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File: 1650030991024.png (348.06 KB, 885x644, Screenshot 2022-04-15 14.51.58…)

No. 1136011

Post your favourite e-begging cringe for cows who aren't significant enough to have their own thread.

Picrel, 24 year old scrote LARPing as a MTF claiming that this is Literal Abuse because his Mom asked him to do chores and get a job, apparently this is cause for e-beggary.


No. 1136021

not to be all holier than thou or act like my life was so tough but i can’t imagine being 24 and not even paying for my own phone plan. i don’t know if this is weird but my parents have never paid for my sibling and my phone plans, we were always responsible for it meaning we didn’t buy ourselves phones until we had a job and knew we could afford it. this mum sounds completely reasonable.

No. 1136024

But remember nona, op in the pic is severely autistic and if their mom wants them to contribute to household chores and take their dog on walks then that's severe abuse and you need to donate to their gofundme right now.

No. 1136026

My Mum paid for mine until I was 20 because she couldn't afford it anymore but other than that I have recieved no monetary help from either of my parents

How can this person live at home and do nothing all day and think being made to work and clean up is abuse? The fuck? This person is 24 years old kek

No. 1136037

This whole ultimatums are controlling and abyooooose bullshit started on Reddit to gaslight women.

No. 1136038

i feel like i’m amassing bad karma for ignoring e begging posts so i just hope i’m never put in a position where i need to e-beg. i just think that 99% of people e-begging could very simply solve their issues by getting a job and i don’t believe it is difficult in most places. certainly if you’re able to run a tumblr blog with a custom theme you are in a position to work, it’s not like you’re in the apelachian mountains or something. i’ve only ever paypalled money to one person who was a long term internet friend. she didn’t write a massive ebegging post, just tweeted about struggling to pay bills so i sent her money. there’s no way i would do that to a total stranger though

No. 1136070

File: 1650034426248.webm (647.69 KB, 408x720, brave black trans woman.webm)

>i feel like i’m amassing bad karma for ignoring e begging posts
Kek same anonita. Thankfully I'm a poorfag but if I would be a millionaire I probably would be giving thousands of dollars a month to ebegging retards just because I feel bad.

No. 1136115

I would not give them a dime but would happily support legit Ukrainian refugees and actual causes

No. 1136132

Really? Do you have like screencaps of some of those posts? This thread is the first time I've seen ultimatums called "abusive" and it wouldn't surprise me that it came from shitty boyfriends

No. 1136146

In this instance it’s coming from a scrote and his mother and he’s calling it abuse so yeah, it’s gaslighting.

No. 1136149

File: 1650037787012.jpeg (832.11 KB, 1242x2049, C30CE577-DF71-45F0-82A0-85BD5C…)

From tumblr user toebeens

No. 1136223

File: 1650040403889.jpeg (517.51 KB, 750x1196, 9D4CF6A3-2C37-4918-9876-6EF5F5…)

Why didn't you post the full story? This is so OTT, I'm stuck between the certainty that nobody would lie about this and the doubt that anyone could be so unlucky.

No. 1136261

Kinda went down a rabbit hole on this one. Toebeens has been e-begging for months to cover various costs, especially the car accident. As proof she posted pictures of the wreckage and some medical documents here
Reverse image searches on the crash photos only bring back her posts, so it seems legit.
The only cringe thing about her is that she's a troon on hormone therapy who likes cartoons and desperately wants to feel unique, but women like that are a dime a dozen. I genuinely hope her health recovers and she's not saddled with too much debt.

No. 1136325


Anons come the fuck on, there is no way this bitch is fr.

>I was born with glass bones and paper skin. Every morning I break my legs, and every afternoon I break my arms. At night, I lie awake in agony until my heart attacks put me to sleep.


No. 1136334

File: 1650046645991.png (350.96 KB, 582x539, 0CD2F2D9-AA7C-44E0-AB26-0AD7D0…)

No. 1136679

Sometimes I just wanna be less decent and start ebegging for very important life changing operation larping as disabled poc trans something
I wouldn’t even feel bad for people who would support it, I guess
Want monies….

No. 1136937

You have the same entitled mentality as the other e beggars. If you have to pay for surgery, that means it is elective surgery, which means it’s not deserving of crowdfunding. Get a second job if you want a boob job kek

No. 1136939

I disagree. If you live in a shitty country with bad healthcare, you have to pay for any operation, even if it's not a surgery. Again in my country, even a nosejob or boobjob can be free so your logic doesn't work this way either.

No. 1136940

Samefag but forgot to say I'm not the anon who made that post.

No. 1136965

Most e beggars live in the UK or USA and want surgeries that aren’t covered (because they’re not health related)

No. 1136997

Healthcare in the US sucks and even health related surgeries are sometimes not covered depending on your insurance. Also, some health treatments fall under the experimental category and aren't covered either. It's not always just trans shit and plastic surgery

No. 1137020

My insurance won’t cover any autoimmune tests and most of my treatments. Like my diagnosis test for a complicated gene mutation (I did have) cost me 600 out of pocket and greatly impacts my diet and cancer risk and has lead to huge health complications. The test is accepted in most EU countries. Just not here. There’s been documents released before that insurance companies won’t approve new services because they would have to do it for everyone. There’s eczema cream that cost 15 in Canada and 685 here? Why because big pharma can do what they want here.

No. 1137531

Why do you think e-begging has become so common (within the last 10 years I think) and why do more people not call it out for the bullshit it is?

No. 1137670

Fuck off! I'm trans, and I don't care what you say, you cannot force somebody to be attracted to you, you rich spoiled mother fucker. You didn't have to run away from your physically abuse transphobic parents! You weren't forced into prostitution from a lack of other options! You make everyone here sick of Trans women, because you're rich spoiled troon ass can't shut the fuck up! Not being attracted to someone because they're trans is not transphobic you entitled predatory ass hole! Ahem… Sorry. Just needed to get that off my chest. This post has nothing to do with what I'm saying. I wanted to bark at someone else today, but the thread closed. Sorry if you guys hate me for being trans. I kind of understand why.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1137678

>You make everyone here sick of Trans women, because you're rich spoiled troon ass can't shut the fuck up
You're a troon too. You're not "one of the good ones", all "trans ""women""" are troons.
>Sorry if you guys hate me for being trans. I kind of understand why.
You shouldn't pretend to be a woman in the first place, retard. The fact that trans """women""" aren't women has nothing to do with being an entitled failure of a son begging for money online. We hate you for being a male that thinks he's a woman. Fuck off faggot, you're not one of us.

No. 1137679

Well, whatever. I tried.

No. 1137681

I hope you change your mind one day. I don't see people who control women as women, and I'm sorry you don't like me.(go away )

No. 1137684

He sounds like a horrible person and I'm sorry that person did that.

No. 1137689

He didn't only do that. Farmers also found out that he liked and commented on random teenage girls' videos on facebook (iirc)

No. 1137695

>Troon doesn't see women as women, because they know that troons like him will never be a women.

No. 1137701

Not what I said. Thanks for throwing the milk carton at my head when I was told to go away. I see all of you as women. Whatever. I'm just going to hang out at the library. The cafeteria food sucks, and I'm not hungry anyways.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1137706

That is literally what you said here >>1137681 is a copy of what you said "I don't see people who control women as women," what you need to do is get real good look of yourself in the mirror and see what you really are… A MALE!

No. 1137707

this is so funny did you expect anons to be like omg you’re one of the good ones!!!111!1!1 protect this one ladies pleading face emoji

No. 1137747

No one cares about your assessment of womanhood because you are not a woman. Go

No. 1137748

Fine, I will.

No. 1137754

File: 1650167479665.jpg (27.63 KB, 640x625, 1531881118155.jpg)

No. 1137761

Kekk what happened here

No. 1137769

Good god, look how pathatic you are. How much attenion are you going to bring on yourself, that you're a TIM that likes to creep on women spaces when you are clearly unwanted and unneeded here. The fact you replied within four minutes is just humiliating to see. Get real you are a male that is starved of attention hoping to get asspats here and in irl for being one of the good ones when there has been clear evidence that here and all over the internet that they dont exist. When those men are really degenrates that want special attention for being trans and want be 'one of the girls teehee'. You will never be accepted as a woman and when you die your tombstone will have your 'dead name' on it

No. 1137777

a failed male happened

No. 1137873

File: 1650180308390.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 667.23 KB, 1242x2074, FFA578EE-D11C-4C03-A4C1-848A90…)

I think it’s because of some culture. The threadpic is one of the more audacious, predatory and absurd examples of what retarded troons consider to be ‘abuse’, but posts like this are a dime a dozen.

What sort of 24 year old isn’t mortified to admit that his Mom still pays his phone bill.

This entitled faggot is likely the one abusing his Mom and not the other way around, and his defence is ‘I didn’t ask to be born so my Mom should be responsible for me into my adulthood’ kek what the fuck

No. 1137879

shit like this makes me not wanna have a kid. what a spoiled ungrateful piece of shit

No. 1137880

i just scrolled through like 100 posts to find that ask, he isn’t even trying to get a job or improve his situation he’s just sitting on the tumblr all day doing nothing productive

No. 1137886

muh long covid (feeling exhausted fast from not leaving the house) being the newest bit of an avalanche of excuses why this scrote refuses to work is hilarious to me. I wouldn't be surprised if he goes on to say that the reason he can't wash the dishes is transphobia kek.

No. 1137891

File: 1650182010172.png (301.12 KB, 464x437, Screenshot 2022-04-17 at 08.51…)

He claims to be an FTM but it think this is a cisgender male, his appearance is absolutely nauseating

This scrote has absolutely no redeeming qualities for his Mom to be proud of

No. 1137893

File: 1650182120704.png (597.45 KB, 661x585, Screenshot 2022-04-17 at 08.54…)

jesus christ, this person is absolutely repulsive

No. 1137895

File: 1650182244768.png (317.65 KB, 448x413, Screenshot 2022-04-17 at 08.57…)

the fupa gunt tho

No. 1137897

>stubble only on one section of neck
this is absolutely an ftm, anon

No. 1137907

Agree with >>1137897 I was tran years ago and that lil neck patch in second pic is what year 1/2 on T looks like. You can see in contrast she then has normal female peach fuzz on her cheek at the same time. That's either an early stage ftm or a low doser.

No. 1137929

i'm really tired and ngl thought this was an edit of joshua moon

No. 1138051

God its so unfortunate for a woman to be born looking like that, i see why she transitioned, probably thought she could hack it as a decent looking bloke, kek

No. 1138053

how can he claim to be unable to find work in CALIFORNIA go clean a rich womans pool ffs

No. 1138060

jesus these e beggars all the same, are they using some kind of algorithm to generate these posts?!

Hi I'm 18/19/20 and I'm autistic/disabled/tourettes/bpd, a lesbian/queer/non binary/trans living with cancer/aids/diabetes, My Mom has hayfever/EDS/chronic fatigue syndrome and my cat/dog has autism/asthma and we need donations or our landlord/employer will evict/fire us.

No. 1138596

Some of them have caught on, so now sometimes you'll see them go, "I'm not gonna list all of my maladies and illnesses and marginalized identities but I really need money!"
They're evolving.

No. 1138661

Another variation is

Help pay for Peyton’s/Noah’s/Kylo’s/Bug’s top surgery/HRT! I’m [poc race if applicable] [at least 2 self diagnosed disabilities and mental illnesses] living with my conservative religious family who don’t support me. I also have to fund my gender studies degree and weed so money is tight. In return for any donations I’m offering free subscriptions to my OF. If you don’t have money to donate please signal boost!

No. 1142217

File: 1650542554767.png (475.36 KB, 918x1473, frog.png)

bringing back a classic

No. 1142359

Lol ur clearly not from Cali it's way easier to find a job in the South than CA
Source: i lived in both

No. 1143842

>roaches and mold

Probably because frog never cleans up after frogself. Weird to see tumblr making fun of an e-begging post though

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