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File: 1644620524806.jpeg (144.57 KB, 1080x1381, 3B3F7DAA-4378-4770-B816-873DCA…)

No. 1061997

Bring your dum dum shit here.

Previous thread: >>>/ot/1047713

No. 1062004

File: 1644620850786.jpg (18.48 KB, 554x554, yeha.jpg)

He was a boy
She was a girl
Can I make it any more obvious?
He was a skeleton
She did necromancy
What more can I say?

No. 1062007

have any other burgerchans been seeing or hearing fighter jets lately? i started hearing them at night at least 2 weeks ago, different than a normal plane sound, usually after midnight. then this afternoon, i actually saw one flying over my house really fast and low. and a month ago i was taking a walk late at night and i saw lots of weird planes flying in formation high up in the sky heading northeast towards the desert. i am in california so edwards air force base is not that far from me. it’s kind of scary because the last time i saw stuff like this was after 9/11.

No. 1062014

what kind of blue eyes white dragon is that

No. 1062034

Today I found out an influencer I hate follow also follows one of my favorite musicians on IG and likes her posts. I know it's stupid but it bothers me so much.

No. 1062042

Anon, you sweet sweet moron, they’re practicing flyovers for the super bowl on Sunday.

No. 1062063

omfg you’re right. i really am such a dumbass but i genuinely forgot the super bowl was even a thing because i hate football and was thinking it had something do with this ukraine bullshit.

thank you for making me laugh at my own stupid self.

No. 1062081

File: 1644627995507.jpeg (169.19 KB, 768x1024, 343EF409-99DD-4F18-9E0A-653673…)

Kek it’s ok, my family doesn’t really care about the super bowl either, we make a ton of snack food and put it on TV in the background, and then we eat the snack food and nobody watches the game.

No. 1062087


Wish I could relate. The superbowl is on my birthday and I was asked to postpone it by my family.

No. 1062101

Nachos are not a food that you can comfortably eat in front of other people

No. 1062109

File: 1644630980694.gif (67.65 KB, 287x359, 8114FAC0-6D34-44B5-AC59-DB69F2…)

Oh no, I’m so sorry, that’s awful.

No. 1062132

My bf tied his hair back while he was working on something and noticing that this 33 year old man has a better hairline than me is depressing me tonight kek

No. 1062141

File: 1644632683386.jpeg (39.03 KB, 680x490, F41B162E-8B63-4138-B28D-564487…)

I am so good at giving cats medicine. I am the master of force-feeding pills and squirting ointment onto the eyeballs of squirming cats. Fear me.

No. 1062146

File: 1644632800022.jpg (46.87 KB, 505x527, tumblr_oss08yPrq91spqlu6o1_540…)

Fuck them. Happy birthday, anon!

No. 1062151

From the first few words I thought this was another "my moid is balding" posts. Look on the bright side.

No. 1062159

File: 1644633266302.png (212.5 KB, 540x557, 1639274722501.png)

so I downloaded Maplestory again and I'm having so much fun before I get bored and delete it again. I know some of you nonas play so I'm reaally tempted to form a lolcow friends group (or guild?) on there but I hate multiplayer games. I'll probably end up hating all of you kek

No. 1062160

this is the one of the cutest hedgehogs pic I think I've ever seen I can't tell whether it's a photoshoot or painting

No. 1062161

File: 1644633356179.jpg (22.18 KB, 440x388, 34fc76ce64dbaf7544a39463308223…)

No. 1062168

File: 1644633462042.png (3.98 KB, 496x78, 1.PNG)

Sometimes I see this ban and it makes me so sad. I don't even know the context. I wonder what was hurting this anon

No. 1062200

Did your friend play with you?

No. 1062207

">Lolcow gains notority as a TERF website and starts getting raided/DDOSed frequently by mad TIMs."

This anon was right.

No. 1062210

i was just talking to my mom about this as i have had two weird ass phone calls in a couple of months i suspect may be linked back to my old job. i quit my sales job at a big shoe chain in the us on christmas eve and on the 26th, i got this weird fucking call from a number that looked vaguely familiar. it was after 10, around the time they closed during the week. i kept saying hello and no one was answering and it sounded like i could hear someone breathing? i tried to brush it off as a weird telemarketing call, but you know how you can tell someone is seething behind a call? i just couldn’t shake the feeling my old boss was behind it.

then today at noon, i get another weird call from a similar looking number. when i answered, i heard this heavily accented voice saying something like, “i can see now why i wanted to fire your bitch ass” and then they hung up. it sounded 100% like my old manager, too. he has a thick vietnamese accent, a distinctly deep voice, and the area code looked like the number i called when we were working on my application.

should i report this to someone? i assume this may have something to do with hr reaching out to me after i quit to ask me why i left so suddenly. maybe he got fired? i have never dealt with anything like this and i don’t want to get shot by someone just because i vented in an email.

No. 1062225

Ngl, this is funny but yeah anon…. I would be weary about keeping this to yourself. Do you think your old boss is dangerous?

No. 1062227

I think my addiction to Lolcow is almost cured. I don't miss this place much anymore. I'm proud of having achieved this because this website really takes a lot of my time

No. 1062230

Yes, you should reach to someone. I'm not sure who to reach in this case, but you should do it. If you have friends or you live with someone let them know too. Change your phone number as well.

No. 1062232

I love how lolcow nonnies just adopted this style of glitter graphics lol. Very cute and charming

No. 1062235

it is funny in a pathetic way, isn’t it? idk, i am not terrified but at the same time, you just can’t tell with some people so i am going to sleep on it and maybe start logging it if it happens a third time. i remember i felt so bad at first about walking away from the job because he was whining so much when i was there, yet i always made it clear i didn’t want to make selling discount nikes to jehovah’s witnesses my career so he shouldn’t be that mad.

i always attract the nutters…

No. 1062238

File: 1644637856130.gif (153.04 KB, 337x313, 1597423od1v071yqg.gif)

Yes, same

No. 1062245

fucking idiot doxxed himself thinking no one cares… i do

No. 1062246

I went out with friends for dinner and they asked me why I haven’t been on a date in like 4 years and I told them it’s because dating as a lesbian sucks. Finding a butch woman who isn’t a tranny is so fucking hard.

On the bright side, these friends aren’t terminally online so I could freely say I didn’t want to date men and ftms, and they were like “oh yeah thats fine” like yes, thank you. I’m a lesbian. I don’t want to date men in any capacity, whether you’re already a man or going to become a man.

No. 1062278

My husbando plays this sport that I used to find interesting as a kid (but never participated on it)… And I might have looked up if there were any schools near my house… There's one… I've been wanting to become more physically active… And it would be good for me to interact with real humans every once in a while… Nonnies, should I do it?

No. 1062290

I call dibs on the new vent thread pic

No. 1062361

I don't understand why it's so hard for them to put what kind of flavour popsicle you're getting when you take one out of the box. Just simply write "strawberry" on the wrapper like is that so goddamn difficult?? Instead of all of them having the same white bland ass wrapper with no information so you can only guess and hope you're getting the flavour you want. It makes no senseeeee

No. 1062365

Do it!! You'll have so much fun and you'll feel great too!

No. 1062366

Hold it up to the light nonnie! The light will make the color of the popsicle reflect through the package

No. 1062367

honestly one of the better parts of having a husbando. do it nona! what sport is it? my first thought was volleyball, but there's so much sportsbando material now

No. 1062470

I've listened to nothing but MCR for the past month. I'm regressing to my emo phase and I don't even feel bad. What are your favorite MCR songs, anons?

No. 1062477

Tell me why some homely bitch with four inch black roots and burnt orange dyed hair tried to tell me, a natural redheaded ginger, that my hair wasn’t “really red”. No one seethes harder than fake redheads istg.

No. 1062488

I listened to Early Sunsets Over Monroeville. Just popped into my head.

No. 1062507

People talk about it being more natural to be attracted to women with curves and big hips or short and idk. Maybe biologically it's a thing to think about child bearing hips, but like if the end goal is just to make a woman bear a child sure, but what if you actually enjoy the act of sex.

I like lean long bodies. There's beautiful curves and slopes too that highlight frame and idk but seeing definition on a body you know they got from moving so well and how to work their muscles. You don't have to be mega built to be fit. I love changing positions and stretching out and just moving around. One guy I was with gained loads of weight and I hated that he just lay there and I had to do most of the work. Sex is fun for movement I think it's weird to talk how if a woman looks like she'd have an easy time carrying a baby around makes her more desirable.

No. 1062508

To the eeeeenddddd! Idk idk, I have their albums on my playlist and fuck it, three cheers for sweet revenge is full of bangers

No. 1062511

File: 1644664355646.jpeg (83.62 KB, 464x660, images - 2022-02-12T075529.661…)

Just learned that her birthday is literally one day before mine and now I feel even more compelled to cosplay her

No. 1062521

File: 1644665554434.jpg (251.5 KB, 1080x1337, Screenshot_20220212_121934.jpg)

I would post this on /2X but it's dead so. Does this come accross as kind of elitist to anyone? Most people don't have the knowledge and resources to assess the geopolitics of imperialism etc etc. If someone's feminism is just "women should be treated equally" why is that bad? The masses are never going to sit down and study hisotry and anthropology and read all your favorite feminist authors, actually what happens when you expect them to do so is they read those tranny instagram infographics that say that white pepople invented women and think they're more educated than everyone else

No. 1062523

If you're middle class and you dont wanna study geography or history then you're just a peasant. Funny how people think it's so hard to do any kind of intellectual maneuvering despite having all the resources and time in the world for it.

And no i dont care about the subject or agree with that tweet but im just saying, being informed isnt that fucking hard.

No. 1062530

wtf is the "global feminization of poverty"

No. 1062532

Being middle-class doesn't automatically guarantee the ability to understand feminism-based word salad. People are retarded. The deeply rooted systems of most shit that results in oppression are retarded. This world is shit and gay.

No. 1062533

I used to follow Ihla on twitter but got tired of all this word-waffling bullshit ngl, when most other radfems or marxfems manage to convey their points perfectly and simply. although I agree with what she's saying, every single tweet is elitist academic spew that ironically alienates a lot of working class feminists or just women who don't have the knowledge or time/resources (myself included which is why I think she's annoying as fuck).

She'll claim she fights for the poor women and the masses but never actually dilutes her thoughts into a format that we can understand, and no i'm not necessarily advocating for dumb dumb babytalk videos but at least drop the wordvomit waffling because it just makes her look like every other 'academic' feminist on twitter with her head up her own ass.

She's also very silent on the topic of trans 'women' from what I can find, or just chooses not to engage in anything regarding men in womens spaces threatening the concept of womanhood. Part of me understands because she'll just get harassed and cancelled on twitter for speaking common sense though.

No. 1062534

Who said anything about automatic? Knowing about the impact of imperialism, how most poor people are female, and the other stuff she was talking about isn't that far out of reach or "eltist" to expect from like you were saying though lmao. You can learn that shit just by reading an article from google

Though the word salad aspect doesnt help because twitter has a shitty word count limit

No. 1062535

It sounds like a bait. There was a similar discussion a while ago, mostly by libfems, where people discussed if race and ethnicity played part in feminism. It's better to ignore these libfems who think they, someone from a middle class family in a first world country, suffer as badly as a woman from a third world country and rather speak up about their problems, which are probably slut shaming or ageism, while casually ignoring other women's issues which are sexual abuse, trafficking, etc. I don't want to start an infight so I won't go further into this but no, feminism should also care about women's histories, countries and unfortunately races because racism is still rampant. Women=men may be an easy concept to apply in west but for the women in other countries, they have a long way to go until we get there sadly.

No. 1062537

You can, but it still requires a certain level of intelligence to take information like that apart and make sense of it. Reading information doesn’t guarantee understanding of it, and there's a ceiling on that for some people no matter how hard they try.
This is something you write in college papers to jerk off the word count and attempt to sound impressive, not use as a way to reach out to people online with questionable ranges of critical thinking and reading comprehension skills.

No. 1062539

AAggrgh I wish I could play with a group like this so bad!

No. 1062540

I think her heart is ultimately in the right place, but I think the word salad is the problem. Like >>1062537 said, a lot of her tweets read like a college paper or journal trying to insert as many words as possible in order to make it sound intellectual, I guess?

There's nothing necessarily bad about that, but when she's talking about "if your feminism isn't xyz" she could at least dial it down or else it just comes off as trying to hit a word count. I've seen plenty of other feminists on twitter articulate their points perfectly in a format that's pretty much easy to understand for everyone, even those new to feminism or how classism intertwines with it.

No. 1062544

most times i see timothee chalamet i think he's annoying looking and mid but then there are times where he's like one of the hottest guys ever to me. it's the same with robert pattinson. somebody explain

No. 1062545

File: 1644668417995.png (19.81 KB, 593x202, ca7fc90307a58c4f255c3bd8a73aca…)

it is elitist. she is also friends with someone who thinks he's more "disadvantaged" in womens bodybuilding somehow, despite going through at least a significant percentage of male puberty.

No. 1062550

They have larger hearts by default, therefore better blood oxygen, bone structures built better for strength training, etc.
People like this strike me as narcs, because they just sit there and shit out a bunch of bad information and opinion pieces on social causes, but it's almost always only to get approval from whatever audience.

No. 1062553

I thinks it's really cute on like the plains in Africa so many different species mingle together and get along. Obviously there are predators but like animals can get along so well with others even if they look different. Humans suck

No. 1062554

That's why I started playing volleyball when I was 15 lmao Do it nona, aside from some muscle pain you probably won't regret it.

No. 1062561

I honestly haven't met a trans male who wasn't a narcissist to some degree. It requires a base level of narcissism to try and compare yourself to women biologically and socially, requires even more delusional arrogance to try and imply you're disadvantaged in comparison to them because you shoot estrogen every now and then.

Trust it to be bodybuilding of all sports, a sport where conveniently this troon will be able to get to a much lower body fat and thus look more 'aesthetic' without risking menstrual cycle health like women do in those competitions. It's all very fitting.

No. 1062565

Aren't male children born with bigger hearts and skeletal system too because of the gestation phase? Like it's not only virilization during puberty that separates them from a woman?

No. 1062572

>I'm too much of a soyboy to compete with other men so I want to compete with women because I know I'll win due to my body structure
>But I can't let them know I know that so I'll say being trans hinders me

Ok scrote

No. 1062575

Yep. It's not 'assigned male at birth', it's 'assigned male in utero'.

No. 1062590

No. 1062596

>neoteny and youthfulness
where, i think he's the opposite. his head is shaped like that club penguin badge

No. 1062603

>Most people don't have the knowledge and resources to assess the geopolitics of imperialism etc etc

They do, they can open their eyes and see the effects of it everyday but they choose to live in their cave. Plus it isn’t elitist you retard, lots of poor people are in poverty because of the long-term consequences of imperialism like many countries in Africa. Don’t believe the money-laundering Africans who say “no Africa isn’t like!” because it is and a lot of African countries have a huge wealth disparity and problems with exploitative child labor. Anyways I’m also tired of feminists who have no business in this conversation asking “should this be allowed? haha is this correct? haha it’s not true that some women have it way worse than other women haha stop”. I know what you’re doing and it fucking angers me, women from different countries don’t have to explain themselves or get a hall pass from the CEO of “good western feminism” go jag your skull on crooked concrete nonna

No. 1062605

Every time someone has a shit opinion about someones aesthetics or look you compare it to video games or cartoons like the manchildren you are.

No. 1062608

excuse me?

No. 1062609

i was gonna say humanchild cause both sexes do it but it was gonna sound dumb and womanchild sounds ugly so

No. 1062610

NTA but club penguin has been played by the masses, what the fuck are you talking about and why are you on an imageboard lol

No. 1062613

If you see someone with a common head shape but you think of a video game badge you're retarded

No. 1062614

Literally. It's consoomer central around here

No. 1062616

Yeah how is it elitist to have an understanding of how poverty affects and disables women globally? Isn't that like the opposite of elitist?

No. 1062617

No wonder people on the internet have such an abnormal neuroticism about their looks and others if they can only think of people's looks in terms of entertainment franchises kek

No. 1062619

They act like it's so fucking hard just to research into topics but spend hours browsing or watching videos all day. I mean I do that too but kek it's not hard to learn about a lot of stuff if you're curious enough and got the vast library of the internet on your hands you know?

No. 1062622

is it really that common? anyway i'll compare it to a bicycle seat next time like i used to
isn't it only consoom if you spend your whole life around it with a room of funko pops or something.. i haven't even played club penguin in decades

No. 1062624

just wait until he starts gaining muscle on his objectively male body and realises that no amount of hip thrusts or Lady Booty Workouts will change the fact he'll always be built line a linebacker.

Women go through a lot of issues with their periods and overall reproductive health in bodybuilding comps due to dehydrating and cutting down to such a low body fat %…yet he's the disadvantaged one? Victim complex in every single one of these pornsick moids.

No. 1062628

I know right that’s exactly what I was gonna say anon! And they are literally able to post on here, if they can post on here they can definitely do their own research. They also act like poor people can’t be conscious about certain issues kek [spoilers]it’s not like a lot of lower class natives in some Latin American countries are getting worried about their own displacement due to wealthy imperialists buying up property and making it impossible for the natives to stay there haha don’t mention that[/spoiler]. They think poverty equals ignorance when that is not true, poor people just learn from their experiences rather than being an academic nerd reading about it in an article.

No. 1062630

They just want to dunk on the “wokie” feminists who want less attention placed on that fat ass yodeling Adele and ghost rider look-alike JK Rowling and more on poor women oh no the wokies are bringing up valid points because they support tranny politics!!!

No. 1062634

>I know what you’re doing and it fucking angers me
well I have no idea what the fuck you're talking about so enlighten me? how is it not elitist to tell women their feminism must be "reactionary" if they're not educated on world history? literally people where I'm from can barely speak english and most don't even know their own history that well but you expect women to study other people's before they're allowed to discuss women's problems in their country? do you also think everyone should pass law and economics exams before they're allowed to vote?
>go jag your skull on crooked concrete nonna

No. 1062635

This is where feminism's classism shows its ass. These rich women honestly don't give a fuck about poor women no matter how much they pretend to. Everything that highlights the struggles of poor women across the globe is swept under the rug due to "diverting attention away from the REAL oppressors!!" and "we're ALL women living in a patriarchal system even if some of us are multimillionares!" Even other poor women do it. It's sad.

No. 1062637

I swear, I'm so tired of sus people using youthfulness argument to defend pedophiliac traits. Yes, it makes sense to say humans like late stage pubescent or postpubescent features before the "decaying" stage of age 30 beings but how the fuck does prepubescent fit into that? You know the stage of life where you can't produce children or have any sexual maturity? Evopsych fags constantly contradict themselves and it's infuriating how nobody seems to bring it up

No. 1062638


No. 1062649

based. the entire "if you haven't read up on imperialism/global feminization of poverty\other big words i use to fill the word count, your feminism will become reactionary or is just bad" is just really patronizing. poor and working class women aren't dumb and im pretty sure we all know that women across the globe esp in non-western countries have it way worse, but that doesn't mean that we're reactionaries because we don't have the time to read up on fucking imperialism in between exploitative full-time work, childcare and general unpaid labour.

if taderfxt really cared so much about that shit she'd use her terminally twitter state to share educational videos, content or material that could help spread the word. she doesn't care though, all she does is sit online all day, vomit up word salad in a condensed arrogant tweet, and then defend trannies.

No. 1062653

File: 1644677014601.jpg (485.28 KB, 648x406, Tumblr_l_43227501489498.jpg)

I barely experienced t9 texting but I miss it and was a wizard at it.

No. 1062654

>higher than 6th grade reading level are BIG words

why are english speakers so dumb?

No. 1062656

you know that wasn't literal, right? it was a reference to the way taderfxt types unnecessarily convoluted shit just for the sake of filling the word count. she does this in a lot of tweets.

why are nonnas with no understanding of context so dumb?

No. 1062658

yet thats what english speakers always say when someone uses more than basic baby words lmao

No. 1062662

File: 1644677524578.gif (639.11 KB, 876x515, 2T093534.gif)

I wish everyone could get along and enjoy penguins

No. 1062666

right, so we're on to mocking people for not having perfect reading comprehension or understanding terminology instead of actually addressing the fact taderfxt is obnoxious as fuck and doesn't act on her pointlessly long messages. again, if she cared enough to challenge so-called "reactionary" feminist belief, she'd do something else actually of value that could reach an audience much better…she absolutely has the platform for it.

we can call it baby words though, nonny. whatever helps you sleep at night after you jerk off to her tweets.

No. 1062669

>right, so we're on to mocking people for not having perfect reading comprehension or understanding terminology
Yes, if you're from a first world country and are middle class or higher and the words "imperialism" or "globalism" is too big for you you should kill yourself

No. 1062672

File: 1644677888361.gif (245.81 KB, 411x498, conga-tf2.gif)


No. 1062685

File: 1644678395078.gif (375.09 KB, 400x400, 00764.gif)

I'm two quarters and a heart down
And I don't want to forget how your voice sounds
These words are all I have so I write them
So you need them just to get by

Dance, dance, we're falling apart to half time
Dance, dance, and these are the lives you love to lead
Dance, this is the way they'd love
If they knew how misery loved me

No. 1062686

File: 1644678469505.gif (3.49 MB, 632x496, heavy_justice.gif)

I love it when I hover over this gif and it's a huge penguin dancing on my screen, and I wish everyone would stop arguing it's been so bad the last few days, if someone says something you don't agree with just ignore it you don't have to fight over it

No. 1062702

File: 1644679267157.jpg (262.26 KB, 1280x877, gameboy.jpg)

i love this gameboy ad so much but it makes my heart hurt. i wish i had friends.

No. 1062724

thanks nona that's exactly what I meant. like I don't even know how this would work irl
>we need to talk about domestic violence, as a feminist-
>>before you continue, look at this post Berlin Conference map of Africa. tell me which countries occupied which
>>Angola. Colonized by spain or portugal?
>>tsk tsk tsk, looks like you haven't adequately assessed the geopolitics of imperialism. your opinion on male violence is therfore reactionary and invalid

No. 1062731

File: 1644680204696.jpeg (68.21 KB, 700x700, 8697B449-E6C3-449E-8128-8DF5AC…)

omg you’re being dumb

No. 1062739

>tfw no color-coordinated friends to play game boy with
why even live?

No. 1062750

File: 1644680642463.gif (1.14 MB, 480x454, hevi.gif)

yeah. There always comes a point where you realize that there's no use arguing about things online. Because in the end it's all just text on a screen that someone will just gloss over because they're only trying to come back with another argument. And what really matters is your actions and the values you hold in real life, if that makes sense.

No. 1062755

oh no, I fucked up the png

No. 1062789

what if we color coordinated our gameboys anon

No. 1062813

Late but it's tennis, he's from a male oriented series though and it's not about tennis, he just happens to play it.

Thanks so much nonas. I'm gonna do it! Nobody can say imageboards are only negative, this one is making me follow my tennis dreams!

No. 1062826

File: 1644683245536.jpg (256.98 KB, 1080x1271, Screenshot_20220212-102653.jpg)

This is getting out of hand

No. 1062855

Yeah in the end you probably won't change another person's opinion so why bother you will just get annoyed and they will just get annoyed and everyone else will get annoyed that you're making the thread annoying

No. 1062866

I can't believe I've been using lolcow since before the first Shayna thread. I think I've been on here since the first Luna thread. I would endlessly peruse the site while in high school but I usually never replied to anyone because I was afraid anons would know that I was underage immediately. Where have the days gone nonas…

No. 1062868

File: 1644684895027.jpg (545.92 KB, 1616x2889, Saturno_devorando_a_su_hijo_(1…)

Of folk that were thider y-brought
And thought dede, and nare nought.
Sum stode withouten hade,
And sum non armes nade,
And sum thurth the bodi hadde wounde,
And sum lay wode, y-bounde,
And sum armed on hors sete,
And sum astrangled as thai ete;
And sum were in water adreynt,
And sum with fire al forschreynt.

No. 1062881

File: 1644685472478.jpg (Spoiler Image,158.46 KB, 1312x1485, 1644523335235.jpg)

post the real version (credit goes to the /m/ nonnie)

No. 1062891

I wish I could enjoy D&D but everytime I played with my friends it was so. Boring. And it's not like I don't enjoy fantasy themes I played a lot of videogames but I just don't enjoy it that way

No. 1062903

>casually refers to myself as “anon” in my head
Oh my god what tf does this say about my psyche

No. 1062928

lmao same wtf

No. 1063056

I'm so incredibly good at writing posts that make me look like an ESL. I can write fine, but apparently posting on imageboards is too complicated for my brain to do without fucking up 500 times before clicking new reply with 3 more errors left in.

No. 1063317

I'm the anon who posted the original picky eater spergout in the things you hate thread and while the infighting was fun at first, it just got way too retarded after a while. Makes sense that it was a moid who was the one acting like a huge autist because someone said that picky eaters are annoying kek

No. 1063346

wasn't the moid the one who made a few posts shitting on them tho? like the posts about shitting pants or something

No. 1063347

How the fuck can someone create a whole ass 100+ characters and call them a “system”? I barely have 40 OC’s and they’re all basically the same 4 characters but with different outfits, I kept forgetting them so I had to create a list.

No. 1063370

Bonjela burns so bad but it works so good. I'm now reading amazon reviews of bonjela and kekking at people describing the pain of applying this shit kek. I'm not a bonjela shill I swear

No. 1063373

>everyone that disagreed with me was the scrote
Of course, you autist. Mods can confirm i'm a woman, i don't know about you

No. 1063380

I thought the anon who said that people getting mad about picky eaters are mannish was the moid but I'm am high so tbh idfk kek. There was definitely a moid in there shitting up the thread and making it retarded though. Moids be moiding.

No. 1063383

He baited with the first post, then started going full retarded and posted gifs

No. 1063386

I'm insulted im being described a moid for making fun of an anon for yelling at anons and bringing up her special disability so people won't make fun of her. its like y'all forgot she was shitting up the thread by getting triggered over people calling picky eaters annoying

No. 1063400

i was there since the first sperg-out, that anon was not the one shitting the thread nor posting low quality gifs, the moid was mocking her

No. 1063435

how do anons post their bodies here willingly without being paranoid

No. 1063445

>wonders what you're talking about
>goes to /g/
I honestly have no idea, anon

No. 1063446

I tried to play destroy all humans but I couldn’t bring myself to murder the cows

No. 1063447

i feel self conscious posting anime men too much. i can't imagine posing in the nude for you nonnies, christ.

No. 1063452

I fear someone might realise I post here by the husbandos I post

No. 1063455

kek me when playing AoE2 as a kid

No. 1063456

Me too nonnie especially since they're not from popular franchises.

No. 1063459

I did not expect to see someone's full frontal nudes on lolcow today

No. 1063460

omg I remember crying about the seals in warcraft

No. 1063462

same, it doesn't help that the GM was my (at the time) boyfriend's online friend so it was all so awkward and I felt inhibited by that

Same, or my husbandos also tend to be secondary characters from relatively popular things. I wish I could just post my husbandos and have fun here without consequences but I'm afraid of people from other imageboards knowing I'm here and shitting on me when I go there. I made the mistake of having an online presence tied to my husbandos. God I just wanna make my stupid husbando chart so that nonas can judge and guess my taste in the husbando rate thread

kek reminds me of sealanon

No. 1063464

What will you make it anon?

No. 1063468

I was afraid of being recognized by my husbandos too but at one point I just stopped caring. Go for it anon, I'd love to see your chart!

No. 1063469

> I made the mistake of having an online presence tied to my husbandos
a few nonas post on the same imageboard thread where my husbando is relevant, and this hasn't happened yet. thanking god that they're cool/don't recognize that it's me posting occasionally for shits and giggles. it's sometimes funny to recognize other anons though. i saw a friend post on fujochan and was happy to see that she's still around.

No. 1063471

Bonjela fucks me up in a good way, but also I've found just brushing my teeth with sensodyne and vigorously using strong mouthwash has the same effect for less pain, and I think lasts longer too. Or applying honey directly to the ulcer, or actually liquorice, both of these work and dont hurt. I've had a lifetime of ulcers so plenty of opportunity to experiment.

No. 1063474

remember that anon who posted her boobs several times in the confession thread? pepperidge farm remembers

No. 1063475

Well it's not only that, I'm also afraid of people here realizing that I'm the same person who likes all those different characters that I've posted separately kek
But I guess I'll have to stop giving a fuck at some point

No. 1063483

Honestly I feel like a lot of anons here have the same husbandos anyway.

No. 1063490

I can excuse boobs since I'd never recognize anyone from boobs only but going full body with barely censored face, that's some dumbass shit indeed. I worry for these girls' internet safety (since I remember it happening before than just now)

No. 1063521

File: 1644709142682.png (561.04 KB, 746x361, ahahaha.png)

My favorite 90s/00s boyband 5ive really fucking thought they could make a comeback looking like this. Are you fucking kidding me? These melted old men thought anyone would listen to it. Nope, I didn't listen more than 20 seconds. Was it good, was it bad? I don't even know because all I was focused on is how ugly and old they look. The Spice Girls all still look cute as fuck but this is just funny. The Pussycat Dolls still look cute as fuck too. But this is just sad. I hope, I KNOW these dumb old men will flop. They can go back to their irrelevant old man corners with zero (0) fangirls. I can only imagine how they were rubbing their dirty scrote hands together imagining getting fangirls again. Laughing out loud, truly.

No. 1063528

I have discernible self harm scars so there's no way in fuck I would post any part of my arms or legs, although I was once retarded enough to post my lips to ask if it looks like they need lip filler, fuck me

No. 1063529

File: 1644709601420.jpg (257.51 KB, 1080x1350, Tumblr_l_41820698517899.jpg)

I've seen this picture so many times on Pinterest and I still don't know wtf is going on with the levitating candles

No. 1063537

It made me curious too and I found an article on how it was done! https://www.apartmenttherapy.com/diy-floating-candle-how-to-36980507

No. 1063539

It's ugly though

No. 1063540

fire hazard and roasted cat in the making (unless it’s fake)

No. 1063542

They are hot glued to the wall

No. 1063547

I posted my fat body on here and uhm,, yeah I don’t know I just wanted to know what kibbe body type I was.

No. 1063548

Can someone make a tamagotchi thread? I'm too retarded to make threads

No. 1063552

Doesn't mean its not interesting, I like seeing how things are done

No. 1063556

lol just trace a pic of your body

No. 1063559

I want my bedroom to look like the room in Katya and Trixie's I Like to Watch series. Love those kitschy decorations and the vibe

No. 1063578

You're gonna make me do it. I'm gonna post my big toe.

No. 1063581

no don't tell me you're foot anon please tell me that's not foot anon

No. 1063583

Thanks nonny this is very cool and I think I'm gonna get some red battery candles and make some dramatic decor because Halloween doesn't come often enough

No. 1063584

If this actually caught on then it would start a massive infight about shoe sizes

No. 1063588

there was one anon who kept posting feet and we do not want a repeat of that again

and because I am not a feetfag, I will say it, feet are gross

No. 1063591

Are you that anon with "cute little delicate feet" that your imaginary boyfriend loves so much cus that shit was hilarious

No. 1063593

i will get out my bad celebrity candids folder if any of you start posting feet i swear to god

No. 1063606

File: 1644713366946.gif (1.05 MB, 380x209, Tumblr_l_42166651157663.gif)

post them anyway

No. 1063609

File: 1644713582357.jpg (Spoiler Image,41.69 KB, 480x477, e18cb28b8d0d06031507529ab7a9ce…)

Posting some cute feet pics, sorry anti feet fags

No. 1063611

Now these are some cute delicate little feet

No. 1063629

KEKK I remember that retard

No. 1063636

File: 1644714699812.png (487.94 KB, 852x888, E681B527-118D-4F6F-8C06-502DF8…)

>The drool

No. 1063674

Respectfully whiffing through the screen

No. 1063675

Post da caps

No. 1063691

I love when I can tell a poster's age through their unironic use the word hipster

No. 1063698

Like the underwear?

No. 1063702

Wtf i love feet now

No. 1063743

years ago i gave a streamer i had a crush on $1 as a funny haha to send to friends. he read it out on stream. prior to that i had NEVER heard him do that. i still think about it sometimes and have an out of body cringe moment whenever i do.

No. 1063833


No. 1063865

File: 1644736535303.jpeg (6.67 KB, 240x232, 1438287106800.jpeg)

I think I have stye because I used sunscreen to wipe off my mascara

No. 1063874

me with chocolate hearts

No. 1063912

My roommate came back to the appt just as I was taking a massive shit. She had to use the bathroom after me of course and I had no time to mask the smell. I heard her spraying deodorant inside, and now she left again. The most awkward interaction we've had to date anons pls end me

No. 1063919

Everyone has taken the stinkiest shit at some point in their lives, your roommate included, nothing to be ashamed of.

No. 1064060

Anon, this is normal, nobody's shit smells like Chanel nr 5

No. 1064063

She was probably just like "Ew, she really blew the toilet up." and then forgot about it. We've all smelled someone else's shit before, no big deal.

No. 1064072

My futon feels like fucking rocks. My pillow feels like fucking rocks too. Gonna get corpsehusband voice from acid reflux because I love tomato sauce but it doesn’t love me. Every noise is too shrill, even the mysterious soft humming noise coming from somewhere outside. I am living in the mildest of all hells.

No. 1064201

Girl get poo-pourri or find a DIY recipe for it on Pinterest it's dead easy and cheap to make. I use it even when I'm home alone and it's a must-have for shared bathrooms. Now if I don't use it I'm genuinely disgusted by how my own shit smells, it's shocking lmao

No. 1064235

I know you're meant to just sit back and enjoy the shitshow when you're following an extra batshit lolcow but.. the main cow that I follow has broken so many youtube TOS in the last year.. hell in the last few weeks even and I'm honestly perplexed at how she hasn't been long yeeted from the platform.

Like I'm not hoping for it obviously but she must have connections making her untouchable. She's flashed ass, tits and vag multiple times on live, doxxed people, used all the no-no words around mentally disabled people and other protected groups, has started rumours about a woman 'totally being trans and spreading super stds' talked shit about gays being dirty disease spreaders. Has told her viewers to go spam other peoples livestreams, has told her viewers to call the police on her behalf during a a domestic she happily livestreamed. Did drugs and then drove under the influence all on stream while nodding off and taking her hands off the wheel. A hundred other things that I've probably forgotten in all the chaos. I thought youtube was meant to be real uptight these last few years?

No. 1064243

Ever became a fan of a band/artist and their music that has a fanbase you just can't connect with? I'm came currently to the realization that the band I'm really into has a community that are the type of people I would usually like to avoid as much as I can kek but the music is so damn good.

No. 1064262

That was about 70% of the fanbases when I was a teen since I was into emo music, but the cringy l0l RaNDuuM shit always made me feel ashamed to tell anyone I was listening to x band

No. 1064280

I feel like every fanbase of every single thing is cringe and insufferable

No. 1064573

went on a thread about a franchise i like and they're talking about how fat and ugly a female writer is and how they should rape her for writing a character. this is why i'm extremely afraid to post myself online as a woman because moids are getting increasingly more dangerous and hate filled

No. 1064581

I miss the myspace era of music fandom. Picking THE song for your page?! Who made your top 8? Now that was fun. But your right these idiots ruin everything.

No. 1064583

as i say your. Ugh. My b im hyped up on coffee

No. 1064591

ever since i stopped following perfume bloggers and reading reviews from tryhards on fragrantica, i noticed my personal pleasure towards fragrance has increased exponentially. i never really noticed how toxic the perfume community was until the past few years. it’s so nice to be able to spray something on and not give 2 flying fucks about the sillage, “is this beast mode?”, does wearing baccarat rouge make people think i am rich and important? however if you do want some keks i recommend watching perfume vloggers on youtube who live in shitty studio apartments but will blow thousands on some overpriced shit just for the clout.

No. 1064595

I didn't know there was a perfume community or that is was toxic! What is beast mode?

No. 1064596

File: 1644774539789.jpg (94.68 KB, 1024x667, GettyImages-104892697-1024x667…)

i didnt know john lennons son was lowkey a snacc until now

No. 1064610

What's beast mode?

No. 1064614

Even the perfume thread on this site has a few pretentious cunts who come out of nowhere.

I don't need a blogger telling me what I should like, if the haughty apparition of Coco Chanel herself appeared in front of me to tell me my perfumes are plebian I'd put that bitch away in my vacuum cleaner and sit back down to enjoy my fragrances in peace

No. 1064619

a lot of perfumefags think a scent has to be 11/10 in strength, choke a bitch out within a 10 foot radius in projection to be considered worthy of their attention. they’ll clamour after notes like oud, tobacco, and certain musks, overspray like a nut, and then wonder why they’re suddenly banned from wearing perfume in the workplace. then their perception gets warped so anything that isn’t screaming in your nostrils gets considered “weak” and there’s a lot of hate directed at perfumes that are transparent, light, or just well made.

it wasn’t always so toxic, but the niche market got overtaken by capitalists (as usual), so the ignorance started taking off with obsession over brands like creed, bond n. 9, tom ford, and now anything made by francis kurkdjian. baccarat rouge 540 is the new snob scent, so every wannabe is wearing it. 5 years ago, it was tobacco vanille or soleil blanc. oh and if you like anything gourmand you have no taste despite posh vanillas like tihota existing. it’s so stupid and i actively avoid these people with a passion.

No. 1064620

>if the haughty apparition of Coco Chanel herself appeared in front of me to tell me my perfumes are plebian I'd put that bitch away in my vacuum cleaner

No. 1064623

I always wonder how those people that collect perfume ever use it all (especially if they care about having a scent just for regular everyday wear) I do appreciate the reviews from the perfume community though, it helps a lot when I'm looking for something new.

No. 1064637

it just reminds me of how a lot of perfume lovers who weren’t caught up in marketing tried to tell people that brands like creed were full of shit and their storylines were bull. but morons kept flocking to the brand despite all the evidence to the contrary that disproved their “we’ve been in business for over 200 years!” lies. https://perfumedpolitics.blogspot.com/2009/06/making-history-iii-usable-pasts-of.html?m=1

i miss the artistry that’s essentially disappeared from the fragrance world. a lot of stuff coming out today smells like a mass market scent or blatant copies of other perfumes, but nobody cares because so and so made it and you had to go to the deserts of arabia to get it. then it’s getting even more expensive as well; $200 used to be considered high. now you got shit out here going for $600+…i hate it.

No. 1064678

Did everyone just learn the term 'sunk cost fallacy' because I'm seeing it everywhere

No. 1064701

A handful of times now a neighbour has randomly offered to do me favours (I'm a woman living alone so it's like handyman stuff, always outdoors) he'll tell me he'll be over at the weekend to do it… and it never happens. He wants to put up a wooden side gate for me atm. I don't mind whether I have a side gate. He's married and not doing it for creep reasons as far as I can tell.

I'm not mad because he certainly doesn't owe me the favour and it's never stuff that I need but why randomly suggest it if you never follow through?

No. 1064707

I learnt it years ago after getting out of a 3 year relationship where only the first year was good.. Spread the word! lol

No. 1064718

No, that’s just the Baader-Meinhof phenomenon.

No. 1064719

Ya know, you're right. There's power to the word being overused because it may help others understand the position their in.
I redact my annoyance, carry on

No. 1064756

Trying to read stuff to practice intermediate japanese, but all the sites with light novels are full of those stupid "I Died And Reincarnated As The Seventh Daughter Of A King?!" like the nerve of having to search almost all words due to fantasy language and the dumb ass plots kill all the possible effort I could put into translating/reading something. Just give me a normal story!!!!

No. 1064769

Well, sorry, dear apprentice of foreign languages, but some of us want to know what would happen if we were to die and reincarnate as the seventh daughter of a king.

No. 1064782

File: 1644780152114.jpg (246.56 KB, 1412x804, sf.jpg)

majority of men in my awful Muslim nation can't grow beards but since we are Muslim they still try to and they always end up looking good awful
The horrible pube beards that can't connect are eye-sores

No. 1064786

I wanna read fics but I have already exhausted my options with my favorite ships and I have no new fandoms, everything I like is old and forgotten or full of underaged fans ruining everything
I should just go back to the books I haven't finished yet, but I don't wanna. I wanna see characters I'm already familiar with and see different versions of them doing wacky shit and maybe fucking from times to times

No. 1064791

you're from an islamic subsaharan african country yet post on here of all places? why?

No. 1064792

File: 1644780400524.jpeg (88.34 KB, 701x480, 68858362-4366-4222-A95A-F730D4…)

Bactrian camels are better than dromedary camels. Why do dromedary camels get all the limelight???

No. 1064796

What would you even do?! Get two bishies or even an harem?! That's the best deal, not much gold left between seven daughters and unspecified number of sons!

No. 1064801

actually south east asian most men can't grow beards here either, they never shave their entire lives and they end end up with a couple of hair strains and a pube stache

No. 1064804

nayrt but why would she not ? the internet isn't just for white anglos.

No. 1064811

she can post wherever she wants, poltard male,

No. 1064813

Anon, this is the internet, why would someone from an African a country not be able to post here?

No. 1064846

He decided to never have kids so his father's wife beater genes wouldn't be passed. Idk if this is that sone or the other one tho

No. 1064867

anon i swear I have seen this post on either cc or another /ot/ thread…

No. 1064871

No, why would a muslim post on lolcow?

No. 1064873

from a muslim country =/= actually believes in islam

No. 1064878

>tolerating scrote muslim laws in the country without being a muslim
Why would anyone do that?

No. 1064881

Many women can't just easily leave their countries.

No. 1064882

Its a gossip imageboard why the hell not
Why do jews post here
Why do pagans post here
Why do Hindus post here
Another list of stupid questions to ask stop being obtuse ur in the dumbass shit thread ffs

No. 1064888

i know we misuse the word retard alot here but you are a actual one.

No. 1064891

File: 1644786105731.jpg (156.33 KB, 900x655, Ehtp5e2VkAUPY9N.jpg)

Whenever I see pics like this one it almost makes beer seem tasty. But I know I don't like that disgusting shit. Why do these pictures always make me go "hm I want to eat and drink that too" when I know just the smell of alcohol makes me want to puke?

No. 1064899

>person can post on lolcow
>can't leave the country
Truth cuts your eyes

No. 1064903

File: 1644787509336.jpeg (363.91 KB, 828x998, 20D9A04C-8422-437F-A70F-933037…)

Weebs really are a different breed

No. 1064911

They don't even look Chinese.

No. 1064912

are you american?

No. 1064922

Glad to see Marx isn't alive to witness this madness

No. 1064964

Kinda lol'd at it I'm sorry. It's such stupid edgy humor though lol

No. 1064966

> What would you even do?! Get two bishies or even an harem?! That's the best deal, not much gold left between seven daughters and unspecified number of sons!
Oh, thanks for your question, for I would
>be extremely polite
>befriend the maids and butlers
>be nice to my sisters
>always tell my dad that I love him
>tell all the boys that I have cooties
>learn how to tend gardens of vegetables and fruits
>do sword training and horse riding training
>cover myself a lot even during summer so I don’t get sick in a retarded way
>learn pottery so in case I get exiled, I can sell pots and vases with my fruits and veggies
>once I grow up during a timeskip full of training and pottery pictures
>tell the hot guys that I’ve been cured from my cooties
>tell the shitty guys that I still have the terrible sickness named cooties
>stay away from the “uwu I’m so broken inside pls heal me ms recovery center-chan”
>keep fake blood around to pretend that my cooties are killing me in case they approach me
>have accident due to the blood being made with berries and getting chased around by bees
>get saved by hot guy who is a great guy and not a scrote like the other guys
>get saved on a river in which he has his shirt soaking wet showing off a tattoo
>he admits to be a warrior from a hot race of warriors who is undercover and protecting me
>he knows that I’m not from their world
>he says that the prophecy was right
>he tells me that we are supposed to marry and become the salvation of his kingdom
>tell him that it’s too rushed and that I gtg
>winter comes by
>a dance hosted by my lovely sisters who love me to bits and protect me is upon me
>they want me to meet the hot guys of the kingdom
>a bunch of hot guys appear at the party wearing the suits that they always wear
>they’re slutty, showing lots of hip, abs and collarbones
>I’m wearing a beautiful dress that my sisters got for me
>the hottest guys and the shitty guys all are at the party
>The gasp when they see me
>to be continued in the next season…

No. 1064967

If I say Hewwoo do I get banned?

No. 1064979

I have so many transphobic jabs in store for once I restart irl school again, cannot wait

No. 1064986

This actually intrigues me anon can't wait to read the rest

No. 1064988

I can't…stop…watching

No. 1064998

lol I could never, even though I'm troonsphobic I couldn't say it to their face. It feels like I'd be bullying an actual retard

No. 1065004

Does anyone have the video of this thing?

No. 1065010

Saw a bunch of ads and vids sponsered by manscape lately. I thought it was probably good that men are maybe going to do the bare minimum and trim their pubes.

Fast forward to me reading a discussion about female body hair lately and men were butting in talking about the amount of pressure they too feel.. all because they saw ads for manscape and they questioned whether maybe they should trim. Oh no how do they cope with all that pressure.

No. 1065012

I'm so hype for next season

No. 1065017

File: 1644792154536.jpg (32.23 KB, 500x375, Tumblr_l_111521685868342.jpg)

Wooooow poor little men, they don't even have to painfully rip their hair off their balls and taint with hot wax or suffer razor burns with day 3 stubble, or (god I hate remembering this) having droplets of blood coming out of their pube pores because of Nair.

Men have never even seen a natural bush, they keep their cocks hairy and then complain about painless trimming??? I don't even prefer them shaved or waxed but want them to fuck off with their porn standards on our end.

No. 1065029

Years ago my aunt got big into cosmic ordering and manifesting and all that stuff. I was a teen when she gave me this book about it. It said in the book that if you keeping repeating
>I really want wealth, I want love, I want this car, I want, I want
Then you won't get it. You're declaring that you don't have it yet so you'll carry on not having it. What you should say is
>I have wealth, I have love, I have all this already
Looking back at how young and tbh mentally ill I was it's a weird memory. Kanyes current episode reminded me of it lol. I've met people with bipolar who could read this stuff and go off the deep end from it. Hell I know someone right now who is a lil out of touch and should stay away from some of the spiritual stuff he's drawn to whenever he's already in decline

No. 1065032

Because that anon makes a lot of posts exactly like that

No. 1065039

/ot/ IS BACK??????

No. 1065040


No. 1065041


No. 1065042

File: 1645548640665.gif (548.38 KB, 220x197, cat-dancing-led-light-rainbow.…)


No. 1065043


No. 1065044

File: 1645548696856.png (147.4 KB, 500x328, 1638112563066.png)

No. 1065045


No. 1065046


No. 1065047

File: 1645548879115.png (594.78 KB, 600x600, b21.png)

Me this week. This feels weird, I got used to /g/ posting.

No. 1065048

What happened to /m/? There's only one thread? Any anons seeing this too?

No. 1065049

all doomposters owe me $5

No. 1065050


No. 1065051

go to catalogue mode

No. 1065052

File: 1645548956432.jpg (559.2 KB, 1600x900, cover4.jpg)


No. 1065053

Wait…what happened to the "I missed you nonnies" post? Was that the curse that was removed?

No. 1065054

Fuck, did that nona's post cause the problem you think?

No. 1065055

Happy 22022022 day anons

Or 02222022 if you put the month first

A magical day

No. 1065060

Went to random thread from catalog to test but it says "Thread specified does not exist."

No. 1065063

File: 1645549275283.gif (890.59 KB, 245x180, 154efaf7-bbd8-4ee2-ac49-d9683b…)


No. 1065065

File: 1645549306674.gif (1.8 MB, 400x300, brokenheart.gif)

It's repaired, but my heart is still brken

No. 1065067

It works fine with me

No. 1065068

I missed you nonnies so much…

No. 1065070

Idk, but something about that post is so suspicious… How did anon manage to slip through the cracks? We need her to come back and tell us what she did. Imagine we were down for a week and all that needed to be fixed was deleting that post.

No. 1065071


No. 1065073

File: 1645549469577.jpg (42.84 KB, 749x739, 1640690656033.jpg)

hi nonnies

No. 1065074

File: 1645549496953.png (18.43 KB, 380x387, sad.png)

All my life I've been good
But now I'm thinking, "What the hell"
All I want is to mess around
And I don't really care about

No. 1065076

File: 1645549541147.jpg (53.53 KB, 700x650, 3cd7546fcc2df5585682b382687b42…)

hello nonna

No. 1065078


No. 1065081

All I can think of is that maybe that anon posted at just the right time post-site shutdown and it messed with the server. But I don't know anything about how to run a website, but that's my theory.

No. 1065083


No. 1065094

File: 1645550146005.jpg (44.82 KB, 800x533, sad-dog-laying-floor-32915662.…)

We have /ot/ back but at the cost of /m/…………

No. 1065096

WTF /m/ is gone, what happened

No. 1065098

File: 1645550246314.gif (2.02 MB, 340x310, a5ce03eb79.gif)


No. 1065099

File: 1645550275444.png (48.05 KB, 506x353, IMG_20220222_181506.png)

thanks for the memories nonas

No. 1065100

File: 1645550283947.gif (106.13 KB, 680x358, iu.gif)

doubleposyt forgot to sage

No. 1065102

/m is still there, is just empty for some reason

No. 1065104

File: 1645550426975.jpeg (135.85 KB, 932x716, 18AE890A-1D02-4D2F-99BE-C41F28…)

good afternoon, nonnas

No. 1065106

Posting in the only /m thread makes you feel like you're some sad soul lost at sea screaming"HELLO?"

No. 1065111

The /ot/ users get their home back, the /m/ users opened the front door to find everything had been stolen and nothing is left. Pouring one out for the /m/ethheads right now. I'm sorry, anons.

No. 1065139


No. 1065143

I have a newfound appreciation for /g/ now. The users there are no longer de/g/enerates. Those are our /g/als (at least to me they are).

No. 1065144

/m threads are backed up, admin is working on it

No. 1065145

File: 1645551753078.jpg (52.9 KB, 497x497, gimme_hug.jpg)

No. 1065146

File: 1645551757847.jpeg (125.45 KB, 475x635, A31D7AB4-3CF8-4021-9F7F-859C7A…)

I should’ve listened to lolcow and downloaded /m/ when I could.

No. 1065147

I keep having realistic dreams that are strange but not strange enough to know they're dreams. I'll wake up and not remember it immediately, but the memory of the dream stays in my head like it's an actual memory from real life a few days ago. Last night I dreamt that I had bad breath and I was talking to someone in a library and had to lean in to talk to them and I was self-conscious about my bad breath lmao. I wasn't at the library recently. But I had assumed it was an actual memory before I remembered.

No. 1065155

File: 1645551975314.jpg (18.45 KB, 244x319, tumblr_of3p1oSsY81qaxydno8_250…)

>male enters a discord server full of females
>he wont shut up
>he posts like 10 selfies first thing
>"i'm queer because nose ring"
>can't define queer
I hate it. I hope my bluntness makes him leave.

No. 1065156

some nonna must have it downloaded and she could probably share it with us

No. 1065157

Tell him he is a cow because of his nose ring

No. 1065160

Make passing insults at men. See if you can get him to ree about it.

No. 1065161

I made a joke saying nose piercings isn't a queer thing it's a taurus thing and he's getting so upset.
>piercings are queer culture!
I hope to make him so uncomfortable he leaves but I know if he does he'd probably make a big deal out of it because I'm such a bigot.

No. 1065165

I thought my bluntness bullied this awful narc seeming male out of a server I mod but turns out he left and then came back. I wish he never came back. I want to use my modding powers to kick him and I don't want to have to see his ugly scraggly haired mug in the selfie channel all the time but then I might get demodded for it. He gives me creepy vibes and I think I'm 100% in the right for it, but whatever. If he actually harasses someone then I have a right to kick him, until then I will either ignore him or be condescending

No. 1065172

Admin says everything is backed up and they're working on it.

No. 1065179

Unfortunately I have the uncommon opinions and am being told to muh edumacate myself

No. 1065183

He sounds like a total retard.

No. 1065185

If Eugenia Cooney survives Covid she is officially superhuman. The fact that she is still alive is a miracle in itself

No. 1065187

I think one other mod agrees with me but the others are just kind of blasé. Moid in question strikes me as one who's forced politically correct as all hell, that makes him seem even worse. Men like that are the biggest degenerates

No. 1065188

He also was like
>who wants to watch me do my homework
>reeee not you bitch
Sends funny lighthearted reaction image and says what
>reeeee that's your daddy
I think he's a narc

No. 1065190


No. 1065192

Honestly he sounds close to trooning.

No. 1065194

Yeah why would he join a Discord server of just women if he wasn't already a friendless failed male that other males don't even want to talk to

No. 1065196

as the anon who posted it, i do not know what happened. i posted right as the site went up. i don't know if it was my fault but i still feel bad. i just missed everyone

No. 1065197

Samefag, the discord server isn't even a social server it's for roleplay (it isn't sexual) and he isn't even going to be participating so he just seems like a loser to me

No. 1065198

>make alt account and pretend to be secretly underaged user
>moids always fall for it and do weird ass pervy shit
>expose moid
>ban moid

No. 1065199

Feels like I’m weebmaxxing but the grocery store near my Uni has a huge variety of items for the international students, so I started cooking more asian food. I made sweet potato onigiri this morning and they were delicious

No. 1065208

File: 1645553346063.jpg (17.2 KB, 474x272, borzoi77.jpg)

Should we summarise the events of the great blackout (or whatever we want to call 'that one time /ot/ and /m/ were unusable for 9 days')? I'm thinking of summarsing all the events that happended during that time e.g. the muscianshipping, the creation of /2X/-tan, that one gif of the kpop boy panting like a dog, the tokimeki memorial OP images, threads devoling to fujo/yuri/husbando-fagging etc

No. 1065210

File: 1645553518077.jpg (20.73 KB, 602x470, Weeeee.jpg)

I ordered soemthing off of ebay and the sender printed off my address, whatever way they folded the print out it had a full description of what I bought clearly under my address. Thank fuck it wasn't anything personal. I live in a too small town and was ordering sexual shit lately and worrying about this exact thing happening.

It was a 20 inch tall spiderman. Now the postman can assume all my other parcels are dumb kid shit and definitely not dildos. All spiderman. All the time. Yes.

No. 1065220

File: 1645553843034.jpg (348.47 KB, 1080x1384, IMG_20220219_210719.jpg)

I don't like the fujo vs yume/yuri narrative because it's obvious it was full of shitposting and falseflagging, so just include funny screencaps?

No. 1065224

Missed you too baby

No. 1065230

It was the core post of the schizo girl game drama so I screencapped it.

No. 1065235

so happy…

No. 1065237

File: 1645554790638.jpg (894.44 KB, 1212x993, borzoi.jpg)


No. 1065238

Glad /ot/ is bad. So much schizo romanianon posts and the male raid was annoying.

No. 1065239

File: 1645554796649.jpeg (78.43 KB, 800x451, E42FBB37-78CD-48CC-8D98-62ECEF…)

>t. nonnies in the shayna thread sperging about brown eyes

No. 1065240

back* oops

No. 1065241


No. 1065242

People with brown eyes always sperg about having brown eyes. No one else cares.

No. 1065243

Ngl brown is kind of an ugly eye color tho

No. 1065245

File: 1645555085767.jpg (41.34 KB, 400x400, brown.jpg)

Be honest with me. You don't find this beautiful? People thinking brown is an ugly color are just sheeple, you just have to like a color such as blue or green and think brown is ugly because poop. Real mature.

No. 1065247

Honestly I'm now so glad I've been on holiday the past 9 days with shit internet. What happened?

No. 1065248

Why didn’t you guys tell me Economics would be the most boring shit to study before I picked it as a degree

No. 1065249

File: 1645555198463.gif (1.3 MB, 498x231, 1644404841092.gif)

/ot/ is back. /ot/ is finally back. It took /ot/ 10 fucking days to come back and it took only 2 hours for the eye color spergs/baiting to start again.

No. 1065250

Damn you really mean this isn’t a brownie

No. 1065254


No. 1065255

Nonnie, it's simple, you can see it even in nature. Animals who want to stand out and be noticed evolve bright flashy colors. It's just that something brighter pops out more and our brain notices it easily.

No. 1065258

Not unless you're a natural predator-type person (think like MBTI) then you're always looking for subtle things especially if you live in an urban area where everything's flashy. Think about it.

No. 1065260

consider yourself lucky, it's nowhere near compsci levels of boring

No. 1065265

Funny you say that because I was regretting not picking CS instead

No. 1065266


No. 1065268

Literally never heard of that, that would completely change our visual design philosophy

No. 1065272

Going to the front page and it's not stuck with broken pics anymore. Sniff. It feels like a miracle.

No. 1065274

I just wanted to make a Miley Cyrus joke, I didn’t think people would actually sperg about it here too. Sorry nonnie

No. 1065277

You were the first to sperg that's why you're here bitching about the shayna thread. Fuck off back.

No. 1065278

your fav videogame is trash, cope

No. 1065280

It makes all the difference in the world. Blue eyes that are colored like the water in a fishbowl come nowhere close to the beauty of brown eyes the color of clay enriched soil. Brown eyes the color of polished wood. Brown eyes like a cat's eye gemstone. Do not share blue eyes the color of kitchen water.

No. 1065281

Please nonnie I will be forever grateful.

No. 1065284

>Brown eyes like a cat's eye gemstone.
Oh no no no she doesn't know cats have green and yellow eyes
I hope I don't need to use tone indicators here, nonnies.

No. 1065286

shitty game, it deserves backlash, >>1065220 was right

No. 1065291

i'm allowed to have opinions, stfu

No. 1065294

You sound like you're falseflagging, but anyway, the screencapped post was bullying anons who were overly excited about their based lolcow game while the game itself preached the message that identifying yourself through pop culture and internet tropes is cringe.

No. 1065297

File: 1645556187148.jpg (44.15 KB, 567x567, 1644736657904.jpg)

Just had a very good session with my therapist. I've been doing very well these past couple of weeks. When I brought up dating I said that if I ever want to start dating men, it would have to be a man from a different state (because all the males in my state are either straight up retarded or pathetic consoomer liberals) and my therapist went on a mini TERF rant saying that males were annoying and weak and that females were so much better because we are more intelligent and have the ability to create life within our bodies. It felt so fucking good hearing that I can't even explain it. I honestly did not expect that from her, I'm so glad I got to hear her say it!

No. 1065298

Ok, is a shitty game
they're directly telling me to not post negative opinions about that game, i'm not falseflagging they are doing this to themselves

No. 1065305

/m/ has no threads I'm scared

No. 1065319

Admin has all the threads backed up, relax nonnie

No. 1065329

File: 1645557622625.jpeg (115.39 KB, 392x409, C7CDBF52-4A34-4F55-B61C-3070AD…)

>the needy streamer spergs are STILL going

No. 1065346

File: 1645557936638.jpeg (312.28 KB, 753x1199, CE0D0BD3-0057-4C4A-BC71-204BBC…)

same, nonnie.

No. 1065350

not even one of them but what's the problem?

No. 1065351

File: 1645557985198.jpeg (48.9 KB, 486x486, D4420294-6031-4277-83CD-9F68F8…)

When /m/ is back to normal I think I'll start a cat posting thread
Maybe we already had one? Not sure

No. 1065353

It's repetitive infighting, what isn't the problem?

No. 1065356

there's a cat thread here at /ot

No. 1065383

Hehe, people called my voice super cool today at a presentation

No. 1065422

I know it's been talked about, but I am mourning /m/ so much. A lot of my favorite threads were there. Will it comeback? I didn't archive anything cause I naively thought it was going to just be restored to normalcy.

>vidrel is me holding /m/'s carcass

No. 1065442

if you have your fave threads in your bookmarks/browsing history, you can still access them. direct links to them work just fine.

No. 1065479

I’m sorry about the things I said when /ot/ was down, I didn’t mean to call you that

No. 1065488

Thanks, nonnie! I will try to access and archive them, hopefully!

No. 1065493

File: 1645565402098.jpg (81.9 KB, 1072x1440, e94eb006-5c10-4e8a-9009-b07197…)

My package has been out for delivery since 6am and I can barely wait anymore, anons. If it doesn't arrive today I'm going to jump off of a cliff. It's been so long I just wanna sniiiiiffffffff AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

No. 1065507

The premise of Love is Blind could make for a pretty interesting show, but the issue is that the women are all pretty for the most part and the men are … fine. Like, all of these people are pretty much a looksmatch as far as heterosexual relationship standards go. I (cruelly) want them to put some fat or ugly or disfigured people on and see how it goes down once they see each other. Would be so much more entertaining

No. 1065517

Cant believe took them this fucking long to fix this shit

No. 1065530

Wait a second, they didnt fix shit. What the fuck happened to m

No. 1065531

Admin commented on /m/ status in the complaints thread in /meta/.

No. 1065536

two of my long time tumblr mutuals are now systems. they are both in their mid 20s. you are too old to be doing this…

No. 1065545

I feel bad for everyone who died before 2001 because they never got to hear My Neck, My Back. RIP.

No. 1065548

I wish there was a tumblr thread to shit talk users in. Would be fun.

No. 1065554

>they are systems
Reading this was so bizarre

No. 1065558


No. 1065560

someone in the bunker thread told you or someone else to make it if you want one

No. 1065561

Very spooked by the anon who predicted /ot/ would be down 8 days

No. 1065565

Yes but I am shy. Would it go in /snow/ because it's about users or in /ot/ because it's about tumblr? I'm retarded, anon. I do not want to invoke the ire of the jannies.

No. 1065575

when was this?… that is suspicious.

No. 1065578

File: 1645571764748.jpg (25.98 KB, 272x410, 5c06bd055683b9a4b668f7ea6e71c7…)

fuck I'm so grateful we're back I want to kiss admin sama's toes

No. 1065579

File: 1645571853368.png (10.54 KB, 1615x87, rw.png)

Why do anons post things like this? Not trying to attack by any means, but what's the value in clarifying that a cow's ex-boyfriend is "your type" in an anonymous post on Lolcow? All I can see it doing is pumping up the male's ego if he ever spirals and goes looking through her thread. There were similar simp-ish posts, claiming that the guy "looks decent", he's the "most handsome" in his community, and when one person said he looked homeless, one anon chimed in "Still better than June's new boyfriend". Even the anon in this screencap got henpecked a little by someone who claimed all his shitty personality traits were somehow her influence, not him
What do they mean by all that? Why the thirst? Is it some 5D Mean Girls chess to make the cow in question regret not still dating her (unattractive) ex?

No. 1065581

> two of my long time tumblr mutuals are now systems
i'm stupid, what does that mean kek?

No. 1065585

NTA but she means DID systems, like Pixielocks

No. 1065587

File: 1645572699015.gif (2.02 MB, 405x225, 95782bc5-4c6b-427c-9e2a-17bc0c…)

I bought stupid overpriced shit from an Etsy shop and they are all low quality holy shit. The earrings have 2 chips in the EXACT SAME SPOTS and the boxes are small. At least the holo box looks good, r-right? I WANT MY $40 BACK PLEASE I WANT TO MAKE A BETTER FINANCIAL DECISION FUUUUCK

No. 1065590

fuck I hate when that happens. You would think helping artists out would be nice but then this kinda disappointing stuff gets in the mail and it feels bad to just give it back. Happened recently to me. Rip

No. 1065602

>the creation of /2X/-tan
I would appreciate an summary of ths.

No. 1065604

>tumblr mutuals
kek what were you expecting?
>Is it some 5D Mean Girls chess to make the cow in question regret not still dating her (unattractive) ex?
Maybe, but sometimes i think they genuinely just find some cow-related men attractive, if they were objectively handsome lying wouldn't really work but most are very average

No. 1065608

File: 1645573725127.jpg (12.48 KB, 208x322, 1b24788f889dbf8c5c892d2797fc6a…)

Im sad that I don't have a reason to post this anymore.

>I told you I wanted a great mod, you troll the janitor and fuck the janitor I told you I'd come back here to LOLCOR in my next presence It's snowing like crazy in February We're helpless Not comfortable You're not doing anything You're not doing anything You're not wearing nothing You're not wearing anything You hurt us you're the worst you're the worst I want to go home, and I want everything to go back to normal, and it triggers my hell world, I still feel like I'm back and there's no nothing yet, please, please, please, please. PLE ASE PLEAFE FIC THTE SIGHT I'M BEGGING YOU NONNY

No. 1065615

plastic glasses frames broke at the bridge, place says they can fix them but it will take a day or two. I am so fucking thankful my bf has a similar prescription to mine and has an extra pair. We're both -6/-6.5. Ordering a second pair tonight because those few hours without glasses was awful and I probably shouldn't have gone to the repair place alone because I had to walk back home blind kek. Gonna order sunglasses while I'm at it.

No. 1065625

>the tokimeki memorial OP images
kek I didn't even realize that those were supposed to be TokiMemo girls

No. 1065652

nona mentioned the possibility of the i missed you nonnies post tanking the site and i'm horrified at the possibility that my blunder eventually led to kirby slit pussy posting

No. 1065655

I've had so many thoughts I wanted to share when ot was broke and now I'm too high to remember them. Thank god its back

No. 1065666

kek anon, it was the butterfly effect

No. 1065669

I make threads all the time and I've never been banned for that. Just do it, pick a good picture and do a good summary and jannies won't be mad.

No. 1065672

File: 1645576874635.jpg (6.06 KB, 101x220, 1645558316564.jpg)

Yes, here's a thread for that!

No. 1065676

i missed you guys sm… war is hell

No. 1065680

What are some websites, interests, niches, hobbies, that aren't just always ruined by a moid/moids

No. 1065682

I can't tell you because that's exactly what a moid would ask

No. 1065683


No. 1065685

This has been haunting me so I have to ask is the Kirby slit horizontal or vertical

No. 1065689

Ugly Stephen is bringing down the posting quality. Goodnight girlies. Drop dead moids

No. 1065690

File: 1645577597346.png (Spoiler Image,248.36 KB, 681x607, c59c1b3a8aaec96439bf22e2015183…)

The rest of you don't open this

No. 1065693

My cousin named his baby Nonnie

No. 1065695

i shouldn’t have asked i shouldn’t have asked i shouldn’t have asked i shouldn’t have asked i shouldn’t have asked i shouldn’t have asked i shouldn’t have asked i shouldn’t have asked i shouldn’t have asked i shouldn’t have asked i shouldn’t have asked i shouldn’t have asked

No. 1065696

anon why

No. 1065699

I'm sorry to be that person but I've seen threads on 4chan's /trash/ with this kind of art, innocent round creatures with realistic vaginas, and I think it's a fetish. It makes me vomit, and it feels… illegal

No. 1065700

Is this true?

No. 1065702

I have yet to see a scrote into bullet journaling

No. 1065703

I guess that answers my question anyway.
Yeah maybe I can get into scrapbooking, I do like stickers I guess.

No. 1065704


No. 1065705

I’ve seen that too, a lot with sanrio characters it’s fucking horrifying and sad

No. 1065719

Is this Kirbdede-chan's art that she was telling us about?

No. 1065733

I don't think its hers unless she underestimated her skill levels. Not that this abomination is worth anything but I took her words to mean that hers was deviantart fetishist mspaint tier, maybe I'm wrong.

No. 1065735

Otome games. I'm sure there are some scrotes out there who are into some otome protagonist but I've never seen them, and there's also that retarded "otome" isekai light novel that's getting an anime and has nothing to do with the genre, but the actual hobby hasn't been ruined by them.

I had only see Kirby porn like this once many years ago, and never ever wanted to see it again. Guess my streak of not seeing any just ended

Pretty sure it's not a clearly defined "fetish" but just males trying to find a way to sexualize and pornify anything, like usual.

No. 1065741

>Pretty sure it's not a clearly defined "fetish"
Anon it is a fetish, I've seen thread compilations of those things (I don't want to go back and have to see this gross shit all over again just to prove a point) and it's borderline illegal

No. 1065751

Ok, I can believe that it's an actual fetish that many scrotes have, but why are you calling it "borderline illegal"?

No. 1065755

File: 1645579500066.jpg (33.17 KB, 449x449, 1645187599250.jpg)


No. 1065756

Anon….. just think about it, they want to put their penis inside small round innocent creatures. Please I don't want to say more, it's very gross

No. 1065759

If it makes you feel better, my sister’s wedding dress was supposed to arrive today and it didn’t.

No. 1065760

File: 1645579576272.png (560.01 KB, 660x590, girlbosssssssssss.png)

Unpopular opinion too I guess but I rather have 1000000 girlbosses to the bimbo thot shit we're seeing on social media right now

No. 1065761

Fuck that's sad, I'm sorry for your sister

No. 1065764

Jeez I hope the wedding wasn't today

No. 1065765

Oh no, I hope it arrives soon! And more importantly, before the wedding!

No. 1065782

File: 1645580145629.jpg (66.75 KB, 750x579, E2HhBTRVkAMben1.jpg)

'Girlboss' and 'Bimbos' are two sides of the same coin. They are both ploys to formulate female behavior into a pre-determined & socially acceptable way for women to act & behave to be deemed 'successful' as a woman

No. 1065792

100% agreed, I hate that bimbo shit so much

No. 1065808

File: 1645581243861.gif (14.2 MB, 640x616, sad-cat.gif)

It didn't arrive…

No. 1065810

I'm so sorry anon. Perhaps they're just running a little late?

No. 1065814

Oh you're right. But maybe we could have another one for just cat pictures on /m/? Or is that too much?

No. 1065817

Men are so fucking odd. One moid spoke to me today about a woman having a third tit and I was just like you want that. Mf probably would love to get some intimate time with actual udders.

No. 1065819

Men will always bring up some horror story about a person with extra body parts, missing some body parts, changed body parts, etc.

No. 1065821

He was turning himself on. He was talking about what celebrities he fancied then he started bringing up a third tit. Then he showed me a photo of a woman in a tank top and a third breast and it looked fake. I said as much and then changed the subject.

No. 1065825

I hope so too but while the tracking website said it was out for delivery, the delivery dot wasn't filled out. If not tonight, I hope it gets here tomorrow at least!

No. 1065833

It's so weird that moids have an urge to share their stupid thoughts and fantasies as if anyone cares. I bet he thinks he was doing you a service. Quality bonding.

No. 1065835

File: 1645582197847.png (54.02 KB, 256x256, face-with-raised-eyebrow.png)

I downloaded tinder yesterday and used my name but then spelled differently for relative privacy. today my instructor addressed me with that name in an email.

No. 1065840

Oh lord. that's gross. Run

No. 1065845

How many ways can you spell it

No. 1065846

If you wanna just dump pics then yeah maybe do it on /m/

No. 1065847

The 2000 bimbo is cutest (just like real life)

wtf this is so disgusting. Every time I think I know the extent of moid depravity, they somehow outdo themselves.

No. 1065849

But at least most "girlbosses" have jobs and earn money in an honest way, and more girls should look up to that, instead of looking into how to be the "perfect sex doll that gets shit for free" or whatever

No. 1065850

I've never heard of such thing, what?

No. 1065851

A handful. He's also always used my full name for me before despite me using my nickname. I used a different version of my nickname on tinder and that's how he wrote my name in an email today. echhkkggk

No. 1065852

File: 1645583063211.jpg (113.25 KB, 1000x667, bimbo.jpg)

>The 2000 bimbo is cutest (just like real life)
I hope you're talking about this

No. 1065860

File: 1645583855051.jpg (15.97 KB, 360x299, 1644887306726.jpg)


No. 1065871

holy shit lolcow is dead lmao

No. 1065872

Happy you got your perfume after seeing your posts for days.
Has anyone bought chocolate perfume before? I want to smell like a warm chocolate chip cookie. Also does citronella perfume really work as bug spray?

No. 1065874

yep lol

No. 1065875

I want chocolate perfume too… I've heard Ariana's Cloud is good

No. 1065876

File: 1645585394251.png (4.45 KB, 664x178, 7.png)

But did anyone notice the switcheroo?

No. 1065878

Nice! Which perfume did you get again? I remember seeing something about a Lolita Lempicka perfume, but idk if that was you.

No. 1065880

What do you mean? Lite was always over there.

No. 1065883

[ ot / g / m ]
This was moved

No. 1065884

File: 1645585709461.png (35.15 KB, 1241x435, wayback machine.PNG)

Nah anon, it was always over there. You can even check the wayback machine.

No. 1065888

godddddddddd PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GODDDD DO SOMETHING!!! BE FUNNY…. I miss the fast paced shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No. 1065890

That was me! It was the Mon Premier version. I spritz some on my wrists and it smelled almost like a sweet bug spray and I was just about ready to be disappointed but after a few minutes it warmed up to my skin and now it's a sweet, sort of powdery scent. It sort of goes back and forth between floral and gourmand but I like it! The more time passes, the more it settles and the warmer it gets. It kind of smells a bit ambery now, which I absolutely love.

No. 1065894

i feel like the only one who hates fast paced threads. just don't have the energy and time for them, plus it freezes my tab so i can hardly get my post in anyway.

No. 1065897

Same, I prefer the pace we have on /ot/ at peak hours. When it goes too fast I just can't read the thread cause it's too many posts to wade through.

No. 1065916

I've heard great things about Al-Rashad Choco Musk if you're looking for chocolate perfumes

No. 1065931

here lies a possible answer hehhe.

No. 1065943


No. 1065961

No. 1065987

File: 1645592500027.jpeg (175.06 KB, 828x518, F74B1D22-CCE2-4BBB-B33E-CAA4E0…)

No. 1065990

It’s so gross. Recipes probably vary, but it’s usually just a dry French onion soup packet, an egg so it doesn’t fall apart, and the ground beef.The worst part of the whole thing is that (in my experience) they never tell you beforehand that it’s a nasty onion burger. I want to die just thinking about it.

No. 1065997

File: 1645593256335.png (551.34 KB, 474x531, 1D25F388-860C-4EE5-89BA-93BA0C…)

It's weird how you can find modernized versions of successful memes that used to have that Impact font text when they were created

No. 1066000

KEK I wanna see the answers…

No. 1066004

File: 1645593916596.jpg (94.02 KB, 316x422, ningen cryptid.jpg)

bout to shit my fuckign brains out see you in a bit

No. 1066011

File: 1645594317246.png (38.87 KB, 389x524, i have paranoid schizo.PNG)

Period stuff never fails to make me laugh.

No. 1066014

Irc nonnette kept turning the whole canvas blood red trying to select a color

No. 1066019

Yeah I know

No. 1066047

i’m getting older it’s feels really weird having younger men having crushes on me

No. 1066048

File: 1645597641997.png (174.47 KB, 1710x962, 83853794.png)

bouncing between timelines today

No. 1066072

File: 1645599148952.gif (3.18 MB, 305x172, bb96c183-174c-4327-a98f-416065…)

My nighttime retainers were lost for five days and I've been going crazy looking for them… turns out they were in one of my shoes next to my bed.

No. 1066074

I'm still in college, 25, and often mistaken for under 21. this makes me wanna tear my hair out because I am not attracted to younger men. when I was 19-20 everyone thought I was like 16 and the 16 year olds at my first job would flirt with me before they found out my age. I want older men to like me and even now I'm afraid any older man who likes me must be a creep because of how young I look. I cannot win.

No. 1066109

Women don't look that different in their early twenties so I wouldn't worry much about that and most people think women are worse than they actually do so it's common for women to be perceived as younger than they are. Also dating older men, no matter your age, isn't a smart idea because you're a 25 year old who's still in college and probably has as much life experience as a 21 yo college student while the dude is going to have a job and a whole lot more experience than you.

No. 1066126

Maybe it's because it's night where I am, but Jeff the Killer was actually scary. I was never afraid of that photo until now.

No. 1066182

Same anon, no other image on the internet makes me feel like Jeff the Killer does; it's been years and somehow I can't get used to how unsettling it is. In a way I really admire whoever created it because it's a really powerful horror art.

No. 1066192


No. 1066218

File: 1645618789882.png (1.05 MB, 1280x1911, tumblr_n1y224IDXc1qj395uo10_12…)

I don't have a link to the anime thread but a nier automata anime just got announced, bleh.

Drakengard 3 = Replicant/Gestalt > Drakengard >>>>>>>>> literal shit >> Automata

No. 1066223

weird taste

No. 1066224

Automata is the first one without female writers and you can feel it

No. 1066226

Actually my bad, the first one without a writer that worked on the other games*

No. 1066234

Can you really though? I finished it only once but I'd say with Kaine in og Nier it was more malegaze-y than Automata

No. 1066238

Malegazyness is definitely there, but Automata definitely ads more fetishistic stuff with the blindfolds, butt-cam and destroyable clothes.

Anyway what I meant was more with the writing and 2B being much more restrained than the other characters in the franchise, almost becoming a plot device to tell the story of 9S and A2 (to a lesser degree). Zero bears the burden of the world's end and acts against it, Kaine shits on tradition and the gestalt project and makes decisions that impact the story in huge ways while also showing compassion and empathy to Emil and other younger characters, Drakengard characters are quite shit but this was THE weirdest game I played in that era and subverted all my expectations.

I like the parts of the story with A2 the most, 9S felt yucky with his 2B obsession, and my problem with 2B is that she never truly gets the opportunity to challenge the status quo of the androids before dying.

No. 1066241

For the coleslaw eating nonnas out there

No. 1066243

Too many men are painfully unfunny. They have the same sense of humor, quirky randumb redditor and/or snarky banter, as well as constantly referencing things without caring if the other person knows what the fuck they're talking about. Even if I'm talking to a guy who is kind and sweet, he absolutely ruins it every time by rapid-firing awful jokes one after another. It's so tiring. I'd rather they not try to be funny at all.

No. 1066244

always the woman scantly clad.

No. 1066257

hope anons don't reply to scrote threads, but knowing the speds that post here…

No. 1066297

Fanfiction on pixiv tends to be okay-ish and anything AU seems to be tagged, normally. For prose works, I've also had luck with syosetu, but I'm too dumb for their tagging/search system, so I barely use it.

No. 1066299

Has anyone ever noticed how inconsistent tampon sizes are? Like a super size from one brand can be another's regular or small. Whenever I buy a different brand because I forgot to buy my regular brand on time again, I always end up with a way different size despite labeled as more or less the same size.

No. 1066307

No. 1066318

I'm only 26 and my doctor asked me why I haven't had kids yet… My mom had me at 27 and I want a stable job first. I don't believe in the conservative memes, but I hope before 32 you can still have healthy kids with low risks?

No. 1066322

>I'm only 26 and my doctor asked me why I haven't had kids yet
your doctor is a sexist freak

No. 1066323

We once had a client called Nonita

No. 1066326

I'd say before 35 is considered safe because nowadays women tend to have kids older. You will still get checkups beforehand and while you're pregnant to minimize risks. You can also use ivf if you can't conceive naturally or feel paranoid about the risks if you want to have them at 35+.

No. 1066327

I had a really vivid nightmare that Lurch was arrested murdering women and we could spot evidence of stashed bodies and girls purses and clothes in the background of Luna's benzo'd out selfies and it was ridiculously terrifying in the moment, nonnies. I'm freaked out.

No. 1066328

Yes, you can. Your doctor is being a tard and I hate those shitty expectations they put on women.

No. 1066329

Even worse it's a gynecologist and they all tell me to hurry up even though I'm at peak health lol

No. 1066334

And dumb. How obvious is it that 26 year olds are financially secure enough to afford a home and to raise a kid nowadays really? It's a fact that 20 and 30-something couples have been increasingly putting starting a family on hold because they simply don't have the means or the livingspace to do so.

No. 1066374

I'm never fucking men older than me. Ever. Not even a month older. Embrace the cougar lifestyle nonnas.

No. 1066381

The most recent news about russia made me remember this moment in the simpsons.

No. 1066391

My god I thought we were gonna have another 8 days of containment.

No. 1066394

Same here

No. 1066400

Containment where? The site was completely down for me.

No. 1066403

Containment threads in /g/ after the site shut down and /ot/ and /m/ couldn't be posted in for 8 days.

No. 1066416

No, I was there, I meant during that time at least /g/ was alive, and we could still access /ot/ and /m/ even though we couldn't post. But the site was completely dead for me an hour ago, so where would we have had containment given we couldn't even go on the site at all.

No. 1066417

File: 1645635246902.png (305.46 KB, 976x1173, 5dcxoz.png)

There's a fucking 5 hour long Kirby iceberg vid in the cytube

No. 1066418

You mean the host problems it was having a bit ago? I was referencing how the boards were unable to be posted in post-shutdown. I was scared that when the site went back up, /ot/ and /m/, or more, would be broken again.

No. 1066512

File: 1645639722414.jpg (72.56 KB, 1080x735, 1631407767964.jpg)


No. 1066517

File: 1645639806877.gif (171.77 KB, 320x259, 9A3575F6-864E-4D1B-BABC-2A9432…)

Dancing in the night
If you can't dance to any mix,
sorry, go kill yourself
Dancing all the night
In this broken era
Let's stir up a tempest
Dancing Samurai

No. 1066528

nta but I felt like A2 was actually too similar personality wise to 2B, which made playing through the second half a drag to me. I enjoy them both though.

No. 1066556

Yes, that's what I meant. Oh yeah, I completely forgot the site went down completely then too, before the bunker. I was asleep while it was down then. Yes, that would have been afwul, but honestly, this time, I was fearing the worst. I'm thinking about making a throw-away discord, to join the lc server, but idk if that's worth it. At least I can keep drawing with everynonny, it's the highlight of my day.

No. 1066584

It's bad enough people are bastardizing gyaru, don't let them take parapara now, too.

No. 1066598

I know I'm preaching to the choir here but I hate that saying that only women are loved unconditionally. Having sex with you, having and raising your children and taking care of you are conditions retard

No. 1066602

If you can't stop coughing your disgusting, phlegmy cough, stay the FUCK home! Why are you making people listen to it and why are you exposing people to your disgusting germs. Ugh.

No. 1066609

File: 1645644537666.png (620.65 KB, 750x747, 6b5.png)

I just really miss old-school gyary nonnie, it was such a good era of j-fashion. Give me a time machine so I can go back

No. 1066615

nta but I miss good old gyaru trend too.
I wish I could download old magazines but I can't find any anymore.

No. 1066631

ppl on instagram and tumblr have archives nonny, don't worry

No. 1066636

I don't visit both of these places kek

No. 1066657

Do you have any idea how many cheesestrings covered in sriracha I have eaten today??? didn't think so

No. 1066665


No. 1066677

No. 1066692

No. 1066706

I think an anon in the fashion thread in /g/ was sharing old j-fashion magazines a while ago? If you can find the post you could try to ask if she's still around.

No. 1066715

File: 1645649544033.jpg (64.82 KB, 480x854, jeff_the_killer__wallpaper__by…)

The fact that a bunch of fangirls saw that pic and made jeff the killer into a husbando will never cease to amaze me.

No. 1066721

And I like it

No. 1066722

File: 1645649732697.png (628.25 KB, 627x402, skeleton wagon.png)

Praying dark thoughts for Dr. Teetus Deletus praying dark thoughts

No. 1066737

Honestly we should have some filters like that too for twitterspeak for example

No. 1066794

File: 1645652503923.jpeg (157.31 KB, 680x632, 782EC7DD-65DC-4F9E-9207-BED4CD…)

i will never stop finding this hilarious

No. 1066802

File: 1645652851303.jpeg (12.83 KB, 183x275, 704E661A-0E5A-4F55-BE23-5A0B77…)

Put the troon ski suit on

No. 1066822

Sometimes I want to bully anons a bit like
>yes sweetie, you're such an epic troll
But I don't wanna get banned for infighting.

No. 1066823

Walk away if you want to engage.

No. 1066825

That's exactly what I'm doing?

No. 1066848

why are my boomer parents both unable to figure out tabs on a mobile browser? my dad:
>every time I check he has thousands of tabs open in chrome
>he uses the Google search bar widget to look things up, mostly different news sites, so he never closes or reuses any of the tabs he opens, just closes chrome and types into the search bar again
>I've explained to him multiple times that he needs to click "close all tabs" every once in a while
>too complicated for him
my mom:
>zero tabs open
>she only searches things and uses shortcuts from the safari home page. when she has to go to a different page she closes the one tab and starts from the homepage again
>I show her that she can have wordle and italian wordle always open in her browser by keeping them in two tabs
>"wow I didn't know phones could do that!"
>"anon the tabs disappeared!!"
>I check, she closed them
they've both had smartphones for almost a decade

No. 1066867

Kek. My parents are similar, although my father does understand tabs and actually deletes his cookies. It's groundhog day insanity trying to help them.

No. 1066869

nonnie you just reminded me of the time i had to order pizza on my dad's phone while he was driving, and while looking for the phone number, saw his redtube tabs open. i want to vomit.

No. 1066879

Lol I’m scared to touch any piece of technology my dad has because it’s filled with porn. I’ve walked in on him multiple times watching porn on the TV. I feel like watching porn on a tv is so fucking weird

No. 1066880

File: 1645656517301.jpg (80.25 KB, 710x1125, bone_xylophone_by_markopolio_s…)

I just love how despite our different languages, cultures and personal experiences, humanity collectively decided one day to associate the sound of xylophones with skeletons.

No. 1066896

oh that's awful anon I'm sorry. I was going to say, the only pro of my dad keeping a million tabs open is that I was pleasantly surprised not to find any porn

No. 1066918

i can hear this image.

No. 1066941

i played smash for an hour for a club and lost every match kek (actually dying inside). i am not a gamer girl

No. 1066965

play with me anon, i can guarantee i'm a worse smash player than you.

No. 1066979

I keep seeing references to parapara recently. I sort of want it to come back.

No. 1066989

I just really want /m/ back

No. 1066992

My best friend is venting to me about some shit one of our other friends did and she said she feels guilty about introducing this weird girl to her other friends but I'm just like ??? just shit talk her lmao it's not like that girl is close with them anyway!!! I do that shit all the fucking time because I'm a bitch but for whatever reason all my good friends are like "oh yeah cool thanks for warning us that she's weird even though you introduced her to us"

No. 1066996

I shaved my inner thighs too hard and bruised my skin, my thighs are chafing a lot and now there’s blood everywhere, I had to put some bandaids on the holes, so now it doesn’t hurt and that makes me happy. I’m not shaving so hard anymore, nobody is even seeing my inner thighs, what the fuck is wrong with me?

No. 1066997

me too nonnie

No. 1067007

Do you ever read a take so bad it makes you so angry you get lightheaded?

No. 1067016

File: 1645662604774.jpeg (156.62 KB, 604x562, F8F6A903-F8A8-4AE5-9FA0-E511D5…)

I wish we all rode horses, I don't wanna hear the reasons we shouldn't.

No. 1067022

File: 1645663049807.jpg (318.9 KB, 1088x890, 009CB9FF-85D1-482A-8227-71DA24…)

Yes but my favorite is when a take is so bad that it's funny

No. 1067029

I can give you reasons why we should
>No road rage
>Plenty of time to take in the sights around you and just relax
>No pressure to get anywhere in a timely manner
>Customize with cute saddles and accessories
>Your transportation is also a cute pet that you can give treats to

No. 1067042

Absolutely dreamy anon, thanks. I want life to slow down so badly. Also so I can pretend I'm in an old western.

No. 1067046

File: 1645664520083.jpeg (49.8 KB, 391x262, 460BDEE6-FE5D-4831-A910-56A321…)

Nta, but not only that
>you can name your horse a cool name like Thunder
>Talking with your transportation method doesn’t seem autistic
>All buildings would have areas to make sure that your horses are doing fine
>probably more development in horse training letting us take them to our apartments/inside of the house for a few hours
>specially during rainy/snowy seasons
>you can braid your horses mane/tail
>matching braided hairstyles
>horse will protect you from shitty people
>more movies and series about horses
>cute and comfy stables for your horse
>strong legs and overall body due to horse riding
>Look cool while running on highways
>cool clothes and accessories to keep your horse safe during the different seasons
>matching outfits with horse.

No. 1067059

i've been taking im@s starlight spot photos at my campus recently. they're stupidly funny, and i'm actually appreciating going to school in person more because of it.

No. 1067075

You can have a healthy pregnancy at 40. Sick of these memes scaring women for centuries.

No. 1067083

imagine all the road poop tho

No. 1067086

there's little butt bags for horses! pee would be the more likely issue

No. 1067093

More incentive to spread out and not form massive cities. Horse poopies along the road fertilizes the ground stimulating plant growth. Plus you could just off-road when not on highly populated areas, remember you're on a horse and can go pretty much wherever.

No. 1067141

File: 1645668923937.gif (2.86 MB, 275x264, 1645111353105.gif)

Just leaving this here in case someone wants to add to the conversation

No. 1067143

File: 1645669053522.jpeg (31.23 KB, 346x450, D9F1408F-BC9D-495E-9F12-825724…)


No. 1067145

my mother had my brother at 35 and nothing went wrong. Multiple women in my family had children in their 30s and 40s and nothing went wrong. If anything, especially thanks to modern medicine, your 30s is the optimal time to pump out children. Aside from possibly health complication, the big reason not to birth children so long is that you would be able to support them until they can go out in the on their own.

No. 1067147

Occasionally I see people riding on their horses where I live. Those people are cool as fuck, they just ride their horses by the street like it's no big deal.

No. 1067148

Sometimes the crushing responsibility of being an adult really gets to me, but then I think: I could drink a delicious cold brew coffee right now even though it's night time and no one can stop me. I'm not going to do it, but I could.

No. 1067198

I'm going to put my problematic ship name in my discord username and start hopping servers related to my fandom to see if I can find a decent one, on a scale of 1-10 how bad could this end up?

No. 1067202

Depends on you, I couldn't bear it personally but now I want to be your friend nonna because I also have problematic ships. I'm out here casually viewing art of them on Pinterest while underage commenters go batshit, fun times.

No. 1067210

I'm willing to do some digging for what I want. I can't take not being able to find a place or group to have a decent conversation about my interests which includes my ship and it doesn't help that my ship comes from a children media filled with rabid purists, terminally online and children.
> I'm out here casually viewing art of them on Pinterest while underage commenters go batshit, fun times.
Nothing will ever be funnier than typing up your ship name and reading the batshit and unhinged comments about it. They're fictional for heavens sake kek!

No. 1067218

I wish you luck! It's hard out there. Sometimes browsing the tag on social media can help you find fans discussing it, but yours does sound like you'd have to dig through a lot of shit first.
>Nothing will ever be funnier than typing up your ship name and reading the batshit and unhinged comments about it. They're fictional for heavens sake kek!
It is funny, I just blink and continue browsing the glorious fanart same as before. Weird to me that anybody puts time into that, although sometimes I get it when the comments are like "wtf" because some ships warrant that but still, get used to it kek this is how it goes. I never had a phase like that growing up online you just accepted people ship stuff. I guess everyone's different.

No. 1067222

Thank you Anon, I hope the same goes well for you and we all find a small group to share our niche with. Same, same. I honestly think it's idiotic and tiring to put so much energy into what amounts to a pairing of two non-existent people. It's more so that everyone's different and the modern internet has taught people (especially those who are young) into nerdy fandom circles to hate on others because they have a ""moral duty"" to keep their community clean.

No. 1067239

World War 3 general thread when

No. 1067246

Shh I feel like everyone's manifesting that way but I guess it's too late

No. 1067247

File: 1645675468475.jpg (75.42 KB, 747x625, space gun.jpg)

Go to /pol/, sis.

No. 1067251

Yo first aid kits are awesome. Have you guys seen all the shit that comes in one?

No. 1067253

yeah retard i've seen gauze before geez

No. 1067257

Would rather not have to deal with reading mens opinions on this shit

No. 1067261

ww3 thread could be oddly cozy and educational

No. 1067262

I hope youre not serious

No. 1067264

If it was named something like Russia-Ukranian conflict discussion and a picture of like, a bunch of data or a graph I'm sure annoying people would be put off by it.

No. 1067267

Ten trillion percent chance of political sperging and infighting within 20 posts. Hell, someone make the thread. I want to see that.

No. 1067268

it will draw in /pol/ and /k/ tards, the whole site will smell.

No. 1067270

Ah, that's true.

No. 1067271

okay good point let’s not do that then

No. 1067274

File: 1645678082880.gif (215.36 KB, 471x345, 57149528-420D-4EA9-A131-ABD818…)

Every day I'm horny and when I'm not horny I make myself horny

No. 1067296

File: 1645679815866.jpeg (28.12 KB, 626x417, 16F1F4BA-1883-4C03-A6C5-AC223C…)

>lolcow open in one tab
>writing secret smut fic in the other
I'm living it up tonight

No. 1067297

a long time ago i saw an episode of naruto on tv and thought it was the scariest shit ever so i never watched naruto again

No. 1067300

You saved your own life

No. 1067308

world war 3 isn’t going to happen. there also isn’t going to be a draft

No. 1067312

Why does this video not annoy me as much as I find them all endearing? Throwback to a simpler time.

No. 1067314

I love the guy who teleports to another dimension mid-video

No. 1067315

Why can't weebs be like that again? I'd take a million nyan shit over oversexualised egirl shit anytime.

No. 1067316

>I'd take a million nyan

Ok here u go

No. 1067318

I was thinking the same thing, compare this to Tiktok and I'd erase time in a heartbeat.

No. 1067321


Fucking kek. I remember when this video first came out and I hated everyone in this video with a burning passion, but watching this now I have to admit it's kind of cute and wholesome in its autistic innocence.

No. 1067326

We shall also all remember this great piece of weebness.

No. 1067337

debating on writing fic for a new hot character since it'll likely get me interaction that could get me some constructive criticism. hm.

No. 1067343

Vtuber Rushia just got booted by her company because of rumors that she has a boyfriend based on a discord message. Japan's idol culture and sexism is insane, meanwhile Okamoto cheats on his WIFE and gets away scot free.

No. 1067345

File: 1645685658073.jpeg (240.04 KB, 1920x1080, 3D682066-BD3A-4B0D-B17E-DD83F2…)

No. 1067380

Something i just realised is starting to piss me tf off. Why does the media have this obsession about finding out why women are interested in the things they’re interested in? We’re studied like some deep sea animal that was just discovered. I see sooo many articles about why women might like true crime and the psychology behind it and shit. I was just on insta and saw another article about it. Why? Just let them? I remember back then when 50 shades came out they did the same with romance and erotic novels. Why don’t you go study why men watch rape on tape or if you really are interested in learning more about women go write about the lack of research on female reproductive health.

No. 1067384

Men just have this weird obsession with seeing women as "the other" instead of seeing us as equal humans. Like that ancient trope of ooooh women are such mysterious beings! Nah bro you're just autistic.

No. 1067433

Sex literally isn't real, and I'm sick of people pretending it is
>i stikk penis in me vagina lol feels good haha
No one fucking does that, get a life. Babies come from storks, moron

No. 1067435

sometimes i have homicidal urges

No. 1067443

Have another nostalgic gem from a simpler time

No. 1067460

In general whatever has majority of male fans is normal by default and the second there's more women than men, even by a few percent, it suddenly becomes that oh so curious thing, how could that be?

No. 1067497

A bunch of beeps just played in my headphones for like 3-5 seconds. I have no idea what it was, but what the fuck…

No. 1067506

Romanianon? Hopefully there's not multiple murderous anons in this place, even the one is making me very uncomfortable

No. 1067525

It's happening again! What the fuck is going on! There's literally nothing going on in my state, so it can't be an alert.

No. 1067527

byebye arthur, you forged my childhood

No. 1067638

File: 1645706323962.png (437.89 KB, 1280x542, vibe.PNG)

I'm going to cave.

No. 1067671

Too late

No. 1067682

File: 1645710364476.webm (436.63 KB, 854x480, a normal human reaction to tra…)

Damn Kevin

No. 1067692

gift for her

No. 1067713

I had to reactivate my facebook so that I could go through my tagged photos and get cringey photos of myself and my highschool friends because we're making a scrapbook full of photos for one of our friend's birthdays.

I'm cringing so hard but also happy to see how far we've come and how far I've come. Anyway, time to deactivate this shit again, fuck facebook.

No. 1067739

My native language doesn't have gendered pronouns and I'm so happy to never have to play into the numerous tranny delusions around me kek, I don't know how anons who actually have to use "preferred pronouns" to avoid being cancelled can do it without dying inside.

No. 1067769

>The hopeful Polite Gentleman had to tread a careful line, following fashion in a way in which his masculinity was emphasised but not affected by the effeminacy of women. Ensconced in questions of sexuality, the term ‘effeminate’ is problematic. In the 17th century it referred both to men who were ‘like’ women, and therefore enjoyed sodomy or transvestism, as well as to men who liked women too much, and became sexually obsessed.

full circle

No. 1067789

File: 1645718505665.gif (405.03 KB, 220x393, happy-happy-run.gif)

me running to /snow/ to check up on my favorite retards while i drink my morning coffee and then realizing none of them wake up early enough in the morning for there to be any good milk until later

No. 1067799

File: 1645718783617.jpg (467.27 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20220224-110034_Ins…)

This is making me laugh harder than it should. "We can't just LET HIM!!!"

No. 1067807

kekk don't worry nonnie, I can tell from that very half assed post that in 2 weeks she'll probably forgot everything about it.

No. 1067823

Does she want people to go over there and tell him to stop or something lol

No. 1067845

Russia declaring war on Ukraine the same day as Chris Chan's birthday just solidifies the idea of the Dimensional Merge being real. He really fucked up the world by fucking his mom.

No. 1067875

No. 1068046

File: 1645728144838.jpg (62.79 KB, 640x426, original.jpg)

I have two perfectly good normal flattering costumes for this carnival party on Saturday but my heart is telling me to slap on as many random clothes as possible and go as an emo tumblr clown

No. 1068053

Do it. When are you gonna have another chance to dress as a clown?

No. 1068065

well fuck, why is this not in a tinfoil thread? Makes more sense than 99% of hogwash posted there

No. 1068122

I'll never get why it's girugamesh out of all bands. Did they pay for it? Did they get paid for it? Was it chosen at random? Were they oddly popular in the US which I simply don't know about, so having them over would ensure some mass of fangirls? Which one is it?

No. 1068208

File: 1645732087625.png (30.15 KB, 501x147, Screenshot 2022-02-24 214525.p…)

he's just like me what do I do

No. 1068213

haha LOL so funny

No. 1068252

She's right though

No. 1068274

Your humor is not funny and you're obsessed with shitty lolcows.

No. 1068328

Okay I will post it there because I have a lot to say about the dimensional merge being real

No. 1068357

every day i pray to god that no nonnies plan a meetup and post embarrassing pics of it. even if they didn't post them here (why would they), if it was in a discord server or something it'd absolutely leak to here. i'm traumatised after seeing reddit and pol meetup pics

No. 1068385

I hate this complex I have around taking a sick day at work, especially if I start to feel unwell AT work but not in an extremely obvious and justifiable way. I'll dance around it with my colleagues and say i'm not feeling great, that I might go early etc etc and just trying to offset my anxiety and get I suppose emotional backup that in fact it's OK to leave if I don't feel well.

But at the end of the day they don't and can't take responsibility for my decision. If I end up sicker for longer because I stayed at work instead of taking care of myself, it's on me. Same with leaving and if they make me feel bad for that, that's shitty on their part. And I should really just, without hours of forethought, go to the manager and say i'm leaving. It would be much better for everyone and i'm surprised it's taken me so long so figure this out.

No. 1068484

for the past few days there was this strange musky (almost like pee) smell in my room and i couldn't find the source of it for the life of me. i kept smelling every corner of my room, my pants in case i started accidentaly pissing myself, my books, bottles, everything. today as i went to water my plants i noticed that my hoya bloomed. this asshole stunk up my whole room with piss smell for days ughh stinky queen

No. 1068544

starlight coke is weird but I kinda dig it

No. 1068582

Ok so I have rosacea and I always wake up with yellow gunk buildup on my eyelashes. I just found out that it’s most likely due to a large infestation of demodex mites on my face. And it’s contagious. Aaaand now I want to pour bleach on myself.

No. 1068605

There's creams that'll kill mites if that's a factor in your rosecea. I've had flushing for 3 years and at one point I got this raised texture and papules all over my face during a bad flare… I read about mites and ended up buying horse paste because it was cheaper than the actual cream for humans. It dealt with my texture and papules and they never came back again.

I still flush though. That particular flare was crazy but I think mites are only a factor, like they irritate it but maybe arent the cause.

No. 1068609

haha same nonnie. I also often get stye for no reason (because of rosacea) and everytime I tell my friend she's like ew you touched your eye with poopoo finger. Sad skin condition

No. 1068615

That was my family with lilies. We can't keep lilies in our homes or gardens because they all smell like cat piss to us.

No. 1068721

Today I said "kys" to a romantic approach for the first time. I get a lot of attention from men and have always been really polite in my rejections, which is bad. I'm proud I finally stopped giving a fuck

No. 1068726

File: 1645741764414.jpg (1.53 MB, 2000x2410, semen tree.jpg)

Reminds me that it's going to be semen tree season soon.

No. 1068731

Fuck, I was attracted to this guy I've known for a while but I remembered he had a long phase of obsessively watching those ASMR videos where a woman acts like your girlfriend and comforts you. And creepy ones… I'd apparently buried this somewhere deep in my mind. Attraction subsiding

No. 1068758

I'm allergic to grass cum, even lamer than tree semen

No. 1068828

File: 1645745985304.jpg (47.04 KB, 470x700, Claudia.jpg)

I want to be her so fucking much

No. 1068833

Reminder that this is purely due to the establishment only allowing male trees to be planted

No. 1068843

File: 1645746744961.jpeg (113.71 KB, 1192x1164, 7C5133AF-444B-4A20-9302-3AEEA6…)

About to watch every single horrifying war movie I know of because I absolutely hate myself

No. 1068852

File: 1645747036200.jpg (155.08 KB, 1280x720, uggly shoe.jpg)

I miss the Shuwu/Pregory milk.

No. 1068855

What’s she from?

No. 1068882

A simple wish

No. 1068887

I… i watch those…

No. 1068930

I'm jealous. I did this with Pokémon Go and Mikuture but u can't be bothered changing my Apple ID to download imas
I'd ask to see the cute pics if it wouldn't be doxxing

No. 1068932

im really high right now and i hate it with every fiber of my being. it feels like it should be fun but i hate fun, i want it out of my body. please help

No. 1068933

She wasn't booted because of that, her company actually defended her for that. She was booted because she was desperate to clear her name and contacted who is essentially the Japanese Keemstar and leaked private info about the company and the other members to him.

No. 1068934

She's right. I will personally email Putin myself and ask him to stop. I cannot let this happen.

No. 1068935

File: 1645752258043.png (1.36 MB, 1366x768, 4CBB5538-6B43-4471-A7F1-6D594C…)

If there is no more war tomorrow nonny I know to come back here and thank you personally for your service

No. 1068945

File: 1645753094218.jpg (409.59 KB, 962x1063, Screenshot_20220224-193647.jpg)

Back in the day this used to be the hottest bitch in town.

No. 1068948

I think a sedentary lifestyle, a Tudor diet, not being allowed to dress comfortably or be active, and avoiding sunlight would lead to this look

No. 1068952

i look more like these women than anything else. please help!

No. 1068956

File: 1645753552396.jpeg (31.39 KB, 626x490, 1D4EDE77-A6F3-4749-B92A-2D7312…)

I’m building a time machine to go back to summer 2016 who wants to come with?

No. 1068957

Uhhh no one?

No. 1068959

whips and nae naes my way into the machine w you

Can’t wait to wear my cold shoulder dress and make musical.lys!!

No. 1068961

File: 1645753994834.jpeg (141.31 KB, 640x592, 2D5E9E97-9BC5-45F5-9F3E-0917D7…)

b- board-tan…?

No. 1068962

Same anon, I have a face only a 16th century peasant could love

No. 1068964

File: 1645754168067.jpeg (44.3 KB, 750x454, 26389ABA-52AE-4910-86FB-16E522…)

No. 1068965

Hehe I may have this same coloring book

No. 1068971

all I remember from summer 2016 is reading youtuber rpf on wattpad, watching like 10 seasons of supernatural in one month and being weirdly infatuated with some emo croatian girl with a gerard way fan account. oh but I also went on holiday to a really nice hotel. All in all I say why not

No. 1068977

Every so often I get these extremely vivid flashbacks to this situation when I was 18 and I was in a foreign country alone I’d never been to before and went into anaphylaxis from an allergy I never knew I had in a mall and just lay on the floor in the bathroom for hours because I couldn’t stand up hoping it just went away and I would live because no one there spoke English and I could barely talk or breathe anyway and I remember wanting to text my mum something so badly just incase I died but I knew it would worry her so much because she wouldn’t be able to help me. Could this be considered a traumatic event on some level? At the time I just carried on as normal after and felt fine but I don’t get why I keep having these random intrusive thoughts about it even years later because I didn’t have any long term complications or anything.

No. 1068978

File: 1645755564611.jpeg (37.53 KB, 374x358, 469C8469-BB44-482C-A67D-968293…)

>artist has “BL/GL/HL” in their description
>only see BL and the occasional HL

No. 1068980

No. 1068981

Tf is HL?

No. 1068984

heterosexual love, some fanartists dislike the more commonly used term NL (normal love) for obvious reasons

No. 1068991

Full offense but anyone who uses “based” unironically is a huge faggot

No. 1068993

I would like to go back in time and prevent my own birth

No. 1069001

the entirety of the 2010s-2020s is just my family members dying or going to the hospital, political drama, rodents continually infesting the house and me being suicidal so no thanks

No. 1069012

Any time you see a tumblr post with the word "faggot" in it, going to the poster's blog will show that most of their popular posts are about being a transexual "faggot dyke" or something similar.

No. 1069016

I have like a 10/10 selfie, but it uses this filter. I can't use it anymore and I feel like it's such a waste

No. 1069028

have a big meal and a hot shower nona

No. 1069030

File: 1645760728111.jpeg (174.49 KB, 1144x898, 3ECF2399-01D2-406C-A949-2077A9…)

No. 1069045

lol im going to start using this

No. 1069064

I've seen a bunch of posts recently that are trying to meme people into thinking that blue eyes are ugly and having brown eyes is desireable. Cope

No. 1069069

High anon here. I feel like I’m coming down from it. That was the worst experience of my life, I felt like I was out of my own control and disassociating. I had to call my parents to pick me up and now I’m going to be big time lectured.

>inb4 u can’t post here if you’re <18

I am just a terribly boring millennial who cannot afford housing in her city or am willing to pay for a $100 Uber kek. At least my dad isn’t screaming mad, so I’ll just take the lecture. At least I got home safely, no way I could’ve made it on the train.

No. 1069071

nothing wrong with either, but blue eyes do make somebody look older as they age

No. 1069075

File: 1645768105820.jpg (46.05 KB, 607x733, 0a2.jpg)

seethe you blue eyed demon

No. 1069076

File: 1645768391560.jpg (24.23 KB, 399x344, 86be0b3ec5e7d4ef82860978308903…)

This shit again

No. 1069077

Blue eyes are creepy, I've always thought so and I'm so happy people are realizing this

No. 1069078

brown eyes are fine, you yakubian devil

No. 1069080

Blue eyes or brown eyes or grey eyes, doesn’t matter.
You are all ugly, if not fat(thicc), if not skelly with acid farts

No. 1069082

File: 1645768845560.jpeg (83.74 KB, 749x757, DEC60B14-1D3F-4136-A309-9AC8DB…)

No. 1069086

File: 1645769318203.jpg (39.61 KB, 331x548, 3dd8d7d6f45372b8d9042700dc9ccb…)

they should all go back to Tumblr with their copes kek

No. 1069087

File: 1645769346954.jpeg (70.5 KB, 574x566, 77AE2086-A2A5-40EC-B235-752354…)

No. 1069091

File: 1645769492178.jpeg (70.64 KB, 750x580, B4253604-80B2-49B1-87A1-182F1A…)

No. 1069094

I mean that sounds like a pretty traumatic situation

No. 1069098

What does that post have to do with blue eyes though? Are you just annoyed that not everything is about you?

No. 1069101

File: 1645770341206.jpeg (23.89 KB, 224x225, 4CD655E1-9B06-4590-B275-31F288…)

does anyone on this thread play unsion league picrel

No. 1069103

File: 1645770387194.jpg (364.47 KB, 684x744, Eye-Spectrum.jpg)

Why do blue eyed demons think the only two eye colors are brown and blue? I've got green eyes and I still think y'all creepy looking

No. 1069104

File: 1645770429557.jpeg (26.67 KB, 400x400, E2F13BBD-F9EB-4859-8951-B1FEE2…)

No. 1069106

I want the book thread back so bad

No. 1069107

in high school, actually. dropped it pretty quick though. you enjoying it, nona?

No. 1069111

File: 1645770910257.jpg (22.35 KB, 236x258, 7ee6e57b0d2ff7e32912eb34c25a28…)

>I've seen a bunch of posts recently that are trying to meme people into thinking that blue eyes are ugly and having brown eyes is desireable. Cope
Was replying to the post mentioning brown eyes, learn to read and have some more cope

No. 1069112

I'm asking what the screencapped posts you've collected and are seething over have to do with blue eyes, nonny. Like, who in either of those pictures called blue eyes ugly?
It just seems like you have low self-esteem and are clinging to eye color when it's really not that important. I used to be like you, it doesn't help lol

No. 1069113

So you're mad and cannot believe people with brown eyes are genuinely happy with their eye color and that other people genuinely like brown eyes? You just seem to project your "cope" onto that.

I don't even have brown eyes but you just seem butthurt that the attention is off of your features for the few seconds people make posts about brown eyes

No. 1069115


No. 1069116

They're like those ugly fatties who seethe when people make posts appreciating small boobs/butts. It's the only desirable feature they truly have so when you take away the desirability from the feature they truly have nothing

No. 1069118

I used to play it when I was younger and I just play it as a dress up game now

No. 1069147

It's embarassing how often the blue/brown eyes infighting happens on here.

No. 1069155

What even caused the infight? I've seen it happen so many times too and it's super weird because it's such a small feature thay barely makes difference and you'll can just use contacts.
Kek. I had a fugly girl with blue eyes tell me the guy that liked me couldn't have liked me because I didn't have blue eyes like her. If anything they seem to be the ones coping.

No. 1069160

Yes, especially considering they both suck and green eyes are the true superior eyes.

No. 1069163

Green eyes are usually dull af. I literally never notice if someone has green eyes until they point it out, I've only ever seen the dull pale green that looks grey. My dad has green eyes and I thought he had light blue/greyish eyes for the longest time as a kid.

No. 1069172

Imagine willingly hanging out around men. And considering them your friends, hang out with them, joke with them, and then come here to be all 'haha moids are so simple lol i totally use them lol scrotes scrotes'. While spending your time socializing and building friendships with them. Don't make me laugh. It would be much respectable to just admit you like being around guys more. Nothing wrong with it.

No. 1069195

absolutely pathetic, “hahah im sure showing them by giving them attention and my time haha i’m such a girlboss female manipulator radfem misandrist” shut up you are an idiot pick me nlog and there’s probably a reason scrotes are the only ones who can stand you.

No. 1069201

What’s going on here? The tone is confusing and I’m not diagnosed with autism.

No. 1069215

Basically women who hang out with scrotes but then turn around and go “haha scrotes are so dumb i’m only using them” are not as smart as they think they are because they’re still giving scrotes their time and attention and probably getting nothing out of it.

No. 1069217

Oh haha, sorry for my slowness.

No. 1069225

File: 1645782074010.png (10.12 KB, 524x156, Untitled.png)

the twitter/tumblr threads on /m/ arent back so im posting these here

No. 1069226

File: 1645782114590.jpg (54.85 KB, 526x580, 274387805_505935017560163_3344…)

No. 1069243

I think I'm the anon that you're talking about though I don't know why it's such a big thing worth bringing into this thread? I did say I liked hanging around scrotes more because they're simple and stupid, they don't look for deeper meanings when you say something and are far more straightforward and easier to figure out than women. There's just lower expectations too, I don't have to fit in the social expectations set for women when hanging out with men because I care less about their opinions. Though the friendships you can have with men are very shallow and I'd rather call it hanging out than friendships which is why I do have female friends I'm closer to. I didn't say I'm not like the other girls or anything as I know a lot of women who do and used to hang out with scrotes just because it's easier to get included into their group. Yeah I did say I used them for some stuff but men enjoy doing that shit long as you compliment the work they do.

No. 1069254

i aspire to be this

No. 1069299

File: 1645789114419.jpeg (Spoiler Image,95.49 KB, 569x938, AFF42E8C-0A5D-4A8E-8E44-BBD113…)

I need the ugly art thread back NOW

No. 1069312

might fuck around and fetishize gay men i don’t give a damn

No. 1069318

This was an insane read because I truly cannot relate to any of what you said. I’ve always found them to be very exclusive in friendship groups and have more exaggerated expectations of women to fit into whatever box they’d like you to be in. The years I spent in a girls’ school were the most chill, vibey environment for me.

No. 1069323

File: 1645791060768.jpg (172.1 KB, 1250x745, vampire eyes.jpg)

No. 1069327

Most people irl don't have naturally bright eyes regardless of color because we're not anime characters. but I like pale/grey colors in general tbh

No. 1069332

>vegan vampire
Now that is a truly mythical creature

No. 1069347

File: 1645792699403.jpg (63.49 KB, 600x600, f6b71cd51a94256e25404730dc4985…)

I want to dye my hair so bad (like picrel but a little more orange) but the thought of damaging my hair while I'm working on taking better care of it is so scary. I actually dyed my hair this color like 2-3 years ago, but it made my curls looser and I ended up shaving my head I was gonna do that anyway, that fact that my hair was a little damaged just secured my decision. I didn't get to enjoy my hair to its full extent like I should have, I don't think my roots were even grown out. Maybe I'll try hair wax instead, because I can't get this color out of my mind

No. 1069354

I can't be the only one who notices how they sexualized Penny Proud in the new Proud Family?? I even saw coomers over at /co/ lusting over her (which I hadn't seen before) since she is designed in a lot more "attractive" way now. Disgusting tbh

No. 1069357

never understood people who say “this fanfiction changed my life” but maybe that’s because i pretty much only read fanfiction for smut. if i wanted plot i’d read a real book

No. 1069358

we need haruki murakami to write a BL

No. 1069401

He would probably enjoy it more given how committed he is to describing penises

No. 1069413

I really like this, hell, I might do this.

No. 1069424

lol brown eye havers. continue to cope

No. 1069434


No. 1069440

Brown eyes can be so gorgeous, especially when they're almost black. Sometimes I wish mine were black because it looks so compelling and mysterious to me.

No. 1069443

my eyes are very dark, almost black enough to merge with my pupils kek

No. 1069444

Mine look black and the thing about it is that they reflect light very easily. I've gotten lots of compliments about how shiny and pretty they are. Eye color doesn't matter as much as these insecure clowns like to pretend it does.

No. 1069446

I used to think I was coping because I have brown eyes, but then I realized that 100% of the time I find guys with hazel or brown eyes way hotter. It can be the same guy with blue vs brown or hazel and the darker eyes always win. Hazely green and brown eyes are sexy and cute as hell!

It made me realize that the only reason I felt insecure was because scrotes decided blue eyes are better, and why would I give a shit about what most scrotes think? Everyone knows scrotes have absolute shit taste

No. 1069447

Oh I'm envious, that sounds so pretty. I feel like it causes your irises to appear larger, more "doe-like". My eyes sometimes in photos are creepy, like how husky's eyes are creepy. I used to wear dark contacts. You're both lucky and I hope you feel beautiful

No. 1069452

The thing is, I like girl groups until a guy or bf situations get involved. Though I did used to get bullied by girls because I looked like a lesbian,their words, so maybe that's why I'm kind of insecure with female friend groups? I'm an obnoxious and loud person but with men they're fine with however you are long as you're a woman who's kind of nice to them.

No. 1069457

>but then I realized that 100% of the time I find guys with hazel or brown eyes way hotter
Fuck same, i love honey-like colors, hazel eyes drive me crazy

No. 1069463

No. 1069468

that color is beautiful nona you should go for it

No. 1069477

I think blue eyes are prettier than black eyes but seethe

No. 1069478

The only light eyed people who constantly rely on that look like dogshit.

No. 1069492

Those people never are just happy, they have to sperg out about romanticising brown eyes uwu. Something I would never do about my light eyes lmfao

No. 1069500

File: 1645801275429.jpg (62.96 KB, 750x338, Tumblr_l_413769531020196.jpg)

thinking about that anon who said she hoped men would get memed by porn into raping each other so they'd finally start taking rape seriously. it's an awful concept to think about but it's also true

No. 1069504

It’s so hard to get through the day when you know there’s a juicy fic you couldn’t finish last night waiting for you that evening.

No. 1069507

Hey nonnie! So i dont have the same hair type, however i just wanna throw put some other options.
(Dont use overtone) but you can apply the same idea by mixing a semi/demi color mixed with conditioner (or hair mask) and let it sit in your hair while you shower. This wont be as bright as if you lift color at a salon, but it could revive the color a bit without bleaching. Ive done it several times with Artic Fox colors.

Olaplex works! I suggest using it (or a more budget approved version) once a week to strengthen the bonds, so they can handle color better.
Hair wax is always an option too! That color is so beautiful. Best of luck!

No. 1069515

mine do the same thing but people just assume i'm crying all the time kek, never been complimented on it

No. 1069519

File: 1645802282867.jpeg (755.11 KB, 828x1552, AFCD6CF1-F216-4C38-85DA-4C58BE…)

Samefagging, but heres a ss of the company i mentioned. You would mix no more than a quarter size amount into a handful of conditioner or hair mask. 10-15 does the tricl for me! Id wear long dish gloves to advoid staining on your hands, and the color lofts easily from the tub/shower!
You can mix hues too, but I would do some more reading into color theory before experimenting on your hair ♥

No. 1069520

Every month or so someone comes to tell us about how somebody somewhere said they don’t like blue eyes and must be coping. Then people respond like above and they post that same romanticism thing. Most people have and like brown eyes. The ones insecure over them are a literal minority and your obsession with them is what sounds like cope. All eye colours are a-ok

No. 1069522

Agreed. Someone that obessed would photoshop thier eye colors or wear contacts anyway.
When i was little my mom (not a good person) said my eyes were brown because i was so full of shit. I was 5, and the rest of our family had blue eyes. That really fucked with me for a few years.

No. 1069524

That makes me wonder, since the usual justice system doesn't work in war situations, there'd also be no consequences if someone would decide to axe these moids down if they try it, right?

No. 1069569

Just got an ad on insta that was like "I have bpd and I'm traveling around europe looking to talk to others with bpd soon"

You uh.. trying to tell me something insta? Why am I getting bpd ads.. nooo lol

No. 1069571

Is this that one canon-ugly guy from Platina End?

No. 1069579

I am not obsessing, I'm laughing at tards

No. 1069588

It's DIO from jjba. god why did they draw his nipples so greasy looking. and why are his nipples coming out of a slit? GROSS.

No. 1069670

File: 1645808887582.jpg (Spoiler Image,167.25 KB, 828x1792, 20220225_140150.jpg)

Imagine if men had look at sexualized stuff like this every day in media and on the web

No. 1069682

Nona what is this, it looks pretty naice.

No. 1069683

It's a BL game called nu:carnival
I don't usually like shipping, but original romance works are fine for my taste, probably because it feels less fake lol

No. 1069699

I wish there was hetero female pov games like that.

No. 1069706

No. 1069750

I finally slept and the high must be completely done by now and I think everything is just in my head but I still feel tense and my head feels funky.

No. 1069775

File: 1645811459021.jpg (21.73 KB, 355x864, images.jpeg-184.jpg)

This is kinda ridiculous and tinfoily of me and i dont wanna clog the celebricows and elogrimes thread with it but so many things about Elon's new gf scream Paid Escort or PR relationship to me.

>Literally a nobody who only acted on D-List trashy australian movies, 41k followers on IG, etc

>Relationship over-publicized, multiple articles on media, way more than any of Elon's other higher profile girlfriends and hookups like Amber or Grimes
>Despite being a D list actress Natasha seems to travel a whole lot, someone with her credits does not that make that much money so unless her family is rich she has another source of income.

No. 1069779

so fucking relatable.

No. 1069799

Most elite men are just choosing their favorite and marrying them at this point

No. 1069809

All women willingly getting with Elon are paid onaholes and broodmares tbqh. No one likes him for his personality and his only talents are being rich and being arrogant over his stolen ideas.

No. 1069810

File: 1645812650511.jpg (331.2 KB, 976x549, _107894745_alien976.jpg)

Few nights ago I woke up with a lil cut on the back of my hand. The following night I woke up with a bruise on the back of the same hand. The bruise faded quickly enough and then thismorning I woke up with the bruise back again as if it's fresh.

No. 1069850

I want to rewatch Kingsman just for Gazelle, my lovely wife.

No. 1069851

She's pretty with a nice face and a body. This type would look better with a timothee or k pop kinda man not an old scrote tho

No. 1069857

he's ugly why would the money even be worth it
you could get with a less ugly hollywood scrote and get knocked up by him for a lesser payday and it'd still set you for life but these bitches choose an uggo tech geek

No. 1069869


No. 1069890

I genuinely believe my parents are both the smartest out of their respective sides of the family, if not the only smart ones. I don't know how they ended up this way.

No. 1069899

File: 1645815129018.jpeg (212.65 KB, 2048x1536, 00DD69C5-115C-4B35-AB77-733D0A…)

She's waiting, anon.

No. 1069901

No. 1069913

You might not be serious but I am 100% serious.
The other day from my room I saw a small fire out there in the pasture. I put my lights out so I could see better because I thought some people were burning something but the small fire got bigger then it turned into a perfectly round ball and then got smaller until it disappeared completely. Everything happened so fast and I'm sure they saw me.
Their lights were so strong it illuminated the entire pasture reaching the road.
Nobody believes me but no one can explain how a fire goes off like that, or what kind of torch would be strong enough and spread out like that in a way the source would be hard to indentify (I thought it was car lights at first because of the road being illuminated, then I got up and looked out the window and saw it). Either way, no torch goes off like that or look like a huge fire. I'm 100% sure it was alien activity. Must be the little men that turn invisible. Sometimes I feel like they're inside my house, these damn fuckers.

No. 1069945

hugs Miku and spins with her, all I want for Christmas is you is playing on the background, we’re having lots of fun

No. 1070101

File: 1645821806967.png (12.01 KB, 111x122, we have died and gone to hell.…)

I found a twitter acc yesterday that's just a girl making autobio comics about her sexual relationship with her dad. It is astounding how long we have lasted as a species.

No. 1070110

It’s fake, if you google “Laika (lastname)” and the supposed comic her dad supposedly make (devil’s gambit) you get no results on google. She’s just making this weird ass LARP

No. 1070113

This is reassuring. Cow behavior, but at least no irl dad porking is going on.

No. 1070129

wait what's her handle now I want to see what she's saying larp or not

No. 1070137

Nta, but I found it.
I don't think it's her real name.

No. 1070140

File: 1645822710034.jpg (35.25 KB, 391x478, DzueQ9WVsAADw_o.jpg)

the forbidden man looks like colin hay with a wig at the beginning of down under

No. 1070155

she's fucking unhinged and the subject matter is gross but is someone going to deride me for saying I like her art style

No. 1070158

/m/ please be fixed soon

No. 1070162

I'm losing it at the posts diagnosing her (LARP?) dad with autism.

No. 1070167

As a youth, I saw an episode of law and order where a kid was born male but had a botched circumcision and the parents decided to raise him female. After seeing that episode, I became convinced something similar happened to me. I know its not the case but its so hard for me to accept that it's just my own self loathing that makes me feel like I'm not a real woman and part of me wishes I could blame these feelings on something outside of my control.

No. 1070172

File: 1645823581139.png (36.56 KB, 833x407, laika.PNG)

Samefag, she confirms that it's not her real name, and admits that most of the shit is made up. Most, if not all, of what she's saying is LARP.

No. 1070187

Her drawings are so shit and unfunny, hope she gets doxxed and dogpiled tbh that one comic is probably her trying to make her bpd self diagnosis quirky

No. 1070243

There should be a dedicated hate thread to that sono SHITsque doll anime

No. 1070247

They would absolutely lose their fucking minds. I really hope this game is the start of more lewd female-orientated games.

No. 1070250

I want her boobs

No. 1070306

File: 1645826995302.jpg (36.19 KB, 564x703, 39ca1260a0baa1b154ca34b582a678…)

I might be lightly retarded but I came across picrel few months ago on some dank meme page, now I keep remembering it every time I feel down and every time it brings me to tears. I want this frog and it's luminescent soul so much.

No. 1070319

I was browsing for merch of my husbando today on Etsy because I want to make an itabag and I saw these keychains that look exactly like fanart drawn by this Japanese pixiv artist I follow. I even looked it up and found the exact pictures on pixiv that the keychains were made from. I'm pretty sure the Etsy seller isn't the artist because the store is based in the U.S. In fact, the seller's page has a bunch of a keychains in a bunch of different artstyles which leads me to believe this person just takes fanart and turns them into keychains to sell lol. They have over 1,000 sales on their page and I'm kind of shocked because I always thought it was looked down on to profit off of something that isn't your own art? How common is this on Etsy? I want to buy shit of my husbando, but I want to support actual artists and not someone who just rips off other people's art to make a profit.

No. 1070327

This is ridiculously common. You should contact the artist with the link if you want, they'll be forced to take it down.

No. 1070329

File: 1645828046496.gif (9.05 MB, 520x293, glubtstic.gif)


No. 1070331

No. 1070334

File: 1645828219179.jpg (Spoiler Image,343.82 KB, 1046x1910, 1608528750521-1.jpg)

I found this shit in an imageboard full of degenerate males (how shocking), I want to edit the dialogue but I'm too unfunny to come up with something good

No. 1070335


No. 1070338

File: 1645828303819.png (41.56 KB, 800x650, Screenshot_20220225-233018.png)

No. 1070351

File: 1645829050684.jpg (197.75 KB, 1024x1024, d004-f8db-Creme-Of-Nature-Mois…)

Thank you anon, you're very sweet! The brand of box dye that (picrel iirc) I used actually claims (or at least other people claim) to be "no bleach" but I think by no bleach they just mean that it's a one step lighting and color process. Also, I just remembered that I dyed my hair twice within the same month, so that probably had a lot to do with the damage lol. Anyway, thank you for your recommendations. I will definitely consider using that method, I should probably stop using cheap box dye and get higher quality dye. I appreciate your help! ♥

No. 1070366

File: 1645829971500.jpeg (479.45 KB, 1209x2208, D07D4AFB-6657-4E64-8E1A-349261…)

No. 1070401

kek thanks a lot

No. 1070446

what the actual fuck nakajima kek

No. 1070466

File: 1645834301792.gif (2.02 MB, 275x155, 1645417399048.gif)

The nice thing about wearing masks in public is that no one knows when I'm silently laughing to myself like a maniac.

No. 1070474

I love this meme idc anymore

No. 1070478

fucking wearing masks makes my life worse I chew my lip and mouth breathe in public now fuuuuuck

No. 1070486

I already memorized his moves, i literally practice them every morning i don't know what is causing this but i can't stop doing it

No. 1070490

Anon you dont UNDERSTAND how much masks have aided my maladaptive daydreaming in public KEK

No. 1070492

Do you also make the window squeaky noises in your head when you do the cheek rubbing part? That's how I drive myself ever so closer to the abyss.

No. 1070495

Someone post that pink haired slutman with great thighs

No. 1070510

>pAnT PAnt, bItES LiP, wINk, RuB a dUb, sQuEaKy SquEaKaR, pOKe PoKE, pOuT, SChmUcK wInK.

No. 1070628

I talk shit right to people’s faces now because no one can hear me muttering underneath my mask. Feels good.

No. 1070631

Ufortunately I think they would just end up becoming gay for bishonen since they'll always look for any excuses to coom.

No. 1070671

File: 1645848358764.gif (723.85 KB, 234x176, judge-judy-time-is-money.gif)

FINALLY It's about damn time my fucking period showed up. anyone else have irregular af periods too?

No. 1070672

I want to scam TRAs out of their money by pretending to be a troon but I don't even know where to start with that.

No. 1070674

Me too, nonnie. I'm afraid of being found out/doxxed/not keeping the money lol. But imagine the sweet, sweet TRA bux…

No. 1070675

There has to be an easy way. The hardest part seems like acquiring photos and knowing where to advertise the grift, and whether or not that requires a previous following of people so you don't just appear out of nowhere asking for money.

No. 1070679

File: 1645849331023.jpg (24.4 KB, 551x512, panda.JPG)

When I was really into the RF movement I decided to make a redbubble account and sell queer themed shit and then donate all the profits to women's only charities, but I never went through with it because my soul cringed out of my body when I had to sit down and design queer slogans and such.
I was gonna call it "Queer Panda" because everyone in the queer movement do it for attention, therefore pandering.

No. 1070681

Sounds like a good idea though, it could even be fun thinking of stupid queer slogans. Actually you probably don't need to think of any just write "LOVE IS LOVE" and "TRANS LIVES MATTER" and shit

No. 1070683

That's actually really funny, I wish you did but then again can't blame you for not tolerating the cringe

My personal favourite troon trolling is just when people post biological females and pretend they're trannies who went on blockers super young. You know it makes the hons seethe.

No. 1070690

Queer Proppa Panda

No. 1070697

I lost my almost 900 day calorie counting streak. Fuck

No. 1070699

Troons would eat that up, that's the funniest part. They would think it's "ironic".

No. 1070703

Queer Proper Panda, the panda could have a monocle and rainbow+troon top hat kek.

No. 1070723

File: 1645853992350.jpg (16.33 KB, 351x351, Esg8HXWVoAAwWeu.jpg)

Lost my Skullcandy earbuds. Can't even use apps to locate them because I never activated tile. It's been 3 days. I'm starving but I'm too warm in bed. I need to pee but it's too cold outside the bedsheets. Send the national guard

No. 1070726

File: 1645854491259.jpeg (104.94 KB, 635x960, A08B29FB-43E8-4DF5-AFA7-ECF4CA…)

No. 1070730

File: 1645854943407.jpeg (280.73 KB, 1277x1920, 2BD1D9E0-5731-438D-9E22-3EDEF6…)

No. 1070734

I fucking hate snoring and my bf is snoring loud as fuck should I kill him

No. 1070738

File: 1645855239280.jpg (65.13 KB, 800x698, Gavrilo_Princip,_cell,_headsho…)

I don't think he did anything wrong

No. 1070741

repost because i forgot to sage but i got ghosted by someone in the friend finder thread and i feel bad because she seemed really cool, we had a nice conversation going for a couple days and even voice verified so i have no idea what happened there kek? did this happen to anybody else?

No. 1070747

I snorted

No. 1070750

newborn babies bodies kind of remind me of frogs

No. 1070753

When people ghost it's a "them" problem. For all we know she just might feel depressed or something and lost the ability to keep up an engaging conversation

No. 1070765

Chubby guys are so cute and I wish I was cuddling one rn

No. 1070779

I hope I don't get banned for posting him(?) but somehow the gif froze and he looks afraid

No. 1070782

File: 1645860451710.jpg (Spoiler Image,178.38 KB, 1080x1080, FKKAcsZaIAAf7vT.jpg)

to the anon who posted about nu:carnival here yesterday…thank you.shit like this is up my alley but i can't bother looking for such stuff myself.i dont have much experience with gacha shit and i wonder if i will HAVE to spend money eventually and i dont want to

No. 1070783

looks like bliss to me

No. 1070784

to me he looks confused

No. 1070790

He is being held at gunpoint anons

No. 1070791

To me it looks like manic ecstasy.

No. 1070792

he looks like a pasty elf-like goblin creature here. from which realm doest yond creature cometh out of?

No. 1070794

The face of despair, he is being forced, we have to save his penas

No. 1070859

>hope she gets doxxed
I replied to this earlier but deleted it because I got embarrassed at how autistic I sound over this, but none of this is real so no one will be getting doxxed. Tbh, even though I said this was a LARP, I was still curious about how real some of this was because when I went searching for tweets about "DG", I saw her mutuals saying that they read it. Anyway, there was no tumblr fandom revolving around a demon comic that had drama with the writer fucking his daughter, and if there was a lot more people would know. I looked on her AO3 and a some people speculated that this is an ARG, which I think is the most likely answer. Whoever runs the account is probably some weirdo who has an incest fetish, and their twitter followers go along with the LARP/ARG/roleplay. The autobiographical fiction thing is just to make people speculate more and cover any of the more obvious lies

No. 1070869

File: 1645867403918.png (90.65 KB, 500x256, 3ff0e21d-e561-4494-aa76-3120c9…)

… incest args… huh?

No. 1070886

File: 1645868179453.jpeg (29.89 KB, 466x346, C2085D9A-F87A-4960-8B8E-B5F967…)

Just watched a bunch of tedtalks back to back about possible things that could destroy and wipe out humanity because I love making myself paranoid and anxious

No. 1071016

myths made by bored spacemen

No. 1071029

File: 1645875648671.jpg (92.25 KB, 828x617, e708d4d65c7ae4a0d5df2d4e49145c…)

I feel so bad for intelligent aliens who will discover (or already discovered) humanity. Humans are so fucking ugly. Our baby and elder form just look plain ugly while our adult form is uncanny. We look like tall chimps with mange disease. Weird hairless meat bags with creepy long limbs. We're not fast or strong but we're the best endurance runners of the entire world. Meaning we are born for stalking, legit made for following another being for days or weeks until it gets exhausted. We're creepy fuckers

No. 1071042

Okay you say that now but just wait for the nuclear alien AI asteroid water wars dust bowl climate change mega tornado tsunami acidic rain sun rays power grid black out to happen and we’ll see who’s laughing then.

No. 1071045

no one will be able to laugh???

No. 1071047

Aliens shitposting on lolcow from their tictac spaceships

No. 1071064

Okay, but how do you know they don't find that cute? They could be calling us "weird longy monki bois" and making edits of us to giggle at with other aliens. Maybe they just come to earth to film us to make "Cutest Human Moments"/"Human FAILS"/etc compilations.
Wait, what if they fuck with us to fund human torture fetishists? Like those YouTube channels that are just monkey torture/abuse for freaks? What if all those stories about humans being abducted and probed by aliens were cases of abuse that got recorded, and it was really poor/uncaring aliens doing it for their equivalent of $30 per video so they didn't care to wipe the victim's memories after they were done (or maybe their audience got a sick satisfaction out of traumatizing the humans and knowing their own kind would be too stupid to believe them)? I think that's worse than them being creeped out by us

No. 1071069

>Cutest Human Moments"/"Human FAILS"/etc compilations

No. 1071070

Samefag, but imagine a man feels a strange tightness in his head, suddenly has violent thoughts and goes on a killing spree against other humans after some time. Aliens get a thrill out of it. Same way humans deliberately cause fights between monkeys or put them in terrible conditions so they can film them in pain, or just abusing each other out of stress. This gets worse and worse the more I think about it, so I'll stop. Why is existence full of so much suffering

No. 1071078

I’m probably in so many of those human fail compilations thanks I have a new reason to be embarrassed all the time

No. 1071082

The aliens play the Sims but with humans. The Tic Tac incident was because the pilot of it got wasted and forgot the invisibility shield, poor alien bro probably got fired after that

No. 1071098

File: 1645879161051.jpeg (105.82 KB, 847x1024, 5D5D75D0-4620-4E2B-A56E-F1D54B…)

Older women always compliment me by saying how younger I look, when they hear my actual age, saying that I will appreciate that later. I don’t want to celebrate something viewed as a compliment just because we live in a pedophilic and ageist society terrified of being old. I never know how to react because I know they mean it as a compliment, but I feel uneasy about it. I just end up being surprised and thanking them despite that being against my beliefs. Am I the stupid one?

No. 1071099

This reminds me of those humanity fuck yeah stories that were popular like a decade ago

No. 1071108

Ah, I used to love those!

No. 1071111

I hope they think we're cute. Sometimes I think about aliens finding the Voyager Golden Record aboard one of the voyager probes and it makes me cringe so hard it keeps me awake at night. I imagine them laughing at us and memeing about it

No. 1071116

I dreamt lolcow was down again. When I tried to come on here, it said "lolcow will be fixed when the economy is".

No. 1071120

No you're not stupid. I've been told the same things countless times but I'm not even sure the people saying this always mean it because they think I'm offended when I tell them I'm older than they think. I'd rather look my age my entire life than have issues from look too young as a late 20s adult, either in professional settings not anymore though because I finally have a job where I'm finally respected by my managers and coworkers or in my private social life where normal people my age avoid me preemptively. No need to tell all of this to people trying and failing to compliment you though, obviously, I also just say thanks and that's it.

No. 1071130

if lolcow does eventually go down, I hope that this is the message admin leaves us with

No. 1071135

I want admin to leave us with dog man gif

No. 1071146

If that were to happen that'd look kinda cool actually.

No. 1071190

Do you think the kpop gif would've been reposted this much if he didn't do that dog larp in the beginning?

No. 1071195

No. 1071246

The way that some wounds turn yellow before they heal is so weird. I know why it happens, but it makes me uncomfortable.

No. 1071250

No because that is the most retarded part and what makes it so hilarious

No. 1071253

It is weird, but the internet is crazy.

No. 1071261

some of your husbandos are fake and gay FAS babies

No. 1071401

imagine if we had a /v/ or /co/ board. I would love that

No. 1071423

Please give me examples I want to laugh.

No. 1071428

File: 1645890220572.png (1.03 MB, 1046x780, 273882014_475087177418229_2789…)

They're roommates

No. 1071446

why is a chimp in hell? is this one of those that made jane goodall cry?

No. 1071456

Sometimes I feel like me studying English because I wanted to watch movies and play video games without waiting for translations and studying Japanese to read manga and play video games without waiting for translations and horrible localizations was dumb. Then I just remembered that one of my former English professors in uni wrote his phd thesis about American and British scifi movies and novels and it's like 800 pages long all because he's a huge nerd and didn't want to wait for shitty translations of the novels he wanted to read.

No. 1071466

It's Travis the chimp

No. 1071545

it’s not dumb, it’s actually a really good way to keep yourself motivated and probably helps with learning a bit if you’re constantly consuming content in said language. learning multiple languages is so hard and it sounds like you’re doing great anon!

No. 1071567

I'm doing ok with English since I've been able to use it abroad without any issue and I use it daily for work, but my Japanese is shit and I don't know how to motivate myself to study it more now that I graduated and that most of my Japanese classes in uni were canceled or changed last minute. I'm thinking of using the JLPT as a pretext to study it during my free time though.

No. 1071591

found my totem animal

No. 1071604

That's not stupid, I having a reason to study a language gives you more motivation to actually learn and utilize it. I actually want to study japanese again just to play this game, which I know will never be translated into english

No. 1071646

File: 1645900858632.jpeg (3.55 MB, 4032x3024, 925DFBF6-2904-4F5C-8EC1-DFDBCD…)

Should i tell him i see him?

No. 1071655

Don’t you dare.

No. 1071664

I walked around going “where is (cat)? Where did he go?! I miss my sweet (cat)…” and then he zoomed across my path and bolted upstairs. He is the fastest sneakiest cat that has ever done cat

No. 1071690

Are celebricow posters always this schizophrenic?

No. 1071704

I love celebricow thread. Top-notch quality.

No. 1071706

The barista didn't charge me for my extra pump of syrup. Is this pretty privilege? Am I a stacy now?

No. 1071713

File: 1645903616477.gif (2.01 MB, 320x275, thisisus.gif)

Whenever someone asks me what lolcow book thread rec I'm reading and I don't feel up to explaining what it's about, I usually say it's a recommendation of a friend. You're my friends.

No. 1071715

Lucky you. I didn't get my 50c change back and only noticed on the way out.

No. 1071719

No. 1071738

Idk why but I kept thinking this was Chopin's Tristesse or one of tje Gymnopedies

No. 1071751

File: 1645905369083.png (148.36 KB, 600x600, download20220206125701.png)

Can someone make a fanfic of me and elsie-san?

No. 1071752

How do you want it to be, nonnie? Fantasy or realistic? I can greetext you a fanfic.

No. 1071754

File: 1645905468457.jpeg (315.28 KB, 540x559, 169F01AE-8CDA-4F53-B3C6-56B011…)

>what if they fuck with us
Sign me up

No. 1071755

any way you want it anon! it can be funny or romantic or an absolute shitpost.

No. 1071768

I like leena norm's videos, and she often has decent advice/thoughts on things, but I kinda find her constant socialism somehwhat annoying (vid rel isn't an example of this) I hope other anons know what I'm talking about or else I'll just seem like I'm calling out a literalwho

No. 1071771

I went through a Marina phase as an adolescent on tumblr, and I'm going through a Marina phase right now in my early 20's. Idgaf, I learned nothing from the first phase. I want to have fun and "fake it til I make it" again. It was such a good time.

No. 1071777

>Welcome to “Elsie, please love me”
>Be you
>Be addicted to Lolcow.farm
>Fall in love with the mascot
>Always draw fanart of her with yourself and fantasize about hugging her
One day
>wake up to the sound of the pans in your kitchen getting shoved from a side to another
>the scent of bacon, pancakes and eggs invades your nostrils
>go to the kitchen with a bat because you live alone
>See a pair of horns moving to the sound of a radfem song while picking up a few plates
>”What the fuck?!” You say
>Elsie looks at you, already tired of your presence
>”hey, if you won’t help with the breakfast, you won’t eat a thing, idiot”
>you approach her, still looking at her horns and trip with your pajama’s pants
>Elsie catches you
>”Are you high or something? Wake up!”
>you mumble an apology and look for the coffee maker to make two cups of coffee
>you’re still flustered because you don’t understand what’s going on
>Elsie shoves a piece of bacon in your mouth
>she’s blushing as she mumbles “Just don’t get mad at me”
>you nod and give her the best mug in your house
>She sets the table with your help and both of you sit down
>”so” she says while munching her pancakes
>”I know this is weird, but from now on I will be living with you”
>You just stare at her
>she has eyebags, her eyebrows never trimmed before, freckles intact and blue eyes staring at you back with annoyance, she snarls showing her sharp teeth
>”would you stop staring? It’s weird”
>you apologize and stare at your smiley pancakes
>she mumbles “Just don’t expect to have your breakfast served like this, I want you to also cook for me, got it??”
>you nod and smile a bit
>she growls and looks away while blushing “you’re so weird, I don’t get why admin sent me here to keep you company”
>she explains to you that when you participated in a thread that said
>-If your post has quints you will get a cool surprise-
>You got the opportunity to hang out with her for a few months
>she says that she’s not that good at acting like a retarded housewife but that she would do her best to make you happy
>You are indeed happy
>She says that you shouldn’t expect her to act like those braindead coomer anime girls either
>that she just wants to get over with this
>then you feel a bit sad because you feel like you’re burdening her
>to be continued

No. 1071779

How come nearly every person in the friend finder thread says they like to draw or paint but in my entire life I've only known two people that have touched a canvas in their life, and maybe 3 more that like to draw. Why don't you live close to me? We could draw together and ask each other for ideas. We could draw with chalk on the sidewalk together… And tell each other this sucks you need to fix it

No. 1071781

I watched this video several times and still cannot decide if this monkey is cute or creepy as fuck

No. 1071782

That's weird. I don't have a single friend who doesn't like to paint or draw, and two of them even went to a high school that specifically had its entire curriculum focused on art in one way or another.

No. 1071784

File: 1645907028473.jpeg (53.63 KB, 567x319, 1531674736517.jpeg)


No. 1071787

Seriously? That's so lucky

No. 1071790

Aliens can get fucked, I know these bastards are around my area and might even be invading my home
They're fucking radioactive and abduct us to experiment on us, fucking bastards
Then we get that ashtar motherfucker going all hippie new jesus on us, like, bitch, get a grip, put some chains on your people, don't come fucking around peace and love, like my ass. Wheres the intergalactic security or whatever, you shouldn't let these bastards get in Earth's space territory, like, they're invading it??? That's illegal. Don't even get me started on the greys, I'm gonna lose my mind if the men in black keep these fuckers walking around unchecked I swear, they keep doing it. At this point there is some weird ass plot against Earth, I bet it had to do with america, nothing can convince me otherwise, like, they came here in my country and got our aliens and never explained anything. We traded them for spy towers. The men in black are aliens. I know it. I feel it in my bones.
Fucking nasty.

No. 1071794

File: 1645907425066.gif (11.49 MB, 360x640, alien-selfie.gif)

No. 1071795

he’s both, in my opinion. i would never do it, but i want to cradle him in my arms like a baby

No. 1071797

Honestly…I'd smoke a bowl with an alien. This one looks chill.

No. 1071800

Paparazzis really need to follow Benedict Cumberbatch like that, he deserves as much privacy as normal people do, no need to film him like that whenever he's minding his business in public.

No. 1071802

>come outside bitch

No. 1071827

File: 1645908576512.gif (1.56 MB, 525x399, giphy.gif)

>mfw going on lolcow and this is the first thing I see

No. 1071828

Nonnie, i need you to help me continue this fanfic, are you employed or a neet? If you have a job, do you like it? Do you get milk for the threads with cows? Or do you post other kind of content that helps? you don’t have to say what, just say yes or no have you ever done real farm work?

No. 1071839

I give all the info you need:
>be me
>salary woman full time
>Does cardio at home and lifts light weights
>lives in a 1 bedroom, 1 kitchen apartment
>grocery store and plaza with coffee shops and restaurants are 2 streets away
>loves ot/g/m
>constantly shitposts from work
>shaynafag but doesn't do real farm work
>has made the organisation thread, valentine's day thread and indie women musicians and artists thread
If you need anymore info tell me!

No. 1071843

samefag, I'm very neutral towards my job as is not very challenging or time consuming but I have to meal prep a lot cause I don't like wasting money on takeout

No. 1071856

File: 1645909982171.jpeg (54.05 KB, 720x427, DD03797D-D9F8-40CD-BF81-DFBCBA…)


No. 1071857


No. 1071901

Thanks nonnie! This will be cringe!
>welcome back to “Elsie, please love me”
>Be you
>Check the time
>”Oh fuck, I have to go to work!”
>Elsie looks at you with annoyance
>”It’s fucking Saturday”
>you obviously relax
>”so what will you do now?” She finishes her coffee
>you ponder for a while “I should get ready to workout for a while”
>Elsie looks interested but then looks away
>”cool I guess, before you do that, do the dishes with me”
>she stands up and picks the dirty dishes
>You follow suit and do the dishes with her
>You wash them and she dries them up
>She starts humming a song because she’s focused
>You smile a little trying to not break her concentration
>she has a nice voice, more deep than high pitched
>You feel butterflies in your stomach
>She looks at you when the dishes are all cleaned up and stored
>”weren’t you going to workout?”
>you nod and go back to your room quickly
>you can hear the sound of something getting dragged in your living room
>you first ignore it because you’re halfway done with dressing up
>then you hear a tud and a zipper
>You go out if your room all dressed up for working out and find Elsie setting up her place to sleep
>her suitcase is all sorts of damaged, is a huge bag with patches, she has lots of pants, overalls and button up shirts and jackets
>She takes out her cow slippers and puts them on to sit on your couch
>”so this is mine now, I hope you don’t need this for these few months”
>you smile and say that it’s okay
>she growls and just starts getting changed
>you begin to workout not worrying too much about her being around
>you actually feel comfortable with her
>and she’s also comfortable with you but won’t admit it
>”So… you’re different to what I expected” Elsie mumbles wearing her cow pajamas to lounge around
>you look at her a bit puzzled
>She hugs a pillow that looks like a carton of milk
>”Usually those making these help threads and such are the kind of people that needs help, but you seem to be doing fine”
>You laugh a bit and look away
>”I’m not that great”
>She gets annoyed and just looks away
>”I was afraid of you being a moid, you know?”
>you look at her a bit worriedly
>”A moid? I know they lurk but, I thought they only liked to post gore and such”
>she shook her head
>”I once had to stay with a moid for a few days, I couldn’t handle it, the moment I saw it I beat it up with a can of milk”
>She looks distraught
>”It was disgusting” she mumbles hugging the pillow tightly
>even though you were a bit sweaty already, you hug her
>She growls and tries to shake you off at first but then she relaxes
>”It’s okay. Elsie, there are no moids in this place, you don’t have to worry about them anymore”
>She hugs you back and sighs
>”you’re not as bad as the other shaynafags”
>you laugh a bit and she also laughs
>then you let her go and she seems a bit upset but just goes back to hugging the carton of milk and reading a book on radfem theory
>once you’re done, you go take a shower and she seems to be waiting for you
>she looks out of the window and wonders about something that you two could do together
>then she has an idea
>she goes into lolcow.farm/ElsieFarm
>There she has all of the threads, these are cows
>she checks out the milk production and it’s doing as usual
>not too good and not too bad
>she sighs
>you catch her sighing and ask her if everything is okay
>she shakes her head and shows you the cute farm with statistics about the milk production
>”i need more milk to keep everything up”
>you ask her about the milk and her eyes light up
>”You see, all of the milk that the farmers bring keeps my business thriving”
>she shows you the virtual shop where she sells milk and milk derivates
>”If the milk is good, I can sell it for a good price and then I can donate it for good causes”
>she shows you the chart of profits
>”When the milk sucks or it’s of devious precedence, I can’t sell it”
>she sighed
>”I know it’s weird but that’s how my life has been going on since my first moments of consciousness”
>you nod, not quite sure if that makes sense because gossiping doesn’t seem like a good business to you
>she makes you sit down with her on the couch
>you feel embarrassed even if you just took a shower and changed your clothes
>She hugs you and shows you the threads
>”Once all of the milk is processed, I can milk the cows and then sell it, see?”
>You nod and she smiles with her sharp teeth
>”My goal is to send a million of human money this year” she sighs
>”it always has been my goal”
>you tell her to cheer up, that you know that this year will bring lots of milk
>she cheers up a bit and keeps showing you the cows
>”this is Shayna, she won the cow of the year last year”
>It’s a cow with shayna’s face
>”Sometimes her milk isn’t nice but she really is a steady stream of it”
>she shrugs and then she shows you the stuff that you made
>”this helps me a lot too, when all of you create good threads, it cleans up the bad milk and balances the flavor”
>she looks at you and smiles
>”Thank you for creating such nice threads, anon”
>to be continued

No. 1071907

File: 1645912142734.jpg (72.87 KB, 1495x1500, 71S-iyu1aOL._AC_SL1500_.jpg)

i never heard of those before so i googled them and KEK this specific model looks like the earbuds are popping out of a toaster. cute. hope you find them nona if you didn't die

No. 1071917

File: 1645912488260.png (201.48 KB, 532x480, a.PNG)

This is so hilarious

No. 1071919

File: 1645912540298.jpg (41.08 KB, 507x720, f6598f0a032cfc05d5418bae3b93d7…)

Thank you so much I'm gonna save this fanfic till the day i die <3 <3 <3 <3

No. 1072001

Some anon in another thread was saying that it's ideal to date chads bc they don't have to compete with other men because they are at the top of the hierarchy which men are obsessed with. That chads can focus on other things besides dick-measuring against other ain't-shit men. This is true.
My bf is chad (was a talented football player before a terrible accident took it all away) and since he never had to try hard to get girls, he's not obsessed with porn and sex with other women besides me. He was voluntarily celibate when I met him because he says he was just getting way too far into the partying/hooking up life and it's meaninglessness.
Every time I see an anon ask if there are decent men in the world I want to tell her YES!! but truthfully my partner is an anomaly. No one is going to believe me but this is my experience. I got really lucky. We've been together for over a decade. I just wanted to get this off my chest bc shitty men/anons asking if there are any decent men in the world comes up a lot and I always have to refrain from "My Nigel"-ing. I probably won't check for responses to this post bc I anticipate it to be torn apart by bitter anons kek

No. 1072064

>he was just getting way too far into the partying/hooking up life
>decent men

No. 1072111

What the fuck hapoened to /m/? I step off for 2 weeks and the whole board died, and there was something about /ot/ going down? sage

No. 1072174

>hooking up
That's enough internet for me today

No. 1072194

I didn't want to remember that name

how dare you

No. 1072199

Understandable, iirc it's a spinoff of a series of games that were never released outside of Japan anyway but with the Shin-chan thing added to it so you might as well go for it. It's not like Shin-chan is popular outside of Spain and maybe other European countries.

No. 1072215

cute cute cute

No. 1072222

Like 5 years after highschool I ran into someone who was always kind of a bitch to me and she straight up said to my face "you're almost as fat as me and you didn't even have any kids" which was true and based for her to say to my face even if it was a cope. It still felt nice to see her even fatter with more kids today though

No. 1072232

Who holds on to shit like that past high school? Damn bitch.

No. 1072241

Both /ot/ and /m/ were broken for about 8 days with the other boards being glitchy, then they fixed both of them but all the threads in /m/ disappeared. Admin said that all the threads are archived and should be back up soon but we don't know when. If you want to know more check /meta/

No. 1072266

File: 1645930214265.jpg (203.41 KB, 1080x894, Screenshot_20220226-204926.jpg)

No. 1072276

did you really expect to find anything normal on deviantart nona

No. 1072278

File: 1645931127215.jpg (107.32 KB, 827x926, ssbbw_becky_g__by_magicman22_d…)

I was too naive

No. 1072282

I am going to laugh at this image for the rest of my life

No. 1072287

File: 1645932081384.jpeg (51.37 KB, 749x416, F569A5C5-3D18-4596-B4AA-8DE222…)

me playing the sims 4 decades challenge as a non-white anon watching a white family from the 1890s fight each other for the family cow in their will

No. 1072290

No. 1072291

Dude was proud enough of this to watermark it.

No. 1072294

sims 4 has cows???

No. 1072300

I'm hungry. All I can think about is food. I wish I could eat some bread with butter or sardine and mayo.

No. 1072301

File: 1645934454971.jpg (101.19 KB, 640x684, 5752f71e6e311b7e743ac23d41d282…)

Who remember these??

No. 1072304

File: 1645934634624.jpeg (116.72 KB, 518x659, FA771E7A-D865-429D-A3BC-E1DC24…)

I had this on a folder

No. 1072305

Anon you are based, thank you so much for reminding me of these! Me and my sister used to fight over the Sagittarius sticker because we're both Sagittariuses… good times!

No. 1072309

Oh my god you just unlocked one of my core memories, I miss this era.

No. 1072314

>meet a guy at a party
>same sense of humor
>get along well
>starts joking about a porn star he likes

No. 1072315

wow this reminds me of memories I didn't realize I still had. I used to dislike my Leo one and wish I was an Aries or Aquarius lol

No. 1072316

File: 1645936432418.jpg (351.57 KB, 1280x1280, P0.jpg)

I had this one

No. 1072320

I want to go to a nude beach. I don't even know why, I just do. It seems chill to be naked around randos and have everyone just be cool with it. I hope my one good friend wants to go with me, I could go with one of my moid friends but it would take away all the chill because they're moids after all. I just want to be naked and lay in the sun

No. 1072336

I would only want to go to a nude beach if I was guaranteed to be completely alone. I realize this probably defeats the purpose of a nude beach, but I just want to be nekked in nature without people looking at me. I did climb a volcano alone shirtless once because it was stupid-hot, that was nice.

No. 1072345

My cat is snoring. She's so cute.

No. 1072347

File: 1645940902184.jpg (391.27 KB, 1176x1176, P0 (4).jpg)

me but i only bought the animal themed lisa frank shit. the siamese kitties and leopards were my favorites. look at how cool these cats are

No. 1072351

I wanted baby tiger stuff so bad but Lisa Frank was only for rich bitches

No. 1072352

File: 1645941988125.jpeg (232.75 KB, 746x1123, 08AF5B8D-CD7E-441F-8722-5B53F2…)

I still have one of the og's, it's a clear file. My only other remaining Lisa Frank artifact is a half filled notebook from fifth grade

No. 1072356

File: 1645942559768.jpg (42.02 KB, 364x397, 7a7cb5d16c11c808409ca53a2b5d98…)

This is the one I remember having as a folder, though I remember there was one that felt and you could color it

Aww, sorry anon. I only got it for birthdays. Hope now you can buy the Lisa Frank stuff you couldn't then

No. 1072362

File: 1645943375990.png (583.89 KB, 654x654, 6b46cd42e989c8f3dc4bf0d90544bc…)

i used to have this set

No. 1072363

File: 1645943421383.jpeg (94.51 KB, 639x636, 9E196FC3-8333-4EA3-ACE4-3C6242…)

Thanks! You know maybe I will, that angel kitten is awful cute. I hope they have a notebook of it so I can use it with my pom pom pen

No. 1072365

File: 1645943828280.jpeg (59.57 KB, 640x280, 8CC60887-B70C-4DE4-9008-420E10…)

KEK nvm

No. 1072370

I wish there was a female only nude beach. I can't get over the idea that some strange man could be downloading the mental image of me into his spank bank.

No. 1072382

That anon who marinated in oil in a garbage bag has changed my life for the better. I have not forgotten to oil up after I shower once since the post kek. I have been baby smooth ever since. Thank you marinatingchan!

No. 1072391

File: 1645947009217.jpg (484.03 KB, 1121x1994, 44a1220c6dd586510dcd78938226c7…)

My ideal man is the boyfriend from uzumaki by junji ito. I don't know why but I am very fond of him.

No. 1072397

omg he is?why did u delete him?do u hate him that much?

No. 1072398

I just wanna kinda vent about LSA.

>Ukraine is racist they all hate us!

gets a lot of likes and other positive reactions
>Putin is right about Ukraine being run by racists, that's why he needs to wipe the neo nazi officials
gets groans and negative reactions

Come the fuck on, kek…

No. 1072409

No offense anon, but what is with all the LSA posts this past year? Like posts talking about LSA, and also anons accusing everyone of being from LSA. Is it because the thread got locked?

No. 1072410

im bored and dont have any other place to talk about it idk

No. 1072419

I like him too anon kek. He's cute, wears glasses and he always cared for Kirie and stayed with her until the end. What's not to love?

No. 1072420

File: 1645951642200.gif (333.03 KB, 689x653, 6F3B0281-3EB0-424E-A5B3-3B1454…)

Humans are awful yes but we are also so impressive, we’ve been on earth for so little yet have accomplished so much and always find ways to overcome obstacles. I’m normally pessimistic but thinking about this makes me somewhat proud of humanity.

No. 1072427

Remember when it was PULL this and PULL that, gb2pull
Well something had to take its place

No. 1072429

It really is crazy. Sometimes I daydream about bringing someone from hundreds of years ago into the future and blowing their mind. Like check it out, we can travel the globe within hours in a huge flying machine… and we hate that shit it's boring lmao

No. 1072436

I love that anon, so many things we consider mundane now would absolutely blow the mind off someone from hell not even 100 years ago, im sure if you tried to explain a modern cellphone to someone from the 70s they’d be dumbfounded. It’s nice to remember how amazing all of this stuff we have now is, like this little device lets me communicate my ideas to a bunch of people whenever I want all over the world.

No. 1072468

File: 1645955686320.jpeg (766.52 KB, 3000x3000, 06a6a698-6c06-47f5-8875-76c731…)

I eat these like how I eat pussy. Awkward and kind of messy

No. 1072487

Anorectal violence kun was right

No. 1072498

You mean the tiny anus fetish man?

No. 1072500

his motive was wrong but his message was right

No. 1072580

I don't think any of us disagreed with him, we were just tired of him preaching to the choir, several times a night. I remember some anons being disappointed he was male.

No. 1072581

File: 1645963875988.jpg (39.91 KB, 600x600, 8Tracks-logo.jpg)

I miss 8tracks at it's early 2010s prime, discovered so much great music there and some people really had great ideas with these thematic playlists, I see similar thing being done on youtube but somehow it's just not the same…

No. 1072590

Yessss, and playlist.com!

No. 1072597

My last ex had a whole thing for 'wrecked assholes' that I only found out about after years of living together. Up until then I thought he was the usual level of asshole mad where he crossed his fingers and hoped for anal every once in a while. The shit I found on that man would make that anus posters dick shrivel up. Prolapses

No. 1072631

File: 1645966309222.jpeg (55.54 KB, 504x518, C1F5F704-8E5E-47E9-A855-EEB453…)

I can’t believe that there’s actual wars going on right now, I thought these decades would only be remembered by the covid pandemic. But also, now that I think about it, there’s always wars going on in Africa but It’s basically considered normal at this point. It’s crazy.

No. 1072638

I feel like people don't give a shit about African wars because they don't have nukes + have been at it for decades

No. 1072651

sometimes I have funny stories or jokes I want to share here but I'm paranoid that one day I'll repeat them publicly and someone will recognize them

No. 1072658

Me too, but then I think to myself that threads where I could potentially story time are all fast moving, so on the off-chance they ever heard about it before, it's more likely they're a farmer themselves than lurking on here the exact same moment I posted my story.

No. 1072668

Obsession with that level of sodomy is rooted in deep sadism.

No. 1072685

I love the word boytoy.

No. 1072696

ToOOooyy bOOooooy toooOooy Booooyy

No. 1072704

It's easy
"Oh, you recognized that joke from lolcow dot com (intentional naming "mistake")? Yeah I, just like you, accidentally happened to browse that website once and I saw it there. Isn't it a funny coincidence?"

No. 1072706

I have stupid tinfoils theories about popular and very famous singer songwriters not actually writing their songs, but I don't know why

No. 1072707

If you talk like that to someone they will think you're >>1071794

No. 1072709

File: 1645969351033.png (1.06 MB, 888x1110, tron.png)

>men on the russian reddit actually think this dude passes
Men are so fucking retarded kek

No. 1072714

Anyone can pass as anything with enough photoshop.

No. 1072721

File: 1645969962230.jpg (13.47 KB, 302x302, a61072a3d26298390220ae370502d6…)

kek my grandmother just called anderson cooper a faggot, gotta ask what her opinion on trannies are

No. 1072731

Disgusting. Imagine if a real person actually looked like this, looks like an insect

No. 1072744

That’s destyni and he’s not even trans just a crossdresser whos good at photoshop t. I used to know the guy

No. 1072760

Men who think any man who's slightly soft looking "looks like a woman" would probably smash Michael Jackson or Timothlee Chamalaladingdong if they wore fake boobs

No. 1072769

You know, the whole "I lost my contact!" thing I've seen in shows and one time in real life, where they scramble to find it, I don't get it as a contact wearer. I would never ever put a contact back in my eye that touched the ground, even with cleaning solution, what the fuck? One time on the playground in elementary school some kid dropped his contact and we were looking for it in the pea gravel but honestly it's good we didn't find it. My contacts are finnicky as fuck I have to treat them so delicately they can even get creased and become trash if I'm not careful cleaning. Contacts from the past must have been so uncomfortable

No. 1072773

based granny

No. 1072777

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet looks like absolute garbage, I've seen better designs on deviantart. I'm officially done with this series.

No. 1072779

his belly button looks like the anus side of a balloon

No. 1072783

yeah nonnita it’s from the cottage living pack. honestly would recommend pirating ts4 anyways if you can I sadly was stupid enough to buy some of the packs and my internet provider now notices pirating too kek

No. 1072792

And then the witch doctor he told me what to do!
He told me oo ee ooh ah ah, timothey chala mala ding dong!

No. 1072808

File: 1645972743865.jpeg (69.76 KB, 828x438, E399DAA7-4015-4C03-A536-C020F6…)

I woke up today with similar thoughts

No. 1072809

The green one looks like it's gonna evolve to some furfag bait kek

No. 1072817

I think they are cute but like generic mascots for something. At least I think pokemon are supposed to be cooler, these look like generic creatures I wouldn't even be able to tell their type if you didn't say they are starter pokemon

No. 1072820

File: 1645973203648.gif (1.63 MB, 500x281, e29.gif)


No. 1072823

Yes it's like they forgot that pokemon means "pocket monster" and not "pocket cutesy generic mascot to sell merchandises"

No. 1072832

samefag if you wanna risk getting some more of the packs without paying would recommend using ts4 dlc unlocker

No. 1072884

File: 1645974772495.jpg (101.54 KB, 750x1000, 1622641467640.jpg)

I love my friends:3

No. 1072885

I love my husband and daughter

No. 1073293

Someone cure my terminal yellow fever

No. 1073368

I'm freezing cold and I can't stop watching sfm videos

No. 1073477

File: 1645988216714.png (54.99 KB, 592x592, dunce-hat-png-picture-681619-d…)

puts this on you

No. 1073484

I love my cats

No. 1073599

I was watching a clip of 2 celebs from decades ago having some sexual chemistry together. One was a singer, the other a TV presenter and they weren't together at the time but eventually got together. It was being shared as a really obvious example of them fancying the pants off each other and being unable to hide it. Cute moment.

Comment section had people sharing their own experiences with having an instant spark with someone. Then one single comment was like
>She is obviously borderline and he is narcissistic. Borderlines and narcs are drawn to each other. She is using her borderline tactics on him here…

No. 1073655

I don't even know where to post that shit, but wtf is wrong with Mexican newspaper? My sister came back from her vacations there, she bought souvenirs for everyone and gave me a small leather wallet. There were some pages inside of it to give it its shape before I actually start using it and the guy who sold it put pages of a decapitated head that were in the local newspaper. I'm not gonna sleep tonight.

No. 1073723

don't know where to put this since the eurofag thread is locked but
>mock mothers when they experience complications and brag about not having children instead of caring for those women's health issues. >telling about how common vaginal tears, saggy breasts and shallow stuff which makes women unfuckable after giving birth is just scrote think.
I don't think anyone ITT was doing that (tho I didn't read the whole thread tbh). I didn't mean for my post to come off that way. Just that everything I heard about pregnancy sounds scary, not necessarily the stuff related to looks but death, certain organs collapsing, teeth falling, and other serious issues, and even just the idea of pushing a human out, that why I considered it bad I guess.

No. 1073746

File: 1645992798914.jpeg (120.2 KB, 762x960, 7100B195-EBC4-41F6-98D3-208FB9…)

thank you nonna now everyone can see I’m an autist with one glance

No. 1073799

File: 1645994006241.jpg (37.03 KB, 452x678, soon.jpg)

Just 3 more days and I'll be able to eat normally again

No. 1073800

What happened anon?

No. 1073814

No money. No food. Money gets deposited during the first day of every month but there is carnival so nothing untiĺ the 2nd of march. I ate beans the entire week. I'm tired of beans. There will be beans again today.

No. 1073850

I'm really sorry anon, I hope you enjoy some good food soon.

No. 1073851

put it in me nonny… fuck me with the dunce cap

No. 1073858

File: 1645995384334.jpg (46.36 KB, 800x536, angry-teacher-pointing-out-gla…)

In the corner, NOW.

No. 1073903

File: 1645996650519.jpeg (90.45 KB, 800x804, 7B2A0B28-930C-4FB3-B10F-879545…)

No. 1073996

anons im going to go watch encanto now, i hope the movie is good.

No. 1074017

i wanna beat the shit out of an american man with brass knuckles and kick his teeth in until he goes into a coma

No. 1074022

I thought the movie was cute and fun, but don't expect anything revolutionary

No. 1074076

I watched it last night, I liked the visuals and a couple of the songs (vid related is my fav) but I found it hard to get invested in the plot or characters. Becoming normal people with a normal house hardly feels like some serious high stakes consequence.

No. 1074089

it's the ugliest disney/pixar movie of all time why bother

No. 1074107

We're officially in the cyberpunk era.

No. 1074165

I fucked up trimming my hair so I buzzed it all off. Oh well kek

No. 1074168

I’ve always wanted to try that! Enjoy nonna, also you should measure your hair in one spot each week and graph the growth on Excel.

No. 1074184

File: 1646007127122.jpeg (164.04 KB, 1000x1401, 2CE61B20-A6DF-4808-A662-F040B7…)

I haven’t seen Encanto yet but I will point out that high stakes aren’t necessary for a good movie.

No. 1074187

Obviously, but it's not good when you struggle to give a shit about the characters as a result.

No. 1074206

You know it's one of those nights when you start crying while watching Sesame Street or Mr Rogers

No. 1074235

I'm 18, I'm abroad in another western country and downloaded tinder. I have a date for later with a 20 year old guy and looked at his Instagram and he was engaged a few years ago at my age… I know anything can happen so I'm not judging, I'm just shocked. I can't imagine being engaged at this age.

No. 1074240

File: 1646008870775.jpg (149.07 KB, 1280x895, Tumblr_l_13121041348597.jpg)

I fucking hate when my pastas are broken

No. 1074244

File: 1646009090776.jpeg (197.43 KB, 701x1200, C1A4F3C0-CCD8-44E1-A8C4-C5909C…)

No. 1074250

This avatarfag needs to get called out just like the sealtard. Fuck off with your deformed dog breed.

No. 1074251

What? I have never posted one of these ugly dogs before I just wanted to reply with a picture and remembered the weird obsession here with these aliens. fuck off you schizo

No. 1074252

File: 1646009568381.jpeg (64.54 KB, 640x640, 3D59A5F5-8CE9-440B-BEDE-AB7D10…)

Samefag but also we don’t have a borzoi avatarfag? are you stupid, borzoi anon happened like a year ago or so, and now they’re a meme everyone posts from time to time you’re either a newfag or stupid or both.

No. 1074253

Kek are you new? Borzois are basically a meme here.

No. 1074254

File: 1646009688395.jpeg (25.19 KB, 333x273, 4A1ECC27-5E36-4BD5-BB75-0F346F…)

Let me grab them cheeks.

No. 1074256

>muh avatarfagging
integrate already you retard

No. 1074260

File: 1646009987561.jpg (156.48 KB, 1280x720, hot but annoying.jpg)

>MMO in [present day] doesn't have server transfer

No. 1074264

I agree with you anon, someone overuse borzoi to the point that it looks like avatarfagging. I didn't see that much of it in the past.
And avatarfagging is cringe.

No. 1074271

it’s a site meme anon, do you think people who post adam driver or literally any other inside joke we have here, like dog boy or whatever, are avatarfagging? they’re not, you both need to integrate better or take the time to educate yourselves before you say dumb stuff

No. 1074275

But no one use borzoi as a meme. It would be a shit meme anyway. You sound retarded as hell.

No. 1074280

We've been using borzoi for the things we hate thread for a reason anon, it's not the same person making the thread every single time.