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File: 1604203089844.jpg (302.28 KB, 988x1144, 1579083401605.jpg)

No. 5757

Discuss and provide screenshots of the most cringe-worthy anons.
examples of lolcows on lolcow: admin, necessaryspeed4, hamchan, any notorious ban evaders

No. 5758

I've never seen a more retarded thread.

No. 5759

I nominate this anon.

No. 5760

This is old but definitely nomimating Finnanon

No. 5761

Any anon who comments in a thread with something akin to "I showed her picture to my boyfriend and he said she's ugly and he would not have sex with her."

No. 5762

Shit thread but neetlita

No. 5763


No. 5764

The chick who still sends nudes to ProJared.

No. 5765

Gonna go with this too. I've heard she was a nightmare in the discords too.

No. 5766

How about that anon who would come into threads on OT like twice a week rambling about how much she wanted to kill her roommate?

No. 5767

Can you elaborate? I don't know anything about the discord lol

No. 5768

That's neetlita I think

Not really, unfortunately. Just remember seeing another anon offhandedly mention it in the friend finder thread.

No. 5769

File: 1604210519398.jpeg (100.98 KB, 1242x503, 34FA7F0E-8837-479B-90B8-D7559A…)


^ This whole thread honestly.

The creator of the thread ended up being a huge lolcow herself, pretending to be friends with other girls and then posting them.
As soon as she starts getting posted herself though she has a huge meltdown and spergs out trying to defend herself.
All of her posts are marked and it’s cringiest, milkiest thing I’ve read in awhile.

Pic related, the most depressing self defense I have ever seen. Claiming not to be babivampire defending herself.

No. 5770

isn't this already a thread on ot or am I hallucinating?

No. 5771

All the sex worker anons

No. 5772

ot much?

hard agree

No. 5773

What is the context of this image? Is this the same admin who was screeching about mug privileged white wahmen on discord? Why did she cut herself?

No. 5774

You’ve been playing too much Dangan Ronpa or some shit if you think that’s blood kek

No. 5775


Nta but while there's no blood there, you can still see some scars on the arm, which look like self-harm. I guess that's what anon saw.

No. 5776

Ayrt didn't even mention blood?. legitimately confused kek.

No. 5777

This and the ana-chans who think any cow who happens to be on the chubby side is an obese fatty that should lay off the rolos. Oh, and honorable mentions go to the /ot/fags and the de/g/enrates. Specially the peefags.

No. 5778

File: 1604224620040.png (168.7 KB, 1077x1071, adminlogs.png)

Here's admin talking about how much she hates kids cause she's infertile (cope) and how her "chad" boyfriend can't can't even be bothered to see her on her birthday.

No. 5779

File: 1604225205716.png (308.04 KB, 2359x1071, moddiscord.png)

And this is from the mod discord, ingenue is admin btw

No. 5780

…Was this thread made just to stealth shit on admin?

No. 5781

I'm not the one who made the thread and she's probably going to delete it cause it will give her more diarrhea, but it shouldn't surprise anyone that the admin of a lolcow site is a lolcow herself.

I'm just posting the stuff I have.

No. 5782

Yall remember Erin? That was such a fun time I miss her.

No. 5783

She seems very insecure about being Hispanic. I don't think anyone cares about her being brown except herself. I mean she gets triggered that much because the majority of us are white and somehow this makes her feel like a servant? And yes she should have thicker skin who cares if a bunch of random people on the internet think you might be a tranny kek.

Also is the meghan mod the one that shits up the celebrity cow thread?
>i cant wait for the first femcel terrorist attack
She seems deranged, would not be suprised if she was the mod who was a complete sperg in ot a month or so back who would ban anyone who mentiond anything gender related

No. 5784

Meghan gives me big tranny vibes.

No. 5785

There was an anon or a troll idk in a shayna thread that was bragging about how they make 40k a year as a bikini barista in seattle so obviously they're waaaaaay better than shay. They came to two different threads to brag about being a bikini barista and even dropped how much they make at 'multiple jobs' as if it was some clout. Idk if it was just someone trolling but that's got my vote for dumbest annon

No. 5786

The admin of this site is an 18yo sad sack of shit? I guess i always assumed admin was a boss bitch in her mid-30's who logs on here when she's bored of cucking all the dudes at her IT job. That's a disappointment.

No. 5787

This is one of the most boring conversations I’ve tried to read

No. 5788

Nominating the retard in the Eloise Frazer thread, who lost it when an anon described Steph as matronly, and was weirdly butthurt about that specific term.

Also in the same thread, nominating the retarded anons who think writing fake Steph style point of view captions to photos is being really funny and witty, but it's actually really annoying, unintelligent and clogs up the thread.

And I actually think most anons in the pixielocks thread are totally envious, jealous retarded weebs. I have zero interest in Japan or kawaii stuff so I really don't care about Jill and she strikes me as a boring, dime a dozen tumblr kid. But these anons screech on about how she's the spawn of Satan for not being a high achieving student or following Tumblr mental health trends. I honestly think a lot of regulars in that thread are just bitterly jealous they aren't living Jill's kawaii ugu lyfe.

No. 5789

>shouldn't surprise anyone the admin of lolcow is a lolcow herself
Nah, she just comes across as a stupid tumblr/twitterfag, who thought running a female imageboard would be like being a discord admin. I'd bet you a 100$ she's like an early to mid 20s mexican american girl who happens to be your average tumblr/twitterfag or pull user.

Tl;dr admin's a dumb zoomie who can't into board culture.

No. 5790

File: 1604230673786.gif (3.11 MB, 520x293, 048DC81E-1D51-468F-8A33-8571D2…)

I’m still not entirely convinced that ‘anon’ wasn’t Steph. Re: Jill I don’t visit her thread often enough to be bothered by anons there but I did see that recent asylum-escapee ass tirade insisting she photoshopped the colors of the tile in the public bathroom in a selfie but didn’t edit out the gay pride poster and I was in shock it didn’t cop the redtext it deserved.

Damn this is what I always assumed too. Aren’t we so generous?

No. 5791

Same, they always give themselves away by getting pressed if other anons on here aren’t gushing over weird sex shit.

No. 5792

What…am i the only one who thought admin implied or said she was a lesbian at one point? Did anyone else have this confusion??

No. 5793

Literally why would you even think the admin of any imageboard would be successful in any way, let along a functional human being

No. 5794

m00t was only 15 when he created our evil father-twin site
lest we forget

No. 5795

File: 1604245769806.jpg (147.17 KB, 475x713, Moot.JPG)

Well Moot works for Google now…

No. 5796

time passed, google didn't hire him in 2007

No. 5797

Raven posting on the Onision threads
The Rubberlips-anon on Venus thread
Neetlita of course
And yeah, the salty weebs on the Pixielocks threads

No. 5798

There have been a few times when anons post a picture of they’re weight on the scale to prove they’re not fat and it was pretty cringeworthy

No. 5799

What makes you, or her for that matter, assume the majority of us are white? That's some dumb shit to start assuming on an anonymous message board, especially when we had tons of anons in /ot/ talking about their race 24/7

I don't know, I kind of like those Steph-as-Elsa POV posts. They're usually saged and are just dumb, funny little posts. There's much worse on other threads and they dont happen too often.

However, the matronly anon spergout…that's another story.

No. 5800

It says in the screenshot its based off demographics from Cloudflare.

I would love to see the demographics before and after PULL closed down and all the asian bitches came over here to talk about kpop and their japan-youtubers. I really doubt it's mainly white (and especially not rich).

No. 5801

I dunno man pixielocks is playing up having psychosis and seeing shit that isn’t there and made an only fans “to follow Emilia fart!” then asked her friends if they want to see sexy content and posted lewds on her twitter account not even a few days after. basically every prediction people have made about her is coming true and it’s tragic. The people in the thread have every right to talk shit when she’s doing cow shit.

No. 5802

True, they way they always direct how Shayna should have done her videos as though their ideas are any less cringe

Is the icon a thigh gap pic in this? I always was curious if that's what it was in /meta/ but my eyes are too shit to tell

No. 5803

No. 5804

Isn’t she the one with the pickme roommate?

No. 5805

She has amenorrhoea according to >>5778, so admin is likely an ana-chan. I also read somewhere that they love to talk about how skelly they are and get mad if you call them fat.

No. 5806

Nah, if that admin is the same in the thread pic she has a normal amount of fat on her arms.

No. 5807


that's the old admin retard


No. 5808

No its not. This was leaked on KF by a farmhand under the current admin.

No. 5809

the logs were messages from 2017. even the kf thread says the current admin only took over in 2018/19

No. 5810

the discord ss are the current admin.
they were leaked a few months ago when they were fresh.
conclusion: she kept the same nick since the irc ss.
she was in the old lcf discord from many years ago as ingenue, as well.
many users remember her.

No. 5811

All the proud junkie anons who try to powerlevel TND

No. 5812

the anon in the pnp thread a while back that insinuated it was normal for poor people’s houses to smell like cat piss

No. 5813

pnp threads attract a lot of her old IG followers. Some of them learned to blend in but the cat piss still leaks out.

No. 5814

File: 1604281320472.jpg (33.09 KB, 400x400, Wwn1SYrQ_400x400.jpg)

>You’ve been playing too much Dangan Ronpa or some shit if you think that’s blood kek
God I love this whole site's obsession with danganronpa so much lol. Never change pls

No. 5815

> admin was a boss bitch in her mid-30's who logs on here when she's bored of cucking all the dudes at her IT job. That's a disappointment.
God that would had been such a cool admin.

No. 5816

I'm a regular on the pixielocks thread and I don't think anyone really is jealous of her, it's more like we were previously fans/we see ourselves in her. I used to dress in jfashion and look like a retard and I learnt how not to be a retard from the critizism on Jill's thread. I also used to think I had BPD (turns out it's just ADHD, I was misdiagnosed and only figured out after anons started to discuss she might had been misdiagnosed too) and the way she blames everything BPD makes me angry. I hate the way she treated her ex gf as a lesbian prop. So anything she does I try not to. That's just my experience though

No. 5817


I'm still not convinced, using mental illness as a crutch and having onlyfans is dime a dozen zoomer behaviour. I've been reading Jill threads for years and anons used to savagely shit on her before these traits too, like literally over minute stuff like buying a cat instead of adopting one, or the fact that she's close to her mum. I understand the fascination of closely gossiping about someone from your scene if you're all jfashion uguu weebs too, but I really don't find Jill milky at all, just mediocre but in all the ways it would inspire kawaii ugu anonfatties to seethe.

No. 5818

>implying at least one of the admins here isn't an IT dude himself
Legit scrote hate gets not only banned but baleeted here

No. 5819

>She seems very insecure about being Hispanic. I don't think anyone cares about her being brown except herself.
Admin definitely is insecure about her race. No hispanic person who was actually secure in themselves would be neurotic enough to make up this imaginary group of “rich white bitches” that make up the site she CHOSE to moderate. People hate admin because she has, time and time again, gone against the wishes of the community.

No. 5820

Because shock horror not all of us automatically assume all imageboard users are ugly basement dwellers since we ourselves or not.

No. 5821

The one anon from the Shayna threads who recently repeatedly derailed threads harassing an ESL-anon over mixing up "worse" and "worst" and wouldn't stfu about it even after being mocked by several other posters.
Actually pushed a past thread to 1218 posts without a new thread link getting to be posted, just with grammar sperg. Then did it again in the next thread.
Pure autism.

No. 5822

I was on the fence until that little fiasco. Generalising us all like some jilted twitterfag goes against the very premise of imageboard culture. Disappointing to say the least.

No. 5823

yeah okay jan

No. 5824

I’m so sorry you suffer from aforementioned affliction, get well soon anon xx

No. 5825

You sure you don't want to post your Confetti Club membership card, anon?

No. 5826

This is it. This is the one.

No. 5827

Every anon who ran over to meta and took giant steaming shits in the complaints thread and the nearly-dead gendercritical thread after /ot/ closed. It was relatively tame and quiet in meta until everyone caught autism and sperged out in the complaints and suggestions thread because they couldn't vent about how much they hate their boyfriends for a week, and then started piss fighting with squirt guns in the server migration thread. I have never seen meta so filled with rage before.

I understand being irritated at /ot/ closing with little to no warning or explanation but hot damn there was enough undiluted autism to give PULLtards a run for their money.

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