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No. 1118867

previous thread: >>758635

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wikipedia lists, interesting reading
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Polish woman dies after being denied abortion for non-viable pregnancy
mummified remains of woman found on mattress, mother, brother and sister refused to bury her after death
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Woman requests female nurse for cervical exam–and gets bearded man as revenge
Hisaichi Ouchi)
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Sexual blackmailer jailed for 40 years
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Man rapes a new born baby (classic scrote behaviour)
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Andrew Gosden disappearance, two men arrested
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The franklin coverup
Metro pushers
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Anders Breivik seekign parole after killing 77 people
two men attempt to bring dead mans body into Irish post office to collect his pension
Man purposely allows his young son to die in hot car so he can cheat on his wife (classic scrote moment)
men putting private cameras in bathrooms
BLM activist shot by 4 men in broad daylight, now severely brain damaged
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Man kills his 3 daughters during supervised visit
little girl gave notes to teacher to say mother was being held captive
Rwandan Genocide
>>1112256 >>1112248 >>1112278

No. 1119297

jesus christ on a bicycle, just reading a couple of this summaries is fucking with me.

No. 1127968

nice thread pic and summary anon. it always annoyed me to see the red text on the last one

No. 1129915

File: 1649581826584.jpeg (50.17 KB, 615x789, 2F4DCCFB-F85B-4D4D-9B78-AA601D…)

In the previous thread >>1123975 mentioned the honour killing of Banaz Mahmood and it is extremely horrifying and upsetting.


I think it’s important to know that things like this do happen in so called “tolerant western societies” and the police to absolutely nothing to help.
There’s a few documentaries about it, one called Honour which I think was on the BBC and this one

What happened to her father, brother and cousins who raped and murdered her

No. 1129934

This hurt my feelings and is definitely not for the faint of heart. I feel so awful for our sister.

No. 1129983

I wish the police woman who called Banaz "melodramatic" a very pleasant go to hell and die

No. 1130046

this case was absolutely horrific and muslim culture is terrible and those ignoring her were obviously just normal british police who do not give a shit about women, so it's hardly any better. if you guys really want to cry read about what american soldiers did to Abeer Qassim Hamza al-Janabi and her family

No. 1130056

I hate how in documentaries they usually go with the 'she was killed because she loved the wrong person!!' angle. No, she was killed because she was born into a culture the traditions of which were created by and for men, and women are viewed as objects only. Vidrel is her sister's story, she also went through a lot.

No. 1132741

File: 1649798181275.jpg (723.7 KB, 1614x1263, Fadime_Sahindal_foto_Eva_Tedes…)

This discussion reminded me of a case from my area. Fadime was murdered by her father. What always gets me is that she held a seminar in the PARLIAMENT on the subject of violence and oppression against women and girls like her from immigrant families, and just months later she was dead. Iirc she had expressed concerns about her family planning her murder as well. Turns out as late as 2017 several of her male relatives have been convicted of further murders.


No. 1133186

No. 1134304

File: 1649926545976.jpeg (326.77 KB, 640x971, BAE9D836-005B-437B-985B-C4D9C5…)

Most likely another “Angel of Death” nurse Beverley Allitt. Have you looked into all the inquests in bongland about maternity care?
It’s not completely unfounded that they’re using her as a scapegoat. It was very difficult for them to gather evidence and it took about 3 years investigation for them to charge her
She’s pleading not guilty https://news.sky.com/story/at-least-201-babies-and-nine-mothers-died-as-a-result-of-maternity-failings-at-shrewsbury-and-telford-nhs-trust-12578103


No. 1136311

yeah you have to wonder what sort of evidence they have besides statistics. If it's another case dependent on 'expert' witnesses good luck to her. Maybe she'll get out in 30 years when 'expert' opinion changes.

No. 1139047

Peter Scully and Daisy's destruction.

No. 1139289

Kek of course the moid shitting up the threads brings up cp

No. 1139821

File: 1650353929599.jpg (Spoiler Image, 222.54 KB, 1908x1146, 4257763A00000578-0-image-a-3_1…)

The most scarring case for me has been Maria Nemeth's murder. After a fight because she supposedly said her ex's name during sex, her boyfriend stuck a bottle inside of her and after it broke, he shoved his hand in and proceeded to disembowel her through her vagina.

No. 1139824

No. 1140280

File: 1650385191901.png (3.49 MB, 1652x1311, f76yu.PNG)

News of AAPI hate is nothing new and at some point I feel like I just started tuning out to it, but reading this article about this elderly couple is fucking me up. They came from China to make money to send back home, but now the husband will be returning home to China without his wife, who died after being attacked.

>Together, they managed to see up close the New York City of their dreams. A friend spent a summer day escorting them to Times Square and Central Park and the churches on Fifth Avenue. Ms. Ma marveled over the sights and wondered aloud why she had not been born here, why this could not have been the scenery of her younger life.

This line in particular broke me. AAPI hate is prevalent here in NYC but something about this poignant line hurts me on a deep level. NYC is my home, it's where I was born and raised, and it's a place where I really hate it sometimes because it's such a fucking shithole, but those thoughts of "NYC is nothing special, it's a rats nest hell hole of a city" contrasted with Ms. Ma's wonder about this city makes me want to cry.

I guess that can go for any similar story, but I think I tune it out and normally try to avoid reading these stories because it really hits too close to home. You don't have to be Asian or Chinese to read something like this and not feel fucking sad but for once in my life I really feel the vulnerability of not being white.

No. 1140562

Oh my God

No. 1146350

This is it, this is THE example for XY birth defect. No one other than a moid can come up with something this reckless, on the costs of kid's safety of fucking course, just because some imaginary dick measuring contest in his own head.

No. 1146358

Absolutely disgusting and horrific. What an awful and painful way to die. What a fucking piece of shit loser moid. He deserves to rot in hell.

No. 1146435

Lately I've been watching alot of vids about roller coaster accidents and similar incidents in theme parks. I'd heard of this one. Horrific. It's sad that yeah alot of it seems to be routed in good ole dick measuring.

I'm not a thrill seeker, I look at alot of these rides and would never go there, I get that they have to market it and appeal to adrenaline junkies though. But the design process is always some middle aged man sounding like a middle aged man desperate to leave (the biggest longest) and often most phallic mark on the world. I've seen it over and over. In march of this year there was a 14 year old killed on a tall drop machine. Highest and longest is great but how about… the safest.

Many of these accidents get blamed on the young staff manning them but how tf are you gonna invest millions in rides where the judgement of teenage staff is all that lies between you and death?

No. 1146462

I was near there when it happened and many times before, The slide was always being closed for random "maintenance", sometimes people pissed themselves too so the slide closed for the day. It was even sketchier looking in person. I hate water parks in general

No. 1146481


>how tf are you gonna invest millions in rides where the judgement of teenage staff is all that lies between you and death

Exactly, the people who fund and build these rides seem full of shit. In the case of the water park incident, it was said that the uneven weight distribution of the riders caused the accident. With the boy who fell from the tower last month, it was said he was way too big for the ride (he was 6'5 and around 340 pounds) and therefore shouldn't have been let on. In both cases the blame is being put on the staff for accidentally making a fatal mistake. I can't help but side eye the owners/investors/engineers who insist the rides are extremely safe and these are just unfortunate freak accidents. So you're telling me these rides are safe enough to be entrusted to barely trained teens but when said teens misjudge a situation and cause a death it's their fault? That doesn't add up. I enjoy amusement parks but it's obvious that it's always money valued over actual safety there.

No. 1146650

I wish I hadn't watched this. I feel so sad now. this is unbearable knowledge. collapsing this thread.

No. 1146793

he shouldn't have been allowed on the ride but it turns out he was not secured, per the investigation. i don't know if they're going to try to say that was the fault of the safety operators or the child but i doubt they buckled him in. hope they don't try to blame him.

No. 1146826

The trials are already done, the park settled with the family and the others on the raft and the criminal trials were dismissed because of improper evidence. The park had been self inspecting instead of being inspected by the state, and it was determined that the restraints (which were velcro) were insufficient to provide actual protection. So it’s possible he was put into them but they came undone on the ride.

No. 1146829

oh, i was talking about the large kid with the orlando ride. they haven't filed yet.

No. 1147323

this came up on recommended and goddamn, this makes me so mad as an australian. most of our "true crime" does because our cops are so fucking corrupt, especially the NSW one (source: family all cops) and they've just gotten worse since then
like the whole milat family was in on those murders (which was more like hunting people for sport) and look how that turned out.
I appreciated the work they did with the daniel morcomb sting but that pedo that murdered him should have already been in prison and that wouldn't have even happened. took them a decade even to fuck around long enough to catch him.

No. 1148767

I knew about the Samantha stuff, but I had no idea of his overall obsession with very young girls. How the fuck does this ugly ass pedophile rat looking moid land someone like Sharon Tate and convinces her to be okay with diddling young girls during the entirety of their relationship, the audacity of this absolute cunt. Then a ton of A-list actors and directors signs a petition to free him? After raping a 13 year old child?

I know Hollywood is a pedophile haven but I thought they were trying to be subtle about it but this guy actively said “I like very young girls and they like me” and how Vogue apparently arranged the photoshoot with young girls to “feed” his urges.

Fuck this world

No. 1148781

That poor lady. I hate men he avoided
death by pleading guilty and initially lied to the cops that they just had rough sex. Kill all moids

No. 1148790

File: 1650972952501.jpeg (94.7 KB, 713x346, 322D613C-6E00-4EA9-9796-7CA333…)

Samefag holy shit do we live in hell? I hate men but I hate women who enable these psychos

No. 1148793

Imagine that your friends start sending you messages on Facebook asking you if you're okay and saying that they are sorry for your loss. First you think it's just a joke but then you are put on a plane and your aunt tells that your parents and your siblings have been murdered. And then an another plot twist: the murderer was your own uncle who did it to get close to you

No. 1149254

Wasn’t he also sexually abusing her?

No. 1149298

He was, yeah

No. 1149354

If he is excused, all women have the right to stab and disembowel their husbands/boyfriends if they ever watch porn, message other girls or talk to their exes again. Kill all males.

No. 1149942

I remembered this old HBO doc recently with all the Johnny depp stuff going on. It is about Wendy Maldonado and her oldest son who killed her EXTREMELY abusive husband. They endured 20 years of abuse from this awful man and one night they had enough and killed him with a hammer and hatchet. She ended up having to do 10 years in prison and her son served time as well on manslaughter charges. The doc is short, about an hour long, and details some of the horrible things she and her kids had to endure. The ending with one of the younger sons giving a impact statement in court made me bawl.

No. 1149948

Jesus Christ. Man I need to get off this thread

No. 1149952

this was an excellent documentary and i intended on posting it too, anon. i highly encourage anons to watch it. it's horrifying. she is the exact type of battered housewife with tons of evidence that should've made her the "perfect sympathetic victim", because she was such a shy sweetheart but YET AGAIN, was failed by everyone, not protected, and was in such fear for her and her sons lives. i really hope oregon(?) repealed that mandatory minimum bullshit because that was fucking insane and ridiculous. i'm just glad her and randy are free.

No. 1149975

I am so curious about what would have happened if this case went to trial and they didn’t just take the plea deal. I want to believe there would be no way a jury would convict them since there was so much evidence that the husband was psychotic. I feel so bad either of them had to spend time in jail at all and are now convicted felons. I’m sure they’re just happy that that fucker is dead. I know that they’re both out now and very private.

No. 1149978

Based that they killed him first before the psycho had a chance to have his moid sperg out and kill his entire family.

No. 1157741

File: 1651421183127.png (202.93 KB, 313x337, Capture.PNG)

I'm watching a episode of "Evil lives here Season 2, Episode 1 and it's horrifying.In 1995 mother of 3 Mary Phillips and her 11 year old Daughter were at her workplace because Lacey had a dentist appointment later that day.
Some disgusting horrible scrote, Jack Jones, who came to get some books earlier, as they were leaving he came back saying the books were wrong, then threatened to rob them.
He robbed the store, then tied up Lacey in the bathroom in a chair. He beat, raped and murdered Mary, then strangled and beat her daughter in the head with a gun. He claimed he was doing this as "revenge" against the police because his "wife was raped and nobody did anything". The wife didn't want to pursue charges against her rapist, however.
When the police came, they were taking pictures of the crime scene and though that Lacey was dead. She wasn't, and they caught a picture of her just as she looks over and at the camera. The picture of her is easy to find online, I don't know if it's appropriate to post, though.
Jack Jones JR was sentenced to death and executed in 2017. He also admitted and was linked to other murders, so he was a serial killer.
The picture of the young girl and how she said she had to step over her mom's body when she was led out of the office and she didn't know she was dead. Lacy got to see him get executed, Jack apologized to her before he was executed. He told her "I look at you like a daughter". Lacey said she felt like it was another way to try to hurt her.
This link has the picture.

No. 1157881

So he became a serial rapist because his wife fucked another man?! He copes by saying she was raped but I really don't know think so. So grim.

No. 1157888

men love to lie about what women do with other men or friends. i couldn't hang out with a male friend in the past without it being all about me fucking him with one of my exes. they're obsessed, unhinged, and insistent on lying. wouldn't be surprised if she just hung out with this guy platonically and he turned it into some big thing to justify his psychopathy. many such cases.

No. 1157893

A man got on the news in my country because he accused his wife of cheating on him with… Wait for it… 88 men! In reality, she was desperately begging her family members for money because her husband spent it all away. Men are retards.

No. 1157902

nta but this is hilarious, it's such a specific number. Did he have a list of men that he suspected?

No. 1162312

File: 1651620714442.png (505.96 KB, 583x389, imagen_2022-05-03_183207116.pn…)

Tibetan mastiff dogs ravaging wildlife, mauling people, and spreading disease in China after collapse of pet market

No. 1162318

No. 1162347

fucking breeders. this is sad for the wildlife and innocent people. what's sad is that these dogs will likely be captured and put down if they can't be sold for a pretty penny or something while the breeders face 0 repercussions

No. 1163273


url says it all

No. 1164938

File: 1651706599896.jpg (51.27 KB, 460x460, ajgKoRp_460s.jpg)

Did you guys watch the Netflix Documentary, "The Imposter"?
"In 1994, Nicholas Barclay vanished from his neighborhood in San Antonio. Three years later, he was found in Spain, having allegedly escaped from a military child sex ring. When he returned home to Texas, he appeared physically different and spoke with a French accent. The family excused all of this and accepted him into their family. But of course, this very different person wasn't Nicholas Barclay at all. After several months of passing himself off as Nicholas, 29-year-old French con artist Frédéric Bourdin admitted he had stolen the identity of Nicholas, the family's long-lost son."
He told them some story thats Soren Like, of him being kidnapped, sex trafficked, having his hair and eye color changed, learning a new language etc.
A dectective figured out he wasn't really NB by looking at her ears. Even though he looked NOTHING like the boy in the first place.
I don't know if I think the parents knew more, something else happened or guilt or what why they believed the con man" The story seemed kind of weird. I thought it was fake at first.

No. 1164978

File: 1651708122612.jpg (81.69 KB, 291x386, 1522274700396.jpg)

This makes me so angry, doggos are sweethearts but they need care and training. Breeders just mass pumping out dogs then abandoning them, especially huge dogs like these tibetans that are gonna be dangerous feral, are sick fucks with no compassion.

No. 1165747

watch Conspiracy of Silence and ready about Johnny Gosh from the early 90s. this actually did happen to him, and he was allowed to visit his mother once before going back underground. crazy and not well known story because it involves American politicians and was suppressed.

No. 1166271

the craziest thing about The Impostor is the the french con artist himself was like “they knew i wasn’t their son… what are they hiding?” it’s really obvious by the end of the documentary that Nicholas was killed by his family. a mother wouldn’t forget what her son looks like. in fact, a woman’s son went missing in I think the 30s. the police gave her an entirely different kid and when she told them they were wrong and showed proof (dental records) they threw her in an insane asylum. only when the kid confessed that he lied was she let out. later, it turned out that her kid was killed by the Wineville Chicken Coop serial killer.

No. 1169640

File: 1651884973679.png (145.88 KB, 800x420, 67e24100-cd0e-11ec-b074-fbf2d5…)

The scrote cop who assaulted an 80lbs 73 year old woman with dementia has been sentenced to 5 years in prison.

"The officers then took Garner to the police station. Security footage released by Garner’s attorney last year shows Hopp and others watching the body-cam footage from when Garner was detained.

“Ready for the pop? Hear the pop?” Hopp can be heard saying, referring to the sound Garner’s shoulder made when he brought her to the ground.

The officers also mocked Garner, calling her “ancient” and “senile,” and said the arrest “went great” and that they had “crushed it.” Meanwhile, Garner sat in a booking cell crying in pain."


I apologize for a-logging, but I sincerely hope he gets shanked in prison.

No. 1169686

This is fucking wild. I'll have to watch that doc

No. 1169718


Fuck this fool. What a disgusting piece of shit human being. I hope his conscience hits him HARD

No. 1169802

this guy is very active on tik tok kek. from what i understand, he married and had like 5 kids, but his wife is accusing him of pedophilia or something? his eldest daughter is in a lot of videos with him, and she denies all of the allegations.


No. 1169881

Fucking disgusting scrote pig
I feel bad for that poor old woman.

No. 1179764

File: 1652454157313.jpg (250.63 KB, 1908x1146, 41DFFB4300000578-0-image-a-42_…)

Story from last year, in how horrific it is, it's almost also awfully typical, you can guess what happened from just looking at the picrel, and this is what makes it so scary to me. Dude meets a woman, widow with a daughter, they get together, things are amazing, she's happy and they get along so well. He buys them a beautiful farmhouse; and all of this is happening just as he's having an amazing life with his wife, telling her the farm is going to be their dream retirement house. Both women and their friends and relatives are sure they're having an idyllic life of happiness, no one suspect any lie, until the wife goes to visit the retirement house and meets the other woman and the daughter there. Scrote comes back from his plane pilot job, realizes his lie was uncovered, murders everyone including family pets, execution style and is on the run now.
It's so terrifying that someone can be such a convincing liar and just build this all fake life around himself, and the second it crumbles, just discard every person around as if they were nothing. I hate men.

No. 1180081

>Scrote comes back from his plane pilot job, realizes his lie was uncovered, murders everyone including family pets, execution style and is on the run now.
If this happened in a movie everyone would say “how ridiculous. Nobody would ever be that stupid. They would just run away without fucking killing everybody including animals”. If I didn’t feel so sad about these innocent people and animals being violently killed, I would laugh. Not joking. It is some of the most absurd human behaviour I have ever read about. What the fuck was his endgame in all of this? It’s baffling.

No. 1184391

I can't. The news of what happened in Buffalo New York. It fucking hurts to watch. I saw a snippet of the livestream on a local news station (they showed it blurred out but still able to tell what was going on). I was tyring to avoid it as much as I could as it is fucking heartbreaking. It's just ugly to watch and disrespectful. The stupid moid also wrote a manifesto and posted it somewhere online. I'm fucking tired.

No. 1184393

also the link I just posted doesn't show the video so don't worry. It's just a video talking about the victims. They had lives and some of them were ederly women. Jesus Christ. I hate this.

No. 1184395

Why the fuck is the world is so fucking cruel. Why is it this way.

No. 1184399

I saw the video of the shooter driving, then parking, then getting out of the car non-chalantly and immediately shooting the fat pale lady that was just walking by doing nothing. Then in the news her body was just right there. She got shot in the head and she did absolutely nothing. She just happened to walk by. Faggots that write manifestos but don't die for their cause ala suicide bombing are so lame

No. 1184401

I think it’s better when they don’t die. They should be left alive to suffer for the rest of their life. They should live in a way that makes death a mercy.

No. 1184422

Sure wish someone would do something about the violent moid problem. I’m very sick of moids going on their violent sperg outs and taking innocents out with them.

No. 1184479

>In the manifesto, Gendron claims that he was radicalized on 4chan while he was “bored” at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic in early 2020

Why the fuck is 4chan not shut down??? Literally every single time some retard goes on a killing rampage after posting some manifesto, it turns out that he's a 4chinner incel. Like how has the authorities not come to this conclusion yet??

No. 1184489

I think if 4chan shut down you'd see a countermovement and a lot of annoying rage, terrorizing other sites and maybe even more radicalisation. + a lot of 4chan incels already use discords to groom teens and young guys like that incident with r9k grooming boys into trooning out and then mocking them kek

No. 1184503

Boys are honestly such retards. They've all the time to get radicalised and figure out how to get weapons and terrorize people but can't figure out the formula of being hygienic and getting laid.

No. 1184508

It has to be someone else’s fault. Their egos literally cannot take it, cannot withstand the fact that they are the conductors of their own misery. Boys are not punished enough as children. They are not given enough chores and not disciplined. Their coddling mothers and fathers don’t allow them to be disciplined because they complain and try to sue the teachers for fucking anything.
In my country the parents of one boy are trying to sue the school that permanently excluded him for shouting “slut!” At a female teacher instead of making him just take the fucking punishment! But no, he doesn’t “deserve” to have that on his record.
He should be fucking flogged. That’s the least he deserves.

No. 1184514

I've noticed with children little boys are such coddled little dopes. Little girls are always far more indepdent and pick up language that much quicker. Boys truly get mothered for longer because they seem to be innate retards. I never get the hype about getting pregnant and wanting a boy. Girls all the way. People claim girls are difficult but I'd much rather have a smart kid I can actually talk to.

No. 1184522

okay both of these are retarded opinions, most of you shouldn't be allowed to have kids in the first place but coddling your kids will lead to a fucked up kid regardless of gender, seriously if your not prepared regardless of its sex then you shouldn't be allowed have kids in the first place

No. 1184525

>most of you shouldn’t be allowed to have kids!!!
Why? Don’t worry, I won’t be abusing any male children. They will all be getting aborted.

No. 1184526

>most of you shouldn't be allowed to have kids in the first place
Boymom or male spotted.

No. 1184527

Kek nobody even said anything that bad. Just “boys are punished less than girls and it makes them entitled” which is absolutely true.

No. 1184532

I plan on having kids at some point, I won't care if its a boy or girl and I'll try raise them well
No, its because you like many lesser human beings in this world have shown your self to be an Idiot, consider sterilization of yourself and your male partner

No. 1184533

File: 1652778711511.jpeg (259.29 KB, 637x790, 4566F198-879A-4469-8290-F66838…)

>I will raise my baby boy right!!
Have fun with that kek

No. 1184535

File: 1652778741032.png (178.02 KB, 275x275, acceptthetruth.png)

No. 1184536

File: 1652778754905.jpeg (374.61 KB, 640x988, C9F411A1-9AE5-48E6-A88C-B78758…)

Hope you don’t expect to be cared for when you’re old

No. 1184537

You ree because it's true. Men are coddled, it's why we have a troon problem now. No one tells them no out of fear/potential benefit like money.

No. 1184538

File: 1652778846436.jpeg (225.95 KB, 640x880, AC5F793A-3249-4E5E-87B4-C1B0DA…)

Jake Davidson also had a loving mother who tried to teach him to respect women. She ended up dead and so did five other people.

No. 1184539

If men self policed things wouldn't be this way.

No. 1184541

You can't stop society/other men from fucking with them and making them hate women.

No. 1184543

Make sure you protect your daughters because boys love to diddle their own sisters and cousins. Plenty of boys who where “raised right” went on to do this.

No. 1184544

File: 1652778965805.png (1.19 MB, 856x640, 1652010161989.png)

>No, its because you like many lesser human beings in this world have shown your self to be an Idiot, consider sterilization of yourself and your male partner
Guess what, I control my own reproductive rights! Seethe, cope, dilate

No. 1184546

how do you mongrels not even understand the points I'm trying to make, nature and nerture both matter, a subhuman like chris chan was always going to end up in a subhuman state, it was the fault of his parents really for giving birth to him, most of you will only produce less then ideal human beings, maybe the males might be worse but regardless of gender you can only produce subhumans

No. 1184549

>spells nurture wrong

No. 1184550

Male degeneracy is innate. They are all subhuman.

No. 1184552

>No, you can't say that!
Cope sir. If men weren't coddled things wouldn't be as bad.

No. 1184553

>Calls women subhuman
>Capes for the sex who commits 90% of violent crime
You are a degenerate.

No. 1184554

lets agree on one thing, the male population should be reduced by 90% and the female by 25%(including many of you)

No. 1184556

So when your male child rapes somebody despite your best efforts, will you accept blame? The same way you expect an 80 year old helpless dementia victim to accept blame? Or will it be different when it happens to you? You’re just doing mental gymnastics to blame men’s mothers for their disgusting crimes like people have been doing for thousands of years.

No. 1184557

>including many of you
Start with yourself. Today. Be the change you wish to see in the world.

No. 1184559

So men are never responsible for their behaviour? Great, I'm glad you agree they should be removed from all leadership positions as they cannot be expected to be responsible for others if they are not responsible for their own actions.

No. 1184560

We only repeated facts kek. So much for facts not feels.

No. 1184561

It’s all the fault of their whore mothers. Of course, anon wouldn’t make the same mistakes because she’s a special women! She’s not like us mongrel subhumans who couldn’t “nerture” a baby if our lives depended on it.

No. 1184562

My point was the chrischan was never gonna end up "normal" his genes destined him to be a degenerate loser, thought the path that he ended up in was more extreme then anyone could have imagined

No. 1184563

This bait sucks and him raping his senior mother is not the fault of said mother, die

No. 1184564

are you at all reading my posts, most of your genetics well lead to a failed human being, regardless of how you raise them(infighting)

No. 1184565

File: 1652780010713.jpeg (72.43 KB, 750x531, 95CC1858-BA2C-41E2-9A5C-733232…)

>his genes destined him to be a degenerate loser
His Y chromosome, you mean?

No. 1184566

People also always forget that eventually those kids go to school and make friends and you're not the only influence on your kids. You can try as hard as you want at home, but all that hard work can be undone by school, their friends and their parents, other family members etc.

No. 1184567

>You're disagreeing with me, nooo!
Your posts are just denying facts.

No. 1184568

Yes we are fucking reading them and they’re retarded. You argue like a male
>posts something retarded
>”that’s retarded”

No. 1184569

Getting rid of the women who do not mindlessly obey men is what leads to trannies becoming incredibly common. You want more troons in society? You're retarded.

No. 1184571

Based. Ironically that anon sounds like the tranny who genuinely believes he's a better woman, perhaps he's the one that was spamming porn yesterday.

No. 1184572

They’ll do literally anything to feel like they have power over another individual. It won’t stop.

You’re so edgy

No. 1184574

Literally will do the exact same thing as the people they have immense hatred for and believe they have special control and ability at their fingertips just for spending hours upon hours tormenting people online. That is “radicalization” to them. They’ll fake compassion as it suits them and discard it when they’re on some delusional power trip.

I’m sure you’re an expert on childhood development. I bet you have a degree for it and everything.

No. 1184593

The anon you're replying to is retarded.

No. 1184594

Boring b8, yeah

No. 1184691

File: 1652784501498.jpg (625.21 KB, 1509x2000, 1626912277190.jpg)

alright lesser human beings here's why I deserve right to have kids, I'm 5'7, thin and have angular features, fit, strong legs, can speak 2 languages and mixed race thus I have hybrid vigor

No. 1184700

… So you're average is what you're saying?

No. 1184703

You're a womanlet and only speak 1 foregin language.

No. 1184704

No. 1184706


No. 1184712

There's an anon repeating this word constantly across multiple threads recently

No. 1184717

Yes. I saw someone on the celebricows thread say it too, it was racist bait I think.

No. 1184718

They also love the word sterilize kek

No. 1184738

It's not just one anon that uses the term, just keep that in mind. If it's in tandem with "mongrels", it's probably brainwashed tradgarbage or an equally brainwashed scrote.

No. 1184741

There's an influx of /pol/tards and tradthots recently

No. 1184798

The celebricows anon who uses subhuman is crap-chan. Other posters might be her or some other tradthots.

No. 1184816

Bump for tranny degeneracy proving are point about men being too coddled once again.

No. 1184853

>hybrid vigour
Lurking r/redscarepod users go back

No. 1184937

File: 1652792855655.png (154.25 KB, 887x337, 1652042873306.png)

Its (c)rap-chan, she's been here for a couple years now, a self hating half black coquette with major daddy issues, cause her black nigerian dad was POS so she hates black people and wants to be a thin russian waif, other then her quirk of calling people subhumans she's very noticeable cause she uses pics like this or pics of thin people smoking as reaction images

No. 1184944

Why has this thread derailed so much? I didn’t even realise what thread it was at first

No. 1184972

I think he said he'll either die in jail or hopes to be freed when his actions ~*~incite change~*~. I wish he would've fucking offed himself but I hope he'll live an unfortunately long life, forever behind prison bars, as he watches the world heal and move on and change for the better. I want him to see his actions create a world opposite from what he envisions and he'll have to sit in his concrete jail cell knowing that he's a fucking loser and failure and his words and actions did absolutely nothing.

No. 1185125

File: 1652798856872.jpg (152.89 KB, 1024x683, 16buffalo-survivors2-jumbo.jpg)


NYTimes posted an article about survivors who were in the store at the time of the shooting. Absolutely harrowing and heartbreaking.

No. 1185571

I hope this doesn't sound selfish, but living in America terrifies me. Of course no place is perfect, but I'm so sick of these senseless shootings and the hate in this country. This is such deep evil.

No. 1185590

File: 1652815756741.jpg (25.78 KB, 640x640, e6cdee7a7103ba15bb741ed04d0ab0…)

really, my country had a terrorist attack just today and 2 weeks before that there was another suicide attack that killed a bud load of people, and a month before that we had a raid on a Shia mosque where 57 people died, I would gladly take the average six month American shooting over daily horror of ethno religious terror attacks and terrorism

No. 1185610

You realize there isn’t comparable suffering and people are allowed to be impacted by things happening around them? Cool your country is worse than theirs! You win have a cookie.

No. 1185617

I'm sorry that happened anon, but please don't start this oppression olympics shit. This stuff happen a lot more than every 6 months, you're not an American so you just hear about the ones that get big in the media. A child in my state just died a couple days because of a drive-by shooting, and last month 3 teenagers were killed in a shooting. There's probably been more in my state alone that I don't even know about. I've also personally been in a position where I was scared that I would be a victim of gun violence. I'm aware that America is better than some places, but that doesn't mean I'm not allowed to be hurt by all the terrible things that happen here.

No. 1185635

Guns are so common in America. I dont care how much people talk about it, but it needs to be spoken about. We have more guns than people in this country. Combine that with the mentality of us vs them and not being able to think logically.. I'm so sick of this place. America needs actual gun laws.

No. 1185658

Inshallah you get to experience the American terrorism experience once you finally go there, paki-chan.

No. 1185708

That's all so fucking scary, especially that all of that happens where you live in just over a month

No. 1185733

>as he watches the world heal and move on and change for the better
kek. This isn't ever going to happen, it's only going to get worse and more violent.

No. 1185905

File: 1652828363497.gif (202.99 KB, 220x266, 1651684838892.gif)

>They've all the time to get radicalized and figure out how to get weapons and terrorize people but can't figure out the formula of being hygienic and getting laid.

LMAO moids are fucking retarded.
rip to the victims though they didn't deserve to die just because a moid wanted to get emotional

No. 1185954

anon I kind of agree with you, he should have never been born.

No. 1185957

>paki-chan somehow makes a racially motivated shooting that killed 10+ people about her

pakianon serious question but do you genuinely care about anyone else but yourself?

No. 1185975

Have you ever thought of completely ignoring her instead of giving her more reasons to keep talking about herself or are you doing it on purpose?

No. 1185984

(c)rap-chan you have absolutely ruined the word subhuman for me, hearing it anywhere immediately reminds me of how autistic you are and I get mad, I hope you're happy

No. 1185987

It's always men. It's always violent men. none of these people should have died, especially the women. Damn disgusting and awful. i hate it.

No. 1186795

File: 1652896189209.png (106.33 KB, 871x467, may god grand me quick death.p…)

the reason that I take this si personally is cause its inescapable reality for me, its something that has personally effected me, my uncle(though he was actually a distant relative but he was as close as an uncle to me) and his entire family were eradicated in an ethnic cleansing attack in their own homes in 2017, because they were the wrong type of Muslim, Shias(especially foreign Jatt shias) and the sad fact is that they weren't only victims effected, that year there were loads of anti-Shia and non-Sunni Muslim terror attacks that killed hundreds of people
and while 2017 was exceptional in the coordination of these attacks, they happen every year, firearms are so plentiful my grandmother owns a Tekarov and after the fall of Afghanistan we are again having those coordination non-Sunni Muslim terror attacks, its absurd really causeI can get murdererd even when pretending to keep my faith, cause I'm the wrong type of Muslim, so forgive for not taking Incels or retards on 4chan seriously

No. 1186838

suffering can exist in more than one part of the world you fucking autist

No. 1186966

It's actually pretty disgusting how selfish you are, and how you have to invade every conversation about conflict or problems in another country to talk about Pakistan.

No. 1186971

please just ignore her.

No. 1186972

Inshallah the only men interested in you will be brown and you never get fucked by a white nazi like you want. Amin.

No. 1186978

Pakianon I understand your pain and struggle as I also live in a 3rd world country with drug cartels and shootings everywhere, and I even think your situation might be worse than mine, that sounds terrifying. However please don't undermine how painful it was for those americans to lose friends and family members, this isn't a competition to see who has it worse. I believe shootings just aren't good for anyone in this world, specially not for innocent people involved. I'm saying this as the person who actually made this post >>1184391 it just fucking hurts to watch.

No. 1186980

stop feeding her attention

No. 1186989

Her situation isn't painful, retard. She's rich and will travel to America to work, she literally believes she's oppressed just because she would have to work in america.
Also see >>1165902 where she openly supports a nazi and wishes to be his bangmaid then she says we can't cancel her for supporting white suptemacism because this isn't twitter.
She also shamed American women when they spoke out about abortion, this bitch is a tradthot, only one too dark for taste of the men she goes after.

No. 1186993

This needed to be said.

No. 1186995

I know I should, and I usually do ignore her but I get so tired how she stifles every discussion about other people's suffering because apparently trying to make imageboard users acknowledge Pakistan is more important than actual problems in her country

No. 1186998

istg how do you always instantly pop up too everytime she makes herself known?

No. 1187009

>make posts crying about racism
>get shocked when anons post you posts where you visibly thirst after nazis just because they're lighter than you
Get help luv, xoxo. Also I'm not the same anon who brought it up on the other thread but from now on, I'll continue to bring it up whenever you try to shit threads. We all know you don't care about women aside from yourself stop acting like a little maiden while also downplaying other women's issues.

No. 1187153

Maybe actually quote to her next time kek. Don't you have some mass shooting and murder suicide threats to make?

No. 1187529

Why would I make mass-shooting threats? Stop samefagging.

No. 1187751

you should be permabanned already, no one cares that you’re going to get bombed you’re already rich and sheltered

No. 1187753

She's ban evading. She got banned tens of times.

No. 1187767

This shit is disgusting. If you have no compassion, the absolute least you can do is shut the fuck up. Go to a Pakistani forum and discuss this, grieve over your people there.
I'm not even American, before you start your tears about burgers. Literally yesterday I read about attacks in my country and saw photos of human bodies mutilated, ethnic terrorism and religious extremism. Far more human lives were taken there, and it's likely that more people have died in one week in my domain than in yours, Pakianon. You know what I'm not fucking doing? What literally no one else from a violent part of the world is doing? Going to a website of westerners, seeing their suffering and spamming "OK BUT MY COUNTRY" like a histrionic piece of shit. You help no one, you're not honoring your people, you're not increasing anyone's empathy. Fuck off

No. 1188652


freak cops and they wonder why people don't trust cops especially male ones. at least the chief made him leave the precinct

"While she was discussing the GPS unit, the mother saw Dominguez "unzip his pants, place his hand inside his zipper and began rubbing his crotch," according to the court documents. "Simultaneously, the daughter saw him rubbing his crotch area."
The mother then asked her daughter to get her a glass of water, which the daughter mistakenly offered to Dominguez.
The mother again asked her daughter for another glass of water, and at that point, Dominguez followed the daughter into the kitchen and turned around to face the mother.
She told authorities that she saw Dominguez's penis "outside his pants fully exposed," court records state.
The mother and her daughter left the house and called for her husband. The daughter also called her uncle, who was nearby.
The father ran into the house and saw Dominguez "with his erect penis in his left hand and his right hand on the counter," prosecutors stated.
Dominguez then looked at the father, called "Mr. A," who "promptly turned around and left the house."
Two minutes later, Dominguez walked out of the kitchen and went back to work.
At that point, the father and the uncle reported Dominguez's behavior to the other officers on scene.
It's not clear from the court documents what happened with the brother. "

No. 1188695

Every six months? This is the 198th mass shooting in the US in 2022 so far. There are mass shootings in my city every weekend, the streets are a war zone at night and it's not safe to go outside. An old lady was carjacked and dragged to death near my house in broad daylight a few weeks ago, her arm was torn off before she died. And that's just one city. You're an idiot.

No. 1188710

Lmao, I'm so grateful to have a daughter and pray my next child is female. I was a school teacher and taught probably thousands of children over the years. Girls are more intelligent, studious, mature, well-behaved and caring. Boys are lower performing and lack impulse control. And this difference is noticeable across age groups, races & ethnicities, among rich private school kids, poor public school kids etc. If there's a "problem child" in your class, it's ALWAYS a boy. In the rare occasion it's a girl, she's usually acting out from being molested or abused at home by moid relatives. The "son preference" is insane and the reason so many dumb parents end up getting dumped in nursing homes by ungrateful male heirs. Girls are just better period.

No. 1191523

File: 1653162448812.jpeg (291.55 KB, 1170x1661, 84801B56-B809-44BE-AF2D-D3251F…)

Kill all men

No. 1191531

A war zone shows us what men are with no ordinary rules. They should never be in power.

No. 1191604

File: 1653168184159.jpeg (89.95 KB, 692x795, AEC54089-E608-4BC4-8FC0-EF674C…)

kek at this retard's room. utterly pathetic

No. 1191642

Isn't this show supposed to teach about friendship and accepting different people? Why didn't this moid follow the show's teachings? Most likely jumping into any group he could be accepted to, which is how a lot of these people turn into neonazis.

No. 1191649

Male my little pony fans are usually weird violent autistic pedos. No idea why the weirdest types of men like cartoons like this.

No. 1191666

He might have been one of the of /b/tards. /B/ on 4chan made MLP FiM popular (unfortunately, Lauren herself didn't like channers either). They thought it would be some lame cartoon for kids, so they would "troll" by PRing it everywhere, making threads etc just to realise that it's actually a great cartoon. FiM fame story is a weird one.

No. 1191680

If friendship is magic then why the fuck did he kill people?
This, /b/tards started liking it for trolling reasons but then some of them were autistic and started liking it for real.

No. 1191681

Jfc… What is with these actual retards and being a brony? men are brain dead from birth

No. 1191686

I have no sympathy for Russia at this point. I wish we could nuke that place off the map. Why is it only men rape? Why do only men kill like this?

No. 1191710

File: 1653172580810.jpg (25.15 KB, 500x492, 1640762987477.jpg)

okay but this is from a shitpost by /k/ users, the shooter even stated in his manifesto that his parents were well meaning liberals and were unaware of his racism, so he wouldn't have a confederate flag hanging around, seriously its kinda infuriating seeing people believe whatever random shit on the internet

No. 1191728

File: 1653173332478.png (845.42 KB, 1358x762, ms.png)

This same guy was jerking off to Martha Speaks furry porn on his phone before he started the shooting, and was posting about torturing cats (with photos) in a furry Discord. At this point, prove he wasn't a brony

No. 1191741

too young, most zoomer furfags are usually into other stuff, bronies at youngest would be around their mid 20's

No. 1191744

>posting about torturing cats
Don’t tell me this dude was the one going around boards and posting a webm of a ducked taped cat.

No. 1191747

Wait what? I never saw any mention that he masturbated before the shooting, but I guess there were more important things in that stream to talk about.
I wouldn't be surprised if that piece of shit is a brony. It's sad that such a good shows attracts degenerates.

No. 1191751

IIRC he didn't masturbate in the video, he was just looking at porn. Braindead moid tradition I guess, one last look at the collection

No. 1191755

I haven't seen that webm (and don't want to - whoever caused harm to that or any other animal should be shot and/or beaten to death), but he did post pictures of a cat he killed in a server

No. 1191771

File: 1653175830317.jpg (Spoiler Image, 177.34 KB, 1080x1131, b1fcf01dabf33d32cb817249bfe305…)

The FedEx shooter was also a Brony. Spoiler for ugly moid.

No. 1191790

4chan is a disease.

No. 1191799

If this is the default mentality in your country, for all I care violence can happen until you all develop some empathy toward others.
Hope you enjoy the American dream.

No. 1192079

there really is no good in this world, huh

No. 1195314

File: 1653426019865.jpg (240.62 KB, 707x1213, 1653425880896.jpg)

Another shooting just happened. A 18 year old scrote went to a elementary school and killed a bunch of kids in Uvalde, Texas.

No. 1195315

Also killed a 60+ year old woman.

No. 1195323

These poor children. Imagine having to deal with that kind of trauma as a child.

No. 1195345

Really fucking hate being an American right now

No. 1195364

really can't be surprised when these happen. they'll continue to happen until the insane guntards start to die of high blood pressure. if they didn't give a shit about sandy hook they won't give one about this either. two weeks of "prayers for the victims' familes" and then it's back to curb stomping abortion rights.

No. 1195482

File: 1653433623565.jpeg (66.46 KB, 828x568, BFF84BAA-B3CF-45BB-8045-C37A67…)

greasy ass scrote

No. 1195666

File: 1653445415678.jpeg (186.07 KB, 1070x1500, 9F4C8208-3065-4236-949F-2CDE69…)

>Why is it only men rape? Why do only men kill like this?
It’s literally in their DNA. This doesn’t excuse them whatsoever since they are clearly capable of restraining themselves when there are actually harsh consequences for their shit. You mind find this book interesting

No. 1195677

Nta but I need to read this, was recommended to me by the coolest feminist I ever knew and it's so interesting (if sometimes disheartening) to learn about the evolutionary reasons behind male behavior

No. 1195902

and he was a fucking troon at that. figures. faggot should've just 41'd himself instead of hurting innocent children and ruining their family's lives.

No. 1196028

It doesn't sit right with me that, when I searched for the news in YouTube, the first results are of the fucking scrote's face that did it

No. 1196267

File: 1653494021849.png (786.55 KB, 1242x2688, 781C41A7-1EFA-47E4-B47C-A26EB2…)

Absurd that the birth mum is calling the adoptive mum a ‘monster’ when he was removed from her care for social workers fear he’d meet the same fate KEK.

Benefit grifting, drug-addled ASBO chavs love trying to prove theyre better than other benefit grifting, drug-addled ASBO chavs

No. 1196269

There is seriously no other class of people on earth quite like British chavs.

No. 1196273

File: 1653494195937.jpeg (533.79 KB, 1242x620, 7E55B5DB-4D9C-46A6-9704-F89FEB…)

No. 1196292

has anyone managed to dig up any of his 4chan posts yet? he looks familiar, i feel like i've seen either him or at least someone who looks a lot like him posting about girls not liking him and asking to be rated

No. 1196327

except he wasn't, stop falling for the most obvious and easily debunkable twitter false flags and only further proving the idea that gc lack critical thinking. gcs stole a picture of a troon from reddit and despite that person posting photos after the killer was killed to prove it wasn't them, they're still being harassed. i dont care what you think about gender but it is fucked to continue to spread that misinformation and harm this living person because you cant be bothered to fact check

No. 1196724

>gcs stole a picture of a troon from reddit
I thought polfags were the one who started spreading his picture?

No. 1197033

Uvalde Texas shooter's messages before the massacre.

No. 1197037

Yeah, it was the chans. Not sure the above anon is talking about.

No. 1197042

Here's another video with the actual messages

No. 1197050

He also killed his grandmother before the shooting. This shit is fucking horrible, those kids may never heal from what they had to go through.

No. 1197057

Here's a memorial video with all the victims (not graphic). It makes me so fucking mad to see these kids, who were full of life and hope in their eyes, and then remember they're now dead thanks to a fucking useless scrote. I wish the attention whoring scrote killed himself instead of killing the kids. I'm just angry now nonnas, I really am.

His excuse? He was "bullied at school". Fucking jackass. These children did not deserve to die. He took many valuable lives with him instead of just taking his own pathetic life, he has caused so much pain to everyone.

No. 1197058

File: 1653537796702.jpg (14.55 KB, 474x254, th-4114342725.jpg)

He really does look like picrel. Souless.

No. 1197079

Imagine using bullying as an excuse for that. Plenty of people get bullied and never resort to violence. How are these kids responsible for his bullying? These children will never have the lives they deserved and my heart breaks so much for their families. Fucking disgusting excuse of a human being. I hate this world.

No. 1197088

Violent sociopathic scrotes always try to gain sympathy via some sob story, as if millions of women didn't have horrific childhoods yet somehow manage not to go on shooting sprees. When women are traumatized we hurt ourselves primarily. Many men do as well but many others turn it outwards and try to make everyone else suffer because "if I can't be happy no one else deserves it either". I hope to God that hell exists and this disgusting subhuman is currently in as much agony as he caused those children and their families. I can't even imagine finding out my child had their brains blown out in school because some demonic freak decided to die and take a bunch of innocents with him. I hate this country and I hate violent men.

No. 1197109

Not trying to defend violence but why even go after innocent children? If you've been bullied, why not target the people who bullied you instead? I don't understand the scrote logic of dragging in people who have nothing to do with it. I'm curious if some weird Adam Lanza 'save the children' schizo shit will be dug up later

No. 1197126

He probably thought that kids were an easy target or that he'd gain more attention. Shoothings are dime a dozen in the US, if you target kids you will be guaranteed to be talked about for weeks.

No. 1197608

Texas shooter family speaks

No. 1197642

>grandmother shot in the face
Holy shit his mom is a fucking boymom retard. I believe his grandfather that he didn’t know the kid had guns, but I wonder how that could go unnoticed. I wonder where he was hiding them.

Poor grandma, imagine the physical pain she will have to live with on top of the mental anguish, if she is even able to think anymore. I wonder if she will be able to tell her story one day.

No. 1198014

File: 1653603073417.jpeg (311.39 KB, 1125x1046, 24093DEF-D5F3-4663-BA9F-2E5C90…)

All the news coming out about this school shooting is just worse and worse.

Last week some redditor handmaiden made this take on Adam Lanza. I guess they were unaware of his anorexia and pedo fetishes, refusal to go on meds and his parents bending over backwards to appease him while refusing to follow any advice from “the systems.”

No. 1198021

There was an anon in the MtF thread straight up tinfoiling that Lanza killed all of those kids because they think his mom sexually abused him. Everyone breaks their fucking back to defend moids it's insane.

No. 1198053

I saw the same kind of comment in the Amerifag thread yesterday I think. It’s such a retarded take but I’ve seen it brought up more and more. I’ve also seen people say that because he shot her in the face it shows how much he hated her which means he MUST have been sexually abused. Give me a fucking break he was just a deranged moid.

No. 1198097

>he's not a monster he had his reasons please don't judge him
His mom is a retard.

No. 1198497

This is always such a shit cope because what are the statistics that link sexual abuse to shooting up schools? I’ve yet to see any. People who end up killing their abusers don’t have any risk of deciding to premeditate on going on a sick murderous rampage, do they? I’m so sick of people acting like we should feel sympathy for men who do this, he wasn’t even bullied.

No. 1200191

i hope all those cops that waited around kill themselves out of guilt. what a fucking waste

No. 1200238

There's a difference between wishing death on an actual shooter or killer and wishing it on people who didn't react as well as they should've to prevent the extent of the damage somebody else caused. Save this energy for people who purposefully go out and kill.

No. 1200323

yeah there’s a huge difference. one is incredibly based, the other is extremely based.

No. 1200337

They're all supreme fucking cowards who tackled and tased distraught parents while allowing the shooter to go on slaughtering 10 yr olds for over a half hour. They deserve zero sympathy. Should have their badges taken and be put on trial.

No. 1200342

Didn't the cops go into the school to get their own kids, and tell the other kids to shout if they need help? Yeah, fuck them too.

No. 1200349

Same. Pieces of actual shits. Wastes of spaces. Harassing, tasing and stopping the parents who were BEGGING them to go in and help their children. I hope they all get fired and then 41%.

I've seen posts online about people who supported police turning their backs on them because of this. The news reports with comments about how cops literally waited around. videos of crying and screaming parents. There was no reason for this tragedy to get this bad. So many lives could have been saved.

No. 1200351

Yup. They went to get their own kids and then one kid was told to shout his location and the shooter found him that way. How can a group of police with guns and vests fail to stop ONE gunman??

No. 1200356

The only path for her redemption is to kill herself or spend the rest of her life atoning for this. This is some horrible 'We need to talk about Kevin' shit irl. Those parents lost their children and she's here saying her son is sorry and didnt mean it. Get the fuck outta here.

No. 1200358

Imagine being one of those children, literally knowing that an officer (people who we are told to trust) is inside your school and basically refusing to help because they're too scared or some shit. They failed those kids.

No. 1200361

I was told growing up as a kid to find a police officer if anything happens, or if I got lost, etc etc… The world is changing drastically. They definitely failed those kids, and anyone trying to defend them are automatically removed or blocked from my social media now. There is no way to defend what those cowards did. I am so heart-broken for those parents. I cannot imagine the pain they will be going through. This is a traumatic event that needs to enforce change. America is embarrassing.

No. 1200455

Cops very, very rarely have the actual hero types. Those guys usually go to firefighting. Cops are high school bullies who peaked before graduation and then make a career of standing around gossiping well after shit happens. Even when shit really hits the fan they are only gonna show up to take inventory.

No. 1200532

This. Not to mention it takes only 6 months to become a certified cop and get access to a gun. Most countries need 2 years for training. 6 months. I had to train 2 months at a coffee shop.

No. 1200634

The Las Vegas shooting from a few years back haunts and simultaneously annoys the fuck out of me. The fact that that sack of shit killed and injured such a large amount of people and there has never been a confirmed motive, or even a hint at a motive. I know it’s useless asking why someone would do something so horrible but was it really just as simple as his moid brain just snapped? He was by all accounts a normal guy according to his family, coworkers and everyone else who interacted with him. I know there’s theories he did it because he had a lot of debt from gambling but we’ll never actually know.

No. 1200652

>was it really just as simple as his moid brain just snapped?
>He was by all accounts a normal guy according to his family, coworkers and everyone else who interacted with him
even more so

No. 1200786

They'd probably have to find school shooter losers to shoot them all, since they're too afraid of their own guns

No. 1200801

Catching up on the news now, I think the biggest ones to blame after his faggot ass are his braindead friends who saw the pics and texts he sent them and did NOTHING about it. How fucking pathetic can you be?

No. 1203083

Just watched Cyber Hell on Netflix and it was just stomach churning to see how when the case first hit the mainstream media it caused barely any reaction, and when tv first got approached about it, the news director didn't care for it, because it was "nothing special". It's insane how cruel violence against women is just "yet another story" for some people. I hate how at the end of the documentary the director asks the four people who started investigation on the case - two amateur journalists and two professional ones - if they could go back in time, would they still decide to work on it. Three that were women without hesitation answered that they would, and wished they could've started it sooner and help police more; the only man said it was awful for him and if only he knew how it's gonna be he would never do it. Despite how many women he helped he had the audacity to say he'd prefer to be oblivious and happier. how to NOT hate men when you are a woman? ]

No. 1203091

They weren't his friends tho right? just random people he started messaging. If someone started messaging me out of the blue saying the shit he was saying I'd probably just think he was some bored 13 year old trying to troll people and I'd block him tbf

No. 1204500

His classmate debunked the bullshit pickmes and icnels are saying to protect him.
He said that he was never bullied and that he was the bully who would pick fights with people and enjoy torturing animals.

No. 1204507

thank god this kid is smart enough to do and say these things. smart kid, glad he said this with intention and with a purpose. so tired of this "bullied" bullshit narrative

No. 1204509

THANK YOU. Fuck that guy I fucking hate child murderers!!!!!!!

No. 1204560

Inshallah a faggot treats that male same way men do to women and he gets what's coming for him. A very surprising fact is a lot of men actually get hurt and even raped by other men but they keep it a secret because they don't want to be seen as weak and also would rather keep another guy safe than come forward and stop the abuse. Ironic because they always tell female abuse victims they should've reported earlier yet male abuse victims never report because they're that selfish. None of them care about the future victims.

No. 1204792

File: 1654052667532.png (853.52 KB, 1030x944, spedsperm.png)


No where near as bad as the killings and warcrimes. But this is upsetting all a round some lesbians wanted children so they find this random sperm donor, that has fragile-x (Fragile X syndrome is a genetic condition that causes a range of developmental problems including learning disabilities and cognitive impairment. Usually, males are more severely affected by this disorder than females) and apparently the moms must not be far off since some of them can't read the contract he gave them. also good old dad has been violent to some of his kids. Good on the judge for naming him, sucks for the moms and the sped kids and everyone who will grow with them

No. 1204796

why the fuck don’t they genetically test and check heavily through medical records before these idiots put their disgusting toxic sperm into a bank? jesus where are the standards nowadays kek

No. 1204802

File: 1654053103531.png (59.63 KB, 998x230, Screen Shot 2022-05-31 at 11.1…)

oh no nonnie, its even worse the didn't go to a sperm bank, the dumbies just found him online, and were like yeah ill sign your 3 page contract without reading

No. 1204828

There's videos of him killing cats, and he bragged about the shit he did with his friends. I'd bet they knew about it and didn't care

No. 1205383

Kinda related, even with reputable places you may end up with some unchecked sperm; there's a Netflix doc "Our Father" about well regarded fertility doctor performing inseminations with sperm from either his patients husbands and - in case of husband infertility - "healthy, throughoutly checked donors" but turns out he actually was using his own and spreading his genetic disease around. You never know.

No. 1205504

I have followed all of this nth room & the burning sun scandals that have been exposed in South Korea over the past few years. But I watched this last night and I just couldn't stop thinking about it. It is disturbingly cruel what these disgusting men had these poor young girls do through blackmail. I see so many girls (I guess me including as I have watched many kdramas over the years) romanticise Korean men due to Kpop and dramas. Despite the burning sun scandal too! But it just shows there are disgusting moids everywhere. The Korean justice system is so fucked too!!! Like the main guy got a year IIRC. These victims were labelled as 'promiscuous girls' by police as they are sexually active. I know this is old news but it is still upsetting and that doc has played on my mind.

No. 1205515

What's really crazy is I got into an argument online when someone kept saying how safe and amazing Korea is. Shut the fuck up, they literally dont have laws against sex crimes, which are rampant in Korea. The person kept explaining because they left their bag out and someone returned it that Korea is suddenly the safest place to be ever. Tell that to that shit idol who got 10 months for his sex crimes and filming countless drugged out women. fuck korea and koreaboos

No. 1205517

I'm so glad you brought up the Burning Sun scandal, because that's all I can think about when Koreaboos fantasize over their 'perfect' idols.

No. 1205522

I want all foreigners that romanticise Korea because of kpop/kdramas to watch videos like this too. Korea are still very wary/racist towards foreigners, white people but especially poc. I mean I love Korean Variety shows/Beauty etc, but I would never ever want to live over there for various reasons.

No. 1205531

Learning that about every fourth to fifth Korean man has had experiences with a prostitute at least once in his life is what made me go from a kboo to not caring about my bias group at all over night.

No. 1205539

I mean korea was a feudal shit hole for 800 years, then got conquered by Japan and faced half a centurys worth of humiliation, abuse and ethnic cleansing, it's founding fathers were all men who had collaborated with the Japanese government
It's spent 40 years under various military dictatorship, it's the worst combination of neo-liberalism and fascism

No. 1205567

I mentioned this case in my post just here >>1203083, that documentary is very good but at the same time paints such an awful, bleak picture of how normal abuse against women is. And how easy it is go get access to such kind of material. Nth room case is both so unbelieveably vile and so… mundane in a way? In a sense how exactly it happened, how easy it was to find and how happily people engaged with it. Also it's terrifying to think that these few arrests are probably nothing compared to the scale of the problem and how easily it can be done. Makes me want to cry.

No. 1205689

File: 1654104456477.png (32.69 KB, 978x301, crash.PNG)

I was trying to find an obituary of a recently deceased relative, when I came across a funeral website that had several family members' names in a row. Looked them up, it was a car chase gone wrong that ended up killing four people.


I know these are mundane and happen often in the US, but wrong way crashes and events that kill entire families will never not fuck with me. I started crying. Those kids just lost their family and are going to be scarred for life. Fuck reckless drivers and fuck cars.

No. 1210819

File: 1654332626910.webm (6.35 MB, 540x960, Snaptik_7082427221498957062_mo…)

I just learned that there is something similar to only fans with personalized photoshoot but with kids

No. 1210821

File: 1654332704196.webm (4.21 MB, 540x960, Snaptik_7088801805207047429_mo…)

something about the fact that mommy channels are watch at 70% by men

No. 1210825

I have a friend who lost her dad and his entire side of the family when a drunk truck driver hit all their cars in a line. They were all driving to the wedding. Her mom was pregnant with her and waiting at the wedding venue with her side of the family. Huge tragedy.
I also lost one good friend to a drunk driver. He was just crossing the street and got killed on the spot.
A relative of mine was also recently ran over and didn't survive.

I hate that it's mundane. Everyone knows someone killed by a car. If you don't know yet, you will.

No. 1210828

File: 1654332977113.webm (7.69 MB, 540x960, Snaptik_7092170925369576709_mo…)

this is hell and we are living in it

No. 1210845

That story about the wedding makes me want to cry, how fucking awful. Someone who gets in a big truck while hammered is the worst drunk driver scum of all. And it's true that almost everyone knows someone, my best friend's relative was hit by a car crossing the street and has medical conditions still from the damage to her head

No. 1210846

god what an awful awful thing about your friends dad/family. ot but god that is horrendous!

No. 1210848

It was life-shattering. Her mom never married after, she was too traumatised.

No. 1211196

It's like Korea is the new Japan. I remember all those weeaboos treating Japan as the perfect holy land where no crime exists, everyone is super duper polite, anime and manga are literally everywhere and you can even be a mangaka!! Except rape is rampant, women get harassed to the point they need separate trains, the suicide rate is high as fuck, bullying and xenophobia are the norm and it's crime-free because the police is incompetent. It's a shithole and you can't really see it from media and occasional trips there, I assume Korea is the same or even worse.

No. 1214427

My bf was hit by a retarded drunk driver who ran a red light. My bf is luckily fine but the car was completely destroyed. Had he hit him just a second earlier he probably wouldn’t been a goner. Fuck drunk drivers

No. 1215816

File: 1654651513365.png (136.14 KB, 657x572, 334902384903284.png)

The horrors of human trafficki- er I mean, surrogacy.

>Single mom becomes a surrogate because she needs the money to provide for her own four kids (would pay $33,000)

>Client turns out to be a 51-year-old single deaf man living in his parents' basement
>When the client learned there were three viable embryos he asked her to abort one. Doctors said they could lethally inject it so it would stay in her womb alongside the brothers until birth
>"Heroin-addicted nephew" sold drugs out of the house the client was living in
>Client's sister described him as "socially awkward, paranoid and prone to frequent anger fits." Also had a history of animal cruelty
>Melissa (surrogate) is able to save the third triplet but no one is allowed to be in the delivery room with her as the kids are born. The client remains in his home 2,000 miles away
>Melissa turns down payment "because it would have felt like blood money"
>Lawsuits failed to allow her to claim maternal right to the babies
>Affidavit filed by client's sister accused him of being an unfit parent, that he leaves the kids unattended for hours and they sometimes eat food from a dirty floor
>Says if brother had applied to adopt a child and a home inspection was conducted, he would never have qualified to be an adoptive parent
>Kids are now 6 and in initial trial judge said, "What is going to happen to these children once they are handed over to [client], that's none of my business. That's not part of my job."
>Melissa states, "[Surrogacy] is not only disreputable – it's evil."

No. 1215823

Anon this made me cry and I'm so sorry for you and your friend. I lost a good family friend to a distracted driver myself.
Drunk driving should get the death penalty. Not sure if you're a burger but some states, such as WI, have ridiculously lenient drunk driving laws. Whenever I hear people brag about being good drunk drivers I want to alog them so fucking bad. I've called the cops on people swerving on roads. These people are life ruiners who destroy lives with their mental illness and poor impulse control.

No. 1215827

The algorithms have started promoting Pedro and grooming shit these past few years. If a kid has a screen they're 99% being groomed to accept pedrophilia and exploiting themselves.

No. 1215828

It's even worse tbh, the capitalism and woman hate is more aggressive and in your face.

No. 1215841

What the fuck? They're 6 now? He sounds like a pedophile who paid to have access to kids no one will take from him.

No. 1215846

…sorry did she think it wasn't "blood money" up until the client turned out to be a total piece of shit? She would've been okay with the risk of personal injury, death, and the 50/50 chance of the babies winding up in a good or bad home before?

Melissa is either retarded or knew exactly what the client was like and had hoped the lawsuit meant a bigger payout. She does have four kids of her own to support and apparently believed $33k for this triplet pregnancy ($3.6k per month if she carried to full term) was fair pay even though anyone with a room temp IQ could see how paltry that is even after factoring in medical expenses. Also maybe don't accept payment to be a human incubator if you're against being told to abort one fetus, or you actually care where the offspring wind up? Surrogacy needs to be strictly regulated both to gatekeep retarded birthers like Melissa and genetic undesirables like the "client." Gross all around, I don't see how farmers can empathize with Melissa.

No. 1216154

100% convinced that's what he wanted them for. He custom ordered himself some children to rape, and because surrogacy is essentially slavery the mother has no legal recourse to save them. We live in fucking hell.

No. 1216371

Does she not screen the people she’s a surrogate for? Did she find him on fucking craigslist or something? wth

No. 1216395

Women like her enable pedos when they waive their rights in exchange for money. This is why it's important to educate and empower women with careers so they won't pop out more babies to sell just to support the ones they already have.

It's a fishy story.

No. 1216554

this fucking case wrecks me, I can barely watch this whole thing without getting up and pacing around and crying for this beautiful girl.
young scrotes you think are your friends are almost more dangerous than strangers. my heart hurts nonas, she was one of us. maybe not a farmer but one of us.
I'm so sorry Sarah. I am so fucking sorry. there's no justice for shit like this

No. 1216577

God, I remember that one. The way he described without an emotion the last minutes before she died in such a long and painful way. After I've see the vid about this case I visited sarah's twitter and you see this young woman with hobbies and dreams and her dog and suddenly there are no more new tweets or updates because somebody who she called a friend ended her promising life for a few bucks because he thought he would get the big cash with her being dead.


No. 1216947

I want to go American Mary on this scrote

No. 1220531

I've been closely following a case in Seattle of a mentally ill homeless man who randomly and violently attacked two women on the same day. It was revealed recently that the state would be paying the attacker Alexander Jay $250 a day while he is not in treatment. This whole story boggles my fucking mind. I really do not blame other women in large cities for being fearful of public transit when shit like this is going on.

> The victim is seen walking up the stairs, exiting Union Station. The suspect in the footage is seen running up the escalator to meet the victim at the top of the stairwell.

> Jay, looking calm and composed, approaches the victim. He grabs her, drags her towards the stairwell, and throws her down it. She hits her head and back hard before coming to a stop on the first stairwell landing. Jay then trots down the stairwell, picks her up, and throws her down the stairs again. The victim grabs the guardrail on the way down and stops herself from tumbling toward the next landing on the long stairwell. Jay goes after her again. He tries to pick her up and throw her down the remainder of the stairs as the victim hangs on to the guardrail. He appears to stomp on the woman hard and also kicks her in the face as he tries to break her grip on the guardrail.
> Jay soon gives up and casually walks up the stairs and leaves. Two passersby, who appear homeless, watch and do nothing as they walk away.
> “The male who assaulted her was in the same car on the light rail train with her, facing her,” “She was standing, and he was seated. They had no interaction or confrontation. He continued to pull his mask down while on the light rail, and she got a good look at his face. The cross [tattoo] on his face stood out to her, and she recognized him as the same male who later assaulted her.”
> On the same day a 29-year-old woman was seen at a bus shelter. As a bus arrived at the stop, a man approached the woman from behind and began stabbing her without warning, according to the charges. The woman suffered 10 stab wounds to her neck, chest, back and arms, the charges say. Cameras on the bus captured the stabbing. One person who witnessed the stabbing also described the assailant as having crosses tattooed on his face.
> Officers arrested Jay on March 3 about half a mile from where the alleged assault occurred at the light rail station. According to the King County Prosecuting Attorney's office, there have been seven cases involving Jay in the past five years.
> Two weeks before the attacks, Jay had just gotten out of jail, after being convicted for breaking into an 89-year-old grandma’s house in 2020.
> Records show Jay has been convicted of 20 crimes in the last two decades in California and Washington, including assault, domestic violence, theft, and burglary.
>One of the victims begged a judge not to release him at one of Jay's earlier court appearances “I do feel if gets let out, he will kill someone.”
> In April, Jay was deemed incompetent to stand trial and he was ordered to spend the next three months in an inpatient facility until he understands the charges made against him.
> It has been more than 100 days and the state has not gotten Jay into an inpatient facility, causing his defense to call for his release. King County Superior Court Judge Johanna Bender found the Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS) in contempt of court for failing to admit Jay to treatment.
> Jay will remain in jail due to the severity of the charges, however, Bender ordered the state to pay him $250 per day that it is unable to get him into treatment.

No. 1220543

“Oh shit, you beat up 2 women? Here’s some money.” I want to show this to every self pitying scrote that believes all women get immediate and fair justice.

No. 1220568

Kills me how often mentally ill men, ones claiming to be absolutely out of their minds att… Still are lucid enough to target women and not y'know… big burly men. I mean if you're truly out of your mind surely you'd target anyone in sight

No. 1224915

File: 1655214606562.jpeg (147.23 KB, 591x619, D41B4BE2-56D7-4C1E-BBD3-8953A5…)

saw this a few days ago and can’t stop thinking about it.
2 months after giving born to a stillborn at a hospital, Chelsea Baker gets arrested at gunpoint for the “murder of an unborn fetus.” The hospital reported her to the police after finding meth in her system from an unauthorized drug test. She was in jail for 16 months before a judge dismissed the case.

No. 1224928

Incel goes around pepper spraying women, he also got arrested for wanting to shoot up a nightclub three years ago. https://www.ktnv.com/news/crime/2-men-arrested-for-allegedly-threatening-to-shoot-up-wynn-las-vegas-nightclub

No. 1224935

There were two attacks in nyc on asian women by homeless black men. It's insane how people want to pity the homeless when few of them arent out on the streets because of drugs or bad decisions. It doesnt matter why you're homeless, but if you attack or kill women and claim mental illness, you should be fried on the electric chair.

No. 1224938

This is why women need to stand up for each other. Murder? a still born happens and it's already traumatizing for the poor woman without having to be jailed for 'murder.' Men who believe this and trad thots are shit. Stop supporting men. they dont give a fuck about abortion rights. or apparently natural still borns.

No. 1224943

luckily that prosecutor just lost the primary and is out.

No. 1225162

I don't even care about getting banned for a-logging anymore, I'm sick to fucking death of deranged moids and I hope he dies

No. 1226099

File: 1655276827867.gif (433.52 KB, 220x218, 97002E36-AE6F-4DF6-A847-809B14…)

I fucking hate moids especially incels, I wish they would just stick to blowing their own heads off instead of everyone else’s

No. 1226102

Ew I’ve seen that pepper spray video posted as something supposed to be funny on Reddit and FB like it’s a meme and it always gave me red flags that all these moids think unprovoked harm on these women with no context is based or getting rightful revenge or something kek really shows how psychotic and self pitying men are when they side with a random aggressor instead of their usual both sides argument.

No. 1226104

File: 1655277988801.gif (16.26 MB, 576x1024, 9de31757384d5a7ce2b473c87a192d…)

is he behind beat by a fat girl or a really fat guy, its hard to tell

No. 1226122

Wash your balls

No. 1226278

File: 1655297526569.jpeg (98.9 KB, 640x502, 74F22728-3A24-496F-8362-F3D1DF…)

I hate men more and more every day.

No. 1226282

So you admit? You're only brave behind a screen?

No. 1226297

i forgot the link but i saw the full version of one of the women who punched him and he kept sexually harassing her for over half a hour and it looks like he also hit one of her drunk friends, it was disturbing. Fuck these pieces of shit for defending this incel.

No. 1226307

>needs to defend himself more
It's not defense if you're the one starting shit in the first place. I'm sick of men pretending that they're being attacked whenever women won't quietly take random harrassment.

Leaning into every negative male stereotype and in turn making more 'on the fence' women start to hate men. Well done.

No. 1227702

File: 1655389940860.jpeg (479.7 KB, 828x1052, 9477E89D-3ECD-4A5D-AA92-F40654…)

nasty fucking moid just murdered a very young girl



her name was riley whitelaw. this deranged moid wouldn’t leave her alone and even got jealous when her boyfriend started working at walgreens too. she first reported him when she was 16 last year. i just want to weep knowing what she went through. the moid has scratches all over his fat ass deformed face

No. 1227704

shit like this makes me so sad holy fuck. what an asshole manager making her put up with that shit.

No. 1227714

This is incredibly sad. Fuck the manager for not taking her seriously and moreso for letting this asshole continue to be near her. I hope the manager never gets a good night sleep again and sanity is ruined.

No. 1227720

Holy fuck, I wish her manager could also be charged with something for not taking her seriously and making her work with this deranged and dangerous moid.

No. 1227741

Men are the lowest denominator of human beings. Disgusting. That poor girl and her poor family and friends. I hope that ugly fat fuck rots in prison.

No. 1227776

moids like this are why i will always support the death penalty

No. 1228273

File: 1655422882982.png (267.23 KB, 698x685, shooting.PNG)

Has this one been talked about before?


>Road rage incident between pregnant woman in car and man on motorcycle

>Man gets aggressive
>She hits his bike on purpose
>He follows her home
>She comes out of her house with a gun telling him to back off
>He pulls out a gun and shoots her dead.
>Guy is found not guilty, no charges against him for self defense

This one caused a lot of debate in places, and of course moids saying she deserved it. Any other circumstances and they'd just be cheering about muh right to self defense. It's such an American issue. Where does right to defend your property end and right to self defense begin? Road rage is dumb as fuck and gets so many people killed here. But why the fuck did he shoot her right away? Why couldn't he have just gotten her plate info and filed a report?

No. 1228320

Hope he dies I don’t care

No. 1228447

File: 1655440630145.jpg (20.34 KB, 308x330, Web-Gambino-1.jpg)

this happened a couple of months ago but seeing another post in another thread immediately reminded me of this.
>Cindy Gambino, the mother of three boys who were murdered by their father at a Winchelsea dam in 2005, died on Tuesday at just 50 years of age after suffering a medical episode at her home on Sunday.
this case hurts me as an australian because there's a degree of seperation that is much too close to home. after the childrens deaths, the father maintained his innocence, blaming it on a coughing fit which was swiftly debunked. cindy was actually so in denial throughout the trial she defended the father of her children at first. she regarded her ex partner as the only person in this world that could ever understand and share the unbearable pain, the author of the book detailing the case described. when he eventually and inevitably ended up in prison, cindy heard nothing but radio silence from him, consequently leading her to a myriad of painful realisations that there was in fact not even a semblance of solidarity between her and the perpetrator, and this was in fact an act of extreme violence that ultimately victimised her forevermore. said author also recently chalked up her passing as "dying of a broken heart". rip cindy

No. 1228458

This really makes me sad because I’ve seen these kinds of situations at multiple jobs. Female employee (usually young) says male employee is making her uncomfortable, reports to management, they say she’s overacting and do nothing. No one takes it seriously.

No. 1228459

>be pregnant woman stalked by three deranged aggro manchildren after petty road feud
>they follow you home and continue to antagonise you
>one of them shoots you on your own property after you attempt to defend yourself
>shooter actually gets off on self defense charges
>persecuted even in death because it's somehow your fault
ok cool america

No. 1228474

the idea that women will be justified in claims of "self defense" in this country is delusional. while it'd be nice for women to be armed, it has long been ignored or actively used as a reason to paint women acting in self defense as aggressors. same for minorities.

No. 1228486

Also fuck motorcycles and moids who ride them. Annoying, obnoxious, they take over the road. If he doesn't want to get into that then don't ride your retarded death bike. She probably shouldn't have antagonized him further but then again if he wasn't insane he would have just filed a report and let the rest take care of itself. He was crazy enough to follow her home. Shooting a pregnant woman is fucked up and of course she's going to defend herself on her own property.
I hate this country

No. 1228560

I hate America

No. 1228580

Based black kid.

No. 1228677

File: 1655467686040.jpeg (37.11 KB, 400x600, AB5F582F-223E-417E-B239-EAF3BF…)

I assume you mean for men only.

No. 1228723

Just looking at the damage on his face you can see how hard she fought back, that poor girl. This is sickening.

There should be some consequence for not firing him and barring him from her workplace after she reported the harassment, they didn't keep her safe as their employee.

No. 1228811

File: 1655479187147.jpeg (215.14 KB, 1336x2000, image (1).jpeg)

Nyart but why should you care about a woman that receives the death penalty for heinous acts? I support it in extreme cases, like this bitch. She should have been put on death row but I guess dying of respiratory failure sucks too

No. 1228907

It was a joke anon. If a woman is deranged and cruel I don't care.

No. 1229631

File: 1655526998547.jpg (136.95 KB, 858x720, 1565376508320.jpg)

> Abner Louima was born and in a small community in Haiti. He immigrated to the United States in 1991. In 1997, he was living in Brooklyn with his family. 
> On the night of August 9, 1997, the police were dispatched to a popular nightclub where Abner Louima and other men had been involved in a fight between two women 
>  Police officers Justin Volpe, Charles Schwarz, Thomas Bruder, and Thomas Wiese, and others responded to the scene. In the ongoing altercation, Volpe said that Louima had attacked him. Louima was charged with disorderly conduct, obstructing government administration, and resisting arrest. Later, Volpe admitted his accusation about Louima being his assailant was a lie.
> On the ride to the station, the arresting officers beat Louima with their fists, nightsticks, and hand-held police radios.
> On arriving at the station house, they had Louima strip-searched and put in a holding cell. Volpe kicked Louima in the testicles, and while Louima's hands were cuffed behind his back, he first grabbed onto and squeezed his testicles and then forced a broken broomstick up his rectum. According to trial testimony, Volpe walked through the precinct holding the bloody, excrement-stained instrument in his hand, bragging to a police sergeant that he "took a man down tonight."
> Louima's teeth were also badly damaged in the attack when the broom handle was jammed into his mouth.
> The day after the incident, police took Louima to the emergency department. Escorting officers explained away his serious injuries, saying they were the result of "abnormal homosexual activities." A nurse, Magalie Laurent, suspecting that Louima's extreme injuries were not the result of consensual sex, notified Louima's family and the Police Department's Internal Affairs Bureau of the likelihood that he had been raped and beaten in custody.
> Louima suffered severe internal damage to his colon and bladder in the attack, which required three major operations to repair. He was hospitalized for two months after the incident.
> Volpe was convicted of the charges. On December 13, 1999, he was sentenced to 30 years in prison, without the possibility of parole. Charles Schwarz was convicted on June 27, 2000 for helping Volpe assault Louima in the bathroom, and he was sentenced to 15 years in prison.
> In a subsequent civil suit against the City of New York; this was settled for $8.75 million on July 30, 2001, the largest police brutality settlement in New York City history. After legal fees, Louima collected approximately $5.8 million.

No. 1229677

that's horrific. thankful they were convicted, but also unbelievable that they were actually charged, much less convicted. we can't even get a conviction for cold blooded murderers by cops today. shit is pathetic.

No. 1229711

I will never, ever understand how the minds of men work. Vile.

No. 1229837

i hope he’s been getting gang raped in there every single day

No. 1229994

What kind of evil, soulless piece of shit do you have to be to do this kind of thing? Fr

No. 1230138

I believe Volpe ended up pleading guilty which in theory would have made this easier to prosecute since he ended up admitting to everything. Cops almost always plead not guilty at the advice of their department and to save their own asses. I’m not sure if the other cops plead guilty or not. The whole case is so awful.

No. 1236458

File: 1656012091004.png (2.91 MB, 1274x1271, 719755A3-4AB4-4F66-B764-398245…)

Honestly not surprised anymore, men are subhumans more news at 11

No. 1236461

This shook me to my core the first time I heard this. He said he had no reason for anything, that she was a good mother, and held nothing against her. He did all this because he wanted to. He even said that he deserved to be in prison but showed no remorse or feeling whatsoever.

No. 1236463

My god. That's why male fetuses should be aborted.

No. 1236465

so sick and evil. again, it's extremely unlikely that women can create a decent son when they're pitted against the backdrop of an extremely misogynistic and evil society. i don't know why women who know better (like on this board or in feminist spaces) are having children with men and having male children.

No. 1236476

I hate how the redditor phrased it. "Lose his virginity" instead of saying he raped his mother's dead body. Males will burn in hell for this shit.

No. 1236489


Abort male babies x1000 imagine birthing, raising, being a good mother to your kid and they do this insane shit to you.

No. 1236497

File: 1656015014442.jpeg (115.13 KB, 1200x627, A31F82D0-8044-4F7F-BB75-EDCDBC…)

Saw this story today, it happened last year. That poor little boy.
> The man suspected of abducting four-year-old Cash Gernon before stabbing him to death and dumping his body on a street in Dallas allegedly returned hours later at daybreak to snatch his twin brother Carter.
> The chilling moment Darriynn Brown hovers menacingly over the crib of Carter Gernon, as Cash lay stabbed to death on a street a half-mile away, is captured on home surveillance footage

No. 1236501

was motive determined for this case?

No. 1236505


No. 1236523

Apparently he has a mental defect and was having hallucinations. If this is true, I can't understand why he was allowed to wander outside. That wasn't even the first time he tried to walk off with a child. He tried to kidnap a little girl, and when he ran into her grandfather at Wal-Mart two weeks later, he said he was "sorry for breaking into his house and trying to take his grandchild."

No. 1236526

Go back

No. 1236553

Nah just the y chromosome at work

No. 1236600

Why the fuck was this psycho allowed on the streets omg

No. 1236910

The way Kpop stans plug their ears and go "well we stan the music not the companies/bad apples!" will never cease to amaze me

No. 1237145

iirc the grandfather wanted to press charges but the killer's family convinced him to drop them saying that he was just confused and they will keep him under control. The family is still on denial that the killer is responsible and is claiming that he was framed.

No. 1238138

he deserves life long gang rape and castration

No. 1244083

File: 1656443055271.png (1.42 MB, 1029x685, 112321.png)

Some details about the Oslo shooting, the Norwegian reveled told that they'd caught the shooter several times in the past, found drugs and weapons on him, done background checks on him and that he'd been accused of violence toward people close to him and they also knew he was "associated with extremely Islamist parties". now I'm not an expert on Norway, but how can you ignore all these fucking signs and still let him walk away free, like he was very obviously a public danger


one of the wildest takes I'm seeing right now, is western wokies trying to claim he was a aryan nationalist, cause he was Iranian

No. 1244221

File: 1656449687252.jpg (1.43 MB, 1920x1920, InShot_20220628_215346560.jpg)

The murder of Leigh Leigh has always hit me hard.

No. 1244227

A sad detail about this (as if it isn't sad enough) is that Leigh was really excited for this party, and the paper invitation was found still in her shorts pocket when they found her body. Poor girl

No. 1244245

File: 1656450800843.jpeg (402.65 KB, 1170x1655, B588B26E-8D1C-4431-8F70-D6C87A…)

22 teens found dead in a bar in South Africa on the 26th June, no one knows why. People are suspecting it was something they ate/drank/inhaled. Locals have wanted the bar shut down for ages apparently.
>A regional local newspaper, DispatchLive, reported that “bodies are lying strewn across tables, chairs and on the floor; with no obvious signs of injury”.
This must have been so horrifying to come across.

No. 1244834

this is so bizarre

No. 1248405

File: 1656764038839.png (70.54 KB, 800x450, TIMELINE-OF-DISNEY-FATALITIES.…)

Read about theme park deaths recently and it fucked me up. I've read about a few from water parks and places like Six Flags but never Disney. It's had 25 deaths and have been sued a few times.
I'm not gonna greentext any because some of them are really gruesome.
Just a little improper maintenance or some untrained employee means it's over. Freak accidents are terrifying. Wonder why the deaths have increased over the years and if it's just about more people attending. Didn't care to look into it.

No. 1248492

i bet it was tainted alcohol

No. 1248737

File: 1656785327501.png (719.32 KB, 828x909, 109A44C4-FF31-4FD1-84A0-B1F008…)

>The suspected driver of a truck where 53 migrants died from heat in Texas did not know that the air conditioner had stopped working, court documents say.
>Homero Zamorano, 45, was found hiding near the truck on Monday, officials say. He is one of four people charged.
>It is the deadliest human trafficking incident in US history.
>Several children found in the vehicle are still being treated in hospital. The victims were from Mexico, Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala.
>Mr Zamorano was found hiding in bushes. Mexican officials say he initially tried to pass himself off as one of the survivors.
>He was arrested when surveillance photos showed him driving the truck past a US Border Patrol checkpoint in Laredo, Texas.
>"The driver was unaware the air conditioning unit stopped working and was the reason why the individuals died."

No. 1248747

while this is probably negligence there is also a chance that this was organ trafficking masquerading as migrant smuggling abroad.
I remember a similar case like this that made headlines but instead the victims were east asian, like it doesnt make sense why they would even promise to give these people a better life then let them die in their truck even when those people are screaming for air……which makes me think these drivers just planned to sell these people in sex trafficking and organ trafficking.

No. 1248771

Your theory makes even less sense. If you are sex or organ trafficking, your victims are worthless if not alive. You would be more inclined to make sure they survived so you have a human product to sell, versus a migrant smuggler who has probably already been paid upfront by desperate families and is now only concerned because he will get caught with dead bodies in his truck. I don't think either really care about the happiness of the people they smuggle because at the end of the day it's all about money to them.

No. 1248892

Was the other story one from the UK? That rings a bell. And the issue was that they froze in the truck unlike these people who were overheated, I think? It's all so sad.

No. 1248912

File: 1656793836994.png (460.63 KB, 2410x974, Capture d’écran 2022-07-02 à…)

they overheated and ran out of air. it's far from the only ncident of this kind too, there was another in austria in 2015 with 71 deaths, also by suffocation
suffocation is such a horrible way to go too

No. 1249446

Migrant traffickers almost never give a shit about the people, which is why we have so many deaths. I wans't aware that it was common for them to die in overheated trucks, but I do know of a lot of drowing incidents when they try to smuggle people by boat (which are often overstuffed and with little to no food). The drivers already get paid by the people who organize the smuggling.

No. 1250007

bump for the anon who’s too fucking lazy to find threads for herself

No. 1250302

This is so sad… No human should die like this because they are trying to obtain a better live somewhere else.

No. 1252503

File: 1657074579235.jpg (Spoiler Image, 21.97 KB, 640x570, iqjcpghg5q991 (1).jpg)

The moid who carried out the Highland Park 4th of July shooting
yesterday was very active on the gore site Documenting Reality. He had a life-sized sex doll that he posted about including a fantasized situation where the doll committed suicide via hanging. He also posted picrel.
Red flags EVERYWHERE. People on the subreddit masskillers are archiving his posts if you guys are curious.

No. 1252704

are there more forum posts by him posted somewhere?

No. 1253025

NTA but
>the gore site Documenting Reality

No. 1259232

File: 1657597063372.jpg (35.82 KB, 900x500, Katelyn-Nicole-Davis-12-Year-O…)

I posted about this recently in another thread but I still can't get her off my mind nonnies. Every 6 months or so I get a hankering to see death, so I'll go to documentingreality.com or some of the gore subreddits. I went too far this time with it and really fucked myself up. I'm sorry if this isn't very cohesive.

12-year-old Katelyn Nicole Davis took her life shortly after Christmas Day in 2016. She live streamed her suicide-by-hanging on the platform Live.me. She live streamed almost daily for the month leading up to her death. There are a lot of elements to this swirling around in my head so I will just greentext everything I can recall.
>Living in extreme poverty in a run-down mobile home in Georgia, USA
>Born to a young, pill-addicted and drug-dealing mother
>Made to watch her two young siblings by herself nearly every day while her mother dealt drugs and fucked around with men (I am not sure why, but she wasn't in school at the time of her live streams, in one she points out her old school bus passing by her house and says she misses school "so much")
>Sexually abused by her (ex?) step father, told her mother, was ignored, then her younger brother and sister were also molested
>At the time of her live streams, was sleeping on a rusty mattress that her mother got off the side of the road
>Her bedroom was next to a leaky pipe, so her floor was always wet and she was forced to sleep in that room regardless, by her (ex?) step father.
>There was a hole in the wall/floor of her bedroom that led directly outside, mixed with the wet floor and rusty mattress, she was often cold and sick
>Kids at school made fun of her, called her a demon because she liked rock music.
>Called a whore by her mom and ex-step father on video.
>Made it into a young leaders association type thing, her step father burned the letter in front of her saying she's too stupid for it.
From her diary: "I can't and I won't forgive him for everything he has done. He told me to "hang myself" just because I asked him if he would stop being so perverted in front of my younger siblings. He cussed me and called me a "worthless whore" and that I should kill myself. He made me sleep in my room that is literally falling apart. He wouldn't let me do anything. I got into the National Leaders Association for Young Leaders. They were going to help me with my College. But of course, he said I was to stupid to be in something like that, and he burned it in front of my face."
>Didn't have any privacy whatsoever because of her younger siblings and not having any doors whatsoever in the trailer. She would often "escape" to the kid's bathroom which was the only place she could have a moment of time to herself.
>Started live streaming and you can tell if you watch them that it's just a bunch of disgusting indian men asking for bobbs and vagine and it is just… so sad. she's so sweet and eager and then she reads a comment asking her to "open body" (aka remove clothing) and she is so sweet and confused and naive about it, it's heart breaking
>You can see how excited she is to have people seemingly interested in her and caring about her for once, but it's really just a bunch of shitty coomers
>In one video she gets into a fight with her mother and it's extremely illuminating- she ended up killing herself like 3 days later.

Her last words spoken right before she hangs herself in her yard:
*I’m sorry. I’m sorry I’m not pretty enough.
I’m sorry I came into your lives just to get out of it this quickly.
I’m sorry for everything. I’m really and truly sorry for everything.
But I can’t do this. I’m sorry.
(starts to cry)
I’m sorry Luke, I wasn’t the best for you. I’m so sorry, I just wasn't good enough. I’m sorry Ben. I’m sorry Ben. I’m sorry Lizzie that I (unintelligible). I’m sorry Lashina that I always — that I wasn’t strong enough. I’m sorry everyone. I’m sorry I let this depression get to me. I’m sorry everyone. I’m really sorry. I just don’t deserve this. I don’t deserve to live. I’m sorry God, I’m sorry.
I know I’m making an act of selfishness. I’m so sorry everyone. I’m sorry. (sobbing) I‘m sorry to all you guys who really like me, want me. I’m sorry. I’m sorry that I seem like a whore, that I’m nothing but worthless. I’m so sorry. I’m really sorry.
Why am I crying?
Goodbye. I’m sorry. I’m sorry you have to see my suicide.

Just… the fact that she says, Why am I crying? It's just too sad for words. I think she was relieved to commit suicide and was genuinely surprised by the fact that she was crying. She fucking apologizes for showing you her suicide. She thinks she's a whore… I just want to run in there and scoop her up and tell her that it will get so much better, she would have been 18 this year. She had dreams of college. She loved to sing and dance. She loved her younger siblings and couldn't bring herself to "whoop them," like her mother told her to. She gives her siblings the last of the food in one video because she says she cares more for them than herself. She was such a sweet girl, I really hope she is resting peacefully or reborn as something really beautiful. I can;t help but wonder if her life would have been so miserable had she not been born a woman.

I doubt anyone would even be interested but here are some links:
Neocities website where someone has written down points of interest and transcripts from her Live.me's: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLy3RSunP-7gISfPkCS_Ow67Z74dfQwO3k
Article featuring her diary entries: https://arklecrawford.wordpress.com/2017/01/06/diary-of-a-broken-doll-the-clues-leading-to-the-death-of-katelyn-davis/
Part 1 of the argument with her mother: https://youtu.be/gNK96CrHb8o
Her live streams with relevant chat log items displayed in real time: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLy3RSunP-7gISfPkCS_Ow67Z74dfQwO3k

No. 1259236

This makes me want to cry.. poor angel. This one will stick with me.

No. 1259237

A young mom murdered her 3-year-old daughter because she hallucinated that Spongebob told her to, while she was withdrawing from heroin


No. 1259239

AYRT, forgot to mention that she put on a pretty white blouse and red lipstick for her suicide… it's just way too sad.

Jesus christ.

No. 1259240

Damn if I had been current me back then I wouldve adopted her just to get out of that shitty place.

No. 1259242

Messed up the geocities link, here it is: https://knd.neocities.org/

No. 1259243

apparently her stepdad is alive and well lurking tiktok

No. 1259245

Drop the @ ?

No. 1259246

I heard about that! Smh. Apparently the mom was arrested for drugs shortly after Katelyn's death. The trailer was leveled and the property remains empty today. I wonder what happened to her little brother and sister.

No. 1259252

File: 1657599238954.jpeg (665.64 KB, 818x1214, 8F8D6671-E68C-4824-B9C9-44B9EB…)

This broke my heart

No. 1259254

Someone transcribed some of her words during one of her livestreams at the bottom of this page labelled "Katelyn's Wisdom: Inner Beauty and God." She was such a sweetheart. May she rest in peace.

No. 1259255

No. 1259257

If you ctrl+f "December 28th, 2016 - ITZ DOLLY - [ Talk wit Dolly! ] 3:57PM to 7:04PM" on the geocities page you can read the argument with her mom

No. 1259281

A few things I forgot to add that are pretty dark so stop reading if you don't want to get bummed out: the determination in which she sets up the rope on the tree is really fucking sad. I very much do not recommend anyone watch that video. It takes her a full 10 minutes to set everything up. At one point she looks at the chat and it seems like she suddenly realizes it doesn't matter anymore, and continues on setting up. After she is dead about 15 minutes passes and then her mother and her little sister and/or brother start calling for her. The sun sets on the scene as everything goes down. It seriously fucks me up that someone so young was able to do this to herself. I'm listening to the interview with her dad that the other anon posted and he's blaming Katelyn's mother for everything. Even though he lived nearby and apparently turned around and walked away when he ran into Katelyn in the store. What a sad story.

No. 1259341

Genuinely truly hoping that man dies a horrible slow painful death I don’t care

No. 1259420

This is such an awful, sad story. I don't have it in me to open the links you provided but thank you for this recap, she really wanted to be seen and loved and at least through this post we can see what a sweet person she was, it's heartbreaking how she was forced into believing every vile thing she heard from her father. He's responsible for her death and is such an evil, worthless human being, i hate how he's just allowed to walk free and live on

No. 1259471

File: 1657624382954.jpeg (333.33 KB, 1156x418, 7AF25D0F-4554-45FD-A47B-13B935…)

males are demons.

No. 1259559

I have followed this case from the very beginning and that one was actually Tammy’s fault - she alienated Kaitlyn, kept dad away and told him not to contact Kaitlyn because Tammy didn’t want Kaitlyn telling dad about their living conditions. She would lose her benefits if the kids were taken. That is why he turned around - he knew Tammy was nearby and wanted to avoid an altercation.

No. 1260741

There’s an episode about him on a show about psychopaths, “signs of a psychopath” I believe in one of the first couple of seasons. He had killed his mother and created a set of “clues” so a sibling would find the body. He is literally a psychopath and unable to feel, psychopaths are mostly male and male psychology is very close to narcissism as it is. Men shouldn’t have unrestricted access to anyone, that’s all they fixate on, even if it’s their own mothers that have individual autonomy.

No. 1260748

Step fathers who do this and the original parental figures that enable them are both going to fucking rot in hell where there is no where to project their hatred and disgust with themselves, their own actual worthlessness. Can’t tell you how many people I know who grew up like this, and it happens so much fucking worse towards girls. I hope her light burns them forever. Weird how the actual father didn’t go scorched earth on them at any point, no one was there to help.

No. 1262238

He tried but Georgia is a mother state and Tammy and Anthony were both armed and ready to shoot him if he tried again.

No. 1264215

Are you the dad or???? Not that what you said isn't possible, but why believe her deadbeat father?

No. 1265342

File: 1658019899841.jpg (107.27 KB, 1080x758, Screenshot_20220716-200203_Sam…)

I'm a store manager for Walgreens and recently heard of this story that happened a little over a month ago.


>> 17 year old employee Riley, felt freaked out by 28 years old co-worker who had a crush on her

>> Riley goes to manager, stating her discomfort
>> manager says if she wants hours, will have to continue working with him
>> Riley gets boyfriend, who is also hired by Walgreens
>> obsessed freak murders her in the breakroom because of bloodlust and jealousy

As a manager for this company fuck that boss who ignored her pleas for help. I hope he stays awake every night with nightmares of what he did. (I am assuming the manager is male, a female would have done something to stop it). As managers it is our job to protect our employees, even more so when they are teenaged women. I have banned customers who have even crossed the line of flirting with my employees. This just makes my blood boil SO MUCH

Rest in piece Riley. I am so sorry you had nobody to protect you from this lunatic.

No. 1265346

I heard about this when it happened and then they released that she was a part of all these clubs and volunteered with animals. It breaks my heart, she was so driven and some evil ugly man took away a future from a good person. Hope he rots, these creeps usually aren’t treated seriously at any job. Ffs when I was in college there were guys working that had multiple sexual harassment complaints (from both teachers and students) to the point they couldn’t work in buildings that had people in them and the only thing I was told is “don’t talk to him”.

No. 1265405

This could have been prevented if killing ugly males was legal and celebrated.

No. 1265427


Whole situation and the responding posts made me think of something that's way messed up and is still going on… Not sure if I should post the story, it'll be long and some don't like that stuff but.. it is relevant to this sort of thing and it's an ongoing "accepted" thing which is totally messed up. I'll let you all decide tho.

No. 1265433

tell us

No. 1265436


All right since this is a very much news related story (just with a lot of details that were glossed over by the media/movies/etc) I'll have to think a moment to try and disguise some of the locations/people so it's not too obvious where this is and whom this is about. Probably take me a few but I'll put something up for you all's consideration shortly.

No. 1265454

There's a city way out west it is on the coast. Most people whom aren't from the area wouldn't know it, it's sister cities to the north and south are certainly far more famous and it seems to reveal in it's largely unknown (at least in popular culture) status.
The city itself is one of those ones were nothing much bad ever seems to happen. If anything bad does ever happen it seems to swiftly disappear from the public eye. Lots of beauty in that city, and lots of money too.
Now it just so happens the city plays hosts to one of the better (redacted) based degree programs in the country. As a result a lot of families send their daughters and sons to said school all of which sounds pretty normal and above board. Beautiful city, beautiful people, successful college, what's your point?
Turns out that beneath the squeaky clean exterior, the party school atmosphere, and the mostly "crime free" storybook image, there was, is and no doubt will continue to be some pretty dark and horrifying things going on some if came out when… but I'm getting ahead of my self. Let's start with what was going on at the time..
One of the first things you learn if you are a woman student attending, a local woman, or even a younger girl growing up in the town is that you never go anywhere alone especially not at night and you always find reliable friends to go with you especially if your going to a party or something around the college campus. That might sound pretty normal and common sense, right, but it was often the way women said it to newer college students like that was kind of unsettling like they'd like to say more but were scared to. One of the really weird things is that students whom had dorms/parking area near the front of the campus were especially cautioned to always park at the front of the lot where the lights were brightest and where you could best walk quickly to the dorms and/or areas more regularly patroled by the campus police force (Parking lots got an occasional drive-by once every few hours if that).
Of course with this many people involved in a kind of "unwritten code of silence (or shame?)" Things started to leak out for anyone really paying attention. Most probably whish they hadn't after it wasn't a pretty story to say the least.
Turned out for all those "high minded" "family values" etc oh so perfect atmosphere the city and college gave off they were also carefully hiding away a certain "problem" and continue to for fairly greedy and obvious motivations.
The reason both local and college women and for that matter even highschool age girls were told to be so careful and even avoid certain parts of the campus and the surrounding "college neighborhoods (Whole blocks of off campus housing given over to students to rent and party and socialize at).. the reaso for all this was that surprise surprise there hand been/was now/and would continue to be a VERY high number of women, and sometimes even curious girls from the local high school, getting drugged, date-raped, molested, and in some cases out and out raped when they were coming home at night even in that parking lot's darker areas I mentioned earlier. Once a student got "initiated" either by being raped themselves or having a friend raped then they were inducted into what I will call "Silent Sisters". Yes you could go and make out a police report, they'd even take samples (if you had been smart enough not to wash away any evidence) etc etc. You could even tell them if you knew exactly whom did it you their faces, dorm numbers or addresses, etc. All of which was dully noted down, and filed away with many reasuring words, and with nothing ACTUALLY ever happening. It sounds surreal or whatever but it's one thing when it's one or two it's another thing when it's like half the darn woen and girls in the city! Apparently this had been/has/is going on for many years on this perfect campus in a perfect city that nobody ever talks about bad stuff happening because… "Date Rape Capital" is sometimes how its described in whispers, but always only in whispers. Women are … discouraged from trying to take further action beyond "Reporting it" and even the familys… well anyways. You get the idea.

Now it just so happened that one day though one of these creeps messed up, big time. One of the women from the college, went out and never came home. And it just so happened her particular family had a lot of money a lot of support and wasn't satisfied with the go-through the motions investigation/search the locals put on. It ended up attracing national attention at the time, news reports acrosss the cournty, frantic appeals from the family offering large rewards for any information about what had happened to their daughter. Billboards bought up to keep her face front and center. Even one of those cheesy "re-enact" type deals. Lasted a good few years at least for the major publicity to die down. The woman missing was (far as I can recall) never found and the male student suspected of killing her was never convicted. But the victim is still out there.
As for that perfect little city and college, oh they very much still exist and are thriving even with all the twists and turns of the recent economy, the wars, and so on. You'd think maybe after a thing like that the whole date rape and just plain rape thing would have stopped but no, sadly every year more and more women become reluctant members of the "Silent Sisters". There are still screams and there are still cries for help in the night. Maybe some are even heard… just never answered.

No. 1265459

omg this is about san luis obispo/cal poly isn't it

No. 1265460


It's just a story anon, just a story. Could be any college in any city if it's even a true story could all but be "fan fiction" or a "moid trolling" right? Just a story and that's all.

No. 1265468

Seems like a story for the tinfoil thread

Unfortunately this sounds like a lot of big schools. But where you're talking about is just north of Tijuana. There is a LOT of trafficking and grooming that goes through there. I stayed nearby once. As it was cheap to hitch a train to San Diego, and a lot of the girls faces around the bus stops looked like they had guns to their backs.

The world is sick. I don't know why you're trying to be secretive about it. If that wasn't a larp/pasta than go to actual authorities, not local police but fbi tips or to major streamers or podcasts or whatever so there is more traction. Don't be ashamed to help women out. Don't be afraid to oust shit men.

Probably a larp though.

No. 1265509


Yep sure, it's all just tinfoil or a larp.. Fer sure yep yep.

… but… hypothetically speaking in this totally made up not real tinfoil larp scenario would you really think that many rich & powerful peoples influence would stop at a few local cops? Would you really think this has gone on for literal generations without at least some of the victims of the assault and abuse trying to speak out, trying to get in contact with any local, state, or federal agency in Law enforcement that will listen to them (and actually do something). You don't think that in this day and age especially women from this area haven't tried speaking out about this weirdly ongoing and ignored situation? And yet weirdly (with the obvious exception of that one time with the poor student who went missing and even then…)

Since we're all up into hypotheticals let's say for example a student from the local highschool scores a fake ID and gets envited to a off-campus kegger going on. Maybe most of the people there aren't stupid enough to believe she's actually an adult just because she's got a piece of paper to say she is maybe some of them even say it'll be there little secret… in fact "helps you out" with a few extra goodies just to make sure she has a really good time. And let's say maybe after most of the guests leave and it's mostly little miss dumb stupid, drunk, high, and tripping and in and out of being even aware of what's going on and a bunch of fine young upstanding college boys decide to show here what a real party is all about and…and even after when she didn't wash herself cause she'd been taught not and even after all rape kit, questioning, witnesses (to the party part at least) and "investigation"…
Hypothetically speaking this has and is effecting women really from all over the country whom go to college for an education, and yes maybe a little partying and romance and whatever but certainly not rape. If the hypothetical sons and daughters of parents with real connections, real positions of influence in industry, gov, law enforcement if none of them have ever done/or perhaps have tried and not been able to really do anything about it (assuming they even tried), what chance would for example that working class high schooler have?

Look I appreciate the suggestions, I do. But, hypothetically of course, it just isn't happening. Influence doesn't stop at the local level and spreading awareness through streamers and podcasts (assuming you could even get them to cover it in the first place) just can't see it making that big a difference.
In answer to "why are you being so secretive" I just didn't want mention the city, school and the various people by name.

Anyways as you said "probably a larp though" and sure why not. I'm not out to provoke outrage or try to mount some sort of crusade or something. My point (in this "larp") was simply to point out that everybody knows… just nobody cares, at least not enough to try and stop it. That's all… of but of course this is all a "larp" anyways so don't worry it's not real.

No. 1265527

File: 1658045496259.png (380.61 KB, 752x607, D7LyqvI.png)

Chandler Halderson:
-Compulsive liar from Wisconsin who flunked out of school after a semester and instead of coming up with a reasonable plan B, he moved back in with his parents and said he was still in school while working a lucrative job.
-Family issues, money becomes tight. Dad becomes suspicious why his son isn't paying rent despite working. Comes up with excuses like payroll issues so the company withheld funds, wrong account, company finally paid everything owed in a lump sum so bank suspected fraud.
-Dad requests academic transcript for tax purposes. Chandler impersonates academic advisor via email, tonnes of excuses are made to hold off a meeting, eventually buys a burner phone and talks to dad. Dad recognizes the voice and grows more suspicious.
-Web of lies grows larger, eventually Chandler pretends to fall down the stairs and claims a concussion (no test to prove one and relies on patient's word) for sympathy/to take off heat.
-Dad calls school impersonating Chandler, cannot corroborate the existence of the sockpuppets Chandler made. School says he hasn't been a student in years.
-Dad tells Chandler the jig is up. Chandler kills dad.
-Texts mom to pick up soda. Kills mom when she gets home.
-Dismembers the bodies, attempts to dispose of the remains by burning them and spreading them throughout the state.
-Claims parents went to stay at a cottage and only told him. Family and friends grow concerned, eventually reports them missing.

What messes me up about this story is that unlike similar cases like that of Jennifer Pan is that there was no tiger parenting and extreme control.
also, i suspect my brother is in a similar situation since he's been in school for almost a decade now without graduating lol

No. 1265528

narcissism kills

No. 1265531

Not to mention he claimed it was NASA who gave him a job…

No. 1265623

Why are men

No. 1265669

Even in the Pan case, her parents were not nearly as extreme as you hear in passing, her mother (the parent who didn't survive) was apparently privately very kind to her and comforted her about fights with the dad.

No. 1265843

not surprised. many young men really are covert psychopaths. most cases of parricide are committed by young men from average bgs. it really is a liability just having a male child

No. 1269007

Stop writing like a corny fucking loser

No. 1274298

Moid runs over his EX-GF and her new family whilst on vacation in a provincial park. How he found them is unknown. Unfortunately her baby and husband died upon injuries but she managed to fight back and kill her attacker despite critical wounds. So sad.

No. 1274302

I forgot to mention that when they didn't all die on impact, he brought out a shotgun and shot them, and when he ran out of ammo, he stabbed them. So so sad. My best wishes, I hope she can recover.

No. 1274324

I'm happy she managed to fight back and survive but I can't even imagine the trauma she has to go through now.

No. 1275126

Watch all the comments from the moids be focused on his “mental illness”. Whenever something like this happens it’s suddenly “humanity” or “person” or “monster”, literally everything but “man”. His maleness is obviously totally irrelevant.

No. 1275243

Not a single person is saying that anon. Can't imagine the trauma this woman will have to deal with now; she managed to get away from an awful scrote, build a life for herself but he still went after her

No. 1276391

Wow, imagining this scene going down is terrifying. Unbelievable but then again, very believable because penis. Men are legitimately demons.

No. 1276463

File: 1658746425929.jpg (1.22 MB, 1443x6075, ZomboDroid 25072022035304.jpg)

Japanese WWII vets talking about raping, killing, and torturing Chinese civilians.

No. 1279486

No. 1279525

Men aren't human. How come that no matter what nationality, no matter what country, they all behave like this in war situations? Literal animals.

No. 1279527

File: 1658942191488.jpeg (214.98 KB, 640x545, EAD887FB-1505-49CD-A0E8-B38BEA…)

No. 1279532

File: 1658942617329.jpeg (100.93 KB, 1200x675, 20C54424-7235-4112-87F1-BAC1A3…)

No. 1279535

Jesus fucking christ I want to throw up. No wonder the Chinese hate the Japanese

No. 1279571

Sickening, how can a normal person just go along with that? If women ruled the world we’d have peace on fucking earth, right now there’s no hope

No. 1279632

This is insane. Like something out of a shitty law and order SVU episode. I hate men so much. I HATE MEN. Men wonder why we hate them. BECAUSE OF THIS

No. 1279633

I can't even read this without tearing up. My wife and her family are Chinese. Her father and grandfather hated the japanese for what they did to her family line. And the worst part is, they are basically erasing their war history out of Japanese text books, pretending this never happened. They never even apologized to China and Korea for what they did to them and the women there…

No. 1279647

It wasn't her new family, it's her brother and her niece. They were visiting her at her home. The mother of the baby was also wounded.

No. 1279666

I still don’t understand how what the Japanese did during ww2 is so covered up and not talked about. They were beyond utterly horrendous and cruel. What they did to Korean women too. Don’t you think it is strange colonization is used as an insult to brits yet nobody seems to care about the monster that Japan was. Nobody wants to think of japan as anything but anime kawaii land

No. 1279678

Now that they're frail and weak old men, I'd kill them all myself. All those women and children will never have justice. These killer rapists got to live their lives and have children, while innocent women were tortured and killed by them. It's insane.

No. 1290649

File: 1659705747408.png (37.47 KB, 693x339, 12C53403-955F-44C6-AA2F-958F49…)

The Natalie Connolly case
>>Husband brutally murders wife
>>tortures her and goes as far as shoving cleaning chemicals up into her body.
>>claims sex game gone bad, cause muh wmen like abuse
>>gets away with it.

No. 1290663

japan is talked about a lot more in regards to ww2 because they lost. what they did to chinese and koreans is well known now, it's literally the top comments on any japan video on tiktok too.
people do forget what korean soldiers did to vietnamese women though

No. 1290667

> appeared to reveal that the South Korean Army operated comfort stations by forcibly recruiting young Vietnamese women.
god the thought of these poor comfort women (i knew about comfort korean women for the japanese soldiers) but not about vietnamese comfort women for the SK soldiers. It is so upsetting and disturbing to think about

No. 1290669

I just found out abt it recently, and nobody ever checks koreans for it like they do with japanese
japanese at least paid and apologized to some women
the koreans did nothing and just ignore it entirely
somebody should set up a statue of a little vietnamese girl like the koreans did with the statue of the girl in the hanbok

No. 1290675

File: 1659707193026.jpg (38.63 KB, 192x298, 12.jpg)

I read this book sometime back, it was written by a Japanese collaborator, according to him the plan was to literally depopulate China as much as they could and use the remaining han chinese population as serfs and the justification for this crime against humanity that the Chinese deserved it, for being weak, not being able to protect themselves and catch up to the western powers, the Japanese truly believed that they were superior cause they beat a western power, they believed they deserved all the resources of China due to that superiority

No. 1290688

Men do not deserve rights or privileges

No. 1290697

I found out yesterday that a woman prevented a man from throwing a baby off a highway bridge during a fight with his partner. He also threatened to shoot her with a gun, but the girlfriend/wife(?) grabbed it from his pants while the other woman was distracting him.

No. 1296731

File: 1660135270922.png (1.27 MB, 1293x2048, Screenshot_20220810-083922.png)

This is sick. I'm disgusted. I can't believe people drink hot lemonade

No. 1296746

Based Cali woman

No. 1296763

I don't know if many countries have this but theres a type of cold/flu remedy where I live. It's this lemon powder that you stir into hot water and it tastes so bad that you could probably put any old shit in there and it'd mask the taste.

No. 1297559

It's Tylol Hot, isn't it?

No. 1300562

These "just following orders" pity party pieces are a fucking joke, they never take personal accountability and just act like they never participated in these crimes and tsk-tsk'd how fucked up the other soldiers were
>Yeah my comrades were bayonetting babies and raping half dead women and I thought it was funny, but I totally swear I was shaking my head the whole time so they knew I disagreed

No. 1300919

File: 1660384245029.webm (16.22 MB, 540x960, f3ce32d2ae92b812a2a3eb24794afe…)

Toronto anons are u ok?

No. 1301116

This makes me so scared for Toronto women. I feel like I'm being outraged with her. Fuck men.

No. 1301128

Theres alot of women in the comments sharing their experinces of being assaulted in the toronto transit system.
Im going to share some of them.

No. 1301132

Toronto anon with no access to a comp currently, could you explain the video to someone who can’t see it? Do I have to be even MORE afraid of walking around here?

No. 1301133

This is the same problem as NYC, San Fran, when you have roving usually homeless men who have nothing to lose they will live like it's GTA and just do random acts of violence. Men aren't people, once they fall off enough they will enjoy hurting strangers because the only thing holding them back before was a job and reputation (they don't have empathy).

No. 1301138

What's up with the homeless hate lately?

No. 1301140

Maybe if homeless men didn't assault and kill women there'd be less talk about how much homeless men suck.

No. 1301142

A woman got set on fire and another got pushed off the tracks.
There has also been a increase in crime of women getting harassed and punched in the Toronto ttc.

No. 1301144

File: 1660393570424.jpg (256.07 KB, 972x1577, Screenshot_20220813-072516_Fir…)

Its always the ones who never encounter them who want to preach. The ""hate"" comes from the fact that I care about women.

No. 1301149

File: 1660394341766.jpg (1.11 MB, 1920x1920, InShot_20220813_143834313.jpg)

No. 1301151

None of these tweets are mentioning race so I'm assuming they weren't white.

No. 1301156

They were all males though. Also your dick is tiny.

No. 1301157

I see the racebaiting fucktard male is back, also theyre not tweets.

No. 1301158

File: 1660394974164.jpg (1.43 MB, 1920x1920, InShot_20220813_144903434.jpg)

No. 1301162

These are terrifying. Trying to set her hair on fire?? I've had some bad public transport experiences but nothing compared to that wtf, I had no idea Toronto was such a dangerous area. Stay safe leafanons

No. 1301166

You nonnies are going hard to defend these brown males that would throw acid at your face for looking at them the wrong way, kek

No. 1301167

Ayrt and oh yeah, that poor thing that got set on fire is horrid. it’s scary to walk around anymore and i used to think toronto was nice and safe.

My son and I were walking down a street in downtown and a homeless man started screaming at us, calling me a whore, yelling at me and my son. I practically ran to Union station to get away from him.

No. 1301173

Moid dont you dare ever use the word "nonnie" ever again, any race of man could have assaulted themm you are demented. Fuck off with your "not all men" bullshit.

No. 1301178

I'm a woman whether you like it or not. Also what "not all men" bullshit are you talking about? All men are worthless subhumans. It's just that some men are more likely to harass and assault women in the streets, while white men express their misogyny in other ways.

No. 1301181

scrotes try to act like civilized, respectable human beings challenge (impossible)

No. 1301184

>W-White men aren't that violent, please!!
What a pathetic lie to tell women who've been around you

No. 1301191

File: 1660397708123.jpg (25.31 KB, 664x443, 2240676_5925525-01-06.jpg)

Thought on the Salman Rushdie situation? American Twitter doesn't really seem to care.

No. 1301196

Okay, prove to me that the men mentioned in these posts are 50% white. I'll wait

No. 1301197

lol your backpedaling because of your demented racebaiting.
First you bait that these are tweets not mentioning race so they all must be not-white aka poc. You know damn well what you meant.
Imagine being that delusional to claim white men wouldn't do this.

You are a micropenis scrote whose only value in life is some weird racial complex that helps you feel better.
Why dont you start posting your threads again or are you afraid of getting your new vpn banned.
no one has to prove shit to you weirdo.

No. 1301200

"Prove" to a man what he's convinced himself he just doesn't do, but everyone else has already seen and knows about? Kek, what do you think this is? An abusive marriage?

No. 1301202

Ive had something similar happen to and the guy was white but i never mentioned his race because the first thing that came to my head when im being assaulted by a male is that he is a male and not his race like most of those women who also got assaulted.
why are you so obsessed with if these men are brown…hmm scrote cant handle women criticising them for being violent impulsive animals so they have to racebait and go ''not all men''.
Honestly go join elliot rodger and all the other incels in hell.

No. 1301203

No, I maintain what I said in my first post, these men aren't white, and more specifically they are South Asian/Arab.
Stop using the word POC, it is so vague and lumps together people that have nothing to do with each other.
Also, you're*. Jfc Americans truly can't speak English at all

No. 1301204

ok smegma.

No. 1301207


No. 1301210

>the guy was white
He was probably a Chechen then.

No. 1301212

>more retarded about race than the average american
>hurrdurr white men don't assault women
>correcting someone's grammar on an image board
Go back to reddit already.

No. 1301215

Its so funny to me when i see a smegma get mad at women discussing the subhuman nature of smegmas and then get mad and racebait that those other smegmas MUST be of other races, deep down you know what a worthless white smegma you are who has a weird homosexual obsession with brown/black smegmas.

Smegmas always want to silence women when they want to talk about violence towards women… *anyone else notice how he has successfully derailed the conversation which was about violence towards women in toronto ttc

No. 1301217

>Ok but not my kind of white!!
As expected, retarded incels obsessively move goalposts. Get the fuck off this site, moron

No. 1301220

Mfw when I'm neither white nor a male

No. 1301221

I’m not even from Canada but I remember hearing a couple horrific anti-woman hate crimes from there and reading those posts made me remember why the place’s name left such a sour taste in my life.

No. 1301223

All the anons coming at me to defend these moids are probably white. You guys have such a deep white savior complex, it's embarrassing

No. 1301225

Post hand, Mr. "not white or male"

No. 1301226

I was trolling about the Chechen thing kek. Anyway if a white moid attacks you, you should 100% mention his race to get more oppression points on Twitter

No. 1301230

I think big cities are like this against women in general. The cops only exist to arrest us if we dare protect ourselves and the people are too numb to offer a helping hand.

No. 1301234

File: 1660399757803.jpg (58.56 KB, 1024x683, depositphotos_404098980-stock-…)

>nooo i was just joking hahaha im totally a female that is not white hahaha pls dont ban me again since im a racebaiting scrote using a new vpn, also everything is twitter hahaha get it oppression olympics.

No. 1301236

yeah i was actually bout to post more and comments mentioning how the toronto ttc station was blaming women for getting attacked but this thread got derailed by the racebaiting scrote so i forgot.

No. 1301242

File: 1660400964115.jpg (59.56 KB, 1259x903, IMG_20220813_162620.jpg)

inb4 "your hands are ugly", "you have scrote hands", "you are white"(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1301245

I'm not any of those anons, but I hope you got rid of the metadata before posting this.

No. 1301247

Are you "paki-chan" who unironically wants to marry Varg Vikernes, told white women they deserve to lose abortion rights and desperately wishes she was a white tradthot in America or Europe? Fuck off

No. 1301256

I said, "I checked the metadata and it only shows the date, not the location.
If not… well, you know the addie, pull up anytime!" but deleted because I replied to the wrong anon.

No, I don't know her and I hate tradthots.

No. 1301262

>I hate tradthots
>But I defend and simp for white men, insisting they're not violent and any violent male can't be white

No. 1301264

holy shit you are such a gigantic retard. log off you braindead pickme

No. 1301268

theres just something about you spergs, scrotes and troon trying to use noonie that fills me with disgust.

Stop trying to use words that farmers use, your larp sucks. Go back to attention hoeing on 4chan.

No. 1301271

They said visiting hours are over for the day and that you're not in a well enough state to interact with members of the public anyway.

No. 1301272

>>1301271 oh girl you're good, damn, this bitch just smells like a mental institution and you know she's the one in there every other week screaming how she doesn't belong while making the staff wonder if the other patients are even crazy by comparison.

No. 1301318

It's not but anyone above the age of 18 should know that, and you have to be that old to post here so fuck off in twisting my words kiddo.

No. 1301322

He is and I confirmed it yesterday actually but the hand post solidified my dox of him so eh lol.

No. 1301334

Those are pretty large wrist bones, sperm-carrier. Also taking a poorly lit photo doesn't make you non-white.

No. 1301336

Learn to take a joke, I refuse to modify my behavior for newfags.

No. 1301338

Humor is subjective I am done infighting with you, you go police people's jokes all you want angy-chan

No. 1301340

>american twitter doesn’t care

people in this country don’t read that’s why kek

but seriously, i don’t know how i feel about what happened. several people associated with him and the book that the muslims are butthurt about were murked because of these unthinking smoothbrains. he’s basically the posh intellectual version of 3edgy5me…i just don’t see what good came from triggering a fatwa on his head as white liberals still cape for islam and it isn’t like anything significant came from the book coming out.

i used to think these people were persecuted as well until i had the bad luck of meeting a coworker who started chimping out on me one night over something silly; i actually thought he was going to try to kill me. i found out later on he was talking about me behind my back, saying how women like me get “stoned” and that i was an infidel or whatever that word is they like to use for women they want to fuck but can’t because “muh sharia”. all this because i kept to myself, didn’t kiss up to his ugly ass, and have the misfortune of looking like i am middle eastern with an arabic sounding first name even though i’m a biracial american. of course he never bothered the becky that he would fuck in the print room while on the clock, only me he would stare at and roll his eyes or hide my work when i would go on my lunch and then go run and tell our boss to try to get me fired.

that was when i realized their whining is pure bullshit as i never bothered him and he wasn’t the first kebab i’ve met with an entitled attitude. the only thing i regret is not reporting his ass to ice to get him deported.

No. 1301344

To be fair the sarcasm wasn't super obvious in this one

No. 1301345

you can say it
it's black men
black men in progressive cities that go easy on them
yes sometimes white, asian, etc men. but almost always black men.

No. 1301347

Without an image, sarcasm has to be too obvious to be funny to pick up through text alone and I stand by that statement. I'll die on that hill.

No. 1301350

Careful nonnie, they're going to call you a scrote in 3… 2… 1…

No. 1301351

>Downplaying girls being groomed into selling nudes on a clear net site with unfunny sarcasm
Don't make me say the word.

No. 1301353

I mean it's likely honeytrap race baiting so…
If pakichan was active I would assume it's her but;
Honeytrap is getting his gore black hate deleted so.

No. 1301354

I'd say anon is a summerfag who refuses to integrate before anything

No. 1301355

File: 1660407147290.png (2.86 MB, 2698x1418, Screen Shot 2022-08-13 at 12.1…)

I can feel it coming
>hehe women can't express any kind of views, women must love all men, you MUST be a scrote for dare bringing up race!!!
i've been here for years, i'm fine with a 2 hour or 2 day ban for pointing out the obvious

No. 1301356

when will you tardos ever learn to report and ignore.

No. 1301359

Ayrt, I haven't read the book so I don't have an opinion on it. I think blasphemy for the sake of blasphemy is a bit stupid, but anyone should be able to do it freely, and with any religion.

Did that guy call you a murtad? That's a word they use for ex-Muslims, or anyone born to a Muslim parent who isn't a practicing Muslim. I've been called that before.

No. 1301363

You should post them, anon. Maybe bring the thread back on track.

No. 1301364

File: 1660407452589.png (3.69 MB, 2716x1416, Screen Shot 2022-08-13 at 12.1…)

>that white men are saints
I never said white men were saints. white men don't typically do sneak attacks and play knock out games on elderly asians. however, they will do fucked up things like travel to thailand to rape children.
>when in reality men of all races are violent
statistically, black men are more violent than other men. why can't we say this?
>Oh and he also spammed black people being lynched and porn.
kek lmfao I was literally the one in that thread calling white men ugly, but sure

No. 1301366

im waiting for the baiter to be banned first because whatever i or anyone posts they will just reply with some bait or racebait.

This sucks, why are males so obsessed with invading female spaces.

No. 1301367

nobody cares about your weird propaganda.

No. 1301369

Nonnies can't even tell that we are two different people from the way we type, kek

>white men will do fucked up things like travel to thailand to rape children
Exactly, white moids are at least 10x more likely to be pedophiles. Every race is fucked up in its own way.

No. 1301371

Definitely it does not feel safe as it did 5+ years ago. However, I've been VERY lucky to never have such scary encounters (knock on wood). It definitely gets worse the closer you are to Eaton Centre or take the subway on Line 1. These things don't happen everyday, since only bad/scary things are reported, but I stick my back to the walls instead of waiting closer to the trains like I did before.

No. 1301372

>you're racist for pointing out that black men commit more violent crime in the cities!!
oh shut the fuck up

No. 1301373

File: 1660407844348.jpg (410.78 KB, 1001x1600, stock-photo-portrait-of-a-youn…)

Anyway, I'm tired of the infighting. Let's get back to the violent moids in Toronto that totally look like picrel

No. 1301375

>white moids are at least 10x more likely to be pedophiles
but that's also because most american black men can't afford a ticket to SEA
and black women/children are also, and this is well documented, less likely to go to the police to report sexual abuse, especially by family members. so we don't know if white men are guilty of it more.

No. 1301379

kek nonnie

No. 1301381

and also, since i'm gonna be banned soon either way,
almost every case of military men attacking/raping women in japan has been black men. the infamous 1995 okinawa attack when like 5 black men kidnapped and gang raped a 5 year old japanese girl
but continue to defend these fucking animals, lmfao.

No. 1301383

Women get smegma too nonnie

No. 1301384

i read the summary in the racebaiting spam threads that you are posting and they align with the same verbiage you are posting here. Infact your using the same talking point here that you used in your summary.
also fuck off with this ''this male race is more violent'' shit when you are a male too, you are a white incel who spammed porn of black women being dominated by white men in your previous racebaiting threads.
i just picture your greasy fingers while you are writing ''nonnie'' trying to imitate a farmer.
Since it is obvious you are the male racebaiter (watch you deny that again) now i wont be responding and i hope other anons ignore a low existence like you.

No. 1301385

> statistically, black men are more violent than other men. why can't we say this?
exactly, despite the facts and stats and whatever, you can’t say that because it’s racist!!!!

No. 1301389

File: 1660408380440.png (1.84 MB, 1898x848, pedos.png)

Well, flying to SEA is only available to upper middle class moids. I'm sure most pedos don't bother and just assault children in their vicinity.

No. 1301391

Exactly. All races of men are disgusting creatures, including him. Hes trying to explain why hes better than his peers and its hilarious

No. 1301392

This is the most intelligent post in this whole thread

No. 1301394

Does anyone actually remember seeing a black male on to catch a predator? Kek I remmeber it being mostly white men. Not defending moids but the white and east asian ones definitely have a pedophilic problem.

No. 1301396

how many times do I have to say it
I am not a white man
I don’t even like white men
Most white men look ugly to me.
Most white men will pull shit like leave their wives for younger women and/or become trannies:
You can’t cope with the fact that not all women are colorblind liberals like you.

No. 1301399

why do you type like that, where the fuck did you come, from who linked you here.
Did we get shared on some scrote site?

No. 1301404

idk I’m on mobile rn so it looks kind of weird
black men diddle their family members, not groom kids online.

No. 1301405

also this is such a retarded argument
Most murderers are men, but some are women. Should we cross the street at night when we see large groups of women?

No. 1301406

Why did you tag >>1301391
All races of men, including your non-white ass are scum. Cope

No. 1301407

No. 1301412

Yes all men are disgusting, but some are more disgusting than others. In the bigger cities, it’s black men. So I avoid black men. Dumb bitches like you will get women killed for being color blind and lacking street smarts.

No. 1301413

Naw. Youre all nasty

No. 1301414

yes, because Chang and Bradley are more likely to sucker punch you in the face and steal your purse, ok moron

No. 1301415

Meh, there isn't any source to back up his claim.

No. 1301416

Nasty scrote be scrotin

No. 1301418

He's a shut in so in all honestly that makes him less threatening than the boogeyman he's scared of.
Notice how he won't even acknowledge white criminals, just continues to point the finger at someone else.

No. 1301422

I’m a woman LMAO
and I already said a million times that white men commit crime too
I just know you’re a sheltered suburbanite who has never interacted with more than 10 black people

No. 1301425

>I'm a woman
Don't even bother with these types, if you post your hand they'll call you an autistic tradthot pickme instead. They're just coping

No. 1301428

I can’t tell what point they’re even trying to make
it’s clear if you look at the fbi crime stats, that black men are only like 6% of the population but commit 50% of violent crime.. or are they just denying this at all? I don’t get it???

No. 1301429

I wish I was born white too, it's ok self hating-chan you're not alone.

No. 1301432

You responded to me first, infight-chan

No. 1301433

It’s ok! You shouldn’t kill yourself but you definitely shouldn’t pass on your genes. The world doesn’t need more coloreds! <3(racebaiting)

No. 1301437

It'll be ok, I'm sure you'll learn to love the color of your skin and hopefully find your white king sis

No. 1301438

I don't think this anon is the male who's been making those threads, but it's probably the one who's been sperging in various threads for days because they're upset some black anon said she experienced racism in the twitter thread. I don't know why mods won't ban them but just ignore.

No. 1301440

I’m not black, personally. I’m white

No. 1301443

Honestly I’m not completely sure why lolcow isn’t a comfortable place to be racist, of all places on the internet. Like…why is that there people suddenly decide to have morals kek?

No. 1301444

I'm white too and I kinda hate myself for it ngl

No. 1301446

Do you guys need tone tags or something because I mean it

No. 1301447

oh I should have known it was a self hating white woman caping this hard for black moids, checks out.

No. 1301448

File: 1660410895344.jpg (7 KB, 226x223, bait.jpg)

No. 1301451

Yeah I'm sorry, I just find them more attractive than men of my own race…

No. 1301454

Because most nonnies are white and they want to be able to hate on their own men the most.
Just like you'll see asian radfems on Twitter claim that asian men are the worst, or black radfems claim that black men are the worst, etc.

No. 1301456

I’m not the same anon as the one who said they’re insecure about their skin colors, I’m just the one who said the genes aren’t meant to be passed on <3 :)

No. 1301459

Oh. I wonder why

No. 1301461

ok but you having a bbc fetish doesn't mean facts aren't facts???
I don't even find white men attractive either, i like asian men, but it's not like i would suddenly cape for them if they did insane shit like be 6% of the population and commit 50% of violent crime???? you're letting your race fetish harm other women you dumb bitch!!!

No. 1301464

>banning people on an anonymous image forum devoted to making fun of people … for being racist
I just know you're annoying and controlling asf irl

No. 1301465

Male ^

No. 1301468

Well I don't label myself as a feminist so I guess I don't really care about that… life is short I just want to be like lana del rey…

No. 1301470

>women can't be racist

No. 1301471

^ male

No. 1301472


No. 1301474

You're replying to an obvious troll kek. Just the way they type makes it obvious

No. 1301477

> bbc fetish
Don't we all have one?

No. 1301479

The ayrt is the troll.

No. 1301480


No. 1301481

No. 1301483


No. 1301515

I'll never forget reading details about how ted bundy left objects inside some of his victims. Shit like broom handles and how their internal injuries were insane. At least one of the items was left inside the victim rectally and there was a pile of literal shit right next to the body for obvious reasons. I was so disturbed att reading those details. Now we're entertaining the possibility that someone can just rupture your insides by accident.

No. 1302708

Could all of you shut the fuck up and stop giving paki-chan attention already? It's derailing the thread.

Anyway here's my contribution: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peter_Scully

Shit like this is why I hate sexpats with a burning passion and am generally wary whenever I see old white male tourists here.

t. SEA woman

No. 1304944

File: 1660655792374.jpg (33.91 KB, 828x872, 4.jpg)

Lacey Fletcher

"District Attorney Sam D'Aquilla, who sought murder charges and will prosecute the Fletchers at trial, shared the images with DailyMail.com at his office near the courthouse in Clinton. He would not release them for publication, however.

Nearly all were unpublishable due to their horrifying, graphic content. In them, Lacey appears almost buried up to her shoulders in the wide and deep hole in the sofa that her bony body has worn over the years, rubbing away the cushioning. She is slumped over on her left side with her right arm across the top half of her emaciated body near her neck. She is naked apart from a small blue patterned T-shirt, which is pulled up on her chest and does not cover her breasts. Her eyes are wide open, staring. Her mouth is also open, revealing what appears to be a full set of front teeth. Her legs are pulled up and crossed underneath her, ironically in a way that people can make themselves comfortable. But in Lacey's case it was a posture of a bid to survive.

Her face is covered in large and angry red blotches. Excrement is smeared over almost all her body. It is matted in her hair. It is even inside her ears. There are maggots and insect bites all over her body. The brown leather sofa that served as her prison is alongside a wall, with a gap of about 18 inches. Astonishingly, to the couch's right side is a gray commode and a neat pile of clothes. And to the front, only a few feet away, is a cluttered low black table. It is strewn with lotion bottles, some talcum powder, a pack of wipes, a nasal spray, a box with a lid that had a child's photo on it, and other items that make it appear the Fletchers had the resources to clean their stricken only child. Between the sofa and table are two neatly stacked boxes of DVDs. It is not possible to discern the titles, but some appeared to be child-like from the covers.

Desperately sad photos of Lacey taken later on a physician's steel table for a forensic examination further reveal the extent of her harrowing and so far unexplained ordeal. She weighed just 96lb when discovered dead in the early hours of January 3. Close-ups show the flesh on her buttocks appears to be literally worn or eaten away from the 12 years that she hadn't moved from the couch. There are large raw yellow areas where the skin has disappeared. Other back and buttock areas are so blackened it is impossible for anyone to identify what exactly they are looking at.

Part of a video taken by Coroner Dr Ewell Bickham was also seen by DailyMail.com. He was among the first on the horror scene after a sheriff's deputy responded to a 911 call - and documented the appalling spectacle. He is breathing heavily as he moves the camera to the gap behind the sofa and the wall. A large wet patch is on the floor, directly behind Lacey's body, which he believes is urine. DA D'Aquilla said as he revealed the horror to us: “You can't say she wasn't in pain.” Dr Bickham has revealed Lacey died from “severe medical neglect, which led to chronic malnutrition, acute starvation, immobility, acute ulcer formation, osteomyelitis (bone infection) which finally led to sepsis”

Lacey was suffering from social anxiety and severe autism, he added. The last time she saw a physician was when she was 16. D'Aquilla believes the couple will plead not guilty to second degree murder and their legal team will fight to have the charges reduced to at least manslaughter, which carries a zero to 40-year jail term. But he is determined to battle that move. Yet if the reduced charge happens, he told DailyMail.com: “The Fletchers subjected Lacey to this for 20 years. They need to serve at least that time.”"

No. 1304957

if she was naked and had her shirt pulled up guarantee that scrote of a father was molesting her too

No. 1304963

I hate this so much. Poor girl.

No. 1305076

I mean, that's a given. If a man has access to a restrained woman and knows he will not face consequences, it is safe to assume that he will rape her. All men are like this, even your nigels nonnies.

No. 1305095

So so sad. Poor baby. I can't imagine how scared she was, I'm glad she was found.. poor girl.

No. 1305106


>They found shit in her ears

>She was naked except for a shirt pulled up over her breasts

Moids and their handmaidens NEED the rope. No way that poor girl wasn't getting raped by her "father" while her "mother" was relieved that she wasn't the one who had to deal with her husband's (probably fucked up) sexual desires

No. 1305120

I think this was because they didn’t want to touch her or change her clothes. At the point of the description, she was already covered in sores and maggots and shit. I’m not saying he never sexually assaulted her but I don’t think that the t shirt bit is any indication of that.

No. 1305129

Wait I'm ESL, how long was she dead when her body was discovered? It sounds like they're describing a dead body left to rot on the chair but then it says her skin had red blotches and her eyes are open

No. 1305130

From what I remember it hadn’t been long. She wasn’t dead when she started rotting. That’s why they’re being charged with what they are. Her body was rotting before she died, and she only died from sepsis because of the infection spreading to her bones.

No. 1305131

She had only just died when the police got to her, it wasn’t a decaying old body.

No. 1305148

Ayrt oh my God. You know, there are people who speculate that her unable to move alone meant that she could not have spread the feces herself. Up her back would have made sense, common with elderly who are stuck in chairs. But to have gotten it in her ears and all on her face would have needed someone else, and her shirt pulled up on the top of this, really puts a question to the father

No. 1305182

Call me schizo but I'm pretty sure she was the victim of some kind of cult/torture ritual, the cruelty inflicted upon her seems weirdly deliberate and the fact literally nobody bothered to check on her even though she used to be active screams complicity from everyone involved

No. 1305209

Is there speculation of this being cult activity elsewhere? It seems more like the dad was abusing her and didn't want it to get out

No. 1305213

The whole case feels very weird. There surely should have been more information. Like were there no other family members/ friends who would have come to visit? It's so awful, every one around her failed her.

No. 1305278

it’s simply just child abuse. they found out she had asperger’s and took her out of school when she was 14. she never had a chance after that. the last time she saw a doctor was at 16. the last time a neighbor saw her was when she was about 21 and she died at the age of 36. her parents just saw the opportunity to take advantage of their daughter with autism and they took it. it doesn’t have to be more than that. after she became paralyzed, they probably got resentful and decided to leave her in her filth. i just can’t believe they think they have a leg to stand on when all you have to do is google her name and the couch she died on is the first image that pops up.

No. 1305281

>Woman has a fight with parents and ends up becoming a medical experiment and ward of the state for decades

No. 1305312

they need to be put in jail for life for this. this is horrendous. how can someone do this to a person for years and get away with it?? the state failed her. everyone failed her

No. 1305316

How did she end up not being able to move? I don’t get it.

No. 1305331

This is why I hate people who are pro conservatorship for women.

No. 1305336

I'm pro conservatorship for men only

No. 1305911

I'm watching the Children of the Underground documentary, and it's so upsetting. I know the courts and system aren't set up to help victims, especially back in the 80s but it's insane and horrible these women had to become criminals to protect their children.


"Yager married Roger Lee Jones when she was 17 and gave birth to French shortly after. When their daughter was young, she learned Jones was abusing her. Yet somehow, Jones walked away with custody. Even when French contracted an STD from Jones when she was 4 years old, Jones retained custody. […] In 1990 — after years on the run — Jones was convicted and sentenced to 30 years in prison for charges related to sexual abuse against other children. He was never convicted in connection with abusing French.

Yager created the sophisticated underground network in hopes that no parent or child would have to go through what she and French endured through because the legal system failed them."

How could a child have an STI after being with her father and the courts and police hand her back to him.

One mother in the documentary (April Curtis) also kept a list of all the people her daughter disclosed her abuse to. They all just let it carry on until she had to run away and become a fugitive hunted by the fucking FBI?? because she " kidnapped" this disgusting man's daughter.

I also don't understand any ''ethical'' issues anyone has with the underground - I would 100% prefer any child to be taken away / 'kidnapped' from their molester or rapist than have them stay with them.

No. 1306807

I just watched a youtube video about Tina Nash, a British woman who was blinded by her boyfriend. The way in which she was blinded was so told so graphicly that I wanted to vomit. I have never had such a visceral reaction to a dv case. I fucking hate moids so much i'm happy he at least got life in prison. I was searching for updates about her and 2 years after this incident she was attacked by a more recent boyfriend with a knife. I hate this fucking world nonnies.

No. 1306897

This is why FDS told women to never tell men about your past abuse. Women always wanted to argue about it, like they thought they were missing out on some kind of ~bonding~ experience with moids. Men hear about your abuse and feel like they're getting cheated if they can't do something equally bad to you. Women can't even comprehend the existence of this subhuman behavior.

No. 1308662

A woman was poisoned by touching a napkin stuffed in her door handle.

No. 1309178

damn anybody know what this potentially is?

No. 1309427

I hate the state of Illinois more than any other

No. 1310476

I just watched the homicide hunter episode ‘eye of the beholder” where this mid-20s woman told this older guy she lived with if he didn’t stop touching and hitting on her she’d kill him. He didn’t stop so she gouged his eyes out and fed them to him, it’s so obviously wrong, he was deemed to not be a physical threat to her and yet I’m kind of disturbed how much I don’t care that this drunk old perv was killed so horrifically. Fuck around and find out I guess.

No. 1310481

he was obviously a physical threat if he kept touching her. wish i was brave like her

No. 1310558

she did nothing wrong, I wish all women could be this terrifying maybe it would calm down men

No. 1310600

These sorts of things make me upset beyond words. Poor thing lived a nightmare.

No. 1310632

conservatorship for women is pointless, conservatorship for schizo and bipolar men is necessary because they tend to be a danger to others if unmedicated. psychotic scrotes should be routinely locked up in asylums

No. 1310709

But what advantage or gain did the parents get by taking her out of school and leaving her to rot in their home? I understand that the parents were subhuman creatures that neglected their daughter but no other part of this makes sense

No. 1311997

File: 1661168837481.jpeg (512.83 KB, 1679x565, 7083995F-096A-4624-B947-D7B6AF…)

Seems like raping your mother is a common trend among sons globally. All it takes is a handful of cash or a little bit of mental illness. A reminder that you’re never safe with scrotes, you’re better off living with 10 pit bulls because you know they won’t rape you after the mauling.

No. 1319854

File: 1661746149217.jpeg (101.66 KB, 828x968, 734BF4C5-B9C8-4552-ADBD-F682DD…)

What the fuck is this

No. 1319856

File: 1661746176730.jpeg (112.55 KB, 828x1149, 21045F21-4239-4C5F-BB56-053F48…)

No. 1319917

That is two scrotes setting gay rights back 30 years. Goddamn.

No. 1319920

This is from my country.
A child who died at 16, allowed long before that to become so obese she was immobile, she was already disabled by Spina Bifida and her parents failed her and are now going to court.


No. 1319947

Faggots gonna fag. Gay men should not be allowed to adopt under any circumstances.
t. daughter of a pedo faggot

No. 1320112

In the article I read they said it’s not the first case and cited an Australian couple who did the same thing, I don’t have the stomach to look it up honestly

No. 1320206

“Let males have complete access to children, unsupervised by women. What could go wrong?”

No. 1325458

File: 1662213737149.jpg (80.13 KB, 1200x800, denise-huber-bitb-315.jpg)



>Woman has to pull over on the side of the road because her car has a flat tire.

>Man kidnaps her, kills her, and then proceeds to keep her body in a freezer in a tractor trailer parked in his driveway.

What a nightmare. Such a tragic story and makes me cry every time I think about it.

No. 1325568

Any notable ones?

No. 1325928

File: 1662235930371.png (530.75 KB, 640x1299, B249779D-58DF-44AC-B9DA-BE3AD0…)

No. 1325932

and men have the audacity to say they are oppressed? i wish this man all the suffering in the world and a slow painful death in the ass.

No. 1326078

This shit makes me want to cry.

No. 1326119

Jesus fucking christ. This brings to mind Yaser Said who shot his two teenaged daughters in his taxi cab literally because they were women, in an "honor killing." There is a documentary about it called The Price of Honor (vidrel is the entire doc) and it is heartbreaking. He was recently sentenced to life in prison. I watched a snippet of his trial and he denies it all. Piece of shit. His scrote family members hid him for a while to escape prosecution. I would kill them all if I could. This shit literally makes me want to drive my fucking heel into their stupid stinking mouths.

No. 1326121

I don't understand why muslim men will move to western countries and then freak out when their daughters are westernized, it's the most retarded shit ever

No. 1326133

He wanted to send one of his daughters back to his shithole country after he got pissy over her being a normal teenager and acting out as a result of his molestation of her, no doubt to be stoned to death or some shit. That would be so fucking scary. He would record them on camera jumping on the trampoline or just hanging out in their room and the girls are so uncomfortable with their fucking sex pest father. Disgusting.

No. 1326181

I detest men so fucking much, it's angers me so much that there are so many cultures in this world that treat women as disposable. Any man who claims to be oppressed needs to be shot, an extra shot if they use the race/religion card.

What disgusted me was the fact his family went above and beyond to protect him from getting arrested. I am glad he was finally caught thought.

No. 1326187

tbqh it bothers me more how women from said cultures will defend it and act like it's not that bad, especially when they're american born and raised. men being retarded and pathetic is not shocking to me, but women???

No. 1326202

That's why we should only let in muslim (especially ex muslim) women and children only. Men are garbage and there is no rehabilitation for muslim men.

No. 1326520

They only move to western countries in the first place because they want to rape white girls. Yes, I said girls. They mainly target girls 11 - 15.

No. 1329438

This was so fucking hard to listen to.
Anyone who is dating an abuser and makes excuses for them NEEDS to listen to this.

No. 1329556

I've never seen a more "unnatural" behaviour. (Straight) men should be naturally attracted to women and they would want to protect them, especially if they're their fucking wifes and daughters. Instead they kill them all without remorse. It's fucked in every sense possible.

No. 1332373


No. 1337562

This whole situation is so much more fucked up and sinister than the media is portraying rn. I just can't stand it and want to cry

No. 1337868

I wish people would just admit to girls that scrotes are horny users and abusers, NOT your friends, and the last place a teenage girl should be is at a party in the middle of nowhere with 200-300 random ass people. More than half of the people there were probably angry, desperate scrotes trying to get laid. I won't be surprised if it's uncovered that some adult scrote got her drunk or put drugs in her drink.

No. 1339651

Just finished this and I am completely stunned.

Women's rights in western countries are a mess but what is happening in this video seems completely unfathomable. The numbers… I knew it was bad but not this. Over 2700 kidnappings a DAY in 2020? And that is LOWER than previous years? And most of it is caught on camera but they do nothing or maybe arrest a few kidnappers for 3 years after disabling, prostituting, or organ harvesting the victims?

Absolutely horrifying. These poor women and children. Makes me want to rage even more when people keep trying to put women's rights in the back seat.

No. 1343297

The shit that's going on in Iran…I feel so sad and angry. At muslim moids and at western liberals who still defend it as "it's their own choice!". It feels like this will never end or get better.

No. 1343305

I thought they weren't supposed to do that???

No. 1343339

none of the 300 there are talking and the parents are telling them to be quiet too. she was found in the very back of the car. And I remember distinctly the hundreds of scrote comments when news broke she was underwater in her car; "SEE?? stupid wahmen drove into a lake. not attacked by a male. CASE CLOSED".

Also bear in mind it took these guys minutes to find her when police claimed to have searched the area. Police do protect teenage rapists in small town especially, they all have family connections.

No. 1343525

Probably not a news story but a documentary about a 22 year old girl with a condition which forces her to be stuck in a 8 year old body which can't grow

No. 1343584

Reminds me of the case of this Russian man who also can't grow old, he was 30 years old but still looked a boy no older then 13, it was wild seeing it IRL, granted he the advantage of living in a small town where everyone knew him and were understanding of his condition, he also had a girlfriend, a steady job and was also a hunter that could kill and skin an entire dear

No. 1343591

I know iit's none of my business what her dating life is like but God she must struggle. You really have to question the men she dates (if she dates)

No. 1343602

>had a girlfriend
May seem harsh but I legit don't understand how a person who looks and sounds like a child can find an adult partner? Like this man and his gf for example, does their relationship only extend to holding hands and chaste cheek kisses? Because imagining a normal adult person doing anything more with a man who's like this, even if he's technically also an adult, is rather disturbing…

No. 1343621

File: 1663619166776.png (430.04 KB, 861x491, Screenshot 10.png)

he hasn't gone through male puberty, so he likely doesn't have real sexual desires, I guess he just wants to feel loved and maybe the gf just likes him for who he is, he seems like a kind and very intelligent guy

No. 1355635

The hunter part is repulsive but I would love to hold him down and whoop his ass. Cute. I love how pathetic he is

No. 1356651

I found out about this piece of shit through a "biggest scumbags in comics" thread on /co/ months back. Usually, those threads show the greedy scum of the industry, with one of the few exceptions.
Blake Leibel, a guy who created an edgy crime comic named Syndrome - that had a full page spread of a nude decapitated woman - tortured and killed his Ukrainian fiancee, Iana Kasian.
He tortured his fiancee for eight hours, draining her blood while she was still alive, before finally murdering her.
>She was murdered after eight hours of unspeakable torture. he finally was arrested after barricading himself in his West Hollywood apartment, the police found Kasian's body lying on the bed in the master bedroom, with Blake at his side. Prosecutors said there were indications that he had been lying next to her body, which had been cleaned, for some time before police arrived. Other details revealed that Leibel ordered food delivery from Postmates while his victim was dying and demanded that the order be left outside the door.[4] Leibel was arrested and was taken into police custody following their discovery of the corpse of his fiancée, 30-year-old Ukrainian former tax office prosecutor and fledgling model Iana Kasian. Kasian was found mutilated, drained of blood and lying in their bed. Their infant daughter was in the care of Kasian's mother who was visiting from Ukraine and staying in a nearby apartment. Leibel was subsequently charged with murder, torture, mayhem and aggravated mayhem, to which he pleaded not guilty.[1]
Details from the coroner:
>Kasian's entire scalp was traumatically absent and was not found, was not present with the body. Her skull had been stripped down to the surface of the bone … There was no scalp present except for little bits in the back of the neck… portions of the right side of her face were torn away including the right ear and part of the posterior face on the (right) side, all the way down to the jawline… there were quite a number of bruises and abrasions on the face, primarily on the left side, the left cheek, and left jaw area, a number of bruises and abrasion, including one which turned out to be a human bite mark… she had lived for at least eight hours approximately after receiving the scalp injury and the bruise to the collarbone… I have never seen this before. And I doubt if hardly any forensic pathologists in this country or abroad have even seen this outside of, perhaps, wartime… So it's extremely rare…
— Dr. James Ribe, Los Angeles County Coroner's Office[6][7]
Leibel comes from a richfag Canadian family, and at the time, was trying to make it in Hollywood movies. Apparently he was a gambling addict too. The Hol.ywood Reporter ran an article in 2017 about "what could have made him go insane?" (here's a hint: he's a scrote), which is at least interesting for some of the info it provides.


No. 1356722

baiting troon detected

No. 1356740

no normal woman to have sex with an adult man with a hormonal disorder who doesn't even have sexual desires in the first place

No. 1356745

retard you aren't fooling on anyone, go fuck off and kill yourself

No. 1356748

File: 1664425900505.jpg (107.25 KB, 841x730, Capture.JPG)

jfc… men are demons

No. 1356770

should also be noted, he was in the process of divorcing his wife when he was "engaged" to this one anyways. she was his mistress at first. unfortunately, she probably thought he was a good "catch". the one he divorced must feel so lucky to have gotten away with her life and escaped this demon's clutches. jesus fucking christ what an evil piece of shit. all men are liabilities.

No. 1356779

I should add, it wasn't him with the gambling addiction, but his brother. It came up as possible reasons for Blake losing it, when the reality is something we're all a lot more familiar with. >>1356748
Typical worthless smeg, being jealous of a baby.

No. 1356782

>Toronto-born Leibel moved to California and was supported by his parents, who gave him a home and a monthly allowance of about $18,000 (£13,500).

manbaby fatass /co/fag who, even when he had everything in life given to him, managed to fuck it up and now he can sit behind bars and rot, blaming everyone but himself. Proven cases of torture deserve nothing but the same as punishment and its a shame I can't inflict it myself on this fat gunt.

No. 1356810

This is why we need the death penalty.

No. 1357166

Males are parasites in competition with women’s actual offspring. Never forget.

No. 1365727

File: 1665045444825.jpeg (48.3 KB, 515x409, 29E3C658-69FA-4FF2-9EED-BDF313…)

Ex police officer shooting spree at a daycare in Thailand, at least 31 people dead, 23 of which where children and then he shot himself.

No. 1365732

hope he burns in hell, that is vile

No. 1365740

this is horrible, but at least it wasn’t in america this time

No. 1365745

our social diseases are spreading to other countries, not a good thing

No. 1365750

Governments need to tackle the social issues with men they're such bastards with such fragile egos. He shot dead over 20 children. How do you torture a dead man I want to bring him back to life to torture him ahhhhh

No. 1365752

He's short af too, I'd pistol whip the fuck out of him if he didn't kill himself. Dick.

No. 1365755

This is a fucking retarded comment. “At least us burgers are safe hurrhurr!”. I hope more mass shootings happen over there just so there is less of you cunts.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1365758

missed my point completely, idiot

No. 1365935

All I can think right now is that some scrote out there who got bullied in school, dumped by a gf or fired from a job is probably watching the news coverage of this and taking inspiration. It's depressing watching this (and family annihilator cases) go up. And like other anons said.. its spreading so that it can no longer be memed as being specific to one country. Its a scrote/ego problem.

No. 1366038

>jealous of newborn daughter
"I got my own fiancé pregnant with my child, ergo I must scalp her and drain her blood for 8 hours" fucking moids I swear to God

No. 1366122

nona is right, you fucking burgers need to jump off your own cocks. most of us barely tolerate you if not hate you. you and muh guns get you and your shit kids killed and we all have to watch gtfo with your celebrations of other childrens deaths beside your own. no wonder you cunts are universally hated(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1366903

File: 1665157900122.png (1.53 MB, 2350x1208, screenshot.png)

Paris Bennett was 13 years old when he murdered his 4-year-old little sister to spite his mom.
>Apparently, Bennett intended to harm his sister as a means to punish his mother. After convincing the babysitter to leave earlier than usual, Bennett managed to stab his sister an unbelievable seventeen times.
>The poor four-year-old girl was sleeping comfortably in her bed when her brother attacked her. After killing his sister, the 13-year-old decided to call the police and confessed to the horrible crime he had committed.
>Years later, Lee has revealed details of her conversation with her son in the aftermath of the traumatizing incident. Bennett told his mother that he had consumed countless hours of violent, pornographic content, which had driven him to sexually assault his baby sister. After sexually assaulting his sister, he decided to kill her to hide the sexual abuse.
>Before the discussion, Lee had caught wind of the 13-year old’s internet search history and was left horrified by its content. Even worse, Lee had heard from the authorities that there were traces of semen found on her four-year-old daughter’s lifeless body. This clearly meant that Bennett had exposed his sister to sexual abuse in addition to the violence that ultimately took her life.
>At first, Bennett told the police that he had stabbed his sister because his mother had made him angry, and he believed that killing his sister would be an appropriate punishment. Bennett’s anger was rooted in his mothers’ relapse into drug usage. Prior to giving birth to Bennett, Lee had been consumed by a heroin addiction. For a while, she had been sober and living a drug-free life. But recently, she had relapsed, and this time had begun consuming cocaine.
>At first, Bennett had made up some story about him committing the crime because he was hallucinating. He said that while hallucinating, he thought his sister was a pumpkin-headed demon on fire, which made him stab her out of fear. But this initial statement was quickly retracted, and Bennett finally came clean and told the authorities that he had methodically planned the attack on his sister. Furthermore, Bennett even told the officers that stabbing his sister was supposed to be a precursor to eventually killing his mother.
>Although Bennett only brought suffering to his mother, Lee did not give up on her son. Lee continues to visit Bennett in prison even though Bennet has clearly enjoyed watching his mother live in a despair-filled state of suffering. During one prison visitation that Lee made, Bennett momentarily attempted to choke her to death before deciding against it and letting her go. Even after the clear intent to murder her could be seen, Lee decided on continuing her visitations to her monster of a son.

No. 1366919

was this case the inspiration for we need to talk about kevin?

No. 1366924

There's posts on reddit all the time where women are upset because their husband is showing signs of jealousy over their own newborn. Breastfeeding in particular sets them off because they think your breasts belong to them.. its nuts

No. 1366926

This is why I don't have any sympathy for male children. They're all demons. I've heard of many other cases where even 10 year olds murder their sisters or female peers and rape them. A lot of the time porn is involved, and these fuckers go out of their way to find the violent degenerate kind (at fucking 13!). They weren't even groomed into it, it's just a desire that they have. Male children are evil and I don't give a shit if they get abused.
His mother is also a hopeless boymom. The pregnancy of a male fetus really fried her brain.

No. 1366940


No. 1366945

>pretends he was hallucinating
>pretends it was revenge based
>semen found, so evidence shows it was sexuallly motivated
The reason why men are so quick now to use the 'it was revenge' excuse is because so many people will now downplay murder just as long as you can claim someone (usually a woman, mom takes the blame) essentially has part ownership in your crime just for pissing you off in some way. People are willing to somehow sympathise with excuses like that and now we have men feigning anger to try and write off perverted attacks as if they anger based. He sexually assaulted a small child. Thats the motivation right there. Not revenge.

I can't go near any crime based comment section on youtube anymore because people are tripping over themselves to blame any lil thing a murderers mom ever did wrong. Taking the blame off murderers and placing it on women. As if that explains it away and almost justifies it. You cant justify child sexual assault. Nothing mom did made him SA a 4 year old. Not buying the super angry at mom excuse.

No. 1367182

>Lee continues to visit Bennett in prison even though Bennet has clearly enjoyed watching his mother live in a despair-filled state of suffering

Having a son is a fate worse than death

No. 1367183

what the fuck is wrong with pickme mothers, their sons will commit atrocities and they will still be mommys dearest meanwhile they will disown their own daughters for petty and dumb reasons.

No. 1367187

>excuse is because so many people will now downplay murder just as long as you can claim someone

This reminds me of that actor who killed his mom and filmed her body and there were anons defending him and gaslighting anons who were angry at them for defending a lunatic loser moid….i just hope those anons werent women but considering most women are pickmes sadly they probably are.

No. 1367195

You mean the time anons were saying he might've been raped in Hollywood because he was a child star, and some other anon got mad because she thought saying a scrote possibly being a CSA victim would mean he's innocent or that his actions are worth defending?

No. 1367197

>posting shit without proof to defend a insane scrote because you are a retard.
Here you fucking go, like clockwork.

No. 1367199

How? A scrote getting raped by other scrotes doesn't mean he has the right to kill his own mother, unless you're operating on literally psychotic logic. They were tinfoiling, which was autistic, but the "That's defending" shit was ridiculous as well.

No. 1367203

>They were tinfoiling, which was autistic.
Exactly this they were tinfoiling in a thread where tinfoiling was not allowed just so they can make up their fake storys of how he must have had a bad past (without any proof) so they could defend him and then they,you other retards got mad when anons called them out.

No. 1367207

Tinfoils aren't a big deal as long as they aren't derailing the thread, which that was because you had a shitflinging meltdown insisting it was a defense.
If you think what he did was "defensible" under any circumstances, even tinfoil ones about Pedowood, then you're either unhinged or a male yourself(infighting)

No. 1367210

youre doing male tier gaslighting whila also accussing someone of being a male for no reason. I did not think that was defensible but the anons who were making up those tinfoils obviously saw that as defensible and one of them even blamed his mother, i also wasnt that anon, done infighting btw.(infighting)

No. 1367213

File: 1665183436506.png (3.12 MB, 1970x2786, bbru1j5cqzi51.png)

>youre doing male tier gaslighting
Men aren't good at gaslighting nonnie. They will never be girlbosses

No. 1367221

File: 1665184313946.jpg (143.95 KB, 1280x720, issei-sagawa-7.jpg)

I'm convinced there's some dedicated baiter in the thread, it all started from the "At least it didn't happen in America" and then fighting happened. Also, "gaslighting" doesn't mean "a person disagreed with me". To get back on topic, I don't know if it's been posted about before, but the case of Issei Sagawa was always so fucked up to me. He killed a Dutch woman and literally walked free. I found his Wikipedia article and he literally had a track record of insane behavior around women, but no one did anything. He went on to do interviews, variety shows, draw manga, write books, make porn, etc.
>Sagawa first experienced cannibalistic desires while in the first grade, after seeing a male's thigh.[3] In a 2011 interview with Vice, Sagawa reported that as a youth he partook in bestiality with his dog and experienced cannibalistic desires for women.[4] Sagawa attended Wako University and completed a master's degree in English Literature at Kwansei Gakuin University.

>At the age of 24, while attending Wako University in Tokyo, Sagawa followed a tall German woman home, then broke into her apartment while she was sleeping. Sagawa's intention was to cannibalize her by slicing off part of her buttocks and sneaking away with a small part of her flesh, but she awoke and, Sagawa claims, pushed him to the ground. Sagawa was captured by police and charged with attempted rape, and did not confess his true intentions to authorities.[4] Sagawa's charges of attempted rape were dropped when his father paid a settlement to the victim.

>In 1977, at the age of 27, Sagawa moved to France to pursue a Ph.D. in literature at the Sorbonne in Paris.[2] Sagawa has said that while residing in Paris, "Almost every night I would bring a prostitute home and then try to shoot them, but for some reason my fingers froze up and I couldn't pull the trigger."[3]

>On 11 June 1981, Sagawa, then 32, invited his Sorbonne classmate Renée Hartevelt, a Dutch woman, to dinner at his apartment at 10 Rue Erlanger, under the pretext of translating poetry for a school assignment. Sagawa planned to kill and eat her, having selected her for her health and beauty — characteristics he felt he lacked. Sagawa considered himself weak, ugly, and small (he was 144.8 cm (4 ft 9 in) tall)[5] and claims he wanted to absorb her energy. She was 25 years old and 178 cm (5 ft 10 in).[6] After Hartevelt arrived, she began reading poetry at a desk with her back to Sagawa when he shot her in the neck with a rifle. Sagawa said he fainted after the shock of shooting her, but awoke with the realization that he had to carry out his plan.[2] Sagawa had sex with her corpse but he could not bite into her skin because his teeth were not sharp enough, so he left the apartment and purchased a butcher knife.[2] Sagawa consumed various parts of Hartevelt's body, eating most of her breasts and face either raw or cooked, while saving other parts in his refrigerator. Sagawa also took photographs of Hartevelt's body at each eating stage.[7] Sagawa then attempted to dump the remains of Hartvelt's corpse in a lake in the Bois de Boulogne, carrying her dismembered body parts in two suitcases, but was caught in the act and arrested by French police four days later.[2][8]

>Sagawa's wealthy father provided a lawyer for his defense, and after being held for two years awaiting trial, Sagawa was found legally insane and unfit to stand trial by the French judge, Jean-Louis Bruguière, who ordered him held indefinitely in a mental institution.[2] After a visit by the author Inuhiko Yomota, Sagawa's account of his kill was published in Japan under the title In the Fog.[2] Sagawa's subsequent publicity and macabre celebrity likely contributed to the French authorities' decision to deport him to Japan, where he was immediately committed to Matsuzawa Hospital in Tokyo. His examining psychologists all declared him sane and found sexual perversion was his sole motivation for murder.[2] As the charges against Sagawa in France had been dropped, the French court documents were sealed and were not released to Japanese authorities; consequently Sagawa could not legally be detained in Japan. Sagawa checked himself out of the hospital on 12 August 1986, and has subsequently remained free since that day.[2] Sagawa's continued freedom has been widely criticized.[2]

No. 1367230

Samefag, in this documentary, near the end, he shows a clip from a time that he filmed a porn scene with some JAV star who had no idea who he was. He told her what he did after they had sex, showed her books/photos, etc all on camera to get her terrified/disturbed reaction. He clearly doesn't feel bad for what he did. It's like he just saw it all as some fascination, or a "sex game gone wrong". Even besides him being a sick fuck, I don't understand how someone could do this kind of thing and ever attain a "micro-celebrity" status

No. 1367285

what the fuck!! He wanted to eat her flesh but she woke up, so he killed her? Men are literally insane. The XY chromosome if a defective disease. Japan has some of the worst 'punishments' ever for crimes. Women are no safety there, despite how many weebs wanna call Japan such a safe country. May she rest in peace…

No. 1367301

File: 1665190791693.png (545.94 KB, 1026x687, allegedly killed miltiple porc…)

No. 1367322

speaking of glorious nippon, the torture of Junko Furuta is sad as fuck.


She was a 17 and kidnapped by teenage delinquent boys. They kept her at one of the boy's home and raped and tortured her for 40 days. They also invited tons of other men over to rape her till she was raped by more than 100 men. After one session of torture she succumbed to the injuries and died.
Because of them being minors, most of them got very light punishments, and on-top of that the mothers of the boys have the worst fucking case of boymom I have ever seen. One even vandalized Junko's grave. What pieces of shit.

No. 1367690

No, the German woman who woke up was someone else and he didn't kill her. The one that he killed was the Dutch woman he invited to his apartment where he shot her in the back of her neck. Just wanted to clarify.

No. 1367796

i wonder why no one talks about the misogyni in japan, i see so many female tourists get stalked or harassed by the men there and same goes for south korea too, and the men rarely get punished.

I feel like people are forced to shut up about japans rape problem because weaboos who think anime is real life get mad when anyone criticizes japan.

No. 1367830

They’ll fire you for beating porcupines but not people

No. 1367860

File: 1665250940290.jpg (25.83 KB, 700x400, PS.jpg)

>Tranny youtuber named Kadence Pinder starts working at daycare with bf
>Both tranny and bf get investigated due to abuse allegations from the parents of the children at the daycare
>Authorities investigate their google accounts and find 125 CP images
>Tranny claims he thought the children in the photos were "of age"

Genuinely feel bad for all the kids who were exposed to these sick fucks. I hate men so much it's unreal

No. 1367865

why do we let men work jobs that require them to take care of vulnerable people/children

No. 1367884

Honestly I think it’s horrifying that pedophiles are deliberately posing as transgender in order to gain access to children.

No. 1367891

Blogpost but someone I know dealt with this labor rep case at her work where a male preschool teacher was being inappropriate with the children in front of the aides. At first, she was defending him to the other labor reps like saying men are always getting the short end of the stick in childcare jobs because of "descrimination" like that. She immediately changed her tune when the other labor rep said he called the her to keep reading his report over and over until she realized he was jerking off to it. Men are absolutely disgusting and don't deserve to be called humans

No. 1367914

>posing as
Chicken or the egg.

No. 1367927

Can we not act like actual child predators seamlessly blend with everyone else in any group of people

No. 1368439

Nta but most trannies are child predators

No. 1368494

nta but most men are child predators

No. 1368564

a lot of trannies support pedophilia deep down, and as porn addicts they've inevitably jerked it to underage pornographic material ("legal" teen porn, loli porn… probably actual cp as well), but they're aware of what admitting it outright would mean for themselves.

No. 1369233

File: 1665348723182.jpg (131.41 KB, 430x701, 20221009_220758.jpg)

hard day to be a mick tbh. it gets more difficult to travel up north when people hear me speak and know I'm from the republic whenever these things happen. "Kill all taighs", that's what they say when these things happen. I wish Ireland wasn't a warzone

No. 1369556

I just want to know wtf happened. Why did it explode?

No. 1369825

People assumed IRA but they jumped the gun. It turned out to be a gas leak at a petrol station

No. 1370306

This case really bothers me, I just saw that they found she was injecting babies with insulin and air, and if the baby didn't die she would come back a second or third time to try again. This is fucking me up

No. 1370308

im sure plenty of people were saying stupid shit but where I am its not so bad, im from donegal (letterkenny) and live in the far south now, honestly only heard messages of mourning from all sides, everyone assumed an accident that I know of but I'm not on social media, just a socially active community member kek,

No. 1370327

File: 1665450566217.png (775.59 KB, 796x789, Capture.PNG)


I started listening to the recording of AJ and I couldn't finish it. The fear in his voice. It took me a really long time to shake that awful feeling. I really hope hell is real so she burns in it forever.

No. 1370404

Why do you believe being trans and being a pedo are mutually exclusive? Kek

No. 1370406

Most of them do, though? Just like other rapists

No. 1370556

when you're such a psycho even the NHS cover-up culture cracks a year into your relentless baby killing spree

No. 1372021

She even had another son, I believe called Phoenix. Being a boymom is Olympic tier levels of self-harming.

No. 1372031

Nat but just look at the dialogue they use. ‘Girldick’, ‘second puberty’, ‘girl mode’ etc. Most of them are obsessed with anime girls and want to be one. If most men are pedos it’s not hard to see why the most sexually degenerate (aka AGPs) of men will also be pedos. Paraphilias often go hand in hand.

No. 1372709

The Sewol Ferry disaster is something that has been deeply upsetting to me for years. I can't think of a tragedy that has been mismanaged worse in recent years. Vidrel is from an independent news agency in SK and it does a good job of showing how completely mismanaged the entire 'rescue' was. There is also a channel on youtube called Brick Immortar that did a two-part deepdive into the sinking that was info dense and good for extra learning.

No. 1372720

I don’t want to post any pictures but I just found out about Dr. Gloves. Some freak on 4chan was posting pictures of himself messing with the bodies of deceased and disabled children. No one knows who it is even though the earliest photos were popping up around 2014. I’ve only seen the censored photos but it’s probably the worst thing I’ve ever heard of. Even with the children edited out it’s just disgusting.

No. 1372729

File: 1665633654539.jpg (23.49 KB, 380x208, 6211410_0849_gabby_petito_mort…)

Moids are drawn to work with those they want to abuse. Whether it's boy scouts, teaching, preaching, pediatrics, gynecology or even morgues. I hate them so fucking much. Pic related for the thread, I hate this malding r9k faggot he should have offed himself alone and left her alone.

No. 1372739

File: 1665635304887.jpg (10.43 KB, 235x245, 1592120755845.jpg)

>Dr. Gloves
Don't google this. Just don't.

No. 1372747

fuck you now i am curious, what's in those pics?

No. 1372748

it's a man abusing both sickly live children and deceased children
it's fucking graphic

No. 1372754

Please don’t fucking google it. I made that mistake and I cannot go back now. A lot of the pics are of foetuses, dead babies, severely disabled children and he’s just holding them in weird ways like by their necks.

No. 1372755

i googled it, sorry. This is why i will never have children, you can't trust anyone.

No. 1372870

Lucy Letby is a troon

No. 1372903

Not possible. A troon could never hold down a job in a neonatal ward without raping.

No. 1373117

The thing that annoys me is that some rando claimed they sent the Dr Gloves info to the FBI and they claim the FBI got back to them and told them there is nothing illegal. That is such bullshit because there is /obvious/ desecration of a corpse going on which is very illegal. Also the FBI tips like isn’t a customer service line where they would ever respond to you to tell you they can’t do anything.
Aside from that there are theories that the people in the photos are a two different perps , a man and a woman based on things like the arm hair and eye makeup. People actually dug up enough info that these disgusting people work(ed) at a specific hospital in California and are probably Armenian.

No. 1373471

>son rapes and murders his own sister
>was also planning to kill you
>"uwu my poor little baby I still love you"
>imagine giving birth to your own potential murderer
>imagine living in a world of violence and tragedy and adding to it
>imagine being a boymom

No. 1379279

The last story in this video makes me want to a log so fucking bad. Man tries to rob Uber river (or maybe he successfully does, I'm not sure) and kills her. One of the many reasons I'd never do Uber but it's just so heart breaking. Uber is hardly worth the money to begin with and this lady was being so nice to him and he kills her.. I'm so fucking mad, hope he gets the chair

No. 1379485

File: 1666182671928.jpg (38.91 KB, 448x300, mental-health-street-triage-se…)

at first I was sceptical she did it and it was another use of overblown statistics and scapegoating but reading Letby's texts to colleagues at the time it happened makes me now think she is guilty as sin

>Referring to the end of her own shift earlier the same day, the colleague responded: 'Oh God, he was doing really well when I left.'

Letby then told her: 'Just collapsed very suddenly. Awful. He had really good day on Monday then I took over Monday night'.

The colleague expressed sympathy that Letby was on duty at the time following the death of Baby A, adding: 'I'm sorry it happened when you were taking care of him. You're not having a good run at the moment.'


>One nurse said in a message to Letby: 'There's something odd about that night and the others going suddenly. Odd that we lost three and in different circumstances'.

Letby replied: 'I dunno…Were they that different?'

The colleague then referred to the medical issues of Baby C and Baby D, adding: 'It's (Baby A) I can't get my head around'.


The note she wrote and left in her house after intial arrest (?) struck me less as confession and more as schizo breakdown.

And the facebook searching of some of the parents of the dead babies also doesn't immediately make me think guilty the way the media is almost leading readers down a path to believe. She was apparently a bit of an awkward autist.

The text messages though, man she is so fornicated.


No. 1379488

This reminds me when I let my parents know my brother sexually abused me for years. My parents' reactions were:
>you were confused and didn't know what was happening
My brother semi-confessed to parts of what he did. Then their tune changed to:
>it was consensual sex play
>you are at fault for not telling us during the abusive period
They told my family members it was consensual sex play and that I was a liar. Boymoms suck. They were more worried that my brother was suicidal because of this shit than about whatever happened to me. I was a shitstain that could tell others.

No. 1379489

Isabella Loretta Janke with masking skills and the magical aura of NHS sainthood as cover.

No. 1379494

File: 1666183708081.jpeg (355.19 KB, 640x1047, 680B438A-D002-4C72-9D64-E80CF9…)

No. 1379498

Britbongs try not to tolerate pedos challenge

No. 1379502

i am so sorry, nona. you deserved better

No. 1379505

No. 1379507

File: 1666184924611.png (599.29 KB, 968x749, Screenshot_20.png)

No. 1379510

that's a 22 year old? receding hairline weak chin shit pube beard low testosterone loser lol

No. 1379513

So sorry to hear that anon. Female members of my family also turned against me when I talked about abuse. They’ll do anything to “keep their men”, even sacrifice daughters and female members of their family. I hope you moved on and cut all contact like I did

No. 1379520

File: 1666187037407.jpeg (90.84 KB, 896x573, DF9D27A4-D925-429B-9C72-3328F9…)

I hate men so much it’s unreal
Men can do this shit all day and you’ll still get people defending these roaches

No. 1379524

Yes, I moved away as soon as I could and now I visit them maybe 4 times a year tops, mostly just to see my nieces and nephews. I don't tell my family about my life and keep to myself. I only really began to heal once I got away.

No. 1379602

>"Genco was attending Army Basic Training in Georgia. He was discharged for entry-level performance and conduct"
Calling him useless would be too kind, since he aspired to be a net negative to society
Moids should be aborted asap

No. 1385591

File: 1666678210841.jpg (61.93 KB, 768x432, VTWNYRXGAHHZ4SC2JROLPOOEOA-631…)

This story is beyond horrible, everyone failed this sweet little angel.
RIP Harmony, you deserved so much more than this.
The father is being charged with:
>2nd degree murder (punched her in the head to death- she was only FIVE)
>falsifying physical evidence
>abuse of a corpse
>tampering with a witness (Kayla, his ex wife)
I want to vomit.
The mother waited two years to report Harmony missing- she had long been deceased by then.
This link has a timeline of events. It will make you rage.
The next one mentions a fridge taken as evidence. Pure evil.

No. 1385635

Remember, wimmens are just as ebil as men are

No. 1385648

Yeah don’t forget about LUCY LETBY. Even though she’s not actually even been found guilty yet and all evidence against her is entirely circumstantial….(not saying she didn’t do it but the tranny loves to bring her up in here and the Reddit thread)

No. 1387049

File: 1666801466341.jpeg (1.32 MB, 1170x2391, F839C700-76A0-4B7B-A4D6-170E91…)

I am so happy with this. These SCUM involved in the rochdale grooming gang deserve to be hanged but being deported is second best I guess. Thank god they are being kicked out of the country. I wouldn’t spit on these brown scrotes if they were on fire

No. 1388101

File: 1666873686958.jpg (384.93 KB, 1200x675, 0046f620-62fa-45ae-808c-61e5af…)

>The FBI found 15-year-old Sage on Sept. 2, 2021. She had been kept in a locked room, where she’d been held captive and trafficked for sex after running away from home just over a week before. When the authorities called her mother, Michele, they told her she and her husband Roger could pick her up the next day at Waxter Children’s Center, a girls’ detention facility in Laurel, MD, where she’d been sent after she was kept in the hospital overnight to administer a rape exam.

>So Michele and Roger, overwhelmed with relief, drove from Virginia to Maryland to get her first thing in the morning, their car stuffed with blankets, pillows, her favorite stuffed animals and snacks.

>They arrived at the detention center (“a nice term for ‘jail’,” Michele said, noting there were no criminal charges against Sage), but were told they would not be allowed to see their child, let alone hold her in their arms, with no explanation. Instead, they’d have to appear in court at 4:00PM.

>They had no idea why.

>In court, Michele and Roger were deemed abusive and denied custody, informed that they couldn’t bring the child home. The reason? They had been inconsistent about using Sage’s preferred pronouns, or the name she’d been going by for three weeks.

What the actual fuck


No. 1388103

cope harder, Letbyfag

No. 1388201

Every moid involved in the grooming gangs in this country deserve to be lined up and shot, I have no idea why these disgusting scrotes haven't got what they deserve yet. Probably because this country enables and rewards pedophiles and rapists with a slap on the wrist or turning the other cheek because they're male and fit a certain demographic thus punishing them would be muhphobic. I can only hope the girls can get on with their lives free of the grasp of these degenerate scrotes.

No. 1388301

makes me regret having a kid in this day and age. fml

No. 1388338

Seethe moar agendatranny.

No. 1388383

very tempted to take a flight there and throw acid on him. it is likely he will become a figutive to trnc, they cannot possibly extradite him iirc

No. 1388531

TBH abusive families like to claim they were nothing but loving and this article only presents one side. She would rather stay in the psychiatric facility than live with her family and I sincerely doubt any judge would separate an underage girl from her family exclusively on pronoun usage basis. I don't know, in my opinion there has to be much more to this story than this sad letter

No. 1390099

This. She ran away a week before and ubfortunately got wrapped up in something bigger, kids don't just up and run away if they live in a nice loving home unless they're incredibly retarded.

No. 1390181

Thank you. This article only gave the parents’ perspective, and children rarely run away from happy loving homes where they’re well treated. A lot of details were glossed over here but it says her mother was in jail when Sage was born and she was cycled through foster care, so that alone tells you she was failed on multiple levels by her caregivers before she ever met the groomers. I sympathize with the girl, but fuck the parents.

No. 1390278

Nta but given the amount of aidens who have gender dysphoria due to sex abuse + "michelle and her husband" (implied step father) ((step fathers are far more likely to be abusers than almost anyone)) you could honestly narrow down a very likely possibility here

No. 1390298

nta but parents naming their child Sage should be indicative enough of a troubled household.

No. 1390300

A man suspected for the Delphi murders was arrested, and he’s a pharmacy technician that lives five minutes from the area with the trails. It’s kind of infuriating that he had a job where people would see and hear him daily but it took five years to get him

No. 1390413

You underestimate the power of grooming. A groomer can twist a child mind and turn them against their parents even if they are the most loving individuals. Not saying the parents in this case are good and I don't trust any step father or mother go bring man in her house while their children are still underage.

No. 1390723

Nta but you're right. i think if she ran away the week before then to me that sounds like the traffickers had lured her out to them. That seems far more likely than her just bumping into traffickers after she ran, i see a lot of people who comment on these things without realising that it is astonishingly common for groomers to masquerade as lgbt support systems to take advantage of teenagers competing in the alphabet Olympics. There was one in my city during the 80s that was marketing themselves as a "family" for rejected gay teen boys and absolutely everyone they trapped was sexually abused

No. 1391336

File: 1667083301865.jpg (1.55 MB, 1920x3328, InShot_20221029_183350076.jpg)

I've been following this case closely and it's so infuriating. I can't wait for more details, I need to hear how law enforcement excuses how long this took. Going by what I'm reading on crime forums, it seems like this is who they believe to be Bridge Guy from the released video. I wonder if this guy is in connection to the Kegan Kline guy who was arrested for hosting a CP ring through WhatsApp or whatever - he stated in an interview that he did speak to Libby (one of the murdered girls) thru Whatsapp and admit to trying to solicit pics from her. He was catfishing as a teenage boy. This case disgusts me and makes my head spin I need more answers but the press release isn't until Monday

No. 1391338

Holy shit, I'm just glad it's - most likely? - finally solved… I imagine it's not that easy to actually collect enough evidence to detain someone and police has to be careful, even though circumstantially things may seem obvious for a while; as long as justice will be served and no one else suffered it's going to be a relief honestly that the case is closed

No. 1391342

The case is so chilling. It's going to be terrible to hear the details of these murders when they go to trial

No. 1391357

File: 1667084900600.png (45.68 KB, 656x466, 1.png)

Yeah, it's possible that she was/is actually being abused by her stepfather, or was otherwise unhappy at home, and groomers took advantage of that and easily convinced her of running away. Though there's also the fact that the school was helping her transition without even telling her parents (if it's true). We know how cult-like TRAs are and how much they love convincing children that their parents hate them, and how they promote the idea of a "chosen family" (i.e. a bunch of strangers who are genderspecials) to "trans kids", pic related. It could very well be a combination of all of the above.

No. 1391633

I’m not apart of the ~internet sleuth~ brigade but I was reading through the subreddit and a lot of people were talking about how he was found through Kline because multiple people shared the account that was used to talk to the girls. I really wouldn’t be surprised if they stumbled upon a little pedophile network and that’s why they always refused to mention anything about the account they were speaking with. They said this guy lived five minutes from the trails and was a pharmacist.

No. 1391636

When I was really bored last year I read up a lot on it, it felt like I was seeing vague and contradictory info all the time because of those people who think they’re detectives and try to get involved through forums. It made me feel really, really sick when there was discussion about how the reason they were vague about how the bodies were posed was because they were posed as though doing sexual acts together and one of the girls had a stick shoved up her body. I genuinely cannot imagine what events lead to something so horrible. I hope they find all involved and that they’re murdered in prison in equally or more horrific ways.

No. 1391673

Jesus Christ this is so sad, those poor girls. Idk something about imagining this guy and the horror he possibly inflicted on them is deeply horrific to me, I hope that they've really caught him this time so that the families can finally have a modicum of closure.

No. 1391682

I'm sorry, why the fuck was the child rape victim put in a detention center?

No. 1391737

File: 1667114891802.jpeg (344.18 KB, 828x567, 6B2C5EDA-0300-4C36-BF69-CB4AB7…)

This is stomach churning honestly. The murderer in a fb picture with his wife at a bar with the police sketch of him in the background

No. 1391739

File: 1667115052842.jpeg (342.85 KB, 828x1084, D964C615-E30A-48BD-A881-759B53…)

The source mentioned here is the one that stated he posed the girls like they were having sex and (I believe, I blocked this out heavily) impaled a tree branch up one girls anus. In the photo provided of him, he is wearing his regular walking clothes. That means his wife must have known. People in the town had to have recognized him. He literally lived mints away. That’s so terrifying.

No. 1391740

File: 1667115187820.jpeg (179.69 KB, 828x630, 2667F71A-B5D8-4B4B-A0FD-11400A…)

3/3 but this is the sort of stuff that makes me absolutely scoff that people ever try to pull out the “women are just as evil as men” nonsense. This is monstrous. He doesn’t even look like your stereotypical serial killer. He looks like the dad of some girl you went to elementary school with. The wife had even posted pics of their daughter posing on that bridge in 2018!! What the fuck

No. 1391746

Thread archive, from March 2020 and they were calling him Richard. He was first mentioned by name on 4chan in February 2020. So they’ve known who he was for 2.5 years and couldn’t do anything until now.

No. 1391764

>they were posed as though doing sexual acts together and one of the girls had a stick shoved up her body
Jfc, I was following this case fairly closely and I never read this. Sick fuck.
>they stumbled upon a little pedophile network
Seconding this theory, it was also theorized at one point that there were several perpetrators
>was a pharmacist
He was actually a pharmacy technician

No. 1391775

File: 1667121153829.jpeg (50.99 KB, 530x501, 090E6118-27BC-45D7-B685-40AAF6…)

Sorry for misleading about the pharmacist part. I just cannot for the life of me fathom how or why someone could do something like this. It also goes to show that “we always knew something was wrong with him” doesn’t track most of the time, as any man you know could have committed this and you’d be none the wiser. He literally just looks like the average white stepdad, there are hundreds of thousands of men that look like him. It’s especially frightening given that he posed little girls like that, he didn’t just kill them, he tortured and posed them in an explicit and humiliating way. You would think someone who does something like that would have this air of evil or something and not look like some guy who works at a factory and talks about marvel movies. How his wife stayed with him, I don’t understand. It could be easily implied that he was a part of something bigger, what regular person has the capability to do something so violent unless they’ve consumed media showing that sort of thing or been in a cult of personality that boasts of similar acts? Maybe I’m just reading into it but idk…

No. 1391778

File: 1667121364806.jpg (739.92 KB, 1080x2012, Screenshot_20221030_101331.jpg)

Someone on Reddit claims to have worked with him. Richard was known to be a recovering alcoholic and worked mostly as a shift supervisor. Op also mentions that he was a polite, nice guy and there was nothing suspicious about him

No. 1391804

It is possible that sometimese these impulses don't reach the level of actiontaking for quite some time. Like, for a long time it was satisfying enough for him to just get drunk and fantasize about murder/rape or look up gore pictures or some shit. And these things he could do at home, in privacy and noone would know. But after a while, it was just not satisfying enough and he decided to act on them

No. 1391808

You’re right. I’m mostly wondering how Kline and him intersect though, that’s why I wonder if he had an accomplice. Although totally possible it’s really creepy to think about those incidents being unrelated, them communicating with a pedophile right before being murdered by a completely different one. Chilling to think they knew for almost three years and couldn’t do anything.

No. 1391896

On Reddit they were saying that when Keegan Kline was arrested they took fur samples from his dog, and a few days ago a section of Richard Allen’s yard was dug up, supposedly to collect fur samples from a deceased cat that was buried. It sounds like there was animal hairs at the crime scene but not much else? I hope they give more information on Monday because there is so much speculation and tinfoiling around this case.

No. 1391901

I'm not sure but wasn't a theory of an accomplice put forward by the police even in the very beginning of investigation? The crime itself happened in a fairly short time frame, given how vile it was if the reports are to be believed, it would only make sense there was more than just one person involved. Hope everyone responsible will answer for it.

No. 1391921

ITT: people who don't know what psychopaths are.

No. 1391985

Theory: Kegan was letting people use the Anthony Shots account in exchange for money and this guy was one of his customers.

Btw I found this transcript of Kegan's interrogation: https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://static.foxnews.com/foxnews.com/content/uploads/2022/09/Tx-statement-Kegan-Kline-10-19-2-FINAL-VERSION-Redacted-1-1.pdf&ved=2ahUKEwiKjJqI_of7AhVpgf0HHZoFBgoQFnoECBEQAQ&usg=AOvVaw00uAs0j1rH4gffXaeoCxtQ
He doesn't really say much tbh but you can tell he knows much more than what he confessed to

No. 1392012

>this is the sort of stuff that makes me absolutely scoff that people ever try to pull out the “women are just as evil as men” nonsense.
I wish with every fiber of my being that women would stop lying to girls about males and male intentions. But every bit of modern culture is about grooming self preservation out of girls.
These days I really wonder just how many questionable adults the average internet-connected child has interacted with.

No. 1392157

It’s horrible to think about, and the fact that these two girls were surrounded by these local creeps on top of whoever they share photos with online makes it even worse. When I was in middle school during the 2000s one of my classmates had an “internet boyfriend” and said she lied about his age to her parents, was IM’d by him constantly and got asked weird questions about sex, it absolutely disgusts me looking back at it as an adult

No. 1392182

You don’t have to be condescending about the fact that it creeps people out. Obviously he’s a psychopath. It doesn’t make the situation any less unfathomable. You don’t have to be a cunt.

Yeah I don’t understand how he was able to control both of them, but maybe we will find out. I also think if they were stunned with fear, we’re being threatened with a gun, etc they wouldn’t leave eachother or were too afraid to fight back. Idk it’s really depressing.

No. 1392207

This is plausible to me because I listened to a reading of a long Kegan Kline interview, (check out Murder in America podcast, I think it's their 3rd Delphi installment), it's clear that his strongest motivation is money. He doesn't like work obviously, so him profiting off of his degenerate accounts makes perfect sense to me.

No. 1392230

I was thinking maybe Kegan led them to Richard and they killed them together…? Bridgeguy's voice sounds similar to Kegan's I think

No. 1392642

This is a tinfoil but I wonder if Kegan was the one who namedropped Richard on 4chan. The /tv/ board has a high ratio of pedo posters and that’s where >>1391746 appeared.

No. 1392655

Nah. Kline is a huge fat fuck that maybe leaves the house twice a month. He wouldn’t be able to carry that out. I’m pretty sure he just runs the account and distributes. Not because I’m a professional or because I think I know a lot about the case, but just look at him. That man was not there.

No. 1393069

I can see this being possible

No. 1393076

That was my impression of him as well but in the interrogation he said that he went to Vegas regularly with his dad(although that very well could have been a lie)

No. 1393240

File: 1667227343260.jpg (381.81 KB, 1000x1129, Screenshot_20221031_154057.jpg)

Has anyone else watched the press conference about the Delphi murders? They haven't revealed much, but based on the fact that they are asking for people to keep tipping, and that they called this a 'step in the right direction', this was definitely more than one person and Richard Allen is not willing to confess who the other perpetrator was. I stand by the pedo ring theory

No. 1393245

>this was definitely more than one person
i knew they had this guy in custody but what exactly makes you think it was more than one person?

No. 1393255

>they are asking for people to keep tipping, and that they called this a 'step in the right direction'
If catching one person was enough for this case would police ask for that?

No. 1393256

Sorry, what I meant was is that Allen might have committed the murder alone, but more people might have been involved in connection with the catfish account and luring the kids in. Police said that the investigation is ongoing and they are relying on people's tips so it seems to me that there are still people they are looking for

No. 1393262

okay i see, interesting thing about the account, but tips can still be used to gather evidence that they might not know about richard allen, so it's not necessaruly that they are looking for more people.
see above.

No. 1393300

It was released a while ago that they believe the bodies were 'moved and staged' before they were discovered. They had lost alot of blood and that blood wasn't at the scene. So when I heard that Allen is only 5"4 that got me wondering how he pulled that off exactly. Two bodies, one of the girls was big for her age. Then you have Kegan Kline sitting in jail rn still holding onto the names of others who used that catfish account. People are speculating that Kline might've made a deal and given up the names of other men. I don't know about that but yhey were searching around Klines former home lately. An article about him from a month ago says
>Pedophile suspect in Delphi murders complains he's having a hard time in jail, he demands cash for interviews and is trying to solicit sexual favors from women who write to him as cops search the river near his Indiana home

No. 1393327

Yeah, I also heard that Kline might have ratted out Allen

No. 1393544

I want to know why he staged the girls and left them like that, it’s clearly an extremely sick thing to do and shows no remorse afterwards. I hate speculating about this kind of stuff and true crime has become embarrassing, but you would think if someone was doing some sort of first time “impulse” attack he wouldn’t go out of his way to do all that sick shit as well, right? It’s just hard to imagine one man being able to do that out in the open, and if the blood was never found, how was he able to move not one but two girls to an entirely different location without help. I can’t imagine it was the Kline dude, he looks like he can’t walk from one room to another without having to sit down.

No. 1393951

File: 1667271220958.png (277.52 KB, 974x915, 5465465643.png)

A 16 year old gave birth after her mother forced her to artificially inseminate herself with sperm. The mother only went to jail for 5 years.


No. 1393981

>She had chosen not to give birth herself because of a health condition and had undergone an elective sterilisation.
This is genuinely making me a little pissed. That woman is sick and clearly has some complex about not being able to have kids if she wanted to adopt so many. Maybe people who adopt and do AI/IVF should have to go through mental health screening or something.

No. 1394111

>In a week-long hearing, held in private, the judge heard there were four occasions when the local authority, which cannot be named, was alerted to the mother's inappropriate behaviour towards her children but did not find cause for concern. A serious case review into the case is due to be published next month.
This is why I have no faith in the system, four fucking times. You can call and call whatever you want, have multiple neighbours call in, anonymous tips, it all does nothing. Post the wrong thing online (not even alogging tier shit, but regular muh transphobia), do something against a rich person or company, they're on your doorstep before the end of the day.
>The mother, described as "highly articulate", and who "loves the children and they undoubtedly love her", had isolated the family.
Sounds more like Stockholm syndrome
>On two of those occasions, a neighbour, worried about the children's isolation and the mother's shouting and swearing, had called. On another, the mother's GP raised concerns about who was looking after the children when the mother was admitted to hospital for a month.
They never believe neighbours and now even when it's out in the open, just five years prison sentence. Sounds short enough that she would just do it again. Will they at least force her to get psychiatric help?

No. 1394498

One of the reasons the police are useless is because they spend most of their time dealing with the end results of the neglect further up.

No. 1394763

And because they consist mostly of moids who don’t actually give a fuck…?

No. 1395134

File: 1667350103014.png (996.76 KB, 1531x784, Screenshot (1511).png)

No. 1395139

Didn’t this kid have an edgy instagram page? If this is the same one I’m thinking of? Back in like 2016 or something there was a bunch of instagram meme pages and he wa some of them.

No. 1402613

>Stalks a woman
>her father threatens him to leave her alone.
>calls the police
>Says that he is allowed to stalk that woman because he thinks women love being raped.

No. 1402618

>says that he wants to turn the lesbian woman he is stalking ''straight''
>makes a threat saying bad shit happens when women dont come to terms with themselves.

Also his channel is a goldmine of weird incel shit.

No. 1402622

And of course the best the pigs can do is say "Well this woman doesn't have a rape fetish" and let him go on about his day
anyone else see that blind guy get arrested for being rude? Where the fuck was that energy for this walking red flag?

No. 1402624

that abrasive, sneering sing-song voice of the true autist

No. 1402629

he got arrested today but only because this video went viral on social media (twitter, reddit, facebook) and everyone kept contacting the police department where he lived so he is now in custody for stalking and harassment.
Imagine if the video never went viral, he would have still been a free man doing shit like this until one day its too late and he ends up killing someone.

I wonder how long he'll be in custody.

No. 1402631

he posted a manifesto

No. 1402637

yeah he's going to rape and murder her when he gets out
I'm betting they keep him for no longer than two weeks

No. 1402646

File: 1668041407142.jpg (26.72 KB, 853x480, imgonline-com-ua-FrameBlurred-…)

oh hes definitely going to be more bitter and resentful now that he got arrested. I would watch out if i lived near him.

>Public interest in the videos led to the involvement of the FBI in an investigation against Yerkes. “During the investigation it was determined that Mr. Yerkes was making unsolicited contact with a co-worker,” Lenoir City Police wrote in a statement. “It was further found that he was posting on several social media sites, including YouTube, making threats of violence.” Jacob Yerkes currently faces charges for aggravated stalking and harassment, though police say that more charges are possible.

Sad how the police only cared because it became public interest, i guess if you are a moid you can stalk away as long as you dont become viral. Like the police in >>1402613 did not even arrest him or anything instead all they told him was to leave her alone like he would listen.

No. 1402647

File: 1668041523284.png (349.76 KB, 722x612, sad.png)

Here is the reason why he was arrested, because a video of that video went viral on twitter wuth 8 million views so the police were pressured into doing something.
Also people kept tagging the account of that police department.

No. 1402649

his twitter is also very schizo and religious ramblings if anyone wants to look at it before his account gets taken down.

No. 1402654

This is a fucking nightmare for that poor girl; none of those charges are enough to keep him locked up, he's going to get out in a month at the very most
She needs to move away and change her name

No. 1402661

oh, of course he's a nazi too

No. 1402663

File: 1668042145070.png (169.44 KB, 552x852, llll.png)

he has been harassing women for a while now

No. 1402677

this is how the average male thinks btw, males all the time say they don’t get why women are traumatised by rape when all of them fantasize about it. mras think a male getting raped is worse than a woman being raped because it’s “ emasculating”, the existence of the word “ emasculation “ and its opposite “ feminisation “ proves how women aren’t seen as people. society doesn’t respect women dignity that’s why people are more empathetic towards men most people seem to think women never feel humiliated rape is humiliating as well for women.

No. 1402679

she’s probably not a woman but an underage girl

No. 1402681

its a woman, surprisingly. She was one of his past coworkers and he started stalking her.

No. 1402682

the justice system is useless a man can get away easily with rape i remember incels talking about how its easy to rape

No. 1402684

if they let him out he will either kill her or become a mass shooter

No. 1402691

File: 1668043815297.png (84.33 KB, 231x275, 1640063892921.png)

yeah a non insignificant number of guys (not to namalt but really not all of them in this case) posture like they are against rape, and on a conscious level they would say they are, but subconsciously they can't help but think "why can't she just shut up and take it". like you said, they only react viscerally to men being raped bc they see it as women's 'duty' so to speak. deeply depressing, nothing we can do about it, just try to keep this idea in mind and stay safe.

No. 1402767

all women should seriously consider getting guns and learning atleast 1 martial art

No. 1402790

File: 1668049074206.jpg (113.26 KB, 794x936, Capture.JPG)

Stalker cases are an interest to me. and after reading and watching about dozens of them, I've come to the conclusion that the only way you can live freely as a woman if a man stalks you is to end him. Police will barely do anything unless he kills you. Theres even a case of a woman stalked where the man used gasoline and lit the exit to her apartment on fire and she survived with burns and he was back, out on parole stalking her again withing a few years. fuck the police, you have to save your own life

No. 1402799

Stalking cases are terrifying because women always end up either dead or have to flee the state /country to get away. Police are useless

No. 1402818

Do you have any recommendations on martial arts?

No. 1402821

File: 1668051107502.png (988.73 KB, 1024x682, Pieper_Lewis_in_Court.png)

"Iowa teen who killed rapist being held in jail after escape"

Pieper Lewis is a sex trafficking victim who stabbed a frequent "customer" to death after she was forced by her pimp to have sex with this man again. He had been rough and cruel to her in the past and raped her. Note that the article headline says teen. Lewis is 18 now and was 15 when she stabbed her rapist. She was sentenced to five years of probation, forced to wear an ankle monitor in case she escaped, sentenced to 600 hours of community service, and forced to pay $150,000 of restitution to her rapist's family since he was a "victim." A GoFundMe did successfully cover the costs of her restitution, but it's absurd she had to pay anything in the first place. It also annoys me that the article describes her rapist as "37-year-old Zachary Brooks, a married father of two" as if he's just some local, upstanding guy who just made a bit of a mistake. Boys will be boys, y'know? She cut off her ankle monitor and ran away from the women's shelter where she was supposed to serve five years time. She was caught, and is likely going to be placed in jail for violating probation.

There are men who've shot and killed strangers on their property who turned out to be people with no weapons or ill intentions, yet they managed to get a self-defense verdict successfully and walk away without issue.

And people wonder "why don't women who've been sex trafficked just walk away????" Because they're often treated like criminals for trying to escape, that's why. It was only in the past couple of decades that women who were victims of sex trafficking in America stopped being charged with prostitution. That's right. There were YOUNG TEENAGERS who ran away, found a policeman, told him her whole sad story about what happened to her, and ended up being convicted and put in jail for prostitution.

No. 1402822

You could literally google this yourself but brazilian jiu jitsu is the most practical especially for women. (smaller opponent taking down a bigger one aka most men)

No. 1402828

Of course this psycho wanted to become a cop.

No. 1402932

File: 1668059877747.png (223.14 KB, 500x470, mentally handicapped.png)

>but don't she have free will to be controlled by her father?
This is a comedy skit. The males arguing is too much. And why does he randomly say "I think she should do porn"? the fuck? His car rant is disturbing too.

No. 1403069

Free her immediately
This makes me so mad but I'm happy people covered the cost for her on a gofundme, it's fucking shameful that they wanted her to pay the rapists family. I'm sure the family has a bunch of excuses as to why their disgusting pedophilic dead son/husband/father is some great person who just made a mistake but at the end of the day he's just a dead rapist, and that's a good thing. No amount of white knighting will change that, rest in piss motherfucker. Good for her, she did the world a favor.

No. 1403229

The police force will punish you severely and swiftly if you escape rape. Keep thinking they’re on your side, it only butters Big Scrote’s bread.

No. 1403311

Self defense should be more lenient for women, men get away with it all the time and face no charges after literally killing people and taking no action to remove themselves from the situation, they live for conflict. But women get nitpicked and jailed because well you didn’t HAVE to do it even if your life is at risk almost like the criminal moids life is valued more because men empathize with them vs the woman protecting herself.

No. 1403726

Aannnnd today he privated his videos, i wonder if the police told him to private them.

No. 1403732

No. 1403768

And black lives matter will be silent on her plight because she isn't a moid and her issues can't be used to make a case male victimhood, they don't care about the police being shit unless it's towards men because the founder is a pathetic pickmeisha scam artist. I hate that i would have only heard about this from either an obscure youtuber or here, she needs to be freed. He should be paying HER.

Hadn't this gone viral the police would have allowed it to escalate. I hate that women are forced to rely on an institution that hates women to protect them.

No. 1405803

File: 1668206230775.jpg (245.79 KB, 1053x1065, SmartSelect_20221111_173416_Ch…)


This made me sick to my stomach. Reading the girlfriend's final moments with her boyfriend. She was probably drunk and had no way of explaining her symptoms properly. If I were the boyfriend, I definitely would have called the police but he can't blame himself. I know others will though. Fuck.

Him texted her: "How are you feeling?" in the morning reminded me of my friend and how he would check on me if I said I was sick. It's just so sad knowing she's not going to respond.

This is just another depiction of why Airbnb is quite shit now. There are no regulations on things like carbon monoxide or fire detectors.

No. 1406165

File: 1668240364594.jpg (123.32 KB, 1053x535, Screenshot_20221112_090346.jpg)

No. 1411382

File: 1668627381602.jpeg (221.28 KB, 828x605, B0CE5498-40D3-45C5-A90F-5FBBB5…)

Stabbings always disturb me, especially when it’s in peoples own living space. 4 students got killed and they have no clue who or why yet. Shooting someone is one thing but to personally stab multiple people to death is fucking vicious, there’s footage showing two girls right before it happens and they’re just drunk getting food like anyone else would.

No. 1411401

I was wondering when someone would talk about this ITT, it's so creepy. No answers so far and the twitch vod is super unsettling to watch knowing what will happen to the two only moments later.
God that's so sad, I hated airbnb from the moment it came onto the market, I'd much rather stay in a hotel.

No. 1411407

Stabbing is more disturbing because you physically are plunging and pulling the knife out of a person. Usually seen as more personal. I don't blame other students for leaving early. It's fucked up and I hope the police catches the person(s?) involve.

No. 1411443

This is so tragic, I bet the bf kills himself from guilt

No. 1411483

how the fuck are they able to say that there's no danger to the community when they don't know who did it? how can they say the motive when they don't know who did it? i don't blame the students leaving, that's fucked. i feel so sorry for their families.

No. 1411506

File: 1668636939969.png (Spoiler Image, 1.82 MB, 1260x966, Screen Shot 2022-11-16 at 2.14…)

I just saw this photo of the house where the murders took place, there is blood dripping on the OUTSIDE of the house because there was so much blood that it seeped through the walls. Holy fucking fuck.

No. 1411508

The authorities are not doing anything about this, she was tied up by her husband and left to burn in her house.
In a video filmed by bystanders who were filming her burn alive you can see her hanged to something and screaming at her husband while the house is burning.

This is why you are careful on marrying because the authority's dont give a fuck about domestic abuse or femicide.

No. 1411510

Holy shit

No. 1411557

Shanquella Robinson
>Entire friend group set her up. Went on a trip to mexico with them & this woman (picrel) killed her by beating her to death. Whilst the others stood by recording it happen, one man (one of her friends) told her to "fight back" to which she replied 'noo'. Shanquella kept her hands in front of her face and didn't fight back. I've seen some screenshots from the video and one of the friends was facetiming someone & showing them her getting beat up.
>One of her friends (known each other for 5 years) lied to her mother saying she was drunk & slept it off but when mexican medics try to resuscitate her & fail, he calls again saying it's alcohol poisoning
>They leave a day early & leave her body in Mexico.
>All of them continued to lie & say she died from alcohol poisoning but the autospy results came out and said she died from a broken spinal cord, neck & rib.

No. 1411560

File: 1668640103583.jpg (63.74 KB, 750x465, FhprBDJX0AQSuA3.jpg)

doublepost picrel is her killer idk why it didnt show up. anyways this entire thing is horrifying. a friend of five fucking years. she was hitting her head so hard & when she smacked her against the bed post i think thats when she killed her because her body language was very different.

No. 1411598

awful and sad. friends of 5 years. Sometimes you really don't know people.. or maybe it was over something petty.. either way awful

No. 1411631

Press conference update: still no suspect and they now said they can’t be sure that there is no threat to the community…yikes. But there was no sign of forced entry. Also two other residents were in the house at the time but weren’t hurt, people have said it’s suspicious but those two could’ve been locked in their own room hungover out of their mind and not known anything happened until the next afternoon when the police were already called. Knife attacks aren’t always like movies where you kick and scream dramatically, factor in being drunk after partying until 2 am and it’s not a huge feat to kill someone in that state, actually way sneakier than something like a gun.

No. 1411674

Jesus, horrifying. I hate when cops say there is no threat in cases like this where they truly dont know shit

No. 1411693

Once I heard the tip line was open I knew we weren’t hearing anything positive yet. Cue all the Reddit detectives who make shit up in their mind and take up resources convincing authorities to look into things with no evidence. It shows they’re really grasping for anything which is disappointing imagining this person could get away with something so majorly violent.

No. 1411721

i wonder if the killer knew there were others asleep upstairs? if not being drunk and passed out probably saved their lives. absolutely terrifying. also it strikes me as negligence the cops said there was no risk when they didn't know, like you could at least tell people to keep their doors locked.

No. 1411834

I heard a rumor that one of the girls had a stalker. If that truly is the case I hope this is some kind of push to pass a better law against such predators.

No. 1412007

File: 1668689666782.jpg (661.78 KB, 828x1080, RDT_20221117_06525890366527483…)

No. 1412240


No. 1412547

no suspect? what about the guy in the white hoodie that was acting a bit weird? didnt order any food and followed the girls after they left

No. 1412885

About the Idaho university murders, coroner just confirmed the victims were found in their beds and had multiple stab wounds to the chest. What evil psycho do you have to be to kill sleeping people, like what explanation could there be for that? Hopefully it’s not a serial killer who gets off on literal defenseless targets

No. 1412897

I was thinking they must have all been asleep and drunk considering they were out at a party and bar beforehand and it was 3 or 4am. One of the victim’s fathers is saying she had bruises and injuries showing she put up a fight beforehand though.

No. 1412906

I found that interesting too, I don’t know anything about injuries on dead bodies but I wonder if they could really know if the bruising was related to fighting back or just the result of being killed. I doubt you could fight back much when you’re woken in the middle of the night with a knife in your chest. It’s sad I think this may go unsolved for a while, it seems like there was no surveillance and minimal leads. The students who didn’t leave campus must be freaked after hearing all the new info the last few days.

No. 1412917

Yeah I’m not sure if the dad is misinterpreting what the coroner told him, but it’s something to think about. I know a lot of people can’t believe that someone was able to murder four people in a house with a knife and slip away without even the other roommates noticing, but similar scenarios have happened before. Like with Bundy.

No. 1412936

It seems normal that most people would hear noise from college roommates and assume it’s partying or messing around not that a murderer is there actively killing them. I’ve screamed at the top of my lungs in my apartment multiple times and not once did the upstairs or next door neighbors even knock or check on anything. And if you’re stabbed you don’t necessarily make much noise because the pain and shock is so overwhelming.

No. 1413158

I just watched this….this guy is absolutely suspicious, and those girls are obviously in the position of having this guy stick to them all night, but wanting to drop him. You can see it in the body language and they even run away when he's not looking after they get their food. I don't interact the entire time but you can tell he's following them wherever they go and they are obviously drunk and stumbling around. If anyone else is on to this besides the Gray Hughes guy who posted this video (I know he's real big on the Delphi case as well). I wonder if they've figured out who this guy is and zeroed in on him at least

No. 1413200

Definitely they checked into that and have talked to the food truck workers already. Every true crime obsessed keyboard detective on Reddit has posted about calling into the tip line because they’re so sure the creepy guy in a few minutes of footage did it, I hope it’s that simple but it could very well be a coincidence based on only a few minutes of footage from that whole night.

No. 1413219

For some reason you reminded me of the white wizard from lord of the rings. He was a military vet and talked about the noise people make when people get stabbed from first hand exp. They wanted him to scream in the film when he does and he refused because he said that’s not the noise people make. That getting stabbed knocks the air out of you.

No. 1413750

File: 1668817411723.jpg (196.76 KB, 745x865, Capture.JPG)

foster care is honestly a horrible system that fails more kids than it helps. I'd seriously rather see money go towards well-run orphanages than send children from one abuser to the next

No. 1413782

This. The foster care system, at least in the US, is an absolute nightmare.

No. 1414042

File: 1668851410196.jpeg (198.72 KB, 560x881, 2F79C191-BEE2-4C38-8092-21704B…)

same in the UK. Also don’t forget Germany and it’s little “social experiments”…

No. 1414543

File: 1668885617233.png (359.09 KB, 482x1254, fucked.png)

Some 15 year old girl mowed down a guy on purpose with her friends. Her friend said that she laughed at how his body flew up in the air when she hit him. It's called a "thrill kill" apparently. She pulled over, looked at his body, and left him. They found his corpse later on. He was coming back from a 15 mile run and was less than 2 miles from home. In the news video his wife is heartbroken and filled with rage that the girl is only being tried as a minor. Additionally, the girl hid out for weeks for fear of consequences. This is just so fucked up it actually made me cry.

No. 1414545

I was wondering if the girl was middle eastern/south asian, here its super common for rich kids to accidently kill people while thrill driving, one of the highest paid actors in bolltwood Salman Khan has killed 2 people(1 in a driving incident and 1 he actually shot and another in a hunting incident), would be closest equivalent if Will Smith had murdered 2 people

No. 1414552

>Kasama Smith
I think you're right

No. 1414735

Empathy is declining on average and I truly blame the internet

No. 1415600

File: 1668966327376.png (191.6 KB, 562x1003, 142.png)

>blame somethingawful
this the main reason I have zero empathy for lowtax and merrily piss on his grave

No. 1417188

that wouldn't surprise me tbh. as soon as i saw who was killed i immediately wondered if it was some weird incel and the guy just happened to be there. then again they were all asleep and the other two room mates were fine… idk, this is such a disturbing case. apparently they had a keypad entry on their door and they would give out the code to friends

evil, this reminds me of those two boys who tortured a 6 year old.

No. 1421455


This is why I don't walk on the street. This may sound like common sense but i live in burgerland and most neighborhoods have no sidewalks, so most people walk and jog on the street and just trust that the retarded teen drivers wont run them over.

No. 1421459

Keypad entry doors are unsafe as a whole and pretty easy to bypass whether you are given the key or not unfortunately

No. 1421496

late but god anon what is wrong with you? what if that was a male relative of yours? or even a female for that matter. you are fucked up!!

No. 1421505

That's just what rich people are like. Anyone with a net worth over a billion dollars has murdered at least one person for sport.

No. 1421597

Need to go back to parading them on the streets and throwing tomatoes

No. 1427987

File: 1669871019987.jpg (158.48 KB, 1396x785, d0d515aa-fe8c-4cb1-a842-13b97b…)

>ugly retard causes problems her whole life, becomes jealous of relative being cared for by her mom
>beheads her loving, caring mom
>keeps being a dumbass in prison
>father nowhere in sight
hate it

No. 1427993

No. 1428008

File: 1669872676209.jpg (1.06 MB, 1431x2416, Screenshot_20221130_103655_Fir…)

I wonder how many people are sitting in jail cells rn getting starved over a game of footy or not wearing hijab

No. 1428017

NTA but Jessica Callimeri.

No. 1428045

You forgot when she walked around with her mother's head and exposed her neighbours to her horrific acts. The call to the police was sickening.

No. 1428058

I can take one look at that guy and tell you it’s a good thing he’s dead.

No. 1428071

I don't really like the fact that his fiance was likely traumatised.

No. 1428075

He’s going to be portly and balding in a few years anyway. Look at that hairline. She can get an upgrade.

No. 1428111

Nta but I would be very sad…

No. 1428113

She also decapitated her mother while her little cousin/nephew was in the house trying to stop her. He saw everything and I doubt he's going to turn out well. It's a rare case where a woman retard is violent.

No. 1428118

what the fuck is wrong with you freaks

No. 1428135

It just sounds like you are lowkey bootlicking the Iranian government at this point.

No. 1428154

File: 1669883767430.jpeg (59.65 KB, 950x396, 1664917479404.jpeg)

I don't wanna come across like I'm whitewashing what she did, but she literally had an IQ of 55, that's an IQ level range lower then most 8 year olds, she was basically a child with the body of an adult who had spend years watching violent slashser films, I don't think she can even comprehend what she did

No. 1428167

The Iranian government is the way that it is because of scrotes. We should evacuate all the women and girls and let the men and boys devour each other.

No. 1428187

File: 1669886391492.jpg (55.87 KB, 594x390, gettyimages-665169986-594x594.…)

This is why I hate western feminists at times, your retarded fatsoc understanding of the world, you bother to learn nothing of the wrodl and only give retarded unrealistic solutions to questions no one ever asked you
the situation in Iran before the revolution was complex, while 15% of the women might have enjoyed a westernized lifestyle, most of the country's population were still peasants living in unbearable poverty, while the Shah let the resources of Iran be taken by foreign oil companies, the Shah had also locked up communists, socialists and even ethnic nationalists who went against his rule, when people finally had enough and overthrow the Shah it was the mullahs leading the revolution cause everyone else had already been locked up, like I'm not defending the Islamists(I hate them more then you can fathom) but I think this premise that the Iranian revolution happened cause conservative people were just mad about progress is both outright false and gets used in a lot of false narratives
the people don't risk their lives over meaningless bullshit, they protest cause they were starving and their children starving

No. 1428190

Not only was she severely mentally retarded, but apparently she also had multiple mental illnesses to top it off. Talk about a ticking time bomb. Waste of oxygen.

No. 1428193

It the crazy baiting tranny, don't respond to it.

No. 1428218

sounds pakichan to me

No. 1428225

what are you on about, I would never say anything that would insult people that are suffering under the Islamic regime

No. 1428234

I love you paki-chan!!

No. 1428257

reading up about her its like she was a spoiled toddler but with the body of an adult, that doesn't justify what she did, but leaving her alone with an old and weak woman was always gonna lead to some sort of incident, I get the mother trying to do the "right thing" but she was violent from a young age and no matter how many exorcisms you put your kid through its not going to fix mental retardation,