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File: 1646160045851.png (824.24 KB, 966x1001, tumblr_nbjszkyeFK1rasnq9o1_128…)

No. 1078038

Previous thread: >>>/ot/1075194

No. 1078040

I'm sad the goofy Finnish president didn't make it to the picture. His grimace is perfect.

No. 1078041

File: 1646160201765.jpg (Spoiler Image,152.1 KB, 1200x675, 285232.jpg)

kek I knew everyone was waiting for somebody else to make this thread. I'm gonna continue where I left off

No. 1078042

BRITFAGS did we celebrate pancake day this year? Took part in any races? Made some w Lenin and sugar?

No. 1078043

*lemon, not lenin, sorry for samefagging but phoneposting is hard

No. 1078044

This pic is Russian propaganda because it doesn't show Putin's botox face smh

No. 1078045

File: 1646160316961.jpg (135.21 KB, 769x500, 671pec.jpg)

right there with you, nonna

No. 1078046

Look up his dog, Lennu. You're gonna love him too.

No. 1078048

This is the most expression I've ever seen on Putin's face.

No. 1078049

You mean our typical huge pored olive toned med skin?

No. 1078050

LMAO I was like, dang, brits have some weird-ass slang

No. 1078051

File: 1646160437299.jpg (46.36 KB, 667x484, LSFEFS.JPG)


No. 1078054

I mean he does look like he's skinwalking Ronaldo, no? or maybe it's just me

No. 1078057


No. 1078058

File: 1646160561186.jpg (174.37 KB, 1120x837, Switzerland.jpg)

Behold the honorary president of Switzerland.

No. 1078059


No. 1078060

File: 1646160574860.png (2.85 MB, 1332x1999, John John.png)

Reminder this man was almost president of the US

No. 1078061


Untrained civilians attacked a russian vehicle that had a machine gun on top.
Obviously only russia man bad. The US/NATO and Zelensky are saints for encouraging untrained normies to attack the second most powerful military of the world.


No. 1078062

This is the Eurofag thread.

No. 1078063

File: 1646160655856.jpg (118.77 KB, 680x1193, E6AO79QVoAABif7.jpg)

No. 1078065

File: 1646160684277.jpg (27.43 KB, 514x500, ANM_020.thumb.jpg.2fb7a14f2892…)


No. 1078066

File: 1646160688144.jpg (242.59 KB, 503x740, 065_099_rl.jpg)

he's of European decedent

No. 1078067

File: 1646160710404.jpeg (10.39 KB, 201x251, download (3).jpeg)

the italian president is 80 years old but he was qt once
chill out they can contribute to the thread too

No. 1078068

File: 1646160716346.png (838.72 KB, 1440x469, 1624623607217.png)

what could have been

No. 1078069

So what, in your opinion the second russia marches into somebody's country it should be just handed that country immediately?

No. 1078070

Anons in this thread who think Macron is hot deserve to have their asses beaten to death. None of you are old enough for him anyway.

Who is this new Dreamworks movie protagonist?

No. 1078071

The ukrainian military exists for a reason.

No. 1078073

File: 1646160797393.jpg (105.27 KB, 978x1299, 13dbb2cb72c04156b900cfe1643773…)

young sauli

No. 1078074

I'm slowly starting to believe Russia's side more by each day….

No. 1078075

why do you keep shilling this ugly scrote? i’ve seen you post him multiple times, who cares, he’s not even hot and he’s dead

No. 1078076

File: 1646160820104.jpg (605.87 KB, 1200x799, schlossberg.jpg)


I can't believe they killed himand now they are shilling this thing.

No. 1078077

That's great, but his nationality is not a European one.

No. 1078079

holy shit i coomed

No. 1078081

He's attractive (especially his body) but am I abnormal for thinking young putin is hotter

No. 1078082

that is fucking gruesome holy shit what did they expect when they told civilians to make diy bombs and attack fully armed and trained militia? how is that even allowed to be encouraged

No. 1078083

You have to be an amerifag that has no idea how things HAVE to be when your country is invaded. Oh the blissful ignorance

No. 1078085

I'm laughing so fucking hard. His face never changed!

No. 1078086

No idea who this guy is but he looks like one of these turbo faggots who think they're hot shit because they study law or sciences po in a public university and have to redo their first year and have their mommy and daddy buy them Ralph Lauren polos and trousers. If you know you know.

No. 1078087

idk who he is either but this is so accurate i know the exact kind of guy

No. 1078089

Don't pick a side. Both are bad.
Just stop simping for NATO/US/Ukraine. Both sides are evil and filled corrupt politicians.

No. 1078091

File: 1646161086354.jpeg (57.34 KB, 896x824, 6D7D0D60-B1E0-460B-B8E6-D74E76…)

No. 1078092

File: 1646161122438.jpg (22.2 KB, 389x249, 84cb39219b3d5f28a1f6c25b249781…)

finland president what are you DOING

the keks never end

No. 1078093

Thank you for this pic, now I feel way better about my crazy eyebrows.

No. 1078094

Holy shit, you don't know? This guy is the only grandson of JFK, the son of Caroline Kennedy and the nephew of JFK jr. Her sisters look way more like the Kennedys. And you guessed right, he's a lawyer.

No. 1078095

Civilians don't stand a chance against a military. It's a massacre. Civilians should hide in shelters or leave the country.
Politicians encouraging civilians to fight are war criminals.

No. 1078096

KYS centrist(gulag for you, twitterfag)

No. 1078097

File: 1646161171570.jpg (242.77 KB, 1920x1080, IMG_20220301_195434.jpg)

I like silly pics of politicians. This schlubby guy dodged a gajillion assassination attempts and told Stalin to fuck himself.

No. 1078098

I'm vegan

No. 1078099

File: 1646161233312.gif (2.56 MB, 322x178, 1448776146644.gif)

KEK so this is an international stereotype after all. I'm the queen of fortune-telling you guys.

No. 1078100

Ntayrp but since when a third position is centrist? It's meant to be outside of the binomy not in its middle.

No. 1078101

weirdly adorable I love this gremlin man and his froggy looking dog

No. 1078102

Because civilians have no brains and patriotic feelings, right? Yes, some people are forcibly drafted, but there are a lot of people who want to fight for the country's independence. Sure, it's fucking sucks that they even have to but to see people here say OH MAYBE UKRAINE IS JUST AS BAD AS RUSSIA, I just can't fucking believe how their brains work

No. 1078105

File: 1646161398100.jpg (27.67 KB, 450x354, 795bca0d2ee83d8eaa364beb6df9e7…)

He looked stereotypically Russian

No. 1078106

He has a squidward nose.

No. 1078107

File: 1646161508715.jpg (50.89 KB, 450x354, 1646161398100.jpg)

allow me to make an improvement

No. 1078110

absolutely despise myself for thinking he looks kind of hot here

No. 1078117

Me too nona..

No. 1078118

>Because civilians have no brains and patriotic feelings, right?
Oh the nationalist propaganda is strong with this one.
Civilians don't stand a chance against a military. Dying in a massacre is useless and don't help the cause at all.

No. 1078119

File: 1646161611223.jpg (71.93 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (1).jpg)

If there ever will be a biopic, Matthias Schoenaerts could definitely play him

No. 1078121

yes you are

No. 1078122

Underrated, can't believe a Swiss president wears THAT STUPID looking watch.

No. 1078124

is this putin's secret son

No. 1078125

Damn Angela is hella cute. I'm a fan.

No. 1078126

Nah, but the US is just as bad as Russia. Objectively Russia is just copying what the US did in the middle east.

No. 1078128

Nonnies please seek help

No. 1078129

No. 1078132

Being anti war is now centrism?
Would you have sided with mass murderer Hitler or mass murderer Stalin?

No. 1078133

he looks very kind to be honest, also like he could be one of the guys in the inbetweeners

No. 1078135

He reminds me of this guy in this picture.

No. 1078136

File: 1646161833643.jpg (79.75 KB, 1200x847, pic_5_3818016_k2744941_1200.jp…)

You should see his dog

No. 1078137

Americans have NO say in this shut the fuck up.

No. 1078139

>muh centrism
back to reddit

No. 1078140

Someone please make a deepfake with Putin's face

No. 1078141

File: 1646161870474.jpg (435.18 KB, 1300x1939, 5dc544d915e9f95280281724 (1).j…)


he looks very gay

No. 1078142

File: 1646161881225.jpeg (72.19 KB, 500x563, E54D5931-8855-45A7-BCAC-E3FCCF…)

I’m ashamed enough!!!!

No. 1078144


No. 1078145

What else are you supposed to do when your country gets invaded? Just not protect yourself?

No. 1078146

kek burgers always have to be involved somehow

No. 1078148

Saying invaded country and invader are equally bad is being anti war now?

No. 1078149

This war is not Ukraine vs Russia but NATO vs Russia. The Ukraine is what they are fighting over.

No. 1078151

As you should be.

No. 1078152

all i see is bodies and not confirmation of anything

yeah i agree that it is naive and stupid to give guns to untrained civilians and not every ukrainian person is going to be a saint but cmon now

No. 1078153

Can American IPs get banned from this thread please and thank you. I miss having fun with my EU nonnies.

No. 1078154

You are retarded

No. 1078155

Ok so nato should not help Ukraine and let it be annihilated? I understand it's awful what's going on but there's much more nuance here than everyone bad

No. 1078156

What were the people in the video talking about?

No. 1078157

it will be once nato starts actually doing anything. For now no wonder civilians are fighting when there's not enough soldiers that should have been sent by nato

No. 1078158

The civilians need to be protected and evacuated, countries have a military for a reason and it's so that inexperienced civilians don't have to make bombs, take up weapons and fight trained soldiers.

No. 1078159

you know what?

putin, please kill americans. if you're going to have a psychosis and nuke the world start from big american cities

No. 1078160

The military is not attacking civilians. The civilians should seek shelter and let the 2 militaries battle it out.

No. 1078161

No, Ukraine is fighting for its independence literally. Kids of people who experienced how fucking bleak living under Russian command is don't want to give in again.

No. 1078163

Have we heard anything about Kyiv anon who posted during the first day of the war? I keep this thread minimized mostly but I was wondering about her.

No. 1078164

File: 1646162259650.jpg (165.81 KB, 960x623, RY4KLtZ.jpg)

I'm just gonna continue having fun.

No. 1078165

she posted in the previous thread

No. 1078166

I hate myself for thinking he’s more attractive in this pic than Justin Trudeau or whoever fml

No. 1078168

>The military is not attacking civilians
Which continent are you from, have you ever seen a real war??

No. 1078170

they are attacking civilians you idiot. Even russian soldiers admitted it, there's plenty of vitnesses, plenty of videos you delusional fuck

No. 1078171

you know she's american

No. 1078172

Kyiv anon, if you're here, can you give us a lifesign and an update? Are you still in Kyiv or have you moved on to somewhere else? I heard that Lviv is fully safe at the moment

No. 1078174

It's their choice to protect themselves and their country. Russians aren't acting all nice and peaceful, they are bombing and shooting random civilians not involved in war at all. They can evacuate to a shelter but they have chosen to protect themselves. I don't see how governemnt is at fault here, nobody is forcing them.

No. 1078175

File: 1646162384080.jpg (136.25 KB, 1600x900, lennu-kuva.jpg)

yeah let's ignore these bores

another picture of great lennu

No. 1078176

what is going on in this picture

No. 1078177

File: 1646162436963.jpg (174.19 KB, 770x400, Sauli Niinistö Lennu-koira he…)

No. 1078178

I love them omg

No. 1078181

My heart is melting, they're so adorable

No. 1078182

to be fair, compared to our invasion of iraq, russia is clearly not targeting civilians. lol. if that were the case they would've bombarded the cities with airstrikes/tactical nukes before ever even trying to step foot into kyiv et al

No. 1078184

It's a NATO vs Russia cold war already due to sanctions against russia.

No. 1078185

File: 1646162515637.jpg (15.25 KB, 640x480, 11.jpg)

I'll join you

No. 1078190

File: 1646162597624.jpg (98.07 KB, 754x508, fffds.jpg)

here's lennu trying to get to the gift christmas ham, on top of it being a picture of bunch of finnish heads of state standing around a christmas ham

No. 1078191

File: 1646162641226.jpg (46.67 KB, 700x394, 3qimd6dr.jpg)

It's almost like conscripting random men from the ages of 18-60 is going to end up with them dying. Are you suggesting this was not known? Because it was. The whole point is that they have a decent chance of taking a russian or two with them to the eternal void, maybe a vehicle if they have a lucky shot. You seem to be unfamiliar with how wars involving conscription work, maybe you should look them up. Ukraine is actually relatively mild all things considered, check the USSR to see what conscript fodder looks like.

No. 1078192

they look so unimpressed you know he’s made them do this before

No. 1078193

File: 1646162673251.jpeg (58.17 KB, 1200x715, 39-874268617fe54a7feee.jpeg)

No. 1078194

You may have missed it but Russia wants Ukraine to be part of it, not to be turned to ashes

No. 1078195

Kek I'd also act like this if I were a politician

No. 1078196

I'm not sure if this was posted before…? A Russian soldier's last messages to his mom were read out loud

No. 1078197

duh? which is why they aren't actively targeting civilians/destroying the cities haphazardly. that was my whole point

No. 1078198

File: 1646162731430.jpg (32.16 KB, 480x270, DiKjTn_WAAAjoIJ.jpg)

Putin when everyone in Europe turns against his plan

No. 1078199

The ukranian government has been encouraging civilians to attack the russian military, that's what's wrong. It's their choice sure, but still the government should prioritize their safety and recommend them to leave instead of giving them weapons they won't ever need, because they don't stand a chance.

No. 1078201

>The side of the invading country is as bad as the side of the defending one
No, it's not.

No. 1078202

Why would they attack civilians if they want to integrate Ukraine into Russia?

No. 1078203

this, but what do propose otherwise? an unconditional Ukrainian surrender? not likely. perhaps civilians want to fight to the end

No. 1078204

File: 1646162828033.jpg (25.49 KB, 468x308, 725c692c2e8b447cbf8dcb81baf799…)

No. 1078205

File: 1646162840426.jpg (70.33 KB, 650x434, Säätö-sale.jpg)

No. 1078206

also there can be some american women willing to be his concubine or luckily the concubine of some hot russian guy if they're into that.

No. 1078207

File: 1646162860597.jpg (Spoiler Image,78.11 KB, 990x732, 5.jpg)

This is Angie's worst picture, but it makes me laugh so hard

No. 1078209

hot as hell!!!!

No. 1078210

if russia was really attacking civilians it'd look something like the US invasion of iraq. bombs over baghdad.
yes obviously war crimes are being committed but clearly putin is not trying to raze the entire country

No. 1078211

File: 1646162917206.jpg (446.81 KB, 1200x630, 8f3143d6d3514efc884bd73eef55a1…)

No. 1078212

happy pancake day britbongs

No. 1078213

File: 1646162936707.jpg (71.51 KB, 640x480, 1.jpg)

If I was on PC I'd make some Putin edits.

No. 1078215

I support Ukraine and get the idea behind the foreign legions (the Spanish civil war had this too) but my god it’s cringe to see these burger average redditor types with likely zero military training talking about and in some cases actually going to Ukraine to fight for the Ukrainians. Probably none of them speak Ukrainian or Russian either and unlike Spanish you can’t just pick those languages up in a month or two

No. 1078216

Niinistö's face is just the result of having to deal with both Trump and Putin during his lifetime, kek.

No. 1078217

He got that fatty

No. 1078218

Kek the photographer clearly knew what he was doing. Poor Angie.

No. 1078219

You chugged down the "bad russian torturing civilians for no reason at all" propaganda? The only people bringing civilians into this conflict are the ukrainian politicians.

No. 1078220

File: 1646163072314.jpg (84.03 KB, 572x624, 43535356.jpg)

greatest finnish meme is/was editing politicians wearing these tripp pants

No. 1078221

Meh, one less invader. Everyone has a mom, big deal. Maybe he shouldn't have joined the army of an evil nation if he didn't want to be exploded.

No. 1078222

File: 1646163098949.jpeg (39.32 KB, 680x642, AD33D0B9-6454-457B-978C-22CBFE…)

cannot imagine needlessly losing my son/dad/brother in some pointless war this is heartbreaking

No. 1078223

File: 1646163102787.jpg (238.13 KB, 1400x912, 4455545.jpg)

No. 1078225

Or maybe, you know, fight Russia with your actual trained military? Like the military all countries have? I assure you no sane ukranian wants to die for this shit.

No. 1078226

My fucking god, you're the most obnoxious anon we've had in Eurothreads in a while.

No. 1078227

kind of disingenuous. there is definitely nationalist sentiment among ukranians who want to fight russia. but it is true that the ukrainian govt is going to rile up fervor, that's what happens during wartime.

No. 1078228

shut the fuck up jesus christ

No. 1078229

File: 1646163160685.jpg (19.97 KB, 450x291, tumblr_06d9ca330751e693f47c882…)

KEK. What a precious meme.

No. 1078230

She looks fire here.

No. 1078231

File: 1646163198088.jpg (91.35 KB, 980x653, hwyHptO.jpg)

No. 1078233

they already are using the Ukrainian military to fight. i think it's bad that the western narrative has focused on civilians joining the conflict, but it makes sense from the western perspective since russia is the enemy

No. 1078235

File: 1646163293160.jpg (58.74 KB, 1024x576, niinisto-ja-putin-kuvakaappaus…)

The way he looks at Putin sure is something

No. 1078236

File: 1646163300369.jpg (168.97 KB, 1412x1080, bb5583ee979a33b8.jpg)

No. 1078237

Sorry that I am not crying all over your precious little russian boy that got what was coming to him. Are you russian or sth? This is the fate of all invaders, all of Europe hopes that the Ukrainians will bury your men and boys, you know this right? They are the bad guys and that's exactly what they deserve, sorry for your little sensibilities.

No. 1078240

speak for yourself

No. 1078241

No. 1078242

File: 1646163399798.jpg (56.96 KB, 770x483, 1_PK_NIINISTO_0.jpg)

Such an awkwardly precious smile

No. 1078243

File: 1646163400745.jpg (130.6 KB, 1200x848, 434324525.jpg)

No. 1078244

File: 1646163416502.jpg (40.28 KB, 800x533, 1581706.jpg)

they seem to share a special bond, kek

No. 1078245

Seems fake.

No. 1078246

I speak for almost everyone I know, this is not an uncommon opinion.

No. 1078248

Im not russian I just have human decency where I know misguided teenagers don’t deserve to be mislead by a shitty evil president and killed to feed his ego, by your logic we also shouldn’t feel bad for ukrainian soldiers? The bad guy is Putin, not some 18 year old who joined the military because he was probably fed false propaganda about how it was his duty and it would make his life oh so much better like they do in every country. You sound fucking deranged and psychopathic.

No. 1078249

his pupils are melting

No. 1078250

oh god you're retarded. men don't join the army cause they want to most of the time, it's cause they have no other options. the russian army didn't even know they were invading until the last moment, and don't actually even consider ukranians enemies. if you're ukranian i get it but otherwise get fucked.

No. 1078251

They literally are lmao, Russians are so retarded they attack or bomb civilians completely unprovoked.

No. 1078252

There is not enough anons bullying Putin for being a manlet

No. 1078254


No. 1078255

File: 1646163648033.jpg (116.27 KB, 936x613, hockey.JPG)

why the fuck are they dressed up in hockey gear, kek, wish these old farts could just settle things through sports.

I'm sure that can be arranged.

No. 1078256

I am taller than him, and for that he should feel very ashamed

No. 1078257

Ukrainian soldiers are defending their women, children and homes. Why would I think the same of them as of the invading army's men? And yes Putin is the big bad, but Putin isn't shooting civilians and he is certainly not raping the local women, as the russians are not doubt doing as we speak, as they usually do.

Men join the army because they don't care what evil they might cause since it pays them the money they want. I never thought I would see defenders of soldiers in lolcow of all places. Only the worst kind of scrotes join the army, imagine defending these men.

Sorry anon, I don't live in Sweden, we don't take kindly to invaders here.

No. 1078258

If they don't consider them enemies, why tf are they attacking civilians unprovoked?

No. 1078259

War is so pointless I agree about the sport thing or just have them fight each other one on one, would save so much money, lives and time

No. 1078260

>Men join the army because they don't care what evil they might cause since it pays them the money they want
okay so the ukrainian soldiers also joined for this reason? i’m just using your own words here kek

No. 1078261

File: 1646163818898.jpg (59.94 KB, 360x500, IMG_0497.JPG)

i luv the teeny pooteen meme era

No. 1078262

Not just the ukrainian government but the US/EU media as well. Suddenly all liberals turned into patriots.

No. 1078263

File: 1646163883441.jpg (199.38 KB, 800x1066, Lapsen_oikeuksien_juhla_19.11.…)

For some reason the OP picture has our prime minister from almost 10 years ago too, our current one isn't a retarded moid and she was raised by two lesbians

No. 1078264

Sure. They just happened to randomly join the correct side this time. I respect the fact that they stayed and fight, not that they joined the army. After all, it's not like I am crying over them being killed or anything.

No. 1078265

>why the fuck are they dressed up in hockey gear, kek, wish these old farts could just settle things through sports.

I very much agree. Imagine them taking out their anger with each other through sports instead of wars and I'm aware wars are started for many reasons, however one of them is always moids having too puch pent up anger

No. 1078267

Was she really?

No. 1078268

We should put sanctions on the American anons posting itt as a response to their forceful invasion.

No. 1078269

File: 1646163982442.jpeg (82.27 KB, 800x537, 2F80B442-2E26-4A6A-9684-83F814…)

You are such a retard

No. 1078272

i'm not saying that didn't happen but where's the source? people saying ''there's plenty of videos'' doesn't mean anything unless you link them

No. 1078273

File: 1646164017415.jpg (136.06 KB, 1200x1200, 6317.jpg)

>Sanna Mirella Marin was born on 16 November 1985 in Helsinki.She also lived in Espoo and Pirkkala before moving to Tampere. Her parents split up when she was very young; the family faced financial problems and Marin's father, Lauri Marin, struggled with alcoholism. After her biological parents separated, Marin was brought up by her mother and her mother's female partner.

No. 1078274

Let me know when you have an argument instead of moid level insults.

No. 1078275

the fact that her biggest scandal is eating "overpriced" breakfast is topkek

No. 1078276


No. 1078277

File: 1646164089447.jpg (147.27 KB, 720x925, 1.jpg)

Don't fret my nonnas, for the stunning and mystic burger troons and libfems from r/witchesvspatriarchy will save Ukraine.

No. 1078278

File: 1646164116082.jpg (100.96 KB, 720x740, 2.jpg)

No. 1078280

Fuck the trannies they're not dying out there. If anything they're healthier now that they can't get puberty blockers and unnecessary surgeries.

No. 1078284

No complex thinking here whatsoever.
Soldiers are not invaders, the politicians are. Soldiers are giving up their bodily autonomy because some rich faggot wants oil and gas.

No. 1078286

Soldiers gave up their bodily autonomy when they signed up. They should have thought of it before signing their lives away.

No. 1078287

No. 1078289


No. 1078290

She was only 34 when she became one only to successfully carry us through the pandemic becoming the best prime minister we've had, scrotes should just become extinct or at least be forbidden from entering positions in politics

No. 1078292

i usually feel sorry for soldiers in wars but the army that's currently invading ukraine is made up of men who joined on their own free will, it would be a different situation if it was like in ww2 when everybody over the age of like 10 was forced to.
it was obvious that putin isn't a nice guy since ages already, you can't join his army and then pretend you thought he's only gonna send you to do good things.
it's really weird how there are so many voices calling "b-but russians are suffering too" even before they are defeated, nobody was ever saying that about north korea, germany or anybody else. murdering soldiers are still murdering soldiers, doesn't matter if they later feel scared and regret it.

No. 1078295

File: 1646164674414.png (154.68 KB, 885x430, kharkiv.PNG)

NTA but here's your source on a silver platter

No. 1078296

This reply is so shitty imagine you were actually saying this to a russian person, acting like their friends or family members dying is good as if they or their loved ones had any say in the war, demonizing normal russian civilians does nothing to help Ukraine. What country are you even from? I bet you’ve never seen or are in any danger of war or you’d know better than to spout such bullshit
I hate the military as a whole but to say the young people (both men and women) who join it deserve to die for doing so is beyond stupid. So we should just all have no military? Maybe in an ideal world, but with insane fucks like Putin.

No. 1078297

Yeah totally. That's why they follow traffic laws.
Stop projecting your american bloodthirstiness.

No. 1078298

The only Russian song appropriate in these times

No. 1078300

Oh, like this one?

No. 1078302

>That's why they follow traffic laws.
have you been to russia lmaooooo

No. 1078303

(samefag, there's no gore but it shows a tank purposefully driving over a civilian car just passing by

No. 1078304

i agree but the portion of soldiers in training like a manadatory service for teenagers arent there of free will and thats the the people who they are talking about. Putin send them there among first it seems, which is weird and shows how little he cares about future of his country.

No. 1078307

I think what we have to realize is that the Russian or Ukrainian military aren’t hive minds it’s not as simple as “all russians bad”, they are all individual people so of course there’s shitheads and then innocent people who don’t deserve to die. I wish it could be as simple as saying all Russians are evil.

No. 1078309

KEK. Oh the simpler days where you could laugh at compilations of crazy russian drivers just living their lives driving half a car.

No. 1078312

I am Greek, we are constantly threated by Turkey. Any day now the Turks might attack us. If you think we will spare their lives or feel bad about it you have never talked to Greeks. We will cut their throats while they sleep and poison their water. It seems to me YOU are not the one that knows what the threat of war feels like. Also to the russians I would say the exact same thing I say here. Maybe they should have raised their sons better so they wouldn't have joined the military, not my fault and and not my problem. Their son or brother or w/e was an invader and he faced the justice that invaders deserve.

>I hate the military as a whole but to say the young people (both men and women) who join it deserve to die for doing so is beyond stupid. So we should just all have no military? Maybe in an ideal world, but with insane fucks like Putin.

Don't put men and women next to each other as if they join for the same reason. Men join for completely different reasons than women, the only common one is the pay. Other than that, completely different.

No. 1078314

No proof that any significant number of russian soldiers are conscripts. Also even if they are, if they obey orders that involve invading a foreign country and killing its people then they become responsible, conscript or no conscript.

No. 1078316

This was hard to watch when it first circulated around the web, I'm glad civilians helped the man out of the car and he seemed okay (well as okay as you can be in this situation)

No. 1078317

File: 1646165061955.jpg (121.35 KB, 846x634, Kb77agJ.jpg)

when i was there i thought the insane drivers are what's going to be the end of me

though i guess they still could be if they decide to invade here KEK

No. 1078323

>what we have to realize is that the German or Polish military aren’t hive minds it’s not as simple as “all germans bad”, they are all individual people
try how that sounds? it doesn't matter how russian soldiers feel, they are actively invading another country and killing innocent lifes.

No. 1078324

Yeah, it's a miracle he managed to survive this relatively unscathed

No. 1078326

File: 1646165204055.jpeg (165.85 KB, 828x317, 3E983CCD-E557-4C41-9EA2-07DD63…)

What about the ones who didn’t have a choice?

No. 1078328

I agree with this, if they don't want to fight so bad can't they just, you know, stop killing and surrender?

No. 1078329

File: 1646165269575.gif (1.51 MB, 250x200, 05D4899B-BCC6-4C31-B589-2EDBE4…)

No. 1078332

File: 1646165350461.gif (2.75 MB, 342x188, 1112201317313.gif)

here they come!

No. 1078334

seriously what is this shit?
ukraine is getting run over and you're caping for the soldiers doing that shit, what is wrong with you?

No. 1078335

They had the choice to surrender and not keep killing Ukrainians. Last I checked most of them are still firing missiles at the cities and military bases.

No. 1078338

We have a lot of "not all men" pickmes in this site apparently.

No. 1078341

No one is defending the soldiers people can just understand when a situation is nuanced and not black and white, doesn’t make them pro Russia or a Nazi or whatever else

No. 1078342

nah, in this case it's retarded russiaboos

No. 1078343

Nonna don't be stupid. That thank is not russian. Russian are not even in Kyev right now and that video is like 3 day old.
Russian tanks on Kyev streets would mean that the war is over and Russia won.
Media literacy is low af stop falling for fake news.

No. 1078344

his nose is a penis and its probably bigger than his actual penis which is why he is waging war

No. 1078346

>the situation is nuanced
no, it isn't. there's clearly only one side 100% in the wrong.
>No one is defending the soldiers
except there's post after post about "they're children! they were forced!"

No. 1078348

are you saying russian soldiers should start deserting??? lol that's just as well a court martial and death. are you stupid?

No. 1078351

Well, if they can't desert then they should rebel. They should kill their officers and defect to Ukraine. But they don't do that, instead the keep killing innocent Ukrainian women and children.

No. 1078352

File: 1646165872250.jpg (668.93 KB, 1900x1291, sie-wurde-gebissen-das-sagt.jp…)

and this is her reaction when she has to think about Putin

No. 1078354

File: 1646165905940.jpeg (181.82 KB, 1284x1203, 32DCF3AB-451B-43E3-BF51-A8D84B…)

Troons have to stay behind and fight for Ukraine

No. 1078355

File: 1646165916557.jpg (46.17 KB, 708x351, dyatlov.JPG)

No. 1078356

File: 1646165930136.jpeg (75.4 KB, 537x571, CF697299-2520-44CC-B85E-6B0BA1…)

Here’s one for you funny pic nonna

No. 1078357

this isn't a fucking star wars movie lmao

No. 1078358

>no, it isn't. there's clearly only one side 100% in the wrong.
This is what americans want you to think.

No. 1078360

>Men should fight to protect women and children
Imagine even saying that in a country like Sweden lol. They would just put on wigs and try to take women's seats on the trains.

No. 1078362

Troons are useless and based Ukraine. The nerve to think these moids in a wig should get the same treatment as women.

No. 1078363

File: 1646166114456.jpg (273.41 KB, 1200x800, ft-putin-2016-1.jpg)

thanks dear, I was afraid we were getting off track.

No. 1078364

Not sure what to tell you anon, I am giving them alternatives. Otherwise Ukrainians will just kill them. They can pick their poison.

No. 1078365

war sounds easy if it's won by just driving tanks into some city

No. 1078366


>schni schna schnappi
>Ich bin Schnappi das kleine Krokodil

No. 1078367

Conscription is mandatory in Russia, a lot of soldiers thrown there had to choose between going through with it or having them and their family sent to the gulags. That's why a lot of them have surrendered too, they don't want to be there.

No. 1078368

>country a drops bomb on country b
>"ackshually country a isn't bad! you're just murica's whore!"
you're an extra smart one huh? better go back to pol, us roasties just don't get it like you

No. 1078369

that fact that you think they have a choice in the matter is pure delusion, honestly. so naive. it's not a matter of simply switching sides, especially when they're engaged in active warfare.

No. 1078370

Ok so you know all this but you don't know that there are russians in this tank? Please finish doing the research, don't just stop halfway there

No. 1078372

public urinating…

No. 1078373

File: 1646166257233.jpeg (171.06 KB, 1000x523, 039AB91E-13BF-432A-8946-477B2F…)

No. 1078374

>That's why a lot of them have surrendered too, they don't want to be there.

No. 1078376

>having them and their family sent to the gulags
This aint north korea, stop fantasizing. Yes it's obligatory, yes you can get jail time for not complying, no, no gulag for your family

No. 1078377

I know right, imagine thinking that you should not be enslaved and sent to your death because of your sex. What comedy! Next you will be telling me that they want to be treated like people and not meatshields lol.

No. 1078379

File: 1646166371994.jpg (181.73 KB, 1474x734, FMyc8nzXsAIPqvj.jpg)

No. 1078380

aren't chechens mainly the ones fighting this war for putin?

No. 1078381

You are stupid. Explain me how can a russian tank run over a civilian car in Kyiv if Kyiv is still in the hands of the ukrainian military. There was no battle of Kyiv so far. The ukrainians and the russians are fighting on the eastern front (Kharkiv and Mariupol).

No. 1078384

>their family sent to the gulags
No, no family is being sent to a gulag. They themselves will of course face a prison sentence, as they should, since they broke the law of their political responsibilities as male citizens of the nation. Are you suggesting that they are somehow heroes for not committing a crime by dodging conscription?

No. 1078385

only 10% of the russian army is conscripted, meaning 9 out of 10 russian soldiers got it coming

No. 1078386

File: 1646166507370.jpg (48.09 KB, 540x378, tumblr_ee0a773ec71d63c1bfb2ea4…)

nta are you genuinely retarded

No. 1078387

They can always run anon. I didn't say it's easy, I said they can do it. Run away and surrender to the Ukrainians, some of them have already done it.

No. 1078389

Imagine being as cucked as those Chechens, Russia literally flattened Grozny and killed your families and now you’re fighting for them

No. 1078390

The ukrainians are innocent. Too bad Ukraine is just a pawn in a bigger war.

No. 1078391

I had that song blocked from my mind for YEARS and then you happened. Fuck nonnie.

No. 1078393

unfortunately nonna, most men do not have this mindset.

No. 1078394

Are you for real? Who will fight if not the men? It's literally their legal and moral duty to defend women and children, fuck off with your libfem equality bullshit. Men die for women and children to live, this is a universal law. If you don't like it, go to Sweden. I am sure Sven will appreciate your equality talk lmao.

No. 1078395

Father Russia

No. 1078397

That's why I said I don't really care if they die. It's not my fault that men prefer following orders even if those orders are evil. You can't use the "I was just following orders" excuse anymore.

No. 1078398

You definitely get put on a watchlist for refusing conscription and subsequently your family is too, so they might as well be sent right away.

This. While I don't have any reason to cape for scrotes, anons acting as if they'd just drop their weapons to switch sides and to help the enemy civilians during war time and would bear the consequences like a bunch of martyrs would never actually follow through if they were put in that situation. It's not like the opposing side would ever even trust you and welcome you with open arms to help them.

No. 1078399

File: 1646166735905.jpg (50.95 KB, 700x526, aqKGnBj_700b.jpg)

holy face fillers

No. 1078400

explain then

No. 1078401

He looks like a different person

No. 1078404

you think it's safe to be openly anti-kremlin in russia?

No. 1078407

Proves that war is not about morals or patriotic feelings. It's about following orders.

No. 1078408

that nose is a war crime

No. 1078409

>You definitely get put on a watchlist for refusing conscription
Which is fine, you are a criminal for doing so

>and subsequently your family is too, so they might as well be sent right away.

Yeah no. That is not a thing.

>This. While I don't have any reason to cape for scrotes, anons acting as if they'd just drop their weapons to switch sides and to help the enemy civilians during war time and would bear the consequences like a bunch of martyrs would never actually follow through if they were put in that situation. It's not like the opposing side would ever even trust you and welcome you with open arms to help them.

First of all I will never be put in such a situation because my nation is not retarded and does not conscript women. Secondly even if sth apocalyptical happened and it ended up doing so, I would simply not go. I would escape the country and go live in Italy or sth. So I would very simply not be in that position to begin with. It's called being smart.

No. 1078410

No. 1078411

It's like no one has ever heard of the Milgram Experiment.

No. 1078412

No nie? Śmiechłam.

No. 1078413

Is gore actually allowed on twitter or am I just seeing shit before it gets removed? I have seen so many extremely graphic videos of corpses and wounds, like nothing I have seen before on social media.

No. 1078416

File: 1646167061465.jpg (48.08 KB, 600x407, merlin_202886424_3e9c7c0d-75aa…)

young ukrainian women also stay and defend their country, only mothers and children flee yet troons and russiaboos cry because muh poor moids…

No. 1078417

It's about money and greed for power.

No. 1078418

Yes it was an ukrainian tank. The russians are not in Kyiv right now, they are fighting on the eastern front.

No. 1078421

Gore is allowed on twitter.

No. 1078422

>rip to everyone who died in war but i’m different

No. 1078423

When I started the first eurofag thread I didn't think they move on so fast

No. 1078424

wow u r so smart n cool anon. truly a superior being

you sound like a literal nazi rn

No. 1078425

>comparing being a volunteer to being an enslaved conscript
Please anon, at least be honest with yourself

No. 1078426

Yes because that means that the military defense of that city is defeated.

No. 1078427

Are you for real? Why? Is it in the guidelines?

No. 1078428

I never said rip to soldiers, only to the affected women and children.

No. 1078429

What do you mean?

No. 1078430

How am I a Nazi? Literally nothing I said is nazi like.

No. 1078431

I hope they all die.

No. 1078432

Yeah, they allow it, same as porn.

No. 1078433

If it wasn’t obvious I was making fun of you because you sound retarded lmao

No. 1078434

Why the fuck would they do that??

No. 1078435

I remember when anons planned a trip together to europa park or phantasialand, now we sit and discuss of the EU being on the edge of a war.

No. 1078436

It wasn't, also this is an imageboard. If you think "making fun of me" is sth I care about, then lel. Let me know if you have any argument next time.

No. 1078438

>comparing self defense with an invasion
fuck off russiafag!

No. 1078439

yeah that or an edgy super cool n smart teen. or a burger trying to start shit. it's always some needles animosity during this time

No. 1078440

File: 1646167465912.jpg (77.45 KB, 720x960, ximoulis.jpg)

easily the best prime minister there is

No. 1078442

File: 1646167531748.jpg (101.88 KB, 1200x1200, 0_PAY-Elizaveta-Krivonogikh_2_…)


Wtf, imagine going to school with a Putin-faced daughter of a cleaning lady who is mysteriously rich.

No. 1078443

I am not the russiafag. I was talking about the ukrainian conscripts. You are being dishonest to compare volunteer women to conscripted men as if they are the same. One is there of her own free will, the other is a literal slave

No. 1078444

I've heard everything from that it was out of control, the person driving it was in shock, russian saboteurs took over the tank, it really could be anything at this point. Best thing is probably to just take these videos with a grain of salt.

No. 1078445

File: 1646167725334.jpg (536.43 KB, 1280x1780, 1280px-Josip_Broz_Tito_uniform…)

The balkan version of Anthony Hopkins managed to assassinate Kennedy and Stalin, I believe he can take Putin from beyond the grave

No. 1078447

kek nonna wtf are you talking about. is this some conspiracy i never heard of

No. 1078449

No don't veing Tito into this lamo

No. 1078450

File: 1646167905836.jpeg (141.02 KB, 1170x1363, FMyhoduX0AEsWte.jpeg)

meanwhile russian richfags are partying…

No. 1078451

File: 1646167909409.png (830.55 KB, 1080x791, kisseni-01.png)

All she gets is misogynynistic insults (with the other members of our all-female "cunt-cabinet") or coomers cooming

No. 1078452

The Kardashian sisters together don't have this much fillers in their butts

No. 1078453

It's a funpost, don't you know he also had the most successful space program and sold it to the americans? He also lost a finger and was replaced by a clone and was a vampire.

No. 1078455

they look like they're missing chromosomes

oh yeah the famous space program ''kad svinje polete'' (inspired by silence of the lambs, cause he liked being compared to hopkins),
didn't know about the other two…

No. 1078458

who are they?

No. 1078459

File: 1646168212594.jpg (63.48 KB, 720x960, nl mitsotakis photo.jpg)

tinder profile picture

No. 1078461

There is actually a parody movie made by a slovenian guy that's a fake documentary about the "yugoslavian space program" and people thought it was real. Anyway, I found this fan music video and it made me lose my shit that people make such things kek.

No. 1078462

they are in kyiv you fucking retard

No. 1078464

The profile is a State Duma cabinet member's page. Essentially just a couple of politicians doing propaganda homework. Honestly these are pretty much the only people supporting the war.

No. 1078466

File: 1646168546266.jpg (90.32 KB, 528x703, 53452352.jpg)

No. 1078467

File: 1646168563772.jpg (208.47 KB, 1283x1535, FMfhXqFXwAArbiC.jpg)

Putin is now banned in a german supermarket in the town Kiel for whatever he is doing now.

No. 1078469

All of his expressions are priceless meme material

No. 1078471

No they are not. There's really nothing going on in Kyiv right now, it's still controlled by the ukrainian military.
You know how war works you actually have to fight to invade something and the was no battle in Kyiv yet.

No. 1078472

No. 1078474

lmao I remember

No. 1078475

now that'll hurt him…

but sanctions against oligarchs seem to be working a bit. you need to ban them from having any kind of fun in europe, no yachts, no going shopping, no nice hotels, nothing, and they'll continue complaining more and more

No. 1078477

though obviously there could be the issue of people usin kiev as the oblast and as the city meaning both and that causes misunderstanding that do people mean the city itself or the oblast

No. 1078478

>fake news
kill yourself

No. 1078480

So not in Kyiv. He said Kyiv region and not city. You know what region means right?

No. 1078481

No. 1078483

like any of the invasion maps are accurate

No. 1078485

No I was right. The twitter post doesn't mention Kyiv city. He is talking about Bucha and Irpin.

No. 1078486

Just admit you fell for a fake news video lmao.

No. 1078488

>fake news
kill yourself

No. 1078493

Lmao the oil and influence they gain from invading Ukraine is way more valuable than their'yachts. The sanctions are not working against oligarchs, they are just trying to save face in the media.

No. 1078499

Vladimir Putin astrology.

Sun: Libra

Ascendant: Scorpio


Dominants signs:Libra, Leo, Scorpio

Dominants planets: Pluto, Mercury, Neptune

Air, Fire / Fixed

Chinese Astrology:Water Dragon


No. 1078500

Seriously disappointed how many normie anons are here.
Cocksucking eu and burger war propaganda is just as bad as cocksucking russian war propaganda.

No. 1078501

in my country's news they say though that they are having battles on the streets of the city already

No. 1078502

No. 1078503

The moon and ascendant explain it all

No. 1078505

this whole thread is a one big mess

No. 1078507

They are mostly bombing the military installations in the city at this point. Lots of dead Ukrainian soldiers apparently.

No. 1078509

no, they are talking about street battles

No. 1078510

Weird, I thought that they would keep on bombing for at least one more day before going in. Putin must really want to keep the city intact.

No. 1078512

Anyone would think that was the retarded shitposting thread

No. 1078513

where else do you think the military is going to fight in a city?

No. 1078516

OF COURSE a scorpio rising will start ww3

No. 1078517

though who knows where the news outlets get the news

well obviously in the streets but just answer to people saying that there is no russians in kiev city itself, but in the news here some say they are already there in the city and not just the oblast but like i said who knows where they get that

No. 1078518

>just as bad as russia
…except we aren't bombing anybody

No. 1078519


No street battles so far. The russians hit the TV tower in an air strike to fuck up the ukrainian communication.

No. 1078520

astrology isn't real but as a scorpio, kys

No. 1078521

that's only kyiv, that doesn't mean there aren't battles in the streets in mariupol, kharkiv.

No. 1078522


No. 1078524

i think lot of this threads problems just come from ESLing

No. 1078525


No. 1078526

Stop being stupid nonna. We are already at war because if Russia wins it's fucking over for US world hegemony. The US just can't attack directly without starting a world war. Therefore they started a new cold war and wars have war propaganda on both sides. The US is just as bad, they gain influence by coups or invasion.

No. 1078534

File: 1646170735720.png (206.05 KB, 900x600, May-you-get-through-this-diffi…)

>being born a scorpio
im sorry

No. 1078536

Yeah Americans need to stfu, if Putin considers nukes and everything kicks off, USA is getting targeted by them too.

No. 1078538

File: 1646170839557.jpg (85.21 KB, 1168x862, coping.jpg)

Nonny, he is coping.(derailing)

No. 1078540

File: 1646170925627.gif (8.63 MB, 498x280, GrEmwQnN.gif)

No. 1078546

Yes thats what im saying >>1078381

No. 1078555

File: 1646171547718.jpg (89.33 KB, 775x711, putin-rare.jpg)

Yo hold up, hold up, hold up, okay, hold up
You see a bad bitch coming through, yo, what's the hold up?
I'm in that new new, me and Nunu when I roll up
I told the valet, "Park the Benz and bring the Rolls up"

Cause I be the baddie B, Putin Tingz
Banging body B, everybody be on my D.

I'm only loyal to the niggas that'll bust guns for me
The jig up, it's a stick up, run me the Ukraine.(derailing)

No. 1078556

yassified putin.
somebody better make this the next thread pic.

No. 1078561

File: 1646171787691.jpeg (753.7 KB, 828x1030, E1DAB01A-52D8-4071-99D1-A57AA4…)


No. 1078565

File: 1646172024185.jpg (32.44 KB, 657x445, sleep.JPG)

good night, my fellow niinistonians

No. 1078570

File: 1646172393395.jpg (498.96 KB, 1079x1698, Screenshot_20220301-204900_Twi…)

Uh oh.

No. 1078574

So this >>1078555 and this anon >>1078561 are getting permabans for a fucking putin meme.
These new mods are terminally retarded. Meanwhile those same mods are absent when we have male trolls here.

Hey new absent mods/admin enjoy destroying lolcow and removing the long-time lc posters. I hope you know the majority of anons here despise you except that one defender.(complaints go in /meta/)

No. 1078579

I don't know what's funnier, the posts or the fact they got redtexted

No. 1078580

So the mods are awake and they aren't answering on /meta/? Uff

No. 1078581

they also got permabanned over that….

No. 1078582

i feel sorry for nonnies (and other people) in the warzones, but holy shit, people in the other side of europe freaking out because of increasing prices and, i shit you not, living in an europe with war, piss me off. fucking idiots, prices will rise constantly in the following years, war or no war, LIKE THEY HAVE BEEN SINCE FUCKING 2008. and why the fuck are you freaking out because there is war in the other side of the fucking continent, you dont even know anyone there! get fucking real and focus on your real life problems. ffs

No. 1078584

What will they do? Their military consists of 8 people.

No. 1078586

No. 1078588

how can you derail this thread anyway ? now we're talking lot about the war of course since it is the pressing issue that's happening right now but this is the eurofag thread so shouldn't random stuff about europe be allowed

No. 1078592

Oh no, both citizens of Slovenia are gonna retaliate, watch out Putler!

No. 1078594

Wtf??? I appreciate moderating but this is WAY too much

No. 1078595

File: 1646173148910.gif (503.16 KB, 1280x800, A5873D54-5F3B-4E3A-83E0-1550F0…)

Admin and jannies don’t want us to slander Putin. Only cute Putin edits allowed(ПОЛЬЗОВАТЕЛЬ БЫЛ ВЫГНАН НА ПАСЬБЕ)

No. 1078598

Whoever mods this thread is a fucking retard.

No. 1078599

Huge explosion in Kharkiv 3 hours ago

No. 1078601

when will nonnies learn that mods mod certain boards but don't mod others omg

No. 1078602

its typical absent to over-moderating thing that powertripping shitty mods/jannys do.

They left this thread absent and unmoderated for a long time with barely any moderation which left to extreme spamming by males and yaoi fags which lead to previous thread being locked for a while.
Now to make up for the absence the mods are now instead punishing other anons over silly things and are powertripping/over-moderating.


No. 1078607

And? I'm not asking them to mod on /meta/, all I'm asking is that they ANSWER on /meta/, which is something any simple farmer can do. If they are active here that means thay are connected and they can make a regular post on /meta/ answering us.

No. 1078610

why are you mod defenders always retarded.
your not even allowed to ask for the bare-minimum anymore.

No. 1078613

No. 1078615

you gotta love newfags that don't understand how imageboards work or that jannies don't actually address the users, that would be farmhands.

No. 1078626

Tell me how are we confusing janitors with mods if we want mods and not janitors answering

No. 1078630

>not knowing that farmhands are moderators too but calls others newfags
samefagging dumb rat.

No. 1078632

Im fucking snorting at the thought putin is banned from edeka in kiel

No. 1078637

did you really just assume I also didn't know that farmhands were mods? that's not the point. don't you think if farmhands were around that they'd actually be responding in /meta/ maybe even tripcoding? so who use doing the deleting and banning then? clearly jannies. when was the last time you saw a janny tripcode? You haven't! so in other words, there are no farmhands around.

I'd honestly pay you money to use more than 1 braincell.

No. 1078643

>did you just ASSUUME MY KNOWLEDGE???

No. 1078649

File: 1646175271625.png (569.38 KB, 547x680, 5a3b2b6f-22e4-47e0-89f1-74d055…)

No. 1078652

Don't worry anon cia hacker whos now admin knows what he's doing kek

No. 1078653

This just looks like what /pol/ was doing to Trump in 2016.

No. 1078655

File: 1646175405743.jpg (98.48 KB, 1280x720, gSMi6pX.jpg)

its time to create the Trans-Atlantic Union

No. 1078656

This post earned someone a ban too, what the heck?

No. 1078659

Whoever made this is a dumbass.

No. 1078662

I got a ban for being "off topic" although my post was related to a conversation we were having in this thread (that no one complained about, mind you).
The new mods are questionable to say the least. If I was higher on the schizo tinfoil scale I would say they were purposely hired to conspire against the imageboard.

No. 1078664

What? How can you tell? t. newfag

TRANS YOU SAY I'm sorry I had to

No. 1078668

i think they just don't know how to moderate a thread with an active discussion about an ongoing war which is being bombarded with literal propaganda from both sides

No. 1078669

This, the mods on this site are ghetto af and keep vendettabanning instead of actually using their power wisely.

No. 1078671

Russiaboo anon likes to seethe that everyone who does not cape for men 18-years an older, 10% who have joined the army as conscripts and 90% who are there becaue they joined of their own free will, currently invading a country are evil unsympathetic nazis.

No. 1078673

File: 1646175846341.jpg (48 KB, 360x500, zK5vUKa.jpg)

No. 1078674

No. 1078675

Have you never gotten red letters under your post?

No. 1078678

Yes, but I did not see any under that. Wait I probably have to F5 lol

No. 1078680

will mods ban the actualy baiter? only time will tell…..

No. 1078681

File: 1646176227162.jpg (8.7 MB, 3320x2873, Prokudin-Gorskii-08.jpg)

No. 1078682

are you replying to your own post to stir shit up again lmao?

No. 1078684

They're going at it in the MTF thread on /snow/ rn.

No. 1078687

File: 1646176677688.jpg (2.56 MB, 3736x3706, K8Q1Hzf.jpg)

No. 1078696

No, samefaging is dumb. Just catching up on the thread and can't believe anons are defending russian soldiers.

No. 1078704

File: 1646177500105.jpg (1.27 MB, 3800x3744, 7Uu3Ka0.jpg)

No. 1078706

File: 1646177525398.jpg (118.87 KB, 1040x705, Ebh5nogU8AA93Mt.jpg)

Holy shit, Europe is fucked.

No. 1078716

are you fucking kidding me?

No. 1078717

There's nothing new about (rich) men being pedophiles. Sauce? It seems like the article cited is from the 90s.

No. 1078724

Newsweek (9/2/96)

No. 1078725

I find it "interesting" how the western fetishism of eastern women is tied to how these countries' produce high amounts of child pornography and participate greatly in the output of sex trafficking of minors and women. A lot of nonces and other sexpests tend to be inevitably drawn to the idea of sexually exploring these countries, but I didn't know how much their government actually enabled in. Are these countries (including the ones like Philippines or Thailand) heavily backed by Western soft-power or is that only true for Eastern Europe?

No. 1078727

No. 1078728

Parenti book

No. 1078730

File: 1646178070067.jpg (1.16 MB, 3696x3688, ikkeyaC.jpg)

No. 1078731

>Group of Jewish children with a teacher. Samarkand by Sergey Prokudin-Gorsky
What did she mean by this?

No. 1078734

File: 1646178376782.jpg (2.91 MB, 3680x3698, HppKvry.jpg)

No. 1078736

I am at the breaking point with how cringe my fellow (scandi) countrymen are. I saw some shit today that has me lusting for the old scandi-thread. Why are we so fucking retarded and entitled. Partner dead? Let me type some idiot 1990s text shorthand to show i care! (Kosemoseoverdose!!) war in Ukraine? Hope lots of Russian kis die! Hee hee! Putin is like voldemort, get it? Harry Potter! Nonas, I am losing it, why are Norwegians so fucking lame

No. 1078738

File: 1646178520510.jpg (82.47 KB, 640x443, 1646177265735.jpg)

Bloodthirsty burgers will kill us all.

No. 1078746

lol republicans are not so different from democrats on this subject after all

No. 1078752

File: 1646179245554.png (106.08 KB, 1136x468, Screen Shot 2022-03-01 at 4.00…)

if putin attacks a nato ally next, you don't want us involved then?

No. 1078756

File: 1646179372170.png (95.07 KB, 1154x472, Screen Shot 2022-03-01 at 4.01…)

these poll breakdowns are telling, to say the least.

No. 1078760

File: 1646179525836.jpg (2.39 MB, 3736x3706, cFcDj24.jpg)

No. 1078762

what are they telling you, that most of america is split and poor people don't like war?

No. 1078773

Direct your hate at Putin, not russians who have to suffer under his moidfever actions.

No. 1078777

>wish these old farts could just settle things through sports.
genuinely the key to world peace

No. 1078785

File: 1646181017909.jpeg (235.07 KB, 519x568, A0143203-5515-477C-8B46-5D5C92…)

Why is this something that de/g/enerates would definitely do lmao

No. 1078786

there was a lore in the previous thread. for some reason, Putina wanted to play hockey with the real team and they let him win like he's a handicapped retard. He had a different colour helmet so the legit hockey players could easily see him

No. 1078787

no we wouldn't wtf

No. 1078792

you guys absolutely would stop coping kek

No. 1078794

File: 1646181574324.jpeg (553.75 KB, 828x1453, A682A76E-A2EF-4157-A98A-63C2C4…)

No. 1078795

I feel like the global obsession/thirst over zelensky will not end well for him, jealousy-fueled internationally televised execution

No. 1078797

cast some capeshit actor as him? why? is there a subset of jeremy rennerfags I'm not aware of?

No. 1078804

that rich people will gladly send poor people to war

No. 1078809

File: 1646182326840.jpg (148.95 KB, 640x1177, 28fud2gxpyj81.jpg)

No. 1078812

This might be the most german tweet on the entirety of Twitter

No. 1078815

How are these people real.

No. 1078817

pretty sure the actor was posted at least once in the unconventional attractive thread

No. 1078818

So true kek, everything about is so German.

No. 1078825

No. 1078916

but not as cringe as the american redditors who say they're flying to ukraine to beat up putin

No. 1078917

File: 1646190573383.png (970.85 KB, 879x786, 1646117188047.png)

No. 1078919

File: 1646190649888.jpg (199.87 KB, 1863x660, 1646121842527.jpg)

I can't tell if this is a joke or not.

No. 1078967

anon its clearly a shitpost

No. 1078971

This one >>1078917 is genuine

No. 1078972

and this is why neo-liberalism must end

No. 1078979

these look so good, where did you get these pics from and what program was used to color them

No. 1079000

kek hilarious

No. 1079011

File: 1646197805491.jpg (146.65 KB, 976x549, _91175335_15dd99a2-e2ba-4faf-b…)

Guten Morgen! Wishing all European nonnas here a calm and productive morning before this thread turns to shit again in the afternoon.

No. 1079014

This is gold.

No. 1079058

i have to work why am i checking this thread

No. 1079060

File: 1646202879225.jpg (532.33 KB, 1195x1593, tony_oliveira.jpg)

portuguese nonnies I'm sorry… but he was hot

No. 1079069

File: 1646204277189.jpeg (364.68 KB, 1080x1080, boomer-greeting-3.jpeg)

No. 1079081

Hopefully some burger tankies and trads will go fight for the other side so these retards can kill each other

No. 1079087

sage for tism and I'll take my ban but ty for this picture of my husbando, this made me smile even though I'm so stressed out

No. 1079089

Venezuela supports Russia. What the fuckk

No. 1079092

ok I got learnt and know more about certain SA countries now. Not too surprised about this anymore.

No. 1079100

I don't get how so many people still believe it is Russia defending against NATO when it is actually an incredibly greedy criminal and his mafia (that hold largest country on earth as their hostage) fighting for even more resources to profit from.

Information is out there in the open. Most popular being the documentary "Putin's Palace" with 110 million views. What you are witnessing is a criminal organization destroying millions of lives (possibly entire planet if nuclear weapons get used) over their need for "more".

Incredible how mentally ill manchildren end up getting access to militaries and nuclear weapons. But then again, nuclear weapons wouldn't even be invented if it was not for mentally ill manchildren.

No. 1079112

File: 1646208121015.jpeg (111.81 KB, 750x622, E39E11EB-0C8E-4977-8A5F-7D43F2…)

Update, “gratuitous gore” is not allowed, whatever that means. To be clear the video I reported was one of the most horrific things I’d ever seen online, seems like they let all the majority of “lighter” gore pass.

No. 1079118

Dzień dobry i smacznej kawusi nonnas

Good morning hope all nonnas are safe

No. 1079124

I don't mind it since twitter tells you beforehand that it's going to be graphic? Wtf did you see

No. 1079130

He was already a target #1 for Russia's military the second the war started, according to what other countries intelligence found out; this is why USA offered him and his family a safe escape he refused

No. 1079134

what did your report nonna?

No. 1079143

I can’t believe we are still fighting each other in 2022. Imagine humans discovering habitable planets on our galaxy, and only utilizing weapons to ward off asteroids and utilize them for asteroid mining. Imagine everyone getting access to decent education and healthcare and working for the greater good of our planet, without the harassment and power dynamics in academics and work places. It’s depressing when I say things like this people tell me I’m a dreamer.

No. 1079145

File: 1646210657546.jpeg (69.64 KB, 800x450, 4E22C4A8-6F2D-4AB7-8686-418FA1…)

Couple in UK painted their house like the Ukrainian flag to “show support”. I don’t know how tf it’s supposed to help anything, but it looks really cool.

No. 1079147

God morgon German nona, your kitty pic improved my morning.

No. 1079152

Ikea store

No. 1079153

Yeah, that's kind of… ok how does this help at all but it IS really cute though

I've cried about this multiple times when drunk kek. I fear we might not make it through some of the Great Filters

No. 1079155

Im scrolling aliexpress and a lot of the reviews on stuff are from ukraine. It makes me kinda sad that an ukrainian girl bought the same phone case as me two months ago and now she could be dead or injured

No. 1079157

File: 1646211853150.jpg (470.32 KB, 1692x1693, magdalenaandersson_2.jpg)

As others have noted, the op is outdated.
Sweden has a female prime minister now, our first ever.

No. 1079158

I like that account tho

No. 1079160

Only just now? Kind of imagined you would have had one way before Finland

Is she getting misogynistic insults thrown at her 247 too?

No. 1079162

Daaaaaaaaamn Finnish prime minister tho. She’s cute.
Ofc Muskrat threw a shade at her

No. 1079163

File: 1646212376048.jpg (17.38 KB, 400x400, ocbab3Sl_400x400.jpg)

Shame Slovakia's female president Caputova didn't make it in. She's quite popular especially among younger people, in neighbouring Czechia too.

No. 1079166

Performative and woke af.

No. 1079173

Hopefully the burgers won’t commit Iraq-tier war crimes this time like gangraping 12 year old girls and massacring their families.

No. 1079175

me too

No. 1079179

Please tell me that didn’t happen anon

No. 1079180

She was 14 actually but the Americans thought she was 12.

No. 1079181

You never heard, anon?
> The Mahmudiyah rape and killings were war crimes involving the gang-rape and murder of 14-year-old Iraqi child Abeer Qassim Hamza al-Janabi and the murder of her family by United States Army soldiers on March 12, 2006. It occurred in the family's house to the southwest of Yusufiyah, a village to the west of the town of Al-Mahmudiyah, Iraq. Other members of al-Janabi's family murdered by Americans included her 34-year-old mother Fakhriyah Taha Muhasen, 45-year-old father Qassim Hamza Raheem, and 6-year-old sister Hadeel Qassim Hamza Al-Janabi.[1] The two remaining survivors of the family, 9-year-old brother Ahmed and 11-year-old brother Mohammed, were at school during the massacre and orphaned by the event.


No. 1079182

Meant to respond to >>1079179

No. 1079183

God I hate men. Poor girl.

No. 1079184

Seems like a war without rapes and other war crimes isn't a war at all. We're literal apes who think we escaped our state of nature with technology. I hope we will create a new AI based race and that humanity will disappear

No. 1079185

No I have never heard of this before. I wish I never did…

No. 1079195

War crimes are always gonna happen but I doubt the Americans will commit something as heinous as this in Europe. The Americans believed Iraqis and other Middle Easterners were subhuman. They'd get a lot more shit if they did the same thing to Europeans and they wouldn't be able to cover it up this time.

No. 1079197


No. 1079200

Bold of you to assume that men won’t repeat the same old war crimes anon. Just remember what happened during the Bosnian war…

No. 1079201

Americans will get way more shit for doing what they did in Europe when compared to Iraq. get real.

No. 1079202

File: 1646214996070.jpg (78.73 KB, 1170x1170, 4903074d264374443e3e432e15cac7…)

>Although she was only a 14-year-old child, Abeer endured repeated sexual harassment from U.S. soldiers. Abeer's home was situated approximately 200 meters (220 yards) from a six-man U.S. traffic checkpoint (TCP), southwest of the village.[8][9] From their checkpoint, the soldiers would often watch Abeer doing her chores and tending the garden. The neighbors had warned Abeer's father of this, but he replied it was not a problem as she was just a small girl.[9] Abeer's brother Mohammed (who along with his younger brother was at school at the time of the murders and thus survived) recalls that the soldiers often searched the house. On one such occasion, Private First Class Steven D. Green ran his index finger down Abeer's cheek, an action which had terrified her.[10] Abeer's mother told her relatives before the murders that, whenever she caught the soldiers staring at Abeer, they would give her the thumbs-up sign, point to her daughter and say, "Very good, very good." Evidently this had concerned her and she made plans for Abeer to spend nights sleeping at her uncle's (Ahmad Qassim's) house.[10][11] According to an affidavit later filed by the FBI, Green discussed raping the girl in the days preceding the event.

Why do Americans always go on about needing to "respect their troops" when they do shit like this?

No. 1079203

Yeah, imo we're not only all in the same boat but we're equally shit, no matter our gender or ethnicity

No. 1079205

Women who were raped by Germans were later raped by their American liberators back in 1945, so the 'in Europe' part isn't the problem.

No. 1079208

I'm surprised American aren't more anti-war since they spend hundreds of billions on the military every year instead of more important things like education and healthcare. Their military is always full of the most degenerate men. Like, even more degenerate than that of other militaries.

The Iraq War was such a catastrophic failure. The whole thing was built on a lie, one million Iraqis died, and the invasion also ended up forming ISIS.

No. 1079209

It's sad that people use dreamer as almost an insult. It's something to be proud of. We need dreamers.

No. 1079214

Anon, they're the same people who spent a large chunk of their history raping and murdering their group of permanent underclass citizens that they deemed subhuman. American men online literally salivate over (eastern slav/middle eastern/far eastern) women and the thought of infantilizing them through sexual exploitation. Every time there's a war the first thing that comes to their mind is murder and coom since their brains are permanently hotwired to WW2 and 1950s war propaganda memes bc of their autistic obsession with their nation's prowess at that period. These are the most porn addicted, video game dependent, fuck brained first world men out there, don't put anything behind them.

No. 1079215

donald trump was right for not wanting to get america involved in wars tbh. its just too bad his diplomacy was shit and he was a putin cuck.

No. 1079216

Yeah so many gang rapes of children committed by women, you fucking moid

No. 1079219

American men are literal orcs

No. 1079220

Im not american but I studied in burgerland and a lot of the younger people are super anti military and openly talk about how the funding should be cut and used for better purses. I don’t think any Americans are pro war/military except brain dead right wing scrotes who yap about “respect muh troops”. also recruiters are allowed to recruit 16-17 year olds to enlist when they’re 18 and tell them they’ll be “set for life/get free college” etc which is messed up

No. 1079222

um no men are proven to be worse than women tell me how often you hear of women starting wars, raping children, mass murdering, etc.

No. 1079229

The United States has been at war for about 225 of the 243 years since its inception in 1776 so it is a big part of American culture to worship and uplift the military.

I also often see Americans on the internet threaten to invade any random country that pisses them off because they know they have the most powerful military in the world and are used to using war to get what they want. I don't think I ever really see that behavior from people of other countries. Their gut reaction isn't to say "we will invade you and nuke you off the face of the earth!!".

No. 1079230

Even french women were raped by the americans anon. Guaranteed sex with more "open" europeans was one of the ways they motivated the men

No. 1079235

no. Men are objectively worse than women. Women didn't start wars, women didn't start the sex trafficking trade, women aren't the ones raping victims of war. Men are the ones who think womens bodies are territory to conquer and abuse as they see fit.

women can absolutely be complicit or ignorant in these things, but we still aren't the ones pulling the strings or orchestrating the horrors of the world. I've heard of women doing pretty shitty things but never on the same level as what men do every day. And even in the case of female serial killers, many of them have had terrible childhoods rife with sexual abuse or abandonment compared to your average male serial killer who will commit crimes against women because he obsessively watched porn and couldn't handle rejection. there is a clear difference and contrast in how women lash out vs men, so to put us as completely equal and responsible is stupid imo.

No. 1079238

This. A million times this. I think it’s telling that the majority of serial killers are men and the one or three we do have were either the victims or severe abuse and killed the men that abused them or were roped into it by a male partner. You simply cannot compare men and women, and beyond that you have to consider the power dynamics at play, where men have been victimizing women and children since the dawn of time to feed their perversions.

No. 1079240

What makes it more horrifying is that would have gotten away with it if he didn't brag about committing the crime to some other soldiers. Makes you wonder about the the true number of war crimes committed during the Iraq War.

No. 1079243

reading this made me sob uncontrollably I hope all the sick fucks who did this are getting raped and beat daily in prison

No. 1079245

File: 1646218659212.jpeg (134.67 KB, 828x288, C435C69C-81AC-45D0-80AE-E78DA1…)

And the fact they knew that if they went the traditional route it would be covered up

No. 1079246

I remember people on the internet were also trying to find pics/footage of the rape.

No. 1079247

i agree completely - when I talked about female serial killers, Aileen Wuornos came to mind instantly. she is the perfect example of the early-life motives or factors behind women doing 'evil' imo.
i think a lot of men (especially on reddit from what i've seen) think that if women had the resources and power on the same level as males, then we would also commit mass war crimes and sex trafficking/rape on a global scale as a sort of 'gotcha!' to try and imply that we're also environmentally and biologically inclined to kill or rape things at every opportunity.

we're just not even remotely similar to men and the way they get coddled and enabled throughout life. there are exceptions to this of course, not denying that there have been evil women in history, but i just hate when people try and act as if we're morally equal to them. the entire porn and sex trade industry - and how it solely caters to men's perversions - should be enough proof of that.

No. 1079250

>Green, who later said the crime was "awesome",[18] then raped Abeer and shot her in the head several times. After the massacre, Barker poured petrol on Abeer and the soldiers set fire to the lower part of the girl's body, from her stomach down to her feet. Barker testified that the soldiers gave Spielman their bloodied clothes to burn and that he threw the AK-47 used to murder the family into a canal. They left to "celebrate" their crimes with a meal of chicken wings.[19]

What the fuck this is insane

No. 1079256

Yeah, the soldier that reported it was afraid of being labelled a traitor and murdered by the other soldiers. Same thing happened with the three servicemen who tried to prevent the Mỹ Lai massacre in the Vietnam War. They got accused of being traitors and were even denounced by American politicians.

No. 1079258

>Abeer's 9- and 11-year-old younger brothers, Ahmed and Mohammed, returned from school that afternoon to find smoke billowing from the windows. After going to their uncle's home, they returned to the house only to be traumatized, finding their father shot in the head, mother shot in the chest, 6-year-old sister Hadeel shot in the face, and 14-year-old sister Abeer's remains burning.[6]

If I were one of her brothers this event would have radicalized me and made me join ISIS.

No. 1079264

I remember running into some amerifat memorial webpage where someone made a tribute to Abeer. Her face was shopped into a sunflower and there were glittery "you are my sunshine" graphics. Somehow it was the saddest, most pathetic thing that I've seen in years. It made me feel inexplicable emotions. The boomer lady who made the memorial subpage clearly was moved by Abeer's tragedy and had the best intentions, yet somehow it felt so wrong and bizzare.

No. 1079265

That is what I'm talking about, but it didn't just happen in France, also women from other countries which were occupied by nazi Germany. Women who were considered to be collaborators, which often literally meant just being raped by German soldiers, were then thrown in shit, raped, had their head shaved etc. by American soldiers. Rape is one thing, but raping someone because they were raped by someone else earlier is just double fucked up.

No. 1079267

So seems like farmhands gave bans to all europeans and there are only Americans left in this thread now, of course derailing conversation to American moids and american wars because they just can't get out of their own asses and care about anything else. Please take it to your own thread anons, have some decency

No. 1079268

oh shut the fuck up and scroll up and see why “american moids” were brought up and how’s it’s relevant to the current situation before you start your amerifat thread invasion conspiracy before they’ve even woken up

No. 1079276

400 svenskar har skrivit upp sig som volontärer i Ukrainas ambassad och åker/ska åka för att hjälpa till i kriget. Hoppas alla är Flashback användare som tar godo på sitt ord när de annars brukar vifta med kuken om hur tuffa de skulle vara om det skulle bryta ut krig. Min polare å andra sidan tror det är en 50/50 blandning av folk med Ukrainskt släkt och Sabaton-fans lol

No. 1079286

No. 1079300

Din polare har nog rätt. Varför skulle en flashbackare lämna sin källare frivilligt?
400 Swedish volunteers are joining the Ukraine forces.

No. 1079320

File: 1646224572692.jpg (52.44 KB, 400x434, 0e88912e-fac8-4d7b-ade1-8718df…)


No. 1079325

I didn't know Sweden still had masculine men left.

No. 1079327

Kek. Probably true

No. 1079331

Because to Americans, you're not worthy of respect if you're from a third world country. They'd probably say these women and children deserved it since they were Muslim and Muslims are inherently sexist, racist, etc. as if they're better.

No. 1079332

nta but the way American media portrays europe is always sensationalist and inaccurate

No. 1079341

>Women didn't start wars
I see the Americans have joined the chat, open a book dumbshit. We are still obviously much better than men but Jesus Christ the ignorance.

No. 1079342

Nta but the way American media portrays anything non-ameircan is always sensationalist and inaccurate. American media also has an obsession with masculinity and tries their hardest to advertise 5 feet balding american manlets as the most masculine while emasculating certain races and countries.

No. 1079344

Ntayrt but which wars were initiated completely by women?

No. 1079346

You've clearly never been to Norrland.
Russian media is doing the same as well.

No. 1079354

Literally every war queens and female prime ministers were involved. Google Catharine the Great.

No. 1079358

Well yeah Russia and America aren't that different, ever wondered why some alt right American nationalists love Russia so much?

No. 1079362

The American soliders stationed in Britain would rape the local women. It doesn't even need to be "enemy" women. Any woman available is enough for them.

No. 1079363

I am a Euro too.

Nope, I have met a lot of Swedish tourists though and they generally act pretty feminine.

No. 1079366

What do you mean from feminine? Polite? Caring about their looks? Which part of Europe are you from? Swedish men are quite manly imo, their facial structure and height alone make them maniler than Americans who have softer features.

No. 1079369

I didn't mention their appearance, I mentioned their behaviour. Politeness is not feminine, wtf. I meant like how they let the women pay or they pay half and half, that they let the women drive the car, that they will often not carry her bag, stuff like that. Also they scare easily. I don't have much experience with Americans irl. I am a Southerner btw.

No. 1079374

I guess they go for a full on equal view between men and women. Those stuff aren't feminine though, it's more like a full on different culture and I do agree its weird.

No. 1079378

>they let women drive the car
yeah as they should, trust me my dad never let my mom drive and it's not masculine it's retarded, now she regrets letting him because she's a shit driver as a result and dependent on him

No. 1079381

Ah yeah ok fair enough. I guess calling it feminine is not really accurate, equalist or sth. It's like seeing lesbians dating lel. Anyway, that's why I was surprised, since fighting in wars is such a masculine thing to do, that it was weird to me seeing a decent number of Swedes volunteering to go to another country no less. I guess there are some conservatives in Sweden.

Eh I don't know anon, I think I have seen like 2 couples where the woman drives instead of the man in my whole life.

No. 1079391

It's not even just alt-right, there's Putinite Republican politicians too.

No. 1079406

Maybe you should look a little more into what the Swedes did to your people anon.

No. 1079412

Would rather be fucked by the Swedes than Russians

No. 1079414

File: 1646228028336.jpeg (649.03 KB, 1170x653, BA280A7C-D440-4859-BF80-A4880A…)

hej svennar vem hejar ni på i mello och vem borde vi skicka till eurovision

No. 1079417

You still end up fucked though.

No. 1079419

you completely missed out the part where it states women can also be complicit and ignorant to this stuff, retard

No. 1079422

I hope they have good intentions, and are not those kinds of retards that almost hope for war to happen to larp CoD irl kek

I have huge respect for the Swedish, you took Finnish kids in your protection in ww2, like my grandma, and your men volunteered to come and help with the war. And we repay you by "haha sverige bög[CENSORED] jag heter homo peter [CENSORED]"

WHEW I hope I didn't get banned before I noticed my BLASPHEMOUS smileys!

Oh yeah that whole ruling over us for eternity and that kinda stuff, well that's in the past teehee! Also what >>1079412 said

Really love your artist this year, so progressive

No. 1079423

I didn't. I clearly said START. I didn't say anything about being complicit or ignorant. There have been evil women that have started wars, period. They were not roped in or coerced by the patriarchy or w/e. They were fucked in the head, just like the men that start wars.

No. 1079429

Realistic depiction. Also love the tiny dick kek

No. 1079431

though swedes just gave up finland to russia just like that so being fucked over by swedes ends up being fucked up by russians too

No. 1079432

It's about the lesser of 2 evils

No. 1079434

Basically men are used to women having money of their own and being competent enough to drive cars, is that feminine? More like its about equality. The stereotype of men from northern Sweden is that they are macho and hunt and drink all the time though.
I haven't been following it, I'm waiting for the finale. Kinda worried what will happen to the eurovision finale now that there is war.

No. 1079439

the swedes did good job with destroying finnish traditions and culture though and suppressing the language

and finnish immigrants or finnish speakers weren't always treated exactly nicely, still aren't today in some places

No. 1079443

Imo it feels kind of tasteless to hold the event now

No. 1079447

It's been like this the past several days, always around the same time too. Maybe we should just post in the burger thread instead, since they absolutely don't want to use it for some reason.

No. 1079448

I guess I have only met Southern Swedes then lel. I was also talking about their general behaviour when they are with their gfs. Like, their body language is submissive. Again, just what I have seen, I am not saying this is what is happening.

Remind me again who ruined your country as much as the communists ruined Belarus?

No. 1079452

oh yeah and swedes did do the whole "let's measure finnish people's skulls to see if they're a lesser race compared to us lol" thing they liked to do to others too

No. 1079457

Tbf, everyone was doing that.

No. 1079459

yea but swedes did pretty much invent white supremancy like hitler etc copied that stuff from them

No. 1079465

I thought it was the anglos or the spaniards.

No. 1079468

All moids should have submissive body language when speaking to women tbh.

No. 1079473

Anon, please no. We have a femdom general, we don't need you to start posting about all men should not look women in the eyes when talking.

No. 1079480

As a Finn (like everyone else here it seems kek) I can't hold modern Swedes accountable for the crimes of their ancestors. If anything, they are paying for it now with the problems they are having with immigrants lol. Same with Germany.

I do like how Sweden is the cradle of civilization and tolerance now, makes me happy they have a darker past they probably do not bring up that often?

No. 1079482

>Sweden is the cradle of civilization
Serious delusion.

No. 1079484

don't be a sourpuss cuck, good ol' swedish hating is healthy national past time we gotta take part in every time we get the opportunity!

No. 1079486

I hope all western europeans and the swedes die, I think we would be better off that way

No. 1079489

and everyone else goes down with them when the finno ugrian empire will end it all and reclaim the earth

No. 1079490

Based Fingolian.

No. 1079493

aren't finnish part of the western europe though, politically speaking

No. 1079494

finns and norwegians are chill and way too autistic so I trust them

No. 1079498

How dare you accuse them like this? They are the proud descendants of the Golden Horde.

No. 1079499

File: 1646229970310.jpg (641.72 KB, 1920x1080, dfdft.jpg)

norwegians are cool yeah they get to have a honorary finn status

No. 1079501

Well they do have high standards of living, generally happy citizens and high GDP, what more do you want? If you are a murican making this comment, oh I am laffin

No. 1079503

File: 1646230167968.jpg (196.73 KB, 1019x1120, z3856.jpg)

>Well they do have high standards of living
for now…………..

No. 1079504

No. 1079506

File: 1646230202219.jpg (83.09 KB, 505x800, ad5575b83ed5853f306d1a6c3ffa71…)

No. 1079509

Korean hyper genocide best day of my life.

No. 1079513

Which countries does the Russian media say have effeminate men?

No. 1079517

Everything but Russia? Beating your women is pretty masculine.

No. 1079519

>all western europeans
>and the swedes
Why did you single them out? kek

No. 1079525


κεκ ανον εγω λεω να χρησιμοποιησει την γκαντεμια του να σταματησει ο πολεμος

No. 1079526

Να τον κάνουμε επίσημα Ουκρανό πολίτη? Αν είμαστε τυχεροί θα τον πάρουν και στο μέτωπο. Έχει κλείσει τα 60?

No. 1079527

Kek lived in Sweden for few years, had a bf there and I agree 100% with your og statement. Then I moved to denmark and it's way better

No. 1079532

I was in my shitty course which is all moids aside from me and a discussion about the war started and one of them who is half-russian(related but also unrelated) said something about the neo-nazis in Ukraine and shit and another one was like "Putin had warned them it was their fault they didn't take him seriously" and also this moid made a comment about "beautiful women migrating our way" and even the half russian moid said "bro that's sexist"

I don't really have opinions on this war aside from "war sucks and innocent people die" but there was some serious brainrotting shit I heard.Stupid moids

No. 1079535

>When a russian calls you sexist

No. 1079538

tbh I didn't expect to hear it from him but I also believe that there's a posibility he said it because I was there.I left after a bit since we did nothing anyway but I wonder if there was more sexist shit after I left

Funny thing is that these two are the most attractive and somewhat decent moids in my class but I lost any respect for the non-russian moid despite thinking he is a bit cute

No. 1079539

Don't put your vagina over crazy anon.

No. 1079562

>sweden is the cradle of civilization
O heartiest of keks

No. 1079564

I once edated a swedish boy who at age 15 had already been in custody several times for written death threats to immigrants and terrorism threats to government offices.

He also owned an authentic didgeridoo

No. 1079566

He must have had some Finnish blood.

No. 1079569


No. 1079571

what now you gonna deny your ancestry to the rapey ape vikings

No. 1079572

The Swedes are the descendants of those that stayed back, that's why they are so feminine and submissive. The true Viking descendants are the Danes.

No. 1079573

Fucking Midsommar and its swediboo wave

No. 1079574

Heavens no, he was so proud of his pure skånian heritage it was practically all he talked about

No. 1079577

I live in germany and there are lots of swedaboos here, probably thanks to IKEA

No. 1079578

How embarrassing for him.

No. 1079581

I thought it was because of your common love of non european immigration. I jest for you guys, but it is still insane to me that Sweden refused to take Ukrainian women and children. And they act all moral like.

No. 1079582

yea but you can't deny this isn't hilarious

>be sweden

>habitated by pillaging raping barbarians who keep slaves
>cut people's tongues off
>culture is all about glorifying violence
>colonize the shit out of people
>invent the idea that you are the special kind of white people
>create world's first racial biology institute
>go around measuring skulls
>even have african colony at some point
>"swedes are the most peace loving, tolerant, anti-racist people on earth!"

No. 1079589

It's even more hilarious because they were actually sterilizing Gypsies even after WW2.

No. 1079594

Aggro cultures tend to do a complete shift later on and go full uwu immigrants welcvm

No. 1079603

File: 1646234315674.jpg (77.93 KB, 1024x760, FM1qJ-qXoAITylz.jpg)

Of course the burgers are behind all of this.

No. 1079612

not sure where you’re getting your info from but sweden’s taking in a ton of ukrainian refugees and we’re preparing to take more in as we speak, as we should.

No. 1079615

Where are all the immigrants going to fit? They got enough problems with the middle eastern ones.

No. 1079629

God how I hate trash magazines. I made the mistake of opening one up out of curiosity and saw a headline: "Professional says: Finland may be the next Ukraine"
Fuck this fear mongering.

No. 1079631

Technically it was the British. Nearly all of the ideas surrounding eugenics and racial superiority used Darwin as justification.

America and it's intelligence agencies have been doing something in Ukraine. If you look into Burisma, a Ukrainian energy company, it involves a lot of relatives of American politicians both republican and democrat.

No. 1079638

File: 1646235389106.png (241.7 KB, 900x660, 1.png)

I was going to rant about how Sweden is a rape capital but I think it's because Swedes and other northern countries actually take it seriously, unlike other countries where the statistics are low because of how rapes are underreported.
Have picrel. Made me want to off myself ngl

No. 1079640

I think its cause those cases actually get reported unlike most other countries

No. 1079641

Did they only ask from scrotes? Because sounds like they only asked from scrotes.

No. 1079644

France, Italy, and eastern Europe..yikes

No. 1079646

No. 1079649

actually when you look at darwin's ancestry, you see that darwin was related to king henry i, who was a son of william the conqueror who was the first norman monarch of england. and who were the normans??? descendants of vikings!

swedes invented the white supremacy.

No. 1079650

I think we can admit all of Europe contributed in one way or the other. This was a group project really.

No. 1079651

just euthanize all men already

No. 1079652

So disappointed in fr*nce, always thought that french moids were at least less rapey than spaghetti scrotes, guess I was wrong

No. 1079657

>In May 1872, Gobineau was appointed the French minister to Sweden

well well well look at that…

No. 1079660

they are french that says everything about them that you need to know to stay tf away

No. 1079662

Kek I remember reading this guy's book. A standout is how he said mulatto and eurasian women were highly seductive to white men. He also believed mulatto women were the most attractive mixed race people despite his hatred for black people

No. 1079665

look at this

>In 1879, Gobineau attempted to prove his own racial superiority over the rest of the French with his pseudo-family history Histoire de Ottar Jarl. It begins with the line "I descend from Odin", and traces his supposed descent from the Viking Ottar Jarl

swedes are behind it all i tell you

No. 1079666

No. 1079670

I wouldn't anyway since I'm a terminal case of virgin and disappointed + scared of men in general but I won't even put the effort to fantasise about him if it comes over me kek

No. 1079676

honestly based

No. 1079678

For me it was: Putin is moving his family to a super secret but also modern and luxurious nuclear bunker.

No. 1079680

kek it's so funny how european race scientists went from acting like meds were the bastion of civilization and all of a sudden that shifted to nordics so we've been stuck with that narrative ever since

No. 1079681

No. 1079697

as much as the sexual harassment comes from children of immigrants/recently migrated groups in france a lot of the white scrotes are pretty damn chauvinist as well. they're not like anglo or american men at alll

No. 1079701

what did one stoner say to the other?
you aint putin on this manee

No. 1079708

File: 1646237081848.jpeg (68.97 KB, 1080x1080, 1631780404284.jpeg)

Honestly Sweden is a example of how pure neo-liberalism can utterly destroy a people culturally, even Swedes who are bigger and stronger then most people in the world can be reduced into being well "feminine" cause of neo-liberalism
I hear northern swedes still keep the old traditions but I'm sure they would be considered racist or bigoted there, but neo-liberalism will end eventually and I hope I can get a tall Swedish bf afterwards

No. 1079711

There is some crazy Swede hating trolls that pops up sometimes, probably Russian and triggered because our flag looks like Ukraine's.

No. 1079724

Why are you making it sexual. If only men knew they place, then moids like Putin wouldn't be in charge, and there would be no bombing of children in Ukraine or anywhere else.

No. 1079728

They're huge fucking lads, I give them that. Even the women are tall as fuck

Related but Denmark and Sweden's Consent Law is really fucking weird and I have a hard time getting it… I think that's also the reason why they have such a high rape rate.
Basically, drunk sex is always rape, because drunk people can't consent (ever), my question being what if a guy and a woman are BOTH drunk? d-did they then rape each other? Does it mean you can press charges? kekk. This law is the most exploitable thing ever to fuck with someone, ngl.

No. 1079734

I'm genuinely surprised he has a family. You never hear of them. I can't imagine him having a wife. What kind of woman tolerates that kind of a manchild?

No. 1079735

File: 1646237519833.png (226.35 KB, 468x513, lukashenko.png)

what a fucking retard

No. 1079743

maybe not related to Sweden, but I'd say most German women are probably taller and bigger then 90% of the men in my country
So I kinda wish Sweden has just a slightly more masculine culture(like not Eastern European levels) but not the pathetic state it is today

No. 1079746

File: 1646237714927.jpg (26.13 KB, 615x346, 0_Putin-and-Putina-church.jpg)

he had once a wife that showed up in public once every blue moon until they got divorced in 2013 I think. I wonder how many times he cheated on her.

No. 1079747

it is rumored he has a daughter outside the marriage

No. 1079749

You say eastern eu scrotes are shit, but muslim scrotes are 10 time worse and it is the American neo-liberal modern "leftist" propaganda that accepts and encourages them and coddles them into 1st world Western countries where they rape underaged white girls. You cannot compare the average slav scrote to the average muslim scrote. If American culture and economy takes over completely it will be horrible for women.

No. 1079751

To be fair Sweden would be a shit country no matter what sort of an ideology they followed, it's just how their culture is. Based on unreasonable pride and stubbornness over things they know will bring harm to them and never admitting fault even if they were headed for disaster. They would've found a way to self-destruct even if neo-liberalism didn't take them first.

No. 1079753

File: 1646237825339.jpeg (433.99 KB, 1200x800, B807B81B-B9FC-4B4E-99BF-3064EB…)

this one?

No. 1079756

> I'd say most German women are probably taller and bigger then 90% of the men in my country
Based tall german women
These maps are always just a big larp. I can't tell if it's that one, but there was one where they also had moldova invaded (I think it is that one, the red front at the bottom under his stick is in moldova)

No. 1079758

this is so embarrassing i had to do a double-take… moids are defective.

No. 1079763

File: 1646237951382.jpg (163.78 KB, 1200x730, FMgCKKJVIAgYzkB.jpg)

He keeps his children secret, probably to evade possible hostage situations.

He divorced his wife, had lovers and his rumored current wife is Kabaeva. He secures them and his children with tons of money so they keep quiet.

One of his bastard children was revealed to be >>1078442 . Her mother was a cleaner lady who somehow got unexplainably rich, as in having 100 mil dollars.

- This is rumored daughter's instagram, she constantly posts luxury but hides her face because she looks very much like Putin.

No. 1079765

The high rape statistics in northern countries are because they have different laws regarding consent i.e. rape actually gets classified as rape while other countries need you to be bloodied and bruised to maybe consider writing it down as a rape.

She literally looks like someone faceswapped her with Putin. Goddamn that's unfortunate.

No. 1079767

the average man in nation is like 5'6-5'7, my brother who is 5'10, is considered exceptionally tall
I fell like many European and Americans never realize how big they are compared to the rest of the world, cause statistically speaking the world isn't short, you guys are just really tall

No. 1079768

She lit looks like him in a wig, it's insane

No. 1079772

This is why I'd love to visit Japan other than for weeb reasons, you know to look down on all the men.

No. 1079776

>Women in power are not a bunch of sociopaths like the males in power
Sorry to break your bubble. Politicians are not normal people, especially the ones at the top.

No. 1079778

Sure do it, my friends who have been to China tell me even they feel like Giants over there

No. 1079779

Poor girl. When children get bullied for being ugly it's mostly because they take after their ugly fathers. It wouldn't surprise me at all if she was really his and it kinda makes me feel bad for his other kids.

No. 1079784

Neoliberalism is an economic system which can include the extermination of poor people either at home or abroad. It has no inherent culture, it only coopts, it includes conservative scrotes just as much as libfems. It doesn't automatically make scrotes feminine. Retarded macho trad men aren't an improvement over this stuff either.

No. 1079785

Even the worst personality disordered women I have known would probably think "hey if I bomb children it would probably be bad - at least for my image"

No. 1079789

Not in Finland

T. I was not raped according to the police because I did not yell loud enough

No. 1079791

>includes conservatives
No, wtf.

No. 1079792

Average jap guy is 170.8 cm (5 ft 7.2) I expected them to be even smaller tbh

No. 1079793

File: 1646238405335.jpg (39.59 KB, 640x425, c350584b05a0bdd87cea8758564cde…)

See what I mean
also rate yourself, how many men are you taller then in the chart
I'm taller then Mexican men and an inch shorter then Japanese men

No. 1079794

File: 1646238407576.jpg (25.03 KB, 528x224, de.jpg)

Nonnas what did I miss? Why is Georgia applying for EU membership? I just got off work so I'm out of the loop here

No. 1079795

Yeah, because you haven't met women like Thatcher and Catherine the Great.

No. 1079796

Wtf, how did your lawyer not rip them to pieces?

No. 1079797

Kek you trot out those old examples just because there aren't as many as there are psycho male examples.

No. 1079799

OT but my boss’s boss is like the Indian Patrick Bateman I wonder if that’s because he’s a manlet.

No. 1079800

nta but most women just give up pressing charges. Police and the way they react to it is to blame (in my country at least)
nta but I can give you exemple of disgusting women if you want, true crime related

No. 1079801

I-I never said there were as many. Men are like 10 times more likely to be sociopaths than women, of course there are not even close as many. I said the ones that make it to the top are the same as the men there.

No. 1079802

and Eastern European women or women from third world countries suffer more at the hands of western white scrotes than at the hands of their own scrotes. Eastern Eu women are sex trafficked by white scrotes or for white scrotes. They are taken to western countries to perform sexually for western scrotes with capital. They are groomed into becoming camgirls by western websites ran by white moids that create grooming and sex trafficking in 3rd world countries. Thai women or Vietnamese are so poor that they have to become prostitutes and are being raped and posted on Pornhub by white 1st world moids which give them stds or leave them pregnant then run off to their cozy countries. It is also white moids and their politics that are fine with accepting muslim immigrant incredibly dangerous scrotes which rape, kill and harass white women. If Americans take over completely and spread their cancerous culture everywhere it will be horrible.

It is NATO which is an American military alliance that has been expanding all throughout Europe that has been pressing Russia by making military facilities in Ukraine. Before starting the war Putin has literally stated that if NATO does not stop threatening them they will have to proceed with war. Now American politicians appear on TV like Putin is a monster and they never did anything to cause this situation. They did the same with Japan, they offended Japan until they went to war then they acted as if they were the saviours that never did anything wrong and that they were forced to drop the bomb and kill millions of innocent civilans. If NATO (America) doesn't stop pressuring Russia 3rd world war is inevitable and if it starts American politicians will be on TV and lie to you that it's not their fault and that they are forced to drop a bomb or use nuclear weapons.

If America takes over completely it will be hell for women. They've already made everything very bad for women in the past 30 years because of free market capitalism. They see women as objects that can produce money. At least, in a communist or semi communist dictatorship woke progressive shit is not allowed and women are offered college and superior education for free.

America is trying to install a very dangerous authoritarian system all over the world, which is free market capitalism which supposedly is democratic, but it isn't. It's a form of authoritarianism. America is one of the most oppressive countries which censors media and only lets out what benefits them. They've taken the tax money of their citizens to invest in their military and their sick dream of globalizing the entire world with their ideology. Yet, in America the gap between the poor and the rich is the worst and they refuse to invest TAX money in free education, universal health care or rehabilitation support centers for poor people addicted to drugs or even to give benefits and support to those born in bad situations

No. 1079803

>eurofag thread
>imperial system

No. 1079805

Do you expect us to bother with a metric converter? Idk what those numbers mean

No. 1079806

Does anyone know if the insider paper is a good source of information? They recently got uncheck marked on twitter and some say it was because they share "too much"?

No. 1079807

This is so fucked up, I am so sorry anon. I am a lawyer and have had 2 rape cases in my career so far. The police handled them alright, but if they didn't I would have destroyed them.

No. 1079808

I don't even know my height in feet and inches kek

No. 1079809

Reagan and Thatcher were both conservative neoliberals, it's an economic system, not feminism and "globohomo" or whatever you think. The Netherlands has had a conservative right wing neoliberal pm for over a decade, the biggest fan of the inventor of neoliberalism (Milton Friedman) is he suddenly not neoliberal?

No. 1079810

Yes anon, Russia women have such a better life than western women, lmao. Go take your meds.

No. 1079811

File: 1646238785844.jpg (29.49 KB, 445x503, hh.jpg)

God, not you again

No. 1079812

you did not understand my message. You say slav scrotes are bad, yes they are but in comparison to muslim and 1st world scrotes they are nothing quite literally. Poor women from Romania, Ukraine, Russia are sex trafficked by white moids or groomed by white moids or turned into trophy wives by white moids.

No. 1079813

Conservativism and neoliberalism have diametrically different opinion on state intervention in the economy and the people's lives. Yes conservatives can function in a neoliberal system, but only because they can't change it. If we had 10 conservative governments in a row then we would move to at least classical liberalism.

No. 1079814

Thank you. It's pointless when you don't get what it means.

No. 1079815

most sex trafficking of poor women from developing countries is caused by white 1st world men

No. 1079816

The fact that you put western men on the same category as muslim men suggests to me that you are either trolling or are legit mentally feeble.

No. 1079817

She isn’t ugly

No. 1079819

I guess at least the consent law was updated this year, now you need a proof of consent to prove it wasn't rape. Sorry it happened to you though anon.

No. 1079820

nta but at the same time we're talking about extremely powerful women, of which there aren't many yet. But I can tell you that in my country quite a few female politians getting accused of moral harassment, and plenty of people deal with awful female bosses. Of course it's not the same as direct violence, but politicians don't have to be directly violent anyway. Many women in power wouldn't blink over using male violence for their own benefits, especially shit like starting wars. You think Clinton couldn't have started some wars in the Middle East?

No. 1079821

I don't think she is uggo either, isn't she a teen?

No. 1079824

She definitely is uncanny though, you don't want Putin's face looking at you every day

No. 1079825

File: 1646239315407.jpg (109.65 KB, 923x436, Alina.jpg)

I really hope Alina Kabaeva is not with Putain anymore. She used to look so pretty and I don't understand why she felt the need to get her lips done. It wouldn't surpsise me if Putin had a say in this.

No. 1079826

File: 1646239334573.jpg (93.89 KB, 500x665, Ekaterina.jpg)

Honestly, I simp for fictional depictions of Catherine the Great

No. 1079828

Going for botox togerher couple goals

No. 1079830

most white scrotes are horrible. They have the resources, education, love and everything to pursue an ethical lifestyle but they decide to go to 3rd world countries to sexually traffick, rape, impregnate, abuse poor women. They make corporations and run trafficking rings made to traffick poor women into prostitution and all western nations whith their ideology think that legalized prostitution is so COOOL progressive and non abusive when it creates CAPITALISTIC abuse. At least Russia and China since they are part communist oppose this kind of mindset because they hold more "traditional" values. A real communist state won't ever be ok with prostitution or onlyfans, they will ban it. But most of you don't even understand what communism is because you associate the idea of communism with what America has turned it into. Communism has nothing to do with prostitution if anything communism opposes prostitution since it causes abuse of the poor class or working class. It has nothing to do with LGBT or all the bullshit America has associated with communism and it baffles me that the American commies are supporting America instead of Russia

No. 1079831

they have the exact same bloated face kekk

No. 1079832

Daddy Putin won't pick you anon

No. 1079834

>now you need a proof of consent to prove it wasn't rape
lol wtf. Lawyer anon here, what do you mean you need proof of consent to prove it wasn't rape? The burden of proof is on the prosecution and the accuser, not the defendant.

No. 1079835

How often do we have to tell you that Russia nor China is communist (anymore)?

No. 1079836

File: 1646239527323.jpg (176.65 KB, 1105x1390, medicinemedicinal-drugiodine-t…)

SO I guess iodine tablets are the new toilet paper bc today my co-worker told me that her neighbor asked her to buy iodine tablets for her because of current situation and to be sure that when a nuclear disaster should happen, that she is prep for it. This shit made me so furious because it's useless because the regular once are way to weak anyways (in case of an emergency you will get iodine tablets with a much higher dose) and people who need it (like my mum because she has thyroid problems because of chernobyl, yes) won't get any because of hoarders like her. I explained it to her and she was like "Haha, well looks like your mother won't get any new tablets", what about telling your stupid neighbor that the hoarding is useless because if the bomb drops, it won't do shit anyways wow. Why not go straight to hoard gas masks as well, idiots.

No. 1079839

I cannot believe how stupid and hateful towards women you can be. You only care about your own comfort and give 0 fucks about how free market capitalism affects poor women's,3rd world country women's lives. Hope America crashes really bad.

No. 1079841

File: 1646239621283.jpg (25.87 KB, 360x450, Stacy.jpg)

I'm taller than all of them

No. 1079842

>Russia is part communist
wtf am I reading?

No. 1079844

It means the alleged rapist needs to prove it wasn't rape, not the victim. Calm down.

No. 1079845

you are so stupid, Do you really think that a country changes suddenly and it keeps no remains of the past in it. They still have communist influence and are in a sense communist because communism is more conservative and the woke super progressive states like America see them as a threat

No. 1079847

You are such a Stacey anon.

No. 1079848

The police in here suck. Especially when it comes to rape they act disgusting.

No. 1079849

it's acting as if a country changes completely and keeps no remains of their past in their culture which is bullshit

No. 1079850

File: 1646239739180.jpg (1.17 MB, 2607x4001, Attackofthe50ftwoman.jpg)

nonna is this you

No. 1079853

Yes, that's what I understood, that is insane and fucked up. I find it extremely difficult to believe it's true, it sounds like something someone with no understanding of the law might have picked up from some shitty newspaper.

No. 1079854

Maybe just in case? They want the benefits and safety that comes with it.

No. 1079855

as a person in one of affected countries with iodine deficiency-caused thyroid problems i hate them too (i hoard a few packets of tablets myself though so idk what to say)

No. 1079859

It's something different when you need them, but said neighbor just wants them now out of panic. She has no thyroid problems.

No. 1079861

How is it "insane and fucked up"? Isn't it standard procedure for a rape allegation to be assumed to be rape if there's no proof of the victim ever consenting? Assume that the victim was frozen in fear or black-out drunk and couldn't stop the act because of it, it's considered rape now because there was no voluntary consent involved and the attacker was exploiting the victim's state of terror or intoxication. Before the charges of rape could be dropped because there was no violence used.

No. 1079868

People are retarded and egoistic, you saw it with Covid and how people were buying x100 toilet papers and emptying can food shelves.
We had the same issue with the iodine tablets when chernobyl happened apparently. One way to tackle would be to give them under prescription only

No. 1079869

I didn't have any lawyer and I just fumbled and fucked up the hearing completely

No. 1079870

>Isn't it standard procedure for a rape allegation to be assumed to be rape if there's no proof of the victim ever consenting
No wtf. Do you even know what criminal burden of proof is? Courts must NEVER start even suspecting the accused. It's the prosecution's and the accuser's lawyer's job to convince them. This is the cornerstone of our criminal legal system, it is of insane importance to maintain.

>ssume that the victim was frozen in fear or black-out drunk and couldn't stop the act because of it, it's considered rape now because there was no voluntary consent involved and the attacker was exploiting the victim's state of terror or intoxication

Ok see, this is completely different that what you wrote before. Yes this is rape indeed. But it's the prosecution that must prove that the victim was unconscious, not the defendant that she was conscious.

No. 1079871

How the fuck is the US woke and progressive? They have states banning/trying to ban abortion. Even the democrats are considerably conservative in comparison to other western countries. The US sees Russia and China as a threat because of economic interests due to their size, not because of culture. The USSR was pre-Stalin literally progressive for its time, with how easily accessible abortions were, divorce and even warming up to gay rights.
In most countries that isn't the case afaik. It's standard procedure that someone is innocent until proven guilty beyond reasonable doubt or something along those lines. In Spain they didn't convict gang rapists, even though the rape was on video.

No. 1079873

So sorry to hear anon. One thing I always tell my friends is to always call a lawyer when dealing with the police. So many people have been fucked over by them or the DA that just had a bad day and didn't give a fuck.

No. 1079875

dont beat me up but is that an afro or a hat? either way i love it lol.

No. 1079876

KEK maybe…

No. 1079877

I heard people with thyroid problems shouldn't even have those

No. 1079879

I don't think you really understand what the law in question changed. The overwhelming majority of rapes are committed by someone you know and inside a private residence so it was very hard to push rape charges if you, for example, got raped by a male acquaintance whose place you were staying at. It would be assumed to be consensual sex because you knew each other and no violence was used. Now it can actually be charged as a rape case because the law takes into account that you didn't clearly give consent due to factors like fear of possible violent response, intoxication or your body going into a shock. The same goes for all the cases that actually did involve violence, but the rapist got charged only with charges of assault, not rape.

No. 1079880

File: 1646240832609.jpg (43.9 KB, 590x514, khabib-papakha.jpg)

It's a papakha

No. 1079883

this literally made me cry. wtf and the fact that this was never reported on and probably one of thousands of family. and people wonder why muslim countries become radicalized. like wtf america literally destroyed so many people's lives that we will never know the names of.

No. 1079889

I think I described well enough what I meant. If you mean that the burden of proof changed from the accuser to the accused then that is not a victory, that is an insane injustice. If you mean that violence is no longer a requirement for rape, but simple the absence of consent, then that is a good thing and a positive change. You told me both of the happening so quite honestly I am still unsure of what actually happened.

No. 1079891

>simple the absence of consent, then that is a good thing and a positive change.
That's exactly what the law changed.

No. 1079894

Ok lawyer anon I want to ask you something: in my country (France), rape is defined as needing either violence, threats, coercion or surprise. (The last element is the one that enables prosecuting if the victim is unconscious, basically surprise = bypassing the victim's ability to assess the situation.) Some feminist groups want to make it blanket "lack of consent/no proof of consent" law.

I don't have enough legal understanding to know if that would make the situation better or worse. I feel like the formulation as "lack of consent" is less precise and maybe harder to prove, or maybe it makes it easier, but I don't really know. What do you think?

No. 1079895

File: 1646241288113.jpg (441.7 KB, 1200x1187, b7l2J3y.jpg)

No. 1079898

NTAYRT but that doesn't change the burden of proof, the victim must still be the one prove they weren't consenting. Not the defendant proving they consented.

No. 1079899

Then great, that is awesome. But in the original post you said sth that confused me and led me to believe that it was the burden of proof that was reversed.

Well here is the thing with general phrases like "lack of consent". This can be a good thing, because the courts can interpret it to fit situations where clearly a rape happened but the previous law was too particular and did not included. At the same time it can be a bad thing, because it is too general and courts can go too much or too little on it, so cases that are not rape are judged as such, or cases that were clearly rape end up being dropped. Basically, the more general terms are a double edged sword that depend a lot on a highly trained judiciary and an excellent Supreme Court. I don't see why you can't just add consent in that law. Like call it "rape is defined as needing either violence, threats, coercion, surprise or lack of consent". That way you cover the potential holes.

No. 1079900

thats so cool im sorry im a burger so i shouldnt be in this thread but im learning a lot about you guys' countries and i'd rather hear about the war from people who actually live on the continent. But the hat reminded me of my hair so i got excited lol. i'll leave.

No. 1079901

It's alright, glad you're interested. You're more pleasant than many of the other American visitors in these threads.

No. 1079902

Huh? It's not a yes or no situation, it's evaluated on a case by case basis. Before the rapist could just say "I did not beat her up so it wasn't rape" and the intercourse would be heavily considered as consensual. Now he actually can't hide behind the lack of violence to gain upper hand and has to provide further proof of consent. The burden of proof isn't put exclusively on either party but divided more equally than before.

No. 1079906

NTA, original lawyer anon but
>The burden of proof isn't put exclusively on either party but divided more equally than before
This is not a good thing. This is a very very very bad thing. I really don't think you realise what this means. It is a massive breach of the rights of the accused.

No. 1079908

File: 1646241965979.jpg (1.95 MB, 3016x2976, vJVQ9Sb.jpg)

No. 1079910

File: 1646242025922.gif (2.68 MB, 359x202, giphy (1).gif)

I can't with Hungary's spinelessness, it's ridiculous to watch. Up until the war, the narrative has been 'Migrants are baaaad', 'EU is evil and baaad', 'East is gooood' and now suddenly we shit on Putin, help the Ukrainians because 'it's the Christian thing to do' and agree with every value that the EU stands for. I bet we look schizophrenic from the outside. We give food to our Ukrainian friends and will shut our airspace but no, helping them with weapons is too much, we're not doing that.

No. 1079911

You do look schizophrenic, but then again, wasn't that one super anti gay Hungarian Minister caught in a gay orgy in Germany a few months back? You are a country of contradictions!

No. 1079913

Jesus, whatever. You can keep going on circles about how fucked up it is that a victim doesn't get her case dismissed immediately because she didn't suffer violence or yell loud enough or whatever just to flex your superior lawyer lingo powers like you were Nick Rekieta until the end of time but just go google the law change instead of relying on a simplified recount on an imageboard.

No. 1079918

finland is the emo cousin and hungary is finlands distant unhinged cousin

No. 1079919

I get you want to be an autistic lawyer, but it's extremely difficult to convict rapists and I honestly don't care about creepy men's rights. The system and the police is still in their favour, relax.

No. 1079920

I see! Thanks for the answer, I had a hunch it was complicated.

No. 1079922

> wasn't that super anti gay Hungarian Minister caught in a gay orgy in Germany a few months back?
kek that is a hilarious sentence

No. 1079923

> You can keep going on circles about how fucked up it is that a victim doesn't get her case dismissed immediately because she didn't suffer violence or yell loud enough or whatever
?????? I literally said the complete opposite what the hell are you talking about?

>just to flex your superior lawyer lingo powers like you were Nick Rekieta until the end of time

I have made every effort to use the simplest possible language.

>just go google the law change instead of relying on a simplified recount on an imageboard.

Maybe I will, if there are any english articles for it, I don't speak Finnish.

>Implying Finland isn't unhinged

You are either ignorant or stupid, sorry. This isn't men's rights, it's people's rights. The fact that most of the accused will be men is irrelevant. The accused do NOT have to prove their innocence, any breach of that is insanely dangerous and fucked up.

No problem anon, my pleasure!

No. 1079930

File: 1646242653708.jpg (2.12 MB, 3304x2838, icB7LzB.jpg)

No. 1079932

I just discovered this, all definitions in all EU countries but it still the old one for Finland, I am curious to find a source in English for the new one too: https://eige.europa.eu/gender-based-violence/regulatory-and-legal-framework/legal-definitions-in-the-eu?page=2

I agree with you trying to tell the anons here how important the burden of proof is, because shitty laws enable more shitty laws to made.

No. 1079933

Those poor innocent muslimerinos
People like you are so retarded(bait)

No. 1079934

>The accused do NOT have to prove their innocence, any breach of that is insanely dangerous and fucked up.
What about the victim's rights? Isn't it "insanely dangerous and fucked up" that you never get justice for what you had to suffer through just because of a technicality written in the law allowing your attacker to walk away a free man and possibly do it to someone else? Are you honestly worried that this relatively small change will get thousands of men wrongly convicted of rape instead of being made to help prevent them? Because like >>1079919 said there's no need to worry, the police and the law system will still be in the rapists' favour. No woman starts the long court proceedings and having to relive the trauma over and over again just to get some moid put away based on a lie.

No. 1079936

>anon is retarded for being upset at a 14 year old girl getting gang raped and murdered
>because she was Muslim
When will you /pol/ scrotes just fucking rope already? Can you fly to Ukraine and die?

No. 1079939

She should write a memoir or something. I’d totally read it

No. 1079940

File: 1646243037167.jpg (2.01 MB, 3366x3030, 80q4iet.jpg)

No. 1079943

Same, but I think it's safe to say that putin would get her killed before she could do that.

No. 1079948

I'd love for her to pull a Ivana Trump and spill it all.

No. 1079949

File: 1646243199890.jpg (212.03 KB, 1280x887, 1280px-Dybenko_&_Makhno.jpg)

>This isn't men's rights, it's people's rights. The fact that most of the accused will be men is irrelevant. The accused do NOT have to prove their innocence, any breach of that is insanely dangerous and fucked up.
Yeah and no matter how much you codify all that shit, it doesn't matter. Misogynist judges still act like women have to prove they didn't 'want it' or 'asked for it', meanwhile you are worried that the scales will slightly tip in the other direction for once. Police officers still share pictures of victims among themselves. Women even have to be careful that we don't defend ourselves against rapists too hard, or we'll get in trouble ourselves. We're not allowed to use anything as a weapon to defend ourselves, even paint spray is controversial in many countries, which isn't fair in comparison to men generally being stronger. I know there are potential consequences and it's bad legal theory, but the world is bigger than just legal theory.

No. 1079950

Yeah, this and Ukraine’s application, plus the idea of Bosnia joining the EU that some have suggested, is a pipe dream. Applying for EU membership =\= getting admitted to the EU. Best case scenario, it would take at least a decade to happen.

No. 1079952


No. 1079953

yeah, i was sad to see her absent, she's a cool lady. maybe the first time our country's ever had a decent president

No. 1079955

File: 1646243394290.jpg (285.07 KB, 1000x1523, eb56c06c3f8a5941b21a16573fca9d…)

KEK, true dat, I still fondly remember the memes. He tried to escape the police by jumping out the window naked and sliding down the gutter (is that what you call it in English?). Epic.

No. 1079957

Well first of all
>No woman starts the long court proceedings and having to relive the trauma over and over again just to get some moid put away based on a lie.
Yes, yes they do. I had a defendant with just such a case, where his daughter tried to frame him for raping his grandson. So allow me to tell you again that you don't know what you are talking about.

>What about the victim's rights? Isn't it "insanely dangerous and fucked up" that you never get justice for what you had to suffer through just because of a technicality written in the law allowing your attacker to walk away a free man and possibly do it to someone else?

There is a saying in criminal law that is as old as Western Civilization, it comes from Ancient Greece "Is it Better that Ten Guilty Persons Go Free Than that One Innocent Person be Convicted". This is the essence and soul of our criminal system. If you disagree with this you are simply asking for a criminal system that goes against the presumption of innocence that is holding up our entire criminal system and I (and most legal scholars) would argue society itself.

>Are you honestly worried that this relatively small change will get thousands of men wrongly convicted of rape instead of being made to help prevent them? Because like >>1079919 said there's no need to worry, the police and the law system will still be in the rapists' favour.

No, it is not that simple. First of all, yes I do worry, because I don't hate men, I want them to get a fair trial too, I represent men all the time. Secondly, setting such a precedent for one crime opens the floodgates of setting it for any other. This is an extremely dangerous situation with which I would NEVER trust any government.

You are a piece of shit anon, these people were an innocent family brutally tortured and raped.

Yeah and no matter how much you codify all that shit, it doesn't matter. Misogynist judges still act like women have to prove they didn't 'want it' or 'asked for it', meanwhile you are worried that the scales will slightly tip in the other direction for once.
A judge is not misogynist when he asks proof of non consent. That is exactly what he must do, you have no idea what you are talking about. That is the whole reason we have courts, so we can find out the truth and the burden of truth being leveled on the accuser for the reasons I have stated above.

>police officers still share pictures of victims among themselves.

I dislike police as much as anyone but it is irrelevant in this conversation.

>Women even have to be careful that we don't defend ourselves against rapists too hard, or we'll get in trouble ourselves. We're not allowed to use anything as a weapon to defend ourselves, even paint spray is controversial in many countries, which isn't fair in comparison to men generally being stronger.

I advocate for the right of self defense and the right of the victim of a crime to defend themselves with proportionate force. And trust me, if your lawyer isn't shit, you can already do that (in most places I know of, laws vary by place).

>I know there are potential consequences and it's bad legal theory, but the world is bigger than just legal theory.

Yeah, the world is much bigger and the consequences are much bigger than you seem to suspect.(autistic derailment)

No. 1079958

I couldn't believe that this actually happened kek.

No. 1079959

File: 1646243536250.png (75.6 KB, 1495x394, gahahahshaha.png)

never stop, hungary

No. 1079960

Didn’t he also do that while most of Europe was making everyone stay home and some countries weren’t even allowing people to go outside without a good excuse because of covid? Christ

No. 1079963

If this was Africa or the Middle East they'd be calling this uncivilized. Hell, even if it was in South or East Asia. But because it's in Europe it's based!

No. 1079964

Technically Ukraine has been in the talks of joining the EU for almost 20 years, it's not like they tried to apply for the first time just yesterday. Still doubt it's going to happen, but I actually wouldn't be surprised if they were cut some sort of a deal just to save EU's own skin.

>First of all, yes I do worry, because I don't hate men
Opinion discarded

No. 1079967

I wonder why there's an agenda to push the idea that men who are anti-trans or anti-gays are actually gay/tranny chasers themselves. No one says that men actually want to fuck the migrants that keep coming over to their country in their racist spergouts.

No. 1079968

and the retards, just filming the whole thing.
Hope we all get nuked, I'm sorry but holy shit

No. 1079969

Who said it's based? This is a crime. But it's wartime so no one is going to do shit. Laws are silent in times of war.

No. 1079972

Why do I even bother.

No. 1079974

I highly doubt the burden of proof has actually shifted in Finland only in the case of rape, that goes way beyond a change of legal definition, I think they just fixed their shitty law and anons are misunderstood and chimping out.

No. 1079975

*that they rant about in their racist spergouts

No. 1079980

I hope so, I don't think they realise what they are asking for because they are blinded by their manhate.

No. 1079981

And who says those Ukrainian moids aren't raping women and children? I'm sorry, but they look and behave like literal orcs.

No. 1079986

Ehm, what does that have to do with what I said? Maybe they are, who knows. During wartime, especially when a nation is being invaded, anything that is not a straight up attack on the state or super heinous and obvious is generally ignored.

No. 1079987

Food is probably limited in cities that are surrounded by Russians, so punishing the people who are stealing food and hoarding it for themselves makes complete sense. Food needs to be distributed equally among the population or the end result is that the most well armed and violent will have all the food and no one else will.

No. 1079988

File: 1646243958871.jpg (1.7 MB, 3374x3010, OUjE4TD.jpg)

No. 1079989

You'd have to be scum to loot homes of people fleeing from wars. People that want to return to their country. Not that I condone the punishment.

No. 1079993

why didnt they include a country in africa i wanted to see the average height. i think there is a country with men and women that are on average 6ft and up. crazy shit.

No. 1079995

On the note of Hungary being ridiculous, I present you a government sponsored public service announcement that keeps playing on the TV (andI know some of you are going to unironically love this):

>Hi sweetie! How was your day?

>It was good.
>And how did your math exam go?
>Oh, it was cancelled, we had a presentation instead.
>And what was it about?
>That there are girls who are boys and boys who are girls. And the presenter told me that even I could become a boy if I wanted to!

Narrator: 'Would you support the popularization of sex change surgeries among minors?'

No. 1079996

The insane moids on 9gag are making bloodthirsty and misogynistic comments about war as expected of them.. anons, I’ve heard the Ukrainian border is visa-free and open to everyone who wants to fight on their side? I’m genuinely concerned for the local women after reading this…

No. 1079997

basada nonna educating the stubborn children

No. 1079998

Scrotes, in general, are literally jealous of other scrotes in any lawless land. It's pretty much a fucking lie when tradtards say they want to protect decent values and a sane, peaceful society. The "civilized" European scrotes in those comments may have posted racist shit about the barbaric men from the Middle East, Africa and Asia, but it's all because they wish they were them. They think that's "alpha" and "natural"
The proof is that as soon as they get the slightest leeway to abuse, rape, murder, they claim it's "based" and defend it tirelessly. Look upthread to see what "civilized" American scrotes of Euro ancestry do the moment they touch Iraqi soil. To this day, they're probably just annoyed they can't do it as easily in good ol burgerland

No. 1080000

>blinded by manhate
How would you feel if a scrote who worked at a center for mentally handicapped people, put his dick in the mouth of a woman there and got off scot-free? There was no violence involved, she didn't say no, she wasn't drugged. You can't give a blanket ban for intercourse with mentally handicapped people, since there are happy couples who actually live together and are married. He wasn't a doctor or teacher or someone in a position of trust. The correct legal theory response to this is to say, well that is the consequence of having a fair legal system, but is it fair? How often do you work rape cases?
NTA, but afaik it's not distributed equally and people still have to pay

No. 1080004

nonny who are these people? what are their stories?

No. 1080005

i found out it was the dinka tribe if anyone cared (no one does but me ill leave)

No. 1080007

Kyiv anon? Update?

No. 1080008

It's telling enough that the internet lawyer anon is having such a spergout over a very minor improvement to the consent law to take the victim's rights to a higher consideration and ensure a fair trial for them as well. Nobody tell them that marital rape was outlawed in 1994 or they'll worry for all the poor innocent husbands having been wrongly convicted and sent to prison by their evil manhating spouses.

No. 1080012

File: 1646245232641.jpg (2.23 MB, 3162x2873, f7OkVgT.jpg)

images taken of the russian empire for the tsar

No. 1080030

The NYT approved the Iraq war, not surprised

No. 1080031

all of american media wants the war to escalate, more views/clicks more money. no better way to get that than a war.

No. 1080035

Don't do it anon, it's a warzone. If you go near the front you will probably die.

Thank you anon, I try!

>How would you feel if a scrote who worked at a center for mentally handicapped people, put his dick in the mouth of a woman there and got off scot-free? There was no violence involved, she didn't say no, she wasn't drugged. You can't give a blanket ban for intercourse with mentally handicapped people, since there are happy couples who actually live together and are married. He wasn't a doctor or teacher or someone in a position of trust. The correct legal theory response to this is to say, well that is the consequence of having a fair legal system, but is it fair?
I would obviously feel terrible because of the limitation of our legal system. I have felt that plenty of times in my life. It is not perfect and I never said it was, but the changes you are suggesting will only make it worse. Also in the case you mentioned I could add a legal requirement to punish sex with mentally handicapped people when the perpetrator works with them.

>How often do you work rape cases?

I have represented 2 victims and 5 defendants, 4 of them innocent and one guilty.

>It's telling enough that the internet lawyer anon is having such a spergout over a very minor improvement to the consent law to take the victim's rights to a higher consideration and ensure a fair trial for them as well.
If the burden of proof has shifted then it is not an improvement and takes the victim's rights to a higher consideration than they ought to be. It ensures an UNFAIR trial, not a a fair one. Trials need to be fair for the accused, not the accuser, this is literally what the presumption of innocence is all about.

No. 1080036

The NYT supported Stalin's regime.

No. 1080037

If that happens all of NATO goes to war.

No. 1080045

"We are calling on the West to…BUT we firmly believe that.." .. oh stfu. NYT can go fuck itself.

No. 1080047

>2 victims
>5 defendants
>4 of them found innocent
>In a world where approximately only 5% of all reported rape accusations are fabricated
Do you pull the Chewbacca defense for sex predators or something?

No. 1080048

is this the NYT proper or is it just some shitty opinion article

No. 1080052

congratulations on all your hard work keeping rapists out of prison nonny. Where would we be without you?
just kidding please kill yourself you fucking scumbag

No. 1080055

The subtlety of 1950S US anti-gay propaganda

No. 1080056

Right?? kek

No. 1080060

>In a world where approximately only 5% of all reported rape accusations are fabricated
This doesn't mean what you think it means. You need an insane amount of evidence to prove that an accusation is fabricated. The overwhelming amount of fabricated accusations (not just the rape ones) are not recognized as such, it is way higher than 5%. I don't know what gender studies class you get your information from but there are plenty of men and women that will lie in court for many reasons and will try to get innocent men and women sentenced. The real world is not what you read on the Internet.

>Do you pull the Chewbacca defense for sex predators or something?

They were not sex predators, which is why they were acquitted. You seem to have some serious bigotry against people accused of sex crimes. It's because of people like you that we have courts, otherwise these innocent people would simply be sentenced because of your bias.

Right back at you, you worthless waste of oxygen. My acquitted clients were not rapists, which is why they did not go to jail. You assuming they were guilty is exactly the problem I talked to the anon above about. You have no idea what the real world is like and simple want to project your own bigotry and ignorance on it. The accusers LIED in those cases you moronic cretin! I even managed to prove one of them did and get her locked up instead.

No. 1080061

is the sperg in this thread the same as the greek fatass in the mtf thread?

No. 1080064

>the fact they didn’t go to jail PROVES they’re innocent

No. 1080067

>I don't know what gender studies class you get your information
>You seem to have some serious bigotry against people accused of sex crimes
>The accusers LIED in those cases you moronic cretin!
holy shit there's not enough cringe in the world for this, leave already

No. 1080069

You are just as bad if not worse than a fucking rapist. Die.

No. 1080072

>I have represented 2 victims and 5 defendants, 4 of them innocent and one guilty.
Since you're so autistic about these things, then you should also know that you should get your client the most fair sentence/outcome. You don't have to get them off scot-free just because they pay you a lot. Like >>1080047 says, only 5% of rape accusations are fabricated. This is why they're starting to teach ethics classes at law studies more often.

No. 1080074

An ethics class would be completely lost on this scumbag who should rot in hell along with the rapists she protected.

No. 1080077

Come on anon, I can smell that autistic XY redditor energy through the screen

No. 1080080

Just as I was thinking the autistic turbofan of the glorious Russia was enough, now we have a rape apologist. The evening hours are doomed here..

Anon I don’t plan to go there myself, I was expressing concern for Ukrainian women after finding out that the border is open for raging moids who want to go fight

No. 1080082

File: 1646247462574.jpg (49.07 KB, 645x464, news_20220302115710-thumb-645x…)


Seeing an article about Plushenko whining about Ukraine opened a box deep inside my memories when I was a teen aged Hetalia fan. Smh I was so into him kek

No. 1080083

I worked their cases idiot, I saw the complete absence of evidence, the lies, the constant changing and shift of the accuser's statement. And what makes you better suited to judge them than me who worked on their cases? You just assume they are guilty, I don't even know why I bother answering you.

You leave, I actually contributed useful information in this thread, you are just cringy and noisy. I assume you have never even seen the inside of a courtroom, but you seem to think yourself an expert.

Another evidence of why we need courts and why the presumption of innocence is so important.

I am perfectly aware of that and I ofc had an ethics class at University. But this
>only 5% of rape accusations are fabricated
is simply not true. What this means is that only 5% of those who made a false accusation were proven to have done so beyond a reasonable doubt. This is not the same as only 5% of rape accusations are fabricated, the two number are not even close.

Ah my bad I misunderstood. Also why the fuck are you calling me a rape apologist? When the fuck did I do anything of the sort?

No. 1080085

File: 1646247491646.png (163.86 KB, 1196x562, Screen Shot 2022-03-02 at 10.5…)

No. 1080089

No. 1080090

Yeah unfortunately it seems like this thing is escalating. There will be massive casualties.

No. 1080092

You are not a lawyer, you are an attention seeking, larping scrote with nothing to offer the world, let alone this thread, and you need to fuck off and die.

No. 1080093

i don't really trust any of the casualties numbers right now, both sides are just making shit up

No. 1080094

The Murdoch overlords really do churn out the worst political takes on that site. They're only good for gossip articles kek

No. 1080095

> You need an insane amount of evidence to prove that an accusation is fabricated.
You need an insane amount of evidence to get a rape conviction, you got it the wrong way around.
>They were not sex predators
Clients lie, all the time, but for some reason you think mainly rape victims lie, even though it's statistically unlikely and you don't suspect your clients who are accused of rape. You're having an easy time representing rapists, it doesn't matter whether they lie for you to be able to do your job, since it's so difficult to convict them anyway. Most rape victims shower immediately after the fact, washing all the DNA away. Other times they don't even realize it's rape until later or don't dare to immediately report it, which makes it even more difficult to get evidence. So you don't have to deal with the issue that your client lied and suddenly you find out fairly last minute that there's even evidence. Meanwhile all that a defendant has to do to make the victim look like a liar, is to just say he didn't do it, because the burden of proof isn't on him.
>You seem to have some serious bigotry against people accused of sex crimes.
Women aren't fans of rapists
>It's because of people like you that we have courts, otherwise these innocent people would simply be sentenced because of your bias.
Innocent people are already sentenced all the time in your perfectly fair court system. The only topic where it happens rarely, is rape, because it's notoriously difficult to get a conviction in the first place.
>You have no idea what the real world is like and simple want to project your own bigotry and ignorance on it.
In the real world a woman is failed at every step, with the help of you and some other lawyer has to deal with the secondary trauma of actually trying to help victims.

No. 1080096

It's unfortunately true. Ukraine can not win this war. They are only prolonging the inevitable.

Oh yeah for sure. But it has to be large, just from all the vehicles Ukrainians have killed, that has got to be thousand of dead russians. Those Javelins sure do work.

No. 1080097

there will be no global nuclear war for the pure fact that it would not be in the interest of the world's richest oligarchs

No. 1080100

Would they really fucking destroy the entire world over this? Jfc these fucking moids

No. 1080102

I comfort myself by thinking that it wouldn’t be too fun for Putin to rule over a world where only him and his yes men exist

No. 1080104

People think he's dying tho, what if nukes are on his bucketlist?

No. 1080105

>‘We don’t want your bloody medals’ - 'dead' Zmiinyi Island soldiers speak out
>Ukrainian servicemen from Zmiinyi Island (‘Snake Island’) have spoken out after being pronounced ‘dead’ by the Ukrainian government and being awarded a ‘posthumous’ medal.

>The troops made headlines last week for allegedly telling a Russian ship to ‘go f**k yourself,’ before being killed. Now confirmed alive, the soldiers are angry at a government they feel let them down.

According to BBC, the soldiers were taken prisoner by the Russians, so the part about them being alive doesn't seem to be fabricated by Russian state media. Not sure what to think of this

No. 1080106

>You need an insane amount of evidence to get a rape conviction, you got it the wrong way around.
No actually you don't. You need SOME evidence. The problem with rape is that there is rarely ANY evidence. See what I mean when I say you don't know what you are talking about?

>Clients lie, all the time, but for some reason you think mainly rape victims lie, even though it's statistically unlikely and you don't suspect your clients who are accused of rape. You're having an easy time representing rapists, it doesn't matter whether they lie for you to be able to do your job, since it's so difficult to convict them anyway. Most rape victims shower immediately after the fact, washing all the DNA away. Other times they don't even realize it's rape until later or don't dare to immediately report it, which makes it even more difficult to get evidence. So you don't have to deal with the issue that your client lied and suddenly you find out fairly last minute that there's even evidence. Meanwhile all that a defendant has to do to make the victim look like a liar, is to just say he didn't do it, because the burden of proof isn't on him.

You are literally arguing against the burden of proof being on the accuser and against the presumption of innocence. You have been doing it through this whole conversation. I think I have explained enough why this is nonsense and no reasonable person will agree with you.

>Women aren't fans of rapists

Again with the assumption of guilt, you are getting tiring.

>Innocent people are already sentenced all the time in your perfectly fair court system. The only topic where it happens rarely, is rape, because it's notoriously difficult to get a conviction in the first place.

Courts are not perfect, but they are the best solution we have. Also no lol, rape is not the only case where getting evidence is hard.

>In the real world a woman is failed at every step, with the help of you and some other lawyer has to deal with the secondary trauma of actually trying to help victims.

Are you actually accusing defense lawyers of defending their clients? This is a first.


Couldn't care less what you think.

No. 1080107

question everything you ever see come out of a prisoner of war's mouth, no matter who has them.

No. 1080108

Read the room already, nobody here wants your autistic views on how ackshually men are constantly getting wrongfully convicted or you bragging about how you kept an old scrote possibly raping his grandkid from going to prison. If you really are a lawyer, you're the reason why serial rapists get to do it again and again escaping consequences, because the justice system always ends up deciding in their favor thanks to slimy fucks like you.

No. 1080109

didn't the ukranian government claim they ''might still be alive'' after the audio clip went viral?

>But in a recent statement posted on Facebook, the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine said: “We [have a] strong belief that all Ukrainian defenders of Zmiinyi (Snake) Island may be alive.”


from 4 days ago

No. 1080110

Oh, so that whole thing was propaganda?

No. 1080114

I didn't say anything about men or being wrongfully convicted. Also several anons thanked me for my input so far, so maybe you should read the room and fuck off. Take you anger of the justice system and go running or sth.

No. 1080116

fucking retards, I hate populist media so much.

No. 1080117

All you do is try to shout people down and insult people and call them stupid. You’re not a lawyer you’re a larping scrote.

No. 1080118

Yeah I mean it isn’t unheard of for one side to use POWs and other prisoners for their own propaganda purposes and at this rate I wouldn’t put anything past RT and other Russian state media organs

No. 1080119

They thanked you for explaining a legal concept anyone can google in two seconds, not you caping for rapists kek

No. 1080120

is this the same sperg from the last night's mtf debacle? how drab

No. 1080123

This might surprise you, but when stupid people that have now idea about what they are talking about start saying stupid shit, you might be called stupid.

No. 1080124

Everyone ITT agrees. Nobody agrees with you because you’re a lying rape apologist and most likely a scrote.

No. 1080126

This, you really can't see the gun aimed at their heads behind the camera so to speak.

No. 1080128

Point me to where I caped for rapists. Oh wait you can't because I didn't. Did I cape for Putin too? There is about as much evidence for that.

No. 1080129

Scrotes really be getting thanked once and think that means everyone worships them. Women are just polite, scrote. Although you probably consider politeness as evidence of consent because you’re a nasty disgusting scrote.

No. 1080133

According to your larp, you make an entire career out of defending rapists. Nice DARVO.

No. 1080134

>I worked their cases idiot, I saw the complete absence of evidence
That's common in rape cases you fucking autist, that doesn't mean they lied. No fucking way you're a woman. Somehow you do take this in account for accused rapists, but not victims.
>The problem with rape is that there is rarely ANY evidence.
Yeah that doesn't mean they lied, like you automatically assume. There are good reasons for why this happens.
>Also no lol, rape is not the only case where getting evidence is hard.
You don't need to 'get' evidence, police fabricates it all the time. The testimony of police also automatically counts as hard evidence.
>Are you actually accusing defense lawyers of defending their clients? This is a first.
I already explained to you that your only obligation is to get your client a fair sentence, not to get them off Scot-free when they are likely guilty.

No. 1080136

Yeah I don't care to argue anymore. I am here to watch the shitshow in Ukraine, not argue with dumbshits.

No. 1080137

everyone knows that already.

No. 1080138

i know people like to talk shit about africa as a continent and other brown and black countries but at least when they go to war they keep it in the continent/country. europeans and anglo saxons love dragging everyone into their shit while being the least impacted compared to everyone else. and i quite frankly am tired.

No. 1080139

No. 1080146

Men are far more likely to be raped than to ever be falsely accused of rape
>N-No it's because it's so hard to prove false accusations!
Rape has been going on since the dawn of time. Men took pride in it, only raging when it happened to girls and women they considered their property. Is there a single historical era of women proudly making false rape accusations in any society? No, because it's not beneficial. To this day, most accused rapists never face jail time, but the accusers are marked as "damaged goods" no matter the outcome. A false rape accusation carries little to no potential gain, as even true rape accusations are hard to enact justice for. Occam's razor is pretty clear here, sorry

No. 1080148

KEK you can’t even argue your case on an imageboard without storming off and crying and you expect us to believe you’re a lawyer.
All men are retarded.

No. 1080153

I literally don't want to derail this thread anymore, I understand a child doesn't understand the concept of walking away. I have argued enough so that anyone with half a brain can figure out my points.

I appreciate your post anon, it is not stupid like most of the ones I was answering, but I don't want to derail this thread any longer.

No. 1080154

Did they say the cool thing though? This is very important.

No. 1080155

File: 1646248991623.png (60.29 KB, 1182x220, Screen Shot 2022-03-02 at 11.2…)

>ppl really think the chinese weren't in on it from the beginning

No. 1080156

What’s interesting is that I’ve heard somewhere before that Lavrov allegedly told putin this militay operation is not a good idea. Don’t know if that makes it better or worse, anyone got more info on this?

No. 1080157

Nona, like I explained, defending rapists is baby easy mode. I can definitely believe he's a shitty sleazy lawyer scrote. An imageboard is harder on him than the average judge.

No. 1080165

i know it's not funny but at this point i really can't do much else than laugh. absolute fucking clown world.

No. 1080166

>Comes to EUfag thread to masturbate to war porn and big boy military paraphilia
>See women talking about unfair rape trials
>Mansplain EUfag anons their own law without any prior knowledge of their legal or cultural context
>Have the compulsory need to start sperging about muh false rape accusations because you can't relate to women and their experiences with rape at all
>Drop autistic walls of text repeating "I'M A LAWYER YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT YOU'RE TALKING ABOUT" over and over again
This is some textbook moid shit to the point it's absolutely hilarious.

No. 1080167

You spewed a load of rape myths and then stomped your feet and cried when nobody believed you. You have achieved absolutely nothing you pathetic larper, aside from confirming to us for the millionth time how retarded and depraved men really are.

No. 1080168

File: 1646249259230.png (44.86 KB, 1004x188, Screen Shot 2022-03-02 at 11.2…)


No. 1080169

Power trumps money if that is the way it goes. If this escalates Putin will attack America. I'm still optimistic it will end before that though.

No. 1080170

It was pretty obvious. Xi is a master of hypocrisy.

No. 1080174

Russia flew in Sweden's airspace. I can feel things are about to escalate.

No. 1080177

I would imagine that this is a response to them announcing that they are considering to join NATO.

No. 1080178

lawyers are some of THE most corrupt people on the planet. they are the biggest reason why sex offenders get to repeat. they dont care about morals or justice just money. its so transparent.

No. 1080180

idk seems pretty on character for Xi. to me it seems like china will profit the most out of this entire thing

No. 1080181

File: 1646249467832.png (89.11 KB, 1130x414, Screen Shot 2022-03-02 at 11.3…)

No. 1080182

Based. Ugly scrotes deep down know they won't be the man who gets raped so they don't even care about the boys or men who do. All men who sexually assault or attempt to do so should be sent to an island filled with men like themselves so they can't hurt any women.

No. 1080183

China likes to stir the pot, from this to them flooding western markets with all their cheap shit and making the west depend on them economically

No. 1080184

Oh yeah, I meant hypocrisy for someone that is not a dictator.

No. 1080185

>mansplain their own laws
I don't want to get into the false accusation/rape stuff but I tried to look for the Finnish law change (because the presumption of innocence is literally EU law) and it really seems like anons were mistaken about their own laws, so they did need some mansplaining

No. 1080186

Can you stfu please. No one cares about your shit. I take back my thanks. You're annoying. I know plenty of women that have been raped or molested and haven't taken legal action. I know of men that have bragged about rape, even ones on trail that got away with it. The law is a tool not an absolute, anything with humans is prone to errors. Just shut the fuck up

No. 1080187

They do this all the time, it's nothing too out of the ordinary. They're probably testing the waters to see what kind of a a reaction they get.

No. 1080188

Don't reply to the moid rape defender. Male suicide rates are higher than female because men like him know they're defective and clear themselves out of the genepool and he will too. It's just a matter of time and no one will miss him.

No. 1080190

Replied to wrong anon sorry lol

No. 1080192

Well, no better way to keep the West from interfering to all their human rights violations.

No. 1080193

File: 1646249704528.jpg (18.27 KB, 480x360, justlikeyou.jpg)

Hasn't been China doing what Russia's doing to Ukraine, but to Taiwan? Pic related, Vladimir and Xi probably

No. 1080194

File: 1646249765592.png (666.97 KB, 1200x1200, VKU1b56.png)

truly, its a bid for an eastern world order

No. 1080195

I hate to go #notall, but there are feminist lawyers who mainly help women. The women I studied with were all very caring and emphatic, absolutely wonderful to work on projects with. They interned for free at places to help women in debt, going through abuse etc. instead of interning at a corporate place and getting paid. Scrote lawyers aren't to be trusted tho.

No. 1080196

Well not yet. But they are obviously planning to. How NATO handles Ukraine will probably affect their decision. So far it hasn't been the most impressive answer from NATO.

No. 1080199

>america condemning
Yeah why aren't they helping Ukraine then?

No. 1080200

what can we do that would not escalate the war even more? biden has clearly decided to leave it up to germany to decide

No. 1080201

Taiwan is directly defended by the US though, not the same situation. I think only the US foreign policy influences China on how to deal with Taiwan.

No. 1080203

>Scrote lawyers aren't to be trusted tho.
Based. Scrote law-students nd people who work in law are the worst, they break the most laws or know their way around it. Though the larper can't be a lawyer, hes simply too retarded kek.

No. 1080204

Based. Actually I believe that the rape apologist faggot screeching about muh blue haired feminist gender studies boogeyman is an American scrote lawyer to gawk at European war terror since in the US you can pass a bar exam with a double digit IQ and most male attorneys have some form of narcissism or sociopathy anyway.

No. 1080205

the amerifat jumps to defent burgerland as soon as a remark is made. kek so predictable

No. 1080207

not taiwan, but hong kong yes. not much the west could do about that though since UK gave it back to them.
taiwan has yet to see real military threat from china, probably because it would be too risky and china would rather incorporate taiwan economically than take it over militarily-potentially triggering a war with the US.

No. 1080208

NATO is literally the US plus friends though.

No. 1080209

i'm stating a fact stop being a schizo

No. 1080211

Go to your own thread

No. 1080212

Also logistically Taiwan is more difficult to invade than Ukraine. It’s a pretty mountainous island and apparently the sea around it is quite shallow so China would need special ships or something to launch their invasion

No. 1080213

He probably isn't even a lawyer. He Googled laws of a country to make a shitty comment, noone who graduated law school would be retarded enough to use google kek.

No. 1080214

why? is it against the rules for me to post in this thread? i'm talking about europe. you're the one going off-topic

No. 1080216

File: 1646250683615.jpg (309.15 KB, 1392x2048, FM3Ru-3XsAQGrCX.jpg)

Do supermarkets ban russian products like wodka in your country as well? Here they remove everything that is from russia or is related name-wise.

No. 1080217

>ameritard brings up obeseland in euro thread
>calls others out for derailing when she gets caught
Biden is weak and Putin saw this opportunity to take what he wanted, if Trump was in office or Biden actually commented on the situation defending Ukraine, Putin wouldn't be as confident.

No. 1080218

? i didn't even bring up the US this poster did >>1080199
who is clearly a european

No. 1080220

In Finland supermarkets removed all products made in Russia so yeah there's a big effort to isolate Putin.

No. 1080227

Yes, it's happening in Austria too.

No. 1080231

trump being in office was exactly what putin wanted retard. he shifted focus away from the russia enemy and onto the "chinese" enemy–thereby pushing china closer to russia economically.
all of this never would have happened under obama. biden was simply the unlucky figurehead to bear the outcomes.

No. 1080235

Slovakia too, but it feels like virtue signaling to change the name of ice cream. Is Putin really hurt by that?

No. 1080243

How bad is the anti-Russian sentiment in your country now?

No. 1080245

Most people are mad at Putin but emphasize not to take it out on Russians, especially those who live as a minority in our country and that most Russians didn't ask for a war either yet are hurt by the sanctions the most.

No. 1080247

Go back to amerifat thread if you wanna shill your pedo president.
Wonder how relations will be like afterwards. Doesn't Russia supply a huge amount of gas and stuff to Europe? Russias economy is going to plummet

No. 1080248

Depends on what you call "anti-Russian", here in Russia this word is also used to mean "anti-government" by govshills, while many of those in the political opposition claim they love Russia itself and wish the best for this country but hate what the government does.

No. 1080249

thats freedom fries type of retardation

No. 1080250

I wonder if there are or have been Russian anons here?

No. 1080252

There have been a few in previous threads

No. 1080253

I think thrre is at least one

No. 1080254

I've seen at least 4 Russians and one Ukrainian anon.

No. 1080256

Rusanon here. Not sure what exactly you were asking but yes, Putin and Russia in general are very hurt by this economically. My mom can't work anymore, basically - all of her paycheck tranfers come from international banks who refused to send any funds or even operate in Russia. The ruble right now is at less that 1 US cent (though it falls and rises a few rubles) and clearly prices on quite literally everything are going to skyrocket, and it's going to be probably the worst time the Russian economy has ever had since the 90s, at least.
Even though times are bad right now, we're all equally poor, and if protests cant prevent the army from advancing further into Ukraine, hopefully Putin will realize the Russian stock market is turning into peanuts at this moment, and it wont stop until he backs off a little.

No. 1080258

better than before tbh, every person I know blames Putin for this and feels degrees of bad for russians

No. 1080260

We still can go on the Internet though (thankfully), I think if the higher ups decide to cut off the web or pull off a Chinese firewall (there are plans) there will be much more protesters than there is now.
Also, lolcow is blocked by some internet providers here but it's easy to bypass.

No. 1080261

i am using quite literally one of the shittiest vpns out there for free and i can access everything i used to. Besides, since about 2020 it's been impossible to get on lolcow in Russia without a vpn. Unless Rostelecom (biggest isp in Russia) is forced to shut down - and that would be a major fuckfest - Russians wont have too hard of a time being on the internet.

No. 1080263

Why is lolcow banned?

No. 1080264

You know he won't stop right? He doesn't give a fuck about the people of Russia, he doesn't care what happens to you. This is the guy that sent a bunch of conscripts with no orders other than to move forward into a warzone and raked casualties of thousands. Look at this shit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C6v3nnxOrh4

No. 1080265

Lolcow's banned in Russia? Kek, why?

No. 1080267

>since about 2020 it's been impossible to get on lolcow in Russia without a vpn
My isp is weird lol, it blocks (used to block) the main page but not any of the boards.
The roscomnadzor registries list lolcow as banned because of CP distribution, so I guess it's because some salty 2ch (Russian 4chinz) moid raided and then reported lolcow to the gov.

No. 1080268

everything with the right dose (65 mg) is sold out, for at least two weeks now. You also shouldn't take that stuff after a certain age (45 years), because it will do more harm than help. I really hope they are swallowing it all right now to prepare themselves… as if this stuff will save you when a nuclear war is on the corner. Hope your mother will get her pills, despite of the idiots all around her.

No. 1080270

Thanks for the intel Rusanon, as a Finnfag I'm really sorry that regular Russian people need to suffer because of your piece of shit of a president. Do young people generally believe the Russian state propaganda or is it more of a boomer thing?

No. 1080274

There is a difference between sending off some random Buryat 18 year olds to war without them knowing and the economy of your country being shrinked to the size of some landlocked African state. One clearly affects Putin more.

No. 1080279

but Russisch Brot is made in East Germany, so, why ban it? I still need to learn spelling with it, kek.
It seems that they are removing the products, but there are still more than enough Russian products at my stores in Northern Germany.

No. 1080282

Putin won't feel anything from the sanctions. He has amassed an insane amount of money by stealing from the country for decades now. I assumed the parents seeing their boys getting horrifically murdered would be a bigger problem for him.

No. 1080286

>I assumed the parents seeing their boys getting horrifically murdered would be a bigger problem for him.
He doesn't care, look up Ryazan sugar and other government psyops that ended in civilians being killed. He's a former KGB agent, they don't care about human lives (and modern FSB agents don't, too. They torture civilians for their own/political/etc gain, sometimes involving psychotronic weaponry.)

No. 1080288

This is as about as believable as this >>1080105

No. 1080291

The Russian soldiers were pretty believable if you have looked how they acted.

I was mostly talking about the parents losing their shit and starting to kill police officers and bombing state offices. I know parents that would do that shit.

No. 1080292

Oof, sounds fucking awful. Are you getting your needs met, can people get food from the stores and stuff?

No. 1080301

I'm sorry nona, I know things are rough over there. I meant more changing the names of products (the ice cream used to be called 'Russian', now 'Ukrainian), not something related to the sanctions.

No. 1080304

unironically, take your meds.

No. 1080308

Anyone else think this won't end in a nuclear war but with absolutely abhorred biological weapons?

No. 1080309

NTA, but they found the Instagram pages of a lot of those POW who were saying they were conscripts. They were bragging about going to Kyiv and knew it was an invasion.

No. 1080310

Thanks for the support finnanon.
>Do young people generally believe the Russian state propaganda or is it more of a boomer thing?
I would say in bigger cities like Moscow and St. Petersburg, about 70% of people try to avoid/don't consume Russian state propaganda. In provincial regions, the number is, of course, lower. My social circle is pretty narrow but I haven't met anyone I know in real life who does believe in it. People know, but they're hopeless at this point. It doesn't make things easier when there is also a very good chance of getting arrested for a few days to a week and you and maybe even your family getting placed on a watchlist for who knows how long.
You're right in that he probably wont personally feel much from the sanctions, but the means in which he'll be able to progress the war will. The most realistic optimism i can hope for is that everyone can go protest the war after half the population is laid off kek.
>I was mostly talking about the parents losing their shit and starting to kill police officers and bombing state offices. I know parents that would do that shit.
Parents are capable of a lot when their kids are killed in cold blood, but you would be surprised at the amount of people who the system fucked over majorly like that, and get scared into not doing anything. Everything in the Russian government can be either bought or, much more often, completely ignored and suppressed - silence, organized crime, bureaucratical incompetence. It's really just like many other governments, in my opinion the only difference between them and Russia is that Russia does a horrible job at keeping it all under wraps.
Russia doesn't have a culture of speaking out against injustice mainly because of this level of corruption prevalent since the Soviet Union.
For now our needs are met. We'll really be seeing the effects of this 2 weeks to a month in, i think.
Ah, okay. Its stupid but it's nothing new, everything that had a german-sounding name during WW1 was renamed to its country's more native translation of it.

No. 1080313

I think it'll end with the death of the petrodollar and western global dominance.

No. 1080315

what about the killer robots

No. 1080317

File: 1646254102713.png (69.86 KB, 1174x262, Screen Shot 2022-03-02 at 12.4…)

No. 1080318

Probably, why not? They're already using thermobaric bombs. I've seen reports of gasmasks being distributed among Russian soldiers, so who knows?

No. 1080319

samefag i wasn't trying to be cheeky i meant this

No. 1080325

>tfw taught my entire life that wars aren't fought this way anymore
>clearly they still are
humans never change

No. 1080329

File: 1646254649581.png (193.37 KB, 542x675, 1gdLyfX.png)

did russia shoot them down?

No. 1080331

There are articles being written on conspiracy sites that say what Putin is actually invading Ukraine for it's biological weapons labs. It sounds unbelievable but the theory keeps reappearing.

No. 1080333

it's being reported as "bad weather" accident

No. 1080335

Anon right though, do you really want burgers further in this? They just fuck up everything up to the point of no return and probably even find a way to profit from Europe getting leveled.

No. 1080339

it's polish reeeeeeeeee

No. 1080354

>The New York Times

No. 1080365

>A Western intelligence report said senior Chinese officials told senior Russian officials in early February not to invade Ukraine before the end of the Winter Olympics in Beijing, according to senior Biden administration officials and a European official.
>However, different intelligence services had varying interpretations, and it is not clear how widely the information was shared.

So it means fucking nothing.

No. 1080370

Tbh Americans can make up any “intelligence” and people will fall for it. That’s how you get the Iraq War.

No. 1080376

so, you guys think china is on our side? despite abstaining from condemning putin's attack everytime they are asked about it? and that xi and putin's highly publicized meeting during the olympics was simply a nice chat over lunch?

No. 1080377

The Chinese Civil War never officially ended so technically the two are still at war and Taiwan is technically a part of China. It’s a part of the ROC along with Kinmen and Matsu (people often forget about those two). I can sort of see the similarities but it’s not really comparable to Russo-Ukrainian relations.

No. 1080379

China is on nobody’s side but imagine thinking some Western intelligence report is supposed to prove China wanted Russia to invade Ukraine. The source is literally “dude trust me”.

No. 1080383

File: 1646256226437.jpg (Spoiler Image,77.68 KB, 1023x576, FM0kG8mXEAAkXSt.jpg)

more looters punished

No. 1080386

File: 1646256369449.png (242.59 KB, 1166x1118, Screen Shot 2022-03-02 at 1.25…)

>china is on nobody's side
>despite cementing economic ties with russia prior to and during the invasion
again with the delusions

No. 1080387

The men who did this "punishment" = closeted bisexuals and homosexuals

No. 1080388

>they couldn't even spell мародер right
also, stripping them completely naked is a punishment for everyone seeing their unchopped limp dick rather than the looters themselves

No. 1080389

>The source is literally “dude trust me”.
A lot of the media is like that now and people still fall for it. Early intelligence reports are always so vague too.

No. 1080393

oh what the fuck

No. 1080395

File: 1646256641284.jpeg (125.7 KB, 901x725, 1610042377374.jpeg)

omg noooo Lennu died of a brain tumor last year

No. 1080396

Lol Eastern Europe

No. 1080399

File: 1646256747243.jpg (49.84 KB, 540x720, 1a023400.jpg)

>Russia doesn't have a culture of speaking out against injustice mainly because of this level of corruption prevalent since the Soviet Union.
I read a book written by a Finnish embassy employee living in Russia, she described how people just cope with dark humor with all the situations, since your people have been through so many crazy dictators and stuff. Not that she called Russians weak, quite the opposite, since despite all odds people have survived. It will be interesting to see if this situation will be any different.

No. 1080401

Kek thank you for reminding me to read the article first. Seems like NYT wants to say China approved of it but backtrack at the last paragraph to demonstrate they are completely certain so don’t hold them accountable.

No. 1080402

*are not completely certain

No. 1080403

what do you gain from shilling for china? dead serious

No. 1080407

NTA but the reporter also supported the Iraq War and the New York Times is really pro-war escalation.

No. 1080410

>questioning the media means you are a shill

No. 1080418

literally how is that related to russia being a chinese asset? everyone is so focused on ukraine when clearly the issue at hand is much bigger than the invasion itself.

the fact that NYT even bothered to put that idea in print is something completely ignored in the current western media atm

you're right, it just means you're ignorant for not understanding/refusing to understand why china is important

No. 1080425

I found out when I googled but didn't want to make nonnies sad. What a legend.
Though I'm confused - apparently Lennu was a Boston terrier. My veterinarian had one and it was HUGE. He was sitting in a chair like a person, basically. Are there mini Boston terriers?

No. 1080426

China is important but I don’t even get how it’s supposed to be new information? We already knew Russia was deploying troops at the border and China was telling everyone to follow the Olympic Truce. Russia violated it though.

No. 1080439

boston terriers are small dogs, only 3-11kg

No. 1080441

File: 1646258651974.jpg (62.77 KB, 1077x1053, e473a2cb8780bbd1.jpg)

Went to check local flavor of 4chongs war board, jesus the amount of moids fantasizing about war. The world will see how Finnish men will defeat Russia, then we get all the women and vodka we ask for!! Even incels get to "fill a woman"

No. 1080446

File: 1646258919335.jpeg (572.45 KB, 2048x1536, boston-terrier-smile.jpeg)

I may have exaggerated, but you certainly couldn't walk around with him like with Lennu kek. I know it was a Boston terrier since I asked (thought it's some variant of a Frenchie). He somehow was an absolute unit in comparison to pugs, Pekingese, etc. I guess he was more 12-13 kilos (looked 15 to me lek)

No. 1080451

Irl incels would be the ones dying in war and chads would get multiple wives.

No. 1080454

Is anyone else feel like it's hard to make decisions about the future right now? It just feels like even the smaller things like taking a trip to see friends is going to be ruined somehow. I'm so used to the pandemic putting a stop to future plans, now this. s

No. 1080462

File: 1646260322902.jpg (64.63 KB, 632x1024, 1546127577136.jpg)

Who's going to tell the incels that their jobs will be to make sure landmines don't go off.

No. 1080469

File: 1646260762513.webm (2.64 MB, 720x1280, 1646260516311.webm)

how do we feel about ukr civilians actively getting involved in warfare?

No. 1080472

File: 1646260876418.png (1.98 MB, 3578x864, azEj1nZ.png)

No. 1080473

File: 1646260961880.jpg (129.64 KB, 848x1280, 1646260099445.jpg)

No. 1080474


No. 1080479

No. 1080480

Is this real? I don't mean to bomb the eurofag thread, but is everyone just hunky dory with some likely pedo with supernatural spidey sense-like abilities to find children?

No. 1080481

No. 1080482

the true ghost of kiev

No. 1080483

it’s a joke

No. 1080484

File: 1646261311564.jpg (167.62 KB, 800x800, oehvnesl1bz61.jpg)

that is American streamer, pedophile apologist and horse cock enthusiast VaushV

No. 1080485

Ah. We should bring back public executions. By "we" I mean worldwide. That guy goes first.

No. 1080488

File: 1646261648848.jpg (49.59 KB, 503x500, 59sk8m.jpg)

No. 1080490

you fucking cut kike moid

No. 1080492

The age of consent exists out of respect fir your dear mom mr viosh

No. 1080493

by unchopped i don't mean "not circumcised" but rather as in not cut off lol

No. 1080495

And to be honest so do i

No. 1080498

>they decide to go to 3rd world countries to sexually traffick, rape, impregnate, abuse poor women

you're talkin about literally like 0.09% of men here lmao
but you're a retarded commy from a gated community most likely

No. 1080500

NTA, but do you know which countries are the biggest consumers of CSAM? Lol

No. 1080503

>0.09% of men
nta but yeah sure okay, try 90% and don’t forget that if most men had the resources and ability to do that they 100% would

No. 1080504

this poster is a chinkcel i bet 100 rubles

No. 1080508

dont even know what csam is lmao

No. 1080510

Child sexual abuse material. Google and then come back

No. 1080511

you're retarded, a being conservative doesn't make a country communist just because communism is conservative
nta but the other 99.91% do so in their own countries and/or jerk off to footage of those trafficked women being raped

No. 1080512


you have to be mentally deranged if you think men from muslim countries or chinks are based redpilled trad husbandos and never ever jerk off to fucked up shit.
oh you would love that traditional arabian daily wife beating
and fucking stop samefagging cunt

No. 1080516

>thinking russia is still communist
>thinking the US is progressive

No. 1080517

female looters punished

No. 1080519

No. 1080524

>the chinkcel suicidal pseudo commy unironically thinks i have a dick
ahah. well, outed himself fast

No. 1080525

nta no one ever said that, fuck off newfag moid
what the fuck is wrong with men

No. 1080526

Are these ukrainians punishing ukrainians or? either way this is disgusting I hope these moids who think they’re some sort of vigilantes get shot

No. 1080528

File: 1646263204014.jpg (43.25 KB, 640x595, FLZdlVgXMAAfjtU.jpg)

Not samefagging, and I never said that horseshit, you insane autist. I told you to Google something very simple instead of pulling bullshit statistics out of your ass, and I see you've done so and the truth made you mad. Get the fuck out of this thread you American moron, stay mad that we point out your scrote degeneracy

No. 1080529

everyone thinks you're a moid because you're as confident in your ignorance and autism as one

No. 1080533

I agree. They're not doing anything good either, a few women stealing retarded shit wouldn't have even been punished lawfully. It's just a powerplay for men.
Please delete the image. These women didn't consent to having those pictures taken. You're distributing illegal pornography.

No. 1080536

>Are these ukrainians punishing ukrainians

No. 1080537

what a schizo chinkcel trash human being you are. your parents must be proud(calm down)

No. 1080538

When interviewed, %35 of American college aged wealthy men said they'd commit sexual assault if they could get away with it. This is the best of the best men, according to most logic that'd say educated men from first world countries commit least crime. Now imagine the numbers in countries that have normalized rape or punish women instead of men like Muslims countries.

No. 1080539

File: 1646263446705.jpg (28.61 KB, 769x434, china.jpg)

Reminder that China has been increasing it's reserves of food since the pandemic. They knew this was coming.

No. 1080540

The moid above was implying muslim and other third worlder men are sooo trad and cute. Fucking hate muslim men

No. 1080541

Jesus christ why are you turning on your own people in a time of war? What is wrong with these men? Also I agree with >>1080533 it’s best to not spread these images further

No. 1080544

not only did they know it was coming they were 100% apart of the planning. whole invasion is a bid for eastern hegemony and for the collapse of the petrodollar

No. 1080545

>instead of men like Muslims countries
Are you fucking serious? Do you fucking realize how opressed women in muslim countries are? Have you not seen any fucking videos where mobs publically stone women for cheating on their husbands? You have to be a fucking muslim moid at this point(male)

No. 1080546

File: 1646263650937.png (763.6 KB, 1091x359, Capture.PNG)

Not that I trust news from either source, but in reverse googling it says these were Russian Saboteurs? What's the real story here??

No. 1080549

Scrotes can never be civilized. I don't want to hear any shit Euro scrote defense or deflections from retarded tradthots or the moids lurking these threads. These women are real humans, and their victimization isn't negligible just because the beasts had white skin

No. 1080550

I might sound retarded but I think she looks kinda pretty. Yeah there's an uncanny resemblance to putin but she's cute in the first pic.

No. 1080553

I know it’s been said but imagine if these images came out from the middle east or asia, how quick these same moids and tradthots would jump to call them savages and “subhumans” but because they’re white it’s based and cool and whatever

No. 1080554

Are you retarded? I'm saying women get punished and blamed on in Muslim countries and that's why the rates for rape is even higher. I'm not the anon you think you're replying to, schizo.

No. 1080555

Putins features, like many men's, look better when you transplant them onto a female face. Although she's not the "prettiest" she's not as uggo as people are making her out to be. Deffos does have some resemblance to her dad, but the features are a lot more softened up

No. 1080557

мародер means looter. they are branded. the "saboteur" title is not correct.

No. 1080558

Yeah that's the truth. Even ugliest men make average daughters because women's features are less extreme and more softened up.

No. 1080559

I think she’s very cute too

No. 1080561

Who was? You're so obviously a moid angry that people aren't ignoring your disgusting behavior it's not even funny. Yes, scrote, Muslim moids also belong in the incinerator, and you will fry with them. "Muh 0.009%!" no cunt, no one's falling for that shit anymore, >>1080503 is right. We see what you do the moment you get the chance. Rope already

No. 1080564

No. 1080565

File: 1646264076755.png (1.59 MB, 1080x1080, tumblr_d2a13701dbf8c4c45d45e8a…)

No. 1080566

Forgot article
>China spent $98.1 billion importing food (beverages are not included) in 2020, up 4.6 times from a decade earlier, according to the General Administration of Customs of China. In the January-September period of 2021, China imported more food than it had since at least 2016, which is as far back as comparable data goes.

Stealing food and looting local business during a war is not a good thing to do. It's Ukrainian civilians punishing these looters because they want to maintain order. Life for them is shit enough without having to see their homes and business robbed.

It's becoming clear that China always knew. Recently the Chinese even shared intelligence with the Russians that was given to them by the Americans
>However, the Chinese government repeatedly rebuffed the efforts and instead turned over the intelligence data to Moscow, an indication of the growing ties between Beijing and Moscow.

>U.S. officials got intelligence showing Beijing had shared the information with Moscow

It might be bullshit but it makes sense.

No. 1080568

Is this the new autistic ritual?

No. 1080570

No i think shes pretty. If putin didnt exist shed look like a regular pretty russian girl.

No. 1080572

how does this retarded moid have the energy to shit up a thread for so long

No. 1080577

Bceause he's deeply insecure and his family doesn't love him.

>Please delete the image. These women didn't consent to having those pictures taken. You're distributing illegal pornography.

I second that.