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No. 35976

Anyone else think that it's very creepy that Adam clearly runs the site and refuses to let other men around. Anyone else have an abusive rapist partner like that? I get you don't want men around but maybe a gay GNC to sniff out the rapey males since one is your fucking site owner MIGHT NOT BE THE WORST IDEA AT THIS POINT LOL

Ban the IP, delete the post, idc Ian or Adam or one of the other names you use online to creep on girls, you did this brazenly on another site and now I will make sure you can't harm a single user here.

You shitty scote.

No. 35981

Tranny hands wrote this.

No. 35984

Yeah it's almost like there is only one person who would ever care about women on the internet…oh god there is…

No. 35985

Adam Driver is running Lolcow? Nice!

>You shitty scote.


No. 35995

I'd prefer a creepy regular scrote to a supposedly well intentioned tranny any day.

No. 36000

kill yourself damaged xy chromosomoid

No. 36002

You loathsome misogynistic piece of shit do you not even notice how this might come off?

No. 36011

Stop pretending to be a "one of the good ones" HSTS anyone who cares to can do their research on you and know that you are anything but that.

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