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No. 12242

We're looking for janitors (low-level farmhands) and people with Linux or web dev experience.

If you're interested in helping out, introduce yourself ITT and write a few sentences about how you can help. If we're interested, we'll contact you through a temporary ban message.

No. 12257

I might be a good fit as a janitor. I haven't been banned, the things I report tend to get red texted, and I'm passionate about organization. I'm an active user. Ultimately, I would need to decide if taking on a maintenance role here would change my enjoyment of LC. But, I took a day to think it over, and I'm 99.9% sure it would be worthwhile– I honestly want to see the site thrive, and I think I can help it do that.

No. 12259

I haven't developed for Linux but I do use Arch daily (Manjaro + Gnome), and I have a lot of web dev experience combining PHP/HTML/CSS. Not sure exactly what you need, presumably a site update? I could help with that for sure.

No. 12260

I'd be willing to do any miscellaneous tech stuff you need done. I have plenty of IT experience and use linux exclusively.

No. 12268

I wouldn't mind being a janitor, as I already try to report posts that fall out of line with the rules. I frequent the site often, like when I'm bored between classes or need a break from homework or what have you (I'm in college, don't worry, not a teen). When I report posts, I try to include the reason to make it easier when mods quickly check reports. I lurked hard before my first post way back when because I was so nervous about not properly posting/saging correctly. It's wild that so many newfags lately don't do this or read the rules, which means I get why a lot of cleanup is needed. I really would be happy to help!

No. 12272

I'm willing to volunteer to clean up the site a bit.There's a lot of posts that simply derail the thread and sometimes don't there in the first place.

No. 12299

I'm interested in being a janitor. I've been following the onision thread for years and seen it turn into straight cancer so I'm familiar wit what tinfoiling, nitpicking, and derailing look like and would be happy to help out with it.

No. 12304

File: 1575096209808.png (59.65 KB, 800x500, banned.png)

I got this message pop up. I technically do use public internet so maybe it's not for me. Is this a honeypot thing or what?

No. 12306

>If we're interested, we'll contact you through a temporary ban message.

No. 12307

anon is saying she uses public internet, like school internet, so she's wondering if that is meant for another anon and just showed up on the public IP.

No. 12309

lol what are the odds of that though

No. 12311

i don't know, but it makes me think anon is too fucking retarded to mod.

No. 12315

> wants to mod
> exposes IP address

No. 12330


>Is this a honeypot thing

Like a sting operation? Genuinely curious about what you mean. Congratulations on moving forward!

No. 12368

Would definitely be interested in being a janitor. I spend too much time on here, night as well be slightly productive with it.

No. 13437

Any janitor positions available? Work from home so always have heaps of spare time and am constantly browsing through threads.

No. 13450

Interested in being a janitor as well if you guys need anymore of them. I spend an alarming amount of my day refreshing the boards and lurking. Particularly on /snow/ and /ot/ I feel like I would be most familiar with board culture.

No. 14598

If janitors are still needed I would be interested in being a janitor, I really care about the site and have been on lolcow since the very beginning, so I’m familiar with the rules and culture of the board - I already try and report posts I see that break the board rules and I work from home so would be able to be flexible with times I would be available.

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