I'm close to an outlet because everything else I use also has a battery lol. However, there's a few games coming out for Switch in a few months my boyfriend's been excited for so I have no idea if he's gonna be playing them for long.

Another thing, my sleep schedule is out of wack because I work third shift. I really do hope the opening and closing time for shops is more lenient. My normal wake times are from 8pm to 11am, pretty much the opposite of every shop's open hours. I don't know how this will affect my Animal Crossing experience since we can't change the time anymore.

No. 74722

Oh shit, they're taking away time travel? I totally missed that. Lame. Good thing my switch is hacked anyway so hopefully someone in the scene will come up with a workaround.

I'd say if you have the money, treat yourself and get yourself the AC edition. It'll be nice to have your own console and that way you and your boyfriend can play as much of your respective games without feeling guilty that you're hogging it from the other person. Plus I'm sure the special AC edition will hold high value so if you realize later that you don't need two consoles just resell it.

No. 74750

File: 1581024987261.jpeg (16.34 KB, 680x670, CAC9F772-0DE3-4C8A-BF21-E6DFC9…)

Marina is so cute. I’m combusting. One more month goddammit

No. 74765

the AC switch is sold out everywhere if you're in USA. why are you assuming you can't time travel anymore? the game is still based on the system clock which can still be manually changed.

No. 74770

File: 1581039968425.jpg (65.39 KB, 680x601, G_U_Y.jpg)

>the AC switch is sold out everywhere if you're in USA.

I hope it won't be a bloodbath trying to get one on release date.

No. 74797

A couple places like Amazon and Target have been restocking so it's not completely sold out. If anything I'm waiting until after the release date of the console, I bet they'll have a couple in stock by the time the game releases.

No. 74804

File: 1581106381139.jpg (57.1 KB, 750x735, 789591e5aee5552b63569b5aae9f91…)


No. 74806

What do you guys plan to do with New Leaf? Do you keep playing it or abandoned it once new horizons is out? I already see people having farewell parties with their villagers lol

No. 74807

File: 1581107568612.jpg (131.57 KB, 732x504, animal-crossing-new-horizons-b…)


I also like to add some other pre-order bonuses. This water bottle is for the ac players in chile.

No. 74808

File: 1581107622674.jpg (61.57 KB, 680x446, EQAFf8mUUAAfmww.jpg)


bento box for japan

No. 74810

File: 1581107718868.jpg (306.1 KB, 800x574, news_200205_03.jpg)


and some korea stuff

No. 74811

File: 1581107753050.jpg (446.8 KB, 1223x960, news_200205_04.jpg)

No. 74812

File: 1581107844710.png (587.83 KB, 562x649, news_200205_02.png)

No. 74826

File: 1581117136343.jpg (86.08 KB, 640x640, animal-crossing-ultimate-combo…)

What to you guys think about these animal crossing items? they are not pre orders bonuses however I really like the storage case and tote bag along with the designs because of simple it is and that it doesn't have a logo (1/2)

No. 74827

File: 1581117313352.jpg (453.82 KB, 2048x3064, 6w061hj1my941.jpg)

I think I would still play acnl because of the different aspects of the game as it really is a calm and relaxing game along with nostalgic

No. 74830

I started playing new leaf again after not playing it for months. if anything waiting for new horizons made me want to play it more but I probably won't play it again after new horizons comes out.
the items on the right are really cute.

No. 74832

these were preorders in japan, what site are these on?

No. 74836

No. 74959

Does anyone know any ways to play the GameCube ver on my laptop?

No. 74960

Does anyone have any catchphrase ideas?
Albeit cringey, I want to make my villagers say uwu or random Jojo lines

No. 74981

No. 75029

A good summery of the problematic Save Restrictions of New Horizon and things you should keep in mind when you get the game.

No. 75031

>one town per switch
not a problem for me but it seems pretty stupid/inflexible
>no save data transfer
hope my switch doesn't fuck up then. Would this mean I can't transfer my save to another SD card? I had to do that when I initally got my 3DS due to the low storage on the original SD card
>no cloud backup
no excuse not to have this…this is a game that would really need a cloud backup. The amount of time I invest in my town, losing it would be devastating. Why does Nintendo care so much about animal crossing manipulations? It doesn't affect other players if someone chooses to cheat to get certain items, bells etc. so this crack-down seems over-the-top.
>no local backup
really? For fuck's sake

I really hope nintendo at least look into some sort of backup system. Just anything to reassure me that my town would be safe, I would be so upset if something happened to my save and there were no way at all to recover it.

sorry for word-vomit I'm just reacting as I watch. Nintendo is always so weird about this kind of stuff.

No. 75032

I'm desperate for that game stand. do anons think its possible/will be possible to get in the UK? on playasia it's sold out I think

No. 75036

What is everyone going to name their island?

No. 75037

What is everyone going to name their island?

No. 75038

I literally just came here to ask the same thing!! Before I would name it after my actual town's nickname (IE: Townsville = T-Ville) but that's boring and I'm hoping to find something cute but I'm drawin a blank!

No. 75039

I always name my town St Miel (honey in french). I just think it's cute.
Maybe I'll try to find something a bit more tropical thought.

No. 75050


yeah, it really sucks and you can only pray that your switch won't die because otherwise you are fucked. And given the fact that the switch is such susceptible system isn't helping at all. I really hope that they will allow cloud saving because as said in the video, why having cloud saving when you can't use it for most games?? And with animal crossing you literally spend years into it.

I'm still hype but ugh that't ain't great because it's all problems that are caused by nintendo and not "hackers" or whatever they fear.


I always went with something zelda inspired so I will this time but idk what exactly.

No. 75051

Save data transfers will be available, but only if your Switch is lost or stolen lmao

This clock looks so beautiful. I have a great need, but my smartphone is on me at all times.

I wonder of all languages will be available worldwide. I'd like to be able to switch from English to Spanish to Japanese.

No. 75065

Nintendo feels like a company that has zero concept of how shit is right now. I love my cloud back up for my ps4. I can also have my data on an external just in case. The fact that they are acting brand new on this concept, esp for a huge game like Animal Crossing makes them seem stupid as hell.

No. 75087

I randomly went with squishy for my NL town and now I have no idea what to go for. Any suggestions for cute-sounding onomatopoeia or adjectives?

No. 75109


I like my town names to be short and cute, right now I’m thinking of calling my NH town ‘Lucky’

No. 75113

>no cloud save
>no local backup
>no save transfer of any kind

Hope that one AC ripoff called Hokko Life does well, spawns a million more ripoffs and Nintendo gets some competition bc this is stupid as fuck.

No. 75119

Hokko Looks like shit, aesthetically, but the customization aspect of it looks really neat. Hopefully they tune up the graphics before release.

No. 75134

File: 1581424103276.jpeg (936.81 KB, 1920x1080, F63B6997-6016-4BD9-8CE2-309579…)

Goddamn this looks awful
If only the sequels to Magician's Quest were translated and porter to the switch

No. 75169

I think they'll have to make some way for people to transfer towns but I agree it's stupid. I've seen people speculate that the reason they're being so stingy with the saves is that there's going to be DLC.

No. 75847

File: 1582067787718.jpg (92.18 KB, 900x506, f7GgO02.jpg)

No. 75867

Let’s goooooooooo.

No. 75975

Less than 24 hours to go!

No. 75982

File: 1582128385746.gif (956.43 KB, 190x143, tumblr_inline_mq3xo854xK1rnbf7…)


give me all the info aahhhhh!!!

No. 76086

File: 1582208618488.jpg (151.19 KB, 2048x1175, ERObHiSU8AAZcrh.jpg)



No. 76088

File: 1582209061988.gif (599.95 KB, 245x190, tumblr_inline_mqhc5eWEqe1qz4rg…)


THIS AND SO MUCH MORE AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH I can't even say what I loved about this! EVERYTHING is so good, SO MUCH INDIVIDUAL DESIGNING, moving your shops and villagers and ugh this will be the longest 30 days ever aaaahhhh I want it NOW!

No. 76089

The direct.

Starts around 40 minutes

No. 76090

File: 1582209359341.jpg (57.41 KB, 920x495, ac1.JPG)

I will dump some screenshots that I liked. So freaking cozy looking

No. 76091

File: 1582209440143.jpg (55.3 KB, 929x492, ac2.JPG)



No. 76092

File: 1582209497570.jpg (59.38 KB, 949x491, ac3.JPG)



No. 76093

I wish you'd spoilered it.

No. 76094

File: 1582209591001.jpg (63.88 KB, 952x495, ac4.JPG)



sorry, I'm just so hype rn.

No. 76095

File: 1582209678251.jpg (54.17 KB, 952x492, ac5.JPG)

No. 76097

File: 1582209753033.jpg (71.08 KB, 622x645, IMG_20200220_084056.jpg)

I can't wait a month

No. 76098

File: 1582209811102.jpg (70.83 KB, 955x495, ac6.JPG)


the inside of the museum is so o pretty ah

No. 76099

File: 1582209982099.jpg (53.45 KB, 948x495, ac7.JPG)

Again, you have so many choice for everything! So many different color options, creating your own designs etc. wow

No. 76100

the museum looks so good especially the aquarium. I was actually kind of shocked. everything looks so much better than I could have imagined

No. 76102

File: 1582212647727.jpg (50.12 KB, 340x425, CityCF.jpg)

While I'm still so excited I used two days vacation time for work I do have the smallest personal nitpick I guess. I don't like the whole island theme like the tropical shirts and flowers everyone has. I like the whole city life. I'm posting here half hoping someone gets this dumb thing that makes me not totally love the game.

No. 76108

I know it's too late to talk about this, but where can I get amiibo cards for cheap? Would be even better if there's any way to buy sanrio cards, too

No. 76110

File: 1582217020687.jpg (42.07 KB, 226x449, cards.JPG)


I was about to ask the same thing! I do not own any figures and cards but it was mentioned that you can use them and I feel I should at least get a few? Maybe ebay or amazon?

No. 76111

if you don't care about having genuine ones, aliexpress has cheap ones that actually work!

No. 76113

I went down a weird deep dive for amiibos a couple of months ago and found out that amiibo spoofing was a thing. There's a subreddit dedicated to it and here's the guide on how to do it if you want to check it out: https://www.reddit.com/r/Amiibomb/comments/5ywlol/howto_the_easy_guide_to_making_your_own_amiibo/

I considered it because I wanted BOTW amiibos but they're butt expensive nowadays and I don't really want to have to dedicate space and more money to collecting a fuck ton of mini figures just to have in-game goodies. I assume the aliexpress ones might be spoofed too. There's stuff out there with very high res images of the amiibo cards so you can actually get nice paper and make them look super legit if you would like.

No. 76114

File: 1582218290580.jpg (89.43 KB, 1792x828, EROeCWSW4AAnEou.jpg)

This BLEW my mind. I can't wait to play with friends and go on online museum dates like the losers we are.

No. 76116

I feel you anon, honestly I'm not crazy about the tropical aesthetic either. I always preferred Wild World to City Folk but one thing I loved about CF was the adorable little city area. I already got kind of bored with the island thing in New Leaf but thankfully it looks like there's an ungodly amount of customization available in New Horizons so hopefully it'll be easy to ignore when you add your own personal touches to your island.

Unrelated but god I was so fucking hyped to see Celeste in the direct today. I love her so much!

No. 76117

File: 1582219606709.png (582.84 KB, 714x404, turnips.PNG)

I wonder if this is Joan's daughter or other relative? She's so cute.

No. 76118

File: 1582219646885.png (318.26 KB, 702x456, 98Y39HR _DNB.png)

I really want an island with an heart shaped pond.

No. 76122

if there has been one positive about social media it's that good game designers can easily search for feedback/criticism and then go from there. nintendo really integrated a ton of stuff people were actually asking for. i can't wait to make the cutest town ever.

No. 76123

i really like bottom left style map!

No. 76125


Now I only hope that they kind of improve the game saving options, but other than that I have to say that I'm happy that they took some extra time for everything because it's full with so much details and options. Finally I can make my lil' town with a small cozy shopping area and wild gardens in the hood.

No. 76126

I wonder if there'll be any restrictions to the landscaping? Because you could really do some crazy glitchy shit, if there isn't.

No. 76128

File: 1582222945052.jpg (85.88 KB, 1010x563, EROj_NPWoAAv87G.jpg)

somebody on twitter pointed out that there are also graves in this game? Right top corner behind the trees?

No. 76129

File: 1582223069796.png (210.18 KB, 349x349, EROj_NlUwAEwqu1.png)

No. 76140

Ooooooh, with outdoor furniture, paths, landscaping etc. , the aesthetic town side of the fandom is about to go crazy.

No. 76148

Look up blank NTAG215 NFC chips. If your phone has NFC capabilities, you can write Amiibo chips for pretty cheap, like 30 cents a chip if you get from eBay or Aliexpress. You won't get the pretty cards, but you'll definitely be able to have the villager.

New Horizons looks so amazing. Maybe we can post those Dodo Codes in here and we can meet up on our islands!
Did anybody see any new villagers? I noticed a red elephant.

No. 76149

the website has a bunch of new stuff!! some vids are cut from the direct but many are new.


No. 76157

File: 1582239117463.png (1.04 MB, 640x853, 9Jg6CLC.png)

i love him

No. 76160

File: 1582239917233.png (278.54 KB, 768x356, across.PNG)

I'm honestly so excited to see more of the museum and aquarium.
I wonder if you have a limit about how high of an altitude you can have your town be?
I like all the random snacks and drinks the villagers just pull out, it's so cute. I wonder if there's any idle animations specific to certain personality types.

No. 76168

ahhhhhhhhhhh!!! glowing mushroom lamps!!

No. 76282

it just dawned on me that the lack of cloud saves is the only thing that's allowing us to reroll our towns for layout and fruit.

No. 76405

File: 1582386183786.jpg (41.38 KB, 953x492, room.JPG)

I still can't stop thinking about the damn trailer and how long we must wait until it's here but one small thing that made me really, really happy is the fact that when you expand your home, you still have windows in the middle room? It kind of always bothered me in NL bc I hate window-less rooms but it's not a thing in NH anymore and I am very happy lmao

No. 76411

File: 1582392555027.jpeg (7.34 KB, 301x167, nook.jpeg)

Guys, I'm so excited!

No. 76413

File: 1582393164126.jpeg (446.07 KB, 984x720, 1948F7AD-E35F-4BEC-BA3F-DB4905…)

I relate to this too much

No. 76414

File: 1582393524992.gif (5.92 MB, 360x202, trailer1.gif)



also, currently making some dumb gifs bc I'm so hype about everything but we are currently 639 hours away from the game


No. 76416

File: 1582393713712.gif (2 MB, 360x202, trailer2.gif)

No. 76417

File: 1582393865811.gif (1.54 MB, 360x202, trailer3.gif)

No. 76418

File: 1582393980299.gif (1.74 MB, 360x202, trailer5.gif)

No. 76419

File: 1582394159872.gif (2.64 MB, 360x202, trailer6.gif)

No. 76420

File: 1582394355011.gif (2.81 MB, 360x202, trailer7.gif)

No. 76423

File: 1582395078882.gif (7.28 MB, 360x202, trailer8.gif)

No. 76424

File: 1582395299107.gif (3.36 MB, 360x202, trailer11.gif)

No. 76430

File: 1582396303350.gif (8.75 MB, 360x202, trailer10.gif)

No. 76482

File: 1582420555661.jpg (16.47 KB, 275x229, 1542131646593.jpg)

Oh my God, I love your gifs so much! Thank you! I can't wait!!

No. 76538

File: 1582462743357.png (259.56 KB, 600x282, Ticket.png)


you are welcome!

btw, anons can make their own DODO Airlines ticket here:

No. 76540

the museum looks amazing. i wonder what the bug room will look like!

No. 76561

File: 1582473895454.jpg (34.28 KB, 640x349, ERd7fylUcAIeftr.jpg)

No. 76619

Fuckinf amazing brilliant can't believe it iconic show stopping absolutely game changing god I fucking love animal crossing

No. 76656

File: 1582580274747.jpg (100.04 KB, 1279x719, ERZ3K-OWAAEeEmE.jpg)

Do you guys already know which map you choose?

No. 76693

I think G is really cute. I'm already making plans for where I want everything. I'm really curious what the limit will be on the terrain tools. That looks like so much fun. Waterfalls everywhere!

No. 76705

I'm really stuck, I guess E? the amount of time I'm spending thinking about this is sad

No. 76718

E or F, i want a big open area for my main town so i can have it be more outdoors-y across the river.

No. 76719

E or H is the map similar to my new leaf town and i really like it.

No. 76732

I was originally set on C because I liked the three areas ponds/area where the streams start, but it might be kind of annoying to have everything so seperated by so many streams. It looked like in the direct that they might be like mini waterfalls which I thought was super cute so that's why I want so many of them lol.

Maybe B or E are my top picks now though. Shopping area would be in the lower right hand corner, housing would be all along the left side, and then the upper right hand corner would be a spot where I would change out the furniture depending if there was special event or just changing it depending on the season. Or maybe have a cute little outdoor garden area over there. I'm also definitely setting up my house on the cliff side. I really wanted to do that in New Leaf but that fucker Puck already set his stupid house there.

I can achieve a similar layout with F so that's also a contending map, but I like the idea of having a front facing waterfall and a side waterfall rather than two front facing ones. A would be nice too, but I think having an extra stream makes for a weird disconnect on the upper left hand side. But the cute little side facing mini waterfall tempts me…

I'm so sorry about my sperging. I'm thinking way too much about this but I'm so fucking excited for this game and I want to make the perfect little island getaway.

No. 76794

This whole thread made me want to buy a switch just to play animal crossing so bad. I never wanted one before but now I’m seriously considering it. Why are farmers the best saleswomen?

No. 76860

I think buying a switch just to play animal crossing sounds okay. I'm not saying you should since they're expensive, but if you have the means to do so, it's not a bad idea. Some people don't like the idea of buying a whole console for one game, but to me, animal crossing never truly has an end so I get a lot of out of it. Other games have a set ending, and their DLC have endings, but with animal crossing? The end doesn't exist because you can continue to do whatever the fuck you want. Maybe you set your "end" to be making a perfect town, but suddenly decide your perfect town isn't to your liking after you finish it, then you can spend the time to redesign the entire thing. I can pick it up or drop it whenever I want with minimal consequence (maybe it'll take a few hours or days to freshen up my town and remove all the weeds and whatever).

It's a really nice and cozy game. 10/10 absolutely worth buying a whole console for it imo. I borrowed my cousin's 3DS to play new leaf, but loved it so much that I bought my own 3DS and she very graciously gave me her copy of the game because she saw how much I loved it. I did buy some other games afterwards, but just to be able to play new leaf was a good enough reason to purchase one. If you don't want the special edition switch, I'd recommend checking out ebay (have seen them go for $150-$200 depending if gen 1 or gen 2, upwards to $300 but those usually are a great bundle deal with lots of games and extra controllers) or getting a refurbished one directly from Nintendo (it's only like $30 cheaper, but you also get Nintendo's warranty in case it goes to shit).

No. 76871

I thought the same aswell until I checked the price of a switch, they're so expensive what the heck? I can afford it but I can't justify nearly 400 euro for just the console and 1 game as a super casual gamer, I think I'll stick to animal crossing pocket camp on my phone.

No. 76876

File: 1582733477912.gif (14.45 MB, 400x225, costume.gif)

>Check-in Procedures No.2
>At the counter, they'll ask for your name and birthday, and then they'll take a picture of you for your passport. Take as much time as you need to get yourself looking just the way you want!

And here is the video of how to change your appearance later in the game. All you need then is a mirror or a vanity!

Loving the fact that I don't need to do answer quiz question anymore in order to change my damn hair lol. What do you guys think?

No. 76881

File: 1582735781810.gif (10.19 MB, 500x281, costume2.gif)


I like to add a close-up of the different hair styles.

No. 76885

I fiddle with my character’s appearance a lot, so I like this change. Going to the hairdresser to change hair-style/color and eye-color was inconvenient.

No. 76898

just get the 1st release switch 2nd hand for cheap. the newer ones have higher battery life so the 1st release is waaay cheaper.

No. 76904

Love the hair movements.

No. 76907

File: 1582755641583.png (159.15 KB, 640x319, 5flgwznzc3j41.png)


One last thing to add, since I just found it on reddit - the colorful hair options!

No. 76908

File: 1582755721940.jpg (93.15 KB, 960x540, 6ljkgkb423j41.jpg)

And I just read that you can hang up your hats and shoes on the wall!

No. 76913

F has a cute wishbone looking pond area that would be well suited for a garden park

No. 76916

It really pleases me to see this series grow and I can't wait for March. The GCN copy of animal crossing was the fist thing I've ever ordered online. I was so happy when I got it as a kid I did cartwheels around the house and had to settle myself down before turning it on. I was also a new immigrant and playing the game really improved my English and reading skills tremendously. I'll probably be playing animal crossing when I'm an old lady lol.

No. 76944

What do you think about getting the switch lite?

No. 76996

bunch of animal crossing footage from pax east!

No. 77040


20 Minutes of Animal Crossing: New Horizons Gameplay! (PAX East 2020)

No. 77041

File: 1582842909324.jpg (38.87 KB, 640x311, vbf7y0wdhhj41.jpg)

Daily objectives confirmed!

btw I want the shirts that the ninty stuff is wearing there lol

No. 77044

File: 1582842962571.jpg (157.54 KB, 960x720, asq8p3mldhj41.jpg)


and how to get the museum

No. 77045


more game play

No. 77047

File: 1582843178236.jpg (32.12 KB, 680x510, ERzrtEXXYAE6J2U.jpg)


It was also shown that you can paint on your villagers face!

And just skimmed through the video, the amount of FASHION choices is just wow. So much clothes, and the lady said that it's just a small of the clothes you can get in the game ahhhh!

No. 77190

File: 1582909484109.jpg (1.11 MB, 1310x1791, acctrailer.jpg)

Some new screenshots from the most recent japanese trailer!


No. 77219

File: 1582914298377.png (1.1 MB, 1194x1094, Screen Shot 2020-02-28 at 1.23…)

fuck i don't have the creativity to make such a good town
i agree with F and the other anon who mentioned the wishbone pond. i just dont like having small land on the bottom of the map, i'd have no incentive to go there? G is cute because the pond looks like a heart. But then B is the most area I can develop. fuck this is hard.

No. 77223

File: 1582914557796.jpg (35.52 KB, 600x723, maiberryart deviantart.jpg)

oh nice! I hadn't seen this before

I'll probably choose B. I don't want too many rivers at the start, I can always add more (which is insane but so amazing they added that feature)

is anyone here gonna go with that goofy mouth with the teeth?

this is so cute anon! I hope I'll also be playing ac into my old age

I am so glad we get town paths with a transparency option, I always wanted a cobbled pathway in new leaf with the grass poking through the stones and now I will be able too. talented path designers better get on that as soon as the game is out

lmao. are these all new villagers? I like the 3rd and 5th

who here also loves daisy mae? I never got into the stalk market but I'm gonna look forward to seeing her every sunday. I'll go and buy all her turnips just to see her. move over isabelle, there's a new number one cutie in town

No. 77224

>new villagers!

sorry I can't read apparently

No. 77228

god i hate this fucking cap.

No. 77245

Anon, I'm fucking OBSESSED with Daisy Mae. Not in a "I'm going to fuck her like a deprived pedo furry fucker" way, but like, she's so god damn cute. I love love LOVE the way her hair sticks out from the sides, her cute outfit, the cute way she keeps the turnips on her head. I especially love the way her ears are pushed down and forward because of her headband. It's so fucking cute. Out of all the new NPCs and villagers, I love her the most. My love for her is only rivaled by my love for Isabelle.

No. 77246

Reading this back I know there's little to no way that I don't sound like a deprived pedo furry fucker, but I truly just mean that I think her design is so god damn cute.

No. 77252


nta but I totally get what you mean. The character design is A+, super adorable and I love how they took all characters, new or old, to a new level! So much details and life, it's great!


>fuck i don't have the creativity to make such a good town

same, I feel lowkey overwhelmed with everything? So many great options but what do I really want from it??? All of it?? I mean sure, you won't get everything at once but fuck you have so much creative freedom! I kind of really love the lsd sheep btw, idk lol

btw, a week or so ago I went to amazon and snagged some amiibo cards, looking today and the cards I got for ~2,60€ for each pack are almost 7€ now wtf? Is there any way to buy them? I heard a lot of people getting bootleg once from etsy. Please ninty, re-release the packs again.

No. 77262

every time i have seen any art or any images or videos w daisy mae in them i flip. you don't sound like a weird pedo furry fucker lmao. she is literally precious. a national treasure. protect her at all costs. sorry joan. sorry isabelle.

No. 77270

no need to be sorry to joan or isabelle. they're grown, they know.

No. 77328

File: 1582942070202.png (1.13 MB, 1406x625, unknown.png)

more maps

No. 77335

I hate this so much because now I have to reevaluate which possible maps to go for and then keep narrowing it down until I’ve settled on one.

No. 77353

I really like the fourth one for the little island in the middle of the river, it could make for a cute isolated place for my house.

No. 77363

File: 1582979367107.jpg (38.56 KB, 680x383, ER4TAMRXsAADbAh.jpg)


I found four more! And apparently there are more? I'm so conflicted lmao. Maybe the first two ones of the west outlet ones? Or the third one on the left side of the same section? I don't have a name yet?

No. 77364

File: 1582979483960.jpg (52.45 KB, 679x385, ER4gSqDWoAEdmZI.jpg)


It's also confirmed that you can move your house later, so there is that. Also things that you can't move

- Resident Services / Town Hall
- Dodo Airlines Airport
- Beach Dock (left or right)

>It's possible Resident Services can be moved but I've yet to see any evidence and it's a pretty giant plot, so I'm guessing no!


No. 77365

File: 1582980375961.gif (433.96 KB, 268x268, tumblr_b13e8518796136e2c88449d…)

you didn't sound like a furry weirdo or anything, don't worry! it's sad that people can't even express how they think a video game character is cute without having to worry someone might think they wanna fuck that character. daisy mae IS cute, she's frigging adorable, in the same way babies and kittens are. I want to adopt them and protect them, not fuck them. sucks that has to be clarified these days. degenerate furry pedos ruin everything.

No. 77374

File: 1582985620744.jpg (45.42 KB, 585x406, tumblr.JPG)

I kek so hard at all those non-binary fags about being mad that there are gender options (female/male) because they seriously thought that there are non and muuhhhhh why not they/them??? Calling the AC community transphobic because of that.

No. 77376

File: 1582985725449.jpg (55.5 KB, 608x465, 2.JPG)

No. 77390

oh my god there's too many options i'm too stupid for this. i liked when nook's was towards the top of the map

No. 77410

>disappointed we dont have that extra bit of inclusion
I’ve only played since acnl, but even then they let players wear clothing irregardless of their gender. Now you can switch genders at will and that’s still not good enough for them?? I want these fuckers to name one game as big as animal crossing that lets for gender switching at will or lets you choose to be gender neutral. Nothing will ever be good enough for these people and I hope someone steals their switch.

No. 77432

I'm not sure you can change genders at will. I think it's just at the start so the characters know to call you he or she. you can change your appearance in mirrors but I don't think you can change gender. like you said though, you can wear whatever you like in-game, you can make your character pretty androgynous/non binary looking whatever you want to call it. maybe being called he or she will trigger they/them people. idk honestly, I imagine some will say it does

tbh people are expecting too much from a game series that is only just adding an option for choosing your skin colour lol

No. 77442

Has anyone heard anything about the Switch Lite in coral being released in the UK?

No. 77455

File: 1583052149694.jpg (172.19 KB, 750x1000, throwpillow detail 750x1000-bg…)

Alot of cute animal crossing stuff on redbubble

Idk whether to get this print on pillow or notebook

No. 77461

do not.

No. 77462


>The coral pink Switch Lite will be released in Japan on 20 March and will cost the same amount as the other three existing colours – which is officially £199.99 in the UK. Pre-orders start on 7 March, in Japan, but so far there’s no indication of whether it will be released in the West.



nta but why not?

No. 77481

Wait if it's only available in Japan and the UK, how come it's up for pre-order on US target, gamestop and bestbuy?

No. 77494

lotta issues with art theft, small artists are seeing their art up there without their permission and generally redbubble doesn't actually take it down.

No. 77495

it doesn't say it's only available in japan and UK, hell even that article anon linked says it's available in US.

No. 77560

NTA but who cares

No. 77565

File: 1583161683242.png (9.56 KB, 613x50, gender.PNG)

I can't find the tweet where I originally saw it, but this article confirms that you can


No. 77567

Most of us do, fuck off with that.

No. 77568

File: 1583167647088.jpg (388.52 KB, 2000x3000, AQVAMI001b.jpg)

Idk how many german anons are here but there are some special editon drinks in cooperation between animal crossing x AQVAMI and Kujumi.

There are three flavours:

>Isabelle (orange,elderberries and vanilla)

>Tom Nook (Lemon, Pomegranate and Hibiskus)
>K.K. Slider (Cherry, Blueberry and Herbs)

It costs 3.99€ for 250 ml.




No. 77569


also some youtube vids

No. 77570

No. 77571


and some more PAX Gameplay

Also: Do you guys also have a villager that you really, really want on your island? Who is your special one that you can't miss?

No. 77575

FUUUCK These sound so good… I can't seem to find it on the website but do they ship worldwide? burger here lol

I want Colton so bad. He's my best boy, I love him so much. Kyle too, but I absolutely must have Colton.

No. 77576


german juice anon here, yes they also deliver world wide according to their website, but the delivery charges will be around ~ 40€. You can pay with bankwire, Paypal and Amazon Pay. You can find it here, but it only shows in german for me so maybe you can translate it in english via google.


No. 77587

>~ 40€
Oh fuck me lol. I'm so sad, everyone else seems to be getting cool and cute preorder/general merch shit and the we burgers seem to get is some fucking socks and a journal with the same.

No. 77670

File: 1583237148342.jpeg (39.96 KB, 828x357, 1199ABA9-9580-422F-831B-27C5CF…)

No. 77674

Does it sound weird to say I'm almost overwhelmed at all the customisation we'll have? I have no excuse to be lazy with my town this time, my NL town is ok but it was time-consuming trying to change anything. Now I'll want to try really hard (looking forward to it though!)

also, based on the third picture down on the right, will we be able to have "transparent" path parts? If not she's matched the grass colour amazingly. Sorry if this was answered in one of the videos posted, I just didn't want to look at too much gameplay before release.

No. 77681

did you not watch the fucking direct?

No. 77699

Guess I just missed when they mentioned it, oh well that answers my question then

No. 77701

File: 1583254879517.png (156.31 KB, 293x600, Ed_NewLeaf_Official.png)

I've been a big fan of Ed since New Leaf. I really need him to be my neighbor again.

No. 77702

File: 1583255632305.jpg (68.07 KB, 680x383, ESLm_7SW4AEReh-.jpg)

No. 77703

File: 1583255837831.jpg (49.49 KB, 592x614, facepaint.JPG)


and a lil' sneak peak of what you can do with the face paint options.


No. 77763

damn you really need new horizons to chill you out with this needlessly aggressive response

No. 77938

>needlessly aggressive
fuck off back2reddit.

No. 78057

I can't stop watching vids of the gameplay. 15 days to go - can't wait lol I'm still curious to know how much you can unlock and progress is just one day. You seem to have a lot of stuff to do, specially at the beginning and I really wonder how much stuff I will have at the end of the first day.

Do you guys know what you will focus on to unlock as much as possible? Tools, DIY recepies, collecting furniture, collecting bells or skills?
(or maybe something else …?) What's your plan?

No. 78105

what does that even mean? are you doing okay irl?

No. 78177

new trailer no. 1

No. 78179


trailer no.2

No. 78181


new trailer no.3

No. 78182


trailer no. 4

No. 78183

File: 1583513210031.jpg (49.41 KB, 680x383, EScDyQmWsAAsOU2.jpg)

I think it's also important to know that you can wear a damn paper bag is you like lol

No. 78184

File: 1583514456904.png (2.77 MB, 1912x1610, roomdecor.png)


notable moments of this trailer, I mean l o o k at all this stuff. I really wonder how many furniture series we will get this time.

No. 78185

File: 1583514731640.jpg (3.39 MB, 2000x4489, outside.jpg)

No. 78186

And another PAX single player gameplay.

>Sorry for the almost daily spamming, I'm just very excited.

No. 78188

I'm so happy with all the options so far

No. 78189

The animated fish wallpaper is so cute. I honestly can't wait, only another two weeks to go!

No. 78333

I need help with a question about my island name. ever since the first ac my town has been called Aubelle. but I think it's a bit villagey and doesn't suit an island so I was trying to think of new names and I came up with Moreau, as in the H.G. Wells book. I think it could be cool to go with a kinda dark theme and to consider the characters as vivisected experiments BUT I'm not sure I want to ruin the innocence of the game like that, as it's escapism for me. any opinions?

No. 78334

I'm hoping there will be another easy-ish way to make lots of bells this game. I know we'll also have to build a lot of stuff but it was really nice having the option to just grind for loads of money in one go in NL.

No. 78348

Have you read The terrible secret of Animal Crossing? lmfao

No. 78397

Link to first chapter

Best ac story, would recommend

No. 78440

File: 1583761844084.jpg (117.99 KB, 790x420, animal-crossing-new-horizons-h…)

Here is a web app that makes it possible for you to plan out your island!


11 days! Almost there!!!1

No. 78458

File: 1583775308601.jpeg (104.81 KB, 1024x578, EE5BD4A4-08B0-44BE-AF17-37F6F5…)

This reminded me of the guys at the gym playing Pokémon Go when it first came out

No. 78466

fucking cringe.

No. 78467

it was what OP was considering going for so a good test if she would like edgy ac village

No. 78473

meant to quote her too lol.

No. 78474

this whole thread is cringe cunt it's all good

No. 78792

do you guys think its worth buying the amiibo cards? I don't mind paying for them I just don't know what their actual use is in game

No. 78798

What are anons thinking for island names now that the character limit has been bumped from 8 to 10?

No. 78806

I have so many scribbles from trying to come up with one lol. I've been using this https://aforestlife.com/guides/animal-crossing-town-name-ideas-and-methods/ to start. I've also been looking up mythical places/beings and trying to take bits and pieces of letters to form a mishmashed word that looks and sounds cool but that I can also say has some meaning behind it. I'm also fed up with this and debating if I should just keyboard smash until I see a combination of letters that I like. I wonder if they'll let us use accent marks?

No. 78810


I got a bunch when they were still cheap and until now I know that you can call those villagers to your island, once you have your camping place. You can also put posters of them all over the place. These are the options I recall, I'm sure the there will be more.

8 more days!!!! Almost there! whoop

No. 78827

I can't decide whether to have a solo word or to try and incorporate 'Bay' into the title. So far I've got:

"Hello, and welcome to.."

"Hello, and welcome to.."
Gingerbell (I'm ginger so this feels like a nice way to personalise it, but then I feel a little obligated to a yellow/orange/red flower colour scheme…)
Gingervale (same as above)

No. 78857

gingerbell sounds cute!

No. 78916

New trailer, folks!

Around this time in seven weeks we will finally experience this damn game. HYPE.

No. 78917


new trailer no.2

No. 78919


I mean days ffs SEVEN DAYS!

No. 78923

File: 1584118266947.jpg (283.41 KB, 2048x1168, ES847R3XQAYFFuH.jpg)



No. 78924

File: 1584118383346.jpg (215.1 KB, 2048x1186, ES847ToXgAAY3h-.jpg)

No. 78925

File: 1584118461305.jpg (162.71 KB, 2048x1165, ES847aVWAAAEWJA.jpg)


the return of the grave. This confirms me that I can have finally my lil spooky graveyard that I always wanted.

No. 78927

File: 1584118539955.jpg (261.91 KB, 2048x1191, ES847cgXQAEXeuq.jpg)

No. 78929

i'm thinking:
>Boot, just because I think that would be funny
my last town was named Monsoon, I really like it and might use it again

I'm having a lot of fun with https://aforestlife.com/guides/animal-crossing-town-name-ideas-and-methods/
also https://www.fantasynamegenerators.com/town_names.php but they're more fantasy-like

all of these are overwhelming

No. 78932

I'm in love. I adore witch things. Cozy witch cottage, here I come!

No. 78969

I like Crystal Castles too, anon.

No. 79009

less than 6 days now, we made it!

No. 79023

i can't help that it's the cutest word ever

No. 79272

No. 79273

File: 1584386732166.png (260.67 KB, 589x673, dumbshit.png)

Entitled idiots on Twitter are trying to petition to get Nintendo to release AC:NH early. Fortunately most of the replies on this one are calling him out but jfc can people really not wait 4 more days??

Imagine whining at the official Twitter accounts to release a game early because you can't entertain yourself indoors until Friday lmao

No. 79274


We managed to wait over 500 days, we will make through the last four. What a spoiled manchild jesus christ.

No. 79280

this is the worst channel.

No. 79302

On one hand I agree, on the other it is the cutest until you know the story (urban legend?) behind the word.

No. 79355

File: 1584460126973.png (155.04 KB, 307x382, P-Pierce-sama.png)

sweet, i received a text from the game store where i placed my order, telling that i can pick up the game tomorrow, until 7pm.
they're closing the stores because of the virus.
thanks corona.

No. 79359


omg anon you are living the dream lol! If you don't mind, please share your personal first impression! Have fun and happy gaming whoop

No. 79369

Lucky! I pre-ordered the game for pickup and man I hope they don't close by Friday

No. 79382

I'm scared I might not get the physical copy on Friday because Amazon is suspending non-essential shipments starting today. I was going to get digital but the eshop is not working. So, idk what to do.

No. 79400

File: 1584481301555.jpg (40.81 KB, 679x348, ETQ8M8XXYAMWJQj.jpg)

So apparently your villagers wear pajamas when it's bedtime.

No. 79401

File: 1584481395130.jpg (47.99 KB, 1036x810, ETQ8j8lWoAMvdUl.jpg)


also here the different one-piece clothes styles!

No. 79403

No. 79407

No. 79409

File: 1584482668726.jpg (509.53 KB, 1920x1080, 101.jpg)


Also this side has TONS interesting screen shots: https://www.nintendoworldreport.com/media/48317/1

No. 79411


I’m sooo excited for Kimonos in this game! They were kind of wonky in NL since OP’s weren’t really a thing and the ones we’ve seen in NH so far look super cute.

No. 79448

amazon is already going to have it in stock. they don't get the stock day of. preorders need to be delivered by amazon by friday.

No. 79476

I am jealous but I also feel like stores shouldn't have released the game early for some people. I hope Nintendo does something about the stores that did it.

No. 79485

Don't be jealous, the people who got it before the official release are people who had the risk of not receiving it due to the coronavirus outbreak.
It's just two days, don't throw a tantrum.

No. 79492

basically this. preorders get shipped out early all the time anyway. my main issue is that people with review copies are allowed to post reviews before release.

No. 79493

The thing is reviews don't really cause harm. It's datamines that do.

No. 79541

i meant that the reviews are allowed to post anything. the datamining shit is especially annoying considering the day 0 update that's going to be happening.

No. 79583

any other Australian anons here? are you staying up till midnight to play? 4.5 hours to go. I've read it's quite slow to start and unlock things and cos I have all day free tomorrow I'm considering setting my clock back a week or two and doing heaps of days in one but I'm kind of conflicted over it feeling like cheating lmao

No. 79585


almost there baby! they changed to new music and added seconds counter!

No. 79624

File: 1584634137555.gif (4.11 MB, 400x300, 7e35bc3e-6c4c-4566-9902-68d554…)


I can't believe that I will mostly likely play this game tomorrow around this time. Amazon send me an email that it was send out and I hope it comes tomorrow because post has been super slow the past two weeks and I took a day off work to do nothing but play this damn game lol

No. 79650

hoping nintendo comes through with that delivery…I'll be a few hours behind setting up my switch and whatnot but I'm so pumped!

No. 79652

also anons who already have the game/will have the game before me, is it fairly easy to reset for fruit?

No. 79667

Hope it gets to you tomorrow anon! Super excited as well.

Kinda last minute asking this, but I'm buying a switch lite just for new horizons and I'm debating whether to get a new console or refurbished. If any anons have experience w refurbished switch consoles, is it worth saving $30 over?

No. 79688

If you’re buying it refurbished directly through Nintendo, sure. I didn’t buy my switch refurbished, but I did get my 3DS refurbished directly from Nintendo. It had some weird issue where it would randomly turn off on me but thankfully it was covered under Nintendo’s warranty. Don’t let my wonky 3DS scare you off from it though! I buy a lot of things refurbished and think it’s worth saving some extra dollars for, but I usually make sure to buy it directly from the original company so I can have the warranty in case shit does decide to fuck up.

No. 79689

idk what you mean, but you spend at least 5 minutes setting things up (you have to make your character, choose your island's layout etc + a cutscene) before you see the trees with fruits.

No. 79690

the game autosaves, so no. you have to delete your entire save and start over again

No. 79702

why would you want to? pears not A E S T H E T I C enough for you?

No. 79706

no you don't it doesn't autosave at that point

No. 79720

SO happy you can shift the camera to stop the roller world effect.

No. 79725

Honestly, this might be dumb but I can't think of an island name with a good ring to it.
(Tri- pronounced like "tree")

or maybe just scrap them all

No. 79727


Update: Still no sign of it lmao I'm dyiiingg


Why do people hate pears so much? I'm personally totally fine with them??

No. 79731


Samefag but looks like I will have to wait another day … brb crying

No. 79732

ah my bad! good to know.

No. 79741

me too anon, my original order got cancelled/delayed because my bank cancelled the transaction so now I'll probably have to wait 2/3 more days for the order. I'm gonna have to avoid social media and this thread for a while

No. 79742

I mean as in, if I see my town and don't want those fruit can I reset easily. It seems petty but I just don't want the butt trees, though I wouldn't be mad if it were too much of a pain to change.

I actually quite like the pears haha but yes I just care about that A E S T H E T I C and my preferred fruit for those sweet sweet perfect fruit trees

No. 79747

I preordered months ago through Best Buy and they didn’t even ship my order until the middle of the night and I am not getting my game until sometime next week. I am so fucking pissed. At least with Amazon you get weekend deliveries.

No. 79776

File: 1584747353397.png (1.73 MB, 1280x720, cross hat.png)

Anyone sharing friend codes? I'll just put mine in and see if any farmers do as well.

No. 79778

Will Dodo Codes work without having to add random anons online?

No. 79779


Added you!

No. 79780

tfw you have to share your console, and therefore island, with someone who doesn't get your ~*aesthetic*~

No. 79781

Friend me!

No. 79782

Is it not possible to get a shovel or axe on the first day? I only have the net and rod so far.

No. 79785

I love your mmm

No. 79786

Donate a couple of bugs or fish to Tom Nook and he should give you the recipe for the flimsy axe. The shovel you can't get on day one.

No. 79801

i've been playing for over 30 hours. help.

No. 79810

If I visit someone by Dodo Code, are the fruits and shells on the island only visible to me or is it actually the fruits that the person left on the trees of their own island? I just visited an island along with like 5 other people who were there for the peaches and I couldn't believe how many fruits were still left.

No. 79819

How did you manage to get those clothes?!! Did you play before release or something? I love your outfit, anon.

No. 79820

NTA but they're probably custom designs? You can unlock the custom design pro on the first day and it's pretty versatile! I'm not creative at all but managed to make a pretty cute dress with it.

No. 79822

This is so cute omg!!

No. 79823

I added you guys! Mine is 8583-6310-3623
I have oranges if anyone needs them

No. 79824

Okay so going to be critical for a bit…
I’m not a fan of the crafting mechanic. I’ve always been happy with the way the games were before, but having to run around and fix my tools because they broke from me trying to get more material to create items to let people move in (diy items that I have to put outside and don’t even care to have in my town) is really redundant and not fun to me. I’ve liked just chilling, catching fish, collecting fruits and bugs and buying stuff from that. Creating things myself does nothing for me. I’m mad because now I’m one of those “the original was better!” fags. I think I disappointed myself by overhyping it in my mind.

No. 79825

File: 1584825111823.png (55.41 KB, 250x210, angry thomas tank engine.png)

I need more fucking iron nuggets I have raided every rock I can find both on my island and others'.

No. 79826

same. i have to use my nookpoints to fly to deserted islands and pillage them of their natural resources

No. 79827

I don't mind crafting generally, but I HATE the tool durability. Constantly having to worry about when my tools are going to break and if I have enough resources to make them drives me fucking insane. I hate it so much.
Worst of all, I read on reddit that even gold tools break eventually. Who the fuck thought that was a good idea?!

No. 79842

the item durability reminds me of breath of the wild and i hated that shit too. Why is nintendo insisting on taking this route??

>gold tools will also break

Nintendo higher ups are actually retarded for this one

No. 79845

omfg are you serious? the point of golden items is to be op (like the axe never breaking that was so choice) god dammit i was hoping to not have to rely on the crafting mechanic later into the game

No. 79846

File: 1584843923571.webm (340.3 KB, 1280x720, 1584793361411.webm)

I haven't seen a lot of sources on it yet, and I've seen some people say that gold tools breaking isn't true. But this webm… idk, looks pretty real to me. Super disappointing. I never played BOTW but I heard so many complaints about the weapon durability system, I don't know why Nintendo ignored that and decided to implement that frustrating system in a game that's supposed to be relaxing and chill. Ugh.

No. 79854

how do i delete the spiders from the game

No. 79856

I've been staying away from nicer tool because I didn't want to put rare resources into something that breaks. So now I have to go through all that trouble to worrying about doing it all over again. Fucking lame.

No. 79857

So did someone find a way to hack their switch to save multiple islands or smth?

No. 79860

>wanting to delete 8000 bell insects that have their own rare, coveted island

No. 79863

you're not timeskipping?

No. 79984

Do fruit go bad as well or is it just turnips that do that?

No. 79995

That fucking island was hell I thought I was in a fever dream. All I wanted was iron ore and I kept getting jumped by the little fuckers who would always respawn no matter what. Did get a lot of bells collecting the little shits though

No. 80000

Does anyone know how to evict/get rid of a villager you dislike?

No. 80016

this is the first ac game i play and i didnt expect spiders to come and bully me on my own island

No. 80018

>search for any friends who have islands open
>find one and go to it
>they hit me with axes and try to push me away back toward the airport
>they don't even say anything
rude af. why the fuck do you keep your island open to your friends list then?

No. 80019

Have you caught one by any chance? Or can someone who has the tarantula post the Critterpedia spawn times? Please and thank you!

No. 80025

November to April
7 PM to 4 AM

No. 80038

File: 1584907837009.png (196.27 KB, 600x400, animal-crossing-five-fruits-ap…)

Guys, I love this fucking game so much. I've binge playing this game for three days straight now I do love it so so much. So much details and just so much life in everything and all those possibilities it's aahhh I love, I really do.


I agree with all the anons here about the tool durability. What. the. fuck. is that. Why does my water can commit suicide after watering three tulips? I get that they tried to make it more ~realistic~ but c'mon that's ridiculous. As mentioned, this is Breath of the Wild all over again, why should I get the damn master sword even when it's going to break at some point? The same thing with golden tool here: What's the point? Now I only carry the several of the cheapest ones in my pockets bc why waste my materials on something that I can't use after my daily routine? I also feel like it really stops my gaming flow. Whenever I want to spend some time catching stuff or whatever I do maybe like fishing 5 fishes and then I can run back to craft a new fishing rod … Idk I feel like I need to get used to but other than that I feel like you can make a lot progress when you do shit tons of stuff. Loving the nookmiles thingy.

BTW what fruit do you have and what villagers are your starter pack?

No. 80045

…am i the only one who didnt mind tools breaking in botw and in nh? otherwise it's too easy

peaches + flo and snake
not rly my favorites but theyre fine

No. 80060

I agree with you!!
Also, I got Antonio and Hazel and I got Oranges.

No. 80064

I don't mind the tool durability. If you don't want your tools breaking as often, just craft the iron ones lol

I think my biggest gripe with the game so far is that you have to unlock hourly music, which takes like a week or so. The one song that constantly plays before then is driving me insane.

I got cherries with Deirdre and Lyman.

I'm jealous! Antonio is one of my favs! He's so cute

No. 80065

Thank you, I appreciate it.

I got apples + Frita (the cute fry/burger sheep, I know people think she’s creepy but I love her) and Axel. I guess I oughtta throw down for the Nintendo online subscription, I remember in New Leaf you had to connect to people or else you couldn’t get the final store upgrade. Wonder if that’s the case in NH?

No. 80066


>I think my biggest gripe with the game so far is that you have to unlock hourly music, which takes like a week or so. The one song that constantly plays before then is driving me insane.

wait, what?!

I need to listen to it for a week now?? I already mute it almost complacently and listen to my own stuff while playing because that damn guitar song is already hunting me lmao
I thought I had to buy the K.K. Singles in order to exchange the music? Fuck, looks like I misunderstood something.


> Frita (the cute fry/burger sheep

I'm so jelly, you got my girl Frita! She is one of my og new leaf villagers and I really, really want her back. She is so cute.

No. 80070

Unlock the music?? What???
I would literally sit and fish/catch bugs for ages in NL, if the tools keep breaking that’s gonna be such a pain

No. 80071

nta but I heard you get hourly music once you upgrade nooks tent
I wouldn't mind it if there was a way to tell when your tool is going to break. I always end up making backups because I get paranoid.

No. 80083

File: 1584920516869.png (746.92 KB, 1280x713, Screen_Shot_2020-03-09_at_1.13…)

Yeah, hourly music is unlocked once resident services is upgraded from a tent to a building.

No. 80088

in previous games if your tool was on the verge of breaking (aka the axe) it would get little hairline cracks in its surface that you could see. i dont know why they couldnt implement the same thing in this game

No. 80089

I got apples + Paschima and Sprocket

No. 80090

File: 1584924888175.jpg (204.38 KB, 2000x1329, IMG_20200323_114736.jpg)

Who here is time travelling?

I'm torn between playing the game an hour or two a day for 'max comfy' but I don't know if I can stop myself from grinding so I can build my dream home.

No. 80092

i don't usually because i get stressed out i might fuck up my game and system doing it because paranoia but i did once already. i wanted to trade fruits with a friend and the apples i received in the mail from the mom character hadnt grown yet. i wanted a fair trade so time machine awayyyyy

No. 80093

I time traveled and unlocked everything up until the campsite but I felt like I did everything too fast so I restarted my town. I miss being able to buy clothes from Mabel so I might do it again.

No. 80100

I did, only to skip some construction, but then I got paranoid I’d missed out on the Able Sisters and immediately went back.

I never use the money cheats or anything, but I’m still feeling to urge to get town upgrades so I can focus on interior decorating. If I end up doing it again and anyone wants to take advantage of it to buy shit, I’ll post my FC.

No. 80102

File: 1584931603368.png (722.35 KB, 722x407, custom designs are fun!.png)

Sorry for the late reply! But I made them with the pro design maker! You can get it really early in the game with nook miles, here's another one I made.
Thank you!

No. 80104

I'm not but this meme made me laugh.

No. 80111

I got Peaches. My villagers are Dom and Katt. love them

No. 80112

You're so cute! I loved the custom designs in new leaf, but this is sooo much easier. plus, it's so nice to change your hair without paying bells each time and having to use a guide for it

No. 80113

The second to last time you use your tool before it breaks, the game autosaves. That's about it though.

No. 80119

I got oranges, and Plucky and Dom. I love them so much.

No. 80129

I've seen mixed opinions, some people like the newer one and some people like the older. Personally I like the newer one despite it still having some flaws it's definitely a LOT easier to use.

No. 80142

would love some farmers to visit! my code is 6795-2459-9579. I have apples and need everything else other than cherries. also are flowers an island specific thing? I only have lilys, mums and cosmos and cant figure out how to get more

No. 80145

What are everyone's villagers so far?
I have Zucker, Octavian, Cookie, Pecan, Hans (trying to get him to leave lol), Teddy, Cherry and Melba

No. 80208

does anyone else think the game feels unfinished? they took out so much from acnl

No. 80209

Hello! Opening my gates for anyone who’d like to visit via Dodo code: 4D3HF. You can add me directly if you’d like to as well.

I did time travel slightly, so be aware if that bothers you. Mabel is here and selling clothes, and my native fruits are apples + pears + limited coconuts. If you could bring me your native fruit, it’d be nice but not necessary.

Adding you.

No. 80214

100% agree. i think because of the new trend of gaming, adding updates and dlc is why. we had a ton of different fruits and new mechanics in the previous game that i would have loved to see in this one (diving for stuff was amazing!) and removing old beloved characters for new ones makes me feel dirty in a way. pretty sure we're gonna get animal crossing dlc in the coming months and the game is never going to be the same

No. 80227

the one on the left is the majority of reddit lol "I don't time travel! That sounds like cheating to me!"
"That's not how you play the game."
"I would never, but you do you, I mean seems like it defeats the purpose of the game though…"

People spent around 60 bucks for the game. Let them play how they want. I don't want to time travel (don't want to break my nook mileage streak) but I'm getting more and more tempted!

No. 80231

Hey hi I was wondering about getting switch, most likely light due to not even playing my ps4 that much because i am not that into tv screen games. Should i just get ac digitally or the cart? I have never played it and i am so bored and so out of depth here. Sorry to whine.

No. 80235

Digital is a bit more convenient (especially now that so many things are shut down), but a pro of physical copies is that you can resell games when you're done with them. And Nintendo games hold their value especially well. But if you don't think you're going to get sick of AC or if you're not someone who cares about having physical collections to hold and look at, just go digital. That way you can have the game in like 15 minutes without even getting up from your couch.

No. 80239

Thanks for replying anon! Yea i was just thinking about how even some 3ds games can go for 50e still but I am also kinda scared that my digital copy could just disappear somehow lol. I would either order it or get it digitally anyways so no going out. Do you have a lite btw?

No. 80240

you can still buy a switch where you live?

No. 80241

Yea, we don't have a shortage as of yet haha

No. 80244

File: 1585003263511.jpg (157.78 KB, 720x709, IMG_20200324_003848.jpg)

No. 80259

Caved and bought the game, should be arriving next week! I wanted the physical copy to begin with, but ideally wanted to go into the store to buy it. Who knows how long before lockdown is over though? Excited to start playing soon! I’ve only been playing botw but I want to hang out with my friends on each other’s islands… guess I’ll spend the week coming up with an island name. Maybe Valhalla? I want a nonsense name you can’t google though…

No. 80262

valhalla is p cute, i was also considering to name my island like that but my final choice was ganymede

No. 80265

No problem. I have a regular sized switch. I saw a lite on display when I was at Walmart or something and it was really cute and comfy to hold in your hands. The only thing that worries me about it is that if the built in joycons die, you're screwed. I've read that Nintendo didn't even fix the drift issues with the lite which is… troubling.

No. 80298

Does anyone else think the villagers get fed up too easily? Like after the third time of talking to them they're mad i've talked to them so much??

No. 80299

I guess they're passive aggressive in this as opposed to aggressive aggressive like in the gamecube version and a bit of wild world…

No. 80392


no shame when I say that I'm "everyone still on day three" bc I take it very slow lmao

No. 80400


Damn how'd you luck out with 2 octopuses? I really want Marina but I don't want shuck out for stupid cards haha.

I started with Antonio and Slyvia, had Broncolo, Peaches, Peggy move in and found Julian, Static and Vivian through random islands/campsite. I don't know the limit on villagers but I've been trying to max houses on my island because it's much better with more people to chat with. (The only reason why I TT'ed)

No. 80405

I really don't care that people time travel, but I don't understand it, I feel like it spoils the fun.

No. 80451

Thanks for the insight! Decided on lite and still undecided on the game, most likely digital bc of isolation

No. 80453

In New Horizons did they take out villager requests or something? In past games I usually spend my time doing errands for villagers ,but everyone has just been repeating dialogue and not saying anything interesting. Has anyone else experienced this?

No. 80455

You still get requests. One of mine asked me to bring him a stinkbug so it's still a thing but I do think they made it less frequent and you might also have to have a certain relationship established with them already.

No. 80456

3 actually! Marina moved in yesterday after I met her on an island. I hope you'll eventually get her too, she's so cute. I've been incredibly lucky with the octopus villagers. It's my payback after getting nothing but uglies in the previous games for years. Also the limit on villagers is 10. I hope they up that limit with the April update because I totally still have space for more houses.

No. 80460


Sure feels like it. Too bad, since the villager interactions pretty much were the best part.

No. 80461

Anyone else kind of disappointed with the game? I got bored on day 2.. meanwhile I was playing constantly with the other games. It just seems a little empty… I'm still kind of in denial about being disappointed though lol

I wanna enjoy this game so bad. Why did you do this nintendo

No. 80464

I feel the same way. I mean I enjoy how it looks and the island/villager customization but I feel like so much is missing. I know this is kind of nit-picky but where is any of the special characters from the last game? I haven't seen news of Redd, Katrina, Brewster, or the police dogs being in the game at all. I know it's still early but there would be mention of them somewhere right?

No. 80466

Something feels off and lifeless compared to New leaf and i cant pin point it. Maybe it feels like i have very little space on the island at the moment and that bothers me vs being able to have the whole area at the start. Also, tom nooks and his shit nephews cannot carry the game the same way Isabelle does.

No. 80469

>but everyone has just been repeating dialogue and not saying anything interesting
Is that true? I don't have that game and I was thinking if I should get it. These talks with villagers are the best part of the game, I only played Wild Word and I was enjoying these talks a lot.

How do you feel anons, are these talks boring and repetitive?

No. 80479

I'm guessing they're going to release stuff later as updates, or if they're money-hungry enough, paid DLC.
The game feels really empty and dead at the moment, I'm hoping they'll add stuff soon to give it some life.
I'm still angry they advertised it as being multiplayer when the second player gets no privileges. I wanted to play with my boyfriend but after seeing how awful it was, we're just going to get him a copy of NL instead.
NL, WW, and GC are superior at the moment, and I hate how people are fawning over this (currently?) boring garbage.
Villagers dialogues have been dumbed down since WW, the conversations are so dull that I don't even bother talking to my villagers in NL or NH anymore.

No. 80484

No they aren't in the game and there's really no clue when they'll get added back other than "at some point". I am enjoying the game but I'm still annoyed by how stripped the base game is.

No. 80491

Personally I’m just getting the same conversations over again. It’s been about a week for me in game and my villager Audie has told me the distance from the earth to the moon 4 separate times now.

No. 80513


They repeat a lot of stuff.

I miss the weird shit they used to say back in Wild World.

No. 80518

nh is actually the first game ive played from the franchise (pocket camp aside), and i even bought a whole switch just for it. so far ive been disappointed tbh

No. 80519

I got a request for river fish yesterday. Looks like villagers open up the more they settle and fill their home. They also give more varied dialogue now but it took a while of them repeating the same thing over and over again for me too.
It's also a side effect of having almost no villagers at the start of the game

No. 80534

What are you disappointed about?

No. 80539

I don't think the developers finished the game on time and they're using future patches to make up for it. New Leaf remains the most complete AC experience.

No. 80586

I feel like the developers tried to make this game's playability last longer than New Leaf by making it feel slower, but they're going about it in some frustrating ways.

Adding tool durability will give players an incentive to spend time crafting and building more–but not telling you when your tools are gonna break is inconvenient as hell (and don't get me started on the fact that gold tools can still break for some reason). Making it so that you start off with a few villagers and buildings might make people check in more often throughout days and weeks to come, but why the fuck are there only two villagers to begin with? They get passive aggressive when you interact with them too much, but who else am I supposed to talk to on a barren island you dumb animals? Also why give players the power to make pro design in as short as a few hours, but make them wait days and possibly weeks to be able to buy better clothes and send out designs?

I could go on but I've rambled too much. I agree with some of the anons here about being disappointed in some things far.

No. 80588

I miss the older characters too. What's with New Horizons scrapping them and/or replacing them with child/younger counterparts. It's not necessary at all and doesn't add a new dimension to the series in any way.

Nintendo's really trying to force Tom Nook down people's throats this time around. It started becoming more apparent on social media and now that's an established fact with this game. Isabelle is way more charismatic with fans and general audiences, and should basically have become the official mascot of the franchise. Just look at how the Doom x AC fanart is usually of her and Doomguy (never Tom Nook).

No. 80592

I wonder if Nintendo got sick of all the porn people draw of her

No. 80593

same. i got bored pretty quickly. i hope they add new stuff in free updates

No. 80595

The reddit community for the game is vile lol

"How dare you time travel! It ruins the experience for the game!"

"Okay but how does the way I play the game affect you?"

"….well, it's not how the developers designed the game!"

"Well developers don't account for speed runners but they still play how they want, you gonna tell the speed runners they are playing the games wrong?"

"Well, it's cheating!! You are supposed to take it slow!"

"It's not cheating, if the devs didn't want anyone to time travel they would have removed the ability for us to change the time for the game."

Now since people have been giving them some (sorry for the word) valid arguments they resort to this


"Yeah and people are using the spoiler tags, just ignore those posts!"


They want to gate keep the sub lol
Never mind the first 3 days of that sub were the same posts of everyone catching an oarfish or the Ceolacanth. That's it, every post on that sub was just photos of fish.

Play how you want in the end. But if you didn't buy someone else's copy of the game, you have no right how to tell them how to play.

No. 80596

That’s good, I was wondering if they’d ever ask for favors. That was my favorite part of the game, and was afraid it was just not a part of this one..

No. 80597

The AC subreddit has been kinda shit since the NH came out. It's full of sob stories, posts about catching tarantulas/wasps, the same jokes about frequently catching bass fish, and pattern edits of yesteryear's memes. I wanna see more cool fanart and useful tips again, not low-effort screenshots of the same things over and over again.

No. 80598

Oh, and to add onto that, there are a good number of posts that hit the frontpage giving asspats to people not time-traveling (as if TTing were ruining the game experiences for that many players or something).

No. 80599

Going to other people's islands through reddit forums is INSUFFERABLE. Every time a new person enters the island everyone has to wait literally 2-3 minutes for their character to arrive. One time I sat staring at my switch for 15 minutes because 8 people came in one after another and the game wouldn't even let me leave the island so that I wouldn't have to sit in agony. Something about this new game makes it feel like none of your work is worth anything if no one sees it. The characters have no strong personalities and also… Tom nook is way too nice in this version.

No. 80603

-Talking to Myself about NH-

I LOVE the new museum! the fossil exhibit is beauuutiful. some of blathers descriptions for the rare fish are anticlimactic. I was hoping he would get excited about the fossil fish at least. but the people who wrote them may not have known the rarity of the fish beforehand so its ok.

I hate most of the music. it sounds too much like splatoon bgm.

the dialog has reached an all time low. my animals are excruciatingly boring, its like they're just sentient furniture that do random cute things and give me DIY recipes I will never make. being able to move their houses is nice but it cements that. its more fun to stare at them than it is to talk to them. </3

isabelle is useless in this game. the only point of her being here is to be a meme waifu.

for the most part the crafting isn't fun, it's just inconvenient.

I miss porter. he was my fave.

the mountain part of the island is sort of ugly. Im just farming up there because Im afraid buildings would look make them look even more ugly.

having furry thoughts about the lizard man. must be the quarantine.

umm not being able to fully explore my town for such a long time in the beginning was the worst

long time players: how do you guys feel about the series being so much more focused on aesthetics now compared to the older games?

No. 80615

I don't tt and I'm not as disappointed with the game. I never liked New Leaf though.

No. 80617

The cusomtisation of furniture in this game is really letting me down. I'm only a few days in so maybe you unlock more later? But so far so few furniture pieces are actually able to be recoloured. I have this lovely garden lamp and streetlight that are white by default and I can't even recolour them to black? Seriously? Lame.

No. 80625

anon not only does the game have a lot of locked progression stuff, but there are variants of the same items. the streetlight i can buy is black and the one my fiance can buy is green. i also have a different teacup ride too.

No. 80627

are you fucking autistic?

>I was hoping he would get excited about the fossil fish at least

he did.

>the dialog has reached an all time low.

did you like…not play new leaf?

>not being able to fully explore my town for such a long time in the beginning was the worst

it was two days, anon. two. days. get over it.

No. 80629

File: 1585221454727.jpeg (146.54 KB, 1280x720, 556BAD9A-6FAF-4C80-863A-37C782…)

Marina moved in and I love her already!

No. 80630

Well that's a relief to hear, but why you can't customise items to their variant colours is an annoying choice. Hopefully I'll see the customisation expand then, but I haven't read anything to indicate this will happen.

No. 80631

Christ, calm down, she's just giving her thoughts on the game so far. Don't take it personally.

No. 80632

Who are your favourite villagers?

No. 80633

I'm really enjoying the game overall but I agree with the villagers personalities. They don't say much new but I do like what they do around town cause it looks really cute.
I also hate crafting, it's so annoying when you see a big fish or rare bug just after your net or fishing rod broke. I do really like the new deposit box outside of nooks cranny but I've seen the updated building and I hate the way it looks inside and I never want mine to upgrade.
At this point I'd give it 7/10 because its help keeping me sane during this self isolation and panic but there are definitely negatives in the game.

No. 80637

are you projecting? you're the one whos pressed over someone not liking things about a shitty video game

No. 80641

I've been a long time fan of this franchise but NH feels really souless and grindy. I do not like the dialogues (yes, the fact that animals got more animation is cute, but that doesn't replace that their personalities are boring and the same), items durability (even tho that makes sense) and Isabelle is completely useless here. I am pretty far in game because I've been pulling all-nighters and spent way too much time playing during the past 6 days, unlocked both stores, bridges, museum and residence building. Does the game have more buildings to offer? Doesn't seem like so.

Also, how much time of ignoring a certain villager will make them want to move out? Some say 3 days.

It's not as _amazingly good_, as people who never played previous AC games or played only PC claim, but it's aight.

No. 80643

File: 1585230459644.png (167.61 KB, 314x556, Gala_NewLeaf_Official.png)

I have a soft spot for Gala since she was in my CF town which was the first game I got to play (she never came to my NL town though). I also love basically all froggy villagers, and I have yet to have her in my town but I really want Mallary!

I really wish they had added a new personality. I haven't been able to play NH yet but I spent a long time on NL and the dialogue/personalities became predictable so it would have been nice to have something else to spice it up.

>none of your work is worth anything if no one sees it

I never thought about it like this but I agree. I remember in CF it was enough for me to just have happy villagers, I didn't feel like I was missing out for not having online play. In NL too, for the most part. But from what I've seen this game feels less about having an insular 1P experience than it does about flexing and buffing up your town to play with others, since by all accounts the villagers are lacklustre.

No. 80644

agreed. i'm really enjoying new horizons and imo the hype lived up for me but with the exception of public works projects not being a nightmare i would still say new leaf is the better

No. 80647

it goes to see Isabelle is much more popular than Tom nooks and no one cares about that trash tanuki the same way

No. 80649

Chill. Also, anon probably meant you cant explore your entire island for a long time (which is true) because you cant climb up the cliff like areas. i dont think they meant only the vaulting pole parts. I still cant access my island and it's been nearly a week

No. 80651

Aww, she's such a cutie!
I hope there's a way to get her in New Horizons?
My main love for NL was because of the fact about how relaxing the game was, characters were friendly and supportive, while projects didnt feel like a thing thats supposed to be done ASAP, while in New Horizons you can barely interact with your villagers and what u do most of the time is gather materials and grinding for projects or hot items. Makes everything feel like a chore and gets lonely sometimes.

No. 80652

you get the ladder when you put down the houses on day 3…

No. 80654

Sorry it triggers you but not everyone wants to wait 3 full fucking days at the bare minimum without tt to simply see their town. Especially not people who are picky about maps.

No. 80655

if you are new to animal crossing you might not know every game is like that. you have to wait forever to get bridges to get to parts of your town in most of the games. this is literally how these games work. even in new leaf terms 3 days is nothing. if you don't understand the game, fine, but realize the game having slow progression is nothing new.

No. 80656

>complains about something taking 3 days in a game that works in real time to being with

Gb2 Pocket Camp.

No. 80659

>>80259 again! I’ve given up on mishmashing words together but I’m currently stuck between the following potential names for my island: Valhalla, Elkhazel (or elkhaze), Nifhel, Heimir, or Aiteall. Which do you anons like?

Also it looks like they’ve patched the duplication glitch now lol damn.

No. 80660

>if you don't understand the game, fine, but…
Omg you are autistic. You could fully explore your town from the start in all the past animal crossing games, you only had to wait to get extra bridges.

No. 80663

Dude chill, that's not even what she said. You sound salty for no reason. These games do have slow progression.

>shop upgrades

>waiting for QR code capabilities
>waiting for customization options
>adding every shop to main street

The game has been out less than a week and you're already bitching? Just time skip or play pocket camp like >>80656 said.

Also, I don't get what everyone is saying about villagers. They have dialogue progression in this game as opposed to NL where they had 6 lines per type. It's like y'all forgot how much the older games suck before you unlock everything.

No. 80664

File: 1585237284630.jpg (336.23 KB, 1920x1080, EUCqoxvWkAAI-J9.jpg)

>The Bunny Day Easter Event with new Egg Furniture comes to Animal Crossing: New Horizons on April 1st


No. 80665

File: 1585237367658.jpg (33.68 KB, 680x393, EUCoR0LXsAABjD1.jpg)

No. 80666

Day 11 of the quarantine: I witnessed a grown woman samefagging in attempt to justify her spergout in the animal crossing thread. Remember anon, just because you're in isolation doesn't mean it's ok to skip your medication.

No. 80667

I saw this! Leif is only going to be here for Earth Day though I think.


No. 80670

Nice to see Leif again.

And now I’m disappointed. Wonder why Nintendo decided to make so many NPCs like him obsolete in NH. Leif makes a better chilled out hippie dude than Harvey (who now has a bigger role).

No. 80671

Harvey is like a stoner. Lief is cute as heck! I wonder if they're going to add a lot of stuff, like people assume. I miss Pelly! I also miss my dumb dog husbando, Digby and also Lyle. I guess the in game explanation is that we're on an island, but I am hoping that just translates out to more NPCs returning when we make our island more "city" like.

No. 80672

I also feel like the villagers are borings as shit. At least in New Leaf they had meaningful moments, flirted with the characters or said silly things, even if the dialogue wasn't as clever as in Wild World.

Now I don't even talk to my villagers. The other day one of them said to me: ""I'm going for a walk!! Just like that, one foot in front of the other!"
What the fuck. I tried to talk with another villager and she said: "What a nice day! Nice days are always good for the health."

And THAT'S IT. Also, they don't notice you that often, maybe once in a million years. It's frustrating.

I've heard that they get better with time, once the Resident Services are upgraded they'll start to say interesting things. Can someone confirm this?

No. 80673

There's a lot of characters left out right now disappointingly. Kappin', Brewster, Resetti (who only appers as a voice), Reese, Cyrus (who would have been perfect for teaching you DIY customization) Joan, etc. Part of me wants to think they are going to add more in later but at the same time it makes me feel like the game is kind of half-baked and they're using updates to fix what they didn't finish.

No. 80675

There is a lot of dialogue progression. I got a bunch of questions (with write in answers) and some lost items/tasks already.

No. 80676

even after the upgrade i'd say there's a 1/5 chance of them not saying something boring, 2/5 chance boring dialogue, 2/5 chance repeat dialogue. i'd also say it depends a bit on personality. lazy and jock have been most boring for me and peppy and uchi have been the most interesting by far.

No. 80677

I can't confirm this. They keep being boring, the only bonus thing is that they ask u to give you the fish (if u have it or just like that) or any other requests.

No. 80678


I kind of feel like being forced NEETs right now is skewing our view of the game. The dialogue in the other games was just as boring and repetitive in the other games (considering I had 5 normal villagers in my NL town), we just didn't play for like half the day, every day.

No. 80679

have YOU even played any game besides NL and PC, bootlicker-chan? let us criticize the game if we want like whats your problem

No. 80680

yeah, animal crossing isn't meant to be binged for eight hours a day and people's only method of social contact. you're meant to log in, do your chores, greet your villagers and send mail, then check the next day. trading is the supplemental gameplay

No. 80681

Bitch, I was one of the anons who said the dialogue seemed boring in the first place. What's your problem?

No. 80683

Nah. I have been spamming AC NL and AC WW for many hours a day like a true nolifer-chan, and I still prefer WW and NL when it comes to personality and dialogue part. NH villagers feel really limited, just like the game itself. It does sucks, but at least the items look nice and I like finding new DIYs on a beach once a day. Or randomly on new islands.

OT but I kept playing all day just to get this new bear villager, but I kept getting some random jocky-type villagers. Felt really annoyed.

No. 80684

quit ruining the thread and wash your salty cunt.

No. 80685

Some dialogue definitely seems more grating, but a lot of it is pleasant. I have been playing this game for 18 hours or so a day though so I could just be delirious. I do miss WW though, it was less japanese (more quirky in a good way)? I feel like the series has been slowly turning into japanese idealism more and more and more. Does anyone else hate the dodos btw? I can't stand them, even though the joke is funny.

No. 80691


Right!!! I noticed the Japanese idealism too. Ugh.

No. 80695

They changed the name of the urinal item from ‘men’s toilet’ to ‘standing toilet’.
A victory for the they/thems crying about the lack of genderspecial representation!

Anyway, #justiceforjoan. Guess she wasn’t kawaii enough.

No. 80696

New Horizons basically said no boomers, with many older NPCs getting replaced by younger counterparts for no good reason. Chip for CJ, Nate(?) for Flick, and Kappn for the dodo birds.

No. 80699

Daisy Mae is a precious treasure tho.

No. 80701

>the dialogue in the other games was just as boring and repetitive in the other game

Idk what kind of dialogue were you getting, but I remember very well taking a lot of screenshots of my conversations with villagers on NL and WW. Last week I restarted my town in Wild World and one female villager said to another female villager how her legs reminded her of cheese cake because of how much she wanted to take a bite lol. That was day 2.

What do you mean with "japanese idealism"? I'm curious.

No. 80707

US translators also tried to queerbait Flick and CJ. Also tumblrinas/twitterinas are claiming that Flick is uwu non-binary.

No. 80709

I seem to have unpopular opinion 'bout the game. I've played WW and CF (pocket camp too) and so far I think NH is my favourite.

Has anyone played the original gamecube Animal Crossing? Is it worth purchasing if I found a copy of it? My boyfriend still has his old console so might as well try it.

No. 80716

Hey! I was wondering if any of y’all have pears or apples as your native fruit + if I can come visit and buy a bunch from your store? (and maybe some flower seeds too)

I would post on reddit but it makes me nervous for some reason lmaoo.

No. 80717

Forgot to mention, I have peaches to give too! Literally just wanna drop in, drop off my fruit, visit your store, and leave. Just need a dodo code pls

No. 80721

Y’all’s expectations for shit is too high.

No. 80731

This. I think the wait plays into the whole disappointment thing

No. 80736

I mean like how everyone and everything is super pleasant. Japan is basically 1950s America, so they have this idea that everyone in their society should act like a well-paid customer service representative, no emotions all smiles. But I also think that the localizers have a lot to do with that honestly. The Japanese dialogue is still a bit better, more stilted like I'm used to. I also hold issues with the fact that a few fish are just named entirely wrong species but that's whatever. The localization in this game to me is just weird because in earlier games they tried to localize too much stuff away from being Japanese (such as making Marcel a mime, when he's clearly a noh actor) but are also making the dialogue way more cutesy. My peppy villager did say something about beating Gulliver with a stick though, so I dunno.

No. 80738

this was ages ago I know but I have apples and would love some peaches! I'm opening my gate now with dodo code 92W4F if anyone else would like to come. and OP my code is 6795-2459-9579 if you wanna add me I often just leave my gate open so you can come another time

No. 80742

so update on the reddit community. It got so bad the Mods had to step in, basically telling Anti-Time travelers to fuck off and let people play without being a jerk ass lol Oh and they updated the post with "okay so some of you are still worried about spoilers…" Like let's be real, it's not about spoilers, anti-TT are just pissed people are playing how they want and they can't shame them anymore.

I saw those "Yeah I don't time travel! I have the PATIENCE to take things slow and PLAY THE INTENDED WAY!" lmao give me a break.

the amount of "Omg relatives died during Corona, I had a funeral for them in game!" "My girlfriend and I separated because of corona but together in the game!" "Hey wanna see my shitty QR codes from insert video game here!" "WANNA SEE MY STEVEN UNIVERSE/UNDERTALE PATTERNS?" or just general nonsense that clogs the thread. The damn posts about people catching 'rare' fish is still ever present "HAS ANYONE CAUGHT THIS!?" yeah a shit ton, it's been a week now.

I hope they update villager dialogue, it's a little stale. Maybe it takes them awhile to really open up? one nitpick, I have cranky villager and he isn't as cranky as they used to be in other games. Kind of sucks lol Not expecting him to be mean but to be actually cranky, you know?

Over all it's a really clean game, looking back at new leaf and it's almost muddy in comparison. Can't wait for the free updates and dreading the paid ones.

No. 80746

Hey! I’ll add you and I’ll be playing tomorrow so I’ll watch out for you being online and pop in with plenty of peaches!

No. 80766

mini rant, my switch probably won't arrive until late April (even though I had preordered it in January) so I'm gonna miss all the April events when I should have had the game a week ago. I know it sounds entitled but I'm just so salty right now because I waited so long to play, just to miss out because my bank decided to cancel the transaction (and not tell me…)

No. 80775

I'm really enjoying the game so far, I like that it's very slow paced.
I could be wrong but it seem like people complaining the most are playing 6 hours a day and / or time traveling to the extreme. I only really have the time to play for 1 hour a day, top, so it pretty much never feel empty to me.

No. 80777


Not to be one of those people buuuuut… I agree that the ones who complain the most seem to time travel a lot. I don't time travel and even though it was really slow in the beginning, I'm enjoying it a looot a week in.

No. 80782

I think it's really good as a modern Animal Crossing. Looks nice, feels good, it's exactly what I expected. I played Pocket Camp for a bit and I had more problems with that than New Horizons. I was really relieved that there's no microtransactions in NH since it was so heavily pushed in PC. I agree that the people saying it feels barebones are playing all day every day, but that's never really been AC's style. Even in the old ones, if you played for long periods of time, eventually you "run out" of stuff to do for a bit.
I also really don't mind the tool durability and crafting. I actually like being able to craft stuff as needed rather than waiting for it to show up in a shop. I do wish I could buy DIY recipes for stuff I need (in order to build Item A, I need Items B and C, but only have the recipe for B so far, etc). But with the tool durability, maybe just don't craft/buy the tools labeled FLIMSY and you'll find they don't break as often?

No. 80786

I'm loving this game but I keep using up tickets to what feels like the same 2 islands over and over–like 0 variety..

I don't know anyone else with a switch so if anyone wants to add me my code is 3111-0386-2829

No. 80788

So, can we actually unlock new sentences from the villagers or am I doomed to hear the same things over and over again?

No. 80793

Same, all the island I've been to has had my native fruit and flowers, except one that had different flowers, I'm kinda over it tbh.

No. 80794

I agree w u. I really don’t mind if people time travel but for me, part of the personal appeal of the game is the waiting. There’s something to look forward to every day. A new bridge built, a building renovated, an expanded house, a new fruit tree grown. Gives me something I want to wake up for. That’s why I think many people with depression really enjoy it. And the fishing/bug catching, while requiring minimal effort, is a nice repetitive action that I can do even when I’m upset or anxious. I think if you’re coming into animal crossing looking for something exciting or absolutely captivating, you’re picking up the wrong game. Play it for an hour then play smash or something. I personally like to catch and sell fish while I watch YouTube or browse lolcow

No. 80795

What are your thoughts on the recent update for the game because people kept using a duplication glitch to finish upgrading their houses and stuff?

No. 80799

Tbh I know some people like the decorating side of the game more than the paying of loans part but much of the challenge of the game is paying off the loans so like…don’t blame Nintendo tbh. Also it’s not like there’s a broken economy like gta online has where everything is too expensive so expecting everyone to put the same amount of work in to buy things is reasonable imo

No. 80800

Same! Five islands in row had cherries!

I am still missing apples and pears…

No. 80801

If you need pears and apples please add me anon! 8583-6310-3623. Once you add me I’ll open my gate for you just let’s me know

No. 80802


No. 80809

In so embarrassed I’m sorry… within the time space between me posting and me seeing this I gave all my foreign fruit to my wee sister in law. I’ll definitely have some in the next few days. U wanna add me on discord? @mimamima2 #4606

No. 80810

File: 1585341828645.png (48.41 KB, 760x338, Screenshot_20200327-214200.png)

Guys!!! We were wrong!! Time travel, playing the traditional way… That's not the way to play!!
Look at this, this is it!!


No. 80812

PETA always do this just for attention. Noone takes them seriously, I don't know why they degrade their rep just for some notoriety.

No. 80813


Is this satire …???

what did I just read?

>Another starting villager, Axel, is an elephant who loves to move and work out. Elephants in real life love to roam big open spaces with their families—but because of speciesism, humans capture, confine, and abuse them for entertainment. These magnificent animals are forced into a lifetime of misery for cruel rides and circus shows.

No. 80846

How are you able to get so many Nook miles to travel that much ? Ive only been to one island and thats because Nook gave me a free ticket. Im having trouble racking up miles.

Btw is it true that you need an account(and to pay a monthly fee) to be able to go to other people's islands? In New Leaf that shiz was free!

No. 80848

Not original poster but I've managed to go to 5 islands so far just by fishing like a mad woman and cutting trees. You eventually get 300 miles per day just from going to the atm thingy in the RS tent. I could have purchased even more tickets (5 more probably so 10 total) had I not used my miles on other things. I don't even play for a long time. Are you fishing every day?

No. 80849

All I want is for mabel to come to my village but she's taking forever.

Today was the first day where there wasn't much to do/explore so I didn't play. I could have raised money to pay off my 300k house debt, but knowing that all I would get in return is an opportunity to add an extra room to my house and go into even more debt did not seem worth it. I went to the Harvey's photoshoot island and it was..confusing and kind of pointless. I agree with the person who said that the islands aren't very diverse. I went to one with bamboo and that was pretty cool but now all that's left from what I hear is tarantula island which… I've been to at least 8 islands so far using nook miles and haven't found it.

No. 80860

I'm a veteran Animal Crossing fan. I've played every game and have spent an embarrassingly large percentage of my life playing this series. I don't like NH that much. I agree with other anons that it feels kind of empty, and something about it makes it feel like a demo rather than a full game. It's lacking some of the heart that the previous games had. I 100% put that on the villager interactions (or lack thereof) Villagers and special characters make the game and we just didn't get that this time around.

I've had it over a week so I will say I like it more now than I did the first few days, but I'm not in love with it and will probably go back to NL or replay the GameCube version instead. Sucks because I bought the special console too. Sorry to blog post but this series means so much to me and I'm sad that it's so … bland compared to th other ones.

No. 80861

Fuck, forgot to mention that I was frantically googling about villager interactions during the second day because I thought they removed them and I was so sad. Didn't think to ask here kek

No. 80862

So far my biggest complaint is that out of five villagers, I have two fucking ostriches. One of them just randomly moved in without an invite.

No. 80865

hey I'm OP–same as >>80848 I just crank that shit out. my MO in gaming is usually to focus on collecting and selling everything I can idk lol

No. 80866

Not much tbh. Its annoying af that I have to keep buying the flimsy fish rod.

Cut down trees? When did you get the axe? I still dont have it, only stone one and you cant cut trees with that

No. 80867

File: 1585388810418.png (192.03 KB, 680x564, 1578641836953.png)

This isolation is starting to affect me, bought a nintendo switch lite along with Animal Crossing on a whim.
Haven't really played vidya since I sold my 3DS about a year and half ago.
I kind of missed New Leaf though. This better not be another Pocket Camp.

No. 80870

>This better not be another Pocket Camp
That’s what I’m mostly interested in, too. I haven’t bought the game yet and I played pocket camp for a bit and didn’t really like it tbh. I only played WW and that’s one of my favourite games. Is NH very similar to PC?

No. 80875

not at all, how could it be?

No. 80908

i’m a longtime AC player as many of you and yeah, it does seem kind of empty. i’ve time travelled a bit already, but i still only have 4 villagers. one of them is cranston and he won’t leave!!! i’m hoping the more i play the better the interactions with the villagers will be bc it’s been boring so far. if anyone wants to add me my code is 1650-3660-6625, i have peaches ~~

No. 80927

I can't find an answer to it so I will ask this stupid question here: Can I order more than 5 items from the ATM (ABD) via NookShopping?

No. 80944

I’ve been playing AC since Population Growing and tbh.. I love NH.. it feels a lot slower starting out for sure, but I got it on release day and it’s only gotten better over the past week. My villagers are more interactive with me, they randomly give me gifts or show me new emotions and I’ve gotten a few tasks/games. They even talk about things I did the day before and compliment my clothes or give me new accessories to go with what I just changed into. Super cute imo. My real complaint is that I haven’t gotten a single special island like the tarantula one or the hybrid flower one and I swear I’ve been to at least 20 of them by now.. maybe I just have shit luck. Decorating my home is a million times more fun, but damn does that 2nd floor upgrade cost SUCK (1.2 mil bells). I’m a nonessential worker and my school has reverted to strictly online so I’m playing an excessive amount lol. I really enjoy fishing/catching bugs tho, so it’s not boring to me to play for hours on end? This is also the first time ever that I haven’t time traveled and I’m planning on keeping it that way.

No. 80949

>villager interactions (or lack thereof) Villagers
This was one of the complains I've had with NL and was seriously hoping would have been improved in NH. Hopefully they fix this with an update soon.

No. 80950

Also, dumb ass vent incoming, is anyone else disliking how friendly the characters are? I wouldn't mind a little bit of meanness - like wasn't Nook a bit more of an asshole in previous games? Didn't villagers just outright take stuff from your pockets sometimes? So far I feel like I'm playing a uwu babyshit game with toddler wheels on.

No. 80956

I mentioned tom nook being too nice as well yesterday and thought that I was just going crazy for thinking he was once an asshole. I miss all the assholes that used to be in the game including the mole who bitched at you when you forgot to save. Characters used to say funny shit all the time , now I feel like they are there to kiss my ass.

No. 80973

some have expressed…"People who play too much or time travel and upset with villager dialogue, the game isn't meant to be played that way."

kk wrong because Time Travel absolutely gives them variety in their dialogue. It's not that you have to time travel but with time travel more shit gets done and they'll comment on it. I even have had a nickname given to me by Plucky, I'm Gigajolt.

Oh yeah the villagers sometimes will talk for what feels like forever. So varied dialogue is there, just it takes time. you don't need to Time Travel but the more you accomplish the more they open up.

No. 81027

There's a limit on number of items you can have mailed to you per day. Immediate-delivery items unlimited.

No. 81065

I know that ignoring villagers for like 2 weeks will make them auto leave in acnl, and it probably works in new horizons too, but my stupid peabrain can’t do it. No matter how much I don’t like a villager, no matter how much I know they are just pieces of coding and not real and don’t have real feelings, the idea of ignoring them makes me so fucking sad. Like, all I can imagine is them moving in and setting up their home, but then no one befriends or talks to them. They just made this new move to a deserted island by themself! Maybe they have good gifts or recipes to share! But oh, no one wants any of their stuff, no one wants to befriend them. So they pack up their homes, without so much as someone coming by to even say goodbye to them.

Sorry I think my period is coming and I’m extra emotional lol. There are definitely villagers out there that I don’t like, and I think the posts of people leaving easels with mean shit like “YOURE UGLY” outside the homes of villagers they hate or trapping them with fencing is really funny, but fuck man. I have villagers I definitely want to get (mainly just want Colton, and Kyle would be nice too) but I feel so sad just thinking about having to ignore villagers so they’ll leave and make room lol.

No. 81073

I'm the same way. I can't ignore any villagers, it makes me sad.

No. 81078

File: 1585545465547.gif (492.87 KB, 245x155, sure sandy thanks for the long…)

Same, even though Sandy is on notice for being dull so far.
Now watch the remainder of my island fill up with six more ostriches who I will treat with reluctant compassion.

No. 81081

File: 1585549385018.gif (211.63 KB, 200x200, 1585343176813.gif)

This is the first AC game I've played. I like giving my islanders gifts, I know Dom likes iron nuggets and I gave him a weight bench, but sometimes the "Do you want this?" option comes up and all I have are my tools. I've given away all my tools; shovel, fishing rod, net, axe, just because I clicked "never mind" once and Plucky seemed really upset and I just can't bear to ever do that agin.

No. 81082

This game can really make you feel bad for them,damn

No. 81088

these turnips are…taking me to a really dark place. bought them for 109 a piece and ended up selling for 30.

No. 81105

This is how I feel about Crackle/Spork. I looked up what he looked like when I got notice he was moving in and immediately wanted to kick him out. Then I talked to him and he was so sweet and I couldn’t find it in me to ignore him. Now he’s one of my favourite villagers in my town

No. 81107

Samefag but has anyone had any success moving in villagers via amiibo cards? I scanned in Ankha today and when I asked to move in she said she needed to visit more…

No. 81114

Heads up, that option will generally come up the first time you talk to them in a day. If you don't want/have furniture or clothes to give to them then just make sure you have some fruit in your inventory and you can give them that instead. I've only ever gotten bells in return but they seem pretty happy to receive it and it's a good alternative if you don't want to clog up their house with fish/bugs.

Gotta do it three times before they'll move in.

I got Pietro in my campsite and was ready to ignore him until I found out the first villager to use the campsite has to move in. Still gives me a headache to look at him but I'm hoping he'll grow on me.

No. 81117

Like >>81114 says, she'll be visiting three times and you'll need to craft her whatever she asks for, I think it's furniture for all the Amiibo campers.
I wonder how many people bought her card on eBay, scanned her in and end up pissed when she gets along with no one.

No. 81118


I see, thanks for your answer!


Big same! it took me so, so long to finally get rid of Olaf, because I couldn't imagine being a bitch for no reason but I found him super annoying and he placed his house right next to me at the very beginning in New Leaf and totally destroyed my plan for my town.


nta but

>I got Pietro in my campsite and was ready to ignore him until I found out the first villager to use the campsite has to move in. Still gives me a headache to look at him but I'm hoping he'll grow on me.

oh no, this makes me kind nervous that I don't end up with an super ugly one that I don#t like …

No. 81119


Why do you click on "Do you want this?" in the first place if you have nothing with you, instead of just talking to them normally and then fetching an item that they like.

No. 81121

I don't know if it's because they're still decorating their homes but none of my villagers have displayed the pets they've gotten.

No. 81140

Thank you so much! I'll always keep some fruit in my inventory so they can have oranges for breakfast!

I'm an idiot and I like being generous, so if the option comes up to give them something, I'm going to do it. I was given some pretty nice gifts in return, as well, ngl.

No. 81150


I know, me too, I just mean… the option is still gonna come up if you run to fetch something and go back to the villager, so you can give them something you've chosen for them instead of just anything you happen to carry with you at the moment.

No. 81162

Anybody know where to find QR Codes from the Japanese books?

No. 81164

what japanese books?

No. 81189

As much as I'm enjoying NH I can't help but feel a little disappointed….I was hoping for a game that was expansive like new leaf was, this seems so much more simple. I mainly miss the dream suite….is it worth getting my hopes up that they'll make an update with more features?

No. 81191

Considering that there is only one store upgrade in the game currently for the Nooklings, I have no doubt that they will add more content in the future. For better or for worse, it seems like the developers plan on drip feeding us updates to increase the longevity of the game/prevent time travelers from spoiling stuff

No. 81221

Is there a guide to what kind of items each type of villager likes to receive?

No. 81230

this is my first ac and why tf do random villagers move in if i dont find one myself in the matter of a single fucking day. i'm about to have this pissed dude when i was just trying to get a certain villager…but i dont wanna kick him out cause i would feel bad kek

No. 81234

not yet, but you can try to gauge what to give them based on their personality, their house decor and their favorite colors.
ie bright colored peppy villagers like pastel/cute things, lazy villagers like vivid colorful weird items and food, normal villagers like books and comfy decorations.
sometimes they'll care more about the item's theme (jock, cute, japanese, ect) over of the color, even if it's their favorite color.
I can't get kid cat to place any red items that aren't exercise equipment, for example, but he'll wear anything red I give him.

No. 81235

Does anyone have decent turnip prices? Bought mine at 91 bells and the best price I had this week was 98 bells

No. 81244

Maybe I'm just a dumbass for not realising it before but I got the Able Sisters today and I'm kind of pissed that you need a Nintendo Online subscription even to get other people's creations by code. I could sort of understand needing it for QR codes from New Leaf etc since they decided to do that through the app but it's pretty shitty that you need it to do anything even remotely related to other players, especially since animal crossing is such a community-based game.
>inb4 "it's $20 a year just pay for it"
it's the principle of it. I already paid a lot for the game and don't have many friends who play it so I was ready to pay for like a month so I could get all fruits etc. I don't want to pay that much extra to keep up a subscription I won't use for anything else just in case I see some cute dresses I want.

No. 81261

File: 1585686482896.png (584.69 KB, 1246x683, 12.PNG)

Just started playing, in need of in-game friends, pls add me:


No. 81263

same anon, forgot to mention that my town has pears and cherries

No. 81268

I think the Nook Mile Ticket islands generate like they do for a similar reason, to push you into a service sub so you can visit other players and snatch their produce and flora.
It's definitely my least fave aspect of the game right now, especially since the visiting netcode is so backwards.

No. 81324

File: 1585727253856.jpeg (11.34 KB, 367x202, E4093B27-1F1D-4165-A3D3-3C3316…)

you have to craft holiday furniture now…

No. 81326


It's incredibly easy to gather materials (eggs) to do it. What annoys me is that I keep fishing eggs instead of real fish.

No. 81327

it’s my least favorite new feature of the game so this is basically torture for me

No. 81330

How to get more recipes for sakura petal items? I only got one from Isabelle so far.

No. 81331

They fly around, catch them with net.

No. 81333

these fucking eggs are completely ruining the game for me. I have cj at my island so trying to actually make some bells for once instead of messing around terraforming and I can't catch any goddam fish

No. 81334

They sell for a nice price actually

No. 81342

I’m sick of tarantula hunting. I hate having to set up a mystery island because getting the actual tarantula is up to random chance, and even then, sometimes the mystery islands just refuse to spawn tarantulas!! So yesterday my friends and I figured out a way to exploit the stalk market and made a little bank while getting to hang out and talk to each other. Sweet (also have all the fruits now and made myself a rose garden because one friend is lucky enough to have them as her native flower, I’m so fuckin jealous ughh).

I like the game, but I don’t like having to grind for two forms of currency at once lol

No. 81351

Anons, how do you upgrade Nook's Cranny?

I have spent 30 days in game by TTing just to get the store upgrade (people kept saying it takes 28 ING days), didn't work. I spent 80k bells in their store alone… Nothing helped.

No. 81357

nta but she was asking for recipes, not the materials. I've got no recipes yet, and I'm sitting on over 100 petals now…really hope I get one soon, all the cherry blossom craftables look gorgeous

No. 81360

I got one from popping a (regular) balloon. Guess it’ll be that and talking to villagers, maybe?

No. 81384

It might have something to do with your island's star rating as well.

No. 81412

man I'm already sick of this easter event, why did they have to time such an obnoxious event at the same time as the cherry blossoms.

No. 81413

None ulliver than Gulliver also washed up on my island on top of all that. He's gonna have to backstroke his way home this time, I'm too busy breaking slingshots.

No. 81415

Correct. You can also get recipes from messages in bottles.

No. 81429

I TT to get the shop upgrade. The date you reach about 30 game play days…so example, say it's March 31 on the nook mile tracker thing, well, play after those days. So play into april and isabelle will make an announcement.

hm, I hope that helped. I'll re explain just in case. I TT and got my 30th day as march 31. I went back to March 26 and wasn't getting the shop announcement. So I decided to TT to april 1st and isabelle made the announcement Timmy and tommy were closing on april 2nd. By April 3rd I had the upgraded shop.

No. 81434

fwiw mine upgraded after I played more than 30 days, I think it was 33 days or so? Maybe tt a couple more days

No. 81440

File: 1585793830481.gif (1.83 MB, 498x277, press minus, close game.gif)

to add to this, Wisp also decided to lose its shit and then Bangle begged for a sea bass when you're really only catching eggs

No. 81502

I hate Paula but don't want to break my Island Togetherness streak. Supposedly complaining to Isabelle about them enough makes them leave but I haven't been successful yet.

No. 81524

File: 1585861145488.png (1.9 MB, 1197x660, fgs.PNG)

fucking asshole

No. 81546

File: 1585870601524.png (79.52 KB, 479x483, Xday8kw.png)

No. 81547

it's my first time playing this game. if i already have 10 villagers on my island, can i still find animals on other islands? and can i invite them? or do i need to get rid of a villager first?

No. 81550

you have to get rid of one

No. 81580

Did you get the picnic recipe???? I want that one so bad but Isabelle never talked to me about it

No. 81581


I don't have Isabelle yet (just started playing 4 days ago) but I got the picnic recipe by popping balloons (needs to be a regular balloon though, not easter one).

No. 81584

I got the picnic recipe today from Isabelle. She gives it to you the first day she doesn't have any important announcements to make.

No. 81642

This game promotes lookism.

No. 81644

File: 1585947478556.jpg (146.12 KB, 573x900, EUsbafKX0Aw8S34.jpg)

I just want to hustle for bells but it ain't easy when you don't have a constant source of income. Yesterday I was lucky to score the tarantula islands so I could go home with around 300k bells but I would like to have this type of thing every day but not every island I visit is meant to make money so I just end up collecting flowers and go home lol

I also have to ask a few things:

How long goes the Sakura event? It's my second day in a row without a sakura recipe and I really want the lamp ones. I got all sort of diy recipes but nothing sakura related. The normal baloons only drop the ugliest clothes …

Another thing: Tomorrow I will invite a amiibo villager for the third time on my camp site, this means they will want to move on my island. Does it mean that I have to set up a piece of land first for them to move in or do you have to put up a tent for them first?

No. 81647

Not 100% but I have found that if you craft fishing bait and use that, each time I’ve been getting fish not eggs.
Might be worth trying, if it’s driving you mad.

No. 81655

buy land plot from nook, set it up, and then invite the amiibo villager. they might ask you to craft another DIY recipe but if it's the third day they'll mention they'd like to move in.

if you don't have the plot set up for them, they'll comment about how there's a lack of space. you can always go to Tom Nook and buy a plot of land and set it up, and then return to the amiibo camper and mention you've set it up for them now.

No. 81679

Do any of you know how the campsite works? Mostly regarding the housing plots, I was told that campers won't arrive unless you purchased a spot from Tom Nook. I purchase a plot, set it up and suddenly Cleo the snooty office admin horse moves in unannounced the very next day.

No. 81685

File: 1585970427962.png (854.95 KB, 1655x820, Some cute DIY I want.png)

Some of the DIY furniture I want. really looking forward to getting more shell related DIY.

No. 81692

Are there any buildings in this game besides houses, airport, nookling shop, able sisters, museum, and town hall? How'd it go from a billion buildings in the last two games to 6. My town feels barren.

Also are Redd and Katrina gone because I haven't seen them yet. Or any gyroids besides the one that takes donations even though it rained like 4 times.

No. 81706

The sakura event lasts until the 10th

No. 81710


I had Kicks visit my town, as well as Label. I guess they'll have shops in the future. I also think that maybe KK will have some place for his concert. I also thought there wasn't enough characters/shops, but I feel a bit relieved now, and I do believe they will come at some point.

No. 81711

Label and kicks don't get shops, they only hang out in the plaza like KK. New horizons is like a demo of a HHD sequel right now, it's annoying that we have to pray for updates and patches to make it feel like a full game.

No. 81722


Are you one of those Tumblrfags who make community worse than it already is? Just don't pay attention to softies who screech and wish deaths to fictional animals only because they don't fit their ~ aesthetic ~. It's just a game in the end, and paying attention to weirdos and taking a game that has rating E too deep is not gonna do you any good. It's not that deep. I personally kick out villagers only if I don't like their personality. For example, I can't stand snooty type because of the way they act and the fact that they always argue with my villagers.

Honestly, I hate what AC community has turned into ever since NH release. So much stupid drama and toxicity around. People are literally throwing torches at eachother for anything they say or do, while also pretending how uwuu they are.

No. 81727

Actually, they do get shops…

No. 81732

don't take the bait anon

No. 81737

I know Kicks sells you items and label can give you items in the plaza like I said but that's not what I mean.
Never played pc but I get the vibe that nh is more similar to pc than any other game in the series. It has mobile game energy.

No. 81744

Ugh, am I being a class-A retard, or is it not possible to move bridges? I can't see the option under island infrastructure or the bridges/inclines section. Please don't tell me I just wasted 220k on a bridge I'm going to have to demolish and rebuild wft.

No. 81753

good selection! I have so many shells saved for when I get those recipes

No. 81756

nope demolish and rebuild

No. 81771

People want to say time travel ruins the experience for this game - I disagree, specifically for this month. So I TT'ed a day at a time a few days ahead during March. Not really because I wanted to get stuff before other people, but because I wanted to fill my island out with villagers and I have to say, it was soooo much better before the Bunny day event. Basically if you wanted anything seasonal like the cherry blossom set or young bamboo good luck. Every other balloon or villager recipe is Bunny day. Every other fish or rock or wood drop is eggs. Even on the random islands. I was lucky I found half the cherry blossom set recipes before this because I've only found maybe two more since this event. This event also messes with the fishing tornament beause it overlaps so good luck trying to fish in the ocean without pulling up eggs. I get that wanted to give people more time for events but I reallly hope they are not all this intrusive. I honestly might TT through the event and finish it and go back in time jus to see if it makes the town go back to normal in early April.

No. 81773

God fucking damn it, why does this game overlook bridges when they made a huge deal out of moving buildings freely. Must be related to the terraforming but GOD. DAMNIT.

No. 81780

File: 1586023650635.jpeg (194.4 KB, 1160x1636, 1A0A64EC-1503-465D-8509-8647CD…)

I need others to suffer with me.

No. 81781

File: 1586023683694.jpeg (197.74 KB, 1160x1631, 57EF1426-9A23-462B-BA6E-AE0E24…)

No. 81782

File: 1586023832815.jpeg (209.53 KB, 1160x1635, 61CE9552-D439-4D68-B6D7-DF90CE…)

No. 81783

File: 1586023957515.jpeg (195.45 KB, 1160x1636, B2B01707-6A55-4A2A-B364-A58F08…)

No. 81784

why are you doing this

No. 81785


No. 81786

bun is here for 12 days, he's gonna be rolling in bells

No. 81787

well now I feel bad..

No. 81788


I would pity this fucker if he wouldn't drown the entire environment with his garbage. I always hated the easter shit because it looks tacky and ugly. He can give me all sakura diy's and we could be besties.

I've read a few times that it's more likely to get the sakura ones in the night. There was a glitch that helped with that but ninty fixed it by now but some were more lucky when it's dark and got 4 diy's in two hours lol

I only got clothes today, again…

No. 81789

Ok, I had to think up a happier ending because this comic is fucking haunting me lol (I’m the same anon from above who got sad about being mean to/ignoring villagers until they move out) and it’d probably go something like

>villagers go to egg his house at night with his own eggs

>sees house lights on, peek inside and see zipper crying with his sad cup noodle on the table
>feels bad man
>spend the night collecting all of the eggs he put out, crafting enough of everything for all the villagers on the island
>morning comes, zipper comes out all happy bc hes the easter bunny!
>sees everyone with all of his (admittedly ugly) furniture
>happy bunny day!
>tom nook gives him a fat paycheck
>yay everyone is happy and bunny day is over!

Oh the night thing makes sense… I got maybe around 4 last night (all from balloons) but this morning all I’ve gotten were eggs. lol I even got the sakura wand but I have no star fragments so my friends gave me some to craft them sakura wands and another friend gave me the iron pipe wand in exchange for making him a sakura wand (I actually really wanted the iron pipe wand heh).

No. 81796

That's such a cute happy ending, if I could do fanart I would draw it.

No. 81815

What kind of island do you guys aspire to have? The rather clean and organised one or the rather bit messy and nature like one?

What's your plan?

No. 81819

I’m sooo stuck between having a settled town vibe or mystical forest one… Like, I like the idea of having a town square and very organized paths and fences with garden patches, but I also like having no set paths (I currently just have a fuck ton of flowers in rows to dictate where the “path” is supposed to be), lots of trees and flowers everywhere, etc. I have everyones houses sprawled out on my cliffs, some line up neatly, some dont (just because they may be farther back on the side of the cliff or something) so it feels more “natural” rather than meticulously planned (I say, as I meticulously plan where everyone’s houses will go where they don’t interfere with my future terraforming plans lol). I’ve seen sooo many good inspo pics of both vibes though, I’m torn haha

No. 81831

dunno if this is How It Is or just a coincidence but I got two sakura DIY recipes from solid red balloons at night, not on the same day though
neither recipe is one I really wanted but the bonsai tree is cute

No. 81839

Thank you anon! Hah, I wish I could draw decently to make this a reality… the comic did really make me sad and now I’m finally crafting all the furniture (garland and crown are cute, the bed is kinda dumb as a bed but I like having it out as decoration because having a giant basket of eggs looks so ridiculous that it’s cute). I’m giving some of my villagers the egg shell hat and it looks so dumb that it’s cute on them!!

No. 81858

I tried the night thing and I think it worked. I've been farming balloons and I've gotten barely any furniture or clothing from balloons but I've gotten way more DIY recipes. Though a lot of the recipes were for bamboo items since I haven't completed the set yet.
I want to do something clean but I don't have any ideas.

No. 81864

I like a mix of both! I have a town area with a couple houses. Lots of paths and fences but across the bridge I am planning on leaving it pretty wild. I would love some sort of bamboo Japanese themed area tucked away in a corner too.

No. 81881

The northern part of my island is all nature, with my house up on the hill next to the game-generated heart shaped pond, with flowers all over and nice little orchard of all the exotic fruits. The middle part has the town center, with all the shops and buildings and some decorations. Then I have the villagers' houses in the southern part and around the southern coast.

No. 81896

I really love the very organized city type - islands but I want mine to be like magical forest. I take lots of inspo from lotr and forests of my own country!

No. 81903

This may sound retarded but i am kinda nervous about adding ppl from the internet, like am i a weirdo if i just add them? ALSO just learned that you gotta take out the weeds from near your trees and that you can catch the wasps, feel like a noob.

No. 81904

Don't worry anon, a lot of people are just adding random people from the internet so it's normal.

I posted my friend code in the official AC reddit thread and suddenly like 20 people added me in 5 mins (I'm a newbie too, only offering pears)

No. 81905

Thank you anon, i only have 4 friends rn, maybe i'll add people from here then!

No. 81924

File: 1586106430071.png (767.44 KB, 516x691, noooooo.PNG)

goddamit, Agnes brought covid to my village

No. 81925


kek, I also had the first case of corona on my island. One day later the able sister sold medical masks in their shop lol

No. 81927

File: 1586111113042.jpg (53.5 KB, 417x679, EU0HsYLWkAAFmDx.jpg)

Quarantine is really driving people insane, huh

No. 81929

File: 1586111154626.jpg (128.6 KB, 827x1337, EU0HsYMX0AA_tAy.jpg)

No. 81933


>Olaf is ugly I wanted Julian

No. 81935

File: 1586115550714.png (358.55 KB, 800x450, thumb.png)

No. 81937

I thought that was posted by some teenager not a grown adult. embarrassing.

No. 81939

I have six cherry blossom diy's so far, non of the ones I want so eight more to go …
I already have so many cherry blossom petals, once I get the latern, I will cover my entire island with it.

No. 81941

I just ordered AC for my Switch and am so excited… but it’ll be my first time playing and I feel so far behind everyone else. Is it pretty easy to pick up? Any tips for beginners?

No. 81942

The game explains most of the basics pretty well, I think. There's an event going on right now that could prove frustrating as you try to gather stones/iron ore/fish/etc and get eggs instead, that will end on the 12th.
If you really like a pastel Easter aesthetic, you might be the luckiest anon on the planet.

No. 81944

my first time playing as well and here are two things I wish I knew when I started. Might be spoilers/not present in previous games tho.
- when you find a glowing spot on the ground, dig it up and put the sack back in the ground. In couple of days you'll find a tree with triple amount of bells you've found
- it is possible to catch the bees that you shake from the trees. Just have to have net equipped and time it perfectly

No. 81945

I have this recipe (learnt though), but if you don’t end up finding it your welcome to come to my island, drop the petals and I’ll craft you the lanterns. If anyone has the cherry blossom branches recipe and would be willing to do the same…

No. 81947

dig up the 1000 bells but bury 10,000 in the glowing hole instead, you'll triple it when the tree grows

No. 81951

just generally shake all non-fruit trees with a net equipped just in case

No. 81952

so u need a nintendo internet subscription to be able to get other ppl's design? is there another way, like an online pattern editor, where i could type a code and edit so i can make the design myself in the game? or do i need to ask someone else to give me the pattern

No. 81973

Start posting island pics! I’m curious what everyone is doing

No. 81974

I knew inviting Tucker to my island would pay off, he just gave me a shell bed as a move in gift.

No. 81978

File: 1586162479270.png (582.45 KB, 608x599, good.PNG)

No. 81988

Has anyone else had trouble finding the cherry blossom DIYs? I've been hardcore shooting down all balloons and talking to my villagers hoping it'll help get them, but I've only gotten two so far and one of them is the one Isabelle gives you. I've found basically all of the Easter DIYs which is super frustrating.

Any tips would be super helpful! I'm mostly just peeved because the cherry blossom DIYs are soso cute and I love them so much ugh.

No. 81989


I also vented about this issue here and mentioned that people have more luck during the night and some have agreed on this


Last night I tried it for myself and I got two in three hours. I just walked along the shore where the balloons appear. I feel like you really have to grind for them. Balloons (the regular ones) appear every 10 minutes.


Thank you so much kind anon! I will tell after the 10th if I succeeded or not lol

No. 81996

NTA but nh is my first too and I’m honestly a little bit disappointed. I wanted to play ac for a long to so maybe my expectations were too high but I just expected there to be more things to do. And also all the construction is so expensive. The museum and the characters are cool tho

No. 82000

File: 1586183859759.jpg (215.2 KB, 1920x1415, EU4K1i9WoAEoUtv.jpg)

No. 82011

there's definitely a grinding aspect to it, but that's how all the games have been. i spent the last two years playing ac: pocket camp (the mobile game) and it was even more grinding than nh, so i might be biased.

No. 82014

File: 1586196428152.gif (812.02 KB, 238x200, goddamn oranges.gif)

Every time I go to another island with my Nook Miles, I never get any apples. I think I'm going to have a fucking breakdown. I bet Wilbur is laughing at me, too. The fucker.

No. 82018

Finally caved and bought a Switch Lite because quarantine is doing me in. NH is the first thing I’m gonna be buying but I was so late to the party with AC, never played WW or NL, only Pocket Camp before the constant $$$ grabbing pissed me off. Am I gonna be at a disadvantage? Any tips? Help a retard out, anons?

No. 82019

this is a personal thing I do since I haven't played NH yet but donate the first bug/fish you catch of a new species to the museum before selling it, that way you don't end up spending ages trying to catch a random rare fish/bug to complete it (if that's your kind of thing)

No. 82020

(doing this also means you can keep better track of what you have left to donate to the museum since it will just be the fish/bugs that you don't have in your catalogue yet)

No. 82026

Don't be a poorfag and just pay for it.

No. 82028

No sane person would pay for something like that.

No. 82031

File: 1586207564090.jpg (28.03 KB, 400x240, I feel u gulliver.jpg)

You're not wrong but I'm considering it due to peer pressure. Watching everyone make hundreds of thousands of bells a day, able to make their islands incredible. Not to mention finding fruit you don't already have.
This anon's post >>81973 made me realize my island looks so fucking basic I didn't even want to screenshot.

No. 82032

you can only ever get one "sister fruit" to your native from the tour islands

No. 82034

Not that anon but I ain't paying for that shit either.

There's no rush. You literally have years to play it. Personally this time around, I'm not gonna let it be like new leaf lmao. Everyone was obsessed with their perfect town but who gives a fuck in the end anyway.

You gotta play the gamecube version. It's the best one

No. 82051

am i the only one who finds the game somewhat restrictive when it comes to evaluations? not being able to decorate my island the way i initially was planning to just so i could unlock terraforming was frustrating as hell.

No. 82054

Slight blogpost but got it just to be able to play with my mom tbh. We’re currently separated in different countries due to Covid so it’s cool to be able to chat on the phone while we show each other what we did with our islands. It’s definitely not necessary to enjoy the game but it’s nice to be able to play with irl friends in different areas of the world. Also, it’s only 20£ a year. Definitely cheaper than most game console’s online services. You get some nice little downloads for free too, like an NES virtual console. I guess it depends if you’re going to be using your switch for other games than using it for just ac. Sorry for the rambling.

No. 82059

How do we get the egg basket in this pic? It's not listed in any bunny day guides I've seen but it's cute!

$20 a year is not bad considering you get cloud storage for your games, plus it opens up a lot of enjoyable features in tons of games. Once I got it Pokemon became way more fun with trading. Idk if I'd get it just for AC but being able to visit friends and trade fruits/flowers, etc is a bonus.

No. 82063

curious what everyone's pet peeves are so far in acnh?

personally i wish there was an easier way to buy and craft multiple items at once. if the "hot item" at nook's cranny is easy to craft i usually will grind getting supplies for it and make a ton of them to get bells. i kinda wish you could say you want to craft like 10 of a single item if you have all the necessary materials in your pockets instead of making them one at a time.

i have a similar gripe with shopping at able sisters. i wish you could fill a cart with items then check out all at once instead of having to make an "outfit" to check out. sometimes i like to buy one item in multiple colors and its kind of annoying to have to keep checking out then walking right back into the dressing room. same when im trying to buy a few nook miles tickets at the nook stop. just makes things a bit tedious.

No. 82066

All of these are my pet peeves for sure, especially the Able Sisters shop. Also, I hate the breaking items and the fact that they don't tell you when they are about to break. It always happens at the most inconvenient time for me.

No. 82644

Yeah, I figured grinding was just part of the game. It’s not that big of an issue for me but I think it’ll just take me a long time to do what I want to which kinda sucks. But I didn’t have C.J or that dragon bug guy come to my island before so it will probably be easier now.

I kinda want to. I might try to find it online cos the older villagers honestly sound way better. I haven’t even played the old games but the overly optimistic attitude in nh kinda irks me sometimes.

No. 82645

Definitely crafting multiple of an item at once and buying multiple clothes at once (insane time me they overlooked this). Also:
- not being able to use materials directly from storage
- no indicator for item durability
- no quick sort for inventory
- gold tools being able to break
- not being able to customise furniture bought to its alternate colours
- not being able to read or repeat blathers descriptions for donated islands
- tropical fruit (except for coconuts) being cut. Goodbye bananas, durians and lemons.
- getting repeat diy recipes from villagers
- not being able to relocate ramps or bridges
- still being unable to place trees next to structures or rivers even though they implemented a rescue feature of you got stuck

Honestly felt like they had no UX designer for inventory in this game

No. 82652

I had peaches and got pears and oranges from the tour island.

No. 82653

The development team seem quite responsive to feedback so I can see them patching some of these things later on, like how they patched ACNL to make decorating the homes easier.

No. 82657

Yeah I'm hopeful they will do, and despite my gripes, I'm still loving my time playing

No. 82658

I just miss all of the cute furniture sets. I'm tired of the kitchen and bamboo stuff. There's 50% less items from before and it shows.

No. 82659

Fuck yeah. No villager is cooler than Woolio. I can't believe he hasn't been in any of the other games since the original. You might get turned off though, it's SUPER 2001 and the villagers are always so rude to you in the beginning unless they're a dumb jock lol.

Crafting like I expected. I really didn't want the game to become DayZ and Minecraft but here we are. Also wtf is up with the scorpion pinching you and making you literally fucking die only to get rez'd back to your house.

No. 82662

I think we're likely to see multi-crafting soon because I see a lot of talk about that on twitter. I'm hoping that the quick adjustment of the eggs is an indicator that they're going to keep up with the feedback, at least for a good while.

No. 82675

no tables so all my shit goes on the floor

No. 82679

this is also one of my biggest pet peeves. i wish they had more tables or would introduce shelving that we can put our own stuff on. i just have a bunch of cute little tchotchkes and no where to put them and i don't really want to keep using the iron table or antique tv tray everywhere.

not sure why they nuked all the furniture

No. 82683

The wand, jesus christ. I still use it because it looks cool but it's terrible

No. 82688

I hate that the nook miles decorative items are only available in one color for your town and there's no way to get them in different color other than trading. DIY feels useless on most non crafted items since you can rarely change the color.

No. 82708

Got all the Sakura recipes yesterday, thank god since I was really starting to worry that I wouldn't get them all.

No. 82709

Contrary to anon above me, I have absolutely no sakura recipes and all the egg ones, all I wanted was an onsen for Dom to relax his muscles in, sobbing

No. 82711

File: 1586313762347.jpg (35.17 KB, 320x400, smokehouse spring in animal cr…)

How long did it take you?
After the patch, I began targeting solid balloons and ended up with lots of bell bags, two smokers and one recipe for the sakura wall clock.

No. 82733

I’ll keep a look out for him! And yeah, the graphic are the worst of any game I’ve played except maybe Morrowind but it’s still pretty cute in its own way haha

No. 82745

apparently the latest updates reduce the amount of egg balloons, before the update i literally only got one sakura recipe, which was the flooring but after the update i have 4 sakura recipes so far.

No. 82786

File: 1586382447535.png (129.89 KB, 1280x720, EVHMVzgUcAAtiXk.png)

i have all sakura recipes but the clock, cute rock with water puddle and wallpaper? so i am quite chuffed although the balloon hunting was absolute hell even after they reduced the egg spawns, i REALLY REALLY REALLY want the rock with the puddle though! also am quite miffed it is only 10 days long, the cherry blossom season, but that's how i feel irl as well, i just love spring sm.

overall am enjoying this game but it does feel much emptier and grindy in comparison, will echo previous statements of colour variants for items being annoying, inventory being whack, no fucking tables whatsoever, etc. no complaints about villagers though wrt interactivity, mine run up to me asking for favours or giving items quite often! the lil animations and singing is very cute too. would like them to be bit more feisty perhaps but hey. ALSO froggy villagers wearing the lil egg shell or sunglasses look so cute

hope they release some updates before i get bored of it and only log on once every 2 days to check store item selection. oh, also very hype for more zodiac items, the lil sheep rocking horse is so cute! also bring shrubs back pls

No. 82790

>mine run up to me asking for favours or giving items quite often!
It feels like mine only do this when I'm in the middle of a project which isn't a real complaint. Damn people I was sitting on a bench for 30 minutes a while ago where were you

No. 82800

I have five sakura recipes after camping and waiting for ballons for hours. This is torture. I really wanted the bonsai …

No. 82807

Gross. These sound like people born in the early 2000s who have never played an AC game in their life. What kind of insane bullshit is this

No. 82821

Items that dont stack. This was a huge issue for me in New leaf as well. I'm glad some items stack like rocks, wood, etc. But animals dont stack like fish and bugs, even when you have the same one. that's irritating to me. Also, i hate the crafting system. I'm tired of my good tools breaking on me.

No. 82823

That is insanely stupid though I do hate smugs. They flirt with everyone and come off as extremely sleazy.

No. 82826

I got most of them on the first few days because I stayed up and grinded for them.

No. 82827

File: 1586413551071.jpg (37.3 KB, 400x240, 2013-10-26-010.jpg)

Anyone else feel like they're also behind on decorating their town? I'm seeing my friends have islands with paths and organized houses, but my town looks almost the same since day one.

Yeah, that's kinda weird especially when a ton of players are literal children. Does anyone else remember when Kapp'n used to hit of female players even though he's a grown-ass man? I guess that would fly by more easily in Japan but I'm wondering if they didn't consider that when localizing for other countries.

No. 82828

File: 1586413620001.png (4.85 KB, 557x71, ok uggo.PNG)

Why do idiots get so upset if you bully or kick out ugly villagers lol, my game my rules and uglies are not allowed.

Tomorrows the day Spike's getting replaced by Whitney <333

No. 82861

They're taking it too personally because they're ugly. Everyone in the fanbase very much cares about the looks of villagers and is open about it.

No. 82867

>Because they’re ugly
True, I keep all my ugly villagers lol

No. 82870

i would love to be able to put furniture diagonally

No. 82873

I just got fences and i dont even want to use them yet because i want to be able to move houses around and chop down trees, build bridges, etc. It's the slowest born ever compared to New Leaf and i'm sad my island is shit week one looking shit.

No. 82875

I wish Nintendo would let us, because it's such a simple thing that i would love to do as well, instead of everything being shoved against a flat wall.

No. 82878

samefag but also i wish we could put rugs outside
rooms would be so much better!

No. 82881

Watching as newer villagers move in to personalized fancy homes but the first five (well, four now) villager houses remain little rough wood shanties. It's definitely a growing pet peeve but a small one compared to tool breakage and lack of tool breakage warnings.

No. 82882

I think I have all the Bunny Day furniture and have gotten so many dupe recipes for it, but almost none of the sakura ones. I'm mad as hell.

No. 82914

Anon, if you'd like to trade a pochette/bag for a water rock i'd be happy to craft one for you! I don't have the patience to grind for my missing recipes.

I agree with a lot of anons that the game feels very grindy with minimal payoff. I have played the GC and WW games and miss a lot of staple features and characters. I understand that customization is the focus but the fact that the appearances of the Able Sisters, villagers, and residential services/town hall are all slowly rolled in is frustrating game mechanics.

I thought this was just my shop. I didn't realize there was only a few table items.

No. 82923

rip my mfckn question

No. 82926

You can pick the fences up after you place them.

No. 82928

anon if you'd like I got an extra rock recipe if you need it still!

No. 82988

rock loving anon here, pls if either of you reply i'll love you forever. i don't really know how to organise this but my dodo code is 4PPL4. i can also give you any fruit (save for pear), blue or pink hyacinths and pink windflowers? the only extra recipe i have is for a sleigh

No. 82996

tyyy sweet anon for the visit, am all good for the stones now

No. 83007

How can I get a villager that doesn't have an amiibo to come live on my island?
I want Raymond so bad

No. 83009

Either trade online, find him on a getwaway island or hope he'll be one of the random move ins when one of your current villagers leaves. Those are the only feasible means.

No. 83011

Anons, how many campside visitors have you gotten until now (without timetravelling) if you've been playing since release? I only got one but he didn't move in because I didn't like him better than any of my current villagers lmao. Just want to check out if it's a common thing or it's meant to happen just like once a week. Also, why is K.K here if it's friday? I have a feeling it's because tomorrow there's an event but idk

No. 83014

How can I trade villagers? Sorry for noob question
I got one - Ed. He moved in.

No. 83018

Two visitors around a week apart. One moved in while the other kept declining and I only wanted to fill a house plot before a random moved in. Luckily, Nook Miles island hopping worked out better.
They only show up in the campsite when there's an open housing plot apparently, at least that's my experience.

No. 83019

sorry for samefag but today's K.K. concert is just tragic. 10 stools spread in front of his blocking the resident services door Ed Sheeran guitar ass and not a single villager can be bothered.

No. 83020

and since I misunderstood your question, I've had no campsite villagers since I maxed out housing plots but it's only been five days.

No. 83024

I had only two ( very first one that you have to accept ) and random one. Both were smug types.

No. 83027

I got him through villager cycling which is kinda easy in this game imo but you'd have to time travel.

No. 83030

Nope, got one in my island without amiibo and with all my plots full but I didn't like him so I didn't keep him. It took a full week for any camper to show up though.

No. 83036

It's going to happen eventually but I'm not sure I want to get rid of any of my current villagers. Even jock Mac is kind of endearing now, though yesterday he took up the art of the grift.
>hey I got this HIDEOUS GROOVY BLOUSE but I hate it wanna buy it off me for 3,512 bells??

No. 83038

My island rating is 2 stars. Isabelle says I need to put more objects around for a nicer scenery, but how many tho? I have lots of fences and flowers, but those don't count right? I need stuff like fountains and such?

No. 83039

I got a late start to the game so I didn't have time to get all of the cherry blossom DIYs so I ended up just buying them off someone on eBay. Honestly it worked out well, it was super cheap compared to how much time I would have had to spend on balloon watch.

Anyone know of any etsy shops with homemade cheap-ish amiibo cards/buttons in stock? I rly want Bea and Merengue for my village but all of the etsy and eBay listings are sold out.

No. 83041

Just whatever decorations you're finding (gifts, balloons or tree drops) plus whatever you can craft. It doesn't have to be aesthetically pleasing right now but do try to spread them around the various island sections.

No. 83049

File: 1586549524346.gif (3.03 MB, 359x202, 1494108465737.gif)

Got the last fucking DIY I wanted. Spend god knows how many hours to get finally the cherry tree branches. Fucking hell. I don't care about the shoulder bag anymore, I have everything else and my eyes just fucking hurt right now. I already have fucking war flashbacks when I hear the balloon sounds. Couldn't play this game because every 5 minutes I had to run like an idiot back and forth at the beach jesus christ. Will trade some cards later tho because I got 2x the wooden floor, 1 x wooden wallpaper, 1 x the picnic one and the 1 x sakura petals pile diy's as dupes. But for now I want a rest and craft shit from my 200 cherry petals.

Makes me wonder what you have to do on earth day to get DIY, if there will be any.


> but today's K.K. concert is just tragic. 10 stools spread in front of his blocking the resident services door Ed Sheeran guitar ass and not a single villager can be bothered.

fucking kek

No. 83050

fucking same anon, in fact i'm still grinding rn for the last three diys i need. yet i have multiples of all the easter diys. why did nintendo shit the bag for these seriously? i couldn't imagine not being bored in quarantine rn with the spawn rate of these diys, i literally wouldn't have time for it w work and school and having better shit to do.

No. 83052


It really ruined the entire event for me. I was really excited about it because your town looks extra cute when the trees are pink and especially the last days with the petals flying around were sooo pretty but I couldn't really enjoy any of that because I had to hunt for everything I wanted, while you got whelmed with those goudy easter event DIY's everywhere. They could let you participate mini games or tasks in order to get these and not looking for them in the most time consuming way EVER. At the same time I still wanted to invest time in my island because I just finally started to make proper progress and built lots of shit but in the last days almost nothing happened because I was busy with the dumb ass balloons wow lol
This wasn't a very wholesome experience lmao

No. 83060

btw somebody shows here what happens when you craft all bunny day DIY's. You can feel the disappointment of this player through the screen lmao

No. 83071

I wish Bunny Day would have just been Fri-Sun max it honestly would have been plenty of time to craft everything. Or just a totally different event where on Easter there was an egg hunt on your island and in the eggs there would be bells, furniture, DIY recipes, etc. I don't even like any of the bunny day stuff, but I ended up crafting everything because I had all of the resources and eggs without even trying to complete it… and there's still 2 days left in the event. I have like 200+ eggs in my storage. Selling the craftables makes decent money though.

No. 83098

I just unlocked terraforming today and this is a huge mistake aaaa I’ve made a fucking mess of my island, I want to cry lol. I wish I could reload a save before I fucked shit up

Might just start TTing forward a few days because I have to move so many things around…

No. 83115

I have the opportunity to borrow a switch to play AC, but I was wondering what do I do with my island afterwards. From what I understand, if you go a long time without playing your villagers leave. Should I just delete my island in that case?

No. 83118

I'm terrified of doing this, but I plan to use the Happy Island Designer on github to properly plan out my island. Feels like it'll take a long time but I know I'll ruin it otherwise. I have like 12 different sections I want to do and it'll be a hot mess otherwise.

I only got like 3 of the sakura DIY recipes. I must've popped like 15-20 balloons on fri and sat and not ONE, just coal or money mainly, I was starting to think it was a glitch. Just got the branches, petal pile and pochette. So saddened by it because it all looked so cute.

No. 83120

I bought a copy of New Leaf because I wasn’t sure if I wanted to buy a Switch just for one game. The only thing is that I don’t have any 3DS friends, so do you just randomly add people from places like Reddit and 4chan to visit their villages?

No. 83121

anon you might try going to the bell tree forums, its a hangout place for animal crossing related things and there's still a lot of active new leaf players on there!

No. 83131

villagers will never leave without your permission

No. 83135

That’s a good idea, thanks! I forgot that I can post about it on my tumblr too.

No. 83147

in new leaf they did, not sure about new horizons

No. 83148

when someone's villager is in boxes (moving out) you can visit and talk to them to move to ur island

No. 83191

What did everyone think of the fishing tourney? I'm so frustrated, I got to gold trophy level I have 14 doubles of items but I still don't have the floor! I don't understand why the prizes are random instead of tiered?

No. 83192

Glad I'm not the only one who didn't get the floor.

I did get 3 walls, 3 fish pouches (the little fish purse) 3 drying fish racks, 2 anchors, 3 rugs, 2 fishing rod stands and 2 coolers, 2 fish print of the same fish. Those were my doubles…I got triples of what I didn't want but didn't get the 1 item I needed lol>>83131

No. 83198

Apparently the floor is a Nook Bros. shop item and wasn't a contest prize for some strange reason.
I liked the contest well enough but didn't have a huge amount of time and only realized "use bait, idiot" in the final 30 minutes.

No. 83199

The floor isn’t a prize, you got them all

No. 83207

If anyone needs any cherry blossom recipes made for them I have all of them. Add me on discord @mimamima2 #4606. Don’t need anything in return, just give me the petals to make it for you!

No. 83211

Oh that's really weird, well I feel better now at least considering how much time I sunk into the event.

No. 83220

Finally this piece of shit egg event is ending tomorrow thank god

No. 83221

How much petals is blossom lantern? Dunno if I have enough left.

No. 83232

I think it might be 5? I have a lot though so I can cover some of it, just give me what you can!

No. 83239

>random person joins my normie friend’s stream
>brags about how they spent 220 hours on the game and somehow got 500+ nook mile tickets to search for all their favorite meme villagers like Raymond and Ankha
>obvious time-traveler and someone who buys tickets off eBay since they already have the upgraded shop
>friend is super impressed by their island and thinks they’re the “best animal crossing player ever”
why does this annoy me so much for being just a dumb children’s game

No. 83241


Came here to say the same thing lmao
Thank god it's finally over and no more events until earth day because the past days has been a bit overwhelmed with everything.
This egg shit was extra annoying when you wanted to farm materials because you ended getting only stupid eggs and nothing you really needed to craft useful things for you. They could've made it for one weekend or so and not TWO WEEKS.

I also wanted to ask if random villagers stop to appear on your island tours? Because at the beginning I got some by inviting them over but they stopped to be there for some reason?
I got my new neighbors by inviting them over on my camping site via amiibo cards but I wanted to get my tenth one by randomly meeting them. How do I get to meet new villagers?

No. 83242

Feeling pretty salty that we get one last slap to the face with villagers apparently not handing out any DIY today though.

No. 83259

You have to buy a plot first, and then they will appear on islands.
If you don't invite someone before 5 AM, Nook will move in a rando.

No. 83302

You need 6 and I believe 4 hardwood. I also have all of the recipes for both bunny day and sakura

No. 83316

Can you meet the same villager twice on nook miles islands?

No. 83337

>buying nook tickets on ebay

ok, seriously.. what the fuck??

No. 83339

I want Ed so bad!! I had him on new Leaf since day one and he became my favorite next to Muffy.

No. 83353

File: 1586796976612.jpg (543.35 KB, 1080x1080, 1586795297910.jpg)

No. 83354

Yeah I came across Vic twice on random islands. I also think the villagers you get depend on what personality is missing from your island (ex. If you don't have a cranky you'll find more cranky villagers on island, etc, etc)

No. 83371

They sell in sets of hundreds and are from people who have hacked Switches. Many people buy them to try to find meme villagers, particularly Raymond since he has no amiibo.

No. 83392

lol, I got raymond as my first camper today but I dont like him. should I try to get him to move in a few days and sell him to someone for hella bells??

No. 83394

You can get real money for him if you want. He was going for $100+ for a while on eBay but I think that price has gone down by half now that people are selling hacked Raymonds. He is still the most valuable villager at the moment though.

No. 83399

That reminds me of when NL came out everyone was losing their shit over Marshal. You could trade him for millions of bells on the villager black market lol. Really though I don't see the appeal of everyone having the same villagers.

No. 83402

yeah I might try to trade him for some stuff if the time comes. although, I get pathetically attached to all of my villagers, even the starters I got that I initially hated (rocket and buck). I know I want them to move out because the starter villagers never get nice houses/furnishings apparently but I feel bad… so I will probably start liking raymond

I wanted to try trading on some of the different reddit pages for nook mile items (I want a blue striped lighthouse, amongst other color ways of nook mile items) but I feel like people have such ridiculous requests or want super rare/obscure items in exchange. i'm already behind everyone bc I got a switch end of march and don't have anything people want

No. 83403

It gets complicated when the villager you're missing is the rarest personality type, like uchi/sisterly. You're going to find 30k miles worth of normals on those islands. At least that's my experience.

No. 83409

Do you think nintendo is going to ban people for hacked items? I know new leaf had a save editor too but it feels like it came out way later. it hasn't even been a month and there's already been a duplication glitch and now this.

No. 83607

They're taking such a hands-off approach right now, it's hard to say what they're going to do.

I am very very tired of the Able Sisters and Kicks (haven't seen Label yet) and their nothing you'd ever want to buy not even on a whim stock. How many fucking days do we need dance team jackets and pants in rotation? And no, Kicks, I don't need canary yellow cleats or a rattan Golden Girls bag.

No. 83616

I unlocked terraforming couple days ago but the paths are making me CRAZY. Why can't they connect with each other and the plaza? So stupid.

No. 83648

The rotation of clothes has gotten old for me too. Here’s hoping for updates/dlc soon.

No. 83678

File: 1586953606959.jpg (34.3 KB, 400x240, pway.JPG)

I really miss Tortimer island in New Leaf and it's turtles and mini-games, but instead we got some John Lennon-wannabe guy… Where u can only take pics. Lame. It was so fun, hopefully they will add it at some point.

No. 83679

So is Tortimer still in the series? That would be such a let down if the devs took him out completely. I never got to play New Leaf but he was such a cute character in the first 3 games. When you first meet him in the village, he asks you who you respect the most and if you choose "my grandpa" he gets so happy. He even started reminding me of my grandpa.

No. 83680

I doubt it… I haven't seen him in New Horizons at all. People thought that he's dead because of a grave in a trailer, but it turned out to be ghost NPCs grave.

In New Leaf, he invites you to visit his Island where he spends time with his family and relaxes. You have to pay 1000 bells every now and then in order to travel there. I really liked the fact how a turtle who helps us to get to Island would always sing a wholesome or funny song and would always say something nice. The island is very tiny, but it's good for catching expensive creatures at night. You can buy island-only furniture or clothing with points that you unlock by playing mini-games with Tortimer (theres about 3 of them), or you could just get a tiny bit of bells by playing 'supermarket' with baby turtle called Leila. There's also a nice turtle grandma who sells stuff. It was one of my fave parts of the game.

No. 83684

Useful video based on datamined info. There are links in the description if you don’t want to watch, as well as a very long google doc that explains how hybrids work in this game (good luck to everyone whos going to try for blue roses!)

No. 83694


Ugh, yeah, I hate it.

No. 83701

I do wish there was an easier way to get to certain islands, even a small sliver would be nice

No. 83704

Just got out of the suffering that is visiting some random dodo code island that was posted on 4chan where they claim turnips go for 457 bells. Every single step to Nook's cranny was interuptted by an upcoming visitor, a literal passion of the christ. Thank god they weren't lying and those turnips really were 457 bells. I'm rich now, time to pay off debts.

No. 83705

Glad it worked out for you, it's funny when a 4chan offer is more legit than many others.

No. 83712

New Horizons makes me realize how much of a better game New Leaf is in so many ways. I hope there will be updates in the future because i am just bored of NH already

No. 83716

As someone who doesn't own a switch, this makes me kind of happy lol. I've been playing New Leaf a lot lately and it's still very fun. But I think that they're going to keep adding stuff to New Horizons so don't lose hope.

No. 83722

Selling turnips seems to be extremely painful no matter what. Unless you have close friends who aren’t going to flood their towns, most people are asking for things like absurd amounts of bells and nook miles tickets. I’ve been seeing people even asking for actual money. I really dislike the /vg/ threads on 4chan because they’re full of obvious underaged dumbasses and coomers but I’ve been getting a ton of free and good DIYs from them and they at least usually don’t charge to sell turnips. At this point, I’m nearing 300 DIY learned thanks to them and also got a ton of spare ones to give to my irl friends.

No. 83739

Would online for a month be worth it for this game? This is pretty much the only online game I have for my switch and there's a few things I want I can't get myself. I don't have anyone added on my firends list because there was no reason to without online, but is it as bad playing with random people this time as it was on New Leaf?

No. 83755

the online aspect is really janky and as opposite of smooth as you can get, but it's pretty much the only way to get certain things if that's important to you.
The game has a large captive audience right now and some of the more edgelordish sometimes take great pleasure in leaving stupid clothing designs in your Able Sisters shop, but it doesn't seem too bad.

If you have the 7 day free trial code for Nintendo Online (it should have come with Animal Crossing) and haven't used one yet, give it a try and go from there.

No. 83796

Completely worth it!

That said it's my first AC game and i really love it and the online aspects are a big part of that.

No. 83837

It's annoying when people say time travelling ruins the games message and economy when people asking 2 million bells for 1 item actually does it.

No. 83843

still doesn't stop me from silently judging people who time traveling. also, the game's economy was long ruined when that duping glitch was discovered and people duped crowns for bells.

No. 83859

dude it's a game. why does it matter if someone time travels in their own game?

some of you just love to have something to bitch about.

No. 83862

File: 1587067272562.jpg (29.6 KB, 400x302, IMG_20200414_011713.jpg)

>a videogame's economy
>people thinking villers are harrassing them
>people starting wars over time travelling
>people that don't time travel wanting a name for themselves uwu
>people praising that genders aren't mentioned when creating a character uwuwuwuw
>nobody talks about how sexist the villagers' personalities are

I want to make a cute wholesome game that manages to get a fanbase as delusional, fussy and entitled as this one kek.

No. 83864

you sure are taking offense for me just stating my opinion. i don't actually care that much and am not really complaining, geez. play however the fuck you want. just don't expect me to be impressed or blown away by an obviously time-traveled town.

No. 83865

Anyone bothered by someone else time traveling is either an idiot who has NEVER played Animal crossing or a try hard trying to be pure and cool by not doing it. I'm not chopping down trees and hitting rocks for hours a day for a fraction of what i owe tom nooks

No. 83868

one of my friends actually brought up the gendered personalities and it made me wish the personality types weren't so strict on structuring based on gender. some overlap would be nice (i.e. lazy females, peppy males). of course, that'd probably require effort on the team in writing more new dialogue so that will never happen.

No. 83870

This. Where did all the outrage over TT come from? Smashfag infiltration? Wether or not you TT doesn't make you better or worse than anyone else and if you think it does you're an insufferable tool who's taking this game way too seriously.

Can villagers ask to come to your house or for you to come to their house like they could in past games? I've only gotten 2 favors so far and they were both "hey go deliver this to x by tomorrow". I miss playing hide and seek with the villagers in city folk.

No. 83871

that will never happen not because it would take effort (why would it? if lazy females existed, they would talk the same way lazy males do now) but because japanese society reinforces gender roles (not that other countries don't, but you know how Asian countries see feminism and female liberation…).

No. 83873

wasn't there some rumor that the AC staff were in disbelief over the western release not wanting the customization screen to not include explicit gender? admittedly, "choose your style" is a stupid way to word it but i think it was a step in the right direction.

No. 83880

No one cares

No. 83885

They definitely don't visit the player's home.

No. 83888

Source? Since New Leaf, we were able to get 'male and female' hair styles, which is nice. NH makes it so nice and easy. No one cares about gender shit since it doesnt really exist in both NL and NH.

No. 83889

i just read somewhere they were just "wtf" about the decision in the west to not explicitly call it choosing your gender. just might further confirm that one anon i replied to about how they're just ultra rigid about gender in japan. like you said, it's nice that they made it easier to stylize however you want in this game since you still had to wait unlock both genders' hairstyles in nl.

No. 83894

I've had one treasure hunt request (aka "I hid something! Go find it :D") from a villager but that's about it so far…

No. 83907

i mean i'm not the only openly saying i'd judge someone for how they chose to play their game but okay anon.

No. 83915

once again, you just sound a bit assmad about a minor opinion. it’s not like i said that someone is the scum of the earth for time-traveling in a fucking kid’s game. the most i feel about it is that i just find it a bit lame.

No. 83931

Hi guys! Can a villager leave without you knowing ? (Asking that because I know it happened in New Leaf, not sure it's the same in New Horizons)

ENG translators removed gender in-game. I am playing from JP version and its has Female and Male at the beginning.

No. 83936

I've been TTing a lot and every time a villager has asked to move out. The general opinion I've seen is that it has been changed from NL so that you have to give your permission for a villager to move out. Along with no more rotting flowers, I think the team are just trying to minimise any punishment for players who don't pick up the game for a while in between game sessions.

No. 83944

nitpick but its annoying that we can't pick up flowers with Y in new leaf and have to use a shovel. Whilst i am terraforming i always forget and go press Y and pick up just the flowers and not the whole thing. It's really frustrating especially when you have to move like 5+ flowers.

No. 83945

same anon, i meant like in new leaf. Im talking about new horizons here.

No. 83992

This is kinda lame. But now I want to TT to get 99k in interest money over and over again since there's no penalty for it.

No. 84000

no it's not. being able to freely chose male or female would have been a good idea (which is how it works in japan), but removing it entirely was fucking stupid.

No. 84020

what difference would it make if you chose genders though? the characters all look the same, it's not like you get curves or anything for picking female.

No. 84024

I'm confused. I play the game in a gender languages so obviously characters refer to me as female, but I thought smug villagers were flirty with female protagonists only even in NH, is that not true?

No. 84051

File: 1587156727772.png (590.54 KB, 2604x1102, HappyIslandDesigner.png)

i haven't unlocked terraforming yet but im trying to figure out what ill do. I want to do as little as possible bc I know ill be bad at it. any tips or advice? this is my general plan… obviously there will be more trees and stuff I just got tired of putting them. I want my island to have a natural cozy feel

No. 84060

I'm terrified of fucking up my island. This post >>83098 read like a warning from the future at the time.
No useful advice but I like that you're planning to spread your resident houses around.

No. 84063

Does anyone have high turnip prices on their island? I'll give you a nook miles ticket and every fruit in the game in return

No. 84073

File: 1587171445694.jpg (211.49 KB, 2048x2048, ee47cc61e455a2463e72587b474086…)

yeah I def recommend using happy island designer to plan terraforming, if I couldn't plan it like this I probably wouldn't touch it at all because I don't want to ruin my island. I like the layout generally just want to change a few things. it's going to be hella expensive to move all of the buildings though, wish I would have had the foresight when I first started

I love the general vibe of this island also

No. 84075

I made 4 million dollars selling turnips today. This shit is addicting I will never touch gambling in real life after this.

No. 84093

Just unlocked terraforming and tbh I don't really want to touch up my island right now. I like the layout and I weirdly enjoy working with constrain.

No. 84111

I think this Island would be really hard or nearly impossible to recreate. Too much work.

Really like how yours >>84051
seems more like reality! I like how your island plan looks like so far. Simple and cozy.

No. 84132

File: 1587239946762.jpg (193.47 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20200418-155816_Chr…)

So really my first time spending more than a few minutes in game and then putting it on sleep mode.(normally just go shopping and then would get off)
Is it normal for dodo codes to be a pain in the ass to do? I've been trying for over 2 hours and I get either island is full, nook phone open, or the code is disconnected.

Also probably just being a poor fag, but remodeling your island is expensive af. I regret where I have placed things.

No. 84143

File: 1587249059035.jpg (414.27 KB, 652x459, liHLvAu.jpg)

I'm honestly really in love this game. I've never played AC games before so I don't have reference to it being worse or better than previous ones, I just enjoy it as it is. (I've been playing Pocket Camp like crazy tho but doesn't really count.)

At first I found this to be a bit boring and collecting resources and money felt like repetitive chores, but after I got the shops I got over that feeling. Then when the K.K. concert happened and I got terraforming and I started to invest in turnips (=got money to rearrange shit), and most importantly, when the egg event was over, that's when I really started to LOVE it.

I like the characters and their interactions with each other and me, the island feels alive. Definitely not perfect, there are ton of annoying things that you guys have already pointed out but I still enjoy it. I guess I just really like the creative aspect and the community, I've made AC friends out of strangers and we visit each others islands daily and just have fun.


No. 84210

I am going crazy trying to get rid of my ugly ass villagers. I've been trying since yesterday and I've achieved nothing.
Have you guys had any success with time traveling to kick out villagers? How do you keep track of them? It's so hard for me to find at least two of my weirdos per time travel, so maybe I have missed them wanting to move out…
I want to enjoy my game without having to deal with Octavian and Chops lmfao

No. 84232

Thought I'd share this here for anons to enjoy: https://villagerdb.com/

It's a database for (most) available furniture, collectibles and other items in NH at the moment. Since there's no easy way to check when in the shop if you've already bought an item, I've been using this to make a list to catalog everything I have. Much easier then running back to the catalog in-game to check.

You can also use it to create wishlists! Which anons should share here so we could start some in-thread trading :) I'll start, these are the remaining fossils I need to complete my museum: https://villagerdb.com/user/hoppip/list/fossils-needed

If anybody has them, I'll be happy to pay IGB (in-game bells), trade for fossils you might be missing, or trade other items for them!

No. 84234

Sometimes when you time travel you’ll see one of your villagers thinking and saying “what should I do…”, if you talk to them they’ll say they were thinking about moving and it’ll give you the option to tell them to stay or leave. It’s not always the villager you want to leave so you have to keep time traveling, but I think the chances of it being the villager you want increases if you ignore them a lot. Of course there’s always the option to talk to Isabelle about a villager to get them to leave faster, but I haven’t tried that yet because I feel bad lol.

No. 84236

No. 84273

File: 1587322898795.jpg (80.41 KB, 933x698, IMG_20200419_140129.jpg)

Does anyone have good turnip prices right now

No. 84283

Do villagers leave on their own? Like do they grow tired of the island and…move on?

No. 84299

On a Sunday??

No. 84300

I wish there was more to the morning announcements. I just get the same 3 or 4 dialogues every day except when there's been a birthday or someone at the campsite. Never had the meteor shower one either even when there's been shooting stars. I get that there isn't a lot to say but even just announcing visitors like CJ/Flick/Saharah would give some variety and actually be useful.

Also, how often are people seeing shooting stars? For the first few days of playing they were pretty much constant every night but I've only seen ~30 since then, and most of those were during a Celeste visit.

No. 84306

I don't know but I got over 200 from my first Celeste visit.

No. 84308

Finally got the nice cock QR code

No. 84317

I used bootleg amiibo cards to evict my shitty villagers.

No. 84321

I've had four nights of shooting stars but two of them didn't last very long at all, like 30-40 minutes.
On another note I've had two days of rain in however many days it's been since release. Others say they've had a lot more. Probably just RNG for most of it.

No. 84328

I’ve heard that shooting stars can pretty much occur during any clear night you have (and it’s happened for me like that 2-3 times, not very much stars though). When Isabelle says there’s a meteor shower you’re guaranteed a fuckton of shooting stars as opposed to a measly like 25 or so (have also heard that they come in batches but are very slow, I usually wish on about 5 stars when there’s no announcement and then leave because I don’t feel like sitting around waiting for more batches).

No. 84330

Yes still takes the two weeks. Just ignore them.

No. 84341

No they won't move out on their own!

Ignoring them does help prompt dialogue where they think about moving.

I've time travelled from april to September and no one moved out. No one was in boxes either.

No. 84346

it's only half serious but have you tried giving them insulting gifts? bargain bin moths, wharf roaches etc.
I gave Phoebe a moth (she was staring at one fluttering around a light for 20 minutes!) and she didn't seem too fond of the gift. Phoebe asked if she should leave the next week.

No. 84352

the closest i've had to villagers moving out on their own was when i had someone camping in my campsite and i picked the prompts that encouraged them to move in. once i did that, they mentioned that there were no free plots, but then said "but xx mentioned they were thinking about moving out…" and eventually after a few other dialogues the villager i had been ignoring moved out and the camping villager moved into their plot

anyway i'm loving the game and playing all the time, and maybe its just because im time traveling bc ADD and i play too much, but im kinda disappointed by the lack of variety in dialogue. i notice a lot of my villagers say the same things and it makes them seem less individual and fun like they did in previous games. also wish the morning announcements were more varied because i get the same ones all the time. still addicted though so its a minor complaint lol

No. 84366

idk if time travel throws off their development (if they really develop) but my smug villager went from polite and pleasant to using me as a messenger to deliver unflattering clothing to other villagers. He seems disappointed if they decide they like the gift.

No. 84367

Forgot to add that there are definitely stock lines that you're going to hear a LOT no matter what. It's probably worse when you're playing a lot.

No. 84369

File: 1587377480202.jpg (76.86 KB, 630x1024, IMG_20200420_111032.jpg)

Can't believe there are people like this

No. 84372

imagine getting this upset over how some people choose to play a game

No. 84416

Be careful not to walk with tools when attempting to evict your villagers. I just fucked up by attempting to talk to Mira when walking around with a net. Apparently I whacked her on head so good she forgot she wanted to move. Luckily she was still planning to move when I reentered the game after closing without saving, but you never know.

No. 84418

LOL Imagine being this butthurt about villagers. Twitter is such a toxic shithole.

No. 84422

Good!! I remember losing my favorite villager Ed (horse/jock type) because i went on a week long vacation and didnt bring my 3ds and he left when i got home. I was pissed forever about that. Villagers moving out when you arent playing and having a real life outside the game was always bullshit, so i'm glad they changed that.

>no rotting flowers

Nice, but what's the point of the watering can then?

No. 84426

the watering can is to breed them and get hybrid flowers!

No. 84460

I've been watching a lot of island tours on youtube because I love seeing what other people are doing, and I notice that a lot of 5 star islands are filled to the brim with furniture, sometimes there's not a single space on the island that hasn't been filled or decorated in some way. Sometimes that looks really good, but what are people going to do when new things get added to the game like new furniture or buildings? gonna have to rework the whole layout of the island?

also does anyone else have this weird hangup where they don't want to terraform in a way that keeps the residents from getting to certain parts of the island? I really like the idea of jumping across stepping stones to get to some areas but then my villagers wouldn't be able to get there and that part of the island would be isolated :/

No. 84468

File: 1587406391572.png (532.95 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_20200420-004026.png)

A player shared datamined info. Can't confirm the validity of it but sounds interesting.



No. 84470

File: 1587406479314.png (348.84 KB, 1186x1400, Screen Shot 2020-04-20 at 11.1…)


No. 84471

File: 1587406576709.png (385.61 KB, 1092x1416, Screen Shot 2020-04-20 at 11.1…)

No. 84504


Many things that Ninji posted in the past has been confirmed so I really, really, REALLY cross my fingers for the bushes and veggies because I really want more nature variety on my island. The lack of bushes really bothered me since I'm one of those people who love the more forest type of towns and my island is pretty much a huge garden at the moment, so this is something I really want.


ty for this anon!


I was just thinking the same thing when I watched video related. It's no doubt super impressive but it's also very full. The guy who made the island said that he will change the layout of it again so I guess those people do change their island as they please when new stuff gets added.

No. 84519


and this freaking island

No. 84630

trying to keep my expectations low in case some of it turns out to be cut content but I hope it's all real. Just reading it made me kind of excited

No. 84726

File: 1587450872822.gif (968.07 KB, 245x145, hurry tf up.gif)

I swear to god if Nook's Cranny doesn't update soon

No. 84752

I ordered some of those knock off amibo cards and im just so excited to have cute villagers without having to spend like £30 for each card.

No. 84762

Hey guys, do you know if Katie is in New Horizons? I really miss this unique lost cat who always tries to find her mom. Shame if she's not there.

No. 84765

I dont think she is in NH

No. 84767

Well, looks like that dataminer was right about a lot of things for the new update! I'm so excited to have Redd back since I always loved having an art gallery in the museum. Also so glad to have shrubs back.

No. 84768

File: 1587476690377.jpg (168.6 KB, 720x592, 20200421_154459.jpg)

No. 84771


fuck, I love everything about this update and hell yeah bushes! And omg wedding day lmao this is so cute awww

No. 84777

I just saw that island video last night. I have basically nothing on my island. it's crazy to see people such insane terraforming. I cant imagine how much time and bells that was.

No. 84778

I hope Redd comes back!! He was my favorite part of New leaf. I learned a lot about some of those paintings through him

No. 84797

Redd is back, he's in the update video here >>84767

No. 84818

I wasted a huge chunk of land in order to make a winding, foresty path that leads to my campsite but regret nothing because it looks fucking great.

I don’t have any wide stretches of space to dedicate to an orchard anymore which makes me sort of sad, but then I think about how I don’t really need one anymore lol. Not for fruit selling at least, since I’m rich from the stalk market, paid off my house, and only ever pay to move buildings around (and everything is pretty much set now). I guess it would be nice to have an organized orchard to make collecting wood easier, but having neat little rows of trees feels so inorganic and goes against the feel I’m going for. My forest path has trees thrown around randomly with lots of flowers so wood collecting is such a pain in the ass but I guess this is the price I have to pay for ~*~*~aesthetic~*~*~. How do you anons have your orchards set up, if you have any?

No. 84873

where do you guys go to find nice QR codes? i can't justify buying a switch lite right now (local currency is weak and it's almost 400$ for the switch lite and AC), but i'm going to start saving them and planning my island anyways

No. 84895

I find so many on twitter! A lot of people I follow play AC (none of them are AC only twitters) so I see them show up as likes or rts. Just searching works too. My friends and I have a channel in our discord dedicated to dumping cute qrsbthat we find.

No. 84897


I had Admiral move in, I talked to him like normal and didn't ignore him or anything and he wanted to move out 2 days later. Idk why but it doesn't necessarily take 2 weeks and they might do it on their own without ignoring or annoying them. I think there is a random component

No. 84903

Anyone know any good discord servers to join for AC? There seems to be turnip spike today I'm selling for 434 bells rn

No. 84906

i also had random people get the thought bubble and ask if they should move out even though i talk to all of them all the time. it was usually around 2 week mark, give or take. so they don't really move out on their own, you gotta let them…which i think is to minimize the punishment if you don't play for a while?

No. 84917

I had Rosie move in and 3 days later she wanted to move out. I think at times it's just random.

TT does help prompt one of them to want to move out faster but sometimes they just wanna ditch.

No. 85048

if you are aware of a day one of your animals wanted to move out, you can TT to it and keep on reloading game from the main menu until another villager gets it. Or it's one that should stay, exit with or without saving and try again until you get the result you want

No. 85062

Not same anon, but links to any actual good AC accounts for QR codes?

No. 85133

Did you find some sort of guide on doing this? Or could you give a brief rundown yourself? I'm wanting to get one specific villager as well.

No. 85728

File: 1587561531373.jpg (9.38 KB, 225x225, download.jpg)

Anyone interested in buying Bam off me? He's moving tomorrow, I'm looking for an offer of in-game bells only..

No. 85750

you just go to aliexpress and buy the card you want. once you get it you invite via Nook terminal 3 times. What more info do you want?

No. 85766

original anon, there are some guides out there to make your own but I cba. I just bought pre-made knock off ones from etsy! just search something like 'amiibo card' or 'amiibo coins' and knock off ones should come up. Then usually they just ask you to put the name of which one you want when you buy it.

No. 85828

What is it about the uchi personality that's so weird? Renée just asked if she should leave, after being very involved with most of the villagers and giving me all sorts of tasks. Previously, Phoebe asked to leave and I let her. Somehow, this maxed out her friendship.

No. 85836

My first experience villager hunting was so awful (was looking for a specific villager, gave up after 9 tries when I found Olive) that I absolutely hate doing it. Now, when I want to do multiple trips so I can stock up on building materials while I’m at it, I keep finding good villagers on my first island lol. Found Zucker and Lolly like this.

No. 85839

I've Villager hunted twice, first time got June, second time got Bianca, truly blessed.

No. 85842

is the only way to get more flower types by trading w/ other people? my shop has only sold pansies, hyacinths, tulips, and windflowers… same with fruit. I still need pears and apples

NTA but i usually just look on tumblr under "acnh custom designs" or just "acnh" ive found most of my stuff on the blog acnhcustomdesigns, they have posts organized by category + theme. also /r/acqr sometimes

No. 85843

You can get roses in your shop but I think it's rare. They can also be your native flowers I think.

No. 85847

I have a peach town and one of my villagers gave me an orange after I did a favor for them. This is in New Leaf though.

No. 85848

People are speculating that Leif might sell flower seeds rare to your island, so there's that. Otherwise, yes, you'll have to trade with other people.

No. 85849

Think I saw a reddit post a few days ago saying that the flowers available from the shop change depending on the month. Like >>85848 said though, Leif sells flower seeds too so he'll probably have the ones you're missing. Fruit you'll need to trade with other players.

No. 85855

i have native roses in my town.

No. 85856

Ah, I didn't know there were just straight up cards pre-made.
Thanks so much for explaining to me, I appreciate it.

No. 85857

which type of bed would look best for a hospital type room? maybe the poolside bed could pass as a hospital bed. i am making a planned parenthood clinic on my island

No. 85868

Ooooh, would you be willing to open your gates anytime tonight, anon?

No. 85871

nta but PLEASE come take some of my roses, I have way too many flowers rn it's actually a problem

No. 85877

File: 1587600802451.png (34.15 KB, 618x618, they slashed our funding again…)

Due to budget cuts, try the cardboard bed.

No. 85878

Maybe the light brown or natural version of the tatami bed?

No. 85880

I'm actually looking for the diy recipe for this and all the cardboard furniture if anyone has it

I hope they add a gurney, im making a chernobyl exclusion zone island myself. Speaking of, does anyone have custom designs featuring like… pools of blood, the elaphants foot, or vomit?

No. 85885

I needed cardboard to get Cole tonight and didnt have any. i'm so salty. Why do i have to make shit for villagers to move in? I hate the crafting system in ACNH.

No. 85896

File: 1587615916320.jpeg (144.36 KB, 1280x720, 60F9D983-0F42-49E0-8563-74475A…)

A friend of mine is in a acnh group and someone had Colton moving out. I almost was about to go to bed when I saw her message but immediately hopped on to plop down a new housing plot (have been saving one for if this would happen haha) and went to this person’s island. It’s so stupid and lame but I really got emotional seeing him in this game and now I finally get to have him on my new island!!!! New Leaf was my first game, and I didn’t really know about the villagers or that there were ones who were more popular than others. I played played on my cousin’s copy over winter break before she eventually just gave me the copy (because she saw how much I loved the game lol) and I never restarted because I grew so attached to all the villagers already living there, and Colton especially was my best friend in NL. I’ve been so determined to get him, and tomorrow he’s coming home!!

I’m going to eventually move his home next to mine and put down a nice rose garden for us. I’m so stupidly happy. I’m gonna treat my friend out to one of our favorite food spots when quarantine is over because she was able to find him for me (and of course I left the person I got him from a tip!!! money is no object when it comes to my sweet boy!)

No. 85900

I kinda want to see his furniture now, he has a cool wallpaper and floor in NH.

No. 85911

Congrats anon! I’ve had Colton on my island for a while now and let me just say that boy is such a cutie!

No. 85923

File: 1587642498034.jpg (37.46 KB, 400x240, e07a1a82b914ad19390aea98db0f36…)

Try googling ACNL QR codes, for example "acnl qr code blood

No. 85950

Hello it’s >>83098 !! I just came back to say that even though I wrecked my island for the first few days, I really do think my island has come a long way and is starting to look very nice! There are still areas that look off or are unfinished, but I’m starting to focus on it area by area now that my shops and homes are pretty much where I want them to be. I hope your terraforming is going well and for those who haven’t gotten it yet- good luck!!

I was mad with power and now I’m just chilling out haha. Having friends come over and compliment my island feels so nice!!!

No. 85951

dropped sage oops

No. 85955

haha I'm really glad you recovered from that.
I finally dipped my toe into terraforming, the goal was to extend a tiny bit of cliff slightly so I could line a staircase up against the cliff itself so as to not jut out into my planned fruit orchard. It's a struggle to get it to look less artificial, it lost that nice natural edge. This whole thing takes a lot of getting used to.

No. 85961

Can you play the new game on pc? I only got a nintendo ds

No. 85964

it's a Switch exclusive, they're probably enjoying the increased hardware sales too much for it to ever reach PC or other platforms

No. 85986

So, I've been playing ACNH for a few weeks now and I noticed that when Alfonso got a flea, I got rid of it, the next day he was sick! And this same thing cycled around all my other villagers. Had this happened for anyone else?

No. 85999

File: 1587695083766.jpg (94.18 KB, 612x408, i dun goofd.jpg)

that hasn't happened here, but fleas have been wearing my villagers out in the past few weeks.
also advice for anyone who needs it: letting your flowers grow wild is pretty for a while and you'll get some great hybrids, but fuck, it's a mess to organize and clear up when shrubs come into the picture

No. 86003

Anyone have any luck or experience with a moat type thing? Like I'm thinking of having my house on tier 3 land at the top of the map, with a moat surrounding but I've only just gotten terraforming so I'm kinda worried, anything would be great thanks.

No. 86004

i already know i'm going to be miserable when i get to actually planning out my island. atm i've just been throwing random furniture and plants and fences everywhere since i'm trying to focus on getting a 5 star island for that golden can and jacobs ladders. the requirement to get it is just horrendous..why so much furniture to get 5 stars…

No. 86046

Woke up to a purple hyacinth, two purple mums, and a purple tulip. Feeling blessed.

No. 86049

anyone on the discord? someone there tried to sell me a lighthouse for 45 nmt… just me or seems insanely overpriced?

I hate that people expect so much for stupid shit like getting a diy from celeste or shopping at their able sisters. I am happy to tip but hate entry fees. Any time someone just says to tip or that they don't need anything at all, I give them at least a couple nmt.

No. 86050

Idk the going rate but that sounds insane. I've found the facebook groups for ac are very friendly and generous though, you could ask there and you'll probably get a better price.

Which colorway of lighthouse do you want? I have white in my nook shopping but I really want the blue stripe one.