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No. 2276

Indefinite hellweek is now in effect. I do not know when or if it may end. It applies to every board.

You can use this thread for discussion, but I likely won't reply to most posts. To appeal a ban, use the actual appeal form.

Note: If you're banned, don't assume I was the one who necessarily banned you. We have several mods. If the ban isn't reversed, though, you can consider it a ban I approve of.

No. 2278

Thank you based admin

No. 2284

Link to original hellweek description thread: >>1904

(Because I forgot what it was all about, so I figured I'd save some others the trouble of searching. Forgive me if this is overstepping boundaries or anything.)

No. 2289

Can we bait people in the wannarexic thread in /snow/ as long as it's not derailing?

No. 2290

Of course.

No. 2292


No. 2366

Sorry, newfag, but what is indefinite hellweek(this)

No. 2367

Hey Admin quick question how far back can the ban go? Another farmer pointed out that when one of the farm hands banned a farmer it was for a comment made a month prior to the ban.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 2445


Can I get a red ban marker too?


No. 2447


Okay I lel'd.

No. 3578


No. 26071

File: 1629820593304.jpeg (294.4 KB, 1176x2208, 91F1EBE4-59F9-43D0-8258-E097CD…)

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