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File: 1648409083454.jpeg (1.67 MB, 2976x2105, FE719ED1-DED2-4831-9D4D-50BC13…)

No. 1113313

No. 1117985

File: 1648698668026.jpeg (2.05 MB, 1588x1179, 3903F82D-853B-4802-9A2A-6726A3…)

Which one is your ride or die?
For me it’s a Crunch bar … old faithful.

No. 1117988

I hate all of these. For me it's Reese's or nothing. I did also like the pretzel M&Ms, but I haven't been able to find them in years. Granted I haven't looked very hard.

No. 1118005

Used to be Twix now it's fun sized Butterfingers. Also Reeses but ONLY the mini ones or the ones that come out around the holidays, idk what it is but they taste better to me

No. 1118020

no one lays a finger on my butterfinger

No. 1118022

File: 1648702613948.jpeg (58.08 KB, 500x377, 2FD325D6-99C3-422A-B256-2666B4…)

God tier

No. 1118039

Hella agree. My friend complained they can’t get the pumpkin and Christmas tree shapes right ,SMH. Reese’s know why you’re here and it’s not for the shape of a pumpkin.

No. 1118048

File: 1648705625197.jpg (157.82 KB, 1165x1403, 71x8J- 4XZL._AC_SL1500_.jpg)

i married a canadian and moved and now i cant get my favorite candy bar cry

No. 1118056

why did u have to remind me of these nonnie u are so right

No. 1118072

The holiday ones are the best. I think eggs might also be the best shape. The chocolate to pb ratio is perfect and it’s so smooth and soft. Mmm.

No. 1118080

None of these, I like York peppermint patties.

No. 1118166

File: 1648717019423.gif (874.82 KB, 498x280, 62A046FE-31DD-4E7E-A1DB-65C5B6…)

>>1118119 reminded me of this thought I've had, though I already know it's not an original one, but I'm going to share anyway.
What if someone created a website where you leave reviews of an ex/date, so when women find a guy they can just search him up and see what his flaws are so they know to not let him near at all.
An example:
John F. Smith, [insert state and county]
> Said vile things about women despite being with me
> Threatened to hurt me
> Does not believe in washing hands after every bathroom trip
And if the guy is someone who moves around a lot you include the location you last dated him in. Maybe have an ability to search a name through all the states/counties so the new girl he met in a different state can rummage through all the John F. Smith's to see if he got himself a spot on the shit list site. Oh! I also think there should be an option to post a photos.
There's a site that exists for sharing nudes of women that are local to men that have the site features I was talking about, so if their site is able to be up and running, why can't this one? Unless there is one and I'm just out of the loop. Could this be a good idea? Now that I think about it.. this could just end in women catching lawsuits, so maybe not… Either way I'm suicidal

No. 1118177

if the owner just put "everything on this site is alleged" then i dont see why it would be an issue also you could call whats posted here slander and nothing has ever happened from that afaik so i dont see why it wouldnt work

No. 1118265

File: 1648727101918.jpeg (87.88 KB, 1080x763, F3B94CB4-6103-4CBD-96A1-841706…)

I guess we wait for its existence now.

No. 1118289

Payday, when I started working at my first job I used to buy one every payday.

No. 1118321

Twix and Butterfingers are my ride or dies. For easter I once bought the giant Twix egg but my sweet tooth isn't what it used to be so I only got a couple bites in and then eventually left it to rot and threw it out. I'm still sad about it. Also, once in highschool I went to my local Target but I was poor and hungry so I stole a pack of Turtles to eat and I don't know if it was the guilt but I hated them. Too overwhelmingly sweet right off the bat.

When I was a kid, 3 Musketeers and Mily Way were the shit. I'm just not a big chocolate fan so if I get chocolate candies, I'm picky about the chocolate to filling ratio.

No. 1121665

File: 1648954055326.jpeg (818.51 KB, 1601x2000, 608E042D-926B-41A5-AA9E-3D7261…)

i just wanted to tell all my burger nonnies how much i love you and sending you good vibes and much happiness. i know we get shit on a lot for being ‘muricans but you are still the bestest and i wouldn’t want it any other way.

here’s a delicious cherry pie for you to nom on. maybe later on i will post some nachos and burgers. we should literally just post pretty pics of all the delicious yum yums we can find in this country.

No. 1121670

File: 1648954482335.jpeg (26.26 KB, 500x281, 1648256212765.jpeg)

>Yum Yums

No. 1122135

Twix was always my favorite out of these. Both twix and kit kats have that biscuit or wafer part to balance out the rest

No. 1122916

fuck you fattie, is that better?

No. 1123983

What is your favorite foreign piece of medias interpretation of America?
I’ve been rewatching Degrassi and it makes me fucking kek anytime they go to “New York” and they’re clearly still in Toronto. They’ll just add some stock footage of the Statue of Liberty and the Brooklyn Bridge to try to add to the ambiance.

No. 1123989

Anything British. They're so fucking tsundere about it.

No. 1123992

File: 1649137285132.png (990.47 KB, 1086x738, America-hetalias-alfred-f-jone…)

No. 1124301

File: 1649165429209.jpg (87.15 KB, 596x968, b7434e3684e850a3ff288c2e39ea75…)

I love this retard so much

No. 1124847

File: 1649193078440.jpeg (155.75 KB, 1200x630, 0_EKCYhnXQAk2os9DO.jpeg)

Do guys in your area drive around with giant US flags on their pickup trucks? I see at least one every day

No. 1124900

I live around asians so it's just guys with anime/(un)ironic weeb stickers in their windows

No. 1124922

Canadian-fag but I always assumed only Americans until I moved into the city kek

No. 1125033

Hey I also grew up in a city that's like majority asian. Then I moved here and now I see these US flag trucks with the balls and everything. I guess I still see weeb stickers too since it's not that far from my hometown

No. 1125097

Not where I live but they're a common sight near where my mom lives

No. 1125324

yes, also still see flags with trump stuff like TRUMP IS MY PRESIDENT or TRUMP 2016/2020/2024

No. 1125465

File: 1649263520376.png (1.21 MB, 1052x871, 1597597057081.png)

might get tagged as racebait but why are americans are so fucking retarded when it comes to race

>I am a black woman married to a white man. Our 13-year-old son looks white—blond-haired, blue-eyed, straight-nosed, thin-lipped, fair-skinned white—but he identifies as black. Our daughter is much lighter than I am, and is often mistaken for Middle Eastern or Latina, but I cannot help but see traces of my paternal grandmother’s high cheekbones and wide nose in her round face.

>Some queer people talk about the existence of “gaydar”—the ability to identify one of their own, whether they are out or closeted. As the child of a white mother and a black father, I have whatever the equivalent is for being able to spot black people no matter how fair their skin or how European their features. I could always claim my people, I thought. But when our son was born, I realized that no special power was going to help me see his African heritage. My husband thought our newborn was albino the first time he cradled him in his arms. He was that white.


No. 1125493

Yeah but I like it lol

No. 1125604

Why are americans like this? She's in denial that she's not fully black and that her kids are not black, she needs to go to any African country to see how silly she looks. Even a North African country would work for that kek, she'd look like a local.

No. 1125887

>he identifies as black
jfc I hate being a burger sometimes

No. 1126068

File: 1649309423861.png (422.06 KB, 366x554, 1597596792542.png)

how do you do fellow negros

No. 1126077

In some way, I relate to this because both my parents are mixed-race while I look so white. Like their 2 white halves combined to make me. I just say I'm white though.

No. 1126402

File: 1649341376281.jpeg (41.1 KB, 800x500, 7D70B927-4C0F-48CF-B854-E430F3…)

Do YOU have an accent?
I have an awful LA/Valley girl accent and I wish I could make it stop. I don’t live in CA anymore and it sticks out in a bad way. Lots of “likes” and “literally”s. A lot of “like literally”s. I hate myself.

No. 1126408

I'm from the south, but I have no country accent and it makes me sad.

No. 1126417

>she's half black
>has a baby with a white guy
Baby, your kid is white.

No. 1126422

Lol wtf. I didn't even realize that he's only 25 or less percent black.

No. 1126438

Why is south Florida labeled as western accent?

No. 1126443

I've heard I have a lisp but it's because we speak with soft consonants, here. Cantaloupe="canalope", consonant="cahnsineh". Be right back gettin some pop at the party store
I dated a guy from Texas and he didn't have a Southern accent either, I thought it was odd, he was born and raised

No. 1126456

I feel like Texans have the least “southern” accent. I lived there for a while and most the people I spoke with had a standard American accent but maybe that’s because I was in a big city.

No. 1126484

Southern accents are disappearing in many of the urban and suburban areas of the south. Mostly because a.) kids growing up around non-southern peers whose families moved to the south, and b.) the stigma that southern accent = dumb, so many people have tried to lose their accent.
I'm born and raised in the south (in the "Old Southern" region from that map) but people think I'm from Ohio or some shit. Used to have a twang according to old home movies, but I think years of voice lessons and being a dramafag beat it out of me. It comes out a bit when I'm drunk, and there are certain words that stick out as very southern that I can't stop saying like y'all and fixin' and "bless her heart."

No. 1126495

Texanona here. It really depends on the age of the person and region. East Texas has a typical southern accent. North Texas (Dallas area) leans more neutral among the younger generations.

sage but I wish I hadn't trained away my southern accent

No. 1126512

I think for me it's just that they're not very common in the area that I'm from. Most people in my family have standard American accents, I'm also from the old southern region.

No. 1126630

Shoutout to nonnies from the mid-North but my god is that the ugliest most grating accent. The Minnesota/Dakotas/Michigan/Wisconsin accent it annoys me as much as a crying baby. It’s almost Canadian but not fully, it’s like a perma crying Canadian voice.
Also I hate it when moosetards act like they have no accent and they’re just like standard Americans. LIES. I can always clock when someone is from up north.

No. 1126867

Brits be like this too. I dated a guy who was half lebanese half white with the biggest victim complex for his race I've ever met. He would always tell me about how "my parents probably hated him for being a sandnigger" im freaking italian ffs. I also lived in a mostly black city he claimed he was scared to visit because "my neighborhood looks like a KKK parade route" like lol wtf. Literally can't even find a reason to bitch about race so he had to make shit up

No. 1126895

can't stand the puny yankee accent kek, although I find more genuine country people in montana/dakotas/wyoming/ etc than in the south. You have prissy middle class kids bragging about how country they are and they live like 10 minutes away from the mall and walmart and then go on bougie hunting trips and don't even bring back meat kek

real country folks get meat wherever is close and has good game, they also work and live far away and have no business revving up their overpriced trucks in sonic parking lots at 1 AM since they gotta get up at 5 the next day to work on the farm

No. 1127174

do you have an actual valley girl accent or you just say literally and like a lot? the valley accent is very specific. just saying like and literally a lot isn't a valley accent. people say the same thing to me and i'm not sure if it's because i spent a lot of time in southern california when i was a kid or if they just don't understand what an actual valley accent is.

i just want southern accents to disappear though. they're so fucking annoying to listen to.

No. 1127211

I had a pronounced Texan/country accent until I moved to South Carolina at 9, then it disappeared. I don't really have any kind now, which is a shame. I sound generically midwestern, I suppose. But a lot of my peers who were born and raised here in the sticks don't have a trace of a hick accent. TV, movies, etc. has done a massive job in destroying regional accents and it probably affects the more obvious kinds the most.

No. 1127219

Good. Shit is ugly and I'm sorry, it just sounds awful. General American should be the only accent allowed.

No. 1128109

all half whites are a bit consumed with whiteness, either wishing they were more white or raging against whites. i guess it's a really complicated position to be in.

No. 1128110

Generic western american accent maybe.

I don't really have an accent so much as a "look", I guess. At least, LA people definitely know I'm from SF somehow.

No. 1128155

I’m from NorCal and typically along the coast/Bay Area and Sacramento areas you have general American accent. But when you go really north into CA like humboldt and Redding, you get more of a hick drawl. Also some parts of central Cali have the drawl.

Valley accent is very distinct and obnoxious. I never hear it in the Bay Area. But I remember girls in my HS would emulate the accent because of simple life and the whole y2K dumb blonde shit.

No. 1128158

why does this country insist on making itself broke on purpose

No. 1128227

Black people need to stop giving biracials black cards because they keeping doing dumb shit like this.

No. 1128236

No. 1129062

City-dwellers, is crime noticeably much worse where you live? I don’t even live in a big city (less than 200k pop) and the downtown has gone to completely shit since the later half of 2021. More crazy bums than ever, constant car break-ins, stolen car parts, businesses getting held up, etc. I know this is all pretty typical for cities but it feels like there’s been a HUGE increase. Even pre-Covid I almost never heard of things like this happened so often aside from porch pirates and people getting their car windows bashed in.

No. 1129069

Economy is fucked thats why. Knowing that usually living in the city means more for less, your gonna have a ton of people who need to makes end meet somehow.

No. 1129075

Probably 'cause you live in a blue state or a blue city and your local government doesn't give a fuck about you. They just want you to keep voting them in so they can hire their private security for next year.

No. 1129080

Kek, lookit this moron thinking the way to fix america is with red team and blue team politics, instead of acknowledging that neither side’s politicians care about anything besides lining their pockets and getting your vote so they can continue lining their pockets.

No. 1129089

yeah. car break ins, carjackings. small businesses getting their windows smashed in (mostly asian owned because they're often cash only (although they claim aapi hate for extra sympathy and help)). now people are getting bikejacked at gunpoint. porch pirates, and ppl posing as delivery ppl to break into homes.

But, I don't have a car or bike in remote areas so it doesn't really feel any different, except the broken glass all over the streets.

No. 1129096

True BUT some small cities in red states are actually well-run. They're like old Italian city-states with big walls around them to keep the riff-raff out. I wish all cities were like that, tbh. Also I wish we could just drown all our politicians right now.

No. 1129097

samefag, forgot to say, it seems besides the random highway shootings and stuff like that, most of the victims have noticeable material items (visible luggage in backseat of car, the bikes being targeted in jackings are the really $$ ones, big well maintained home, expensive dog, designer bags, etc.) so if you look poor you can live relatively unbothered, especially if you live an area that isn't that poor.

I may look busted in my gentrifying neighborhood, but have had zero problems so far.

No. 1129135

I dated a “cuban” (her dad was white wealthy second generation cuban, mom was white American) who didn’t want to come with me to Louisiana because of “what they do to queer POC in the south”. We were literally going to New Orleans. I feel like she was actually scared of black people, but more scared that they’d call her out on her phony solidarity because she had isolated herself to a small group of mostly white college wokes for friends.

No. 1129139

are you stupid? I lived in red states and cities the vast majority of my life and it was the same exact issues, the only difference between a red and blue city is that red cities just have less available resources such as food banks. libraries, shelters, etc. The economy is fucked all around regardless of color
here's some of the biggest issues in red cities imo
>pedophilia and child abuse being normal, plenty of adult men will date literal middle school and high schoolers and no one cares
>animal abuse being normal, getting a fuck ton of wild, aggressive dogs and letting them run all over and attacking people, seeing several dead pets in the street is normal
>braindead retards who have undiagnosed autism due to age gap reproduction and republican women acting like retards during pregnancy, lots of ignored disabilities in general
>price gouging for everything, even rural area homes are stupidly expensive
>no jobs and retarded business owners who understaff their businesses by firing everyone for no reason.
>If you're legit in the booneys and need groceries that 3 dollar pack of bananas will cost you like 10 dollars at the store

No. 1129141

where was she from? americans of cuban descent are pretty isolated to one area in particular. louisiana is a shithole though but most cubans and "cuban americans" live in the technical south

No. 1129142


No. 1129145

>what they do to queer POC in the south
Kek, how do people not realize how high of a non-white population there is in the south? Imo, the only areas you have to worry about are places that no one gives a fuck about and you probably wouldn't be traveling to anyway.

No. 1129147

>new orleans
kek. Same with mobile, tampa, atlanta, etc. white people are literally minorities and these are homes for gay pride. Even rednecks on the outskirts of NOLA, atlanta, etc are accepting towards gays and poc. I grew up in the south and when I moved up north it felt weird since I was so use to seeing a large population of blacks, asians, mexicans, etc. You'd find more racists in bumfuck PNW than the south

No. 1129159

+misogyny is extremely normal there, woman beating, reducing women to breast size, telling young girls to just become strippers, porn addiction is rampant, it being normal for men to get teen girls pregnant and then ditch. Every place has issues but it's just a lie to act as if red states are heaven on earth

No. 1129163

California, so lol.
I was born and raised in Eastern Oregon. I feel like people who don’t know that part of the country think it’s going to be like Portland but drier. The PNW is largely poor people and anti-gov’t people with generational land holdings when you get away from the coast. Highest number of Confederate flags per capita (source: my ass).

No. 1129485

Thank you for posting this video nona! Very interesting and now I'm bingewatching the rest of his videos too. In return, here's a video my friend sent me that it reminded me of about walkbility.

No. 1129595

Eastern Oregon is based as fuck.

No. 1129596

>here's some of the biggest issues in red cities imo
Lol okay

No. 1129622

you visit often?

No. 1129653

I'd rather watch hobos act a fool than to have every hoodrat and trailer trash have a morbidly obese 14 yr old gf

No. 1129658

I have a New England accent but everyone thinks we all sound like we're from Boston. But the Boston accent is distinctly different and stronger than the whole rest of New England. I rarely meet people who have a true thick thick Boston accent anymore. Have met a few people you clearly overexaggerate theirs, though, like this one NLOG I worked with who desperately wanted to be unique, I guess? But other than that, I think other nonnies are right about regional accents dying out. Even my New England accent has softened. Can still hear it in "car" and "coffee" but I think it's definitely softened a lot with age. I don't hear it at all in my child relatives. They are stuck to their iPads watching media all day, it definitely might be what is causing the generic American accent to become the norm.

The funny exception, though, is mommy bloggers talking about how Peppa Pig is giving their American kids British accents. Is that seriously happening? Your kid would have to be fucking glued to their TV all day, every day for that to happen, that's embarrassing. It's hilarious but really sad.

No. 1129719

Thanks for making this thread! God, I'm so glad to be an American and not have to deal with Old World ghouls genociding each other.
What is the worst thing about living abroad? Mine: houses. When I lived abroad the houses were made of plywood and had no internal heating whatsoever. They didn't sell space heaters either.

No. 1129785

Yeah! I was in a small cattle ranching town there not too long ago. I wanna go fossil digging in Wheeler Fossil Beds sometime soon.

No. 1129897

you would rather people have no social safety net and end up homeless for potentially no reason than have a few "hoodrats"? there are less "hoodrats" with more funding and proper funding and legislation. jesus christ. these are all the result of austerity, you clown. you have no priorities. you'd rather live in a place with no ability to get an abortion or where women are criminalized for getting an abortion, as is happening right now in Texas with Lizelle Herrera who is being charged for murder? you'd rather all this? you'd rather live in a place where they're trying to control your ability to even buy BC or prevent its sale entirely? you people really need to grow the hell up.

No. 1130159

You're joking right? Red states are still crawling with homeless and the funny part about your speech is that there's less help for them (blue states usually have multiple places for homeless to take showers, eat, etc)
>where women are criminalized for getting an abortion, as is happening right now in Texas with Lizelle Herrera who is being charged for murder?
Do you even know what you're talking about at this point or did you just decide to start an infight for no reason?

No. 1130209

i think our wires are crossed, anon. i was defending blue states with my post.

No. 1131207

Texan nonas, are you ever paranoid with conceal carries over there that you might get shot cause of road rage?

No. 1131975

Well I didn’t before just now, shit

No. 1131983

yeah but I'm more scared my tiny baby Acura will be smashed by some redneck in a Silverado in an act of road rage before I'd be shot kek

No. 1132107

There's a long video about this topic from another channel (I forget the name at the moment) that had a good line: "but at least the cars are happy". The country paid a certain price for the widespread use of cars, and for the attachment of romanticized views of freedom and independence to owning a car.

No. 1133601

File: 1649879446561.jpeg (407.2 KB, 1333x2000, C83508C5-CC5A-44CA-B11F-B289EB…)

The only man I respect is him.

No. 1133839

> for the attachment of romanticized views of freedom and independence to owning a car

I just call it addiction to convenience, because a lot of people don't seem to actually like cars or driving (in my location where driving is truly optional, unlike more sprawly places)

No. 1133867

Do you have examples of good cities or towns like this on the upper east coast? Not trying to muh source you, I'm actually moving soon and am sick of my situation in a city right now. There are way more brazen crazy moids in the street and my mail is always getting stolen. I don't give a shit if I don't agree with my neighbors on this or that, I am not on a "team" but just want a bit of peace.

No. 1134893

File: 1649962308169.jpg (65.5 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

What commercial jingle do you remember best?

No. 1134903

No. 1135637

File: 1649997263084.jpeg (253.23 KB, 1024x682, 9D26F8FF-A4B4-4545-9AF2-3B5DB2…)

Burgernonnies…..is the severe inflation kicking anyone else’s ass rn? I do buy into the theory that it’s actually worse than 8.5% or whatever the official number is now.

No. 1135639

What do nonnies who eat healthy eat. I’m trying to change my ways

No. 1135647


No. 1135658

My friend tried to prank call them and got shut down hard by the lady who answered it. Kek.

No. 1135660

This commercial still haunts me.

No. 1135666

That kick at the end lives in my head rent free and I never want it to leave

No. 1135689

I love lox. They're a really good and filling snack. Unironically avocado toast. Artichoke mac and cheese. Brocoli soup. Stuffed bellpeppers. Shrimp tacos.

No. 1135768

eggs with pan fried green beans
alfalfa turkey cucumber wraps
premade chicken
lots of vegetables
yogurt and cheeses
garbanzo beans

No. 1135869

Your cooking sounds so good, anon. I want to try making the artichoke mac now

No. 1136384

I don’t drive so I don’t care about gas but buying groceries has been so upsetting lately. I’ve been sticking to Trader Joe’s and Costco since their prices haven’t changed much (at least for what I buy). Food is where I’ve seen inflation the most. And with rent going up pretty much everywhere for people living in cities.

No. 1136386

Samefag but I can’t believe I still see people going on about forgiving student loans when inflation is this bad already. What do they think will happen to the economy if all that government student loan money is just forgiven?

No. 1136476


yes! food prices are getting insane, especially in rural areas. it's scary, i don't know how people are surviving. a lot of my family is on food stamps and now there are conversations starting around reducing how much assistance people can get per month when it's not even very much to begin with. A family of four where I'm from gets you $750 a month in EBT. It's expensive as fuck to be poor in this country, especially if you have medical conditions because you can't earn over a certain amount either without getting your medical benefits slashed since our country's healthcare is a cruel joke. one of my family members has type 1 diabetes and the hoops we have to jump through for discounted insulin alone is disturbing. i'm trying to stay positive, but i think it will just get worse and worse.

No. 1139018

I love being American, I love American culture.

No. 1143402

I saw a twitter thread of someone (eurofag) claiming most Americans aren’t taught about WW2 Japanese internment camps. Is this true? Or is it a regional thing to learn about it or not? It sounded kinda BS-y but I wanted to check.

No. 1143405

I learned about japanese internment camps in 3rd grade but I can't confidently say that that's the norm.

No. 1143406

I learned about them. TBH twitter loves to claim we didn't learn all kinds of shit we did learn it's just you were a kid and didn't give a shit back then lmfao

No. 1143409

I was never taught about it and only learned about it in adult life. Most racism and racial injustice in American education, at least when I was a kid, focused on slavery and blacks. Very rarely did we learn about racism or injustice towards other races.
Because of how things are now that's probably changed though. I grew up and attended school late 90s to late 2000s fwiw

No. 1143415

I grew up on the west coast so we for sure learned about it. The Japanese language class also did field trips to former internment camps that are now museums/memorials. But again this could just be a west coast specific thing. I do wonder if it is taught in western Canada since they also had internment camps, do any nonnies know?

No. 1143428

I'm from Texas and we definitely learned about it in public school, I guarantee there's at least a line about it in most textbooks.

No. 1143433

I learned about it on the east coast in a mostly white school (As in no japanese/asian pta moms insisting it be included in the curriculum) Twitterfags all just slept through class

No. 1143494

Yeah I live in California and they teach you about that in high school. Most asian immigrants lived on the west coast so the curriculum regarding the internment camps could be more stricter there regarding it.

No. 1143590

Not really I'm pretty schizo and just use my whole vehicle as a weapon.
How do other Texans feel about rent and people coming to our state? Personally I'm pissed my rent jumped 300 just for a two bedroom

No. 1143594

Buccee! Where would we be without those clean bathrooms?

No. 1143648

I live just outside one of the major cities and my rent hasn’t gone up. I do know some people who had to move this year because of their rent going up though but they pretty easily found something, just not as nice as their previous apartments. I wonder how rent in Houston is though since they have very free zoning laws. They can pretty much build apartments wherever so it offsets some of the demand/supply issues other states and cities are seeing.

No. 1143650

I’m so happy free restrooms are the norm here. When I traveled to Amsterdam I wanted to hang myself anytime I had to pay just to pee. The bathrooms at the train station were so fucking disgusting too. You’d think if you’re paying for the bathroom it would at least be clean but nope.

No. 1143655

Stop fucking moving to Maine. Stop. Fucking moving to Maine. We have no housing here. The shelters are full. The hotels are full. There are too many people without homes. Go back to your own fucking state.

God, I hate this state lol

No. 1143937

Where the fuck are all these heathens coming from? It was like this in Idaho and Montana too and there was not enough housing, hotels, etc to accommodate for the amount of morons moving in, with a low birth rate and people dying en masse via COVID, obesity, shit healthcare etc why the fuck is every thing crowded up?

No. 1143953

Same with texas and arizona. Get the fuck out of our states. Too many damn snowbirds with their huge lots of land for only seniors, northerners taking up the good homes or apartments, and employers barely wanting to pay 14+ an hour. I don't give a shit that your state has snow, you came from cali or ny. Growing up in these states to basically not afford leaving their home without 1-2 roommates. When it finally doesn't feel like hell the streets are clogged with old snow bird fucks. Nice cheap places to live have become so densely packed 2-3 lane streets aren't good enough.

No. 1143964

Interesting. Didn't know people were moving to Maine. Do they think it's cheaper? I only know a bit about Maine from my friend's 2 uni roommates who came from Maine.
I've felt this in the last 4 years. It's bizarre.

No. 1148182

I wish they allowed transportation in smaller towns.. I don't drive and don't ever plan to, but I would take a bus or train if I could. I hate how it's only in big cities. Uber and Lyft are out of the question, lol. I have trust issues after seeing women get kidnapped.

No. 1152996

Do native Hawaiians actually hate (white) mainlanders coming there or is that just a meme? It seems weird for a place where most of its GDP is from tourism.

No. 1153006

Think of the average American tourist and tell me how you'd like them clogging up your town and buying up land at exorbitant prices so none of the locals can afford it. "Tolerated out of necessity" is not the same as grateful for. That being said most Hawaiians are also not assholes so you wouldn't know it unless you're blatantly disrespectful.

No. 1153020

Nta, do Hawaiians hate people moving there or just traveling/vacationing? I keep seeing people say "stop coming to Hawaii!" but they never actually specify. I don't have any interest in going to Hawaii either way, but it's confusing.

No. 1153036

File: 1651123072995.png (578.62 KB, 720x900, Screenshot_20220428-001503.png)

It's been happening to any area that's a "vacation town". I was priced out of my hometown which was a small mountain town in the northwest, people should be allowed to vacation and travel but the issue lies in the fact that the people who run everything fuck up the entire economics behind it, there's fucking garages for living in bumfuck Montana for 2100$ a month ffs, and no it's not the California boogiemen, it's greedy landlords price gouging and zero market regulation. If every single landlord tomorrow decided to charge 4k and up for rent they could and there's very little landlords that would actually be stopped. There needs to be some sort of regulation to prevent the amount of price gouging not just for rent but for groceries, gas and everything else but politicians don't care that much for us poors

No. 1153051

Yes, brown native Hawaiians even hate white native Hawaiians. They’re an unusually racist people.

No. 1153181

It's primarily like >>1153036 said and an issue of rich mainlanders moving there/buying permanent property that fucks up the economy for the locals. But yes, a good amount of Hawaiians dislike tourists too. Mostly because they tend to be shitty and ignore regulations while mucking up the natural environment. There are turtles and seals that have been driven away from their beaches due to masses of tourists harassing them and trying to get in their faces for pictures. People who snuck out of hotels at the height of COVID to try and avoid the quarantine regulation (obviously, HI being an island it was very at risk). Nasty hippies camping out in state parks trashing it up and squatting. That and the entire history of Queen Liliʻuokalani basically being forced at gunpoint to integrate into the U.S. has left a bitter taste for many. It also depends on what island you're on though. The Big Island tends to have more protective locals where somewhere like Oahu is thoroughly a tourist haven.

No. 1153333

Kind of like how sesame street was filmed in Canada. (I think)

No. 1153338

Instead of trying to buy sesame street hbo max should have just straight away tried abcmedia.

No. 1153449

big yes. I know a family who lived there for a few years, they told me it doesn't matter how far out of your way you go to be considerate, kind, and understanding there is just a deep hate and resentment for people not from the islands, particularly white Americans. It's very ingrained in the mentality there.

No. 1153510

I also have a question. How do Hawaiian people think of all the Japanese people who live there compared to the white mainlanders? I had a Samoan coworker who insisted most Polynesian/Pacific Islanders hate them about the same but the Japanese community usually sticks to their own communities but historically Japanese people have looked down on the natives as being lazy + primitive.

No. 1153731

File: 1651166186205.png (944.71 KB, 712x748, goodwill pricegouging.png)

You're right, the area I lived in was just a typical small town with cheap good restaurants, a cute library, maybe a bar or two, and simple thrift and grocery stores, etc but rich people took it. They brought up restaurants that have bland food for like 40$ an entrée (seriously, I use to work at one of those bougie mountain resorts, they sold literally microwaved kraft cheese on chips as nachos for 25 bucks) and then have cabins for like 7k a week, most of us are poor but richies keep buying homes and stuff and marking rent as like 3k a month when originally you could find an apartment here for 400 a month just 2 years ago, nobody who was born and raised there can afford it anymore and then adding "retreats" that's just beginner yoga at 5 AM and then getting drunk and getting in fights at night

they also keep ruining systems meant to entertain us poor like the free things here, camping, thrift shops, cheap restaurants etc. I use to be able to get dinner, play pool with friends and buy outfits from the thrift store for less than 20 bucks, now that will barely cover dinner nevermind thriftstore price gouging and ofc they fuck with all the wildlife, complain about harsh weather, pollute everything, etc and then they're just going to go fuck up the next town with beautiful nature once ours is ruined from all the pollution and then overcrowded with tourists acting like chimps, just like they did with gulf shores and gaitlinburg

No. 1153753

File: 1651167474134.jpg (64.67 KB, 853x1024, www-giantmagahat-com-cowboy-ma…)

I'm kinda happy I live in a state with a recognizable culture, may be stereotyped to hell but at least people have expectations of it, unlike some states I know nothing about the culture or people, like Nebraska for instance sorry Nesbrakanons

No. 1153759

File: 1651167803194.jpg (60.77 KB, 612x467, gettyimages-184065606-612x612.…)

On that topic I've been wondering for a while. What is in Kansas? I know it's there but I never hear anything good or bad about it or meet anyone from Kansas. But I know it's there and people live there. All I can find on Google is that they grow wheat and someone has a zonkey. What is it like there? Anyone here from Kansas? Do they even have the internet there?

No. 1153764

File: 1651168066865.jpg (126.7 KB, 714x900, EvBN644XMA84BhM.jpg)

Kansas sucks, don't come to it
I actually love kansas but I'm scared making it known will attract rich people who will just fuck it up

No. 1153770

Sounds like the Canadian town I grew up in. I live in North Carolina now. There’s not much to do here tbh.

No. 1153792

I'm neither rich nor poor if I moved there I would have no effect on your economy or culture. But I want to move to the coast anyway, I just want to know what life is like there. Please Kansas anon I beg of thee.

No. 1153810

Depends where at in Kansas, my in laws live outside of Topeka and I live outside of KC. Very very family oriented and the local churches practically run everything, I literally go to the local church to watch my midget wrestling. It has its quirks like weird hobbies like there's a huge exotic pet community, plenty of fun volunteering activities esp with animals since that's my field. Since it's the Midwest you get all the good chains from the north and south like waffle house, Denny's, scooters, Freddy's, etc. Free stuff to do always and booming farmers market, cheap housing if you know where to look and wages are nicely adjusted to the price of living if you're not in KC. Walmarts are fucking everywhere and oddly laid out, people are nice like 80% of the time. Farming and stuff is obviously huge here but everything is hella monitored by the cops and locals so you unfortunately can't just explore random areas at night without having 3+ cops pull up on you. Temp is bipolar, one week you'll get a snowstorm next week you're sweating your ass off as soon as you walk outside but nature is beautiful here

No. 1153813

I wanna move back to Kansas so bad…Kansas is mystical…it's so clean and flat…

No. 1153833

File: 1651171429891.png (785.62 KB, 700x460, CA55D93E-DC68-4259-9AFC-7CFE3E…)

Are there any nonnies in Tennessee? I’m moving there soon, I’m very excited about it, I’m going to a very middle-of-nowhere rural area but I know the terminally online image board weirdo part of me might feel extremely out of place kek

No. 1153851

Thank you for sharing nona. I'm very happy to learn about Kansas, if slightly disappointed to learn it's basically the same as the Texas panhandle where I grew up. Mystery solved and I hope you live the most beautiful Kansas dream forever and ever with no rich transplants moving in to ruin it.

No. 1154238

File: 1651193033246.jpg (102.65 KB, 900x600, 25b52f589788a90c644bc97fb8e2aa…)

What kind of annoying moids or girl stereotypes do you have in your area? This is pretty accurate except they forgot cowboy boots kek

No. 1154242

This kind of guy would talk shit about me in front of his friends but secretly wanted to fuck bad and sent dick pics (I was goth and in HS around 2010)

No. 1154248

guys who wear basketball shorts (the bad kind) in freezing weather as they as they get a large mtn dew from the gas station while mouth breathing

No. 1154277

File: 1651195931033.jpg (124 KB, 792x612, collage.jpg)

This is kind of neighborhood specific tbh but I'm tired of this kind of person. There's male ones too and they don't really look too different, just kind of like Mac Demarco

No. 1154285

I have the hairlcip in the top right, it was 18 bucks on urban outfitters and I regret that drunken purchase but it's kinda cool looking

No. 1154288

File: 1651196905988.jpg (29.01 KB, 625x623, 3tuh2mmaxvs21.jpg)

So many whoreganic granola motherfuckers where I grew up. It's basically if you combined San Francisco with Phoenix.

No. 1154295

i like it. it's like a mackenzie-childs deal

No. 1154304

File: 1651198184100.jpg (1.16 MB, 1920x1211, ExploreBG.jpg)

im in east TN! I wish i could move to a rural area the. currently living in a college town experiencing rapid growth, causing the problems other anons listed w price gouging, gentrification, traffic that exceeds existing infrastructure, etc…also way too many trannies and hipsters for my taste.
sadly tho the rural areas can be afflicted with druggies pretty bad. keep an eye on your catalytic converter. otherwise TN really is a beautiful state in terms of the outdoors. people here seem particularly retarded tho. im from alabama and just spent 5 yrs in Chicago for school and moved here before the gentrification because i couldnt afford Chicago anymore with the lockdowns affecting my job (jokes on me because now my rent is MORE) i gotta say, the locals here are just incredibly abnormally slow and kinda stupid. idk if there's something in the water or the fact that they drink mountain dew from the cradle to the grave or what….also, TERRIBLE DRIVERS!!!
all in all i have mixed feelings abt the place.

No. 1154314

File: 1651198655233.png (2.92 MB, 1800x1200, 38414CBE-EF8D-4430-9AE1-43824A…)

Mine is too specific. Don’t forget the black Israelites.

No. 1154355

Are you in DC?

No. 1154360

I'm black and i wish i could move to a rural town too. Someplace like gatlinburg where i can own a rural mountain home and live a simple quiet life. But the (possible) racism puts me off, though, i'm not sure how i'd be treated as a black single woman homeowner in a majority-white "hick" town. (I lived in Memphis all my life)

No. 1154362

File: 1651201063983.jpeg (108.13 KB, 960x540, F3D212FD-1D85-4E9F-BC38-9C6BEA…)

NC to be exact kek.

No. 1154532

Liberal city fuckboy. Always wearing poorly fitted clothes, goes to the gym but still pear shaped, easily offended, has gf and ldr gfs and thinks being in an open relationship or kink is revolutionary. "feminist" but not really and gets trashed with his pedo friends every night

No. 1154538

I'm from the rural south and you'd be surprised at how many rural towns down here are mostly black, this applies to the gulf south though I can't speak for the middle south

No. 1154552

File: 1651208380086.jpg (264.05 KB, 601x922, dslfdsfk'.jpg)

Kansas nonnies, can you help me? I've been living abroad for the past 2 years and am moving back to Kansas for school. I really loved my time abroad and am depressed about going back to America (though excited for school again). What are some really awesome things I can look forward to experiencing in Kansas so I can minimize my reverse culture shock blues? Kansas City seems cool and (not in Kansas, but) I'm excited to go hiking in the Ozarks sometime. What are some cool historical, natural, or plain interesting things to experience?

No. 1154686

Is there such thing as cheap accomodation in Chicago? I'm thinking about going to the Pitchfork Music Festival but airbnbs and hotels are so expensive. The cad:usd conversion sucks too, so I'll be whammied either way.

No. 1154691

Same shit here but the hair cut is always rainbow colored or black, tats are full sleeves or weird placed sticker ones all over the arms of the most generic shit, and meme yass nails in black or rainbow with rhinstones.

No. 1154694

i'm not a huge fan of this type of person but it could be far worse

No. 1154710

Are there a fair amount weebs in North Carolina? Admittedly, I don't know much about the Carolinas in general but being part of the south I thought it would be more like this post >>1154238.

No. 1154879

I grew up in NY and the reason I wanted a super rural area is to avoid a lot of those problems you listed. I grew up considerably far from the city but by the time I was a late teenager the area I was from was completely overcrowded and becoming overdeveloped, it was sad seeing beautiful open spaces being turned into strip malls and condo complexes. Kek about the locals though, in my research I’ve come across a lot of people saying the same so I’m trying to brace myself for it (and I’m trying to learn to talk a LOT slower kek.) About the drivers- is it true that people really don’t use turn signals down there or is that kind of over exaggerated? I’m really curious to see how much of what I’ve read online holds up in person.

No. 1155122

God this is how Texas is right now. Why are weebs making a pilgrimage to the state of yeehaw, it confuses me

No. 1155133

Hypothetically speaking, if I went to Kansas or somewhere else in tornado alley in late May, what are my chances of seeing a tornado? I also can't drive. Have any of you nonnies seen one IRL? I'm binging storm chaser videos and it's just so surreal they exist, there are so many things in the world that are amazing, but I legitimately have a hard time believing tornadoes are a tangible thing until I see it with mine own two eyes.

No. 1155141

File: 1651246738459.png (961.77 KB, 1920x1200, ykzqfkfpxxp11.png)

hellscape tbqh

No. 1155230

For me it's about building healthy habits around food, like, if I'm having a normal day and want to eat something carby I'll eat brown bread, sourdough, or a multigrain wrap (if I'm going out then I'll get whatever sounds best atm)
Lots of fruits and vegetables, doesn't matter which ones so much if you're just trying to get healthier in general
I snack on raw almonds a ton cause they have a nice natural sweetness

No. 1155313

I'm from Texas and have seen many tornadoes. Where I lived as a kid a lot of people would stand out on the porch and watch them. We were near canyons and tornadoes break when they lose flat land, so people in my neighborhood usually felt pretty safe, although everyone pops down to their or their neighbor's basement if it gets close enough. And when you're inside during a tornado you just sort of get storm, silence for a bit, then storm. The sky turning green is a good sign that one might form, as is hail in warm weather. Honestly not as exciting as storm chasers and movies make them out to be and when they are exciting it usually means you're about to get fucked up if you don't take shelter immediately. We usually get them in the fall but have gotten a couple this spring.

No. 1155948

File: 1651324020881.png (303.16 KB, 483x606, 5005.png)

feel this is gonna be really common with the woke woc who date/marry bland white men, like I don't know how they convince themselves their kids aren't gonna come out white passing at least

No. 1156826

File: 1651363608646.jpg (220.98 KB, 1200x947, FLINT_HILLS_a06fccec-4d12-4e64…)

nonnie I don't know why nobody replied to you. I didn't live in Kansas very long but I highly recommend driving through the flint hills and visiting the grassland parks. Kansas is special because it's so vast and empty without being depressing and boring to look at like Oklahoma. There are towns in Kansas with main streets that are practically unchanged since the 50s that are fun to drive through even though they only last for a few seconds. It is so insanely dark at night, too. Like, you will feel suspended in outer space. Anyways thank you for the beautiful Kansas propaganda poster which is extremely relevant to my interests. All glory be to Kansas

No. 1156842

File: 1651364896970.png (560.83 KB, 800x600, RhodeIslandstarter.png)

Where are the Rhode Island anons
Why tf did it snow recently, it's almost May ffs
Also rent and homes are getting ridiculously expensive here, why are people moving here? We have nothing going on, go away

No. 1156849

>No one outside of Rhode Island knows what this is
Coffee milk right?

No. 1156852

Bless you, nonnie. Idk how but I've gone to nearby states like New Hampshire and Maine and they didn't know what it was. Being so close, I was surprised. So idk what the other states know of us, tbh.

No. 1156858

I don't think we do think of you (no offense). The only reason I know is because I used to be interested in one of your universities kek. What does coffee milk taste like? I always imagine it just tastes like regular coffee, maybe with a hint of mocha.

No. 1156868

No mocha taste. It's made by using coffee syrup in the same way you'd add chocolate syrup to make chocolate milk or strawberry syrup to make strawberry milk. It doesn't taste like coffee with milk, but it does taste like milk with hint of coffee. I think it's hard to describe, if you closed your eyes and drank it, you'd still be able to tell the difference between coffee milk and coffee w/ milk.

No. 1156875

Howdy neighbor. Man I haven't been to waterfire since I was a kid. Miss it. Too bad my idea of Providence is kind of corrupted now kek

No. 1156880

you can make it at home lol just pour a little bit of coffee into milk (instead of the other way around).

No. 1156892

Thank you nonna
That's usually what I do, but I thought coffee milk would be different.

No. 1156893

Idk, I always felt like coffee milk tasted more concentrated to me. But my mom always bought the syrup so maybe I'm just used to that.

I agree that Providence is corrupt but hasn't that always been known? What made you first realize it was corrupt? I remember, growing up, my family would be bitching about Cianci and then finally celebrated when he went away kek and of course, everyone has hatred for Gina Raimondo.

No. 1156896

>they claim aapi hate for extra sympathy and help
Uh Asian Americans have seen an increase in targeted crimes but ok

No. 1156898

Oh I wasn't referring to political corruption, though I know that's a whole nother story. I just meant like, my idea of Providence as a little kid was an exciting city and how magical waterfire seemed. But then growing up just experience general city grime and bad areas. Just general parts of growing up and reality checks. That goes for Boston too, really. I'll still take going into Providence over Boston any day though

No. 1156988

yea but not all crime perpetrated against asians is an asian hate crime.

there was a guy who was breaking windows of stores along a certain street. the asians got on tv saying it was racially motivated, when non-asian owned businesses were also targeted by that guy.

No. 1157712

Fucking FUCK okay nonnies what do drivers in your state do that pissess you off, no one in Washington uses their FUCKING TURN SIGNALS!!!

No. 1158054

Have any of you ever studied abroad? I was in Berlin for a semester and the amount of times Germans said my accent was annoying or just generally shat on me for being American really made me hate living there even though the city was cool.

No. 1158057

Asking as someone in mainland Europe that went to San francisco once. This might be a vague question but generally how are the men in your state? Do all states have a subset of indimidating men? Like what's the ratio?

I've been to poor cities in eastern europe and lived in areas with majority Turkish men where they stare holes into you as you walk past, but I have NEVER felt as unsafe around men as I did in San Francisco. One followed me into a shop, which is THE creepiest thing I've had happen to me. The looks I got were more than just creepy, they were straight up predatory. I was intensely uncomfortable with a guy trying to make eye contact with every woman on the tram, he got one and I overheard that he just got out of jail that day, like what the FUCK. I didn't want to go out after dark, even in my "safe" suburban area, and it was the first time that it was specifically because I was a woman, I felt like a walking target and an attention magnet.

And I was just wondering if it's state specific, or what?

No. 1158076

Barely anyone uses it in northern Arizona, kek. I'd say people making a right turn on red right as you come into the intersection and barely go. The other one is making a right turn on a green light (not green arrow) and the left hand lane decides to go as you go.

No. 1158080

I also forgot to add people driving fast in front of store fronts. I got hit by another car that way. I didn't see her at all. I got dragged and she told me she saw me pull out in front of her but decided not to try and stop. Our cars were stuck together and had to get a tow to just separate us. It was suppose to be 15 mph in that area.

No. 1158114

immediate right turn on a green pedestrian light, fucking YIELD dickwads

No. 1158118

I think demographically there's more moids to women in SF, so the scrotes are scrotier

No. 1158148

Dumbasses here like to jut out in front of you through 3 lanes to get into the turning lane, though the road infrastructure in my city sucks tbh

I've never been by doesn't San Francisco have a huge homeless problem? I find homeless and drugged out bum scrotes tend to be 10x more bold and predatory towards random women. It's not like they much to loose if they get in trouble for it. I tend to avoid big cites and carry pepper spray, also don't go anywhere alone at night these places

No. 1158168

The larger the population of homeless people and druggies in a city, the worse of an experience you'll have with men.
I grew up in NYC so I thought it was pretty bad here but San Francisco is somehow an even bigger shithole.

No. 1158946

People "act nice" here but it almost causes accidents. They have the right of way but constantly try to wave you through, but the moment you go THEY decide to go, or another car comes out of nowhere and they were waving you to your fucking death. I will never take anybody's "kindness" again, I will turn off my fucking car and sit there. I've angered many boomers this way, I'm done with the games

No. 1159032

File: 1651497503239.jpg (127.47 KB, 1200x675, SVNKYP6EGZENVP6UVLJQFKA5NE.jpg)

What is public transportation like in your state/city nonnas? I live in NYC so as much as I scream about how disgusting and awful MTA is, pretty much the entire city is accessible via public transportation so I never worry about being able to get somewhere. I lived upstate for college in a small town and there was a single bus that ran on a loop but I was able to walk out from campus to the center of town, but if we wanted to go anywhere else we had to go with a friend who had a car. I've been to SF too and have ridden BART and the bus there, but I was only there for a day so I didn't really get to experience too much of it. I've heard Chicago is similar to NYC too, but I'm most curious about pretty much any other state since I rarely hear people speak about public transport there since everyone mainly has cars.

No. 1159037

I studied abroad in Japan, but I'm Asian, so until I spoke everyone just assumed I was Japanese and I was left alone lol. My friends always said I spoke too fast.

There was actually a time I went out to see a castle with friends (two other international students and some Japanese students) and some girls approached my friends to practice speaking english with them. They were tall, white men (Norwegian and German) and spoke English just fine but my Japanese friend said "oh she's actually American, she's fluent!" and pointed at me but they didn't want to talk with me kek. It was a blessing in disguise because my friends got stuck talking with them for an hour while my friends and I wandered the grounds.

No. 1159044

I always liked the NYC subway. When I went into Chicago more often the CTA was also superb. I visited LA and everyone just drives unless you are poor, so I really appreciate functional mass transit like that.

No. 1159047

>Germans said my accent was annoying or just generally shat on me for being American
That's rude af. Wow

No. 1159137

There's no subway in my city but we have a decent bus line. The busses congregate at the capital of the state and spread outward. The only issue is some busses come every 15 minutes and some come once an hour. So the convenience varies. But at least they go basically everywhere I want. A lot of people still complain that it sucks. The only thing I hate is how they have trouble keeping their schedule, particularly during the busier times of the year. Hate when I'm waiting for the bus to work and it's 15-20 minutes late. I would do anything to get a decent train system here but only major cities in the US will ever get to have that.

No. 1159181

File: 1651504710474.jpg (55.54 KB, 567x561, dsf.jpg)

Oh, nonnie, thank you so much! I bless your day to be full of good food and cute animals today! What a great recommendation, thank you.

No. 1159233

airbnb and hotel prices are gonna be shit during festival season. be prepared to pay more than you expect

No. 1159261

File: 1651508409249.jpg (98.08 KB, 1280x960, 1280px-Chimney_Rock_Mountain_O…)

I've lived in Knoxville and Nashville. East TN has the worst hillbilly backwards people I've ever met. Nashville is exploding rn, way too many people moving there. If you like getting shitfaced and dancing to pop country you'll love it downtown. Knoxville can be nice. Ofc there's a ton of college kids but the downtown has lots of stuff to do. However, wouldn't move back because I don't care about football and the whole town revolves around it. Plus people are pretty dumb as anon mentioned kek

I'm trying to move to NC. The state also has crazy growth but I would love to be in a small rural town near the blue ridge mountains.

No. 1159266

File: 1651508623035.jpeg (44.5 KB, 488x488, 4D178013-F4EE-4FE7-9B29-D5D30C…)

Which one of these kinds of grocery store sweets are your favorites? These will always hold a special place in my heart

No. 1159281

I used to live in Memphis but I moved away last year. Memphis is a horrible place to live. The people in the city have lazy small-town mentalities and the infrastructure is absolute garbage. Constant gunshots, super dangerous driving (the roads are in terrible condition and there is no requirement to get your car inspected so people are driving terrifying deathtraps), no cool concerts ever come and there are no career opportunities unless you want to work for homeland security, amazon or fedex. Everyone is dying left and right from fentanyl and everyone I know had their house broken into at least once. Complete shithole.

No. 1159282

how does this baby look like luna

No. 1159284

File: 1651509137966.jpg (65.75 KB, 800x533, Southern-Toasted-Pecan-Chewies…)

A local grocery store sells picrel, fresh pecan chewies, and I love them. I also love the Pillsbury pumpkin cookies with white choco chips that they sell in fall. I don't know if those counts, but I don't really eat boxed cakes or desserts so.

No. 1159285

god anon you’re gonna make me so fat I don’t even like pecans and that looks so good

No. 1159563

Airbnb price gouging is insane. I had to go to Texas last year for surgery and even shit tier motels ran for like 300 a night, one crack hotel wanted me to pay full price but wanted to kick me out after 4 hours, this is because the original hotel I booked months ago canceled my booking because I was like 2 hours late and no one answered the phone after I called a million times. Another time the entire gulf south was practically booked up for thousands a night. Like kek if I had thousands to spare on an Airbnb I promise you bumfuck Alabama would be the last place I'd go.

No. 1159611

Carolina anons I am craving Bojangles

No. 1159635

That's what I thought. I unfortunately don't have friends I could stay with there, either. Fuk, I might actually not go. Honestly, I'm surprised that Chicago airbnbs/hotels are so expensive compared to the ones I found in Spain/Portugal. I expected Europe to be more expensive!!

No. 1160219

File: 1651544761949.jpeg (188.26 KB, 1125x971, 5BB2A9F1-3A8A-47BD-868D-171C8C…)


No. 1160236

They announced it at the same time as the met gala so morons are more distracted

No. 1160238

i'm not versed in law but individual states can still legalize abortion, correct? i really hope so.

No. 1160253

Its time to start aborting all males, even the ones already born with our 2nd amendement. Seriously though, if my state goes full abortion I'm 100% moving to another one god forbid i ever get raped. I was planning on moving anyway.

No. 1160263

I think they put up barricades around the supreme court building so I'm expecting the worst. Hopefully I'm wrong.

Why does this country hate women I'm so sick

No. 1160273

this is why i never, ever have sex with men. universal sex strike needs to happen now, if they can't respect our bodies they sure as hell don't have any right to come near it. i fucking hate men.

No. 1160275

Is this because Dems are losing votes due to tranny/race shit? People would be able to vote republican and still retain abortion rights with Roe v Wade, but if it gets overturned then that means abortion rights would have to be set by the state, right? So women would have to choose a pro-choice candidate (which are usually dem or progressive), essentially forcing women to vote Dem to retain freedom? Is that right or am I retarded? Either way, why is it always women who have to suffer and have the carrot dangled over our heads…
Men establish power through violence, now they have it they outlaw violence so women cannot retake it using new technology. Society hates women because society is controlled by men who have a stranglehold on power and the entitlement and ego to believe they deserve it for the achievement of being born.

No. 1160288

The fuckers stated in writing they want to overrule the decision that allows for interacial marriage, birth control, and LGBT rights

This is how you get an entire generation that hates the government

No. 1160303

Yes, it will come down to state’s rights. I think this will significantly further the contrast between blue and red states. I’m wondering if a decision like this will be enough to cause significant human migration (women + left leaning people fleeing for blue states, Christians, Conservatives and the like headed for the red states that will make abortions near totally illegal)

No. 1160305

If Woe is overturned then it would fall back into being up to states what they want to do regarding abortion. So most likely if you’re in a blue state you’ll be fine. I do know that some states (like Ohio) have abortion as being illegal in their state law so in those cases women would be pretty fucked. I don’t know what will happen in regards to women going across state lines to get an abortion, but I do not know how it would be able to be illegal since states have to have open borders/lines of commerce.

No. 1160310

If women can't get a sex selective abortion, try influencing the internal environment of your body (girls are more likely born with higher acidity). If men hate women, why the fuck should women make more men to hate them.

No. 1160312

>they want to overrule the decision that allows for interacial marriage, birth control, and LGBT rights
I was going to a log the supreme court, but I don't think I should do it.

No. 1160313

In my experience younger republicans seem okayish with abortion. Kind of like legalizing weed, a lot of the younger generation of republicans are pro legalizing weed.

With that said, wouldn't scrotes want women to be able to abort? All they ever go on about it getting baby trapped and paying child support

No. 1160323

Fuck you just reminded me if i ever did get pregnant it would only be for a daughter with a wife and i bet they'll go for sex selection next if that wasn't already in it. I'm not wasting my body to make a male.

No. 1160326

They're schizo and want to have their cake and eat it to, they want women to not trap them with babies (regardless if it's intentional or not), but also don't want them to have the ability to chose to not carry their child. Ultimately they just want to own a woman and control her actions. I'm convinced they don't see us as human, but support humans, like an object or service to be used.

No. 1160331

They'll porbably go for contraceptives and sex selection as well.

No. 1160335

The fact that they're overturning Roe v. Wade but forced vasectomies, which are completely reversable and easy, sound crazy to men is insane to me. Hope all these men rooting for this burn in the deepest parts of hell.

No. 1160339

Time for a sex strike tbh.

No. 1160348

Like it's popular with certain types of right wing men to be anti-abortion, but also anti-child payments. They just want to have complete control with no responsibility.

No. 1160355

Pathetic, weak Democrats led to this, not just asshole idiot Republicans. I fucking hate them both. Now women all over the US will suffer.

No. 1160358

what is the point of the US even being one country if you can have states with completely different laws next to each other? Inshallah it collapses soon

No. 1160361

One effects men and one effects women. Men do not care for the freedom of women because it means the possibility of women saying no to them. As we've seen with trannies, men are extremely entitled and think saying no to them is the greatest injustice.

No. 1160387

This!! This is calculated. Fuck men and their obsession with controlling women's bodies.

No. 1160394

I feel like this would cause a lot of women to resent their children. Imagine getting raped and all you get is a giant fuck you to the face. And the fact that some women even agree with this. Absolutely fucking awful.

If a man even looks like he's about to come at me sideways, I'm going to be ready to kill him I don't give a fuck. I'll go home and sleep like a baby afterwards.

No. 1160399

I've been thinking about this a lot more anon. We have states right next to each other where breaks aren't required at work while another one demands 30 minutes at least for 8 hour shifts. The fact we already have different policies on abortion. There's different rules for driving, leases, lawyers, wills but we still call all these fragments united.

No. 1160402

adding on to this I feel like politicians and men wouldn't act like this if they feared for their lives. We gotta start making them afraid of not seeing another day

No. 1160455

It’s time that women start blending into society by dressing up like men. No trooning out just going straight butch.

No. 1160458

my plan is just to get a hysterotomy before that make that illegal too

No. 1160467

I feel awful. I’ve expected this to happen for years now, since Roe v Wade always stood on extremely shaky ground in terms of the constitution. If we want abortion to be harder to make illegal it NEEDS to be a federal piece of legislature. Now the odds of that happening…. Not great.

No. 1160490

Im seeing a lot of posts and tweets bringing up how high our maternal mortality rate is compared to other developed countries. Does anyone have any idea WHY our rate is so high? Is it the high rates of obesity and diabetes? All the c-sections performed? General lack of midwives we have? Or does it just boil down to having bad quality medical care?
I did look into it a little further and found
> 52 percent of the deaths were postpartum deaths, or deaths that happened after delivery. Nineteen percent of all maternal deaths were between one and six days postpartum, 21 percent were between one and six weeks postpartum, and 12 percent of all maternal deaths took place during the remaining portion of the year, which is also known as late maternal death.

I wonder if other countries track maternal morality deaths so far post birth.

No. 1160514

Shit like this makes me so doomerish. I don't even have a plan on what to do besides finally getting an IUD. I fucking hate this country and I fucking hate the political climate that lead to this, I hate that dying old men contol the government and I hate that the marginally more progressive party is more concerned with pandering to men dressed up as women than it is with actually protecting women's rights.

No. 1160516

Obesity, diabetes and shitty, expensive healthcare means a lot of women aren't getting good prenatal care. But some states just have better guidelines for what to look for when with a patient. IIRC California is the best state for maternal deaths while Texas is the worst.


tldr the state department of public health put together a task force to investigate every death, found that most were preventable and put together guidelines for hospitals to evaluate patients with.

No. 1160525

It’s already tough enough getting an abortion (when I lived in a blue state I had a scare and barely any of the planned parenthoods had the service) without all this bullshit restriction. I’m hoping there becomes an underground system of getting medications/abortion pills for people who need it because if I had to have kids I’d try to abort any way possible and I know others would too so how can there not even be an option? Oh because men hate that women can choose what to do with their lives and bodies and make up hypocritical moral outrage about muh fetus heartbeat and whatever

No. 1160537

forgot the add: since the investigators concluded that most deaths were preventable that implies that maternal deaths across other states are likewise. Many states still don't do reviews/investigations of maternal deaths. But those other states could ask California to share their findings and guidelines/interventions, do they really need to do their own investigations? That they've failed to reduce their maternal mortality rates when another state has reversed them by 55% is an utter failure of those other state's health departments and a failure of all those hospitals who could have independently chosen to abide by California's interventions.

No. 1160539

There is a list of abortion funds/abortion pill networks going around twitter etc. It's going to be our 20s answer to moonshine and bootlegging.

No. 1160544

wait hold on, will this affect Plan B and other such things?

No. 1160548

Not this individual ruling but once Roe is gone, any law based on the right to privacy is going to be attacked by the GOP

Which is basically anything that states a woman is not property of a man.

No. 1160595

File: 1651553135684.jpeg (36.44 KB, 400x576, 1574437697990.jpeg)

schizo chan be my gf pls

No. 1160644

I keep coming back to this because it freaks me out so much. Between news tidbits like this one, and radio/TV/internet/highway billboard reminders that my body belongs to the state, I'm despairing. I got a tubal in 2017 because I saw wtf was coming down the line but I'm looking at my fertile peers and wondering if they really know what's coming

No. 1160664

>I got a tubal
Nona same and I'm incredibly relieved I had the opportunity at the time. This is terrifying, women already have to jump through enough hoops and deal with enough judgment to get abortions but now it's not even a possible in some places and likely just going to get worse. This is so fucking evil

No. 1160678

definitely getting an IUD or implant now

No. 1160691

I hate our ass-backwards country. What the fuck.

No. 1160780

If push comes to shove I just won't have PIV sex anymore or will force my bf to get a vasectomy

No. 1160785

File: 1651564330111.png (161.01 KB, 401x449, when-abortion-is-banned.png)

At the risk of sounding schizo, shit makes it sound like the U.S. is heading towards becoming a hellhole like Romania was under Ceausescu, where he made complete ban on abortion and effectively made it illegal for a woman to not be pregnant durning her fertility years. It went far enough to the point to where authorities were sent to run pregnancy test on women during work or school. One of the most drastically unfortunate events resultant of this total ban was the obvious and very predictable event of unwanted babies born from this. A large amount of them were sent to orphanages where they were neglected at crucial time of their development where they needed care and affection the most. This led to them having severe emotional issues later on in their lives.

There is one site detailing all of this but I can't seem to find it right but you'll get multiple results if you google "ceausesu abortion ban". The consequences of what happens when abortion is banned are known.

Women in the U.S. died through unwanted pregnancies and attemped abortions before Roe v. Wade. The case itself was predicated on the fact that a woman has the right to the privacy of her own body, a right that the government cannot infringe upon. We lose that, women as a whole in the Unites States will be on a freefall losing their autonomy. Remember, there was a time when women were not allowed to drive using the same reasonings that the Saudis today don't let women drive. It was only a few generations ago that women couldn't open up a bank account without a husband's approval, i.e. the ability to control our own money, an ability imperative to become independant, was left on the whims of a moid, an individual who, like that of a sociopath, does not see women beyond the use they provide for him. A free maid/vessel that will bare him sons. Your ability to say…
>"I want a divorce"
>"I want to go to college"
>"I want to get a better job"
>"I want to buy a house/own property"
>"I don't want to get married"
… is on pathway to be rendered null and void should Roe v. Wade get overturned. This will be the Supreme Court, and by extension scrotes at large, essentially saying that your wishes don't matter and that your choices are theirs to control.

Sure, if the supreme court is successfull in overturning this it will just get left to the states to decide individually but we've seen that states laws change all the time (just a peek at the tranny threads will tell you that. hint hint, blue states are still run by scrotes). That's not even taking into account that states themselves have attempted on people do in other states. I forget which state it was, but there was one who proposed a state-bill stating that they should jail any woman who went out-of-state for an abortion. Then there was TX's abortion-snitch-hotline that thankfully go cranked called to hell not too long ago.

Apologies for the long as shit post but the fact that my ability to not want to anchor myself to a man, especially through a child that he most likely won't give a shit about anyway, is under both constant derision and attack, with handmaiden help no less, just drives up the fucking wall.

No. 1160805

stupid. just go abstinent. an actual sex strike would change shit immediately.

No. 1160814

wouldn't make a difference men would just rape women

No. 1160824

I’ll never understand this shit, I’m not a anti-natalistfag but do they not fucking realize that there are a lot of fucking people already? And do they not realize that women will find a way to abort?

No. 1160829

You’re stupid

No. 1160833

Retard. Lethal aid to burgerwomen to neutralize rapist scrotes.

No. 1160844

either way, I dont' see the point in willingly having sex with scrotes now.

No. 1160873

File: 1651570643376.jpg (1.21 MB, 2000x2922, Yoshitaka Amano.jpg)

Nonas, I'm really sick of it all. I'm willing to do anything, really. I'm an unemployed NEET with no future ahead so I don't have anything to lose. Maybe I sound like an ultra-cringe-kek-2edgy4u loser, but nothing is going to change if we don't form something and attack. I feel silly typing that, but seriously. I see people on Twit talking about a revolution, but it's all "I'm ready when you are." I'm sick of the only way to cope is to consume or get some hobbies, but even that involves some consuming. How tf am I supposed to enjoy my hobby when shit is going down!!!! I've already consumed so much shit for 20+ years of my life, thinking of consuming even more while shit like this happens upstairs makes me want to fucking kill myself. It needs to happen soon.

No. 1160877

Samefag but if you're a glowie, this is a doomerlarp, a joke. Leave me alone now.

No. 1160885

The recovering neet thread might be of some help, also can I personally recommended trying a martial arts to take part in, seriously it helped me out a lot

No. 1160899

if you're glowing, stop glowing. If you've got nothing to lose maybe you can look into a radical life change. Go work in a wildlife rehab retreat, reach out a women's separatist community (they exist), stuff like that.

No. 1160922

If I were you I'd make it my life goal to kill one (1) republican male who's vocally Pro life in a way that can't be traced back to you and the motivations aren't obvious and they can't turn him into a martyr. Just find one on twitter or in the comments of the fox news site and make it your goal. I really don't think society/women can congregate in a way that could enact change these days,but you can rest easy knowing you've made a small positive change.

Sorry, it's just wishful thinking I suppose.

No. 1160935

I’m glad the state I live in is passing a bill to protect abortion performers and patients, it helps a bit for now

No. 1160948

> reach out a women's separatist community (they exist)
nta any of the ones i've been able to find have been disbanded

No. 1161213

I am a michfest enjoyer (never got to go it ended years ago) but if you believe in female separatism you need to learn practical 'man' skills like plumbing, carpentry, get strong if possible. Just thinking back on those times, what exciting opportunities we could have for ourselves if we acquired skills and pooled our resources together. Not an amerifag but I do love america for having michfest and cool festivals.

No. 1161382

America has zero right to consider itself a first world nation when women have no rights here. It wasnt until the 1990s that rape from a husband to his wife was made illegal and punishable. this shit is insane. The only women affected are poor and working class, as usual. This is a disgusting way for men to control women and it will only get worse if this happens. this is straight up hand maiden tale shit that women during the suffrage fought for hard to protect not even 100 years ago.

No. 1161386

unreasonable ask. you can't herd cats. the only thing that's going to happen is a slow shift to where sex with enslaved women is acceptable and societally condoned.

No. 1161400

Not to burst your bubble but for most developed countries it wasn’t until the early/mid 90s that marital rape was made illegal.

No. 1161402

I hope more states continue to allow them. My state still does them, but they're debating whether or not abortions should be banned. Also, a couple days ago they passed a bill saying that doctors have to let patients know about abortion reversals, which I guess isn't necessarily a bad thing.

No. 1161418

File: 1651595469997.jpeg (50.83 KB, 575x747, 7E2E3FC7-95E9-4A4E-AD51-849BB5…)

Tx anons… how are you?

No. 1161440

File: 1651595833818.png (86.58 KB, 227x222, 1619461091909.png)

It's tough but we're hanging in there. Only thing we can do.

No. 1161503

yee-claw Ily all

No. 1162023

File: 1651608687276.jpg (53.26 KB, 549x607, gallerysmall_450182.jpg)

Nonnie your blessing worked, I read it yesterday right before going out with my best friend. We had a great lunch, then saw some geese and a pony! You have magic powers! Kansas is going to make you so powerful!

No. 1162252


Same. I feel so bad for poor women in bumfuck states.

No. 1162270

File: 1651618416749.jpg (45.72 KB, 741x570, austin house prices.jpg)

Very worried that I will not be able to afford a house in the city I was born in. Part of me thinks that this is a temporary spike, but another part of me worries that prices aren't gonna go back down for myriad reasons.

No. 1162303

>those prices
God I feel you. I think I'm going to be stuck with my parents for a long while because we're being charged for the price of, like, a 3+ room apartment when it's just 2. The apartment has old school appliances and everything so it's like wtf man. This isn't some Dallas living. I want everything to burn.

No. 1162339

It's ridiculous. Rent is so insanely high that living on your own makes it impossible to save any money so that you can buy your own house/condo, so that your payments are technically building your wealth and not somebody else's. Renting is literally throwing away money, but it's so fucked up that most people don't have the option to stop doing so.

I've made very good financial choices in life, and if not for this recent spike in house prices, I would've been able to take out a mortgage by now. But my savings and income aren't increasing at nearly the rate the housing prices are. I think right now, all I can hope for is being able to buy a house outside city limits in a few years.

No. 1164950

I see a lot of doomer posting about how contraception will be next but I just don’t buy it. Christian right wingers are a lot more unified when it comes to being anti-choice but I think it would cause a huge rift when it comes to wanting to ban contraception. Some forms of birth control make the fertilization of an egg impossible which would not make sense with their whole “life begins at conception” platform. I could see them targeting Plan-B if anything. I know a huge amount of younger Christian (and Mormon) pro-lifers who push for certain forms of contraception being more accessible so that women won’t need abortions to begin with. I could be wrong but I hope I’m not. What do you all think?
I also have seen some talks about sodomy being a target since that ruling was directly based on roe v wade.

No. 1165019

Roe vs Wade is an umbrella law, it protects abortions but it protects A LOT of other things pertaining to pregnancy, I think since it's related they may try something but I also kind of doubt it.

The official ruling is in June or July and it'll really just be down to the state, so I won't try to doompost much but it still is a scary thing to witness so I won't blame others for doing so.

I saw a video of a girl explaining what it's like living in a country where abortions are illegal and it's so heartbreaking. Men are evil and the fact that most women who agree with them won't realize it until it's too late is honestly so sad to see.

No. 1165156

I just moved to Dallas six months ago and I’m considering leaving. It sucks because I love my house I bought so so so much. I wish I could pick it up and take it to Colorado or Oregon or back to Virginia. When I’m here in my home, in my garden, even in my little neighborhood I can almost forget I’m in Texas. But then I’m at the hairdresser and the sow doing my balayage openly announces some of the most backwards hateful un-Christian Christian shit I’ve ever heard in my entire life and I think about grabbing her hand with her scissors in it and shoving them into the electrical socket for her. Yee ee ee ee ee ee ee ee ee ee ee haw, bitch.

No. 1165250

many christians and catholics deem birth control to be a form of abortion. especially by those who view sex as purely for reproduction. they’re also very uninformed on how birth control works. last july, Missouri had attempted to stop Medicaid coverage of birth control and defund PP. they failed by a very small margin. Justice Brett Kavanaugh called birth control “abortion-inducing” drugs in his confirmation hearing. Marjorie Greene publicly stated that she thinks Plan B is an abortion pill. don’t underestimate the idiocy of the right.

No. 1165661

Repubs bamboozle me. How do you simultaneously believe that your income tax shouldn’t go to any form of social welfare AND believe that people with multiple children are “welfare queens” AND believe that a fetus is a person no matter what and must be born even at the expense of the mother’s life AND that birth control is evil and sinful and must be eradicated. In a few years it’ll be “the left wants to raise your taxes again!” BRUH… you forced millions of babies to be born and said that adoption was a viable option. You think money grows on trees???? For unwanted and unowned babies no less????

No. 1165671

Reading this makes me fume. Science and biology is one of the most important topics to teach children and adults and it seems Americans hate education and logic so much.

No. 1167354

File: 1651822629725.jpg (155.84 KB, 752x907, cancer_abortions.jpg)

Not a burger, but republicans conveniently forget that abortion is healthcare.

No. 1167358

File: 1651822779819.jpg (130.2 KB, 606x840, cancer_abortions2.jpg)

No. 1167360

File: 1651822870695.jpg (119.87 KB, 533x823, cancer_abortions3.jpg)

No. 1167559

File: 1651830475091.jpg (159.79 KB, 911x907, WHATTHEFUCK.jpg)

Louisiana Republicans have voted to advance a bill out of committee making abortion from the moment of fertilization a crime, in which the mother can be charged with homicide.

No. 1168783

File: 1651867719734.png (119.4 KB, 917x628, image.PNG)


I wonder if things like this are gonna start happening more if they are successful in banning abortions. Better option than leaving them in front of fire stations.

No. 1168838

Fucking kek.
>woman explicitly states she doesn't want to be a mom
>male forces her to become a mom
>she has zero personal involvement in the child's life
>surprised pikachu
>male regrets his decision to become a single parent
>omg y she 'deadbeat mom'!?
>woman is paying 125% of the ordered child support
Single mothers are considered lucky if they even see a fraction of the child support they should be getting. She's doing far more than she should, good on her for restarting her life and seemingly having a great time of it while this scrote suffers. I'm glad the court actually took her side to an extent, this would be massive karma if men force us to give birth then actually have to take responsibility for the life they supposedly wanted so much. It's not about actual parenthood for men, it's about control and ~~~legacy~~~ and passing on their shit genes, except they want to have a bangmaid to do all the hard work of raising a kid for them so they can swoop in and claim the glory of being an awesome dad simply for having coomed into a woman.

No. 1169087

The only one I feel bad for the kid in this situation. I know some anons may not agree with this, but I really think that if the pregnancy isn't out of your control, you should never have a kid you don't actually want (and yes that goes for deadbeat dads as well). She should of got the abortion, and he should have just adopted since he wants a kid so bad.

No. 1169151

I feel bad for the kid having such retarded parents

No. 1169214

I doubt he even wanted a kid at all. He just wanted to control her and thought it would force her to stick around and be his bangmaid. He likely thought she would be the one taking care of it 100% of the time.

No. 1169276

Probably her way of revenge for him trying to force her. We're only getting his side so I don't know how bad his incessant begging for her to give birth was.
She was committed and angry enough to teach him a lesson about parenthood for her to go through pregnancy, which is a whole other battle. I personally would've aborted it and told him to kick the chair and swing

No. 1169504

This. My parents are paying 1400 for a literal shack in the booneys and the bedrooms don't even have doors, the only doors are the bathroom and front door. Properties in America are not only horribly maintained but you're paying a fuck ton of money to practically be poisoned. One of my first apartments I rented last year was a room in a house for 700 a month (had 4 rooms, each room costed 700). Despite getting like 2800 from this house alone, my landlord would NOT fix any issues, there was lead in the water, slugs in the bathroom, mold, wouldn't fix the door so mosquitoes kept getting in and it's like what the fuck am I even paying you for? I'm living in an apartment now where rent is 780 for 2 bedrooms in a good area, but water is still shit tier and plumbing is god awful. Why the hell are they poisoning any rental they can?

No. 1169530

>I don't know how bad his incessant begging for her to give birth was.
>She was committed and angry enough to teach him a lesson
I don't know how you can say the first part but then follow it up with the second. I've heard from quite a few women who were much younger than scrotes like this, very naïve and simply didn't have the perspective to stand up for themselves or the future child when they were at a vulnerable point in their lives. For all we know he was emotionally abusive, begging and pleading and berating her to have this kid until she gave in, she relents and says fine since she genuinely believed he wanted it that badly and was going to become this amazing single parent (since that's what he signed on for), then after a few years of separation she realizes fuck, I was foolish to have believed he would step up, kid is an innocent byproduct of what happened but I still don't want to be involved. Which is totally fair. Least I can do is overpay on child support (again, far more than scrotes ever do) and ensure it goes to a woman who wants it if ex-idiot ever locks down a woman again. To assume she full on had this Machiavellian plot to birth a child out of pure spite is a massive leap.

No. 1170862

File: 1651948612263.jpg (21.14 KB, 549x535, e6626eb449222cde8e8155d347e496…)

Is rent going to be like this for forever now? Idaho used to be so cheap but I can't even afford to move out of this 1 bed with my bf even though I just got a full-time job with a degree. I feel so fucked. I'm grateful that we don't have to have roommates like everyone else I know, but I also thought we'd be able to afford to leave this hellhole by now. There's literally no way to meet the income requirements or even get an application in in time with the amount of people looking for housing. We have no choice but to stay in this shitty 500sqft apartment with paper thin walls. It could be worse but I expected it would get better when we moved into here……..

No. 1170899

most of the rentals aren't even being rented out, it's just greedy landlords trying to make a quick buck by price gouging. I don't even know how long it will stay like this since everyone seems to just be moving in with their parents are finding alternative ways to live

No. 1171289

Honestly don't understand how women are still getting into relationships and fucking men when abortion is banned. At this point I've turned pro abstinence bc the only way for anything to change is to confront men for just staying quiet and going oh ok when their GFS/wives lose their literal human rights.

No. 1171302

with all the shitstorms going on im seriously considering moving to Canada since I want to work in entertainment anyway, it has to be better than this shitshow

No. 1171305

it’s not banned yet, it’s just a possibility for now.
unless you are a nona from the future…

No. 1171356

Isn't housing in Canada even worse than America? In cities people actually want to live in anyway

No. 1171383

>In cities people actually want to live in
There ya go. Extremely expensive cities and vacation towns are one thing but pricing families out of small towns that have been there for generations is a whole new level of fucked. I also don't believe in the whole "rich people are doing this" bullshit since in literally every other country rich people can use it as their playground with little to no inflation. If this was the case restaurants, spas, hotels, etc in Bali, Fiji or the Philippines or something would be practically millions, not fucking wheatgrassville, montana where hotels are hundreds for a crack one and studio apartments are 1300 when 90% of the local jobs pay 12/hr

No. 1172614

File: 1652061351379.jpeg (245.26 KB, 960x856, 2C378ABD-501F-4C73-A858-293811…)

My fiancé I getting a Vasectomy this Friday. I’m so thankful.

No. 1172617

Sadly, unless we revive Mao or get some actual laws that put a cap on rent, it's going to get worse. I moved out of my apartment 6 years ago when they raised the rent over $400 and now i'm living in an area where rent is going up again. It's so terrifying because so many people with full time jobs and living with room mates still barely make ends meet.
The tenants are the ones suffering. Landlords can fuck off and die. they're bastards

No. 1172619

i unironically did that recently. it's easy as shit.

No. 1172623

Ah, how is it up there. Other than the bitter cold I think I could adjust to it. Being from the south means I'm used to bitterly hot summers, but I'll take harsh canadian weather over the political dust storms and evil politicians down here

No. 1172632

Real estate in Canada is literally used by Chinese as easy money laundering, America has cheaper rent.

No. 1172633

I actually just moved from Canada down to the south.

No. 1172637

I’ve seriously thought of doing it, but my field is niche and I’m unsure I’d find a good job there. Only issue with Canada is the cost of housing and how they let international real estate brokers screw over all their citizens, but if I can do the Bay Area I could do Calgary.

No. 1172647

Calgary is pretty nice. They got the Stampede every year.

No. 1172663

i moved to calgary from the south and the snow is NO FUCKIN JOKE like -20C days this past winter, but I just stay inside anyway so it was bearable

No. 1172664

Didn't realize we had so many people familiar with burta here, haha. Calgary is a really nice place to live.

It's not so bad. As long as you have a good coat, pair of waterproof boots, and a toque you'll be fine.

No. 1173113

File: 1652084886672.jpg (320.07 KB, 1280x853, 1639251927103.jpg)

bumping to hide tranny continually posting and bumping cp

No. 1173121

File: 1652084990323.jpeg (40.9 KB, 720x540, 704A4FFB-1DA4-46E9-8CE8-5335CF…)

Bump don’t scroll there’s a troon posting cp

No. 1173124

File: 1652085036056.jpeg (160.97 KB, 700x800, 42DE86B1-CD52-4CC6-BB2C-9FB8C4…)

Bump don’t scroll

No. 1173317

bump cause cp troon is trooning again

No. 1173319


No. 1173322

File: 1652093446975.jpg (112.83 KB, 1000x660, EVQASQQU8AEmSKR.jpg)

do other american anons remember these?

No. 1173399


No. 1173409


No. 1173436

File: 1652096993444.jpeg (222.94 KB, 848x1192, popcorners.jpeg)

missing dollar tree hours
(euro anon)

No. 1173518

Damn I miss those Cheetos Asteroids

No. 1173532

File: 1652102582331.png (148.98 KB, 512x512, wonderball.png)

Absolutely loved the hot cheetos ones as a kid.

No. 1173539

he's gonna leave you and reverse that vasectomy for a woman he actually wants to have kids with

No. 1173558

What if it's nonna who doesn't want kids? With recent events going bareback will potentially be even riskier and most birth control tends to affect the woman's body a lot more than getting snipped does does a man. Also, like you said, men can reverse it. Women can't reverse their tied tubes in the same manner.

No. 1173563

NTA but then good riddance

No. 1173570

This is probably the time when men are on their best behavior knowing women soon won't have recourse and can be baby trapped, but they've gotta be nice so the targets they're chasing will drop their guard and believe the scrotes will actually treat them decent.

No. 1173574

if she doesn't want kids that's ok but that wasn't my point, my point was, he still comes out on top. if/when he does eventually want kids (men start to go crazy when they hit 40 over that) so it's easily reversible and he'll just find a younger woman. women don't get that kind of luxury as you said.

No. 1173575

i'm from tennessee and had only ever seen 2" of snow in my life, this past winter here we got snow up to my knee shit was crazy

No. 1173577

they aren't actually that easily reversible, if the vasectomy was done properly in the first place, there is no guarantee that it can be reversed.

No. 1173578

And he will be cursed with retard babies from his geriatric sperm that he will hate for the rest of his days if he does that. He can play stupid games and win stupid prizes.

No. 1173596

It's only a real lose if she was thinking of changing her mind later too. But if the end result of having no kids is all the same, then who cares what the scrote does in his new relationship? That's for the new woman to deal with.

No. 1174720

File: 1652150171409.jpeg (71.2 KB, 500x246, 20410C32-2B26-4383-8C20-D3AF5D…)

Any nonas who owe student loans here? How much do you owe? Did you go for a federal or private loan? I'm seriously considering Sallie Mae because I need a relatively small amount of money quick for summer classes. Don't think I'll get approved because I have a low 600s credit score and I only make roughly 480-720 a month because of my retail job and shitty hours. I hate how college here is so expensive and it's nearly impossible to get a good paying job without a degree.

No. 1175406

Do you readily and regularly drink the tap water in your state nonnies?

No. 1175413

i drink tap water because bottled water is the same as tap and i cant afford a water filter.

No. 1175414

I graduated and paid off my loans a few years ago but I owed about 16k upon graduation in federal loans only. I think I'm a bit of an outlier situation though, I went to a public state university and was admitted through the EOP program (program for stupid+poor kids) so I received additional grants and didn't have to take out nearly as much in loans. On the other hand, my friend came out with 60k in loans. Not sure if he took out private loans on top of federal loans though.

If you have the option to take out only federal loans, take out only federal loans. I avoided private loans like the plague because the interest rates are just too damn high.

No. 1175438

I had 45k in federal loans I've paid off. It's hard to give advice without more context.
Have you looked into FAFSA? Federal loans don't need a cosigner and are better. In any case make sure you understand how your loan will grow over time…

No. 1190466

Has anyone here considered getting a gun/has a gun for personal safety? I live with other girls in an apartment in a sketchy part of the city and I’m always so paranoid about someone breaking in. Recently our downstairs neighbor had someone attempt to break-in while she and her kids were home and the intruder wasn’t dissuaded at all even when he knew there were people inside. He only fucked off after another neighbor pulled his gun on him. It took 30 minutes for the cops to show up even after just about everyone in the building called them freaking out.
I also take public transit a lot and I’ve seen how no one will do anything to attempt to help you if you’re in trouble or being attacked by a methed out homeless person. I feel like I’m always on high alert every time I’m in public especially after the Buffalo shooting from a few days ago idk I’m just such a paranoid person.

No. 1190474

I do but I live in a western state. I think things get dicey with water if you’re in the rust belt and other heavily industrialized areas. I was visiting Ohio and the tap water there tasted like ass. Houses with older plumbing tend to have hard water which can make the water from the tap taste a bit off.

No. 1190478

No. 1190511

Not American but i wish i had the opportunity to be able to defend myself with a firearm. I don’t see why you shouldn’t learn. A woman was raped in her home near my old house, people stabbed at the bus stop. I wish we didn’t have to be sitting ducks with a pathetic police force. Guns are an equaliser.

No. 1191044

Yes, mostly only drink tap water. I hate messing around with filters and bottled water is a waste of money to me unless it's the occasional seltzer water since that's kinda special

I am considering it because I don't feel that safe where I live and have an ongoing harassment situation with some men on my street, but I think realistically I am probably going to go for a stun gun first and decide after carrying it for a while if I feel protected enough. I'm extremely pro-guns for women because they are an equalizer, but I have a lot of reservations about whether I personally can handle owning one.

No. 1192116

>California residents are fleeing to the country of Portugal and in many cases bringing problems that have made life more difficult for natives, according to the Los Angeles Times report.
>A story titled "Welcome to Portugal, the new expat haven. Californians, please go home," reports that the number of Americans living in Portugal has risen by 45% in the past year with many of those Americans moving from California in order to escape high housing costs, pandemic lockdowns, and "Trumpian politics" in the United States.
>The article explains that "resentment of newcomers is growing" in Portugal as California expats have become the "root of questions over gentrification, income disparities and immigration."
people write about affluent californians like theyre writing about a threatening locsut swarm

No. 1192883

File: 1653263826524.png (1.03 MB, 1152x1224, XKV4INzVNhtijisg_ux9y0lM-HaI7P…)

Which state logo is yours anons

No. 1192895

south virgnia

No. 1192896

that one offshoot make a wish mlm looking one

No. 1192898

I was born and spent majority of my life in Illinois. I forgot how ugly the logo is. Kek.

No. 1192900

how'd you get out? please help me…

No. 1192901

So…most of them? is it Oklahoma?

No. 1192902

File: 1653265060383.jpeg (51.75 KB, 750x729, 72CBA6C2-C863-4BA5-B631-8162F4…)

None of these are great. Ohio especially is a disappointment because their logo from 100 years ago is much cooler.

No. 1192906

Looks like a designer brand logo. Pretty cool.

No. 1192909

it's delaware kek

No. 1193016

I live in nc right now, how underwhelming kek. I was born in GA though so I’ll claim the cute peach

No. 1193036

File: 1653274613416.jpg (91.73 KB, 1080x575, Screenshot_20220522-213608.jpg)

Dang why is honey boo boo so underrated

No. 1193059

The slogan for Kansas is kinda funny, I suppose it is a large state but I never really had any preconceived notions about its size.

No. 1193060

being black in this country scares the fuck out of me. i don't want to be shot just for going to the grocery
i also am scared as a female. i live in a red, conservative state and our state reps are straight up saying shit like "hurr biden doesn't deserve friends in office! we need more guns! blah blah blah" it's so terrifying
my only consolation is that i am ugly. moids will hopefully leave me the fuck alone

No. 1193062

File: 1653278032605.jpg (109.13 KB, 700x512, ajax-wizard-of-oz.jpg)

You would expect Texas to say that honestly. Does anyone think anything of Kansas other than picrel?
It is honestly terrifying, and I genuinely want to move in the future.

No. 1193066

You like honey booboo?????

No. 1193067

Nta but who didn't? White trash is always entertaining.

No. 1193090

Why are north Carolina and Connecticut just fucking default fonts kek

No. 1193120

wait is Texas's no longer "don't mess with texas"?

dumb commentary from a former design major


i can see they take pride in their musical, their logo reminds me of a broadway play


really hard to read on that teeny button


better mod font than oklahomas


i fucking hate the slanted effect without proper beveling and the "u" needs that extra serif removed. looks like a failed university logo


now this is cute font design, love the way the mountains are etched into the A's and the playful placement of the lettering

>new york

very simple and very iconic easily recognizable

>south dakota

soft 80s version of the north font. why hot pink. why make mount rushmore and the bottom heading starkly different colors

>north dakota

edgy south dakota. the glyphs on this look nice though and the bottom slogan is a lot cleaner than the south version


is that the logo for the office


trying to steal the dakotas thunder by copying their logo (unless it came first)


ida have to ask why there's an entire map of the united states in the corner

>new mexico

would look nice on a sign but suffers from the same fate as alabamar when it comes to readability. also new mexico using such bland boring colors just doesn't fit right; even arizona has a nice little flower. considering all the native culture and beautiful nature it just feels understated


cheeky and cheesy as hell but nice usage of simple curves and shapes


cant spell it but the connection between the separate s's in the logo has always been very classy to me. once again highly recognizable


I swear the other versions of the texas logo I've seen are different than this one. this one has a great slogan but is too yee yee design wise


i expected more chaos from the state full of crazies, booooring


instantly recognizable iconograph


looks like the font they use for crime shows or the infamous "you wouldn't steal a car" ads. am shocked there's no allusions to mardi gras or a choice of more playful, swooping font. very uncharacteristic of them

>south carolina

they should probably swap fonts with the sans serif for the north. i always loved the palm tree icon growing up and visiting sc for vacations, but they should modernize the font

>north carolina

as said before them and sc need to swap fonts

>west virginia

resembles the impact meme font too much. at least they're using some color…


it's fun and wild and totally befitting of the state

a lot of these I don't feel like reviewing the rest. they all start to look samey after awhile. alaska, michigan, missouri, rhode island and tennesee have a nice usage of iconography but most states fall flat. georgia, new york and missouri are instantly recognizable, I have a personal fondness for south carolinas logo. lots of these states would better suit swapping a sans serif out for a serif or vice versa

some of them look horrendous at different sizes. i wish the states known for native populations and art would have more vibrant colors, and there was a wider variety of color palettes in general

/ end design sperg

No. 1193132

Family although where I live now is worse. Never thought I'd say that.

No. 1193322

God the PA one is so lame and sterile kek

No. 1193377

The I♥NY one is so iconic.
Leagues better than any of the rest.
Truly a gem of design.

No. 1193401

where is washington state

No. 1193511

MD, at least the logo isn't exceptionally ugly I guess

No. 1193874

Connecticut made me laugh bc I can only assume most people not from or around that state can’t spell it. Most of these are not very interesting. I like Hawaii and Oregon though. Texas seems fitting.

No. 1193875

I want a gun for protection because I’m paranoid but I’m afraid somehow I’d be stupid enough to inevitably hurt myself with it or an attacker would get it out of my hand easily.

No. 1193880

Where do you live now if you dont mind me asking? South or another state in the midwest? Kek

No. 1194067

NY, and I love it. Simple and iconic. I also really like Georgia's too. Kansas is the best because it's funny.

No. 1194242

california, looks like it's sinking into the ocean, or maybe a piss filled pothole in skid row

No. 1194375

CO nonas, is it possible to get around Denver with no car?

what major cities have decent transit? I wanna be a travel gal but I can't drive kek

No. 1194393

>attempting to use amerifag public transit that isn’t in NYC

oh poor anon KEK

No. 1194396

Just go ahead and get your license, anon.

No. 1194414

DC's metro is decent but idk why you would ever want to live there

No. 1194416

Honestly you're gonna need to define decent, most places either have a useful public transit system that is plagued with dirtiness, homeless people and sketchiness, or cleaner, safer public transit that doesn't run frequently and is very spread out

If you're serious about traveling learn to use a car because you'll probably come off as an easy mark, especially if you end up in the wrong neighborhood which will probably happen. I'm saying this as someone who only used public transit for years in Philly

No. 1194713

I liked the DC metro, the trick is to live far enough out on one of the lines so you are not actually in DC but have access to the train all you want for work and going places in your free time

No. 1194754

So tired of europoors butting in to talk about how our gas prices are still a lot lower than theirs. Sure your gas prices are higher but your country doesn't make it damn near impossible to survive without a car
>Only affordable housing are in suburbs/rural areas, even if you are lucky enough to find a job in said area it's often way the fuck and impossible to walk to
>Many American jobs rely on cars and don't pay for gas or insurance
>Shitty and nonexistent public transport
>Jobs still pay like shit, minimum wage is literally the price of gas, not to mention most Americans are in some sort of school or medical debt that gets automatically taken out their paycheck if they don't pay
>Even if you can reasonably walk everywhere, unless you're in a major city be prepared to be honked at, harassed, catcalled if you're a girl, and almost ran over a million times. Even if you buy a bike most Americans are anti-bike and will harass you but rather blame cyclists over their shitty car-dependent infrastructure
It's ridiculous, and it's the average broke citizens fault our country fucked us over in terms of making us car dependent

No. 1194762

Where i live they wanted to expand the subway and people were against it because of crack heads. Like ok, just get the police to round them up dumb ass. wtf do they think transport police if for? White conservatives are very anti-public transport and it's quite annoying because they don't see the bigger picture beyond crackheads. I used to live in London and it's clear as day that public transport has no effect on the wealth of an area, even rich people use it because of how convenient it is and the lack of parking too. How could you not want to skip traffic? I am a firm believer in the public transport supremacy, especially with the fact that so many people are driving fucked up cars and constantly getting into accidents, they can be stricter on handing out driving licences.

No. 1194784

Americans think any sort of homeless is crackhead. Maybe… Have affordable and reasonable housing that doesn't require credit scores, 3 previous places of residency and so on? Build more shelters so the homeless can have decent hygiene and not scare you? Make better healthcare so people don't degenerate from other diseases? Crackheads are an issue but nothing is done to stop them. One of the biggest problems I always hated about America is that in order to solve problems they just make overly complicated laws that somewhat relate to the problem but not really and are shocked when nothing gets done.

>many people are driving fucked up cars and constantly getting into accidents, they can be stricter on handing out driving licences.

This 100%. I lived in the PNW and ended up sliding off the road on several occasions during snowstorms because it was like $1000 for new tires, I spent over $100 on an oil change where they didn't even remove the previous oil or change the filter! They literally just threw new oil in it, I'm not a car person and even I knew not to do that. Car repairs are insanely through the roof for extremely low quality so it forces people to drive unsafe cars and are shocked when so many people die in car accidents. Not to mention quality is going down like crazy. Back then if I got new tires, gas, an oil change, etc it would last a good while now it seems like oil is draining like crazy, tires don't last for more than a few months and gas is lower quality than ever

Boomers driving are the worst too but everyone makes so many allowances for them despite fucking up traffic and swerving all over the road, but if you're young and do something as small as go a few miles over the speed limit people act as if you deserve a slow painful death

No. 1194892

I mean, it's not hard to not get off at the wrong stop if you trip plan, plus with gmaps it's easier to not get lost than ever. but I hear y'all. most transit systems and general walkability are concentrated in the downtown core but that's also where the homeless and drug addicts are.

is there less homeless in the cold months? I know they like to come to California in the winter, so they're here year round. I wonder if the #s fluctuate in places with actual seasons.

my baseline is bay area transit systems, which I would say is world-average. not as good as anywhere with actual infrastructure but not so you literally need the expense and burden of a car just to live.

I hate the car dependence, but the real blame is the billions of dollars of lobbying from auto industry not broke average people.

No. 1194915

Southwest ironically.

No. 1195037

American citizens eat up the meme of blaming everyone except the big guy who makes all the decisions. They think the people who take cars to go a mile down the road are the issue and not unsafe highways for pedestrians, harassment, etc

No. 1195042

yeah, you just gotta constantly remind people of the bigger picture.

car addicts don't make it easy though. very easy demo to hate, straight up assholes.

No. 1195058

PHX, anon

No. 1195071

I fucking can’t stand euros butting in every time Americans talk about cars. I used to drive 30 mins for my commute and I live in a state where we regularly get temps above 100 degrees and I had this retard on Discord scolding me for being “brainwashed” for being car dependent, and kept telling me I should bike there instead. Sure I’m gonna cycle a 3 hour round trip when it’s 110 degrees out just to wageslave.
I hate how train transit isn’t even very feasible here because everything is so spread out cause of suburban sprawl. I’d rather take a train everywhere if it were possible but I doubt it will ever happen in my shitty southwestern city.

No. 1195076

The job market is ridiculous and you're practically forced to get a job with a long commute. In 2017 the job market was so awful that the only job I could find was minimum wage and an hour away in the next town over, and I interviewed for every single fast food place in my hometown. I can only imagine how bad it is now for people completely on their own, where you need to move far away for affordable housing but close enough to an area with a livable wage

No. 1195245

File: 1653424181522.png (472.09 KB, 584x476, texas.PNG)

No. 1195254

File: 1653424356624.jpg (214.68 KB, 1069x1049, 8bc.jpg)

Samefag but picrel. Also, the pic I attached says the suspect is dead, but other sites say they're in custody.

No. 1195311

It’s basically a rhetorical question at this point but why does this shit never seem to phase the general American consciousness? That you can get killed in a grocery store and your children executed in a school. Blogposting but I have a baby and I can’t imagine letting them grow up here and be part of this sick fucked up culture, let alone risk them getting shot in their school. Shit is too sad and nothing will ever change. Play a violin while you watch the empire burn itself to the ground.

No. 1195337

It literally keeps happening. It happens every few months and people care about it for a week but nothing gets done about it. There will be more before the year is done.

No. 1195347

The ones that make a lot of media noise happen every few months, but there are shootings way more often than that. Look how many have happened just this year, even just look to see how many have happened in your state alone. There's been 202 in 2022 so far.

No. 1195358

I don’t know if I can post it but there are pictures on Reddit of the suspect who did this and he is bizarre looking based on pics from his IG wtf

No. 1195374

Please post it anon.

No. 1195443

File: 1653432270511.jpg (236.09 KB, 1600x906, bologna.jpg)

I love being American and I love ranch dressing. Also, we have the best summer traditions. 4th of July for fireworks and shooting, tubing, camping, four wheeling, frisbee golf, 4H for food animals and demolition derby, badminton then cooling off in the water, grill some burgers and brats, the bologna festival, so much I swear I kind of get why people like living down south because you aren't cooped up hiding from the air hurting your face half the damn year and you can live your life

No. 1195453

I’ve thought about this too. Are Americans just numb to cope with living in their hellhole of a country ?

No. 1195462

> I swear I kind of get why people like living down south because you aren't cooped up hiding from the air hurting your face half the damn year and you can live your life
Southerners still have to do this, they just do it in the summer instead of the winter.

No. 1195474

>the bologna festival
The what? Why'd you say this as if it's a common American experience. I bet this is some midwestern shit.

No. 1195497

That is not midwestern shit.

No. 1195500

File: 1653434219764.jpg (49.71 KB, 600x320, glorified-rice-your-aunt.jpg)

If Midwesterners can do things like picrel, I wouldn't be surprised if they had bologna worshipping festivals.

No. 1195503

I'm around Chicago and have no idea wtf the bologna festival is or what you just posted is supposed to be.

No. 1195506

>have no idea wtf the bologna festival is
Me neither! The pic is an "ambrosia salad".

No. 1195507

It's called Thanksgiving tradition

No. 1195509

Maybe if your family hates each other

No. 1195510

Lol this. Southern weather is god awful compared to everywhere else. Summers are swampy, humid, impossible to breathe in, winters are bearable and in some southern states are even shittier since cars and houses in the south aren't built for snow. The only thing I'll admit to is fall and winter in the south is a lot more fun and reliable, it feels like the second you get up past the carolinas it's never ending snowstorms from September - April then you get scorching hot weather during the summer and back to snowstorms

No. 1195515

File: 1653435065931.jpg (27.71 KB, 608x608, ae364523838062c28f9514497ffe29…)

> Every July, Yale plays host to the Yale Bologna Festival, a 3 day weekend event that closes the streets and transforms this small community of just under 2,000 to a gathering of over 20,000 Bologna starved party-goers!
> Bologna starved party-goers!

is this what lead ingestion does to people

No. 1195531

File: 1653435919541.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 48.52 KB, 706x886, 71455A6E-013E-492C-B712-1D46BA…)

He looks like a ghoul

No. 1195532

Mental illness. Looks like he was about to troon out.

No. 1195539

Not the sucked in Zoolander cheeks

No. 1195545

why did i think this was yungbluds troon era

No. 1195551

File: 1653436744836.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 52.24 KB, 604x676, 55176FB8-EA40-4579-96DC-9716D9…)

From his drivers license. Apparently he was 18 years old.

No. 1195564

Of course he chose an elementary school. Hope he rots in hell.

No. 1195569

18 kids 3 adult casualities as of right now

No. 1195570

Tinfoil but I suspect that he, like Adam Lanza, was a pedo. Either that or he just killed a bunch of children because no one is shocked by adults and teenagers being killed anymore.
Be safe girls, mass shootings happen in clusters. Know your emergency exits.

No. 1195575

I think you're probably right. These sick fucks often seem to target what they feel they're entitled to. Elliot Rodger, Marc Lapine, and plenty more moids who either do mass shootings like this, or serial killing, or whatever.

No. 1195579

File: 1653438835441.jpeg (175.58 KB, 828x515, 6D1F4A5D-1B1A-4F04-B87C-DCDDE0…)

The Uvalde congressman is getting ratioed to hell. I guess he forgot it’s an election year.

No. 1195584

File: 1653439260002.jpg (87.39 KB, 718x952, FTkF-lmVEAAYshq.jpg)

Samefag, this is the gunman looool

No. 1195591

Holy fuck what? This guy? He would post in r/LesbianActually sub with a boner and would have in the title "ignore the bulge" all of the time. Hooooly shit.

No. 1195596

The news are going to have to show his pictures eventually, including the crossdressing ones, if those are really him. Imagine the peaking.

No. 1195599

File: 1653440427369.jpeg (51.14 KB, 1125x319, 021FA9D3-B5DE-4671-AF74-553E04…)

Stop spreading misinformation, dumbass.

No. 1195600

This definitely doesn't look the same as >>1195531 >>1195551

No. 1195605

You’re an asshole for this

No. 1195606

There are only four confirmed pictures of the shooter.
>driver’s license
>three photos posted on instagram (selfie, a photo of two guns and a photo of a gun magazine on his leg)

No. 1195610

>children are dead and it’s still considered funny to try to shoehorn teh evil twannies into the tragic event

No. 1195620

for the same reason nothing is ever done about the increasing wealth gap, the broken healthcare and justice systems, police brutality, the list goes on

No. 1195623

Samefag I'm so sorry, false alarm it's not him!!

No. 1195624

I found it on twitter and actually thought it was the same dude, sorry nonnies

No. 1195646

You a tranny?

No. 1195650

File: 1653443810064.jpeg (14.4 KB, 460x259, 1653441259622.jpeg)

If we include the black guy from a month ago we basically have a whole Captain Planet cast of psychotic burger murderers in a month timespan

No. 1195660

I don’t think it’s cute to spread misinformation when there are 16 children murdered at the hands of a deranged teen, so sorry

No. 1195664

the number is unfortunately growing. the death toll is at 18 now

No. 1195668

It's whatever, not like some random farmers have the power to do shit about that kek. And the average troon does fit the typical school shooter profile to a T, can you blame us?

No. 1195669

Jesus, I thought it was 16 injured and 2 dead but I just saw that it was actually 18 (or maybe even 21 and the shooter's grandmother, according to People). This world is fucked

No. 1195680

the best jingle

No. 1195684

best believe the fact that a lot of the children killed are hispanic will be brought up somehow in the next few days. racist "build the wall" retards are already foaming at the mouth because the shooter's name >salvador

No. 1195687

File: 1653447793404.jpeg (201.18 KB, 3560x690, BD9F6706-DFB1-40C3-A157-12114F…)

Any of you nonnies been out of the country on medical tourism? My teeth are terrible because I haven’t been able to afford the dentist here in a long time, so I have extensive work that needs done and it’s starting to affect my overall health. I’m considering Cancun. An all inclusive vacation plus getting my teeth fixed for the same price as a single root canal in the states.

No. 1195706

You're absolutely right and I hate it. Great because that's what fucking matters right now not the fact these children lost their lives. We live in fucked up times.

No. 1195731

File: 1653451390205.jpg (70.94 KB, 639x644, fuckyou.jpg)

We are so fucked as a nation. Suggesting sensible gun legislation in order to prevent the violent deaths of literal children is enough to make right-wingers foam at the mouths– which is impressive given that they exist in a perpetual state of having Tucker Carlson's dick down their throats.

I know shitlibs get (rightfully) made fun of for their cringe alliance with troons and a myriad of other issues, but god damn, at least "the left" isn't on the wrong side of this debate. Your freedom to own guns is more important than the lives of children? Do they not feel nauseated imagining these innocent children dying in such a gruesome, senseless way?

Just end me now, nonnies… I can't stand living on earth with these absolute retard gun nuts

No. 1195732

The problem is you can't just fix gun problems. Even if you make new laws, it will take over 50 years to even make a noticeable change within the state of the country. There is no quick fix and I have yet to see a sensible fix to this as well, because people do buy guns for other people, steal guns, and even buy them before the first crime. what do

No. 1195734

The problem with implementing gun control is that America already has too many guns in circulation that it would make it futile especially for psychos who plan these mass killings in advance. In other countries with strict laws they never had this kind of culture and ease of purchase to deal with because how are we realistically going to keep track of millions of firearms that already exist whether they’re registered or not? Like New Zealand can control shit because it’s an island that never normalized casual gun use and ownership.

No. 1195737

Anyone sick enough to make murdered children into a racial issue when the shooter was hispanic himself is just absolutely deranged. I see what liberals are doing though, the racial targeting is the only reason people cared for that shooting in that NY grocery store. Not for very long ofc but longer than it usually goes these days. Otherwise it would have been like that other grocery store shooting in Colorado that people forgot about in a day.

No. 1195746

Sure. I’m not suggesting a particular solution, but it seems immoral to not try. Yes, people will always get guns, just like all illegal activity happens regardless of the law. Yes, outright banning all gun ownership is unconstitutional, regrettably (kek). However, there are surely steps we can take to make it more difficult to obtain and own a gun. Mandatory, repeated training. Extensive background checks. Mental health screenings.

I don’t have the answers and I don’t mean to sound like I do— but I’ll die on the hill of “it’s better to try than not at all” like the gun nuts. I wish they hadn’t made an entire identity out of owning guns. It’s so pervasive.

No. 1195752

wanted to go to the grocery store tomorrow morning but i am scared. why are men in this country so evil and insane
at least it is in a white neighborhood i guess, less chance of a racially motivated shooting. fuck

No. 1195753

Dude go to the store, if you are going to be hurt you can be hurt anywhere if someone really wanted to hurt you.

No. 1195758

I will bet my entire ass that greg abbott will not cancel his visit to the houston nra lobbying summit over this shit.

No. 1195775

We're dying, burgernonas. Our society is dying. We aren't even humans anymore.

No. 1195776

If you had one you aren't guaranteed to have the cute one. I grew up with a slight accent but it was horrid as hell. It did truly sound like I was mentally stunted.
But I'm talking I grew up as trailer trash around druggies and shit so it was probably less of region and more of who I was around. I got mocked for it once by some little shit on a bus once
His parents should've whooped him.
I moved more north and gradually lost it though.

No. 1195777

Yes I also think so. There's a brand of pedos that get off to hurting and killing kids, probably what he was.

No. 1195780

File: 1653456801637.jpg (175.47 KB, 540x632, 20220525_003305.jpg)

Reject humanity
Return to b u r g e r

No. 1195841

Over a dozen families just lost their children in a horrifying and gruesome act of violence and it will be swept out of the news within a week. Things are getting so disgusting, I don’t even know what to say.

No. 1195847

seems that way. the bongolians banned handguns for good because a fat nonce shot up a primary school (Dunblane massacre)

No. 1196376

idk its tinfoil but based on the theorized motive posted over in the tinfoil thread plus my personal experience I don't think lanza was a pedo himself. I think that is why he killed his mom, either because she CSA'd him or brought a scrote into his life that did as a young boy. because she was an elementary school teacher, this fundamentally broke his sense of understanding for not only his relationship with his mother and how she treated other children vs. him but also his view towards childhood innocence.

his theorized motive + killing of his mother read to me much more like someone who was a victim of CSA or something similar as a young child, and because of that, spiraled so far down into crazy that he really did find it the most merciful thing to do to stop the suffering of those children as they grow into adults was to stop their lives all together. i don't think he felt entitled to hurting them, I think he really did somehow think he was entitled to ending their lives because it was ending their suffering from their parents and a world that didn't care.

No. 1196385

I feel so doomer-y when it comes to gun control and mass shootings. I don’t know what can even be done at this point as far as flat out banning firearms goes. How would that work when so many people have guns and will not be willing to give them up? What about all the guns people obtain illegally? If gun control isn’t a plausible solution to mass shootings then what is? And it seems to be young moids who are chronically online perpetrating the most notable shootings in recent years. I’m scared there’s going to be another mass shooting targeted at women like that incel one gone at a college it just feels like a matter of time.

No. 1196408

I'm not even American and I was horrified at the news, yet a few coworkers made dickheaded comments about it. Like there's a real psychogical issue happening that teenagers are shooting up schools. Like why the fuck would an 18 year old shoot primary school aged children what the fuck has he got against kids

No. 1196439

I'm not American but I was in public lately when some weird scrote nearby was playing an American podcast or video out loud… we're so far from America that it really stood out as odd given they were very much only talking about the US and their own
politics. It was two hosts talking about how men have it hard and how every type of minority is screwing over men. Acting like men's roles are doomed and like men are being denied their God given right to a submissive wife who is a slut and a virgin and a high earner and a housewife and a low maintenance gal but a flawless, feminine, hairless, perfectly preened, 10 out of 10.

You're a king being denied your throne basically.. life is so unfair and if only you'd been born in the 50s. I can see how content like that has young guys wound up and resentful of a life they think they were owed. Hating the world because adult men aren't automatically worshipped.

No. 1196443


They are one of the weakest groups of people, that is why. If you wanted to be angry with life and wanted to do the most damage you would go after children who can't defend themselves against a gun. We don't know the reason but we do know continuously some mass killers go after weak groups, In Japan, there was a mass stabbing of a disabled group in a treatment home because of easy targets. I don't see how this is any different, children are easy targets because they are a group people often want to protect.

No. 1196460

Why is American tourism/vacationing so expensive? Seriously you can easily go to most foreign countries where it would cost like 200 in total for room, food, activities, etc. The most expensive part would be the plane ticket but American motels price gouge so badly that staying at a crack motel for a couple of days would be the same price as a plane ticket to a foreign country. Not to mention a lot of places even shit tier spots are overly crowded, low quality food, and a lot of sameism. I swear to God the entire west is the same carbon copy town and there's no point unless there's a specific theme park but even theme parks are becoming all the same. Why do Americans even bother vacationing anymore?

No. 1196473

Fr its better for Americans to go to Mexico and live like the rich colonists they are in a grand resort with full meals for like $10 compared to spending thousands going to Disney and paying $30 for some shitty fries

No. 1196479

I know a lot of people who just don’t travel outside of their state or the states that border their own. I feel lucky to live in a city that has a lot of places I can take day trips to.

No. 1196580

Random, but I’ve seen a few posts about how fascism is on the rise here and I don’t see how that would ever actually be possible. A full authoritarian/fascist take over of the government I mean. Just given all the armed citizens we have whose personal wet dream it is to have a civil war or be part of an anti government militia group, an authoritarian regime just doesn’t seem possible.

No. 1196584

Yeah anon, taking womens rights away that were already set in place, forcing people to get a vaccine unless they wanted to lose their job, capitalism thriving. Totally not fascism and nazi-tier shit.

No. 1196589

Nta but it's cringey any time someone compares a current day issue to nazi shit. Drop the retarded buzzword, it's the same one that trannies love to throw around so much. That should give you a hint on how dumb it sounds/how much of a reach it is.

No. 1196597

It just shows how bad world history is taught here when the go-to and de facto bad guys people can point to are Hitler and the Nazis. The poverty of historical imagination with zoomers and millennials is kekworthy to me.

No. 1196601

File: 1653509377232.jpeg (263.33 KB, 828x438, B71063FB-F0E4-471F-B27B-2440F7…)

Texas governmental candidate and democrat Beto O'Rourke disrupted a press conference and got dragged out. Abbott and his lackeys got angry at him for "making this political" and were more enraged about his disruption than the actual shooting.

>You are doing nothing. You are offering up nothing. You said this was not predictable. This was totally predictable when you choose not to do anything


Beto outside the courthouse talks about how mental healthcare in Texas has been diminished and gun restrictions have been loosened, points out the hypocrisy of Abbott for still going to the NRA conference and bragging about how easy he makes open carry


Unfortunately doubtful this will sway Texans to be less retarded and not vote abbott again but he has balls

No. 1196617

I only said that because america brought a lot of values from nazi germany to the states which is why our country is the way it is. They've been used for help multiple times. But sure, I'm "buzzwording" when all you can do is bitch about zoomers and millenials while not knowing history yourself.

No. 1196620

File: 1653510529126.jpeg (130.25 KB, 828x872, 81738CD1-0BE4-4005-BB53-87AA50…)

This was already debunked >>1195599
all the articles refer to him as male. the new rumors you're seeing were started on /pol/ and the dude in the photo alleged to be "tranny ramos" confirmed it was him and he was trolling

No. 1196629

yeah it isn't at all like america's japanese internment camps, bleach showers of mexicans seeking asylum at the so-called border, continued and perpetuating genocide of native americans happened. or like we don't live in a country with a militarized police state where you can simultaneously have "the right to bear arms" but also be justified in getting shot at point blank range by police because they deem you a threat weapon or not.
or the fact that the fucking nazis and hitler admitted to being inspired by the tactics the US government has used in the past when it came to how they approached their attempted genocide in Germany. must be nice sitting in your white suburban american bubbles where your rights being infringed upon is just a thing of the past right? this is why the phrase white feminism exists lol just because it isn't happening to you doesn't mean the comparison between the US and the Nazis who admitted to being inspired by American tactics is any less accurate




No. 1196634

They're probably not even white, just retarded fatasses sitting there complaining about muh zoomers and millienals and whatever else terminally online shit they can think of.

No. 1196680

I know the picture of the guy with the trans flag is not him, but is this post trying to say that the picture of him in a black sweater is fake too? Sorry if I'm being slow, just a little confused.

No. 1196722

File: 1653517273627.png (71.89 KB, 810x632, marijuanalegalization.png)

Washington DC and Rhode Island are officially legalizing recreational marijuana use. There are now 20 states that recreational weed use is allowed. Is weed legal in your state, nonnies? How do you feel about the ever growing number of states legalizing it? Do you oppose it or just not care?

No. 1196727

I was like this but it was awful and boring, not to mention the "vacation" spots get inflated insanely so if you were born and raised there everything is now a rip off

No. 1196735

why would I oppose it anon

No. 1196775

File: 1653519970213.png (3.37 MB, 1416x957, AmericanNationalWondersPNG.png)

America actually has some amazing national wonders to visit that are drop dead gorgeous but most Americans don't give a shit about nature, unfortunately. It's also still expensive to get out to these areas and people litter and ruin the places, which sucks. Why can't we have nice things.

Shit, I didn't mean to reply to your post with my weed question kek I was just curious about other amerifags opinions but was also going to respond to your post, too. But I wanted to find a good collage of natural wonders off google. Ended up making separate posts but didn't delete it right. Sorry, anon, I'm just a dumbass. Reposting, corrected now.

No. 1196830

Live in WA and only voted yes for tax purposes. I hate stoners.
But because they deal mostly in cash the stores are a big robbery target and a clerk in one store was killed in an armed robbery recently.

No. 1196867

I think it's fine. A lot less harmful than tons of other legalized drugs. I'm a recreational user but only once a month or so, don't dabble in the stoner community such as it is. I think people that get blazed every night have problems as with any other addiction, but it's nice to smoke for relaxation just like having an occassional cocktail

No. 1196872

It used to be cheap for a road trip and airbnb split between 2+ people but now airbnb are at the same rate as hotels with more hidden fees and scammy refund policies on the hosts terms plus you basically have to clean the place after staying. I would honestly visit another country if so many weren't in full lockdown or need like 3+ vaccs. The air ticket is insane but damn the food, hotels, places are so cheap in some countries…

No. 1196904

Yes it's fake. OP of the sweater pic on 4chan not only has a completely different chin but admitted he used an old pic of him as a lure to troll /pol/

No. 1196951

File: 1653531980340.png (946.84 KB, 750x1334, 9767CECA-BEF6-4AD1-96A6-2642A2…)

I’m so fucking done with the “it’s mental illness!!” Bullshit. What were “we” supposed to do, psychically find out that the 18 year old with no history of mental illness was actually oops totally fucked up cuckoo bananas crazy? Crazy retard freaks like this shooter exist across the world, they just somehow don’t manage to go on mass murdering sprees of tiny children. Solve that riddle you fuckfaces.

No. 1196965

Exactly lol. Like I've seen people deadass try and say that gun deaths would just 1:1 be replaced with other weapons but straight up half the gun deaths couldn't happen with any other weapon. Maybe you'd stab like two or three people before you got swarmed and you'd have to put in more actual effort to actually kill them instead of just pulling a trigger and letting the gun do all the easy work

No. 1197041

I hate that those retards clearly see it as some kind of game.

No. 1197104

You're right, I've been to multiple landmarks in the US and it's so fucking expensive, it's cheaper to explore a city but still expensive. Expensive to get in, expensive for lodging, expensive for everything else. I went to the grand canyon and paid like 80/ a night for an airstream and the host didn't even bother hooking up air, water or anything else or mentioning that the place didn't have any amenities, it was practically a glorified tent. Didn't bother to help either with helping getting everything running. Every restaurant in town outside of fast food was insanely expensive. Most tourist experiences are half assed as fuck unless you book a literal year in advance for the donkey your. The entire south, is absolutely shit tier, from Texas to Florida, crack motels are outrageous, crowded, and there's poverty and trash everywhere, everyone is rude and gross, there's little to nothing to do and the things you can do are absolutely slammed

No. 1197116

The irony in Texas being ranked among if not one of the lowest states when it comes to mental healthcare. Abbott doesn't give a shit about mental health more than he cares about restricting womens rights to their own bodies. He and his comrades couldn't show less emotion everytime this happens

They're the ones who house these kinds of shooter freaks in the first place, of course they think it's funny. Actual right wing news outlets picked up an obvious 4chan false flag so they could somehow dip into their "left is evil, tranny did shooting, muh guns good, gun control bad" angle.

No. 1197403

Abbott is so retarded, I really feel for Texas anons. Most if not all politicians suck and are only motivated by money and all, but he really doesn't care about anyone or anything

No. 1197701

File: 1653587570858.jpg (221.09 KB, 920x690, burger24-3082b0d7d4183fc32ddb3…)

>paying $30 for some shitty fries
giving me flashbacks to working at "high end" resorts as a teenager that would charge several thousands a week for a basic looking cabin and mountain town restaurants that charged upwards of $30-50 for the most basic, dry, overly salted bar food ever

cities are becoming like this too, restaurant food has just became shit tier quality and it's practically just a waste of money now, has anyone been to heart attack grill in vegas? literally the driest, most flavorless burger I've ever ate, what's even the point of wasting all the calories and cholesterol if I can't even enjoy the food anymore?

No. 1197978

I thought the only people that went to Heart Attack Grill were fatty boombalattie tourists trying to get free food.

No. 1197990

nah, when I went it was just young and skinny people who all wanted to try the cool restaurant that has a ton of news stories, videos, etc on it

No. 1197997

That burger looks mediocre, would rather take my ass to whataburger

No. 1198009

I’m amerifat myself but I never understood these places that serve ridiculously huge portions, who the hell can eat three burger patties? What’s the point of spending money on food you can’t even finish?

No. 1198041

because some americans can eat like a complete lardass and still have room for dessert. I fucking hate food challenges though, inedible spicy challenges, hot cheetos/chicken nuggets/ etc challenges which are just people binging. Everything is so focused on quantity over quality that everything tastes like shit but there's just masses of it. Even produce is just so massive but flavorless with zero nutrient quality, it's no wonder americans take like 10 different vitamins every morning

No. 1198043

It's novelty. People know the reputation America has, and people go there because where else are you gonna find shit that crazy?

No. 1198065

Him and Ted Cruz cower away and scream thoughts and prayers everytime tragedy strikes. As long as they get their soulless corporate payouts they are completely blind. Makes you wonder how they have enough constituents to win in the first place. Are there really so many evangelical boomers that the younger voting demo can't tip texas blue and spare the entire state years more suffering?

No. 1198115

The Dems burned Texas. The trans shit isn’t vibing in the polls there with the 13 years olds that were getting mutilated. Paxton the attorney general is a religious retard but he’s also taking a hard stance against in (hard by our retard politicians take). He also is fighting for “free speech” arguing section 230 for Texans. Most Americans Vote down the ballot. If they like what they read about him and dislike the few Dems from the headlines. Republican ticket. Most of the Dems don’t have the reach and focus on the people to reach the people in Texas and then laughing at Hawley for saying Y’all doesn’t cast them in a positive light in southern states. Ted Cruz also released a bunch of propaganda stuff when his kids were younger showing him as a wholesome dad who loves cows that I’m sure has lived in peoples subconscious. People aren’t one party voters and when we focus on one issue we lose the election.

No. 1198122

Jesusfags like this are the worst.. for fucking real??

Texas should have seceded like it planned to years ago. I cant name a more useless and worthless state than Texas and Florida.

No. 1198132

They will never come back from the mutilated children thing, and I say that as the one who thinks Abbott is a retard too. What kind of choice is choosing between some soulless fucks who don't care if kids get shot and some soulless fucks who don't care if kids die during elective double mastectomies, how the fuck are we here?

No. 1198240

You think the blizzard and the after effects of the freeze, ted skipping off to Cancun and the power grid would have torn down what little credibility these lobbying hacks do have in the eyes of the public, at least with undecided or moderate voters? The results of the freeze were massively damaging both personally and infrastructurally. The GOP hacks have done jacksquat to fix the broken system that caused these power failures

Beto should have run for senator again. There's enough people who don't like ted (hell, even the senate hates ted, lindsay graham said you could kill ted on the senate floor and nobody would prosecute you, and that's coming from someone as disgusting as him) and the state is slowly tipping, he was around 48% to ted's 52% in the last election. Him going up against abbott was an extremely bad idea from the get go.

No. 1198858

File: 1653663008206.jpeg (146.63 KB, 640x1136, 03642666-014D-4E1A-99D8-CD9DAA…)

Just posting a cake I made

No. 1198862

I love it! I bet whoever is getting that cake will be really happy

No. 1198894

How cute! I hope the person gets a lot of joy upon receiving it ♥

No. 1199078

You made a cake for Paki-chan? How sweet

No. 1199081

It’s crazy to me that Texas senators and legislators are calling for mental health reform but at the same time would rather die than have expanded Medicaid in Texas. Especially given how many uninsured people there are mixed with an extremely low minimum wage. Expanding Medicaid would be a huge benefit for single people who are poor.
What a god awful state I’m glad every day that I don’t live there anymore.

No. 1199121

File: 1653672960026.jpg (51.52 KB, 735x735, pokebowl.jpg)

oh god i thought it was just me who found resturant food to be bland. i live in a city that has pretty decent food if you know where to find it but lately everytime i've gone out to eat it just isn't worth the money. for me the only thing worth buying from a restaurant is stuff that has raw fish in it, mostly because i'm afraid of fucking it up at home and accidently giving myself food poisoning kek. i 100% refuse to go out to american style resturants anymore because i can easily make the same shit better for half the price

No. 1199840

wtf no one baked me a cake when i moved here. That was really sweet of you anon and it looks great

No. 1200815

>New Zealand can control shit
I don't even know where to begin with this gay take.

No. 1200817

>oh god i thought it was just me who found resturant food to be bland.
why does this seem so common nowadays?

No. 1200826

So get some better taste and stop going to shitty "trendy" places that serve stupid-ass pokebowls and other dumb millennial shit. You're the reason these places stay afloat, blame yourself.

No. 1200844

I swear to god periods sync through lolcow. So many needless hostile comments over every little thing

No. 1200846

That's not really fair tbh, as someone who briefly visited the US a lot of the food was bland, boring or just ladened with butter, cream or excess salt to compensate lack of flavour profile. Telling someone to "get better taste" when they've already expressed they have skills in their home kitchen is dumb imo. Also calm down lol, you act as if anon is a personal nemesis to your outstanding underrated restaurant.

No. 1200889

This guy surprise confronted Zodiac Killer Ted Cruz about gun control

No. 1200901

What if he confronted him about gun control with a gun

No. 1200908

pokebowls are pretty good, but they are fairly easy to make at home.

for safety stick to flash frozen farm raised fish.

No. 1200922

The US is just expensive to visit (and to live in), period. The residential and commercial rents are so expensive that your business can't survive being at an affordable price. You'll never make back enough to pay for the rent or pay for the labor. The rentier class is draining as much wealth out of everyone else as possible and in terms of tourism many places are choosing to cater to the wealthy (both domestic and foreign) while everyone else gets fucked. You also need to drive everywhere and loitering laws mean there aren't many good public places where you are allowed to just hang out either.

Mental illness is a cop out

It works out better if you speak Spanish or have people in the area that can help you find someone good. There are also US trained dentists in places lik Los Algodones. Do your research.

No. 1200930

I know some restaurants were losing money so they had to skimp on stuff or change to cheaper suppliers, maybe all that adds up. I rarely eat or order out but when I did it was a difference in quality from what I’d had previously, even the same dish. And of course it cost more too. Tbh I eat maximum two meals a day now because of how much groceries have risen and I’m trying to save money while inflation fucks me and my entry level job salary.

No. 1200951

god he's such a piece of shit disgusting coward. getting uglier and fatter every year too

No. 1200980

Sometimes I feel like there is no point trying to work for reform/equality in this country with our current institutions. The constitution and the laws that came with it were originally founded for the benefit of rich white men. With how easy it seems for SCOTUS to deconstruct more than half a century's work of feminist struggle with the overturning of Roe v. Wade, it shows how fragile the rights of women and minorities in this country are. It is also nearly impossible to amend the constitution, especially with this extremely partisan legislature, and right-wingers somehow trampling over the rights and safety of the rest of the country. It's insane to think there are more democrats/left-leaning Americans in spite of this. I genuinely think that the only way to secure the rights of women and POC is by starting over completely, from the ground up. 400 years of American history has shown that compromise clearly does not work.

No. 1200981

He should have confronted him about moid control, not gun control. Notice how women aren't committing mass murders with guns. Women should be allowed protection.

No. 1200996

File: 1653789602147.jpg (605.02 KB, 500x1000, MFHNbOc.jpg)

americans are fucking bizarre

No. 1200998

Kekkk, this meme though

No. 1201007

Any parasites in wild-caught fish will be killed by freezing. Really just buy flash-frozen and thaw immediately before serving and you’re good. That’s what the restaurants do.

No. 1201038

Just admit you failed high school history and leave us alone, retard

No. 1201039

And as someone who lives in the U.S. and grew up in a city full of amazing restaurants, blame yourself for your shit taste and lack of knowledge about where to dine.

No. 1201040

This. It drives me up the wall every time anon complains about gun control and how guns should just be outlawed altogether. Try telling that to all the women in the shelters that the only thing protecting them from men is now banned.

No. 1201045

Thank you!! I’m a survivor and my abuser will be released from jail next week and it’s why I have a gun because I would be done for if he found where I live

No. 1201082

What? Why does my support of women's rights bother you so much?

No. 1201086

Your ignorance upsets me more.

No. 1201088

Ignorance of what? You came in and called me a retard without refuting any of my points.

No. 1201089

This is retarded because restaurants are going down in quality. I had a handful of my favorite local restaurants that use to be bomb but went down in quality within the last few months. The same exact restaurants with great reviews. How are people supposed to magically know when a restaurant decides to switch all their ingredients and recipes? Especially when they already have raving reviews. Why are you so adamant about denying the fact places are rapidly changing in quality regardless of if you "know" the place are not? Why are you going out your way to blame the consumer?

No. 1201110

Wouldn't that still make them high accessible to men? I agree that women should be allowed to have protection but I don't think that's the fix.

No. 1201439

Ah yes, the old "well it happened to me therefore it happened to everyone" argument.

No. 1201659

It has to be summer. The infighting has been out of control all weekend.

No. 1201953

I'm genuinely ethnocentrist I only like American media and I hate when euros start sperging about their country politics for extended periods of time in a public space. I don't care what the duke of dingleberry has decreed on your land in whoville I only want to grill

No. 1202069

oh, thank you for the tip anons!

No. 1202376

>I don't care what the duke of dingleberry has decreed on your land in whoville I only want to grill


No. 1202795

I want to frame this post

No. 1217021

File: 1654727636603.jpeg (636.8 KB, 828x1326, A46CFD2B-1E05-4E1B-8EE9-467087…)

SF’s DA got recalled. There’s an accusation that he was being too soft on crime and not persecuting a lot of repeat offenders of violent crimes. There’s also a lot of controversy around him because he did not act on anti-Asian hate crimes because he seems to have much more empathy for those who break crimes rather than the victims of said criminals. I’ve noticed that a lot of larger cities are having similar problems with DA’s who are going ‘soft’ on crime such as LA, Seattle, Portland, Chicago, NYC etc where a lot of repeat offenders are just getting a slap on the wrist even for more violent crimes like armed robberies and assault. What do you guys think? I know we need some massive criminal justice reform but just letting repeat offenders go free is causing a lot of stress and issues.

No. 1217071

I don't give a shit about criminals. Prison is only terrible because they are trapped with other men, so I don't give a shit about prison reform either. It's amazing how everyone is supposed to "educate yourself, do better" except actual gang bangers and rapists

No. 1217076

If they aren’t careful we’re going to have rapists getting shot on the court steps on the 5’oclock news again by angry fathers.

No. 1217081

Private prisons feed prisoners dog food. Some of which contained live bugs in one state. Another used sugar packets in a womens C-sections. Prisons are more problematic than male on male violence. We also have an issue with a lot of private prisons that are on contracts for so many convictions so states like Colorado have to pay a fee for not sending them enough.

No. 1217083

Ok, prison reform for women only. Men deserve dog food, because they are lower than dogs. The bug protein is good for them

No. 1217087

I will agree with that. Kek

No. 1217414

I think most people prefer to be way harder on repeated violent crimes which I agree with too but my stance kinda changed having an older brother whose sort of a repeat offender. He is literally (diagnosed) schizophrenic and batshit insane that's gone to jail multiple times for beating up our parents and arson even. He definitely doesn't belong in jail but a psychiatric facility. He won't even talk to us anymore cause he thinks we aren't "real" just imposters of his former family trying to torture him. He's homeless now as my parents both have a restraining order against him but still he's like a child almost, all his lawyers thought he was retarded or had some leaarning disability when they first met him.

No. 1217869

SF fag here. Guy had good intentions but still obviously sucked at his job. I’m all for reformation but I feel like that should be more of a priority to nonviolent offenders.
Some people need to be removed from society. Granted, I’m not saying jail is appropriate for ALL violent offenders (as >>1217414 points out)

It’s been funny seeing the ultra left seethe over this. But MAGAts who are celebrating can fuck right off.

No. 1218490

I have a dumb hypothetical me and my friends were pondering but if you HAD to move and live in either Canada or Australia which one would you pick and why?
I personally would choose Australia just because I love sunny weather and the beach. And in my mind the food would be better (not confirmed) than the slop Canadians eat. I’d probably kill myself as soon as I saw a scary bug though.

No. 1218493

do americans and canadians really hate eachother?

No. 1218496

It’s more one sided on the moose’s. There’s actually a good book I read on it years ago called ‘Yankee Go Home’ that touches on Canadian exceptionalism and how it completely centers around the states. I think most normies still just think of Canada as our friendly neighbors to the north though.

No. 1218498

My first thought was Australia because I like the accent kek. I think I'd probably pick Canada though. Australian wildlife aside, I prefer the cold. I would also think shipping prices to get stuff to me wouldn't be as expensive but sometimes I ship stuff from Canada and it's already so expensive so…

No. 1218818

It was there before, but I think a lot of these repeat offenders getting set free problems started with Covid and the powers that be not wanting the jails to overcrowd to keep it from spreading among the inmates.
But now that we realize it's not going away hopefully things can improve from here.

And this is a separate problem that started with Reagan in the 80's and closing mental hospitals.
And it's good that it's way harder to involuntarily commit people. But it also means there's more people like your brother who refuse to get help and they're not allowed to be locked up against their will even though they need it.

No. 1218846

I don't think americans overall think that much about canadians in any special way. It wouldn't be surprising if the common impression is that canadians aren't that different from americans living in north dakota or montana

No. 1218904

Like >>1218496 said, it's more a superiority complex on the Canadian side. Especially in terms of politics, comparisons are always made by Canadians to paint them as morally pure and virtuous. I grew up in Canada but it's really obvious nobody here in the states cares as much about Canadians as Canadians do about Americans.

No. 1219311

even though i'm an american i never lived in a big mcmansion type of neighborhood despite being in the suburbs (it's actually very cramped and narrow in mine, you cannot play out in the streets like the other ones and the street lights aren't super well-lit), never had 'guest bedrooms' and still don't really understand it, and the schools i went to don't have big fancy fountains. can't tell if i'm poor or if the media lied to me again.
oh and there was this one time a drunk guy was laying in my family's driveway and another time a druggie tried to break in our home cause he got it confused with some other house

No. 1220056

British loyalists fled to Canada when they lost the revolutionary war btw. Was that in the book? I think it explains a lot, they're like a lot like when Brits shit on Americans. Pots calling kettles black and all.

No. 1220063

What's is there to understand about a guest bedroom? It's just an extra room set up like a bedroom for guests to sleep in, instead of having them sleep in your room or on the couch.

No. 1223344

Any other burgers here fed up with our work culture? I feel like every company I’ve worked for expected me to work OT for free, do the job of several employees, stay later/come earlier and look busy even when there is nothing to do, etc. I’m so frustrated. I had a “good” higher up position and quit because it was simply a ridiculous amount of work for the money. I accepted a lower paying job a few years back thinking the work wouldn’t take up my whole life, but I still found the same work culture. It was “frowned upon” to take lunch breaks and not stay an hour after close, even when we didn’t have anything to do (boring office job). Even not attending their stupid after hours “work parties” was an argument. Any time I bring this up to people they sorta subtly imply that I’m just lazy, even though I’ve worked steadily since I was like 14. I’m just tired and burnt out. It feels like every job (even shit paying ones) expect you to live for them and have zero life outside work. Anyone relate?

No. 1223346

Our work culture is becoming a cult. The corporate governance wants to groom us out of our boundaries. We’re a family! We validate you! Tell us every thing about you! Now that you’re here you can never leave. Give us more. More hours, more work. More time. It never ends. It’s never enough and if you question it you’re lazy, you’re a traitor. You’re betraying the family. It’s a delicate tight rope don’t be pulled into the bullshit gilded lies, but don’t stand out as against the mass or you’ll get fired.

No. 1223353

File: 1655085810517.gif (21.29 KB, 220x165, yourefired-done.gif)

One of the biggest thing I noticed about American job culture is that employers have a weird boner for firing people. There's zero job security and it's legal to fire people for any reason within the first 90 days. It's no wonder Americans have massive anxiety all the time since their employers just not liking them can cause them to be on the streets

No. 1223388

Yup. I live in an at will state, which means they can fire you with zero notice for any reason. It's one of the reasons people just leave their job with zero notice too, causing massive stress and extra work for employees and employers. America's job market is a mess and most people bail once they get a higher paying gig because why not?

No. 1237379

Roe v Wade has been officially overturned. My state does not offer any abortion services anymore

No. 1237400

File: 1656083081639.jpg (70.48 KB, 640x743, cats-hugging.jpg)

Just saw the news about Roe. I'm keeping all you burger anons in my thoughts and hope you stay safe out there

That's horrifying nonna, I hope you can still find the means to access abortion if ever needed. Sending you a virtual hug

No. 1237421

who wants to pool together our finances and move out of the shitmerica with me?

this is a serious offer

No. 1237431

where are we going nonna?

No. 1237434

nonnie order pills from one of the sites on plan c in case you need them, that's what I'm gonna do. My states good right now but we might get a republican gov so I'm preparing.

No. 1237436

Same but actually because I hate cars. Driving anxiety makes living in america hell. There are only a handful of cities I can live in reasonably well.
Also this. The work culture here is terrible. Employers do anything in their power to avoid paying benefits and PTO. Even a large number of white collar jobs do not have health insurance or PTO (including mine).

No. 1237449

File: 1656085542900.jpg (79.54 KB, 1280x720, 1276417c.jpg)

Babes move to Europe. It's not perfect, but we have public transport, unions, free health care in most countries. I would 100% be willing to help anyone seriously considering moving, and I bet other nonas from here would be too.

No. 1237456

Willing to host one radfem in Europe, bring muscles, there's a farm

No. 1237457

Wont they hate us just for being burgers though? The only language I learned for 3 years was french fuck

No. 1237463

Wtf no, my country is already filled to the brim we don't need Americans here when we can't even house our own

No. 1237470

i will workout daily for you nonnie!

No. 1237480

It's just memeing my sweet burgir. We don't ACTUALLY hate you, well unless you come here gun banging with a MAGA hat on kek. I think most people in my country actually think Americans are so cool, just like in the movies oooh! Most people in Western Europe speak English very well afaik, and if you would go to France for example I think you would learn quick by immersing yourself into it.

No. 1237483

Trying, love. Hoping I can get citizenship based on ethnicity. Amazing how easy it was for my ancestors to leave and how hard it is for me to return. Also, I wish they kept the old country language with our family so I could have grown up bilingual. Trying to learn on my own now and it's difficult. Why didn't my great grandfather consider that I might actually want to move back someday? No contact kept with our old family, no records, no language, no hint of the culture, no dual citizenship, nothing.
My city smells like dogshit and car exhaust every summer.

No. 1237492

Just trying to earnestly help nonna, no need to be upset

No. 1237494

>can’t own any guns and wonder why crime is rampant in your own cities

you can't be serious with this one…

No. 1237518

i don't think the crime is at all as bad as in America …if you don't count Britain maybe

No. 1237520

i understand you can simply give a baby up for adoption, but considering im black, my baby probably wouldn't get adopted away and would have to live a horrible life in the foster system. i just can't do that to another human being

No. 1237529

I think anon just wants an actual way to defend against men. After hearing about one euro country that's accepted so many refugees that they're now raping women I can't blame her for wanting a gun. I was surprised to find the dutch dont allow basically any self defense weapons that aren't even a gun. Also I hate that the blue states are more expensive usually on top of allowing tranny bullshit.

No. 1237568

or perhaps its because their parents are attention seeking, emotional stunted narcissists???

No. 1237593

You don't have to go to Europe, there are other countries too you could consider. Canada? Australia? Countless more?

No. 1237601

You're welcome to bring pets and friends. Maybe some edibles

No. 1237759

I’m trying nona! I applied for grad school in Germany and am working on the language. Still a little worried about being bulllied for my accent though.

I think New Zealand seems really nice. Singapore and Switzerland seem nice for burgers too if you don’t mind a high cost of living.

No. 1237791

My state is probably going to ban abortion, sigh. I know people who aren't from America are probably sick of us saying we want to move, but the problems keep stacking and I seriously do want to move.

It's not even about wanting an abortion. I probably would never get one. It's the fact that they're blatantly taking our rights.
>australia is full of legitimately crazy people
What do you mean? I know Australia is crazy, but I thought the people were cool. I'm not necessarily surprised about Canada.

No. 1237799

there are crazy and racist ppl everywhere tho, nonnie. at least in other countries they don't have access to machine guns like in the u ass a

No. 1237801

No, you would be cool and interesting American. People might ask you if you only eat mcdonalds and not cook but that is about it.

No. 1237874

im an eurofag and free healthcare in my country is only allowed if you have a job (and your job is willing to pay for it), other than that 100eur / month, with it being free or not, the healthcare is so bad that the only choice is to keep wasting money to go to private doctors, to who you cant even talk in private (if you need more meds or whatever) because they want you to keep paying.

No. 1237884

Not having a gun wouldn't be a dealbreaker, but I need pepper spray, that's not negotiable. There are european countries that put women in prison for pepper spraying a would-be rapist, but let the rapist run free with no repurcussions. Europe is also anti-woman.

No. 1237893

shit, really? is there any country in the world where healthcare is accessible AND affordable?

No. 1237916

Not that anon, but shit like this does scare me. I don’t want this to come across as race bait but the only refugees I want to be around are other females. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2015–16_New_Year%27s_Eve_sexual_assaults_in_Germany

No. 1237941

Newborn babies for adoption domestically have HUUUUUGE waitlists they are by far the most sought out when it comes to adoption. Maybe babies who are severely handicapped or sick would have trouble getting adopted but an otherwise healthy baby would by adopted instantly. No matter the race. There’s tons of couples (who aren’t white) wanting to adopt newborns.

No. 1238014

here 100 / month is already 9% of the avg salary, that not counting food expenses (which already got increased everywhere in EU, but in my country it already got increased 3rd time since jaunary) and bills.

No. 1238058

Do you live in a western euro country?

No. 1238464

I wish New England could secede and form it's own country. Kind of sucks being held back by bible-thumping yokels in shithole states
No offense to nonnies in shithole states

No. 1238474

I live in east KC and it smells like fucking onions all the time

No. 1238479

tfw you thought she meant ireland at first

No. 1238519

It's been popular recently to promise sign on bonuses and then jobs fire people right when they're supposed to receive the bonus just because. It's even worse when "job hoppers" look bad on resumes but finding a place willing to keep you employed and pay you a living wage is a one in a million for young people

No. 1238522

File: 1656106774765.png (50.71 KB, 2216x1248, gxIOEf7Wdfynuw5MEirdORKqrQ4ro8…)

I know this is bordering on tinfoil but I think some form of balkanization is inevitable in the future. Pretty much everyone shares your sentiment but about their region in the country. The Supreme Court's decision today is going to further exasperate this. Pic is just for funsies, what it could potentially look like.

No. 1238537

I've had 3 jobs now promise a promotion to get me to stick around. When it came time for the promotion out of entry level hell, 2 of them lied to keep stringing me along to get someone competent to keep doing the shit work, and the other fired me. No performance issues, no reason, just corporate greed. Workers do not have rights in america. We're treated like trash. Now they expect me to destroy my body to birth future taxpayers to receive the same treatment. This country can go to hell. Being american is like being in an abusive relationship.

No. 1238548

Eh, I can't really see how NJ, MD, and NY could be lumped in with MA, CT, and RI. While there is a bit of overlap between NY and the three New England states I mentioned, the cultures are very different. I feel like there's more similarity with Atlantic Canada

No. 1239465

Making sure I have my pepper spray and taser on me at all times now. Who's to say how much more bold men might get.

No. 1239694

what is the "iron range republic"? Trying to figure out what that means.

No. 1239937

i heard in canada it’s the same thing where it takes you MONTHS to go to a general doctor/physician while in the US there are shitloads of options to go around even if you don’t have insurance. not saying our healthcare system isn’t obscenely expensive but it’s truly sad, people love to romanticize the nordic model because they are all rapefugee propagandists who date men from 4chan kek

No. 1240039

why the fuck was the roe thread locked? are we not allowed to discuss it? smh

No. 1240045

Absolutely massive amount of moids in the thread

No. 1240047

there were none when it was locked

No. 1240050

absolute bullshit. jannies locked it bc of some irrational fear that an anon posting supreme court justice addresses/info will get this site in trouble

No. 1240052

Good. I hope LA can recall Gascón as well. fucking garbage DAs elected in wake of "defund the police" movement, which completely backfired. The cities have gotten so dangerous

No. 1240055

File: 1656169958606.jpg (77.07 KB, 736x859, 58976ab3c2460e3004878361da250d…)

Not just that, they don't feel like moderating on a Saturday, they have dick appointments. Gotta lock the thread and call it a day.

No. 1240084

I don't see any point in having a separate thread when there is /burger/ gen.

No. 1240100

you don't see any point in having a thread to discuss a major court case relating to women's health on a female image board?
yeah, you are right, its absurd to think we should have a thread to discuss time pertinent events that completely overturn precedents in women's rights

No. 1240102

Because it's something that can affect women worldwide, and restricting the discussion to only this thread means a bunch of people who aren't American coming here.

No. 1243957

America feels so fucking hopeless at this point. On top of Roe, Miranda rights are dead, schools can lead prayer, I just read that everyone involved in Flint is getting off scott-free. This country is so corrupt and there’s nothing to get around it, besides a whole revolution. I like fantasizing about shit like that as much as the next guy but I have little belief it would ever actually happen. I hate this retarded nation and every skeleton controlling it.

No. 1243977

You have to vote. We have to impeach and remove the Supreme Court. It sucks. It’s difficult. We need a majority. Without it we can’t remove them. Don’t give in to the helpliness it’s what they want

No. 1243999

I really want to drive this home. All slippery slopes and whataboutisms aside, you all need to vote and vote blue, at least for the next two years. Republicans’ core tenet is small government. First and foremost. Most don’t even believe the government should be able to tell you to wear a seatbelt, and now legislature is passed that says women MUST carry children to term and that it’s punishable by law if they don’t? That’s a government that’s severely overstepped its reach. The vast majority of the right are not religious extremists or even Christians for that matter. Education, high salaries, and religion don’t coincide. Vote blue and show the Right that they won’t see another seat again until they drive out the devil that is evangelical Christians in their midst. They’d do so happily because even Trump admits that these people are a danger to this country, the constitution, and the Republican Party. Once we’re back to a more centrist US we can go back to caring about pronouns or whatever the fuck. There’s bigger shit at stake right now though.

No. 1244017

NY, NJ and CT are called the tri-state area, but IMO CT gets roped in because so many rich people who commute to NY for work live in western CT. The eastern half of CT is very rural and aligns more with RI and Mass

No. 1244032

That’s their goal. They don’t think we will vote. They don’t think we will show up. They want that. They are removable, but we need a mass. We need to drive them out. We have to come together and if the Dems fail us after? Then we chase them out next. We push and we survive. We don’t stop. We have no choice. As hard as this seems as awful as it is now. I assure you if you don’t vote, if you don’t stand up it will get much worse and you won’t have a choice.

No. 1244039

>schools can lead prayer
This is for all those kids that die in school shootings. See, never say the gvt isn't doing anything about that.

No. 1244160

Nothing like finding out your ex president fist cuffs was trying to fight his own secret service. Ffs

No. 1244163

>schools can lead prayer

good because you bitches absolutely need to pray for your sinful lives kek(scrote behaviour)

No. 1244796

SCOTUS took away obligation Miranda rights aka police having to tell you your right to remain silent etc and contraception and gay marriage are being looked at

No. 1244862

not to downplay your point because what they're doing is atrocious, between roe, the prayer in school ruling, clarence thomas indicating that they're likely to overturn more precedent cases like the right to contraception, etc, only horrific shit is bound to come from them (especially in this next EPA case) but they ruled specifically regarding miranda rights that you cannot sue if you hadn't been mirandized. you still are supposed to be mirandized but now there are no civil consequences that can be found for not mirandizing, which means they're far less likely to inform people of their rights since there are no civil consequences for not informing people of their rights.

No. 1245467

what are we gonna do with this oncoming recession and civil war nonnas

No. 1245471

Stay inside.

No. 1247686

Anyone else here planning to kill themselves if they get pregnant? My husband and I just had a birth control failure a few days before the ruling and we live in Texas. He doesn't seem to understand why I'm upset and tells me not to worry about it. But a child has never been something I want for my life and I refuse to give birth. It feels weird knowing that my time may be up already. I wanted to make and fulfill a bucket list but I just feel empty now. I can't think of anything that would make me feel happiness for even one moment.

No. 1247697

Why not just stick to stuff that doesn't require PIV if you are so worried?

No. 1247698

Fellow Texan and I feel similarly. My mom and sister have had disastrous consequences post-pregnancy to their health so even though im not sure if I want a family in the future, I know that bio kids would not be a smart option for me since any pregnancy would almost certainly be high risk for me. Your husband's response is infuriating though. He has no right to be so blase about pregnancy. Is he against the idea of you aborting? Saying not to worry as in "we can handle a pregnancy" or as in "we'll be able to travel out of state for an abortion if need be"? If the answer is the former, I know it's much easier said than done but I would seriously reconsider your relationship with him.

Here are some resources in case you need them. Please don't give up hope. If you need to travel out of state, tell as few people as possible. Not even your husband unless he's 100% onboard. Say you're visiting a relative or going camping, whatever. Don't tell anyone exactly what state you're going to and don't leave any written evidence of your actual plans anywhere.


No. 1247706

Anon I’m very sorry. You need to do a few things despite how hopeless you feel right now if you haven’t already.
>Use a VPN and a browser with blockers and no cross platform tracking.
They will use data like this to go after you if they get the case they want at the FTC.
Does your employer offer out of state medical? If your BC does fail can you seek out of state care? I can help give security tips.
Have you considered things to “help” encourage your natural period if you’re not late yet?
Deep breathes. This is scary and overwhelming I know, but hang in there. You’re not alone in this.

No. 1247719

I can do that NOW but I can't undo our birth control failing days ago.
He says "we'll just figure it out" "you just gotta go with the flow" "there's no point in worrying about it since there's nothing we can do about it" "well I guess you'd better get out and vote then" He's not from here and I guess he just doesn't understand how fucking rigged it is here. He has told me he would help me get access to abortion. But I honestly don't believe him. I've been begging to leave Texas for years but he's made no effort because "no state income tax tho" He has to travel out of the country for work and will most likely be gone by the time I know whether I'm pregnant or not. I'm dependent on him for income so yeah I don't know I feel like this is basically the end.
No employer and my husband's does not do insurance, right now I've got no health coverage. I just finished a period before that so I doubt I could induce it now.

No. 1247725

File: 1656710712215.jpg (71.83 KB, 640x511, chocolate pigeons.jpg)

This is more of a stupid question, but do native New Yorkers dislike people who move to New York as much as native Californians dislike people who move to LA?

No. 1247730

Are you comfortable if I break down how your cycle works and tips to help you reach your next period? I don’t want to recite information that will just stress you out. You’re right if you just finished one you likely can’t induce it, but depending on your cycle when we can figure out where you are and establish some things (not expensive) to help encourage your next one on time? We can also go over which pregnancy test measure the smallest amount of hormones and places to buy them so if there is a problem you know as early as possible.

No. 1247731

Yes they absolutely do, probably even more than the Californians. They're the reason cost of living has gotten so high and have been pushing out the locals for years

No. 1247733

There are a lot of resources you can find online and people willing to help those who are seeking abortion in states that stopped allowing it. At least tell him to give you funds so you’re able to travel and get something done if need be, sounds like he’s not struggling for money and your needs and possible stressors should be a priority.

No. 1247747

I'll take whatever help I can get at this point. Not sure what all you need to know about it. I've been tracking my periods for a few years but don't really know what to do with the data except get a rough idea of when my next one is supposed to arrive.
We really aren't hurting that hard for money so I don't understand the need to live in a state that won't acknowledge my body autonomy. Even bumfuck Oklahoma would let me drown my sorrows in weed and it's way cheaper than where we live now, but "weh no fast internet probably." Always some excuse. Wow the more I talk about it the more depressing and pointless my life seems.

No. 1247775

Nona I'm ntayrt but that's really sweet of you and I love seeing this kind of sisterhood between women, thank you for making me happy bc I've been feeling depressed af lately

No. 1247791

Okay let’s start by looking at your cycle and identifying how at risk you are based on where you were in your cycle when the BC failed and where you’re next cycle starts.
We’re looking to identify a couple of things what your normal cycle looks like (how many days? Is it regular or irregular?), when your last period ended, when the BC failure happened, when your ovulation occurs this cycle, and when your next period is supposed to happen. So lets start there and then we can identify what next steps you can take to help.
Normally with your cycle the first day of menstruation is referred to as day one. I’m going to call it D1 from here okay?
In non fertile conditions (meaning before ovulation and your fertile period later in the cycle) your cervix is closed and the body chemistry is not overly welcoming to sperm. Sperm can only live about 3 to 7 hours. During your fertile period and ovulation though the cervix is open allowing sperm to enter and the changing chemistry can let them live for 3-5 days a lot longer than non fertile periods. This is important information for figuring out how worried you need to be.
A women’s egg each cycle is only viable for 24 hours. The actual day of ovulation. That means the most dangerous period to have sex is right before ovulation when your becoming fertile and the sperm can survive and when the egg will be in the same place shortly after or during ovulation when the sperm can reach the egg in time.
Menstruation typically occurs 14 days after ovulation in a normal cycle. These 14 days are called your “luteal phase” and is pretty consistent in women, the part of the cycle that typically varies is the follicular phase which is the phase between menstruation and ovulation.
Keep in mind different things can impact your normal cycle, like stress and if you ovulate later you may menstruate later.
There’s pregnancy tests that can detect pregnancy now just 10 days after ovulation, make sure you wear your mask and probably a hat, don’t use your membership card, pay in cash not directly from an atm. Walmart Equate brand with the white tips does to part 20 and are cheaper than first response. Different brands may test for different hormone amounts so try to pick on on that 20 part hormone amount for the earliest reading. What that means though is pregnancy test can now predict if it’s the right one your potential pregnancy 4 days before your period is expected. 4 days you have extra to help speed it along and bring on the normal period, valuable time.
The other thing you can use is your Basal Body Temp if you know your standard.
So let’s start when was your last two periods? When is your next one most likely due? Are you already past ovulation or before it, was the unprotected sex likely in danger window? If you don’t want to post that information, you don’t have to or if you have questions let me know. All I need to know for next steps is have you ovulated yet likely? How many days are you likely out from your next period or where are you in the phases?

No. 1247801

To identify ovulation pull out your calendar (do not long any of this in a period app) Take D1 the date of your last period and count the shortest cycle of days you’ve had in the last twelve. Then count back 14 that is the earliest you would probably ovulate. Any sex up to five days before that date puts you in a risk window, if this helps. I know it sounds complicated. Now do the same for your average cycle length (the one that happens the most often) that the date you most likely ovulated, which makes it the most high risk day of the period. We can also figure out when the fertile window ended if that applies here, but it sounds like it was pretty close to your last cycle.

No. 1247833

From here we’re looking mostly at two things if you haven’t ovulated there’s herbs and seeds that do things like thickening the uterus to make it harder for the egg to implant. No implantation, no pregnancy. If you’re already passed ovulation and get closer to your period we can start things that encourage uterine cramps and then based on the tests and if you’re late there’s more aggressive things we can try. At no point should you hurt self anon. You don’t deserve that. I was here too when the decision happened. We will get through this.
I’m glad it helped. Women coming together is one of the only things getting me through right. I hope you have a good day Noni.

No. 1247881

Thank you for such a detailed response. So from what you've said here, it sounds like the chance of me having gotten pregnant from that is really slim? Besides that, we were also both on drugs and although the condom definitely broke, my husband wasn't able to finish due to the effect of the drugs… it still freaked me out because I know sperm can leak out of a guy without a full orgasm but now it sounds like my odds of being pregnant are almost zero? My fertile period is over a week before we had sex, and I'm still about a week out from my next ovulation window I think. Would really love to learn more about herbs and supplements just in case I end up late. Thanks for talking me down I don't think I'm going to kill myself anymore even if I manage to get pregnant, there's always some way out and if I can find illegal drugs and get into this whole mess then surely I can find a way to get an abortion even if my fucked up state wants to prevent it.

No. 1247953

You’re welcome, these thing used to give me a lot of anxiety after getting the means girl equivalent of sex ed in school, so learning as much as I can and ways to help was very settling.
It definitely sounds very slim, you would have had to have an irregular cycle or the sperm would have had to survive for an impossible amount of time. You can get pregnant from precum, but let’s talk about that so we can address two things, there is a lot less precum and while there is less the sperm in it, the ovum only has to accept one, so it’s best not to risk it if you can help it. But most women don’t actually get pregnant from precum they get pregnant from their male partners previously finishing and sperm ending up still down there and then in. Think women who use the pull out method and have multiple intercourse sessions a day.
The most common herbs to interfere with ovulation are Queen’s Alice Lace and Cotton Bark. Queen’s Anne lace can work with in five days of ovulation and makes the uterus “slippery” by changing your hormones, if you end up in a situation with no access to plan B it’s a potential option, but Plan B is more effective because Plan B is a dose of hormones that delay ovulation from occurring causing the sperm to die before the egg is released due to timing. It is 91% effective and the few studies on Queen’s Anne Lace is only about 71% and you will need to take it through the fertile window. Some other things to keep in mind some people have a reaction so take a little bit as a test and wait and see if you have any sort allergic reaction just like anything else knew, and it might be harder on the kidneys so just like taking anything including Advil avoid it if you have kidney damage. You can chew one teaspoon of dried or fresh seeds a day, this is the one that has been documented the most but it is also the one most likely to see a reaction, (like vaginal dryness or irritation), otherwise three to six fresh flower heads can be brewed into a cup tea 8oz of water (steep for 15-30 minutes, no more than hour). You can also ground the seeds into a paste and make a tea very similar to the flower one if you prefer.
The other one is Cotton Bark, this one is harder to find and most common in tincture form so look for that. Cotton Root bark has two main effects its anti-progesterone and anti-corpus lutem both of those are necessary for a pregnancy to occur. It interrupts your body’s ability to properly implant and causes menstruation, on top of that it has been noted that it seems to increase the receptor sites for oxytocin helping encourage uterine contractions. Make sure with this one the cotton wood bark tincture is from a good area if you can, the ones from Memphis are contaminated because of the pollution for example and are likely to make you sick if taken consistently.
Evening Primrose oil also helps thicken the outer uterus wall and promote contractions and is considered safer than Cotton Wood Bark, it might also be easier to find.
The next things we get into is encouraging the natural cycle along as you get closer to your period. Things that put your body under stress tell it to menstruate because now isn’t the time for a child, were going to combine that with things that help stimulate the uterus to encourage it to remember you’re supposed to bleed and push it in the right direction. We don’t want to hurt you and are goal isn’t to place you under so much stress your period is delayed because your body can’t support menstruation. There’s a spot for you and your body to find.
A couple things that help encourage your body to start menstruation are things like raising your Basal Body Temperature twice a day, this requires a shower or bath of 102 or more. Think right at hot tub level for 5-15 minutes. This is enough to spike your internal body temperature 1 to 2 degrees temporarily, doing this twice a day increases your chances of menstruation. I like to take a hot shower in the morning and a hot bath at night. Keep it nice and simple.
Next is exercise. Increasing exercise promotes the start of your period and the natural end of an early pregnancy. This doesn’t need to be excessive, if you’re a cardio person for example and run every morning the two to three days before your period and during your normal start time add an extra half mile or a mile to your run should be enough to get the effect, Personally I like weight lighting focusing on lower body, weighted goblet squats, padded weighted hip thrust, full body exercises that help engage my thighs and core, you don’t need a lot of weight, just adding an extra set just like with the run the progressive overload combined with the other habits were discussing should encourage it. I normally go from rotating arms and legs different days to doing both instead, with breaks when I know I need them for a day. Stretching can also help by improving blood flow and increasing uterine contractions.
Once implantation occurs our step is to get the placenta to attach so that’s where our herbal focus will be, helping encourage that. We’re going to do that with a variety of things one the herbs like Queen’s Anne Lace, Cotton Root Bark, Vitamin C, and Rue interfere with the production of pros like we discussed earlier and we’re going to start combining that with stronger uterine contractions to help dislodge it. Before your missed period I start slow, normally a week prior with things like Chamomile. Small amounts of chamomile soothes cramps, but in large doses helps promote hormone production that boost uterine cramps. Think three cups a day or two large 500 ml cups a day. You can also use red raspberry leaf with two cups of a day if you prefer or combine them. They’re fairly low risk amount the herbs, but if you see a negative reactions stop taking them, so cramping like your period though is what we are looking for. This takes a while and will probably take 3-5 days which is why it’s best to start before your missed period ever begins. Cinnamon also promotes blood flow and is a stimulating spice that causes uterine contractions. It may make other things more effective because of the stimulating effect, (ginger can be used to boost this as well). You will most likely need to make a concentrated tea or buy cinnamon capsules to get a concentrated amount at once. Yarrow is another one I like to start in this phase early. It helps stimulate the uterus and helps prevent bleeding to heavily in the case of it beginning a miscarriage or herbal abortion. Just one capsule a day in 300 mg or so should be enough. I’ve done fine without it, but I had less uncomfortable cramping with it I think. It’s an herb that’s common for women to take to help with painful periods. Mugwort is a little heavier and in large amounts can be poisonous, but drinking it in a couple cups a day isn’t in excessive. You would also know if you were on the way to having too much think dizziness, light headed ness, nauseous, etc, and could stop. Go slow listen to your body before consuming anymore between cups. One tablespoon of dried herb to one cup of tea for mugwort, chamomile, or red raspberry if you aren’t using bags to make the tea, you can also combine them into one large cup of tea, so you only need two a day if you wish to use it.
Now when we get to when the period is supposed to begin and we have a positive test (we want a positive test because there is no reason to bump to harsher things without it, as they come with a greater risk) in this theory cycle were looking at stronger uterine contractions that may fall under the category of that word TEXAS hates and wishes to ban in science terms. Such as Dong Quai, Penny Royal, Black Cohosh. (I personally would never recommend Tansy, it prevents the uterus from growing and is considered effective, but is likely going to cause you to bleed out if you consume to much and it’s a fine line)
With Dong Quai to get soothing and to stop cramps you would make a tea, so in this case we want it to be stimulating which is from the oils so we want a tincture or capsule. Something you could follow as a protocol with this one for example is the gentler herbs from before and maybe vitamin C then switch to Dong Quai. Dong Quai is not the herb you should use if you have difficulty clotting however or if you have a heavy flow as it might increase bleeding. If you do use this one always discontinue use one bleeding begins to be safe. Just as the before if you experience a headache, dizziness, etc stop, and change your plan. Dong Quai is also not good if you have diabetes as it can increase blood sugar issues.
Our next harder herb is going to be PennyRoyal, PennyRoyal is one you see come up and scare people a lot. This is because a lot of women can’t find pennyroyal flowers, what they can find is penny royal oil. You should never put Pennyroyal in or on your body, one bottle of pennyroyal oil is more than 10,000 cups of pennyroyal tea. Pennyroyal tea is thought to be the most effective form to take it. Hot and in a tea. The tea itself unless you have liver damage or kidney damage is fairly harmless correct use. During the American colonial times they used to mix it with one tablespoon of brewer’s yeast to induce abortion.
>reputed as a safe and effective abortifacient
By the King’s America Dispensatory in the late 1800’s. Normally I would combine it with mugwort and drink two cups a day for no more than five days. Once bleeding is under way discontinue if it is before the five. The brewer’s yeast does make the pennyroyal more effective. (Funny how they figured that out isn’t it?) the biggest side effect of Pennyroyal is feeling nauseous so if you do it’s best to stop and take a break.
Next we have Black cohosh. Black Cohosh by itself isn’t likely to cause an abortion, the amount you need is to high, that’s a common theme, the reason we combine the life style like the hot temps and exercise with gentle herbs before hand is because all together it increases our chances with the smallest amount of risk to the you and your body. Black Cohosh isn’t hard to find as more women have started to taking for menopause. It helps interfere with the production of the luteinizing hormones. The reason I’m also bringing this up is Black Cohosh used to early is instead going to throw your cycle off by potentially delaying ovulation, but not effective enough for it to be used before now for that.
Black Cohosh should also never be combined with SSRI’s or hormonal birth control because of it’s effect on hormones.
It helps promote the preparing and dilation of the cervix. It’s most effective when combined with an herb that causes uterine contractions like Blue Cohosh. Blue cohosh has two effects here that help the black cohosh. It helps promote oxytocic effect which causes the uterus to contract and it contains a substance unique to just it called Cailosaponin which causes the uterus to contract as well. Just with all the others go slow and listen to your body for adverse reactions like the headaches and so on. Blue and Black Cohosh get mixed feedback and that because it is difficult find good blue cohosh as it’s water soluble. You would need an alcohol based tincture. Blue cohosh just like black cohosh is best left until menstruation should have already started. I would not combine Dong Quai and Black Cohosh and Blue Cohosh together. I think it increases the risk of bleeding heavy too much. Blue cohosh should also not be used if you have kidney damage, a heart condition, or low blood pressure as it may temporarily lower your blood pressure itself.
More info you should never bleed more than one pad an hour if you do you are bleeding to heavily and require medical attention.
If for some reason you are ever in a situation you take the actual abortion pill (Mis) it is not testable as long as it is oral. Do not tell them you took it, tell them you think you are miscarrying and act distressed. Something is wrong. If the cops are called say nothing. Invoke your right to lawyer and the fifth amendment, Say I’m invoking my rights be very clear and then refuse to say anything else.
You should not attempt an herbal abortion after week 7, you would need most likely not have a full one and need a DNC.
If the bleeding starts and you develop a fever, you should seek medical attention this applies to anyone going through a miscarriage or abortion.
If you use a menstrual cup and you are at week 6 or 7 you should be able to see the vein that connects the placenta come out first, it looks like a tree. (It’s nicknamed the tree of life for that reason)
Among the harder herbs my personal preference for inducing bleeding is pennyroyal and mugwort made into a tea couple times a day, with one capsule of dong Quai in the morning.
Keep in mind I am not your medical professional or doctor so please always use good judgement and work at your pace and listen to your body’s responses.
I’m glad you’re calming down. I know these things can make me very anxious too, so I’m happy to help.
I’d look into women on waves, as well as viewing your closest options in clinics outside of Texas, and abortion funds that can help you get to them if necessary just so you have a plan.

No. 1247957

Here’s some additional things too.
Stimulates uterine contractions in early pregnancy, but increases the risk of bleeding too heavily if your dose is too high. Use with caution.

>Goji Berry

Large amounts of goji berry (10 grams a day) can cause uterine contractions and bleeding leading to a miscarriage. This is within the safe daily intake for fresh or dried Goji, but if you suffer a rash or stomach trouble stop.
Do not use if you are on diabetes or blood pressure drugs


Specifically raw papaya contains a white fluid high in prostaglandin and oxytocin which boost labor like contractions of the uterus. Along with papain enzyme that interrupts the production of progesterone which can cause the body to abort as it interrupts the natural process.


Parsley can be eaten or consumed in tea form, it is high in vitamin c, the oils in it also help thin the uterine walls and soften the cervix.


Causes uterine contractions when consumed in high enough amounts.


Greenier pineapples are high in bromelain more than the yellow ones. The enzyme is responsible for breaking down protein. Fetus early on are mostly protein. Drinking enough pineapple juice can also potentially cause softening of the cervix and encourage bleeding promoting the abortion of the fetus.


Stimulates the uterus, can help prevent heavy bleeding during.

No. 1247988

>Telling a hetero woman to tell her hubby not to stick it in her
Do you live in reality anon, if he can't stick it in her then he'd leave/make her life hell. I hope women wake the fuck up and stop fucking men.

No. 1248004

it's so easy to go to another state where it's still legal. ameritards with disposable cash need to stop whinging, if you have time to sit on lolcow all day that means you have money to drive a few hours to get an abortion and drive back…

No. 1248008

Nta but fuck off. You don't know anything about her financial situation or situation in general. And if you're not American, gtfo.

No. 1248016

no you fuck off. pretending that your life is over and you have no other choice than to have a baby when you could just go to some other nearby state and get an abortion… pathetic.

No. 1248049

even if you can afford an out of state abortion, a fundie home state can and will prosecute you for it you absolute mongoloid

No. 1248064

it's a moid, girls. don't respond to its freak shit.

No. 1248065

Thanks anon, it actually makes sense that they would hate non-natives more. I believe the cost of living is higher there.

No. 1248067

You do realize that those abortion clinics in other states are going to be overburdened with a huge increase in demand. It's gonna be hard to fit in all the women who need abortions. You may not be able to get an appointment in a reasonable amount of time in the legal state nearest you. Which will make the appointments difficult to schedule, which will make it difficult to call out of work. Not to mention women in states like Louisiana that are surrounded by anti abortion states and would need to travel several states over to get access. Factoring in gas prices right now if you drive there, hotel costs, recovery time…it's absolutely an undue burden and not an easy task even if the women is doing well financially.
>if you have time to sit on lolcow all day that means you have money to drive a few hours to get an abortion and drive back
Ah yes because if you can take a few minutes out of your day to browse an image board and post something, that means you can totally carve several days out of your schedule no problem!
I can tell by your use of "whinging" that you're a britbong. You're clearly not familiar with the scale of the US and just how massive it is. It takes a couple of hours to drive across your entire country. It takes 13+ hours to drive across Texas (without stopping)…and it's not even the largest state. Stfu about things you clearly don't understand

No. 1248070

anon, i think you should consider leaving this man. if you can get out of a red state, you really need to consider doing it. if he doesn't care to get you out, he's seriously not worth the risk over. i don't think any man is worth the risk at this point, but especially if he's not trying his best to protect you and is prioritizing state income tax over your safety.

No. 1248095

NTA but you can fit the entire country of Germany in Texas

No. 1248101

You can fit it in Texas twice, but it proves anons point either way.

No. 1248103

File: 1656732042249.jpeg (178.58 KB, 962x962, 0CEFDEC6-202B-45CA-9BC6-635F71…)

Yeehaw nonnie yeehaw
Drove across Texas one time. Hit a spot with no reception. No nothing. Not even a radio station for over an hour.

No. 1248106

So Burger farmers, are you gonna party on the 4th?
Do you have anything fun or relaxing planned for the holiday

No. 1248109

no, it's nothing to celebrate

No. 1248120

File: 1656732788391.jpg (35.06 KB, 600x564, catroomguardian.jpg)

Party about what? In all honestly 4th of July in my family has never been about celebrating America and it's just a reason to get with family and have fun, but I don't even want to do that this year.

No. 1248121

Well ok then. For me personally, having a bunch of good food around and a day off was always enough reason to party

No. 1248167

Yeah it's never really been about patriotism for me. Just an excuse to chill by the pool, eat hot dogs, and watch fireworks with friends and family

No. 1248198

I’m gonna be by myself this year, Im thinking about driving to see some fireworks in a nearby town but there’s a decent chance I’ll chicken out because Im in a new area and don’t really feel comfy yet, especially going to a social thing all on my own. But who knows, maybe I’ll be ballsy.

No. 1248258

File: 1656745326135.jpg (604.93 KB, 2048x1536, Brug-LKCIAAZ6l3.jpg)

I'm super excited for fireworks! They're illegal in my city but if I drive an hour out or so there's still stands like picrel, not sure where I'm going to blow them up yet but I'll bring friends and alcohol and bbq

No. 1248363

no because I'm tired of people getting random shit on fire with their boomboom toys at 3 AM

No. 1248531

If you're not one and the same fireworks-hater that plagues all countryfag threads, I found you your soulmate in Europe

No. 1248534

Yeah, gonna celebrate that I have even less rights to my own body than I did 20 years ago. Hoorah

No. 1248560

Going to light off fireworks, I like the tanks, really long sparklers, roman candles, ladybug things, and mortars . Also going to grill, play some cornhole, swim, have a fire, and spend time with my family. I haven't seen them in a while.

No. 1248593

I’m nit doing much because the weather has been really gross (high humidity + thunderstorms), but on Monday it should be better. I’ll probably go hiking or some other outdoor thing

No. 1248754

Why are so many people rich city people moving to small towns? I can’t handle it, I’m living in a shit hole house because there’s literally no where me and my boyfriend can afford in my own hometown. I was born and raised here, it’s so small I don’t even wanna say the population size on here. When I was young, houses and lots of land you could buy for like 150k, now the average house can be up to 500k to a huge portion going over 1 million! None of these fuckers contribute shit to the community because they work online, go to local charity events, commute, or straight up keep it empty to move into “when they are ready to retire”. Our schools are literally shutting down multiple days a year because of low funds and no staff to even keep it open everyday. So many young people that were born here are now living in cars, because all these rich people want to open airBnBs, love how “pretty it is!!!!”, or want a vacation home they leave vacant for years.
Sorry this turned into a full vent, but I’m stressed. The place I even got was out of luck of knowing someone. It’s literally a safety hazard to live here because they won’t fix shit.

No. 1248769

Because COVID hit and they got bored in the cities trapped in small boxes and realized they wanted to be put in the open and that the country is much cheaper for “more” by pandemic standards. It’s fucked the economy up and now the cities are becoming too expensive because business drove inflation up to compensate for cost lost driving more of the city rats out as far as I can tell.

No. 1248821

Time to trash the beautiful scenecy and homes, if they think it's full of druggies and dirty they'll leave.

No. 1248843

Just lower the property value yourself anon I have neighbors that purposely buy guns to fire off in the ground a couple of times a week to make people not wanna live there kek

No. 1248997

I would think the increase property value would better fund the schools. do you not have property taxes? what a nightmare

No. 1249011

I donated to an abortion fund in my state and they sent me a "Keep abortion legal" shirt with a nice design. I really want to wear it in public but I live in a very purple city and I'm scared of what kind of confrontation would arise from it. Ugh.
I think I'll try and be brave and wear it while running errands this weekend or something.

No. 1249029

Proud of you nona! Just remember most agree with you, the crazies might flip you off but they don't matter.

Anybody in red states moving to blue?

No. 1249101

This. I was kicked from my small hometown because of the rich people's nonsense. They don't even buy bougie homes? They buy small homes meant for single families, surely if they had that money they'd buy the massive houses on the outskirts instead of taking houses away from middle class families? Anyway I was homeless and live in a midwestern suburb now and am terrified the rich are going to eat it up too. Middle class and poor folk can't have anything

No. 1249105

Black cohosh and castor oil was the only thing that helped me after trying everything like fenugreek, parsley, etc. Anons should look into the German labor cocktail for early pregnancy if they want to miscarry

No. 1249183

i'm moving to a blue state, i'm technically in a purple state but it's becoming more and more red and it's not safe. it's red right now aside from my county and a few major counties. hoping to fully transition within the next year.

No. 1249427

Agreed. I watched my homecity become a shithole. I hope LA redeems itself, first it needs to wipe the slate clean of everyone working in the government.

No. 1249429

>you all need to vote and vote blue, at least for the next two years.
Eat my entire fucking ass. Dems are why the cities are so dangerous, Dems are why trannies rape girls in bathrooms, Dems are why illegal migrants murder women and hide in sanctuary cities.

No. 1249652

It would also be nice if the party and their hardcore base weren't treating dead women and abused girls like a good advertising moment for them and reveling in it

No. 1250580

File: 1656940032885.jpg (60.99 KB, 625x417, IKWYDLS.jpg)

Happy 4th, anons. Another year in this hellhole.

No. 1250582

Time to hear fireworks that sounds like bombs

No. 1250591

2 month old post, I know, but its because Florida has tons of people moving there. It used to have southern accent with hints of bayou on some parts, but for the most part they've turned neutral American.

No. 1250670

I can’t wait til winter and they realize they can lose power for about a week at a time and can’t access their jobs online! Have actually scared some people that were going to rent when we told them that, they don’t even research the places they will live kek

If that wouldn’t risk my families business reputation I would consider it to be honest. Remembering now, at the beginning of Covid a lot of businesses were putting “Locals only” on their windows which caused a huge fuss.

I’m sorry this happened, I hope you’re doing better now. These rich people do not care even a little, as I have had to rent from a few of them. Most have a property manager since they own like 30 homes in the fucking area, they will lie and cheap out on you and do everything to take your safety deposit.

No. 1250695

Happy 4th of July! Now stand for the anthem

No. 1250735

YES NONNY I watch this video every year kek. I wonder where this kid is now.

No. 1250739

I ordered some stickers from
and I am going to be putting them around town.
The stickers are free to order and I find this site to be a great resource. I live in a blue state but the state over from me has trigger laws on abortion so I'm going to be putting stickers around there as well since I live next to the border.

No. 1250842

I was going to check out a local 4th of July parade but I just saw there was a mass shooting at one in a town nearby so that’s going to be a nope. Whenever I go anywhere I’m honestly expecting shit to go down, I have nightmares about this all the time because I’ve been in shootings before so I prepare myself to die every time I go to any event. Maybe that’s paranoid but it’s hard to brush away the reality. Hope other people can enjoy the holiday without being killed.

No. 1250858

I think 4th of July is a super dangerous Holiday, not just because of all the dangerous illegal fireworks people like setting off but because people think the fireworks will mask their gunshots. There was a mass shooting literally a couple streets down from me last night and the shooter was “at large” for hours. My least favorite holiday, honestly.

No. 1251959

Have any of you considered moving out of the US? I’ve tried taking medications for my fear of gun violence and mass shootings but they’ve been useless and I’m beginning to think my anxiety may be justified.

No. 1252082

another day, another shooting..

No. 1252119

Omg another one?? Where?

No. 1252130

Whole thing about Democracy being taken away in the US. Every day it just sucks. When are we going to revolt?

No. 1252131

I want to and wish I could take my whole family with me.

No. 1252137

I saw someone saying that the alt-right is going to become the IRA of the US and that we’re headed into a similar path as Ireland. What are your thoughts?

No. 1252141

unfortunately i could see this

No. 1252152

That sounds reasonable. Awful but I can see it, I mean. I can't believe how many Americans think they'll live to see a civil war, imagine what they thought 15 years ago? No chance. The right wing have been sowing these extremist seeds since at least the Clinton administration, and they've only gotten worse. Not like Democrats did jack shit for us, anyway. Anytime they could've ratified Roe Vs Wade. Obama could've fought to get his supreme court nominee in. I'm expecting a lot more Oklahoma Cities, Ruby Ridges and Wacos before the end of the 2020s. It's a bad time to live in the US, emboldened scrotes with chips on their shoulders and access to heavy duty firearms. They think we're all whores and low life forms. At least we can gorge ourselves on hepatitis tainted strawberries year round.

No. 1252163

I know these are old posts but I don't frequent this thread often and wanted to give some insight. The quality of food has probably gone down more because restaurant owners and GMs are all cheap bastards and workers in the US have gotten sick of it. The food industry is experiencing an unprecedented shortage of workers and for good reason. Despite all the skill, training, and knowledge required to be an actual good cook/chef, many restaurants in the US refuse to pay reasonable wages. I have worked specifically in fine dining as a chef and have 10 years in this industry. Despite some restaurants making millions in sales each year, charging $100+ for a steak with no sides, the cooks in the back with years and years of experience are making dog shit. And it's even worse in a lot of non-fine dining places. Then when COVID hit, many restaurants decided they wanted to run with skeleton crews so not only were cooks making very little but now had to do the jobs of 3 people so that the restaurant could save money. Many people have now left the industry altogether, so now EVERYONE is desperate to hire new people, even if they are unskilled and shit at cooking, on top of being barely staffed anyway. And that's really why the food tastes worse. And GMs refuse to listen when you suggest upping wages for the BOH staff, explaining that doing so would encourage skilled workers to apply and would help with employee retention but they won't listen.

Same nonnie, I was just talking to my bf about how New England would be better off splitting off. A smaller country with a smaller population is easier to manage anyway. Various states have tried to secede over the decades and even gotten the votes for it but the government won't allow it. The US military is too strong so no state or groups of states could ever go to war for their freedom, either.

No. 1252168


After my experience last night I can't blame you for your paranoia. My friends and I walked down to the lake to watch the fireworks here in Orlando. It was a huge event, thousands of people, and I was standing there thinking after what happened in Illinois it would be the perfect place for a shooting. Right then there was yelling and this mass of people running in our direction. My bf said "What's going on?" And my reaction was so automatic, I grabbed his hand and was like "I don't know but we need to run" and we just took off. We lost our friends in the chaos. They still don't know 100% what happened but it seems like someone shot off their own fireworks in the crowd and people panicked. There were actually a few people injured from falling/ being trampled. I'm so glad it was a false alarm but in the moment the fear was very real.

No. 1252186

they tried doing this to women with coalfax (coalburner database) and femfax (slut database) and I'm pretty sure once the domain owner found out what they were being used for it was shut down immediately.

This idea is far more innocent, true, but its the same premise and would likely also be shut down.

No. 1252190

This is a horrific idea because it would be used to smear women instead.

No. 1252192

Are you making fun of us?

No. 1252197

Reminds me of this

No. 1252278

File: 1657057754482.png (388.99 KB, 829x738, chicagohighlandpark.png)

NTA but it was in Chicago during a Fourth of July parade.

No. 1252333

Let me tell you how they have fucking changed the game in clean gas stations, and having every fucking thing under sun there (and cheap gas). We only have 2 in Florida and I honestly hope we get one in Orlando. I would take a Buccees any day over a WAWA.

No. 1252354

Coalburner database? Forgive my ignorance but is that if you’ve dated a black guy as a nonblack woman?

No. 1252365

I moved to TX from the east coast and every single time I hang out with my neighbors they say something about how I have to go to Bucees. Like once a week it comes up.

No. 1252381

There was an app like this when I was in college? 2014ish. It was only for women to rate men and it might’ve been based on location, and I think men needed to sign up in order to be rated? The interface was pink and black. I can’t remember the name for the life of me but it was popular with sorority girls and it probably got nuked let’s be real but it was also big around the time that girl got murdered because of Yik Yak and the school and app owners refused to do anything about it bc of muh free speech, so maybe it just lost steam?

No. 1252382

I would say at least go once seeing as there are so many in Texas(seeing as it's from there). It was nice/clean, and everyone was polite, also maybe pick up a bbq sandwich or jerky while you are there.

No. 1252389

No. 1252652

A white woman who dates a black man
"she needs coal to keep her hot"
Also called snowbunnies.
The websites were taken down but there is still a 9chan board dedicated to it

No. 1252683

I'm curious: Why don't Americans give nearly as much hate to White men who date Black women, compared to White women who date Black men? Is it because nearly all of their founding fathers had sexual relations(rape in most cases) with their Black slaves?

No. 1252684

>why is racism illogical
Lol. Don't try to make sense of it, it's the pinnacle of senslessnes.

No. 1252692

have you been paying attention to the media? america hates women, full stop.

No. 1252711

any anons from MN here? do you like it?

No. 1252738

Because no one cares who men date regardless of how bad of taste or picky they are, but it's everyone's business who women date

No. 1252871

not "might" at all, we definitely are.

No. 1253018

yes, although i’ve lived here my whole life so i have nothing to compare it to. my only complaint is that the winters are really harsh. other than that i love it here. if you have any specific questions i can try to answer

No. 1253066

Because in some peoples eyes a white woman dating a black man is lowering her standards, while a black woman dating a white man is going up. Though that depends on whether the guy is gangster/white trash, or actually a successful person.

No. 1253303

there are people who are against black women dating white men too though even if the guy is decent (because it's seen as "colonization" "dating the oppressor" and shit like that)

No. 1255782

White moids project their own obsession with comparing and contrasting their sexual partners onto women, and because moids think black guys all have massive dicks the naturally they assume the woman is just going to compare his size to their tiny white penis and it's over for them.

No. 1255878

Underrated post. What the fuck is happening lately that we're travelling backwards in views? I even see anti marijuana propaganda on my apple news apple when it was just being praised years ago in articles for having benefits for illnesses. I get that Trump is the cause for these republican laws that are in place, but how does something this major like illegal abortion, illegal gay marriage, and the like happen so suddenly? Everyone just sat on their ass and okay'd it? And who are the dumbfucks that voted for these piece of shits? It's all corrupt.

And to add to the end of your post, the food here is absolutely tainted and tastes like shit. I have ibs on the daily after just being in Sweden with no issues PLUS better tasting food.

No. 1255882

Anyone else scared to attend public events now? I feel like I can't enjoy a convention, festival, or concert without some loser white incel kid shooting up the place because becky and alison wouldn't suck his dick or because he hates minorities.

No. 1255920

File: 1657371465898.jpg (65.49 KB, 640x480, internet.jpg)

I am too, nona. Anytime I actually leave the house with my parents I sit in the back of the car and take in the moment because I don't know if one of us or all of us will die during our outing.

No. 1255926

yup. scared to go out in public, really (but that's more of a me think perhaps). didn't attend any pride events last month even though I kind of wanted too. didn't feel safe in a deep red state. I hate it here.

No. 1255927

(typo anon - *me thing)

No. 1255929

Men see women as property. Also racism and seeing black people as beneath them. Black men probably get mad when black women date white men for the same reason. Maybe not as much due to racism but definitely misogyny and entitlement.

No. 1255933

File: 1657371970259.jpeg (55.49 KB, 723x516, 93BA60E5-041C-4F99-8471-7807B2…)

Both ways should get equal amount of scrutiny, I agree with you. I’m not a stupid scrote wignat who’s against interracial relationships either, I just think it’s a very complex reason why black people in general seek out white partners that my “community” (ew) denies. I am black so I can give you an answer that isn’t “america hates women (because the only women in this country is apparently white women and you can’t criticize them without them having a tantrum lol)” or “democrats are the REALLLL racists!!” or something like that. There was a study a few years ago that I’m not even fully sure on the validity on that black women, what I am, are the least desired when it comes to romance, dating, beauty, however you interpret it. It’s not like this was unknown knowledge anyways, this is apart of the trauma that many black girls go through by being seen as intrinsically ugly compared to their lighter skinned counterparts in every facet of Western life that we are forced to be apart of. Tl;dr it’s why we tape fake hair to our heads to hide our real textures and use damaging chemicals to “relax” our hair, anything to cloak our true ancestry because being “black” is seen as socially shameful in every society or culture you come across. Anyways, in that study black men are way more likely to date outside of their race, white women are surprisingly more tribalistic that we thought and date inside their race and black women because of historical context are more loyal to black men than they are to us. The interracial dating of black men/white women is a strategic move of self-hatred done by black men, it’s like a weaponization against black women because we are close to being what they are, it’s a toxic mix of misogyny and racism that’s called misogynoir. Low-value black men tend to get into relationships with the ugliest, fattest white woman because it doesn’t matter if a white person is mediocre, it’s the racial status that they have that the black man desires. For example it’s why someone like emma chamberlain is able to be successful because she has marketability that is less controversial. In the context of very few black male immigrants, they use white women who have more status and resources than them to get into the country they’re trying to immigrate to. That’s all I can really say without writing a full on essay nonna kek, hope you read it. I just hope one day this stupid fucking colonial categorization of race like black, white, asian, gets destroyed because it’s too simplified and retarded.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1255946

Black men have always been the weakest links. Even back to slavery. Mentally cucked.(race derail)

No. 1255948

samefag I'm black btw not racebaiting.

No. 1255963

There’s clearly black male worship in america meanwhile the women who stand by those absolute losers get killed by the dozens every year and it gets unnoticed. A woman like gabby petito though… tons of news coverage sigh. This world sucks kek(race derail)

No. 1256154

I had a britbong insist to me that beef (specifically hamburger meat) in the UK is MUCH better than amerifat meat. Can anyone corroborate this? I know it really just depends on what you’re seasoning the beef with and how it’s prepared….

No. 1256158

Tourist here, your steak is supreme. Who gives a shit about hamburgers.

No. 1256168

File: 1657387412094.png (1016.12 KB, 748x735, Colorism_2.png)

cause the fact is most relationships between black women and white men tend to be rarer and when they do happen they are more often then not 'normal', I am a product of a black father and white mother and I know many others who products of these unions and we all have had more or less the same story, our fathers were absent and or abusive for most of our lives and we had mothers who didn't know how to deal with a mixed child and on some level didn't want too, our fathers families weren't help either and they all rejected us and would rather comfort the full grown man, also add in shit like colorism and featurism and you become disgusted by just how much black men hate the women of their own race, that said its still a lot more complicated then how I explained it(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1256290

Brit here. It depends on the source of the meat. There are farmers in America producing the best quality beef but this isn't what the majority of Americans are eating. If you were to compare the quality of meat in supermarkets, the quality in Britain or anywhere else in Europe would be better than America. Beef here is pasture raised by default and minimal animal welfare standards are considerably higher. The UK still follows EU laws regarding agriculture so products such as pink slime and chlorinated chicken are banned.

No. 1256306

Lol I'm a burgerfag and the first time I went to the UK made me realize how rubbery our meat is here. I won't lie British food tastes kinda bland (the stews and bread were great though) but I will definitely miss the quality of meat. I fucking hate this nasty ass chicken from Guatemala they got here

No. 1256429


Oh, honey, they most definitely get mad about it. They love to act as if 'da white man' and 'bitter black females' are full of hate and jealousy about interracial relationships, but these men are down right callous when it comes to black women with white and other non-black men. Look up the social media posts on any news story involving a black woman with a white man, and you'll see them hoping the woman gets harmed or even celebrating her death (e.g., Lauren Smith-Fields dying on a date with a white man). Hell, there was even a story from the 2000s of a group of black male Marines gang r–ing and killing a black woman in from of her white Marine husband then killing him. It was written off as a lesser crime instead of the hate crime that it was. Their collective lack of achievement, their pride only being in their dick size (something they didn't have to actually work to achieve), promotion of the falsehood that black women aren't desired outside this community and thus only have black men as an option, and hatred of black women with non-black men comes down to them not wanting to compete against other men because they know they'll lose.

Fact. I've peaked so hard on them over the last five years, it's not even funny. When I started seeing content from them celebrating (paraphrasing their words here) the 'breeding out of black females' via their IR relationships and seeing more non-black women marching for them instead of 'ugly black bitches' I was done. They can rot for all I care.

Black femicide was 1 death every 6 hours in late 2021, every 5.5 hours in early 2022, and now it's increased to every 5 hours (some are saying 4.8 hours). Men in our community would rather blame black women and non-black men for this travesty than look in the damn mirror.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1257629

File: 1657476720031.jpg (734.03 KB, 1560x1668, cringee.jpg)

I hate election season so fucking much and I have no idea why I keep getting this shit in the mail. I voted to legalize pot like 5 years ago leave me alone

No. 1257830

kek, she looks psychotic

No. 1257975

>Wife of a sheriff's deputy
i love how she thinks that's reputable in anyway

No. 1260306

kek i got ones a few years ago for some shit republican with the full on hammer and sickle posted all over it referring to nancy pelosi and chuck schumer of all people, then calling them actual communists, kek

No. 1262199

>American hotels are so expensive that they create Airbnb
>Airbnb raises apartment prices and kicks people from their homes, thus relying on Airbnb until they can find a place
>Gas prices raise along with lodging
>Americans vacationing more than ever ???

Why is everything in America like a monkeys paw? It seems like anytime something needs to be fixed it gets worse but what's worse is that there's zero boycotting or protesting done to combat this, retards just keep living well above their means while just complaining.

No. 1262333

File: 1657786427128.jpg (1.37 MB, 1600x1065, 062422-Roe-v.-Wade-Overturn-Ra…)

I'm 100% for abortion but i hate the fact that people are actually willing to get off their ass and protest over abortion even though the vast majority of them most likely won't ever had one but don't even bother lifting a finger for inflation aka price gouging, housing shortages, lack of decent jobs and healthcare etc something that is undeniably ruining their life a lot more currently than abortion

No. 1262340

Occupy Wall Street 2.0? Think it'd work this time?

No. 1262343

yeah I dunno, I guess Americans were ill suited for lockdowns and just went bonkers.

No. 1262356

What lockdown? There was a brief period of some places shutting down but then everything quickly opening back up within days and the most that ever happened was that some businesses had reduced hours. It's embarrassing Americans thinking not going to Walmart at 3 AM everyday is enough to be considered a hardcore enough lockdown. Most people I know went to work in real life as normal throughout the entire pandemic

No. 1262358

nta but everyone i knew had to work from home and do online classes during both 2020 and 2021

No. 1262362

Abortion is a simpler issue. It's just about forcing people to write things into law or not. But all those other issues are multifaceted and don't have simple solutions. And rich people who might have more free time to protest don't care about them that much either.

No. 1262364

Plenty of Americans voluntarily took online classes well before the pandemic, and then when the option became to either work from home or the office most protested to stay at home under the guise of "safety" and then wanted to continue anyway when COVID was no longer an excuse. Definitely not some sort of insane lockdown that completely destroyed the mental health of Americans

No. 1262366

Economic issues aren't as blatant an attack on a specific group's human rights, and they aren't as tangible or easily understood. Abortion is not complex, everyone knows what it is and why it's necessary, the economy is way more complex. In fact, the people least affected by it are most likely to understand it because rich people tend to be financially literate.

Inflation and housing are problems in my country, for example, but I don't know enough about it to protest. Who would I be protesting against, the reserve bank? Property investors? The government as a whole? And what kind of legislation or change would I be asking for? Wanting that stuff fixed doesn't mean I know what exactly needs to be done, it's hard to fight for something without an actual goal. But abortion is clear cut and I know everything I need to know to have a stance on it.

No. 1262461

Texanon here. It is fucking hot. I cannot work in my garage due to heat (medication makes me vomit when I get too hot). I pasted reflective insulation all on the windows on the back of my house. At least I blend in with the tweakers on my street now.

I am watching the grid periodically like a sick reality show.

Just extending a sweaty handshake of solidarity to any other melted anons. Day 21 of 100f+ heat, and the next 10 days to also be over 100f. Good luck y'all.

No. 1262470

I’m so sorry Nonnie, where I live it’ll be a high of 65 all next week

No. 1262480

Kek that’s not a lockdown. My cousins went through lockdown in Paris and there were long periods where the only time they were allowed to leave the house was to get groceries or go for a walk, but they were still limited to being within 1 km of their home. Working from home (which everyone I know wants to keep doing part- or full-time even after covid) is nothing.

No. 1262519

You remind me of rich politicians that say poor people aren't really poor if they have a refrigerator or a television. God forbid Americans take a vacation after years of being locked down and toiling in their thankless slave jobs that could terminate them at any time for any reason. No, we have to stay at home permanently and become obese Wall-e characters, no fun allowed

No. 1262526

just heard thunder for the first time in weeks, so there's hope for us in this crispy fried state yet

No. 1262527

What are you talking about? I live in a red state and we had everything shut down to barebones living for multiple months.

No. 1262590

i don't think you realize what an actual lockdown is in most countries. we barely experienced anything in america, especially in purple or red states.

No. 1263063

File: 1657850016852.jpg (280.94 KB, 866x1390, people-walking-the-streets-of-…)

im sorry this is so late, you're probably not gonna see this but i forgot i posted in this thread. im east TN i hear that people just…dont get drivers ed class. and it reeeeeally shows. they dont use turn signals. they don't know what the fast lane is for. they don't know to pull to the middle of the intersection while waiting to turn left at a light. going anything less than like 15 over any speed limit will have someone riding your ass and dangerously swerving around you. ive seen more horrible crashes living here for 2 yrs than anywhere ive ever lived. driving is chaos and there's barely any traffic cops so basically anything goes…

i live in Knoxville. personally i am poor so i could never afford Gatlinburg but theres tons of cute rural cities for you to choose from around here. they have drug problems eating them alive tho and no one in america cares.

as for the racism someone asked abt…im white and east TN is prob the whitest place ive ever lived so i dont have the best insight into the race relations cause i dont see them. no one says explicitly racist things to me abt others but there's hella confederate flags. id probably worry a little in really run down rural towns i don't know if i was a POC. regardless it seems as if most races can live peacefully together here. the black people here seem less agitated and tense than other places ive lived but the Mexicans clearly don't like anyone else but other mexicans. in general the whites here are kinda….untermensch. i dont have any excessive white self hatred or anything but it's actually a bit funny thinking anyone could consider the white race naturally superior after taking a stroll down the main strip in Gatlinburg.

No. 1263481

nta but I'm sure it wasn't barely anything to the people most financially impacted by it. It's a good thing it wasn't like it was in other countries though, it could have been worse

No. 1263858

Mountain west (Idaho, Montana, Wyoming,Dakotas, parts of Washington and Oregon) republicans make me feel crazier and more uncomfortable than Deep South republicans.

No. 1263879

>God forbid Americans take a vacation after years of being locked down and toiling in their thankless slave jobs that could terminate them at any time for any reason.
Vacations aren't basic necessities kek. You're part of the problem. Why would gas prices lower if Americans are just going to bitch on Facebook and then vacation every other month and give them tons of money? You don't "need" vacations every other month when inflation is higher than ever just because you're poor and your job sucks. Stop making excuses for Americans and encouraging them to be retarded with their finances. Sorry you can't live above your means without people judging you

No. 1263894

Just eat the bugs, you don't NEED meat. Just live in a pod, you don't NEED a house. Just stay home, you don't NEED a vacation. You will own nothing and you will be happy.

No. 1263896

And don't look at those billionaires who made more money than ever during Covid! Ignore them and be angry that we made the green M&M less slutty instead.

No. 1263905

nta but you're not gonna have more money if you keep wasting it, i don't get what else you expect to happen

No. 1263913

You are so fucking retarded if you think vacations are a necessity. Europeans and the rest of the world had unarguably worse lockdowns and none of them are running around having bougie vacations during the worse inflation in history

You probably won't even bother to budget during your own vacation either
>What do you mean I shouldn't get a ritz Carlton suite? Are you saying poors deserve to sleep on the floor?
>Of course I'm going to eat at the most expensive steakhouse in the city why shouldn't I? Poor people deserve nice food too how dare you tell me I should eat bugs instead

People like you made me so fucking embarrassed to be American. Just stop or at the very least stop playing mental gymnastics to defend your childish bullshit

No. 1263917

>people telling you to not vacation is just like telling you that you don't need food or shelter
this is why other countries are laughing at us

No. 1263924

What the hell are you even talking about? Billionaires are literally profiting off of Americans who thought working online and not being able to get a haircut for a few months was ~too much~ and decided to go on a binge spend for tons of unnecessary things. Consumerism drove through the roof and that's why everyone kept losing money and the rich got richer. Making excuses and trying to convince poor people things like vacations are basic necessities is literally going to just make the rich richer. Do you understand that?

No. 1263947

NTA and I agree with you, but I think a lot of people are fed up with the meme of “poor people who have slight luxuries should budget better.” Some poor people have bad money habits and spend money on frivolous things, but most people I know aren’t going on fancy vacations all the time. It feels like a misdirect when nearly everything has gotten extremely expensive compared to just 10 years ago and wages haven’t kept up. You can have a decent job, save up most of your money, never go anywhere, etc., and still not be able to afford a house. There’s a lot of things that are just more expensive when you’re poor (ghetto tax) that get glossed over.

No. 1263961

I'm not disagreeing at all but vacationing when gas and inflation is extremely high is just stupid, most of these people are charging everything to credit as well which makes it even worse. The anon getting extremely offended over me saying vacations aren't a necessity most likely has shit tier spending habits herself which is why she feels the need to claim someone saying you don't need vacations during inflation is "just like" rich people telling you to eat bugs or to not own a home. Poor people running up credit card debt to go to the beach isn't doing anything besides digging their hole deeper and then giving money to corporate giants for hotels, restaurants, has etc

No. 1267249

Walgreens is selling your pregnancy test purchase data, please stay safe. Pay cash and don’t give a zip or id. Wear a mask so they don’t have your face on camera.

No. 1267263

Not that I don’t believe you, but source?

No. 1267266

This is petrifying. Thanks for posting. Please stop using digital period tracking apps also.

No. 1267294

No. 1267372

Absolutely dystopian. Thanks for sharing nonny. Also I encourage anyone who is in this situation to also be cautious about using the internet/using text messages to communicate about potentially being pregnant. The amount of datamining smartphones/apps do is astonishing. If you’re in this situation and it may be dangerous for you I encourage going as “off grid” about it as possible.

No. 1267405

Enfamil has very odd marketing strategies and the source tweet fails to point out how this is tied to Walgreens. I signed up for a baby registry site so I could buy something off of my coworkers registry and I started getting the exact sample sized freebies in the mail.

No. 1267413

Data mining to market is a common tactic nonni. I linked the one I saw this morning but I’ve seen a few women who buy pregnancy test at Walgreens and get pregnancy ads and products in the mail. There was a 15 year old there was a legal case with a few years ago. They do it for all kinds of purchases because your privacy isn’t legally guaranteed. It’s likely going to happen and your rewards cards at these places make it easier. Just like with period trackers please be careful. That’s it.

No. 1268778

has anyone's internet and data been super slow recently? I'm in the Northern part of the US

No. 1268836

I think it’s more likely their visit with the doctor’s office was the cause, not Walgreens. They even said the doctor was the one who told them to get a pregnancy test.

No. 1268991

Isn't medical info confidential tho?

No. 1269935

File: 1658341543969.png (349.67 KB, 828x1792, 85613836-2744-4AA4-8BCC-FC6781…)

There would be a lot of intentional, manually set moving parts required to get from a doctor’s office to Enfamil, all of them illegal or immoral. Meanwhile rewards programs are basically automated IRL targeted ads. If you go to Walgreens and use your rewards account exclusively to buy toothpaste, you’re going to get emails for deals on toothpaste. At CVS if you enter your phone number at the kiosk, you’re going to get printed coupons for toothpaste.

Also worth mentioning that Walgreens privacy policy literally green lights this and says you consent to it when you interact with them in any way, including signing up for their rewards card. They also say that they “share” (read: sell) your data to any number of disclosed or undisclosed “affiliates.”

No. 1270528

Welp today my state (Georgia) just outlawed abortion after 6 weeks immediately. I want to die and I'm not even sexually active rn.

No. 1270553

Get out of the south if/when you can. I did and it really was the best decision I could've ever made for myself. Of course, Louisiana (where I'm from) might be worse than Georgia.

No. 1270560

Where did you move to? I don’t have anywhere else to go. I’m flat broke and forced to live with my family including my dad who voted for these Republican shitbags. I’m still finishing up school so I don’t even have a choice for another year to move.

No. 1270570

Colorado. It's probably not the best blue state, but it beats where I'm from. As long as you don't move to Denver, there's hardly any troons and shit. A fair amount of areas are still conservative, but they don't seem to be as nutty as the type of conservatives you and I are used to. The food is pretty awful though, ngl. When you finish up school, you could try to find a job here? They have some pretty good laws that protect workers, a state minimum wage that increases every year based on COL, and beautiful views. It's not without it's problems, obviously, but I guarantee you that it's better than the south.

No. 1270580

Oh, and the locals (mostly transplants themselves) will attempt to gatekeep, but they mainly only hate Californians and Texans. Once they find out where I'm from, they're always quite sympathetic and welcoming. kek

No. 1270595

Colorado is beautiful. My mom lived there and you’re right, the food is awful there. I don’t know if I could move there permanently knowing that the food will always suck. I will probably try to move somewhere up north if I have to. My job prospects for my field are all in the DMV area which is riskier for conservatard laws, particularly in VA.

No. 1270624

File: 1658370501357.png (1.52 MB, 828x1792, BA374AE1-0A22-42DD-81D2-0FEE95…)

I’m thinking about Colorado in a year when I can sell my stupid house in Texas without capital gains tax (and with the trajectory of the housing market here I’ll probably make $150k off it.) I’ve got friends in Golden, going to go see how I like it. After these 110 degree days I’m ready to GTFO.

DMV isn’t awful, just prohibitively expensive. NoVA might as well be its own state and they’re consistently blue but after this semi-recent incident they’re a LOT less TRA. TLDR: a TIM sexually assaulted and sodomized two teenage girls in high school bathrooms. The parents were legitimately outraged and there were violent protests. Even the news outlets weren’t like “um respect her pronouns please,” they’re calling him a he and at 15 he’s a registered sex offender now. No gender fuckery to be found.


No. 1271648

Lol aww, I went to Colorado for a vacation last year and I remember the restaurants I went to were not as amazing as I thought. Especially some Mexican food I got, (and I’m a Mexifag) but still such a beautiful place!

No. 1271701

the liberal PNW city I live in is turning into a hellscape. the police have been defunded and it's pretty pointless now to call 911 because no one will show up. if you're in serious trouble, then good luck have fun! obviously the police is ripe with corruption, but what the hell are regular ass people and family owned businesses supposed to do? this alternative is a nightmare. the racism in this city is also just glossed over because fuck all those places in the international districts i guess. shoplifting is so rampant that i feel like a chump paying for purchases. don't even get me started on the homeless situation. you can barely criticize it without some young sheltered tech employee jumping down your throat. it's not discrimination to acknowledge that the group of homeless men you watched take turns hitting the mystery pipe on the bus is dangerous to remain in proximity to. it's not hateful to say that a lot of homeless people have drug issues. why this city is obsessed with pandering to the psychopaths who attack random passersby on the daily is beyond me.

No. 1271708

Hey, I live in Loudoun country. Place is a shithole with a few old monies living in their giant mansions far away from us peasants.

No. 1271709

I live in DMA area and nova (nothern virginia) is a more mixed, but lots of blues here. More so than reds until you reach old white money.

No. 1271811

You can just say Seattle.

No. 1271885

Yeah but they’re so ultra-wealthy that Loudoun has had the highest median household income in the US every year since like 2008.

No. 1273776

File: 1658558094339.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 124.21 KB, 828x452, 9E98215F-6EE7-4A05-A2FE-666626…)

Samefagging but holy shit kek

No. 1279895

File: 1658960710725.jpg (9.72 KB, 320x180, mqdefault.jpg)

Is anyone else pretty worried about Monkeypox? I know people are saying it's only gay men getting it, but I just don't know how true it is. My state only has a few cases so far, and I'm hoping it doesn't get too bad. I am aware that it's still rare in the states with the most cases though.

I'm really just so sick of all these illnesses. I wasn't even this worried when COVID came around.

No. 1279905

>I know people are saying it's only gay men getting it
Wasn't there just some cases of it found in children? I am kinda worried but part of me also feels like it's just being given the COVID fear mongering treatment
I wonder if every new illness is going to be treated like this from now on

No. 1279913

I genuinely can't tell if this is the tranny that keeps trying to pull a "reverse uno" or not.
I think so, and recently a pregnant woman got it as well. I get what you mean about fearmongering and I am honestly trying to not read too much about it so I don't freak out. Also hoping whatever this is doesn't last 2+ years like covid.

No. 1279919

i feel like after covid, fearmongering and catastrophism have become the default way anything is handled by the media tbh

No. 1279978

To put your mind at ease, Monkeypox doesn't spread at nearly the same rate as the novel coronavirus did. It only spreads in skin to skin contact unlike the sars-cov-2 virus which spreads via airborne droplets (i.e. someone coughing or sneezing) and the monkeypox disease itself is not a new illness, it's already known and treatable and it doesn't involve your respiratory system like covid does so it doesn't cause your lungs to stop working. Scientists say that it's very unlikely to cause a lockdown situation like covid would.

No. 1279989

I'm in Atlanta and the homeless situation is similar to what you describe but probably more sensitive of a topic due to homelessness here being more prevalent among black men. I never used to fear homeless men in particular but I was a victim of sexual battery in the last year which changed my perspective. These men have nothing to lose and like to assert their power over random women on a daily because they are economically the lowest of men. Normie non-homeless men will ignore them as you get catcalled and do nothing to help which is the most blackpilling thing of all. You can even be a victim of battery like I was and no one will say anything.
To make matters worse, if you called APD for a while they would make you wait on the line to speak to someone. Even with our crime at its worst, it's still bad to suggest that we need to fund the police, every time you get people claiming that it's racist and it's going to cause more harm than good. You always have people trying to divert the conversation to super long-term shit like funding schools and helping black men when we need to have police protecting women and girls from these men.
At this point, I just want to work remote because it's hopeless.

No. 1279991

> You always have people trying to divert the conversation to super long-term shit like funding schools and helping black men when we need to have police protecting women and girls from these men.
Same anon but I wanna clarify that I actually support these changes in the long-run, I just don't think it's helpful to use them as a diversion against immediate relief that women and girls need right now. Even with prison reform, the police and prison/jail system will always need to exist for people who are menaces to society and beyond redemption.

No. 1279992

nta, but I lived in Atlanta several years ago (like 2015-ish) and was thinking about moving back but god, not anymore. that sounds horrible. do you experience this in all areas of atlanta? i remember certain areas being not bad at all.

No. 1280058

It's mostly only gay men getting and spreading it. But admitting that, people start freaking out and saying it's discriminatory to gay men and so they've now started acting like it's covid 2.0 and everyone should fear it. I understand the fear of discrimination, because of hate crimes and how people acted during when aids happened. But at the same time I think it's harmful to act like it isn't affecting one specific community. Unless you spend a lot of close time around someone who has it, you'll be fine. They're literally only letting gay men get vaccinated for it because they are the group spreading it amongst themselves rapidly.

No. 1280061

I'd say to not let my own experience bother you but tbh it is pretty bad. Certain areas used to not be bad but nowadays the crime has moved towards Buckhead and other ritzy areas so those spots aren't safe anymore either.
Suburban areas outside of the city are developing a lot so if you're open to it, I'd suggest looking into living outside of the city.

No. 1280071

Damn anon, I grew up in Brookhaven and can't imagine what it might be like there now. It wasn't the safest place in the world 20 years ago, but you weren't faced with economic realities like homelessness constantly.
I wonder if unhoused people are shitting on the rich rich lawns like they used to in the Marta stations.

No. 1280074

Oh I was born in Brookhaven so I can tell you that it's been bought up and is being redeveloped. My old tiny little house was bulldozed and is now a mcmansion that is too big for the plot. The town looks completely different. I don't think there's really many shootings there but the schools have always been notoriously bad in DeKalb, including the one my siblings went to. Maybe they'll change with the redevelopment but iirc the wealthier parts of DeKalb just send their kids to private school anyways.

No. 1280094

>unhoused people
You’re really trying to participate in the euphemism treadmill in lolcow of all places?

No. 1280138

I have friends that live in Atlanta and I stayed in a "nice" that was ghetto af. Gentrification has turned lower income neighborhoods into places that look like cookie cutter rich suburbs but everything is so fucking sad on the inside since most people can't afford housing so therefore are homeless and things just look blank now. I also notice that there's very little small town mom and pops since it's harder for business owners to afford rent and locals don't have money to spend on these businesses.

No. 1280140

I would love for this to happen but men will screech to the heavens about muh false accusations but like okay and? Even if a man didn't rape someone if multiple women are out to ruin his life via false accusations he did something fucked up kek plus they always fetishize "goth mommy gfs that will ruin your life". You're not going to be some angel and have multiple women out to get you

No. 1280152

When did homeless start being considered a 'bad word' anyway. There is nothing offensive about it.

No. 1280190

Americans are a paradox. They'll admit it's harder than ever to own a home or even get an apartment and if you have no support system (which American families are shit tier and stuck on "tough love" and to move out at 18), and no connections you're bound to be homeless. But at the same time they'll claim all homeless are druggies who think they're too good to work at McDonald's and just wanna live off the government because that's what hobo bobby from under the bridge does. Now young Americans are literally scraping the skins off their back and spending every penny they can to live in a pod with 12 other people or wasting a fuck load of gas with 2-4 hour round trip commutes from cheaper areas and to an area with affordable wages, which never go hand and hand, because who wants to live with family or even live in their car when they can give 70% of their paycheck to a bloodsucking landlord who can keep those pods expensive for that reason

Tbh I respect homeless people or people who live with their families well into their 30s before I respect millennials who want to live in a box in a big famous city for an outrageous price a month just so they can say they have an apartment in NYC or whatever.

No. 1280205

based. majority of the people who don't live with their families are chasing that impossible "american dream" and left with tons of debt because they went to art school. the true american dream is getting by without debt; those who start working instead of heading out to college and live with their parents or extended family to save some bucks and don't end up having to reach out for the welfare system. most of the time it's like that because the welfare system proves itself not being for them in the first place, even though they become the "face" of it all.

No. 1280216

Thank you anon, that does make me feel better. I honestly think the tenseness from COVID and how we're still seeing the effects of that is what's making me so worried about monkeypox. Even in New York there only around 1,100 cases so I'm just reminding myself that it's still pretty rare and taking the same precautions I did during the pandemic.

No. 1280219

I do feel bad for young people who went tons into debt chasing college since it's shoved down our throat since middle school. So many of my colleagues have the OPTION of living with their non-abusive parents to save money, working in manual labor jobs that offer tuition reimbursement but they don't because they're too obsessed with individualism and TikTok fake Hypebeasts of zoomers claiming to be multi billionaires from onlyfans, Amazon dropshipping, or shit tier "investment" tips are making it worse since they try to pedal the idea that anyone could just become super rich if they just do this or that or even worse, desperate people will lose money trying to do these things. On the other side you have boomers who think working just any old job will solve all of your problems. I'm not even that smart but I fell for the "poor people do Amazon FBA", lost a small bit of money but luckily closed my account before it got too serious, it boggles my mind a lot of these people will dig up mountains of debt without learning anything

No. 1280221

There’s a difference between crazy violent drug addict homeless people on the street and unemployed people who need welfare and stay with friends or sleep in a car. And if people want to move out and spend half their pay on rent just to have independence or start their own lives I don’t see how that’s not worth respect.

No. 1280224

tbh it's just the homeless males in particular that i hate, because they won't stop sexually harassing women and pouring feces on random people

No. 1280241

>>1279905 anyone can seem to get it and it is much easier to get (apparently) and can make you have holes in your skin. Not a fun time, but I don’t think the government will mandate anything after “”””quarantine”””” in 2020

No. 1280245

my brother is a gigazoomer and teaching in school as a precursor to his degree. Even he was like wtf I can’t connect to these people.
The kids are so messed up it’s not even a schizo funny moment. Even outside of screens they larp. Just latent troonery.
I’m sending my kids to catholic school. I hate Catholicism and I was raised agnostic so it’s not some southerner = based decision. It’s easier to teach my kids to distrust and abandon the church than it is to teach them respectfully, without trans rhetoric gender shit, without some woketard barging on my wedding and family with zero respect if my daughter so happens to be a plane autist at birth

No. 1280248

Not a bad idea tbh. As an atheist with atheist parents who went to Catholic school, I've never seen any kids convert to Catholicism or anyone even encourage them to. They tend to just assume you're Catholic already, so there's no reason to pressure anyone and it's definitely not appealing enough to attract impressionable kids without pressure.

No. 1280282

As a person who went to catholic school, this could potentially bite you in the ass; school is time where most of the kids develop their individuality and rebel, so the more conservative the environment the more a kid may feel inclined to go against it, at least that was a case for a lot of people I knew back then

No. 1280336

That’s not a good idea, catholic school instills some of the worst dynamics in boys and girls. I grew up catholic and got to hear all about what my grandfather and all his kids went through, on top of some of my highschool classmates went to catholic school as kids. It really messed with their identities, and it’s even worse if they are gay. Real life isn’t cute like Derry Girls.

No. 1280371

I went to a really uptight catholic school and as soon as I was out of there I went through a kink phase, a bisexual phase, a tran phase. In reality I'm none of those things but being raised catholic and having it shoved down your throat will do that to you. I would've been better off being raised aware of gays and trannies and not being so uptight about their existance that it became taboo.

No. 1280397

>TikTok fake Hypebeasts of zoomers claiming to be multi billionaires from onlyfans
My pinterest feed is getting infiltrated with these assholes, it's so easy to tell that they're bullshitting since they'll claim to be making 80k a month or so but have average homes and cars, sorry "modest living" pretentious fucks but no one is going to be making double what a brain surgeon makes and no outside signs of being wealthy

No. 1280399

Could you not just live in MD instead of VA if you have to be in the DMV? MD is overwhelmingly dem and liberal if that's what you want, especially anywhere near the cities.

No. 1280581

File: 1659027133065.jpeg (914.79 KB, 2500x1667, 1581376458617.jpeg)


No. 1280605

My parents were raised mega Catholic in Europe but once they moved to America completely dropped religion and turned atheist. However, they still sent me and my siblings to Catholic school because the schools in our zip code were complete garbage. The worst thing about Catholic schools is most of them are k - 12 which can lead to some seriously bad things. When I was very young a way older kid (he was probably high school age) molested me and my friend. The school did act and expelled him but they begged my parents not to go to the police. Really messed up.

No. 1280643

Catholic schools are the absolute worse and teachers are useless as fuck. They'll straight up encourage student bullying and can't even teach

No. 1280813

>too obsessed with individualism by moving out of their parents house at 18 and go to college
I don't think individualism is the right word to use if it's doing something many of us had shoved down our throat by our teachers since we were in our preteens. We can't pretend we were not expected to be independent fresh out of high school.

No. 1280823

LOL Charlotte, right? I'm glad I got out of that soulless hellscape.

No. 1280977

I don't even have to look at the actual interior but i just know the entire house looks like the Home Depot floor models, void of any uniqueness

No. 1280983

I don’t really have any interactions with people younger than me. What is wrong with the youth these days? The terminally online sickness finally catching up to them?

No. 1281030

wtf i didn’t know there were so many charlotte anons… the city sucks. nothing but bankers and trust fund millennials clinging to their self perceived hipness. i wouldn’t think anyone in this city would’ve used lc. maybe someday i’ll see you at snug harbor and not even know. sad violin sounds

No. 1281056

Thanks anon I just don't want to have to worry about extreme right shit being implemented here. Apparently our democratic gov nominee has bad polling numbers compared to Brian Kemp even after the Heartbeat bill shit. I'm sad to leave home but I have to move out as soon as I finish school; the Handmaid's Tale feels more possible the longer I'm here.

No. 1281143

I left two years ago and I'm a lot happier for it. I live in a cute town in VA now. I do miss Snug though - their $2 PBRs got me through college. Central Ave is a gentrified nightmare last I heard. That's exactly Charlotte's problem - any little area of culture gets bought and sold out because finance bros and their social media marketing girlfriends need another brewery that allows them to bring their Australian Shepard and buy $12 IPAs.

No. 1282132

Is Oklahoma in the Midwest or the South?

No. 1282191

midwest but some parts of it have been affected by southern culture, a lot of southerners move there as well

No. 1282550

File: 1659135827680.png (2.9 MB, 1213x5544, FUxserqUEAAmfav.png)

A bit ot but this reminded me of this group chat where women shared info of creepy men on their campus and administration started complaining that they were ostracizing people.

No. 1282553

why is this so fucking based though

No. 1282561

Probably crowd sourced idea between many based people.

No. 1282575

Idk about anyone else, but I sure as hell don't consider it the South.

No. 1282829

This sounds so fun, lol.

No. 1282850

wait the post got removed for "violence"??

No. 1283086

It came out that in my city (nowhere near as big as Chicago or NY) you have to be making 20$ an hour to afford a one bedroom home (MI)

No. 1283346

I think that the mods decided that the poster was "not the asshole" in the situation and they wanted to stop violent comments againt the op, but I felt like it was kind of suspicious of them to do this so I kept it in the screenshot kek

No. 1287779

We won the vote protecting abortion in Kansas! Woo

No. 1287786

proud and so happy for you guys. god i hope other traditionally conservative leaning states hopefully do the same

No. 1287794

They already told densatis to stick it in FL. We’re pushing anon. I have hope

No. 1287802

like for desantis to suck it? or for florida to do the same? am a fl anon, i hope to god you mean that there's a large constitutency saying they want the same in florida. i also hope kansas tells desantis and his fat cokebloat face to suck it hard though

No. 1287820

Desantis wanted to go after your abortion rights before 24 weeks. It’s protected by FL’s constitutional right to privacy. They told him to fuck off when he pressed.

No. 1287831

right now we have a 15 wk law thanks to that pugfaced sewerdweller that i guess they're battling in court. i'm so happy for you guys though. i hope our constitution upholds their attack on women but i don't trust florida at all to do some shady ass shit, nothing here is right or not shady

No. 1287836

Right now they’re holding. It’s why he’s pushing 15 and not total. He wanted you to be Texas. Right letters if you can anon. The more support we put on the people holding out the more likely they are to continue.

No. 1287917

This makes me so depressed that every town now is essentially a cookie cutter of each other. Same stupid apartments like those, same strip mall that has a target, Marshalls/tj maxx, Ross, planet fitness, shoe store of some sort and maybe a best buy and pet store, gotta put a Kohl's somewhere and then there's always an Applebee's and Chili's near. It's impossible to get homesick if everything looks the same I guess

No. 1287924

File: 1659539605229.jpeg (157.44 KB, 750x845, 59B10347-B0A3-4283-8F8A-68DC1B…)

reminds me of this tiktok that has been going around lmao

No. 1289228

I filed taxes in April and still haven't got a return and it's August. IRS is full of robots or they just say "call back later" and hang up. The fuck? Is the government robbing us?

No. 1289234

File: 1659638400775.jpeg (227.29 KB, 1216x792, jpnfylp3d5451.jpeg)

chinese commmieblocks have more soul than these duplex suburban condos

No. 1289237

unironically true. i don't hate the suburban basic siding condo complexes with a huge burning hatred but they are soulless and poorly constructed while everyone pretends they look soooo good

No. 1289242

I feel like most of the famous (shapiro, crowder) and in office republicans are so out of touch when it comes to the abortion issue. my family are all yeehaw republicans from the south and all of them are either pro-choice or just don't care. republicans will never win elections if they just focus on the evangelical base.

No. 1289250

My partners dad is like this. I'm mixed race, and he was sat in the car telling me how wrong race mixing was and how the children always end up as criminals. He went on about how climate change wasn't real too and I just couldn't even be bothered to argue back with him.

No. 1289476

Same. I was stupid for opting for a physical check over direct deposit, but I don't know if that would have made a difference. I've been checking my mailbox every day for 3 months.

No. 1289490

I'm scared of these types of buildings for they combine 2 of my biggest fears: heights and being trapped in case of fire.

No. 1289496

Former bottom level goon… the agency has faced massive amounts of attrition, retirements when covid happened (boomers are most of the workforce), and the budget being wasted in Washington pocketlining vs attracting and training an effective workforce and updating the ancient tech they use. It's a massive clusterfuck.

There's also the fact that Intuit, who owns turbotax, lobbies to keep this entire system as complicated as possible, many YouTubers cover this topic.

No. 1290291

I'm telling you, they've got severe women issues, or mom wounds, or SOMETHING. Something happened to them as children that made them think of women in such a retarded light.

No. 1293639

I can't believe Rhode Island still celebrates Victory of Japan Day lmao it's tomorrow and many businesses and schools will be closed for the day. It has to be simply because motherfuckers here want any reason to have the day off kek I won't complain, I'm happy to have it off but it feels weird to still observe it in 2022. Kinda surprised I don't see zoomers protesting it or whatever, tbh.

No. 1293641

Fuck I'm stupid, it's Victory Over Japan Day* I didn't mean to type "of" there. Or simply VJ Day, what everyone actually calls it.

No. 1294938

they're razing so many beautiful rural areas around east TN to fill them with this shit……fucking why god please make it stop

No. 1298118

I think a lot about my fellow burgerfags throughout the day. I hope you're all staying safe.

No. 1298163

It rained in Dallas yesterday for the first time in about three months and I actually felt my soul heal. My coastal sensibilities can’t handle Texas tbh

No. 1298202

listening to country or bluegrass makes me wish I was southern, why was I spawned in nyc???

No. 1298283

heh VJ sounds like a euphemism for vagina

No. 1298288

Today I learned there's so much plastics chemicals in our environment that USA rain is contaminated and not really safe to drink!!

No. 1298291

Kek anon, you answered my question on whether or not people enjoy that type of music up there.

No. 1298292

I really love that for us.

No. 1298300

listening to country or bluegrass makes me love that i wasn't born in the south. everything about the south makes me appreciate not being in the south, proper

No. 1298303

In the Bay Area, there's always a park somewhere with white people cutting up and bluegrass bands playing. I'm sure they have something similar in NY, you might have to leave the city though

No. 1298307

>USA rainwater
The plastics have already rotted your brain omg

No. 1298312

rain from USA water, there.

No. 1298321

File: 1660241219134.png (5.15 MB, 2160x1404, Screen Shot 2022-08-11 at 2.07…)

>catchy music, soul music
>delicious food
>warm weather
>less zoning laws so you can live in a comfy trailer and nobody will give you shit because yee yee bother this is a free country
>not a concrete hellscape like the northern states

No. 1298325

honestly, you have no priorities

No. 1298330

File: 1660241548789.png (1.59 MB, 1190x715, 1654874235571.png)

>noooo you need to experience the hustle and bustle of the city and step over a crackhead every morning as you leave your door, otherwise you have no priorities!!!11
nonnie LMAO

No. 1298332

File: 1660241643689.png (228.37 KB, 2500x1313, 2E68A75A-735B-43EC-88D8-FBA14E…)

Girl have you ever been to Mississippi?

No. 1298337

Rents in trailer parks are going up too.

No. 1298339

Still wealthier than >80% of the world's population
i'm talking about buying your own plot of land

No. 1298347

I think Nashville looks cool but cmon anons, the north is filled with plenty of farms and rural regions too

No. 1298351

btw mississippi literally has a higher gdp per capita than south korea and france

No. 1298356

>summers are insufferably hot
>half the people are openly racist
>food is nothing but sugar and grease
>nobody wants to move there, so no cultural diffusion. Middle eastern restaurant? Indian grocery store? What’s that?
>no beautiful landscapes, the “prettiest” thing they have to offer is some tree-covered low hills, if you’re lucky.
>gets hit with hurricanes that get bigger and more frequent every year
No thanks.

No. 1298365

>summers are insufferably hot
hm ok
>half the people are openly racist
would you prefer the northeastern racism where landlords charge more for black people, and uber drivers avoid people with black sounding names?
>nobody wants to move there, so no cultural diffusion. Middle eastern restaurant? Indian grocery store? What’s that?
lmfao, moving to high crime hellscapes where you can be charged with murder if you defend yourself all MUH CURRY AND FALAFEL
>no beautiful landscapes
that is LITERALLY how it is in the northeast, except there's more greenery in the south

No. 1298374

Why are the only parts of the United States that exist in your brain the northeast and the South?

No. 1298379

Absolutely not. I moved out the south for this reason even "shitter" places up north are better than good places in the south
>Child molesters galore, it was normalized for grown ass men to be dating actual middle schoolers. Up north even in country towns you'd have the town kick your ass for that
>EVERYTHING IS DIRTY. Litter everywhere, no one takes care of their pets so everyone's family dogs and cats are ran over in the streets
>Wages DO NOT match the price of living, some places are worse than NY imo.
>The worst customer service you could imagine
>Worst medical care in the world, Louisiana and Mississippi have extremely high infant mortality rates
>Dirty air, dirty water

Even "good" vacation spots in Florida are messed up unless you're using them for boating since the water is so fucking polluted and it ends up getting overrun by loud dumbass kids and drunk adults. I remember in Texas the peak of COVID people were fighting over hotel rooms and even crack motels were hitting the hundreds of dollars.

No. 1298384

People are actually a lot nicer in the south from what I’ve heard. A customer at my old workplace moved to New Orleans and she said it was almost unbelievable how communal everyone was. But I’m from New England and it’s kind of infamous how cold everyone is up here

No. 1298385

no one cares, microcephaly-chan. move to mississippi with the inbreds you share more in common with. no wonder you hate being around semi-sane people in the north, you're retarded as hell. and yes you have no priorities. people in the south have terrible quality of life due to a lack of expanded healthcare and municipal services that they refuse to fund and also refuse federal funds for as long as it screws the poor or vulnerable over, or anyone that isn't massively wealthy, actually. in addition to literally being subject to investigations now if you go out of state for an abortion.

No. 1298389

That’s pretty pathetic on Mississippi’s part if true. Imagine Mississippi having the standard of living of South Korea or France.

No. 1298392

As a non-easterner, my understanding is that southerners will be sugar-sweet to your face but nasty behind your back, while northerners will be indifferent to your face and behind your back. Not sure which I’d prefer.

No. 1298394

i've lived in both and the west coast. i've been treated far, far, far better in NYC than in the south. people in the south are fake as hell.

No. 1298395

if they're only talking about the southeast (when they said the landscape is nothing but rolling green hills), then i'm gonna assume they're comparing it to the northeast. duh?
the sane people? WHERE LMAOOO you can't even take public transportation in the northern states without getting molested (one woman was raped on a train in philly while everyone recorded) and not to mention all the asian people that get murdered in nyc and san fran for being .. asian.
you're like one of those suburban redditor faggots that live in cushy suburbs, you have no idea what it's like to actually live in a place like nyc, and you're being a cunt because some people may not live the ~cultural enrichment~ of living like sardines and having no rights.

No. 1298396

Maybe one southern meal a month is good, but when I visited South Carolina for a week I had southern food at every dinner and by the end I felt super gross. Can’t imagine having that as a regular diet, and there’s not enough cultural diversity to find anything else in a lot of places there.

No. 1298397

Nta but don't talk shit about our food anon. The southern region has some of the best food and food spots. Soul food, BBQ, lowcountry, Cajun, Creole, etc…

No. 1298399

it's delicious but not healthy at all

No. 1298400

imagine going to japan and complaining that there's too much japanese food

No. 1298407

File: 1660244377719.png (882.38 KB, 840x1024, 1653664228314.png)

same anon
also southerners actually developed their own culture
what is the culture of the north? the coastal villages in maine and mass is what's holding up the rest of the north in terms of culture. what is nyc culture? rats, getting groped by crackheads while you wait for your train, uppity smug assholes like you, and shitty greasy food but it's ok because it's ~foreign~

No. 1298428

>you have no idea what it's like to actually live in a place like nyc
NTA but what do you think it's like to live in NYC?

No. 1298443

I literally grew up here to albanian immigrant parents, it's fucking horrid, especially if you're poor. I never knew how good america could be until I visited the south/northwest.
it smells bad
people litter, because who cares about making your area look pretty when you're inside a sardine can
the people in charge claim to value infrastructure so much but train stations look like they'll cave in any moment
homeless people everywhere, and nobody cares, if anything the people in charge put a bandaid on the issue and say "ok homeless, as long as you don't bother me in my comfy suburb/luxury condo, you can use this station as your home and bother the peasants instead"
and the thing that makes me want to leave the most: self defense laws
a scrote breaks into your home and tries to hurt you, you shoot and kill him, YOU get charged with murder. if that happens in some small southern town, the cops will just be like "good job lol".
oh and there's also rent and zoning laws
i don't want to buy a huge mcmansion OR live in a 3k a month studio apartment, so my plan is to renovate an old trailer or build a cabin, but that's virtually impossible in nyc or anywhere in the northeast for that matter.

No. 1298479

Depends on what southern state you live in obviously. In NC you don't get away with being a pedophile, you get to keep abortion rights, it's clean (unless you live in the more popular cities like charlotte), and we have relatively diverse restaurants and foreign grocery stores. It's still slightly behind the north but st least crackheads wont grope you and not every person is walking around like they're miserable. I can't stand large cities anymore. I'd maybe move back north if I find a nice rural area.

No. 1298485

Everyone is moving south, it'll look like the north soon enough. But maybe not since there's no as many social safety nets

No. 1298494

I owe $30k.

Rent won't stop going up. It went up 30% in one year in my city. Wages have not increased. I already couldn't pay these loans before, and now no one can. If biden doesn't pause it longer or wipe them it will be chaos. People are squeezed too hard. If they can bail out banks and forgive the PPP loans they can wipe the student loans to, for once, do one thing to help the middle class.
I also feel like the abortion ban is just retaliation for the left pushign things too far, especially troon stuff. People are fed up and are reactively hitting back however they can. trans bullshit directly caused Roe vs Wade to be overturned.

No. 1298495

File: 1660248218073.jpg (173.53 KB, 1400x1400, Screen_Shot_2015-09-21_at_4.54…)

AYRT and I also grew up here to poor immigrant parents. I just wanted to know because, despite my own gripes with the city, I don't necessarily feel the urge to leave. You do have valid points, but I worry that leaving would just be leaving one set of problems behind for a new one. I was fearful for my parents safety during the height of covid since we're Asian, but we were fortunate nothing happened to any of us.

MTA sucks some serious ass but I appreciate that we have the option of widespread public transportation, and is quite walkable. I didn't get my license until recently but I like the option of not having to pay for a car and its associated costs in order to get to work or the store.

I've travelled and lived abroad but haven't seen much of the U.S. (only been to SF for work) so I don't really know how much "better" the rest of the US is though.

No. 1298498

That would be fair to do if Japanese food literally killed Japanese people all the time, yes.

No. 1298499

I live in one of the listed cities. 95% of the crime is caused by prolificly repeating offenders. They just catch and release them, or never bother with arrests to begin with. In my city the other day some random person was beaten to death with a metal pipe downtown in the tourist area. It's really gotten bad, and it's 100% because of the DA being politically motivated. It's also a massive safety issue for women to have violent weapon-possessing drug addicted lunatic moids roaming the streets at all hours unimpeded. I care more for the safety of women than the feelings of some insane violent junkie.

No. 1298506

Yes. People refuse to admit that compared to Europe, America has a massively lower quality of life regarding employment law. In Europe they get 5 weeks PTO. That's unheard of here, I'd say the majority of people get 0 PTO at all. Europeans also work only 32 or 35 hours a week, while Americans are a minimum 40, and salaried positions are known to abuse staff for 60 or even 80. The IRS for example has a minimum workweek of 50 hours, not including on call. I always feel burnt out from this culture. Remote work is a blessign but even still, low pay and lack of benefits, lack of job security, and no PTO are making me incredibly resentful. My productivity is dropping like a rock because I am not paid enough, have no healthcare, and need about five vacations to catch up on what i've given up.

I'm also tired of employers lying to me about every little thing and everything being a game to them. For example, they can't just be up front about the salary, no. It's all a game where they try to pay you as little as possible without you realizing. Or a bait and switch where the recruiter tells you it's 60k and then the hiring package comes and the paper says 45k, and if you don't read it carefully then you sign away your rights and have no recourse against it.
Boomers LOVE firing people. They're absolutely demonic. they'll fire someone for no reason at all just because it gets them off to ruin someone's life.

pretty sure I legitimately had PTSD from the way 2 companies in a row fired me, no notice, no performance issues, but they treated me like a criminal and made a huge show of throwing me out of the building and firing me in front of as many people as they could. They never do it in a nice way. They wait until you commute all the way in, are sitting down peacefully conducting your work, and then you get the shoulder tap and taken to a room where they grill you and say horrible things about you and have a security guard walk you out before you can even finish your tea or collect your things. I really hate this country I want to cry just remembering it. God I hate them.

No. 1298511

I brought this up to the moids on r/fuckcars and got downvoted into oblivion. I don't even own a car, but it makes sense to me why some women will rather sit in traffic than get knocked out by a homeless crackhead doing a backflip on the train.

No. 1298517

America also has a car worship problem because the car industry spent a lot of time and money grooming us from the 1920’s on. Roads used to be for people. Cars got on them and killed kids. Mothers got upset. Cars almost got banned. Business panics starts paying newspapers and politicians. Misinformation shaping our culture. Having the victims of a crime labeled the insults of the time Jay.

No. 1298527

maybe the oil companies are bribing DAs to release prolific criminals back onto the streets so that people will drive instead of use public transportation, thus killing for the second time public transit in america.
I'm glad there have been a lot of discussion and videos about this lately. I generally hate reddit but r/fuckcars has been having actual impact
I hate how fucking loud cars are. Cities are not loud at all, cars are loud. not just bikes has a video on it. but all i hear outside is HOOONK HOOOOONK, BRRRR BRRRR BRRRR from retarded scrotes in street racing cars with extra loud engines so they can pretend they have a big penis and feel tough. and then they're constantly getting in crashes so i have to hear the fucking fire sirens and ambulance going out to extricate their mangled body from the crash scene. and because of zoning the only place condo blocks can be built is along high traffic stroads so it's loud and the air stinks of exhaust. while single family houses get the nice low traffic streets with all the trees and parks. god i hate this country so much. every detail of how i have to live here is designed to be as miserable as possible.

No. 1298532

Random yurofag passing by, but isn't this like Japanese work culture that is frowned upon aka everyone mentions how Japanese salarymen are slaves to their corporations (even Americans)? When you describe it like this it sounds like that, except that in Japan they can not fire you a