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No. 4582

We're back! Please leave all feedback regarding the temporary site in this thread. Thank you!

Previous Announcement:

The site will be down starting September 1st due to planned maintenance by our hosting provider. It should be back by September 3rd, however it might take a little longer and we can't guarantee a specific date! Unfortunately, the length of our provider's downtime is out of our hands.

During the downtime, lolcow.farm will load a temporary site you can post on. The temporary site will still be readable once lolcow is back, but posts on there won't be migrated back to lolcow so you may have to manually repost things or summarize them. Sorry for the inconvenience!

The temporary site is already up under https://temp.lolcow.farm for you to get used to.

Due to the short notice we received from our hosting provider and the (hopefully) short downtime window, I decided a temporary imageboard might be a better idea (and less work) than setting up a new server with lolcow's current configuration and transfering hundreds of gigabytes over to it all for something we would close in a few days anyway. Plus, this provides us with an opportunity to experiment with alternative board software and fun new features for users to play with.

Please don't be alarmed by some of its new features. If you find any of them useful or would like to keep them long-term, please post your feedback in this thread. Thanks!

No. 4583

This aughtta be good. Thanks for the temp site Admin-sama.

No. 4584

File: 1504170650952.jpg (68.86 KB, 480x267, AirBrush_20170831020946.jpg)

When I type a reply to a thread on the temp board it copies everything I'm writing and puts it backwards. And if I try to delete that it then double-copies what I'm trying to delete and turns into a mess.

Sage for breaking things already.

No. 4585

Ngl I can't figure it out!

Saged for inability to use imageboard.

No. 4586

Just tried it out, seems to be working on. Is it in auto-sage the same way it's automatically sets you up as Anonymous? Or is there a preferred etiquette we should know about?

No. 4587

Is there a specific switch over time or should anons start using [all] now?

No. 4588

This. Or does it start exactly on September 1st at midnight? (Hopes so) and is the temp site still have all threads plus info etc?

Thanks admins for the backup!

No. 4589

Sorry, I'm not sure what's happening here. Are you still seeing this issue if you use a different browser? Is your internet connection particularly slow?

It defaults to bumping all threads. You can toggle sage on and off if you click the profile icon in the top right. It's a bit annoying that you can't choose sage on a post-by-post basis, sorry.

When the downtime occurs, https://lolcow.farm will automatically take you to the temporary replacement site. You don't have to do any work on your own - it will switch over behind the scenes. All threads and posts currently on the temporary site will remain there during and after the main site's downtime. The posts there just won't be migrated to the main site.

temp.lolcow.farm is accessible before the downtime just for users to get used to the new format and copy threads over. And we'll keep temp.lolcow.farm readable (but probably not writeable) after the downtime is over.

Our provider has indicated it will start around September 1 midnight, but they've given inaccurate estimates before.

No. 4590

We're back! Please leave all feedback regarding the temporary site in here. Thank you!

No. 4591


keep the hover over images for big thing pls

No. 4592

File: 1504983181188.png (275.94 KB, 1280x720, 6d5.png)

I'm one of the top contributers of the threads so like other contributers, we're entering in a ton of media and trying to figure out the layout.

-YT videos are condensed links that can be clicked and expanded for play
-The pictures "blow up" in a preview so its not that necessary to have it load in another screen/redirect to another screen.
-the loading 100 and bottom link seems to be a good feature if you want it to be….

-Done and Media buttons for upload are together. You can literally upload a half written post if you're not careful
-There were a couple times where I wanted to delete or edit and couldn't figure out how
-'Ghost posts" were mentioned 50 times over but it seems like no one could do anything but delete them. I think it contributed to the lag of the threads for some farmers
-The Bottom button was at the top of the thread. If I wanted to refresh on mobile, because the thread did not load all posts, I'd have to go back out and reenter the thread or scroll tf up

No. 4593

Oh thank god, we're back!

Also,>>4590 I like the live update, seeing users type. The spam hell can be dealt with.

No. 4594

but the live typing is the best part anon

No. 4595

I agree with this live posting was horrible, I couldn't type anything without some anon telling me how bad I type or pointing out any spelling mistakes or saying that I typed slower than their grandmas.

Other than that everything else was cool. Anon sama you did a great job handling everything and you did your best to keep everything running smoothly 10/10 best admin!

No. 4596

seconding >>4592, the live typing was hell for me. I would write what I wanted to comment SOMEWHERE ELSE and then copy pasted it into my lolcow post, lol. Some of us are weird and anxious. Be understanding
I guess if most anons want it, then just make an option to turn it off.

that saved so much time for me, usually pics take forever to load on lolcow

No. 4599

While even though i loved the live typing shitposting. It was very annoying to have anons nickpick you while you were typing kek.

No. 4600

Liked the auto sage switch to keep me from forgetting; 9/10 posts are non dairy creamer, so having the ability to switch it off for real milk only seemed sensible. The live typing was, as others have remarked, good and bad, but I think it was something you could switch off if you ticked the right button. The ability to select text in a previous post and have it automatically quoted when replying was superb. Replying at the bottom and with left/right button placement was handy. Photo hover as per >>4591 great. Colour schemes good, as I could use a dark one in bed (insomnia sucks) without bothering the missus. And I for one shall miss the Loading cow jogging away at the bottom of thread.

Delete option greatly missed, and at least in mobile devices I had to remind myself to write a post before adding images because it was tricky to get back to the text. Had to post two things as photos only and reply with comments because I got stuck. But on the whole, pretty good! Lots of neat features.

No. 4601

fuck, it feels so good to be home

No. 4602

Good to be back!!

I agree with other anons - live typing was awful, there really became no point in me checking my favourite threads because unless I was there watching posts be typed/responded to/changed/typed/responded to/changed I had no idea what was going on in the thread.

If you wanna chat, great, make a discord, but this is a forum and the threads should be able to be referred back to.

No. 4603

Why are you tripping?

I'll admit, I'm not stoked about change. Our way is the best way etc, but I did like the option to hide saged posts. You're doing great so far, Admin.

No. 4604

>one of the top contributers

No. 4605

I really liked the way the temp site handled images, and also the way rolling over a Youtube link revealed a title.

I hated the compulsory live typing and all the meta commentary about it. I also feel concerned that as it was a shitposting free for all for 8 days, that this will lead some anons to want to replicate that 'fun' here. I get it's a chan and the kids want to be edgy but it was unpleasant to see some of the race slurs in posts. That's not what I come here for.

No. 4608

you guys did a great job. i don't post a great deal at all so i don't mind whatever happens.
the 'hovering over images' to zoom was good, i liked the 8ball feature, the loading cow is cute, displaying previous posts on the current post by clicking the post number was also a plus.

thank you for all you do, admin and farmers

No. 4609

Definitely agree with your pros and cons.
Loved the image load. I lurk on mobile often, and it worked way better for me on mobile.
YouTube shows up as ??? On mobile, but easy enough to click and play.
Lots of accidental posting. Live was rage inducing and comical, but annoying. If left, I prefer the option to turn on and off.
The search bar by links is nice. Generally I stay for onion and momo, but if I need to search, it's easier that way.
Last 100 was great since on temp it didn't bump down to whatever post you selected.

No. 4610

I loved the live type thing. It was fun to watch! Sorry anxious anons.
Also appreciated the image hover/expand feature.
I liked Last 100 too.
Most of all I appreciate that Admin-sama was present and responsive to comments in /meta.

No. 4612

maybe we could try live typing again but make a rule banning "meta-discussion of live typing", like calling people out for slow typing or typos or saying "i loved watching you type this lol" or whatever, except in off-topic boards

No. 4613

I really liked the [last 100] feature, saved me some scrolling time. Also the image load was a yes. Live typing was…eh. I never got to see much of it since I was on mobile and I can see it becoming an issue.

But what we really need back… is #8ball <3

No. 4614

can the tempcow threads, or at least the pt ones, be locked? i'm still seeing people posting milk in them which is really pointless at this point

aside, there wasn't a lot of features i liked more than i disliked but the sage switch was good and of course the mighty #8ball

No. 4615

Im a big time supporter of "Never change a running system".
The live version was adventurous and fun but has too many downsides and I prefer lolcow as it is now.

No. 4617

agreed. 8ball should come back, as long as people don't overuse it

No. 4618

Thanks for getting us home, Admin.

The image feature was actually ok once I got used to it.

Live typing can kindly fuck right off.

As long as it's contained in one 8ball thread in ot or something. Too much derailing otherwise.

No. 4619

Yea 8ball could maybe just be used only in /ot/ and /g/ rather than /pt/ and /snow/
Or maybe we can just have it in one thread like last time.

No. 4621

I actually loved the live posting aspect. Could not figure out how to delete a post or image once it was uploaded. On mobile, I accidentally uploaded a couple irrelevant images. It was fun while it lasted, tho.

No. 4625

Has anyone else have the problem where sometimes the site is a bit slow to load? like I have pretty decent internet (tested refreshing other tabs/ other sites, and they all load very fast)

No. 4626

No issues here

No. 4627

The site takes seemingly forever to load and then shows a 502 bad gateway error page.

No. 4632

Took nearly two minutes for me.

Can we possibly integrate the 8ball function on the main site? I really enjoyed using it.

No. 4634


Still 502 for me.

No. 4635


For me, it says the site's offline and only shows a snapshot of the main page.

When I click on any thread there the past two days, it gives me an "Error 524: A timeout occurred" message, showing something's wrong with the host.

No. 4636

Are you all referring to Tempcow, or the main site?

Tempcow has had some technical issues over the past few days but they should all be fixed and the site should be accessible again.

No. 4637

It was in reference to Tempcow. As far as I can tell though it loads just fine now. Thanks for the update!

Not that the temporary board is of much value now that the main site is back, but will Tempcow continue to stay up?

No. 4638

Tempcow will stay up forever.

No. 4671

The temp site doesn't work. Consider using 8:c:h.n:e:t/:c:o:w (remove the : to get link)

No. 4680

The temporary site should be working.

No. 4681

you know you can just post the URL, right?
And tempcow is working.

No. 4932

Apologies if this isn't the correct thread, but tempcow is currently down and I was wondering if you knew when it would be back up. I've been periodically refreshing and still not up. Thank you!

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