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No. 1134205

The borzois are back edition.
Post random things you hate and why. A picture of the thing you hate is always appreciated. Please don't vent about your life here. For venting about your personal life, your family, neighbors, boyfriend, coworkers etc. use the vent thread. For advice with your personal daily life use the advice thread. Thank you.
Commentary is fine (positive, negative or neutral) as long as you don't come here to start a retarded infight with your personal issues.
Previous thread: >>>/ot/1103119

No. 1134206

Probably the wrong thread but I LOVE this thread pic and I’m so glad the borzois are back.

No. 1134214

Kek I'm glad you like it nonnie! We went on too long without borzois

No. 1134215

I like that she looks like she's planning my death and the borzois are laughing at her ideas. How sweet. Back on topic, I hate how people have absolutely no reading comprehension. Older people (read 50+) are especially terrible. How tf did any of them graduate and hold jobs? Mind boggling. They had to con people.

No. 1134224

File: 1649919387292.jpg (Spoiler Image, 17.5 KB, 236x415, ew.jpg)

I hate how men always say they prefer women hairless because it's "hygienic" meanwhile they are way hairier than we are and aren't expected to shave their arms, legs, chest or armpits. You know they don't really believe that (or they're just that stupid maybe).

Also if hair is "unhygienic" then wouldn't the same be true for head hair and eyebrows, yet they don't have a problem with those? They're so full of shit.

No. 1134251

File: 1649921864801.jpg (146.65 KB, 1199x621, EaPyie8WsAw5FCu.jpg)

They don't like women with body hair because they're all just genuinely nonces, even if they don't realise it. The hygiene thing is just a cover for the fact their brains have become so twisted by porn that they view any signs of maturity in females as immediately disgusting and repulsive - not just body hair, but sagging breasts, dimpled/stretch marked skin and periods etc. When you look at the body hair issue plus the amount of teen/barely legal porn it's obvious what the outcome is.
Also, pardon my sperging, and I'm not defending the porn industries of the past as it's all entirely fucked up, but at least in a lot of retro porn they still had bushes and (for the most part) looked like grown women with natural bodies. It's crazy how our bodies develop to show signs of sexual maturity, natural beauty and fertility (menstruation, body hair etc) and these disgusting pedo scrotes find all of it disgusting? They literally just out themselves at this point, they might as well tattoo "I am a paedophile" on their foreheads.

I also used to be in the team of "I shave because it's muh preference and it feels cleaner" but in reality I was just coping because I was too nervous to be sexually intimate with men unless I'd completely shaved first. The breaking point for me was reassessing my sexual history years later and realising how much we're taught, as women, to put effort into looking presentable for sex vs the average moid - in my case, I'd exfoliated and shaved and got anxious over a stray pube being seen whereas the moid I was seeing literally just told me "I couldn't be arsed to trim my pubes" nor did he apologise for it. Something clicked and I realised how bullshit this all was, and how there is never even any positive outcome for us.

No. 1134259

I dislike men with body hair on their chest, back and stomach. I don't want to be with someone that looks like a caveman. Take him swimming on the first date ladies or else you will get a hairy surprise.

No. 1134263

Sigh, commies and their manifestos…
>where's the oppression
If you want to receive any of those supposedly free for all benefits the state offers, you have to do as the party says. If you don't obey, no apartment for you, no job for you. Maybe gulag. I don't want my living situation to depend on how loyal to a party I am.

No. 1134264

I guarantee if somehow porn featuring <18 became legal like tomorrow, most men (except ones who are good uncles, fathers and brothers) would be flocking to it like no tomorrow, making memes about it and watching it. While majority of women would be running to shut it all down or at least vilify it.

No. 1134267

Samefag, the only thing keeping these types in line is literally just the law.

No. 1134270

>a full on wall of text repeating "TELL ME WHERE I SAID X" and "DO YOU EVEN KNOW WHAT X MEANS" as a deflection instead of arguing the points, personal attacks, everything leading back to cheap whataboutism and olympic grade mental gymnastics to make oppressive communist states into progressive based feminist utopias
>Rees at the nordic model while caping for communism when it's been proven to secure the most equal standing for people from all social classes
Yes you're a delusional tankie and reading your spergy manifestos full of mental pretzeling belittling the borderline genocide committed by communist states on the level of "sure they had famines killing millions but at least you could get an abortion!!!" is a tankie handbook. Communism doesn't work because it always turns into authoritarianism because that's what you have to do to in order to literally enslave the citizens to accept their position. There's a reason why all communist states had a secret police based on interrogating wrongthinkers.

No. 1134284

File: 1649925038550.jpg (48.86 KB, 531x755, four_months_three_weeks_and_tw…)

everyone should watch this movie to see what happens to women under communism

No. 1134307

My two aunts (twins, youngest siblings) were born shortly after Decree 770 was sanctioned. My grandma was relatively young and only had 3 other children so she could not get an abortion. They did manage to make do and my aunties were loved all the same, but there still was struggle, even more so since the previous children were all boys. I love my aunts dearly, but I can't help wonder how things would have turned out now in our family if grandma could have got an abortion.

No. 1134308

I don't need to see this, this is my reality. I use the depo shot and my bf never cums inside but it's hard for me to relax and just enjoy sex. I have a lot of trauma and my bf too due to being unwanted babies and I'm surehe would help me abort in case I got preggo. Thankfully I know some orgs that sell abortion pills here and most women who abort dont really get arrested.

No. 1134311

I also have a high libido so I'm always wanting to have sex then worriyng about the consequences. Its a shitty cycle. I drink lots of cinnamon tea bc they say it causes uterine contractions and maybe I will be less likely to get preggo

No. 1134312

where do you live?

No. 1134313

File: 1649927448436.jpeg (30.47 KB, 314x474, FOzhscMVIAAoEvu.jpeg)

Unintentional famines aren't the same as genocide. What happened to Crimean Tatars during ethnic deportations after WWII could count as genocide and it was messed up for sure but famines happened a lot during Tsartist Russia and China before Communism.

No. 1134314

>Romaniachan lecturing people on manifestos
top kek

No. 1134316

Communism did bad things. Just as capitalism. It's unfair to idealize either of them. Or see them as a better alternative to the other. They are both as shit.

what are you talking about? I never lectured anyone on anything I just think both communism and capitalism are shit.

No. 1134317

How about show the Russia during the 90s after the fall of the USSR where prostitution and drug addiction became rampant.

No. 1134319

Nobody was arguing that famines caused by sheer incompetence and negligence like the one by Mao was genocide, but that genocides did happen. Cambodia under Khmer Rouge is a good example of genocide being committed under communist rule even if it was more motivated by classicide than ethnic cleansing.

No. 1134320

The whole fault with the “Communism killed 100 billion gazillion brazillion people” is that if we did the same to capitalism the number of deaths would be double, and that’s being generous, if we considered people who die to being unable to afford medical care, poverty, drug use pushed by governments, etc. There was a recent study on this which I will have to dig up.

No. 1134322

These genocides or whatever aren’t inherently attributed to Communism though, like you said yourself it’s ethnic cleansing, Genocides happen under Capitalist rule all the time too.

No. 1134323

File: 1649928031547.jpg (52.4 KB, 390x251, madras_famine_2.jpg)

I'm not a Communist but I find it very cringe how the west overly demonizes it. British India had a huge famine under Winston Churchill and he openly mocked them by saying they breed like rabbits but we do not see these death tolls attributed to him like Stalin's supposed "20,000,000 people killed in genocide".

I don't agree with everything that happened in the Soviet Union, but look at why they wanted revolution from the Tsar in the first place. Most Eastern European countries were poor before Communism and they're poor even now after Communism.

No. 1134325

There's a huge difference between genocide, systematic large-scale famine and poverty/ostracization caused by the lack of loyalty to your party than indirect consequences of shit like health care being inaccessible, especially because in communist states health care wasn't accessible either or the treatment you received was literally on par with chewing herbs. If you want to dig deep you could argue that the freedom to stuff your face is causing people to have organ failure due to unhealthy diet and that's one more capitalism-induced death!!11

Could you make one goddamn point without bringing up whataboutism relating to muh capitalism anyway, it's not a dichotomy of USSR vs USA because we live in the year 2022, not 1979, and there are other free market systems in place than late stage capitalism American corporatocracy.

No. 1134328

How about you stop idealizing communism if you love communism so much go to North Korea and blend yourself amongst the starving general population. Ah, but "North Korea is not even communist" I forgot. Also, I don't get the point of you bringing this up. I posted that because the commie anon that wrote that super long spergy post was basically arguing that communism is good because it gives women access to abortion. Which isn't universally true and communism doesn't care about women since it is authoritarian and actually keeps traditional values. If you get beaten and raped under communism nobody gives a fuck and if you seek help from the authorities they will help you more. Russia was fucking depressing during communism and people were suffering from berreaucracy, corruption, the inability to express themselves, poverty.

Yeah, but my point is why are you shilling one over the other? Both capitalism and communism are as shit. Why are you acting like communism is a better alternative and ignoring the huge social issues it causes and the suffering is causes just like capitalism does. It's like you can blame capitalism for genocide and being immoral but you keep a double standard and cannot see that communism has caused suffering just as much as capitalism. Why are you choosing one hellish political system over another hellish political system? Maybe the problem with the world is this stupid dichotomy. It's irrational to think we only have two options capitalism and communism when we can absolutely create a new political system that combines good features of communism with good features of capitalism. I don't want to live in a communist dictature but I don't want to live in a capitalist doctature either.

No. 1134329

My point was that you dismissed that anons entire post and insulted it as being a manifesto, while you have quite literally written enough manifestos on this site to rival the length of the entire Harry Potter series, most of it being repetitive and the same shit over and over while that anon was replying to points made by other anons and engaging in a discussion and not spouting useless repetitive shit like you always do, so yeah you surely aren’t one to talk about the length of peoples posts.

No. 1134330

Majority of Communists don't even support Pol Pot or Khmer Rouge tho and it was Vietnam (another communist/socialist country) at the time who finally stopped them, not the US.

No. 1134331

the west doesn't demonize communism, a lot of people in the west are communist although they have no idea what it is really about kek

No. 1134335

>the west doesn't demonize communism
You literally have to state multiple times that you are not a communist for several citizenship tests in the west. I can’t speak for a lot of other countries but communism is most certainly still demonized in the US, many politicians (Bernie) get ostracized and labeled as communist in order to dismiss them for simply being a little bit socialist or thinking people should have basic human rights like health care.

No. 1134336

Deaths happen no matter what is basically what you're saying so everything is therefore shit lol. Amazing political take.

No. 1134337

You're confused, romanianon didn't make the post you're referring to, I did.

No. 1134338

you were irrational and did a lot of strawman, you didn't even fucking respond to my points. You just twisted my points to just spew communist propaganda and now personally attack me since anons made fun of your retarded post. Fuck off. Communism nor capitalism aren't the best political options, we can literally create new political systems. I don't get why we should focus on the past so much. Also communism and capitalism are both objectively horrible for women. You cannot claim communism is better for women, it's as bad.

Yeah, but the role of a political system is to aid and help its citizens and not cause their death which both communism and capitalism have miserably failed at. The political system you live under is not supposed to cause your death or make your life worse.

No. 1134340

there's multiple anons that dismissed the post because it was retarded and actually made no rational points.

No. 1134341

Cambodia under Khmer Rouge still a communist regime whether you like it or not. Khmer Rouge was literally approved and supported by CCP, the Chinese Communist Party, and Viet Cong, the South Vietnamese communist party. And as for Vietnam stopping them it was because Khmer Rouge attempted to invade Vietnam and Vietnam struck back starting a war between the two countries, not out of some noble need to protect the Cambodian people. Nobody even mentioned the US in this discussion to begin with, why are you so obsessed with dragging the USA in everything? There are other non-communist countries in the world.

No. 1134342

I can tell you're definitely not an ethnic Chinese or an immigrant. They ask you on your citizenship interview whether you've ever been a Communist and China is seen as this huge boogeyman rn. I literally got told to go back to China cuz I'm a "commie" spy by some dumbass in high school.
I can't listen to a song in Chinese without seeing some trolls about "CCP TIANAMEN SQUARE SOCIAL CREDIT++ WINNIE THE POOH" when the song itself has nothing to do with politics.

No. 1134343

File: 1649928813948.jpg (38.38 KB, 480x360, hqdefault (9).jpg)

just saying

No. 1134345

File: 1649928893830.jpg (249.27 KB, 1080x1244, Screenshot_20220414-023353_Chr…)

Because the US drags itself in everything. Do you not know what the Cold War is?

No. 1134348

>You just twisted my points to just spew communist propaganda
I literally made two posts directed at you and it was to make fun of you, if that’s communist propaganda then okay. Also I find it funny how you keep talking about how you hate both and that anons are totally defending and have a boner for communism as if you don’t have a boner for capitalism but are adding in how it’s bad too so you seem nuanced and unbiased.

No. 1134349

File: 1649929376229.jpg (606.5 KB, 1030x1102, Screenshot_20220414-023821_Chr…)

Do you know who made starvation worse in North Korea though?
You ask why do people keep dragging the US into everything, it's because the US is literally involved in everything. North Korea isn't perfect, but the UN definitely isnt helping them by blocking other countries from trading with them and destroying their economy.

Btw I'm from a third world country and Marxism is one of the most popular ideoligies in the global south. This "only people in the west support it" is complete BS.

No. 1134352

no I don't. I hate capitalism.

No. 1134356

You sound like you don't really know what you believe.

No. 1134357

File: 1649929794833.jpeg (543.6 KB, 828x1048, AA1B0999-831B-49AD-9A46-996F0A…)

I’ll add onto this with something that still has an impact today, the US has and is still punishing Cuba for associating with the USSR and allying themselves now with countries like Russia and China (who the US does a lot of business with kek). These embargo’s were first put in place during the Cuban revolution lead by communists and Fidel, which was justified but I won’t get into that even if it’s relevant, they were essentially made to punish Cuba for being communist and while there have been attempts by Democrats to loosen them they remain in place today and still have awful effects in the country. This is why the US is brought into everything because they are hypocritical fucks who spread anti-communist propaganda and even punish some countries for it while also secretly backing oppressive regimes if they can make a buck out of it.

No. 1134358

>North Korea isn't perfect, but the UN definitely isnt helping them by blocking other countries from trading with them and destroying their economy.
Oh yeah, fuck the UN for imposing sanctions on an authoritarian regime killing and oppressing its own citizens and pocketing the food aid to feed the rich. Can't a guy have a few prison camps in peace?

No. 1134362

Whether you hate or love communism capitalism or whatever you have to admit that sanctions don’t work, they punish and starve regular citizens only, the top government official and rich people of those countries still thrive and don’t give two fucks about being sanctioned because they aren’t the ones feeling the brunt of it.

No. 1134367

You say you hate capitalism but have no issue parroting right-wing talking points without critically thinking.

1. You say the west doesn't demonize communism. It does.

2. You say only westerners support communism which is not true. The second largest party in Russia is the Communist Party, unlike the US where the top 3 parties are Democrat, Republican and Libertarian.

3. If you are neither communist or capitalist. What are you then?

No. 1134368

Sanctions got rid of apartheid in South Africa. Sanctions definitely made Russian troops evacuate from northern Ukraine or at least stop advancing. The reason sanctions don't work in North Korea is that China keeps funding their regime and they sell guns and drugs to Middle East so they have a constant supply of money, but the state just doesn't give a shit about its people and would rather build a 70-foot gold statue than improve its economy.

No. 1134370

There's no use arguing with that idiot. Imagine thinking sanctions are A-okay when it's purposely trying to destroy a country's economy.. like yeah that's not gonna have any effect on food supply or jobs of the average civilian whatsoever.

No. 1134373

File: 1649930645643.jpg (1.2 MB, 2362x1514, Munsu_Water_Park_-_Pyongyang,_…)

Sanctions aren't gonna stop Putin lmao.. have you seen what has happened to Yemen?? You are out of your mind. Just shut the fuck up whitey.
Also North Korea isn't in a famine anymore. They actually are doing better these days.

No. 1134374

File: 1649930764830.jpg (Spoiler Image, 57.04 KB, 634x392, 4396022-6184927-image-a-1_1537…)


No. 1134375

I’m one of the anons who agreed but holy shit you need to spoiler this for the sake of nonnies who are just scrolling and not a part of this argument

No. 1134376

I haven't read this headache of a comment thread, but if you think China money is the only thing keeping NK doing what they want, you'll be scared to find out who's Russia's biggest trading partner.

No. 1134378

Ah I'm sorry I tried to delete but couldn't, hopefully mods will.

No. 1134380

It’s okay nonna, thanks for trying though.

No. 1134419

I find this so funny because right wingers have called me a commie since I tried explaining to them that communism is not woke. I'm a libertarian leftist, but nowadays libertarian leftism is dead. I'm just tired of repeating the same fucking shit all over and over.

No. 1134424

The word queer. Apart from it being a slur and having basically no meaning nowadays, it almost sounds like queef.

No. 1134425

Whole point of sanctions as I understand it, is that Russia doesn't have money to fund war efforts anymore, though of course I see how it's hurting civilians since I've heard of things like medical supplies sortage and so. I don't want to fight I swear, I hope there's something I just don't know, what else other than sanctions could be done in such case?

No. 1134427

File: 1649936273677.jpg (58.5 KB, 465x261, 35075FCF-1DD8-B71B-0B360184117…)

Whenever I hear it for some reason my mind goes to its original, historic meaning of 'strange' and 'odd'

No. 1134433

>>1134419 Libleft is most popular kind of leftist in America, you aren't special. You really don't know anything.

No. 1134434

>>1134427 it's still used that way in some parts of the south. I'm assuming that's why they called gay people "queers" bc they were considered weird.

No. 1134435

Libe leftists aren't actually truly libleft and most of them think they are commies too. You cannot be libleft and support communism as well. Libleft are also not truly libertarian left, most of them support capitalism and are capitalists and they also do not question the authority of the government, which is something libleft should have done. Libleft is dead and this entire argument and discussions started because I made those posts in the previous thread. Saying I am annoyed at trannies for using the commie symbol since communist countries are actually conservative and if they lived in a commie country they would not be allowed to be trannies. I also said America has destroyed libleft and that now it is actually right wingers who question the government and capitalism, although they should have been the ones in theory that support capitalism. Libertarian and authoritarian right wingers are now acting like how the libleft should have acted in America, they go against the popular narrative and they think the government is lying to us and trying to control and make money off of us, which inherently should have been something that libleft should have promoted. I think that I am a true libleftist, I don't trust wokeism, I don't trust capitalism and I do not trust the modern narrative of libleft either.


No. 1134436

What tiktok thinks the old money aesthetic is. I've never seen a wealthy person running around dressed like an escort or hooker.

No. 1134439

they only support communism as an aesthetic but they are actual huge capitalists. The libleft is supporting whatever comes out of the American state which is literally ran by corporations. Libleft is fucking deadddd and the capitalists killed it. America destroyed libleft intentionally. Now libleft sides with capitalist opression but it should oppose capitalism. Libleft in theory was the ideal political doctrine it went against the authoritarianism of communism but it also went against right wing capitalism. NOW IT IS COMPLETELY DEAD AND THE CAPITALISTS ARE SIDED WITH IT. Have you ever wondered why American right wingers support Russia and hate America? Now right wingers would rather side with communism than side with the American capitalist state and the entire right wing rethoric is based around how a capitalist supper power in America made of elites is trying to take control over the world. It is libleft who should have been the anarchists questioning American capitalism and wanting the government down, but now libleft supports whatever the capitalist American government want. Right wingers in America are literally more leftist than the leftist. You will see, we are heading towards social collapse and dystopia. I was annoyed at the anon lecturing me on communism and making it appear like heaven for women when it obviously is not and I am right applied communism is AUTHORITARIAN it is the red square and if you support communism. The political compass has become a mess either way. In practice it is a mess. I cannot believe I am witnessing right wingers oppose capitalism more than leftists in practice, but I am libleft although I do not agree with what libleft has become and it is dead, they are literal capitalists and they should oppose capitalism.

No. 1134443

Thank you for bringing the borzois back OP

No. 1134446

I get so annoyed when someone doesn't tag the post they're replying to. I've been seeing it a lot recently.

No. 1134448

Thank you. No matter what the other anon says having nuance isn't cringe, idealizing one or the other can only be equally useless because it's just ignoring the part of reality someone doesn't like. People who wk hard for either system are always intentionally ignoring and downplaying all the detrimental sides of their ideology.

No. 1134451

Samefag, but I should clarify that I don't mean when someone sends "subs" to another post (usually happens in an infight), I mean when someone is clearly replying to a different post, but don't link it.

No. 1134452

Even besides China Russia is basically buying slave labor from North Korea to work in Siberia and the workers have to give their entire salary to the state basically holding their families as hostages. Bottom line still being that North Korea, despite the sanctions from western countries, still has a steady flow of money coming in but they refuse to direct it to improving their country and instead give it to the military and the state to keep the propaganda machine running. Broke ass government flexing nukes while their own citizens are dying of famine, diseases and being sent to the gulags for having South Korean relatives.

>what else other than sanctions could be done in such case?
Nothing. There's nothing besides military intervention that can be done in a situation like Russia's and that would be a World War situation. Citizens are collateral damage to it but it's basically the only thing you could do besides just sitting and waiting it out. Nobody did anything when Russia invaded Crimea in 2014 and because of that the current situation happened and sanctions had to be imposed. And they seem to be helping because Russia's army has already retreated from Kiev's surroundings and they can't afford to keep the war going for much longer. Sanctions don't work immediately, it takes time, so the full effects of them can be realized in a few months.

No. 1134484

I hate how you can’t fully delete Reddit comments. I posted a story last night on Reddit because I was drunk and it got a lot of upvotes. It was kind of a personal story and I embellished some details luckily but I feel super overexposed. Obviously I can delete it, but it’s still logged on Reddit cataloguing websites. I wish social media in general was easier to wipe

No. 1134504

File: 1649945000241.jpg (51.57 KB, 400x483, 1573555337603.jpg)

I hate when people answer the phone just to cut you off and say they're in a meeting or in the middle of something else and can't talk. IF YOU CAN'T TALK THEN DON'T TALK

No. 1134516

I hate the lack of text-based tutorials for simple how-to's for software and stuff these days. No, I don't want to watch an 8 minute video with 2 ads for something I could have read in a couple seconds.

No. 1134520

I think it gets removed if you replace the text with something else. I just replace everything by a single "–".

No. 1134522

my father working from home and blabbing on the phone when my room is right next to the office. he's also loud enough that there's practically no other location I can go to minimize the sound. LET ME FUCKING SLEEP.

No. 1134545

>And they seem to be helping because Russia's army has already retreated from Kiev's surroundings and they can't afford to keep the war going for much longer.
Any news story about the Russian army failing is bullshit. Russia is succeeding in their "special military operation". Surrounding Kyiv was a feint to draw Ukrainian forces from the Donbass so it could be more easily invaded. Now the Russians have created a "cauldron" where the AFU can be surrounded and destroyed. They retreated from Kyiv because the Russians now want all of the Ukrainian forces in the Donbass cauldron. The Russians are deploying hypersonic missiles and thermobaric weapons, they have total air control, Ukraine is fucked and there's nothing the west can do to stop it. The Russians now have better weaponry and tactics than any army in the west. It's looking more likely that Ukraine will be broken up between Russia, Hungary, Romania and Poland under the guise of peace keeping.

Sanctions are doing fuck all except causing Europe to commit economic suicide. As a result there will be shortages of all necessary goods in the near future. China knew this was coming and has been stockpiling food for years. This will be the end of the petrodollar and therefore the end to US global dominance.

No. 1134554

I hate that my doctor used to be able to just call me to discuss something but now it’s a ‘telehealth visit’ and they can charge me for it. They know what the fuck they are doing.

No. 1134624

>And other big brain war theories I learned from browsing /pol/ and watching youtubers

No. 1134647

No. 1134654

Sounds like you swallowed a bunch of Russian propaganda.

No. 1134667

File: 1649952995748.jpg (322.64 KB, 800x600, KJKJBF_7444.jpg)

I hate shopping for clothes, it's like you can only be a deformed kardashian clones or a spooky skelletons. When will having a normal healthy womanly body be in again?

No. 1134673

It won't because money can't be made from realistic beauty standards.

No. 1134678

I was literally just about to bitch about how only skellys or hamplanets get representation kek. When companies do their whole "body positivity" schtick, it's usually only one extreme or the other, and I fucking hate it. I don't wanna be anachan but I don't want to become the fucking moon either!! Shit messes with my head even though I know I have a perfectly average and healthy body.

No. 1134683

I’m skelly and can rarely find anything of my size and fit in the store. It’s probably common in designer places but I can’t afford to buy clothes from them.

No. 1134685

what the hell is the second pic

No. 1134693

Why is the one on the left holding a book into the water?

No. 1134728

I wanna add on and say I hate that baggy clothes with no waist are everywhere because everyone is expected to be fat as shit

No. 1134731

I hate that in my small office there's a thing where everyone will give a little bit of money for a coworker's birthday and celebrate it for lunch. I just want to eat my meal in peace and quiet and not have to give 10€ for each one of my 15 coworkers every year but I don't want to look like stingy and give a bad impression to others. I know when it'll be my turn I'll receive some useless crap I don't want and will never use or some gift card I'll never be able to use.

I'm skinny and can't find clothes my size either unless they're very basic tshirts that don't look "casual business" enough for work. I gained weight so I'm not underweight anymore so I naively thought I'd find more trousers my size but now it's even worse because of current trends and the shops where I used to find clothes in different normal sizes closed down a few years ago so I have to shop online now and pray. And what the fuck is that second picture kek, too much photoshop really is bad for the brain.

No. 1134758

I worked in a place before where this one woman would take over and collect money for bdays. I would awkwardly hand over money even at times when I was struggling behind the scenes… then come my bday, nothing! Not even a card. There was a list of our birthdays on display and I worked on my bday and still zilch. I gave out money once when someones kid was having a kid…even though she was already a grandmother 10 times over by then. Why am I buying margarets daughter who've I've never even met a fucking baby gift? Why was that a collection we had? There was weird favoritism going on with it.

I feel dumb but this woman would corner you in front of others. I would've forgotten it all if I'd simply had my turn but I almost felt scammed when my day came and went.

No. 1134768

>I've never seen a wealthy person running around dressed like an escort or hooker.
do celebrities count?

No. 1134771

I would have been so passive aggressive if I were you. I'm the type who doesn't give a fuck usually so I would have been like "oh, it was my birthday yesterday! I could have almost forgotten that, since nobody thought about wishing me a happy birthday, hm, I wonder why…", if anyone forgets mine I'll stop giving money to anyone and I'll spend all my lunch breaks alone at my own desk and I'll explicitly refuse to go to bars after work (which I'm already forcing myself to do) and say that I straight up don't want to go and I'd rather go straight home after work. I'm only here for the money and professional experience I could write on my resume. On top of that there's that girl who will leave us soon thank fucking god who bragged about loving sports and being a former fitness coach so every Thursday morning we were forced to do some stretching for 10 minutes with her because "muh teambuilding", thank god for teleworking.

No. 1134786

Oh God this was also a thing for us at one of my previous workplaces. Everyone was supposed to give money, regardless of whether you were on good terms with that person or not and when the time came, we would awkwardly stand in a circle around the person and give them the present. It was embarrassing for everyone. In my mind, birthdays are private and are meant to be celebrated with friends and family, it shouldn't be a workplace thing

No. 1134799

I also consider it a private thing. I don't talk about that stuff with my coworkers but my manager knows my birthday because of paperwork so I'm guessing she'll tell everyone. I'm already anticipating this shitshow.

No. 1134802

The time came where I butted heads with her over something else and she was outed as an asshole in front of people when that happened. It didn't get me my money back but some type of justice felt restored.

No. 1134810

Good. What did she do exactly? Did it permanently ruin her reputation?

No. 1134817

Why are people ITT so furiously against sanctions on Russia? They’re acting like all the Russians are going to starve to death.

No. 1134821

I just never do it. If they badger me I tell them “don’t get me anything for my birthday, I don’t care”. I will always say happy birthday to people if I know it’s their birthday but apart from that IDGAF and I don’t expect anyone to care about me. They might bitch and moan but they get over it shortly.

No. 1134830

A woman she was really close to in the office was saying homophobic shit to me and then was saying overly sexual things to another woman about her bf. It was way over the line. I was mid twenties, the other 'target' of this shit was mid twenties too and this woman along with the 'money collector woman' were old enough to be our mothers but acting in this way. Both of us made reports on paper and when more shit was said we'd add to those reports in private. We were told the main woman would be let go. On the day she was called into the office to be fired she grabbed me in the hallway and leaned in and called me 'eunuch' I didn't know what that meant.

I went into a room where most of us were hanging on lunch and I just asked the group what a eunuch is. Someone told me and the 'money collector woman' snapped at me to shut the fuck up. I told her no that after months of random sexual and homoophobic remarks and staying quiet for the sake of the reports going through first… I now didn't have to shut up anymore. Most people had no idea this had been happening and her snapping at me only outed her role in this. So the friend was fired and then she left not that long afterwards seeing as she made a scene and things were never the same for her there.

A few months later I was out for a meal with my boyfriend because no I'm not even gay despite them being convinced of that. I saw her in the ladies room and she was sweet as pie to me as we left and I then pointed out my guy to her. As if it never happened.

No. 1134901

Sanctions definitely cause people to starve to death in the sanctioned country. They make it more difficult for governments to take care of their people, Cuba is an example. Also, this was just an excuse by America and its NATO allies to attack Russia, it's a war between the two that doesn't have the common citizen's best interests in mind.

No. 1134945

So what do you think they should do about the war that Russia chose to have with Ukraine? Does that not matter? I suppose it’s not an excuse to attack Russia…

No. 1134964

Russia chose to start a war with Ukraine because NATO was clearly getting ready to attack Russia from Ukraine. It's not just Russia that's "evil", it's both sides.
Maybe NATO should remove their bases from Russia and try to reach some kind of agreement, but that would've never happened. None of the two would give up that easily.

No. 1134968

So we should just do nothing and forget about it?

No. 1134994

You seriously think we have the power to do anything?

No. 1135056

We have entered the cyberpunk era a while ago now and I fucking hate it. Everything is awful. Fuck the internet and fuck smartphones, bring back phone booths!

No. 1135071

That’s besides the point. War is a horrible thing for this reason and when leaders start wars they put their own people in peril no matter what. Why should other countries fund the war machine? The Russians are not all starving to death because of the mean other countries not doing business, they’re being locked up for 10+ years for resisting in any way and being snitched on by neighbours and colleagues. This is incredibly bad for them and the regime needs to collapse and die. What needs to happen is Putin needs to be killed. They are trying to accuse him of war crimes and have him arrested and sentenced to death or life in prison or whatever, but first they need to weaken the Russian military. You don’t get out of a war unscathed and if you are part of the country that is inciting the war and committing war crimes, then you are a victim too albeit not half as much as the victims. Something just has to be done.

No. 1135119

File: 1649969450611.jpg (6.43 MB, 4096x5790, Polish_20220414_165601559.jpg)

Cross-posting this from twitter hate thread but I detest this hairstyle absolutely every guy aged 24-35 has. This is what my tinder feed looks like and even irl 90% of men I know have this exact same hairstyle (shaved sides and long on top). You can see their scalp skin through it, see all the nasty moles they have on their head and it makes their head look pear-shaped as fuck. It feels so bad to touch. Bonus negative points for also dressing in business casual, the most brain-dead bland NPC clothing style for men. Also bonus point for ugly unkept beard to go with it the ugly hair and very pronounced wrinkles before even being 30 because they can't be arsed to ever moisturise. This hair and style just turns me off so much.

No. 1135175

My boyfriend has that hairstyle and I fucking hate it.

No. 1135179

File: 1649970586653.jpg (66.57 KB, 768x768, the-worst-lockdown-haircuts-in…)

lmao you just described my coworker, down to the intermittent fasting induced nasolabial folds. my first thought was, this is guy who copied the tips from some Reddit male fashion masterpost.

It was fun to watch them attempt at home haircuts when the pandemic first it, though.

No. 1135274

When I open YouTube videos in a new tab on my phone and forget about them, then come back a month later and they were privated or deleted and I can’t even see what the name of the video was

No. 1135330

I hate when people use holding other women to account to blame other women who do things they dislike for misogyny, instead of putting the blame on men where is belongs. This obviously doesn't apply to pedo shielding or pandering, women who do that are inexcusable. I guess the kind of example I can think of is when people vent their frustrations about thew beauty industry on women who use beauty products instead of the scrote owners, or blaming the way some women interact with men for male violence. I get that pickmes are tiring, but it gets exhausting day after day to see women attacking other women for things men do. No pickme who you think might have possibly influenced a man to do something is as bad as the guy who is actually doing fucked up shit.

No. 1135344

>How about you stop idealizing communism if you love communism so much go to North Korea and blend yourself amongst the starving general population.
Nice deflection. She's right and you know it. The fall of communism and the restoration of capitalism brought much more harm than good to most, if not all ex-socialist countries.

Also, you or someone else kept putting words in my mouth. Here's what happened.
Different posters said:
>"communism is conservative"
>"leftist incels want state mandated girlfriends"
My point was:
>"LGBT rights is not the only "progressive" topic. Socialist countries were progressive at the time in other ways. For example, workers had more rights and didn't have to worry about their livelihood because their basic needs would be covered as long as they had a job, and virtually everyone was employed."
>"Yes, "leftist" incels want state mandated girlfriends, and those incels are retarded, because communism is better for women than capitalism. They're wrong because women under socialism were much more economically independent from men, so men couldn't control women with money to the extent that they currently can in capitalism. Men had to contribute something more to the relationship (here's proof that this was common), and women could choose their partner more freely. Women also were more highly educated than in capitalism, and had much more careers in the same traditionally masculine fields as men (STEM for example), which resulted in a lower competitive gap between the sexes and actually ended up positively affecting women's self-confidence in those areas for generations. All of these things were progressive at that time. Also, prostitution, human trafficking and pornography were practically non-existent in socialism compared to capitalism, because under capitalism, people and sex become commodities (which is how incels actively think of women and sex)."
You or someone else said:
>"oh, so you're saying that the USSR was a feminist paradise? They banned abortion you know? Totally conservative and oppressive"
And I replied:
>"No, I never said that it was a women's paradise or that everything was perfect, I just said it was better for women, and I acknowledge that socialism in the 20th century couldn't achieve progress in all areas, one of these areas was the promotion of traditional family values. But also, you're being dishonest, because even though abortion was banned in 3 socialist countries during certain periods, it was legal, in some cases fully legal, in other socialist countries, so there was not much difference with capitalism in that regard. In fact, the USSR was the first country to legalize abortion, despite Stalin banning it during his rule due to his natalist policies, and the Catholic Church banned abortion in Poland after communism. "Communism banned abortion" is a half-truth."
Someone's reply:
>"lol, you're saying that communism is progressive because it legalized abortion? You're stupid for using it as a measure for social progress"
My response:
>"I didn't bring up abortion first, the one who actually did bring it up used it as a measure for social progress and said that communist countries banned abortion, but I corrected her."
You right now:
>"lol, what an idiot, you're saying that communism is good because it makes abortion legal"
This is what happened, am I wrong? Don't tell me that the other anon was you, and you backpedaled because I proved you wrong by saying that the USSR legalized abortion first and other socialist states (not all) also legalized it before the US. If you think the issue of legal abortion is important to determine how progressive an ideology is, you should accept these facts. If you don't think it's important, then you can just ignore the subject. You can't say that abortion being banned in 3 countries means that communism as an ideology inherently promotes conservative values, and then denying that abortion has anything to do with progress when you're told that the other socialist countries legalized it before Americans did. Make up your mind.
>the commie anon that wrote that super long spergy post was basically arguing that communism is good because it gives women access to abortion.
I literally never did that (assuming you mean socialist countries in real life and not communism as an ideology). In fact, I said the opposite, that the matter of abortion was almost the same in "applied" socialism as in capitalism.
But if we're talking about the ideology and not the attempts at socialism in the real world, yes, communist theories actually advocate for women's freedom to choose over their own bodies and have abortions as they wish, which you would know if you read the theory you're half-assedly criticizing. You don't even have to support communism, just don't make things up or argue in bad faith is all I'm asking for. Stop being so butthurt, read my post again and carefully this time.
>Which isn't universally true
That's literally what I've been saying since the abortion thing was brought up. At least you acknowledged that I'm right, I guess.
>and communism doesn't care about women since it is authoritarian and actually keeps traditional values.
You're conflating the many communist theories that support women's complete freedom and literally call the traditional family a product of capitalism, with the real life Marxist-Leninist states that attempted to achieve full socialism to then transition to actual communism (and failed for numerous reasons). But even so, I'd say that promoting traditional family values while providing food, housing, healthcare and education for every citizen isn't nearly as bad as forcing women to decide between prostitution or starvation. Of course the traditional values should go away, but I can't believe you're putting them on the same level as extreme and widespread poverty, drug addiction, violence and human trafficking. No traditional values or economic inequality > traditional values and economic equality > traditional values and extreme inequality. It's clear as day, yet you keep insisting that "both are just as bad." My point that communism greatly improved the living conditions of most people still stands.
But I don't blame you for giving up and losing faith in both communism and capitalism. Sometimes it does seem like we will never be truly free. And even if we were to achieve true freedom, it would take centuries, if not millennia to get there. I don't blame you for not seeing the difference between communism and ML states either.

No. 1135358

Holy shit me too, it annoys the fuck out of me it's so ugly why the fuck can't scrotes be original lmao does the y chromosome stifle creativity in fashion

No. 1135364

File: 1649976089565.jpg (187.01 KB, 1360x2040, Sydney-Sweeney---Looks-sporty-…)

It's a popular one, but my personal hate is how, thanks to shit like photo editing/photoshop and cosmetic surgery becoming more and more accessible, our general view of different body shapes is so fucked up thanks to the ever-increasing unattainable standards of what's considered ideal. It's why I don't support "body positivity" bullshit in the media because you're either two types of woman: fat "hourglass" or skinny hourglass.
Even here on LC some anons are guilty of this - take for example Sydney Sweeney, who's got a pretty slim overall athletic build, I've seen her described as a "fridge body". Are we fucking retarded or something? It feels like the goalposts are moving, originally a "fridge body" was meant to be high body fat, overweight and generally shapeless/unfit, now I see anons calling women with similar bodies like this fridges despite the fact nothing is fridge-like about them - they simply don't have tiny waists and huge fucking hips.

Idk, maybe I'm taking it too seriously and personally considering I've struggled with not feeling "thick or feminine" enough since I was 13 which is fucked up in itself, but I'm just disappointed that this shit has spread to all corners of the internet and real life. I hate it because I cannot escape it, I generally wish that the shape of our bodies weren't subject to being viewed as trends.
What's worse is that moids can get away with having skinnyfat "dadbods" and just generally not having to give a single fuck about their waist-to-hip ratio or other body insecurities. All they have to do is go to the gym and get overall fit and everyone gushes over them yet they can't even do that because most of them are lazy as fuck. Meanwhile if you're a woman, good luck trying to keep up with feeling confident in your body when you have to compete with BBLs and Photoshopped figures.

No. 1135366

everyone and everything

No. 1135367

File: 1649976263034.jpg (71.86 KB, 643x820, 0a1.jpg)

No. 1135378

Jesus christ ot but her poor fucking boob, what the hell, how can a sports bra do that.

No. 1135381

What I hate is that chubby girls are shamed for having stomach rolls and having fat arms/legs but skinny girls are shamed for having no tits and ass.
You can't fucking win. I'm skinny/athletic and work on my body but moids still manage to shame me for having smaller chest and compare me to fatter girls with big breasts. But in the same breath they call these chubbier girls whales and tell them to lose weight and exercise more. Moids and their standards are fucking retarded. They just want to make women feel shitty, their body ideal isn't achievable without surgery, you can't be both fat-less/underweight with tiny waist, no celulitide and abs but have a ton of fat in your boob and butt area.

No. 1135446

Damn bitch start writing novels

No. 1135449

File: 1649981814567.jpg (41.28 KB, 587x265, image0.jpg)

No. 1135451

i like your posts nonny

No. 1135457

File: 1649982114208.gif (557.03 KB, 500x338, download (9).gif)

>listen to a random album i found interesting looking
>really nice music, digging it
>awful vocals
>sang in one note?
>really grating
>not good at singing
>these are just my opinions, of course
>wat do

No. 1135459

File: 1649982229833.png (626.52 KB, 914x544, Screen Shot 2022-04-14 at 5.24…)

Words words words, Leftists can't catch a brake. Conservs are idiocy in action, tumblr in action but contrarians, same as any /pol/tard

No. 1135463

can we pretend go be bwabies?

No. 1135465

which album

No. 1135468

wrong thread, meant to post this in the retarded shit thread. my b

No. 1135469

I don't remember if Youtube recommended it to me or if I saw it somewhere else and clicked a link to YouTube

No. 1135471

I hate politics

No. 1135472

No. 1135474

marry Ted Cruz

No. 1135478

No. 1135480

He does like cows. They could share hobbies. Kek

No. 1135539

When nonnies say “Are men this stupid?” On a picture of an obviously terribly photoshopped woman.
Yes they are but they also don’t care, they’ll jack off to cartoons or a piece of driftwood if it even vaguely resembles a woman.

No. 1135544

OT but is intermittent fasting nasolabial fold an actual thing?
I haven’t been eating as much as I should the last couple months due to stress, and I notice it’s been more pronounced and I thought it was just age related.

No. 1135550

Thought he was in jail for all those murders he committed?

No. 1135571

Probably your face has less fat so your skin is dragging downwards due to the lack of fat

No. 1135576

Hahah oh my god that’s just tragic
Poor musicians

No. 1135695

Get a job

No. 1135759

nta but no u

No. 1135771

File: 1650012099672.jpg (309.62 KB, 1440x1440, Picsart_22-04-14_00-44-52-938.…)

There's no ideology in the world that hasn't been used to justify violence. yes that includes lolbirtarians who think the state should have very little power (ye that's not gonna backfire at all is it). like the fact that there's even work regulations is thanks to socialist policies bc during industrialization; monopolies were just straight up abusing workers just as they're doing now in the "third world".

There's pros and cons to everything. Let's just take USSR for example, it's either overly romanticized or overly demonized but depending on who u ask the experiences are different.

If u ask a Crimean Tatar who's family were deported, they'll say it's bad. But if you ask someone who's family were illiterate former serfs before the revolution, they would say it improved their lives.
There's a reason why the Communist Party is the 2nd largest party in Russia and why many progressives of the past such as Albert Einstein, The Black Panthers, etc. were communist.

No. 1135784

Are you retarded?

No. 1135790

No but u clearly are.

No. 1135808

I hate when girls who have had sex in the past call themselves femcels just to appear cool and based, stop appropriating actual femcels.

No. 1135814

No. 1135819

When did being a femcel become cool and based

No. 1135822

Like how being the most unstable and mentally illest is cool among young women. And has been for ages. This is just one aspect of that same thing.

No. 1135830

Your ccp shill schizopost doesn't even warrant a reply but this part was just on an entirely new level of retarded
>Albert Einstein was a communist
He was a socialist, not a communist, and literally said he himself is not a communist but was sympathetic to the witch hunt they were subjected to during wartimes. God I fucking hate it when people conflate socialism with communism because propaganda in the 40's told them to.

No. 1135833

>>1135830 See See Pee REEE, China hasn't been Communist since Deng made reforms dumbfuck. It's funny how much you can acknowledge the wrong doings under USSR but God forbid you add any nuance and say that anything good happened without being accused of shilling for China.

Libtards really are still high on McCarthyism.

No. 1135835

Who gives a fuck?

No. 1136034


No. 1136049

Having to pretend to fast rn, I feel this in my soul

No. 1136112

I hope you can leave this shit religion in the future, nona.

No. 1136179

File: 1650038712918.jpg (17.68 KB, 400x400, FPcmH2FVsAEyTbK.jpg)

how much twitter lesbian artists only draw straight sex, and if it's between 2 women one of them with a giant dick, and its only that too. wtf

No. 1136184

>twitter lesbians
so troons

No. 1136185

File: 1650038821261.png (112.21 KB, 640x607, tumblr_c533605b60ac8915dc43dec…)

sounds like some really, really, really make sure that they have troon kids.

No. 1136189

it's possible that they're straight or bi women pretending to be gay so that their moid fans don't sexually harass them as much or use as an excuse so that stalkers/orbiters don't get too mad at them for rejecting their advances

No. 1136201

>just in case
definitely one to push her kid towards anything but cis

No. 1136237

Gen alpha is going to be so fucked up

No. 1136244

File: 1650041375251.jpg (7.8 KB, 181x275, 1648457920253.jpg)

I hate hate HATE that specific brand of special theatre nerd, socially inept, "wiccan" aesthetic obsessed, DnD addicted, polyamorous, self-centered individual, that just thinks everything is about them and their fucking hobbies. They think their interests make them the most unique people in the world, when really they usually have nothing to call their own. they're the most uniform, unimaginative group of people. I can guess their entire personality/interests upon first glance.

They somehow managed to ruin ANY decent conversations on social justice too, because they don't know shit but WANT to be oppressed so fucking badly.

No. 1136249

God I remember being friends with this exact person in middle school, I didn't have many friends so I was desperate. Whenever I went to hang out at her house I was miserable, had listen to whatever musical she liked for hours and watch her favorite movies repeatedly, if I ever suggested anything it was ignored.

No. 1136340

the word "genitalia", idk it just sounds very reddit to me for some reason. just say genitals

No. 1136379

janny tailia

No. 1136388

Just reminds me of that 'show me your genitals' song


No. 1136404

This actually just makes me feel immensely sad. Imagine having a baby and understanding that someday she might decide she needs to mutilate her body due to a dysmorphic disorder or for social approval and that if you don't allow her to then she will be taken from you by the state. Having to prepare, "just in case." Not that it's a good reason for her to do it, clothes don't determine sex anyway so they are all just pictures of a girl in different outfits, and it sounds like she has internalized TRA stuff. But still.

No. 1136444


No. 1136460

Videos like this. The person who made this is a moron and the people who genuinely believe she thinks they're beautiful and not just being used for a stupid art project are even dumber.

No. 1136467

The video's not available for me, what was it about?

No. 1136468

It's the video that was popular a few years ago and apparently circling the algorithm again where some art student goes around filming people's reaction when she calls them beautiful. A friend just linked it to me because apparently it made her cry, kek.

No. 1136473

>you're besutigul uwu
>ok?. Can you get the fuck out of my way please

No. 1136487

It's nice to compliment people. I think all women are beautiful and compliment them all the time, of course I don't randomly call strangers gorgeous like a weirdo in the video but small compliments like how you like someone's style hair or makeup can boost their mood, especially if you really mean it. Though I hate it when men compliment me, it's always so weird and feels like you're getting treated like an object and they see you as parts, not a whole person if that makes sense.

No. 1136510

Why dnd, it’s not even cool like hipster cool

No. 1136515

Yes it is? Stranger Things, Harmon Quest, and other shit made it more popular, it's way bigger than it was 10 years ago

No. 1136517

Some of those look really fake

No. 1136554

Anything considered ""nerdy"" got trendy due to media shoving it into the forefront. Plus men are now unashamed to be into certain things (cough bronies cough). It wouldn't bother me as much if people weren't throwing so much cash at it. It feels more about the amount of stuff you have than the actual dialogue created. Never was into it but I have a soft spot for people roleplaying their own characters. I love the art people make to show their characters.

No. 1136632

You’re in denial. DnD is officially normie tier now.

No. 1136638

Yeah DnD is definitely trendy now to the point all the hipster nerds and even normies are doing it.

No. 1136641

Artist sperg: I love this OP painting but I hate the tangent running from the dogs open mouth and the plane change of her shirt sleeve.

No. 1136644

i like it, looks like the dog is puking on her shirt

No. 1136673

I hate the "kill them with kindess uwu" shit. Kindness never killed anyone. You need a motherfucking knife bitch

same I feel you

No. 1136674

Sounds like Hetalia and Metalica to me

No. 1136677

Femcel shit started to become "cool and based" when twitter bitches started relating it to Jinx and fucking Harley Quinn lmao

No. 1136681

idk why ted cruz is racist if he's latino

No. 1136689

Jinx and Harley Quinn are fetish characters supposed to pander to DDLG creeps. How are they femcels?

No. 1136695

I hate futanari and strap-on in lesbian doujinshis so fucking much. People who are interested in dicks should just stick to straight stories instead of putting that shit in GL.

No. 1136739

I hate that grapes only stay crunchy for a day or two

No. 1136750

I hate youtubers who have an interesting concept, but decide to show their face when they are speaking instead of showing things about the concept. Its a bigger offense when its a man. I dont wana look at ugly fucking men who should be embarrassed to ever show themselves. I hate ugly men who are confident enough to show themselves. Nobody clicked to stare at your ugly bitch ass. With their greasy scraggly hair and unkempt beard pubes growing wildly in every direction. The same outdated snapback and thick rimmed glasses. Horrible creatutes. The worst to come out of humanity.

No. 1136752

Cameras, especially when people spend like several hundred on ultra HD cameras that really sharpen up everyone's pore. I can't even enjoy memories of myself because I just feel so fucking ugly. Seriously, my irises look practically black and my eyes look twice as smaller, my entire face shape and nose is completely distorted, my lips that are usually plump look paper thin and any hair or skin imperfections is blasted. Why is it look this?

No. 1136760

Stop looking at twitter art, it's all shit

No. 1136762

I hate it when they do this shit if they're reacting to something. Although I just hate reaction channels in general, but when they decide to fill up 3/4 of the screen with their face and 1/4 with the content, it's like their narcissism and basic bitchness shines through.

No. 1136804

No. 1136826

Pictures like this makes me understand filters sometimes. Sure it’s dumb to shoop yourself a new face/body, but photos were never this high def and detailed before. Looking at older family photos taken in the 80s/90s with a cheapo kodak camera, it’s just a huge difference to today, it wasn’t always normal to see every damn pore or line. Photos nowadays are so incredibly unflattering compared to 20-30 years ago.

No. 1136925

I hate when I click on a long video essay and it's just a scrote jerking off his ego into the video, talking in long overly complicated scrotish sentences that say nothing in the end and present his opinions as 'objective' truth. I never heard a woman do this in a video, maybe Sarah Z is the closest to it but she still isn't half as bad as your usual video essay scrote. It's just word vomit again and again, saying nothing of use and you can feel how smart they think they are.

No. 1137048

I hate the dumb ugly whores and retarded incels who defended Johnny depp the necrophiliac corpse rapist over Amber Heard. This is the first time incels are defending a conventionally attractive(used to be) male and that's just to own a woman who they dislike.
I've literally seen anons here or on all social media sites act like Johnny depp fantasizing about burning and then raping amber was way better than her dirtying his bedsheets.

No. 1137054

This is nearly word for word the same post that you inserted into an unrelated conversation on here yesterday.

No. 1137058

File: 1650116154216.jpg (678.51 KB, 891x2179, IMG_20220416_153528.jpg)

I legit get less headache from reading advanced math theory than reading an enstarrie's carrd

No. 1137076

Yes and I saw a similar argument made by an ugly pickme girl on tiktok today so I made this post. At the height of this "drama", I've seen a lot of the same stuff posted by women and men alike bringing amber down for small stuff while casually ignoring the stuff depp was responsible for.

No. 1137078

>Everyone who liked this tweet is blocked
Can you post it I'm terribly curious

No. 1137080

File: 1650118694191.png (51.18 KB, 500x610, birdsrightsactivist-probird-ri…)

This tweet

No. 1137085

I'm dying, I didn't expect that one
thanks anon

No. 1137093

File: 1650119683477.png (21.86 KB, 592x246, isbirdterf.png)

kek i love that tweet can't believe anyone would be so anal about a dumb tweet anyways picrel? bird is terf confirmed

No. 1137103

The bird is wrong. Everything is WOMAN or NOTWOMAN.

No. 1137167

File: 1650125121968.jpg (158.06 KB, 1280x963, 433.jpg)

The fact that some people find old men """hot""" at all. And speaking of, I hate men with grey/silver hair and the "silver fox" meme, it's so fucking ugly.

No. 1137190

Eye color spergs. I swear they all either want to feel "special" by default simply for existing (blue or green eyed spergs) or are bitter for not being considered as such (brown eyed spergs). This is such a terminally online/bpd-brained obsession, firstly because the majority of blue and green eyed people's eyes are so pale that no one gives a shit about them, and secondly because when people see irl a person with unique eye color the maximum of attention that person could get is like a couple of compliments, which are more akin to people gawking at weird animals at the zoo if anything. Only a completely socially maladjusted autist or an attention whore would care about such inane bullshit. I hate how fucking normalised this shit is rn.

No. 1137195

mine change with my mood

No. 1137198

The biggest one I remember was that one anon who kept shitting on brown-eyed people out of nowhere and reposting the same tumblr caps.

No. 1137208

I don't think I ever noticed someone's eyecolor irl, unless I was sharing a moment with a bf. Some are really boring though.

No. 1137210

I can't remember the eye colour of either of my long term exes.

No. 1137213

The only cool eye color thing is heterochromia. One of my childhood friends constantly photographed her eyes because they were green with that yellow-gold "halo" on the inside, which is supposedly rare, but I never even noticed until she started making a big deal out of it, and I don't think anyone else noticed either.

No. 1137214

I've been told by people with colored eyes I'm ugly for having black eyes, kek. Some people obsess over little good characteristics they have whether it be eye color or small nose, etc. and act very autistic about it. Probably more of an autistic trait than bpd.
Based. Any woman that's willing and seeking out older man has been brainwashed or think they're some special nlog for dating an ugly old dude.

No. 1137216

File: 1650128109813.jpg (26.61 KB, 770x433, white walker.jpg)

Same, someone's eyes would have to be super bright or have a unique trait for me to even notice

No. 1137224

What your friend had are called hazel eyes

No. 1137228

Yeah, that's the one. But still, no one really admires eyes unless they're like high-res super close-ups photographs, and even then, there's too many of those.

No. 1137253

>I don't think I ever noticed someone's eyecolor irl
Seriously this. I don't even know what the eyecolours of my closest friends are for 100% sure. I can guess based on their hair and skin but I don't actually know for sure.

No. 1137335

I hate ugly cartoon reboots and I hate live actions. People have no creativity anymore.

No. 1137341

File: 1650136244930.png (2.42 MB, 2000x2500, 1648502427098 (1).png)

No. 1137351

Thiss. I remember telling my bf I didn’t care for sonic and he was like “shadow is gonna be in the next one tho!” I don’t give a fuck. I hate how 3D animation looks too

No. 1137385

File: 1650138076387.png (55.02 KB, 362x374, 1603549183220.png)

Wait, Shadow is gonna be in the next one? Should I watch Sonic 2 then? And where the fuck is Amy though??

No. 1137451

Let me have my daddy issues in peace

If someone has pretty eyes they have pretty eyes, it's not just the color value that matters. I struggle with eye contact, but pretty eyes are pretty eyes, color doesn't necessarily make them striking. There's ugly people with light eyes and gorgeous people with dark eyes

No. 1137453

I have a feeling Amy will show up in the next one too. I personally really enjoyed Sonic 2, cute kids movie.

No. 1137673

tutorials that are really just "watch me make or do thing with what I have on hand which is probably very specific items"
an actual tutorial would have a set out list of tools, items, and an end goal that someone could follow.

No. 1137962

File: 1650190686228.jpg (6.83 KB, 217x232, download.jpg)

Two and a Half Men is painfully unfunny and idk how anyone can sit on their asses to watch some manwhore and his loser brother try to get laid.

No. 1138140

whatever this type of "humor" is

No. 1138146

everytime I see Charlie Sheen I think about all the dick he's taken and all the horrible shit he's done. He's gross.

No. 1138192

Basically most art tutorials and even some patreon courses

No. 1138197

I watched a really long YouTube video lately where someone went over Charlies whole life story… the gf beatings, prostitute beatings, rages, poly phase, stalking porn stars to make them be his gf, the hiv spreading… comment section was still mostly full of love for the precious woman beater. If you can act, make jokes or play a sport then people are quick to forgive a pattern of abuse that's repeated itself for half your lifetime. Cool.

No. 1138222

I’ve never heard a woman say he’s attractive. Only other men like him and it’s just because he’s a cokehead who beats up prostitutes and his shitty “winning” catchphrase. Everytime I see him act I just think “who’s son are you?”!

No. 1138229

yeah my mother and I were obsessed with the tiger blood scandal when it dropped and I was shocked to learn years later when I was doing gossip deep dives how much of a known asshole he was. his ex wife even offered to help raise his twins because their mom was unstable. guy is such a monumental piece of shit and a known domestic abuser, it's a shock nobody ousted him before tiger blood

No. 1138233

Do you have a link to the YouTube vid? I don't know how much I can withstand looking at his punchable face, but I'd like to watch it. I'm kind of nervous because I did hear Charlie's 18 year old daughter is living with him now instead of Denise. I hope she's not doing drugs.

Unfortunately I feel like my mom did, she wasn't aware of the STD spreading and was still watching reruns of his show despite his scandals until recent. I swear that woman had a thing for him

His cokehead energy isn't even the fun kind, he seems insufferable. I don't get it. Then again, with the exception of us bonding over celeb gossip my mother is a cunt too.

No. 1138289

Here it is, like I said it's a long one and it's starts from his childhood so the further in you get the more depraved he is

No. 1138292

2.5 hours? Not quite Quinton Reviews Victorious video long but I'll set aside a day next week for this

No. 1138313

File: 1650225523183.jpg (59.25 KB, 782x658, 1501233574125200_P.jpg)

Instructors who have almost no actual engagement with the class and the material we're learning other than giving constant quizzes that you can't make up or do at home if you miss a class. If your worried about people cheating then maybe actually teach so that the info goes into people heads properly so they won't need to cheat.

No. 1138579

Sorry late but there's barely ANY text how to's for things anymore. I'm over looking up how to sew something really simple, just needing to rehash a tip or two but end up having to search through a youtube video of an annoying voice going on tangents and not just showing each step one by one.

No. 1138659

Currently seething because almost all of my classes this semester are like this and I hate it. Just a shitload of reading and listening to professors speak incredibly slow.

No. 1138664

I hate the coating that coffee leaves on my tongue. I genuinely don't know how people can walk around all day after drinking coffee without brushing their teeth.

No. 1138665

My professors are actually giving lecture but there's still so much reading. Since almost all the tests are online they're allowing open book. Shit makes no sense. They're good lecturers but it's like nothing sticks anymore. Post lockdown school has been ridiculously joyless, it's like they want to shuffle everyone out as fast as possible. I feel like I'm living in the matrix, I can't comprehend this all started in the midst of my spring break two years ago

No. 1138668

File: 1650254037647.jpg (16.23 KB, 400x400, L4b1guuv_400x400.jpg)

>I can't comprehend this all started in the midst of my spring break two years ago
Time really flies, huh. Fuck.

No. 1138687

pre-covid times feels like way more than two years ago to me.

No. 1138793

File: 1650268578782.png (387.19 KB, 699x400, peak male physique.png)

you telling me this doesn't instantly make your panties soaking wet? psh, stop lyin'

No. 1138799

His face is giving Ethan Klein autistic frown.

No. 1138888

2010 was THE time. I hate how media and influence evolved over the years and where we are now. I wish all influencers would fucking die. Times were better when the only influencers were real celebrities with a REAL audience, not a random blonde white girl with 10k followers on a internet site calling herself influencial. To who exactly? I recently saw the (shut up) Nickleback musicvideo for This Afternoon and was so nostalgic for the prime time that 2010 was besides the ugly dudes. Women looked so much better and being skinny will always be better than being fat, no matter how much fat positive body image you try to shove down everybody’s throat. I’m not against accepting it but glorifying it and things have gradually become shittier with it. I wish the internet wasn’t accessible for anybody especially CHILDREN with the fucking Tiktok and whatnot, trying to become big on the internet for NO talent, just materialism and more capitalism. Absolutely disgusting. I wish luxuries would stay luxuries and not as accessible as everything is, cheap knockoffs everywhere, the fact that people buy designer just to take pictures with them and then have the possibility to GIVE IT BACK is absolutely beyond me. I just hate what the world has become because of mainly social media. I wish the fucking face apps and editing pictures weren’t as accessible, back then photoshop was expensive or you had to pirate it at least but it wasn’t free to use for fucking toddlers who can do with it whatever they want. There are things that shouldn’t be as accessible and the internet made everything worse. I hate the internet.

No. 1139028

You hate the internet yet you're here on a website for the chronically online. You're not even on a normie website lmao.

No. 1139040

Yesterday I got a "On this day 2 years ago" memory on social media and I couldn't believe Covid started so long ago. Feels like it's been a year, tops wtf

No. 1139094

When my snapchat memories flash back to 2017-2019 it reminds me how motionless the last two years have felt. Apparently 3 years ago I had also just dyed my hair black and was having a crisis, though. Good to know some things circle back around!

No. 1139108

I hate that nearly every woman whos had celebrity success has had a nosejob.

No. 1139113

Seldom do celebrities not have nosejobs. Getting a rhino is less of an option and more of a requirement in Hollywood

No. 1139144

I hated my nose growing up I even got a nickname based on it but loads of celebrities now have my nose shape. Your nose light come into fashion lol who knows

No. 1139147

nose might*

No. 1139174

I hate the phrase time heals all wounds. Glad it works for some people. It doesn't for me and I hate people acting like it will.

No. 1139228

"""funny""" cat reaction pictures, gifs or videos where the cats are reallt angry or stressed, get harassed, or bothered or pulled by the neck really hard (which can cause serious nerve damage btw) to make """funny""" faces, with the later being especially popular lately. Everytime I see these pics here I want to spergout, but I know nonnas probably just are used to them because it's so wide spread on social media.
Be nice and respectful to cats, it's not funny.

No. 1139243

>I want the 2010s back for skinny women, gatekept luxuries, and less kiddos on the internet reeeee!

You're clearly too young to remember but there was already a plus size movement in fashion, there were already youtube 'influencers,' and knockoffs of luxury items and wanting to flash status had been a thing since fucking forever ago at that point.

No. 1139261

yeah, maybe early 00s for skinny women and less kids/normies on the internet

No. 1139263

File: 1650305119829.jpg (9.45 KB, 322x322, 1650127669692.jpg)

>caring about how coveted luxury fashion items are

No. 1139265

Agreed, 2010s was like the decade where Chinese bootlegs gained popularity, HAES campaigns were rampant, and retarded YouTubers were still getting rich with shitty content. There was lots of photo and video editing back then too. The only thing I miss from that time was when we could still call ourselves women. What >>1138888 seems to be wishing for was late nineties and early aughts. And even then she's looking at it through nostalgia goggles. Just being skinny wasn't enough, being rich was a part of it as was having breasts and a tan. The celebs back then weren't celebs because they were talented, most of them were just rich with the right connections. Paying your way into the public eye wasn't all that different from buying bots on social media. The internet wasn't big yet but the world wasn't all that different.

No. 1139266

2004-2009 was the golden age of the internet actually

No. 1139271


No. 1139272

You just reminded me of a knockoff Ed Hardy t-shirt my sister bought in ~2007. When my mom saw it had a small picture of a topless woman on it she got upset and only let my sister wear it after she got my screen printer uncle to mask-print a t-shirt on the lil lady kek

No. 1139276

that's hilarious

No. 1139400

I hate men so much it's unreal

No. 1139412

You and me both.

No. 1139413

File: 1650317344602.jpeg (110 KB, 814x578, 15B15D38-FE05-4A83-A00D-24750C…)

Kek shut up

No. 1139472

I hate it when anons post their offtopic blogposts in thread and WRAP THE ENTIRE FUCKING POST IN SPOILER TAGS. You think seeing a wall of black boxes wouldn't catch my attention or be distracting? You think that's more discreet than just saying "sage for blog/offtopic" or something so I could know to skip your post? And if I want to read it I would have to hover my mouse over it to read the already hard to see white text on black background on an imageboard theme. God. What are you doing? Stop it.

No. 1139480

I'll never stop

No. 1139522

Sensory overload is it for me. I hate the sound of noise- and it’s everywhere.

No. 1139539

File: 1650327703937.jpg (182.37 KB, 720x1245, Screenshot_20220418-201641_Twi…)

We are never escaping capeshit and I hate it .

No. 1139547

Me too. Visual stimulation is starting to bother me also, I have to keep my curtains closed because people walking by outside irritates me

No. 1139551

I'm tired of it too, nona. The consoomer fanbase will it keep it going strong. Moids love self-inserting themselves into these fiction heroes. They love mixing fiction with reality.

No. 1139552

File: 1650328514960.jpg (46.77 KB, 403x392, efd.jpg)

I hate this bullshit more than words can adequately describe. And it's seeping into the normiesphere at an unprecedented rate.
Pickme-ism seems to be at an all time high these days and these greasy harem building men absolutely must be stopped

pic related is me next time I have to hear about cOmMuNiCaTiOn and how it's made a relationship sTrOnGeR because of tRuSt

like sis, please, you're being disrespected and its embarrassing to all women

No. 1139561

shit, only three? maybe this is a good sign? mcu steep decline when.

No. 1139562

Polyamory is not bad, when you don’t claim you love or even like your partners
It’s like extended fwb
Of course I despise it, but it has some logic
But I kek so hard when polyfags talking about polyshit akshually being about love and trust

No. 1139569

Polyfags funny. Endless entertainment because they're always trying to prove to the world that they're not getting cucked and "actually it's monogamy that's unnatural!!! Polyamory is nature and monogamy is just evil society! Name one animal that is monogamous NO DON'T SAY ANY BIRDS! Humans aren't BIRDS idiot! I said name a MONKEY! NO DOMT SAY HUMAN"

No. 1139570

it always makes me laugh when poly people claim to be more "progressive" than monogamous people. you literally share a way of life with fucking mormons of all people
that's just called sleeping around

No. 1139573

The word "brekky" for breakfast. It literally makes me angry.

No. 1139574

Nah. Miss me with that shit.

No. 1139575

The funniest shit is when they think they have a better life and are less abusive and controlling because for them being in a committed relationship is -oppresive- somehow

No. 1139588

File: 1650333574271.jpeg (1.08 MB, 3784x2363, 4DC8E174-9975-45B1-BDE6-499A8A…)

Listen up nonnies, this is what progress looks like

No. 1139591

Most girls in polyamory phases have been cheated on so many times they just do it to feel in control instead of dealing with what they think is inevitable. Like might as well get it over with now and accept it, pretend it’s a real choice instead of being hurt.

No. 1139597

Notice how the only guy not smiling is the one that abused the baby.

No. 1139602

That’s so accurate kek. I tried polyamory once and it was during one of the lowest points of my life emotionally. But the guy love-bombed me while I was grieving so I was easy to manipulate. I have a really hard time believing that an emotionally strong and healthy person would willingly choose it. There’s maybe a tiny fraction of the population that can legitimately make it work.

No. 1139618

BDSM/kink. I can't respect a human who gets off to being degraded, or wants to degrade others. It's so pathetic.

No. 1139620

I hate this sstupid fucking sound effect

No. 1139667

It truly is pathetic. At worst, it's actual abuse and violence, at best the doms are cringy and tryhard while the subs are desperate and embarrassing. Couldn't be me, I have self respect and find the human body sexy enough without retarded power plays.

No. 1139680

/ic/ on 4chan, its just one big hole that sucks the optimism out of you. I want to nuke it and scrub these degen hopeless coomers clean.

No. 1139726

No. 1139857

I hate Apple Podcasts. Maybe it's different when using it on an actual apple product but when you click the pause button on desktop it restarts the entire episode. Who came up with this? A podcast I listen to is ONLY hosted on apple podcasts and it makes me seethe

No. 1139859

/ic/ and the art salt thread here make me wonder why some people draw at all, since they don’t seem to get anything out of it other than drama and misery

No. 1139860

Agreed. Also they’re usually overweight, as are polyamorous couples and furries. I just think if you need to add all of this extra shit on to sex then you aren’t very good at it. They try to frame everyone else as boring oppressed prudes but really they’re all trying to front because they can’t shag for toffee.

No. 1139917

It's only good in 2D and when the male is the sub

No. 1139993

when you're around someone and you're wearing leather that accidentally makes a fart sound and you have to try to make that sound again so you can prove it wasn't your fart

No. 1139996

I remember as a kid visiting relatives with a leather sofa (or faux leather idk) and I was afraid to move on that thing with the noises it made. I didn't even understand that given it's their couch.. they probably know very well that it makes thsoe noises and I'm not farting.

No. 1140009

For real I was in a hotel and flopped down into a comfy looking leather chair. Did this thing not let out a BANG like a bomb, I gave myself a proper fright

No. 1140036

Even in my most handmaiden phase i found poly people gross. I've still never seen conventionally attractive people in poly relationships.
I'm convinced there's 2 kind of poly relationships:
1) one person is in love with another and is hoping they will leave the the third one and only be with them instead
2) one or both of them don't really love/feel attracted to each other but don't want to be single out of convenience, so they turn poly so they can have the safety of the old relationship but sleep with people they actually find attractive
- subsection A) insecure people who think no one else will have them anyway, so they should just accept it and be grateful
- subsection B) people with sexual trauma/aversion who let their partner sleep around/get another partner out of guilt

It's often a mix of both from what I've seen. I really think a lot of people turn poly because they're ugly and can't get an attractive partner, so they never truly get attached to the ugly people they're dating. Why else are they ALL so unattractive?

No. 1140050

Yeah, it's largely maladjusted men who have learned to manipulate (like the lovebombing you talk about) who feed on abused women with rock bottom self esteem and continue to abuse her to stay in his shitty estimation of a harem. From what I have seen the women come to accept it because it is hammered into them by the scrote that she could never be "enough" to meet all his supposed needs and therefore could never be enough for anyone to love exclusively, so she accepts the shit lot he deals her because she feels there's no point in trying to find something better. Poly scrotes will pretend everyone sees people as disposable fuck objects the way they do but that they are the only ones real and in touch with their desires enough to be honest about it, so the women who are with them feel like they will not find a more stable partner than them.

No. 1140051

i hate taika waititi and i can’t stand how social media is riding his dick at the moment about how uwu wholesome he is

No. 1140053

What's the deal with this guy anyway? I just know he directed the third Thor movie and it was a fun movie but supposedly he's a gay poc icon or something but I don't get where it's coming from?

No. 1140057

he directed and acted in our flag means death which has a gay romance and a non-binary female character. also what we do in the shadows is apparently gay too. so all of social media is hyping him up to be a wholesome guy who cares about poc and ~queer rep

No. 1140063

File: 1650374319910.jpeg (7.49 MB, 3200x2133, ie_79651.jpeg)

Movies being always about a gorgeous woman falling in love with an fugly guy but never about a hot nice guy falling for an ugly or average girl is my villain origin story.
I'm about to snap.

No. 1140070

I hate girls who complain about having no friends and having bad social skills while having a whole ass boyfriend. Met one such type today, so annoying.

No. 1140074

File: 1650375614426.png (278.61 KB, 383x385, ew.png)

Same, it's bullshit.

No. 1140078

Dumb comment. Moids are desperate so they date anyone. How does it mean not having friends and having bad social skills doesnt suck? Your post gives off the same incel energy as moids thinking women cant be lonely (because apparently getting random dms about scrotes wanting to fuck you means u cant be lonely)

No. 1140084

Boyfriends aren’t everything, you retard.

No. 1140099

I didn't say it doesn't suck, I just find these types annoying.
I know, I've never had one.

No. 1140100

I'm single atm but I kinda fit this description. Haven't had a friend in years but boyfriends just fall into my lap sometimes. In the long run they're not worth much. You go through a break up and they never talk to you again after years of building something. A good friendship is worth more than a scrote.

No. 1140207

Yeah? Well I hate you.

No. 1140296

The fact that the word thermos is pronounced 'ther-MIS' and not 'ther-MOHS'. My friend heard me pronounce it the latter way, which is how I've always pronounced it, and was like "wait what the fuck? it's pronounced ther-mis" and I got so mad. IT'S AN O!!! MOS!!!

No. 1140323

In French it's pronunced "ther-MOHS", just pretend that you're trying to be fancy.

No. 1140330

I mean there are movies that attempt to present this as their main hook, but then the woman isn't ugly, just unkempt and slightly awkward.

No. 1140338

File: 1650387251276.jpeg (44.24 KB, 992x558, HT_cross_country_record_drive_…)

When its the sunset but you have to drive directly west to get somewhere

No. 1140348

Hard mother fucking agree

No. 1140380

I hate Romanianon and I genuinely think she should kill herself. I hate attention seekers, especially if they’re self righteous and aggressive.

No. 1140383

File: 1650389114605.jpeg (342.09 KB, 1920x1152, 77D9D5DB-9669-4C32-BC49-C37D29…)

>”imagine being in a place that doesn’t have mountains to hide the sun after it dips beneath your car’s sun visor.”

No. 1140422

I blame watamote and discord

No. 1140423

Fr romanion if you’re reading this kys whore

No. 1140429

Fuck off Steven

No. 1140445

I’ve barely even read her posts and I agree because I can’t fucking stand people who are that shameless

No. 1140453

File: 1650391855876.png (1.48 MB, 1306x832, 82374.png)

I despise those female athletics videos with the butts for thumbnails, millions of views, and not a single comment that isn't a disgusting coomer. There are always comments getting mad at the camera man for only filming the top half of the athlete while she does her warm ups. It's just… heartbreaking? That you can work your entire life since you were a child to become a world class athlete, top 0.5% on the planet for your gender in a sport you can only be at your peak at for a few years; pour thousands of dollars and hours into trainers, physical therapy, and your health, just to be only acknowledged for 5 seconds of your butt cheeks after you've actually performed the jump. On top of all the comments being embarrassing admissions of fapping, they're always repeating the same joke of "Hello men of culture", and "Uhh what sports is this hurr durr didn't notice." You will never, ever find a comment actually talking about the athletics. Obviously go to any mens' long jump video and it's a normal thumbnail of them actually doing the sport. They just have normal shorts as uniforms because there is 0 need for a thong in order to execute a long jump. And the comments are of course, commending the athleticism, no comments on the males bodies, etc. It just breaks my heart. Of course these female athletes are stunning in every way but how devastating must it feel to have your performance go completely unacknowledged by millions who watch? Their bodies are impressive but whats more incredible is their physical appearance is simply a byproduct of an even more impressive feat.

No. 1140455

File: 1650392144822.png (46.43 KB, 435x462, topcomment.png)

I'm sperging now but this is top comment on one of the higher view videos. What a complete dismissal of something these scrotes could never even fathom accomplishing in their sad, flabby fucking lifetimes.

No. 1140459

Damn, even with 4 scrotes their appearances all together don't add up to a 10.

No. 1140481

Ive always wondered why they wear basically underwear while doing athletlic stuff. Is there any real reason why girls and women wear nearly nothing while men cover up?

No. 1140486

File: 1650394219820.jpg (213.58 KB, 1984x2048, 1629648772248.jpg)

kek, this reminded me of picrel

No. 1140487

File: 1650394244771.jpg (55.45 KB, 435x500, external-content.duckduckgo.jp…)

I hate tattoos, with rare exception. I particularly hate modern tattoo culture where you see so many people walking around with bodies covered in what looks like cheap clip art. I just don't understand why you would get some trivial image, say a cupcake or a bird, permanently emblazoned on your skin rather than get it on a t-shirt or a bumper sticker or something. You don't even have the excuse people had decades ago, that it makes you look badass or non-conformist or something, everyone from CEO's to yuppies to trust fund kids have them nowadays. I will say as much as I dislike the look I'd never hold it personally against someone, literally everyone in my family save for my father and I has at least one kek, including my fiancé.

No. 1140489

Wondering this too. In cheerleading they use panties that cover your cheeks up entirely. I wouldn't want my ass hanging out while doing sports, but maybe it's inevitable or it's better for mobility? Idk

No. 1140494

File: 1650395302720.png (27.08 KB, 720x1336, clownery.png)

My friend has a lot of tattoos which are pretty nice, but a while ago, she sent me this really fucking ugly flash tattoo I uploaded along with this post that she wanted to get but… why.. it was so ugly!! Thankfully she didn't get it but I don't know what the heck was going through her head.

No. 1140497

I disagree, I love tats but agree some can be trashy looking. Maybe it's my ADD and that I used to draw on my papers and arms as a kid I just want to look at people's tattoos and see what they all are

No. 1140499

File: 1650395638152.jpg (48.61 KB, 602x627, main-qimg-941114ecd62efd936df4…)

It's for male pleasure. Womens' sports does a lot more poorly in terms of ratings/views so organizers to pull in a larger audience with skimpier clothes. You know the only reason a man would tune into womens volleyball, so imagine if she was just wearing shorts and a tshirt. 0 views, sadly. I've watched enough womens sports to constantly see women picking out wedgies and adjusting their bikini bottom all the time, so I don't buy the argument that they are "freer" or are less fussy when running. Men don't even come close in skimpiness, barring swimming speedos. Without a doubt female anatomy is different from male anatomy, but for the case of volleyball; men get to wear loose and thigh length shorts while women wear those tight little shorts (pic rel). I don't see why a woman couldn't comfortably wear those same shorts. I myself have pretty large thighs and have never had issue wearing basketball shorts. Additionally, I'd argue that even if they were more physically comfortable for women, it could very well be outweighed in emotional discomfort.

No. 1140512

female sports needs an entire reboot. If it isnt being mocked by men, it's being sexualized by men and now just INVADED by men. Women need to be taken seriously. Those outfits need to go because they dont need to be playing in their panties. i hate men and i hate how women are always viewed on their physical appearance rather than playing power.

No. 1140513

File: 1650396997432.jpg (149.89 KB, 807x1200, C8h6o69XoAE3leH.jpg)

We need to put male athletes back in short shorts and let women wear whatever the hell they want.

No. 1140521

We need to encourage more women to watch women's sports. Right now there are more men who watch the WNBA than women.

No. 1140573

Agreed, I hate how so many people have tattoos nowadays. Like, if you're only gonna have a tiny shitty doodle on your wrist, what's the fucking point of permanently having that on your skin? It looks stupid. If you really want a tattoo, get a more badass one. But I also don't like how bigger tattoos covering both arms are more common now, because tattoos like that make your skin look dirty. When everyone has tattoos they lose their appeal. I think it should have kept being associated with certain subcultures instead of going mainstream.


I think during the olympics, there are more comments by people who actually give a shit about the sport (by both men and women). Needless to say, it also breaks my heart to see scrotes treat female athletes like fap material ("embarrassing" admissions of fapping? Yeah, sure, males have no shame whatsoever).
But anyway, I have seen women's American football. I'd say nothing exemplifies the way that women are not taken seriously and instead are objectified and sexualized in this society better than that. It's fucking depressing, to say the least.

No. 1140589

uhh who is this?

No. 1140606

I like them and have a few that all fit one theme that I'm obsessed with. Its coming up on 7 years since my last one and I have a plan to finish but I'm frozen because I've loved the previous ones and I'm scared to now look for a new artist and risk ruining my track record of 'no regrets' I know there's often a stereotype where tattooed people are impulsive but here I am 7 years into thinking about my next move lol

Lately I met a guy who has travelled alot, he's lived in different countries and collected quite a mix of them in terms of quality, style, theme. It is strange seeing very well done tattoos and then not so great ones right next to each other on the same person. I generally find heavily tattooed people hot, that's a big bonus to me but the perfectionist in me is still bugged when the quality is all over the place. Like its a shame to splurge on a good artist and then have lil crappy tatts surrounding it.

No. 1140637

I get one when I feel like I 'survived' a major 'battle'. All in black on my back, in a similar style. Not necessarily high quality, but I just want to be like the women from 1000+ years ago, it's spiritual in a sense.

No. 1140773

File: 1650412997746.jpg (138.83 KB, 1200x900, john-stockton-1986jpg[1].jpg)

John Stockton. The little shorts were basically his trademark. Technically this is 'traditional' length if you look at the earliest basketball uniforms.

No. 1140789

File: 1650414317956.jpg (57.32 KB, 581x825, Vickers 56-57 Home Swede Halbr…)

Samefagging because I hate modern basketball shorts so much and I want to sperg about it. 21st century a shit.

No. 1141104

Those aesthetic accounts/"influencers" that call themselves comfy, cozy, etc. You cannot force it by putting you're a SOFT, WARM, MILK & HONEY UWU type of person all over your profile. You either radiate it or you don't, and most do not.

No. 1141114

I would like to apologize for spamming the thread with basketball shorts
this post triggered my autism

No. 1141128

In my experience the people who try the hardest to be uwu softies have the nastiest fucking personalities deep down kek

No. 1141132

Delightful physique
Props to the photographer too, he looks like part of an ancient Olympian mural
God I'm horny

No. 1141159

I hate this so fucking much too. Why not have the option of being able to choose from different length and style shorts and shirts? And then the players can decide which is the most comfortable for them
this actually cracked me up. Imagine a fat, balding scrote living in his mother's basement thinking he's hilarious by typing comments like these with his thick, greasy wurstfingers while the women he's commenting on are winning awards and accomplishing their goals

No. 1141162

That one strand that is randomly straight and sticking out while the rest of your hair look nice and curly.

No. 1141165

I fucking hate men who talk about any kind of female experience as if they have first hand knowledge of the matter. Especially if they’re doing it to “own the terfs” - the fucking gall of men telling women about our own lived experiences in order to defend the men who want to wear our skin. You don’t know shit! Shut the fuck up! Yes, I’m angry!

No. 1141168

Sort of related but I've had men mansplain periods to me, and it makes me roll my eyes so bad. They are like 'I have had girlfriends, I know what it is like', like scrote… I have had them since 11, you don't have to explain to me how they work and tell me to eat chocolate. They always think they're imparting some hidden wisdom or something. One advised that I should mark my period dates to calculate when I'd get them like wow, never thought of that! Thanks male!

No. 1141287

I hate it the other way round, that one curly strand of hair while the rest of my hair is straight.

No. 1141347

I hate that fucking b.i.m.b.o. song or whatever it's called so much, every time I hear it somewhere I want to rip my ears off

No. 1141398

I hate how in any space on the internet that's used for advice, reddit subs, message boards etc there's always people who will post something that's full of glaring red flags pointing at their own behaviour being the main issue.. but if you point that out you're eaten alive for not being supportive of that total stranger telling you their one sided story. What loyalty do you owe a complete stranger with holes in their story? This weird 'loyalty to the op' thing is something I've seen for years and I wish there was a word for it. It's like some offbranch of parasocial shit.

No. 1141422

nonnie, you already know what this fucking means. let's trade strands.

No. 1141434

Right, didn't it used to be that anything posted online was probably false or misconstrued?

No. 1141439

See: pretty much anything posted on AITA

No. 1141451

Yep, especially on Reddit subs. I remember a guy posted about how his girlfriend revealed she was pregnant and he "freaked out, didn't respond at all, ghosted her to hang out with friends" and it turns out it was a prank. Everyone was focused on grilling the girlfriend and then when I said that even if it was real his reaction was extremely inappropriate and he deserves to be with a sociopath who puts him on edge like that everyone got pissed off and said stuff like "he doesn't deserve to be abused for being scared!" like?? Kek if your immediate reaction to life changing news is to fuck off and ghost your partner who's objectively dealing with way more than you then you deserve sociopathic pranks. Also funny how he wasn't so scared to go party up a storm with his friends while his girlfriend, to his knowledge, was dealing with a pregnancy crisis that he made it look like he was ditching her for

No. 1141459

I'm sure his gf is happy she pulled that prank, she must've realized how low he valued her.

No. 1141466

Some people were conspiring about how she actually is pregnant but after seeing how he reacted she wanted him fuck off and not be in the kid's life, which is totally valid

No. 1141519

You're right. She could've also gotten an abortion but kept it a secret and told him it was a prank. Either way she's not nearly as guilty as him, she was being stupid while the shit he pulled is plain evil.

No. 1141698

When my door dash driver drives home to take a shit. I get it when you gotta go you gotta go but at least go at the restaurant and pretend you are waiting on my food so my food can stay under a warming lamp, don't drive home to poop and let my food get soggy in your car.

No. 1141895

The term malewife and similar, or referring to a kind and gentle man as a cat, etc. Why must soft/submissive be a term always associated with women? Why can't we just be into a type of guy, and it not need a label or anything embarrassing? Just call them a kind/gentle/sweet husband or something.

No. 1141955


> yaaas a ____ moment

No. 1142095

File: 1650519926360.jpg (323.86 KB, 1080x1919, Instagram2.jpg)

I hate that I am constantly recommended home decor dropshipping sites that all sell the exact same Aliexpress shit. Something about these faceless people reposting the same stock photos as each other and writing the same generic descriptions feels so dystopian.

No. 1142127

I hate it how every fucking girlchan besides Lolcow is afraid of installing strict rules against moidery despite banning males off the site and overall just has low quality moderation due to being so desperate to become big right away they'll just allow any bullshit to pass just to grow at a faster pace. Anyone who complains about Lolcow's mods or userbase needs to see how bad it could be, I don't think I can ever use imageboards again if this site closes. The "imageboard culture" of being misogynistic, racist and homophobic just for the sake of being "edgy epic kek" and retarded terminally online cool girls picking it up is pure distilled cringe, especially seeing how relatively new phenomenon of aggressively bigoted behaviour on chans is compared to their entire history.

No. 1142132

Johnny Depp

No. 1142134

what other girlchans are you talking about? cc seems okay to me, aggressive bigotry isn't entertained much (ime). ccc seems alright as well. idk about fujochan though.
>The "imageboard culture" of being misogynistic, racist and homophobic just for the sake of being "edgy epic kek" and retarded terminally online cool girls picking it up is pure distilled cringe
i agree, it's like they're trying to rebel against niceties like children, immature, unentertaining, prefictable, boring. i see it on 'unconventional' social media accounts by sheltered girls trying to do something a lot though.

No. 1142140

It's about fujochan because it has 50% pornsick /trash/ migrants who barely even read BL, Crystal Cafe is just the other side of the coin being tranny central because they can't be assed to ban obvious scrote larps or grow a culture where they get some deserved bullying.
>it's like they're trying to rebel against niceties like children, immature, unentertaining, prefictable, boring.
That's exactly what it is. Nobody worth having an adult discussion with wants to die on the "I can call people niggers all I want and moralfags can kiss my ass!!" hill and being openly racist and homophobic ultimately correlates with being misogynistic as well, so I have no idea why shit like that would warrant a pass on a so called girlchan.

No. 1142405

The fact that ordering food is not worth it anymore. The price for which I could get soup, a main dish and a dessert only buys me a main dish now. Ridiculous

No. 1142508

>referring to a kind and gentle man as a cat

No. 1142680

The same thing with all those self proclaimed "hyper-feminine" handmaidens, they always have such a fundamentally scrotty personality type (like want to dictate others how to think/behave, believe that their freeze peach and retarded opinions are more important than others' safety&wellbeing, seek unjustified authority on all matters, dont value relationships per se - only the things they can gain from them, etc…) it's unreal. Might be because they are all utterly malebrained and therefore have malebrained ideas about what femininity is (ie being complementary to the eternal moid and being liked by him)

No. 1142692

>referring to a kind and gentle man as a cat
Doubling on the surprise of the other anon on this one. If anything in mainstream thought cats are portrayed as being independent assholes who use humans for their pleasure, not really a gentle&kind creatures at all. This is more commonly attributed to dogs (along with being dumb&gullible though). Where have you seen people referring to gentle&kind men that way?

No. 1142702

CC makes me cringe everytime I go to it, they all act like hentai addicts and are so offended by every little thing, you can't make stupid jokes about female masturbation or post about men you find attractive but people can spam their macromastia and defeminizing fetish

No. 1142707

I wouldn't care that CC is so ban happy if the mods would actually fucking tell you why you were banned so you know for future reference. Been banned so many times and not once did they provide a reason.

No. 1142717

CC is filled with troons so yeah…
They don't ban obvious male posters but women get banned all the time. Tranny mod?

No. 1142718

This and to add onto it I hate when women go on about how much they love chest hair and hairy men in general. It's fine if you do but gtfo with enabling that shit

No. 1142722

Men are such attention whores about their "insecurities" anyway. I once told a guy who was ranting about how gross he was for being hairy that I liked chest hair and he looked me in the eye and said "no you would prefer a waxed guy" like wtf? What's the point of men running their mouths about how much compliments make their day and how they never get complimented if they just act like brats about it when they do? Seriously never compliment men

No. 1142734

Similarly, it's also annoying as fuck when women claim that they find dadbods or bald men hot. Maybe there are women who like that but a lot of the women who say this come off as a bit obnoxious (I suspect some of them are actually men tbh), and it really makes me feel like there's an agenda to make women lower their standards. Also like you said it enables men

No. 1142739

Loads of women are literally memed into being attracted to dad bods, older men and objectively ugly scrotes. It almost becomes a personality trait.

No. 1142749

I was talking to my BF(now ex)'s friend one time about how I loved my BF and how he was so great and then his scrotey fat friend said I would only like my BF while he is skinny and I said no, I would still find him hot anyways and he went on a rant about how woman only find skinny and fit guys attractive and I said it sounds like a him issue and he should just put in the work if he cares so much kek. Men are trash and you can't change them

No. 1142808

People refer to soft/gentle men as meow meow, etc a lot in social media spaces and anywhere with fandom followings (not even underage ones, just any). It's so fucking embarrassing and retarded. They have to be underage, I refuse to believe grown women fawn over shit like uwu soft boi.

No. 1142811

+ I see it all the time on pinterest when I'm looking at photos for portraiture practice. Even in the danofag thread. No matter the fandom, it's always uwu.

No. 1142813

i thought the "little meow meow" meme applied to anti-hero and evil type of characters that were sympathetic or something, or at least that's what i heard from the knowyourmeme page. it seems like an alteration of the "cinnamon roll" thing.

No. 1142881

File: 1650593121579.jpeg (262.8 KB, 750x316, FC2F9487-E932-4A04-B3D6-B1D59E…)

These facial expressions are enough to kill a medieval peasant. I was trying to figure out why I dislike the look and feel of this movie despite it being a dumb kids movie but I finally figured it out, it reminds me of that GrubHub ad everyone was shitting on a few months ago. The uneasiness it gives me, a simple ass kids film should not be making you feel uneasy and I’m starting to see what the concerned parents~ and angry movie commentary channels are talking about. There’s nothing wrong with making a movie about female puberty but why is it focused on a 13 year old girl? Because the moids who keep complaining about this movie are the ones who have entirely removed the innocence and sanctity of childhood in the first place. Even if it was made by women, men don’t have the foresight to notice how their standards and principles are unconsciously adopted by women, and so they make this gross cheesy ass stuff because tradfags don’t notice that this is what also appeals to manchildren and degenerate men. I sound so fucking crazy right now but that’s as simple as I can put it, there is a certain essence to this movie that feels off sometimes. It’s not the period allegory, it’s not the open honesty about female hormones or milestones, it’s that these messages are always tainted. Still hard to explain tbh

No. 1142936

These weird expressions feel like some kind of ahegao shit, plus all the ass shots are so scrotey subliminal fetishy. It's literally cursed, bc it was made by male hands. Anyway I refuse to see it because the whole vibe is nasty and the hype so fake.

No. 1142938

I hated the chubby girl's face, it was unhinged all throughout the movie, her voice was also the most unprofessional sounding one

No. 1142950

I mostly see it applied to twinks or something.

No. 1142957

Never seen the movie, but the picture you chose really makes me uncomfortable.

No. 1142961

She also did some weird ass dance where she runs her hands down her body when they're all laying on the roof. Actually cringed. God the twerking made me want to kms. I can't with this movie. But ngl, the ending made me cry so it was like whiplash.

No. 1143037

Abby? I loved her character and voice, it was like being able to see my ex-friend again before she became an Aiden. I legit thought for a second it was voiced by her, so scarily similar.

No. 1143299

File: 1650641232652.jpg (200.22 KB, 1170x952, 95947382948949.jpg)

I hate these lol so randumb EXDEE tumblr posts about wanting to fuck men. They're always made by gaydens, the person who made this one has "white tme, he/him" in her about kek. Even without checking I could tell a fakeboi made it since they're the ones that worship men and cock the most. Another reason I hate these stupid memes is because three mutuals of mine who said they were lesbians came out as bisexual then immediately stopped talking about women now post this cringe shit wayyyy more often than they ever posted about women, and in a much more graphic way too. I think these retarded memes are pathetic and I will lose all respect for a tumblr user when I catch something like this on their blogs because it smells of troonism and cock worship but I'll probably keep following to laugh at them.

No. 1143308

File: 1650641813424.png (778.3 KB, 1142x1218, Screen Shot 2022-04-22 at 10.3…)

Why the fuck do moids have to get triggered at dumbass shit like this? Just move the fuck on

No. 1143312

This shit so obviously didn't happen. For one thing, "I was angry and wanted to hurt them so I said it", with no explanation on what the partner did to hurt them? Horseshit

No. 1143320

File: 1650642552397.png (153.35 KB, 1318x558, Screen Shot 2022-04-22 at 10.4…)

Yeah but the moids getting triggered by it is real. Scrotes can't handle the fact that they might not be the greatest at sex kek.

No. 1143331

If you reversed the roles here I just know mens take on this would be "well he's only being honest, get better at sex if you don't want criticism"

No. 1143334

I hate it when people write off certain houseplants as fussy without bothering to look up how to care for them and what kind of environment they need. Sure, high-humidity-loving plants can be a bit of a pain if you live in a dry climate but even 'fussy' plants want to live and if you buy them it's your responsibility to help them stay alive. It pisses me off when plants get anthropomorphized as prissy drama queens to excuse their owners' incompetence.

No. 1143437

Kek more het women should tell their scrotes that lmao

No. 1143481

You are sweet for caring about plants so much nona. It bothers me too how lots of people just think of plants as disposable and don't really look into their care requirements like they would for an animal. Of course they're not as interactive and can't communicate their needs in the same way, but they're living things that deserve proper treatment if someone wants to bring them into a home too. Plant moms unite I guess

No. 1143556

Men do this all the time to the point of making up imaginary exes/over-exaggerating what their exes did or looked like for the sole purpose of negging their current partner, it's only fair if women do it back

No. 1143564

Holy shit yes. It also peeves me when people complain about being a black thumb and talk about how many plants they've killed. Every time I've met someone like this they just never did any research on how to care for their specific plants, or even general plant care. I don't know where they get the idea that "plant people" just intuitively know how to care for the plants they have.

No. 1143568

I feel you or they shame me for how into my plants and garden I am. Like it’s cringy to know basic botany and plant hormones so I can have all the free garlic and basil I want.
I love cacti and succulents too but I hate the way everyone bought them during COVID and just accepted gnats in their soil. That’s so vile to me.

No. 1143573

That's one of the major downsides of houseplants and gardening becoming popular for the aesthetic, people who get them on a whim because they want their room to look like a pinterest room don't realize there are people out there who take it as a serious hobby. I dont mean to sound like queen plant gatekeeper here, but at least know how to take care of the ones you have and don't shame people for being more invested than you are if you do just casually enjoy them.

No. 1143578

Right it sets me off when I see it normalized. Like root rot and gnats shouldn’t be happening and if you’re not producing off shoots your cacti probably need more help after a couple weeks. I legit left insta over the amount of it’s okay to have gnats everyone has them post. Like sure you can get them on accident but it’s not that hard to get rid of them. They never want to know that though. Christ.

No. 1143601

I'm more amazed that your mom has the money to order 20 pairs of pants at a clip, your family must be ballin'

No. 1143606

Why 20?!

No. 1143608

20 pairs in just one order? Why?

No. 1143622

I tend to resent shaving my legs just to wear pants this length. Either go all out and wear shorts or wear full length.

No. 1143748

File: 1650662996861.jpg (97.21 KB, 900x900, FQ0y1FoXMAAkC4Q.jpg)

I hate the breakcore trend that's all over youtube and tiktok, or more specifically what moids have been doing with it. How sewerslvt turned out to be a racist pedophile and instead of condemning him, his white moid fans posted about how they feel sorry for him and hope he comes back. We don't need any more video essays on why he's "actually a genius" like anyone can't just add a drum beat to a compressed and sped up j-pop song. The women who listen to it seem to be mostly chill, while the moids that do are insanely pretentious about it and troon out to larp as Lain or Konata and hide their previous far-right beliefs. It reminds me of the city pop craze from around 2018 but more degen

No. 1143755

>i hate this i hate that why can't everyone conform to my preferences, like ugh, gross!
fuck off.

No. 1143762

File: 1650663643214.jpeg (927.94 KB, 1668x1571, A527C23A-9E62-4A2A-B41C-4DF2F2…)

This shit. Fuck off, bring gardening tips and discussions to the table. People like this can choke on carrot sticks IMO.

No. 1143766

anon, do you have the slightest knowledge about the history of breakcore in japan?

No. 1143767

You know 90% of games have a mute button, right?

No. 1143768

>20 pairs
Does she shit her pants every day or what?!

No. 1143770

nta but did you forget which thread you're in lol

No. 1143776

File: 1650664097419.jpeg (34.93 KB, 1080x362, D3CA575E-1450-48D9-9ED6-5B0C59…)

No. 1143780

Exactly. They’re dumbasses.

No. 1143782

Where do you think you are kek… I even clarified I don't mind the women that listen to breakcore so I can't imagine being this mad over what I wrote unless you're one of the racist troons I was complaining about
Yes, and I was speaking about American moids with creepy behavior forcing it to be associated with the genre. I get it if you asked that because of the pic I used, I mostly just picked it because I thought it was relevant.

No. 1143783

Fuck that sewer troon and his shitty music

No. 1143792

Ugh this reminds me how I found a playlist that was just full of little girls gymnastics videos and the thumbnails were extremely suspicious. I hate men so much

No. 1143793

Are you an angry breakcore troon or something? The fuck is your problem lol. Seethe and dilate, Lain was never meant for trannies

No. 1143821


Im with you, anon. Genuinely fucking tired of seeing sewerslvts fans post "uwu i just want junko to be happy" as if this faggot isnt a fat groomer who named himself after a dead japanese highschooler.

No. 1143826

File: 1650666790845.jpeg (21.72 KB, 275x275, F5B55F4A-4685-41C2-9C65-9E4821…)

When straight women refer to their scrote as their “partner” It makes me reeEEEE. Partner should only be used by lesbians.

No. 1143830

Kek same anon, I feel like an enormous autist for being so pissed off about it but I can't help it. Every time a girl who introduces herself as a bisexual and keeps talking about her "partner" to hide the fact that she's dating a Nigel in a straight relationship I feel like being ridiculed personally.

No. 1143849

This cat is so fucking cute, I just wanna kiss their little paw.
I also hate angry men with lisps.

No. 1143871

I fucking hate the fact that YouTube (and TikTok, etc.) makes it easier than ever for pedo scrotes to have access to images of children.

No. 1143946

Turmeric shots. I know the disgusting taste and heat only lasts for a few minutes, but they are so hellish. Turmeric shots have single handedly scared me off of trying any other shot flavors. Fuck the benefits.

No. 1143965

i have an irrational autistic hatred for the word boyfriend so i actually prefer when they do that kek. the word husband doesn't bother me when i hear/read it though, i don't know why

No. 1143982

You just reminded me of the fact that my grandmother used to love to dress me in capri pants that looked just like this in different colors as a kid kek. 3rd through 7th grade at least, my favorite pair was turquoise or something

No. 1144012

Do you not mix it with something like honey? Weirdo…

No. 1144014

I had cargo pants that zipped into capris like this in multiple colours by choice when I was 10 kek

No. 1144022

Partner is cringe. Just say girlfriend/boyfriend. If you don't like the sound of it then get married and stop seething. Boring ass losers

No. 1144047

You can only say 'partner' if you're cowboysexual

No. 1144144

It's just a thing I randomly remembered, even though my dating life was near to zero for the last few years. Since I took bigger breaks between relationships getting back into sex was always a big rough, so I hate that when you tell men that PiV hurts and tell them to pull out, their next move is to just fucking jam their fingers up there the next minute as if they're checking the plumbing or as if they knew what they were doing. Is stayed with me because 3 different men did this, then they all had this flabbergasted retarded look on their faces when I told them to stop doing that when I just told you I'm in pain 30 seconds ago.

No. 1144147

>don't say partner
so Mario & Luigi Boyfriends in Time?

No. 1144152

Actually anon you really made me think. I'm ambivalent towards capris but really there's no upside to them. They don't look aesthetically pleasing. As the other anon said you might as well wear shorts. I was thinking for hiking and stuff but the bare part is the best place for ticks to attach. I suppose it is good for, like in your pic, wearing sandals with no socks. Another benefit is the big pockets, you dont get big pockets with shorts.

You've made me considder throwing away my capris today, the cons outweigh the pros.

No. 1144156

How do you get rid of gnats? My country doesn't sell diatomaceous earth which I heard is what helps, and I've been bottom watering my plants for months to keep the topsoil dry. I've got the yellow stickers but it just kind of controls the population.

No. 1144158

Nta but cinnamon. Cover the soil with a thin layer of cinnamon, worked like a charm for me

No. 1144163

It's making me want to buy capris honestly I had a cargo type green pair that were super comfortable. If I wanted to wear shorts I would wear shorts. Also I'm an awkward height so I have to hem my jeans a lot. You don't have to hem capris. I bet in 5 years zoomers will start wearing capris and swear they always loved them

No. 1144166

>If you don't like the sound of it then get married
They clearly wish they were kek, to me all it says is 'my bf won't put a ring on it'. I genuinely can't think of a guy who calls his gf his partner, it's always forever gfs who want to emphasize the seriousness of their relationship.

No. 1144168

File: 1650700455738.jpeg (29.97 KB, 554x554, 1647013491745.jpeg)

i hate scrotes pretending to be bi. i actually thought for a while maybe i was jaded for thinking this. nah. scrote admit it to my face. (someone was talking about this on celebricows i didnt want to derail that thread).

>date this leftie scrote last year

>he is the stereotype, has a rich dad and is a complete trust fund kid
>yet he is obsessed with chapo, dasha the ana queen and fucking coomtown or whatever
>idk why i dated this guy for half of 2021. tbh he was rich and it made me feel nice being a poorfag myself. didnt realize i was being played bc of this obviously.
>play cool girl shit for him cause im an idiot
>he shows his true "opinions" after months. he used to say irony shit all the time and i could never know if the shit he was saying were his legit thoughts or something out of one of his faggot podcasts to get a reaction out of me.
>last time i saw him ever. we were at his place talking
>he randomly blurts out
>"you know, i once wanted to fuck this girl so bad i told her i was bi. she just seemed like the type to be into it. she actually believed it"
>i played cool girl about a lot of shit during our time but this kinda broke me. ive had (and had female friends) be harassed by abusive bfs over just being bi. but this scrote can use it to fuck some tinder girl and get no consequences.
>he immediately regretted telling me that when he saw my reaction (i did not play along with his shit this time). he started back peddling so hard. "i shouldnt have said it like that, im sorry nona"
>dump him about four days later
>life going great

tl;dr bi scrotes are not on the rise. straight guys are just faggots now.

No. 1144170

I love dumping scrotes on a whim. My last bf used to have “anxiety attacks” (aka screaming tantrums because life wasn’t going his way) and the last time he did it I was just so done, we had such a nice day beforehand and I realised “I will never make this faggot happy, he will always find something to get “depressed “ over and it will drag me down with him” and just dumped him on the spot. He was flabbergasted. In future I hope he learns that women aren’t his emotional tampon to pour all of his insecurities into.

No. 1144173

based anons. i am considering dumping my boyfriend because he touches me without asking first (sometimes we grope each other as a joke but i already said to not do it on the genitals) and when i say stop he takes it as a challenge. stupid pornsick behaviour. i should go full amber heard and record him doing it first.

No. 1144178

>yet he is obsessed with chapo, dasha the ana queen and fucking coomtown or whatever
I dated one of these except he was far right politically. Really just goes to show both extremes are two sides of the same retarded coin.

No. 1144182

Yeah, dump the fucker. He has no right to touch you if you don't give him permission.

No. 1144200

Bi guys are the fucking worst and they don't get nearly enough deserved hate. At least with straight men you know they're assholes up front and gay men usually don't bother you but every bisexual man I come across has been a degenerate, manipulative sex pest who's only "bi" because he coomed so much to straight porn and female abuse that he can't get it hard without breaking the next taboo. Of course they only date women because they can use them as their emotional support cheerleaders but then fuck guys on the side, they're the type most likely to suicide bait or bitch about male mental health not being taken "as seriously" too.

No. 1144214

>they're the type most likely to suicide bait or bitch about male mental health not being taken "as seriously" too.
This is so true. Everything you say is true but this one specifically, bi men will pass stds and cheat on their gfs like nothings but then cry about their own mental health. Disgusting.

No. 1144249

I was sort of friends with a scrote for a decade, I mainly kept him around because he ended up studying something in a similar direction and I thought he would be a useful connection. I thought he was gay, he only ever dated men, wasn't allowed to donate blood etc. Then when I came out as a lesbian to him, he decided to come out as bi and tried to convince me to go fuck him to "make sure". I already hated scrotes, but fucking hell.

No. 1144250

i hate my boyfriend's friends except for maybe 2 of them. they are boring, only talk about work, never ask me questions, are anime coomers, or are pickme whores who want sexual validation from everybody, they even hit on me. i want to bash my head against a wall everytime i hang out with them. and i thought they would be fine and sociable because they are educated, into fitness and well earning. fucking hell what a bunch of retards. i am not wasting my time on them. seriously wish my boyfriend would dump all of them. once my rose colored glasses come off i may see that he is a retard just like them but until then…

No. 1144337

File: 1650715358830.png (220.19 KB, 358x699, Gaston_NH.png)

i used hate gaston from animal crossing, i remeber when me and my sister used to play wild world and we both used to hate him and hit him with nets and dig holes around his house. he is so ugly and mean. i remember trying to get him to move into my sisters town and she would get upset and not let me visit

No. 1144370

No, I just drink it straight out of the bottle.

No. 1144500

are you my childhood friend because that's her exact story

No. 1144505

File: 1650729194305.png (42.73 KB, 376x488, Eloise_NewLeaf.png)

I've hated Eloise since WW, she was so nasty to me. I get New Horizons and the dlc, and guess what yellow bitch decides to show up as the first client on PP?

No. 1144506

When people say things are just chef's kiss. Corniest shit I've ever heard

No. 1144512

people speaking in memes in general drives me nuts

No. 1144515

yep, I hate it too. And I see it all around youtube now for some reason.

No. 1144568

has anyone noticed people making a fake vomiting/gagging sound with full on facial expressions during a conversation more often than used to happen? my tinfoil is it's because of the vomit emoji

No. 1144584

If it makes you feel any better she's hard coded to show up first unless she's one of your villagers on your island. You weren't cursed, you were blessed.

No. 1144585

Fuck this elephant. She fills with me anger. I used to try to plant trees in front of her house so she would leave.

No. 1144591

File: 1650733288663.png (247.76 KB, 380x600, 380px-Deena_NH.png)

for me its Deena. she has moved into almost all of my towns since ww just to be ugly and passive aggressive. it always took forever for her to move out. i strongly believe some villagers exist just for the players to hate

No. 1144939

I used to hate Deena and thought her color was atrocious, but then I learned on a Jap channel that her name and color in Japanese refers to marimo moss balls, so I don't hate her as much. I think some of the fun of AC is making enemies from villagers that didn't do anything wrong, otherwise it's just the same cute villagers over and over

No. 1145147

I'm playing a VN where the protagonists sex is kept ambigious for self-insert purposes I guess, and being them-ed throws me out of the game more than I thought it would, especially considering 96% of the fanbase are probably women and female enbies anyways. Same with when they themified all (or was it just some? I don't remember, I was too busy jaming to the songs) the characters in the subs of an VK anime.

No. 1145151

I think she's cute but then again I'm a danofag

No. 1145254

Deena is one of the cutest villagers imo.

I bet you’re a Raymondfag

No. 1145316

File: 1650758681081.png (115.82 KB, 290x378, Goose_NH.png)

wrong and wrong my bestie is pic rel

No. 1145317

Oh my god anon the they/them shit also drives me up the wall in interactive fiction. Which game and anime are you talking about? Im curious

No. 1145319

since we're talking about animal crossing and they/them bs, it reminded me that i absolutely hate that the english version of new horizons made the player they/them, but all the animals are she/he. it's really fucking retarded. i thought that genderspecials were supposed to bebultra concerned about your pronouns? the they/them shit is retarded, especially since the game is mostly for kids.

No. 1145324

File: 1650759734562.png (Spoiler Image, 657.56 KB, 1066x848, no.png)

Untagged MPREG on my Netflix feed.

No. 1145325

What. In. The. Actual. Fuck.

No. 1145326

I need to watch this just so I can know where the baby will come out

No. 1145327

I'm surprised it wasn't the U.S. that made this first, but not surprised at them also being degens.

No. 1145334

>actually likes based Goose

You know, anon. You’re alright in my book. Even if you hate Deena.

No. 1145365

They did, that Arnold Schwartznager movie exists

No. 1145380

deena is very sweet and you are a hateful individual

No. 1145435

eww, fuck off

No. 1145438

The VN is Dead Wishes, the anime is Visual Prison.

No. 1145453

The booty

No. 1145494

File: 1650777752128.png (63.88 KB, 204x205, me rn.png)

No. 1146515

File: 1650834648224.jpg (155.65 KB, 1320x893, https _juice.de_wp-content_upl…)

Hate is probably a strong word but "artists" like Ashnikko. Almost had a stroke and crashed the car when my 15-year old cousin put her on.

No. 1146596

>Spend twenty hours or so on an assignment
>Look at marking schedule
>The first two hours of work are graded at 70% of the grade, most of it is planning
>All the rest of the assignment, the actual work and hard part, is packaged together in the last 30%

So this is how degree inflation comes about. It's not so much they're making the coursework easier, it's that they're fudging how they grade assignments.

No. 1146606

I hate the song she did with Pick-Me Nokia so fucking much. It's the most retarded cringey shit I have ever heard, it literally reads like a tranny fantasy. I just googled the lyrics to make sure I wasn't exaggerating but it's worse than I remembered. "She cute, kawaii, hentai boobies, that excites me". Vile.

No. 1146618

I don’t think degree inflation means what you think it means.

No. 1146620

Slumber Party? Yes, that's the one that violated my ears.

No. 1146621

degree inflation is like monetary inflation, it comes about typically as a result of the expansion of supply, monetary supply in regards to monetary inflation and degree supply in regards to degree inflation. Dropping education standards leads to more people being able to pass, leading to a depreciation of the value of a degree. Not only because of the quantitative increase, but the qualitative decrease. Sort of like debasing metal.

No. 1146660

Some of her songs like Special, Stupid, L8r boi are good, and clitoris the musical is hilarious, but my god I cannot sanction the lyrics of slumber party

No. 1146662

The only ones I like are No Brainer, Bubblegum and that Fuck me in Shibuya one. I think her earlier stuff was definitely better.

No. 1146682

she had the capability of being more original than she's become but like all pop stars is bound to succumb to some formula. i just hope she doesn't decide to get a metric ton of plastic surgery or a bbl or anything

No. 1146690

I like her music but I don't like her as a musician. She has no screen presence. She always looks awkward on camera from body language to facial expressiveness and the styling of her clothing and music videos lacks polish. Does she actually like anime? Because I get the impression she uses it for clout and inspo but doesn't really personally care for it so the end result of its influence looks garish an lacks cohesion. A good director and stylist could probably nudge her personal brand into a similar but less amateur looking direction. Maybe she just needs to mature a little bit. I don't hate her I just don't care for a lot of her videos or outfits.

I hope she doesn't either, she has a nice face and body.

No. 1146711

When I forget my glasses at home. At this point I'm going to make a checklist of everything that needs to be in my bag before I leave the house.

No. 1146720

File: 1650851397272.jpg (10.12 KB, 250x274, a5e6f19d3553f9b09f2fbde2715e83…)

I hate labels, I hate the ape brain. I just wanna eat and sleep.

No. 1146725

I never leave home without my checklist

No. 1146764

Nudist colonies, specifically ones that allow and encourage children. "It's not sexual!" Isn't going to excuse the fact creepy old men are happy to see your snotbags naked karen. I could imagine it's traumatizing

No. 1146766

Isn't it common knowledge that nudism is a male coomer thing or a swinger thing?

No. 1146767

There are nudist colonies that allow kids? Surely that has to be illegal?

No. 1146812

A lot of crunchy parents will bring their kids to nudist areas and force them to be naked for the sole purpose of "acceptance" or whatever else weird excuse there is. I go to nude beaches that only allow 18+ but id woop someone's ass if they brought their kids in
I wish but so many people are able to use any bullshit excuse as a loophole of basically pimping out their kids
>Nude photoshoots? It's art everyone has nude baby photos, I just show mine to strangers teehee
>Kids in nudist areas? It's natural, nakedness isn't sexual and they want to do it

I had to stop going on mom subreddits since they're filled with these weirdos who ask questions like "why doesn't my daughter want to be topless anymore? We teach her it's not sexual". And ofc they act all shocked when their child ends up traumatized or one of the kids diddles the other or something. It's like they "forgot" there's still pedos in world and I feel like the creepy sex and nude positivity being pushed on kids is a huge pedo conspiracy in itself but whatever idc I always teach my kids modesty I don't care how much of an anti feminist religious nutjob people think I am for it, I'd rather teach my kids to cover themselves than to run around naked with all the damn pedos in the world

No. 1146881

File: 1650866027615.jpeg (34.18 KB, 640x569, BACA9122-D218-4A30-9EE4-196795…)

Bump I hate men

No. 1146884

File: 1650866207652.gif (299.66 KB, 500x281, BE861675-9F79-4232-B787-068CA4…)

Be careful scrolling.

No. 1146905

why can't they be sex segregated again like in the 20's?

No. 1147043

I've been to a couple of nudist beaches and families with kids and dogs and young hippies seem to be the main people who go to those places

No. 1147111

File: 1650884158653.png (201.36 KB, 720x1054, Screenshot_20220425-055357.png)

You're right but hippies have a whole lot of pedophiles in their community. Surely it would be a hint to these brain dead tards when the only people who seem to encourage child nudists are creepy old men but apparently not. Don't even get me started on people who photograph their kids nude in the tub and stuff and post it on the internet. I'd kms if I ever found out my parents just allowed a bunch of strangers to see me naked as a child

No. 1147128

ew those bottom comments? are men seriously so confident as to be openly pedophilic like this, someone needs to report these fuckers

No. 1147135

Not to be dramatic but we should be able to burn pedos alive. That last comment made me want to barf

No. 1147141

Yes, yes they are. It's even worse since now they're so open to flirting with teens and stuff and then pull the "at least it's not an 8 yr old!!" thing

Btw the question was someone asking how they get their kid to wear a swimsuit when she doesn't want to

No. 1147148

I was laughed at as a kid when I didn't want to take my swimsuit off at a nude beach when I was like 6, but I was already warned about creepy old men by my grandparents.

No. 1147278

I wish we lived in a world like MRAs describe where men are accused of being pedos as soon as they look at a child weird, but we live in a world where men can openly express wanting to see children naked and just get excused as naturalist hippies

No. 1147283

my mother took naked pictures of me and my siblings in the bathtub and in the kiddie pool. when i last saw those printed photos at my grandma's i was horrified. one of them was hung up on their wall. i should have ripped it off and burnt it. what the hell were they thinking?! i also saw my parents naked because they liked to lounge around in the house without clothes on. i thought all of this was normal.

No. 1147289

God I hate men. I hate them i hate them i hate them. Leave them alone you subhuman pests.

No. 1147296

I hate my friend. I am broke and homeless so I have to live at her place and I am not allowed to disagree with her or she throws a tantrum. I need to kiss her ass and make her feel good and comfortable all the time. She's been talking about Jhonny Depp and Amber HeARD and she of course simps for Depp although he is just as horrible as Amber. I'm tired of this shit. I wish she should just sfu

No. 1147299

I was watching a youtuber discussing icarly the other day, one of those long ass iceberg or deep dive vids. I've watched a few of them now. Obviously there's a section where you have to cover the Dan Snyder pedo shit and some of the quite dodgy looking scenes he created.. that's expected. Everyone covering the topic always gets serious for a minute during thar part. So did this guy. But then later during totally innocent scenes this guy kept randomly bringing up shit like getting a face full of cum.. haha kids and cum? Thinking about that when nothing in the scene references anything you could compare to that.. scrotes are just so openly fucked up.

No. 1147303

File: 1650894243918.jpeg (7.15 KB, 122x103, 498EAF4B-8B9D-4230-A7D0-840DED…)

No. 1147338

Are you me? Also grew up in a naked 'hippie' house and most of my photos under 8 were of me naked. Makes me so angry. Especially since it's come to light that my oldest sibling was definitely sexually abused and the rest of us show signs of that trauma too. I have a pattern of repressing bad memories so it's really horrible to think what happened or if it did at all. The older I get the more I realize all the hippie nudism movement was bullshit and a cover for degens and narcs.

No. 1147341

I grew up in a house with csa and there were definitely photos of me and my siblings together naked in the tub up on the wall. It’s a red flag and I’m so sorry Noni. Your parents were violating your boundaries before you had even had a chance to form them.

No. 1147475

When I started working with kids and having my own I was trained on how to spot and protect kids from child abusers and it's insane how many signs people would blow off from their family members and then pull the "how could this have happened???" when a child hers abused. Me and my husband decided to cut his creepy mother off because she constantly makes sexual comments about children and the last straw was when we did the gender scan and she asked for a picture of my unborn childs vagina. Ofc the family got pissed and pulled the whole "she wouldn't do THAT you're just thinking of it wrong uwu". I refuse to let my child be a lesson to people who are too retarded to spot the signs of a child abuser and protect them from it, I'm not waiting for my kid to get molested for people to take shit seriously. So sick and tired of people acting as creepy as they want and facing zero consequences since everyone else is too scared to call out pedo behavior when they see it. We let pedos gaslight us for too long

No. 1147483

>hippie nudism movement was bullshit and a cover for degens and narcs.
It still blows my minds these brain dead cunts literally force their kids to be naked around also naked adults and it never occured to anyone that this is child abuse?

No. 1147484

Good for you anon, you're an actual hero.
I've heard more than one story of friends who got abused by people who everyone knew was creepy, but they were too polite to actually cut off. I can't imagine putting my child in danger because I didn't want to rock the boat or cause drama. I wish someone had protected me like that growing up. You're a good mom.

No. 1147490

Based. My grandpa on my mother's side apparently wanted to watch while my diaper was being changed when I was a baby. So my grandmother on my father's side immediately kicked him out of the house and banned him permanently. I've never met him since afaik kek

No. 1147501

My whole life I was gaslit with
>ohoho you think a naked body is inherently sexual? Sounds like YOU are the pervert here
Makes me want to scream

No. 1147604

File: 1650905781970.png (22.04 KB, 759x685, 130614992638.png)

i've been to saunas a million times naked since before i could walk and not once creeped out by it. it's so normal here, americans panicking about being naked are crazy. idk if nudism as an ideology is different and has some pedo energy bc i haven't been to and probably would never hang around naked in any non-sauna context.

No. 1147616

File: 1650906076007.jpg (437.43 KB, 1600x900, 1760718_021717-ewn-4pm-sell-by…)

I hate porn and hook up culture. These are more reasons why moids think of women as disposable objects. We should use them for their time and money to turn the tables a bit.

No. 1147629

File: 1650906444993.jpeg (2.11 MB, 2454x1600, iu-111.jpeg)

Anons who infight in /g/

No. 1147631

It’s not about Americans being prudes or crazy about nudity, it’s about safeguarding and protecting kids from being ogled by pedos. You Euros like to act all high and mighty because nudity “is totes not sexual to us” but then your continent sells books filled with pictures of naked kids to pedos that get defended for being “art”. There is no reason a child who is too young to know the implications should be naked around adults, especially male adults. Why are some people so insistent on defending kids being naked, and acting like somehow it makes us crazy for thinking it’s weird to want to have children running around in the nude? When pedos are such a fucking common problem.

No. 1147643

This just made me remember that we were supposed to watch Belladonna of Sadness for a movie night. I hope it didn't already play and I just missed it.

No. 1147650

the way johnny depp talks during those videos of his court hearing. in this low hurt voice, acting like a wounded animal when he had full power to leave the relationship at any time. not to mention the smirking and giggling at certain questions. very cringe and even more so knowing many people find him so attractive

No. 1147701

I don't see any, at least not today.

No. 1147706

I find it annoying how people on Tumblr write entire essays in the tags section. Just write what you want to say in your actual post.

No. 1147714

File: 1650910266141.jpeg (68.68 KB, 426x308, 001.jpeg)

I hate men, ofc.
Also, I see that their attacks are more common nowadays, they spam gore and cp images, is there any motive they happen to be more active lately?

No. 1147767

They’ve lost the skills they once had that made them actual threats on the Internet and 4chan is just drooling retards who think actual trolling and anarchy are lame spam raids?

No. 1147888

I hate Europeans superiority complex about being so ~non-puritan~ and ~open-minded~ and ~lax about sex~ compared to the US, and I say this as another European. Sometimes, Americans are right.

No. 1148075

Because they're use to euro men preying on teenagers who've barely gone through puberty because "it's legal". IDK why euros act like there's no pedo issue there either and it's only a freak American thing, meanwhile every 13 yr old American girl always has a 20 something yr old boyfriend from Europe kek

No. 1148083

The ~sex posi~ culture in Europe has made Europeans act like fucking neanderthals specifically men. Prostitution being rampant, European men grooming little girls online, the sheer amount of sexual assault, European men are often horribly misogynistic, especially Brits, cheating being rampant among European men, etc. Sure you have sex shows but no1curr when your euro nigel spends his nights begging for nudes from teenagers and making "business trips" to red light districts. Europeans acting as if they're perfect in the socialization aspect is a fucking joke, European women will probably never understand what it feels like to date a guy who doesn't cheat on you or show creep tendencies

No. 1148099

Men are the same everywhere. You're delusional to think that American men are better in any way. Literally all the things you listed also apply to American men.

And kek you're all acting like Europeans are of the same opinion when it comes to nudity. There are countries where people are more conservative regarding nudity and sex than others.

No. 1148125

Men act like that even in super conservative countries. They just keep their shit hidden and shame women for their sexuality more.

No. 1148139

>>1148083 you're objectively right but you're being kind of a cunt about it

No. 1148162

You're not wrong. You literally described south Korea.

No. 1148165

I more hate how much they abuse tags, it makes it a pain in the ass to find anything

No. 1148199

I hate when people post uncropped pictures onto their page. Like instead of reposting it as a screenshot just save picture as it is?

No. 1148267

I never once said American men or other men don't act the way, the issue that makes European men different is that euro men often get asspatted for not being as gross and obnoxious as American men and a lot of women fall for the romanticization of European men, with South Korea, Africa, etc women are often warned before they go there and people are often extra shifty and cautious around foreign men from non-european countries where as the sex posi culture and men in Europe are often romanticized, I rarely see people call out European men's behavior

No. 1148674

Pimple popping videos and the way they appear in the most random of searches and places.
Also, those of you that like to pop your partner's pimples or ingrown hairs. Ew.

No. 1148716

I really miss squeezing out my exes blackheads. pimples are gross though.

I like watching blackhead and cyst removal videos but it seems like I always have to go out of my way to find them. I assumed they were hidden from the algorithm as it would be pretty gross if you didn't want to see that stuff.

No. 1148720

So the algorithm hates me then. What did I ever do to it to have it traumatise me.
Also, you're gross

No. 1148722

YouTube's algorithms are pathetic. These days I can scroll for more than 3 minutes on my feed looking for a video to watch until I give up and close the app. They have all this information on me and my interests and they still can't entertain me.

nayrt, unfortunately she's right. I've searched for makeup videos and after scrolling a bit it was easy to find pimple popping or dandruff removal videos and whatever other weird crap is out there.

No. 1148732

Oh god yes. My feed is always full of stuff I have already seen and the search function is also broken. Like when I search for something specific, only the first 3 or 4 videos are relevant and the rest are completely unrelated videos that I watched before. Then when I scroll down, there are a couple of related videos and then again, some completely irrelevant ones. I just don't understand

No. 1148739

I've always hated that kind of videos, so gross. But then I came across a girl cleaning her cats' blackheads and they're so satisfying to me, I love watching the cats get clean and they're cute too.

No. 1148757

I feel like the Youtube algorithm is getting weirder recently. A month ago I was watching a Perfect Blue scene and a fucking colloscopy video appeared next to it. I also got recommended porn while I was watching old videos and it never happened to me before. On top of that, my feed is also extremely boring, at least 50% of my recommendations are random memes or videos I already watched and I can also scroll for a very long time before I find something interesting.

No. 1148788

File: 1650972756970.jpeg (340.77 KB, 828x615, 38260DF3-AFB2-4D23-8672-845561…)

Why is social media so far up his ass? I can’t stand it. Especially watching grown ass women cape for him, like wtf this is literally setting us back imo.
>Ohh nooo she shidded in his bed!!
>she called him old!
Boohoo. Men are literally so much damn worse (need I remind you guys what planet we live on?) and it’s ironic to see girls on social media who regularly talk about their “trauma” shit on another woman in an abusive situation, even if she wasn’t 100%innocent. And yeah most of the women I see saying “poor Johnny Depp” are really fat and older, I’m sorry to say but yeah wtf, he won’t fuck you. sorry ladies Johnny likes them half his age and who he’s known since they were 9 years old (Christina ricci) he’s literally a fucking scumbag I can’t take it anymore

No. 1148800

>And yeah most of the women I see saying “poor Johnny Depp” are really fat and older, I’m sorry to say but yeah wtf, he won’t fuck you
This. Pickmes are ironically always the kind of women men hate.

No. 1148804

Omg he looks so ugly here lmao

No. 1148835

I agree, I think it's just as disgusting as picking someone else's nose. People that do this are closer to monkeys than human beings

No. 1149065

legit, people think this case is a great example of “men’s abuse in a relationship not being taken seriously” when women in domestic violence situations ALWAYS have it worse than this old ass celebrity. and they always have it worse than any man being abused by a woman, period. women are always weaker than men physically, men have the power to rape their victim, spread nude images of them to humiliate them, and often have power over their victim’s financial situation as men make more money than women. a nobody housewife suffers far worse from her abusive husband and her case will never reach the media, because women are abused OFTEN. good for her for shitting on his bed. some girls would slash tires or smash windows. not to mention the fact that depp has billions of dollars and so many resources that could have helped him escape the relationship but nope never did it. fuck him and all of his support

No. 1149302

Idk why but I hate that stupid cutesy lef-lifting pose tiktokers do.

No. 1149307

He is an old, fat man. Oh nooo, his fee fees are hurt when women go through 100x worse on a daily with death and rape threats. Cry more, Johnny.

No. 1149309

File: 1651001056539.jpg (62 KB, 460x600, BDOW_crookedcreek_rsz_sgosser.…)

I hate when someone stands behind me while I'm on my phone or pc or when I'm drawing or writing. And I get legitimately angry if they comment on it. Could you fucking don't? Who wants to hear or smell or feel someone looming over them when they're focused on something? Go away bitch!

No. 1149319

A lot of the support is from bots. I think this is one of the most blatant operations ever. A lot of people should learn about how bots and shills control social media from this.

No. 1149380

one of depp's lawyers, adam waldman, has worked with julien assange and oleg deripaska (ties to manifort from trumps campaign and putin) and is known for misinformation spreading.

b-but no poor little mewmew johnny isn't commanding any bot armies g-guise

No. 1149388

The same bots Musk pledged to remove from Twitter? It's going to be interesting to see how/if the platform changes if he actually goes through.

No. 1149406

File: 1651005006408.jpg (58.42 KB, 504x561, angry schreech.jpg)


No. 1149410

File: 1651005277959.jpg (16.69 KB, 257x257, 1641935789541.jpg)


No. 1149415

File: 1651005405135.jpg (43.72 KB, 500x375, tumblr_nt5bi062zO1siy5kjo1_500…)


No. 1149475

I agree with you in principle but in practice I'm guilty because my cat always opens it. If I bring him in, he opens it to leave. I close him out, he opens it to enter. I've given up and just leave it open tell everyone visiting to stay out of my bathroom because you can't keep the door closed. On that note I hate the stupid double doors that go into my bathroom because there's no way to keep my cat from opening it. I've tried tying up the knobs and everything. His fat ass always makes it through security.

No. 1149499

My cats will open unlocked doors, they just nudge their little heads through the doorframe and push they’ll pick at the knob too. Does anyone else’s cats do that?

No. 1149522

File: 1651009684507.png (256.38 KB, 500x500, flush-door-500x500.png)

what kind of doors do you have?
One of my cats knows how to open them if I don't close themts all the way, he just uses his nails and paws to open them. the other one is a dumbass and ends up closing it or just sits in front of it hitting it with her paw until someone opens the door.

No. 1149542

They are like weird cheap double doors that just push open and closed. They have non functional knobs on them. Kitty just reaches under and between to shove his fat ass through because the doors don't even sit flush to each other, just kind of pop in and out of the door frame. I'd rip them out and put up real doors if I owned the house but I'm renting. Whoever built this house clearly did not have pets or children else they would never do this to the master bath.

No. 1149572

I hate when people name their pets Luna

No. 1149595

sorry i'n fucking basic with no imagination

No. 1149679

File: 1651017240226.jpg (212.12 KB, 1990x1327, d097682110d11e8471d25c84d7b5cf…)

Russian expats who brainwash themselves with the most braindead propaganda despite having access to actual truth.
Go back to Russia if you think it's that amazing there.

No. 1149681

I'm with you, it's definitely a cultural thing. It was completely normal for children to be naked at the beach where I live too and nobody cared. Americans are insanely neurotic about all kinds of normal things.

No. 1149736

File: 1651021654254.png (87.89 KB, 304x302, Screenshot_20220426-200642.png)

Would you listen to this guy when he encourages you to let your 8 yr old go naked in public or are we all just neurotic?
>Ignoring the amount of anons who spoke up about sexual abuse that happened in nudist communities

No. 1149780

roman polanski ran off to seek refuge in europe after drugging and sodomizing a 12 year old girl in LA so I dunno maybe it's the europeans who are wrong

No. 1149790

Lol I know someone with a cat named Luna but I’ve met more pets named Charlie

No. 1149793

I hate when weebs name their pets Mochi, Miso, or Momo, that's even more common. I've heard all three several times

No. 1149797

nta but weirdly there's a hispanic thing where every (mostly cuban or some dominicans) i know calls cats misu or miso. any other anons with hispanic families know wtf they're doing? it's not weebery. i've asked but never really gotten a straight answer as to why that's a thing

No. 1149807

It might come from their native Amerindian languages. Where I live, people call cats "micho" (often used as a synonym for "cat") or "michi" (more popular as a proper noun), which seems to come from various indigenous languages from here. I've also read that "misu" is a word that is used to call cats (like "misu misu misu"), but again, it might come from the original languages of the Caribbean.

IDK why but it annoys me a little when people call their dogs Benji

No. 1149812

Mishu is better for calling your cats in Spanish, it gets their attention faster than Misu.

No. 1149813

that's probably it! yes, they say "misu misu misu" and i've heard "micho" too. because i can never get an answer on its origin from them exactly or an explanation. i was wondering if it was a cultural reference or a book or something in particular but they never say. ty anon.

No. 1149814

i don't think i've heard mishu. only "misu" or "micho", but especially "misu", but maybe it's highly regional here.

No. 1149850

It must be regional, most of the people I know prefer Mishu as a call for cats rather than Misu, probably because of the “sh” sound. When it comes to names, most of my friends and family pick cute stuff like Misha. I particularly prefer human names for pets.

No. 1149855

You mean immigrants?

No. 1149894

euro men often groom American girls so it makes sense that Americans are more "crazy" about children being nude around strangers

No. 1149969

When I’m watching tiktok cringe comps and the person who made the comp inserts reactions after the clips. It’s fucking annoying, also a lot of them like to add in their bad edits of their usernames or clips of their kpop idols. It tends to be cringier than the tik toks themselves lol.

No. 1149974

Mfs who turn on the AC when the night is already cold, psychopaths

No. 1150005

I don't understand this mentality as well. My dad is European who lives in Canada and literally shittalks Canadian life on a daily basis while praising Italy to heaven and back. Why not move back then??

No. 1150289

Russians who live outside of Russia but are injecting debile Kremlin propaganda into their veins 24/7 anyway.

No. 1150631

No one I know cares about that shit. And the hype around it is so fake. So fucking tired of bots. I've stopped using the internet so much bc of them and the scrotey censoring.

No. 1150676

Real Asians name their pets lucky or kiki

No. 1150687

Where I'm at nobody even knows it's happening. The Americans are so polarised and involved, reminds me of everything from gamergate to US elections. They love their participatory circuses.

No. 1150696

File: 1651076389143.jpg (216.93 KB, 546x667, 1650795944620.jpg)

cp don't scroll

No. 1150719

I saw this exact take either in an earlier things you hate thread or tumblr

No. 1150723

In mexico we call them michis too!!

No. 1150974

File: 1651085090498.jpg (113.39 KB, 473x600, ithoughtitdincreasemychancesof…)

I'm a weeb and was twelve when I got her, fite me

No. 1150983

File: 1651085417353.jpg (34.78 KB, 1000x750, MV5BZmQ4NjA2YmUtYjdlZS00ZTdmLW…)

What's weeb-y about Momo?

No. 1150992

What's weeby about Luna? Doesn't it just mean moon or something?

No. 1150999

File: 1651085814022.jpg (7.96 KB, 200x150, Luna_Sailor_Moon.jpg)


No. 1151000

The thought of a man putting his dick in me when it's been in another man's asshole viscerally disgusts me

No. 1153096

I hate how lolcow doesn't let me upload mp4s. I have to download a video, convert it to webm then download it again. Pain in the ass.

No. 1153190

File: 1651137026120.png (285.53 KB, 717x556, dbdflag.png)

This pride flag. It's a minor sperg no one probably cares about, but Dead by Daylight already had a rainbow flag cosmetic (the old simple rainbow one) which was cool, now they forced in this ugly one too with the trans colors and skin color's also a sexuality apparently. I sound like some catholic fundie probably, but do I have to be reminded of trannyism even while playing a murder-cat-and-mouse game.

No. 1153204

File: 1651138243224.png (2.91 MB, 2122x1301, flag.PNG)

Same, black people (or trans) were never excluded from pride, these six colors weren't in any way tied to any race or skin color, but now they've made them to be. I don't buy the argument about doing so because black people suffer more from police brutality, as this is a COMPLETELY different subject that what pride is about and bundling it together feels somehow disrespectful even. It's ridiculous and unnecessary.

No. 1153256

Its exactly what happened to emojis. Americans got hold of them, made a committee and now we have black pregnant male vampires. American progressives ruin everything.

No. 1153258

My mistake looks like only the standard man emoji can be pregnant ‍♂️(don't use emojis)

No. 1153263

me and my ex always call this the dick in the butthole flag because of the pink part of the trans flag going into the brown shit part of the flag. kinda horrible but always cracks me up, a neighbor of mine had one up for awhile but shes literally an obese woman with a boyfriend and a baby (and is pregnant again). she took it down eventually i hope its because she heard me mocking it.

No. 1153267

I really can't believe this flag actually took off and these homophobes are using it.

No. 1153270

Nobody was ever excluded but they shoehorned themselves into it.

No. 1153273

Because just being gay is somehow "white feminist" or whatever those assholes mean

No. 1153281

File: 1651142041858.gif (1.86 MB, 640x480, 6D45E045-3264-4736-9D4C-21E606…)

Someone should larp as a tqia+ and shill a new flag design every year that just slowly returns the flag back to its original design.

No. 1153896

This discord server I’m a part of is pretty much the only place my online friends hang out and the main text channel is full of AGP men. Every time I go on it I have to see a bunch of braindead takes about how immoral not letting kids go on puberty blockers is and how da evil terfs are literally equivalent to Hitler for suggesting other options to GNC kids than the nightmare that is “medical transition.” One even compared “forced puberty” to “forced birth” and I just…

No. 1153908

They don't have any type of personality. They're lifeless and that's why their eyes always look so sad, empty, and dead.

No. 1154012

File: 1651180360697.jpg (86.02 KB, 1100x645, closeup-of-pores-on-nose_04df1…)

These fucking things. I don't know if they're actually blackheads or what, but they're so stubborn.

No. 1154019

Is this grimes' nose

No. 1154039

those are sebummy filaments

No. 1154046

I hate how my nose looks the same as Grimes.

No. 1154057

File: 1651182915870.png (66.46 KB, 275x261, 1648628387272.png)

They're sebaceous filaments and I agree that they suck ass. For the longest time I thought they were blackheads because people in my life were referring to them as such and acting like I was so dirty for having them and that I wasn't taking care of my skin properly, but then I found out that they were actually sebaceous filaments. The sad thing is that you can't really do anything about them, everyone has them but they're more visible on people with oily skin. There are things you can do to reduce the appearance of them (like using products with salicylic acid or using retinoids), but they'll basically be there forever.

No. 1154078

Same I feel so gross with them. I was watching a sebaceous filament pore strip video with some guy showing the results every few days, and it was all the same amount. They don't go away. I hate my giant ass pores, I'm basically an orange

No. 1154090

Man, I have that shit too and I thought they were blackheads and that I wasn't taking proper care of my skin (though nothing I did solved it)
>there is nothing you can do about it
Well fuck it, we're together in misery lets cry in unison

No. 1154094

No one notices you've got them. Seriously I can't wrap my head around being upset about this, no one is staring at your face up close. Get some perspective.

No. 1154096

ayart, people definitely notice it, if anything you're the one who has no perspective. The reason why I'm insecure about it is because I've had people comment on it.

No. 1154122

File: 1651187580831.jpg (6.22 KB, 178x178, me irl.jpg)

My bf took a picture of me from afar the other day and I could see mine clear as day with the light reflecting off the perimeter of my pores. Wasn't zoomed in. I've also gotten comments about how I should take better care of my skin…when I do, it's just my garbage genes. Some people have them bad and not everyones gonna be polite

No. 1154134

You’re genuinely retarded

No. 1154139

use derma-e's sulfur spot treatment all over them and milky piggy 24k gold snail foaming cleanser by elizavecca. they got rid of all of mine along with moisturizing with volufiline.

No. 1154140

nta but why? she makes sense to me.

No. 1154310

Well you’re genuinely retarded as well

No. 1154317

>still can't answer the question

No. 1154364

File: 1651201104488.png (377.3 KB, 545x598, Screenshot (2).png)

i hate that high waisted pants became a trend because it made people think everything is high waisted. it makes me wanna die

No. 1154369

I just want a pair of high-waisted jeans that don’t cut in underneath my rib cage whenever I sit down. I have weird body proportions and low-waisted jeans are always falling off me, even with a belt. High-waisted jeans stay on way better when I’m standing up but again, sitting is just awful.

No. 1154425

It pisses me off because the cut doesn't flatter everyone and just looks off on the wrong body type. I also think people don't know what high waisted actually is because pant companies are shit and label pants that aren't high waisted as high waisted. Obviously not all do this but the shit measurents I read as """high waisted""" made me mad.

No. 1154554

It gives me a gunt and I have fridge rib cage so cutting off my actual curves around my waist and hips make me look dumpier and more square. I'm glad the low rise trend is coming back, even though my stomach is too flabby for that

No. 1154586

I find it conspicuous how on 4chan, 80% of people on there say they're some sysadmin/engineer/accountant making $120,000+ a year "only working 10 hours a day".

But in real life, it's only the lowest of the low moids I know who use 4chan. I'm talking about barely functional junkies, autistic supermarket workers with no filter, those sort of people.

No. 1154591

i know of males who used 4chan in the past who are wealthy and in compsci shit but have since grown out of it long ago. i can say that. as far as current users, yeah, that seems about right.

No. 1154598

I find it believable they're e compsci or engineers because men in thise fields are annoying incels how'd they fit right in with 4chan but no way are they wealthy.

No. 1154603

unfortunately i know of one who has like 700k in bitcoin because he bought it in like 2011 or whatever and makes bank at his job. he hasn't used 4chan in years though. it annoys me to just talk to him now because i didn't take his stupid ass advice in 2011

No. 1154605

Unless he turned his bitcoin to money I don't know buy it. I know bitcoin bros who have bitcoin and they always say the amount they have is the peaked amount which happened months ago but the tards didn't convert it so now its worth less.

No. 1154609

it's still worth far more than he paid. he also used the faucets so he has tons. i know him very well and he's actually really good to me and i can and have benefitted from his success but still, it annoys me. he sold off some of it bit ago. he still has a lot. even without it, he has a good job. he's not an incel retard though and like i said, hasn't used 4chan in years. men still using 4chan are probably not going to be wealthy, and if they are, it's purely because it's easy for men to fail up.

No. 1154619

people who unironically whine about "woke", "cancel culture", "sjws" as if it's a huge serious problem. like, cancelling women for talking about troonery is a problem, yes, but i would use any other way imaginable to make my point than resorting to crying about "cancel culture" or "wokies" or whatever, specifically.

No. 1154862

That’s easy because they’re liars.

No. 1154885

>only working 10 hours a day
nonnie that's a lot kek

No. 1154912

This is dumb and kinda glows. Woke shit is what made trannies roam free in women's spaces.

No. 1154918

It's actually really gay that they base their preferences on what moid capitalists have told them is desireable. You could gaslight them into getting a boner from anything, pathetic.

No. 1154931

>You only worked 60 hours this week? I remember my first part time job
Kek you sound like those pretentious hustlers who think working 4 jobs at 4 different fast food places is the grind and not sad

No. 1154933

Related to this but I fucking despise hairy men. They'll always argue its more attractive so whenever one of them bring up that topic I bring up models and actors - most of which are men with muscular and hairless bodies instead of the fat hairy men who think they're ideal. I have also been told some of them how disgusting bodyhair was, they should learn to cover up.

No. 1154934

>You now like large perky breasts that are unattainable for most women without implants
>You now like extremely pale or tan skin unattainable without products
>You like hair that's unattainable without extensions and other treatments
It's bizarre how easily moids will cater their tastes just because corps tell them to

No. 1154941

These stuff also mean women will have to spend maybe hours dolling up so that men will take them seriously. Average woman does her skincare, makeup, hair, picks her clothes way more carefully than a man. The visits to the salon, hair removal aren't even worth mentioning.
Yet men expect us to be ok dating a pudgy hairy guy or we're seen as shallow or escorts if we expect any man to treat us well and buy us stuff time from time.

No. 1154943

Did you misread what she said? She said it is a lot, not that it wasn't.

No. 1154996

I hate 'easy hair tutorials'. They're always so straightforward, they will be like 'tie your hair in a ponytail, add decorations if you like!'. Like man, don't you think I know how to make a ponytail? Or French braids, isn't that something everyone learned in primary school? If I'm looking up hair tutorials I want interesting, unique, complex looks. I don't need a tutorial for a fucking braid, bun, ponytail, or any of it. Show some creativity!

No. 1155001

They are unironically all gay because they pursue women other men will respect them for, not women they themselves find attractive on their own. Like the ones who bang people on the down low and behind close doors, but deny fucking them in real life due to fear of social ostracization. It's gay behaviour to pursue a woman for another mans attention.

No. 1155004

Nona I didnt know how do to a bun until last month, let alone French braids. And my hair is mid-back length

No. 1155020

I'm retarded. How do you do a bun? I can only do a very messy one. Can you tell me some easy hairstyles for long hair?

No. 1155029

if you're a tumblrina and you do the "previous tags" shit your dad's a hoe and i hope you shart your pants in public

No. 1155055

I split my hair into two sections in the back, twist them together, then take the entire thing and kind of twist it to the right, rolling it in on itself and making it tighter, then wrap the hair around and tuck the end into the tight part at the top. It's nice because I don't need any hairties for it. I've tried doing braids but they always end up looking dumb so I either do this or a ponytail, I wish I could do those pretty elven brads

No. 1155057

the phrase "eat me out" and all iterations make me want to gag. i hate when nonnies use it

No. 1155058

Which phrase would you prefer?

No. 1155069

I gotta rant about my colleague. She’s insufferable. She is actually clinically dumb I believe. I literally explain her a task and she asks questions that I explained to her a few seconds ago because she’s unable to comprehend. Also she is weirdly ~emotional~ for example I asked her to close the window close to me and to open the one close to herself. Her reaction was like „omg anon thank you so much for telling me with your sweet way! I’m so sorry I didn’t realize it! Honestly you’re so sweet“ and I’m completely stunned by it because?? Bitch close the damn window that’s it. The other day I went to my break and she asked me if I need her help or I need her to make me a tea?? I was just heading out of the door. She speaks without thinking. Yesterday she told me how eloquently i explained sth in a meeting and asked me hoe I do that and basically if i took courses for it of if I’m naturally talented. Wtf?? She’s like this with a lot of people she seems to try to be ~superduper~ nice to everyone and overly grateful or submissive

No. 1155074

Maybe some anon wants to analyze her kek

No. 1155078

not necessarily hate, it's more like something that gives me very intense secondhand embarrassment. but when anons mention their boyfriend and immediately out them as being just like any other scrote but then try to defend them. an example would be an anon posting like "lol i talked to my boyfriend about troons and he agrees they're so ugly and predatory, he admittedly used to watch shemale porn but-", or something like "i showed my boyfriend this ig model and he agreed that she looks so weird and edited kek. he used to follow girls like this all the time until i told him about how much they photoshop". why do they feel the need to even bring up their boyfriend's opinion especially if they're just like any other coomer moid? is it some cope? do they think their boyfriend is more special because they're taming themselves for the relationship? unless it's baiting or trolling idk, i just don't get it

No. 1155082

I think maybe they feel guilty for being in relationships with coomers so they post here to “make sure” it’s okay/funny/lulzy instead of tragic

No. 1155091

I see alot of anons in the relationship advice thread writing crazy long defensive paragraphs about how amazing their bf is so as to sell him to you first.. lately we're even being told how hot they are. Ok? and then when they finally ask the actual question it's very clear they're irreparably fucked and can't recover from whatever shitty thing nigel did. That always hurts to see.

And 'he's amazing' is such a wonderfully vague compliment but it's the main one they use. He's just amazing.. words seemingly can't describe why he is but he is. He's just neat.

No. 1155116

Smooch my cooch please.

No. 1155134

Thank you. I tried the braids too but they're so hard to master and even then they won't look even.

No. 1155163

Personally, "go down on me;" hell even "gave me head" is way better than eating out

No. 1155194

I actually love the high-waisted trend only because they look great on me.

No. 1155195

Is this satire?

No. 1155197

why would that be satire?

No. 1155202

It reads like such an influencer sponsored advertisement post. It doesn't help that all those things have absurd names, like "milky piggy 24k gold snail foaming cleanser". I was sure it was a meme, but it's a real product.

No. 1155213

I used a niacinamide and zinc serum and it helped. You can try it maybe? You can also try to clean oil cleansing and using a cleanswr afterwards, I didn't do that myself but heard it help others.

No. 1155332

Fucking hell that sounds almost exactly like this girl I tried to be friends with recently. She's so overly nice and gives so many compliments I honestly wondered if she was trying to hit on me. Is this girl Christian? A lot of them are like that.

No. 1155344

Nta but it's kind of pointless to give product recommendations without actually naming them. As for the stupid name, that's just standard k-beauty fare

No. 1155372

Sounds too corny
Sounds too serious/stiff

No. 1155495

I'm noticing that most interesting new websites get filled with either stormfront people or genderspecial people. I'd like to spend more time on non social-media sites, but it seems like the average people I'd like to interact with prefer staying on their social media.

No. 1155499

That type of rap/hiphop music where it the moid singing it sounds drugged and purposefully singing as lazily and grossly as possible. Like you can see and smell their fatass stank breath neckbearded unwashed coomer ass through the music. The lyrics sound retarded, the beat is nonsensical, and the instrumentals are clashing. It’s even worse when there’s a part sung by a woman who sounds Stacy and is worshiping him.

No. 1155623

This has become a trend in my country, but for some reason on top of this they’re also doing obvious autotune for some reason? A popular song came out lately that sounds like a parody of bad music you’d hear in a comedy, it makes me want to tear my ears off

No. 1155765

Yea or worse a witness jehovas

No. 1156039

Men who pontificate that they'd never hit a woman. I mean to the point the conversation is becoming so uncomfortable and they keep looking more smug. Especially if they are acting like a martyr. Fucking run for the hills if you come across one. You know if they are thinking about it constantly, it will happen eventually.

No. 1156040

File: 1651330633630.jpg (238.5 KB, 1506x1080, Ooga chaka.jpg)

This gross ass bitch with her spider falsies, bj lips, and spider nails clawing and smacking through jellies and candy while she spit purges between cuts offscreen.
It's repulsive.

No. 1156053

Reggaeton uses this so much and people think it's artistic and progressive or some shit

No. 1156070

Every Ashanti song lmao

No. 1156148

>Bj lips

No. 1156165

File: 1651334846577.png (1.35 MB, 1125x1392, imagen_2022-04-30_110724592.pn…)

I hate whatever this shit is

No. 1156167

wtf such a weird way of saying they think that a straight relationship is the most natural one lmao

No. 1156168

this reads too much like a troll comment but at this point i dont even fucking know anymore with these people

No. 1156182

File: 1651335373647.jpg (33.38 KB, 385x240, l.jpg)

Filled lips are gross and only appeal to scrotes and hers look esp stupid.

No. 1156207

agreed they always look so gross, especially when you see them irl kek

No. 1156210

my aunt started getting lip fillers a while ago and she's always like "you can't even tell". We can tell. We can tell because you look like you're always pouting even though you get a small amount of filler. I can't even imagine what girls with blow up lips look like irl, it has to be nightmarish.

No. 1156216

conversion therapy

No. 1156221

yeah we definitely can tell, the blow up doll lips look so infected irl the side view will haunt me forever lmao!

No. 1156223

They look so painful. I get that you need to put more filler because it dissolves over time. But it hurts to look at. Maybe it's just me, I shiver when I see models in underwear on billboards in the winter. I have an exact same empathic reaction to lipfiller as I would have for swelling of any other body part. Ouch.

No. 1156227

Calling them bj lips is still nasty.

No. 1156230

right?? it genuinely just looks like the lips are inflamed

No. 1156258


No. 1156446

>bj lips
>spider nails
have you never seen anyone with big lips and acrylics before?? also if its gross why watch it?

No. 1156529

File: 1651349355151.jpeg (62.97 KB, 976x925, 1634514988216.jpeg)

pickmes who are like "omg i was hit on while looking like shit when i was out today, idgi????? uwu"

men would stick their dick in a can of cold chef boyardee bitch its nothing to humblebrag about

No. 1156539

The truth is girls like that have low self esteem, I've been there, of course it's annoying and rather pathetic.

No. 1156564

I hate the term incelbian. Just saw it on Tumblr right now.

No. 1156567

Ngl this do be buttering me up internally. Sometimes a crackhead at the gas station calling me a goddess is the only validation I get all week of course I will not brag about it because it’s sad

No. 1156576

Any time I've been randomly hit on while looking or feeling like shit that day.. it wasn't by anyone you'd feel flattered by. The type of men to approach you while you're having a rough day are another level of oppurtunistic creep. I think they conveniently leave out the part where he smelled like alcohol at like 9am or was 30 years their senior. Small details lol

No. 1156583

>Sometimes a crackhead at the gas station calling me a goddess is the only validation I get all week

its me, I'm the crackhead, my precious cow goddess

No. 1156587

>crackhead at the gas station calling me a goddess
omg this hit home, Addicts and bipolar men love me. The two most eligible categories of man kek

No. 1156589

I thought it was lescel

No. 1156597

Much better term. The other one doesn't even register as a word.

No. 1156664

That doesn't sound like a humblebrag to me.

No. 1156742

I hate that my mother pats my ass. She acts like it's cute and quirky but it's creepy. She gets pissy at me and will try to justify it by saying "well I had you". So? Her logic is so fucked up.

No. 1156766

File: 1651360154367.jpeg (454.81 KB, 887x1194, 18E75E5F-9641-4246-B98C-9DD6F1…)

Women who bitch about having daughters

I will spam 10,000 posts about mens degeneracy to their DMs

They should be thankful that they will not have another disgusting defective XY chromosoid neanderthal walking around (other than their husbands)

No. 1156776

She doesn't respect your boundaries and doesn't see you as a person only as a extension of herself and that you are an object that belongs to her. Stand your ground every time she or someone else disrespects you in any way or else she will never learn

No. 1156781

If you do it be sure to post it. They always end up loving their scrote sons.

No. 1156806

I don’t understand how can having a minimoid be better than having a daughter, with minimoids you have lots of troubles and annoying shit like them growing up and using their tard strength to hurt others, even yourself.
When you have a daughter you can actually relate to her and help her grow up to become a good woman that won’t take shit from moids.
It’s honestly so bizarre how some women can look almost high while talking about their minimoids and when asked about their daughters they’re like “oh yeah, her”.

No. 1156810

I've seen moms who do this to their kids and it was always so weird to me when I was also a kid because my mother was the other extreme and hated to touch anybody. It made creepy contact like you mentioned even more jarring and wtf

No. 1156830

File: 1651363808950.jpg (43.09 KB, 541x677, 4636747a198193d15689d4a489b028…)

I know people like these pics for the cute outfits but I hate how so many of them are obvious creepshots and nobody acknowledges this. Worst ones are the ones when the girl doesn't know she's being photographed at all.

No. 1156844

No, they don't see them as people all they see is japanweebotakuanimecore

No. 1156854

This unlocked a very uncomfortable memory of my mom forcing me to change in front of her when I was around 10. I always had a messy room and it made her angry and one day she was going through my clothes and yelling at me to try them on to see if they still fit and when I went to go change in the bathroom she yelled at me to change in front of her instead. She didn't sexually abuse me or anything but I think it was some kind of humiliation ritual because she was so frustrated from having no control over me. Fucks me up that she'll never apologize and probably doesn't even think it was wrong. On top of that she hit me many times when I was little but she probably thinks I don't remember it.

No. 1156950

I hate when podcasts insert random music segments for no reason when there's not even a logical break in the speech that warrants it. In general I hate when podcasts sound overproduced.

No. 1156982

when there's a car scene in a TV show or movie, and the character driving stops looking at the road to give the character in the passenger seat a meaningful glance. It's especially worse when it's something in the horror genre and you know something can jump out in the road.

No. 1156993

I hate the obnoxious fucking cunts that drive around with their bass boosted all the way up to the point it rattles my windows. I genuinely hope that they end up in a ditch so I don't have to hear it every fucking day I HATE IT SO FUCKING MUCH. Just fucking die already

phone posting so repost. Kill me now too

No. 1156998

anyone who does that has to be compensating for something. and 99% of the time it's moids. nobody wants to hear your music because you broke your muffler on purpose retard

No. 1157046

File: 1651376125340.jpeg (746.4 KB, 750x1206, A5054638-D997-4E92-868A-D96298…)

I hate these human blow up dolls that are employed by fashion models now, if their poor quality clothing and slave labour wages weren’t offensive enough

No. 1157060

I like the fabric design of the bathing suit

No. 1157113

I really hate slow people with a burning passion, specially people who talk slow or just never get to the point just stop wasting everyone's time please. There's this girl on my team at work who keeps pausing mid sentence and tries to fake that anime girl voice despite being almost 30 years old, it's so cringy that I've started to mute my chrome tab during meetings whenever she speaks.

No. 1157227

Complete opposite for me, I hate people who talk too fast kek.

No. 1157241

Her tights doesn't match her torso

No. 1157243

where do you see tights? are the tights in the room with you right now?

No. 1157248

I hate how I can’t openly say I hate men without some dumbass coming in to be like but not all of them!!!1!
Like Girls wake up ffs, men would never do the same for you lol

No. 1157262

i mean, her thighs lmao

No. 1157264

I hate retards who immediately respond with "spay your cats you're contributing to the overpopulation" to pictures of mom cats with her kittens. They treat everyone like they're kitten mills when 90% of the time the mother was rescued as a pregnant stray but these moralfags just cannot be assed to clarify with the poster because they need their wholesome Facebook reacts and Reddit awards. You never catch these bitches under breeders either, it's always for mutt cats because they know an educated breeder would shoot their ass down from their high horse

No. 1157265

had a newfag moment and quoted OP sorry

No. 1157268

all breeders are unethetical, exploitative pieces of shit. you think the bare minimum makes them ethical, lmao.

No. 1157271

cat aids, FIV, kill-shelters, actual farmers who run over their cats, breeders, people who neglect their cats, people who overfeed their cats, people who adopt cats with kidney issues and then whine about the cost of the food, people who bring cats back just after adopting them, people who let young cats get pregnant, people who let their cats outside without supervision (see cat aids and FIV)

No. 1157280

Whenever I see anons yelling at other anons to get their pregnant cats spayed it also makes we think "what if that's just how they got the cat?". I'm not against spaying and neutering in the slightest but it is very rude to be so assumptive and just believe that everyone with a mama cat is a cruel owner. You never know the circumstances.

No. 1157298

Then still do it after the cat gave birth. You increase cancer risk the longer you wait, not joking. It's not just about the breeding.

No. 1157300

Sure, but why assume that they aren't or don't want to get the cat spayed? Like the other anon said, just ask if they're going to instead of being an ass about it.

No. 1157308

I’ll never get over the fact that the DSM is completely overfilled with bullshit made up disorders that keep getting added every year, but one of the few disorders which is actually real and destructive, transgenderism, was taken out because of “changing culture attitudes”. That should tell you that the whole thing is dictated by politics and guessing games, not actual science. I hate so called mental health “awareness” lol. It’s all so patronising and bullshit

No. 1157312

no one is against spaying. i'm saying being assumptive just to jerk yourself off as a more responsible cat owner is scummy and embarassing.

No. 1157322

If im not wrong, I think its still there. They just changed the name bc wokeims and shit. Troons are liars.

No. 1157350

I've heard the new dsm is gonna be a reall doozy, is it true?

No. 1157406

The DSM is cancer that just serves to pathologise individuals who don't fit this abhorrent system.
It takes this broken shit system as a baseline and then deems broken everyone who doesn't function all in it. It's all a load of bullshit, it does more to stigmatized than help. Convince you you're the broken one, so you don't try to change things.
Seriously, every 5th person has some disorder lately? That's got to tell you something's wrong.

Oh, ADHD bad, fidget much, can't concentrate. So what? Why do you have to? Why can't you just do sports or manual labour or some shit. O, very weird you can't sit 6hrs in one place like a fucking barnacle. Very wrong. We need you to be a cog in this machine.

Asperger? Very wrong you have special interests (wtf why) and rituals (why). We don't like you because you're immune to peer pressure and marketing. We're going to convince you that's a bad thing and that something is lacking with you socially. Etc.

No. 1157408

Do you have ADHD yourself?

No. 1157411

No. 1157412

No. 1157423

THIS. The pathologizing of the soul is what is the problem. The only thing in which a person would need help (aka what a friend should do, not someone you pay for), is if they actively want to modify their own behaviour but don't know how to achieve it. You clearly don't need to get convinced youre sick or that you need meds. Especially because most "problems" come from a biological source that gets fixed with a healthy diet, sunlight exposure and excercise. The whole industry is so disgusting and so are those who revel in it and put uwu im bpd+autistic+really special☆~ in their bio

No. 1157428

the retards who get diagnosed and tell proceed to plaster it everywhere are so funny considering these hacks give out diagnoses like candy, especially for things like adhd, bpd etc

No. 1157439

Don't you people have your own containment thread now where to bitch about evil bully therapists giving you an autism or a BPD diagnosis and hurting your pride?
>Seriously, every 5th person has some disorder lately? That's got to tell you something's wrong.
Yes, that's because our society is built around burning out people and everyone being expected to never be satisfied with themselves. People being found to be more and more anxious and depressed should be a sign of something being fundamentally wrong with the system itself.

Friends aren't supposed to be your personal wranglers, this "I don't need a therapist, I just need friends to take care of me" shit sounds like that unhinged "this twitter emoji in my name means I need such and such attention today" post. Friends can give you emotional support and help you out but actually expecting them to be a part in modifying your toxic behavioral patterns as a project is going too far.

No. 1157441

Imagine being this gullible.

No. 1157442

I hate the words "comfy" and "uncomfy" so fucking much. It reeks.

No. 1157473

Yeah not having a proper diagnosis for schizophrenia or bipolar disorder would help those individuals so much right? Without proper diagnosis you can't get proper help. Brain is an organ, it's not some esoteric 'mind' bullshit and medication can help/fix it when it gets ill.

No. 1157486

Samefag and I've worked in mental hospital before and I don't know what to tell you, people like you don't realise how severe mental illnesses can be and how much medication actually helps. It's literally ill people getting healthy right in front of your eyes. People go from hallucinating to living in reality again. From repeatedly trying to kill themselves to living normal lives. From starving themselves to seeing themselves as good enough.
Of course exercise and healthy living is heavily encouraged beside taking meds and the doctors/nurses/therapists help to introduce you to that right when you're hospitalised. Patients go home and have goals they set themselves from certain categories (exercise, social, something they like, hobby…) and when they come back they talk with their group therapists about how it went. They're not forced to come back to the hospital of course that's up to them.
It's so shitty to say mental health professionals are disgusting and that the whole profession exists to take advantage of people. And so ignorant.

No. 1157496

Well that's the thing, there are actual loonies, and the DSM is trying to put certain normal groups of people in the same category as them. Do you not see the problem there? "Spectrum" my ass. It just serves to pathologise and exploit a big part of the population. Looneys are and always will be a tiny minority. The modern practice normalises it. It attaches the stigma of mental illness to people for just being themselves, when they would be perfectly functional under different conditions.

No. 1157505

File: 1651409091776.jpeg (191.84 KB, 1080x1440, images.jpeg)

Chloe Sevigny is ugly as hell. The way people gas her up makes me feel like im insane. She is also a terrible actress. People on tumblr/pinterest/even lolcow act like she is a super prestigious figure. Oh? Is being mid a talent now???

No. 1157510

Oof she's almost as sun damaged as Britney Spears

No. 1157517

Samefag, they've got shit like "maladaptive daydreaming". That is a mental problem?! You're putting them in the same basket as total straightjacket skitzos? Those could be excellent storytellers.
People shouldn't have fallen for this shit.

No. 1157523

she had some cute outfits and sucked vincent gallo's dick legitimately in a movie so i guess that makes her interesting to some people. idgi. yeah she was never quite pretty but i'm not going to complain about average girls being praised. unfortunate she associated with vincent gallo though. it's more that she was a quintessential brooklynite hipster royalty at the time and her "iconic" status in 2004 is looked back with nostalgia

No. 1157524

Like fuck you how dare you dream

…yes, I mad.

No. 1157532

I was 14 or 25 at her peak and didn't get the memo about her sucking cock on film. I was always baffled why the magazines loved her I thought she must have been the daughter of some fashion people

No. 1157536

14 or 15* lol

No. 1157554

File: 1651411921868.jpeg (33.21 KB, 612x460, 1651403024553.jpeg)

If she's average I'm a goblin. She has great symmetry, good cheekbones, proportional features, strong jawline and pretty eyes.

No. 1157563

I like how her jewellery fits her, nice choices

No. 1157564

It's the mouth nose and chin region

No. 1157572

she's average. i see far, far, far, prettier girls in droves daily honestly but i maintain it's her hipster royalty status holding her up. i think it's cool she's famous despite being pretty average

No. 1157602

nta but do you think mental severe illness just happens by flipping a switch? The purpose of treating milder mental problems is to prevent them from festering into something worse. People rarely wake up one day and enter a psychosis, warning signs usually show themselves earlier on.

No. 1157606

when criminals get caught when their old men, It just sucks cause it doesn't matter what happens to him cause he's won essentially, he'll get a cushy cell and around the clock care on account of his age and will die peacefully in just a few years anyway, but the worst part was that they lived their lives and their victims didn't, I hate being an atheist sometimes cause I know that justice will never come, that there will be no divine providence to truly punish the evil bastards of this world

No. 1157632

Tell me how prescribing amphetamines to kids for being kids will prevent anything. So many people were ruined by that.
Tell me how being a dreamer is a precursor to madness.
Tell me how being diagnosed with bpd is helping Amber Heard and other victims.

I'm not saying the entire field is useless. I'm saying the DSM is on a very very wrong track lately and is picking up pace.
You need to keep in mind that psychiatry as a whole is barely 100 years old. When chemistry was just 100 years old it was alchemy, it was a start of a good science, but very far from what we know today. People have too much blind faith and are not critical enough.

No. 1157636

None of you can go 2 minutes without mentioning Amber Heard, Jesus.

No. 1157637

Sorry for triggering you by mentioning current events

No. 1157645

She's my type, obviously she's old now, this picturse chose isn't very good looking, but back then she was gorgeous. Somebody told me she looks too manly in the face and i can see it, but i also like it.

No. 1157648

The tranny flag is so pointless. The rainbow is the flag of gay men, but it's also supposed to represent the whole LGBT community. But trannys are narcissists and can't stand not being the center of attention.

No. 1157649

she's a handsome woman. (not saying that disparagingly).

No. 1157651

Lawns and HOAs they are the definition of unnecessary rich people shit. Creating self important problems.

No. 1157653

She does look like she could be related to the Prince from Shrek.

No. 1157654

why doesn't it make the lgb ragingly furious that these obvious narcs need to be mentioned twice and bethe topic of convo constantly? fuck, wake up

No. 1157657

for single family homes, i suppose. no reason to have an HOA in a single family home but they're created and established by the developers and you need a majority of homeowners to vote to dissolve an HOA. agree with you on lawns though, they're wasteful and horrible.

No. 1157658

There’s also research going on right now because big pharma is concerned Prescribing SSRIs to underage minors before their brains were finished developing affected their serotonin receptor in their brain.

No. 1157659

It's extra because trannies are even more pedophilic than gays, literally. The colors of the flag mean white for innocence, and pink and light blue for little girl/little boy. The transvestites are that unapologetically taking pride in being child predators

No. 1157660

Exactly a big company builds a bunch of lunch box homes and then appoints rich pricks to run it and they harass the neighborhood. Every HOA I’ve gotten to know was swindling money from the residents. Fuck them

No. 1157663

It does, you just can't say shit about it online

No. 1157664

It's funny how can you spot who the tranny is right way.
It's the point of them. Or do ou think women who get lip fillers are doing it for themselves and not to look attractive for men?

No. 1157666

yep. i'm on the board of an HOA and i had to fucking take on this bullshit responsibility that i do not want because the president before our new one and her lackeys stole $180k in reserves and now our reserves are fucked up. it's a position no one sane would want to be in if it didn't offer some benefit to them or they weren't genuinely interested in hopefully having more equity in their home if managed well and nicely. not all HOAs are bad though. i've said this before: audit, audit, audit and demand the financials regularly. you're straight retarded though if you choose a single family home with an HOA though.

No. 1157671

Women who get lip fillers are doing it to look like women who naturally have them (since that's the current beauty standard). The term "blowjob lips" for women who have big lips will forever be disgusting regardless of why or how they got them.

No. 1157675

I can give more examples. I don’t know a single one that helped up under inspection. One was attempting to police the neighborhood streets but doesn’t pay for them. So every ticket wasn’t legal and every sticker on a car was vandalism. It took a huge court case and them having to pay stupid money to wreck the HOA who was going as far as hiring a security company to ticket the residents at the expense of the residents. There was the other that saw a condo fire as a great time to raise the insurance rate on top of the actual insurance by over 40 for each resident a month to pocket it too. I won’t buy a house that requires one they can fuck off.

No. 1157676

When I was ten I was diagnosed with depression and put on SSRIs. TEN. Never mind the fact that I didn’t really have friends, was in an accelerated learning program that put me under huge amounts of stress, was bullied at school and abused at home, nah, put her long-term on pharmaceuticals that haven’t been tested for and aren’t approved for use in children. I never developed the ability to feel romantically or sexually attracted to people and while I’ll never know for sure, I suspect that had a lot to do with it.

No. 1157678

Before it was blowjob lips. My grandmother’s not porn sick generation called it the trout pout.

No. 1157684

I’m so sorry. I can’t tell you if it’s the SSRI’s or not but a little more detail on the science. Ssri have only been tested on adults. Never a minor. The adult brain doesn’t even fully stop development till 25. There is no child amount of any SSRI so they are giving minors teenagers and children adult amounts of medication. On top of that medication isn’t tested on women. It’s typically screened on men. Meaning girls are even more so over medicated. They don’t know what that does in brain development but there’s starting to be talk about maybe not giving minors any of it. I think it just going to be oxy 2.0 before Lupron is oxy 3.0

No. 1157694

hmm…why? trouts don't have lips

No. 1157709

File: 1651419869868.jpeg (244.6 KB, 828x711, 45ED8FBC-CDB4-43D0-9A68-57FC46…)

No. 1157756

the "straight jacket schizos" also have personalities, talents, skills, and dreams. i work with disable people and my friend is a social worker who meets many mentally ill patients. they are all people just like you. you might be one spiked drink away from going psychotic. you never know what a long line of family history has in store for you. a random scrote can poison you with meth and there goes your sanity. a random drunken bastard can crash into you while drink driving, and there goes your mobility. all people of old age will lose some of their mobility. separating struggling people from society is an egoistic cope. and as another anon said, these mental illnesses aren't all black and white, crazy or not. there is potential of going crazy for everyone.

No. 1157770

So let's pump kids with amphetamines and ssri's right away to prevent it, right? Can't have people daydreaming, fidgeting or having special interests because one day some shit may happen. Slap them with a label right away.

No. 1157772

I think you're absolutely right, even though I usually have opposing views to your opinion, because I just really hate sick men perpetuating violence. Your comment reminded me of this video. I feel like empathy is what helped us create the world we live in now.

No. 1157775

I don't think this is what anon said at all, she agrees with those comments that she replied to (aka she says that the schizos or even people who daydream in a maladaptative way are people too

No. 1157785

I know they're people I never said otherwise lol
They're the ones psychiatry should focus on not trying to diagnose every brainfart every average doofus has

No. 1157806

yeah nah if the person is suffering, or unknowingly causes irreversible harm to themselves with their weirdness-disability, then i guess medication can be necessary, but there is always guidance first. a good counsellor, or therapist can help people fit in. i know autistic and adhd kids get bullied for being too serious or too loud, so they could be taught how to manage their impulses, or explain to others why it isn't a big deal. i think it's cucked to give children meds, it literally gives them mental illnesses later on. problem is, not all doctors give a fuck, they just try to get rid of the stock of meds they got. the one i went to kept offering me antidepressants when i had anxiety. that shit was ass, took away all my feelings not just anxiety. so yeah fuck meds. but educate the public, and keep an open mind. if we all hate on "retards" and "skitzos" that just prevents people with bening problems from monitoring their own health, and thus getting worse, because they become afraid of the label. when a grandma got dementia, she was not pissing herself from the get go. they have symptoms that build up over time first. it can be prevented and treated, i think most illnesses can. capitalism just can't give a fuck, in it it's easier to just sell shitty pills for whatever.

No. 1157819

I hate having scoliosis. Posture is so important to make yourself look confident and attractive. This shit make me even uglier than I already am.

No. 1157846

>if we all hate on "retards" and "skitzos"
>the "straight jacket schizos" also have personalities, talents, skills, and dreams
Anons I'm on an imageboard, I'm not going to call looneys, skitzos and retards PC terms. Don't read too much into it.

No. 1157867

who are you replying to? nobody is talking about anything remotely similar

No. 1157872

I literally linked and quoted.
It's clear they had problems with the terms they put under quotation marks

No. 1157875

i kek'd.
nonnie, please get checked for schizophrenia

No. 1157909

File: 1651427636548.png (738.2 KB, 634x850, 1651427620158.png)

as someone who loves guitar music and the punk aesthetic, I fucking hate the cooperate pop-punk scene, its not even a scene really, A scene is made up of people in a specific region with a common interest. It's a collective of fans, bands, venues and creative types. Green Day and Blink 182 both came out of really vibrant scenes (the Bay Area and So Cal). California had a massive punk infrastructure. They were huge underground bands before MTV or radio paid any attention. My friend booked Green Day in his back yard just outside of Detroit and they packed the place. And that's when they were still on a little indie label out of Berkley. also the current is way more more hypersexual that we didn't see from Avril, or Hayley of paramore, or Amy of evanescence

No. 1157914

Bump I hate scrotes

No. 1157926

samefag related to this, what really annoys me about being about this or when anything alternative become trendy (not sure if this makes me sound elitist or not) is that in the past people were bullied and harassed to the extreme for being part of a alternative subculture like scene or emo. Years ago a girl that lived about an hour away from me died because she was beaten for the way she looked but now it's "cool" and the kids that probably would have bullied the emo kid are dressing the exact same way. It just makes me feel sad for all those people who had to deal with so much to now be treated like a trend.

No. 1157933

File: 1651428933282.jpeg (44.7 KB, 1024x517, 51189908-30ED-4CE8-995F-5CD0B4…)


No. 1157940

File: 1651429140843.png (306.36 KB, 540x530, tumblr_ea0154417b8b746b636f8ca…)

Death to scrotes

No. 1157960

File: 1651429437633.gif (1.87 MB, 345x237, 4d5.gif)


kill all pedophiles

No. 1158117

Gay men humor is so dry and misogynist

No. 1158145

why do people think red lipstick is universally flattering
it's not and it makes people with soft, low contrast coloring look fucking ancient

that high contrast look is doing her so dirty rn especially without brows to match

No. 1158157

File: 1651438896923.jpg (616.99 KB, 1080x1368, Screenshot_20220501-165945_You…)

I hate this scrote's retarded face. I hate him

No. 1158169

God I hate faggots so much.

No. 1158182

wtf is the point of the video? What's the joke and what's the punchline? idgi

No. 1158188

>B R I T I S H
Understandable, the scrotes of jolly old englund are largely horrendous looking.

No. 1158485

Anyone who spells y'all as "ya'll"

No. 1159843

When humans voice act normal animals in anime. It sounds so fucking stupid and annoying.

No. 1159884

File: 1651533599713.png (2.41 MB, 1032x696, 146B9EF3-C877-42EE-9EF4-AF11B2…)

He looks like those cats with Down’s syndrome

No. 1160618

File: 1651554457226.jpeg (770.29 KB, 828x1221, FCACC1F9-E57A-471D-9A3F-773560…)

This shit. I’m thinking there’s a “coquette” overlap here but this shit is embarrassing. Paul Dano was unsurprisingly also lumped in with these memes women who had their actual pics as their icons thirst posting in the comments look exactly how you’d think a danofag would look (average to ugly , like dano)

No. 1160650

File: 1651556346285.jpg (327.44 KB, 2400x1350, ted.jpg)

willing to bet these girls also likely simp and post edits of the unabomber

No. 1160659

Not as cute

No. 1160891

not a danofag but from the lurking I've done in thr dano thread that seems to be the main appeal, the attainable aspect of him, the other half are porn addicted fujos who ship him battison

No. 1160914

Anatomical diagrams of the female reproductive system that omit the clitoris. Why?

No. 1160944

Scrotes using their chronic illness as an excuse to make their wives or gfs do everything for them. AGP's thinking they can relate to actually ill people, because they fucked themselves up. Fat people who want to be on heavy duty pain killers the rest of their lives instead of losing weight. I'm just trying to find some good memes damn.

No. 1160945


No. 1161171

Whatever these are
A part of me is happy kids (I hope they're kids) have a creative hobby
another part of me hates it because this is exactly like sparkle dogs

No. 1161176

Aww no way I love this. It's cute, reminds me of art attack.

No. 1161195

Oh I LOVE art attack I completely forgot about it
Aw they are cute, I just find the way they move their hands annoying

No. 1161222

I hate being allergic to pollens. I hate that spring is so pretty and perfect temperature. I hate hate hate that when spring comes, I have to fill my body with medicines that make me sleepy and tired otherwise I will be sleepy, tired AND in pain because of fucking allergies. Useless piece of shit body stop ruining three months of my life.

No. 1161225

This isn't the vent thread nonny

No. 1161229

See? I am too mentally exhausted I am sorry

No. 1161237


No. 1162261

File: 1651618003261.png (692.01 KB, 667x832, fuckmen.png)

I hate this shit so fucking much.

Guys it's our responsability to boost the egos of shitty moids who think they deserve to get their dicks sucked just for existing

No. 1162262

File: 1651618070249.png (196 KB, 592x772, fuckmen2.png)

Catcallers just want compliments. Poor men, so misunderstood.

No. 1162264

if they want more compliments they could try deserving them, look better, dress better and don't react like every woman that does compliment you wants to jump your dick.

And why can't men gas each other up?

No. 1162269

1. If they want more compliments and to be mansplained and patronized or whatever, why don't they do it to each other?
2. I highly, highly doubt any man would like to be catcalled and etc by an ugly, unwashed, gargantuan woman that could easily overpower him and beat and rape him anally at any moment if he didn't like it. Funny how they only draw really hot "mommy" types and one harmless old lady.

No. 1162272

>Women don't compliment me so I must kms
Men are so weak kek

No. 1162273

Same, it's so fucking annoying, they could just compliment each other but nooo, it's women's responsibility to stroke their ego. Also notice how in the first post on the bottom left the woman has big tits and says shit that a mother would tell her own child? kek

No. 1162278

For real. Watch me never compliment a man now

No. 1162279

Be attractive then, fucking losers. It's embarrassing that they're constantly trying to convince women to compliment and cuddle and praise them… they don't understand how utterly undesirable most of them are. It's not that we think they're too stoic and manly to need affection, it's that no part of me finds them appealing or worthy of touch/kind words.

No. 1162280

File: 1651618939100.jpg (21.15 KB, 354x319, tumblr_79b76fbb6a2ba036df9bc39…)

>he started crying because she scratched his hair and rubbed his shoulders

No. 1162285

If a man cries because you scritched his head like a dog I don't even know what to say. Just don't touch moids I guess

No. 1162286

Yeah, major mommy issues.

Anyway I don't see any man trying to genuinely comfort a woman with daddy/mommy issues. All they use them for is a quick pump and dump or they keep them around because they know women with broken families are easier to turn into their puppet. They can fuck themselves.

No. 1162288

Being affectionate towards the man you're dating is one thing… what do they expect outside of that? Should I scratch the head of any man that looks down?
The catcalling part reminds me of a comment or tweet I read in the past, which tried to convince women how they had all the power in a catcalling situation, since a working class/non-white man catcalling is basically begging and reaching out for a woman he knows would never be in his league. But my question is: who the fuck cares?

No. 1162291

Men's lives are just projection. It is probably true that what men do to women is secretly what they want done to them. That's probably why trannies can only mimic the kind of woman men have invented through porn or anime. I honestly think men would be happier if they just had a mass exodus from normal society (women-made society) and fucked each other on an oil rig in the middle of the ocean.

No. 1162307

I hate irresponsible pet owners. This girl has a fucking panthera as a pet

No. 1162311

File: 1651620706031.gif (883.82 KB, 245x245, 1533314183728.gif)

very irresponsible and she shouldn't be allowed to own any animals but my god if that cat isn't gorgeous. why are cats so perfect?

No. 1162314

This whole demanding people compliment you thing feels narcissistic to me

No. 1162316

As someone who appreciates all sorts of old buildings and houses no matter how spectacular or modest they are, it breaks my heart to see them covered in graffiti. When a place is covered in graffiti decay is irreversible. Soon windows and doors will be smashed and the whole area trashed and infested with human turds. Graffiters always leave behind their sprays and paint buckets. The ''art'' is almost always hideous and the means to it are terrible for the enviroment. I fucking hate graffiti and all the scrotes who believe signing with their shitty names is cool. It isn't.

No. 1162338

Reminds me of the woman who owned a chimp and it mauled off her friends face and disfigured her horrifically for life. People want the cool factor but are too dumb to realise you can't always overpower an animal.

No. 1162349

she should've never had that chimp but it was like heavily medicated and she was too stupid to not feed it a normal diet so it was massive and even stronger than your regular chimp. why is it that people have chimps but never bonobos?

No. 1162362

wasn't it a bonobo that mauled the old lady?

No. 1162365

No, fuck that. I constantly do this by default and have to remind myself to hold back when it comes scrotes because they always misunderstand simple kindness.

No. 1162368

nah, a regular chimp. they're much more aggressive than bonobos, which is why i do not understand why people chose to bring chimps into acting and homes and ridiculous crap. not that any wild animal should be put through any of this, but i don't understand why chimps are chosen.

No. 1162369

The only big cat that actively hunts humans due to being a primate hunter, what can possibly go wrong?

No. 1162388

Beautiful animal but holy shit I'd never want that thing in my house.
Reminds me of those Mexican cartel members who have tigers in their yards but they remove their teeth and claws so they can't attack.

No. 1162436

>Reminds me of those Mexican cartel members who have tigers in their yards but they remove their teeth and claws so they can't attack.
That's so disgusting, I feel so bad for those animals.

No. 1162451

File: 1651628098089.jpg (106.97 KB, 650x433, kailia-posey-z.jpg)

I hated Toddlers and Tiaras. It always was so creepy to me. I'm sorry Kailia Posey died. No word on cause. It just makes me sad. Pic related is the face meme.

No. 1162468

I live in Mexico and some years ago this happened in my neighborhood lmao. I don't even live in a rich place or anything like that

No. 1162501

Wouldn’t they still be dangerous because they’re a big ass animal still?

No. 1162508

Yes but these people don't care anon

No. 1162538

toddlers in tiaras was nothing but a disgusting pedo pandering show. I wonder how she died? 16 is so young without any real medical issues.

No. 1162539

i wish we could put pick-mes in reeducation camps.

No. 1162541

Ikr. He's so plain and ugly, but I suppose some farmers here have zero standards.

No. 1162569

Honestly I don't mind danofags since they at least stay contained to one thread I can hide unlike some other celebrityfags..

No. 1162573

File: 1651635776969.jpeg (343.77 KB, 1200x1801, 3D79DEE5-1873-419E-821B-59F146…)

I hate the trend of celebrities wearing lingerie and passing it off as ‘’fashion’’. This is no better than the fashion at a porn convention. It’s so tacky and lame. I also see fashion brands trying to imitate this similar sense of sexualized trendy fashion but not overtly.

No. 1162578

God this is the fucking worst so far

No. 1162582

Stuff like this made me realise how much celebrities are just walking mannequins, no matter now ugly or how uncomfortable the outfit is, they just wear it for the purpose for others to buy it cause "how good it looks on them"

Also her feet are atrocious

No. 1162654

Just mothers pimping out their daughters. The makeup and outfits are so creepy. The head shots creep me the fuck out yet here are these judges looking at them. So fucking messed up. I was so grossed out that they were literally giving these poor girls red bull and pixie sticks. I wanted to rescue all of them and let them be little girls. I could only stomach a couple of episodes. I just hope it wasn't suicide. That'll make me extremely sad.

No. 1162711

The language used is do infantile kek, is always "boys" instead of men.

No. 1163049

I'm watching these "fake DID" tiktok compilations to have a laugh, and then I scroll down to the comments and it's all just 13 year old genderspecials going "I have actual DID!! I am nothing like these fakers!!!"
Have some fucking self awareness, oh my god. I really hate this

No. 1163195

Fuck, it was suicide.

No. 1163301

Kek I love these because they're so obviously fake. They can't even act. In reality almost no one has DID, and those who do have it had severe traumatic experiences in the first years of their lives. Trauma in early childhood is a key piece in DID, because that's when your personality starts to properly form. All of these middle class sheltered kids don't know shit about that, they're just autistic.

No. 1163377

Same. I developed adult pollen allergies i think, or asthma, but regardless it fucking sucks since i can't properly enjoy the objectively best season of the year. I go outside for a couple of minutes and boom my lungs collapse.

No. 1163382

I couldn't sit through 30 seconds of this cringe

No. 1163402

I developed pollen allergies as an adult over the last couple years too, it's such a pain in the ass to need allergy pills that keep me half knocked out all day when I never needed them before

No. 1163431

What pills do you use? Mine are cetirizine and i've never felt sleepy on them.

No. 1164530

anons who just literally cannot fucking read or who imagine shit in their heads to argue about in threads, it's so weird and makes me angry how genuinely stupid (or maybe willfully deluded, just to stir the pot and fight?) some posters are. it is not hard to read a post twice before exploding at it, nor is it hard to calmly ignore 1 singular post you simply don't like rather than blowing up in a paragraph lol

No. 1164543

File: 1651697991562.jpg (84.15 KB, 540x673, d103fb6c4e77b26c0a8ffe14_2209e…)

I hated the sticker ideas when I saw the on my twitter feed and I'm glad other people hate them too
I'm tired of the "I'm baby shit" too

No. 1164551

>baby on board (it's me)
Kiss my ass, oh my god I hate this.

No. 1164650

A lot of anons are mentally ill NEETs so it's not really surprising. But yes, annoying for sure.

No. 1165038

drag queens. I find it super insulting and the overall aesthetic is gross. I hate seeing my normie school friends always fall for 'drag party' bait and they post pictures of them standing next to these giant abominations. And having girls at uni shill that drag race show to me all the time. Makes me nauseous.

No. 1165039

stfu and stop shittalking nonnas ya looser

No. 1165041

>And having girls at uni shill that drag race show to me all the time.
Ugh same I'm so sick of everyone telling me to watch drag race, I never will! Wtf is the point of watching a show full of ugly misogynists in womanface! I'd rather watch actual women on tv or attractive men who aren't wearing clown makeup.

No. 1165063

File: 1651714205402.jpg (90.24 KB, 720x952, 1583598379444.jpg)

based. it's always the most shitty iresponsible people who pull the "im babby uwu pwease be gentle" shtick

No. 1165066

American food is retardely unhealthy and is not burger fault they are so fat. I ate a can of American baked beans and shit tasted like a dessert, why the fuck would you so much corn syrup to beans? My country have made a lot of regulations in the last years to prevent that kind of food to being made.

No. 1165069

Your fault for eating canned baked beans in the first place.

No. 1165081

Don't take Benadryl, take the methy allergy meds they keep behind the counter

No. 1165096

To get everyone addicted. The shitty food companies have a death grip on our government and make sure regulations get shot down. Shits fucked

No. 1165258

File: 1651728213006.jpg (54.73 KB, 680x621, why.jpg)

the people who raped and reaved the coasts of Europe for centuries, massacring and enslaving all they encountered, they were PoC and queer


No. 1165261

btw anon, we used to have a we wuz kingz thread as an equivalent to the varg viking thread. it was pretty good.

No. 1165264

I don't even understand how so called leftists could make this claim, it portrays Scandinavian Viking Age society as being led by patriarchal slavers and rapists, which they were, yes in some cases they treated their own women comparatively well but that doesn't change the fact they raided, raped and sold people into slavery across northern europe and the mediterranean, like I remember some time back twitter/tumblr libs were ooing at the fact that the skeleton of an african was found on some viking ship and DNA analysis showed that vikings were more "diverse" then originally thought(meaning they had more slavic, celtic and in some cases mediterranean ancestry then purely nordic ancestry) but that is not a good thing at all, cause it 100% means they likely raped thee women from these regions and made them their concubines

No. 1165271

File: 1651729556457.png (585.82 KB, 1353x701, BIC.png)

This logic means the British Empire was actually diverse and inclusive >

No. 1165278

the glamorization of vikings has always been weird to me

No. 1165282

File: 1651730455020.jpg (170.59 KB, 1094x1300, trailer-park-mom-caricature-tr…)

Yeah as if normal hot guys calmly compliment women like this. It's always unwashed fat old guys or scary looking thugs whispering closely with drunken breath trying to sound sexual or suddenly shouting at you. Of course they'd draw all the women as pornstars or kind old ladies and not the trailer park psycho hooker that'll possibly pull a knife on them if you look at her wrong which would be the equivalent.

No. 1165298

they're totally insane but it's not uncommon to be complimented by cute enough guys in normal ways, ALONGSIDE it also being a common occurence to be nastily complimented by old creeps, drunk guys, fat dudes, so on and so forth. and that's such fucking bullshit. the men in my life are complimented constantly for skills and abilities they don't even fucking possess

No. 1165316

Why would anyone compliment random guys, sounds like a great way to invite some creep to think you’re down for something more and then deal with that shit. Who even cares this much, it’s an insult to suicidal people to think random praise from strangers can cure your mental health problems. I don’t go about my day expecting anyone to acknowledge me or give me some small talk compliment to make me feel warm and fuzzy

No. 1165336

Nonnie do random strange hot guys on street go up to you and calmly compliment you just for the sake of the compliment and then go away? If yeah you have some Stacy power and I don't think it's that common for normal women. Or it's just different culture issue.
Idk to me it happens when the guy on the street tries to pick me up and even if he's cute he'd follow me around for a bit which is creepy when I turn them down. That wasn't really what the comic was referring to.
Friends and colleagues or classmates do give normal compliments.
Men also get compliments from friends and colleagues like women do of course. It's not enough for them. They want random hot women to do it in a very non-threatening way.

No. 1165410

This. Men want random hot women to pick them up on streets like they try to do to women, kek.

No. 1165419

This, I hate retarded males who think they're oppressed for not being complimented enough.

No. 1165451

Isn't it sarcastic? Like, none of these on the image are actual compliments, they're all condescending things women would often hear, nothing pleasant about ever getting any of these.
Otherwise thought we all know >>1165316 is right, show any basic kindness to a male and he'd think you're available, and then get outraged finding out you're not, how dare you led him on. What about no compliments ever.

No. 1165466

Wait, this artwork has to be an ironic joke making fun of the condescending "compliments" women get but this dense dingus is sharing it as a serious commentary.

>Men would like to get mansplaining
What the fuck lmao? Men chimp the fuck out if you prove them wrong or try to explain things to them because their ego can't handle being mistaken or not understanding something. Catcalling and mansplaining make man happy because they're asserting dominance over women and feeling like a big macho man for it, not because they "want it for themselves". This guy just wants unconditional love, servitude and understanding from attractive women asking nothing in return.

No. 1165479

File: 1651746015703.png (113.15 KB, 1080x622, Screenshot_20220505-084418~2.p…)

I don't particularly care about communism but the way rabid anti-communists talk about it weirds me out, they think that literally any person who has read Marx is a blood thirsty commissar, then they say they are so based because they don't judge people unlike those filthy tankies. They also utterly refuse to read any theory to at least understand why people are communists, they just quote mortality statistics and that's it for them.

No. 1165496

I think it's cute tbh

No. 1165498

The fucking nasally voice of those damn know it all science Youtube Videos. Like this one I watched that's how the shape of an atom should actually be represented. I can't even describe it well but there's this undercurrent of smug confidence masked by this fake flippant vibe that's like "look at how much I know without even trying". With the exaaact speech patterns that those TED talkers use, trying to build anticipation and engagement but their complete lack of charisma just makes it an exercise in frustration for anyone listening.

The accent is more often than not Californian or something and it's so WHINY, you can tell if you had the misfortune of meeting someone like that they'd bore you to death in IRL conversation. I always get impotent silicon Valley moid vibes from them.

No. 1165559

Mullets and moustaches. Fucking ugly and I wish this male trend would die already. It's turning the few attractive men in my city into sewer rat looking freaks

No. 1165569

Lmao I used to do this cuddle affection shit to my boyfriends and I would get zero reaction. One even asked why I was doing it. I wasn't even trying, it's just how I naturally show affection.

I genuinely don't believe moids can feel love or appreciate affection.

No. 1165579

hmm they are dumb, communism isn't wrong about everything and I say this as someone that is not a communist. I say this objectively. I hate modern commies, they are retarded 90% of them but there are things from communist Theory that are universally true. For example dialectical materialism or class differences are just objectively true and you can find these concepts in Marx's theory

No. 1165621

File: 1651755580324.jpg (18.07 KB, 445x450, nxkfnd.jpg)


No. 1165656

File: 1651757383446.jpeg (40.25 KB, 720x408, B279F1E8-0A17-4978-8B4E-72BF05…)

Bump I hate scrotes

No. 1165665

File: 1651758048425.jpg (29.91 KB, 400x563, vote for Notax.jpg)


No. 1165692

Same. Men get compliments all the damn time as well as affection but like to trick women into thinking they're poor little babies who need it even more. Not to mention so many men use emotional distance as a manipulation tactic, it's so hard to take them seriously

No. 1165703

This fucking Old Navy commercial. The clothes are ugly and ill fitting, the song is horrible. Everything about it is annoying. I have been getting it on all streaming apps for the past month and I can't stand it anymore. The worst is when I get it twice (sometimes thrice ffs) in a row.

No. 1165724

#justiceforjohnny or any other version of this.
Almost every youtuber I watch has it on their community posts or has at some point simped for Depp. Even ppl who never once commented on anything outside of their own content. Wtf do I need to see that on a violin channel for? But are there any posts about roe v wade? Ukraine? Literally any important events going on right now? Nope. And all the drooling idiots swarm these posts with "amber should go to jail" "I hope she loses so men can get justice for once against a biased system that favors women". I've only seen one person smart enough to say "Using a defamation trial to get clicks is really not a good look, I bet you don't even know what this trial is actually about".
I didn't care about this trial at all but now I hope she wins so these Depp loving morons can seethe more.

No. 1165727

Kek those dresses look culty

No. 1165777

File: 1651764463004.jpg (154.04 KB, 1080x1942, Screenshot_20220505-124136_Bra…)

Now even tumblr is doing this shit. I hate how social media websites hate us lurkers so much.

No. 1165779

Same, I don't want to long into my account that I can't even remember the password to just to look at shit.

No. 1165808

I don't like amber but I want to backhand men that think the any system is on women's side. Poor wittle men, let me wipe their poor wittle tears

No. 1165816

how did you get this? I just tried browsing tumblr in my chrome app and I didn't get it

No. 1165844

File: 1651766130855.jpeg (519.05 KB, 1170x1648, C7FB9095-F86F-4638-BD24-561912…)

I hate whatever this is. I used to not mind this kind of stuff from companies, especially bungie, but knowing that they support any kind of movement under the sun leaves a sour taste in my mouth. They donated so much to blm which more or less ran away with the money.

No. 1165850

File: 1651766296380.jpg (24 KB, 452x678, 1645071469224.jpg)


No. 1165888

I can't wait for the day some horrid workplace practice is exposed from this company, it's going to be hilarious.

No. 1165889

Shit like this puts me further and further towards going all privacy-crazy and deleting as much social media as possible (obviously all is never possible).

No. 1165940

I deleted my instagram account like two months ago and I never noticed that you need to be logged in to see posts even on desktop. Everytime I'd try to see an instagram post I was asked if I wanted to be logged in again and the pop up displayed my username because it takes a month for an account to be fully deleted. It pissed me off so much.

No. 1165955

Im really curious whats the working condition like over there? I really hope they’re not hiding skeletons like blizzard was because that’s disgusting but you’re right

No. 1166045

File: 1651770983110.webm (169.39 KB, 960x720, please register to view husban…)

hate this shit! I saw it for the very first time today and I left immediately. why are they doing this to us

No. 1166171

File: 1651774329495.png (748 B, 161x25, gdsfsd.PNG)

If I could login, I would. But all I've been getting for the past like six months is picrel, and support couldn't help me either (but I didn't expect them to, since there's like 12 of them).

No. 1166185

I hate sex workers and men that support them. Online thots usually groom other girls into it.

No. 1166209

most of them say sex work is real work but they don't talk about the downsides of their work. They present this glamorized version which makes young vulnerable women believe sex work is an easy job you can get quick cash from. Not to mention most sex workers are full of mental illness and they genuinely live shitty lives even if they make money. Most like Belle Delphine have a pimp behind, so the money they make is not even theirs

No. 1166477

there's a site called imginn that lets you view posts without an account

No. 1166613

Lack of moderation on this forsaken website. There is a whole ass moid in depp vs amber thread and mods still haven't done anything about it.

No. 1166624

Scrotes are posting dicks all over the place and worse, they're probably constantly switching VPN's, so I get that mods have their hands full atm

No. 1166710

File: 1651787444519.jpeg (44.97 KB, 640x640, 6CC67AF3-7149-4470-BB61-A036BF…)

I hate people that take the bait.

No. 1166717

Replying to a shitty attempt at a troll isn't taking bait, it's boredom anon. Posters want something to do and ganging up on a bad post is a fun way to interact with each other. I don't know why some anons think it's such a big deal. It's not like the post isn't being reported. Your gripe should be with the mods who take hours to get anything done.

No. 1166952

I hate the concept of "work spouses" and anyone who uses this term.

No. 1166957

work spouse is an anagram for emotional infidelity

No. 1166970

what is a work spouse? googled it and kinda didn't get it

No. 1166976

Really hate that my period hasn’t come yet. I’m not scared of being pregnant or anything I just feel weird when it’s late

No. 1167024

I don't know if anyone will even know what I'm talking about, but I hate when a thread gets bumped down and it disappears in between pages

No. 1167031

It really is just a euphemistic term about someone you're emotionally cheating with at work if you already have a partner. Someone you are really close with, vent with (sometimes about your real partners), inside jokes, flirting that other people are supposed to assume is "just jokes," take your lunches with them, text each other outside of work, etc. Even if some women assume it's a platonic thing the men (unsurprisingly) almost always take it romantically.
>According to the Society for Human Resource Management survey, a whopping 50% of employees with work spouses admitted romantic attraction to this person. In the SimplyHired survey 84% of men and 61% of women reported romantic attraction to their work spouse.
The gall some men have to talk about "work wifey" and "oop gotta respond to the work wife" in the midst of a family dinner is repulsive. Just another way of triangulating women to fight over them and validate their egos.

No. 1167085

I thought I was the only one experiencing this. I have to go to the catalog to find what I'm looking for because the thread I want won't show up when u go from one page to another.

No. 1167113

I've had this happen too!! Glad I'm not crazy

No. 1167144

Just got annoyed by this earlier kek

No. 1167471

Yeah I think I was the work wife of a man at my job. We were very close like friends, but then I realized he would complain about his fiance to me and flirt with me. He would tell me stuff about how he loves her but he didn't feel he could talk to her as well.

On a work trip we had a convo in his hotel room. Nothing happened, nothing ever happened at all, but I was so young and stupid I was oblivious to it and probably enjoyed the attention.

His poor wife. It hurts me that some day my husband could be doing this, and there's no way to know. He was a perfect gentleman, perfect guy on the outside.

No. 1167477

File: 1651827785944.jpg (674.76 KB, 1080x1299, Screenshot_20220506-165850_Ins…)

i really hate Instagram artist that are always complaining about the algorithm and think the lack of engagement isn't due to the fact their art looks like shit

No. 1167483

this is so busted. i love it. terrible.

No. 1168045

hahaha something about this is so off it's amazing. They look like muppets

No. 1168099

that's not true, i tried multiple anagram solvers and none even had results for an anagram of work spouses

No. 1168350

please try one more time anon

No. 1169513

File: 1651877560056.jpg (326.94 KB, 1080x1565, 20220506_185211.jpg)

Shit like this

No. 1169538

You have already posted it in the unpopular opinions thread. Obnoxious fag.

No. 1169539

Why did you post this twice?

No. 1169540

Be moar mad plz

No. 1169541

Because I hate it and it's an unpopular opinion

No. 1169542

>"what a waste of talent!"
They would be degenerates with or without it. Also that obsession with their degeneracy was what inspired them into improving their skills in the first place.

No. 1169549

No. 1169551

>Ree these children don't look like what I imagined while reading this children's book

No. 1169555

I was a kid when I read them. The majority of the fan base are early twenty year olds like me who grew up on the books.

No. 1169580

every day my hatred of males grows and I become further convinced that they are the root of evil on this planet.

No. 1169681

You are correct in that thought

No. 1169939

File: 1651903204867.png (19.18 KB, 538x225, straight_woman.PNG)

This shit, mostly because its always made by some he/him aiden

No. 1169947

File: 1651903357643.jpg (41.43 KB, 480x481, 74ee5cb2052527920c8e3633aa9441…)

Boy mom's are fucking cancer. It's not part of boyhood Susan raise your damn kids. It's even worse when they have a boy and girl and make it known how much they favor their son over their daughter

No. 1169963

File: 1651903948662.gif (27.04 KB, 220x220, 1637814578859.gif)

I also hate when I see people trying to make "autistic girl" an aesthetic or trying to make it seem like a cute quirky thing

No. 1169965

Hoping and praying I'll only have daughters
Having sons seems like a complete fucking nightmare

No. 1169968

i hate gender reveal videos where the parents get mad because they're having a girl. especially when the parent that's upset is the mother. i have never seen a video where a parent is mad that their having a boy. its so disheartening to know that your parents hated you before you were even born because of your gender.

No. 1169971

LC’s own Katherine Harlow is attempting to do this while completely undiagnosed

No. 1169982

Why would anyone think that's normal? Why are standards going so far down? What happened to being embarrassed?? I am screaming.

No. 1169992

No. 1169993

File: 1651904597680.png (612.71 KB, 647x668, 1649415415157.png)

the wokeification of history, genghis khan was literally was one of the most prolific rapists in the world and his army ravaged and raped so many cities in a lifetime that men from poland to Iran can have trace Mongolian ancestry, same shit with the Vikings, yes they treated their own women comparatively better and gave them the right to own property and legal rights but they raped masses of other women and killed tens of thousands and sold the rest into slavery

No. 1169994

KEK that post is unreal

No. 1170008

File: 1651905025339.jpg (38.46 KB, 735x718, f1beb33a784b8ffc9cbfe726d2e809…)

We should keep the entire male population in cages so when I let a couple of the cute ones go free range I'll be considered the worlds best men's rights activist

No. 1170009

well steppe peoples often naturally had relatively more gender egalitarianism compared to sedentary populations, it was literally a matter of survival for women to take part in daily life and so thus were valued more, but this only extended to their own women, city women and men were like cattle to them, barely even human

No. 1170023

File: 1651905553144.jpg (77.5 KB, 1253x714, 16507.jpg)

Genghis khan after ordering his army to raze a city to the ground and have every single man, woman and child killed and where undoubtedly masses of women girls and even boys would have been raped before being killed

No. 1170127

fell for the bait moron

No. 1170132

everyone wants to larp the cute autismo girl aesthetic until it's time to have a sensory meltdown from wearing a turtleneck/literally any tight piece of clothing

No. 1170178

What a girlboss!

No. 1170241

I fucking hate instagram, facebook, reddit and other useless dogshit social media platforms that forces you to log in to see the content hosted on their site. So fucking annoying reeeeeee NO I don't want to download your goddamn mobile app fuck you

No. 1170292

"Unmarried and childless" used as a gotcha and a derogatory comment, I'm already sick of my parents bitching about childless politicians, I don't need to hear it from people of my generation.

No. 1170385

If a woman wanted to get married, mocking her because she couldn't is so cruel. or if a woman is infertile talking about how she doesn't have children. It can actually hurt women very deeply because it's just something out of their control and changes their whole life.

It's stupid when it's the woman's choice too. Like, what if a woman didn't wanna get married? Why would she be in a worse situation when marriage takes away a lot from most women's lives? Men keep their friends hobbies and career but most women are expected to only care about her kids and husband.

No. 1170393

Woven get mocked for being unmarried and childless at 30 but also for being "whores" or for marrying and having children at a very young age lmao I hate this society

No. 1170402

I think it's an issue with the imageboard software. The same thing happens on CC but not on other imageboards that use different software.

No. 1170414

No. 1170416

does the catalog break the whole site for anyone else though? it doesn't always but sometimes the catalog makes the whole site unuseable.

No. 1170425

My uncle had 3 children in the last 7 years, 2 sons and 1 daughter. It's fucking insane how pleasant and well-behaved the daughter is (she's probably not allowed to get away with most of the shit my male cousins could probably anyway). It's funny how his wife invited me over to hang out while she rears the kids to show me how great a family is, and all it had me thinking is that I'd rather kill myself than to have two sons reinforcing each others aggresive and stupid behaviour.

No. 1170426

How anal people are about copyrights and distribution of images and other media nowadays.
On one hand, I can fully understand it, having your pictures, art, texts etc reposted somewhere without your knowledge can be unpleasant since you have less control about who sees it.
But on the other hand.. some websites who used to do reposting without much thought of the individual were really helpful and are still now, when the original got deleted for example or for database-type image collections.

No. 1170427

yes leave being anal to the lawyers pls, it's not worth the blood pressure

No. 1170447

I don't get how so many young people are interested enough in copyright to know so much about it in such detail, I have encountered this with people on social media, specially if they upload any content of their own. Of course reuploaders and stuff are annoying but I don't get how it made so many people invested in the minute details of this boring shit

No. 1170481

same, it’s so annoying especially because of what >>1170416 said. When I click on /ot/‘s catalog it either takes YEARS to load or it just crashes my browser.
Weren’t the jannies going to make a new catalog page? maybe in 10 years kek

No. 1170497

When anons talk in circles about retarded shit when there's no new milk. We get it, you think DID is real. It doesn't matter because nobody cares, we're here to laugh at cows.

No. 1170510

Huh, I thought it was my geriatric phone which had a hard time loading the /snow/ and /ot/ catalogs, not because the site itself was crappy. Unfortunately I hate using the boards through pages, so I'm stuck with this.

No. 1170561

Tech support: If the catalog enters into a infinite load, cancel it and reload the page, it usually fixes itself for me.

No. 1170605

I’m at ikea’s restaurant and some adult retard keeps saying “REEEE” on loop.

No. 1170608

Did’s fake

No. 1170774

>she's probably not allowed to get away with most of the shit my male cousins could probably anyway
that's the case. I luckily only had daughters and hope to god I never ever have a son. The amount of stuff people allow their sons to get away with is bizarre, especially in their teen years where most boy parents don't give a single fuck is their son is sleeping around town, getting every STD in the book, causing drama from serial cheating, getting in fights over stupid shit and blowing all their money on weed and shitty vidya they forget existed after a few days meanwhile most of these parents will have a mental breakdown if they find out their daughter had sex or smoked weed once

No. 1170858

Boy-centered parenting is even more tragedic when you consider sons are way more likely to just walk out on their parents without reciprocating any of the love or trying to keep in contact, and will probably be nowhere when it comes to elderly care. I've known multiple families where the sons moved across countries with minimal-to-no contact or straight up abandoned their mothers who left all her financial assets to him, to be looked after the daughters they paid no attention to. My great-grandma kept begging her son to visit until the day she died.

No. 1170906

It's not even just the additives… They strip the soil of nutrients and then people want to eat more and more because their body isn't getting enough nutrients. Malnutrition except they're fat. Not to mention all the drugs and shit in water that make you fat. Non Americans superiority complex is so grating… Like come live in America for a few years and eat with a limited budget. Some euro girls I knew started getting health issues a few years after they immigrated.

No. 1171021

File: 1651959594742.png (19.54 KB, 694x352, whatdidyouexpecttohappen.PNG)


No. 1171023

I hate Ron Watkins. Hope he sinks so much money in his """campaign""" and loses it all. Fuck you for all the q cult shit.

No. 1171029

Dudes with 30+min stamina.. Just let me fucking sleep. I'm sore. It won't make me come any more or any at all if the rest is shit

No. 1171037

File: 1651960815752.jpg (371.09 KB, 1002x1563, peepoo.jpg)

I hate the hoteps thread

No. 1171043


You need to use a paid anagram solving service to see it.

No. 1171116

Anyone who calls the USA a "third world country".

No. 1171136

same, it's so fucking annoying white anons practically destroyed the thread just so they can play the victim. Hoteps and pro-black types are the milkiest people on the planet, particularly after kitten heels finally croaking in an eventful fashion, but they keep ruining everything with their worthless takes and make everything about them when it's completely irrelevant. I was hoping the thread would be active because i would love for somewhere to discuss their milk since there really is nowhere on the internet to do so because of racists, pick-meishas and sjws. I hope those anons die for ruining a potentially good thing.

No. 1171139

The scene at 2:36 in David Guetta - Without You ft. Usher (Official Video), and that everyones shown to be partying directly afterwards. We'd die if the tectonic plates suddenly merged out of nowhere togethe