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File: 1646353622079.jpg (60.67 KB, 763x778, 1646350821741.jpg)

No. 1083104

Previous thread: >>>/ot/1080706

No. 1083121

nuclear plant is on fire right now

No. 1083122

File: 1646353880309.gif (2.85 MB, 443x638, toc6vc7m22ny.gif)

First for pootin'

No. 1083123


No. 1083127

Live attack on an Ukrainian nuclear power plant: https://www.twitch.tv/ukraineconflict
Assorted Ukrainian live cams:

Also, stop replying to obvious moids ffs. Report & ignore.

No. 1083131

File: 1646353960936.jpg (107.94 KB, 1080x608, FaceApp_1645834840446__01.jpg)

Is USA winning yet?

No. 1083136

File: 1646354047224.png (112.34 KB, 1280x620, Screen Shot 2022-03-03 at 7.33…)

No. 1083137

Air raid sirens going off now in stream 1 - Kyiv.

No. 1083140

Is this an attack or an accident?

No. 1083141

anyone got an updated invasion map?

No. 1083152

I hate eastern Asian moids the most

No. 1083159

American moids are far worse

No. 1083160

File: 1646354275938.png (1.23 MB, 2199x1478, 2022_Russian_invasion_of_Ukrai…)

No. 1083165

File: 1646354351184.jpg (432.38 KB, 1460x1098, sg5VlY6.jpg)

>february 24th
that's really old

No. 1083166

t. eastern Asian sissy moid

No. 1083169

File: 1646354413345.jpg (454.16 KB, 1460x1098, s1AuLgx.jpg)

most recent chinese map

No. 1083172

No, Feb 24 is the start date. The map is from March 3, Wikipedia

No. 1083180

oh lol I'm dumb

No. 1083191

Anyone else not give a fuck about politics until this happened?

No. 1083195

File: 1646354866948.png (103.85 KB, 1814x578, Screen Shot 2022-03-03 at 7.47…)


No. 1083196

File: 1646354914372.gif (1.54 MB, 640x526, 928CDE62-C1C3-425C-B1A6-62B090…)

you must be disabled once you’re born a man oh you must be mentally handicapped when you’re an XY

No. 1083197

Me. I literally managed to completely stop checking any political news for years because it gave me brainworms but now I can’t stop refreshing multiple news outlets for updates.

No. 1083199

we're all gonna die!!!!

No. 1083200

File: 1646354982112.jpg (18.55 KB, 319x326, 1617743372303.jpg)

No. 1083202

I bet it's not that easy to do a damage to a modern powerplant to make it leak or explode, there must be a way to protect it in this kind of situations; still, why the fuck would anyone risk it, no idea. I hope to wake up to a world where it's still intact

No. 1083204

File: 1646355096895.png (38.05 KB, 575x147, Screen Shot 2022-03-03 at 4.51…)

oh god

No. 1083208

and to Americans nothing happens


No. 1083209

the live stream is literally popping off right now this is insane. am i going to witness a nuclear meltdown live?

No. 1083210

Why do you want innocent people to die

No. 1083212

I don't believe anything disclosed by the popular media anymore. Everything that is spoken by the #supportUkraine part seems like a huge lie to me and misinformation made to ideologize the GP

No. 1083213

Shut the fuck up already

No. 1083214

File: 1646355261088.jpeg (321.39 KB, 828x803, FDE98FA8-5733-4A4B-88D1-4EBD93…)

No. 1083216

because innocent people will die in Europe and Eastern Europe when this shit is happening because NATO and Americans could not keep it to themselves. At least it should affect America and not other poor eastern eu nations.

No. 1083217

omg shut the fuck up

No. 1083218

File: 1646355318608.webm (2.8 MB, 1280x720, Ernodar heavy fire on admin bu…)

holy shit

No. 1083219

ugly disgusting abusive moid why do they always use socio economical situations of women to stick their dicks into them?? brain dead literally lacking any compassion

No. 1083220

not good noise community representation

No. 1083221

You shouldn't want any innocent people to die, the average American hasn't done anything to you schizo. Is this Romanian anon

No. 1083223

just report this brown moid

No. 1083224

>the firetrucks are leaving

UHHH.. uhhhhh

No. 1083225

Why do they continue to do it? I mean, if something happens to it they'll be first to die, right? I can't imagine so many russians would go willingly and put up no fight on a suicide mission like that; so they must know something that makes them believe what they're doing now is just a threat to the world but not actual danger, right?

No. 1083226

yes, but the average Russian, Romanian, Ukrainean, Bulgarian citizen has not done anything either so why should we suffer because your country is trying to monopolize the entire world?

No. 1083227

File: 1646355484299.png (45.1 KB, 578x261, Screen Shot 2022-03-03 at 4.57…)

nonnies this doesnt look good

No. 1083229

shut the fuck up racist bitch and return to your right winger bunker I cannot stand racists

No. 1083230

rip euroanons look like nuclear fallout is imminent

No. 1083231

>nuke america
it's all of europe that will suffer if this turns into another chernobyl

No. 1083232

I'm not American you retard, innocent people shouldn't have to suffer because of the choices their governments pick and you shouldn't want innocents to suffer just because they were born in a different place

No. 1083233

Life is better with Westerners in power. You can cope but at the bottom of your heart you know it’s true.

No. 1083234

I fucking hate russians so much, these people are demonic.

No. 1083235

HOLY SHIT what was that big ass explosion

No. 1083236

Chernobyl 2: radioactive boogaloo

No. 1083237

why must I suffer nuclear radiation while your government and retarded NATO military power has created this entire situation while you are safe on your continent?

No. 1083238

nta so regular americans that have no way in what they’re government does deserve to die more than eastern european people and why exactly? because you say so? because american ebil?

No. 1083239

Seeth moid

No. 1083240

Because she's jealous of Americans and has no idea what to do other than hate them over something they can't control

No. 1083241

is that bright flashing light into the camera the russians trying to distort the camera? to not give up their location
wtf is going on

No. 1083242

Because Joe Biden son got paid 50k a month by Ukraine and Ukraine is his bitch.

No. 1083243

>russia invades country that is has historically oppressed
>russians act like chimps and shoot missiles at nuclear power plant
>russians shoot at firefighters trying to take the fire out

No. 1083244

How about wanting no innocent person to suffer
Is that too much for you to wish for

No. 1083245

No, because you can apply the same logic, if eastern europeans deserve nuclear radiation and to die when most people are innocent. I mean yea nobody said so, but this war bullshit is literally taking place because of America and NATO and America's idiocy is affecting us, not them. The average civilian on neither America nor Eastern Europe does not deserve suffering at the hands of war.

No. 1083247

thank god you’ll cease shitposting soon lol

No. 1083248

America truly lives in some people's heads rent free

No. 1083250

>she's jealous

TOP KEK the best argument in the world(ban evasion)

No. 1083252

File: 1646355816011.jpeg (49.52 KB, 750x517, 63B88122-0CD6-4401-810B-4EE0B9…)

lmao, wtf

No. 1083253

where are you from exactly

No. 1083254

Those poor firefighters fuck
I wish none of this happened, we can do nothing but watch nonnies
I pray you'll all be safe because I can do nothing but pray

No. 1083255

confirmed romanianon

No. 1083256

Disprove it then

No. 1083258

It's Romanian anon, she is a lolcow

No. 1083259


Lol how could a world power be on the minds of people???? The USA?? In a political discussion???? Eastern Europe is a vacuum duh bitch jajaja

No. 1083261

i’m not even American and i hate the US as much as anyone but some of you need to stop blaming everything on American people and shut the fuck up

No. 1083262

you are the smartest person on this thread, god bless you anon i cant believe people (well i actually can because look at the past 2 years) are falling for obvious propaganda.

No. 1083263

How big would the explosion be if the plant blows up

No. 1083264

How are you more annoyed at America than Putin right now
If you suffer it will be directly Putin and his puppets' faults

No. 1083265

File: 1646355978039.png (282.51 KB, 1913x971, Vcr0pX9.png)

eurosisters i hope you stocked up already

No. 1083267

Fuckin román cigány anon?

No. 1083268

No. 1083269

I'm sure Iraqis, Somalians, Iranians, Syrians, Afghans and Vietnamese are really better off.

No. 1083271

>ITT: Eurofags and Amerifags sperging out at each other, most are probably males

No. 1083272

said to be 10x chernobyl

No. 1083273

yes. dumb males.

No. 1083275

File: 1646356147570.jpeg (161.98 KB, 1152x900, B8737034-B915-42EC-9A5D-D89F88…)

eurofags stayed pressed about america kek

No. 1083276

>14 tablets
>130 mg
as someone with iodine deficiency, are they fucking serious? normal daily dose is 200 mg for adults and they sell them in 100/200 pill packets in my country (Russia)

No. 1083277

Nonnas I don't want my cats to suffer is the fucking plant really going to blow

No. 1083278

radiation fallout from this nuclear plant can happen at any moment and your focused on that

No. 1083279

File: 1646356187825.jpg (54.13 KB, 585x767, 3be326f7652cfebd9a7ba9.jpg)

No. 1083280

you are correct. its the West in general though and I am tired of all the fake shit

No. 1083281



No. 1083282

Significantly better. Should I bring the statistics about HDI, fellow totally not commylarper sis?

No. 1083283

Fair enough but again, the average American has done nothing, people shouldn't have to suffer because of their government. I want all innocents to be safe. I don't get why you're directing your anger at Americans as a whole.

No. 1083284

aren't reactors supposed to shut off in the event of an emergency like this? there must still be ukranian workers in the plant

No. 1083285

File: 1646356343844.png (37.88 KB, 575x369, Capture-2.PNG)

The plant will NOT blow up. Worst case scenario it may be similar to Fukushima but I don't think it's unrealistic to believe they're prepared and have a way to prevent that as well to some extent.

No. 1083287

Can Europeans please keep their problems to themselves and stop trying to start another World War? Thanks.

No. 1083290

this is everything in general though. in general this is a fight between governments. innocent people will suffer because this situation and people buying into the ukraine hysteria and calling their leader a hero are making it worse, escalating the situation and convincing people that a war is necessary. as bad as it sounds, if westerners didnt get involved things would be better.

No. 1083291

It won't blow up, it's reactors are VVER-1000 type and some have been shut down already. The Chernobyl reactor blew up because it was RBMK reactor that had design flaws and no containment.

Wikipedia link

No. 1083293

It would also significantly impact Russia. AT this point I am really assuming everything in mainstream media about the war is exaggerated to make Russia appear worse because they are selling a narrative

No. 1083295

what narrative is needed to make russia look worse?

No. 1083297

File: 1646356634716.png (2.3 MB, 1479x930, sOYdxOL.png)

RED = buildings on fire/building that were fired upon
GREEN = reactor building
YELLOW = camera placed behind the admin building

No. 1083298

A lot of people are overestimating things because of ignorance and fear. This doesn't mean there's any scenario in which Russia is "better". Ok, power plant will not blow up but does that mean it's ok now that they're directly attacking it and shooting at firefighters trying to stop the fire? I don't think so.

No. 1083299

can you fucking stop panicking and false flagging?? The aren’t targeting those reactors directly

No. 1083300

File: 1646356677717.png (24.44 KB, 620x125, Tw6wpW5.png)

No. 1083301

based, you are right on anon.

No. 1083303

Like the Chernobyl accident, the radiation would blow over east Ukraine and Russia. The radiation would kill most of the Russian forces currently in Ukraine. Directly attacking reactor cores would be suicide for the Russians.

No. 1083305

the plant is located near the black sea so it could become an environmental disaster for it?

No. 1083306

This thread is full of retarded moids.

No. 1083307

I can't imagine how terrifying it must be for the firefighters right now

No. 1083309

>stop talking about russian attack on nuclear power plant because just because!!!
this is how you sound. guess we better go back to talking about race and americans instead right

No. 1083312

Yeah, it's all happening in the middle of the night with, who knows, russian snipers may be anywhere really, I cannot imagine how must they feel right now.

No. 1083314

Stupid fucking polmoid the only reason you’re generating this bullshit is your retarded male ego and sociopathic behavior

No. 1083315

and apparently the plant workers said that there is an actual danger. and just because it wouldn't be like chernobyl, nobody wants just "a little bit" of nuclear accidents, it would still damage the environment

No. 1083317

why are you going off-topic? please talk about the war only. thank you

No. 1083318

if nuclear matter leaks into the river and takes it to the black sea, how can people fish for food from there anymore and so on? there are other danders with nuclear accidents than just huge explosions

No. 1083320

i understand now why my lithuanian grandfather loathed the russians so much

No. 1083321

File: 1646357141553.jpg (244.01 KB, 1080x1182, tEllchR.jpg)

>google reviews of the plant

No. 1083324

Yeah, like what happened in Fukushima. Not an explosion but a huge disaster nonetheless

No. 1083326

stream just died

No. 1083328

Who do you think benefits from stream being off more, Ukraine by not giving any more info than necessary to russian attackers, making it harder for them, or Russia with hiding what they're doing, potentially?

No. 1083329

I only care about the safety of the Ukrainian women. I hope they will be okay.

No. 1083332

File: 1646357440930.png (366.27 KB, 598x428, Screen Shot 2022-03-03 at 5.30…)

No. 1083333

I hope any fetid /pol/tards and incels suffer terribly, while all women and children are safe

No. 1083335

File: 1646357513005.jpg (438.61 KB, 2616x3167, 1646343969332.jpg)

Kek I forgot how based Syria was.

No. 1083337

That's the Chernobyl Nuclear Exclusion Zone

No. 1083339


No. 1083340

firefighters are inside

No. 1083345

No. 1083346

based basharposter

No. 1083349

File: 1646357844032.png (51.82 KB, 584x225, Screen Shot 2022-03-03 at 5.37…)

we're all gonna live

No. 1083350


No. 1083351

No. 1083352

Source> > RIA / REUTERS

No. 1083353

The USA is so retarded for accidentally turning Iran into the regional power by BTFO'ing Iraq.

No. 1083355

very american to view people as cartoon characters. why don't you go and write an yaoi fanfic about them while you're at it

No. 1083356

Iraq and Iran used to be enemies but American failures turned them into allies.

No. 1083359

why are we talking about americans again

No. 1083360

File: 1646358433971.webm (1.86 MB, 528x528, 1646352692794.webm)

No. 1083361

This is an American website, nonnie.

No. 1083363

So we gonna die or not europoors?

No. 1083364

Probably not

No. 1083365

Please do, so you can leave the rest of the world alone.

No. 1083366

Russia defends it's allies and the US fails them. If anyone can't see how bad this is the for US, I just don't know what to say.

Anyone remember the Russo-Georgian War in 2008?

No. 1083367

everyone dies eventually

No. 1083368

NTA but Tf is wrong with you

No. 1083369

if europoors die out then that means no risk of wwiii since all world wars start in europe. seems like a good idea to me.

No. 1083370

where do you live

No. 1083371

hoax fake news banker war

No. 1083372

all wars are propaganda machines

No. 1083374

Syria will see how loud the USA is about the Russian occupation of Ukraine so they're going to start talking about American hypocrisy for supporting Israel even though it militarily occupies the Golan Heights.

No. 1083375

i wonder what kind of idiotic conversations people used to have during the previous world wars

No. 1083376

>Anyone remember the Russo-Georgian War in 2008?

Yes. Hardly anybody cared about it because they were all too pre-occupied with the Iraq War.

No. 1083379

How to accept your impending doom speedrun

No. 1083380

The Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant livecam stopped.

No. 1083382

The Iraq War was going on at the same time so it didn't get much attention. A couple of years later in 2012 Mitt Romney was saying the USA's biggest geopolitical foe was Russia and that it would become an even bigger threat in a decade. People mocked him for it because they thought he was "out of touch with reality". Obama won and he focused a lot on combatting Islamists, and then under Trump's administration he started getting way too friendly with Russia.

No. 1083384

how much disk space do all the wojak images take on your computer

No. 1083385

in the end though obama did say putin and russia was america's greatest threat.

No. 1083388

Why do Americans keep underestimating Russia? During that whole time Russia was funding America's enemies with weapons, committing assassinations, hacking the fuck out of the US elections, and they even annexed Crimea lmao.

No. 1083393

they're honestly probably watched too many crazy russian videos and think everything on russia is just rundown brutalism ghettos and guys in adidas drinking vodka with no actual power whatsoever. kinda like russia is some sort of pet developing country the whites have.

No. 1083398

The reality is that all people around the world are very similar to each other and their governments all have their own geopolitical interests. I hate seeing the US frame itself as the "good one" but they can get away with it because they have a chokehold with their cultural hegemony.

No. 1083402

You know what, who even gives a shit about the future anymore, at this point we're gonna die way too early anyway, be it through war, actually deadly diseases, natural catastrophes, cancer or economy tanking.

No. 1083406

Was that because Trump was going on about how great he was? Trump was less concerned about military conflicts and more economics ones so he shifted the discourse to making China the enemy.

No. 1083409

File: 1646360997025.jpg (125.08 KB, 750x588, 8549879.jpg)

Are these bots or just warmonger liberals?

No. 1083410

Explain why they are fucking shooting at it then

No. 1083411

no i'm talking about during his presidency

No. 1083412

nihilism ftw

No. 1083418

weird how theres so many calls for NATO to get involved but not zalensky's surrender. which would immediately diffuse the situation

No. 1083423

When will the ayys come and save us?

No. 1083424

File: 1646361731383.png (239.68 KB, 640x360, J8R5VkF.png)

wtf nonny is that real

No. 1083431

Not just the propaganda but the whole war is fake. Russia and Ukraine aren't enemies our rulers just want to make us even poorer after the banks raped everyone for the last two years.

No. 1083432

>warmonger liberals

No. 1083435

File: 1646362272371.jpg (172.87 KB, 1199x848, fI1aY7o.jpg)

No. 1083436

No. 1083437

objectively the best outcome than more ukranians dying and/or potentially triggering ww3

No. 1083438

guess how i know you're never lived in a country ruled by foreign power

No. 1083439

None of them are attractive

No. 1083442

ok die fighting idc

No. 1083444

why don't you go tell palestinians that they should just let israel take over? or why should be care that taliban rules over afganistan and so on and so on

No. 1083445

thank you russian bot, very cool

No. 1083447

File: 1646362736474.jpeg (62.52 KB, 729x487, 31DF2C93-75A6-45B2-A2FB-2C15D5…)

I hate twitter

No. 1083448

everyone should stop fucking fighting and live in peace goddamit

No. 1083450

Kek, scratch a liberal and a fascist bleeds.

No. 1083451

so many msm western media is now blocked in russia along with social media platforms. putin is cracking down domestically now

No. 1083452

yeah and palestinians could do that just by rolling over and let israelis take their land, who gives a shit if taliban make women's lives living hell that's a small loss for the world peace, let russian fuck over other countries and their cultures it is for the greater good

No. 1083453

Why can't we just bomb Israel for world peace

No. 1083454

lmao they're just turning into another China. shocker.

No. 1083455

File: 1646362962091.png (77.29 KB, 2400x614, YmkT9d6.png)

no. we must unironically /coexist/ and achieve world peace.

No. 1083456

File: 1646362992884.jpg (56.01 KB, 750x573, FM8wRCPVEAAFfVA.jpg)

No. 1083458

Lmao people are so insane you should feel bad listening to him because he was a pedo not because he was russian, but he’s dead so it’s not like it matters

No. 1083459

I bet classical music radio stations are gonna start banning Russian composers like Tchaikovsky.

No. 1083462

i'm surprised it took him this long to cut them off

No. 1083464

File: 1646363187740.png (280.81 KB, 616x602, Screen Shot 2022-03-03 at 7.06…)

No. 1083466

Yikes, if they keep this up we won’t have any classical music at all or ballets. I think they forget how much Russians contribute to certain arts.

No. 1083468

It's crazy. In the UK they have banned the Russian ballet - which is an artform.

No. 1083469

Cringe Muslim boy

No. 1083470

Kinda like how they traumatized that Russian 15 year old ice skater in front of the world just to send Putin a message

No. 1083471

>listens to dance of the sugar plum fairy
>gets accused of being a russian spy

No. 1083472

No, sounds like New World Order shit

No. 1083473

>peace bad

No. 1083474

This is seriously messed up, how is that even allowed you’d think we would’ve learned after WWII
Erasing all the Tchaikovsky and IC3PEAK from my playlists to not get imprisoned as we speak

No. 1083475

File: 1646363602679.jpg (88.94 KB, 724x883, Tumblr_l_55135159651778.jpg)

Am I going to get banned for babushka posting?

No. 1083476

It's McCarthyism but even more retarded

No. 1083479

No. 1083480

Russian sympathizer spotted, get her!!!

No. 1083481


No. 1083482

What?? I never heard that, how was Tchaikovsky a pedo?

No. 1083485

why is no one suggesting that russia stops their bullshit for the peace

No. 1083486

Wonder what pedo means in her dictionary

No. 1083488

File: 1646363830641.png (63.48 KB, 585x165, Screen Shot 2022-03-03 at 7.16…)

death to the petrodollar

No. 1083489

he's gay so probably that

No. 1083490

Because it's Putin

No. 1083491

Oops I got him mixed up with someone else but he did have a romantic relationship with his nephew which is very questionable https://peoplepill.com/people/vladimir-davydov-1

No. 1083492

File: 1646363880176.webm (2.83 MB, 1280x720, 1646000021711.webm)

No. 1083493

No more Tchaikovsky, Rimsky-Korsakov, or Rachmaninoff allowed in the free and democratic West!

No. 1083494

you don't really know anything about russia and its government do you. you don't even realize the sheer amount of propaganda that is being shared by putin's team in russia. russian people aren't even allowed to call it a "war" instead of a special operation and they're being threatened jailtime for opposing putin's actions.

No. 1083496

love the fading smiles and how they look like they're thinking about how long do they need to keep laughing

No. 1083497

File: 1646364040444.jpg (154.69 KB, 970x2048, FMjl5PBXMAUk3p2.jpg)

They are crazy

No. 1083498

File: 1646364098417.jpg (60.99 KB, 636x680, FM2mdoOX0AME22q.jpg)

No. 1083499

What’s wrong with gays

No. 1083500

File: 1646364167502.png (169.89 KB, 253x342, xi.png)

the west was totally played.

No. 1083501

why are most pedophilia victims girls

this is just a straight guy psyop to direct attention from their pedo ways to someone else

No. 1083502


No. 1083503

Am I retarded for agreeing with this? I felt the same way when businesses were asking people to come in to work unpaid at the start of COVID lockdowns kek

No. 1083504

>does nothing
>wins anyway

So it's just like Iran in the Iraq War.

No. 1083505

Get assassinated speedrun.

No. 1083506

honestly there is some truth in it but it is callous to act like russians protesting against their government didn't face shit for it

No. 1083507

Shut up I have the sweetest kindest most altruistic gay friend ever

No. 1083508

At least there's always Canada.

No. 1083509

Serious question: why is this not considered xenophobic hate speech/ racism? My uni class has people who are saying stuff like this but who are also very SJW-like in other regards

No. 1083510

File: 1646364328663.jpg (53.99 KB, 584x597, 32112.JPG)

This is so sad.

No. 1083511

russians are white

No. 1083512

It's okay to be racist towards the countries that the USA hates.

No. 1083513

War is terrible and I hate that any human is having to be part of it. I don't feel like I can "pick a side," but that's because I'm an outsider so of course it's easy to think that way. Just praying for an end.

No. 1083514

Doesn't this violate his right to free speech? Or does that thing not exist in Munich.

No. 1083515

can't wait for the canadian world hegemony

No. 1083516

File: 1646364410173.jpeg (587.61 KB, 828x683, CE85D568-EB44-4F2A-BF3E-52ADDA…)


No. 1083517

Unironically nothing wrong with gay marriage. If you think there is you’re a closethomo moid and you should go back

No. 1083518

File: 1646364515332.png (295.35 KB, 934x460, G9JGz09.png)

No. 1083519

File: 1646364620923.jpg (243.19 KB, 736x736, 3937ee610cfbb2d6363a6a075272b6…)

>Picking a side

That's where you're all fucking up.

Hegelian dialectic. It's the crux of the elites control over people. Good vs bad. Them vs us. People seriously prop up entire generational military families because they got conned into believing they're fighting for their country and not their ruler's access to resources.

No. 1083520

$10 gasoline per gallon by next week. this is the only think that could make americans riot

No. 1083521

I bet this retard supported Freedom Fries.

No. 1083522

Fuck I put 93 inside the tank, I can't deal with that

No. 1083523

File: 1646364766362.png (349.75 KB, 889x578, QiiSciA.png)

it's inevitable

No. 1083524

SJWs have lost there ability to think independently and just clap along with whatever their told at this point.

No. 1083525

I could understand directing your rage at those in charge or people who directly commit atrocities rn, but a whole nationality? The inner monke is jumping out.

No. 1083526

File: 1646364812427.jpg (84.16 KB, 1017x540, Screenshot_20220303-213231__01…)

Shoulda stocked up, nonnies.

No. 1083527

i love you nona

No. 1083528

people are going to start siphoning gas and looting. I guarantee it

No. 1083529

>Freedom fries was a politically motivated renaming for French fries in the United States. The term was created in February 2003 in a North Carolina restaurant, and was widely publicized a month later when the then Republican Chairman of the Committee on House Administration, Bob Ney, renamed the menu item in three Congressional cafeterias. The political renaming occurred in context of France's opposition to the proposed invasion of Iraq.

I can't believe this is real.

No. 1083530

It's already happening in chi-town

No. 1083531

Please learn how to spell correctly

Always have been

No. 1083532

Then go fuck him oh wait

No. 1083533

The longer Zelensky doesn't stand down the more people will die and higher likelihood of Monke Putin chimping out.

No. 1083535

Russian-American/Canadian anons how are you going to pass the time in the internment camps?

No. 1083536

File: 1646365320953.jpg (16.53 KB, 416x254, FMvQBeyX0AAOWJ0.jpg)

No. 1083537

The spelling mistake was intentional because it's an easy call out for an offended SJW.

No. 1083538

Please don't strongly interpret the dot

No. 1083539

why do people complain about cancel culture then do shit like this lol

No. 1083541

File: 1646365421019.jpg (39.03 KB, 680x490, 1644632683386.jpg)

Not gonna happen, I'm already LARPing as Serbian.

No. 1083542

Imagine if this was happening to a non white ethnicity or religious group, but no because Russians are whites there’s no way they can be discriminated against

No. 1083543

File: 1646365460962.gif (820.86 KB, 244x160, worldpeace.gif)

Based. All war is bad regardless of who starts it.

Zoomer SJWs are genuinely incapable of critical thinking and absorb whatever opinions they're spoonfed

So he didn't even say he approved of it? He just got fired for saying nothing? Even if you're okay with firing someone for their political beliefs (which I don't agree with), maybe he was worried about family members currently in Russia or his ability to go back to his home country without being harassed.

It's only $4 for me right now and I'm already ready to lose it.

No. 1083544

Every day since COVID has meant more and more people's insanity is unmasked. Clown world regular programming. The true nature of humanity though, we were just blissfully ignorant.

No. 1083545

They've suggested kicking out Chinese students loads of times and they even harassed a Chinese professor because of his ethnicity even though investigations proved he had no connections to the CCP.

No. 1083546

Most people don't actually have internal moral compasses, they just follow social expectations and trick themselves into believing they are actually thinking independently.
Same answer

No. 1083547

Okay so? Fuck that too

No. 1083548

It's not just "only white people are targeted" like you pretend is the case.

No. 1083549

If they're doing this to Russians, how long before they do it to Indians if the US is already considering sanctions?

No. 1083550

When gas gets expensive, it's best to keep your gallons indoors and fill up just enough every morning to get by. They siphoners gonna siphon

No. 1083551

Kek anon didn't say that, only that there is less of a fuss for one over the other. It's pretty early though to tell.

No. 1083553

Am I fucked if i’m not russian from but from a country that heavily allied itself with Russia and China? Only time will tell I guess, in any case don’t worry Russian anons we will have a blast in the camps together

No. 1083554

why isn't it putin you demand standing down

No. 1083556

no. you're apart of the new world order. consider yourself lucky

No. 1083557

kek are you from syria

No. 1083558

because he's a lunatic?

No. 1083559

Oh fuck yes
lol no

No. 1083561

NTA but everyone's tried that, didn't work, he is insane lol

No. 1083563

Americans do this everytime there's trouble overseas. People with 1/8th blood of whatever country is getting shitcanned start worrying about "what will happen to me"
Nothing will happen to you, you self-absorbed cunt. Especially if you don't go around shouting about where you're from. Why are some of you so determined to be oppressed lmao

No. 1083564

relax it was a joke and i’m not american kek

No. 1083565

should have known it's you guys shitting up this thread with your bullshit and victim complexes

No. 1083566

The USA has so many Chinese engineers, technologists, doctors, and scientists working for them. Their racist behavior is making a lot of them go back to China but then Americans have the audacity to spergout over China causing "brain drain" on them.

No. 1083567

File: 1646365963739.jpg (277.94 KB, 1080x1402, ZsxxXdG.jpg)

No. 1083568

He is already chimping out and it's also naive to think this will end at Ukraine.

No. 1083569

oh right because he's dangerous we gotta put up with his egomaniac male chimpery instead of the other one's got that we just gotta act ike battered wifes about it and let the lunatic trash around as much as he pleases

No. 1083570

>Why are some of you so determined to be oppressed lmao
It may be insensitive for them to voice it, but it's natural to humans. Everyone's primary concern is for their own welfare, by necessity.

No. 1083571

so you think like >>1083567

No. 1083574

That sort of thing goes way back. During WWI some people called frankfurters 'liberty sausage.'

No. 1083575

fuck off and kill yourself, you think that since putin isthe biggest piss baby on earth we gotta give him candy every time he wants and just hope he doesn't grow into a entitled maniac

No. 1083576

>condemn your government or lose your job
This is fascistic behavior.

No. 1083578

so your pro-NATO intervention then, I take it? dumb bitch I guess you wanna kill us all

No. 1083579

It’s Germany, it’s in their nature

No. 1083581

no, i'm not you self centered american idiot. i'm just not also "ukraine must roll over and take it let putin act insane shit as much as he wants"

you know what maybe putin should be just be let loose and nuke america

No. 1083582

File: 1646366267045.png (66.48 KB, 625x626, ADABC87C-CBBF-4717-A8C6-393BD1…)

No. 1083583

>brings up america for no reason

No. 1083584

Are you the Romanian racebaiter?

No. 1083585

>not about america

No. 1083586

you need medication.

No. 1083587

depends. some officials in europe want to sanction kazakhstan, india and other countries who voted as neutral in the conflict. but unless you're from somwehre like belarus who is openly supporting russia you shouldn't worry too much

No. 1083588

NTA but this is all starting to look very like the start of the jewish persecution in Germany before WWII.

No. 1083589

Yeah you're gonna get nuked. Get to the VOODS NOW

No. 1083590

Zalensky should unconditionally surrender if he wants Ukrainian people to live. simple as.

No. 1083591

>inb4 pouting orders immediate nuclear warfare in case he gets assassinated

No. 1083592

>lindsey graham calling for the assassination of putin

Why do they always do this but never think of what will happen AFTER the assassination?

No. 1083594

>let's destroy the world for a dead guy

No. 1083596

>Putin is assassinated
>Massive power vacuum is created
>Oligarchs plunge Russia into a civil war

No. 1083597

These people are literally not smart enough or well versed in history enough to understand

No. 1083598

To be fair, this would be a good outcome for the US and a blow to China. so no wonder neocon Lindsay Graham is for it.

No. 1083599

Sanction Kazakhstan? What does Kazakhstan even export to the world?

No. 1083600

where have you been the past year lol

No. 1083601

Sometimes there is no "right" choice. Just the best option for survival, as uncomfortable as it may be. Real life isn't a game or a petty argument, we can't equate Putin to a baby and just tell Ukraine and the western world to "Keep fighting! Keep dying!" Any peace is better than no peace, a surviving populace and infrastructure that lives for tomorrow instead of dying for today. If you disagree then you have not known war.

No. 1083602

>is there a Brutus in Russia
I can't with this mongs

No. 1083603

It's going to be Syria x 1000

No. 1083604

Fucking Romanians they’re everywhere

No. 1083605

Aya Shalkar

No. 1083607

And you think he will "just" keep it at Ukraine?

No. 1083608


No. 1083609

history is replete with nations that went alone and fought to the bitter end, Hitler being the easiest example. Don't think you can control history with your theories and hypotheticals.

Russia is a country armed to the teeth with civilization destroying weapons.

Americans used to understand this, until the neocons completely took over and thought their moral crusade was worth risking the lives of billions of people just for some symbolic gains.

No. 1083611

Ukrainian oil is the goal, for Russian oligarchy.

No. 1083612

>Chechens run free

No. 1083613

easyfor americans say this from the safety from their homes, and be like "if we let putin have littl bit of invasion he will stop it at that, promise!"

No. 1083614

georgia never happened they just want ukraine that's all

No. 1083615

Why just keep it at that?

No. 1083616

The USA will try to install a puppet government into Russia.

No. 1083617


No. 1083618

What? They have oil?

No. 1083619

because i doubt putin wants russia involved in a war with the west.

No. 1083620

Americans have been very strongly against the notion of surrender, if anything they'd be fine if Ukrainian nuclear power plants unleased a Chernobyl 2.0. Ass backwards argument.

No. 1083621

Kazakhstan greatest country in the world
All other countries are run by little
Kazakhstan number one exporter of potassium

No. 1083622

Then why do all this bullshit in the first place over a bit of oil lmao

No. 1083623

No. 1083624

Natural gas, ferrous metals, copper, aluminium, zinc and uranium.

No. 1083625

>a bit of oil
it's also an economic power grab for the east and an attack on the petrodollar. the symbolic victory is only territory. he knew he could do it because ukraine was not in NATO so he decided to.

No. 1083626

It's not a little it's a mega fuckton and all untapped

No. 1083627

Mixed Turko-Iranic-Mongolic Instagram baddies.

No. 1083629

File: 1646367542401.jpg (314.12 KB, 1080x1408, Screenshot_20220303-221653.jpg)

The cost of pride and ego.

No. 1083633

>pride and ego
putin's or zelensky's?

No. 1083638

File: 1646367853309.jpg (89.28 KB, 737x897, 067d2be5a25579c78e72fcfee12f81…)

Gas, minerals, and models. Not much potassium contrary to popular belief.

No. 1083640

zelensky's of course putin is mad so he gets free pass to kill children

No. 1083641

File: 1646368026155.jpg (85.02 KB, 972x682, 3432432.JPG)

What is the purpose of this?

No. 1083643


No. 1083645

Russia is the enemy so they have to attack every single overseas Russian to make them feel bad for being Russian.

No. 1083646

russia bad

No. 1083648

fucking retards. hope they didn't do anything to the icons.

No. 1083650

File: 1646368617282.png (139.28 KB, 1196x334, Screen Shot 2022-03-03 at 8.34…)

the fact that this is seriously being considered is insane. it's like they want to implode

No. 1083651

Why do you care, Christianity is the strongest form of patriarchy

No. 1083652

File: 1646368782986.jpg (69.2 KB, 587x466, 433543.JPG)

As a Taiwanese who supports the KMT I like the Republic of China getting recognition but I also hate Mike Pompeo. I think he is insane. Why would you post this type of thing when Russia is invading Ukraine?

American politicians are totally out of touch with common Taiwanese. Most Taiwanese support Taiwanese independence which means they want to ABOLISH the Republic of China to establish the Republic of Taiwan. Taiwan is a province of the ROC and therefore not independent at all. The ROC also includes territories which are not a part of Taiwan - such as Kinmen, Matsu, and Wuqiu. The people there do not identify as "Taiwanese" at all but they are nearly always left out of conservations.

American politicians can not make up their minds. They will always switch between "Taiwan is the REAL China" or "Taiwan is not a part of China".

No. 1083653

Let's sanction all 100 billion of them and the Chinese

No. 1083654

Just one aspect of the war. The goal is of course the formal glory of the russian empire

No. 1083656

Pompeo talks a lot of shit but he can't recognize the ROC because it would violate the one-China policy that both sides agreed on. That is unless he wants to go to war while this is happening but he is ex-CIA so I wouldn't put it past him.

No. 1083657

A lot of Ukrainian-Canadians live in the prairies, where that city is located

No. 1083658

He's always screeching about Taiwan being ""independent"" but won't do the same for Palestine lmao

No. 1083660

I've noticed most American politicians are bloodthirsty and seem desperate for war.

No. 1083663

Christianity gave us baroque (well the Catholics) all the glorious cathedrals, all the greatest works of Renaissance and so on. It’s just merely the point of view of an esthete

No. 1083664

File: 1646369462213.jpg (29.12 KB, 739x162, 32423221.JPG)

The Italian university that was going to suspend a course on the classic Russian writer Dostoevsky seems to have backtracked on their decision.

No. 1083666

They should go with Tolstoy instead, I haven't read Dostoyevsky yet but I'm for one quite enjoying Anna Karenina.

No. 1083667

File: 1646369594855.jpg (770.92 KB, 2696x3520, 6yp9wzg.jpg)

No. 1083670

>banning classic literature because its russian
Lmao the Eurofags have lost it.

No. 1083674

It’s hilarious to watch tbh

No. 1083680

File: 1646370631742.jpg (52.12 KB, 1114x221, 454543.JPG)

So Ukraine is allowed to join NATO if it wants because it's an independent country but India can't choose where to buy its defense equipment? That makes sense.

No. 1083684

This is why I keep saying the USA is a retarded country. First they alienate China and now they alienate India.

No. 1083686

>puts sanctions on the us-friendly country with over 1 billion people and nuclear weapons

No. 1083696

keep in mind the USA was blocking India from producing their own vaccines for covid while they were dealing with a wave.
the US is still reluctant towards banning US imports of russian oil.

No. 1083699

Hilarious seeing this guy tweet "I stand with Israel" every other day. I didn't think about the ROC distinction either, as if recognizing it over PRC as China was somehow more significant than recognizing it as just Taiwan.

No. 1083704

Taiwan administers the islands of Taiping and Pratas which if I recall correctly legally belong to Chinese provinces of Hainan and Guangdong. They have barely any historical connection to Taiwan but kind of ended up in Taiwan's possession because of the Chinese Civil War being a clusterfuck.

No. 1083715

whoa LC mods just went full schizo in this thread and the last one. no wonder this thread's moving slow now

No. 1083718

More common than you'd think, just check this thread for example
Crazy people

No. 1083732

Hate to burst your bubble but this is old news and has nothing to do with Ukraine.
This exact thing was already talked about back in October. Sanctions on India aren’t going to happen. The law, which was a response to the 2014 Crimea invasion, is about either sanctioning or waiving sanctions on countries who buy Russian weapons. The title of the article is from a official who was quoted as saying that the White House does NOT want to impose sanctions on India. Senators filed legislation to exempt India (as well as Japan and Australia) from such sanctions citing the importance of working with Allie’s to stand up against China.

No. 1083741

File: 1646374324757.png (1.23 MB, 1144x1116, Screen Shot 2022-03-03 at 10.1…)

lol jk china is now a western ally again

No. 1083743

Like I said before, I don't think China knew Russia was going to invade Ukraine or didn't take the warnings seriously.

No. 1083744

>tfw winnie the pooh takes over the world and no honey for anyone but him

No. 1083747

Ok /pol/ poster

No. 1083748

It's not true.

No. 1083749

? i saw it on twitter

No. 1083751

Anyone posting screenshots of clickbait article titles should just be banned. I know America Bad or whatever but learn to not fall for such obvious bait.

No. 1083752

kek so where's that retard anon who said china planned this whole thing now?

No. 1083754

What do you mean? Did they ban people?

No. 1083757

Why do people keep calling them "Russian oligarchs"? What's the difference between an oligarch and a capitalist?

No. 1083758

"Capitalists" is when America and its allies do it and oligarch is when countries that they don't like do it.

No. 1083764

what post are you referring to?

No. 1083769

Yeah and if Trump wasn't busy pissing off China for years then they would have sided with the US faster.

No. 1083773

Any source aside from a sensationalized tweet?

No. 1083774


No. 1083781

File: 1646376520658.jpg (101.17 KB, 807x575, map.jpg)

Why is Brahin (Belarus) giving higher radiation ratings than Chornobyl on EU commission map? Picrel
Is this just new McCarthyism?
I think some Germans are still upset and they want another country to be punished the way they were. It comes across vindictive.

No. 1083783

File: 1646376629764.png (32.33 KB, 708x222, 0n.png)

No. 1083785

File: 1646376880957.jpg (82.47 KB, 721x635, 3243232.JPG)

I don't really understand why they want to put pressure on India to condemn Russia. India not trading with Russia isn't going to cripple Russia's economy.

No. 1083788

if india condemns russia then india is screwed because russia will side with china and relations with china is like a package deal because it comes with a bonus pakistan lmao

No. 1083794

No. 1083796

>Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida spoke with U.S. President Joe Biden, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison for about an hour. One of the goals was to get India on board in condemning Russia.

No. 1083823

They are trying to cancel India for following their problematic fave

No. 1083827

okay honestly you gotta be a kiwifarms male with that stuck on 2015 language

No. 1083828

I am PL and i am so f tired with this war and its what a week only?

No. 1083830

70% of the nuclear fallout from the disaster landed in Belarus due to the wind direction.

No. 1083836

Oh thank you, that makes sense.

No. 1083889

It literally says so in the article, anon.

No. 1083926

Why is Montenegro not connected to the lower left graph?
There's two Serbia's, one of them is connected to the euro market, one of them is just floating around with Montenegro.

No. 1083964

what does this have to do with ukrainian civilians being bombed

No. 1083970

There's more american trannies than east Asian trannies, remember that.

No. 1084093

Someone in the tinfoil thread mentioned talk of Russia & China potentially agreeing on using one of their currencies as the new petrodollar for the East. Does anyone have an actual source for this? Seems like it would permanently crater the US economy if they went through with it & started working together…

No. 1084101

If you really feel that way then blood is on your own hands as well as an American citizen. Unless you were out protesting against Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya etc etc. then you've been complacent in your government invading other countries & toppling regimes they didn't like. It's very ironic that the USA is currently the loudest country out of all of them, calling for consequences for just this particular invasion.
Who knows though, it could set a precedent in a good way. Maybe now the rest of the world will come together to economically cripple America the next time they decide to plan a random invasion.

No. 1084103

Guy I'm genuinely afraid. I feel like the future is only gonna get bleaker and bleaker. I'm in survival mode already. I've stopped reading the news but the last articles I read still haunt me and I've started to see nightmares about the war.

No. 1084106

There isn't any evidence for it because everybody is just making wild speculations now. Don't believe everything you read, anon, especially not the stuff you see in the tinfoil thread.

No. 1084107

what country are you from anon?

No. 1084108

"oligarch" makes them sound foreign and oriental. but they're literally just the Russian versions of Musk and Bezos.

No. 1084110

>tinfoil thread
Yeah ok the thread that says the moon landing was faked and Hitler actually migrated to Antarctica instead of killing himself.

No. 1084111

Finland. Putin's been threatening us and Sweden. And the nuclear threats scare me. The whole of Europe is going to be obliterated if he bombs a plant, isn't it? Or at least suffer massive consequences due to nuclear fallout.

No. 1084112

I used to like McFaul but since this day you may get sentences to 15 yrs in prison in Russia if you say smth like "pls no war" or spead "fake" news about our military forces.
Thank you, very helpful, Mr McFaul.
I am about to be scared to shitpost on lolcow because of the new law.

No. 1084113

I feel like there are always many Finns on imageboards.

No. 1084115

it is the autism

No. 1084116

Yup we live on them.

No. 1084120

kek when that anon said they were from finland i just thought "well obviously"

No. 1084121

>watches barbie of swan lake
>gets accused of being a russian spy

No. 1084122

It also has some Nostradamuses
>Ukraine goes tits up

No. 1084123

what do you think about the sudden meeting between niinistö and biden? it's supposed to be today

No. 1084129

About Ukraine's situation, maybe planning what to do if Russia decides to attack Finland too. Military aid, nato and such. Can't know for sure though until the news tell us what they've been up to.

No. 1084130

This. People forget that Russians haven't been able to speak out freely about their own government since uh a very long fucking time. It's only gotten worse with getting 15 year sentences for every instance you spread "fake" news. The consequences for protesting now are even worse, with protestors being conscripted for the war. Never mind that boomers are the same everywhere and just watch television filled with propaganda, so many don't even really know what is going on. You can even try to show things to your boomer Russian family members and they will say it's all fake. They have been poisoned by decades of propaganda, can't really help it anymore at this point. Even praying for peace in church gets you in trouble. Belarusians are started to be treated similarly with suspicion, even though everyone seemed to be aware before that the citizens are victims who don't support Lukashenko. People are starting to sound unhinged with their "the only good Russian is a dead Russian" and "if you don't protest you support the invasion", never mind the retarded banning of everything Russian or related to Russia in any way shape or form (not just talking about sanctions). People could barely even point out Ukraine on the map just a while ago, I don't trust them to not project all this bullshit on anyone who seems vaguely Slavic at this point.

No. 1084132

I think most of the country is shaking in their boots because we share the east border with Russia.

No. 1084135

File: 1646399796869.jpg (47.33 KB, 900x900, d2390d6a4acb284f.jpg)

my feelings the moment putin started talking about ukraine not being a real country because it was founded during 1917 revolution

No. 1084138

The imageboards are like fruit and the Finns are like fruit flies. They just pop out from nowhere.

No. 1084153

Finns are active imageboard users, the internet has been a huge part of our culture for three decades due to our efficient ISPs being around since day one and we mostly prefer to stay anonymous. I think our local imageboard is one of the most visited sites in the whole country.

He's not going to invade us, don't believe the doomers. Russians consider us lower class and they don't really give a shit about us or us joining Nato, the "threats" are only to save face.

No. 1084161

There is no reason for Russia to invade Finland. The invasion of Ukraine is a mix of different things. There is the ethnocultural connection between Russia and Ukraine, Ukraine having loads of fossil fuels, and Ukraine joining NATO would bring it right up to the area that Russia is the most geographically vulnerable.

No. 1084166

Media has made it seem like he's out to get the whole Europe. Balkans, neighbors, everyone who opposes him and his dumb opinions.. And the fact that China supports him. What if they decide to fuck the whole west together? I just can't help my thoughts running wild like this. But your words do make me feel better and calm me down for now.

No. 1084172

>Media has made it seem like he's out to get the whole Europe.
The media is also full of propaganda and sensationalism.

No. 1084174

why the fuck would russia want to invade finland? to get saunas and moomins?

No. 1084175

the only thing i can think of is better access to the seas and being able to cut europe in half with the baltic sea

No. 1084176

Mhm I've noticed, every other article is like DOOM'SDAY IS UPON US! And then some are like PUTIN IS FALLING, RUSSIA WILL NOT WIN

No. 1084179

finland does have some tactical position though

No. 1084180

Get some more precious land? Idk really, but he's stolen a huge chunk from us in the past already

No. 1084182

More likely they'll go for Lithuania then to link up with Kaliningrad.

No. 1084185

Lithuania is in NATO though, right? Then Putin would be in deep shit.

No. 1084187

Ukraine is putting up a fairly good fight against the might of Russia considering how much of a shithole Ukraine is. If Russia manages to conquer all of Ukraine (and I do want to emphasize the if) then it will be heavily depleted in resources.

No. 1084188

yeah but lithuania is a nato country so attacking them would be more complicated

No. 1084191

Doesnt yli have a female board?

No. 1084193

Russia doesn't need more land, it wants natural resources to generate wealth and no disturbance from Western powers like the US. This is why Russia is the only major country apart from Canada to benefit from climate change. The weather will warm to the point that there will no longer be ice on the seas and they can grow more crops.

No. 1084196

Lukashenko might go for it. Bit of a tinfoil, but he's stupid enough. He said he's not going to invade Ukraine, but that he wants coast in the Baltic states. Doubt Putin is going to give him Kaliningrad and he'll still need a way to get there either way.

No. 1084197

I wouldn't say that there's NO reason, but if it were to happen then it would be until much farther down the line. Finland has historically unambiguously asserted its independence. Ukraine is a younger country that has a fair amount of ethnic Russians, some neo-nazis sprinkled in, some separatists, anarchists & other big factors that divide the population. It was kind of a poorly planned country to begin with that was always destined for strife.
A key thing to remember about as well is that a lot of Russians think that the Ukraine is still contested, and that they want to rejoin Russia. Whether or not that's true doesn't matter so much as the fact that the same can't be said for Finland.
There's also the fact that Finland is in the EU. Invading an EU country would start WW3 immediately. The invasion anon is worried about would not happen without a lot of foreshadowing & likely Latvia or Lithuania being taken first.

No. 1084199

How? Russia has free access to the Baltic Sea and the Atlantic via the Arctic Sea without Finland. They literally have no need to cross the border.

No. 1084200

Good post anon. I'm surprised more people aren't making the climate change connection. Russia would end up becoming an economic powerhouse because of global warming but it needs to properly plan things out before that time comes.

No. 1084210

Lmao Amerifats are so fucked since a lot of them don't even believe global warming is real.

No. 1084213

yeah, they have, but still having possible nato country that has a very easy access to st petersburg could be viewed as a safety risk by russia

No. 1084216

Germany should grab kaliningrad

No. 1084218

also finland could ally with estonia to cut off some of russian's access to the sea

No. 1084221

I can see the USA trying to annex Canada in the future because of global warming.

No. 1084222

No, it's run by scrotes and if you let them know you're a female you're just called a whore and "tits or gtfo". There is a new "free topic" board which is mostly visited by women I guess but it's just full of garbage. People over 30 whining about bloggers.

No. 1084226

Also the entire North opening to the Barents Sea belongs to Norway, even the part directly above Finland kek. As much as I like Finns, there's not really much that's tempting to invade yous for. Not unless you're passionate about lichen & getting marsh water in your boots.

No. 1084227

I hope the Canadians burn down the White House again.

No. 1084228

like i don't think putin is about to attack finland but just pointing out some reasons why, if he went mad and did it. like he wouldn't do it just to act evil for the hell of it

No. 1084229

I hope the west sanctions them too and bans Hollywood

No. 1084231

I wonder if this knowledge would get more people to fight for a more climate friendly world

No. 1084233

That's possible. Americans will deny global warming then when it actually happens they will try to absorb Canada in some way. Not sure if they would do it militarily since it would make people protest against the USA since Canada is a Western country which means it gets way more sympathy points than Iraq.

No. 1084237

That's gonna be a faaaaar out future considering that growth in the most inhospitable states is still booming. The city podpeople from the biggest American cities are going to be invading Montana before they hit Manitoba lol

No. 1084238

The USA will probably make up some bullshit about how Canadians are oppressing its people and fund terrorists to overthrow the government. Then they can insert a puppet regime while pretending Canada is still an independent country.

That's what they did in the Middle East and Latin America.

No. 1084239

This sounds tinfoil but it actually makes sense kek

No. 1084244

If Americans are still majority right wing at the time, then they'll make up some panic about the socialist agenda & how gays/feminists are going too far. If Americans are majority left wing by then, then they'll make up some panic about how Canada is full of neonazis liturally murdering trans people like Jordan Peterson.
Bipartisan normies are easy to herd.

No. 1084248

Maybe so lol. If it's just an environmental concern then most people don't care but if you turn it into some economic and geopolitical fight for survival then they might.

It will also make them more paranoid and determined if you make the connection that global warming will benefit Russia.

No. 1084250

Maybe the USA will act too late meanwhile Canada has become the superpower of North America thanks to global warming and can now boss around the US. Canada would get millions of climate refugees from the US while the US gets weaker and weaker.

No. 1084252

i thought this was the amerifag thread for a min

No. 1084254

I'm not American, I'm just a tinfoil Belgian.

No. 1084256

Reminder that the internet makes men effeminate (hence how Finns and Americans have high troon rates)

No. 1084260

do we?

No. 1084263

We don't. Ignore the /pol/faggot and his delusions about muh estrogen tap water.

No. 1084265

Why not? Sounds like a good idea. Imagine relaxing at the sauna with Moomins.

No. 1084266

and for the troons we have most of them are transmen and theythems so we should be worried about internet making women masculine if anything i guess

No. 1084270

I think the fossil fuels and Ukraine's position make it way more of a potential threat to Russia than Finland. Both in the economic and military sense.

No. 1084274

>Ukraine is a younger country that has a fair amount of ethnic Russians
Ukraine is a younger country? No younger than Russia, for example.

No. 1084276

Russia is also going to care more about Vladivostok in the future because of global warming. I do wonder if China will still trade with Russia when that time comes or if China will annex that city and all the surrounding areas that used to make up Outer Manchuria since they were historically Chinese territories before the Russian Empire even existed.

No. 1084277

>only /pol/faggots care about men becoming effeminate sissies who fap to humiliation porn and play video games all day
Lord have mercy..

No. 1084279

File: 1646403782522.jpg (88.95 KB, 576x1024, Bortadutchbeermeme-576x1024.jp…)

NTA, love you

No. 1084280

It makes people retarded and flips their brains to where it shouldn't be anyways

No. 1084281

So is it true Putin wants to try to take over Moldova next too?

No. 1084284

Why would it want Moldova?

No. 1084286

File: 1646404037654.jpg (70.79 KB, 501x391, rdfdsf.jpg)

yeah but russia hasn't been threatening finland for no reason at all. look at the map. from their perspective finland joining nato would be nato surrounding them even more. no, i don't think russia is about to attack us, but people being like "lol what does finland mean at all lololo" sounds callous

No. 1084287

File: 1646404065329.jpg (93.78 KB, 960x651, FMy5PLaUcAEHQEt.jpg)

"Putin's puppet Lukashenko accidentally leaks plans to invade Moldova via Ukraine"

No. 1084289

File: 1646404097978.png (111.08 KB, 407x452, joijvkayr7t21.png)

Part of Moldova is already under Russian influence and thinks the USSR still exists.

No. 1084294

Don't be obtuse, you know what I mean. Finland was declared independent in 1917, over 100 years ago, and it has defended that sovereignty from the Russians before. Ukraine by comparison only gained independence in 1991 upon the division of the USSR. Russia is very clearly carrying on the legacy of the USSR as a world power in all but name. You can't seriously believe that Russia as a world power is 30 years old…

No. 1084296

it's ok most lolcow posters are mentally retarded. You could write 6 paragraphs about how you hate sex trafficking and trannies and some anon will call you a moid only because you've shared one point they disagree with

No. 1084298

Kek what does that have to do with my question on Moldova

No. 1084299


No. 1084301

File: 1646404571353.png (99.77 KB, 640x1260, Transistria-Timeline-640x1260.…)

No. 1084302

and then someone will screeeech about how Russia is not communist anymore like everything from the past is left in the past and it has no influence on the future or present whatsoever

No. 1084305

This post smells like scotey male moid balls

That's Transnistria nonnie. Pretty sure it was under Russian control already before all this.

No. 1084307

No chance. The indigenous Siberians wanted to remain a part of China but the Russian Empire demographically swamped them out by telling ethnic Russians to go populate the area.

No. 1084310

yes, the classic moid posts. Complaining about how sex trafficking affects women's lives. Exactly what most men talk and care about.

No. 1084312

File: 1646404747530.jpg (38.99 KB, 640x612, zqilvzkffo071.jpg)

No. 1084314

No. 1084317

It's a joke nonna, I was agreeing with you lol

No. 1084318

sorry I have autism~gomenasai

No. 1084333

Names like Transnistria and Transylvania sound so fucking cool tbh

No. 1084335

Based Shiites.

No. 1084341

Putin's old friend wants him arrested and is willing to pay a million. Some burgerlady suggeste he should be assassinated. I hope someone does something soon.

No. 1084345

Transnistria sounds like it would be a My Little Pony utopia world where transistors can gallop free.

No. 1084346

Putin is already in his bunker

No. 1084347

Can anons please explain to me what the Ghost of Kyiv is? Is it Ukrainian propaganda? Is it a hoax made up somebody?

No. 1084348

File: 1646405487968.jpg (401.16 KB, 1880x1160, cCC.jpg)

r/Shia discussing the Russo-Ukrainian war

>I’m going to assume we all know what NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organisation) is and how US and NATO have bombed and destroyed multiple countries in the world (Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen and thats just the middle east).

>Lets start with the fact that NATO was created as anti USSR alliance so it has always been in essence an anti Russia alliance. Therefore Russia views US-led-NATO’s eastward expansion as a security threat to its existence, and given its track record, rightfully so. Remember NATO is not an economic organisation, it is a military one.
>In 2014 the US engineered the ‘colour revolution’ in Ukraine after which an anti Russian government took power. Without getting into the fact that Neo Nazis in Ukraine have been committing ISIS style crimes against ethnic Russians and other minorities, lets fast forward to 2022 when this conflict unfolded.
>US had been provoking Russia through Ukraine by talking about granting it NATO membership which would bring NATO and the US on the doorstep of Russia. In an act of deterrence Russia amassed troops on Ukraine’s borders and when it had the West’s attention, Russia asked for a simple guarantee: No more eastward expansion. Russia was not given that guarantee. Ukrainian officials started bombing and shelling Donbas.
>Russia had two options in front of it: 1. Militarily sieged by NATO. 2. Financially sieged in the form of sanctions.
>Russia has stated two objectives of the invasion: 1. Denazification 2. Demilitarisation
>Russia looks to be gaining ground swiftly, remember it took over a month for US and NATO to occupy Iraq.

>However there is no doubt that Ukraine has won the information war. All the Ukraine-Russia propaganda is coming out of Ukraine. Russia has been completely dark since the start of the invasion, occasionally updating about the progress. Its like they just knew they couldn’t match the western propaganda apparatus and instead just focused on their hard power. Anyways, be very wary of any kind of information reaching you. Putin has time and again reached out to the people of Ukraine and even the military that their government is antagonistic towards Russia and they do not wish to occupy Ukraine, only to get rid of the western puppets. Mainstream media is just spewing propaganda like grossly exaggerated Russian casualties, ‘ghost of Kiev’, Zelensky’s pictures etc.


No. 1084350

He must have SOME people he sees sometimes. They could do it. His military could just go where he is and forcibly capture him couldn't they?

No. 1084351

It’s probably Ukrainian propaganda. The pilot does not seem to exist but Ukrainian media talks about him as if he is real.

No. 1084353

why should we care

No. 1084355

File: 1646405770356.jpg (46.92 KB, 500x564, 58y87e.jpg)

He keeps everyone like 10m away from him kek, but maybe

No. 1084357

reading this makes me want to strangle an author lmao
according to that Ukraine is and has always been owned by Russia and has no right to decide for itself otherwise poor Russia is provoked? Russia is a classic, victim blaming moid who raped a girl because her dress was too provocative. Fuck it.

No. 1084364

The Ghost of Kyiv can apparently shoot down SU-35s with a fucking MiG-29. Yeah, I’m calling bullshit on this.

No. 1084391

If you've ever heard of the angel of mons it's like that

No. 1084393

He's a Shia, even among Muslims they are the oddest bunch in the world

No. 1084396

There are first reports from locals about rapes and murders done by Russian soldiers. They never change, worst nation in the world.
Inb4 "all armies rape", russians really are historically the worst.

No. 1084398

there is that one reddit post by an ukrainian woman who was raped by russian soldiers, i hope she is alright if the post is real

No. 1084416

Actually Canada is warming much faster than the states has. We’ve been getting our famous yearly fires since the early 2000’s.

No. 1084419

Yeah but what is he gonna do if everyone decides that it's time to put Putin in a home? That 10 meters wont give him too many seconds of advance to run away.

No. 1084421

I don't trust reddit posts and I hope that's not true. Considering how many men on reddit fantasized about the possible assault, I'd take it with a grain of salt.

No. 1084432

File: 1646407773021.jpg (23.75 KB, 400x285, 646389.jpg)

alog to 90% of moids

No. 1084441

>11 cases of rape
>6 died
The scrotes who say rape isn't as bad as torture are retarded.

No. 1084442

He'll probably give the signal to nuke before it happens. The protocol keeps going even if he dies or is deposed, once it is set into motion iirc.

No. 1084444

That one scrote claimed it was 'light' torture kek

No. 1084448

But doesn't it need 2 other guys' approval too? It only keeps going automatically if someone else nukes them and the system is alerted and no one responds iirc. The other guys could just cancel it right?

No. 1084450

Let's see how he likes it then

No. 1084460

“Rape is as much of a weapon of war as the machete, club, or Kalashnikov.”
― Christina Lamb, Our Bodies, Their Battlefields: War Through the Lives of Women


No. 1084464

Wish women castrated their rapists more.

No. 1084466

The system has gone off accidentally before. Soldiers regularly have to make calls to prevent WW3. Wouldn't surprise me if they're planning to stage a false flag to make it trigger anyway, even without Putin being close to getting shanked.

No. 1084468

That's so scary. And I've read that Putin is trying to or is planning on trying to stage something that would "justify" launching nukes

No. 1084478

>And I've read that Putin is trying to or is planning on trying to stage something that would "justify" launching nukes
Oh for sure, wouldn't surprise me at all. I've heard he's pointing rockets at the Ukraine-Russia border towards Russia. I don't know why else you would aim at your own country. To not depress you too much, fun fact: did you know James Blunt almost prevented WW3 before? kek

No. 1084489

how'd he do that?

No. 1084493

He was a colonel in the British army that refused to bomb Russian troops along with British General Micheal Jackson after being ordered to do so by an American Commander.

No. 1084494

Michael Jackson as in the heehee guy?

No. 1084499

No. 1084502

I'm starting to smell bullshit

No. 1084504

File: 1646409939369.png (201.79 KB, 487x652, lU4qY3Mfn3nyuTjUuRa0lBC2h3vikj…)

He threatened to release 'You're Beautiful' early kek, nah picrel

No. 1084505

But.. Michael Jackson?

No. 1084509

No. 1084512

But I asked if you meant the heehee guy and you said yes.

No. 1084514

When mentioned he could get raped too he told everyone kys and raged. So it's only bad when it happens to men

No. 1084516

Multiple anons are responding to you

No. 1084521

Fuck me, I'm too prone to trolling

No. 1084554

File: 1646411020781.png (80.66 KB, 1098x780, Capture.PNG)

real or bait?

No. 1084556

File: 1646411022003.jpg (133.36 KB, 728x864, transnistria.jpg)

No. 1084563

real, Navalny also stated those dates to be protest dates (from jail ofc) and obviously there's gonna be so much avtozaks ready

No. 1084567

How can Navalnyi be in touch with the outer world like this? You'd think him being in Russian prison means extreme isolation and no communication with anyone whatsoever.

No. 1084571

File: 1646411318313.jpg (72.24 KB, 600x800, Michael-Jackson-Leave-Me-Alone…)

>General Micheal Jackson
Pic related

No. 1084572

the trial is still going and his team is in contact with the outer world, especially their own tg/youtube channels [Komanda Naval'nogo]

No. 1084577

Haven't they already been shooting missiles from Transnistria? Also the Russians have equipment to build temporary bridges. The risk is more that the forces will link up with Transnistria after controlling the south, to properly absorb it (and maybe also take Moldova, which apparently has a weak army), rather than trying to invade from Transnistria.

No. 1084578

Ok that makes sense

No. 1084590

File: 1646411971431.jpg (41.37 KB, 735x279, 78456523.jpg)

Sanctions against Turkey, when?

No. 1084595

turkey has been sending aid to ukraine and being chill with nato for a long time, they aren't going to face sanctions

No. 1084600

File: 1646412342644.png (506.17 KB, 1132x621, a2aa151d0b440f5daa364c9ce75345…)

No. 1084603

File: 1646412482084.jpg (71.08 KB, 640x482, 5fhh7gekm3l81.jpg)

No. 1084604

this is blessed

No. 1084610

File: 1646412742339.webm (4.79 MB, 464x848, 6363734634.webm)

This is surreal, the first time war footage looks like it was shot where I live.

No. 1084612

> general Michael Jackson

No. 1084614

He was born before Michael Jackson (singer) so he wasn’t actually named after him. Which I thought was the case.

No. 1084621

File: 1646413279183.jpg (10.02 KB, 216x233, general_michael_jackson.jpg)

That general Michael Jackson fought for the Soviets. Easy mistake to make.

No. 1084622

File: 1646413371229.jpg (68.58 KB, 446x604, d7a31f8b86e1840418c000963aa00c…)


No. 1084687

so much russian hysteria its getting kind of insane

No. 1084815

bombing childrens hospitals will do that

No. 1084836

I’m so tired of hearing about how bLoOdThIrStY westerners are when Russia is the one invading and bombing and killing

No. 1084856

>I'm tired of America and western countries being mentioned just because this situation is similar to what the west has been doing for decades

No. 1084869

Россиянки, ну что? Нам всем пизда. Прям действительно пизда. Новый закон - это пиздец.
Я работаю в иностранной западной компании. В последние дни нами интересуются ФСБ(они и раньше интересовались, но как-то сезонно (кек, блядь) и пассивно), хотя компания строго it. Сегодня приходили в офис. Я этого всего не вывезу.
Я не знаю, что и как дальше. Тяжело представить как дальше жить в принципе.
Когда Путин умрёт? Ну или хотя бы
когда его убьёт какой-нибудь министр? Где этот герой, когда он так нужен?
Иногда думаю пойти на Пушкинскую чисто чтоб забрали и посадили в тюрьму, чтоб полная изоляция от этой ебучей жизни. Нары, крыша над головой и хуевая еда.
На днях перечитала один день из жизни Ивана Денисовича. Почему-то рассказ показался умиротворяющим.

No. 1084874

ain't nobody readin all that

No. 1084877

There are several Russian speaking anons. I hope they'll read.
Thank you for your response anyway. Very kind of you.

No. 1084880

stfu corny ass moid.

No. 1084888

It takes like 30 seconds to read. If you don't have time to read a post that is a normal length, don't spam about it and kys instead.

No. 1084896

>getting this bent and defending a moid
yeah okay.

No. 1084897

Everyone stop fighting

This is now a spudro thread

No. 1084904


Russian women, what's up? We're all fucked. We're really fucked. The new law is fucked up.
I work for a foreign Western company. In the last few days, the FSB have been interested in us (they were interested before, but somehow seasonally (fuck, fuck) and passively), although the company is strictly it. Today they came to the office. I can't take it all out.
I don't know what to do next. It's hard to imagine how to live further in principle.
When will Putin die? Or at least
when some minister kills him? Where is this hero when you need him so much?
Sometimes I think about going to Pushkinskaya Street purely to be taken away and put in jail, to be completely isolated from this fucking life. Bunk beds, a roof over my head and fucking food.
The other day I reread One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich. For some reason the story seemed peaceful.

Why post that in Russian?

No. 1084907

File: 1646424672121.png (43.34 KB, 288x302, af7ad65b3cea27ee1499913617c55c…)

No. 1084910

File: 1646424755601.png (2.13 MB, 6460x3480, z6ae62j6ph821.png)


No. 1084912

Уезжай, пока есть время. С познаниями в IT-сфере пригодишься в любой стране.

No. 1084918

Я не живу в России, но я опасаюсь за вашу безопасность и психическое здоровье. Я слышал о том, что произошло в 1990-е годы. Делайте все, что вам нужно сделать.
Послушай ее

No. 1084920

Мой отъезд с вероятностью 99% убьёт моих родителей, маму так точно. Она просто не переживёт. Я не могу её бросить.

No. 1084933

File: 1646425824116.png (87.38 KB, 1546x568, Screen Shot 2022-03-04 at 3.29…)

kill all m*n

No. 1084937

nta and not ru but I love One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich, It’s harsh but such a good read.

No. 1084942

Что за новый закон-то?
(не россиянка, украинка, но знаю про пизду не понаслышке)

No. 1084955

US should have been sanctioned & strangled economically decades ago right along with Russia. You're the #1 most terrorist country & I don't think you realize how blind you are to how the rest of the world perceives you. All you hear is "America bad" when really the international community has been looking at you all for decades the same way that you are now looking at Russia. As murderous invaders. It's insanely hypocritical for any American to be war mongering & trying to act morally superior to Russian people.

No. 1084958

not my problem

No. 1084963

File: 1646427864611.jpg (64.57 KB, 800x450, rejected_his_message.jpg)

No. 1084967

So many anons were going on about how rape wasn’t that bad so it was definitely a bunch of scrotes.

No. 1084969

No. 1084974

You’re not wrong, anon. I’m seeing loads of people on the Middle East notice the hypocrisy lmao.

No. 1084983

Based. How America sees Russia is how other countries see America.

No. 1084984

Why is everyone saying it’s all Americans. It’s the government. We scared. We don’t want war it’s the fucking like 5% that control shit making shit happen. Quit getting pissy with us peasants that have nothing to do with it

No. 1084987

Yandex is down for me now. Sad because I liked it as my alternative to Google, especially for reverse image search.

No. 1084988

it's not hypocrisy and if you're older than 20 you'd know that the arab spring, syrian civil war, etc was covered non-stop in the media
but at a certain point it's just like "ok 60 more people died in syria today, onto the weather"

No. 1084992

The US’s invasions into the Middle East are definitely going to be used by Putin as his own justifications into the invasion of Ukraine.
>If Americans can do it then why can’t we?

No. 1084996

It is hypocritical because there was never this amount of backlash. Fuck, just look at something like the Israel-Palestine conflict which has been going on for over 70 years. The USA funds Israel to illegally occupy Palestine and the Israelis even took a chunk out of Syria.

No. 1084998

The hypocrisy is becoming more clear than ever. It's good when America invades a country but it's bad when someone else does it. No, it's bad no matter what country does it. The gain of gas, oil, natural resources and political influence are not acceptable reasons for the loss of human life.

When people say either America or Russia they are generally talking about governments not civilians.

I can still access Yandex from a Czech VPN.

No. 1084999

Not to be a put put shill but that is a valid question

No. 1085001

>rapes are reported
>ukraine trends on porn sites

I don’t know why I expect anything different..

No. 1085004

Yes, remember that Putin invaded Georgia when the Iraq War was happening. He saw the US doing shit like that and not face any sanctions or whatever. He became increasingly empowered since Russia has won all five wars or sides it has been on.

No. 1085012

Those look like normal appartment complexed jfc

No. 1085016

He invaded Georgia for the exact same reason that he invaded Ukraine. The US was moving towards Georgia joining NATO. Putin has repeatedly stated that having NATO on Russia's borders is not acceptable and has even gone to war over it before. US foreign policy is brain dead if they didn't see war in Ukraine coming.

No. 1085018

This is why Russia will likely win. Russia has been continuously involved in wars since the Federation was founded and has won every conflict it has been in. It did lost in the First Chechen War but then it won in the second.

No. 1085020

>В последние дни нами интересуются ФСБ
Мной интересуются с года так 17, подключают психотронику, но тоже сезонно. На СС подробнее рассказала в соответствующем треде на /х/. Кстати, тоже сезонно; недавно усилилось, поэтому и планирую давать по съебам.
>чисто чтоб забрали и посадили в тюрьму
Там не полная изоляция, а несколько сотен либо таких же дев, либо полу-блатянок/ждулек. Пизда для социофобки, и не выживешь там, если соцскиллов нет.

No. 1085022

It won nine times actually and only lost once (first Chechen War but it won that in the end anyway).

No. 1085029

File: 1646430223042.png (1.03 MB, 1028x830, ClipboardImage-1646382437.png)

Russians started to hit civilians when their attacks were repelled and it turned out Ukrainians won't just surrender unconditionally.

No. 1085030

Russia is a military power after all. It may not be a cultural or economic power but it isn’t a weak militarily by any means. Can’t believe anons were saying Russian troops were “North Korean tier”.

No. 1085031

*isn’t militarily weak

No. 1085040

>Can’t believe anons were saying Russian troops were “North Korean tier”.
Not agreeing with those anons, but that is the politically correct opinion to have nowadays. If you have to believe social media, the war is already over and the Russian military is no problem, they all automatically give tanks away for free. News agencies are calling it a paper tiger.

No. 1085045

The Iraq war was widely condemned at the time, even when people still believed CIA lies, but Iraq is far away and people didn't care too much. Still, long time allies did not follow the US.

Russia is not invading a shitty third world country ruled by evil psychos, but a (somewhat) democratic country in the middle of Europe, and without a reason anyone aside from Putler considers valid. They've also been lying to everyone about their intentions.

In addition to that, Russia is weak and poor, and has been acting hostile and aggressive to its EU/NATO members for decades, after spending half a century enslaving them in Russian controlled dictatorships. Consequently there is widespread support for sanctions against Russia and support for her victims (military and humanitarian).

It doesn't help that the Russian military has utterly embarrassed itself in the eyes of her victims; nobody in NATO is particularly afraid of the Russian army after this clownery.

No. 1085046

What does "North Korea tier" mean?

No. 1085047

it's hard for normies to have sympathy for a place where it's normal for gays to be dragged behind motorcycles, whereas israelis give us brand new military tech, top notch medicine, etc. sorry but it's true

No. 1085048

It’s probably going to win in its involvement in the Syrian Civil War too. The Russians are supporting the Syrian government whereas Americans are trying to overthrow Assad even thought most Syrians support their government and see Assad as the legitimate ruler.

No. 1085052

Yes, it’s okay to commit war crimes when you’re a U.S. ally.

No. 1085054

it goes both ways, palestinians have killed normal israeli citizens, and often in the most brutal fashion.

No. 1085058

As they should. Israel is literally colonizing their land.

No. 1085060

>nobody in NATO is particularly afraid of the Russian army after this clownery
This is straight up bullshit. Putin is winning the war in Ukraine. His forces are advancing faster than the Americans in either the Gulf War or the later Iraq War. He's on course to capture the entire country in less than month. The Ukrainian forces are being encircled in the east, there is no way for them to win this.

No. 1085062

That kind of attitude leads to Palestine staying a poverty ridden hellhole forever.

No. 1085063

>colonizing their land
I hope you're not american and saying that
>As they should
aaaaaand this is why most non-muslims don't care. if you think raping and murdering women, beheading literal babies is ok bc "muh colonizers" you're tapped

No. 1085066

As if Ukraine isn’t a shithole.

No. 1085067

yeah just like it was a big deal in 2014 when Putin took over crimea and the donbass war started but that soon fell out of the public eye, so it will go with this war if it drags on long enough

No. 1085068

>they’re poor and third world brown people so they don’t deserve to live

No. 1085072

You’re not wrong. People will probably cry about it for a while but Ukraine just isn’t that important of a country.

No. 1085074

it's not even a shithole, they have some corruption but that's about it. you don't see gay people being lynched or people cheering on the murder of children. can't say the same for palestine

No. 1085076

True. If some place like France was invaded it would cause global meltdown.

No. 1085078

They don't get to be genocidal weirdos just because history did them dirty. I don't know why the middle east is such hell, but I'm endorsing Israel one the ground that it's the only actual country where women get to live a reasonable life in the entire region.

No. 1085079

dont think so, the refugees will be a daily reminder of Ukarine to us, maybe not to americans but countries who are close wont forget.
The roads are terrible but the country is beautiful. You can get whatever you need to live there and people are very good.

No. 1085080

Most Americans couldn’t even point out Ukraine on a map until recently but if their media keeps going on about it then Americans won’t forget. It also helps that Ukraine is a European country full of white people so they value those lives more than they do Iraqis.

No. 1085083

Ukraine is literally one of the worlds biggest producers of child porn kek

No. 1085085

>european country full of white people
the us bombed serbia to hell and back, but few people know about this. serbia is a white european country.

No. 1085086

I'm afraid to google that but I would've thought the philippines or something.

No. 1085087

The USA did it therefore it’s justified.

No. 1085091

That’s because it’s America, dumbass. You know the world follows a logic where anybody who supports America = good and anybody who doesn’t = bad.

No. 1085094

This is a nice post anon I'm glad you said it. People are very out of touch, but that does make sense the further away one is from "the action".

No. 1085097

Wasn’t it in January this year they already arrested two dozen Ukrainian child porn distributors?

No. 1085098

Covered as in western countries being hailed as heroes for fighting against the horrible western created terror groups and killing their "horrible dictators"(that kept their countries stable, provided free healthcare and drivers licenses, higher education, kept their countries secular), when they actually just bombed the shit out of civillians and destabilised the entire middle east.

No. 1085100

I despise the american government for doing that and I despise the syrian MEN who were fleeing from assad by pouring into europe.

No. 1085104

Not saying Ukraine will win, but Russia is struggling a lot. The Germans did it faster 80 years ago. Apparently Putin thought that Ukraine would just roll over and the thing would be done in a few days, but now it turned into a meatgrinder that can drag on for weeks more, weeks that apparently the Russian armed forces were in no way prepared or supplied to fight for, all while the Russian economy implodes under the weight of the sanctions.

The comparisons with Iraq don't hold water because the Us was fighting on the other side of the globe while Russia is fighting on its doorstep.
This would be the US invading Canada after preparing at her leisure, and then getting stuck on the outskirts of Toronto for half a week and counting and starting to bomb and shell civilian neighbourhoods in frustration.

No. 1085106

I hate Russia and Ukraine is indeed a shithole country. This doesn’t mean Ukrainians deserve to get bombed and killed though. Too bad other people can’t extend that sympathy to other countries.

No. 1085108

>you don't see gay people being lynched
They do have a neonazi battalion which harasses and assaults gay people. Who knows what is happening to them in times of war. Doesn't justify the invasion, Putin sucks, etc.

No. 1085111

yeah but it's not like ukrainians elected them to lead the country
unlike palestinians with hamas
if you go deep into the palestine/israel rabbit hole, you'd eventually understand the zionist side.

No. 1085115

Go deep enough on any side and you’ll come to understand that point. Russia has good reasons for invading Ukraine too.

No. 1085118

they don't, though. I can understand the crimea issue, but the rest of the ukrainians don't want to be part of russia. and it's understandable that they wouldn't have a trusting relationship with russians when you consider how bad the soviets fucked them over on multiple occasions.

No. 1085120

>joining a defensive alliance is an act of aggression towards us, urine must stay neutral*

>*foreign and domestic policy solely determined by Russia and not member of any non-russian supranational organisations

Yeah, no, not really.

No. 1085123

>the rest of the ukrainians don't want to be part of russia
NTA but why are you so retarded. You can see how Ukrainians don't want to be a part of Russia but don't care about Palestinians not wanting to become a part of Israel.

No. 1085124

No, it's not. The dude in the video said it was empty.

No. 1085127

This is a myth that they just immediately all fled. People fought for years before they fled, trying their best like the Ukrainians do now. Just because Europe only started to pay attention then, doesn't mean it wasn't going on for longer. Ukrainian men tried to flee too, which is why martial law was declared and men aren't allowed to leave. Have you condemned the Ukrainian men who fled before martial law was declared?
>yeah but it's not like ukrainians elected them to lead the country
AYRT They're celebrated and considered heroes. They work in the police and are legitimized by the elected government.
>if you go deep into the palestine/israel rabbit hole, you'd eventually understand the zionist side.
Just because people can have unsavory opinions, doesn't mean they deserve to be genocided, colonized, murdered, carpet bombed, what have you. It doesn't justify it or make it more understanding to me. Palestinians and Ukrainians both deserve freedom and independence.

No. 1085132

look into the history of palestine and israel. "palestine" was literally a roman name to troll the jews after they banished them cause of the bar kohva rebellion

virtually no land has been "taken" from anyone. jews came to palestine and bought land from arabs and turned all the shitty barren land they bought into something one can live in. the entire area of Palestine was never very populated back then.

ukraine is an actual country with history.

No. 1085134

The Palestinian people are descended from the Canaanites people of the region just like the Jews are. It wasn't just Arabs moving in to the region, people can become culturally Arabized.

No. 1085135

Palestine is such a weird situation, it's hard to tell what is genuine Muslim idiocy and what is Israeli provocation, like, they do keep settling in Palestinian territories, but the Palestinians do keep talking about wiping Israel from the map.

UNRWA lying about Palestinian refugees is also strange and off putting. There are around 40,000, but the number they report to justify their funding increases every year and has reached more than 5 million now.

It's too complicated to make a call for me, the region is just too far away and too different.

No. 1085137

You do know that not all the land that current belongs to Israel was even part of the historical Israel, right?

No. 1085138

File: 1646433782994.jpg (71.75 KB, 721x417, arquette.jpg)

The American people are not intellectual, to put it mildly.

No. 1085145

there was a time as an american this would've offended me, but now that i'm old and disconnected from american society it's crazy to see how terrible we all are. people just keep getting less intelligent and more belligerent.
air sirens were just going off in kyiv for a while but stopped.

No. 1085146

>This is a myth that they just immediately all fled.
the vast majority who fled are against assad. ask any syrian male who left, he left because he didn't want to be conscripted into the military. the free syrian army, which was the alternative to assad, turned into ISIS.
letting these men in was the worst thing europe could have done. and yes, MEN. the vast majority of these afghan/syrian refugees.
>The Palestinian people are descended from the Canaanites people of the region
this is not true. you could argue that palestinian christians are, but they're a very small minority.
israel was mostly empty before it was a thing, most of the arabs immigrated slightly more than a 100 years ago from countries like egypt, syria.. the most common surname in gaza now is "al-mazri" which is egyptian, palestinians are a made up nationality, used to fuck with Israel by Arab countries surrounding it.

No. 1085147

sage your stupid shit, newfag

No. 1085149

LMAO seething

No. 1085156

Not sure about that but Ukraine does have a high production of child porn. There was this case in 2018 where this Ukrainian couple (who were also cousins) were repeatedly raping their 4 year old daughter and filming the rapes for $70. They were sexually abusing her since the age of 2.


No. 1085159

>Australian clients
It's always them, Americans, or Germans.

No. 1085167

Nobody fucking cares about what happened all the way back in ancient Rome. People were already living there when you decided to create a modern nation-state in 1948 by colonizing land. Jewish and Muslim people were living together in relative harmony up until then. The people who were living when the colonization and displacement happened, aren't soothed by your history lessons. Either way, the current land occupied is more than historic Israel. Houses which have been built before the occupiers showed up have been confiscated and are still being confiscated today, that is taking.
>but the Palestinians do keep talking about wiping Israel from the map
Hmm I wonder why the displaced are so upset with the occupier? I guess we'll never know. This isn't a chicken and the egg story, when Jewish and Arab populations lived in relative harmony, until the nation-state was artificially created.
>letting these men in was the worst thing europe could have done. and yes, MEN. the vast majority of these afghan/syrian refugees
I agree, I would prefer to not live in a country with men in general, no matter their background, deport them all. We don't live in a world with a place like that, so we'll put that aside. The problem though is that fleeing from Syria is different from fleeing from Ukraine. Afaik the route is more dangerous and costly, not easily travelled with women and children in tow in comparison. After the men are in Europe, it's easier to get women and children safely there too, because of family reunification law. Ukrainians aren't even expected to jump through as many legal hoops, but that is understandable since they're close to joining EU anyway. Also it wasn't a dichotomy between free syrian army and IS, there's the SDF and other rebels too. Not commenting on Afghanistan, I don't know enough.

No. 1085171

I don't understand why so many of em are pedos who fetishize women/children from the eastern countries

No. 1085172

Thinking Russia is militarily weak is a Western cope because Russia's win-lose track record is heavily skewed towards the win side. It is possible for Russia to lose - look at how the US couldn't defeat the much weaker Vietnam - but people need to stop with the retarded commentary about Russians running away at any sight of danger because of how misleading it is.

No. 1085175

Israel loses all its credibility when it comes to complaining about Palestinians being "non-indigenous" when they get funded by the USA.

No. 1085180

File: 1646436260101.jpg (43.31 KB, 1114x220, 123546546.JPG)

This is becoming increasingly ridiculous.

No. 1085182

File: 1646436482741.png (1.25 MB, 1918x1072, Screen Shot 2022-03-04 at 6.28…)

even if you don't believe or don't care that jews were there before arabs, it doesn't change the fact that they moved there when it was just scattered bedouin tribes and vast desert, and made something out of nothing. more arabs moved to israel AFTER jews started moving there to compete in birth rates.
I also don't even understand why they're so upset, arabs should be blessed that they have SO much land. they don't actually care about "palestine", they're just pissed that jews live among them.
>jews and arabs lived in peace
what is this meme
you realize around 40% of israeli jews aren't ashkenazi, they mostly come from arab countries that treated them like dirt.

No. 1085189

File: 1646436744954.jpg (28.14 KB, 602x424, d3b2aa6dcac2f3c1a2a2450-pjlq.j…)

Palestinian Arabs have a distinctive genetic profile to Bedouins, they are mostly Levantines closely related to the Lebanese and Syrians.

No. 1085195

Yes, this totally justifies some random guy from New York taking the house which has been in this woman's family for generations. She totally should leave based on some DNA charts and ancient Roman history. Makes total sense. Do you even hear yourself? And I said they lived in relative peace, communities lived close together. All you have created is a totalitarian colonialist nation-state, which pretends to be woke while being funded by Evangelical Republicans and discriminating against Ethiopian Jews and oppressing and genociding Palestinians.(derailing)

No. 1085197

Yes. Palestinians are a mostly Arabized Canaanite peoples. They are not majorly descended from the original Arab tribes.

No. 1085203

ashkenazi/sephardic jews also have a levantine paternal ancestry, so then you shouldn't have a problem with them settling there.
Israeli arabs can reclaim land too, if they posses proof of owning land, it’s a citizen right.

Palestinians in east Jerusalem are offered citizenship but most of them refused it, so if you’re not a citizen you don’t get citizen rights. Sheikh jarrah is literally a real estate issue.

No. 1085204

ok but what has any of that to do with the thread, take it to the place where you came from you retards

No. 1085205

>it doesn't change the fact that they moved there when it was just scattered bedouin tribes

The Palestinians aren't Bedouins, retard. They aren't even closely related to Bedouins. This clearly means that the Palestinians have a separate origin and demographic history from Arabs and must have adopted the Arab identity through a cultural diffusion rather than a genetic one. The Palestinians have exactly the type of genetic profile that you would expect from people living in their region of the world.

No. 1085207

at this point, all liberal and progressive retards will be transformed into this century version of nazis, with all of this genociding support and russophobia. you wouldn't realize when your progressive ideals turned into full fascism because its all sugarcoated with some avengers tier tale. i can say the same for non-whites being on the NATO or ukraine gov side, since media has already shown us that lifes only matter when the individual is white, better if they're blond and blue eyed. eurocentrism finally showing its true colors

No. 1085208

Eurocentrism doesn't apply to Europeans caring about European events, that's silly.

No. 1085210

I wasn't even involved in the original debate but saying Palestinians are just a bunch of Bedouins with no genetic connection to Levantines is absolutely ridiculous.

No. 1085212

>The Palestinians aren't Bedouins, retard.
then explain why the most common palestinian surnames are geography based Al-Mazri (from egypt)
Rashida Tlaib last name indicate saudi origins, and fucking yasser arafat was egyptian.

No. 1085213

There was some migration of Egyptian people into the region but also they mostly
>adopted the Arab identity through a cultural diffusion rather than a genetic one

No. 1085215

yes, that's the exception, but what about north americans? they're the ones mostly making this conflict escalate by sanctioning every one that doesn't agree with them. i also share continent with US citizens, never in my life have ever seen a russian, but MSM has been showing us the conflict non-stop everyday, all day, to the point that national news are left behind. why should we care? because of eurocentrism…

No. 1085216

arabs migrate to that region:
everyone: :)
jews migrate to that region:
everyone: colonizing scum

No. 1085218

Did you even read what I said? The Palestinians have always been there.

No. 1085220

Banning anything even remotely related to Russia is making people look super dumb.

No. 1085223

Are you the infighting racist Romanian?

No. 1085227

It's just virtue signaling. I feel like they're going to ban the entire Russian language at this point

No. 1085231

Somebody gave me shit on my goodreads account because I had a lot of Russian literature on my to-read shelf. I hate Putin but I don't hate the common Russian people. People are becoming psychotic.

No. 1085236

Anons, how big was Russophobia in your countries before the invasion of Ukraine and how big is it now?

No. 1085237

> why should we care? because of eurocentrism…
Russia is invading a major European country with the stated reason that it wanted to join the American led military alliance, while threatening NATO members and NATO affiliated countries with nuclear war (however credible you think threat is). The sanctions alone will increase the already bad inflation and industrial good shortages across the entire world.

Whether you care or not, it affects you.

Also news are for profit companies that air what makes them the most money, and say what they think makes them the most money.

No. 1085239

NTA but
>major European country

No. 1085244

Not to mention Egyptians aren't even mostly descended from Arabs. They were also Arabized through culture which means the majority of their ancestry comes from Ancient Egyptians. Some Afrocentrist idiots like to pretend the ancient Egyptians were originally black and modern Egyptians today are just a bunch of Arab replacements kek.(derailing)

No. 1085246

Went from "Russia is a reliable partner and the millions of Russians are an asset to our economy and culture, Eastern Europeans are paranoid schizos and need to shut up" to "Russia is an evil empire and Russians are complicit probably, we need to actually fund the military, make it rain" with random small scale anti-Russian racism like "no Russians wanted" at a restaurant and crap like that.

Putin really is playing 4D chess, biggest strategic genius of our time.

No. 1085249

It's the biggest by area and has about the same population as Spain.

No. 1085250

this is such a dumb argument. at the end of the day, they lost. if pan-arabism is a thing, they shouldn't be concerned over a small stretch of land when they have the entire middle east and north africa.

nobody is demanding that japanese people leave japan because the ainu were there first.

No. 1085251

Before it was just generic, kinda like against any other Eastern Europeans. Now it's like they want to remove any mention of Russia, anything Russian, anyone who seems Eastern European is suspect of being Russian, random Russian people are expected to apologize, anyone who is interested in Russia in any way shape or form is seen as suspect etc. Some people say things like "the only good Russian is a dead Russian", but I don't think they'd dare to say that in front of an actual Russian person kek

No. 1085253

File: 1646439378120.webm (11.21 MB, 1920x1080, War in Ukraine_ Women take up …)

No. 1085254

ukraine was the biggest shithole out of all eastern european countries before the invasion, to the point that most latin american countries had a better quality of life than ukraine. it was domestic violence and child porn HQ

No. 1085256

I think you should talk to real people more.

No. 1085258

Yeah, it was poor, in no small part thanks to Russian meddling.

No. 1085259

The Ainu didn't populate all of Japan, just Hokkaido.

>nobody is demanding that japanese people leave japan because the ainu were there first.

Yeah, because the Yamato were way stronger than the Ainu and have massively reduced the Ainu population so they can't organize much resistance anymore. If Russia successfully conquers Ukraine and destroys the Ukrainian population thoroughly enough then nobody can protest either.

No. 1085262

>thinks the ainu lived on the entire japanese archipelago
Can you stop being retarded.

No. 1085266

The videos of them punishing looters by stripping them naked and tying them to poles really solidified to me that it's not a good country. It's as bad as some Middle Eastern shitholes, the mentality is fucked. But because of blond hair and blue eyes, some people will LARP that it's not the case

No. 1085267

Goodreads is still active?

No. 1085269

I can't tell whether this is race baiting or what.

No. 1085271

>Can you stop being retarded.
>destroys the Ukrainian population thoroughly enough
that's the thing, they're not going to eventually get rid of 44 million people. putin is retarded for wanting to install some pro-russia puppet government when ukrainians hate him more than ever.

No. 1085272

If you're going to use this excuse then Ukrainians are just a bunch of East Slavs like the Russians so it doesn't matter since the two are the same things.

No. 1085273

I didn't see a single person irl who gives russians the fault for any of this, which is why all the over the top virtue signaling and throwing russians out of any cultural event looks pretty schizo.

No. 1085274

There don't seem to be as many Putin shillbots here as on every other site I use.

Is this because of Russian and Ukrainian government's misogyny?

No. 1085275

NTA, but reporters were saying that Ukrainians couldn't be violent/are different because they have blond hair and blue eyes, so they started the race baiting really

No. 1085276

Nobody cared that much about Russia but they stereotyped Russia to have masculine men and hot women and fucking a Russian woman was seen as an achievement because my country is full of white worshipping losers. Now that Russia has invaded Ukraine a lot of people think its horrible and they connect it to the time when we got annexed by a neighboring country.

No. 1085278

Which reporters were saying that?

No. 1085280

It's not, reporters were saying "These are civilized people from Europe!", "I feel bad because I see people with blonde hair and blue eyes suffering", etc etc. False advertising, to no one's surprise

No. 1085283

A lot of countries are poor but not all of them make crazy amounts of child porn like Ukraine.

No. 1085288

Child porn is such a tiny market you probably only need a single gang to be top producer in the world.

What's with people here judging entire nations based on individuals or groups of dozens of people.

No. 1085289

NBC Kelly Cobiella, CBS Charlie D'Agata, BBC Peter Dobbie.

No. 1085290

>Child porn is such a tiny market

No. 1085291

Thanks, do you have a clip or something?

No. 1085292

>tiny market
I wish I lived in the fantasy world you seem to live in

No. 1085295

Even funnier because Ukrainians and Russians are WAY more closely related to each other than Bedouins are to Palestinians.

No. 1085298

If it's a tiny market then how do moids get arrested for having terabytes of it saved to their computers and hard drives.

No. 1085303

No. 1085306

I can't find any solid numbers on it, but the market for something that can't be sold legally anywhere in the world has to be very small.

No. 1085311

I mean it's probably jarring to see people who look like you suffer on a large scale but they should've kept that in their heads

No. 1085312

Poor innocent anon

No. 1085313

Bless your pure heart dear

No. 1085315

People don't really care what is legal or illegal so long as the demand is high enough.

No. 1085316

as if it being illegal isn’t part of why there is such a huge demand for it

No. 1085320

Sure, just trying to point out that anon wasn't racebaiting and was quoting. I have provided names and multiple clips. So hopefully the 'source' 'source' can end and people can learn how to use search engines.

No. 1085325

File: 1646441149065.png (215.75 KB, 1478x352, Screen Shot 2022-03-04 at 7.45…)

history repeats itself

No. 1085328

I think Ukraine's heavy involvement in the sex industry and womb trafficking (surrogacy) is because they have both a very patriarchal culture and liberal attitudes towards sex.

No. 1085329

>both a very patriarchal culture and liberal attitudes towards sex
That explains Japan's high sexual assault rate and degenerate porn.

No. 1085331

Patriarchal and liberal attitudes on sex is an oxymoron. Middle Eastern countries have true patriarchies and they flip out at the thougght of "their" women becoming whores for any outsiders or being taken sexually advantage of it anyway (except when they're doing it of course).
What's going on in Ukraine and other like East European countries is that there's a pimp-prostitute relationship that has more to do with the fall of the USSR and Western destablization than any remnants of old patriarchy there imo

No. 1085333

I don't even think there's huge demand for it, I think it's a tiny disgusting minority that gets rightfully put on blast every time a bust is made, which makes it look bigger than it actually is. It's not like drugs where regular people will be varying degrees of okay with it. If someone buys CP virtually everyone they know will completely reject them if it's found out. I think regular old human trafficking completely eclipses child sexual abuse material in scope.

Anyway I don't really want to talk about this topic, it's upsetting and not the topic of the thread, sorry for starting this conversation, my point was more about people generalizing from tiny minorities across entire populations, and exclusively picking negative examples to boot.

I think it's mostly down to poverty and being a functioning country (reasonable medical and technological infrastructure if you can pay for it, and organized administration), in addition to people being white, which appeals to ""customers"" in rich white countries.

No. 1085339

It really is no better than some Middle Eastern countries or really rough parts of Latin America, lmao. Pretending otherwise it's just gaslighting. A lot of the people in those videos have the same sweaty drunkard low class look you'd see in other second/third world videos but they're getting a pass because… you know

No. 1085340

Huge demand doesn't always mean in quantity of people. The quality of cp consumers, I'm assuming, is immensely high because they will likely never move on from their fetish and will pay all of the money they have to see it. I don't know why you think that's it is being blown out of proportion when many think the opposite.

No. 1085341

NTA, but you genuinely believe we don't have patriarchy still in the west?
>they flip out at the thougght of "their" women becoming whores for any outsiders or being taken sexually advantage of it anyway (except when they're doing it of course)
Literally men everywhere believe this and act like this.

No. 1085343

They aren't just getting a pass, people on Twitter are loudly cheering them on.

No. 1085345

Child porn sites have millions and millions of users.

No. 1085347

>NTA, but you genuinely believe we don't have patriarchy still in the west?
Do you think our system of patriarchy is the same as the one in West Asia, really?
>Literally men everywhere believe this and act like this.
Middle Eastern moids and East European moids absolutely do not act the same.

No. 1085349

Ukraine has lots of prostitution in general and the more prostitution you have the more normalised it becomes. Men who buy sex in Ukraine start demanding more "extreme" scenarios like having sex with kids.

No. 1085350

It's always about identity politics for westerners regardless if they're the racist or anti racist kind lmao

No. 1085352

Thanks for this.

I think the racist interpretation is (ironically) kind of racist and culturally ignorant, if it's not a deliberately misleading and uncharitable way to edit these clips together. The blonde/blue eyed thing is weird, but the guy is not white himself and clearly ESL, so that might just been a brains retarded moment.

The rest is pretty much saying "these are people who look, live and behave like us, from a country that was like our country until this happened". It's not some deep racism or eurocentrism revealed.

It's certainly disingenuous to show a picture of a dark skinned woman holding a child when the main issue Europeans have with Muslim immigrants is a) they're overwhelmingly young men and b) their culture is extremely toxic and many of them refuse to assimilate in any capacity.
In contrast, Ukrainian culture isn't amazingly progressive, but it's pretty similar to that of the countries taking in the refugees, and Ukrainian refugees are overwhelmingly women and children.

There's very good reasons as to why people react differently to ME and to Ukrainian refugees that have nothing to do with racism.

No. 1085353

>Russian soldiers raping Ukrainian women
Everyone loses their shit
>Ukrainian men tie Ukrainian women naked to a lamppost and whip them
>Azov battalion rapes women they believe to be ethnically Russian Ukrainian women
Everyone thinks it's based
Why can't people just agree to not condone violence towards women?

No. 1085355

> Everyone thinks it's based
Doubt you'll see that anywhere outside of incel websites.

No. 1085359

I wish it was only on incel websites. I see it on mainstream social media out in the open.

No. 1085360

I wish the West followed Russia in banning social media websites, they are a blight.

No. 1085363

What a cope

No. 1085365

Okay, nice text wall, I will refer again to >>1085320

No. 1085367

I wish social media sites would be banned simply because of all the retards who congregate and spread their toxicity everywhere

No. 1085368

I don’t want to sour your world view but pedophiles aren’t “a tiny minority” look at the whole Epstein shit or any huge pedo sting operations that have taken place over the last few years. At this point I just assume most men are pedophiles.

No. 1085369

This is an innocent cover-up explanation because you don't want to admit things are worse than they seem. I don't get how people freely admit when others are being misogynistic or even hateful but racism is too outside of the real of possibility despite it being yet another prejudiced emotion humans regularly exert over each other

No. 1085371

That's such an utterly bizarre take to not only have, but to defend. I don't get it.

Why do you do these mental gymnastics to turn support for refugees and outrage at a deliberately inflicted humanitarian catastrophe into a nefarious racist rally?

No. 1085372

Anon, you're the only one doing mental gymnastics at this point. A spade is a spade, try living in reality. There's no "absolute good" or "absolute evil"

No. 1085373

You just sound offended because you can't empathize with it

No. 1085375

Why do people agree with statements like "most people are evil," "most men are pedophiles," or "most people are selfish" but saying something is racism is too far? You know that's included in the evil or selfish part?

No. 1085378

I've faced racism IRL and online, and my country was enslaved by a foreign power

It sounds like you're the one who's grasping at straws because you got offended by people referring to your country as "uncivilized".

No. 1085380

Not that anon but
>see reporters make very straightforward eurocentric/racist statements
>write an essay trying to downplay the whole thing and get defensive when people see through it
Anon's not the one grasping at straws. Misogyny is a global problem, even from people you think are well-intentioned, and so is racism. Deal with it

No. 1085381

Oh so you're just coping so you won't start hating everyone around you then. It's okay to admit people have biases, anon.

No. 1085384

File: 1646443290668.png (174.11 KB, 914x1082, russians.png)

I was completely ignorant to the Russians being rapists stereotype until today.

No. 1085385

File: 1646443302864.jpg (86.59 KB, 709x565, 134243424.JPG)

Child porn stats are highly variable but according to Ukrainian media itself calls Ukraine one of the top 3 producers of child porn. Yeesh, I wish it wasn't true but it seems like it is.


No. 1085388

File: 1646443514057.jpg (81.15 KB, 788x817, 2132365756.JPG)

No. 1085390

>The Prosecutor General also said that the number of suicides among children is growing rapidly in Ukraine: in the first five months of this year, this number has already exceeded the previous two years.

This is so sad.

No. 1085392

lmao they're like the white versions of the japanese

No. 1085393

The Japanese committed far more rapes than even the Russians.

No. 1085394

File: 1646444102554.jpeg (122.77 KB, 1023x1080, DA0418D3-01FB-4F1A-BD70-D91DAA…)

No. 1085395

It's funny because the American moids who were bashing the fujo countryhuman drawing (by a Ukrainian artist) would probably praise that picture kek

No. 1085396

>the usa is a smug moid
>ukraine is an injured woman with big tits

No. 1085397

The USA doesn't even have the right to be smug, he's just as abusive to other countries as Russia

No. 1085398

this is so fucking bleak and the fact there are communities online dedicated to encouraging kids to commit suicide, what is wrong with people?

No. 1085399

Luckily, the Japanese lost their military and probably won't get involved in a war ever again. Now, the Russians…

No. 1085401

I don't know much about Russian war crimes but did the Russians ever have 200,000 sex slaves imprisoned at "comfort stations" like what the Japanese did?

No. 1085404

Tbh I always knew Russia was a shithole, especially for women. It explains why I see so many of them trooning out.

No. 1085405

>mass rape of children
>filming and distributing this rape of children
>encouraging children to commit suicide for the lulz
>numbers of crimes are increasing instead of decreasing

God, what a shithole. I wish people would stop saying they have sympathy for Ukrainians because they are "civilized" people and just say it's because they are white.

No. 1085408

Her point about Europeans' racism towards non-white refugees is only partially correct. There's still vitriol thrown at (single) female immigrants from non-European countries (heck, EE women used to get highly discriminated against for being associated with the sex trade in some West and Central European countries). I've seen brave and stunning Yuropean tradlarpers attack (single) female migrants for being "invaders" (which is ironic because traditionally speaking, female foreigners were not given the same aggressive, masculinized notions of their relation to society because they're well… female).

No. 1085410

File: 1646445395707.png (37.66 KB, 585x281, burgeroflies.PNG)

When she posted this tweet, the Zaporozhye situation was long resolved, everything she said in this tweet is a lie and baseless fearmongering, it really seems like non-europeans are getting a kick out of making up some ridiculous extreme situations; while it really is bad enough without them fantasizing about it being worse. So annoying.

No. 1085414

File: 1646445665935.jpg (159.6 KB, 828x538, 1646439467453.jpg)

Everybody was right about the Ukraine social media being cringe.

No. 1085415

NTA, but something like that, yeah. In Berlin alone 100k women were raped (repeatedly). 10k killed themselves.

No. 1085418

This is just embarrassing

No. 1085419

Kinda gross when you think about all the child porn and human trafficking that goes on there

No. 1085420

Were the actually sexually enslaved and transported to camps?

No. 1085422

This is how Amerifat moids view themselves and Ukrainian women.

No. 1085424

Not transported to camps, but 200k women were raped to death. Some 70 times. It's a different situation from comfort women, since the war was already over, they were occupying the country. Many women were also shoved in shit, tattooed and heads shaven.

No. 1085425

I can’t believe coca cola single handedly invaded ukraine

No. 1085426

Why the fuck is Ukraine hugging the US and not Poland

No. 1085429

People speaking here on how evil Ukraine is because of their porn industry - main reason things are like that in Ukraine is because it's just as any other country that has it's people experience extreme poverty in certain regions, which is directly caused by how it never managed to pick itself up after USSR. Women are trafficked and forced / manipulated into disgusting porn industry because they often just find themselves having no other choice, being uneducated and extremely poor. If not for Russia, Ukraine would never be as bad as it is now.

Not condoning anything of course, all Ukrainian moids who are involved in it better make themselves useful now by dying in the war and taking some russians with them, still - we really gotta consider the cause here and not condemn entire country just because.

No. 1085430

File: 1646446703139.jpg (23.73 KB, 400x400, QcRmriJI_400x400.jpg)

>Smenim, Crimea-14 was an outstanding success
>Since when were you under the impression CRIMEA-14 was over, Mr Putin?

No. 1085431

File: 1646446787291.png (56.48 KB, 724x1056, russian economy summary.png)

I don't know why this thread is full of Russian apologists and whataboutism…

But let's talk about the total collapse happening in Russian economy. I was skeptical at first but after reading about how the sanctions impact everything… They are utterly fucked. The whole country is totally toxic for any business and investment. Even businesses not directly impacted by sanctions wont want to take the risk of operating in a country that is basically now a huge risk, where it's impossible to predict what happens tomorrow. Nobody can know if they get paid, if they can even get their money out of Russian banks etc. Russia is self-sufficient in energy and maybe food, but that's it. Basically everything else will run out and prices will rocket. Hyperinflation is coming people. Economic panic and chaos in the coming weeks as Russians wake up to reality.

Youtube, Twitter and Facebook have already been blocked under the new emergency laws. Soon they will prevent people leaving the country as huge number of Russians will try to flee. We are watching a superpower obliterated by economic sanctions basically overnight.

No. 1085439

I personally think the EU countries are full of hot gas and people have a short memory. If Russia manages to decisively end the war by the end of the year, I can see most European nations quietly and discretely opening up trade with Russia again and just not making a big deal about it.

>shortfalls of basic products

There's Indian and Chinese variations of any product outside of high tech shit that can be purchased, and China has an appetite for Russian natural resources, problems weren't.

It will be painful, but I feel there's no doubt the Russians will limp by and all will be forgotten about in two years time. If Yeltsin held it together through the 90s, Putin can make it through the early 20s

No. 1085444

>I don't know why this thread is full of Russian apologists and whataboutism…
I don't see Russian apologism but anons rightfully pointing out the hypocrisy when it comes to other invasions. Just look at that retarded Zionist anons.

No. 1085449

they have china and india backing them, that is enough to survive. they were sent back to cold war era basically. terrible, but not much of a gigantic deal if they have an endless growing superpower like china as friends. this is worse for the west and pseudo west like latin america, because USA and company had already sanctioned nearly all of their oil and gas providers, and due to green politics in europe, they can't use nuclear power for anything

No. 1085451

its natural, don't want to racebait but this place has a majority of white and/or jewish nonnas. not a big secret

No. 1085453

File: 1646447751214.jpg (107.9 KB, 750x627, 71f628d59da3ed3167e84a8b189099…)

Just as I thought. Trannies identifying as women to get out of conscription.

No. 1085456

I thought so as well but now I've change my mind. Maybe in long term they can replace western stuff with asian or domestic, but wont be in time to stop the collapse, because right now everything in Russia requires western components, even Chinese tech uses chips from countries that are part of sanctions, huge amount of Russian wealth is overseas and frozen, and the country is toxic for any business. Politicians have also threatened that any country who helps Russia may get sanctioned and even China is now hesitating because they have more business in USA and EU than in Russia. I think that will be the next attack from west, sanctioning those who are too friendly with Russia.

No. 1085457

kek that one bitch kept changing her arguments
>jews deserve the land because they were there before the arabs moved in
>actually the palestinians have always been there because they descend from levantine populations just like the jews
>who cares? this is such a dumb argument

No. 1085459

China will comply with sanctions as much as they have to to not piss off their First World customers. They'll import raw materials from Russia and not export anything Russia isn't allow to import. Putler is working hard to make Russia a Chinese vassal state.

No. 1085462

That's exactly how the racebaiting sperg from before acted. Making up shit, changing the story, and then "W-Well I'm sick of arguing" lol

No. 1085465

The Soviet Union was more isolated from the global market than modern sanctioned Russia, and had the exact same situation with Carter sanctioning the Soviets for the invasion of Afghanistan. This has all happened before, literally, 40 years ago, and the country was able to limp along for over a good decade. And that was with an ossified economy and political structure.

No. 1085469

She's a loon. I didn't even deny that Jews can also claim the region as their ancestral land because they DO have a connection to it. Saying the Jews are actually just European colonizers LARPing as Hebrews is wrong, but so is saying the Palestinians are just Bedouins who moved in after the Jews left.

No. 1085474

I hate trannies so much its unreal

No. 1085477

Just out of curiosity because I legit don't understand, why is Latin America not really considered West by many? It's literally in the west, even in the same continent as USA. Is it just because they're not as developed?
I hope it doesn't come off as baiting or anything, it's just something that I never understood really.

No. 1085479

No, it's because they're full of non-white people and even the people who pass as white tend to have some distant Native American ancestry. You bring up "white Hispanic" on /pol/ and everybody laughs because the standard of being white in Anglo America is much more racially purist than Latin America.

No. 1085480

I agree that Latin America is (for the most part) culturally Western but its the racial aspect of Latin America that gets it considered "non-Western". Indigenous American ancestry is widespread among Latin America and many of them have sub-Saharan African ancestry too.

No. 1085486

Because they're brown.

No. 1085487

Does Argentina just not exist kek

No. 1085490

Could be pakianon but I'm not sure

No. 1085492

Even Argentina has widespread Native American ancestry - just in lower amounts than other Latin American countries because they experienced a mass migration from Europe and the Middle East roughly from 1860 to 1950.

No. 1085493

Argies are less genetically European than your average US American.

No. 1085495

I see, so "West" basically means "white", not… Well, being in the West huh. Not like it makes much sense, but whatever.

No. 1085498

Most Argentines pass as white but various genetic studies demonstrate that on the population level they have anywhere from 17.3% to 31% Native American ancestry.

No. 1085506

West and East as geographic divisions don't make sense and they never really did. Europeans originally used "Eastern" to differentiate themselves from the Near East cultures but then extended that to the whole of Asia.

Australia is geographically "eastern" and right next to Indonesia but its considered a "western" country because it was settled by lots of white people. The continent of Africa has never been a part of either the east or west. The Americas were not a part of either but then it endured European colonization. There is always lots of debate on whether Latin America should be included or not but Canada and the US are considered "western".

No. 1085509

Nonnie, until the mid 1800s it was clear that the majority of Argentines were either mestizos (mixed-race) people with heavy Amerindian admixture or still fully (or almost) indigenous people, especially in the entire south of what is now that country.

No. 1085513

because we are brown and still have many cultural differences with the hegemonic anglo globalism due to native heritage. not to mention the rampant racism, xenophobia and other kind of ism's in the region that would destroy the myth of us being modern day noble savages. even whites here are different to the ones of the first world because of the implicit caste system

No. 1085516

It's not like I don't understand your point, since the world is a globe there is no actual West and East. I just think it would make a lot more sense to call it "white" or European-based rather than West/East in that case. Saying "West" but then not including some countries that are literally in the same continent just sounds pretty racist and dumber than separating things as "West/East", because if one is considered West, it would only make logical sense that some other country that is in the same geographic area be "West" too, if taken literally at least.
I'm not debating that it shouldn't be called as such or anything really, it's just that from an Asian point of view, Latin America is still considered West, so it always kinda odd for me to see even people in the same continent argue it's not. I now understand why it is like that thanks to you guys, but I can't help but to think it's kinda silly and nonsense anyways.
In any case, this is not the topic of this thread and my question was already answered so enough of that.

No. 1085523

kek she probably believes in the "argentina is white" memes

No. 1085531

If you only count a city like Buenos Aires then Argentina would be the whitest place in South America, but Argentina is clearly much more than just Buenos Aires. Argentina is a really big country and there are not only regions with prominent Native American populations, but there also a lot of heavily Amerindian-admixed mestizos.

I've met a lot of Argentines who like to pretend they are completely European even though they have obvious Native American features. Among white Latinos there is a tendency to pretend you have no ancestry from Native Americans. This is the opposite of Anglo America where most of the white population has 0% Native ancestry but they all want to pretend they are part Cherokee.

No. 1085540

I wonder if Coca Cola and Pepsi will now have a competition to see who can virtue signal the hardest about Ukraine.

No. 1085549

File: 1646454855465.png (46.83 KB, 858x524, 2022-03-04_18-17-06.png)

The price of wheat is doing a thing. Will this cause another Arab Spring?

No. 1085551

The middle east has the worst luck. Their region gets wrecked even when they have absolutely no involvement in the current crisis.

No. 1085554

I wonder if they can make up the shortage with American and Canadian wheat.

No. 1085555

If Kazakhstan is smart it will take advantage of this situation to grow as a wheat exporter. It's not in Europe so it doesn't need to stock up on goods and its close to the Middle East.

No. 1085557

Kazakhstan will become number one exporter of wheat!

No. 1085561

File: 1646455728607.jpg (80.4 KB, 923x565, 398093248.JPG)

>OncoAlert is a worldwide Network of Oncologists with the common goal of ending cancer

Ok…so I guess we just have to let Russian cancer patients suffer by cutting off ties with Russian oncologists in an international organization?

No. 1085562

I saw them on Twitter. They locked their account because they got so much backlash for this but they they refuse to change their decision.


No. 1085563

but they wanted to sanction kazakhstan.
>No, it's because they're full of non-white people
That doesn't matter. Japan is considered "the west".

No. 1085565

>Japan is considered "the west".
Only by alt-right weebs

No. 1085566

File: 1646456151911.jpg (136.89 KB, 1080x1464, 5PCpZEE.jpg)

No. 1085574

Lmao, I'm the one who asked the original question, and for context I'm an East Asian currently living in South America (that's why I was specifically confused about that, my friends and family say I'm living "in the west" now). And neither my Asian friends and family, nor my South American friends, and neither the European/North American people I talk to online ever referred to Japan as "the west".
Wtf how can someone even jokingly think so, I'm baffled

No. 1085577

>We are non-political but we can’t give cancer support to Russian patients

No. 1085582

This is really heinous behavior.

No. 1085591

>dumb normies still think russia wants to conquer ukraine to restore the ussr

No. 1085594

File: 1646458656699.png (155.75 KB, 867x488, pzHHWuk.png)

No. 1085600

of course older people are more willing to have a war, its not going to be them or their families/friends going to fight it. they can just sit and watch the tv and see the violence happen while being completely detached from it

No. 1085604

Glad to see younger Americans don't want war. When it came to previous invasions committed by the US, the percentage of people who wanted the US to enter was always really high.

No. 1085605

This is from early mid Feb I wonder what it would look like now

No. 1085607

File: 1646459467396.jpg (1.09 MB, 2119x1333, IMG_1691 2.jpg)

No. 1085610

i dont get is especially since american boomers should remember vietnam more than anyone

No. 1085611

There was a lot of propaganda back then so maybe they still think Vietnam War was justified. They barely even teach the consequences of the war in American schools today and the US media disproportionately focuses on the suffering of American invaders rather than the actual Vietnamese being mascaraed by them.

No. 1085620

I'm not American but we studied vietnam in school, I remember it infuriating me beyond anything else we learned about, even nazi germany and the civil rights movement. I don't remember too much of the details but I definitely remember my interpretation of it
>get involved in a war you have no business getting involved in
>completely underestimate your opponent
>lose embarrassingly
>commit atrocities
>send PTSD riddled vets back home just to be despised by the public

No. 1085622

>US media disproportionately focuses on the suffering of American invaders
Kek I noticed this. We barely even see Vietnamese people talking to each other in American movies about the Vietnam War.

No. 1085625

File: 1646460637102.png (31.82 KB, 736x190, 0IXCTMN.png)

from reuters

No. 1085629

What's even stupider is that Ukrainians also told the students to go fight in the war against the Russians for them.

No. 1085634

File: 1646461057719.png (597.64 KB, 735x571, ukraine.png)

No. 1085639

Kek the Congolese man saying it would distract the Russians because he would look like he was a part of NATO.

No. 1085643

Glad they rejected the demand. I heard 5 students died from the freezing cold. Not a good look.

No. 1085644

Africans aren't known for being good soldiers in the first place, I don't know what they were expecting

No. 1085645

I have Ukrainian colleagues and they aren't the brightest people.

No. 1085648

File: 1646461838510.png (742.68 KB, 1848x1448, Screen Shot 2022-03-05 at 1.30…)

No. 1085649

They're really desperate for any man to go fight. They're sending 60 year old men, violent criminals, random African students, and tranny volunteers from America.

No. 1085650

not just that, its generally a proper military culture only ever developed in Europe and certain asian states
most african and arab armies are glorified extended police forces, how do you think rag-tag groups like ISIS can defeat the entire Iraqi or Malian army, or how one nation(Israel) can solo combined army armies combined Arab nations multiple times

No. 1085652

Surprised Arabs are so bad at war when they Arabized huge swathes of the Middle East.

No. 1085654

File: 1646462108655.png (299.83 KB, 1079x1264, SjVtyeR.png)

No. 1085655

I heard other Europeans discriminate against Ukrainians, is that true? Just because they're poor and do unsavory things doesn't mean they should be hated for their ethnicity.

No. 1085656

You're right but when you've encountered so many violent Ukrainian moids it's hard to shake off the prejudice.

No. 1085658

I agree with Elon on this. Censorship isn't the solution.

No. 1085659

He's not wrong.

No. 1085662

that was tribal warfare, the model for modern militaries developed in western europe during 15-17th century and proved to be the most superior model for armies, its something that came organically and can't just be taught to a civilization group without fundemtally transforming it to make it more european

No. 1085671

Musk acting like he has no ulterior motives

No. 1085673

File: 1646463557923.png (116.61 KB, 1156x450, Screen Shot 2022-03-04 at 10.5…)

No. 1085674

calm before the storm. they're about to bomb the shit out of those cities

No. 1085675

Hoping all women and children can get out.

No. 1085687

File: 1646464477513.png (35.59 KB, 568x420, QtQtG8g.png)

No. 1085692

Kyiv anon hasn't posted anything since day, hasn't she? I hope she's okay

No. 1085693

Burgers need to stfu about anything related to war, no one wants to read your apocalypse fanfic

No. 1085699

I lived in an area that had a lot of refugees from Vietnam and and some of my best friends grandparents were those who fled during the war. The one thing that always stuck out to me was the grandparents hate boner for France and the atrocities the French army did during the Indochina war right after ww2. Also all the awful shit the Japanese did to the population during their imperial ww2 days. I don’t remember them ever recalling the US’ involvement as being as such a huge failure as the greater population did they’d mainly go on about the French. I do think it’s interesting though that mostly all the Vietnamese people in my area were very patriotic of the US. I know with refugees from Laos is very similar. One of my friends dads was a huge mega USA guy and joined the military and encouraged all his kids to do the same.

No. 1085701

Tfw you have no fucking clue what a no fly zone is or what it would entail. Implementing a no fly zone is asking for ww3 and they’re not even all that effective. After all, there was a no fly zone over Srebrenica that didn’t do jack shit

No. 1085705

I haven't seen any discrimination. I'm sure it happens sometimes as with any other foreigners but norhing major. Some people maybe say "my work is full of Ukranians" like they are annoyed a bit, but that's all. Gypsies get much more discrimination.

No. 1085720

You can't just take a person who was born in Ukraine and say he is Ukrainian. Sykorski is Belarusian, for example, some from the list are actually Russians and many are Jews + many from the list are products of the Soviet education system.
It is stupid to judge if somebody is bright based on the blood in first place though

No. 1085723

Most Vietnamese refugees are pro-USA because they were from the anti-communist families. I knew one Vietnamese American woman whose mother taught Vietnamese to American soldiers.
Most overseas Vietnamese I know don't hate the French either, they're really enamored with French culture and are Catholic because a lot of them descended from the wealthy French collaborators. They also like to pretend they're part French even though it's all bullshit. The French hardly intermarried with the Vietnamese locals.

No. 1085727

Not American but we have Vietnamese refugees and they do the same thing wrt to claiming some French ancestry. It's similar to Filipinos claiming they are part Spanish. Being part European in those colonies gave you a lot of status since there were racial castes and they want to raise their status by mythologizing their bloodlines.

No. 1085732

>Ukrainian security forces continue to keep people in the city
This explains some of the videos going around of civilians being shot. People were saying it was Russians even though the soldiers weren't in Russian uniforms and others were saying that it was the Azov and Aidar battalions who wear British supplied uniforms.

I worked with a Vietnamese woman, we became good friends because we both liked smaller capacity motorbikes. I wouldn't say that she hated anyone, what shocked her was how most people in the west are totally ignorant of what happened after WWII. She's right, there's minimal awareness that the west went to war with China over Korea less than a decade after WWII and how countries in SEA fought for their independence from European colonies.

No. 1085734

The Ukrainian soldiers are shooting at their own civilians?

No. 1085735

They're literally a bunch of university students. Of course they can't fight.

No. 1085742

They kept saying they were saboteurs disguising as Ukrainian soldiers shooting at civilians, but I'm not sure I can believe that just based on 'trust me bro'. Especially after those guys from Snake Island ended up still being alive, the mishap about the jets, the POW situation etc. For all we know they were the criminals they let out of prison, not Ukrainian nor Russian soldiers at all. I guess we'll see what really happened after this all ends.

No. 1085745

Oh boy, I forgot about the violent criminals they let out of prison to join the military.

No. 1085746

The Ghost of Kyiv story too. There's lots of propaganda coming out from all sides.

No. 1085753

People get angry when you point out Ghost of Kyiv is fake, because they think it's an important morale boosting myth. Meanwhile I'm seeing more and more Ukrainians talking online about developing PTSD and feeling pressured by all the toxic positivity about Ukrainian civilians having no problem with fighting till the death and not being afraid at all, because the ghost of Kyiv is covering them and the Russians have practically lost already. Even if it is morale boosting, does that mean everyone outside of Ukraine has to buy into it too? Why does someone on the opposite side of the continent, with no relation of any kind to Ukraine, need an emotional support war myth from another country? It's weird.

No. 1085757

File: 1646470941235.png (23.21 KB, 503x230, 1dc92a09-8f2c-40db-a5a9-2f3368…)

No. 1085758

More than 15,000 DLNR citizens were killed by the Ukrainian neo-nazi government from 2013 to 2022. This is who the entire world is fighting for. Ukraine is just getting a taste of its own medicine now.


No. 1085761

The lies about the Russians failing is dangerous because if Ukrainian civilians think that Russia is loosing the war then they are less likely to evacuate to safety. At this point it's impossible to tell what's going on and who is saying what.

No. 1085769

They also need to stop with the lies that the Russian military is weak. It's not a weak military at all and people are deluding themselves into thinking that Ukraine can win this war easily. Russia has the second strongest military in the world and it's won almost all the wars it has been involved in since the dissolution of the Soviet Union.

No. 1085773

Zelensky said 6,000 Russian soldiers died in the first six days of the battle and I couldn't believe it all. An average of a 1,000 Russian soldiers dying everyday? 6,000 soldiers dying in under one week? Russia's claim that about 500 Russian soldiers have died is far more believable.

No. 1085774

This never goes well, In our third world country we had a war with India and we greatly exaggerated our victories and losses, when we lost with in less then 2 weeks, the people were outraged
it was a national humiliation and people went apeshit


No. 1085776

Ukraine's numbers are total bullshit. They now claim over 10,000 Russian soldiers have died but only about 110 Ukrainian soldiers have died.

No. 1085778

You don't even have to look at Russia's claims to know 6k isn't correct. Several western officials said the death toll was at 2k, not 6k and that there has been a conflation between casualties and deaths. It included wounded, people who surrendered or were taken prisoner etc.

No. 1085779

>They now claim over 10,000 Russian soldiers have died but only about 110 Ukrainian soldiers have died.
Maybe they intended for this to be "morale boosting"…but it's just too ridiculous.

No. 1085781

At this point I feel like they're just bombing shitty Soviet abandoned tanks and adding them to the death count kek

No. 1085782

This thread now: talk about war updates
This thread when Americans were awake:
>Russia = rape
>Ukraine = child porn
>but Russia = rape
>but Ukraine = child porn

No. 1085783

I am American kek

No. 1085784

shut up eurofag

No. 1085785

LOL before the thread was split you would go to sleep and wake up and the thread would have moved so fast but loads of race sperging and America American America lol. Fuck, Americans are so self obsessed

No. 1085786

no matter who it was it's pretty annoying. Some people really have to drag race into everything, this war has nothing to do with race but it's the only thing they can talk about so they do.

No. 1085790

I'm not American and talking about the rapes that happened during this situation is relevant. But yes bringing race into everything is retarded

No. 1085792

>war updates
What updates? Anons were discussing how they don't know anything because of constant propaganda.

No. 1085794

It was almost certainly /pol/ moids. All that shit about how non-white lives are meaningless and constant rape apologism ("rape is light torture").

No. 1085795

Well yes and that's an intelligent discussion unlike what was going on here last night

No. 1085798

It's also been talked about before in these threads before. There's just not many developments to discuss so anons are diving around for other topics.

No. 1085799

It must be so bleak in the mind of a racist. To equate everything to the fucking colour of your skin. To put so much importance on that just shows me you're an uneducated frightened individual. We can communicate with other species, the animal kingdom is full of different species interacting and getting along. To think that there's humans that think someone is fucking alien for being born in a different country or have different features, just tells me the thought of speaking to people different from you rarely crosses your mind. Wilful ignorance. I will assume inbreeding occurred in your family

No. 1085802

>how can you say rape is light torture? some women can be raped to death
>well that's not rape anymore, its murder

No. 1085804

Lol don't forget the shit about how rape doesn't even come close in the "top 10 worse things that can happen" and the "UN classifies rape as light torture"

No. 1085805

No. 1085808

Damn the Wikipedia editors are working in overdrive atm

No. 1085809

Why are you portraying the girl as a "bad bitch"?

No. 1085811

Moids love to be autistic about the definitions groups of men have assigned to things. They're so fucking weird about rape. They really do just view women as bodies and not people. Like the thing yesterday about rape and theft. If you rape someone then rob them, it's theft only it somehow cancels out the rape. The rape was just a stepping stone for the real crime or theft. Or if you kill someone by rape, its murder not rape anymore. Rape is fucking horrific. There's nothing light about it. Yeah there's a high survival rate but men never stfu about ptsd for serving in conflicts but women are suppose to just suppose to get up and dust themselves off when they've been rendered completely defenseless. And holy shit if a woman aborts a rape baby.

No. 1085813

Do anons here think more Russians or Ukrainians have died? Most sources say more Russians have died than Ukrainians but that could also be propaganda or lousy estimates.

No. 1085814

What we think really doesn’f matter but I’m pretty sure on both sides there are fewer deaths than claimed on news sites.

No. 1085815

Oddly relevant and adds more information to explain what is happening.

>During the 1971 Bangladesh war for independence, members of the Pakistani military and supporting pro Pakistani Islamist militias called the Razakars raped between 200,000 and 400,000 Bangladeshi women and girls in a systematic campaign of genocidal rape

>The Soviet Union sympathised with the East Pakistanis, and supported the Indian Army and Mukti Bahini's incursion against Pakistan during the war, in a broader view of recognising that the succession of East Pakistan as Independent Bangladesh would weaken the position of its rivals— the United States and China. The Soviet Union gave assurances to India that if a confrontation with the United States or China developed, it would take counter-measures. This assurance was enshrined in the Indo-Soviet Treaty of Friendship and Cooperation signed in August 1971

>The United States stood with Pakistan by supporting it morally, politically, economically and materially when U.S. President Richard Nixon and his Secretary of State Henry Kissinger refused to use rhetoric in a hopeless attempt to intervene in a large civil war. The U.S. establishment had the impression that the Soviets were in an informal alliance with India, and the US therefore needed Pakistan to help to limit Soviet influence in South Asia

>As many Arab countries were allied with both the United States and Pakistan, it was easy for Kissinger to encourage them to participate. He sent letters to both, the King of Jordan and the King of Saudi Arabia. President Nixon gave permission for Jordan to send ten F-104s and promised to provide replacements

This offers at least some explanation as to why India doesn't want to abandon Russia in favour of the US.

No. 1085817

File: 1646477845197.jpg (185.18 KB, 857x1134, 1492592070045.jpg)

EU to ban all Russia Media outlets

>The European Union will ban Russian media outlets Russia Today and Sputnik, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said on Sunday.

>Saying that the EU will ban "Kremlin's media machine," von der Leyen added that "State-owned Russia Today and Sputnik, as well as their subsidiaries, will no longer be able to spread their lies to justify Putin's war and to sow division in our union."
>"We are shutting down the EU airspace for Russians," von der Leyen said.


No. 1085819

I don't believe that more Russians have died. If there have been more Russians then it wouldn't be much higher than the death count for Ukrainians.

No. 1085820

But I thought the west was better than Russia because the west had a free press?

No. 1085821

>censorship is acceptable if i do it

No. 1085822

I think lolita is a good novel to prove this point. She got taken advantage of a man in her youth and for the whole novel she keeps getting fucked over and over because of the one man that decided his pleasure mattered more than her trauma. She in the end, dies giving birth, everything that happens to her in that book happens in the hands of men and yet men still idealize the lolita trope as if it's a something sexy.
I'm quite sure more Ukrainians have died. Never trust the numbers, they're always manipulated

No. 1085824

Hello Iron Curtain 2.0

No. 1085825

Free press only when it's their own propoganda. Russian propoganda isn't allowed ofc

No. 1085826

Even worse when she's forced to carry and give birth to the rape baby. Rape is traumatic enough already but then you have the rapist's spawn growing inside you of for nine months and you have to go through a painful birth to deliver the baby fathered by your rapist.

No. 1085827

File: 1646478266713.jpg (247.54 KB, 1171x627, article.jpg)

Are they going to try to ban everything related to Russia in the west? Fucking bleak.
If they're going to end up banning all books by Russian authors, that lolita trope is probably going to be set in stone. Anyone who actually read the book would know Humbert is an unreliable narrator and a pedo creep trying to save his own ass.

No. 1085829

This is a stupid idea because even if its full of propaganda its still important to find out what type of media Russians are writing and consuming.

No. 1085831

OncoAlert already banned and broke off their connections with Russian doctors. Cutting of support for Russian cancer patients because they are Russian is a new low.

No. 1085832

The stuff they showed in the west wasn't even the same as they showed to Russians anyway. All they really were doing was showing WWII documentaries all day on the English channel and slightly reframing whatever the western media was saying too. I doubt there are many serious RT watchers who are being brainwashed in the west, so what is even the point?

No. 1085838

The only stuff on RT that I remember being quite controversial and contrary to Western views was how much it would criticise and oppose transgenderism.

No. 1085843

Kek the first anti-trans news articles and videos I ever saw were from RT.

No. 1085846

On the positive note, all the brainwashed sovietsick gramdmas and grandads in my country who read Sputnik and were worshiping Putin for years, wont be able to read it anymore. They were getting manipulated hard, my motherinlaw was spamming everybody with emails how great Putin was, she woke up from it now but i bet there's still a lot of oldheads beliving in it.

No. 1085851

lmfao very on brand

No. 1085854

They don't even do that much anymore, their reporting about trans stuff recently was actually quite neutral and they called TiMs 'she'. The stuff they post which is critical of the US could be considered controversial, but mainly to burgers who have drunk either the CNN or FoxNews koolaid.

No. 1085857

and then you get mindfucked into keeping the baby and trying to love it despite it having your rapist's eyes because it's innocent or something and your trauma doesn't matter

No. 1085859

I didn't understand RT because they were so anti-trump despite trump and putin being frens.

No. 1085863

Praising Trump would probably make their propaganda look too obvious.

No. 1085864

File: 1646479646632.png (533.07 KB, 1205x689, Screenshot (739).png)

I only use RT as a source of cool documentaries, a lot of there documentaries are pretty interesting and about distinct communities, subcultures and historical events around the world

No. 1085866

File: 1646479794242.jpg (41.93 KB, 540x842, psyop.jpg)

Secretly this is a psyop to cancel letters from the Latin alphabet kek

No. 1085868

afghans wouldn't have to sell their youngest daughters to old men or sell their organs if they had 1 or 2 kids instead of 9.

No. 1085869

Buckle up. The paranoia and Russophobia is going to get worse.

No. 1085872

Yeah because women ask to be raped, totally have the freedom to choose whether to have children or not and contraception and abortions are totally freely available in Afghanistan. Are you retarded?

No. 1085875

>B-b-but the woman didn't die so is rape really that bad?
A man, somewhere

No. 1085877

>documentaries about syria and afghanistan
Makes sense. Russia has a history with both those countries so there's probably more of an interest in finding out what goes on over there.

No. 1085880

No you retard. Women are barely considered to objects in afghanistan and they'd sell any daughter they had no matter how many because they view daughters as useless

No. 1085881

Governments in the West have made a point to separate Russians from the federation. Banning the oppositions state media in the time of conflict isn't that mental.

No. 1085882

I remember a girl at a forum having a quote in her sight that went like "murder is kinder to her victims than rape, because it has the decency to not leave them alive". Now I'm concerned about her, hope she is happy now

No. 1085884

I am talking about people trying to ban the letter Z.

No. 1085885

why do you assume I'm JUST blaming the women? the men know better too. it's a shithole country all around. I read about an Afghan man who had a pregnant wife, her 5th child, and he was talking to a western journalist about how he sold his 4 year old daughter to an old man. He didn't worry that his 4 year old daughter was probably getting raped, he was just upset cos he had the hungies.
nuke the entire place

No. 1085887

Well yeah, rape does make a lot of women suicidal. Yet women unlike men are less likely to kill themselves because they burden themselves with nurturing others. Where men even if they've dependents will nope out. Stronger sex indeed.

No. 1085888

America shilling Ukraine for the lefties is so fake. Ukraine is full of neo nazis.

No. 1085890

NAYRT, but I wouldn't say that. The Belgian PM wanted to retract all visas for Russians in the EU, that is a government official trying to directly target Russians. Never mind that reporters, MP's and media personalities are saying that no Russian is innocent. People are definitely conflating the government with the people, even acting like elections in Russia are fair and that Russians could easily overthrow the government. Even though that isn't expected of some other citizens of countries which I won't mention, when they invade a country.
>why do you assume I'm JUST blaming the women?
So you admit that you're blaming women?

No. 1085891

Do you know why they don't sell their sons? They don't sell their daughters because they cant afford to feed them, they do because having a girl is frowned upon. Westerners shouldn't comment on shit like this when West is the reason Afghanistan declined into its current state. I sincerely hope afghan refugees ruin the countries that fucked up middle east for their benefit.

No. 1085893

I blame everyone. Who is raising these men? Women too.
>they do because having a girl is frowned upon
cool but the cases I read were because they had the hungies.

No. 1085894

They probably prefer to integrate with the western values.

No. 1085895

it's probably neo nazi Ukrainian men with no life that are fighting in the war raping their own women then it gets reported. Ukraine is a shithole less progressive than Russia filled with racist, mysoginstic rapist neo nazis. Neo nazis are very likely to commit rape on their own women. Everyone is so fucking blind. America is spreading propaganda and shilling Ukraine to the masses and painting it as woke only because they are using Ukraine as a tampon state in the war. Ukraine is America's puppet. They should invite the Russians over to their own country to have war instead of making Ukrainian civilians suffer.

No. 1085896

>Yet women unlike men are less likely to kill themselves because they burden themselves with nurturing others.
False. It's because women are mentally stronger. Most men that kill themselves do so because of retarded reasons while women continue on and fix their lives. Nature intended women to hang on because death of a scrote is less significant than death of a woman.

No. 1085897

stfu about afghanistan it literally has nothing to do with the russo-ukrainian war

No. 1085898

No. 1085899

>cool but the cases I read were because they had the hungies.
Yeah because reading 2 cases on the interwebs means you know more than people from that culture. That's why I hope refugees really come and show you how it is in middle east.

No. 1085900

You're blaming mothers for the bastardisation of the male sex?Women haven't been able to dictate societal values. Kind men are called pussies ffs and decent men are considered effeminate, is that coming from mothers? I suppose porn is their fault too and war.

No. 1085901

File: 1646480818399.jpg (71.48 KB, 570x482, main-qimg-85f95896e4d4ca8e7f11…)

My bad, I didn't know women raised their sons to oppress them through the Taliban. Are you retarded? Afghanistan wasn't always like this.

No. 1085902

File: 1646480856407.jpeg (166.39 KB, 960x540, Socialist-Afghanistan.jpeg)

You know Afghanistan wouldn't have been like this if it weren't for America
America went on and one about the oppressive socialist regime that wanted to end these horrific traditions but because they were communist they couldn't just let them and allowed a bunch of Mullhas take over and make it even worse then it was before

some cultures shouldn't be allowed to survive and should be erased from the face of the earth(derailing)

No. 1085903

popular media is controlled by America and they are at this point selling an agenda to protect themselves. I would take anything they say with a grain of salt. America has been bombing Russia for a while now and threatening them and expanding NATO all over Eastern Europe. America wants to make Russia dependent on them, but it won't happen. The most corrupt and non transparent state in the world: America. They are huge manipulators of public opinion. America as a state is literally more corrupt than Russia.

No. 1085904

the far right party associated with neo nazis only won 2% in the ukrainian elections, they literally have a jewish president.
and read about the fall of berlin, it was documented by soviet soldiers, soviet war correspondents, etc that girls/women from 8 to 80 were raped. This also happened in yugoslavia and tito, a communist, begged them to stop and soviets brushed it off.
This happened again in chechnya too.
the fact that you think rape is a rare and foreign thing that russian soldiers do proves you're a brainless npc putin drone.

No. 1085905

>blaming their mothers for crimes moid commit
Kek. He's not gonna pick you girl. If a man rapes and beats you up like how afghan men do to their wives all the time, I'm sure you'll blame his mother as well.

No. 1085908

sorry what was it you were saying about Americans being the only ones to go off topic about rape and racesperging? kek

No. 1085909

>you say afghans are barbaric and backwards so therefore I want afghans to be barbaric and backwards in your country
afghan guys here are literal prostitutes
>westernized students posing for a camera is an accurate description to how afghan women really lived

No. 1085910

Paranoia much? Have you ever been to Ukarine? No. It's not about America and their shilling or whatever jfc crazy person.

No. 1085912

Exactly. As if Eurofags aren't just as bad.

No. 1085915

dude, you're underestimating moids and propaganda. They have a jewish president for woke points. That statistic has nothing to do with the reality of neo nazis in Ukraine. Ukraine is full of them and most of them have paranoia and hide themselves. I went to Ukraine and I talked with someone that used to be involved with neo nazi stuff and they have a bigger neo nazi community than any other country and they would organize gang rapes and beating gypsies to death or beating homeless people to death. But this community is huge yet hidden from the public eye or any statistics. It's not so amazing to believe that Ukrainian soldiers which are most likely the neo nazis since they have a thirst for adrenaline are raping their own women considering they would do it already

No. 1085917

Any details on the foreign fighters going off to Ukraine ?

No. 1085918

>laughing and blaming women for men selling their child daughters to be raped.
Hope everything you're supporting happens to you and the men you're caping for by saying it's their mother's fault, do the same things they do to their own women to you. Since you think it's poor men being brainwashed, you wouldn't have issues being their next victim, right?

No. 1085919

I don't believe Ukraine is full of neo-Nazis. Yes, they are full of child porn but they are far from a Nazi state.

No. 1085920

There's neo nazis and spastic cunts everywhere. There's a sectarian conflict on the borders of Ukraine and Russia so of course you're going to get far right groups inserting themselves and profiting. They're a minority in a large country. This was is not about them.

No. 1085921

NTAYRT, I agree with everything you're saying. However you cannot measure the influence of neonazis in a country just through elections or attitude towards Jewish people. It's in the name, neo nazism, it's going to look different depending on the country it pops up in. Azov has also achieved something many neonazis in the west can only salivate over. They have their own legitimized battalion and have positions in the police. They get to patrol the streets unopposed and are now being heralded as heroes. It doesn't excuse the Russian invasion of Ukraine and I fear for the safety of Ukrainian women. Men use war as an excuse to rape, no matter what side they were on. Americans raped women in Germany too, Germans raped women who were raped by the allies again. People are retarded if they think scrotes are noble enough that one side won't be raping.

No. 1085928

I don't know if this is the right thread to ask, but i'm a russian living in a western country and I've noticed that I'm being glared at and basically ignored by a lot of people all of a sudden. My bfs dad is very liberal and is basically being super unsupportive of me and him and is just blasting us with comments saying 'putins a tyrant', when we try to explain that so much of this goes further back he doesn't listen and says 'oh I see where your STANCE is'.
His mum and other aunties were nice and sent me some supportive texts because they know I have family in both countries right now. I posted a video of a bug I saw yesterday on my instagram and none of my friends from school and uni are liking it. I feel really ignored and scared especially because of the accent and im worried about being ostracized hard because of this for a very long time. I don't know what to do nonnies but I feel super lonely and outcasted.

No. 1085929

>That statistic has nothing to do with the reality of neo nazis in Ukraine.
you realize that racist right wingers live in russia too, right? there's videos of them beating up or throwing bananas at africans or mobbing trains and attacking anyone who looks like a central asian/caucasian migrant worker.
I think it's funny how people who probably could never point to ukraine or even russia on a map are now defending russia and being the true epitome of peace for women.
putin literally decriminalized domestic violence you moron.

No. 1085930

I feel a Finnish energy in these threads.

No. 1085935

File: 1646481751562.jpg (99.17 KB, 976x657, lol.jpg)

Not sure you should ask the catholic church to come to protect children…

No. 1085936

Sorry to hear that anon. My workplace is quite multicultural and there's Russians and Ukraines and neither are getting ostracised. Everyone's understanding that citizens haven't asked for this. Is there anyway your boyfriend can talk to his dad? Sucks about your classmates too, you'd think they'd have more sense.

No. 1085937

File: 1646481761923.jpeg (182.04 KB, 853x1024, 1619075420011.jpeg)

This isn't twitter or some woke space, Neo-Nazis aren't a global or significant threat to most people, sure they might beat up some congolese student once a year but that's as far as it goes
go back to twitter or some place to talk about muh nazis or shit

No. 1085939

kek this woman's tweets always seem stupid as hell

No. 1085940

men love raping, even if it's their own and when they have the excuse to do it like a war they will. You have no idea how huge the neo nazi group is there. They are also underground and they recruit underaged boys and brain wash them with nazi propaganda and they do organized crime towards women and minorities. >>1085919
they are hidden from the public eye and some of them even have connections to the authorities some of them are even police men with wives and a normal life and then they go to their neo nazi meetings and organize beating gypsies to death and abducting and raping women. There's no gypsies in Ukraine because most of them are killed by the neo nazi group. They have so many of them, more than any other country. The guy I talked with told me he thinks for sure that 20% of Ukrainian men are involved in the neo nazi group. They would organize gang rapes, especially on gypsy women or immigrant women, abduct them ETC kill them with cold blood.

Yes, but the neo nazis in Ukraine are literally on a different level than other countries both in number and in organization and the way they affect society.

>the true epitome of peace for women

I never said that anon. Everything I am saying is that everything presented on popular media and TV is presented by the American agenda and they are pushing a narrative on you. Ukraine is a shithole on another level than any other country I would say even more than Russia
>this is not twitter we are not allowed to talk about a group of violent men with a violent ideology that target and rape women

TOP KEK anon good luck with your logic

Ukrainian neo nazis are not like American or the ones from any other country.

No. 1085942

He tried talking today but he doesn't seem to understand that he can't just listen to BigNews TM all the time, he needs to do his own research and look deeper into what the media tells you. He just made a really awkward silence with my bf and he came back home. It's really hard, I feel like its only going to get worse all round.

No. 1085943

File: 1646482042654.png (51.71 KB, 1286x242, Screen Shot 2022-03-05 at 7.06…)

putin himself has literally used rape analogies when he talks about ukraine..

>"Whether you like it or don't like it, bear with it, my beauty," Putin said.

>Russia experts noted that Putin appeared to be quoting from "Sleeping Beauty in a Coffin" by the Soviet-era punk rock group Red Mold.

>"Sleeping beauty in a coffin, I crept up and fucked her. Like it, or dislike it, sleep my beauty," the English translation of the Russian lyrics reads.

>The lyrics directly imply rape and necrophilia, suggesting Putin wants Ukraine to acquiesce to his demands without putting up a fight.

No. 1085945

File: 1646482085176.jpg (273.12 KB, 1200x675, hero-image.fill.size_1200x675.…)

I am once again asking does any have any actual details about the foreign volunteers in Ukraine ?

No. 1085946

wtf is this schizo posting

No. 1085947

Me when I'm bullshitting in English class.

No. 1085949

A bunch of redditors without combat experience or military training want to go and downvote you to hell and call you a Putin shill if you say that might not be the best idea, check out r/VolunteersForUkraine

No. 1085951

>sure they might beat up some congolese student once a year but that's as far as it goes
You know they attack women all the time, right and want Handmaid's tale to literally come true? Any neonazis existing is a threat to women. I'm not falling for the 'we're totally harmless, please ignore us, we'll only rape the foreigners' trap.
Can we just agree that scrotes are rapey and not to be trusted on any side during a war? Putin is a warcriminal for invading Ukraine, Russian soldiers are a rapey menace and at the same time this doesn't excuse the actions of rapey Ukrainian scrotes either.

No. 1085952

99% of that sub is shitposting, I'm talking about the 400 Swedes and English nationalists group going to fight and train

No. 1085954

File: 1646482380331.png (182.11 KB, 1774x700, Screen Shot 2022-03-05 at 7.12…)

how much is big russia paying you

No. 1085957

I'm like 96.8% sure most of them are trolling like there's just no way people are this retarded kek not even redditors

No. 1085959

It’s likely the legit ones are talking in secret signal and telegram channels, out of the public eye, so there’s not much info until some journalist decides to write an article about them

No. 1085960

The Handmade tale is a reality for women living in the Islamic world, for western women its a dumb fantasy that has no basis in reality and they will never have to suffer, just an excuse to feel more oprsssed then they actually are and not acknowledge acknowledge how fortunate they truly for not being born in a Muslim country

No. 1085961

War is a tragedy but the men on that subreddit talk with such glee and excitement. They think it will be just like one of their video games.

No. 1085962

Putin definitely doesn't look tough with face full of filler. He looks like a right little tosser.

No. 1085963

regardless I hope the foreign volunteers can get some decent military training, come back radicalized and form their own groups to stop Arab pedophile worshippers(Muslims) in their nations
Neo-Liberalism Must end

No. 1085964

You're right, however nazi Germany was already close to it and they were very progressive just before. European countries are just one very bad economic crisis away from Handmaid's Tale like conditions. The scrotes haven't changed one bit and all the privileges we have can be easily lost. Are you the same anon who thinks patriarchy doesn't exist in the west?

No. 1085965

Samefag, that is literally how you get handmaid's tale like conditions. So no thanks. I do feel grateful for not being born in a Muslim country, so I don't want a Christian/neonazi version of the Taliban popping up here either.

No. 1085967

neonazi's of ukraine are on a different level, I don't think any of you understand. They function as an organized crime group or mafia. They aren't like American /pol/tards that LARP as neonazis but cannot even lift a 2kg bag. It's an actual cult like entity with a lot of power that commits horrible crimes and is not being punished by law and kept hidden. Some of the boys that enter it are left traumatized because they are groomed at 16-17 and then forced to commit horrible acts in order to initiate. They force them to rape, kill and beat as an initiation and if once you're in they don't let you go and if you want to leave they kill you because they are paranoid you might spill insider information. These are the types of men that have left to defend Ukraine. I cannot believe leftist wokies are shilling the most neo nazi country in the world TOP KEK it feels like reality is a joke

No. 1085968

>Can we just agree that scrotes are rapey and not to be trusted on any side during a war?
Yes. This is why I mentioned the Russia = rape / Ukraine = child porn upthread. It's just shills trying to attach negative associations to each country. The actual situation is:
>scrotes = rape&child porn, war or no war

No. 1085969

he's a shameless womanizer, he even flirted with rough faced megyn kelly

No. 1085970

>no sources
>big media outlet PR post
ok bro

No. 1085972

File: 1646482928056.jpg (27.49 KB, 564x695, 6d294b589f634bfe6c0ac28d9f9536…)

Ah sorry, you're right. Let me give you a hug.

No. 1085973

>only neo-nazis rape
we've seen woke feminist men rape women
russian men aren't noble, especially in a country where it's legal to beat the shit out of your wife
remember that russian vlogger who "pranked" his pregnant girlfriend by leaving her outside in the cold until she died?

No. 1085974

Did women in Nazi Germany have to be veiled at all times, not be allowed to even attend schools, get married when they are 7 years old to 40 year old
forms of patriarchy do exist in the western worlds but it isn't even 1/100th of Islamic patriarchy, I'm not saying you shouldn't fight against sexism in the west but don't pretend that you have to suffer as anything like women who are stuck in Islamic shitholes

You will never experience this hell and I envy you so much, I wish you could understand that women even in the Dark ages in Europe had more freedoms and liberty then Muslim women today, that Islam is a type of male supremacy that is uncompressing and will always revert to 7th century arabia

No. 1085976

There's neo nazis where I live and they have their own groups but also join other paramilitaries. They're just a bunch of facist racists with no skills but being criminals and a waste of life.

No. 1085977

putin is not going to fuck you

No. 1085980

No, I think the Eurofags are worse. Just look at the state of this thread.

t. eurofag

No. 1085982

>cherry picking random internet retards to generalise a whole nation
sounding very /pol/ in here

No. 1085985

Is this a source?

No. 1085988

File: 1646483448106.webm (296.67 KB, 208x368, 1515183851905.webm)

>cherry picking random internet retards to generalise a whole nation
>ignores that russian racists have lynched african students
>ignores that domestic violence was decriminalized by woke king putin
>ignores the strange rapey comments putin has made
>ignores the rape of berlin and the well documented cases of soviets raping women in every other place they occupied
nah it's all anti-russian propaganda tho

No. 1085989

>russian men aren't noble, especially in a country where it's legal to beat the shit out of your wife

I didn't say that Russians are noble. What I said is that Ukrainian neo-nazi moids, which are the ones left to fight the war since they were already obsessed with wars and adrenalines are not excluded from raping their own women now in time of war. I mean, they would gang rape their own women before the war. What I am trying to explain here is that the cult or group of neo-nazis in Ukraine is completely unique and incredibly violent, murderous and wide spread and incredibly dangerous towards women. Such neo-nazi group does not exist anywhere in the world but in Ukraine and they recruit young boys and turn them into monsters. I have insider information.

It's unfair that the media paints Ukraine as some woke and progressive country when it's literally the neo-nazi central of the world, much worse than Russia in this aspect. You underestimate the evil of Ukrainian moids.

No. 1085992

if you watch any media outlet, any TV channel they are portraying Ukraine as some woke and progressive power with a Jewish president fighting for the American dream and trying to protect his nation from the bad right wing Russian bullies, when ironically Ukraine is the most right wing country in the world. I'm not shilling Russia, but everything on mainstream media is a narrative sold to you by Americans.

No. 1085994

literally nobody is saying that evil ukrainian moids don't exist, but it's so fucking strange that you'll assume that women being raped (in placed that russians are currently occupying and not ukrainians) is an act done by ukrainians and not in fact russians, despite women saying so.

No. 1085995

Absolutely this. America has done more to hurt smaller countries, immigration, racism and has produced some of the worlds biggest media outlets to destroy races they don't deem fit.

No. 1085997

>Ukraine is the most right wing country in the world

take your meds

No. 1085999

Anon I know of similar groups in Ireland and I've been shown disembodied photos of gypsies that owed drug money. Same tactics here, they recruit teenaged boys from shit areas. They even pimp out rent boys. I was told last week about a boy in Belfast being kept in a hairdresser in Belfast who was being used to service men for blow jobs. There's corrupt men everywhere. They're not why Putin invaded Ukraine.

No. 1086000

>domestic violence was de-criminalized because of Putin
huge lie, in Eastern Europe domestic violence is a crime but it's very common in ALL Eastern European countries, not only Russia. Most authorities refuse to do anything against it and a lot of women have more traditional mindset so they stick with questionable moids and forgive them for beating them once or twice until the scrote cannot stop beating them and stalking them and the authorities do nothing. It's not only in Russia and not because le evil Putin has decriminalized domestic violence, you're clearly misinformed and spreading lies.

why is it so hard to see the possibility that the neo-nazi ukrainian moids which already rape and kill their own women might also be raping their women when they have a huge excuse to do so?

No. 1086003

as someone who has ukrainian parents I can attest to ukrainians being super racist and i've even heard my family support nazi propaganda before.

No. 1086004

you're also a poster on an anonymous imageboard

No. 1086007

I have never seen an american media outlet report on the savagery of russian men.
>it happens everywhere therefore russians didn't do anything
you rn

No. 1086008

yeah of course you wouldn't, because they're too busy telling you how many female hormone pills american men should be taking a day

No. 1086009

Nah, at least this thread was somewhat readable when it was still in our thread. Now 3/4 of posts is straight up offtopic.

No. 1086010

You're on a female imageboard. Not one person here is under the impression only certain nationalities rape.

No. 1086011

it was literally the same shit

No. 1086012

No they weren't. Those threads were full of /pol/ posters, garbage, and moved ridiculously fast.

No. 1086017

Wtf why do you have a besthore video of a woman getting punched saved? Poor lady hope the man who did that got beaten up by other men himself

No. 1086019

because posting gore helps the generalisations

No. 1086021

I found the video from another site, and it was in russia.
pro-putin shills need to know who they're defending when they say only ukrainian men would beat or rape women.
it's not gore but ok lol

No. 1086023

I'm not saying that is why Putin has invaded Ukraine, I am saying that Ukraine has the biggest organization of underground neo nazis, again it might be up to 20% of the male population involved in it. Yet, this country is painted by the popular media outlets as being very woke and progressive and the statistics or reports of Russian military raping Ukrainian women, yea that's true, but I assure you 100% that the neo-nazi moids that are left to fight the war in Ukraine are raping their own women right now.

>I have never seen an american media outlet report the savagery of russian men
Really? Open up any TV channel. Everything they tell you is Russia bad criminal right wing evil country Ukraine good angel progressive woke country with a jewish president.

>it happens everywhere therefore russians didn't do anything
I didn't say that. You're spreading lies and misinformation saying Russia is a shithole because it has decriminalized domestic violence which is literally something you made up or a lie you caught from media. There's a lot of lies regarding Russians now because America is again using Ukraine as their puppet state, so their strategy is to manipulate the Western masses into thinking Ukraine is an angelic progressive country and completely smearing Russia with shit.

Americans own most media outlets in the world and they have the biggest influence when it comes to spreading information. They also love playing with demographics and manipulating the demographic that is the most influential in society, right now is wokies and left wingers. It's very strange Facebook or popular media outlets are not allowing free speech or to question the validity of the information they spread regarding this war.

Putin is staying upstraight and not bending himself to America, he was independency and for Russia to not be economically dependent on America like the rest of the world and this is the punishment for Putin not spreading his ass checks and taking it in the ass by the biggest corporate/economical/ mass media power in the world which is America.

No. 1086026

Posting a video of a woman getting abused to prove your point in a female only imageboard…

No. 1086027

File: 1646484989063.png (78.06 KB, 1218x364, Screen Shot 2022-03-05 at 7.55…)

>You're spreading lies and misinformation saying Russia is a shithole because it has decriminalized domestic violence which is literally something you made up or a lie you caught from media.
but it's not a lie
In January 2017, Russian lawmakers voted, 380–3, to decriminalize certain forms of domestic violence. Under the new law, first-time offenses that do not result in "serious bodily harm" carry a maximum fine of 30,000 rubles

No. 1086028

No. 1086029

File: 1646485033182.jpeg (923.57 KB, 1125x1835, 0C9D2518-9349-4D92-8643-8CDF5B…)

For the anons wondering about foreign volunteers

No. 1086032

as a russian I gotta say no one here bashes their partner or even condones it unless you're from a rural area or a drunk or something, basically hillbillies.

No. 1086033

Based. America is manipulating the narrative. They don't want Russia to become stronger as they already pose a threat to America and that's why they're condemning Russia, they dont care about anyone getting harmed.

No. 1086034

Are you confusing them with these ones? There's even more polfafs in here and the past ones.

No. 1086035

The media is highlighting the different values between the two nations and how Ukraine has been trying to enter the EU and wants to align with western values. Russia doesn't want that. They want their bloc of countries that hold more traditional conservative values. Putin doesn't want a global westernised world with freedom as central values. All the fighters are pawns to a tyrant like Putin. He's not just focusing on the border where there's people with pro Russian sentiments. He's invaded the country, seized military bases and plants and trying for capital cities and has instructed for Ukrainian government officials to be gathered. Putins war is an ideological one. He wants to show his power to Europe and both sides are showing restraint, Ukraine is sadly stuck in the middle and has become war torn. A lot of people just want to live in peace. The entire concept of invasions just seems so outdated.

No. 1086036

>American men buying into their own propoganda and placing their lifes in danger to follow through it

No. 1086037

America manipulated arabic countries and now that all westerners hate muslims its time to kill all slavs that don't agree with them.

No. 1086038

Are Finnish men any good at combat?

No. 1086039

No. 1086040

They've stopped Russia before.

No. 1086041

The only thing I know about Finns is that they are distantly related to those reindeer herders in Siberia.

No. 1086044

File: 1646485647895.jpg (206.38 KB, 1024x1280, 765747.jpg)

>I wave the flag I get given!

No. 1086045

File: 1646485696272.jpeg (146.63 KB, 640x932, E9E07C7D-8302-4270-A73F-227CE0…)

Ukraine dgaf about gender feels

No. 1086046

Better then Africans and Arabs. but so is pretty much every European state

No. 1086047

No nonsence like this in my country's media. Nobody is portraying Ukraine as "Woke" country, it's a country under an attack. That's all. Not everything has to be right wing, woke or shit like that. It's a country with it's problems, but it's still a country that deserves to solve the problems on it's own.

No. 1086049

Memes like this show a complete lack of understanding of the foundational reason for democracy. It's why you get retards that have never felt their lifestyles threatened cape so hard for one side when they're so far removed from the situation. Ngl, if Russia threatens the other countries and everything escalates I would consider joining up to do something to fight for values I'm proud of. Leading with fear is such an own goal. You're not going to get much fight out of someone who is already disillusioned by their own country.

No. 1086050

IRL picture of leftist American men

No. 1086051

Found a tweet with this same story and it's full of Latinos in the replies making fun of trannies.

No. 1086052

>the values I'm proud of
>being proud of American values
>same america that invaded and fucked over countless countries, killed natives, enslaved people for decades
What a hill to die on

No. 1086054

How much do you wanna bet modt of them are men trooning out just to not fight? Hope Russians take care of them before they can flee.

No. 1086055

I'm not American you retarded cunt.

No. 1086056

based latinos

No. 1086057

File: 1646486173333.gif (1.04 MB, 270x270, ezgif.com-gif-maker.gif)

No. 1086058

exactly this.
>if russia threatens other countries
you mean when america decides who the next boogey man is?

No. 1086059

File: 1646486250511.jpg (58.89 KB, 1280x363, FMtGYdvXMAMYai7.jpg)