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No. 4553

Lolcow.farm needs more staff!

Please apply here:
Application form

No. 4555

Do we need to put our actual names to become part of the staff?

No. 4556

No, a nickname is fine.

No. 4563

Would I need to video chat? I left the skype portion blank but I'm okay with using it for chatting.

No. 4564

Okay so I signed, do you get a email of approval?

No. 4565

All communication is text only.
If you are accepted, yes.

No. 4684

Hello my names jake I am new and I would love to be a mod!(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 4921

How time consuming would be to be a Jani for example? I am employed already. Would it just be "patrolling" every half an hour or so?

No. 5639

hey, is this allowed? i was not under the impression that the temp discord server is the official lolcow server now and mods are allowed to cross check ips freely? some anonimity this is

No. 5640

The user in the post you linked was banned for samefagging (multiple consecutive posts replying to themselves). The only official lolcow discord server is the one linked above. Tempcow has been discontinued (see meta thread on tempcow).

No. 5644

Looks like there's been a slight change of staff. I wasn't accepted before, but is there any chance that I'd be accepted if I try again? :)
>Also, what are you guys looking for?

No. 5646

Go ahead, I check apps every once in a while, thanks!

No. 5670

Evelyn is a little girl, why does her dad want to throw her in the spotlight? Somi was like 14 she made her debut on sixteen.

No. 5869

Hello, my name is botview, and I would like to be a moderator. You can reach me at botview@protonmail.com. I have past experience with moderating, and would be happy to help.

No. 5944

Question for admin or farmhands - what qualifications are necessary for a position on the farm, are there specific staffing needs at the moment in terms of experience/availability/expertise, and roughly how much time should someone have available, if they’re going to apply?

Sorry if this is a dumb question or if I’ve overlooked something obvious!

No. 6349

Do you get paid or

No. 6389

In hotpockets

No. 6495

File: 1536643782611.png (1.59 MB, 750x1334, DC50DC11-EB43-4D68-81B9-F5D91E…)

Smooshing doormatt’s face and talking in her loud ass voice when he has to get up in the morning tru luv u wouldn’t understand

No. 6673

Is there a thread about her

No. 6681


No. 6740

Ah yes, a farmhand during hard labor (looks like Vamplettes)

No. 6768

File: 1538418907316.jpeg (65.67 KB, 750x435, CC43E95E-142D-42B4-A113-79CE61…)

Another example of how pnp can’t physically resist the urge to defensively correct strangers who make any sort of inaccurate statement. I swear this bitch has her eyes sucked into her screen at all times to reply to these types of comments.

Sorry that not everybody knows that your cat is a dog Ariana I’m(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 6811

Why do you keep posting about PlasticandProud in a Mod applications thread?

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