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File: 1649467504786.jpeg (402.93 KB, 1212x800, 64611F83-F27F-4871-902B-770227…)

No. 1128291

After a grueling week of unwarranted slappening comments, and celebs continuing to prove they exist on a completely different level of privilege from ourselves, we have another bad bonanza served up and ready to go. This is probably the milkiest it's been in a while! Before we hit half a centennial, let's have one last rendezvous of idiocy. We are all idiots here >>1123376

>>1118620 farmhands would like to remind users ITT that racebaiting and excessive derailing are in fact bannable offenses

Last thread…
>Doja Cat's freak out is speculated to be related to a cocaine bender >>1117346
>Ezra Miller, dubbed they/them Willy Wonka by twitter >>1118885 has his offenses make Hawaiian news after he spends copious amounts of time theorizing islanders >>1117356
>appearance sperging over Anok Yai >>1117380
>Bruce Willis retires from acting following a diagnosis with cognitive disorder >>1117396
>Jim Carrey threatens to retire from acting to push NFTs of his shitty paintings, Carreyfags are on suicide watch >>1127614
>God punishes Jim Carrey's online algorithm for his misdeeds >>1117881
>Discussion of JC and EM's aging. It's drugs
>Ezra's antics attract multiple fans who thereby deem themselves Ezrafags >>1127559
>someone manifests Ezra going on a killing spree >>1118997
>You think you can fix these men, girls. You can't. You can assume they're lurking LC all you want, it's not going to fedex them to your house kek
>Kim and Kanye have a moment of pacifism and attend their kids' soccer game together >>1117397
>Mel Gibson brought up during slapgate discourse >>1117542
>Continuously pointing out the hypocrisy of various people who act traumatized by the slap who have far done worse than slap people
>Blac Chyna caught lying about child support and being forced to give up her assets >>1117641
>Ezra Miller's first assault was triggered by A Star is Born OST song "Shallow" >>1117831
>Lizzo announces her line of shapewear >>1117899
>Video of Julia Fox singing badly to Lana Del Rey unearthed >>1117949
>Chloe Cherry ditches porn, but not her lips >>1118175 one down, one to go
>(c)rapper chan returns >>1118206
>parallels drawn between LC's own resident Shayna and Chloe Cherry >>1118395
>Tom Parker of The Wanted dies of a brain tumor >>1118565
>Doja announces she's taking a break >>1118718
>Sky Ferreira's sophomore album finally contracted to see the light of day, 2013 tumblr girls rejoice >>1118768
>Dont forget to support Sky when it comes out. If it comes out.
>Harry Styles has none in his tawdry new greased up fashion look for his forthcoming album >>1118999
>Seriously Harry, stop with the sissy shit
>Will Smith resigns from the Academy over the slappening >>1121883
>Madonna's plastic surgery has advanced her to the final evolution of yassification >>1122440
>Doja reappears at the Grammys >>1122559
>Grammys looks are boring
>Serial masturbator Louis CK somehow allowed to come back at the Grammys and wins best comedy album >>1122788
>Lady Gaga's botox out of control >>1122791
>BTS ratmys sperg over Olivia Rodrigo sitting next to one of the group members >>1122843
>Cardi B fights with fans on twitter >>1123527
>Cardi's violent history is brought up >>1123572
>Sadly not the start of grammygate
>Barbie Ferreira gains weight, whereas her friend Kiernan Shipka looks emaciated and sports disfiguring lip fillers >>1124796
>Julien Assenge gets married to his 15 year younger girlfriend >>1124798
>The Weeknd releases Out of Time video at a very bad time, to accusations of Asian fetishization and fresh off Jim Carrey's controversy train >>1124849
>Jennette Mccurdy slams narcissistic and abusive dead mom in the title of her memoir >>1124882 sparking a moral debate
>Anon almost dumps false news Ariana is pregnant. She isn't. But where did that shooped pic come from? >>1124940
>Grammys blind item speculates one of the female acts who didn't show up to the Grammys is pregnant however
>Deuxmoi, now less blind item dropper and more of a pasta sauce eater, flames over the diff between A-DList >>1125066
>Absurd blind item about celeb afraid of squirrels assumed to be Skitzy Ezra >>1125074
>TIL Megan Fox has alien thumbs >>1125131
>odd couple Kourtney K and Travis Barker tie the knot >>1125499
>Peat Davidson seen driving with north in a golf cart. Kanye IG posts in 3… 2… 1… >>1125758
>Blind item entails A-list actor who's been in the news is lying about his age. Speculation online includes Slapper Smith, They/Them Willy Wonka and Worn Burlap Handbag Sean Penn >>1125950
>Discussion of Pete and Kate Beckinsales relationship, blind item says he possibly hooked up with her daughter
>How does hobo Pete keep pulling all these women when he looks like he showers once a month?
>Demi Lovato alludes to DDLG with gross caption >>1126899
>Discourse over how women are cancelled easily in comedy while men are welcomed back with open arms. Welcome to the chauvinistic genre of entertainment
>A happy Lindsay Lohan recounts her look book >>1127187
>Videos of Ezra having what appears to be some combination of a manic and psychotic episode reposted for our viewing horror and amusement >>1127190
>Why did we shift discussion towards Ezra's feet?
>You are all so fucking weird. Why am I still here. Anyway, enjoy this recap.

No. 1128293

File: 1649467691490.jpeg (653.18 KB, 960x1792, 15794549-2A46-423A-9360-742356…)

previous thread >>>/ot/1117327

No. 1128296

File: 1649467966889.jpeg (106.86 KB, 828x683, 63329C8C-D176-46AA-A8C5-DB162F…)


No. 1128305

But jada can be invited and she can bring him as her plus one still right?

No. 1128313

They're trying too hard to get the public’s attention.

No. 1128320

If it wasn’t for the slap nobody would have even cared about the academy awards

No. 1128326

Are they trying to get him to kermit? This is so stupid, the man is cucked in every way.

No. 1128343


anons he already has the reward, has a lot of money, and probably can still act in movies. even if he loses his prestige or whatever he can always sellout and use his likeness in trashy commercials like all irrelevant actors do. no one gives a fuck about the oscars or their stupid “punishment” kek

No. 1128375

Anyone else seen the video of Will Smith looking terrified, telling his wife not to film him, and her saying something about a woman helping their relationship? I don't know how to post videos but its viral on Twitter right now if anyone can do it

No. 1128379

wtf seriously? A 10 year ban for a slap? He doesn't even need the oscars.

No. 1128380

File: 1649478488349.webm (1.45 MB, 460x258, aLOBOODwsXRWdTk-.webm)

No. 1128401

But Polanskis cool and should be forgiven because he make good movies hur dur. I fucking hate hollywood. They care more about Chris Rock getting hit then predators.

No. 1128403

i keep seeing videos like this posted, but this smells so much of making the woman the bad guy here. It's all over incel/mra communities with them blaming Jada for it and saying she's controlling him. He's a grown ass man and if anyone here has read his autobiography you'd know he has 0 issue expressing himself. For example he set his ex-gfs clothes on fire on her front lawn when she wore a dress around his friends he found "disrespectful". He also smashed all the windows in her house when she broke up with him. It's really hard for me to accept the "poor little will" story line knowing this shit. His Dad spent Will's childhood beating the crap out of his Mother and he still says he loves his Father and all this MRA-lite bullshit about masculinity and being the bread winner.

No. 1128414

“Esther, come help us again please. I'm still dealing with foolishness” camera pans back over to Will

I’m not a fan of either of them but that’s queen shit tbh, lol

No. 1128433

File: 1649486429037.jpeg (133.08 KB, 1400x1400, perel-where-should-we-begin.jp…)

If anyone's wondering, the woman in question is a psychotherapist who specializes in relationship problems. It seems like Will is one of those people who still feels stigmatized about getting professional help
Btw my ESL ass first thought she was saying 'Astaire' kek

No. 1128454

threadpic is art holy shit lmao

No. 1128464

Thank you for saying this anon, I've seen a ton of misogyny towards Jada lately and it's driving me crazy. People have been pulling old clips to show proof of how "awful" and "abusive" Jada is and saying Will is a victim. I even had a male co-worker who insisted the whole thing was her fault and she probably forced Will to slap Chris. A grown man assaulted another grown man on national television and somehow it's all 100% a woman's doing? I know the world hates women but jesus christ. I guess since Will acts more likable than her people want to make her the villian while ignore that Will is a very flawed human as well. Not saying Jada's never done anything wrong, but let's not pretend that this isn't more about sexism than caring about his mental state.

No. 1128465

terrified? i mean annoyed maybe, but he barely has an expression

No. 1128482

File: 1649491312776.jpg (345.16 KB, 842x505, TheDegradationOfMales.jpg)

No. 1128484

he was always ugly

No. 1128494

seriously i never understood the hype.
everyone in 1d was ugly af (except zayn but hes a psycho scrote)

No. 1128496

random related story but I was listening to a podcast and they said they knew someone who worked with Will for a movie or something and went to his home. A family member of Will's happened to be there visiting and Jada introduced him and then Will started screaming at her for not introducing him respectfully enough. If he does something that weird in front of a random that's working with him what does he do when he's alone with Jada?

No. 1128503

Will is a multi-millionaire that has decades in the industry under his belt, 2 marriages, and 3 kids. He also has more name power than Jada. No one is controlling this msn besides his own ego and he deserves his ban

No. 1128505

Literally the only pic he looks cute in is 2011

No. 1128511

File: 1649492899093.png (416.09 KB, 479x667, Screenshot.png)

Online fans petition for 'The Flash' actor Grant Gustin replace embattled Ezra Miller


>Fans are moving as fast as the speed of lightning to call for “The Flash” star Grant Gustin to replace embattled Ezra Miller in the upcoming WB film adaption of the DC superhero.

>Miller, 29, who identifies as nonbinary and uses they/them pronouns, has caught fire from Warner Bros. studio heads after they were arrested on March 28 in Hawaii for disorderly conduct and harassment.
>Gustin, 32, has portrayed Barry Allen/The Flash on the CW series of the same name since 2014, and the show was recently renewed for a ninth season. Miller’s “The Flash” movie was set to be released sometime in 2023.
>The “Perks of Being a Wallflower” actor’s future with the film hangs in the balance, as Warner and DC executives held an emergency meeting on March 30 to discuss the arrest.
>The conclusion of the assembly was to pause all future projects involving Miller and any public appearances they are scheduled to make for the action flick.

No. 1128514

Damn that's long. Does he have shoes in several sizes? Does he always wear shoes a size bigger?

No. 1128519

I can't even imagine how furious the studio execs are, they've trying to make this movie since 2014 and are so close to releasing it but over the years ezra has proven to be more and more of a fuck up. There were petitions to have Grant do the role instead when Ezra was announced almost a decade ago and now the studio probably wishes they did make the switch lol.

Also isn't he in the new fantastic beasts film? That's gotta be another blow for warner bros. between the anti-jkr crowd, people bitter about them firing johnny depp, and now possibly having to write out/recast ezra's character in the future films, this franchise seems more troubled than it's worth in terms of damage control.

(Side note: i love how if you search his name the first things in the autocomplete are 'gender' and 'pronouns'. Dude committed a whole crime and people are so focused on his identity and scrambling to make sure they don't misgender lmao)

No. 1128530

File: 1649495909473.jpg (211.3 KB, 720x614, 20220409_103317.jpg)

No. 1128531

File: 1649495951157.jpg (105.23 KB, 720x429, 20220409_103242.jpg)

An interesting response I found in the replies

No. 1128532

File: 1649496039375.jpg (99.42 KB, 1074x1074, IMG_20220409_102905.jpg)

And this is currently the top reply.

The article is talking about how she was young (26) and felt pressured into marrying will because she was pregnant. Very interesting level of aggression in the response to this article

No. 1128535

People have been painting Jada as the manipulative "cheater" in their open marriage ever since news about it came out. All this shit about Will being the "cucked victim" previously just seemed to be people not thinking that he was probably sleeping with other people too but now with this slap shit men are so prepared to fully villainize her even more and blame everything on her as if she was the one who did it. Yeah she is definitely a little weird about Tupac but this is just when men finally get the chance to jump on a female celebrity for the most minute shit so they will go crazy with the mental gymnastics

No. 1128537

File: 1649496809123.jpg (387.93 KB, 1080x1080, PhotoCollage_1649497725263.jpg)

Why is there a Nigerian pharmacist fighting for her life in the replies?

No. 1128538

Men and pickmes are a different breed. They can't fathom that most marriages, the woman either marries just to have a husband or that she's settling down. She only married him because she was pregnant and that's why they had an open relationship later on.

No. 1128550

I have no idea how they aren't divorced by now. There's no real reason to stay in a marriage you didn't want and seem to still not really want (as evident by the open marriage)

No. 1128551

not nigeran but I can confirm that a lot of continental africans are super obsessed with american celebrity culture and news, probably more then americans themselves

No. 1128552

File: 1649498421743.png (1.09 MB, 951x654, zayn-malik-harry-styles.png)

Hard agree he was the most handsome one, and Zayn is the one who was gorgeous before snorting his body weight away.

I still can't believe ugly toad lookin Harry is/was considered the uwu so gorgeous
so beautiful ones, when Zayn was literally right there. Plus his voice was much better. I'm gonna die mad about that.

No. 1128563

The oscars don't treat animated movies not made by Disney with the respect the deserve, they invite and reward rapists and pedophiles, the shit is boring as fuck every year, yet they ban a guy who just slapped someone else once and said a swear word. Amazing. The movie industry is utterly fucked.

No. 1128566

File: 1649502299873.jpeg (39.78 KB, 660x396, 234368.jpeg)

In regards to anons saying harry styles is ugly. i don't think he is ugly. i think it's his tattoos and how he dresses so retardedly and does his hair etc. like in dunkirk he looked really cute

No. 1128569

i can't help being an ezrafag. but why is he so retarded now? there is obviously something wrong. he was so cute with his angular face. there is no god

No. 1128573

>why is he so retarded now?
now? nonna, he has always been a retarded moid

No. 1128574

nah he’s ugly as fuck looks like an inbred mountain person

No. 1128575

Nah he looks ugly there as well

No. 1128581

>tons of makeup
>movie lighting
>still looks like a poorly aged frog humanoid
kek the absolute state of men aging

No. 1128676

i like this thread OP but i kind of prefer the style of the previous thread OP who would only tag celeb milk instead of anon spergy comments in the thread.

No. 1128695

that grant gustin dude is too ugly for a super-hero role, he looks like someone who would play a office worker or a teacher instead of a super-hero.
They should cast someone hotter.

No. 1128715

Clout-chasing. She's embarrassing. The hashtag with the Nigerian flag says it all.

No. 1128738

File: 1649509211056.jpg (154.43 KB, 800x534, FLA213b_0043b.jpg)

that's exactly how he plays Flash and how the flash is portrayed in his series, a good hearted nerd who got superpowers, also I maybe based since I've been watching the show for almost a decade now, but I think he's cute in a boyish way

No. 1128823

i think ezra does play the flash better

No. 1128829

Next time I'll make an OP, if I do, I won't do that. Noted.

No. 1128855

the circle of andy dick life

No. 1128856

he's so very cute imo! i also used to watch the show but after arrow ended the rest of the adjacent shows went to shit and i just couldn't watch anymore. not that they were masterpieces before but still, they got worse somehow. except for legends, i love thst show! i stil havent watched the last season tho, i should! lol
sorry for sperging lol i'm actually autistic

No. 1128858

1) whoever called him a "hairfisher" was correct
2) the only pic where he looks cute is the first one where he's still a kid you could adopt and not a full grown scrote yet

No. 1128862

kek anyone remember #oscarssowhite? wow that was totally for real and not just internet slacktivism! yep. errrrybody's tooootally cool with black people being people and doesn't just want them as tools to further their personal agendas

No. 1128866

will has a weird ego problem that has extra details in addition to regular moid shit. i think he's just a weird person as well as having the normal hollywood asshole male issues.

No. 1128873

nigerians are kind of like hkers or singaporeans. they love cell phones, fashion week, and famous person stuff. it's also the main tech/early adopter/stupid techbro accessory market in africa. no idea why. i just like their fashion designers and know nothing else about the country.

No. 1128890

File: 1649513649525.png (239.55 KB, 600x315, unknown.png)

>Aryan race? That means Iranian
Ezra fucking morphing with filthy frank persona

No. 1128926

I agree, I will say that the Flash has some charm despite the really dumb writing, that said I kinda hope the arroweverse ends though, that way I can back on it with nostalgia

No. 1128932

He's Ashkenazi, they can look phenotypically more Asian if they're of Russian Jewish descent

No. 1128937

he's half right, Aryan is a term used among Iranic, Indo-Aryan and certain other Indo-European peoples to refer to themselves, during the 19th and early 20th century anthropologists used it as a descriptor to describe all Indo-european people and has less to do with nordic supremacists notions, so even dark skinned indians were referred to as aryans, it was only after hitler and ww2 did the term fall out of favor, ezra on other hand is a semite not an aryan

No. 1128941

Will smith seems like he sucks in bed. He has 0 sex appeal.

No. 1128950

File: 1649516749498.jpg (290.44 KB, 2000x1333, jennifer-lopez-ben-affleck-eng…)

jlo and ben are engaged again

No. 1128952

both seem awful tbh, Will seems like a toxic love bomber and Jada probably only married him cause she got pregnant and felt like she had to marry him, add on the poly aspect of their relationship and it makes sense, her fucking her son's friend was fucked up however

No. 1128953

I kinda root for them, their horrible people but I feel lowkey their a functional toxic couple that works together, unlike jada and will who don't work together

No. 1128954

this seems healthy and not at all around a horrible idea

No. 1128956

JLo really can't do better than this skeazy alcoholic?

No. 1128958

no she deserves him, she's genuinely a shitty person and horrible towards other women

No. 1128960

Damn nonnie I had no idea. If you don't mind explaining, what's she done?

No. 1128966

File: 1649517991275.jpeg (643.47 KB, 828x1541, 0E8E3C46-820B-413A-8C68-590579…)

There’s lots of rumours Will Smith is gay, which I believe because it kinda explains the openness of the ‘poly relationship’ dynamic and the general hate Jada has for her marriage lmao. Also the narrative that ‘woman bad’ works in Wills favour rather than being gay.

(There’s been more sources than what I attached as well than just celeb blinds)

No. 1128981


No. 1128991

She cheated on her husband and got with Ben only for ben to be cheating on her with Jennifer Garner and end up marrying her because she got pregnant, basically they both cheat a lot

No. 1129035

File: 1649523115570.jpg (458.76 KB, 1199x1500, image.jpg)

Jojo Siwa cut her hair short. Hope she can enjoy her gnc baby lesbian phase and doesn't end up trooning out.

No. 1129036

File: 1649523120278.jpeg (48.76 KB, 345x345, B2285591-7818-478B-8427-17BA1C…)

I don't know, it seems like he's hooked up with other women. There's strong evidence he slept with Margot Robbie

No. 1129043

I don't know, could possibly be gay friend as well

No. 1129044

>trooning out.
It would be par for the course considering she got famous from that fucked up child dance show. I hope she stays confident within her sexuality and doesn't fall victim to troonism.

No. 1129047

Maybe he’s bi? It’s possible that he was curious about having sex with a man, but unsure how to explore it without the ‘open relationship’. He might’ve been secretly having sex with guys during the open relationship too

No. 1129063

File: 1649524233798.png (649.12 KB, 1400x700, interview-with-a-vampire-lesta…)

Interview with a vampire first-look images revealed, as the previous leaks confirmed the series is now seemingly set at the tale end of the 19th century rather then antebellum Louisiana

>The renaissance of the vampire era is upon us, and leading the march is AMC+’s upcoming Interview With the Vampire. AMC+ has now released four new images of the upcoming show, giving fans a better look at the iconic characters Anne Rice created in her 1976 novel of the same name.

>The newly released images provide a better look at Sam Reid's Lestat de Lioncourt and Jacob Anderson's Louis de Pointe du Lac. Fans were first introduced to glimpses the characters during AMC+’s Super Bowl Trailer in February, earlier this year.

picrel is supposed to be Lestat and Louis

No. 1129064

File: 1649524284831.png (886.43 KB, 1400x700, interview-with-a-vampire-lesta…)

No. 1129065

File: 1649524315946.png (1.4 MB, 1500x1000, interview-with-the-vampire-amc…)

also reminder, Louis is gonna be a brothel owner in this version

No. 1129070

File: 1649524539565.png (1.51 MB, 1500x1000, interview-with-the-vampire-amc…)

looks like their going for a swinging jazz aesthetic overall, It could work but this looks so fucking cheap

No. 1129074

File: 1649524738062.gif (3.99 MB, 501x251, gif-shaking-head-6.gif)

I'm not feeling it. It does look cheap and those contact lenses look goofy

No. 1129083

I hate whenever anybody nowadays tries to do a 1910's/20's look, but then hire actors who look NOTHING like the average person back then. People's faces really did look different, but evidently filmmakers didn't get the memo.

No. 1129106

This is so unfair. Who even still gives a fuck about the Oscars, anyway? They support sexual predators and are biased towards movies from North America and Europe

No. 1129107

>Set in the 1920's
>New Orleans jazz
now that's fresh

No. 1129111

This is disappointing. Why do I still believe moids are able of being decent? Jada is based for stepping all over him

No. 1129113

If anything they should thank Will Smith for making people talk about the oscars, for once.

No. 1129119


No. 1129121

WRONG. I love videos like this because I admire Jada for putting ego maniac like Will into misery she is based queen dominatrix every women should learn from her.

No. 1129122

i laughed through my nose at that

No. 1129129

both will and jada are weirdos, the whole smith family are freaks. they both suck

No. 1129130

Zayn had the most acceptable looks between the 1D members, but even is just average when compared to actual hotties

No. 1129131

This. Also I'm sure open relationship was Will's idea to fuck around yet Jada managed to outsmart that scrote and damaged his reputation. No one sees Will as the fun guy and an action lead, everyone sees him as a weak cuck. Jada is unironically galaxy brain.

No. 1129151

Funny how when a man stays with a cheating woman hes a cuck but when a woman stays with a cheating man shes “loyal”.
I love how jada triggers men

No. 1129153

tbf she could have cheated on will with any guy and she purposefully chose her son's friend, like that's kinda cringe

No. 1129158

I don't care about the Smiths but I appreciate how the narrative is that Jada is the one wearing the pants. I think it's fun.

No. 1129168

File: 1649528231417.png (590.72 KB, 500x625, D05EC5CD-0F9D-4898-87E9-F3F33B…)

oh Ellen…

No. 1129176

will no one tell this woman that greasy bangs are not masculine? someone please just bomb her bangs with a bottle of batiste. there is no good reason for her to always, always have greasy bangs

No. 1129184

This is hilarious. I'm guessing the new season's gonna suck shit.

No. 1129198

lmao we're supposed to care whether or not it's fair that some world famous celebrity millionaire gets to miss a party once a year and the chance to get a stupid award

No. 1129200

ngl I gotta hand it to her for making the most convincing Shinji cosplay ever. It's uncanny how much she looks like him and channels the unstable insufferable whiny teenager with daddy issues energy.

No. 1129204

I always thought Ezra was half Asian like Joji. they look so alike.. same last name too. i remember Joji tweeting saying they’re cousins and everyone believed it

No. 1129205

i'm not a weeb so i dont know anything about this character but does he also give the impression with every face he makes that he's dying inside in a prison of his own making? if that's an integral part of his character, she has nailed it. i don't see how someone can look so obviously pained and regretful literally in every photo or video, yet sincerely try to claim this is the happiest she has ever been.

No. 1129219

okay I'm not fond of Shinji, but he's actual 14 year old japanese boy, she might have the height for it but no way does she look like an actual 14 year old male

No. 1129221

Why would you insult Shinji like that

No. 1129222

>does he also give the impression with every face he makes that he's dying inside in a prison of his own making?
That's literally Shinji's character to a T. That's why it's so funny.

No. 1129229

Cool, now there's only one female main character out of 7. Very progressive!

No. 1129232

File: 1649532406293.gif (232.13 KB, 268x268, Tumblr_l_295130483206009.gif)

You know what's funny, the original character's name is Vanya which is already a male russian name, but I guess they had to make her have a deadname to really sell it. Gif is from the season three trailer, since the season picks up immediately after season 2 she's still be shown as vanya for awhile unless they just fast track the character's transition. Kinda curious to see how that'll play out; there's already another character whose actor claims is nonbinary so I'm sure the show will use this opportunity to get very preachy and annoying about gender.

We haven't even seen "Viktor" in action but it's already cringe because it's hard to pretend she doesn't look dead inside in every picture of her as a dude.

No. 1129238

>>1129219 yeah don't validate her. Most tiffies would die of an euphoria aneurysm if someone said to them that they look like a depressed 14-years-old little asian anime boy and i don't think she's the exception.

No. 1129240

she's so ugly.

No. 1129241

I feel sick saying this but Ellen Page is going to end up being an unintentional martyr if she 41% (and judging by the constant look in her eyes I'm almost certain she will). People are going to be heavily scrutinizing her life and the topic of sex abuse or pressure on lesbians to troon out by medical professionals will be discussed

No. 1129242

She looks like a russian gopnik with that famous meme wet thin bangs lol

No. 1129248

Wow she looks so awful. How can anyone look at her and not laugh??

No. 1129255

File: 1649533245652.jpg (185.18 KB, 857x1134, 1492592070045.jpg)

I have a gut felling that Elliot is gonna get a boyfriend at some point, like I feel that's par for the course with her

No. 1129261

Have we heard her speak ever since she trooned out? Does she have ftm voice?

No. 1129263

Wasn't she one of the presenters at Oscars with other Juno castmates? I haven't seen it but it would be hilarious if she had no lines and just stood there kek

No. 1129265

No. 1129269

I don't know whether to laugh of cry, its the typical TIF frogboy voice

No. 1129270

Is this edited? She sounds worse than Stephen Hawking's modulated voice wtf

No. 1129274

so this is the voice people who whatch vampire academy, or whatever its called, are going to hear for an entire season? lol

No. 1129277

yes. will smith is not gay. he is a narcissist and will stick his dick in any hole, but is only truly attracted to himself.

No. 1129280

men are so ugly. i see no difference between this and the original except the clothes.

No. 1129282

You mean he is looking in the mirror while fucking just like Bateman from American Psycho?

No. 1129283

File: 1649534970755.jpeg (370.92 KB, 1500x1239, ADF02A3F-85D1-4882-8FB6-BBB014…)

No. 1129284

all of these people crying over Will fucking Smith are pathetic

No. 1129285

WHY did they use Viktor and not Ivan??? my brain is going to EXPLODE until someone from the show comes here and explains. i will die on this hill

No. 1129286

This just in, lesbian doesn't find any men attractive

No. 1129287

I just imagined this lmao thanks for the kek

No. 1129288

anon I'm dying pls

No. 1129290

she looks like an east german coffee hoarder from 1981

No. 1129291

Holy kekerino

No. 1129292

russian jews can have central asian dna and sometimes korean

No. 1129293

Some people cry

No. 1129294

Yuri On Ice fans? I'll see myself out.

No. 1129296

File: 1649535219613.png (299.58 KB, 597x711, jada.png)

>I actually sat down with Will and had a conversation due to the transformation in their marriage to life partnership that they've spoken on several times and it not involving romanticism. He gave me his blessing and I told him and I totally gave myself to that relationship for years of my life.

She's wrong for going after this boy but how is Will a victim when he knew?


No. 1129297

no just slav sorry

No. 1129300

File: 1649535302749.jpg (859.1 KB, 1536x2048, 20220409_161220.jpg)

have a non-Photoshopped picture of shinji the manlet looking as healthy as ever!

No. 1129301

>asian dna
You can say mongol no one will go after you

No. 1129306

At red table talk he denied giving permission kek

No. 1129307

The girl next to her is crouching lol. For real though, I feel bad for her.

No. 1129309

Dying at the woman next to her crouching down so much she's almost squatting

No. 1129310

i'm not going to though because there's way more groups than just "mongol" you dumb yank. god read a book burger

No. 1129312

anorexia is so manly

No. 1129313

because he is a sexual assaulter

No. 1129314

I'm not burger and I know more about russia being mongol golden horde successor than russia's ass licker like you.
Fucking russian political scientists and philosophers say the same, you should do more reading outside of social media posts.

No. 1129317

I would agree with the narcissist narrative, however would a true narc be able to survive the cuck image and being ball stomped by his wife? She defo has some dirt on him

No. 1129320

Petition to replace barry allen with wally west pls

No. 1129323

I think he is an egomaniac narcissist but also has serious daddy issues and it looks like Jada has a backbone and puts him down verbally very often, so that sort of pain and humiliation from her is familiar. I'm sure he hates her but whenever she gives him small approval nothing else compares to that feeling so he really needs her around. Him not divorcing for his kids is a meme, because he left previous marriage and son without an afterthought and regrets.

No. 1129324

File: 1649536410743.jpg (322.81 KB, 2048x1366, 20220409_163210.jpg)

No. 1129328

Do you get those lines next to the mouth by simply being skinny? Or dis she have something like buccal fat removal? She looks scary almost

No. 1129330

>dat fuzzy small stach
Who told her transition was a good idea?

No. 1129331

Why does “he” always look so sweaty, tearful and terrified? Like he’s constantly on the run from some hideous entity.

No. 1129334

The height difference for some reason makes this all the more hilarious
> vampire academy
Kek anon, it’s umbrella academy I only watched some of the first ep because of Robert Sheehan but couldn’t get into it

No. 1129335

> sweaty, tearful and terrified
KEK like a skittish Guinea pig

No. 1129337

that's euphoria glow, nonna, the true face of happiness, don't be transphobic.

No. 1129338

dry skin and collagen loss from eating disorder.

No. 1129342

Holy shit everything about her is so depressing, I can't handle it.
>A lesbian being casted for oversexualized roles and an ex-child actor
>Know that your career will be soon over because Hollywood hates women over 27
>Troon out during your early midlife crisis and having your life put on pause due to the pandemic
>Get top surgery and hormones immediately
>Complete it with ab implants because your emancipated body can't build muscle
>Age 10 years over the course of few months
>Finally, sound like a literal frog
I wonder what originally made her snap.

No. 1129343

Years of a eating disorder. The pressure these actresses go through is disgusting and extremely disturbing when you factor in how young this begins.

No. 1129346

i thought the same btw, Vanya is a male already, so…

No. 1129349

They both look hideous and not meant for this role. Who is this for? Wokies? Older Ann rice and vampire chronicle fans who read the books or watched the original movie with brad pitt and Tom will not like this. What a shit idea to make Louis black.

No. 1129352

She had them in her teens so it's just genetical and how her face shape is, but the eating disorder definitely worsened and deepened them.

No. 1129354

I always thought maybe it is some kind of surgery or procedure to make the jaw/face more square and masculine looking

No. 1129357

Why did they make these awful choices? It looks so cheap and completely not…IWTV.

No. 1129360

Holy shit I wonder how long until she does a hero

No. 1129363

File: 1649537609869.jpg (656.37 KB, 1080x1751, IMG_20220409_165206.jpg)

sure you do

No. 1129364

Fucking this. Film makers don't give a shit about making it feel authentic. Just give the same look for everything because that's what sells. Such a joke.

No. 1129368

I'll be surprised if she survives in five years.

No. 1129371

just curious, what were the differences? i know makeup and styling were different but how do the actual faces look different, i can't tell

No. 1129375


No. 1129376

That is not a happy face.

No. 1129377

i give it two years

No. 1129383

File: 1649538333522.jpeg (136.12 KB, 318x502, 24F4D4E7-9AE3-48F8-B062-EB1DB7…)

This face would not look out of place in a hostage situation. It’s like if somebody was told “smile or ill blow your brains out”. Literally wet with the perspiration of fear.

No. 1129386

British men being the ugliest things ever

No. 1129393

she looks like this video i can't find where they dragged mike rinder out of the hole to talk about how great scientology is and he weighs about 80 pounds

No. 1129396

Thank you! Vanya already being a male name. makes no sense for the name change. how is wokie Way going to even write Victor in? It's so confusing and pointless. Kek, that hairline though.

No. 1129398

File: 1649538937118.jpg (107.14 KB, 503x1360, ezgif-5-e679956481.jpg)

>tfw you will never be 90's black box dye Geoff Rickly

No. 1129399

File: 1649538957737.jpg (435.83 KB, 1536x2048, 20220409_171133.jpg)

imagine the smell

No. 1129406

Omg kek! I did not expect that voice. Frog voice indeed. How can anyone around her not laugh? I might watch a little of the new season just to laugh at her. she looks so miserable.
Is that Jennifer Garner on the left? she's gorgeous!!

No. 1129410

1D are all uggos, but Harry really takes the cake for being one of the ugliest men in a boy band. Damn, glad i was around for backstreet Boys and Nsync. I know they werent super models, but 1D seems hideous by comparison.

No. 1129411

>ellen says "distinct voice"
>immediately both actors by her side chuckle
kek can't be a coincidence

No. 1129414

she looks like someone who is majorly depressed, like someone close to suicide. She should have taken a break, find a therapist and work through her issues, now it's too late. Wonder if she lies awake at night and wish she could detransition.

No. 1129426

File: 1649540070809.png (59.99 KB, 200x151, StanWithoutHat.png)

No. 1129428

I was sad for her at first but now it's just funny. Also rolling about how infantilizing the comments from the pro-trans crowds are. Imagine being a grown ass woman and being treated like a sad shy boy when you presumably wanted to be a man instead.

No. 1129451

if anyone wants a comparison, this is what her voice sounded like last fall, around the time filming for the new season wrapped up. So she'll probably sound closer to this, the froggy voice is much newer.

No. 1129463

File: 1649542524382.jpg (746.32 KB, 3000x1970, gettyimages-151695793-14870290…)

I disagree Joey Fatone and Chris Kirkpatrick
looked 35 even back then and were facially uglier as well. I grew up with them being the norm for boy bands and think things have improved. And I never even liked Harry.

No. 1129465

BSB > Nsync and 1D combined

No. 1129468

File: 1649542714151.jpeg (271.16 KB, 2000x1125, download (4).jpeg)

I don't think they looked much better.

No. 1129474

File: 1649543075861.jpg (20.23 KB, 300x431, 55836fa5c888156f6feeb435f66de8…)

Look at their beautiful bone structure, even Howie looked cute with long hair

No. 1129477


I'm glad Anne Rice died before seeing this disaster.
Her son is such a cow, of course he is happy now with easy coin on his pocket, letting other butcher her mother works.

Anne was so happy having rights to her book again and planning a good project before her health problems. Sad.

No. 1129481

will and jada probably had a threesome with august alsina. also >>1128530 the stories of jada saying she never wanted around to marry him. character assassination in real time, might as well give them a reality tv show. i would watch it.

No. 1129486

They look inbred.

No. 1129491

Howie was my favorite and people used to make fun of me for not liking Nick, but my mom and I liked Howie and Aj. Based taste.

No. 1129492

he looks like poop and pee

No. 1129493

I wish she would come back from the dead as a ghost to haunt the set and make this lose millions of dollars. this is a travesty on her work.

No. 1129494

boy bands are a psyop to make straight women learn at an early age to settle for partners far below themselves

No. 1129495

Honestly. This

No. 1129496

Because that's not something you can say publicly even if it's probably common in Hollywood. It's like coke. They all do it but can't admit it.

Jada washing their dirty linen in public makes me think she's resentful. God knows what happens behind closed doors.

No. 1129497

As if lesbians have higher standards. Most of them for some reason follow scrote logic of looking unkempt and avoiding shower.

No. 1129498

The audio of this video is altered

No. 1129506

God those tattoos are hideous. He should really consider getting them lasered off tbh. Not that he'd automatically transform into a hunk with the retarded tattoos gone, but he'd look much better and less dirty.

No. 1129521

Post unaltered video you liar tranny

No. 1129528

Nta but here's the unaltered video posted by the oscars themselves (skip to 2:00). The other video was pitched slightly higher. You can hear Ellen's voice more cleary, and she sounds absolute dead the whole time as she reads the nominees and winner kek. Do hormones make you more monotone?

No. 1129531

Oh man. she's just got a smoker's voice now. kek

No. 1129534

Anon top kek

No. 1129543

Are you retarded?

No. 1129561

Not the chuckle at “distinct voice” KEK

No. 1129597

nta but yes

No. 1129632

Harry Styles will never have sex with you

No. 1129648

Anon I wheezed. Don't make my boy Geoff dirty.

No. 1129696

File: 1649563154265.jpeg (1.2 MB, 1152x1948, CFCD3F70-2D46-4B7F-9330-FEB291…)

No. 1129698

please be memeing, please don't turn into another rap-girl,

No. 1129700

Congrats to Azealia on her new full diaper look tho, absolutely not as weird as possible

No. 1129705

she should have touched up those faded tats instead, that would be an actually good before and after

No. 1129710

File: 1649564124709.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 47 KB, 499x496, 25548893-822D-43C5-9EF3-462807…)

No. 1129730

File: 1649565771467.png (62.8 KB, 200x175, 1645130447644.png)

No. 1129760

She legit sounds like one of those AI voices that Youtubers sometimes use in their videos

No. 1129793

Idk, maybe I’m just a flat arsed cracker but I think she had a nice full peachy ass before. Waste of money.

No. 1129796

Is that The Wiggles?

No. 1129799

she realizes she could've worn this fit as a woman, right?

No. 1129801

like an old woman jumped inside the body of a teenage boy

No. 1129879

This looks so ugly and unnatural, wtf. No fat ass even looks like that.

No. 1129921

Agreed. They are all ugly except Zayne but he doesn't look attractive to me whatsoever because he looks like my brother.
Harry styles has always looked like a chimp to me.

No. 1129924

I dont actually think this is that bad as far as bbls go but she should leave it alone after this.
A while back she was regretting her boob job, hopefully this doesn't become another regret

No. 1129935

I don't go there and yes most lesbians take example from grossest scrotes to go against gender norms and avoid being feminine

No. 1129938

She looks terrible as a 'male'
Everyone saying she looks like a teenage boy…like maybe from 10 feet away but get any closer and that dry dry skin and mouth lines says otherwise. She doesn't even make an attractive masc lesbian, she just looks awful. Also if I were in her shoes I would have never trooned out no matter how much I wanted it. Imagine wanting to be a man, transitioning yet only being like 5 feet tall and ugly.
I'd rather stay a woman and be unhappy than become a weird manlet tranny and be just as unhappy. Even if she gets more hormones and surgery there's nothing she can do about height and her body really isn't broad/masculine looking even with top surgery. I have no idea what roles you could even cast her in. She will never be a masculine heartthrob.

No. 1129942

I'll never understand people who seethe over lesbians when every single lesbian I've met had better hygiene and care for their looks than the average scrote. At least lesbians don't smell and actually wash their hands after they leavers the bathroom, unlike %90 of men.

No. 1129952

File: 1649583982199.jpg (64.18 KB, 811x288, EToOCZf.jpg)

Mads Mikklesen called Lady Gaga's acting bullshit in GQ

No. 1129955

File: 1649584076825.jpg (89.59 KB, 669x847, 9FzjAts.jpg)

The cover.

No. 1129957

well he said method acting is bullshit lol he didn't attack lady gaga in particular. ik we want drama here but come on that's a very different statement

No. 1129960

I've heard he never uses method acting and immediately thought that he is based AF for not going full retard like Leto (but then again, he seems like a kind, stable and intelligent man with a right head on his shoulders, so he has no need to justify histrionics).
No no, I'm saying that Elliot Rodger wishes she looked that good kek. Big crush on Geoff beyond the fucked up teeth, but I could have fixed him + there are no perfect people
No Devotion #2 and Geoff book when?

No. 1129962

> kind, stable and intelligent man
There’s no such thing. Especially so for actors.

No. 1129968

Why couldn't she just stay flat-chested and with a normal looking ass? She's naturally cute, I don't get it.

No. 1129971

I said he seems for that reason, IDK how he is but you have to admit he has a different public image than Leto The Joker.

No. 1129982

Before is better but she's not nearly as botched as other celebs who get their asses done. Let s hope she leaves it like those because she's already pretty.

No. 1130011

What celebrity said method acting is for people who can't act?
I thought it was a very interesting take - if you have to immerse yourself into your work and become a different person, are you really acting? Not really, you're becoming someone or something else. Acting is in the moment. If you can't switch on to your best acting self at will, are you really that good?

No. 1130015

I don't believe in the method acting thing, especially when things come to Leto and Gaga, they are too egocentric to ever really let go of their true persona, thats why they seem fake even when they try to act down to earth.
I wish there was a docu series on House of Gucci and it was just reaction complication of Al Pacino, Adam Driver, Salma Hayek and Jeremy Irons reacting to Gaga's and Leto's antics. I bet it would be way more interesting than the movie.

No. 1130047

2018 was his best look, 2019 was his worst lmao

No. 1130051

the hair looks terrible, why so greasy?

No. 1130096

File: 1649600209287.jpeg (914.66 KB, 817x1602, 6EAD31E8-EA38-4E6E-A611-CF332A…)

>>Full retard like Jared leto

No. 1130100

File: 1649600545312.gif (995.36 KB, 500x280, tumblr_mho0ws0KDG1qd8zg3o1_500…)

When will these method actors learn that doing things like these doesn't make them look special or better at acting, it just makes them look ridiculous?

No. 1130104

File: 1649600666977.png (155.13 KB, 640x756, IMG_0428.PNG)

You might be thinking of this legendary quote by Laurence Olivier

No. 1130105

But couldn't have she just… you know, worked out with a personal trainer or something?

No. 1130106

ot but i still love britney spears and i require more reaction pics from posters

No. 1130107

lmao brilliant

No. 1130108

(Hoffmann subsequently coped, seethed and dilated)

No. 1130111

No. 1130117

Leto is so far up in his own ass, Jesus. I wouldn't be surprised he also drank blood or something while thinking of himself as some acting genius

No. 1130127

File: 1649602219216.jpeg (270.81 KB, 828x596, D6E8C980-F376-4D75-A2BE-399FC1…)

I'm pretty sure he drinks blood anyway. That man is a freak

You all also might be thinking of Martin Freeman

No. 1130134

Method actors are generally laughingstock among actors, his take doesn't surprise me and he has a point.

No. 1130135

sorry to disappoint but JoJo is likely not a lesbian, said she was "pansexual" but she does dates women so probably just bi. Could she just be claiming pan just to look "inclusive and open minded" though? Not sure.

No. 1130136

Kek the height difference. It's embarassing to see a womanlet trying to look like a man

No. 1130152

>Could she just be claiming pan just to look "inclusive and open minded" though? Not sure.
Nah she's 18, that's just because grew up on the internet.

No. 1130155

File: 1649603798299.png (14.89 KB, 479x94, 9YfcY6d.png)

No. 1130157

tbh I'm not entirely excluding the possibility of her being a lesbian, I've seen actual lesbians call themselves "pansexual" because they like "all genders but only afab" so who knows.

No. 1130173

The original idea of method acting isn't even that stupid, but actors think going to extremes makes their job of playing make-believe less of a waste of oxygen. Most acting = best acting after all

No. 1130183

She's still living in beyond two souls

No. 1130198

File: 1649606362000.gif (693.66 KB, 300x198, ricky-gervais-laugh.gif)

nta but KEK

No. 1130217

Graphic design is my passion

No. 1130220

Ikr?? I thought this was a Photoshopped joke

No. 1130279

someone got paid probably a shit ton of money to do this cover for a massive magazine. just think about that, anons.

No. 1130311

File: 1649612152789.jpeg (1003.86 KB, 748x1053, 20A5BE44-D304-4888-9B47-5F9ECB…)

Bennifer Pt.2 is officially engaged.

No. 1130318

Why does this freakin shitty actor and psycho keep getting casted for roles??

No. 1130358

Cause he's the one sending supplies of kids to Epstein island

No. 1130409

This is all I've wanted for the past decade. Please can we just cast a ginger hunk and get rolling.

No. 1130433

File: 1649619386970.jpg (124.98 KB, 678x938, leto.jpg)

Old but relevant beef.

No. 1130441

hahahaaaa he's so old i fucking thought this was christopher walken before i scrolled down

No. 1130442

they're jealous that butches have freed themselves from makeup, looking sexy to men, and paying twice as much for substandard shoes

No. 1130481

File: 1649623104974.jpg (333.41 KB, 978x876, lana.jpg)

Lana Del Rey featured in Jack Antonoff's tiktok in front of Jim Henson Studio. Probably recording new music.

No. 1130489

Lana Del Downs

No. 1130490

Lasagna Del Taco

No. 1130492

She really let herself go, yikes

No. 1130494

Lardy del Rey

No. 1130499

Larda the Hutt

No. 1130500

He IS the new epstein island

No. 1130504

Her new songs
>blue jeans (don’t fit me anymore)
>DBT3$ TYP 2
>Shades of Cheeto dust

No. 1130511

File: 1649625057259.jpeg (122.83 KB, 850x619, lanajared.jpeg)

>random male celebrity is a rapist, pedo…
>lana del rey is friends with them

No. 1130512

This whole music video is based on Letos cult

No. 1130515

She's starting to look like tess holliday kek

No. 1130520

I hope Father John Misty is normal.

No. 1130523

Isnt it based on the Manson cult (and some other one)? She's had the theme way before whatever connection with Leto (are they actually friends/close associates? I only know they were in that ad campaign together).

No. 1130534

File: 1649626404829.jpg (39.44 KB, 594x396, shannon.jpg)

She dated Jared's brother Shannon Leto. He is just as bad as Jared.

No. 1130535

File: 1649626557934.jpeg (204.56 KB, 1045x630, 38240923-1DB1-495C-AEBE-FB17F4…)

Yea it is kek but you can’t say the resemblance isn’t uncanny

No. 1130540

Oh wow, didn't know this person even exists. That's fucked up. Brb gonna read about it

No. 1130544

Why does this dollarstore jesus have a whole ass harem? Can someone give me kore info about his cult?

No. 1130551

dead horse i know but WHAT the fuck happened to lana. it's not just weight gain, lately she looks like she sat out in the sun while being vegan for 20 years. i've seen pretty women get fat without becoming ugly women

No. 1130552

why do white women hate themselves

No. 1130558

File: 1649628569317.jpg (65.29 KB, 848x221, cult.jpg)

No. 1130562

Wow these women are overpaying for a shitty jiggolo. Why are all members women, btw? Are men not allowed? Kek.

No. 1130565

File: 1649629061211.png (649.17 KB, 918x1080, 81381991-C995-4829-8106-646A88…)

My teenager self would 100% pay for it. I used to be so horny for Jared and my emo nickname was Mrs. Leto. No, I take no pride in saying that

No. 1130568

It's all part of his pedo plot that his band was heavily marketed towards underage girls.

No. 1130576

File: 1649630802787.jpg (235.72 KB, 1284x1563, FPh0XruVEAA4eGR.jpg)

Lana, St. Vincent, Jack Antonoff at a post-Grammy celebration.

No. 1130579

everyone shut up about lana what the fuck is going on with this dude i swear last year he looked normal (still ugly tho)

No. 1130600

He's literally always looked like young Woody Allen

No. 1130603

File: 1649633222038.jpeg (692.25 KB, 828x596, 7DA08724-31D4-4BFA-9BF1-74F706…)

He calls his fandom and the cult the "echelon", the cult essentially is his fandom. If you want "le exclusive" membership, you can pay to go to a remote Croatian island (read: new epstein island) where he holds a "retreat" every year. It's a gratuitous amount of money but I'm sincerely surprised no journalist has tried to snoop in on it yet. Creepy shit.

Also rumor leto's team and army of fans cyberstalks and harasses people who calls them out or tries to get their posts taken down

No. 1130655

do any of you guys listen to beyond the blinds pod? if so do u know of any similar celeb gossip/blinds pods? sage for no milk

No. 1130679

deuxmoi has a podcast but it's not always milky, there's a celebrity memoir book podcast, page 7, dlisted, who weekly, fluently forward, although I don't really like fluently forward

just an fyi that beyond the blinds does rely on enty blinds a lot as does fluently and cdans blinds are often hit or miss, stolen, and sometimes outright fanfic

No. 1130715

MGK covered Aerials. Lead singer of System of a Down said he "can't hate the guy for trying"

No. 1130718

kek very professional serge

No. 1130725

No. 1130727

that's ok i spelt the name wrong anyway. it's "Serj" not Serge like in french

No. 1130735

Well, at least we didn't make asses of ourselves covering the song so horrendously. MGK tried to act like he's never sang the song before and tried to act really cool smoking that cigarette but you know he had practiced it before and thought he sounded good, kek

No. 1130791

this is so cringe

No. 1130807

It's avant garde
You wouldnt get it

No. 1130813

dylan is the less pretentious one, right? ok i am here for this twitter beef. glad he called him out. i'm guessing he slid into barbara palvin's dms or something?

No. 1130821

Same. I'm so embarrassed, I thought he was so hot in the 2000s and had so many pics of him saved

No. 1130836

this sounds like when you're too drunk to sing karaoke properly so you just end up speaking the lyrics instead

No. 1130839

File: 1649648497716.jpeg (84.71 KB, 1169x905, D763123C-37AB-4DDE-9326-39583C…)

No. 1130840

is this the onion

No. 1130841

i want to beat him to death with a rock

No. 1130843

no but its a fake screenshot its just funny

No. 1130851

imagine if he got caught and actually supplied this excuse

No. 1130864

File: 1649650973099.jpeg (93.12 KB, 1280x720, DD6B3B0B-E8F2-44DB-A8DC-171961…)

>>1130576 Jack looks like Fred Armisen as one of his Portlandia characters kek

No. 1130875

seriously does anyone have any theory as to why she gained so much weight? is it just genetics? she looks like a completely different person

No. 1130876

lana mommy is thiccc now, she got mental health issues

No. 1130878

I have a theory, it's very scientific: she eats a lot.

No. 1130879

It's from a blind item so take it with a grain of salt but allegedly when she was skinny she was addicted to Adderall and she recently stopped taking it, which caused the weight gain

No. 1130913

I think she also takes lithium which is notorious for causing weight gain

No. 1130956

It’s pretty normal for a cult to extort money out of you. Heavens Gate did it, Scientology does it. Otherwise being a cult leader doesn’t pay so well.

No. 1130957

She looks like she messed with her face to try to prevent aging, fillers or something, ended up looking like the cooking oil lady, got depressed and started moooonching

No. 1130988

she is addicted to bread (like me!l

No. 1131039

nta but wtf do they actually do in this cult?? What's the VIP experience that you get with Tesco Jesus?

No. 1131044

yeah i second the lithium, its like what happened to shayna. she was sober for something like 10 years and started drinking again so it could be that as well in combination with meds

No. 1131058

File: 1649663685079.png (80.31 KB, 1123x791, Screenshot 2022-04-11 095105.p…)

Samefag, okay, so I looked it up. It's basically a festival in Croatia. These are the activites from the most expensive package which is 7199 dollars. You can also have tattoos and massage if you pay for them

No. 1131083

Robpat said the same thing, I think it was something alone the lines of "I just act" when comparing himself to paul dino who was studying about real serial killers for role as riddle

No. 1131085

Did a duck write this post?

No. 1131090

Oh man, now there's a name I-d never guess I'd see here. Kemi Olunloyo is a notorious cow/nutcase in Nigerian circles.
Here's an article detailing a bit more about her. Sort of lengthy, but moderately interesting:

No. 1131097

File: 1649665542771.jpg (19.93 KB, 445x300, Heath-Ledger.jpg)

I remember an AMA micheal jia white did, a fan questioned him about what heath ledger was like on set during the dark knight and people were surprised to learn that he wasn't an intense method actor who let the role consume him, he was a regular nice guy on set, the only thing he did was research his role and implemented what he thought a good joker would be like and that's it, he didn't do anything cringy like "inhabit" the joker role

No. 1131104

File: 1649666044719.png (52.2 KB, 714x404, Screenshot (2).png)

here's the comment btw

No. 1131119

File: 1649667470246.jpg (711.5 KB, 1920x2560, IMG_2521.JPG)

this is her sixth engagement. this shit is so weird i dont get it at all. i dont think marriage is this super sacred shit but i do think you have to be a cow to some degree if you really doing this shit over and over more than three times. also all the rings she gets are very similar, and shes known to date people below her like her dancers, so she probably bought most of the rings pictured. i cant be the only one who things this is unhinged behavior, right?
you'd have to be on crazy pills to believe shayna actually takes meds or goes to therapy, anon. she literally just eats like shit thats it. 100+ threads of evidence.

No. 1131123

And he did a much better job than shitty method actor Leto who played disgusting pranks on his coworkers

No. 1131136

she could just like princess/emerald cut rings tbf. it doesn't really shock me that she has been engaged so many times. wasn't alex rodriguez cheating on her anyways? same w mark anthony?

No. 1131139

He tried desperately to live up to Heath and bombed so hard to the point of humiliation and losing massive amounts of public goodwill. Now he's embarrassing himself all over again with Mobius. His continued failure brings me utter joy, couldn't have happened to a better guy.

No. 1131143

That makeup still amazes me at how well it disguises his features. You could tell me that's not Heath Ledger and I would believe you.

No. 1131251

File: 1649676479353.webm (15.47 MB, 320x568, 3ddBJWTyYeoW24iF.webm)

Emma watson going viral for being queen of the pick-me's and a twans ally

No. 1131255

she is also getting a lot of blacklash too. i always used to love her. but i think she is very dramatic with her feminist views and now this..

No. 1131279

she was never dramatic with her feminist views, she was just a little annoying. it feels like she was expected to do something by her family with her privilege and she just chose "women's rights" with no actual interest in it. many rich young women with no drive just do this. it'd be great if privileged women utilized their influence for it if they have an actual passion for it and a well-thought-out belief system, but she clearly doesn't have the passion for it at all whatsoever.

No. 1131291

Lmao she's so insincere in this video. "OH MY GOD OV CORS" Who gets that excited about pissing in the same room as someone else? Tone it down babe, we know you've never used a public toilet in your life.

No. 1131314

wtf is wrong with nigerians

No. 1131319

anglo meme nation, its permanently attached to an ultra islamic region with shariah law, and the people consider them spiritually and racially and inferior

No. 1131338

bruh what? half the country is christian

No. 1131360

yes, and the other half is conservative Islamic shit-hole that has shariah courts and the death penalty for blasphemy

No. 1131410

File: 1649688256888.jpg (97.5 KB, 660x1041, 55527.jpg)

Honestly, it's just something that happens to many women as they age. Most celebrities stay skinny because they know their career's on the line, but singer-songwriters with devoted fanbases don't have to worry as much and are more apt to gain weight. Same thing happened to kate bush, bjork, and mariah carey.

No. 1131414

maybe she's leaning too far into the bible belt backwoods country aesthetic despite us all knowing 12 years ago that she was always a trustfund baby
yeah but well, well, well before she was famous she was still thin

No. 1131420

File: 1649688958417.jpg (218.51 KB, 1088x1787, 20220411_165429.jpg)

No. 1131427

It's making me sad because I'm sure if she was a troon, they would have invited her and lorded it over people

No. 1131428

File: 1649689233598.png (426.23 KB, 809x574, pageboy.png)

Elliot Page to release memoir 'Pageboy' will be published in 2023

>The memoir will delve into Page’s relationship with his body, his experiences as one of the most famous trans people in the world, and will cover mental health, assault, love, relationships, sex, and the cesspool that Hollywood can be,” according to Flatiron.


No. 1131436

She’s always seemed like the type of person who needs to be in a relationship. Weird how she’s the more stable of the two.

No. 1131438

I hope every handmaiden/pick me experiences how nasty and vile TRAs are first hand in the near future. Either getting canceled despite their best efforts, verbally harrassed, have their places taken by TiMs, etc.

No. 1131446

even if she wasn't a handmaiden, iterally what was she supposed to do when being put on the spot like this, of course she has to answer yes

No. 1131448

I feel like autobiographies are what celebs do when their careers are basically dried up.

No. 1131450

I know alot of nonnies now hate her but let's not forget that she did alot of activism for women and was a feminist back then when it was considered bad for public image to call yourself that.
She did those feminist speeches back them when most female celebs were silent about feminism and she received alot of hate and sexual harassment from males about that.
Her stance towards trons comes from from a place of naivety and ignorance so its dumb as shit to call her a handmaiden when she is still facing harassment till this day for a feminist.

No. 1131452

*till this day for being a feminist.

No. 1131461

how tf do you get addicted to adderall? i have a prescription for that shit and it's not even fun. i get xr20s and literally all they make you do is homework.

No. 1131469

do you have adhd or not? a. you're on ERs which are totally different than getting like regular 30s and b. if you actually have adhd it doesn't get you high like it does for people who don't have adhd.

No. 1131500

I never understood why people would insist she got too much cheek filler when it's obvious it's just the weight gain, even before she got this big but was still putting on weight.

No. 1131515

Gary Oldman said the same, when people pushed the narrative that method acting and getting too much into a role killed him. Oldman said Heat was not method acting and talked about his daughter from time to time.
Same meme take is spread on Forbidden Man by his star wars co stars, when in reality he just stuck in one place angry looking because he was unable to walk normally in his costume.
I blame retarded viral marketing push for framing actors as method even when they and everyone around them denies it.

No. 1131516

I still can't help but don't believe in her and Ben's honest reunion

No. 1131521

OT gary oldman is another actor I admire, he doesn't do retarded method act instead he puts in effort in his appearance, mannerisms and way of speech for his characters, that's what acting should be like imo

No. 1131523

Unfortunately white women on the top of the food chain are not going to feel any consequences for their retarded politics. They may even willingly troon out their own kids for extra woke points

No. 1131525

>he for she
Was a fucking pick me meme, her supporting trannys now is a natural development of her desire to be a cool girl for men.

No. 1131528

I was shocked when I grew up and realized he has played characters in so many movies I loved

No. 1131550

don't say it too loud, she might follow the advice

No. 1131552

yeah tbh I would answer the same way. Emma doesn't have the pockets to be honest

No. 1131556

This is a wild fucking ride, thank you for sharing

No. 1131563

File: 1649699347861.jpg (459.36 KB, 1600x2000, 009-Brooklyn-Beckham-Nicola-Pe…)

Beckham's son and Nicola Peltz got married.

No. 1131566

File: 1649699381864.jpg (283.11 KB, 1600x2000, 008-Nicola-Peltz-vogue-German-…)

Since when is he jew tho ? (see the kippa)

No. 1131572

Gorgeous woman and an ugly stinker

No. 1131585

since marrying a jew?

No. 1131586

how the hell did two aboustetly beautiful people create such a meh looking man

No. 1131589

who the hell photoshopped her face? They fucked up her eyebrows and tinted them slightly over her hair. It's super obvious when you look at it from a smaller photo.

No. 1131590

To be fair he's cute and doesn't seem like a douche. Some sport would do him well but you can't objectively tell he's ugly.

No. 1131609

k but fat old kate bush isn't also ugly. lana fucked up her face and neck bad

No. 1131611

isn't gary oldman another obvious wifebeater like bill murray who just stays off social media so he gets away with it

No. 1131612

how did posh and beck's kid get that deliverance jaw and forehead

No. 1131614

he looks like a Jew

No. 1131677

File: 1649706044388.jpg (506.04 KB, 1080x1736, IMG_20220411_213957.jpg)

He added her last name to his.

No. 1131685

File: 1649706794420.jpeg (123.14 KB, 658x486, ZJo1b1x.jpeg)

Britney Spears announced her pregnancy

No. 1131686

great should be normalized

No. 1131687

I love Britney but oh no… Why am I suspicious of her husband?

No. 1131700

File: 1649707556455.jpg (253.24 KB, 569x739, Clipboard01.jpg)

Paris stays a skinny legend

No. 1131701

I think she's looking pretty and not fat in the post you are quoting. That was such an improvement over her covid looks! The recent photo >>1130481…Oh God, what happened again?
Losing my shit

No. 1131702

File: 1649707583417.jpg (302.01 KB, 641x763, Clipboarddf.jpg)

Christina and her far-apart implants could never

No. 1131703

File: 1649707803104.gif (948.07 KB, 245x219, tumblr_inline_nnsjv8aolB1qis9e…)

man, idk I can't be happy about that. I feel like she isn't mentally in the right place for that now and her man is sus af. Her sons have already tons of half siblings, now they will get another one. What a mess.

No. 1131709

i love britney but this is not the right time. i know she feels she has limited time but just… i don't trust sam fully and i just don't think this is a good move.

No. 1131715

Energy in > Energy out

No. 1131716

underage twitterfag

No. 1131752

Oh no…

No. 1131757

Paris' recent redemption arc is so weird to me. Don't get me wrong, she is hilarious sometimes but Gen Z wasn't around in the early 2000s when she was an actual asshole to a lot of people. She's just being shilled as part of the 00s nostalgia revival

No. 1131759

it seems way better than fyre festival at least kek

No. 1131767

True that. I just don't really care to cancel a woman for being an asshole when men are not cancelled for literally raping people.

No. 1131771

Touche. It feels like men can get away with everything while a woman being considered difficult or rude is life-ruining.

No. 1131777

Food + Alcohol + Less exercise + Stress + Medication(?)

No. 1131789

Her captions remind me of the way my mom texts

No. 1131793

ty anon, i’ve not heard of some of those so i will def check them out! i also really like troy’s other pod dunzo, he’s really likeable and fun to listen to imo

No. 1131804

she's still a 2000s has been so it's not really a comeback. once the zoomers move on from y2k to indie sleaze, 2014 tumblr or whatever trend they try to revive she'll go back to being a reality star.

No. 1131893

pretty much. her only options rn are kill herself or justify her bad decisions with the money earned from writing about them. she's at the same point in life as a recently rehabbed junkie her age except she didn't even get to enjoy 20 years of drugs.

No. 1131895

they didn't invite her because she is based. how do i know she's based? because nickelodeon didn't invite to to the awards show. if that place doesn't want to deal with you, it means you're cool.

No. 1131898

god thank you, i felt like i was taking crazy pills.
it's not that it's HER, it's the time and social stuff that she represents. it's like watching men suddenly stanning for john mayer and trying to dress like him. it's weird, guys. don't whitewash/retcon a shitty time just cause you like the clothes. get your chunky highlights but don't kick girls who don't have them in the face, dress up like john lennon but don't beat your gf, love chanel suits but don't gas jews etc.

No. 1131899

that's it, i'm only going to wear a grey suit with oxfords until i die because i no longer understand why kids like all this shitty shit from the past. rip my fashion sense

No. 1131900

all four of these people look like they're wearing rubber nixon masks

No. 1131912

Paris looks like Ariana grande or Ariana looks like Paris? Idk

No. 1131942

Kind of random but speaking of Paris, does anyone have that photo of her alone dressed in hockey gear?
It was unbelievably attractive

No. 1132025

File: 1649737827808.jpg (5.33 MB, 3600x2400, 120327033946-fun-band-soundche…)

i thought he was hot when i saw him playing at a fun show in 2013. no one knew who he was then, i had to look up his name after the show kek

No. 1132026

File: 1649737873660.jpeg (52.51 KB, 450x499, E4858813-FE4D-4968-9D92-F3EABB…)

Only pic I can find of Paris in hockey gear is an old low quality one from high school where you can barely tell it’s her. She was a goalie lol. I did find this pic of Avril Lavigne playing hockey tho and she was apparently pretty good at it as a kid

No. 1132041

File: 1649738825079.jpeg (37.1 KB, 400x412, 2A439BA6-8C38-4C54-8929-2C316D…)

For some reason I never realized how “conventionally” attractive Avril looks without her pop-punk raccoon eye makeup

No. 1132046

File: 1649739024717.jpeg (290.3 KB, 1000x1500, 29863B64-2DE0-43FD-A827-053294…)

This reminds me, she’s engaged to Mod Sun

No. 1132058

Awful, truly. Also did the drummer only have one stick but pretended to use two? Or am I just retarded? Lol honestly wondering

No. 1132060

Getting sick of Emma Watson's shit.

No. 1132071

Look, she has to keep herself relevant somehow as she for sure cannot act and not getting offers

No. 1132087

kek they always choose the most "appropriate" trannies to show off for trans rights. Never choosing to showcase the AGPs and all their degeneracy because nobody, not a single person, would be comfortable with their bullshit

No. 1132091

I never realized how tiny he is. Isn’t Avril barely above 5ft? And they’re both wearing platforms

No. 1132093

For anyone who doesn’t have tiktok or whatever this link is on idk it won’t work for me I’m on mobile

No. 1132094

According to google he’s 5’5, kek. So many musicians are manlets. They were too small to be popular athletes in school and had to turn to music to try and get girls instead

No. 1132101

thanks for sharing, anon.
just a tip, videos don’t work on mobile (if you have iphone) but what you can do is get the VLC app, download the video from lolcow (by clicking the file) and then you can open it & play it in VLC

No. 1132108

nta, I don't know very much about him being a wifebeater but I know he had a really bad alcohol problem. also one of his many exes donya fiorentino (who is also the mother of several of his children) said he was abusive. he is on his 5th marriage, that in itself is a bit questionable imho, but at least he married someone age appropriate this time. also in the older interviews I'd watched and read of him he just seemed like kind of a dick.

sux because I was in love with him as a teenager, but yeah he was probably abusive

No. 1132124

Apparently he's only 35. Moid Should Have Avoided the Sun.

No. 1132220

His mother is kinda of a goblin herself, just because she is skinny people assume that she doesn't look like post op Michal Jackson, when she totally does.

No. 1132228

Avril lavigne is such an enigma to me. Wtf happened since her first two albums. Why does she date such losers I still can't get over that she was married to the dude from nickleback

No. 1132370

what the fuck is wrong with moids? the hot ones are hot for like 2 years then just…melt? fucking paris hilton looks the same for 20 years and this motherfucker stops exfoliating and working out the second he gets his trust fund?

No. 1132372

why does she like men who have literal dog faces

No. 1132373

is she still on her chronic lyme retard shit or what

No. 1132388

Ewww, that's the stinky junkie who used to date Bella Thorne. He doesn't even brush his teeth or shower.

No. 1132390

That dress coat is way too big for Christina and why is she wearing stockings over her heels? This entire look is bad.

No. 1132442

File: 1649779512436.jpeg (1.23 MB, 1153x1452, 7F36318B-0BD4-4E92-AF43-E07D06…)

I hate sexy pregnancy outfits, but I like this cover..

No. 1132454

Polanski is already banned from the Oscars, anon.
Granted, they did their sweet time doing so but at least they did it before slapgate.

No. 1132456

Just realized Britney is 40 and her man is 28

No. 1132465

File: 1649780761908.jpeg (39.13 KB, 500x279, D51F3776-9C70-40EB-A446-51DB1D…)

No. 1132467

I usually find rihanna to be stunning but what the fuck is it with everyone looking they have downs these days, the fuck

No. 1132471

anon…she's pregnant. She isn't going to look absolutely perfect

No. 1132477

That doesn't mean they have to use a photo of her looking like a thumb on the cover, she has looked better out and about even while pregnant

No. 1132484

they just edited her face badly

No. 1132490

Or they didn't edit it

No. 1132498

It's a magazine cover, of course it's edited. And she looks fine.

No. 1132506

The skin looks edited, sure, the placement and shape/size of the eyes and nose doesn't. It looks natural and left unedited rather than edited to perfect proportions.

No. 1132538

I get what you mean, her head in comparison to her neck looks strange, but it's probably shitty shrinking shoop or something.

No. 1132545

I like Rihanna but her pregnancy has really made me annoyingly aware of how narcissitic celebrities are. With normal women I see two or three pictures of them pregnant thoughout the entire 9 months but Rihanna has been constantly doing PR, going to events and photographing herself to the point where she's reminding me of Bonnie from Family Guy as if she's been pregnant forever. Then it hits me that most of her pictures aren't even from the whole scope of the pregnancy but just from her final months and it puts into perspective how much these people shove themselves into your face and demand your attention.

No. 1132547

and we all know she is doing it now because for some reason she wants to show off her baby bump everywhere, she was very low key for a while, it's not like she has to or needs to do any press right now.

No. 1132548

That's it, yes the neck to head ratio and the whole awkward position

No. 1132573

No kidding. I used to like Rhianna but her being pregnant makes me see how much of a narcissist she really is. I'm so tired of seeing her dumb ass.

No. 1132578

File: 1649789705141.jpeg (468.69 KB, 750x816, D7AB7D0E-2E67-476C-A7E0-39A831…)

Pregnant celebrities are the worst, especially Emrata recently. It’s like they think that no other woman on earth has ever been pregnant before

No. 1132594

Yes but there are many celebs that avoid public eye during pregnancy, from recent ones I remember only one pap pic of Emma Stone, if I'm not mistaken neither Nicki nor Cardi went so over the top with their pregnancies.

No. 1132596

File: 1649790645350.jpg (122 KB, 1066x1200, 1647971219663.jpg)

I'd argue julia fox was ever worse, she already had a BDSM coomer audience and did an explicit photoshoot to appeal to more perverts

Julia Fox on the day her child was born
>“Right after the shoot I went to the hospital and had my precious baby boy,” she continued. “My forever valentine, Valentino. Born on January 17th, 2021. The best day of my life. #milf”

No. 1132601


No. 1132602

spoiler that

No. 1132636

the milf hashtag is so unreal

No. 1132644

There are so many people praising and yes queening her for basically being nude and dressing trashy during her pregnancy. She has looked so tacky through it all

No. 1132664

File: 1649794235897.jpeg (582.45 KB, 1125x1355, 96182A28-9734-476D-8C07-4B4E0E…)

Gilbert Gottfried is dead

No. 1132668

no more funneh voice

No. 1132671

damn. RIP to the best parrot in Disney

No. 1132676

i remember him as the talking bird from cyberchase

No. 1132697

File: 1649796415852.jpg (193.07 KB, 1083x1482, 20220412_234626.jpg)

Death basket boys!

No. 1132703

Please nonnie you can't have me laughing at dead people wlike this

No. 1132707

I mean, dead comedians being laughed at is poetic in a way

No. 1132717

Laughing at this just moved my seat in hell another inch closer to the fire

No. 1132723

i wouldn't feel too bad for saget tbh

No. 1132725

RIP. Never forget some of his best work, narrating "50 Shades of Grey"

No. 1132745

the hashtag really is the cherry on top of this narcissism

No. 1132751

No. 1132756

Will there ever be a female celebrity that won't pussy out when they're put on the spot like this?

No. 1132758

File: 1649799360815.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 467.55 KB, 2002x2002, F5FF9152-BEC3-4BC0-9C63-751EF0…)

And that isn't even the full context. Spoilered but basically
>"190 pounds of MILF"
>panicked before having her baby because she hadn't taken any pictures instead of the blood pressure issues pointed out by her gyno
>whole story written about her unnecessary prenatal photoshoot as well as multiple posts uploaded about it to her instagram

No. 1132784

Damn. At least he got to be featured in an AVGN video before he died.

No. 1132791

This. She was an actual stupid, spoiled bitch in the 00's abusing her rich family's money and whether or not the sex tape was leaked intentionally or not is irrelevant, she was the epitome of the "famous for being famous" dumb bimbo trend that caused a ton of young girls to degrade themselves because of the airhead ideal. I get that zoomers think it's an aesthetic to be a dumb bitch with a glitter phone and pink purse but for someone who actually was there when she was relevant it's like salt in an open wound.

No. 1132795

kek nona I thought the same thing at first but I think he's using some sort of small handheld percussion instrument

No. 1132804

>abusing her rich family's money

No. 1132807

Abusing money as in abusing her power, using it for drug binges and partying instead of something more valuable or constructive.

No. 1132814

If she were at peak relevancy now in 2022, she would be cancelled by the internet in a heartbeat. She was the main inspiration for the 'mean girl' bitchy cliches of the 2000s, said a lot of racist shit and there was always gossip about her throwing her friends under the bus to make herself look better.
Tina Fey outright said she was a 'piece of shit' when she was on SNL, too.

>"She wanted to make fun of all the girls she hates. She was like "I want to play Jessica Simpson, I hate her." She would come in the room and say "you should do a show about Jessica Simpson because she's fat."

(Which is super shady but also lol)

No. 1132847

Paris Hilton would have been an excellent farmer on here

Paris Hilton got molested in a private school and then her sex tape depicted her aged 17 leaked because the moid didn't care if it hurt her or not. Paris is a huge cunt, but nobody comes out of trauma as an angel

No. 1132850

Not that it makes it any better but she was 19 the dude would be in jail if she was 17 and you wouldn’t be able to find it on almost every porn site

No. 1132859

She's made a ton more money off that party girl image than she spent though…

No. 1132864

File: 1649808585396.jpg (63.64 KB, 640x640, xmachcggqlk81.jpg)

I just seen this picture of young Gilbert Gottfried and I had no idea he is a light skin???

No. 1132873

lightskin what? jew?

No. 1132883

This was the first thing I thought of when I heard he'd died. What a legacy to leave behind

No. 1132887

>Paris Hilton would have been an excellent farmer on here
She would have been one of the resident nitpickers or racebaiter kek.
He always had light skin, what do you mean

No. 1132906

that's hot i'm 5' i'd love an appropriately sized kang

No. 1132913

File: 1649813638544.jpeg (60.42 KB, 615x410, BE633E34-A287-442E-915A-861E96…)

No. 1132928

File: 1649815476921.jpeg (519.15 KB, 767x870, 3F504E8A-82A0-4502-A813-99956A…)

No. 1132930

Im bracing myself for the amount of people who will stick up for this creep. I know Amber is a BPD-chan but Johnny is an abusive crackhead moid who was BFFs with Marilyn Manson and fucking Damien Echols. I’ll wait and see how his fans sperg their way out of this one.

No. 1132931

His deranged fans will still find a way to defend him for this and blame it all in her. I don’t love amber heard or anything, but the people who act like johnny is a poor innocent victim held hostage by her abusive tyranny are an absolute joke. He’s always been an annoying, violent drunk

No. 1132940

>Damien Echols
the guy who's famous for not committing a crime? what is your point here

No. 1132941

they're already crawling all over social media. hard to tell who's a hired bot and who's a real fan at this point

No. 1132950

What are you talking about? He’s a convicted murderer retard. He only got off death row by doing an Alford plea that his sweet celebrity crowd funded lawyers got him.

No. 1132961

File: 1649821046291.jpg (507.35 KB, 3000x1696, d044f4865c6698191a0f6a706700d5…)

That's right, I forgot about this creep child killer. This goes way too far under the radar. The whole "Echols is innocent" thing is such a sham- TM3 were rightfully found guilty. Fuck Depp. It's easy to abuse crazy people bc nobody will believe it because they're crazy

No. 1132965

File: 1649821379869.jpg (35.04 KB, 550x339, victims_f.jpg)

Celebrities have convinced you these lives didn't matter & their killer is really the victim

No. 1132968

not to start a whole Thing, but i thought there was like 0 evidence that the wm3 did it and the police just wanted to pin the murder on them because the whole satanic panic stuff.

No. 1132971

That's just Hollywood propaganda. Look up who made Hollywood documentaries proclaiming the WM3's innocence- total sleaze bags. There are famous artists who are friends with Echols who depict dead children. Something is really off about the way Hollywood went to bat for the WM3… the evidence was there- confession by one of the three. I feel so sorry for those little boys.

No. 1132977

There’s TONS of evidence they did it. Damien has had many different Alibis and none of them check out. One of his fake alibis was that he was on the phone flirting with his 12 year old girlfriend (gag). The other two also don’t have an alibi.
There was blue wax found on one of the children that matched a candle from Damien’s room.
The three boys were tied using three distinctly different knots (points to there being three perps and making it unlikely it was someone acting alone).
During one of the interviews with police Damien said something about how the killer probably pissed in one of the victims mouths (police never released this info to the public) and urine was found in the stomach of one of the victims.
One of the other members of the MF3 after confessing to killing the boys mentioned a broken whisky bottle he smashed near the crime scene that was later recovered.
There’s a lot more things but these are just a few points.
I hate Paradise Lost for being such a shitty and biased doc because it’s what everyone bases their opinions off now. And don’t get me started on the muh satanic panic BS the docs pushed so hard.

No. 1132979

Thank you anon. Great post. It makes me sick how celebs have sucked up to Echols and mourned over his supposed persecution. The evidence was indeed actually pretty damning

No. 1132982

Only our Queen JKR. I really hope more female celebs are open about being a terf.. Sigh.

No. 1132984

Thank you for this info, anon. this is horrifying. I hope they both rot in hell.

No. 1132986

File: 1649824166649.jpeg (617.01 KB, 2048x761, F6428A1B-CF7B-4958-B891-8603F9…)

Also a cellmate of Jessie’s wrote to the prosecutor begging them to make sure that Jessie stays behind bars forever.
source: http://callahan.mysite.com/wm3/img/mjohnson.html

No. 1133000

File: 1649825557888.jpeg (79.48 KB, 648x365, west_memphis_three_new_york_a_…)

How the hell had I never heard of this case before?? I was little when it happened so I'm sure my parents didn't talk about it in front of me, but holy shit.

And wtf, the murderers were…just CHILLING here at the film festival for the documentary? What the actual fuck is this world?

No. 1133002

File: 1649825644020.jpg (440.07 KB, 1080x2309, Screenshot_20220412-215152_Chr…)

That Callahan site has some seriously horrific stuff about these guys… just amazing how much Hollywood is in love with Echols. And isn't Depp supposedly against animal cruelty? Depp literally got a matching tattoo with this monster

No. 1133003

One of Hollywood's biggest open dirty secrets

No. 1133004

I want to throw up

No. 1133042

holy fuck… I had heard about this case but it was on "The last podcast on the left" and they were ADAMANTLY defending these sick fucks. May they fucking rot in hell

No. 1133043

File: 1649829768424.jpg (30.46 KB, 545x545, 1626726353350.jpg)

>pissed in one of the victims mouths
>urine was found in the stomach of one of the victims.

those poor children, how could anyone do that to a child

No. 1133046

File: 1649829848812.png (358.75 KB, 475x792, 1617817954133.png)

This is it, my breaking point.

No. 1133070

She was 18 in that tape

No. 1133073

Emrata thinks she’s one of the most beautiful women in the world but she looks like a fucking ostrich

No. 1133103

that's a lot of effort. I think chrome for iphone will play webm fine

No. 1133105

lovely caption about her baby only to ruin the whole thing with that hashtag

No. 1133119

It sure doesn’t

No. 1133134

File: 1649842775994.jpg (59.95 KB, 564x847, 982f884b41decefa3d1c428b7d09c0…)

Yeah it's kinda narcissistic but I also think it's adorable? She makes being pregnant looks so fun and like a positive experience, she's not hiding anythin. And she seems happy with her big bump, it's only temporary so she should enjoy it while it last.

No. 1133136

is it fun though? like i'm all for her expressing her positive feelings and she looks beautiful regardless but i don't think being pregnant feels positive or good at all. it seems awful.

No. 1133139

She looks beautiful

No. 1133151

the silver really compliments her

No. 1133153

Pregnancy is literal body horror but you can make it look fun if you're a billionaire

No. 1133155

I agree, she looks beautiful and pregnancy should be celebrated. Im not even that much into kids and all that but there's something beautiful in this, hmm, "primal way"? the way our ancestors worshipped fertility feels really appropriate.

No. 1133161

File: 1649845727913.jpg (183.22 KB, 669x1195, d27cc00-9706a22c-c58d-4ccb-95d…)

sage for ot but I have been pregnant, I plan on having another baby some time later and I agree that there should be an effort to decrease the stigma of women being treated like repugnant beasts while literally caring the miracle of human life, that said shit like >>1132596 >>1132442 >>1132578 is not about celebrating natural womanhood, its meant to sexulize themselves towards coomers and fetishits, imagine after your child being porn, the first thing you do is declare yourself a MILF

No. 1133269

Pregnancy is a mixed bag and I think it’s different for every woman. The first trimester is pretty bad because of the sickness and extreme exhaustion. Second trimester is feeling mostly normal and third trimester is very difficult because you’re just so swollen and heavy at that point- though I’d imagine for celebrities it’s easier because you’re being waited on hand and foot whereas normal women have to work up until the birth. Happy for Rihanna but it’s definitely an annoying trait of celebs that they just become totally obsessed with their bump. Remember, just because you’re thrilled to be pregnant doesn’t mean everyone else is that interested

No. 1133333

>>1130715 I hate Howard Stern and I want him to die next but the influx of love and praise he’ll get when he passes is gonna piss me off. I hate scrotes and their shitty fucked up “humor”

No. 1133366

lol just get an android

No. 1133385

Link to the evidence? Not trying to be contrarian but it’s hard to find evidence that supports their guilt.

No. 1133397

No. 1133403

the only thing i will give him is that his wife (who appears to be a good person) got him into cat rescuing and they have rescued and fostered hundreds of cats now and she's always trying to donate to be able to get cats off of death row and transported to no kill shelters. at least she's a decent person and using his money for good. i kind of stan her, she probably hates him inside but knows she can do good with his cash

No. 1133412

I'm white as fuck and even I got the joke, anons

No. 1133415

Damn okay that’s kind of awesome, still hate him tho

No. 1133428

I didn't know this bastard existed and even worse, all of this happened and he was protected. When do men decide that they're more important than justice or their victims? Why do they get to get away with everything? From age 15+ men should be considered for the death penalty by default unless they prove why they deserve to live.
Judge Burnett worked his ass off to try to keep these sick fucks from the light of day, but his work was undone the min he retired. I don't know about his personal life, but for his work alone man's a hero imo.

No. 1133431

I understood it, it just he doesn't look lightskin at all just jewish

No. 1133435

Also there's no doubt in my mind that Damien is the one who urinated in that child's mouth. They were 8 years old. I wanna kms.

No. 1133450

A lot of research I did came from here
Reading the raw transcripts and sources can be really tiring though but I’d recommend it. I’ll see if I can find a compilation/summary.

No. 1133490

File: 1649872506994.jpeg (180.35 KB, 987x1390, A03A2CD1-16A0-42ED-9C0A-FE4125…)

Don’t mourn him yet, anons. His wife is like 15 years his junior and they have two very young children (at his age.) How selfish and thoughtless do you have to be to decide to have offspring when you won’t even live to see their middle school graduation?

No. 1133493

reminds me of mick jagger: dude is 78 and his youngest child is four. His oldest daughter is 50, which is 15 years older than his current wife.

No. 1133494

idk but him having 2 children is better than alec baldwin having 8

No. 1133495

That actually makes my point even better, though. Jagger and Baldwin are fucking awful moids.

No. 1133497

>his youngest is 4
jfc does she have mental issues? I hope she'll be okay because that is some disgusting, old degraded sperm. I hate men so much

No. 1133499

Jesus Christ. Take your meds.

No. 1133503

jessie misskelley is literally retarded, nona. when you go to jail you make shit up so you don't get beaten up. you people really believe these three idiots killed those kids?

No. 1133507

File: 1649873766504.jpg (163.39 KB, 657x1024, 2012 Revolver Golden Gods Awar…)

Ntayrt but Misskelly was the only one of the 3 who is an idiot. He was just stupid enough to confess. Damien was the one who initiated it all. Damien is sick and so is Hollywood for defending him

No. 1133508

Oh and Misskelly is the one who confessed to the cops. Did he confess to put himself into jail? He's just an idiot with loose lips

No. 1133513

Her wig looks messy as hell too. Just not a good look for her unfortunately. Just makes Paris look better unfortunately

No. 1133522

Thanks nonnie. I’ll go check it out. Guilty or not, Damien always seemed like an insufferable tool to me.

No. 1133545

He isn’t retarded. He purposely fudged his IQ test so he could seem retarded. Before his court appointed IQ test he scored an 88 and after his court IQ test it miraculously went down to a 75.

No. 1133547

Nonnie, 88 is low IQ anyway

No. 1133566

79 is like borderline retarded, 88 is below average, nona.

No. 1133625

OT but I'm so sick of seeing this stupid fucking smug moid

No. 1133712

I listened to a 5 part podcast series detailing the murders. There were 2 likely adult suspects interviewed, including one man who had a knife traced back to him found in the lake the bodies were found in, but this was the satanic panic era and they honed in on some retard metalheads with one edgy fucker who couldn't keep his mouth shut and one retard who ended up just going along with what police were telling him he did because 8 hours of daily interrogation breaks down even non tards kek. Check out the transcripts ot their interrogation and it's very obvious what's going on. The local crackhead that absolutely did it ended up getting away free to assault other boys in the area

He was a known sped. He used to just walk laps around his yard all day

No. 1133741

>the hick police went after the poor metal heads

Tired excuse

No. 1133826

Sounds like the podcast got all their info from the retarded Paradise Lost docs.

No. 1133864

Except Jessie kept confessing OVER and OVER and OVER, even with his lawyers urging him not to do it. Meanwhile Damien licked his lips and blew kisses at the families of the dead boys. And while the confessions got some things wrong (they were drunk and he claimed himself it was to mislead), they got too much eerily correct. The wounds on which boys and acts performed on them, the placement of the bodies, the location and make of the bottle. I don't know how you can read that and think he was coerced when he was repeatedly told not to say anything. Even among his confessions we know he did to other prisoners as you see >>1132986
simply being a "tard" doesn't explain it all

No. 1133870

haha WOW manson has literally doubled in size over the past ten years

No. 1133872

i'm learning a lot about how information gets warped and telephone-gamed from this argument.
honestly though. some of you sound like 9/11 truthers. things were very different 29 years ago and i suspect the people who think the three dumbasses are guilty, were born after 9/11 and really don't remember a time before DNA testing, or how juries did not understand or "believe in" it.

No. 1133877

>Damien licked his lips and blew kisses at the families of the dead boys.
from his perspective, he was on death row the second those cuffs closed around his wrists. you're a 19 year old from the future and are missing a shitton of cultural context

No. 1133879

Metalmoids age like milk and Manson was an uggo to begin with. It's actually shocking how he went from lanky ghoul irl Tim Burton body shape to short stocky doublechin shaped like a milk carton

No. 1133881

>Except Jessie kept confessing OVER and OVER and OVER, even with his lawyers urging him not to do it.
because he is fucking retarded

No. 1133883

Ngl, being on this site reminds me that there is always someone willing to defend scrotes regardless of what they have done or how bad they are.

No. 1133887

Nta above but Damien being guilty is a grey area. He was a well known edgy dickhead mega goth who did petty crimes from a trailer park in the shit end of a shit town. His behaviour during the trials was really weird but tbh a lot of details like blowing kisses and stuff is thought to just be news outlets trying to make things seem more dramatic and theatrical since everyone was tuning into this big crazy news story about satanic cultists in the era of satanic panic

No. 1133890

The person who said Echols probably didn't do it still pointed out that other moids still did it. Nobody is out here dick sucking kek it's well documented that a drug addict pedophile who specifically targeted boys the same age as the victims was living in the area, admitted to owning the knife found in the lake with the bodies, and had a history of violent crime

No. 1133911

>because he is fucking retarded
so it's impossible he has a reason for confessing to countless people, insisting on it, even when it's actively being repeated to him that he shouldn't? even in environments it no longer matters if he confesses? no, it sounds like a personal motive, guilt. "he's fucking retarded" can be used to dismiss anything you want I guess. sounds like being retarded also makes you able guess accurately which wounds were on what victims from what act, the relative positions of the bodies and sequence of events, and other details of the crime scene? then it's a perfect excuse for anything. I don't even care that the boys were metalheads le satanic panic but I'm too reminded of similar crimes among young moids

No. 1133913

yeah echols was sketchy trailer trash but didn't kill those kids. the west memphis three are no doubt stupid moids like all moids, but the serial pedo is the guy who molested and murdered those kids. not the bottle kids or whatever damien and friends are.

No. 1133914

i think we should all stop engaging this poster. she seems a bit of a schizo-chan and possibly underage. at the very least is not at all well-informed.

No. 1133917

Why do you think he didn’t do it

No. 1133923

I'm not the schizo here seeing as I only posted twice, but yeah this is getting derail-y

No. 1133925

>stop engaging this poster
>engages that poster

No. 1133935

Lmao wtf did waka do

No. 1133936

Nta but because there was a literal violent pedophile with a verifiable history of being both violent and a pedophile. This is not alleged, this is not rumour, this is not people defending moids. This is a man who was known to go for boys that were the same age as the murder victims, who owned the knife in the water with their bodies, and was living in the area. Everyone knows the West Memphis Three were sketchy and awful in their own ways but are you seriously trying to say that the violent pedo who left his knife at the scene of the crime is a less likely suspect than 3 random teens who were swept up in the satanic panic era?

No. 1133951

File: 1649897076499.jpeg (270.08 KB, 828x650, CA5F3FFC-BE1B-4F4A-BFD3-E11F9D…)

The knife was literally Damien’s you tard.

No. 1133961

ntayrt and also, the three boys weren't friends and didn't hang out. you don't trust 2 dudes you barely know to do serious crimes with you, even if you are a crazy pedo. no one's caping for these three rednecks but we are saying it's moonlanding-y to believe that they were guilty.

No. 1133962

he exists as a moid

No. 1133999

File: 1649902589253.png (1.42 MB, 784x786, white shoe.png)

I love this thread

No. 1134003

Kek, I love the pic

No. 1134005

You brought me great joy

No. 1134044

Look, can we just advocate for letting them all rot in jail regardless of who did it? The three stooges and the pedobear man. Who cares who actually did it, they’ve likely done other crimes and are garbage scrotes that shouldn’t be free anyway.

No. 1134052

I agree with this

No. 1134057

this. emrat and fame thirsty julia are the kind of people that seem to like using their pregnancy/children as props, also chrissy teigen. women can post about being mothers without straight up sexualizing themselves

No. 1134067

before that part she wrote some bs about how she was panicking because she hadn't done a photoshoot yet as her gyno said there were some blood pressure issues and had to give birth earlier than expected. that small section where she talks about her actual baby was the more wholesome part of the entire caption aside from the hashtag kek. >>1132758

No. 1134090

she’s cute

No. 1134143

You're right they should be killed.

No. 1134249

File: 1649921548488.jpeg (691.24 KB, 750x1092, 146890F1-8045-44C5-BC7D-21D826…)

Celebrities don’t get much better post birth either, Olivia Munn is such a “cool girl”

No. 1134250

File: 1649921737531.jpeg (192.46 KB, 375x574, FEE2907F-C171-4E8C-9126-56FC16…)

Bonus smug smile and soy boy expression

No. 1134292

I'm surprised he didn't die by taking 10 ecstasy

No. 1134309

They hung out all the time walking around wm, there are several corresponding accounts that they were always seen together.
Maybe read all the 1000s pages of court documents before you get your info from paradise lost

No. 1134471

File: 1649941896918.jpg (258.8 KB, 1920x1142, we never landed on the twin to…)

No. 1134480

Came for fat Lana spergs, staying for the WM3 implosion

No. 1134486

Don't bother nonnie, the ones who are saying that pregnancy is """body horror" are autismo-chans who probably sperg about how non-consensual and traumatic was their puberty anyways. And the girls like Julia Fox are terminal pickmes who would actually kill themselves the day that they stop being perceived as sexy by moids, a pathetic existence. Good luck in your pregnancy

No. 1134507

File: 1649945282554.jpg (223.64 KB, 1170x2532, zu40lycy7dt81.jpg)

Asap shit got lucky to be near Rihnna at the right time, it should have been John Boyega. Knowing he has a huge celebrity crush on Riri breaks my heart, he should have been her baby daddy.

No. 1134512

This has major "We met at Whole Foods, she was buying celery and he was buying rosé" energy

No. 1134514

File: 1649945590708.jpg (27.59 KB, 753x565, JBFEJF_33534.jpg)

No this baby is going to have elite gene, I'm glad she didn't waste her good looks on an ugly male like Beyonce.

No. 1134515

File: 1649945629697.gif (4.61 MB, 640x640, ah-shit.gif)

>it should have been John Boyega

No. 1134523

File: 1649945981964.jpeg (58.82 KB, 1024x1024, John-Boyega-Cutest-Pictures.jp…)

She thinks he will be faithful just because he had no opportunity to cheat on her during quarantine.
>elite gene
>asap rocky
Are you retarded? John is one of the most handsome young male actors, you are framing him as ugly because deep down you hate his classic African looks.
You know it's true, he is an A list actor, Asap is a literally who compared to John.

No. 1134525

It's ok, Beyonce's genes will overpower Jay-Z's defective looks and her kids will look ok. Hopefully. She still needs to get better taste in men though.

You again? If you like John Boyega so much go get him for yourself.

No. 1134526

john boyega selfposting itt

No. 1134527

I wish Robert Pattinson was self posting instead. At least I could shit talk him to his face for not taking showers and smelling like shit on movie sets. John Boyega is boring and looks like he could be my neighbor, not glamorous at all.

No. 1134528

John, the rules state clearly that maleposters are not allowed, even if they happen to have childbearing hips.

No. 1134530

File: 1649946569189.jpg (27.58 KB, 500x602, AfricanElite.jpg)

Him being fucking ugly has nothing to do with him being black, africans can be gorgeous, he's not.

No. 1134531

The boyegaposting is making me dislike John Boyega when I didn't give a shit about him before.

No. 1134532

>A list actor
This is hilarious.
Wow, he's handsome. I love septum piercings so much.

No. 1134534

john whoyega

No. 1134536

This, kek

No. 1134540

File: 1649947239951.jpg (288.96 KB, 800x1067, 1640790343385.jpg)

>if i don't find someone attractive no one else actually like them
You are stupid.
>eurocentric bone structure
>african beauty
This is exactly my point, you look at black people through European beauty standard lenses.
You are just deluding yourself too hard so you can defend Riri and her shit choice of a baby daddy.
Yes he is A list, keep seething about it. John was a star of the biggest franchise in the world, even when he got sidelined people still liked him more than anyone else from the sequel cats. He won Golden Globe, he has his own production firm and signed a huge deal with Netflix with it. Asap is in no way close to John's league.

No. 1134542

Kek I love you boyegafag, you are possibly the most passionate [male celebrity]fag on lolcor, and that takes commitment.

No. 1134543

You tried this "just African looks" cope last time. By Nigerian standards (the African country he originates from), he is not considered attractive. I posted actual attractive African men, and you said some simpering BS like "Y-You can't be serious". Fuck off, take your husbandofagging elsewhere.
In fact, you're probably John himself shilling

No. 1134544

Look at that photo, you guys think he knows how thick he is?

No. 1134547

Are his hips photoshopped? Why is he so femininely thick lmao.

No. 1134548

>a list actor
>jobless, posting on a girls ib seething over rihanna not picking him

No. 1134549

where can i get a giant cheese like this

No. 1134551

>Wide nose
>Lucious lips
>Rich complexion
>Kinky hair

>Eurocentric beauty

Are you retarded?

No. 1134552

OT but he would make a great Star Trek Vulcan

No. 1134553

jay-z is ugly but beyonce's body is remotely controlled by her handlers. she has the minimum number of brain cells needed to keep a heart beating, but other than that is a stellar example of the perils of texas inbreeding and stupidity. his genes are need to ensure her babies didn't come out as like, those blank robot bodies from futurama

No. 1134555

Wtf is this post

No. 1134557

He has to. Dude literally looks like a gay bottom, or an FtM who mostly passes, but hasn't fully changed her body language/stance. I refuse to believe it's not on purpose

No. 1134558

john's cute, but he's unfortunately a suburban london derp/soccer hooligan. his personality is so fucking high school

No. 1134559

Is he fookin british, didn't know that

No. 1134561

File: 1649947935505.png (431.9 KB, 924x730, boyega.png)

Boyega stalkerchan is at it again. He's not going to fuck you

No. 1134566

Everything I said is true, people just don't want to accept how much black guy from London achieved all on his own.
Having rounder jawline is normal for africans, you shill slim faced eurocentric looking beauty standard models.
You are mentally ill to think John would spend time to respond ugly fat jobless cat ladies that are obsessed with celebrity gossip.
I said bone structure you illiterate retard.
Fuck off /pol/ refugees.

No. 1134568

Rihanna won't fuck him, get over it.

No. 1134571

Go away John. Africans don't stan you, having a slim face isn't "Eurocentric" (have you ever met a single African lol), and Rihanna doesn't want you. Coca Cola bottle shaped bitch

No. 1134572

he looks chubby but he probably thinks he looks strong

No. 1134574

Poor Anna. Look at their smug ass faces. It’s ok though. She’s stuck with a cheating addict and he’s stuck with a narcissistic turbo pickme. They are each other’s karma and they deserve each other. I mostly feel bad for the kid
I don’t think it’s a stretch for some women to call pregnancy body horror. Women have faced permanent health complications or even death from pregnancy and childbirth for literal millennia. You don’t have to be autistic to feel fear and trepidation around it. Also, puberty is quite literally traumatizing for many of us, especially considering that’s when many of us experience sexual harassment and sometimes debilitating periods for the first time. Glad that wasn’t the case for you. Pregnant women and pregnancy in general shouldn’t be shamed, but don’t turn around and shame other women for having a perfectly normal fear of it
I also wish you good luck with your pregnancy and a happy, healthy baby. And I agree with you about celebrity women, these ones in particular, weirdly sexualizing pregnancy with the way they portray it. It’s not about the miracle of human life for them, or “expressing their sexuality”. They just can’t stand to not appeal to coomers for 5 seconds and even pregnancy isn’t off the table for them of things to fetishize

No. 1134575

I'm a fat jobless cat lady and even my hips aren't as wide as john boyega's but get well soon

No. 1134576

>coca cola bottle shaped bitch
KEK he's got the perfect figure… for a stumpy woman.

No. 1134577

Adonis Bosso

No. 1134580

File: 1649948929087.jpg (371.19 KB, 800x600, Nomatch.jpg)

They are no match Anon, face it. She's literally the most beautiful billionaire in the world.

No. 1134581

More like it will be up to Johm, once Asap cheats on her and she turns into a classic case of single mum.
Are you really retarded? Even Riri has round face and wide nose, you just hate on John because deep down you know he was the right man for Rihanna.
When was the last time you looked in the mirror?

No. 1134587

Britbong confirmed. Who would wish single motherhood on a woman for rejecting a male, kek? Like, who could this possibly be that personal for?

No. 1134588

Nona, i know you're a troll but this is so bizarre, even dr*verfags could just pop a paperbag over his head and I would kinda get it but this-

No. 1134589

File: 1649949275120.jpg (49.44 KB, 572x470, Rihanna Thug Life Tattoo.jpg)

Are you blind?
UK is not the only place that uses mum, you are just a dumb burger, that why I'm not surprised that you don't know that.

No. 1134592

Retarded burgerfag confirmed

No. 1134594

You tried to use the worst pic of Rihanna you could find, and she's still out of John's league.

No. 1134595

Was this supposed to be a bad picture of Rihanna?

No. 1134600

Even in the ugliest lighting from a busted angle she looks better than him in a professional photoshoot with a ton of photoshop.

No. 1134601

>Everyone on the internet is from America except me
Pathetic lol. I'm not American, the only people I've seen specifically choose it over "mom" are from Brit-lite (Australia etc), or Brit-colonized countries. Nice job dodging the questions, though, incel. Rihanna will never pick you because she doesn't want sons with thick thighs and fat asses

No. 1134602

I didn't say she was ugly, but claiming she is out of his league is stupid.

No. 1134603

There is no such thing in existence, so anon had to improvise

No. 1134605

She is 1000% out of his league, do you have vision problems?

No. 1134606

It's not really an achievement, she's a young, healthy, pretty woman and most billionaires are balding old decrepit men in ugly suits.

No. 1134609

It's actually comical, even in her worst photos she's way out of John's league

No. 1134612

File: 1649949960420.jpg (26.09 KB, 600x315, a749af3d9b8c04f52982b51b16dbd0…)

Sleeping and still more attractive than John

No. 1134614

Boodega fan shilling nonexistent romance with Rihanna, as if John is not a known fan of Chris Brown, he visits his shows and likes his posts. I bet that shill will ignore this, because it doesn’t suit their perfect image of that fat manlet.

No. 1134616

We need to publicly execute Chris Brown for still existing after beating and stalking women and getting away with it btw.

No. 1134621

she honestly has nothing on the carreyfags, who reminder - stan a dude who gives people herpes

No. 1134623

kek how does calling a dude a high school soccer cunt make me a polfag

No. 1134625

nona is say that beyonce is next level dumb

No. 1134627

It's p racist that the one anon is implying that chiseled features are euro-centric when most of the people I've seen with defined and chiseled facial features have been purely african. C'mon, aren't high and prominent cheekbones a good indicator for african ancestry by now? Africans are the most genetically diverse people on Earth so sit down with that "classic african looks" bs because Africans are unlimited. And ot, but Adonis Bosso is so beautiful I could cry.

No. 1134628

Forbidden man outsold.

No. 1134629

i think nonnnies need to remember how much a lot of teenage girls like nonthreatening/soft looking guys. john is considered cute by a lot of kids and nerd girls

No. 1134632

File: 1649950984392.png (154.56 KB, 1675x921, depp.PNG)

Im sure Amber Heard is not uwu innocent victim but after all that's been revealed I cant believe that majority of people still defend this piece of shit Depp and say she plotted all this Gone Girl style.

No. 1134634

Adonis Bosso and Anok Yai is the real couple that anon should be advocating for.

No. 1134635

I never trusted Johnny. I don't trust Amber either, but he's always seemed off. They're both awful, toxic people.

No. 1134637

She looks like an angel here. Inb4 white guilt accusations, I'm not white or black.

No. 1134648

Not my fault you have different standards for men and women.
Fuck off, hollywood gave an oscar to a literal pedo and somehow John liking Chris is too much? If everyone excuses pedo shit for the name of art, John can like Chris for his music and be against him and his abuse.
You know.
Slim face is eurocentic standard of beauty, when round face shape is normal and admired in Africa.
Outsold what?
What does this even mean? He is handsome.

No. 1134652

This is somehow soft? You guys are dumb.

No. 1134655

He's ugly and has a fat woman's ass, now shut up you turbo autist.

No. 1134656

ot but i love Bill Skarsgard, he's in that movie

No. 1134657

stop this pick me "they're both bad" nonsense. Show me texts of Amber threatening to rape and kill Depp with several different men. Show me her harming herself on purpose and blaming it on him. Show me a dog shitting on their bed and him weirdly lying and saying she did it until a judge had to tell him to stop. Show me her getting a bot army to spam a hashtag defending her over tiktok/twitter. You guys are dumb as fuck if you think this is a 50/50. This is how abusers work, they muddy the waters until you wave it all off as a domestic tiff.
I don't know shit about Amber Heard but I do know living with an alcoholic abuser will make you fucking crazy.

No. 1134658

Ok let it go now we get it. Rihanna doesn't want him

No. 1134659

It's true that it's the most genetically diverse continent but most westerners will think about West Africans if you talk about black people to them because that's the majority of the diaspora in America and some parts of Europe. I guess that's why that anon said that.

No idea why but I thought the thumbnail was from a video game, like what they did with Ellen Page and Two Souls or whatever it's called.

No. 1134663

he was thick in that photo where he is stood like that shane dawson meme. i can't find it though kek

No. 1134664

> has a fat woman's ass
kek nonnie

No. 1134665

I'm not a pickme, I very clearly said that Johnny is an awful person. You idiots have diluted the meaning of pickme so much. I'm basing how I feel about the situation from what I've already seen. I'm not going to pretend like I know everything about the case but from what I've seen they're both crazy. I don't know if they're both equal amounts of bad and I never said that they were.

No. 1134666

Anytime I see mention of the Heard Depp trial I feel the actual need to state that it's documentated Johnny Depp cut his own fucking finger or whatever the fuck and was going to frame Heard. The absolute state of all his testimonies. I've always sensed something off about that freak but he's just a twisted weird man he needs to get a life. He's guilty throw the book at. Him and fuck all those Depp apologists. Freaks

No. 1134668

>Slim face is eurocentic standard of beauty, when round face shape is normal and admired in Africa.

No. 1134670

Even west Africans don't all look one way, but good luck convincing westerners of that lol

No. 1134680

What is wrong with a man having a thick ass?

No. 1134682

I love how the murder of children and John Boyega self posting is what fills in the gaps between actual celebrity drama kek

No. 1134684

lost my shit, damn if the editable meme doesn't describe /ot/ to a tee lmfao

No. 1134687

File: 1649954369138.jpeg (49.39 KB, 650x1000, EC4F1557-0FF1-45B6-9C9A-12AE1B…)

My man boyega built like king tut

No. 1134689


No. 1134696

She was the first pick me i saw on tv years ago when she acted like the only woman into comics and video games. Still obnoxious it seems

No. 1134700

>John was a star of the biggest franchise in the world, even when he got sidelined people still liked him more than anyone else from the sequel cats
delusional lmfao

No. 1134701

i realy don't, please tell me why i am a polfag now because i'm scared.

No. 1134727

File: 1649956337675.jpg (44.61 KB, 683x526, mybaby.jpg)

All this hate for a successful, handsome black man that openly supported BLM even thought it could have ruined his career.
At least Reddit and OhNoTheyDidn't livejournal actually adores him and isn't acting as retarded as you ugly fat losers.

No. 1134737

He isn't handsome, he's very average. He looks like a normal guy down the street.

No. 1134743

then why don't you go back to reddit lol

No. 1134744

He has nothing on the forbidden man and you know it. Especially when it comes to success and adoration. Facts!

No. 1134747


No. 1134750

File: 1649957112830.png (2.7 MB, 1280x1926, aptopic-la-premiere.png)

>very average
You are delusional retard.
I don't visit this place that often anyway. How dumb do you have to be to think lolcow is somehow a better place than reddit?
Your face literally looks like a rat and never won any important award, his movies are flopping, everyone hates him, so fuck off.

No. 1134759

File: 1649957470556.gif (523.19 KB, 330x186, 1643311113698.gif)

Calm down, John Boyega won't fuck you no matter how hard you defend him here.

No. 1134761

It's been established that lolcow users have no idea what the word 'average' means. Just let it go if you want to maintain your sanity.

No. 1134764

how dumb do you have to be to think a moid-ridden, coomer and pedo ridden site with an updoot system and shit layout is better (and yet won't even stay there despite loving it so much kek)

No. 1134784

We’ve already been through this. No he is not handsome and he has the ugliest body proportions of any black man we have ever seen. Literal apple shape with no shoulders, a fat waist and birthing hips. I mean yeah the face is cute, but it’s nothing special. Just go to unconventional attractions already. Don’t worry we have all been before.

No. 1134789

Everyone please ignore Boyegafag. She is obviously trolling, why else would she pick such a objectively rotund ugly manlet to shitpost about?

No. 1134793

File: 1649958695853.png (303.17 KB, 457x433, 4DFC19E7-89C2-4489-84B6-6F25C3…)

Kek she’s so photogenic. I also hate how people tried to bully her for this picture when she is literally 15, and the only thing wrong is greasy teenager skin.

No. 1134794

>Not my fault you have different standards for men and women.
exactly, and so does rihanna
>Fuck off, hollywood gave an oscar to a literal pedo and somehow John liking Chris is too much?
both can be bad at the same time.
>If everyone excuses pedo shit for the name of art, John can like Chris for his music and be against him and his abuse.
kek did he tell you that ? stop putting so much faith in a moid

No. 1134800

Stop projecting your drown rat loving coomer ass on me.
It's so weird, they claim Hiddleston's ugly ass fiancee is true a beauty and John is somehow average?
I meant lolcow you retard, yes reddit has safe spaces with good content, when lolcow has /snow/ and sick obsession over literally who social media cows. OhNoTheyDidn't is also a way healthier place, you can look it up how normal people actually not just like John but actually stan him.
I just know you are Asap Shit's fangril.
>it's impossible for anyone to like one of the most successful black actors in recent years, who has a history of open activism in support of black community
I just know you are white

>“There are no black people on 'Game of Thrones. ' You don't see one black person in 'Lord of the Rings,'” Boyega said in a recent interview with GQ.

He fought for black representation before it was cool.

No. 1134804

Ohnotheydidnt is like makeupalley,
Might as well go to to Twitter with these recommendations

No. 1134806

Bitch I said that Boyega was average, where did I mention Hiddleston in this thread?

>OhNoTheyDidn't is also a way healthier place

Go back there then.

No. 1134809

Stanning an ugly moid is not healthy and even the shittest /snow/ threads are still better than those sites.

No. 1134811

He ugly

No. 1134813

Exactly, basic people even on twitter adore John unlike you.
I didn't mean you, celebricow was praising both of her and Hiddleston in the past thread.
>even the shittest /snow/ threads are still better than those sites.
How mentally ill do you have to be to believe this?
No one asked for your wrong opinion.

No. 1134814

File: 1649959491964.gif (1021.54 KB, 220x220, tumblr_906d4a2d1d21e76fe502f5d…)

AAAAAAA it makes me so sad when i see black women on the internet thinking that THEEE most fucking ugly black moids are fucking sex symbols!! it makes me SICK to my stomach!!! shaking crying vomiting!!!!! john boyega is fucking ugly as shit AAAAAAAAA!!

No. 1134819

Such a strange metric to rank sites on whether the user base think short ugly fat moid is worthy of fangirling. Get a life love

No. 1134820

File: 1649959758388.jpeg (206.89 KB, 817x1222, oscar-isaac-john-boyega-daisy-…)

he looks like a fertility icon, like he could birth 4 big-headed babies.

No. 1134822

Why is he wearing his pants like that

No. 1134823

Because he has wide nonbirthing scrote hips and a major badonkadonk!! Keep up, nona!

No. 1134826

It's not flattering. He looks like a black Simon Cowell

No. 1134827

When Michael B Jordan is right there. I found him hot in Black Panther ok don't judge me.

No. 1134828

He looks like a dad. Not in a good way.

No. 1134831

File: 1649960248149.jpg (58.3 KB, 474x665, downloadfile.jpg)

look at this 'man'!!

No. 1134833

File: 1649960308121.jpg (30.29 KB, 474x474, downloadfile-2.jpg)

Look at it!!

No. 1134834

He's giving me Ru Paul

No. 1134836

File: 1649960405139.jpg (45.9 KB, 474x471, downloadfile-3.jpg)

johnboyegasperg, by christ almighty, you WILL look at this and finally SEE him!

No. 1134843

File: 1649960657331.jpg (47.05 KB, 200x420, 1531508892158.jpg)

I saw him and I wish I didn't.

No. 1134851

Boyega was okay in Shingeki no Kyojin, too bad that sucked worse than the new Star Wars movies

No. 1134854

File: 1649961126511.jpg (138.52 KB, 640x1138, 3oj3k492gx681.jpg)

I pity you.
He is very much handsome. I really wish this interaction was on a different site with actually sane people so we could have collectively bullied you.

People outside of lolcow actually love him, this post had over 80k up votes. I didn't know how mentally ill and out of touch with the rest of society most of the posters here really are.

No. 1134857

He was in Attack on Titan?

No. 1134858

If I'm wrong I don't wanna be right!

No. 1134861

Was he Levi

No. 1134862

Instagram baddie Fashion Nova bitches show pictures of John to their doctors.

No. 1134864

Noni I don’t give a shit about the off brand Voldemort and I don’t care about this rocky debate but he’s ugly. He’s got the body of short fridge. It’s not masculine or sexy or ideal. His face is okay but the way you push him as attractive just points out he really isn’t and makes him seem ugly in comparison. You like him fine but we’re not interested so go back to your hug box or learn other people have different opinions and that’s okay.

No. 1134865

Then leave already if you hate it here so much.

No. 1134871

>normal people
pick one

No. 1134872

> >“There are no black people on 'Game of Thrones.

There were. Granted, not a whole lot but they were there. Greyworm and Missandei had prominent roles.

No. 1134873

mods please ban boyegafag, it's getting boring

No. 1134875

I just mentioned my opinion on John being better suited for Riri to be her babby daddy and people jumped on me. I was forced to defend him.
I see how pointless it is to argue with mentally ill fat cat ladies, yes I will leave you to your retardation.

My final point is John wouldn't let his ex run her mouth like this

I will come back once Asap cheats on Rihanna and it will be up to John to make a decision date her or move on with someone younger who doesn't have a kid with someone as ugly as Asap.

No. 1134876

remember when he said finn was entitled to fuck rey. all moids are the same

No. 1134877

John Boyega dropping hints that he's in the live action Netflix adaption of Attack on Titan

No. 1134880

Are these trials ever gonna end? You think he would be smart enough to simply ignore the “libel.”

No. 1134881

Haha right that was so fucking gross to say about fictional characters in a Disney franchise. That a male friend should’ve been the one to bang Rey because???? And turned it into some race thing. He seems annoying as fuck just based on posting that on a public platform and then complaining about backlash.

No. 1134883

File: 1649962001057.jpg (20.2 KB, 474x561, downloadfile-4.jpg)

low self-esteemed black nonnie is back at it again with the worshipping of the mediocre black moids!!! shaking crying pissing shitting vomiting!!! AAAAA PLS ypu need hlep yuo nedee to gte smoe fking slef Esteem!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAA!!!!(racebait)

No. 1134884

John Boyega was the mastermind behind the West Memphis 3 murders

No. 1134885

Babes you weren’t forced to defend shit. You got tilted people voiced their own opinion after yours. No one is holding your keys to the keyboard. You’re choosing to come in here and sperg out to a group of people who clearly don’t agree with you after we’ve told you we don’t and don’t care.

No. 1134889

>I was forced to defend him
holy kek, you know you could always just ignore posts that you disagree with

No. 1134891

File: 1649962263115.jpeg (291.11 KB, 828x1045, 1414F0F9-CA26-4222-807D-61C2C3…)

No. 1134897

The way John Boyega is shaped he might as well blend in with all of us mentally ill fat cat ladies

No. 1134898

File: 1649962380001.jpeg (455.43 KB, 828x982, 24BD0306-B3FE-4243-BBA1-D638C1…)

No. 1134899

File: 1649962411093.png (89.37 KB, 634x320, 89230943295435.png)

I was about to shut up but you baited me once again, this is the last reply.

What John said was a joke, yet he wasn't wrong about it, your space nazi is dead and yes Finn will be her future love interest, you seething doesn't chane anything. He made a joke on his social media, because his fan asked, he is a grown man and has a right to say whatever he wants, white guys like Runner and Evans made way more awful sexist jokes about scarjo, yet you are not outraged about them. Hmmm, makes you think why you bitches are so picky when things come to John.
Yall care, thats why you are baiting me time and time again, this is my last reply anyway.

No. 1134904

> Hmmm, makes you think why you bitches are so picky when things come to me.
there, fixed it.

No. 1134907

And no one is shocked. Disgusted and i hope he is skanked in prison. Did anyone good even work on that show? I feel like all the actors were trash supporting that shit

No. 1134909

Are you sure you understand tone enough to know what a joke is since you don’t seem to understand bait?

No. 1134910

Did he even play a major role in GOT? I don't recognize the character he plays.

No. 1134911

Not that I can think of off the top my head. Birds of a feather flock together.

No. 1134912

I'm absolutely against sex tapes and all that crap and I do feel bad for Kim on some level but this seems very Streisand effect-y. Just think that maybe people wouldn't care so much that footage from the same tape from years ago was coming up again because it's nothing new, but I guess I could be wrong

No. 1134915

He's so evil.

No. 1134916

>I was about to shut up
Blatantly a lie

No. 1134917

I haven’t heard anything bad about Peter Dinklage. Could be wrong though.

No. 1134922

File: 1649962927060.jpg (48.04 KB, 474x711, downloadfile-1.jpg)

it's cuz he's ugly and mediocre black moid. And there are in fact sexy and beautiful and not mediocre black moids in exsistance for I witnessed them with thine own eyes ,nonny-bunny, and so I know for a fact that john boyega is NOT one of them!! KTHNXBAI

No. 1134924

Peter Dinklage is the only one I can say I’ve heard say things I agree with and don’t have anything bad to say about. He called out Disney for trying to be woke and still using dwarfs.

No. 1134926

Literally where are his shoulders? How can you say he has good genes?? can he even carry a child upon those dainty rounded shoulders???

No. 1134928

I remember that. For the snow white live action? But what are they supposed to do when it's 7 dwarves?

No. 1134929

Why can’t she like Alfred Enoch or lance gross? Lance is so pretty.

No. 1134933

File: 1649963176326.jpeg (25.11 KB, 180x264, 842E046A-ACB8-4426-8F18-E3018E…)

No surprise, he looks straight out of a physiognomy textbook.

No. 1134934

Nta, but I think (emphasis on think) he was complaining about Disney still calling them dwarves. Even though the condition is called dwarfism, it's considered outdated to call them dwarfs and I've heard that a lot of little people don't like it.

No. 1134938

I feel like that’s the point? Why remake a story rooted in stereotyping disabled people in a negative way. Women being forced to do all the house work and take care of seven men. The Villian is just another evil evil women and Snow White is assaulted to wake her up because she can’t consent. She’s asleep. You can’t be woke and come at minorities it’s just hypocritical and that was his point. Either actually grow and create better and let’s move forward finally. It’s not in different than them not wanting a slave owner because it’s not woke to own men but a brothel owner is fine in the new interview with a vampire.

No. 1134942

Yeah he was mad they were calling them dwarves and making them live in the woods. When some little people suffer medical dwarfism and discrimination while they played woke and accepting.

No. 1134943

I thought it was offensive to call them midgets?

No. 1134944

Yeah, I think that is offensive too.

No. 1134948

They’re little people. Midgets is offensive and not every little person has dwarfism.

No. 1134951

'little people' kind of reminds me of those fisher price toys

No. 1134952

File: 1649963680738.jpg (44.22 KB, 590x350, Warwick-1195377.jpg)

I think it is offensive to the world that midgets to this day keep breeding and curse their kids with their genes, if they want to parent a child, why wouldn't they just adopt?
They are fucking evil for this.

No. 1134955

No. 1134958

No Driver movie can flop as hard as Boyega's career. Stop being delusional.
Your scrote could never get hired as a sex symbol in a perfume ad campaign kek.

No. 1134960

I’ve met a couple midgets/dwarfs/pixies/compressed persons in my life and they where very nice people. They can look after themselves and they just get on with it. I don’t see why they’re shouldn’t be more of them when there is so many fat, ugly and shit people in the world waddling around. They’re far more functional than the average autistic scrote.

No. 1134963

Babe you seem extremely salty that AD is a sex symbol and your big booty boy could never.

No. 1134965

I don’t care about Star Wars or defending male celebrities. And it doesn’t change the fact Boyega was annoying as fuck constantly getting into daily arguments with people on social media over dumb shit and being unbearably woke to pity himself.

No. 1134966

His arms are so long he looks like an action figure.

No. 1134970

the creepy hand reaching out to touch or pat(?) him is so funny to me

No. 1134971

I swear this is the last time I take your bait. Your rat's movie last duel is the biggest flop of the last year, John has many upcoming projects in post and pre production, you ugly fuck has nothing booked. He lost Oscar two times, never won anything important, he is relevant and people are already tired of him. That retarded perfume ad was a laughing stock for everyone, no put intended lol.
At least autists can live in their autistic head and be unaware how fucked they are, imagine being born midget from midget family and you know your parents did this to you intentionally. I agree that people with fat gene and schizophrenic people shouldn't breed ether.
He can do whatever the fuck he wants, he defends ideas that are important to him and he doesn't care about irreverent judgmental haters like you.

No. 1134972

i dunno, he's kind of like a cute squishy guinea pig in this pic. i'd give him a hug and let him run around my room after school.

No. 1134978

that hair was also acceptable in the suburbs at the time. all the non-hiphop black girls (aka nerds or went to emo concerts) at my school had something similar.

No. 1134980

>I swear this is the last time I take your bait

No. 1134982

ew, nonny, he's from california.

No. 1134984

Please post the lizzo vid

No. 1134985

kek this is the 3rd time you said you'd shut up

No. 1134987

why does everyone film themselves having sex?
should i do it? am i missing something? will i have more fun if i do?

No. 1134993

the original ancient european story, they were just 7 dudes, not magical forest creatures. just do the russian version with the 7 cool guys instead of little people.

No. 1134997

Someone please explain to me why people film themselves having sex. It's even less comprehensible than people taking nudes of themselves and risking these photos being leaked or reposted to me.

No. 1134999

the problem is having dwarf characters framed as fantasy creatures like hobbits, ents, fairies etc. his GoT character was still a regular man like the other medieval knight men; not a mythical thing made up for the show like a dragon.

No. 1135003

File: 1649965097156.jpeg (88.81 KB, 524x772, irrrtsgeahnetticsshh.jpeg)

>fat gene

No. 1135005

No. 1135007

counterpoint: please don't.

No. 1135023

File: 1649965657809.jpeg (56.05 KB, 432x286, F45D2102-4EFA-4E59-8790-75CC2D…)

I thought they were keeping Vanya on Umbrella Academy since the actress said she had no problem continuing to play the character, or I thoughtMAYBE they were creating some alternate universe where she was a “””man””” since there’s that plot device, but now they are literally transing the character into “Viktor” and retconning Vanya’s struggle as also being related to her “gender” and having Ellen transition on the show. I’m actually kinda buttmad about this and I don’t think I’ll watch S3.

No. 1135024

YOU post the Lizzo video!

No. 1135029

btw isn't Vanya already a male name in real life? nickname for Ivan?

No. 1135036

it's unisex, like Sasha

No. 1135037

File: 1649966072086.jpeg (693.85 KB, 828x1157, A1545CC6-A978-45DA-A84F-428C4B…)

Noni as an autistic person. We are eight times more likely to kill ourselves. We self harm at higher rates. We have an average life expectancy of 36. You’re a sheltered Reddit dumbass and you need to shut the fuck up.
Now tell me why you don’t pick an actual attractive man like Lance?

No. 1135038

so they still needn't change it

No. 1135039

>round face
her face is not round lol

No. 1135046

What video

No. 1135060

I like his small, triangular ears they remind me of a cats

No. 1135077

I think anons are dunking on his body not just for the ass but because of his thighs and hips as well. Ngl I like man ass but John Boyega has a womanly figure. Plenty of men have nice asses without also having childbearing hips.

No. 1135080

what fucking designer dressed this man like a popular 15 year old boy in 2006
i hate it

No. 1135081

i think the same women who like fat white guys probably also like fat black guys. i bet they love john boyega

No. 1135089

Maybe the John bogeyman fag is a lurking fag who only cares about ass

No. 1135096

Whole foods market

No. 1135097

TLD was based as fuck and you should care about it if you praise the fat manlet for being woke or whatever.
Keep seething, nobody cares about Boyega like they do about AD and Kylo, which made your fave manlet salty as fuck. Also you are wrong, AD has 4 upcoming films.
Anyway it's not about my taste, it's not about yours, it's just fact that AD is a more successful and accomplished actor than Boyega. I hope you help him to lay the pipe though so he can chill and stop sperging on social media about real and fictional women who won't fuck him.
BTW, what is your opinion on rap music and rappers?

No. 1135098

But babes what was the last movie big booty hips did outside of star wars? AD has been in like 3 just last year.

No. 1135104

Lmao anons, these were golden

No. 1135105

File: 1649969187607.jpg (102.93 KB, 738x824, riri.JPG)

No. 1135113

Scrotes can really never appreciate when they have a great thing going on in their lives smh

No. 1135114

this is a rumor though, its not confirmed.

No. 1135116

File: 1649969430606.png (1.1 MB, 901x710, twitter.PNG)

No. 1135123

File: 1649969530185.jpg (23.56 KB, 600x248, John-Boyega-2.jpg)

AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I didn't have to wait for long LOL >>1134875
It's time for John to steal her now.
No one cares because no one saw the movie and it was the hardest bomb of the year.
You will find out very soon, he is getting his Oscar nom this year.
>AD has been in like 3 just last year.
All of them flopped.

No. 1135126

Who? You guys can't trust everyone just because they claim to be a news site or whatever.

No. 1135129

Boyegasperg, you got here crazy fast for someone who was supposedly done posting and was gonna leave lmfao. Did you post that?

No. 1135130

That guy is hot. I unironically think I could fix him.

No. 1135132

File: 1649969690245.png (922.03 KB, 1171x837, boyega.png)

>t.asapfags seething

No. 1135134

Don't fix his room though, that's his job.

No. 1135136

Is that supposed to be a win bc he looks special needs

No. 1135137

>oscar nom this year
The oscars already happened

No. 1135144

Aww, bless yer heart you think winning an Oscar means anything in this day and age. Most Oscars are paid for and bought by film companies.
Keep dreaming big for booty hips over there while he has to scrape by and play in live-action Netflix attack on tiddies. I hope he knows he has one actual fan in the world. Good luck babes.

No. 1135145

File: 1649969840259.jpg (29.18 KB, 800x451, john-boyega-e1596467292732.jpg)

I said I would stop replying to baits over John, I didn't say I would stop posting altogether.
You better worry for your ether rat or Asap Shit.
For the movie that came out this year you retard.

No. 1135146

File: 1649969855666.jpeg (172.56 KB, 916x869, 2069BBB9-4471-4BF1-9464-F11A61…)

This your man?

No. 1135150

File: 1649969904571.jpeg (25.55 KB, 750x750, venus-of-willendorf-1-1.jpeg)

go forth bootyega, claim your queen!

No. 1135153

oh god not you again, botyega-chan.

No. 1135156

Make the shoulders disproportionately slight and rounded like a woman’s and it will be more accurate

No. 1135157

Come on guys he needs one crazy fan(and only fan). Maybe she'll snap and kill him.

No. 1135162

If you think about it, saying that ugly John is how all African people look and that handsome men don't look African actually makes Boyega-chan racist.

No. 1135163

i wonder if she is writing some weird fanfiction stories about him and rihanna.

No. 1135166

>I didn't say I would stop posting altogether.
Well you should

No. 1135171

Lol I agree a scrote is a scrote

No. 1135176

File: 1649970548968.png (354.78 KB, 1079x1789, Screenshot_20220414-160633.png)


It's buzzfeed. But an article about Millie Bobby Brown & sexualization of other young actresses. Touches on Natalie Portman & Emma Watson as well.

No. 1135197

He is a dipshit too, he is constantly mad he is a dwarf and can't be a handsome action star. He literally has said as much

No. 1135214

Pedro Pascal (outside of his brother trooning out) and Lena Headey, also I think all the main kids.

No. 1135218

This. If you're privileged and date a poor ugly man he will 100% cheat on you because he thinks he the shit now, they also cheat with women who work for you for some ungodly reason. Completely debunks any sort of "weeelll he cheated because she did x" thing scrotes like to use
I fucking hate this. And all the scrotes magically lost interest in her after she turned 18, one of the biggest excuses scrotes use for grooming is that "well she was just so beautiful and a great person who just happened to be underage!" Well? Where's your energy now that she's no longer an age for you to fetishize?

No. 1135226

Unsurprising but still disgusting. It makes me happy to see her speak up about it though, this kind of scrote behavior is disgusting and should be shamed

No. 1135233

> S1: awkward loner weirdo girl
> S2: awkward lesbian weirdo girl
> S3: awkward transing weirdo himlet

I mean this is what happens to weirdo loner girls these days so, it actually kind of makes sense?

No. 1135249

It was only a matter of time, but if this is true, damn, he couldn't until she birthed the child to be a cunt. Asap is a colourist piece of shit and would probably be bitter if the child (daughter rather) came out too dark. Women need to stop dating (c)rappers, they are not good husbands or fathers or human beings in general. She needs to stick to dating billionaires or just be alone. I wonder if she knew this would implode and only wanted his sperm so she could have the black little girl she was desperate for and do all the maternity shoots, hence not simply adopting a black girl.

No. 1135265

what that??

No. 1135294

File: 1649973915245.jpg (1.19 MB, 2000x1270, john-boyega-1 (1).jpg)

>Women need to stop dating (c)rappers, they are not good husbands or fathers or human beings in general
This. Thats why she should have gone with John in the first place.

No. 1135297

Noni please pick a better one. You’re killing me. Why does John have to be your husbando?

No. 1135300

i am tired of seeing this man and his squashed flat face, i want to snatch his nose off it is so annoying

No. 1135301

Don't tell me crapchan and boyegafag are teaming up

No. 1135302

File: 1649974163042.png (179.41 KB, 543x234, heisalreadyinlove.png)

Who said he is my husbando? I just think he and Riri are meant for each other, John has a huge crush on her and she needs an actual good boyfriend in her life.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1135304

i would rather see pics of ezra miller like last thread than this john guy. atleast ezra has an angular face and looked handsome at a stage in his life

No. 1135307

File: 1649974261477.jpg (49.27 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Go back to the last thread and enjoy his fungus legs

No. 1135311

Who's this woman?

No. 1135314

kek shut the fuck up anon, at least ezra is cute and his nose isn't the size of a beef tomato stop spamming the thread with his retarded face

No. 1135319

>his nose isn't the size of a beef tomato
Riri also has wife nose, yet you don't mock her. What is with you and your hate boner for John? Also, saying shit like this over wide features and nose, is actually racist, but you are not ready for that conversation.

No. 1135321


Do you have a cuck fetish, Boyega-chan?

No. 1135323

sure ok anon, sperg about him in the unconventional attractions thread instead.

No. 1135325

>but you are not ready for that conversation
We get it, you're a twitterfag. Why don't you make a thirst account for him there and stop shitting up the thread with your sperging.

No. 1135326

File: 1649974766273.jpeg (26.24 KB, 200x299, 983AD2F2-DB08-4398-993F-71D423…)

i leave this thread for a few hours and come back to it. i swear to lord fuck jesus

No. 1135328

Why spastically defend some random womanly moid if you're just going to ship him with rhianna? Cuckquean shit. Also are we sure John Bodega isn't a woman? Slender shoulders, wide hips, chunky ass, round face, posting on lolcow.

No. 1135329

So basically some tard once heard John Boyega say he would fuck Rihanna and decided that they were soulmates

No. 1135335

File: 1649975000273.jpg (19.2 KB, 474x474, downloadfile-6.jpg)

boyega-chan yuo hvae oto stppp! Stuo whta yui are doing!!! Yuore teraing the thread APPART!!!

No. 1135336

Maybe boyegafag was living vicariously trough Rihanna and that's why she wanted her to date Boyega

No. 1135346

should boyega sperging be a bannable offense?

No. 1135350

How dare you remind me of this beautiful man knowing damn well I can't have him.
Agreed, he's kinda cute. there are possibilities…
That's what I've been saying!

No. 1135360

nobody cares, NIGGER(racebait)

No. 1135361

girl calm down

No. 1135365

he was the thenn cannibal child-murderer i think. life mirroring art yet again

No. 1135394

i mean who didnt see that fucking coming lmao

No. 1135405

Why? As long as they can take care of themselves and have a decent lifespan. Being a little person isn’t the end of the world.

No. 1135408

>that spoiler

Based. I did too even though his character was a stereotypical hotep.

No. 1135409

>S4: realises the horrible mistake she made and reconciles with her sex

One can only hope

No. 1135415

Lol what do you have against little people? They get along in life

No. 1135422

Amber Johnny trial continues to rail on
>A alleged text message between Johnny and his friend and neighbor Isaac Baruch was read aloud in court
>The alleged text that Johnny wrote to Baruch read, "I hope that Amber's rotten corpse is decomposing in a fucking trunk of a honda civic."

her texts about Johnny
>I feel like I’m on a very fast train that’s about to explode, but I don’t want to jump off and leave my love behind. So I stay on the train, even though I know it’s about to explode.
>A text to her late mom read, “It’s terrible. I don’t know what to do.”
>Another text to her mom read, “He’s nuts. Violent and crazy. I’m heartbroken that this is who I love.”

>“I was so in love with Johnny at that time. We had had a wonderful year together where he was sober and clean and that is how I got to know him. And Johnny, when he was like that, (is) generous, loving, he is a remarkable man when he is like that. I loved him and I didn’t want to lose that… the other side of him was a monster, but I always held out hope that he would get clean and sober.”


No. 1135502

A buddy of mine saw John Boyega take his shirt off in the shower and he said that John Boyega had an eight pack. That John Boyega was shredded.

No. 1135508

See, piece of shit didn’t even say marry. Even your ono is shit.
>Hate boner for him
It’s mainly YOU kek

No. 1135511

NO. Let her keep going, it's too entertaining

No. 1135513

>make love to
>not even marry
(Fem)boyega would cheat lol, probably with a woman who has masculine features to balance out his thiccness

No. 1135514

On the topic of how celebs present when they are pregnant. What does Halsey fall under? Because she did the same thing as Rihanna and performed in lingerie while pregnant for her new album's concert. I can't see Halsey pandering to scrotes, she panders to much to the tumblr crowd for that.
john boyega needs to get his own containment thread like adam driver has

No. 1135516

File: 1649983986341.gif (8.25 MB, 540x319, 6F358BBA-721B-44B1-A967-E5409C…)

No. 1135518

>john boyega needs to get his own containment thread like adam driver has
it would literally be only that one schizo boyegasperg though

No. 1135519

If he had a containment thread then there wouldn't be anyone for Boyega-chan to fight with and that's not fun.

No. 1135520

Bill skaffrrgaferääärtrt is so fucking ugly too cross eyed clown bitch

No. 1135521

It seems that megadave hasn’t let go of his lolcow ways…

Admitted to pissing on the White House bathroom floor back in 1992 because muh anarchy!!! He was turning 31 that year.

Bitches about fans not wanting to hear his rants on stage because muh freedom of speech is more important!!!!

Never change, Dave.

No. 1135522

well if someone wants to make one there's no stopping it

do all the irl husbandofags need their own threads or can they not just use the containment thread in /g/ for irl husbandos

No. 1135524

>do all the irl husbandofags need their own threads
Nah, there shouldn't have even been any other husbando threads after AD's was made.

No. 1135536

Who's that tif?

No. 1135538

I agree they don't all need their own thread which is why I was confused by rpatz and madsfags making their own threads, I didn't realize they were that popular to warrant it and I am an irl husbandofag, I just don't understand why people can't use the /g/ irl husbando one

No. 1135589

File: 1649989319819.jpeg (84.8 KB, 828x494, 0ACE2254-31DF-4C29-803E-D6146D…)

take with a grain of salt since it's entyshit but will smith/jim carrey or will smith/chris rock?

No. 1135591

Sorry anon, i am not crapper chan. Just somebody with a distaste with rap culture minus the self hatred of my race or following a fashion trend meant to attract white supremacist pedo-baiters.

No. 1135616

cardi and offset named their child wave set. That is all.

No. 1135619

Oh no…at least he's cute?

No. 1135620

sage but what happened to his right foot

No. 1135621

He's photoshopped into the image nonnie

No. 1135628

File: 1649994612798.jpeg (677.02 KB, 1157x763, 7F131741-4FD3-4310-874A-BEE79F…)

He looks just like cardi to me. Very cute.

No. 1135631

Adorable! It's unfortunate that he and their daughter will be raised by two dumbasses, but what can ya do.

No. 1135633

File: 1649995409598.jpeg (1.2 MB, 1163x1448, 2DAF95CE-C046-418A-B17C-410FC7…)

Cute photoshoot even though I’m not a fan of either.

No. 1135651

is that little girl wearing a weave?

No. 1135655


It looks like a bonnet that matches her purple dress.


You're joking, right? That name sounds like a hairstyling tool.

No. 1135669

He looks exactly like her, it's uncanny. Adorable though

No. 1135672

I'm not American enough to know what's the problem with that, please explain.

No. 1135798

she's right tho

No. 1135826

I’m sorry, what does this mean? Is the a-list actor helping them come forward or are the stories about him? I’m probably retarded. Also, haven’t we been hearing talk of a sex pest ‘comic’ for a while now? Crossing my fingers it isn’t Burnham kek

No. 1135895

Most likely a blow out or some sort of oil treatment, etc. It's possible to get that texture with a competent stylist and product. And god, the children are adorable.

No. 1135964

The Oscar winning actor is helping the women come forward about the comic being a sexpest

No. 1136033

>It’s not in different than them not wanting a slave owner because it’s not woke to own men but a brothel owner is fine in the new interview with a vampire.
There werent even brothels in the original movie or book… Slaves are bad but owning women for sex is okay? i fucking hate wokies so much. i hope that insulting adaptation burns hard. No one can compare to Pitt and Cruise in the 90s.

No. 1136035

It should be 7 himbos tbh.

No. 1136036

I think it was an Onyankopon joke

No. 1136051

Makes sense since Disney roids up all their male marvel actors anyway kek

No. 1136091

>It’s not in different than them not wanting a slave owner because it’s not woke to own men but a brothel owner is fine in the new interview with a vampire.
wtf is this for real?
in the book louis was only 24 years old, he inherited the plantation with the slaves, which was considered completely normal back then. chosing to become a brothel owner on the other hand is an active and evil choice. plus he was always a good "owner" who treated his servants nicely and calmly - until evil lestat came and killed them one after the other.
how ridiculous, acting as if bad things in history never existed is the dumbest thing you can do.

same for snow white: the father of the girl snow white is based on owned a mine with child workers who grew up to be crippled because of lack of sunlight, meaning they actually looked like dwarfes and now it's woke to "erase" them by just using normal actors because…?

No. 1136110

File: 1650036699603.jpg (26.02 KB, 500x292, tumblr_inline_o41569yPGx1ttbde…)

Some little people were actually mad at Peter dinklidge because they felt he was taking jobs away from little people actors. Fun fact Gary Oldman played a dwarf in "Tiptoes" by walking on his knees all movie.

No. 1136119

Why are you whiteknighting fictional vampire slave owners.

No. 1136125

Yes they literally moved Louis from being a plantain owner to a brothel owner.

No. 1136137

File: 1650037410441.jpg (19.51 KB, 750x422, interviewwiththevampire-amc.jp…)


I could be wrong, but I thought the reason they changed him from slave owner to brothel owner is because the actor playing louis is (half) black, so it wouldn't make sense storywise for him to have slaves. So they used prostitution as a replacement for slavery, not to be "woke" but because it was the closest thing they could use.

No. 1136144

Oh man, i remember that movie!! Gary Oldman really is a versatile ass actor.

No. 1136148

This is all shit. RIP Anne Rice. This is all shit.

No one is, but making someone who inherited slaves because time period vs actively choosing to become a brothel owner are vastly different scenarios. Wokes are fucking retards.

No. 1136163

Then they should've not cast a black man then, problem solved.

No. 1136229

Were they waiting for the author to die so they would ruin her work? Might aswell write your own vampire show instead of leeching off an existing piece. I don't get it.

No. 1136235

At this point my theory is they cast POCs in place of white characters just because they know final product will be shitty so they can blame show/movie doing bad on racist.

No. 1136272

Did you somehow miss all of the people with dwarfism calling out Dinklage and disagreeing with him for trying to erase one of the few respectable casting opportunities for little people? He wants to be King Dwarf and is threatened by competition

No. 1136305

Many black people owned slaves back then, inconvenient truth……

William Ellison - Wikipedia
https://en.wikipedia.org › wiki › William_Ellison

No. 1136316

So they could have kept it the same and had a teachable moment about the nuances of slavery…but no. Go woke, go broke.

No. 1136324


No. 1136331

Yep. In their woke confusión they hurt themselves.

No. 1136346

>chosing to become a brothel owner on the other hand is an active and evil choice.
Was it really? Was it considered that "evil" back then? In a country where slavery was normal, I kind of doubt exploitation of women was some unprecedented thing (especially since black women were enslaved and raped). Seems like a weird line to draw

No. 1136352

I doubt it. Idk why anon is getting defensive over the character and acting like being a brothel owner is worse than being a slave owner.

No. 1136361

This dude always looks mildly uncomfortable/scared/nervous, I always thought he looked like a scared little boy in got and he still has the same expression kek

No. 1136382

Slavery = bad
Sex slavery = good

No. 1136389

Both are evil, I just think that anon is weird for defending one so hard, but raging at the other. Both happened throughout history. It's silly to pretend sex slavery never existed, especially in that era.
Like, you realize women and children suffered under both throughout history, right? Or is it alright for some kinds of women and children to go through, but not others? Just strange

No. 1136396

The writers of the cheap Interview with a Vampire tv show seem to think owning a brothel is totally fine

No. 1136397

Probably by the same logic as nonnie, kek. He'll probably be a "good" brothel owner, very nice to the sex slaves, until Lestat comes and kills them all

No. 1136410

>plantain owner
Kek this could be a creative way of saying someone has big dick energy

No. 1136418

sage for responding to an old comment but damn nonna are you hangry or something? I don't think he planned to die at 67, which is relatively young still lol.

No. 1136425

he isn't ugly but something about him reminds me of a cartoon dinosaur. please tell me you all understand what I mean lmao. very nice smile though I'll give him that.

No. 1136427

lol at the sloppy photoshop job on the oldest boy's hairline. they did him so dirty omg, it looks like they took a sharpie to his forehead.

No. 1136428

>marrying a woman who could've been your daughter's age and having kids at 50 is ok.
Mental illness

No. 1136430

I see what you mean!

No. 1136435

>Why are you whiteknighting fictional vampire slave owners.
exactly, they're not real people. plus there's a thread for vampire media in /m/.
go discuss over there, this is on par with the anons who sperged about euphoria

No. 1136452

File: 1650052764543.jpg (98.23 KB, 514x814, 3F3dtGP.jpg)

The woman who was accused of having an affair with Asap while Rihanna was pregnant spoke out and denounced the rumors.

No. 1136459

File: 1650052949193.jpg (28.47 KB, 789x178, l8KjsoZ.jpg)

an anonymous source from TMZ says it's not true

No. 1136466

Boyegachan must be big mad right now kek

No. 1136478

I refuse to believe she wasn't a troll

No. 1136488

File: 1650054240230.jpg (108.49 KB, 472x639, 6nX0T3T.jpg)

the blogger who started the asap is cheating on rihanna rumor apologized

No. 1136491

File: 1650054599747.jpg (107.88 KB, 1123x814, xPfLhA4.jpg)

samefag, the guy who started the rumor is a non-binary twitter e-celeb. he might get blackballed for nearly ruining rihanna's and that shoe designer's reputation

No. 1136493

Idk them at all but I can already tell this is a gay male who loves to start shit

No. 1136495

File: 1650054921437.jpeg (627.04 KB, 986x958, 4526EA54-DBBE-42FF-84C8-062116…)

Everything is an accessory for emrata.

No. 1136514

I hope his life gets ruined kek

No. 1136588

File: 1650061014602.jpeg (69.22 KB, 930x429, 3C59EDAA-8D34-4480-87D2-B57DA7…)

No. 1136591

seething because you this fag spread fake rumors to get his name out there and it's actually working

No. 1136598

No. 1136600

Should have just made him into a madame if they wanna go the brothel route. No reason for him to really be a man since he’s not inheriting property

No. 1136616

Thanks for dropping by lequisha but us civilised “folx” do not understand your tweet.(racebait)

No. 1136624

nta but she's saying "men are trash", dumbass.

No. 1136628

Nta, some of you are really fucking autistic.

No. 1136630

at least she washed her hair for the oscars

No. 1136637

Fuck me grandpapi

No. 1136657

You're pretty retarded for not understanding something as simple as that tweet. Is English not your first language?

No. 1136661

I think Riri is cool but she looks like a beluga whale. She def is not the most beautiful anything in the world.

No. 1136666

File: 1650067089114.jpg (132.66 KB, 649x793, wnPGAN8.jpg)

he is a cow, more info is dropping on twitter. i'm seeing other fashion mag contributers laughing at his downfall.

No. 1136669

You will never be (c)rapper-chan

No. 1136675

In very rare occasions, mixed race sons would own slaves if they managed to inherit property from their fathers. They saw themselves as something different to fully black people so they didn't mind all that much.

No. 1136707

…you need to read a bit further, sweetie

No. 1136746

File: 1650076371858.jpg (115.93 KB, 709x700, IJglewQ.jpg)

update on Kesha's case against Dr Luke

No. 1136771

File: 1650079697188.jpeg (80.78 KB, 475x714, 23602901-395A-4F40-886A-0C5F3D…)

Scott has a new kind of age appropriate girlfriend. She’s 27, he’s 38.

No. 1136774

>age appropriate girlfriend
>age gap of almost a decade
by appropriate you mean non underage I assume

No. 1136775

Yes, the bar is low with him kek

No. 1136781

File: 1650080679495.jpeg (372.3 KB, 2048x2048, 1A3E6715-6226-4DEF-B302-8F1932…)

Not a fan of the new butt…

No. 1136786

fuck… she ruined herself

No. 1136816

being skinny was her charm point. Now she looks like every trashy rapper out there

No. 1136817

lol you just know that she never takes care of that baby herself, it’s all on some nanny she hired while she poses in bikinis for her shitty IG. I feel bad for the kid

No. 1136834

File: 1650090462871.jpg (262.69 KB, 894x1222, john-boyega-premiere-queen-of-…)

Stop your schizo rant you retard, he is handsome.
How about people that want to date and marry older people? It's a two way street.
>if I don't like someone no one else can like them
I just know you have no irl interactions.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1136835

Thank you, people claiming she is some sort of a fashion icon is also such a joke.

No. 1136840

Please never leave boyegachan.

No. 1136848

leave us alone already

No. 1136849

this looks like rihanna is doing aegyo

No. 1136860

File: 1650093434194.jpeg (44.81 KB, 540x960, 12C01E22-AC27-4FA9-8C18-4E6C4F…)

Stop your schizo rant you retard, he is handsome.
How about people that want to date and marry older people? It's a two way street.
>if I don't like someone no one else can like them
I just know you have no irl interactions.

No. 1136862

>being skinny was her charm point. Now she looks like every trashy rapper out there
seriously? her house styled rap music and personality (when she wasn't self sabotaging) her charm.
then she went off the rails. i hope she gets help and has people who actually care about her. her life was a mess way before she got famous. once she got those breast implants it was only a matter of time before she got more surgery.

No. 1136863

Actually no i take this back. Even Shane has a nicer figure as at least his shoulders are bigger than his hips.

No. 1136873

>Shane has a nicer figure
You sound off your meds

No. 1136875

He genuinely does. Shane has a more masculine figure. I posted the pic of Shane to make fun of him but then I realised; Shane has wider shoulders and a more masculine figure. Boyega is literally rich and famous and was in Star Wars but still has no gf because he is that pathetically shaped. He’s not laying any pipe.

No. 1136877

He has a reality star gf but he is hiding her so he can have casual flings with random girls, yes, he has BDE and unless he dates Riri, him fucking around is understandable. Like imagine being in love with Rihanna and knowing she is dating someone else and is about to have a kid with that ugly guy. John's current gf doesn't mind him sleeping around anyway so don't start complaining about it.

No. 1136880

>has a reality star gf but he is hiding her so he can have casual flings with random girls, yes, he has BDE and unless he dates Riri, him fucking around is understandable
Imagine caping for a scrote and an ugly one at that, holy shit. Boyega will not fuck you, go be pick me for his Barney The Dinosaur ass elsewhere

No. 1136882

Get your fucking autism in check, mentally ill pickme. I'm not even involved in this whole boyega shit but I'm tired of seeing your wet fantasies about him and Rhianna. You're fucking obsessed. God.(unhinged)

No. 1136917

God she's so annoying I hope her titties sag to her knees overnight

No. 1136960

The duality of woman

No. 1136984

Azealia I know you're reading this. Get rid of the boobs and butt implants. Now. You already have a cute face and you looked so much better as a skinny, flat chested womanlet it's not even funny.

No. 1137026

What does the 7 tattoo on her butt mean? I'm not a fan so I know next to nothing about her. Is it a reference to something?

No. 1137069

sooooo tacky

No. 1137072

this John bogeya guy is ugly as hell and the anon sperging about him must be a troll or a retarded blind bat

No. 1137098

Only thing I could find on google is that 7 is a lucky number (in some cultures), but that largely seems speculative. Maybe it has some kind of personal significance to her but who knows. She seems like the type to get impulsive tattoos for no reason

No. 1137107

I'm so sad to see this. I loved her not only for her music but because she was super slim and relatively flat in an era that fetishizes impossibly huge ass and boobs. Now she's just one of them, and it looks ridiculous on her naturally small frame. It's giving me low-budget porn vibes honestly.

No. 1137157

what the hell is that thing

No. 1137158

all these LA retards have "sIdE cHiCkS" or whatever. just don't have sex with males or heterosexual women, they all do this garbage because their brains are confused by the pressure to have a partner even when they don't feel serious about someone.

No. 1137161

whyyyy did she fuck up her face like that???

No. 1137162

nta but hey english is my third language and i got it so that nony is just fucking stupid

No. 1137163

he doesn't even make anything good. he's more like an instagram photo stylist than a designer. he can just like make an insta fashion post have the right things in it? please tell me i make sense.

No. 1137164

that man's face looks like a testicle
and kek if you cover up his gf's shoes she has hilarious stubby legs. that's why she has to date an old scrote. she'd probably get a hot guy if she got tf out of LA

No. 1137166

she used to look like a cute skater girl who listens to hiphop, now she looks like a reanimated corpse.

No. 1137168

>she has hilarious stubby legs

No. 1137175

where's the connection between stubby legs and dating old scrotes

No. 1137176

Do you want a pat on your back now?

No. 1137181

didn't you know that the pheromones produced by the circumference of your legs increases the age of the men you attract

No. 1137187

No. 1137196

what kind of logic is this we can't all have model proportions retard

No. 1137199

i know, but men in LA and NYC have their pick of women who do. she wouldn't have to date an old scrote if she left the high-competition zone of hollywood

No. 1137202


No. 1137249


No. 1137279

The average iq in this thread must be 45

No. 1137288

he looks like a tranny ftm

No. 1137295

File: 1650133685452.jpeg (278.5 KB, 1080x1482, IMG_3627.jpeg)

Our favorite non gay faggot is at it again. saw it on reddit and this got the thread shut down for "biphobia" even though Styles ha never said he's bi or gay. He's just a quirky straight man but thats LGBT now too i guess.

No. 1137298

does that mean we might be getting hairy singing "man i feel like a woman"?

No. 1137308

he looks like poop smell

No. 1137318

bump cp

No. 1137320

Not all scrotes want to date models or care about the proportions of your body, even the rich ones. They're men, they'll fuck anything. Sperging about proportions when girls with pretty faces can get laid because they're attractive regardless of body proportions just reinforces the pointless dichotomy women have forcefully created for themselves in the age of social media brain rot. You are the one reinforcing it. Scrotes don't care if you have average size or short legs kek

No. 1137346

if this themlet was even 1% gay he'd suck a dick on camera for clout. spicy str8s be quiet

No. 1137348


No. 1137366

Kek you wish you could look as good as her

No. 1137371

Leftist men are the ones who disgust me the most. They're aware our struggles, and they pretend to sympathize with it to take advantage of women. I don't believe in how progressive this ugly moid is for one second, and I'm sure some day I'll wake up and read news about how Styles abused his girlfriend or something.

No. 1137381

Fuck you're right, I can't unsee her short legs now.

No. 1137431

leglets seethe

No. 1137434

i doubt abuse, but he's for sure a serial cheater. like, every night that his gf isn't home he brings home some random girl he just met. and he's one of those "i just can't help it! i just like them alllll" but would flip out if his gf slept with another man even once.

No. 1137447

I bet you have short legs yourself

Pretty much all men in entertainment are. They're men who aren't constantly around their significant others, of course they fucking cheat

No. 1137460

lmao i know exactly what you mean somehow

No. 1137463

No. 1137469

my sister and i once counted how many (official!) girlfriends harry had since he got famous: fucking 26, dude is simply a whore
just imagine a 27yo starlet had that number of exes, the media would have killed her already…

No. 1137502

Is the term nlob(not like other boys) a thing? just men pretending to be allies so girls fawn over him "he's one of the good ones". thank you mr styles for defeating toxic masculinity #notallmen.

No. 1137505

I'd believe it. Everything is so low-effort these days it would be a good excuse

No. 1137511

It should be! It's official, he's an NLOB. While we're at it I'm adding John Mulaney to the list too

No. 1137540

kek that is such an annoying thing to say. he is the most straight gay person ever. Seriously though, despite how he acts and dresses, I don’t think he is gay at all, or even bi, I just think this is just an aesthetic and to please his largely woke/lgbtq fan base. He is straight and has a thing for older women

No. 1137542

Agree. I think it is to appeal to this woke, blm audience. They even did a tv show about Anne Boleyn and cast her as a black woman. Which is insulting due to her being a real person. Not a fictional one.

No. 1137559

There was no fucking romance plot in the new SW's movies, that or I'm autistic.

No. 1137561

I always thought she looked model-esque and it really suited her, but this… is unfortunate

No. 1137579

that's just soyboys, no?

No. 1137580

File: 1650153558648.jpeg (328.64 KB, 2048x2048, 58D69034-BD84-436F-B02E-7755A4…)

>>you looked so much better as a skinny, flat chested womanlet
She really did. Please no filler in the face azealia!

No. 1137582

she was so stunning in this video. her fake boobs are fucking terrifying and the bbl is just strange… miss her 'i have no tits' era she was so hot

No. 1137585

no soyboys are weaker, also it's a shitty term that was invented by incels, should probably use something different. not like other boys or "manic pixie dream boy" would make more sense, esp in the case of men who try to appear quirkier than they are

No. 1137590

File: 1650155016101.jpeg (735.61 KB, 1172x1292, 0B15763E-87DB-4429-AC17-6D856E…)

Ew it really is a thing and Harry is their main example. I’m sure Jared Leto thinks he’s a manic pixie dream man.

No. 1137599

File: 1650155872960.png (344.96 KB, 500x375, zxqj18b79ur21.png)

I mean like attractive/average moids that know how to cater to female gaze, so that woman think they are one of the good moids (peep the oxymoron) basically becoming the non-threatening males archetype. Typically these men are male feminists (libfem of course) and are whores. Like men that pretend to be bi/"queer", altfish (guyliner and rings and black chipped nails seems to be the trend) and act interested in zodiac. Of course they think sex work is great. Hasan Piker could go in this category i guess. The key is the fact that it's performative asf.

No. 1137606

Shut up, don't give her more bad ideas.

No. 1137607

File: 1650156272356.jpeg (102.61 KB, 1080x1080,