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No. 1110178

Unleash your inner stupid
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No. 1110190

How do you convince someone to see your point of view when they have no common sense?

My mother is a boomer who worships education (although she only went to high school) and she's convinced that if I do a Masters in English Lit, which I already have a bachelors in, the UN or the government or other prestigious places will gladly employ me. She got this in her head because she has a friend whose daughter lucked out and despite having a degree in humanities, works at the UN as a translator I think. I told her that I don't want to be a translator or a teacher and I don't see the point of getting a masters degree just for the sake of getting one because humanities degrees are barely worth anything on the job market and studying for years to get a degree that doesn't guarantee a job is a bad move. She still insists and won't shut up about it because she lives in this fantasy world where she thinks having a masters in anything is supper impressive and employers all over the world will clamor for the person who has one

No. 1110193

Does shaving infrequently irritates the skin more than shaving frequently? I used to shave regularly and I never had any irritation but skipping it for months and then shaving made my skin freak out and now I have a series of painful bumps and whiteheads on my bikiniline

No. 1110322

shaving exfoliates the skin. if you haven’t shaved in a while you’ve now got a build up of dead skin that’s caused the acne. did you used a clean razor?

No. 1110339

Ah that makes sense. Yes, it was brand new

No. 1110354

What the fuck is bridgerton and why is the fucking queen of england asian

No. 1110357

kek I wondered the same thing, why are they always doing this shit now

No. 1110358

It's like a politically correct, modernized Jane Eyre with zero awareness of historical context

No. 1110364

What are considered to be 'normie' hobbies?

No. 1110365

Watching netflix

No. 1110366

hiking, hanging out with friends, sport

No. 1110367

any kind of art, gardening, video games

No. 1110368

samefag i forgot baking

No. 1110373

Isn't playing video games a non-normie hobby?

No. 1110375

kek no, not in 2022.

No. 1110384

Why is it that I feel better today getting only 3 hours of sleep than days where I slept for 6+ hours? I went to sleep at 3 am and was up for 5, I feel wide awake rn but I did have caffeine before bed. Is that the way to do it?

No. 1110393

If these are normie hobbies then what are non-normie hobbies?

No. 1110394

This show is all for fun & aesthetics, idk why people are so pressed about it, it's not a historical piece

No. 1110407

gaming is literally the biggest industry in the world rn anon

No. 1110410

it could be that you managed to complete an REM phase during those 3 hours, while having the alarm ring at the 6 hours mark might interrupt your REM phase and leave you very tired.

No. 1110412

imageboards i guess also for zoomers reading kek

No. 1110413

i think any nerdy hobby (anime, vidya, comics/mcu, Harry Potter, supernatural…) combined with being terminally online makes it non-normie. many normies don't have time for the terminally online component because they work a lot and try to have a social life outside of work, so less time for being a sperg on Twitter or reddit.

No. 1110418

Video games, anime and cartoons are non-normie hobbies.

No. 1110430

Basket-weaving, diving, practicing metal vocals, cataloguing unpopular internet people

No. 1110442

File: 1648211129439.jpg (34.9 KB, 735x583, f14288b796a06c583c60d460d153ad…)


No. 1110443

Why does cp get posted? Is it one upset moid or a group who are trying to get lc banned? I do understand that men have female inclusive spaces but to risk getting caught redhanded distributing cp just to silence some women is retarded.

No. 1110448

It's just a spam bot that's probably targeting other image boards as well as LC. There's a list that gets posted on the internet that contains all known image boards and spammers use that to find sites to spam.

No. 1110451

But why do why spam and don't they get caught? Or is it a honeypot? It does have links so it could track engagement.

No. 1110454

I've never clicked on the links so I'm not sure what it is exactly advertising. It's probably a link to an onion site that sells CP.

No. 1110455

Someone said once that it was a bot that just spams it on imageboards to create a honeypot for pedos, so, if lolcow were to stop being active, then the bot will keep on spamming the cp until the board has only cp.

No. 1110456

If that's true, how did Lolcow get targeted? Could someone have put the site on some kind of listing?

No. 1110457

As far as I'm aware the bot use this list

No. 1110469

File: 1648213361127.jpg (54.8 KB, 650x603, 24654bf518441dda557f451789255c…)

No. 1110471

I read that all slow traffic imageboards are getting targeted, I mean, maybe 4chan is also in the list, but they surely have either a bunch of admins deleting that shit quickly or some code or something i know nothing about these sort of things that just deletes the shit automatically.

No. 1110478

Why is it always the parents that didn't go to university push their kids the hardest to get an education? I mean why don't they go to university themselves as adults?

No. 1110485

If someone is a virgin but buys sperm from a spermbank and Turkey bastes herself would she be a pregnant virgin?

No. 1110488

Yes, but with that title the bearer also has to carry the burden of giving birth to Second Jesus.

No. 1110489

I think so. That’s how I wish to be impregnerted so that i can be a mother without having to do a male. Also check your spelling sweetie. Turkey with a capital t is a country.

No. 1110491

li'l miss "impregnerted" handing out spelling tips, get 'em fresh and hot.

No. 1110492

I think it depends, my grandma only managed to go to school and she noticed the importance of learning and having a degree because her sisters that didn’t go to school had to depend on some moid that would treat them like shit. So at least she didn’t want my aunt and mom to have that fate.
Also the mom of my brother’s ex pushed her a lot to go to university because she’s illiterate and had to depend on her scrote husband who would cheat on her, but it was either going back to her abusive home or dealing with a shitty scrote with who she already had a kid with. She also comes from a town where girls even nowadays are shamed for wearing tank tops and shorts, so it’s kind of not easy to get over that uprising.
And depending on the country or even the city or just the family, some people are expected to either graduate from a young age and never study again or get a job.
I’m honestly surprised by the bunch of people that I’ve talked to that consider themselves “too old” to study, which also leads me to think that those people just had bad experiences at school and didn’t want to repeat them at a higher level of education.
I honestly think that not everyone is fit to go to college, just like how not everyone is fit to do jobs that don’t require a traditional education with guides and notebooks.

No. 1110493

The child would tear your hymen so no.

No. 1110494

Yeah active ones probably remove this stuff fast. I once saw a bunch on CC, no one is active so they didn't bump other threads either.

No. 1110495

Wait what? That sounds painful.

No. 1110502

Wow. Just wow. Do you ever consider that we’re just trying our best every day, and maybe we get tired from the daily grind and slip up occasionally? I actually read multiple books a day and know how to spell, i just have such a charitable heart that i decided to help somebody else. So what if I said impregernerted? I’m phoneposting because i have no time to get on a pc, because the grind never stops, so sorry for working hard and being charitable. Now i have to get back to my daily tasks because I’m actually really responsible and don’t make fun of innocent strangers. Sorry you can’t relate! Maybe you have to get back to cyberbullying and readinh yaoi books like most posters here! Sad!

No. 1110507

I read about cases where the mother's hymen was so thick that it survived childbirth. But this is pretty rare

No. 1110514

Does hymen hurt when it gets torn? I'm a virgin and heard people say it hurts so it's better to do it on your own rather than trust a scrote while some say it doesn't hurt at all?
Could be true but in that case, wouldn't it also survive sex? Childbirth is much more invasive

No. 1110515

Is the club penguin gone yet I wanna go to the catalog

No. 1110518

This is the best response I could have hoped for and I love you for it

No. 1110529

How are so many yaoi fans lesbians? Why would a lesbian want to read about gay male erotica?

No. 1110531

Clubpenguin rewritten still exists. Come and waddle with us

No. 1110533

Samefagging but watching men get to slippery activities with each other isn’t something a lesbian would do.

No. 1110535

That's what I thought but I saw a lot of women here say that and even saw a "lesbian" say she wanted a gf she could discuss husbandos with.

No. 1110536

kek anon

No. 1110538

theyre basically the same as the aidens. But instead pretending to be a fakeboi to enjoy yaoi, they pretend to be lesbians.

No. 1110546

I hate it when women make up excuses for the stuff they enjoy when moids have no issue even sexualizing and fetishizing lesbian couples irl. Also those fake-lesbians tend to be super weird, no lesbian would want her gf to tell her about the dudes she wants to fuck.

No. 1110548

Why do I feel a bit jealous when I see people get into relationships despite not wanting one myself?

No. 1110550

Having ur hymen tear doesn't determine if ur a virgin or not. Some ppl tear theirs just doing physical activity and some ppl aren't born with one.
Not necessarily. That depends on things like the thickness of the hymen and how much it actually covers. In fact sexual activity does not always guarantee any significant changes in a woman's hymen. So the tearing of the hymen is not a good way to measure a woman's virginity https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6547601/

No. 1110558

I played this barbie horse game as a kid where you could give your horse sugar cubes. Do horses really eat sugar cubes?

No. 1110561

Yes but u should give them very rarely because ultimately its bad for them, same w carrots

No. 1110562

File: 1648218331775.jpeg (117.17 KB, 576x702, DEAA6999-6E28-4195-8BE1-731882…)

I dunno, but the sugar cube trope is in every horse related media I’ve ever seen so I like to believe so. Also this game still holds up!

No. 1110564


No. 1110566

I don't think you understand the definition of virgin. If someone hasn't had sex, they're a virgin.

No. 1110568

i'm an ex-fujo ex-lesbian and for me it was

-read lots of BL
-wow i want a relationship like that
-oh irl straight relationships aren't like that
-move on to R18 BL
-wow i want fulfilling sex like that
-oh irl straight sex isn't like that
-can't imagine yourself in relationship with a man because irl men are unromantic, bad in bed and overall unpleasant
-can't enjoy straight fictional romance because you only ever heard how terrible men are and that sex with men is mostly unfulfilling for the woman
-also body issues, probably
-continue to consoom BL
-rinse and repeat
-bond very deeply with other fujoshis to the point of falling in love with them because you're besties and so close to each other
-optional: probably also roleplay your ship with another fujoshi, project the ship on your non-roleplay relationship, have an e-dating relationship
-conclude that you're a lesbian

and there you have it.

No. 1110571

yes, also i wonder how often that's happened? i know there's no way to prove something like that and people might not believe you, but still. interesting.

No. 1110573

that's a bisexual woman who hates men and hates that she is attracted to men, possible because of self esteem issues, possibly because she thinks being attracted to men is womanly and she hates women but thinks she's radfem. I am a lesbian and not attracted to the male form in any type of way, even when I tried to be attracted to the male form because I felt so defective, it didn't happen. When I find spaces with lesbians, women like me, I feel like I'm no longer the weird one, but I'm understood- and then these clowns come along- talking about how it's totes normal to like men, loving their bodies, because they're 2d, and that you can't objectify/be visually attracted to a women, because what are you? a scrote? you like lesbian romance anime? ok scrote. yeah. so if you're one of those 'lesbians' in spaces for girls like us, taking away from the one place we have to feel normal, please gtfo. you sound like a polilez.

and by the way, bisexual women who love themselves and don't pretend for others or themselves, im glad you exist. being bisexual is fine, if people try to take the piss about it that's their choice, you know who you are better than they do. you don't need to be lesbian or straight. it's not nerf or nothing. live on your own terms queen.

honestly thank you for your perspective, i definitely think a lot of males are usually unattractive and don't know how to treat a woman, so i can understand how a lot of women could conclude that they don't like men. i did imagine it was also about body issues too, like women not feeling attractive enough.

No. 1110574

Most yuri manga is written by scrotes and awful. Most straight romance is boring to me. I'm just more likely to find what I want from bl. There's no denying that there's scrote tier shit in BL or that there's some good yuri manga or straight romance mangas, but BL is just my medium of choice. Communities are mainly composed of women, and the content made is for women too which draws me to it more than the others.

No. 1110577

So you're dating women because you hate men? But feel so attracted to them you were addicted to porn who featured only men?

No. 1110581

The thing is that you think it isn't heterosexual because made by women=for lesbians

that's not how it works though. plenty of romance stuff written by women is enjoyed by androphilic/straight women. you 'lesbians' are so obsessed with men, whether something is scrotey or made by a man or not. i just think that i want to see women because ooga booga

so yeah i'm 'scrotey' i like women, i like women's thighs and hips and i want to see them with each other. sorry it's not sanitary, hand holding, politically correct and palatable lesbianism. maybe it makes girls like you uncomfortable, and if so you should stay out of lesbian spaces and accept yourself as a bisexual.

No. 1110582

Wtf I kind of feel this, I haven’t gotten to the part of getting in a relationship with another fellow fujo because I’m too straight for that, but my best friend and I would rather buy a house and move in together than get a boyfriend or get married because moids will never even reach the sole of the feet of anime guys.

No. 1110583

im not even a fujo and i agree with you

No. 1110596

for me it was being boy crazy as a young teenager, never finding a boy who likes me back, then stumbling over yaoi and coping by getting brainwashed and pornsick. which in turn made irl men super unappealing and the only deep connection i ever had was with other fujoshis. the connection was then confused for love because i had never experienced actual love.

No. 1110604

Female friendships are better than romantic relationships with males so I don't think you're missing out much. I'm sorry if I came off rude.
I like yuri manga and I've gotten accused of being a pedo, even though I only used to read it when I was a teen and only read stuff about adults, murderer and a perverted moid. I don't understand why some women want to brand women's attraction to women as perversion and think of lesbians as rapists while your average straight man is far more degenerate and dangerous.

No. 1110620

File: 1648221626209.png (1.42 MB, 1518x749, lumbar.PNG)

Are lumbar support pillows worth it? Do nonnies have any recommendations? I use a rolled up blanket at work but it borders between being too thick/excessively curving my lower back forward or just too thin where I feel like it isn't making much of a difference.

No. 1110622

Me too, I got called a scrote a whole lot for liking yuri. They try to appropriate lesbianism into something that makes them feel safe and then the real lesbians feel lost. I think it’s the ‘lesbians’ who get annoyed by real, hormonal, woman loving lesbianism. They think- I want to call myself a lesbian but my 2d men are sooo hawt and i don’t find women hawt but i would hold hands with one in an uwu radfem relationship! They’re pressed because they see us and realise they’re not really lesbians, so they have to appropriate the term to include them. And because this site is an echo chamber, no one called them out for it, they could surround themselves with people who agreed with them- when a normal person may see that they are being dishonest.

No. 1110624

I feel sick for the first time since back before covid, haven't had so much as a sniffle in years. I feel retarded for not knowing this by now but.. if a home rapid test is negative is that enough?

No. 1110626

Does anybody else wake up and their body feels like shit for about an hour?

No. 1110629

nta and kinda unrelated but one of the reasons i love yuri is bc you can see the woman actually being cherished by her partner. Straight porn is all about male pleasure. Sure some yuri suck ass because a horny moid wrote it but there are plenty of good ones written by women

No. 1110632

you aint a lesbian if male on male turns you on, lol.

The label you pick should describe who you are, if two dicks turn you on, there is no way you aren’t attracted to dick. Words have meanings, you can’t just pick any label for yourself if it doesn’t describe you. Word bisexual literally exists.

No. 1110634

vidya, mcu, and harry potter stuff are extremely popular with normies

No. 1110659

Not this shit again

No. 1110663

I have a friend just like this and I share sexy pics of my husbandos with her (I'm bi) and she like reacts like she's horny to it. This is not lesbian behavior but I think she's uncomfortable with her own sexuality and scared of men irl so she can't own the bisexual label herself. It's fucking weird though and there are so many lesbian fujos on this site and they get so pissed when you question why a lesbian would enjoy looking at two males fucking each other like that's an absurd thing to question.

On the contrary I don't think there's anything wrong or suspicious with a lesbian liking a BL story for the story, characters, and romance (straight people can enjoy gay stories and characters too without it being sexual) once they start looking at porn and reading erotica and having husbandos I get lost.

No. 1110667

what's hormonal lesbianism

No. 1110676

File: 1648226132399.png (469.39 KB, 640x747, 1636901675144.png)

Do ppl make up disorders purely for attention or is there something more psychological to it?

No. 1110678

I think a lot of it has to do with people genuinely thinking they have something when they don't, like how tics on tiktok became a social contagion.

No. 1110689

I guess it's a case by case basis, some use it to cope (like gay people trooning out because of homophobia), some purely for attention…

No. 1110701

Do any farmers fairly like the country they live in? What country is it?

I have to leave this country once I graduate because I have a psychotic family who’d probably follow me across different cities in England. I’d be willing to learn the language, I’d really like some suggestions of somewhere that doesn’t treat women/foreigners like COMPLETE subhumans, I know expecting a perfect place is impossible. The UK is fine as far as my experiences go, I’m mostly leaving because of my family.

No. 1110716

They did a fMRI on people with munchausens and found that their scans were similar to those who experience clinical depression. I'll see if I can find the article I had read, but it was a while ago and I'm tech-retarded

No. 1110718

I'm in Norway and I like it here. It's not perfect, but it's probably better than most other places. There's nowhere else I'd really want to live.

No. 1110719

>I say how I love that X character won in a love triangle
>somebody spergs out with a longass rant of coping and seething
>I feel tired of looking at it and just tell them to deal with it and close the tab
Where is the schadenfreude, what is this shit? Being an empath? Online arguments just make me feel like a worse person even if I'm 100% factually right.

No. 1110722

File: 1648227971237.jpeg (74.22 KB, 905x759, 1582016730361.jpeg)

violently retarded train of thought in-coming
if I sell pictures of my feet and used socks, that's sexploitation
but let's say I have an auto-foot fetish and enjoy seeing my feet in different socks and taking pictures of them
then I start selling pictures/used goods; would I still be being exploited, or would that make me the exploiter?
what are the ethics of foot-porn, specifically

No. 1110723

If your face and 80% of your body aren't seen, it's not in the same area as usual libfem onlyfans porn. Though someone can probably trace you over payment info.

No. 1110726

>Does hymen hurt when it gets torn?
It's a completely individual thing. I had friends who said they didn't feel a thing, for me it was pretty painful (although mine was super thick)

>Could be true but in that case, wouldn't it also survive sex?

I would imagine so

No. 1110727

i'm from germany and i think it's fine. i used to be an americaboo who wanted to move to the us one day, but any country without a healthcare system in place is a no from me.

No. 1110732

the Netherlands, sure I like it. It's not perfect here but objecively a good country to live in. I don't wanna leave but if I had to I'd probably only consider Germany or the Nordics.

No. 1110734

did you really need to post this shit twice

No. 1110737

to be fair to me, it was the 1199th post and no one replied
I know you're going to say no one replied because it was stupid, but that's literally what this thread is for

No. 1110742

The smooth brain kinda looks like two ftm packers pressed together.

No. 1110743

smooth brains are often dickheads

No. 1110752

any czech anons here? i just remembered when i was a kid and my family took me to the czech republic to buy counterfeit backpacks and pirated movie dvds (peak german behavior tbh) and i saw a magazine that talked about nicole kidmanova. i found it hilarious but now i'm wondering how they/thems try to change the czech language to find a gender neutral alternative to the -ova ending. or is gender stuff not as rampant over there?

No. 1110763

NTA but I heard Norway is pretty expensive to live in, how true is that? Do the wages make up for it? Just curious

No. 1110770

I'm just a slav anon, but you can't change how gendered our languages are. Our verbs are even gendered and the neutral form 'it' is dehumanizing

No. 1110776

Nta but I've seen some Spanish speaking wokesters use "e" instead of the gendered "o" and "a", I wouldn't be surprised if Slavic theybies would go the same way.

No. 1110778

This often happens to me around 4-5 AM

No. 1110780

No. 1110792

Do you browse LC in incognito or regular browser? I'm thinking of starting to do it in incognito but I like the cookies saving the last post I was looking at.

No. 1110795

-e is used for female plural adjectives in slav languages so it can't work, it's also not really used for verbs, I'd give you examples but it doesn't really translate well to English. Most telling is that thembies still haven't figured it out in Russian and other languages

No. 1110813

incognito at work, regular on my phone/home computer

No. 1110819


No. 1110821

I used to browse in incognito because I don't want LC to appear in my suggestions when I use my laptop or phone in front of people, but I stopped because it doesn't keep threads minimized or threadpics hidden. On my phone I use a different browser I only use for LC.

No. 1110823

I use my phone I only use incognito for porn lol. I'm thinking I probably should go incognito when at work. I think they can see my history

No. 1110840

Your employers can still see your history if you use incognito.. It actually says so when you open a new incognito tab

No. 1110845

Regular, I only use my phone for LCF and I never use incognito for anything anyway, when I'm at the office I avoid going to anything unrelated to work (except YouTube or Bandcamp for music and shit like buying a train ticket)

No. 1110920

If I drink a 1.5 pints of vodka everyday, am I an alcoholic? I don't get the shakes or any physical withdrawals, but it's pretty enjoyable.

No. 1110922

Why do people release google documents whenever there’s public drama? Like you have the time and patience to write a fucking 200 page google doc about stupid internet drama but you can’t even work up the courage to write a story or some shit? Kek

No. 1110928

nonnies who did poorly in school due to mental health conditions how do you cope with feeling ashamed?

No. 1110934

Avoid the fuck out of social media, don't talk to old high school friends (they're pretty much all married with kids and high paying jobs), move away to a new state. I did extremely well in middle school and highschool, but freaked out when I went to university. A decade down the fucking drain.

No. 1110944

Why the hell would you ever do that? If you can't go without it, you are.

No. 1110945

I don’t worry too much about it, like so what? I’m still trying to do something good in my life, studies shouldn’t be a race to see who graduates quicker than others, such competitive behavior is what has made getting a job such a pain in the ass but also what has made having a job a pain in the ass.
Just because someone graduates quickly doesn’t mean they’re a good professional person.
If you’ve been doing other stuff, like learning a skill, a new language or something else that is interesting, then there’s nothing to be ashamed of.
You can go back to school whenever you want, there’s no age to learn, and you can also just find something that makes you happy or that at least makes you feel like you’re doing something productive, specially if such thing will give you an income.

No. 1110955

Why can't I print a webpage off archive today?

No. 1110958

I just don't care. I tried my best given my circumstances and I already hate myself for enough things. I'll try again when I'm in a better place.

No. 1110961

by realising that school isn't everything outside of career bullshit and there are other important life developments and realizations to be made in the time you were bad at school and struggling

No. 1110965

life is like an open world game. First 18 years you have to follow the tutorial but after that iu can do whatever the fuck you what, whenever the fuck you want. There is no too early or too late. I started college again this semester after a 3 year break and I fuckign love it. You set your own tempo, fuck what others say or think

No. 1111044

I stopped giving a fuck and found other ways of succeeding. Unless you're going into a STEM field most degrees are not worth the tuition. I dropped out of university due to depression from trying to cope with childhood abuse. After that I trained as a bookkeeper and got a job as soon as I qualified. The pay was decent enough that I could afford to rent my own place, have my own car, build up my savings and have money left over to spend on my hobbies. I'm approaching 30 now, I own my own home, I'm married with children and I run a small business with my husband. My education doesn't matter anymore. No one cares that I pushed myself to breaking point so I could pass my GSCEs and A-levels, no one thinks any less of me because I don't have a degree.

No. 1111074

I asked this in the last thread but it got locked right after but WHY do men go to strip clubs in groups? Do they all just get horny and then leave? Why do they watch each other get lap dances? Is it not awkward/gay?

No. 1111075

They love to watch other men fucking/getting seduced by women because most men are secretly gay/bisexual.

No. 1111078

isn't it just homosocial bonding by misogyny

No. 1111079

KEK I love the malice in the tone of this post, if I'm imagining it sorry but it made me laugh ty anon.
It's because men have weird animal brains so most of them are pretty cool looking at their bro's dicks and are cool with watching porn/looking at strippers together because muh pack instincts or whatever they say. Objectively it's pretty gay but men typically don't have the brains to see it how it is.

No. 1111080

Men bond over degrading women, I'm sure awkward boners around your bros is a small price to pay for the comradery you feel when collectively treating women like objects.

No. 1111085

I think it works like this -
Touching dick, balls or asshole is gay. Seeing dick, balls and asshole is not gay.

No. 1111087

I want to start fasting, but when I fast I feel very anxious and irritated. How am I supposed to deal with it?

No. 1111091

Do you at least drink tea during your fast? And water too, fasting doesn’t mean just not consuming anything, and I think you shouldn’t do it without the opinion of a nutritionist, but if you must, drink tea, coconut water and lots of water while fasting and start with short fasts before going right into fucking 24 hours fasts.

No. 1111092

Maybe don't fast… wtf do you expect, of course you're gonna be hangry when you're starving

No. 1111100

Use electrolyte powder in water. Becoming anxious, frustrated or irritated can be a sign of low electrolytes. If you're also getting brain fog and clouded thinking then it may indicate that you are suffering from low blood sugar while fasting. Generally with fasting it's better to build up to it by going keto, then IF, then OMAD, then 24 hour fasts and then fasting for up to 72 hours. I've done 72 hour fasts and it feels amazing.

No. 1111114

What's the best way to "come out" as a TERF to a male family member or friend? Wait for them to bring it up and ask your opinion, and just be like "I don't really entertain that sort of thing", or just be very casual about it, use the word "tranny" without a second thought, rant about troons if you feel like it and you rant to that person frequently, etc?

No. 1111125

The first option. I think if I was a tranny supporter and a family member used the second option, I'd be even less inclined to hear them out.

No. 1111127

Any UK/Europe anons know how to get dentistry asap? My whole tooth fell out & I'm not registered to a dentist. I've tried 111 but they said it's not serious enough, somehow. All my local dentists are not taking NHS people. I just want my tooth back, why England have to be so ass sometimes

No. 1111135

talk about how talented and based jk rowling is and see how they react. i'm serious too, i've pissed off a lot of men that way

No. 1111292

What’s the travel situation like for countries bordering Ukraine?

I’m supposed to go to Romania for a month (basically just for vacation and volunteering) in July. Should I still plan on that, or…?

No. 1111294


Did you just say… Romania

No. 1111296

Kek I was waiting for a response like this

No. 1111300

why would you even want to, honestly? using tranny for this would be cringeworthy. if you're american bringing up lia thomas and if not, sports debate in general might be a good way.

No. 1111301

File: 1648265419506.gif (834.19 KB, 480x358, download (19).gif)


No. 1111319

Nayrt, but what's up with Romania? Or with ayrts question?

No. 1111350

they're hinting at romania-chan

No. 1111387

Does your boyfriend/girlfriend know that you use lolcow? And if they do, what do they think of it?

No. 1111391

My what? You mean my cat
I'm not sure he thinks, at all

No. 1111395

my ex knew after going through my phone and it made him seethe. he used to lurk here and /g/ trying to pick out posts that were mine and only got it right once, the rest were random posts that didn't have anything in common with me other than all lowercase typing i guess, and vent thread posts about anons not being happy in their relationships.

No. 1111396

He likes that there's a Paul Dano thread

No. 1111400

Yep, he knows. Sometimes i show him stuff from the troon threads so we can laugh together

No. 1111402

yeah, i told my best friend too, we like to go through threads sometimes. specific instances i can think of are i showed them mayochup and momokun making her pussy bleed, i almost threw up for both. my boyfriend would never go on here by himself for the record.

No. 1111404

Damn that sounds fun. I want a boyfriend to laugh at troons with lol

No. 1111405

your friend is much braver than i am kek. if i weren't already desensitized after 3 years of shay threads and my friend showed that to me i would have a hard time talking to her after that

No. 1111406

ive never taken a moment to reflect upon how blessed i am that my friend loves me so much.. id shown them both shayna before that but god mayochup is a whole other demon

No. 1111439

Yes he does know, and he's really happy I have a place to go to that's just for women. Especially since the drawing room and movie room became a thing. I didn't really have anyone to talk to while he's at work, so having nonnies to chat with has been a big mood boost for me. /ot/ is very cozy.

No. 1111440

My husband knows I use it but he tells me it is no different from 4chan. It was a sad way to find out he is actually retarded.

No. 1111516

My ex knew i went on some "fem 4chan" but didnt bother to find out, after all, he didnt actually care about me as a person

No. 1111611

Honestly hate it when anons show this site to men, even if they (supposedly) aren't posting here.

No. 1111650

He knows I'm browsing my girls forum, but he's technology retarded so he doesn't seem to know about ibs.

No. 1111684

This. Like you have this ONE space where women are able to exist relatively in peace without being pressured to accept men or trannies into participating and you STILL show it to one? Your moid isn't the exception! Shame on anons showing LC to moids.

No. 1111694

Are "random erections" for men real? Do you believe men when they say that they can happen completely unprovoke? I think it is just men being embarrassed that just seeing an attractive woman in the street or a picture on the internet can give them an erection. I don't think they can truly happen "randomly" without some sort of trigger.

No. 1111709

I think it's just an excuse since older men struggle with controlling their urges. Men are spastics.

No. 1111710

I'm not sure but considering how men get turned on by weird stuff such as women crying, it's probably men coping because they feel ashamed of the stuff that turn them on.

No. 1111786

My mum called me a failure around the time I dropped out so it all hit pretty hard.

And honestly, that shame will diminish with time. As you get into your 20s you start to meet people of all ages who are at wildly different stages of their life. Everyone is on their own path, and I honestly think the pressure to have everything planned out and making such weighty decisions at 18 is ridiculous. I guess just allow time to do its thing.

No. 1111802

Would any anons on here say that they "present normie?" Like how you dress and your general cadence with people?

As much as I love that image boards are completely anon, I'm stupidly curious what people look like who post here.

No. 1111817

I’m pretty normie, im a neet now but when I had a job I got along with my normie coworkers well and never talked about any of my autistic interests and went out with them and such. The only thing that would make me less normie is that I dress kind of alternative but even then that’s pretty normie now, I’m only ever not a normie when i’m home and alone and can be my true insane self. I worked in a corporate setting where everyone is very “normal” so I picked up peoples behaviors and speaking patterns and that’s basically how I act in public situations, so yeah I say I come across as pretty normie most of the time. I would bet a lot of us do.

No. 1111856

How I dress.

No. 1111885

Yeah, I wear regular normie/basic bitch clothes, whatever's on trend really. Any random girl walking into Zara could be me. To friends and other people I meet I don't admit to knowing anything about anything internet/media-related that could be considered even a little bit non-normie.

No. 1111895

isn't that because women in pornos cry a lot? so it's pavlovian.

No. 1111898

anon men have been turned on by womens suffering way before porn.

No. 1111899

Men are turned on by women crying by default because it shows weakness that can be exploited for sex. But pornsickness undoubtly worsens it.

No. 1111900

I think >>1111898 has a point but porn only made it more common. Porn addicted moids consume more and more extreme and violent porn and end up getting turned on by very weird stuff or memeing themselves into becoming literal pedos.

No. 1111901

This website is not as edgy or fringe as some people here seem to think it is tbh. I think 99% of the people who browse here are pretty normal, probably anxious and depressed, but then again so is everyone else in the world. I kinda think the type of person who people here would call a normie is rarer than the type of person who would potentially browse lc if they knew about it.

No. 1111903

I've been thinking about that as well. As gaming and anime and such hobbies have faded into mainstream/normie hobbies and being on the internet in general has become mainstream, maybe being on a relatively tame imb like LC isn't all that out of the ordinary. This isn't 2006 when browsing the internet was something people considered only for kids, nerds and socially maladjusted people.

No. 1111917

Will dark purple semi permanent hair dye show up on my unbleached dark blonde/light brown hair?

No. 1111919

If it doesn't, you picked a shitty dye. Which is possible.

No. 1111920

So I read something about new EU big tech laws that'll make it so that people from different messenger apps can still contact each other, so someone using whatsapp can reach someone using telegram. Anyone know when they actually have to put those changes through?

No. 1111921

i feel like this is a bad idea that will be exploited by stalkers and people with bad intentions.

No. 1111938

What will degreeless people and people who have degrees in humanities do when their job gets automated?

No. 1111940

As far as I know it's no different from people being able to exchange e-mails between hotmail and gmail users.

No. 1111945

>implying this won't happen in STEM too
Kek, good luck fighting AI.

No. 1111946

Why those two? The humanities will be the last fields to be automated, lower-skilled trades (which is what the degreeless will be doing) will be the first.

No. 1111949

kek fuck you too nonna

No. 1111957

lmao I was asking this as an English major without a job fyi

No. 1111958

People are too retarded to make everything automated, nonnie, that would only become a possibility, maybe, after all the people that are over 50 years old right now, dies of old age.
But if for some reason that were to happen tomorrow, I guess there’s going to be a bunch of people studying to be able to adapt to such things. For the degreeless people, I’m guessing that will just have to find other jobs that won’t require a degree, or they will be pushed to study something that lets them work at an entry level kind of job.

No. 1111961

Plenty of openings in teaching right now

No. 1111964

I still need to do my taxes, last year I quit my job and got a new one so I have like 3x the amount of paperwork I’m used to. I don’t care if I have to pay to use it but are those online filers easy to fill out for multiple jobs?

No. 1111971

Oh, well then what >>1111958 said. You can see how well automation works out in real life situations (from customer service, to super markets, to essentialz like bank services etc), it's a fucking mess. Something always breaks, becomes useless and fucks everything up, you actually reminded me how much I hate it. You as a human will still be better at teaching english to other humans than a fucking bot.

No. 1111977

Yes but in the future they are going to perfect these processes

No. 1111980

If the worry is about finding a job teaching, the pandemic has shown to me that online classes are impossible, they would be amazing if all parents were decent, but most of them don’t give a fuck about what the kids do at school, so while you can parrot everything you’re given to teach, the kids don’t really learn because they need the physical support and someone with patience to help them out understand shit.
They also don’t learn about how to act like humans around other humans, so once they go out, they are unable to interact normally with kids of their age, they’re like eternal toddlers that will throw punches, kicks, will grab stuff that isn’t theirs and so on.
When it comes to edition and translations, you need the human eye because computers are too stiff, they don’t understand the nuances of languages and will write and translate everything literally, it’s corny but they lack the soul and personality of a human, which yeah, can be funny, but only after it has interacted with enough humans to crack the same jokes over and over again.

No. 1111982

It's been almost two decades of them trying and all I see is more inconveniences.

No. 1112025

If I struggled to remember and had brain fog, or avoided consciously recalling specific years of my life, is that considered having repressed memories? I was vaguely aware I could not recall the past well or at all in some cases without strenuous effort, if that changes anything.

No. 1112035

This reminded me about an anon from ages ago whose bf caught her venting about him because of lolcow turning your posts red when you post. Idk why her phone was unlocked though

No. 1112040

Why do threads take way longer to load when clicking from the catalog

No. 1112082

Every image in the entire catalog has to load which takes up internet space or something. LC can fix that by upgrading the site but we poor.

Tip: open all the threads you want from the catalog in a new tab, then close the catalog and all the other tabs will finish loading immediately

No. 1112105

This wtf are those replies

No. 1112116

My tip is press the button in your browser to stop loading the site. You won't see the thread images that haven't had time to load but when you click on a thread it will load instantly

No. 1112121

Who /singer/ here? Can ya'll teach me how to sing?

I just noticed that if I were to sing, I sound a little more better if I were to keep my tongue resting behind my bottom teeth, but also, how the fuck do you get your voice from you diaphragm?? Do you sing as if you're exhaling?????

No. 1112127

Are you staying with an acquaintance?

No. 1112146

I used to never get cramps while on my period but now I do. Why is that? Is there any way to go back to having no cramps through lifestyle/diet changes or something?

No. 1112153

I heard seed oils and sugar can cause period cramps, maybe you could cut down on sugar and or switch out any seed oils you use to cook with healthier oils?

No. 1112181

Do motion control shoes help? Im not flat footed i overpronate a lot. Im a frequent runner and ill take anything if it helps the terrible knee pain

No. 1112254

Should I write a short story about a crazy cat lady who lives in a small home, fostering kittens out? The idea would be like interviews with potential adoptees would be awkward and incrementally invasive. If they past the initial interview they have a follow up, where she wants to see the house the pets would be in. Once she is in the home she is “safety checking outlets and etc” while continuing questions.
Couple is flustered and tries to hurry along the process… ahh shit how crazy should she be? To what extent does she go? WHAT IS HER ENDING? I dont know yet but i gotta feeling theres a goosebumps ending in there somewhere…

No. 1112258

This sounds very fun, you should do it! I'm not a writer so I can't give you any ideas, but it sounds great.

No. 1112270

When is a skirt too short? I like to wear short skirts, they often end at my fingertips, and I wear tights and shorts under them so I'm not afraid of someone seeing my underwear but I'm afraid people will think I'm dressed inappropriately. On the internet of course it's normal to see women wearing short skirts, but in real life it's different. I wear them everywhere, going to the store, going for a walk, going to college; should I stop wearing them to school?
Yeah, maybe she discovers a murder took place at the house a la miss marple

No. 1112272

do a story about animorphosis where a cat turns into a lady and like adopts kottens to free them into the wild or somethin

No. 1112279

just wear pants lol
like whats the point of
wearin tights under
a skirt its like wearin
pants under a skirt u
might as well wear pants

No. 1112290

I promise nonnas, i will write this.
All great ideas!!! I love this place.
I promise ill post it here (or direct you to where its posted? Is there a thread? Ill lool into this)

No. 1112296

Bitch are you trying to write a poem?

No. 1112313

There's an author thread somewhere in /ot/, but please nonna stop doing that

No. 1112314

No. 1112525

How often do we really need to eat vegetables? When I read about the diet of the average person historically, it seems like all they ate was bread, meat, cheese, potatoes, and soups since I guess fresh vegetables were more expensive back then. I'm sure the lack of vegetables in the diet contributed to why people lived shorter lives, but I think that at the present we are recommended eat like two cups of fresh vegetables a day which in context to even 100 years ago seems a bit excessive.

No. 1112529

You don't need to eat vegetables. The only food your body actually needs is high quality fat and protein sources such as meat, fish and eggs.

No. 1112552

I notice that on YouTube it doesn't tell me who likes my comments anymore. I appreciate when I comment something new on a video and there's usually one other person who likes the comment after a few minutes. I want to know who these people are and at least their handles and profile pictures, just to see what they are like. Is there a way to turn that back on or is it removed entirely?

No. 1112556

But wouldn't you get pretty constipated if you didn't eat at least some greens?

No. 1112558

My sister's crazed boyfriend said he ate only beef for a while in the past and after a bit of constipation the first few weeks (lucky, I'd be plugged with shit and dead) he felt the healthiest he's ever been.

No. 1112562

so which peterson in-law are you

No. 1112565

File: 1648341740751.gif (78.47 KB, 566x458, 89e417eb617d20a094d1d6c4cd7766…)

I don't get this, not because I don't know who Peterson is (I do) but I don't get how this would make me an in-law, as he is not married to our family and he is also not related to us, making him if anything the in-law. Unless I'm mistaken.

No. 1112567

You were able to see who likes your comments?

No. 1112568

Yeah I'm pretty sure you could

No. 1112569

File: 1648342031943.jpeg (139.24 KB, 632x601, 69D7F322-4110-485A-831E-60F161…)

How does everyone else feel about the trope where a little girl changes a grown man’s heart? I was thinking about it because I started watching The Ghost and Molly McGee, and while he’s a ghost it still reminded me of feelings I had while watching wreck it Ralph. I feel conflicted.

On one hand, it’s nice to see portrayals where men can have friendships with female characters that aren’t creepy, and a little cute for an innocent/appropriate friendship between a kid and adult. But on the other hand I know what scrotes are like in real life, and it’s either your dad or a pervert (or both). Plus it’s always a girl and man, never the other way, and it sort of plays into the idea that women can save men and make them good. I also wonder if it makes little girls more trusting of pedos.

No. 1112572

I don't think so because those male characters aren't pedos or creepy, and kids are smart enough to not trust inherently creepy people for the most part. I don't know if I watched many things with this trope as a child, I know I never saw this movie. But I feel like a girl, if she really cared to be affected by the type of relationship on screen, would probably see that character as a father anyway, or older brother, and not just a stranger. Like I don't think she'd see a random fat man on the train who has coomer eyes and is glaring at her and go "oh he's just like wreck it ralph"

No. 1112574

> kids are smart enough to not trust inherently creepy people for the most part

anon what

No. 1112575

Hollywood grooms girls to trust older men.

No. 1112577

Just saying, I've never instinctively trusted fat ugly strangers. The fatter and uglier the least amount of trust I'd give, less eye contact, less positive responses and engaging in conversation. Just put me off.

No. 1112578

There are so many girls groomed by pedos online or older boys and menwho are in their social or family circles

No. 1112581

File: 1648342792753.gif (1.93 MB, 467x350, snufkin.gif)

True… that's so fucked up. I never even trusted my own uncles because again, ugly.

No. 1112601

I see what you mean and I also can't imagine the trope being played the other way around, but for what its worth I remember watching wreck it ralph when it released (cant believe it was almost a decade ago now) and i was probably the target age at that time. It never seemed to me that it was meant to portray a realistic friendship between a child and adult because they're immortal video game characters lol, and whilst I understood that ralph was an adult man I didn't exactly perceive him as one because he doesnt really act like his age. Vanellope doesnt act much like a child either, more like a disney slapstick girlboss. They act like cartoons and that's how I saw them.
Basically the film was removed enough from reality as to not seem like a blueprint for what a real life friendship should look like, at least to my prepubescent brain. Maybe it would be different if I was younger at the time. I think it would be much creepier if the film was live action or in a more realistic setting though, but (thankfully) I can't think of an example.

Okay this is only slightly related but the closest thing that came to mind using a similar trope was the children's book/film Goodnight Mister Tom, and holy shit in retrospect it is so horrifying! Now I remember my supressed childhood (age 9 or 10) memories of having to study it in school and sobbing because of the little boy being beaten and chained up with his baby sister who then dies!!? How were my teachers ever allowed to expose us to that. Does anybody else remember studying it at such a young age? Maybe its a UK thing.

Despite all the discussion of men and why you wouldnt trust them i would trust snufkin wholeheartedly in any situation

No. 1112604

Snufkin isn't ugly, it checks out.

No. 1112605

have any anons taken fenugreek as a supplement? what kind of effects did you notice? i bought a bottle on a whim and read that it makes your boobs bigger and your sweat not smell bad

No. 1112607

Snufkin is a good man, why won’t you trust him? Is it because he smokes pot?

No. 1112610

File: 1648345554258.jpg (60.88 KB, 925x1024, ygaisubgt7e5.jpg)

When did I ever say Snufkin was my uncles

No. 1112611

File: 1648345624689.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.86 MB, 2582x2288, 823FABE8-9B03-4A19-B8C7-9A1BAB…)

When u get accused of making a post when u didnt… it wasnt me i just made a typo in my excitement/caffeine rush

No. 1112612

I used to make fenugreek tea almost daily and I did notice that my BO/sweat was sweeter, almost like maple syrup or something. My boobs stayed the same, I think.

No. 1112614

Made my boobs bigger but i smell like maple syrup

No. 1112710

Why do people hold cigarettes with two fingers but blunts with a finger and thumb?

No. 1112737

Do people really have sex naked?

No. 1112753

ask ya mama

No. 1112768

it will make your piss smell 100% like maple syrup, like, it's actually astounding. comparatively the smell of your piss will be made like quasi delicious and your boobs might get a little bigger. good ingredient for food, maybe rather than using it as a supplement try to incorporate it into your diet. it's a very popular ingredient

No. 1112790

I don't have joints in the tip of my ring fingers. Like in my other fingers, I can bend it twice and create a square, but in my ring fingers, I can only make an L shape and can't bend it fully. Does anyone else have this problem or are humans only meant to have one joint in their ring fingers?

No. 1112792

Woah what, this is the first time I'm hearing about this. My boobs are troon/man titty (what's the difference lol) tier and I wanna try this. I assume it's only temporary and you go back to normal after you stop them?

No. 1112795

yea i can bend it. i cant bend my right thumb as much though. everyones a little different. im sure youre perfectly fine

No. 1112799

why can't we use emoticons/emojis :((USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1112802

Because we're supposed to be anonymous and emoji habits, in addition to typing styles, can be identifying, I assume.

No. 1112805

File: 1648365111392.jpg (71.52 KB, 866x399, IMG_20220327_091147.jpg)

No. 1112813

Troon/mantitty are plastic and huge. If you have small breasts, they're just small. They don't look like a man's and don't let any retard try to convince you otherwise.

No. 1112833

how do I move on from a reciprocated crush. it turns out he has a thing for me too but he lives too far and I don't wanna do a long distance thing, I've done it before and it's just painful. I've liked him for so long and I can't believe he feels the same

No. 1112838

how far is too far? some people are separated by state, and that's okay, others are separated by literal oceans

No. 1112843

No. It permanently increased my boobs only by a bit (took 2 capsules daily for like 6 months) HOWEVER when the temporary effect is it makes your boobs appear larger because they plump up or swell i guess. That effect is temporary but i still take fenugreek supplements to this day because it helps with BV kek

No. 1112867

How do I get rid of the hair on my hands? Do I cut trim it a bit? Will shaving make it grow more obvious? Help!

No. 1112875

I have a wide ribcage so it sadly does look like I have AGP mantitties kek
Sounds like another good reason to take them. LC teaches me so much lately

No. 1112915

he's about a 2 hour drive away which isn't that bad at all, but it's an annoying amount of effort. we've agreed it probably wouldn't work if we started trying to see one another. I'm just trying to move on

No. 1113045

File: 1648393043219.png (268.96 KB, 603x297, images.png)

Which image do you like better, I can't decide which one to draw on my shirt because 1) the portal design is way easier to draw 2) kmfdm has a woman slapping a guy though which is based 3) I like portal a bit more and this is my favorite portal album 4)kmfdm better than the best megalomaniacal and harder than the rest

No. 1113050

These are so cool! The first would look so badass on a shirt, but I think you should get the portal one since it's your favorite album and you like it more. Do you think you would ever do both images at some point?

No. 1113052

AYRT, and that's something I've thought as well. I mean throughout people I know I'm considered a little "odd" but I'm charismatic enough to blend. From looking at things like fashion threads it seems there is a relative scope of women who browse here, but I only gravitated towards it because I'm familiar with image boards. More women in my life have been open to browsing 4chan than they are here, and i wonder if that's because of all the terf discourse (sorry for the buzzwords)

No. 1113053

I'm not familiar with either of these bands, but I think the second one looks cooler

No. 1113072

Ok now I am still in a dilemma kek but first anon you made me think and you are right, I could make both of them some time, I will make the right one now because I can finish it in a short time, and then the left one I'll make when I buy another shirt. Thank you. Also anons drawing on shirts is so fun you should give it a try if you can draw even a little

No. 1113120

don't mind me just bumping the scat porn off the first page of ot, last one

No. 1113121

File: 1648397018699.jpg (123.35 KB, 765x1200, 06566c592ec5cb44c4356e0578e93c…)

BUMP because someone posted scat porn

No. 1113210

File: 1648401091939.jpeg (4.5 MB, 4032x3024, B784BED7-4A0D-4DBE-A56C-4B6D17…)

>thank u for bumping nonnas
Heres my shirt for the day

No. 1113214

File: 1648401269314.jpg (35.44 KB, 486x494, 5b6ddca34745f0db4dd4f887c99cb7…)

I fucking love this song

These threads fulfill all my wishes

One big room
Full of bad bitches

No. 1113216


No. 1113218

I’m a healthy weight but I have a short butt crack like Shayna has… is there any hope for me?

No. 1113222

File: 1648401793906.gif (356.38 KB, 220x165, surprice-surprise.gif)

Looking for a good movie to watch tonight. I am pretty tired tonight.
the movies I liked were
> Gone Girl, Knives Out, Her
I am not into action stuff unless it's something actually interesting or 'shits and giggles' like the first Kingsman. I want to gush over actors and plot or genre doesn't matter. I just need a good movie, nonnies… I have not watched a big chunk of the movies that are considered classic, so dw

No. 1113228

I keep seeing vids of 'hair thinning' at salons and people freaking out in the comments. I've never had hair longer than a Bob so I'm lost when it comes to crazy long hair and the feelings attached to it. Why is it so controversial?

No. 1113248

why are there so many posts online about how ugly black women are but the ebony porn category is watched at high amounts in many white countries including ones with low immigrant populations? you don't see this for indian or aboriginal women for example

No. 1113290

Racism and projection. Black women are gorgeous

No. 1113312

Men like variety and they also like what they can't have. They'll watch porn with an innocent petite 18 year old in it who could pass for 15, then a milf their moms age who takes charge and isn't innocent, then a woman of a race they've never slept with irl and might never of even talked to irl, then a woman who looks exactly like their nextdoor neighbour. They can bang on about their strong preferences all day long but porn exists in a private compartment where they don't have to pretend to have a type.

No. 1113320

kind of a /g/ topic but also it's so stupid… How do I un-porn my brain ?

I never got to the point of addiction, I just watched a few things in my late teens, I'm 24 now and haven't watched anything for 5 years (and lost my virginity in the meantime but it was pathetic and didn't do anything). but my fantasies from before don't make me feel anything anymore. I want to go back to thinking about these scenarios instead of replaying these dumb porno scenes in my head every single time.

I think the issue is that I went from being exposed to zero sexual content to straight up porn in the blink of an eye. I thought it was gross and shameful before, I felt gross and shameful after, it shocked me but I kept watching because I couldn't think of anything else anymore.

Could I try and "overwrite" it by reading erotica related to my old fantasies ?

No. 1113321

Men like to degrade and humiliate women they are attracted to. They will be racist towards black women but still have sex with them. Also, some guys are really into non-white women, sometimes they go far enough where it turns from a simple attraction and preference to a fetish.

No. 1113354

Because they're mentally ill. Who in their right mind would even watch porn in the first place?

No. 1113373

File: 1648412906845.jpeg (158.69 KB, 1242x1227, 1615331396717 - Copy.jpeg)

BPD nonnie triggered oof my bf yikes pakistan

sorry guys i really needed your attention as i need help quickly

How do I rent for the first time?

I finished high school in november (i am that whingy anon) and i really want to get out of town and this home. I worked long shifts on a farm and somewhere else, and have enough money saved up to pay rent for like three months. I am of age, and mature, but the landlady says she prefers people over 20, but maybe I can prove that I'm Not Like Other Zoomers so she will let me rent?

Will I be allowed to rent a spare room from an online tenant if I'm unemployed, but have enough money to cover three months? Which documents do I need? What even is a credit check? If it's from spareroom.com will it just be like transferring money, showing documents, and going 'aight'?

I really want to get away from this town, my mum's bf, the crime, the bad memories, and the rumours that got spread. Where I'm going I'm pretty sure a girl can enjoy the day and not be on defence, and no one will know me. And I have got such good advice here, like there are smart people on this retarded website, so I'm just asking for a little advice for a common tardette looking to escape tbh

No. 1113394

This. But they also feel intimidated by black women because most black women have a backbone, they can raise kids alone and live independently, msot of them outdo the black men and lead better lives even though they're disadvantaged from the start.

No. 1113410

kill yourself

No. 1113415

Anons quick, what's the best way you know to get mucus out of your throat?

No. 1113422

Press hard in between your eyes, right on top of your nose bridge, on that lil dip. Press and swallow as you do it, preeeesses, swallow x 10

No. 1113438

I thought this was a trick to make me do something silly, but I think it actually worked! Thank you very much anon. I will go drink some warm water with orange blossom honey to keep it down.

No. 1113439

My advice was going to be to make all those unpleasant throat sounds that dads make

No. 1113440

I didn't have a dad so I don't know what those noises are.

No. 1113443

It's normal, when sick, to make that garbage disposal sound to suck the mucus in your sinuses into the back of your throat to swallow it, right? People do that? Or am I a certified freak? I either do that or I just blow my nose in the shower so that I don't have to deal with the feeling of tissues rubbing snot into my dry skin.

No. 1113451

It’s like clearing your throat, but kind of making some pressure, and then clicking the middle of your tongue and then passing some air through your throat which will make you sound like this weird toad/pig/dyingPug, it works, but you will need to drink lots of water afterwards.
There’s also doing this thing where you fill your mouth with like a bubble of air, and then you make the tongue kind of click/ kind of vibrate, and try to make the air go down your throat that way.

No. 1113471

I blow my nose in the shower when I feel sick, the steam and the heat loosen everything up so I feel like I finally clear my nose

No. 1113489

samefag I have decided to avoid interacting with him for a while. I've created a document detailing how I will move on from him and reasons why we can't be together and such. it's like 1000 words kek do people usually do this to move on

No. 1113492

I do that too nonny don't worry

No. 1113494

Where did this "cope seethe mald" shit come from? wtf is "mald"

No. 1113508

mald = being so angry you start balding

No. 1113515

If I want to get my brain scanned for anomalies, where should I make an appointment?

No. 1113520

I'm still confused how "dilate" got warped into "mald"
Was this pushed by trannies so people would stop saying it?

No. 1113528

I've never seen "mald". This is some shenanigans

No. 1113530

I started to see it used by my "woke" friends a few weeks ago. I have no idea if they know the original was "dilate" or not.

No. 1113540

what does it mean if you get called a 'show off' in a mean matter (one classmate even went on a small rant about it) multiple times over something mundane that plenty of other people do? one example, like simply wearing your hair down or just styling it differently from what you normally do (but still a common style in general). why is it okay for other girls to wear their hair out and down but I'm "showing off" if i do it? i don't get it. then i go back to keeping it in a braid and its still an issue because i did multiple braids this time? it's weird how somehow the more i try being normal like everyone else the more it backfires..

No. 1113546

i thought it was cope though

No. 1113547

Sounds like they're jelly, to be honest.

No. 1113620

How do I maintain a calorie deficit without all the side effects? Getting dizzy and losing hearing temporarily when I stand up, tiredness, difficulty focusing, etc.

No. 1113622

Kek cuz you're hot af nonny

No. 1113636

smoke crack

No. 1113640

Hydrate hydrate hydrate! Also, you may be lacking certain vitamins re: fatigue and dizziness.

No. 1113643

take iron supplements and multivitamins, get caffeine from tea

No. 1113644

Drink tea, eat a snack when you feel hungry, drink collagen

No. 1113649

Nta but caffeine would probably make it worse

No. 1113656

Less carbs, more fat and protein but this
>Getting dizzy and losing hearing temporarily when I stand up, tiredness, difficulty focusing, etc.
sounds like low blood sugar or low blood pressure, so I would recommend getting it checked.

No. 1113691

i'm a long-time anachan (recovering) have a bunch of white hairs and a terrible hairline (hilariously like ellen page). if i dye my hair do i risk even more of it falling out?

No. 1113701

your hair might be really fragile from malnutrition so if you do make sure to test a small chunk and the nape of your neck and follow the instructions and try to get the least damaging dye you can find

No. 1113726

I thought it was like a Twitch meme. Lots of trannies use twitch though, the irony being that troons both dilate and mald.

No. 1113752

depending on the color maybe you can find a creme semi permanent hair dye that doesn’t use peroxide? I know manic panic has a few natural color hair dyes that don’t require peroxide but i’m unsure as to how well they hold on and last

No. 1113926

Ninnies, help! How can Lily Orchard be so right about literally everything (except transhit, yet still less retarded than contra) in his videos, but also somehow supposedly be such a bad person? Was it all made up, or is he just that good at putting on the almost based front I’ve ever seen outside of extreme radical feminism? I’m never surprised when scrotes turn out to be shit, but they also always have typical moid points of view.

No. 1113995

? looked this bitch up and one of the videos was literally titled “lily orchard encouraged her friend to groom a minor”

No. 1114023

What fish is the one in the picture?

No. 1114032


No. 1114039



No. 1114048

kek I didn’t hear that, I heard that he was mean to artists and suspicious/pedo-y MLP fanfic though. I haven’t looked into any of this yet I just now saw it

I had been watching his videos before I heard that stuff and he has a lot of really based takes. Stuff about actually good female characters, criticism of muh super deep and edgy shit, hates weebs, hates porny media and a lot of other stuff.

No. 1114056


ohhh that makes sense, okay

No. 1114062

File: 1648440615791.jpeg (15.45 KB, 274x271, D8B73D00-8036-4BAC-9106-489A7C…)


No. 1114068

what's the meaning of life?

No. 1114079

samefag I will say though that he does have some moid moments like saying ‘it’s like 2 things violently fucked’ so even still, I suppose i won’t be too surprised if it’s true. Just sucks that his valid takes will be dismissed and anyone with them probably get compared

No. 1114124

You might need more vitamins or something nonna. A deficit shouldn't make you feel so bad.

No. 1114135


Someone who I know sent this to me unironically. Am I wrong for nor believing that he likes it for the editing, and thinking he's a porn sick scrote? Song is LULU by ZHEANI for anons who don't want to click.

No. 1114146

nonnas how often do u call out sick when ur not actually sick. i always feel kinda guilty about it even though we get a ton of sick time per year

No. 1114147

I'm not usually 'sick' in the literal sense but if my body hurts and I just feel like shit or mentally can't deal with my coworkers I call out. I never called out for this job for over a year and then tried to use one single paid vacation day and it was denied for no reason and we were fully staffed. that was the moment I realized there was no reward for my never calling out and they didn't even appreciate it. I came into work that day and missed the event I wanted to go to, you know who wasn't there? someone who called in 'sick'. so they won't let me use my time off when I try to notify them in advance, fine I'll notify them day of. I still feel kind of guilty because that's how I'm wired but it gets easier every time.

No. 1114149

true fucking that, our vacation is denied for the dumbest reasons, i havent gotten vacation approved in 2 years so fuck it.

No. 1114175

NEVER work harder than you have to. Never work overtime unless you want the money. Never feel guilty for not calling out. Your employer does not give a shit how “reliable” you are so long as you aren’t calling out excessively by their standards so that they can ding you on it. ALWAYS use your given sick time or FMLA as much as needed or wanted.

No. 1114423

anons if im able to get drunk really fast does that mean my health is bad?

No. 1114427

I would think it just means your tolerance for alcohol is pretty low

No. 1114432

ok because i always see people saying your liver/kidney must be bad if you easily get drunk.

I rarely drink alchohol but sometimes when i do it only takes me one glass or small can to get drunk.
Is this bad?

No. 1114435

No it makes perfect sense, the less alcohol you drink, the more it will have an affect on you when you do decide to drink. I wouldn't worry about it nonnie.

No. 1114439

thats a relief, thanks nonny.

No. 1114441

File: 1648466152475.gif (152.11 KB, 237x100, yourewelcome.gif)

No. 1114442

File: 1648466154646.gif (602.46 KB, 500x424, d7lf5xt8vao41.gif)

Anyone elses tastebuds change when they're on birth control? I took bc before but didn't have this side effect.
Since I started again I slowly became more and more averse to red meat, now it just tastes like acidic shit. I tried all sorts, different ways of preparing and cooking but it doesn't make a difference. I was thinking of stopping it soon anyway because all the side effects really scare me. I didn't have covid and this freaks me out a bit.

No. 1114486

File: 1648469293821.jpg (80.56 KB, 1500x1199, box.jpg)

I want to decorate my basic, transparent storage box. I can't be the only one, right… But I am not sure how to do that. I know people use washi-tapes, how about slapping big vinyl stickers?

No. 1114492

File: 1648469531545.jpg (25.73 KB, 187x600, krylonseal.jpg)

Vinyl stickers sounds cool, or even painting cute stuff on it with acrylic and then just spraying a sealer over it.

No. 1114495

Are there as frequently storms at sea as depicted in shows and movies?

No. 1114517

File: 1648472309987.jpeg (62.45 KB, 679x673, 56AC11D9-5474-471D-A73A-8C5953…)

I like to duct tape strips of iridescent plastic to the inside of my storage boxes like picrel, and put stickers on the outside!

No. 1114529

Yes, and how frequent or how strong they are depends on the climate of where in the world you are. Tropical oceans have a lot of intense storms.

No. 1114530

How do you stop repeatedly saying dumb shit over and over in social situations? I’ve been around people who say “I guess” and “I was like” a lot, and even though I basically never say that in normal conversation, the second I’m even slightly nervous talking to someone I don’t talk to daily I go tard mode
>I was like…. We’ll, I guess I was like, yeah, I guess.

No. 1114534

What does it mean if you start craving foods that you usually hate? Is it like a deficiency thing?

I've been going crazy for watermelon flavored drinks lately and now I'm eating a sweet chilli chicken wrap when I've always hated sweet chilli on anything. I was sceptical as I bought it but it's hitting the spot. What the? Not pregnant.

No. 1114535

No idea but taste buds change! I distinctly remember the moment when I had bitter melon and still hated it like I always have growing up, then a few weeks later begrudgingly eating it again and even though the taste was the same my brain was like "mmmmmm bitter melon GUD". Taste buds and brains are whack.

No. 1114536

Yeah I've always been told it's your body trying to tell you it needs something!

No. 1114538

Afaik your taste buds are changing literally every two weeks, fucking weird, right?

No. 1114550

Maybe because you’re young? As you enter adulthood you become less picky

No. 1114572

I'm 33. If anything I wonder if I might be entering early perimenopause. That combined with a couple of other changes.

No. 1114627

i rushed to the hospital at 3 AM because in a state of psychosis i was convinced i am dying of aids and only got a few months left. the overnight receptionist at the hospital chatted with me a little bit about school, and said i should be fine but i went and got a blood test done.

a few weeks later i met him at uni.
i forgot it was him but he remembered, and when i was scared shitless asking which hospital he said he worked at, he quickly said another one's name. he's been friendly since but i don't know what to do lmao should i tell him i am a psycho and i don't have aids nonnas?

No. 1114640

You could just be like, “I feel we met before over at (location)? One time I was panicking about the possibility of aids and you helped calm me down. Thanks for that, it ended up being a scare but I appreciate you helping me out that night. “

No. 1114642

this for sure

No. 1114664

>i always see people saying your liver/kidney must be bad if you easily get drunk.
i have never heard that in my life wtf
alcohol intoxication depends mostly on body weight and if you're an alcoholic or not

No. 1114665

thanks, i'd be more vague but i don't know how to bring it up. what's a good way to start such an embarrassing convo? it doesn't help that he's cute.

No. 1114669

nta just be honest. i have had severe panic attacks like that too and embarrassed myself freaking out. just be blunt about it, say something like "hey, i'm gonna be honest, i was in a really bad place with my mental health awhile back and i remember you helped me out a lot when i was feeling scared. thank you"
only a complete asshole would go "lol wow ur crazy" instead of feeling good that they helped someone.

No. 1114693

i see, if i tell him he was helpful that's less embarrassing and makes more sense. thank you. i just wouldn't want him to remember that, if he forgot.

No. 1114760

I see that it's possible to do rug hooking without a frame, but could you make punch needle rugs without a frame too?

No. 1114786

should I drop out of university and start a different course next year at 22

No. 1114805

If it gives you a better future ultimately (in terms of job satisfaction and/or financially) then yes

No. 1114818

I made a bentonite clay mask for my hair and i hope to god its not knotted up, but i look like one of those villians from the Incredibles
Wish me luck

No. 1114823

so where did the stereotype of asians not being able to drive come from? most it not all stereotypes come from something even if it's one person who did that thing, so where? like i'm sure back in east asian countries they all know how to drive and if accidents happen it's an outside factor the same as in the west

im high sorry

No. 1114833

I went to China (Macau area) when I was in my teens to go visit family and I had never feared for my life crossing the road as much as I did when I was there. It felt like a lawless land. I actually just told this story to my coworker and she laughed and said that that sounds about right, although she's been trying to assure me that it's gotten better in recent years. I'm from a major US city where jaywalking is pretty prominent so playing frogger isn't new to me but damn. China is a whole different level kek. I think it really comes from there just being a lot of shit Asian drivers who learned in their home country and then brought it over here. Not sure about other east Asian countries but I've heard stories about Japan being crazy strict with their road test.

No. 1114852

I'm trying to reduce the visibility of my self harm scars, they're a couple weeks old. three of them are larger glass wounds, and they're noticeably violet red. the rest are healing at a faster rate and less visible. I just don't want people to see them and shorts season is coming up. I can't wear jeans forever. Does anyone know how I can make them less apparent for cheap

No. 1114868

>laser removal surgery (pros: permanent, quicker/cons: expensive asf)
>Special skin cell turnover oil (pros: effective/cons: expensive, you need to be dedicated)
>cloth wash/exfoliation + bio oil (pros: cheaper, more straightforward/cons: requires dedicated routine, may only fade scars depending on their depth)
>henna (pros: can be cute, easy to apply/cons: you may be allergic, it might look odd)
>semi permanent tattoo (pros: cheap, straightforward/cons: if your self harm site is large, it may look trashy)
>silicone scar sheets (pros: proven to be effective as significantly fading, pricey but cheaper than surgery/cons: again a little pricey to buy enough)
>wearing long flowy skirts/dreses/trousers (pros: easy, protects you from the sun, cute/cons: may not suit your style or lifestyle)

No. 1114882

Likely very dumb. I brought a HDMI to USB cable off Amazon so I can use my second monitor. Seemed OK with 4 reviews, but it came with files inside. Says I need to install a driver which is super dodge. Should I risk it, or am I just too lazy to post something back to Amazon?

No. 1114884

>hair is so bouncy and shiny
>today was a good day

No. 1114885

All I can recommend is using a really good moisturizer on them all the time, and maybe trying niacinimide or retinol (the ordinary has them for very cheap)

No. 1114893

Go to a derm. I got a rhino and had a small scar under my nose, used the scar cream and it's literally fully gone.

No. 1114909

File: 1648494657276.jpeg (77.96 KB, 749x839, FE80DA24-C871-41AD-B21A-CA3B25…)

Thanks for the recs. I don't have a derm at the moment (lack of insurance reasons), but I'll look into trying to moisturize them and find scar healing stuff. I was eventually looking to get tattoos over a couple of my arm scars (similar to picrel), but I don't want to tattoo my legs

No. 1114910

You bought a cable so you shouldn't have to install a driver as you only have to plug the screen in.
Is it difficult to scan a manga and change the text inside?

No. 1114913

bio-oil does jackshit

No. 1114927

lol it even sounds horrendous

No. 1114941

So it's been 547 taste bud changes for me, and not once did I hit the like cheese switch, huh?

No. 1114956

Whatever you do, don’t get the tiny hearts. They look like pimples!

No. 1114961

nta but before I expanded the image I thought they were track marks or some shit

No. 1114972

File: 1648498004986.jpg (141.03 KB, 1128x705, imgonline-com-ua-twotoone-lUdB…)

I didn't even realize those were hearts lol. I thought anon was asking about body acne. Definitely don't get those OP, especially not in red. If you really want to get tattoos there, maybe something like a tiny flower over each spot (not sure how that would look) or something that wraps around the arm in a way that covers all the spots would be better.

No. 1114995

Does anyone else feel that their body is…wide? Like not fat, just built wide? I can’t tell if it’s my BDD acting up or if my skeleton is fucked up.

No. 1115005

File: 1648500141950.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 45.36 KB, 350x512, A6BBC77A-3D0B-4CE7-9AF2-8BABF6…)

maybe you have a rectangle body shape nonners

No. 1115006

Everyone's skelleton is the right size for them anon

No. 1115009

Honestly, skelleton shapes and such are a thing that are mocked a lot in society nowadays because media is a thing, but my personal interpretation on why everyone is so different is because we're all just part of different climates and our skelletons were primal for our ancestors to their survival in whatever enviorment they live in, and I think that's very cool!

No. 1115010

Idk, I do have wide hips and ribs but my waist is tiny compared to them so I might be somewhere between a rectangle and hourglass, I guess? I definitely have curves at least, it’s one of the few things I like about my body
I’m a 5”10 giant too which doesn’t help either

No. 1115013

Ok anon now get a friend, make them take a picture of you while they're sitting down and the camera is lower than you, idk how to explain, this elongates your body and your body will look the way insta-girls look, it's their trick.

No. 1115035

Yes, people have different frame sizes. It's possible you have a broad frame size. There's calculators on the internet that'll help you calculate if yours is broad or not but I don't know how reliable those are.

No. 1115058

Do Texans know more Spanish than other USians?

No. 1115081

yes. it's the entire reason i'm anachan

No. 1115091

if you have a wide frame then being ana-chan makes no difference because thats how your skeleton is shaped.
Only surgery and extreme body-building helps.

No. 1115103

i know it's not gonna change how i'm shaped, i'm short and blocky though so being underweight is the only way i can manage to look halfway decent

No. 1115137

Is it appropriate to wear a maid dress to a timetravel themed party?

No. 1115139

I’d say Spanish goes up as you get closer to the border. Not sure if Texas is any better than Arizona or New Mexico.

No. 1115144

Hate to break it to you but being underweight doesn’t look good on anyone. Makes you look sickly, not sexy.

No. 1115145

File: 1648507432230.jpeg (192.82 KB, 750x1125, 186C2A2F-2E30-43D1-A1AD-4B5F29…)

Probably. Only if it's long though, at least past the knees but preferably as close to picrel as possible. Otherwise you will just look trashy.

No. 1115146

i hate to disappoint you nonnie but…. i have only got the trashy amazon maid cosplay thingy …. (in my defense its not mine, my friend gave it to me for this occassion)

No. 1115161

File: 1648508708670.jpeg (58.19 KB, 480x601, 46D9B248-9AD7-4D38-8074-C14F27…)

Nta, the issue is that when people wore black and white lacy maid dresses, they were real long. By the time maids were in knee-length dresses the uniform was totally different. That’s why those maid dresses only occupy the spectrum between lolita and trashy. You’re better off getting a tie-dye shirt and wearing it with bootleg jeans if you want a costume on the cheap.

No. 1115165

nonnie you actually saved me with that pic! i just looked into my wardrobe and found a black maxi skirt that goes really well with the costume and makes me actually resemble a maid! now the only thing left bothering me is the top part of the costume since it really looks trashy and cheap any ideas on how to maybe fix that?

No. 1115178

How does it look? Maybe a frilly blouse?

No. 1115208

Honestly nonny just do it. Maid costumes are sexy anyway

No. 1115237

What should one wear to the start of a manufacturing job? I've always been in skirts and blouses and maybe own one pair of jeans and dress slacks. I'll be working with chemicals and metal is all, no cutting or fire melting. I have some new rock combat boots I could wear but what goes otherwise?

No. 1115241

Nothing wrong with dressing slightly nice your first day, then once you get a look at how everyone else’s dressing you adjust. When I worked a manufacturing job I wore sweats/shorts and a t-shirt, because everything would inevitably be ruined by ink eventually no matter how hard I tried.

No. 1115252

That helps a lot! I'll have a good look at the others this week. I'm hoping to get away with big button down shirts and tights/sweatpants once I'm paid and can own some, if it's even feasible.

No. 1115266

Anons… So I was buying something for my mom and I forgot I had my card linked to my account on Amazon and accidentally used it. I did not have the total amount it cost in my account so my mom just transferred the money to my card afterwards. But how did the payment go through when I had like .20 and why is the charge not showing up in my bank account? It says the order has been placed and will be arriving soon. Who the hell did it charge? I have no remaining gift card balance either

No. 1115275

If the charge isn't showing up my guess is that the transaction is taking a while, sometimes it takes a day or two for my bus tickets and shopping to show up as charges on my banking app. Hopefully it won't be a problem because you have the money in your account now. Amazon will probably rescind the order soon if they weren't able to charge you properly.
Is it a credit or debit card? Are you sure you don't have an overdraft on that bank account?

No. 1115284

Any recommendations for comfortable loafers you can stand in for long periods of time?

No. 1115298

When did you buy it? It can take a few days for a charge to show up in your bank. Idk if overdraft fees will be applied based on when you placed the order or when the payment tries to go through, though.

No. 1115302

File: 1648519381187.jpeg (64.04 KB, 1024x441, 3E6B9DE9-D377-4286-A727-0C40A4…)

It's a debit and nothing still hasn't shown up. I guess I will have to wait and see. Rip me.
Just today! I was kind of internally screaming because I'm worried I'll get banned or something.

I'll be sure to update.

No. 1115304

File: 1648519507033.jpg (48.14 KB, 980x547, E3zHrbSX0AIEfsN.jpg)

Does anyone know good $150-$200 max beginner friendly drawing tablets with a monitor, + a screen protector to go with it? I bought a Huion Q11K tab on amazon some weeks ago, it is the 2nd worst financial decision I have made this year. I am literally hunched over like a goblin looking back and forth at my tablet and PC screen straining my eyes by the second.
With that note pls recommend some good cushioned chairs as well

No. 1115358

amazon doesn’t charge until they ship out your order so you should be fine

No. 1115373

Why are you looking at your tablet if there's no screen on it? As a hunched screen tablet goblin I'd actually recommend non-screen tablets for easier posture. It just takes some getting used to moving your hand while only looking up. That said, Huion's pen displays are a good value especially if you can find a deal on a previous gen.

No. 1115391

I bought a $60 (plus international shipping) non-screen huion a couple months ago and it's already failing.
My first tablet was a Wacom bamboo fun and it lasted me 11 years, before the pen started failing.
Now I'm looking for a pen for my old Wacom. Huion tablets feel shitty and cheap so I was being extra careful with everything and it stopped working anyway.

No. 1115397

Is it just me or has lolcow been the most infighty it's been in years this year
I feel like the userbase overall used to be more laidback

No. 1115403

I feel it too.

No. 1115415

Yep. Whenever I go on now there's near guaranteed infighting in /ot/. If it's not that it's scrotebait or gore/porn being spammed. I've been using LC less because of how uncontrollable the infighting seems to have become.

No. 1115428

The vibes have been just rancid lately. I think the fun and cool userbase is touching grass or has migrated to the drawing board. It sucks because there's so much great content coming from the art anons but the site itself is like a nightmare. Stay strong nonnies.

No. 1115432

Now everyone here is either a moid, a troll or an annoying tradthot/libfem/radfem. Theres no room for anything nuanced. I made a post about missing old victoria secret clothing (loved the models too) and i got called a pick and a scrote kek same thing happened when i wrote one post saying i shave. Its like anons cant comprehend that not everything has to be about a political movement so they pick fights.

No. 1115433

*pick me

No. 1115435

The porn/gore spam makes me scare to go on /ot/ sometimes. I dont wanna see that shit. Im also tired of the cp spam.

No. 1115441

Do I need sun screen when using a seasonal depression sun lamp, especially if I'm using a retnoid?

No. 1115442

VS was never good tbh.

No. 1115449

I love their tacky body sprays nonny
They used to have a lot of animal print stuff that i would buy during the sale kek

No. 1115452

I used to wear love spell all the time. Please dont judge me nonnies

No. 1115492

I read that they emit UV light as well so yes

No. 1115498

I was reading the writing thread and I noticed how some anons posted their stories from AO3, is that allowed? I know that those are most likely not their main accounts and I don't have an issue with making one just for stuff I want to share here, but I want to be sure before getting banned.

No. 1115501

I cooked breaded raw chicken in the microwave for 4 minutes. Will i get salmonella?

No. 1115502

It's a "cheap woman" smell tbh.

No. 1115510

I'm not sure I want that much ink. might just cover the slice on my wrist since that's the one I'm most self conscious about

No. 1115512

natural selection

No. 1115537

File: 1648538590583.jpg (129.78 KB, 810x540, sphynx-cat_Kekyalyaynen_Shutte…)

Would it be weird to take nudes of yourself for yourself only? Not even as a 'omg I'm so sexy' type of way, or to send to anybody, just to remember what your own body looked like. I kind of want photos of my body in it's current state rn, without tattoos or before working out just to see how far I have come along. Though I fear someone would find them and ask what they were for

No. 1115538

I saw a girl with an amazing looking behind and now I'm like "damn how can I achieve that lift?"
I guess wearing skinny jeans and good shapely underwear would help, but maybe I just don't have enough fat on my ass

No. 1115539

Its not weird anon. Nothing wrong with enjoying how you look. Youre allowed to find yourself sexy

No. 1115541

I've done it before
Still think my body is hideous though

No. 1115542

Build muscle. Consume lots of protein and use your butt to lift heavy things with hip thrusts and squatz

No. 1115551

How do you differentiate between an insect bite and an unusually monstrous pimple?

Gross details incoming, you've been warned. I woke up with what looked like a swollen, slightly red, hardened, large pimple on my wrist that was slightly painful to the touch. Upon popping it, a lot of yellowish-white stuff came out of it. I still don't know wtf was that. I never got pimples on my wrist before but insect bites don't have thick white liquid/pus coming out of them, do they?

No. 1115555

Yeah, insect bites wouldn't cause that, it would just be a red swelling and you couldn't "pop" it,and if it got infected it wouldn't look like a pimple but uneven and flat. Probably a randomly clogged pore.

No. 1115576

File: 1648542433666.jpg (30.62 KB, 573x564, abgMYoL_700b.jpg)

Do you heart songs on spotify OR do you just add the good songs to playlists? I do both and someone told me my 1300 liked songs list is too big kek

No. 1115582

both. the only playlist i maintain is 60s / 70s garage rock stuff so anything else would be lost if i didn't heart it. i can't fathom people who have playlists for every single mood and genre

No. 1115585

Both. I don't listen to the "liked songs" playlist but it helps the algorithm recommend better music.

No. 1115588

Same, I have a few but for exercising and a few different ones for driving if my queue fails it somehow always stops the second I am on the road and I can just slap on the car playlist if that happens

No. 1115600

Do you spotify nonnies pay for it or use some ways to bypass the ads like listening on PC? I just put my downloaded songs on my phone

No. 1115601

I pay because I use it 247 it feels like, I also have some obscure songs on my phone.

No. 1115613

File: 1648545005643.jpeg (154.48 KB, 619x761, 78C254D8-2C08-4270-8622-8CE4D7…)

What cake should I make today?

No. 1115617

No. 1115618


No. 1115625

Since a symptom of BPD is unstable sense of self, do you think the DID trends we see now are just a special form of BPD, where true DID still remains rare? I'm under the impression that DID is debilitating and you don't remember your switches or anything, which hardly seems like what's going on now. Would explain Jillian quite a bit

No. 1115635

Yeah I think so, that and alot of gendespecials who can't pick a gender and stick with it for too long are the same. Self diagnosing autists sometimes aswell, there's a lot of people running away from the one thing they're legit diagnosed with. I've been up close with it and watched someone cycle through all of this. I know there's a stigma but face it.

No. 1115647

bpd is caused by long term trauma and a ton of did fakers dont have any trauma whatsoever i think theyre just retards who desperately want to feel special

No. 1115656

> i think theyre just retards who desperately want to feel special
In other words, bpd-chans. And you don't know for sure if the fakers have trauma or not.

No. 1115658

i know because they have a term for being a system with no trauma

No. 1115666

I have a wisdom tooth that randomly started coming out, it hurts like hell, is it gonna stop hurting eventually

No. 1115678

I used to have a job where I mixed with alot of bpders and heard their stories (I worked in a psych facility but not in the psych field) There was a mix where some would tell you their big trauma stories and then others would scratch their heads over what their trauma could even be.

I admittedly don't know shit but I thought it was strange that they wouldn't identify your trauma with you before your diagnosis.. if it's a diagnosis cretred around trauma as the cause?

No. 1115681

>bpd is caused by long term trauma
what's the point of it being a diagnosis then when there's already ptsd?

No. 1115683

Idk because when mine started hurting they were legit falling apart and had to be pulled. But my guess is no.

No. 1115687

effects the organ in a different way, like type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes, but less confusing naming

No. 1115689

I don't get online culture. How can "cunt" be less offensive than "tranny"? There doesn't seem to be a slur for trans in the traditional sense.

No. 1115694

PTSD refers to short term trauma usually. It's going to look different when someone is chronically traumatized from a young age. They won't just have a handful of situations to work through, but years. Which means the treatment is a bit different, different meds maybe and needs a different name for insurance purposes or whatever. BPD is just one of the possibilities after chronic trauma, the entire cluster B is caused by it.

No. 1115699

Haha oh ok im calling the dentist. Fml

No. 1115703

What good excuses can be said on an interview for leaving a job after only half a year? Other than 'it wasn't a good fit'

No. 1115704

The commute was too long maybe?

No. 1115727

Why the hell are there like 2 mtf threads being bumped and posted in

No. 1115728

Say it didn't match your expectations/it wasn't as challenging as you would have wanted it to be

No. 1115737

Exactly that. I just want somewhere where people will mostly stfu about men and politics, but everyone on the internet seems to want that. It's no fun.

No. 1115739

This just seems like rose-colored glasses to me. I've got back to read threads from 5 years ago and there is no lack of infighting. Just try it, go back to a thread for those "good ol' days" and you'll find the same racebait and hours long infights that you would these days.

No. 1115752

File: 1648556882781.png (14.73 KB, 1215x105, would you look at that.png)

No. 1115756

> same thing happened when i wrote one post saying i shave
me too anon, i literally said i prefer to shave everywhere and some anons got mad at me and called me a scrote!! it doesnt even make sense! what is wrong with not wanting to be hairy. kek i think some anons are just bored

No. 1115759

i guess just that it is not a good fit for you and how you think the opportunity/role would be more suited for someone else.

No. 1115765

Same, I get there are women who for any reason would want to talk and vent about moids and their godless antics but damn, I really don't want to hear about those bastards everywhere I go, cause every conversation, argument or topic eventually divagates to men over and over and for what? I wish anons could live without letting those scumbags and their opinions ruin their minds, actions and every sense of identity they have, they're not worth it
I shave because I practice swimming, but I don't give a damn if someone does it for other reasons, not my business

No. 1115787

File: 1648558283015.png (122.65 KB, 400x347, ciggycat.png)

>I wish anons could live without letting those scumbags and their opinions ruin their minds, actions and every sense of identity they have, they're not worth it
Yeah it's almost as if we live in a world where we're constantly surrounded and beat down by men but have no where to talk about it, that's so weird, that's so strange, how could anyone let that bother them??? so silly.

No. 1115795

That's why I said "I wish", cause the reality of our situation is dark, I wish women weren't so haunted by men physically and mentally, I wish they lived free of moids and their poisonous influence, I wish men didn't exist, seeing anons falling in mental breakdowns while talking about what happened to them is very sad

No. 1115798

Bpd is ptsd-c. Bpd is a disorder made to shame abused women and make them feel crazy. Ive said the same shit in the thread in /w/ about that did weeb girl.
Male victims are diagnosed with ptsd because theyre seen as actual victims whereas female victims are diagnosed with bpd ans there have been cases where bpd women try to report rape or assaulted and its been dismissed because of their diagnosis. Look it up. Thats why i dont believe in it

No. 1115803

BPD is also seen as a women disorder and theyre called emotional and hysterical. Its basically misogyny and i feel sorry for nonnies who have been diagnosed with BPD when its really just ptsd.
Ive heard so many stories of how scrotes in medicine treat their bpd female patients horribly and gaslight them on their abuse it makes me sick

No. 1115805

True that nonnie

No. 1115818

"what are you laughing at?"

No. 1115820

No. 1115827

Nonnys who browse 4chan, why? I got memed into thinking it’s not that bad the other day and the shit I saw in just an hour was just appauling. It’s such a hostile place for women. There are even trannies all over the place that admit that they violently hate women. What could the appeal possibly be?

No. 1115829

I only go on /cgl/ for lolita fashion shit but its still full of retarded moids

No. 1115830

I don't get banned for infighting and I literally say whatever I want on there. Also, I am more free to be creative and sperg as much as I want without fear of jannies clipping my wings. I've started a meme that wouldn't have been possible here. This place is great but I am a muted version of myself

No. 1115832

They're men. Only men like 4chan now, like one anon said even cgl and fa are full of misogynistic men who rather praise trannies than acknowledge women's existence as anything more than an object of desire.

No. 1115834

I’ve never felt like that here until the last year or so. Now you have to be careful that you don’t get dog piled with weird accusations, accusing you of being the last person they squabbled with. Anons here are so sensitive now over things that really don’t matter. I guess that’s why I went there for a look. I just don’t want to stumble across things like “passed out raped women” when I’m looking for memes.

No. 1115849

I know what you mean, some looney tune accused me of being romanianon a few days ago and I just rolled my eyes. It's lolcow's version of "YWNBAW go dilate", but worse, it doesn't just shut down discussion it derails it. Not a lot you can do about wading through the feces for diamonds, /ck/ is the funniest board in my opinion

No. 1115850

File: 1648560944805.png (2.42 MB, 2000x2500, 1648502427098.png)

No. 1115857

do people actually moan during masturbation / sex organically or is it all performed? i physically cannot make noises while masturbating even if i try to force myself to. it just feels strange. is it different when there's another person?

No. 1115868

I only moan for their benefit, if I'm alone it's silent. I legit hate having to do porn moans but otherwise how the fuck are they gonna know what they're doing is right or wrong. every scrote is so pornsick being quiet with your eyes shut is how some of us cum but god forbid you point it out cause THE GIRLS IN WHAT I WATCH etc.

No. 1115870

I let a few noises slip by me only during the orgasm but I'm otherwise silent.

No. 1115887

If its very intense well yes, I try to contain myself but I just can't I have to cover my mouth

No. 1115901

File: 1648562525643.jpg (3.78 KB, 99x140, a really tiny image.jpg)

is this appropriate for a wedding guest? help it's an evening wedding

No. 1115902

No, I think it's too small

No. 1115906

How do I help a low self-esteem person feel better about themselves? My best friend is always hyping me up but when I hype her up she doesn't really like it she thinks I'm just lying, she has been through a lot and maybe someone made her believe she wasn't cute but she is and I wish she could see it, is sad, she can point out good things about me all the time but doesn't want to believe I genuinely think she's pretty too

No. 1115916

what shoes? I think if it was white or cream it'd be a no obviously but this is fine.
(got a bigger pic though?) I'd wear it as the halter option with your hair down and it'll be perfect. I think the only rules at weddings are don't upstage the bride so if you look too amazing you might piss her off haha

No. 1115926

this is a hard one nonita, I relate with your friend ngl. I wonder how her family has treated her and bought her up.
sounds a bit corny but maybe on her bday/some day she's feeling low, take her to her favourite places or make her her favourite meal and tell her how amazing she is. maybe even like an "intervention" with other friends (if she's quiet she might not have that many but quality verses quantity right?) and spoil her rotten with genuine compliments.
if she's good at something you aren't, maybe ask her to teach you and get some good one-on-one time that helps you both.
I worry if you're of the younger gen and all have tiktok and insta cause that shit is a self-esteem sapper. maybe probe if she talks down on herself, like why do you think that etc. and see where her sore spots are.
sorry if this isn't helpful advice, feeling for you both rn ngl. you're a good friend for even asking this question nonita, she's lucky to have you. and so are farmers for you being here.

sorry feeling gay and sappy ily guys sometimes

No. 1115950

File: 1648564551412.jpg (10.83 KB, 470x87, 1316215751227.jpg)

I used to frequent 4chan as a teen and up until around 2016 I don't think 4chan was that hostile to women in a "ree roastie I'll rape you and stab you" way. In fact even /r9k/ during the tfw no gf era was not that horrible. Maybe it's nostalgia, but it really got atrocious in this period leading up to 2016.
Nowadays I completely grew out of it and don't visit it anymore, on the rare occasion I do I'm just as stunned as you are if I enter it.
I used to post in female inspo threads on /fa/ in 2012 pretty often, and the threads were good. I used to post on /a/ a lot but nowadays it's so coomerish I don't even want to peek into it. I frequented a few /vg/ gens and they were alright. I posted in /cgl/ and mostly lurked a lot before the drama ban. None of these places seem welcoming enough anymore, plus it seems like the average age of a 4chan user went way down but that's most likely me noticing the actual average user age after I grew up. I heard there's a /jp/ general that's mostly populated by women and that's the only place I know of where grown women actually post nowadays kek.

No. 1115954

Well yeah she had an extremely shitty upbringing, she never knew how love or appreciation felt like, just abuse and hate, I'm glad she's still here as I'm her only friend
>I worry if you're of the younger gen and all have tiktok and insta cause that shit is a self-esteem sapper
Yeah, she checks insta and TikTok, she stumbled into "Chinatok" and know is fixated on the Asian standard and hates her features, so I know that shit is also doing several numbers on her too

Anyway, I know this could be way out of my hands but I want to do my part and help her the most I can, thanks for your help anon I really appreciate it don't feel bad

No. 1115966

Why was this deleted? I wanted to read, rip

No. 1115975

What's the cheapest/safest proxy site from JP? Tenso?

No. 1115978

I thought it was just me lol. My exes were always bothered by the fact I'm always quiet. They said it made them feel bad because I must not be enjoying what they're doing since I'm not screaming like a banshee (ok I paraphrased that). And they insisted I was a freak of nature because all their ex gfs used to do it (because no woman has faked anything during sex). Porn has truly fried their brains.

No. 1115985

I don't make much noise, solo or with a partner it's the same. If I have to moan to stroke someones ego then I'm probably not going to finish.

No. 1115986

File: 1648567512878.png (226.45 KB, 500x500, 5C6F1A9D-B162-4782-9F77-D3BEA8…)

I visit lolcow every day and in the first thread I read you are still fucking seething KEK

No. 1115995

Anon I'm pretty sure she's not the only anon who told you to fuck off that day, I know I did too

No. 1116000

Nonny please kek, idc if you tell me to fuck off but she is the one who was calling everyone else a moid— and a samefag, and romanianon, and a scat spammer

No. 1116010

I'm the schizo who thinks everyone's xyz anon and that wasn't me posting in this thread. I wasn't the only one who thought you were a troll, though. You need therapy if everyone assumes you're an unhinged namefag by the way you type. And maybe take a break.

No. 1116013

I also wasn’t the only one who thought that shaving pubes is pointless, so right back atcha.

… but the only person calling anyone a man was you, then.

No. 1116020

No I only said it sounded like romanianon. The other anon wasn't me. Also drop the retarded spacing, it makes your posts identifiable.

No. 1116023

It’s called a paragraph. Despite your newfag misconception, plenty of anons use them and always have.

> I'm the schizo who thinks everyone's xyz anon

Ok I’ll believe you but maybe you shouldn’t claim to be the anon I was talking about then kek

No. 1116033

File: 1648571219328.jpg (84.18 KB, 1000x1000, 1629925523-photo-may-06-9-17-3…)

Are uneven eyelids like the ones in the above pic that noticeable? I have similar eyelids and I've been obsessing over my uneven ass lids bad. I'm not gonna go the ps route though, eyelid filler seems like a recipe for disaster.

No. 1116035

i have the same issue nonnie, and any time i've told someone about how insecure it makes me they think i'm insane because they have never noticed it. they could easily just say that to make me feel better, but i suspect it's the kind of asymmetry you only notice when it's your own face

No. 1116037

I didn't even notice that her eyelids were uneven until I read your post.

Hun thats bdd.

No. 1116041

It’s only noticeable if you show someone else a close up pic and point it out. Don’t worry about it, nonny.

No. 1116044

Ah, I feel what you feel nona. And I suspect that too, like, no one is really analyzing someone's face that hard, I don't really look my friends' faces to scan for any asymmetry kek. But my mom has pointed it out a few times so I know it's legit but when I mention it to her she's like 'I was kidding' like girl… anyways, it makes one of my eyes look smaller than the other, I hate it.

No. 1116046

This is mild ptosis and it's super common.
Honestly most people don't even know they have it and most people don't notice it in others when it's this mild.
That said if you notice it worsening or if this is a completely new thing that you never used to have you should see a doctor.

No. 1116048

Why did my gyno cringe at me the entire time while explaining and talking to me? It honestly felt like she was disgusted to even be in the same room as me. Could it be she thought I was a lesbian because I buzzed my hair even though I was obvious about having a boyfriend?

No. 1116053

I'm pretty sure our (aka the viewer seeing the face with slightly uneven eyes) brains correct such minor discrepancies. Besides that, it really is unnoticable unless you point it out, and even then it's not egregious

No. 1116055

File: 1648572194293.gif (313.6 KB, 287x334, 803E2C21-7633-4C07-A5FD-1D0C41…)

Like some nonnie told me before, just do like Paris Hilton.

No. 1116058

File: 1648572464271.jpg (40.49 KB, 474x842, 5.jpg)

>drink a shiton of water before bed
>wake up feeling more dehydrated and thirsty than ever as if i haven't had water in years
Why does this happen?

No. 1116059

Maybe diabetes?

No. 1116060

File: 1648572567890.jpeg (1.1 MB, 1147x1782, DC2CED81-5A5D-47D4-A851-2628F1…)

Why does she loook like this ? I’m not trying to be mean

No. 1116062

an attempt to cram a naturally aging body into a manufactured media-friendly frame by all means necessary.

No. 1116065

Because your body dumps water quickly if it knows it's gonna get more soon

No. 1116069

This happens to me when my nose is blocked and I'm having to like mouth breath heavily in my sleep.
Maybe try getting a humidifier and sitting it in your bedroom and using it at night.

No. 1116078

Going to my hairstylist for the second time after the initial cut to make small changes is autistic and ridiculous ….right?
Ugh I cut my hair short from long and I keep noticing small details that I don't like and that I feel make the haircut look childish and boyish instead of egdy and feminine. I already went back once to have it cut shorter because I felt there was too much visual weight pulling down the sides, and now I've noticed the bottom of the hair at the nape of the neck is way too blunt.
The problem is that salons wash, blow dry, and style my hair every time before a cut, but I normally let my hair air dry, so I can't really see the haircut until I go home and wash all the styling products out and let it air dry the way I normally do. Annoyed. I would even be open to doing the minor changes myself but it's on the back of my fucking neck.

No. 1116082

Samefag but my hairstylist is also a pain in the ass bc the last time I scheduled something with her it took her days to reply to my requests for an appointment and she's 45 mins away. I tried a new stylist near me who had like 15 yrs experience but she gave me a shitty family-barber esque cut. I relented after that and went to my usual stylist to fix. So this would be the fourth time getting this redone. Please kill me. What should I do?

No. 1116083

Do you not have an option for just a cut and style?
In the UK we have that option and don't need to have it washed if you are only going in for a cut and not colour (as long as your hair isn't super greasy or something).
They might wet it a bit with a spray bottle but that's it so it dries super quick without needing a blowdry.

No. 1116089

I tried washing my hair directly before my appointment last time in hopes that she wouldn't wash and blow dry it but she did. I don't want to ask for her not to bc I don't want to interfere with something I'm not an expert in. I figure she needs it to be soaking wet and blow dried in order to be precise? Idk.. but now I feel I'm in between a rock and a hard place because I don't want to be weird by coming back for adjustments excessively, but at the same time it's my hair and I should be satisfied. Ree

No. 1116093

Seriously thinking of just taking a leg razor to it, to thin it out…

No. 1116099

There's no harm in asking if you can just pop in for a small touch up with no wash and blowdry. You can even say that you are short on cash this month or your short on time or that you don't want to take up more of her time than necessary for just a small touch up.
Like I get my fringe cut for free by most of the hairdressers I have used inbetween a full haircut (cause it gets long and in your eyes) and they never wash my hair for that despite it needing to be super precise.
Most men don't get their hair washed when they get it cut when it's short.
Like if she insists it has to be washed and blow dried just for a small touch up I would be very suspicious that she's doing it because she's making more money out of your because obviously a cut with wash and blow dry is way more time consuming and therefore expensive than just a cut and style.

No. 1116107

I know you're right, anon… I'm just embarrassed to have to do this so many times and tbh I feel like I was bothering her when I scheduled the first touch-up because I had to text her so many times to get an answer. I hate this lol
She did not charge for the touch-up though which was cool. I still tipped her tho bc I really like her work (she has cut my hair a handful of times in the past ~2 years and the only stylist I've been going to besides the new lady near me that I didn't like). Now with her communication issues I feel like I don't want to attempt this but my hair is ugly and it makes me want to neck myself for cutting it all off
Thanks for listening nonnie.

No. 1116118

is buying a refurbished laptop a dumb idea? it’s a hundred dollars cheaper than a brand new one, which is tempting, but im afraid the quality will be significantly reduced.

No. 1116126

am i the only one who listens to songs for years and doesn't really pay attention to the lyrics? im esl but still i cant bother unless i actually focus on the song

No. 1116141

File: 1648577261741.png (18.48 KB, 785x184, star.png)

i'm re-reading old threads, how did this anon get the star in their post?

No. 1116142

Why are lesbians so bitter that straight women do their best to attract men?(bait)

No. 1116143

yeah same, i use music as background noise when i drive or work so i usually don't notice the lyrics. also ESL but i do this in multiple languages, i think i just care more about how music sounds than what it's saying

No. 1116145

same i just feel weird cause this is my default and idk the lyrics to some of my fav songs

No. 1116148

File: 1648577550418.png (146.3 KB, 419x333, fool.png)

do femdom anons want a new thread? I previous thread reached it's limit and a new one hasn't been made yet

No. 1116150

Those stars are handed out by the staff (jannies or admin) for posts that are really funny or good in some way. If you go to the previous movie night thread so should be able to find another post that has a star. They're not given out often.

No. 1116152

thank you, that makes sense! i've been on here for ages and somehow haven't come across a star before, you learn something new every day i guess kek

No. 1116157

not really into femdom but i like the stuff posted sometimes. do it anon

No. 1116160

They're given out by jannies or admin-chama. See >>666666

No. 1116161

That's not true, I'm also bitter straight women do their best to attract men and I'm as straight as a ruler.

No. 1116162

Jealous maybe? Like how gay men (fags) hate women bc straight men are attracted to them

No. 1116163

What exactly was the /sty/ board supposed to be about?

No. 1116168

It's just where shitty threads used to go

No. 1116169

No. 1116187

Yes. Maybe the kiwifarm incels who think all lesbians secretly crave their inceloid 3 inches.

No. 1116201

File: 1648580299336.jpg (271.74 KB, 1280x1280, 1559399306499.jpg)

Does anyone know what happened to her? Lily Jet/ Lily Bouse/ Ifidieiwontcrie/ cokedrip/ enrouteforthehexconclave

No. 1116202

No. 1116214

Who was this?

No. 1116235

anon i literally put all her old handles

No. 1116257

File: 1648582979393.png (Spoiler Image, 832.66 KB, 619x623, 1648531537220.png)

How common are long labia like in picrel? Is this a good representation in general, or is there a larger representation of larger inner labia pictured to be uwu inclusive & to make people feel better about themselves? Because most of the time when I see pics of vaginas (on lolcow or in movies or whatever) they don't have large labia sticking out and they are "innies" (cringe)
I swear to god this is not bait I'm just retarded and hetero

No. 1116271

long labia are very common, that picture seems accurate to me (t. lesbian) most people's genitals are not actually perfect and aesthetically pleasing

No. 1116289

Who actually finds leggings comfortable? They're so tight, I'd much rather wear some baggy harem pants. With the right styling they even look cute, which leggings never do imo. I sometimes wear leggings in the winter (under my baggy pants) when it's too cold for just one layer of clothes and the tightness around my waist and legs is so annoying.

No. 1116295

>that pic
lay off the porn and go outside. No1curr about you "looking at vaginas only in movies teehee", no woman would post pictures of other women's vaginas

No. 1116298

Am I retarded for thinking all of these look "aesthetic"? I think female form is beautiful on its own and even genitals are more visually pleasing than worm looking dicks. Ew.

No. 1116310

I feel the same way you do anon but apparently we're in the minority. In my mind leggings should only be used underneath other clothes. When people wear them like pants it looks like they're showing off their underwear on the outside like a superhero costume to me kek. I'm not fat but I still feel like I'm being squeezed in them. Maybe I'm too autistic for such a clingy style but other form fitting outfits don't bother me.

No. 1116312

I think leggings are really comfortable, but depends on the type of leggings though, some has a really shitty and thin material, others are thick but will get all fugly after a while, they’re a hit or miss. And if they have minimal details they’re better than if they have patterns, unless the patterns isn’t an eyesore.
I like to mix and match textures, so I like to wear leggings with denim blouses, shirts or jackets or maybe a comfy knit top.
They’re only for casual stuff though, and for traveling around, I hate wearing denim pants while traveling on buses or planes because they can be really annoying to me and not warm enough.

No. 1116362

File: 1648587403988.jpeg (16.79 KB, 300x168, C6DA7C67-84EA-4C92-8FDE-0A7D52…)

This is probably going to sound ignorant as fuck, but if someone in Brazil has a PC for gaming and speaks good English, does that mean they/their family is well off?

No. 1116393

What are some free productive hobbies I could pick up
Is exercise a hobby

No. 1116407

ask in the brazil thread

No. 1116416

Exercise can be a hobby, yes. As far as productive, what results are you trying to produce exactly? To keep yourself busy? To see an end result? To see yourself progress at something?

No. 1116432

Thanks lol, I'm an autist too so that's probably a big reason why it bothers me this much.

Ah yes I suppose they could look cute with a big, long sweater and some high boots. I have these thick fuzzy leggings I wear in the winter (I don't wear jeans, just thin material cotton pants so I kind of need it underneath to not freeze lol) and they make me feel like I'm getting squeezed even though I bought them a size up.

No. 1116439

File: 1648591256839.jpg (55.2 KB, 553x750, 1557202562213.jpg)

if i was gonna make a room style/home decor thread what board would it go on? i feel like i remember one from the nuked /m/ threads tho /m/ makes little sense as a place to talk about that kind of thing. i searched it in /ot/ and found a short thread from 3 years ago, should i necro it? or start a new thread on what board?

No. 1116440

I would say necroing it is okay, if you do I'll post some inspo with u nonny <3

No. 1116442

Can I use a pimple patch on a pimple on my eyelid??

No. 1116453

make a new one. when people necro threads that old they never take off. people see '3 years ago' and hardly any posts and don't want to post because it looks doomed from the start and has no momentum.

No. 1116468

i tried bumping one of the 2 i found in the catalog but it said the thread had been locked
i think im gonna have to make a new one at this point
exercise is for sure a hobby. i would also suggest writing or learning to draw. i feel like reading is a productive hobby as well if you like nonfiction

No. 1116505

What? Every single day on lolcow farmers post other women's vaginas. Anyway that's a tasteful and informative (to non-pornsick people) picture of different vaginas. Are you retarded? If you accept that I "teehee only see vaginas in movies" then why are you telling me to lay off the porn? Dumbass. Sorry you're ashamed, as you should be, for consuming porn. Get help

I don't think you're retarded at all for thinking that anon.

I wouldn't, just to be safe. That really sucks though, I hope it heals soon nonna.

No. 1116544

You're fine, no one outside of the one psycho anon thinks you're a scrote, she's been going around lolcow and claiming that there's no possible way women would ever post porn or even have sex related discussions for that matter

No. 1116554

Yo is it a good idea to pierce my own earlobes with a thick ass embroidery needle? That's how people used to do their ears

No. 1116557

No. 1116561

I would not recommend it. It could come out fine, or it could be like mine which always hurt, formed scars, and never healed properly so even after 10 years they would close if I didn't have jewelry in them 24/7. Getting mine repierced professionally made me realize how dumb I was to try and keep those shitty piercings open, healing was such a breeze. If you have to do it yourself at least get a proper piercing needle, they aren't expensive.

No. 1116566

File: 1648598508129.png (69.05 KB, 850x641, Extensive-bruising-and-track-m…)

I think piercings are done with hollow needles for a a reason because otherwise you're just stretching out the skin but tbh I don't know why that's bad. Probably something to do with scar tissue?

Speaking of which, what exactly are track marks? Is it a line of injection points like in picrel? Is it a whole entire bruised (?) vein? Does it happen even if you only inject into one spot of your vein, or does it need to be a line of injection points? I just realized I have no idea what exactly they are because every time an anon points out "track marks" it's usually just a normal vein or just one single injection point, not in a line. I did google this but the photos aren't really definitive enough.

No. 1116569

A sewing needle or piercing gun uses blunt trauma to pierce through the skin. A piercing needle is very sharp and designed to actually cut a hole. The two types of injuries heal differently. I don't know shit about track marks though sorry.

No. 1116575

Okay it finally charged me! All is well.

No. 1116580

Nah it probably means that they have an income stable enough to save for a gaming PC, and English is easier to learn nowadays, specially if you're young.
Being well off in Brazil is more like being able to travel abroad and stuff like that.

No. 1116583

if you want to pierce yourself it's better to order actual piercing needles and make sure the jewellery and your surroundings are very clean. probably less hassle to go get it redone though
t. repierced my monroe and did my own nipple piercings at home

No. 1116584

So happy for you nonna! Even little things like that stress me tf out so i'm glad everything is cleared up

No. 1116592

Kek I did this as a teenager using ice and a sewing needle. The needle was too small and I pierced diagonally by accident so I had to wiggle my earring around just to get the post through and it hurt every time I tried putting an earring in. Glad I didn’t do my first piercings myself.

No. 1116603

File: 1648601121293.jpeg (122.27 KB, 1020x1020, 950e6725-0bbb-4cc7-80de-02c092…)

I bought a pack of these off of Amazon for $5 and pierced my ears. I think I got lucky though because there are a lot of horror stories involving these cheap pieces of shit. kek

No. 1116621

Either go to a body piercer or as >>1116583 mentioned. I got my first set done by Claire's and those holes are horrific (granted I was 5 and my mother thought it was okay). The 2nd and 3rd lobe piercings were done by a body piercer and look so much nicer.

No. 1116623

File: 1648602278641.jpg (87.18 KB, 225x172, CLgodho.jpg)

Couldn't help myself, kek.

No. 1116626

why do i kind of want to buy one to do my second lobes when i know how badly these things hurt kek

No. 1116632

Silent on my own, moan when I'm with a partner. But the moans come naturally? I feel like my moaning comes from the intimacy of it all.
when I'm really, really aroused, I actually laugh and I think that's off putting for some men but others really like it

No. 1116644

Is accounting a career that’s easy to get into? I thought about learning software development, but the market seems kind of saturated, and I’m socially retarded.

No. 1116669

If you’re into numbers, it could be easy, but I honestly don’t think any career is easy, all of them will have something that you may not be able to handle at once.

No. 1116673

First lobes are cheap and borderline painless at a clean shop, nonny. Get somebody who uses a hollow needle in a safe environment, there's places in every city if you're an American. They always go crooked if you try to do it yourself. Plus jewelry options in a shop are actually really cute these days! Save yourself the trouble!!

No. 1116691

Accounts payable/receivable jobs are pretty entry level and no degree required. Check job listings because usually they just want people with experience in certain software and you can do courses in it to put on your resume.

Depends on your country ofc, I'm not American. I did a bookkeeping certification and honestly really enjoyed it, I didn't bother applying for related jobs in the end but it would've been easy enough to get one.

No. 1116709

i notice a lot of patterns in my life that seem too connected to be coincidences. like when my mom died last year i searched the name of my favorite comedian on youtube because i wanted to feel better for a minute and learned he died like three days before she did. i also see the number 11 very often, according to numerology it’s my life path number, and my mom died on the 11th. am i slightly psychotic or just kinda spiritual?

No. 1116722

nah i dont think you are being psychotic for seeing/looking up these things. coming from someone who has had lots of direct experience with people searching metaphysical/"spiritual" explanations, it seems personally to me like it is extremely similar to religion. we need comfort and understanding for painful situations in our lives and in the absence/refusal of religious explanations are where numerology and tarot/physic explanations fill that gap. and as long as you are not fatalistic or too focused on numbers and patterns to an obsessive degree, i think that these avenues provide an opportunity for novel ideas and perspectives to consider relating to whatever you are concerned with and can help a lot

No. 1116771

Got excited that someone made a new interior design thread, only to see that it got locked for being a duplicate.

Posting in the most recent “lost” design thread from /m/ won’t bring it back from the dead, right? If it will still be hidden from the catalog, why did the mods lock it instead of moving it?

I have a dumb and very specific design question that I wanted to get some opinions on

No. 1116880

Subjective question, what is the best bittersweet candy?

No. 1117033

File: 1648629627937.jpg (67.46 KB, 564x751, 1584160324986.jpg)

to all the anons that watch drama streams, why? I get like watching drama stuff I suppose about Hasan and people at least that size, but why people that are literally irrelevant outside of Political niche Twitch circles?

Help me understand cause I don't get it

No. 1117083

can I have an answer bank

No. 1117087

File: 1648632073789.png (1.43 MB, 958x599, sourstuff.png)

Sour stuff babbyyyyyy

No. 1117118

When was the term lolcow coined and first used?

No. 1117121

The first time I encountered the term was in 2008 on encyclopedia dramatica. I assume the term was around before that though, like during the somethingawful era maybe.

No. 1117133

Goons didn't use the term, I remember it solely coming from ED.

No. 1117243

Religious nonnies, especially western ones, how do you justify using lolcow to your religion? It doesn’t seem like a very jesusly thing to do. You know gossiping and raging and not turning the other cheek and such. Maybe even engaging in scandalous topics.

No. 1117253

Where do they write time like this: 1100? Without a comma or a colon

No. 1117255

Let's say your friend wants to do something that seems like a bad idea to you. Do you encourage her in the name of friendship or do you tell her that it seems like a bad idea?

No. 1117257

>With their mouths the godless destroy their neighbors, but through knowledge the righteous escape. (proverbs 11:9)
>Therefore each of you must put off falsehood and speak truthfully to your neighbor, for we are all members of one body. (ephesians 4:25)
therefore spreading knowledge about lolcows is righteous as long as the information is true, and not slanderous.
>And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free. (john 8:32)
look at the disclaimer at the bottom of the site. lying is indeed a sin, but nitpicking caps from cows' socials and talking about things they actually did is… not
>For we are taking pains to do what is right, not only in the eyes of the Lord but also in the eyes of man. (2 corinthians 8:21)
this line may be up for interpretation/debate, but i think most would agree that this line implies that sometimes the call on whether something is good or bad depends on what is socially acceptable.
>One of the Cretans, a prophet of their own, said, “Cretans are always liars, evil beasts, lazy gluttons.” (titus 1:12)
>For all that is in the world—the desires of the flesh and the desires of the eyes and pride of life—is not from the Father but is from the world. (1 john 2:15)
>and they shall say to the elders of his city, ‘This our son is stubborn and rebellious; he will not obey our voice; he is a glutton and a drunkard. (deuteronomy 21:20)
being gluttonous aka fat, and also alcoholism, are common cow behaviors. they are also clearly sinful activities as outlined here. in fact, by calling out these actions for being as harmful as they are, we are warning the cows against sprinting down a lifetime of sin. if they're sinners too it evens out

No. 1117270

Isn’t husbandofagging like lusting or worshipping false gods or some shit

No. 1117281

You tell her it’s a bad idea in the name of friendship

No. 1117290

Has your parent ever asked something like 'Where did I go wrong with you?' How the fuck do you respond to that?

No. 1117300

Does everyone who has been on image boards end up seeing gore/cp at least once because it gets spammed? I have never seen cp, always was warned ahead of time. I have been on lolcow since it was birthed am I just lucky?

No. 1117303

Yes. There is no response. I usually just go "i dont know" then hide in my room.

No. 1117305

“Being retarded enough to propagate your mental illness and hoping to spawn a mini-me to stroke your ego”

No. 1117311

"Your genes were enough." also there's nothing wrong about you, some people try to live through their children because they're failures themselves and get shocked when their children end up being average, even though the child is literally fine.

No. 1117322

Probably shouldn't, just for the sake of your own mental health. You're a person trying to do their best just like everyone else. Parents can do everything "right," but you aren't going to be a perfect child because no one is perfect. Also if your parents openly say that to you then they don't sound like they're perfect, healthy parents either. Anyway, it's not that there's anything "wrong" with you if you don't meet your parents' expectations. You're just a normal person.

No. 1117347

I have a discoloration right under my kneecaps (it's a whole skintone darker), I straight up just thought they were bruises for a long time but they don't hurt and have been there for I don't know how long lol. I never see this on other people, is it normal or just me?

No. 1117363

I usually respond with “idk but it was your mistake, not mine” or “I’m just mirroring you”

No. 1117365

i think a lot of people have that if you're of a darker skintone or if you spend a lot of time rubbing your knees against surfaces. they say kojic acid is supposed to help. you can also try azelaic acid.

No. 1117398

Am I allowed to say manlet on mainstream sites or will I earn the same reactions as if I said retard or tranny?

No. 1117407

It is fully normal, the skin might be tougher (like on your elbows) if you kneel a lot.

No. 1117411

You don't, it's not a question out of genuine interest on how they failed at parenting lmao.

No. 1117474

What are some entry-level jobs that don't require a lot of face to face interacting with clients/customers?

No. 1117478


No. 1117502

you will sound weird and men might get pissy but i think it's entering the mainstream more, so i'd say sure.

No. 1117593

File: 1648670713497.jpeg (20.06 KB, 564x543, E5879257-ACEB-4F07-96BC-B75653…)

If the daily cp raids are coming from a bot that posts every day at the exact same time, couldn’t admin shut down posting on /ot/ for the half-hour window that the bot is posting within? On my mind because i got stung in the raid last night and want to fucking kms just for seeing it

No. 1117615

Does anyone have a nice tortilla recipe? Im addicted to plain wheat tortillas. But idk how to make them thin enough. They never taste as good as the store.

No. 1117659

Is teeth whitening a bad idea?

No. 1117663

yes it can damage your teeth

No. 1117664

It’s a waste of time and money if you eat anything with colors and your teeth are healthy. But if your teeth are basically yellow, go for it.

No. 1117671

It seems fucked, my friend had very healthy teeth, just slightly yellow. After she got them whitened, she developed such bad temperature sensitivity, it seems pretty bad for her but idk

No. 1117680

This one is based on the wheat ones. It's pretty much the same process everybody makes them like. Hope that helps.

No. 1117685

Ah thanks nonna's!

No. 1117695

File: 1648674481471.webm (1.03 MB, 480x360, 1648329655936.webm)

Does anyone have context for this webm?? I can only bet it came from 4chin, but it looks like a tranny(?) getting bullied bu his dad?

No. 1117699

anon lmfao those are twitch streamers justaminx (female) and jshlatt (male). She is not a tranny kek. They are friends who pretend to bully each other as a bit

No. 1117706

samefag found the clip on minx's channel

No. 1117711

I was surprised how passing that "tranny"s voice, face and demeanor was until anon said it wasn't a tranny. Kek. Why did you assume it was a trans, anon?

No. 1117715

nta but probably because schlatt calls her a man, maybe anon assumed he was serious

No. 1117719

Is there a video game thread? Im pretty sure someone made a temporary one but it disappeared wtf

No. 1117735

>actually start to feel bad
>turns out she's not even a tranny

No. 1117744

No. 1117756

File: 1648678826159.jpg (66.34 KB, 540x540, a2502222388986fe9850d2d234969c…)

This may sound retarded but how would you approach coming up with a fitting "avatar" for yourself to "blog" about feelings through art? Like artist in picrel portrays herself as a snail. I don't want to draw myself-myself like idk, noelle stevenson does, because something about it feels too pretentious to actually work; but I have that need to do it (for myself really, I don't even know if I'll ever show it anywhere) yet finding something else to represent me feels somehow forced and fake too. Any of you anons did something like that before, maybe have any advice?

No. 1117757

This question is specifically for people who participate in cow threads.

Why do you guys obsessively follow these cows if you hate them so much? In some of the threads, people just seem to nitpick and hate on the smallest of things and I just don't fully understand the obsessive hate watching mentality.

No. 1117758

I neither obsessively follow them yet hate them. They're just interesting in a carcrash way.

No. 1117763

I would not be able to follow a thread about someone I actually hate. I don't hate the cows I follow, I just find them entertaining. I 100% understand where you're coming from though, it's so fucking annoying to have to sift through so many idiotic nitpicks that half of the time don't even have any basis in reality.

No. 1117773

KEK I don’t follow streamers and I thought the moid was being serious.

No. 1117774

Pls recommend me meal ideas
Can be anything as long as it doesn't involve dairy!

No. 1117775

Mental illness and jealousy.

No. 1117777

But then whoever is running the bot would just change it to the new time right? So it would be a never ending cycle unfortunately

No. 1117779

Fry up or boil sliced potatoes with random vegetables and sausages it tastes good

No. 1117780

File: 1648680354586.jpg (19.95 KB, 231x275, 1642113122285.jpg)

Greetings nonnies. Here's my stupid question for tonight:

What sort of clothing do you wear to a spa? I know that in some countries you just go naked under your towel but I'm in England and you can wear clothes to spas. Only thing is, I'm not very comfortable walking around in a bikini or most swimsuits as I'm really shy and just overall prefer to be somewhat covered up. But I still want to go to a spa and have a good time.
Can you wear for example, loose clean cotton t shirts? Shorts? Any sort of modest, lightweight clothing? Plz help I don't want to feel grossly uncomfortable in a swimsuit but my back muscles are crying for a sauna.

No. 1117786

Cheap mens swimsuit trunks and a breathable lightweight tank top. Sports bra underneath. Basically just dress like an old school butch going to the beach, make sure the fabrics you wear won’t feel suffocating.

No. 1117788

File: 1648680772967.jpeg (49.55 KB, 385x1007, B3FFE177-52E1-445F-A16E-6B65A5…)

I mean, you usually have to get naked for the massage, but you can wear a t-shirt and shorts to go to the spa and maybe hang around while waiting for your massage. Also, it’s probable that you will get all sweaty if the spa is relatively small, so the sauna and vapor bath will make the place all hot and steamy. Usually you just keep a towel on, maybe bring a bathrobe? Or two, in case you get sweaty or the bathrobe gets dirty with oils or creams.
Pic related looks nice, and has pockets, you will be able to put stuff in them, like face masks or some cream.

No. 1117811

I'm on a diet for my surgery that requires me to avoid anything containing garlic, peppers, onions, coriander, ginger, and tomatoes, among other things, because they affect blood clotting. I've been craving some little snack I could dip in sauce but when I check the nutrition info on sauce bottles they always vaguely list "spices" in the ingredients, which I assume could include something on that list. What are some dipping sauces I could make that has none of these ingredients but still pairs well with something dippable such as french fries or popcorn shrimps?

No. 1117812

My stupid question: How much would you pay for a book? I want this art books from an artist I've liked for a long time and the book is out of print and the cheapest I can find it is $300 all the way up to $600. I want it eventually but I'm not paying that much for it

No. 1117839

Could you make your own hummus? I don't eat shrimp but fries and hummus is a nice if beige snack.

No. 1117875

Ty nonnie

No. 1117880

how do i cheat the tik tok algorithim? Im in a third world shithole and i hate my people tbh especially the men and their creepy comments and they’re prone to stalk u i can’t connect with them and i want my videos to reach any other country outside of mine kek. I even bought a vpn for it but its not working… i still see videos from my country

No. 1117882

>open settings
>delete cookies
>press tiktok
>delete tiktok
>go on YouTube
>watch tiktok video compilations
>go on Pinterest
>search for anything you want to look for
>eventually find tiktok videos about what you want to watch

No. 1117884

I would click not interested to every video from the country I live in and blocked the big accounts and suddenly one day it just started showing me only videos in english. There's also some options in the settings page to choose what language you want your content to be in or something like that. It took a long fucking time to curate my feed like that though.

No. 1117888

>delete tik tok
>watch tik tok compilations
No anon… i’m trying to post videos to advertise my stuff not watch tik toks
But does that help show your videos to places outside of your own?

No. 1117894

not sure, I don't upload videos.

No. 1117895

if you guys have the tv on or a podcast or something WHILE YOU SLEEP, not before, does it infuse into your dreams? i am decidedly asleep, at least to those around me (according to them) yet my dreams are heavily influenced by what my brain appears to hear when i'm asleep. does this happen to anyone else? i'm sure it has to but i want to know how common this is because it keeps ruining my sleep

No. 1117897

I don't leave the TV or podcasts on when I sleep. However I do hear my husband's snoring in my dreams sometimes. Like most recently that I can remember, it was my cat was making this "gwaaaaah gwaaaah" sound at another cat through the window, but then when I woke up and realized I had been hearing my husband's snores.

No. 1117898

I don't think so bit that sounds cool nonnie. I feel like you could easily manipulate your dreams into being nice if your brain is like that.

No. 1117901

have you ever dated someone with HSV1? (cold sores) what was this like? did you contract it from them? can i be safe with my partner or will i 100% get it too?
also, how bad is it? if i get it is there a chance i’ll never have an outbreak?

No. 1117902

I listen to true crime documentaries before bed and sometimes when I'm asleep and it's playing I hear it in my dream and my brain tries to create images based on what I'm hearing.

No. 1117920

Something like 25-50% of the human population has it, you’ve probably already dated people with it.

No. 1117925

Wow! A perfect question for me to reply to! So when I started dating my boyfriend we both had no idea that cold sores were herpes. Growing up I just thought they were like a skin condition and our shitty American health education system did not teach me otherwise. Well, I got herpes about a year ago after dating him for about a year prior. There is absolutely zero consistent information on the transmission of herpes other than it CANNOT transfer on surfaces and that the virus denatures quickly once out of the host body. What I will tell you is this—some people are honestly just more susceptible to contracting the virus and expressing it. Majority of people who have herpes are asymptomatic, some people have internal sores in their mouth that are small and insignificant and, yes, can still pass the virus. I don’t know the exact statistics on herpes, but a large percentage of our global population already has it. You yourself may have it and you are asymptomatic. After getting herpes, I found majority of my friends got cold sores as kids/still get them. You have to specifically request a blood test to test for herpes. It’s up to you whether or not you would like to continue this relationship, some people are married for years and they never give it to their partner. Some people are less contagious than others. It is truly unpredictable, so it is up to you whether or not you would like to take the risk and continue the relationship. I wasn’t mad at my fiancé, neither of us knew and although he complained about a “canker sore” I took the risk and missed him anyways. Honest mistake, but I was lucky and he is who I am going to marry. If this is a relationship that isn’t going to go anywhere, I’d say to not take the risk. It’s all about perception, ask yourself how having herpes would affect your sexual confidence and self-image? If you couldn’t cope with it, don’t take the risk. I also suggest browsing r/herpes because there’s a lot of useful info and great people on there.
TLDR: there is zero consistent information about the transmission of herpes. Some people get it and some don’t. Taking the risk is up to you.

No. 1117926

very true but i’ve never had an outbreak! really hoping i never do even if i have the virus

No. 1117947

is permanent hair removal considered a form of plastic surgery?

No. 1117950

Why do people freak out about cold sores like they’re gonna die if they get them. I’ve only had like no more than 5 in my entire life so far and they go away after a week

No. 1117951

some people are germaphobes. i don’t think it’s unreasonable to be concerned about it

No. 1117957

aren't cold-sores literally herpes? which is incurable btw, who the fuck would wan't an incurable STI?

No. 1117958

i know right, plus it looks gross and people judge you for it

No. 1117961

Not genital herpes and not an STI. they’re different species in the same family. Might as well say the common cold is the same as SARS.

No. 1117968

>P-people judge you for it!!

No. 1117971

lmao girl enjoy your facial herpes then

No. 1117974

You belong in /g/ don’t you ever forget it and don’t you ever leave

No. 1117978

use a fake gps app

No. 1117993

Oral herpes can be spread to genitals and vice verse, so not as different as you seem to think.

No. 1118026

I posted this in the vent thread but i guess it belongs here:
Nonnies im a neet and I ruined my sleeping schedule how do I fix it? I wake up at 10pm then sleep at 1pm it is so bad im thinking of working again but i need my sleep schedule to be fixed.
I love being awake at night I love how silent it is and peaceful.

No. 1118028

I only have cold sores when my lips are dry

No. 1118035

File: 1648703563778.jpg (30.8 KB, 488x488, GUEST_db11e275-3877-4b87-ab41-…)

Fellow dysfunctional nocturnal neet here. I've gotten okay results by knocking myself out with these.

No. 1118051

If >>1118035 doesn't work out for you, try the liquid form of melatonin. The gummies don't work well for me but the liquid form is a bit stronger and faster acting.

No. 1118059

Thank you nonny. Its cool to meet other neets here

No. 1118115

Why do I wake up very tired when I (remember having) dreamed but feel fine when I had an (afaik) dreamless night?

No. 1118117

Anyone else find it difficult to talk wearing the mask? I can't articulate as well nor care about people as much. It's like we're all NPCs. I can't read their genuine expressions, or mouth, in case I didn't hear them well. So it makes it harder to connect.

No. 1118133

Can anyone help me? I keep waking up with muscle cramps in the middle of the night. I drink water, and i even added pedialyte near bed time, incase Im dehydrated. I work out with resistance bands 5 x a week and the cramps are spread out from butt to foor on my weaker leg.

No. 1118149

You may not be stretching enough after exercises, pay attention to stretch long enough and properly/thoroughly, treat it as an equally important part of exercise as the rest.
What can also help are massages and soaking in warm water.

No. 1118156

Your sleep phases might be dysfunctional.

No. 1118187

File: 1648719216837.jpg (169.24 KB, 1200x900, 1200px-Pacific_oysters.jpg)

Is it possible to learn to enjoy certain food if the first try wasn't nice?

No. 1118188

Eat more bananas. Potassium and magnesium are good for muscle cramps

No. 1118189

yeah absolutely anon

No. 1118193

I'll keep trying then, thanks for this glimmer of hope

No. 1118216

It is expensive but i think people complain too much and have too high expectations for their lifestyle. Everyone is obsessed with owning a house before 30 because renting is cringe apparently, and getting organic high quality groceries and sustainable fancy clothes, so of course thats expensive even with the wages. I live on the student loan (about 11-12k a year) and rent a small apartment with my bf and we still have money left over after groceries for fun or savings, so idk how the people with median wage (55k/yr) are broke.

No. 1118260

I ordered delivery two days ago but the restaurant double charged me. Both charges were pending so I assumed one was a pre authorization or something and would drop off, but both charges were posted to my account yesterday. Should I call them and ask them to refund me the extra charge today, or wait a few more days to see if the charge will go away? But since the extra charge was posted I don’t think it’ll drop off…

No. 1118263

Better contact them now, otherwise you'll try to downplay it to yourself. Same amount of effort anyways

No. 1118323

Yes! Don't force yourself to eat it at every possible moment (I did this to myself with celery as a kid until I liked it lol) but your taste buds change so you might like something farther down the line! I used to hate cilantro but now I love it. My best friend hated watermelon as a kid but it turns out her mom just got a shit watermelon the first time she ever had it and she thought they were all like that, she likes watermelon now. Always nice to try a bite every once in a while to see if it's suddenly ok, and it's fine if you never like the food at all! At least you tried.

No. 1118364

Who's your most to least favorite namefags?
I go first. Paki-chan, romanianon and (c)rap-chan.

No. 1118370

How about don't give any power to namefags? that only encourages their behavior and causes autistic meltdowns when they don't get attention

No. 1118374

Yeah if the extra charge was posted for sure call them asap. They may not have even noticed they double charged you.

No. 1118393

Stop trying to summon them. You want this thread to be derailled too?

No. 1118398

At this point i think trying to summon namefags should be bannable because all it causes is a lot of derailling. Its fucking retarded. There should just be a contamination thread for namefags so other threads dont get derailled

No. 1118411

So what's the deal with razors? I have used the more expensive "venus" ones for most of my life, but recently tried these free ones from school. The latter have actually been much better and I wonder why this is. So which razors are better?

No. 1118414

don't use ones marketed towards women like the venus ones, that's the difference. plus there's the pink tax so they're more expensive too.

No. 1118425

Price doesn't always indicate quality. This applies to a bunch of material goods, not just razors.

No. 1118426

You know when you’re on your period?

You ever get that feeling? Like your vagene is a cat and it keeps meowing? Like just really feeling the urge to touch yourself?

Is it normal on your period in particular?

No. 1118448

Ya, also why do you talk like a troon

No. 1118456

Sounds like something a dilator could fix.

No. 1118457

I'm not sure where to ask about this so I'll try here:
So I have owned this old cheap wacom tablet since 2010 but I hadn't used it much partly due to the fact my laptop was slow and I had an issue with the stylus sometimes. After so many years, I plugged it in to my current pc which is much better but I still have this problem: sometimes when I want to draw/write, even after I lift my hand from the tablet, instead of it stopping writing, it leaves some sort of trace and it "smudges" whatever I was writing/drawing. I was trying to write something on a document I needed and it took me like 15 minutes to write a few simple things and it drove me insane. And the thing is, that at some point, it just wrote how I wanted it to and then it resumed being retarded. I know it probably has something to do with the tablet settings and I really hope it isn't just my tablet being bad. Idk if it helps, but the tablet is THE wacom bamboo fun one and the model is CHT-461.

No. 1118461

>Like your vagene is a cat and it keeps meowing
You could just have written "horny", but you didn't. Instead you wrote this atrocity. Why?

No. 1118481

The fuck? Why can't you talk about sex like a mature adult woman.
You get horny on your period, yes this is normal ffs did you just get your period for the first time or something?

No. 1118493

YOOO This is like the tenth time I’ve been called troon kek

I put it that way because I’m shy desu
It feels kind of wrong to put it into words, I guess I’m just not like other anons nya!~

I’m trying to sound like a troon on purpose now lol

I didn’t just get my period, I’m actually an experienced menstruator. I am immature and definitely find it difficult to say ‘ME HORNY OOGA BOOGA’ it’s just a little embarrassing
t. extra virgin(reddit formatting)

No. 1118496

File: 1648741785570.png (5.07 KB, 249x203, download.png)

I normally use make up wipes to remove my eye make up but i just learned they're not good for my skin. I do have a cleanser and toner but I'm a retard and don't know how to go about it. Like do i just immediately rub some of the cleanser at my eyes? Or do i first try to remove my make up with water and then try to remove it with the cleanser. Do i put the cleanser on a cotton pad or can i just apply it with hand? Idk how to describe it but the cleanser is a thick milky like texture if that matters. Sorry if this is a retarted question but i tried to google online and can legit not find any good explanations on how to go about this

No. 1118500

Try micellar water with a washcloth or microfiber towel.

No. 1118501

Just spread the cleanser on your face and gently rub to get makeup off. Personally, I do use my cleanser on/around my eyes to get eye makeup off, but it might be different for you depending on how sensitive your eyes are. If you don't want to use cleanser around your eye area, you could always buy a microfiber cloth to dampen and then rub the makeup off, and then use a light face oil to get mascara off (or just water depending on mascara type).

No. 1118506

omg kikomi-chan im your biggest fan

No. 1118517

Is there any reason a ~20yo woman would take estrogen aside from being trans?

No. 1118520

A woman wouldn’t take estrogen if she’s trans. There’s multiple health reasons a woman might need hormone therapy.

No. 1118521

Off the top of my head, hormonal birth control or a hormonal imbalance

No. 1118534

Is typing "ya" instead of yes an american dialect thing or an underage thing?

No. 1118538


No. 1118541

Reminds me of Ariana Grande saying "yuh", I don't know if it's supposed to sound the same.

No. 1118543

Thought so!

No. 1118552

Why is everyone talking about microplastics all of a sudden and should I be worried about it?

No. 1118554

I take it because I'm missing an ovary kek

No. 1118555

Because they found some in many blood samples barbie girl playing in the bg softly

No. 1118580

Have any previously comphet lesbians ever thought they were repulsed by vaginas or the thought of lesbian sex? Like are you ever convinced that you can’t possibly be lesbian or is it always just a denial/naivety type thing?

No. 1118581

Yes and no because there's absolutely nothing you can do it. Even chosing to only eat from your own garden from now on wouldn't be enough to prevent consumption of microplastics. It's not much different from the average city person not being worried about the air they inhale. Long term health consequences have yet to be shown because microplastics are a fairly recent phenomonen.

No. 1118583

File: 1648747642309.jpg (532.15 KB, 500x772, animesher.com_anime-boy-merman…)

because they kill my merman husbandos.

No. 1118598

Should I make kimchi dumplings or kimchi with pork dumplings tonight?

No. 1118613

I'd add the pork unless you have a better plan for it later on, it will be better

No. 1118630

American, my American family and friends constantly do it but I never see it in Europe

No. 1118648

is it just me or do a lot of big websites just flat out lie about female health? Like almost all of them will tell you that using a vibrator regularly doesn't reduce sensitivity to fingers but every single woman I've asked told me it does. And i know multiple women who say that tampons make their cramps worse but most websites are absolutely adamant that it's impossible. I guess they all have affiliate links to sex toys and tampons? Healthline is the worst offender in this

No. 1118674

Interesting. I def cramp more while using a cup. What else do they lie about?

No. 1118678

Thanks nona!

No. 1118687

Because these people hate women but I keep seeing this shit written by women too, it's maddening. I told my gyno tampons absolutely do not agree with me and she goes "oh yeah endo can do that haha" which does make sense but I had also read that "it's impossible" bullshit so many times even when this field of medicine is a goddamn mystery, yet they go around writing shit like this. I'm sorry for the novel, I am passionate about pussy health.

No. 1118708

Samefag I figured out it was dirt on the removable tip of the stylus. Truly dumb kek

No. 1118716

Since the Eurovision movie nights are coming up I want to ask, how are singers chosen for the competition? I understand that they're sent by different countries, but do they just pick any up-and-coming artist that the general public in their country likes?

No. 1118727

Each country has their own elimination process, some just have music people choose for them, some have shows and you vote which one you like. I'm finnish so I watch our shitty show, people send in their songs, some music people choose a few, they perform and we vote. Some percentage is from the music people, some from foreign country panel, and some from the voting. I also watch sweden's mello which is the same thing but with a gazillion participants, shows and votes + trannies haha

No. 1118750

The participating broadcasters pick the song+artists. Some do a behind closed doors selection, others do a televized or online contest and have the public and/or a jury pick the winner. Every country is free to decide how they pick their entry, there's not 1 set way.

No. 1118759

then my country probably picks random ass people

No. 1118760

Oh and then there's Italy who asks the winner of Sanremo if they want to go to Eurovision but it's not a contest meant to select a contestant for Eurovision. I think Israel does something similiar? They select their entry on Got X-Factor I believe.

No. 1118779

One of my best friends just retweeted an unhinged post celebrating the recent attacks in Israel. It said something about how brave the attackers were for fighting against the evil occupiers etc. I’m just confused because I’m 90% sure my friend doesn’t know anything about the Israel/palestine conflict aside from things that get trendy on twitter she’s just a typical sjw white burger. Should I tell her that that post is insane?

No. 1118789

Conspiracy theorists always like to throw around the "it was a crisis actor, these events are all staged" but have there ever been any horrific events that were staged?

No. 1118817

don't you know? all of them!!!!

No. 1118822

Thanks anons. I'm excited to watch it for the first time, I saw some of the songs last year and I still listen to Israel's submission sometimes.

No. 1118831

File: 1648759590629.jpg (210.44 KB, 1080x1226, Screenshot_20220331_224615.jpg)

another one I see a lot is that your first time is not supposed to hurt, so you're doing something wrong if it does. I've never had sex but I've asked my friends and while it didn't hurt for some, others told me that despite going slowly and doing foreplay and everything else right, it did hurt. It hurts me to prod around my hymen to insert a tampon so i don't see why it's so unrealistic that tearing it would hurt, for some?

No. 1118851

I think the main difference is that you're not aroused when you're inserting a tampon. Arousal makes you lubricated and relaxes the muscles for insertion. I think it's possible that for some women it may hurt or be discomforting regardless, but I think that passing around this idea that the first time shouldn't hurt is way more beneficial than the original idea that it should, and that you should bleed. This idea just helps shitty moids that wanna be lazy and/or sadistic on a girl's first time. Let them work, and let the woman complain if they don't.

No. 1118854

You're right and the point that it'd lessen men victimizing girls who don't bleed is very important too. Some girls can tell their bf or husbands they're virgins and get beaten or such when they don't bleed or die from pain.

No. 1118863

Burger nonnies, where on your keyboard are they [ and ] keys? Like, for me it's on the 8 and 9 keys.

No. 1118864

Is there any way I can look at old, very old posts tagged in a certain way on a general tag on tumblr? Not a blog. Both site and app are way too buggy for me to scroll all the way back.

No. 1118865

File: 1648761368371.png (2.82 MB, 2816x1386, pro-clicky-hero.png)

Next to or right above the enter key.

No. 1118866


No. 1118880

I think they should just say that some people feel pain and some don't rather than that you're not supposed to feel pain. I've tried to finger myself while aroused and couldn't because it hurt, the same way it does with tampons. Unrelated to sex but my sister experienced the same thing with inserting tampons and she genuinely thought that there was something wrong with her body because she read everywhere that it's not supposed to hurt. Everyone's anatomy is differed, I don't think making generalized statements is good either way

No. 1118921

My hymen broke during "third base." It hurt and I started bleeding, but I was into it so it wasn't a big deal. Kind of one of those things where you get surprised, shrug, and move on.
I wish more women would have this experience and not be scared or intimidated by sex because of the first time pain. If you're aroused and actually want to have sex, the pain shouldn't be a huge deal or something to be scared of.

Do you think you have vaginismus? I don't like tampons but I'll use them when I have to. The first times using them was extremely uncomfortable and unpleasant. If you're putting them in incorrectly at the wrong angle, you may feel pain. Taking them out was the scarier part for me. No pain per say, just extremely uncomfortable.
But as you said, everyone's body is different. We are all different, beautiful, and amazing.

No. 1118940

>do you think you have vaginismus
no as it doesn't hurt inside, just moving my hymen around to get it there hurts, if that makes sense? Like the pain is external not internal, from pushing it around looking for the vaginal opening. idk if I'm explaining myself well lol but I'm pretty sure something bigger going in will hurt, and I'm okay with that

No. 1119041

I'm thinking of going on anti depressants/ SSRIs and I want to know the actual side effects that could occur, especially in women like myself with uterus issues. Is there a site that have legitimate side effects, including long term and not just medical gaslighting? Or does anyone mind sharing their side effects of SSRIs?

No. 1119048

I was on lexapro for a year. Gave me hella heartburn if I didn’t eat before taking it in the morning. Coming off gave me minor psychosis issues for a couple weeks, but it helped mellow me at my worst. Didn’t effect my cycle at all.

No. 1119082

I've been on all of these the past five years.
Zoloft: made me eat all the time or made me nauseous. Drowsy all the time. Didn't affect my weight. Coming off it made me feel generally ill for a month or so.
Prozac: made me drowsy, made me hungry all the time, gave me loose stools, made me agitated. Gained 20lbs even on a 1500 kcal diet. Withdrawal was the worst on this one.
Lexapro: same effects as zoloft.
Paxil: Made me agitated. Gave me insomnia at night and I was tired all day. Made my psychosis worse. Was always thirsty. Withdrawal made me aggressive and agitated.
Wellbutrin: helped me lose 10lbs, improved my mood, insomnia most nights, psychotic symptoms improved, gave me more energy during the daytime, helped my anxiety. Was overall the best one but it was the most expensive and it gave me more energy at the cost of sleeping 8 hours a night.
Now I'm on mirtazapine because of the insomnia issue but it's too soon to tell how it's affecting me.
Also all of them killed my sex drive completely except the wellbutrin, though it still wasn't much when it did return so take that as you will. None of them really affected my menstrual cycles as they were always irregular before I started meds and it wasn't any different after.

No. 1119090

File: 1648782617382.jpeg (794.6 KB, 1200x1805, iu-124.jpeg)

Is there any place that's not aliexpress I can find psychedelic tights like picrel for cheap? I cannot seem to find them secondhand and when they're new they're crazy expensive for tights. Do I just have to go into town and look at the sale selection of random stores? I just want some freaky looking tights to wear with my black outfits lol, but they're somehow impossible to find.

No. 1119092

youre not likely to find them cheap from places that arent ali or shein if u dont want to support it or want high quality items just buy them from the people who make them by hand

No. 1119100

kek what's with people on IG always privating and sometimes out right deleting their accounts a few months after I looked at it? It happens so often that it's definitely no longer a coincidence. I don't even have an account myself so how would they know I'm looking? Is it because I downloaded one of their pics?

No. 1119101

They are monitoring your devices but they don't want you to know so that's why they wait a few months before privating. Everyone is watching you all the time including (but not limited to) every anon who posts here. Everyone is in on it except you. We are doing this just to upset you.

No. 1119109

I wondered that too, it happens even faster for me everytime I try to stalk old classmates.

delete this

No. 1119114

Just a coincidence anons, more people seem to be deleting their social media and just make spam instagrams.

No. 1119136

McDonalds or KFC for dinner nonnies?

No. 1119139

Kfc is trash

No. 1119142

McDonald’s plus a biscuit from KFC. Then you can cry yourself to sleep over your life choices.

No. 1119146

Can’t imagine how narcissistic you two must be to think that anyone thinks or cares about what Instagram accounts you look at.

No. 1119151

Neither nonna nor I even have Instagram accounts, we just noticed that strange phenomenon. If you specifically only look at 4 several year old accounts and they all private days after you look at them, you'd be confused too.

No. 1119177

I don't understand why some women only use vibrators, are there really people who can't get off from finger banging or clit alone?

No. 1119235

How do I get tights to stop falling down? Am I wearing the wrong size? I’m so sick of going to the toilet just to pull them up.

No. 1119247

Unless you have a really unusual shaped body, you're wearing the wrong size. To salvage your pair you could sew some elastic in at the waist

No. 1119258

>unless you have a really unusually shaped body
I don’t think i do? I’m very average all around in proportions.
I wear size S tights and I’m a UK 8. I always thought that getting a size bigger than you are means they’re less likely to fall down but that doesn’t seem to make a difference. If I wear tights that are supposedly my size then they’re too short? It’s like they’re either too short at the leg or too wide for me so they just fall down no matter what.

No. 1119266

Yes, we exist. It takes like an hour to get off with my hand if I get off at all but like 2~7 mins with a vibrator so guess which one I’m using

No. 1119268

Ohh, you mean make the spooky long crotch thing that tights do? If the legs are too long, I don't know that it can be helped much. Alternatively you could opt for thigh highs with silicone bands and/or a garter belt to keep them up.

No. 1119274

Wear a pair of pants over the tights (as well as the usual pair under them)

No. 1119287

>getting a size bigger than you are means they’re less likely to fall down
What's the logic there lol I'm not seeing it

No. 1119293

For me, I can't really feel any pleasure by fingering myself as it feels more uncomfortable than good, but for some reason I'm able to get off when another person does it.

No. 1119299

Tights are elastic. If they're too short they will be stretched too much and will keep trying to release that tension and get back to their shape by sliding down your ass.

No. 1119316

A job that lasted for 3 months should be left out from a cv, right? even if it was the only employment I had that year?

No. 1119323

Personally I would put it in but exaggerate the time I spent there. Idk though because i always apply for trash jobs that probably don’t even check my references kek.

No. 1119327

I think short-lasting job is better than nothing / gap in the portfolio, so include it, just be prepared to answer the question why you left it (you can go with the classic of family emergency)

No. 1119330

It's because bigger sizes are longer. I'm very tall and it's definitely true for me, I always buy size L-XL despite wearing a medium because otherwise they're too short and ride down

No. 1119348

What's happening with /m/ right now? I'm seeing discussions of it here and there and I missed if there was a thread about it on /meta/

No. 1119351

those are originally from mod shoes, they have them for 15ish dollar, so not that expensive for thighs. plus they are probably gonna last you longer then cheap ones

No. 1119372

What do you mean nonny? The fact that it’s been basically gone for like a month now or did something else happen?

No. 1119381

why does getting more sleep make me feel worse? i went to bed an hour earlier last night and when i woke up i felt like shiiiiiiiiit!
i also noticed when i started getting up for work an hour earlier, it made me feel better/more awake somehow. why?!?

No. 1119387

The old /m/ threads can no longer be posted in after LC broke over a month ago. Everything else eventually was fixed but not /m/. Admin promised the threads are backed up and will be restored but it's been a month+ without any word or fixing. All threads in /m/ currently are made after LC broke.

No. 1119388

WHAT IS A CUTE NAME FOR A CAT? I’m getting a cat and have no ideas at all.

No. 1119389


No. 1119390

No. 1119392

Male or female?

No. 1119394


No. 1119396

No. 1119398

Basic objects or food names are great for cats, sth like Lamp or Tartine

No. 1119400

No. 1119401


No. 1119402

Give it a human name, something like Bethany or Josephine

No. 1119404

No. 1119406

Morgana or Luna? sorry if stereotypical cat names

No. 1119434

My neighbors are all naming their cats human names I think it's funny. I would call a cat Miffy

No. 1119481

File: 1648819884862.webm (2.05 MB, 320x240, whatdoyoumeanwitharkansaw.webm)

USAnons who are neither from Kansas nor Arkansas, was the difference in pronounciation common knowledge for you or did it came to you as a shock as much as it did for the rest of us?

No. 1119484

I name all my cats in video games Esca, even though it's not a cat name at all. The horses are all called Megan.

No. 1119486

I would’ve been like nine years old when I learned all the states so I don’t remember Kansas/Arkansas, but I do remember being bugged that the s on Illinois is silent.

No. 1119487

the s is what now

No. 1119489

I'm not even anglo and i know the s in illinois is silent

No. 1119491

Actually, while I'm already at it, New Orleans: is the leans pronounced like lean+s as in lean meat or like land without an D+s?

No. 1119493

People from the area say “orlins” but “or-leans” is common in other places.

No. 1119501

Like the anon said above, if you want to say it correctly, say or-lens

No. 1119506

Why does everyone hate reddit? I've never been to that site, is it really different from other forums infected by men? What's so characteristically awful about reddit that most sites on the internet don't have?

No. 1119508

The most blatant issue is how terminally unfuckingfunny the scrotes there are. Go on any bigger sub and there's tens of comment threads that start with someone saying a word or a part of a movie/game/meme and 1000 scrotes will carry on that "joke" for days. Then they give each other awards for the funny hahas, that cost goddamn money. That isn't the biggest issue but I hate it when scrotes think they are funny.

No. 1119511

I can't stand Reddit banter either. It seems almost scripted and uncanny

No. 1119514


No. 1119517

the upvote system is cancer. in addition it promotes scrotery and hermaphromoidism.

No. 1119522

General vibe is like other anons say, extremely male-centric and cringy but there are a few subreddits dedicated to specific topics that make me visit every now and then. As with any social media, you can curate for yourself a decent experience even in a generally poorly regarded place.

No. 1119524

that's because you get indoctrinated by upvotes to conform

No. 1119526

If you go on there and say post about having terminal cancer but there happens to be a hidden possible pun in your post.. then a scrote will come along and not be able to help himself so he'll point out the pun and make a joke and become the most upvoted reply to your cancer post. Shit like that is what I hate about it. I've seen it in reply to serious posts about miscarriages and all.

No. 1119531

Also in my experience, asking for help gets smug responses by tfw2intelligent scrotes and downvotes. I've been treated smugly and downvoted for asking questions about a pretty serious issue I was having. Science centered subreddits are filled with the most insufferable kinds of scrotes

No. 1119532

>faux intellectualism by eternal manchildren nerds who think they're smarter than everyone else
>politically retarded, the majority are either autistically liberal "trans women are women" types or degenerate coomer libertarians
>because of the above, they're anti women either in the enlightened egalitarian way "men and women are LITERALLY the same therefore female locker rooms aren't necessary and male violence stats don't matter" or in the retard coomer way "feminism is bad because big tiddy ladies in muh vidya!!!"
>not to mention the actual open raging misgynists and incels
>pathetically self-pitying culture, waaaah men don't get compliments like women despite putting 0.0004 seconds of effort into their appearance every day!!!
>most women centric subs suck, always full of handmaidens falling over themselves to validated gross trannies and be a good liberal, really they're fake as fuck in general esp the makeup/fashion ones, like to the point they will straight up lie to your face about how you look because it's more important to be uwu positive than actually helpful
>seething fatties of both genders everywhere, either coping with body positivity or a-logging other fatties in subs like r/fatlogic
>you probably know this already but trannies, trannies everywhere, the main lesbian and women's subreddits are run by trannies, and you get banned from the former for saying that pushing lesbians to try penis is creepy
>a good 30% if not more of the active userbase consists of teenagers, at least half of which are destroying their brains with porn and being groomed by adults into trannyism and other fetishes
>porn literally everywhere, even if you turn nsfw off you can't avoid the constant memes and references to it

No. 1119537

Is there a way to unpack a password protected .zip file? I found a music album (I suppose? It's in the folder where all my other not-yet cleaned up albums are) I downloaded back in 2019 and vaguely remember thinking I'd try to get the password for it later because I was too lazy just in that moment and ended up forgetting about it. Now I don't even remember which or even whose album it was, with the file having some relatively generic name, and my internet history just goes back to late 2020 lol.

No. 1119538

samefag forgot to mention
>gullible to a comedic degree, r/aita r/relationship_advice etc are filled with the most obvious fanfiction written to validate op's bias and yet tens of thousands of people fall for it every time. genuinely makes me question if universal suffrage was a good idea
>as other anons mentioned the upvote system is terrible, it promotes homogeneity of thought (downvoted replies get hidden) and snarky comments and bad jokes over actual discussion

No. 1119555

it's full of bots getting triggered over everything too, reddit has become a literal echo chamber. you literally cannot say
>anything bad about porn addicts
>anything bad about vaccines/lockdowns
>anything about how white men in first world countries aren't being oppressed because their girlfriend told them it was stupid to cry when the restaurant fucked their burger up

now there's a bizarre loli uprising where if you say anything bad about loli they'll lose their shit. Who even, in the right mind, draws naked children? people are gross

No. 1119563

Ok then why does the thing I described happen? You have no explanation.

No. 1119566

Just a guess, but they might get a notification every time someone "suspicious" (aka an IP or device that they haven't logged as being someone who's related to the user) goes through their profile, clicks on posts, etc. If they don't normally get interaction from someone from Colorado or Jakarta or whatever and they find out there's a stranger "e-stalking" them, they might get spooked and delete (or go private)

No. 1119570

Exactly this, they do not know how to read the fucking room, fucking degenerates.

No. 1119580

It seemed like common knowledge to me. I learned it very young, before starting school, but I was weirdly obsessed with geography. However, when it was brought up in class, none of the other kids had trouble accepting that some words sound different even when they share the same spelling. We sometimes called it R-Kansas jokingly. It seemed as though everyone knew that was a silly way to say it.

No. 1119584

should i force myself to enjoy books again?
i used to read like 10 books a month. i havent read any book (fiction or nonfiction) in 3 years. i feel like my ability to express myself in my native language has suffered a bit (since i study in english and consume english content 99% of the time). but even if nothing has changed, everyone who i look up to always says that reading improves you. should i start back or does it have no real benefit except for the obvious vocab expansion? if there is no other benefit, what can i do to actually be able to complete sentences without derailing all the time?

No. 1119599

>does it have any other benefit
I mean if you don't enjoy reading fiction for fun and you don't enjoy critical analysis of stories or poems, then you could try reading nonfiction. Then you have the added benefit of learning something new about whatever you're interested in.

No. 1119601

File: 1648830291919.jpg (37.54 KB, 430x538, 0345b1103d8e8b50d96f2f500661da…)

You shouldn't force it if you don't want to do it, but think reading does have some benefits. If you're trying to improve your native language you could try writing a bit in it and have someone else read it? Getting back into it is kind of difficult if you aren't used to sitting there for a long period of time to process information, I still have to re-read paragraphs I just read to comprehend what was written.

Also don't give yourself a time or quota to finish X amount of books in a certain time frame, the great thing about books is you can finish them at your own leisurely pace.

No. 1119618

Do you nonnies like random presents? I'm thinking of getting my sister a random gift just because, but I don't want to just get someone something they didn't really want or need. It's something small and not too expensive like a coloring book.
I know I personally don't like getting things I didn't really want for myself then having to act grateful for it even if I didn't want it.

No. 1119619

Ugh so yesterday I went to the restroom and near the end I was wiping just blood and there was some in the last stool I had pushed out. Everything was fine after that. This morning, I went again, and it was the same story - no blood until the end of the bowel movement, had to wipe up a lot of blood. I'm hoping this is just a fissure or hemorrhoid.

No. 1119620

Absolutely! I'm reading a book right now and can't remember the last time I enjoyed myself this much.

No. 1119622

File: 1648832111643.jpeg (105.22 KB, 450x500, 42C44301-B8C0-4E52-A343-D1B08C…)

What the fuck do I do when I got an ugly ass stalker like this?

No. 1119623

I love random presents, I give and receive them all the time. They make me feel special and happy that the other person was thinking of me. It doesn't hurt at least once or twice and then after you can ask if that's something that bothers her, just so it doesn't ruin the initial surprise.

No. 1119624

Kill all men

No. 1119625

My dumb question is, when should I go in?

No. 1119627

Was there pain as well?

No. 1119628

Call the police and get a restraining order.

No. 1119635

There wasn't pain yesterday, but today there was. It's not like the blooding is flooding the toilet, it's just there is a lot of it when I wipe and it's at the end my stools. I am prone to fissures, but I've just never had it so bad.

No. 1119638

You are angry, and I love you.

No. 1119645

File: 1648833659503.jpeg (37.72 KB, 520x481, 9AB9020D-3878-45DE-8926-5EB9E3…)

Hardcore zoomer internet addict vibes from this one.

No. 1119647

the what now

No. 1119651

closer to millennial but whatever. it feels like i'm surrounded by perverts.

No. 1119652

Sorry this was obviously meant for >>1119619
I mean if you're prone to them and you didn't notice anything different (for instance your stool being a different color than usual) then it's likely to be another fissure. Although the heavy bleeding is really worrisome, I think the safest would be to see a doctor about it

No. 1119657

>you don’t want to be objectified?! Must be a dumb kweer!
full circle

No. 1119673

How do you not know this about important parts of your own country holy shit

No. 1119679

Nta but those states really aren't that important kek.

No. 1119680

Do you seriously think we give a fuck about Kansas and Arkansaw?

No. 1119717

Who spends more than 5 dollars on patreon creators? I sometimes see fucking 80+ dollar tiers and it's just.. Who in their right mind spends that much? I am subscribed to a few people on patreon but just the 1-5 dollar tiers. (I know spending money on patreon is dumb to begin with but I really love some people's content that's only on there now.) It boggles my mind, who has money to spend even 20+ dollars on 'exclusive content' and who is that obsessed with someone they don't even know? Speaking as an autist who's obsessed with a few people as well. I would never spend that much money on them though lol.

No. 1119726

I don't know if this is a stupid question per say but are there any good resources on how to get into streaming on twitch. The whole dashboard and Livestream settings give me an aneurysm and about mics too because mine won't pick up my voice for some reason.

No. 1119734

I think it's not about what content they get for it, they just want to support the person in what they're doing. Tbh I'd do the same with some of my favorite musicians, artists and other creative people with a patreon, if I could effortlessly afford it. People with a creative passion should be able thrive to their full potential and to live from doing what they love. Sadly the world isn't built like that mostly, but donations like thos can help a bit.

No. 1119736

File: 1648838964601.jpg (126.67 KB, 752x1063, 730219f49402cf418dda08e094f659…)

Me and toto would like to have a word with you

No. 1119738

Post him to lolcow

No. 1119778

How can I get over a hoarding mentality and allow myself to let go of items? I have so many things I don't use that just take up space but I never toss them because I'm afraid I'll "need it later." Even when I know logically I probably will never need it, I still struggle with that stupid irrational feeling.

No. 1119780

OCD girl. I am a hoarder too. It sucks you almost never get over it.

No. 1119784

kek yes! Show us

No. 1119873

File: 1648845676013.jpg (28.4 KB, 402x402, Lorre.jpg)

Unsolicited trivia for those who might not know and might care, but this Looney Tunes character was based on actual actor named Peter Lorre

No. 1119877

Anons who journal: what does it help you with, why do you journal exactly? And how frequently do you do it?

No. 1119920

Who is this Steven that some anons mention sometimes?

No. 1119923


No. 1119929

No. 1119932

any nonnies want to help me understand wtf they mean in my maff equation?
I understand they want, and how to do it but why answer wrong

No. 1119937

romanianon's psychologically abusive ex e-boyfriend. He posts here and contacts farmers pretending to be a woman, and says he has been doing so for years. Looks like an incel tranny and sounds like an insufferable redditor

No. 1119938

post it

No. 1119946

Do you say mehgan or maygan

No. 1119957

File: 1648848644484.jpeg (40.69 KB, 211x249, 6D7706F3-B19A-4E4E-A979-DDD0E7…)

Should I learn music theory if I don’t own any instruments? I’ve never played an instrument before in my life beyond some recorder practice in my early school years, but I’d like to learn music theory by myself. How necessary is it to own an instrument to learn music theory?

No. 1119962

I don't know a Megan worth talking about so I don't say it at all

No. 1119980

File: 1648849225100.jpeg (42.17 KB, 275x274, F1F37117-2E0E-4D42-B5BB-C523C2…)


No. 1119984

what name is worse: heather, ashley, or sarah?

No. 1119987

10/10 stacy literally violently mogs 3/10 chinlet to death.

No. 1119988


No. 1119992

They're all Karen-ish

No. 1119993

Saint Jodi, patron saint of girlbosses.

No. 1120006

Back to tumblr/reddit.

No. 1120014

sarah, the most plainest/boring imo

No. 1120015

File: 1648849916787.jpeg (94.1 KB, 639x632, B0B666D4-4BAA-4F0D-B22F-4312CD…)

Just posting a cat pic to cleanse /ot/ of ball smell and bad vibes

No. 1120029

Bumping again

No. 1120035

No. 1120068

It helps with anxiety, mental clarity, and focus/purpose. It also helps you feel more accomplished because there’s so much shit you just forget that you did. It’s best to do it every day, but I struggle to get back in the habit after I stopped for a while.

No. 1120082

Are moid furries zoophiles? Or are they just attracted to anthropomorphic animals? Also if they are zoophiles is it a majority or just a fringe group?

No. 1120088

They're animorphs

No. 1120089

The vast majority of furries view their Furiness as a fetish. I’d say that 100% of them are porn addicts/ sexual degenerates, at least a solid 50% are attracted to real animals and that a decent portion of them are pedophiles too. I swear there was a poll held at a furry convention that showed that 50% of furries who participated in the survey were attracted to real animals

No. 1120090

Many of them show an interest in fucking real animals, so yes. There's even a whole community for it on twitter.

No. 1120093

File: 1648853296219.jpg (26.22 KB, 600x450, ipeokoqes5v61.jpg)

No. 1120102

File: 1648853559005.jpg (49.14 KB, 564x376, Aardcatdog.jpg)

I write at least once a day, most times multiple times a day. Mostly, it helps me to crystalize my memories although 80% of my entries are either whining about my Mom or movie reviews. But you do feel like you accomplished something and I will definitely in the future re-read over these entries and see what I was like in March 2022.

No. 1120123

Is it narcissistic to post lots of selfies? Without filters or photoshop and multiple times a week on different accounts This isn't about me

No. 1120139

File: 1648855866395.jpg (15.41 KB, 275x275, 1620939960751.jpg)

how do you stop fixating on your looks? it's a combination of body dysmorphia and depression, but i'm finding it tough to even leave the house out of shame. i want to be completely neutral about my body. i want to be able to accomplish things without constantly wondering how people perceive me.

No. 1120141

Get off social media and get hobbies. Anything that makes you feel bad about your looks block as much as possible.

No. 1120152

Is it weird to keep every single empty pill bottle you have? I like to hold on to them.

No. 1120162

If you can’t find any other uses for them, you’re just hoarding trash.

No. 1120169

I'm definitely a "but what if I need it in the future" type of person. I have been on different antibiotics and I think it's useful to keep the bottles for those, but I also keep stuff I most likely don't need like empty pain meds.

No. 1120175

I keep alllll of mine because they're great for sorting really small craft items with a secure lid and because I'm terrified of someone going through my trash, seeing which pills I'm on and robbing me in some way. Apparently that's common where I am? You might find a good use for them. Also because they're so narrow, they make wonderful icecubes for bongs that have ice-catchers. Much easier and larger than the average ice cube and melts evenly, kek

No. 1120212

do u guys ever think tapeworms could live like a normal worm. like if u were to take one out of someones gut and put it on soil could it live like a normal earth worm…..

No. 1120216

Pretty sure it needs a host to survive

No. 1120217

A tapeworm is literally more defenseless than a regular worm. Plus, their mouthparts are specifically designed for eating the literal shit in your digestive tract. If they were outside of the host body they would just lie there and starve to death

No. 1120220

Look at those people of walmart compilations on youtube

No. 1120222

If they own yif/anthroporn then they're a zoophile. And that's basically the entire community, so yes.

No. 1120224

Precious, classic cat or small dog name

No. 1120226


No. 1120229

File: 1648865227387.jpg (128.92 KB, 315x411, Tumblr_l_431873309511346.jpg)

Fun fact: The tapeworm is the only being that literally loves you for your shit.

No. 1120270

is shipping for ebay stressful? i want to sell some small stuff and am very anxious about mailing things out in case i look stupid.

No. 1120278

File: 1648871245944.png (1.55 MB, 1456x1388, what is this.png)

I asked this on /g/ but I'll also ask it in here. What would you call this type of person?
They're usually wearing "Smart Casual" clothing. Their wardrobes consist pretty much of basics and classic silhouettes. I would call them normies but it just doesn't sound right if you know what I mean. also they aren't as cheap

No. 1120282

Still normies, just ones who decided to google 'timeless fashion' instead of developing their own taste

No. 1120286

People with jobs that requires them to look like they aren’t insane or sweating buckets.

No. 1120290

I call them my name for that is me.

No. 1120292

Fashionable normie?

No. 1120293

Normies with office jobs or who like to look nicer, have more money? There's also a higher chance they're going to be the one who asks for a manager because something wasn't perfect.

No. 1120298

Samantha is that you?

No. 1120301

nta but how do i learn how to develop my own taste when literally everything i like is inspired by something else

No. 1120306

nta but I kinda see it like when you develop your art style. You first learn all the rules like anatomy, perspective, etc. and then you start adding what you like into the drawing; ex. bigger eyes, longer legs.
Maybe doing some research into fashion history and subcultures, then choosing and applying what you like. If it sounds like too much work just go out "normie-ish", nothing wrong about it.

No. 1120309

No. 1120314

What's with all the Q&As lately?

No. 1120316

You will know more about it during my Q&A next week.

No. 1120332

Can lip injections be used to change the shape of your lips? My cupids bow is really sharp and I'd like it to be a softer, rounder shape. I'm not really looking for any added volume though.

No. 1120342

File: 1648880335538.gif (300.2 KB, 488x447, d858f14760560d1f7b1a29544f4a37…)

bumping for safety. report, do not proceed

No. 1120353

File: 1648880567231.jpg (334.91 KB, 1080x1080, 1647041978523.jpg)


No. 1120354

File: 1648880583441.jpeg (258.99 KB, 640x920, 710E2AB5-EA1D-4127-A655-C4986E…)

i will kill a moid one day

No. 1120362

File: 1648880858729.jpg (78.85 KB, 500x497, 1543637179363.jpg)

so retarded that by proving women continually right they think they're somehow proving us wrong? make it make sense. bumping for my girls.

No. 1120363

they don’t have the ability to think critically, men don’t have brains

No. 1120365

File: 1648881055501.jpeg (74.07 KB, 937x525, 1576743731127.jpeg)

the "rational sex" is somehow perpetually brainless and their actions continually counterintuitive. just stunning

No. 1120367

File: 1648881278723.jpg (168.06 KB, 1500x1000, man-cutting-sausage-958561.jpg)

That's something I'll never understand. They'll claim they're the smarter and more rational sex and then well.. they just do the shit they do. Women would never.

No. 1120376

I have the urge to reply to their stupid spam with dead moids but I would never want to expose nonnies to that shit, I wish all men would fucking die

No. 1120383

Will the overuse of the word narc ever reach a point where its just so ridiculous that people stop?

No. 1120384

Anon they barely even care about each other. They egg each other on to commit suicide all the time I see it on 4chan. Especially if those men are non-white, they will probably cheer you on. Just don’t stoop to their disgusting level.

No. 1120385

you’re right nonny which is another reason why I don’t post it, there’s nothing we could really post back to disturb them because they probably wank it to gross shit already anyways

No. 1120388

File: 1648882482460.jpeg (40.83 KB, 512x289, 3EFA6AE5-7C10-42BF-8447-99471C…)

Every time they do it, it makes my male hate feels so valid

No. 1120390

All the most "rational" scrotes at my work do, is basically bully each other and then decide based on that who's the smartest and who had the best argument and then boast about it on lunch break. Kindergarten shit.

No. 1120403

No. 1120426

File: 1648885018519.jpeg (69.68 KB, 828x236, F1F2635D-DF21-40DD-8C60-2101D0…)


No. 1120436

can someone send me $10? I want McDonalds but I forgot to send in my timesheet and won't be paid until Monday.

No. 1120442

Been getting a sore dry throat at night for weeks now. I took a covid test the day it started and it was negative. Every night it kicks in at bedtime and robs me of sleep. I keep forgetting to buy otc stuff because I'm okay during the day. What is this?

No. 1120447

Sounds like stock-standard Bronchitis. You can fix the coughing by consciously taking deep breaths through your nose.

Your doctor will be able to prescribe anti-inflammatory meds and dietary advice.

No. 1120449

I cut down a tree in my lawn and now the trunk and branches are just sitting there. How can I get rid of them? I'm too weak to cut them into small pieces multiple times with just my saw.

No. 1120460

If you go to certain places of worship (esp church) on certain days you can get the pengest food free of charge. Just participate in the bible study, simple as.

No. 1120465


No. 1120515

File: 1648896415542.jpg (33.96 KB, 396x600, Embarrassed.jpg)

update, holy shit. i was right. i hallucinated him. i asked if we met at the hospital, if he's a receptionist. he was very confused and said no, i don't work at a hospital. i had one convo with him before where i wore headphones, and heard him say something about hospitals.
after he said what, i was mortified and walked away. hopefully he doesn't spread anything. kill me, nonnies.

No. 1120518

many moids look very similar. don't stress about it. you probably just figured they have vaguely similar looking faces/looks and assumed they were the same. no biggie

No. 1120520

File: 1648896797724.jpg (67.46 KB, 720x761, 1fbfbd9cfd11ad2d91e5b39b814326…)

Trying to make the bedroom my sister's boyfriend is staying in mildly disturbing (so he doesn't spend too long here disrupting my sigma female grindset). so far i have

>mirror placed right in front of the bed where he will be sleeping so he feels watched

>Qur'an placed on bed
>ticking alarm clock close to the bed but a little difficult to find
>bandages placed next to the mirror, appears threatening
>window open so it's cold (he will be focused on staying warm instead of sinning)
>binoculars facing the bed also
>things balanced precariously so things will tip over if too much movement is made

any other ways to get the 'this is my swamp' message across? thanks lovelies ♥

No. 1120527

ok. ok thanks. sh-should i avoid him?

No. 1120532

this is great. i like your devious plan.
package of tampons or pads in sight might disgust him. a random red yarn coming out from under the bed could look like blood to his subconscious. if you have a cat, put it's litter near that room so he hears scratching or it smells gross if the cat uses it.

No. 1120536

If you're Muslim why is the bf staying at your place before they got married? If not, why would Quran make someone uncomfortable?

No. 1120548

>a random red yarn coming out from under the bed could look like blood to his subconscious
that is so devious nonnette, thank you. i have used a red scrunchie and a couple of pads. I have also arranged objects that look like a face close to the bed, it may look accidental, so he thinks he's losing it, but actually, it's deliberate. there's a hair clasp that looks like teeth placed in front of binoculars and it genuinely looks like one.

I myself am not muslim, the Qur'an belongs to somebody else in this house. they're staying in separate bedrooms anyway, mum's ok with it.

No. 1120560

Put some more religious books in the room, make a pile with them but put the Q’uran on top, if you don’t have more religious books put some war books mixed in, hang a painting/poster/picture that has a person looking at the viewer, leave some boxes in that room as well and be like “oop sorry! It’s just that this was my storage room since this place is soooo tiny”. Make power sockets hard to reach by placing some table or just boxes so he has only one socket for use.

No. 1120585

that's literally so based, thank you nonna. i definitely want the room to give 'the walls have eyes', you know? so the posters are a really good idea

No. 1120596

Why are my hands so goddamn cold all the time? I quit smoking about a year ago (ironically back then I didn't get cold hands), wear clothes according and make sure my feet, neck and stomach are always warm enough. Can I do something about this? I've been wearing gloves at home lol but I can't do that at work.

No. 1120600

File: 1648904175477.jpg (52.38 KB, 500x500, kitten.jpg)

Gore bump

No. 1120602

File: 1648904262248.jpg (79.47 KB, 563x517, 1576701574176.jpg)

the insufferable and sackless fags are back at it. bumping for abuse

No. 1120603

They think their behaviour does anything other than prove our point kek.

No. 1120604

would trans-baiting people on instagram result in monetary gain, or is twitter or tumblr better for that?

No. 1120607

Tbh I'm not sensitive to the stuff they post but I like to think that for anons who are… every time it gets posted that's just another irl scrote who'll get rejected because those anons now have a new level of scrote disgust. Well done?

No. 1120611

trans-baiting as in pretending to be trans to scam people? i'd say twitter is the best for that

No. 1120618

me neither and i thought the same thing. i am still going to use the site, used to go on 4chan before this, so nothing can surprise me.

No. 1120619

I've seen anons mention before they block images while browsing LC, how do you do that? I'm on desktop on google chrome if it matters.

No. 1120624

Do you think it's weird for a 35 years old man to marry a 20 years old woman from another contry? Do you think it's weird if the man prevents the woman from managing her own money "for her sake" and from having friends and a job for several years? Do you think it's weird for married couples to have one joint bank account and not their own personal bank accounts on top of that?

No. 1120626

the only way to be married or jointly hold accounts is that YOU hold their funds in a joint bank account and you have your own bank account with your own money. also yes all of that is extremely fucking not advisable like holy shit it is all bad

No. 1120627

>significantly younger woman who's barely entered adulthood
>from another country
>prevents her from managing her own money
>gaslights her into thinking it's for her sake
>prevents her from having social contacts
>prevents her from having a job and thus income
>no personal bank account therefore no own money
Everything from beginning to end are abusive tactics to make the woman completely dependable on the man and make her unable to leave. Are you the woman in this scenario?

No. 1120628

Financial abuse is one of the categories of abuse that doesn't get spoken about often but look it up. It traps people.

I count at least 5 red flags there.

No. 1120630

Thanks, I'm not crazy then. It's about my parents. There's also the fact that my father is very violent and would break our stuff and beat up my sisters and I for no good reason. My friends told me it seemed like a scenario straight out of these relationship advice subreddits but not in a good way, and my family thinks it's completely normal. My big sister and her friends are into way older guys and takes it personally when I say my father is a weirdo for doing all the things I mentioned.

No. 1120646

I've often seen scrotes comment online about how age gaps are fine 'coz my parents had a gap and it's all good so there!' I think years ago when the world was different there were cases that were perhaps ok that wouldn't be so easy to replicate today.. but I still think plenty of 20 something year olds right now are somewhat blind to the abuse their moms went through or their moms even accepted it as normal when it never was.

My mom is gone and even post death my dad tells himself he was a stand up husband but that is not my memory. He wasn't the worst but I'm not about to model my own dating life on what I witnessed at home.

No. 1120658

My grandparents had an age gap of 20yrs (she was 16 when they married) and as much I liked my grandfather I'll be the first to admit he was scum to my grandma. She never wanted to marry or have children but her parents basically forced her marry my grandpa because he had money and a house. She had six children and nannies raised them all because she couldn't deal with them. Me and her bonded over the fact that I don't want children. I think if she was young today she'd be like me. But she never had a choice back then. My grandfather wasn't awful to her but she was only 16 and he was a grown ass man, that should've never happened. She never got to be properly out of her teen years before she was forced into married life. Scrotes will say "oh young women were more mature back then", no they fucking weren't. They just had to take on adult responsibilities at a young age, that doesn't make them mature.

No. 1120750

Why do I feel fine before work but as soon as I'm settled in I feel sleepy and low energy?

No. 1120779

what are other exmuslim girlies on here gonna do this ramamdan?
i'm basically just gonna fast forreal because i'm too paranoid someone will catch me drinking/eating in secret, despite the insane heat but i'll fake prayers and quran recitals when i have to.

No. 1120786

File: 1648916638618.jpg (195.06 KB, 1400x1979, 98043b5a6db9bb1c595ee59f18b144…)

Bump for moid spamming scat porn

No. 1120787

I'm pigging out because I don't live in a muslim country. My muslim coworkers better not ask questions.

No. 1120801

Wth is happening the past 24hours? It's been nonstop moid posting all day. Did we get posted somewhere? Also why would you have shit like this saved to ur device? Moids need to be rocketed into space.

No. 1120810

File: 1648917058415.jpg (426.33 KB, 1280x1897, tumblr_p6mjb9mMjK1vc5zsdo1_128…)

bump for gore

No. 1120831

File: 1648917527987.png (7.69 KB, 180x180, duck.png)

Anons, can i EXCLUDE a country out of my Etsy search? I can't buy anything from UK because of Brexit and whatnot, but everytime I search up for stores in Europe 80% of them are in UK. I am so tired

No. 1120840


No. 1120843

i’m doing a real fast as well. spending it with my parents in the middle east so i’m just trying to be a good spirit about it

No. 1120852

I have navy sheets on my bed right now and they're newish. The fitted sheet had marks on it thismorning from like my dead skin cells or something? I had a helluva long bath yesterday and lotioned up. I should not be dry and shedding skin right?

Tell me this is a thing that doesn't just happen to me. Assure me please

No. 1120866

aw man, same situation as me, i'm living with my mom. hope the month goes well for you nonna, best of luck hugs
i'm so jealous

No. 1120868

why are scroids so mad we don't like them or trannies? if foids are so yucky like they claim why do they keep visiting this board?

No. 1120875

Moids are so sad that they'll spend their weekends spamming gore and scat images for fun. Anyways, bump.

No. 1120877

File: 1648918617663.jpg (101.25 KB, 828x957, 1647935114256.jpg)

anons are tinfoiling it's something to do with romania and ukraine camgirl but idk it seems like a malding male to me. it's not like we haven't seen 10000000s based on spite/sexual frustration over the past 7 years

No. 1120884

My tinfoil is that it's one of the pokemon French pedos who raided the site a few days ago. They also seemed to be incels and have scat fetishes so I'm almost sure it's one of them who's still obsessed. Autistic men should get killed tbh.

No. 1120890

All this scat and not a fart fetish clip in sight… these scrotes have no taste.

No. 1120893

File: 1648919051916.jpg (301.75 KB, 1143x1287, tumblr_421e667b67c9db9d9c5be98…)

oh then that's likely it. that explains a lot. anyways, since you're likely reading this: get fucked french incel pedo. you're not fuckable, not desirable, your personality sucks. you never know what it is to be wanted and it's of your own making and doing. blame yourself.

No. 1120894

normalize prenatal genetic testing so we can vacuum these moidlets brains out in the womb

No. 1120896

Fucking based.
He's not fucking either way, lmao. He made a post saying we hated men because they wouldn't fuck us - definitely little autismo projecting.

No. 1120915

I'm convinced the spammers are either from the French pedo site, or they're the Ukrainian camgirl's simps (rather than her herself). There's a particularly angry "anon" calling everyone Romanianon and demanding people stop discussing the camgirl in the "real opinion on cows" thread. The timing is too good IMO, but fuck knows. Either way, it's pathetic how they think they're doing anything of value kek

No. 1120926

File: 1648919895454.gif (1.81 MB, 480x270, giphy (2).gif)

kek very true, that's why i started posting my semi subby husbando instead. immediately he started making his motivations extremely obvious. it's just not the olena drama or whatever the spergs want it to be, i really don't think so given the past few days. i guess all of our stories about having sex, having boyfriends, sexual partners, etc, are completely fake to the sperg or something lmao. autistic malignant male cope is truly somethingelse. it already started out, first post, with complaints about us being whores who won't talk to them but then the complaints were made even more obvious

No. 1120927

I demanded you to stop shitting up lolcow.

No. 1120931

there was a post from 'a whore from lolcow' saying the anon supports it with more scat porn, so who knows.

No. 1120932

It's from the French moids. They posted a young girl and asked "why aren't you this cute?" when they were spamming cp the first time around. It's an incel who's upset he'll never get to he with his dream wifey who's probably a minor. Ignore it. Also don't engage in the romani stuff.

No. 1120940

File: 1648920136733.jpeg (12.28 KB, 275x184, 1648882011295.jpeg)


No. 1120941

File: 1648920166977.png (860.83 KB, 602x1124, 1648334897891.png)

agreed. honestly convinced the blaming posts are romania (or maybe her /lit/ simps?) using the opportunity to 5d chess her way out of being spoken about and olena blamed. but yeah it's deffo the french moids.

No. 1120943

I don’t want to look for it if there’s actual child abuse material on it but what the fuck was that French Pokémon site even for? Did they make it Pokémon themed because they’re autists and also want to lure in kids?

No. 1120948

I nearly responded a few days ago to say that night staff at hospitals see all sorts of shit and are used to it. What a twist.

You can play it off as just being faceblind. Hope you're ok anon.

No. 1120954

Yeah, you're probably right

These two posts, on the other hand, are suspicious as fuck. If you're in some kind of 4chan moid community, please get the fuck out

No. 1120956

File: 1648920460188.jpeg (102.87 KB, 828x433, 85726B4F-96DA-4977-9187-B967C0…)

Nonnies do you use slimes? I don’t understand what they’re for. It’s supposed to be calming i think? But do you sit there like „yea been pretty hectic today might whip out my slime“ or?? Looks so fun but I’m not sure what to do with it. Isn’t it kind a unsanitary?

No. 1120957

I took a look and they post links to softcore pics of clothed minors. The pokemon theme could be a camouflage but pedos are known to adore child cartoons or anything that reminds them of children while also being autistic the two most likely reasons they choose the website theme. Anyways, they raided us and talked about it there, posting pictures they posted here and stuff. They also keep raging because no woman looks like their childbride and the ones that do won't even flick their snot at them.

No. 1120965

i have bought 4 slimes in my lifetime. i like to play with them sometimes watching youtube etc. feels nice. my last two ones are kinda going bad and i don't think i'll buy anymore, however.

No. 1120992

why are males so unattractive

No. 1120994

File: 1648921188769.jpg (107.33 KB, 640x853, emag030j57l81.jpg)

what? the pic of the mice (that's a cap from here iirc?) is sus? i was saying romania is using the opportunity of a french moid raid to blame olena or whatever and make us focus on olena since we haven't been paying attention to her sperging enough. i'm not in any 4chan male community wtf. i do know, however, she was attempting to pander to /lit/ to try to gain r9k tier simps on twitch and stuff so that's why i mentioned them as either her or them potentially using the coincidental french raid to direct energy at the ukrainian and pretend it's olena when in reality it's the french moids, which happens all of the time and it's likely she's just using the convenient nature of this happenstance raid to smear the other girl more and falsely victimize herself. but yeah i haven't used 4chan in like 12 years so no

No. 1120998

romanianon has no simps, she talks to herself on her stream she just happens to like literature and philosophy. On the other hand, the Olena woman has 300 4chan simps jacking off to her porn that she redirects here whenever she is being posted or starts spamming with porn

No. 1121001

You're probably responding to her, it's "suspicious" because she wants to deflect because you're probably right.

No. 1121005

I watched her streams and she has 1 or 2 viewers and she said that she hates porn and men on stream. I don't see where those simps attacking lolcow are coming from, on the other hand the camwhore has hundreds of simps watching her and talks about porn obsessively and about sticking rabbits up her ass

No. 1121009

File: 1648921728229.jpg (54.13 KB, 720x720, FLyJx0YVIAAtpP8.jpg)

sure "anon". steven alone was like still going to let her/you live with him and move you to the US, even after your continued spergout and he forgave her/you. plus her/you had posters on /lit/ talking about you, calling you their waifu, unless that was her/you self posting. highly doubt you/she has 0 simps. it's a french moid raid and we know it, just stop.

No. 1121010

This would actually make sense, but I haven't heard of her using /lit/ or /r9k/. Not saying it's impossible since she knew Steven, though

Posts like this saying that anyone and everyone must be Romanianon actually do look weird, especially since I don't even type like her. I'm sure it's not the first time you've done this, and you're not doing what you probably think you're doing

No. 1121013

she knew steven off lolcow

No. 1121020

why did the gore spam first started popping up in the camwhores thread after Olena mentioned lolcow in front of 300 4chan simps while showing her tits and after she got posted it extended?

No. 1121022

File: 1648921952395.png (93.48 KB, 254x244, 1640366233867.png)

>was about to ask why you're avatarfagging with cat pictures
>your post is weird personal details only Steven or his e-girls would know (eg Steven "forgiving" Romanianon and her living with him?) coupled with shit only someone who uses /lit/ themselves would know
I trust too easily. YWNBAW

No. 1121033

Everyone know its common to turn lactose intolerant with age, but what about the opposite? Because I was extremely lactose intolerant as a child, anything with milk went straight through me. But now as an adult I can consume dairy just fine, no stomach issues at all? I didn't think that was possible?

No. 1121034

romanianon never used /lit/ and she literally has nobody watching her streams she's not an egirl and Steven added her from the friend finder thread on lolcow and pretended to be a woman

No. 1121042

When you're googling her twitch name, you can find a thread on /lit/ mentioning her, though that anon might also be Steven, I don't even fucking know anymore. I just want both of them to stop.
And how does it look weird, I'm not saying "anyone and everyone must be Romanianon", I'm pointing out intentions. In fact, you're doing exactly what I said again.

No. 1121045

Not weird, that happened to me. I think it's to do with your gut bacteria becoming stronger

No. 1121047

File: 1648922230970.jpg (54.23 KB, 563x565, 1603181489856.jpg)

i'm most definitely a woman, i haven't been to 4chan in years and i've been here since the beginning. these two are just extremely involved in discord shenanigans that are very easy to learn about it. maybe romania didn't pander exclusively to /lit/ but then how else did she garner allegedly 200+ (per her post) followers on twitch where she did nothing but read shit? put in her twitch on google and you see /lit/ users talking about her unless that was her selfposting?

No. 1121049

I was sensitive to dairy for a few years in my mid twenties and now I'm better. I went easy on it for a while and just reintroduced it to my diet again slowly.

No. 1121050

if you don't want to be an e-girl at all, you don't use twitch tbh.

No. 1121057

she has 75 followers on Twitch and just watches random shit and sits with her hair unbrushed, says she hates porn, that she is depressed and that she hates men. I watched her.

No. 1121058

not all women that appear on the internet want to be e-girls

No. 1121062

Easy to learn about how? I don't remember details like that, and I was here for the original drama on the 24th. I searched her Twitch name and there was only one person who mentioned her on two different boards according to the archives, and they were told to fuck off both times (one accused her of selfposting)
This definitely wouldn't net someone 200 followers. If there are other mentions, enough for her to have multiple simps, someone here must've either seen them or made them

No. 1121069

File: 1648922784690.jpg (28.22 KB, 354x353, E5FrpYgUUAU25vS.jpg)

re-read her posts on the cow thread, she said like 9 days ago olena fucked up her following or something, she had a different account and many more followers. she says this herself, look for the post.
that's true, but twitch? girl. you don't gain a respectable following not emphasizing appearance or a girlfriend experience that would be populated primarily by women on twitch, sorry about it. twitch is like 99% men, dude.
also there was no avatarfagging you retard, we're being currently raided by gorespammers so everyone is posting obligatory bump pics as i have done for hours and itt i started posting above before cat pics, with mice pics, with taylor swift. dense.

No. 1121070

What's your horoscope? What's the your favorite and least favorite sign?

No. 1121080

she has 75 followers and barely has anyone talking with her in chat. She also doesn't pander, she doesn't show her body and says she hates men constantly and argues with them in chat. It's probably someone trolling her. She's quite autistic and shares private details, so very easy to troll
that post was made over 7 months ago and she's saying that someone is LARPING as her and basically stalking her which actually happened

so she is gathering a following of men by repeatedly stating that she hates porn and men and being gross? that makes no sense. Most men want to see boobs and they don't want to hear anti porn rhetoric. Most of the things posted about her on here are literal lies.

No. 1121085

I met a cancer lately and they told me their whole life story and their secrets, their lows etc, I don't know much about signs (they brought signs up) but I'm kinda intigued if that's typical of cancers. Spilling your heart out.

No. 1121091

Please don't argue with those anons nonna. Not necessarily because it's derailing, but because it's obviously her wking herself.

No. 1121095

Sagittarius is my favorite because I'm a Sagittarius and I know that we're great. I have no least favorite because I don't care about anyone else. I'm really just neutral on all other signs, but I'm still willing to support them.

No. 1121098

The recent spam reminds me, what happened to Elaine?

No. 1121104

I think cancers are very emotional and like you said, cam be very open about both their thoughts and emotions. I've had cancer friends do similar stuff and tell me a lot about their pasts without hesitation now that you bring it up but what most stood out to be about them was how much of a crybaby most were, lol!
Never had a close friend sag before, what's the traits of that sign?

No. 1121107

I kind of miss Elaine

No. 1121109

Last I heard she got the old discord taken down and that's about it. She also posted in the new discord, but I don't remember details because I don't use discord and only checked during the /ot/ shutdown to see if there were updates. I think she stopped once admin unpinned her thread.

No. 1121111

No. 1121115

SAME. I love being a Sagittarius we're just goofy.

No. 1121119

File: 1648923771855.gif (133.91 KB, 130x150, Tumblr_l_2188811568434.gif)


No. 1121124

Same, at least she was kinda funny in her retardation.

Yeah, maybe she left with admin, since she obviously had a crush on her kek.

No. 1121129

File: 1648923880644.jpg (23.41 KB, 400x400, a49b7e57e485ff7576f61776097816…)

hell yeah
thanks for making me smile

i want sagittarius friends, i never had one, but some from my family are and they're great. im a sagittarius too

No. 1121135

File: 1648923979941.jpg (58.72 KB, 828x645, E7HSnFIVIAAPP-s.jpg)

thanks anon. i deleted what i was going to say bc you are right. it's obviously her.
based sag sisters, same. i think it really depends on the decans because in my decans makes me totally different from the traditional qualities.
for whatever reason i always end up attracted to pisces men. i like women of all signs but esp february aquariuses. decans matters!

No. 1121142

Since everyone's discussing horoscopes how come none of the shit from any of the signs apply to me? like I just can't relate to any of this

No. 1121144

>steven alone was like still going to let her/you live with him and move you to the US, even after your continued spergout and he forgave her/you.
Steven, dear… No one wants to move in with a failed male. No woman wants to be around a failed male for anything other than validation if she has low self esteem or money if she's into that. No woman will want to move into your place. No woman will want to marry her you. You'll never be able to pass your genes no matter how much you cry about feminism ruining women's duty for motherhood.

No. 1121145

How am I her for saying Steven should fuck off and not knowing whether or not he forgave her?

No. 1121148

File: 1648924179515.jpg (105.76 KB, 710x957, FOxgN3XUcAMO8HA.jpg)

well probably because it's bullshit but it's fun lol. but like i said the decans matters. i have literally none of the traditional sag qualities but when you look up the specific decans you fall into, you might see you have those.

No. 1121154

File: 1648924252080.jpeg (80.68 KB, 640x640, 30FD0FA6-B3A7-4321-97FF-C05416…)


No. 1121155

NTA but hoe do I look into those?

No. 1121158

>what's the traits of that sign
Most of the time I see people say that we're easy-going, optimistic, inquisitive, ambitious and "try everything at least once" type of people, and I have to agree. It might just be me, but I also find that I get bored of everything easily and I think that's a part of the whole "adventurous" thing.
On the downside, I've also heard people say that Sagittarius' are sluts/cheaters and bad at relationships. I will hold my comments on that.

No. 1121161

We carry cats in our womb.

No. 1121164

File: 1648924459784.jpeg (54.13 KB, 506x506, 6AC4E369-555D-49E0-922B-90B23A…)

Would anyone like a lolcow bunker thread on crystal cafe? I feel like we should make a thread on crystal cafe for lolcow anons who are just trying to bunker-out raids and janny incompetence when moderating. It might feel like those /ot/ threads in /g/ when /ot/ died for like a week

No. 1121166

Aqua, I love libras and sags, I hate pisces and virgos.

No. 1121167

Why does everyone hate virgos it makes me hate myself even more