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No. 1086940

(duplicate thread. >>>/ot/646084)

No. 1086942

Make over a cow, give them a storyline or just give them a new hair or look you think would be flattering! I'm not good with editing but I wanted this thread, so I hope I did to ok.

No. 1086947

>> Dolly Mattel-
Youtube toys/food reviewer.
She loves pink and has a second channel where she streams herself drunk playing the sims with her child free boyfriend Kevin who she met at a cafe.
She loves talking about high school and has a lot of friends from that time. She once worked at olive gardens for a whole day before deciding to quit, She asked her loving father for a camera that same day and film her first video. Now she has 200k followers. She only gets 2-5k views on her videos and people think she brought her views but she's happy just film and do what she loves. Eventually the youtube bucks would dry up but when it does she'll just get a job at the local bar.

No. 1086950

What change did you give shayna?

No. 1086952

File: 1646524263048.jpeg (93.17 KB, 552x595, 77068C03-2568-483B-A6EC-1BCB2B…)

This is the OG, I suck and only have the free version of face app. I really just made this thread to see what talented anons cook up.

No. 1086966

File: 1646525139379.jpg (791.67 KB, 1080x1339, Screenshot_20220306-000123_Fac…)

Interesting thread idea, I tweaked a fairly normal Luna photo (nicer hair, fixed the lip) but I might try one of the bad ones and make it a challenge

No. 1086984

File: 1646526470052.jpg (488.3 KB, 750x1371, FaceApp_1646526295372.jpg)

>>Shay Darktel
Black, Metal, Hardcore Goth Bois, tattoos and cleaning

Dislikes- Pink, Soyboys, soft bois and dirt

No. 1086990

This is incredibly autistic

No. 1086995

File: 1646527070836.jpeg (78.33 KB, 222x275, 561E7284-5D3A-434D-9DBA-36E665…)

My Soren makeover!!

No. 1087017

Go outside please girl….
Beautiful, anon! Best contribution to this dumbass autistic thread yet! At least this shit will be sectioned off and people will stop clogging threads with their weird edits.

No. 1087018

File: 1646527897204.jpg (132.58 KB, 530x550, FaceApp_1646527714077.jpg)

>>Nick Apples

Likes- eating, nature and trucks

Dislikes- mukbangs, eating noises, noodles.

He has a channel where he reviews trucks with his handsome boyfriend Orlando. He also volunteers as Santa Claus at the mall. Hates chubby chasers and doesn't cry much.

No. 1087020

Why can't people have fun being autistic and stupid while bored? People take this shit too serious. It's supposed to be silly lighthearted fun. I'm aware it's autistic. So am I.

No. 1087022

This is surprisingly wholesome

No. 1087042

Ma'am, this website is an autistic safespace.

>likes cleaning
the most important part

No. 1087043

File: 1646529878722.png (82.01 KB, 163x170, hehe.png)

I love you love you love you
I felt it was destiny
And I miss you miss you
My fated one

No matter how many times I will be reborn
No matter where you hide
I will find you, right?

Let’s not break apart again
Don’t leave my side
Don’t leave

No. 1087053

Soren good ending
>never went to quack therapist
>never did meth
>successfully works through any childhood trauma she may have had
>has a slightly cringe aesthetic blog, no made up child snuff porn backstory
>writes kind of cringey poetry on tumblr, uses it as a healthy outlet
>has an instagram where she posts cringe, yet wholesome kingdom hearts cosplay
>also posts about her autistic kingdom hearts consoomer collection
>rich-ass parents of course pay for her shit
>however, has had the same job at her local chain grocery store for a few years
>eventually is promoted to shift leader
I ran out of steam but she'd have basically just lived her autismo kingdom hearts/aesthetic life with her parents paying for it until she meets somebody to get into a relationship with last second and marry and then finally live on her own in a relatively nice apartment with her significant other. It'd be a healthy relationship because no meth addiction/no delusional fake child porn backstory/no fucked up therapist.

No. 1087055

Samefag, she also doesn't identify as a fakeboi or act like she has disassociative identity disorder.

No. 1087099

File: 1646536534678.jpg (Spoiler Image, 43.89 KB, 620x455, 1d8b879c0fb39cd0ef33841deb2990…)

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