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File: 1648151200259.png (655.68 KB, 700x700, d612dcdebc561e052c65f7c6fae54d…)

No. 1109566

What kind of food are you craving, nonny?

previous thread: >>>/ot/236372

No. 1109603

Oh thank God I don't need to look at that weird green thing anymore kek
I want a bowl of Trix lately

No. 1109605

ikr! I have been waiting for literally months to post a new thread pic. Literally danced of happiness that I could.

Yes, a bowl of cereal is always a good craving, especially something fruity that you haven't had in a while. so yeah, you make me want to go out and get a box of trix

No. 1109609

File: 1648152766259.jpg (31.61 KB, 639x492, Alpes-4.jpg)

FUCK threadpic makes me want raclette so bad. I've never had it, only seen videos of it, but there's a raclette restaurant in my city but none of my friends will go with me.

No. 1109621

I've never had it either but it looks so mouth watering. I'd have it on some roasted potatoes and steak. yummm

No. 1109640

File: 1648153935669.jpg (577.58 KB, 1502x2048, empanadas.jpg)

I'm so happy that green abomination is gone.

I've been craving empanadas lately, I'm back in my tiny hometown for a while and have to drive 1h+ to get them at a genuine restaurant.

No. 1109670

File: 1648155715888.jpg (64.03 KB, 1200x1200, poopeyes-chicken-sandwich-alt.…)

Chicken sandwich
The new thread pic looks super yummy btw

No. 1109698

tbf i understand them that shit will make you gain 10kilos in one dinner

No. 1109706

File: 1648158401314.jpeg (34.28 KB, 225x225, 0F25139F-DE3E-4915-98DE-918B79…)

I want samosas!!! And that tamarind sauce!!!

No. 1109718

YAY no more haggis pic!! I LOVE POTATOES

No. 1109744

File: 1648161878905.jpg (92.09 KB, 736x736, 9a7484d633cfa9befc3fa9cc0e5e84…)

I am about to order some MOTHER FUCKING karaage curry udon for dinner

No. 1109751

Damn, I’d definitely go with you. Maybe you should just take yourself out on a dinner date

No. 1109765

File: 1648163528180.jpg (52.08 KB, 560x441, snowskin-mooncake-18.JPG)

these bitches I love them

No. 1109768

holy fuck yes

No. 1109817

File: 1648168560765.jpeg (43.8 KB, 532x450, download (25).jpeg)

i want it i want olives and squeaky salty fire cheese i want to return to my homeland

No. 1109826

Wow that looks so good! Def just go on your own and get some. I used to feel awkward about eating alone too but after doing it a couple times, it's no big deal at all. It's actually great if you enjoy people watching. I promise no one will judge you and if they do, they're the weird ones

No. 1110452

cp bump

No. 1110467

File: 1648213260941.jpg (72.28 KB, 500x350, tumblr_mqk22coNrx1r0p8d9o1_500…)

im really craving a deep dish pizza right now

No. 1110470

kek I'm a fake new yorker, I wanna eat deep dish pizza so bad!!!!

No. 1110475

File: 1648213642622.jpg (14.24 KB, 473x330, 293dffff6885d8eb6527b0c1c8ea47…)

Never understood why it was called pizza pie until I saw deep dish pizza. Pic unrel

No. 1110482

deep dish pizza topped with pigeon mmm, a fine mix of chicago and new york cuisine

No. 1110498

Yall wild

No. 1110532

File: 1648217000940.jpg (1.43 MB, 1200x1800, Instant-Pot-Boiled-Peanuts-SF-…)

Boiled peanuts. I need to eat the soft delectable insides and to suck the salty juice off of them.

No. 1110545

is this an actual thing people do? should i try it?

No. 1110555

Yeah, in the South (USA) it is. I'd say give it a try if you like peanuts, just season them.

No. 1110594

y'all southerners are darn diddly howdily weird but i'd give that a try

No. 1110609

>darn diddly howdily
Uh, nevermind. Please stay away from boiled peanuts.

No. 1110633

What is that meltdown stuff in the op? Cheese? What is it?

No. 1110635

*melty not meltdown, damn retarded auto correct

No. 1110637

Google raclette

No. 1110639

File: 1648223669508.gif (1.29 MB, 220x220, extra-cheese-cheese.gif)

No. 1110684

Is it cheese?

No. 1110685

SA- I googled it's cheese and it looks fucking great

No. 1110686

That's disgusting

No. 1110694

oh no…

No. 1110758

File: 1648231054740.jpg (131.81 KB, 564x790, 19541d5caf2ca45c2fde8d03122af5…)

Oh, I was waiting the last thread to max out and make a new one for food cravings and food general. Well, it's okay

Anyway give me sushi

No. 1110854

I don't know what snowskin mooncake is but the first time I tried regular mooncakes, I had 4 packs of them without knowing each of them are 800 calories.
Delicious if they're the luxurious kind but the cheap ones are god awful.
I need to try those colored ones.

No. 1111659

File: 1648293102426.jpg (78.88 KB, 900x600, 56jg7593.jpg)

I'm so hungry

No. 1111662

omg are those cvarci? haven't had them in forver! i will get them today, thanks for reminding me they exist anon

No. 1111665

Yeah, bon appetit

No. 1111670

I think I'll have to hide the OP image, it's way too titillating

No. 1111676

File: 1648293904754.jpg (3.01 MB, 4596x3078, e1508939192916.jpg)

Wish I could eat this, instead I've been eating just soup these past few days.

No. 1111680

File: 1648294179893.jpg (535.52 KB, 1000x1500, yasai-katsu-curry-portion-1000…)

No. 1111681

File: 1648294283734.jpg (72.08 KB, 735x339, Shiro-Wat.jpg)

No. 1111685

File: 1648294527105.jpg (121.43 KB, 592x763, 8497v5980702983547.jpg)

No. 1111703

File: 1648295461743.jpg (23.34 KB, 480x480, sunkovy_chlebicek.jpg)

I'm a simple human

No. 1111733

Ladies, ladies, please name automatically what you want to eat so I can make it myself.

No. 1111882

Pierogi (polish dumplings with with cottage cheese and potatoes) sautéd on a pan is the best thing you can eat. I pinky promise you Nonnie!

No. 1111905

Chicken pho for my mad tummy please

No. 1111922


No. 1111925

vanilla flavored fabric softener

No. 1111928

Good tasting and good for you!

No. 1111978

File: 1648306420212.gif (1.5 MB, 320x180, H_0dj3.gif)

I just wanna make some toast and smooth this into it. I feel like it'd be so fucking good.

No. 1112467

File: 1648332600343.jpeg (1.25 MB, 4095x2730, D644BD70-82F2-4FDA-8470-5D5465…)

I want both of these pancake towers, one for breakfast and the other as a snack.

No. 1112474

Royal jelly candies

No. 1112665

File: 1648350831706.jpeg (542.6 KB, 1434x1125, 23411BD7-3742-45E4-A0D2-28E18D…)

I crave a salad with chicken, cashews, avocado, corn, mandarin pieces or orange pieces, and a touch of some homemade honey mustard. With a huge glass of water and a glass of iced green tea.

No. 1112723

File: 1648357292021.jpeg (90.99 KB, 900x600, dressed.jpeg)

started talking about those little candy stores where you can get assorted bags of candy and i would kill for one of those bags right now with like a gummy shark, cherry sours, those sour belt strips… i've been eating clean lately, like green juice everyday and i'm way overdue because i have a huge sweet tooth lol

also it's a travesty that all-dressed chips stopped being sold or easily avail in the US. they let us get the tiniest taste of that flavor that one year and then it was gone forever and now i'm genuinely, seriously contemplating ordering a bag of them to ship to me from canada

also kind of just want a really nice piece of grilled salmon over a perfectly done bed of white rice with like just the right amount of teriyaki or hoisin glaze

ALSO also weirdly craving like a really good juicy apple, like one of those expensive ones. like a fresh honeycrisp or something

No. 1112727

File: 1648357627582.jpeg (844.98 KB, 3027x3027, 9CD66A84-5AA8-4ED0-9CDB-7CDCC1…)

That reminds me how tasty the Naked brand green juice is. Never got it often but I stopped buying it altogether when I realized it has like 50g of sugar in it kek. Still love green juices but spinach is rich people food so I can’t really afford to make it myself regularly. Maybe someday.

No. 1112765

oh god i used to grab these all the time in college lol no wonder i caught the freshman 15

No. 1112766

yeah for sure. cajun ones are great, both are good but cajun is A+, better than regular peanuts

No. 1113317

File: 1648409341209.jpeg (301.68 KB, 1024x1024, B5285254-AADF-42B4-B463-85A688…)

Violet candy!! Idk if theyre a thing elsewhere but i need them so bad rn! They taste just like violet smells, so heavenly

No. 1113323

File: 1648409887993.jpg (4.58 MB, 2570x3248, Rose_Lassi_Video_Recipe_2.jpg)

Ooh I've never heard of these before! What region are you from if you don't mind me asking? I'd love to try these. I like floral flavors in food, which seems to put a lot of people off. Like rose lassis are so good

No. 1113325

File: 1648409997416.jpeg (91.77 KB, 500x485, D6E3C1E3-33C1-4577-B4A9-FDC097…)

I love violet candies so much, I also love these candies so much, the rose candies make me feel like I’m a beautiful princess in a rococo painting being courted by a beautiful vampire prince with a turbulent past and lots of love to give to me.

No. 1113337

File: 1648410983242.jpeg (38 KB, 600x600, D5058E83-3447-4D3E-B95F-20B093…)

The only violet candy I’ve ever seen/eaten is Choward’s mints, but I love them. The ones in your pic look so good.
Oh man I didn’t know rose lassi was a thing!! I have to find or make it now. I love floral flavors, I always use tons of rose water when I make marzipan.

No. 1113339

File: 1648411124069.jpg (28.55 KB, 700x700, 76025_aa.jpg)

we have these here in the uk, they have been going for decades. i saw violet candies and thought of these straight away

No. 1113370

I loved these boxes so much as a kid. Kinda want to get one next time I have to go to the candy store.

No. 1113381

when i am a rich woman (and i will be) i want to invite all my friends for a garden party and drink these rose lassis and have madeleines under an exquisite gazebo whilst playing chess in our petticoats.

sage bc nobody fricking asked kek

No. 1113474

File: 1648418695977.jpg (486.17 KB, 562x750, S__5251090.jpg)

I want Sushi Parfait…

No. 1113478

File: 1648418815863.jpg (189.89 KB, 1107x1107, S__70336545-2.jpg)

No. 1113485

File: 1648420315204.jpg (721.9 KB, 1200x800, external-content.duckduckgo 3.…)

Been eating tteokbokki so much since I found it in December. I always keep a bag frozen if I run out

No. 1114028

dont scroll

No. 1114196

Please invite me i make extremely good madeleines

No. 1114225

File: 1648454082998.jpg (139.72 KB, 731x455, Food.jpg)

I want spicy prawn ramen and then some Ben & Jerry's Oh My! Banoffee Pe! Sundae

No. 1114406

Does it taste like gnocchi?

Yesss nonny let us eat our madeleines and play chess in the sun

No. 1114689

File: 1648481593107.jpeg (405.3 KB, 828x426, 3FD73501-5DFF-4DA4-A700-DEB14C…)

I want spicy tuna and rainbow dippin dots

No. 1116491

File: 1648593629270.png (127.16 KB, 840x442, 252-2520564_old-fruit-gushers.…)

No. 1118091

File: 1648710365700.png (17.97 KB, 155x378, C759CA17-EE6E-4905-84B2-73179A…)

I'm curious if anyone has ever drunk rose water here, and if there's powder form of it.

No. 1118092

That type of rose water is an extract. You can add some to sparkling water like an Italian soda. In summer sparkling water, rose water, ice and some lemon makes for a really refreshing drink.

No. 1118096

It's used in certain desserts here in ME. Personally hate it, it makes everything smell like your grandpa after he came from hajj. Not sure about powder form but rose jam also exists if you want it in your food, definitely tastes better than the water.

No. 1118104

I tried rose water and didn't like it at all…

No. 1118112

I like rose jam. My favorite kind of jam.

No. 1118114

Put sugar in it? I mean, I remember it being flavorless, I should buy another one, wonder if there are concentrated rose drinks (and can it be lethal?)

No. 1118148

France, and i also love love love rose water in food bless north oriental pastries for putting it in everything!

No. 1118151

Sounds like a drink for a princess, I love rose water as an ingredient

No. 1118172

Rosehip jam is fucking incredible. Haven't had regular rose jam. Made an experiment with agar, rose tea, sugar, and vanilla bean that could have been incredible if it had slightly more sugar.

No. 1118191

What type of jelly did you get? I can't seem to get the ratios of liquid to agar right. I want a semi firm jelly to put in home made iced tea but end up with runny jelly that has the same consistency as snot.

No. 1118330

File: 1648732339078.jpg (97.61 KB, 640x480, 8530e590221a8c130423b6229360cf…)

These blackcurrant gummies. I had them all the time as a kid. I love love LOVE blackcurrant candy. There's a youtube channel run by a candy shop in Florida and they sell blackcurrant candies. They're hard candies unfortunately, but I don't give a fuck I just want blackcurrant candies. I love Ribena too but the candies just hit different. I can't find these in store anymore but if I ever decide to go back overseas to visit my god forsaken extended family, I'm only going to do it to hunt these bad boys down and bring home a whole suitcase full.

Blackcurrants are no longer banned in the US but I'm fucking pissed the flavor isn't more widespread. Look, I love grape flavored candy, maybe I'm even one of the few freaks that do, but blackcurrant is superior in every way.

No. 1118350

Oh my god I miss those! I remember they randomly changed the recipe to be more soft and flavourless (at least here in Aus) and soon after disappeared for good. My childhood tbh, the black currant and yellow ones were so good

No. 1118416

Oh dang, I never had them after they changed the recipe! I remember there being another similar gummy with a waffle pattern but no sugar crystals and I didn't like it as much but as an adult I want them because I remember them being much harder to chew and I want to experience that again. I hope we will be able to get our hands on some one day again nonna.

No. 1118460

File: 1648740501608.jpg (32.15 KB, 500x455, D_NQ_NP_983875-MLB45234091664_…)

Non-barezinhos will never know how good this is.

No. 1118487

Is that bread?

No. 1118490

File: 1648741582067.jpg (160.48 KB, 1080x1080, blackcurrent.jpg)

Oh we have these in the UK but you can't get a just blackurrent pack but you can get one thats strawberry and blackurrent flavours only.

No. 1118491

Whoever's in charge of banana and blackcurrant flavored things really need to step their fucking game up.

No. 1118509

I don't care for strawberry sweets but I see they sell them on Amazon so I'm gonna get them. Thank you nona! Sorry to my dentist in advance kek

No. 1118591

No. 1120027

Try rosé tteokbokki! It's creamy.

No. 1120108

File: 1648853863648.png (667.61 KB, 564x846, imagem_2022-04-01_195746.png)

I want some really decadent and rich chocolate cake right now

No. 1120109

Oh god nonna me too..

No. 1120111

File: 1648854110154.jpeg (37.29 KB, 306x405, 56F8571D-C752-4950-8450-1E93C6…)

Same, it's one of the pleasures that make life worth living

No. 1121296

File: 1648928260416.gif (1.17 MB, 200x200, oh god oh fuck mac and cheese.…)

panera mac and cheese. if i could eat it everyday without going broke, fat, and getting acne i would. nonnies have any good recommendations for white cheddar mac boxes/frozen meals? i don't have a lot of time or energy to cook.

No. 1121334

File: 1648929637437.jpg (97 KB, 800x533, Samyang-8.jpg)

Samyang spicy noodles.
I didn't really care for them at first but kept eating the rest because I bought them in a pack of five and didn't want to throw them away. Now I crave them every so often, especially with some veggies and cheese.

No. 1121437

File: 1648934095870.jpeg (69 KB, 488x488, 4A828B9F-4C54-469C-8A72-B4125E…)

I had Cracker Barrel boxed Mac n cheese at someone’s house recently, I’m not even a Mac fan tbh, but shit was banging

No. 1121443

File: 1648934597231.png (205.33 KB, 484x964, UdHB6aY.png)

I want the Higashikata family signature melon parfait please please please please, why does everything seem more delicious when I just read a description of it instead of when I see it

No. 1121446

I only crave chocolate cake when I’m sick. Pretty weird

No. 1121499

annie's white cheddar shells is my go to

No. 1121522

>$75 for a melon
I’ve never understood why Japan is like that.

No. 1121528

File: 1648940902281.gif (3.58 MB, 498x280, ramenz.gif)

RAMEN. SOUP. ALL SOUPS. I want soup absolutely all of the time and I could eat it every single day. I never don't want soup.

No. 1121530

Obviously not all fruit is like that in Japan and you can get a melon for cheap in a supermarket (like 600-900en), it's just that it won't be ~super juicy sweety spesharu hand massaged fuji meron~ whatever.

No. 1121533

I don't know if I'm just being spoiled by supermarket chains here, but 600-900 yen still seems so expensive for a melon. I can get one for ~59c/kg here.

No. 1121589

ramen isn't soup it's noodle with broth. you'd die of sodium overdose if you tried to eat it like soup

No. 1121592

File: 1648945216976.jpeg (54.04 KB, 500x375, 3c66fd34e3e57f543325d7c91c63af…)

I eat it like soup every time. The broth is the best part. I might die of heart disease by the time I'm 40, and my salty gravestone will read "it was worth it"

No. 1121613

File: 1648948269450.jpg (116.82 KB, 500x500, Poke-Bowl-18-2-500x500.jpg)

God I'd eat poke every day. Many options, colorful, fresh…

No. 1121642

fruit has cultural significance for gift-giving and holidays https://digjapan.travel/en/blog/id=12324

No. 1121649

File: 1648952543601.jpeg (343.51 KB, 1200x675, F6DD5133-5C52-4C5A-8EDC-3589C3…)


No. 1121660

File: 1648953482979.jpeg (224.19 KB, 900x1359, iu-125.jpeg)

Avocado toast just never gets old.. Also, pita bread with falafel and tzatziki! With a small creamy vanilla cake after, mmmm

No. 1121852

File: 1648965616191.jpg (203.41 KB, 660x1000, Paneer-Butter-Masala.jpg)

Paneer Tikka masala with garlic naan

Also bump for dumbass male posting gore

No. 1121864

I'm craving something savory or spicy because I had really sweet foods today. Maybe I'll make curry tomorrow?

No. 1121871

What kind of curry do you make?

No. 1121886

File: 1648966720932.jpg (115.78 KB, 600x426, yummmmm.jpg)

its 12:16 am and i want a margherita thin crust pizza dipped in ranch sauce so bad.

No. 1121929

File: 1648970912743.jpeg (58.51 KB, 519x347, 361C00B2-6FE4-4744-8548-63738E…)

Had the biggest craving for KBBQ tonight and finally checked out a new restaurant in town, it was so dang delicious. Bulgogi, brisket and pork belly with ssamjang in lettuce wraps, and some peach soju. It was so good I’m still thinking about it

No. 1121931

File: 1648971680474.jpg (189.43 KB, 883x1167, potstickers-.jpg)

I really want potstickers and I might make some today.

No. 1122006

Wow holy shit wow whoa

No. 1122129

I got one last night nona

No. 1122176

File: 1649000563161.jpg (1.04 MB, 740x670, F3QbvYZ.jpg)

No. 1122461

That’s not cheap, are you serious? I’m gonna move my family farm to japan for real we would triple profit

No. 1122465

The best chocolate cake to me isn’t dense and gooey, but fluffy and airy with a strong cocoa flavor and a crispy outside

No. 1122522

File: 1649020971849.jpg (131.61 KB, 1300x650, beans-and-cheese-on-toast.jpg)

people always make fun of and laugh at how british people eat beans on toast online. but i don't care, i am britbong and i love beans on toast. it reminds me of my mum, i love when we sit together at the table and talk and eat beans on toast, she sometimes puts grated cheese on top! It is so comforting and homey and feels like a hug on a cold day.

No. 1122536

…are the beans warm?

No. 1122545

Of course anon, why would they be cold?

No. 1122574

Now I’m hungry. I used to hate beans on toast as a kid but now it’s such a comfort food. Love it with a little hot sauce, toast has to be buttered of course.

No. 1122577

File: 1649024392452.jpeg (150.98 KB, 1200x800, DA50D767-6B15-41FF-B51E-882963…)

Fuckkk i cant get it out my head now

No. 1122655

File: 1649027062556.jpeg (44.69 KB, 612x612, candy.jpeg)

I am addicted to the refreshing spice I crave it

No. 1122667

File: 1649027357679.jpg (188.22 KB, 608x598, fried-breakfast.jpg)

Yes anon! I also love piling a bit of everything from a full English onto a slice of toast to make the most decadent open sandwich.

I lost my sense of taste/smell a month ago (no covo) and this thread is so bittersweet

No. 1122672

>why would they be cold
Anything can happen in British cuisine.

No. 1122687

File: 1649027747821.jpg (280.25 KB, 800x1000, 163587846461818640ebe58.jpg)

Made some Chaat earlier, it was amazing

No. 1122702

Is this Indian? Looks delicious

No. 1122718

Oh amazing! When you make chaat, do you buy pre-made samosas and smash them up, or make them from scratch? I have only eaten chaat at restaurants, and am not very good at making samosas

No. 1122752

Please share your recipe for the good of womankind.

No. 1122819

File: 1649031336927.jpg (127.6 KB, 1200x1200, Southern-Fried-Okra_exps39758_…)

Fried okra man… and i could get it too but I'm lazy

No. 1122823

No. 1122853

Im going to make this tomorrow

No. 1122863

leave some in a box for me outside nona

No. 1122892

I ate some today. You were with me in spirit.

No. 1123261

Bought myself a big frozen pack of mussels ready to cook. Been thinking about those all week, bone ape tit!

No. 1123860

File: 1649121790660.jpg (41.59 KB, 564x564, a85a2e25b0eeb0c2ea3446137a7f7f…)

I want some beer and some sushi, damn it. It's too fucking hot, give me refreshing fish and refreshing beer aaagh

No. 1123865

File: 1649122365368.jpg (85.46 KB, 563x678, c8f9203bf3bbeee8e2795d8103b145…)

Alfredo. I could make some right now in like 30 minutes, but I know I shouldn't…

No. 1123878

fuck that looks so good

No. 1123882

>but I know I shouldn't
Lol dumbass. I made it anyway.

No. 1123884

File: 1649124975178.jpg (84.48 KB, 916x458, patatje-oorlog-916x458.jpg)

I crave any food atm, the hunger keeps me up. I want a patatje oorlog when I'm allowed to eat again.

No. 1123886

File: 1649125079040.png (15.97 KB, 320x320, GoVeggie-SLIDER-760x760-2109_-…)

and I want to try the new vegan stuff at Burger King

No. 1123888

Ugh anon, I love the burger king vegan royale. I was going to have it today but that fell through unfortunately.

No. 1123958

Weird I was just coming in here to say I wanted a impossible whopper

No. 1123968

Impossible whopper at bk is so good but most fake meat is shit at retaining heat and that makes it suck

No. 1123972

the impossible whopper is amazing, you need to try it. it's seriously so good

No. 1124295

I'll try to eat it as soon as I'm allowed to!

No. 1124551

It's my birthday and I was craving the only vaguely "Mediterranean" restaurant nearby so I ordered some on Doordash. The Dasher had been "Heading to you" for about an hour but not moving, and then the mf started moving in the opposite direction so I cancelled it and got a refund. smh it's my birthday and I just wanted a kabob

someone send me a kabob

No. 1124782

File: 1649189783759.jpg (150.26 KB, 1600x1066, Low_FODMAP_Kartoffelknodel_-_P…)

Potato Dumplings. I love all dumplings.

No. 1124790

Hummus, chiliflakes and freshly baked flatbread. I'd eat it until I'm constipated.

No. 1124791

File: 1649190421054.jpg (56.28 KB, 640x640, orgasm.jpg)

plum-stuffed potato dumplings are GODLY
Now I want

No. 1124795

That's my shit, that's my wave

No. 1124846

I love everything bun shaped, anything that has a dough and a filling. It is the best.

No. 1124853

where do you get one of these?

No. 1124889

File: 1649194816964.jpeg (108.97 KB, 500x400, 2FFFB7B2-0650-40BF-A52B-B5A5BF…)

Ramadan coming around reminds me how much i fucking envy arabic food. God it looks so good. I wonder if all the women cook for it or if some are lazy and just order? Anyway what i wouldn’t give for a feast ofjust bread

No. 1124955

File: 1649200356371.jpg (43.42 KB, 480x480, 2a6d6bf73b2e99819c59c4ef66618c…)

I want onigiri or onigirazu with some spicy filling. Ideally, raw spicy tuna, but I'm not picky.

No. 1124958

File: 1649200601590.jpeg (156.32 KB, 800x1200, F9350001-AB8C-4061-8077-990B0A…)

speaking of ramadan muslim/ex muslim anons what’s your favourite ramadan food from your culture? For me it’s this traditional lamb soup we eat it every day in ramadan in my north african country

No. 1124966

File: 1649201404913.jpeg (381.94 KB, 1100x1653, 49B08FED-FB9F-44F7-ABC1-629D43…)


No. 1125058

File: 1649212929502.jpeg (53 KB, 480x480, curry-omurice-1-480x480.jpeg)

eating some egg omurice on top of japanese curry, added mushrooms to the veggies and avocado with the egg and it is hitting the spot

No. 1125075

File: 1649215393024.jpeg (57.71 KB, 740x508, 78C01993-8F84-428E-8929-308E22…)

Mantu all the way (Afghan beef dumplings with sauce and yogurt and dried mint on top) -too bad all the Afghan restaurants near me don’t have Afghans working there and I’m swamped with my masters and work to make it on my own but I’ve got myself hyped sharing so maybe this weekend it’s gonna happen

No. 1125113

just want some homemade fries.

No. 1125128

I love how different countries seem to have their own variation/type of dumpling. Dumplings ftw.

No. 1125135

I want to make this. Looks delicious and also difficult though

No. 1125141

File: 1649227065281.jpg (35.19 KB, 500x333, Grilled-Turkey-and-Brie-Sandwi…)

turkey and brie sandwich

No. 1125182

i love tabbouleh so much and so wish i had some rn. god damn you for causing these cravings so late at night for me, anon. (joking of course but for real, let's make some and split it)

No. 1125320

File: 1649251494160.jpg (437.86 KB, 1034x1500, external-content.duckduckgo.co…)

I fucking love captain crunch

No. 1125333

File: 1649252300622.jpeg (255.19 KB, 640x853, 1598241210_261312.jpeg)

i want hot cheetos so bad

No. 1125367

There's a peanut butter version? I haven't had cereal in so long but I want this right now

No. 1125383

File: 1649257135036.jpeg (67.25 KB, 1200x1804, Fluffy-Jasmine-Rice-2-of-4.jpe…)

Just fluffy white rice

No. 1125399

samefag holy shit, someone literally surprised me with some good homemade fries today. wtf.

No. 1125415

Get the lime hot Cheetos, 100x better

No. 1125528

File: 1649266836034.jpg (91.48 KB, 1500x1093, butter.jpg)

Pistachio butter with whipped double cream. I love it but it's expensive compared to peanut and almond butter.

No. 1125719

File: 1649276900249.jpeg (133.11 KB, 584x800, F2124008-0E42-4A77-AAD6-2C3A37…)

I gotta make an friend who can make north african food my sanity rests on it

No. 1126556

not to be That person, but they're pretty easy to make at home! you can even get store-bought dough and just make the filling lol. it's pretty good. but then again i've never had restaurant empanadas so idk how they would compare.

No. 1126588

Nonas, what are some yum ways I use annise extract? I love licorice/anise flavor but how cat I use it other than Italian anise Easter cookies? That's all I'm aware of.

No. 1126596

What’s this? Looks yummy

No. 1126608

Biscotti would be good that would pair well with tea like those ikea biscuits

No. 1126646

File: 1649352669748.jpeg (153.19 KB, 750x750, fklld6yxfsijuhb3n49nxxxlaalh.j…)

No. 1126764

File: 1649356432813.jpg (295.63 KB, 1280x1280, pan-seared-salmon-with-sesame-…)

Sesame salmon

fuck that looks tasty

No. 1126832

File: 1649360145211.jpg (61.22 KB, 640x426, t0242_003_w640z.jpg)


No. 1126848

Used to eat a plate for lunch every single day

No. 1126863


No. 1126866

Im down bad rn so I cant buy any food. Wish I could have a chipotle burrito right now but instead i'm eating leftovers

No. 1128374

You lucky dog, I can't even find a decent package of yakisoba noodles

No. 1128621

File: 1649505858423.jpg (166.28 KB, 2000x1333, crepe.jpg)

Really want a sweet, fancy, fruity crepe. Hard to justify the cost though when it is just sugar and not filling.

No. 1128622

Why pay for a crepe? They're so inexpensive to make. Just get some fruit from the store and make your own with exactly the amount of sweetness you want nonnie.

No. 1128628

I could but tbh part of the appeal is that it is a 'treat' that someone makes for me. I would enjoy it less if I made it myself.

No. 1128646

File: 1649507070343.jpg (350.42 KB, 613x920, IMG_3847-5-2.jpg)

Broccoli and cheddar twice-baked potatoes.

No. 1128653

File: 1649507349413.jpeg (67.9 KB, 500x500, 20181214_Loaded-Grilled-Chicke…)

Loaded tacos sound SO good right now

No. 1128656

Omg they look delicious. I love potato skins with cheese and onion. But I am always wary as I remember years ago at a restaurant I was given them with cheese and bacon instead and didn’t realise until I took a bite and I made myself throw up in the toilets as I am a vegetarian. Sorry for sperg kek

No. 1132447

File: 1649779675387.jpg (30.6 KB, 504x800, bombay-sapphire-434353.jpg)

I know it's not food but I'm drunk as fuck and want to top it off with picrel

No. 1132461

File: 1649780529767.jpg (95.31 KB, 600x400, merlin_196072107_65a5903b-1d8b…)

Kaya toast. The taste of my childhood.

The night market in my city opens up soon and there's a stall they sells it (along with delicious burgers too) and I'm so fucking excited. I don't care if it's overpriced as fuck, I just want to eat kaya toast!!! I got some of my friends really into it too. My dad sometimes makes kaya jam but hasn't recently.

No. 1132473

>dry gin
anon why

No. 1132475

i've never heard of this until now but it is my life goal to find and eat this now.

No. 1132493

Had my best drunk experience with this stuff

No. 1132508

File: 1649785241129.jpg (39.21 KB, 500x750, Pandam-Coconut-Jam-on-Toast.1.…)

I hope you will be able to find it and try it nona!! A lot of my friends were surprised because they had no idea what to expect and when they ate it, it still surprised them kek. It's green because of pandan, and it's a sweet jam! It's made from coconut milk and egg yolks but I personally don't think it tastes very much like coconut. It's just… sort of it's own taste! But it's sweet and yummy.

No. 1132588

nta, but, damn, that looks nice and interesting, definitely will try to find it somewhere.

No. 1133056

File: 1649831494452.jpg (14.98 KB, 275x183, images.jpeg-1.jpg)

Don't know why I do this to myself.

No. 1133062

File: 1649832661638.jpeg (29.28 KB, 436x413, 9DC0A03B-85EF-41CF-9339-12D65E…)

Carbs. Im a low carb diet and im so hungry. I miss bread, sugar in my coffee, beans, bananas, ketchup, pasta. I only eat 500 cals because im a fatty

No. 1133063

No. 1133064

500 is way below a recommended intake dummy eat at least 1200

No. 1133097

Low carb is so damn stupid you are human you are a monkey your whole body runs on carbs EAT YOUR FUCKING VEGETABLES CUT OUT GRAINS IF YOU MUST

No. 1133099

Yes mom

No. 1133101

Stick with it but eat more. Ketosis is fantastic for weight loss so you don't need to restrict as hard. If you want to loose weight faster you can try OMAD (one meal a day) or intermittent fasting. Both work well with keto, just make sure you're getting enough calories and nutrition. I've been eating low carb for years because carbs make me feel like shit with lethargy and brain fog. You're body will adjust and you stop craving carbs. I now find the smell bread disgusting and I do not want to eat carbs at all.

Vegetables are a meme. It's perfectly sustainable to live on nothing but meat.

No. 1133104

Alright mr. Peterson

No. 1133122

rice. the only thing i ever want to eat anymore is rice with a little bit of salt. the produce in my fridge is going to go to waste send help

No. 1133126

File: 1649842300356.jpg (554.03 KB, 2364x1772, Weedburger_v1.jpg)

god I'm so hungry, it's like nothing is being absorbed

No. 1133127

File: 1649842340424.jpg (102.58 KB, 953x595, edamame-seaweed-salad.jpg)

I have a craving for seaweed related stuff

No. 1133128

File: 1649842363225.jpg (42.17 KB, 550x311, wakame-salad.jpg)

No. 1133130

File: 1649842572714.jpg (733.14 KB, 3434x2281, 15.jpg)

oh and I want to raid Sonny's falafel (protip for if you ever visit Amsterdam)

No. 1133131

yes yes yes yes! if only wakame salad wasn't mediocre and $6 for 1 oz here. one day i will be brave not lazy and make my own

No. 1135000

File: 1649965015513.jpg (319.4 KB, 1028x685, La_Banquise_Poutine.jpg)

Poutine poutine poutine

No. 1138251

File: 1650219827405.jpg (263.26 KB, 1200x900, 1200px-Gruenkohl_mit_Pinkel.jp…)

Bremer Pinkel mit Grünkohl (Bremer Pinkel with kale). I don't get it where I live at the moment and I want it right now.

No. 1141509

File: 1650470479288.jpg (133.42 KB, 680x1020, DK6A1429-1-680x1020.jpg)

I want a granola bar.

No. 1141543

File: 1650472307104.jpg (58.56 KB, 1200x1200, Pierogies-Recipe.jpg)

I've been craving pierogies for some time. I think I'm gonna make a batch later. I just don't have sour cream to eat them with. Probably gonna make them with roasted garlic.

No. 1142642

File: 1650571233915.jpg (158.62 KB, 640x640, cookie monster.jpg)


No. 1143241

File: 1650636233400.jpg (69.22 KB, 667x1000, IMG_8456.jpg)

I want strawberries and creeeeaaaaammmm

No. 1159031

File: 1651497461831.jpg (216.63 KB, 736x1104, 25b2bb16a0ad82b3c5053a40b92819…)


No. 1159072

These look incredible! What do you prefer as the filling?

No. 1159229

File: 1651506830477.png (419.98 KB, 735x490, image_2022-05-03_015344624.png)

I've been struggling to eat cus of stress and meds so I'm hoping this thread can bring back my appetite

No. 1159402

What is that ? Why is there a leaf on it?

No. 1159511

Sakuramochi, the leaf is salted and wrapped around to keep it from drying out

No. 1159535

They are very tasty, had the luck to get some frozen ones from my local asia store last year, hope they will sell them again this year, if not, I might order some online.

And if your are struggling with eating, maybe go around and buy all the unknown foods you can find, curiosity might help getting you hungry again

No. 1159689

File: 1651527604077.jpeg (72.49 KB, 580x580, 64F5FD78-BEC1-4AF4-9BA7-3B6471…)

I want to like these because they’re so cute, but the pickled salty leaf combined with the sweetness of the cold red bean is so different from other foods i’ve tried. I love when red bean is warm though like in picrel

No. 1159722

Well I was rather put off by the sight of a leaf but if you like them that much I will try them. My favourite dessert is just frozen peanut butter.
Yes, stress is bad for appetite. If you have a 'nibble' and wait a bit, let the aroma of food lurk near you, it helps you get hungry. If it's really hard to eat try putting on a show whilst you do. I remember being too low to eat and that helped.

No. 1159727

>put off by the sight of a leaf
Are you american?

No. 1160102

File: 1651541156346.jpg (44.86 KB, 484x645, quail.jpg)

you already know

No. 1160456

File: 1651548193045.jpg (78.93 KB, 680x680, 7457547547.jpg)

Just had sunshine toast for two mornings in a row. Craving satisfied? I guess we'll find out tomorrow morning!

No. 1161066

File: 1651584146616.png (58.76 KB, 602x548, unknown (2).png)

Going to the shop right now to get some fresh ginger!

No. 1161221

no i'm bri'ish. leaf belong in wo'a, simple as
is it true that americans and canadians 'hate' each other like british people and french people? that was the implication i received

No. 1161223

File: 1651590714888.jpg (53.33 KB, 568x1136, ecc6b014c5a0865333284344147b77…)

i think they do hate each other, like we bri'ish hate the frogs. or maybe it is a love hate relationship uwu

No. 1161234

craving big juicy empanadas

No. 1161451

File: 1651595984399.jpg (474.2 KB, 768x603, 156761061685recepturen12019768…)

want some tasty, warm cheese with a pint of Guinness and guess what I will be having in some minutes, exactly that

if you dislike eating leaves, just put it away (or gift it to a friend from France, kek), but it does taste interesting and you should try it

>improving mood
time to put some chashew nuts in yogurt with some cinnamon, turmeric and ginger, as I dislike smoothie, but care for that improved mood

No. 1162064

Update, I made the smoothie earlier with frozen pineapple, banana, vanilla soy Greek yogurt and then the rest. Was really tasty and I hope my intestines will thank me.
>as I dislike smoothie
You would hate to be me right now kek, I'm really restricted in what I'm allowed to eat. I hope you'll enjoy your yogurt though!

No. 1162419

File: 1651625603404.png (2.17 MB, 1183x921, 1552388349162713.png)

thinking about my favourite burger place

No. 1162426

File: 1651626303313.jpg (2.22 MB, 2235x2656, fullsizerender1.jpg)

Now I'm thinking about mine

No. 1162446

File: 1651627402214.jpeg (7.58 KB, 220x220, images.jpeg)

Waiting on my chicky sammie mmmm YUUUMMM yum yum yum yum umumumumumumum mmmmmm chicky Sammie come to mama

No. 1163101

File: 1651650115188.jpg (984.76 KB, 1200x996, burgeryyumyum.jpg)

Been craving burgers too, so I just got back from grocery shopping and I can't wait to make some for lunch today yummm

No. 1163325

Mos burger is better.

No. 1163454

File: 1651665681546.jpg (57.05 KB, 1200x800, takoyaki-2.jpg)

Too bad in my hometown I can't have takoyaki

No. 1176170

File: 1652222650110.jpeg (51.74 KB, 533x800, Chocolate-Milkshakes.jpeg)

I've been craving chocolate milkshakes every day for 4 days. Can't have any more because too many calories.

No. 1176430

Could you freeze some chocolate milk or a chocolate protein shake or something to replicate it?

No. 1176439

I've done blended frozen banana and sugar free chocolate syrup during hard times

No. 1176502

That looks so good. Now I'm craving it too

No. 1185347

File: 1652808430258.jpg (138.25 KB, 960x960, cwoissa.jpg)


No. 1185350

File: 1652808565927.gif (3.67 MB, 498x373, jimmy-neutron-carl-wheezer.gif)

No. 1185381

kek nonie

No. 1188685

File: 1653000950570.png (920.89 KB, 600x800, 3004C8FC-F734-4843-91DB-3E0948…)

not a craving. eating chicken n stars

No. 1188765

File: 1653005195734.jpg (530.69 KB, 1890x1065, gotta_hav_thos_berries.jpg)

I've been addicted to fruit lately, especially berries, I can't stop gorging myself with them. I just ate a pint of freshly picked blackberries yesterday, I'm sad I have wait for the red ones to be ripe again. Frozen ones just don't cut it, I need them fresh, with that satisfying pop and juice

No. 1188769

File: 1653005357126.jpg (53.56 KB, 720x480, pot-stickers (1).jpg)

potstickers have just been calling my name

No. 1188864

File: 1653014995733.jpeg (105.85 KB, 682x1024, C5C0E934-4F85-44A1-8064-531195…)


No. 1188917

File: 1653021664156.jpeg (46.04 KB, 800x1200, EB98E0CC-A632-4C5D-934B-0D9796…)

I want cake with frosting, or pancakes with frosting.

No. 1190638

everything tbh

No. 1190733

File: 1653101288790.jpg (295.08 KB, 1200x1800, chocolate-muffins-3.jpg)

Double chocolate muffin because my roommate has been having it for breakfast every morning recently and I'm fucking jealous.

No. 1190868

File: 1653116019189.jpeg (59.99 KB, 521x523, garlicbreddd.jpeg)

Its 2 am where I live and I can't sleep because I'm thinkin about garlic bread… Do I live for the moment and get some?

No. 1190873

Do it, it's the weekend.

No. 1190944

File: 1653121688863.jpg (70.51 KB, 500x500, steak ribeye.jpg)

Ribeye steak with soured cream, melted cheese and hot sauce.

No. 1191753

A ribeye only needs a little bit of horseradish. It's tasty enough already. Save the sauces for shittier meat.

No. 1191855

File: 1653182470997.jpeg (120.78 KB, 533x800, 655DB518-9941-46E3-851C-61F138…)

Every time I craved hot and sour soup I’d get my period the next day. I went on birth control and my period stopped for 2 years and I completely forgot about this soup until the birth control became weaker and my periods started again. This thread just reminded me of how badly I craved the soup. Almost felt like a nicotine craving.

No. 1191860

File: 1653182885192.jpeg (134.06 KB, 936x936, ADFC7DFA-741F-4127-9DFE-ACFB44…)

Pre-packaged Chicken Caesar Salad,I hate getting cravings for it since they aren’t technically healthy and sorta register as “junk food” to me

No. 1191863

No. 1191867

You’re making me crave the sirloin with kimchi I ate earlier. The rich warm meat with the spicy crunchy, cold kimchi. Mmmmm

No. 1191968

I use to eat these when I worked in a grocery store. I like the Santa Fe ones

No. 1191970

A whole 230 calories of junk food, how will your body ever recover?

No. 1192086

The only 'junk food' part is the dressing and cheese and it's really not that much. Don't feel guilty about eating a salad.

No. 1192879

File: 1653263553261.jpg (63.4 KB, 1080x810, Tumblr_l_3556397278970736.jpg)

I want to eat 2 whole bags of shredded mozzarella

No. 1192912

The duality of lolcow

No. 1194368

i want to eat glue.

No. 1194374

No. 1194696

are you pregnant or just weird?

No. 1194885

File: 1653401290526.jpeg (49.6 KB, 487x630, A4023EEF-C9F0-4E1F-83FA-57361F…)

Been craving these grotty turd sticks for years now. A uniform chocolate-esque flavour and thick bendy nougat texture, these were a staple in my school lunchboxes. Too bad they were taken off shelves a good while ago.

No. 1194962

File: 1653408037423.jpg (505.98 KB, 1536x2048, briochesuisse.jpg)

Last time I was in Paris I had Cedric Grolet's brioche suisse, I've been craving them ever since. Best pastry of my life.

No. 1195064

Scrolling past I thought these were off-brand Kit-Kats, then I spotted the nestle logo. Nestle copying their own products.

No. 1195232

You make me want to go to the bakery to get one.

No. 1195673

Bosco sticks

No. 1195868

File: 1653466253179.jpg (1.08 MB, 1920x1080, peanut_butter_chicken_73862_16…)

I want peanut butter chicken with lots of rice.I've been craving it for days aaaaaaah.

No. 1195873

Thanks for the high school flashback. Those were so popular. I actual did not like them, I just remember the smell in the cafeteria.

No. 1195878

File: 1653466852384.jpeg (271.31 KB, 1410x940, 9675E67C-8AFC-4098-8C8A-C11C62…)

I want takoyaki so bad, I keep having dreams I'm making some and wake up before I get to eat it

No. 1195882

Super fancy croissant that is crispy outside and has like 100 layers and super soft inside like in 2:35 on video hnnnnnngh

No. 1199750

File: 1653696689713.jpeg (236.51 KB, 1169x1342, 475E1A4F-5902-4E5B-959C-A47ED0…)

Gonna get some of this shit TONIGHT

No. 1199838

god that looks so fucking good why do i have to be lactose intolerant. i hope it's as good as it looks nonna

No. 1199841

File: 1653705189539.png (177.67 KB, 1440x1440, peanut-buster-parfait.png)

Hope you're enjoying your blizzard nonnie. The peanut buster parfait will always have a special place in my heart

No. 1200076

It's warm and I'm craving refreshing salads
Do farmers have any recommendations? What are your favourite spring/summer salads to make

No. 1200086

Pear, walnut and blue cheese is a favourite right now. Plus any buckwheat salad with roasted red peppers.

No. 1200150

Caprese, Greek, and Caesar are my fav. I also like any fruit/nut and goat or feta combo with olive oil and vinegar. Also, chimichurri with cold leftover steak is amazing in salad- those are great sandwiches too with tomatoes and arugula. Mmmm I’m hungry now

No. 1208835

Craving some low quality frozen pizza right about now. The kind where the crust is crispy thin, there's not a lot of sauce/cheese, not greasy, and the veggies on top sweat a little… need to go to Aldi for frozen pizzas like this

No. 1208839

Slice up some tomatoes, drizzle some balsamic vinegar over 'em, a little olive oil, salt n' pepper. Not your typical "salad" but it counts!

No. 1209909

File: 1654282324318.jpeg (976.52 KB, 1245x730, F882BF99-45B7-498A-87CC-FBCEF8…)

Sorry for nikocadoposting but I’ve been thinking about this kind of spicy noodles with cheese added in all day

No. 1209972

Cucumber, watermelon, feta, olive oil, chili powder, and crushed mint is my favorite summer salad

No. 1210612

File: 1654316449992.jpeg (416.95 KB, 1080x1350, ELZfkPRU0AA3Ky8.jpeg)

Super expensive but I'm craving seafood or pretty much picrel. Mostly crabs and lobster tails.

No. 1210621

File: 1654316901829.jpg (80.33 KB, 700x1050, b5feeb17bbfa799d92cae516f89c15…)

Coconut milk yogurt with a mango. So good. I have both in my fridge but too lazy to cut up a mango.

No. 1210744

oh my god nonna now I want some too, it's so damn good

No. 1210798

File: 1654329240085.jpeg (226.31 KB, 1200x900, 59736398.jpeg)

Fish & chips & fish & chips & chips & fish

Why don't I live in the UK? Don't they sell this stuff on the street?

No. 1217172

File: 1654735007321.jpeg (75.86 KB, 1169x881, 19A53543-6E43-4A97-9CDD-429A77…)

These frostyccinos are so goddamn fucking good. I gotta have at least one a day or I will suffer withdrawal symptoms. That’s just how fucking good these shits are. It’s always that same specific fucking employee that makes these things taste so goddamn good. I wish I could say something about how amazing he is, and how good he makes these things without coming off as creepy. Anyways, I had one today, and Imma have another one tomorrow too.

No. 1217176

coconut + mango is such a delicious mix

No. 1217256

File: 1654742340300.jpeg (718.81 KB, 2500x2500, 377712e5-cbc2-41cc-88c6-e28fab…)

Kinder bueno. I have 85 proof dark chocolate that could satisfy my chocolate craving, but I don't know.

No. 1217276

Leave a review saying he makes them well then with his physical appearance or name from name tag. Employees will read reviews sometimes or a manager would tell them.

No. 1217299

File: 1654745090001.png (985.44 KB, 1200x675, B8B44EA1-E9AC-4005-98D9-A88EE0…)

Don’t blame yourself, nonny, they really are delicious. What do you think about the hippos?

No. 1217322

File: 1654747831336.jpg (202.78 KB, 1080x1440, image.jpg)

I hate whoever posted this in the dumbass shit thread. I don't even like lemon bars!

No. 1217337

File: 1654748886414.jpg (146.86 KB, 600x1200, cb9d7b5496f3d4bd77d5f65b578470…)

Chocolate hummus.

No. 1217388

File: 1654752044001.jpeg (174.39 KB, 1000x1500, 9137FC0B-9623-453E-8015-6CE998…)

I have been craving this shitty kinda soupy fake cheddar Mac and Cheese for months now but Miss Rona spit in my mouth and ruined all my dairy plans

No. 1217397

The idea of this sounds revolting.

No. 1217400

NTA but it's actually pretty decent. Chickpeas are extremely bland without seasoning so you can pretty much turn them into anything if you know what you're doing. It's one of those things that sounds weird until you try it.

No. 1220200

File: 1654890342833.jpeg (126.4 KB, 750x698, 7003DB38-23D1-46B9-AF4C-D4BFDD…)

Two kilos of cherries.

No. 1220293

File: 1654892652070.jpg (38.59 KB, 281x344, pasta.jpg)

Shrimp rose pasta. I don't know if that's what it's actually called because some people also call it penne aurora, tomato cream pasta or penne alla vodka. It's basically just shrimp, pasta, tomato paste and heavy cream (I don't add vodka in my sauce).

No. 1220318

Wow. 1kg cherries is 8 Euros where I live. Have to move to east of malaga, lol.

No. 1220452

That reminds me of the weekend market in the town square. The smell of all the fresh strawberries and cherries, the earthy artichokes and potatoes, the rails of moth eaten clothes from 2005, the cobblestones and the striped awning. Did anyone else have town markets like that? They were awesome.

No. 1220749

Once I ate a fuckton of cherries at one time (like at least half a big bag) and they were extremely tasty but then I had crazy cramps two hours later. Dunno if it was just from the cherries but just take care eating a bunch at once

No. 1220753

File: 1654930211373.jpeg (49.37 KB, 536x680, 1dc4f496-9411-4f3a-b632-106f2c…)

Dried fruit. Dried mangoes. Spicy dried mangoes

No. 1220836

Have you tried eating dried mango slices on top of a piece of dark chocolate? It's a really good combo

No. 1221444

thank you for reminding me I have dried mangoes. they're so good

No. 1221494

File: 1654974298830.jpeg (202.95 KB, 1000x1000, 680DEC41-A93E-42C3-B2B5-7B3E4F…)

im late asf but same anon. every time it rains i wanna make a big ass pot of cheesy ramen. currently craving samyang

No. 1221513

god the carbonara samyang noodles are so good

or the ttebokki

No. 1221546

fuuuuck that's the best

No. 1221598

File: 1654978028702.jpg (88.45 KB, 736x736, original.jpg)

It's 2am, I just had dinner a few hours ago, yet I'm craving strawberry tanghulu so desperately.

No. 1221628

What is this! Those strawberries look SO good how can I make this

No. 1221629

nta but it's sugar coated strawberries, make hot as shit sugar syrup or whatever and dip your desired fruit.

No. 1221630

Hell yea thank you I just found a recipe. I’m so going to try this

No. 1221652

I want a seafood pizza so bad but i'm broke so i'm gonna have spaghetti

No. 1221698

I'm on a water fast but I'm craving garlicy, buttery, potatoes with dill rn

No. 1221734

File: 1654985399872.jpg (2.06 MB, 2000x1484, GettyImages-1295517792.jpg)

these sound so good rn. i wouldn't eat them but i desperately want them

No. 1221806

you can go to water fast when you go to alton towers or other theme parks i think. some of the rides are water slow but my favourite water ride is water fast and there is a chute and a fake log. i think you should tryh it

No. 1221967

idk if it’s just cuz i’m high as shit but im fucking crying laughing at this

No. 1222051

that sounds so good nona

No. 1225191

File: 1655229889521.jpg (26.99 KB, 550x733, to-go-iced-tea-in-a-soup.jpg)

It's been a long time since I've had Chinese restaurant sweet tea in a soup container.

No. 1225249

Those are literally the best milkas, good choice

No. 1225258

a deli i like by my job does this with their iced tea. now you have me craving it. no sugar though I can't stand sugar in my iced tea.

No. 1225367

I just want some sausages
I grew up in the uk and moved to the US and I can't find a good sausage
Thought about ordering online but I'm scared they'll go bad in transit

No. 1225395

File: 1655238221908.jpeg (85.22 KB, 736x981, (1).jpeg)

I don't like the way mochis taste (they're just bland imo), but they look so fucking appetising I want to gobble them down like a starving peasant.

No. 1225397

What kind of sausages are you looking for?

No. 1225398

thanks, gonna eat one for dessert tonight

No. 1225409

File: 1655238873940.jpeg (123.39 KB, 922x922, Ecinj0bXYAAuMnC.jpeg)

Share some with me nonnie. It's a threat.

No. 1225435

Find out what is put in the ones you like back in the uk and make your own, it’s not hard tbh. Pre made sausages in the us are nasty and don’t taste right so that’s what I do. Either that or find a small grocery store with a butcher that makes sausages but depending on where in the us you live that’s kinda rare

No. 1225519

File: 1655243397337.jpg (100.59 KB, 500x400, nestum-honey-cereal-flakes-300…)

fuck i'm craving processed sugar so much, i would binge a whole box of this shit with just a drop of milk. ahh, i love it so much when it has crunchy or dusty bits in the middle of fresh goey diabetes!

No. 1225524

File: 1655243545569.png (31.27 KB, 300x300, oreo-peanut-butter-154g.png)

or a packet of these in a bowl filled with milk, like a cold suggary soup

No. 1225525

Would love a Cumberland. Or whatever tf they generally use in sausage rolls. A sausage roll sounds good too.
Very rare, my local butcher sucks. Not a bad idea though. I hate most sausages here. Sweet Italian, tf?

No. 1225532

File: 1655243878321.jpg (116.88 KB, 1200x1800, Baked-Ziti-1.jpg)

baked ziti is so yum. i love ricotta cheese

No. 1225561

Wow anon. While I don't like super sweet tea, I can't imagine having my iced tea without it being sweetened and having a little lemon slice.
>I love ricotta cheese
Same, it's one of my favorite cheeses. It's like cottage cheese (blehh) but a gazillion times better.

No. 1226421

File: 1655306302317.jpg (62.79 KB, 1000x667, sakura-mochi.jpg)

I'd love some sakura mochis, guess I will order some next month as I can't cook in my kitchen.

no good sausages? That's horrible, a good reason not to move to the US. I would send you some sausages, sadly shipping would kill them.

No. 1226427

File: 1655306560739.jpeg (52.13 KB, 616x462, 1623679205737.jpeg)

It's getting hot!! I want naengmyeon!!! They are so cold and refreshing, but the noodles are also so bouncy and chewy. I love chewing them!!

No. 1226431

File: 1655307147042.jpg (45.67 KB, 600x400, 2Q==(2).jpg)

haven't you heard, nonnies? the only people who say they like japanese sweets must be lying weebs, according to some of the (objectively wrong) people on this website

well, they can get stuffed because now i am craving the violently green, processed dorayaki that i can only find in japanese supermarkets. the homemade type in picrel is also good, but i really want some artificially spongey '''matcha''' abominations right now.

No. 1226433

File: 1655307434129.jpg (230.68 KB, 735x1102, DSC_0209-Edit-scaled-735x1102.…)

I am a plebian weeb with bad taste, gimme my warabimochi so I can choke on the kinako powder while inhaling this shit into my mouth kek

No. 1226610

File: 1655317031282.jpg (97.93 KB, 850x567, natto-rezept-ibaraki.jpg)

my case is even worse, Neon Genesis Evangelion is one of my favourite animes, kek, and I'm always taking pictures of Japanese cherry blossom trees, I'm just lost. (Honestly, haven't watched animes since the characters started to look like 7 year old children).

The Asian supermarket near me has frozen matcha Dorayaki, they are nice. Sadly the amount of Japanese products has gone down since covid started. Most of the time they don't even have Natto.

sounds tasty, might try it the next weeks.

No. 1227864

File: 1655400381595.jpg (485.07 KB, 800x1200, TangYuan_Sumikko_All_scaled.jp…)

I'm probably the
>(objectively wrong) people on this website
you're whining about since I called mochis bland for my taste, but I'm also the anon of this post >>1225409 you were replying to kek. So, stop trying to start shit over nothing nonna. I didn't call people 'lying weebs' for liking japanese sweets, nor do I straight-up hate mochis. The desserts in my country just tend to be overly-sweet and I'm used to that. Calm your weird persecution fetish.

That aside, nonnies I had Tangyuan today and they were so soft and squishy. I'm in love. I could eat them everyday. No, I WANT to eat them everyday. Unfortunately they weren't in cute shapes like in the picrel, but hopefully I'll get to try out these fancy ones too someday.

No. 1228756

File: 1655476518263.jpg (112.29 KB, 800x800, unnamed(16)-800x800.jpg)

oh, those look cute, now on my list of foods I need to find and try one day. I still have picrel in the freezer and I'm very curious how they taste and look like in real life.

No. 1229742

oooh is that what it's called? I've had that stuff before at a buffet with no clue what it was, it's fucking good but I just thought of it as that sweet stuff that looks like sand kek.

No. 1229760

It's like cum but Swiss…

No. 1229773

Damnit. I clicked on the post you replied to out of curiosity and my stomach audibly growled.
I want roasted pepitas. And maybe like a bite of that cheese because it looks like eating more than an ounce would create glue cheese blockage in the digestive tract.

No. 1229777

don't insult cheese like that.

No. 1229789

You’re not hurting anyones feelings you sad bitch

No. 1229842

File: 1655547527191.jpg (34.85 KB, 500x500, chow-mein-1-5-500x500.jpg)

Been wanting some cheap chinese food for weeks now. Panda express is shit and none of the cheap local places deliver, sucks.

No. 1229844


No. 1229846

Hell yeah

No. 1229849

File: 1655548532536.jpg (43.16 KB, 375x280, chicken.jpg)

me too anon i just found out orange chicken is a bit of an american thing(?) so i wanna try it

No. 1229854

I've never even tried natto before but I'm craving it over some rice right now
there's literally no asian stores within hundreds of miles of me, where online can I buy natto to satisfy my craving

No. 1229855

It's pretty good, maybe a tad too sweet if you aren't American, so I've heard.

No. 1229866

you can make it yourself, you just need beans and fermenting spores. Don't know where you live, in Germany you can order it from https://www.nanuko.de/

No. 1229875

I liked the taste but the texture was straight up slimy booger like texture that I had to stop. Normally never give a shit for texture either.

No. 1229879

How do you know the texture of slimy booger in your mouth?

No. 1229913

Natto is honestly pretty bland. It mostly takes on the taste of whatever other seasoning you have in your rice, otherwise it has what I would say is like a watered down soy sauce flavor.

No. 1229919

Nayrt, but your nose and mouth are connected. Usually when I get some snot form in my nose, if it's close to the throat I just pull it down (make a vacuum with the back of my tongue) and swallow it instead of trying to blow it out (which can push it into your sinuses btw). Then, some times it gets in my mouth before I swallow it. It's kind of gross, yes, but like, it's all connected anyway.

No. 1230721

I love bread so much. Aside from starbucks branded bagels, I really want to try the authentic new york bagel with loks.

No. 1230728

it's delicious. go to russ & daughters if you're ever in nyc

No. 1230844

not in europe but I found a few sites that sell the spores so maybe I can try to make it myself
I have it in my head that the texture will be similar to melted cheese kek but yeah slimy stuff is not so appealing to eat
hm interesting, I still wanna try it at least once, plus even if the flavor is lacking the health benefits are supposed to be amazing

No. 1231387

I personally can't stand the texture of natto, although the smell and taste don't bother me. I'd dice up bell peppers and onions and put them in for some crunch and it made it easier for me to eat. I want to say if you've ever had okra, it's sort of similar to the inside of okra, that slimey texture. At the same time, I actually like okra, so maybe not!

No. 1231439

I didn't find Natto slimy at all, Okra yes, slimy, but not very similar to Natto. It's more sticky and has those threads like good, melted cheese. Important is that you stir it a lot before eating it. And the taste isn't bland at all, you have the taste of the soybeans and through the fermentation. Personally, I like it and have it from time to time, not as often as I would like to, but once a month at least.

No. 1233749

File: 1655815658256.jpg (95.13 KB, 546x370, crunchy.jpg)

I want those weird restaurant breadsticks

No. 1233754

I want this chocolate banana brownie thing. I've been thinking about making it tomorrow, but I think I'll make the banana layer more like a custard/pudding.

No. 1233762

I’ve never seen these before but they look like abominations.

No. 1233764

these are lies. they are crackers pretending to be bread. it's insulting.

No. 1233767

Im actually gonna make this today! I saw that cooking tree made a new video and i have some ripe bananas i have to use, so this video is perfect! She has so many good recipe videos, i wish i was better at baking i really want to try a more advanced video of hers like one of the beautifull cakes she makes.

No. 1233773

File: 1655817462069.jpeg (30.5 KB, 355x355, eyJidWNrZXQiOiAiaW5mbHVlbnN0ZX…)

These are out of fucking control

No. 1233790

Well damn now I feel like I need to get them

No. 1233891

Oh nice, hope it turns out well!

>She has so many good recipe videos, i wish i was better at baking i really want to try a more advanced video of hers like one of the beautifull cakes she makes.

Same! I'm really eager to improve my baking too!

No. 1235836

File: 1655949886601.jpg (60.84 KB, 720x720, best-puppy-chow-recipe-mudddy-…)

Would destroy a bowl of this.
For non burgers, it's a crispy, hollow corn cereal that's been coated in chocolate and peanut butter and then dusted with powdered sugar. Pure crack.

No. 1235850

I just tried it and it was ok, the taste was fine but the stringy strands kept sticking to everything - it was like a spiderweb
welp at least I won't be craving it anymore lol

No. 1236052

I think most mericans know puppy chow. Chex mix makes it too, muddy buddies or something

No. 1236139

You do! Save me one nona

No. 1237316

File: 1656075029881.jpeg (153.19 KB, 560x560, 9BD4A37E-5992-40EF-993C-3C21DF…)

This shit must be 1000 calories but I’m willing. I want spicy chewy potato noodle in my mouth!

No. 1238393

Yeah I said non-burgers in case they didn't know. Also I've seen it used with white chocolate and pretzels called white trash, kek

No. 1239249

File: 1656122815107.jpeg (62.46 KB, 616x493, 1594744137309.jpeg)

I want dirt cake

No. 1239299

I just want to eat something that makes me poop. Nothing makes me poop. Why?

No. 1239345

prunes or avocados

No. 1239358

yessss these noodles are the best. The texture is just so great

No. 1239364

I had a Dairy Queen blizzard this flavour a few weeks ago, soooooo good.

No. 1239366

Drink coffee

No. 1239381

i always want vegemite toast. i'm not even australian but it's so good
beans and/or eating a lot of fruit

No. 1239895

fresh mushrooms (agaricus bisporus) do the trick for me and after that some psyllium husks every day.

No. 1240673

File: 1656207439643.jpeg (286.89 KB, 1000x1000, 56022E5F-E824-4108-ACD6-73085B…)

Spicy ramen,hot chicken tenders and sloppy grinders won’t leave my mind

No. 1240696

File: 1656208631031.gif (498.74 KB, 500x275, ramen girl.gif)


No. 1240763

buldak ramen is so good nona! how do you like to eat it? i've had it with eggs and green onion, with fried chicken and also with cheesy corn. i love it so much.

No. 1240793

I can't stop eating poached eggs on toast. I have good, thick sourdough bread and high quality eggs. That glossy golden yolk flowing over the surface of the toast creamy as butter is just too good.

No. 1240801

damn, you should know better than to openly post hot porn like that here?

No. 1240815

Kek I loved this movie

No. 1240908

Since US is heading towards a shitheap phase, i wish to have a stupid amount of money to fly there and eat the holy land of fast food escorted by reviewbrah

No. 1241806

I’d usually eat it as is but seeing vids of people eat with cheese makes me want to try it a bit.

No. 1241815

Food erotica thread when? Lmao I need more.

No. 1243104

sameee, with a spicy buttery sauce, oh my god

No. 1243107

File: 1656365181281.png (2.02 MB, 1519x1200, Sans titre.png)

coffee ice cream with actual chocolate-covered coffee beans in it. don't hate if you haven't tried it

No. 1243110

Omg that sounds so good.

No. 1243343

This is my favorite! It looks so delicious. Good coffee ice cream is amazing.

No. 1243710

File: 1656421289374.jpg (717.15 KB, 1600x900, 27REST-DAL-slide-N2XY-videoSix…)

Getting hot pot tonight, I'm excited. Yes it's going to be 80F today, no I do not care.

No. 1243737

Canned corn.

No. 1243850

I have been getting vanilla skyr and putting dark chocolate chips and granola into it. Even just the chocolate chips sometimes and it tastes amazing.

No. 1244279

Hot pot sounds wonderful. I love eating it with friends. Eat til your heart is content nona.

No. 1245662

File: 1656546781154.jpeg (312.43 KB, 960x789, r7liuVO.jpeg)

These weren't that good but I used to eat them after school with my friend so it's a nostalgic craving

No. 1245670

How to make poached eggs? Don’t send me tutorials TELL me like I’m a 5 year old

No. 1245683

File: 1656547965302.png (342.65 KB, 857x1000, 15974236195f36c003242c4.png)

I would love some falafel right now, extra hot sauce.

No. 1245704

I’ll make you some. If you teach me how to make poached eggs

No. 1245724

File: 1656552311033.jpg (404.9 KB, 1493x2240, Dark-Hot-Chocolate_ (1).jpg)

I'm craving hot chocolate so badly but I live in a warm country, it's summer, and I had a heatstroke in the morning.

No. 1246193

File: 1656594228052.jpg (275.62 KB, 1999x1499, poached-egg-1597080388.jpg)

NTA but the way I make it is

>boil water in a medium sized pot

>crack one egg into a bowl or cup or something
>when water boils, use ladle or something to swirl it so you make a water vortex
>immediately, but carefully, pour egg into center of vortex
>wait a little bit, ~3 min
>scoop out egg
>poached egg

I've seen some people dash a little bit of vinegar into the water. I think it does something with keeping the egg whites more intact but I do it without vinegar and it's fine. You just lose out a little bit on some egg white because it swirls off into the water, but you'll still have the majority of it. Don't crack an egg directly into the water. It's better to crack it into a separate container in case of egg shells, but also because I hold the bowl with the egg in one hand and the ladle in the other. Immediately after pulling out the ladle from swirling the water, the egg goes in so it spends the maximum amount of time possible when the water is still swirling.

No. 1249546

File: 1656849715631.jpg (779.72 KB, 2281x1872, Fruit_by_the_Foot_orange_and_c…)

I want to roll one of these into a giant wad and stuff it in my mouth so badly lately it's unreal

No. 1249629

File: 1656857433866.jpeg (1.6 MB, 1284x1420, 8F8702B9-B8D1-4A44-867B-9AD931…)

I want blueberry waffles so fucking bad right now. I haven’t eaten a waffle in so long.

No. 1249644

I make this thing called a fruit bomb, and it’s gushers wrapped up in fruit by the foot. 10/10

No. 1249645

File: 1656858386046.jpeg (61.43 KB, 1000x1222, EDA24804-CF56-4C1D-9D0C-985DB0…)

Biscuits and gravyyy babyyy

No. 1249680

Found a King Size fruit by the foot at a random gas station the other day. These are made of fruity crack, I swear

No. 1249683

Let’s go get breakfast together nona. I can get my waffles and you can get your biscuits and gravy.

No. 1250126

my cravings for biscuits and gravy never ends.

No. 1251982

File: 1657036345659.jpg (18.81 KB, 236x236, e15a2aa1647d8253a697c2cac12a3c…)

I'm craving fried fish so much.

No. 1252036

File: 1657040209473.jpg (319.06 KB, 670x476, chickenlmushroom.jpg)

Chicken with creamy mushroom sauce.

No. 1266248

Just ate a peach cobbler. Good, but I would die for some vanilla ice cream.

No. 1266250



No. 1266276

you're welcome nona

No. 1266455

File: 1658118824994.png (211.86 KB, 432x360, image_2022-07-18_053349402.png)

Latkes, with apple sauce and sour cream. I might make some later, since they're super easy to make.
Was going to post about poutine too, I've never even had it but it looks so fucking good.

No. 1266456

Delivery pizza and Jersey Mike’s subs

No. 1266470

File: 1658119819302.png (518.32 KB, 503x755, 165811848993534015.png)

Samefag, but also anything from Beigel Bake. Nonnas, if you're in London and haven't tried their salt beef bagel (or anything on the menu, I love the smoked salmon bagel too) from here I highly recommend it. I've drunkenly travelled across the city for one of these bagels after a night out sooo many times and they never disappoint.

No. 1266604

File: 1658135403683.jpg (162.24 KB, 1200x800, 20220718_110952.jpg)

I want to make this, but they don't sell seaweed in my area.

No. 1267102

File: 1658164471056.jpg (118.39 KB, 728x482, DSC_0065-728x482.jpg)

I want amish friendship bread sucks it takes 5ever

No. 1267126

I don't know about Amish friendship bread but sourdough? fuck that there is no way I will EVER keep that going for a full 7 days. i'll stick to my overnight white bread, I guess.

No. 1267134

what does that taste like, anon

No. 1267216

It's a dense cinnamony yeasty sweet bread. Tastes like childhood

No. 1267647

File: 1658186890931.jpeg (177.05 KB, 640x800, 709CAEC4-1272-48AF-BB3C-8716B7…)

I put on weight ridiculously easily and have an extremely difficult time losing it/keeping it off so I always watch what I eat, but all I really want is to dig into a massive buffet of junk food. None of those “healthy eating” alternatives, I crave enough grease and sodium to stop my heart.

No. 1267684

Put the fork down, anon, that’s enough.

No. 1269577

File: 1658326342722.jpg (336.1 KB, 1280x1247, original (5).jpg)

It's 2am, I already had dinner, and I should be sleeping. Yet, my brain thinks it's completely alright to be craving Tiramisu cake although there's no way I can get it anywhere right now.

No. 1269582

its the craving thread, retarded rattler.

No. 1269599

Nickacado is that you?

No. 1269623

File: 1658329963874.jpg (17.84 KB, 500x500, Caramel-Custard-500x500.jpg)

I'm making caramel pudding because I've been craving it the whole week.

No. 1270771

File: 1658379825452.gif (954.98 KB, 300x245, w6Y6i3q.gif)

I want toast

No. 1281062

File: 1659050047847.jpeg (85.28 KB, 678x1142, 8CDEB105-DB21-4570-AEFD-AAAE12…)

I want this, I need a huge ass bowl of fruit loops to feel happy again.

No. 1281103

File: 1659052262013.jpg (269.01 KB, 1536x935, Tomahawk-hero-shot-1536x935.jp…)

I want a blue tomahawk steak so bad right now I'd fucking slaughter the cow to get it.

No. 1281125

you just reminded me that i have some froot loops. imma gonna eatum now.

No. 1281210

What your favorite fruit loop color anon

No. 1289793

File: 1659666770582.jpeg (33.76 KB, 650x366, 20F683EB-FD83-4F5F-9426-A0292C…)

Bollitos with fresh cheese and butter.

No. 1290185

my favorite is the blue one yuum. and orange. what about you nona?

No. 1290188

File: 1659678368932.jpeg (97.28 KB, 960x581, 2742_top.jpeg)


No. 1290201

File: 1659678850502.jpeg (162.66 KB, 1500x1500, k_archive_83a9e60ae4abd03a4a73…)

Want a cheesy bacon potato so bad tbh.

No. 1290210

File: 1659679057939.png (1.52 MB, 1064x706, roll.png)

No. 1290339

File: 1659687722501.jpeg (569.29 KB, 2048x2048, 9BBE3865-4261-49A5-A773-8F6D02…)

No. 1293394

I want some fiery cheetos right fucking now but its 4 am in my country

No. 1293522

File: 1659912441789.jpeg (61.53 KB, 700x963, 12 Receitas de Pão de Liquidif…)

I need whatever this is

No. 1293538

I think they're just bread rolls. Really cute idea!

No. 1293831

File: 1659932363038.jpeg (225.51 KB, 1200x1200, jeweled rice.jpeg)

I've never even tried this before but after seeing a picture I really want some, jeweled rice

No. 1293936

File: 1659937388439.jpg (232.21 KB, 933x1024, empanada-6-2-933x1024.jpg)

That's how I feel about empanadas… Never had them but they look so tasty!

No. 1294150

File: 1659959392009.jpg (110.01 KB, 477x600, tiramisu.jpg)

I want to make tiramisu

No. 1294187

File: 1659963769861.jpg (72.93 KB, 680x680, FYs_h2qXEAMVD9k.jpg)

I want to make them but that would mean i'd have to go to two stores…

No. 1294215

This picture made me salivate kek

No. 1294897

Update, I made tiramisu for the first time and it wasn't a disaster.

No. 1296738

File: 1660136270760.jpg (292.61 KB, 1000x1459, IMG_2616.jpg)

I'm PMSing like a motherfucker right now and the only thing I want is thick and gooey chocolate chip cookies that will clog my arteries and stop my heart. Sadly it's almost 11pm but God I will definitely make them tomorrow and they WILL be good.

No. 1296766

That’s great Nona! Good job.

No. 1296799

Nice Nonna!

No. 1296856

Recipe please

No. 1297025

I woke up and craved breakfast casserole so I made one but I regret trying out cubed bread on the bottom instead of hashbrowns. Isn't as good at ALL. But my craving was sated

No. 1301109

File: 1660389876160.jpeg (2.19 MB, 3000x2160, egg mcmuffin.jpeg)

I don't eat meat anymore but I am craving an egg mcmuffin, specifically with the meat of course, from mcdonalds
wonder if vegan sausage/ham tastes decent so I can make myself one…

No. 1301112

there are TONS of very good vegan sausage patties. ham on the other hand, not so great at this point

No. 1301113

never tried vegan sausage before so that is good to know, next time I'm at the store I'll get some

No. 1301435

I'm happy for you, Nona. What kind of liquor did you use in it (if any)?

No. 1303513

File: 1660569873272.jpg (205.36 KB, 1600x1200, 40462b460076dd59eb94bfb287c4e3…)

I want an egg waffle soooooo bad

No. 1303519

No. 1303525

you have no taste

No. 1303528

That’s why I’ll always be skinny

No. 1303529

Lol you know that’s going to make them mad

No. 1303532

No. 1303533

Oh well. That’s on them kek

No. 1303539

File: 1660570603183.jpg (1.87 MB, 1200x675, Japanese Souffle Pancakes.jpg)

I want souffle pancakes too now that I'm thinking about it.

No. 1303546

rattle rattle

No. 1303549

you know we have a tranny on the site? can you stop replying to obvious bait for christ sake

No. 1303553

Jiggle jiggle

No. 1303557

Can you all stop thinking an anon who made a joke that a single anon took to heart is the tranny?

No. 1303560

Anyone they don’t agree with / don’t understand is automatically the tranny even though he has a very specific typing style and only replies to certain conversations. Sad state this site is in.

No. 1303576

anachans aren't welcome on the site either.

No. 1303580

Imagine thinking a joke about being skinny because you don’t want to eat something equates to anachan. Touch grass today.

No. 1303581

She has rabies. Ignore her.

No. 1303585

File: 1660571888314.jpg (285.32 KB, 1500x844, __opt__aboutcom__coeus__resour…)


No. 1303590

What are the dishes on the plates?

No. 1303593

Bottom plate is half boiled egg (like soft boiled but even the egg white is runny) with soy sauce and white pepper. Top plate is toast with kaya jam, a coconut jam. It's a common Malay/Singaporean breakfast!

No. 1303606

It sounds and looks delicious, the idea of grabbing the toasted bread and dipping in egg is mouthwatering

No. 1303661

File: 1660574942073.jpeg (986.11 KB, 1170x783, A9CB6316-5058-4A1A-8DDC-5D5DE7…)

No. 1303665

It is egg again! Hello delighful little ball of flavour, you are like an edible treasure chest with the best part hidden inside

No. 1303679

File: 1660575824076.jpg (83.61 KB, 1200x1200, Roti-Canai-6501-2.jpg)

I don't like peanuts so it makes me not like nasi lemak as a whole kek. I think it's just fine. Would rather get some roti canai instead.

No. 1303798

both are pretty good National breakfasts of mine but nothing beats good sambal for me. Bonus points when it’s roti canai(I’m surprised the bastardized prata isn’t mentioned here) AND sambal

No. 1303862

File: 1660584958738.jpg (223.2 KB, 574x360, 1464688034819.jpg)

Jellyfish: cool spicy refreshing crunchy chewy wonderful amazing etc. the texture is at times like an undercooked rice noodle.

No. 1303879

File: 1660585647962.jpg (271.59 KB, 1024x768, 11412235815_85279d2927_b.jpg)

Oh I loooooove jellyfish! My mom makes a spicy lil marinade to go with it and adds cucumbers in there too. My mom is always introducing me to "weird" foods, stuff I would never buy on my own or know how to prepare. I love eating whatever she's eating even if I don't know what it is because I know it's gonna be good kek.

Also I'm craving this- beef tendon in chili oil. The beef tendon was off putting to me at first but I've grown to love it. My mom gets it from a local noodle shop, and gets some seaweed and bamboo shoots thrown in too. Cold and refreshing, great for summer.

No. 1307373

File: 1660838514466.jpg (88.88 KB, 360x540, female-hand-with-food-top-view…)

I really want to order some Udon noodles with beef but my s/o is late at work and all of the local asian deliveries are going to close in an hour.

No. 1307601

File: 1660848250201.jpg (88.26 KB, 620x620, Unagi-Bento-Box-Lid-620x620.jp…)

I love fish, but eel is my least favorite. I think it's partly because of the sauce they typically coat it with. I've never had cravings for it, but there's a scene in YuruCamp where the characters go to eat it and ever since then I've been craving it like crazy. I'm going out for a company lunch tomorrow and the place has unagidon but it's one of the pricier menu items so I'm hesitant to order it. But fuuuuuuuck I want eel so bad.

No. 1307625

File: 1660850011471.jpeg (345.25 KB, 1200x1600, 2D76F158-66AB-4311-B77B-A46975…)

All I ask for are some simple Swedish pancakes with raspberry jam and whipped cream aagghhhhh!!!!

No. 1307629

Det är ju jättelätt att fixa nonnis, go for it!

No. 1307649

Ska definitivt göra det till helgen så jag har något att se fram emot!

No. 1309474

The shitty pizza place around the corner from me does a really good veggie pizza with jalapeños and chili flakes on top

No. 1309771

I made some frozen yogurt bark just now, waiting for it to freeze but i'm stupidly excited for it!

No. 1309853

I’ve wanted to make yogurt bark for so long, what toppings did you use??

No. 1310065

Beef Stew with dumplings

No. 1314032

File: 1661321527865.jpeg (74.7 KB, 616x462, 1460503592924.jpeg)

Caught a whiff of something that smelled like cinnamon, and now i have strong craving for Thanksgiving food. Mainly the sweet potato cassorole. I know I could technically make it for myself today but it hit different when the relative you only see for the holidays brings it over

No. 1314043

you are formally invited to our summer thanksgiving because we don't give a fuck, mashed potatoes and sweet potato casserole are meant to be eaten all year

No. 1314947

File: 1661373502400.jpg (238.58 KB, 1200x1172, 0x0.jpg)

I want chicken and waffles but I can't have them

No. 1314956

why not? no money? if so, relatable af

No. 1314957

No, I'm dieting and this would probably be too many calories for one meal.

No. 1314960

If this dish were american you wouldn’t like it and you know it. Goreaboo

No. 1315391

Drink these kinds of mixed fruit and vegetable pressed juices in the grocery store that have some of the fruit/veggie pulp and afterwards drink some water with it. You can also try eating yogurt with lots of probiotics in it (even non-dairy ones are good). Drink it with a meal as well, not on an empty stomach. You can also try heating up hot tea preferably ginger but anything available is fine with no sugar, drink it all up and then down it with some water. Prune juice is effective if you incorporate it daily. You need constant hydration/liquid.

No. 1315474

File: 1661403471061.jpg (98.84 KB, 618x800, banana-sponge-cake-002.jpg)

Banana sponge cake but banana bread is good too. I just want something warm and fluffy

Ah I'm a week late but this sounds amazing, chili oil makes everything better. And adding cucumbers sounds great, I want to try it

? It's a relatively common dish in Asia

No. 1315786

File: 1661419613032.jpeg (54.85 KB, 550x367, poke bowl.jpeg)

trying to go vegetarian but craving a poke bowl with either salmon or tuna so bad, every time I crave food it always has some sort of seafood in it

No. 1315802

I want this too but I can't have it because no restaurant serves it here.

No. 1315803

You body will crave what it needs. Maybe check what nutrients and vitamins you can get from seafood and try supplementing them.

No. 1315811

yeah that's good advice, I don't get any omega-3 so hopefully supplements for it will get rid of the craving

No. 1316021

Make sure that it has actual DHA, like algae oil, and not some flax seed oil bs which is not converted by your body at an adequate rate.

No. 1316031

File: 1661438924175.jpeg (382.02 KB, 710x1065, 548A467A-F46F-4C1A-8019-BFD2E4…)

I want some breakfast potatoes with onions from a diner nearby

No. 1316042

There is a really old mexican place kind of far downtown and they are cash only and they have the best steak burrito I have ever had. I would pay $50 for one right now I really just don't want to go through the trouble also their parking lot is tiny and retarded

No. 1317901

File: 1661560353283.jpg (160.68 KB, 724x966, featured-image-butter-biscuits…)

Butterswim biscuits

No. 1318556

File: 1661627476259.png (12.71 MB, 3816x2862, EgusiStew_HERO_011620_243.png)

I've never had west African food before but I really want fufu and egusi. It just looks good.

No. 1318628

Is Pho meant to be a delicate tasting broth or did i just get shitty pho? I was expecting more flavour but it was v light, not bad but I could take it or leave it.

No. 1318631

I think it is, but I'm not sure. When I tried pho and miso soup I was really disappointed because they were both very light flavors and kinda bland.

No. 1318649

My mom made it one time and it was the blandest dish I've ever tasted. I would rather have soup. But idk either, maybe try and go to an authentic restaurant that's run by Vietnamese people?

No. 1318651

It can be quite delicate and usually it's offered with condiments such as sriracha or hoisin sauce.

The richness of the broth can vary a lot depending on the cook's preference, too.

No. 1318725

I love west african food, it pleased my stomach better than my local food

No. 1318809

File: 1661646972245.jpg (575.53 KB, 2400x1600, Garlic-Butter-Shrimp-Pasta-rec…)

Last time I had a good shrimp was when I was a kid, because i lived in a town where they would catch whole buckets of shrimps and sell them for cheap. Sigh

No. 1318967

I pity people who've never had fresh shrimp. Or any fresh seafood in general. I think that's why so many people have a distaste for fish. I'm lucky to live near enough to a coastline to catch/buy fresh shrimp.

No. 1319016

Aaah I'm so hungry now!

No. 1320042

File: 1661764617226.jpg (253.81 KB, 679x1018, Rainbow-Glass-Noodle-Salad-wit…)

I don't usually even like noodles but I've been randomly craving glass noodle salad for a couple of days. Probably have to pick some up at the local Asian store.

No. 1320069

God this looks delicious. There's no good pasta where I am so I have to subsist off astral projecting into various pictures of people eating shrimp scampi. Fresh seafood is the best!

No. 1320070

>There's no good pasta where I am
Which circle of hell do you live in

No. 1320161

File: 1661778461625.jpg (197.82 KB, 1200x800, Korean-Spicy-Anchovy-Stirfry-p…)

I have been craving korean stir fried anchovies ughhh. I'm gonna make them tonight! I saw them at the local hmart but a tiny pack of them was $8… bitch for 8 dollars I can buy a whole bag of dried anchovies and make that shit myself kek. I did find some dried anchovies in our fridge already though, so I'm gonna cook up those first.

Just this on top of rice, with a fried egg on top… yum

No. 1320469

File: 1661803409815.jpg (101.37 KB, 1200x800, xian_famous_foods_lead_image.0…)


No. 1339452

File: 1663167285680.jpg (1.34 MB, 1600x1200, ripening-raspberries.jpg)

Ignored them the whole summer, usually don't even think about them. But lately I want them so bad I'm dying.

No. 1339467

File: 1663168549724.jpg (121.92 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

korean cheese dog. i crave her

No. 1339482

ugh this looks amazing i love those thicc noodles

No. 1339492

File: 1663170514678.jpg (221.92 KB, 1200x800, 19148919_web1_Slurpee-Colour-M…)

nonnas i just had my first slurpee last night and now i dont want to eat any other food ever again i want to eat ONE SLURPEE EVERY DAY FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE IN EVERY FLAVOR AHHHH

No. 1339664

Bought some sunflower butter a few months back bc it was on sale and ever since then I crave it more intensely, it's expensive but I have to keep buying it bc it obsesses me! Good in smoothies, on toast, bananas, and on top of granola/yogurt bowls with chocolate chips

No. 1339808

I'm so happy TB is permanantly bringing back the Mexican Pizza it's basically the only thing I like there. I got one today and it hit the spot
The banana flavor has its hooks in me. I'm happy for you that you got to try it

No. 1339967

just buy some sunflower seeds and blend them in a foodprocessor. way cheaper

No. 1347744

they still sell those. i just got one last christmas from one of my friends with other stuff. you can find those easily

No. 1347749

??? what gave you the impression that post had any sort of rude tone?

No. 1347754

NTA but it is very "well actually" kek

No. 1348042

Nta but I don't see it. Anon was just telling her that she could still get them.

No. 1348263

File: 1663898280254.jpeg (71.22 KB, 554x554, images (25).jpeg)

I want instant ramyun so bad. I'd feel guilty after eating it, but it's been years since I had one.

No. 1348272

File: 1663898754871.png (155.94 KB, 423x423, 44AEC723-016F-45A2-9376-9DE248…)

Those neoguri are so good. I miss these nissin raohs so bad, my grocery stopped carrying them and haven’t found them anywhere else. Crack an egg in, oh god

No. 1352541

File: 1664150335188.jpg (68.86 KB, 640x640, Tumblr_l_608028372782168.jpg)

Bump; gore spam

No. 1352900

File: 1664189077789.jpg (22.3 KB, 340x340, trolli-glotzer-4er.jpg)

Halloween is coming on its way and im LITERALLY excited to get these, last time i couldnt because the little shits bought all of them so it wasnt in stock anymore.

Do fellow germ nonnies feel the same way? because i sure do i love trolli

No. 1352915

A fellow eyeball goblin… I had my german friend send these to me because Trolli isn't sold where I live. They were sweeter than I expected/remembered from childhood but I can't deny that I wouldn't pass those up.

No. 1355149

File: 1664338854380.jpg (108.05 KB, 800x800, Scrumptious-Roasted-Vegetables…)

For the past couple days I've been enjoying and eating a lot of oven roasted veggies covered in herbs. I love meat, but lately I haven't been craving it at all. I know I'll crave meat later but for now? plant

No. 1355449

I want venison jerky so badly I wish I knew someone that hunted

No. 1355453

you can just order it? there's tons online

No. 1355461

I want it fresh

No. 1356404

File: 1664409436040.gif (934.9 KB, 500x220, BDA455F4-A177-4F93-861C-5F9B2B…)

I rewatched pulp fiction today and now I’m craving a burger and shake in a diner more than anything but there’s unfortunately no diners where I live

American nonnas, please go and have a burger & vanilla shake in your local diner true Americana style for me

No. 1367235

File: 1665185607442.jpg (368.34 KB, 1885x1414, baking-soda-58ace6af5f9b58a3c9…)

Baking soda and soap.

No. 1367237

File: 1665185712648.jpg (754.8 KB, 1800x1200, shrooms.jpg)

I loveeee mushrooms. The taste is good and I love the texture.

No. 1367260

File: 1665187741794.jpg (84.19 KB, 1280x720, prawn-manicure-site.jpg)


No. 1367262

thanks i hate it

No. 1373473

File: 1665701515758.jpg (323.17 KB, 2560x2560, 81AdbD29 uL.jpg)

I Need it

No. 1373768

this shits so good with baby carrots mmmmm

No. 1375482

File: 1665853004069.jpg (279.8 KB, 1500x1500, 813Or j pfL._AC_SL1500_.jpg)

I have no idea what these taste like but I've been craving them since they popped up in my recommended so I just pulled the trigger. If I dislike them I'll just leave them out for trick o treaters

No. 1375493

I think I had these once! They have a mild floral and slightly sweet taste, iirc.

No. 1375529

I love these so much! Before I immigrated to the UK my nan used to send me these and other British sweets in care packages so they've always made me smile. They smell REALLY good and the floral taste is very nice and quite unique IMO.

No. 1375702

File: 1665866137869.png (8.48 MB, 2382x1770, Screen Shot 2022-10-15 at 3.35…)

Nashville fried chicken is my weakness……

No. 1375704

File: 1665866227064.png (2.39 MB, 1202x1246, Screen Shot 2022-10-15 at 3.37…)


No. 1377127

File: 1665980772908.jpg (62.71 KB, 500x500, 20190425-3O9A3968-500x500.jpg)

I had one these fluffy japanese pancakes and they were sooo tasty. I need to eat them again.

No. 1377233

File: 1665995157162.jpg (497.52 KB, 1284x1565, Tumblr_l_221430810760842.jpg)

I've been diagnosed with early, "light" gastritis recently and put on a strict, extremely bland diet to try and nip it in the bud. I want something deep fried and drenched in cheese so bad….But above all, I miss spicy, hot sushi.
When will my stomach return from war.

No. 1377462

File: 1666024344418.jpeg (4.69 KB, 225x225, download.jpeg)

The purple Monster is like the lquid version of these

No. 1377482

nta but omg that's my favorite monster next to the red and black one. I used to drink 48 ounces of monster per shift in retail and managers were wondering why I wasn't dead yet.

No. 1377916

File: 1666053744319.gif (7.66 MB, 1073x858, Untitled design.gif)

my combination in heaven is popeyes' chicken sandwich and chick fil a's waffle fries

No. 1377924

File: 1666054355760.jpeg (77.87 KB, 1200x1800, 0B2764DF-2ED7-4D7F-989C-068A6F…)

I waaaaant it

No. 1378495


No. 1379579

I want borscht I only had it once in my life in Poland and I haven't been the same since

No. 1379622

File: 1666194142732.png (381.9 KB, 600x600, YWJNT.png)

I found this Point Reyes toma truffle cheese at Trader Joe's and it's so fucking good, my mouth is watering just thinking about it

No. 1379623

nice choice. Popeye's chicken sandwich is so good

No. 1379743

File: 1666203093989.jpg (48.21 KB, 700x1050, HU37Yje.jpg)

I hate being lactose intolerant!!! I would kill a man for some mozzarella sticks right now

No. 1379787

What does it taste like? Looks really good.

No. 1379791

lactaid doesn't help?

No. 1379803

mmm im lactose intolerant too but this is tempting me nonnie

No. 1380725

Ayrt, I'm a retard and never tried lactaid. Thanks for reminding me it exists kek.

No. 1383802

File: 1666522669745.jpeg (76.97 KB, 600x800, 6A418481-90EE-4E90-B18B-426EE4…)

Haven’t had it in a decade but I need it now

No. 1383828

File: 1666526608964.jpg (541.67 KB, 1440x640, helppo_lohvoilei_KR5_21.jpg)

It's delicious, you're all missing out

No. 1383837

voileipäkakut always seems so nasty until I get to a family get together and they're always nice unless it's seafood

No. 1383857

It just looks too much like cake at first glance until you realize there's fish on top and it's probably covered in cream cheese not frosting.

No. 1384036

Is this vanilla cake with salmon, relish and dill inside? What the hell, anon?

No. 1384046

it's literally a sandwich cake, google voileipäkakku

No. 1384064

I see now that it's bread, but I am still heavily disgusted.

No. 1384072

File: 1666548672153.jpeg (1.09 MB, 1170x1138, 5CBBE90B-20AA-42ED-8D8E-EE37AD…)

you unlocked a great memory for me, thank you anon. Where can one even purchase that juice in this day and age?

I’ve been craving enchiladas w verde sauce all week, I’m determined to cook them today and sate my craving once and for all (with an added bonus of leftovers for the week).

No. 1384423

For some reason Fruitopia got discontinued in the US but is still sold in Canada and Australia. Just picked up that blue one from the grocery store and it was refreshing af.

No. 1384743

File: 1666622292274.jpg (224.7 KB, 2048x1367, DSC2531.jpg)

I've been trying to make myself some fucking soup for a week but TODAY!!! It is rainy and chilly and I WILL HAVE MY SOUP!!!!!

No. 1384764

File: 1666624305309.jpg (64.23 KB, 1024x685, Classic-Chicken-Soup-LS-v2-1-1…)

what type of soup are you going to make nona?
i made chicken vegetable soup last night and i cant stop thinking about going home and eating more tonight. i live for soup on rainy days

No. 1384771

Hobak gochujang jjigae! It's a spicy zucchini soup. I had the recipe saved for a while but forgot about it didn't make it for the first time until last month on a complete whim, and it turned out sooooo delicious. It's really quick and easy to make too so it's my go-to soup to make heh.

Rainy, chilly days are the best soup days! I love soup so I'd totally have soup in the summer too, but nothing beats warming up your body with some soup. Now I want to make chicken vegetable soup too! Maybe later this week…

No. 1384873

man green enchiladas are so good, tangy yet kinda sweet.

No. 1384893

File: 1666632264625.jpg (53.47 KB, 600x600, GUEST_f7b365bc-f6bb-454c-b36a-…)

I've been craving the nesquik chocolate cereal, but Idk if they sell in the US. This has been a comfort food for me when I was a child. I settled for picrel and it feels close enough.

No. 1385086

File: 1666642712483.jpeg (621.94 KB, 701x1016, F6E8CFEC-97CB-419E-BF36-44A87C…)

I’ve been sick since Friday and I’m starting to finally get a bit of an appetite and all I want is a giant bowl of spicy shrimp pho with a criminal amount of cilantro and lime juice.

No. 1385090

yes, fellow cilantro lover. i always get extra cilantro in stuff that has cilantro in it. a restaurant i visit just give me a little bowl of it whenever i come in now. it's great.

No. 1385200

omggg, this sounds so fucking good. For months I've been having cravings of shrimp and salty foods in general. When I get paid again I'm going for some pho!!

No. 1385445

File: 1666665526470.png (1.49 MB, 768x1024, southern-baked-beans-1-768x102…)

I craving baked beans and eggs right now. Obviously I wouldn't eat them together, they just both sound good.

No. 1385448

File: 1666665684769.jpg (133.18 KB, 1200x1800, baked-beans-with-sausage-10.jp…)

Samefag, but baked beans with sausage? I need it now. I'm so hungry right now I could cry. My heart yearns for southern and soul food.

No. 1385530

Why not eat them together? I ate them a lot when I was broke because 2-3 for 12 pack of eggs. 2 for bag of beans dried or .50-70 a can ready to go.

No. 1385892

File: 1666712542133.jpg (154.66 KB, 1200x900, 924606_tabitharwheeler_d3f2633…)

i was craving egg whites, and then i realized i had mushrooms, spinach and sweet onion so i made something similar to picrel. i am munching on it and i think my day is off to a good start now!

No. 1385951

Because I'm not bonkers nonna. Baked beans like that are more suited for being paired with things like fried chicken, mac and cheese, BBQ/pulled pork, corn, etc…

No. 1385964

In the UK and Ireland baked beans and fried eggs are pretty popular together, as a breakfast or just a cheap meal.

No. 1386168

File: 1666728022762.jpg (207.11 KB, 2000x1333, fucking disgusting.jpg)

Yes but those baked beans look like this, so I do not think they're the same thing.

No. 1386192

nta but no, they're basically the same american ones are sweeter, but heinz makes deep browned that are the same. i have lived in US UK and canada and can confirm they are essentially the same.

No. 1386266

Eggs go with everything. Whenever I have a bit of veg stew leftover be it beans, lentils, cabbage whatever I just soft boil an egg and bam complete, delicious meal.

No. 1398490

I want a greasy pepperoni pizza so bad right now.

No. 1400946

File: 1667798897540.jpg (1.12 MB, 1000x1500, smoked salmon bagel.jpg)

I want smoked salmon on bagels so bad

No. 1401783

The peppermint mocha from starbucks. 'Tis the season nonitas

No. 1403256

File: 1668093083035.jpg (182.83 KB, 1023x771, 6238085047_876f067322_b.jpg)

I went to kbbq with my sister the other day and we also ordered yukhoe bibimbap on the side. It was so fucking good and I want mooooooooore

No. 1403347

File: 1668098028665.jpeg (38.4 KB, 650x471, 437B8A94-5A44-460F-9B46-1FB8EA…)

I hope my local 7/11 has chicken teriyaki later, somehow they never seem to stock it specifically when I want it

No. 1403355

File: 1668098815164.jpeg (442.97 KB, 1200x800, 211660096.jpeg)

I always and suddenly crave meat at 2am every night when I am in front of my PC. Actually I carve rare steak 24/7 not sure why but it's especially bad at 2am. Sushi and pasta with salted anchovies and olive oil are another two dishes I could eat everyday but it's not as bad as the rare steak craving.

No. 1405631

I want a bloody mary with a retarded big garnish

No. 1406068

Friickk anon, I went to a new Korean BBQ last week and FUCK it sent me. I literally bought Tteok-bokki and mozzarella for my dinner tonight.

No. 1407861

File: 1668342077481.jpeg (98.18 KB, 679x452, 1A3C884C-C6DD-4318-AFA0-A58444…)

I guess it’s not a craving anymore since I just bought a pack but I love these things. The satisfaction of a jelly bean (looks like plastic), but the far superior taste and texture of a chewy gummy

No. 1407898

File: 1668345480493.jpg (598.95 KB, 1380x1436, Veggie straws.jpg)

Best healthier alternative to flaming hot cheetos I've ever found and tasted better to me. No powdered red dye kek. Less calories too

No. 1407935

File: 1668349816063.jpeg (329.81 KB, 1024x892, 96D5B03C-7724-4579-A581-E938C1…)

I miss being a kid and getting packs of this gum at the sanrio store after looking around at everything I couldn’t afford

No. 1408015

I’m hungover and craving spicy ramen so badly

No. 1408070

THEY MAKE HOT ONES??!?!?! Nonna I think I love you. Getting some post haste.

No. 1408073

Holy shit you unlocked a long lost memory kek the chalky gum. I miss it too. Keropi was my moms favorite and mine was Choco-Cat.

No. 1408318

File: 1668378546812.jpg (207.33 KB, 1334x1334, c460fc12d8e254f3e6dec1e8e37d72…)

Wagamama chilli squid. I don't even know why.

No. 1408332

File: 1668379608983.jpeg (60.54 KB, 940x460, Punschrullar.jpeg)

These. 24/7, every day, the most perfect little thing

No. 1408341

I found these in my search results googling vaccuum cleaners once time I was so confused. Looks good

No. 1408354

I'm on a diet because of some gastrointestinal shit and I want everything I saw in this thread

No. 1408366

What's that? Pistachio marshmallow (or cream) and chocolate?

No. 1408368

I hate these with all my being but that just means more for you nona

No. 1408375

I have the theory (maybe it isn't a theory but I never read anything about diets) that people crave what they need. I always craved bloody meat like a retard and realised as a young adult that I have issues with the blood production that give me anemia on top of also losing a lot during periods. It would make sense why I cannot stop thinking about rare meat and I heard that other people already craved (and ate) the weirdest shit including things that aren't even food because they were in need of certain minerals or something.

No. 1408376

lol they're called that in Swedish because they kinda look like old vacuum cleaners
It's a pastry with biscuits/cake crumbs, oats, cocoa, butter and punsch covered in marzipan.

No. 1408381

the badtz maru one was my favorite, ugh my mouth waters for that chalky cola taste

No. 1409030

File: 1668443874739.jpg (34.06 KB, 410x410, classic-pork-bbq-kit-for-2-4.d…)

AYRT I went back to the same kbbq place with my brother who came to visit just because I couldn't stop thinking about the bibimbap kek. We ordered their pork set (got beef set with my sister) and fuuuuuck. I like steak and beef but pork is really the best when it comes to kbbq. I usually always get samgyupsal but the set we had came with pork jowl… dare I say it's even better than samgyupsal…!!!

No. 1409047

My mother has said this about toddlers/small children. If the kid is asking for something weird (in my case it was butter) she'd just say yes because that's likely just what their body needs. In moderation, of course

No. 1411679

File: 1668647960640.png (1.35 MB, 1212x1030, Screen Shot 2022-11-16 at 5.19…)

really craving the hazelnut cookie from crumbl cookie rn

No. 1411687

File: 1668648350639.jpg (7.47 KB, 252x192, lm_pickleloaf.jpg)

for the longest time, i craved pickle and pimento loaf

No. 1411988

i wish beef jerky wasn't so expensive here i could eat that all day long

No. 1412935

Damn Nonna that sounds so fuckin good. Still craving it. Wish we could go kbbq together.

No. 1412970

Pickle loaf is my shit. 1 slice, two pieces of bread, and a thin layer of miracle whip

No. 1413490

File: 1668801341794.jpg (99.83 KB, 680x1020, crab-rangoon-4.jpg)

Cream cheese wontons

No. 1413493

Same, I love jerky!

No. 1413501

File: 1668801713683.png (1.03 MB, 832x834, Screen Shot 2022-11-18 at 11.5…)

I'm hungover and just ordered some spicy tonkotsu ramen and I'm so excited, I haven't had it forever but the idea of it just really hit the spot!

No. 1413775

File: 1668819026970.jpg (46.6 KB, 1200x800, Vietnamese-Pho-Soup-Recipe-1.j…)

I really need pho right now. It just snowed and I want to be cozy!

No. 1415658

File: 1668969494399.jpg (200.03 KB, 1600x900, l-intro-1648138138.jpg)

Cookies and milk. Literally the only thing hard cookies are good for.

No. 1421790


No. 1421890

File: 1669469221788.jpg (222.64 KB, 600x529, pussy.jpg)

No. 1422949

File: 1669546901700.png (179.37 KB, 300x533, orangina-bottle-us-1.png)

Ever had orangina?

No. 1423335

this makes great mimosas.

No. 1424203

File: 1669627742857.jpg (100.25 KB, 1000x1500, ambrosia-salad-in-serving-bowl…)

i've never had it but i'm craving ambrosia salad. it just looks so good. i've had plenty of different fruit salads with whipped cream and nuts though but i would love to try this particular variation someday.

i'm sort of the same, my mom told be this craving is caused by iron or vitamin b deficiency. idk though.

this image and post makes me very sad and melancholic. when i was a kid there were tons of raspberry bushes on the countryside where i grew up. not just raspberries, but also blackberries, rosehips (i think they're called that) and smultron. now all the bushes have either been removed or died because of environmental degradation, and the whole area is super ugly and depressing. i'll be very depressed if there won't be any beautiful raspberry bushes in my vicinity when i'm older.

No. 1424320

So good, my family does it with pistachio pudding. It's everyone's favorite

No. 1424814

File: 1669674246815.jpg (118.79 KB, 1500x1000, GettyImages-1184132601-2000-b7…)

There is this cheap supermarket panettone that's like crack to me. Super moist, melts in your mouth, with tons of fruit. I have no idea what they put in it that's so addictive, but I could easily eat the whole thing in one go.

No. 1424862

File: 1669676605087.jpg (325.49 KB, 1334x1249, ows_eb1ddfe3_0bf0_48c5_9f62_59…)

craving roast turkey with stuffing, gravy, potatoes, cranberry sauce, etc

No. 1424887

it's the worst dessert ever. get better taste. atleast make a mousse or something jesus.

No. 1424895

nta but what if my mommy make it for me as a kid and I loved it (and also I love the fluffy and sweet texture sorry I'm disgusting kek)

No. 1424907

File: 1669678521223.jpg (469.33 KB, 1920x1920, 220308_Suan-La-Fen_550.jpg)

can't find any decent suan la fen here

No. 1424921

i buy these too, and agreed they are very good, a lot of calories though, otherwise i could eat the whole thing too lol. sometimes you get sort of a burnt one which is a bummer, and the chocolate chip one is disgusting.

No. 1432985

File: 1670214816984.jpg (523.24 KB, 1200x1232, Tumblr_l_50150500553263.jpg)

No. 1432996

I got one of these from the supermarket after seeing this post kek I've never tried it before but it looks good

No. 1433012

File: 1670215502371.gif (3.62 MB, 540x303, Tumblr_l_1831795117698567.gif)

No. 1436610

File: 1670454070404.jpeg (34.65 KB, 829x515, mcd-sv-products-accessories-7c…)

these go HARD

No. 1436805

I’m craving the taste and weird texture feta cheese has

No. 1436890

I had a dream that I was eating a fruit sandwich but with a croissant for the bread… Just the most delicious croissant with thick whipped cream in between and strawberries sliced up prettily. Delicious.

No. 1436898

File: 1670475523465.png (310.1 KB, 945x756, How-to-Make-Strawberry-Shortca…)

No. 1436922

File: 1670476793904.gif (1.86 MB, 540x304, ef1b153ec8190bfbe4b0962687f156…)

No. 1436925

File: 1670476911168.gif (2.94 MB, 540x300, marie-antoinette_sofia-coppola…)

No. 1436929

File: 1670477082106.gif (893.02 KB, 500x269, e70ad40d0ccbda78d322cc710e1c03…)


No. 1436931

File: 1670477107697.gif (2.94 MB, 540x228, tumblr_ae06b2ed87921bf7cad3f9c…)


No. 1436937

File: 1670477363087.gif (1.71 MB, 320x240, MusC.gif)



No. 1436948

why is this strangely erotic to me?

No. 1444559

File: 1670974134170.png (797.53 KB, 600x630, image.png)

M&M cookies

No. 1444571

I want salmon patties made with saltine crackers fried in vegetable oil until crispy and eaten with a giant cold squirt of ketchup. But I don't want my house to smell like oil

No. 1444596

File: 1670976919583.jpeg (24.81 KB, 800x800, 83B7F02B-C20A-40F7-8467-9E188F…)

No. 1444599

File: 1670976972809.jpg (535.45 KB, 1024x683, 9266926142_20c7bfebee_b.jpg)

I miss my favourite sushi spot. I've been craving it for the last 6 years. Everyone was so nice and the food was so good. I'm so fucking hungry ahh

No. 1445665

those are the best! Especially with a cup of coffee.

No. 1445766

File: 1671043598116.jpg (172.24 KB, 756x960, pickle-pizza-1537798095.jpg)

I want pickle pizza and hot chocolate. Pregnancy cravings are so crazy.

No. 1446174

File: 1671060763590.jpg (107.69 KB, 968x504, alfajor-1.jpg)

Shut up about Argentina already, it's driving me insane

No. 1446973

File: 1671120027324.jpg (1.22 MB, 2500x1407, eggnog.jpg)

really craving eggnog. got this eggnog flavored icecream that looked good but it tastes like bubblegum for some reason. I want the actual holiday beverage now

No. 1446995

File: 1671121496020.jpeg (2.57 MB, 3464x3464, 6D86804B-44AE-4F26-9222-C26891…)

I want all of this, I'm this basic and easy to sway by the seasons. The hot chocolate is dark chocolate, it must be delicious.

No. 1447001

File: 1671121784676.jpeg (854.98 KB, 1000x1500, B013A70F-E085-4EC7-9CDC-50EC40…)

wanting potato pizza

No. 1447005

fuck now I want pizza and I'm not even pregnant. I am craving buttery carbs and melted cheese so bad. Trying to eat healthier and giving up sweets wasn't too bad but MAN do I miss everything salty and cheesy, the pizza cravings are out of control. I've been trying alternatives like making toast with melted cheese, or popcorn with no butter, but its not the same.

No. 1447223

I'm not even pregnant either. Don't know why I lied, sorry.

No. 1447247

No. 1447475

File: 1671141419819.jpg (166.5 KB, 1200x1200, Sunday-Chili-Square.jpg)


No. 1456773

File: 1672250889540.jpg (201.01 KB, 1200x1200, 0Z4A0287-scaled-e1649878208851…)

I'm going to make ravioli! What filling should I use?

No. 1456956

spinach and ricotta!!!!

No. 1457267

File: 1672296455333.jpg (103.75 KB, 1200x1200, beans n rice.jpg)

craving black beans and rice, maybe with some plantains on the side too

No. 1467531

File: 1673232056180.jpg (83.36 KB, 1200x1200, Belgian-Waffle-Recipe-square-i…)

I'm very close to buying a waffle maker right now bc I'm craving wffles so bad. It's almost 4am and I don't even like waffles all that much

No. 1467610

File: 1673244724336.jpg (61.18 KB, 474x711, 4017cea97aa278e0b7517b2c0114e0…)

Craving my mung bean noodle meal prep for tomorrow. Even if it turns out kinda meh, it's fun to try stuff I put a lot of work into. Instead of just water, I made pork bone broth. Prepared some baby bok choy, green onions, cilantro, and enoki mushrooms. Then for the protein, I pan seared some thinly sliced pork shoulder and tossed with garlic, ginger, and taiwanese bullhead sauce. Tomorrow's lunch can't come fast enough.

No. 1467623

what the fuck is this shit? is this some overnight oats tier shit with mung bean noodles. please don't tell me you do this…

No. 1467817

nta but I think stuff in the mason jar sits separate from the soup and then when it's time to eat, the soup is heated up and then poured over everything and will warm it all up. I don't see what's wrong with it, sounds very yummy.

No. 1467822

File: 1673276186134.jpg (182.18 KB, 670x670, Yee-Sang-Feature.jpg)

Lunar new year is almost here nonnies… I haven't celebrated in years but we're going to celebrate with family friends and most likely we're gonna have yee sang and I'm sooooo excited for it.

No. 1467827

you need to soak and rinse mung bean noodles before eating them…

No. 1467852

I want to eat pea wet. I dont know why

No. 1467866

Nona if youre still reading in this thread PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE drop the recipe

No. 1467880

You need a recipe to roast veggies in the oven? Cut the veggies, put on baking tray, drizzle in oil, sprinkle on salt, pepper and herbs (probably thyme or rosemary) and then pop it in the oven.

No. 1467901

You don't need to rinse them after soaking

No. 1468957

File: 1673379055776.jpeg (2.06 MB, 3465x3465, 7BD8CB5F-47C0-4DFC-A411-7615FC…)

I'm yet again craving a bowl of cereal, I've noticed that when I'm on my period I just want to eat cereal, any kind.

No. 1469418

File: 1673434735462.jpg (108.29 KB, 1152x864, 0ba.jpg)

Crockpot roast, mexican night, chili, swiss steak, meatloaf, shake n bake chicken with dumplings and gravy, cottage pie, spaghetti, coconut shrimp, beef stew, bean and ham soup with cornbread, salmon patties & mac n cheese, chicken or lamb gyros, broccoli soup, swedish meatballs, pulled chicken or pork, sloppy joes, baked italian subs, pigs in a blanket, homemade pizza, chicken and broccoli rice casserole, beef or chicken shish kabobs with rice, homemade KFC bowls, baked salmon, pot pies, red beans and rice with sausage, stir fry, lasagna, beef stroganoff, pork chops

No. 1469505

I have been craving a burger for days now and I finally caved in and ordered one because food from home wasn't enough for the day

No. 1470120

Craving some good ass cheese. I bought my first brie slice, it doesn't have the flavor i want but i love the texture. I want like a saltier mascarpone and almost as nutty as asiago.

No. 1470607

File: 1673538606866.jpg (45.96 KB, 717x1024, IMG_2500-717x1024.jpg)


No. 1470659

tonkatsu curry
tonkatsu curry udon
kimchi stew
miso soup
chinese dumplings with chili, soy, vinegar
russian dumplings sour cream
waffles with fruit
pancakes with chocolate and whip cream
chicken noodle soup
chicken and rice soup
creamy chicken soup
mashed potatoes with gravy
french fries
spinach omelette on pita
pumpkin pie
peanut butter cookies
sugar cookies
korean bbq
honey butter fried chicken
sweet and sour chicken
shin ramyun with mozzarella
caesar salad
greek salad
russian salad
hot cocoa
all kinds of bread
mint chocolate chip ice cream
soy caramel macchiato
ricotta shells
rose pasta
swedish meatballs
italian deli, cheese, tomato sandwich
pandoori chicken
chicken masala
tomato curry and naan
grilled cheese with tomato soup

I miss everything here
I am moving bc it's unacceptable

No. 1470880

File: 1673554331011.jpg (184.92 KB, 800x533, 9690589873_4062b1a291_b-314075…)

Looks kinda shit but damn it tastes good and easy to make (sauerkraut, smoked sausage and mashed potatoes). Perfect for winter, got to make some tomorrow!

No. 1470922

Nonnie, when did you last eat?

No. 1470999


No. 1471080

File: 1673561687007.jpg (112.73 KB, 736x846, 3fca686c3b76a0427be66917515a04…)

can nonnies post some of their favorite recipes?? i am trying to fill up a binder to create a family cookbook but too many dishes i make only have like 2 steps. i only have 10 pages printed for it so far

No. 1471234

Everything on this list it's been months, almost a year. That's why I am sad. I love pizza and pasta but living in small town Italy it's hard to find anything else. There is kebab and sushi, everything else not so much. But yes I also wrote that while very hungry lol

No. 1471243

Made this for my problematic family a fair few times. It's simple and tasty, hope you like it and good luck with your cookbook ♥

No. 1471252

nta but i fucking love cooking with dog, excellent recipes and their older videos with chef and francis were so cute and comfy

No. 1471513

File: 1673584159928.jpeg (57.28 KB, 640x706, Chocolate Chip Protein Cookies…)

Making this tomorrow! It's a weird experiment but looks fun and will probably get rid of my cravings.

No. 1471541

File: 1673587366185.jpg (725.79 KB, 987x1353, SmartSelect_20230112_212114_Ch…)

Nannie, I'm not sure what your tastes are like but this is my favourite traditional dish. Whenever I eat it I feel happy and it reminds me of good memories

No. 1471551

File: 1673588307689.jpg (244.27 KB, 651x900, alfredo-pizza-34.jpg)

I want Alfredo pizza so bad, but I've never made it for myself, and the place I was buying it from shut down. Pray for me nonnies, I'm gonna try and make this soon.

No. 1471611

I fucking love chickpeas so this has potential, patiently waiting for your report back anon and if it's a thumbs up I'm gonna try this too!

No. 1471616

nah, semla. idk what marituzzo is but it looks fucking delicious also.

No. 1471839

File: 1673627512615.jpg (280.19 KB, 1200x1798, DSC8509-2-e1615689649868.jpg)

I want ramyun soooooo bad. I haven't had any in so long.

No. 1472108

File: 1673639236101.jpeg (600.7 KB, 864x1585, Img_2023_01_12_20_25_24.jpeg)

I made this version with chickpeas and IT HITS THE SPOT, my god it tastes like heaven for me. Recipe is very quick and you can substitute or remove ingredients you don't like (peanut butter and chocolate and chickpea are amazing together):https://www.thefitpeach.com/blog/chickpea-brownie-batter/#ingredients-and-substitutions

No. 1472267

Damn this looks so fuckin good, I'm gonna try this out.

No. 1472699

File: 1673682156191.jpg (42.29 KB, 650x910, creme-brulee-donuts-1.jpg)

i really want to try one of these things, even though i know theyd be messy asf. they just look so good everytime i see someone post them on insta or tiktok…

No. 1473325

I spent about £9 on two of these and they must have stirred the sugar mixture rather than just leave it because it tasted so bitter. Best to make at home because I've read lots of similar complaints on other bakery sites.

No. 1473342

that looks gooddd, i’m saving it. I love chickpeas so much, they’re so versatile

No. 1477047

File: 1674163796461.jpeg (257.28 KB, 1200x1200, 6D1030C4-266D-49C0-8F59-DF29CD…)

Really craving some cheese and jam right now…

No. 1477050

Warmed up brie cheese with apple slices. A rich slice of chocolate cake that's a little cold because it was sitting in a grocery store's open cake fridge. Funnel cake with powdered sugar. Broccoli and cheddar soup. Those little babybel cheeses. Salt and vinegar chips (thankfully I have them in my house).

No. 1477931

File: 1674270708492.jpeg (257.55 KB, 1200x900, delish-filet-mignon-horizontal…)

Really want steak right now but it's too late to order in, if I was really crazy I'd go buy some right now and try to cook it at 2 am but the prep time would take too long… I'm going to treat myself to a steak dinner tomorrow nonnies

No. 1481934

File: 1674697239930.jpg (987.2 KB, 1500x1000, MG_5893-4181921683.jpg)

Vegetarian Ikea meatballs, brings back childhood memories and the vegetarian ones are just like actual meat (seriously, most fake meat is awful but they really did well with this). I want to go to Ikea just to get some meatballs. Do you think and Ikea drive through could be a hit? I'd go there every day.

No. 1482508

What do you put in yours? For my family, we always throw in an egg, baby sponach, and sliced mushrooms

No. 1482528

I crave the regular meat balls all the time. I've only had them twice but both times i felt so sick afterwards i don't understand how you can crave something that can make you sick, like fried chicken.

No. 1482542

File: 1674752164803.jpg (148.1 KB, 1200x1685, wAu8sMx.jpg)

I really want a pizza rn.

No. 1482546

File: 1674752477251.png (1.33 MB, 3508x2480, 1614291983443.png)

They released the recipe but to me it doesn't taste like from the store it's too wholesome. Now I want to go to ikea too I love buying from their grocery section. Plus I need a new sectional

No. 1482550

dude i want orange soda so bad. i hear there’s diet orange soda but i aint ever seen that stocked in my LIFE. just stick it to my veins.

No. 1482552

File: 1674752737208.png (862.47 KB, 712x447, 1674684006332.png)

No. 1482562

File: 1674753612825.gif (2.91 MB, 275x275, 1671692371394.gif)


No. 1482580

I'm happy to see I've created a trend of PB&C. I'm making one for dinner with a side of lemon pepper scrambled eggs

No. 1482589

what are our thoughts on cheese and pancakes. i love getting a sausage mcgriddle with cheese at mcdonalds.

No. 1482604

Fucking delicious. Fake cheese fried inside eggs (omelet), I prefer the white fake cheese for this. Onions, peppers (only yellow ones) and lemon pepper seasoning.
I like my pancakes with a little spice so I add a tip of chili flakes. The syrup (cheap stuff) cancels out the hotness.
Then I make my sausage

No. 1482678

The vibe in the food cravings thread is popping and I want some sushi kek. Spicy tuna roll with mayo. Yum

No. 1483369

File: 1674832245660.jpg (200.38 KB, 1200x800, l8sM1J8.jpg)

I really want some okonomiyaki but I'm too lazy to cook and there are no authentic restaurants around me. Sad

No. 1483409

File: 1674835694139.gif (1.53 MB, 640x640, pato-dance.gif)

Thinkin' about specialty bread for 3 hours now. duck brain ON

No. 1484735

File: 1674959588799.jpg (Spoiler Image,57.46 KB, 800x600, stew chunks.jpg)

I desperately want to eat raw red meat every time I see it. I want to dip pieces like this into blood or raw egg and eat them whole.
This is been an issue for me since I hit puberty, and sometimes I cannot resist and I do it. I've eaten many raw steaks, raw hamburger, the worst I've ever done is an entire package of raw bacon. I don't know what the fuck is wrong with me other than maybe I'm going to turn into a werewolf.

No. 1484740

give a review about how they all taste raw nonnie

No. 1484741

Anon please do not eat raw pork like that again

No. 1484748

Nona please say you get these things from a reputable butcher and aren't just eating packaged raw meat from the grocery store, I beg of you.

No. 1484754

The most satisfying is easily steak, I always get a new york strip cuz it's like, if I'm gonna do this, I may as well go for gold. I let it touch the pan for a few seconds, just barely enough to make the outside hot on both sides, I dunno if this is actually true, but I feel like that makes it juicier. When it's still completely raw inside like that, you can taste the blood, it's fragrant. Really tasty. New York strip is a tasty cut, very beefy taste. It's pretty chewy, but I like that.
Disgustingly, the tastiest I've eaten is the raw bacon, pancetta. It really does just taste like cooked bacon but way stronger, and I prefer the soft texture to crispy anyway personally.
Raw egg is almost like unsalted butter in flavor, the texture is unpleasant by itself, slimy, you gotta dip meat in it
Raw ground meat feels weird to eat. I'm a textures-person. It can either be tasty or have very little taste, it isn't as blood-flavored as the steak.
Blood is dependent on your mood, I think. It's either delicious, or you realize what you're doing and throw up. I don't find raw meats metallic, but blood is very.
I hope I won't, but I don't know.
Small local butcher shop, I've seen the farm. I do this on purpose, it seems like the best I can do if I'm going to do this

No. 1484783

File: 1674965078097.jpg (274.64 KB, 1440x1440, mettbroetchen.jpg)

NONNIE ARE YOU ME??? I'm too pussy to eat raw pork or chicken, but beef and eggs are A+. When I was a little girl and accompanied my dad to the supermarket, I remember sitting in the cart and looking at all the raw meat at the butcher's counter and imagining myself as a little wolf eating all of it. I don't think of myself as a little wolf anymore but the joke in my friend group is that I am a furry (I'm not I promise) and I don't think my preference for raw meat really helps the image kek.

Everyone around me can't believe that you can eat raw eggs in America but they are perfectly fine. My favorite is when I go for korean bbq and I order yukhoe (beef tartare) so it's at least a little more socially acceptable for me to eat a heap of raw beef. I know germans have something called mettbrötchen which is raw ground pork and I want to try it soooooo bad. In Japan, one of my friend's host family gave him chicken sashimi. He did get sick from it but they didn't, so I don't think I'll work up the courage to try it any time soon, but ughhhh raw meat lol.

No. 1484826

If you like pancetta you should try guanciale. Apparently it’s kind of rare in some places but they sell it at Italian grocery stores. If your butcher has it you gotta get it.

No. 1484847

File: 1674973874572.jpeg (173.26 KB, 1120x840, D92D3981-2E42-4223-A696-78F307…)

You're making me want carpaccio

No. 1484851

ughhh theres a food truck in my town that sells this, I wanna try it so bad

No. 1484893

>Disgustingly, the tastiest I've eaten is the raw bacon, pancetta.
Pancetta and guanciale aren't actually raw and are completely sage to eat as is. Lardo too. They may look raw but they go through a "marinating" or smoking process that makes them safe to eat, it's not raw pork kek. And they're delicious!
Sausages and unseasoned filling of salami (we call it impiöm) are also safe to eat "raw" because they also go through some kind of process.
Things like carpaccio and tartar are actually raw pieces of beef and where I live they usually recommend eating them with lemon and salt. I've eaten raw eggs from local backyard chickens and they taste very good, though the texture may be a bit too slimy for some people.

No. 1484949

How are americans so uneducated about the topic of eating raw eggs and meat? This comes up so often online it's truly baffling. A ton of european and asian cultures have dishes that involve raw animal products.

No. 1485055

Since it comes up all the time, you should be able to remember that it's unsafe in America.
You know you can't drink running water in north America either, right?

No. 1485217

You shouldn't drink tap water in some european countries too but I don't go around assuming that's normal in the entire world.

No. 1485225

Yes you can anon. I'm an American and I'm drinking tap water as we speak.

No. 1485228

File: 1675017434036.jpg (66.62 KB, 735x722, 974c65b40a52fc110438091d5b1b73…)

Because borger king, chipootles, etc don't serve no raw borgers or raw burritos… we char our bacon till its nice and tooth shattering crispy.

Europe, we will liberate you one day and them you will be able to cook your food to completion. We will even assist the French with leaving snails alone and directing them to developing their taste palette away from a Neolithic hunter gatherer.

No. 1485232

File: 1675017631388.jpg (18.4 KB, 319x425, ac18e6d1cc327a5d5d5a97c182a598…)

>I'm an American and I'm drinking tap water as we speak.

No. 1485307

>running water
As in the water outside, not fucking tap water, maybe Americans are retarded

No. 1485353

We also use running water as a term for tap water. Crazy how language works right? And the first anon that replied to you is European and also thought you meant tap water, so suck it.

No. 1485387

My bf had some Austrian friends come visit and they ate raw bacon sandwiches. You guys are freaks

No. 1485457

There are many different types of cured meats, including different version of what americans call "bacon" that are meant to be eaten "raw". Some of it is just cured and/or smoked and some are heat processed further either by boiling or steaming. It's all safe, otherwise most of Germany, Italy and eastern eu would be dead by now.

No. 1485492

Sure, not in America though.

No. 1490189

File: 1675486793301.jpeg (80.63 KB, 700x400, BCAAF5CF-D49E-4BD8-9C94-1C66E8…)


No. 1491279

File: 1675572834459.jpeg (439.79 KB, 1500x1922, 88B5D4BD-7ABD-4B2F-96E7-DA4362…)

I really want a chicken noodle soup that's creamy, with lots of chicken, lots of noodles and veggies too.

No. 1491286

Fuck that looks good. I might make something similar tomorrow

No. 1491305

where's the cheese?

No. 1492669

File: 1675732617535.jpeg (1.81 MB, 4095x2055, 59EB3407-E63C-41D5-B6EF-841860…)

I really want some candies like pic related, I could keep like one of each in my lunchbox every day and have one during the day at work.

No. 1492956

File: 1675775624524.jpg (1.16 MB, 3000x2000, IMG_3473.jpg)

I really want to try shakshuka. There was a Moroccan food truck that sold it but when I went there the truck wasn't there and I've been craving it ever since

No. 1492964

It’s not too hard to make. I tried to when I was….idk, a teenager, and it still came out edible.

No. 1492965

the ones on the left are so good ugh. i've never seen them outside of those public dispensers; if i ever saw someone with like a personal bowl of them at home or something i think i'd fall in love with them

No. 1492966

samefag but god now i want to go out hunting for a dispenser in the wild to satisfy the craving youve awakened in me anon

No. 1492976

I think I will try to make it myself since it seems pretty simple. It didn't occur to me because I prefer to try the dish before like a baseline so I know what it should be like but it seems like that should be lesser compared to other dishes I've made before trying before.

No. 1495121

File: 1675953292275.jpg (53.82 KB, 740x555, 133-3379_CRW-740x555.jpg)

A crab apple. My favorite fruit to steal from yards as a child.

No. 1495341

File: 1675969106130.jpg (59.43 KB, 1200x1200, turkish-baklava-with-pistachio…)

There's a 24 hour gas station near my house and they sell homemade baklava. I go there for my 2 am baklava cravings so often they recognize me kek. Last time I went they gave me an extra slice for free. I think I'll go again tonight

No. 1510100

File: 1677436749644.jpg (94.8 KB, 645x912, salat.jpg)

i'm craving mcdonalds salad like crazy. i've never had them before but i'm absolutely overwhelmed physically with the urge to eat one. they're surprisingly cheap in my country ( equivalent to ~3.5 dollars. i've been watching people eat them on youtube from different countries and they're usually around 6 or 8 dollars ) but i'm too poor to afford takeout. praying loansharks leave me family alone so i can enjoy an italian or perhaps ceasar salad. ugh i'm vividly imagining myself eating them to satiate the craving. IM SO HUNGRY FOR SALADSSSS.

No. 1510121

Youre making me want a salad with chopped fried chicken on top

No. 1543037

File: 1680907184981.png (305 KB, 1188x758, holyshit.png)

I've never had this but I want it so bad. In my minds tongue its like a super rich custardy sweet potato pie. The texture and color reminds me of a prune spice pound cake I made one time but more moist. I want something rich but wholesome

No. 1543107

I really wish we had these in the US. They even got rid of their chicken tender salad wrap. There's almost no fastfood joints in the US where you can get a decently priced salad. Wendy's has them but they keep getting rid of the salads I want, and there's one place I go that does them for fairly cheap. If I weren't so lazy I'd just buy salad kits trying to eat healthier

No. 1543207

I randomly got this video suggested to me too but I'm too lazy to make it.

No. 1543553

What the fuck does McDonald's sell in the US anymore, every time I read about it it's less and less products

No. 1544059

I want rice with crispy chickpea flour pancakes and some coleslaw or avocado on the side, haven't eaten it in forever but it's so good

No. 1544105

they added a chicken sandwich and took away a multitude of other things, there's not much of a healthier option menu anymore

I miss the chicken selects, chicken sandwich is straight up meh

it's like they want americans to continue to be fat

No. 1544160

File: 1681020618021.jpg (123.21 KB, 564x846, 034e98291e5734fe35c5c7c0696dd3…)


No. 1547656

File: 1681330798021.png (1.59 MB, 1140x1710, hibachimain.png)

I'd kill to have some teppenyaki steak right now. Hoping to go tomorrow.

No. 1547666

File: 1681331321520.png (357.07 KB, 543x489, dirtybinge.png)

i want to eat 5/6 of these fuckers in one sitting after a long shift, followed by 12 hours of sleep

No. 1547688

I was craving dumplings, sour cream for my burritos, and curry so I went out and got it. Fixed them right up. I got mochi too but it was very gelatin and not much rice cake which disappointed me greatly, but a fresh rice cake wouldn't last shipped over from Asia to Europe I guess. And it really did not taste like green tea. I got these wafer chocolate snacks today which hit a craving I didn't know I had. Now I don't know if I really crave anything. I feel satisfied.

No. 1556368

File: 1682112982666.jpeg (92.96 KB, 800x800, AHI_43545239383435383932.jpeg)

those are sooo good

No. 1563494

File: 1682875991985.jpg (283.42 KB, 1500x750, food (2).jpg)

I'm craving so much right now. I could eat a fucking house.

No. 1563500

File: 1682876187564.png (8.24 MB, 3264x3264, BeFunky-collage (1).png)

The last pic is a marshmallow peanut butter with rice krispies. I can't eat stuff like this right now, so it has to stay a craving but it sounds soo good. I want to make it at home.

No. 1563521

File: 1682876958645.jpg (68.57 KB, 1200x1800, homemade-tiramisu-2.jpg)

One last thing

No. 1563580

>creating a food montage because you're hungry
Absolute madman

No. 1563654

I'd love to make tiramisu one day but mascarpone is so expensive.

No. 1563903

The first time I made tiramisu I was actually shocked at the mascarpone being like $4 because for some reason I thought it would be more expensive lolll.

No. 1563910

Mascarpone on a fluffy waffle is heaven

No. 1566362

File: 1683060301215.jpeg (187.8 KB, 1200x1770, 789BF9E0-2748-46E7-AE0A-BEC4A1…)

I want chocolate.

No. 1566368

A really good juicy jonagold. Or a very ripe sweet pear. The last few apples I bought tasted like sand and the pears were hard as rocks.

No. 1566401

File: 1683064366952.jpg (49.96 KB, 640x640, lUebfL7.jpg)

Carbs. Rice, pasta whatever. Do any nonnies have good alternatives like the magic spoon cereal? I'm on a cut so I just can't eat tons of carbs.

No. 1576240

File: 1683975007385.jpeg (89.63 KB, 800x800, IMG_0668.jpeg)

I really want onigiri, especially the kind with umeboshi. too bad there's literally nowhere in my city to buy it

No. 1576255

This is just rice and a hot dog, make it yourself you lazy shit.

No. 1576260

I cannot stand you corny angry pretend mean girl bitches omg she just posted food she craved in the food craving thread what's your problem. unlench and relax

No. 1576262

umeboshi is a type of pickled plum you drooling lazy retard can't even open up google to look up shit you don't understand. i'm not even a weebshit i just did exactly that

No. 1576264

ayrt it's impossible to get umeboshi where I live and the plums used to make it aren't grown here. feel free to send me some so I can make it myself.

No. 1576314

Why would you make this aggressive ass post just to be so embarrassingly wrong

No. 1576315

onigiri is so good. would kill for some spicy tuna or wasabi nori ones rn

No. 1578969

File: 1684227729200.jpeg (36.13 KB, 616x462, 1552488933139.jpeg)

No. 1578982

File: 1684228993191.jpg (203.1 KB, 800x1000, 165541332362ab9a4b21be9.jpg)

call me nikocado

No. 1578989

Call me a weirdo but I love watching him guzzle cheesy hot noodles. I don't like any of his other mukbangs or mukbangs in general, but I enjoy those.

No. 1579007

FUCK I love cheesy noodles so much, especially with blue cheese and hot sauce. Now I'm hungry again…

No. 1579036

Never had any. Any noodles? What kinda cheese if not blue? Hmm im intrigued

No. 1579129

This is a cry for help I am at the checkout for a delivery for a mcgriddle and cinnamon bun AND a frappe, i’m so hungry I only had some weird sounach pineapple beet smoothie that my dad made me because I need to lose weight but I am so hungry and feeling nauseaous and retching. Please why do I crave the bad food? I brought snacks like pistachios and hummus for lunch but i already had some of them and it’s not enough!!

No. 1579133

Imma rat you out to your dad
I'm on the phone with him right now

No. 1579159

I won’f survive!!

No. 1579219

I just put cheese on regular instant noodles while they are hot so the cheese melts & stir. Any cheese could work I think.

No. 1579317

File: 1684259152523.jpg (152.86 KB, 870x780, image_1920-e1bb94c6f8233c57a35…)


Anon do you absolutely have to eat like that? I get it that you need to lose weight but you're clearly in agony judging from all the posts. Don't go hardcore, just eat less and more healthy. Can't you have some eggs and meat (not fried in oil) in the morning? Like boiled or baked chicken or something, or a soup. All you need to do is to eat less and less, gradually, but don't starve yourself, of course you'll be craving junk food and shit.

No. 1580442

File: 1684368614863.jpg (114.87 KB, 1080x720, 01001a9w-5a4b_1280x720.jpg)

Green borscht, preferably with nettle, and sour cream and slices of salo

No. 1580448

File: 1684369761541.jpg (51.95 KB, 392x395, colorido 2 (1).jpg)

You'll never lose and MAINTAIN the weight you lose if you live like this. You should try some dietary reeducation by incorporating everything you like to eat in smaller quantities and adding more vegetables and low-calorie, high-volume foods to your meals.

No. 1580449


No. 1580486

File: 1684376358096.jpeg (31.8 KB, 522x536, 9EE8C322-4B4E-494F-B77D-4ED2DB…)

Magnum ice cream. I haven’t had one in years, since like 2012. Now just thinking about having one is making me drool.

No. 1580488

One time I had the ruby chocolate version of these, and it was so good. I think it must've been discontinued because I can't find them anymore.

No. 1580492

File: 1684376512928.jpg (259.18 KB, 1198x674, 118b239e-4c58-11ec-a7e8-a2a29a…)

I should be cleaning the house but I want to order pizza sooo baaaad

No. 1580508

File: 1684377789403.jpg (34.83 KB, 800x531, кот-с-пиццей-открывает-дверь-б…)

I got pizza anyway yippi

No. 1581825

File: 1684523405571.jpeg (246.5 KB, 1000x1000, IMG_2636.jpeg)

I’m craving… cabbage for some ungodly reason.

No. 1581846

File: 1684524856809.gif (47.04 KB, 863x500, ZKrJa.gif)

No. 1581864

File: 1684525952921.jpeg (46.07 KB, 500x300, A475599B-1189-4182-AE8B-11F562…)

Just don’t sell your child for some cabbages. She will have to go blind after finding her one true love.

No. 1581897

File: 1684528725050.jpeg (121.08 KB, 1080x646, CC76C15C-C97B-45C5-B955-B2B9FD…)

I want this whole picture to be mine.

No. 1581915

File: 1684529904962.jpg (120.59 KB, 900x600, s2.jpg)

There's nothing ungodly about wanting cabbage. Now I'm craving cabbage stew and sarmale.

No. 1582922

i want an italian sub so badly. crusty bread, spicy giardiniera. even better if it's made by an old person who is yelling at their kid while making it

No. 1585064

File: 1684854534353.png (240.71 KB, 555x555, classic-chicken-sandwich-1220_…)

a good chicken sandwich. it can only be good when its greasy and from a cheap place. i tried making one but it's not the same

No. 1585072

File: 1684855462182.jpg (66.79 KB, 650x650, 9a04699c75dc244d1527ef0f450370…)

Cherry pierogi sprinkled with coarse sugar and served with greek yogurt

No. 1585204

fried chicken. hot wings, specifically, from a cheap and greasy but incredibly tasty hot wing joint near me. i'm a retard for not buying this huge pack of frozen wings they had on sale the last time i went. because i dunno when i'll next get to go kek might be this weekend

No. 1586531

File: 1684975817528.jpeg (154.81 KB, 1360x2048, AB8856BC-0331-43E4-AFF7-0B033E…)

I really want a whole tower of pancakes for myself.

No. 1586532

Why are they prodding her piussy

No. 1586537

Wow I have none. I've eaten everything I ever wanted in the past month, lately all I desire is coffee and I have that. Idk what else, I need something new to eat. Someone tell me some obscure but delicious food that isn't generic East Asian, Southeast Asian, Central Asian, Arabic, Med, or Central European. Tell me some unique South American or African or Native American dish so I can experience new food again.

No. 1586540

Oh man now I want umeshuu

No. 1587341

File: 1685053639745.jpeg (1.89 MB, 3835x4870, 0654B8A0-E31F-41CE-AD7E-853205…)

I really want some muesli with milk, but I also like it dry.

No. 1587377

File: 1685055023239.jpg (92.74 KB, 800x450, d1d005f8-2bd0-49e1-90bf-82660e…)

sometimes i cry because i used to live near lots of Ethiopian restaurants but i had to move and here there are 0. zilch. nada. no Ethiopian veggie platters for me

No. 1587617

I want to eat a papaya but it's late at night and my dog will be making noises begging for some.

No. 1594350

File: 1685641618503.jpeg (71.36 KB, 800x425, IMG_4076.jpeg)

i'm craving these fat beasts so bad right now i feel like i'm going to go insane. with goat cheese and honey…

No. 1598031

The Steak and Shake in the city center closed down for construction work and the one in a mall nearby also closed down but I have no idea why. Pray for me that the one in the mall closest to my place is still running, I can't take it anymore.

No. 1608626

really want a big bowl of kimchi fried rice. or pasta puttanesca. really anything salty-savory with lots of flavors and carbs. been eating way too much sugary foods lately

No. 1608673

I had salmon a few days ago and can't get enough.

No. 1608677

You're gonna die from mercury poisoning.

No. 1608680

don't hurt me nonny

No. 1608687

File: 1686895090210.jpg (127.43 KB, 960x640, zaru-soba-done1.jpg)

it's kind of hot, I want cold soba so bad right now

oh my god, that's literally what I had for lunch yesterday and the day before respectively. we share a bond of sodium nonnie.

No. 1608738

File: 1686900103786.jpg (47.99 KB, 700x700, deliciouscardboard.jpg)

I keep craving these. It's like eating cardboard but good

No. 1608870

even the name reflects its seemingly tasteless nature

No. 1608877

These kinds of tasteless wafers are used in taste tests as a palate cleanser. You are supposed to take a bite from one and a sip of plain water between every bite of food you're testing. This is the professional standard, otherwise the test is pointless and invalid.
It rustles my jimmies immensely that every video I try to watch of people tasting and ranking foods skips this crucial step and just don't use palate cleansers. I just know that after the third or so bite nothing they say is worth jack shit

No. 1608887

Huh, I'm gonna keep this in mind.

No. 1609556

File: 1686963910957.jpeg (92.24 KB, 600x902, C863381E-DE88-4FBF-A88D-03AE82…)

rou jia mo my beloved
it's so hard to find some proper ones here… none taste as good as the ones i used to buy back in shanghai from that lady that sold them from a cart for 6 yuan… i miss her

No. 1609732

ayrt your post made me want to eat soba kek I made some zaru soba for dinner tonight

No. 1613397

the smoked deer meat made specifically in the smokehouse in my yard from approx 1998-2003

No. 1614280

A croissant sandwich.

No. 1614550

File: 1687441791125.jpg (42.23 KB, 478x269, sw_biggest_ice_cream_nt_120702…)

I am going to eat so much ice-cream today, so so much

No. 1614579

Breakfast burrito. Scrambled eggs, chopped crispy bacon, hash browns, green chile and cheddar cheese… Lucky for me I'm taking my grandma to breakfast on Sunday and the diner we like has the best breakfast burritos. I'm so excited.

No. 1614969

File: 1687470793940.jpg (82.25 KB, 728x1092, Grilled-Cheese-Sandwich-3-728x…)

Grilled cheese sandwich and a kebab, nothing fancy

No. 1614983

Craving sushi but it’s too expensive and I got ordered it a few days ago.

No. 1615717

File: 1687551164657.jpeg (119.93 KB, 700x731, 62AE7B59-17D4-4302-B827-749653…)

I really want some waffles with cream cheese.

No. 1620825

File: 1688098829462.jpeg (128.26 KB, 1200x1800, IMG_1098.jpeg)

I've been craving crepes with nutella and strawberries for a few weeks now. haven't had crepes, pancakes, waffles or any breakfast food in so long

No. 1620888

ugggh chicken nuggets, spicy KFC bowl, Wendy's ghost pepper ranch chicken sandwich, Wendy's ghost pepper fries, and a loaded baked potato.
Time to watch people eat this, I guess.

No. 1621419

File: 1688160202567.png (595.58 KB, 768x934, dfdfew.png)

I can't stop thinking about this ube cheesecake so I bought everything to make it I even have ube jam and ube extract

No. 1621543

I need to drink a glass of cows blood RN

No. 1621553

i want a cheeseburger from this one burger place that i don't even live near anymore UGH it was overpriced as fuck but so good

No. 1621743

File: 1688194196677.jpeg (11.22 KB, 183x275, download (1).jpeg)

The Bo Kho I made for when my guy comes over for dinner tonight is so ridiculously morish, I don't think I will be able to focus on anything
today untill I finally get to devour that shit

No. 1623863

I really want to eat ice cream, but I really shouldn't, I need to stop eating so much garbage and I have already eaten garbage today, but it's cold today and having ice cream when it's cold is the best.

No. 1623982

File: 1688423733273.jpg (10.79 KB, 275x183, download.jpg)


No. 1624006

Dang you're metal

No. 1624015

I wasn't craving anything but after seeing this pic I am craving it now

No. 1624066

File: 1688433101898.jpg (2.14 MB, 2000x1500, 79300-real-poutine-ddmfs-3x4-1…)

Poutine is always one of my top cravings

No. 1624266

File: 1688455077721.jpg (168.9 KB, 1200x1800, The-Best-Chocolate-Chip-Cookie…)

I keep craving the world's meltiest chocolate chip cookies that have salt sprinkled on top.

No. 1624268

oh fuck that is exactly what chocolate chip cookies should look like, recipe plzzzzz?

No. 1624272

Sweets… Anything sweet…… Chocolate, sweets, marshmallows, mmmm..

No. 1624424

No. 1627433

File: 1688760073239.jpeg (173.65 KB, 1300x867, B0600C20-26ED-4990-9576-D2F6B8…)

I feel like if i don’t eat some cashews, walnuts, hazelnuts and almonds in the next few days, I will fucking die. I need some nuts.

No. 1627452

Jesus Christ. Thank you for the recipe. I apologize for how I phrased that question. I was hideously inebriated.

No. 1635109

File: 1689508560891.jpg (154.98 KB, 1200x1800, loaded nachos.jpg)

I wish I had a heaping serving of nachos

No. 1636286

File: 1689599207986.jpg (1.29 MB, 4032x3024, IMG_6401-3836001832.jpg)

Yesterday I ate what my dad left of some Thai curry and god I could devour a whole pan of it. Love Indian curry but Thai curry has something more fresh to it idk.

No. 1636298

Thai curry is made with stuff like fresh chilis/ginger/garlic/lemongrass ground into a paste as a base, while Indian curry typically uses a base that includes a lot of dried spices so aside from obvious ingredient differences they have a different sort of flavor at a fundamental level. I like Thai curry in the summer when I have more fresh stuff on hand and Indian curry in the winter when I have to go into dry storage for ingredients more often but I still want flavor.
Sorry to sperg, I like curry.

No. 1636989

File: 1689664574384.jpg (103.72 KB, 1200x1600, sinigang-baboy-7.jpg)

I do intermittent fasting so I'm done eating for today but all I want to eat is this massive pot of Sinigang I made. I swear, this is like actual crack to me. When my mom would make it I would eat 5 bowls of this every single time.

No. 1637020

Don't worry I enjoyed your curry sperg nonna. Didn't know the exact difference because I only know an Indian curry recipe and it's pretty solid so it's the only one I cook. Thai curry is from occasional takeout but I need to learn how to make it.

No. 1641375

File: 1690092193878.png (1014.88 KB, 1024x1024, Strawberry-Jello-Cake-1.png)

Jello "cake". Easy enough to make but I don't have the pan.

No. 1641403

The first time I ever tried Thai green curry I feel like I turned into a creature. I didn't stop eating until my bowl was empty.

No. 1641738

homemade burger with a 200g beef patty with big mac sauce, samgyeopssal, kbbq, bibimmyeon, chicken tikka masala w garlic naan, sprite, cold noodle soba, and fried rice

No. 1642017

Damn anon, you were eating good

No. 1642033

Can you link or write out resippy

No. 1642036

Omg that's so cute… Using from now on

No. 1642044

File: 1690151091515.jpg (36.98 KB, 800x396, resippy.jpg)

No. 1642077

All I ever want is string cheese and turkey pepperoni microwaved on a wrap and Cella's chocolate covered cherries.

No. 1642162

No. 1656982

I want popcorn but I can't because of braces.

No. 1657452

File: 1691464158209.jpeg (164.76 KB, 1200x795, IMG_1299.jpeg)

really craving kimchi. I had kimchi fried rice for dinner and there wasn't nearly enough kimchi in it - I need to eat a bunch straight out of the jar

No. 1657918

Oh my god I was about to post about how I'm craving instant kimchi ramen kek

No. 1658403

I've only wanted to eat rice with avocado and soy sauce/sesame oil recently. It's a little bland but in a good way, so easy too.

No. 1658425

Even though the weather has been bad the gardens around here are thriving. The tomato plants I bought have so many cherry tomatoes, my parents have a bunch of peppers and eggplant growing, and we’re getting even more veggies from relatives. I’ve been eating cherry tomatoes every day, they taste so good

No. 1667513

File: 1692265644818.jpeg (201.15 KB, 700x1050, sofritas bowl.jpeg)

need me a burrito bowl from chipotle

No. 1682752

File: 1693420509152.jpg (50.86 KB, 1200x1200, figtoast.jpg)

craving figs and cheese on toast like crazy i literally feel so intensely ill that i can't have it right now i want to eat that so baddddd i wish i could just jump into picrel and devour that toast like there's no tomorrow

No. 1682768

File: 1693421599706.jpeg (159.59 KB, 2560x1707, Generics_Pint_S13_Choc_FINAL-s…)

this specific ice cream flavor

No. 1682839

File: 1693426204577.jpeg (65.66 KB, 1080x1080, IMG_6293.jpeg)

This looks so good, I love figs.
I just want a nice, warm homemade cookie with jam in the center, preferably apricot or blackberry.

No. 1682852

i really want some roasted brussels sprouts thanks to shit thread anon

No. 1683523

File: 1693498535793.jpg (54.67 KB, 1200x800, creamy-vegan-broccoli-soup11.j…)

i want to eat broccoli soup forever. i found a way to make it dairy free but still creamy and i think its now my favourite meal to make. i boil broccoli heads, a carrot, onion and potato in chicken stock and then blend it all together and it is sooooooo delicious and quick to make. i would make it like every night if broccoli wasnt so expensive.

No. 1684766

File: 1693608629183.png (521.84 KB, 443x517, carbonaraspag.png)

I was thinking about trying a healthier version of spaghetti carbonara because it's one of my favorite dishes but I avoid it because it's very high in fat. However I changed my mind and now idgaf, I'm gonna make it in all its creamy, cheesy and fatty glory next week

No. 1684772

File: 1693609190147.jpeg (230.52 KB, 1200x1515, 267B7D75-2D3D-48A7-A44C-A01A10…)

I want eggplant lasagna. Not only because it’s relatively healthier than regular lasagna, but because I love the texture of the eggplant.

No. 1684793

Eggplant parmigiana is also ultra delicious

No. 1686633

File: 1693773135223.jpeg (883.69 KB, 1804x1328, E08BE332-6D4C-4F2B-9BF9-CEBFAE…)

I want a baguette with ham, cheese and a latte on the side, but I’m on a diet and I want to die.

No. 1687039

I wish i had extra fat to burn, so that i wouldn't have to eat a baguette with ham, cheese and a latte on the side.

No. 1687905

File: 1693878363214.jpg (35.11 KB, 500x375, Jamaican-Curry-Chicken-with-Ri…)

I want Jamaican curry chicken so bad.

No. 1687912

File: 1693878937162.jpg (118 KB, 1200x675, 860662534-1544206128.jpg)

I want dominos pan pizza with ham and bacon and pineapple and mushrooms but I have to go to bed soon or stay up another hour to order and eat it!!!

No. 1691209

File: 1694182321814.jpeg (175.92 KB, 686x1200, 3B59F1A1-8A42-4C95-846B-ECA87A…)

I want a box of these fuckers.

No. 1691249

I have a huge problem with whoever put a fork in this picture

No. 1691252

Unless it’s a diet for medical reasons, one cheat meal will not hurt you.

No. 1691636

File: 1694213521539.jpeg (31.31 KB, 612x408, IMG_2275.jpeg)

Friggitello/pepperocini peppers

No. 1691724

oh yes, i love belgian chocolates

No. 1691870

They should at least have put one of those mussel forks

No. 1691875

Japaleno poppers

No. 1692427

File: 1694277758106.jpeg (118.71 KB, 1024x1024, gods gift.jpeg)

If I get even digits I'm going to the store and buying some right now!!!

No. 1692430

No biscoff 4 u

No. 1692431

Re roll on nonas behalf

No. 1692432

No. 1692433

Wow this is your fault you know you cock blocked my re roll

No. 1692434

You got dubs though nonna. I will still laugh in your face though.

No. 1692460

That's cold as ice nonnie

No. 1692464

File: 1694279545114.jpg (437.64 KB, 700x933, 23-09-09.jpg)

i was craving cookie dough so i made some

No. 1692469

File: 1694280261361.jpg (93.92 KB, 640x960, Pasta-Bolognese-8.jpg)

Pasta Bolognese. Best pasta for me hands down.

No. 1692502

File: 1694282891996.jpg (115.9 KB, 1100x825, 0Uj1Z56.jpg)

A real Swedish kanelbullar (nothing like any ordinary cinnamon roll). I miss Sweden so much…

No. 1693013

File: 1694335090485.jpg (261.08 KB, 1600x1200, yum.jpg)

Fresh, crispy, uncooked carrots. So cheap, so delicious, so healthy.

No. 1693178

I’ve been craving chapaghetti for such an long time and I finally made it. I added some fresh veggies to make it healthier and I tried adding a teaspoon of pb to make it nuttier and creamier. The pb is a game changer, it makes it taste like restaurant grade jajangmyeon. 10/10

No. 1693395

The things I would do for it to be cold right now so I can enjoy a plate of hot potato wedges

No. 1693462

File: 1694363675205.jpeg (502.34 KB, 800x800, 9FAD6EFA-6AB8-4B45-9AF6-7F6652…)

Dark chocolate ice cream. It looks like wet dirt but it’s definitely miles tastier.

No. 1693547

I love eating carrots and peanut butter!

No. 1693549

I've always been too afraid to try that, I eat celery and pb all the time. I'm going to try it next time because of you nona, I will report back!

No. 1693559

File: 1694367919033.jpg (34.16 KB, 500x365, Bunday_ Bunnies Secretly Love …)

No. 1693619

File: 1694370828125.gif (1.13 MB, 195x229, okwhat.gif)

Alright, i'll try that too, just need to save up some money for peanut butter.

No. 1693773

File: 1694376448985.png (97.41 KB, 600x600, nongshim-shin-ramen-kimchi-120…)

Picrel, it's so good when you add vinegar and sesame oil

No. 1693779

Oh my god yes

No. 1693799

Based Nongshim enjoyer

No. 1693870

Just got some, even in 30 C weather it was so good

No. 1693916

File: 1694390491172.jpg (104.51 KB, 824x1000, 91f7BAHToEL._AC_UF894,1000_QL8…)

godspeed nona, i haven't had nongshim in a long time, i absolutely love the green one. it's good with tofu/textured soy protein/mushrooms.

No. 1693918

This is such good shit

No. 1693921

Nice to know. I just ordered an 8 pack of these that arrived yesterday, they’ll be my lazy meals

No. 1693927

These are also vegetarian!

No. 1693939

Apple pie a la mode is a godsend

No. 1693941

much better, vegan
the red nongshim noodles are also vegan but in some places they have fish products added. the kimchi ones >>1693773 are vegan, too
i remember surviving only off of nongshim veggie ramen for a week or two before i got tired of them for a month

No. 1694424

Ayrt, these look so good! I've never seen them, hope my grocery store starts stocking them at some point.

No. 1694533

File: 1694448566994.jpg (174.05 KB, 866x1300, 65350611-bowl-of-chocolate-fla…)

I just want to feast on a big bowl of chocolate cereal with veeeery hot milk hggggggggnng

No. 1694861

fruit salad

No. 1694862

Yummy Yummy

No. 1695191

File: 1694522083817.jpg (14.68 MB, 3024x4032, Nonnas breakfast.jpg)

That looks like fucking Milo cereal you lying shit. Milo cereal is dogshit malt/vaguely cocoa flavored horseshit and will cut your mouth like a motherfucker.

No. 1696638

I'm craving the food I used to be able to cook before I moved in with my disgusting housemate who makes it impossible to cook so I can barely use the kitchen and rarely if that. Homemade mac and cheese, pies, roasted capsicum soup, Dahl, roasted broccoli soup, risotto. Been living on cheap microwave meals, 2 minute noodles using the kettle, the pretzels at work and take away food. I'm moving next week and I'm making pie first thing.

No. 1697645

File: 1694672321142.jpg (926.51 KB, 1568x2224, front_fr.355.full.jpg)

Wtf is Milo? Chocapic is none of these things, it's like the blessed version of Milo and it turns the milk into choccy milk

No. 1697651

File: 1694673108482.jpg (111.76 KB, 720x706, QrK382etBU4JtJd5KqoDw.jpg)

"Walnuts" filled with boiled condensed milk. I need these so much right now.

No. 1697654

File: 1694673279477.jpg (290.42 KB, 1000x1000, cereales-crunch-nestle-450g.jp…)

Aw man I haven't eaten Chocapic in over 6-7 years.
But the cereals I truly miss are the Crunch ones. I could kill for them, they're so great.

No. 1697658

How much do you add?

No. 1700073

Christmas/halloween cookies my mom used to get from the grocery store when I was a kid. I think they were some type of shortbread, I don't know if they are sold still.

No. 1700101

They still exist in my country! In fact had them for breakfast this week kek. Maybe you could look for them in an imported foods store?

No. 1700165

File: 1694932314300.png (105.75 KB, 1400x500, home-pizzapop.png)

The last one of these bad boys sittin in the freezer. Should i leave my bed for this or what

No. 1700166

Yes, I'd leave your bed for that

No. 1700556

File: 1694984101561.jpg (98.65 KB, 564x846, shrimpies.jpg)

I want shrimp alfredo- I'm between cooking for myself and asking someone else to do it kek

No. 1700623

File: 1694990859661.jpeg (392.15 KB, 2000x2000, IMG_3559.jpeg)

I bought madeleines but for some reason Walmart is the only nearby grocery store that sells them. I’m not giving them anymore money after this.

No. 1700640

File: 1694993434312.jpeg (149.4 KB, 1024x600, 41B6842E-C06D-4AFA-9CEF-82BCFD…)

Before they had their chicken sandwich Popeyes had a chicken po’boy that was just their tenders on a roll with lettuce, pickles and mayo but it was sooooo fucking good. I miss it.

No. 1700641

A sfiha and a strawberry juice

No. 1700645


No. 1700863

Pumpkin chili yes please

No. 1701179

IT WAS SO GOOD. I haven’t had Popeye’s in like 3 years tho bc I’m “healthy” now cries

No. 1701251

File: 1695057896614.png (1.35 MB, 672x887, pineapplefriedrice.png)

Literally ate it three days ago and I can't fucking wait to go back in a month and eat it again

No. 1701257

File: 1695058316369.jpeg (54.64 KB, 682x450, images (3).jpeg)

No. 1701258

this looks amazing

No. 1701259

i want a starbucks java chip frappucchino so bad but the nearest starbucks is a 2+ hour train drive away and that's not reasonable at all

No. 1701346

File: 1695065438761.jpeg (2.04 MB, 4032x3024, IMG_0591.jpeg)

I miss my grandma’s panzerotti they’re so unhealthy but so goooood also I just want good burrata to eat with my garden tomatoes…throwback to this bomb ass meal in Manfredonia

No. 1701638

nona what is this deliciousness?! how do I make it??

No. 1701723

holy fuck i miss those. haven’t had one in years.

No. 1702627

File: 1695220014198.jpeg (26.47 KB, 267x189, 4AE9775E-CE1F-494E-A8A6-2EF25E…)

I really want like 5 kilos of tangerines.

No. 1702683

me too nonna fuuuuuck I could eat them all day. Although I've been a bit more into oranges lately

No. 1702791

I have 3 at home waiting for me. Why are they so delicious ??

No. 1702824

The best part of winter rolling around for sure, with roasted chestnuts. I could only eat that all winter.

No. 1703064

you can eat 12 of these even if your mom warns you not to. But be careful

No. 1703256

even though it's been like a decade since I had it I've been wanting some pasta e fagioli, got ingredients for it so making it tomorrow. I just want a nice hearty vegetarian meal - preferably italian. I need something more savory so maybe this can satisfy my cravings.

No. 1705675

I want garlic pasta so so bad, if I'm ever rich I'm going to hire a butler who will have pasta ready for me at any moment. I could eat it for breakfast lunch and dinner, also rice with kimchi and sesame oil. So simple to prepare but so delicious. I love carbs.

No. 1706066

Hungover and all I can think about is a filthy Chinese takeaway - chow mein, salt and pepper chips, crispy shredded chilli beef, chicken satay, wontons, hot and sour soup, special fried rice, everything smothered in sweet and sour sauce.

To add insult to injury my tiktok algorhythm has figured out I want chinese so is almost exclusively showing me chinese unboxing videos. Starving

No. 1709031

File: 1695872084758.jpeg (85.91 KB, 1000x546, IMG_1705.jpeg)

I want some of those kinder kornetti but they're not sold in my country

No. 1709058

File: 1695876018365.jpg (237.13 KB, 1200x1200, 20230619-IMG_7441_jpg-2.jpg)

I see these everywhere and I really want to try them out but I don't think I have the specific seasoning I'm craving the taste of, which is fast food chains seasoning.

No. 1709060

Looks so good, how do I make it

No. 1709068

Is Chinese takeout even that bad for you actually? When I moved I ate it more often and started losing weight

No. 1709135

I made some with sweet potatoes after seeing a recipe on IG. It takes a while to make a decent amount of them however.

You gotta do rather large slices of the potatoes first before using two chopsticks (one on each side) which will stop a large knife to cut too far and make the potatoes fall apart. And then you cut in the width horizontally on one side and diagonally on the other.
And then the seasoning before putting in an air fryer or oven is pretty much up to you.

But NGL you do that recipe once and then you don't do it again cuz the prep time is longer than the time you get to enjoy the meal.

No. 1710683

NTA but it depends on what you're getting. If you're ordering a ton of deep fried stuff with sweet sugary sauce then yeah, that's unhealthy. If you're just getting some protein and veggies in a sauce with rice then that's not necessarily unhealthy.

No. 1714966

I will make a sandwich with garlic butter, ham and cheese tonight, I really want some of that garlic butter, I hope the issue with this dumbass fridge didn’t fuck it up.

No. 1715395

Been completely knocked out by a cold and I need a bowl of good ramen right now.

No. 1715658

thick slices of fresh bread with butter, a dash of coarse grain salt, and a generous layer of Chihuahua style cheese, toasted in the oven until the cheese is bubbly with light brown spots

No. 1739348

File: 1698300105183.jpg (447.58 KB, 1456x2184, fall-charcuterie-board-ideas.j…)

My shitty country is ending and i just want a charcuterie board with a cup of whine but i can't go to the supermarket.

No. 1740032

I made this and highly regret taking so much time to prep basically big-ish french fries. I even used an entire garlic bulb and soaked the potatoes and cut them exactly like the tiktok/YouTube recipe- not worth it. Just slice and roast potatoes in the oven, these recipes are huge time sinks that taste FINE. But not worth making again.

No. 1740038

File: 1698351877294.jpeg (47.4 KB, 424x572, FRcmIfr.jpeg)

Thank u for your sacrifice. These have been living in my head rent free for a while but knowing they are FINE has my curiosity sated

No. 1771354

File: 1699977775933.jpg (442.74 KB, 1440x1800, slowcooker-cranberry-beef-stew…)

No. 1771360

File: 1699978242624.jpg (134.86 KB, 1600x1600, 220216170544-20220216-wendys-s…)

nonnies talking about burgers yesterday got me craving a wendy's cheeseburger (with no tomato though) ugh need her so bad

No. 1772107

File: 1700025903761.jpg (1.01 MB, 3024x4032, ddd0c160-7d3c-4105-acc7-efb992…)

I have a sweet tooth. I want chocolate milk and a cookie.

No. 1772114

mmm me want cookie

No. 1776478

File: 1700284495287.jpg (352.62 KB, 843x1114, 1000011762.jpg)

I need the melon and feta Tetris salad

No. 1776480

This looks so yummy… could probably make it at home if I didn't need so many different types of melons

No. 1776547

File: 1700290889235.jpeg (11.67 KB, 245x206, images.jpeg)

I miss these McDonald's fried shrimp more than anything

No. 1776560

I was thinking about them last night. I haven't eaten McDonald in years but somehow those delicious shrimps are on my mind 24/7.

No. 1776923

File: 1700328742389.jpg (175.28 KB, 600x600, 1653715-02.jpg)

this looks wonderful but also cumbersome to eat. id cut it up into smaller cubes so you could get more cube variety per bite

i love raw beef. i wish it wasn't so hard to come by in the states. in my college years a boy once took me out to dinner at a restaurant he worked at and ordered me a steak tartare which was one of the most delicious things i've ever eaten. a few years ago while i was traveling alone in kyoto i drunkenly wandered into a kobe beef diner thing and gorged myself on beef sashimi. i still think about both of these meals regularly and longingly today