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No. 2194

We are currently deciding whether or not to allow threads about underage people.

If you're interested in discussing this, please join the townhall discussion at https://chat.lolcow.farm/r/meta. We'll also be discussing a few other site issues.

The townhall is starting now.

Arguments for banning threads about underage people:

- Threads about underage people attract underage posters, and worsen the site as a whole.
- The minimum age to post is 18, and it's unfair to not let people post in their own threads or defend themselves.
- People under 18 have less self-control and are less culpable for their actions, so it's less justifiable to mock them.
- Creates less liability.

Arguments against banning threads about underage people:

- Freedom of speech.
- We could still allow it, but put the minimum at 16 or 17, and add some stricter criteria for threads about people under 18.
- People like Dakota and Charms were discovered before they were 18. We'd also miss out on the Princess Doll drama. We may be missing out on potentially humorous cows.
- We couldn't have incidents like the shoplifting doxing drama.

No. 2195

We decided to set the minimum age of thread subjects to 16. Threads about people 15 and under are no longer permitted. Also, threads - and in some cases posts in general threads - about 16 and 17 year olds may now only be posted with approval from staff. This applies retroactively.

I also intend to allow certain ways for 16 and 17 year olds to defend themselves or otherwise "post" in threads about themselves without actually posting on the site.

Further details will come within the next few days.

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