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No. 1039324

Containment thread for all the art salt you could imagine. And sometimes, people ask for help. Stop getting pissy about that.

Discuss the shitty art and even shittier attitude of artists

-Talk about Art Youtubers
-Ask about art supplies
-Discuss trashy art trends
-Instagram bullshit
-Art theft!
-General Art Bullshit
-Fandom and Shipping Discourse!


Recent Art Milk:
It's always the fucking same kek

Articles about useful resources for improving one's art:

Tried and true books on perspective, anatomy for artists, etc:
1. Perspective Made Easy by Ernest R. Norling
2. How to Draw by Scott Robertson
3. Framed Ink by Marcos Mateu-Mestre
4. Figure Drawing by Andrew Loomis
5. The Atlas of Human Anatomy and Surgery JM Bougery
6. Drawing the Head and Hands by Andrew Loomis
7. Figure Drawing by Michael Hampton
8. Force by Michael Mattesi
9. How to Render by Scott Robertson
10. Color and Light by James Gurney
11. The Skillful Huntsman by Scott Robertson/Mike Yamada/Khang Le/Felix Yoon


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No. 1039410

Does anyone here watch art streams? I'm thinking about streaming my art more this year as a part of my resolutions and I was wondering what makes you guys stay during most of or the whole stream? What usually turns you away from an art stream?

No. 1039418

Personally, I watch art streams to have something to watch while I work on my own art. It helps keep me motivated to work alongside someone. Too much talking can be distracting though. If the artist barely does any work cause they're busy talking, I close the stream.

No. 1039437

I only watch one art streamer but I followed her before she started streaming so I'm there 90% because I'm already a fan. I like listening to her voice, it's calm, and she'll chat with viewers or tell stories while drawing/coloring. I like playing streams in the background so I like to hear people talk calmly about whatever.

No. 1039449

Any print artists here? I'm looking for inkjet paper similar in style to most artist alley anime prints. Like a semigloss cardstock.
Any recs? I could get expensive ass archival paper, but I just KNOW this shit has to be cheap somewhere if print companies sell it with a full ink print for like 80 cents.

No. 1039462

an artist i really enjoyed started streaming but she had a random man in the streams too to talk to her & basically ignored chat in order to talk about nothing with him instead, it was really weird.

No. 1039515

Anybody also fuck themselves by creating meme art for a fandom and now their art stagnated and nothing else they make is popular? I drew funny comic art for a fandom I liked on a whim and discovered that it gave me good engagement and continued with that. Now if I draw anything else, even full illustrations for the same fandom much less other fandoms there’s virtually zero engagement. Drawing quick comics with no shading has really fucked my artistic ability and I regret everything I’ve done for the last two years. I hate myself for chasing likes, and now my entire portfolio is just colored doodles.

No. 1039520

Just do it even if it gets no engagements. I also had a style shift and flopped for the entire first year, but eventually found a new following who followed because of what i truly enjoyed drawing. It'll be okay. Remake your account if you can.

No. 1039706

Have you considered making alternative account, or even go by different pen name for your "serious" art?
I'd say keep your comic account for quick dopamine and shitposting for fun. While you're also allowed to take time off from it to develop your art style on the serious art account, then serious audiences will discover you there instead.

source: I do this all the time.

Though this also reminds me of ArtistBlack? It reminded me for a long period of time they couldn't break off their chibi style for the comics that went viral. I'm checking their arts now and thankfully they can draw full human proportions now.

No. 1039723

i relate to this nonny. i've drawn shitposts for fandoms that get more notes than any other "serious" art i make. if you're worried that people will not follow you anymore for posting art that makes you happy then forget them. you should make art that makes you happy

i think this is an issue with posting art on social media nowadays as people want something funny, and to look at and not think beyond that.

btw anyone know of a site or some service one can use for weekly figure drawing sessions? i'm not talking about the usual online resource sites for poses i mean like a stream or something that shows off models. i still don't feel safe going out to my local figure drawing sessions and was wondering if there was a good online alternative to use until this pandemic is over.

No. 1039922

You're guaranteed retention from your closest of fans and any lurkers hoping to be art buddies with you, not much else to say there.
Of course the deterrent here is that streams don't have a fast-forward button likes VODs do and the word boring will be tossed around a lot.
>Not picking a series that infinitely prints funny haha content for you to draw

No. 1039925

you don't need to give up meme art. do both. i have a lot of portfolio pieces on my site that are not popular at all on social media but who cares. i know they're skillfully done and portfolio worthy so it wasn't a waste of time to work on. i still draw bullshit for social media likes because we all need the dopamine right lmao no need to deprive yourself of it. just don't neglect your serious work too

No. 1039937

Oh wow, this is the person who made the xyventures pokemon comic. Nice to know.

No. 1040364

File: 1643087622287.png (620.46 KB, 578x1072, 89734.png)

This image couldn't even work in a character design workshop as an example of bad design because it's too obvious. Just take it all in for a moment. She has oni horns, cat ear head phones, AND actual fox ears. That's 3 layers of pointy head accessories. Can't forget the pornsick hentai womb tattoo, weird button up shirt that is uneven for no reason, and I don't think I need to get into the mismatched trans programmer thigh highs. How many troon giveaways can you stack? It's like when you hit the randomize button a piccrew. There is a bunch of drama on this tweet right now calling OP a transphobe because, if it wasn't already clear, the model was designed by a newly come-out transbian. As if that wasn't already extremely obvious considering pornsickness and colorblindness are predominantly male disabilities.

No. 1040365

File: 1643088025126.png (222.55 KB, 584x464, 823y4iqy3.png)

Also you have to love all of the sexists replies she got for this literal harmless joke tweet that I would bet money had nothing to do with the original creator being trans. Nothing fights twansphobia like calling a woman a slut, because the real oppressed gender are virtual foxgirls!

No. 1040371

>design is unique and interesting
Literally Sonic OC tier, the design looks like someone trying to be unique as possible and piling on different garbage at once. Not even surprised that the autist that made it is a tranny too.

No. 1040373

Men need to lose their character design privileges

No. 1040382

merritt is a troon and a rapist, this is just cow on cow violence

No. 1040386

the way i immediately knew this was designed by a tranny kek, awful

No. 1040392


the 3 layers of head accessories annoys me, it's objectively a bad design choice and you can't even say it's to break conventional design principles because it's not done in any way to make it look appealing, it's just busy and pointless

No. 1040506

Are there any good art courses on sites like Udemy, Skillshare, etc? Has any of you have recommendations?

No. 1040528

I'm subscribed to skillshare, have used a bit of udemy in the past; in general these are good for technical basics knowledge, anything above that would be much better learned in live online classes with a specific artist that will give you 1on1 feedback, so places like cgmasteracademy for example.
As for my few Skillshare recommendations though:
For drawing and painting fundamentals I really recommend everything from Hardy Fowler
For vector art basics, Hayden Aube
For motion graphics, Kurzgesagt

No. 1040557

File: 1643108191277.jpg (144.2 KB, 768x983, h4rq6wj8on901.jpg)

I love retro futurism art nonnies. You can actually feel the hopefulness of what the future holds. It evokes such a sense of wonder and awe. Now any futurism art is just dsytopian and depressing

No. 1040563

What would you guys do if a big artist stole your character design? I know it sounds like a "my oc donut steal" thing but if your character wasn't just a generic design and they copied it to a T, what would be your next course of action?

I know people tend to not post stuff about specific characters or writings at all until they fully publish or upload their work, do any of you guys do this?

No. 1040565

File: 1643108789301.jpeg (33.73 KB, 570x892, 28958621-640D-44C3-A5E2-AC687D…)

This post makes me glad that I never involve myself in 3d model rigging or anything to do with streamers/vtubers. Seems like a hellscape and the only oppressed group are the humanoid furries.

As someone who used to work for this group of people before they moved onto "self expression through streaming!". It was mostly horny furry roleplay groups that wanted their fox girl to have as many unnecessary accessories and quirky looking anime trait on their OCs. At the time I didn't have any artist's dignity and just wanted furries' money.
I understand why current culture of Vtubers designs are just as heinous looking now.

picrel is a vtuber my friend is obsessed over, the only one I can think on top of my mind right now.

No. 1040568

There's a subreddit for art theft, you can post on there the original art and the stolen one side by side so you can at least gain a few supporters and I imagine the mods would have some advice when your against a bigger creator

No. 1040569

File: 1643109189148.jpg (68.54 KB, 459x600, 9b1811fbaf07568d100a9afa8da938…)

Same nonna. The positive outlook and hopefulness for the future is so beautiful to see. Right now we're too cynical about the future to portray it as anything other than bleak and dystopic, as much as it is justified I love going back to these retro ideas people once had.

No. 1040571

Ah me too, it has a magic to it. A while ago I created a Future predictions thread and I chose a retro futurist piece as the thread pic. Unfortunately the thread died not long after because apparently people don't enjoy theorizing about how the world will look in X years as much as I do kek

No. 1040573

I'm skeptical when people say things like

> this artist stole my design.. I'm sure every details are exact copy! T-they just changed a bit here and there but I'm sure they saw my design and took it for themselves

If you don't want to post a side by side comparison on this imageboard, would you like to post an external link to the image (where you can always delete in the source link) so I and other anons can judge for ourselves?

If not, here are the solutions:
> ask other artist peers to see if it were really a copy
> contact the artist and ask for context
> if artist refuses to engage, you can either post the comparison in public and ask for public's judgement:
Ending A.
> everyone calls you delusional and you eat shit for the next couple of weeks
Ending B.
> people who mightve had doubts, or even had their designs stolen by artist may come out and side with you.
> new daftpina video

No. 1040580

Is it me or is there a resurgence in popularity for the game FNaF? For years it was that shitty screamer game for low effort youtubers and suddenly people are posting fanart and deep lore theories, is it because the 12 year olds who played the games ten years ago have grown nostalgic for them?

No. 1040583

File: 1643110295063.jpg (771.06 KB, 4000x2000, 1642692589582.jpg)

I was actually talking about this artist. I changed the situation a bit because their design is pretty simple and I wanted to see how you guys would approach someone copying a more unique design. Although to be fair, it was stated that the artist who copied drew fanart of them before.

This person has a little over 1,000 followers and the person who copied has like 16k, if I remember right.

No. 1040584

nah, it's been like that for years

No. 1040587

File: 1643110462629.jpg (119.79 KB, 1020x550, gdkyp8m0ztk11.jpg)

Yes nonnies, I'm glad i'm not alone. I agree that a lot of the cynicism of the future is justified but I hope someday soon people start to imagine a future with endless possibilities again…

No. 1040589

Where’s that NHK manga panel with the paraplegic ghost idol schoolgirl sitting in a wheelchair when you need it

No. 1040590

Is there something specific you are looking for?

No. 1040591

How is that self-expression and having fun always comes down to sex? Very close minded, if you ask me…

No. 1040598

Tbh just the basics, perspective, figure drawing, drawing faces and bodies, etc

No. 1040602

Saying that this absolute piece of shit design is "unique uwu" is the new "it's just my style!!!"
I love character design but I hate how it's been taken over by coomerism. Now every "good design" in shows or games is about showing the most skin, boobs, ass, thousands of accessories all cluttered together and a spit in the face of color theory.

No. 1040633

Fandoms and fantasy art being taken over by coomerism is a tragedy. Seriously

No. 1040660

File: 1643117128745.png (399.47 KB, 800x1132, 1B1690AD-10EF-4D01-9F5E-399B2E…)

i have a small confession. i recently started a twitter account to draw a very niche, small fandom that's rarely touched upon by the mainstream and I am honestly feeling good about drawing for once.

i have a professional account, but it has been making me dreaded over the amount of audiences it brought over the years, which caused me not looking forward to post drawings ever (but still have to, since it's my job).

occasionally here and then i'd have to make secret, alternative account where i could post doodles, i tried to evade popular tagging and only follow accounts that are least likely to engage with their followers. Usually those temporary account doesn't last for long, I'd have my "hobby" art gets circulated to unwanted crowd, and then delete my account out of anxiety.

i don't know, cross fingers for me this time dear anons, i really want an outlet to post art and interact with like-minded people again.

picrel by cochlea1313 on IG

No. 1040672

thank you to the nonita that posted that gacha tutorial on how to crack live2d in the previous thread it actually worked ty nonny <3

No. 1040676

maybe its because of the new game that came out recently

No. 1040692

Sounds like a cozy experience, fingers crossed for you it stays this way♥

No. 1040760

Hi nonnies, do you have any recs for books or classes about composition?

No. 1040791

Any good art podcasts? Draftsmen is good but Proko can joke around too much.

His new site reminds me of Ahmed’s. Are they both the same type of art community now? Is it worth it to take a class or two from those sites?

No. 1040797

Actual working artist here.
>Is it worth it to take a class or two from those sites?
No. Look up Steve Huston, he's someone I actually learned from. He's a traditional painter, so he actually knows what he's talking about. Ahmed and Proko are retards.

No. 1040826

Thanks anon but I have to ask, what makes them retards? Marshall carries the podcast honestly but sometimes Proko has good points.

No. 1040831

This should answer your question.

No. 1040883

Why would Ahmed be a retard? I find his videos pretty okay.

No. 1040890

Kek those who can’t draw teach

No. 1040906

nta but this is hilarious

No. 1040945

File: 1643132553865.jpeg (664.32 KB, 1374x734, 9AA31ED2-8D80-4A0C-8235-A4BF56…)

I wonder how much of this is tracing and how it’s done

No. 1040961

This isn't traced at all, the tilt of the nose is way off on the middle wolf and everything else doesn't line up, it's just heavily referenced.
>How it's done
Try doing a photo study but slightly stylize the anatomy to your liking. There you go.

No. 1041010

> I know people tend to not post stuff about specific characters or writings at all until they fully publish or upload their work, do any of you guys do this?

I might sound dumb but is this a thing? Should I not post or talk about my ocs until I have a webcomic or something? I want to just post stuff for fun and not be paranoid because I know art theft is kind of inevitable, but I’m still not sure what the whole culture around making oc art is.

No. 1041122

I think it depends. When I work with OC people they'd have their toyhouse links locked, required a special key for commission artists and RP friends to access. The arts are heavily watermarked too to prevent art thefts.
If you look into adoptables community it's a hot bed of plagiarism drama that got people really strict in sharing arts, writings, world-building etc.
Then theres also this case happened. >>1040583

I'm the same as you though, I still like to post my OCs and ideas since I enjoy doing it. If I'm anything, it motivates me to create without restrictions. Not all my ideas are cutting edge either, so I can shrug it off easily if I happen to find other artists or mainstream media share similar concepts with mine.
The idea of someone copying me to the T does scare me to think about tbh, hopefully I can at least not run into my copycat (if there is ever any).

No. 1041450


If it helps any, how you write and portray a character matters a lot too and people can't copy that to a T unless you're writing stories while posting art of them.

Also, I recommend screenshotting dates you posted in case it ever does happen, that's usually good proof to me.

No. 1041457

>not a 'screamer' game
>new game installment just released

The fanbase is horror fans too, conspiracy theorists, furries, adults who remember Chick E Cheese back in the 80s/90s when it was popular.. Theres a reason it's popular and gets fanart.

No. 1041530

They just had a new game released (Security Breach) and from what I've seen it's actually quite complex, the new animatronic designs are snazzier and flashier wich makes them stand out and one the characters kinda falls into "furry bait" character design (probably not intentional), and this time the animatronics and the human characters have more personality so people can use that to make gag comics wich will make other zoomers that didn't know of it get interested for the meme.

No. 1041592

Honestly, it really depends on how comfortable you are with the idea of your works being stolen or plagiarized. I've seen a lot of theft over the years, ranging from companies stealing artwork and character designs, to just artists harmlessly copying each other. What >>1041122 mentioned is true, but the adoptable community is kind of a joke imho, it's just artists getting mad at other artists for taking inspiration.
If you post your IP online, the sad truth is that it's going to get stolen at some point. Either by a dumb T-shirt factory, by a design team that trawls the web for ideas, or by randos on pinterest that save your character and then start getting art of it themselves. The best defense about this is just having enough of a following that people can trace the original back to.
Personally if you have an original IP that you might want to pitch/publish someday, I would hold off on casually posting about it, because someone with a lot of money or connections really could steal it and there's nothing you could do about it. Otherwise if it's just your OCs without context or even just fanart then it really doesn't matter.

No. 1041678

File: 1643175049283.png (174.44 KB, 599x540, e-begging.PNG)

How many times a year is PuccaNoodles gonna keep e-begging? first $30k+ for a luxury bred dog and now she expects her followers to pay for her medical bills. It's like she'd rather die before offering commissions or work a basic job

No. 1041704

>inb4 she e-begging her followers to fund a villa for her so she doesn't have to climb stairs ever again ♥

No. 1041707

Came here to see if anyone noticed her acting up again. Funny thing is, she's in the animation guild which offers very good medical coverage and insurance. It would cover most emergency room fees easily and then some.
I have no doubt she's got some physical issues but she's definitely a full blown munchie.
>Muh mobility! I represent disabled artists! Look at me in my wheelchair!
>Posts regular videos of herself playing DDR at the arcade
>Hospitalized for 'falling down stairs' post-breakup suicide attempt, endo, mysterious eye problems +
>Claims BPD
Such a messy, exhausting character.

No. 1041794

Seconded. A mutual used to post excessively about her world-building and concepts which were unique within her niche, then popular artists lurked on her Insta stories and stole her ideas word for word. She got comments after comments from those artist's followers accusing her of plagiarism while those artists were complimented for their so-called "unique" ideas. She dropped her story like a hot potato, changed a new account and artist name, and now won't touch that niche with a seven foot pole. 100 followers is nothing going up against 100k.

TL;DR, never post about your story concepts unless you mean for other people to steal them, not even Instagram stories is safe.

No. 1041811

She probably does it because she knows people will fall for it by that point. If she got 30k for a dog (I was thinking what the hell kind of service dog costs that much but it's because it's trained beforehand), they'll let her get away with a few more before catching on.

No. 1041885

crazy how a super popular artist can happen upon a really cool story or concept and instead of sharing it with others to bring more attention to the artist they just steal it. What goes on in people's head who do that.

No. 1041898

>ranging from companies stealing artwork and character designs
my most schizo moment. im still not sure if an online french game stole my donut steel mythical creature race oc i posted on DA as a teen or if it was just a coincidence.

No. 1041904

Drop the names anon

No. 1041960

Dofus? I understand if you don't want to post your art here but it made me super curious

No. 1041981

not dofus. oc had a somewhat basic foundation, so like i said it could be a coincidence, but they made the exact same anatomical mistake as me and made a lot of similar design choices that really make me think there could be a possibility they copied. not gonna post my old art

No. 1042021

File: 1643205917092.jpeg (664.1 KB, 1125x753, 45212A3D-27B7-4597-BFAD-EFDB6B…)

does the experience stop you from posting arts online?

I personally had this one friend who commissioned her OCs to popular artists, and some of the concepts of her characters got recycled to fantasy shows like The Dragon Prince. I think one of the artists she commissioned, which I forgot name, has this signature of drawing blush across the face like this picrel.
The whole thing kinda made my friend super depressed and she stopped being online altogether.

No. 1042027

Copyrighted blush

No. 1042029

File: 1643206145734.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 61.54 KB, 365x720, 98EE6052-69FF-4AEF-8DE7-F17127…)

"the artist I forgot name" has this viral elsa comic. Which is the only thing I can recall from them.
(If anyone can tell me whose artist I really appreciate it too)

No. 1042033

No. 1042040

File: 1643206790059.jpeg (28.95 KB, 177x284, FFFF862F-A214-4FE5-AF7B-0BE5B9…)

No. 1042114

File: 1643210759229.jpeg (374.88 KB, 1125x1084, 696E9323-A5B5-44A6-80B7-A92479…)

that's the one! thank you.
The topic of original art's copycat is also mentioned in their recent tweets too. Must be a universal problem these days no matter how big or small an artist I suppose.

No. 1042299

Honestly anon, it could be true or it couldn't be. I've seen legit theft like that before, but I've also seen coincidences like that before.
Some cases over the years that I remember reading about:

>GaiaOnline's design team lifting from many different artists:

>Those bots that lifted any art from twitter and put it on a T-shirt; people started invoking Disney copyright to get them nuked:
>Gemma Correl and her never-ending saga of her work being thefted onto clothing, shirts, socks, etc.
>Smaller incidents of people just outright taking an artist's OCs and pretending they were theirs; BoissB comes to mind

If you post your work online, theft is going to happen at some point. I've seen so many artists like >>1042114 mentioned just stop posting art or vanish to the wind when that happens, it's really sad. There really isn't any solution though. This kind of stuff has been going on since way before social media.

No. 1042327

>i hate to do this so much
>does it anyway

she could easily charge $100+ for her doodle-esque drawings as commissions but why work when you can just e-beg. i couldn't live with the shame of begging for minor inconveniences, these people have no respect for themselves or for the support system they take for granted. so many people in worse situations without a popular twitter account to lean on financially

No. 1042350

Damn. I’m really into coming up with original characters/stories and was thinking about joining social media so that I could talk about them, but now I’m not so sure. Could I post drawings of OCs anyway and just be vague about their story? I’ve seen some artists do that. I guess the designs might still get copied but I could potentially save the wordbuilding if I ever make an actual comic or something. I’m not into making fanart but it seems like the OC side of things isn’t great either.

No. 1042393

wow stealing hundreds of designs AND tracing. never thought the design team at gaia was so scummy.

No. 1042419

File: 1643223219070.png (18.7 KB, 599x169, 565165156.PNG)

Let me get this straight. She's posted videos and pictures of her playing DDR and rhythm games (while standing up) but somehow her legs gave out while going up the stairs??? Also idk if I had an a disability she's claiming to have I'd try to live on the ground floor. I understand with apartments sometimes you don't get a choice but if it's as bad as she makes it out couldn't she find a place that lets her live on the ground or lower floors?

with her following i can easily see her getting commissions but you're right anon, why put in an effort of work when e-begging has worked in the past for her. she also seems to be ignoring the people in the replies giving her advice about contacting the hospital and other places to get some aid.

No. 1042481

I'm one of the artist posts original arts without context, I'm also aware of the risk that of my most popular posts might get appropriated by someone else one day.

My solution is to have one or two friends to occasionally brainstorm about ideas and storyline, in honesty it's a practice to keep me grounded since I'm already adverse to social media's culture of oversharing.
You can get someone be your sounding board, or practice doing private journal/scrapbook for your original story anon. It can be therapeutic when you're used to it.

How long has she been open about her disability? What was she like before all this ebegging?

No. 1042510

Nonnitas who do commissions or had done, I have job that pay well but not enough to buy stuff on a whim, and it takes almost nothing from my day time so I am stuck bored many hours and I was thinking of doing commissions for the first time, is the payment good enough? I am honestly afraid I won't even get one let alone a lot to actually buy anything that is worth it, like new tablets or new PC and that sort of stuff. So is it? What do you mostly use your commissions money for? Or is it just for bills and food like I see many artist claim to spend it on

No. 1042596

I do commissions sometimes if there's something I want to buy for myself and I have enough free time, last time I took three halfbody ones for 60$ each to whale a little on Genshin. If you've never taken any and no one is asking you about it right now then maybe start out with a price that's a little smaller than what you'd actually like to demand and just take two or three to try it out and see if there's an interest and if you even like doing it. I personally found out that it's hard for me to find motivation to work on art if there's a deadline, so I don't do it often. With time you can raise the price accordingly, but I only have experience with selling limited slots, so it might be different if you're going to have them open all the time. The payment is as good as you want it to be, if there are enough people that like your art they will pay whatever you ask and might even tip. What kind of job do you have if you don't mind me asking?

No. 1042722


I do commissions as a currently alongside my full-time job. It's useful for building my savings as well as extra cash. It honestly depends on several factors, but you should consider first of all if you can handle it to begin with. It's rather easy to get stressed out if you're in dire need of money or can't account for the amount of requests coming in because it's a rather unstable market. If you can't make a consistent schedule to help tackle these issues, you may want to rethink doing them. People are generally understanding, but only to a fault so it's important you're able to get things done on a timely/orderly manner. I'd recommend a public queue/free organizer like Trello/Google Docs or something to help at least organize things a bit.

Next, don't worry if things are slow at first. That's probably the best way to start before diving head-in to avoid being overwhelmed. Limiting yourself and then determining what you can handle in terms of workflow a great skill to develop. Sometimes you just aren't ready yet, but that doesn't mean it's particularly hopeless. The more you focus on improving your art, the more people will notice, and eventually, they'll choose to commission you if they'd like. Just keep in mind that getting art commissions aren't a necessity so you'll have your more busy/slower periods. All you have to do is account for that when it happens.

You really don't need "perfect" art to start commissions. You just need to develop a niche you enjoy working with or a small following. Because after all, they'll be the ones paying. As mentioned earlier, I use them to help develop my savings and as extra cash to help with other necessities like gas and such. Typically, if I'm investing in something important to my commission work (a functioning tablet, computer, etc.) I make sure to save that money first in case of any emergencies. That way you won't necessarily be in a bind if something happens.

No. 1043261

>i couldn't live with the shame of begging for minor inconveniences, these people have no respect for themselves or for the support system they take for granted
my thoughts exactly. I fucking hate grifters.

No. 1043388

Seriously considering drawing furry shit, I need to get out of my retail job and drawing furries is actually more palatable to me than that. I unironically draw cartoon animals like furries do anyway and I'm not great at drawing humans (do like creatures/monster designs tho) so fuck it. The only thing holding me back is the shame of my friends/family finding out and that I do want a somewhat serious job in an industry one day but I don't want all my works to just be furry stuff. Should I make a separate account for this? Also are adoptables even a popular thing anymore?

No. 1043434

I had a shitty time at work yesterday and the whole day after and I was literally thinking of doing the same but with coom animations. I was bored pretty quickly when I tried out genshin but I don't mind drawing someone from there getting dicked down if it meant getting paid over 1k a month plus commissions

Personally I'd make a whole separate account for it, people say it's a hassle to to maintain two but if your vigilant about what account your on before you post it should be fine. I see adoptables here and there but I don't know too much about it.

No. 1043688

I don't understand how there are asian artists that don't follow anyone and don't tag their art at all but their drawings get a ton of engagement. How did people find their art? Many times the accounts are very new too like how did they get such a big following in a short time if they didn't even advertise anything? Is this something i don't know about the twt algorithm…

No. 1043701

A good number of them are artists that already have sizeable following in other platforms, mostly those that are asian-based such as pixiv, niconico or weibo/bilibili, so a chunk of their followers may come from those. Others though, I have no idea.

No. 1043702

It's just luck. Someone will see one of their posts by chance and share it and then others will follow suit because their art is good and appeals to them. Very simple really

No. 1043721

It's usually both. Some of them probably build their fanbases during cons or events and ask people they meet to follow them online, some are probably professional artists who use their accounts to post their personal stuff so they're already well-known.

No. 1043727

Ah I see, makes sense! But if you want a build a following from the scratch? Do you have to abuse the tagging system of popular fandoms?

No. 1043742

Use tags, but don't abuse them. Twitter's algorithm will think your post is spam and will tank your visibility if you add too many tags, so actually the fewer tags you add the better. I usually use just one, which is the main tag of the fandom I'm drawing fanart for. Tends to work just fine.

No. 1043823

Nta but how can you get a proper paycheck (+1k a month) with art? I've been doing regular commissions for years and for me it's still pretty much impossible. I imagine you could reach 1k a month if you get $60 to $100 a piece but it's very difficult to get a lot of orders that way. Right now my prices are within $20-$30 and I get burnt out fast because I have to do a lot of commissions and work quickly, it's exhausting. I thought of NSFW artwork but there are thousands of people doing them and I doubt I could sell at a high price because of that.

No. 1043849

> Right now my prices are within $20-$30
> A lot of orders + work fast
Anon… you're severely underpricing yourself. You should price up to $100 an order like you mentioned, or at least stop taking orders for now and increase your price gradually.

Underpricing + taking too much orders is the reason why youre burnt out, and cannot meet monthly quota.
I'm sure if you've been taking that many commissions, even some of your clients are willing to pay more.
If you're taking orders by email, put your kofi in the signature/footnote so that people can tip you whenever too.

No. 1043912

File: 1643313645887.png (344.61 KB, 775x580, 023b5cd9bda84cef1f2698baa7f839…)

How do you think Kate Beaton would have survived modern day art discourse ?
her comics were very popular on Tumblr and related spaces and she ended her series in 2018, got married and had a kid
I feel like If she had made her comics now so much of it would be misinterpreted ny SJWs and they would totally try to ruin her

No. 1043954

Maybe increase your prices by a few dollars, say to $35-55 each, and have a set number of slots to fill. When you're done working on those, take a break, even if it's just one day off, and then open commissions again. After a month or so increase your prices by $5-10, and keep upping your prices slowly until you can see the money coming in without you burning yourself out. You're going to lose customers, sure, but you're going to do less work for more money, so you're coming out on top. NEVER decrease your prices, if you need quick cash do simple commissions for cheap, like simple rough sketches for $15-25. If you decrease your prices for your usual work people will wait for the price to lower to commission you and you'll fuck yourself over.

No. 1043978

Has anyone noticed the amount of independent Vtubers retiring (or graduating I don't care what they called it)? I'm not the biggest Vtuber fan, but while the company ones are still going strong I've noticed many of the independent ones (ex: Sumi Ushio) graduating even though they have only been active for what, 1 year or a bit more. I suppose the Vtuber trend is finally dying.

No. 1043996

Thinking of 2018 as “not modern day” is painful
But SJW shit has been mainstream on Tumblr since the Ferguson riots in 2014. I’m surprised she made it to 2018 even.

No. 1044042

I mostly do pixel work and simple illustrations, you really can't go over $30 with those because there are people doing these for less and costumers will just flock to them. Sure it's frustrating because at the end of the day I do spend a lot of hours on them, I put a lot of attention on the pieces but you really can't make people pay $60 for a simple illustration with no background or a pixel "pagedoll", no one will pay those prices for them.

No. 1044103

That's just not true nona, don't sell yourself short. When I did page dolls I charged 80-120 per character depending on complexity of the design and didn't have trouble getting commissions nor had anyone complain. Not a humble brag either, I wasn't great at it I just priced based on how much I wanted to make hourly for the time it took to complete them. If you're willing to draw ugly characters especially furfags they are always willing to shell out. You don't want to appeal to the cheapos anyway because they're rarely repeat customers.

No. 1044125


If you cant increase the prices then you need to cut down the time you spend per commission. There is no magical solution.

I hate Big Bang Theory, but this clip should be required watching for everyone who wants to start an art business

No. 1044215

File: 1643327098106.png (669.7 KB, 775x665, jh99JHJfk10.png)

Adoptables are still very much a thing, and if you pander to fujos with them you can make quite a bit. Look up artists like yukibuns, kitkaloid, or erebun on DA and toyhouse. You can also pander to furries with them, look at artists like sun_envoy on fA. I don't know too much about the furry side but I do know it's a little more saturated.
Adopts used to be much bigger, but after deviantart (the main hub for them) became a crapfest most people left, so the communities for them can be now hard to find. If you want to sell them, I suggest using buzzly, toyhouse, or DA if you can stand it. Picrel is kitkaloid's most recent auction which sold for 1600 USD.

No. 1044221

for the nonnas thinking about joining the furry and adoptable scene: don't go in thinking it'll be too easy. both scenes are extremely saturated and there are plenty of artists in both with the same idea as you, "furries pay a lot so i'll be fine". remember to build a following and network a bit, don't expect you'll get a +$500 commission on the first week.

but also, good luck!

No. 1044405

Am I the only one weirded out by some artists putting their own handle as a hashtag on their posts? I seem to notice this on big 50-100k+ artists. I'm not talking about vtuber art hashtags.

No. 1044443

what makes you say that ? what did she do that Tumblr would think is controversial

No. 1044491

File: 1643349364098.gif (20.14 KB, 151x100, dinaandcaveman.gif)

bump for anyone who can help me

No. 1044532

What do people even do with adoptables?

No. 1044570

Not sure if I'm much help but I personally liked the resin-coated (RC) woven papers and they're cheap from where I used to live, not sure if you'll be a fan of the texture though. AliExpress should have them?
Some people can't design for shit so they buy premade ones.

No. 1044577

I guess I'm just unlucky then. I raised my prices only once in years and I can tell that a lot of people stopped commissioning me because of that.

That's actually pretty good advice.
I wonder though if I can keep up the quality even if I cut down the time I spend on the commission, I wouldn't want to lose that (especially if it's not quite there to begin with).

No. 1044580

Is it worth it to try and use upwork for children's book illustration? I'm from a poor country and I don't want to do mega cheap illustrations but idk how else to get clients.

No. 1044628

Upwork and fiver are one of the worst things to happen to the industry, but if you have no other choice it's worth a try, sure. But as soon as you get a few things done, add them to your portfolio and go out there to look for serious clients that will pay you normal wages, you need to respect yourself and your hard work.

No. 1044642

Why not send your portfolio to agents and publishing companies like the pros do?

No. 1044759

I have but so far it's been one or two "we'll keep you in mind" that went nowhere, a few definite "no" and a lot of nothing. I know that's how it goes but I want to make some money and not just make portfolio pieces forever.

No. 1044763

NTA but i’m curious as to how sending your portfolio to these companies would work? And what do you use to set up an online portfolio?

No. 1044768

Then you need to work on your skills and figure out how to market yourself better. Making $5 art for schizos on Upwork is below minimum wage work that won't grow you as an artist. IME the less someone pays for art the shittier they are as clients.

No. 1044780

You're right, I guess there's no quick way to successful freelancing.

A lot of those companies have info on how to submit to them right on their websites, look up lists of children's book publishers, literary or illustration agencies and then look through their websites and save the ones you think would be a good fit for you, then follow their submission guidelines.
As for online portfolios there's tons of free website bulders, wordpress, wix, weebly, people even use carrd. Just pick whichever one fits you best and put up your best work.

No. 1044813

thanks anon!

No. 1044869

File: 1643386564455.jpg (32.03 KB, 400x400, ٢٠٢٢٠١٢٨_١٩٠٩٤٦.jpg)

Anyone have an idea how to make "seamless" rendering like in here? Is it blending brush or what? It makes art same more 3d then normal hard and soft edge shading I use and I can't figure it out

No. 1044875

Does this artist do mainly fighting game fanart? Bc I know one that was like that

No. 1044884

Y'know the weirdest thing? Most that I've looked into (when I like a design), I check the profile and the new owner is rarely an artist. They usually just use bases for recolors and I assume rp-ing. That's about it.

No. 1044886

Seems like a mix of blending brushes, blur brushes and airbrush. It's not too hard to acheive that effect actually, it depends more on your own skill regarding 3D shapes.

No. 1044905

How do I paint in grayscale without it making look plain as fuck when I apply color to it? It's useful for finding out light sources but a pain in the ass when I have to put colours I swear

No. 1044906

*without making it

No. 1044908


gradient maps can help a lot in making grayscale shadows look nice, at least in my experience!

No. 1044912

A lot of people go into it thinking it'll be easy money after seeing hololive girls act cute and play games all day, but it's still streaming and it's very hard to make a career out of it.

Plus, hololive is a brand name, it's stupid to think you can compete with them as an indie. Every new gen that comes out immediately gets like 500k followers out the gate.

No. 1044946

I hope so anon, every time I look at art like this it looks too complicated.

No. 1044950

here's an interview with the artist of your image anon, it shows a bit of her process. The guy doing the interview also works similarly to her so you might be interested in his channel.
Both of their workflows are really all about approaching the painting like a sculpture; they spend a very long time defining the forms (usually in grayscale). You need to have very intentional forms and lighting, start with the bigger forms and work down to the smaller ones and never stop thinking about your light source. Low opacity brushes/soft brushes can also help, but like >>1044886 said the most important part is your ability to think in 3D. You can't render this cleanly if you don't know exactly what forms you're painting.

No. 1044975

Why do I feel more confused about 3d form and proportion on digital art but it's a much more intuitive process on traditional art? How do I fix this?

No. 1044993

Watermark everything and add texture. That way it's harder to directly steal, but also at least your watermark is on it, so if anyone asks, you made your version.

So many disney artists drew porn before working on things like snow white. You're fine, anon, and anthro is popular kids material for storytelling. And yes, seperate account, work on promoting that one, don't interact with your other account at all, especially if people might recognize your art who might be family/friends. That way you can also get a new username, unassociated with anything you do so even googling doesn't come up with searches for anything other than your furry art.

I say do it. Liking porn and stuff isn't just for incels, so draw the type of smut you like, and seek it to them. They will lap up anything NSFW.

It's good for people to click it and see other works instead of possibly going through reaction gifs or other nonsense in your media tabs to see your art.

No. 1045336

I know an anon mentioned buzzly in the last(?) thread and I have to say, I'm having the time of my life just using it to customize my page and live my aestheticfag dreams. I never got into tumblr at its peak so I missed the era of customizing your own little space with little images and gifs and shit. I don't have to take anything seriously on the website because it seems to be full of non professionals and furries anyway.

No. 1045499

Buy Skebs and report back to the original artist.
It's a boon for the imaginary parasocial relationship you see.

No. 1045601

>Guassian blur
>Intentionally wonkify some parts

No. 1045713

I've been thinking about making a buzzly account too because dA is dying and that's where I take all of my commissions currently. Is it good for non-furry art?

No. 1045777

I made an account as well, thankfully there is normal art also aside from furries. I'm just desperate for an informal art community that is not Twitter lmao

No. 1045920

I get that fanart is the quickest way to get money and followers but my brain will like block me from drawing genshin or waifu of the month shit. I can work a day job and hate it but still get through the day but something about drawing, even though I want it to be a job, for clout feels weird.

I still draw fanart for stuff I like so I'm not saying fanart of itself is bad, it's just when I draw for a really popular piece of media that I don't really care for that makes me feel empty.

I don't get how sakimichan and other artists that can shit that stuff out do it. I remember drawing steven universe fanart a long while ago and posting it and going "ew" afterwards and never drawing it again.

No. 1045938

anons, to draw like this you need some basic art skills. No tracing needed kek.

No. 1046065

Drawing fan art of something you are not fan of, personally i think its not worth it, it will lead to burnout and depression, art is time consuming job and even more so if you need it to live, so are you really willing to go down something you don't even have the patience to do?, i hope you don't.
But it dosint have to be this way though its not wrriten in stone that its genshin way or the high way, i see people making art solely about thire ocs or comic ship no one really knows the lore for unless they read specific things and they open commissions and merch and thire slots sold out.
I think you need to open your horizon more anon,and get creative in what you can make from things you already love to do, i know its little too perfect to get job that pay well and you love at the same time but you can make it just like other people who never even heard of ginshin are making it.
Or i guees this is my desperate try to save the world from more genshin content and not lose another artist for that annoying fandom lol. But truly anon think about it look around how artists are really making it.

No. 1046123

What did you guys think of how sheezy.art was getting really popular until the art community got too big and the owners sent out some big apology about how they couldnt handle it since they originally intended it to be a passion project kek man why cant someone non retarded try to make an art online community that's based on early tumblr/deviantart ui principles

No. 1046130

sakimichan hires people to finish her own drawings for a long time now.

No. 1046141

Honestly I'm really fucking annoyed. If they can't handle it bring on more devs. There is no lack of people who are willing to donate their time and skill to such a platform, there are plenty of people who would pay for premium memberships like on dA if it meant the site could stay and continue to develop. Shutting it down is the stupidest decision.

No. 1046182

They come off as lazy and uninvested young adults tbh, Im really wondering why they couldnt let people donate to them so they could hire more mods and maybe elect a new admin

No. 1046266

Nonnas, I’d like to apologize this is the wrong place to ask, but I recently started drawing (hobby, little experience), and last night I drew a great rough draft for a Valentine’s Day card. If I wanted to create it exactly, should I use tracing paper and move it to card stock, or keep practicing the drawing and hope to recreate it? Does that make sense?
(Very sorry if this was a waste of post space)

No. 1046267

File: 1643493937521.png (1.5 MB, 1874x759, _Untitled.png)

>I don't get how sakimichan and other artists that can shit that stuff out do it.
Well for one, Pinterest solves character drawing for free when it comes to ideas. If anything, your lack in interest in Genshin should make you less concerned about the cleanness of your lines and thus give you more time for things you actually like.

No. 1046291

>Intentionally wonkify some parts
Kek, because when redrawing a screenshot/picture you find online it’s either 100% good or traced.
I forgot that most anons here aren’t actual artists and assume that every post here is based

No. 1046342

You need to cut out anything that you can. Minimal shading, minimal details, focus on color so it pops but don't spend hours on a single piece (in fact, for that price, don't spend more than one and a half hours on a single piece, tops). When you're doing simple illustrations, line weight, color and composition make a big difference to how polished the piece looks, so focus on those. It might be a good idea to have a reference pages with compositions you like and color palettes you use a lot to save time.
Also, start looking for new people who can commission you. Put your art on more platforms, interact with more people, use different hashtags, post at different times. It's slow, sure, but eventually people will pay higher prices for your stuff and you'll have a smaller, better customer base.

Trace it with pencil and flip the tracing paper over onto the card stock. Trace over it again with a pencil. Soft pencils are easier to transfer. You'll be left with a very light outline and might need to clean up some parts if your hand slips while tracing. Don't trace too hard onto the card stock or you'll be left with weird indentations.
It's a good idea to keep practicing the drawing, you'll get better at drawing smooth lines and your hand will get steadier every time, but since Valentine's Day is coming up, just trace it.
Also, if you're painting it, do a few rough sketches of the card on a separate piece of card stock and paint those first to see if the colors you want to use will look good together or if any accents and details you want to add will work with the design. If you're inking it, practice making smooth lines and experiment with different line weights.

No. 1046376

Thank you nonna! That was so informative. I’ll trace it, and I’ll keep practicing. I’m still so hit and miss with my drawing right now… still not sure how I did it kek
I’m having a lot of fun learning how to draw, and I hope to see a major difference by next year!

No. 1046401

Link to these boards, anon? They look neat!

No. 1046410

No. 1046422

Lol I know her I remember when she claimed everyone was copying her art style. I do get narc vibes sometimes but I also think she's just autistic with her hyperfixation.

No. 1046423

Hey nons, what do you think of Ethan Becker's content? Sorry if he has been mentioned before but I'm not really one to follow art youtubers and I recently found his videos.

No. 1046426

Personally find him hacky. He can draw but I don't like his art too much and all of his "advice" videos are incredibly basic or trying to give design advice when he's obviously not a designer.

If he did a YouTube series on story boarding that would be more worthwhile than whatever the fuck he's doing now.

No. 1046518

It's really fun anon! It really reminds me of old dA. So far I just joined and it seems to have a mix of regular and furry artists.
Same and I actually get engagement on my art posts there.

No. 1046521

I'm agree that she'd probably get in trouble over something stupid, and i'm happy she got out and is living a normie life with her baby. I don't think she's a radfem, but she seems like a more normie, oldschool feminist. Her picture books (king baby, princess and the pony) are also really cute.

No. 1046541

Don't have a strong opinion on him. His art is just OK. I don't mind his 'edgy at first glance but actually nice to artists' attention getting schtick but I think he went way too soft on that cringe artist who left and disowned Disney because they didn't give her full creative control on her first job and kiss her on the cheek every day. Seemed like he collabed with her out of guilt after shining a light on her embarrassing behavior. Kind of weak IMO.

I've seen anons complaining about his fetishy fat thighed cheesecake art of black women, but thats about it.

No. 1046620

He has been mentioned several times, just search his name the past threads. He seems like a narc who loves attention, wouldn't surprise me if he is the one who selfposts here. Either way he is avarege as an artist and uninteresting as a person.

No. 1046644

One and a half hour for $30 seems like a dream kek
Is it too slow to take a week or two for a fullbody illustration(shading+coloring) with no background? Maybe the problem is that I'm also slow.

No. 1046673

Do you have something to back that up?

No. 1046709

start using a timer and see how long you actually take. you'd be surprised how fast you can be when you actually work with your full attention without breaks

No. 1046729

>So many disney artists drew porn before working on things like snow white.
??? which ones? not sure I believe this.

No. 1046749

File: 1643549470603.png (3.26 MB, 1494x898, 972A1D56-F934-4763-BC26-3B7E49…)

This is from the sims thread… is there an art program one can use to make similar 3d roomscapes? Ive been using autocad but that’s not really what it’s for

No. 1046773

you can make stuff like this in blender, a free 3d program.

here's a tut that seems beginner friendy on making a room. i still reccomend starting with something simpler though since you probably never used it, to get used to the interface and shortcuts etc

No. 1046787

Rae just posted a video about having an eating disorder. She contradicts herself (says that doesn't go out, then talks about going out with friends) and also includes a weird narrated video supposedly from 2019, but if she's telling the truth, it explains why she's been uploading so rarely.

No. 1046874

What’s a good beginner friendly blender tutorial for someone that has never opened the program?

No. 1046898

Bitch use google

No. 1046899

You do realize there was Snow White/7 Dwarves gangbang art from the artists when Disney was still alive right? Animators are horny af.

No. 1046901

Snow White was made in the 30s…

No. 1046904

File: 1643561901602.jpg (Spoiler Image, 56.73 KB, 619x434, Orgy by follmer.jpg)

Even recently with the artists joking about the sexy Lola that got denied by Warners, but the one artist drew it as a joke when Lola variations were going through non-sexy approval. You have legacy artists like Frank Follmer,

No. 1046906

Nta but what is your point? You think animators didn’t draw porn in the 30s? You know many of the first primitive animation trinkets were porn right?

No. 1046910

I've had friends whose eating disorder issues were obvious, but they weren't consistent in explaining them. People don't really keep a perfect timeline of their issues. I just don't think it's a good idea to vent such personal things on the public, but that's an issue with youtubers in general

No. 1046911

File: 1643562325634.jpg (158.01 KB, 640x853, e5jvCJNKpKu6wKWHGDpAvWUkPyKwJg…)

Not to mentione the pinups from back then too. A lot of these ones were by Fred Moore. Disney himself wasn't the biggest fan of bored nsfw art, but that doesn't stop from hiring them and tbh, I don't care if they draw it.

No. 1046914

And? What did that have to do with anything?

No. 1046916

It's really hard to articulate what feels like forever for you, so timeliness with stuff like this is so hard to explain because for some people the disorder starts before you stop/start eating. Meaning the brain fog and no self worth makes days/tasks feel longer and more exhausting.

No. 1046917

when i started out i just did blender guru's full course on the doughnut. it's lenghty but you do go through all the basics and you can just stop after modeling and texturing if you wish. he even dropped an updated one for the 3.0 version so you can start with that. if you don't like him i thnk there's a similar course on youtube and insted of the doughnut you make a hamburger kek

No. 1046918

the drawing on the left of literal children is sus male artists have always been like this huh. the internet just threw male degeneracy into overdrive

No. 1046926

Wait until you hear about what went on in Ancient Greece.

No. 1046928

why do you think she's lying, you can literally see her body gain weight over the years, and her bad acne is very noticeable even under the heavy makeup she uses

unlike >>1041678 who comes online to e-beg without any photo/vid proof of her injuries, rae seems like a genuine person to me but who knows

No. 1046929

I honestly really agree with you. There's women who draw smut too, but the levels of drawing, especially children, I'm tired of coomers.

No. 1046931

My boyfriend did that too, it's a great way to start because of round shapes. Teaches you the basics like how the mirroring works

No. 1046937

I didn’t say it’s not true, scrotes gonna scrote, but I don’t think anon is insane for asking how you knew this. It’s not like it would be findable on tumblr like Rebecca sugar kek

No. 1046940


I don't think she's necessarily lying, but I think she's using her health issues as an excuse. Like she says she was in denial for a long time and hasnt even told her mother about the binge eating, but the way the 2019 clip was filmed suggests that she was already then planning a video about it. Or it's a new clip that she just claims is from 2019.

Then again she always comes across as fake to me, so it might be just my prejudges coloring how I see it.

No. 1046949

Late but I had something similar happen to me. I was a small account about 500 followers, had a very unique looking character that I posted consistently (all the art I posted was based on stories I was writing). An account got recommended to me about a year after I started posting and when I checked it I saw they had a 'uwu original oc do not steal' that was a total copy paste of mine. Same haircut, skin hair and eye color, fashion sense and accessories, same hobbies, same GUNS? They copied my gun 'designs' which is just a whole new level. My guns aren't even good haha. They were a much larger account and I never felt it was worth doing anything about, I sent my gf the links like 'hey this is x, I'm not crazy right?' and that was the extent of it.
I don't post anymore for unrelated reasons but copying in the art community is prevalent and unstoppable. I'd feel dumb getting into slap fights about it but it does make me mad. It's not hard to come up with your own shit, I wouldn't even mind being derivative, but copying is lame.

No. 1046953

damn, that's one of my biggest fears when I post my ocs online. I want to share my original stories and characters with my followers but now I'm always afraid that one day I'll see a copy of my concepts or one of my characters under a much bigger artist's name giving me no chances to even say anything.

No. 1047010

File: 1643569940640.jpeg (1.46 MB, 1170x1098, 2DCB28E4-E7D3-4B84-865D-071953…)

I hate these character redesigns that have a bunch of shit slapped on them to seem “fancier”. It looks tacky and over designed, not elegant and luxurious. I also thought we left this “design” style behind when Hannah Alexander stopped being as popular.

No. 1047012

Reminds me of a dress-up game, it's cute.

No. 1047014

There's a very thin line separating "full and luxurious" from "tacky and overdesigned". Bitches want to imitate the Versailles aesthetic without understanding how it works, only going "if I add a lot of gold and a bunch of shit it'll look good."

No. 1047016

File: 1643570305387.png (Spoiler Image, 36.84 KB, 122x94, Screenshot_551.png)

yeah i agree with >>1047012

i feel like it's something 7-9 yo me would have liked. even younger if it was bnw and a coloring page. not everything needs to be oriented for adults and look ''classy''

im just confused about the super rendered nipple poking through what seems to be a metal chest plate

No. 1047025

File: 1643570993951.jpeg (37.95 KB, 900x522, C25A0769-C9E9-4414-B303-64E291…)

thoughts on people tracing 3D models?

No. 1047026

Man I once found someone copying my oc to turn it into a loli character that they drew porn of. They had many times more followers than me and it felt really awful.

No. 1047028

it won't help you be a better artist but if you're trying to be fast then whatev works for you

No. 1047032

It shouldn't be used by someone who can't draw w/o tracing.

No. 1047033

It's a decent tool for learning and great for shortcuts if you need to do stuff fast (eg you're a concept artist or making webcomic pages), but tracing 3D models can just as easily become one hell of a crutch. Moderation is key.

No. 1047035

It means you’ll still suck at art and that everybody will see that you traced a 3d model. But if you like it then keep going.

No. 1047047

saw this shit take on Twitter, the amount of beginner artists trying to justify their laziness in the replies is hilarious. And then they post their art and no surprise, it looks flat and stiff

tracing does have its benefits such as learning how perspective, structure, and anatomy works but it can’t replace the knowledge and technique from studying basic fundamentals.

No. 1047048

If you can trace models without making them look traced, go ahead. In the end you’ll still be able to draw faster and better if you learn how to get good at figure drawing the normal way, though. It’s a crutch and people are only hampering their own art skills by relying on them extensively.

No. 1047051


god i hate beginner/mediocre twitter artists so much. they try to justify their own laziness in relying on shit like this and say "im just a hobbyist!!! leave me alone!!!" but then complain about their own art stagnating and looking ugly or their skills barely improving.

No. 1047078

the artist who posted this on twitter draws the same kind of portraits over and over. do what works for you, but if you don't challenge yourself, you'll stagnate.

No. 1047088

they arent bad if you already know how to draw or learning on the side.

But people can tell when you just trace a 3D model, especially if you have no idea how to make poses dynamic it ends up looking stiff.

No. 1047089

all of the 3d model tracing i've seen looks stiff and off, the only artist that admited using it barely knew anything about fundamentals and their drawings were extremely repetitive but they drew a lot so i see why they used them

No. 1047109

I don't care if artists do it as long as they don't lie to themselves and beginners by saying tracing is actually a great way to learn anatomy because "it builds muscle memory". It can be helpful if you turn it into actual studies and put in the effort to observe, break down the forms, try to redraw it by yourself, etc. but otherwise tracing alone doesn't help you in a significant way. You don't subconsciously learn anatomy from it.

No. 1047149

File: 1643579419175.jpg (45.52 KB, 391x597, draw.jpg)

No. 1047254

File: 1643584667142.png (2.52 MB, 1631x2048, project_20220130_1816526-01~2.…)

The artist in question for context

No. 1047259

her art isn't as bad as I was expecting. Better than most of the tracers who draw uncanny valley level crap.

No. 1047265

I've seen way worse, but you can still tell that she traces her poses mainly through the hands. Well, she's only fooling herself in the end so whatever.

No. 1047290

Tbh, I don't care if someone traces, but it needs to be a model made in 3D or take photos of yourself.

No. 1047308

File: 1643587443341.png (2.9 MB, 2364x1698, PVyycJvfUO1eu5DBF2B1tlzU.png)

I find it odd that she uses 3D models for such simple headshots. I feel like she could draw just fine without them.

No. 1047317

Tbh if she uses 3D models for simple things like this then I'm convinced she has no art skill of her own and can't draw shit without a crutch, period. Pretty pathetic.

No. 1047365

I don't disagree with you at all but I think we're at a point as a society where everything exists solely to be consumed. People don't really care about the art of creating something anymore, just the end result, but maybe it's always been like that. This girl's got almost 30,000 followers. I doubt even 10% of them give a shit about her technical ability.

No. 1047384

>1st pic
it's such a simple pose, why use a model? it's a basic headshot from the front, why does she need to trace kek

No. 1047439

And also, if you’re not gonna use a 3d model for lighting then honestly whats the point? Seems like she used to for line art only which proves that she can’t draw like u said

No. 1047449

>the boys
History repeats itself

No. 1047480

Don't tag me in a dumb take like that. You can choose lighting wherever you want it to be in post. Im referring to tracing the models for form. I don't have the elitist mindset of thinking that if they aren't using the 3D for anything other than form, they are bad.

No. 1047502

Lol, just got off twitter?

No. 1047514

No reason why you can't draw a flat colour neutral expression anime girl headshot from scratch in 20 minutes. It would literally be easier to develop the muscle memory than pull up and trace the model kek

No. 1047559


This is a ridiculous take, almost on par with "real artists don't use references."

No. 1047565

No. 1047566

Why are you surprised?

No. 1047595

So she uses a 3d mode for the bust but not the accessories/phones??

No. 1047613

Fucked up shading maybe? Since there's no nipple on the other side

No. 1047615

I feel so sad sometimes that my drawings don't get noticed. A big following will rot your brain and a small following won't get you any opportunities. I've been on twitter for 3 years now and I think the algorithm hates my art kek

As other anons said its great for perspective stuff. I personally use it for when I have to draw shit in a perspective view and then redraw it a couple of times so it doesn't look too stiff.

No. 1047709

Most anons probably use Twitter. Nice post nitpick though.

No. 1047718

nta and completely noob question: why does she fill out her outlines with grey first? What purpose does this serve?

No. 1047724

It's easier to focus on how to render light and shadows when you only work in monochrome and don't have to also care about color values at the same time; also makes it easy to change colors later if needed without redoing entire thing

No. 1047743

File: 1643638279553.png (185.48 KB, 600x600, 3gnqzq.png)

>Most anons probably use Twitter

No. 1047780

> I feel like she could draw just fine without them.

drawing appealing faces is actually the final step to becoming a Pro Artist, the most difficult part about drawing a human, especially placement of features on the face. she is simply too lazy, or not skilled enough yet, to draw appealing faces.

tracing simply prolongs the learning stage, sometimes forever

No. 1047782

Just asking anon are you looking to break in professionally or are you a hobbyist?

Also, which site do you use to upload b/c I recently started using hashtags on twitter and am starting to find an audience, albeit slowly.

No. 1047866

professionally sadly lol. i have an art degree im gonna die once i graduate. Mostly twitter and tumblr. I hate instagram. Tumblr is ok but all they ever do is just hit like. You can get like 500 notes on a single artwork and see that the like to reblog ratio is atrocious. For twitter I've tried hashtags of certain fandoms and i tell you, the algorithm just really hates me lmao

No. 1047897

Thats right, you cracked the code. Most artists on this thread come from Twitter and aren't actual good artists. Never take their advice too seriously.

No. 1047933

>Don't tag me in a dumb take like that
take your meds nonny

No. 1048016

I bought Clip Paint Studio and I enjoy drawing in it but I have one problem. When I zoom in, drawing lines become "blurry" (not that clean and sharp). Why is it happening? I know when I zoom in lines gets distorted, but it's never that bad when I draw in Paint Tool Sai.
Even when I save it as a picture you can see these shitty lines.

No. 1048037

You need to adjust the resolution, maybe higher

No. 1048104

I’ve seen artists use 3D models for more complicated pieces, like ones that include backgrounds or multiple characters in perspective, and I’m fine with that, but a headshot that isn’t even at a weird angle? Nah lol. I get that faces can become uncanny if the proportions are off, but a lot of artists unconsciously compensate for that because headshots are their comfort zone, so they end up getting good at it anyway. Also, by using these anime-esque models and tracing them so closely, the artist is stuck to drawing these exact proportions with no wiggle room. If you’re going to have same face syndrome at least draw the faces yourself. Plus, the pink-haired girl shows that the artist uses tracing as a crutch. Look at the arm holding up a peace sign. The forearm, wrist, and hand are like a beginner’s attempt at foreshortening.

Honestly I don’t get the point of tracing for hobbyists. I understand if you have a deadline or are working on a comic, but this just feels like skipping the learning stage in order to farm likes. If you don’t have a deadline then you can take the time to do studies or watch tutorials.

No. 1048129

Hobbyists want to draw with the same skill as a professional artist, but skip all of the learning processes. They want shortcuts, tutorials, anything that can give them their results fast and without effort. Sure, not all hobbyists are like this, but a good portion of them are.

And what happens if you tell them to to studies, to stop leaning too much on crutches, to actually learn? "Art is just my hobby!! I wanna draw for fun!!". If you DARE to give them an actual good advice but that doesn't allign with their comfort zone, you get a situation similar to Manga Materials on Twitter.

No. 1048203

File: 1643669327301.png (1.1 MB, 1130x634, rockwell-photos.png)

Why are you guys even complaining about tracing? That's something that even big artists do. Rotoscoping is the same as well. Just take your own photos or models. You can trace and still have great work.

No. 1048211

wow good job on not reading anything in the discussion.

we're discussing about hobbyist artists pretty much saying that tracing is better than learning. of COURSE big artists trace because most of the time big artists have deadlines and it's perfectly acceptable to trace photos and stuff if you're tight on time. rotoscopy is a thing because guess what, it buys time- on a PROFESSIONAL environment. hobbyists are not tight on time and can afford to learn but they're lazy as fuck and don't like to admit that they can't draw an eye without having to trace.

tracing as a hobbyist artist is pretty pathetic. tracing as a professional artist is pretty much necessary at times.

No. 1048222

This pic is not traced anon, there is planty of good exmples but this one not

No. 1048241

when i first saw that meme, i thought yeah i get it, sometimes you need a 3d model to figure out an angle and isn't really that different from using a mannequin but then you look at her art and its just tracing generic anime faces i cant help but laugh

No. 1048307

This isn’t tracing, this is reference. Most artists use reference you can see some changes and decisions made by the artist that aren’t there on the photo

No. 1048317

I used to have this mindset and very true, i’m 21 turning 22 and its been giving me anxiety especially looking back on my cringy self who had this mindset and the shitty art i did. I forced myself for the last few months to sit down, learn fundamentals, do studies both from real life and master studies. I can’t even tell you how much i’ve already improved. It’s like trying to solve a math equation without knowing the methods

No. 1048438

File: 1643676978330.png (2.2 MB, 1317x1307, _Untitled.png)

No. 1048482

Honestly, I don't really care what type of tools people use to help create their art as long as they aren't hurting anyone in the process or claiming another person's work as their own. I'd rather people admit they use these resources than pretending that they TOTALLY did everything by themselves with no help whatsoever when that's truly not the case.

The issue is not the tools themselves because art as a medium is ever-changing. The tools we use now could potentially evolve within the next 10 years. I don't think it's safe to say that the 3D models that people use now will be the same as the ones created in the near future as that technology is improving.

That being said, 3D models have been around for awhile now to…mixed results to say the least. I remember some comics from the 90's/00's definitely using them entirely, but as many people already mentioned, most will recognize that it looks uncanny valley without any adjustments. Of course, if you don't know what you're doing, your work will look mediocre at best and freaky at worst. However, it can't be denied that these tools have definitely helped people get a better understanding of forming a 3D space. People who may have trouble trying to visualize these elements in their mind can use 3D to create a house to understand how it works and incorporate elements into their own art.

I dunno, I can't entirely dismiss 3D models just on the basis of "laziness" alone because I understand a new generation of people are growing up with these resources and will have to discover how to use them in a way that's not weird-looking. I think that's part of the process of creating art. Figuring out how stuff works and learning to execute it well. Many people will discover whether or not tracing 3D models will help them. If it does, it does. If it doesn't, they'll move onto better resources or different materials to study from. Therefore, I don't think it's that much of a big deal.

No. 1048491

File: 1643679443373.png (25.95 KB, 200x234, DD1381F6-AB2B-454D-B65C-CF8691…)

What is this autistic wall of text

No. 1048493


>they'll move onto better resources or different materials to study from.

That's the catch though. This new generation of artists doesn't give two shits about learning and improving, they want likes, attention clout. It's why most anons (or at least that's what I assume) here are talking about those artists being lazy, because they want to pump out art fast and be seen as professional for the sake of likes and attention, and then try to sell off this whole idea to others because it's so much easier to get likes by tracing a 3D model than to actually learn.

Some are in for the learning, for improving themselves. Those are fine.

The problem is the ones in for the clout, because they keep sharing those "art tips" around. I tell you, if I were a 12 year old artist nowadays I wouldn't have sat down in my desk and practiced anatomy off staring at photos for days likeI did, I would've traced 3D models to hell and back, because it's easier to do that than to learn. The only reason I didn't do that at the time was because there were no resources like that at the time. 90% of the time, young artists do art for attention only. It has always been like this. The difference is that before they had no option but to learn, but now they can fool themselves into thinking they're DA BEST by just tracing. Who needs to learn how to draw if you can copy everything from a photo or model?

TL;DR young artists draw for attention. most of them don't want to learn because kids are immediatists and they want the clout. tracing is easier than learning. the end.

No. 1048503

File: 1643680037110.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 75.43 KB, 750x561, 930F70CF-45A9-415C-8646-CAAA64…)

Why trace over models when you can learn to sculpt your own and paint over it like picrel

No. 1048506

tbh i'd rather burn my brain doing studies over and over again than to have to learn a completely new skill just to boost my drawing skills. but props to those madlads that can pull this stuff off.

No. 1048514


I couldn't care less if someone traces a 3D model; the problem is that it goes beyond 3D models when the person in question lacks the fundamentals to produce a single drawing of their own without a crutch.

One of the people responding to the original tweet even stated they traced an official model another artist created and then passed it off as their own art. That's the crux of the issue for me. Because they don't have any skills whatsoever to produce art, they end up tracing everything and think it's justified.

No. 1048516

it doesn’t take that much time if you already know how to draw. I always encourage people to sculpt on the side it kinda helps with anatomy and stuff because you’re feeling it out

No. 1048522

File: 1643680759586.jpg (Spoiler Image, 210.9 KB, 1705x1715, entei-ryu-111.jpg)

based entei ryu poster

No. 1048531

You clearly don't know who Normal Rockwell is. He openly admits to traving majority of his work. Please learn anything about art.

No. 1048694

File: 1643691646084.jpg (43.34 KB, 267x400, horse_meme_thing.jpg)


Props to the people who can do this. I think the barrier of entry would be a bit harder for normies, tbh. I'd love to see more of this! I always think artists creating their own resources through various skillsets is pretty cool. Are there any other artists who do stuff like this? I'm curious.


If they're tracing someone else's art that's obviously an issue (as mentioned beforehand), but if someone is failing due to their own negligence, that's their own problem in my opinion.

The lack of fundamentals WILL show. That's why I'm not going to personally freak out if I see some beginner artist tracing over a 3D base. If they don't learn, they're only doing themselves a disservice. People either fail and learn from their mistakes, or they continue to stay in their rut. It is what it is.

The artwork will speak for themselves. Most people aren't super familiar with the artistic process, but they can tell when something looks "off" due to lack of flow, stiff posing, bland coloring, etc

You have many MANY cases of weeb artists who never want to venture outside of the typical safe animu stuff and remain stagnant. I'd treat people not learning from using 3D models the same way as ultimately their ego is what's truly holding them back. It's going to bite them back in the ass later anyways, so I say, just let them. They'll get it eventually…or not. lol

No. 1048726

File: 1643694499566.jpeg (222.53 KB, 828x413, BFB98F22-41BB-40C3-98A2-61CFFF…)

Toraji-art does this too. At least in some of her work.

No. 1048727

Oops *toraji_art i got her handle wrong

No. 1048859

Anon trying to sound smart, not knowing majority of his work was actually not traced but drawn directly from photos he had on the side as a reference, and if you used your eyes you could easily tell that it's definitely the case with the example posted.

No. 1048868

File: 1643711976543.png (173.76 KB, 683x412, oof.PNG)

No. 1048872

I really hate doing landscapes.. it’s not like its hard or anything but it’s such an unenjoyable process for me… i’d rather just draw creatures and people but i feel so incompetent when i see all of my work devoid of any landscape/architecture pieces It’s like homework i dont wanna do ugh i wish i enjoyed them enough to design one and spend energy on it but i dont

No. 1048875

Thank you, you're motivating to pick up 3d again. This time, I will be making interactive 3d seals eating using that simple flocking algorythm i found on yt.

No. 1048883

Same for me. I only have interactions on tumblr, and insta. Twitter algorithm rewards you if you use the app often, which I don't, because it's so toxic and is made to trigger antisocial behaviour on people. I just post art an occasionally comment on other artists work.
You don't need a big following on your social media to work with creative agencies or companies. And this is where the money is. I can make 200 bucks for drawing a single character, with reference pics included. I don't get to chose what I draw tho. If you want to make it apply for internships since you're still a student, and you will meet people and get opportunities this way. Don't fall for the social media following meme, bored teens don't have money.
Keeping professional art and hobby art (ie : atcually self expression) separate will keep you sane and fullfilled. There is a reason why all these "efamous artists" are all neurotic as fuck.

No. 1048895

File: 1643714488781.jpg (191.08 KB, 838x665, dame a licorne.jpg)

Just take the medieval pill anon. Stop caring too much about light and realism, and focus more on cute/cool details, stylish ornements and colors.

No. 1048906

But you know that reading one sentence snippet that comes up immediately after google search doesn't equal actually having knowledge on a subject, right?

No. 1048924

You are doing good nona keep at it when I was younger I thoght all an artist need is time and they well improve and did nothing but draw the same thing and wait that was dumb of me, but studing made me improve faster then people who were doing art before me.

No. 1048933

based & tavernpilled

No. 1048949

File: 1643721372597.png (44.94 KB, 251x195, 1122.png)

Behold a clear case of tracing

No. 1048986

Honestly anon once you start to apply to places, most employers do not care about how much engagement your artwork gets online. They're looking at the strength of your portfolio and what you can add to their team and/or project.

I think something you should keep in mind is both of these sites were not designed with artists in mind. Twitter, for example, rewards users who post daily which is something I believe a lot of artists cannot maintain unless they're shitposting, retweeting or reposting old work (I have heard that they shadowbanned people retweeting their stuff in the past but idk if they have changed that). It's okay to feel frustrated but don't give up anon. I wish you good luck in your professional career!

No. 1049004

>The lack of fundamentals WILL show. That's why I'm not going to personally freak out if I see some beginner artist tracing over a 3D base. If they don't learn, they're only doing themselves a disservice.

agreed which is why the conversation kind of feels like a complete non issue. A good artist who understand fundamentals can paint so well that you couldn't tell that it was traced over a 3D model like >>1048726 Meanwhile artist who have no understanding of fundamentals can never save their work by tracing over models like >>1048438

No. 1049011

nta but I think I would try it out. But start with Zbrush or go full autism with Blender?

I thought about sculpting irl with polymer clay in the past too.

No. 1049077

All this back and forth about hobbyists made me realise that there really is no space for hobby artists online anymore. Everyone that decides to start learning how to draw immediately starts offering commissions regardless of art skill. It really makes me miss deviantart

No. 1049082

nothing i love seeing more than the current seething going on in social media art circles right now with art purists and dumb amateurs who think style-theft/tracing are real issues crying, shitting, and pissing their pants over AI artwork apps and particularly right now, the cartoon filter on that heavily advertised Prequel app.

you have 13 year olds who think matte paintings are hand-drawn and that professional illustrators draw every detail by hand who dont make any money at all from their wonky-anatomy art yet somehow feel weirdly threatened by just the idea that a machine or algorithm or one button on an app could create something better in seconds than they could create in hours, and the insecurity really shows.

any industry professional or artist earning a living making art doesn't give a shit about this art-making apps and filters because most industry professionals already have and do utilize this technology and time-saving tricks to create their more elaborate finished pieces, especially concept, environment artists, and digital artists.

art isn't just hand-drawn and this art purist bullshit coming from the most amateur artists insisting what is and isnt "real art" just because they see something as "cheating" because they don't know how to create a cohesive piece or work with that tool is funny to say the least

No. 1049098

He admitted to tracing, anon, for most of his illustrations. Don't be this fucking retarded about a well known artist just because you see some photos of him not tracing. He doesn't call himself an artist for this reason. He takes his OWN photos and uses his OWN models. That's no different from using 3D and characterizing it. You can use models and trace as long as you can steer from the reference used for it. That's how to make good 'crutch' art as some anons put it. The elitism is fucking rampant here and its embarrassing.

No. 1049102

Man, professionals use 3D engines to map out while rooms and have repeat brushes for shit like frills. Imagine wanting to be purely handrawn and purest and disregarding great help options because muh art. These tools are here for a reason. Im tired of people complaining about at rooms when even industry specialists create these tricks for us and them for a reason. Do anons really thinks shows like AoT and other anime, even Western shows, are all hands drawn only? Most have tons of digital assets now and most trace.

No. 1049103

There are much more learning resources for Blender and personally I find the most intuitive, so I'd recommend going for it instead zbrush

No. 1049168

I find art AIs really cool imo, I sometimes use Wombo for inspo

No. 1049179

This really reminds me of when I was a younger artist and would spend literal hours rendering all kinds of useless, tiny detail by hand (stuff like books on a shelf, individual pearls on a dress, frills, drawing lace by hand) because I thought it would be the biggest flex in the world to go "look at those details, I did them by hand!". Actually it was just soul crushing because they were details people only caught on if I pointed it out, and my art process was a lot, lot slower because of this. Premade brushes and some light photobashing were the best tools I ever came across with.

No. 1049301

In my experience you kinda have to trick twitter into thinking you post regularly. I usually draw a bunch of things when I sit down from croquis to warmup drawings of characters I like and random doodles before I move to work that'll take me longer. If I like any of those before I schedule them out instead of dumping them all at once. It'll look like you post frequently.

Also I'll try to find it again but there was a tweet saying that there was a way to see when your followers are most active and you can try posting around that time to try to get engagement. But typically I'd go for around the afternoon.

But also as people said before, social media doesn't really matter when applying for jobs. I've been able to find freelance work fine. However, I don't think you should completely neglect it because sometimes someone cool will find your work and want to hire you.

I've noticed a trend of recruiters tweeting out job openings and all that too so I wouldn't ignore it for that fact either.

No. 1049314

I started with low poly shit & it's a good way to get the hang of the tools imo.

No. 1049380

I use zbrush coremini since its free i tried blender but the sculpting process isn’t that fun on there for me and from time to time i’ll do it traditionally if im feeling fancy but it did help a lot

No. 1049502

I recently opened commissions and have been advertising them non-stop on various platforms. I haven't gotten so much as a curious DM. I'm mortified that I even thought I was good enough to do this, how do you all find the esteem to keep going when all the doors are locked?

No. 1049543

File: 1643770596580.png (20.8 KB, 806x252, Capture.PNG)

Don't be mortified. I was just watching a bunch of artists giving up social media. It's really hard to get views and sales now that everyone is starting an art business. One reason I'm no longer going to care about instagram was this blog post. https://rainylune.com/blogs/blog/why-your-instagram-engagement-kinda-sucks-right-now

But if you're getting a lot of views and no clicks then maybe reevaluate.

No. 1049580

Do you have a following? I’m not adding much to the previous anon above me but advertising doesn’t do anything if you don’t have a lot of people to market it to. Been there done that. Focus on gaining a following first and establishing a neat account with finished pieces

No. 1049652

late as reply but
there's this saying in art about not letting the reference use you and I don't think this artist got the memo lol

No. 1049740

File: 1643801169720.jpg (86.75 KB, 762x652, Screenshot_20220202-112405_Ins…)

Not sure if this counts as milk but a nsfw artist who goes by the name @/yokappa on Twitter drew a piece that supposedly depicts a real SA victim that was assaulted by her brother.

No. 1049743

File: 1643801316168.jpg (262.04 KB, 999x877, Screenshot_20220202-112648_Ins…)

No. 1049745

Anons who don't use Photoshop, what program do you draw in and why?

No. 1049750

I think he deleted his account cause I can't find it but from context clues from replies that still exist, he apparently didn't know.
Still wouldn't excuse the fact he took a real child and decided to sexualize her. I also think he's lying.
I hope he chokes I hate artists like this so much.

No. 1049754

Even if he didn't know about the arrest, that's a pretty clear dogwhistle. I can't think of any reason you'd reference something like this >>1049743 besides the obvious. Like, what even is the defense?

No. 1049755

Krita because it's free and I like it

No. 1049759


No. 1049760

Revrance is not the same as tracing he didn't trace in the first pic he didn't trace in here, he say he trace but this 2 pictures have no trace so he can draw without tracing, and I am starting to think you don't know what tracing is

No. 1049770

CSP becouse the pro virsion came free with my tablet, but I am thinking about going to PS becouse CSP have this huge problom with the brush size that don't same to get fixed soon and PS brushs is better in some way I can not explin Krita is retarded after geting used to both PS and CSP it can't hold candel to them.

No. 1049787

Random sperg but there has to be a better way to gain followers than wasting time drawing fucking fanart.

No. 1049790

I'm using Clip Studio after years of Paint Tool SAI. I had doubts at first but there were a lot of artists saying they switched and never looked back, so I got curious and bought it during a sale. It's really good once you get used to all the functions and gain an overview since SAI is so simple in comparison. I like all the useful tools and features like the rulers and fill tools and the huge amount of custom brushes you can get through CSP assets and the fact that you can choose how dark or light you want the workspace to be. There's nothing that SAI does better imo, I've seen some complaints about CSP's paint brushes being worse but I don't paint so I can't say anything about that. I tried SAI 2 before that and just couldn't get used to it

No. 1049802

File: 1643808144293.jpg (1.01 MB, 1605x1602, FJzULuhXEAYADjX.jpeg.jpg)

You're not wasting time if it's fanart for something you like and care about lol. Just draw things in a style that appeals to people, if it's good it will get noticed. Maybe even start a fresh account if you've been using one for ages without gaining traction. I've seen instagram promote random artists to me as "New on instagram", it's a way to get the inital interest going and from there it's just regular posting and luck

Kind of related, but I wonder how this artist got such a big following, it's obvious that at this point they depend on effects to mask their wonky lines. Is the appeal really just the pinterest fashion and coloring?

No. 1049805

Anon, you have to consider that this is a gay ship from a fairly new and popular anime, it could be because there's probably not that many artists drawing this show in the first place.

No. 1049810

Mostly SAI 2 because it's very comfy and has everything I need.

No. 1049834

File: 1643811843730.png (455.3 KB, 540x548, tumblr_77d6cf1f77b3d3dd0edcb8d…)

This was just a random recent example, I've seen her art around for multiple years now, no matter what fandom she was drawing for. And some of them are pretty big too

No. 1049844

> @/yokappa
Don’t worry anon, they can’t get you here

No. 1049859

og Paint Tool SAI. I sometimes use CPS for touch up work but I find myself going back to SAI for the most part. CPS is a very good program though and I am shocked that it's a cheap as it is.

No. 1049890

I think having a distinguishable style and interesting subjects will get you a following

No. 1049916


I stopped using IG a long time ago but you have a point, I wonder if the same strategy works on Twitter because I've had that account for like 10 years and haven't been growing. I just kind of dread it taking forever again. I enjoy media but nothing compels me to spend time making art for it. It's all original art but maybe I'm boring lmao. Thanks anon. I'll give a new account a try.

No. 1049964

I tried a ton of drawing programs before, including photoshop. Eventually I settled with SAI, but then I bought a CSP license and haven't looked back since. CSP is just perfect to me.

To me what makes or kills an art program is the stabilizer. Photoshop didn't have a built in stabilizer (you need to buy Lazy Nezumi) so I didn't last long with it. SAI's stabilizer is pretty great, Krita's is a bit awkward but just the fact that the software is free kind of compensates. CSP's stabilizers are pretty good too.

No. 1050004

she's popular because it's fanart + pleasant coloring style. nice colors (not necessarily realistic) can go a long way.

a beautiful line drawing can be destroyed with horrid colors but a bad drawing can be saved with beautiful colors

No. 1050008

I latched on to Medibang when I started digital art because it was free and easy for me to grasp since I was completely new to it. Plus, I didn’t do digital art that often so why pay for a program? But it’s been a few years and I want to take digital art more seriously, so I’m thinking about getting CSP when it goes on sale since I’ve heard so many artists swear by it.

No. 1050163


My main account is just under 400 followers. That might not be enough people. Or maybe my art is just not whats in demand right now.

No. 1050182

File: 1643830053978.jpg (138.34 KB, 720x720, 2.jpg)

johnny depp is doing some wack ass NFTs now, he calls it "never fear truth", does some shitty screenprints and then doodles on top of them with sponge brushes. i guess he saw jim carrey getting into art stuff and thought he'd do it too.

No. 1050188

ugly "art" and he is gross. i hate that he's on a comeback tour essentially. heard is a nutjob too but he is absolutely an abuser. people repeat mindlessly about amber heard's ex at an airport but the ex repeatedly said she did nothing wrong and the person who called that in was being openly homophobic and horrible, lying about the situation

No. 1050200


this looks like some insecure beginner artist's first digital art experience after realizing that they can easily trace celebrity photos from google and add some shit on top to seem "cool" and "poetic" but ends up looking tryhard and cringy af

No. 1050312

Wrong thread for your bad takes anon.

No. 1050314

literally nobody here cares about that we just want to laugh at his shitty attempts at cashing in on the already decadent nft scene

No. 1050331

Jesus christ. Please read about him and not just take what info you got out of an anons post via a Google search where images show up as a brief. No one said he doesn't know how to draw, but he openly admits to tracing and refuses to be regarded as an artist because of that. He likes being called an illustrator because they are known to do these types of tracings due to the fast pace at which these popular illustrations were commissioned. Yes, he can make art without teaching, but that wasn't his main job. His main job was illustrations and he traced over forms of models he'd take photos of himself. Go be elitist about mundane shit elsewhere. You can have fundamentals all you want and still have shittier art than someone who traces and can characterize. You had romans using light cast shadows for at too. Going to call that cheating? So many mediums use this method and yet some anons act as if helpful told shouldn't exist and it's incredibly fucking stupid.

No. 1050544

File: 1643843680261.jpg (383.35 KB, 1764x1882, Maru_ccy-1472592982662688771-2…)

Draw "doodles" that take a 3rd of the time you usually take? The sooner you know how to minmax your output rate, the sooner you can enjoy that stupid number.
That or you could learn to enjoy the barn life where grandeur does not exist.

No. 1050554

Am I the only one who hates when people draw eyebrows like this?

No. 1050578

It's the character design

No. 1050608

Still ugly

No. 1050613

File: 1643848734769.png (301.71 KB, 720x531, Screenshot_20220202-163518_Chr…)

From his baraag

No. 1050619

This literally looks like it was made in those apps that turn photos into "art" with filters.

No. 1050691


looks like this person is just a pedo irrespective of the drawing so ultimately nothing of value was lost from their account being deleted

No. 1050713

>from his baraag
yeah i'm glad he got shit

No. 1050722

All the pedos use that site to hide their drawn CP. Unfortunately need to make an account to find these scrotes statuses.

No. 1050773

This is just the Internet in general now. Everything is a product or a product in waiting. I am in a friend's art Discord where the only real rule is you get one friendly kick followed by a permanent kick for bringing up commissions, adoptables, your ko-fi, etc and that is the closest thing to the old days I'll ever get.

No. 1050776

File: 1643870656772.jpg (581.03 KB, 960x1280, twatter.jpg)

getting tired of decent twitter artists become nothing more than bitchy whiny personalities its practically a plague at this point! its almost like the more political you become, the worse you become at art

No. 1050815

My dumbass thought she was saying Youtube people

No. 1050821

Based. People crying about artists using pre-made brushes and textures, 3D posing dolls and other shortcuts are usually just coping because they don't know how to use those tools for their own benefit and too autistic to learn. I gained a massive motivation boost with art when I realized that I can focus on creating actual expressive art instead of being stuck at drawing each pearl and frill by hand or figuring out light directions. It has the same energy as all the crab artists who brag about not using reference images and consider it cheating and tracing.

No. 1050825

>it has the same energy as artists who brag about not using reference
It really doesn’t… it doesn’t “have the same energy” completely different things

No. 1050845

>its practically a plague at this point!
Only if you follow 17 year olds. Watch them regret that shit in a few years or get sick of twitter negativity and desperately try to rebrand like nothing happened.

No. 1050856

imagine tweeting this much about a phantom group of people and admitting it’s due to sheer jealousy. rent free kek

No. 1050952

File: 1643894619967.png (46.86 KB, 752x334, Capture.PNG)

I'm not a fan of Vivzie's work but I get why she and others are deciding to make and fund shorts and cartoons themselves instead of trying to pitch it to a studio and have the image or meaning changed dramatically.

Like I get that it's cheaper and faster blah blah blah but I hate seeing cartoons look and be carbon copies of each other. There has to be a way to at least compromise on something but it seems like studios don't want to do that.

No. 1050953

I hope more people are able to achieve what she has, I love seeing high quality western cartoons. It'd be incredible to see more small studios succeed.

i like Vivzie and i think that most of the hate towards her is jealously tbh but if you don't like her that's ok, to each their own

No. 1050955

she may get support on twitter but ultimately, unless she's super super talented, tweeting this way will hurt her career

No. 1050988

I can see why people latch onto her work. I wish it would slide into obscurity, it's still pretty cringe and I wished the benchmark for indie animation online wasn't…that.

No. 1051013

> incredible to see more small studios succeed.
This is why I kinda wanted to support Ethan Becker’s show he’s coming out- I like to see the opportunity of having more creators do stuff without company involvement and succeed. But I’m also a little hesitant as well

No. 1051019

It's okay because for twatter being a depressed h8terrrr is totally cool and quirky. Fuck those dumb cringy bitches.

No. 1051032

I don't like vivziepop or her work because it's just not my style at all but I admire her for achieving something plenty of people failed at. It's not at all a case like High Guardian Spice where someone got an enviable chance simply due to nepotism and used that opportunity only to make something soulless and uncharismatic nobody outside of her immediate friend group would enjoy. Vivzie's success can be attributed to resilient work and pushing her limits and she's a great role model for aspiring indie animators and all of the salt against her is a terminal case of the jealous crab sickness.

No. 1051084

sorry for the oncoming sperg but im so sick of this normalized entitled as fuck and defeatist/complainer attitude that is so prominent with online artists nowadays, especially in terms of anything related to social media for artists or the "instagram algorithm".

if i see one more artist cry and whine on their stories or posts about low engagement or how the algorithm hates artists or guilttripping their followers to boost their posts I'm going to lose my mind, because it is these same terminal-whiners who in the same breath they bitch about apps like Instagram and Twitter "hurting artists", they refuse to do jack-shit to adapt, improvise, or overcome

take for example the countless amount of artists with their panties in a bunch online upset over the rise of TikTok and Instagram Reels, who would rather post dozens of story rants or posts whining or fearmongering about the algorithm and how it'll hurt their art, or about how "making reels is so hard, im an artist, not a video maker!", when they could instead be using that time to figure out how to make these features and the algorithm actually work for them.

if they put nearly as much effort into actually trying to turn their artwork into consumable content people actually interact with or the apps actually boost, maybe they'd get what they bitch so much about not having. but it is way easier for artists to just sit on stories crying about low engagement and likes on their posts rather than work to improve their art or actually attempt to turn one of those automatic procreate timelapses into some quick reel to just try. at least make an attempt.

anybody who is worth their salt and knows basic shit about social media and where trends are headed right now will say it: short form video content is here to stay, and is only getting bigger. refusing to learn something new or try or adapt just because "tiktok stupid" or "I'm an artist, not ___" is just setting yourself up for failure. these people are supposed to be creatives, right? think out of the fucking box for once.

No. 1051093

As one anon said a handful of replies ago in this thread, most hobbyist artists are lazy but want attention. They want to sit on a chair or on their bed all day and draw for themselves, but they want the same results as professional artists. They want to draw with no obligations or worries but want to be as good as a professional, they want to sit all day playing animal crossing but want commissions and money just like a professional. But bingo, they don't want to put the effort in for those. They want results, numbers, whatever handed to them without a single drop of effort on their part other than 40 shitty OC doodles and a half done ugly piece of fanart.

No. 1051160

File: 1643914506303.jpg (380.98 KB, 1080x910, Screenshot_20220203-095909_Twi…)

I hate NFTs but at least these don't look as bad as the monkeys

No. 1051162

This looks like something you could make on the most generic picrew possible

No. 1051174

Wouldn't be surprised if they were made on picrew and then just sold as is. It's not like cryptobros do source checking.

No. 1051276

Nonas need help, why my shading looks good when I squint my eyes dose it mean I should blend more? Tone correction? Darker shades? Anyone have any clue help an idiot out

No. 1051346

>It's not at all a case like High Guardian Spice where someone got an enviable chance simply due to nepotism

oh worm what's the tea on Raye Rodriguez? i always wondered how he was chosen to become a showrunner, he wasn't even a popular tumblr artist like Noelle Stevenson

No. 1051377

I don't think there's any definite proof of nepotism regarding HGS but it's right there on the screen clear as day. It's a show nobody asked for, produced by a company supposedly catering towards the deeper weeb audiences than those who are satisfied with the selection on Netflix and thus very critical of "western" shows, by a creator without anything under her belt and a script riddled with problems regarding pacing, character development, storyboarding and above all the plot that went all over the place.

Of course it could've simply been a diversity hire sort of deal since they centered the marketing around their "super diverse cast" but seeing how Raye is a complete no-name prior to HGS someone at Crunchyroll had to know her and pulled a couple of strings to get her middle school fantasy webcomic animated. You don't just walk to the Crunchyroll HQ and ask them to spend a pretty penny on your vanity project.

No. 1051382

Adjust the dpi! 300-350 should be good

No. 1051412

Look just the fact that none of Vivzie's shows have obvious self insert characters on them like High Guardian Spice does already makes her works greatly superior to most indie shows by a mile. I hate self inserts in shows with a fucking passion.

No. 1051421

At this point I can understand why the animation/visuals for an adult comedy wouldn't be good, I sympathize with artist working on these shows most of the time. Can't say the same for the writers of these shows though, because most of the jokes and humor suck ass. What happens in that department?

No. 1051450

Same, and I'm not a fan of Vivzie's stuff. Self-insertion is such a narcissistic cringe zoomer thing, I hate it when people can't tell a story or enjoy something without having to see themselves in it, and I kind of hate that it's so huge in most media right now.

No. 1051482

people talk about the algorithm the same way our ancestors used to talk about spirits, it's kinda funny. You really just have to trick it/learn to adapt to it, it can be hit or miss sometimes but when it hits it hits.

No. 1051483

Does anyone know of some art communities that don't see studies as the bane of their artistic existence? Do you find studies helpful?

No. 1051503


/ic if you can tolerate assholes

No. 1051514

I've tried ic but their cocks speak more than their efforts. I do still check there for artbooks and processes though.

No. 1051515

NTA but are there any actually talented artists in /ic/? Every time I try to go there and someone is actually posting their work it's absolute beginners posting their chicken scratches and drawings traced from anime screenshots or furries. And all of them are coomers.

No. 1051523

they posted a thread about why HGS sucked and it was largely because of budgeting issues according to them.


it was posted a while ago but it does come off as an attempt to downplay the show's shortcomings. Yes the show had a short budget but it stll doesn't excuse every other issue the show had… mainly that it had a mature content warning yet the characters swore like they were just learning how for the first time and that was about the most "mature" thing about the show.

what would have been an okay netflix kid's show is a horrible weeb bait "anime" for mature audiances.

No. 1051532

Their justification for the show's results being "low budget" is just fucking hilariously ridiculous. Look no further than Vivzie's Helluva Boss. You don't have to like it or like her but it's LEAGUES better than HGS while being pretty much an indie or near indie show. Budget isn't a problem if you know how to execute something well.

The problem with HGS to me stems back from when the announcement trailer came out. The team talked on and on about how the show had "so much heart in it" and how "unique" it was and that it would be telling stories that "no other show ever told". They were lifting the show up so so much but failed to do the most basic thing: tell us the premise. HGS ended up being an unholy fusion of the new She-ra with Steven universe and a bootlegged Little Witch Academia, and that's not a budget problem. HGS' biggest problem is its atrocious writing.

tldr, the team on HGS were so busy thinking about their sjw bullcrap that they forgot how to write an actually good show.

No. 1051545

No amount of money could've saved that shit writing, blaming the budget is an age-old excuse to evade responsibility. You could make a compelling story with stick figures if the premise and execution were good. The problem with HGS wasn't even a rushed story, but the priorities the staff making decisions had. It was an endless amount of characters dropping exposure instead of doing or showing things, character motivations being nonsensical and of course the notorious identity discourse without a lick of subtlety that wouldn't break the immersion. I know this has been beaten to death but if you really wanted a trans character arc there are so many other, more elegant ways to handle it in a fantasy world than older self-insert teacher grooming a young boy into trooning out by a fucking transitioning magic spell just because his dad wanted him to man up. Even if you agree with trans shit that was probably the most unironically problematic way to write representation.

And it's not even the preachy "SJW shit" that really ruined it, it was because during those scenes none of the characters were likable to the point you would have felt sympathetic towards them and every exchange sounded unnatural and phoned in, breaking the flow of the story every time it happened. I think the main problem with the creators was ultimately their own hubris and combined with that, their lack of perspective. They just wanted to make a bunch of scenes from the masturbatory ideas they had without constructing a coherent story out of them.

No. 1051554


each time i hear a western animator/show writer under a big company name saying "ohhh i've been working on this story for years and pitched it many times but no studio wanted to take it" i instantly deem said show as garbage.

the only good thing about high guardian spice was slime boy. and that's because his voice acting is so fucking bad it's good. if hgs was about slime boy it would be 10x better.

No. 1051556

Pretty much this.

No. 1051564


I know she says not to compare it to anime because HGS is a cartoon but anime is literally cartoon in Japanese so I'm gonna ignore that complaint.
There are quite a few examples of shows with low budgets that are still remembered and loved to this day like utena, kill la kill(back when the studio was pretty new), sailor moon, and I think Panty and Stocking if I'm not wrong.
There are ways to make budgeted animation look cool and intriguing with even still shots alone.
I can't talk much about writing since I'm nor completely sure how you'd navigate that on a budget(they were given less time to correct the script and develop things) but In Utena and Kill la Kill there were moment where it was a still shot with just the characters talking and I still had a good time watching it.

Long story short; I think High Guardian Spice is just shit and it's hard to believe the excuses made for it.

No. 1051575

All the good artists from /ic/ have long since left. @y_naf, @Thdark101 and @vetyyr all used to be regulars, but once you're a decent artist /ic/ offers nothing to you

No. 1051626

I gave up learning blender and i feel so clear headed right now… it was haunting me for the past 6 months that i felt stagnated and couldn’t do shit but procrastinate and everytime i try to learn something i got headaches. It had so many steps to it and some i didn’t even understand the purpose. I might pick it up later in life but damn it feels so good to just focus on art for now

No. 1051792

File: 1643957712692.jpg (115.49 KB, 828x845, FKobgRIUUAAZlL4.jpg)

Real tired of Live Laugh Love takes like these.

No. 1051819

it's almost always the popular artists who also say "uplifting" garbage like this

No. 1051850

>It's fine to be in art limbo because you have 5 consistent fans and like, 100 invisible ones. :)
>No you should not come to the conclusion that something is wrong and that flopping is a cycle which you need to break.

No. 1051946

File: 1643978371744.png (485.52 KB, 578x746, (you).png)

No. 1051952

18 y/o creators with a published book and 100K followers: don't you folx worry i'm a rarity most people don't succeed until they're 40 you are valid tee hee

No. 1051971

fuck you for posting this stupid pic again

No. 1052011

Honestly it shows their priorities are having followers above all else

No. 1052074

Has me cackling every fucking time.

No. 1052131

you're easily amused

No. 1052207

I can list at least 10 different anime that does part or all of what HGS does and better. If you have to talk about how "so much heart was put into it" (implying other shows don't have that) or how "unique" (implying other shows can't be unique in their own right) it is, it is probably neither of those things.

The fact that Crunchyroll is an anime website should have been the first warning that the writing team was in for an uphill battle especially considering the show looks more like steven universe or she-ra than having an anime aesthetic at least.

The only "good" men on the show are either effeminate or trans (The Professor and Snapdragon) while every other "masculine" guy reads like they're plucked from a mgtow or incel subreddit and even then it isn't convincing it's like the writing team has never spoken to a guy that wasn't trans or effeminate in their life, the "bullying" Amarillys does to Sage is low-tier at best, the professor (who is very clearly a self-insert) explains that he is trans in the most elementary school way possible not once, but twice and the first time to a character that information isn't even relevant to (the explanation should have just been to snapdragon), the show's plot is rushed yet too slow at the same time, the voice acting is atrocious, the argument for new magic vs old magic is only said but we're never explained why new magic is actually bad or dangerous, and the most glaring thing of all is that they say the show is made for "mature audiances" yet it is written with the same level of writing as She-Ra or Steven Universe.

It would have been an okay netflix kids show or even an okay children's anime that was taking it's shot on crunchyroll, but overall it was just awful. The only people who actually enjoyed the show are SJWs who watch literally nothing but children's media. Budget could have helped some of these issues, but overall there was no saving grace or silver lining to the story.

RWBY at its start was pretty low budget (you could literally tell the main character from a background character because background characters are shadow people low budget) and the writing was stale or bad at times in the first two seasons and episodes were only 10 - 15 minutes each. The show made up for its low budget by managing to hook an audience with good character design, the launch trailer was an actual trailer (or series of them rather) that focused on the main four characters, actually appealing to the anime market and leaning into common anime tropes, and above all just having characters people just enjoyed watching. It was low budget but had enough of a silver lining that people wanted more of it. HGS? No one wants more of it.


This. The reality is that it is a grind and that a lot of people actually don't succeed until they're in their 30s - 50s. It's better to acknowledge that being 20 with 100k followers and a book is a rarity than pretending it is an obtainable goal for everyone and that if you haven't made it by that point then you're just doing something wrong. Too many artists have unrealistic goals and expectations when it comes to followers and engagement and a lot of your followers will lurk or not always engage with your content for different reasons. If you have 200k followers you will not get 200k likes every time you post something or even 100k, you may get closer to 20k or 10k per post if that.

but if you stop creating because you don't get the engagement you either need to re-align your priorities in why you want to create or acknowledge that you just aren't going to make it and give some excuse about how it is the algorithm and not the fact that you barely created because you never got the validation you wanted and complained and guilt-tripped what followers you did have and blamed them for your lack of success

No. 1052211

This. I feel it's very important to stress how you shouldn't be basing your worth on your follower count, a lot of artists get sucked into the social media game and feel they've failed entirely if their posts don't perform well metrics-wise. I've seen amazing artists go with only a couple of dozen likes because they're not playing the algorithm or whoring themselves out with viralbait like drawing anthropomorphized internet browsers and sucking up to more popular creators. Internet popularity is fickle anyway, one day people just find something new and forget about you leading to a dwindling and eventually disappearing fanbase.

No. 1052279

how do you deal with not getting too attached to a work? i'll draw something, but dont want to post it because i get worried about tracers and other art theft. it's silly because you can't really stop it and there are tons of other artists to steal from, but i keep thinking about it.

No. 1052328

it's ok anon you're not that good. nobody cares about ur dumb art to be tracing and ''stealing'' it.

No. 1052378

I read some of the replies in the HGS' writer's tweet and his justification regarding the writing was basically "you can't write well if you have bad pay which is directly connected to the budget we had" ah yes, tell that to all fanfiction writers on AO3 who write multiple chapter fics FOR FREE or multiple webcomic artists on webtoon and tapas who write (and draw) comics FOR FREE

No. 1052447

praying for you anon, hope you get over your putting down others on an image board to make you feel better about yourself phase.

honestly i would still post anon because if it happens, it happens. the art community rallies against tracers but i feel like you gotta be real dumb nowadays to try and trace other's work. it's okay to feel worried about your work getting stolen but i don't think it should prevent you from posting.

No. 1052543

File: 1644025321749.png (19.82 KB, 171x171, 1587293481553.png)


i'm not putting down anyone, but unless you're a popular artists which obviously requires having a ton of followers, you shouldn't give a fuck about others ''tracing'' your work. it's not worth it. that post just really gave of 0 followers art acc posting anime floating heads and putting a do not copy watermark over lol

No. 1052545

Put a big fat watermark on everything, especially original stuff. Watermarks can seem pretentious at first but in this oversaturated climate it's justified to be cautious.

No. 1052554

>posting a persona reaction image
>"i'm not putting down anyone"
>literally just said 'no one cares about your dumb art'
>implying that caring about your personal art getting traced only matters if you got tons of followers

you must be over 18 to be here

No. 1052571

File: 1644028562443.jpg (604.98 KB, 2048x1568, this_u.jpg)


>le epic greentext

uh oh p-persona! must be like 12 right?! eksdee!
it IS dumb, nobody cares about your art when you're a nobody, and that's just how it works on social media and irl. putting watermarks looks retarded af, you literally look like picrel when you do so. just post your art, try to become relevant, continue. if someone traces? good, you're becoming relevant. someone steals? well i hope you're making more of your own art than a stealer can. like c'mon grow up a bit

No. 1052579

You’re all ridiculous, even if someone traced your art the art piece can always be traced back to you since youre the original. And its not gonna happen in the first place unless you’re in weeb twitter circles

No. 1052596

I lost all of my will to create art lately what do you artfags do to get back into it? It feels like such a fruitless endeavor

No. 1052599

seething this much over watermarks kek you sound like a bpdfag, literally who cares if an amateur wants to watermark their sparkly ocs.

No. 1052603

I tend to ask close friends to give me requests since drawing for other people sometimes gives me a motivation boost, but maybe that's just me.

No. 1052604

Look at professional artists work, no i’m not masochistic it actually makes me want to work harder

No. 1052607

I usually watch speedpaints of artists I like. It gives me the drive to start making something too.

No. 1052612


Watermarks are tricky because if it's too invasive it CAN ultimately be disruptive to the artwork itself. This is a problem many newbie artists have with digital art in general. They fear more about the art being stolen itself rather than how they can protect their artwork while still having a cohesive watermark. Not saying it's not unnecessary as the current art market is oversaturated to hell and back, but that it can definitely be worked into the artwork much more organically.


That's usually my queue for knowing I'm a bit burnt out and need to try something different. I'd suggest doing a study you never tried before or browsing speedpaints/videos of artists that inspire you. It can really help bring your motivation back.

No. 1052616

Thank you for gracing us with your opinion, tracer-chan. I hope you find people reselling your work on pinterest and using them for their wattpad covers.

No. 1052619

The way to not get too atached to your art is by just making more art, including smaller stuff like doodles and quick sketches, comcempt thumbnails of anything that comes to your head, that way art becomes more of a common activity for you and doesn't feel like a "rarity that must be protected at all costs". If someone steals your art you just know you can just not care and keep making more of it.

Not wanting to post just cuz some twelve year old with a bucket tool might trace it is kinda sad tho. Social meadia has time stamps, nonna, you can literally prove it's yours. Relax.

>le epic greentext
nonna this is an image board

No. 1052654

thanks nonas. i'll just practice not giving a fuck i guess and just focus on drawing. >>1052543 does have a point. wasn't put down by it so no worries.

No. 1052676

But why shouldn't you care? Even if you're not a big artist, it still would suck to have someone copy the work that you actually put time into.

No. 1052699

NTA but thoughts about speed, quality, luck, and not wanting to draw what your followers expect also exist so I'm hard pressed to see why a fear of tracers stands out in particular.

No. 1052734

I end up hating every piece I do as commission. It's good that people are willing to pay for it but I don't think it's worth it and I feel like a scammer.

No. 1052751

Then why are you taking commissions in the first place?

No. 1052754

people need to make a living anon

No. 1052757

Holy fuck I'm feeling this right now. It feels soulless compared to my personal art, but they always seem happy with it. Still, I feel like I'm holding something back

No. 1052799

i feel like this too lmao it's cause i can't afford to dump 16 hrs into one commission the way i would for personal/portfolio work so all the commissions i've done look cheap to me

No. 1052875

Do you guys use one or two monitors when working?

No. 1052887

Same, but I always make examples in an easier to draw style, so people can know beforehand what they are going to get and how different it is from my usual stuff. Is there no way for you to price your commissions accordingly?

No. 1052981

Money, anon. I know a lot of popular artists treat commissions as an occasional thing but I actually pay pretty essential stuff with them.

No. 1053072

Two, and I don't think i'll ever be able to go back to one, too comfortable. Bigger screen is where I work and smaller is references, or youtube vids I put in the background for work.

No. 1053241

Her family's rich, like owning multiple mansions rich

No. 1053352


i use my display tablet to draw (obviously) and have a video/refs/a break timer up on my monitor split to either side of the screen

No. 1053456

File: 1644112981700.png (231.83 KB, 582x898, LHA.png)

So Genshin impact fans are trying to cancel abbystea, a popular russian Genshin impact fan artist for the grave sin of being homophobic(she made fun of fujos and said BL shippers are just porn-sick misogynists) and trans/enbyphobic(she made fun of people with non-binary pronouns)
fucking hell, this is all it takes for be attacked by these subhumans

No. 1053461

11K likes for a callout post over an artist expressing a trivial opinion? LOL.

No. 1053462

File: 1644113423984.jpg (89.83 KB, 676x862, based.jpg)

To be honest she just sounds based

No. 1053463

She sounds based as fuck.

No. 1053469

>trying to pin gendershit on america

I don't get this. the pronoun bullshit is just as bad/worse in more woke countries like canada (and many others)

No. 1053475

she must have seen the genshin thread here kek. i dont give a shit about a fictional character's perceived sexuality, but good on her for triggering them. though anons might argue otherwise, fujoshi are so unbearable. even my sister who is into bl cannot stand other fujoshi.

No. 1053484

america absolutely has colonized the world with their sjw tumblr bullshit. the whole nonsense spread from there

No. 1053485

From the YandereDev Kiwifarms thread, I just think it's hilarious. I always heavily disliked Mulberry's art so this made me chuckle

No. 1053487

weird because people usually complain about americans being too right wing- being against abortion, too pro gun, too religious, voting for trump etc. pick one

No. 1053489

who tf says that? i'm not american and in my country everyone says americans are to blame for this whole sjw bullshit because they do nothing but complain about first world problems and scream on twitter with a hamburger in one hand all day.

No. 1053499

>who tf says that?

uh, everyone? I'm american and never once in my entire life have I heard another westerner complain america was too left in any way. also a lot of the bullshit concepts that modern gender theory is built on was made up by weirdos like john money who were not american, he moved to america later but wasn't from here.

No. 1053502

Americans think their country is "too right-wing" but to the rest of the world yall are left as fuck.

No. 1053510

Yes but non americans dont keep up with those kek they keep up with hollywood movies and what sjw celebrities have to say, thats how it spread

No. 1053517

Friend, buddy, pal, at least in my country in latam, everyone is sick of USA’s tranny dick sucking antics and how everything has to be politically correct, hell, not too long ago everyone was flabbergasted because of some Coca-Cola Ted talk about “How to be less white”.

No. 1053538

For other democratic western countries they’re considered too right and for conservative countries they’re too left, no shit

No. 1053543

Oh my god can we stop this politics garbage and go back to the milk, nobody gives a shit if the USA is left right up or down, on the internet most westerners come off as ridiculous left wing sjw garbage regardless of the country of origin.

No. 1053573

Based russian oneshota enjoyer

No. 1053578

She’s hilarious

No. 1053615

Abby’s art is literally godtier and her Venlisa stuff is absolutely beautiful these fujos can keep seething she’s here to stay.

No. 1053627

she triggered aydens, tifs, enbys and the faghags
a deadly combination to piss off

No. 1053637


No. 1053639

words don't mean anything

No. 1053641

you misspelled based

No. 1053661

I love seeing the delusional faghags in the comments insisting certain characters are gay and that it would "fit" better
were faghags always this delusionla

No. 1053677

On one hand it’s based that Abby is making fun of these insufferable nutcases because they honestly deserve it , but on the other hand if Abby is actually homophobic and transphobic than that’s disappointing

No. 1053682

> but on the other hand if Abby is actually homophobic and transphobic than that’s disappointing
not the heckin trannies and faggots

No. 1053683

two retards fighting . jpeg

No. 1053723

no one fucking cares. Women are always expected to be super progressive and supportive of groups that can freely show how much they hate women with no repercussion. It's time to be more selfish

No. 1053725

>if woman is transphobic that’s disappointing
Do you know where you are?

No. 1053733

I got private quote rt'd and lost a couple followers after saying jokingly tweeting a BL ship bored me in another fandom. These fujoshis are really zealous to defend the honor of fictional bussy bandits.

No. 1053734

Gays deserve to have their support revoked after abusing it and acting like deranged retards for a decade. Troons are troons, so they shouldn't be supported or enabled through any measure.

No. 1053742

They really can't read emotions without "/sarcasm" or "/joking". Not literal "animals", but "mad/crazy/wild" people who are ready to sue their relatives. She called the angry fujos misogynists, but they show it as "she enjoys hetero ship and gets upset because of hate comments = she is homophobic".

No. 1053747

Who the fuck wants to make an art Twitter that's in fandoms no less with all the deranged retards running around? Is it possible to avoid that if you choose not to engage with conversations at all and just post your art?

No. 1053756

Exactly on twitter it’s just post and don’t interact. It’s honestly sad but they’ve mDw it that way

No. 1053757

File: 1644141677147.png (603.88 KB, 1080x1293, IMG_20220206_110104.png)

that thread is funny bc apparently the abbystea person also scammed tons of people out of money before remaking, but for some reason thats at the very end of the callout thread so everyone just focuses on the retarded shit

No. 1053758

File: 1644141943937.jpg (37.56 KB, 640x352, a1857fac68bfed19faae558f49a6ae…)

This really is picrel

No. 1053761

File: 1644142677738.png (333.07 KB, 590x765, _.png)

No. 1053767

don't interact and block people who fandom discourse. posting to twitter and immediately muting the post is actually great for your mental health

No. 1053781

File: 1644144000052.jpeg (24.6 KB, 596x334, AE0C0648-14A5-4638-904D-5069A7…)

I’m a retard and don’t understand shading and lighting. I can only do anatomy and landscapes but my figures always look so flat. What are some tips on understanding those fundamentals.
Everything I’ve read up on it doesn’t compute in my retard brain.

No. 1053797

Are you daft? She literally made comments glorifying CCP for banning the portrayal of homosexuality and called people who ship gay ships diseased while drawing coomer male gaze f/f art and hiding behind that, it's not a case of broken phone because that's literally what she's been saying. This is a very deserved callout for once, the bitch is openly homophobic and scams people out of money while making edgy jokes in Russian thinking people won't find out due to the language barrier. Jesus, the crabs ITT go crazy over the smallest crumb of forced Sakimichan drama accusing her of being a """pedo""" for drawing an aged up character yet this legitimately awful shit is "based" to them. She literally thinks MTF trannies are hot too so to me your redpilled Russian princess sounds like another case of NLOGs drawing oneshota, sexualized pretty girls and lesbian porn to lick cumbrain boots.

Come to think about it, is there even any proof of her being a woman? Wouldn't be the first time someone of her profile faked being female to evade blame and seem more interesting in the vast ocean of male artists. Someone like her (the "MILF Minnie" guy) was outed for lying about being a woman just a few months ago.

No. 1053806

>called people who ship gay ships diseased
well its not untrue, its not gay men making those ships

No. 1053811

>drawing coomer f/f ships and piles of oneshota
>yaass bitch so progressive and hot!!!!
>openly trashing m/m ships and slandering the women who ship them
>fucking right this bitch is #based, fujos btfo'd
I wonder which chromosome could be at work here kek

No. 1053818

>fujos more diseased than fags
anon please

No. 1053824

>reee anyone who disagrees with me is a scrote
Nta but Abby is massively based, sorry you have fujo brainrot

No. 1053833

I was like you but i decided to get a notebook while listening to videos on skillshare, yt etc etc and wrote down everything i thought was important, writing while listening helped me easily digest information and not get distracted by other things

No. 1053836

Actually americans are both of those awful things! Incredible! I've never heard about social justice as understood by genderspecials before I joined tumblr in 2013 or so. All of those people were amerifats pushing their understanding of racial, class, sex issues on the rest of the world. This is a problem until now (anons have been talking about it on /ot/, like the recent post about dreadlocks suddenly being racist despite being considered a subculture staple in the European country she lived in). You cannot have any discussion without amerifats coming at you, clearly thinking that the entire world works like the USA.

No. 1053838

Reminds of a similar case with an iraqi girl who posts aot art i forgot her name… but she said something that ticked them off (if an anon would be kind to remind me of her name and what happened) and they outed her as gay to her conservative muslim family very dangerous, it doesn’t stop at being kicked out. Anyways she had similar statements to say kek

No. 1053841

Can confirm, she's always been a scammer in russian art community. Her first call-out happened when people called her out for tracing, can't believe anyone would spend money on her commissions after finding that out. Dgaf about 'muh not-sjw tweets', she is a terrible scammer.

No. 1053842

I thought she was drawing based m/f stuff with hot young men. Cringe, she's just as obsessed with shitty fetishes like anyone else

No. 1053844

Didn't she get outed to her family by a bunch of puritan antis for drawing a BL ship they didn't like? Or am I confusing two different stories?

I honest to god called it the first time I saw her art, shit looks traced as hell with the amount of style shifting, composition not matching the amount of detail, either claw-like or extremely detailed hands etc. Nice to hear confirmation for this.

No. 1053846

Idk i think so i remember it being a big controversy for her it happened in early 2021 i think and her art was all aot… but she did switch to her mother tongue and barely spoke english after the whole ordeal very similar situation

No. 1053850

Do you guys mean Columbo? Idk what happened since I don’t follow her but I recall people talking about this

No. 1053853

Yesss, thank you nonny thats her

No. 1053871

Iirc from when it was discussed here, she did not get outed and they already knew.

No. 1053877

Think of stuff as 3d always, if you draw good anatomy you have to figure out how that body work in 3d form and then imagine you are the lighting source and shade like everything you barely see in the picture or supposed to not see gets darker the further it is from you.
This is just so your retarded mind can grasb what the fuck you are doing at first, always start simple.

No. 1053890

wait columbo is female? based, for some reason i assumed it was a moid

No. 1053896

Really? I think its a female, Her drawings are clean and pretty they’re not really scrotey so i always assume it’s a she Idk tho

No. 1053904

i think its the name

No. 1053907

She’s a fakeboi iirc.

No. 1054022

About Abby's tea (aconitea). >Twitterfags are retards for claiming she is homophobic (girl has been drawing a lot of shoujo-ai arts for a long time and is into yaoi too, just hates the unhinged part of fujo comm) when the only thing she is against is trannies (which is based), useless pronouns and western retarded cancel culture (that always comes out of nowhere).

>They decided to dug up her anti-tranny twitter likes only now (surprisingly enough), when last year the same Genshit community was accusing her of being homophobic because she got tired of unhinged fujos on genshin twt (No grduge against fujos, the fujos i am talking about are the ones who went full fakeboi mode or are hating women and shitting on hetships instead of just sitting and enjoying your own thing).

Also, the 'china commie support ' tweet is literally nothing but a joke.

>However, that does not mean she is a good person. She is a well-known tracer and scammer. Just a few years ago she was harrassed and bullied in Russian artist community for taking A HUGE CHUNK of commissions and leaving people without any updates, just straight-up ghosting them for 7 months. Instead of returning the money (let alone doing anything), she just disappeared and re-appeared under a new nickname which you know now, later switching to Twitter.

People should stop cancelling others over twitter likes or ship choices, they should finally start cancelling people for long-term scam and tracing instead. so tired of this shit

No. 1054024

Why are you greentexting like that

No. 1054030

File: 1644165069297.png (120.43 KB, 552x401, FKglJ7_XwAcq9tT.png)

Just gotta love both the "she was only joking" and the "s-she draws f/f so she can't be homophobic!!!" defense. Kinda like shuwu claiming she can't be homophobic because she's totally ~bisexual~ and her genuinely bigoted views are just ~jokes~ wokies are too bluepilled to understand. If she's tweeting takes like "I'm glad all characters in Genshin are heterosexual, glory to the CCP" because they banned homosexuality from the media and spergy shit like pic related then she seriously has no business whining about "unhinged fujos". Also, integrate.

No. 1054033

she's aboustetly right though, not one thing she posted that in that screenshot was wrong

No. 1054039

It sure smells of balls in here

No. 1054041

So what? she’s literally right, all of you trying to support this cancellation of her read like angry twitterfags who are mad she won’t draw your stupid yaoi ships. This site has gone to shit if you people actually want to cancel a woman for “homophobia” against the poor oppressed gay fictional men.

No. 1054042

God I don't care if she's homophobic or not, she's a scammer. Making fun of fujos is always appreciated though, even by fujos themselves.

No. 1054045

Jesus you really can't accept that most of us don't think your get male fetish is anything more then a fetish

No. 1054052

File: 1644166255333.jpg (58.13 KB, 750x628, FKs6IG1WQAoB98Q.jpg)

Okay keep simping for her then, you'll just have to accept that intensely defending someone who draws pedobait straight shota while throwing tantrums about fujos but acting as if her liking sexualized lesbians shields her from being homophobic despite being pleased with a nationwide ban on portraying homosexual relationships actually does make you look like a retarded /pol/ moid who thinks this is his based tradwaifu to be. If she even is a woman, seeing how there's no other proof than her own word and seeing how she has a history of scamming people online I wouldn't count on it. And no, she hasn't said anything critical against troons besides whining about genderspecials and has admitted to thinking traps are hot and having a trans fetish.

Seethe. Nobody's calling her out for "not drawing yaoi ships", people are calling her out for sympathizing with IRL homophobic views simply because it makes her hot mommy fetish ships totally valid.

No. 1054053

This thread is full of twitterfags now jesus christ

No. 1054056

all the Genshin characters look like either kids or teenagers, only about 2 look like their even 16
its not pedobait faghah

No. 1054059

>"forcing me to come to terms that my favorite boy is with a girl… Is homophobia!"
She's based as fuck and you know it, girl.

No. 1054062

Kek sure, if pandering to coomer scrotes while having a spergy meltdown over women ruining your mommy bangmaid hetship is "based" then I guess there's no convincing you otherwise.

No. 1054063

not everyone who dislikes yaoi or hates faggots is a moid ffs. keep seething over her it’s not gonna affect her in any way since she still has a large following despite all of you retards trying to cancel her because “pedo ship” but turning around to ship the same characters with males kek.
It’s literally insane this thread and the genshin thread (shocking) are the biggest examples of this. It literally makes the site unusable the fact that people are actually talking about “transphobia bad” like >>1053677. Cannot believe this is the actual state of Lolcow in 2022.
So any woman who enjoys drawing women or hetshit is pandering to scrotes now? Ok, guess the only way to be a tried and true feminist is to draw twinks banging each other.

No. 1054064

stfu about the yoweez, she's a scammer and a tracer and that's all that matters

No. 1054065

Yeah, I thought I was going crazy.

>simply because it makes her hot mommy fetish ships totally valid.
I think we all know where your problem lays now.

No. 1054066

post proof or fuck off

No. 1054075

>some women like seeing two male guys together
>omggg this site is LITERALLY unusable shaking and crying rn
Look, nobody's telling you to like yaoi/bl/whatever but stop acting like a child and making le ebil fujos into your boogeyman. If for you defending some shitty communist russian scammer that's into trannies, drawing coomer oneshota and jerking it to lesbians then go ahead, you really are "based". I expect you to like regular male coomer artists and their mommy porn then.

No. 1054080

>retard actually thinks that she is pandering to Chinese commies
russia is in an unhinged Chinese-tier propaganda state for many years now and all we can do is just laugh at it because we cant do shit about it. I am happy that you are living in a better place tho with softer mentality! kek

No. 1054083

>"Woman finding lesbians hot is wrong and moidlike!"
>"Women liking faggots is based!"
Kek. Fujos are so delusional.

No. 1054084

Nobody says what she's doing isn't bad, but you're so pathetic about it I rather make fun of you than be angry at her. It's not like my life is ending because some Russian bitch draws porn I've never even seen. Move on.

No. 1054088

>So any woman who enjoys drawing women or hetshit is pandering to scrotes now?
Well, talking about lesbian porn and mommy fetish, most likely, yes. Even this person hasn't been actually confirmed to be woman herself at any point, there are no selfies or any information about her online. Plenty of people lie about their gender anyway, even Zone has bullshitted about being a woman for two decades by now.

No. 1054090

Way to miss the point retard kek
My life isn't ending either, it's just funny that you're calling "based" a woman who's into oneshota that calls other women with a less degenerate fetish deseased.(infighting)

No. 1054092

And what does it change, exactly? What the fuck are you talking about?

No. 1054094

It wasn't me who called her based. But I still could care less what she calls who.

No. 1054097

We're talking about the artist, learn to read anon

No. 1054102

You're literally calling women interested in drawing women or lesbian art scrote pandering while lusting over smut of 2 scrotes. It's stupid. I hate it when fujos keep acting like they're being victims of homophobia while being homophobic to lesbians.

No. 1054103

> a woman who's into oneshota that calls other women with a less degenerate fetish deseased.
>less degenerate
Implying 90% of fujos aren’t into shota shit kek, guess it’s only okay when they do it?

No. 1054109

>Argues about an artist on lolcow
>I don't care who she calls who! This whole discussion doesn't matter, it's not going to affect her in any way!
Why are you here then

You don't know shit because the vast majority of shota is made by and for scrotes. And yes sexualising males for women's entertainment is better than some coomerbrained woman(?) into trannies and shotas, that's a fact, seethe and dilate.

No. 1054110

In my previous experience the people who center their work around drawing only attractive women in suggestive situations, are obsessed with scrote slanted hetships (such as the notorious mommydom trope in question) to the point they sperg at fujos for ruining their ship, drop homophobic bombs but deflect accusations of homophobia because they draw ultrafemme lesbians holding hands, those people are either moids themselves or attempting to pander to them. It's not like this person is someone "just" drawing hetships, nobody's calling her out for doing that, it was her congratulating a fascist government for installing censorship laws on portraying gay relationships only because that made her ships "more canon" as if this ban was an epic online argument win and not a blatant abuse of human rights happening in real life that made people mad. She never even explained herself or apologized for it and iirc just keeps talking shit about people in Russian so one can assume that she really doesn't give a shit about gay people, all this damage control about it "just being a joke brah she's just against the unhinged ones!" is total and utter bullshit.

Oh, it's you again. Nevermind then.

No. 1054117

There is no point in trying to talk any sense into these types of fujos, they will just go on and on repeating the same shit and accusing anyone who disagrees of being a male or tranny
i’m a fujo and you retards literally make us look so bad

No. 1054129

Really? As a dedicated oneeshota shipper I'm saying the callout is justified and Abbystea is a homophobic piece of shit who's making us all look retarded.

No. 1054134

File: 1644169601367.png (1.38 MB, 3060x1673, twitterisadisease.png)

People started screaming and claiming that this artist is homophobic when her only issue are unhinged, women-hating fujos, which turned out to be the only actual reason why she got canceled. Fuck your Genshit game.

No. 1054135

You all making yuorself look retarded.

No. 1054136

>fetishize mlm relationships
I stopped reading, why are we talking about this again…?

No. 1054138

Good god these screencaps just make her look worse.

No. 1054145

You say that like it’s a bad thing. Anyways what she’s being called out for is dumb, because this did start as some tirade by fujos being mad she didn’t draw venti getting fucked by dudes instead, if she’s actually a scammer or whatever then that would be justified but no one has bothered to post any actual proof of that except word of mouth. Honestly this whole topic is retarded.

No. 1054179

People chose to cancel her only because she didn't draw het ships, which is also the problem of genshin fandom. It's full of crazy fujofags that also hate a lot of Venti-hetero ships and they choose to attack artists all the time, down to posting tweets that they are blocking/canceling everyone who draws hetero ships. How can a shitty soulless game attract so many people? Not the first time that happened.

No. 1054181

genshin has had such a net negative on humanity its insane. fuck that game and fuck venti

No. 1054182

What does she mean by "when you are around your bf you can't imagine any other woman"? Is this some retarded gimpgirl shit or does she mean husbando?

No. 1054186

Because it's shitty and soulless, so it makes it shilled everywhere. The designs are also appealing so retards stick to that like flies to shit. I never played the game myself but like that one design of that brown pirate looking boy

No. 1054187

>"you are saying it as if it's a bad thing"
Please say sike

No. 1054189

not a single lie in that screenshot

No. 1054197

ngl these make her seem annoying as fuck

No. 1054201

She tried comparing that to the fact that fujoship people keep being angry everytime they see hetship on genshin twitter, this community is unhinged

No. 1054202

You sound like a twitterfag, it's disgusting

No. 1054204

The artist salt thread confirmed to be full of moid /ic/ refugees who were bullied even out of that hell hole. I almost miss the resident twitterfags who saw pedophilia and racism everywhere, even they were more tolerable than 4chan incels.

No. 1054205

Every time a community gets filled with LGBT people and their supporters it becomes unhinged as hell. It's like these people are inherently bad or something

No. 1054207

I'm against racism, pedophilia, and sexism but dislike same sex attracted men (usually bi ones) and TIMs/TIFs and their pickmes. What does that make me?

No. 1054209

Tbh Genshin Impact's character designs are overdesigned shit, but guess what! Overdesigned shit is appealing to dumbass GenZs and braindead weeb artists and those communities are filled to the brim with stupid SJWs. It's just famous because it's Baby's First Gacha and it manages to do an okay job as a Breath of The Wild ripoff so the gacha aspects aren't as obvious as FGO or Arknights, but GI is still one of the most soulless, ugliest fucking games I've ever seen in my life.

No. 1054211

That's why noone takes Genshin art dramas seriously.
>What does that make me?
Right now? Attention whore.

No. 1054212

Lmao same anon, wow how shocking a site with a bunch of women who hate men also hate gay men, shocking! They don’t get a free pass for being faggots, they are usually worse anyways.
Honestly this game has been a more harmful plague than the actual pandemic.

No. 1054214

So it's like Hazbin Hotel but worse and a bad excuse of a video game?

No. 1054216

You only say that because i used "i" in a sentence instead of making it sound vague/third person lmfao

No. 1054221

File: 1644171767827.jpg (223.18 KB, 828x944, hnng.jpg)

Heterosexual Venti is so powerful ngl. What a queen

No. 1054225

If you don't want people calling you tranny then stop acting like a tranny, it's that fucking simple.

All of you retards are forgetting that real faggots and 2d husbandos are two different things.

No. 1054227

Anything is 2d if its on a screen dumbass

No. 1054229

Well, obviously.

No. 1054232

hazbin hotel at least can use its stupid edgyness, genshin doesn't even have that. it tries so hard to have a "lore" and the fans eat it up of course but the lore is like…the most generic fantasy gacha anime game bullshit. why write your own original lore with interesting characters when you can just copy-paste names and mythos from the books of solomon and other biblical demon garbage and add some cute big boobed 'hot mommy' overdesigned anime girls as well as some femboys just like 90% of anime gacha games? genshin impact literally did nothing new. gen zers only like it because they want to fuck the characters and because almost all of them have developed gambling addictions because of the gacha system.

No. 1054234

??? exactly, which is why real faggots are disgusting and deserve no rights

No. 1054236

That's pathetic as shit. I miss when actually good stuff was popular

No. 1054237

File: 1644172073825.jpg (119.39 KB, 899x1247, FKZGfkcWQAUjGZi.jpg)

me and my son

No. 1054242


it's literally just people being all "omg twitter is so bad guys" and then acting just like them but over a different trigger.

No. 1054243

yasss so based and empowering!!! misogynist fujos don't know what they're missing out on!!!

No. 1054246

No. 1054247

Imagine unironically self-interting in a big booba mommy milkers character and calling the scrote you'd like to fuck your son. Shippers are so autistic.

She really likes to act like a victim because someone didn't like her oneeshota shit and other people making up ships is breaking her self-interting immersion or something kek

No. 1054248

I don't like this style but how do Russian artists get so amazing with art fundamentals?

No. 1054249


Same. Anime gacha games are stupid but at least the older popular ones like FGO are aware that they're shit and don't try to pretend that they're some hot new toy. GI tries so fucking hard to make it seem like it's "not like the other gachas" and the fans try to justify it saying "GI is a good gacha game!! At least it has a pity system!" like bitch it's a game with gambling mechanics in it either way just admit you've developed a minor gambling addiction because of anime shit. None of the GI characters are interesting, they all look like cardboard cutouts with the ugliest designs on earth. Seeing the fans trying to discuss its lore on Twitter as if it were "deep and interesting" is so pathetic.

No. 1054250

Even the hetshipper makes the het ships feel like faggotry still LOL

No. 1054289

They actually take the time out of their day to study.

No. 1054290

Many russian artists put a lot of time on studying fundamentals and a good chunk of them went to art schools as well.

No. 1054294


I remember seeing another Russian artist say that some Russian artists will grind to an almost unhealthy degree.

I understand grinding to a degree especially if you want to live off of your art but I sometimes see people say they barely sleep. Their art is well-known and they're making money and everything but I wish some would find a balance so their wrist bone doesn't turn into dust.

No. 1054297

back to twitter with you

No. 1054319

How do I do this without going to art school? I'm a hobbyist but would still like to hone my art skill a lot. Is paying for online art lessons good and if so, where do I start?

No. 1054322

Just dedicate a portion of your day to studying fundamentals of art, anon. Art schools are helpful, but you don't necessarily need to go to one to reach that level of skill. Just be diligent with your studies and focus on learning how certain things work such as how bodies operate, how light and shadow behave etc.

No. 1054327

It's hilarious how she's acting like a proper "LGBT ally" who "escaped her fascist government" on her English media to play a victim harassed by evil gay and lesbian shippers while being a vile bitch on her Russian socials aggressively picking up fights and having meltdowns over people not supporting her mommydom ships. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. If you can't handle the heat maybe don't go all aggro on everyone and then cry bully when people don't appreciate your "jokes" about fascist censorship affecting millions of people.

All in all, summary of her:
>Russian-speaking artist, assumed to be woman despite no proof in form of photos, real name, pretty much anything
>Has a history of scamming people and tracing drawings
>Draws almost exclusively beautiful young women in sexy clothes and suggestive poses and situations
>Only ships m/f and femme f/f and tries to pass it off as being pro-LGB
>Uses a flurry of misogynist slurs in Russian to refer to women
>Obsessed with mommy milkers and oneexshota, a dynamic especially popular with men
>Seethes over fujos and constantly attacks them, plays victim when they retort
>Considers being headcanoned as gay "undeserved" because homosexuality is apparently a punishment
>Draws traps popular with troons such as Felix and admits to having a tranny fetish, has even drawn 2B as a dickgirl
>Sympathizes with CCP censorship "ironically" and makes holocaust jokes
If this isn't a scrote they pass better than any Aiden I've ever come across in my life.

No. 1054332

Nta but all this "go back to twitter" shit is so fucking annoying. If none of you used twitter this random russian mommy milkers artist wouldn't even be discussed right now.

If you're willing to spend money for classes you can try looking up online if there are any russian artists offering some near you? I was lucky enough to have one in the next city, he taught them in his studio and we were about 5-8 people in my age range back then. We mostly drew or painted portraits of models he hired or did still lifes. It doesn't sound like much, but I've learned so much in that short amount of time just by being there 90 minutes each week. Although >>1054322 is right, mindlessly drawing and copying won't get you very far, it's vital to have someone capable around you who can point out your mistakes and suggest ways to correct them. It's hard to notice flaws in your drawings at first and the wrong teacher will just discourage you, but it's important to learn how to be critical of your work

No. 1054349

Stupid quistion now i know shota and lolita is a thing but why you are typeing it "one"shota tried to Google it but nothing came

No. 1054350

Oneeshota means Oneesan x Shota i.e. Big sister x Little boy.

No. 1054352

Russian art schools are brutal but effective

No. 1054362

They ironically sound like some american coomer retard right down to the fetishes very influenced by american weeb circles.. always amuses me to see when some non americans insult the U.S but are still very influenced by american internet culture

No. 1054364

What a cow, bitch absolutely deserves all the twitterfags coming at her. It's not the first time I see russian or chinese artists acting all sweet and innocent uwu while being vile as fuck (even to their followers/commissioners) on their private accounts. And yeah she sounds like a tranny.

No. 1054365

File: 1644177028168.png (41.19 KB, 600x445, _Untitled.png)

You know, I'm starting to agree with anon. Girl acts like I don't have the VOD which says some people take an hour at minimum.

No. 1054387

File: 1644178023594.png (58.37 KB, 745x376, Screenshot 2022-02-06 150001.p…)

Change an image of a person or portrait to greyscale or get one that is already in black and white and do a study of it. You can also do this with art by old masters. For me, I used art by John Singer Sargent and Edmund Blair Leighton. I changed them to black and white/greyscale and did a partial study. Eventually you'll start understand light and shadow more. Marco Bucci's videos are great for learning more about this.

I can never understand Karla's intentions. She wants artists to get paid more but wants them to do NFTs too? I want to believe that she wants to help artists but with her shilling for NFTs, I don't know.

No. 1054397

>But artistsssss, NFTs are like FAFSA but for artists. God knows how much we artists struggle in particular and has created NFTs to give us a hand

No. 1054413

File: 1644178921972.jpeg (441.44 KB, 828x996, 1FA3B76E-B96F-473A-9499-68259B…)

I know NFTs suck ass in many aspects but i’m kind of dumb and don’t really understand how crypto works but don’t artists actually lose money on NFTs?

On the topic of NFTs did you guys see the whole Gumroad drama? A bunch of artists are now leaving the platform and they just keep digging themselves a deeper hole.

No. 1054420

File: 1644179030926.png (126.78 KB, 331x559, BF52BCAB-68C7-44C7-8ADE-786465…)

Samefag, this is regarding to an employee who left due to not wanting to partake in NFTs and Gumroad responded like this to him saying he would no longer be working with them.

No. 1054423

no joke, you could probably make more money faster being a coom or furry artist before making any profit off of an NFT.

Too many assholes are stealing art from my favorite creators and stealing foreign artists accounts to make them too so my disdain for them only grows higher; it feels like the community is up to it's knees in greed and desperation for money, it's honestly pathetic. It's amazing people want to be associated with that.

It'll crash soon and I hope it crashes in the most awful way possible

No. 1054425


The real kicker is that this is the CEO doing all this

No. 1054464


>I know NFTs suck ass in many aspects but i’m kind of dumb and don’t really understand how crypto works but don’t artists actually lose money on NFTs?

To mint an artwork to turn it into an NFT you need to pay, and it's not guaranteed that you'll get that money back. It's similar to gambling in this aspect, or entering a pyramid scheme. For a person to buy your NFT you either need to have some crazy good networking, be rich, be famous/established in the market, or all three.

AKA average people have more chances of losing money trying to enter in the NFT game than actually winning anything. Like manay have said here before, NFTs are playground for the rich and famous only.

No. 1054466

*many, typo

No. 1054472

thanks for explaining anon!

No. 1054496

They even steal from dead people but you won't catch Karla defending those artists the way she defends NFTs. That's why I find it hard to believe she wants to truly help artists like she says. She took this tone in December during the NFT argument and I'm wondering if she's using this >>1054387 to segue it into the next debate. She's in a debate every week. She said that she was going to take a break from social media but it didn't seem to last very long.

No. 1054511

Why is this even a big deal? Surely if they were zealous they'd be publicly shaming you or attacking you? Getting sour over a private qrt just makes you sound sensitive

No. 1054743

The fact that the CEO basically tainted their company's reputation in one day just to own twitter randos (who they shouldn't give a fuck about anyways) would be hilarious if it wasn't so pitiful.

Truly, what was the end goal here? Getting super pissy over someone essentially saying, "lol, no thanks" to NFT plans in a conversation that happened awhile ago to my understanding? Seriously, who is running these social media account nowadays? All you have to do is ignore the people directly pestering you and report any updates/good press for your platform. That's it.

If there's any case of needing to separate your personal and private affairs, it would be this. This is exactly why even some very influential people don't handle their own accounts and have social media managers. If you don't have that self-control, you'll probably say something you really regret.

No. 1054748

Don't know why people are calling her based when its a literal femcel. Embarrassing

No. 1054862

kek lolcow is literally femcel central. you're either new or lost.

No. 1054874

Everyday i love abbystea more and more, based

No. 1054875

No. 1054883

on another note, I find it hilarious that this guy got called out for being a Gumroad user after trying to puff his chest out and proclaim how he never did and never would use the site.

No. 1054901

OK at first she sounded pretty based but if she's a scammer, I don't think so anymore. Also of course it had to be a shotafag.

No. 1054925

Being a shotafag is what I admire her for most. Male trapfags can go die but she’s incredibly, indescribably based. Female coomers will rule the world someday(hey, kill yourself)

No. 1054929

Same anon we need to reclaim that shit, males shouldn’t be allowed to look at them

No. 1054939

why is a company posting gotcha discord screenshots like they're on stan twitter embarrassing shit

No. 1054942

something very wrong with you both

No. 1054945

Seek help, shotafags are disgusting no matter if fujo, yumejo, female or male

No. 1054951

no coomer is based or deserves rights least of all degenerates who can only get off to cartoon drawings of little boys

No. 1054967

I cringed really fucking hard reading that caption. CEOS typing like a sassy adolescent trying to seem cool to the masses fucking hell. Disgusting.

No. 1054983

She's a scammer, anon.
I couldn't care less what she's into but she seems like any other retarded twitter artist who can't be assed to keep their softcore separate and limited to people willing to view their ara-ara big sis x little boy fetish crap.

No. 1055014

Probably because they're actual typical twitterfags, wouldn't surprise me

No. 1055022

Shotacon is cool and all, but Abby is just a shitty person and should be held accountable(pedo bait)

No. 1055102

If it was fujos they'd have get violently gang raped by older men
its degenerate but still better then most faghag shit

No. 1055103

*accountable for being based

No. 1055111

? girl what

No. 1055163

do you guys put your pronouns in profiles? do you use fake ones?
asking because i'm trying new sites and everything it's filled with retarded pronouns xenogenders and neopronouns and theybies, i want to talk to them and pronouns wouldn't be a problem but they're clearly defensive about it and i don't want to be included in genderspecial discourse
>fake pronouns
i've seen anons say they use she/he they/them any so people don't nag you

No. 1055175

I put she/her only and nobody's ever given me shit
I've never seen anyone demand you need to be a she/theybie

No. 1055208

No i don’t, mainly because i don’t associate with these types of people if you put a mask on it’ll eventually slip especially if you plan to talk to them… so why put yourself in that situation?

No. 1055209

Never. Why cater to degenerates and useful idiot libfems? Pronouns are for attention whores and their enablers.

No. 1055219

I've been on twitter and tumblr for years, never put my pronouns in bio, nor ever had anyone bother me about it, despite getting the most bizarre DMs.

No. 1055221

i don't put any. nobody's ever asked.

No. 1055229

Is it better to learn drawing on an art tablet or traditional? I got better hang of drawing on traditional but digital is the one I need to practice on the most yet it feels so unnatural to me

No. 1055252

I'm good with traditional but I can't do anything about half decent with a tablet. So I think you should do both if you can or you wont be able to get used to it and get stuck in traditional, like me.

No. 1055300

I think it's best to work on the fundamentals in traditional but switch to digital mainly as soon as possible since it really is a very different workflow (especially if you're not using an LCD tablet)

No. 1055306

I had "she/her" when I started because I thought it would be easier for people if they wanted to mention me but then I realized noone cares. And honestly if someone puts their pronouns, sexuality and other shit I just want to ignore them.

No. 1055325

i don't like ahmedaldoori.

No. 1055334


No. 1055360

Learning to draw on tablet first is stupidly overwhelming always grateful I didn't have any means to get a tablet until I got familiar with water colors and traditional sketching and even then I don't think it was enough and I had a rough start because having every palette of colors without mixing was confusing , take your time anon and good luck.

No. 1055385

Whatever you learn on traditional will translate to digital as long as it is sketches and fundamentals. Even in traditional different mediums require different skills and there will always be a learning curve. If you don’t have a screen tablet I’d recommend getting familiar with traditional before you skip to digital. Procreate helped me getting familiar with colours, levels and digital settings before I switched to CSP. I recommend starting with easy programs such as Paint Tool SAI before you get into other programs. I don’t know how newer Krita versions are, but when I used it years ago I didn’t like the brushes and I did awful lineart

No. 1055398

this is such a weird and paranoid take. people just wanna know what to call you since they can't tell behind your weird anime avatar. literally no one is going after people for not using nonbinary pronouns for themselves and if they are, how did they even find your account to sperg at in the first place. If you put your pronouns as 'any' then people are gonna call you weird shit because you literally told them to.

No. 1055403

Twitterfag detected

No. 1055408

have fun with having people call you he/him then. if it doesn't bother you, whatever, but people are gonna do it because they have nothing else to go off considering most artists never show their face.

No. 1055418

They're right though, most people don't care about this as much as you think. They literally just want to know what you like so they can go "Check this artist out, her art's cute!"
Everyone has pronouns and if others don't know it they will just default to they/them or he/him otherwise.

People on both extreme sides of this argument are so retarded, I feel like this is just common sense but people will act like you're holding a gun to their head to make you do it when you're your own free person.

No. 1055424

Gaslighting twitterfag detected

No. 1055426

>e-everyone does it so you should too!!!!
Fuck off
Just put a venus/female symbol in your bio, all cryptoterfs are doing it.

No. 1055427

Do you do warm-up drawings? If yes, of what?

No. 1055429

I'm not saying everyone does, I'm saying everyone has pronouns so at the end of the day this argument is stupid, and you getting assmad about is wasting energy. Please get reading comprehension love, I suggest buying a leapfrog


pinterest is perfect for drawing random people and poses. Sketchdaily is great too.

No. 1055436

Is anyone here, interested in making comics? Do you have a huge story planned out or is it more of a slice of life thing? Are you planning on going to webtoon or taptastic or do you think you might make your own site?

No. 1055451

File: 1644242584417.jpg (178.59 KB, 1300x956, beautiful-asian-business-woman…)

You know what to do.

There is no point in adding them. No one ever bothered by asking 'muh pronouns'. You don't have to add them, it's all your own decision. Worst case if your genderspecial friend starts screeching, you can say that 'if they need to know my pronouns, they can always ask'.

No. 1055473

I think most people would fall between those two categories anon. Based on my observation, majority of people have their story ideas ready and basic plotlines laid out, and most of those people also plan out the major events and dialogue of their comic, but more spontaneous type is common as well.

Hosting site depends on what you're looking for in a readership base.

Self-hosting on your own website costs money, not ideal if you don't intend to dedicate yourself fully. All marketing needs to be done yourself, otherwise nobody knows your comic exists and nobody will read it. However, you have full creative control and can customize your site to display your comic in the best way possible.

Hosting on Tumblr is an option if you don't have the money for your own site. There's not as much struggle to find an audience compared to your own site, as Tumblr already has a(n albeit-inactive) userbase, but there's still a lot of self-advertising needed.

Hosting on both your own site or Tumblr makes you eligible to be nominated for awards such as the Eisner Award, if you're lucky enough to be seen.

Comicfury is webcomic hosting site with relatively established userbase, with a lot of creative control given to you and the ability to customize your webcomic page.

Webtoons and Tapastic both have decent userbases, Webtoons more so than Tapastic. Vertical scroll webtoon format is more favourable on those two sites, and the size will be scaled down for easy mobile viewing.

Webtoons has a larger but younger audience. Higher visibility, but stricter censors and higher probability of a more immature readership. Participating in the creator events often gets your comic seen by the Canvas (self-publishing) team, who will often promote series on their social media.

Tapastic has a smaller userbase compared to Webtoons, but has more creator-friendly features. Userbase on Tapastic is more mature and understanding, but you have a lower chance of being promoted or finding success on Tapastic. Community is more tight-knit and mutually supportive.

Best of luck anon.

No. 1055474

I prefer putting "female" than retarded pronouns, but I saw a twitter post that apparently it's a TERF dog whistle kek

No. 1055528

>People will assume you’re a he/him
Good, then that will keep male orbiters away
I’ve been making webcomics for the past 5 years, one comic I’d consider a failure and one I’d consider decently successful with a regular readership. Huge sprawling stories are usually infeasible with the rate most webcomic artists work at, I’m doing a drama with most of the storyline pre-plotted out so I don’t get sidetracked. I use webtoons and tapastic as hosts, even despite my comic not being formatted for scrolling layouts. Personal websites won’t get you nearly as much exposure as using a major comic hosting site. I used to have my own site but I stopped paying for it since most of my readership came from elsewhere and the site only felt like a vanity thing.

No. 1055600

Why does all threads in the art salt topic always end up derailing into the same pronouns and gender identity bullshit. This isn't even about the milk anymore it's just the same old shit discussion.

No. 1055683

I think learning to draw/paint traditionally first is worth it even if it makes the switch to digital harder later. It’s not as easy to fix your mistakes so it forces you to think more about what you’re doing. Ink is most brutal of all but useful for improving, and sometimes I’ll sketch in ink only because when I draw with pencil I’ll waste time fixing stupid little details instead of moving on or starting over. However, I do like digital because I don’t have to bother dealing with getting ink or graphite smudged on my hands, or having to clean up paint. And yeah, being able to undo or move stuff around is nice.

Because gender shit is everywhere in online art communities, so artists’ reputations can be affected by it, and they can face harassment. I don’t blame people for being careful.

No. 1055819

I think it comes in handy for artists who don't show their faces. Some only use drawn pfps and if you're looking for an artist who takes commissions, knowing how to address them might be good instead of using their name instead for every pronoun used in a sentence. The other side is them referring to you as they/them instead because they won't know what to call you when typing replies and that seems like something that would set a lot of you off even more.

Makes sense imo. Especially because online I think it's safer to use drawn pfp and never post yourself. Some people have penguins as a personification of the artist. Things like that are hard to guage gender.

No. 1055983

I think anons here waaay over blow how "dangerous" it is (you're not actually gonna get cancelled just for not having pronouns in bio nonna pls) but it's true. For whatever reason gender specialness is really prevalent in most online art communities (furry related ones are the worst about it and the ones that have it least are either completelly moided or basically just professional artists). Why are internet artists so unpeakable?

No. 1056305

you aren't wrong in that you get people who seriously try to kill someone's reputation over pronoun discourse, but on the other end, I can see how they're useful just so people know what to call them no different than putting an age.

acting like people who do it are inherently obnoxious twitterfags is just as cringe as twitterfags who call someone out over it. And every time it is brought up it is generally the same answer of "do what you want" vs "don't appease trannies" vs "it's not that bad" and the so-called discussion always ends the same way.

gender specialness (along with, literally every other fucked thing) is prevalent online because it gives people some measure of power they lack in real life. This season it's just gender specialness but last season it was self dxing with autism or bpd. it'll eventually change to some other thing. outside of genderspheres most people are actually just like, normal.

No. 1056554

i used to draw from imagination which was a problem my art was shit so I retreated last year and just spent a good few months learning fundamentals, doing studies etc etc.. and now i’m overwhelmed and forgot how to draw on my own or what composition to make, it doesn’t come naturally to me anymore starting a project without it being a study or practice is a foreign concept to me now and i’m paranoid about it

No. 1056603

Tbh, this is why I never cared to focus to much on fundamentals. I get the importance for basics like comp, how to make someone look proportional, but I work cartoony. If you draw or used to draw in a cartoony style, anon, try doing emotes first, then little icons. Sometimes little bits of non-human help get that flow going.

No. 1056691

This tbh. She/her in profile because it annoyed me that people kept defaulting to anything BUT female pronouns.

Try to push yourself to do half of your work as studies and the other half as stuff from your imagination. It will probably suck at first because you're out of practice, but remember that your fundamentals sucked at first too. Drawing from imagination is a skill, and like any skill it can be trained and it can get rusty if it's not practiced enough, so it's better to get in the habit of practicing it alongside more formal studies so that it doesn't stagnate. The more skills you practice in tandem, the better they'll mesh in your work as well.

No. 1056887

Do you think creating simple but cute characters is difficult? Have you ever managed to create a cute mascot?
I’ve been spending basically my whole life trying to create a cute mascot character because I think they’re cute and I love them, I want to create a cute and simple design, but I feel like it’s so difficult and like my design lacks something, but I don’t know what it is.
I’ve tried different shapes, styles, colors but the result never screams “Wow this is so cute that I would put this everywhere”.

No. 1056899

Try doing iterations of the same design

No. 1056945


As someone who was in the online art scene this so true. It's either gender specials and woketards or deranged moids. Why can't we win?

No. 1056980

Anon you created a comfrt zone for yourself and you stayed in it, you got get over your comfrt zone sooner the easier

No. 1056985

Only shitty mah ocey in paint tool "artists" do it, like cartoony artist on tumblr and Twitter and the 17-35 group of hobbiest who can't draw backgrounds, that is the only artists who care about gender stuff, real artist who know how to draw the other eye are not in the same groups as this ones

No. 1056991

naw that's not true plenty of good concept game artists repeat this kinda shit on twitter. maybe not the more unhinged stuff but I've still seen them try to appeal to the status quo

No. 1057058

No, I’m not gonna add more credibility to this dumb trend. I don’t care what people call me. Was thinking of putting a small f there because I like to support female artists and know others do as well but I feel more comfortable with nothing added towards me as person when it comes to online presence.
yeah, I’m still getting followed by quite some obvious troon/sjw accounts with xxx DNI and shit like that in their bios for some reason but it clearly doesn’t bother them that much that I don’t give a shit about pronouns. It’s a trend and many of them just want to consoom media I guess.

No. 1057061

Any graphic design/illustration anons here? Do you like your job and do you consider it as artistic or creative?

No. 1057097

Calm down your femcel specialness.

No one is following you and suddenly DMing you that you need to immediately call them whatever pronoun, are they? Pretty sure they don't care that you don't care too.

No. 1057119

I’m a former freelance graphic designer who has friends who still work in multiple different design fields. I would say the job is creative to a certain extent but not as fun as it sounds like it could be. A lot of people are under the impression that if you are a professional artist, you just get to draw/design whatever you want all day. In reality, you’re just delivering what your client wants and adhering to their (usually very unrealistic tbh) deadlines and expectations. There will also be times when you spend a ton of time working on a design that your client approved of and they’ll still be like “we changed our mind and want something different.” (You can bill them for the extra time you spend on revisions but it’s still annoying as hell) If you do freelance, you’re also under the pressure of having to constantly look for clients yourself because you don’t have a company or agency to rely on.
It is still a creative career but you should be realistic about your expectations for your path as a graphic designer/illustrator instead of thinking that it’ll all just be fun and games and it’s purely creative with no other work involved.

No. 1057135

Graphic design can be very fun and seeing the final result is really gratifying, but it's really not as "artistic" as I thought it would be when I stepped into the field. In the end you're always working for others, you have to draw/create what others want (many times you'll be working with clients that don't even know what THEY want), regardless if you like it or not. The deadlines can be pretty gruesome at times but I'd say it kind of depends on the agency you worth with (advertisement agencies tend to be brutal in this aspect from my and my friends' experience). I haven't worked as a freelancer so I can't comment much on it.

In my personal opinion, I think it's a bit of a mistake to look at graphic design and most design careers as "creative" or "artistic". Not because they aren't- but mostly because it can fool you into expecting it to be just sitting around in a hipster studio and drawing/creating all day. Design is creating solutions for others, many times urging you to disregard your personal preferences. Back in college, many people in my class said that they only chose design as their major because "they wanted to be artists but an arts degree doesn't get you much money." Wrong! If you want to be an artist, then design is not exactly in your alley. They're different things and can lead to completely different worlds.

Like >>1057119 says, be realistic with your expectations.

No. 1057165

If you like doing 50+ versions of one company's logo request, do it. Its a lot of meticulous work, not much expression
Lots of how it should be done sans your knowledge and experience.

No. 1057321

This may sound a bit stupid but how do you feel when you notice that degenerate coomer accounts follows you? Do you block them, don’t care about it or even appreciate it because they help you gain traction? I’m new to this and don’t have many followers yet but I don’t like the feeling of someone retweeting and sharing my stuff with all of their disgusting mutuals. Maybe I’m really autistic about this but how do you cope with that? I don’t even make content that panders to them.

No. 1057360

I'd block and move on. I never really cared enough to look into who's following me, but if I notice strange comments or they like something right after I posted it I'll sometimes check their profiles. In this way I've found a few weird people whose profiles have made me uncomfortable in some way, so I just blocked them. You don't have to depend on strange coomers to get popular or whatever. If you don't make their kind of content in the first place or don't feel comfortable with them viewing your posts you're free to block, no one will question it and you'll get other followers anyway.

No. 1057375

I honestly don't care but I might be too much of an oldfag to care anyway. Coomers will indulge in SFW content just the same as NSFW. If they are liking your posts or RTW them, I would just take it. If they are interacting with my posts, or me, disgustingly,I willblock them, but most people do enjoy their NSFW and SFW at the same time. Its called appreciation and I don't mind it personally. I could not have any follow me, but some might use my work as porn for some reason or just like the art itself without nefarious reasons.

It just comes down to if you aren't taking their interactions as bad just because you cal tell they are coomers. From my experience, lolicons/shotacon coomers almost always like the cute aestetic in art as is too without pedo or gross intentions the same way a lot of women like gore to juxtapose their kawaii interests or their versions of what is NSFW. Sometimes I feel people read far into likes without taking is "Maybe they just like the art objectively" or maybe they like the fandom, art comp, liking it for reference of style too.

No. 1057376

I'm a graphic designer working for an advertising agency and not being a freelancer in a sense gives you more freedom since there are people in my company who do the communication between me and the client, managing their expectation and finding the best common ground that respects my creative approach without mindlessly following everything the client says. Learning graphic design at school I found things like logo or typography boring design because it felt so pointless, but working with other creatives for specific, often existing brands on establishing something that will actually influence customer's perception of said brand/product can be really rewarding and exciting, I've learned to appreciate marketing a lot thanks to that. Being younger I thought I would be an illustrator but now I don't think I'd want to change my career path at all. So it can be nice for sure!

No. 1057420

i honestly don't care. as long as they aren't being weirdos or sending creepy DMs I just leave them be, especially considering non-coomers can be just as fucking weird or obnoxious. A majority of people enjoy NSFW and SFW at the same time and I don't get this mentality you're either a degenerate coomer or pure SFW virgin. It's a madonna-whore complex but for art and anons here take that shit too seriously

Just cause you don't "pander" to them doesn't mean that they can't just aesthetically like the art you make for one reason or another. Like I enjoy WLOP and BBCChan for different reasons and there isn't anything weird or nefarious going on.

This. If you take the interactions as bad then no shit you're going to just get bad intentions or feel gross even if all they do is just like and RT your stuff. Though a lot of bad and gross shit gets talked about here, the reality is that a majority of people are actually just normal and like different aesthetics for different reasons and just respectfully like, RT and comment as opposed to trying to slide into DMs and if a coomer likes a picture you drew and your immediate thought is "Gross wtf why are they jacking off to this?" or something similar that is a you problem.

No. 1057952

i put she/her in my bio because i want people to know they're following a woman. even then, i have strangers default to they/them because they didn't bother to read my bio. it's not a big deal

i like that pronouns in your bio is a thing, it is very easy to avoid genderspecials now lol

No. 1058006

where is your favorite place to take commissions? I have preferred twitter so far, even when I was under 1k followers I was getting consistent sales every month. I didn't have much luck with instagram and haven't tried discord.

No. 1058170

Instagram and discord aren’t worth it. Discord servers are hell when trying to promote yourself because your post gets lost in the sea of other messages and Instagram is filled with entitled normies who want art for free.

No. 1058248

Stay on twitter.

No. 1058317

What is there other than Instagram? Twitter is a hellscape

No. 1058373

anon just keep using twitter. I've seen the worst of it and I still persist, it really is the best place to make money with art. Just mute some words and block some people

No. 1058485

Kinda sad to me artists have to be stuck on Twatter and all their annoying as fuck controversies. How come no one with web creating talent and the funds to back it up makes a good art site? Sheezy art legit had potential until the team decided to give up on it

No. 1058487

I dont think it's even possible to create drama-free space on the internet nowadays

No. 1058488

There just needs to be an art gallery site. It's dumb how the internet has more people on it than ever yet no art gallery site with the energy of peak Deviantart has showed up yet.

No. 1058490

What's the benefit of that though? I think majority of creators want people to engage with their art and to monetize it; and people engaging -> inevitable drama. Deviantart was so great at it's peak just because it's peak happened pre- "monetize everything" and "triple check anything you say before posting" era

No. 1058492

Well, that's true. Though in DA you could monetize your art as well. There should be a space added for both artists who want to make money and hobbyists who just want to share their content with a community without strings attached. I would argue peak DA had more engagement since commenters would be really involved in your artwork (this culture still exists a bit there today) unlike on Twitter where it's hard to get strong engagement (in the forms of comments or Quote RTs)

No. 1058493

File: 1644403481717.png (966.81 KB, 1622x1155, fuf.png)

Saw this on twitter and ofc they're complaining about how a buzzly mod is encouraging people to block content they don't like instead of encouraging it to be banned completely. Lol ffs, if that bothers them so much why do they hang out in coom degenerate central?

No. 1058496

File: 1644403696868.png (136.74 KB, 891x1170, bruh.png)

Hate what woketard crybullies do: whine about something not being the way you like and when it's fixed you still brag about how you don't forgive them kek

No. 1058523


They say this while on the same platform that nazis/degen coomers thrive on.
But no. A brand new art site with a small moderation team, yeah, THAT'S who we should be destroying and going after. One of the few platforms for artists.
Ever since the woketards got deplatformed off Tumblr it's been a nonstop bitchfest from them, I swear to god it doesn't matter where they go, they try to shit up everything they touch.

No. 1058524

Art station but honestly you need to gain some sort of audience before moving on there thats my strategy and i use instagram, theres a less chance of pitch forking on instagram

No. 1058525

So they bullied the mods into banning things and don't even give them the consolation prize of endorsing them for changing their policies? There is no pro to agreeing to people's demands, then.

No. 1058528

They feel like it should have been done from the start, so there's no point of ''consolation prize''.

No. 1058541

If they expect people to be mind readers and immediately do stuff based on what they would do, what's the point of listening to them at all again?
Yet another site ruined by antis

No. 1058544

pure cringe cope and seeth maybe(unsaged namefagging)

No. 1058551

Social media is manageable if you want to get into studio work but if you want to survive off of your own work it's so exhausting.

I feel like comparing growth with other artists is always inevitable and just makes you feel even more shitty.

No. 1058688


I'll never get over how melodramatic people here are while at the same time complaining about everyone else's melodrama.

And the hysteria about twitter here is so overblown. yeah you do have flash mob bullying campaigns from time to time but a lot of the controversies mentioned here are from people who decided to treat a public platform like their diary. Don't openly share every thought and feeling you have with strangers if you want to be a public-facing artist

No. 1058698

File: 1644422128253.png (3.36 MB, 1920x1080, wp7858986.png)

>favorite a well-rendered piece of art
>"Let's check out the rest of their works!"
>It's all generic Genshit stuff
Please, make it stop. It's not even a case of "popular = bad" the designs are just so lackluster imo and artists end up doing uninspired generically pretty art that feels so soulless.

No. 1058711

This. Especially when they draw that itto guy. He is just so offensively ugly it's fucking unreal, my eyes bleed everytime I look at his hideous face

No. 1058829

I’m kinda mad encanto was best animated film of 2021, i feel like children’s movies will always be the standard in the west even tho as a medium animation offers literally everything from beautiful art to world building with infinite possibilities.

No. 1058886

It's funny because I never see the controversies because I'm not on SFW art twitter. A lot of SFW artists virtue signal, nut NSFW fans and artists pretty much keep quiet unless its about other NSFW artists which isn't often. Most I see are Robaato posts and calling him a douchebag.

No. 1058906


>>1058493 and >>1058496 are great answers to your question. The sites themselves and their creators aren't the problem, it's the user-base. Really, think about what you hate most about DeviantART and list how many of those issues are actually related to the construction of the website vs problems created by other users on the site. A large chunk of the online art community is just shit.

Artstation avoids this because it's user base is filled mostly with industry professionals and people looking to become an industry professional. The minute you have a site dedicated to user interaction, things go down hill like >>1058490 stated.

No. 1058912

Disney have won a total of 15 Best Animated Film over a few decades, the first being and ONLY BECAUSE OF DISTRIBUTION, Spirited Away. You need to remember a lot of Disney has also been winning because of distribution rights. But there are plenty that have won that aren't Disney affiliated like Wallace and Gromit, Shrek, Happy Feet, Rango, Spider-Verse. You need to remember that Pixar should be seen as an affiliate but they aren't Disney directly. They are just under the umbrella. Also this award has only need around since 2001. It's still new in the entire sphere of it all, so the people judging have a narrow look at animation and it's been called out there are no voters on the council that actually know animation well enough to critique it fairly. Before this award there was the shorts award which has existed since WW2.

No. 1058924

I have yet to see a site be as successful as Twiiter, aside from fur affinity. Also there are cum brain losers who still seek out degenerate commissions on sites like Artstation. You can't avoid them. Like I said, most drama is about the company you keep and allow. I'm on the NSFW Twitter side and I've only ever gotten 2 gross messages about my art in a year. Hate it, but a lot of coomers are respectful of the art. Anons mentioned it here too. >>1057420 >>1057375

No. 1058929

I wonder what nsfw art you make anon… is it bl? Maybe female gazey stuff which keeps the coomers away

No. 1058931

why the fuck are artists such fucking pussies when it comes to content they don't like?

Okay incest ruined your life, literally just don't look at incest ships. WHy does the website have to ban things you don't like because you are too much of a child to curate your own content? Why do people need to handhold and make sure that you don't see things that are potentially upsetting?

Buzzly devs and mods should have had the backbone to say "Curate your own content." but virtue signalers who need a "safe space" believe that any and all content is specifically meant for them and if it isn't then it needs to be banned and removed. People are blaming "proshippers" for the mods being afraid to ban it, but they only cave because people kicked up a stink about content they didn't like being allowed on the website and were too afraid of risking the audiance of the website as opposed to just having a backbone.

This is why I primarily follow NSFW artists and stick to my NSFW feed. Even though I follow hundreds of artists on my SFW Twitter and NSFW one, my NSFW feed has significantly less drama despite using block/mute similarly on both accounts. Somehow many NSFW artists manage to be more professional and easy-going than SFW artists even if their art is mid-tier at best.

No. 1058934

This isn’t artist’s issue more like a snowflake issue, which i admit more common in artists

No. 1058977

I just draw sexy cartoons like April O'Neel, Velma.. Stuff that gets attention as well as fluffy cute art for the hell of it and flowers, not even porn. I have plenty degen accounts who follow but also respect my work and I've stated in posts that I am not a degen artist and don't like drawing explicit material. If you make it clear what your account is used for, the people who follow will ultimately respect that. I know plenty of SFW accounts who have gotten "can you lewdify" with their art in DMs, but those types of people always exist.

No. 1058999

>The minute you have a site dedicated to user interaction, things go down hill like >>1058490 stated

this is true, but i also think you're responsible for the environment you cultivate. if you go into a site labeling yourself as a holier than thou progressive against all kinds of isms, you'll attract those kinds of people. the one good thing about twitter is there are all types on there. it's absolutely possible to only interact with people who are serious about art and don't get into drama

No. 1059058

Nonnies, how do I get over my fear of contrast? I have an issue where I don’t do enough contrast because in my head I keep thinking it looks bad.

No. 1059294

lol they tried to cancel her for being a Ventifag some time ago. I hope those retards don't take down her account

No. 1059390

draw the same item or person from photo twice, or if working digitally edit a duplicate, shading how you usually do first then after upping the contrast on other one.

No. 1059415

i just put she/her on twitter, and no pronouns on other sites

No. 1059540

Thank you! This actually helped a lot.

No. 1059696

I'm probably being retarded here but I seriously don't get what point she was trying to make in this video, I feel like she was all over the place with the topic. I don't understand if she's upset that Creepshow Art wasn't getting called out earlier or that Emily Artful responded to the video.

I'm just lost. In other words though, I will say that this drawing she did looked a bit better than the stuff she usually draws.

No. 1059718

Retards not replying or following up after I take their commission is making me want to never take commissions again.

No. 1059789

I feel your pain anon, I sometimes get that myself and you just feel like you wasted so much time preparing.

No. 1059924

encanto deserved it though lol even if you just write it off as a "childrens movie" (aka what most people do to the entire genre of animation as a way to minimize or disregard it as a respectable genre) it still is a great film

No. 1059967

No it wasn’t, it was a generic ugly disney movie and the characters looked like plastic dolls plus these movies are getting more fast paced and boring by the second, also It is intended for kids and no it isnt writing off all the animation industry as only for children because i think disney specifically is geared towards kids lol what

No. 1060102

I liked it too.

No. 1060232

No. 1060339

Eh I actually like him. But only because of the fandom portrayal where he actually has muscles, unlike his canon model.

No. 1060354

Encanto is caca

No. 1060361

Talenthouse > Buzzly

No. 1060372

No. 1060373

Less cringe.

No. 1060377

Has more of a corporate and professional feel, anon.

No. 1060383

File: 1644520586337.png (911.05 KB, 1440x1636, 20220210_201337.png)

captain howdy got called out for… having one of their characters say the n-word? …10 years ago? …being 30 years old? i've never seen a callout post more pathetic than this, the 12-year-olds on twitter love it.

No. 1060399

The part that I was confused about was why She acted like she was personally affected by creepshow. last time I checked, Creep only shittalked her friends(primarily Holly) on lolcow and even TD said that she never liked her content and tried to avoid it.

No. 1060451

maybe generic if you havent seen the film or are unable to relate as a depressed white girl from burgerland but some folks have culture or personal life experiences they can relate to animated media, and compared to the forgettable trash that was Raya or Soul, the last 2 animated Disney films, what other nominated animated movie from this year do you think should've won the title?

"fast paced" and "boring" directly contradict eachother? which one is it? is it made for kids and too fast paced or is it boring and generic?

"plastic dolls" is the entire look of the current modern animated disney era so I don't think that is a criticism towards this specific film given it just stylistically fits in with the animation style they've been using since Frozen

No. 1060503

File: 1644526945228.jpg (7.54 KB, 214x314, FLNI-5jXsAQWskS.jpg)

Looking like this should be a crime.

No. 1060516

I wouldnt bother trying to justify or explain how the movie is good cause nonnas just pull terms from thin air or posters and couldn't make an objective critique to save their lives.

There is a conversation to be had about animation being seen as a children's media, but it doesn't mean Encanto was some generic movie. I haven't seen it, but most people who are not terminally online or hypercritical of movies tend to think it was a pretty good movie that went into some toxic aspects of latino families.

No. 1060563

People on my feed were crying and writing literal essays on how absolutely devastated they were from this and I though it was something serious, and then I read the doc. THAT'S IT?! I honestly don't know why I'm surprised by these retards, but I guess this is a good cautionary tale to anyone thinking of pandering to terminally online twitter zoomies-

No. 1060598

in what way did the Encanto characters look like plastic dolls? they seemed to be animated with a full range of emotions.

also appreciated how there wasn't a dead mom/grandma and no one turned into an animal, which seems to be a trend in disney movies. Encanto is definitely on the high end of their releases

No. 1060735

NTA but I just had this same conversation with a friend. Everything has such safe "cute" proportions and smooth plasticy skin, like a doll.

I think they could get away with it if they were willing to make character rigs with more diverse shape design like pixar does. At the moment everyone is an uncanny plastic person.

No. 1060749

I think most of this comes from the fact that to me Disney's character models for those movies are made that way first and foremost so that they'll be easier to translate into a doll or toy later. Hence why they look like "uncanny plastic person", because well…eventually they do plan on turning them into a plastic person. It's like those old cartoons with wacky character designs that were clearly just to be more easily turned into toys later.

No. 1060804

File: 1644540540265.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 239.04 KB, 1200x675, DEA0B76B-CBCB-4572-AE1D-A51D4F…)

>in what way do they look like plastic dolls
Its not just encanto, its all of the recent disney movies. I think brave was the last good 3d movie disney has been associated with for its rich range of character design and color schemes that were fairly mature with enough pops of color to keep young audiences engaged the main character didnt have fake falsies and huge bug eyes everything else after is too ugly

No. 1060910

That’s captain? Also looking at their art, I believe now I can succeed with my wonky shit until I get better apparently,

No. 1060920

Encanto looks like a cute and fun children’s film but I agree there is something so fucking scary and uncanny about their 3D models now that have become noticeable. Even in the musical scenes the characters do these really weird expressions, almost like they’re limited in the 3D plastic Barbie prison-like chamber medium of CGI animation. I agree with the other anons who were infighting about encanto in the other thread it feels like it would have been wonderful in 2D. A lot of the environments just look like hyper-real miraculous ladybug type beat ghost town world kek and the colombian outfits look fugly

No. 1060967

I agree 100% about newer Disney movies having shit character models.
I think every studio who does CGI animated films tries waaaaaay too hard to apply realism on their characters' faces (and other things like cloth textures and hair, while making the characters' bodies and skin unrealistic on purpose). It's super uncanny seeing those ultra realistic traits and cartoony traits at the same time, like that stupid ass eye shape with the unnaturally prominent sclera that aren't realistic in any way but the iris and (on women) eyelashes always super fucking detailed for some reason. It makes me cringe, as well as the dumb exaggerated faces the characters make. If it were 2D this style would definitely work, but not in 3D, it's too close to reality but not enough to be convincing, so it ends up being cringeworthy. It's like this style is trapped in a limbo between cartoon and realism, it's a random mix of both.

No. 1060995

File: 1644554074972.jpeg (299.99 KB, 1045x1144, 82C1DB90-577E-4AFF-BCBC-FA9B6E…)

> Even in the musical scenes the characters do these really weird expressions
Don’t get me started on those fucking kids at the beginning of encanto
Pure. nightmare. fuel.

No. 1061019

File: 1644555679059.jpg (53.18 KB, 784x588, 101dalmatians_132.jpg)

Disney started doing this shit with Tangled, maybe even before that. They've ditched the Nine Old Men style in favor of plastic, gummy, tumblr-esque feminized faces. Go watch an old Disney movie, you'll see how radically different their styles are. Also doesn't help that Disney now hates America and white people, and is openly pro-China.(Racebait)

No. 1061040

I'm tired of the Disney debate. It always every time a new pixar looking film comes out and is the same back and forth. Nothing new.

Instead because it's probably more diverse, what are some art challenges anons like to do? Ive been shirt cut memes, seasons, X character in your style… Anyone have more creative ones that possibly have a longer term to them?

No. 1061042

I never understood how captainhowdie ended up attracting an audience of teenage genderspecials anyway given how clear it was that she was a channer schizo, doxxing is always no good though

No. 1061045

The lion king, spirited away, etc are peak animation and hasn't been topped yet and won't be as long as it's shitty 3D cgi

No. 1061055

Eh, but they still followed the blueprint of “men are allowed to have exaggerated or fun features that help show their personality while women have to be generically pretty”. I mean look at those two profiles.

No. 1061058

File: 1644557381184.jpeg (372.29 KB, 1000x713, 4284E500-FF02-4271-A723-260132…)

How dare you insult this emotionless render-farm piece of art??

No. 1061065

File: 1644557620746.gif (1.42 MB, 500x278, 1567181228667.gif)

NICE but soulless

No. 1061093

This is just the Era Disney is saying "all that 2d work is dated let's just take the storyboards and regurgitate them into 3d" cheaper to hire and train for 3d than 2d. And the franchise it built on nostalgia and 'family', why make anything new?
I liked the draw a suit and make a villain challenge. Those were fun. Ones that aren't 'draw this in your style' obvious pleas to get free art of someone else's character. Things like those and fanart based ones are boring.

No. 1061107

> the franchise it built on nostalgia and 'family', why make anything new?

There’s only a handful of disney movies that are actually completely original and not based on anything. Majority of it, especially early disney, is just a retelling of an already existing book/legend/story. So thinking disney was once unique is the fattest lie ever told.

No. 1061114

File: 1644561084465.jpg (95.98 KB, 1920x1080, tlk84769.jpg)

AYRT (the 101 Dalmatians anon), HARD AGREE. The Lion King is one of my favorite movies of all time. I fucking adore it. That movie was like… all the stars were aligned the day this movie was conceived and created. The art was phenomenal, the writing was great, the songs were FANTASTIC… I could go on and on about it. But it was a zenith of animation and art that Disney will never reach again.

No. 1061142

Also why does everyone have perfectly groomed instagram eyebrows kek

No. 1061158

File: 1644564723343.jpeg (182.47 KB, 653x1280, C4ED5306-0D06-4010-BC2A-1BCD27…)

No. 1061162

File: 1644565031082.jpeg (55.61 KB, 400x400, 7213B53B-4654-4E0D-A494-9BDF27…)

>Also doesn't help that Disney now hates America and white people, and is openly pro-China.

fuck off and kill yourself scrote you ruined the vibe

No. 1061163

fucking KEK

No. 1061170


Anon, your reading comprehension is off. Everyone knows they based 85% of their shit off folklore. Anon is saying they're regurgitating from their previous catalogue and built their empire off of that.

No. 1061173

3d just doesn't work for some character animation and design. It's like trying to hammer a square peg into a round hole. And then they stop trying and everything starts looking the same. General audience just got conditioned into thinking that it looks fine, so now 2d features are like a fucking novelty.

No. 1061185

aren't different animators responsible for different character models? i assumed that some interns or low level animators did the children because they weren't animated to the same quality as the main characters. don't know shit about animation production at disney so i'm just guessing

No. 1061195

File: 1644568508431.jpg (191.69 KB, 2238x1250, disney_5.jpg)

>the main character didnt have fake falsies and huge bug eyes

this is the modern look for disney girls, it didn't start with 3D. they just translated this style into 3D, i guess if you hate the modern disney style to begin with you wouldn't like it in 3D either

No. 1061197

Honestly I think it might be because munchie and her husband are dating holly, and we all know how she loves to exaggerate shit. Bit of a ramble but if holly says she’s a lesbian now, and Td said in the vid before that she and her husband and holly are a triad it doesn’t make sense. Like I think poly is retarded as much as the next guy but even within it’s rules this doesn’t make sense

No. 1061218

If it looks better when you squint you need to increase the contrast in your values. Make your shadows darker and your highlights lighter in comparison. It's a common mistake to not be as bold as you should be with your value differentiation. It's easy to make your shadows, midtones, and highlights too close to each other if your not careful.

No. 1061265

Nonnies i really struggle with colors… like i get lighting and values, and the classic color theory but my brain doesn’t seem to work when i try mixing these two together i want to get to painting without doing values and my blacks and whites first is there some secret?? I’m tired

No. 1061275

Maybe you're already doing this but I think working on studies and watching&following other artists step by step process may be something that would help you grasp it

No. 1061280

Thanks nona i same to be playing safe when it comes to shading

No. 1061309

I feel like colour is one of the more intuitive part of art that theory will help but won't exactly lead you to achieve success. Find photos with color palettes you like and do studies from those, the more you do it the faster it will eventually click. Give it time, anon.

No. 1061319

maybe im an idiot but did anyone else notice that if an artists mind wasnt overriden by some beauty standard but still has a tendency towards same face, you can guess how they look? ive noticed in my friends art style and in people that have shown their faces that generally their characters share with them at least one main feature.

No. 1061341

I personly like to make my art have same eyebrows shape as me i find that i am more used to it and know first hand how its shape so maybe you are into something anon

No. 1061349

I used to give my characters crooked noses like mine but stopped because i wanted to make beautiful characters i do avoid instagram beauty standards tho thats not my vibe

No. 1061353

I had a nose job myself, kinda regret it cause I miss my old nose ngl, but I still love drawing women with prominent and beautiful large noses. It does give character to a face when you add a little hump or an bit of unconventional features and slight asymmetry so I don't think you have to give that up to make your art more beautiful.

No. 1061393

it's something artist do naturally. As a person you see your face very often, daily, in the mirror and such and what you see the most influences your art

No. 1061468

File: 1644589293187.jpeg (838.91 KB, 750x980, 8F9D8508-55E5-4AA3-ADE9-09696A…)

I agree with you and I came to the conclusion that it’s sort of impossible to draw unconventionally looking people without people saying your anatomy is fucked up or that “ewww why are you drawing hideous/creepy cool things?? you’re not allowed it still always has to be beautiful no matter what even if it’s a horror art piece!” that thought is so fucking annoying and I see it all the time in the bad art thread. It might’ve art you may not politically agree with but what is wrong with the people in their art being ugly? Doesn’t it get boring drawing either the same renaissance white people or same-facey instagram models like samdoesarts does? Gets boring. Pretty people are hardly that common, most people are average looking including myself

No. 1061474

This is ugly imo. They look like ps victims

No. 1061506

You're acting like Crudelia De Vil wasn't a fucking iconic villain. I agree though that main female characters always have to be pretty and dainty.

God I haTe this type of stilyzed face so much. Huge eyes and that shitty tiny upturned nose that's always red.

No. 1061581

I hate how his art looks like some photos models on instagram would take, like look at that top one on the far left… or the one in the car taking a selfie He has such good rendering skills it’s a shame hes wasting them on this instead of making interesting pieces with story telling or design or something i hate when artists who are good at their lights colors and rendering do shit like this. It’s so… tasteless?

No. 1061637

I’ve been watching his YouTube videos because his voice is calming, and in one of them he mentions that he wants to be able to retire early, which makes me think he’s just playing the social media game to his benefit. Honestly I kind of respect it, but at the same time it makes me sad that artists are pushed into making their art a means of income and pleasing others… and I’m thinking of going down the same rabbit hole because nothing else appeals to me.

No. 1061694

There's nothing wrong with drawing "ugly" things and tbh boring is relative. If everyone drew average-looking people, it would be considered boring. If everyone drew ugly people, it would be considered boring.

simply put, some people just like to draw pretty girls like samdoesart and rossdraws. It's just what they enjoy doing so to them, it doesn't get boring. If you enjoy it, then the chances of it getting boring are slim as opposed to if you dislike it.

I don't get how it is tasteless to use his rendering skills on… stuff he enjoys doing? There is some stuff he does that has some semblance of storytelling like the left on the 4th row, the middle on the 4th row, middle on the 3rd row, etc.

either way I don't get the logic of "wasting" skills by doing something "boring" or "tasteless" instead of something "interesting" because all of those things are relative to the artist and viewer. The only way you can waste a skill is to either not do anything with it or to do things you hate with it.

No. 1061807

I can never unsee this particular face (the big eyes with long falsies, upturned small nose etc) as nothing more than Belle Delphine and it's so disturbing these drawings are immediately ruined for me.

No. 1061925

> either way I don't get the logic of "wasting" skills by doing something "boring" or "tasteless" instead of something "interesting"
Ntsa but on the same subject. The artists probably can’t draw anything else, that’s why they draw it, it’s good and it gets views

No. 1061992

his work is cute when you first see it but the novelty wanes quickly. he definitely appeals to insta normies who like beautiful things. no problem with that, but i do think it will have a limited life span on social media unless he grows beyond this sort of stuff

No. 1062003

Even if I'm not very fond of that eye shape in general, it looks miles better in 2D, with 3D the mix of realism and stylization isn't uniform so you have two opposite styles clashing with each other

No. 1062079

It doesn't matter if he cant draw anything else if he's just drawing what he enjoys drawing.

No. 1062094

File: 1644629552815.jpg (9.51 KB, 282x179, images.jpg)

I'm taking a studio figure drawing class where I've been getting away with pencil but it's clear that charcoal is the ideal medium and is being strongly suggested to me. Specifically the compressed sticks (opposed to charcoal pencils). I really have a 'tism about the texture and mess of charcoal. I love how it looks but I hate how it gets on everything it touches, especially your hands. My professors hands are all black by the end of the class and it freaks me out, I see myself strongly disliking the feeling. Is there anyway to lower the mess factor? Also for people who use charcoal, where do you store it? Does it get on your clothes?

No. 1062114

Come lookin prepared and get a cute apron and gloves maybe? I’m not an arty person but that seems like the best way to keep it away. Is there not a sink in class though?

No. 1062120

And case for them for sure, even if you reused like a prismacolor colored pencil type metal container that would work. I have a cute metal butterfly pencil case I got from Walmart I use for makeup, something like that. Just something long and hard (;

No. 1062241

File: 1644638154722.png (107.71 KB, 2196x878, youreandidiot.png)

Fuck off if you think I'm a scrote. I grew up in LA surrounded by people who worked in animation, I know damn well what's happening in the industry. You want to stay ignorant? Fine. But shut the fuck up if someone else doesn't want to.

No. 1062247

I blame loish for this trend lol

No. 1062250

Not really, no. In college I used to have life drawing as my last class of the day, and my friend and I used to head to dinner with charcoal still on our hands. We just kind of grew used to it. Unless you use that sandy-textured soap VIGOROUSLY and take off a layer of skin, it won't all come off. Vine charcoal is great for drawing, though!

No. 1062364

What does Disney have against jaws? Those head shapes are so fucking ugly. The pseudo diversity becomes pointless this way. Disney's 2D character designs were way more diverse and memorable than this, they all look like generic tumblrina characters now

No. 1062385

There are special holders for the charcoal sticks, I don't know the name but they're like giant mechanical pencils that you load with a charcoal stick. That should minimise the mess on your hands, and you can blend with a gloved hand or some tool.

No. 1062388

Still boring

No. 1062417


what the fuck does this have to do with anything. no one is oppressing you, get a grip

No. 1062423

nta but good lord stop embarrassing yourself, this is painful to watch. It's correct that Disney is pandering to China obviously but this "muh sjws oppressing us american whiteys" is cringy as fuck

No. 1062437

File: 1644656319442.jpg (116.67 KB, 589x240, yueko.jpg)

kek yueko thinks she doesn't deserve to get shit for selling low effort tweets or her friend's character as nfts so she runs to a hugbox alt account. i know its common for nft artists to have nft-only alts but at that point why not just turn off replies if she's going to be so cowardly anyway. https://twitter.com/nyueft

No. 1062452

File: 1644657437475.jpeg (676.5 KB, 1170x1470, 09C68808-ACFE-4DEF-B02B-6C415B…)

Didn’t she already sell this piece as a NFT and donate the profits from the sale to that exact same foundation? Why is it up for auction again? I know the screenshot just says it was minted a long time ago but I remember her posting a donation receipt from the sale of the nft.
The irony of her saying she’s donating to a nature conservation organization when nfts are ridiculously harmful to the environment.

No. 1062497

under the activity it shows that it just sat there this whole time and just recently sold.

Its pretty sketchy that she hasn't announced it on her main account, despite her getting backlash from her friend Io's fans there for selling her character without permission due to "a misunderstanding" when Io said she disliked NFTs. Many of her fans didn't believe Yueko was so retarded anyway so this will just confirm what they thought if she doesn't show actual proof and they find out kek.

FND's site states "NFTs minted on Foundation receive a 10% royalty in perpetuity, anytime a piece is resold. The royalty will be sent directly to the wallet that minted the NFT." so i wonder if yueko will donate those royalties as well

forgot to mention she's quietly deleted all recent traces of nft listing's on her main yueko__ account besides her her collab with killergf, her friend Zeronis' nft project. I guess people going "ew nfts" really gets under her skin kek

fuuuuuck forgot to sage as well

No. 1062515

To you

No. 1062517


>if a man isn't ugly and doesn't look like an abomination he's feminine!!11

>omg white americans are being oppressed by china and black people
>this much sperging over a cartoon industry

who let the pol tradthot manbaby door open

No. 1062519

Good, America sucks and deserves to be hated. You lot are sick and have a hateful deluded ideology you keep importing throughout the rest of the world

No. 1062520

Not that anon but
It's boring to people who have a stronger creative and artistic inclination and expect the art world to have more experimentation, yeah.

No. 1062522

>you can't complain about what other people do as long as they enjoy it or make money off of it

This shit might work on Twitter but it's not gonna work here.

No. 1062524

Very pretentious. I have a strong creative and artistic inclination and I enjoy looking at drawings of pretty girls. I dont want every artist to draw complex scenery or storytelling. I want them to draw whatever they want, including pretty girls.

No. 1062525

I’m not american but americans are the least hateful i’ve ever met

No. 1062527

Or maybe it's not pretentious to just have a different taste palette and like more diversity in art portfolios than seeing the same shit over and over again. You would wanna eat the same food or listen to the same song every day?

No. 1062528

Then you haven't met enough.

No. 1062538

how is having a preference for interesting art over replicating some instagram girl’s photos pretentious? It’s not about enjoying “pretty girls” i enjoy pretty girls in art too but if i wanted to see something like what samdoesart makes i would just look up girls on instagram

No. 1062547

Oh anon…

No. 1062570

>Pretty people are hardly that common
You just answered yourself, average will always be more boring for most people

No. 1062571

They aren't pretty though, they look like 12 year olds with plastic surgery and face app.

No. 1062607

Average people are relatable and cozy. Kek if you think constantly drawing pretty girls giving you the thousand-yard stare as good artistic progress than I don’t know what else to say to you, it’s the very fact that it has become way too prevalent is why we get atrocities for ex. sexy alien with big boobs and always naked but male alien counterpart gets to be butt-ugly with design versatility.

No. 1062620

Yeah, women are always encouraged to be pretty dolls with neutral facial expressions while men can be as diverse as they want

No. 1062626

So do kpop fags. Youthfulness will always be the beauty standard for both sexes, deal with it

No. 1062631

Yeah 18 to 20 youthfulness, not looking 12 pedofag

No. 1062639

Most kpop boys either look underage or actually are. Not defending pedo, just saying "but they LOOK 12" really isn't an argument/it's subjective.

No. 1062641

Asians have more neotenous features though, if you're drawing a hyperneotenous north european face it's almost always gonna read as preteen since they dont have these features after age 15

No. 1062643

samefag but also k pop stars look postpubescent at the very least. drawings of fictional girls whose proportions closely match infant to child stage are different especially when you're keeping in mind what i said in the previous post

No. 1062644

Ok? And women have more neotenous features than men. And kpop attracts more western women than any other demographic so what's your point? That most women into kpop are pedos? I don't understand. Women are drawn that way because neoteny is seen as beautiful by both sexes. Obviously that's true or else western women wouldn't lust over kpop boys so much.

No. 1062647

Art isn’t restricted to youth or beauty standards

No. 1062648

File: 1644676649002.jpg (68.93 KB, 408x480, 1643221879827.jpg)

You sound like a fag blinded from criticizing anything because it's modern You're right that neoteny is popular for both sexes but up until relatively recently that meant having people look like older teenagers or young adults, but not outright infantile like the current influenced by kawaii subculture standard is. You're getting confused.

No. 1062652

Up until "relatively recently" people were getting married and having children at 13/14 so I don't think you want to dig back into history for this argument because you'll lose

No. 1062657

That's also false though. And im just highlighting the past just to say your sperging about everyone likes youth as if beauty standards are some eternal thing always tied to evopsych bullshit is retarded.

No. 1062660

File: 1644677386906.jpg (64.4 KB, 735x920, 13d75acb18e539071aa1f2ade77131…)

So how does this signify fertility even though it looks like a little girl? Am I missing something?

No. 1062661

>That's also false though
>source: dude trust me
I didn't say beauty standards are eternal, if anything the attractive age for peak beauty has gone up from the past, both relatively recent and distant. I'm saying that both men and women find neoteny beautiful in each other so it's no surprise drawings/animation (see: yaoi) or even real-life pop stars (like kpop) will want to exaggerate those things. It's not just men who appreciate neoteny, women do too, only women are more neotenous than men already so the manifestations of it will fall into the different expressions of it in both genders.

No. 1062663

Big eyes are a sexually dimorphic trait that separate adult women from adult men, animation exaggerates features, and again this is a neotenous trait and neoteny is seen as beautiful by both sexes, you aren't even trying. You probably think women who shave their legs are "pedobaiting"

No. 1062664

>told they're saying bullshit and still acts like they're in the right by asking for "source" like a retarded scrote
>only women are more neotenous than men already so the manifestations of it will fall into the different expressions of it in both genders.
a 25 year old woman doesn't look that much younger than a 25 year old man, anon. if you're exaggerating their looks why not emulate a 16 year olds' features instead of a toddler's? Again what youre saying doesnt make sense.

No. 1062667

So how come the toddler face only happened in the past 10 years with kawaii culture if its so fucking biological, you retarded scrote? Not even Disney Princesses look that fucking young

No. 1062668

Yeah a 25 year old woman doesn't look shorter, have bigger eyes and less hair, or have a smaller frame than men at all. Sexual dimorphism isn't real and men and women are the same.

No. 1062670

File: 1644677793380.jpg (59.92 KB, 509x339, istockphoto-1070995578-170667a…)

How would this look like a toddler if you exaggerate the features, fuckwit?

No. 1062671

It doesn’t look like a little girl at all… it looks like some girl put a disney face filter on and took a selfie

No. 1062673

It gets boring when you don't like it or just get tired of it.

Fortunately, most people don't. If literally the only person you followed was samdoesart, then it probably would get boring. But if you actually curate your feed to have a list of things you like that you can just pick and choose from depending on what you're in the mood for, it is significantly less boring.

As again, boring art is relative. There are plenty of people that have the same food for lunch but something different for breakfast. Or have the same food but different variations and it doesn't get "boring" for them.

If you expect everyone's art to basically he exprtimental to not be "boring" You're going to be in for a sore surprise that not a lot of artists care to experiment. Or rather they do but it doesn't get posted to social media. Take the pretentiousness elsewhere. You are not more artistically inclined or having stronger tastes because you "value experimentation"

Just say you don't like the art and go. You don't have to find reasons for or justify it because no matter how an artist draws pretty girls, people like you always go for "they aren't pretty they look 12" even though ages in art are subjective unless you're going do realism. If anything the girls strike me for being in their early to mid twenties. The pedo implication just makes you look cringe.

"average people are relatable and cozy" except when artists draw relatable or cozy stuff they still manage the get shat on because "its boring" or it manages to get called sexualized and fetishistic.

Anyways back on the topic of Sam, even though he does draw pretty girls his background and composition skills are what keeps his art interesting. Scrolling through his feed, it's hardly the same image or compositions over and over again.

And he does tell stories with his art, average stories that an average person would be doing. Pretty girls are just the subject matter. Study sessions, school, going on vacation, sitting at a campfire eating marshmallows, etc. They are not very "great" stories, but theyre simplistic and for lack of better words, what an average person would do.

There is no way to really escape getting your art called boring. No matter the artist that gets brought up, there are nonnas who think they can objectively criticize art and use the same pretentious buzzwords over and over again. Most artists have a subject matter they enjoy, whether it is pretty girls, landscapes, pinups or anything else. Valuing "expertimentation" and "being more artistically inclined" are subjective values and trying to treat them like they are objective measures of criticism makes you sound like a washed up high school art teacher or a snobby pretentious art fag that buys a black square for millions because its "so experimental"

No. 1062674

I literally thought you posted the same picture without the filter lmao. Anyways it's useless arguing with you people, go ahead and act clueless as to why some people, male and female, find these features beautiful even though it's obvious even in the picture you posted with her relatively big eyes and clear skin. Retards.

No. 1062675

Why are you using CARTOON WOMEN as a barrier of what people find sexually attractive? Are you a fucking autist?

No. 1062676

>"and go"
>all this fucking long text defending a mid boring artist

You twitterfags always shit up these threads with your crappy takes

No. 1062677

>Average people are relatable and cozy
No, they're forgettable. They're no distinctive, interesting or special in any way, that's why no one wants to draw generic features, is just the way it is. Beauty and ugliness are interesting because unusual features are eye-catching, but average is just average

No. 1062678

The same big eyes and upturned small disney/pixar face is as generic as it gets, but you think people's sexuality is based on getting hard or wet to cartoons because you're a sperg.

No. 1062679

This. I hate how everything has to be a "REALISTIC DEPICTION!!" to these fucking consoomer retards. The point of entertainment is to entertain, not to live vicariously through it.

No. 1062681

And what if I find the artists' draftsmanship and talent mediocre and not even worthy of being awe inspiring or even beautiful? These shitty instagram artists you keep defending like the consoomers you are ain't even half as good as the legacy cartoonists.

No. 1062682

I'm not the same anon, you autismo

No. 1062683

>legacy cartoonists
Way more consoomer than anything I could've said. I don't give a fuck about any of these people or their "legacies," your arguments are just shit.

No. 1062684

My god shut the fuck up already with your thought policing, you sound triggered as fuck you can like him and his mediocre art no need to take it to heart

No. 1062690

Nigga what crack are you smoking?

Big eyes and "toddler faces" are not populase people are trying to pedo bait. It's because large eyes are considered cute. Kawaii culture took off at least 30 years ago as a counter culture to the idea that women could not be "cute" and still considered women.

When it comes to animation, large eyes took off because it is considered expressive and cute. With "eyes being the windows to the soul" and animation being a visual medium, there is a lot of emotion than be read through a characters eyes and facial expressions. Even old cartoons like the 50s and 60s like loony toons or an old black and white anime like Astro Boy had "large eyes".

Put down the crack pipe. Stylized art tends to exaggerate features. Large eyes are exaggerated in the same way that cheek bones or facial structure may be.

I just used Sam because he was the one mentioned. But the idea that someone's art is boring is applied to almost every artist that gets posted here unless they are considered niche. It practically doesn't matter whose art it is unless the person is niche or unheard of.

No. 1062691

>you're a consoomer for liking old cartoonists!
Gen Z always seethes at people who are more talented than them and the shitty mediocre content creators they like lmao

No. 1062692

NTA but that anon is right and you have no way to prove otherwise

No. 1062693

That anon isn't right because shitty ig portraits aren't attractive they just look like bland shit meant to appeal to the lowest common denominator as possible evidently by how you twitter sounding fags swarm the thread like parasites every time someone criticizes one of your beloved art gods

No. 1062695

>"contoont creators"
Are you retarded? I just said I don't give a fuck about any of them or their legacies. I don't even have an instagram nor do I "follow" any artists or "content creators" besides some pinterest shit in passing. "Following" is an obsessive consoomer trait and it's not the same thing as admiring someone else's art. And I'm not even Gen Z so try again.

No. 1062696


Funny how anons will argue and ignore shit about an artist just to call them "mid tier" and imply their art is somehow not pretty by some objective measure they pulled out of their ass but someone offer thoughtfulness pointing out the flawed logic of the faux-pretentiousness is "triggered".

Especially considering ive been around the threads since they were still in single digits and see the same shit pop up over and over again where anons pretend like they're art goods or have some sort of high standard for art when in reality they are no more special or different than the average consoomer.

No. 1062697

Go back to chimping out about different art opinions, retard

No. 1062699

I don't even know who the guy is, but i suppose there's a logic behind his success, you can't just cover your ears and go "lalala". Art is not only to ~experiment~ and the guy has genuine talent for rendering and stuff

No. 1062701

Isn't that what this whole thread is? Lmfao

No. 1062704

File: 1644679314677.png (636.1 KB, 1069x1500, 1644663362401.png)

Man, every time I criticize these generic ass IG artists you dumb fucks get a retarded image that i have to like only highest avant garde shit because I don't like the typical social media Western artist who is way too influenced by Pixar and Disney for my taste. Pic related is something I like and its also a cartoon

No. 1062706

Samefag, but if someone offers you a counterargument like >>1062673
, you're supposed to reply with something better not whack shit like >>1062676, you gave no arguments and then pretended you were the smartest anon itt

No. 1062708

It's not pretentious to expect better draftsmanship and art diversity (meaning, not just drawing the same looking girl standing) in cartoon art. It's like you're not allowed to dislike one style without simps like you sperging about how the big mean anons only like renaissance level of art just for not having the same opinion

No. 1062709

He looks 12. Adult men dont have eyes that big or jaws that narrow or hairless faces

No. 1062710

File: 1644679593273.gif (2.56 MB, 640x478, 770101CE-841C-4C70-95B4-97F8D4…)


>muh hubris of creating outlandish out of this world characters that no one can relate to vs making characters you can learn from and look up to and feel comfy seeing

Picrel is you both. Calm down testicular-rage chan

No. 1062711

Because it will get into a shit flinging about the subjectivity of art which is pretty shaky ground to begin with. Do you want me to flood the thread with art I find more beautiful than western ig art so it can satisfy your internet ego?

No. 1062713

Word salad alert. Learning how to draw different people will never be pretentious

No. 1062718

File: 1644679811574.png (1020.9 KB, 1543x550, yep no difference at all.png)

You'd have to be pretty blind to not think ig pretty girl art doesn't even have more exaggerated neoteny than the already high neoteny of other artstyles. Your eye for art must be pretty shit if you think it's the exact same level

There's also different ways to be beautiful, as in genuinely beautiful not "unconventionally attractive" way than the same rehashed looks ig artists like samdoesart does but yet you dumb fucks who defend the genericness never give in to that possibility.

No. 1062719

My reply wasn't aggressive or "testicular" at all, i was just disagreeing with you, what is your problem?

No. 1062720

>characters you can learn from and look up to and feel comfy seeing
Do you have friends? You're not supposed to "look up to" characters as a grown woman. You sound like a moid talking about his waifu.

No. 1062721

nooo it's pretentious to learn how to give people the same faces over and over again because humans are biologically crafted to be sexually attracted to cartoons~

No. 1062722

*how to not

No. 1062723

Anon your tastes are generic as fuck. They're just pixiv and anime generic as opposed to IG and western generic. I would know considering a majority of art I prefer is from pixiv.

If you don't like people criticizing your opinion just either say you aren't a fan of their art or get thicker skin. It's pathetic irony to criticize someone for having "forgettable and generic art" while liking "forgettable and generic art". You don't have to pull out all the breaks and pretentiousness or pretend there is nothing good or successful about their art because you personally don't like it.

I don't like Junji Ito's art by I don't dumb it down to "generic body horror anime" or try to pretend his fans are exclusively low tier body horror fans just to get a W or criticize it.

>>1062713 I never said this was about learning how to draw different people. It never was about drawing different people nor was it an argument I ever made. I said it's pretentious to pretend that art is "boring" if it features subject matter you don't like and treat it as an objective fact as if you are above the average consoomer or needs to be "experimental" to be considered good.

No. 1062725

Current anime art does look young as fuck to the point im also uncomfortable with but it still looks miles better than the ugly exaggerated features you keep trying to tell me is beautiful

No. 1062726

>Word salad alert!!!
>Literally just 2 paragraphs
And you were calling anons itt twitterfags? Ironic

No. 1062727

File: 1644680007724.jpeg (200.22 KB, 750x1334, F5C67FE9-745E-4ACB-8B31-064859…)

>western art

KEK muh glorious anime weeb Twitter art dunks on the SJWs all da time dude my favorite squidgames ppl dunk on the hideous western art all the time!!! People who shit on western art (as they should be doing) always like anime when anime isn’t the only Japanese art form.

No. 1062728

File: 1644680032119.jpg (99.77 KB, 850x678, d165312cda226c86dfc7033b545115…)

That's just one example of art I like, dumbass. This is what happens when you keep trying to create a narrative of the person you disagree with since you get upset at different opinions.

No. 1062729

As a grown woman I do whatever I fucking please. Learn to enjoy yourself and get that stick out of your ass anon

No. 1062730

From the two provided examples, your art tastes are still generic. I'm not mad you have a different opinion, I'm pointing out the irony of criticizing art for being generic… While liking just differently generic shit.

No. 1062733

File: 1644680216475.jpg (3.79 MB, 5280x2808, 1998_Lithographies_Art_nouveau…)

I mean I like plenty of historical art. Why do you niggas in this thread keep projecting lol

No. 1062734

>Behold you worthless comsoomers, TRUE ART!
>literally a generic animu bishie
The jokes write themselves

No. 1062735

>enjoy yourself and CONSOOM like me REEEEEE!!
You don't have to "look up to" characters to enjoy yourself. Again, characters are supposed to be entertaining, not emotional crutches, that's pathetic consoomer bullshit.

No. 1062737


No. 1062738

Why are you so angry over other people's opinions on a popular artist on IG? Will he die if people on Lolcow don't like his stuff? Salt is what this thread is for. What is the desired end result of defending him for you?

No. 1062740

Oh, so you can ~enjoy yourself~ but everyone else has to follow your standards? pff

No. 1062741

Generic anime bishes look better than crushing syndrome pixar girls with ugly ass faces so yuh!

No. 1062742

File: 1644680406985.gif (293.25 KB, 220x136, AE2F77AC-8E08-4214-A775-85E4D2…)

Kekkk please anon it’s every. single. time. Back to /ic/ you go weeb

No. 1062745

I don't know but these fuckers ruin the art salt threads every time they show up
>someone criticizes a big artist for having generic art
>their fans/simps show up and spaz out while pulling out every argument in the book including but not limited to calling people pretentious for having different taste
>they derail the thread for posts because they're that triggered over their favorite artist being called generic

Why are they even allowed to continually shit up a thread meant for bitching and being salty as fuck about art in an anonymous imageboard?

No. 1062748

I'm not a weeb and barely like anime, though, lmao and I probably been posting on lolcow longer than you since I've been here since 2015. So i can't compare two generic cartoon styles because one is anime? you fuckers are retarded

No. 1062753

File: 1644680705821.jpeg (64.07 KB, 750x1000, 5BA6E3F5-7277-4F8D-A713-2890AE…)

Exactly! Glad you understand what I’m saying through your sperg “values” fed to you by 4channel trolls. What’s next you think art is getting too political? Kek

No. 1062757

File: 1644680754438.jpg (25.37 KB, 400x400, sam-yang-asset.jpg)

Why the fuck can't you faggots who like this artstyle understand that some people don't find it attractive or beautiful and that other generic cartoon styles might be beautiful to them?

No. 1062758

No. 1062760

>You weeb
I'm not the one who posted a bishie, you're insane

No. 1062761

File: 1644680836485.gif (7.63 MB, 480x480, 1644281163973.gif)

You know what, fuck you. Just for that im gonna keep shitting on this ig artist since all you faggots who come out to defend these fucks just make me hate this art even more kek

No. 1062762

An anon practically broke out a crackhead reason for why big eyes in art bad

Also, before the threads began to have short titles, "and discussion" used to be part of it. The posts I made are part of… A discussion. How dare people not be ruthlessly angry and salty. If you read them as angry rather than neutral toned because they criticized someone's criticisms of an artist, that's on you.

Honestly I'm not even a fan of samdoesart. Like anime bisho anon, I actually prefer stuff from pixiv and more anime based art. I just think that criticisms of his art are based in pretentious when people act like it is boring while having just differently boring tastes.

Anons gotta put the "and discussion" back in the threads because some of you anons think anything that isn't salt is anger. Ironic how the threat is supposed to be for salt but you can't handle salt over your opinion.

>this thread is for salt!

>Gets salty over over people being salty about their opinions
>Why are you shitting up the thread and not letting me be salty!!

No. 1062764

Saying you want an artist to different faces is not pretentious, anon. There's plenty of cartoonists who draw different attractive faces that fit with their exaggerated artstyle but yet its out of realm of possibility when someone says this about any ig artist? Please.

No. 1062767

File: 1644681089149.jpg (139.02 KB, 1080x1351, __original_drawn_by_sam_yang__…)

Why is that you can criticize any art in this thread but as soon as you dislike "ig artist draws generic pretty girls" anons come out of the woodwork accusing you of hating on attractiveness?

No. 1062772

It was never about the different faces actually read what I called pretentious instead of what I didn't.

If it's tldr fine but wanting different faces or more diverse art isn't what I called pretentious. It was calling someone's art "boring and generic" while liking boring and generic art or thinking it is a "waste" of talent to not cater to some anons taste about what is "good art" while ignoring fundamental parts of art someone is good at or acting like art is objectively bad just because they don't like it while acting better than the other average consoomer or having to come up with a crackhead theory on calling characters 12 because they have big eyes.

No. 1062774

>If you read them as angry rather than neutral toned because they criticized someone's criticisms of an artist, that's on you.
All these sound really angry, not neutral:
>Take the pretentiousness elsewhere. You are not more artistically inclined or having stronger tastes because you "value experimentation"
>Just say you don't like the art and go
>trying to treat them like they are objective measures of criticism makes you sound like a washed up high school art teacher or a snobby pretentious art fag that buys a black square for millions because its "so experimental"
>Nigga what crack are you smoking? Put down the crack pipe.
>Funny how anons will argue and ignore shit about an artist just to call them "mid tier" and imply their art is somehow not pretty by some objective measure they pulled out of their ass but someone offer thoughtfulness pointing out the flawed logic of the faux-pretentiousness is "triggered".
The weird thing is that no one said their opinions were objective, they just stated what they thought plainly. It'd be lame to have to put "I think" and "I feel" just to avoid hurting someone's feelings on an anonymous imageboard. What do you want, exactly? Anons to like what you like? What are you contributing to the discussion? You're arguing over opinions and calling people crackheads for…finding something boring. I just don't understand what you're so upset about, I don't care about the artist but the thread is "Art Salt", not "Anonymous people's opinions about art Salt". Maybe you just need a blog lol

No. 1062776

File: 1644681412206.jpeg (74.71 KB, 750x515, F96E61D4-7728-4805-8120-D4E90C…)

Anon this is samdoesarts. This puny little scrote would never want to draw women of actual substance, he just draws east asian models he finds on IG that all look the same. He tried and failed to draw a black person and it just ends up looking like the rest of his art. He kind of reminds me of a refined ergojosh, their sexuality has managed to be subtlety interwoven into their pieces

No. 1062777

Who said it was objectively bad?

No. 1062778

They're insecure so they assume you are too. Also you can draw pretty girls without making them look like a hilarious snapchat filter

No. 1062782

Because they all were called pretty once by irrelevant people and held on to it for a very long time. Sadly prettiness is a currency of security for women and so they’ll hang on to their false sense of superiority and white supremacy to keep themselves afloat. It’s always the ones bitching and bending their knees in awe over ~ethereal beauty~ prefer art that only prioritizes one racial group. You know I’m right, tired of logging on to websites or getting on here looking at art pieces of white people with emotional context paintings seen as “real art”. I love sperging

No. 1062785

No. 1062791

Ah yes, let's just assume about an entire group of people that you've never met. Way to reveal your hand, anon.

No. 1062793

Lol you guys don't like it when someone reveals what's going on behind the scenes of a company. And if you think it's "cringy as fuck", get over it. This is coming from Disney internal, don't bitch at me for being the messenger.

No. 1062795

Ah yes white people are being oppressed because they have to recognize people of different races, so sad too bad,boo boo bitch quit your job if you’re that racist.

No. 1062799

You're going on weird fantasies about being hated for being white american and having to kneel to asian and black people dude

No. 1062800

Those aren't Eurocentric features lol, it's just the cutesy Disney/anime face style he uses for Asian women too. She looks like Tiana from Princess and The Frog, whose features were based on the VA (a black woman). I think the art style is generic/boring too but stop reaching please

No. 1062804

Hating on a huge part of your countrysmen and demonizing them like they're some random group is abnormal and hateful behavior. Get over it

No. 1062814

File: 1644682838966.jpg (46.73 KB, 581x528, 1644509129611.jpg)

-I- am? No, I'm posting what's circulating around Disney. But nice try.
Picrel. Go back to leftypol, they seem more your speed.

No. 1062815

No. 1062818

Man enough with the half-assed gaslighting. At least make up a coherent counter-argument.

No. 1062820

Proving her point right, disneyanon.

No. 1062821

>whining about duh jooz, china, and black people
>posting philosophical images to seem smarter
>bringing up leftypol
>scrote aggression
fuck off nobody wants your shitty intel.

No. 1062823

At least Put them in the context I was replying to them in.

I'm not and never was expecting people to like what I like. But if that's all you got out of it then hey can't nothing be done about it.

I called the anon a crackhead not because they found his art boring, but because they said the girls look 12 because they have big eyes and implied some other pedo shit. That is what I called crackhead. That is also what "just say you don't like the art and go" was in reference to as well, just say you don't like the art you don't have to reach for pedophilia. And along with the whole "toddler face" thing. If you don't consider it crackhead that's fine but it wasn't in reference to Samdoesart.

>what contributions have you made, you're just arguing with people

Just like they expressed their own opinion, I expressed mine. It's ironic you imply I want everyone to have my opinion while basically saying my opinions are non contributions just because you don't like them.

They said their opinions, I said mine. Saying the thread is just for art salt and not "opinions about art salt" just makes you sound like you hate hearing anything other than salt and how dare people not be angry at generic Instagram artist #528 for daring to have inoffensive and forgettable art.

Arguing and sharing opinions are what anons do in the thread. My insults were honestly lukewarm at best and if it honestly comes off as anger you don't lurk the threads enough. I said the whole washed up art teacher in reference to people saying it is boring to people who are "more artistically inclined" as well as the whole experimentation in art and that the pretentiousness comes from when people– not just find a particular artist boring– but when they act like they have "much better tastes" or ignore certain aspects of someone's art just to call it boring because it has a certain subject matter or thinking that it is "a waste" to not draw what random anon 214 thinks is good art.

Like the anon who posted examples of art they like by starting with not one, but two artistically generic examples whole calling Sam's art bland as if their own art tastes weren't just differently bland.

>don't think be mad and take things out of context to call someone mad

No. 1062825

It’s definitely a man, it has to be a man

No. 1062827

This is just as generic as each other? Honestly? I think you just have shit taste.

No. 1062828

Especially when he said ugly male characters were manly lmao

No. 1062829

That’s literally what the anons criticizing him said

No. 1062830

You're going in circles at this point just because anons don't like the same art as you. You can't complain it's bad for the thread when you admit to adding to it, and you also seem incapable of explaining what you want out of this. Are you having fun? Honest question

No. 1062832

They also said other blatantly inaccurate stuff to defend the ig artist and then backpedaled once they were wrong so they're just arguing just to argue like a typical lifeless scrote from reddit or 4chan

No. 1062833

I wasn't here for any of this but one of the drawings in that original post is of Natalie Portman when she's literally 12 in Leon the Professional. So the anon you called a crackhead has a point.

No. 1062834

It’s so funny how the same retard who throws around the world pretentious thinks they have an artistic inclination kek

No. 1062837

Wait it's actually based on a 12 year old? Gonna make their "men are meant to be biologically attracted to childish looking cartoons" argument even more disgusting, yuck kek

No. 1062840

stop replying to scrote bait

No. 1062841

Is this the usual moid samefagging?

No. 1062842

If you mean by the same moid who has a fixation on kpop and lesbians, then yes.

No. 1062858

Context anon context.

I said this was as generic as this. >>1062767 just because they dropped a historical piece at the end doesn't mean the first two examples were not generic. Assuming it's the same anon at least.

The thing I think is had for the thread is when people use the "its for salt" to just down a thing they consider "defending" even if all you're doing is sharing your opinion or pointing out flawed logic and I think it's because for whatever reason the "and discussion" got removed so now you get anons who think any kind of discussion is derailing when it doesn't suit their level of saltiness.

On that specific one they might have a point but saying a character looks 12 because big eyes, that cute/kawaii is "toddler face" is still crackhead in my opinion. I actually pointed out why large eyes and cutesy things have become more popular but anons ignored that in favor of just focusing on my "defending" of Sam because it was easy to ignore context and be mad.

In all honesty, I don't think I have artistic inclination. I was pretty open with the fact that I like generic pixiv and anime stuff over what Sam does. I just think it is pretentious to act like this art is boring and generic while liking something that is just differently boring and generic.

No. 1062863

100% based

also people replying to the retarded scrote need to stop validating his defective chromosome tantrum

No. 1062865

Samefag because it got missed but you say that like the anons here don't do that same lifeless arguing. I never backpedaled, I just put things in context.

Just bring up an artist being a tranny, the endless gender and pronouns debate, or something else and watch anons try to tear the skin off of one another. Same shit different topic.

No. 1062869

Go away neotenyfag. We get it, you were memed into finding female features sexy by social media.

No. 1062895

Art and IRL standards differ for every person. I don't know why you guys are even arguing about something so fucking basic. Watch DreamWorks if you hate Disney so much.

This whole discussion has turned into some moral pissing contest of who feels big eyes are pedo bait. Jfc.

No. 1062897

These anons are enlightened. That moid is retarded.

No. 1062900

>Watch DreamWorks

No. 1062912

this thread devolved into pointless shitflinging so much faster than usual. i'm almost proud

No. 1062938

i can't say i'm not entertained KEK

No. 1062967

No one cares faggot, corporations do what brings them money. They don't "hate muh poor white ppl" just because they follow fake woke liberal policies to fill a quota like everyone else in the country, or because they're making movies that aren't centered around white people for once to attract other demographics. Nothing you posted suggests that they literally want to genocide you or that they give a single fuck about racial minorities, it's just fake "this is a very important issue guys!" bullshit.
>Go back to leftypol, they seem more your speed.
How ironic. It would be great if you went back to /pol/ to whine about "white genocide" some more, scrote. And try not to shit up other boards like along the way like you always do.

No. 1063009

File: 1644691441772.jpg (117.15 KB, 700x916, yasahime.jpg)

Pretty girls and interesting art are not antonyms of each other. Those girls that guy draws aren't even pretty, the mix between realism and anime proportions looks uncanny. His art is basically just copying photos, it's very boring.

No. 1063015

we’re only doing it for fun tbh, it’s almost so comically aggressive and absurd it made me laugh all morning. sorry anons for offending I just can’t stand the racist kiwifarm scrotes who shit up this thread from time to time. I get its a le epic imageboard but no woman deserves to be on here and see that ridiculous shit

No. 1063040

Exactly, anon. Thank you for saying what I want to express every time one of these knuckledraggers try to argue pretty and interesting are opposites.

No. 1063086

I hate how this thread is only active when some scrote is tardraging in it

No. 1063115

Lemme ask you, why do you get all bent out of shape when someone shows you racism against white people?

No. 1063153

I don't understand what this means. Explain?

No. 1063164

The only white people I have respect for are ones in Europe. American white men deserve no respect though.

No. 1063165

File: 1644696524449.jpeg (535.31 KB, 828x911, 546A253E-8179-4A78-9C32-5D9DA3…)

>i don’t think i have artistic inclination
>i have a STRONG artistic inclination

No. 1063177

tracing over photographs is DRUE ART

No. 1063195

i like this one shes cute

No. 1063215

File: 1644697513626.jpeg (100.82 KB, 720x524, 32559D77-A2E5-442C-A9A1-F8D9DF…)

twitter users are currently trying to get this girl kicked out of university over this tweet lol

No. 1063216

File: 1644697540105.jpeg (354.79 KB, 1170x1804, D5D55871-1F72-4A16-9974-11607F…)

No. 1063223

Were the same users in this thread hours ago by any chance?

No. 1063226

Autism is a curse on everyone involved

No. 1063227

I have no idea what that means

No. 1063245

can someone tell me how this is remotely anti-black because even with retarded twisted twitter-thinking I can't think of how

No. 1063267

No. 1063299

How the fuck is that anti black unless you're transcartoon? Holy shit these people on twitter have to be culled from the population

No. 1063307

People like this are the downside of internet normiefication

No. 1063313

Can someone explain wtf this is supposed to mean

No. 1063316

You can’t be racist to white people(twitterfag)

No. 1063329

I think it's referencing those people that draw racebends of popular caracters but also change a ton of the character's design to the point you can't tell who it's supposed to be. I haven't really seen them as nicelly rended same faced anime girls tho, more as tumblr type of styles

No. 1063340

Off to twitter with you

No. 1063351

No you really can’t. Being genuine, why do you think that?

No. 1063352

Lemme ask you, why are you so obsessed with race and "muh white genocide"? Do you have so much brain damage that you are unable to understand that corporations do what will bring them the most money and this isn't some conspiracy to kill all white men?

No American man deserves respect tbh

No. 1063359

This thread needs to be nuked and never made again. Too much racebait and twitter summerfags

No. 1063363

When will you understand that all men are like this

No. 1063381

>why are you so obsessed with race and "muh white genocide"?
Its a moid, he's baiting

No. 1063388

This thread kinda shows that a lot of twitterfags and twitter artists lurk on lc for me, reminds me of creepshowart. a lot still hold on to their twitterfag morals even though theyre anonymous it’s pretty admirable

No. 1063398

>>1063351 Ever heard of the farm attacks in South Africa that have been hapening since the nineties? Go anywhere that the typical western sphere (aka out of Twitter's ''we give a shit'' range for all kinds of things).

Now, let's get back to art already. Does anyone think there's a chance there will be a Clip Studio Paint sale for something like Valentine's Day? I've been eyeing that program for a while so I'm crossing my fingers

No. 1063403


No regular person who is offline is crying about white people being oppressed. Touch grass.(racebait)

No. 1063424

Just pirate EX. It works just fine.

No. 1063458

I'm pretty sure the next sale will be in March.

No. 1063461

Found the lefties, lol.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1063466

One of the most boring artists on social media gets mentioned here and everyone loses their fucking minds lmao

No. 1063467

File: 1644704393577.jpg (38.1 KB, 851x638, 20210731_161923.jpg)

Not salt or anything but
>person interacts with my art
>"sweet! I wonder what kind of account they're running"
>check out their account
>'terfs dni' in bio
>mfw this absolute fool just interacted with a terf

No. 1063472

Kek, same anon. My followers have no idea I'm a terf.

No. 1063478

Why won’t the janny who’s lurking this thread ban this moid already? Ms janny hellooo?

No. 1063479

I run a tumblr blog for a certain niche-ish fandom and a ton of people who follow it have these crazy ass DNIs that I definitely fit the criteria of multiple times over but I don't disclose any of that shit lol.

No. 1063491

I see a girl from my country(turkey) getting posted here and she's getting called out for being racist? Wtf? She only talked about thick lips and wavy(?) hair which are middle eastern features as well so you cant even call her racist even if she was talking about racially ambiguous anime characters because those features are features of her race as well. This is such a weird situation and honestly feels like the people on twitter are trying to cancel her because of some vendetta

No. 1063502

kek, me every time someone sperging about evil terfs likes my posts

No. 1063514

Nonnas I have a project for one of my classes coming up that’s due and I have a question. Which adobe software is the best for making graphic design illustrations? Honestly I fucking hate using illustrator I feel like it’s only decent for making logos and I’m not really a person who draws with shapes in mind and that honestly makes art hard for me but anyways should I try photoshop or should I get away with trying to use another drawing software like procreate or clip studio?

No. 1063524

That's the crowd that goes "drawing ethnic features is EASY and shouldn't interfere in your art style!!! that excuse is BULLSHIT!" and then they recolor an anime character with the ugliest fucking shade of brown possible and don't even bother adjusting the rest of the design's colors to harmonize.

No. 1063538

Photoshop is the Chad off all software
And you too can be a chad by pirating it
It’s what adobe would want you to do

No. 1063543

I was thinking photoshop too you can also make vector shapes with it. I have a student account so no pirating for me kek

No. 1063544

File: 1644710512157.png (257.67 KB, 397x394, pic.PNG)

When pic crew had an option to disable foreign made ones, that told me everything I needed to know kek