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File: 1642713475729.jpg (74.33 KB, 590x443, 1542901541726.jpg)

No. 1034608

This is a thread to discuss anything pertaining to yumejos, fujoshis, and other types of anime fans that happen to be women.
>Why this thread?
Recently, a lot of threads on /ot/ have become full of derailments of apparent yumejos and fujoshis arguing. This thread will help settle things once and for all.
>Yumejos and Fujoshis: Are they really that different?
>Is there really a need for them to fight?
>Wouldn't others just think they're all the same type of anime fan?
>etc, add to the conversation!

No. 1034609

here we go -cracks knuckles-

No. 1034620

I remember when I was in my peak fujoshi days, there wasn't even a word for yaoi fans, they were just yaoi fans. And there was no difference between being just into husbandos or being into anime gay sex. We all lived in harmony

No. 1034622

Can I ask why people (I assume fujos) keep calling yumejos cucks? I would think it should be the other way around.

No. 1034625

im literally all of them

No. 1034626

One of these things is not like the other,
One of these things is criminally insane.

No. 1034627


No. 1034653

the voice-ota?

No. 1034665

I haven't come across these before.
Some voice actors are really good though.

No. 1034680

I guess you could say that I’m a fumejoshi.

No. 1034697

I haven't taken part in any anime fandoms for a few years, but the whole yumejo vs fujoshi thing seemed really weird to me when it first started popping up. From what I recall, most women were some combination of all 4 archetypes from the op image (maybe less so the voice-ota). When did people start making a distinction?

No. 1034714

File: 1642717857537.png (294.49 KB, 800x960, 0EBC4466-B7B7-488B-94C8-1D2BE0…)

Obligatory post

No. 1034715

I guess some people get really mad when they see others shipping their favorite characters with other male characters or with a self-insert. I personally don't care and I like BL and self-insert stuff all the same

No. 1034718

It's a male conspiracy to tear us apart

No. 1034719

I'm an eternal fujo. I'm too ugly and self-hating to self-insert as some "plain" and "awkward"(actually beautiful and endearing) anime girl. Yumejoshi is normie tier, they are no different from women who read romance novels. Fujos are only true female degens who don't pander to men and are looked down by normies.

No. 1034722

you're all equally degenerate to me
t. normie

No. 1034725

This. It seems very normal for a female anime fan to like some anime, have favorite male characters they find particularly cute/appealing and buy merch of, have preferred VAs and enjoy a bit of BL. It's all part of being deep in the hobby
I'd even go as far as to say that if you haven't at least dabbled in maybe 3/4 of those categories, you can barely say you're into anime

No. 1034726

I'm just a Fujo because Im too jealous to see my husbando touched by a woman and don't want to sort through male pov shit. Yumejos are the more resilient/respectable breed

No. 1034729

can I just confess that I never heard of yumejo until I went on lolcow. All the fujo I've been getting to talk with have some sort of "yumejo" traits, (instead of husbando, they have fav/bias character to ship with other characters and not just her otp).
I'd call this is just ridiculous, but I guess I'm just used to the older social climate.

No. 1034731

show me where the evil fujos touched you seethechan

No. 1034732

No. 1034734

File: 1642718949659.png (848.54 KB, 1280x796, 5c3ce53f.png)

I am a fujo but I respect yumejo commitment. One husbando is insufficient for me, I need multiple pairings over a variety of series to stay entertained with anime fandom. Anyway there's hardly any difference between us, fundamentally we just like cute 2D boys.

Anyway the true enemy is moid anime fans, anything is better than waifu bait, haremshit and lolicon.

No. 1034741

I used to be primarily yume but recently I've found a couple of BL ships I've come to love. It's a completely different feeling for me, I personally don't want to fuck them but I absolutely want to see them both get intimate with each other. It's fun. I've been thinking about buying some doujins lately too. I really love my ships now (and of course I still have my husbando).

No. 1034744

File: 1642719537141.gif (2.07 MB, 447x251, E6BE4645-5573-432E-BF27-0FA577…)

No. 1034746

>Anyway the true enemy is moid anime fans
Absolutely this. I remember when I first found out years ago that fujos and yumes generally hate each other I was shocked because I only ever saw moid weebs as the filth beneath my shoe. I'm not into husbandofagging but I didn't care about people who were since nothing I saw compared to subhuman waifufags ruining every discussion about any show with a female character.

No. 1034751

I don't have any character I'd call a husbando, nor am I invested in any particular ships. I am but a degenerate coomer who wants to fuck certain male characters and see or read about them objectified from a female perspective.

No. 1034753


No. 1034757

> Anyway there's hardly any difference between us, fundamentally we just like cute 2D boys.
Exactly! Having female friends to talk about nerdy stuffs with are already hard to come by. We all have phases of all the category listed above, and depending on the series/media we are into at the time too.
This divide is just a conspiracy to pit women against each other if nothing else.

No. 1034761

I'm a yume but my husbando is pretty obscure and unfuckable/unconventional so i don't have any reason to get jealous of shipping of any kind kek
>pic related
I want to be her friend

No. 1034785

I'm a fujo, but also a platonic yumejoshi- I have this male character I obsess about how I want to be his friend, give him hugs, paint each other's nails etc. I think yumejos are super cute and I'd love to make friends with one one day and make anime moids cry together.
Also, yume anons, have you gotten any comms of you and your husbando together, and if yes, did you send any pics of yourself to the artist or just described yourself? I want to get a commission of me and my fictional friend but I'm too embarassed at the idea of sending a picture of myself to the artist

No. 1034797

Im still that way too I always thought to be a fujo is to be a yumejoshi and vice versa so i was really surprised when I came across their wars

No. 1034803

Exactly. Literally end of discussion.

No. 1034842

Personally I have always liked BL but mostly in a pretty laid back way, I don't consume a lot of it anymore but still read or watch something occasionally whether it is canon BL or just a story that has a good ship. I used to have an unfounded negative impression of self insert shippers because of the kind of stuff you see on twitter where it is meshed with kinning and other typical twitter things. Since seeing yumejoshis post here and learning more about being a yumejo I realized that I was tarring self-insert shippers with one brush and started to read more posts about it/look into otome. It really seems fun and relaxing, I admire anons who have a lot of dedication to their favorite characters.

No. 1034936

Because he's not fucking real

No. 1034944

you’re on lolcow nona you’re not a normie
t. fujo

No. 1034963

I hope you get rejected by every commission artists out there

No. 1034970

why are we so self hating against ourselves

No. 1034974

You could make yourself in a (nice looking) picrew or send them a picture of an anime character with the hair/style you'd like

No. 1035001

Sorry you had a bad day, hope tomorrow is better
That's a good idea anon! There are some pretty nice ones in the picrew thread I could use. Thank you!

No. 1035035

i’m a yumejo. i’ve tried to get into bl, but my indifference to male relationships and shipping in general has been preventing me from doing so
>have you gotten any comms of you and your husbando together
>did you send any pics of yourself to the artist or just described yourself?
i just sent a picrew (sorry) of myself

No. 1035040

thanks for the good wishes, I will keep an eye out and warn other artists to avoid those picrew self-insert commission requests. May you get scammed real good <3

No. 1035051

File: 1642736304643.gif (990.92 KB, 320x240, 3475A0F5-C53E-4A0D-BB41-DB423E…)

I’m ostensibly a fujoshi but I can’t get off to cartoon people, only 3DPD
Is there a cute nickname for me or am I just a basic degenerate

No. 1035052


No. 1035053


No. 1035056

NTA but what about that is upsetting to you?

No. 1035060

File: 1642737068018.jpeg (218.79 KB, 1421x1171, F4705EA4-ECED-4ABD-AD58-98B288…)

As a himejo I just want fujo and yume to finally come to terms with their internal misogyny and have rigorously lesbian sex afterwards

No. 1035066

Everyone agrees in this thread that yumejos and fujos are basically sisters. So that makes me think that the argument is being inflated by moids. Divide and conquer I guess

No. 1035067


No. 1035068

I like how you think

No. 1035071

I'd be more than happy to take a commission like that anon!! Getting paid to draw for other yumes is my dream, I draw for friends for now but pretty much none of them self-insert like I do. It makes me feel like a bit of the odd one of the bunch.

No. 1035075

Do moids who are into lolis, hentai, yuri, isekai, etc (whatever I don't know what moids like), fight this way too? Or is it just girls who want to see gay homosexual girls vs girls who want to have sex with 2D guys?

And are moids this defensive over waifus? How do moids into waifus even act, I don't know, I don't talk to anime fan moids.

No. 1035076

File: 1642737779810.jpg (58.07 KB, 645x900, 1633443761048.jpg)

MMM anime boys


No. 1035083

Yeah, I've seen infighting among them as well, with the most vitriolic probably being self-insert waifufags versus male yurifags, they hate each other. It feels like every niche hobby has a small but vocal group of autists warring over something despite the fact that when viewed from the outside they all seem pretty much the same.

No. 1035095

File: 1642738854495.png (381.91 KB, 640x480, 7528B308-28DD-4345-9087-5BC1CE…)

himejos are truly the most superior breed of women

No. 1035096

I feel like their is sorta this dumb assumption that all female anime fans are fujos just like that dumb assumption that all girls are a little bi. Fucking sucks.

I've always been a self-inserter ever since I was a kid and I was never into yaoi/BL. Why would I be interested in gay guys, they wouldn't want to fuck me.

No. 1035099

Mahito, my beloved.

No. 1035100

AYRT nothing deep really, just find self-insert shippers are usually immature, annoying and nitpick-y (regardless of genders). My working experience with them are unpleasant than people who just requesting ship arts (whether canon, fanon, even oc x canon). I'd just blacklist them for any warning signs, I'm an old-timer artist and don't have patience for these types of commissioners.

No. 1035101

Kek one of my generals on /vg/ has a neverending war between waifufags and yurifags. It's actually really funny to watch them.

No. 1035105

is it llsifgen? i don't frequent there, but i assume that's the general knowing what male love live fans are like.

No. 1035117

Imagine calling a group of women immature and annoying right after you replied multiple times to someone wishing they got scammed. Kek.
Seeing two attractive 2d guys go at it is hot.

This entire “war” is dumb we are literally the same sides of one coin. While I don’t personally enjoy self insert shit because I find it cringe as fuck, I don’t care that other women do like literally why is it even a subject to fight over? Yumes and Fujos are both very cringe but who cares, let people have fun.

No. 1035121

And I don't think it's hot because them doing gay shit immediately turns me off no matter how they look.

I hate girls who are into het pegging too.

No. 1035127

Totally valid nonna it’s not for everyone. I also find het pegging gross, I cant exactly explain why.

No. 1035131

why hate them? i also dislike pegging (and straight femdom in general, to be honest), but it’s a harmless fetish

No. 1035132

File: 1642740954626.jpeg (Spoiler Image,144.56 KB, 490x474, 41991386-ADFD-4E49-ACD8-95661F…)

this is your man?

No. 1035134

Oh yeah, after working with them I wish they would be scammed so hard their mommies and daddies found out about their husbando addiction and cut off all of their allowance. Seethe love.

No. 1035140

File: 1642741476173.jpeg (124.02 KB, 508x740, 3A86901F-CAA1-4E5B-8B1F-732A8F…)

that’s my man!! my little ugly stinky sewer dwelling worm man

No. 1035142

t. malding

No. 1035188

I'm an artist and a yumejoshi so just for you I've decided that I'll do all selfship art slots half-off next month so you won't have to bear this burden.

No. 1035238

Based Mahito fan, I love him too.
I don't hate them, but I hate how common het pegging is now in femdom. I don't want to pretend to have a dick or pretend that a woman has to have one to be dominant.

No. 1035262

Lots of fujoshi/yumejoshi I see on the internet are SEA, latina or turkish. Does anyone know why fujoshi isn't a popular term in English speaking countries? It's probably a cultural thing but without a label to fall under it's hard to even know other women and girls like M/M especially on social media. It seems to be common in the early 2000s, then it just disappeared?

No. 1035293

What do you mean? Fujoshi is the commonly used term in the west too. Of course you get the mentally ill MLM people who conflate fujoshi with being a "straight girl who fetishizes gay men" but generally speaking fujoshi is used to refer to women who like reading about fictional gay male relationships.

No. 1035315

what do yumes think about hetshippers (canon and not canon)? do you feel differently about them than about fujos? not a trick question im honestly interested

No. 1035326

What is someone called when they fixate on a male character but sont really feel that attracted to them because theyre 3dfags but still find the male characters good looking and want to use them creatively (through fanfic or art) and possibly ship them with the opposite sex ?

No. 1035339


No. 1035343

Business must be booming for you nona. Self insert girls need their safe space after all, feel free to come back to me for some referrals ♥


No. 1035344

everything and anything is autism

No. 1035358

You're yanking my chain here anon. I want on that waitlist.

No. 1035366

I guess I'm a yumejo I didn't even know there was a term for it beyond being autistic and having husbandos but I do like shipping anime boys together if they actually make a cute couple. The gay boys aren't a sexual thing for me though, so I don't think I count as a fujo?
I feel an ever-present weight of shame regarding liking anime or anything of the kind. I don't buy or wear merch, I don't commission art, I don't talk about it with anyone but my closest friends. It takes a great deal of self restraint to ensure nobody else discovers I'm not a normie, but that's life.

No. 1035367

>The gay boys aren't a sexual thing for me though, so I don't think I count as a fujo?
I think it's a common misconception that fujos desire the boys sexually which is not at all always the case. I don't want to have sex with any of my boys that I ship (first of all I'm a lesbian and secondly I don't want to fuck cartoons), I just enjoy their dynamics and watching their relationship grow and the occasional sex scenes can be hot of course, but in no way do I self-insert into the story or think "god I wish that were me". That's why I don't consider myself a yume either even if I'm highly attached to a male character because I'm more enthusiastic about their writing and design than treating them as "real people". I guess you could say it's just metaphorical dolls that I like playing with?

No. 1035370

as much as I want the yumejoshi artist to supply her fellow yume, she probably shouldn't be explicit about her discount to "get back at" some fujo at lolcow since she can be potentially being recognized as a Terf, which can kill her business

No. 1035374

Nta but what does being a terf have to do with this? All artists should be terves btw.

No. 1035378

File: 1642765519872.jpeg (220.55 KB, 1170x981, 8BE83717-01A4-417C-9BB0-0EAC9F…)

the way the fujo is the ugliest, the least fashionable and the only drooling mess among more normie passing otakus lol even within cartoon nerds we’re seen as the most weirdo one

No. 1035380

File: 1642765592292.png (665.74 KB, 1600x1920, Face_2.png)

Mi Vida

Gacha games are very dangerous for yume, I had to delete fgo, arknights, and fe: heroes for my wallets well being, but if I get a better job one day I can see myself downloading them again

No. 1035381

I mean, your picture doesn't help kek

No. 1035389

I love how fujos are represented by a gorilla hand kek

No. 1035392

sage your kek next time newfag

No. 1035395

uhh isn't sage not required on ot boards now?

No. 1035396

YOU’RE the newfag, you don’t have to sage in /ot/

No. 1035404

File: 1642768011547.gif (4.11 MB, 600x338, F58786BA-0ED9-4A49-99DA-D92422…)

No. 1035413

Nta, fascinating breakdown

No. 1035418

Another anon asked this is the stupid questions thread before and yes I have seen waifufags fight with yurifags, especially on the Genshin general on /vg/, but the Genshin general in /m/ is awful and has a lot of fujo and Yume infighting so maybe Genshin just attracts the mentally ill

No. 1035426

Based and rare
I don't really care but it depends on the ship. Shipping wars ruined the FF7 fanbase for me. Holy shit I don't care if Cloud likes Aerith or Tifa more… especially because Aerith WITH Tifa leaving Cloud to cry alone is superior, sorry not sorry.
I mean, you know, if she doesn't die in the remake that is
The fujos in the FF7 fanbase are like saints compared to most of the hetshippers but I feel like in most other series it's the opposite way around, at least ime.
I don't mind fujos as long as they don't mind us yumes or the hetshippers. My main problem with fujos are the ones that dislike all female characters and all hetships. I guess I could be considered a himejo too, though. I like yuri too.
Embarrassing nonnie

No. 1035427

Female solidarity

No. 1035433

im a fujo that doesnt enjoy nsfw content, as long as you largely ship/consume gay shit you count imo

No. 1035448

>The fujos in the FF7 fanbase are like saints compared to most of the hetshippers but I feel like in most other series it's the opposite way around
Not really. My problem with hetshippers is how they always project their own superiority complex into others. They believe their ships are the best and purest because they're most likely to be canon and assume that everyone else should prioritize this way too when most fujos acknowledge that their gay fantasy will never become reality. It's especially embarrassing when they do that "majority of people are heterosexual so fuck you" thing, male hetshippers are desperate to force any straight relationship for their Kirito self insert because he just can't be a dirty faggot!

They also love to shit on fujos for their cringey ship wars while going nuclear sperg about their hetship being threatened. If one gets legitimately distressed over someone else shipping your hetship with a different straight character or a fujo "making everything gay" while demanding everyone to accept their own Christian approved hetship then you have no business laughing at all the 15-year old Voltron fujos clawing at each other.

No. 1035452

>My problem with hetshippers is how they always project their own superiority complex into others. They believe their ships are the best and purest because they're most likely to be canon and assume that everyone else should prioritize this way too when most fujos acknowledge that their gay fantasy will never become reality
I don't spend time in fandom spaces anymore but I definitely remember seeing this attitude among online anime fans when I was younger, like the misconception that fujos care less about the source material since they like something "less canon" and are "forcing" a ship that will never happen. I think shounen fans who ship were the ones most likely to act that way back in the day, can't say what it's like now.

No. 1035469

File: 1642773917851.jpeg (45.97 KB, 342x750, BD0FBA48-4D20-48AA-B760-CC79B2…)

where have you been anon, we should revive the GL/yuri thread in /m/

I'd want to sperg over various yuri manga I've been reading lately, I find girls' angst towards each other is really hot

No. 1035474

I would like quality Yuri recs, I enjoy well written ones because twice the women to relate to

No. 1035501

this was basically snk threads on /a/ for two years straight with their retarded em vs eh ship war

No. 1035504

Is your pic from a manga? I'm always interested in good f/f recs.

No. 1035518

Thats the thing tho, it about enjoying cute guys and taking yourself out of the equation rather than being the object of desire yourself

No. 1035528

I respect that but it makes it clear how calling yumes cucks makes zero sense

No. 1035531

>the misconception that fujos care less about the source material
>the misconception
Top kek. Fujos are fucking delusional when it comes to searching "proofs" for canon-ness of their ships. It's already a well documented phenomenon, given that they want their bbys to fuck each other so bad, they will not only hallucinate the aforementioned "proofs", they will also go on holy crusades against everyone who disagrees with them and thinks that their ship is not canon.

No. 1035540

File: 1642777793552.jpeg (155.19 KB, 1280x900, 2300D4E1-012F-42F7-B967-1A5FA1…)

not from a manga, but the artist is a manga author! These are just her ocs she's drawing from time to time.
So far only one of her works is translated online, there was another one that is explicit yuri and I haven't bought it yet.
here's the link to her twitter post https://twitter.com/Chi_ll_i/status/1476244325910855680?s=20

No. 1035559

Thanks for proving the anons' point retard

yumes and fujos should band against delusional hetshippers shilling their mary sues

No. 1035571

>The fujos in the FF7 fanbase are like saints compared to most of the hetshippers
and for some reason hetfag clotis (and "mlm" gaydens who love zakkura) have this seething eternal hatred for sefikura fujos because they hate that the ship is toxic. this is despite the fact that i never see ff7 fujos engage in love triangle discourse, only read fics or upload fanart. i wish these cunts would focus on their coomer titty tifa hentai instead of bitching endlessly about how "sefikura shippers need theeeEeraPy" as if these mental invalids don't all have 400 people living in their heads.

No. 1035579

>i wish these cunts would focus on their coomer titty tifa hentai instead of bitching endlessly about how "sefikura shippers need theeeEeraPy" as if these mental invalids don't all have 400 people living in their heads.
KEK god go off nonnie I love this post

No. 1035601

People who care about FF7 ships are certainly mentally ill. Jesus it's been 24 years, when will you stop?

No. 1035625

What does tranny dick taste like?

No. 1035636

Ewww wtf

No. 1035639

t. me when yurifags

No. 1035645

Fuck off homophobe.

No. 1035648

>implying yurifags are real lesbians and not just males and pick-me bihets

No. 1035650


No. 1035653

Sephiroth IS ""toxic"" he's the antagonist but who fucking cares, none of them are real. The most actually toxic clotis I've met have all been women though, so they're not interested in Tifa hentai. Just obsessed with hating Aerith. I hate the LTD with a passion.
At least Eva's creator put an end to it himself

No. 1035654

I truly hope it's scrotes shaming women for liking het, yuri and bl itt. Remember the one yesterday who got so angry at women liking cartoons that he started spamming gore?

No. 1035656

Only one side is shaming anyone, and that's hetfags against fujos. Fujos calling out homophobia from hetfags is not shaming, retard.

No. 1035658

Disgusting comments were just made about yuri fans, but nevermind, you sound like a baiter.

No. 1035662

Is it really "disgusting" to point out that yuri fandoms are rife with trannies and bihets?

No. 1035663

File: 1642786132126.jpeg (174.59 KB, 926x719, 715C4905-2D74-4EBD-9A50-69D2B1…)

Begone, scrote.
>implying yurifags are real lesbians
Why should she?

No. 1035666

Do you think asking a woman how tranny dick tastes just because she likes yuri isn't disgusting? Are you lost?
You mention how yuri has a lot of trannies into it as though yaoi isn't rife with Ayydens into it.

No. 1035667

haven't read the discussion but fujos always cry homophobia when you call them out. They love shitting on yumes first, but the second you say something you are a mean homophobic bully

No. 1035668

It is. There has been a scrote spamming gore and picking up fights and baiting infighting between women in threads around the site. The same moid was accusing that none of the people on this site are lesbians and everyone is faking it kek

No. 1035670

Ayyydens are still women and often lesbians, anon. I'll take 10000 Ayyydens over one troonbian.

No. 1035672

Do you think Ayydens aren't trannies? Are women supposed to stop enjoying things just because trannies are into it?

No. 1035673

Because your arguments usually are homophobic. Screaming "but 99.999999999999% of the population is heterosexual!!!" and "misogyny!!" as if fujos aren't women ourselves is not a good look.

No. 1035683


No. 1035690

Fuck off tranny

No. 1035691

Speaking of Kirito, his bond with Eugeo was more romantic and genuine than his relationship with any of the moeblobs in his harem.

No. 1035696

I hate both trannies and aydens equally, I don't like anyone who has tranny cult brainrot deep in their head. I much rather deal with normal yaoi/yuri fans than a fucking ayden.

No. 1035697

>It's another "we real lesbians are actually into watching men fuck each other" episode

No. 1035699

Tragic. If they're actual women and not baiting scrotes I hope they wake up to their homophobia someday and feel embarassed.

No. 1035700

Not this shit again.

No. 1035701

Women can like Yuri as much as Yaoi too. I don't get why fight about that

No. 1035705

What's there to like about retarded moeblob schoolgirls groping each other unless you're a male or pick-me?

No. 1035708

do seiyuufags actually watch everything their fav is in? jesus no matter who it is theyd be watching so much garbage

No. 1035709

Most fujos are lesbians, fuck off with your goldstar elitism.

No. 1035710

You just want to infight huh

No. 1035712

Do you even know what you're saying or replying to, kek?

No. 1035713

Why is everyone in this thread suddenly retarded when some hours ago everyone was okay with everyone? I swear to God males love making us infight

No. 1035714

Stop replying to the shit bait, anons.

No. 1035716

I agree. The same kind of bait is posted over and again. If it smells like baiter looking for infighting, scrote or underage twittard then ignore.

No. 1035732

Is it so hard to just empathize with the fact I like looking at art of pretty boys and their female paramours without having to exclusively resort to 1800s/1920s romantic postcards? All I'm saying is I don't know why there's such a lack of demand for it

No. 1035735

Honestly same. I used to be a fujo but now I almost explicitly ship M/F pairings.

No. 1035736

Yeah but who cares about male homos? There's no reason gay men should get more food than straight women.

No. 1035737

Can't you find that in anime art?
>1800s/1920s romantic postcards
Please post some, it sounds cute.

No. 1035740

It's not like 99% of mainstream media is hetshit or anything

No. 1035749

Male gaze hetshit is trash

No. 1035751

But it literally all panders to men and doesn't have dynamics that are appealing to nerdy straight women

No. 1035752

Why do most fujos say they're lesbians? That's like saying most lesbian porn watchers are gay men, makes no sense. Wouldn't lesbian women be interested in Yuri or lesbian literature written by lesbian women instead of anime gay porn?
I don't want to infight, I'm simply curious.

No. 1035754

you already have reylo and 50 shades, chill

No. 1035755

I feel you nonna. I guess I'm Otome, I only really like my MxF pairings. Self-inserting feels too wierd to me, and I like having a female character with a defined personality of her own for my husbando to play off of. It's honestly a bit awkward around other anime fans, when everyone I know is into either yaoi or yuri primarily lol. I can only find good hetshit art when the pairing is super popular and is the primary ship in the fandom, BL art/fic is almost always way easier to find for weeb fandoms ime.
I like BL a little too but only when I really like those two chaarcter's specific dynamic (or think it would be really hot for them to fuck). But it doesn't scratch the same itch.

No. 1035757

See the problem with that Anon, is that most of the "hetshit" you're referring to is made and written by men.

No. 1035761

That or about aggressive scrotes. Female POV vanilla romance or femdom (hard mode) is much more rare.

No. 1035767

This has been said a million times already, they prefer yaoi because yuri is made by men for men.

No. 1035769

No. 1035779

men in yaoi and gay fics are written by women and read like theyre women, its honestly just escapism + projecting my desires onto 'safer' outlets because actual f/f content often feels too personal for me to be silly entertainment

No. 1035783

Alright, whats female gaze hetshit with pretty and elegant male characters being made in the past 5 years ?

No. 1035791

Thank you for the explanation nona. There really isnt any lesbian media that's written by women since it's a huge fetish for straight men I guess.

No. 1035797

There is but I hate how rare it is, artists who are into women need to reclaim lesbian art. Make it for us, by us.

No. 1035800

What's the point? Men will sexualise it and take it away from us anyway.

No. 1035803

Hell no, IRL homos disgust me and I wouldn’t be friends with any of em
I just want to get off on two handsome fictional dudes doing it

No. 1035804

Well what's the point of doing anything as a woman, when men ruin everything all the time?
We shouldn't let whatever shit moids are doing stop us from creating the art we want.

No. 1035805

Fuck off

No. 1035808

You know what, it just occurred to me theres no really big market of female gaze media that includes women in it, whether that be lesbian or straight. Women are too interesting to only be secluded to scrote gaze fantasies imo

No. 1035809

do you people know that shoujo manga exists

No. 1035814

Most shoujo manga is made for teenage girls in high school, most women kind of grow out of that and start wanting more mature themes, unlike scrotes, who can exist as 40 years old men into shoneshit with a high school protagonist.

No. 1035815

>Women are too interesting to only be secluded to scrote gaze fantasies imo
Preach. I'm going to sharpen my skills and make my own stories featuring women. We really have to do it all ourselves.
They're for a younger audience aren't they, but sure recommend us some good femgaze ones.

No. 1035817

I've always wished for this. Not even just for gay women, but so women in general could have female characters they can enjoy and relate to. I'd be willing to shill serious money for female gaze media made for and by women containing female characters.

No. 1035819

Ok?? enjoy your moids then.
I love objectifying them from afar while spending all of my time and energy on women irl. If I’m gonna be heterosexual I’m gonna at least do it without ever giving any male any sexual pleasure at all

No. 1035823

Hating gay men is not the flex you think it is.

No. 1035824

I would kill for more manga about women by women, both GL manga and just platonic friend manga.
I used to like CGDCT shit like K-on but I can’t tolerate women written by males anymore

No. 1035826

NTA but neither is being a woman who masturbates to them kek

No. 1035828

File: 1642791876894.jpeg (790.79 KB, 2048x1536, B6AEB8C9-D965-438E-83CD-B71800…)

I hate ALL men, bitch

No. 1035833

Because most of the time the boy is in love with the protagonist, not the person watching.
Only exceptions are like player choice only protagonists for otoge.

No. 1035835

I don't know why people are acting like yuri written by women doesn't exist, there are a lot of female authors out there and the genre was originally published in shoujo magazines to begin with. Obviously fetish-bait shit written by scrotes exists but it's so easy to avoid since you can tell just from looking at the cover who it's meant to cater to.

No. 1035838

Can you give us suggestions nona?

No. 1035842

File: 1642792512865.jpeg (253.06 KB, 900x758, AB0B637A-DD9A-459F-9DE5-3BFD57…)

Yuricucks are the most hated amongst moid circles.

No. 1035850

File: 1642792923803.png (1.58 MB, 1334x750, 2B3DEF89-86FA-4F8A-883D-2F561F…)

I want to see more fashionable fujoshi sisters!

No. 1035852

Kill yourself shit bait

This, I'm in my 30s and around 12-15 years too old for shoujo. Most of it is super rapey too and I don't want to watch female protagonists being assaulted or bullied around, it gets too personal for me. BL has more selection geared towards older female readers with adult characters.

Every time I try to ask for good suggestions for female-created f/f I'm met with crickets or unbelievably lame or fetishy shit. So I'll welcome any material that is actually interesting and not about schoolgirls performing for male readers.

No. 1035857

A closeted bisexual and/or gay scrote definitely made that image lmao
Male logic is:
>We need SOME dick in our porn! Not too much, but just a little!
I know some scrote in disguise might reply to this trying to "gently" convince me of something, claiming there's nothing gay about his desires. I don't want to hear it, faggot

No. 1035858

Notice how none of the useless moids develop interesting sexualities, always shit that goes back to humilating others or themselves. Imagine if they hated other men but still wanted to be a guy who has sex with women while being the most beautiful and confident man around (because he loves women that much)

No. 1035860

I agree anon, I feel the same way. I'm also a lesbian. I do like seeing good f/f content too, there's just a tragic lack of it, most of it is trash.
I guess people who aren't gay can't understand, judging by all the retarded infighting in this thread and people who respond to stupid bait posts. No one gets aggressive stupid shit like shipping unless they're mentally ill, an underage twitterfag or a pathetic moid. Just let the moid/ayden/twitfag samefag until they leave and stop responding to retarded takes about homophobia and shit. It's not that deep.

No. 1035862

File: 1642793370676.jpg (7.18 KB, 256x256, 36e0f0170368bb423ebc910088bc02…)

Sorry but anal/gay sex is just disgusting, even in 2d, have fun with your homo pooper pals, couldn't be me, I prefer REAL romance (which involves women x dragons (the gold hoarding, transhumanist type who are canonically really old and can burn ANYTHING but are still romantic and are packing no matter if they're in human or dragon form)). Men disgust me. I am not a furry.(shitpost)

No. 1035864

Anyone who replies to this low effort bait stubs their toe on the table

No. 1035867

I didn't reply to it yet i stub my toe on the tables and walls all the time

No. 1035868

Reminds me of the ‘futa is the least gay porn’ meme, most guys are really weirdly obsessed with dicks and I say this as a fujo.

No. 1035869

The first sentence is pure truth

No. 1035871

File: 1642793621528.jpeg (195.75 KB, 610x1054, 0BF9C8D3-8C46-4FF5-B347-7FD51D…)

You’re not a furry because you’re a scaly, silly.

No. 1035873

but nona…. you replied to it…

No. 1035875

File: 1642793767974.png (556.55 KB, 2100x854, 1B191066-A0DC-41AA-9AF7-F9CF03…)

OT but infighting between furries and scalies is funny to me

No. 1035876

File: 1642793797749.jpeg (128.3 KB, 538x600, F9FB517C-2E1F-449E-94F1-BB17F7…)

Personally I find porn and lewd content too androphilic. Surrounding too much on dick and male pleasure, nothing says female gaze more than when the art focuses on what the woman is feeling through suggestions of orgasm and seductive pleasure that the female reader can insert to. Material like this makes me coom instantly because it's so hot yet so rare. Sad!

No. 1035879

Unironically what I really want in this world is good human girl on scalie romance, give me straight dragon boyfriend media already.

No. 1035881

>Furries vs Scalies
>Fujoshi vs Yumejoshi
What's next?

No. 1035882

File: 1642793894845.jpg (27.52 KB, 258x258, Wargreymon.jpg)

making this ontopic by admitting 5 year old me husbandod wargreymon

No. 1035883

Anon that’s just the shape of water.

No. 1035886

kek picrel

No. 1035890

Seriously tho, furries are too fucking canine-centric. All of the characters they coom to are ugly ass canine furries with hideous forward projections and bestial looking skulls.

No. 1035892

File: 1642794153384.gif (46.84 KB, 447x251, 2536BF00-E731-4764-9188-F07F43…)

Robotfuckers vs cyborgfuckers is one I wanna see battle it out
Already know what side I’m on there.

No. 1035894

File: 1642794214374.jpg (188.96 KB, 1373x1405, E4JarrbVEAACH5X.jpg)

I don't want an ugly moid in a rubber suit, I want a cute lizard boy with the snoot and tail and everything, like the one from Monotone Blue by Nagabe

No. 1035896

File: 1642794230930.png (152.81 KB, 499x545, file.PNG)

Sure, here are a few well-known female authors I can think of (the quality varies, can't promise everything is good):
Morishima Akiko
Takemiya Jin
Kobachi Ruka
Takashima Hiromi
Takeshima Eku
Yamaji Ebine

The first two are out as lesbians, don't know about the others but they're all women. Worth noting that most works by these authors take place in a high school setting, it's a shame that there's not more yuri about adults.

No. 1035901

Not a furry or a scalie but this art is cute, reminds me of the lone digger music video.

No. 1035905

File: 1642794462764.jpeg (324.16 KB, 1080x1232, DB42530B-90CE-41EE-9E36-0AE713…)

Who’s baiting? I’m 100% srs

No. 1035911

File: 1642794635993.png (1.15 MB, 700x984, cc505a16bd4d5d8034760262183756…)

Is this a good hetshit vibe?

No. 1035914

File: 1642794677818.png (2.06 MB, 794x1236, Screenshot_2016-05-25-20-20-28…)

>Yamaji Ebine
Finally someone who seem to make works for adult women.

No. 1035917

File: 1642794801616.jpeg (122.03 KB, 1024x924, EBC8D45A-D60A-45E2-A529-66EEBA…)

Sure why not

No. 1035923

NTA but there are some damn good otome games out there imo.
This too.
I hate when nonnies say shit like this. Let men have power over every single one of your interests? Fuck that.
Highschool stories are just a Japanese culture thing overall
I'm getting the feeling that many anons in this thread simply don't broaden their horizons, tastes or try new things at all. That's not a problem until you claim you want more of something that's already being made. Literally just search harder.

No. 1035929

>Morishima Akiko
Half naked male gazey schoolgirls
>Takemiya Jin
Young schoolgirls being pervy to each other
>Kobachi Ruka
Moeblob young schoolgirls being boring
>Takashima Hiromi
Probably the least offensive but still schoolgirls being boring
>Takeshima Eku
Young schoolgirls groping each other and being male gazey
>Yamaji Ebine
Wow actual lesbian content that doesn't look like a moid shat it out

No. 1035930

IDK, I would prefer more focus on the man and less on the woman's butt in a hetero pairing.

No. 1035936

This looks like a scrote power fantasy poster, not some girlboss hetero pairing.

No. 1035948

It's works written by women (and of the published works, published in magazines for girls), which was what was asked. In general if you really hate works about high school characters you won't have much luck with romance manga, it's the majority of what's out there no matter the sexuality of the characters.

No. 1035961

Robots are better than cyborgs and nobody will ever change my mind, robots are hot and sexy, cyborgs keep too many human traits to be completely sexy.
>Cybrog = one night stand
>Robot = husband
That’s it.

No. 1035965

File: 1642796071158.png (582.88 KB, 650x784, ce4aa3cf6c8c23c8be7ee2e56058cd…)

What about this? it's the same couple
Hard for me to strike a balance between moid gaze humiliation pron and full on femdom/girlboss (sorry to anons who like that thing) in hetshit though. If nonnies could help me find that that'll be great

No. 1035971

File: 1642796212517.jpg (274.44 KB, 1750x1136, 271753717_475607043921470_7459…)

I prefer cyborgs by far I just find that synergy of organic and mechanic bits beautiful. But I don't hate robots I wouldn't fight over thinking cyborgs are superior and that my opinion is the objective truth, that's such a moid thing to do. Anyways here's a robot woman

No. 1035980

I think you don't understand. I don't like reading works about high school girls making out because most of them are extremely sexualized and it's actually disturbing to see young girls being vulnerable due to the harassment I've experienced in my life and the extreme sexualization and fetishization lesbians have to face. Not to mention the Japanese society treating lesbianism as just a puppy love kind of deal you grow out of once you graduate high school, not a real form of romance, and that definitely shows with most yuri works. With male characters there isn't such a personal connection so I can see them go through any amount of abuse without having to see my own being in them.

No. 1035989

This whole debate would have easily been avoided if yumes/otomes/himes got over their frankly immature obsession with self insertion and just read BL instead. Absolutely no female character in any media is safe from the male gaze, even when created by a woman, no matter how girlboss femgaze said media is touted as. No woman is immune to internalized misogyny and their deeply ingrained biases will always show through their works. Of course, men will also always find a way to taint these characters even further. Just admit that BL is the only type of media out there that truly caters to the female (regardless of sexuality) gaze specifically because of the lack of women.

No. 1035993

File: 1642796807342.jpg (353.61 KB, 600x800, richterandannette.jpg)

All I can think of is how Alucard has emotional and intimacy issues and avoids people so that Maria literally runs after him in one of the endings to SOTN. He looks rather displeased in the drawing.

No. 1035994

anyone who responds to this bait will spill their drink on their keyboard or laptop

No. 1035997

Stop always being the first response then!!

No. 1036000

Yea, the Japanese usually like this dynamic. An avoidant/awkward guy and a passionate, happy girl running after him and trying to get him to open up. Not really my ideal but what choice do I have lmao

No. 1036001

Wise words.

No. 1036010

File: 1642797207144.png (155.99 KB, 515x430, 1640204005904.png)

I like BL, yuri, hetshit and otomes.

No. 1036011

I can understand that, for me I guess I just experienced it differently. I'm a lesbian too and when I was in high school I much preferred reading light-hearted yuri works to the darker and more realistic works with adult lesbian characters. A lot of those ones dealt with homophobia more strongly and I felt uncomfortable with those because I already experienced it in real life, for me the cuter shoujo-style lesbian romances were a form of escapism. When I wanted to consume something heavier I would gravitate towards BL because of that sense of distance you mentioned.

No. 1036016

I like it too with any gender.
What's your ideal nonnie?

No. 1036037

No. 1036038

File: 1642797755575.jpeg (229.14 KB, 1242x1242, A262589F-751A-43DB-A6A5-07D261…)

Based and enlightened just like me.

No. 1036046

Several, in fact.
Mysterious and attractive guy who burns up in his desire for a woman and obsessively wants her. Like villain or anti hero and heroine.
Sensitive and loving sweetheart who would do anything for his woman and is on the shyer, humble side. I like both aggressively romantic (but not the annoying macho kind idk how to explain it) and the reserved type. If the guy acts too distant/unattracted by the woman I usually end up feeling eh about it though, but again, depends on how its executed.
I see the first one with BL stuff the most, the last one is used but too femdom/girlboss in the arts I see but idk how true that is overall

No. 1036054

No. 1036058

Faggots OUT. You subhumans will never blend in.

No. 1036072

I don't like yumejoshi fan community stuff because I just want to look at pictures of my well-designed anime husbando, not him macking on some rando's ugly self insert OC or some fic where (You) act like a moron around my bias for 5 chapters before the author abandons it.

No. 1036082

tbh yumejo fanfics would work best as cyoa type of stories, but those hardly exist sadly

No. 1036087

I know!! There's just so much wasted potential in yumejo fanfics. Otome games are probably the apex of content but barely anyone's making fangames and certainly not any based on any character I'm interested in. I kind of wish there was more of a female equivalent of that weird faceless anon guy scrotes have when drawing porn of female characters. Personally I just end up multishipping fujo stuff and hetshit with my favorite character out of desperation (though some dynamics with other characters do turn out to make compelling relationship fodder or drama on their own merit).

No. 1036098

Based. Love is love nonas.

NTA, but I recommend checking out Korean and Chinese yuri. The ratio of good:bad content is a lot better. Two of my favorites are Magan he Danai and Her Tale of Shim Cheong.

No. 1036103

File: 1642801107697.png (395.21 KB, 500x499, 1616516191277.png)

absolutely based
>game library full of otomes
>tabs open for bunch of cute yuri manga
>fanfics for homo ships
>watch heartwarming boy meets girl anime
I just love a good romance story. There is just so much good content and it pains me that i will never be able to experience them all

No. 1036113

I kind of get why nobody really make a “choose your adventure” types of fanfics though, they can get messy and not a lot of people will like the selections that others make.
I honestly think it’s better to just unapologetically write your true fantasies and if someone vibes with you, then that person will like it as well, if not, someone will write something that they like.
Like, I feel like the reason why a bunch of (y/n) fanfics sucks is because they’re just not your type of main character, I honestly haven’t found yet a good transformers’ self insert fanfic in which the MC isn’t an enby or some NLOG kind of girl and the sorts.
And I kind of like the idea of writing the choose your adventure type, but only for a reduced number of people or for just one person so it’s an actually personalized story, I’ve thought about it but it’s so difficult to find someone who will be like “yeah I want that” without it being awkward.

No. 1036114

nonnie i love you!!!!!

No. 1036117

Kek at your pic.
Personally I prefer F/M and F/F because I like seeing interesting and relatable female characters, it's been too rare to find that and feels great when I find something great.

No. 1036158

That's what I would like to know, don't think I've ever encountered one before

No. 1036163

incredibly based

No. 1036175

File: 1642804519887.jpg (135.02 KB, 705x1000, DoX32B4W0AAki7s.jpg)

I love Nagabe's art. I saw this in a bookstore and decided to buy it and I thought it was really cute. I'm not usually the biggest fan of furry art but they do it so well. I'm glad their other manga is being made into an anime, from what I can tell it's doing the art justice as well

No. 1036181

I think its a mix between the two its too pretty tO be moid power fantasy

No. 1036237

You just can’t conflate furry and kemono

No. 1036257

is there a girl version of haremshit cuz that's me. why isn't there a beautiful mansion full of hot guys ready to build me into me best self.

No. 1036267

You mean reverse harem?

No. 1036281

a reverse harem sounds to me like a person who nobody wants lol. but I see that's the term.

I like the beginning part of otomes before you choose the guy's route, where you're just dating everybody lol.

No. 1036295

is anybody here familiar with that one anon (or troll?) who occasionally spergs about yumes being homophobes? she’s hilarious(bait)

No. 1036305

Well, Obey me is basically dating all of the guys and hoeing around, I love it because of that.

No. 1036324

Uh, otome games, reverse harem anime/manga/webtoons, joseimuke games ect.

No. 1036381

some posts here mentioned wanting to read yuri manga written by women, which I have tons of recommendation (including video games) but I don't know how quick it is having other farmers claiming the work is written by males or MtF.

I guess back to gatekeeping good yuri, sorry fellow himejo, I don't want anons to shit on my favorite girl angst manga. <\3

No. 1036414

The fujo looks like Daria

No. 1036422

Any recommendations?

No. 1036426

NTAYRT but I thought Obey Me was shit. All the guys are assholes and the art style isn't even pretty! Annoying brats especially that bitch Mammon was that his name whatever it is fuck that one in particular

No. 1036455

Mammon is a pure cinnamon roll and I take this comment personally.

No. 1036468

Ignore those anons, please share.
I agree, I thought the game would have femdom vibes too and was disappointed.

No. 1036552

i’m a yumejoshi but i find oc/character stuff unappealing and i think it’s not really useful to other yumes either? i would rather just look at drawings of my husbando shirtless and fantasize about him. i also don’t lust after characters with canonical love interests

No. 1036592

It was discussed in the fujo thread but it feels like a lot of regular otomefag hetshippers just co-opted the term "yumejoshi" to refer to themselves despite not really considering a character their husband whose picture they carry around in a wallet but instead wanting to see and support a heterosexual ship. It made sense because I feel like it's usually the hetfags who pitch a fit at fujos when actual yumes lean towards more indifferency.

No. 1036642

Why is it being framed as weird that people like to see shipping and storytelling in media instead of self inserting or using it as fap material..?

No. 1036733

I'm a yumejoshi and otomefag. I just don't care for BL and while I don't dislike it or people who enjoy BL, it's annoying to see any media I enjoy have mostly BL fan content. I mean I've even seen multiple times where female fans get mocked for not having any BL or GL ships. Like damn a lot of us are straight and just want to see a girl get dicked by a hot guy.

No. 1036739

It's weird how heterosexual content by women in fandom is seen as provocative. I'm bi and it's bizarre to me that I have to tell people that it's ok to be straight.

No. 1036742

I know that feeling, I feel like I'm doing something wrong, like someone is going to say hate gay people or something but damn I really don't care to look at gay sex

No. 1036749

as someone who greatly prefers f/f to m/m it's really annoying how exclusive fujos have to pretend to also be into f/f so they don't get accused of "fetishizing". this often leads to them creating lame sterile f/f just to fill in the lesbian quota, which sucks as someone who actually ships those f/f pairings. i'm just tired of looking up fanfics for f/f ships and 80% of them only having them as background ships for m/m. seriously, it's ok to only like yaoi, leave the yuri to those who actually are interested in it! (not talking about those who genuinely like both btw, but you can obviously see the difference between honest shipping and tokenism)

No. 1036752

It was just discussed on another thread but women should just let go of the idea that it's bad to "fetishize" men. The men aren't going to suffer. Only women are going to suffer if they obsess over men so hard that they get internalized misogyny/ become fakebois.

No. 1036757

i don't disagree but my post was more about artists/writers churning out soulless crap just to fill in diversity quotas

No. 1036763

I get it, those fujos seem scared of fetishizing gay men so they write yuri out of some duty. Which is pointless.

No. 1036786

Exactly. Fetichize men ALWAYS

No. 1036788

I didn't mind BL content in the 2000s nearly as much as I do now because heterosexual and gay content co-existed in female majority fandoms but now, it's mostly BL or GL with very little heterosexual content aimed at women and the few het content you get is shitty scrote aimed shit which is naturally frustrating for a girl who wants to indulge in quality het content (esp if she likes cartoon or anime styles). You don't have to like hetshit but the thick heads towards it as if its abnormal for a het girl to want to see quality het content aimed at her is odd to me and probably related to the same ideas that creates the excess in gay ships or coomer scrote fantasy crap.

No. 1036791

It’s funny because the only “enemy” are other women who police what we want, they’re handmaidens or fakebois.
Hell, I had to start getting into f/f stuff even though I’ve never cared about it, exactly because there’s people out there looking at all of your posts/likes just to make sure that you have all of the rainbow soup letter in your feed.
I’ve yet to see the first actual gay man who gives a fuck wether someone likes yaoi or not, and I’ve yet to see as well the first straight man who gets mad at people fetishizing men. Then again, I’m not exactly permanently online, so real life people who are more than what their profiles say kind of don’t give a fuck about these sort of things, they don’t even know they exist.

No. 1036806

I've had fans attack me for drawing a male character with a woman (because he likes (another male character instead) instead!!) or even argue me down on how a male character is totes a bisexual femboy/twink and imply i'm a bigot for diagreeing with them lel. They're really upset not everyone gives a shit about gay sex ffs

No. 1036807

File: 1642866029054.jpg (26.06 KB, 612x408, istockphoto-157696529-612x612.…)

>there’s people out there looking at all of your posts/likes just to make sure that you have all of the rainbow soup letter in your feed.

Who the fuck are these saddos? They should only be given the middle finger. If it was me I'd tell them to ge toff my lawn.

No. 1036812

if that character is supposedly bisexual then what's so bad about shipping him with women? do these people not know what bisexual means?

No. 1036855

Men/Women who tell others to not fetishize men are dumb and wrong. They sound like men rights activists therefore they are stupid.

No. 1036857

Its the tranny agenda

No. 1036863

File: 1642868723234.jpeg (126.66 KB, 900x673, 27B57308-DC04-469A-8C7C-5B4E95…)

I have the same question too. Whenever I draw ship arts, I'd be asked which one I'd like to fuck between the two guys, which just weird me out. I don't see myself superior to self-insert shippers, just don't vibe with them and woooould love them to stay tf away from my contents.

No. 1036876

I guess I'm some combination of the first three, but I only like mxm content with its artistic and basically fantasized
I'm not homophobic but IRL gay anal sex just seems disgusting to me and the thought of it makes me vomit, I'd rather some sort of fantasy sex where we are shown nothing between two male characters

No. 1036886

samefag my only 2 real issues with most other Fujos is when they "feminize" a male character to a point where the character has nothing of their original self except a name and second when they ship IRL people

No. 1036887

I personally like M/M smut when it only involves blowjobs, frotting, jacking off, basically anything other than anal. I do find any butt stuff disgusting too, and I hate how it's starting to seep into M/F and even F/F content too. tbh I also wish smut whether M/M, M/F or F/F was just less focused on penetrative sex, but that's just the Society We Live In that considers a pole going into a hole to be the most important sex act.

No. 1036900

Same, I'm uninterested in anal sex regardless of the sexes of the people involved. I've gotten shit for this by fujos, it's homophobic apparantly (I'm not even straight)
Also hate how common it is in all kinds of erotica now. I blame the porn industry.

No. 1036904

tbh I've also received shit both from fujos for preferring non-penetrative sex and also from "progressive" het shippers for not liking pegging so i understand

No. 1036919

Don't want to be that guy but seriously people whining about being "bullied" for hetshipping deserve the world's smallest violin. Literally all but a very, very niche form of media cater towards hetships yet you people act like victims when a small selection of people, who are more likely to be ostracized for their tastes than you, are enjoying the gay option.
>inb4 I was literally ATTACKED by a fujo twittertard for drawing het art!!!!!!!
Okay, and how many times have neckbeards called fujos ugly cunts who just need to be dicked and told them to kill themselves for gay shipping? I can promise you that fujos get bullied way more than hetshippers ever do.

>this often leads to them creating lame sterile f/f just to fill in the lesbian quota
I hate this too to be honest. But like you said, it's all because people preferring m/m are constantly shamed for fetishizing so they need to atone for it with a shallow f/f pairing they don't really give a shit about.

No. 1036927

It makes sense for there to be women who prefer content with non-penetrative sex since a lot of us mostly get off from our clits. So solidarity, nonas.

No. 1036929

that and the idea of poopy butt sex makes me wanna throw up

No. 1036931

File: 1642871753987.png (40.22 KB, 605x264, 076.png)

>Okay, and how many times have neckbeards called fujos ugly cunts who just need to be dicked and told them to kill themselves for gay shipping? I can promise you that fujos get bullied way more than hetshippers ever do.

No. 1036934

your picrel = this entire slapfight in a nutshell

No. 1036935

anon I think you are me. these are my exact thoughts when I read through these posts. Those anons just reminded me of tumblr 2012 with the whole "QwQ oppressed for liking het ships", and the whole complaining about "plain n boring" f/f.

I've met those tried to convince me to create more f/f stuffs because "ao3 is filled with fetishized gay works" and I nodded, and genuinely enjoy creating f/f contents now. But hell, everytime I get back to write anything m/m I'd be seen as "making wank contents for horny straight women".

To the yumejo and fujoshi anon who have Deep hatred to each other, reconsider the types of people you used to hang out it, what was it about them make you dislike yumejo/fujoshi? What stops you from exploring from other genre?
The world doesn't revolve around you, so maybeeee either curate your own interests and tell your annoying friend to shut up when they try to sell you something you have no interest in it.

No. 1036939

Same tbh. I've worked as a nurse and know how vulnerable that area is to tearing and infection as well.

No. 1036940

NTA but zoomer behavior, go back to twitter bitch

No. 1036967

AYRT, this isn't a pissing contest. I'm not saying BL shippers are the world leaders or some shit. All I want is see more creampies damn. Expressing desire to see more =/= saying we're oppressed

No. 1036996

is this just a thread for hetshippers to cry about their lack of fandom content now? fujo fan content exists because theres fujos out there who create it, what if you guys also actually made stuff yourselves

No. 1037000

>Expressing desire to see more =/= saying we're oppressed
they never get it and always have to bring up their golden medal in oppression Olympics

No. 1037002

>what if you guys also actually made stuff yourselves
then we get the m/f omegaverse lawsuit nonnita…

No. 1037007

File: 1642875417820.jpg (399.3 KB, 2048x1285, 20211126_101304.jpg)

I was a fujo when I was a teen, then the culture changed and I slowly started hating this new brand of tumblr/twitter fujos and started sympathising with yumes though I don't think I can truly count as a yume when I have a bf. Anyway how it happened:


>shipping culture is silly
>people making shameless rape jokes and violent fanfics
>first BL VN I play is togainu no chi
>I kinda get off on guys being all blushy and humiliated
>no one is treating it seriously


>I still like some fujo porn from japanese writers, but some tropes start bothering me
>I had to see my favourite boy get impregnated in an ABO fic and get a gynecologist appointment for his baby, I gave up
>everyone is suddenly CANONICALLY GAY and PRECIOUS GAY BABIES, over the years people started hating on straight shippers too
>a genre of media that tries to pander to both fujos and yumes pops up, fujos are incredibly vocal on twitter and tumblr and trashtalk yume fans
>on 4chan in like 2014 I started seeing the term "hetfag" and straight fujos attracted to men hating on heterosexuality, more recently it became "yumecucks"
>unbashed hatred towards female characters, yeah they aren't cool girls I'd crush on but this hatred feels purely like it's because they're female and in the way of gayness
>MC doesn't exist! MC is a fag hag! MC is a gay baby janitor! MC is male coded! We should have more male MCs and less female characters!

Yeah I can't vibe with any of that

>see fujos draw Sandalphon (male granblue character) with a vagina and call it his bussy

>see japanese fujos who draw one guy as a meek genderbent girl because it's the only allowed way to be accepted in the community and do straight shit
>pregnancy tests in fujo doujinshi and bad ABO spreading to japan

No. 1037010

Then maybe stop painting yourself as victims because an underage twitterfag made a heterophobia joke at your expense? You can't start playing the oppression olympics yourself and then complain when you're called out for it. And "expressing desire to see more" sounds more like "everything had to cater to us" when the overwhelming majority is objectively centered around m/f content, you can get your precious sexy creampies by going to exhentai, danbooru, rule34, literally any of the million hentai sites out there and typing in that tag any time you want. And if you're complaining about shit you like being "invaded by fujos" then start creating your own Twisted Wonderland fanart instead of whining about fujos being productive.

No. 1037015

>when the overwhelming majority is objectively centered around m/f content, you can get your precious sexy creampies by going to exhentai, danbooru, rule34, literally any of the million hentai sites out there
NTA but congrats, you are fucking retarded if you are comparing coomershit that degrades women and was made by men for men to yume/straight woman material.

No. 1037017

File: 1642875781481.jpg (10.96 KB, 680x253, 4c9.jpg)

No. 1037018

>if you're complaining about shit you like being "invaded by fujos" then start creating your own Twisted Wonderland fanart instead of whining about fujos being productive.

No. 1037019

>Don't want to be that guy

No. 1037023

You can't even move the goalposts properly, you were quoted word for word for what you said in that paragraph.

No. 1037026

Nobody's moving goalposts, the point stands. Go on, start collecting contributors for your straight zine to fight heterophobia and oppression of m/f shippers.

No. 1037030

here goes the gay larpers pretending their sodomy fetish is more natural than straight stuff again…

No. 1037032

Gays get offended every time they're reminded they're abnormal. They can't help it.

No. 1037034

writing gay fanfic rn, what are you guys up to

No. 1037035

And you are still retarded. I never said anything of that, I pointed out how fucking moronic you are for thinking coomer shit is what women want. I looked up twisted wonderland on pixiv and luckily they have like 20k works with a female protagonist, good for them.

No. 1037036

File: 1642876265563.jpg (80.32 KB, 1089x1057, mung daal gangsta.jpg)

based post

No. 1037037

>I had to see my favourite boy get impregnated in an ABO fic and get a gynecologist appointment for his baby, I gave up
Did you have to see it? What happened to "Don't like, don't read"? I agree ABO is nasty and think the rest of your post is justified though

No. 1037039

None of us said anything was being invaded. Just that we'd like to see some more. You're the only one making it an het vs. fujo thing.

No. 1037041

>Wahhh! How dare women want straight content! They should be happy with gay content or scrote content!

No. 1037043

obvious bait is obvious fuck off scrote

No. 1037047

>on 4chan in like 2014 I started seeing the term "hetfag" and straight fujos attracted to men hating on heterosexuality
No, that term is for anons who desperately disregard gay actions or hints in an anime or manga with impressive mental gymnastics how those are actually totally hetero.
I will never forget the ride that was Yuri on Ice threads lmao.

No. 1037050

We're only allowed to like content of men fucking other men in the ass and fat ugly bastard het porn. If we want straight content we're whining and ungrateful

No. 1037051

NTA, but I think she was pointing out just how common certain ridiculous stuff is getting. I've found fics of some of my fav m/f pairings but for some fucking reason they'll be both trans and always suddenly the girl is dom and the guy a bottom.

No. 1037055

said no one ever

No. 1037056

NTA but

i dont know, go back to your sunday church if you think homosexuality is sodomy

case 2 for homophobe

>I want some good creampie teehee
>ew ew but it's from coomers
>awieee why is no one caters to my taste, boohoo why am i so untalented, lazy, have zero creative skill and a throbbing victim complex

No. 1037058

Nothing pisses me off more when I'm vibing with a straight ship and the girl just has to be a domme (or a secret troon kek) and the guy is a weakling. These fucks only like straight shit if they can still make it gay lite somehow

No. 1037060

You are browsing the front page of e-hentai, you see a cute cover with two boys. You open it and start reading the Japanese doujinshi and one boy is suddenly talking how he didn't take his birth control in the middle of fucking.

Yeah it happens.

No. 1037063

No. 1037068

is this where i can complain about my favorite seiyuu only being in garbage shows i dont want to watch

No. 1037069

The fujos/gays in this thread really like projecting the victim thing on everyone, kek.

No. 1037070

If you're male attracted and would rather see two fags fucking each other in the ass instead of a hot guy fucking a girl you're abnormal.

No. 1037076

wrong thread anon, go to /m/
this thread is for yume and fujo to hulk at each other until the internalized misogyny dies own on its own

it's actually pretty fun for me to read this thread lol

No. 1037077

Who is it nonnie?

No. 1037082

None of these anons saying you're not allowed to like certain content. They're telling you to create or commission it yourself if there is a lack of what you want, instead of bitching about fujos creating what they want because we all know main series only rarely give it to them.

No. 1037083

This is Fight Club

No. 1037084

But none of the original anons were "whining" or bringing up fujos. So its only ok for fujos to lament about lack of gay ships but het shippers have to stfu in the presence of the almighty fag ships? Nah fuck off

No. 1037087

Exactly, the bias is obvious.

No. 1037089

Again, no one was saying this, fujos actually create it themselves when they lack gay shit.

No. 1037093

kishou taniyama, i have no interest in 98% of the stuff hes in lol

No. 1037096

>fujos create shit!
Is this the only argument you can parrot? You have no idea how profitable yume giveaways and comissions are on the Japanese side of twitter, it's a great way to get followers too. Something also gives me the vibe you never "created" something in your life, kek.

Anons itt are expressing their distaste at fujos vocally shitting on female characters and straight ships instead of leaving people alone and "creating" their shitty porn.

No. 1037098

Just because people are actively complaining about something doesn't mean they aren't doing anything to help the issue. That's a dumb misconception

No. 1037105

>You have no idea how profitable yume giveaways and comissions are on the Japanese side of twitter, it's a great way to get followers too
So there isn't actually a lack of content like OP claimed?
And OP also didn't exprees that, they claimed fujos won't allow them to like het stuff.

No. 1037106

i dont ever actually see any good old fujo misogyny anymore, new age fujos are all woke twitterfags who call the blandest breasted boobily down the stairs scrote written female cardboard cutouts 'kween' and talk about how 'gay' they are for her even though they obviously just care for the male characters

its honestly obnoxious i wish fujos dared to be problematic again

No. 1037107

If that's their experience why are you so hellbent on proving it didn't happen? Are you dumb or have you been living in a rock to not know how insane Tumblr/Twitter has made fandom culture in the past few years?

No. 1037108

okay breeder

I'm sorry but your argument contradicts with this anon >>1036733
and several yume-non replied and added to her statement that
>there is not enough het contents made by women
>we are being bullied by fujo for not having GL BL contents!

therefore anon responded >>1037010
Her frustration with you guys are valid, whether youre yumefujoshi or not. Those kinds of whiny weeny pisses us of no matter which decade we're in.

No. 1037111

>okay breeder
Internalised misogyny and future aiden. Checks out.

No. 1037113

>points out homophobia
>uh oh must be an aiden! g-guys!!

No. 1037114

This, I've noticed within my own circle several fujos who will insist they're asexual despite clearly being into guys. It's okay to just enjoy stuff and I wish fandom culture in general started being less tiptoeing again

Actual OP here, my frustration wasn't "oh no we're being bullied!!" but how fucking weird it is that you see people even point it out at all when straight girls liking straight pairings should be rather obvious

No. 1037115

In the west, yes. And just because yume content exists doesn't negate things like fujos flipping their shit when Rinne went on a date with Anzu last year and proving with card edits that she doesn't actually exist or the fujotrannies who say that the twst mc is obviously a gay guy and women would get mob raped and they're icky, lmfao.

No. 1037118

You're insulting women based on their biological functions to defend gay dudes because they don't care for seeing gay anal sex shilled as their content all the time. Get a grip you fucking retard

No. 1037119

I wish I saw what you're seeing because new age fujocucks love to prop up trannies over actual women and beg for more male inclusivity.

No. 1037120

Maybe you should make a compilation for all the in denial anons who seemed to have missed how much Tumblr and Twitter changed fandom culture in something more devious and obnoxious.

No. 1037121

>hetero shipping is common
Bitch did you see the rage directed at canon straight pairings in vanitas no carte? I don't care if you ship gays, just don't attack other people for their preferences because I'm not attacking you

No. 1037123

>character is obviously bisexual in all but name
>hetshippers be like "nooo don't ship him with men he's not gay"
>fujos be like "nooo don't ship him with women he's gay"
no you obviously don't have to ship him with both just because he's bi but stop autistically screeching because someone ships him in a way you don't like. honestly characters' canon sexualities shouldn't even matter in fanon ship art anyway, if you like two characters together (or if you want to be with a character yourself) then so be it, it's not like it actually affects existing canon

No. 1037124

File: 1642878414229.png (46.14 KB, 250x356, Enma_Yuuken.png)

but the twst mc is literally canonically a guy, youre at an all male academy

No. 1037125

That's the manga mc, not the game mc. Go read what the author herself said on that topic and get some braincells.

No. 1037126

Anon I hate breaking it to you but manga MC is considered from a different universe, that's not the canon game one.

Which is why I'm not ready for the shitfest when they reveal the anime MC, regardless of if they'll be female or male.

No. 1037127

you're getting this tripped over being called a "breeder" and "proud biological women!" when your pixel men cannot fuck you, real men do not want you, breed with a cactus.

I appreciate the clarification anon. I find hetshippers always whine about "not enough het fanworks!" when the entire mainstream media basically tailored for them, then they turn around to whine and nitpick over creators who make shits For Free.

No. 1037129

>real men do not want you,
Wow im so hurt anon kek are you that retarded troon spamming gore pics yesterday?

No. 1037130

Why are you into him then?

No. 1037132

You're incredibly retarded.

No. 1037134

The internalised misogyny is radiating from this one. How triggered do you have to be to throw sexist insults at a random anon on a forum where most people have boyfriends and girlfriends anyway? Why are you calling somebody a breeder when you are a woman attracted to men?

No. 1037139

NTA, but the anon who said there are gay men on this board was telling the truth. What's next, calling all the femoids in this thread cunts and diagnosing them with personality disorders?

No. 1037158

Word on this

No. 1037162

I don't know if you didn't follow it went like this
> anon 1 pointed out gay sex is abnormal
> anon 2 rebutted calling out her homophobia
> anon 1 continued insist sex between men and women is Normal
> anon 2 flipped
> the rest are just calling each other sexist misogynistic

No. 1037164

that "gay sex is abnormal" anon is just posting obvious bait though

No. 1037165

Looks like limp-wrist faggots forgot how to blend in. Mods are getting sloppy in detecting the failed males of society finding their way to a female imageboard.

No. 1037173

And obvious gay couples get denied and people twist into pretzels to paint them as heterosexual, what's your point? There are still people who believe Yuri on Ice wasn't gay because they never explicitly said so.

No. 1037176

i love this thread

No. 1037178

No. 1037183

its funny

No. 1037188

I just want the nona who liked 1920s romantic postcards to come back and post some.

No. 1037198

File: 1642881199517.jpg (49.01 KB, 500x498, ENVmDE9W4AIMGCp.jpg)

NTA but I think she may have meant stuff like this?

No. 1037207

Well that is a nice painting, I like the colours.

No. 1037210

File: 1642881667675.jpg (210.63 KB, 1080x788, IMG_20220122_185207.jpg)

Most people on this site hang out on twitter, tumblr or discord. Can you find homophibic schizos there? Absolutely. But they will have no following and will be ignored and banned on any website that majorly consists of young women. In fact, a lot of them go through ridiculous hoops to avoid calling themselves a straight woman.

And if you go to any male-dominated space to discuss games and media you will be greeted with a metric fuckton of degrading porn and hatred for women and beautiful men.

No. 1037236

Posting the worst of the worst kweer activists as some standard of the general discourse is akin to r/TumblrInAction moids and their paranoid "all western games are ruined by feminazi propaganda" spiels. In reality the game industry is filled to the brim with misogyny and homophobia and games are stuffed with scrote power fantasies, and that general situation holds true in online communities as well. Just because you can't see homophobia doesn't mean it's nonexistent, it means you can't recognize it.

In all seriousness people who act like the schizos who enforce ABO bussies, unironically tweet "cis ppl dni" and hound down hetshippers are a mainstream audience are delusional and the "you can't be a straight woman anymore!!!11" meme is as tone deaf as it gets. All the "pansexual she/they" bihets are born out of the insecurity of not feeling included, not because they're bullied into submission by the mean gays. And that's something they need to work on by themselves, not demand the "gay propaganda be toned down" or whatever.

No. 1037241

nta but nobody here is talking about the mainstream; we're talking about fandom spaces. And I think we can all agree that fandom spaces for women have gone to shit the past years.

No. 1037244

>Just because you can't see homophobia doesn't mean it's nonexistent, it means you can't recognize it.
Girl, I literally said you can find homophobic schizos there and how awful male-dominated spaces are. No one said anything about toning the gayness down, but about internalised misogyny.

No. 1037249

Yes, mainstream in the fandom spaces. I believed that is the context of this discussion.
>And I think we can all agree that fandom spaces for women have gone to shit the past years.
Definitely, and most of it is because of things other than "le gay agenda" taking over. Misogyny just took a different form. Those who identify as lesbians are pressured into trooning out and the ones who would've been regular horny straight girls co-opted LGB out of desperation and became she/they nonbinary femmes talking about how gay they are in the search of a community to shield them because moids were making Karen and "white girls fuck dogs" jokes while harassing women the best they could in the wake of Gamergate autism. People always tend to forget that instead of blaming other women for misogyny the root cause is always found from the Y chromosome.

No. 1037276

>People always tend to forget that instead of blaming other women for misogyny the root cause is always found from the Y chromosome.
Reading your posts you seem to imply how it's ok if girls or gays do anything because men are worse. Yes, men are worse but I don't want to see misogyny in female spaces either. And just because scrotes are awful doesn't mean we should smile and ignore all the problems in fandom spaces.

It's especially evident in the way young teens are now acting, they are disgusted by even the woke porn and just "cancelling" people outright for anything and trying to remove anyone older from their space because they hate it (good for them, I don't want to be in such places, but it saddens me how things affected this generation of kids).

No. 1037281

File: 1642884843891.jpeg (109.45 KB, 1200x640, 07C66799-B192-4C19-AC13-40E03A…)

This just comes down to shounen series almost always having terribly written female mains, people are just less vocal about it now.
At least in the west, in Japan Ururaka was rated the most hated shounen jump heroine.

No. 1037289

So humorous shitposting isn't allowed but legitimate infighting is?

No. 1037290

Everytime I see someone complaining about there only being poorly written female characters, all I can think is that they should quit reading Jump

No. 1037292

infighting is no longer a bannable offence

No. 1037295

I don’t read jump, my friends do and then they complain about it to me.

No. 1037298

>Most people on this site hang out on twitter, tumblr or discord
God that explains a lot, this place is turning cancerous

No. 1037304

i wonder if the lack of yume fan content is partially spurred by the fact that si content might feel better as a private piece that won't be posted. many series don't have a character to insert into, and the blank gray mob human isn't as common in female spaces, so it ends up being more personal to the creator. i know i haven't shared any of my yume art because it is 100% catered to me and embarrassing, even if i don't use a self insert reflective of my appearance in some of them.

No. 1037317

File: 1642886490940.jpg (781.84 KB, 2000x2000, 20220122_222116.jpg)

In Japan they are kinda weird about it. In the yume community they seem to mostly focus on (You) and avoid directly naming your oshi because it would pop up in searches, but they also have a more active community. They recently started getting more bold with self inserts, which I love, they make sexy girls with cute outfits and colored hair but then some specify they are only OCs and they would never self-insert. You do get harassment and most of them hide behind locked accounts, most of them get attacked with "how narcissistic do you have to be to think he would love you? He is obviously a gay baby made to be impregnated by this bad yaoi guy (tm)" and honestly I hate that logic because in male fandoms everything caters to their cock but women are supposed to be ashamed lmfao

No. 1037329

That's adorable!

No. 1037351

I used to be really embarrassed about sharing my yume art, but I only got great responses from it! I was surprised to see people say they shipped my oc with the canon character too. I feel a lot of shame about it, but I can't help wanting to share it with the few people who might want to see it
I wish I could speak Japanese lmao I want to see these communities for myself! I always hear about self shippers getting bullied or attacked but never experienced it myself. I worry someone is shitting on me somewhere on the internet lol
Anyway, I'm happy there are people brave enough to commission yume art from me. I want to bring them closer to their favourite characters

No. 1037383

>how narcissistic do you have to be to think he would love you?

No. 1037405

How ugly do you have to be to try and drag down teenage girls on twitter?

No. 1037419

Nta, but you know very well it's not just or even mostly teenage girls, a lot of them aren't minors anymore.

Same! I made an oc to pair with an otome guy and expected at least one person to send me hate, but the response has been very positive. Though I try to generally draw more canon art than ship stuff because I personally don't always care about others self inserts/ocs but just like the artstyle. It still feels a little embarrassing, but if no one's complaining there's no need to worry

No. 1037425

>Most people on this site hang out on twitter, tumblr or discord
By people you mean newfags who are ruining the site like

No. 1037476

Just because you might be unlovable doesn't mean everyone else is, anon

No. 1037486

there's an imageboard up for fujoshi now, by the way. there's a /yu/ board too:

No. 1037490

Most fujo ships are basically self insert ships where the girl enjoys pretending to be the more girly, submissive part of the ship because she prefers the other character much more. How is that so different from being a yume?

No. 1037502

File: 1642897293778.jpg (149.46 KB, 1400x1000, 71a96f12e7e806084b524b2cdaf969…)

moid/tranny conspiracy. i love my y/n sisters.

No. 1037503

This is such a meme, why bother doing the mental gymnastics of self inserting as a man when you could just… Do it with a get couple? Half the point is creating distanc between yourself and the characters, the opposite of self inserting. The other half is being more into gay sex than het sex so again, no need to self insert. It is fully possible to be attracted to feminine men or project some feminine traits on them without it being some coverup for your secret deep desire to be the one getting fucked.

No. 1037504

No. See this post. >>1035367

No. 1037509

i feel this. i like bl because it makes me squeee, unironically, and i generally don't get attached to anime dudes unless they're one half of a ship i enjoy.

No. 1037518

I wish I had the skills to do art of myself with my husbandos.

No. 1037535

as a fujo, you have a point. there may not be many self insert fujos here but on twitter i see lots of fans who usually treat the seme as their husbando and fawn over him while also ship the couple as a whole. taking yourself out of equation and enjoying a mature content without feeling like the object of sexualization is the reason why i'm into bl but i don't think this is how it works for everyone. also how do we explain gaydens if self insert doesn't exist for fujoshis ever?

No. 1037542

This is why I hate seeing a super feminized male character in m/m fanart, its so obvious that character is actually the artist's self-insert. Years ago on tumblr I remember someone I followed actually admitting to self-inserting into one character of her favorite ship.

No. 1037570

I self insert as the seme.

No. 1037592

This is why I can't into most yume stuff, it's unrealistic for me to think of the characters coming onto me. I still self insert though, I just imagine me coming onto him.

No. 1037594

Regarding lack of yume content, I've always gotten the vibe both through what I've seen online and in-person that yumes are just less common than fujos (at least in western fandom, idk about jp)It's interesting to me considering how it seems to be the opposite in moid spaces, with the majority being waifufags and yurifags being less common. Idk, I make my own yume-oriented content but I wish there was more. I've tried to get into BL in the past just to have more content to enjoy, but unfortunately it's not for me. Generally I don't enjoy het content unless it has a woman I relate to, either, so I suppose I'm just not satisfied unless I can self-insert

No. 1037597

I am guilty of this I have to admit, although I prefer to genderbend the 'uke' if I'm going to self-insert into the ship.

No. 1037627

It's not narcissistic to have a good self-image and realize that it's my fantasy so I can be the main character and do whatever I want. I don't have to be embarrassed by my own sexuality.

No. 1037640

>where the girl enjoys pretending to be the more girly, submissive part of the ship
I always prefer the submissive character though and prefer them to be the focus, the top is just the tard wrangler who also fucks the bottom in most BL ships for me.

No. 1037642

Yumes confirmed stacies

No. 1037726

File: 1642913246613.jpg (537.55 KB, 617x864, Sukuna.(Jujutsu.Kaisen).full.3…)

Fujo here that dislikes self-shipping – in general, I'm simply tied to canon, and I dislike seeing people break or bend canon just to ship themselves with a character. Note that I have never, EVER, harassed or been mean to even the most blatant Mary Sues – I grew up on the internet in the time of "Don't Like, Don't Read" but…

I am indeed similar to the JP fujo mentioned here >>1037317: what in the world makes you think he'd care about your self-insert over any other character in series? It just stretches my sense of disbelief too much. Why can't you just pick a woman in show to ship him with if you absolutely need your hetshit? Why do you need to write bullshit into a perfectly good story?

It doesn't help that self-shipping is something I grew out of once I hit like, middle school. I think you may as well create your own characters and shit if you're just gonna self-ship.

No. 1037729

And not to play devil's advocate too much, but in male fandoms they (generally) aren't creating entire characters and tampering with existing dynamics just to get their rocks off. Those grey mob men and floating disembodied dicks are for the sake of porn, not…vaguely gestures to yumejoshi writing herself into the MC's spot so villain-kun will obsess over her.

No. 1037765

I… guess I’m a bit of both a yume and a fujo? Honestly I’m not sure I count as a yume because I have an actual boyfriend and don’t really ship myself with my husbando(s) as much as I just want to fuck them lmao. Most of them are insane and I wouldn’t date them, but I do wanna have sex with them. I wish there was more of what >>1037729 is describing but female oriented.

As far as shipping goes there are some ships, gay and straight, which I enjoy but have absolutely no desire to be with either of the characters involved. If I do want to ship myself with a husbando, I self insert onto a character that I can relate to (usually female, sometimes male). I also sometimes ship my husbando with other characters without self inserting. Overall, it’s just fantasy for me.

No. 1037773

File: 1642918922576.jpg (63 KB, 600x480, Clear.(DMMd).600.1851285.jpg)

bumping to get rid of cp

No. 1037777

Aw hell no I’m out

No. 1037779

For most people I'm sure it's just blatant wish fulfillment. I doubt that most yumejo actually believe that they (or their OC) is perfect for their husbando and that they'd be perfectly compatible with each other. I don't know of anyone who legitimately "ships" themselves with their husbando and thinks that they'd make a perfect couple. It's just that, at least for me, when I'm attracted to someone then I'll naturally enjoy imagining myself dating them or being with them. It's not that I think I'm more special than canon characters or any other yumejo who'd ship themself with my husbando. It's more that I really like him so I like imagining us doing things together. And I think for 2D it's even less serious because it's so divorced from reality anyway. I'm not sure if you're referring to people who legitimately ship themselves with their husbandos or yumejos in general though, so sorry if I didn't actually answer your question.

No. 1037793

Your thinking on the anime angle.
But pretty much all of my self shipping is from video games with customizable protags that I self insert into.
The only game were I am just inserting a version of myself the guy doesn't have any love interests anyway either.

Though it's funny you mention growing out of it because for me it's gotten stronger as I got older. I was never really romantic about it in high school, but as I get older and realize how fucked the real world is I appreciate the fantasies much more.

No. 1037807

Some of you take this too seriously.

No. 1037819

how many of you play ffxiv

No. 1037827

Oof, must be sad to be so unlovable sis

No. 1037829

This type of bitch is exactly who I hate. So women can't be worthy of having fun imagining themselves together with a cute guy? Get out of here

No. 1037839

lol just realized one of those guys in the pic is a VTuber, so that is a little wierd, cause it's a real guy barely playing a character.

No. 1037840

She probably is super mean to girls who aren't perfect 10/10 lol, no one cares when guys want to pretend their favorite anime girl or even real life barely legal idol would love them yet she gets her panties in a twist over girls just having fantasies that hurt absolutely no one. Also most non BL characters aren't depicted as gay at all like in jujutsu kaisen so it's also delusional wish fulfillment. Fujos have such a superiority complex
t. uggo yume who doesn't care that my husbando would spit on me for being so ugly

No. 1037854

> Why can't you just pick a woman in show to ship him with if you absolutely need your hetshit?
I feel like this is a bizarre complaint when it comes to yume. The entire thought process and point is interacting with characters as yourself. It's a reasonable reaction to the natural formation of parasocial relationships with characters to imagine at least how they would interact with you, just as it is to insert yourself indirectly into their shoes to create romantic interactions in fanworks that attempt to follow canon. If you're adhering to canon and making art or fic or at least looking for canon-compliant fanwork, there's already an aspect of playing characters going on. You may not be one of the parties in the work, but you're constantly checking to make sure that your perception aligns with how you imagine their dynamic to be in different situations. All fiction requires self-insertion at some level to allow for an emotional reaction. I think you answered your own question in the first sentence. Yumejos are just more willing to mess with canon (or just directly insert themselves in the case of the characters being meant for (you)) than you're comfortable with as a form of self indulgence and escapism. sorry if this made no sense, but i've thought about this sort of thing a lot because i'm very much a "canon compliant" yume despite the initial delusion barrier

No. 1037855

Nta but self inserting is cringe in general, it just comes across as super juvenile.

No. 1037868

Agreed. All woman getting off on their own fantasies sans scrotes are based, fujo or yume. Tinfoil it’s scrote shit stirring or a single triggered fujo reeing about scrotes shitting on BL and women joining in to seem cool and like one of the boys or because they agree. This superiority complex is retarded. Wish fulfilment is based period.

No. 1037870

Me thinks it’s the anon who accuses yumes of being jealous of their het crushes being in gay ships, when it’s the other way around and only fujo is reeing about yumes, no yumes reeing about fujos, just saying fujo anon is dumb by seething about yumes.

No. 1037873

>Also most non BL characters aren't depicted as gay at all like in jujutsu kaisen so it's also delusional wish fulfillment.
This is the most hilarious part, when they think forcing a sexuality that makes them horny on fictional characters is totally valid and canon lmfao

No. 1037900

This is why I don't understand self-shipping, it seems incredibly juvenile and narcissistic to me. But I also extend it to those OCs people create just to ship them to their husbandos, it reminds me of all those DisneyFan01/Dolphy-like Mary Sue factories. Having a husbando and being dedicated to him is fine and all but I cringe at the people requesting commissions of their self-insert making out with a canonical character. There's a reason why it's universally considered embarrassing, absolutely not just by fujos.

Now this is what I call projection.

It was mentioned upthread that the annoying thing is hetshippers with a superiority complex thinking that fujos care if their gay ship is canon or not because they themselves are so used to their mindset of expecting everything to cater to them. You're a living example of this.

No. 1037901

File: 1642932416983.png (12.34 KB, 867x123, 1638383088419.png)

Literally picrel kek

No. 1037903

Keep seething ashamed fujo.

No. 1037904

It really feels like they only think het ships are basic because it involves a female tbh

No. 1037905

I understand why it's offputting to a lot of people, but I don't see the problem in being narcissistic in your own fantasies as long as they aren't hurting anyone. The characters aren't real people. Being a fujo or yume doesn't take away any content away from one or the other.

No. 1037912

I don't have a "problem" with it as if it was something I want removed from existence because I'm not a fascist sperg, I just personally find it immature to the point if I was commissioned to create a canon character x self insert art I would refuse it, no matter if it was m/f, m/m or f/f. I don't dream about marrying my favourite characters because I'd rather ship them to others so it's a very alien thought to me.

No. 1037915

>Thinks womens fantasies of dating moids they desire on their own imagined terms is juvenile.
>Shipping a type of relationship you can never have only totes isn’t juvenile.
Ever heard of having a crush on a celebrity? Seriously, you just seem ashamed and need to feel superior because people make fun of fujos. Newsflash, most people who mock fujos are probably not yumejos. It’s not a one or the other situation. Usually, moids who watch lesbian porn shit on fujos with zero irony. Sorry you aren’t secure enough in your fujoness to not feel you need to attack yumes to feel superior because people mock you.

No. 1037917

I find you immature for your narcissist take kek.
>My yaois is superior, fucking juvenile self-shipping stacies.

No. 1037918

What the hell is this obsession with "being ashamed"? Don't project your own insecurity into me, I don't give a shit about people mocking fujos because I'm old enough to be used to it already. There's a big difference between being in love with a husbando and then drawing yourself as an anthropomorphic hedgehog having Sonic's babies.

No. 1037919

Are yumejos really arguing? I only see fujos reeing and people shitting on her for being againdt yumes, not a yume reeing about fujos. Personally both are based. I would possibly be classed as a yumejo if anything.

No. 1037920

Your reeing like a tard, it’s the only reasonable explanation. Kek, you must be a twitterfag
>Ree you’re obsessed with me!
You’re obsessed with yumes kek.

No. 1037925

File: 1642934358160.jpg (32.08 KB, 640x480, 1642091003631.jpg)

>then drawing yourself as an anthropomorphic hedgehog having Sonic's babies.

No. 1037929

A lot of posts here made by fujos seem to not understand how someone can associate with behaving as a yumejoshi/self-inserter or vice versa, so I legitimately think that there's just a fundamental difference in how fujos and yumes process media that splits at a certain point to varying degrees. You have every right to think of SI as immature and not want to make content of it, but the root of both BL and SI come from the same place of exploring characters that turns into different kinds of indulgence. Either way, both are based just because they put a woman's feelings and interests before anything else.

No. 1037934

File: 1642935134449.gif (2.88 MB, 500x281, 3USgt2g.gif)

No. 1037938

What's so hard to understand the logic of: Straight women sees hot fictional guy - wants the fictional guy to fuck her or fuck another female character - looks for content and gets nothing but scrote porn shit

Yet when it's explained they get denounced as "hetshitters" and victim complex fags as if a man bemoaning the lack of quality heterosexual content targeted at him wouldn't be completely understood. This is just how easy it is to invalidate women's sexual emotions and pretend they aren't important tbh

No. 1037942

same, I really don't care what they do with fictional 2D characters but yeah anything with IRL men is always gonna end up shitty
>Larry shippers and their delusions
>Merlin Arthur shippers and their racist comments against Marian
>and supernatural shippers harassing the wives of the main actors for allegedly scheming and keeping the series from becoming gay

a lot of Fujos will jump throw hoops trying to justify and the defense always boils down to "but men" basically that since men commit horrific acts against humanity that somehow excuses them of degenerate coomers harassing random people for their gay fantasies

No. 1037949

Aren't you bored of making the same statement over and over again like a broken record?
No one even calls anyone itt hetshitter, you're the first one to use that

No. 1037959

>thinking that fujos care if their gay ship is canon or not
Except they do, they constantly whine about which ship is better on social media lmfao and I love their outbursts and butthurt like when Tokyo Ghoul had the hetero sex scene

No. 1037962

>Aren't you bored of making the same statement over and over again like a broken record?

No. 1037968

i think most of this would be solved if we all stopped reading shounen

No. 1037972

And then wat? if you consume western media all you see is hypersexualization of girls via scrote gaze shit. really your hope is to consume korean media if you want non bl straight stuff with pretty boys

No. 1037973

It's pretty much what wears me out on social media. Fujos get openly hated on by men, but they think arguing with men is pointless so instead they're catty towards women in the fandom. Every yume/otome I've seen is in a super seculded community and the only place where I've seen yumes speak up is on lolcow and 4chan. Yeah, you had bait in this thread like "omg gay sex isn't christian" but most yumes are saying how they just want to be left alone while fujos are saying
>you are narcissistic, juvenile and should feel ashamed for liking fictional characters
Just let people enjoy what they like, instead it's like that fandom kiddie police that cancells you for shipping an 18 year old character with a 16 year old.

No. 1037974

Well shit, why cant yumes/otomes and fujos just shit on scrotes instead? divided we fall, united we stand

No. 1037975

josei seinen shoujo etc etc all exist

No. 1037976

IIRC, arent most of the fans of that non Anglophone so English fans of those genres would have limited fandom interactions?

No. 1037980

It's nice just to talk about it. I know the thread has had a lot of infighting, but I seriously can't exaggerate how much fun it is to talk to other women about how we enjoy fictional men in different ways in a place that also isn't overrun by kids or weirdos who will seethe because you don't think fujoshi are literally killing gay men or whatever.

No. 1037993

File: 1642938476022.jpg (28.84 KB, 500x500, Xg2KdOx.jpg)

Some people seem to have too low of self esteem to ship themself with their husbando. Have any other fellow yumes done things to make yourself feel more worthy of being with your husbando? My favourite men are usually in shounen, so for the most part I mostly just started weight training and exercising. Idc if it's pathetic that I've made a life change for a 2D character. I'm stronger, have more energy, and I have abs now and no 3D scrote to take it for granted or not appreciate it. It benefits me in the end. My husbando isn't shallow either so it's not like I needed to do these things, and I never had too low of self esteem about my appearance to begin with, but now I feel closer to being his equal. Now I can keep up when we spar and get stronger together (well obviously not because he has inhuman shounen strength and speed but I can larp a little to make up the difference).

Anyway, how has being a yume improved your life?

No. 1037997

you are a queen and an inspiration to us all

No. 1038017

Based. I haven't made any real life changes like you have, but sometimes I look at myself in the mirror and think he would absolutely adore me, it really makes me more confident, yeah it's delusion but isn't that what every get out of depression free book tries to sell us too, that we should think positive thoughts about ourselves?

No. 1038024

File: 1642940657660.jpg (354.1 KB, 1152x2048, 20211212_024347.jpg)

I'm not a serious yume, but I feel like swapping to yume circles marked the end of my teenage edgy NLOG phase, I started appreciating myself and other girls more and the art they post is SO CUTE. It's incredibly healing to see healthy romantic art by women and feel included in a community. My current goals are just to finish my degree and improve my drawing skills, I managed to step it up in terms of health and looks.

No. 1038043

How can you get off on watching two characters if you have no desire to fuck either both or one of them? This is why I don't understand fujo ships. You are basically just a voyeur.

No. 1038051

The part I don't get is being so obsessed with a ship, that can apply to straight and yuri ships too. I somewhat get the coomer fujos who read vn/doujinshi and don't take it too seriously or use the characters as hot props, but I don't get the ones who are devoted to a pairing, they mostly make cute-vanilla art and live through the ship, the more extreme ones build shrines, try to cancel other ships etc. It's kind of like the difference between coomers who fetishize lesbians in porn and trannies who fetishize yuri and want to be little girls.

No. 1038075

>another yume basically calling fujos a creep for not self inserting
n-no sisters it must be bait, yumes never shit on fujos, only fujos do that

No. 1038077

relationship dynamics are fun

No. 1038079

She asked a question, grow a thicker skin

No. 1038080

No. 1038081

Kek you really are retarded. Because someone criticised your dumbass yume hate, they must be a yume? That’s not how that works. Continue to cry in BL thread when people laugh at your underage twitter takes.

No. 1038084

nta but what are you doing in this thread if you're neither a yume nor a fujo?

No. 1038087

The vast majority of female anime fans are just casually
>oh he's cute, he's my 2d bf lol
>nice I ship these two
It's not a black and white situation

No. 1038091

i posted zero yume hate/criticism in this thread retard, try again
it has been explained over and over. also you’re either into bl or not, i’m not interested into converting anyone but if we are treating fictional characters like real people and calling fujos voyeurs then i guess that makes self inserters rapists

No. 1038096

File: 1642946155882.gif (1.5 MB, 216x274, 1630881665584.gif)

>if we are treating fictional characters like real people and calling fujos voyeurs then i guess that makes self inserters rapists
The absolute level of COPE and missing the point. She was criticising your lack of involvement in your own fantasy like fujos who have a crush on a guy but would rather draw him getting plowed by another one and married to another man while they watch from the sidelines even kn their fantasy, not "noooo it's bad because they're real".

If we are talking about rapey aspects, let's not forget origins of memes like yamete oshiri ga itai, how most of 90s and 2000s BL centers around rape and how even now you can super easily find bestiality, guro and scat on the pixiv BL tags.

No. 1038102

File: 1642946642764.gif (978.36 KB, 500x295, 123349.gif)

>reads battle shounen
>wonders where everything went wrong

No. 1038106

If you want to base the entirety of fujos on teenagers throwing tantrums and being more into shipping shounen jump characters than for example BL as a genre then be my guest, but then I get to conflate all female characters with shitty shounen heroines created only to be sexualized for the male gaze or make the main character Not Gay.

No. 1038108

>criticising your lack of involvement
what’s there to criticize? the lack of involvement is the whole point of bl, it’s explained multiple times here on this thread, on bl thread, if your retarded ass can’t understand it the first time it’s not my fault

No. 1038111

>I get to conflate all female characters with shitty shounen heroines
Business as usual then

No. 1038115

Are the anon hatereading the fujo thread only to be on the lookout to screech at nasty misogynist fujo freaks bullying poor defenseless hetshippers you call "yumes"? If so, get a life.

No. 1038128

File: 1642948839791.jpg (193.72 KB, 1200x847, fujo chart.jpg)

I'm a fujoshi, I also have husbandos who I want to see being fucked by my other husbandos but I can just never self-insert into characters no matter what. I like a lot of het pairings, but if I read a shojo manga where the heroine is supposed to be a self-insert I won't be able to see her as anything but a bland character, unless the author is good at her job. Anyway, we all need to unite to make male otaku fuck off from this planet.

Great taste. If you tried to post Byleth/Edelgard I would have told you kill yourself.

No. 1038150

So tl;dr you're a cuck/fag hag and proud of it

No. 1038153

Yumejo vs Fujoshi is the most forced drama ive ever seen lmao. Does it even happen in real communities expect for some snarky remarks?

No. 1038164

File: 1642950598703.png (11.62 KB, 377x396, 1479148040409.png)

>I will never forget the ride that was Yuri on Ice threads lmao.
I miss those days.

No. 1038204

What I experienced is fujos openly shitting on any female character or hetero ship and feeling superior because they're gay and woke. In more extreme cases like threads on 4chan and lolcow you have fujos calling yumes cucks (the irony lol), an especially cancerous example is the /twst/ thread on 4chan where gay men play a game for little girls and spew misogyny

I just don't get what makes them so angry about female characters.

No. 1038298

I’m surprised so many people limit themselves to only one flavor of degeneracy. I’m a fujo and also yume (?) literally shipping myself with my husbando characters while shipping gay and het stuff in the same series, im like a baby finding whatever shiny object on the floor and eating it

Anyway, self insertion and y/n content is and has always been unspeakably cringe, there’s a reason everyone agrees it’s embarrassing… and nip fujo might be alright if they draw artwork and don’t bother any non-fujo but the English speaking fujo world has become absolute cancer and fujos insisting their ships from obviously heterosexual Jump franchises and pitching a fit are the worst. But so are the temper tantrums over het ships in bleach and Naruto fandoms.

Shipping anything fictional seriously, especially weeb shit is fucking embarrassing and nobody should be on their high horse

No. 1038314

>yume (?) literally shipping myself with my husbando characters
>self insertion and y/n content is and has always been unspeakably cringe
So you admit that you're cringe?

No. 1038316

Of course I do
All of you are, too

No. 1038319

True, I just don't see how self-insertion is any more cringe than regular shipping, it's all wish fulfillment fluff.
That being said, anything involving real celebrities or internet personalities is way worse than weebshit or any other fictional media.

No. 1038328

It’s just the autism, nonnie, anyone who can’t enjoy different types of content at times is just autistic as fuck and honestly pathetic.
Dying to defend a ship or another, actually hating someone just because they don’t like who tops or bottoms and feeling triggered over the mention of a character of a different sex, is seriously stupid at this point, specially coming from a supposed adult.
And yeah sure, muh escapism and whatever, learn to block and to ignore whoever talks about what you don’t like. If you can ignore pornsick males sexualizing children, you can avoid other women talking about looking at some anime men fucking or about wanting to fuck an anime man.
This whole discussion could be avoided if the underage faggots lurking could fucking grow up or leave already.

No. 1038335


No. 1038350

File: 1642958997756.jpg (334.07 KB, 2047x1397, FFqbrWOVIAcRY94.jpg)

>video games…self shipping
This makes sense because your character is actually part of the series. Take FFXIV >>1037819 for example. Some WoL x character fanart is good (pic rel), but in truth – I'm always going to prefer character x character content.

People can do what they want kek. But uh, this is a thread meant for each side to discuss their thoughts. That's what I was doing. If it helps my viewpoint, I really don't like any sort of OC inserted into canon fan work. Whether that be an OC they just happen to meet that isn't a background character, or a straight up Mary Sue.

In my opinion: we're only able to judge how a character is going to react to another because these characters exist in the same place already. I know MC-kun hates Rival-kun because he can't go a panel without thinking "fuck that guy." All yumejoshi can do, however, is assume + make stuff up because they aren't actually there. It's either that or write themselves into the spot of another character that already exists to make the dynamic they want work.

>conflating self-confidence with what men you want to fuck
>and not even men: what anime characters you find attractive

No. 1038352

>This whole discussion could be avoided
Why would you want that? It's interesting.

No. 1038353

what fandoms nonny? are you in a shonen fandom where the girls have two personality traits tops, or?

No. 1038354

Can someone explain to me why twitterfags demonize fujos and conflate them with terfs? They seem to be okay with "MLM" but somehow being a fujo is different than that in their minds. I have no idea what distinction they're making.

No. 1038355

It has been going on circles for a while.

No. 1038358

love this image
snake/gecko btw

No. 1038361

Fujos are obviously women, while "mlm" are "gay men". terves make fun of fakebois and so do non-fakeboi fujos, which means they must be the same group.

No. 1038363

what discussion? it's mostly just baiting and shitflinging because everyone thinks being "cyberbullied" is oppression

No. 1038364

because twitter is retarded, theres literally simultaneously also woketards saying that being anti fujo is a terf dogwhistle
everyone i dont like is a terf t. twitter

No. 1038366

>woketards saying that being anti fujo is a terf dogwhistle
only because they see fujos as "transmasc eggs", not because they are actually ok with regular women enjoying BL

No. 1038368

Everyone and everything is a terf if you rely on retards on the internet. I've seen so-called antishippers saying that proshippers are terfs, I've seen proshippers saying that antis are terfs, I've seen both groups saying that self-aware fujoshi are terfs that fetishize MLM fakebois (who are ironically fujoshi of the worst kind), I've seen all these groups saying that straight males who whine over seeing fanart of Naruto and Sasuke and being actually homophobic AND sexist are terfs, etc.

A lot of English only speakers who think they're intellectual geeks don't even know that fujoshi means "a girl/woman who likes BL" and nothing more. They add more specific shit to the definition because of misunderstandings and because they project specific cliches of teenage American yaoi fangirls from the 2000s and weird unrelated discourses from tumblr circa 2012 into it.

Goddamn my post is full of buzzwords. I guess that's proof enough that you shouldn't take any of this seriously.

No. 1038375

in the end, terfs are just the big bad boogeyman on the internet. All because those women have brains and dont suck on diseased tranny cock.

No. 1038376

I don't get this fucking diagram

No. 1038378

There will never be another anime like Yuri On Ice.
The hype for the movie has died down now.

No. 1038379

>conflating self-confidence with what men you want to fuck
idgaf about men
>and not even men: what anime characters you find attractive
Self-improvement is self-improvement so what's the problem? It makes my life better overall and it took a character to trigger it but now I'm stronger for it. I have a husbando who loves me and two big ol guns attached to my shoulders so I'm happy
Happy for you nonnies!

No. 1038380

I will always miss when it was the Nazis, good times, the hatred was directed to a real hate group.

No. 1038382

how hard can it be to just make an anime with a good plot, and happen to have the leading guys be gay? utena did it. madoka did it. come on

No. 1038396

Same. In their mind terfs are literally worse than Nazis though lol. I think this happened because most trannies are actually 4chan racist and mysogynistic type of moids, so they diverged the attention to women.

No. 1038398

I have never self inserted but if I had to choose I would be the "seme". Fake and gay.

No. 1038402

Joseimuke games, games that usually have a female or neutral main characters and pander to young women (both fujo and yume). Examples: enstars, twisted wonderland, mahotsukai no yakusoku, idolish7

No. 1038407

I'm not really a Voice-Ota or whatever but I love looking through the past roles from certain voice actors. Example, this guy does my husbando, Link from BOTW……. Link's grunts are delicious to me lmao however I could care less about his other roles. I just find it curious tbh.

Speaking of husbandos though, I've never pretend to be my husbando's gf or anything… I do love Link but of course he isn't real. Like, he's really cute but I rather stare from a distance if that makes sense. Plus he's cute with Zelda lol…

No. 1038415

File: 1642962116368.png (193.44 KB, 300x396, imagen_2022-01-23_122155.png)

This, lmao… who doesn't want to dominate their husbando and make them feel good? come on

Unpopular opinion but this whole seme/uke thing is very dumb. You can be actively topping someone while recieving dick in your anus. I'm not gay I'm just saying

No. 1038420

>how hard can it be to just make an anime with a good plot
Does that still exist at this point? Regardless of how gay some anime are I feel like new releases are getting worse and worse, I'm not watching anything at all these days.

No. 1038421

There's some here and there that are interesting but yes, a lot of them are hot garbage.

No. 1038422

The trope is that usually the more popular beautiful/feminine guy is the bottom and heavily focused on, while the top is usually dark haired and more stoic.

No. 1038426

I know that's historically the case, but a lot of yaoi nowadays have either two pretty boys or two manly guys, which is something I support. Example Umibe no Etranger.

No. 1038429

This is what turns off people from BL, the dumbass top bottom discourse

No. 1038435

I know no one asked but here's another one I like lmao. Hiroshi Kamiya, extremely talented and I love his voice. My favorite role of his is Itoshiki from SZS.

No. 1038437

File: 1642962542237.gif (835.33 KB, 500x283, LM2xwZY.gif)

Every character that I fell in love with, including my first ever otoge husbando and very first anime crush is voice acted by the same actor… What does that mean anons…

No. 1038447

Which one anon

Sorry this is the last time I'll talk about this particular seiyuu in this thread but lol please listen to him singing a song that sounds like System of a Down and it's about manchildren being dumb spoiled babies

No. 1038465

Oh, so it's just 'whatever I hate is a terf now' and doesn't even have a real meaning. Thanks nonnies for explaining, I'm both too retarded and not retarded enough to understand twitterfags kek

No. 1038476

have you listened to his cover of world is mine

No. 1038480

File: 1642963689480.gif (2.03 MB, 540x303, animesher.com_yatogami-kuroh-k…)

Daisuke Ono!

No. 1038484

Maybe you’re just get older and getting better tastes, and getting bored of tired anime tropes. I feel like a lot of the anime I try to get into nowadays are mid, but I would have liked them if I watched them when I was in my teen weeb phase.

No. 1038491

Oh my god. Awesome lmao
Ohhh, nice choice!
Here's another one I like. For some reason Keiichi's voice actor, Soichiro Hoshi, is very funny to me.

No. 1038494

Ok but which characters nonna

No. 1038503

wholesome seiyuufags saving the thread

No. 1038513

No, it's not that I'm getting older, I enjoy rewatching a lot of older anime I enjoyed years or even decades ago. If anything I think anime trends are changing and the fact that series tend to be shorter on average doesn't help. In the 90s it was normal to have "short" anime lasting at least 24 episodes but now there's a lot of barely finished crap that lasts just 12 episodes. Don't get me started on isekai and """otome""" that literally just blindly parody Dragon Quest and Angelique, and fanservice is also way more blatant and embarrassing to look at too. I was way less embarrassed when I saw a few scenes of Gravitation with the main guys making out on TV in the living room with my homophobic family there as I am when I see some trailers for more mainstream shit that's airing nowadays.

No. 1038516

Since we are talking about seiyuus, Hosoyan has the sexiest voice ever.

No. 1038524

>Is offended when people shit on the one dimensional self insert character that isn't meant to have a personality besides being a stand-in for the female viewer/player
Please be a troll

No. 1038526

how was that bait? my feelings are hurt

No. 1038529

File: 1642966068585.jpg (113.3 KB, 516x324, 1479866358572.jpg)

Me too nonna, me too. Let's try to rejoice when the movie will NEVER be out.

Kubo locked her twitter and changed her bio to "working on ice adolescence", so maybe dawn is finally near. I'm pretty sure a good portion will still be excited once an actual, proper trailer is out after 5 fucking years.

No. 1038530

Are you willingly this retarded? It's not about the character, but the hatred for the female playerbase. I don't care if you think Saki whatsherface is bland and stupid, I think so too, but I don't like hearing every day in the fandom how they're all canon gay babies and hate women kek. Like have some self respect

No. 1038531

good taste, im sad he doesnt have the huge amount of song output a lot of other seiyuu have

No. 1038536

i would probably be a fujo, not a yume, if i didn’t find anal and men’s bodies unappealing. how i’m still a yume despite finding the male body ugly, i don’t know, but two men is too much

No. 1038538

I'm a fujo but I find it gross too. My main ship is mostly for the intimacy since they have a tight bond in canon.

No. 1038539

This is probably the first time I've seen a hetfag admit out loud that they have it out for fujos because they consider the ridicule against the bland self-insert as a personal attack and thus this maladaptive daydreaming of theirs is why they accuse fujos of misogyny. Normally they're trying to cover it with 10 layers of woke frosting. Don't worry anon, those extremely hetero husbandos of yours won't be turned gay but they won't kiss you either.

No. 1038543

nta and don’t care about this fujo misogyny debate or whatever but maladaptive daydreaming is based

No. 1038548

Noo anon, don’t you get it? Women can’t have nice things that focus on them! All het shit is for men obviously kek. Triggered fujonanon is delusional kek.

No. 1038549

the "misogynist fujos" argument is retarded but all fandom in itself is maladaptive daydreaming lbr

No. 1038552

Fujocuck mad

No. 1038556


No. 1038560

How much do you have to twist every argument to cope? I'm definitely seeing a pattern in the fujos on this site.

No. 1038571

shitter is funny. Found this girl who ships herself in a threesome with two guys who are shipped together. One actually is in love with the other, but it's not exactly reciprocated, she does also ship the guys together too. Now, the funny thing is that she's a fakeboi and so is her self insert OC, but that OC literally is just a (tiny, curvy, feminine) woman but "HE/HIM ONLY HE IS A MAN". She even literally draws her OC having vaginal sex with her husbandos, but it's totes gay uwu. It's so stupid and ridiculous but I kinda get it, the same way fujos are now claiming "trans MLM" so they wouldn't get hate for "fetishizing".

No. 1038576

link? sounds funny

No. 1038585

She did the same thing for her instagram account, so I unfollowed her since she stopped posting anything interesting.

No. 1038588

File: 1642969227740.jpg (387.05 KB, 1080x1847, IMG_20220123_212007.jpg)

Same vibe as Japanese fujos who self-insert as one guy and say "yume is cringe" lol

No. 1038589

Nta but please stop being schizo and acting like a victim. That's the thing with yumes, I don't care if they think about themselves fucking a hot guy (though I find it cringy ngl, I wouldn't be able to do it), but the moment a fujo brings up their ship they take it as a personal attack and start calling people sick degenerates, as if they weren't degenerates themselves.

No. 1038591

Ok, schizo victim fujo.

No. 1038592

weak bait

No. 1038594

Ok, whatever you say, delusional yumejo. I didn't play the victim like you did.

Not everything you don't agree with is bait.

No. 1038616

I don't get what's the point of saying women who imagine some character is their boyfriend are so weird and cringe and delusional etc. What about women who think that about real people? When you like someone, don't you find yourself thinking about them all the time, thinking how you'd like to kiss them and go on dates or whatever? Of course, a fictional character is not real, but neither are the scenarios and reactions and personality traits we project onto real people we like when we think about them. I know I and for sure a lot of other people too end up liking people we barely actually know so we make up in our heads how they would act, which has nothing to do with reality.
In the end it's all just a way to occupy our minds and make ourselves happy. And after all I feel way more free to imagine having a romance with someone who is not real than imagining one with a real man, because real men always turn out to be 200% more awful than we imagined them, it's just a matter of time until they disappoint us

No. 1038621

This is so common, I kinda believe half of fujos just choose a random bland guy as their self-insert and ship them with their husbendos.

No. 1038624

t. yumejo

No. 1038628

NTA, but isn't it weird to you that haremshit, visual novels for men and dating sims don't have this problem?
Why do some women seethe about obvious self-insert characters so hard? Do they hate themselves that much? And why do gay men put their disgusting ballsacks in games with audiences not meant for them, and then open their mouths to shit on female characters? Can't they go and make bara games or other gay content? Or can't they go and be fudanshi? Lol
With male-targeted VNs and content, the most anyone says is "MC is generic. Anyway, best girl is blahblahblah". What possesses someone to seethe about a generic female character that obviously isn't meant to be fleshed out because it's supposed to be a stand-in for the player (more specifically, a typical Japanese girl/young adult), besides internalized misogyny, or perhaps jealousy that the player themselves is not an attractive woman or cute girl IRL? Might as well be angry about mannequins at a store, too

No. 1038630

i see male bland gacha selfinserts being shit on or men being made fun of for identifying with them by other men all the time, its absolutely not exclusive to women lol

No. 1038631

File: 1642971690222.jpeg (10 KB, 231x218, images (28).jpeg)

Koizumi Itsuki (the first anime crush) / Suzuya from Starry Sky franchise (first otoge husbando) / Kuroh Yatogami / Jack from Pandora Hearts. I also enjoyed his role as Shizuo in DRR a lot! But the first three characters will always be in my heart.
Thank you!

No. 1038633


No. 1038635

Female characters get it way more, don't even try to deny it lmfao

No. 1038639

I mean, imagining and losing yourself in something that's not real IS a delusion, anon. To a normal person it would be cringy because you're basically making your fantasy all about yourself, it's not much different than those greasy guys photoshopping themselves with their waifus or stupid haremshit (except it's better because real moids are inferior by nature). But all of that's not a problem at all, I just think that doing something like that isn't better than someone thinking about a ship they like a lot. If nothing's wrong with what you're doing, why are the others gross, degenerate or delusional?

No. 1038640

This so much, having browsed male spaces for years and getting used to
>MC is me and all girls were made to pander to me, the player
Makes these fujo spaces so sad when they argue how the MC should be a man and they hope it's not a woman they have to look at.

I still haven't figured out why this bothers fujos, you will literally never run into such stuff on social media because such women are shy and keep it locked on private accounts. Meanwhile if you browse a normal tag for a fandom you can come across untagged heavier BL and not everyone uses poipiku, I once even saw quadruple amputation BL fanart that was just tagged with the name of the game.

No. 1038641

I'm not even a yumejo, and I kind of like BL (any kind of gacha is retarded though, better off just looking at fan art). I just don't understand why you're mad about what other women are into, why gay scrotes belong in female-targeted fandoms, or why generic self-insert shit pisses you off. Let's talk about it. Stop being angry, stop strawmanning. Be honest

No. 1038643

But they don't hate on them for being men, only delusional yurifags do. If men hate on a self inserf then it's because he's not enough of a Chad for their fantasy.

Meanwhile look at idolm@ster, the games targeted at men have a faceless male character protagonist and the girls obviously hit on you. SideM the male branch that's made for women? They made the protagonist male in the anime because they didn't want to scare fujos, luckily it flopped.

No. 1038644

File: 1642972026347.png (158.44 KB, 297x545, gokkun.png)

ive never seen a tweet making fun of female selfinserts reach these numbers

No. 1038646

>the truth
>making fun
Now I see the problem. Begone moid

No. 1038649

because you're more odious and pathetic when you do it. it's not that hard to understand gore spammer

No. 1038650

Because that's twitter, and tweets saying "kill all men yassss" can actually get a ton of likes (which is not bad a bad thing). This is like going to 4chan and taking a screencap of them talking how all fujos are fat legbeards.

No. 1038666

Yeah its funny that moids get a no-doubt male MC but the same can't be said for female orientated games.

No. 1038679

ok then where do female selfinserters get made fun of the most

No. 1038697

I just don't like female self-insert MCs because they are not truly self-insertable for most women who consume the media. They are always too pretty and idealized. They are actually wish fulfillment characters, just very boring ones. Where are all the faceless generic black hair otaku heroines with cringe autist personality? Where are the pervy brocon yumejo MCs who try to get with their entire harem of bishonen?

True self-insert female MC doesn't exit for me.

No. 1038698

NTA but you sound like such a flaming fag, go back

No. 1038704

>Where are all the faceless generic black hair otaku heroines with cringe autist personality? Where are the pervy brocon yumejo MCs who try to get with their entire harem of bishonen?
This might actually be a good point, I suppose female fans would have to make this kind of content themselves. The Japanese companies are probably too scared and just want more universal appeal. I think it'd actually be pretty cool to se-
No thank you. Goddamn I hate "ugly old bastard" mfs

No. 1038709

>They are always too pretty
And there she said it, lmfao. I personally think most female self inserts are on the uglier side and not hourglass shaped enough.

No. 1038712


No. 1038714

>Why do some women seethe about obvious self-insert characters so hard?
I seethe because it makes any otome game unbearable. 9 times out of 10 the MC is just a doormat who gets abused by the guys. At least with BL it's a cute guy getting abused (usually) instead of a girl.

No. 1038716

>The Japanese companies are probably too scared and just want more universal appeal.
They're always playing it safe. Mostly men are the ones investing and working on these games so there's no personal interest in making a different/unique product either. At best they'll hire a female writer or designer. Tinfoil kinda but I also think these moids absolutely would never want to sell something that objectifies them the way women are in VNs and other media, especially in Japan where they have a strict criteria for their women.

No. 1038717

>Where are the pervy brocon yumejo MCs who try to get with their entire harem of bishonen?
I want to see this one, I find the cocky pervert male harem MC annoying and a bit overdone but a female version would be hilarious.

No. 1038722

A delusion is only if you believe it's real. I know it's not real, it's just fun to think about. But I don't think that others, shippers or fujos, are gross and delusional, I think they are great and I love you.

No. 1038809

People who sperg about there being some huge cult of people hating on female self-insert MCs and the scrote self-insert loser MCs never being made fun of are grasping at straws, literally everyone in the past 20 years has taken a jab at the retarded "nerdy black haired guy has tons of beautiful women fall on his lap" trope and considers it extremely cringe. But since the yume sperg keeps coming back to muh enstars/idolish 7 it's no wonder seeing how she constantly exposes herself to a fandom filled with 16-year old they/them kinnies

This is exactly why I'm a fujo and never got into otome. I don't want to see the female characters be harassed and borderline raped by a perverted moid but I want to see cute men be bullied and abused by other men kek.

No. 1038813

You're weirdly vitriolic about other women lmao

No. 1038816

>every interaction between a woman and a cute guy must be rape
Take your meds, fujo schizo-chan.

No. 1038828

That's, of course, because I hate women so much. That's why I consider it disgusting that so much hetship material is made rapey. Because I just seethe over women so much. I know I should learn from the master and instead refresh the thread around the clock to reply to everyone how YOU HATE WOMEN YOU MUST BE A DISGUSTING FAG FUJO SCHIZO PIECE OF SHIT STOP CALLING MY HUSBAND GAY REEEEEEEEE

Tell that to the people writing most otome. I know some people think it's totally hot for a guy to call the self-insert girl you're supposed to be projecting into a fat bitch and then attempt to rape you but I'd rather have that happen to a male.

No. 1038829

I like this thread because it's like both fujos and yumes have like, "hype posters". There'll be the usual long paragraph/greentext arguments, and no matter what side you're on, there'll be one or two short, single-line replies insulting you. Sometimes, you can even be other people's "hype posters" and insult whoever sounds like a scrote, an autist or an asshole. It's fun. It's like sports teams, or when you play a video game and end up in a boss fight that has some tiny enemies also attacking you

No. 1038831

The anon who said you were schizo might have been right. I didn't say or do any of that shit kek, you just sound really annoyed with other women. Real ones, not fake self-insert otome game ones

No. 1038855

If that's what otome is, then most fujoshit is like the screwdriver scene from TnC or when the dog fucks the mc in DMMD (or the one fujos love where the android amputates all his limbs) or softcore problematic like junjou terrorist or okane ga nai, also everyone loves yaoi hands and strict seme-uke dynamics like the jp fujos that block you if you have the pairing the other way around.

Generalisations sure are nice anon, huh?

No. 1038946

Don't bother arguing with the hetfags/moids anon, all they can do is call you schizo and cry, "buhhhh you hate women" kek. The infighting is retarded, your taste and reasons are pretty based.

No. 1038954

hetfags do love to bring up the misogyny thing. it isn't misogyny bitch, we are both women, you are my sister. i just dgaf about your ugly oc

No. 1038970

>you’re my sister
Nta youre so sweet anon

No. 1038976

Cute post, but also, as a neutral party, if you dgaf, why reee about it? Just enjoy your shit. Why the war?

No. 1038978

arguing is fun

No. 1038990

JFC fujo-anon, stop seething. If you truly saw women as sisters you wouldn’t be coping so hard about evil hetties and BL superior. No wonder fujos get mocked.
>Muh pure gay relationship
>Calling me a woman hater makes you a moid
You’re literally reeing because some women don’t like BL and prefer self-shipping.

No. 1039001

Some unhinged fujo anon made this thread because she’s embarrassed about being fun of and needs to prove self-shipping is more embarrassing so the people stop making fun of her instead of growing up (got to be underage) and not giving a fuck about the moids who shit on fujos and the other twitterfags who ree that yaoi fetishises gay men. Yume is based, fujo is based. Don’t let schizo anon ever change that.

No. 1039012

stfu hetty betty

No. 1039021

I've read so much BL and played so many BL games with rape, what are you smoking anon?

No. 1039030

Why its an unbiased thread

No. 1039032

Copium kek.

No. 1039067

I'm not the same anon, you tard. There's more than one of us that think your sperging is stupid. Ugh, this thread started so good and is such shit now.

No. 1039072


No. 1039104

>I don't hate women!
>umm hettie bettie, you should feel ashamed for enjoying harmless fun and being a fag hag is so much purer and superior
Lmao, the posts in this thread really speak for themselves

No. 1039113

Nta but please stop falling for the obvious bait posts

No. 1039114

who is telling you lot to feel ashamed? alright all some fujos itt are saying is that they aren't into that content, they don't get it, but: live and let live. what is up with het girlies and always acting like victims, i promise you nobody cares about your gay yume fantasies outside of finding them cringe (in passing!); it's only an issue that gets combative when you whine about there not being enough ~yume content~ and yell @ the fujoshi as if they're the problem and not your own side's lack of horsepower. gonna extend to this lesbian ship likers too – all you people do is whine.

and NOTE that hetero shippers are NOT the group being lambasted by fandom everywhere simply for existing! simply for creating their shit in their own corners of fandom. that's fujoshi. you never see posts saying shit like "oh well self shipping is cringe xD" gain traction, but you will see a hundred "reeeee dirty fujoshi fetishsizing the homos!! skreeee" posts this year

No. 1039117

not sure why would you would care about people pointing out that its fetishizing unless you're an autistic tranny. it's just a fact that its fetishizing gay men but i honestly don't care as long as fujos leave irl gay men alone

No. 1039121

Nta, but I agree with the fact that yumes aren't targeted in the way that fujoshi are. Yumejoshi are much more likely to be private with their interests, and BL peeves men off twofold (women prefer attractive men and their shounen fave is bottoming, somehow destroying their own masculinity)in a way that yume doesn't. Even then, I can understand why anons would be peeved that their own fantasies are being criticized as narcissistic by other women when it's purely just something fun. Being cringe is one thing, but implying a character flaw that's very loaded on a website that gossips about narcs is like shooting fish in a barrel and wondering why the fish are agitated.

No. 1039124

I love this thread. Premium autism. Keep up the good work.

No. 1039125

i'm a fujo like this and it took some time to get into het self-insert because of it. now i'm just too horny to care. but its rare for me to hetship, i prefer both people in ships to be attractive/fuckable to me, and i'm just not attracted to women. either way i don't mind yumes and fujos and wish the extreme ones would take a breather

No. 1039126

>why are you acting like a victim?
>proceeds to act like a victim
No one blasts you for being a fujo unless you hang out in shounenshitter communities and with western normalfag anime fans. In circles on twitter and tumblr they rejoice in ship worship and homo.

Also read some threads on /m/ (not the yaoi one) and you unironically see fujos calling yumes "cucks" just for saying they like that content in media threads and ITT you have plenty of shitpost tier takes like otome being the same as material targeted at men, or otome being rapey (that coming from fujos is golden) or how it's more pure to ship gays.

FWIW I'm a normalfag and the worst thing I had to experience with yumes is seeing some cringey art by teens once in a blue moon, but when it comes to fujos it was untagged R-18G shit and a ton of annoying shitposting on this site and other social media.

No. 1039127

>Yumejoshi are much more likely to be private with their interests, and BL peeves men off twofold
Most people are talking about female communities, and why do you think yumes are so silent? Because getting in the way of the popular ship is blasphemy, kek.

No. 1039133

File: 1643006109203.png (137.8 KB, 1098x551, old memories.png)

Do a lot people really hate female characters like that now though? In my experience a lot of people just ignore them for the most part. Even the less that stellar ones will have defenders and people are more willing to blame the creators for the terrible writing that some female characters end up with. And the ones that do dislike them will at least dress it up and hate the writers for forcing her because of heteronormativity or something tbh i can't imagine a bunch of people nowadays saying they hate a self insert mc cause she's an evil man stealer. even the "straight" men on 4chan are blatant misogynists i don't see how fighting with a bunch of anons on here is going to make the gay guys over there stop acting like assholes.

No. 1039137

>it's just a fact that its fetishizing gay men
no it isn't lmao how does one fetishize a fictional character? random fags on the internet are not anime boys. vast majority of fujos don't care about them and aren't thinking of them when they write out their narusasu or whatever

No. 1039237

File: 1643015422790.png (813.03 KB, 900x900, 2F609ACD-2D7B-4E95-A8BB-19BAC1…)

Ostensibly I’m a fujo (though I ship a loooot of hetshit too) but I’ve secretly created a female self insert OC for almost every fandom I’ve been in. I can’t ship myself with my fujoshit OTP of course, but I always make myself into someone close to them.
Sometimes their best friend or I ship myself with another character I like, but the embarrassing truth is that most of the time I create an OC Donutsteel daughter for my OTP that I self insert into (from adoption or from a previous relationship with female characters none of that assbaby stuff)
Sometimes I just can’t deal with being a sexualized adult being. I have very little experience anyway being a huge autismo, I just want my fave characters to love me without having to pay some sort of sexual toll like with a real life moid. I want to be loved and protected by my fave ship without having to “earn” it.

Yeah, I know I’m the most embarrassing dipshit ITT….

No. 1039242

I self-insert and ship everyone with myself because I am lonely. Idgaf about any other ships.

No. 1039273

File: 1643019932933.png (3.38 MB, 1786x4419, 1485914631073.png)

God I miss those threads so much. What a ride, and I love the idea that I might have been sperging out with farmers laughing at the hetfags all those years ago

No. 1039285

File: 1643020911635.gif (2.56 MB, 322x178, 1448776146644.gif)

kek I don't remember that thread at all but that's hilarious. By the way, why were people so delusional when it came to YOI? Like, you see two men kissing on screen and you deny they were kissing because you didn't see the actual lips and tongues touching and moving for two minutes straight? Girl…

No. 1039308

They're drawings…they're made up. Who cares if someone draws themselves getting gangbanged by all 12 gay husbandos at once like they're not real. Who cares if someone draws fictional men bugging eachother in their drawn assholes. Who cares if someone only draws their husbando with their self insert.

No. 1039314

>you see two men kissing on screen a
But you literally don't, it's a jump cut. That's why a lot of fujos were mad about it too.

No. 1039326

File: 1643024414369.jpg (26.54 KB, 499x275, 1481166537864.jpg)

It was during the final box sales autism, after the anime finished kek

This, pic very related with two bros exchanging frienddhip rings.

No. 1039327

Also samefag, sorry for two posts but to elaborate:
I remember HUGE hype over pole dancing and the kiss, that's when the fan hype peaked imo. Some memes people spammed were
but then the hype fizzled out a bit (especially with how the final episode turned out) and fans were split between those who wanted more and those who kept saying people should be grateful for breadcrumbs and coping.

Another fun story was when western fujos found that japanese public toilet Victor fujo doujin and were insanely triggered, kek

No. 1039335

I know what anime this pic is referencing but I still do think its kinda shitty that people of same sex can't show any affection with each other either IRL or media without wokies and faghags going "Oh there totes gay/queer" or whatever bullshit
96% of the human population is straight, it's not discriminatory to view hetroseuxality as the norm cause it is the natural norm and it always will be

No. 1039337

Didn't you know? Everything is gay nowadays. I find it funny because people act like 5 year olds giggling that two people like each other.

No. 1039338

I stopped going to the threads after the anime was over and only came from time to time to see if we'd get info about the movie, so that's why.

>Another fun story was when western fujos found that japanese public toilet Victor fujo doujin and were insanely triggered, kek

I wish I was there to witness this.

Your comment should be unrelated to YOI because it's fairly obvious Viktor and Yuuri are gay for each other, for once. I'd understand if you were talking about something like Free!! or anything from Shonen Jump though.

No. 1039341

File: 1643025362959.jpg (420.02 KB, 1280x1154, 1476964467784.jpg)

This, just because they kiss, strip in front of, excessively grind on eachother and exchange expensive engagement rings with their bro, that doesn't mean they're gay. Let men have friendships, dirty fujos.

No. 1039345

>reading comprehension level: retard
Anon said she knows what anime that is and made a general remark

No. 1039349

did you even read my post, I know what YOI is, it was more about this assumption fujos and wokies in general have and it wasn't just about men, but same sex friendships in general

No. 1039352

eww imagine doing all this for gay scrote bussy

No. 1039356

Oh no, I did understand what anon meant and I don't even completely disagree with her. It's just that I don't get the point of bringing that up specifically on a post about YOI since that's the exception.

No. 1039357

File: 1643027027848.jpg (26.71 KB, 540x604, skpm9si0qfy51.jpg)

>drawing yourself as an anthropomorphic hedgehog having Sonic's babies

No. 1039365

Am I gonna pretend thats any worse than obsessing over bussy? It's not.
Gayness and furfagness is on the same level of cringe

No. 1039368

Not meaning to be inflammatory, but those of you who keep saying hetties and hetfags find a new nickname? It's not that I find it insulting, but like you're heterosexual too

No. 1039370

Hope you're ready for the lesbian debate lol

No. 1039374

it's always fun. I understand if they just like to ship some characters they like and think look cute together, but being into erotic yaoi is kinda hettie

No. 1039380

This is always hilarious to me. Also the whole
>otome is rapey towards women, I would rather have a hot man be the raped one
Then why do you want him to be topped by another guy and not an assertive woman? Really makes you think. And I hate the whole spiel that "I like guys being dominated but dominant women are a gross scrote fantasy", like, just decide already because it seems you don't like when women are dominant or submissive or anything at all.

Methinks some people have deeply rooted issues with female sexuality and want to distance themselves from it despite being straight.

No. 1039387

NTA, but name 5 otome games with an assertive MC who is that way throughout all the routes. The only reason I like BL is as a cope, because most straight stuff has a clear power dynamic but never in the woman's favor.

No. 1039392

You can check out this girls's channel, she likes dominant women and plays a lot of otome, some games she praises in some she shits on the guys and the protagonists and it's hilarious

No. 1039402

I love her. Thank you, Anon.

No. 1039417

I actually like that otome MCs are so cute and have an idealized appearance. Even if they have a lack of personality by design so the player can insert onto them, I love their outfits and hairstyles and find them fun to draw. I particularly think Yui's design from DL is really cute.

No. 1039477

It doesn't matter how cute they look, because their pathetic personalities ruin it all.

No. 1039495

>Then why do you want him to be topped by another guy and not an assertive woman? Really makes you think. And I hate the whole spiel that "I like guys being dominated but dominant women are a gross scrote fantasy", like, just decide already because it seems you don't like when women are dominant or submissive or anything at all.
This is a really good point, holy fuck

No. 1039496

>Then why do you want him to be topped by another guy and not an assertive woman?
Besides me personally finding m/f a huge turn off, it's because women just don't have that kind of power over men? I'm too preoccupied with the intrusive thoughts of how this would never work in real life and how some moid would find even dick amputation and ball crushing body horror fetish hot.

The problem hetfags in this thread have is the fundamental misunderstanding of why people become exclusively fujos. They don't want to read about straight couples that already dominate all forms of media and real life so the "why don't you just write better female characters/why don't you just read femdom" doesn't really fix the problem. I don't personally want heterosexual romance stories or heterosexual porn. Female characters in BL? Absolutely fine, love that. Female characters falling in love with male characters? Immersion ruined, girl shouldn't waste her time on that worthless scrote. Male character making out with another male? Thank god they're not abusing women. You see what I'm getting at? When it's all said and done you either get it or don't get it.

No. 1039505

Coming from someone who is primarily a fujo, you nonas are adorable, honestly. I don't know, in the fujo thread I've heard nothing but vitriol towards yumejos but you guys are fucking cute? Honestly I respect the fact that you guys dgaf and just do what you want.

I know this is a common point for otome fans, but honestly this has never bothered me? I don't self-insert, but idc either way whether an otome MC has a personality or not. I'm really just there for the bishies. To each their own, I guess.

True! I'm particularly fond of Ichika from CxM, though I don't like the game very much.

No. 1039612

this just in: lesbians that use dildos are actually bisexual. because dildos look like dicks. so, they're actual men.

No. 1039614

> There's a big difference between being in love with a husbando and then drawing yourself as an anthropomorphic hedgehog having Sonic's babies.

keep crying hetty betty

No. 1039642

File: 1643046673791.png (Spoiler Image,808.44 KB, 980x678, 1632267412223.png)

>I'm a normalfag

so you don't know what you're talking about. okay.

anyway /m/ threads are not at all representative of modern fandom at large; fujoshi are hated almost everywhere these days, and the spaces they aren't are those "pro-ship" pockets of the internet that are too weird to go into anyway (for me). nobody cares about yumejoshi off of lolcow. nobody. you are never going to see a post get 10k+ interactions telling women to stop enjoying heterosexual/otome content. to pretend that people are demonizing you for enjoying straight content, as a woman, is utterly retarded.

to be real, and go further: i have never seen a yumejo vs. fujo fight off of lolcow, or mentioned by moids on 4channel. this is a thing that purely exists here. stop making shit up

No. 1039647

NTA but that's such a non-sequitur lol. What a reach

No. 1039650

>If I personally haven't seen/experienced it, it literally never happens and everyone else is just lying

No. 1039654

i've seen it happen, just because YOU haven't see it doesn't make it not true. I fucking hate that piss poor argument.

No. 1039662

You have to understand that the Lolcow yume is a different breed, they actually take fujos shitposting "lmao imagine shipping het ships" or ignoring the female self-insert producer in Enstars/i7 or even simply existing and drawing m/m art as "bullying yumes". The people keep coming back to those as examples of the heterophobic opwession they face, every time. Outside of lolcow I've never seen regular yumes give a shit about fujos except the mentally ill borderline waifufag hetshippers who tend to be unironically homophobic as well trying to paint lesbian fujos as straight misogynistic NLOGs in denial.

No. 1039664

dildos and anime boys are both objects, is the point i was trying to make. i could understand if it was irl gay porn, but anime boys aren't real; i fail to see how fapping to one/finding one attractive dictates someone's irl sexuality.

like i'm straight but i have found the occasional yuri/lesbian fic on a03 hot. i would never touch a pussy irl.

>go to twitter
>search "yumejoshi gross/disgusting"
>don't get anything (because nobody cares)

>search "fujoshi gross/disgusting"

>get thousands of posts

and yeah people do shit on self-inserts/people inserting their original characters into canon character's lives but that's hardly restricted to women, so…lmao. what proof do you have outside of /m/?

No. 1039669

they aren't called yumejoshi in the jargon used by the people bitching about it
try looking at posts around straight ships and homophobia accusations instead

No. 1039674

File: 1643047780628.png (39.15 KB, 738x351, twitter shit.PNG)

only criticism i've ever seen towards straight ships is stuff like pic related (which i feel is a legitimate complaint) or people being genuinely mad at homophobic dudebros.

>I've never seen regular yumes give a shit about fujos except the mentally ill borderline waifufag hetshippers who tend to be unironically homophobic as well trying to paint lesbian fujos as straight misogynistic NLOGs in denial.
for real. i've also never seen fujoshi give a fuck about yumejoshi just for being yumejoshi. like never ever have i seen a woman go "reee she enjoys straight content!! how terrible" to another women. it's normally just a generalization like "i don't really like het ships i think they're boring" which isn't attacking anyone directly.

No. 1039677

> "why don't you just write better female characters/why don't you just read femdom"
But people only say this kind of thing cause fujo complain so much about female characters

No. 1039687

Yeah lmao platonic male friendship is soooo underexposed and undervalued, not like it's up on a massive pedestal as the ideal form of comradery and companionship. The evil gays and fujos have really stolen that rare and vital representation from the world.

But don't worry sis, the instant something gay exists or is hinted at, an army of moids will come along to rage about it and how it's ruining pure male friendship! You're in good company!

No. 1039689

File: 1643048863280.png (1.1 MB, 1798x1854, just a glimpse of twitter auti…)

Nope, there's a lot more. Lately they've been even going after female gaze straight fantasy stuff by saying it's boring if it isn't malewife x femdom shit as you can see from my caps

No. 1039692

I just find it so funny y'all get so mad at "moids" but obsess over gay moids. Like do you think they're special for taking dick up the ass or something?

No. 1039694

We obsess over fictional moids, and consume content created by other female fans. Can't help being straight but this is the most palatable form of male.

No. 1039700

All these people are straight but wish they weren't and the WTF does malewife mean, does it mean some sort of house husband but with more submissive undertones cause being a "wife" is somehow lesser

No. 1039703

I've literally seen you degenerates ship WW2 soldiers
I just wish Fujos could admit their brain rotten, cause only a brain rotten would do that

No. 1039705

KEK imagine being offended by this, jesus christ how fragile do you have to be. These are literally the same kind of underage people who call fujos evil fetishists and then 5 years later they're in a straight relationship and deleted their anime pfp twitter in all silence

No. 1039707

>He thinks anime men are in any way comparable to disgusting IRL scrotes

No. 1039708

You gaslighted people by saying this never happens, and now when you're given proof you tell people they're being too fragile kek
By the way, retard, one of the users of these tweets is an adult comic book writer. It's obvious you're a one of those freaks who screech about straight/cis/white/whatever people being fragile and bully them for not worshiping the great cult of faggotry.

No. 1039709

To quote Elaine Benes
>He ignores me and I respect that

No. 1039711

>You're a scrote if you dislike male gay sex
BRUH the mental gymnastics fujo go through is almost troon tier, ngl

No. 1039712

>quoting a faghag character

No. 1039714

I just don't get how seeing fictional guys fuck each other is preferable over (hot) fictional guy fucking a fictional girl, tbh. Your fetishes are your fetishes but trying to politically explain it is nonsense

No. 1039720

Not YOI specifically but word to this.

No. 1039722

>It's obvious you're a one of those freaks who screech about straight/cis/white/whatever people being fragile and bully them for not worshiping the great cult of faggotry.
Go back to r/TumblrInAction if you believe this unironically kek

No. 1039731

It's the truth, sorry it makes you mad faghag

No. 1039735

>dildos and anime boys are both objects, is the point i was trying to make. i could understand if it was irl gay porn, but anime boys aren't real; i fail to see how fapping to one/finding one attractive dictates someone's irl sexuality.

>like i'm straight but i have found the occasional yuri/lesbian fic on a03 hot. i would never touch a pussy irl.

So like…what would you say to a moid who said he likes lolicon if he used the same argument? Is it the same? No judgment either way (I personally feel like male sexuality doesn't typically allow for that, but female sexuality probably can/does), but I'm interested in this specific concept. It's fiction, but you're still getting off to characters with illustrated male bodies, commonly referred to as male. Does that mean you like the concept of males, but not the execution?

No. 1039737

I don't think lolicon and gay ships are comparable variables anon, the other one is literal child rape and the other is gay people. And men being into child rape, even fictional, is a bigger problem seeing how 99% of child abuse cases are committed by male pedophiles.

No. 1039744

A lot of BL has gay rape in it (which is a problem IRL, especially in prisons), and there are some anons who like just that ITT

No. 1039746

gay and bi men are overrepresented in pedo sex crimes jsyk

No. 1039747

File: 1643050868053.jpg (168.59 KB, 980x1072, 1478116671477.jpg)

kek anon, that's not even all. Silver balding hairline guy gave up his gold medal skating career, flew from russia to japan, turned up naked there, and became the pig faced glasses guy's coach (despite already promising a teenager to become his coach but being so horny for piggie he just forgot about that) just because piggie drunk danced with him in a banquette and the pig doesn't even remember it anymore.

No. 1039749

File: 1643051025563.png (468.52 KB, 500x713, a766d59d1189f1559bf07393d3dc46…)

most boy love dynamics would be so hot if the sub one was a girl. they're just swapped to be dudes anyways but otherwise keep the same feminine behavior

No. 1039751

You're familiar with the concept of bihet, correct? A straight girl talking about how she wants mommy Big Tit Character to step on her and how she loves her milkers but would be absolutely horrified and grossed out if a lesbian sit next to her IRL. Liking an idealized concept in fiction doesn't necessarily mirror your real life desires.

Fujos are not a goddamn monolith either, some of them are straight girls in for the hot smexy male sex hawt droolz!!!!! aspect, some of them are girls of any sexuality who just don't want to read about heterosexual relationships for personal reasons, some of them are lesbians or bisexuals who interpret them as fake men in a lesbian relationship. But it's been said time and time again that a lot of fujos do not want to fuck the characters they ship and I don't know how many times that has to be hammered in until people understand that not everyone is interested in self-inserting.

Also don't fucking ever compare lolicon to gay content just don't do that you buffoon.

Don't be this scrote brained, trying to continuously conflate things that women enjoy to be 1:1 with what men do doesn't work. It's not women who are raping men in prisons and the women reading that gay rape comic know how to differentiate fiction from reality unlike the moids who start finding their 6-year old niece hot after rotting their brain with lolicon doujinshis.

Don't care homophobe-chan, go back to /pol/ or the MTF thread to post your based and redpilled gay pedo statistics you got from Sargon of Akkad or something.

No. 1039754

Gaypedo is a real historical fact. Don't ever compare me to a Nazi worshipping poltard because I acknowledge how harmful straight and gay moids are.

No. 1039766

File: 1643051504523.png (2.72 MB, 1170x1459, 78C333CB-24A8-44F2-97CE-35FA7A…)

Wya angry hockey player racism yumejo?
I wanna ship you with spergy hetshitter sexism fujo
Enemies to lovers OTP

No. 1039767

>Female characters falling in love with male characters? Immersion ruined, girl shouldn't waste her time on that worthless scrote. Male character making out with another male? Thank god they're not abusing women.
Kek imagine pretending to make this about how much you hate men to justify your fetish

No. 1039769

Are there gay men who go "I'm gay and women kinda disgust me. Anyway, here is my extensive yuri manga collection with assorted fetishes"? Just curious

No. 1039773

So, it's not the least bit sus for women to write, draw and get off to the concept of gay rape because they're not actually raping men IRL?
If someone replies "You used sus", they will burn their mouth on the next hot meal they eat
I also never said fujoshi were a monolith, and I'm clearly talking about those who want to fuck the characters, so idk where you got that part from or what's making you so aggro, but
>fake men in a lesbian relationship
Why not make lesbian content that's actually good? What's the appeal of "fake men"?

No. 1039775

…this doesn't prove that women are being explicitly attacked for enjoying straight, female-gaze(y) content. this is people complaining about things on their own accounts that you explicitly sought out to cry over. even then, they're never outright denying the idea alucard can love women, they're just pointing out he fucked a man in canon. are you retarded?

call me when hetshitters are getting spammed gore and suicide threats and trooning out en-masse to avoid being crucified over fictional ships, and i'll pretend to give a shit. lmao.

>So like…what would you say to a moid who said he likes lolicon if he used the same argument?
pedophilia is not a sexuality! false equivalence.
>Does that mean you like the concept of males, but not the execution?
i'd say so, yeah. in the end though irl is all that matters. if she eats pussy and has never wanted an irl moid but might occasionally get off to some over-sexed sensationalized bl manga, then whatever. girl's still a lesbian.

No. 1039779

If men, particularly gay men, were objectified and sexualized the way women and lesbian women in particular are I'm sure they would seek escape from seeing their gender as well.

No. 1039781

NTA but gay men are obsessed with sexualizing and objectifying male bodies kek. It's so bad tht many bottoms get depressed over not being young twinks once they hit 30

No. 1039786

If I got it right, you're a straight woman with a gay fetish. That's ok but you didn't need to make that many excuses just to justify your preferences. Because if you dislike het pairings because you hate men, why do you not prefer lesbian pairings instead of gay ones? How come do you want to see 2 men together instead of just one when you hate men so much? Wouldn't f/f media be more fitting to your tastes, nona?

No. 1039787

are there people who go, "i'm a human being, and i'm against murder. anyway here is my extensive game collection where i kill people in various ways"? just curious

do you understand that fantasy is not reality?

No. 1039789

Oh but your retarded friend sure acted like they're equivalent to 3dpd moids here >>1039496 kek
>girl shouldn't waste her time on that worthless scrote

No. 1039792

This actually pisses me off, the bright side is that basically every fujo who doesn’t troon out becomes a radfem over time.

No. 1039796

Huh there are several nonnas on lc who know Japanese? Whats ur secret

No. 1039801

That's not at all the same as the widespread, global, universal sexualization of female bodies, objectifying women and reducing lesbianism to be for male pleasure that has lasted for centuries, one would think a person browsing lolcow would know this.

Honest question, are you a male? This big brained redditor "well what about this false equivalency that I just farted out to avoid never addressing the points made, hmmm??" energy is really tiring.

No. 1039802

That's the hilarious part. They give one feminine behaviour and then pretend like they don't self-insert into it or have women detached from these ships.

No. 1039803

File: 1643052192361.png (494.05 KB, 800x442, 1642009001169.png)

Anon, you're a fucking retard if you think posts with hundreds of likes is just "venting on their account" and that these kinds of posts don't appear on anyone's TL just because I had to search up tweets. Fandom discussion is marred with this kind of autistic shit if you're a Gen Z or younger Millennial, no if, ands, or butts about it. I don't know why you're so in denial and aggressive over it but it feels like you're just denying basic shit so you can still be in the right.
Theeere it is. Gonna call straight women breeders for daring to fantasize about themselves being fucked instead of self cucking themselves to gay man pron?

No. 1039804

I don'tunderstand why I'm supposed to separate sexual fantasy from sexual desire, no

No. 1039810

i did address your point though, how is it a false equivalence? you essentially said
>i'm this way in reality, but here's the fake shit i like.
i gave you another such example. i hate murder irl. i like killing people in dishonored. how's it different?

lots of people don't. i've always found it odd that everyone understands liking violent media doesn't equal wanting violence irl, but the moment things become sexual is the moment your fictional preferences are a 1:1 to what you desire off of your computer.

No. 1039811

There's this crazy new fad people are raving about, it's called studying! Basically it's where you look up information about something you're interested in, like the Japanese language for example, so you can learn about it. You can even apply what you've learned to the real world. Give this neat hack a try sometime if you want to do pretty much anything.

No. 1039813

OMG now teach me how to fly

No. 1039815

NTA but are you really this asshurt over a bunch of people not liking your hetship and tweeting banter about it? This is seriously on par with white people being offended over stupid "white ppl amirite" jokes or heterosexuals calling heterophobia on people for offhanded "straight ppl amirite" remarks and it's some actual low-empathy shit. Just walk away and be glad you and your Nigel won't get denied housing or disowned by your family IRL because of your sexuality, if you guys didn't project into your ships so much you wouldn't be taking it so personally.

No. 1039818

can you prove that this is happening or has ever happened?

>call me when hetshitters are getting spammed gore and suicide threats and trooning out en-masse to avoid being crucified over fictional ships, and i'll pretend to give a shit.

people having bad opinions (or opinions you dislike, personally) that get popular happens everywhere in every single facet of life, from food to clothing brands. it sucks, but it happens; i don't give a fuck about that. my entire complaint here >>1039642 though is that lc yumejoshi act as if they have ever faced even a sliver of the bullshit that happens when you say you're a woman into homo content in fandom. they haven't. they don't. there has never been a person that said "yumejoshi/women-focused straight content is disgusting!"

No. 1039819

>equating white people with straight people
LMAO. I didn't know a sexual behavior you choose to do is the same as an ethnicity you're born as and can be constantly discriminated against at any time is the same.
>if you guys didn't project into your ships so much you wouldn't be taking it so personally.
All fun and games until they start harassing you and sending you death threats because you drew one of their faghag characters with a girl kek

No. 1039821


No. 1039822

File: 1643052827305.jpg (147.2 KB, 800x999, 59802430_1312621298878657_2007…)

You can learn that too, nonny! With the power of publicly accessible knowledge, anything is possible, even flight, yes, even for you!

No. 1039824

>can you prove that this is happening or has ever happened?
What the fuck? you want proof of my timeline on my now deactivated twitter or something?
>people having bad opinions (or opinions you dislike, personally) that get popular happens everywhere in every single facet of life, from food to clothing brands. it sucks, but it happens; i don't give a fuck about that.
Except it's more than just that. LGBTtards aggressively shill their headcanons everywhere and get pissed off when people don't agree with them. The most aggressive about this are MtF troons and gay men and their supporters.
>there has never been a person that said "yumejoshi/women-focused straight content is disgusting!"
Yeah, because there's never been scrotes hating on straight girl content like Twilight for being lame and having shitty male characters they consider affeminate rever

No. 1039827

No. 1039830

This. Women are obsessed with being "pure" and doing mental gymnastics to justify everything. That's also how we end up with braindead libfems telling you that shit like makeup is empowering, and fakebois who claim their attraction to androgynous males in anime and movies is actually "gender envy". It's literally just shame and this cloying desire to justify everything you do when you actually don't fucking have to
Yaoi is whatever IMO, it's fine for a woman to be a fucking degenerate and have fetishes as long as she's not actually raping anybody. Just stop coping and lying. Same as the self-inserting yumejoanons who like "rapey" dynamics with hot fictional guys but wouldn't let an actual scrote touch them or treat them that way. Don't write epistles about how it's ackshully a powerful feminist queer lesbian message that the hetties just don't understand. Shit is cringe and almost troon-tier with the delusions
Women are allowed to have sexual desires that aren't in lockstep with what's politically correct, or don't perfectly fit into the current markers/descriptions of sexuality (Kinsey was pro-pedo btw), stop being cowards lmao. "Yeah, I like gay rape in cartoons. What about it?" is far more Stacy than "Noo you don't understand here is my essay on feminism", especially when you look at crime rates by gender and see which group should actually be ashamed

No. 1039831

File: 1643053055357.jpeg (157.44 KB, 1400x1575, E1C56E70-1FB3-4F98-9791-545E9A…)

Generally fujos who purely ship fictional don’t get along with people who ship real people at all, I have yet to see someone in this thread who ships real people.
Closest thing to it is I like V tuber fanart and I ship the characters the guys from daft punk play on stage, which are closer to people playing characters.

No. 1039832

No. 1039838

>here's never been scrotes hating on straight girl content like Twilight
you're right about that, but scrotes hate on fujo content too.
anyway i'm going to stop responding to you (or at least this specific argument) because it's going in circles. you're way too insistent that people on twitter simply disliking hetero ships is abuse or something somehow.

No. 1039839

>Women are allowed to have sexual desires that aren't in lockstep with what's politically correct, or don't perfectly fit into the current markers/descriptions of sexuality (Kinsey was pro-pedo btw), stop being cowards lmao. "Yeah, I like gay rape in cartoons. What about it?" is far more Stacy than "Noo you don't understand here is my essay on feminism", especially when you look at crime rates by gender and see which group should actually be ashamed
based and word

No. 1039840

>Don't write epistles about how it's ackshully a powerful feminist queer lesbian message that the hetties just don't understand
Based beyond belief, i like you anon

No. 1039846

Are the scrotes who jerk off to traps also straight like they have been claiming to be all along?

No. 1039848

They’re more likely troons who date other troons.

No. 1039850

nta but its because violent urges arent analogous to sexuality, that's what makes it a false equivalence. my comparison would br "I jerk off to animals but that doesnt make me a furry or a zoophile, I am just attracted to fictional and visual traits that describe an animal exactly."

No. 1039858

I love you, nonnie.

No. 1039859

Honestly this type of shit was never okay, its exactly why so many people nowadays pretend to be identities they aren't, to avoid being made the butt of jokes for things they don't control, tumblr-tier take.

No. 1039860

This. It’s not a coincidence most fujos became he/theys after it became politically incorrect to be a woman who wants to see anime boys kiss

No. 1039862

yeah, probably? i've read enough accounts on /r9k/ (i know, i know) from men who tried to go from their astolfo doujins to actually fucking a "uwu femboy" irl and couldn't do it, because they don't actually like dick. fiction isn't reality!

>I am just attracted to fictional and visual traits that describe an animal exactly…

anime characters don't resemble human beings past a very superficial level. i think a better example would be furries attracted to like, sonic the hedgehog. i'm pretty sure MOST people who want to fuck sonic don't actually want to fuck a real world hedgehog because the two aren't 1:1.

if a lesbian were to find actual gay porn attractive, though – shit between real, living, breathing men if you don't know what 'actual gay porn is' – then yeah, she might not be gay. but even then, people are complicated. like that one nona from earlier said, sexual fantasy is different from sexual desire.

No. 1039871

Ok, but by this logic you can't call someone a pedo just cause they like loli hentai.

No. 1039883

File: 1643055099607.jpg (57.07 KB, 1024x746, 69d3005122cb8cc331df055f1b424e…)

I like BL but there's a lot of bland ass flat protagonists with like two personality trairs too, it's not just an otome thing kek.

No. 1039888

I think is different with women, moids who like reading harmful shit most of the time could actually try to hurt someone irl, but women usually don't

No. 1039889

you can call them that, but it doesn't make it true, yes.

No. 1039896

Yumejo is a pretty new term in the western fandom spaces so isn't as widespread. Also fujoshi literally means rotten woman in Japanese so that might be some of the results.

No. 1039903

Yes that's the logic that anon is using. Yes it's as retarded as it sounds.

No. 1039909

What do you think of the fact Japanese fujos don't want their ship to become canon and would rather it stays ambiguous?

No. 1039914

I wonder if they do that because they don't canon facts of the relationship to interfere with their fan/headcanon? Anyway I think it's better than expecting and hoping for canon

No. 1039916

I would pay a huge amount of money for a doujin in which an exaggeratedly drawn ugly fat woman NTRs a gay guy by raping his cute twink boyfriend.

No. 1039929

I've seen a couple of anons saying they draw furry porn commissions to pay the bills, surely that can't be any worse so hit them up I guess

No. 1039948

t. someone who knows every jpn fujoshi's opinion

No. 1039973

I'll pay for it too. I need equality for women.

No. 1039976

I think I saw that trope once but it was shit.

No. 1040094

I only self-insert with otome guys because that's what they're made for. I don't really care if I'm/MC is a cute girly type or horny clown. Too much fans always complain about wanting an assertive MC before they'll self-insert but it just seems like an excuse to me. If you don't want to, it's fine.

Otherwise I have a harem of cute boys I've been fantasizing about for a long time and my dream is to make them real in some way despite being shit at art. 3D is the closest I can get probably. They've never been aware of me and I don't care to self-insert with them. Fine with them getting fucked by other guys though.

No. 1040153

They are the same thing and I thought self inserters liked both? Plenty of fujos like some het pairings, especially if they are pedoshit for some reason.

Yaoi shit is exactly the same as hetshit but the female character is made male, they both are very hetero and female lol

No. 1040254

being a degenerate who gets off to two men (fictional or IRL) fucking each other is not based
being a proud fujo is like a scrote being proud of being a hentai addict, I mean obviously that person should be made fun off

No. 1040257

Who gives a shit what fiction another woman is into? Like, who are you, the orgasm police? Do we have to be nuns or else we'll get thrown in hellfire? Chill out lmao

No. 1040262

You shouldn't be proud of it, you could at least admit the fact that your porn sick

No. 1040267

I'm not even a fujo, but who cares? So fucking what? You can't answer because you know this is just about being the goodest girl uwu, even as a grown adult, and honestly, fuck that
Pornsickness is a problem because moids are literally retarded/brain-damaged from it and treat actual women like shit, exploit real life women for their cooms, etc and are generally terrible humans. If I meet a woman and she's cool and she also likes some degenerate fictional porn, why am I supposed to care? Help me understand

No. 1040271

>admit the fact that your porn sick
lmao speak for yourself. not every fujo is like that crazed genshin stan with kids

No. 1040273

this is the main issue I have with y'all, you can't even admit that your coomers

No. 1040276

You sound like a guilty coomer projecting kek. The type who goes through like multiple NSFW accounts regularly and says you're just "making a blocklist" lmao. We don't give a fuck, go cancel the other guilty coomers on Twitter or whatever. The game is boring

No. 1040304

>that crazed genshin stan with kids
qrd on this?

No. 1040306

No. 1040413

I hope you realize just how much fujo content is G rated. Literally endless art, doujins, fanfic and discussions with nothing sexual at all because it's not necessary for many, if not most, shippers. Not that there's anything wrong with having fantasies or enjoying sexual content, it's not coomerish to have a sex drive.

No. 1040432

Every person here who is trying to dictate womens taste in FICTION i assume automatically to be a scrote kek

No. 1040933

nobody in these spaces was ever so hardline “antiporn always, no exceptions” until like 2018 when people started posting the coomer wojak. 10s of thousands of people revised their entire value system because the internet started calling them a funny name.

No. 1041053

>it's because women just don't have that kind of power over men
Ofc the fujo is going to say this sort of misogynistic shit. You can't even imagine a woman having any sort of authority so like the best of tradscum you always try to pull that "it's impossible!1!!1" bullshit. The only thing it actually reflects is your close mindedness not objective reality in the slightest. Somehow the fact that submissive women enjoy being dommed by a man doesn't make them less submissive and the man less dominant, but when submissive men enjoy being dommed by a woman it's immediately makes them less submissive and the woman less dominant. Scrote submission is not measured by the extent he enjoys it, but by his willingness to put up with your bullshit. Any form of delusions he has while doing so are largely irrelevant.
>inb4 muh physical strength
Neither social dominance comes from strenght nor social conflicts are solved with strength. Dumbing down d/s relationships to a mere sparring is just bullshit - they exist in a more complicated context. It would make in that sort of rape where a person jumps on another person from the bushes, but not in other kind where such things as coercion and manipulation of any sort are in play.

No. 1041067

> Scrote submission is not measured by the extent he enjoys it, but by his willingness to put up with your bullshit.
Good point. So much of the talk around femdom here has a neurotic fixation that if a man is enjoying sex, he’s taking advantage of you. Genuine fucking psychotic paranoia.

No. 1041071

>if a man is enjoying sex, he's taking advantage of you
this but unironically

No. 1041093

I had found that comment absolutely retarded but couldn't arse myself to answer it, so congrats on your patience I guess. I have no idea why anyone would oppose femdom unless they oppose d/s scenarios as a whole.

No. 1041097

personally i dont care for femdom if only because i prefer situations where a man is using his hands, dick, and mouth to please a woman as much as he can especially if he's having sex with her so well enough to make her cum several times in a row kek

No. 1041115

>giving me orgasms makes him genuinely happy, gross
Cucking myself to own the moids

No. 1041124

What's up with the uptick of moid white knights on lolcow lately? go back to plebbit to talk about how much you love 5ft unemployed violent men, this is not a safe place for you

No. 1041130

>I like men who want to make me cum
>so you’re saying you like manlet child molesters

No. 1041133

Nta but men don't give a shit about making you cum, they're happy that they get to use you to feel good and that's it. A man is a better man if he serves you without getting pleasure.

I will continue to consume content where pretty boys get disheleved and are forced to do gross things with each other because that's nice and I like seeing men being humiliated. I'm not attracted to women so I don't want to see women in porn. BL dynamics can also be more interesting than your basic hetero ship sometimes. I don't get all this trying to act all innocent and pure making up complex excuses to justify liking drawn gay porn. We can be into whatever the fuck we want because it's fiction and we will literally never act on something that doesn't even exist. Who cares if the poor men/handmaidens/fakeboys get offended? BL is made by women for women.

No. 1041135

> men don't give a shit about making you cum
Even if that’s true, we’re talking about fantasy so I don’t get your point

No. 1041139

File: 1643140669387.jpg (18.27 KB, 473x574, 1622725050670.jpg)

I'm not a fujo but you sound just as bad as them, your not special cause a scrote allows you to give a prostate orgasm and calls you mommy despite a whole grown ass man, In fact its just cringe

you all need to just stop watching porn and reading hentai

No. 1041144

> prostate orgasm and calls you mommy
Who said that? Where do you schizos come up with this shit

No. 1041145

shitting up a thread about pure untainted 2D boys about talking about your trash 3D moids IS cringe

No. 1041148

never mentioned 3D anything

No. 1041150

you're not fooling anyone. you were trashtalking man hating anons because they hurt your poor uwu 3D moids' feefees.
Maybe yumes and fujos should ally against their common enemy: pickmes and moids.

No. 1041154

Some anon was talking about femdom in general so I was just discussing that

No. 1041157

The reply chain was about how somebody can’t get into het fantasy because the idea of a man enjoying submission makes her uncomfortable. I was pointing out that that’s batshit. No real man gets hurt by crazy weebs reeing, hence selfcucking.

No. 1041158

Ah, yes, the natural enemy of a female weeb: women into femdom

No. 1041160

Anyway I like handsome men who treat me with respect and we have nice mutually enjoyable vanilla sex, I like seeing that in 3DPD and 2D

No. 1041174

I was talking about femdom in general because the sentiment that male enjoyment delegitimizes femdom is common in general. I think it’s retarded to be so paranoid about what a man might possibly be thinking that you can’t even enjoy the fantasy of a hot guy eating you out.

No. 1041180

why do we have to hear about your scrote boyfriend's unwashed body in every single thread on this board???? we don't give a fuck! go back to the femdom general, whenever a girl spergs out about her sex life outside /g/, a kitten dies. Everyone knows you aren't talking about Reigen when you write how happy you feel about making a guy enjoy sex!!! 3DPD suck! moids suck! i'll take my ban i don't care but pickmes are ruining /ot/.

No. 1041181

No. 1041183

If you're not careful, the ass-eating scrote will come and post here

No. 1041188

You're fucking retarded if you think some women out there liking femdom affects me in anyway and I should demonize them because I like weeb shit, the arguments are nonexistent, it makes no sense and you probably have shit taste in 2d moids anyway. I'm not siding with you freaks

No. 1041189

nobody said anything about their scrotes body or “making a man enjoy sex”. You spergs always complain about pickmes ruining the board and then you just make shit up as an example. Like I said, fucking paranoid.

No. 1041195

Do you think there's a SINGLE anon who thinks that thinking about some anime hunk eating you out is problematic?? People are pissed because you obviously insert your 3DPD into any conversation because you can't stop talking about them. You pickmes probably think that we should all offer to eat some random dudes' ass because it's sooo sad no one will ever offer them femdom.
/g/ was literally tailored for you so why do you have to shit up /ot/? even when talking about 2D, we can't escape the ''what about the menz?'' mindset

No. 1041196

> Do you think there's a SINGLE anon who thinks that thinking about some anime hunk eating you out is problematic??
Yeah, the one who said so.

No. 1041197

You think it's retarded to think and worry about the intentions of the real man that's allowed to fuck you? Yeah, who cares if he's just using you to coom and fulfill his fetishes, who cares if he isn't really a "sub" and will dump you the moment you refuse to play his fantasy. Such a domme! Not a pickme at all.
Anyway 3d scrotes are gross and it's no use talking about it here. No one cares about your boyfriend.

No. 1041198

> You pickmes probably think that we should all offer to eat some random dudes' ass because it's sooo sad no one will ever offer them femdom.
No one said this, paranoid, etc.

No. 1041200

I think it’s retarded to live in fear to such an extent that you mistrust people specifically for treating you well, yeah.

No. 1041202

>treating a woman well ever
lmfao get fucked scrote

No. 1041209

>mistrust people specifically for treating you well, only when and if they themselves get to coom, but actually only sometimes, yeah.
Ftfy, you must have wonderful relationships

No. 1041211

File: 1643143936469.jpg (72 KB, 1000x1000, 3032760.jpg)

First and foremost, obligatory not everyone who you disagree with is the same person. Second feel free to draw me a diagram that explains how we go from someone liking femdom to weaboos being harmed in anyway. Third, the discussion did start about fiction and female enjoyment. Fourth, I noticed in no moment you advocated for the genocide of all men, what a pickme

No. 1041214

i don't agree with the 3dpd thing but since sociopathic scrotes troll regularly on here i think they deserve seeing a bunch of anons shit on their existence kek

No. 1041217

whiping your scrote has ruined your brain so bad that you don't see how a thread called ''fujoshi vs yumejoshi'' isn't meant for 3DPD white knighting?

No. 1041224

if i'm attracted to a character then i'll headcanon them as potentially attracted to me. i headcanon both straight female and gay male characters i want to fuck as bi and open to women like me idc idc

No. 1041229

I used the term femdom initially because it’s shorter than saying “men performing sexual acts for a woman’s pleasure”. I’m sorry that it’s a loaded term and i triggered your autism but you’ve really got to chill the fuck out.

No. 1041237

So how come the internet changed from using "fangirls" to "fujos" and started acting like the terms are interchangeable??

It felt like in the 2000's and early 2010's people on forums correctly used "fangirls" to describe all types of female anime fans before smartphones blew up and tons of newfags and retards filled the web to start misusing words, such as:
>"meme" is now synonymous with "joke", even though true memes are not inherently jokes, just viral content people like to parrot
>"cringe" is now synonymous with "bad" rather than a distinct type of content that causes recoil, usually because it involves someone physically or mentally handicapped in some way, or someone with zero self-awareness to the point it hurts
>"cursed" is now synonymous with "weird", rather than an image that is disturbing and likely something that would go along with a creepypasta

And more. But distinctly for this thread, why did weebs start just labelling fangirls as "fujos" and started assuming every fangirl is into yaoi/is a faghag?

>there wasn't even a word for yaoi fans
It was always faghags but it didn't pick up in popularity due to its vulgarity. Fujoshi just became easier as a borrowed word once English speakers became aware of it, inoffensive since "fu" doesn't mean "rotten" in English.

No. 1041240

*first part not intended as a reply

No. 1041241

lol reminds me of how some retarded scrote kept calling me a fujoshi because i said some male character is cute (i dont like bl mind you)

No. 1041244

i thought faghag described women who orbit rl fags, not women who like gay anime drawings

No. 1041248

That doesn't make a fujo any less of a cuck, either. Though honestly, both seem to try to be escaping from reality rather than actively trying to get a boyfriend/husband/etc.
It's hard to say whether fangirls are inherently cucking themselves or if they're just trying to fill the gap created by coomer men turning into cuck simps for e-whores.

No. 1041253

we don't want 3DPD here

No. 1041260

Can't get mermen irl anon, so 2D is the only way

No. 1041268

File: 1643146492407.jpg (143.94 KB, 850x1203, 1643135904418.jpg)

Exactly! I have also been incorrectly called a fujo a fuckton of times for posting anime boys. Nowadays though we have reached peak moid mental illness, and despite there being more real women on the internet now than ever before, scrotes will accuse you of being a faggot/tranny before they can accept you are a straight/bi fangirl.

Back in the forum days, I think it was explained to me as "well, if you're really straight, then why wouldn't you rather be my gf instead?" Which… lol. Lmao. Completely misses the point of why women like 2D men in the first place. Weebs IRL tend to look bad and even attractive men IRL only sometimes come close to fitting the bishounen archetype.

No. 1041279

>scrotes will accuse you of being a faggot/tranny before they can accept you are a straight/bi fangirl.
I think they do this as a coping mechanism because they would rage out otherwise. They don't like to see women do something they don't approve of even if that thing is relatively common on the internet and can be easily observed. Really wonder if these types just decide to ignore all the girls lusting over fictional men on the internet

No. 1041284

Its not psychotic paranoia its true

No. 1041287

>So much of the talk around femdom here has a neurotic fixation that if a man is enjoying sex, he’s taking advantage of you.
Tbf, even men are weird about this and seem to agree that if you, as a domme, "care too much" about getting him to cum, then you're actually just a femsub. But then "actual femdom" is making him do things he thinks you will enjoy and are "selfish acts" in his eyes, even though most of it is just getting him off to being humiliated.

It's really fucking confusing and shitty. I hate retards that just code all straight sex as mdom/femsub no matter what's really going on or what's being said. It's so shit.

No. 1041290

I’m just thinking about how there’s no derogatory terms for men who orbit lesbians or assault/try to fix lesbians. Yet a woman might think 2 scrotes are cute together and boom you got a retarded term to insult her.

No. 1041294

The very concept of being a 'cuck' with regards to fictional characters doing whatever you want in your own fantasies is unhinged and anyone who feels they could be cucked by a chinese cartoon needs to take a break from the internet.

No. 1041303

Yeah, orbiter is about as close as it gets afaik, even though men creeping on lesbians happens a lot more often than women creeping on gay men. Orbiter is pretty general use, and "chaser" and "simp" aren't close enough to men who stalk lesbians. There's not a specific word for it yet.

No. 1041316

closest might unironically be troon just bc of how many of them that describes kek

No. 1041322

>I want to see cute men be bullied and abused by other men kek.
I want to see cute men be bullied and abused by women, but from a female PoV because literally any visual novel that does this assumes the viewer is the moid that wants to be bullied.

Yaoi has merit at least because usually the cute men being bullied are the ones the viewer is looking at. Yaoi also doesn't do the autistic hentai thing of censoring the man's face during sex since male pleasure is haram to the male viewer's eye, apparently. Both male faces are fair game and you can look at either one or both, depending on what you're into.

No. 1041328

Transbians yeah, holy shit. It's kind of mean but it's the truth.

A guy that I had a crush on in high school orbited a lesbian couple for the LONGEST TIME and at one point even admitted he wished he was a girl so the more extroverted one of the pair would be interested in him. He eventually got over it and ended up marrying another woman he met after high school.

No. 1041342

I don't think there can be any male comparison with a faghag mostly cause faghags idolize gay men, they view them as sassy and eloquent, they view themselves as lesser then them and many gay men buy into the hype, straight men don't do that and the one's that probably come across as some weird tans lesbiandom addicated pervert
the only type of male lesbians are cool with is just a regular everyday dude whose cool with your sexuality and is fun to hang with you, guys like Chris Hemsworth

No. 1041347

When it's not canon, it also gives yumejo hope. When it's canon, yumejo fantasies have to include cuckolding, which is not a step that very many weebs are welcome with.

It took me a long time to even remotely tolerate NTR, and most NTR is still trash anyways because it's not really for the ava or the bull. The viewer is the cuck, the ava is some exaggerated unrealistic bimbo, and the bull is usually some shitty exaggerated male power fantasy scroteshit that isn't hot at all.

I would actually enjoy NTR if the cuck was fat, ugly, etc. and the bull was a bishounen/femboy, while the ava was just plain and semi-realistic.

No. 1041350

That and orbiter scrotes also generally have a "I CAN FIX HER WITH MY PENIS!" mentality even though that's not how homosexuality works. When they realize it doesn't work, they then try to troon out lol.

No. 1041352

>mfw the thread is full of femdomfags coping about how servicing a man is based and anyone who finds the thought retarded is "close minded" and don't just get super deep sub and domme relationships
at least keep this cringey shit in the /g/ thread or stop forcing it on people

The faghag sperg is a regular around the site and derails all threads to scream about every woman who doesn't want gay people lynched is a "faghag" and that HSTSs are going to steal her nigel away

No. 1041356

triggered fujo?

No. 1041363

Damn people in this thread are insane. Anyways I just wanna watch my 2D husbando cum, one way or another.

No. 1041371

based. caring about fandom or god forbid anime this much as an adult is autistic as fuck

No. 1041372

>and anyone who finds the thought retarded is "close minded" and don't just get super deep sub and domme relationships
It's less this than daddy doms and the like being ULTRA CRINGE LOL. Yucky yucky 3DPD. That and being a starfish pickme is as basic as they come. You don't have to be ~deep~ in order to not be surface level boring and vanilla.

No. 1041375

Getting a real boyfriend takes effort, getting an actually good real boyfriend takes a hell of a lot of effort, and I'm just a lazy chick who gave up on the real world years ago.

No. 1041376

calling women "boring and vanilla" for not licking a man's asshole or letting a man pretend to rape you is gaslighting at this point
I want mutually enjoyable sex you Idiot and do that I need to communicate with my partner like a human being and not some sub/dom bullshit(like Jesus Christ grow up)

No. 1041377

offtopic, but how are "starfishes" pickmes though? men complain about women just lying back and taking it instead of doing weird porno shit all the time

No. 1041379

I've read this schizo post at least 10 times by now and I still have no idea what the hell it's trying to convey

No. 1041380

Samefag and honestly i see it, especially around normie women.

No. 1041397

>I want mutually enjoyable sex you Idiot and do that I need to communicate with my partner like a human being and not some sub/dom bullshit(like Jesus Christ grow up)
It sounds like you're the one that needs to wisen up because now you're just insinuating that none of these dynamics have any humane communication to them and that they are all just unpleasant or rapey. No one is telling you to lick an asshole you don't want to. No one is pushing you to do shit you don't want to do.

You're not gonna enter this thread and just fire shots willy nilly and then curl up the moment there's return fire. Don't throw bantz if you can't take them.
Shit isn't that deep, I do what I like because it's what I enjoy. Simple as.

It's still pickme behavior to lay back and take it because that's what the scrote wants you to do, especially when it hurts but you don't move or say anything as to not "disrupt" his experience.
Many such cases, but this board will pretend that's not what happens to people.

No. 1041432

So I haven't been on Twitter in ages but over the past year Twitter has been recommending tweets related to shippers vs anti-shipping wars.

Fujos and yumejos, has this affected you much? What are your thoughts about it?

I know there's anti-fujo hate in general, but this seems like a more broadly targeted type of thing.

No. 1041434

i don't know why but specifically using reigen as the example here made me kek

No. 1041446

The reasoning as to why either one would yumes or fujos would be cucks has completely gone over my head, like that presume you are in a relationship to start with, having a husbando or ship is more like unrequited love

No. 1041472

I'm not a twitterfag but I see people getting really fucking mad over "unhealthy" dynamics in shipping and reader insert stuff.

No. 1041506

File: 1643158279492.jpg (337.63 KB, 810x2053, 1598187613609.jpg)

I want to write a self insert fic where my husbando acts like pic related but people make fun of me because they say he would never act nice to a girl. Should I go for it?

No. 1041509

I know nothing about it because I ignore all fandom on social media. I'll read fic and look at art, but that's it. Tbh it seems crazy to me that people would bother engaging with retarded sjw children on twitter in the first place.

No. 1041511

Write it and drop it in the thread nonnie, unironically.

No. 1041524

The only ones engaging with them are fellow retarded sjw children kek

No. 1041533

If you don't say who the guy is I can't tell you if it would be horribly out of character and annoying.
But you can just write it for yourself and never share it if you really want to.

No. 1041567

Write it, drop it in thread, and post it to AO3 anonymously to avoid self-doxxing if you want to put it out their for a non-forum audience.

No. 1041589

File: 1643165473114.png (508.64 KB, 850x1200, dotsuco.png)

not a yumejo myself, but https://mangadex.org/title/024cfbe3-9bc8-49bf-8ca5-f9f49ae98f3d/sweet-suffering this is something you guys may like. the mangaka is a woman, and she tends to make a lot of erotic bl/straight content.

consider it like, a peace offering.

No. 1041605

i miss shipping wars that weren't moralistic. when i first began using the internet, ship wars were solely over canon material; e.g. rose couldn't date sollux because they've never talked, or johndave is better than davekat because john and dave have known one another for years and etc. etc. etc.

these days shit would be like (or is, rather…) rose can't date sollux because rose is obviously a LESBIAN and you are LITERALLY erasing lesbians and lesbian identity and davekat is unhealthy if you ship it you are fetishizing gay men >:( !! which is bad !!

idk i just hate it. go back to calling people retards and their 2d husbandos too ugly to ship with your favorite character

No. 1041610

That was gross asf, scrote-tier taste. Fuck you and fuck your "offering", yuck

No. 1041615

Welcome to current year

No. 1041634

I disagree with the other anon, I really like how this is drawn. I don't think a scrote would/could draw this way, it's erotic and charming at the same time. This isn't my thing, but you have good taste, anon

No. 1041636

ew what the fuck is this pseudo ABO shit

No. 1041642

refraining from shipping actual gay and lesbian characters with the opposite sex was based (but now they just ship them with trannies because they're autistic cunts)

No. 1041643

I literally never get to see the guy in a sexy shot or something, just a bunch of tit-shots and lollipop sucking, is extremely male-gazey. Also the guy is a gross, rude fuckboy who calls women bitches, wtf anon

No. 1041652

That was a nice one shot anon it wasn’t scrotey at all. It had bl elements, both parties were visible. I liked it

No. 1041660


No. 1041663

I hate BDSM too, but this whole magic universe where everybody is either a dom or sub is so much worse. Who cares how nice the art is if the story is trash from the beginning.

No. 1041670

>but this whole magic universe where everybody is either a dom or sub is so much worse.
God, yes. Regular BDSM is bad enough but incorporating it into world building is beyond fucking cringe.

No. 1041699

don't yell at me for asking this (I'm a regular anime fan, not into shipping in general).
Is there a reason why fujoshi tends to be lesbians themselves? I'd say whenever I run into a western fujo they'd either bi, pan or lesbian. While asian fujo have more straight and acesexual.
Tell me your experience, I'm just curious about this.

No. 1041720


No. 1041734

I can never gel with manga that features these cheap sci-fi social concepts. It's such an autistic way to write a story.

No. 1041736

the majority of fujos are straight women no matter how much twitter or lolcow says otherwise

No. 1041755

I can tell from that pic that the visual focus is mainly on the woman in a scrotey way.

No. 1041769


No. 1041773

People love to push that it's a lesbian thing because it's just another layer of defense against the 'gay fetishist' accusations. Similar to how Aidens troon out so they have enough gay cred to justify their love for shipping male characters. It's a cope but there's literally nothing wrong or offensive about fujos so there's no need for it.

No. 1041776

i regret asking a question in this thread. this will remain unknown to me then.
i like this nonny, it's rare to find authors that also make BL and josei. I find their narrative style is mature, and the eroticism portrayed in a sensual way and not dehumanizing the women at all.

No. 1041778

it's mostly trolls who insist that most fujos are lesbians, lesbian fujos do exist for reasons explained above but they're definitely far from the majority. if anything, a lot of fujos are bi

No. 1041783

No. 1041837

This is like the 10th time this is asked in the fucking thread and it gets brought up again and again and it's always people trying to bait anons into some retarded "But if that's true, then …" gotcha that makes no sense like the fedora tipper who thought "Well if that's true then men who like loli porn aren't pedos!!!!!" was an amazing mind blowing argument. You can look for multiple answers upthread that have been given but they're never accepted because "but you lust after 2D dick that makes u straight!!!111" even when a fujo says she doesn't want to fuck the boys herself

Most active and participating fujos producing the content consumed by fujos are lesbian and it's no wonder because it's a female-only environment where a lot of people don't date men or date at all because they're too occupied with their hobby and community. So many of the Japanese BL mangakas are lesbian or women remaining unmarried even in their late 30's up to their 40's, latter being almost unheard of for a woman in Japan and a telltale sign of a non-straight woman. Even questionnaires say that around 1/3 of fujos are lesbian, 1/3 are bi and 1/3 are straight so it's divided pretty equally with 2/3 being non-straight. That being said I have no idea why so many people are outright offended by the idea of lesbian fujos if you're not a coping scrote who wants every woman in the world to be available to him.

No. 1041846

Anon what the fuck, this is just nasty regular scrote hentai with scrote fetishes.
>the mangaka is a woman
I very highly doubt this, what fucking woman would orgasm by a man licking her labia through her jeans?? It's either a kissless virgin or a man pretending to be a woman for horny points like 90% of "female" porn artists are. Also fuck the "praise kink" scrotes are trying to push as totally dominant behavior, a woman patting a man's head and telling he's a good boy sounds like your generic mommy bangmaid shit. This is why I can't take femdom losers seriously.

No. 1041867

I'm this anon
Thank you for the sane answer. The reason I didn't want to scroll up this thread because of constant cycle of infighting "gotcha" like you said.
> it's a female-only environment where a lot of people don't date men or date at all because they're too occupied with their hobby and community
This I can relate, I see fujo community as in a more women dominated space (and they're not a monolith, each of them like BL for different reasons).

No. 1041932

I'm a fujo because I'm asexual. Male on male stuff is the easiest way for me to consume sexual content without having to self-insert. I don't even like gay romance just only the porn. Those "____ x reader" and "y/n" fics make me so uncomfortable kek

No. 1041937

>looks at porn

No. 1041938

You just sound sex repulsed.

No. 1041944

File: 1643199825230.png (1.81 MB, 1266x1800, 5718757a-006d-488b-858b-1928a8…)

NTA but I doubt a man wrote picrel

No. 1041948

it's funny all fujofags sound like Twitter fags and they're probably the ones going around lolcow calling other posters twitter fags. Saying you watch porn of men fucking each other because you are asexual is the biggest cognitive dissonance I've ever encountered. At least be honest with yourself and with us. You enjoy it because you have repressed sexual desires that have never been satisfied and you are somewhat of a social recluse that cannot get sex

No. 1041952

As if a man would be unable to draw gay porn? I don't get why someone who is fine with drawing nude men if it's gay puts all the focus on the woman when it's straight btw.

No. 1041953

>Everyone has an ugly face
>Twitter filled with gigantic fetish anime tits
>Focus is always on the woman
>All the males in gay material are baras with comically big boobs and nipples
>Male-aligned fetishes
>No mention of gender anywhere
Until there's definite proof that this is a woman I'm not buying it

Seethe and dilate

No. 1041955

anon that is not bara

No. 1041959

This has too much focus on the woman with little focus on the man. How is this hot?

No. 1041962

It is if you're a scrote probably.
Some of them do sound underage and freshly arrived from twatter.

No. 1041964

What the hell is this dom/sub shit?

No. 1041965

I was talking about the stuff found from their twitter, not that particular drawing

No. 1041968

>what fucking woman would orgasm by a man licking her labia through her jeans??
I know, that was hilariously bad. Even the biggest virgin would know how thick jeans are.

No. 1041970

wamn can you imagine how hot it would be if someone portrayed female orgasm right for once lol

No. 1041982

Basically I like to get off to yaoi doujinshi, I imagine the pleasure they're giving each other and that in return gives me pleasure.
You're right anon

No. 1041986

So you do experience sexual feelings, you just don't want to fuck a real person. That's not asexual.

No. 1041999

File: 1643203370817.jpg (61.25 KB, 609x668, why.jpg)

This thread is a mess.

No. 1042001

Asexuality doesn't have anything to do with masturbating or having a low/non-existent libido, it just means that someone doesn't experience sexual attraction. In my case, I only like the concept of sex and how it can make a person feel though I don't desire it for myself. That's why I enjoy that kind of content from people I can't become (eg. 2D, gay) it allows me to coom in peace since it leaves me completely out of the picture.

No. 1042004

and we love messy bitches!

No. 1042013

Nonnie your sex-repulsion is super valid and all that but what you're describing is just not asexuality. Asexuality is a lack of experiencing sexual arousal and interest in sex in general, not memeing yourself into being disgusted by 3D and only being able to coom to unattainable 2D people. I can't stand 3Dshit either and have no desire to experience it IRL but being a coomer degenerate isn't very asexual of you

Also a lot of lesbians thought they were asexual before learning out of their internalized homophobia, just saying

No. 1042035

It's probably common among autists as well.

No. 1042053

This femdom walmart version alpha omega shit is so obviously written by a moid

No. 1042054

You'd be surprised to how BL is growing in popular with Jap men, a coomer moid artist I was looking at drew some BL and had a bunch of BL in his likes.

No. 1042056

pornsick people like you who can only cum to anime/kink/niche and call themselves ''asexual'' have made that word lose its actual meaning (asexual is a person who never feels sexual attraction/arousal).

why are you so fucking ashamed of fujos being straight, you remind me of those women who decide to become transmen so they don't get judged for being straighties.
All the yaoi communities i look at the majority of them are straight, are you in some tumblr echo-chamber where you and soon to be aidens larp as lesbians?

Asexual label is the new trend with pornsick perverts, i see them mostly on reddit/tumblr/tiktok.
I see many posts in those communities claiming they are asexual because they can only get off of porn or kink, like this one girl for example who claims she is asexual because she can only get off of a man chocking her and degrading her.
I feel sorry for actual asexuals.

No. 1042059

>why are you so fucking ashamed of fujos being straight
This. I'm a bi fujo but there's literally nothing wrong with fujos being straight or being straight in general.

No. 1042066

Because women are taught to be ashamed for desiring and sexualizing men or having any sexual desires at all. That's why fujos get bullied for sexualizing gay men while the average scrote who does the same to lesbian women doesn't get blamed for it.

No. 1042068

The white haired guy looks ugly as fuck.

No. 1042071

They're both uggos.

No. 1042074

Good god I'm begging you to learn some reading comprehension, nobody's saying there aren't straight or bisexual fujos, it's just a fact that an equally sized part of the community is also lesbian. This fucking argument always goes in circles to the point it's comical.
>What's the deal with lesbian fujos how can they even exist?????
>Actually, plenty of fujos are lesbian because…, and personally as a lesbian fujo I…

No. 1042075

The what now?

No. 1042080

You know, that globalist illuminati conspiracy to turn everyone into gay troons that all the schizos think "SJWs" are supporting. Like the people in this thread who keep insisting that being a heterosexual is illegal on the internet now.

No. 1042082

Ignore her. It's 4chan lingo

No. 1042085

your post was saying that the majority of fujos are lesbian/bi, so stop with your bullshit.
she is unhinged
i didnt see anyone insist that.

No. 1042087

Incel shit.

No. 1042088

It is being illegal on the internet

No. 1042094

In the universe of this thread, women hate tits and other women's bodies in general, and would never draw them. There is no convincing anyone otherwise

No. 1042097

File: 1643209964058.jpeg (38.97 KB, 400x400, BFBFB995-20E3-455B-A01F-3417BC…)

question, do you guys actually ever have an actual civil discussion about your differences and similarities that doesn't immediately jump into name-calling?
I was interested in this thread but as it continues to escalate, this is the only pattern I see now.

No. 1042099

True, but one is definitely uglier than the other. The artstyle reminds me of these very edgy, ooc fanarts of cutesy cartoons and anime for kids. Not sure how to describe it.

No. 1042101

You can go have a civil discussion literally anywhere else but here. Let us have this one, normalfag

No. 1042102

Fujoshis were born out of a lesbian community that used to occupy a gay magazine's lesbian corner and they were called the Lily tribe (hence why lesbian genre is now literally called Lily/Yuri, it was named after them) before the derogatory Fujoshi term born in 2chan set in. Even if we're looking at places outside of Japan, according to a study conducted by Levi Antonia in 2008 only around 50% of all fujoshi-identified female hobbyists are straight, making the rest "not-straight" and this was even way before the woke Tumblr Aiden bullshit. This might not be the majority, but it's still a remarkable percentage especially in 2008.

And as for the claim that lesbian/bisexual fujos are the ones creating the content, multiple gaycomi (i.e. gay male mangakas creating content for other gay men) such as Susumu Hirosegawa and Tagame Gengorou have testified that plenty of female BL mangakas are lesbians and don't want their characters to look "male", which is why their genitals are often obscured, they have pretty faces and their bodies are hairless. So yeah while I respect the idea that heterosexual fujos exist just as much as lesbian fujos do because it's true, your "yaoi fangirls are all straight girls because I say so" take belongs in the garbage and either it's based on insecurity sharing a space with disgusting lesbos or a scrote who's seething over lesbians drawing fictional 2D men but refusing to fuck him.

No. 1042108

Sources? I want to read about these things

No. 1042113

I would actually be interested in discussion the topic with sensible posters but this thread was born out of constant baiting and infighting in other threads so I don't think that is possible.

No. 1042117

wheeeeew, I guess I will just glance past this thread whenever it's on frontpage. Have a good fight nonnitas ♥

No. 1042120

Understandable for BL manga for the reasons you stated. However, I highly doubt most people shipping 3DPD like Supernatural or johnlock are exclusively lesbian, sorry not sorry. Not sure if those count as true fujos though or just lumped in with them because m/m content.

No. 1042122

Why would lesbians be drawn to making BL as opposed to yuri? you can say whatever you want but that does sound pretty senseless to the average person. just because one isn't attracted to 3D scrotes (mood) doesn't mean they're sexually attracted to femininity and female bodies

No. 1042127

I'm not even a Fujoshi and i know that >>1041589 is trash, drawing manga were you illustrate women and their bodies like a normal person is one thing, drawing all your female characters like big titted mommydom oneesans and cooming to getting licked trough rough jeans is other, get a grip.

No. 1042128

I'll provide you with the ones I can find for the time being nona, sadly it seems the study by Levi Antonia seems to be behind a paywall now but it's quoted in the wiki article for Yaoi fandom (yes it exists lol). However here are at least some interesting sources:

There was also another questionnaire conducted in maybe 2005-ish that pretty much correlated with Antonia's study but I couldn't find it for the life of me. The history of fujoshis is actually a fascinating topic because they also helped Comiket to become a big thing because it was originally dominated by them and fujo content, but moids literally got so mad over women having a place for themselves that wasn't about pampering male desires that they took it over with loli porn.

Personally I found my current and previous girlfriends through fujo circles and it was always a mystery to me personally why I (and so many others) was a lesbian in real life but so fascinated by BL, but reading more and more about the psychology the pieces started coming together. It's a criminally understudied subject.

No. 1042131

If this is true then it's sad that gay men get to make comics about men (bara) but lesbians also gotta make comics about men, as a stand in for women. Tragic.

No. 1042134

File: 1643211860476.jpg (111.66 KB, 750x891, EcdRRgJVcAAugtE.jpg)

>Fujoshis were born out of a lesbian community that used to occupy a gay magazine's lesbian corner and they were called the Lily tribe (hence why lesbian genre is now literally called Lily/Yuri, it was named after them)
Doesn't this contradict everything else you say. Yuri is a lesbian, women love women genre and involves no males/dicks.
There is also alot of yuri content made by women for women (its not all just coomer shit like you think).

> or a scrote who's seething over lesbians drawing fictional 2D men but refusing to fuck him.

Please top this bullshit of accusing everyone of being a scrote when you are losing a argument, yes totally lesbian to get off to beefed up males putting their dicks in each others asses…

after watching yaoi for a long time,, ive noticed that in a way it depicts a straight relationship but without the reader having to look at the annoying female-lead.
One of them is always made to be smaller,feminine and short meanwhile the other other is always a huge dominant masculine guy who is majority of the time shitty and rapey towards his small feminine boyfriend.

No. 1042137

It's funny because the "yaoi is feminist" brigade act like the characters are amazingly well fleshed out and these are iconic stories, but half the "uke" characters in most BL would be considered annoying as fuck if they were girls lol

No. 1042140

Majority of yaoi authors self insert themselves into the ''uke'' character to the point where the ukes just look like women with short hair, meanwhile the boyfriend of that uke always looks like a man and masculine….wonder why.

> iconic stories,

there is nothing iconic about those stories unless you count the dubious consent, weird age gaps or the masculine character always being shitty to the feminine one as ''iconic''

No. 1042141

>after watching yaoi for a long time
There’s your problem, you’re watching it.
Yaoi anime is 99% fucking terrible, it’s a genre that’s better for VNs and manga.

No. 1042143

>Doesn't this contradict everything else you say
It doesn't? "Yuri" or lily was originally the pet name for lesbians in Japan, why would a genre depicting lesbians not be called that? I can only guess that the genre was started as generic lesbian comics but co-opted by moids to produce coomer comics directed towards men who want to ogle cute girls, just like the rest of lesbian content. You can even see it now with transbians invading lesbian spaces to make everything about them. And that's the part of the escapism, if you have something men can sexualize then that's bound to drive women repulsed by males away.

I don't know what to tell you if all this material documenting the psychology behind lesbian women creating effeminate pseudo-men to explore their feelings without IRL male intervention to make them uncomfortable still makes you say "nu-uh, if they have dicks then you're still straight!!". Some fujos are straight and want to see the greasy hairy moids with gigantic muscles and bitch about the "hairless girly ukes" ruining their straight fantasy, nobody's arguing against that. But basing your understanding of "yaoi", an outdated term in itself, on the "big seme raping small ukes" trope that's considered all-around problematic now and has been a disappearing for the past decade tells me that you're not that versed in what's happening in the current day community and what sort of media is being popularized. I don't know why people simultaneously complain about all the boys in BL looking like girls but then turn around to vehemently deny lesbian fujos being a thing without realizing what a paradox this is.

No. 1042144

>Majority of yaoi authors self insert themselves into the ''uke'' character
The uke character is meant to be the ‘desired’ one, it’s why people usually like the character they prefer to bottom in ships and why the protagonist is usually an uke who gets the most characterization in the story.
The ‘fujoshis self insert as the uke’ thing feels like something people assume when it usually couldn’t be farther from the truth.

No. 1042145

Why is there no himejoshi in the OP? Himes ftw.

No. 1042147

It's a horny oneshot and the artist is obviously attracted to women, chill the fuck out lol

No. 1042149

I can see how extreme dysphoria would make lesbian women not want to look at porn of women and pretend that men in porn is two butches. If you're so dysphoric with your "lesbian" sexuality you need jerk off to feminine men and cocks in 2d porn because you cant jerk off to women that look female then you need some fuckin help, not get immersed in some subculture of facilitating dysphoric coping mechanisms. Either you're a lesbian who's unfunctionally dysphoric and partially dissociating through yaoi (or you only read the non sexual parts), or you're just a retarded bi who thinks being attracted to gay men and dicks means you're still a lesbian because they're 2d. personally would never date a lesbian woman who claims to be attracted strictly to women in one breath and then jerks off to 2d men.

No. 1042151

Don't you get it after like 1000 replies? We don't like it because the artist is clearly a man.

No. 1042153

Sure, the "only men like tits and women's bodies this way, if it's not to my specific western women's taste it's obviously by a scrote" argument's not lesbophobic or biphobic at all. Stay woke lmao

No. 1042155

>B-but the artist is attracted to women!!
So am I, is still hilariously bad for a manga allegedly aimed "at women", cope

No. 1042156

I'm going to put "certified unfunctionally dysphoric and dissociating lesbian jerking it to 2D cocks" on my profile now, thanks for armchairing.

Kek do you also think half naked big booba characters in anime are created for le sapphic wuhluhwuh kweens and not male coomers too?

No. 1042157

To you. So, why are you mad about it? Can you not draw your own? Can you post better content? Be constructive nonnie

No. 1042160

File: 1643213319238.jpg (83.5 KB, 650x486, 14f1a8343e2a4f680d71e9411c671b…)

I wish I could find a list of known lesbian mangaka

No. 1042162

Can you hang your autism flag outside.

No. 1042165

Alas, that's a borderline impossible seeing how homosexuality is still a massive taboo in Japan, much bigger than people expect. Usually a female mangaka never posting anything about her personal life or nobody having any idea of what she looks like past some grainy photo from 10 years ago is a pretty good dogwhistle.

No. 1042166

No, but if you think it's the same and that any artist who draws big tits must be a moid, that's really your problem, not necessarily the reality of things. Sorry about your issues with the female body and associating all big breasts with male sexuality and all that, but there's no need to be autistic

No. 1042167

let me paraphrase it by watching i meant that i watched and read yaoi. I read mangas, mahwas and watched anime/real life adaptions.

Out of all of them i have to say manhwas are the best but you can still see the straight relationship dynamics even there.

>"big seme raping small ukes" trope that's considered all-around problematic now and has been a disappearing.
Thats a lie you can search for the most popular mahwas/mangas now and you will find that half of them have that trope.

>creating effeminate pseudo-men to explore their feelings without IRL male intervention

Your head is too far up your ass to see how blatantly straight yaoi is and their dynamics. its so straight coded that its like a parody of both gay/lesbian relationship's.

i heard ''strawberry panic'' is popular and made a by a female author.

of course its bad, what do you expect from a yaoi writer, of course the only time they draw women they make them look like porn caricatures.

No. 1042168

Nagata Kabi

No. 1042171

>Y-youre lesbophobic and have internalized misogyny because you don't like big titted oneesans!!
Lmao you guys sound like those Genshin Impact scrotes that got pissy when their waifus got censured

No. 1042174

this was dumb but i like the art

No. 1042177

No, you're lesbophobic because you think no female artist can like boobs in a way that you don't. Not liking it is whatever, but you have to make it into some weird attempt at being hyper-PC where all women must have the same brain or something.
Calling the artist a scrote just because it's not to your particular taste is dumb, especially when this thread is full of anons admitting they're kind of neurotic about seeing female characters and sexual characteristics in the first place for largely personal/varied reasons. Not everyone is you, it's fine

No. 1042181

this is the shittiest argument i have seen.
We can all agree that the author is a female but they have a scrotey view of women.

No. 1042183

The author of Strawberry Panic, Sakurako Kimino, isn't a lesbian and most of her work center around straight shoujo relationships. Gotta wonder why those unfunctionally dysphoric dissociating lesbians don't find a bunch of cute underage schoolgirls slobbering over each other attractive though!

How is disliking a scrote comic depicting a heterosexual sex scene obviously meant for male gaze "lesbophobic" kek you're just embarrassing yourself with these mental gymnastics here

No. 1042184

You obviously haven't read the thread if you typed "We can all agree that the author is a female" without laughing, 0/10 reply try again another day

No. 1042187

Look i don't care, i like big boobs but the way she presents them is just…so male-gazey, it feels like a caricature, i will not praise this weird-ass manga and i think it sucked, cope

No. 1042188

Your proof it's a scrote comic is literally just "It has boob!! I don't like", it's retarded. The main woman never even gets naked, it's just cleavage that causes this much seethe. I also like how you jumped over the biphobic part twice because it hurts your piss-poor "Everything is men, female body = men" argument lol

No. 1042190

If I humor you and agree that the male character licking a girl with humongous anime coomer tits through her jeans is a big sapphic win will you shut up and stop making everyone cringe?

No. 1042191

>I don't care
Then stop sperging, post good things instead. Who asked you to praise shit, are you special? Just stop with the pathetic "All artists are men if they don't draw what I like" actual copes
See >>1042184. Why are you acting like we can't read replies in the thread?

No. 1042194

You and the other autist are the ones who started replying to me screeching because I don't agree with you, I didn't start shit with anyone kek. Take a pill and let it go

No. 1042196

Will our thread get nuked or autosaged by jannies?

No. 1042198

God I hope so, after someone starts posting nasty scroteshit and insisting that it's lesbobisapphicwlwphobic to say that it's gross this thread deserves to be buked.

No. 1042200

>N-now you're biphobic for not liking big titted anime girls!!
If you're not a moid then you're a raging autist, imagine getting angry over people not liking your mommydom hentai folder lmao

No. 1042201

Your ego is so delicate, holy shit. Wtf even is "sapphicuwuwlw" or whatever you typed? Go to Twitter already

No. 1042204

File: 1643215006660.jpg (80.15 KB, 690x598, disgusting.jpg)

>underage schoolgirls slobbering over each other
anon you like yaoi WHICH IS FILLED WITH PEDOPHILIA, so many age gaps where a adult is fucking a minor.

But you find a high school love story perverted and try to spin it off as ''slobbering underage girls'' lmao ok pornsick yaoi watcher where 50% of the stories are either abuse or rape or age gaps with minors.

No. 1042205

She's mocking you, god you're so dense

No. 1042206

>Y-You're the one who's angry!!
Nah, I'm chilling and pointing out the autistic copes in this thread because I think it's funny. You've been working so hard raging about this, and you still haven't posted what you consider good art or manga. It's sad. Are you scared your taste will get bullied or something? We're anonymous, no one cares

No. 1042207

>isn't a lesbian and most of her work center around straight shoujo relationships.
lmao i forgot that retards like you dont believe bisexual women exist.

No. 1042208

It doesn't work because it doesn't apply outside of your schizo Twitterfag echo chamber, that's why I said go back (and you desperately need to if you couldn't tell)

No. 1042212

Imagine having to dig up super lovers of all examples to sperg about muh pedophilia in yaoez, I recommend Boku no Pico for the next attempt. Anyway this is absolutely a scrote having a meltdown over people not liking his mommy milker """femdom""" and shitting up the thread. I predict gore spamming to begin in 5 minutes or so

No. 1042214

im not even that anon and i find that comic scrotey. So your going to accuse everyone of being the same anon now.

No. 1042215

>this is absolutely a scrote having a meltdown over people not liking his mommy milker """femdom""" and shitting up the thread

I agree. Dude is trolling. Time to ignore.

No. 1042216

NTA but can you recommend something actually good then, or are you just going to complain and call everyone scrotes or the same person?

No. 1042217

>I don't like this manga, is scrote, coomer shit
>Lmao you're retarded
c o p e

No. 1042219

ah yes because calling out pornsick yaoi readers for lying about being asexual or a lesbian totally makes someone a scrote. Retard.

No. 1042221

Wat. My first post was >>1042094 without saying anything to people who disliked the manga. You're literally making up a narrative when you and like 1-2 other people chimped out at me for not sharing your opinion. You're telling me to cope, but you've been coping and seething when you should just ignore and move on

No. 1042223

most autistic thing ive done today is draw an elf with big tits bc i got mad at this thread. thank you for forcing me to practice nonnies

No. 1042225

They're so invested in their rigid hivemind mentality that they can't imagine that multiple women would disagree with them, even for different reasons. Like I don't care about Super Lovers or problematic shit in BL, but "REEEE EVERYONE'S A SCROTE MOMMYMILKERUWUFEMDOM" lmao

No. 1042228

I'm talking about the scrote comic anon and not yaoi wtf

No. 1042229

they accused the anons of daring to criticize yaoi and fujos as being the comic anon autist.

No. 1042233

Had nothing to do with my point autist. Bye

No. 1042244

You all retarded, that's all.

No. 1042245

your one of the 'yaoi is for lesbians'' anons arent you. Hit a nerve eh.

No. 1042248

Retarded and proud.

No. 1042249

Don't exclude yourself anon

No. 1042250

No one knows who they're replying to about what anymore, or pretend they don't.

No. 1042251

i love how the kpg thread is locked but this is allowed.

No. 1042255

I'm not a yume mostly because i don't like the archetypical yume boys. I'm attracted to the little twinks and flattening their dicks, not wide shouldered mysterious bad boys. Yaoi has a lot of little twinks. Yume+femdom is even more niche, night as well not even bother.

No. 1042258

would you rather have this spread to the rest of ot again, its a useful containment thread

No. 1042263

Imagine flattening the dick of a typical annoying otome guy though, it would be amazing.

No. 1042265

if you like femdom you should try male yanderes who are written for women. Not all of them it depends on the manga, they are so obsessed with the female lead and they will let her do whatever she wants to them and some of them are toxic and possessive. So it depends on the manga, but lot of them are submissive.

No. 1042270

>male yanderes
Really? I thought they were a bunch of murderous psycho stalkers.

No. 1042274

NTA but most of the male yandere stuff I've seen has the male character being dominant to show his "yandere"-ness. I haven't seen anything with them being submissive, what do you have in mind?

No. 1042275

Yes it would be nice, however that's almost never what the yumes draw.

I only respect fujostacies who identify with the "seme" and femdom yumes. Fujos who ID with the "ukes" and yumes into old men/bad boys/male doms are an EMBARRASSMENT.

No. 1042277

I am an honest woman and don't like the idea of playing mind games with any moids. 2d moids are superior partly because they aren't insane. Why would I being real life shit moid problems into my idealized fantasies?

No. 1042278

in which stories did you see them being dominant, i mostly see yanderes for women having meltdowns and going insane but no dominance.

No. 1042279

50% of straights is still half of the entire population - if it's 51% like in one study, it's majority. Part of the rest are bisexuals aka women who still are into scrotes. Lesbians are a minority compared to dick-attracted women reading BL - at least in the western fandom.
Weird way to spin the data to claim that lesbians are majority

No. 1042281

sorry noony, i like my men insane and i like how chaotic those stories, since they seem submissive i thought id suggest them.

No. 1042282

What if I identify with neither? Even in het ships I view it as me viewing cute couples from the outside.

No. 1042283

Then you're a voyeur I guess.
I guess it would come down to who you primarily attracted to.

No. 1042284

>they seem submissive
How though? Got examples?
>Fujos who ID with the "ukes" and yumes into old men/bad boys/male doms are an EMBARRASSMENT.
That's how I secretly feel too tbh

No. 1042285

File: 1643217484344.jpg (32 KB, 500x500, 40f50447ddf418a3ea2cd717236e4f…)

Since we are on the topic of male yanderes did anyone here read ''secret alliance'' that story was so psychological draining and i felt sorry for everyone.
Also there were supposed to sexy scenes there but the author decided not to add them sadly.

No. 1042286

I'm still confused about how a yuri column made by/for lesbians was then stretched to include yaoi. Not that they're not attracted to women, but drawing men fucking/dating to escape from men invading your content about women fucking/dating is sort of like drawing troon shit to escape from troon invasion

No. 1042291

All while the troons are stand-in for radfems. Yeah.

No. 1042292

Maybe it’s some sort of overflowing the market tactic so nobody bugs you ever again kind of thing.

No. 1042294

File: 1643217924572.jpg (194.6 KB, 1057x1854, tumblr_4d5e5fa238ea11bfc36d23b…)

alot of them are like crazy puppy servants for the female lead they are obsessed with.

No. 1042296

If lesbian fujos really are drawing BL to escape from the evil of male gaze, they are pathetic as hell. They are lesbians and yet they center scrotes in their consumed and produced media - and I mean noth as characters and "noooo we can't draw comics about women in love, some scrote may masturbate to it!".
I have brought up those studies of Fujo fandom half a year ago and it was crickets (because it disproves that Western fujos are mostly lesbians), so weird that Nona is using them now to claim how influential lesbians were in the "yaoi" fandom. The stereotype of a BL fangirl was a horny teenage girl and while it may have been misogynistic to laugh at them for that, it was also true. BL and gay ships was how (bi)hets explored their sexuality.
I'm not buying that most BL authors are lesbians until I see some proof, but ehh. Not gonna debate that since neither of us has sources for the claims.

No. 1042302

File: 1643218474837.jpg (481.59 KB, 850x876, tumblr_nolpa2x0Xt1uve8ofo1_128…)

>noooo we can't draw comics about women in love, some scrote may masturbate to it
I've said it before but men will wank to everything and try to ruin and insert themselves in everything women do, you can't let that stop you. Don't let their patheticness stop you from creating the work you want to create. Go forth and draw more women in love.

No. 1042312

the funny is that there are men who like yaoi, like the majority of femboys love yaoi so i wonder why all these fujos arent suddenly disgusted by yaoi now since a man wanked to it.

No. 1042314

Literally this. I'm really sick of the retarded "Nooo women being depicted sexually is bad because men jerk off to it!!!" mindset. It's autistic and pathetic, and it's even present in this thread
Like, at that point, we all might as well take testosterone because just existing as a woman means being walking fap material for moids. Oh wait, some moids are into extremely masculine women/FtMs and call them "cuntboys". No fucking winning unless you go back in time and abolish women's existence

No. 1042315

what are you guys talking about? we were not talking about you, you guys were having a separate discussion about yaoi, we were calling out the autist who posted hentai here
Your comic sucks, fuck off already i'm not going to "ignore" your retarded ass telling me to like it

No. 1042319

off-topic but are those root and shaw from person of interest? where did you get this from?

No. 1042320

Can you fuck off back to the shithole site you came from already? You clearly don't know who's who, or how posts on imageboards work

No. 1042326

You know exactly why, kek

No. 1042329

Semi unrelated but I hate how exaggerated female bodies are the absolute norm in manga/anime but give a guy slightly wider shoulders or larger hands and it's considered "deformed". I just

No. 1042331

You have some balls (literally) to tell me i'm the newfag when you are the one posting coomer hentai in a yaoi/yume related thread kek

No. 1042334

I didn't post shit, retard. You must be the scrote, that's why you're addicted to trying to start infights. Praying for a painful castration for you, goodbye and good luck

No. 1042335

i love how you accuse everyone of being comic anon and when they reply to you that they arent then you say >we were not talking about you.

No. 1042336

I'm pretty sure that sperg is just the bi-in-denial fujo. I can't blame her for hating her attraction to men but it's retarded to try and forcefeed a whole false narrative to make herself feel better.

No. 1042341

You know how scrotes and pick-mes got mad about anyone saying shit about hyper-exaggerated female bodies in art (which I don't really hate, but it does get ugly at a certain point), and "Where are the organs?!" became a meme?
Can we start mocking males who make fun of exaggerated yaoi proportions the same way? Only the males, though, because they're the ones who tend to be the most hypocritical about it. The next time I see a man mocking yaoi hands, I'll call him a handlet

No. 1042349

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