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Hellweek is currently active! Read the thread

File: 1546219952944.jpg (396.68 KB, 1200x800, PsVg0H0.jpg)

No. 7951

- we found a new admin based on the applications that were sent in. She has been a lolcow user from the start and we are confident that she'll be a great leader. She'll start sometime during January.

- the new admin will use the applications to pick her own mod team. Whether or not current mods stay will be up to her.

- once the new admin is officially owner of the board, she will move to a new server provider which should offer better performance and fewer concerns about takedowns.

- we have chipped in together to upgrade the current server for the remainder of time before the switch so that lolcow can run smoothly until the new admin takes over.

Sorry for the wait and all the open questions. I'm just posting to share an announcement, the rest will be worked on once the admin is with us.

No. 7952

the update is highly appreciated

No. 7954

here's to hoping the new admin will fix the cesspool of a discord server or just make a new one. who's bright idea was it to make all of the chats that were previously only available to verified farmers viewable to everyone? I think it discourages actual farmers from joining discussion. also the fact sencha hasnt verified anyone in months so all the chats are dead af.

No. 7955

I kinda feel like the discord should just be nuked and never brought back at all. Have tried stimulating discussion in it and get barely any replies. I think new admin should just focus on rebuilding the site instead since it seems a discord server is going to be the least of her worries.

Good luck to new admin in working on the site. It's going to take a lot to save it. Probably won't go back to how it used to be but any improvement is better than none!

No. 7956

Seconding the Discord nuke, not just because of my bias of never having used it, but also because it dilutes the amount of discussion on our actual website. If it's as inactive as anon mentions, then it's just extra work for little payout.

No. 7960

File: 1546262473087.gif (463.02 KB, 500x281, tumblr_mf7zpvlt1G1qfn9vgo1_500…)


Wow, glad to see an update about the situation of lolcow and nice to see that change is going to happen. I hope new admin-sama brings at least a bit of the old lolcow feeling back and mmmmaybe update the banner more often because it was something that kind of varnished this year.

Wish the new team good luck and much success with everything (specially with the server issue.)

No. 7961

Congrats to the new admin! I'm excited to see how the website handling will improve!

No. 7965

File: 1546295226278.jpg (192.94 KB, 1300x957, walking-have-fun-time-milk-far…)

Really pleased with the news! Congratulations new admin!

I had the same experience on the Discord server & Was disappointed. Thirded*

No. 7966

File: 1546295311515.jpg (13.54 KB, 236x350, 95d25ec44b80fdfcd1b9e424ab5648…)

And thank you new admin-sama!

No. 7970

Welcome aboard new Admin!

I know things seem super negative around here lately, but just know that a lot of people have really been wanting a change and we're all excited to see what you do next

No. 7971

Great. I was worried about the site.

No. 7972

>- we have chipped in together to upgrade the current server for the remainder of time before the switch
This is nice, thankyou. I was a $1 a month on patreon but I pulled it when admin said she was leaving. If things look good on the handover I'll go back to being a patron. My hope is for the survival and thriving of this place.

No. 7973

Same, can a farmhand confirm if the patron still actually supports this website?

No. 7985

I would donate if this is confirmed!

No. 7987

We're planning on remaking the discord server. The verification system was removed due to users voting against verification, but we'll try to work out a new solution.

Yes, we still use the patreon and it's connected to the lolcow paypal address which the server bill is withdrawn from. The new server will be more expensive and needs more space than we had before (the outages and multiple comment issues stemmed from having no disk space available to properly run posting features and sometimes caused problems displaying large threads such as TND and celebcows), so we will need the funds to run things smoothly. Please suggest perks you'd like to see for lolcow and discord.

No. 7990

I would love to be able to pin threads on the website!

Just curious as idk how these things work… but, do low-quality, low-content posts & threads essentially waste server space and money?

No. 7994

We've pinned threads when there was some really good drama going on (for example, Kiki's outing thread), but is this what you mean or are you asking about a customizable feature that would let you choose the threads you'd like to follow?

As for your second question, technically yes, but on a much lesser scale since they're also not very well-visited and don't take up a lot of bandwidth for that reason. If that were an issue, we'd simply prune ancient bad threads. The threads themselves don't take up that much space, the issue is many users viewing and interacting.

No. 7999

I had no idea this site had a patreon. Where can I find the link?

No. 8001

I'll be happy to rejoin patreon once I see how things go on handover. The current setup of $1 with no reward worked fine for me and will again.


No. 8004

Apologies for the poor wording; I meant I would like to be able to choose threads to follow, yes.

Thanks for the lesson in bandwidth as well!

Was just about to ask what the link is. Thanks!

No. 8006

forgive me if i'm wrong, but wouldn't the catalog showing dead threads also have a negative effect on the bandwidth?

No. 8013

I think old threads should be unlinked to the catalog or put in auto sage to prevent necro

No. 8014

yeah i vote for threads to be autosaged after x number of months without a post and then if someone has relevant milk they think is worth bumping over they can message the admin or ask it to be taken off autosage in /meta/

No. 8019

File: 1546567041608.gif (636.65 KB, 500x281, A8AF2C1A-B2CF-4705-AD67-85820C…)

Late to the party but yay! Welcome new admin-sama!

No. 8028

File: 1546642711234.jpg (88.96 KB, 1023x852, depositphotos_5562284-stock-ph…)

Pretty optimistic with the announcement. Best of luck, new admin!

No. 8029

Congrats on admin! Thank you for the update as well.

No. 8030

Because so many people have complained about mods in the past 6 months I want to congratulate the new ones for being very responsive to reports. Great work! Did we get a mod in the EU time zone already?

No. 8032

Welcome, new Admin! May 2019 be our year.

No. 8033

File: 1546716693329.jpeg (434.01 KB, 1300x870, 615D334D-9CE1-49F9-9862-CB2859…)

Welcome new admin-sama! Hope your rule restores order and lengthy milk for all farmers! Cheers!!!

Also, question: if we’re a longtime farmer who wants to apply as a farmhand/mod but changed devices/ips/cities recently, how do we prove we’re a longtime farmer? Can we link one of our old posts (that we made on our old device) in the application (so you can use that post to see all the posts we made with our old device/ip)?

I recently changed iPhones, after mine broke, and had been posting for years under the old phone (didn’t use vpns). Just worried that if I apply now, I’ll be judged based only on the posts I’ve made on my new phone (less than a month) and my years of posts won’t be factored in. Wanted to apply all month but was worried about that.

No. 8034

Congrats to admin on getting the job, but I can't get excited after the last couple we've had. Hoping for some positive change anyway.

No. 8035

After seeing some of the replies here I wanted to clear a few things up. New admin hasn't officially joined yet but we are currently working together with the current team on transitioning things smoothly.
There are currently no new mods and any new mods are up to the new admin as stated above.
It's totally possible to compare if you would like but it's more likely that new admin will just rely on your answers more.

If you applied expect to get an email by the end of January for an interview. If you don't receive one then it's likely your application has been denied.
Any anons interested are encouraged to apply as long as the form is open.
I hope everyone is enjoying the new year!

No. 8094

Thanks for dealing with the /pt/ necrosperg

No. 8100

Can we please have stricter modding in the Momokun threads? We don't need the main thread and the livestream thread to both be bumped with the same post saying she's gonna livestream.

No. 8102


I'm a dumbass and posted in the wrong thread plz ban me thx

No. 8152

New admin and server when? I know we have one picked out, but when is it going to actually be passed over and shit gets done?

No. 8153


What happened during the ~24 hour maintenance?

No. 8156

The transition is currently in process, maintenance was apart of it.

No. 8170

File: 1547976834698.jpg (101.93 KB, 500x334, 500_F_125130183_8xpnoyWvBbWh9q…)

No. 8217

Hi there, I'm your new admin and I'll be taking charge of things from here on out. Feel free to discuss any concerns about administrative changes in this thread. If you applied for a moderation position please check your email frequently this week. I won't be sending out any more emails after the end of the month.
I'd like to have a townhall as soon as possible but feedback about a good date would be appreciated. It's also important to note that the official lolcow email has been changed to admin@lolcow.farm. Please be sure to send any future inquiries through there.
Thank you all for waiting for this transition!

No. 8218


Good luck Admin. You've got a lot of cleaning up to do.

And I mean this in the most loving way possible.

No. 8219

File: 1548250774398.jpeg (5.87 KB, 225x225, download.jpeg)

Welcome! Wishing you the best of luck and fortitude in running our beloved shit-talk site!!

Will there be any major changes in the layout and function of the site itself? I find it cumbersome to navigate. A way to follow/pin threads would be awesome.

Thank you for taking over admin-sama <3

No. 8221

Hello new admin! Good luck with everything, I’m sure you’ll do great!!
I do have one question, are you going to implement any really big changes right off the bat? Specifically to the global rules.

No. 8228

File: 1548271380927.gif (1.52 MB, 400x228, tenor.gif)


No. 8229

As far as technical changes go, it will take a while but it's a work in process. Please let me know about any other features you're hoping for.
Yeah there will be a few major changes like that, the rules may take a bit longer to implement though since re-writing rules isn't easy. To be completely honest I do plan on adding new boards to the site (no more than two) to make threads a bit more organized but I do want user feedback about it.
I know changes like this are very sudden but I feel like we've all been waiting far too long for change to happen.

No. 8230

File: 1548273260610.jpg (87.77 KB, 697x697, 10_cute_cow_1400x.jpg)


>I do plan on adding new boards to the site

Boards like we used to have for a while? (I don't remember the names but we had some boards until everything returned to it's current form)

Also wondering if there are any plans for a new hellweek? I know this has been asked a lot but we really, really need it.

And maybe make return of banners? It's been a long time since the last proper update.

Other than that, I wish you and the team lots of luck and a lot of energy for the upcoming time because there is sure a lot of work to do, but I feel really optimistic about you guys!

No. 8231

There will be no return of oldboards. Hellweek will be planned asap. I will also schedule a townhall soon.
I think I can update the banners today!

No. 8232

damn a proactive admin. this is exciting.

No. 8234

I’m really excited for the changes. Imo, a new hellweek would be amazing, and it’s just what we need right now. I’ve already noticed moderators being more proactive in a lot of the threads in /snow/.

No. 8235

File: 1548282045960.gif (1.57 MB, 450x253, 1G53.gif)


Thanks for reversing my unsubstantiated ban!

No. 8240

I wish you the best of luck, admin!

No. 8241

Holy shit, this is such great news. tbh I could use a hellweek myself because I'm sure I've posted some sloppy shit lately.

Welcome, admin!

No. 8285

this. The shay thread is a mess, we need a hell week. please.

No. 8291

I want to believe but hellweek is already a year and a half late, and it really shows. Please save us from ourselves, admin.

Most threads are a mess now. Seriously.

No. 8324

Did we get an IP wipe like we did with the last admin change?

No. 8325

Oh, and grats and thank you for taking charge! Please don't disappoint us.

No. 8328

The new admin is much more transparent and open about their team and the rules.
I've been seeing a lot more red text/reported posts being addressed which is definitely encouraging.

Thanks for the hard work admin and team.

No. 8344

Nope but if I did one right now the dogfuckerchan and raven investigation would end.

No. 8346

Between this and the staff keeping an active eye on Taylor's thread, the future is looking really hopeful. Thanks, admin and farmhands!

No. 8348

I'm glad to hear Raven is still on the agenda! Please expose the dogfucker also.

No. 8351

Curious to see the results of both of these.

No. 8355

Thanks Admin sama for the quick replies on these threads.

As for the Shay thread, will there be a farmhand attentive to the thread, in the event (before) an auto sage happens?

No. 8405

>dogfuckerchan and raven investigation
thank you, based admin-sama

No. 8445

Hi new admin,

What are your plans for maintaining/improving the culture of the website? imo that's by far the most important job of anybody running a community.

No. 8450

obvious plan atm is that she's trying to completely ruin the culture.

No. 8466

File: 1548737155329.gif (698.54 KB, 480x270, giphy.gif)

Thank you for getting new banners into the mix!

The TND banner is especially timely.


No. 8485

Seconding the praise for the new banners. Didn't realize how old and stale the selection was until I saw new stuff pop up. Maybe we could have a call for new banners to get some more made?

No. 8511


Can the banner thread be taken off autosage?


No. 8536

Seconding this, there's a few threads on first page of this board that are clearly outdated, would love to see potential new banners instead

No. 8561

Will you be taking applications any time soon? I would love to try my hand at being a janitor or volunteer in some way.

No. 8566

they just held applications 3 months ago unless you're that new

No. 8567

Not a newfag; just happen to have more free time now than I did previously. I just figured you can never have enough people cleaning, organizing, and keeping watch.

No. 8589

I was wondering the same thing, I wanted to all the past few months but didn’t have time until recently to do it, and now applications are closed. They probably will sometime in the future but I’m not sure about when or how soon.

Hope we can though!

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