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No. 1071

This thread is for discussing proposed changes.

I will update posts regularly to describe some potential proposed changes.

These are just ideas, and I am only looking for feedback. These will not necessarily ever be implemented, or if they are, they may change drastically before they are implemented. These are not things I am definitely planning to do, just changes I've been thinking about.

This is a work in progress. Posts may be edited regularly.

Please offer your thoughts on all of these proposals by replying to this thread.

No. 1072

Self-posting in /pt/

This is a proposal to ban unwarranted self-posting in /pt/. This means replying to a post with information or photos of yourself when the post you're replying to did not call for that, and/or if the post you make is excessively flattering to yourself or primarily concerns your physical attributes or positive traits.

There are very, very few cases where you should be posting a picture of yourself or some part of your body in /pt/.

You may still self-post as much as you like in /b/, unless you are under 18.

Examples of disallowed self-posting:

>Wow how is she this skinny

I've been hovering at around 88 lbs for a while now, I eat a diet of pure goji berries and coconut oil. Now I only wear a size ……

>[Brand of makeup] is terrible

No way, I wear [brand of makeup] I just know how to do it right. Pic related.

>Biology isn't easy

Are you shitting me it's super easy I only take bio classes and maintain a 4.0 GPA without even trying. I don't even study, I just know the subject.

Examples of permitted self-posting:

>These people can't make good money

I used to work for a multilevel marketing company, you can actually make some serious cash if you …..

[[other examples here]]

(These are contrived examples I've made up. If you have suggestions for changing these examples or adding new ones, please post them.)

No. 1073

Time-rotating thread-specific poster IDs

This is a proposal to discourage samefagging by implementing a certain kind of poster ID.

This is similar to the IDs you see next to posts in some 4chan and 8chan boards. They are essentially a unique sequence of letters and numbers generated from a poster's IP address. It is generated in a way so that no one can determine the actual IP address. However, it means if you make multiple posts from the same IP address, your ID will stay the same.

My proposal is to make this both thread-specific, and time-dependent.

Thread-specific as in, if you make a post in one thread and then another thread, your ID will be different.

By time-dependent, I mean everyone's post IDs will reset at a certain interval. Every 3-7 days probably, though I haven't decided yet. This will discourage people from samefagging in a thread multiple times in the same day. If you make a post in a thread today and another post in the same thread a week from now, your IDs will be different.

[[will write more here later]]

No. 1074


No. 1075


No. 1076

(Ignore the above reserved posts for now. Please feel free to reply here.)

No. 1080

It's a nice idea, but it would be a pain in the ass to moderate every post like this.
This is cool, I like it, specially the time-rotating part.

No. 1081

Also, more about the self-posting moderation: I think it's pretty unnecessary overall, since we only have this problem on Aly's thread. You(admin) could just put a notice on Aly's OP saying that excessive self-posting isn't allowed and is considered derailment.

No. 1112

IDs when?

No. 1133

At this time I'm leaning towards not adding them unless I open up a new board. In which case, one board might have IDs added.

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